Seventieth Week of Daniel (1971)

Rev. Raymond M. Jackson










The question may well arise as to how Israel ever got herself involved with the man of sin in such a manner as referred to in Dan. 9:27. As you recall, between Dan. 9:26-27 lies a period of time almost 2000 years — it is the time between the 69th and 70th week. Now suddenly for Daniel to insert verse 27 after the lapsing of such a lengthy period of time and under altogether another setting is truly something.

How Israel came to be in such a predicament and what transpired in the period of the one week in verse 27 is our topic of discussion this month. 


 Undoubtedly as we touch the fourth discussion we are well aware that this portion of Daniel deals strictly with Israel, her people and city and hence could in no wise begin until Israel was safely back in her homeland following her great dispersion under Titus in 70 A.D. Our last article Vol. 3, No. 8 brought out how there would be (if I’m looking at it correctly) 7 major world conditions which would all culminate at the entrance into the week or lead up to the time of the week’s introduction. Furthermore, we showed how these seven major world conditions will affect the world in general socially, politically, militarily, economically, and religiously. These conditions set the stage forcing the world into that dreaded hour when they must accept Satan’s man of sin, hence we are fully aware that once that final week is introduced, a brief time factor (not over 3 1/2 years) of world peace is set up to bring about coexistence, better understanding, political and religious harmony. However Dan. 9:27 declares there is no reality in his covenant with these many nations and time will not drift by very far before the world has realized this was Satan’s counterfeit for peace!! Oh, yes, the world will certainly at first feel they are truly being brought together in understanding under this one man who scriptures terms as a man of sin—give him time, he will follow exactly that prophecy declared in Dan. 9:27. Discussing this period of one final week, we realize that not only shall there be seven distinct things pushing the world into that hour but there shall also be seven distinct things that will transpire within the week itself once it has started! 

Before discussing what actually led Israel into signing this covenant agreement along with other nations let us re-examine prayerfully Dan. 9:27 to draw from it as much of the valuable resource concerning this period that God will allow us to receive. As has previously been stated, Dan. 9:27 deals strictly with the one week period shortly before the thousand year reign begins.


 Daniel 9:27 states “And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week.” Only the Holy Spirit is aware this shall be a week covenant—not the man of sin, Israel nor the covenant nations–because undoubtedly they are eagerly looking, hoping and believing that this is a lasting covenant as they have endured wars, insurrections, revolts, threats of hydrogen oblivion until they are sick of it and for a time it shall appear the covenant is genuine. When suddenly something transpires causing this individual referred to as the prince to break his covenant. Not only dbes the Holy Spirit retain the knowledge of the length of the covenant before broken and what the covenant signing itself has actually ushered in furthermore, the Holy Spirit is careful to denote the pronoun he as well as the word prince continually begins with a small letter. Note also that he in the verse referred to the same minor prince spoken of in verse 26, although there is approximately 2000 years of time between the two verses. Note the word prince in relation to the mighty Prince referred to in verse 2.5 who is none other than the Prince of Peace himself (Christ during His first advent). The covenant with many (nations) established for what time the Holy Spirit refers to as one week (7 years) is broken by the prince in the middle of the week (mind you, no one other than the Holy Spirit is aware this begins the week). He, the false prince or peacemaker, the angel says who brings the message unto the concerned prophet, that in the middle of the covenant week (70th.) the sacrifice and the evening oblation is to cease! This phrase relates to us a great deal. (1). At the time of the broken covenant verse 27 is positive proof the Holy Temple ground is in Israel’s hands. How, we don’t know but it is in her hands and furthermore they are offering sacrifices at the altar which is none other than the sacred rock now covered over by the Moslem’s second most holy spot in the world, the Mosque of Omar or Dome of the Rock. Not only will sacrifices be going forth, but Israel religiously shall be observing her evening oblations. For both of these the scripture declares shall be cut off! And I am assuming that we all are aware it is impossible to cut something off we don’t have! Therefore Israel will come into possession of this holy spot no later according to this verse and be in operation by the middle of the week. By this statement we do not mean to imply that Israel would receive her Holy Ground and begin offering sacrifice unto Jehovah only by the middle of the prophetic week: the point is that which was already in operation was cut off in the middle of the week! 

The scripture declares only when the sacrifice was cut off, not when they began! Recall the anti-christ nor the covenant nations are aware they are in God’s final prophetic week for his people Israel and their Holy City. They are not aware that the signing of the covenant some 3 1/2 years prior to the breaking of the covenant was even the beginning of the prophesied period. 


The peak of Mount Zion. The site where Abraham built an altar to sacrifice Isaac.

As thoroughly brought out in Vol. 3, No. 8 the word sacrifice can only apply to one sacrifice—the Jewish sacrifice! This verse declares Israel’s sacrificial altar will once again be set in motion. Hence beloved, something somewhere shortly must transpire that leaves this holy spot of ground in Israel’s possession (as well as the Western Wall which is located on the outside of the Holy Spirit required for sacrificial grounds. Therefore somehow Israel will obtain that Holy Spirit which today she is without. 

Recall with that Holy Spirit in her possession she will then be in perfect alignment with the Holy Scriptures to enter into that final week or seven year period cut out for her. This would mean that the temple ground and sacrificial offerings must begin prior to the official entry into that covenant week since it is the gaining of this Holy Spot that places her in alignment with the word whereby she may enter into that final period of seven years, and without that holy temple ground in her possession it is impossible for this time factor of seven years to even begin, hence once the covenant is made with many (nations) by the man of sin somehow Israel will have already obtained that Holy Temple ground. Once it is in her possession no doubt she will waste no time before clearing the area and restoring her altar sacrifice. This in itself will restore her true worship of animal sacrifice seeing how today and since 70 A.D. the high priest has used as a substitute a fowl (hen for a woman, rooster for man) on the day of atonement (see Vol. 3, No. 8). Yom Kippur is the Jewish Atonement Day,–what a change that will be seeing no fowl will be offered as a sacrifice on the Day of Atonement. True animal sacrifice will be the first step in their program even before con-struction is begun on their temple. No doubt these proceedings will follow much the same pattern as in the day that Cyrus permitted the temple to be rebuilt. Undoubtedly the reconstruction of the temple will be in progress during the first half of that final week or seven year period to coincide with the time allotted these two prophets of Revelation II who are upon the scene preaching to Israel, not necessarily preaching as we have known preaching during the grace age declaring a gospel message– their’s will be more prophesying and admonishing the Jews to repent and accept the Christ they so long ago had crucified. During the period of their ministry, the bible declares 144,000 will be sealed away with the revelation of who Christ truly was. WHO WAS HE? In Isaiah 9:6 their prophet had openly declared him to be the Mighty God, Everlasting Father and the Prince of Peace. 

144,000 NOT BRIDE 

Revelation 14 declares the 144,000 were sealed with the name of the father in their understanding (forehead). No, beloved, the 144,000 in Rev. 7-14, are not Gentiles, instead they are 12,000 from each of the tribes of Israel recorded in Rev. 7. Furthermore we realize in the midst or middle of this prophetic week Satan, who certainly is most unhappy over the successful revival which is breaking forth in Israel, responsible from the preaching of the two prophets, will begin to pressure Israel. 

(2). Because the remaining 3 1/2 year period or middle of the week will now allow the anti-christ the same allotted time as Christ in which he declared himself to be Israel’s Messiah who would have had to be none other than God in the flesh. Christ’s preaching lasted 3 1/2 years, therefore Satan will run his counterfeit, his false prince, his false god forty and two months or 3 1/2 years coinciding exactly with the period of time Christ used in declaring himself Lord and God or Messiah to Israel. Satan cannot possibly allow Israel to continue on any longer than what has been the 3 1/2 years with these two prophets on the scene therefore according to Rev. 11 in the middle of the week watch what he does–(1). The anti-christ reaches out and slays Israel’s two prophets who had been busily prophesying forty and two months or 3 1/2 years (2). He causes the sacrifice and evening oblation to cease (3). The man of sin must if he is to perform what Paul declared in II Thess. 2:4 set himself up in this newly established temple of Israel in Jerusalem declaring himself to be God. Recall as Christ declared himself 3 1/2 years so shall the anti-christ who is the counterpart declaring himself also the same allotted time. During this prophetic period of forty-two months all the free world will be forced to worship the devil through this medium or man called the beast who has successfully placed himself within the newly built Jewish temple. Rev. 17 declared the whole world wondered after the beast and according to Rev. 13 they worshipped the dragon (Satan) who gave power unto the beast that anti-christ who is none other than that healed 8th form of Roman government (thoroughly discussed in Vol. 3, No. 7) restored to power! Bear in mind, once that wounded head is healed, Rev. 14 and 17 declares the world wondered after it. This can be better understood as wondering after the (1). Beastly system or world order of that day. (2). Or your apostate world church and naturally (3). Your man of sin who sits in the Jewish temple mentioned by Paul, Ireaneus and early church fathers declaring himself to be God. 


 Recall from our discussion in our second series of messages on this subject entitled FROM ROME TO THE VATICAN how it was clearly brought out that each of the seven heads were different forms of government on as beast which was worshipped as a diety. That is all those Caesars and Emperors were worshipped as deity, feet kissed etc. Recall all the Caesar Emperors down through Nero who made up the first head. Vespasian taking the throne started the second head etc. Skipping through to the 6th head we found to be Constantine’s period. Continue to bear in mind that all of these men were worshipped as deity because of the old Caesar title which they had inherited or had been passed down from the first beast head or Roman Caesar when they were in power. The 7th head was Charlemagne who in 800 was crowned by the pope (crowned Roman Emperor) the 8th head which was of the 7th as declared by John was none other than the papal power pushing out the political emperor and taking over his position. Inheriting along with that position all that followed the Caesar throne. Recall, one of his titles was deity! But the scripture declared this head or last form of government on the beast received a deadly wound! That wound came from two sources (1). Religiously and (2). Politically and over a great lengthy period of time that bean has slowly been healed, in other words Rome being the head of the world as it was in the Dark Ages has slowly healed! Scripture declares the healing will be complete no later than the time the free world will sign their covenant with the man of sin opening Israel’s final week.The healing of the head will imply that Satan through his man of sin which he has placed within the temple will be worshipped as God (as were the 7 forms of Roman government before). Satan by that hour will have thoroughly entwined himself throughout all the present structure of Roman power, (that which the common market today is seeking to re-establish etc.) and will have thoroughly incarnated himself in his mouthpiece or voice (man of sin). As Satan incarnates himself in this system of world order in that day (system, church, and man) the world will literally wonder after him.


