Bro. Louis Turner

Bro. Louis Turner has been the Editor of the Contender from 1977 through 2016. Sister Ramona (Jackson) Barber transcribes the audio taped messages for the editor to work on. For the last few years, all work on the Contender except the actual printing of the 10,000 copies that are mailed all over the world, is done before it ever goes to the printer. 

I personally consider it a great joy and privilege, to be a part of something that is bringing a true revelation of the Word of God to precious believers around this world. Every new issue is anxiously waited for, by those who find The Contender  to be a source of truth that refreshes their Word-hungry soul. All glory, honor, worship and praise belongs to our Great God that created all things; and to His only begotten Son Jesus, that gave His life on that old cross to pay our sin debt once and for all. That is the message we enjoy bringing to all believers of His precious Word the world over. God’s best to all who give Him first place in their life, is our prayer for all of you.

Our mailing of the papers, and the correspondence with saints that write and call, requires the cooperation of many of the saints at Faith Assembly. Everyone works together to make the paper available to all who desire to receive it, and to answer any questions that come in from those who need an answer to something. We have printed in the The Contender all the major topics that Bro. Jackson has preached and taught on and went on to publish the major topics that Bro. Allen is preaching; therefore most of your questions may have been answered in one or more of the printed messages.

Bro. Turner’s personal testimony from What Do The Scriptures Say, Part 1

My wife and I have sat under Brother Jackson’s ministry for over 33 years now, since September 1970. Before coming to Faith Assembly, we were in fellowship with the Southern Baptist People for 14 years. We received the Spirit of God in June1967, in a small prayer meeting held by good friends of ours, while still going to the Baptist Church. We stayed in the Baptist Church a whole year after that, trying to share what we had received with them, but after about a year, we realized they did not want any part of what they referred to as, That old holy roller religion, so we finally left there in May 1968, and started attending regularly, an Assemblies of God Church. We enjoyed the fellowship there, until sometime in 1969, when we received water baptism in the name of Jesus Christ: Then we became, as they chose to brand us, Jesus Only People. We did not know much about religious brands at that time, but we knew our baptism was the right thing to do. Well during all that time since June 1967, we had been going to Charismatic meetings four to six times a week, looking for something to fulfill a great desire to get closer to God and find the truth, because there was always a lot of different ideas on scripture in all of those gatherings. Finally, because of the insistent urging of a young couple that was attending Bro. Jackson’s church at that time, we went. When we went in there on that September morning in 1970, we knew we had finally found the right place. The Spirit of God witnessed that to us, and from that day until this day, we have never gone anywhere else looking for what we were looking for when we went there. God is so merciful to hungry hearts. We have gone a few places out of respect for other ministers in fellowship with us, but God has fulfilled our spiritual hunger right here at Faith assembly, sitting under Bro. Jackson’s teaching.

During the years we have been coming here, we have seen many people come and go. Many of them were preachers, who, when they first came to Faith Assembly, would testify of how thankful they were that God had led them there; Then after a period of time, each one that has chosen to go another way, supposing that God had revealed something to them that Bro. Jackson would not agree with, have gone away and joined ranks with those who have always had in mind to destroy Bro. Jackson’s ministry and influence. They always accuse him of not being in the message, referring of course to the message of truth Brother William M. Branham was called of God to deliver to this Laodicean Age. Well, my heartfelt conviction, is that he has been the only man on the face of this earth, that has taken what Brother Branham taught, aligned it with the written word of God that the Elijah Ministry was supposed to restore us back to; and then sought God for a revelation of those things that were introduced by the prophet, but never fully explained. I will not go into all of them because of space, but I ask you to think seriously, Who has God given the revelation to about the prehistoric era, that Bro. William Branham mentioned, but did not explain? Did you hear it before Brother Jackson taught it? What about the two trees in the Garden of Eden? Who did God first give that revelation to? Brother Jackson was the first man that ever taught it as we now understand it. I say the same thing about the seventieth week of Daniel. Brother Jackson was the first to take a concrete stand on the fact that there is yet one full week left for God to deal with the Jewish people. I need not say any more along that line: You have all heard Brother Jackson speak of the seven subjects he presented to Bro. William Branham, (in a dream) that he would preach on, if he preached for Bro. William Branham, as he had asked him to (in the dream). He has preached on every one of them and we have been privileged to sit and learn from each of them.

My reason for writing all of this, is because there are probably people on our mailing list that would ask, Why do we not hear Brother Turner stand up and testify of how he feels about Brother Jackson’s ministry and leadership? My wife and I want the world to know, that it did not take us very long to know in our hearts that Bro. Jackson has an apostolic ministry. At first we just looked at him as one of many apostles in the Bride Church, but as the years passed; and as we witnessed how God always enabled him to correct error, we became convinced that God had called him to be more than just one of a number: He holds the line on truth, like a chief apostle would be responsible to do. He has stood and held for a true revelation against many of those he had much respect for in prior years. He does not rush to judgment, but when others present ideas he knows in his heart is not scriptural, after being sure they have heard the truth on the subject, he does not fail to confront the error, lest it affect the body of believers who want to know the truth. As for me and my house, we have made up our mind to stand for truth; and to stand faithful to Brother Jackson as he presents and defends truth. Our prayer, is that these words will be received in the way we humbly desire that they be. God Bless All Who Love truth.

Brother Louis B. Turner