The Age of Regeneration (1969)

Rev. Raymond M. Jackson

Translators today have used many expressions in attempt to describe the Greek word for regeneration used by the King James translators in Matt. 19 : 28—”…In the regeneration.” These expression range from age of the new creation, age of the new order of life to when the world is born anew. Webster describes the word regeneration under two words “re-” being a prefix showing you are re-doing something over that has already been done once, such as re-trace a picture re-baptize a convert as Paul did (Act 19:5) re-built etc. Generation deals with production of offsprings. A generation today is about 33 years but in that hour one generation could live 1000 years—What happens in that hour of regeneration is what this alluring and exciting message is about. What happens in this age causing animals to dwell peacefully together, and men to study war no more is what this message is all about. What pad does the people in this age play in that age of the regeneration? 


Throughout that 1000 year age or the age of the regeneration God is not only in the process of renewing the earth back into its Adamic state, but will at that same time (1). be renewing the animal kingdom, (2). renewing a new social order, (3). establishing a divine kingdom ruled by a divine God – through His divine laws of knowledge which shall be taught to His subject people. This law will teach them the ways of God.


 We are the people today who have almost passed through 2000 years of Gospel preaching. The major purpose in Christ coming to the Gentiles, according to Acts 15:14, was to take out, by the preaching of the apostolic doctrine, a people to make up His true church. That true church can only be made up through born-again believers of each church age. This also includes our generation right down to the end of the final church age — concluding the dispensation of Grace. The Millenium reign will further show the work God has purposed for this special class of believers. TWO FACTS MUST BE ACCEPTED CONCERNING OUR AGE.

 (1) — We must accept the fact our age has almost played out and soon the tribulation period will run its course winding up the ages and (2)—We must accept the fact Christ Jesus is soon to return for the product produced by this gospel being preached- throughout the ages- (his church, body, or bride) which was, called out from every generation of each church age. In this Message today, we desire to formulate many things in your mind concerning this New age which we are rapidly approaching. Our purpose is that you may form an overall picture of the age called by man’s theological term THE MILLENIUM – Although this word millenium never once appears in scripture, it means a thousand years of time, and is the very next age on God’s calendar.


Just as there was an age before the flood, there was an age also between the flood and the cross called — The Law Age, then our age began with the preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ — remember NONE OF THESE AGES CAN ENDURE FOREVER — once each age had served its purpose it would always fade out to give room for the new age on its way, and we must bravely lace the fact our Grace age l has almost come to an end also. Everything is rapidly moving toward the wind up. Nations dread the thought of Armageddon – but Armageddon must come. It’s on the program—all things are now ready—all things are set in motion for a quick wind up of this age. 

Our age is destined to close out with the most horrible period known to man — that period of the tribulation will have such an impact on the world order that unless God did not shorten the days there would be no flesh saved alive (Matt. 24:22) and there must be flesh saved alive for the new 1000 year age, WITHOUT A CERTAIN AMOUNT OF FLESH SAVED A-LIVE HE COULD NOT BEGIN HIS NEW AGE — AND PERFORM ITS PURPOSE. Remember His method of starting each age has always been to remove some from the fading age and place them in His new Age. From the flood He took 8; from the Law Age He salvaged about 120 to begin the new grace age at Pentecost — So there will be a certain number of humans saved from the terrible tribulation period, which The Eternal God is forced to shorten IN ORDER SOME FLESH BE SAVED ALIVE FOR HIS NEW AGE AND NEW PURPOSE — as we head into that eternal age – soon as the 1000 years are expired, called the 1000 year reign. 


 Immediately beyond that dread-ed tribulation period which comes upon the nations (Gentiles) to try them, shall appear the sign of the corning of the Son of Man in power and great Glory — to begin His new reign on earth with His wife He married at the wedding supper of the Lamb. Jesus called this great day – (1000 years) THE DAY OF THE REGENERATION. Peter had been concerned about what they (12 disciples) would receive out of all this, seeing they had forsaken all to follow him. Christ assured them a wonderful thing- Once he had come into the age of the regeneration when He would sit on the throne of his glory, they would each sit on 12 thrones also, judging the 12 tribes of Israel— Isn’t it strange that Christ never once hinted how long the age of regeneration would last? That question dealing with the length of the age is never mentioned until we come to the Apostle John on the Island of Patmos, Rev. 20:45 when he said THE AGE WOULD BE 1000 YEARS LONG — According to these verses Christ had brought the bride with Him from Glory to begin the New reign — At this point He raises beheaded souls that HAD NOT TAKEN THE MARK OF THE BEAST NOR HIS IMAGE-(image only appears during the tribulation period)-and ALLOWS THEM ALSO TO REIGN WITH HIM FOR 1000 YEARS but the rest of the dead lived not again until the 1000 years were finished. John does not only tell us the age will last 1000 years, but he tells us ANOTHER PHRASE OF THE FIRST RESURRECTION (The resurrection with power) TAKES PLACE AND TRIBULATION SAINTS WILL ARISE to be in this new reign-those who were beheaded for their testimony—The Image of the Beast which placed I that official boycott on the world, when no one could buy or sell save those with the mark. John saw the souls of all these people beheaded rise in a special resurrection that INCLUDED TRIBULATION SAINTS ONLY — the Bride stood with Christ as He resurrected these tribulation saints. 

The age of the 1000 years is now ready to begin. Though these poor beheaded tribulation saints WERE NOT IN THE BRIDE OF CHRIST THEY SHALL RECEIVE SOME LOWER POSITION IN CHRIST’S REIGNING AUTHORITY. Notice the Queen (Bride church) is already her throne in Rev. 20:3 so it was John, not Christ, the eternal spirit chose to show this part of the revelation of Himself though, God, through time has always allowed men small glimpses of His divine purpose within that glorious thousand year reign. It is through such means of divine revelation God purposes to reveal Himself and His purpose in dark hours of such great apostasy. No matter how great this ipostasy would become, He always used THIS METHOD OF REVELATION of His will to the hungry—leaned seekers of His divine purpose, TO ENCOURAGE, UP-LIFT, and STIMULATE HIS TRUE BELIEVERS. With fresh revelation He could always stimulate enthusiasm causing the true believer to go on in dark hours. Yes, Christ could have easily told the entire story of the age, but he did not choose to do so. Instead, the Holy Spirit, through the acts of the apostles, said Christ was here to call out a Gentile people or His name (in marriage). Only through marriage can a woman be called by a new name. Fully aware its own people would refuse him, (John 1: 11-12) the gospel was sent to the Gentiles to gather a people or His name to assist CHRIST in ruling during the 1000 years reign. The people born of the true gospel of Christ will be HIS WIFE in that 1000 year reign and having thrones to rule over the Gentiles, restoring to this earth God’s divine laws of Himself.

 In that age we shall be only one ge short of the great eternal age where God will have placed everything back in the universe as it was before Satan tempted Eve in the garden and the transgression came — Notice how many ages by this time God will have used to restore all things back as they were before the transgression in the perfect Garden of Eden. Remember this 1000 year reign of Christ on earth with all His ruling saints over the age WILL NOT BE THE PERFECT AGE. There will be a continuance of death and punishment for sin and disobedience during that 1000 year age for certain cases- (more will be said later to clarify this point)- What I want to say now is, the 1000 years reign IS NOT THE PERFECT AGE; THE AGE TO FOLLOW IT WILL BE THE PERFECT AGE, when God will dissolve the memory of the past from our minds and make all things new. (Isa. 65:17)


 Are you aware new subjects must need to be chosen — for the king to reign over? How will these subjects be chosen? Observing the scriptures in Matt. 25:31-46 we see a people standing ready for judgment after the tribulation period has passed and did you notice not one book was open from which to judge these people from? THESE PEOPLE DID NOT GO WITH THE BRIDE when it passed them by — They were not killed during the tribulation nor did they receive the Mark of the beast — for if they had, Christ would have destroyed them Himself with the brightness of His coming — (Thess. 1: 7-10)(Also 2:9) How they managed to survive is really a mystery-no one knows-the scripture is silent. But we notice from the words of Christ (Matt. 25:3146 passing sentence on both the sheep and the goat nations they were judged on the basis of how they had treated their FELLOW MEN who had greatly suffered during that dark hour of the tribulation. Some they had befriended were naked, hungry, and in prison – (Matt. 25:35-36) on the basis of only a few statements Christ passes judgment on who was worthy to enter the kingdom age with Him from these mortal people. To some He said Enter into the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world—to the other groups He said just the opposite, depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels Matt. 25:41. 


Christ could have related the entire story, of all that would be accomplished through the thousand year age, but He didn’t, He simply covers it all with that one word, IN THE REGENERATION when the son of man shall sit on the throne of his glory. WHERE IS THAT THRONE OF HIS GLORY? It is none other than the throne of David. When God raised up David and established him as King of Israel, the Eternal One saw in David a man whom He could trust, a man who had an insight into the way that God wanted that nation to be ruled, Therefore, God said; David is a man after mine own heart, after mine own liking, after mine own affection and David was promised a throne and kingdom that would stand forever. In David’s old age God promised him He would raise up a son (a Seed) of his loins—a son who would be established on that throne. To this son would be granted his kingdom forever. This, in type, was fulfilled by Solomon (son of David) who ruled in righteousness for a period of time, when perfect peace was found in the nation and with all nations round-about. Solomon projected the true kind of rule in Peace (in type) that would be in reality throughout the 1000 year reign. The wisdom that was invested in Solomon (IN PART) will be portrayed IN FULL in the son of David as he rules and reigns in righteousness and wisdom. Scripture in conjunction with this-Matt. 25:31. Again Jesus is recorded as saying, “when the son of man shall come in His glory and all the holy angels with Him then shall HE SIT UPON THE THRONE OF HIS GLORY. Notice here the same as in Matt. 19—Christ again refers to THE THRONE OF HIS GLORY. So we entitled this message THE KING ON THE THRONE OF HIS GLORY AND FOR WHAT PURPOSE DOES HE REIGN? Christ (son of David) is saying here, then shall He sit upon the throne of His glory and before Him shall be gathered all nations whom He shall separate one from the other as a shepherd divideth his sheep from the goats. Placing his sheep on the right hand and the goats on the left hand. But did you notice at this judgement NO WHERE is it mentioned there would be any books opened to judge the people as there will be when He judges in Rev. 20:11-15. THERE ARE NO BOOKS OPENED. Why do I make that statement? Because there is only one throne which Christ even called THE THRONE OF HIS GLORY, and THAT’S THE ANCIENT SEAT OF DAVID. 


