Be Fruitful and Multiply

Rev. Raymond M. Jackson

TEXT: GEN. 1:28


I am fully aware a topic of this nature to the eyes of the world cannot be an enticing one, seeing our world population by mid 1970 had climbed to an estimated 3.7 billion people with far above 600,000 new births over the death rate every 3½ days added to the already overpopulation, climbing yearly to 70 million, and if present rate continues to soar it is expected in 35 years to have doubled. No, a subject of this nature is certainly outdated as modern scientists scream, we must drastically reduce the flow of human life or face chaotic devastation. Again, it can gain no popularity with Women’s Lib Movements who have successfully created a condition whereby lawmakers have yielded to their demands for legal abortion for any woman (married or single) who simply does not want to birth a child until physicians, through abortions, are taking approximately one-half as many little lives as are permitted to enter into the world. With American population having already reached 208 million in 1971 and a needed knowledge of how to feed, house, educate and employ the next one hundred million has presented such a problem in Washington that some birth control enthusiasts want to answer with a barrage of forceful measures ranging from special taxes on any family with more than two children to sterility drugs in the public water supply. With the announcement by the Agriculture Department that a million farms will be lost by 1980, about one-third of those which now produce the nation’s food and fiber, they feel the problem has become more acute. However, Mr. Nixon thinks he has come up with an answer to the pressing problem or at least what he terms as a more moderate approach, a $382 million program to encourage birth control. The U.S., with less than 6 percent of the world’s people, already devour about 40 percent of its resources. In the days of Christ, the population was approximately 250,000 million. It required until the early 1800’s for the world’s population to slowly crawl up to the one billion mark; however, in only 80 years after that, it had doubled itself and required only 41 years more to reach today’s population number of 3.7 billion. If that progress continues, it is widely and gloomily predicted that there shall be seven billion people standing in line for their rations by the year 2000 and by 2050, only fifty years later, perhaps as many as 30 billion people would be fighting and scuffling like panicked animals for a share of the once green earth. The latest estimate from the United Nations tells us there is a net gain of 178,200 in the world’s population during each 24 hour period. From this message which we have entitled “BE FRUITFUL AND MULTIPLY” I trust you will allow me to openly and frankly discuss certain touchy things being pushed over on the public today. Some would declare such a message should not be openly discussed seeing the world has taken the subject and run it so far into the ground; however, I believe the way certain things are being presented and advertised before the public makes a message of this nature most demanding for an hour such as this. No true christian approves of the way the carnal mind of this hour has portrayed the word SEX. I am fully aware that this message is not going to turn the tide in the opposite direction; nevertheless, I am fully persuaded the message to be of God and since knowing God’s word will not return unto Him void it shall find its lodging place in every heart designated for it by the Holy Spirit and to this end we present the message, BE FRUITFUL AND MULTIPLY. Your Bible is a book dealing with every phrase of life past, present and future. It is the only book that has stood the test of all ages and even though it appears to no longer be the best seller on the market today, it cannot fail nor return to the author void of his purpose. Our generation witnesses something shocking, something satanic, something that no generation in human history has ever faced. No generation has ever seen such an hour when sex was more highly exalted, portrayed and given such a free course making headlines in magazines, billboards, books and newspapers across the land while at the same time motherhood is so bitterly frowned upon and outrageously looked down upon as being something distasteful and shameful. The phrase has reached such an all time high it appears to be serving two purposes; (1) shutting the minds of decent minded people as it is allowed to run its own downward course and (2) it allows Satan to drag to its lowest depth. This human relationship of which I believe scripture verifies to have been the very act chosen and ordained of God to bring life into the world, yet Satan is determined to drag it through every mudhole he can find. Another reason this message must be published is to insure a proper slant upon the precious revelation given by the Holy Spirit unto his endtime messenger and try to shed some light on false interpretation of this message floating about following the death of this messenger. Furthermore, it is our hope and prayer that you may see God’s original ordained plan of bringing life into this planet would be through his own plan of sexual relationship which, in his original thought, was holy and sacred. Satan is the guilty party who has made sex an evil, degrading, perverted, dirty, lustful word planted in the mind of humans. I certainly do not believe God is evil, although the scripture does declare that he created both good and evil, BUT FOR WHAT PURPOSE? To allow everyone to know God is good and in the end good will triumph over evil. God is holy, perfect and just and seeks to serve in that capacity and be reverenced and worshipped through that kind of knowledge concerning himself. God cannot be pictured as anything less, although it is easy to picture satan representing every dirty, lowdown thing that can ever be brought into existence. Wherever such things are found, you may be sure Satan lurks behind the scene. We realize the term SEX, as it has been presented to a modern world of carnal, lustful minded people, accompanied with every loose interpretation has brought about in the true believer a feeling of guilt or fear complex wherein they shutter at the very thought of what is going on. Nevertheless, let us take a frank open look at the subject. We will never understand it until we do.


Turn now to that book from which we receive the basis for everything that has ever existed or been written, the Bible. Bear in mind this message deals strictly with God’s original sexual act which he himself chose as his only route to produce human life into the world. To you who may feel a message of this nature should not be discussed may I ask you one simple question? Does Almighty God feel that way? If he does, is it not strange that he allowed intimate relationships of holy men of old to be openly discussed in the scripture or do you suppose the writers who mentioned such subjects were peeping toms or people with unusually long noses? FACE IT! Scripture says Adam knew his wife; Isaac knew his wife; Abraham, Jacob and the patriarch’s of old have their intimate relationship with their legal companions openly and frankly discussed in the holy writ showing somewhere in the back of all of this was a holy God. One cannot help reading the scriptures concerning these holy men of old, men of faith, walking upright and receiving revelation from God although they did have within their blood stream that inherited measure of imputed sin, yet somewhere behind those intimate relationships with chosen companions, God guided their lives and also those sacred sexual relationships. Yes, they were sacred in the eyes of God and could be openly discussed and referred to by other holy people in that sense. Just how much these relationships were discussed no one knows, but think about people discussing and keeping in their memory such relationships even as far back as ten and 3 fifteen generations before, perhaps even farther. Recall, it was Moses who wrote the first five books of the Bible long after the flood had occurred and up until that time we had no sacred writings such as recorded scripture for future generations to read. No doubt there were other writings and records kept; however, generally knowledge was passed from generation to generation verbally. Therefore, as late as 700 years after the flood, Moses wrote his books and note all of the sexual knowledge was available to him to record for future generations. In order that you not think me to be a sexual minded maniac as so many are looked upon who discuss such a subject openly and frankly from the scriptures for the benefit of God’s people, allow me to say that Moses wrote not only the sexual life of the patriarchs, he gave also the account of the beginning of creation, its fall, how sin entered into the picture through just such a misused relationship and how sin and short comings are recorded of the men of old, yet note the excess of knowledge concerning the private life of the patriarchs and their companions that was held in constant keeping, openly discussed and communicated throughout the long line of patriarchs of old. Finally, it is the Holy Spirit who at best takes this vast knowledge and records it for blessings and cursings upon future generations who shall read from its pages. Yes, I realize as the world becomes more overly populated and as man drops lower in degradation until his very thought will meditate day and night upon gratification of the flesh through the lust thereof, we must become keenly aware that it is Satan who is doing everything possible to drug and null the human mind to truth.


As I stated, one reason we want to teach this subject is to try and bring clarification on certain unscriptural teachings which have arisen out of this message following the death of our endtime messenger. These erroneous teachings which are completely out of harmony with the revelation of the holy scriptures and the revelation of the endtime messenger himself declare first off before the fall of transgression it was never in God’s original plan from the very beginning to use this intimate relationship between man and wife as the sole means of bringing life into the world; therefore, relations between husband and wife should be abstained from indicating the devil was the author of this act. Well beloved, if the devil was the instigator of sex then I would have to agree with these teachers; however. he is not. He is only the perverter of the original sex act. These spirits promoting such propaganda declare that it was God’s original plan not to bring children into the world through a sex act, but by the spoken word of God, that is, speaking the word and a child simply pops up out of the ground. Their teaching is that God only permitted the sexual act to bring forth children after man had sinned. HOGWASH! God always intended to use the sex act; however, now that it has been perverted through a transgression of the divine law, children are still born as originally planned through the sex act only now, because of the curse, the situation is far different than it was originally intended to be.


Again, I must declare as I have stated in previous messages such as in the SEVENTIETH WEEK OF DANIEL and others that our prophet along his way of life dropped two seed lines of thought on practically every major subject he taught. This does not mean to imply he taught from the scripture two lines of teachings on certain subjects, OH NO! He taught strictly the pure revelation, yet in passing through certain messages for a reason known only to God, he was required to drop certain statements along the way which could be interpreted to mean other things than his true revelation of thought. A close study of his message in books and tapes reveals this could be true and certainly could be no coincidence. Some will ask, was the prophet wrong to make such statements? For the purpose which he had to make them, ABSOLUTELY NOT! God through his divine love and mercy is working out his plan in weeding out all those who are not to be a part of his endtime program. I am sorry to be so blunt, but time has come  that truth must be spoken and since I have in my possession such marked statements, I challenge anyone to show this is not true. That on practically every subject of major importance, the prophet somewhere along with his true revealed message following the line of God’s word, dropped certain statements along the way and one opposes the other. Since it is impossible to believe that an object could be completely black and completely white at the same time and since these statements can no longer be ignored, the time has come for true believers who have all intentions of pressing on to take his revelation along with these statements and line them up with the revelation of the word to which we were restored and face without fear and without despair or feeling that they are no longer a part of this endtime message the fact of which one of these statements line up completely with the word of God and which statement does not. One thing is certain, they both cannot although they may both completely accomplish the purpose for which they were sent; therefore, whenever two conflicting statements or lines of thought seem to appear, you must simply reach down and pick out the one you like the best, OH NO! You must weigh these two statements in the light of the Holy Scriptures. What the prophet brought will definitely produce two things, as he himself taught each age produced two churches, one spiritual and the other carnal. But may I ask you a question, from what does each of these churches feed? Statements! One lining up with the perfect revelation of the word of God while the other always fed the masses of people who God knows will not follow the true revelation; nevertheless, because they would need or require something to lead them astray, it was ordained to come from that prophet’s mouth, God filling both needs. Both groups are fed from that prophets mouth, but the pathetic part remains, who has actually received the revelation wherein lay the life of the word? What is strange to me and I believe will be to you also if you will just stop and think for a moment, how is it possible for so called Bible believing people who were suppose to be pulled from Babylon and brought straight to the word by revelation to always be capable of taking these certain statements that are not in line with his true revelation teaching as a whole and build themselves a doctrine or a personal revelation? Though it is true they were spoken and as has already been stated, were spoken for a divine purpose, yet how is it that these teachers, ministers or mere followers of this endtime message can always manage to get latched on to these various statements which cannot be supported by the scripture, thus, ending up with a gospel made completely from statements which will absolutely have no biblical foundation whatsoever; therefore, containing no salvation whatsoever! But someone will say, don’t you know the prophet has the word of the Lord? Certainly I do, however, he also had these other statements that were expressed along the way. These are things people are afraid to face. Realizing the fact he was a prophet with the word of the Lord, these scrupulous teachers do not hesitate to use this against the innocent little child of God by saying, now, you do not want to go contrary to the word of the prophet, do you? Certainly noone wants to go contrary to the true revelation of that prophet for beloved, I want to tell you he never at any time in his ministry while following that pure stream of revelation within the word. ever departed from it. No! Yet, these statements were made, ordained of God to see who will take them and build from them and who will not. These things do not dishearten nor discourage me, nor will I listen to those who make such unscriptural statements as BELIEVE IT ALL which means believe both statements. Beloved, allow me to say I cannot believe both statements in the manner some would ask me to do so; however, I believe both statements in his message were ordained of God, yet for a different purpose. When Bro. William Branham said you did not have to understand it, just believe, he was speaking of the true revelation of the word which he was bringing. There is nothing unreasonable about God nor is there anything unreasonable about this prophet’s message at the endtime. This message was designated to turn the hearts of the children back to the fathers as declared in Malachi 4:5-6. One of these statements will help produce that very thing while the 5 other will produce only a proud, high, haughty, exalted people who in the long run shall miss the very purpose of the God sent message. In all fairness to both sides, allow me at this time to introduce two such statements or two lines of thought which our prophet was known to have made concerning God’s divine purpose or original purpose in bringing offspring into the world, then let us see which of these two statements will line up with the scripture as it is impossible for both to do so. Why? Because only one such line of thought was designed for that purpose. One such statement known to be made was: it was God’s original plan that Adam by the word call hi children forth from the dust of the earth. Another statement, however, said: before Adam could come to Eve as his wife she was already defiled. Which statement will line up with the word of God? Now we are aware of the fact that when God spoke Adam and Eve from the ground, he was using the only available means at his disposal. I do not say that God could not have spoken every individual out of the ground, bypassing his ordained sexual route which he chose seeing the first pair both male and female were definitely spoken out of the ground; however, nowhere in scripture do we find where this method was ever repeated once the first pair had been called forth from the ground, blessed and commissioned of God to be fruitful and multiply. Yes beloved, man and woman also received this same commission (Gen. 1:28)


