The Testing and Fall of Satan (1969)

Rev. Raymond M. Jackson


Today’s subject does not deal with salvation, for salvation never deals with this type message. Salvation for sinners is based strictly on their acceptance of Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and His atoning work at Calvary. Sinners who desire salvation to be redeemed from a life of sin must obey Acts 2:38 by repenting of sin and believing the gospel. 


 Since we live in such a so-called intellectual age, which has produced many theories and ideas concerning the original origin of all things, mainly dealing with the origin and existence of Almighty God Himself, we feel led of the Almighty to bring forth this type of message. Is there truly a supernatural God who disdains the life of all human beings or is this simply a religious teaching believed only by ignorant and unlearned? If there is a God, where is He? Where did He come from? Apparently the latest theological battle of confusion is, where is He, is He dead? This is nothing short of intellectual confusion! Knowing that Satan would rise at the end time and attempt to shake the very Christian foundation of those who believe the Bible to be the infallible word of God, we feel that the Almighty, being keenly conscious of Satan’s diabolical scheming operation through the intellectual mind to discredit Him in creation, HAS PLACED WITHIN THE WORD MANY STATEMENTS which are nuggets of golden revelation for His true Bible believing saints who worship and adore His holy name, to use as an antidote against the fiery darts of unbelief. Today’s subject did not occur yesterday nor did it occur even four or five thousand years ago. No, my friend, this story reaches back even farther than man’s Garden of Eden, on back into the angelic realm of testing into THEIR garden of Eden. It seems from the scriptures that God’s testing place for both angels and human mankind WAS IN A GARDEN BUT NOT THE SAME GARDEN. Lucifer was already a fallen creature; he was no longer that perfect being he had been since the day of his creation – WHEN HE APPEARED IN MAN’S – GARDEN OF EDEN. Somewhere before this, something drastic had happened – Lucifer had become  guilty of lying and committing murder. According to Christ’s statement in St. John 8:44, Satan was a liar and murderer from the beginning (long before he met Adam) although he had been creat-ed perfect. Our story begins even before time itself. Time, in the way we recognize it as calculated by 24-hour periods consisting of days, months and seasons, did not actually begin until the fourth creative day, Gen. 1:14-19. So, before time itself actually began, this subject had already been dealt with by the Almighty. This subject even affects. the Book of Life which was also written before the foundation of the world, Eph 1:4-5. IN THE MIND OF GOD Yes, long before time itself began this subject nestled deep in the mind of God us the scripture plainly reveals. Moving through the scriptures, here and there, we find certain statements bearing out this fact. When we come to our present hour we are able to take these priceless gems, place them together, and discover they have formed a pathway leading back before time I even began on the fourth creative day, Gen. 1:14-19. It would be I needless, with no objective in mind, to dare investigate the mind of God so thoroughly back before time actually began to discover what was transpiring in that period. Some have said, why be concerned with anything before our present Garden of Eden? Because, my friend, what happened before the Garden of Eden greatly affected man in all his behaviour in and after the Garden of Eden. Our present world has been highly influenced by the world before it and the Bible tells how and why that period of events so greatly influenced our own present world and hour in which we now live. Today we live in an hour when it seems that Satan, now aware of the shortness of time, has left no stone unturned in an attempt to throw this world into an anti-God concept of life. Not only has Satan disrupted the true program of God in salvation by instilling into the world an anti-social gospel that battles true apostolic teachings but he has now attemped to instill in the minds of all who will lend him an ear that God had absolutely nothing to do with Creation. 


 Satan’s major hold on the masses had been through scientific knowledge. Through the field of modern science today, he attempts to prove that creation can all be simply explained and that to believe in a God who made the worlds is purely superstition and ignorance. The God I serve can never be proven from a test tube—NOT EVEN ONE ATTRIBUTE— for it is utterly im-possible to believe God through a test tube in some scientific labora-tory of chemistry or botany. Our God gave a perfect way and means whereby the true heart might know him—HIS WORD. Test tubes cannot prove God but His word can. Only through a spiritual realm can we prove the Almighty God. True, test tubes have proved many things but they are limited to tangible substance and God is in a different realm altogether for He is not of tangible substance. God sits on the circle of the earth laughing at mankind trying to discover His existence and work through a test tube as they ignore the only means whereby man could come in contact with a living God-HIS WORD OF REVELATION-and that is a realm no test tube can penetrate. Henceforth, Creation cannot be proved through a scientific test tube, but it is amazing to note the word of the living God does both.


The word of the living God tells exactly what one may expect from the major advancement of science, Dan. 12-4. The prophet Daniel, a prisoner in Babylon, was praying and seeking God when an Angel of the Lord appeared with the information concerning the last days said the angel, the signs of the end of the world will be accompanied by an INCREASE OF KNOWLEDGE and many shall run to and fro. Are you aware of the meaning of the word knowledge found here? It is identical to the word Science, it could easily be read without changing any of the meaning to read, “and SCIENCE SHALL INCREASE and many shall run to and fro. Have you ever witnessed such an advancement of knowledge through science? 


Have you ever witnessed so much traveling (running to and fro) throughout the earth as today? This makes us to realize we are truly living in an age of great scientific knowledge, but note – this is not a knowledge that has led anyone nearer to God’s word. On the con-trary, it has simply built up man’s ego that much more, leading him Farther and Farther from the presence of the Almighty, henceforth, proving this knowledge of science has not come from the presence of Almighty God. In reality, modern day science has discredited God by glorifying man in his abilities. This scientific knowledge set in motion today did not come from the presence of the Almighty God through His word prophesied of its coming (Dan. 22-4) Daniel saw this increase of knowledge (science) would come during our time. 


 Has this higher learning increased or decreased our knowledge of God? In our schools today that’s Knowledge has produced a new theory about the origin of creation…Where did it originate? With the assistance of probing scientific instruments, science has bore into the heart of the earth, taken samples of their findings into laboratories seeking to prove certain things—mainly, how did it all get there? What caused it to be there? But note, when they come to a certain point they leave reality and can only go on assumption and that is amazing, for scien-tists claim they only accept the facts—this is their major hindrance in accepting God through faith as Christians do. 


Notice when scientist come a to a certain place, they must stop, for here it leaves the natural realm and goes into the realm of the spirit (faith realm) and there is no probing instrument or laboratory tests that e can penetrate beyond the realm of material substance (tangible) and probe into the realm of the unseen which is the realm of the spirit. Therefore, scientists were forced to stop here and come up with this well circulated theory which Satan has desperately attempted to feed – into the world, THIS ANTI—GOD THEORY THAT CREATION JUST HAPPENED— —THAT IT EVOLVED. But, to the Bible believer who believes God is God, and all things were created by Him and for Him and through Him all things exist (time included), Satan is unable to penetrate his mind causing him to believe creation just happened. To the true christian the beginning of all creation is found in Gen. 1:1-“IN THE BEGINNING GOD”—Here he keeps God at the head of everything. All creation stems from God; lives in God; moves in Him, yes, even time itself is in God. GOD IS NOT IN TIME BUT TIME IS IN GOD and time is in God only in the relationship to create substance and matter for time is derived from the earth’s rotation in relation to the sun. God placed it there to give light to the earth, therefore, time, as we refer to it today, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and even years are all derived from the rotation of the earth’s relationship to the sun.


What is time in its true sense in relation to the Word of God—Time, as found in Genesis—the evening and the morning was THE FIRST DAY. Notice, these days of creation could not be periods of 24 hours each? Why was this impossible? The sun was not placed in the heavens to give you and I recorded time until THE FOURTH CREATIVE DAY. On this day God said, let there be light. Let them be for signs and seasons, months, days etc. Not until the fourth day did God place the sun to record time in that sense. WHAT WAS THE EVENING AND MORNING? Evening and morning with God was that creative period which began on the fourth day or creative day, but not a 24 hour period, in which God had allotted for a certain thing to transpire. Reading from the Word we find “The day of the Lord is at hand”. Here no one believes God is talking about a day of twenty-four hours, NO, for God is speaking concerning a certain precise time which He has allotted to accomplish a certain thing, the same as “the hour of the Lord”. There were two hours in the life of Jesus—the hour for Him to begin—and the hour for His cruci-fixion, but remember, He hung almost two-thirds of the day upon. the cross. An hour in that sense is also symbolic. It is symbolic in the creative sense of God Because until the fourth creative day there was nothing to regulate or record the time by, for the sun was not placed in the heavens until this time. 