Ask yourself two questions. What and WHERE is His position now? Christ is now positioned in the Father’s throne. (Rev. 3:21) Again you must understand what is meant by the FATHER’S THRONE. The scriptures teach that Christ has been exalted. He has been crowned with the glory of the Great Eternal Spirit THAT HE SHOULD RULE IN THE HEAVEN5. (Eph. 1:20-22) Some people conjure up the idea of the Glorified man (Christ) seated in a chair placed on the right-hand side of another person who also sits in a large chair. This is not the picture! In the Laodicean Church Age of Revelation (the last church age) Christ is found speaking to the Apostle John and TO OUR AGE (especially) saying, “to him that overcometh will I grant to sit with me in MY THRONE.” (Rev. 3:21) (Remember, TODAY HE IS NOT ON HIS THRONE OF GLORY, that ancient throne seat of David) “..even as I HAVE OVERCOME and sit down with my father in his throne.” From this verse the trinitarian mind automatically picture 2 persons sitting in the heavens with Christ SITTING ON the right hand of someone in a huge throne. Remember when Jesus said, to him that overcometh will I grant to sit WITH ME IN MY THRONE— His throne will be on earth. We are aware that when He comes to earth to that throne He will bring with Him a wife, won’t He? A church that will be made up of a PLURALITY OF PEOPLE but YET IN HIS STATEMENT TO THOSE OVERCOMERS HE HAS PROMISED THAT THEY COULD SIT WITH HIM IN HIS THRONE. Are we literally to believe that all this great plurality of people making up His bride (all overcomers) will be able to literally SIT DOWN with Him IN ONE CHAIR? Certainly not. Again this is a figure of speech to designate the transmitting of authority that He, by having married Himself a wife, will delegate this authority, already invested in Him to be the King of the Earth, HE WILL DELEGATE OR SHARE IT WITH HIS WIFE, certainly his wife will not necessarily sit in the SAME NATURAL EARTHLY CHAIR which He sits, although it is stated that way. Imagine the hustle and the bustle of His Bride rushing to Him saying, NOW YOU PROMISED, LET ME SIT DOWN WITH YOU. We must understand this is only a symbolic language that designates the TRANSMITTING OF AUTHORITY. Before Jesus left this earth he told his disciples, all power and authority is given unto Me (Or Invested in me) Matt. 28:18. When Paul stated, Christ was taken up and seated on the right hand of the father, (the father who fills all space), what did he literally mean? The meaning is the Great Eternal Spirit who fills and rules this universe carried Christ up and delegated Him, (the God-man) to now be in the position of the Father, in so much that all authority in heaven and earth is INVESTED IN HIM—turned over or delegated unto him. 

Now watch another statement made by Stephen who being stoned to death, witnessed he saw HEAVEN OPEN and cried out, “I see Jesus STANDING on the right hand of the Father” (Acts 7:56) Again I ask you a simple question, WHAT IS CHRIST DOING? STANDING OR SITTING? According to Stephen He is standing; according to Paul He is sitting. What is He really doing? If He is standing He can’t be sitting, and if He’s sitting He can’t be standing, can He? But again the answer is a most simple one. It is ABSOLUTELY SYMBOLIC only in the sense man’s language is symbolic. What was seen and portrayed here was to symbolize the authority exercised in His different MEDIATORIAL CAPACITY, (1). remember Christ is a mediator (1 Tim. 2:5) high priest of our profession, (Heb. 4:14)(lleb. 7:25) and everyone knows the duties of a high priest, going into the Holy of Holies, into the presence of the Most High. It certainly isn’t going in and sitting down. The high priest, continually walks carrying the blood of the Covenant, interceding before the Mercy Seat, right? So as our mediator, Christ is standing at the right hand of glory, or power,— standing on the right hand of the father, that great Eternal Spirit, who delegates all unto Him to intercede in behalf of His atonement work which was accomplished at Calvary. (Heb. 8:1-6) Yes, in this capacity HE IS STANDING, INTERCEDING for the human race. (2). Although he is portrayed as Paul saw him BY SITTING on the right hand of the father, again what does this portray? HERE HE IS TO JUDGE. 


 Remember how Christ was clothed when John heard that greal voice behind him sounding as the rushing of many waters? (Rev. 1:12-18) John turned and saw Jesus standing in the midst of the seven golden candlesticks WITH FEET LIKE BRASS. It means HE STOOD IN OUR PLACE taking upon Himself the sins of the world, (our sins). He stood in our place; He was judged for us, and our sins were judged in Christ at Calvary. John saw him robed in a white garment wearing a golden girdle about the paps. That golden girdle was the Insignia of THE HIGH PRIEST. John’s eyes glanced upon his hair and to his astonishment his dear friend of whom he leaned on his breast at the last supper had HAIR WHITE AS WOOL. What does this signify? While on earth Christ didn’t have white hair, what could it mean? It means he has been WIGGED WITH THE AUTHORITY of the Great Eternal SPint WHO IS JUDGE OVER THE UNIVERSE. The very fact He is portrayed unto John on the Isle of Patmos wearing that White hair; He had RECEIVED THE JUDGESHIP OF THE GREAT ETERNAL SPIRIT. That is why He could commission His disciples to go into all the world and preach the gospel, assuring them whatsoever they would bind on earth would be bound in heaven. 


Notice Christ is our power of attorney (meaning our mediator) He pleads our case, and he also carries the power and authority of an attorney to lose the case. Here it is most important that we understand what the position of the throne of heaven is. The scripture says in (Act 7:49, isa. 66:1) “HEAVEN IS MY THRONE AND THE EARTH IS MY FOOTSTOOL Remember when we speak of the throne of HIS GLORY, (it is not the Father’s throne.) We shall always be speaking of one throne only, THE ANCIENT SEAT OF DAVID. Out of Zion, testified the prophet, shall go forth the law, and the word of the LORD FROM JERUSALEM IN THAT DAY. As we portray this KING ON THE THRONE OF HIS GLORY, we must realize we are staring directly into the new age called the thousand year reign, we must admit our age (world) is rapidly approaching that hour. Shortly before the world is to enter into that glorious age, she must pass through the darkest hour of world history. In this message we cannot stop to explain that dark hour, ruled by the antichrist. Today we need only to establish two things. (1). For what purpose is the thousand year period. (2). Who will be there. 


 What is this new period to accomplish? Many are the scriptures of the Old Testament showing God, through the mouth of his prophets giving to Israel an insight of that day when Israel shall be lifted up as a nation. From that nation of Israel the Great Messianic King would nile. Under His reign the earth would experience much blessing. The Israelite nation receives these prophecies from each prophet with much enthusiasm. This good news caused their hearts to beat and yearn for that marvelous hour when their Messiah (and King) would come. But pitiful to say, when their Messiah did arrive, they failed to recognize THEIR HOUR Christ had came to be their Savior and Messiah. In failing to recognize Him during His rust advent, God cut Israel off FOR A PERIOD OF TIME and gave to the gentiles THE CHURCH AGE. and all the benefits of His first coming. Our hearts should be doubly thankful to this Eternal God for giving us the privilege of enjoying what the Israelite nation rejected. When we ourselves were cut off from his grace-alienated from Him, lost without hope. Over these 1900 years that this glorious gospel of grace was preached, nations (Gentiles) have played with it, trampling it under their feet, until now there is beating upon the doors of time the very fact that this Jewish nation is already back in their homeland, ready to receive their Messiah (Luke 21:24) You and I have lived to see the day that God, through His great hand of mercy, has swept down across this earth getting the Jew (Israel) ready for the new age, that all which was spoken by the prophets might be fulfilled concerning this new 1000 year reign, regathering His Jewish people, placing them back in their own homeland. Many Theologians probably thought this hour would never arrive, but the fact remains IT HAS BEEN ACCOMPLISHED. Many think this regathering of Israel was the hand of some world political maneuver. NOT SO! It was none other than the hand of the Almighty God, fulfilling His prophetic word. 

Today the nations are greatly troubled and disturbed over happenings in the Middle East. Are you aware the Middle East has placed this entire Gentile world more on edge than anything going on today? Each week and each month the tension grows more tense. Recently we read an article concerning Russia’s Gromyko who was interviewed by an announcer. Gromyko said he was on his way back to Russia with a report that THE SITUATION IN THE MIDDLE EAST WAS GETTING MORE STICKY ALL THE TIME, AND IT DEEPLY INVOLVED RUSSIA, Keep your eyes on Russia as the Great Bear of the north plays her part right into this endtime crisis.


