The Two Laws of Eden (1969)

Rev. Raymond M. Jackson

READ THE AMAZING STORY OF HOW ONE ACT OF SIN CURSED THE ENTIRE LIFE OF ONE AND CHANGED THE COURSE OF HUMAN HISTORY. The word Eden as referred to in Genesis 2, must be understood as to where man had his origin of beginning in God’s created plan. Reading from Genesis 2:7-9—”And the Lord God formed MAN out of the dust of the ground,” meaning he formed the component parts of his body. We must realize that man is more than just a physical earthly tangible substance, composed of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen, which are the three major basic elements of natural creation. Carbon to give the flesh life, Hydrogen nor oxygen gives the flesh life. The life of the flesh is in the blood (Lev. 17:4), BUT THE LIFE OF THE BLOOD IS IN THE SPIRIT. The spirit of life dwells in the blood and if the blood is in the flesh then to fulfill the scripture, the life of all flesh is in the blood thereof, but the moment you separate the spirit from the blood you will no longer have the flesh IN A LIVING FORM, yet though it is still visible to the eye it is then in a state of readiness to return again unto the three basic elements it first was before coming out of the earth. THE BREATH OF LIFE—God formed earthly man out of the dust of the earth breathing into his nostrils the BREATH OF LIFE. Breath of life, meaning God, who is spirit, can breath into the inner man (called the spirit man which was made in the image of God himself). For God is spirit and man is a direct off-spring of God, made in the very image of this spirit being, called God. As God BREATHED into the natural earthly vessel of clay, He actually breathed into him that inner man, but the human mind fails to see such an operation. They picture this dramatic scene as God picking up this vessel of clay. To them God is also something that is incorporated in flesh. The natural mind pictures it as some one giving ARTIFICIAL RESPIRATION, breathing into man breath which goes into his lungs. That is not the picture at all found here, but to convey the thought to us there has to be some form of speech. God breathed into him ( into his nostrils, the breath of life) it is true that man breathes breath into his lungs, but we must realize from this statement IT WAS far more than mere breath going into man’s lungs-. For at that moment God placed within the vessel of flesh that SPIRIT MAN, those lungs started pumping air and man automatically began to breath. 


Our Lord God planted a garden eastward in Eden where he placed the man whom He had formed out of the earth. The Lord God caused every tree to grow that is pleasant to the sight. The Oak, Poplar, Ash, Sycamore, Peach, Orange, Fig, Grapefruit, Date tree and all other trees that are on the earth today. In that garden was this whole thing in its original beginning, also each tree was good for food. Notice Gen. 2:9-this sentence is definitely separated from the continuity. READ THIS CAREFULLY, The Lord God caused to grow every tree that is pleasant to the sight and good for food—Now that thought is ended and closes with a period. NEW THOUGHT—watch it-here comes another thought or statement within the same sentence, THE TREE OF LIFE ALSO IN THE MIDST OF THE GARDEN AND THE TREE OF KNOWL-EDGE OF GOOD AND EVIL This means that in the midst of all of this natural vegetative life which was made up of many trees of all 1 shapes and sizes, all having ability to bear fruit—right in the midst of all this, God had placed TWO OTHER TREES, is that understood? One, tree was the tree of life, the other tree referred to, was the tree of knowledge of good and evil—But I notice carefully, BOTH OF THESE TREES STOOD IN THE MIDST I OF THE GARDEN. If you are going to literalize these two trees and consider them to be of the same basic tangible substance as were all the other plant life there, such as the Oak, Chestnut, Hickory nut, Sycamore, Fir, Peach, Apple, Orange, Grapefruit, Banana and any other type of vegetative tree,  

ALL OF WHICH HAD TO BE THERE, FOR EDEN IS THE BEGINNING OF ALL THINGS, would it not be strange to think these two trees, (the tree of life, and the tree of good and evil, which is knowledge), which were in that original garden, were both trees of plant life? Note the peculiar fruit found on these two trees. As long as man ate from the tree of life HE COULD LIVE FOREVER. Would it not be strange to say that SOMEWHERE THERE WAS A NATURAL BASIC FOOD THAT WAS DESTINED TO GIVE man eternal life? Furthermore, if the tree of life had been a natural tree then we must also assume that this tree of knowledge which enables man to discern or to obtain knowledge of the right from wrong, good from bad, true from false, clean from unclean, this tree would have to be a fruit of the same composition of the earth, though it might be different in appearance, but the basis of its fruit would have stem-med from NATURAL VEGETA-TIVE UFE, which would mean that man by EATING of some tangible fruit would obtain the KNOWLEDGE of what was good and evil. Everybody agrees that ever since the day that Adam and Eve were driven from the garden WE HAVE BEEN EATING CONTINUOUSLY OF THE TREE OF KNOWLEDGE. Man has constantly been getting smarter, wiser and weaker. Where today do you go to receive the world’s knowledge? I fail to see any students of greater learning today going out, sitting underneath a tree composed of vegetative matter, eating from its fruits and learning all this rotten evilness of today, do you? Yet, they are busy eating from something or other, aren’t they? We must realize that all this evil used here in this particular sense is only a by-product from an original act of someone eating of the forbidden fruit, a fruit certainly not of any type of vegetative life. The thought is so portrayed to give the appearance to the natural mind THAT EVE DID EAT AN APPLE, GRAPEFRUIT, TANGERINE, OR SOME OTHER VEGETATIVE FRUIT. Eve certainly did NOT eat any fruit of vegetative life for there is no fruit on the face of this earth that CAN GIVE DEATH UNTO YOU nor is there any fruit on this earth that can give ETERNAL LIFE TO YOU. Every tree that was in that garden is in this earth today. There isn’t a blade of grass, piece of herb, nor one single tree on this planet today that somewhere man has not analyzed alt its potential food value, its potential chemical make-up to try to find out what can it contribute to the fleshly, physical existence to the betterment of man and yet from all their scientific research no one tree has been produced that can give ETERNAL UFE. If these two trees were not natural trees composed of plant life for vegetative life, then what were they?  


One right and the other wrong. Everyone reading this message knows that this entire world is held together and controlled by two basic laws. That’s why you have he daylight and dark, up and down, in and out, right and wrong, good and bad, true and false, clean and un-clean. In these two basic laws, there is NO MIDDLE GROUND, no middle of the road; IT IS EITHER RIGHT OR WRONG, good or bad. There is no such thing as halfway between the law of gravity and not gravity. No sir, if your up there and are found breaking that law of gravity, brother whatever you’re in that has caused you to break it, when that thing can no longer hold its control over the law of gravity, YOU ARE SURE TO COME DOWN, so then, the Bible, in its own mysterious way proves exactly what these two trees were. God simply did not allow Moses to go into any great elaborate detail to explain it. That’s why I say the Arabs nor the Jewish race, both coming from the loins of Abraham, needed no explanation as to the two trees. You have only to study the writings of the Jewish historian, Josephus, who contained only an oral knowledge. Who are we Gentiles to think that almighty God has given to us such a tremendous revelation, explaining to the world that it was an apple that Eve ate, when it wasn’t even our Bible in the beginning—we are merely grafted in to the good vine. What a foolish, unwise trick satan has played upon this Gentile religious world. To think that through our schools of learning they convey to this world that Eve ate an apple or nobody knows what happened, therefore, no one has the right to probe into it. But yet every-one is aware of one thing—there was a HORRIBLE EVIL COMMITTED in the beginning, placing this world in the mess it’s in today. This message is not given for a basis of salvation understand, it will not save you but it will enable you to see that God had it so written and concealed, that within His own good time He might cause a true understanding of the scripture to be made known. Notice, God instructed Adam and Eve they could eat of all the trees of the garden, meaning that they could eat of the Orange, Apple, Peach, Pear, and the Plum trees. All these could be eaten for physical food, there also were ALL THE HERBS OF THE EARTH. The word herb, found here, does not mean GYMSIN or indian turnip, IT MEANT VEGETABLE. God did not make gymsin and indian turnip and those things which the Indians dig up for food and later discovered these herbs contained certain medical qualities, but the herbs spoken of here ARE VEGETABLES. Notice something else about these two mysterious trees, they stood very close together, question? Where does UP begin? WHERE DOWN LEAVES OFF. Where does clean begin? Where dirt stops. I illustrate this to show how narrow the margin really is. Where does night end? When day begins. Exactly how close did these two trees (two laws) stand together, how many yards apart, one tree simply began where the other tree stopped. God instructed Adam and Eve of all the trees within the garden of Eden they could freely eat, they could even eat of the tree of life and live forever, but there was one tree they could never touch. This was the tree of knowledge of good and evil! ‘If thou eatest thereof, thou shalt surely die” Now within the natural mind, one would picture a beautiful tree filled with great vegetative circumference of the earth, furnishing a great amount of shade – the most beautiful, tempting fruit, hanging from its boughes, and yet man and woman are forbidden to pluck and eat. Then they picture another beautiful tree standing over there a few yards away, with its great boughs and leaves spreading, also covering a great circumference of the earth with its beautiful fruit, hanging there. Man, as he walk up and pluck the beautiful fruit, and he could eat and enjoy its fragrance, its aroma, as his body digested it. That’s the way man wants to picture it. That is exactly the way Satan wants you to picture it, but that was not the way it happened. Adam and Eve were placed in the Garden to be set over three forms of life. This Garden which was much larger than any ones backyard; was none other than the CENTER OF THE EARTH. Geographically. Its location was some giant territory in the Middle East. Neither was the Garden of Eden surrounded by some stone gate posts and iron picket fence. The fence placed around it was none other than God’s holy presence. Yes, this garden was more than a place in someone’s backyard, and God walked and talked and lived in this garden. 


