The Latter Rain

Rev. Raymond M. Jackson


We want to discuss a subject no doubt you’ve heard much about, especially if you are in any way associated with Pentecostal Circles. No doubt many who read this article will have come from other religious teachings. It is true we’re all seeking to find the way to be with him, that is to be reconciled back to God. One might feel, this is only your own viewpoint which you are teaching. Before going any further allow me to say, this Bible has only ONE ANSWER!! It’s God’s text book for all truth. Man is guilty of taking and adding to it human traditional ideas, laying the word aside, while putting forth into the world that which only serves to build some kind of a religious theory of philosophy, blinding people’s thinking toward real truth that could deliver from sin and restore them into a right relationship with God while their theory of philosophy or ideas often time serve only to leave the followers disillusioned, disappointed, discouraged and often ignorant to really who they are, where they’re going and to what this entire thing is all about. Many times you confront people with truth and their only answer is “Well I just don’t know.” God never intended for Christians to be ignorant to what he did for them at Calvary. He never intended for them to have just a substitutional experience, a maybe or hope so Salvation, but a positive experience such as Paul who said, “I know in whom I have Believed” (a positive statement nothing negative) “And am persuaded that he is able to keep that which I committed unto him against that day. (II Tim.I :12) We’re launching out upon a subject or teaching lesson taken from the Scriptures dealing with rain. We’re discussing “the Latter Rain” – Everyone, especially with any Pentecostal association (whether Oneness or Trinitarian), knows for the past 30 to 40 years a statement has floated through those circles referred to as—this is the Latter Rain! Man has misused this scriptural term, “LATTER RAIN”, applying it to his one particular thought or ideas of the Spirit’s moving. By the Grace of God we shall endeavor from a scriptural standpoint to explain just what is LATTER RAIN and what it is not, and for what purpose it would be sent. While the language of it is God’s language, man is guilty of taking God’s terminology and applying to his mere theory or experience. We must understand this one thing, we can be out of season in taking God’s terminology, applying it to our theory and coming up with the facts of truth concerning the whole thing. 


Begin reading in Deuteronomy 11:10—God speaking to Moses says, “For the land, whither thou goest in to possess it, is not as the land of Egypt, from whence ye came out, where thou sowedst thy seed, and wateredst it covering it with thy foot, as a garden of herbs:” Meaning the land you’re going to possess is not like the land of Egypt you came from. In Egypt you sowed your seed in the field by scraping out little trenches then covering it with the foot, next you dug out little irrigation ditches to water it. In other words you produced your crops strictly through an artificial means. Moses you’re not going into that kind of a land where crops are grown under such artificial conditions. This land which you go to possess is a land of hills and valleys, “And drinketh water of the rain of heaven: A land which the Lord thy God careth for:” Beloved there is something special about that spot of ground which God cares for! Truly his eye is upon it, geographically it is called The Fertile Crescent, again it is referred to as The Bridge from Darkness to Light – from that land came life that sprang forth into all the earth, that there is one God, Amen. And it shall come to pass, if ye shall hearken diligently unto my commandments which I command you this day, to love the Lord your God, and to serve him with all your heart and with all your soul, (For) That I will give you the rain of your land in his due season, the first rain and the latter rain.” Notice, this statement didn’t mean there wouldn’t be any showers coming in between these two rains, note: the first rain comes in the time of year when the ground is broken up purposely for sowing seed: (1) the early spring rains water the earth causing the seed to grow into maturity producing a crop in exact likeness, (2) shortly before the crop is harvested it has to be watered once again with what is called the latter rain bringing the crop to maturity and fruitation, bringing to fulfillment the purpose of sowing the seed in the first place. God said he would send the first (former) rain and the latter rain, that thou mayest gather in thy corn, and thy wine and thine oil. And I will send grass in thy fields for thy cattle, that thou mayest eat and be full. Take heed to yourselves, that your heart be not deceived, and ye turn aside, and serve other gods, and worship them; And then the Lord’s wrath be kindled against you, and he shut up the heaven that there be no rain, and that the land yield not her fruit; and lest ye perish quickly from off the good land which the Lord giveth you.” God is taking the chosen people from Egypt taking them from one environment of servitude, slavery, mistreated, discouraged, taken from an environment in sowing the land, where they dug small ditches dropped in the seeds, and covered it over by foot; taken from a land dependent solely upon irrigation to grow the crop; and taken unto a promised land under different la-boring conditions—they would still sow the seed however God Himself would do the watering. Faithfulness on their part would guarantee two special rains in the crop season. God so blessed these people–even blessed the crops they would grow—in return God was to be recognized in their entire environment within this land. Here they would witness God in nature. It was God not man who spoke of the first rain and the latter rain. This language belongs to God calling this first rain, EARLY RAIN and the other the LATTER RAIN. Realize now, that doesn’t mean there would only be a shower then much later there would be another shower. NO SIR! We recognize that for the season of growth there are those showers which keep life continuing on. However there is definitely within the spring season, as the crops are being planted, those showers which continue to fall for a period to saturate the earth causing the seed to swell and burst forth—beginning to express itself first in plant-like structure. Once it is brought into that stage through the season of time it is watered with many showers however these showers are never referred to as LATTER RAIN– they are simply “in between” showers. 


Allow me to present you a breakdown or definition of rain. We are fully aware rainfall is God’s method of evaporating water from earth’s many bodies of water, lifting water into the heavens and through certain atmospheric laws which He controls God causes this to be condensed and fall again to serve its purpose going through its cycle. (1) Water is a life carrier. Remember water itself carries no plant food value. It is a carrier whereby food energy is taken throughout the complete structure of the stalk growth. Bringing that illustration over to the human body we can determine what water is to the human body. First, water serves as a cooling agent, it has an invigorating effect. Second, it is a liquid serving to flush out the body. Three, it can become a part of blood or other means of carrying energy which the body has stored up or it can be broken down by the digestive system. So, within the human body water becomes a carrier of energy which has been broken down for the purpose for body water fluids becoming the very means of that being transmitted to the organs or the parts of the body calling for energy. What is water but to serve as a carrier whereby energy is transmitted to the different parts of the body. Again it saves as a cooling and refreshing agent. Take for instance, you have just eaten a tantalizing juicy steak containing calories to supply you enough strength for 5-6 strenuous working hours–say the sun beams down extra hot causing that water al-ready stored up within your body purposely for keeping it at a minimum temperature (condition) As that sun begins beaming down your body begins releasing the water serving as a refreshing and cooling agent—keeping it from getting too hot. Standing there in that boiling hot sun perspiring heavily, you begin feeling a fatigued condition, yet inside your body there’s still enough energy from what you have eaten that were it not for certain fluids leaving your body you would not feel fatigued. Watch the refreshing effects, let someone now bring you a glass of cool water. Once that is consumed you begin noticing how your body reacted to that water, you begin feeling that vitality slowly returning—this illustrates what that water did in cooling those hidden inner parts of your body that has been overheated, once again allowing the stimulating flow of body energy, proving water is that very basic essential for the very existence of life. Regardless how often you fertilize, without water all plant life would perish. Although our subject does not deal with water in that respect we need to understand these natural basic thoughts on the essentialness of water, seeing how it serves its purpose in nature and its growth, so when we apply it unto the scriptural rain we can better grasp what the Spirit speaks of. Turn, please, into the little epistle of James where we again find that same God like language concerning rain. James is a Jewish apostle using the same God-like language (Record in Deut.) James 5:7 writing unto all 12 tribes says “Be patient therefore, brethren unto the coming of the Lord”, don’t get over-anxious, don’t get too enthusiastic as though the Lord is coming tomorrow or very soon. 


One thing must be taken into consideration. The Lord, James says, won’t return until first He has received the full potentials of all that He had set in motion so, “Be patient therefore, brethren, unto the coming of the Lord. Behold, the husbandman (farmer) waiteth for the precious fruit of the earth, and hath long patience for it, until he receive the EARLY and LATTER rain.” Does that imply the farmer stood with his bucket catching the former rain while later taking another bucket waiting to receive the latter rain? NOT AT ALL! The language here again means that the one rain fell during one season of the year as he was preparing the earth for the purpose of sowing or planting seed. In seed sowing, always remember the law of nature–no matter what kind of seed you plant you are going to reap the identical kind—that is the law of nature, reaping what you sow. That law alone should convince every reader, regardless of your religious belief that once the Lord comes for His true church He comes for a church which resembles the seed church he planted at Pentecost. Basically, I am speaking concerning that living generation (element) who fulfills the spiritual quota in the hour Christ makes up His Bride shortly before His coming. That endtime group of people will be living, acting and believing exactly what the apostlic church believed in the book of Acts and that which you read in the epistles. Every scripture dealing with this fact shows this is the only kind of church for which Christ returns. Remember the language terms FORMER and LATTER rain are both scriptural rains referred to by the Eternal God. 


 While the former rain is the first rain of the season and this season (scriptural speaking) in James is the dispensation of grace which first had to set in motion by the appearing of John the Baptist who baptized converts in the River Jordan for the remission of sins, preaching repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand, John introduced this age of grace which was to shortly be opened up. Christ followed John’s ministry carrying the message still a little farther before going to Calvary paying the sin debt. Offered himself as a ransom, buried and rose again the third day and ascended upon high to set in motion the age of grace. With the coming of the Holy Ghost days later the Age of Grace was officially opened. What began on the Day of Pentecost, lasting for months and even years constituted nothing more than the apostolic order of that first rain during the planting season of grace. Notice, here is where people get confused–momentarily we must discuss plant life. We shall use wheat because Christ used a grain of wheat in illustrating the Kingdom of God, yet we shall keep our thoughts correctly in line with the scriptures. Beloved, think soberly with me. How many ever saw a small grain of wheat? Sure you have, I guarantee if you take that grain of wheat, plant it within the proper season allowing it to be watered properly by God who is the Father of the season, that little grain of wheat will reproduce itself many times over. Furthermore in those little reproduced grains of wheat will be the same color, and same likeness, the same percentage of food value THAT THAT FIRST GRAIN OF WHEAT CONTAINED. However you must realize that between the planting time of that first grain and the reaping of ALL OF THESE LITTLE GRAINS you had quite a growth of other things did you not? Stalk structure, blades, husks and so forth—Which that life in those other grains had to pass through in order to become a finished product. Remember we only used this illustration of grain because Christ himself chose it for illustration. Truly there had to be a reason! 