Furthermore, seeing how he brought man from the dust of the earth assures every true believer who sleeps in the dust of the earth that long after the skinworms have completed their assignment on the flesh, God will bring each child of his from the dust of the earth for the new age in their new glorified bodies. ADAM’S PROPHECY CONCERNING WOMANHOOD In Gen. 1:21-24, we find Adam’s first statement after he awakens from his operation and sees that beautiful woman taken from his side to be his helpmeet (which according to some teachers would mean helping Adam call children from the ground), was a prophecy concerning the role of woman. “This is bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh. She shall be called woman because she was taken out of man (watch closely, this is before the fall). Therefore shall a man leave his father and mother and shall cleave unto his wife and they shall be one flesh.” In what manner does any young couple become one flesh other than through their offspring produced from their bodies through an intimate relationship. There the two have become one flesh. Simply being a husband and wife does not make one a mother or father. An offspring from their union must be produced first. How can a man refer to other creatures of the same specie as father and mother except he be their offspring? Paul, picking up this same line of thought in Galations 5:22-23, admonished the wife to submit herself unto her own husband as unto the Lord seeing she represents the church. He instructed the men to love their wives as their own bodies saying; “he who loveth his wife loveth himself for no man ever hated his own flesh but nourisheth and cherisheth it even a the Lord the church, as we are members of his body, of his flesh and his bone”. Then Paul refers directly to Genesis picking up that statement of Adam’s prophecy concerning the role of womanhood and repeats it. Now beloved, it is impossible to take a separate man and woman, making them become one flesh without somewhere first a sexual relation has been involved. Paul continues by saying; “this is a mystery but (actually) I speak concerning Christ and the church, nevertheless let everyone of you in particular so love his wife even as himself and the wife see that she reverence her husband”. Having recorded this, may we analyze it? Paul referred to Adam’s statement which was his first recorded conversation and dealt strictly with a prophecy concerning the role of woman, how she would become a mother. Is it not strange that Adam and Paul both spoke of husband and wife becoming one flesh? Paul was using this to type Christ and the church; nevertheless, the question still remains, how could two separate persons become one flesh (before the fall) without a sexual act being involved? It simply cannot be done. Recall, Adam speaking before the fall indicates his line of prophecy 6 concerning woman and her role in producing children had to be in line with God’s divine program seeing they knew only good as evil had not yet been introduced by the serpent. On the contrary, it was concerning that original plan to fulfill Gen. 1:28. “Be fruitful and multiply.” How did God originally intend to fulfill Gen. 1:28 if it was not through the sex act? Their temptation came around the very calling and purpose for which they were placed in the garden.


After seeing the woman taken from his side Adam said, she shall be called woman because she was taken out of man therefore shall a man leave his father and mother and cleave unto his wife and they two shall be one flesh, reveals Adam’s revelation extended far beyond he and his wife, to reveal there will be more than two individuals on this earth but the question remains, how were these others (which today number over 3.7 billion) supposed to arrive here? What was God’s original plan for their arrival? Is Adam prophesying that man shall leave his father and mother, cleave unto himself a wife and they shall become one flesh only to call forth their children from the ground or dust of the earth as they themselves had been called or did he mean they would be brought forth through an intimate relationship and later, as they looked upon their offspring they would be able to see both father and mother in one flesh? Personally, I hold to the statement Bro. William Branham made concerning before Adam could come to Eve as wife, she was already defiled by Satan (who stood behind the scene instigating the entire plot). I accept this statement and others like it because it is my firm conviction this is the statement that carries the revelation and comes in line perfectly with the word of God. The other statement is also serving its God ordained purpose. How was it possible that Satan, who inspired the serpent, could possibly defile the original plan and purpose of God in Gen. 1:28 pertaining to Eve and the arrival of children had there never been any original sex plan or law in the beginning with which Satan could tamper? Later, we want to shw how both the first and second Adam was tested by Satan only on one thing, their diving calling and purpose. Since we already know that imputed sin from the transgression came through the blood line and is passed on from generation to generation through the act of sex, how could this temptation possibly have affected that original plan of God wherein Adam had stated a man would leave his (own) father and mother, cleave unto himself a wife and they (two) become one flesh, if he had not originally planned to use the sex act for the arrival of children even before the fall? Therefore, whatever the act was involving the woman which caused her to be defiled, has been placed in a language by Moses through certain well chosen statements which hide the real truth from the eyes of the wise and prudent and will be revealed by the Holy Spirit unto his elect. Beloved, the Bible is written to instruct, inform, uplift, rebuke will all longsuffering God’s chosen and elect. It is not for the world to view upon; therefore, if it simply stated clearly what actually transpired in the Garden, any college professor or any man with a third grade education with no love of God in his heart could simply read the direct wording and know without any revelation exactly the cause of the fall and transgression in the Garden.


The becoming one flesh indicates since Adam knew no evil in the very beginning it was God’s original intention or plan for man to leave father and mother who had brought his into the world through this relation and now choose a woman for a wife whereby he might reproduce himself, only with the original act, that sexual relation inspired and led of God would have produced a child full of eternal life instead of death as all are now plagued with since the original act had been tampered with in the Garden. Imputed death travels only through the blood stream, thus the sperm of life makes contact with the egg and life instantaneously springs from that conception. Today, we find that germ or Gene of life to be filled with death, imputed only by the transgression or fall in the Garden. However, had there been no sin, no transgression, no tampering with the divine law of God pertaining to bringing human life into the world, at appointed times which would be regulated by the divine law set up in the woman’s body, God would have brought the young couple together, the act would have been performed for no other purpose than that original ordained, divine purpose and plan of God to fulfill Gen. 1:28 in producing himself another son or daughter and since there would have been no death flowing in the bloodstream because of disobedience at the time the act was performed that seed from the father would have been holy and would have been one full of eternal life, not life which would remain for only a period of time and then be cut off. Neither would there have been any remorse or guilt in any fashion over the act. Childbirth would have been most simple, bringing forth no pain, no depressed feeling and certainly no death. The point is under the original plan each child conceived whether boy or girl would have been filled with life eternal seeing death would not have entered into the picture. Thus from Adam’s prophecy concerning the role of womanhood, we see Adam knew God’s original plan and purpose for woman when he stated man would leave his father and mother who had produced him into the world for it is now time that he should take unto himself a wife and fulfill the obligations for which purpose they were brought into the world becoming one flesh and producing God another son or daughter thus fulfilling God’s great commission, Gen. 1:28, given to this first couple long before the fall.


The shameful part is that this original, holy plan never came into effect because before Adam could come unto his wife to perform this she was already defiled. This replenishing the earth would only have been accomplished under the original plan as man without condemnation or guilt would know his wife and she without any pain and suffering would bear a child and in that child would have been attributes of both father and mother in their perfect original state as God had created Adam and Eve in the beginning. However, we are aware today as has been seen throughout the ages that man does not have to cleave to a wife in order to use that original divine sexual plan for some purpose other than how God proposed it in the beginning. He may use it strictly for a pleasure act with no thought of bringing forth life. Such was the basis upon which the serpent introduce the act unto Eve, strictly for pleasure. As was true in the Garden at certain periods of time that divine law placed in woman’s body, placed in her physical makeup and placed there long before the fall, once that law has been tampered with during these seasons of life conception takes place and life springs forth. Therefore I repeat, the major differences between the original plan of God for fulfilling his commission through the young couple’s life in Gen. 1:28 (be fruitful and multiply) and how it was actually fulfilled or accomplished was for altogether another purpose. PLEASURE! Since the fall woman according to the scriptures, has become far more susceptible to conception than before seeing God increased her periods of life, Gen. 3:16. Cursing the woman for her part in the original act of sin, God told her he would greatly multiply her sorrow and conception, didn’t he? Indicating to multiply her periods of conception meant she already had something there to multiply. Eve was able to conceive before the fall. In sorrow thou shall bring forth children and thy desire shall be to thy husband and he shall rule over thee. Note, before the fall children would have been born minus the pain, discomfort or suffering. Pain, suffering and death came with the curse.


Next, we note the outward physical makeup of the two separate individuals before and after the fall remained virtually the same. Before the fall or transgression in which the woman shared, her physical makeup remained the same. Only the serpent received a curse that changed his bodily structure. Woman was not given her motherly makeup or physical female organs after the fall, on the contrary, she had received these before the fall.


Her periods of conception were not multiplied before the fall, however woman’s body was so designed that she could conceive, house and feed her young, thus woman was designed for motherhood in the original plan, not after the fall. How could we possibly believe God originally purposed for children to be called from the dust of the earth seeing how he designed man and woman in the beginning? He cursed what she already had, her female makeup, adding pain and suffering and a speeded up conception cycle. Furthermore, God told woman her desire should be to her own husband and he shall rule over thee. Therefore, the Women’s Liberation Movement is motivated by the devil and not God. God placed as a part of the curse upon woman her husband was to rule over her. There can be no equal rights until God himself, not the Supreme Court, lifts this curse on woman. It cannot be lifted as long as she remains in that cursed flesh and her monthly cycles remaining the same proves God has not lifted that curse. All their abortions and demands will not remove the curse only heap more judgment of God once it strikes because they try to lift the curse. Will the Millennium allow woman to be equal with man as before the fall? Well, we will just have to wait until that time to see. We may wonder why has God made woman? Answer, the same purpose as in creating all other female species that the male might be able to reproduce himself and in doing so he would use that created law or law of reproduction paced in the body of the female. The very design of woman before the fall reveals her role in motherhood; therefore, once God created his first pair of specie from the dust of the earth, never again do we see him follow this process. However, as he instructed each specie upon their creation, a blessing was pronounced and God said be fruitful and multiply. (Gen. 1:22) Thus, we see his creative purpose with each specie, one masculine, the other feminine. It is similar to that creative power by which he used in producing his first pair, only God now sets forth another creative law into operation, placing it this time within the body of the female allowing them to carry on the work of life which he himself had begun. No doubt about it, it is also a miracle creative law called law of reproduction which God uses in producing another specie after its own kind, once he had placed his first pair of each specie on earth. Yes, placing within each feminine makeup regardless to specie (including woman) his miracle creative law of reproduction and through this law God regulated that female’s seasons or cycles to conceive and produce life, but only after her kind. Therefore, we see woman’s feminine makeup in the beginning long before the fall was designed to mother life before and after birth. Throughout the animal kingdom, irregardless to specie, we now realize why it was necessary for him to form one of his creatures with that of a feminine nature and not simply a counterpart to the masculine for the word counterpart means , another such as the first part. Instead God made a female, a co-part. Co-part means to share, therefor the masculine could reproduce itself and in so doing God established this beautiful divine miracle law within the bodily structure of each feminine specie and wherever that divine law is tampered or mutilated you can rest assured Satan, who is a perverter, is behind it. Had not sin nor disobedience toward this particular act entered into the picture undoubtedly the sex act would have been looked upon and reverenced by the Eternal God that in all probability the act itself could have been openly discussed without condemnation as freely as one would eating a meal. However, there has been implanted in man’s mind the fact of a guilt complex, because of the way it was done. We note an amazing thing found within the animal kingdom, not found in the human family simply because the animal kingdom has not sinned, polluted nor ever perverted that sexual act of God which carried his creative law of reproduction. There is found no guilt complex derived from this act throughout any of the animal kingdom.


