Who Is This Woman of Mystery?

Rev. Raymond M. Jackson

Strange doctrines float through the Christian realm—One such teaching disturbing the people striving to be Bride material finds its roots in Rev. 12. This group teaches this mysterious women in Rev. 12 is the church and the man child born unto her is the supernatural element within the church who is going to be used to bring about a world wide revival with supernatural signs and wonders. According to this teaching these people are looking for a great world sweeping revival — according to this latter rain teaching, This man-child is supposed to be the element of an ever-coming part of the church more or less like a core from within the apple. THEY PICTURE THE WOMAN AS THE CHURCH; and the man-child a certain overcoming realm of it, and this over-coming realm they portray it to rule and reign with Christ, but on this side of the millenium: these will have power and authority and they are absolutely going to BRING REVIVAL TO THE WORLD, and will literally turn cities up-side down for God. Brothers and sisters I want you to know I am not saying this to belittle anyone’s teaching, but I will have to say if what I’m going to say is right, God might have, in days gone by, allowed such things as that to go on, for it wasn’t time – but if there is ever a time that there has to be a true analysis of it, I am sure it would be right now when we’re all asking God to make us ready for the coming of the Lord. Now we’re headed either for one of two things (1) We are getting ready to go be with the Lord or (2) else he’s getting us ready for a great world revival, now IT CAN’T BE BOTH. You can’t have your mind centered on a world wide revival and be getting ready to meet the Lord Jesus AT THE SAME TIME, is that under-stood? Too many people today are constantly trying to interpret TO-MORROW on the basis of what has previously happened, never once stopping to realize that some day the sickle must be thrust in for the very last time. They never seem to grasp the fact that one day the last gleaned grain is going to be brought in to the garner. By use of comparison, if within the eyes of God there were only three grains still left lying out there to be gleaned, how could we possibly interpret the scriptures that the world is ready for a great world-wide revival, WHEN THERE IS ONLY A HAND-FULL OF GRAIN lying out there to be gleaned? And when that very last grain is gleaned, THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO SCRIPTURAL GROUNDS TO STAND ON SAYING GOD WILL LEAVE THE CHURCH HERE ANY LONGER. She must go and be with her Lord. So after we finish our lesson today I’m going to leave it up to you, you look at it however you want to, but I’m going to make this statement, if God ever does anything, he will do this, he will work a work in our lives to get us ready to get out of here. By this I do not mean to imply we should lose our vision for the lost. No, neighbor! I know what it is to run combines, one thing is to mount a tractor and begin cutting a full field of grain but don’t you know every time you make a round, that land of standing grain is getting SMALLER? And every reaper of grain look forward to the day he has made his last round. You cannot continue over the same field. If it’s a threshing machine every bundle you throw in there is one less bundle that that machine is going to have to go through, and the threshing of this gospel grain has been going constantly for almost 2,000 years. God has reached a people in each generation. In by gone days, people have placed great emphasis upon the fact souls must be saved. That was true! It’s just like a huge combine going around a field, as long as there is a standing gain – KEEP ON THRESHING, but as you continue threshing, THAT STANDING GRAIN GETS SMALLER, how can you possibly make it larger when each round you make – causes it to get smaller? Little does people realize you cannot interpret tomorrow on the basis of what yesterday was, the scripture plainly teaches us what tomorrow shall be. If in God’s program there is ever to be a set hour of preparation for the rapture it is now. We must hasten to trim our lamps (Matt. 25) or (2) either we must get ready for a world shaking revival. If that be true then we’re nowhere close to the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. Would you care to examine this teaching in the light of the scriptures? And when we do – we will learn one thing. There can only be one interpretation to the scripture – every one cannot have his own opinion. Since the confusion stems from Rev. 12: let’s analize this entire chapter carefully by reading Rev. 12.


Revelation 12, Woman With Child clothed in the sun with the moon under her feet, representing the nation of Israel

“And there appeared a great wonder in heaven, a woman clothed with the sun and the moon under her feet and upon her head a crown of twelve stars and she being with child cried travailing in birth and pained to be delivered.” Let’s examine carefully THIS WOMAN. It is she alone who unlocks the mystery, remember it was John who in a vision saw this woman in the heavens, why was this vision in heaven? Remember that it was through the stars that, to a great extent, God’s first bible was written. By arranging and placing certain constellations of stars together in certain groups and patterns, this permitted the patriarchs in bygone ages to study the stars in order to understand the over-all picture how God had portrayed his plan for the ages. Always bear this in mind, in the heavens meant only one thing that it was only a reflection or vision of something that is going to transpire literally down here upon this earth-and not within the heavens. IS THAT UNDERSTOOD?


As we examine this woman of mystery there are certain minute details and characteristics about her which plainly tell us who she is. Number one is the most important, THIS WOMAN WAS WITH CHILD, which can only mean one of two things-either this woman was already married or she was an adultress woman. Which? Some have thought this woman to be the church – impossible – the Bride of Christ is pictured as a virgin, she is only in her espoused period – (1 Cor. 12:1-4), to the Lord, THE WEDDING HASN’T PLACE YET – and won’t until Rev. 19. Now that ought to rule out of your minds any possibility this woman being the church – this can’t be the church! This mystery woman was with child, she’s married – and if she’s married then it can’t be the church but WHO IS SHE? It is none other than the NATION OF ISRAEL! You.say prove it, I won’t but the
scriptures will, No. 3-she wearing a crown upon her head identifies who she.is, not only is she a woman, not only is she with child BUT THIRDLY SHE IS WEARING A CROWN – she is a queen. No ordinary housewife goes around wearing a crown. This woman has a crown on tier head, she’s a queen-ISRAEL IS THE QUEEN OF NATIONS, though she has been mistreated. Through her disobedience she has been in dispersion, but in the eyes of Jehovah God she’s a queen, she’s his wife. Though he has put her away for a period of time yet she is his wife – for remember in the analysis of all this, Rev. 12 PORTRAYS THE TRUE SPIRITUAL ISRAEL, A NATION Rev. 12 is not necessarily to be understood that this great chapter incorporates all the 16,000,000 Jews recorded on the face of the earth today, this incorporates only that true Jew that is loyal to Jehovah, that true devout Jew which God has watched over down through the ages of time and it is that true spiritual, loyal Jew that God has protected and watched over and guided. That shows why there is still in existence a nation of Israel today. If God had not constantly over-shadowed and protected a certain element of the Jew, that nationality would have long ago gone into extinction. Again I repeat this mystery woman is not -the church – she is Israel, the wife of Jehovah.


The fact that she is with child shows that she has become expectant with the seed word of Jehovah the word of prophecy. These: prophets prophesied the word of God, that seed of truth, through the scope of time to Israel that there would come a deliverer out of Zion; there will come a king out of Zion, there would come one to sit on the throne of David, there would be a Shiloh.


All these prophecies and many more are none other than the seed word of Jehovah planted into the mind (womb) of Israel. That one day as a nation she would give forth birth to the one that would rule all nations. The very minute these words begin to drop into the mind of Israel through God’s mouthpiece THE PROPHETS, the nation of Israel will begin her journey. Notice carefully this vision of the woman portrayed in the heavens is to be understood in this light, though. There it shows the picture in complete detail it was but a reflection shown in the heavens as to what God had planned for Israel and since she portrays a nation, THAT NATION IS HERE ON EARTH, but on earth what was complete in every detail in heaven must be fulfilled through lengthy dispensations of time on earth -that’s why Rev. 12 pictured (3) outstanding things about this woman. (1) SHE STOOD WITH THE MOON UNDER HER FEET -meaning as a nation in verse 1 she had risen above the age of the law. For around 1900 years – shall we say, from the call of Abraham to the birth of Christ and his Crucifixion, the nation of Israel did pass through the law age, right? Watch closely, here’s what throws some people off. They automatically think since the law was a type and foreshadow of grace and since the woman is clothed in the sun, this would mean that when she does receive the gospel back – that’s when she’s clothed in the sun, to them that’s what completes the picture, THAT IS NOT IT. Remember this, that same law age which referred to the dispensation of grace had far more statements declaring there was going to be a KINGDOM AGE – FOR ISRAEL. The same law that spoke there would come one to be a Saviour carried far, far more prophecies stating there would one conic to rule all nations, and when the dispensation of grace was introduced or offered to Israel, remember as a nation Israel had full access to this Gospel for a period of 70 years before she went into her dispersion. When she receives that gospel back she won’t have it 7 years before her Messiah returns to earth. How can we believe that Israel being clothed in the sun could possibly mean that she has been brought into the gospel of grace, when she would have that gospel in her possession for only such a short period, when the scriptures teaches that for 42 of these months the anti-Christ shall seek to liquidate all Jews and they shall be in hiding. The very fact that she is clothed in the sun only reveals the COMPLETE PICTURE OF ISRAEL BEING FULLY REDEEMED AND REINSTATED IN HER HOME-LAND WITH CHRIST HER KING ruling in her midst on the throne of David, and THE NATION SHIN-ING BRILLIANTLY DURING THE MILLENIUM kingdom reign in the kingdom age. That is the absolute truth. Remember this, as a gentile looking at it we have had access to grace for 1900 years, we are trying to make it fit our vision—our vision for 1900 years has been grace, grace, grace and I grant you God will give Israel grace, but it will be for one purpose – to wrap her up and put her in the millenium, is that understood? When God does give back to her the gospel of grace it’s for the purpose of sealing in that 144,000. (Rev. 7) You can rest assured of this one thing, it is to awaken that nation and make her realize that the kingdom she has longed for and the Messiah that she has yearned for, IS JUST AHEAD„ BUT DON’T forget, according to Dan. 12 – Rev. 12 and many other scriptures Israel has yet another dark hour to wade through, and the nation cannot shine as a nation in all the fullness of its glory until it has been completely reinstated in the kingdom age when their Messiah sits on the throne of David and the glory of the Lord shall fill the earth. Then and only then shall that nation of Israel be lifted up and shine brilliantly as the noonday sun in God’s program. It will be that nation who will stand and shine above all other nations, that’s why the bible plainly states ALL NATIONS SHALL GO TO ZION AND TO JERUSALEM TO WORSHIP THE LORD OF HOSTS, (Zach. 14) Friend if you cannot imagine the glory of the nation of Israel in that age and hour when it is flourishing under that kind of glory, as all other nations have to go there and pay homage to the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords, shining in all the brightness of The sun during that 1000 year reign, then I’LL HAVE TO SAY SOME-THING IS WRONG WITH YOUR REVELATION. Remember when grace has been reinstated back to Israel it’ll only be for a very short duration of time. Time only to seal in that 144,000, but remember when that woman of Rev. 12 is shining forth clothed in the noon-day sun, SHE WILL HAVE THE MOON UNDER HER FEET.