I can see Adam and Eve as they are permitted to enjoy all the natural vegetative surroundings. IN this garden flowed a beautiful river, in this garden was marine life (life living in the water); in this garden was plant life, (all life that derives its existence from the air); in this garden was animal life, (all life living on the land). Still today these are the three basic forms of life that exist on this planet – MARINE LIFE, PLANT LIFE, ANIMAL LIFE. Someone may ask, what is man? Man in his fleshly makeup is part of animal life. People may argue, saying, I’m not an animal. No one accused you of being an animal. Found within the veil of the flesh is an off-spring of God, but the flesh itself is none other than the same carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen found within the animal kingdom. If you don’t believe it, take the cycle of the very basic elements of creation itself, take the molecule, the very air, the very substance of nature. For instance, the worm dies, whatever is composed within his little body can be absorbed into a grain of corn (Plant life). So the nutrients, the elements, once found in the form of the worm once a part of the animal kingdom has now become absorbed into the grain of corn. Through God’s law of nature, animal life is now absorbed into plant life and the worm substance has become a grain of corn. It had merely taken on a different form of structure. Once this element was a worm, now it’s a grain of corn same basic elements, only in a different stage. Watch the ear of corn being fed to a chicken and that very same element once in the worm’s body, then in a grain of corn, HAS NOW GONE INTO THE CHICKENS BODY. The chicken is killed and eaten by man and it is absorbed into his body. I realize I could have illustrated my point in a shorter manner by simply allowing you to have eaten the grain of corn, in the corn flakes or something. But the fact remains, that which once was a crawling worm in PLANT LIFE. Once it was absorbed by living life all it was, was transferred over into another living form, BUT ALL THE TIME IT IS STILL THE SAME BASIC ELEMENT OF CARBON, HYDROGEN AND OXYGEN.  Man’s flesh is not marine life. It was not ordained to receive its existence from living in water. But notice, it was an expression of, to a higher degree, animal life. It even bears a physical resemblance to certain earthly creatures, but as Paul states in Corinthians – the glory that God has placed upon it, carries a greater glory in the sense it shows a perfection, a refinement, that non within the animal kingdom shows. But that life causing man to live and exist is certainly not animal life. This life causing man’s body to exist is that very life of God himself which makes you an off-spring of His, but you are unable to possess that full potential of expression of what you are UNTIL THE INNER MAN has been united with an earthly vessel of clay, (called your earthly tabernacle) when this is placed within, then and then only is the man in his whole make-up, (composition) a fully expressed CREATED SON OF GOD.  


If these two trees in Genesis 2 were bearing natural plant life (fruit), what king of trees were they? They are not two natural trees. But they are two Basic laws, one if called the tree of life. What was it? And where does it come from: It’s God, God himself. Outside of God there is no other life; there is positively no other way. Outside of Him there is no form of life. Within this universe, there is no way for anything to exist outside of God. He is the fountain of life. This tree called the tree of life, was none other than a true law by which God’s eternal presence was to be expressed in God’s creative plan, as to how He chose to reproduce himself another son and daughter, which was to be an off-spring of Himself. God’s first son had already been created by being spoken into existence. God in creating him from the earth, had used no mold but from the dust of the earth man was formed into a vessel of clay. True, man’s body does carry a certain similarity to other earthly creatures having two legs, arms, neck, eyes, nose, ect., but God created it without a mold. He did not make His masterpiece by pressing mud together and smoothing it out here and there. No Sir! God is a great sculpture. He formed it out of the dust of the earth and from Himself, spoke the inner man into existence, formed a Son that was to be an off-spring of Himself. In doing so, He breathed into that vessel of clay the very life that would cause this vessel of clay to become conscious that it was here upon the earth.  What is a soul? The soul here means man then became aware of the understanding he possessed. Knowledge of his five senses. He could see with his eyes, hear with his ears, feel with his hands, smell with his nose and taste with his lips and that within him he had certain natural affections. Something he wanted to love; something he wanted to do. In him he possessed a wisdom and knowledge that he was an off-spring of the Creator. He had come into existence not by his own choice but because he was the product of a mastermind, an architect who was designing something through which he purposed to glorify Himself. Note this, God had created one son from the dust of the earth. It was never His intention to repeat the operation although He could have.  Had He desired He could have used this method for creating every offspring, but this was positively THE ONLY SON He ever intended to create for with this one creation He also spoke a law into existence. A law that was certainly never placed within the pages of any law book but only in God’s great infinite mind. That law would be called the Tree of Eternal Life and placed in the Garden by His own presence—the very presence of Him who fills all space. This law was given purposely to Adam and Eve whereby as long as the ate of it they would not only possess Eternal Life in God but it means that every off-spring that comes forth from physical loins will be another off-spring of God himself 


You say, now brother Jackson if that were true, where was this other mysterious tree? It was none other than the second law, whereby God would be saying, if they ate fruit from that tree, they would surely die. Meaning, if you break this law and eat of the fruit of that tree, not only will you receive a death penalty upon every off-spring that comes forth from your loins, beginning from the day you do it until the day the God of heaven calls it all to halt. This death penalty was to be imputed to everyone. Noticem there was nothing within the initial eating of the fruit from the forbidden tree that would ever cause the children of God to become what they are today—drunkards, murderers, perverts, robbers, and everything else they have become.  May I say this—that from the original eating of the Forbidden fruit God had only said, THE DAY YOU DO EAT OF IT YOU WILL DIE. Nowhere did He ever day you will become murderers, robbers, perverts ect., NO! He never said that. He only said, “You will die” the day you do it. Is that understood? 


Time has come to analyze these two trees of the two basic laws. Note, EACH ONE WAS TO BEAR FRUIT. Isn’t it strange that from every tree within the natural garden that bears fruit you eat so far into the fruit and WITHOUT FAIL YOU WILL ALWAYS FIND A SEED! You never eat the seed. WHAT IS THE SEED? It is the part of the fruit whereby the law of life is reproduced. Another tree lies there within that seed. When the seed is planted it will grow another tree exactly as the one that produced the fruit. The seed carries little taste. This will help you understand it is for reproduction. All fruit carries within itself the seed of reproduction. Some things now must be understood about this fruit. People will argue, fuss and stew trying to prove Eve literally ate the fruit. Other translations also say she partook of it. Keep in mind one important thing. THE PARTAKING OF IT INVOLVES A FAR GREATER MEANING THAN SOME ONE PLUCKING AN APPLE FROM A TREE AND BEGINNING TO EAT. It is true, there is a part of the fruit of an apple you do eat and enjoy.  When you have eaten so far into the apple you come to the part which will reproduce. You throw the seed away. This shows what actually happened when Eve was tempted of this serpent creature. Gen: 3-1 tells us about this creature: Now the serpent was more subtle than any beast of the field which the LORD GOD had made and he said unto the woman, yea hath God said thou shalt eat of every tree of the garden and the woman said unto the serpent we may eat of the fruit of the trees in of the garden but of the tree which is in the midst of the garden- –Eves statement here is directed to the tree of knowledge, not the tree of Eternal Life. — God has said, ye touch it least you die. To the woman the serpent said, ye shall not surely die. Here he literally perverts or makes it appear unto the woman that which God has spoken was really to be understood. As though God had not meant what He said. For God doth know in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened and ye shall be as God KNOWING GOOD AND EVIL. When the woman saw that the tree was good for the food (this word food here must be understood to mean good for pleasure) and that it was pleasant to the eyes and a tree to be desired to make one wise. She took of the fruit thereof, did eat and have also unto her husband with her and he did eat.  


Who caused this transgression? THE SERPENT. What form was he in? People have conjured up the idea the serpent was some crawling reptile, beautifully portraying all the rainbow colors, about 18 feet long. This guilty creature called the serpent, in his original physical make-up, before God cursed him had no resemblance whatsoever to a crawling reptile. As the highest order in creation, next to man, he looked like man, not a snake. The Bible declares him to have been the most subtle, the most cunning creature of all the animal creatures. Isn’t it strange today our scientists are studying to find the missing link between the highest form of animal kingdom and that of man? They get themselves out on a limb and have to stop. They know that somewhere there is a missing link between the ape and man.  