Literally wondering doesn’t imply the world simply stands in amazement, oh no! it means this shall have gained such world attraction by that hour that the world will have begun to say, why this is what the world has needed for so long! With him now in power we can have peace, for after all is he not personally head of over 450,000,000? Why should we not also be under this jurisdiction etc. Therefore all the world will wonder after him. 

As to the religion you will have in that hour, it simply won’t matter if he who will be in that office then can now get along with voodoo practices and other demonistic cults will he not be able to get along just as well with them in that hour? 

Catholic and Voodoo,

  A published account says that “more than 67 percent of Brazil’s catholics attend macumba or voodoo sessions. 75 percent believe in amulets and G2 percent believe in sacrificial offerings, usually made to spirits. And yet 96.5 percent have their children baptized In the church.” Auxiliary Bishop Dc Castro Pinto of Rio de Ja neiro confirmed these statistics and blamed the “superficiality of Catholic instruction in Brazil” for the facts they reveal. Just as long as you believe in a god of some kind it would work during that hour. But oh, beloved, what a rotten mess!! That’s like saying today it doesn’t matter what church you belong to just as long as you’re for Jesus. What a rotten teaching with no scriptural foundation at all! The early church never began on such a diabolical teaching and since having been returned to the true unadulterated gospel, the bride of Christ won’t end up teaching anything like this, instead she’ll be declaring that unadulterated gospel which portrays who Jesus Christ is. Who is he? None other than the incarnated God himself robed or manifested in the flesh II Cor. 5:19 coming into this world unto his very own John 1:11 spit upon, ridiculed, despised, rejected and condemned to die on a Roman cross for the sins of his own poor lost created children. 


 Yes, according to Dan. 9:27 it is in the middle of the week he, the prince, the 8th which is of the 7th, who sits in Rome in that papal chair ruling as the 8th form of Roman rule before he received his deadly wound. Now in verse 27 it is completely healed, not even the ugly scar of history remains and in the middle of the week he breaks his covenant with Israel and performs such an act that infuriated the Jew as nothing else had before. Cutting off their Jewish sacrifice! Think of it! After over 1900 years having been cut off from this sacred spot and to have had it back in their possession only for such a brief period of time when some world leader just reaches out and snatches it away from them would be worse than the day Antiochus Epiplianes defiled the altar by offering a sow upon it and caused a Jewish revolt bringing on the Maccabean period. Why it is more than they can stand! 


 That Holy Ground can never belong to anyone but the Jew regardless of who has the worldly possession of it, God designated that one spot which is in the center or middle of the world, to place his name! It’s the name of our God that has been placed upon that Holy Spot. It’s Jerusalem which has been chosen as the spot of the Great Jehovah who according to Zechariah requires all nations to come up once yearly during the millennium or 1000 year reign to worship the Great King who placed his name in his Holy Spot thousands of years before he ever came to be king over the earth (2nd coming) God never ordained but one religion to have that ground and only when Israel remains under the chastening hand of her God is she ever denied privilege of this ground where her daily sacrifice is held.


 Have you noticed recently how although Israel has only possession of the western wall she is constantly digging through archaeological research and my, the things that she has already uncovered. At present they have dug down into things from the Herodian period and in some places even as far back as Solomon’s period. What does these archaeologist’s diggings in and around that temple area indicate? Recently it was announced on a national press conference how these archaeologists had uncovered a huge staircase or a passage along with certain other findings. Beloved these findings are proving something not only are they declaring what that ancient temple area looked like mainly during the Ilerodian period but landmark indications showed datings even back in the Solomon period. In a certain spot in and among their diggings they discovered 13 or 14 Hebrew scrolls.. One very outstanding scroll after having been pieced together because of the damage the ages of time had done to the scroll revealed of all things it was with chapter of Ezekiel which you and I refer to as the Valley of Dry Bones! Israel being resurrected and brought back to their land. All of which might appear to some people as merely a haphazard chance of luck, not so! It is testimonies of the past speaking out of the ground revealing to the world that this solemn holy area belongs to the people who are now in possession of the city upon the top side digging down discovering old landmarks. And just you remember that once they find these old landmarks and at last gain legal possession of the ground it won’t take that orthodox Jew very long to clear off the ground above especially as tar as making his altar on the sacred rock now covered by the Mosque of Omar for never will he offer a true sacrifice until he can offer it on that one Holy Spot where he knows that it will be accepted by Almighty God. Once he clears that ground and erects his altar, it won’t be long until smoke after 1900 will be seen spiraling skyward and a choice of levites selected along with a high priest to begin sacrificial offerings, prayers, and intercession before the altar. No doubt they’ll begin their holy temple worship on those grounds long before any temple is completed (recall the building of the 1st temple under Cyrus, the sacrifice altar was in operation roughly a year before any progress had been made toward laying the foundation of the temple). And once they have again tasted the joy after so long a period of having a daily offering and sacrifice nothing could infuriate the Jew worse than for that man of sin, although politically he’s not called that, it’s only the Holy Spirit who calls him than for that man of sin to reach out through some political maneuvering and now deprive him of that holy spot believe me he won’t take it sitting down regardless to how large an international police force the man of sin has. 

 Undoubtedly you will have the same prevailing situation during that hour or middle of the week that prevailed in Jerusalem during 69 and 70 A.D. Several elements of the Jewish religion as you recall had constantly been attempting to set up their own particular high priests only to have the other groups kill them off and much slaughter among various sects would develop. This was spoken of as a 3 party group, each trying to set up their own high priest which always evolved into a Jewish insurrection among themselves with great numbers being slaughtered. Nero who was the last Caesar to serve under the first head, or form of Roman government sent Gen. Vespacian, who of all things is predestined to become the 2nd head or form of government in Rome after Nero’s death, to Jerusalem to put down an insurrection not to destroy the city.


 The destruction of the city came only as the result of the Jews trying to throw off the Roman yoke they were under, seeing Vespacean arm the Roman army caused the squabbling slaughtering factions of the Jews to band themselves together and fight for liberty. However little did they realize God had permitted such an event to maneuver into a position of this manner in order to fulfill the very words of Jesus spoken 40 years prior to this, when he said to the believing Jew – the time will come when they will compass thee on every hand and cast up a moat against thee and shall lay thee to the ground there’ll not be one stone left upon another that shall not be cast down. Beloved that is the essence of verse 26 on Daniel 9 and it transpired in 70 A.D. That happening occurred unbeknowing to Titus or Vespasian his father as that which would fulfill the prophecy of Christ concerning the destruction of Jerusalem temple and etc. Yet neither Vespacean or Titus had any intentions of destroying the city, their soul purpose in coming to Jerusalem had been to settle down the Jews and stop them from killing each other. Therefore you can well see how God takes certain conditions and when the time factor is just right he always uses it to fulfill his word doesn’t he? The same will be true during the middle of the 70th week. 


 Israel must now again be dealt with by Rome. although the setting during the middle of the last week or 70th week in Dan. 9:27 is somewhat of a different nature. Israel must once again be dealt with by Rome although this time it shall be under the 8th form of Roman government instead of the 1st head in 69 A.D. Those events accumulating during that hour will be used to serve the very same purpose – to accomplish God’s word even as Titus’ event in 69 and 70 A.D. was used to complete God’s words. The man of sin 1st makes his covenant with many nations. What he does afterward begins and fulfills that 7 year period as he furnishes the world with what it has been begging and crying for. What is the world crying for? For peace and for a knowledge of how to live together as brethren in unity as a race of people. We hear that so much today nevertheless shortly in the future there’s one man or one office upon this earth who will furnish what the world believes to be the answer to the world’s ills. More and more we are working through many international groups both politically and religiously toward that end, therefore it’s going to require certain conditions to force that era of time into its proper setting, however once it is introduced it must be introduced from a scriptural standpoint or as the word has declared the false peacemaker introduces his Covenant to many nations and then in the middle of the week prophecy in Dan. 9:27 declared he breaks his covenant and takes away the Jewish sacrifice. 


 Continuing to read, and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease and for the overspreading of abomination even to the consummation. What does such a phrase mean? The anti-christ breaks his covenant cutting off that daily Jewish sacrifice refusing to allow it any longer. The evening oblation, what is it? Prayers of the people ascending up unto God at the close of the day, therefore he even stops them from praying to God. Naturally he will cut this off also since declaring himself as God. Because of this harsh unreasonable treatment the Jews will revolt facing the bloodiest era of all their recorded history. Daniel and John the apostle both record the time of persecution as 3 1/2 years or 40 and 2 months. Rev. 13 agrees perfectly with Dan. 9:27 that the period of excessive hatred falls in the last part of the week. A hatred unmatched by Antiochus Epiphanes or Hitler or any one period in history. It shall be Satan’s all-out attempt to utterly destroy the Jewish people. Hitler tortured and put to death 6,000,000. Recently a number of cases of soap were discovered, made by the Nazis from fatty tissues of human bodies – Jewish bodies! Isn’t it strange that throughout the Jewish History Satan has constantly been after this one race of people? How often he has attempted to destroy this one race, in Egypt during Moses day he tried, through Antiochus Epiphanes he tried, through Titus, through Hitler, these to name just a few. However when Satan uses his last means during the middle of that final week, it shall be a time when the anti-Christ who develops such an excessive hatred against the race seeks to destroy it. Satan through his beast system will for the final time make his all-out desperate attempt to annihilate the race. Why does Satan have such hate for this race? He’s fully aware that the Jewish nation will be the very center of attraction during the 1000 year reign while he is bound in the bottomless pit. As previously stated nations must come up to Jerusalem during the millennium to offer worship to the Great King who placed his throne in the temple at Jerusalem. However before this transpires the excessive hatred for that Jewish race will have reached such proportion that according to Daniel 12, Michael the archangel had to stand up for them. The abomination spoken of here literally means excessive hatred; And in the eves of God it’s true although it sounds as though it alight mean something being rotten or polluted, however if we will take it out of its English wording or our way of thinking we can see exactly what it means. Our English way of thought would mean something polluted or rotten. And in the eyes of God it’s true that period of time itself is a rotten nauseating period of time. Truly in the eyes of God it is an abomination, although abomination here refers to an era of time of such excessive hatred against the entire Jewish race. Continuing to read on, the prophet Daniel declares an excessive hatred or abomination even until the consummation meaning the winding up or the fulfillment of all that is in the scriptures pertaining to that period of time and that determination shall be poured out upon the desolate. The word desolate means that period of time in which Satan pours out his antagonistic and hateful feelings against the Jew through this one man (seated in their temple) as he unsuccessfully tries to destroy them. Satan, well into the final week now makes one last all out attempt to annihilate the Jewish race. 


