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Rev. Raymond M. Jackson

The Nail that Made History because one man believed God’s Word…

all of it…

to be of prime importance

For centuries, men had toiled under the harsh rule of the Church to win salvation by good works. One day the Word of God as revealed through Saint Paul found audience in the devout heart of a young monk named Martin Luther. As God illumined the Word to Luther’s hear, he nailed his theses to the cathedral door and the Reformation was born. In his wake followed such men as Knox, Calvin, Zwingli and Wesley. God used them to change the entire history of the human race. God’s Word…ALL OF IT…held the answers to the problems of their day. It provides the only answer to the problems of today.



No one could doubt that the church of the living God has not made great progress or that it has not come a long way since Matin Luther boldly stepped out in 1517 declaring before those German Roman Catholics of his hour, THE JUST SHALL LIVE BY FAITH (in the Word). Here for the first time in well over a thousand years do we begin to hear of a people even beginning to return back to the Word of God for their understanding and faith. Sure, there had been many attempts to reform the present church of that hour which for so long had held Europe in darkness, yet unbeknownst to Martin Luther he was not on the verge of causing a reform within the church, by no means, this was God’s first step in starting a people back on the long road to the beginning where someday a people would find themselves planted firmly back upon the pure, apostolic revelated gospel, the foundation, which was the faith, and Martin Luther declared THE JUST SHALL LIVE BY FAITH. This of course, was shortly before the world ever heard of the word protestant or even before one denomination had been formed other than that of the aged Mother Church which alone existed and as it was taught in that hour that those who would live, shall we say godly, as to what godly was interpreted in that hour meant one lived strictly by the teachings of the church and that salvation was in nothing other than what the church taught. That was over 450 years ago and since that day, many thousands of saints have discovered more meaningful the term THE JUST SHALL LIVE BY FAITH! Since that glorious day when the original truth which had once been preached by the early church slowly began to break forth as revelated light permitted it, much of the pagan darkness of Rome and her doctrines were being exposed.


The church responsible for completely destroying the revelation of truth after 325 A.D., which eventually brought Mal. 4:5-6, B-Part, upon the scene did the following:

●   Changed the one spirit God to three Gods.

●   Changed the name of Jesus Christ ministered in water baptism to Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

●   Changed Bible immersion to sprinkling.

●   Changed the Holy Ghost to Confirmation.

●   Changed holy living to living like the world.

●   Changed apostolic Bible doctrines for church creeds and ancestral traditions.

●   Changed Jesus, the mediator between God and man and gave that position to his mother Mary.

●   Changed the Lords Supper to the mass for monetary gain.

●   Changed faith in God to faith in the pope to forgive sin.

●   Took God from his Word and put God in the Church

●   Changed the Bible ministry to a priesthood.

●   Tried to destroy the Bible thus bringing on the Reformation wherein some truth was revealed yet it was not until that office of Mal. 4:5-6, came upon the scene to actually restore the children back to the fathers’ original teaching do we see that revelation fully restored.