Analyzing this carefully, we must recognize one fact, when Satan entered the Garden made for Adam and Eve, HE WAS ALREADY A FALLEN, LYING, MURDERING PRINCE or a fallen angelic being. Yes, we must realize that Satan’s beginning started long before our (Beginning) Garden of Eden. Jesus said Satan abode not in the truth. Adam and Eve also abode not in the truth. But why? They were tempted by that very same crafty being who, somewhere in the eon ages, had failed to abide in the Truth, because there is no Truth in him. When he speaketh a lie he speaketh of his own for he is the father of all lies. Analyze that verse of scripture and we find Satan was a murderer from the beginning and abode not the Truth. Everytime a lie is told it was plotted and planned by Satan, the father of lies. When we see this we can attribute all that evil to this one spirit and we can see what Jesus is talking about. His bold statement reaches further back than merely to our Garden of Eden. Christ was pointing back to the age where Satan had his origin. For God, THERE IS NO BEGINNING! He simply has no beginning nor end. 


Satan had a beginning (a garden of eden) but it was not in the Garden of Eden where man and woman was first placed. To receive a clearer understanding of the background of Satan and his beginning, let us read Ezek. 28—to show how Satan, a spirit, reveals himself. We find the prophet has been speaking in reference to the King of Tyre. Tyre was a city located on a little island just off the coast of Syria and Libya. The king of this ancient city which was no longer in existence, was a man of glory who loved to glorify and exalt himself. He boasted much in the pomp and glory of the beautiful city of Tyrus. Ezekial, looking down through time, could see this condition and he knew that it was Satan who had glorified that city and did it by working through the king of Tyrus. Watch how the prophet prophesied! He is prophesying and rebuking the city and king. He speaks here concerning the pomp and glory, how she has beau-tified herself and so forth. This prophecy abruptly breaks off speaking of the king himself or his city but speaks directly concerning the origin of all, this which was none other than Satan himself. Ezek. 28:8-“They shall bring thee down to the pit.” Here he actually speaks concerning the time when it is going to be invaded and destroyed. “They shall bring thee down to the pit and thou shall die the deaths of them that are slain in the midst of the seas.” Will thou yet say before Him that slayeth thee, I am God? but thou shall be a man and not God in the hand of him that slayeth thee.” This king trusted in his pagan religion. “Thou shalt die the death of the uncircumcised by the hand of strangers, for I have spoken it saith the Lord God. Moreover, the Word of the Lord came to me saying, Son of man, take up a lamentation, (meaning, take up weeping and mourning) upon the king of Tyrus, and say unto him, Thus saith the Lord, Thou sealest up the sum, full of wisdom, and perfect in beauty. In other words, because of the beauty of this city, the king probably sat on his throne saying-it is by my wisdom that I have obtained; it is by my wise being that this city has been made what it is. Therefore, within the soul of that king, no doubt, he exalted himself saying, It has been through my power that this has been ac-complished, that this city is now enjoying the beauty and the glory and luxury of her well being. Has this not been the predicament many times political leaders down through the corridors of time have found themselves in? On this par-ticular leader we find the Spirit of God speaking, going beyond man’s side, unto its origin—”THOU HAST BEEN IN EDEN.”


Now everyone is fully aware that this king of Tyrus HAD NEVER BEEN IN EDEN. His very existence was only around 600 BC but the very spirit that made him act, do and think more highly of himself than he ought was a spirit that had truly been somewhere. “Thou hast been in Eden the garden of God”. Some will immediately say, Oh, Brother Jackson, that was none other than the garden of Adam. NOT SO! If we would only realize what the word Eden means—garden of God, paradise or beginning.


Two separate gardens in two separate ages. One majored in precious stones and the other trees. “Every stone was thy covering.” This could never have been Adam and Eve’s Garden of Eden for in this account of the garden of God only stones are mentioned. In the Garden of Eden—garden of God or paradise, or beginning—TREES, NOT STONES, received the pre-eminence. True, Genesis speaks of the beauty of the gold in our garden but note, the pre-eminence is not upon the gold and silver but upon the trees. In Ezekiel’s account no trees are mentioned but only the gold and precious stones. Read for your-self—”Every precious stone (not tree) was for thy covering”. When Adam and Eve transgressed, they placed FIG LEAVES upon them-selves. They were not hiding BEHIND STONES but behind the product of TREES, however, IN EZEKIEL’S ACCOUNT OF A DIFFERENT EDEN, every precious STONE WAS SATAN’S COVERING. Why? We find that every stone had a separate color about it and when the light hit these stones it would reflect, so IT IS TRUE TODAY. When you get an embedding of different stones with different colors you have a blending of a – reflection. In Ezekiel we further s read, “Every precious stone was thy covering. The Sardis, topaz and the diamond, the beryl and the onyx and the jasper, the sapphire, and the emerald, the carbuncle and – gold and the workmanship of thy tabrets and of thy pipes was prepared in thee in the day thou was created. God created Lucifer as a most powerful righteous holy angel—a spirit being to give him a creation somewhere. 


 It was given to him right here on this planet. Satan was given a garden, a beginning, just as God gave Adam and Eve A BEGINNING. The two separate gardens are two separate beginnings. God was in that garden with Lucifer in his beginning. Lucifer was glorified by dwelling in this beginning, this paradise of God; this garden in the midst of BEAUTIFUL STONES which was HIS COVERING—his glory. God had placed him in this realm. How beautiful it must have been. “Everything was prepared for thee in the day that thou wast created. Thou O art the anointed cherub that covereth; and I have set thee so; thou wart upon the holy mountain of God.” 


 Briefly, Let us notice that mountain is symbolic. First, mountains speak of the position by which one is elevated and placed in authority to look over and to subdue and reign over things. Watch, Satan tempted Jesus in the wilderness and where did he carry Christ when he showed all the kingdoms of the world—to a high mountain, of course. Second, What did the Old Testament prophet Micah prophecy? In that day all the moun-tains would flow unto the mountain of the Lord”. Here mountains are symbolic of the kingdom of nations flowing unto the kingdom of the Lord. He will sit upon the mountain of the Lord which is none other than Mt. Zion, just a hill over there, therefore we see “mountain” has a two-fold meaning—(1). They speak of a position (2). They speak of the elevation of the individual who sits on that mountain and looks over his kingdom. Lucifer was upon the mountain of the Lord.


 “Thou hast walked up and down in the midst of the stones of fire. Thou wast perfect in thy ways from the day that thou was created, till iniquity was found in thee.” This brings you back to John 8 (fall of Satan) where Jesus said, Lucifer abode not in the truth, however Ezekiel goes even farther back to Satan’s beginning. God had created Lucifer, placing all of that glory within and about him, and placing him in a beautiful garden, giving him such authority over a kingdom and he was so glorified in it and everything God saw in it “Thou was perfect in the days thou was created till iniquity was found in thee”. Again Ezekiel’s statement interlocks with Jesus’ state-ment—SATAN WAS A MUR-DERER FROM THE BEGINNING, THE FATHER OF LIES WHO ABODE NOT IN THE TRUTH. (JOHN 8). Did not our Lord say by the mouth of two or more witnesses He would establish every word? For a second witness to the truth God furnishes the prophet Isaiah. Isa. 14:9-12. In verses 9-11 Isaiah sees all the corruption and pollution of the world. He is keenly aware of who the instigator is—SATAN—and suddenly, like Ezekiel, his prophecy jumps from the immediate condition and goes into the origin and source of it.