It is the reflection of what the sun is somewhere. Now you just hold firmly onto your grace, understand? And remember that this same law age which promised Israel a kingdom age promised you and I grace, is that understood? Notice where the moon UNDER HER FEET, this reveals Israel HAS PASSED through the law age into the millenium reign. The law age spoke mightily of the millenium. Show me ONE scripture under that law dispensation which spoke of grace and I’ll show you THREE that will speak of the millenium. It depends on how to get a gentile to look at it, because lie still thinks this BIBLE is his book—it’s not our book, it’s the Jews book. God only loaned it to us while he dealt harshly with Israel for rejecting grace. Not one Gentile wrote a single letter in that book, they were all Jews, I’m so happy that he loaned it to us aren’t you? I also realize that now our time is rapidly running out, and Israel’s prime is just coming in, in fact the entire world is discussing ways and means how to quieten Israel down. Not aware that she is God’s time piece (CLOCK). When we see all the happenings in and around Israel we know according to God’s clock it’s about time for the coming of the Lord. This is more enthusiastic to us than some one informing a rich man concerning certain stocks on Wall Street going up. Amen. When the true christian feels a sense of rejoicing over the situation in the Middle East the wordly folks say you’re a crazy group of people to want the world in that shape. We didn’t ask for it to be this way, but since it’s here, God says these would be the very signs to inform his beloved bride of his coming. So what does the moon under her feet and clothed in the sun represent? It shows she’s in the millenium, she has passed through these ages and is standing fully clothed in glory and splendor in the millenium. 12 stars in her crown, she’s identified by her 12 tribes, no other nation on earth consists of 12 tribes outside the small scattered Arab nations who cannot be united – the more they attempt to unite themselves the more disunited they become, the only reason they’re united as much as they are today is because of Israel’s presence in the. Holy Land. If Israel wasn’t there they would be disunited like all the rest of the world. Yes only one woman is identified by 12 stars in her crown, that’s Israel with her 12 tribes who will not be fully identified as a nation (in fulfillment of this) until she has gone into the millenium. I:ere she will be fully reinstated and identified by her 12 tribes. This now shows beyond any doubt who is in the Panoramic vision (Israel, not the church) – but watching this progress unfold down here on earth takes a great deal of time. As she has come through the law age God offered her the dispensation of grace which she rejected. After a period of 70 years he gives it to the gentiles, and for over 1900 years we have enjoyed the privilege to hear of the saving grace of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ – who was this man-child born and destined to rule all nations. This man-child was the same one who was to be the Saviour of the world.


In flesh, the WORD was to be born only once, but in advents of coming HE COMES TWICE, AND NOTE THIS BOTH TIMES THAT HE COMES, ISRAEL WILL BE IN HER HOMELAND. Israel was in the land at his first coming to fulfill Daniel’s prophecy when he came the first time to be the Saviour. That is when the man-child was actually born, he was born to be king, but Israel rejected fulfill the scriptures in John 1:11 but brother since they would not have him, he was rejected. Because of that rejection God simply reached over and cut Israel off (meaning he simply shut off his CLOCK Similar to stopping the clicking of a stop-watch), as far as prophecy is concerned, ISRAEL STOPPED RIGHT THERE; as far as her advancing in her dispensation and in order to fulfill it, God simply picked her up and tosses her out of the land. No longer did the Eternal God look upon Israel as the nation within the land. He now views her as a scattered people and dealing with her as such in order to preserve her-over 1900 years he has been dealing with the gentiles,.


Continuing on we read in Rev. 12, “And there appeared another wonder in heaven and behold a great red dragon.”Satan of course—yet we are aware that Satan is not a dragon in the sense of having a physical dragon-shaped body. HE IS A SPIRIT. Then what are we looking at? Remember this is an over-all picture being portrayed in the heavens, signifying a happening here upon earth. The dragon is portrayed as the spirit of Satan combined collectively into a world empire system. Note this unusual dragon appearing in the heavens -He had seven heads and ten horns. What could this possibly mean—? Remember this dragon having 7 heads and 10 horns stood -BEFORE THE WOMAN ISRAEL (Not the church), it’s absolutely a picture of a completed embodiment of all of Satan’s power and his manipulation. This is none other than a picture of the Old Roman Empire after it has gone through all of its different stages, this same thing is portrayed coming up in Rev. 13. Furthermore, it is destined and ordained to come in our day and time. Bear in mind this dragon is identically the same dragon portrayed through the Roman Empire as it began to rise when Christ was born in Bethlehem’s manger. It’s that same diabolical spirit of Satan all the way through. Same as the woman, Israel who passed through the MOON (LAW) AGE, but this woman has been in dispensation for over 1900 years, she has now returned to her land -been reinstated as a nation and AWAITS TO BE CLOTHED IN THE SUN during the millenium reign just ahead. Remember also this panoramic picture shows what Israel must face before being clothed in the sun, as this woman is a complete picture, (so is this dragon also a complete picture) and not simply a picture IN PART. We must understand as the one grows to a completion within the earth, so does the other, we realize the devil personally himself has no-need to grow, but that which he worked through took centuries to develop, to plot and fill his plan. Satan is allowed time to manipulate his ideas. His plot to gain the woman, will not only involve time but it shall incorporate many nations, and governments, many military and economic systems, ABOVE ALL IT WILL INCORPORATE RELIGION-a religious program that now has already began to portray itself for the end time.


You may be surprised to learn in the beginning of this vast empire- of Rome the great red dragon original-ly did not have 7 heads and 10 horns, when this Roman Empire first appeared on the scene and began its conquest. No it certainly did not in the beginning have 7 heads and 10 horns. The development of these came long after the empire had gone through a process of time. Several hundred years had passed when Constantine the Roman Emperor embraced so called Christianity causing it to be the head religion, and still through a further process of time Satan slowly began to entwine himself into this carnal religious church now recognized as the head state religion, building his own system and blending both church and state together within the empire. Through many political upheavals all of which led to the day that the empire could no longer maintain its own strength and continue to be the great empire that it had been for hundreds of years though it was still the same old Roman empire and the same Devil who continues on. Now the picture changes in leadership and the popes began to be the heads as the Devil pushes forward his aim for world dominion. But time has come for a vast change within the empire, no longer will it be one great world! empire, for time has come for the 10 horns to extend which are none other than 10 nations to spring forth from the broken up old empire. As it was time for the 7 heads and the 10 horns to appear on his head he drew from the heavens third part of the stars casting them to the earth where the dragon stood before THE WOMAN WHO WAS READY TO BE DELIVERED, to devour her child as soon as it was born. Lets watch this dragon momentarily and see what he is up to. Remember that which was seen in heaven was A COMPLETE PICTURE FOR ALL AGES, all these details were wrapped up in one scene which took an entire chapter to explain, yet to fulfill it in respect to time on earth would take centuries. Yes it took centuries and centuries for the earthly conditions to develop into the complete picture – seen in heaven so that which was happening on earth could match the Panoramic picture ! in heaven making it complete, is that Understood? Think of the picture in the heavens as a blue print in. Rev. 12 but the fulfillment of what the blue print showed takes place over a long process of time in the earth. Say you’re building a house according to a blue print, the . blue print is drawn up in one place while the house is built in another, only here the blue print is the revealed Word of God, but the world events, the nations involved are the EARTHLY MATERIAL used to match the drawn out blue print. Notice this dragon stood before the Woman Israel expecting to be delivered. Satan is fully aware the woman was ready to give birth to a son WHO WOULD RULE ALL NATIONS. Do you know who that son is? Of course you do, it is NOT MANIFESTED SONS who spring from a gentile church. It is none other than THE SON the Lord Jesus Christ. The heavenly vision (blue-print) revealed her giving birth to this man-child which is none other than a picture of Israel back in her home-land having returned from 70 years captivity in Babylon where after a period of many years the temple and city were rebuilt and stood in readiness for the coming of the Messiah. Israel is pictured standing in her home-land as the queen of nations when all of a sudden Christ is born to fulfill prophecy.Though, sad to say, Israel as a nation could not recognize him, BUT SATAN DID. Absolutely he recognized him and immediately began to seek means whereby he might destroy the manchild who one day would take his place. It had been he (Christ) who was appointed to rule all nations. What does Satan do? He wastes no time in approaching the leading religious theologians of the day, plotting and scheming to set things in motion to destroy the man-child. Not until after 31/2 years of Jesus’ ministry did the day finally arrive that Satan felt sure he had him. Do you remember which world empire ruled the world in that day? ROME OF COURSE. Which nation was being breathed down upon? Israel of course! Who was the key figure of the man-child was destined TO that day? None other than Jesus Christ, why was he? Because brothers and sisters he was born to be a ruler, Christ was born to be a deliverer, and as the devil got this thing under way, Christ was brought to trial. It is true Pilate, left his destiny in the hands of the Jewish nation who cried out the more when asked, “What shall I do with him, the Christ?” Their blood thirsty cry which arose from the multitude was Crucify him, crucify him and let his blood be upon us and our children.