Oh yes, much of the original truth of the gospel of Christ had been reestablished in the earth long before God sent the spirit of Elijah, Mal. 4:5-6 B-part, upon an endtime church age prophet messenger to restore a people from all walks of religious background within the Laodicean Church Age back upon the full apostolic revelated gospel as had been presented in the very beginning to the Jew first and then to the Gentile by those gallant apostles of truth. Yes, many great truths in bits here and there had already been restored by the Holy Ghost through these reformers or courageous men who led in some part of the great Protestant protest. However, the light and truth which came from these leaders eventually became denominated and many break-offs from these movements appeared after their fires of revival had simmered. Seemingly, up until this hour within the 20th Century no man had ever held an office in the gentile church such as did this endtime prophet in knowing just how to take all of these great restored truths which came up through Protestantism and bring them all together into one message and call that message the ORIGINAL APOSTOLIC TRUTH!! Interlocking these truths together which had been kept separate from each other as they had been well guarded by the great walls of denominationalism for so long, this prophet took all of these revealed truths declaring they had all originally been in the apostolic days and during that hour had all been joined or interlocked together forming the framework of a man’s foundation belief-the faith or his great salvation. And furthermore, placing them together not only as salvation, but each in its proper place interlocked together revealed the overall plan of God for his church. There was still much restoring to be done upon the arrival of this prophet messenger to Laodicea, seeing each denomination claimed as their inheritance certain portions of this truth broken in bits and now scattered throughout the world. Yes, much unfinished work was to be accomplished by this messenger who seemed to know exactly where these truths fit in the framework of God’s great salvation for mankind. Much work had to be accomplished within a bride people before that day could arrive wherein the church of the living God could possibly be able to qualify as the church spoken of in Eph. 5:27. Get this, the church Christ would return for was not one which would be all wrapped up in the ideas of man, but instead would be a true revelated bride church wrapped in her beloved, Jesus Christ. Yes, wrapped in the revelation of his revealed Word and being the very center and thought of her attention. Furthermore, she would be completely restored fully back upon her original revelation where she was in the beginning and thus having built her Christian life or brought herself unto the perfection of the saints through the five-fold ministry, having reached the fullness of the stature of Christ shortly before Christ receives her unto himself. Remember, beloved, no scripture indicates Christ will return for just any old church; any old idea or belief-No SIR! Christ returns to receive as his bride who serves with him throughout the millennium as his queen, a people who have been led unto perfection or reached the stature of a perfect man through a five-fold ministry as we shall later show, nothing can help her reach this point but that ministry. It is most important we recognize the bride church which he returns for in the rapture (not necessarily the resurrection) must be the one identical in doctrine, character, obedience and ministry as was that one he originally planted in the earth in the first century A.D., on the day of Pentecost which continued and lasted in its present original form throughout the lifespan of those original apostles before she began dying away from her original hard-core stand. Yes, dying away in order to reproduce itself later on in the season as illustrated by Christ.


To better understand why Christ will return for such a church as the original, one must first understand the unusual teachings of Christ, how through parables this was to be. Using an illustration of the farmer who plants a seed in the ground and awaits the hour he may harvest his seed – Christ recorded in Mark 4:26-39, how the kingdom of God was likened to a man who had planted seed in the ground and how that seed would spring up and grow (he knoweth not how) for the earth bringeth forth fruit to herself, first the blade (meaning the little shoot that comes up out of the ground – after the seed had gone into the earth and died off, changed its form and came forth not in the likeness of the little seed that went into the ground but as a shoot or blade). Jesus said first the blade, then the ear, after that the full corn in the ear (shuck or head), depending on whether it be corn or wheat). And when the fruit is brought forth (meaning once the shell or outer appearance surrounding the germ seed of life planted in the earth dies off, the germ life of the seed itself now springs forth and note, takes on different forms as it grows within the stalk itself before the time of the harvest when it has reproduced itself into the same original likeness of that of the original grain planted. And oh, how true it is when Jesus said man knoweth not how it is done. Nevertheless, this is the process of God in allowing the seed to reproduce itself. Because it is not until the seed reproduces itself does he put forth the sickle and bring in the harvest. Such an illustration is used in referring to the kingdom of God. So is it also true, Jesus Says, with the church of the living God, for after all it was his church (Matt. 16:17) Christ had in mind while using this parable for illustration. Many other parables did he use that involved the farmer, seed sowing and harvest time wherein the seed produced from the stalk would always be in exact likeness and quality at harvest season as that of the seed planted in the earth in a previous season of time. How important this procedure is for it pertains strictly to the revelated church of the living God. Furthermore, it is important to note although the life of the stalk, the blades, the shucks or heads etc., nothing is found there which resembles that of the original seed planted in the beginning. Nevertheless, all of this within the stalk does have life or is a carrier of life up until a certain period of growth within the stalk. Not until the appearing of the grain itself in the head will you ever be able to see any resemblance as to that which was originally planted. Beloved, that is why Christ could use the corn of wheat to illustrate the kingdom of God in its growth throughout the earth from beginning to end. It was that seed of the corn of wheat that must be planted into the earth and before that little seed can ever break the crust of the earth, nature will see to it that its outer shell or form dies in the ground and the germ life of that seed changed its shape before eventually breaking forth through the crust of the earth. No, not in its original shape when planted, but shall appear in altogether another form and those forms continue to change and add to – until the process is completed and at the top of the stalk will appear the exact likeness of that which was planted as also further illustrated by Jesus in Matt. 13:24-30.


