In An Hour You Think Not

Rev. Raymond M. Jackson

Text: Matthew 24:43-51

CHRIST STANDING AT THE BEGINNING OF THE GRACE AGE AS RECORDED IN MATT: 24, PEERS THROUGH THE AGE UNTO THE VERY END AND PROPHECIES EVENTS WHICH ARE SIGNS POINTING TO THE CLOSING OUT OF THE AGE IN RELIGION AS WELL AS THE WORLD. HUNDREDS OF SERMONS HAVE PORTRAYED THESE SIGNS CONCERNING WORLD EVENTS YET WHY SO LITTLE SPOKEN CONCERNING THE MINISTRY THAT SHALL LEAD THE CHURCH RECORDED IN MATT: 25:1-13. WHAT HAPPENED IN THIS GENERATION RELIGIOUSLY WHICH CANNOT BE IGNORED THAT FORMED THE PATTERN OF THE ENDTIME MINISTRY PRODUCING BOTH FOOLISH AND WISE SERVANTS? Verses 43-51 of Matt. 24 finds Jesus giving a closing analysis of this colorful chapter in which he declares the frame of mind his servants and church would be in shortly before his return. Verse-43 —”But know this that if the good man of the house had known in what watch the thief would come, he would have watched, and would not have suffered (or allowed) his house to be broken up.” Here is Jesus’ own admonition spoken to the true believer of that day yet applicable to the true believer of each age to the very end regardless of how long time itself endures within the grace age. Verse-44 – – “Therefore be ye ready for in such an hour ye think not the son of man cometh.” This, beloved, is Christ’s own personal announcement or admonition concerning his appearing for his bride and note, here is the only type invitation he extends throughout the scriptures. Going back Christ now picks up another thought to project into this admonition which also affects every true believer. His statement then becomes a question as he asks in verse 45, who then is a faithful and wise servant whom his lord hath made ruler (custodian, steward or overseer) over his household (his people or church) to give them meat (or spiritual food) in due season? Again speaking of his return he approaches it with still another question in which the implication is again applicable to the living at whatever hour they were upon the earth provided Christ came during that period. Many hundreds of years have transpired since Christ spoke those words and multitudes who embraced this hope now sleep in the dust of the earth, yet we recognize from these statements Christ was actually addressing the living element who would be alive in the very hour of his appearance for his bride church. 


Therefore we note Christ addressing this statement to the living servants walking in his present day truth when he asked, “who then is a faithful and wise servant.” All this passage must be embraced to receive the entire setting, seeing it deals with everything that we as true restored apostolic Bible believers in this endtime have been taught. Various ones have often wondered, would there be a living ministry, faithful to Christ, walking in true revelation at the time of Christ’s appearance for the church – – -JESUS SAID THERE WOULD! -Furthermore, we note in this prophecy of Christ concerning the endtime at his very appearing, that the living servants of Christ have been divided into two categories – – (1) faithful and wise who give meal in due season (2) the other finds living servants classified as wicked in so much as they begin to think certain things within their hearts and this promote them to do unwise things, therefore how could anyone who believes in the Bible read this particular passage and fail to recognize a living ministry would be on the scene giving out meat in due season or spiritual revelated food at the time Jesus actually appears for his bride church? We also know according to this prophecy it will not be the ministry of one man but of many servants – – the exact number no one knows but servants is a plural word meaning more than one, v-49). Therefore in verses 46,47 do not keep servant in the singular although Christ’s own personal admonition will be to that individual servant whoever or however many there are ordained to be. God’s own personal commendation will be to that individual servant – – ” blessed is he whom his lord when he cometh will find so doing.” What is he doing that Christ refers to him as a wise servant? HE IS GIVING MEAT IN DUE OR PROPER SEASON!! 

Approaching the subject from an overall standpoint Christ says in verse 47, verily, verily I say unto you — that he will make him ruler over all his goods, but and if that evil servant (speaking now to another class within the same faith) shall say in his heart, my lord delayeth his coming and shall begin to smite his fellow servants and to eat and drink with the drunken, the lord of that servant shall come in a day when he looketh not for him and in an hour that he is not aware of, and shall cut him asunder and appoint him his portion with the hypocrites; there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.” (Matt. 24:48-51). Verses 48-51 must be analyzed closely for we note Christ has no kind or pleasing words for that evil servant as he had for the faithful servant. (1) We note the evil servant spoken of here in the singular (yet applies to all who fit in the category) shall not necessarily begin to speak outwardly telling people that his lord had delayed his coming but says in his own heart, my Lord delays his coming – 


 therefore we must carefully note for something to be said in the heart does not necessarily imply it was outwardly spoken with the lips. A thing may remain secret in the heart however once it is spoken and made public it is no longer known only to you and God for the mouth confesseth only what the heart speaketh. Yet, only saying a thing within your heart means you  (1) think it, (2) meditate on it or (3) brood over it – – however it may never be allowed to escape your lips. Therefore in this particular sense, Jesus who knows the hearts of all men now looks into the heart of each evil servant and discovers something there which will cause them to eventually lose out. Perhaps it is merely a thought or feeling that cannot openly be expressed by that individual servant who is classified as evil, nevertheless it certainly shows up in his action and treatment against his fellow servants (more than one). -Therefore, verse 48 proves beyond any doubt there will be a classification of true, wise and faithful servants of whom the evil servant comes against, furthermore it implies that once he was in their fellowship! 


 Although I have been ridiculed and scoffed at for the past six years on the basis of this particular scripture, I have strongly declared there will be a living, active ministry who propagates the endtime revelation of truth, and furthermore each servant of this endtime truth delivered to us by an endtime prophet who rescued us from Babylonian ideas and placed us back in the scripture will fit in one of these categories! To make -this statement one does not need to be a prophet with great foresight. All one needs to do is simply believe the plain spoken word of God in Matt. 24:44-51. 

Jesus, looking down through the span of time, (over 1900 years) spoke these words which primarily affects the endtime believers of the grace age. So often are we guilty of taking those little insignificant statements of our Lord and treating them as if it were merely a certain amount of words to fill space on a page of paper, yet this is not true. Jesus, through a simple little word, can speak or drop a seed of thought into the heart and once that little seed grows into fulfillment it will affect people at large and so often the people are not even aware of the conditions to watch must develop in order to bring into focus the very thing Jesus spoke of which would greatly affect their lives. Verse 48 – -“But and if that evil servant shall say in his heart (not – necessarily from his lips) my Lord delayeth his coming” – – we ask ourselves the question seeing that so many parables of Christ referring to the grace age speaks of a delayed coming. How could any servant at the endtime feel that the Lord had delayed his coming? It is the effects of the following verse which portrays what that evil servant will do once in his heart he begins saying – – my lord delays his coming. He begins to smite his fellow servants! Examining the language of fellow servant used by Christ implies at one point this one classified as the evil servant was in a fellowship with those classified as wise and faithful servants. 


 Fellow always connects two persons into some kind of fellowship, whether it be army, police force, organization or club — all would imply members of fellow brothers. This phrase definitely implies that somewhere in the past these two classes, these endtime ministers were in a fellowship of some nature. Just as Christ used his illustration in the parable of the ten virgins in the following chapter (Ch. 25), five being wise and five foolish – although the virgins also fall into two separate categories we must all agree they were all virgins, yet, within that same period of time one group was slumbering while the other group was sleeping. Therefore it is the evil servants at the very endtime who Christ says will begin to say within his heart, my lord delays his coming and once that is done we begin to note what followed his decision – he begins tesmite his fellow servants (more than one) which again proves his opposite would be the wise servant. You see in this case he can’t simply attack just one wise servant because with him it is, not a personal dislike therefore he slaps at what the true servant believes; he is therefore forced to slap at the entire work of all the true servants making his attack be against all the wise servants! As we noted when Christ spoke concerning the wise servant his wording was wise servants to indicate more than one, likewise is it with the evil servants who also are more than one and their personal attack against the wise servants is against the overall body of true servants (true in the sense of loyalty to Christ), he realizes according to his own feeling these wise servants are all against him and I might add, have every right to be against him as he is off the word to which he was suppose to have been restored! While teaching this scripture and realizing so many have actually turned away from the Word to which they were suppose to have been restored, seldom ever consulting it, my prayer is that you still have enough conscience and belief that this Bible is the written Word of God and is applicable for our hour as well as any hour in the past. 


 That evil servant, the scripture says, shall begin to smite his fellow servants and naturally once he does this he has but one alternative that is to begin retreating from the realm of spirituality to which he once had access or potential benefits perhaps long before he began to smite his fellow servants. Furthermore, as he begins to depart from this faithful servant category, he is going to become defeated in his heart and it is his insults and harsh feelings against his true brethren that will defeat him causing him to lose out spiritually and go to the only fellowship left for him and that is the realm of the world. Yes, it is because of the condition of his heart and the things he has allowed himself to believe and do that have begun to push him backward into defeat. No one has ever seen this type spirit in a person, always slapping at someone trying to destroy them, but what it caused the person to go back from true spirituality causing him to finally retreat into the only thing left, the world. 


 “As he began to smite his fellow servant and to eat and to drink with the drunken (which doesn’t necessarily imply he becomes a drunkard, simply means there is only one Maher realm of society or fellowship to end up with and where is that – – THE WORLD. Where else do you find the drunken or glutton?, but in the world and yet everyone in the world is not a glutton or drunkard, are they? Nevertheless, where else could the Lord get this category of sinners but from the world? Therefore, all the time he is retreating from true scriptural fellowship, first with the Lord Himself and then his fellow servant, he is reaching out and smiting true servants. 