 “How are thou fallen from heaven, O, Lucifer, Son of the Morning. Notice, FALLEN, SON OF THE MORNING! After Jesus had chosen twelve disciples and sent them forth to preach the gospel, giving them power over unclean spirits, one day they returned exuberant, rejoicing and praising God that even the devils were subject unto them. Immediately Jesus made the most unusual statement–”I SAW SATAN FALL FROM HEAVEN.” Are we actually aware of what Christ was referring to? Let us dramatize it. Jesus said, saw Satan fall from heaven AND I KNOW WHY HE FELL—because such glory and power was invested in him and HE EXALTED HIMSELF. He said, don’t rejoice that the devils are subject to you but RATHER REJOICE IN THIS, THAT YOUR NAMES ARE WRITTEN IN THE BOOK OF LIFE. Christ was warning the disciples that unless their attitude was carefully guarded it could lead them to the identical same thing that brought Satan’s original fall. Careful now men, “I saw Satan fall from heaven.” He knew exactly what caused Satan to fall, didn’t He? “How art thou fallen from heaven, O, Lucifer, son of the morning, how art thou CUT DOWN to the ground which DIDST WEAKEN the nations! Brother, everything that is going on in the world today was caused by Satan. “For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God”. Is that not the spirit of Satan in the world even today? Satan wants to be worshipped as the God of this age, this world. He is accomplishing this desire through the scientific realm; he is doing it through beautifying things. Satan is a spirit who seeks to work through the carnal minds or unregenerated people, seeking to take preeminence over their complete lives-beautifying such things shows that he is the instigator, he becomes the god of this age, the god of the world-worshipped as the God. That is exactly why even into the religious, antichrist realm Satan seeks to set himself up in the temple of God, showing himself that he is god in that realm, but as a spirit he is god of the age through science, intellectualism, religion, etc. . “I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne (note he had a position) above the stars of God; I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation in the sides of the north; I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most high. Yet thou shalt be brought down to hell, to the sides of the pit.” 


We Believe that, according to Scripture, Satan had an Eden also and that this Garden of Eden was placed on this very planet called Earth long before Adam! 1. We believe that this Planet is the only Planet Almighty God ever used for a testing ground for obedience unto all His Subjects whether it be angels or man. This earth was also used for testing ground unto the Son of Man who was none other than God in the flesh. So, the word establishes that the earth is none other than God’s testing ground. 2. If this had not been Satan’s planet before God created Himself a new ruler over the planet, called man, why then was Satan so determined to become ruler of the planet and why was he so interested in our Garden of Eden? What was he doing snooping around there? Why was he upon this particular planet and not snooping around on another somewhere else? 3. If it was not on this planet Lucifer was placed in authority and fell into lying and murder and becoming striped of all his authority, why did he become jealous of the new ruler (man) who had been placed in charge over this planet seeking to rob him of his new position with God? Why did he seek to take this position from man and make himself god of the new age? 4. Why then, after he disrupted and wrecked man’s Paradise, did he not just leave And go someplace else? No, he stayed and turned the Great Commission given to the new ruler, MAN, into violence and sin. Satan stayed and built himself a kingdom of violence and hate. His very actions proved he wanted to gain control of this particular planet, because he had been the dethroned ruler of the planet. This is why he lied and schemed to retake it from man. 5. Christ became man’s Kinsman redeemer to regain what man lost to Satan. 


Here we wish to deal with the question, what transpired before time was recorded? I want you to study carefully, and firmly place in your mind, what did transpire because if we are able to find in the Word of God what had been going on, then it will present a background picture of what God has been doing and what He is seeking to do even now as we reach the climax of this seventh church age period. I have stated, somewhere before time began Satan was created by God. Any minister would have to say that God created Satan, although he was not referred to as Satan. In his original beginning he is called Lucifer, the son of the morning. Scriptures that deal in relationship to that great angelic being called Lucifer are numerous. Take for instance, Jesus’ own account of him in John 8:44. Speaking to the Pharisees Jesus said, “You are of your father the devil, and the lust of your father you will do.” Listen, did not Jesus know about Satan’s origin? Certainly He did! He created him! Here He is saying, you are of your father, the devil, and the lust of your father you will do. He was a murderer! Note what He is attributing to Satan, the devil—A murderer from the beginning. Christians, through the ages, many times have looked upon the Word of God with such a short vision as to its rightful meaning. The statement-he was a murderer FROM THE BEGINNING–BEGINNING OF WHAT? Some will interpret the word “beginning” to mean when Cain, inspired of the devil, slew Abel. NOT SO! The “beginning” was not when Cain slew Abel. This occurred long after time began. This incident was merely Satan reacting in the same old thing that he is, FOR HE IS A SPIRIT OF MURDER. Satan is not a being of corporal tangible flesh. No, he is a spirit. I want you to know that every murder committed upon the face of this earth was plotted and instigated by Satan. Every man who ever picked up a knife, club or gun and went forth to bodily harm or take the life of another person was guided by that spirit of Satan, the murderer. Why do we find our court rooms filled today with people pleading insanity after having committed horrible crimes? The lawyer may ask, why did you do this terrible thing? The answer is, I DON’T KNOW, JUST AN URGE CAME OVER ME. It is more than an urge. It is the spirit of Satan, who is a murderer from the beginning, which came upon them. Our courts today are guilty of trying to cope with it through a realm of insanity. They simply refuse to admit there is an evil power beyond that realm of scientific learning. They refuse to admit that a wicked devil possesses them and causes them to do such things therefore they plead insanity as an excuse. IT IS A TRICK OF SATAN! In the Gospels we find Christ saying Satan was a murderer from the beginning. Note again, he was a murderer, he abode not in the truth because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own for HE IS THE FATHER OF ALL LIES. Analyzing that verse of scripture we find he was a murderer from the beginning; he abode not in the truth; he is the father of lies. Every lie ever told was plotted and planned by Satan, therefore, when we see this we can attribute all that to this spirit and we can see what Jesus was talking about—His statement pointed further back than just to our Garden of Eden. HE WAS POINTING BACK TO THE AGES WHERE SATAN HAD HIS ORIGIN. All was in the mind of God long before He spoke any of it into existence. No wonder the Eternal God could ask Job—where were you when I formed the crooked serpent in the heavens and laid out the foundations of earth. (Job 38:4). RIGHTEOUS ANGEL The Old Testament has established Lucifer as a perfect, righteous archangel in the day he was created.


The scripture, being infallible, proves God created angelic beings perfect. Each one was created first as a righteous spirit. God created Lucifer, Gabriel, Michael–as far as we know, from the scriptures, these are the only three angelic beings having names which are recorded. The Eternal made all the angelic beings and placed them within certain realms of authority to live under His control but in order for God TO PERFECT His attributes that lay within Himself, there has to be an opposite (negative) for that to draw from, to express itself. If man had not been created to eat, see, hear, thirst or hunger, there would truly be no need for food, water, eyes and ears. In order for something to be seen, someone had to have eyes to see with. In order to have water to quench thirst, something had to be created with a taste for them. All this lay in God. Now, until there is something brought into existence for that to express itself, there is no need for an apple or a human being. God, within His great thinking goes to work and creates-the VERY ONE (Lucifer) in order that the others might be created that the two could fulfill their purpose. 


All the time, God was preparing this to show Himself as the great Creator, (busy expressing Himself). But he must create it in such a way to allow it to become lost in order to prove He could redeem it all back unto Himself. Remember, God never made one mistake. Vanish from your mind that He created all, not knowing how it was going to turn out (on a trial and error basis). He created and placed all within a realm of free choice, allowing the created substance to choose its own way, in order that, further down the ages, He would reach down and take it all back unto Himself. In so doing, God would prove Himself to be a God of love and presents the opportunity for the creature that was created to show love back to his creator. 


God created His angelic beings first in order to assist Him in creation. Some will refute that by saying—what does God need with angels? I would simply answer, why do you want to question God? That is His own business. What did He want with a wiggle worm or tadpole? That is His business. In his counseling with himself he chose to express Himself that way and when he made angelic beings He set certain laws in motion. Those angelic beings GUARD those laws and work in that capacity, but IT IS ONLY GOD WHO DOES THE REDEEMING WORK. Within the redeeming grace of God there are angelic beings ministering from the throne of grace to the soul that is lost in order to make you and I a recipient of God’s redeeming grace (Eph. 2:5-8).