To me, this is the subject which leads us far deeper into an overall understanding concerning God’s redemptive act wherein he chose a young virgin, planted a righteous seed in her womb 9 and brought forth the life of a perfect man in the flesh who also was perfect in the essence of God in the Spirit, and yet explains how this perfect man could be born of woman without being a sinner. Baby Jesus illustrates what each child would have been had the original purpose in the sex act been observed. Each life would have been as obedient as his own while in the veins of each child would have flowed Eternal Life. Had speaking life into existence been the original perfect plan of God to bring perfect children in the world after the creation by his first couple, why did he not speak the perfect son, the second Adam, the Lord of Glory into existence? Instead, why did God choose the womb of a woman for his little body to be housed in? Later in the message, we desire to show how it was possible for Christ the perfect man to have been born of woman, born from a seed and still there been no possibility of inherited sin flowing in his bloodstream, traveling through the heredity law which works death in both the male and female. Jesus was perfect man and perfect God, yet he was born of woman. (Gal. 4:4) Why? Because woman has always been ordained to mother or bear life, while man was ordained to plant that seed of life. It was Woman God ordained to mother that perfect physical life into the body called Christ while here upon earth. To discuss the mystery of this revelation concerning what I believe to be taught in the Bible and preached by the Church Age Prophet Messenger on this subject, begin with me in Gen. 1:26-27. Almighty God has already created his three basic forms of life; plant, marine and animal and now turns his attention toward creating a higher specie of the animal kingdom, one which would rule over the animal kingdom. This creation God calls man or the beginning of the human family. We might add here the serpent, being the most intelligent and shrewd of the animal kingdom, stood with his mate at the head of this creation before God decided to concentrate on making a creature above him which he called man. In verse 26, we hear God say to his angelic host, those who had assisted him in creation: “Let us make man in our image and in our likeness”. Therefore, in the image of God created he him, male and female created he them (Verse 27). Having made man in his own image and intelligence and wisdom, man was invested with certain attributes of God who was his creative father. Naturally, as any earthly child who is begotten of an earthly father will inherit or bear certain earthly attributes of that father. Likewise, man and woman created in the very image and likeness of God through a divine creative act will also inherit certain fatherly characteristics which are derived from God their father, will he not? Being begotten of him will cause them to have transmitted into their very spirit being certain characteristics of their father whereby they might exemplify or express their father in the earth as their father’s offspring or otherwise he could never be addressed father, seeing the term denotes to beget something or bring forth something into being. Within his two offsprings will dwell certain characteristics which exemplifies or manifests the true makeup of their father, God. Verse 28 reveals Adam and the woman, once having been placed in the Garden, were blessed and given a commission, a commission which holds a key to the mystery of life and how that life was to be brought into existence. For here it was beloved, with this commission God transmitted certain authority unto them. Undoubtedly, he communicated his very purpose and plan in creating them in this manner, one being male, the other female, for it was none other than God himself who spoke these words unto his young couple saying, Be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth and subdue it. Do you think for one moment that God has issued them a commission and failed to grant them knowledge of how it was to be accomplished, that is, how were they to be fruitful; how are they to multiply and replenish the earth and subdue it? Were Adam and Eve ignorant to the how of this commission?


What did God mean by (1) replenishing and (2) subduing the earth? Replenishing means to refill. To refill and object something had to be in the object before else it would not be refilling. 10 In this word lies a clue that something had been on this planet before in order for it to be replenished. No one can doubt the earth was not full before the flood. Here Adam and Eve receive a commission to replenish or refill the earth denoting something had already been here on the earth before. After the flood (Gen. 9:1), Noah received the same commission of replenishing the earth. To subdue a thing, in this case, means to bring everything on earth into subjection. You are the master and you are to control it. Later, we shall examine how man did subdue the earth and for what purpose. Take a long hard look at this commission; Be fruitful and multiply and refill the earth. God never said what to do when it reached 3.7 billion, did he? He never said when you reach that point STOP, did he? Look out upon the earth today and see how a terrified scientific field of population experts (so-called) predict despair and gloom unless something is done quickly. Every conceivable means has been derived to try and end that commission. Truly, every sign points to our living in the final hour of the fulfillment of that commission, doesn’t it? Perhaps an article clipped from the daily paper will better illustrate the perilous situation we face today.

Newspaper clipping

* ‘MATERNITY ADDICTS BLAMED ON MAGAZINES’ WASHINGTON – Popular magazines may be creating “maternity addicts” with their emphasis on stories glorifying motherhood, a Senate panel was told Tuesday. And the magazines’ preoccupation with such stories may be “due to concern for child-and-home-centered advertisers,” suggested a witness at a hearing of the Senate Labor and Public Welfare Subcommittee. The subcommittee is considering legislation to “establish a national policy to encourage and develop at the earliest possible time policies which will stabile the population by voluntary means.” Miss Ellen Peck, author of the book, “The Baby Trap,” cited Redbook, Good Housekeeping, Ladies Home Journal and McCall’s for what she said their frequent use of such fiction formulas as “baby saves marriage” and “face pregnancy with courage.” Among the examples given by Miss Peck: “Good Housekeeping . . . tells the tale of a girl who’s suddenly thrown uptight in her fourth year of marriage by the reappearance in town of her husband’s glamorous ex-girlfriend. But ‘ . . the prayed-for, unhoped-for miracle happened. We are going to have a baby, And the story comes out all right.” Miss Peck declared: “In view of the demographic and nutritional projections, the continuing pro-natalist attitudes of the ladies’ magazines are grossly irresponsible and grossly anti-social.” Advertisers may be partly responsible for the prevalence of stories glorifying motherhood, she suggested. “If babies are good business for Gerber, multiple babies are multiply so,” she said. “And Gerber advertises in magazines such as Good Housekeeping.” Gerber is a leading manufacturer of baby foods. Miss Peck added: “Some have expressed a fear that our rock songs are creating drug addicts. But, perhaps our rock-a-bye magazines are creating maternity addicts.” Stuart Udall, former secretary of the interior, said government family-planning programs, such as those of the Office of Economic Opportunity, “reach only the poor and therefore . . . they constitute no population policy at all.” He said that “while the poor and near-poor contribute one-third of our annual births, the non-poor contribute two-thirds.”


Such things are rapidly becoming a psychological language to condition people’s minds to that which is about to take place. Motherhood is fast becoming a thing looked down on rather than something looked up to and esteemed to hold virtue. What does it all mean? It means at the end of 6,000 years mankind feels he can no longer trust God concerning his great commission, be fruitful and multiply, etc. Therefore, today because of the vast population explosion facing us, certain carnal minded medical scientists having no knowledge of God’s plans for the future of the world, guided and motivated only by their own fears and alarm at what they see, would have 11 us to believe it to be shameful and disgraceful for a family to have more than two children. Latest poll results reveal the country is rapidly losing interest in desiring large families. An announcement was made that certain senators, because of the tremendous population explosion throughout the world were actually trying to instigate a bill whereby there would be a penalty if more than two children were born per family. It may very well be that the day will come such a bill would gain foothold, becoming a law. Yes, because of this overly populated world, motherhood is frowned upon while sex, which produces mothers, is given the freest reign it has ever received. If the scientists would only believe the word of God, they would stop this tomfoolery they are promoting, there would be no fear of a double increase in population of seven billion people on this already crowded earth in just 35 years, or 2000 A.D.


Our Lord Jesus, while here upon earth, did not explain in full what he had in mind concerning what was coming upon the earth that would wipe out the greater percentage of the population, yet he predicted a period of time would come as never had been on the face of the earth wherein hardly any flesh would be saved (alive); nevertheless, for the elect’s sake of that hour these day, he said, would be shortened in order that there would be flesh left alive (Matt. 24:21-22) Jesus Christ declared a great chaotic judgment of God would hit this planet and beloved, it will visit this planet mainly because of what man has done in his attempt to put an end to this great commission given by God himself unto his first couple. Population experts with no leadership of God now scream to SLOW DOWN THIS FLOW OF HUMAN LIFE ONTO THIS PLANET OR PAY A GREAT CONSEQUENCE indicating the oncoming masses can never be cared for; therefore, who is man obeying in 1972? God’s commission has not changed even if we do have 3.7 billion and expect to double that in 35 short years! Will man obey God or will he follow the fears of so-called biological population experts? Throughout the world it would appear that God’s great commission has been tossed to the wind as everything has been thrown into effect or in reverse to slow down this incoming flow of human life, while at the same time and this is what seems so unethical, the world is being encouraged through education, religion and science not to slow down on their sexual activity (especially the unmarried) but on the contrary the unmarried who already produce 1 out of every 13 children, are being encouraged today more than ever to engage in such activities to their hearts content and if conception occurs they are now being and shall be more so toward the end, encouraged to have what is now referred to as a simple operation requiring perhaps 15-30 minutes by skilled, trained hands of a physician. The world calls it abortion. However, since the scriptures teach life begins at conception, God would call it murder! Late polls reports indicate at least one American child out of five are unwanted thus abortion seems to be the simplest answer to rid themselves of those unwanted children; however, since well over one-half of the abortions performed are on the unmarried, this condones fornication and adultery without the charge against them of taking unborn life! Another shocking statistical report comes to us from California stating that 44 percent of teenage brides stood before the marriage altar in 1970 already with child.


With abortion laws having recently gone into effect, let us take a look around the country and see the high rate of abortions already performed. A few years ago, that which was performed by quacks in back alleys and dimly lighted rooms is now being performed legally by hands of trained physicians who on the side-line of their regular medical practice can perform as many as 30-40 abortions per week, clearing no less than $100,000 – $150,000 per year, in their spare time! Yes, hands of trained physicians who are dedicated to saving lives now in their spare time are found taking it. New York City alone not only has become the crime capitol of the world, 12 through abortion many people fear it will become the murder capitol of the world seeing it is rapidly becoming the world’s abortion capitol. The Health Service Administration of New York reported that in only six weeks after the liberalized law on abortion took effect, in that city alone 6,314 abortions were performed. 40 percent of the women did not live in New York City and the Lord only knows how many of that number were unmarried and shall now turn around and repeat the same process over again. Today’s abortion figures have reached a staggering figure of almost equal with that number which is given the right to live. Hundreds of physicians in New York City alone performed 950 abortions out of 1,000 live births, destroying the number almost equal to those who are allowed to live. Abortion is a booming business in New York City alone, as one doctor stated he was offered $250,000 per year to run an abortion clinic, declaring he knew no less than40-50 doctors making that kind of money on abortion. One group of investors bought two hospitals for $8 million, turned both into abortion clinics and sold them for $16 million. Today through the help of modern physicians, a patient may come into New York, stay overnight in a hotel, check into a clinic the same day and leave several hours later. Advisory boards suggest in order for more women to turn to abortion to rid themselves of the birth of unwanted children, abortions should become cheaper and more available, thus one wonders where will this end? It will end in judgment! Beloved, God will not allow this to go unnoticed. Judgment awaits a world that has spit upon the commission he has issued. Continuing on, we learn that during the first year (12 months) under the New York liberal abortion law there were 165,000 abortions performed in that city alone. 64 percent of the women (over half single) for the year were from other states. This staggering figure far outweighs that which was estimated would be using the new law once it went into effect. A look at California abortions shows us that in 1968 there were only 15 abortions for each 1,000 live births; however, toward the end of 1970 the rate rose to above 300 per 1,000. In Japan, the rate is said to be 912 per 1,000 live births and Britain who reported 92,000 abortions for 1970 declares well over half of that figure were unmarried women and note these figures from Hungary, 1,356 abortions to every 1,000 live births.


