Prelude To Armageddon

Rev. Raymond M. Jackson







Making this message interesting will require one thing; it must be covered from the scriptural standpoint. What saith the Word of God concerning this great subject. Presenting my feelings on this matter would be of little importance however, if by the grace and guidance of the Lord we could take the scriptures and place them together, forming an overall picture of events in our spiritual minds, we would then have a meaningful message for Gentile Christians. We entitle this message PRELUDE TO ARMAGEDDON. Religious groups such as Jehovah Witnesses frequently refer to Armageddon. As a matter of fact, hardly a religious group anywhere having any feelings toward the second advent of Christ will not frequently mention this word.


Armageddon is that final terrifying scriptural war that one day shall definitely be fought. No peace pact, no agreements can prevent it once the hour has arrived. It is the final land battle of the ages! Fowls of the air will be invited to it for dinner once it is accomplished. Nations the world over are being awakened in order to be present (already beating pruning hooks into spears, Joel 3:9-11.)

Our purpose in presenting this message is two fold, (1) That we may examine world conditions and events which have transpired over the years and bring them up to our present hour. (2) To stop much of this Gentile idea that one can run ahead of God’s program, interpreting time to fit their own thinking! No one will ever do God that way! Remember, if God were to say there would be three glasses of water sitting in the middle of the floor, in a certain house six months from today, you could rest assured he would block everything until those three glasses of water were sitting in the middle of the floor – not five nor seven months from today but exactly six months as He spoke it, and there isn’t one thing you can do about it! You might try substituting Coca Cola for water, yet if He said three glasses of water, three glasses of water it shall be! He means exactly what he says and he never accepts a substitute for what he wants. From a human standpoint and from the fact we would like very much to get out of here, I can easily realize how often we indulge in these things trying to fit the picture together to match our own thinking and not the word of God. Oh, if we could only hurry things up to get out of here, no one would question the fact that it would be wonderful. Jesus is coming soon and things that are going on today are events definitely pointing to that soon return of our Lord, however, just because we recognize scripture-wise events are transpiring that does not mean we may apply our ideas to any of the fulfillment of God’s Word, hurrying up the process simply because I believe it should be a ceratin way. If God states a thing is going to be a certain way, my ideas by no means will influence nor hasten anything one minute sooner.


All of these things work together to fulfill God’s Word and shall bring everything into the climax with the Battle of Armageddon. As stated, Armageddon will be the final or last land-based war ever to be fought on this earth, yet someone may question our statement by referring to the scriptural battle recorded in Revelation 20 speaking of Gog and Magog which comes up after the completion of Christ’s one thousand year reign. Go back and examine the scriptures and you will soon see that battle in Revelation 20 was never fought because according to verse 9, before one shot could ever be fired, fire came down from heaven and devoured them all. Therefore, I am perfectly justified in saying Armageddon will be the last land-based war ever to be fought upon the face of this earth using weapons, planes, whatever kind of war-power man has devised at that hour.

Naturally, after the thousand year reign, according to verses 7 & 8, Satan is loosed for a brief period out of his prison and goes out to deceive the nations which are upon the four corners of the earth, Gog and Magog, and gather them together to battle. Verse 8 declares Satan shall deceive a number of whom is as the sands of the sea. Recall, these are mortal human beings who have lived within this thousand year reign of Christ. What has now happened? During the thousand year reign according to verse 2 & 3, Satan was imprisoned in the bottomless pit, however, at the end of the thousand year reign he shall be loosed and shall go out seeking to overthrow the great Messianic kingdom that has been established throughout this thousand years of perfect peace. True, God will permit these deceived ones out of all the nations, referred to in number as the sands of the sea, to muster every materialistic means of warfare that can be found in that hour and shall compass about the beloved city and camp on the saints (which is Jerusalem) AND THAT IS AS FAR AS GOD PERMITS THEM TO GO. Find me one statement that even hints that a single shot by man was fired! No sir, not one shot was fired in the battle of Gog and Magog. Therefore, Armageddon is truly that last war in which actual combat and bloodshed is permitted to be executed by man himself, for after the thousand year reign God permits that deceived element among the nations to reach the point of no return. Man did not fire a shot although God fired one – FIRE CAME DOWN FROM HEAVEN AND DEVOURED THEM ALL, (Revelation 20:9). Am I not justified in saying Armageddon is the last land-based war ever to be fought? God permits that number of deceived people of the nations of Revelation 20 to go only so far. By their own actions they declare they are not only deceived but are furthermore willing to participate in Satan’s plot to overthrow the Messianic kingdom. Therefore, like policemen standing in the shadows waiting for robbers to enter the bank before arresting them, aware of the fact arresting them before entering would actually be to not have anything against them however, to allow them to pick the lock in order to gain entrance though not a dollar in the safe was touched, was to have the goods on them. Likewise, in Revelation 20 God actually permits these people to go that far before destroying them. Do not confuse this battle with Armageddon! It is not Armageddon as it is not even a war that is actually fought. God allows it to accumulate up to a certain point, then fires the only shot himself as fire proceeds from heaven liquidating the complete affair. That was the judgment upon the deceived multitude of nations who allowed themselves to be given over to Satan and disturb the peaceful reign of the kingdom age.

Back to this side of the millennium! Back to the events leading up to the Battle of Armageddon! We must closely observe these events and watch how they transpire. No doubt today you are fully aware Israel as a nation is compassed about by the greatest world powers known today; outnumbered money-wise and every other way, yet we must never forget according to the scriptures, Joel 3:1, and many others, God brought these people back into their land therefore it is He who is holding the reins, not the nations of the world and I am positive that God has allowed certain things to exist only in order to begin setting the stage of action for that final battle of Armageddon. We gentile Christians should cease trying to establish or set the time to satisfy ourselves. As gentile Christians, naturally we are constantly trying to apply all the natural settings to some spiritual application however we must remember that natural fulfillment of certain events which affect world conditions and events must all run parallel to lead up properly into that great battle. Therefore, don’t run ahead of God, and God will not run ahead of you. Remember, God always brings events up parallel (even) and if we are wise enough without disturbing his program of events, we can still see the time in which we live, scripturally.

As has been stated, the world is a stage and human beings are actors in the drama. We shall see that two acts or two curtain calls have already been finished and the curtain is slowly preparing to open on part three of the Prelude to Armageddon. Recall, each act is only one step closer to that actual dreadful event itself which mankind is desperately trying to avoid but to no avail! Every setting of this GREAT drama only tends to bring certain characters more and more into focus who must be on stage once the dreaded event arrives.


According to Joel 3, God speaks definitely of a precise time when he returns the children of Israel to their land showing what transpired, (mainly after 1945). From these verses we learn a great deal. God said in verse 1, “Behold, in those days and in that time, when I shall bring again the captivity of Judah and Jerusalem”, placing this in our own phraseology and without distributing any of Joel’s prophecy 2,800 years before it occurred, it would read, “For behold in those days, and in that who have been in captivity to have returned back into the land of Judah and Jerusalem.” Are we aware of the impact of this verse wherein God states he will have already returned the captivity? He states here that in a certain allotted time, which is certainly not a matter of a few weeks, months or even a year, that He caused the captivity to return back into the land of Judah and Jerusalem. No, beloved, as history bears out the fact it took a certain allotted time to perform this, it was not accomplished overnight. Note, the verse further states, Jerusalem, the city itself, must be in the package deal and in no wise can be excluded from the land for it too must come to biblical fulfillment, therefore, watch closely as we analyze this special allotted time referred to in Joel 3:1, where God would return the Jew to his homeland.


I am sure we all are aware of that memorable day in May 15, 1948, when a nation consisting of certain geographical boundaries, which included only one-half of the city of Jerusalem, was reborn. Israel became identified as a nation among nations after 1,900 years! Note, we made no reference to Israel being born spiritually, only nationally, HER SPIRITUAL BIRTH WILL COME NOT THROUGH THE GOVERNMENT OF ISRAEL BUT THROUGH TWO PROPHETS THAT GOD SHALL SEND TO THE NATION, (REVELATION 11). Therefore, in 1948, with only one-half of Jerusalem in her possession, Israel became identified as a nation among nations. However, according to the word of Joel’s prophecy, God had no intentions of leaving Israel with only one-half of the city when the prophecy includes Jerusalem as a whole. Israel’s miraculous birth came overnight, (less than 24 hour period) because as the U.N. troops (especially Britain who held the land since World War I), the Jews had already set up a government with a constitution within 24 hours. Recall, before England had withdrawn her troops on the announced day, May 14, the Arabs had previously declared they would go to war with Israel and they kept their word not 24 hours after the last of the troops had been withdrawn, Israel was fighting for survival.

MAY 15, 1948 – FIRST WAR

Not only had Israel become a nation overnight, overnight she was also in war! Before the sound of the dancing in the streets had died away over the celebrations of Israel becoming a nation, Arabs were firing upon Israel and Israel’s first war was on. With only a hand-ful of bedraggled Jews crawling out into the open after many years living in German concentration camps, being beaten, tortured, half-starved yet tough as steel and with the driving initiative to live which they had learned in serving in the underground army, and with only a handful of obsolete weapons, and last but not least, that marvelous sovereign grace of God protecting them, Israel bitterly fought the Arabs to a standstill, holding every inch of their borderland granted by the U.N. for the Jewish State. Recall, this war did not last for years, but only for a brief few months. Skirmishes and wars around the middle East, especially surrounding that Holy Land, are not wars fought such as gentile powers fight theirs, lasting 3, 4, and 5 years, NO SIR, that is not God’s way of doing things, it is just one tremendous thrust similar to a knock-out punch. To them it is a knock-out or it isn’t. God has always worked in that respect. Recall, in Joel 3:1 God is saying, in those days and in that allotted time when the people had again returned from captivity back to Judah and Jerusalem, I will also gather all nations, etc. Reading this verse it may sound as though these events may transpire rapidly, however, history (which shows God’s prophecy unravel), teaches us these events did not transpire immediately, but in their transpiring Europe, along with many nations of the world were left in a helpless and bedraggled conditioned. However, it was only God’s method of awakening Gentiles to prepare them for Armageddon! This time period was many years referred to in Joel 3:1, as in those days and in that time is that allotted time period God has set aside himself when He shall begin to pull the curtain on part one, part two and part three, which shall eventually lead, step by step, year by year, closer and closer to that great battle of Armageddon. No one jumps ahead of God, everything must set its own pace and don’t forget, GOD IS THE PACESETTER. Yet, here He states in Joel, in those days (meaning all the accomplished time required to return Israel from captivity and awaken all nations to bring them up to the Valley of Jehosaphat for the greatest war of all times). Secondly, Joel 3:1 states. Concerning the gentile nations who have been guilty of mistreating Israel, I will bring them down into the Valley of Jehosaphat, there to plead with the nations.