The serpent could actually talk. How many ever saw in motion pictures or zoos, the chimpanzee? Where you not struck by the expression of these little creatures with their intelligence, though they were unable to speak with their lips they spoke with their human like actions. When one is picked up they put their arms around your neck as a small child would. Now, you aren’t going to get a Zebra or lion to do that. Today they even train them to smoke cigars and ride bicycles—they have a great sense of balance. This only goes to prove intelligence is there. I certainly am not saying man evolved from apes. NO!! What I am trying to bring out is some where in an original Garden of Eden THERE WAS AN ORIGINAL PART OF THAT ANIMAL KINGDOM THAT IS NO LONGER HERE TODAY. God cursed it by changing it appearance. When He did this He took the serpent creature from the front ranks of creation and placed it on the tail end, out there among the reptile family. God stripped him completely of his original identity where man would never be able to identify him. God said serpent, “because you have done this thing Curseth art thou above all cattle and beasts of the field”. I can see this serpent creature, a brawny, stout, muscular, creature. No, he was not a son of God but he was a created creature of the earth who possessed a great amount of intelligence. Since his intelligence far out-weighed that of any og the ape family, he naturally carried a vocabulary ability to express and talk to mankind.  


The Jewish historian, Josephus wrote according to Jewish teachings the SERPENT LIVED WITH ADAM AND EVE. What was his basic purpose in living with them? He was a servant. Fallen man had never through the ages lost that desire for a servant. Constantly he searches for that creature which he could somehow bring up to his present standing, school it and make a servant out of it. Giving it instructions to be carried out as man wished. But he has never quite found that perfect animal who could do this. So, he reached out and made a servant slave out of his fellow man. This only goes to show a perversion in this present age because somewhere man lost that servant in the animal kingdom which could render unto him such a thing as God wanted and desired for him..  When God placed Adam and Eve in the Garden it was never his original intentions for man to bend over, toil all day hoeing weeds with beads of perspiration trickling down their bodies. But after man sinned God cursed the earth. Here He cursed the animal kingdom but not in the manner He cursed the serpent creature, for nothing was ever cursed as he. Because of the curse placed upon man, the animal kingdom has had to live under the penalty of this curse also. Man now goes about selfish and evil into all parts of the world compelling others to be his slave. The stronger being master of the weaker. Why, because within himself there is something causing him to do so. Stemming from the time he once had a servant. This serpent creature was intelligent and smart but his intelligence had not been given to make him some great intellectual artistic genius, it was merely given for a communicating ability with Adam and Eve. Adam and Eve could request the serpent to do this or that and he carried out their instructions. 


 Lucifer who previously had control of this planet observed God’s great plan and sought opportunity to regain control of it. (Lucifer) the devil once had power over this planet (Read the Contender Vol. 1 No. 1 for this story). God reconciles the planet back into His plan by bringing light upon it, separates the waters from the firmament etc., putting in another garden of Eden, making man the new ruler over the earth. Satan was there scheming to take it away from the new ruler, man, Man who had been made a LITTLE LOWER than the angels (in authority and expression of power) was given an earthly body to contact his earthly dominion. No sooner had God’s new plan gone into motion for the new world, along comes the devil which only goes to show the devil had a personal reason for being in the garden, didn’t he? He was an angel, a spirit, who could not individually approach Eve. He could not walk up to Eve and start carrying on a conversation with her. No, but Satan was observing closely God’s purpose, so what does he do? The devil merely influences the very creature of this high degree of intelligence. As Satan begins to apply strong influence upon this creature, this serpent creature finds itself yielding to this evil influence of temptation. At last when this household servant had fully turned its will over to the devil, Part I of that evil plan is put into motion. The devil now places in the serpent’s mind his master plan. The serpent being the intelligent creature that he is, and completely yielded to the devil is now ready to approach Eve. Gen. 3:1 shows Satan coming into the garden, here we read, the devil who had fully entered into the subtle, crafty serpent, has told Eve “In the day thou eatest thereof thou shall not surely die” but you will become like God Him-self, to know good and evil, DON’T YOU THINK YOU SHOULD POSSESS THIS KNOWLEDGE? Until you once possess the knowledge of knowing what is a wrong, you are never placed under condemnation. There could be a law written Thou shall not steal, you are aware this law is present but basically you do not know what stealing is. But, my brother, once you have taken something that doesn’t belong to you, it’s not the book that is speaking to you then, though in your mental faculty you know the law said DON’T DO IT. Now that you have personally stolen it, THE VERY THING ITSELF is telling you, YOU DID WRONG. You go to bed at night unable to sleep, you realize no longer it’s the book speaking to you it’s the thing you’ve done that bothers you. It torments you, you took it and it didn’t belong to you; that’s the way it appears in Gen. 3. Once you’ve done that by practical experience, you have obtained A KNOWLEDGE OF WHAT STEA UNG is. You are aware of THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN GOOD AND EVIL, your mind is awaken to the fact of how blissful it once was to be able to lie down and go to sleep, having no condemnation and knowing everything was all right. There was not the slightest knowledge or memory of evil because you had never committed evil though all the time there had been a law warning you don’t do that. It was not a knowledge to the extent that it was an experienced nature, but the very minute you did it, now you have experience what is good and what is evil. Now you don’t need a law book to warn you, do you? It’s there in YOUR CON-SCIOUS. The serpent approaches Eve-telling her all this. Actually what is the serpent doing unto Eve? 

 The Power Of Suggestion 

 He is doing nothing other than breaking down HER RESISTANCE to say no. He is slowly breaking down her power to resist his tempting suggestion. As he speaks of the pleasure this fruit will produce (Gen. 3:5-6), the devil’s purpose was this – First, getting the serpent to yield influence to him. Second, to use the serpent creature to entice Eve to have a physical relationship with him and by so doing Eve herself would break a law. She would break a spiritual law. On what basis had the serpent influenced Eve into this temptation? This serpent-being, only under the influence of Satan, had introduced this to Eve SOLELY FOR THE PURPOSE THAT IT WAS A RELATIONSHIP THAT COULD BE ENJOYED, SOLELY FOR A BASIS OF PLEASURE. In each statement he speaks constantly of the pleasure and wisdom it will bring—. The God of heaven had instigated this very physical relationship for one purpose only–it was for the propagation of a race. 

 All Plant, Marine, Animal Relation–One Purpose Only 

 Notice, throughout all the animal kingdom this relationship was introduced by God for one purpose only. The purpose was for the REPRODUCTION OF ANOTHER SPECIES. None can deny this. 1st mating season illustrated in plant life…Isn’t it strange in the winter season the trees are bare, no leaves or bloom. Notice, for instance, among the Peach trees in spring time they begin to swell. Do you realize what that is the beginning of? It’s a sign THE SAP is rising, but the sap in this sense is THE MALE LIFE (seed) of the tree rising to cause the female life to regulate and cause new life to enter into the body of the tree. Notice again THIS MALE LIFE WHICH is merely a spirit law in plant life, MALE AND FEMALE LIFE ARE IN THE SAME STALK TOGETHER, is that understood? The sap rising is controlled by the male life. When it rises we begin to see this little bud swell, which goes to show there was a relationship of creation within the tree, and after a while when this relationship has fully climaxed itself, what do we have? You are going to have these buds swell and swell until after a while they will break forth in the prettiest little white or pink blooms you have ever seen, giving off such sweet fragrance. Do you know what this means? It is only God’s law of reproduction working in plant life. Here you see the results by the full expression of the male and female life in plant life that has fully related itself together. Watch the blooms which is a full expression of itself. After this full expression of the bloom has finished its cycle and the petals drop away losing its fragrance, it will no longer carry the Peach, Apple, or the Pear blossom perfume. We are about to witness the evidence of what has actually happened sometime before in the mating season. There is going to be the fruit from what has happened. If it’s a Peach tree you then will see a little small tiny nodule and as the days go by the little peach will start forming, right? If it’s an Apple tree a little nodule will start to form and in just a matter of weeks you will see a little tiny apple hanging there, what started it? MATING SEASON IN PLANT LIFE SOMETIME AGO. Male and female plant life had a season when it blended together for that one purpose, GOD’S MATING SEASON. Now the Eternal God wants a crop of apples or peaches, but isn’t it strange when the snow was on the ground there was no bloom, there was no swelling of the buds or any such thing—the tree was bare and dead and just as soon as those bloom petals fall off, right behind that comes the leaves growing right along with the fruit, now thats plant life. Take another example. The grasses—you watch blue grass grow. After a while it gets so high then you will notice shooting right out of the top of that blade a little fuzzy looking stuff, when you witness that beginning to take place, it means the male life in the plant life is mating together with the female for WHAT purpose? For PRODUICING SEED which will produce more blue grass the same story is true of the poplar, sycamore, shumate. Everything else can grow in the same forest. Isn’t it strange, none of them will voluntarily cross?  