 However God has no intention of allowing this race to be completely cut off seeing he will need a seed of posterity for the millennium. Turning to Rev. 12, we find an entire chapter dealing strictly with Israel although some will continue regardless of evidence to declare this woman in Rev. 12 is the true church!! This woman we note in Rev. 12 was an expectant mother who would deliver a child and because of the anger Satan had accumulated against this child seeks to destroy it, however unable to destroy the young child because it was caught up in the presence of God he later turned to destroy the woman (Israel) who was responsible for, the child (Jesus). Now beloved since the church is a virgin pure, clean and undefiled how could we possibly believe that a woman giving birth to a child in Rev. 12 could be the bride of Christ. The church? It’s impossible!! The entire chapter deals with the nation of Israel, not the church! The true church at this time is with her Lord and the apostate church will be going through the tribulation especially for the cleansing and purification of those foolish virgins recorded in Matt. 25. We are told in Rev. 12 that once Satan, comes against this woman in all his fury (Dan. 9:27) that she Was granted 2 wings of an eagle. Wings of an eagle speaks of the message delivered by these 2 prophets who for 42 months had been warning Israel what to do in such an hour. It was none other than Satan’s way of trying to annihilate the race during the middle of the week (End of verse 27) 

 Since there will never be another seven year period after this nor has there ever been one before equal to it. From this second portion of Daniel’s 70th Week we want to examine this full seven year period or final week, breaking it down and watching these conditions develop step by step, once they begin transpiring within the final week spoken of by the angel and recorded by other writers who devoted much time toward the period. Now to those seven things which will take place during this period—


Muslims praying on the temple mount.

 We shall now attempt to discuss how Israel found herself under an agreement with the prince or anti-christ bringing her into the fulfillment of Dan. 9:27. Because of the many wars Israel will have had to fight by that hour, beginning with her 1948 Arab-Israeli war fighting for her national preservation; then again in 1956, then in 1967 when the Holy City was captured along with approximately 20,000 square miles and with what other conflicts she may he confronted with by the time that week is scheduled to begin. Never has there been such a country who has been forced to remain on such constant alert for the possibility of a fresh conflict as has Israel since 1967. Continually she is faced with skirmishes along her borders especially between Syria, Lebanon, etc. While at the moment she is constantly faced with the never ending pressure of not knowing what hour she will be invaded and plunged into war. As one writer recently stated in the Jerusalem Post referring to the “cooling down” procedure of Vietnam and the returning of our troops, world attention will be focused, said this writer, more and more on the Middle East in Israel and shall remain the number one trouble spot for the future!! Wonder if this writer was fully aware of actually how scriptural his statement was? It was from this part of the world that everything began. Here is where the very foundation of human civilization was cradled and according to scriptures this is where she is pre-destinated to wind up at the end of the age. 


 Therefore because of these many conflicts and wars Israel has already faced and will yet be involved with, – places continual pressure and an enormous expense upon such a small population who are forced to remain under such pressure in fighting for survival. Preservation has cost her literally billions of dollars. Israel, consisting of some three million (3,000,000) population, in comparison of the multitude of millions in the Arab world, faces continually new problems among her people and remember all of this responsibility rests heavily upon such a small percentage of even that three million population think of it, what a tremendous burden and cost rests upon them since so many of the three million are children and old people. Yet their children and older people fight to remain a national identity and survive among so many enemies. 


 Think of the economical pressure and strain it must place them under! Ever since her national beginning, survival has had to remain the top priority. She has never been able to concentrate on giving better living conditions to her people as they would enjoy having. Because of this constant pressure she is never to devote her attention to the agricultural problems of her county. Always it is survival–more weapons of war needed to keep the enemy back! Think of the untold sacrifice placed upon this type of society. Because of this costly burdensome strain Israel will fall under, she will be forced from economical pressure, mainly from the outside, to sign the peace pact to escape further engagement in such activity. (Although it shall only be out of the skillet into the fire.) Naturally it will involve much negotiations from that standpoint, yet because of the tremendous pressure and costs and high state of taxation and due to the monetary standpoint etc., she will be forced to sign that peace treaty along with all the other free nations of the world. Recall it is the signing of the treaty that ushers in that period of seven years or final week!! Already we are witnessing the newly formed European Common Market nations of Western Europe, even before they reach their full strength of ten nations, already applying pressure upon Israel If she desires to remain in their good grace, hereby they will buy her export products. It is as small as the Common Market nations are today and already they are pressuring Israel. What will they do in the hour they come into full force and the man of sin heads the reign of government? The Common Market nations, Israel and the free nations of the world remind us much of individuals sitting down to play a game of checkers—all are professionals who study carefully the board, study every move carefully. after a while a hand reaches out, touches the board, moving a checker in place. The next one matching wits sits there going through the same process then finally he makes his move. That is exactly the way things are progressing on the world scene today. The pope and the Common Market nations have already voiced their decision as to what Israel should do concerning cap-tured lands in the six day war. While America is trying desperately to come forth with a workable agreement between Israel and Egypt over the Suez Canal, the Common Market nations have already voiced their opinions by saying, if Israel wants to remain in the good grace and be recognized by the European Common Market from an economical standpoint they must play ball with the Common Market nations by pulling back from all occupied territories to her earlier position before the war. Israel has fulfilled prophecy, yet these horned nations of Europe say, give it up in order to remain legally recognized by them from economical standards. What would happen if Western Europe boycotted Israel and she could no longer export her goods? See what an awkward position that would place her in? Israel would be helpless!!

Therefore beloved we are able even now to see that spirit already at work, only how much more severe and demanding will it be at the beginning of that hour? From an agricultural standpoint. Israel produces far more agricultural products than her three million population can consume, therefore it leaves her with much goods to export. With the revenue from this export she is able to boost her economy and consequently help support her war machinery. Hence Israel will be forced to sign that peace treaty or covenant treacly to stay in business. Once her signature goes on that dotted line of the agreement that long prophesied week is in motion. The purpose of the peace pact of nations will naturally be able to stop war. Its purpose is to bring an end to all war! All serious problems which will arise will be settled from the political table rather than the battle field and isn’t that already the philosophy today? Hasn’t that been the cry of politicians throughout our ten year involvement in the Vietnam war–that war should be settled on the political table rather than the battlefield? 

Look a moment at what has been going on in Paris–wrangling hassehng, first of all over what kind of a conference table, what height and what angle would be acceptable— God forbid that people be so stupid and ignorant when human lives are at stake. To think how wars in the past have been fought and truces and terms of ending wars have been handled. High ranking officers would meet in a field or anyplace. at any kind of table to sign agreements. Recall, when Hiroshimi was bombed Japan sent word to Washington. they were willing to surrender and end World War II. Washington answered im-mediately saying, paint an airplane white, with a green cross on the wings, fly to Okinawa and our Commander in Chief of the 10th Army will see that you are flown to Manila in the Philippines where you will meet Gen. Douglas MacArthur. Being stationed on Okinawa at that time I have those pictures where the Japanese hastily painted that plane so rapidly they used paint brushes and painted by hand (white with a green cross on the wings) therefore when our patrols would see this plane they would escort it into Okinawa rather than fire upon it. I said that only to show how in the past they didn’t wrangle over conference tables on how it had to be set up as has been done in Paris. whether the table be half moon, oblong or square! No Sir, in days gone by they simply set a few tables out in a field which American officers stood before. Naturally they recognized the Japanese officials with a military salute yet they were recognized as the enemy who had been defeated and with sternness we let them know they were coming on our terms as a defeated enemy. Undoubtedly these days are gone forever. Now and especially in that hour politicians will become the ruling voice as we are already seeing. The military men will be strictly stool pigeons playing their part in an international army which shall be solely used for police work and to enforce such a time as is to come. Yes, Israel’s pressure will force her to sign that agreement and once she does her final week is on.


 Condition number two will deal strictly with the political structure of the life of Israel seeing she will be under political pressure more so than religious at the beginning of the week. Even today we are seeing where nations are forcing Israel to compromise (political Israel). However men such as Moshe Dyan who stands true and firm for the cause of Israel had just as soon picked up a gun and settled the argument on the battlefield. Nevertheless you have that element of political negotiating Jews who are willing to compromise and give in here and there. See, it is that spirit of negotiation that is already at work in the land. It shall be that political element who shall compromise and sell out to the man of sin. They are the ones who set the stage in that hour. Just remember it will not be such men as Moshe Dyan who will sell Israel “down the river” as the old saying goes, it will be that political minded Jew. 

Russian weaponry deployed by the Arabs.

Because of the pressure for world peace and because that political Jew wants Israel to remain in a position of recognition among the nations, they will sell her out! Yes, it will be that political Jew who has no religious convictions nor true spiritual insight concerning the outcome of this compromise for if they believed Daniel’s prophecy in chapter 9 they would know what is ahead for Israel; they would know that this man they are dealing with is the man of sin and they would never sign such an agreement. To think in the ages past religious Jews would have revolted and refused to sign such a thing however it shall be the political not the true orthodox Jew that will be guilty of selling the nation down the drain for that seven year period, yet as stated because of economical pressure that shall come against Israel and the burden of constantly keeping prepared to fight for survival will cause that political Jew to sign this treaty. Once she signs the treaty, not only is the final week on but God frowns upon her and sends two prophets to the nation beginning to rebuke and exhort the nation as to what they have stepped into. Furthermore, they have made the words of Jesus who came as their king come to past—I come in my Father’s name and you did not receive me, another will come in his own name and him you will receive (Jn. 5:43)! 

 Our Lord had reference to the final week. How close at hands this is. Abbe Eben, a few months ago was photographed standing in the presence of the pope in Rome discussing something with him and I am sure he wasn’t there desiring to be taught the Rosary. No, he had strictly economical reasons, peace ambitions and the such in mind whereby he might maneuver something that could better benefit Israel.