Though it was the Jewish cry crucify him, their law would not permit crucifixation, then who actually hung him on the cross; who beat and mocked him, spitting upon • him and gambling for his clothes? Who placed a mock crown of sharp thorns upon his sacred brow and last of all wrote above his head Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews? It was none other than Rome, Rome was responsible for all this mistreatment to the Saviour. Notice the writing in Latin, Hebrew, and Greek, was not Jesus of Nazareth, Saviour of the world but KING OF THE JEWS. His hanging on the cross made him saviour of the world, but the writing over his head declared him King of the Jews. For Satan to have him hanging on a Roman cross gave him the assurance he would have no more trouble from this one, certainly it was Satan through the beastly world empire of Rome who stood with his mouth open to cast out a flood and devour that child.


What was this flood that proceeded from the mouth of the dragon to devour the child? It was none other than a flood of ridicule, false accusations and the other things that brought him to trial before the Roman governmental authorities. The Roman Soldiers in that day would be no different from soldiers in our day, they were merely fulfilling their obligations and duties, but the spirit behind all of this was none other than the old red dragon, SATAN THE DEVIL for he knew that in this manchild lay all those prophecies which had been spoken against him, furthermore he knew they were soon to be fulfilled and if he allowed him to get by, the day would come when he must forfeit his life and surrender all to the man-child, so there Satan stood embedded deep within the Roman empire ready to devour that child WHEN SUDDENLY SOMETHING HAPPENED. The woman who brought forth the manchild destined to RULE (future tense) all nations with a rod of iron, this can further be verified as to who the man-child was by Rev. 19 “And I saw heaven. Open, behold he sitteth on a white horse and the armies of heaven followed him, out of his mouth went a sharp two edged sword that he SHOULD SMITE THE NATIONS AND RULE THEM WITH A ROD OF IRON. Here the Eternal God has now brought forth the man-child destined to rule Israel, for that hour of deliverance had arrived, for the expectant with these prophecies of the word of God. Israel was the nation who knew in their proper time these prophecies would materialize and a king would be born. Notice he was destined to rule all nations, THIS DID NOT MEAN THE RULING HAD TO TAKE PLACE right then, for notice what happened-the woman’s child was caught up unto God and his throne, why does this take place?


As the word of prophecy had been born in the earth was to fulfill the prophecies that this nation bearing the man-child is to fulfill his appointed Messianic kingship, yet in the mind of God he had a two-fold purpose for this child, (1) He was to be saviour and (2) he was to be a deliverer not only for the Jew but for the gentile as well, and time must be alloted to fulfill the second part, for this, God allotted’ the grace dispensation to the gentiles. It was in the mind of God that the man-child would give his life and it was Satan’s aim to destroy him in order that he could not be king. God simply used Satan to fulfill his own purpose. Grid’s aim was to give his only begotten son, the kingship that had been purchased through his shed-blood. His blood would be given for an atonement. Here we see God using Satan to work out his own plan. For Satan’s angle was to get rid of him that the kingship might not materialize. In him lay all the authority to be king over all the earth. Satan felt . by destroying this child all would be ‘ lost, but all was not lost, from God’s stand-point he only used Satan to project his own purpose, that whosoever believeth on the son might not perish but have everlasting life. As the son forfeited his life the devil thought he was rid of him, only to see shortly afterward the keys of death and hell wrestle from him by the very one he had killed and Christ led captivity captive from paradise giving gifts unto men (Eph. 4). He is now caught up unto God with all the old testament saints which he brought out from paradise. CHRIST ENTERS INTO A NEW OFFICE AT THE THRONE, a priest-hood office where he maketh intercession for all the people of the earth who were to be saved and thanks be to God, the mainly was us Gentiles. Think of it, God offered first his divine plan of grace to the Jews, giving them every opportunity to accept the blessing you and I have so marvelously enjoyed in Christ these 1900 years. The nation of Israel was blinded to what God offered them as they could only see in the scriptures a king coming to Israel ushering in the kingdom Age. Because of this they were entirely unable to recognize that time has come in God’s program for a grace age and not a kingdom age. Writing to the Ephesian and Colossian church Paul said God had made him to understand the mystery of his will (the mystery age that lay between the law age and the kingdom age to bring in the gentiles was the grace age or church age, in order that God might make them also to become heirs of his marvelous gift of life. That Grace which was extended to the human race through Jesus Christ on Calvary’s cross. That which Satan had sought to destroy merely opened up a new age in God’s program, sending Christ who was born ON THE EARTH INTO THE HEAVENS to hold a high priestly office interceding for all the gentiles who believed on him. The poor Jew was shut out of this blessing because all he coma see from the old testament scriptures was a kingdom dispensation. Remember how even Christ’s own disciples when spoken to of the promise of the father said “LORD IS THIS THE TIME YOU WILL RESTORE THE KINGDOM TO ISRAEL?” Acts 1:7″? Showing his own chosen disciples still had this more on mind than anything else. We gentiles cannot understand this since we see grace spoken of in the law dispensation but for every verse you find in the old testament concerning a dispensation of grace you will find 3 verses speaking of the kingdom age. WHAT HAPPENED TO THE WOMAN WHO GAVE BIRTH TO THE MANCHILD? When Israel rejected the man-child as saviour, though one day she will accept him as king, God simply reached over and turned off the nation from his blessings the same as you would shut-off a stop-watch, though he will not cease watching over Israel while Christ for over 1900 years has been in the heavens interceding for Gentile believers or all who would call upon his name. THE JEWS MUST NOW GO INTO DISPERSION throughout all the gentile countries. There they shall be punished in order to fullfill their blood-thirsty cry, crucify him, crucify him and let his blood be upon us and our children. When Israel went into Babylonian captivity because of her disobedience she remained there 70 years. She had only blasphemed God’s Sabbaths failing to allow the land to rest but here the charge is much grater than when in the Babylonian captivity for now they have counted the holy blood of God in his son as a shameful thing and hath done despite unto the grace of Cod in judging themselves unworthily in not needing what God had offered, declaring he should be crucified and if by any chance there was any guilt of his blood let it be upon them (that generation) and their children (the following generations). So tor 1900 years while the gentiles have been enjoying the marvelous grace of God the poor Jewish people have entered in to dispersion for punishment. REV. 12: verses 5 & 6 Verses 5 & 6 deals with a time that Christ is interceding in his high priestly office for the grace age. Since the woman does not share in any of the grace blessing until barely before the close of the age, what happens unto her? Bear in mind Israel is God’s clock and time-piece and through-out the grace dispensation God’s clock has been stopped as far as his prophetic program for Israel is concerned. Remember Daniel learned that there had been 70 prophetical weeks determined upon his people. 69 of those prophetical weeks have been completed. Between the end of the 69th week and the 70th week lies the dispensation age of Grace. For the Jew, the clock will not begin to run again until that part of the prophetic week for Israel resumes at the closing of the gentile dispensation. ACCORDING TO GOD’S PROPHETIC TIME ISRAEL IS THE ONLY NATION WHO HAS A GOD-GIVEN CALENDAR WHICH COULD BE USED IN MEASURING PROPHETIC TIME. Our calendar as you are well aware is not a Hebrew calendar but a (Gregorian calendar) which consist of 365 days in a year, God’s calendar given to Israel is 360. Our calendar is Pegan dating back into the dark ages of originality. I only stressed this point to show when God cut this woman off ushering in the grace age, HE STOPPED HIS CLOCK, while Israel was in dispersion God stopped all prophecies. Watch now verses 5 & 6, as the man child is caught up unto God and his throne for a purpose, that purpose has lasted over 1900 years, but soon that purpose will have reached it’s ultimation and time will begin to flow once again for the Israelite nation who had been in dispersion IS NOW BACK IN HER HOME-LAND READY AND WAITING FOR THE KING OF GLORY WHO IS SOON TO COME TO HER. But before that happy day arrives the spiritual woman Israel will flee to the wilderness where in verses 7 there was a place prepared for her by God that she should BE FED 1260 DAYS. This verse is fulfilled NOT at the time the child is taken up into heaven, but well over 1900 years after she has been dispersed from her land and permitted by God to return and be in preparation for the coming of the king. Note this will only happen after she has made a covenant with the antichrist who for some reason shall break his covenant and pursue after Israel to annihilate her from the face of the earth, (Dan. 9:27) at which time the foolish gentile virgins of Matt. 25 shall also suffer extremely for their being foolish and not being prepared for the coming of Christ when he came to receive the bride unto himself. These being days the scripture refers to as days of GREAT TRIBULATION. (Matt. 24:22) During that period will verses 7 thru the end of the chapter for a short duration of 31/2 bloody years be fulfilled. This is the time when God will have the spiritual woman Israel A PLACE PREPARED that he may feed and nourish her for these 1203 SCORE DAYS while the anti-christ seeks to destroy her.