In marine and animal line God separated the sexes, placing them into two separate bodies, for instance, the whales. Both sexes of marine life live and swim in the same water, but none of them will ever cross. The male and the female whale swim side by side, but after so long a time God says it’s time for me to have some more whales. Only God himself rules these mating laws, he alone instituted them and has never changed them. Is that understood? When that mating season moves around in the ocean within marine life, every little species after its own kind according to its individual make-up obeys the desire of its creator. Watch when God has relegated to produce that little species, here will come the male to the female; they will choose partners for a season of companionship; they will MATE and the female will bring forth her spot of eggs which shall bring forth her off-spring and God of Heaven, by his law of reproduction, has recreated himself more whale. The story is true with the swordfish, another propoise, etc. Whatever it is. BUT AT NO TIME WILL YOU EVER FIND THEM MATING FOR THE SOLE BASIS OF PLEA-SURE. It cannot be. It only goes to show, beyond any doubt, THAT ORIGINAL RELATIONSHIP ACT FOR PERFECT REPRODUCTION.  


 Only may I say this, the worse thing that is on the earth today is this lowest perverted state WITH IN THE VERY HUMAN RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN MAN AND WOMAN. What in the past so disrupted the earth? It was that perverted relationship between man and woman. And again the earth has dropped to its lowest degree today. The God of Heaven looks down and sees the earth today IN THE SAME DIABOLICAL STATE OF CONDITIONS AS IT WAS JUST BEFORE THE FLOOD. The PERVERSION OF HUMAN RELATIONSHIP—God detests this. Do you under-stand? (Heb. 13:4) Look, God has never been pleased with a man being a drunkard, or a thief. Did you know when a nation stoops so low to sell itself to intimate human perversions of relationship, GOD WILL JUDGE THAT NATION? relationship between man and woman which God instituted and sanctioned but one for pleasure only, AFTER THE INITIAL ACT WAS COMMITTED. God’s instructions that man and woman could live in pleasure came only after the first law had been broken. This act for pleasure comes through his permissive will in his second moral law-and was added only after the fall. Remember, it could solely be carried out only between man and wife, but the devil turned it loose and threw the doors wide open telling this perverted modern world today it is perfectly all right for man and woman to live together WHETHER THEY’RE MARRIED OR NOT. THE SAME BASIC LIE HE TOLD EVE. What is the average analysis today by the modern psychiatrists? They are saying because we have such high tension in an hour; because we have people who cannot adjust themselves; because they have never been disciplined right. They don’t know right from wrong. The psychiatrists are saying well, they SHOULD live together for a period of time to see if they can adjust themselves or find themselves. It’s all right now BECAUSE TIMES ARE CHANGING, BUT GOD HAS NOT CHANGED—HE SEES THE LAW OF MORALITY differently from the physicatrists and intellects. Yes, they will find themselves all right-it will be in torment if they don’t wise up. Under the Tree of Life there would have been a perfect relationship. Do you know what it would have been? There would have been the law of nature that was guided by this Tree of Life, if the devil had not moved first and the Law of Eternal Life that was to be relegated by this Tree of Life would have brought Adam and Eve together in Gods mating season, there would have been expression of love solely for one purpose. It would be God in the act to reproduce Himself another son or another daughter, just as it is illustrated in the plant, marine or animal kingdom. When after the initial act was finished, Adam or Eve would have never had a physical lust that natural human beings experience today. There would have been solely that highest perfection of love expressed and in it they would have been aware this s Jehovah’s way of producing himself another off-spring. When that off-spring would have been born it would have been a perfect off-spring of himself. It would have been another like Adam himself before the fall. It would have been a true expression of Gods nature not is some creature out here living lower than the animals do today. He would have been another expression of Gods nature Himself, eternal Life would have dwelt in him. The Death penalty would never have Seen there. He would never have known lust and evil things, that was Gods way to originally reproduce himself a family of children. In so Doing this it would be God’s eternal life flowing through a perfect divine Law. tie would bring Adam and Eve together at a particular season which would always be regulated Ind governed by a divine law. God would have brought Adam and Eve together and God’s purpose behind it would have been to reproduce Himself more off-spring. In the sense of Adam and Eve it is also the God given true law by which they would reproduce themselves. That is why Bro. William Branham could make such a wise statement saying God gave Adam a wife. For what purpose? TO REPRODUCE HIMSELF. Eve wasn’t made to be a pet, or something just to wash dishes. She was far more than that. Eve was the female creature given that feminine spirit, in order that Adam could reproduce HIMSELF ANOTHER SON AND DAUGHTER UNDER THE LAW OF THE TREE OF LIFE. This WAS THE LAW OF THE TREE OF LIFE. IT WAS NEVER ALLOWED TO GUIDE THE HUMAN RELATION.  


Everyone today has heard the expression TRACING YOUR FAMILY TREE. Why do we refer to it as a tree? Did you ever trace your family tree? What is meant by tracing your family tree? Actually you are tracing your geneology. If you searched far enough you would trace it back to Adam and Eve. As we look upon this tree, we are well aware this family tree was certainly not a tree of a vegetative nature. None of us spring from vegetative matter but from a sexual act. Our tree dealt completely with off-spring produced by sex. But the statement FAMILY. TREE has grown out of an expression. The fruit of the tree of life would have also been a relationship, regulated by a reproductive law only. The eating of the Tree of Knowledge was a tree (law) of relationship also, but the seed from its fruits produced its off-spring. It has been solely for enjoyment and pleasure, and the seed of it also carries the same reproductive quality. It will reproduce itself. Anyone knows marriage in Gods order will reproduce itself children. Fornication also will reproduce children. That is what the world today is being stocked with. Adultery also will reproduce children. This evidences the fact there is a right act and a wrong act. If we can look at it here in that way we get a very clear understanding.  


Some will say a message of this nature should not be taught. I ask you if we are to teach the Bible, what is this story doing in the Bible if it is not to be taught? The word is to be taught. It is very strange if Adam and Eve did eat an apple, and it led them to discover they were naked, why wouldn’t apples have the same effect today? God help us. WHAT KIND OF FRUIT CAN WE EAT TO PUT CLOTHES BACK ON. Lets get real serious for a second of two, there has never been an age on the face of the earth that has the characteristics Satan is using trying to undress the human race today. I know in history there has been other civilizations, because we see the statues in museums in pictures, in writings and so forth that those nations in their highest state of what they call civilization usually portrayed themselves in their lowest state of morality, also their pictures and statues reveal them very scantly clothed. Well, our country also has reached the highest state of intellectual learning and height of civilization, BUT IN MORALITY IT IS IN ITS LOWEST STAGE. Right now Satan wants to undress every woman that walks the street, and man isn’t any better—his hair hanging down between his shoulders with some great big old ungodly looking paraphernalia on or he is naked as a jay-bird. They go from one extreme to the other. Appearing in Times Magazine (Feb. 1969) was an article showing how the psychiatrists in California had adopted a new philosphy, , all of his psychiatric patients coming to him for treatment, he is getting them to unclothe themselves, both sexes, man and woman and get in a swimming pool and his analysis is this—the patients who unclothe themselves in the presence of others QUICKEST are the persons most likely to unclothe their minds and tell the whole story, thus being helped much sooner. Just before Jesus comes, in every way possible, Satan is trying to say it’s all right TO GO NAKED. The devil has to do something to take a last stab at God, so he’s wanting to undress the world and bring it to its lowest form of MORAL STATE just before God throws him in the pit for a thousand years  