Back to the throne of glory, here is an interesting question. WHO IS GOING TO BE THERE? Just who will be in this age? Who will Christ receive as subjects for that hour? Do we realize the preaching of the gospel through these 1900 years of grace was God’s way of calling out of the Gentiles, A PEOPLE FOR HIS NAME (Acts 15:14) to be wedded unto Him at the close of the age? This is the opportunity Christ offered the Jewish race, but they rejected His proposal. Not to be defeated in his purpose, He said then I WILL TAKE IT TO THE GENTILES. Watch closely the same rewards for obedience in accepting His proposal promised unto Peter in Matt. 19:28 (The son of man sits on the throne of His glory and the apostles shall sit on 12 thrones judging the 12 tribes of Israel) is offered now to the Gentiles. (Rev. 2:26-27 also 3:21) That same promise which Christ gave to the apostles long before that age of the regeneration ever began was recorded also as a reward offered unto the Gentile christian disciples—though the Gentile christians would never sit over the 12 tribes of Israel, that position was already promised to the apostles. But to the Gentile christian called out of this grace age they too were promised they would have their individual thrones as the apostles who shall judge the Jewish people. The Bride will also judge her respective peoples FROM WHENCE SHE HAD BEEN CALLED FROM. 

To allow the scriptures to speak and show forth this truth, turn to Rev. 3:21. Soon Christ shall take to Himself His long-awaited Bride. At the sound of the last trumpet of God the dead in Christ shall rise first and we which remain alive shall be caught up on the clouds and meet God etc. (1 Thess. 4:15-16) In Thessalonians Paul spoke of how the Lord Himself would descend from Heaven with a shout and gather the living and the dead of the seven Church ages. This resurrection shall bring up Paul’s group, Irenias’ group, all saints from the Dark Ages who were worthy, Luther’s group shall be brought up. Yes all the true believers of each age shall come forth together with those who are alive at His coming. These all meet Christ in the air. But WHERE DO THEY GO FROM THERE? To the wedding supper of course, to be wedded to the groom. Once Christ takes His wife. He will then remove THE ROBE (the garment) which portrayed him as a bridegroom and don the garb of a king portrayed in Rev. 19:11-16. 


Remember EACH GARB ALWAYS SYMBOLIZES THE PARTICULAR OFFICE WORK WHICH HE SHALL BE CARRYING OUT. (1). While on earth Christ was a prophet. He looked, acted and dressed as a prophet. (2). Once Christ was in heaven He no longer portrayed the role of prophet. Now He is portrayed in the role of high priest, clothed exactly as John recorded Him appearing on the Isle of Patmos. (3). When He comes for his bride He will not resemble a high priest, no sir. His mediatorial work then will be finished, His coming is for His lovely bride (wife to be). He shall then be dressed as A GROOM —very handsome, very lovable. Amen. Not one scripture reveals what He shall resemble then. Isn’t that wonderful. It is not for the world TO KNOW, only to that people prepared by His Spirit, for that hour who rises to meet Him and become His bride. Only to them shall He appear as bridegroom—they who have made love all down through the ages at last are together. 


While still at the Wedding Supper, where they were married, Christ makes another change. The wife now has become His queen holding the same authority that had been delegated to Him as the King of the World. Let’s dramatize it in this manner “Honey”, says Christ, “This same authority invested in me, I SHARE WITH YOU.” If one thinks I make this sound too foolish you have only to turn in Revelation under the Thyatira Church age and see what He says, Rev. 2:26-27 “..and Him that overcometh and keepeth my works unto the end, to Him will I GIVE POWER OVER THE NATIONS and HE SHALL RULE THEM WITH A ROD OF IRON, as the vessels of a potter, shall they BE BROKEN to shivers even as I (the Christ) received from my father” Isn’t that marvelous? THE BRIDE HAS POWER OVER THE NATIONS. “He that hath an ear let him hear what the spirit saith unto the Churches” As you connect that scripture with the last promise given by the same Christ to the true believers in the Laodicean age, you find the promise TO THE OVERCOMER REPEATED(Rev. 3:21). If the Bride is going to receive power over the nation, THAT POWER MUST COME FROM HER HUSBAND (Christ). It is He who is going to be King of Kings and Lord of Lords (Rev. 19:16). Receiving that Great Eternal Power soon to be invested in Him as the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, HE WILL SHARE THIS POWER AND AUTHORITY WITH HIS WIFE. This power and authority which Christ shall share with her gives her a position in his throne—not a position in his literal chair in Jerusalem—this chair only symbolizes His position of authority on earth.


 Do you know the meaning of a throne? A natural throne simply is a chair decked with diamonds and all kinds of beautiful upholstery, but the chair itself is not what gives any king his authority. That same man who sits in his beautiful throne chair could also be sitting astride a horse and have just as much authority. So it isn’t the chair itself giving man his authority any more than the horse does. WHERE DOES HIS AUTHORITY ARISE FROM? His authority comes FROM THE KINGDOM WHICH HE REPRESENTS, Since Christ represents all power and authority OF HEAVEN AND EARTH given unto Him, His chair is merely a position that symbolized what He is. Any King could be astride his horse and carries just as much authority as if he sits in a throne chair. When the promise was given the overcomer “A PLACE IN HIS THRONE”, in reality Christ was saying unto that overcomer “Will I grant him to sit with me IN MY REALM OF MY AUTHORITY, or rule with me in my realm of power. To him that overcometh will I give power over the nations. Once this is clear in your mind, you begin to formulate the true picture of what this true Bride church of the living God has been called unto, SHARING HIS AUTHORITY OVER THE EARTH. Certainly this high calling of Christ is not some slip-shod melancholy little fly-by-night affair. It is the most important calling in life, to have received that call to be a part of a true church of the living God; TO BECOME HIS BRIDE AND RULE OVER THE NATIONS. 


 Who will be in this new thousand year age called the regeneration? (Matt. 19:28) Christ will already have received his wife to he and immediately after the wedding he draped HIMSELF WITH THE KINGLY GARMENT (the GLORY OF GOD.) According to scriptures his clothing shall be different, now he is CLOTHED IN A VESTURE DIPPED IN BLOOD. (Rev. 19:13) Note it is the wrath of God delegated unto him to execute judgement on earth. Since He shall be clothed in this vesture dipped in blood, in some likeness His wife shall also be portrayed in a similar manner. Meanwhile upon earth for a short time, the nations have been under the reign of the antichrist, and his diabolical power. Israel endured the darkest hour of all of her history struggling through the great tribulation, especially after the anti-Christ ordered the Jews to be liquidated. Under that reign of the anti-Christ an order was sent forth, a decree ordering the whole world to bow unto his dictation, this was accomplished through a boycott. (Rev. 13:15-18) Everyone was forced to accept and wear his mark of identification. This identifies all to his diabolical kingdom. But to say that every person on earth WILL BOW TO IT, NO! It cannot be said. There will be many people on this earth, for some reason, who will not bow to it. Strange but neither were they KILLED because they didn’t bow. This is why I make this statement.

 Remember, scripture teaches the Image (World church) makes an order enforcing everyone to be recognized by the number of the beast or his image – in order to buy or sell. HAD EVERYONE RECEIVED THIS DEADLY MARK WE KNOW FULLY WELL WHAT WOULD HAVE HAPPENED AT THE COMING OF CHRIST. Christ would have destroyed all the people with the brightness of his coming. This truly happened to all who received the mark whether it was willingly received or not. They were destroyed, annihilated at the coming of Christ. Had everyone been destroyed by the brightness of His coming then there would have been many scriptures that pertained to the following age that could never have been fulfilled – and always remember this, God will protect every word He has spoken. It will all fit within its proper place. THEREFORE A REMNANT OF PEOPLE OF ALL NATIONS HAD TO BE MIRACULOUSLY SPARED DURING THE TRIBULATION PERIOD, TO BE THE NECESSARY CARRY OVER NEEDED TO BEGIN THE NEW AGE. Remember at the ending of each age, God has salvaged what He needs to begin His new age, when the Law Age closed He salvaged from that age about 120 to begin the Grace Age, so shall a remnant of all the nations be spared FOR THE NEW 1000 YEAR REIGN OUT OF THE TRIBULATION PERIOD.


 Matt. 25: states when the Son of Man comes to sit on the throne of His glory – what does He do? Immediately He gathers before Him PEOPLE OF ALL NATIONS. (Matt 25:31-32) This alone proves every-one wasn’t destroyed, wouldn’t He be a peculiar king, have a queen who He had promised power over the nations to rule with a rod of Iron, and He had gotten excited and slew everyone with his brightness when He came to earth. There would not be a human being left alive for them to rule over. What a sight that would be to behold, Christ and His queen here on earth for a 1000 years reign and nothing here to reign over—All that would be seen would be slain corpses everywhere. How foolish can we be? That not only would destroy THE PURPOSE in the Millenium reign— but it would cancel out completely that Great Eternal Age which was to follow where God makes all things new. (Isa. 65:) So you see there must be a people left alive out of the closing of that dark bloody tribulation period to have material or subjects to work with to perform what the 1000 years reign is to produce leading out to the Eternal Age. 

How Christ chooses his subjects for that reign. Matt. 25: explains it perfectly. Some have mistaken thick gathering of SHEEP NATIONS TO BE THE BRIDE OF CHRIST. How ridiculous! 