Three things of importance should be underscored in the process and growth of the seed from the time of its planting until the time it is harvested, (1) the original appearance and likeness of the original seed planted never appears anywhere throughout the life of the stalk unto the harvest season. (2) Although the original likeness does not appear until the harvest season the stalk itself will remain green with life until the time arrives that all the life and nutrients stored within the stalk are to be pulled up into the head to feed and nurture the little grain which is to be reproduced in likeness and quality as to that which was planted in the beginning. (3) The object in planting and reaping unless one is using hybrid seed (which is certainly not a product of God) – the farmer who plants wheat expects to reap in a harvest of exactly the same kind of seed planted. In other words, no farmer would ever expect to plant wheat and reap corn or barley. Every seed will reproduce after its own kind. Likewise the church, therefore, once the real true revelated gospel seed is dropped into the fertile heart of an individual, it cannot help but produce at harvest the kind of seed which was planted there in the beginning. If one has a desire to see the procedure of the true church from its beginning and what it will look like in its harvest and what it resembled as it traveled throughout the grace dispensation, study or watch a wheat farmer raise his crop of wheat and there he will have a beautiful illustration furnished by the Holy Spirit and illustrated by Christ exactly what this church in the endtime will be like. It will be exactly like that which was planted in the earth in the beginning in its original form before any of its outer form died off.


To know what the endtime church will be and how it became that is simply to go back and reexamine the seed church planted in the earth on the day of Pentecost, lasting throughout the lifespan of that first round of five-fold ministry before its original outer appearance of the germ life died off. What did the church in the beginning, before any of its outer form died off, resemble? What ingredient was found within the seed planted before it died, changing its shape and began to spread throughout the earth and eventually becoming a great tree (Mark 4:30-34). The church in its beginning represented by seed planted was one based purely upon the revelation of Christ, having within it a pure, unadulterated seed gospel of one God, not three persons but one God in three offices – it was one body, strictly undenominational. It was a church which followed strictly the leadership of the Holy Spirit; it was a church called the body of Christ made up of many individual members with the head of that body always being Christ when it was being planted within the earth. Furthermore, it was a church which held an undying devotion for her Head, the Lord Jesus Christ. It was a church which followed strictly a five-fold ministry of apostles, prophets, teachers, pastors and evangelists who were instructed by the Spirit of God to lead the body of Christ on into the revealed Word until they had reached unto the stature or growth of the perfect man, Christ Jesus, Rom. 8:29-30, Eph. 4:11-12. It was a church clothed only in the pure revelation of the Word of God and last, but not least, it was a church which had active within its midst and ministry the nine gifts of the Spirit (1 Cor. 12:1-31) and the fruits of the Spirit (Gal. 5:22-23). And recall, it was a body of people in the earth who, according to Christ throughout all these illustrations of his parables, should serve as the seed church planted in the earth to reproduce itself an exact likeness at the end of the harvest. Therefore, it must be understood they were not only people with an undying devotion for the truth of God’s Word, placing Jesus Christ in the very center of their attention and devotion but, furthermore, it was a people who were built solely upon the foundation of the teachings of the apostles and prophets with Jesus Christ himself being the chief cornerstone, Eph. 2:20. That has been only a glimpse of the original seed church planted in the earth and remember that is the only kind of church which will ever be raptured. Anything short of that will never be wheat grain accepted by the master to be placed in his barn at the end of the harvest season. Matt. 13:30. Bear in mind, I am not speaking of an individual alone, but of people as a collective, many membered body within the earth today referred to as the body of Christ, his church, Col. 1:18.


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Yes, according to all the scriptures available on the subject, Christ will have a bride church at the endtime identical to the structure and makeup of the one which he planted in the earth almost two days ago (2000 years) 2 Pet. 3:8. James the apostle carries this a step further in portraying God as a farmer who awaits patiently his crop throughout two special rain seasons and says in James 5:7, be patient therefore brethren unto the coming of the Lord, behold the husbandman (God) waiteth for the precious fruit of the earth and hath long patience for it until he receiveth the early and latter rain (upon the crop). I care not to dwell upon this much further seeing we have an article entitled THE LATTER RAIN which explains and shows in diagram form the procedure of the church planted in the earth as it represents the seed which brings forth the harvest, going through its two special rains, called early and latter, upon the crop. Early rain being the rain falling upon the crop in the beginning while the latter rain appears just about harvest time. This article (Vol. 2 No. 8) is yours for the asking. Our only desire here is to refresh our memories on certain details pertaining to the life of the seed itself as it travels within the stalk and grows until it once again takes on that original resemblance and likeness in its appearance as to that which was planted and to further see exactly where the true body of people are today as they also are typified within the stalk.