THIS TREE OF LIFE IS THE DIVINE LAW OF GOD, and though eating of the fruit was not some eating of literal plant life but this is merely a figure of expression. Eating of the fruit or the partaking of the fruit would be Adam and Eve yeilding themselves to the relation-ship like a true husband and wife.—BUT ONLY UNDER THE EFFECTS OF THAT DIVINE LAW OF THE TREE OF LIFE. Now watch and see what is the opposite of A DIVINE LAW? IT WOULD BE A PERVERTED LAW. It is still the same act committed only under all together different influence, motivations and desires. To explain this, let’s look at it in this manner. The effects of the fall permitted man and woman to live as husbands and wives in a physical PLEASURE relationship one with another. Remember this came into effect only AFTER the true law had been broken or changed. (Your desire and cravings shall now be for your husband. Amp. Gen. 3:16). Today man lives completely under THE EFFECT OF that changed law (Tree of Knowledge) because now he has attained a knowledge of something. This would not have been so under the perfect law WHICH HE REJECTED. Now that man has attained a certain knowl-edge of something (the pleasure of the act) God has placed him under all the EFFECTS AND PENAL TIES OF THIS PERVERTED LAW (Tree of Knowledge). Gaining this knowledge, man and woman was still permitted to live together as husbands and wives in the pleasure relationship which NO OTHER ANIMAL CREATURE COULD LIVE IN SUCH MANNER. They also were forced to reap all the benefits of the Tree of Knowledge, such as—death, misery, suffering pain, agony etc. Remember no other creature (plant, marine, nor animal life) is permitted to live in a pleasure relation — their’s are as original plan – seasonal reproduction. I defy anyone to say they do. If you ever did see this in animals nature you can settle it once and for all THAT ANIMAL IS A FREAK OF NATURE. God never intended animals to live in PHYSICAL PLEASURE relationship. If by some chance you could see an animal living in physical pleasure it would only go to show the devil can also pervert nature. No animal, plant or marine life will you ever see living in constant relationship of physical pleasure. Once in a while something might pop out somewhere but settle it, it is a freak of nature. It is not in continuity with the accepted standard of nature. That is why you can take the (3rd) ANIMAL KINGDOM which was never given the wisdom and knowledge that nun possesses, for instance a herd of wild horses— a hundred females and a dozen or so males within the herd—brother you will never see them carrying on the way man and woman do today. A female horse would kick the head off a male horse. Right! This only goes to show there is an instinct placed in that female creature that the relationship only be committed when that law of reproduction sets up in her physical feminine nature. It is only by the emotions of the animal creature as they are guided by this divine law of reproduction as that law sets in motion, then and only then will there be the completeness of the action itself.  


 Consider man and woman, what is the opposite today of true marriage relation between man and wife? It is none other than men and women going into fornication and adultery. It is the same relationship, but under a different influence. Under different motivations. This settles the fact right here — eating the fruit of the tree of knowledge was none other than Satan guiding the (manlike) serpent creature, influencing him to be the very instrument through which Satan could work, approaching Eve no doubt just as her physical emotions were beginning to function into season — setting in motion God’s perfect law in mating. As satan stood in the corner watching and waiting, he saw this law getting ready to be set in motion. Time is ready for him to inspire the serpent, their household servant. Gen. 3:1 states him to have been the most subtle and crafty of all creatures on the earth. He was declared to be the wisest, having more wisdom of all the animal creatures. Remember Jewish tradition stated the serpent creature (manlike) lived with Adam and Eve. Tommyrot on these pictures where Eve stands at the base of an apple tree conversing with a huge snake coiled around the tree. These are perverted pictures of truth of what Gen. 3:1 really is. That is a picture of the old rascal AFTER HE WAS CURSED in Gen. 3:14 (not before). He certainly was not in that physical form in Gen. 3:1.  


 Remember this, the word serpent in the original did not mean reptile. This was a name that applied exclusively to that creature who yielded itself to the devil. His physical makeup resembled that of Adam. Even his blood line could mix, but he did not have within him the wisdom, knowledge and mentality of Adam BECAUSE HE WAS NOT A SON OF GOD — he was merely the highest order in God’s animal kingdom. He had a wisdom and intellect reaching far above that of the horse, elephant, cow, dog or ape family. His intellect permitted him to carry on conversations with his friends, Adam and Eve. His intellect caused him to be able to serve as a servant. He was the only species within the animal kingdom able to carry on a vocal conversation with Adam and Eve. God fashioned him in this order that there be NO BROKEN LINK between Adam, (the highest form of life) and the lowest worm that crawls in the dust of the earth. Adam and Eve could have said to the serpent, creature come here or go there and he would have obeyed. He was solely made physically, mentally and vocally to communicate and carry out Adam’s orders because he was their servant type creature. As satan, the devil, inspired him, I see him approaching Eve to beguile her; to deceive her. He led her into deception. He took God’s own perfect statements concerning the tree of life and the tree of knowledge—twisted them and changed the meaning all the way around. In so doing, Eve who was approaching her time of life, yet the scripture doesn’t say she was. We say this because no sooner does she yield herself to Satan’s trick through the serpent creature, in committing herself to this relationship she conceived. Eating the fruit was to attain knowledge. Knowledge of what this relationship can mean (used for pleasure). Up until then THE KNOWLEDGE of the act had only been FOR REPRODUCTION ALONE. Now watch, when she partook of the fruit she knew that this fruit was a fruit to be desired, for she realized THE PLEASURE RELATIONSHIP OF IT. Remember Adam was not in the transgression nor was he beguilded or misled. She takes this knowledge and presents it to Adam. No doubt Adam knew full well the penalty that was going to fall on her. He may have thought, well, you’ve gone and broken God’s law I just as well follow. But the scripture plainly teaches Adam was not in the transgression. IT WAS THE WO-MAN. (1 Tim 2:14) In the original transgression it was only the woman who was beguiled, it was only she who was deceived. Adam was not deceived, but nevertheless, he did transgress to a degree. He too broke God’s law, but he didn’t break it ignorantly, he knew full well the penalty that was going to come upon him. We can see the sole relationship has been introduced by the devil through the serpent SOLELY TO GET THEM TO BREAK THE LAW, and to use this relationship for what purpose? FOR PLEASURE. Now then, any one knows when two people who are not legally looked upon by God as man and wife, if they break the moral law of God which still stands to this universe today, and if they commit this relationship outside of holy wedlock in that certain season – you know full well what to expect. REPRODUCTION immediately goes into effect. Why do we today have so much illegitimate birth? Because the devil has told the human race that intimate relation-ship is all right, for now times has changed, that God is dead, this and that, these moral laws are outdated, we need new ones. So the devil is telling the human race to turn loose and express yourself. Don’t forget what it is bringing into the earth. It is producing a generation of young people that does not know who mommy and daddy is. Pick up your papers read of the women today who are living solely out of perfect wedlock, bringing babies into the world while many continue to live off of governmental welfare. Brother it’s breaking down the standards of morality, it’s bringing into the race of society today a concept, a generation of people that knows no longer the loyalty, the respect of God’s perfect laws of morality. God’s perfect laws of morality, as they stand today will never change. Man changes them in his own attitude and respect for them but God never changes them. 


Gen. 3:1 shows the characteristics of the serpent – not one resembles a snake. He walked upright, could talk —do you think him to be such an ugly, homely thing? Why, his very looks would have drove her from him. No doubt there even was a physical attraction about the creature, which at this particular time, caused her to be more susceptible to yield to his tactics. Between Gen. 3:1 to Gen. 3:14 we are shown a serpent who could talk vocally, stand upright, carry on a conversations, and could even do such a diabolical scheming thing. Here is his position only between Gen 3:1-14. 


This serpent was the first thing within the whole animal kingdom to be cursed. Gen. 3:14 “And the Lord God said unto the Serpent, because thou hast done this, thou art cursed above all cattle, and above every beast of the field.” Once he stood at the head of all animal creation. Adam was over it all. “Thou art CURSED ABOVE ALL”—(Meaning), God took him from this head position within the animal kingdom and DESTROYED HIS PHYSICAL IDENTITY, taking him from the front and placing him on the tail end. What a let down, what a curse, what a position to lose and go from. GOD DIDN’T DESTROY HIS EXISTENCE AS THE SERPENT, HE DESTROYED HIS EXISTENCE AS TO HIS ORIGINAL POSITION. Is that understood? “Cursed above all cattle and above all beasts of the field, UPON THY BELLY.” Before he wasn’t crawling on his belly, not licking the dust of the earth. Before he wasn’t brought to such a state of humility and shame and cursedness. No, but God’s curse NOW is — you are going to go upon your belly. Taken from the headship rank of the animal kingdom and placed upon the tail-end. “Cursed above every beast of the field, and upon thy belly shalt thou go, and dust shalt thou cat all the days of thy life.” IS EVERY SNAKE A SERPENT? Beloved, GOD IS NOT SPEAKING TO A SNAKE. Do you know where He placed that cursed serpent? He placed him out there with the reptile family. For out there in the reptile family already was the copperhead, the rattle-snake, out there was already the python, the cobra, the boa constrictor, the king snake and all the other snakes. Yes sir, they were already out there. To prove that every snake isn’t a serpent, though mankind in his ignorance and desire to find that serpent — to try and identify which one is he, MAN HAS CALLED THE ENTIRE REPTILE FAMILY SERPENTS. Go to your dictionaries, and learn a surprise. There are certain serpent creatures that do stand out in certain countries, in certain languages as more profound, but as the whole world over the snake has been given the name serpent. Do you know why? Because God placed the serpent out there among them and man lost his knowledge of which one he was. And there isn’t a person today who knows which one he is.  