 The bride came with Him (Rev. 19:) from glory. She is His queen with power and authority invested in her to rule over THE NATIONS—To rule over these very people who are MORTAL subjects- called sheep nations standing before Him. (Matt. 25:3140) Surely you didn’t think the King and His queen were going to rule over live stock, did you? Live stock was not what transgressed God’s laws in the Garden. These sheep nations may not be christian as you and I think of a christian, we can certainly see they are a people who believe in helping others who are distressed, naked, and in prison—(Matt. 25:34-40) apparently they are not a selfish people thinking only of themselves. AT THIS JUDGMENT WE DO NOT FIND CHRIST OPENING BOOKS AND LOOKING FOR THE GOOD AND BAD DEEDS TO JUDGE THESE PEOPLE BY. Their entire judgment whether they lived and entered into the 1000 year reign with him or would be destroyed, cast in everlast-ing punishment – ALL HINGED on whether or not they could pass a simple oral test, what had been their behaviour during the dark tribulation period determined whether or not they enter into the glorious reign with Christ, His Bride, the Old Testament Saints and resurrected tribulation saints (Rev. 20:4) As this judgment begins, NO BOOKS ARE OPENED, the king simply says — unto those He placed on his right hand, enter into the joys of the kingdom PREPARED FOR YOU before the foundation of the world. (Matt. 25:34) DID YOU HEAR WHAT HE SAID? Christ said this new kingdom age HAD BEEN prepared for these. No doubt today on the face of this earth that very people are alive who stood before Him which shall pass through the great tribulation period into the glorious reign of Christ as subjects of his reign. They are not wicked or mean people, but a people who through the tribulation period did not receive the mark of the beast, nor did they hesitate to show friendship toward certain believers of that critical hour. Christ said unto these (and to no one else), I was in PRISON and you visited me, I was sick and you helped me, I was naked and you clothed me. The multitude in astonishment could never recall ever defending Christ in such a Predicament, though they had truly befriended many who were in this Predicament. They said, “Lord when did we ever do this to you?” We don’t even recall seeing you before. We don’t understand! The King answered and said, “In so much as you did it unto the least of these MY brothers, (Jew and foolish virgins, beheaded during the tribulation, resurrected at His return and are now standing with Him ready for the 1000 yr. reign—Rev. 20:4) you have done it unto me. Now inter into the kingdom that was prepared for you before the world began.” There you are! THERE STANDS HIS MORTAL SUBJECTS FOR HIS NEW REIGN (age of the regeneration) EACH ONE WAS CHOSEN ON THIS BASIS. The other group referred to as goat nations. (Matt. 25:41-46) These were judged also upon the same basis – ONLY THEY FAILED THE TEST. These had not befriended the brethren who were in need. Notice He does not even wait until the 1000 years are completed to pronounce judgment on this group. (Matt. 25:41) No, He does not wait until the Great White throne judgment to pronounce sentence on these souls who come through the tribulation period and stood on His left hand. (Matt. 25:41) DEPART FROM ME YE CURSED INTO EVERLASTING FIRE prepared for the devil and his angels – away with you AND THEY DROPPED DEAD AT HIS WORD. But to the other group, that little element of all nations, who passed the test of brotherly love, was told to enter the kingdom which was prepared for them before the foundation of the world. See, known unto God are all of his works before the foundation of the earth. Back when he counseled with Himself(Eph. 1:11). He thought out this entire plan from beginning unto the end of His program on into the eternal age (age following the 1000 year), before He allowed the first thing to be set in motion to begin it all. THAT’S WHY THE KING COULD SPEAK IN SUCH MANNER, ENTER INTO THE KINGDOM PREPARED FOR YOU — THIS AGE WAS PREPARED FOR YOU — THIS AGE WAS PREPARED FOR THEM BEFORE THE FOUNDATION OF THE WORLD.

 REMEMBER THESE SHEEP NATIONS ARE NOT IN GLORIFIED BODIES, THEY WERE IN NO PHASE OF THE FIRST RESURRECTION. These individuals are mortal creatures which death has not claimed AND IF THEY BEHAVE THEMSELVES THEY SHALL LIVE OUT THE ENTIRE 1000 YEARS WITH CHRIST, His bride, the old testament saints and the tribulation saints who were resurrected when Christ and his bride returned to earth. All these have glorified bodies – which their phase of the first resurrection supplied, *John said immediately AFTER the tribulation saints had been resurrected, Blessed and holy is he WHO HATH PART IN THE FIRST RESURRECTION for on the second there is no power, (Rev. 20:5-6) remember never was this statement made UNTIL AFTER CHRIST HAD RETURNED with all his saints (Zac. 14:5) not even until after the resurrection of the tribulation saints did John make this all important statement. Blessed and holy is he taking part in the FIRST RESURRECTION but the rest of the dead (in the ground) lived not again until the 1000 years were over.

 ONLY MORTAL SUBJECTS HAVE HUMAN BODIES ONLY THOSE MORTAL SUBJECTS WHO PASSED THROUGH THE TRIBULATION WILL STILL HAVE THEIR MORTAL BODIES, subject unto the mortal needs and desires. IT WILL BE UP TO THEM TO REPOPULATE THE EARTH. By the time the 1000 years are expired, Satan shall be loosed from his prison to go forth upon the earth to tempt and try those who were born through that 1000 year reign. (Rev. 20:7-9) Believe it or not there will be a new world full of new people (Rev. 20:8) A NUMBER REFERRED TO AS THE SAND OF THE SEA WHO HAVE NEVER BEEN TESTED OR TRIED UNDER THE EVIL INFLUENCE OF SATAN as had all the other ages before that age. God could not allow this glorious age of 1000 years of blissfulness to pass without allowing Satan, the tempter, an opportunity to test and try it. Remember in that hour only the mortal subjects can be tested a number so large—(THE NUMBER AS THE SAND OF THE SEA.) All the others who were resurrected and translated became overcomers in their hour. (Bride, Old Testament Saints, and Tribulation Saints are IMMORTAL) 

As previously stated these people (Matt. 25:34) passing through this tribulation period into the thousand year reign with Christ and His bride WILL NOT NECESSARILY HAVE to be what we, in the Grace age called a christian, but they will need to pass the test in Matt. 25:35-36). 

Don’t let this statement confuse you — we realize these sheep nations – were in no condition to make the bride of Christ when He came for the saints, (1 Thess. 4:16-17) they are not even classified foolish virgins in Matt. 25:1-13, we do not even have the slightest thread of evidence they were even christians whatsoever, as we judge Christianity, but they were a people who believed in the good neighbor policy—they had certainly good morals for such a dark hour as the tribulation, even somehow they miraculously escaped the mark of the beast, all we can say since we know the new kingdom was prepared for them GOD DIVINELY INTERVENED FOR THEM. 


Remember God has already had several ages in which he prepared a certain thing—NO AGE WAS EVER A FAILURE, though most everyone was condemned when the age finished.  IT ALWAYS PERFORMED ITS PURPOSE, God would not permit any age to be a failure in his divine purpose. When the old age ends, it simply gives way to a new age to begin with a new purpose, in Almighty God’s eternal program, and we must understand that you cannot take one age of the past and use it for a measuring stick on the following age. Each age is governed and determined by the purpose of God’s program for that particular age — you could not determine the salvation of the people after the flood by the same laws and standards before the flood: each age carries its own standard. No more than you could measure – those in the Grace age by the law age or vice versa. That’s exactly why the Jewish nation has never been able to understand the Gentile christian who trusted in Christ without the types and shadows that came under the Law Age. (Heb. 10:1) Still in a grace dispensation they continue to carry on the rituals of the Law age — an age of the past. They could not believe the Gentile christian could possibly be right with God, ignoring the commandments of the fathers – found under the law age, WHAT THE JEWISH NATION FAILED TO REALIZE was God had begun a new age after the death of Christ with a new purpose, the old was not sufficient for the new. This Grace age was recorded in the law and’ prophets, Peter said the prophets had searched diligently for this hour but were unable to find it (1 Peter I :10-1 2)—Certainly not, they were in another hour, THE LAW AGE. What they searched for would only be found in the Grace Age, but God had permitted them to glance over into the Grace Age and it stimulated them in so much they hunted and searched for it while still with their own age. Why was this age of Grace such a mystery to the nation of Israel? Paul explained it to the Ephesian church that God had made known unto him the mystery of His will which had been HID IN OTHER AGES, but was now made known unto and prophets by the spirit, how the Gentiles, who in times past had been alienated from God and his Word, would now, through the Grace Age, be brought into fellowship, made heirs in this Glorious Gospel—Think of it, during the Law Age the Gentiles had been aliens to the covenant of hope, but now in the Grace Age it was the Jews who were found on the outside. In the 1000 year age they will be reinstated back in fellow-ship, see it’s God fulfilling His own purpose through each age. Therefore no age can ever go out a failure. It performs what it was designated for. Therefore the people taken from the ending of the tribulation period to begin the 1000 year reign would not necessarily need to be christians according to our measuring rod—we used during the Grace Age, THEY PLEASED GOD AND NOTHING ELSE IS NECESSARY. These were preserved to repopulate the new age. Christ simply judged them solely upon their moral and social principles of conduct toward their fellowmen, never once did he ask them if they were christians and enjoyed attending church or what church group they belonged to, did he? No, that hour was over, we notice these people in Matt. 25: had a principle of life that is fast losing its value in this hour. CARING WHAT HAPPENS UNTO ONE’S FELLOWMAN—WE HAVE BEEN GREATLY SHOCKED BY THE UNCONCERN OF THIS GENERATION TOWARD ONE ANOTHER’S NEEDS, a criminal was known to stab a woman many times in a subway in New York in the presence of many people, not one person lifted a finger to help the dying woman as her blood curdling screams faded into the night. These onlookers said what has become so common in this hour, WE DID NOT WANT TO GET INVOLVED known to stab a woman many times in a subway in New York in the presence of many people, not one person lifted a finger to help the dying woman as her blood curdling screams faded into the night. These onlookers said what has become so common in this hour, WE DID NOT WANT TO GET INVOLVED. Perhaps you know many such personal stories, they are most numerous. Thank God these people who close out this age after it expires were not made out of this kind of stuff. At the possibility of jeopardizing of their own lives, they befriended their fellow man in that hour because they were not of this class of individuals who did not want to get involved with other people’s problems, this group was allowed to enter into the 1000 year reign, where as the Goat nations who did not want to be involved with others needs were cast into Everlasting fire. Whoever these are, they certainly do not typify this dying age, of the unconcerned—THEY WERE CONCERNED. They were not of this attribute of dog eat dog, as the rest of the world is— this again proves God expects us to be our brother’s keeper.