The beginning of all things was a thought. God, expressing Himself-desires to share Himself with something else, then that something else sharing itself with something else. To prepare this plan God created Lucifer to be that great anointed cherub, made him righteous, perfect and placed IN SUCH A REALM OF GLORY! After God created His angelic beings He said, let us make a planet, a universe. When He did, the AGES began. God’s creative force was his own spoken word. He created all things by His word. (Col. 1:16) If we accept the Word right it must always stem from a thought. You can’t take a word back any further than a thought. Never can a word be expressed until first THERE HAS BEEN A THOUGHT, EXISTENCE OF ALL THINGS FROM A THOUGHT IN GOD’S MIND When the Bible states in John 1:1—In THE BEGINNING was the Word, this was merely God’s thought being expressed. How beautifully this coincides with Eph. 1, God COUNSELED with HIMSELF. BELIEVING THE EARTH CAME FROM GASSES IN THE SUN—DOES NOT DISPROVE THE EVIDENCE OF GOD After the Eternal made the stars, moon, etc., He made this planet. No doubt ages went on while the creative power of God continued working through the universe bringing this planet into being. Let us examine this creation thought through the eyes of scientists who say THIS EARTH WAS ONCE A PARTICLE WHICH FLEW OFF THE SUN as molten masses of gas which became so intensive hot it exploded and the piece now called earth came flying through space. As time passed, it slowed down and now here it is. FOR THEIR SAKE ONLY I will say, what difference does it make how God did it—How it comes into being. If that is the way it happened, then that’s the way God ordained it. To accept their theory would lead one to another important thought — WHERE DID ALL THOSE GASES IN THE SUN COME FROM? From God of course, God made all those gases, also! The sun is nothing but a molten mass of gases, and if it all started from there then God simply ordained it to be that way. THIS WOULD NOT DISPROVE GOD IN CREATION. He does many things that way. Science tries to work out the theory, but can only go so far and stops. We are not interested in knowing THE THEORY HOW IT WAS DONE, ONLY IF GOD DID IT OR NOT! THE BIBLE DECLARES HE DID! HOW HE DID IS NONE OF MY BUSINESS. I am just as confident as you are that God made the sun, and earth and placed them here. But for me to tell you that was not the way he did it —I couldn’t say that wasn’t the ivay the earth was slung out here. The very heart of the earth today, it’s a proven fact, is nothing but a molten mass of gases. That’s what causes all these geysers which shoot off their steam every few hours; these volcanoes erupting, spewing lava. In the bowels of this earth it is said to be a raging inferno–gases boiling, melting rock, spewing out of the earth in different places. It has been going on for centuries. If God made that pile of rue down there, then I am persuaded He also made the one called the sun and this earth easily could be an offshoot from the sun. The fact is, He let it get far enough  away from the SUN TO ALLOW THE TOP CRUST TO COOL OFF. Scientists today testify our mountains Cattle into being from sonic gaseous disturbance within the earth, when it burst from the earth’s crust this caused the land to shoot up. I will accept that! People who travel through the western mountain country will notice certain chains of mountains which look like layer upon layer of rock. Did you know they have discovered many islands of the sea were made simply through volcanic origin? Volcanos erupt building up lava that eventually rises above the water surface. It is said many of these islands are like mushrooms and any violent earthquake within their vicinity would snap the top of these islands off, especially within the area of the Marianas, Gilbert, Catalina. etc. While in service I came upon some of these islands. We were given literature explaining back in the 16th century one of those particular islands was chartered, but when they returned later it could not be found. However, in later years this island surfaced again. That is how many of the islands came into existence. God is creating! God never intended to be hard to understand. If you would only observe Him through the eyes of faith, He nor his work has been all that complicated to understand. He is a spirit who gets in everything. Where could you go that He is not present? You would be unable to journey to the bottom of the sea without finding His presence. In the extreme depth of the sea He is there, and there is life there. No living creature could go so deep they could not find God’s presence. I recently read an article concerning a submarine built by the U.S. about five years ago. An American and Frenchman went down 7 miles in it off the Guam Coast. The entire trip took 14 hours. The scientist reported 7 miles down on the bottom of the sea they found FISH. Deeper than any mortal had ever gone THERE WAS FISH (LIFE). Fish that could never get out of that depth, for if they did come up nearer to the surface of the earth they WOULD BURST. If any of the shallow water fish would go that deep they would be crushed. Which only provesGod made some form of life to exist IN EVERY PLACE ON THE FACE OF THIS EARTH. Where life is in any form only proves that God is there. God made the earth! lie made the stars, but how they were placed there is His own business. If He allowed a molten mass of gas to I grow until there was an explosion, with pieces going in all directions — I tie will de-create things one day by the same process-if that is the way He did it I will accept it, not that I am trying to prove this but the point we make is proving from the Word of God that there was an origin of life on this planet. That is the reason why I am convinced it is placed within the Word of God to tear down these preconceived ideas of evolution etc. taught in our institutions of higher learning today.They refuse to accept the fact that GOD IS THE AUTHOR OF LIFE. GOD IS THE AUTHOR OF LIFE!

He is the only creator of all that was created. Everything that lives and moves and has any being at all has it in Him. We are His off-springs. When the eternal spirit made the angelic beings, the planets etc. I believe He sent Lucifer, then a righteous angelic being, to have dominion over this planet giving him a beautiful animal kingdom to rule over. 


Since Lucifer is a spirit, and not a corporal bodied being, as were all those angels that worked with him, God gave him an animal kingdom of such physical size, for it did not interfere with any of the spirit angelic beings who lived within a kingdom of huge beasts such as these. God placed within His kingdom such huge beasts, as the dinosaurs, giant elephants, lizards and 90 forth — Someone passed on to me a clipping, taken from their local paper, which stated billion of years ago huge birds had teeth. No bird today has teeth. You have heard the expression, scarce as hen’s teeth. It is claimed from major discoveries from ancient bones that a HUGE BIRD once lived on this planet -that did have teeth. I remember years ago, in my childhood how I enjoyed getting comic books with pictures that sometimes showed huge, bat-like birds picking up men and flying off with them. No doubt there once was such a bird existed. All this has been said only to show when they discover age old skeletons in the surface of the earth it will cause most Christian to do one or two things. (1.) Deny it, declaring it is all a hoax, (2) or we will have enough sense to get our nose in the Bible and say, God, AS IT IS RECORDED IN THE CRUST OF THE EARTH IT MUST BE RECORDED IN HERE ALSO. Scientists spend days and even lifetimes looking for a crumb to prove their theory. All the time they are coming up with their bones and fossils, if you and I would spend as much time on our knees over this word of God we would come up with a spiritual fossil that will go right with that. Remember, this was written in order to record all of that.


God gave Lucifer an animal kingdom, so huge in size, this is what scientists, and evolutionists today call their PREHISTORIC WORLD. It is ancient because they cannot date its origin. They only assume it existed many, many million years ago but cannot pinpoint an exact origin. If Satan was perfect in the days he was created; if he was the most anointed cherub; if he was such a beautiful angel and God gave him a beautiful kingdom and if he did something to cause him to abide not in the truth — what was it causing him to reach that place where no longer he abode in the truth? How and where did he become a MURDERER and a LIAR? Remember, you can’t murder a spirit. Murder only destroys some kind of body. Only God can destroy body and soul (Matt. 10:28).


As we observe what is going on around this world today, it is plain to see the same devil works in this world today, as he did in his world ages gone by. He is just re-enacting THE SAME OLD GAMES, same old things for the same old purpose. Here is what I am convinced went on — God says in His word that he CREATED good and evil. Why did He do this? Simply that He might perfect and show forth good. Since God placed you and I here to test and trial, I am convinced He did the same with HIS ANGELIC BEINGS. He would be unjust to do otherwise, I believe He placed each angelic being on trial and gave them a choice and in so doing He placed them on this planet (earth) and gave Lucifer himself the GREATEST choice of all, when the time of testing came for Him to prove his part in the great plan of God. I believe Lucifer began to have a thought — wonder how all this would be if I were to use THIS POWER and AUTHORITY TO PROJECT CERTAIN THINGS? Remember he was ruler over the planet, over all the animal kingdom. As he begins to think upon that probably he begins to project muse thoughts and since he is a spirit l am convinced that ALL THOSE BEAUTIFUL HUGE BEASTS LIVED IN PEACE-the giant dinosaur, the huge lizard, the giant sheep, the gigantic elephant – all those living within a peaceful atmosphere of complete harmony. As they would pass one another, they did not seek to destroy each other, for this environment had not been of such nature. 


God gave mankind a garden Eastward in Eden (meaning God’s beginning with man) and placed him over our present size animal kingdom. His original plan was to give man a paradise, making him supreme ruler over this kingdom of animals. In 6,000 years, had not sin entered into that garden, man’s authority and dominion would have spread until it covered the earth. By this time every continent would have looked exactly like the Eden of Genesis. Oh yes, man would have obeyed that commission to multiply and replenish, subdue and have dominion over every part of the earth. Every desert would have blossomed like a rose. By now there would have been no deserts for man would long ago have conquered them. As it is 15% of the earth’s surface remains a desert, 67% or two thirds of the earth’s surface is covered by water. Only 16% of the earth’s surface is inhabitable. Probing your thoughts a step forward, what hinders the law that God has placed in nature, in allowing very little precipitation to enter into these desert regions? When the rest of the non-desert regions receive annual rainfall? 