Therefore, I think it is most evident while examining the church which was planted in the earth on the day of Pentecost and realizing how Christ himself likened the kingdom of God and its earthly growth unto that of a grain of corn of wheat, just how impossible it would be to think that Roman Catholicism (which was totally responsible for the complete dying away of the church from all of its original form) nor Protestantism throughout its some 450 years, yes, or even Pentecostalism which was responsible for the restoring of the gifts of the Spirit to the endtime bride people, none of these could have at any time resembled the original church no matter how hard they may have tried. Why? It was impossible because of the hour of their growth on the church stalk. True, 20th Century Pentecost did resemble more of what the original church looked like than anything else on the stalk prior to it; nevertheless, it is only in the harvesting season of the grain do we actually see the reappearing in its likeness to that which was planted in the former seed. Everyone, I am sure, realizes if the seed gathered in a harvest should be placed under a microscope the ingredients of that which was found in the original seed planted will also be found in that which is harvested. Therefore, it is not until the harvest or the calling out will a people within this grace age be seen to be an exact resemblance of beauty, character and quality as was in the church planted in the beginning on the day of Pentecost.


The original likeness as stated could nowhere have appeared within the stalk, the blade nor the ear, but only in the full grain itself (Mark. 4:36-38). Yes, because it was green, showed it did have life; nevertheless, that life existed only until all nutrients within the stalk were needed to be pulled up into the head of the stalk to bring the grain into full maturity. Likewise, will carnal denominationalism which already carries a death curse upon it (Rev. 3:1) live only until the life, the nutrients and substance within the church stalk were needed to fertilize and nurture the pure grain and assist in bringing the grain into its maturity. Just as the natural stalk itself at this time dies in the pollination season (that period of time when the male life rises up to express itself within the stalk), whether we will accept it or not, the denominational and Pentecostal carnal organized religious world dies out in its usefulness to God also and while Christ (the revealed word) rises up through this endtime message and takes the nutrients and revelation from their portion of the church stalk, drawing it up into the head to feed the wheat grains which he will perfect and harvest, what do we see Catholicism, Protestantism and Pentecostalism doing, fulfilling scripture of course, fulfilling Matt. 13:30. Yes, the talk today between denominational leaders is–what steps can be taken to lay aside certain teachings which keep us all apart? What can we do to bind ourselves into one church and, believe it or not, it is agreed by theologians from Romanism, Protestantism and Pentecostalism, the one sure thing binding them all together faster than anything else today is the glossolia movement.


We do not mean to indicate that no one within the glossolia movement does not receive the Holy Ghost as they claim people by the hundreds and thousands in all walks of life are doing. No sir! But this we do believe and know that those out of that group who do receive the true Spirit of God will certainly be led by that Spirit into the fullness of his revealed word for he will not be a Spirit that will tell these people they may settle down comfortably in their own particular denominational church doctrines and even go deeper into their carnal teachings with his blessings (when he is crying COME OUT OF HER MY PEOPLE, Rev. 18:4), as seemingly this spirit of glossolia is doing. Meaning that if you are a Roman Catholic you won’t be like Martin Luther, get revelation contrary to the church and be forced to leave, no! However, it seems the spirit of this movement simply makes you a more loyal Roman Catholic with a greater love and devotion for Mary, the Mass, etc. Yes, that holds true with whatever movement you are presently attached to, no matter how dead, how carnal, how unscriptural or how much that particular movement uses its leadership and influence to promote as quickly as possible a one world church with the Pope of Rome being the head pastor. It seems from where I stand looking on, the objective of glossolia is going to fulfill the scripture in Matt. 13:30, 36-43, where Jesus stated he will instruct the reapers at harvest time to gather together first the tares (that which so closely resembles wheat) and bind them in bundles to burn them while he gathers the wheat into the barn and it now appears the experience called glossolia which carries the high endorsement of religious leaders is the binding cord which will be used to tie them all together, at least it appears to be the strongest cord at the moment.