What went into that first grain of wheat (which represents Christ as the sower sowing the early church into the earth) on the day of Pentecost? Within that wheat seed was (1) The true revelation of who God was— was He one, two or three? HE WAS ONE!! THERE’S ONLY ONE GOD however through time He has been manifested in three offices. This one God isn’t three persons such as the person of the Father, the person of the Son and the person of the Holy Ghost, NO! It would be impossible for Him who is Spirit (Eph. 4:4) to be three separate persons! (Nicea doctrine) Here we could become deeply involved over the explaining and teachings of the Oneness and Trinity of the Godhead! Save that for later; our only interest is the makeup of that first little grain of wheat which scripturally was the rust church. What that church was when it was being planted into the earth must carry exactly the same attributes at reaping time. Although it will endure many changes  that finished product must be an exact reproduction of that first grain on the Day of Pentecost during the early rains of the season which began pouring out the revelation of ONE GOD and how that one God became man (John 1: I -12) (I Tim. 3:16); walking among men on earth; dying on the cross as a man and rising three days later as the Eternal God Himself; ascended up-on high and was seated on the right hand of Majesty meaning He was seated on the right hand of Power and authority and ten days later sent back the Holy Ghost which was the office work of the same spirit which He is, taking up His abode in the hearts of each believer who had accepted His plan of redemption through the offering of Himself on the Cross of Calvary and willing to be a true witness that truly they have been reconciled back to God the Great Eternal Spirit. Moreover, the Holy Ghost is a witness unto us to what Jesus said, “In that day ye shall know that I am in the Father, and the Father in me, and I in you (as Holy Spirit) and ye in me. Beloved we do not have three separate persons in us! We only have in us ONE SPIRIT (God). That one Spirit who is God is also the Spirit of Jesus Christ and thirdly is the Holy Ghost, the same as one man can be president, secretary and treasurer of his own enterprise. God alone runs His business, holding all the offices, owning all the stock, keeping his own records and writing his own checks, AMEN! (2) In that one grain of wheat (the true germinated seed of God’s Word) planted into the church not only was this revelation of One God but represented in the baptism of the Holy Ghost was the nine gifts of the Spirit. (3) In that one grain of wheat was represented all the divine attributes of God’s divine healing, salvation, etc., (4) In that one grain of wheat was represented all of the revelatory doctrines of the New Testament which yields with God’s plan of salvation-predestination, eternal security, sanctification and justification by faith— all those teachings were in this one small grain of wheat because technically speaking the apostles of the early church taught them. (5) In that one little grain of wheat is absolutely represented the true scriptural mode of water baptism as to how the early church baptized. Every convert was baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ for the remission of their sins which is nothing more than the fulfillment of the commission given by Christ Himself (Mark 16, Luke 21 and Matt. 28:19), stating to baptize converts in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost was only Christ’s commission, the other verses show that commission being carried out. Father, Son and Holy Ghost are not names but Jesus who is the Christ, who is the Lord of Glory is a name (1 Cor. 2:8) It is God’s redemptive name. Christ testified, “He came into the world revealing the Fathers name for, said He, I reveal my name unto you and to the Jews He said— I came in my father’s name and you received me not, yet there will be another come in his own name and you will receive hint and beloved, they are almost ready to receive turn. (6) Within that small germinated grain of wheat at Pentecost not only lay the correct mode of water baptism but every New Testament principle, precept offering and everything was within that first original apostolic church which came out of that Upper Room in 120 people. Gentile nations have been absolutely stirred with these truths brought by the obedience of these 120 people who remained faithful to the words of Jesus Christ spoken unto them from the Mount of Olives shortly before He ascended into heaven, “Go into Jerusalem and tarry until ye be endued with power”-away they went into the city and tarried until Pentecost morning when the Holy Ghost came who was the Comforter which Jesus promised would come in His name—(the power and glory of God). They came forth in His name– meaning they came forth in the Spirit of Jesus Christ. Everything they did was done in the name of Jesus (Col. 3:17) who is the Christ, who was the Lord of Glory Himself manifested in human form (II Cor. 5:19)…(BOTH GOD AND MAN—) to reconcile man back to God the Great Eternal Spirit. Yes, figuratively speaking, all this revelation was represented in that one little grain of wheat (the church) which has been energized by the Holy Ghost as the revelation of truth struck their hearts. This early church LIVED, PREACHED AND DEMONSTRATED CHRIST! It was ordained for this purpose and within that body of believers (the church) were placed certain doctrines by the Eternal God Himself that through His plan of redemption these revelations were so entwined into His will and purpose, that within these very revelatory doctrines was His ordained way of reaching through to reconcile lost humanity back to Himself. These doctrines, when accepted. become the very fiber or the structural means by which man’s faith is to be turned toward God. No statements are found within the Bible indicating a person can believe in God just any old way he may choose. No architect will design a building and then tell the contractor– you may use corn stalks or weeds or just anything you so choose. No Sir, that structure requires certain specifications of material to go into its framework. You may use all kinds of material on the outside to beautify the exterior of this building but inside is a framework which is going to support it for the period of time. It is supposed to stand and carry out its purpose. That is why we must understand within the heart of that early church was conceived every true revelatory doctrinal teaching as to who God was, what He was and what His purpose was. They lived it, they were moved by it knowing they were a people who turned the world upside down. Wherever they went they were so knit and bound together by the power of God. This is how they could live Christ day after day. After Christ had demonstrated in the age of Judaism, now within an age of Paganism they literally turned the world upside down— 120 people, one little grain of wheat (figuratively speaking) watered by the Holy Ghost’s outpouring. 


 Follow this grain of wheat once it was planted in the earth. Out of the upper room on the day of Pentecost it came. Remember that grain of wheat had better have life within itself, for if there had not been germinated life in it. it would not have grown. It would simply lie there until it rotted and deteriorated away. However, this was not the case. If it has germinated life, plant it in the ground in a favorable environment and watch it reproduce itself in abundance, that is what God is waiting patiently for, James 5:7. In a few days that wheat will gather all the moisture around it and begin swelling. When it swells as far as it is designed to something takes place inside– out of the heart of the grain begins to shoot a little green sprout, not too green at first and not much larger than a hair. It breaks forth and finds its way out. Once reaching through the crust of the earth it then begins looking skyward. As the elements of nature begins to shine upon it, it takes on a greenish color. All the energy stored within that kernel has now conceived bringing forth life while its outer shell or hull begins to decompose and notice, once that process begins to break down, all that life substance will be absorbed into that first little blade, Mark 4:28 (Goodspeed tran) From this recognized scientific fact we are saying once that apostolic church was planted in the earth at Pentecost, energized by the power of God—received in the upper room every revelation, principally and morally of Him, she now held it within her bosom. On the streets they stood demonstrating, reeling under the might power of God. Here before this ritualized, ceremonialize Judaism with all its staunch background ready to observe one of their greatest feast days suddenly these devout Jews from every nation looked around seeking these local Jews speaking in other dialects causing these devout orthodox Jews to begin questioning— WHAT IS THIS? Why do you want us to worship God explaining this to us in the very language wherein we were born? NOTE- this 120 is not explaining anything to the old home bunch for they were not speaking in their language– These had already criticized what Jesus had done. This was the old group who had no doubt known these Galileans since they were small, but for some reason they could not explain what had happened therefore they accused them of being drunken, Act 2:5-13. Beloved once that old home group began accusing this entire group of 120 saying they had gotten possession of some new kind of wine, Peter was quick to defend their position saying they were not physically drunk, (however they were drunk on the spirit of God) Peter standing in the street was saying, “Hear ye men of Judah as well as Jerusalem woe unto you, these aren’t drunk as ye suppose, (it’s only 9 o’clock the bars aren’t open yet) but this is that which was spoken by the prophet Joel it shall come to pass in the last days I shall pour out of my spirit upon all flesh.” (Acts 2:17) What does it mean? It’s the early rain or the former rain, called former rain because it’s now in the past. However to those back there it was the early rain, It was the FIRST RAINS OF THE APOSTOLIC SEASON. Peter, quoting for them a most familiar passage in Joel brings them down through Joel’s prophecy because revelatory wise, scripture that day was being fulfilled. Once Peter had finished explaining this, 3000 devout, orthodox Jews from the nations flocked to the apostles saying, Men and brethren what must we do to become part of this grain of wheat? True, they didn’t word it in that fashion but that was what it amounted to. Their remarks are recorded in Acts 2:37-“what must we do?” Note, Peter never remarked, Go join the church of your choice, neither did he say come up here and shake my hand and fellowship with my group—he said none of these things. There was no name tag attached to this group! They were followers of Jesus—living, demonstrating him and even willing to die for him. That was their only motive! Had they ever been asked what group are you with their answer no doubt would have been we are only pilgrims and strangers looking for a city whose author and builder is God. My name is Raymond Jackson – Beyond that, I just want to be a Good christian. While that question was in the air did Peter say, Repent everyone one you and be baptized in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost? HE DID NOT!!! Using this method of answers we are to only illustrate something. What was his answer? (Read Acts 2:38) REPENT EVERYONE OF YOU! Here some say Peter got off course—no he did not! I want you to know only a short time prior to this Jesus questioned his disciples concerning who men believed him to be one had said, some say you are John the Baptist: others say you’re Elias: others say this or that. Turning to Peter Jesus said “Who do you say that I am?” (Matt. 16:13-20) Peter was put on the spot, Peter may have had a few weak points about him but let me tell you down in his heart he had a REVELATION!!! Boldly he proclaimed with full assurance, THOU ART THE CHRIST THE SON OF THE LIVING GOD! Flesh and blood bath not revealed this unto you was Jesus’ answer. You didn’t receive that from one of the rabbis or some teacher of the law or a doctor of divinity, but MY FATHER HATH REVEALED THAT TO YOU and upon THIS ROCK (not Peter although later Peter’s name was changed to mean a little rock) — neither did Christ build it upon Himself. 


 Upon this Rock of revealed truth will I build my church, I will plant my germinated seed in the earth and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it (revelation). Peter, that small grain of wheat standing there expressing life said Repent and be baptized everyone of you for the remission of your sins and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost, for the promise is unto you and your children and all them that are afar off, even to as many as the Lord our God shall call. I’ll phrase it like this! Repent everyone of you and be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of your sins and you’ll become part of this grain that’s now being sowed in the earth and watered by the first rain (early or former). Truly the early rain of the spirit was falling heavily. Once that gospel was preached, life was springing forth everywhere. This gospel seed found its way down into the honest hearts through revelation. As open hearts received that revelation of truth – the early rain was falling on that seed causing that person to become so entwined in the revelation of who Jesus Christ was that the new life received through the Holy Ghost caused them to live, act and demonstrate Christ. On that day of Pentecost 3000 souls were quickly added to the church and the first miracle performed brought another 5000 into the faith. God in this sowing season through the early rain (former rain to us) was sowing true seed, watering it and it was bringing forth christians. 