 Now to prove my point that evolution is nothing but a trick of the devil to throw man off course. One day my daughter, Naomi, was discussing her school books, how it was taught that the elephant is supposed to have evolved off the hog. It’s strange today none of these hogs are changing their snouts to trunks. It’s also very strange, brothers and sisters, that these creatures which they say our present animal kingdom of elephants sprang from are still here and only pigs are their offspring. No elephants are springing from the hog and haven’t for the past 6000 years. It’s all a dirty lie, true, certain species man has crossed. The horse has been crossed with the donkey and produced the mule but that is as far as you can stretch the reproductive law, it goes to show God stopped his law there. It can be stretched no further.  


God cursed the serpent and placed him WITH the reptile (the snake) family and MAN CALLS THE WHOLE THING THE SERPENT FAMILY. Neighbor, they are far from all being of the same breed. Take a cobra, boa constrictor, rattlesnake, a python; place them in the same cage and see if they will ever CROSS ONE WITH ANOTHER. They will not. Some of them are reproduced from the female laying eggs, while others bear off-springs just as the other animals. See, that would throw the scientists off course right there. That cursed serpent is out there somewhere. God never intended for you and I to know which one it was, but he’s out there. God cursed him from the head of animal kingdom unto his position there, and the Lord said, “And dust shall be thy meat,” God wasn’t saying you’re going to eat dirt —his physical existence was not derived from eating dirt. It meant he is going to crawl SO LOW he isn’t ever going to be able to get his head out of the dust. Once in a while he’s going to have to lick it. Watch a snake. How low he crawls. He crawls so low that his head is in the dirt all the time. And the only time he gets that head out of the dirt is when he raises up or coils up. But notice again in order to move he has to get his head down and lick that dust, doesn’t he? He doesn’t get his physical existence by eating dirt, he gets that by eating insects, flies, ants and everything else. God said he would lick the crust of the earth, didn’t he? It goes to show once he walked up right eating the fruit and plant life just like Adam and Eve, BUT TODAY MUST CRAWL IN THE DUST (what humiliation). Once you ate as Adam and Eve, but I’ll take that ability from you and I will humiliate you. I will curse you; I will debase you to the lowest where you will have to crawl with the wild and you will have to lick the dust of the earth, said the Almighty. Brother, when something has been cursed and damed until it reaches the place it must lick the dust of the earth IT IS REALLY BEING HUMILIATED. That is the serpent for you. That is where God placed him for his part of the transgression, but remember it was in his perfect original form he had previously yielded himself to the devil and from that physical relationship committed, poor Eve helplessly conceived. She then immediately presents this eating of the fruit to Adam, her husband, out of perfect divine order. The effects or benefits of the Tree of Life now had no effect for her, but was solely introduced as a fruit from off THE TREE OF KNOWLEDGE OF PLEASURE ALONE. Adam submits and partakes of the fruit. EVE IN THAT SEASON OF LIFE IMMEDIATELY RECEIVED A DUAL CONCEPTION from the two acts in the garden of Eden. God moves on the scene and immediately issued the death penalty physically for the breaking of the divine law, but had God killed both he would have destroyed his only means whereby to have a family of children. He again would be forbid to create another son and daughter-so what did God do? He makes an atonement by slaying a lamb TO COVER THEIR NAKEDNESS, but no longer could he allow them to live in the Paradise state of the garden any longer. ALL IS LOST Immediately Adam and Eve were driven from the Garden of Eden, (Driven from God’s loving presence)? They were not driven outside the boundries of some iron gate with nice stone gate posts about it. God merely drove them from His presence. They lost all their perfect knowledge or revelation of what all this glory could mean. Never again would they experience within their life the glory of God, where once they walk in that intimate light and communicating fellowship with God, now they walked in darkness, loneliness, sorrow and despair. Watch, to further prove what did happen in the garden-observe the curse placed on the woman.  


 Unto the woman he said, “I will greatly increase thy sorrow. Gen. 3:16. Isn’t it strange when God cursed the woman for doing this, notice WHAT DID HE CURSE; Not her hair, not her fingers, nor did he curse her toes, but He placed a curse upon her WHOLE ENTIRE REPRODUCTIVE ORGANS WITHIN HER BODY. Why did He do this? BECAUSE SHE BROKE GOD’S PERFECT LAW, (the good law). “Unto the woman He said, “will greatly multiply thy sorrow”, the word multiply means, TO ADD TO and THY CONCEPTION. If you don’t believe me, take your dictionary and look up THE MEDICAL TERM FOR CONCEPTION. It is far more than mere relationship, the word conception means ability to receive seed FOR THE PURPOSE OF REPRODUCING. The Scripture says LIFE BEGINS WITH CONCEPTION not with a mere relationship. Everyone is aware that there can be physical relationship, but if there is not a law of reproduction put into action for the purpose of receiving seed there would be no conception for birth. So a relationship alone is not a conception. It is true that before conception there has to be relation-ship, but relationship alone is not conception. Conception is the ability for the females species to receive seed and conceive for the purpose of reproducing off-springs. Now God says I will MULTIPLY THY SORROWS AND THY CONCEPTIONS—HERE HE IS SAYING HE WILL ADD TO—THOSE SEA-SONS by which you can be caught in the process of reproducing off-springs. Is that understood? Multiplying of those physical sea-sons, is from the curse CREATED on the woman hood of today. I mean as far as the make-up—the nervous tension, the frustration, the anxiety, or the physical discomfort other than the curse that was placed upon her in each passing generation it seems to get worse and worse upon the physical make-up of both man and woman. In these last days just before the coming of the Lord, as man and woman get weaker in their body physically (we grow wiser mentally through all of our learning) it is true through a woman’s body, this curse, this thing she inherited through the fall through her Mother Eve, has solely effected the reproductive law that works within her body. Ask any doctor what that word conception means, then see how God ADDS TO those periods of conception. 


 Let us examine conception working back under the perfect law of life before the fall. Had they never eaten of the Tree of Knowledge—received that knowledge that it could be used solely for pleasure outside of God’s purpose behind it. Maybe once a year, we do not know, how often her conception was planned by God. They never lived in the garden that long before God was forced to drive them out and the curse began before the perfect law could go into effect. They could not live under the pleasure of one tree and not suffer the effects of the other.  

Note, when God sets before a person or even a nation two ways, blessing and cursing, right and wrong, good and bad, true and false, clean and unclean etc., YOU CAN’T WALK BOTH WAYS. You can live only from the benefit of the one you choose. That is what happened right here. Under the perfect law, God would have brought Adam and Eve together just as lie does all His other LIFE whether it be plant, marine, or animal and I would have to say during that cycle or period, somewhere there would have been the greatest expression of love between man and woman toward their God. There would have been the greatest expression of love as God was bringing the two together for the purpose—TO REPRODUCE HIMSELF ANOTHER SON OR DAUGHTER. 

 Isn’t it strange. Today this thing (knowledge) from the garden after they were driven out, has pulled down and carried to the gutter, to the muck and mire more individuals through selfish pleasure than any other thing. It is the one thing today that most don’t care to discuss-others feel it is something funny, not sacred, while others because of guilt and the stain of the thing has left upon the mind it is something that is not to be discussed without people turning their heads and saying it shouldn’t be talked about. It seems there are two extremes(I) they either make it vulgar or (2) they won’t talk about it. Never the-less, it is right here. It is the only way any of us could gain entrance into this world. Yet, it also was the very thing used by Satan to break the divine law of life. For what purpose would Satan use such tactics? It is Satan’s way of getting back at God and trying to pervert God’s full-purpose. Had man and woman remained under this perfect law, then the perfect benefits would have followed, a mother would have brought forth her off-spring into the world just as simple and painless as a peach tree bearing peaches. The next time you visit peach country just watch those peach trees with its boughs all hanging there—holding beautiful fruit. If that tree could talk do you think it would say, Oh! God please help me, I’m going through such pain as this peach is born. Do you think you would hear that kind of a conversation? No! The trees bear in delight. A new seasonal crop for Almighty God. It was made for that purpose—to bear seasonal fruit. The apple tree would have to say, it is a delight for me to offer to you this beautiful apple. Take and eat of it! Is that understood? You don’t see the animal kingdom (overall) in its make-up laboring in bringing forth its young. You can tell when a mother ewe is about to bring forth a young lamb. She will go off to herself some-where. In just a short while she has brought forth her lamb. She has cleaned him and soon he is up and traveling with the rest, running up and down every rock and bank. She will stand and brood over that little one. It was a joy for her to bring it into the world. 

Every woman bearing under the Tree of Life would have been able to bring forth an off-spring for God, the Creator. It would be a joy! There would have been no sorrow, no heart-ache, no need for hospitals. Brothers and Sisters, there would never have been death, THINK OF IT! How beautiful the perfect law of God would have been. The earth would be replenish-ed. There would have been A REGULATED LIFE here-babies would not have been born to closely together. A perfect animal kingdom and a family of sons and daughters and these sons and daughters would be an expression of God’s own image and wisdom, not man rising against man butchering and killing etc. Every son and daughter would have been a perfect expression of God’s divine love, having his divine nature, authority, wisdom and divine knowledge. God would have overshadowed it all with his glory. How much more perfect could you want it?  