Between verses 5 & 6 lays the gentile church age period. I hope you can see it. What happened to the woman after the man-child was killed would take volumes, for her history would run from the disper-sion of the Jews at Jerusalem with the seige of Titus against the holy city in 70 a.d. to 1948 when Israel became a recognized nation by the U.S. until this present hour. While God’s Jewish time-piece stood still, let us briefly EXAMINE HER DISPERSED HISTORY AMONG THE GENTILES. Israel as we know was dispersed for almost 1900 years before being allowed to re-enter their land and prepare fo. the coming of the Messiah. Upon the Israelites rejecting Christ during his first coming he made a prophecy unto his disciples saying that Jerusalem would be trodden down by the gentiles until the gentile dispensation was fulfilled, at which time Christ said, Jerusalem would no longer be trodden down by the gentiles, But the people would be led away captive by the edge of the sword until this time and remain so until this time be fulfilled. ISRAEL’S 6-DAY WAR IN JUNE 1967 FREED THE CITY OF THE GREAT KING FOR THE FIRST TIME SINCE 70 A.D. FROM GENTILE POWER TRODDING IT DOWN. Israel wrestled Jerusalem from the Jordanian government, (Hussein’s government) in June of 1967. Providing no other gentile power conquers Jerusalem ever again this could very well have ended the prophecy of Christ to his disciples, Luke 21:20. SINCE 70 A.D. JERUSALEM HAS CON-TINUALLY BEEN TRODDEN DOWN BY ONE GENTILE POW-ER AFTER ANOTHER. Note, Christ did not say Samaria, Bethlehem, Caesarea, Phillipi nor any other place of Israel, ONLY JERUSALEM. His prophecy centered only around a four-mile territory in his day called Jerusalem. As to what happened to the woman, our story of her dispersion into gentile territories and under gentile rulership begins in 70 a.d. as Titus beseiged the holy city, burning it to the ground, leaving a million Jews dead. While human blood flowed down Jerusalem streets, the remaining Jews were led away captive unto all nations where they remain until the gentile dispensation be fulfilled. Did June 1967 fulfill the gentile dispensa-tion? One thing is certain, FOR THE FIRST TIME IN OVER 1900 YEARS JERUSALEM IS TOTAL-LY IN THE HANDS OF THE JEWS. NOTE: SEE TITUS’ DEFEAT OF JERUSALEM at end of this message.
King Hussein of Jordan was the last gentile power over the city. No doubt soon God will start his prophetic time-piece again and finish his program for Israel and the world, fulfilling Jacob’s 70th week, Daniel 12 and Rev. 12. How did the woman fair as she was dispersed among the gentiles? It is a known fact that no people has ever suffered in the last 1900 years as has the Jew who was a stranger in another land. No way could she know the rich spiritual blessings of God for she was forbidden to return to Jerusalem after 75 a.d. unto her home-land, only could she watch in anguish the many gentile powers toss her beloved city to and fro. Gentile blood runs deep over the areas of Jerusalem as one gentile power after another wrestled the holy city from the hands of some other gentile power. Volumes could be written on this alone, but as to the woman who was not allowed to return to her land everyone knows that God’s blessings upon the Jew only rests upon them when they are in their God-given land. Through the centuries they have fallen into the hands of some terrible gentile rulers, being blamed for every disastrous event to ever come upon the world. All because they cast their vote against the man child in voting for his crucifixation. In and around the 12th and 13th century came the black plague upon Europe where millions died because of the unexplainable sickness and before the cause was discovered in many circles it was blamed upon the Jews. Other things pertaining to this nation could be recorded. Had God not watched over this people there I would never have been enough to re-establish Israel and Jerusalem when the time did come for them to return home. Through out the centuries Satan has sought every means by which to destroy the Jew in attempting to hinder their fulfillment of prophecy in days to come. Perhaps no other period in history could be compared with World War 11 when Hitler and Eichman begin such a terrible reign of terror upon this race. When, at last, they were finally released from concentration camps in Europe, the dead count of the slaughtered, butchered, and massacred Jewish people numbered over 6,000,000, while yet untold thousands had rotted away unto almost a hopeless corpse before the Allied armies could free them from concentration camps in 1945, but FREEDOM FROM CONCENTRATION CAMPS HAD COME TOO LATE FOR 6,000,000 JEWISH PEOPLE. Yes, many gentile powers have mistreated the Jew unmerciful. How many yet does communistic Russia still hold, refusing them freedom? OVER 3,000,000! When Hitler crushed Poland, he found over 6,000,000 people he could make slaves while 31/2 million were his deadliest enemy THE JEW who he had vowed to annihilate from the face of the earth. It is strange that each major World War which involved gentile powers involved Israel as well. During the close of World War 1, Great Britian wrestled from the hands of the Turks, WITHOUT FIRING A SINGLE SHOT, the Holy City. Great Britain then sensing the need of the Jewish people for a home-land, prepared a small section of less than 9,000 miles, which, under their supervision, opened up a part of the Holy-land for a home for the wayward Jews. For 1900 years the Jew was well embedded in the gentile society and had obtained much of the wealth of the world, so he cared nothing about returning to a land and scratching a place in the dirt even though he knew it was his own home-land. So, he merely settled back to enjoy the gentile powers of wealth for another 20 years. In the meantime, a tiny segment of the Jewish race did return home. Though they battled with their Arab half-brothers, they would still rather do this than be in gentile hands of whom they looked upon as dogs, but after Hitler’s bloody purge and after the release from the concentration camps where thousands upon thousands more waited death. The Jew did not need to be encouraged to go home. We could never survive under something like this again. By the thousands they streamed across Europe to Israel, even faster than Britain could receive refugees back into his own home land. England was only accepting a few thousand refugees a month, but they came by every conceivable means until even an under-ground in Israel was organized to receive them at the cost of being displeasing under Great Britain. The island of Cyprus became the place where the thousands and thousands of Jewish refugees were herded by the British soldiers. The migration of the Israelite people steadily poured into Israel and today there are 21/2 million—they fly their own flag, have their own government. Their army recently astounded the world in a 6-day war. Just 3 years after World War 11, in 1948 Britain declared the Jewish People of Israel to be a separate and independent nation. In her past 20 year history Israel has fought 3 bloody wars with the Arabs, but it was not until 1967 that the entire city of Jerusalem was wrestled from the hands of gentile power, NO DOUBT TO FULFILL LUKE 17:21. Today at the closing of 1969, Israel is on the verge of plunging the great gentile powers of the world into the worst war ever to be recorded in history. (Note) World War I suffered the loss of 14,000,000 men, World War II suffered the loss of 60,000,000 lives on both fronts, but the war that the gentile powers are search-ing ways to avoid will cause the blood to run to the horse’s bridle as 200,000,000 men die. Yes every major world war in some way has involved the little nation of Israel in it.

Rev. 12:9, “AND THE GREAT DRAGON WAS CAST OUT THAT OLD SERPENT CALLED THE DEVIL AND SATAN WHO DECEIVED THE WHOLE WORLD; HE WAS CAST OUT INTO THE EARTH AND ANGELS WERE CAST OUT WITH HIM. Here we read about what God allows Satan to do at the closing hours of time. This is not a war-fare that could be seen with the naked eye in the heavens unless God would permit you to see through the eyes of the spirit what was transpiring. Though by what we of the natural surroundings and happenings upon the earth would make one believe truly somewhere there was a spiritual warfare in progress. Yes this is a spiritual war-fare. Verse 7 identified the timing of it. Since Israel has returned to her homeland and became a recognized nation in 1948. Now God in these hours has purposed to regather Israel from all nations, re-establishing her back into the home-land. In verse 7 the angel told John that Michael and his angels fought against the dragon, it has already been established that the dragon is none other than Satan portrayed in the heavens in all his embodiment of world power, (political and religious). Yet when you bring it down to earth it incorporates nations and kingdoms, economical, religions and military powers. It takes all this to make up Satan’s combined system which he has incarnated himself into its fullness. It portrays Satan, the devil, who will go about all of his expression of authority as a dragon would show his power. God’s word here declares that this final picture is none other than Satan’s last opportunity in allowing himself to be expressed in all his power and authority in any earthly system this side of the millenium. The major purpose of God here is to permit Satan to rise against Israel. In doing so this will complete Israel’s last chapter of chastisement. When this happens, Israel must be back in her homeland.


Reading from Jer. 30; we discover that God regathers the children of Israel back into the homeland in THAT HOUR (meaning when this beastly system rises up which is none other than Satan in his combined world powers) causing Israel once again to travail in pain as a woman about to give birth. Why is it portrayed in such manner? Because as Israel goes into her darkest hour under the anti-christ reign it shall be none other than Satan through his anti-christ system applying pressure on Israel causing her to travail and give birth to the second advent of Christ. Remember, before the man-child was born, later to be caught up unto God and his throne was none other than Israel giving birth to that first Advent. When Israel is brought back once again into the land just prior to the close of the age, she is again to go through birth pains for the second coming of the man-child who shall rule all nations with a rod of iron. (Rev. 19:15) THIS TRAVAIL OF BIRTH CAN ONLY BE ACCOMPLISHED IN ONE PLACE—HER HOME-LAND. This completed picture portrayed in the heavens is only the reflection of the long time happenings and events in the earth. As Satan is allowed to muster together all this under his influence, it will take time to fulfill itself down here on earth. As this bloodless battle takes place in the heavens Satan is seen losing it.