Yes, between 1969-1970 legal abortions skyrocketed into a booming business. The center of Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia recently reported a staggering figure of 180,000 legal abortions performed in 19 states and the District of Columbia during 1970 while in 1969 before the abortion law went into effect and with only a very few states permitting abortions except to protect the mother’s life, (which may we stop to say, that should be the only time an abortion should be performed) was only 12,417 reported nationwide. Hence, we repeat, if the world only knew the judgment in store for them according to the word of God resulting in how mankind has taken God’s sexual law into his own hands and regulated it to fit his own need of survival, it would not matter with them whether in a few short years there would be five billion humans struggling for existence on this earth, they would know that the God who gave this commission to Adam and Eve who represented all mankind is more than able to control his own commission seeing it does not get out of hand. Furthermore, how could anyone, especially in America where at present we only have 58 people per square mile, feel as long as our government can pay farmers not to grow corn and wheat that there is not yet left a considerable room for expansion, while in India 570 million people are crammed into 1.1 million square miles. 70 percent of all Americans are jammed in 2 percent of the land. Look at the projected birthrate of China who has not had a census report since 1953 when it reached 583 million and today is said to have over 800 million and is said to be increasing by as much as on million per month. According to the population Reference Bureau in Washington, D.C. nearly two billion of the world’s population or 56 percent live in Asia alone while Latin America and Africa account for 16 percent and the 13 remaining 28 percent live in Europe, North America, Oceania, and the Soviet Union.


As the commission was handed to man and told to subdue this earth, we must say this; he has done although not for God as he was instructed, but for his own sinful selfish, evil gain and look what has followed in his footsteps of evil, selfish ways, a polluted and corrupt environment. Look at the pollution he has left in his path as he subdued it, he corrupted it. Therefore, God by his own word is compelled not only to judge mankind because (1) he seeks to snatch the commission from the hand of God and adjust it as he pleases to fit his own need, but (2) he must also judge and chasten him for subduing the earth for his own evil purpose instead of glorifying God. God will judge him because he has literally polluted and corrupted the earth in his process of subduing it. As the first Adam was placed in the Garden and commissioned to be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth, had that first sexual relationship been guided and inspired by God as it should have been there would never have existed any problem concerning a population explosion nor pollution problem. The Almighty himself would have governed and guided every cycle of life. You may find it hard to believe; nevertheless, God would have instructed them when through this cycle of life he had carefully placed in the woman’s makeup to govern these times of life. You say, I do not believe God would have governed or shown them when time was to be brought together. This law taking effect in certain seasons or cycles was what God would have used to prompt them. Beloved, there are many statements in the word of God indicating God instructs his people to do certain thing. One such scripture is found in Matthew 28:19, Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel. However, because he said that does it mean you are to take off running? By no means! For the same gospel that said GO, Romans 8 says, For as many as are led by the spirit of God they are the Sons of God. Whether you believe it or not, God will lead you into everything he wants done, but only at his proper time and season. Where Satan continually agitates and harasses us is through our impatience to wait on God, causing us to run ahead of him. Impatience is what Satan caused in the Garden. A commission was handed to man in the Garden and God would have instructed him (through the law of reproduction) when to carry out the commission; however, Satan caused them not to wait for the divine purpose but to run ahead and because of this the world for 6,000 years has paid dearly in suffering, sorrow, misery and death. Be fruitful and multiply was the commission; however, you wait until I show you when to carry it out. GO YE into the world to preach the gospel, however, wait until I show you where to go.


No example of man waiting stands out more beautifully than that of the perfect Son, the Lord Jesus our perfect example showing how humanity should wait upon the Father, doing nothing other than what the Father showed them. Such an act illustrates the full obedience of a perfect 14 son. A father might instruct his son to cut hay; nevertheless, if the son did not wait for instructions when to cut the hay he might cut it on a rainy day. Christ the second Adam, the Lord of Glory who was brought into this world to conquer sin, disease and death left this perfect testimony behind; I DO NOTHING UNTIL THE FATHER SHOWS ME. Though all authority to execute judgment lay within our perfect example, he still did nothing other than what the Father showed him or better still he did it only at the time revealed of the Father. Being that obedient Son, that perfect example which he was, illustrates how each offspring of God should say Father, according to your word I know I am to do this or that, yet please direct me. Taking these two balancing lines of scriptural thought, one being the commission of go while the other was wait until you are led of the Father, produces for us even a more clear example of this picture.


God ordaining and commissioning man to be fruitful, multiply and replenish the earth long before the all ever occurred proves under God’s original plan man was to become a father likened unto himself. Furthermore, Adam’s first prophecy concerning the role of womanhood revealed man shall leave his father and mother and cleave unto himself a wife and they two should be one flesh. No doubt about it, under God’s original creative act he ordained that every son of his would be a father for the purpose of continuing to transmit that breath of life given to him. Life comes from God and Adam full of Eternal Life had sprung directly from God and through the act of sex that life would be transmitted to others. Therefore, God ordained that man should be a father just as he ordained woman giving her the bodily makeup he did to be a mother of all mankind. Recall Eve means the mother of all living. Yes, woman was ordained to be the mother of all living. God designed these bodies in the manner he did for one purpose, he intended to transmit life through them. Seeing how God designed both man and woman in the beginning, I cannot understand how anyone could possibly feel God’s original intention or purpose would be to use these creatures in calling offspring from the dust of the earth as they themselves had been called. No doubt about it, God chose this sexual act in the very beginning (not after the fall) as his only chosen route of producing life in the earth. I cannot see a holy God creating two creatures with bodies in the manner he did then using them for some other purpose in bringing life into the world especially when we know life itself is derived from no other act. Not only mankind, but every living creature in animal life has come into existence through this route. God no only placed in man the seed of life, he also invested in him the authority to subdue the earth. In him was placed that ability to dress the entire earth causing all the earth to one day blossom into the likeness of the beautiful Garden of Eden. However, observing the situation today, 6,000 years later, man has subdued the earth alright, but in doing so He corrupted it. Suppose after man received his commission he would simply have taken off on his own, not waiting upon any leadership of God whatsoever. Are you aware what would have happened? Exactly the same that happened when the church went to the Nicea Council in 325 A.D. No, don’t ever think God brought the church to the Nicea Council, God never ordained that she go. It was Satan who began to instill into the human minds of that hour, you are not getting the world evangelized fast enough, here I will show you how it is done. That my friend is what Satan always wants you to do. God has said do something, Satan says you are not getting the job done, it isn’t going fast enough. I will show you how to get it done faster. Sure there are times when God allows his people to be very pressing; however, note in his word he speaks concerning a certain spiritual thing that is to done or accomplished then once this is stated God simply sits back and waits to observe and see if man is willing to wait out God’s purpose and time for this thing to be accomplished or will he, as always, simply run ahead. Beloved, if man would only patiently wait, God’s opportune season to take effect much could be 15 accomplished for his glory; however, usually the very minute you try to step ahead saying I think by faith we should go ahead and do it this way, you are certain to mess up. Wait on God, he who gave the commission will not fail you. He will guide you successfully every time he desires something accomplished. Reading the scriptures we note how slowly, yet accurately God spoke every creature out of the ground. In his program of creation he accomplished only so much each day and remember these days were not periods of 24 hours either because the sun which regulates time itself was not brought into existence until sometime on the fourth day. Therefore, out of the ground came the first original pair of everything. Knowing God does not deal in crossbreeding up came the first original horse, cow, deer, etc., both male and female of each creature he made two. Sure, because it was his original plan to set that law of reproduction into motion and by governing that law he would (as he still does within his animal kingdom) bring his two creatures together only at that appointed time once the cycle of life was in motion and thereby produce himself another offspring. The life of each male was to be transferred into another vessel of clay, and where did this physical life begin to form? In the body of the female which had been designed for this purpose, of course! Therefore, through that proper cycle of life another life is being brought into existence and it is all in accordance with God’s original divine law of creating another offspring of that same particular specie, for recall it was God who stated, let everything bear after its own kind and Adam and Eve was of no exception seeing they received a personal commission, be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth. I do not believe the young couple would have had to look in the face of God and say, just how father is this to be accomplished? It was instilled in their minds the true understanding of their purpose in this life and why the father had designed them in the fashion they were. There is no logical scriptural reason not to believe (1) Adam was fully aware that this intimate act was solely for the purpose of reproduction and (2) it was God’s ordained original route in producing himself another son or daughter and (3) furthermore, Adam was fully aware that he must await the proper hour for Eve’s cycle of life to be set in motion in order to fulfill his calling. Seeing that the Lord God brought all of his creation before Adam to be named (Gen. 1:19) it fell Adam’s lot to name also this shrewd, fleshly, intelligent creature more subtil than any beast, capable of walking upright and carrying on intelligent conversation, the serpent (Gen. 3:1-5). Why do you suppose Adam named this star figure of Gen. 3 the SERPENT? Little is known concerning this creature outside what is learned in Gen. 3 and long before the chapter ends he is cursed far above all cattle and beast of the field seeing that his very bodily structure was cursed beyond recognition as to that of what he originally resembled before the fall, yet through Gen. 3:14-15 we are shown before his curse, he was successful in leaving behind something that would certainly continue his image and being. What was it? (Gen. 3:14) A SEED! WHAT THE SERPENT WAS NOT Several confusing things have been in people’s minds concerning this creature Adam called the SERPENT. (1) The SERPENT was not the Devil nor (2) was it the Devil who spoke through his vocal chords enticing the woman. The serpent speaking in Gen. 3, carrying on that intelligent conversation with the woman, informing her that much knowledge could be gained from partaking of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil and that God had simply been holding out on her in keeping this good thing from her was not the devil as some have believed. No Sir! Neither was the devil, who is a fallen arch angel and now captain of all evil forces, speaking through this creature’s mouth called the serpent in Gen. 3. Rev. 12:12-14 does refer to the devil at the closing of the Gentile age as the serpent; however, Satan is not the serpent spoken of here who carried on such an intelligent crafty conversation and had the intimate relation with the woman, instead this is none other than a fleshly creature (in many ways resembling man) who like all the other creatures had a knowledge of sex seeing he also had  received a mate to reproduce himself and according to Gen. 1:21-25 had been commanded along with the others to be fruitful and multiply. In creational rank, this creature stood next to Adam, possessing greater ability than the other creatures God had made and no doubt had he behaved himself, not permitting himself to become inspired of Satan to look upon his boss’ wife in a manner unbecoming and not ending up in the terrible curse, losing his first position, he would no doubt have contributed much to a society filled with godliness and righteousness. We cannot ignore Gen. 3 in this study; however, we have no intentions in dwelling to a great length on it seeing we have already dedicated two other messages thoroughly to the subject (TWO LAWS OF EDEN and FROM EDEN TO THE FLOOD) which are yours or the asking. Therefore, we shall only hit the highlights of Gen. 3:1-24. SONS OF GOD IN GEN. 6 WHO ARE THEY? Now I hope one thing has been made perfectly clear, seeing that Satan is spirit and not flesh, it was impossible for him to have had any relations with the woman. It has always been amazing to me how some people have thought that we taught Eve had a relation with Satan. This is totally impossible! Yet, in explaining Gen. 6:1-2 we go a step farther than the denominational, religious teachers who insist that the explanation of the sixth chapter of Gen. verse 1-2 referring to the “sons of God” taking unto themselves the daughters of men of all whom they chose, are evil spirits pressing or embodying themselves into the form of man and having affairs with the daughters of men and such a relationship producing giants. This is their explanation of not only how giants entered the earth, but that these sons of God were evil spirits who became lustful after seeing the daughters of men. This is untrue! Just as it would be impossible for Satan, the captain of the hosts of darkness, to have had a relation with Eve, it was just as impossible for fallen angels at a much later time to be coming unto the daughters of men and having relations with them. That is certainly not the explanation of Gen. 6:1-2; however, until you realize what happened in the Garden between the serpent and the woman and how according to Gen. 2:14-15, the serpent had left traces of a seed bearing his resemblance before the curse which was none other than Cain who slew the righteous seed, Abel, you would never understand Gen. 6:1-2. The sons of God line is none other than the children of Adam (preferably the Seth line) who looked upon the daughters of Cain and began to take unto them wives of all whom they chose. Up until this hour these two strands of people, the blood line, the line of Cain and the children of Adam (mainly the line of Seth) had been kept separated because God did not want these two blood lines to ever begin to intermingle; however, Gen. 6 shows they could be kept apart no longer. The bloodlines or stream of the sons of God who up until this hour had only been cursed with death now through intermarriage began receiving into their blood stream the terrible attributes of the seed of the serpent which are murder, adultery, fornication and wickedness of every description. Now the sons of God shall be in a far worse condition than before. No, at no place and at no time have we ever taught or implied that the woman Eve nor any of these women found in Gen. 5:1-2 had any relationship with evil spirits. That is totally impossible. Furthermore, this religious world needs to come up with a better explanation of Gen. 6:1. In passing we might add, according to religious teachings within denominational ranks today, the reason you cannot have a repeat of Gen. 6:1-2, is because after the terrible act of this scripture which produced the flood and drowned all their offsprings God took all those bad angels who pulled such a wicked stunt on the human race and claimed them in outer darkness awaiting their judgment. This may sound logical, however, there is only one catch. It just isn’t true. Satan and evil spirits may inspire or press upon the minds of human beings to do evil such as committing fornication or adultery; however, when the actual act is committed it has been that human being himself who had the ability to say no, who stands guilty before God just as this big fellow called 17 the serpent stood guilty before God and was cursed beyond recognition because he had taken another’s wife. True, the devil had inspired him, however the devil had not committed the act. God had merely permitted this creature to be inspired by Satan in approaching Eve. I am sure this creature stood guilty of adultery in the eyes of God even before the act was committed. Recall, Jesus said just to look upon a woman and lust after her in your heart you have already committed adultery.