What causes this, when mountains stretching thousands of feet in the air cannot stop them? The clouds merely rise above the mountains. Several years ago, the Wife and I visited the Great Smoky Mountains. As we drove atop the mountain the sun was shining beautifully. Looking down from 6,000 feet into the valley we noticed it was under a cloud and raining, extremely hard. You could see those clouds coming right up to that mountain. DID IT STOP? NO! They rolled right on over the top causing a foggy effect. It wasn’t long until it was drizzling rain. What once was beautiful sunshine now became a mist and a fog. You could only see a short distance ahead and we had to turn the lights on. I relate this only to show that mountains can’t stop thunder-storms and rain clouds, but there is something about a desert that doesn’t have a fence built around it, yet a thunderstorm can originate on the West coast, come rolling over the Southern Rockies and when it starts down those slopes toward the desert it ceases. It has poured out most of its moisture on the windward side of the mountain. Why did it not cease to rain before it came to the sides of the mountains even as it does in the desert? All because I am convinced that somewhere there lying in the spiritual realm is a secret concerning the desert that does not affect the mountains. This secret would unlock the mystery why man has not been able to fulfill his commission in subduing and replenishing the earth. It is true that with a great deal of success scientists have bombed the clouds to make water and ice but that was not God’s original way for it to be done. Rain makers are in existence today, but it was not in God’s original plan. Therefore I am convinced if we could only look in the distant prehistoric past we would see some of the most unusual sights that eyes could ever behold. What do you think we would see upon these desert areas? GIGANTIC BATTLES OF HUGH ANIMALS LAYING IN DEATH STRUGGLE TOGETHER. And we would see why these deserts remain so even today. Let us examine within the light that God has given us, somewhat of the beautiful planet that Lucifer was presented to be in charge of. Upon this beautiful planet was a garden, a garden of stones and in this planet, Lucifer was given dominion over the huge beastly creatures that were upon the earth, such as the giant dinosaur, the giant elephants etc. Don’t think that every animal in the prehistoric world was a huge gigantic animal. God is a God of variety. No doubt he had other smaller animals such as we have today, the dog, the cat and so-forth. Satan began to work within the animal realm sowing discord within the hearts of the animal, causing them to rise against each other, distorting their peaceful existence. It was never God’s will that anything be created that would be violent, to turn and rend another. Murder was produced from the heart of Lucifer, not from God.. God made all things to dwell in the peace and in unity, even as we read in Gen When God made all things in the world He saw it was good and it remained good until Satan entered the garden. In this prehistoric world we can see these animals rising against each other, all because Lucifer has disturbed their peaceful existence by sowing discord. Is this not one of the major tools of Satan even today in this earth to sow discord among the brethren to cause hatred, malice, envy and strife to rise among mankind? This terrible conflict between the animals went on perhaps for some time before God called it all into check. Visualize Lucifer as he sets upon the side of a mountain. Visualize all the gigantic animals that God has put within this kingdom living in peace and unity one with each other. The earth has been well populated with all these creatures. Evidence of this is still seen today from the earth’s excavations. Huge bones and skeletons have been found in Siberia, Russia and other parts of the world and even Southern Ill. once was a territory for dinosaurs. A large museum in Springfield, Mo. has a skeleton of a dinosaur that has been put together. Also there is a glass cage of a petrified dinosaur foot print where, in some time past, a dinosaur has stepped in a swampy area and left this print. The area became petrified, and as you can see today it looks like a huge rock with a large footprint pressed within it. Something happened within this area when the animal put his foot down and made the print. We must realize at some time a beast of this nature lived upon the earth, for today there is no animal with such a huge footprint. Within that glass cage is a testimony of the ancient past when gigantic animals lived in the area of Southern Ill. Scientists, say at some time Southern Ill., has been a swampy country. The Dinosaur lived in this type of country. As the ages moved on and the kingdom multiplied and progressed, EVIL CAME INTO IT. God allowed Lucifer to be placed on trial and test, and he used all this God given authority for his own glory. Which goes to show that if God ever does anything with his glory, such as placing it within us, we must use it only for the glory and majesty of Almighty God who created us all. DESERTS — ARE BATTLEGROUNDS SCARS These deserts we have on the earth today are not products of what came out of the flood. I am convinced these deserts ARE THE BATTLEGROUNDS, THE SCARS OF SOME PREHISTORIC BATTLE WHICH WENT ON IN AGES PAST AND GOD ALLOWS THEM TO REMAIN AS AN INFALLIBLE PROOF OF A PREHISTORIC PAST. For this simple reason, in Arizona, a desert country, very little rain falls, BUT THERE IS THAT PETRIFIED FOREST. You know, as well as I, TREES MUST HAVE WATER TO GROW. Those trees did not have their beginning four or five thousand years ago, for they are not even the product of something which existed five or six thousand years ago which would date us back to our Garden of Eden. This forest is something dating back TO A PREHISTORIC, UNDATED origin of life carrying us beyond our Garden of Eden. My convictions is that many of these deserts on the face of the earth today are places where Satan has maneuvered great battles in that prehistoric past where, no doubt, as he began to move by that spirit which he is, using that God given authority to take the great gigantic kingdom which God has given him, disrupt it by throwing it into disorder. 


As he began to throw it into disorder, these huge beasts began to rise and begin DEVOURING ONE ANOTHER — BEGIN TO ENGAGE IN BATTLE AND CONQUEST. Several years ago Walt Disney produced a film concerning prehistoric animals. He actually used live natural lizards in fighting scenes. By ENLARGING THEIR PICTURES HE WAS ABLE TO MAKE THEM APPEAR AS PREHISTORIC ANIMALS OF THE PAST. I used that to say this, where did he get that idea? Why did he want to picture that – that was of the past? There had to be something that went on, and if he could look at it this way — GOD LETS THE MINDS OF MAN CATCH A REFLECTION OF THE PAST BY JUST THINKING or SEEKING TO DO CERTAIN THINGS THAT WAY. The same is true of the future. When a writer began to write comic strips concerning BUCK ROGERS IN THE 30’S. Who would have ever dreamed they would live to see rockets leave this planet with men wearing space suits like the ones worn by Buck Rogers? That writer had no access to military ; secrets, he was merely a comic strip writer, but where did his thoughts come from – why did they come? His mind was a reflection of something in the future and that was just the way it was printed. Today, you witness in the newspaper huge rockets sitting on launching pads at Cape Kennedy almost identical to what Buck Rogers had 40 years ago. His mind was just a mirror of the future reflecting itself backward. “SATAN’S FIRST LIE” If a mind can reflect the future — then it also can work just the opposite— the past coming forward. A man’s mind is a mirror. If that mirror ever becomes polished correctly, reflecting correctly, it will either reflect something from the past or future. Thereby, I am convinced that Lucifer, working in the animal kingdom, huge beasts as they were, caused such turmoil and such battles to be raged over this planet that God had to finally call it in check and when He did, God probably called Lucifer to His throne and said, Lucifer, what have you been doing? LUCIFER HAD TO SAY SOMETHING IN ORDER TO TELL HIS FIRST LIE. Remember he is the father of the lie. Surely you have noticed when a little boy gets into trouble and is called in to be checked he invariably answers your query of what he has been doing with “N—O—T—H—I—N—G. I haven’t been doing anything Daddy” but knows all along he had been doing something. His guilt is written all over his face. No doubt, that is the way Lucifer reacted when God called him in. “Lucifer, what have you been doing?” -N-O-T- H -I -N -G”. As the Spirit of God could look over the face of the earth He could see gigantic dead bodies lying all around. He could see those huge beasts lying there bleeding. This is the reason when God made Adam and Eve placing them in our Garden of Eden, God gave them an animal kingdom SMALL ENOUGH THAT THEY COULD COPE WITH. God knew once again that evil must be confronted murder, killing again would become a product of evil, and therefore if we had to live on a planet with huge creatures as those that existed back then, with the evil present we could not live here nor could we long exist. In the first place, the animal kingdom we had came over on Noah’s Ark, another thought to discourage the preconceived ideas that gigantic animals once lived here even before the flood. You couldn’t have gotten very many dinosaurs in Noah’s Ark. This should be brief enough that you cannot connect the two together by saying IT ALL HAPPENED IN ONE GARDEN, IT DIDN’T. Now what has been going on? God through the ages of time has shown Himself to be a Creator, Father, and Redeemer. He allowed Himself to be known in this manner in order that you might know what has been going on. We find that man is the last thing God is in the process of redeeming. He is not redeeming angelic beings anymore. We do not know whether God presented to them an opportunity to be saved. That is not for us to know. We find that we are today confronted and affected by spirits motivated by two sources — evil spirits motivated by Satan, righteous spirits motivated by God. At the final judgment the SAINTS (overcomers) of the most high will sit in judgment of fallen angels. (1 Cor 6:) No doubt the reason God allows the saints to judge fallen angels is because we have been affected by their diabolical work, therefore, God being a just and righteous God give his saints the authority to judge the VERY SAME SPIRITS that have harassed us DOWN THROUGH TIME. 