Next, Satan, is cast into the earth and is allowed in all his fury to incarnate himself into every God-less political system under the sun to form his one-world government. This my friends is why every government on the face of the earth has reached its end. That’s why today every economical system is facing bankruptcy. A short time ago I read in the newspaper where one of our economical men from the University of Indiana was saying it is necessary to try to develop some new means in attempting to curb the economic illness within our own country, yet the word of God shows they will never cure the economical set-up which is going on in the world today. This thing is definitely headed for a crash, a climax, when Satan will take everything over. Satan’s main objective is that he will be allowed to come against Israel with all this new combined power which he is allowed to muster together. This is the reason why we see everything in the world today heading toward one-world government, one-world army, one-world church, one-world money-all this under the leadership of one man. Who is this one-man? None other than the Pope of Rome, supposing to be the vicar or representative of Christ upon the earth—who, shameful to say, knows no more about the true plan of salvation than a you-know what. It’s nothing but strictly a political minded scheme, a conniving religious system that sits in Rome exactly in the same position of authority as did that of the ancient Caesars in days gone by before Rome toppled. The Caesars demanded worship, and the pope office is no different. The Caesars of Rome demanded that you bow at their feet. If you be one of the subjects of Rome today, you are still required to bow and kiss the pope’s feet and yet he pretends to be the vicar of Jesus Christ, the representative of Christ on earth. Never once did Christ require anyone to bow and kiss his feet, yet one day while he was eating, a tear filled ill-famed woman came and bathed his feet with her tears, wiped them with the hairs of her head and anointed his feet with precious ointment. But never once did he ask anyone to do it. They carry the pope on a manmade shift, while Christ walked or rode a donkey wherever he went. On the head of the pope they place a diamond-studded crown, but the only crown Jesus ever wore was one made of thorns. They used trained Swiss guards with swords to stand at his gates but Jesus said to his disciples, “Put up your swords, are you not aware I could call 12 legions of angels?” We now witness this thing being set in motion in a day where Satan is allowed to incorporate himself into all of this in the generation in which you and I live. True, we do not see the heavenly war-fare, but if you will keep your eyes open and watch things on the earth you can very well summarize and come to the conclusion what time it is. As things are now progressing up there it will be revealed through certain events down here. When the scriptures said Satan is pushed out of heaven that does not mean that all of a sudden he comes tumbling down to the earth, but as Michael wins the final victory, Satan is being slowly pushed down here to carry on all his diabolical plans. Then we hear a voice crying, “Woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth for Satan is come down into thee having great • wrath and power for he knows that he has but a short time.” And I heard with a loud voice, saying in heaven, “Now is come salvation and strength and the kingdom of our God and the power of his Christ, for the accuser of our brethren is cast down who accused them before God day and night.”


When will Satan be allowed to fulfill this against the woman Israel? None other than during the dark tribulation period and remember, IN THAT PERIOD THE BRIDE OF CHRIST IS NOT HERE, so those being accused by Satan on this earth could not be the Bride of Christ. This verse refers to the accused brethern, the Jews, and incorporated in this naturally, are the foolish virgins, who have now become a very serious minded people. It is dealing with those who still hold to the testimony of Jesus Christ that he and he alone is the Saviour of their souls, unto that Orthodox Jew they will still be holding to the word of God which is the old Mosaic Law. Our following verses plainly reveal that during this dark hour there will be only two kinds of true believers in God left on the earth. 1-the true Jew, 2-the gentile foolish virgin. This should not confuse anyone, it is true-you will have all kinds of people in the world, UNBELIEVERS, and MAKE-BELIEVERS but many of these individuals who we now refer to as make-believers are going to suddenly wake up to this false Babylonian church whose leadership they will definitely be under. This anti-christ will literally persecute that foolish virgin as well as the true Jew under the power of the papacy during that dark period. WHAT ABOUT. THAT UNBELIEVER? He is just a man of the world, who is better off than the make believer because the word of God plainly teaches any man or woman who bows to this deadly system, receiving a mark in their hand or their forehead during that hour would never be forgiven. Rev. 14:9-11. We know from Bro. Branham’s teaching that basically to receive this mark in the hand or forehead is TO RECEIVE THEIR DOCTRINE and turning yourself over to Satan where you will believe a lie and be damned (11 Thess. 2:11). By the fact of the mark being in your hand you show fellowship with those systems, nevertheless, during that dark hour the Image (World Church) will make a decree throughout the world that no man buys or sells except he wear the mark of identification to the beast. This will mean you have personally identified yourself with the “beasts.” Thank God the bride will not be here during that dark hour, although we do see signs within the •earth that this is rapidly rising more and more as Satan is allowed leave way to press himself into this system. God is giving us plenty of signs within his word that we may know of its nearness and rush hurriedly into the name of the Lord which is a strong tower to be safe before that terrible hour overtakes the world. Already Satan is being allowed to press himself into this period of time, watch Rev. verse 11, there is something going to be done.


Notice carefully who is to be the over corner in that hour—not the bride, she is already gone, Satan will be here in his beastly system, the bride will be translated into glory, that is why God is now giving his little bride an opportunity to become a true believer—a word believer—through the preaching of the revealed word. Only these kinds of believers will be at the marriage supper, from this generation. As we see God preparing to clean up his bride and make herself ready to go, we also witness the devil coming closer and closer preparing to usher in this dark period when the bride leaves. By this time Satan will have this well under control for Paul said in 11 Thess. 2; that day shall not come until there shall come first a falling away and the man of sin be revealed. To say one day you won’t know who he is, while the following day you will know exactly who he is, IS NOT THE MEANING—HIS REVELATION also is a gradual period of time coming into full maturity.


Already we know what the spirit of the anti-Christ is. It’s the false church under the leadership of the pope. The fact Paul taught in Thess. concerning the revealing of the man of sin means there will come a definite hour when Satan will take over the full reigns of all this. (Hour here does not mean 60 min. It could mean 6 months where everything in the world will work out their problems.) Finally one day the scripture teachs they will all turn their authority over to this one agent. That’s why today world leaders are beginning to look more and more to the pope as an ambassador of peace, or one to stabilize the peace. IT IS THAT THE SPIRIT OF SATAN IS ALREADY HERE GRADUALLY TAKING OVER LITTLE BY LITTLE, at the same time the cloak is being taken off things and we see his revelation coming more and more into focus. Yes, it’s enough to make you run into the arms of the Lord Jesus to be ready to leave when he comes for his bride. For the Bride of Christ will not be here when the anti-christ comes into full power and full authority. Coming into this power will be Satan literally incarnating himself into this papal office. By this I do not mean to infer the man is Pope Paul, Paul could die, it could be the next man, but THIS IS THE OFFICE. We must admit that Pope John did set things in motion toward this end. Something that had not been accomplished for hundred and hundreds of years before. Truly he was the prophet of this ecumenical drive while Pope Paul who bore the name of the apostle Paul, picked up where John left off. The newspap-ers portrayed a picture of Pope Paul in all of his fancy dress carrying a huge book on his shoulder, IT WAS A BOOK OF OLD DOGMAS and behind the man in the picture was a great explosion—this represented the Roman Catholic church reeling and rocking. In spite of world systems he is the agent, the head of it who is going to make some drastic changes to temper things down. Always this has been the tactic of the catholic church playing both ends against the middle. I’m not seeking to pick a personal fight with any catholic anymore than with the Methodists or Baptists or anyone who has sold out and has gone Satan’s way. The spirit of Satan is now being pressed into the earth, BECAUSE HE IS LOSING HIS BATTLE IN THE HEAVENS. Shortly he will make a complete take-over in all far-eastern countries, where little Israel is striving to exist. n In that hour when Satan, through his systems especially his false church and his man of sin, will take over completely the reigns of world governments. During this short period of time YOU who are left had really better have something to hang on to. Because if you ever confess that the blood of Jesus Christ was the means where-by your sins were cleansed and you will not bow down to this one world church system, then brother look out! Mainly two classes of people during that hour will be the major target for the devil’s onslaught.


Read further, and THEY OVER-CAME HIM, (Who? The Jew and the foolish virgin) for at the hour according to Matt. 25; when Jesus appeared for his bride, the foolish had no oil, and were left on the earth to be plunged into this dark tribulation period. When Christ said to the foolish virgin, “1 know you not,” he was saying he did not know them intimately for to know them intimately they would need to have had the same spirit as he within their lives which was the oil in the vessel—THE FOOLISH VIRGIN DID NOT HAVE OIL though they were a clean pure virgin of the word-it was the blood of Jesus Christ that had made them what they were. Therefore they were still God’s people who could not go in the bride, BUT WOULD DEFINITELY SERVE ANOTHER PURPOSE. Truly they thought they were bride material, but they’re left here to face the terrible beastly system along with the poor orthodox Jew who is cast into that dark hour of tribulation.


Why does Satan arise in all of his fury suddenly turning against Israel? Why is a covenant made with her and then broken? The devil is fully aware of what is written in the word. Satan has always been against Israel. He knows the hour is getting close for the man-child who was caught up unto God’s throne, now serving in a high priestly office for Gentile believers, is SOON TO RETURN AND SET UP HIS KINGDOM. Already unsuccessful-ly, Satan has attempted to use the Arab nations to hinder this purpose from being fulfilled. Satan, at all cost, must destroy that nation in an attempt to stop that man-child from returning and setting up a kingdom where all nations would go to Zion in Jerusalem to worship God. Satan, in that short hour of Prophetic time, has a plan whereby he combines all the world systems and turns them against the woman who has previously borne the man-child. To get at this woman for his last time Satan sends a flood out of his mouth-what is this flood? It is A FLOOD OF DIRE PERSECUTION OF EXTREME HATRED AGAINST THE JEWISH RACE. This is to exterminate all Israel exactly as Old Nasser and the Arab states declared they would do in June 1967. “We are going to drive Israel into the sea,” boasted Nasser, and in one spot Israel would have only had to be driven 10 miles to be in the Mediterranean. Nasser’s aim and purpose under Satan’s guidance was to utterly destroy Israel, but in only 6 days Israel had paralyzed the Arab ordinance—Turning the table on Nasser and almost taking away all of his territory. In 6 days Israel’s tiny boundaries leaped from 9000 sq. miles to over 39,000. What is wrong with the Arabs today? They are so terribly embarrassed at the stinging defeat they suffered at the hand of the little nation of only million, while their combined forces were 100,000,000. Today the Arabs are squabbling for Israel to return their territories. I have my doubts that as close as it is to the coming of the Lord, Israel will never give up this territory. It must be kept to fulfill the land covenant of God to Abraham.