In his physical makeup, he, the serpent, was able to approach Eve. Want to hear some of their conversation in Gen. 3:1-5? First, we note the wisdom of this creature. “And he said unto the woman, yea hath God said ye shall not eat of every tree in the Garden”. Note, this creature is clever enough to know what God stated in the past. Sure, Satan knows what God has said; however, this is no Satan speaking, it’s the serpent and we hear the woman answer him God hath said “we may eat of the fruit of the trees in the Garden (in other words we may eat of all the plant life) but the tree that is in the midst of the Garden (called the tree of knowledge of good and evil) thou mayest not eat (that tree wasn’t plant life) neither shall ye touch it lest you die.” Note again we hear the serpent speaking as he is attempting to explain the scripture to Eve, just as some preachers would do today when given Acts 2:38. No doubt he would say, now wait a minute you don’t understand what God meant by that verse. I know it sounds like it applies to all mankind when Peter brought in the phrase “it is even unto them who are afar off, even as many as the Lord our God shall call,” however, you see in Matt. 28:19, etc. Perhaps I can better explain by a clipping I once read. It seems an old fellow was sitting, listening to a Preacher’s sermon watering down the name of Jesus Christ water baptism and justifying himself by using Matt. 28:19, Father, Son and Holy Ghost. The old man began writing a $1,000 check which made the minister all eyes until he saw the signature was titles the old man possessed rather than his name. The minister reminded the old man the bank would not honor his check even though he had the right to claim these titles which proves the authority does not lie in the scripture verse itself of Matt. 28:19, but it takes the revelation and the revelation is the name of Jesus Christ, that revealed name that redemptive name of God of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. (Acts 2:38) The preacher, looking at the check, expressed with regret. Sir, I cannot cash this check without your name. Go on, said the old man, I feel sure you can get every bit as much out of that check as these poor people have received from your sermon this morning (nothing). Their explanation of what happened in the Garden is just about as clear as what happened in Matt. 28:19 when they teach Eve ate some kind of plant life and defiled herself. The serpent feeling he had the interpretation on the word of God, tells the woman no, that is not true, you will not surely die, for to eat of this you will become very wise. Oh, how deceived people are today who listen to Satan’s voice explaining away the scriptures. God said you will. Satan says you won’t. Listen to this foul mouth serpent explaining to Eve, why to eat of this fruit your eyes shall be opened and you shall be as gods, knowing good and evil. Here the serpent is trying to instill in the mind of the daughter of God there is more than one God. James 2:19. They were already familiar with good, why should they learn about evil? The truth is the serpent had gotten his point across very well to Eve. She now believes his statement far above that of God’s word. ‘And the woman saw that the tree was good for food (note how the Holy Spirit through Moses’ writing has concealed in symbolical language the truth because the tree spoken of here first of all is not a tree of plant life yet rather is a divine law whereby the human tree would produce itself). All of us I am sure have heard the expression “the family tree.” Were it possible, you could trace back far enough on the tree you would go straight to Adam and Eve. And what are we but mere branches off that tree, are we not? A tree to be desired to make one wise, and she took of the 18 fruit thereof and she did eat. (Note again the word eat here does not mean she ate of plant life for as I have stated before if the transgression and fall came by eating some plant life which could be received through the mouth, redemption will also have to come by the same process!) We know that our redemption, a branch off the tree of life, was not some plant life but was the Lord Jesus who was born through a virgin’s womb, bypassing the actual sex act itself yet created a perfect Gene and a perfect egg to bring into his blood stream what is in NO other who had been born off the Adamic line where imputed sin is inherited through the blood stream, but in Christ’s bloodstream flowed eternal life minus the attributes of sin.


But you may say since the scripture says EAT, I believe it was something they had to literally eat. Then my friend, you would have been exactly in the same spot the multitude of disciples were who followed Jesus up until the point in his ministry where he stated without any explanation “if you would have life eternal you must eat of my flesh and drink of my blood else you have no eternal life within you”. (John 6:51-66) What did these poor bewildered disciples say to this? This is a hard saying, who can receive it and many walked away to walk with him no more. Yes, it was over just such a statement as of eating flesh and drinking blood that confounded every disciple of Christ causing all but the twelve to forsake him. Although we do not have time, a study of the Concordance would reveal various forms of eating and hardly any referring to eating plant life. Moses used symbolical language to hide the real truth and to you who at this point have difficulty in receiving this statement, even as those who had difficulty in receiving Christ’s statement were given no explanation of what he meant, allow me to simply say that the Book of Revelations, especially, is a book written in pictorial language. For instance, let’s refer to Rev. 17 as one example where it speaks of a seven headed beast having ten horns carrying a woman passenger on its back. Although this is what is stated, no one actually expects to see such a creature walking down the road, however, that very thing is in progress today and one day shall become so powerful for some reason it shall fight the presence of the coming of the Lord. Now if you are going to hold on to certain phrases that Moses used to cover the truth, hiding it from the wise and prudent then you are going to have to accept that one day a seven headed, ten horned beast will literally come up out of the sea (Rev. 13) to be seen walking on land in a swampy area (Rev. 17) and have as its passenger one harlot woman who somewhere will have many little harlots (daughters) for that is exactly what it says. We could use other chapters of Revelations to show how this pictorial language covers truth from the eyes of the wise and prudent only later to be revealed to babes and those who will learn. Take for instance Isaiah crying out concerning the one who cometh preparing a straight way or highway in the desert for the Lord, (Isa. 40:3) yet when this scripture was fulfilled it was John the Baptist who certainly built no highway in the desert yet instead built a highway through the heats of men with a message for the Lord Jesus to come walking into the very hearts that had been prepared for his coming. On and on we could go; however, I feel that should be sufficient to indicate God does use pictorial language for a purpose.


Now let us get into the real truth. Actually, what did happen when that serpent, being inspired by the devil as the instrument Satan needed, looked upon the woman? What he did was introduce to Eve who in turn introduced to Adam the use of this act (an act which had been ordained of God) strictly for a pleasure basis instead of using it for the sole intended purpose of producing God another son or daughter into this world full of eternal life. True, sons and daughters are still born even under this law, (of good and evil however they are all born full of death and not eternal life as originally planned). Note what she did once she had experienced or indulged in this relation for pleasure. She now confronts her husband with her newfound 19 knowledge and pleads with him to share the fruit with her on the same basis which fulfills the statement Bro. William Branham often used before Adam could come to Eve where she would be his wife for that divine purpose, she was already defiled. Recall, Paul taught Eve and not Adam was in the transgression. (I Tim. 2:11-15) This would be similar to a young couple falling in love desiring to become man and wife and certainly there is nothing wrong with this, however for them to indulge in that relationship which links them together in the eyes of God as long as they both shall live and partake of that before that legal hour, its fornication. They have eaten of the fruit illegally. That is Satan’s perversion and I will say this, there is nowhere in God’s law that can justify such an act in the sight of God. I care not how much they claim to love each other, once that act is committed outside God’s laws and purpose, before he binds them legally together as man and wife as long as they both shall live, it is still fornication and goes down in God’s book as fornication; therefore, he shall deal with it as fornication or the true act perverted. Regardless how modern religion instructs youth today, you better never forget God says thou shalt not commit adultery and Jesus says to look upon a woman to lust after her he has committed adultery in his heart already. Nothing shall ever change that.


Others will contend, but God will forgive. Yes, he will forgive, but that act carries a penalty and to show you there is a penalty, look what your poor father and mother did in the garden and even today you are still bearing the stain of it. Notice how David in Psalms 51:5 shows we bear the stains of that act in a statement involving himself and his own mother. David said I was shapen in iniquity and in sin did my mother conceive. This has been most confusing to many people. Just what did David mean? Was he saying he was conceived in fornication? What did he mean by “in sin did my mother conceive me”? Was David’s mother and father not legally joined together as man and wife? Certainly they were! However, since Adam and Eve used this act for the purpose of pleasure instead of God’s divine purpose in bringing forth another person full of eternal life into the earth and using this act before God’s time, what did it cause? It brought imputed sin and death into man’s blood stream. Think of it, that which could have been eternal life flowing through the veins of man, now has to be death. And it is through this act that life, which is in the blood, is transferred from one generation to another because the seed of man and egg of woman is full of death. Therefore, seeing the curse has been placed upon the human race’s bloodstream it now becomes impossible during this life to be able to fulfill any part of the original law of life or tree of life although this act still remains to be the act of relationship, it cannot produce anything now but death. Nowhere within one human being lies a pure gene of life or pure egg; therefore, in order for Christ himself to be born full of Eternal Life, God had to create both a perfect gene and egg. Hence, Psalms 51:5 could in no way apply to Christ, for he was not born in sin for had he been. Sin would have been in his blood and there would have been death there instead of Eternal life. Although Hebrews 13:4 declares marriage is honorable in all and the bed undefiled; nevertheless, because of that imputed sin penalty of death, it still remains impossible for any woman to conceive by her legal husband and bring forth eternal life because eternal life is forever blocked by the presence of sin and death in the bloodstream, thus every child including David was shapen in iniquity meaning the very moment that little fetus begins forming within the womb of its mother, because of that heredity law, sin was immediately transported into his life and the very act itself carries with it the death penalty for every conceived individual. Therefore, when David said I was shapen in iniquity and in sin did my mother conceive me, he had no actual reference to the act itself, only to that sin and death which was present when the act was committed which conceived him. It is the act itself which brings forth life, but it is a life brought forth that is condemned to die, and it’s only hopes of eternal life lies within the atonement work of Jesus Christ who was brought forth under the law of the tree of 20 life, He being the only righteous branch that tree or law has ever produced and to produce this perfect son from a perfect gene and perfect egg, God chose a virgin womb and we are truly grateful for that one perfect man who was born of woman, but born under that perfect law or tree of life showing it was God’s original purpose to use the sex route to reproduce eternal life. God permitting him to be born of woman without sin making him eligible to be able to do something for all of us who without our consent came into life, through conception, shapened in iniquity and born in sin waiting only one alternative and that was once sin had finished its course it would bring forth death. This one born of woman, same as all the rest of us came and walked on our level, tested in every way which pertained to his calling and purpose, yet knew no sin, tasted death for each of us who were so full of death, that we might be made the righteousness of God, reinstated with God for eternal life. Nevertheless, as far as our fleshly body is concerned, the work of its redemption must wait until the resurrection; however, that does not mean we are not already sons of God. As John the beloved stated in I John 3:1-2, “Beloved, what manner of love hath the father bestowed upon us that we should be called the sons of God, therefore the world knoweth us not because it knew him not. Beloved, now are we the sons of God and it doeth not yet appear what we shall be but we know that when he shall appear we shall be like him for we shall see him as he is. And every man that hath this hope in him purifieth himself even as he is pure.” (See our message on MANIFESTED SONS OF GOD).