Archaeologist and scientist have stated one time the Gulf of Mexico came back as far as Kentucky. While digging into limestone quarry deposits they found SEA SHELL DEPOSITS. How could sea shells get there? Some will say God did that just to confuse people. No, God did not! This is precisely the way He did it, and because ages have gone by and God did not present a clear picture as to all that did transpire, therefore, man just jumped to A CONCLUSION. We can’t afford to jump to conclusions. We must analyze this entire, overall picture carefully otherwise we come up with many misconceptions and thoughts that won’t begin to paint a picture at all. First we realize something did transpire, something did occur causing Christ to accuse Satan of being a murderer. These Huge Animals lived in peace. Huge forest existed, as a matter of fact, out in Arizona today is what is referred to as the PETRIFIED FOREST. It is practically the only spot on the earth’s surface where there remains trace of what once was a huge forest. Giant trees just lying there. Once they stood-ages upon ages in the past—but now they just lie there petrified and more peculiar than that, this forest is located near the edge of a DESERT COUNTRY. Let’s ask ourselves a question — Every con-tinent on the face of the earth today has a DESERT Why? Right now as we face the closing hours of this age, everyone is aware how science is struggling desperately to learn how to control the population expansion. They are fearful this earth will become overpopulated. If they would only spend a little effort and a few million dollars of our wasted space program, although I realize all this plays right in God’s plan, but exarning it from the standpoint of reasonableness instead of trying to probe the moon, Venus or discover what is in outer-space. If they would take some of these wasted millions and desalt water from the Pacific Ocean, pump it over the mountains and irrigate some of these desert land where water can get in, then they could start raising plenty of food. I took a sample of New Mexico desert country for testing and the soil is rich in plant food. Most every kind of food could be raised provided enough water was available. The same is true within many other desert countries. Many ages went by, the earth was reeling and rocking because of the impact of the condition that was growing more and more severe. Finally God called it to a halt. Calling Lucifer to the throne, God questioned him as to what he had been doing. For remember, somewhere John 8:44 had to be fulfilled where Jesus said SATAN ABODE NOT IN THE TRUTH! Something caused Satan to become a liar! He had to become a liar to fulfill John 8; lie had to do something to lie about. The whole thing adds up! He committed a murder, Jesus had accused him of both murder and lying. Some where in his beginning he told a lie; somewhere in his beginning he was guilty of murder..Satan is a spirit and not a human who could walk around with a 38 strapped to his side or a club or knife. Being a spirit he is able to get into the heart of things and kill by using something that does have a body. That something can yield to his evil spirit. Have you ever observed one of the cat family such as a leopard or tiger? How it will stalk its prey…Did you know, the way a leopard goes about or the way a snake works, are two of the most conniving things there is? A snake will coil along the trail and be so concealed that you don’t know it is there. A leopard, a member of the cat family, can move through the countryside stalking its prey. Do you realize even in that animal kingdom today, when it is disturbed it is motivated by that evil spirit, Lucifer? When you see an animal attack another animal to take its life, you must realize a spirit causes this, and it will never be erased until Christ shall rule the earth in his millennium reign — for Isaiah says “Then the lion shall eat straw like a bullock, the cow and the bear will feed together and their young will lie together,” (Isa. 66:25) What we see in the animal kingdom shows what Satan has done. It will continue to remain in this manner until it is changed by Christ at his second coming for the millennial reign. So, if that which is going on now is motivated by Satan as a spirit then surely it went on back there in this prehistoric animal kingdom in the same manner, but to a greater extent because the animal kingdom of that hour was so much larger than the animal kingdom of today. As the Lord called Lucifer in for questioning of his activities, Lucifer had to lie. God looked upon this planet and saw how the whole thing was disrupted; how this great animal kingdom was tearing at each other. God saw their peaceful existence together had been disrupted. Instead of burning. the planet, or sending a flood and washing it away, I believe the Lord rocked the earth a few degrees out of relationship with the sun and it suddenly froze, solid as an iceberg. In the world today there has been many discoveries that would lead one to believe that is exactly what happened. We know if the earth was suddenly rocked close to the sun, it would burn everything. I believe the Lord moved the earth away from the sun a few degrees and it was instantly frozen. 


 Through the years in Siberia, Russian scientists have made startling discoveries within the frozen ice caps, one such discovery was PALM LEAVES. Sometime ago in Reader’s Digest I saw an artist’s sketch of a huge frozen bison, (something similar to a western buffalo) that was discovered. This bison was as intact (preserved) as it was the day it was frozen, and still lodged in its throat was the cud it was in the process of belching up at the time this freezing catastrophe happened. According to scientist’s knowledge, had this animal died any other way there would have been a certain process set up and the cud would not have remained in the throat. Even the grasses were as preserved as they were the day they were swallowed. Scientists fully agree something caused this animal to suddenly become frozen, and be brought to such a quick death and sudden freeze up, it left the whole I body in tact and yet this animal’s DATING GOES BACK THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS OF YEAR— From all over this planet, t whether taken from the ice cap, .1 desert, swampland or from Africa, geologists have dug from the crust of the earth testimonies of the remains of a prehistoric past.


Brother and Sister, I’m convinced that God simply took this planet He had given Lucifer, rocked it a few degrees off course causing a permanent freeze, and closed her up real quick—GOD JUDGED LUCIFER’S PLANET BY FREEZING IT. When He did, He merely stripped Satan of his authority and left the fallen prince with no dominion or authority over anything. Eons of ages rolled on for now the angelic world has been placed on trial; it has been proved and tested. Those who chose Lucifer sealed their own doom. They have recognized themselves to be spirits that had gone after evil, by free choice they accepted the position as fallen angelic beings. Angels that proved loyal remained at God’s RIGHT HAND TO CARRY OUT AND EXECUTE GOD’S PLAN FOR AGES TO COME. 

ONE VERSE COULD COVER SATAN’S DOMINION. Coming to Genesis 1:1 it states,”In the beginning God created heavens and the earth”, but this doesn’t give any time limit, does it? THERE ONE VERSE CAN EASILY COVER A MILLION YEARS (as far as time is concerned); it could cover this entire period which God gave Lucifer control and dominion over this planet. Do you realize that God just didn’t record it right in the very first verse. He just didn’t state what His plan was in the beginning but in the second, third and fourth verses we find God busy IN THE PROCESS OF BRINGING THIS EARTH, WHICH WAS EXISTING WITHOUT FORM AND VOID, into a liveable place. It was existing in a chaotic condition. You who live in our area know that in Jacob’s chapel above New Albany there is a sign along the HIGHWAY MARKING THE EDGE OF THE GLACIER PERIOD. Listen, brother and sister, that glacier period has nowhere a date within our calendar of time from the Garden of Eden. Nowhere near our Garden of Eden can you place that glacier period—it’s back there in the prehistoric time. God, in accordance with Genesis here, begins TO BROOD over the face of the deep, beginning to separate the mist. I believe HE WAS THAWING OUT THOSE ICE CAPS, for He was preparing to bring the earth back into a state of justification, DO YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT I MEAN? Is there not three works of grace that goes on in the believer’s life? JUSTIFICATION, SANCTIFICATION BAPTISM OF THE HOLY GHOST The final thing is the resurrection and the glorifying of the body. In order for God to prefigure His plan of redemption for the human family, He was foreshadowing it in the redemption of the earth by bringing it back OUT OF THAT CHAOTIC CONDITION, where, for so long, it was frozen under the ice caps. We find that the fourth creative day in Genesis is where time was reckoned for man-time, for man, is in the earth’s relationship to the sun—He didn’t bring the earth back into relationship until the fourth creative day. Those first three creative days could have been hundreds and thousands of years as far as time is concerned. On this old planet, the Spirit of God was brooding over it, bringing it back on the 4th Day relationship to the sun, thawing out that huge ice cap that had built up. See the mist that filled the firmament, settling and freezing until the planet was completely frozen, slipping and sliding only digs out lakes, piles up rock and when the thing begins to thaw it washed out gullies and streams, and river beds began to flow. Scientists tell us that many thousands of years ago the Ohio River did not flow where it is flowing today. That is exactly why our city of New Albany, Indiana is built on a sandbar. Large, heavy industry won’t come into this particular area and settle, for the land is so far from a solid footing—it is a sandbar, a gravel bed all along the Ohio River. In certain strategic finds nothing but sand and gravel, WHERE NEW ALBANY IS LOCATED AT ONE TIME WAS THE RIVER BED. It was hundreds and hundreds of yards away from where the river flows now. 