Clergy Disavow Bible

When 10,000 Protestant clergymen in the United States were asked what they believed, over 7,400 gave replies. They were asked: “Do you believe that Jesus’ resurrection is an historical fact?” Fifty-one percent of the Methodist ministers said “No”. Thirty percent of the Episcopal priests of America could not accept it, nor could 35 percent of the United Presbyterian preachers, 33 percent of the American Baptist preachers, 13 percent of the American Lutheran preachers and 7 percent of the Missouri Synod Lutheran ministers. When asked if they believed in the virgin birth of Jesus Christ as a biological miracle, 60 percent of America’s Methodist preachers said emphatically “No”, as did 44 percent of the Episcopal priests and 49 percent of the Lutheran ministers. When they were asked about the Bible itself, 82 percent of the Methodist preachers said they did not believe it is the inspired Word of God and the same reply was given by 89 percent of the Episcopal priests, 81 percent of the Presbyterian clergy, 57 percent of the American Baptist clergy and 57 percent of the American Lutheran clergy.


Yes, James declared God was waiting patiently for the fruit of his field which he will receive through an early and latter rain upon his crop. The early rain being upon his seed church as it was being planted in the earth while the latter rain will be upon his endtime harvested church in order to bring it into complete maturity, making her resemble fully the seed church planted at an early season. Latter rain is what farmers call their harvest rain. And remember the farmer after having planted his wheat in the earth never again sees its resemblance of the original until the harvest season although after a few months, he could announce his wheat was up, meaning it had broken the crust of the earth, yet it had no resemblance of what it looked like when planted. Sure, Protestantism, which is represented by the beginning of the blade on the church stalk once it finally broke through after 1517, had life and it was the church of that hour but in doctrine, character and principle it resembled nothing of that which was planted and never could until the maturity of the grain which follows the latter rain.


Enough has been said concerning this, the question now remains, with the death of the church age messenger behind us, where does the church of the living God which was being returned to her original foundation of truth, now stand? Believe it or not, the church of the living God is about ready to make her final departure from all make-believers who seemingly through fear or for some other reason they themselves have invented, have become permanently lodged upon certain statements made by the prophet which had nothing whatsoever to do with his original teaching or instructions to the bride as he instructed her how to get back upon the original foundation of the Word of God wherein the Bride people themselves as an undenominational and collective group of a many membered body, called the body of Christ, might begin to complete the spiritual tabernacle for the living God to dwell in during the millennium age, Eph. 2:19-22. People, separately nor individually, can in no wise make up this spiritual habitation or building which is fitly framed together which absolutely must be built upon the true foundation of the revealed Word of God, which according to Paul groweth into a holy temple of the Lord in which he says Ye also are builded together for an habitation of God through the Spirit (after you come upon the proper foundation), however, as an individual you do not make up the overall building, you can’t! You only made up one spiritual, lively stone as declared by Peter in I Pet. 2:3-8 – “Ye are lively stones who together (with all the other true believers) build up a spiritual house, a holy priesthood to offer up spiritual sacrificers acceptable to God by Jesus Christ.” Therefore, individually, you are only a spiritual stone who has been hewn out and shaped to fit properly, going into this building which collectively with every stone in its proper place (once having been built upon a true foundation of the revealed Word) is to become the habitation in which God shall live. Never forget the one foundation of this spiritual building is none other than the teachings of the apostles and prophets with Jesus Christ himself being the chief cornerstone. Therefore, to fulfill Mal. 4:5-6 B-part, spiritually speaking, the prophet to this endtime age was returning a people from a Babylonian foundation of confusion to the only true apostolic foundation when suddenly he was taken from our midst. There are many who will disagree with this statement and feel they not only returned to the foundation, but have gotten upon it and already built their Christian life to such a height that if Christ would come today they would already have literally reached the stature of a perfect man (even without a fivefold ministry) which is totally impossible to do.


To prove we never made it completely back to that which the prophet was leading us, the simple foundation of the Word, nor even have we become settled upon the true foundation to which the prophet was returning us, in order to fulfill his office of Mal. 4:5-6 B-part, all one simply has to do is look around at what this confused people who were suppose to be led from Babylon is doing today. Yes, beloved, what we are doing now proves we never made it back to any scriptural foundation of God’s Word before the prophet was taken from our midst nor have we found our way there since his death. We were brought in sight and we were shown through his message of revelation exactly where to step but as of yet we have not taken that step. Say what you will, but it is our unsettled way and actions which testify against us.