Until I personally saw the Valley of Jehosaphat I had always believed this valley where Armageddon would be fought was perhaps a long huge canyon, hundreds of feet deep, with high rock bluffs from which looking down the people below would seem as very small objects. What a surprise to discover it had only a slight sloping descent from the city walls of Jerusalem to the valley floor. I venture to say, level wise, from the summit of Mt. Zion to the very floor level of the valley itself would only reach approximately 200-300 feet in elevation. It is only a gradual sloping terrain and as it leads off into the valley it is very shallow and narrow. At the bottom you start up a gradual slope to the Mount of Olives and actually as you stand at the city walls, looking over to the Mount of Olives it is no more than the distance of a Sabbath days journey, (Acts 1:12). While the valley is quite narrow, having only a small descent in the terrain, the valleys in itself running past the city of Jerusalem on the Eastern side between the Mount of Olives and the city is not very long in length. However, as the valley leads out to the north, it is this part of the valley that goes into Megiddeo country (where the actual battle will be fought).


Joel 3:2-16, verse (12) “Let the heathens be awakened and come up to the valley Jehosaphat; for there will I sit to judge all heathens round about.” Verse 2 says, “I will judge the for my people and my heritage Israel whom they have scattered among the nations.” Beloved, gentiles did this scattering around 70 A.D., yet we realize God permitted it. God permitted it to chasten and whip his people, nevertheless, Gentiles were responsible for it as they were permitted to execute their own personal feelings against the chosen race called the Jew and because of that in many respects, gentile nations are guilty of over-doing their part as they have allowed themselves to be worked up into anti-Semitic feelings against them simply because gentiles realize they rejected Christ when saying, crucify him. Although this is true it does not give gentiles a right to execute the penalty upon them (God himself will do that.) Therefore in his final analysis God says he will bring the gentiles into this valley and will there plead for his chosen people. Joel 3:3 states gentiles have even cast lots. These verses show how the Jew had been mistreated and sold. In our modern age of the 20th century it doesn’t mean much to us, however, back in 70 A.D., when those captured healthy Jews were brought from Jerusalem to Rome by Titus’ army, every physically capable man, woman, boy and girl, able to do manual labor, was literally sold as slaves throughout the Roman empire, the others were either killed in Jerusalem and Judah or left to starve. Therefore, you cannot judge the penalty upon the nations simply on the basis of their treatment during the 20th century; God’s memory reaches much farther back than that. He examines it from the standpoint of time itself, the inhuman ways the Gentile nations have dealt with his people through the centuries, however it is our present day nations He is judging in the valley of Jehosaphat upon the overall basis of treatment. Continuing, the prophecy in Joel chapter 3, verses 5-7, God says, (5) “Because you have taken my silver and gold and have carried it into your temples, my precious pleasant things: (6) The children also of Judah and the children of Jerusalem have you sold unto the Grecians that you might remove them far from their borders. (7) Behold, I will raise them out of the place whether thou has sold them, and will return your recompense upon your own head.” (at Armageddon.) Thus fulfilling God’s prophecy made to Abraham and his seed, I will bless him who blesses thee, and curse him how curses thee.

We realize that the Arab people are mortal human beings having a soul the same as we or the Jew. His soul is important also. However, we must realize that God, who permitted that Jew to be mistreated through the centuries in order to fulfill scripture, has definitely brought them back after having allowed them to wander throughout the nations and furthermore is seeking to plant them in Palestine, their original, national homeland! There is hardly a gentile power today that is willing to recognize that it is God returning these people to fulfill scripture. They only recognize it as a world condition or a political maneuver which they had to get their hands into, trying to shape it and fulfill political men’s ideas. Nevertheless God says, irregardless as to how it looks or how certain people feel about it, He is going to do something right here in respect to all this. First, He is returning the Jew and after that is accomplished, He will then deal with all these nations harshly concerning their mistreatment, regardless to how it looks.


I recall a certain incident that I was faced with shortly having returned from Israel in 1968, which certainly illustrates gentile feelings toward what is happening in Israel. Walking into a lumber company in a nearby town, one of the elder men having heard of our trip was asking how conditions were over there. In our discussion he asked the question, Are the Arabs really being mistreated? I said, Positively Not! A young fellow with this modern college philosophy, which had been pumped into him spoke up saying, Well, I have to say the Arabs are being mistreated. Israel has thousands of them off in the desert and are doing nothing for them. I said, Brother, do you know why they are out in the desert? He is there because he is too hot-headed to return and liver under an Israeli government; he is there because he is fulfilling his own vows that he would never live under Israeli government; he placed himself out there; he left and deserted his own property because to them there is that sentiment! But that young man couldn’t see that. Furthermore, I said there is not one of these Arabs that was forced out there. Naturally, when the Arab army retreated, they retreated with them also with the feeling the Arab armies would later return and push the Jew into the sea whereby he wouldn’t have to live under Israeli environment because he wanted to live strictly under an Arab government, however, for God to fulfill His word in Joel 3, He could not permit the Arab armies to return and push Israel into the sea. Again, I repeat, the Arabs are in refugee camps in the desert, not because they have been deported there, they left with the fleeing army thinking they would return and destroy Israel. Yet, notice I said, there were plenty of Arabs who chose to remain in the land and did not flee as the Arab armies retreated who still have their shops, their homes and their property and tourists continue to trade with them. So, I said you cannot blame that Jew for the Arab being stubborn, hot-headed and in the plight he is in. Nevertheless, it does create a situation and the world will always view it from the human standpoint.


Note, God is saying that He will bring the Gentiles down to the valley of Jehosaphat after having restored Israel in the land and giving her (all) Jerusalem, there shall He deal harshly with those nations for their treatment against his heritage Israel. Verse 9 is the verse that really begins looking down through time. Beloved, Joel and these other men prophesied and wrote exactly what God had instructed them, being absolutely confident every word which had been spoken would come to pass though they might never live to see it. Though death came for these men, their prophecies remained to hang right there until approximately 2,800 years later. Joel 3:9 leads up into that very day, passing through many developments which would cause these conditions to prevail and begin to fulfill themselves as God (would) say, (9) “Proclaim this among gentiles (nations) (Proclaim means, advocate, make it known, announcing. Proclaim what among the nations?) prepare war, wake up the might men. (No doubt Jews as well as gentiles have read this time and again until it has become common place, yet after 2,800 years we have lived through the hour of time when these very words which hung there through the centuries are now shaping the world for Armageddon!) Continuing he says, “let the men of war draw near; let them come up; (10) Beat their plowshares into swords and their pruninghooks into spears: let the weak (nations) say I am strong.” Note, verse 9 covers a number of years of time, not merely a day nor a week, month or even a year. If you remember anything about history, you are conscious of the fact that as long as man has existed, peace has been rare while war has been plentiful, Right? If man has always been fighting, seeing only 8 percent of his recorded history has been years of peace, what does God mean by saying, DECLARE WAR? In over 3,100 years of recorded time only 286 of those years has been warless! Here God means as man has struggled through time to build his own various empires wherein God permitted four of them to come into fulfillment (Babylon, Media-Persia, Grecian and Roman) yet that hour “of prepare war” shall be God’s method of taking all the conditions which exists with man bringing it into focus whereby He could use man’s military preparedness to create conditions in this world to fulfill his word of prophecy in verse 9, (prepare war).


(1) Israel

(2) Ten horned beast of Europe

(3) Proper recognition of man of sin

Because we now face certain world-shaking events, let us approach this under three definite stages which must transpire within this world before Armageddon can be fought. Every prophecy dealing with events before Armageddon must transpire, not one can be left undone. Recall, I am referring only to those prophecies dealing with the end of this dispensation of grace closing out into the tribulation, ready to go over into the thousand year reign. As God has stated certain things would be, nothing can be substituted for them.

Sometime ago a person asked me if we could possible be farther along in time than what we think, could we not already be living in that hour of time, (Daniel 70th week)? My answer was NO! Why not, he remarked, Israel has already become a recognized nation over 20 years ago? True, I said, but before that last prophetic week involving Jacob’s trouble can begin to express itself, those Jews must have in their possession that holy ground or spot. For recall the angel speaking unto Daniel in 9:24 declared seventy prophetic weeks of seven years each had been determined upon: (1) thy people, (2) thy holy city, to finish (6) things. One of those things according to verse 27 declared the angel was he, the wicked prince of Rome, must confirm the covenant with many for one week or seven years and in the middle of that final prophetic week he shall cause the sacrifice and oblation to cease, and may I remind you, Israel at this point, although she has been a nation over 20 years and does have in her possession the entire city of Jerusalem since 1967, certainly does not have in their possession the holy spot on the temple grounds called THE ALTAR OF SACRIFICE, where the Antichrist who is permitted to rule for 42 months (Revelation13) or time, times and dividing of times, in the middle of the week will cause the sacrifice to cease!