 Because the world at large is crying for peace, world opinion will force Israel to follow suit, for were  a the to resist such a thing you know what would happen because all those other nations have signed and entered into a covenant period of agreement she would be isolated, boycotted, swallowed up economically in a very short period of time. Economically she would be on rock bottom having over three million people sitting helplessly unable to do anything. Other nations would refuse to send her arms therefore she would be swallowed up in a short period of time, and because of the tide of world opinion for her to refuse to go along with the Western World she would only become the black sheep to the other nations, therefore world opinion will force her to sign and tag along. Israel along with many nations has no choice but to enter into the covenant agreement with that man of sin, the anti-christ in order to fulfill all the prophecies concerning Dan. 9:27, “He shall confirm the covenant with many for one week.” One prophetic week is all it lasted seeing Jesus came at the end of that period. Those political Jews feel in that hour there is no other way out than to sign. Once that hour arrives to fulfill scripture Israel will already have in her possession her land, her city and her temple ground which in itself sets Israel in alignment with the scripture where she can enter into the week. Constantly she has been stepping forward in that direction. Each stage of her history since 1948 has moved her more and more in line for the week to begin, unaware to her it is the hand of God moving her year after year, closer and closer to that period. Once she is brought in that period by these conditions she falls immediately in line for another scriptural fulfillment, Jer. 30 which speaks of the time of Jacob’s Trouble when the nation itself will absolutely fall gilder the chastening hand of God. As that one week period is introduced to Israel it is spiritually she finds herself walking into Jer. 30 because geographically she has been there for quite some time but now spiritually something is ready to happen to the nation once God sends his two prophets in the spirit and power of Moses and Elijah to the nation. Once these two prophets inspired of God according to Rev. 11 come in the first part of the week we need to take a look at what shall be going on among the orthodox Jew who especially at this time has become most Messianic minded. 

Diagram of the Second Temple
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 We have discussed the com-promising spirit of the political Jew, let us now take a look at the orthodox Jew as to what will be going on in his life. For quite a while I have believed that if you and I have been brought back to the true apostolic gospel that came from the Jews in the days of the early church which was launched at Jerusalem before that period of time will be brought to Israel or before these two prophets appear on the scene of human history and produce thousands of Jewish converts who are sealed in their forehead (knowledge) with the knowledge as to who Jesus is, this gospel that we have had so long in some way must be returned to them. I do not know how God purposes to do it, nevertheless somehow pure and clean this gospel must return to its original home base. Yes, this Gospel washed from all impurities of Babylonian stain somehow must be testified back unto a realm of orthodox Jews, not that political Jew—he wouldn’t believe anyway! He isn’t interested enough. However, he doesn’t represent that religious minded Jew anyway. He, the political Jew is the very cause for Almighty God sending two prophets on the scene with signs that smite the earth with plagues, sealing the heavens that it doesn’t rain, all of this is to awaken some of those political Jews as to the terrible deception they have entered into with the man of sin Note, there is nothing else that could awaken the political Jew! It would do no good for the Gentile to go there trying to convert any of them, they only laugh you to scorn; However, I do believe this true unadulterated gospel preached in the revelation and power as it once was taught in the streets of Jerusalem must once again somehow reach back into that area to the ears of some listening audience of orthodox Jews. From a historical standpoint they know the New Testament, they know about Jesus Christ; they are quick to tell you he was a Jew, not their Messiah of course but he was a Jew–they want you to know he was not a gentile. They know also about those early followers of Christ who called themselves Christians and followed Jesus. They know of his teachings and miracles and things which he did are not in darkness to them. They know full well what the early church taught and they know the things the early church did. Religious guides are able to take you to the very spot of Mark’s house, Peter’s home, the place that Jesus did this or that—see, the environment is all there and they have also watched christianity through history leave the realm of the Jew and go unto the gentiles. They watched it drift into Rome and out into Protestantism, however as far as they know that is as far as christianity has ever gone!


 They are not aware of the fact according to the word of God that at the end time THE GENTILES WOULD HAVE a prophet who would restore truth as it was in its original hour and therefore there would be a people on this earth among the gentiles who would believe THE Same true gospel story that at one time had been preached on their streets of Jerusalem who are neither Roman Catholic or protestant believers but true revelated New Testament believers – (Thanks to a prophet).


Once those two prophets enter upon the scene during the first part of the week and begin preaching their message, laying in the back of their minds I believe will rest a knowledge concerning the route taken by the presence of God throughout the entire grace period as that gospel returns to them, in other words, I believe those two prophets will be able to follow the route of the Holy Spirit from the time the gospel left the Jew until it returned some 1900 years or so later. Whether this knowledge came by publication or just how they received this knowledge I am not prepared to say. Nevertheless, somehow they will be able to link the route of christianity as it traveled from Jerusalem until it finishes its course in the gentile religion and returns back to the Jewish people. No one can show me in the scriptures where God ever left a missing link in the chain of chronology of man’s thinking. Roughly two thousand years ago the gospel was with the Jew, one day it shall return to them once God has completed his mission among the gentiles, and there must be a knowledge with them as to where God has been for two thousand years! No, God has never had a broken link, for note perhaps the longest period in Jewish history between prophets was 400 years between Malachi and John the Baptist). Once that next prophet came on the stage of action irregardless to the length of time it had been since Israel had a true prophetic voice, that oncoming prophet always had access to writings of men’s history and journey from that last prophet whereby he could study and there see where the presence of God had been working, bringing the message up to his very hour. In other words, there simply won’t be a huge gap with no knowledge as to what happened to the presence of God once the gospel left the Jew until it returns. 


 Take John the Baptist who followed Malachi some 400 years later – John never stepped upon the scene ignorant void and destitute of what had been going on for that past 400 years – NO SIR – I believe somewhere within his very grasp was an access to writings covering the period of time since Malachi which showed the sovereignty and dealings of God with his people Israel. With that John the Baptist -was able to link up his own life and ministry with the scriptures. No one could possibly say that from the time the gentiles received the gospel until the time the gospel works its way through the gentiles and returns back to the Jew that as far as the Jew is concerned there will not be a considerable missing gap of practically 2000 years. 


 Recall Peter was taken by the Holy Spirit from Joppa over to Caesarea to preach the gospel unto the gentile household of Cornelius. Since that is recorded in scripture it is easy for those Jews in that hour to see how the gospel turned from the Jew and went to the Gentiles, furthermore it is written in the furthermore it is written in the book of Acts the history of the early church, although a few years had elapsed now Paul is found at Ephesus and going on down through Asia Minor. See, throughout all those early gentile churches it was written concerning the route of the Holy Spirit and this knowledge was given to the early church. Therefore, these early churches in Asia Minor, though Gentiles. showed certainly no gap as to the route the gospel took once it left Jerusalem, coming up in their realms, therefore I believe as the true gospel winds itself up here at the end of the gentile age somewhere and somehow there will be some kind of record or report which will wind itself right back into the streets of Jerusalem or somewhere within that land whereby it will be in the minds of those people that there is truly a gentile people (thanks to an end-time prophet) who believes the same thing they did when the gospel was in Jerusalem 33 A.D. No beloved, I do not believe that after an absence of almost 2000 years of God’s presence dealing solely with his people again, that those two prophets would be sent on the scene to Israel with not the slightest knowledge in the back of their minds as to where has our God been for over 1900 years? I believe there will be at least a history if not other means whereby these two men will be able to link the past with the present and fill in that vast gap of over 1900 years. Scripture declares that these two prophets appear on the scene prophesying twelve hundred threescore days and undoubtedly their prophesying will be during the first half (or 3 1/2 years) of that 7 year period and shall serve two purposes throughout the land of Israel. 