Unto Adam He said, “Because thou hast hearkened unto the voice of thy wife”—Adam was not beguiled nor had he been deceived, but was guilty of listening to his wife. You know, I believe Eve had to do some real persuading before Adam broke down. When she related to him what she had done, immediately he knew God would kill her. No doubt he said, “Eve, you will die for this” and I can see going through Adam’s mind, but oh, if he takes my mate I’m left alone. Adam, because of the grief of mind being so perplexed, he harkened to the voice of his wife. “Because thou hart eaten of the tree of which I commanded thee saying thou shalt not eat”—notice the curse put on Adam. “Cursed is the ground”. This earth itself, the very thing you and I derive our food from for our physical being is now cursed. “Cursed is the ground for thy sake, in sorrow shalt thou eat of it. The ground—thou shalt eat of it all the days of thy life. Thorns and thistles shall it bring forth. God adds plagues unto the earth, for it shall henceforth bring thorns and thistles. Man will toil to get his bread from the crust of the earth. This curse of sprouting thorns will cause man to dig through much labor to gain his very existence as far as the food element of the earth is concerned. “Thorns and thistles shall come forth and thou shalt eat of the herbs of the field. In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread until thou return to the ground, for out of it wart thou taken for dust thou art and unto. dust shalt thou return”. CLOTHES—FOR THE NAKED Next we find the Eternal God making coats of lambskin to cover the very part of their body which they had sinned against God with, will you agree with me? He didn’t cover their face or hands, he only covered that part of their body by which they had broken God’s law. Oh, how guilty and condemned they felt wrapped in sheepskins. God now tells them they can no longer live in His garden or Paradise. Out of the garden they went, as God placed an angel at the gate guarding the way. As they slowly walked away they were fully aware they could never return because of the guarding angel with the flaming sword. Since that dark day man has looked for the Garden of Eden.  


 Every tree that was in the Garden is here today. Every animal that was there is here today. Yes, they are all here, even the TREE OF KNOWLEDGE. Adam didn’t carry the Tree of Knowledge out like some plant life and reset it again outside the Garden. NO SIR! He did not dig up the Tree of Knowledge and take it on the outside of the Garden and replant it YET THE ENTIRE HUMAN RACE IS EATING OFF OF IT. We are all brought here by the knowledge of the physical act, yet it is the opposite of the divine purpose. It seems Satan has perverted the mind of man through the ages. Man desires to learn all about the world; all about everything and leave God out. FULFILLMENT OF TRANGRESSION —TWINS After Adam and Eve are driven from the Garden, Eve gives birth to children that were conceived inside the Garden. THE ACTS WERE COMMITTED WITHIN THE GARDEN, BUT THE BIRTH CAME OUTSIDE THE GARDEN. Gen. 4:1, Adam knew Eve it is true but this portion of the scripture is a repeat of what took place inside the Garden. Remember the act is only spoken of once but she brought forth two children. ADAM KNEW HIS WIFE! Again say this is only a repeat of what took place within the garden when conception took place and Cain was born. In I John 3:12 it plainly states Cain was of that WICKED ONE. I defy anyone to stand up and tell me that Cain was the son of God. He was the SEED OF THE SERPENT (the household servant). IS THAT UNDERSTOOD? People want to fuss saying it would be impossible for Eve to conceive part of animal life and then part of the son of God’s life. GOD ALLOWED IT! God had to put something in the garden to test the whole thing. He could have said don’t paint your lips and, had they violated that law, they would still have received the same curse. God had to put something there and it was the very law that is going to effect the reproduction of off-springs for God into the earth. Notice, “And she bore Cain and said I have gotten a man from the Lord”. It is true every law of creation is the law that God instituted Himself. It doesn’t say she knew Adam again to conceive Abel in Gen. 4 but it says “again she bore his brother”. She gave birth to twins under two separate conceptions—two separate relations resulted in the birth of twins. 


 It has become a medical fact throughout different parts of the world that women have committed such acts and each story involves an immoral relation. Each medical case 1 have studied over the past 10-15 years was where some woman yielded herself to an immoral relationship. One case was in Sweden, another France, still another in Arizona. From all over the world these reports are coming. Every case was where some woman gave herself in a close relationship of time to two different men and these men had separate physical characteristics. In most cases the fathers of the children did not belong to the same race. These cases have a medical term called SUPERFETATION AND ARE FAR MORE RARE THAN QUADRUPLET BIRTHS. This is what happened here. There was a wrong act committed and here is the penalty that comes out of it. Abel was the keeper of the sheep and Cain was a tiller of the ground. He had the nature of his daddy. Let us find out one thing of importance-where did all this MURDER, PERVERSION, LUST AND KILLING come from that is found within the human family today? No one can show me one scripture in Genesis where it ever said Abel or Seth’s line ever committed murder. No, they were the sons of Adam who was the son of God. They did not possess Eternal life when born because Mama and Daddy ate from the wrong tree, yet Abel nor anyone of Seth’s line ever committed murder, became drunken, stole anything or ever told a lie UNTIL AFTER WE COME TO GENESIS 6 where the two lines of species (Abel-Seth) crossed with Cain’s line. Cain killed Abel and God gave Eve another child which was Seth saying He hath appointed me another seed meaning one to take Abel’s place. Watch this, not until Seth’s line began to reproduce did men begin to call on God and receive revelation. Not once in the analysis of Genesis in the lineage of Jesus does it ever record Cain’s line calling upon God, much less ever worshipped God or ever being called THE SONS OF GOD. They were called MEN because of their physical makeup, they looked like men, they were men, but they were half-breed men, (creatures) their nature stemmed back to the old serpent nature, but it had that instilled knowledge and instinct of all of its earthly environment. The WOMANHOOD of this Cannanite line, (men’s line) began to portray themselves in the physical emotional way, for it plainly says in Genesis 6 “And it come to pass when men began to multiply on the face of the earth and daughters were born unto them,”—THIS IS THAT WICKED CAIN LINE SCRIPTURE SPEAKS ABOUT. God had put emnity between them and what was called son of God. Because of the physical appearance they were all referred to as men. When God wanted to put a distinction between them he called one line SONS OF GOD and the others he called SONS OF MEN, AMEN. Nowhere did Cain’s line ever call on God, or is it ever referred to them as sons of God. They were strictly beastly nature to begin with Just like some rawbone bully today who could knock your head off, drink 6 quarts of liquor and laugh about it while he shoots you down or cuts you to pieces. He has a nature like the devil himself. He has no more revelation of God than a dog. Please excuse my expression but I have to say this to show where man has come to today. Though he walks on two legs he lives lower than an animal. Though he has knowledge, yet in his expression he is lower than a snake. Now watch which line it comes through. When these female creatures of Cain’s line portrayed themselves before the sons of God, in such a manner-they made the sons of God want them. (Gen 6:2)1 can see them walking around just like some women today on the street, their whole emotional make-up is—Who can I get next? They boldly bid to use every tactic to break down God’s line. Scripture says that the sons of God began TO LOOK upon the daughters of men, but before Seth’s line began to look upon the daughters of men, what were they doing to entice them to do so? Just as the serpent came to the woman the devil comes to the human race and uses this line of Cannanite women to come and break down the will and resistance of Seth’s line, THE SON OF GOD’S LINE. As now the will of man had been broken down, and the sons of God line then began to take to themselves wives. The sons of God began to yield and take these women into the family. That is the same trick of the devil today with the true church—getting it to accept the World Church, to commit spiritual fornication. WHAT A LIE! As they took to themselves wives what happened? 