Recall, all the seventy prophetic weeks must not only be upon the people Israel, but upon the city Jerusalem as well and in Jerusalem is where the altar of sacrifice is located which at this time (June 1971) is not in their possession, however, in the middle of their seventieth week, the Antichrist, or false prince, shall cause the sacrifice and oblation to cease! Their last prophetic week according to the angel will not begin until the false prince makes his covenant with Israel where in the middle of the week he stops the sacrifice and at present the Jews do not have possession of the holy ground, only the western wall of the temple area. What is inside that wall is controlled by the Moslem faith. This spot is yet to be given unto Israel. Then everything within the city, according to Joel 3:1, will be in Israel’s hands. Realize beloved, the importance of this one spot, THE ROCK OF SACRIFICE, enclosed today by the Moslem’s Dome of the Rock which must fall into Israel’s hands before God gathers those nations to the Valley of Jehosaphat and second before the man of sin, according to Paul, can be revealed declaring himself as God sitting in the temple (at Jerusalem) II Thessalonians 2:3-4, having broken his covenant in the midst of the 70th week. Therefore, somewhere out there still before us we await that final week which climaxes into Armageddon. Gentile people fail to recognize the importance of this holy spot on the temple grounds of Jerusalem which must be in Israel’s hands before God’s prophecy can be fulfilled. We gentiles pull everything to ourselves as long as we can see things being fulfilled in our behalf, dealing with our position. Seeing this, we are ready to jump ahead, to pull everything in line for fulfillment, but brother it can’t be done this way. Events must run parallel, not one event ahead of the other. If one event somewhere does appear to get ahead, rest assured God will pull the reins on this thing, holding it up until the other events catch up, that is exactly what He is doing.


We realize not every war has been affected by prophecy nor has even affected prophecy. Such wars have only served as conditions to create less stability, unrest, etc. However, we must remember there are certain wars which definitely do shape world events and conditions in order to fulfill God’s Word.


Return with us to that period of time designated around 1914-1918, better known as World War I. What was the advantage of World War I? Was there any prophetic fulfillment? There most certainly was! Is it not strange no war fought prior to that war was ever called a World War? Yet, this war did not constitute every nation represented in the world in that hour (only 23) but, for some reason it definitely set a pattern into which the world entered and has never been able to pull out of! For years I have carried a clipping taken from Reader’s Digest called “Prelude to Armageddon”, a condensed article from Guns of August 1914. The writer goes back a few years and picks up those days preceding the beginning of World War I showing how World War I was definitely ACT 1 leading the world unto Armageddon. How, you may ask? Let’s go back a few years before World War I to actually see. The article I am quoting from shows how for quite a few years the world had lived in comparative peace. King Edward VII was king of England, while Kaiser Wilhelm was Kaiser in Germany. Recall, those European nations through the Reformation had prospered greatly being freed from the ironclad rule of the pope. It must be remembered many of those European nations were nothing more than the break-up of the old Roman Empire which for centuries was once ruled from Rome first by pagan Roman Emperors and lastly, far from least, the Pope himself was supreme ruler of church and state. As would be expected, many of these political western European nations set out upon a venture of their own trying to become a world power within themselves. We realize from about the 14th until the 17th Century these European nations had fought back and forth, shuffling for new positions of world power within Europe itself, however, for some unseen reason none of these could ever seem to be in position to gain leadership as a world power or figure in Europe. Recall, since they were broken up portions of the old Roman Empire and for one nation to rise and rule the others would in a sense only be trying to re-establish or resurrect the same amount of Roman Territory again under one power.

According to Revelation 17, God has already stated that these ten nations will one day receive such power with the beast for that one prophetical hour, (Revelation 17:12), making Europe for a very brief period recognizable as a one world kingdom within Europe itself or a united Europe although this could never take place until that hour. Those individuals European nations having failed through the centuries to have any effect in becoming a world figurehead in Europe, therefore swinging their efforts around they ceased trying to be a world power among themselves and away they went off into other territories, colonizing certain sections of Africa, South America, Far East and on into India, as European nations now majored upon colonizing certain sections of the world. This relieved somewhat the pressure within Europe itself although certain clashes among these nations did occur over colonized territories. As a matter of fact, this period became recognized throughout the world as a period of colonization. Britain, no doubt, did far more colonization than the rest of Europe going to India establishing her great power and authority raising her flag over the isles of the sea, on into South America and even deep into Africa. France perhaps stood second to England, then Germany and Belgium along with all their sister nations were busy doing the same. Note, seeing that these nations within Europe could never gain that position of world power over the other European nations, they turned their attention to colonizing the world.


According to Daniel’s vision it was God who would never permit one of these royal kingdoms to gain enough influence to conquer Europe, therefore in order to bind their kingdoms closer together on a friendly basis many of the royal families inter-married. Marriage within this period among royal families of various countries became quite common in their attempt to bind their kingdoms together, just as Daniel prophesied they would (mingled themselves among the seed of men). That beloved is how we find the stage set in the European situation at the hour of England and Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany were relatives (uncle and nephew), Wilhelm’s mother was King Edward’s sister. The royal families of Denmark, Norway, Greece, Belgium and various countries were now inter-related cousins, aunts, uncles, etc. This article in my possession shows through these royal marriages over a period of time, various royal kingdoms had tried to unify and usher in peaceful co-existence among themselves, yet for some reason Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany was one ruler who contained very jealous ambitions. King Edward VII of England over the years gained world recognition as the peacemaker of Europe and since being able to establish and influence peace, there had been no wars during his reign. When Edward passed away, behind his funeral procession rode nine European kings on horse back and one horse with empty saddle. The muffled tone of the Big Ben clock in London was striking 9 o’clock as the procession was leaving the palace, but on history’s clock it was sunset and the sun of the old world was setting, approaching a point from which there was no turning – ARMAGEDDON. Nine kings, and had Edward been alive he would have made the tenth king, therefore in May 1910, nine European kings rode behind Edward VII’s body as it was being ushered to its place of burial and even before the peacemaker’s body could be laid to rest Kaiser Wilhelm, his nephew, had already been plotting with the ruler of France that should war ever break out France was to be on Germany’s side and this continued until 1914, approximately four years after the death of this peacemaker with a certain dignitary of Austria, Frances Ferdinand, Crown Prince Arch Duke was assassinated and Germany, who was allied with Austria-Hungary, seized upon this opportunity and World War I was on its way.


Could we for a moment reminisce asking ourselves one important question? During the hour of 1914, WHERE WAS THE JEW? Answer – scattered all over the world, weren’t they? Who was in possession of the Holy Land, that land where the Battle of Armageddon will one day be fought? The Turks, of course. Again I ask, where was the Jew as we approach Act I in the Prelude to Armageddon, what would be accomplished out of this Act (I)? Watch carefully, Kaiser Wilhelm with selfish ambitions of his own had set back long enough listening to his Uncle Edward. Edward had gotten all the praise and attention and Kaiser Wilhelm wanted some of this recognition and in order to obtain it was willing to do something to gain attention. The major difference between the two great leaders, one being deceased, was Edward had gained his recognition by becoming a peacemaker, the least Wilhelm could do was become a troublemaker. Isn’t that the way of people, if they can’t live right and gain attention they will do just the opposite! They must do something to gain attention, even if it requires doing something bad. Kaiser Wilhelm did just that! He used that entire plot leading to the assassination of the dignitary to start himself a private war. However, his motive did not go unnoticed by the Eternal God who definitely chose to use Wilhelm’s war to begin fulfilling his own words of prophecy in Joel 3:1. Wilhelm’s motive was to take a slice of Europe in order that the world might notice KAISER WILHELM. Feeling he had the ability to gain world recognition, Wilhelm harnessed up his horses, geared up his army and away he went into Belgium, Poland and on toward France.

Who would have ever thought this struggle for world pre-eminence by a monarch would develop into a World War and produce such a world setting as it did! Not only was England brought into the war but America and 21 other countries as well, causing every area of country within western Europe to become involved. And not only that but watch carefully, since Satan had a man on the scene who wanted to be a big wheel, God permitted that because time had now arrived in his program for something else to transpire and God was definitely going to allow this war to play a role in that also. Our God has plans one day of placing a king in Israel and just as if God was playing a game of checkers, He used these gentile kings as his men being moved around on the board to gain whatever He wants, as God has no interest in seeing any other gentile king, dictator or potentate coming out on top. His only interest is placing his king on a throne in the temple of Israel (Ezekiel 43:1-2), therefore He allowed Kaiser Wilhelm to begin his war. Dramatizing it in this manner we will say, the Lord’s remarks to Wilhelm are, go ahead, begin your war fulfill my word on behalf of my people Israel!


Bear in mind, before Armageddon can be fought three very important things must transpire and be fulfilled. (1) The Jew must not only be back in his homeland, in possession of his land but he also must have his city Jerusalem and that holy spot (temple grounds) before Joel 3:1 can be fulfilled. Do not limit God to merely placing his people back in the land! He must be in full possession of those things just mentioned. See, He must be in complete control of his city Jerusalem as Daniel 9:24 says the seventh prophetic weeks are all determined upon the Jewish people and their city as well. (2) There must be in this world before Armageddon is fought a ten horned beast to rise up out of Europe. This ten horned beast coincides with the ten toes in Nebuchadnezzar’s dream on the feet of the great gentile image where the stone hewed out of the mountain, not by human hands, smashed into it in the latter days (this clash of stone against ten toes is the second coming of Christ clashing into that ten horned beast or ten toes of the image which are ten western European nations, now being economically resurrected through the Common Market nations). Revelation 17 gives full details how the great whore is seen for a period riding the back of this beast. Revelation 17 further reveals the army which was in heaven following Christ on white horses are the ones to destroy this entire polluted system. (3) The third thing that must be before Armageddon can be fought is that the man of sin must fully come upon the scene, being introduced to the world falsely as a true peacemaker. Naturally, scriptural wise he is called the Antichrist and is the false peacemaker. You can spiritualize this all you want, but beloved we know that Antichrist office is fulfilled by the Pope, the wounded head that was healed on the beast. We recognize the spirit of it and realize it has harassed the church since its very beginning, there being referred to as the mystery of iniquity, man of sin, false prophet, Antichrist, yes, he is all of this, however, until he becomes the number one figurehead, until all these carnal dictators and potentates of the word bow their heads telling the man of sin (THE POPE) to take over, Armageddon will never be fought! These are positively three things that must be in their proper place and setting before Armageddon can be fought!