What was God doing to this planet as He began the process of thawing it out? He was justifying it, bringing it out of that chaotic, judged state, reconciling it back to fulfill another purpose. From this same planet, earth, God had used it as a proving ground, rust, for His angelic beings, second, for His family of children and third, His own Son. When God begins to bring the earth back into His relationship, justifying it, He thaws it out and immediately the rivers begin to flow. God divides the waters, clears the heavens out. See, light is beginning to break through. Things are beginning to look different. Isn’t that true when God justifies a sinner by His grace. He is born in sin, shapen in iniquity, comes into this world speaking lies; he is without form and void; he isn’t an ounce of good to God at all. He first must have a new creation work set up in his life. When God places him under conviction, which means the sunlight of God’s grace begins to shine on his darkened soul, he begins to thaw out of that sinful, cold condition. God began to reconcile the earth back to Himself. To further this age of time in which He would prow man and perfect him as a being created in the image of God, He now has the sunlight shining in. God speaks, let the earth bring forth her vegetation, every tree after its kind. Do you realize, in all probability, the seed was already lying right here in the crust of the earth because it is an absolute.fact you can take the seeds of plant life, freeze them and they can be kept indefinitely. Do you know what they are working on now? If God permits it, and time lasts long enough, they will succeed too. Scientists are working on freezing man quickly, putting him in a rocket and sending him on a journey to another planet. It would take a long period of time to arrive and as he nears his destination automatic mechanism will set in motion to thaw him and by the time his destination is reached he would be thawed out, and take things into control. See what man has in his mind? Do you know who is behind it? THE DEVIL HIMSELF! Men have taken guinea pigs, frozen them quickly, keeping them in a state of preservation for days, then thaw them out and their heart would continue beating. If God doesn’t check this thing it is hard to say what man will do. DO YOU REALIZE THAT? If man can do that by artificial means of freezing, how much more do you think God did to His own plant life after He had judged Lucifer for doing what he did? He froze every palm seed, every bluegrass seed and everything else right there within the crust of the earth. All the Lord had to do was thaw it out, bring it back into a proper relationship with the sun where the sun could shine upon it once again. That little seed had been there for eons of ages. The Lord merely said, “Let the earth bring forth”—everything after its kind—and it just began to bring forth. 


But note this when the Lord said, let it bear forth every animal, every creeping thing of the sea etc., GOD AGAIN MADE AN ANIMAL KINGDOM, BUT THIS TIME HE DID NOT MAKE THESE HUGE CREATURES THAT ONCE HAD LIVED. God realizes He must make another creature to have dominion over the planet and this time IT WOULD NOT BE AN ANGELIC BEING. This coincides with Psalms 8:45 and Hebrew 2:7, “What art man that thou art mindful of him, oh, Lord, yea and that thou shalt visit the son of man, but thou halt made Him A LITTLE LOWER THAN THE ANGELS.” God Himself is the highest form of life there is. Angelic beings fall second in line and man, who is third in line, was a little lower than the angels but God crowned him with glory and honor and dominion and set him over the work of His hands. After God re-created an animal kingdom, though much smaller in size than the previous one, at last He created man who was to be ruler over all of this new creation. Notice, God would not invest it in the hands of the angelic beings anymore. He made Himself another ruler, a little lower than an angelic being-made him in His own image. That is why God said in Genesis, “Let us make man after our own image and after our own likeness”. God was not speaking of three persons in the Godhead. NO! He was speaking in relationship to His tried and tested angelic beings who were assisting Him now in this re-creating process. Yes, when God formed man in the image of God, He made them male and female. God made man in His own Spirit being image. When God saw that the earth did not have anyone to till it, meaning to have dominion over it; to guide it; to be a mastermind over it, He took the very dust of the earth and fashioned a vessel that looked and resembled the rest of the animal kingdom. That is exactly why you have hands, arms, legs, stomach. etc. God placed that spirit being into a body that would have a stomach, etc. God placed that spirit being into a body that would have an earthly contact. He never made man to be an angel. Man will never have wings. The closest thing to wings man will ever have are his two arms. It was never meant for man to fly above the clouds except by plane. Man was made to have dominion here upon this planet. Earth is the battleground. It is always God’s proving ground. Right here is where we are being tested and proven; here is where it is being perfected and here is where she is going to settle when all is said and done. When God made man in His image He also gave him an earthly body (house) to walk and live in. What was his commission? Let me read it—”And God blessed them, and God said unto them be fruitful. Be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth. Replenish (Gen. 1-28) restocking. Let us take the word replenish. Why did He not say to Adam, Adam be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth. Why did He say replenish; why didn’t He just say replenish the earth? Here is the definition of the word replenish-it is two words, “RE” MEANS THE WORD AGAIN, PLENISH MEANS TO BE FULL, COMPLETE. When you take the two words and place them together here is the meaning carried out in the fullness—TO MAKE FULL OR COMPLETE AGAIN AS WITH A I NEW SUPPLY, TO SUPPLY OR RE—STOCK IT AGAIN. AMEN! Analyzing that commission given to Adam, we find the Lord saying this, Adam fill up the earth again. If my glass had previously been full of water and I want more I would say, refill it. Not only am I saying, fill it up, but refill also speaks of the past when it had been full before. Had that glass been new and never been filled before, I could not correctly say, refill it, could I? My commission could only be to fill it up. What the Lord was literally saying to Adam was this, Adam, refill the earth, restock it. make it complete. The word replenish is used only twice in the Old Testament. Both times in Genesis—once in our Garden of Eden where man originated from and described in the book of Genesis as a GARDEN OF TREES, NOT OF STONES AS IN EZEKIEL. The garden of which we read in Ezekiel 28 speaks about Lucifer being the anointed cherub and spoke of that garden of his beginning as a garden of stones. To Adam came the commission to restock it, refill it, make it complete. It was in the garden God gave Adam in the beginning that Adam and Eve was placed on a test. Every species of today’s animal kingdom was in this garden, in size for this world. DID YOU EVER STOP TO THINK WHAT THE ANIMAL KINGDOM TODAY WOULD BE LIKE HAD GOD MADE THE ELEPHANT, LIZARD, TIGER AND OTHER BEASTS OVERSIZE AS HE DID IN SATAN’S KINGDOM? The elephant realizes this two-legged creature he faces is not just another animal but his God. This man was destined to have dominion over him. God ordained it to be but sin entered into man’s beautiful Garden of Eden through Lucifer who was already a fallen, lying, murdering prince, and was awaiting his opportunity to once again gain control of this planet. How long he waited no one knows but now he is being used by God as a spirit of evil and iniquity, to be the object whereby God can prove His family of children. Just think, both the wicked angelic beings and the wicked people will be completely erased from this planet and cast into the lake of fire when God has completely reconciled the thing back unto itself. The angelic beings. His family of children, His planet, His animal kingdom-all this God will get back exactly the way He wants it. When sin entered the Garden, it was disrupted. Instead of the great commission being carried out as it was intended, Satan perverted it, causing the earth to begin being filled with violence, murder, evil, lust and greed. Wasn’t that the picture? No sooner had men begun to multiply on the face of the earth, they began to rise and kill one another, only going to show every-thing that takes place today on the earth in the form of evil is Satan re-enacting the same old story of sowing evil in the hearts and minds of men. When two men go into the ring, even if they do use boxing gloves, they beat each other until their eyes turn black, their teeth are knocked out, blood pours from the nose, perhaps a busted rib or concussion of the brain and they call it a sport. God isn’t in this! There they stand, two creatures made in the image of God, slugging one another and the crowds go wild. It is nothing short of that same old devil that sat on the side of a mountain in ages past watching those huge dinosaurs fight, kick and knock one another until they die. During the dark ages came the gladiators and the knighthood. Men who were champions in their field I would sit across the arena on their trained horses, clothed in heavy armor, then charge at break-neck I speed toward one another. Usually one would be dislodged from his horse and as he lay wounded his opponent would look to the crowd in the arena for the sign of thumbs down meaning, cut his head off and take his armor and horse. Again I say, GOD WAS NOT IN THIS, again this was none other than the same old devil carrying on his battleground tactics once again. DO YOU SEE WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT? These polished, trained matadors stand before a crowd in an arena waving a red cloth, waiting for an angry bull to come charging toward him. They tease the animal, agitating him with a spear, working him up to become madder and madder and then look to see if the crowd is ready for the kill. Deftly he thrusts the knife in the proper place and the animal lies there kicking with the blood spurting out of his body and the crowd yelling. Do you actually realize what has been going on through the ages. A son of God and a part of the animal kingdom that God gave to help him here and he is using it to entertain a bunch of devil possessed people who are hungry for blood. Only a devil sets up such things but that is only a miniature picture of what went on in prehistoric times. Can you say God instigated it when giant political, militarily, beastly minded people get so greedy for power and lust for fame that they will call on their armies to plunge into war, one against the other. Men stand on the battlefield, shooting and killing one another.. Can you say God is relishing the fact that such a thing is going on? No! IT IS SATAN’S KINGDOM. You may ask the question: does not God guide His men and take care of His people in battle? ABSOLUTELY! However, it is Satan who instigates these things. It is Satan’s kingdom. He is the god of this world but God allows Satan to do this to prove His own plan and purpose but remember God will not permit Satan to do any more than what He wills or allows him to do. By so doing this God will come right down and step into battle. God has fought in battles, hasn’t He? Did He not fight with Joshua? It wasn’t the fact He wanted to see how many people He could kill, NO, but the fact is this, knowing that Satan rules and holds certain things in his control, in order for God to further His plan it must be carried out in the same likeness of warfare. Oh, Yes, God had His mighty men of valor. 