This law God used to judge His subjects whether or not they were worthy to enter the kingdom was a LAW OF KINDNESS which in days gone by, men everywhere observed men, whether christian or not, have always tried to help their neighbor when he was in distress. So we can see that this law of helping one’s neighbor in distress—BROTHERLY KINDNESS WILL GROW WORSE AND WORSE TOWARD THE END. If the law enforcement today is alarmed over the unconcern of individuals for another fellow human being in distress and dire need, they shall directly be distressed over THIS SITUATION as it shall grow Worse until finally God can use this very thing as a means of a measuring stick to judge the remaining peoples Who manage to pass out of the tribulation into the kingdom. It is such people with this attitude the king chooses to reign over. 


 Rev. 20:1-2 Satan was arrested and bound for a 1000 years, placed in the bottomless pit, where he could cause no more trouble, nor run interference with the progress of the new kingdom. Here he can in no wise attempt defeat, disturb or agitate this new glorious reign. Rev. 20:3-4, shows the Bride immediately taking her throne positions over the earth, and I John saw THRONES. We must realize every word in this bible carries a definite meaning. God never allows words to be placed carelessly or foolishly in his book, no sir, if the word is of a singular nature—God will carefully guard it, always allowing it to remain singular. On the other hand, if the word portrays a meaning of plurality he will always see it stays in the plurality. For through that word the Spirit will convey his thought, and John said I saw THRONES – and THEY note, Thrones and THEY, both words are plural, sat upon THEM (plural), and judgment was given to THEM. What judgment was given unto them? The right to judge, the right to execute judgment and pass sentence, the word THEM implies those who John saw sitting on the Thrones. 

Notice another thing John saw AFTER he saw the thrones positions. The verse is connected by the conjunction AND showing it is linking up with something else in its previous statement. — And I saw the souls of them beheaded for the witness of Jesus and for the word of God, etc. Rev. 20:4 THESE LIVED AND REIGNED WITH CHRIST A 1000 YEARS. Our main thought here deals only with THESE THRONES. They are positions which immediately were taken by the Bride of Christ fulfilling (Rev. 2:26 & Rev. 3:21). Remember Rev. 19: revealed Christ coming from heaven with his wife and angels to execute wrath, riding a white horse, after destroying the antichrist kingdom we find no more mention of the white horses, but the following picture portrays the Bride in her throne positions already to rule and reign over the Gentile nations that had passed the Good Neighbor Policy in Matt. 25:34. These thrones definitely show forth the elevated positions over the entire earth which has been established for the Bride (wife) to sit upon. As Christ took His throne position on the seat of David in Jerusalem, His wife also who was called out of every nation shall be established upon her throne positions over all the Gentile nations from which she was taken. 


Are you able now to see more clearly the purpose of Christ coming to the Gentiles during the Grace Age to take out a people for his name sake? HE NEEDED HELPERS, WORKERS IN THE COMING AGE. Remember Jews will not reign over Gentiles, neither Gentiles over Jews. His promise given to Peter and the others still remains true once in the regeneration. They shall sit on 12 thrones judging Israel while his Gentile wife shall be busy taking up her new positions over the Gentile nations from whence she was taken. Now do you understand why this bride calling is such a high calling in God? That bride, who mainly makes up resurrected saints is the queen during the Millenium (1000 year reign) who shall sit ON THRONES judging and executing judgment over the nation; breaking them with the rod of iron. EACH THRONE SHALL BE A THRONE POSITION OF GLORY WHERE THE LAW OF GOD IS EXECUTED, for what purpose? TO ESTABLISH DIVINE ORDER AND KNOWLEDGE ON THE EARTH. 


 Remember the Bride now has her Glorified Body, that is likened unto his Glorified Body (1 John 3:2) mostly these individuals making up the bride-are composed of RESURRECTED saints of 1900 years of grace. Very few of this number were translated without seeing death. They are the dead raised to life ruling and reigning over mortal people of the earth who began with whatever number passed the test in Matt. 25: and grew until Rev. 20:8 was fulfilled. As the Bride takes her throne position, this world will have already passed through the bloody antichrist rule and the real Christ will have destroyed his kingdom with the brightness of his coming (Thess. 2:8). Millions who had sold out to the devil were destroyed, God did not permit a remnant to sell out to 1 the devil. The Great Eternal Spirit t spared a remnant of the nations to be taught the ways of God in this new 1000 year reign.


The first assignment to the new age is to gather the remnant of all nations before the King for judgement. Bear in mind, the judgement on the nations as the millennium began must never be confused with the great white throne judgment which follows the 1000 year reign, when the wicked dead of all ages are raised, (Rev. 20:5) judgement past and the condemned cast into the lake of fire which is the SECOND DEATH (Rev. 20:12-15) MATT. 25 SHOWED NO BOOKS WERE OPEN, Rev. 20:12 showed Books were open and the dead were judged from them. Remember at the beginning of the 1000year reign NO WICKED DEAD ARE RAISED. Only the living who escaped the wrath of God poured out during the final stages of the tribulation days WILL STAND BEFORE HIM. Only those on His right hand did He spare—those on His left hand HE SLAYS. 


Think of it, as Christ and his wife sit on their throne positions judging e these nations (World), then shall n come to pass the First part of the statement made by Paul. “KNOW YE NOT THE SAINTS SHALL JUDGE THE WORLD.” This judgement begins at the entering into the 1000 year reign and the concluding portion of his statement will be fulfilled during the great white throne judgement (Rev. 20:11-15) when SAINTS SHALL JUDGE all condemned wicked ANGELS (11 Pet. 2:4) who are doomed and fallen spirits shall stand before the saints of all ages and be judged (I Cor. 6:3). This dramatic judgement of nations portrayed in Matt. 25:31-46 is for one purpose only, choosing subjects for THE NEW 1000 YEAR REIGN. 

Yes, from the holes of the earth, such as dens and caves within the mountains while villages, towns, and cities are ripped and torn through the judgement of almighty God, out of all this disastrous chaos will come a struggling surviving remnant of all nations who were not harmed through the violent judgement of Almighty God. From Zach 14:1-21 comes even more insight on these national people who were spared this judgement of wrath, who must stand before the King and His Bride. Verse 5 speaks of the coming of the Lord-where people are told to flee to the valley of the mountains, where the valley of the mountains shall reach into a vale (referring to the day when the Lord shall come upon the Mount of Olives and the mountain shall cleave asunder followed by thunder and so forth.) It shall come to pass in the day that the light shall not be clear nor dark, but it shall be one day and it shall be known TO THE LORD not day nor night. It shall come to pass that in that day at evening time (Just before the sunset) will come the darkest hour this world ever witnessed and then dawns the day of the millenium. THERE SHALL BE LIGHT in the evening time. What will this light be? THE GOSPEL LIGHT, gospel truth. The 9th verse continues saying, “And the Lord shall be king over ALL the earth, in that day shall there be “ONE LORD AND THIS NAME ONE.” Notice, “…and the Lord shall be King.” Here He refers to the Blessing on the earth under the new administration. 

Take a close look at verse 16. Note the close similarity with Matt. 25:31-34. “And it shall PASS THAT EVERYONE that is LEFT OF ALL THE NATIONS WHICH CAME UP AGAINST JERUSALEM.. All nations! Notice this statement signifies something will happen unto ALL NATIONS who come against Jerusalem. When does this transpire? The Battle of Armageddon. When this Battle of Armageddon sets in, that will be the world’s death struggle. Christ’s intervention is when He destroys the beast and his armies along with the entire antichrist system. Why did I read this? Because it’s important. I want you to see this. All people WILL NOT BE EXTERMINATED, nor annihilated at the second coming of Christ to this earth. There shall be some left out of all nations for a purpose. Proof is in the following verse. “And it shall come to pass that EVERYONE THAT IS LEFT OF ALL THE NATIONS which came up against Jerusalem shall even go up from year to year to worship the Lord, the King, the Lord of Hosts and to keep the Feasts of the Tabernacles. Now who is this group? Certainly he cannot be referring to the Bride. The Bride never came up against Jerusalem, the City of God. In fact the Bride is with him, (Christ) (also the Old Testament saints) when he came to destroy the very thing which did come up against the City of Jerusalem. But don’t forget, of all the groups, the Bride’s position is always in the forefront. She always carries the preeminence in the picture. When Christ pours out His wrath and destroys all these evil doers, He will then, according to Zachariah and Matthews’ account, gather before him THE REST WHICH ARE LEFT. What will happen unto them? What shall be their fate? Will he kill them? Not on your life, not kill, but judge them. Judge them on their moral, social and spiritual principles, how they lived and conducted themselves among their fellowman as a people who just came through this darkest hour called the tribulation. That tribulation is going to bring great anguish, sorrow and turmoil to the human race and if ever a man sought for that which was right, during that hour he had better do so, if he ever hopes to find any mercy in the eyes of God whatsoever. When Christ gathers them before Him, He will judge them as a man would his sheep from his goats. Those on his right hand are the people He finds worthy to remain alive, and again notice His pleasing remarks to the mortal sheep nations (Matt. 25:34). 