 Beloved, the action of the foolish servant is only God’s means and ways of pushing him completely out of his plan. Observe closely, as this evil servant is losing spiritual ground it is simply because he has lost his true vision, yet in humiliation still brooding over the feeling of what he has determined in his heart, he retreats to the only realm left – – THE WORLD. Retreating from one realm he goes into another and it is in this realm the lord finds him once he does appear. Think of it, Jesus says I will condemn that individual servant right along with the same sinners called the gluttons and drunkards of the world. Where my friend, will he find you at that hour? What judgment will await you and I? 


 As Christ returns and examines the man’s heart he finds he has been smiting his fellow servants and second, he has begun to eat and drink (fellowship) with the drunkards and gluttons. The Lord of that servant shall come in a day — now get this – – Christ is getting precise as he speaks of his coming in a day of 24 hours, when that evil servant looks not for him, I repeat, Christ says he is coming in a day and an hour of 60 minutes when that evil servant is not looking for him because something has happened that has so confused this evil servant’s thinking he no longer knows how or when to look for the appearing at his lord and apparently says in his heart I will not wait any longer as he ridicules those true servants who stand faithfully giving meat in due season and turns to the realm of the world. Seemingly his faith has been shattered – – what could have happened that would cause a man who had previously walked in the realm of wise servants at the endtime to now turn and become shipwrecked over his lord’s coming when his Lord Jesus had never promised anywhere in the scripture as to the time of his appearing? Somewhere within a day of 24 hours Christ said he would come when that wicked servant was not looking, not aware and not conscious of his appearing. He would come at a time when this realm of servants had lost all track of reasoning and kept themselves fit in waiting for his appearing. God becomes technical in the final hours of this age but remember it is being technical on the Word. This evil servant has lost all bearing and ability to reason, furthermore he has lost that something which once stabilized his thinking – – and therefore loses all hope in everything. Somewhere in their past life these evil servants thought they had received hidden clues that would permit them to do something no other had done, to calculate or work up a time chart pertaining to the appearing of the Lord within a certain given time. However, now the poor despondent man has lost all account of it because somewhere time moved on and his plan and date setting of the Lord’s appearing fell through! No doubt about it, he would have had to invent some idea as to when the coming of the Lord would be in order to be convinced in his heart the Lord had delayed his coming. 


Persuaded in his own heart the Lord had delayed his coming verse 51 tells his outcome. Here we note carefully what the Lord says will happen to this servant, “and he shall cut him asunder and appoint him his portion with the hypocrites, there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.” What is the meaning of “cut asunder”? To be cut off abruptly!! For what this evil servant will be guilty of doing, the Lord says I will cut him off abruptly and appoint him his portion – – not with the true servants nor the perfected saints – -but of all people – – the hypocrites or pretenders. Jesus, in this parable, was speaking far in advance in conjunction with a certain day and hour at the end of this age when he becomes thoroughly disgusted with the evil servant. yet notice, he has nothing but high praises for his faithful and wise servants who stand during the same period giving meat in due season. A precise day and hour here brings time into a most technical point, doesn’t it? 


Let us turn into Acts 1:6-7 which deals with the closing hours of those pre-ascension days wherein Christ had already spent about forty days testifying of his resurrection and leading his disciples out upon the Mount of Olives outside the holy city, he is faced with a certain question which burned in the hearts of every true Jewish disciple. Jews for centuries had longed for the hour when their Messiah-King would appear freeing them from the yoke of their enemy (which at this time was Rome) and establish the kingdom of Israel, exalting her or lifting her above the nations whereas all nations would come up unto her to worship at Jerusalem. No doubt the disciples were thinking after his resurrection the next thing on the agenda would be the restoration of Israel for, after all, they did have scripture to verify their asking him concerning it, Their only problem was they didn’t know where to place it. Therefore Jesus was asked the question by his disciples recorded in Acts 1:6, “Lord wilt thou at this time restore the kingdom again to Israel”? In other words, will you restore the kingdom in all the glory she obtained in the days of Solomon when the Queen of Sheba visited him having heard of his wisdom and glory and when questioned concerning her visit with Solomon said, “the half has never been told” (by the outsiders who discussed the glory of Israel and Solomon their king). 


Note, all of this typed the glory under the reign of Solomon when so many came in search of answers, that was only a foretaste and a perfect type of that omniscient, omnipresent, infinite Spirit God who would be manifested in the Messiah sitting in Jerusalem having the wisdom of all Deity which would cause each nation to come up and bow and worship him as the Lord of Host. ‘Will thou at this time restore again the kingdom to Israel’? In other words, Lord will you at this time kick out the Roman oppressors and become our long awaited Messiah for that glorious age? Will you at this time sit on the throne of David as we have so desired that you would? Christ’s answer was not one of rebuke for in his mind he also knew the scriptures to which they referred. To them it was an important question yet he also knew they did not know or comprehend the plan of God therefore Jesus answered the disciples saying, it is not for you to know the times nor the seasons which the father has put in his own power – -which shows beloved that the church once it began did not begin by possessing all knowledge. Here was one thing that not even the chosen apostles knew – – THE YEAR, DAY OR HOUR CHRIST WOULD COME FOR HIS PEOPLE. As to what day or hour his glorious or mysterious appearing would be to claim his own unto himself was not even known by his chosen apostles. No where in the teachings of Christ or any apostle is, it hinted or indicated in any way as to the time, day. hour or even the season (which is year) because it is a mystery that the Father has reserved to his own power and to think that the wicked servants who stand at the end of f this age having reached this point; only because they were privileged to hear a revelation some years prior – which was supposed to have restored them into a true fellowship of God by an endtime messenger, now takes it upon – themselves to do something that no other group of men ever did – – and what they did led to their utter defeat!  Think of the language setting found here in Acts 1:7 and then think of those wicked servants at the end according to Matt.24 who say, my lord delays his coming – – how could he possibly believe the coming of the Lord had been delayed when no where had the Lord Jesus ever indicated a day, hour or year which the great Eternal Spirit had reserved in his own authority, yet we know according to revelation when that glorious day and hour – – yes, even the year begins to appear naturally there will be a great transition in the glory world and some kind of revelation will begin to be made known only to the true children of God. Along these very lines of thought I would like to discuss something which I feel shall greatly affect this endtime bride people and as I do numerous people will sound off and say — THERE HE GOES AGAIN!! 


 Speaking with a brother sometime ago I said, you know if I would restrict myself to preaching merely the basics of the gospel such as the one God, water baptism, holiness, second coming, virgin birth etc., that is, stay primarily with those things upon which everyone within this movement generally agree, there would probably be very little ever spoken against me. Believers in this movement are not divided over the above subjects. There is practically no division over that which constitutes a holy, dedicated, separated life. Oh, yes, there may be little personal ideas, people want to insert into it. Such as, living as little of it as possible. However, from the doctrinal standpoint itself there is no division in the overall part of the prophet’s message to the age in these basic things pertaining to the gospel! No division in the overall picture of the Serpent’s Seed etc… 


 Then what you ask, constitutes the division? It is none other than a spirit which our Lord Jesus knew would have to be manifested in the last days thereby drawing away the attention from the true revelation of Christ within the true revealed message and place it – -that is – – place the attention upon the person of flesh who was the man used as an instrument in delivering the message of truth. In that sense beloved it becomes so extremely close to the borderline of deification and idolatry that had you lived in the first church age and such a thing as this appear there as has appeared in this endtime dealing with deification and idolatry – they would have ousted the guilty out of the church and would not have been six weeks in deciding to do so! Don’t take my word for it, read it in Paul’s writing (Cor. 5:7-13) and also the writings of the Ante-Nicene Fathers (10 volumes) where you will see how they dealt with it even after the close of the apostolic age as late as the 3rd century! I want you to know as they preached the unadulterated gospel of Jesus Christ that early church and its ministry did not have the immortal Christ on the scene to portray before those heathens, they only had his indwelling Spirit living and being magnified in their lives… which had transported them from the old man on the road of sin to a new creature in Christ which of course never made these men – Jesus, on the contrary, it only made them a reflection or miniature reproduction of that resurrected Christ wherein they might go and preach the gospel and whether the heathen’s background had been that of Hinduism, Shintoism, Budda or whatever ism, they might see and hear that unadulterated gospel in action and flee the ranks of darkness being translated into the kingdom of his dear son the Lord Jesus and walk as children of light. No convert was taught to follow Christ after the flesh, on the contrary, they were taught to follow Christ after the leadership and revelation of the Spirit, following the revelation of the engrafted word which had come into his heart changing him from a hot head to a soft head whereby he would have sense enough to listen to the gospel and allow his inner man to be moulded and fashioned into the image of Christ whereby he could think like God for a little while rather than being a heathen steeped in every kind of ritual and paganism – a fact that will also be true in the endtime church. Naturally with such a dedicated ministry to Christ on the scene those first few hundred years, having penetrated so deeply into the hearts of the people of the Roman Empire they soon received the reputation of those who turned the world upside down! 