 We must now closely observe wheat in its growth in order to understand more clearly the progress of the church as it moves through the Centuries—(Matt. 13:143-Mark 4:13-34) Remember, it was Christ Himself who taught the following. After breaking up the ground the farmer sows his seed. Naturally he expects rain on it. It is those first rains of the season which will cause the seeds to start growing. For a few days while those rains are falling– although you couldn’t see anything taking place within the grain kernels that were sown, you knew something was happening. After a few more days of it lying out there— something begins to happen. Note, Farmers are not the least discouraged because they don’t see something happening in these fields immediately after planting seed in the fertile ground. Oh No! He is truly aware there is a certain law of the season which overshadows that kernel, so for days if he sees nothing he will not become disturbed and begin scratching the ground in search of his seed, will he? Certainly not! Experience has taught him patience. As time goes on he begins noticing a little something sticking its head through the crust of the earth and remember, once it breaks the soil it resembles nothing to what was first planted, does it? Why it looks absolutely the opposite from what was planted! However, if some one didn’t know what wheat looked like when first it was placed in the ground they might be confused. To them it probably would look like the wheat planted but I am so thankful beloved when God sowed that church in the earth, beginning on the day of Pentecost reaching into the first three church ages, that church was active.


 During the second church age she began to lose her scriptural identity. Slowly it was dying off. Just as a kernel of wheat will die off in the ground that original church was dying off in the earth from its original presentation of what it had originally looked like. Just as the individual who did not know what had been planted (what kind of church was planted) naturally thought that which he saw was the first church. Once it began changing its shape did God begin to worry over it? Does the farmer worry because the blade did not look the same as what had been planted? NO! Though man may change, God doesn’t; Man’s word may change, God’s won’t; man may be fickle in all his makeup, God isn’t! Throughout the long dark age God was brooding over this whole structure, yes, as the seed dies in the ground that it might not abide alone so had the true church died off in the Earth—(Jn. 12:24)! Historically, the church throughout the dark age period was known to have become so filled with rituals, ceremonials, creeds and dogmas, until from the human standpoint one would wonder – WHERE WAS THE ORIGINAL CHURCH OF THE BOOK OF ACTS?! Where was that church the epistles were written unto? Where was that church which first taught those early doctrines; who lived and demonstrated Christ? Truly it was nowhere to be found! Like the wheat’s old outer form, it had to die, but underneath it all was that Spirit of God still living in the hearts of a few people keeping truth alive. Notice from within all that terrible dark age period of church history while Rome ruled the world an hour came upon the world causing people who had lived so dreadfully long without any scriptural light of revelated truth to begin receiving a spark by divinity. Something now begins to occur; various individuals begin receiving a spark of inspiration.

 We must now enter into the reformation to show what it was for, bringing us up to our own present time. Certain men of honor began rising up rebuking sin in the church. St.Francis (the poor man of Assisi) was just one of many who rose up and began rebuking sin. All of these men though unsuccessful were being instrumental by the Spirit of God to rebuke spirits that opposed the truth in their hour. Wherever the message of these men such as St. Francis would go forth. The spirit of God would rise up in a greater tide to express itself. Satan who had no desire to see the church return to its original position in Christ rose up and cut those people down in so much that dark age period became nothing but a period of great martyrdom. Men who rose up preaching truth contrary to the strongly organized religious system of that day faced heavy persecution. Finally around the 15th century the political and military environment became so conditioned that it set a stage causing the religious environment to become more righteous—same as the season is required in the natural cultivating and planting time of plant life. During this season of military and political upheaval came forth a man who everyone has heard much about–Martin Luther was his name. Luther received a revelation that the just or righteous should live by faith. True, there were many things absolutely scriptural which Luther never taught– things brought to light in our hour– which we know and understand only today because of the truth which has come in our day; truths taught in the early church yet Luther never touched. Here again you must understand the process of the reproduction of wheat- for such a route of reproduction was used by the Holy Spirit for the church illustrated by Christ Himself in many parables when he said first the seed, then the blade, later the fruit, Mark 4:28-29. Wheat cannot and does not reproduce itself simply by going from the original grain into the grain it produces! No sir, many changes will take place within the stalk of wheat before it reproduces itself into a crop of wheat- first you notice coming through the ground that first little blade which resembles grass, looks like anything but what was planted in the earth, doesn’t it? That is the way the Lutheran movement was— that first successful movement to break away from the dead (hull) church of that hour. It was truly a church (first blade) yet it did not resemble in any way the original seed planted, neither does the first blade in the wheat stalk epresent wheat. Farmers observing the sown wheat immediately rejoice seeing that first small blade protrude from the earth. Naturally it doesn’t look like what was planted but give it time! Once that little blade finally clears the crust of the earth it starts growing (so did the Lutheran movement) naturally there are showers that continue falling throughout the season which keeps the plant life growing in this cycle though don’t confuse these showers with the latter rain. 


 The heavenly sun: what does it contribute to plant life? What part does it play? Finally after a long struggle the blade clears the crust of the earth. At first that little blade doesn’t have much color yet once sunlight shines upon it, a beautiful dark green color starts appearing within the blade. Scientifically this process is called chlorophyll. Water already stored in the earth begins feeding up through that plant carrying strength to all parts of the small blade, by the drawing and pulling power of the sun in the heavens–spiritual wise this drawing power would represent the Son of Righteousness in His mediatorial office work interceding to the Spirit in behalf of His atonement for the growth of His young church in its earthly journey (Luther’s hour). The hot sun still beams down; water ‘continues to fall in its seasons. The first blade represents the beginning of the Reformation coming forth. 


 Later we see still another blade begin to attach itself onto the stalk-what could the second blade represent? Calvin with his message of eternal security of the believer-From that the Baptists brought forth their doctrine once saved always saved. Still a little later along comes the third blade to be added onto the wheat stalk, what does it represent? Remember, nothing on this stalk yet resembles anything that was planted, right? However, no one can doubt it was not a stalk of wheat- Just remember what the sown seed will reproduce— comes out at the top of the stalk. Watch! 


 According to Christ’s first three parables of Matt. 13, the first three centuries were concerned with sow-ing times. Remember, figuratively each little blade represents a basic truth which was once taught by the early church (the seed that died off after being sowed in the ground). The Holy Ghost was feeding into that period of time (the second blade structure of stalk) still more truth of the Word back into the earth during that hour. Recall, all these scriptural truths that the church had enjoyed and propagated up until the third century had all been destroyed during the long dark age. Wheat farmers realize after sowing a grain of wheat into the ground if it does not die it abideth alone, John 12:24, but the grain dies, bursts open and comes forth out of the ground as a little green blade not as another grain as was planted. Later along comes the second blade while still a little later in the season a third blade will attach itself onto the same stalk, however note, still there is no grain to be seen as was planted. Also with that stalk of wheat after several blades comes a joint connecting itself onto the stalk preparing to send forth another little blade until all the blades have been produced on the stalk. Again note there will only be so many blades on each stalk for Christ used this illustration to show forth the growth of the church in the Kingdom of God. (Mark 4) 


From Lutheranism (blade one) came Calvinism (blade 2). From Calvin’s teaching came Knox with the restored truth of PREDESTINATION (blade 3)-what, is to be will be. Because God, before the foundation of the earth, knew what everything would be, He knew by His foreknowledge who would accept Christ and who would not. Based on His foreknowledge, Eternal God was able to write His Book of Life. Beloved, truly it is sad to realize the multitudes today who repudiated the doctrine of predestination declaring it came from the pits of hell when the Bible is full of predestination. Oh, I agree with you the doctrine of predestination can be twisted by man’s carnal thinking and literally scare a person out or his wits. However, once you get the scriptures on predestination by God’s foreknowledge straightened out in your mind it will place such a faith in your heart that all the devils of hell could never rob nor destroy your victory of faith in God. Script-ural predestination isn’t the fact that God created one man to be saved while creating the other to be lost then setting back gloating over it. That kind of idea or concept is a carnal doctrine which truly would rob any man of his true belief in God being a God of love.


Why would Paul teach prayer should be made for all men everywhere saying God is not willing that any man should perish but that all should come to repentance if there was not a free will choice for man to make? Let us not forget God also knows from the beginning that all men would not repent . Many times we have illustrated predestination in this manner — I am not God, no man is, GOD IS GOD.- He was the Eternal Spirit even before there was a moon or star slung into space. God was well aware of what would be and what would not be–not on the basis that He formed it to be thus, NO! NO! Each mortal being has been created with a free choice although because of his foreknowledge God knew man’s choice, how he would act, the choice he would make. Let us illustrate it for the benefit of those who have never understood predestination as taught from a scriptural standpoint. Using myself only for sake of illustration, suppose I had the mind of God and I had a son who planned to be wed. We live in a community of 300 close families. If I invite some to the wedding and refused to invite all they could say he is a respecter of persons, he didn’t invite me. They may pout or become angry. Legally they could say you did not treat me right, you refused to invite me to your son’s wedding. Remember, GOD IS NO RESPECTER OF PERSONS. Yes, if I have the mind of God and didn’t want criticism from the neighbors concerning the wedding I would send out 300 invitations — my universal (community) invitation to all 300 families. This is done in order they cannot accuse me of being a respecter of persons but if I have the mind of God I will already know how many of the 300 families will attend, I won’t have to imagine. That is why God is omniscient–knowing all things. Before the end came, even at the very beginning He knew what would be. With that mind I would know exactly how many of the families to prepare the reception for When the wedding takes place only 87 of the 300 families attend. See how each react once they receive their invitation — one family truly plans to attend however, 3 days before the wedding word is received a relative is coming to visit. This visit becomes more important than attending the wedding. God, Himself, looked down through the scope of time and saw how each person would react toward His invitation therefore He knew exactly how to determine things. With the mind of God I would be able to prepare a guest list of the people who would actually attend. I would know in advance! Don’t you believe God knows in advance who is and who is not coming? CERTAINLY HE DOES! Never once does He wistfully hope it to be such and such a way. With Him there is no hoping! It is all based on what He knows, Although He doesn’t tell you what you will be doing ten years from now, one thing is sure, HE KNOWS! On that same basis of foreknowledge I saw there would be only 87 families to attend my son’s wedding. I would even know how they would be dressed. REMEMBER GOD IS OMNISCIENT!