Therefore through the eye of the Spirit we can see how World War I set the stage for the beginning for what would climax in Armageddon. God, who was carefully observing the situation concerning Israel, says time has now arrived to free the land upon which shortly my people shall live. Time has come for Israel to return home to begin the fulfillment of Joel 3:1. It was not until around 1850, and through those latter years approaching the 20th Century do we find pressed upon the minds of Jewish rabbis the world over the stirring in their soul to begin a movement called Zionism, getting Israel a homeland. Jewish rabbis began holding conferences and conventions throughout various settlements of Jewish people instructing them it was time to return home seeing the land which was rightfully theirs had strictly been ruled by the Turks of the Moslem religion who had openly threatened any Jew returning to Palestine? Therefore around 1914, God, looking upon the scene observing Kaiser Wilhelm’s plan to be recognized as a powerful dictator controlling a large portion of Europe, watches him begin his thrust for power across Belgium toward France. What move does God make? The Almighty simply impresses England, who entered the war against Germany the same day German troops tried to press across Belgium, to fulfill a role that no doubt she never dreamed was in the making.


Certainly England had no desire to control any part of the Middle East, yet if Satan could use Kaiser Wilhelm to shake Europe, God could certainly in the same process use England to perform his will, making it possible that one day the Almighty could set his king in Jerusalem. Satan cares not where he establishes anything, however God does! Therefore as Wilhelm began his war, England in order to do a military maneuver and cut off all oil supplies going to Germany through the Middle East from the south, sent troops into Asia.

Near the end of 1915, an Anglo-Indian expedition force appeared north of the Persian Gulf, its objective – Bagdad. In November, the British successfully attacked the Turks south of Bagdad and by December had defeated and driven them into Kutalamara where they were surrounded and besieged. On April 29, 1916, an entire British force of 10,000 men and officers surrendered because of threatened starvation.

Another force which had tried to relieve the first captured Bagdad in March 1917, and pushed on north from the city. To lessen the territory and influence of the central power of the sultan’s territory, the British army pushed on and by December 1, 1917, had fought its way within three miles of Jerusalem where on December 9, General Allenby and his forces captured the city of Jerusalem, without firing a single shot, this being the only great allied victory of the entire year of 1917!


Recall, it was the Turks who Britain had been fighting throughout Asia and who were also in charge of the city of Jerusalem which they had held for a considerable time. A Moslem prophet of the distant past had been known to prophesy concerning the length of time the Turks would hold Jerusalem. They were to hold Jerusalem until the waters of the Nile flowed into the city! Here is the most amazing thing ever heard. General Allenby, who was approaching the city, in fear the Turks might poison the water supply, laid a special pipeline from the Nile with him across the desert in his own private pipeline to take care of his men and horses, because of the sacredness of the city did not want to fire upon it and it is said that he prayed asking God what must he do? It seems that because of the nearness of his name to that name of the Moslem god, ALI that when the word was sounded, ALLENBY IS COMING in the confusion it sounded as if they said ALI IS COMING and the Turks, thinking it was their deity, threw down their weapons. As General Allenby marched into Jerusalem the pipeline ended and the waters of the Nile flowed freely through the streets, therefore the Turks knew it was time to give up the land which they had held successfully over 400 years and go home.


Beloved, could you possibly conceive that in order for the capture of Jerusalem to be accomplished without firing a shot thus freeing the land for Israel to begin her return home and fulfill the prophecy of Joel 3:1, it had required a four year World War involving 23 countries between July 23, 1914, and November 11, 1918, at the cost of almost eight million men in what is described as the greatest military struggle the world have ever witnessed, costing those 23 countries participating nations approximately $200 billion?


An article appearing in the National Geographical Magazine shows during the reign of these Turks over the Middle East countries, they had not only suppressed the 50 thousand Jews in the land, they had suppressed the Arabs as well and the Arabs were constantly battling the Turks in an attempt to throw off this oppression. No doubt you have heard of Lawrence of Arabia, a famous British military leader, who sympathized and lived within the boundaries of the Arabs holding hostile feelings toward the Turks, spending his time teaching and instructing the Arabs in the desert to fire weapons and carry on warfare, raiding Turkish camps whenever possible. Furthermore he was responsible for beginning the great Arab troops know as Arab Legion.

Therefore, with the capture of Jerusalem in 1917, God is definitely setting in motion Joel 3:1. For behold in those days and in that time when I shall bring again the captive (not that they are still captive) but will return them from captivity. Behold in those days in that time I will cause them to return back. May I ask a question? How could it be possible to return back with conditions as they had been before 1917? Rabbis, we recall, had felt inspired to urge the Jews everywhere to return home, but to the Jew it was a hopeless proposition. Go home to what, they would ask? Realizing for hundreds of years their homeland had been under Moslem rule of Turks and Arabs. However, just as prophecy had declared the land of Israel (in their absence) would remain in more or less a desolate state, the Turks never created any initiative within the land even allowing the cities to remain in just as ancient a makeup as they were 2,000 years ago. Arabs continued in their same mode of dress, travel, eating habits and everything. However, finally around 1917, God maneuvered that peace loving nation England into position to take over all the Palestinian land, kicking out the Turks.


Meanwhile another situation was developing, this time in Russia. Even before the Mulchavite revolution and communism take over of Russia, (1919-1921) was in process thousands of Jews from Russia and Rumania had managed to escape. Approximately 30% of these went to Palestine while the majority went to England and America. 1904, witnessed the second small migration to Palestine even before it became the Jewish homeland in 1917. According to the background sheet issued recently by the Jewish Agency only 700,000 Jews had migrated to Israel during the 70 years previous to 1948. (Naturally many thousands of these returned after 1945). With that tiny migration, Jews began to infiltrate and trickle slowly back into the land combining their small amounts of cash and purchasing what appeared to the Arabs to be worthless land such as swamps and grown up wilderness which the Arab was simply too lazy to clean up. However, being among western nations, the Jews had learned modern agricultural techniques and with his drive and initiative cleaned up those many acres of swamps and wilderness areas where he began carving out a living for himself. It wasn’t long before the Arabs began resenting these noble efforts and trouble began brewing. Therefore to avoid trouble the British, who held a mandate on the land, stopped the returning Jew from entering the land. From that time until 1948, not over 700,000 Jews trickled back into the land to live.

Chaim Weizmann was responsible for England giving the Jews a homeland after the capture of Jerusalem in 1917. Weizmann was a Jewish chemist and also a Zionist leader. During World War I he performed invaluable service to the allies by discovering synthetic acetone, which was used in making ammunition. His government being most grateful for his discovery offered him an award, to which he replied, “give my people (the Jew) a section of the Holy Land for a homeland.” Britain did! He succeeded in interesting British state men in the Zionist idea and was thus helpful in having the British government in 1917, issue the Balfour Declaration, which promised to make Palestine the Jewish national homeland and it had been approved by the League of Nations in 1922, still it seemed that only individual Jews desired to return home; only those who were able to muster up enough passage to return and pool their resources buying up worthless pieces of ground to set up their kibbutzes where all would live in a “community” type environment. By the time World War II enters the picture in 1938, numbers of these community centers have been established. Meanwhile the Arabs with resentment have stood back and watched what had rapidly transpired as Jews had entered the land. God, now having the land in proper gentile hands, is ready to begin ACT II. Yes, the curtain is rising for ACT II on the world stage beginning exactly where it fell closing ACT I. Recall those three act plays we all would attend in school, how the following act would begin where the curtain fell closing out the preceding act? This is a similar situation. WHAT CAN WE EXPECT WITH ACT II?


In ACT I we saw England in charge of the land of Palestine and for 20 years remained so while those few Jews had established without too much difficulty their community settlements although the Arab resentment was rising against them. England served as a police force in keeping the peace while Jews slowly returned to the homeland of Abraham.


Closing ACT I, Europe was left in a destitute condition. This war which ended on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month in 1918, had been most costly in every way. Europe faced mass starvation. Those countries involved in actual combat were torn and ripped and although the war had ended it would take years before the countries could ever get back on their feet. Had it not been for the help of the United States who sent needed aid, food, money and supplies to war torn Europe, no doubt she would not have survived, as this war, in money alone, had cost all nations combined some $200 billion dollars and nearly eight million men. Realizing that the world must never again face such a slaughter and to assure the peace, the League of Nations in 1920 was established. Too weak to enforce much it eventually faded from the picture.

Europe with American money began to reconstruct and for a few years lived in a peaceful atmosphere. Note, in order to free the land and take the city of Jerusalem without firing a shot, Europe had undergone her worst most costly war in their history. Out of the smouldering ruins of World War I these ten separate horns, seen (Joined Together) on the beast in Revelation 17, in Europe such as France, Germany, Belgium, Etc., slowly began to rebuild and reconstruct their society hoping within themselves this dreaded war had taught all nations a lesson they would never forget. What had World War I accomplished? Beloved, it had began to shape the world for God’s word to be fulfilled in Joel 3 as we prepare to watch step two.

Twenty years have drifted by and England without too much difficulty had successfully held peacefully the land of Palestine although the Arabs had constantly flared up. As the Jew struggled in Palestine those in Europe prospered greatly continuing to gain their Millions and grow in vast numbers. However soon all this will be changed as a pressure will come against them from within the same country Kaiser Wilhelm led to defeat in World War I.. Up came another ambitious man, his name was Adolph Hitler who, during the World War had been nothing more than a corporal, but Hitler was another man possessed with selfish ambition as had Kaiser Wilhelm. Note, as the curtain rises on the world stage of ACT II we see Hitler with those same selfish ambitions as did Kaiser Wilhelm at the beginning of ACT I! It was in 1935, the Italian dictator Benito Mussolini seized Ethiopia while once more the League of Nations was too weak to act. In the following year Mussolini and Hitler sent troops and supplies to help General Francisco Franco overthrow the legal government of the Spanish republic and set up a Fascist dictatorship, at this the League of Nations took no action and is not heard of any more. Hitler becomes Chancellor of Germany and sets out to make himself a dictator changing Germany from a democratic republic to a totalitarian state appointing himself as dictator. World War II is definitely brewing and shaping rapidly in the mind of this mad dictator as in March 1938 Hitler’s troops crossed into Austria and annexed a population of nearly seven million people to Germany. After hitting North Africa he now concentrates on taking a slice of Europe exactly as his predecessor before him. For some reason God had also been watching Hitler as he had Kaiser Wilhelm some 20 years before. Recall, God still intends one day to set that King in the temple to reign over Jerusalem during that thousand years and that day is fast approaching as all world events push toward that hour. (Read again Joel 3:1) Naturally, that verse covers a multitude of years all the way up to Armageddon, therefore time has arrived in the second stage of his program in returning the Jews to Palestine.