Under such headway as the church was making no wonder the devil had to get busy and steer the church off course and away from that true program laid down by the Lord Jesus and those chosen apostles. Beloved, I want you to know to accomplish this satanic program, Satan never raised up uneducated heathen with illiterate minds out of Africa or somewhere else to do his dirty work. No sir! The dirty devil concentrated on raising up intellectual philosophers who had a potential conversion to Christianity, yet because of their desire to see and hear and follow, they became easy targets for seducing spirits and doctrines of devils. Desiring to be seen, heard and followed in order to stand out as some big something is nothing more than an indication of the old man or the works of the flesh being still very much alive! There has always been a mind somewhere who desires to have a following of which Satan is able to get hold of. However, I will say if God has called you to be something through which he might express his own virtue for a certain purpose and you are willing to follow God being used only as an instrument such as a mirror whereas that mirror only reflect the very image of the one you are seeking to reveal and show forth to a people, God will certainly give you whatever following he desires you to have, and to push that ministry one precious ounce further than what God desires means only to press one’s self into a realm whereby we become targets for Satan to pick on and perhaps eventually fulfill his will and not that of God’s! Never forget the mirror is not the object, however it does take a mirror to make the object seen. Therefore we are fully aware the church absolutely did get off course. It left the original gospel of the apostles accepted the trinity of persons in 325 A.D., becoming organized and drifting into the dark ages. Yes, all along the way, somewhere these different spirits of Satan constantly harass the church trying to destroy her, to deviate the true believer in that hour, for beloved if Satan could get the people off the Word just a little, that is all he would need to eventually sidetrack them completely. ( this is so true even in this hour). Getting them off the track of the Word slightly would serve the same purpose as a sidetrack would adjoining the main railroad track today .. Remember, no side track along the main line ever makes an abrupt 90 degree turn away from the main track. NO, the wheels on the rail cars would be unable to remain on a track making such a turn but what happens is that side track runs along very closely to the main track for some little distance, varying slightly, finally it enlarges the gap maybe four or six inches and on down the track a little distance it gradually begins to lead away – the further you go, the further you get away from the main track until finally somewhere either these two ends will connect again or you will go into altogether a different rail or line or you will end up on some dead end, up against some dark alley by some old weather beaten warehouse where you might remain for six months until the weeds grow all up around and wasps take possession. There it waits for some engine to come someday, back up and pull out of there. 


 No, had I only stayed with preaching the basics of salvation perhaps would never have had any trouble to speak of. Some twenty or more years ago God first began to speak to our hearts permitting us to understand once we had been drawn unto the ministry of brother William Branham of Jeffersonville, Indiana. Though having been born and raised in Clark County where the man ministered we still had no idea this man’s ministry even existed until one day my wife’s cousin visited my home and gave testimony concerning this ministry. I repeat, I wasn’t even aware there was a man on this earth who had such a ministry, however before this event ever occurred and here I give all glory to God, while still in my denominational church God had caused my attention to be focused upon one thing, that as this grace age had been introduced by sending John the Baptist who had that spirit of Elijah upon him, by the grace of God had sense enough to know and certainly it was not something I had picked up somewhere but something God had placed in way mind that this age could not come to a close until somewhere first that spirit of Elijah returned! All praises and glory to God, I’ll never forget that day my wife’s cousin stood in my yard testifying of the things he had seen and heard in Bro. Branham’s meetings. How the great phenomena of the appearance of the angel of the Lord on the Ohio River in 1933 among other things. Right then and there I said in my heart – having never seen the man — if these words be true then this is the spirit of Elijah that is to come! Bro. Branham had just returned from Africa when the brother testified to me and I made my way to the Tabernacle to hear and see for myself. I must give glory to God and to no person or system as I want to thank my God he didn’t have to drag me by some hook into this message but brought me straight in by a revelation – that this was the man and from that very first night over 20 years ago as I heard him deliver his sermon. 


 Since that time everything has been thrown at me in this respect. Nevertheless, I have stood in the background watching people, how they have been brought to this message when it seemed God almost had to drag them by a hook. Standing back for years they would watch his ministry before ever submitting themselves to the truth of the gospel and come down off their high horses and be baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Again, I want to thank my Saviour he did not have to drag me into this message. Beloved, like Paul of old I want to, give all glory to God because it is here I am forced to say a few things!! Through the years I was permitted to sit and hear the wonderful truths of God’s Word. Everytime this little man’s mouth opened I would see in his message the Lord Jesus of the Bible lived and preached and truly it made me want to live more like that Christ of the Bible. No, let’s get one thing perfectly clear I NEVER SAW CHRIST IN THE FLESH, THE WORD NOR THE LAMB IN THE FLESH as some have so erroneously thought this man secretly to be. What I saw was the Christ of the Bible that Paul and other great men had preached. That little man could make Jesus real, nevertheless once I reached out and began to touch certain truths found in the pages of scripture on the subject of the millenium, resurrection, seventy weeks of Daniel or any such thing, that is when I became the target of so many — probably nothing would have ever been said against me had I left these subjects alone and simply followed the crowd. 


It is usually true if you follow the crowd you won’t be persecuted. That is true within any group on earth today, denominational or otherwise. Just follow the crowd in general and you won’t be persecuted, but may I say firmly yet as humbly as I know how I have purposed in my heart I am not following the crowd because the day I start following the crowd I want to know where the crowd is going as it cannot be going ten ways at the same time! I am not arrogant in this yet I must say certain things to let you know what helped bring about these foolish servants predicament in Matthew 24. Occasionally this gospel must be preached with some teeth in it because some people simply never get what you are talking about, therefore you have to say a few things in a manner to penetrate their thinking. It takes that sudden jar before they say, I SEE, I SEE, otherwise they simply sit around as if the wind is blowing over their head. Therefore I repeat, not because we preach the basics of the gospel are we being persecuted. My critics in this movement cannot pick up the Bible and say you are off the Word here or here. NO, their statement is always with this excuse – – now you know the prophet didn’t say that. I said this and I will say it again, if I find it in the Bible I am going to preach it because it is still God’s Word! Yes, if it is in the Bible it is still God’s Word!! God sent a message out of that Bible into this age to tie up all the loose ends of the gospel of which the Reformation leaders were totally incapable of doing and place us back on the true foundation of the teachings of that early church by those apostles and though our Brother Branham reached out and brought together unheard of mysteries and connected them altogether with the rest of the word, yet I am still convinced that God has left a few little nuggets lying around here and there in his Word for his Bride and his Bride alone to feast upon thereby causing her to pray and seek God even up until the very end, for recall Christ in Matt. 24 spoke of his faithful and wise servants giving meat in due )and proper) season at the end! 


 Therefore, I absolutely cannot abide by the mass of opinions which are at large today pertaining to this message delivered by the prophet of God wherein every man seeks to interpret it according to the way his ears heard it and because I make these remarks do not feel for a moment Jackson feels himself to be anything – – Jackson is only a sinner saved by the grace of God. My flesh stinks like anyone else, yet for the past six years I have watched poor, helpless souls within this movement (who have been instructed there really is nothing else to look forward to, it is all over) as they wander and stagger being tossed about by every kind of doctrine that could be devised by some teacher, who compiled together some statements and made themselves a doctrine which only serves to hinder the progress of this message. Furthermore, if God ever gets this thing straightened out seeing the realm of carnality that has entered into the picture since the prophet’s death, it will have to be through some preachers with backbone that He has raised up who still have enough revelation left in their own hearts to fear God and separate themselves from this mess of confusion and preach the truth! I simply cannot live in confusion. It is not in my home and I won’t tolerate it in Faith Assembly. Confusion is of the Devil!! And a thousand different voices you can rest assured is of the Devil because when God speaks, he speaks one way and not out of both sides of his mouth. Our God doesn’t send men out – – one teaching one thing while another PREACHING SAME THING IS POWERFUL PUNCH – The powerful punch within the fivefold ministry, called faithful and wise servants standing at the end of the age used by God to perfect the saints (Eph .4:11) giving forth meat in due season, will he that they all shall speak the same thing! Therefore, is there any wonder why that early church would gladly continue steadfastly in the apostles doctrine seeing that they all spoke the same thing. Acts 2:42! However this must also remain in our minds, that God will try us by permitting certain things to be said merely to see whether we have a spiritual mind or whether we only live in the realm of carnality. Remember if we take certain things from a carnal standpoint we are sure to go astray. On the other hand, if we take them from a spiritual standpoint we are bound to end up alright. Therefore, I refuse to bow to the SPIRIT OF THIS THING which fails to accomplish the purpose of God in bringing unity and perfection unto a people who were blessed in that they heard an endtime message. We were restored by revelation to what the apostles taught and because they all taught the same thing it kept unity in the body of Christ. It is only when one teaches one thin and another teaches something contrary that confusion is brought to the hearers. Think not I am simply making these remarks because I disapprove of certain people or am strictly against people – – this is not true – – I am 


 only opposing the spirit of the thing and as I say this I realize just around the corner there is a hundred breathing, agitating voices shouting WHY DOESN’T Listen beloved I know one thing, God sent us a true gospel message and within that there were certain revelatory things brought in to feed the bride allowing her to see the Christ of the Bible in His Word again revealing Himself by his Spirit in a measure. Naturally it was a man that God used to work through. It had to be this way to restore the true bride church back to its origin & position in the Word wherein she might walk in revelation of the Word. The church started out walking in revelation and she will wind up in revelation because of that living ministry which appears in Matt. 24 called faithful and wise servants was given meat in due season. No, she will not wind up in a chair somewhere but instead walking in revelation of truth, clothed in the whole armour of God, growing in the grace and knowledge and truth of God, having within her body a true manifestation of the nine gifts of spirit and them in operation and not merely a group of people saying I KNOW THIS, I KNOW THAT, holding an attitude I KNOW MORE THAN YOU! That beloved is mere carnality and has no place whatsoever in the gospel of Christ! Pride causes a people to be puffed up but knowledge and understanding and the true love of God causes a person to have true communion and fellowship with Him. That is the way God wants us to be. You set some people grow physically yet through their growth only become big bullies while others grow large also but they become a help to others. See, you can take this message just whichever way you want and use it. 