 I also see those other 213 people who were invited and did not attend. Some will be boatriding, fishing, hunting or visiting relatives etc., but remember they all received an invitation. Some threw them in the trash basket while others stored them a way but out of 300 families only 87 showed up. On the basis of what is seen before it ever happened in reality we now know how to plan our reception— drinks and cakes will be prepared for only 87 families. There won’t be one empty place or plate at the table; for remember this is the mind of God. On that basis He can write in the Lamb’s Book of Life every one to attend the wedding of the Son. 

Knox, that third blade on the church stalk, restored predestination back although many in that hour did go to the extreme with the teaching. Nevertheless, God’s word will remain to be the same irregardless of the hour. Just because man takes scriptural truths perverting and twisting, going into fanaticism with it, doesn’t mean beloved you are to take that precious-WORD OF GOD and throw it in the ditch because man made a mess out of it, NO SIR! You humble your heart and seek His face and that same God , who called upon the Holy men to write the word will cause you to see it in all of its marvelous truth. Such joy will come into your soul over the True revelation! It will place a fiber of faith within you that all the devils could never twist or wring out of you—serves only to place a great determination within you– KNOW IN WHOM I HAVE BE BELIEVED AND I AM PERSUADED THAT HE IS ABLE TO KEEL THAT WHICH I HAVE COMMUTED UNTO HIM AGAINST THAT DAY. Knox restored the truth of predestination. 


 Later along came another man named John Wesley adding still another blade to the stalk. This restored teaching for the church dealt with holy, clean living and was called, SANCTIFICATION. Time in God’s program had arrived for believers to live more holy lives. It had been so terribly long since people had known or lived a real holy life as taught in the scriptures. When people began hearing the truth of sanctification on holy, godly living they knew they could no longer drink, gamble and do other things they had been accustomed to. One thing must be realized– if the believers before Wesley’s teaching on sanctification came to light was living holy, clean lives there would be no need for his revelation on a clean, holy, sanctified life. This alone showed there was much in the believers’ lives that needed to be cleaned up in that hour. l want you to know that first group of christians recorded in the book of Acts lived a holy, clean, dedicated life. All those epistles written were emphasizing one thing, HOLY LIVING, TEACHING PEOPLE THEY SHOULD LIVE SEPARATE, UNCONFORMED TO THIS WORLD, but transformed by the renewing of their mind unto a holy dedicated life unto God. Over and over that early church was warned concerning unclean conversation and bad language even proceeding from their mouths. They were set apart from the things of the world, from all its tradition, its rudiments and all. God definitely for all ages intended for the christian people to live a clean holy, Godly, sanctified life, but through that long Dark Age period this truth was lost. Now time had arrived for this message to be restored to the church—(truth that God sends is always to be observed). Yes, I grant you there are many people who have gone wild on their interpretation of the teaching on sanctification as well as other teachings. To use an old expression–they became so ecclesiastical sanctified they became cranktified. How many are aware what a crank is? Roll them the wrong way and you will find out how sanctified they are! They are cranktified, but not actually sanctified. Here we can see during Luther’s Age (Sardis people were still permitted to do and act in ways that had to be cleaned up in Wesley’s age when sanctification came. Throughout these church age periods after the Dark Ages while the stalk was putting on blades there were many great showers of blessing but none of them could be referred to as, LATTER RAIN. We have seen that early or former rain of the Holy Ghost still falling on the church perhaps 35 years after Pentecost. Let us study Wesley’s message of sanctification in the light of the growth of the wheat stalk which Christ spoke of showing how the original seed would reproduce itself in exact likeness. Are you aware of where the sanctification teaching is placed on the growth OF THE STALK OF WHEAT? This has placed another joint on the stalk and out of it has shot forth another little green blade. That particular blade carries the lift message of sanctification. Observing this plant stalk, we notice from the bottom of the stalk upward until the last blade shoots forth the stalk still carries its beautiful green color. Don’t overlook this important fact for shortly something is going to happen within the life of the natural wheat stalk and when it does it will illustrate what happens in the church program as it is on its way back to reproducing itself, Yes, while the stalk is busily putting forth blades it’s beautiful green color (which expresses life) remains within the stalk and blades. For a few years other holiness groups shall break forth out of this period such as the Nazarenes and Pilgrim Holiness— stemming off the original Wesley teaching (the fourth blade). As the fourth blade appears on the stalk we notice all the blades maintaining their beautiful green color of life. Recall, all these blades are a part of the overall growth of the stalk, they are carriers of life representing how the spiritual groups even within the Wesleyan age were carriers of truth within the church stalk. Once something happens in the life of that stalk nothing could revive a single blade. Later we shall discuss what that is and see e also how it affects the church! Not until the twentieth century had there ever been a period known If as Pentecostal. The dawning of the 20th century brought to the world a new type of holiness movement which basically started with Wesley’s teaching then branching out into the Nazarene, the Pilgrim ‘s Holiness, Fire Baptized groups and others. Although these little blades it each representing many groups- (that came forth in their hour) it must be remembered that each blade only carries one major truth of revelation on the word!! Near n the turn of the 20th century, people again began to wonder, where to from here? So once again out of the midst of all the carnality and unconcernedness of church politics a few people began to pray seeking God as never before in order they might receive a fresh stirring of his spirit. Here we must note (with the blades) that all the major Biblical doctrines had been restored through the Reformation such as faith in God, predestination and eternal security another true scriptural Bible doctrine fought against desperately by those who cannot understand it’s scriptural application. Allow me first to say this Bible doctrine of eternal security will neither save nor lose you. Note it is not the doctrine of this or that can save you, but it is the truth which the doctrine carries when properly applied unto the God who is within you and serves or allows you to see what love and concern God actually has for his born again child. 


 Answer this one question, how many times can you be born into this world through natural birth? Only once, right? Nicodemus in John 3 questioned Jesus when he had told him, “…except a man be born again he cannot see the kingdom of God.” Nicodemus being elderly said, “Why I’m an old man how can I possibly enter again into my mother’s womb’!” Poor Nicodemus could only see birth from a natural standpoint. Jesus said, “You must be born again,” or you must be born once more. But how? I have already been born once! It doesn’t happen twice the same way does it? Only once can it happen. Yes and likewise it can only happen once to him who is truly born of the water and of the spirit (John 3:3-5). Understand this, the word (seed) which convicts the person when he receives it becomes a spiritual conception for him. But how many know that conception is not birth! Not until conception becomes a completely conceived thing will it produce birth. Before that stage (of birth) anything could happen. There can always be an abortion or spiritual miscarriage. (Process of natural birth always illustrates spiritual birth) Beloved you must realize if the growth of that original word seed which is alive has been planted in the heart (the womb of the soul) for the purpose of producing birth and this goes ahead and fully materializes itself into that cycle of season of time for birth—it will come forthwith life. Not until then has birth come forth in full manifestation. Watch it in action on the day of Pentecost as that multitude received into their hearts those won-derful words of truth coming from that anointed mouth of Peter. Conception was in progress. “When they heard these words they were all pricked in their hearts.(spiritual womb) praying men and brethren what must we do (to be born again or become a part of you? (Acts 2:36.37) True, I’m phrasing it that way however that’s what it means? “Peter said repent” (you accept this which you have heard; believe it with all your heart: allow it to change and turn your attitudes around; be willing to surrender your whole life to this which you have heard; be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins (or washing away of sins of your past life) Act 22:16 then you will receive the gift of the Holy Ghost which is actually the completeness of the whole process which is birth. Without the spirit of Christ you are none of his (Rom. 8:9-11) You’ll never be truly born into the family of God but one time. Understand, much of this stuff passed off in the gentile religious world for 1900 years has absolutely been a religious mess and not a spiritual birth. They’ve taken truths out of the Bible and thrown them in the ditch. No small wonder they say come up here and shake my hand or join this faith etc. I want you to realize you don’t join anything for salvation, you accept something! You accept Jesus Christ to be the only mediator (1 Tim 2:5-6) the only means of salvation and you accept the precious blood of Jesus Christ as the only atonement for your sins. It matters not whether you’ve been a self-righteous man or the meanest man in town it still takes the blood of Jesus Christ to atone for your SINS and SIN (the original sin) that brought you into the world bearing that kind of sinful nature which must undergo a change or new birth (Psm. 51:5-6) Once you recognize these beautiful truths in their proper scriptural setting immediately we begin to receive a different picture of what that early church believed and why it believed what it did; why they lived and acted the way it is written in the book of Acts they did. And furthermore, we have a far better understanding of what goes on in the religious world today. 


 Around the turn of the 20th century all these holiness move-ments with their experiences and teachings concerning a sanctified life, (Wesley’s teaching) began earnestly seeking God for more and more of himself. Across the country Baptists, Methodists, Episcopalians, this person and that person also began to hunger and thirst for more of God. Small prayer bands began to form. Suddenly from glory the Holy Ghost began to again express itself as it had in former times. People in large numbers now began speaking with tongues. Every organized system angrily rose up against this new move of the Holy Ghost saying it’s of the devil. Yet this did not hinder God from continuing to baptize people with the Holy Ghost granting unto them the spirit. Speaking in tongues, prophesying and other gifts became the thing of the day. What did it mean? God by his Spirit was now restoring things that the church had lost when in its original apostolic beginning. 


 Showing the growth of this wheat stalk now is in preparation to come to a point within its growth whereby it is going to reproduce itself in the exact likeness. Out of that glorious outpouring of the spirit came many things. However, beloved, we must understand this definitely was not the LATTER RAIN as so many have felt that it was– even to preaching and singing —this is the latter rain. Notice–that Latter Rain scripturally could never come until a certain season in the wheat crop. God shows by nature when the latter rain falls on the wheat crop. Scripturally something else still must take place within the stalk of wheat before there can be a latter rain. It makes no difference what men have called latter rain, that does not make it so. A 1000 people could testify to the outpouring of God’s spirit; they could testify to all manner of manifestation even to seeing angels or whatever you call this latter rain. It could not have been Latter Rain. Truly it may have been a mighty shower, a real gully washer of spiritual blessings but understand it was impossible to be Latter Rain. The latter rain was promised by God upon Israel ‘s crops but they had not reached enough maturity for the promised latter rain-so it was within THE CHURCH. 