 Great spiritual blessing and revelation shall follow all those who will accept their message yet at the same time judgment and plague shall fall upon especially those such as the compromising, unbelieving political Jew who sold the nation down the river to get out from under pressure. Signs and miracles will be the order of that day although it won’t necessarily be confined merely to signs and wonders because as we are aware from reading Rev.11 these two prophets who begin prophesying before the Jewish nation shall have power to shut the heavens that it rain not power shall be theirs to smite waters turning them to blood. Furthermore they shall have power to smite the earth with plagues because of that invested authority to pronounce God’s judgment upon the nation of Israel which basically is God’s way of dealing sternly with the body of political Jews who sold out the nation to the anti-christ. That apostate political Jew who has forgotten God is the one that feels the chastisement from the hand of the two prophets yet by the same token that orthodox Jew who has been mindful of his Messiah having studied the scriptures realizes that his Messiah is somewhere near at hand shall hear these two prophets because it is to them that a message of revelation is delivered and the number who hears from the heart and believes their message are sealed away – a number of 144,000. Note how evenly the number is being 12.000 from every tribe mentioned in Rev. 7. It is these who learns who Christ is. That is the meaning of Rev.14 when it says they (144,000) had the father’s name written in their foreheads. Forehead means under-standing, a revelation penetrated their understanding and great joy came to their hearts as they learned according to Isa.9:6, Jehovah of the Old Testament was none other than Jesus Christ of the New Testament. What a great commotion religiously will go on in that hour when 144,000 Jews receive the truth of who Jesus is. Such a spiritual revival will be echoed abroad undoubtedly it will create much attention toward the Jewish people within that time. The tourist trade no doubt will become a common occurrence of that hour as multitudes will flock to Israel just to see what is going on. Today Israel Is becoming the No. 1 tourist spot of the world. Undoubtedly God has allowed this to take away the wealth of the gentile nations and give it unto Israel for the gentile nations have fulfilled their hour. Tourist trade of 1971 reached well over 35 percent of that of 1970 and undoubtedly will continue to grow by leaps and bounds. Therefore I would say in that hour -people visiting Israel will be those who have sympathetic feelings toward the people especially those who have come to investigate their revival (many may be foolish virgins). Even today we see the growing desire of gentiles to visit that land where God’s message of grace began. Therefore we have a certain indebtedness to the Jew as it was from there we received our glorious salvation gospel. During the time these two prophets are fulfilling their ministry within the first half of that week the temple is built although sacrifices were being made prior to this. Let us see how scriptural this is; did God record such an event would actually be? Many people believe the temple will not be rebuilt. In Amos 9 we find this prophet prophesying from 800 B.C., long before me Solomon temple was ever brought to ruination or before the Jew was ever exiled to Babylon. His prophecy reaches down through the span of time to our day. Amos 9:8, Behold the eyes of the Lord God are upon the sinful kingdom (Israel) and I will destroy it from the face of the earth, save (or except) that I will not utterly destroy the house of Jacob, (meaning though he destroy the great mass of Israelites he will not destroy the prosperity of the nation – for lo I will command and I will sift the house of Israel among all nations.” Recall, he only partially began sifting them among nations during the first siege of Nebuchadnezzar however, the God of Jacob did not sift them all throughout the nations as the scripture declared he would (at that Lime). No, he only took them to Babylon where after 70 years he brought back those two southern tribes, however he left the ten tribes still scattered throughout the nations where they remain. Although they are still out there, it is prophesied that in this hour or in this last day he will bring them back again once he brings Judah back again. Amos prophesied they should be sifted among all nations as corn or grain is sifted in a sieve. FOR WHAT? Sifting purpose is always to remove the cockleburrs, sticks, chaff and dust. God is simply saying he is going to get rid of all the hypocrites in the assembly through this process. However, recall as corn is sifted through a sieve yet remember not the least kernel that is, the elected one, shall be lost upon the earth. “And all the sinners of my people shall die by the sword who say the evil shall not overtake nor prevent us, Amos 9: 8-10. Pay close attention to the prophet’s following statement as he jumps a lengthy span of time and picks up where God has brought them back and continues by saying, “In that day will I raise up the tabernacle of David that is fallen.” (What is the tabernacle of David? It is the temple) and close up the breaches of it and I will raise up his ruins, and I will build it as in the days of old” – – and don’t forget when Amos was prophesying the temple was standing however looking down through the span of time he saw it lying in desolation and ruin; he saw the house of Israel scattered in 70 A.D.; he saw them scattered and dispersed among nations throughout the centuries of time: he saw them sifted through vast persecutions but most of all he saw them return in the last days and then he said, “I will raise up the tabernacle of David, close up the breaches, that they may possess the remnant of Edom. Now, notice carefully, never in all their history since Nebuchadnezzar marched against Jerusalem approximately 600 B.C. to begin the days of the gentiles or anywhere throughout Israel’s history has she ever possessed Edom. What is Edom? Edom is Jordan. Of all the Arab nations who hate Israel it is amazing to note how reluctant King Hussein has always been to get involved in fighting Israel. The capital of Jordan is Ammon named after one of Lot’s sons. Recall Lot fathered two sons by his two daughters, One named Moab while the other was called Ammon. Therefore the Ammonites and the Moabites are the descendants of these two sons. Jordan is also the same strip of territory where Esau journeyed. Furthermore Edom is the place where Ishmael met a Canaanite woman, an Egyptian, who bore him a daughter who later became the wife of Esau. Therefore the whole territory of Jordan is actually made up of all Abraham’s seed of the flesh (not the seed of promise). Legally, these are half brothers to the Israelites and for some reason or other in this prophecy Amos is saying one day Israel will possess Edom (no doubt after the temple is built seeing it is on the end of this prophecy). Recall when those Arab guerillas hijacked those planes where were they taken – – into the desert of Jordan. Iraq was busy sending troops in to assist the guerillas while King Hussein was trying to rid himself of the guerilla terrorists within the capitol city and for a while it appeared that King Hussein’s government might be overthrown from Jordan, and note what happened, Israel marched her troops to the borders ready to head straight across into Ammon because she would have been forced even at that time to take over the country of Jordan to keep Iraq and the terrorists from setting up a regime which would have been detrimental to her own borders. We as gentiles have no part in this scripture, this is a prophecy setting the stage for Israel one day to possess the land called Jordan, and it is spoken as transpiring some time after the tabernacle of David is to be built as God causes the breaches of it to be closed – – and all the nations that are called by my name (meaning among the gentile nations) will be a people called by the name of the Lord, that are called by my name saith the Lord that doeth this, Amos 9:12. Turning to the New Testament we discover this definitely was a passage of scripture believed in by the early church. In Acts 15 we find Peter has already gone to Caesaera to deliver the gospel to Cornelius’ household. Recall it brought a disturbance among the Jewish believers in Jerusalem over Peter’s action, however once Peter explained how the Spirit had led him they rejoiced. Years drift by and the Apostle Paul is brought in the picture and is preaching in Antioch when a question arose over whether the gentile disciples needed to be circumcised. Paul did not think so. However he went to Jerusalem before the Apostles and elders to discuss the question. After a lengthy discussion James the Apostle picks up the prophecy of Amos 9:8 – and notice how he applies it as he says, “men and brethren hearken unto me, Simon hath declared how God at the first did visit the gentiles to take out a people for his name. Now note, Peter going to Cornelius’ household began the prophetic fulfillment of Amos to take out a people for his name and watch what James says, this agrees with the words of the prophets, as it is written (referring back to Amos 9:12) and after this (after he has taken out a people for his name among the gentiles) I will return it and build again the tabernacle oil David which is fallen down and I will build again the ruins thereof and I will set it up that the residue of men might seek after the Lord, and all the gentiles upon whom my name is called saith the Lord who doeth all these things. Here was a New Testament apostle quoting scripture from an Old Testament prophet of the very thing which was taking place (to some degree) even in their day. Notice carefully between 700-800 B.C. the returning Jews from Babylonian captivity returned to rebuild the temple for which Cyrus had granted permission, Herod enlarged this temple – – it was standing in the very hour that James was speaking yet James is showing that very temple in his hour would be destroyed! The apostles doctrine had been delivered as far as Antioch and was rapidly spreading throughout the gentiles. James, the elder and apostle of the Jerusalem church, is definitely referring to scripture how the present temple which was standing would be destroyed, for by revelation James knew the message had already gone among the gentiles to take out a people for his name and there sat those mighty apostles knowing somewhere in the future that massive, majestic temple must be destroyed in order to fulfill prophecy. After this – meaning after God has accomplished his purpose in calling out the gentiles he would then return and build again the Tabernacle of David; that rebuilt temple which Herod had greatly enlarged did not fall until some 37-38 years later when Titus tore it to the ground. All through the gentile period as she lay in ruins until at the end of 1971 we are feeling the effects of a gospel preached to us at the endtime which restored us to the faith of the fathers and God is now closing the hour of time for the gentiles. As he slowly lifts his spirit from the gentiles returning to his people ISRAEL. Time is almost at hand for them to receive back into their possession that piece of ground and rebuild the house (Amos 9:8-12) 


 Scripture wise we are aware that Rev. 11 begins that final week as John the Beloved is handed a reed likened unto a rod and told to measure first, the temple. Measuring the temple reveals that the temple had to be rebuilt before Christ Returns to earth. Once Jesus Returns to this earth to rule and reign the temple will not have to be rebuilt.


 Scripture declares the dimensions of the rebuilt temple in Ezekiel. Chs. 40-45. Visiting with an orthodox Jewish rabbi in Jerusalem (in ’68) we questioned him concerning the fact if the Jew is ever permitted to gain possession of his temple ground would he know in what dimensions to build, would there be a blueprint he might follow? In other words, would they have to wait around for some architect to draw up plans? To this he responded, Gentlemen, have you ever read Ezekiel chapters 40 through 45? Yes was our reply. With assurance in his voice he declared, it will be built according to those dimensions! Reading Ezekiel Chaps. 42-45 one is able to see this will be the temple in which the Messiah is to sit. For it is within that 43rd chapter that Ezekiel hears these unforgettable words–“Son of Man, behold the place of my throne, that is where the soles of my feet will be in the midst of the House of Israel even forever.” Therefore once that rabbi spoke this it let me know that cl once they do attain that holy spot of ground for their temple their heart’s desire, as far as their I knowledge on the subject reaches they will be preparing this for the 1 Messiah’s first advent_ However, little do they realize that it is actually being built to fulfill everything within the entire structure of the final week! Therefore when we take this, placing it over Rev. 11 it is plain to see where a reed was given unto ohn to measure the temple and is measure (2). Them that worshipped IT-therein. Recall it was only the Levites who could actually enter into the small temple itself to minister in their proper functions of certain rituals carried on when this building stood before. Always remember the congregation of people stood outside in the temple court area singing and praising God before the temple. Notice in Rev. 11 not only the temple was to be measured but the altar as well showing this would be erected in the first part of that week! However, it was said to John concerning the court which is without—he was not to measure. The court which is without means that area of ground around the temple which has been walled off similar to that of the huge wall built by Solomon, destroyed by Nebuchadnezar and reconstructed by the returning Babylon exile Jews after 70 years of captivity—rebeautified and extended during the Herodian era of time.


 The fact that Rev. 11 speaks of leaving off the measuring of this court wall (which is without) shows there probably isn’t time for its construction before the anti-christ breaks his covenant and stops the Jewish daily sacrifice on the altar and evening oblation. Probably there is 101 ideas why John was not to measure the court however once we realize this wall took in the entire court area of ground going with that temple—no way could the building or temple itself actually be built large enough to house the congregation of the House of Israel—that would number into the untold thousands. Therefore it is important we realize that only the high priests and the ministering Levites could go into the temple to worship and carry on their different functions of administration. Within the temple was the table of shewbread, candlesticks etc., but never the congregation! Always they stood without on the temple ground area worshipping, being separated from the uncircumcised iheathen or gentile) who had to stand even farther back–off the street away from the wall that surrounded the temple itself. Therefore the true worshipers were enclosed inside the temple area which served much like an open air sanctuary for the worshipping congregation who would come upon the Holy Temple ground, dance, sing and beat their cymbals making a loud, joyful noise unto the Lord and WHAT A SOUND IT WOULD BE because the location of the city of Jerusalem and the temple itself sat high upon a mountain—Mt. Zion. There they could sing and make a joyful noise unto the Lord. Rev. 11 showing that court (wall) which is without was not to be measured lets me know that during that first half of the week. There would already be activity going on by the Jews on that holy spot.–no less than an altar of sacrifice will be in operation. May I explain something here–the Jew will not have attained that holy spot (long) before that week begins and this is why—although that is not the question in view, give me your attention a moment. While it is true the orthodox Jew is in the minority of the Jews, it is your political Jew who holds the majority of the opinion. It is your political Jew that is the controlling factor of the nation itself and always remember, the political Jew is not as concerned about his religious position as he is about his political position and the preservation of the nation of Israel at large. All he is actually interested in is keeping the Arabs from taking over and discussing political issues of the day at the U.N. and the U.S. His motto is, GIVE US PEACE, LEAVE US ALONE! 