 Time has reached the point where we must discuss more thoroughly this foolish servant at the end of the age and what had fouled up the poor man’s thinking causing him to reach the conclusion he did? It is evident he never became fouled up in his understanding of Predestination; though some people do. He didn’t become fouled up on Eternal Security. although some are. Now how do we actually know this servant did not become fouled up on these subjects, causing him to mistreat his fellow servants and in spirit join the worldly crowd? because beloved that is not what the Lord stated was in his heart troubling him! You can’t connect basic Bible doctrines into what was troubling this realm of poor, foolish servants! Christ brought it up and they who fulfilled that scripture we must remember were not alive in Christ’s day. For recall Jesus spoke of it as a condition prevailing only at the end. briefly before his return. It was through a condition that developed in these servants’ hour at the end which caused the foolish realm to say in their hearts, my Lord delays his coming. Why didn’t the wise servant who provided meat in due season for the bride also feel in his heart that the Lord had delayed his coming? – – simply because these servants were not interested in trying to arrange a time table off certain statements and things they had heard for they were busy preaching the revelation of the word of God which was falling, that had been restored by an endtime prophet and they were saying what the scripture was saying, and the scripture says NO MAN KNOWS THE DAY NOR THE HOUR WHICH THE FATHER HATH PLACED IN HIS OWN POWER, therefore setting dates never entered their minds, they are content to give meat in due season according to the restored revelation of the Word to which they have been brought back and these wise servants that Christ spoke of who still remained yet in the future from his day were faithful to that Word will be in the end giving meal in due season at his appearing – – whether there would be a dozen or Two or three hundred, of this one thing we are certain — the body will not be overstaffed! They will not be so crowded they work in shifts, NO SIR, they will be on a 24 hour call. God never overstaffed anything. No, we know not how many he will have, we only know from prophecy he is going to have some true servants and furthermore they shall speak the same thing. (Something that has not been done up until this hour!) 


 Not every man has the calling to teach in depth, certain subjects, yet does that mean that man who has not that particular calling should stand back and throw rocks at the other fellow only because he is called to do so? CERTAINLY NOT! You could never make me believe Phillip, the Jerusalem deacon, who went to Samaria after the stoning of Stephen and preached Christ, spent his time in Samaria ridiculing the ministry – – NO, PIIILLIP PREACHED CHRIST -the responsibility of every God called minister. Each minister should have an overall revelation of the gospel yet that does not mean God called him to teach or instruct in every phase or detail of the gospel, nevertheless he is to walk obedient to God and have an overall insight to the entire program whereby he won’t have to stand back and say, I DON’T BELIEVE THIS, simply because brother so and so teaches it. Every true and scriptural revelation that has ever come from God is recorded in God’s Word. During that early church age revelation was made known to the church by the ministry of that hour and that is why once the church got off course and finally drifted through the Dark Ages, coming out on the other side with around 450 years of Protestantism including the Pentecostal hour at the turn of the century, and down on to the end God sent his messenger to this age to restore back an unadulterated gospel whereby every true minister might once again as in apostolic days preach and speak the same scriptural things.. Therefore, I repeat it is not the Godhead, Baptism or any of these r precious truths within the gospel of salvation that causes the disturbance within this endtime movement who was privileged to hear a prophet with a restoration message, NO, on the contrary, it is always something that hinges on something pertaining to time itself or either the man himself. Yes, once we endtime believers are able to see how that early ministry walked and conducted themselves before that early church, we are more readily able to understand how Luke recorded in Acts 2:42 -and they (all) continued steadfastly in the apostle’s doctrine and fellowship,” and not merely on what Peter had to say but it was in the “apostles” (plural) doctrine. There were twelve of them, were there not when the church began, Matthias being appointed to take Judas’ place stood with the eleven as Peter spoke on the day of Pentecost and note carefully as all the church continued steadfastly in the apostles’ doctrine they had fellowship. WHY? Because they had common grounds for fellowship — they ALL BELIEVED THE SAME, and beloved, this Bible teaches from cover to cover that we should all speak the same thing and that we believe the same thing and that we grow in the same revelation in the knowledge of God’s Word. The scripture declares the word has not been written or given to any man for his own private interpretation but for correction and exhortation that every believer might be furnished with all of these necessary things to promote within his heart a true spiritual fellowship with God. 



Therefore, if this foolish servant element will get off course as the Lord predicted that far in advance, what do you suppose led this foolish servant segment off course? Our clue lies in the heart of the foolish servant for it is here we learn why this remnant departed from the true unadulterated faith. It was because of a certain strange thing which happened in his heart, causing him to say My Lord delays his coming, smites his fellow servants and for fellowship turns to the world. But what could have happened that disturbed this so-called servant of God concerning the tarrying of the Lord when so many parables dealing with the grace age had often referred to the fact that the Son of Man would tarry? What is tarrying? Tarrying usually indicates prolonging something – does it not? In this prophecy it is prolonging or tarrying his coming that the foolish servant feels the Lord has done. Why should he be disturbed over what Jesus said he would do? In the end of this age when it seems that even within the endtime movement also the Word of God itself has taken such a beating, an excitement will be so cultivated in the hearts of certain people and there will arise a fervent looking for his appearing in so much that it would place the people in a sense upon their toes or on edge in so much that it is often within such hours it actually becomes a dangerous stage. It is in such a time people become most nervous, like soldiers going into battle, night has fallen, orders have been given to change positions and make an assault at dawn – – naturally while creeping up so close to the enemy and getting into position where the enemy is in full sight, it is always in such moments of these maneuverings accompanied with that constant feeling of death hanging over the entire atmosphere and in that period of quietness, waiting and anxiety, ever so often a soldier goes berserk or as they say, goes off his rocker and does something foolish and many times his own troops are forced to silence him in the dark to prevent him from revealing their entire position. HORRIBLE THING YOU SAY! Nevertheless it is war, it is better for one man to be shot than for hundreds to be murdered needlessly because battles are more often won on the maneuvering of one man’s thought who planned that battle than I anything else. So it is in the endtime. Fervency, expectancy, nervous tension will be everywhere. These are signs we read in the Word that shall prevail. I Very tense days leading up to the glorious return of our Lord. It is evident the fig tree is budding. It put forth a crop of figs. Israel 11; always been represented by the fig tree. Recently the newspaper carried the heading concerning thirteen Arab nations who had aligned themselves for the great conflict that lies ahead with Israel. Uncle Sam who is cagey and doesn’t want to become involved still attaches “ifs” to Israel’s proposals for her being supplied with jets. Recall, Golda Meir made and unscheduled diplomatic trip to the U.S. no doubt to beg for those jets they feel are desperately needed to balance the power, yet if she never receives those jet planes we shall simply see the hand of God more so than was even evident in the six-day war when she took some 20,000 square miles including the entire city of Jerusalem, Moshe Dayan; lsrael’s minister of Defense and leading Israeli generals have all declared Egypt will get the worse of this war even though the cost toward them will be greater than ’67 where she suffered less than 800 casualties. Pray for Israel and if it blows keep your ears tuned to the news media for you shall hear of the hand of God. Yes, we read of many places today of great anxiety, however we are aware that the hand of God overshadows the entire situation. Aren’t you glad we are living in those days spoken of in Matt. 24? All of this lets us know we are living in a day of great anxiety and expectation and there shall be no greater expectancy than what is. Rind in the realm of the bride people who was privileged to hear an endtime prophet calling her out, set her in line with the Word hereby she might be ready at Christ’s appearing for her.


 Let’s deal for a few moments with the statement Christ made concerning he will come in a day of 24 hours) when ye think not, in an hour (of 60 minutes) when he is not aware. Where will our Lord find this unfaithful servant who once had fellowship with he true servants? Completely trifled back into the world! Note, he lost his fellowship with everything else therefore where else was there for him to turn but to he world? This is a terrible shame but how does it affect the day and hour in which we live? Beloved, are you aware that this scripture which we are relating prophesied centuries ago by the Lord himself concerning the endtime ministry is dually being fulfilled in this living generation today!! Now hear me correctly, this is the only our and the only generation in all church history in which something has been set in motion in order to fulfill and cause this very scripture to reach fulfillment. I repeat, at no other time in history has anything ever been brought about that could set certain things in motion in order to be fulfilled and climaxed in these verses? 