 Allow me to say I believe most of it was a manifestation of God’s power. However no doubt many things went on during that period which were not of God. This was true with any age. Yet God was working tremendously during that period. I’ve seen many rain storms come in between the early and latter rains. Our point is not to say—this was not a great manifestation of God’s power for truly it was, nor are we saying that mighty showers did not fall in that period. What we are establishing is, it was impossible for that period of time to have been the promised latter rain spoken of in the scriptures. The season was not right nor was the church in its proper setting for latter rain. Accepted is the fact it was a great gully washer of Glory. Yet you must understand it could not be latter rain for one main reason, Latter Rain is to produce the exact likeness of what was planted and Pentecost did not do that!! Furthermore, neither did the great healing move that swept the earth between 1946 and 1956 reproduce the original church. Speaking with tongues truly was God watering that Holy Ghost experience, and restoring attributes, however when the latter rain comes it shall restore the end time church back into the likeness of the early church. It was impossible for Pentecost to have been the scriptural latter rain. How many understand once that last blade on the wheat stalk is formed it is impossible to put another blade upon the stalk’s growth? No matter how much fertilizer you would place around the stalk, no matter how much special attention you gave to the stalk you couldn’t get any more blades than what the eternal God has designed the stalk to carry, so it is true with the church. God alone determines through a set law how many blades that stalk will produce and remember each one of these blades, according to Christ’s statement, represents certain developments within the church. Out of those holiness groups of Wesley’s teaching were individuals who had gone as far with God as that revelation or holiness could carry them. Yet they desired still a deeper walk, so from out of the midst of that wheat stalk (representing the progress of the church on its route of reproducing itself comes forth a thing referred to by farmers as a head of wheat. At that point in its stalk growth there still isn’t any wheat . 

 Nevertheless the next stage in the growth of the stalk is referred to as the head of wheat— a little stem which appears out of the head of the stalk. Whenever the farmer sees that he is keenly aware his wheat is heading although as yet there is still absolutely no wheat visible. Turn-ing to the church stalk, that process is none other than Pentecost. At last it looks like there is going to be much wheat reproduced from what had been planted at the beginning of the season though at this stage in the growth there has no wheat actually appeared. In a moment we shall show you script ually what LATTER RAIN IS, when it comes and for what purpose it is sent! Truly, that farmer rejoices at the sight of the wheat beginning to head. That heading process shows something is getting very close. Heading represents Pent-ecost, speaking with tongues etc., showing the Almighty was restoring gifts which had been lost. Those gifts were attributes of the Spirit for the purpose of demonstrating. Christ throughout those former days of Pentecost when God poured out gifts of the Spirit (tongues, prophecy, interpretation etc.,) Though ridiculed and persecuted from city to city and speaking in tongues, giving visions and various kinds of experiences yet all that was only the head of the wheat showing itself.

 Notice around that little stem called the head begins to appear small things called husk or shuck. When you first notice that from its outside appearance you could easily be fooled for they actually appear to be like little kernels of wheat hanging there. DON’T THEY? Yet, there still isn’t any wheat on the stalk, only little husks have appeared–that is Pentecost appearing as the real church but it wasn’t the true restored church at all, although it had life within it and it was the means or carrier of God restoring truths for the hour which that period was to receive. It still did not resemble that which was planted at the beginning of the season. Remember on the wheat stalk which is Christ’s method of illustrating His church’s progress, there is only a short season in which the head gets its growth. As that wheat head reaches its full growth within the stalk, little husks begin to cluster around the entire stem. These little husks with the proper rain and environment should grow out to about the size of a man’s thumb. From all appearance this shows now there should be a good wheat crop. However still not one grain of wheat has appeared. Just remember since the wheat has not appeared 20th century Pentecost could not have been the true apostolic church in restored maturity. It was nothing more than God restoring a true experience restoring gifts of the Spirit for a future purpose in His plan. In that season all people who walked in the light of God walked in the light of this restoration of gifts, that was life. Careful we must not lose our understanding of the growth of wheat for this certainly does not complete the growth of the stalk of wheat, does it? 


Watch the next step in its growth! When once that head reach-es its full maturity and there can’t appear anymore husks because those present have already reached maturity, a strange process begins – to occur within the life of the stalk and blades which shall greatly affect the church at this period of growth. Recall, up to this point of maturity all the stalk and blades have carried a beautiful color of green (life). Now, suddenly, all growth inside the stalk ceases—WHY? The male life within that wheat stalk now begins to express itself, spiritually–that represents the spirit of Christ coming up in His word which has already been restored to the church through the reformation period. This is the spirit of Christ Himself coming up through His revealed word unto the church stalk which has reached all reconstruction growth. It’s now time for that male life inside the word (stalk) to rise up and express itself to her (the church) for one purpose only –to pollinate the entire thing.. In wheat, once that head reaches its maturity (taking only a matter of days) suddenly out on the ends of those husks appears something else. Little hairy like substances begins to formulate. That is the blooming process called pollination. The act whereby the male life within the stalk mates with the female life for the reproduction of those gains of wheat. Only in plant life does the male and female life both appear in the same stalk. You may apply this to Christ and His church. Once this act is completed it is entirely up to the male life within the stalk to express itself. The male life within the stalk now pollinates with the female life for the production of the wheat-showing that out on the end of Pentecost (the husks) once it had fulfilled its divine purpose. there would come forth a message which would absolutely again reveal the Jesus Christ of the Bible back into the way it was originally so in the beginning. It would be Christ’s way of pollinating the entire church with truth, and in plant life once that pollination forms out on the end of those husks something very startling happens! I HOPE YOU CAN RECEIVE THIS! Once that pollination begins no farmer desires rain on his wheat. In those days of blooming a hard rain would wash away the process of bloom and there could not be the proper time needed for fertilization or pollination. Should this happen you would get what farmers refer to as blasted heads. However, once that pollination is totally absorbed inside. immediately death sets in striking the entire stalk growth, from the bottom of the stalk upward. I would like to make an important statement here concerning death in the church stalk– Now you can better understand and see what has happened in the religious world. The same process of death has struck the entire religious world following the pollination message. According to the wheat illustration used by Christ it would have to be so. As death struck everything upon the wheat stalk following the pollination message so was it true in the church stalk after the pollination message has gone forth by the messenger of the age drawing out all life from the blade, the husk, etc. (of the religious world). No doubt you would be astonished to realize how few in this gentile religious world has any life (truth) within their spiritual makeup. Millions have a certain religious concept of scripture yet if you cross their concept with the revelation of this hour they would get madder than two wet hens which only reveals the true spirit of which they are. Our purpose is not to ridicule any man’s belief, however, if you desire salvation you had better be discarding your own religious idea and get into the revealed truth which is the only life for this hour. 


 This pollination procedure (true message) was performed when once the male life within the stalk rose up pollinating the whole thing —DEATH IMMEDIATELY SETS IN FROM THE BOTTOM OF STALK UPWARD STRIKING EACH BLADE REPRESENTING PROTESTANTISM WITHIN THE CHURCH. Once the first blade group had faith in God and truly walked in the light of their day. Today, however, it has become only a dead formalistic belief of Luther’s truth. Were Luther present today, bearing that same spiritual enthus-iasm he had in 1500, no doubt he would run every lukewarm follower out of town. No, on second thought he probably wouldn’t have to run them out, most likely on their own accord they would leave because beloved, if Luther walked down Main Street in 1500 carrying 95 thesis’ of things he personally had against the world church in his hour, nailing them to the cathedral door for the public to read those today who are lukewarm in his truth would probably leave town on their own accord. Don’t you realize carnal church people hate truth! That is why at the end of the reformation restoring of TRUTH (represented by all the wheat stalk up to the pollination) GOD HAD TO SEND A MESSENGER with a pollination message which would be such a message of revelation that this Jesus Christ of the Bible would be taught, not as some Jesus that the system of religions had been guilty of teaching. Truly, it would be Jesus Christ of the Bible and that truth would absolutely ring out of the earth and once that pollination process started Every blade on the stalk from the bottom upward began to lose its green color because death had struck the stalk, pulling all life up through the stalk, blades etc.. taking all the life of the stalk up into the top for one purpose-THE REPRODUCTION OF THE WHEAT. This pollination process will pull out all life and all stored up food material from every blade etc., leaving death in its path. So was it with the pollination message delivered by the earthly angel of Laodicea, Rev. 3: That message during pollination season was strictly a comeout message, Rev. 18:4. Truly, it was a message calling all life out of each blade group. Remember this important fact, not until after the pollination season hits the stalk does the farmer want any more rain on his crop. Following the pollination season the farmer would be well pleased with one more gentle outpouring of rain (not necessarily a great downpour, merely a good gentle ground soaker) which would be solely for soaking the earth in order that the plant itself might draw the water (of life) through its stalk, stripping the stalk of all stored up food carrying it directly to the wheat itself. Notice and compare the church with this process. 


 That’s true, the latter rain which follows the pollination process is absolutely not beneficial to one single blade, nor any of the husk on the stalk. (Church) Remember, death strikes the stalk as all life is pulled up through the stalk into the head of wheat pulling from it every ounce of nutrient plant food it had previously stored taking it out into the mainstream of the stalk past the little husk into the very wheat itself. That plant by no means when the latter rain comes can absorb any more particles of food value from the soil, but must pull up into the head of the wheat that which had previously been stored up. Placing this now in the church stalk, following the pollination message as the Latter Rain comes which is beneficial mainly to the wheat to determine its size and growth preparing it for the harvest, Certainly then latter rain will not produce thousands of new converts filling them with the Holy Ghost which are on the outside of the church stalk, however, we do not mean to imply that as this latter rain falls upon that people which somewhere previously has been given a measure of the Spirit in their life, that no sinners shall be affected whatsoever by the Latter Rain for truly some few may be affected. The promised latter rain given to benefit the kernels of wheat will not be an outpouring on this world to produce a harvest of fresh souls that has not already been previously affected by the spirit of God at the time of the latter Rain falling upon the wheat. Just remember in the natural the latter rain falling on the wheat does not evai draw any food value into the head of wheat that had not already previously been stored in the stalk at pollination time (before Latter Rain fell) therefore how could many sinners actually be affected by latter rain. The Latter Rain following the pollination season can in no way benefit the dead stalk or blades. All the water in the world could not revive the stalk, Wade or husk once the pollination season strikes. IT IS DEAD! That pollination message of the church reached into every blade system saying, “COME OUT OF HER MY PEOPLE”, Rev. 18:4. The Latter Rain on the church (wheat) is beneficial mainly to the wheat, as it waters that message previously heard by the believer. All the water in the world could not add an inch to the stalk or blades (dead Protestantism) or husks (Pentecost) after pollination.