This shows your two groups of believers left on the earth during that hour who overcome the beast. These loved not their lives above their death. The blood of the lamb represents the gentile foolish virgin believer who had been left, yet still clinging to the testimony that salvation is by the shed blood of Jesus Christ. Notice who these others are. And by the word of their testimony—this takes you back to the testimony of those souls that were under the altar under the 5th seal, THESE UNDER THE ALTAR IN THE 5TH SEAL WERE JEWS and notice what was said of them after white robes had been given unto them—not because they testified to the blood of Jesus Christ, but because of the testimony they held which was the word of God, the law of Moses, THOSE UNDER THE ALTAR WERE INSTRUCT-ED TO BE PATIENT A LITTLE LONGER UNTIL THEIR BRETHERN WERE KILLED. This could be no other than the Jewish people who loved not their lives unto death, showing this is that terrible dark hour when the beastly system rose up against Israel with one-sole purpose in mind, to exterminate her but not only will it be against the woman Israel, but throughout the gentile world there will be those believing christians who could not qualify for the Bride of Christ who will not bow to the dictates of the world anti-christ system. Then shall come that great wave of persecution fed into the world’s slaughter pens where the earth will be filled with the blood of martyrs.

1. This slaughter shall make Hitler’s persecution against the Jew look like child’s play when the anti-christ rises against those who still held the testimony of the blood of Jesus Christ and 2. those who held to the word of their testimonies, (Jew) (Mosaic Law), There-fore rejoice ye heavens and ye that dwell in them but woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth and of the sea FOR THE DEVIL HAS COME DOWN UNTO YOU HAVING GREAT WRATH KNOWING HIS TIME IS SHORT. We notice in verse 13 when the devil came down no doubt he is panicky when he is fully aware he was cast upon the earth and he persecuted the woman who brought forth the man-child. The woman was none other than Israel who in days gone by had become expectant through prophecy which is none other than the seed word of God. With all this fresh in Satan’s mind, he knows that at all cost he must destroy the woman and prevent the man-child’s purpose to be fulfilled. Notice when the dragon saw that he was cast upon the earth, knowing the shortness of time, HE PERSECUTED THE WOMAN, and to the woman was given the two wings of an eagle that she might fly into the wilderness. (Rev. 12:14)

In Rev. II, we read two prophets are to be sent to Israel, these are the two anointed ones, who shall do great wonders and signs in Israel. What are these great wonders and signs for? To vindicate their prophecies, they’ll not preach a gospel like you and I have been privileged to hear for almost 2000 years, but they will literally prophesy to the Jewish nation. Their prophecies will be none other than the thoughts of God flowing down through these two prophets unto A SELECTED GROUP OF JEWISH PEOPLE who Jehovah God has selected to represent WITHIN this prophetic picture of the woman in Rev. 12. Do not get my following statement confused with the woman (herself) portrayed in Rev. 12.

WHO ARE THE 144,000

This woman must never be confused with the 144,000 Jews coming from all tribes pictured in Rev. 7 and 14. True THIS 144,000 IS A PART OF THAT WOMAN, BUT IS NOT ALL THAT GO TO MAKE UP THAT WOMAN, for notice in Rev. 7 and 14 it clearly states that this 144,000 are Jewish men who are referred to as servants (within the woman). These are sealed with the knowledge of who the Messiah is, (Lord Jesus Christ). The 144,000 are THE CHOSEN SERVANTS OF GOD TO PREACH THE EVER-LASTING GOSPEL DURING THE TRIBULATION PERIOD, it is through their preaching that warns the people to get away from this diabolic system with which their nation HAS ALREADY SIGNED A COVENANT, “get away from this thing, have no part of this, it is not of God,” this will be their message—not a message of the good news that was preached in the world before the rapture of the bride of Christ. It will be many of these foolish virgins and the 144,000 Jews, who cry out and are persecuted heavily for their testimony. Reading all 3 phrases of their message, it is shown their one message is a warning to get away from that diabolical system with which their Country has signed an agreement. WHATEVER YOU DO DON’T BOW TO THAT THING! Because of their testimonies, many people in the world will not bow before this Satanic system. Some people have thought this 144,000 Jews from all tribes is just something to be suddenly sealed away with the seal of God placed upon them until the millenium reign. This could not be true. It is true that these 144,000 will be sealed and they shall be in the millenium, but remember THEY ARE MEN. How could God repopulate the Jews in the millenium with men only? Can you answer that? So therefore the woman signified in the Rev. 12 is under another classification of Jew. In Rev. 12 these are Jews, BOTH MEN AND WOMAN BOYS AND GIRLS ALIKE, WHO SHALL BE SCATTERED THE WORLD OVER. God’s dealing with this woman in Rev. 12 is exclusively for one . purpose only. That is to preserve a posterity seed of the Nation of Israel to be planted for the Millenium. Don’t ask me how many there are going to be—only God knows. But the purpose of God is that he might preserve this woman otherwise when he sent his own wrath through Jesus Christ with his bride, the woman would have been literally liquidated from off the face of the earth. Then how could Jesus Christ be king of all nations? . Each time I study history about a king my mind goes back to a man who either wears a sword or a crown on his head or one who holds a sceptre in his hand. He’s not standing out there putting on a show, but, he is ruling over his subjects. Rev. 19 plainly states when heaven was opened Jesus was seen on a white horse who, along with his bride, was coming to this earth riding white horses. All who rode horses had glorified bodies. Why was he coming back to this earth? He was coming to smite the earth with the wrath and authority of God invested in him, in his kingship, for HE is the man-child. Why is he coming to earth? Israel is on earth in hard travail as a woman travailing to give birth. Israel is in travail to bear the second advent of the coming of the Lord. The anti-christ spirit incorporated in this system will be trying their utmost to liquidate these Jews, who have heard the two prophets God sent to the earth before the starting hours of that 3 1/2 years of Great Tribulation. As they prophecies the true Jews listened intently to their testimony and their obedience the listening to the words of these two eagles of God who are prophets is what saved them. EAGLES ARE ALWAYS REFERRED TO AS PROPHETS. Verse 14 states the woman was given two wings of an eagle, what could this mean? Symbolically, it is the prophecy of these two prophets, Elijah and Moses, who had been sent to warn the Jews what to do in this dark hour of tribulation. Satan’s last attempt to destroy the nation that the man-child would be scheduled to return and reign over. Their message delivered to true Israel was for the preservation of that nation as it has been stated. There. could easily be over 17,000,000 Jews around the world in that hour. According to Zachariah as many as 75% could be liquidated while 25% would be left for prophetic seed for the new age. These to be protected and sheltered through the message of these two prophets can only be those who truly love God, the rest would be slaughtered when the devil rises to spew out the flood of extreme hatred against the Jews during his final attempt to get rid of the woman.


V-16 It is said the earth opens up her mouth and swallows the flood. What could this symbolize? It means simply that many people of the world out of the bowels of their compassion had sympathy and will open their homes just as it has been in ages past. Some people have wanted to signify the earth opens up and swallowing the flood, probably was an earthquake where there would appear a great crack in the earth and drank in all the water. First, 1 say this flood is not literally water, IT IS A FLOOD OF EXCESSIVE HATRED AGAINST GOD’S CHOSEN PEOPLE. The meaning here is God causes certain elements (people) of the earth to open up their homes for hiding to shelter those fleeing from the anti-christ. People of the earth will open up in sympathy toward these Jews and they will accept them and shelter them for a period of 31/2 years. This shall be the fulfillment of Matt. 25:32-46. Let me to ask one simple question. If this woman is going to be given two wings of an eagle to fly away into the wilderness where she will be nurtured for the space of a 1203 score days HOW LONG WILL SHE ACTUALLY BE GONE? 3 1/2 years. That’s the exact length of Israel’s great tribulation. My question-When does Israel hear her two prophets?


Danial’s 70th week which Israel must enter into before the end of all things HAS NOT YET STARTED. Out of the middle of the 70th week comes a broken covenant with the antichrist prior to the last 31/2 years. Dan. 7:27, Teaches the antichrist made a covenant with Israel for one week or 7 years. In the midst of that 7 years or one week the antichrist breaks his covenant with Israel. Now her great tribulation will begin which is her last 31/2 years of the week. In the middle of this prophetic week, according to Dan. 9:27, the anti-christ shall cause to cease the evening oblation and for the over spreading of abomination (which means excessive hatred against the Jew) he shall make it desolate even until the consummation and that determined shall be poured upon the desolate (the worst 31/2 years of Israels 70th and last week is then under way). This 31/2 year period is the Great Tribulation and is called Jacobs trouble in Jer. 30:8. If you are interested in bible shows you what a prophetic week is, study together Gen. 29:20 and 27, also Gen. 31:41. Now my question is since the woman in Rev. 12 is given two wings of an eagle (the two prophets message) to fly away into the wilderness for her last 31/2 years where she shall be nurtured for 31/2 years (which is the great tribulation period which she spends running for her life.) When did these two prophets come to Israel,, if there is only 31/2 years left to begin with of that prophetic week? There was no other time they could have come but before the broken covenant which according to scriptures had been made for one week or 7 years. PROPHETS PROPHESY 31/2 YEARS ; Before according to Rev. 11:3 these two prophets prophesy 1203 score days (31/2 years) before they are ‘ killed. Some where in the beginning of that seven years, or last prophetical week period was the hour of their prophesy. Remember also according to Rev. 12, Israels days of persecution by the beast was 31/2 years and that is during THE LAST HALF OF THE PROPHETIC WEEK. This is definitely not the same 31/2 year Period. According to some who teach it was Jesus who was broken off in the middle of the last week leaving Israel only 31/2 years left to be fulfilled. That would be placing the coming of the two prophets BEFORE THE DEATH OF JESUS CHRIST. This is impossible for she was in the desert her last 31/2 years running for her life.