 In order to explain more fully what we have reference to as something being set in motion to fulfill this scripture, allow me to relate a conversation I had some time ago with a certain brother who had received our article on THE SEVENTY WEEKS OF DANIEL. The brother who thanked me for the article said I had always hoped that someone might eventually say something concerning this. The brother had reference to certain statements to the manner in which they had been stated, furthermore he said, you undertook a great thing when you tackled that subject. Then he expressed to me certain of his points along certain lines of this message and asked me concerning my personal feelings. To him I said, brother this is the only age in the history of the church that has faced certain statements,–this is the only message that has ever been delivered by man on the face of the earth that has had within its overall structure certain statements which would appear or have an indication that one of the statements worked contrary to the other. Now, you and I know concerning the gospel which was written in the scriptures by those men called and inspired by God to write, not one of them necessarily wrote a complete revelation or a revelation in its fullness. NO, these men wrote much of the time in a symbolic language – nevertheless, that language was fed into the believers’ heart and understanding of that day. God was causing his Word to be recorded for his church of all ages and furthermore whenever you find anything written within the scriptures that would make it sound or give it the appearance that it was something contrary to the overall revelation of the Word it can always be traced back to the human aspect of the writer. Using this illustration I said, John the Baptist stood on the river bank before a multitude and cried, Behold the Lamb of God. Here without any form of verbal introduction Christ came walking down to John for baptism. It had been a spiritual introduction. Recall how John had previously been taught months in advance by the Spirit, and of which he had also testified, that God had told him upon whom you see the Spirit descend and remain, THAT IS HIM, BAPTIZE HIM. John’s eagle eye watched his crowds come and go yet no Spirit descended or remained on any of his converts at the bank of the Jordan River he saw a lone figure approaching who looked much like the others but suddenly John cried forth BEHOLD THE LAMB OF GOD WHO TAKETH AWAY THE SINS OF THE WORLD, John upon whom the spirit of Elijah rested to begin this age had no need of any other verification. John knew beyond any shadow of doubt that he had been sent as a forerunner, anointed with that spirit of Elijah to an-nounce the advent of the coming of Christ and recall before Christ had ever been made known to the people as the Lamb of God, he had already been on this earth approximately 30 years. No one at that time could have made John believe this was not the Christ yet to this brother I said, can anyone tell me why this same John, clothed in the spirit of Elijah only a few months after his arrest by Herod sat in prison called forth his disciples and told them to go ask him (Jesus) Are you the one we look for or do we seek another? 


Watch carefully, why would God allow such a thing to be recorded about John? God only allowed such things to be placed in his Word not to belittle John who came in the spirit and power of Elijah, oh, no, never but only to prove beyond any shadow of doubt that this man John in whom the spirit of Elijah rested to introduce his coming was only a human, fleshly instrument. Yes, God in writing his Word was writing the will and mind of God and how he was using even frail human beings to carry forth his purpose. Nevertheless, when God wants one human being to see the human aspect of another human being he always allows that person to know of the other one’s inability, his weakness, his lack of faith, doesn’t he? Now does that give you and any right to condemn the instrument used, absolutely not! It simply allows you to know That individual was a human being no better than another. God simply does not want any human flesh to be idolized or deified. What he wants you to do is honor it and be thankful for it because it is a sinful vessel of clay that had to be redeemed by holy blood when a holy, divine life was offered at Calvary as a purchase price to redeem mankind back to the Eternal God. Therefore no human flesh can stand and glory in his presence. To this brother I said, you and well realize there was enough anointing that rested upon this prophet of God of our age pertaining to those things God used this man for and through. 


 Nevertheless, the God of heaven already predicted through Christ Jesus that which would transpire between servants at the end of this age after a restored message had been delivered to place a people back on the firm foundation of the Word whereby they might be clothed in a pure undefiled revelation. having on the wedding garment clean and white. at his appearing. Recall John in Rev. 19:7 stated the Bride path made herself ready and Matthew declared all that were ready went in and the door was shut. All this pertains to the end of the age where these foolish servants became confused over something spoken previously. I know I receive a great deal of criticism over the fact I make such statements, nevertheless the God of heaven, looking down upon this endtime remnant of people (who were still a mixed multitude) being called out of Babylon and because various things must be said and planted in the minds of certain servants in order for them to fulfill a foolish servant category who themselves (not the prophet) would be on earth at the coming of Christ and the fact that this will be the only end time messenger, before he removed him from the scene, God had to permit this man to say and express himself along certain human feelings. especially pertaining to time and certain conditions which he, as a servant of God, had a perfect right to feel and make do. 


 Any minister who knows beyond a shadow of doubt he has been called of God to be an instrument to help people has a perfect right to express his human personal feelings about certain matters without people all the time trying to deify every statement he makes! I have no doubt, had we lived in the days of Jesus, there would have been times that we could have set down with him and carried on a few verbal conversations which might pertain to anything from beautiful flowers to horses and it would not have had to go into the chronology of God’s written Word as to have been a part of the Word of God which pertained to the Word of Eternal Life, or be any part of his message. Certainly not! It is simply verbal conversation. What about his conversations for the first 30 years of his life. If everything he spoke about was Eternal Life why was the first 30 years of his life silent? Today carnal minds fall to see or look upon certain things as conversation and not Eternal Life. 


God knew the condition of this carnal generation of today and how it would sell out to any and every kind of spirit, for out of the regions of the pit lurks even’ kind of little old spirit just anxious to be seen and heard however before it can show itself it must find a human instrument of clay to enter into to project what it wants. God, knowing this would be a generation of unregenerated minds who had been given a potential opportunity to come into the revelated truth and walk with God, used his endtime prophet to speak certain human statements and knowing; u hat these spirits would later do with these statements, had him to say certain things which in the end caused the wicked servant to cast aside his faith and be rejected for the Bride! 

Note, never once do they grasp statements which would lead them into the Word of God, OH, NO, for as long as certain statements which this man made lined up with the scripture when he would stand for 112 hrs. explaining Godhead, Baptism etc., no one would then rise up and say, IIE IS THE MESSIAH: However, once he began to quote such verses as Luke 17:30. In the days of the revealing of the Son of Man. which absolutely referred to Christ in his Holy Ghost of ficework, using a vessel of clay to reveal himself in his overall work in the end of the age– Right there carnal minds began to come up with different lines of thought. Right there numerous ones began to receive a different line of thought, however they never embraced such carnal ideas while he taught on the Godhead, Water Baptism and such subjects. Yet no sooner did they leave that waterhole of truth than did they begin to run feverishly after these other spirits because their spirit sought only one thing to deify flesh! I am aware the truth is going to hurt and I will be ridiculed and branded from coast to coast nevertheless, it will only be by those who have been struck by these truthful statements (only hit dogs holler). One thing is sure, if someone doesn’t lift up a voice and cry out against the spirit of this thing let another six years pass and every denomination will spit upon this movement and crucify it and do you know what, they will have every right to do so. When Bro. Branham taught the Revelation of the Seed of the Serpent, organized religion blasted that and teaching true scriptural eternal security of the believer and what it was, caused them to spit upon that also. Once he came against their “evidence” doctrine, they caught the effects of that. Yet I want you to know that once these different wicked, seducing spirits enter so-called believers of this revelation and they finish trying to idolize and deify; Instigate and project some of these other cursed things being projected from this movement today, the religious world will have every reason and right to ridicule it! Beloved it is the devil’s business to ruin this message; it is his business to attach every spirit that can muddy the water of true revelation in order to cause people to turn from it. However we must remember, if there wasn’t a single false doctrine taught around it and if it is the truth Satan must use every possible means to pollute it, to cause that setting to be fulfilled in Matt. 24:43-51 because this is the generation and this is the hour for that scripture to begin to culminate! Allow me to say without hatred, malice, envy or strife, I care not what they will want to harp upon, or project in this message or even how they seek to deify the messenger of the age or even every statement that proceeded from his mouth, if you have the true, genuine Holy Ghost you will crawl over this mess, shovel it away from your thinking and move on for God. Yet on the other hand, if you do not have the true Holy Ghost you will only be able to come up just so far in this message before you run into a stream of carnality or shall we say into a group of people who will fill you with every kind of statement and you will no doubt sit down saying I think I will sit here with these people and rest a while. Yes, you will begin getting familiar with spirits and people and sit there because you lost your vision of Jesus in the message! FACE IT! it took only that much for satan to set you down and sidetrack you. You might think beloved that this is hard and the way is too straight but may I remind you that God will try everyone in the endtime message on the basis of His holy Word. It is the Spirit and the Word we have need of. If you don’t have the Spirit of Christ dwelling in you, you certainly aren’t going along with the Word but shall wind up with something that sounds much like the Word, nevertheless, it is not the Word! Oh, it isn’t because the Word has not been delivered in this hour, it is only the way the word has been interpreted to you. You wonder why Catholicism went after a Trinitarin baptism? True, they had verbal scripture but they didn’t have the right revelation on the scripture, therefore once they received an incorrect revelation on the very words of Jesus in Matt : 28:19 naturally they had no alternative but to spit upon what Peter said in Acts 2:38 the day the church was born. I am convinced that Peter had the true revelation of Matt. 28:19 when he declared all should be baptized and receive the Holy Ghost, both Jew and Gentile alike — WHAT ABOUT YOU? Do you feel he knew what Jesus said? Certainly he did, yet on the day of Pentescost he did not simply repeat the verbal saying of Jesus, he had no cause to for he had the revelation of what Christ had said! Furthermore I say, irregardless to what some try to promote within this message, if you have the true revelation in your soul you don’t have to state a thing in the exact verbal wording which Bro. Branham stated it because if you have the thought that came from God which caused him to express it in the manner in which he did, you have that thought of God down in your heart. Yes, it better be in your heart!! Therefore, once you have the true thought of God which came from his statements it becomes a revelation conveyed to you, then when or however the Holy Ghost places that revelation in word form in your mouth it will come out all right!! In our parable we are dealing with a time element. How and where do you suppose a time element concerning the coming of Christ entered the picture that overthrew the foolish, wicked servants, causing them to smite the true servants giving meat in due season, deny the faith, and retreat to the worldly crowd! 