 Note last process before harvest —Separating of wheat and husk—Once those kernels of wheat begins to swell, breaking away from the husk that has housed them it is now evident that life from the stalk and blades has already begun to flow into the wheat kernel causing them to swell and expand on their way to maturity. (Recall, the husk before the pollination period truly appear-ed to be the real thing only later ; proving not to be). – Observe—for the first time throughout all this process from the sowing of the original seed and – watering by the early (former) rain until the first blade bursts through the ground do you now have wheat. Are you aware of what these kernels of reproduced wheat is going to resemble? Not the blade, not the husk, but the sown seed itself. The reproduced wheat will be exactly as what was first planted during the early rain. Truly, it shall have the same spirit of God etc., 


What about the signs and wonders the early seed (church) had? Will the endtime reproduced seed have any? Don’t worry, the endtime grain church after the completion of its latter rain will also have signs and wonders, however, remember the endtime church’s signs and wonders are not for the same purpose that signs and wonders were to the early church. Signs and wonders solely are to draw unto this end time truth. Remember you are reaping a crop now, not planting a new one. Signs and wonders in the New Testament age accompanied the sowing of the seed where the signs and wonders of the endtime church are for the reaping. You can’t have signs and wonders reproducing the same purpose. In sowing you always use different instruments than you would if you were reaping. In sowing you use plows, discs, harrows and such. While reaping your crop you use threshing instruments. Again just for emphasis we repeat, thee FORMER RAIN; was for a sowing purpose drawing attention unto the true gospel, sweeping multitudes into the kingdom of God cawing man to believe on Christ as Saviour while the LATTER RAIN which certainly was not Pentecost nor was the healing wave because it failed to produce back to the original message. LATTER RAIN serves as the drawing power of God (after the pollination period) and is strictly to demonstrate the power of Christ drawing those people who have already somewhere received a measure of the Spirit, drawing them unto a full understanding of His restored Truth. Notice both rains are upon the seed itself, first, EARLY RAIN upon the sown seed while LATTER RAIN is the power of Christ in His fullness being poured out upon the reproduced seed. No, it will not sweep the earth producing a great harvest of souls as did the Early Rain (from an evangelistic viewpoint). Drawing our subject to a close let us briefly review — On the end of Pentecost had to cornea pollinating message to serve the same purpose as does upon the wheat stalk. As it goes out it reaches into those blade systems pulling out every true believer. Once that believer comes to the revelation of truth he looks and acts as all other true believers. That beautiful green color of the blades is turning into a yellow or dead color as the pollinating message is pulling all life from it into the top of the stalk. Once this condition has struck no amount of the latter rain could possibly assist one religious system for all life has been pulled from it to feed and nurture the wheat ready to burst from the husk. Fertilize and water it all day. nothing could help the stalk. WHY? Because it is dead! 


 As the waterfalls (of light) because of this endtime message, truth has hit these husks at the top of the stalk and death is destined. While the kernels of wheat are busily forming the blades are becoming dryer and dryer until finally they shall be gathered into the Eccuinenical Movement to be burned. The more this end time message is fought the more the wheat will benefit from it for truly nothing else can. Regardless of what a person is doing or what system he is in when this pollination message strikes a predestinated soul, that spirit of revelation begins to flow into them energizing their life–they become enthused from the divine revelation received from the spirit of God as he waters the earth. In short we could say concerning the church, the pollination period was the endtime message going forth in a certain measure and the Latter Rain is God taking this message and causing it to grow and gain momentum as it covers the earth to pull out every predestinated seed wherever they may be and washing them with the full revelation of truth until they have become that which is likened unto the early church in love, unity and doctrine. Beloved, this thing was not born in a corner and it is not going to remain in an early church struck predestinated hearts during the Early Rain and all who were ordained to eternal life believed, so shall it be today. The pollinating message is the only gospel with a lasting truth. the only hope of the hour. The Latter Rain which follows the pollination period is absolutely the moving of the Spirit of God reaching out into the world taking this established vindicated message delivered by a prophet in this endtime and pulling every soul out of what they have been in, bringing them to the complete understanding of this truth where they themselves may become a full fledged Christ-like apostolic believing Christian. The early rain scripturally was the rain on the farmers crop for the sole purpose of soaking the ground for seed sowing while latter rain is rain which falls upon the reproduced seed solely for the purpose for bringing things into maturity. Early rain makes things sprout and grow while latter rain does not serve this purpose, but takes what has already grown through a process oftime and brings it into complete maturity, straightening every doctrine in their mind and heart to fall into line with the original seed, The Word of God. 


 Bear in mind the purpose of the latter rain and ask yourself the question could the 20th Century outpouring which we accept to be a mighty gully washer or a mighty down pouring of water (Spiritual) have possibly been the promised Latter Rain to restore man back to the original truth of the word. No! It certainly did not! It took the endtime pollination mes-sage to bring all these people out from among these blades on the stalk while death was left in the trail of the message. There will be a church; there will be a people who live, think and walk like Christ at the end of this age while the blade of the husk goes into the great Ecumenical Mill to be ground to powder and burned. This pollination message will deceive no one but it shall illuminate and enlighten a people who will definitely have their eyes opened and shall use the knowledge they have received. Thus the Latter Rain could not have been 20th Century Pentecost or anything during its period for Latter Rain only follows the pollinating season on the reproduced wheat. 


I want to discuss this modern philosophy spreading over the earth (1) that the Gentile world today is heading for the greatest revival that it has ever had, (2) that God is getting ready to pour out his spirit. (3) churches will be revived. and (4) cities will be turned upside down and (5) thousands will be filled with the Holy Ghost. That’s the general nominal evangelical (not in the denominal sense) attitude going over the earth today. They keep saying it’s coming. It’s coming! Beloved is it corning? Is such a teaching Scriptural? On the day of the Pentecost Peter quoted this prophecy Joel 2:28. Because Peter quoted this, it has been freely used by gentile teachers as though God had given this scripture to the gentile church. The prophet Joel when speaking, did not sec the gentile church only his people Israel (not gentiles) restored back in the land–this he saw before Israel had ever been carried out of the land. The language God caused the prophet to speak is much like the language of a farmer. God promises to Israel he will restore the years of their agriculture production because God dealt with Israel in an agricultural way as he had stated, “If ye will walk in my commandments and keep my statutes, observe my ordinance etc.” (Deut. 11) I’ll take great pleasure in blessing you, I’ll bless the fruit of the land, the food of the cattle, the beasts, etc., however if you fail to do this said he, I will withhold the rain. Notice, he will deal with those people agriculturally and he will use the elements of nature to chastise those people—if that didn’t work he said I’ll pick you up and I’ll take you into another land. Joel looked down through time and saw God doing just that. Now that prophet is most concerned about Israel’s future hope, so in visions Joel sees beyond when God removed all Israel out of the land. God says in verse 20, “I will remove the northern army far from you and I’ll bring you back (all Israel) into this land and as he would bring them (all) back into the land he states I will restore to you all those former blessings of natural rain (agricultural prosperity).” To refresh your memory, about 728 B.C. God allowed the 10 northern tribes to be carried off into captivity– never to be brought back. Later the 2 southern tribes were carried captive into Babylon around 600 B.C. for 70 years, however those two southern tribes (alone) returned. Before their split (the 12 tribes) Israel had a king, a priesthood, and their own government. Early in their history God had threatened chastisement by sending among them 4 insects of worms (1) locusts (2) the canker–worm, (3) the caterpillar, (4) the palmer-worm. What were they? God uses such worms to plague Israel literally devouring all their vegetation. First, he said he would withhold the rains, that which has caused the vegetative growth; second he’d send these plagues (armies) of insects to literally devour and strip Israel of every agricultural benefit, causing the beasts of the field to cry out—however note according to Joel’s prophecy God promised to restore, the years (after bringing Israel back into the land (after 1948) from chastisement, and he would restore to Israel their natural clement. Joel 2:25 holds a natural setting, though the objective is not natural. The objective is Israel’s (12 tribes) future spiritual state and relationship with God once having been restored back into the land. (After 1948 as a nation). 


 What did God literally mean when he said he will restore to Israel the years that the locusts hath eaten? (verse 25). Somehow he had used those worms or insects to chastise her? Could it mean God used those insects to chastise Israel, once he had taken her out of the land? could it mean the land has lain waste, eaten up by bugs ever since, and these bugs had remained there constantly devouring all, then once God was ready to bring Israel back he would simply say to all these bugs get out of here? No doubt, seriously that is the interpretation. Here is what the prophet is actually speaking of. Up to verse 25 the setting is naturally-how God has always dealt with Israel by chastising them, but may I say when God took away the 10 northern tribes those 2 southern tribes still retained their king, their temple, and their government, didn’t they? But the hour arose when God sent the King of the Babylonian Empire (the first world empire) to start that great national chastisement. 


 The 2 southern tribes were in captivity for 70 years in order for God to begin this prophecy, for a first phase fulfillment bringing you up to verses 28 and 29. Notice God allowed only the 2 southern tribes to return (not the 10 northern tribes). However he would not restore to them their king—he did allow them to restore the temple. Notice since the 10 northern tribes were not present, basically the entire prophecy of Joel (restore the years) could not have embraced its full application during their first return from Babylon. Yet out on the end of that first return period from Babylon restored backonly in a partial fulfillment of this prophecy, the temple, (though no king). Christ came as king unto them later offering himself on the cross. This brings you up to Acts 2: (Pentecost) God, shall we say in order to fulfill the 1st phase of this fulfillment given to the Jews (not all 12 tribes) verses 28 and 29 of which Peter quoted at Pentecost, Notice Peter never addressed the 10 tribes of Israel—Act 2:14 with the message. However this restored in verse, 25 speaks of them as a nation of people. (Not merely 2 tribes). So Joel 2:25 is symbolical language using the natural condition which had often happened prior to their dispersion in the natural agricultural term-it is none other than this language-meaning I will restore back to Israel at the end of the ages all that the (1)Babylonian, (2) Medo-Persian, (3) Grecian Empire, and all that the (4) Roman empire had destroyed. Beloved, it’s none other than (1) the locust that age at the very core of Israel, (2) the cankerworm was the creature that ate up the tender branches, next came (3) the cater-pillar and (4) the palmerworm which comes on the end gnawing at the very heart and core of the plant life itself; though these natural origins of insects did exist, yet no insect could ever destroy a national government, could they? It’s that language of thought God is relating to the prophet saying when all of that has happened, for some reason God will reach out and restore hack to the House of Israel (all tribes) all the years that those 4 great world empires have gnawed away. So the first (partial) fulfillment happened long after the 2 southern tribes had been returned from Babylonian captivity. Joel 2:28-29 was only a partial fulfillment to set in motion the blessings of God. Israel (the 2 southern tribes) had been restored back into the land after 70 years in Babylonian captivity and notice they were enjoying agricultural blessings, growing their crops, etc.. so you see the prophecy could not necessarily be dealing with the geographical agriculture condition could it? These two tribes were tending successful crops growing wheat, barley and oats when the first advent of Christ came! The fact Christ and his disciples plucked kernels of wheat shows there was no geographical agricultural curse upon the land during the first advent of Christ—so the language here (in verse 25) is that God is going to restore the nation back into his fellowship, into his blessings. and into his prosperity. Therefore with only 2 tribes present in the Lana during the first advent of Christ as referred to by Peter (Acts 2:14) it could have only carried a partial fulfillment. Scripture verifies salvation was to the Jew first. (Rom. 1:19) Reading Joel 2:28-29 lets notice carefully in verses 25, through 27 the prophet had been speaking exclusively to Israel “For I will restore unto you (Israel) all the years that those 4 great bugs (armies) have devoured-devouring (1) their government, (2) their kingdom, (3) their temple, (4) their worship and everything else. I’ll restore it back to you. 