Babylon’s foundation consisted of worshiping in confusion and trying to honor and abide by the foundation doctrines which originated at Nicea 325 A.D. in which no one can understand nor comprehend that the Godhead is made up of three separate individual persons, each being equal to the other. Nevertheless, we spent our time in there paying equal homage to all three persons. However, by the continual flow of revelation through this endtime prophet church age messenger we were led from Babylon and her three gods yet by the actions of some following this message one would wonder if we ever made it out of the confusion, for now the confusion seemingly rests over what the prophet did or did not say while he taught a pure undefiled revelation in returning the bride back to her original foundation of the apostle’s teachings on which the early church confidently and were fully trusting. Today, many seemingly cannot fully trust the Word of God alone while still others have no apparent desire whatsoever to even fellowship with the Word of God feeling they no longer need any part of the written Word since having with them the teachings left for this hour.


Now, isn’t that something! What Satan could never accomplish throughout 1900 years he finally succeeds in doing at the end of the age. Satan’s desire has always been to pull men by any means away from the written Word of God. He filled the minds of the Catholic people throughout the Dark Ages. They had no longer any need for the Word of God and there has been times in history when the Word has all but been destroyed; nevertheless, this is the first time in Satan’s career that he ever worked through what was suppose to be a bride people in attempting to destroy the effectiveness of the Word of revelated scripture. That is because Satan has never before had the opportunity presented to him that he now has. No time in history has ever a church age messenger, especially since the Dark Ages, come upon the scene with so much revelation of the original scripture as did that of this endtime church age messenger fulfilling the office of Mal. 4:5-6 B-part. Satan, seeing the devout love of the people for this man, seized the opportunity to press upon minds of many-they no longer needed the Word of God since having now in their possession these teachings, (or at least make the Bible take second place) however, what Satan did not tell the people was in order for God’s Word to always remain above everything, the Holy Spirit had allowed this endtime prophet to make apparent statements throughout his message which will not fall in line with the written Word of God. And those people who will never consult the Word of God for a guideline for their thinking will always pick up these certain statements to build their hope upon, while the bride of Christ will follow the true revelation found in his message back into the holy, revealed scriptures and upon this solid foundation will build their hopes. Let it not be thought for a moment I speak against the tapes nor the books which carry this message. Truly, one should study and read, becoming thoroughly acquainted with the revelation found in this message and anyone who studies sincerely and prayerfully, being led of the Holy Spirit and always using their Bibles for guideline to their thinking when they found statements which seemed contrary, the Bible would assist them in making the correct choice of statement in order to catch the true revelation within this message. This message of the prophet does not point you to himself nor his great ministry but back into the original foundation of truth upon which we are instructed to build our Christian life. If, when reading and studying this message, you fail to see how Jesus Christ was the center theme of this prophet’s message and how Jesus Christ of the Bible is to be the very center of your love and attraction as a true child of God, you have missed the revelation this prophet sought so desperately to get across to the followers. This overall message should make you fall deeper in love with the Jesus of the Bible in a way you have never known him before. This message exalts more highly the written Word of God than anything on earth today outside the holy scriptures themselves and the revelation carried in its pages will never leave you with a feeling – you no longer have need for the written Word of God and its effectiveness even if you do have such revelation in the endtime message. Satan in his last attempt to destroy what authority the revealed written Word carries has finally found a people within this endtime message who he can peddle his garbage off on. You see, no other messenger since God started a people back to the full revelation of the Word ever carried such power and authority with revelation on the written Word in a message that Satan could sell people on the idea that this was their Bible; therefore, they no longer needed the written, revealed scriptures of the Bible itself and to those he could not get to do away with the scriptures he influenced them to let the holy scriptures of the apostolic teachings (N.T.) become the secondary book to that of the prophet’s message. Had it not been for certain statements the Spirit permitted this prophet to make in his teachings, Satan may have gotten even more to believe his lie. The seventh church age messenger gave no one the impression he had a message all of his own, nor was he personally trying to build another foundation other than that already laid which is Jesus Christ. GOD FORBID!! His office was not that of a reformer as had been the earlier church age messengers. Indeed not, his office was that of a restorer, a restorer prophet, restoring a people back to that which had long ago originally been, back unto that teaching upon which the early church had built their Christian life. Therefore, how could anyone think we have arrived at the end simply because we heard a message. Friends, if we did not catch and follow the flow of revelation within that endtime message to see where it was leading us, to see how Christ and the Bible is to be the very center of our lives and that we need to return to the revealed scriptures where, in the day of testing and trial when Satan will come against us on what we believe we may be able to confidently point him to WHAT IS WRITTEN IN THE HOLY SCRIPTURES as we stand there firmly and unmoved upon the authority of that written word.