 I am aware this message goes into the world reaching people who have different thoughts on this revelated message of God. therefore bear in mind. I am not speaking against God’s messenger in any manner – – GOD FORBID – – I have in no place ever stated that God’s servant made a mistake on the contrary I have always said that God willed hint to say certain things to set the necessary stage which is needed to fulfill scripture in later days! In previous articles I have sincerely stated whenever you find within this message of revelated truth which restored us back to a full apostolic revelation two statements that sound as though one opposes the other you must study these seemingly conflicting statements carefully, sincerely, prayerfully along with your Bible for always remember that whenever two statements are located, one of these statements will take you right straight into God’s Holy Word. I will always contend that this is God’s message for the hour, yet I must also say beloved if somewhere there appears another statement spoken by our brother which would appear as though that statement sounds opposite to the other it Is not because the man erred. NO SIR!! 


it is simply because God, looking down the road a little farther than where we could see at the time, knew the roll of those carnal minds who would sit there and hear that man therefore God was merely furnishing them, through the only mouth to which they would listen the necessary statements that would project their own revelation and fulfill their place in an endtime role!! Yes, it was God who ordained this prophet to speak regardless to how the people wanted to interpret it. 


Recall, in this part of the message we are now dealing with a certain year of time that somewhere had affected these foolish servants greatly who seemingly had forgotten the words of our Lord Jesus who said it is not for you to know the times and seasons the Father has kept in His own power. To bring this message down to a final point it is impossible to carry it further unless we repeat several statements made by Bro. Branham refers to time itself and the coming of the Lord. Now, recall throughout the period of the church, no church age has ever been fortunate enough to have a prophet with insight as this age was blessed with. In one statement found in the Seven Church Age Book Pg. 322 and the other statement found in his original teaching of the Seventy Weeks of Daniel which is also in book form and because there are so many various interpretations of what the man did say, the time has come to inform you our dear reader of how these very statements formed a certain timetable in the minds of various individuals of this message causing them to begin to place a precise time for the coming of the Lord which naturally will all fall through for no doubt God will tarry long enough until lie has destroyed the theory of every timetable man has thought himself capable enough to devise and teach. 


When you study these books and tapes of Bro. Branham, study them with a Holy Ghost mind, always remembering this one thing – – they are not the Bible – – and although some have gone haywire in their thinking, it was never intended by that prophet that any of his material would ever take the place of the Bible. When he preached and taught, he taught from the Bible. When he made references he made references from the Bible. In the majority of his portraits, he is holding the Bible close to his heart therefore it was the Bible he dearly loved and sought to preach and at no time did he ever intend or suggest that his material would take the place of the Bible. The Bible is God’s tested Word; 


whereas the pages of these books contain a revelated message to restore us back to the original truth taught by the apostles. It was a revelated message to align you right back into the Bible. This message was to get you back on the true foundation of the written Word of God yet never forget it was only man’s way of expressing himself as he was inspired by the Holy Ghost to point you back to the revelated Word of God which is found in your Bible. Always remember first you make friends with God and his Word, don’t make friends with me for if you do there would probably be something about my personality you would like, while to others my personality might be most obnoxious, yet allow me to say, the nature of God is never obnoxious to anyone unless that person has simply refused to walk with God. Therefore above all make friends with God and his Word and God will see to it you will have friends in this world who are Holy Ghost filled, revelated believers, yet never forget the day that you put forth man’s friendship and influence above that of God’s word, regardless whether it is your mother, father, uncle, aunt or whomever it may be, that will be the day you stop fellowshipping God. Making friends with them first, and then deciding to make friends with God second is the day you begin to lose out. Maybe you feel it shouldn’t be spoken this way, but that is exactly the very life lived by Jesus. One day as Jesus ministered before a packed house with people even standing outside, his mother and brethren came up wanting to see him about something. Word was sent that his mother and brothers were outside desiring to see him – – to this Jesus replied, who is my mother and who is my brethren except them who do the will of my father. In other words, Christ, man’s perfect example of all God expects from mankind, was simply saying put first things first (Matt.12:46-50). He had no reference of you kicking your brother out the door. It is just that some people live so sentimental and temperamentally affected by everything in-laws and close friends have to say, yet we must remember in this day and hour of the closing of the gospel in a gentile age you cannot be both temperamental and spiritual no matter how you try. 


Pg. 135 & 139 (2) SEVEN CHURCH AGES, PG. 322 

You are wondering, no doubt, about the two statements made by the prophet which could have more than likely fed into the minds of certain servants causing them to be a possible fulfillment of wicked servants in declaring the Lord had delayed his coming. As I read these statements let me remind you they are not statements of Raymond Jackson’s interpretation because it was no doubt from trying to interpret these certain things which caused the wicked servants to come up with ideas of timetables which eventually proved false, therefore I am simply going to refer you to these statements and please bear in mind the time element between these various statements were as much as several years apart, an important fact which many have seemingly forgotten. For instance, in the vast study of the Seventy Weeks of Daniel, Bro. Branham in this masterful study on time itself, and that is what the Seventy Weeks of Daniel was — a study of time, as he studied time according to history and was in process of discussing the prophetic 70 weeks mentioned in Dan.9 and bringing the believer down through the grace age, showed that the parallel of time from Abraham’s calling to the giving of the law etc., on into the first advent of Christ was over 1900 and some odd years. Then the man of God showed how by 1977 the Gentiles would have been granted the same amount of allotted time as had the Jews and how by the year 1977 would have caused 70 jubilee years of 50 years each to have transpired. In this particular discussion Bro. Branham now refers to his seven major world visions received in 1933 found also in other messages, which visions would lead us up into those very days prior to the return of the Lord. Relating his visions, though not going into full detail, simply making reference to them going along in his verbal conversation, he referred to that last vision of the seven where he saw the destruction of America. Recall, how in the vision it appeared that America had been destroyed, here again he made no reference as to what had caused it, whether an atomic warfare or what – – he merely stated he saw America in the vision lying in ruins. Moreover he stated that by the way things were progressing – – and here again he was rehearsing to the audience in 1961 as to how he had demonstrated back in 1933 to his church congregation by running along the wall and as he was running along the wall from one side to the other he made this I following statement – – by the way I the pace of time was progressing — he predicted that by 1977 all of these things meaning those 7 major visions would be fulfilled and he tied his next statement also in the year of 1977 by saying it would be the year of jubilee (the going away of the church) or as in Old Testament days the freedom of slaves etc. However note, he did not say the church was going away in 1977, he merely used it as a reference. He never said the church was going away in 1977 THUS SAITH THE LORD. Remember he is only using it as a perfect type setting, in that it would be the year of jubilee and 1977 would complete 70 jubilees. Yes, the year 1977 would constitute the ending of another jubilee, moreover he stated it would close out the same allotted span of time; For the gentiles under the grace age that God had allotted the Jew under the law age, that is from the calling out of Abraham, so would he be dealt with the gentile from their beginning (the church) until 1977. Here again he did not say the church would go out in 1977. On the contrary here (and always) he said Jesus could come anytime, nevertheless to whoever it might be you have no more right than to cast a personal interpretation over these statements because the very next statement I read will sound just the opposite. Our next statement pertaining to the subject of time is found in the Church Age Book, Pg. 322., where once again he is making reference to those same seven world visions and again says, I predict all of these things will be over and then he added this statement — and the millennium be USHERED IN! (Ch. Age Pg. 322) Recall, the millenium is the thousand year reign or the next dispensational age on God’s calendar that you find mentioned in the scripture. However, somewhere before this age closes out and the millenium age begins as he taught in the 70 weeks of Daniel and the Bible plainly states, You must have that last and final week of Daniel’s prophecy, according to Daniel 9:27, fulfilled. That definitely must begin no less than seven years before the ushering in of the millenium. That is why I contend that the revelated message of Bro. Branham’s pertaining to the Seventy Weeks of Daniel lines up perfectly with the scripture. It teaches how that before the age closes and the millenium age begins there is one more prophetic week referred to as the last week or 70th week of Daniel which is a period of seven years wherein God will close the chronology of time for this age with a chastening and dealing with the nation of Israel! and note that the final seven years period or last prophetic week of Daniel in which God deals with his people the Jew must begin no later than seven years before the millenium and recall the statement of Bro. Branham was that by 1977 the millenium would be ushered in meaning that the last week of 7 years should have begun no later than 1970, if it was to all be over by 1977! or to those who hold to the 3 1/2 year period it can start no later than sometime in 1973 to be able to get in all the required happenings before the age would end. Recall, this period must transpire before the thousand year reign because Jesus said as he verified the statement of Daniel, immediately after the tribulation of those days (Matt 24:29) shall the sun be darkened and the moon withdraw its light; the power of the heavens shall be shaken and then shall appear the sign of the coming of the son of man: – not coming in the rapture, that has already taken place sometime prior to this, but it is that coming in power and glory to rule and reign as he appears with his bride, riding upon white horses for the millennium or thousand year reign (Rev.19:14). Because of these two statements you can well see how the first one had been so placed here he predicted that by the year 1977 this would bring to a close these things meaning the seven major visions and because it would fall within a time limit of that 70th Jubilee, the church would be ready to be taken out in the rapture. Now whatever time God has purposed in his own sovereign will to take the church out in the rapture, whether it be at the beginning of that prophetical week or in the middle, still remains his own business – – he simply has never said, and you will never find it or hear of it until somewhere we have walked with God and then and then alone will God begin to speak with the spiritual minded child of his, relating to them certain things pertaining to his coming. Yes, beloved, undoubtedly there will be some things revealed concerning his coming yet not at present revealed and once God does begin to communicate with his true people very near the end concerning certain things. I want to tell you it is not to be preached over any radio nor shall it be published abroad in newspapers or magazines, NO SIR, it is not for the carnal mind, it is only for the spiritual minded children of God. 