Both the first and second Adam were men with special purposes in this earth and note they were tested only around their calling and purpose in the earth. When the scripture says “was in all points tested like as we, yet without sin,” Heb. 4:15, this did not mean to imply that he was tested and tempted in the many multitude of things such as you and I, NO, for all of his temptations stemmed strictly around his calling and purpose as was the first Adam’s temptation. God had commissioned the first Adam to be fruitful and multiply. Somehow it must be this commission that Satan tries to get the first Adam away from, just as the Second Adam was always trying to be pulled away from his calling and purpose in the earth. Matt. 4, Mark 1 and Luke 4 show the temptations of Christ and they all center around one thing, his calling and purpose in the earth and not the many multitude of temptations which have trapped men through the ages. Satan attempted to get the second Adam to use his great power for another purpose, such as turning stone into bread or by getting him to accept another route than that which was originally planned for him (the cross). Matt. 4:8-10.


What were these two mysterious trees found in the midst of the Garden, Gen. 2:9, where if one was eaten would bring forth death to mankind while the other would give life eternal? Without any revelation on the subject, the religious world has looked upon the subject only to say, well, since it plainly says trees and since they know of no other trees than plant life, automatically in their thinking they accept Gen. 2:9 to simply be two fruit bearing trees of some kind of plant life, loaded with delicious fruit. One of which if eaten brings forth life, the other brings forth death. But what kind of fruit tree would bring forth death, then again, what kind of fruit tree do you know would bring forth life? Somehow in their minds the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil has turned out to be an apple or one of some other fruit-bearing nature. As I have stated in previous messages, we will have to face the fact whatever kind of trees these two trees are in the midst of the Garden, both will have to be of like structure that is, if one is plant life then both would have to be plant life. Therefore, if death and sin entered the human race, polluting the blood stream through the eating of some form of plant life, then redemption must also come by eating from plant life and beloved, what natural fruit tree of plant life do you know 21 can give you eternal life? There is none!


Then again, let us ask ourselves the question, how could eating from this tree before the fall cause anyone to obtain eternal life seeing that life eternal was what already flowed in the bloodstream of Adam and Eve and would have been transferred unto their offspring at birth? Naturally the question is, how was this young couple who in Gen. 1:28 had already received their commission, be fruitful and multiply and seeing that Adam had already prophesied the role of woman, how man would leave father and mother, cleave unto himself a wife and they two would be one flesh and realizing that once offspring would be brought into the world, they would be full of eternal life? How would this eternal life be transferred into the bloodstream of the offspring? Some I know would want to declare it would probably come about as Adam and Eve, who were commanded to be fruitful and multiply, becoming one flesh, would do all this simply to call little offspring out of the earth, however to this I say NO! I cannot see the word of God backing up any such preposterous idea. Instead, through this union of man and woman becoming one flesh, it would produce this offspring full of the same eternal life they themselves possessed before the fall. Not only would the offspring have been filled with eternal life, but with all the blessings of God because that is what would have been transported into his blood stream from the union of his parents whereas today under the other law and under a different motive of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, life is still born, yet born with a curse, lost, full of death and sin and once sin is finished in the body, it destroys the life. Therefore, the tree of life spoken of here was that law governing eternal life or how to obtain eternal life.


Try to think of this setting as one taking place in a perfect environment before any sexual act had been committed and try to think of the first young couple, not as people are today since the fall, but before the fall when eternal life dwelt in both of them. The question that is put before this young couple is in this manner. Which of these two laws will you use and by what motive shall you use them in producing life through this act? The important thing God desires to determine here is their motive, for it shall be determined here that motive plays a vital part. God says, now I warn you about this one tree, using it produces death. We know had they waited on God just a little longer he would have led them unto one of these trees himself; however, it would have been the tree or law of life which governed eternal life as their union would produce their offspring and this law would have granted their offspring not only eternal life but all those benefits of living under the tree or law of life. Note the placing of the two trees in the midst of the Garden comes as the first major test concerning their obedience toward his perfect will before there is any mention of children being conceived whatsoever. Therefore, the tree of life held the secret of how people may obtain eternal life (through birth). While on the other hand, the other tree or law of good and evil showed how people could eat from this fruit and obtain death (through birth also) and we are aware today that with each sexual act committed under that tree or law bringing conception, with it also brings forth death.


Although the tree may be a mystery in your mind, dear reader, if you can but associate what that tree in the Garden represented and was trying to produce (death) and then you see the results of the sexual act itself does produce death in each child, you should then be clearly able to see how this tree with its fruit producing death could not be a tree of natural plant life but is something in someway connected with that which is bringing forth death, the sexual relation. Yes, it is identically the same relationship, only committed under an entirely different motive than God originally purposed to be produced under the tree of life. To help us understand more so the purpose of these two trees being placed in the Garden to motivate something dealing with the 22 sexual life of this young couple let us quickly look at two things (1) their commission to be fruitful and multiply and (2) the prophecy of Adam concerning womanhood, yet with two things already revealed, God has not instructed them as yet when this is to be accomplished. The when is going to be determined from these two trees or laws which God placed in the Garden to govern their sexual relation and attitude toward his will. One tree strictly produces only for the will and purpose of God. The other tree, route or sexual act would be for an entirely different motive, pleasure basis only. It has to be their choice which route or way they will choose to accept in carrying out this great commission and fulfilling prophecy. Which of these laws will they follow? This in itself determines why there has been no purpose in God instructing the young couple as to when the commission be fulfilled seeing the choice of trees held the answer for all times and which law or tree benefit is going to govern and motivate their lives and the lives of their offspring, for it shall be impossible as God brings out within their curse, you cannot live under the law of one tree and reap the benefits of the other. You cannot live under the tree that produced the fruit of good and evil in pleasure and expect to reap the benefits of the tree of life, for it shall be from the fruit of their union that eternal life (or death as the case was) would be transported into a bundle of flesh. Understand this clearly, either route chosen would involve sex; therefore, once God had met with the young couple after it was plainly clear under which tree or law they intend to live seeing it is now evident that another motive for the act is going to be accepted by the two dealing strictly with pleasure. God must now condition their bodies to produce that which the tree or law was to produce. Recall, their bodies were not conditioned for the law of this tree, for within them dwelt eternal life and God will not permit them to live under the law of pleasure at any time they choose, using his motive selfishly and then when the time arrived, whether before the fall it would have been once or perhaps twice a year that the woman’s time of life would have visited her whereby conception would have taken place and that offspring been filled with eternal life. NO! Since they have chosen the other law they must be conditioned to reap the benefits and drink the bitter drugs of the cup of all this law would produce. Therefore, the tree of life which governed the perfect purpose of the relation was never allowed to be brought into existence God removed it. However, it is interesting to note the tree was permitted to produce one offspring although not as the original purpose would have been by using the normal perfect seed of man and the perfect egg of woman in producing eternal life. As God could find no perfect seed nor egg since the fall, he had to create both, yet, thank God he still allowed the child to be born from woman as all would have been full of eternal life before the fall had the young couple lived under the tree of life. The point I am making is whether it had been before or after the fall, eternal life which would have been produced from a perfect seed and a perfect egg still come through birth by woman. And is it not strange in order for you to come in contact with eternal life, today, it is important that you also experience a new and different birth. John 3:3-4. Unto Nicodemus Christ said, ye must be born again. HOW? By accepting him who is referred to as the branch off the tree of life and recall he was the only one the apostles would follow because he alone had the words of eternal life.


Think of it, not one human soul in all those born on earth was ever fortunate to be born with eternal life but Christ himself. Therefore, we see eternal life still came through a birth. One must be born again, John 3:3-7. James declares we should receive with meekness the engrafted word which is able to save our souls, James 1:21. Christ is the only person ever born of woman who already had eternal life. The germ of life or gene and the egg of woman that produced him were perfect thus creating one perfect child; however, had the knowledge of the tree of life been accepted by man over that of the fruit of which they partook though it would have still surrounded the act, each child born would have been filled with eternal life. Under either tree or 23 law, the woman could conceive provided the cycle of life was in motion. One law producing eternal life, the other producing death. Eating from the wrong tree or wrong law stemming from a selfish motive meant the serpent had caused Eve to partake of that which was holy and pure in God’s sight for strictly another motive, that of pleasure. She then takes this knowledge and through much coaxing persuades Adam (who was determined to wait out Gd’s appointed time) to partake of the act she had discovered through secrecy with the serpent. Gen. 3:7 declares after the act had been committed strictly for another purpose other than that of the divine will of God and at a time when God himself had not brought them together although it was in the time of her cycle of life, the eyes of both were opened and they knew they were naked and sewed fig leaves together and made themselves aprons. Is it not strange though having never worn clothes before they knew where the aprons should go or which part of the body should be covered? Had they partaken of some fruit by the mouth and felt so guilty why did they not cover the guilty area of the body that had caused the sin? It is not until the curse is pronounced upon the serpent a few verses later that we learn something known only to the Lord. After the Lord had cursed the creature Adam had named the serpent, do we find in verse 15 something that has caused scholars and religious leaders to almost pull out their hair trying to explain.


The Lord says that he places enmity between the serpent and the woman and between his seed and her seed. [Note: enmity being placed just between the woman and the serpent over what was done stating it (seed of woman) shall bruise thy head and thou (seed of serpent) shalt bruise his heel]. Everyone readily accepts the seed of the woman to be fulfilled in the literal Christ born of woman, but who is the seed of the serpent. Recall, this seed or offspring spoken of is the seed planted before his curse had ever been pronounced and shall retain his physical likeness as to what it was before the curse, not afterward. How can people say one of these seeds are spiritual and the other natural, not so. Both seed spoken of here are natural seeds or offsprings. Gen. 3:14-15 deals strictly with the curse of the serpent himself. Recall, the serpent was not the devil, but the fleshly creature that stood at the head ranks of the animal kingdom next to man, thus it is not the devil being cursed, but the serpent who had permitted himself to get all inspired by the devil. God informs him as he removes him from the headship of the animal kingdom placing him at the tail end of creation out among the reptiles. Thou art cursed above every cattle and beast of the field, upon thy belly shall thy go and dust shalt thou eat all the days of thy life. Note, everything was cursed because of him yet the serpent would be cursed above them all. Eating dust did not mean that now as he was trapped out in the reptile family he would literally be forced to eat the dust. No, not even snakes eat dust. Then what does it mean? From the dust they receive their bugs, microscopic insects, flies and other such things. Therefore, we would say as God was stripping him from his head position, he was humiliating him by placing him way down the line in the reptile family. Note, before the fall he had no resemblance nor blood line of a reptile although Adam named him the serpent and since he and his companion were cursed and placed in the reptile family, it has now given the appearance in the minds of people that the reptile family was the serpent, hence we see the word serpent has been attached to the entire reptile family. It was not so in the beginning. However, he receiving his food from the dust means as he crawls through the dust it will be there he will receive his food, he who once stood walking at the headship of the animal kingdom. Verse 15 states, I will put enmity between thee and the woman meaning a difference and that difference was well expressed between their two seeds in a malicious, hateful manner which extended between Cain and righteous Abel or as God expressed it in this verse, between thy seed and her seed. Seed, I am sure everyone is aware from the Old Testament writings, is the offspring of man. Did not God instruct Israel he would multiply the fruit of their loins meaning their seed? Observe closely, will put enmity between thy seed and the woman’s seed, between his offspring and Eve’s offspring. Recall, the woman’s name is Eve which means the mother of all living. The serpent truly had an offspring and Eve shall be the mother of it. That is why once you examine the genealogy of Cain, he is nowhere found connected with the genealogy of Adam. I repeat, nowhere in the genealogy of Adam is Cain, the older child, found (I John 3:12). In no way possible will the scripture link that older child into the descendent route to Christ. The route of Christ is traced back to Seth, the seed that Eve declared God had appointed unto her to take Abel’s place who Cain slew. The genealogy jumps Cain who many people think was Adam’s first born and every time goes unto Adam who was the son of God (Luke 3:38).