When does Israel hear her two prophets who warns them what they must do during their last 31/2 years in the wilderness, and cries out against the nation of Israel for having made a covenant for one week with the anti-christ or would you be naive enough to believe that these two prophets spent the last 31/2 years chasing Israel down, chasing down also the 144,000 in order to give them their God sent message knowing what to do during the last 31/2 years they spend running for their life. It cannot be, your timing would be badly off. The scripture teaches in Rev. 11, that the two prophets came on the scene prophesied and smote the earth with plagues of all kinds. They did all this for what purpose? To awaken the Jewish nation to the fact that their Messiah the king is coming soon, but that he will not come until the tribulation hour has fully drawn to a close. They must arrive on the scene to warn these true Jews of that system they have already signed the Covenant with and how to prepare to escape during that last hour which they must endure. I can see these two Jews, these two prophets with the Moses and Elijah spirit upon them as they stand in the streets of Jerusalem and prophesy. These old long-haired orthodox Jews with his pigtails wagging back and forth will NOD YES to their message, but some of those modern-ist Jews have no more conviction than some people in the United States have, but when that true Jew will say yes, deep down in his heart he has been sealed away. His only means of escape from that dirty devil who has incorporat-ed himself into this system when Satan tries to reach over and destroy that Jewish Nation will be the message already delivered by these two prophets. THIS IS THE HOUR KNOWN AS JACOB’S TROUBLE. The anti-christ will then break the covenant with the Jewish nation. This was never a covenant of Grace. I can see him reach over and take her sacrifice away after her temple is erected. Brother, when he takes that sacrifice away from her I can see those true Jews doing exactly like the devout Jews did during the days of Josephus when the Roman General came to the gates. Many will say as they grab their swords, here we die! But on the other hand, that Jew who listened to the two prophets will look at each other and say this is our sign, WE’RE GETTING OUT OF HERE. Just as Jesus instructed his disciples that day, when you see Jerusalem compassed with great armies then let him which be in Judea get out of here, and get to the mountains, (Luke-21:21) let him which is upon the house-top not come down and try to pack his house belongings away for these be the days of “great tribulation”. This was partly fulfilled under General Titus in 70 A.D., marching against Jerusalem—a type of this last day event. When the anti-christ brings his armies against Jerusalem to set forth this death struggle, 1 can just see these true Jews which is portrayed as this true woman in Rev. 12 having already heard the two prophets say, NOW IS THE TIME. Brother, that is just like some of these gentile believers who have heard the message that Brother William Branham delivered if they don’t get out of these Babylonian systems they are going to be here when the bride is gone and many of them are going to be foolish virgins and be forced to drink of the cup of martyrdom along with those Jews when that Jews hour come in. More could be said about this woman and the man-child. The bride will not be here-at this dark hour she will be gone. But before she is caught away, according to the scripture, the coming together of all this and the manipulation of all this will be so very close that you might refer to it as a lion on your heels. That’s why Paul said, “That day shall not come except there be a falling away first and the man of sin be revealed,” We know the spirit of iniquity doth all ready work! We know what his office is! We know what his whole system is, and how its to be made up for that hour, yet awaits for his full identity meaning when the world will say, HERE IS THE MAN THAT NOW CAN GIVE A TRUTH and when that man is fully announced then the devil is going to take the complete thing into his power.


Very few actually know why Rome destroyed Jerusalem – in 70 A.D. This is the Actual account as recorded by Josephus, the Jewish Historian. It seemed that the sixties (especially between 65 & 70) witnessed much religious struggle for power. The Major three groups struggling for the religious power especially the high priest office were the Zealots, the Sadduccs and the Pharisees. It seemed that no one group could hold the High priest office and temple offices for any length of time before the other rival group would soon rise with enough strength to overthrow the present administration-and place their man in the priest chair. This overthrow of power developed into civil war between these religious factions in the religious circle until it became a continual Civil war involving far more than mere religious struggles for power. Multitudes of innocent bystanders were being killed, caught between their struggles. This became so alarming that the Sanhedrin sought government aid from Cestiues Gallus the Roman governor to surpress these social party uprisings. To do so, the Governor sent 30,000 men to restore imperial authority, Autumn 66 the troops under the command of Sesus entered Jerusalem. The Jews retreated to the temple, leaving to him the possession of the city which he burned. Their encountering battles with the Jews were insufficient to put down the Civil religious uprising, while the Victorious Jews returned to the City putting on a demonstration of Joy-The Roman soldiers, beaten and battle scared with their heavy loss of 9000 men, returned to Gallus the Roman Governor who immediately sought Imperial Aid from Nero the Roman emperor who dispatched Vespacian with 60,000 troops. Vespacian encountered very little opposition crossing Galilee. Gabara was the First place to put up any resistances, yet all the Inhabitants and the city was destroyed. Next he turned his vast army against Jotopata a rock fortress in the bosom of the Mountain. Josephus who was in this stronghold wanted to surrender to the Romans but his view was not shared by fellow officers who said if they had to die fighting so would he. Josephus knew they were not match for 60,000 men who were the most advanced troops of that day with 160 bombardment machines.


For 47 days they held the stronghold until a traitor from within showed the Roman’s how to take over. That night 40,000 Jews were killed in their sleep. God’s Providence spared Josephus who prophesied, Oh! Vespasian, knoweth not thou shall soon be emperor of Rome. Unbeknowings to Vespasian, Nero had already been killed and a runner was on the way to give Vespasian the news. On the Army marched with out resistances from Jaffa to Tiberus. The only Fortress to offer resistance was Gamala at the cost of 9000 men, also dying in this battle was King Agrippa. Jerusalem was their next stop, to put down the Civil strife causing so much detriment. Again the civil war was in progress between the Zealots and the Sadducees with the Zealots in present power at the arrival of Vespasian. These Crazed Jews, because they drove off 30,000 Romans, decided to fight instead of surrender. Simon the Zealot priest, with 2400 men, seized the temple and fortified themselves within it. The three hostile garrisons were determined to defend themselves against their one common enemy, the Roman Empire. Some of the religious sect holding the greatest number of men were placed in positions of defending the city under the more disadvantaged positions. Jerusalem was strongly protected and fortified naturally, surrounded by three strong walls and ninety lofty towers. The first wall being 171/2 feet thick with stones 38 feet long was considered to be almost impregnable, also guarded by her mighty towers. Built on the same solid masonry. Her second wall began at the gate of Gennath on the west and intersected to the lower city then ran to the northwestern tower of Antoiad, which alone stood on a high precipitous rock 90 feet high. At the N.W. the third or inner wall which enclosed Zion started from the southwest side of the temple, ran first south and then turned westward till it joined the tower Attichos. Then the wall running southward to Bethuras along the ridge of the valley Hinnom to the pool of Siloum then turned on to the temple. Strong were these walls; strong and impregnable as were these towers. The eastern and southern side were preciptious while the other sides had been walled in to the height of 500 ft.-such was the mighty strength of Jerusalem against the Roman troops encamped about on that memorial passover in the year 70 when the seige commenced. Vespasian made no real attack on the city before he was called back to Rome to become Emperor. Nero had been killed. Remember, Josephus had prophesied this previously. The nearly 50,000 were turned over to Titus to wage the battle against Jerusalem.

Five miles from Jerusalem Titus stopped at Gibeath -Saul. Taking an escort of 600 forces, he proceeded to the city only to find the gates closed and the surrounding peaceful and quite. As the squadron turned toward the Tower Psephinus a band of defenders rushed through the gate separating Titus from his men. Retreat nor advance seemed possible. Titus dashed through his assailants, cut-ting his way through. The following day he advanced his troops to Jerusalem. The 12th and 15th legions were camped in front, the fifth behind them, the 10th on Mt. Olive. While inside Jerusalem on the eve of the passover was another attack upon the present administration in the high priest’s office—more civil war had broken out between the various parties. The 10th legion seized work at Mt. Olive and began digging trenchs, certainly expecting no trouble from the Jews who were engaged inside in their own civil war, but the Jews surprised them, rushing irresistibly forward causing the 10th legion to retreat. The safety of the entire legion became impregnable until Titus arrived with reinforcements, driving the assailants into the valley of Kidron.

Emperor Titus Vespasian. Destroyer of Jerusalem and the Temple, 69-70AD. Image: Wikimedia Foundation
Titus Vespasian

Later that day the troops resumed operations only to be face; with another vigorous attack from across the valley. Again the 10th legion took flight. The Romans began cutting down trees and leveling all rocks that stood be-tween them and the city. So many hands were employed in this work it was accomplished in four days. Meantime Titus sent offerings of peace to the city only to have his soldiers driven away as those on the walls were clammering wildly for peace. Titus again sends new officers along with Josephus to the city to reason with the Jews but to no avail. As the ambassadors were driven away by a stream of arrows, the besiegers danced on the ramparts at their success. Titus, moving nearer to the city, established himself one quarter mile from the first wall (which was the lowest). Work now began by the Roman troops in readiness for bombardment, building themselves plat-forms, some the height of 70 feet making it level with the wall. Huge platforms were necessary to roll about their bombardment ma-chines, support companies of bow-men, slingers, and javelin men. The engines were constructed on two principals— 1. The catapult, an enormous crossbow for the dis-charging of arrows that could send arrows at such a rapid flight sparks of fire were created. 2. The ballista was composed of a spring of tough wood which, being drawn by human force or by a screw to a horizontal position, was suddenly set free by the blow of a hammer, hurled stones at such considerable force that Josephus related he witnessed a stone cut off a man’s head at 600 yards. Their engines were powerful and when well directed, shook the wall with the force of a cannon.