Since we have these two statements made by our prophet in which one of them I believe would be a statement in the divine plan of God for the bride to lay within the chronology of this message that somewhere this year of 1977 will prove to be some kind of focal point year. Mind you, I only said a focal point year. A focal point can bring in many things yet until that point is finally reached we won’t necessarily know what all is going to be climaxing into that focal point. Therefore I repeat, I did not say the church leaves in 1977, no one knows when the church will leave! BETWEEN SIX AND NINE WHERE? I recall another statement made by Bro. Branham in a message entitled THE RAPTURE where he made a remark about the time of day he felt the rapture would transpire. It would be some time between 6 – 9 A.M. but again I ask the question, between six and nine WHERE? between six and nine IN WHAT PART OF THE WORLD? Recall, it cannot be between six and nine in every place in the world at the same time, can it? And yet I continually hear those say it should be between six and nine. Is that six and nine EASTERN, CENTRAL, MOUNTAIN, OR PACIFIC TIME? You see, when one believer in one part of the world is saying between six and nine for a believer in another part of the world it is entirely another time! America alone has four time changes. Since his death and because of these various statements, we have those who feel themselves teachers of this message taking these various  statements, trying to link or connect them into the Hebrew calendar which is suppose to be as much as seven years ahead of the Roman Calendar and there they begin to figure and make timetables on when the Lord is to come. Realizing the Hebrew calendar was even years ahead of the Roman calendar and that when 1970 arrived it was actually 1977 by the Hebrew calendar, many such teachers began to predict that by the end of 1970 according to the Julian calendar time, the rapture of the church would have been history, yet that time rolled around and nothing happened. I pray to God that all of those who made and are making such calculations have deeply and publically repented of their error, discarding their timetable because only deep repentance and bitter sorrow for the error of their ways would be all that could save such ones from eventually winding up in the wicked servant category smiting the true servants who are giving meat in due season, who had no intentions of trying to take statements made by the prophet and devise themselves some timetable as to the Lord’s coming. No, they are merely content to do his will and continue giving meat in due season. I repeat this is the only message that could do that! 


Again, I must say that God willed our prophet to say certain things because he was making himself a sidetrack for many people to get off the main track of the message. Why else beloved would practically every major standpoint of this message somewhere carry dual statements? As I heard these statements it did not discourage my heart – – I would simply say, Lord, I do not understand that, but you no doubt are seeing things progress we are unable to see. You are watching these people and seeing how some of them are going overboard on the brother’s person, therefore you are making a special sidetrack to lead those off who do not desire to remain on the main track of the message, but are more content to glorify the flesh. Have you ever watched a train go down the main track when suddenly it comes to a stop? Rail cars jostle together and you are aware something is happening. Slowly a few cars move backward, the old engine is pushing back and shortly you will see a man get off and run down the track, reaching out he throws a big lever. Once again we see the old engine starting forward – – cutting out a few of those cars onto a sidetrack. Beloved some of these statements made by our prophet messenger were ordained of God for no other purpose than to create a sidetrack for certain ones who had only tagged along in this message therefore it was none other than God’s way of laying a sidetrack. Recall it was by words that Christ himself said he will justify or condemn you, and by whatever spirit you have received his revelation that was taught whether you make it or whether you fail. That is correct, whatever spirit you heard it in, whatever picture you see it in will determine where he places you in the end – -whether you stay on the main track of revelation and continue on with God or whether you wind up on some statement and become sidetracked off the main line! Some of these statements found in his message I believe were simply a mere expression of the human man himself because contrary to what some believed HE WAS NOT WRITING THE WORD OF GOD, he was only a man inspired to reveal to an end time people that which had already been written and beloved when you are used to reveal that which is already written, remember revelation doesn’t fall down like popcorn in a popper, popping up any day or hour of the week. NO SIR! Revelation only comes as God wills it. You don’t study up a revelation: you don’t conjure up a revelation, it comes only as God wills it and until that revelation comes you are allowed by this Holy God to express your own personal feelings – – after all what else does one have to express other than personal feelings until revelation comes? However, we are living among a generation who heard and saw this man and Oh, how I thank God I was permitted not only to hear him but to know him as a man who enjoyed hunting, could eat food, get tired, feel bad, become oppressed mainly because of the way people acted over his calling yet once that inspiration would fall on that little man he stood so very tall. I realize when hundreds of people hear I have said this they will declare that Jackson is crazy. One thing for sure, the hour has arrived that you must get a vision and with it get understanding of something, but by all means get in tune with God! Be sure you are filled with his Spirit because if that same Spirit which raised Jesus from the dead dwells in your mortal body, it shall also quicken you. However if you do not have the true genuine Holy Ghost you will wrangle stew and fuss over all of this and should you die and enter the grave, are you aware once Jesus did come for his very own commending his wise and faithful servants who have given meat in due season to the little bride of that hour you would be left in the grave because you had not his Spirit neither the true revelation that could have caused you to come in line with his word? 


Fed and enthused by these statements different ones began to take it upon themselves to run ahead of God who over and over declared NO MAN KNOWS THE TIME, SEASONS, DAY NOR HOUR WHICH THE FATHER HAS PLACED IN HIS OWN POWER! Nevertheless, ignoring God’s solemn warning, these individuals begin to calculate time trying to figure out God’s coming, down to the very month, day etc. . A short time ago I received some material from one brother who stated by 1973 the rapture will have been history! Undoubtedly he, as so many others, has some timetable he is working from to make such a statement. This is the only movement within which such things are happening. Beloved I don’t buck or strike at these statements, I only caution you to be careful and don’t get ahead of God becoming a foolish servant who lost his faith and fulfills Matt. 24:48-51. My belief is if you will take one of these dual statements wherever they are found and on whatever subject they might be and lay it right along beside God’s Word, one of them God is going to use and the other he will use also but for a far different purpose. One of these statements if you will honor it and not calculate anything in your heart concerning time but simply say Father somewhere around 1977 something no doubt will happen that shall affect the bride greatly in some manner, however I have no idea what. Try to understand what I am saying and don’t run off the deep end. somewhere around that time God will do something. He may turn this old world upside down with judgment, I don’t know but somewhere in and about that time of 1977 God will definitely do something that shall affect his people greatly however, when you begin to calculate time and set dates when you begin to try and figure out this and that concerning time which remains only within the knowledge of God and then you take that which you have figured out and it doesn’t arrive according to your homemade schedule, you have only one alternative — to keep from falling in a wicked class who smite the brothers, that is get on a platform somewhere quickly and acknowledge you were badly wrong. If you have written material when it does not happen as you predicted write to those people who have received this material and apologize err that spirit that prompted and projected you to do this will lead you off into still worse things until you eventually cast off your own faith and end up fighting the true ministry and seek fellowship with the world before his coming!


 The wise servants which of course will be more than one – -what will they be doing – -steadying the people in this nervous and tense hour saying, “DON’T GET NERVOUS, DON’T GET ALL SHOOK UP: DON’T ROCK THE BOAT, WALK ON WITH GOD UNTIL HE COMES.” They will be giving meat in due season; they will be feeding the children of God with that which they have need of. No, the wise servants perfecting the saints of that hour won’t throw away this endtime message, it will be the foolish servants who do that in the end. The wise will preach that which was to restore to them of this revelated truth of the Word. This message will never be kicked out the back door by the wise servants yet don’t forget Jesus said somewhere along the line before they return to the world it will be kicked out by the foolish servants! On the contrary, the wise servant will rightly divide and interpret the message to the people. Yes, the wise servant will have the authority to interpret the true message to the believer, that is what God called them for. Every God-called minister will rightly interpret this message to the people in its overall setting. Because these men, fulfilling the office of Eph.4:11-15 for that hour the only ministry God has ever ordained to perfect the body of Christ (Eph. 4:12) and they in their overall ministry within the body of Christ shall take this endtime message of restored truth under the inspiration and guidance of the Holy Spirit and plant and sow it into the hearts of the believer whereby they might grow and be perfected in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ until they come unto full stature of the fulness of Christ (V-13). No, you cannot neglect this ministry – – To do so will mean you will never become perfected, therefore the wise servant will never get impatient or trigger-happy with this message, he will never become nervous trying to figure out when the Lord is coming. He will never end up disappointed and disillusioned and declare from his homemade timetable the Lord had delayed his coming when it passed the hour he had predicted for his arrival. Oh, there will be times because of pressuroteing so great the wise servant and the bride of Christ as well will say, “Oh lord, I wish you would come and take me out of all this”, yet as the sun rises on the tomorrow he knows there is another day before him therefore he says, “Lord not my will but thine be done.” Yet, that impatient wicked fellow as called by Jesus will be saying, “Now people, I tell you it is like this, according to the calendar and what the prophet said and the way I have it all figured out, it is this way.” You see, they have gone through and screened the message; they have taken out statements here and there compiling them all together into a manuscript of its own and they can make that prophet say anything they want him to. Why, you can do the same thing with the Bible!? A question was once asked me – -when will the world be burned up? Do you realize if I would only take certain verses out of such places as 2 Pet. 3 and certain verses out of Isaiah, you could show how this earth is going to be burned up and pass away into oblivion. Now, this you can do if you never use any other scriptures, however to do this what have you done – – you have taken scripture out of context of revelation. However once you take all these verses dealing with the subject and keep it in balance, though this earth be clean removed, so the heavens melt with fervent heat, Peter said nevertheless we look for a new heaven and new earth wherein dwelleth righteousness. Yet according to other scriptures it is still going to be on this same planet. God simply does a work on it by allowing it to pass through some awful and horrible shaking to rid itself of all the rotten and evil mess upon it. Again he says the earth shall burn and few shall be left, therefore we see his purpose of burning the earth to get rid of the men and not the earth itself for out of the earth will come righteousness. See you can interpret anything by merely taking it out of its setting, and compiling it together you are able to make the bible say anything you want it to. The same is also true with this endtime message by merely hunting out statements and putting them together leaving out the context and surroundings which so often prompted the statement to have been made in the first place. Nevertheless, I contend if the message is interpreted properly it will bring you directly into God’s Word. 