 For what purpose did Christ spare these people for his new ireign? Remember those pass from this age into the new 1000 year age STILL IN THEIR MORTAL BODIES. They remained mortal in every respect, receiving no change of body as did all the resurrected Bride and tribulation saints, including of course the resurrected Old Testament saints. Death will never have any more claim on these resurrected people. But those INDIVIDUALS (Sheep) SHALL BE MORTALS. Why they must remain mortal as they pass into that age is what the story of the millennium is all about. Remember according to Rev. 20:1-3 as the age began, Satan was bound 1000 years. Since his being bound, Christ has judged those that were left of all nations. He judges these mortals (Matt. 25:31-46) who, when He was hungry had given Him something to eat. Thirsty and they had given Him drink. In prison they had visited Him. Truly there shall be many a poor soul locked up in that dark hour who will refuse to bow before that devilish antichrist system. There will be many who shall be naked, hungry, thirsty and in prison who could not buy or sell, save those who wore the mark of the beast (Rev. 13:17). During that hour the Bride shall be in heaven. Christ will judge those on the basis of their moral behavior. To the sheep he said, “enter thou into the kingdom that was prepared for these from the foundation of the world”. Yes, the Millennium was prepared for them. That’s their promise, their hope. God has ushered in another age to produce another thing.

 The Bride has already inherited HER KINGDOM. Already she has inherited Eternal Life and been clothed with immortality like her Lord (1 John 3:2). We don’t just hope for this life. IT’S ALREADY OURS. Time awaits for the manifes-tation of it. This is their promise, “ENTER THOU INTO THE KINGDOM WHICH WAS PREPARED FOR THEE FROM THE FOUNDATION OF THE WORLD.” But to the Goats, those who could not pass the moral and ethical test of judgement, he simply will say, “Depart from me. Ye are cast into everlasting punishment.” 

What does he do with these goats? Notice—He’ll not put them in the Lake of Fire, he MERELY DESTROYS THEIR PHYSICAL EXISTENCE. But potentially they are in the Lake of Fire, their judgment was PASSED RIGHT THEN AND THERE. He simply destroys them fulfilling the scripture in Rev. 19:21 “When he cometh, out of His mouth goes a sharp two-edged sword.” It’s with that word of judgment, He will use it to SMITE THE NATIONS, and cut off the wicked. With that sword proceeding out of His mouth, he will slay the wicked. 


Then with a rod of iron, HE RULES THE NATIONS THAT’S LEFT. (Man. 25:34) What does this rod of iron speak of? It speaks of the sceptre as a symbol of His authority in the kingdom. How many understand what a sceptre is? It’s similar to a small stick carried by kings. When on his throne, he uses it as the emblem of his authority. (Example) Esther 4:11, Remember how Esther placed her life in her own hands when she went in to see the king WHO had not called for her, had he not held out the golden sceptre she could have been put to death.


 Again in Ezek. 37:15-24. The spirit tells Ezekiel to take 2 sticks and write upon one, EPHRAIM on the other, JUDAH and in verse 17, “and join them one to another into one stick and they shall become one in thy hand—here is the sceptre to be restored that will be used by Christ over the 12 tribes of Israel when in verse 24, David my servant shall be King over them. Remember these are not two sticks found in the woods somewhere. It was that broken sceptre that ruled the entire 12 tribes before they were broken into the two houses -(Northern and Southern kingdoms) – which broke the authority over the 12 tribes and that authority will not be restored until Christ comes and rules the 12 tribes in the kingdom age. This is the sceptre that shall rule the nations. It reveals his position of authority. Many times the small stick is decorated with little emblems and things, but when it’s in His hand it’s a rod, a sceptre of divine law by which He shall rule these nations, AND THE PURPOSE OF IT IS THAT HE WILL BRING BACK TO THE EARTH DIVINE KNOWLEDGE, DIVINE LAW, AND DIVINE PRINCIPLE, to these remaining MORTAL PEOPLE from the tribulation period (Matt. 25:34)-these subject people, WHO STILL REMAIN AS MORTAL as they were during that tribulation hour. When Christ has fulfilled that judgment of the nations (Matt. 25:46) probably only a few out of all nations will actually be qualified to pass the test, but remember His purpose in salvaging this remnant. Taking the sheep nations, CHRIST WILL REPOPULATE THE EARTH. That’s why I wanted to have firmly placed in your mind the word REGENERATION, means to RENEW , or make or REBEAR OFFSPRINGS. So it is in that glorious age. Christ is restoring divine law and divine knowledge to fulfill the scripture, “That the earth shall be full of the knowledge of the Lord as the waters that cover the sea, (Isa. 11:9) when? Only during that thousand year reign, as Christ sits on the Throne of his Glory in Jerusalem to fulfill all other prophecies saying the law shall go forth from Zion. What law? Divine law, the law shall go forth from Zion and the word of the Lord, NOT THE WORD MESSAGE HEARD FOR 1900 YEARS. Repent and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, THAT’S OUR MESSAGE for our age. That’s to prepare us, but in that glorious day the word to be taught unto these subject mortal people of the nations is what THE PERFECT WILL OF GOD CONSIST OF. — That’s why the true knowledge of God’s law and principles is to establish a social kingdom on earth which will glorify God, again the purpose of the millennium is, while He’s renewing the earth, He ALSO IS IN THE PROCESS OF REINHABITING IT, placing back on it a population of people who can live a thousand years. 

WHILE the devil is bound, there won’t be any beer joints, funeral parlors, divorce courts or even police forces. Know why? BECAUSE CHRIST AND THE BRIDE WILL BE THE POLICE FORCE. I’m not trying to make this sound fantastic or like some fiction story, for if it isn’t absolute scriptures, forget the whole thing! Just remember God never placed all these scriptures in the book for nothing. Don’t think for a moment the Eternal God placed them there without giving somebody an understanding of why they were placed there. Try to realize the millenium is for a definite purpose, and the Bride which is the people called out of this age has a definite important part to play. She is wedded to Christ, and just as He sits on the throne of his glory as King of Kings and Lord of Lords over this earth, WITH HIM SITS HIS WIFE. He is the supreme authority who shall sit in authority and execute righteous judgment. When the king says such and such,his wife will say that’s right, and whatever respective nation she is placed over, her assignment will be to carry out the king’s will. SHE SHALL HAVE THE SAME AUTHORITY WHICH IS INVESTED IN HIM. As his queen, she rules over these subject people. Remember the rod of iron does not mean it’s literally some stick. It’s to symbolize the authority by which Christ will discipline the nations. THESE MORTAL PEOPLE WHO MAKE UP THE SUBJECTS WITHIN THE KINGDOM SHALL MARRY AND BRING INTO THE NEW KINGDOM OFF-SPRINGS. 


 What shall Christ do with these sheep nations which were allowed to pass under the sceptre? Matt. 25:3146. Zach. 14:9-20 Shows only a small percentage of the people of the nations who were spared the judgment of the tribulation period were even allowed to enter into the glorious kingdom age, ONLY A SMALL PERCENTAGE (sheep nations) ENTERED INTO THE AGE WHEN SATAN WAS BOUND (Rev. 20:1-3). But when Satan is loosed for a short period at the closing of the Millenium to roam the earth, the population of earth will have grown into such a TREMENDOUS FIGURE that just the number deceived by Satan at the close of the 1000 year reign was a number as the SANDS OF THE SEA (so large they could not be numbered). What happened from the beginning of the age unto the closing shows one main reason these sheep nations found grace in the eyes of the Lord. One thing is certain THIS MULTITUDE NEVER ENTERED INTO THE AGE AS SHEEP NATIONS. These mortal subjects who were permitted entrance into the age after the tribulation period closed out, WERE CALLED UPON TO REPOPULATE AND REPLENISH THE EARTH — and with longevity of life restored back unto the multitudes, this was accomplished. Longevity of life was not lost until after the flood came. Methuselah lived to be 969 years old—before the flood, Genesis is full of human beings who lived to be hundreds of years old. During the Millenium reign this longevity of life span will be restored. All these at the close of the Millenium reign who was tested by Satan ARE THE WORLD CREATURES – borne during the 1000 years reign – (A NUMBER AS THE SANDS OF THE SEAS). 

The scripture teaches in Matt. 22:30, in the resurrection there is neither marrying nor giving in marriage, but in this respect the resurrected saints are as angels. Yet there is an untold number of humans born during this age who alone will be deceived by Satan. IT WOULD BE TOTALLY IMPOSSIBLE FOR THE RESURRECTED SAINTS (OLD TESTAMENT, BRIDE, OR TRIBULATION SAINTS) TO BEAR CHILDREN, since all were in the resurrection except the tiny percentage who were translated. These can neither marry or give in marriage. Then who shall be called upon to begin this fulfilment of Rev. 20:8?

 The mortal people of the sheep nations of Matt. 25:31-34 are the only ones within the kingdom who can — and these are called upon to repopulate the earth — Remember one of the definitions of the term REGENERATION. Christ spoke of in Matt. 19: (I). “re-” means to repeat something that has already been done at least once – do again, do over (2). generation means dealing with birth of human beings.

 Will children be born during the millenium reign, someone asks? Tell me how shall children play at the holes of asps and weaned children crawl over cockatrice dens (Isa. 11:8) and little children lead animals (Isa. 11:6) and furthermore how else will there be a number as the sand of the sea produced who are deceived in Rev. 20:8 — IF THERE IS NOT AN UNTOLD NUMBERS OF CHILDREN BORN DURING THE MILLENIUM who grow up and fulfill the number as the sand of the sea deceived by Satan at the close of the age? If little children are not born during the 1000 years reign – one thing is for sure this number was not found in Matt. 25:34 at the beginning of the 1000 year reign. 

Yes, there will be many, and there will be children born by these people to fulfill scriptures. Scriptures such as Isaiah 11: 6-8. 


