Rev. Jason Thompson


I would like to say I am so glad to be a child of the Almighty God and to be able to serve him in the way of a ministry is so humbling to me. I love him with all my heart , and just want to be pleasing to him in any way I possibly can.

I was raised in a Christian home by my parents Bro. Bud Thompson and Sister Trisha Thompson. I was raised in this message of truth my whole life, and from the age of 11 years old I felt the pulling of God on my life. Even though I was raised in truth,  I realized that was not enough and that I was still a sinner  that needed the Holy Ghost. I began to seek God with all my heart and at the age of 13 the Lord filled me with his spirit. It’s an experience I’ll never forget as long as I live.  Brothers and Sisters, when the Holy Ghost makes its abode in you, it’s life changing!

Moving forward in my life I got married at 20 yrs old  to Sister April Thompson in 1999, and a few years later in 2004 we had our first Child Lauren and in 2007 we had our second child Logan. Both of our children have given their hearts to God and are a true blessing to us. Words can not express how great full I am that God gave us such wonderful children, and that they believe and live by his word.

As time would progress I began having feelings that there was more for me to do for the lord. I started feeling the pull in my life to work for him. I always tried to dismiss them as just myself having my own feelings, but they just would not go away. Then around 2014 I felt the lord dealing with me on a ministry, he spoke to me through his word , dealt with me in a dream , and many other ways on this. But little did I know, that this was just the beginning of the lord dealing with me for a ministry.

For the next few years God would let certain situations happen to me that would bring me to my knees and make me seek him with everything I had , and it was told me by another brother in church ( Bro David North) that this would happen to me.

However , while I was being schooled by the lord, I began again to try and dismiss the feelings of a ministry. Yet this feeling wouldn’t leave me no matter how hard I tried to dismiss it.

Moving forward to earlier this year (2023) a deacon (Bro Steve)  asked me to be the bus captain for a trip the church was taking to go see Bro Jonathan Cahn in New Jersey. Of course I said yes, but I had no idea what God was working in this.

While on the trip his anointing came on me so strong, I began to feel such a compassion for the brothers and sisters traveling with me. I knew that I was suppose to take care of them, and make sure they were ok. Laying in bed on that trip, the lord visited me with his presence and I felt him telling me that this was his purpose for me, to help take care of the people. I knew he was telling me…it’s time to be a minister now.

Brothers and Sisters, when God wants you to do something, he’ll work his plan out in your life to get you where he wants you to be. So in May of 2023 I answered the call and started preaching.

I would also like to say, I have seen God use the Five Fold ministry throughout my life and even though I was not alive when Bro Branham was preaching, I have heard him preach through recordings. I know that he was the prophet for our age.

I also believe that the message moved on through Bro Jackson, Bro Allen and the rest of the true five fold ministry. I appreciate the examples that have been set before me and have taught me many wonderful things.

My brothers and sisters, my friends…I love you with all my heart, and I look forward to what God has in store for us in the near future.


Bro. Jason Thompson

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