Europe had hoped there would never be another world clash, therefore to assure this the nations had tried to form a peace organization called the League of Nations. Although it was successful in helping nations settle some disputes and for a time disarming Germany and cutting down armaments of their own countries, it had tended to remain too weak to act and by 1935, when Mussolini invaded Ethiopia it seemingly had no power of speech. Note, it was a the point when the league of Nations had no power that Hitler puts forth a dramatic plan to liquidate all Jews. What is now in the making, the Jew must become very dissatisfied in his present rich environment to ever return to a land of nothing. Hitler, like the Pharaoh of Egypt in the days of Moses, is allowed to think an evil thought concerning the people of Israel. Recall, when the hour had arrived to fulfill the promise God made to Abraham concerning his seed so journeying in a strange land some 400 years until the cup of the Amorites had fulfilled itself, it was because of the dreaded persecution against the children of Israel in Egypt that made them cry out to leave Egypt. Regardless to where the Jew has ever gone he has prospered and in Egypt he prospered greatly until God raised up a Pharaoh who did not know Joseph and began to apply pressure against them. No Jew as long as he was prospering was going to leave Egypt after 400 years, leaving behind his stocks, bonds and property and everything else going into a land about which he know nothing. Certainly, they wouldn’t and neither would you. We are built in the way that as long as everything is going good we don’t make any moves whereby we would run the risk of a loss, therefore in order for God to get Israel out of Egypt he had to cause the Jew to become dissatisfied and to get the Jew out of Europe in 1945 He also had to make him very dissatisfied and to do that He raised up another Pharaoh called Hitler. As in Egypt he had to make them sick of their present environment. Pharaoh had been allowed to kill all the firstborn male children. Imagine poor helpless mothers watching their little babies being jerked from their breasts, butchered and fed to alligators; seeing their menfolk whipped, slaughtered, speared, in mud pits and brick mints. What do you think is going to come into their hearts? OH JEHOVAH, I want to get out or here!! Suddenly they have lost their vision and feeling to remain in Egypt. Their property, stocks and bonds undoubtedly confiscated only hardly enough clothes to cover their back is all that is left. In this condition God raises up Moses to lead them out. Yes, they were all ready to leave, no one had a desire to remain.


Likewise as Hitler was allowed to take a slice a Europe, God simply permits him to also have an evil thought concerning his people. To Hitler, God says I will also allow you to serve my purpose even as I did your predecessor, go ahead begin butchering my people until they cry out and beg for deliverance. Hitler for some reason felt that the Jews were holding much of their possession and would become trouble makers to his Third Reich therefore they could never fit into his plans for a superior race. Confiscating all they had, he declared them an enemy and began liquidating the Jewish race. Through his SS troops, concentration camps and gas chambers he began slaughtering Jews until he reached the staggering figure of approximately six million. Never in human history had such barbarous treatment against human beings been introduced as Hitler proposed upon the poor Jew in this 20th Century, allowing six million Jews to be slaughtered, butchered, and machine gunned while those remaining ran terrified under ground, hiding in attics, basements, changing identities to escape this slaughter; hiding their children, shipping them away in boxcars to Denmark and Norway to be adopted into other families never to be seen again. What a horrible environment for a child to be raised in!

We witnessed the Jews homeland freed and awaiting him in ACT I and ACT II began by the Eternal God placing a desire in their hearts to return home after Hitler had finished with them. In ACT II, God had allowed Hitler to walk all over Europe and North Africa terrifying the Jew and turning the Atlantic Ocean into a graveyard of ships and human lives.


What was the staggering cost of World War II to get the Jew to return to his homeland? Recall World War I cost eight million men and a crippling of Europe. World War II cost over fourteen million bodies fertilizing the same battle fields as 20 years before, not including wounded and missing nor another rough 12-15 million civilian casualties, a total of approximately 29 million on all fronts. The financial cost was over one trillion dollars! This was the staggering cost which bankrupted Europe and the world faced at the close of World War II as the Jew headed for their homeland. Europe was struggling out from under one of the most devastating times in its history. Destruction of farms led to a great lowering of Europe’s food production and had it not been for the billions the U.S. alone poured into these dying, devastated countries to rebuild Europe it would no doubt have faced starvation! It is doubtful Europe could have survived! Thus for the second time we have seen Europe crushed, stripped, bleeding and broken as God moved his people from her shores.


Jews, barely able to crawl or walk, staggered out of every kind of concentration camp in Europe crying, I want to go home and immediately began to cross the Mediterranean Sea in every kind of old barge and ship regardless to its antiquity. They swarmed over the Holy Land, whatever they thought might be floatable they used to cross the Mediterranean, even if it meant risking their life at sea to get out of Europe and get home. PART II had well served its purpose as we see by 1946-1947, 600,000 Jews settled in Palestine. Recall, as God has pressed them out of Egypt, he had also pressed them out of Europe. History records how after 1945, they came in such numbers out of Europe and various parts of the world, the allotted land granted by the Balfour Declaration for their homeland was becoming so crowded and the Arabs became so infuriated that England saw unless she began turning away these oncoming shiploads of returning Jews there was going to be serious trouble. However, nothing England did could water down the fervency of those Jews who refused to return back to Europe where again someday they might be forced to watch helplessly as other millions of their people were annihilated. That great number continued to pour in; British patrols were set up over the Holy Land wherever they might try to enter and turned them back. Underground programs of the Jews within the Holy Land were established to smuggle in thousands of their brothers. Pressure became so heavy upon England during those years of 1946-1947, she did not know which way to turn. Barb-wired refugee camps were established in Palestine and on the island of Cyprus to hold the oncoming masses from all nations, soon they too were overrun.


Russia, desiring to gain a Communist foot-hold in the Middle East, was pressuring the newly formed United Nations to get the British troops out of Palestine and allow Israel to become a nation – THIS SUCCEEDED – however not for the purpose Russia was hoping for! Moreover, it is understandable why Russia today hates Israel and supplies Egypt and shall one day be instrumental in causing a vast hoard of troops to cross into Israel where God has promised to fulfill Ezekiel 38 & 39. The situation, too great for Britain to handle culminates with Britain pulling out all her troops from Palestine where they had been stationed since 1917, and the U.N. took up position in watching over the area. However, during these three short years after 1945 from 100 nations they come, untold thousands of Jews had entered the land. May 1948, Israel became a nation of 650,000 Jews, inviting homeless Jews the world over to return home and by the end of 1969, 1,316,327 Jews had migrated to Israel whereas today the population is approximately three million. Once during an interview, Ben Gruion, Israel’s first Prime Minister, was reported as having stated, “believe it or not our folk went back to Palestine to prepare for the coming of the Messiah.”

We are entering into these details beloved in order to show you prophecies affecting world conditions are never simply statements made by politicians but are quite the contrary. Political maneuvering can be brought about through mere transactions of funds or something, however not world conditions which are affected by pressures and military might. No, God brings world conditions into focus by allowing mankind to come face to face in warfare.

Drawing the curtain to Part Two in Prelude to Armageddon, we saw Europe for her second time torn asunder as the Jewish people this time start for home.


America, still a wealthy nation in 1945, saw it necessary to support her allied European friends as well as her enemies. Therefore, the U.S. takes upon herself the initiative in suppressing the military power after 1945, and begins the crucial job of financing the reconstruction of all Europe causing our gold supply of $42-45 billion to dwindle to under $11 billion. Meanwhile there arose in Europe a spirit that they must come together and cooperate, forming a kind of federation whereby they might prevent another world clash. Recall, each war in Europe has further shaped Europe for the coming hour when there must appear on the scene that ten horned beast which rises out of Europe before Armageddon, although not one of these political horns upon the beast is the beast itself. These ten horns are nothing more than ten political European nations represented by the horns upon the beast in Revelation17, and must be united together having given their power for one prophetic hour unto the Antichrist or the papal power (horn) which must be in full operation before Armageddon can be fought. World War II closed with Europe being bankrupt and American paying her bills as we pumped in untold billions of dollars for the reconstruction of Europe.


Today America has a national indebtedness hanging over her head of approximately $400 billion, a debt which we could never pay! Roughly $200 billion having been given to foreign aid. The American dollar continues to become weaker within the very countries where we spent billions for reconstruction. Since most people have little understanding of a billion dollars, watch one million dollars is $1,000 bills stacked 8 inches high, while one billion dollars is $1,000 bills stacked 115 feet higher than the Washington Monument, which stands 555 ft., 5 _ inch high! America closed her books for the fiscal year of 1970; $12 billion in the red! (`70-`71 could close out with as much as $55 billion in the red.)

To equal our national debt would require a 35 foot wide ribbon of dollar bills to loop around the moon and back to earth or fill 3,456 boxcars making a train 36 miles long, requiring 171 years to print the bills and all 100 U.S. Senators working nonstop 64 years to count them all. The interest alone on our “stupendous sum” of national debt totals approximately $22 billion per year, over $2 billion more than it took to run this country 30 years ago. HOW LONG CAN A NATION KEEP GOING AT THIS RATE?


Are we not aware that Joel 3:9 declares, “wake up all the nations, prepare them for war (Armageddon)? Through Europe’s two wars we have seen Europe awakened unto the very point she has, through an economical move, formed a trade agreement with six of her ten horned nations, with England and certain other nations now waiting to join (June 1971). No one can possibly know in its fullness how this can affect the trade and even political decisions of America and other parts of the world once these ten horned nations come closer and closer together forming that very beast of Revelation 17 needed at Armageddon. But what about those countries in the Far East? As God allowed the curtain to fall completely across the stage of the entire world on ACT II, watch what else is being affected. Two world wars had been fought in Europe and less than five years later war with Communism is breaking out in many areas of the Far East. First, Korea where we fought up to the 38th Parallel (1950-1953) and quit but note, within the Vietnam war begins. What does it mean?