Remember, Satan fears nothing like he fears that written word by holy men of old who were moved on by the Spirit to write. We are to stand upon that which our Lord, his apostles and his early seed church which he planted in the earth stood so firmly. And the endtime bride people who becomes perfected will do just that! God sent a prophet to show them the way back into what is written.


How could we possibly for one moment think we are standing confidently upon that solid rock foundation of which that early church stood when so many who will read this article do not even trust in the revealed Word of scripture as did the early church, nor will they even consult it for guidance when facing certain statements, having now believed Satan’s lie that they no longer have any need for the revealed Word of truth which is found in the holy scriptures. Why, we haven’t even reached the point in our journey as yet where we, as a body of people, recognize it is to be the sole foundation for truth, however, no one can say regardless to what certain followers impressed by spirits of error do, that this prophet did not believe himself that the holy revealed scripture was the only scriptural foundation whereby one might build upon and add to one’s faith as later I shall show you many statements made by this prophet himself concerning the importance of this one foundation and how this and this alone is what we are to build upon. Yes, beloved, with our mouths we do testify of things unto which our own revelation has not yet permitted us to enter. Again, I repeat by the very actions of those claiming to follow this message I can say we have never, as a body of people, fully arrived confidently and safely back upon the Word of original truth as preached by the apostles and believed sincerely by the early church. Yet there will be a body of people who will make it back to the original Word of revealed scripture. No, friend, God did not pull Luther out of the Catholic church in vain. It was in 1517 God made that start to get a people back upon the pure original revealed scriptures and each time throughout the Reformation of Protestantism every truth revealed by the Holy Spirit was just one step closer back into the revelation of that Word. I declare unto you God’s purpose will not fail as the endtime bride people shall be a revelated Word church with the same attributes within it as the very Christ has within himself who is the revealed Word.


Let us examine a few statements concerning this foundation which was used by the prophet himself. (Statements taken from message entitled STATURE OF A PERFECT MAN). Statements concerning this foundation which we must be unquestionably upon before we can add one thing to our Christian growth or stature. When a man is born again and becomes a new creation, the prophet says he falls deeply in love with the Word of God which is the revelation of truth and on page 212, Vol.2, No. 14-18, he says FAITH is the foundation of all of it. Without faith, it is impossible to please God (Heb. 11:6). We must believe God is a rewarder of those who diligently seek him and if that person, Bro. William Branham says, is the least bit skeptical of the Bible being right, that person might just as well stay back until he can believe it. Sin, the prophet says, is missing the mark. Sin is unbelief (in the Word). There are two elements that control each person, either faith (revelation) or unbelief. Faith, the prophet says, comes only by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. Faith simply believes God’s Word (page 206). Sin is missing the mark. If I am shooting at a target 50 yards away and miss the mark by 4-5 inches, what happens? My gun needs tuning up. There is something wrong he says and if I miss faith in God, if I miss being a Christian and if I run off to one side, come back and get tuned up. There is only one thing which can tune you up and that is the scriptures! The Holy Spirit in the scriptures tunes you, brings you directly on target again. Still speaking of our foundation that we are to build upon (page 214) Bro. William Branham says all you are and will ever be is based upon faith in the Word of God. That is the reason I believe the Word of God. (He says) I can’t put my faith in nothing else, I can’t put my faith in the churches. Which one would I put my faith in? They all have scruples, but when I put my faith in his Word, it is anchored. Now, speaking of his visions of the caribou which he had killed in Canada which had the 42 inch horns and also the silver tipped grizzly bear which he told in visions before the events happened. Why had he done it? Because said he, when God says something, it has to happen. Then if his visions happen perfectly the way he said they would, what about his Word? That is more sure than the visions. If the visions don’t speak with the Word, then the visions are wrong, but it is the Word first because the Word is God (pg. 216). First, you must be born again. Then you have faith. You will believe the Word. Until you are born again, you will argue against it. If you are just religiously inclined and you have a little human knowledge that you should do right, you will never be able to agree upon the word, YOU MUST BE BORN AGAIN. This produces faith, then you are in the position to grow. Bro. William Branham further stated that having real faith in the revealed Word is your only foundation for Christianity, pg. 216. Now analyzing what he has said concerning revealed faith which is the foundation, now do you honestly feel we as a people have ever fully come upon that true foundation. No, I have not indicated nor implied that the prophet of this age did not sincerely and faithfully, through long strenuous hours of teaching and instructing with simplicity the bride church concerning all those original apostolic doctrines which make up the foundation of our faith CERTAINLY NOT! I merely stated we, as a body of people, had not yet arrived at the time of his departure, nor have we in the six years since his death, made enough progress to step wholeheartedly, trustworthy and confidently back upon this one foundation of original truth because if we had we would be more settled upon what the early church was led into through their fivefold ministry moreover the early church was not a divided people of many factions over what the apostles taught as is this endtime body of people over what their prophet taught nevertheless once a fivefold ministry begins to speak the same thing, this confusion will clear away from the bride. The early church was happy and contented in the fact they had followed the revelation of truth which placed Christ and the revealed scriptures in the center of their affections wherein all this together brought great consistency to their souls; however, not many in this movement can testify as yet to that consistency simply because they have not found the trust in the simplicity of the apostolic gospel as had that of the early seed church in it former rain. What a difference, yet remain within the two bodies of people; nevertheless, that difference shall be erased once this endtime people catches the revelation within this prophet’s message and is led fully back upon the one foundation. All one need do is look at the two bodies of people and see there is yet a great deal of maturity to come forth out of the endtime church before she resembles in fullness the church Christ planted in the earth.