The seeds mentioned in Gen. 3:15 are precisely two separate offspring. Naturally, the woman’s seed would be her legal child by her husband, Adam. That seed can be traced directly into Christ who was born of woman, bruised the head, the life too and works of all the serpent did. Where? At Calvary. Naturally, the work of Calvary takes in the terrible lick Satan himself received as he, through the serpent, was able to bring death into the race and in that sense Satan is spoken of in this particular verse; however, it was actually the works of the serpent deceiving Eve and defiling her that brought the fall as he introduced to her the fruit or knowledge from the tree of good and evil r the other law which would result in death once the sexual act was accepted on some other basis than that ordained route God himself had chosen to bring himself another son or daughter into the world. It was said the woman’s seed shall bruise thy head and thou (serpent seed) shall bruise his heel. However, seeing how Cain killed Abel, how could this be tied in? The language is pictorial and is picturing a man in the process of killing a serpent by striking him extremely hard with the heel, hard enough to place an injury or blow against the serpent causing death and naturally in order to stomp the serpent hard enough you are going to bruise the heel. Yet, why did God say it (woman’s seed) shall bruise thy head. The blow must be administered to the head because if you hit a serpent any place else in the body it would not constitute death. Cut his tail off and he would go on. Cut a hole in his side and he would only wiggle until eventually the place would heal. All this reveals his heart or life does not exist within his body because you must strike him where the center of his life lies and that is in his head. Note, there was only one seed who could bruise the serpent’s head. (Meaning destroy his works) It was at Calvary this work was accomplished, for as that perfect Son, born also from the womb of woman, born from the law or tree of eternal life wherein the tree put forth one righteous branch, and that branch was a perfect obedient son gave that righteous eternal life in order to redeem all sinful mankind who would come to God through him allowing that engrafted word of eternal life to be grafted into that old sinful flesh of mankind wherein upon the resurrection or rapture will destroy all evidence and trace of the work of the serpent within the life of sinful mankind (John 10:10 – I John 3:8) who became a true believer in Christ.


In fulfillment of this verse, Christ was that perfect seed of woman that could never be fathered through the Adamic race after the fall. When this righteous seed off the tree of life born only for a divine purpose into this world, submitted to Calvary look what happened, victory over death was gained. Note, death as usual claimed his victim as it had every seed of man that came from the tree of knowledge; however, death now had hold of a different man. This man, who had become sin for us, had come from the tree of life or the perfect law of life in a route all children would have come had any been born before the fall. Once death conquered his victim at Calvary, Christ in this process had wounded the devil by the same act. Note, to hit the serpent in 25 the head in this manner doesn’t necessarily constitute instant death, yet the blow that was struck does constitute the fact that as the day was coming to a close you have the assurance the life of that serpent will not be living the next day. The blow and injury on the head will bring death by sunset, yet the bruising of the hell, which was none other than the effects of Christ being killed or crucified at Calvary shows the heel will recover. Therefore, the healing or recovery of the heel of the seed of woman was in the resurrection of Christ, that righteous branch off the tree of life. Hence we can see the entire effect or death blow against the seed of the serpent (and all his works) transmitted in the atonement work at Calvary. Sure, the bruise of his heel was also death; however, three days later he was healed. Yet, that blow delivered against the old serpent the day Jesus hung on the cross dealt him such a mighty wound, though he wiggles and twists until sundown (or end of the age) when the new day arises he will not be around. Since already having discussed throughout the message the curse of woman for her part in partaking of the forbidden fruit, we will only say the entire verse 16 indicates for her role in partaking of the forbidden fruit for pleasure only the woman receives strictly a curse upon her already impregnated female organs and her desire shall now be to her husband who shall rule over her and Adam caused the ground to be cursed because he had hearkened unto the voice of his wife (in accepting the act on a pleasure basis and not to the voice of God in waiting until God brought them together). For this God says, in sorrow shall thy eat of it all the days of thy life, thorns and thistles shall it bring forth unto thee, in the sweat of thy face shall thy eat bread until thou returns unto the ground for out of it was thou taken for dust thou art and unto dust thou shalt return. Adam knew well what God meant when he spoke to the woman concerning the two seeds for here in verse 20 Adam named his wife Eve because she was (already) the mother of all living. Therefore, we can easily see today what sin or eating from the wrong tree has produced in the world. God’s word along with history reveals its heartaches, miseries and woes and remember every seed produced by mankind after that was born lost. All 3.7 billion were born lost, but all is not hopeless for as we have witnessed human life come into this world through the sex act, used now for a different purpose, transferring the curse of the fall into every human life through the blood stream; therefore, making it totally impossible for any man in the Adamic race to have fathered a perfect child as the law from the tree of life would have produced, seeing that all male life carried a curse in its bloodstream, we should also look into the conception and life of one man who changes the entire course of mankind . This man was created from a righteous gene and a holy egg, yet the important thing is he was conceived, nurtured and born from the womb of woman and was that only child which the righteous law of the tree of life ever produced, granting eternal life.


Since Christ was our perfect example, many things are learned from his life. Had there never been any disobedience pertaining to God’s perfect law of life resulting in a transgression, each child produced from Adam’s line would produced from Adam’s line would have been a perfect child filled with eternal life in the same capacity as that of the Lord Jesus. Therefore, you will note in order to produce a perfect child full of eternal life, God still did not bypass the womb of woman. Yes, for a very precise reason he chose the womb of woman especially to bear the (perfect) Christ child. A virgin of Nazareth was used to produce a perfect little body of clay made up of cell life likened unto your own flesh (Rom. 8:2-4) in that it was composed of oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, etc. However, within his bloodstream where flows the life is a far different story because no trace of sin could be found which had been transmitted into this little vessel of life either from the germ or gene of life nor from the egg of woman. These two components being all that was needed to father a perfect child, yet no one within the human race had either. Sure, in Spirit, Christ was God who fathered himself this perfect vessel of clay, a temple or 26 perfect body of man by the means of (1) a perfect created gene of life and creating within Mary a perfect egg to receive that perfect gene. Don’t forget Christ was perfect man as well as perfect God, only here we are examining strictly the man side and seeing a perfect man and how the life of this man came through a perfect gene and perfect egg giving to him eternal life. Since no death was found in his bloodstream there could be nothing but eternal life in his flesh. Yes, in the very likeness for his body was absolutely flesh, although it was not sinful flesh. Adam and Eve could have produced exactly the same thing under the perfect law of life through God’s leadership, producing perfect children. Therefore, Christ who is spoken of in the scripture as the branch shows that original law of God through woman has produced one perfect child, while the Tree of Knowledge of good and evil under which law children by the billions have been conceived through the act of pleasure, born in sin, today number better than 3.7 billion living souls not including all the untold dead who await resurrection. The number has grown to such staggering proportions and the number expected to be born in the near future has frightened the world to the point they feel something must be done and done quickly.


To prove it was not God’s original plan as some teach even within this message to bring perfect life into the world by the spoken word, ignoring the sex act completely and that sex and the woman merely became that accepted route after the fall, all one need do is look at the man who was born of woman through that perfect seed and perfect egg. Christ’s route of birth shows it had always been God’s plan to use the perfect seed of man and egg of woman. However, after the fall the seed nor egg was no longer perfect. Sexual relations under the tree of life could never have produced the sex act in any immoral manner such as fornication, adultery, or perversion in any fashion. All this immoral action stemmed from using the act for the other purpose which involved pleasure. However, let it clearly be understood that sex and sex alone was the original intended route to introduce that perfect gene of life unto the perfect egg and produce children full of eternal life (as Christ was) and that sex is not something secondary or something that ended up in his permissive will. No, instead it was his direct will. To see that God always intended to use the womb of woman to bring forth a perfect child, all one has to do is look at the Christ child who was born from the womb of woman through a perfect seed and a perfect egg (through both in this case had to be created), otherwise how could Christ have been that perfect seed called the seed of woman. Gen. 3:15, ordained to bruise the head of the serpent if God’s only means or route to bring perfect children into the earth was to speak them into existence. Christ could never be called the seed of woman if this were true, God proved that perfection in perfect children could still come through the womb of woman when he allowed Christ the perfect manchild to be born and not created. Had Christ come into this world by any other route than through the womb of woman (the original route for all mankind) he could never have been the seed of woman, the seed of Abraham and the son of David, because there would have been no physical ties to the human race and the redeemer had to be connected with the human race. It would make no sense for God to speak of Christ as the (perfect) seed of woman bruising the serpent’s head then speak him into existence giving him absolutely no connection to the woman whatsoever.


Science Article

** Now when a sperm comes into contact with an egg, it actually penetrates the egg’s cell membrane and enters the substance of the egg itself. This is the precise moment of fertilization and it is here that another on nature’s minor miracles takes place, for as soon as one of these 250,000,000 sperm enters the solitary egg, the egg becomes impenetrable to all the others. The sex and genetic characteristics of the child that results from this union are determined at this very 27 moment. Here’s how: every cell in the human body, including the primordial egg and sperm, contains exactly 46 microscopic bodies known as chromosomes. As the egg matures, its chromosomes become divided into 23 identical pairs, one set of which is discarded. As the sperm matures, its chromosomes also become divided into 23 pairs, 22 of which are identical and one of which is not. One member of this 23rd pair is known as an X chromosome and the other as a Y chromosome. The sperm then splits in two and now the mature sperm, like the mature egg, contains 23 chromosomes, so the fertilized egg contains 46, 23 from the mother and 23 from the father. And since it is these chromosomes which carry the genes, the baby that develops from this union will bear genetic similarities (color of hair, size of body, etc.) to both parents. When the sperm splits in two, however, its other half is not discarded. Both halves become mature sperm; one half contains and X chromosome and the other half a Y chromosome. If, as luck will have it, the egg is fertilized by a sperm containing a Y chromosome, the resultant conceptus will be male; if the sperm contains an X chromosome, the baby will be female. ****************************************************************