Beloved, although people are greatly opposed to our Far East policy, we must remember it is there we are seeking to awaken the great sleeping giant of the Far East, arousing it, performing that very purpose for which God sent America to do – AWAKEN THE FAR EAST – through war, shaking herself and preparing for that hour when she too (Far East) must fulfill her role in Armageddon. No sooner than the reconstruction of Europe had begun, plans were being laid through the European Common Market to enjoin these ten nations together, first through a trade agreement. And have we not seen the Far East being awakened? Look at Communist China, a powerful Communistic force of some 800 million souls struggling back during 1945 with a new kind of government now already having entered the nuclear atomic field.

Yes, every nations have been instructed to prepare for war; all nations have been awakened; the Far East being the last theater of operation is now awake and heavily armed. To let you know that Armageddon is only a short space away, read Revelation 16 and the final verses where it speaks of the 6th vial being poured out and the ways of the kings of the East being prepared. Suppose there had never been a war in the Far East; suppose there had never been a Korea and Vietnam operation along with the other strategic points of military operations in the Far East; suppose there had never been that continual brush against China, how would the Far East ever have awakened and participated seeing it had such little bearing and influence in world War II? Only Japan and a few islands of the sea were in that operation. However, God has declared through his prophet Joel, AWAKE THEM ALL!

With Europe in 1945-1950, being too weak and with a job far more important than to go awaken the Far East, preparing her for war, God turned to his last great gentile world power – The United States – who had recently fought in Europe and across the vast Pacific, must now awaken the powers of all the Orient especially throughout Asia. We realize Korea and Vietnam have been wars fought seemingly not to win. It appears about all we are trying to do is check or block the spread of Communism but by no means defeat it. In 1917, there were only 40,000 followers but today it is estimated 900 million people are under Communism. Since 1939, Russia has by conquest, or threat of force, added to its limitless domains some 265,000 square miles making slaves of over 20 million Non-Russians.

Since World War II and the invention of the Atomic and Hydrogen bombs and rocketry of every description, politicians are crying out, DON’T GO TOO FAR, THIS COULD LEAD INTO ARMAGEDDON! Therefore, they bargain, sign peace agreements with the enemy trying to avoid the inevitable – ARMAGEDDON! As World War II closed opening anew field of nuclear warfare political advisors began to tremble at the thoughts of what another war would produce. True, America lost around 54,000 men in Korea and we are still facing trouble around the 38th Parallel line where we ceased fighting, and after more than $129,395,000,000 have been poured into Vietnam with some 54,505 American lives already lost (May 71) we are no nearer winning that war than the day we stepped into France’s shoes ten years ago! WHAT HAS IT ACCOMPLISHED? One can only say, it has served the one purpose God intended, AWAKEN THE FAR EAST TO MILITARY PREPAREDNESS!

The Indochina war now almost a quarter of a century old has killed more than 280,000 allied fighting men and personally cost the United States and France who was first involved more than $135 billion. Recall, France, one of those ten horned nations of Europe, entered into the Far East in the 17th Century and began to colonize a large slice of there area of Vietnam and others then called French Indo China and throughout that area she took a huge piece of territory all because she, like all the other European nations, could not get a foothold in Europe. However, once the days of colonization for Europe began to subside at the end of World War II, what did it mean? It was God’s way of saying to these ten horned nations -COME ON HOME NOW, RELEASE ALL THAT COLONIZING POWER YOU HAVE HELD THROUGH THE CENTURIES, FOR I AM NOW CALLING YOU BACK HOME ON YOUR OWN GROUNDS IN EUROPE WHERE YOU MAY BEGIN TO FULFILL YOUR FINAL PROPHETIC PICTURE. What did we see? England being pushed out of India. When time came for France to be out of Indo-China, the Vietnam war broke out as the spirit of Communism began to overrun the Far East and not only the Far East but every place of colonization the other European countries held. Undeclared war in Korea and Vietnam have served to awaken Communist China who stands flexing her rocketry and atomic power with her near 800 million population, although only approximately 20 % are true communists. However, God is simply holding off the pressure within the Far East until all the nations are completely militarily awakened to comply with Joel 3:9, “Prepare for war, proclaim this among the nations. Prepare for war, wake up the mighty men.” Did you know there isn’t a nation on the face of the earth that isn’t aligned with some military endeavorment? The Far East and South America are rapidly begin controlled by Communism. Communism as we know is God’s tool and weapon against Roman Catholicism, being countries that Communism is being more and more deep rooted and shall eventually be in control of those countries.

By no means can Armageddon be hurried. We will only say that the Far East has been awakened to its military potential. Europe is well on its way to becoming the United Nations of Europe as the ten horns are being formed. America is overloaded with debt, owing more than any country in the world, trying to carry the responsibility of the world on her shoulders, policing Europe with a strength of 300,000 men at a cost of $14 billion per year to keep the peace in an area where two world wars broke out, furthermore during the period of America’s involvement in the Indo-China war, not only have we approached the staggering figure of $400 billion, as if that isn’t bad enough, this war has ignited a youth revolution in the U.S., brought inflation to a high peak, thrown politics into a turmoil and produced dope addicts in a frightening number among servicemen and civilians as well.


Let us approach this third and final stage in Prelude to Armageddon by turning our attention back to Israel, re-examining the first portion of Joel 3:1. Everyone today is wondering how Israel will negotiate with Egypt and Jordan in a settlement of the vast territory of some 20,000 square miles captured in the `67 war. Seemingly, peace or war hinges on the fact whether Israel, Egypt and Jordan can negotiate on the borders of this area, however, with Israel’s plans to bring an all-Israel channel through deserts and mountains linking the Red Sea with the Mediterranean providing an alternate route to the Suez Canal where at present Israeli ships are banned by Egypt. This fabulous undertaking would involve going through the territory taken during the six day war, the territory Egypt still lays claim to and says she will fight to retake. Such a proposal of a canal and the plans to begin a housing project in the Arab section of Jerusalem makes it appear Israel really has no intentions of returning the land to Egypt or Jordan! However, she could still bargain with quite a sizable amount of desert land no doubt, therefore it would appear to us (though perhaps no completely necessary) that a world clash could yet develop over this territorial dispute some time in the near future. Although, if and when it did occur, it will not be ARMAGEDDON! It would only be a conflict which would more or less begin to mold the world more perfectly into the prophetic fulfilment going into the Tribulation Period and then closing that period with the Battle of Armageddon. Recall, war seems to be the only way Israel receives anything.


World War I and II freed the land and sent the people home. The six day was transferred old Jerusalem to Israeli authority which brought them to the Western Wall, often referred to as the Wailing Wall, however, it did not include the temple grounds beyond the Wailing Wall. And realizing that the last prophetic week of Daniel 9:27 could in no wise begin to have its prophetical fulfillment until (1) Israel has in her possession that holy spot or temple ground, (2) Israel in no wise would offer a sacrifice unto Jehovah anywhere but upon that sacrificial rock overshadowed by the Mosque of Omar, the second most important spot in all Moslem religion, therefore the question remains how will Israel bring into her possession this one spot which shall throw into gear the prophetical fulfillment of that final week of Daniel 9:27? Without that holy spot in Israel’s possession, five outstanding things cannot transpire within Jerusalem that scripture says must happen: (1) Sacrifice cannot begin, (2) False prince cannot break his covenant thus stopping sacrifice offering and evening oblation, (3) False prince will not kill the two prophets, (4) Tribulation cannot begin and (5) Antichrist cannot sit in temple. None of these things can happen until somehow Israel has in her possession that holy spot.

The question remains, How shall she receive this spot? Will she have a war and in the process the ground fall into her possession, or will God in some miraculous way simply give her the grounds, or will somehow the United Nations grant Israel this sacred spot. The last two proposals are most unlikely seeing Israel has had to fight her way to have and to keep that which is in her possession. Therefore, my friend, the closing hours involving Daniel’s seventieth week which is definitely the remaining period allotted upon the people of Israel and their city cannot begin until the temple grounds somehow falls in the hands of Israel. That temple ground serves the same as a pendulum on a sundial, or that dial pin fitting into the sundial on God prophetic clock. What is a sundial? Today we have clocks and watches yet centuries ago only a semi-circle gadget with burned numbers upon its face was used for telling time. At a strategic point on this dial is a pin having a certain tilt and as the sunlight strikes that pin it cast a shadow and from that shadow is determined the time of day, therefore beloved, Israel gaining that holy spot is that spiritual dial pin in the sundial on God’s clock which will cast its shadow revealing exactly the time as that 70th week prepares to begin. The shadow cannot be cast on Daniel 9:27 bringing into culmination all that prophesied within that week until that dial pin is driven in thee and once it is driven in (Jews getting holy spot) WATCH OUT! Don’t ask me if the rapture of the church will take place before this, I will only say that the bride church will not be here once that great tribulation hour sets in which is thrown into operation once the Antichrist or false prince of Rome breaks his covenant in the middle of the last week with Israel causing the sacrifice and evening oblation to cease. Then again don’t say we have ten more years before the tribulation either for recall, God moving with Israel does not take years. Whatever happens could happen in less than a week as we saw in 1967; within less than 100 hours as we saw in 1956; or it can happen within less than eight months as we saw in 1948. Recall, God dealing with Israel is never drawn out as Gentile struggles have proven to be. Therefore we will only say if there is a quick struggle or world clash of some capacity in the Middle East, when the smoke all clears away, Israel will be standing, dancing and shouting on that holy spot, perhaps even more so than when she did at the Wailing Wall in 1967.