The foolish, wicked servants stood guilty of having calculated time which in the very end of the age caused him only great frustration, confusion and finally a departure or complete break from the true revelated faith to which he was supposed to have been restored. How do you know he departed from the faith someone will say? Because beloved, he would never have turned to a worldy crowd for fellowship had he still been in fellowship with his brethren. Scripture says light fellowships light and darkness fellowships darkness. Now notice, in one place the foolish servant found a statement of 3 1/2 years , in still another place he found a statement pertaining to hours, somewhere else he found a certain year mentioned and then he found something else etc.. With all of this he calculated himself a timetable for the arrival of his Lord. Oh, how trigger happy and impatient he becomes, so sure of himself he begins making wild statements that pertain to the prophet that if certain things did not happen at certain times the prophet himself was nothing more than a false prophet. But why blame the prophet, he never told anyone to do this? Oh, Yes many such wild statements have been made by these impatient individuals who, among other things, are trying to calculate time and the return of Christ for the church and when that particular time comes around and his arrival hasn’t happened and will not happen until sometime yet in the future, what happens? Pride will not permit him to acknowledge he made an error. NO, therefore he seeks to blame his Lord for in his heart he is saying, “I HAD IT ALL FIGURED OUT, MY LORD DELAYS HIS COMING!”


and from the statements I have heard some make concerning this endtime ministry, I would actually wonder myself if when the foolish servants speak of the Lord coming or delaying his coming, if they actually have reference to the Lord of Glory Jesus Christ or someone else who, to them, is the Lord. Irregardless to whom they are referring to as my Lord he hasn’t returned as they predicted. May I say this, beloved, you had better be looking for the Lord Jesus. that is if you want to get out of here. I remind you if you are looking for anyone else at the time of his coming you will be left behind for the scripture makes no apology when it declares that the Lord Jesus will appear only to them who are looking for his appearing, the second time without sin unto salvation! Therefore to look for anyone other than the LORD JESUS is purely disastrous in the end. 


 Oh, how thankful we are to God who was merciful and kind enough to warn us, an endtime people, while still here upon this earth giving forth a prophecy concerning the condition of the church how according to Matt.25:1-13 he declared the people of this endtime to be broken into two classes called wise and foolish virgins – – one group sleeping while the other only slumbered – – and especially for showing us the state and frame of mind that the ministry of the endtime would be made up into (wise and foolish servants), and to think that foolish category of ministry who had once walked in the truth or fellowshipped within a realm of truth yet after their calculations or predictions as to their Lord’s return which again I say, seeing they are really not a part of him, one really wonders according to the way some in this movement are acting toward certain things said by the prophet – – WHO DO THEY REALLY HAVE IN MIND WHEN THEY SPEAK OF THEIR LORD DELAYING HIS COMING. That is, of course, before they threw off the faith and ridiculed those who are still faithful to Christ in preaching the message, becoming so disgusted and discouraged over something connected with the endtime message or messenger, Jesus implied in his prophecy that they discarded the truth altogether and turned back to the world for fellowship. Is there any wonder that the Lord Jesus, upon returning and finding these foolish servants mistreating their fellow servants and fellowshipping with the world. became so displeased he said he would cut them asunder and appoint their portion with the hypocrites (while on earth Jesus declared the hypocrites would be in hell). Beloved we would never have known that such a thing would have happened or existed had it not been our wonderful Lord opening these facts of truth for us concerning the endtime. Therefore from this parable which engulfs the situation of the past few years, even up unto the very end and actual return of the Lord Jesus who, as has already been stated, will only appear unto them who actually look for him, do we learn so many things about the endtime ministry which Christ placed in two categories. Some of our readers might wonder just who does that ministry apply to. Could it not be some of those ministers (denominational ministers) who perhaps have turned to the World Council Church program in that hour? My answer to this is NO!, because the foolish servants were not persecuting another realm of servants who were in a different message because Jesus said they persecuted their fellow servants, indicating at one time they had been in fellowship with those being persecuted. Then what about the wise servants being persecuted called faithful by the Lord himself, who are busy feeding the church at that hour perfecting them with the message of truth? You see beloved it would be impossible for the wise servant to ignore anything that God had done in sending forth an endtime prophet with a restoration message. To ignore that Jesus would never consider them wise; Instead they would be foolish as is any minister who refuses to preach the doctrines of the apostles to which this message restored us, as Paul stated in Ga1.1:8-9; If we or an angel from heaven would preach any other gospel than that which has been preached ( by the apostles) let him be accursed. 


 Therefore in closing, to show the foolish servant of the endtime stood guilty, there was no way possible for that servant to have been able to say, my Lord delays his coming unless he had some kind of time schedule worked out to know the date of arrival. Beloved, you can’t stand in some railroad station and declare Old Number 9 is late unless you know the schedule of when it was due in the station and its past that time and it has not arrived. However, say for instance it is due at 5:30 P.M. —- it is now only 5:00 P.M., you ask the agent the time of the next train arrival to which he replies well, sometime it gets here around 4:45, sometime 5:00 and sometime 5:30– I have known the time that train did not arrive until 7:00 P.M. but it will be here, you can be assured of that. See, you don’t know from the information given by the agent when the train will arrive therefore you wait and wait and wait because you don’t know when it is coming. Nevertheless, after awhile outside the city you hear the whistle—what is happening— the train is getting closer. No, you haven’t seen it yet, but she is beginning to blow her whistle letting you know it is nearing town. You glance at the clock, it is 5:09, in a few minutes the train will roll into the station. Then and then alone can you say she is getting close and are able to say, in a few minutes she will be here. But suppose the agent had said 5:30 sharp and then 5:30 came and still no train, only then because of that timetable or schedule would you be able to say the train is late.


I am convinced that God is going to allow time to rock on long enough until he destroys every man’s theory as far as time is concerned in connection with his coming for his people. Nevertheless, there shall be some wise ministers and some wise people who have humbled themselves and are willing to listen to that ministry. It is them who are fed the meat in due season and in this meat or revelation in due season are no timetables. The saints nor ministry will be looking for five, six or ten o’clock or any such thing, they will simply be saying because of the signs of the time we know he is getting near. Nevertheless until I hear the whistle blow, I will not get impatient, even if I have to sit here another hour and wait until he does arrive. People have been guilty of saying, if it doesn’t happen by the year of such and such or such and such doesn’t happen then he is a false prophet. Beloved, are these the things that are going to cause the foolish servants to one day completely throw off their faith? Some might say if these things do not happen he was a false prophet, but I WILL ALWAYS SAY HE WAS GOD’S MESSENGER. I am resting on that even if 1980 arrives and I am still here. IT WONT CHANGE A THING! My word to you will still be (if you are around) GO ON FOR GOD, because to me there can’t be another message for this age of bride people—- How could there be, this was a message of restored truth that placed us back in the word of God and the BRIDE MUST BE IN THE WORD WHEN HE COMES! Today, already, I see everything religiously running backward toward Catholicism, heading into the One World Church and that rotten mess prophesied about in Rev. 18. Yes this is the only gospel message which to me looks anything like apostolic truth and my intentions are to remain with it nevertheless, somewhere after the foolish servant element has miscalculated and declared in their heart and whatever other disappointments they will encounter concerning the Revelation, at that time shall say MY LORD DELAYS HIS COMING AND DEPARTS FROM THE TRUTH. Poor soul, didn’t have enough humility to realign himself back with God and the spiritual people who were feasting on his Holy Spirit and Word. Yes, he knows he is wrong but now confused, depressed, and feeling misled he begins to smite and smite those of his fellow brethren and departs from the spiritual fellowship. Watch the poor, deluded soul as he begins to retreat. The day will come when you will see it. There is no other place for them to go but to the world. What is it? SIMPLY GOD’S LAW OF ELIMINATION! I am going to say something here that may hurt, but they will become so wrapped up in indebtedness, socially and in the things in this carnal life- you see, that is God’s cords pulling them away back into the world as he retreats from the true spiritual fellowship. Now they become entangled and all bound up and seemingly unable to free themselves, while on the other hand, the child of God shall become more free as the days pass because he is walking with God. Those things are far behind because now he is so lifted up in Christ Jesus he is feasting and fellowshipping and walking in the light of his truth the things and desires of the world fade into the background. Yes, in those final hours God put a great distinction between the two because he will begin to communicate with his ministry and people and these poor servants are so far out of touch and so far away from hearing distance they can not hear a thing except the call of the world as it beacons to them. He will come and catch the wise away, but the foolish he will leave behind, for