 Watch carefully after (all) this has been restored it shall come to pass afterwards (not before) that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh (listen and your sons and your daughters (naturally Jewish) shall prophesy, Did Joel see the gentiles in the scope of his prophecy? NO! The gentiles only received that (partial) Jewish blessing because that first group (2 tribes) rejected it, fulfilling Amos, Isaiah, Hosea. Beloved this prophecy in Joel is in no way directed to the gentiles at all. (Peter himself did not have gentiles in mind) for no where from a National standpoint had God ever promised to restore a gentile people. Nevertheless he will restore the church (who is among the gentiles) to its proper central position, though the church has no geographical position about it. Her position is strictly scriptural. However Israel’s is a geographical as well as a spiritual relationship before God, and Joel by divine revelation says “Afterwards and it shall come to pass that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh and your (from the English language) what does your-means (does it refer to someone else’s) YOUR CHILDREN Do you have children? They are your children, right? If I said something good will come to you and your children, whose children am I speaking of? You know that doesn’t mean someone else’s children, that means your children! And God’s word is not something that can be tossed about coming up with just any kind of meaning that suits us. Notice the promise here “Will be upon your (Israelite) children.” Beloved, that has never happened as yet! Read on- “The sun shall be turned into darkness (under 6th Seal) and the moon to blood before the great and terrible day of the Lord come” and it shall come to pass that whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be delivered and Mt. Zion and in Jerusalem shall be deliverance as the Lord has said and in the remnant who the Lord shall call.” Here is what gets gentile teachers completely off course. Stop and think a moment, when the day of Pentecost came which city was delivered? There were no cities involved. Jerusalem was not delivered. It was under Roman rule and was destroyed (in 70 AD) not delivered. Only a remnant of these two southern tribes returned from Babylon and was restored back in the land. As you recall in Acts 2 all nations under the sun were represented so according to this all of the two southern tribes of Israel were not even in their homeland (although they did have access to it) at the time of Christ. Only a portion of the two southern tribes returned and rebuilt the city, the temple and began tilling the land. They were busy growing their crops and enjoying their agricultural benefits, however the nation as a whole remained under Roman rule– that last worm was gnawing away at the very heart and core of Israel. True-God had restored (only) partially to initiate the first phase of the fulfillment of this outpouring of the spirit of God. 


 During this setting of the partial fulfillment-the Messiah had been sent to the Jew first—showing God does place the Jew first. This prophecy Joel 2:25 is basically in line with the Jewish people solely in God’s dealing with that nation for the purpose of restoring them with himself back into the land. Oh Yes, they were back in the land, even here when the Messiah King preached, witnessed and offered this to them before becoming a sacrifice for their sins (Matt. 1:21) He ascended on high and 10 days later sent the Holy Spirit back in partial fulfillment of Joel 2:28 and 29. Peter and the 120 filled with the promise came from the Upper Room only to be ridiculed by those old home Jews who had rejected Christ: By divine revelation Peter stood and declared, “Hear ye this men of Judah and Jerusalem (only to these) these are not drunk as ye suppose seeing it is but the 3rd how of the day..for this is that which was spoken of by the prophet Joel,” Peter did not need to refer back into all of Joel’s prophecy no, he simply only needed to quote, “That it shall come to pass in the last days (the Lord) will pour out my spirit upon all flesh.” Those Jews were well versed in scripture, they knew because of the language (Your children) this was pointing to them—(yout children) your sons, your daughters-not a gentile stood listening to Peter!! Scripturally, Peter had every right to say (your sons & your daughters). Notice a number of years will pass before God would visit Peter with a vision concerning witnessing to the gentiles. (Acts 10) In his heart Peter had that old Judaistic feeling (no Lord—not to that bunch of dogs). So when Peter spoke Joel’s prophecy as far as he was concerned or as far as he knew it was completely fulfilled in all of its entirety to the Jew. Just remember God was withholding the climax of this blessing for a future period of time when once the entire House of Israel as a nation would be restored back in the land in complete alignment with Joel 2:25-2 6-27, then and only then would the climax of this blessing be poured out upon them, and certainly (at that time) no gentile setting whatsoever will be in view! So through more than 1900 years, because that early group of Jews rejected this, God took the blessing of it— which rightfully and scripturally belonged to the Jew (only and placed it on the gentile dealing solely with the gentile on the basis of individuals, not upon the basis of a nation as according to Joel’s prophecy. Does not “I’ll restore this nation” fall in line with Hosea, Amos etc., after he had dispersed them down through the gentiles? Basically, the restoration of all things belongs to Israel. Watch Peter quoting Joel’s prophecy unto these devout Jews gathered from every nation— truly they were familiar with the scriptures he was quoting —because God was manifesting the great outpouring of the spirit in that day unto them speaking in tongues. 


 Acts 2:14-16 – It didn’t even require any interpretation because those devout Jews heard God speaking directly to them in their own national language wherein they were born. One Jew from Rome speaks Italian. (Yet he also knows the old mother language) another born in Greece speaks Greek, yet also he understands the old mother language Hebrew) another from Egypt who speaks the Egyptian language also knows the old mother tongue etc. (Acts 2:8.12) Jews all gathered in Jerusalem. Here 120 Galileans who had never attended a language school filled with the power of God comes to them speaking their language. Those Galileans had no idea what they’re saying—yet God sure did; he was fulfilling the sign spoken of in Isaiah 28, where he would speak to those people by a sign, for he said all tables are full of vomit, meaning the Jews ritualistic ecclesastical tables were full of vomit, (V-8). God abhorred the whole thing and said a little here and a little there, line upon line precept upon precept for with stammering lips and other tongues (of other men) will I speak to this people (the Jewish people) and for all this they (Jewish people) still will not believe. Peter verified this on that day and 3000 Orthodox Jews wanted to know what to do. Act 2:37-38. (now watch Peter applying Joel’s prophecy and you shall receive your portion of the blessing in Joel’s prophecy). “You shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost because the gift of the Holy Ghost is that portion of Joel’s prophecy to be restored. Notice Peter said, “For the promise is unto you, to your children. See Peter still had the Jew in mind (your children) then he said to as many as are afar off-even to as many as our God shall call.” From that statement he can go to the gentiles, he can go anywhere but when he spoke, “This is to you and YOUR CHILDREN that’s basically to the Jew, however once he left that and stated “And to as many as are afar off (that takes the restriction off it) but certainly not off the restoration part, only the spiritual blessing part. That restoration part belongs strictly to the Jewish nation, actually the outpouring (of the spirit) basically belongs to the Jew, their attitude toward it determined where it went from there, is that understood? Approximately 40 years after Pentecost that message hung over the Jewish people, before it reached its fruition (with Israel), however this blessing had already been given to the gentiles. 


In the city of Joppa Simon Peter had gone upon the house-top for prayer. Recall, Peter had quoted Joel’s prophecy in Jerusalem. Basically in his mind he thought, this blessing is solely for a Jew. While praying he fell in a trance and saw a sheet full of all kinds of unclean 4-footed beasts and fowls of the air. (Act 10) God was showing Peter his religious feelings toward the gentiles. At this time no Gentiles had experienced this gospel blessing. The voice of the Lord instructed Peter to “Rise up, kill and eat. Peter took one look into that sheet and said there’s nothing unclean or common come to these lips. The Lord said what I have cleansed call thou not unclean-3 times this was repeated. When that was taken up for the third time there stood 3 unclean gentiles at the front gate inquiring of one named Peter. Peter got up thinking the meal downstairs was probably about ready. The spirit said “Go downstairs,”-Notice there wasn’t any committee directing Peter. As he started downstairs he heard a commotion at the front gate. The spirit told Peter to draw nigh these men doubting nothing for he had sent these men. Unbeknownst to Peter he was about to deliver the gospel into the hands of the gentiles for better than the next 1900 years, truly these men had been sent of God. Their master Cornelius, a Roman Centurion, a proselyte of the Jewish faith had been fasting and praying unto the Lord when an angel appeared unto him instructing him to send to Joppa and seek out a man by the name of Simon Peter who would tell him words of life. (To save needed space I refer you to Acts 10: for the complete story as to how the gentile received the gospel). Peter was still quite confused as he approached Cornelius’ home in Caescria as Cornelius greeted him falling upon his face: stand on your feet we’re men just like you, why do you inquire of me? asked Peter? Cornelius briefly relates his exper-ience with the angel and as he finishes his testimony Peter began to preach Jesus Christ unto them:— still completely unaware of his visit. God intended to bridge the gap between the Jewish race and the gentiles which would fulfill Acts 2:38—unto them who are afar off. The gentiles certainly were not a people in the mind of Joel (2:28) however God who regulates all things was bridging that gap and he had chosen Cornelius’ house as his prime target. Preaching Christ unto a Jewish Proselyte of Judaism would not seem so strange even in the eyes of Simon Peter, for after all, being a proselyte entitled him to hear of the faith. Watch how God’s sovereignty overrides Peter’s own feelings toward the gentiles. As he preaches Christ unto them Cornelius and his relatives are drinking in every word the apostle said. “To them it was Iife”—unbeknowing to Peter God is bridging the gap. No, he isn’t restoring any gentile nation to anything (Joel 2:25) however the eternal was taking the partial blessing (or early rain) rejected by the Jews – that blessing which was originally for the Jews and was presenting it unto the gentiles. God is now in preparation of cutting off the Jewish element who long ago returned from Babylon and is in the process of running them again out of Jerusalem (70 A.D.). Ready to cut that remnant off again dispersing them out among the gentiles over a period of 1900 years and notice who caused them to be dispersed? It was none other than that last worm in Joel’s prophecy (Joel 2:25). Brother, when those worms crawled upon that vine in 70 A.D. of that Israelite nation which had finally grown back after their first restoration from Babylon (the first worm). When those Romans led by Titus in 70 a.d. finished that 4th insect or worm had totally stripped Judea and Jerusalem. For 1900 years the land, as far as Israel was concerned lay a desolate country although many many crops of barley, wheat, figs and etc. still grew and were harvested although the Jew didn’t know anything about it. He had been cast out of his land. Note while the Jew was out of the land the gentile had been enjoying the spiritual blessing which rightfully and scripturally belonged to the Jew. It had been Jews the Holy Ghost had rested upon in the early rain since the day of Pentecost until Peter’s visit in Cornelius’ home. Peter seeing for the first time after a number of years the same power witnessing through the gentiles in speaking in tongues unto those unbelieving Jews (I Cor. 14:22). Turning to his Jewish companions Peter, perhaps still astonished and dazed, said brethren who can forbid water that these should not be baptized for the remission of their sins who have received the Holy Ghost as well as we (Acts 10:47). It was here that Peter changed his mind, recall in Acts 11:2 when Peter and the 6 brethren returned to the Jerusalem church they were confronted as to why they had gone among gentiles-where upon hearing Peter’s testimony as to what God had performed for the gentiles all rejoiced because God had granted life unto the gentiles (Acts I I :18). No doubt none of them were fully aware that God was actually cutting off their people and giving Joel’s spiritual blessing (partial) unto the gentiles for over 1900 years—While the 4th worm (Romans) chased them out of the land! 