Let us turn our attention toward something not discussed as yet found in Jeremiah 3:12, which coincides with the period of time in Joel 3:1, although the passage is not addressed to Jews who fled from Western Europe or from the multitude of nations when Israel became a state. Jeremiah 3:1 shows God directing his statement unto his back-slidden wife Israel who had played the harlot and for a long period of time had been put away, however as he permitted her to be carried away he further stated he would bring her back! Picking up with verse 12 it says, “Go and proclaim these words toward the North.” Note the direction of prophecy. Not in the direction of Western Europe where Hitler massacred six million Jews who basically were descendants of the Jews carried from Jerusalem by Titus and sold throughout the Roman Empire whose descendants returned from Babylon around 700 B.C. Moreover, recall Israel was the northern house consisting of ten northern tribes who broke fellowship with the kingdom (southern Kingdom) and had been carried into captivity long before Nebuchadnezzar took away the southern kingdom into Babylon and were not returned with the captivity of the southern kingdom nor was even in the land at the time of Christ and the carrying away of Jerusalem again by Titus in 70 A.D. Those Jews facing persecution and ridicule in the areas of Western Europe under Hitler’s purge were basically from the southern kingdom.


Is it not strange although Moscow has made it appear to the world that her three million or more Jews (descendants of the northern kingdom) are perfectly happy and prospering in Russia leaks from that area of the north prove this is not true! As it was recently reported from London by an American Jew sent by the Jewish Organization to counsel with Soviet Jews, the report revealed that many Russian-Jews consider themselves to be Israelis rather than Soviet citizens of Jewish nationality. They are reported to be very brave, however, their decision is firm, they will return to Israel no matter what obstacles lies in their path, they are holding to their decision in the face of terrible danger to themselves and their families. Already several thousand Jews have applied for exit visas to go to Israel.

Sometime ago the Jerusalem Post released an article showing approximately 130 Jews stormed into the Russian Embassy in Moscow, demanding the right to return home and we are all familiar with the incident of the Russian airliner attempted hi-jack to flee to Israel. Such demonstrations of fervency and pleading to return to Israel by these Jews from the north expressing their desire to no longer remain in Russia can either lead to revolt or massacre. Sometime ago letters trickled out of Russia to the U.N. begging them to pressure Russia into releasing the Jew that he might go home. In these letters these Jews plainly stated they were descendants of those ten northern tribes taken away captive (long before 700 B.C.) And recall their descendants were not back in the land having any knowledge concerning the first advent of Christ.


The Shofar, the rams horn blown at the most solemn moments at Jewish rituals, was sounded at the western wall of the temple court in Jerusalem on September 20, 1970, in a special service to express solidarity with the Jews living in Soviet Russia (there were observances also throughout the free-world). Chief Rabbi Yehuda Unterman read a special prepared prayer for the occasion where he declared, “Our brethren in those lands cannot bare their hearts in prayer, for their situation is dire, their children are growing up without a knowledge of the Torah and a knowledge of God. They are living in a atmosphere of fear and hatred; many of them languish in prison because they request permission to settle in the Holy Land.” Continuing he said, “May it be the divine will that they be allowed to leave and come join their brethren in Israel.” According to scripture it is God’s divine will for these three million or more Jews in Russia to be released even as it was in the day of Pharaoh and the day of Hitler. For watch as he proclaims in Jeremiah 3:12 (Ezekiel and Hosea) “Go and proclaim these words toward the north saying return thou back-sliding Israel saith the Lord and I will not cause mine anger to fall upon you for I am merciful, saith the Lord and I will not keep anger forever. (13) Only acknowledge thine iniquity, that thou hast transgressed against the Lord thy God and hast scattered thy ways to the strangers under every green tree, and ye have not obeyed my voice ,saith the Lord. (14) Turn, oh back-sliding children saith the Lord, for I am married unto you: and I will take you one of a city, and two of a family, and bring you to Zion.” AMEN! Naturally, this is God’s prophecy speaking unto those of the north driven into those nations yet by the same token he will call her out and bring her back to Zion. What has excited those Jews of the north? Why are they so unsettled? They are hearing the voice of God in their innermost being calling them to return home for note He continues I will give you shepherds (shepherds to lead them into a proper relation with Jehovah). According to mine own heart who shall feed you with knowledge and understanding. Notice this statement. He continues by saying, “It shall come to pass when you are multiplied and increased (back) in the land in those days saith the Lord, the Ark of the Covenant, neither shall it come to mind nor shall they miss it.” The following statement takes you from the time the northern house shall appear back into the land, until they are carried into the millennium. Activities will transpire so rapidly they will not have time to miss the Ark of the Covenant, asking about it! Remember when the northern house broke away from the southern house, the southern house still had possession of the Ark of the Covenant, retaining possession of it until Nebuchadnezzar destroyed Jerusalem where mysteriously the Ark disappeared forever. Seventy years of captivity passed and the Jews returned to rebuild their temple and their city, etc., in preparation for the first advent of Christ who would be their spiritual ark. In other words, what that natural box represented, Christ was. God simply allowed those returning Jews from Babylon to go through a form having their holy place yet no longer having the box which contained the ten commandments engraved on stone.

Note as God refers to another day, saying the Ark of the Covenant shall in no wise enter into the minds of those returning from the Northern house. You won’t remember or think about it. Beloved once those days actually set in motion, taking them to Zion and over into the millennium, watch what happens. At that time they shall call Jerusalem the throne of the Lord, showing the beginning of this fulfillment of prophecy will deal right up through this time which we have been discussing leading the nations into Armageddon on into the millennium. What we have been discussing shows how God is fulfilling Joel 3:1, returning them into the land, pulling Israel out of the nations, giving her back her city and soon to give her her holy spot. Beloved by the time he grants her that holy spot and she builds that temple and starts her sacrifice with the Antichrist breaking his covenant in the middle of the week bringing to a halt that sacrifice, there isn’t going to be time to think about the Ark. Israel will be so busy for 42 months or 3½ years, fleeing for her life, Revelation 12:6; Once that man of sin comes fully upon the scene declaring himself to be god, sitting in the temple of Jerusalem (II Thessalonians 2:3-4), those northern Jews won’t have time to worry or think about the Ark of the Covenant as they are fleeing for their life, yet watch this same prophecy carries over into the millennium where it states at that time they shall call Jerusalem the throne of the Lord. This shows that Christ will be sitting in his temple at Jerusalem. So, once these days start wherein He begins calling them from the north each month and each year will be so filled with important happenings there won’t be much time to think of the Ark because every actor (every king) will be taking his final position on the world stage to play his role or part in fulfillment of all prophecy.


Sometime ago Israel’s fighting ability was rated fourth by the U.N. in efficiency of all nations in the world. Israel is slightly over 23 years old with a national population of approximately three million, but her military pre-eminence in the Far East rests largely upon about 45,000 professional officers, non-coms and enlisted men who train and lead the Army, Navy and Air Force of the Jewish State. In normal time the Israeli defense force numbers approximately 75,000 including the professional cadre and conscripts. The total can within 48-72 hours be raised to more than 300,000 by the mobilization of reserves. With very few exceptions men must serve 36 months in the forces and women 20 months. Certainly the Israeli’s receives arms and supplies, the most modern available. With all this modern technology in a little nation who realizes she is outnumbered by the enemy 20 to 1 and must continually fight for survival, the average Jew is not aware that God is simply fulfilling his word. He only fights for the sole purpose of survival, Jews love peace as much as anyone and having fought the same enemy three times in 20 years would be willing to obtain peace at any cost but with him it is always fight to survive since all he has ever heard are cries that he would be pushed into the sea. Certainly, the Jews loves peace and seeks it. He wants to live peaceably with the Arab nations only they won’t let him. Bear in mind, one day a false peace is going to offered to them by the man of sin after he has been given that public recognition as a peacemaker.

Note, Nixon can’t offer peace, neither Pompedieu of France, Heath of England, Kosegin of Russia, none of these men can offer peace, only suggestions which usually are tossed back and forth over a conference table until thrown in a trash can. However, the peace that Israel will one day accept will be a false peace offered by the man of sin after he receives that necessary public recognition, where in the middle of the week he breaks his covenant and the tribulation for the Jew is on (naturally the Gentile foolish virgins will also be caught in this snare). Again I repeat before that final week for Israel can begin; before that covenant can be broken in the middle of the week and the sacrifice ceases; before the tribulation can begin and before there can be an Armageddon something must definitely transpire in this earth causing the leaders of this world who have almost been frightened out of their wit by the effects of two world wars to cry out to this man of sin for help, placing that one man in position in this earth before Armageddon! (Closing the week)


Oh, how the Israeli individual wishes the Arab would leave him alone and allow him to live in peace. A little over 23 years old and already fought three wars. The average Jew is not concerned with taking the holy spot, he would be completely satisfied to stand at the wall and pray and allow the Arab to keep their second most holy spot of their religion, however, it cannot be that way! God says NO! Tired of fighting, the political Jew and natural Jew alike would be completely happy if the Arab would let him alone. They are content to hold the land they now have and live in peace. Truly, it was not Israel’s plan during the six day war to capture any part of the holy city for a telegram had already been sent to King Hussein of Jordan telling him if he would stay out of the war they would not fire upon him, however, the telegram was delayed in reaching him, whose troops fired upon Israel, they returned the fire and the war was on with Jordan also Israel lost more soldiers in the old city without tearing it to pieces, having respect for the many shrines and buildings that had such religious significance to the nations of the world.


What did it mean? It meant ever since the days of Nebuchadnezzar a gentile power had ruled over the city of Jerusalem, flying a gentile flag, through the centuries gentile troops had tramped the streets of Jerusalem yet we recall the words of Jesus in Luke 21 when He said Jerusalem would be trodden down of the gentiles until the times of the gentiles be brought in, meaning the times of overlord, or national oppression on the city be fulfilled. Nebuchadnezzar’s troops, Grecian troops, Persian, Roman Troops had all marched the streets during their period of time. Sure the Jew lived there, but bear in mind he did not have authority to dictate and negotiate national interest. NO, gentile powers ruled it. However, today no gentile flag flies over that old city of Jerusalem. No, the Jew is not that aggressive nor is he a warmonger, he loves peace and history has proven he must be stirred to action. It was God who permitted Egypt, Jordan and Syria to begin a massive complaint and military initiate against Israel in 1967. The other half of the city, the wailing wall and the 20,000 square miles or more of territory was taken because the Jew must fight for survival and I remind you it was taken in only six days! Coming to the Wailing Wall he stopped, although at some time in the near future he must stand on the other side of that wall in the holy spot where Jehovah has chosen to place his name, where Israel and the nations of the world shall come to worship him. Recall, it is here where he has chosen for Israel to offer sacrifices and praise his name. That Jew struggled from 1948 through the 50’s, 60’s and right up until 1967, always fighting on their borders to keep the Arabs and Egyptians out saying leave us along let us have our spot of ground and live in peace go home and leave us alone, but they won’t. Nasser, until shortly before being taken from the scene, cried I will drive you into the sea and we notice as soon as he began to make peace with Israel the Lord removed him from the scene. Now it is Sadat who continues the cry even more forcibly.