From one standpoint that may be good however we know that God has no intentions of leaving things and situations alone for it is through these rising internal problems. situations and crisis’ that sets things in motion to fulfill his word. God has no intentions of allowing that political Jew to be the deciding factor to determine whether or not something to be attained or not. No, the almighty will cause that political-minded Jew to be forced into doing certain things which is to fulfill his own word of prophecy. He deals with the nation as a whole in such a manner it shall be the minority or orthodox Jew who gains the benefit over that which he makes the majority do. Take the six day war for instance–had it not gone the way it did, Israel would never have taken possession of the old city Jerusalem! Oh, they might have captured the Golan Heights or even the Sinai Peninsula but never would they have taken Jerusalem as they did. Jerusalem for hundreds of years had been controlled by the Jordanians. Basically old Jerusalem is populated by Jordanians outside of a very small Jewish sector and a few Roman Catholics. Therefore once the six day war started the political Jew as a whole had no intention of fighting or capturing the Holy City because in his thinking to attack the Holy City would cause the world to accuse—HIM OF MAKING A HOLY WAR OUT OF IT! Instead he wanted to stay clear of such bad light of world opinion. Such a maneuver on her part would bring the world down on her neck. Naturally Jerusalem is looked upon by the world as a holy city because all kinds of shrines, Jewish, Catholic, and Moslem (3 faiths in one city) are there. Because of that the Jew could not afford to attack Jerusalem merely for the sake of attacking it. OH NO! Therefore once again Almighty God had to set up conditions for them to do what they did. Here is what happened—the Jewish government sent a telegram through international channels to King Hussein of Jordan stating if he did not enter the war with Egypt against Israel, Israel would not fire on Jordanian troops stationed along the slopes of the Mount of Olives and inside the Jerusalem city however NOTE WHAT HAPPENED— —that telegram was detained 45 minutes and before it reached King Hussein a conversation was overheard by American signalmen on American ships between King Hussein and Nasser. Nasser was heard to say—”Come on King Hussein, get in here with me etc….” That entire conversation between the two heads of state was overheard and beloved those Jordanian troops entered the war opening fire on Israel, thus forcing Israel by a situation beyond their control to capture the Holy City. By this route it keeps the world from howling at Israel declaring they had made a holy war out of it. God worked it in this manner using the political Jew to benefit the minority or orthodox Jew. This incident, transpiring as it did shows Israel does not want the world hollering at her and furthermore shows her reluctance to do anything above or beyond whatever the conditions that prevail pushes them into doing or only what they have to, right? It is only that orthodox Jew who wanted that Holy Temple spot, not the political Jew, therefore the political Jew who leads the country led them up to the Wailing Wall and stopped. He could care less where the temple would be built however, the chief rabbi of the Armed Forces did have enough prophetic insight to stand before the western wall declaring, “We are back never to give it up!” Beloved, the Jew is on the outside wall of the holy temple spot and the manner in which the city was taken and biblical prophecy fulfilled keeps the world from accusing Israel of starting a HOLY WAR. Though how is not revealed to man, God will use circumstances to maneuver this thing once again into position to give that orthodox Jew his holy spot. Certain conditions will once again occur and force them to take that holy temple spot, YOU WATCH, and when it does they will have it in their possession to come in line with the scripture to bring that final week into being here that holy spot will play such an important role. That is why I continue to state and emphasize, if something did happen within the next few months or so that placed that holy temple spot in Jewish hands we gentiles had better have on our marching clothes because beloved, by the time they receive that Holy Temple spot world conditions will be of such and pressure so great that this final neck will be upon us. With all my heart I believe that the world will be brought to its knees and forced through world conditions which will be present to accept this period which will be ushered in upon the world and only seven more years remain once that happens before the new age begins!

 POINT NO 5 covers the great world church or the religious condition that will be prevailing among the gentiles within the great I world church during that final hour.


1871 cartoon, in which members of the New York City Tweed Ring are shown looking on as Roman Catholic bishops in the guise of crocodiles prepare to attack children.

 Naturally, the greatest single system of all will be Roman Catholicism along with of course her entire daughter protestant t body which during that hour will t have all become completely apostatized. Are we fully aware of what the word apostatized means? One thing is to identify the spirit of apostasy but worse still would be once anything within a system becomes completely and totally apostatized it has then absolutely turned itself over to nothing other than a Satanic control and influence and there remains positively no quality of value or any scriptural benefit left within it whatever! Everyone I am sure realizes that Rev. 18 refers to just such a situation. That apostatized Babylonian city is that apostate religion in its final stages which will at that time have become as the scripture states—a cage for unclean birds. Rev. 18:2! Bear in mind, this is not only some natural geographical city whose natural -headquarters is Rome, but Rome is sprinkled throughout the entire apostatized religious system. No one can say that political Rome today rules the world as it did under the first seven heads on the beast (strongly under the first six), However from Rome still comes a spiritual influence, right? An influence which still arouses the attention of the world and yes, even I while the 8th head (papal office) was recuperating from the deadly blow commands attention within realms of political as well as religious circles. That is what we must keep in mind as we see more and more this religious factor weaving itself within the political structure of the world. 


 Sometime ago I read an article concerning parochial schools. The writer was most careful to state Roman Catholic schools over the past five years had been closing at the rate of one a day and sighted such causes as economic victims of inflation and declining supply of nuns and priests available to teach for low salaries. These parochial schools once educated about 11 percent of the nations school age students at what the writer was careful to play up as always little cost to the taxpayer, however since this added additional strain has fallen upon local and state schools who must now carry the load of these additional students from the closed parochial schools some 1,200,000 students would overload the local state paid schools and with the fear of the remaining 1,100,000 other students who are hound to follow once these poorly financed schools have been forced to close would sorely overload our state paid educational system. Therefore as a solution to the problem, let the state finance the schools of the world’s richest institution, THE CATHOLIC CHURCH. At one time the Catholic Church absolutely did not get certain tax money to foster their parochial schools or anything but what do we find over the last ten years slowly slipping in? Beloved, every kind of a political gimmick that could be thought of to get the American taxpayers money right out of federal treasury to help foster their own parochial schools and set up their own trained nunnery staff to do the special teaching is being tried! You may rest assured, beloved, of this one thing, that has always been the way Catholicism has worked throughout the structure of every political system throughout the earth. She has followed practically the same procedure to drain every monetary system dry and end up with it all right in her own pocket! And yet she pretends to be so poor. If you took every gold, diamond and marble off of her altars around the world you would no doubt have enough to build everyone a nice little bungalow to live in the rest of their lives! Wealth a Public Issue + The Roman Catholic Church in America is pleading for public aid to operate its parochial schools. But the Catholic church refuses to disclose its assets and income. This church wants the support of American taxpayers but refuses to tell the taxpayers what money it already has. It is clear that this church has tremendous financial resources at its disposal, which belie its cry of poverty. In the book The Churches: Their Riches, Revenues and Immunities, Martin A. Larson and C. Stanley Lowell claim that the wealthiest Church by far is the Roman Catholic. Some of its assets and revenues are estimated as follows: Religiously used real estate, $54,- passive income (stocks and bonds), $650,000,000; active business income, $1,200,000,000; grants from government, $4,500,000,000, for a total of about $60,000,000,000. Add to this the donations of the faithful, which run about S5,000,000,000 annually, and at least $1,500,000,000 more from gambling, wills and legacies, and community funds. Here are assets and revenues exceed-ing $66,850,000,000. Catholic priest Richard Ginder stated that the Catholic Church must be the biggest corporation in the United States; ‘that their assets and real estate holdings must exceed those of Standard Oil. A.T.&.T. and U.S. Steel combined; and that their ros-ter of dues-paying members must be second only to the rolls of the United States government. It is this organization that is pleading that the American taxpayer pay its bills. The great world church of Catholicism and Protestantism that hour will have become completely apostatized and we are seeing it rapidly shape itself to play the final role during that dark hour. Once Rev. 18: 1-3 is fulfilled Mystery Babylon will not only have become totally apostatized next she shall also be filled With all worldliness. What I mean by worldliness is her congregations within this gentile church system will have become so worldly minded there will absolutely be no revelation left in her as to the will, purpose and plan of God. Daily we are witnessing within the great harlot protestant groups of Rev. 17:4-5 how her pews are being rapidly filled with mini-skirted women. That is women wearing their skirts far too short and far too tight. It’s practically impossible to get them any shorter! Any Sunday morning it is nothing to witness young women hurrying down the street wearing their short mini-skirts headed straight for some denominational church and often it’s even to a Pentecostal church. Why does the church condone such things? Because that’s the kind of congregations churches are made up of today! It’s simply because there’s no more conviction left within the minds of the people as to what God wants in respect to holiness. People have the idea that flesh no longer stinks in his eyes, but it does!! God demands clothes to be put on the flesh, it’s a stench in the eyes of God to see human flesh portrayed in the manner it is today and especially shall be portrayed in that hour. No longer is there enough conviction left within human minds to even respect the house of worship. Therefore more and more it shall be given over to that spirit of worldliness and naturally if you say anything people are ready to take offense. But that’s alright, one thing is sure there’s an hour of judgment coming!! And I’ll say this, when the heavens turn black, when the earth belches forth with infernal flames people will want clothes to put on. Yes, the apostate Babylon will be filled with all forms of worldliness and as she becomes filled Satan’s power is taking over more and more until he has full possession. It must he in this manner in order for that type of a religious system to gain worldwide recognition and maintain that position while riding out the period during the dark tribulation hour. Congregations will consist of perverts, homosexuals, gamblers, crooks, underworld characters, world entertainers, world figures and such. That’s who will make up their congregations in that hour. From this we can better understand the meaning of Rev. 18 ) where it says, “Babylon has become a cage of every unclean fowl.” Another translation spoke of it as a resort similar to a frolicing vacation spot. Every hateful creature will absolutely cluck into the congregation. It won’t matter whether their cigars are 6 inches long or 18 as long as they have a big fat pocket-book sitting there deceived thinking they are able to hide their soul behind a religious front feeling this will give them salvation! Beloved it’s Satan’s counterpart!! He deceived the world. the world went for it and the world bought it all because God has been completely shut out.


 Sometime ago I came across one of the leading religious publications of our day and was astonished at the appearance of the evangelist and especially his new stand on holiness he had taken. How well do I remember back in the early 50’s when this great man of faith went around the world preaching to the multitudes under the mighty power of God. God moved mightily in behalf of this evangelist and especially his new right way of life and scores ac-cepted salvation under his ministry. Yet there came an hour in his life when he was confronted with one thing. Would he preach the whole gospel? Would he declare the entire word of God? His decision is well known today from his own appearance, today he would be more willing to identify himself with a hippie camp than true followers of Christ, that is in mode and dress, although his long hair reaching well below his shirt collar I am sure it would not be as filthy as that of a hippie, yet it is certainly patterned after this style! 