Generations after the flood, Abraham was called to the Promised Land and told, in thee and thy seed (Christ – Gal. 3:16) shall all the families of the earth be blessed. If God intended through the spoken word to speak perfect children into existence in the world, how would Christ even be connected to the seed of Abraham and yet here is the beauty of it all, we realize biologically all of Abraham’s seed had a bloodstream full of imputed sin transferred through that heredity law as the act was completed, then how could he have been the seed of Abraham and not have that infected bloodstream as all the rest of Abraham’s seed? Through that perfect gene and egg of woman. God created Mary a perfect egg. According to the genealogies of Christ, both Matthew and Luke trace him through the lineage of Abraham and David. How could he be called the son of man unless he was born of woman? Not only does son of Man apply to his prophetic office, it applies also to the very fact he took upon himself the form of man and being man he was the son of woman (though not son of SINFUL man) yet in essence of flesh he was the son of man. Before the fall, each child being born through the sexual act would have been born sinless, perfect, having no sickness flowing in their veins. Basically, in the veins of all humans flows disease which we pass on to our children and our children pass on to theirs. However, under the true intended way of birth there would have never been any death or sickness in the blood veins because eternal life would have been there. Jesus, born of the creative gene and egg, allowed him a pure, perfect blood stream. He could know no sickness. God added the very cell-like structure in Christ’s body that makes up the very origin of flesh when he took on the form of man. Although if our blood (not his) was placed under a microscope there would be seen every kind of basic germ that destroys life and were it not for the ingredients within the blood which fight off these diseases, these germs would kill us in only a matter of time. Whenever the healing laws within our body become weakened, these very microscopic diseases go to work and death begins to take its toll. However, in the blood of Jesus no sickness or death could be found. In no way was death working or reigning in his flesh, he was that perfect man born of woman. Why then, you ask, did he die? He was ordained to die. Not from an imputed death penalty as was on the human race. He was ordained to die the death that Adam should have died, because had Adam died, God would have destroyed his sole means of bringing his human family into being. Adam’s days were prolonged with life for awhile in order to set in motion the pattern for his children to be born, however each one born from woman after the curse was born with imputed death and sin attributes added yet when God brought in his redemption (Christ) to fulfill the seed of woman, seed of Abram and son of David, also son of man, in flesh he was perfect man and in spirit he was perfect God. He was the second Adam created, begotten of the Father 28 to do one thing. Adam had brought death into the world, thus condemning the entire race. As life is carried through the bloodstream it was condemned life. The second Adam came to undo what the first Adam brought upon us. (Read Romans 5:12-21) I have no doubt because some see how debase the human relationship has become, they have accepted the attitude or feeling such a thing could never have been in God’s Original plan, but had to be a permissive act only. Yet recall, Satan is the one who brought about the evil in the act, not God. The act itself is not evil, it is the usage of the act which has made the evil. I repeat, it is the usage of the act through fornication, adultery and perversion that has made the evil. Often I have heard people say, money is the root of all evil yet that is not what the Bible says. It says, the love of money is the root of all evil. Get it straight. When you do, there is a difference. To some, Psalms 51:5 might sound as though David was saying the relation itself was evil. Again, I say, get it straight. That is not the way to interpret it. David is only saying that once sin and death was imputed into the bloodstream, the act absolutely could not be conducted without every child being conceived and begotten in sin and death being present.


Because of these misconstrued ideas of sex being a secondary plan that God was stuck with we have teachers today who instruct young people they should avoid marriage thus avoiding the relationship between husband and wife. Paul, the great teacher and apostle to the gentile church had much t say along these lines and nowhere did he in any manner condemn the marriage bed. On the contrary, in I Tim. 4:1 (Heb. 13:4) Paul says that in the last days some would depart from the faith. That faith spoken of here is the true revelated faith of the last day we would be restored back to by a prophet to this age. Paul says (these teachers will be) giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils and would be teaching people they should abstain from marriage when Paul had already taught the marriage bed was undefiled, but adulterers and fornicators God would Judge (Heb. 13:4). FALSE


At one time people thought this scripture applied to the Catholic Church who taught celibacy, however, there are so many thousands of priests today from America and other countries complaining so much to the Pope concerning this ruling to the church that eventually a new set of rules will have to be made or they will loose so many men from the ministry the church will suffer greatly. Pope Paul has already testified that this has become his greatest burden and thorn. No, beloved, this scripture is not speaking of Catholicism nor Protestantism who in the last days has departed from the revelated faith of apostolic truth. They never departed from the original faith because they were never in the faith to depart from it. This deals with a people who have been restored to the faith and is departing and one of their teachings is forbidding to marry while the other will be to abstain from meats. God could not choose himself a Bride until he had restored the faith back in its proper prospective. Then according to Paul some would depart from the faith. God intended that time would drift on long enough after the restoration to the true faith that this scripture would be fulfilled. No, departing from denominationalism is not departing from the true faith, they were never in a true faith from which to depart. If a teacher rose up teaching the true faith, he would be kicked out. According to Paul, these would be teachers projecting certain doctrines who had departed from the true faith. Seducing spirits and doctrines of devils. I am glad Paul labeled them what they are, speaking lies in hypocracy, having their conscience seared with a hot iron, which means once that conscience has been perverted, molded or shaped into that doctrine or teaching of devils it would be most difficult for them to get other revelations concerning truth. Yes, these teachers who have doctrines of devils will be forbidding to marry and furthermore, instructing those who are married legally in the sight of God to refrain from relations with their mates. Since Paul started this, let us see what 29 more he has on the subject. Recall, what Paul says deals strictly with the people in the true faith, that faith to which we have been restored in this endtime. I Cor. 7:1-5 dealing on the subject of marriage Paul states enough that should assist any god-fearing married couple, guiding them in their relations, it is good for a man not to touch a woman (meaning have no relations) nevertheless, to avoid fornication let every man have his own wife and let every woman have her own husband. Let the husband render unto the wife due benevolence for the wife hath no power over her own body but the husband, or as Williams translation says, the wife does not have the right to do as she pleases with her own body. The husband has his right. Another fine translation says, a wife cannot claim her body as her own, it is her husbands. “Likewise, the husband has no power over his own body but the wife. Defraud ye not one the other”. Moffitt translation states, do not withhold sexual relation from the other. Williams translation states, you husbands and wives must stop refusing each other what is due, only except it be consent for a time. Lamentation translation says, except when both of you consent to do so. Moffitt translation says unless it is only temporarily and it is by mutual consent. That you give yourselves to fasting and prayer and come together again “that Satan tempt you not in your incontinency.” Moffitt translation clarifies it by saying, lest through your lack of self-control Satan begin to tempt you to sin. I would remind you the only grounds Paul gives unto the married in abstinence for any length of time is to be strictly for prayer and fasting. Then he says, come together again or resume relations as before. Is it not strange that in this endtime or latter day Satan is instructing the married they should abstain and to the unmarried he says they should indulge as freely as they please. We are at the end of this gentile dispensation when Satan is trying his best to debase, demoralize and cut out from under this human race the very foundation of moral decency. That is why I feel that the word SEX is so openly displayed. Decent, conscientious people shudder in the light of the perversion and immoral way things have gone and it is doubtful there is a Christian on earth with enough voice who could turn the tide whatsoever. In order to stop this oncoming multitude predicted in 35 years, every available means from birth control pills to abortion laws have been thrown in motion. You must realize as I speak on this subject, I am speaking on the overall picture. We are certainly not in this article trying to dictate to anyone the size family they should have. That is strictly between you and God, it is not up to Congress nor the Supreme Court. It is between you and God. We realize although God commissioned man to multiply and replenish the earth, the job does not fall on the shoulders of only one family, but all. Concerning abortion, I would like to repeat that we be not misunderstood. Perhaps there are times under medical specifications when it would be necessary to take an unborn child only because of health reasons such as endangering the life of the mother; however, to use abortion as it is being used today, to simply rid oneself of an unwanted child is pure sinful murder of the unborn and God will deal with those guilty.


In the high schools, grammar schools and kindergartens, something new and Satanic is being infiltrated into the minds of our youth today. SEX EDUCATION. Why is sex education taught in the schools? They tell us the time has come in the society that there must be a limited amount of births and that through sex education this can be reached, however, this is not altogether true. As some in the medical profession have stated all of this schooling is unnecessary when everything the child or young mind should possibly be taught about the subject could be given in one and one-half hour or less. If this be true, then what is behind this extended program. Believe it or not, there are still some young people with decent morals concerning sexual values and believe God meant what he said concerning adultery in the Ten Commandments.


This, whether you believe it or not, must be destroyed in their minds. The society on the horizon is a society that shall have the loosest morals ever and in 30 order to have such loose morals they must be educated, righteousness morality and such must be destroyed in their thinking. They are to be taught to give in to the flesh, not abstain from the appearance of evil nor flee youthful lusts as the scripture teachers. You see, it is a moral breakdown in their minds. Is it not strange that these particular teachers who teach these subjects are not teachers who have high morals and will instruct the youth of the day concerning the evils, no on the contrary, it will be left planted in their minds, that even for the unmarried sex is a wholesome and beautiful thing? They shall merely be cautioned how and how not to enter into the activity. Teachers with loose moral standards will be used to stimulate the youths thinking. It is a trick of Satan to take teachers and in their classes use such suggestive words and diagrams concerning the relation of man and woman and repeat and drill into the minds of the class these words until the blush concerning the subject in any manner leave the youth of today. Their brains will literally be washed from anything that God has placed within the inner man to make his sensitive and convicted and draw back at the evil of the relation of the unmarried. Their tactic, SEX EDUCATION, is being used to brainwash the students morality. During the late 60’s a moral breakdown began in our colleges and universities that has steadily grown worse. Colleges are encouraging such a moral breakdown among youth today that Senator Jerry Thomas, President-elect of the Florida Senate and father of five has cried out bitterly against the corrupt morals of Florida University, declaring unless the universities return to moral sanity on our campuses his five children will never attend college. Says he, college administrators are now bowing to students request, for example, for open bedrooms (meaning male students may roam freely through women’s dormitories, spending the night if he chooses). Former Berkeley President Clark Kerry declared the three big issues of college today are (1) Football for the Alumni, (2) parking for the faculty and (3) sex for the student. Look at your universities which once provided intellectual leadership, today contribute greatly to the moral downfall of free love. This is education and its moral breakdown, last of all a quick look at the religious breakdown.


The New Commandment, Thou Shall Not – MAYBE – was the topic found under religion for December 13, 1971, in Times Magazine. The Sinai law thou shall not commit adultery has always been referred to as any sexual activity out of holy wedlock, until recently. Pressing times, new morals make liberal theologians now feel there are some exceptions to the rule. Christ’s own words of condemning lustful thoughts as adultery (Matt. 5:27-28) means nothing now. The Lutheran Church in an 85 page booklet on SEX, MARRIAGE AND FAMILY written by 21 imminent church men states, pre-marital and extra-marital sexual relations may well be and frequently are than not acts of sin. But the book goes on to say, these acts are sinful not because they are intrinsically wrong, but because they are often engaged in for selfish reasons by men and woman who are sinful by nature. Lutherans are urged to study this by the convention while also passing a statement affirming that sexual relation outside the context of marriage union is (note) morally wrong. United Presbyterian Church and its 12 member task force of professionals recommends that the arbitrary requirements of premarital virginity be replaced by a sliding scale of allowable premarital sex, geared to the permanence, depths and maturity of the relationship. The report finds “exceptional circumstances in which adultery might be justified, for instance, when one spouse suffers permanent mental incapacity”; furthermore, it states the church should explore the possibility of communal and other sex styles for the unmarried. Modernist, anti-Christ “Christendom” not only disregards the Word of God, but actively promotes adultery. The youth magazine COLLOQUY, March 1970, published by the United Church of Christ, suggests premarital sex as “a beautiful thing”. The 182nd General Assembly of the United Presbyterian Church, Chicago, 1970, accepted for study a report on “Sexuality and the Human Community.” Under “Courtship and Marriage” is the paragraph: “If in the course of 31 such a courtship, a couple has taken a responsible decision to engage in pre-martial intercourse, the church should not convey to them the impression that their decision is in conflict with their status as members of the body of Christ.” United Church of Christ has a statement written by their 6-man Christian education maintaining that sex is moral if the partners are committed to the fulfilling of each other’s personhood, pointedly omitting marriage as a prerequisite; furthermore, this committee urges the church to recognize the sexual needs of single persons. Surely, we stand at the end of all that this accepted tree or law of good and evil has produced, but what new evil lurks in the shadows. As one attorney in New York declared who is battling legal abortion, if we have reached the point that medical science can determine who of the unborn should be permitted to live, how long will it be before they will begin to dictate as to who among the living should live and who should die. This of course would be as that fantastic predicted number (7 billion or more) begins to arrive. Amen.