(JUNE 11, 1971)

In a nationwide radio and television statement Sadat urges Egyptians and all Arabs to ready themselves for a coming battle against “Zionism aggression.” Sadat further accused the U.S. of direct participation in the occupation of Arab soil and defended Egypt’s new 15 year treaty of fraternity and cooperation with the Soviet Union. Zionism, says President Sadat, does not end with the recovery of our occupied lands. It is a continual invasion in our own generation and that of our children. The battle against Israel dominates all our present and our future. His remarks seemed to doom any hopes of a peaceful settlement. Zionism act of aggression will remain ever after we have liberated our lands.

The Israeli aggression will remain as a menacing sword, hanging over our countries, over our industrial development and over every bite of bread of our children and of our children’s children if we fail to face this Israeli technological and cultural defiance with an equal one. There will be no peace in this area if we do not build a modern state equipped with sophisticated military and civil weapons based on scientific advancement.

Sadat’s speech was preceded Thursday by an extensive press campaign which spoke of the Egyptian President’s assessments of “the inevitable war.” Cairo’s leading daily “Al-Ahram” said that “the battle will be settled, God willing, in 1971.” It added that otherwise “time will be in favor of Israel.” Another newspaper, “Al-Akhbar, carried a similar commentary under the headline, “The battle is coming and so is victory.” (End of quote)

The Jew had not intention of taking the holy city in 1967, controlled by the Jordanian’s but to fulfill prophecy, God brought it about! Just as in some way he will bring something about whereby they will gain control of the holy spot. The political Jew is willing to negotiate peace, allowing the Arabs to keep that spot of ground, yet the orthodox Jew would be ready to go over that wall today for he knows it is his and one day it will be in his hands, Jehovah will deliver it. Therefore since things are not quite in their proper places as yet for the last week to begin. We find the Common Market nations still sitting around the conference tables arguing whether they are going to do this or that. In other words, we are in nothing but a period fo stalling of time until everything that must be upon the scene is in its proper place, then LOOKOUT! We shall see the Lord cause something to arise that shall throw into motion the effects of that final week, climaxed by Armageddon.

ACT I and ACT II are completely over. Constantly we hear from the news media reports from senators saying Armageddon is inevitable and just around the corner, however, remember when they make these statements they do not realize all these things they see are merely preludes, only the bride herself by revelation will be permitted to look into it all. The world can only take things at face value. Israel now has her city, and for many months there has been nothing but unrest, clashes and everything going on. America was sent to the Far East to help awaken those great powers and bring them to military potential wherein God shall slaughter an army of approximately 200 million troops mostly supplied by the kings of the east. Europe has returned from her colonization being thoroughly awakened and well on the road to becoming the beast who no doubt when the combination of ten nations are brought together will have an army and other potentials far greater than any powers on earth for it is said in the scripture, WHO CAN MAKE WAR WITH THE BEAST!

Christ comes and destroys the beast’s army ending the war of all wars, (Revelation 17:14, 19:19) the one in which the Spirit of God prophesied in Joel 3:9, WAKE UP THE NATIONS, PREPARE THEM FOR WAR. It is all settled in the Valley of Jehosaphat and God invites the fowls of the air to a special supper as they feast and become drunken from the blood and flesh of human beings who end a dispensation in a war that, had it been permitted to go to the finish, perhaps no flesh would have been saved. (Matthew 24:22, Revelation 19:17-18)


Not only must Israel be situated correctly in her land, having full possession of her city and temple ground before that final week of prophetic years can be determined and measured, something also in Europe which we have briefly touched upon must come also into full focus. We are aware Armageddon closes this period shortly before the Millennium reign although it can in no wise be in operation before these things we have discussed come into being. Out of Europe must arise a ten horned beast from the political, military and economical standpoint and riding astride this beast is a woman spoken of in Revelation 17 as THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS. Harlots being her daughters are naturally none other than the Protestant denominations she has given birth to the woman herself is none other than the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH who through time and century has ridden upon this system playing the political act of fornication with every kingdom, dictator, potentate upon the face of the earth for reasons such as (1) survival and (2) a position in the world.

While the Roman Catholic Church is shown riding on the back of his ferocious looking beast, she is also shown as having a very short existence left for the scripture declares in Revelation 17 that these same ten horns on the head of this beastly system shall yank her from its back, toss her to the ground and trample her underfoot, all before Armageddon, yet recall there will be that man of sin, Satan’s agent riding at the head of this beastly system when he portrays himself as God sitting in the temple of God and having those two prophets in Revelation 11 put to death. Therefore, Israel must be in the land, must be in possession of her city and temple grounds as that beastly system comes to fulfillment in Europe. The man of sin must come upon the scene in his fulness before taking over the temple, declaring himself to be God and reigning for 42 months.

As the smoke cleared during the six day war in 1967, Israel stood dancing at the Wailing or Western Wall and if anyone could say that last prophetic week could begin regardless to where Israel would get her Holy Spot or not all I can say is get on your knees and pray. Often the question has been asked, since Israel must have a temple could it not be built elsewhere? Certainly Not! Returning from Babylon after 70 years of captivity, Israel didn’t build her temple just anywhere, however, she went back to the exact spot of the ruins of the former one and began building. When the prophecy came through Haggai saying, In this place shall all nations come to worship (in the millennium) and in that spot (house), that house which was being restored, later to be greatly enlarged and beautified beyond words by King Herod, was destroyed by Titus in 70 A.D. lying in ruin until this day. Haggai’s prophecy concerning that house didn’t primarily imply to the house they were building at that time. No, on the contrary it was to be the house that actually would be standing t the time of the millennium. A very important note, Israel will not have to have a temple in the air to begin her sacrifices, for that takes place at the rock of sacrifice, however, there will have to be a building already started and developed to a certain point for the Antichrist during the tribulation period to sit there in, (though it may not be beautified to its fulness when He sits there). But the house according to the prophecy of Haggai, must be erected before the millennium begins for it shall be this temple Christ cleanses before entering. Measurements, etc., for that millennium temple which is already built before the beginning of the millennium is given in Ezekiel. It will be this temple where all nations will come to worship the Lord according to Zechariah, Christ’s presence is described as coming from the Mount of Olives and the glory of the Lord is shining brightly coming from the East as He enters the Eastern Gate, the gale called Beautiful or Kings Gate, which has been sealed off since the 16th Century, around 1543, Ezekiel 44:1-2. Coming through that Gate Beautiful according to Ezekiel, He anoints the most holy place with His glory. His anointing fills the temple (having already been built). Ezekiel 43 says, “Son of man behold the place where the soles of my feet be and where my throne will be dwelling in the midst of Israel forever (shortly after the Battle of Armageddon).”


Somewhere and somehow those Jews prophesied (Jeremiah 3:12) to toward the north must be freed. Ezekiel 38 & 39 lies just ahead somewhere, although remember this is not Armageddon! In Ezekiel 38 & 39, Russia and all her satellite armies shall find a burial place in Israel where it shall require seven months to bury the dead, however, with the battle of Armageddon the dead are not buried. Russia is the great northern power preventing the descendants of the ten northern tribes from joining their brethren in Israel and judging from the past, when God delivers Israel her enemies are usually left in somewhat of a state of panic!

Once man had discovered the atomic age, discovering how to harness the atom, they had touched the very basic secrets of the universe. No man knows the terrifying potentials that lie within every atom of matter. He can only testify to what he saw when the U.S. released the first Atomic bombs on two Japanese cities and 250,000 people perished. That power was nothing compared to the nuclear power of today through hydrogen and cobalt bombs and every diabolical devise for the annihilation of human life which is in man’s hand today. We have no way of knowing what Ezekiel witnessed as that northern confederacy of nations pressed across the territories of Israel. We have no way of knowing what powerful energy was released which destroyed that vast host requiring seven months to bury the dead and seven years to burn battlefield weapons. That is prophecy, it has not yet become history. It is in the future, however, it is not Armageddon (Ezekiel 38 & 39).


Revelation 14:20, 16:12-16, 17:14, 19:11-21. When Armageddon comes it will consist of those nations of the east in Asia wherein the Apostle John on the Isle of Patmos recorded seeing 200 million soldiers mostly from Asiatic countries representing the kings of the east, crossing the Eurphrates to meet with the beast and his armies of the western nations, Revelation 9:13-16. And such a battle will transpire that the blood will run to the horses bridle in the Valley of Jehosaphat or Armageddon. Therefore the American troops in Vietnam are about ready to return home having helped to awaken that great sleeping giant of the Far East for her part in Armageddon.


Moreover as we saw World War II awaken Europe and other sections of the world, God was making a special drive to awaken His church by sending his prophet messenger to the gentile church world with a message of revelation returning our hearts to the apostolic teachings of the fathers and that revelation as taught by them was the very fibers of the bridal garment for the marriage of the Lamb. Yes, as God was awakening the nations of this world he was also awakening the Gentile church calling out a people for his Bride!

I have not declared that ACT III is upon us, however, I am saying that something is going to happen to deliver that Holy Spot into the hands of Israel, otherwise, (1) The Antichrist cannot break a covenant with Israel, (2) Cannot stop the sacrifice, (3) Cannot kill the two prophets and (4) Cannot bring a tribulation upon Israel like she has never known. This I believe, as Israel reaches to touch that Holy Spot, the Bride should be ready to leave the earth. Israel might possibly give up some of the territory taken in the six day war of 1967, though she will never retreat to her `67 borders nor will she ever give up Jerusalem taken from Jordan. Somewhere just ahead of us there is one more brief act to transpire forming everything perfectly to be climaxed in Armageddon at still a future time. Amen