 The Lord said My Spirit shall not always strive with man as a whole for he is also flesh, yet his days shall be a 120 years, and when Seth’s line (sons of God line) took themselves daughters of men they began to cross the two lines. It was then that Cananite nature, the fallen pervert-ed nature was bred up into its highest intellectual degree and it was then that the mentality, the spiritual revelation instilled in the sons of God line was broken down. THE EVIL WAS BRED UP, THE RIGHTEOUS WAS BRED DOWN, and by the time we fully come into the days of Noah, this thing had gotten so mingled by intermarriage (mixing of the seed) that the nature was to kill, to prostitute, to do everything evil. PERVERSION WAS SO CROSSED THAT OUT OF THE VERY SAME LOIN OF A MAN AND WOMAN COULD COME ONE BAD CHILD AND ANOTHER GOOD ONE. By the time of the flood the natures were so crossed that God looked upon them and saw that man had corrupted the earth with what- HIS PERVERSION! God destroyed all life on the earth except Noah and raised him up to be the regenerator of the earth. In closing I want to explain certain scriptures to show how they would have read had man eaten from the right tree. Job 14:1-“Man that is born of woman is of a few days and full of trouble”. To people not having the true understanding of what really happened in the garden who tried to analyze the whole thing by just reading that verse it would appear that just because mankind is born- his mere physical existence-is the cause of all his trouble. OH! if it could have been some other way he wouldn’t have had to be faced with all this trouble. Beloved, allow me to say this. It was ordained that woman bring forth children but it is the penalty of the fall and her being placed under the curse that makes Job 14:1 say what it does. It is true through one man’s disobedience God says many were made sinners, but again in Romans He states, by the obedience of One shall many be made righteous. So, it has been ordained by God Himself that our physical existence into the earth was to be by this route, for had it not been by the perfect way (perfect law) men would still have had to be born of woman but Job 14:1 would have said it in this way. It could have said, “Man that is born of woman is full of many days and full of life, joy, season, etc.. That is the way it would have read had the original act never been perverted. Psalms 51 :5-“Behold, I was shapen in iniquity and in sin did my mother conceive me”. Under the eating of the Tree of Knowledge it could not be any other way but that. Why does it say that? Because since the fall and man being driven from the Garden of Eden, man was placed under both the physical and spiritual death penalty. It is impossible for a man, no matter how good he may be, to have Eternal Life. Is that understood? No one can be physically born into the Kingdom of God. You can be physically born into the natural world, but you cannot be physically born into the kingdom of God. You must be spiritually born, so, then we are all shapen in iniquity because we have inherited a SINFUL NATURE. It is an inbred nature and therefore the nature is all motivated by that of a fallen physical nature. The penalty of the fall brought an imputed curse placed upon the whole human race. You couldn’t make it read any different. Let’s again see how it would have read if the fall had never taken place and we were living under the perfect law (tree of life) it would read like this, “Behold I was shaped in RIGHEOUSNESS AND IN INTEGRITY DID MY MOTHER CONCEIVE ME.” Yes, that’s the way it would read but it can’t read that way BECAUSE EVE SINNED. Through the disobedience of one, many were made sinners. Now no one here is to blame for what Adam did, he did it himself, no one here is the blame for what Eve did, she did it herself. It says in Romans we were made subject to this to seek vanity, not willingly not something I personally had done I didn’t have any choice in it brothers and sisters, under-stand? I had nothing to do with it but we were made subject to these vanities, these human frailities, not willingly, it was not a choice of my own but by him who was subjected the same he brought me in creation by this route and has subjected me to the circumstances involved. I cannot alter my course. I could not say I wanted to be in the world of God. I’m here, I had nothing to do with it, understand? I cannot alter it, I cannot change it. As I am brought this way he did this in order that he may present to me his opportunity, will I accept his way out of it? Will you? He did it this way in order that he could show mercy just as he could show himself as being such a great God and so forth. He has planned it this way that he might on the other hand show mercy but then, to receive mercy we must be willing to open our hearts and let him come in. And so we could be physically born into creation. We can inherit the fall. Everyone can be brought here. We must go God’s provided way that is to be reborn into God’s kingdom and that is the new birth.  

PRAYER: Heavenly father take these words, use them however you see fit for this we do ask in Jesus Christ name. Amen. 

The Following Two Articles Are Found in God’s Dictionary ADULTERY

Thou shalt not commit adultery, Ex. 20:14. The word adultery covers every form of illegal sex acts committed, including fornication and acts of sodomy listed in Jude 7 as strange flesh. Penalty for adultery — Under the Jewish taw was stoning until dead. God made one great law as stated, Thou shall not commit adultery but since there is no law against fornication and illegal perverted sex acts it is all covered under the great seventh commandment. What is adultery but the right act perverted or wrongly used. Marriage is honorable (sex relation between legal companions is accepted and blessed in the sight of God saying the bed is undefiled but whoremongers and adulterers God will judge, Heb. 13:4) Yes, a marriage union is blessed of the Almighty but any other form of lust is considered adultery whether it be with married or unmarried. I Cor. 7, Paul says it is good for a man not to touch a woman (have no intercourse with woman, MOFFATT’) nevertheless to avoid fornication (sex sin committed among the unwed) let every man have his own wife and every wife have her own husband, therefore there is no human reason for married couples to ever commit adultery. God, seeing your weakness in the flesh, and under his law of marriage, granted you one companion to satisfy this need, for Paul goes on to say, let the husband and wife render unto the other due benevolence or as another translation reads, “husbands should live in the intercourse of affection with their wives.” Because of the weakness of the flesh Paul states “do not withhold sexual intercourse from one another,” MOFFATT – – only if it be temporary and that by mutual consent that you may give yourself to prayer and fasting but as the PHILLIP’S translation states, afterward you should resume relations as before that Satan tempt you not through your fleshly passion. This would result in a pure act of lust. Matt. 5:28, Jesus said to the disciples, “you have heard it said in olden times, thou shalt not commit adultery but I say unto you he that looketh upon a woman to lust after her bath committed adultery already with her in his heart.” In every scripture this sin is punishable by death. Moses’ law said both parties should be stoned. Pro. 6:29. He that goeth in to his neighbors wife, whosoever toucheth her shall not be innocent. Pro. 6:32 – “But whoso committeth adultery with a woman lacketh understanding,” (Lath no sense), “he that doeth it destroyeth his own soul.” Rom. 7. Paul is speaking to Jews who know the law of Moses when a woman who has a husband is bound by the law to her husband as long as he liveth but if the husband be dead she is loosed from the law of her husband, so then while her husband liveth she be married to another man she will be called an adulteress. (Here Paul uses the law of marriage to illustrate the believers relationship to Christ). Before a person could be married to Christ legally there must be a death to free them. Paul said we were married to the law but because we died we were free to marry another, even Christ — Rom. 7:4. Jesus, speaking to His disciples, said Adultery cometh from the heart, Mark 7:21. Generally speaking, according to the Jewish law adultery is the illegal act committed between a married woman and a man who is not her lawful husband. Both parties were to be stoned if guilty. This applied during the betrothal period, (for remember Joseph was not willing to make Mary a public example), when he found she was with child in their betrothed period but was mindful to put her away privately, Matt. 1:18-19. Deut. 22:22-24 – – – John 8:3-11 speaks of Pharisees and Scribes bringing a woman to Jesus who had been taken in the very act of adultery saying, “teacher, what do you say should be done with her?” Moses law says to stone her. This was done that they might tempt the Lord. Because Jesus said “go your way and sin no more” did not mean He was placing His approval on adultery. This is a strange case- -How dirty can you get? How did these religious leaders know where to find this woman, for in their minds this was all a plot against Christ. What did Christ write in the sand that condemned them so that one by one they left after he told them “the one who is without sin cast the first stone.” Was it something concerning their sin? – – He who lives in glass houses should not throw stones! Again the religious leaders approached Jesus, tempting Him, saying, Can a man put away his wife for any cause. His answer was no! Then why did Moses give command to give a writing of divorcement – -“Because of the hardness of your hearts”, said Christ, “but from the beginning it was not so for God made them male and female. Whosoever putteth away his wife, saving for the cause of fornication and shall marry another committeth adultery and whosoever marrieth her that is put away doeth commit adultery,” Matt. 19:3-12, 5:31-32. (She is an adulteress because she has a living mate). The Greek word for adultery is Moichao, meaning to have unlawful inter-course with another’s wife from which desire beams forth.  

GUILE (Heb.)—Deceiving, fraud, treachery. (Gr.) to decoy, trick, subtilty. (Eng.) craft, cunning. Ex. 21:14 “If a man come presumptuously upon his neighbor to slay him with guile; thou shalt take him from mine altar, that he may die.” Ps. 32:2 “Blessed is the man unto whom the LORD imputeth not iniquity, and in whose spirit there is no guile” Jn. 1:47 “Behold an Israelite indeed in whom is no guile.” If Nathaniel under the law of Moses had no guile, we, under grace of Christ can be without guile. I Thes. 2:3, “For our exhortation was not of deceit, nor of uncleanness, nor in guile:” A true minister of Jesus Christ will not be a fraud, but there are many frauds today who twist the gospel of Jesus and preach for gain. 1st Pet. 2:1 speaks of people who are babes who will have guile, hypocrisies, and envies, and all evil speakings. The only way to grow up is to get rid of these sins of the flesh. 1 Pet. 2:22 Jesus “did no sin, neither was guile found in His mouth.” II Pet. 3:10 “For he that will love life, and see good days, let him refrain his tongue from evil, and his lips that they speak no guile.” Here Peter is saying that to have the abundant life that Jesus came to give, we must have our lives free from these sins. The reverse is also true, if we do not rid ourselves of these pins we will have bad days and be miserable. Rev. 14:5 the 1 44,000 had the name of the Father (Jesus) which also means they were like their Father who had no guile, “In the mouth of 144,000 was found no guile; for they are without fault before the throne of God”. Here is a good definition of guile—they were without fault and when God makes this statement of us, they are surely pure in heart. 

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