 700 B.C. Isaiah looked down through the telescope of time and saw this glorious 1000 years reign, and he prophesied about this Christ. “And there shall come forth a rod of the stem of Jesse and A BRANCH shall grow out of his roots and the spirit of the Lord shall rest upon him,” Isaiah referred to the Christ, that spirit of Wisdom, the same spirit of wisdom that was on Solomon is going to be on him only in the FULLNESS.

 Remember it was on Solomon, who in type portrayed the millenium wisdom. Yet the spirit’s account of understanding, the spirit of counsel and might, the spirit of knowledge and of the fear of the Lord shall give him a quick understanding in the fear of the Lord. NOTICE HOW CHRIST, THE NEW KING, shall judge — HE DOESN’T NEED ANY TATTLE-TELLERS RUNNING TO HIM telling on so and so, saying they did this and such. No sir, He shall make Him a quick understand-ing unto the fear of the Lord and HE SHALL NOT JUDGE AFTER THE SIGHT OF HIS EYES, neither REPROVE AFTER THE HEARING OF HIS EAR, BUT WITH RIGHTEOUSNESS HE SHALL DISCERN IT FROM THE HEART. With righteousness shall He judge the poor and reprove with equity, equality for the meek of the earth. Remember in the Psalms it says, “Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth.” Yes for the meek of the earth and He shall smite the earth with the rod of His mouth. THIS ONLY MEANS IT’S THE WORD OF HIS AUTHORITY, and with the blood of his lips, (that’s the sword whereby he shall slay the wicked), and righteousness shall be the girdle of his loins and faithfulness the girdle of his waist.


 The wolf shall dwell also with the Iamb, Isa. 1 1:6. Today you can’t turn a herd of sheep loose with wolves. I once had an uncle who raised sheep on a ranch out west. Many were the sleepless nights he spent trying to keep the wolves from ripping the flock to pieces. The bears were just as bad, constantly killing sheep. It seemed they killed sheep just for the pleasure of it. Flinging the helpless creatures in every direction. Down through the flock they would go ripping and chewing them as they were bedding down for the night. But what did it say here? (Isa. 11:6, the WOLF shall also dwell with the LAMB (think of it), a nice herd of sheep lying down and the WOLVES COMING AND LYING RIGHT DOWN IN THEIR MIDST—SEE IT. This could never happen today because Satan rules the ENVIRONMENT OF THE EARTH, and there is enmity in the animal kingdom, and note the leopard shall lie down with the kid, and the calf with the young lion, (you certainly couldn’t expect that now) AND THE FATLING TOGETHER, WITH A LITTLE CHILD SHALL LEAD THEM. Just imagine a little 3 or 4 year old child playing out here in the open with the animals running loose at will and a LITTLE CHILD just leading them. Oh! What a glorious day ahead. When Christ and his wife rule in the next age. Remember had the fall never taken place in the Garden of Eden, animals today would play with the little children. Oh yes the cow and the bear shall feed together with their young ones, and lie down together. Amen. And the lion shall eat straw like the ox, THE NURSING CHILD shall play at the hole of the asp. Just a little toddling babe, not hardly a year old, barely weaned from its mother’s breast, will crawl over the hole of the asp and play. I don’t know what type of little varmit the cockatrice is, but in that glorious age a little child shall have no need of fear. This object (of the scripture) illustrate plainly that even the LITTLE SUCKLING CHILD who can’t walk, but barely crawl upon its little tummy to the hole of the asp and play over the hole of the asp, SIMPLY GOES TO SHOW NOTHING SHALL HURT NOR DESTROY IN THAT AGE. This is actually the picture which the Lord is trying to portray here. The point is in the 1000 year reign THERE WILL BE THE NURSING CHILD, THE WEANED CHILD, THE SMALL CHILD WHICH ARE ALL IN THE ONE PICTURE. Someone once contested me for my teaching this, Bro. Jackson, there aren’t going to be any BABIES BORN during the millenium. That scripture refers to little babies who died, went to glory, and become part of the Bride of Christ. THEY WILL PLAY LIKE THAT, I said, what? Don’t tell me that you mean God is going to let a little baby remain a baby for a thousand years to fulfill his scripture? NOT SO, he’s not an unjust God. God won’t allow a small child to remain a baby throughout a thousand years just to fulfill his scripture, He’ll be an unjust God if he did. Let’s finish reading this interesting passage. “And the NURSING CHILD shall play on the hole of the asp and the WEANED CHILD shall put his hand on the cockatrice’s den?” (this a most poisonous creature) “THEY SHALL NOT HURT NOR DESTROY IN ALL MY HOLY MOUNTAIN,” means his holy kingdom “for the earth shall be full of the knowledge of the Lord as the water that covers the sea and in that day shall there be a root of Jesse who shall stand for an end sign of the people, to him shall the nations seek and his rest shall be glorious, Amen.” The people that Christ will rule over will be people in which he will have instilled these divine laws and the true knowledge that God wants placed back in the earth. Remember today the world knows all about Eden and it’s being cultivated and educated in every university. What is it? It’s Satan’s way of having his knowledge and his way proclaimed today. But in that day, under the rule of King Jesus and his Bride, the knowledge of the Lord shall be taught back again, divine laws will be taught back in the earth. No wonder the wild animal kingdom will then lie down in peace. Through (Hosea 2:18) the Eternal God states “in that day I will make a covenant between man and the beast of the field.” What will be this covenant? He’ll take away the enmity that is in the heart of the beast, and when that enmity is taken away and Satan is bound, no longer, can the adversary, the agitator, the instigator cause trouble, the evil spirit will leave the animal kingdom and he shall dwell in peace. Then will the lion walk with the bear, or walk about the cows, or the lamb. All the animal kingdom will walk together in peace. Nothing shall press upon them and influence evil upon their nature. This animal kingdom will then respect man, who is to have dominion over him in God’s kingdom. THESE MUST BE INSTILLED BACK INTO THE EARTH. 

WHAT IS GOD ACCOMPLISHING THROUGH THIS MILLENNIUM BY THESE DIVINE LAWS? He is miraculously renewing the earth with a new social order of people who are not guilty of defiling the earth with perversion, evil, vice, drunkenness, murders, and things of that evil nature. YET HIS SUBJECTS ARE MORTAL CREA-TURES. The earth for a thousand years will be REPOPULATED BY A RACE OF HUMANS THAT ARE LIVING UNDER THE RULE OF A DIVINE GOD, where God’s law of knowledge will be instilled in their hearts. Remember though this thousand years is a glorious period of time, IT IS NOT YET THE PERFECT AGE. 

Listen carefully Isaiah 65:17. Isaiah looked down through the scope of time— SEES THE DAY COMING WHEN THE LORD WOULD HAVE NEW HEAVEN AND NEW EARTH. Give me your close attention. Isaiah saw that Glorious perfect eternal age, but in order to view it, he looked afar off into the future, down through the law age, beyond the law age into the church age and beyond the church age into the millennium and BEYOND THE MILLENNIUM—THERE HE SAW THIS GREAT ETERNAL AGE. Watch him looking at THIS AGE through the binoculars of time, peering into that great eternal age. Isaiah 65:17. Behold I create new heavens and a new earth, you can connect this scripture with II Peter 3:10. Here you will learn the new heavens and the new earth WILL STILL BE OF THE CELESTIAL BODIES and still the same universe, and the earth will still be the same old ball of clay. RENEWING IT DOESN’T MEAN GOD IS IN THE PROCESS OF RECREATING THE EARTH in the ALL THE MOLECULES, and all THE SUBSTANCES AND MATTER THIS OLD EARTH CONSISTS OF. No, the point is, he is merely renewing the earth for a divine purpose. For some reason THIS EARTH has fallen from His divine purpose, it becomes horribly defiled, through bearing the stain of sin, evil and violence. Through His wrath at the close of the 1000 years reign HE HAS ALREADY DESTROYED EVIL, destroyed the very devil who has caused it. This was accomplished (Rev. 20:10) before He could begin to fulfill Isa. 65:17. So recreating the earth, or renewing the earth, is merely to lift it back up and re-establish it back into a divine relationship. Take man when he fell. Christ makes a new creature out of him. The scripture says we are a NEW CREATURE in Christ Jesus, but DID HE ACTUALLY DESTROY YOU in order to make you a new creature? He did not. He is simply remolding you, reshaping you, so that you will reflect Christ in like nature, rather than show the attributes of that fallen creature. The same is true with the new earth and the new heavens. God says, Behold I CREATE new heavens and new earth (Isa. 65:17) the former earth and heavens WHICH EXISTED IN THE PRIOR AGE (1000 YEARS REIGN) SHALL NOT BE REMEMBERED NOR COME TO MIND, Thanks be to God. When we do finally get into that great Eternal age, Isaiah saw (after the Millennium) all these other ages in the past will not come back to our rememberance. First we had to pass through all these other ages to get to that eternal age. Isaiah is still looking at that eternal age- “Be glad and rejoice forever in that which I create for Behold I create Jerusalem a rejoicing and her people a joy, and I will rejoice in Jerusalem. Think of it! Take for a moment the natural city of JERUSALEM AS IT EXISTED DURING THE TIME OF THE PROPHETS, there were continual adversaries which constantly came up against it, and every prophet that rose up wondered what would be the state of this. The state, the outcome, was already in existence during the time of the prophecy. Recognizing this, little did the prophets know that as the city would endure many storms, and battles even during the law age, that when the church (grace) age would come, JERUSALEM WOULD LAY IN DESOLATION UNTIL THE TIME OF THE GENTILES WAS FULFILLED (Lk.21 -24) In the millennium the city will be lifted back up, and become the great city of the King “And I will rejoice in Jerusalem and joy in my people and the voice of WEEPING SHALL NO MORE be heard in her (in the eternal age) NOR the voice of crying, “Now watch.” As he looked at that age of the new heavens and the new earth, we do know that in that eternal age, there will be NO MORE BIRTH SUCH AS WAS IN THE 1000 YEAR REIGN. NEITHER WILL THERE BE ANY MORE DYING OR CRYING. WAS THERE ANY DYING IN THE 1000 YEAR REIGN? SOME. But none in the eternal age. Watch the prophet. We realize here THERE WERE SEVERAL AGES COVERED IN THESE SCRIPTURES. Before we could get to that eternal age where there would be neither dying, crying or births. Watch very carefully the wording of the prophet, how and where he placed things. “THERE shall be NO MORE(from then on)-thence an infant of days—another translation. and there shall be no more thence, means from then on, AND END OF DAYS, nor an OLD MAN THAT HATH IN THAT DAY (in the Great Eternal age) there will be no more OLD MAN THAT HATH NOT LIVED OUT HIS DAYS (such as happened back under the millennium) In that eternalage there shall be no more thence and an end of days nor an old man that hath not filled his days. In the very next phrase, Isaiah has placed it back fully into the millennium saying, for the child shall die an hundred years old! Here he is speaking exclusively of what happens during the millenium. Notice what is to take place is projected into the Eternal Age, FOR THE CHILD SHALL DIE AN HUNDRED YEARS OLD. 