 Is it not strange that once the church started out some 1900 years ago she became the model. Every person within the christian church became a model to the world and it has well followed this pattern for 1900 years. People within the world who saw Christ preached and demonstrated, once they had accepted Christ followed the mode of dress and style as that of the church believers-not as those of the world! Yes as the world accepted christianity their mode and fashions were modeled after the christians and not after some worldly hippie group of that hour. Through various periods of time different nations upon accepting christianity and its teaching changed even the social structure and accepted the general pattern of christian principles which governed her society. Notice when America was founded during those closing hours of the reformation which existed in Europe, America was founded in an hour of Puritanism etc. America became a nation which embraced righteousness, true principles of proper conduct etc. And there was an hour when the man on the street (at large) at least respected certain christian principles and styles and for :centuries it was the christians who set the code and pattern whereby when the man or woman of the world turned to Christ they saw the church living, preaching and demonstrating Christ they were quick to accept the mode and dress of the christians. However, today not so! Over this period of time as the hour draws nearer for the gospel to be weaned away from the gentiles and preparation is made by the spirit to place it back in the hand of the Jews. we find the restraining power of God as it lets up these evil spirits again begin-to force their way back in among the gentiles christian structure wherein today it is an absolute fact the world at large may want to be religious but they care nothing about Christ. If they wanted Christ they would want his manner of life. Beloved this religious world does not want Christ’s way of life it simply wants an escape route out of Hell, that’s all!! It’s like an insurance policy, we want it’s benefits without paying its premiums, however there’s no insurance policy on this earth that will grant you any of its benefits except you pay its premiums, and let me tell you God’s insurance policy for eternal life is not going to be extended to any person unless you also are willing to pay its premiums! What is that premium? The premium is you present your body a living sacrifice wholly and acceptable unto God which is your reasonable service (Rom. 12:1). 


 In discussing this evangelist’s new stand, it was related to me by a friend who sat through one of the evangelists services and listened to him in a sermon of approximately 15 minutes with hardly any reference to scripture—His main subject throughout his brief sermon could be summed up in saying he realized that the time had come we must all be willing to change and conform in order to win certain people. Beloved that is certainly not what Paul taught!!! Yet these people enjoy throwing back at us such statements as Paul saying I become all things to all men that I might win some. Let me tell you Paul didn’t become a drunkard to win drunkards. Paul wouldn’t become a modern hippie living and dressing as they do that he might win hippies as some evangelists think they are to do today, HOGWASH, all they want to do is twist certain scriptures to make them apply to their own conduct. What did Paul mean by such a statement? There are certain national customs a man can cope with that does not defile his Christian image or such. Yes there are certain national customs of other countries that he would observe to become one of them and in no way mar his christian image whatsoever! In other words whether he would eat certain things mattered little because things of that nature didn’t make a bit of difference in the eyes of God provided it was received with thanksgiving and prayer! However once it involved other things which would deal with a moral nature or conduct no sir that was out!! Yes when it’s things that only affect a social structure then I would say these things can be gone along with. Therefore to the Greek Paul was able to become a Greek in the sense that Greeks are philosophers and I believe Paul could sit down and take them through all kinds of Greek studies as well as any of the rest. Paul was no ignoramus when it came to such things: however this did not interfere with his christian conduct or morals. To the Jew he was a Jew in this sense he became all things to all men that by these national approaches he might win some to Christ. But don’t ever think that by this statement Paul is telling you he became a card shark to win him, or an alley-rat to win others, that’s not what he means! However today just any old way people want to live seems to do, simply as long as they will believe in Jesus. Yet oh brother that’s not the way it is, nevertheless this evangelist says he realizes that he must change and conform to the carnal unscriptural ideas of the day to win some! To see what he means and how he has carried out his plan, all one must do is receive his magazine which is full of such conformity. There’s where you’ll see throngs of people, men with long hair, women in mini-skirts and etc. This is not of the world, this is religiously! It’s his method of conforming or being all things to certain people that he might win some, and naturally it’s the Jesus revolution which is the biggest deception the world have ever witnessed! And no doubt have it— ever witnessed! And no doubt they already touched a sore spot -I have to say this, those people don’ t anymore want Jesus Christ than my horses running loose in the pasture. They only want one thing an escape route to do nothing but live after the flash and have a security as they do – they are not going to hell for the way they are living. They are totally deceived! God will never conform to this hour of thinking. Man must conform to God’s way or he’ll send it all to hell! These poor deceived minded people are going straight down the broad road to hell. But you say oh they believe in Jesus, so does the devil yet he is the one who hoodwinked them! Remember the scripture says that even the devil believes more in one God than these people do!! Just remember true christianity today is being slaughtered and butchered as the people give themselves over to this modernistic spirit. Satan has set out in today’s religious structure to brainwash these spiritually blinded people as he leads them down the road to destruction. 


 Recall the bible teaches in these last days prior to the man of sin’s appearance on the scene God would send strong delusions so they might believe a lie and be damned! You say why would God do such a thing to people? Simply because they don’t actually want God, instead they want only an escape route out of hell and still live as they please undisturbed. Just remember when mankind cries out to God saying God give me this or that while in their hearts they still want to lust and covet after this or that, certainly believe it or not God will give them the desires of their heart same as he did the children of Israel whom he had led out of Egypt and fed manna day after day. Recall the time came when these people faced an angry God as he continually listened to their whimpering and whining saying when we were back in Egypt we had this or that. God spoke to Moses saying tomorrow I’m going to give you flesh. Moses knew God was angry and was about to give them the desires of their heart. Get ready everyone Moses said get your pots, pans, and kettles ready, get your paddles out so you will be able to knock down the flesh that will be coming through the air, for God Is going to give you the desires of our heart! For several days God gave them flesh Moses said until it ran out of their ears, eyes and noses. What an expression, that’s God’s language not man’s in other words you wanted it, you begged for it, you lusted after it now you are going to get it!! That my friend is what God has given in this rebellious religious people, is that kind of a religion whereby people may live as they please and actually feel that it will keep them out of hell at the same time. 

 God promised to allow man to have strong delusions, believe a lie and be damned. Yet note he is getting exactly what he wants and in the process he is deceived thinking it’s acceptable in the sight of God. It is not, it never has been, and never shall be acceptable in the sight of God! Therefore the world church in that hour because of their lust to have this and that, is going to receive exactly what they are going to receive!! Is it not strange to see Roman Catholicism updating herself? Yet in all of this updating have they accepted one ounce of truth to get back to God’s word!! For centuries of time she caused her nunnery to wear long black robes which was a symbol within that dark Babylonian system as she was coming up through the Dark Ages, however note only in the past 5 or 6 years has Rome reached out here and there to update herself. That is to dress herself up for this last ride. What has she done? She has absolutely given her nunnery what would be to them mini skirts. Sometime ago I saw several nuns not dressed in their long black garb far below the knees as usual, oh, no this new material was much shorter. This lets me know as the pattern of these nuns who are the female symbols of that system has been shortened; front’ the scriptural standpoint Roman Catholicism now doesn’t have enough scripture to even make a garb that could hide herself. In God’s sight she’s naked and headed straight into that hour. Protestantism is no better off for we know her skirts are even shorter, she neither has enough gospel truth or revelation to cover her spiritual nakedness. She too has compromised and sold out until the whole system in a spiritual sense is dressed in a mini-skirt headed straight into that hour that’s just around the corner of time. It’s none other than that world system who rides the beast into that final week and into the tribulation (Rev. 17:1- ). It is she who steers the course of world affairs through that darkest hour of human history. According to history everyone knows during the Dark Ages from around 600 to over 1500 A.D. it was the woman, Roman Catholicism, in all of her influence in the old world through political maneuvering which steered the course of those affairs among nations. However naturally when the system was wounded by the Reformation from 1500 to 1700 A.D. and also from what France did to it in 1789 there was a period of hundred and some odd years that naturally she was forced to take a back seat however Rev. 13 plainly declares the head on the beast will be healed and restored back. This we are seeing in the makings today! This means that during that period of time of this hundred and some odd years Catholicism was busy playing every political maneuver possible to get back on top. How many of our readers can remember when it was very hard for Roman Catholics to get anywhere in politics? However today this is not true. No I’m not picking on Roman Catholic people themselves, there’s nothing wrong with them as far as the human aspect is concerned it’s simply that system that dominates their lives. It’s this system which people have sold out too, and I must say Protestantism has become just as rotten. Do you realize what Protestantism will do once she has ridden out her appointed period of usefulness unto God, that is, has fulfilled her purpose of restoring Reformation truths being the medium whereby the word of God could be carried and restored back to the world at large? What do we find her now doing? She is selling out, she’s going back to fulfill her place in mommy’s lap according to Revelation 17:4-5. What other purpose do you think the ecumenical move is for? It’s to cause all of mommy’s daughters to return and jump back into mommy’s lap. Note mommy didn’t come and jump into daughter’s lap, oh no, daughters return to jump into mommy’s lap thinking mommy is going to protect her. It’s high time people become acquainted with the facts as to what is affecting society and the world at large today. Nothing could be more provoking than to pick up the daily newspaper and see some denominational minister who is supposed to represent the gospel of Christ leading a demonstrational march! Oh how this stinks in the nostrils of God, shame on religious leaders for getting involved in such stuff. Early christianity in the centuries gone by never did any such. Show me one scripture which indicates Paul or the early church ever continually harassed and agitated world leaders of that hour saying why don’t you do this or that.


 No instead these godly men took the gospel into all the world and demonstrated to the people how to live, serve and exhort the God of heaven who became flesh and dwelt among men on this earth. God alone will take care of the course of this world — not the church!! Therefore we note that it is this system which is getting so much practice in world affairs that shall steer the course of world events throughout the dark hour of the tribulation period. Oh yes they’ll still have a gospel, however their gospel will be a social reform (almost similar as today). Ever notice these religious round-table discussions of ministers today? What is it all leading too? Note it always speaks of world problems doesn’t it,-such as racial equality, the abolishment of poverty etc. Their goal today seems to be more of a materialistic achievement than one of spirituality. They have become worshippers of a God in the medium of gold, silver, and things made of man’s hands in other words it has all become a world of materialistic achievements. it has become such a strong influence upon their lives in so much they now determine or measure success by the environmental structure or materialistic advantage and such. Such things have become a God unto them and we are reminded of the scriptures speaking of the time when all judgment falls during the tribulation hour where it says they repented not of their fornications. of their worshipping their gold and silver etc. 


 In the middle of that week consisting of 7 years it shall be Satan’s false peace-maker who is none other than the pope of Rome who will be used to fulfill God’s purpose. Watch his next step after breaking his covenant with Israel. (Dan. 9:27) Once he breaks that covenant with Israel he will kill her 2 prophets who have been busy prophesying their 1203 score days because time has arrived in the week for the man of sin now to fulfill his special 1203 score days or 3 1/2 years. Hence he abolishes the sacrifice in order to fulfill the scripture-the cutting off of the sacrifice. He kills the 2 prophets, destroys Israel’s sacrifice and abolishes their temple worship. For what purpose? That he may use the temple for himself! Recall it was the Jews purpose in building the temple, to get it set up for the Messiah’s coming which to them would be his 1st coming). Zechariah says that during that new age all the world would be required to come up to Jerusalem once each year to worship the Lord of Hosts who would be sitting in this temple. This was the purpose of the Jews in rebuilding the temple, however as always Satan must first run his course. How often has the scripture verified the fact once God is ready to do something Satan always runs ahead? It goes to show, beloved, the Millennium age is just ahead, the world is crying for peace yet we know there can be no real peace for this world until Jesus Christ our Lord takes over the government of the world. Henceforth Satan must run his short course first in order to accomplish Paul’s statement to the Thessalonian church, when he said Christ would not return until that man of sin would sit in the temple at Jerusalem. 