Sin went on from the Garden of Eden until the time of the flood when God looked upon the face of this earth and said it repented Him that He ever made man. WHY? Instead of His commission being carried out to beautify and fulfill the earth and make it as it was in the garden, it had become nothing but Satan building a kingdom of evil and vice, crime and greed, just as it is today. God told Noah to build an ark because He was going to destroy man with the earth. Each destruction brings the earth one step closer to God. Did God not destroy the earth? Certainly, He did! Many people get confused after reading 2 Peter 3:10 and say, Brother Jackson, the earth is going to melt with fervent heat or is it just going to be completely dissolved? This is true but remember the same scriptures that state this in 2 Peter 3:10 also says the heavens and earth of old, perished in the water and out of the water, the same is reserved unto this day. The same heaven and earth of old perished in the water, didn’t it? What perished— the evil man had brought upon it. It is the same thing this day, when God takes her through the rule of destruction God will destroy the wickedness and evil that man had brought upon the earth. The earth will go right on turning and fulfilling God’s plan. It is just another state of judgment which God brings the earth through but PRAISE GOD, each time He brings her through judgment, it is brought closer to Himself. He is not taking it farther from Himself. He froze it up, then thawed it out; carried the earth through a baptism of water, each time bringing it closer to Himself and in each step for showing His plan of redemption to the soul of the people that lie placed here to have dominion over all things. For the last time in Genesis 9 the word replenish appears. God had once again judged the earth. Man, coming from the Garden of Eden, had only dwelt in evil continually. Repenting that He had made man, God sent a flood, covering the entire earth for almost one year. Finally, Noah and his little family stepped back on dry land and that animal kingdom came walking out with him. Let me repeat again, THERE WERE NO DINOSAURS IN THAT ARK. You could never have gotten twelve dinosaurs of that prehistoric world in the ark much less all the other animals but every species Noah had in that ark is on the face of this earth today, do you realize that? Our animal kingdom of today was in the ark and what was in the ark was in Adam’s garden. If we trace it back like that we are not going to get all confused. And again God blessed Noah and his sons and said unto them, be fruitful, (the same commission) multiply and replenish the earth. If there had not been a kingdom, of animal life, if there had not been anything prior, then GOD COULD NOT HAVE SAID, NOAH REPLENISH IT. He would have didn’t He? Only twice in the Old Testament was the word replenish used and each time AFTER A DISASTER did God say replenish. Once to Adam and once to Noah. When He gave the commission to Noah it was right after judgment of the flood. Now God has promised by His same word of judgment He will destroy the earth again this time by fire. PROMISE OF A RIGHTEOUS WORLD TO COME Peter said according to His promises we look for new heavens and a new earth WHEREIN DWELLETH RIGHTEOUSNESS. Peter was saying, I don’t understand how He is going to do it but I saw in a vision this great world melting away like a raging inferno and all the wicked were devoured, but I know that somewhere beyond that there is going to be a new heaven and a new earth. According to the word of God it must come. WHY? Because thousands of years before Peter, Isaiah said, Behold the new heavens and the new earth that I will create shall remain before me, Amen. Does this mean He is going off somewhere in space and do it? No sir, right here He will do it. 


Regeneration-another two-fold word. Matthew 19 where I used the word, re-generation notice in Gene-sis twice the word replenish was used. Matthew recorded when the disciples asked Christ what would be their reward, seeing that they have forsaken all to follow Him. Jesus said, “In the re-generation”. Let us examine this word also. It is the same thing only in a larger scope. RE—GENERATE MEANS TO RENEW, RECREATE. RE MEANS AGAIN AND GENERATION MEANS THE ACT OR PROCESS OF PRODUCING OFF-SPRINGS. Now it is easy to under-stand why in the millennium there must be little children born to fulfill Isaiah 11 and Rev. 20 where it records at the end of the millennium Satan is loosed for a season and goes forth to deceive the nations. When Christ comes to begin the millennium with His Bride saints—To be the Bride of Christ is the highest calling of God there is in Christ — Here he will come to rule over nations of people and subjects yes there will be a remnant out of all nations that have escaped the plagues of God’s wrath. God preserving them for the purpose of fulfilling the millennium. God alone is able to do it. This is exactly why Jesus said in Matthew 24, “Except those days be shortened, there would be no flesh saved”. Christ must have been looking down through the scope of time, watching these worried scientists warning political leaders not to press a button for it could set off a chain reaction and we would all be annihilated. That same God looked down through the scope of time and saw the approaching hour of a terrible catastrophe, but PRAISE GOD He looked on beyond that and it h saw another hour where lie was going to re-generate it. Therefore, He could say “Except those days be shortened there would be no flesh saved, but for the elect’s sake”. It is for the sake of the elect of that hour and no one else. God had by foreknowledge elected and chosen out a remnant of people from all nations long before this ever happened. These will meet at Jesus’ feet. The Messiah King will judge them. He will allow them to enter into that age of the millennium, that d glorious reign of Christ, when all nations will come to Zion and to Jerusalem to worship the Lord of Hosts in that day. No wonder the prophet Isaiah could see as he looked down through the telescope of time that age of the regeneration. God allows His prophets to see h ahead of the present time and know things to transpire in ages to come, then inspires them to write what they saw for His awaiting elect of all ages to read. Though they never witnessed this in the natural, they see through the Spirit just what will be transpiring. In closing, Isaiah, in the 11th chapter could say, God will judge in righteousness and in equity, and righteousness shall be the girdle of His loins, yes, a king will rule in righteousness and he will not judge after the sight of his eyes either, or the hearing of his ears, but after the intents of his own heart, will he judge the nations. IF YOU CRITICIZE THIS MESSAGE, CRITICIZE FROM THE STANDPOINT OF THE SCRIPTURE. 

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