 Recall as the millennium begins you have people of the mortal realm that will marry and from that union there shall be multitudes of children born. As the millennium started out, probably just a few people made the age—by the time we have gone far into the 1000 years, God will have restored longevity of life. Recall Satan is bound, the one who actually is death. In that 1000 year reign death WILL BE THE PENALTY OF THE ROD of Christ. This will be constantly used solely for one purpose-that is, if over a period of time one who is born in that 1000 year period for some reason refuses to be disciplined by the rod. Remember the millennium is not the perfect age. You must understand He rules with a ROD OF IRON. This goes to show that there is a hereditary nature passed from child to child that must be constantly disciplined by divine teachings and laws. So this should make it very simple and easy to understand why it says “A child shall die an hundred years old, meaning a person will be considered just a child at 100 years old, because he is supposed to live throughout the reign, he lived but only 1/10 of his time. At 100 years old today, he is an old man in our age, but at 100 in that age-he is considered a small child seeing he lived out only 1/10 of his life span. This shows God will not discipline or execute WITH DEATH anyone until they have lived LONG ENOUGH (100 YEARS) to BE GIVEN A FULL CHANCE to really prove themselves (to be something or they have no intentions of obeying God Laws. Let’s finish reading the verse, “For the child shall die an hundred years old but the sinner, meaning the transgressor being an hundred years old shall be accursed,” So you see, longevity of life will be completely restored- death will never occur such as it occasionally occurs during the millennium) when it was used for the last measure of discipline and that not before the individual shad reached 100 years old. Satan now bound, there is no reason for death. No reason for people to get sick and die of cancer, heart trouble, TB. No, Satan is bound during that 1000 years while CHRIST IF RULING AND REIGNING. WHAT WILL DEATH BE USED FOR? Death is merely used as the penalty for refusing to bow to the rod of Christ. Remember this, Christ will never execute that punishment of death on a 12 year old child, or a 25 or even 50 year old child. Not until he is 100 years old. He will then be allowing man to live -a thousand years. Remember from the Garden of Eden unto just prior to the flood one man lived almost a thousand years, Methuselah lived 969 years. Why? It only goes to show that a thousand years is considered nothing, but because mankind was going away from the garden, man fell far short of a thousand years. In the millennium it’s the age of renewing and establishing back into the earth all of God’s divine laws and knowledge. Christ will allow these mortal people the blessing under his reign of living a thousand years. Picture the Bride and the Old Testament saints immortal reigning with Him in His glory, no they’re not marrying, but MORTAL SUBJECTS gathered from all nations during the tribulation period will still remain mortal. He will judge them, and allow them to start with long fertility of life—Just to live and enter into His kingdom, to live under His longevity of life to those people FOR HE IS LIFE, that’s why He can say, “Enter thou into the joys or enter thou into the kingdom that was prepared for thee from the foundation of the world” See, it’s not something that was cooked up over night. It had been in the mind of God before the foundation of the world.

 As longevity of life is granted to them, Isaiah could look into that day which took the millennium to fulfill its purpose of recreating the earth and everything. In the great Eternal age (Age after Millennium) there will be no more infants, no more old men or anything nor an old man that has (as in the millennium) not lived his day. I would have to say if we are living in the day just prior to the coming of Christ, there are people living now THAT WOULD NEVER DIE according to the word of God. All depends on how close we are living to His coming. But to those who find a favor to be his subjects, he will hold that blessing over them and they will live a thousand years to enjoy the blessings of his millennium age. TO THAT MAN OR TO THAT WOMAN WHO FOR SOME REASON FIND IT IMPOS-SIBLE TO DISCIPLINE THEMSELVES, HE WILL DESTROY THEM WITH DEATH but again I repeat, HE WILL NOT DESTROY THEM UNTIL THEY HAVE AT LEAST REACHED A HUNDRED YEARS OLD. Then they shall still be considered as a child. Oh that child, that sinner that’s a hundred year old WILL BE ACCURSED. See, that’s THE PENALTY OF THAT ROD, he’ll rule them with- A rod of iron! So death is just the penalty. DEATH IS NOT A THING THAT REIGNS AT LARGE causing funeral parlors. No there will be none. There won’t be any weeping over those that transgress. I can see them as they’re executed. They’re just removed from the scene. No funeral home to take them to and no mourners or weeping for them. No Sir, Not in that day. It’s the day of righteousness and equality. Think of the animal kingdom and the beauty of the many, many scriptures I could give. The point is that in that day it is an age of a thousand years under the reign of Christ and through these subjects, people, God’s divine laws rule and reign. In that day the desert shall blossom as a rose. 


Many people say, Bro. Jackson, I just don’t see how everybody could live there? There are too many saints of the ages and when you get them placed over the earth, there won’t be enough room. I say this—Man takes more room lying down than he does standing up. Did you ever think about it? Did you realize that only one third of this earth’s surface today is dry ground? And did you ever think that on practically every major continent you have vast deserts and arid countries? Houses are very far apart. He said that in that day he’ll take the curse off the earth and the earth will no longer hold its increase. This is the day that the reaper will overtake him that soweth the grain. In other words, just ONE CONTINUOUS REAPING AND SOWING. Why, that’s the blessings of God in an age! No food shortage! So you won’t need to worry about not having enough room. No Sir. God will clear up all these desert countries, rivers will flow through dry places. The desert shall blossom as a rose. Man does this now through irrigation, but when the wrath of God starts and God begins to shake this earth do you realize He will be destroying much wickedness and evil of mankind. At the same time he will begin to remold and shape the planet for the millennium. God does a two-fold purpose at one time, doesn’t he? Yes there will be plenty of room and the earth will not withhold her increase. It will yield its increase. The tree of the field shall yield its increase, and there will be an abundance of space for those fortunate enough to be in this thousand year reign. In closing this paragraph we leave you with four other scriptures you may study, Amos 9:14, Ezek. 34:24-27, Zech. 8:14 and Micah 4:1-5, in order to see the greatness of the age. 


 Shortly after the millennium reign comes the Eternal Age, which is preceded by The Great White Throne Judgment, (Rev. 20:11-15) during which God shall call from the earth all the wicked dead to be judged according to their dead written in the books—Rev. 20:12. Note—Verse 12 states that the wicked are judged from the books according to their deeds, but WHO IS JUDGED FROM THE BOOK OF LIFE AND WHY IS THE BOOK OF LIFE OPENED? Is it possible that some of the wicked dead are actually recorded in the Book of Life? NO! Positively not! All who are raised in the second resurrection and come to the Great White Throne, according to Rev. 20:6, shows this to be a resurrection of no power. HERE AT THIS LAST JUDGMENT THE WICKED ANGELS and THE WICKED DEAD SHALL BE JUDGED. 

The immortal saints of all ages shall be present to judge those from their particular age and NOT ONE of these classified in the wicked dead will have his name in the Book of Life, then for what purpose was the Book of Life opened? Was its purpose to screen the pages and see if someone who came up in the second resurrection was entered there? NO! THE PURPOSE OF ITS BEING OPENED IS FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE MILLENNIUM SAINTS OR BELIEVERS who were not deceived by Satan when he was permitted to rise from the bottomless pit, enter at the dose of the millennium age and deceive a vast number recorded as the sands of the sea, Rev. 20:8. These deceived by Satan were destroyed by the Eternal God recorded in verse 9 and they also shall come up in the second resurrection with the wicked dead of all ages, but there is a vast number, no doubt, also who were not deceived and like those in the BEGINNING of the thousand year reign who had to pass the judgment of nations of Matt. 25 before they were allowed to become sheep nations and enter INTO the reign, likewise, must, at the CLOSE of the reign, pass the Great White Throne judgment of Rev. 20:11-15 in order to enter into the great Eternal Age, Rev. 21:1-2 and Isa. 65:17.

 Only the wicked dead of all ages and those born in the thousand year reign could possibly qualify for the Book of Life, seeing they are the only two classes left to be judged, and it is out of the question to consider any wicked dead being in the Book of Life, having come up in the Second Resurrection. The millennium people who were not deceived by Satan in Rev. 20:7-9 are the only ones possible who – –could be recorded in the Book Of Life for all other saints present have met their particular judgment and passed. All who did not have their name in the Book of Life were cast into the Lake of Fire, which is the Second Death. All others entered into the Eternal Age to be with God throughout Eternity. SO, THE BOOK OF LIFE AT THE WICKED DEAD JUDGEMENT WAS FOR THE MILLENNIUM SAINTS ONLY.