 For a gentile to sit in Israel’s temple would certainly be one of the most horrible desecrations in the eyes of Jews. Recall in olden days it infuriated a Jew for a gentile to merely want to look inside their temple. Looking inside the temple was all Antiochus Epiphanes of Syria wanted to do which led to the Maccabean revolt. Ptolemy of Egypt desecrated the temple by looking in and was smitten on his approach to the temple. His own guards had to pick him up and carry him back to Egypt where he recovered. Not understanding what had happened and thinking the Jews had cast some kind of a spell on him Ptolemy rose up with such hatred against the Jews in Egypt he confiscated their goods and had them branded. Many were brought into a great arena to be trampled to death by wild elephants. On two separate appointed days Ptolemy had announced for all to come and witness the great sacrifice which he intended to offer his god by bringing on these wild elephants to trample to death these many hundreds of Jews in the arena. However, each time Ptolemy became drunken and never showed up to give the signal for the horrible sight to begin. As the 3rd date was set for the destruction of the Jew his body guards took no chances therefore staying with Ptolemy to make sure he didn’t get too drunk to appear at the arena to give the signal for the wild elephants to crush the Jews. This time Ptolemy was able to appear at the arena in his special box and give the signal as was expected. Ptolemy gave the signal to release the wild elephants however instead the wild elephants did not attack the Jews in the arena but charged through the bleachers killing multitudes of the Egyptians and not one Jew was even touched. History records how God turned the tide in their behalf as he has done so often throughout the ages. Therefore for the anti-christ, being a gentile, to seat himself in the holy temple at Jerusalem which they had built for their Messiah only to have the devil’s false messiah and false peacemaker to move in and take over will perhaps be the heights of all desecration in their history. This will fulfill the scripture where he demands all the world to worship him, thus setting himself over everything that is called holy and sacred so that he, as God, sits himself in the temple showing himself or proclaiming himself as God. Because of this diabolical step he will infuriate the Jew unto such a point they will revolt where naturally as this is done the anti-christ, in order to hold his position, must call in his international police force and make Jerusalem an international controlled city. By the way, do you know that is exactly what the pope is advocating today? You who have kept up with the world news recall some time ago the hot discussions over the Suez Canal, I am sure. Recall at that time the pope voicing his opinion saying Jerusalem should be an international controlled city, however naturally then he could not touch it for it belongs to the Jews, yet already the little horn office is saying that the Jew should give up all the Sinai, all the Jordanian territory, give up the Old City of Jerusalem and move back to her pre-established borders and stay there! Furthermore, in order for Israel to be in world trade with the Common Market nations, it was said Jerusalem should be made an internationally controlled city, returning all these territories taken in the ’67 war back to the Arabs. This goes to show that spirit is already resting on the papal office even now, whether the present man in office is to be the one or not I will not say, all I say is the spirit of the thing is already present and naturally once he sets himself in that temple those Jews are going to be deprived of the access of their own temple. there is going to be war in the camp! Therefore the anti-christ or false prince will be forced to bring in his own militia to enforce his orders of that day and what will happen to Jerusalem—during that period it will become an internationally controlled city for his own period of propagation. As he does this the anti-christ will personally supervise his own international police force manhunt. His demands are that the whole world worship him and doing so naturally fulfills Paul’s words to the Thessalonian Church and also Rev. 17 where it states the whole world will worship the dragon who gave power to the beast. You see beloved, it all climaxes in a man of papal authority called the man of sin or little horn who, as all the other heads before him, gave orders out of that ancient city of Rome causing the last world Empire which ever ruled the world to give its orders throughout its seven heads or eight forms of government out of the city of Rome thus remaining so. Therefore until the time of Christ’s second coming the world will have received their orders from Rome. 


 Concerning the seventh and final thing to transpire within this particular final week of time, we have seen the anti-christ portrayed as the (false) peacemaker and we witnessed the things transpire which brought that period of time into fulfillment which stands out so predominantly in the scriptures. Because the Jew as a nation of people has sold herself out to the anti-christ in accepting his peace offer God deals severely with Israel. When Christ was on earth he told the Jews he came in his father’s name and they would not receive him but (someday) another would come in his own name and him you will receive. His reference was to this false prince or world’s peacemaker whom they have received. Because of this action on Israel’s part God is greatly displeased and purposes to deal severely with Israel. God intends to deal a severe amount of chastisement against Israel. The last thing to be accomplished will consist of the seven judgment trumpets. Gentile bride, at this point you have been taken from the earth during the time these seven judgment trumpets sound. They are not for the gentile church, these are for Israel! Nevertheless, as we read in the 8th and 9th chapters of Revelations we see these great plagues, these great judgments will begin to fall upon the earth. Why? Because Israel as a nation has accepted the anti-christ as the peacemaker and therefore God must deal with her severely. Briefly we want to touch upon these seven trumpet judgments and group them in this manner. Notice how the first three trumpet judgments of Rev. 8 run parallel to the ministry of those two prophets recorded in Rev. 11. We notice as we read concerning the ministry of the two prophets that they have power to shut the heavens during the days of their prophecy whereby it doesn’t rain, furthermore they have power to smite the earth with all manner of plagues turning water into blood etc. When we reach these first three trumpet judgments closely we discover thaI is exactly what happens. In the sounding of that first trumpet judgment hail and fire mingle: with blood was cast upon the earth and a third part of trees wa: burned up and all green grass was burned up. We can say in thi: manner, hail, fire, blood wa definitely the ministry of Moses is the land of Egypt. Fire spoken here does not necessarily mean fire like a forest fire. Oh, No, it is to picture the extreme heat that usually accompanies a long siege of draught once vegetation becomes parched, the earth has become barren etc. That has always been God’s dealing with Israel when she becomes disobedient and refuses to walk in his will and ways. God has always used drought severely, cutting off the rain. Another picture is shown from the prophet Joel’s writing how the beast of the field moan and languish, how the forest becomes parched. In other words, vegetation has become burned because of the long siege of drought. Therefore this first trumpet judgment shows the beginning of these two prophets ministry and notice especially in these first four trumpet judgments it continually uses the term one third. Since it speaks of one third vegetation, one third water, one third earth — it shows these trumpet judgments will only be executed somewhere where one third of the earth is affected! That would necessarily be the Middle East consisting of those nations of prophecy associated with the nation of Israel within the overall prophetic picture. These two prophets are in the land of Israel during that hour as the week begins and their appearance on the scene is to carry out God’s divine twofold purpose– (1). in ministering and sealing away that 144,000 yet at the same time (2). pronouncing judgment on the political nation who has sold herself out to the antichrist. We can see these trumpets as they are being sounded are nothing more than God’s judgments as he begins dealing severely with the nation of Israel. In the sounding of the second trumpet judgment we see how it affects the waters– one third of the waters become blood. The third one reveals how a third part of the rivers and fountains are affected and everything becomes wormwood– here we can see as that final week of prophecy has begun, God is pouring out these trumpet judgments upon Israel! Then coming to the fourth trumpet we see how the celestial bodies are affected. One third of the sun has been smitten that it shows only one third part of the day; one third part of the moon has been smitten that it shows only one third part of the night etc. See that shows now with the sounding of the fourth trumpet even the heavens are declaring God is displeased with what is transpiring on the earth. What about the fifth trumpet? Here we see the bottomless pit (which of course is hell itself) being opened. A great smoke ascends forth in so much it darkens the sun and note, out of this great smoke comes forth locusts which are portrayed as having long hair etc. Naturally, this is a symbolic picture showing as this final week of time progresses toward the middle of the week ready for the last 3 1/2 years or 42 months–the anti-christ breaks his covenant with Israel and sets himself up within the rebuilt temple in Jerusalem. Once he sets in that temple showing himself to be God the fifth trumpet is sounded showing all hell will be turned loose upon the earth. Beloved that is why the bottomless pit is opened. Naturally there is no place upon the earth where you may open a lid and look down into the heart of the earth, is there? Therefore the entire thing is a symbolic picture whereby once that fifth trumpet is sounded in the middle of the week it is going to turn loose all evil spirits upon the earth and this shall be Satan’s heyday or crowning day. Then when the sixth trumpet is sounded we see how it affects a condition within the Euphrates River area. We know the Euphrates River has been an ancient boundary line of nations since the very beginning of the hums race and for centuries of time we find that all of our great wars (up until time began to move westward) and the development of earth took place in and around the Euphrates River or Valley, therefore it must have been the cradle of civilization. As this sixth trumpet is sounded there are four angels loosened who go forth into the earth to prepare the nations for a great battle in which one third part of mankind is slain. This points to the Battle of Armageddon. The loosing of these four angels doesn’t mean literally four angels have been tied and simply lying there, NO, it is to signify the battles and wars of nations fought during early civilization when certain empires ruled upon the face of this earth but as time moved on westward and all our great wars such as World War I and World War II which has transpired in these latter centuries of time, this now shows how time has reversed itself back to where the entire thing being and is destined to wind up. The loosing of these angels signifies time has returned now to its original position and therefore this Euphrates River which was a center of attraction and where all our world conflicts once was has once again turned back to that spot of the world. Those four angles being loosed and sent forth from this geographical spot into the four corners of the earth to gather the nations and to unleash all the evil spirits to prepare mankind for a battle, a conflict wherein one third of humanity is to be exterminated. That means a condition is developing to bring the nations to Armageddon once this week has fulfilled its time period and has fully run its course. The seventh trumpet is sounding the advent and descent of the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ to earth in power in wrath to rule and reign, setting up his kingdom among men. Naturally the next thing to be shown when he does descend to earth is his coming in wrath and therefore this wrath of his will be poured out in vials called the seven vials of the wrath of God recorded in Rev. 16, and if we study these seven vials carefully we would see they would be none other than a continuation, only in a far greater serious extent than what the judgments them-selves has been. Therefore as this week draws to a close it will come to a close having felt the great shaking and judgment of the Almighty God against the nation of Israel for basically that was what the week was for.