Roman Ballista

Titus divided his army into 3 divisions, each forming an embankment of its own. Between the embankments he placed his ma-chines. Behind the machines the archers were placed. The 10th legion attacked by constructing ballista, throwing 50 lb. stones to the distance of two furlongs. Jewish watchmen, recognizing the stones by their whiteness, cried out, the bolt is coming, thus enabling them to avoid the blow. Finally the Romans discovered the whiteness of the rocks were give-away so they blackened the stone making them invisible and crushed numbers of men at a time. The Jews themselves also had a few weapons called seige engines taken from Ceastus before Vespasian arrived, however ignorance of their usage made them of little effect. Their major harassment of the enemy was frequent assaults but the Roman missiles wrought terrible havoc before the rams were brought into place. When all was in readiness three of these engines were advanced to begin their battering of the wall and the effect struck terror in the heart of the Jew. Jews launched fire upon these machines and operators. They would dash out, tear away the screen and slay the men protected behind them. At last the ram belonging to the 15th legion brought down the corner of the tower. This threw such terror into the Jews all operations were suspended temporarily. While Roman soldiers congratulated themselves upon their success and set working plans in operation to penetrate the next gate, suddenly from an unperceived gate a complete unit of Jews came pouring forth with flaming brands to set the machines afire. Had it not been again for Titus arriving on the scene with more troops the day’s work would have been lost. Titus alone killed 12 men with his bare hands. On the 4th night after the commencing of the seige the first wall was completely weakened by the ramming machines. The Jews fled the area retiring to their second place of defense. As orders were given to attack the 2nd wall the conflict became most furious. Jews fought more daring and courageous than ever. Having sections of the outer wall removed Titus now advances his ramming engines into position against the 2nd defense. As the ramming commenced against the second wall the Jews showed signs from the wall of surrender. While at the same time signaling to the 2nd group of their conflicting parties fighting for the high priest control to prepare to give the Ro- mans a warm reception. Titus discovered this maneuver and moved more vigorously in his assault against the Jews. The Jews now set fire to the great tower and fling themselves into the flames as the rams demolished the tower wall. The 2nd enclosure was taken on the 2nd day of its attack. In this area and part of the new city was where the braziers, woolstaplers and clothier warehouses were situated. The romans now in the streets of the city felt sure Titus would give an order to demolish all of these houses but he did not. He warned his men against plunder. Whenever possible Jews would fall upon the troops as they entered the city. From house to house; from courts and every street and gate the Jews would pour into these enclosures and fight with rage. Again Titus hastened to the aid of his troops placing archers at the head of the lanes and streets to gain time for his beaten soldiers to retreat outside the wall. This victory raised high the spirit of the Jews for as the Romans had captured the 2nd line they had been repulsed. For three days the Jews barricaded the breach and defended it, however, on the 4th they were compelled to retreat and Titus once again entered. Clearing away a part of the wall and the towers, this left only one wail remaining with the larger part of the city in Roman control. Still there remained the most important work to be accomplished for the strongholds of the 3rd wall and what lay behind it would be the most important stand for the Jews. Titus withdraws his troops for 4 days giving the Jews time to reconsider surrender at which time he held a review of the troops, paid them their salaries and gave a new supply of provisions. The legions marched with glittering shields and gay accouterments, while the calvary was decked in their glorious trappings. Seemingly, the only sad ones in the crowd were Jewish people beholding the doom of their city. The entire length of the third wall was crowded with spectators, even standing on rooftops. Titus had hoped such a display would bring the Jews to terms. His hopes were shattered when his messengers returned. On the 5th day he resumed his offensive. Each Roman leader was given 300 catapults and 40 balistae. The condition of the inhabitants inside Jerusalem was growing more severe. Famine was evident; Corn was nowhere to be seen. The search for food grew severe. Anyone looking sleek was suspected of having a secret storeroom. His house was visited and if nothing was found he was tortured. If the stores were discovered, he was punished for not producing it on demand. If it was possible to purchase a single measure of wheat or barley, one would do it at the cost of one half of his property and then eat it in a most secret place of his house, either raw or half cooked. No one dared set a table for a meal. Wives would steal the last morsel from their husband, children from parents and parents from children. Mothers would rob crying infants of the milk nature supplied them by consuming it themselves. Any kind of food was readily acceptable and eaten in peril of robbers for they were sure to be near. People would burst into others homes and pluck crumbs from the eater. Old men were scourged until they surrendered their last morsel clutched between their fingers. Women were dragged by their hair until they gave up what they possessed. Children seized, whirled and dashed against stone wall and then robbed of little morsels held in their unconscious hands. It was said of the two rival parties causing all the trouble whose high priest was Simeon and John. One party would plunder the poor only to have the other party plunder them. Between the two parties all was completely stripped. Josephus described them as drinking to each other out of the blood of the citizens and shared their corpses between them. Furthermore it was evident that no food could be brought into the remaining part of the city of Jerusalem for Roman soldiers had cut off all entrances.

Starving Jews who had wandered out in search of food were captured and put to death. 500 per day were crucified until there were no room for crosses. Titus pretended he did not have enough men to handle so many prisoners. This was a military necessity. The Jewish soldiers delighted to point out acts of cruelty by the Romans to their citizens. Titus sent prisoners back to talk terms of surrender with their sword hand missing. The Jews shouted defiances at Titus saying they despised death but preferred it to slavery. As long as they could breathe they would do all mischief possible to the Romans. Seventeen days later after building a high embankment against the tower of Antonia, the engines were brought into striking positions against the wall. As the attackers were ready to commence, John sprang a mine which had been constructed under the banks and down they rolled amidst smoke and flame and half smothered combustibles. The Romans were thunderstruck, giving up all attempt to preserve their works. Two days Simon and his party made an attempt to destroy the other embankments. Here the Romans faced their heaviest attacks by the starving Jew as they fought desperately to hold this last wall, pouring hot liquid fire down upon the Romans, driving them back and destroying their mounts causing them to suffer loss of all their labor. The Romans now began to despair in capturing Jerusalem by ordinary means of warfare. Now thwarted in his efforts, Titus held a special meeting where 3 plans were proposed to capture the city— 1. Storm the city with all available troops; 2. Block it and starve the city into submission; 3. Repair the engines and resume the operations. Titus opposed the first plan saying, men fight harder when driven in desperation. Settling on the second, he moved his large force outside the city and waited to starve them out. His plan was to surround the city five miles by an embankment which was accomplished in 3 days. The Jews were now cut on on every side and the famine took a wider range devouring entire families. Houses were full of dying men, women and children while in the streets lay the dead, old and infirm. Young men staggered about the market place only to fall dead. Burying their dead was an impossibility, others were too weak to do so. Many died while attending to the dead. Amidst these horrors no wailing or weeping could be heard but with dry eyes and open mouths the living witnessed the dead go to rest. Robbers continued plundering not only the living but the dead, testing the temper of their swords upon dying men. The first order was for the public to bear the cost of burying the dead, soon the expense became so heavy they merely hurled the dead over the walls into the valley. The death toll amounted to 600,000. Titus, as he made his rounds, is said to have groaned and stretched his hands toward heaven, to have called God to witness that this was not his work. Deserters now begin to arrive in the Roman camp, throwing themselves over the walls or pretending to go out to fight the enemy. Their description of things inside were terrible—houses now being turned into catacombs; sewers and old dung hills were searched for food. Men ate their belts, shoes and even leather covering on their shields. The rich managed to live on old hay for they alone could afford it. Robbers roaming the street, broke into a house after smelling flesh cooked was horror struck upon witnessing a woman eating her infant. Meantime military operations began against the city. Realizing their former bombardments had not been too successful when attacking the wall, decided upon another plan of attack. Locking their shields over their heads, protecting themselves from attack above, dug with crowbars at the foundation of the 3rd wall until 4 stones had been loosened. The following night the wall fell. In the morning a new wall appeared. In order to cut off all communications with the temple, the Jews set fire to the stately galleries of the north cloister which connected to the sacred edifice tower which had already fallen. Once again Titus sent Josephus to discuss plans to surrender before the temple should be injured, only to have the high priest John to reply he feared not the taking of the city for it was God’s own. The Temple had to now become their fortress, in the area of the last stronghold before actually arriving on temple grounds. For 8 hours the battle raged with not a foot of territory gained. The roman legions now commence 4 mounds to operate against the Temple, but in 6 days the strongest engines of the Romans had not made the slightest dent in the well jointed stones of the Temple. Attempting the scaling of ladders, the Romans were met with the most fierce defense, being slaughtered on their ladders by 100’s. They were driven to fight on. The soldiers, now enraged, applied fire to the gates of the porticoes and the silver melting, the wood work was soon in flames, rapidly extending to the inner court, would have continued all night but was extinguished by Titus who was resolved to spare the temple. While determining the next day upon a general assault THAT NIGHT the infuriated Jews made two assaults upon the Romans, many of whom were engaged in putting out the fire in obedience of Titus. It was at this time one of the soldiers, empelled by fury, snatched a brand from the burning gallery and being lifted by another soldier set fire to a little golden window leading to one of the passages of the holy place. The fire raged heavily as Titus who had already retired for rest rushed forth in all his efforts to stop the raging fire. His soldiers pretend in his calamity not to hear his command; from court to court the flames were spreading but still the sanctuary remained unscarred. With words and even blows Titus restrained his soldiers but their passions had reached such a peak and their hatred of the Jews was too much to spare their temple. A soldier thrust a brand beneath the door and the temple was burned. The heads of the two rival factors for high priest office who had caused all the trouble in the beginning rushed to the upper Zion and refused to surrender at any cost. This so exasperated Titus he plundered and set fire to the lower city to which he had possession. The town was taken by storm and thousands slaughtered. Those who were kept alive were sold into slavery or put in the arenas to serve as galdiators. At last Simeon and John were starved into submission. John was sentenced to death but his sentence was reduce; to life in prison. Simeon was sent to Rome and after gracing the triumph was decapitated in the Forum. The work of massacre was finished. Titus ordered the demolition of the city with any of its noble structures and fortifications, nothing being left but a piece of the western wall and the 3 towers. Over the site, we are told Titus carried the plough, a sign of its eternal devastation.

The Arch of Titus in Rome, wherein the Romans celebrate the capture of Jerusalem.