God now brings another Jew into the picture to take up where Peter left off. This man was none other than Saul of Tarsus the highly polished scholar who was thoroughly versed in the old test-ament and the Jewish life who now is promoted to the apostle of the gentile. Paul was God’s instrument in transfering that refused blessing in Joel 2:28 unto them who were afar off. By this time God was already laying the inroads of the gospel deep into gentile territory at the time he reached over in 70 a.d. and cut the Jew off because they openly refused Joel 2:28. Paul had already been sent to the gentiles with this same great blessing with the same signs, wonders and blessings that was upon the first Jewish church. The same attributes of the spirit of Christ is now being poured upon the gentile church which was first in the Jewish church and among the Jewish people—While bear in mind the restoration of verse 25 into their land still remained strictly with the Jewish nation. And the great fulfillment of that which we are going to read about shortly still belongs unto the Jew (verse 28). By the time this spiritual outpouring had been granted unto the gentiles. God in 70 a.d. reached over and cut the Jew off what happened? The gentile had already received the gospel and the original intended blessing that was supposed to be for the Jew, God in 70 a.d. cut off the Jews scattering and dispersing them among the nations for over 1900 years while the gentile people have retained the blessing. True, they have twisted and perverted the gospel, built traditions, rituals, and ceremonies around it, dragged it down through the dark ages. but through the reformation period God was restoring it back unto the gentiles. He was fulfilling Amos 9:8-11 Acts 15:14.18 saying the message would be given to the gentiles in order to take out a people for his name, then it would be returned back again unto the Jewish people and for 1900 years we have watched it work while the Israelites have been in dispersion.


 Watch how God begins to work with Israel along with the church during the last and final church age of Laodicea. As the 7th church age opened (1906) God again restores shall we say a spiritual outpouring of his spirit (though not the latter rain) upon the gentiles to give the 20th century people the Holy Ghost in a measure and way that it had not been given since the early church. As it was witnessed around the world tens of thousands were granted the privilege of receiving this blessing. 


 Out of the early part of the period developed an unusual pentecostal doctrine, one that had never been heard of until this hour—it was concerning speaking in tongues. Truly it was a sad day that this initial evidence doctrine was accepted throughout all pentecostal circles. Had they only left this thing open allowing God to move as he wanted too and kept their own hearts open I am convinced that the pentecostal movement as they are called would have been more open to receive further truth later to be given by the Holy Spirit. Their doctrine declared no one could have received the Holy Ghost unless they had spoken in other tongues. God was soon to test their new doctrine—what happened—around 1913 while the Holy Ghost was being poured out in a great measure, the spirit of the Lord revealed within the initial evidence groups the oneness of the GodHead (whether he was 1, 2, or 3) and the true meaning of water baptism in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Not since the death of the early church around 325 a.d. had this spiritual revelation been preached. Now watch this, the Pentecostal movements which had accepted the initial evidence doctrine of speaking in other tongues as the only evidence of having received the Holy Ghost branded this God-sent revelation as being of the devil dividing Pentecost into two camps. (Trinity and Oneness) Beloved a man cuts his throat spiritual-wise when he testifies I know I have the Holy Ghost because I spoke in tongues and then raises up against a revealed truth from that same Holy Spirit later on when the Bible declares the Holy Ghost who is the comforter, who is also the spirit of truth and testifies only of Christ. He’ll show you things to come, he’s a revealing and enlightening spirit among other things. It’s true, he can speak in tongues he can also prophesy and he also gives dreams and visions, all of which are attributes of his power for service in witnessing for Christ. When it comes to that revelatory capacity of the spirit which comes by the same spirit, for a man to shut his eye and heart against revelation—is fatal. Jesus Christ never said the church would be built upon tongues or prophecy or anything else but on divine revelation(divine revelation is that rock – Matt. 16) We live by divine revelation. Yes, it is true people in the early church did speak in tongues, but don’t forget they also had the revelation of the spirit of truth. So down the road went the Oneness side of Pentecost with a revelation on one God and baptism in the name of Jesus Christ. I do thank God for the Pentecostal experience, for brother it’s a must – Matt. 25:1-13. Recall, once the farmer sees that head of wheat with those little husks appearing he says, “she’s heading now”—meaning it’s not going to be long until we are going to see the real wheat which we have been looking for. (Pentecost represents the husk of the head of wheat). As that Pentecostal revival hit the world it began to revive people giving them new experiences in the Holy Ghost. It was God (the farmer) saying it won’t be long now until the season is over and my crop will be mature and ready for harvest. Out on the end of Pentecost God sent a mes-senger to this age taking all those scriptural truths, mainly those that had been received during the reformation which had been misrepresented, misapplied and tossed to and fro. This messenger placed them all back together in their proper perspective as they were originally supposed to be. This was God’s pollination message upon his true wheat, vindicated by signs and wonders that had not been seen by the gentile church world since the days of Christ. Today this message is witnessing and testifying around the world pulling true seed out every kind of system. It was ordained to work upon that true sincere believer who does have the Holy Ghost. I want you to know if you have the Holy Ghost you can’t ever stop seeking after God. 


 While all of this has been going on in the 20th century among the gentiles, what has happened to the people of Israel near the turn of the century, 1918, or the close of World War I, Israel’s homeland was freed from the hands of the Turks by the British. World War II some 20 years later brought the death of 6,000.000 Jews causing them to return in great numbers unto their homeland (killing 6,000,000 Jews was God’s means of driving Israel home). Only 3 short years after the war—(1948) they became a nation. Notice, it was not until the Laodi-cen church age that God began to deal with this prophetic race of people—now beginning to reach out and bring them back into that land to fulfill Joel’s prophecy of the restoration of all the House of Israel back into the land (Joel 2:25). Remember this time God will not stop until he has (1) not only placed them back into the land (2) given them back their city of Jerusalem (3) and their temple and (4) this time he shall give them back their king (one of the things destroyed by the 1st worm or insect) then shall it come to pass of Joel’s prophecy, “And restore to you all the years which the Babylonian Empire destroyed the Medo-Persian, the Grecians, and the Romans.” Verse 25: about the time they’re completely restored back into the land, given back their city and have their temple ready to begin worshipping Jehovah as they have in the past, then will it come to pass afterward — Joel 2:28 “That I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh etc.” By this time the gentile church will be finished. God will have taken his toll from the gentiles— that people for his name and while the water, the latter rain is busy bringing the Gentile Bride church to her full fruition that rain cloud will suddenly pass away from the gentile drifting back over to the Jewish people which now geographically have been restored Joel 2:25. Then that great final outpouring will be upon the Jewish people as Joel 3 prophesied in verses, 25. It shall come to pass afterward (after all these things have been restored) verse 25: I will pour out of my spirit upon all flesh your sons and daughters shall prophesy, old men shall dream dreams, young men shall see visions and upon my servants and handmaidens etc. Notice during that same time the water is falling upon the Jewish people two prophets will step out upon the scene – Rev. 11 having power to shut the heavens that it not rain in the days of their prophecies. They will also have power to turn water into blood. Note, this fulfills the final phase of Joel’s prophecy—there’ll be strange signs in the heavens and in the earth beneath. There’ll be vapors of smoke which blends right in showing that once the Jewish people are restored geographically that first group only received that prophecy in a partial fulfillment (early rain) Acts 2:16-17. As these rejected that early rain the clouds simply passed off of them over to the gentiles to fulfill prophecies in Amos and Hosea. God simply took that group of rebellious Jews away for 1900 years. Oh look how the gentile theologians (Not God) have taken these scriptures completely out of the scripture setting and placed them inside the church. They miserably failed to see God’s purpose in these scriptures. It cannot be! As the gentile church got off course and went into the dark ages and the reformation was to restore those lost truths lifting the gentile church group hack up re-establishing it spiritually then giving it it’s revelatory potentials right out on the end of Pentecost. then the Latter Rain follows falling upon the gentile bride church bringing it into fruition. God at the same time is prophetically restoring the nation of Israel fulfilling Joel 2:25 and as that restoration reaches a certain point and the gentile church having already been restored like-wise and will have already received her rains for maturity, standing by ready to depart. God will simply allow the cloud to pass off the gentiles right over unto the Jews. See it’s just as straight as a gun-barrel, falling right in line. Once the Jews got out of the sight and the early rain blessings drifted right over unto the gentiles, but as God brings that Jew back into his sight he simply reaches out, pushes the gentiles out of the way. and she’s right back in line with him after 1900 years. So when you hear these gentile teachers today declaring the greatest revival the Gentiles has ever seen is yet to come, neighbor, I’m speaking this from a hunter’s standpoint, they just can’t see the sight at the end of the gun-barrel. They’ve gotten their sight out of adjustment to God because the spiritual blessing belongs to the Jew. We gentiles received it only to fulfill other scriptures, basically the blessing belongs to the Jew. I’m happy we were fortunate to be reconciled back unto God and given the Holy Ghost before he cut the gentiles completely off. Notice, there will not be any drought period before the taking out of the gentiles and the ushering in of the Jewish race for remember there was no drought period that closed the Jews time out back at the beginning of the New Testament age. No sir, the cloud of rain was just being poured out upon the Jews when they declared, we don’t want any part of it and the cloud simply moved over to the gentiles where we’ve been the recipients ever since. But now there is a restored people who is soon to be the recipients of the fulness of Joel’s prophecy in Chapter 2:28-32.