Another serious error latching itself onto many in their presentation of this endtime message is, they only inform people that God sent a prophet. That is true, but that is only a small speck of it. By all means, inform the individuals what that prophet preached. He preached a revelation to get us back to that Word. Sometime ago, a speaker representing this message was asked a question from the congregation, “What is the message?” To this, the speaker replied, IN THREE WORDS I CAN TELL YOU, IT IS WILLIAM MARRION BRANHAM. That is not true! He was simply the one who delivered the message, which was the revelation of the Word. He was not the revelated Word nor the revelated message. Nevertheless, many in this hour have fallen into that mental thought, THE MESSAGE ITSELF IS MAL. 4:5-6. Let us get our spiritual minds open unto something here why that cannot be true. A man sent from Western Union to you with a telegram, is he the message? He is not. However, you do respect him as a messenger because when you see his uniform, your first thought is, he has a message for me, but it is the telegram you are interested in, isn’t it? Although the telegram is not the messenger, nor the messenger the telegram, nevertheless, since the two come together, you must respect the one and the source from whence it came, right?


The last words spoken by Malachi was in Chapter 4 when he closes the chronology of the inspired writing of the Old Testament with these words (verse 5), “Behold I send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord and he (Elijah) shall turn the hearts of the fathers to the children and the hearts of the children to their fathers lest I come and smite the earth with a curse.” We have two articles in print for anyone desiring further study on this subject, one entitled THE MYSTERY OF ELIJAH, VO. 2 NO. 3, and the other HE CAME WITH A MESSAGE, Vol. 3 No. 3, therefore, we shall only briefly comment on Mal. 4:5-6. Time rocked on almost 450 years before any part of that prophecy was ever fulfilled. Zechariah, the high priest in Jerusalem, stood in the Holy place ministering before the Lord when Gabriel the angel appeared informing him Elizabeth, his wife, would conceive and bear a son who would go before the Lord (the first advent) in the power and spirit of Elijah to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children and the disobedient to the wisdom of the just to make ready a people prepared for the Lord (Luke 1:17). However, note the angel never quoted the remaining part of Malachi which is just the opposite – turning the hearts of the children back to the fathers. Fathers and children here bear no resemblance to that of genetic or physical linage. With its first advent setting fathers are those old Judaistic church fathers who were stirred with questions and curiosity once John suddenly appeared at Jordan preaching, “Repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand,” and it was these fathers who began to send out scribes asking John “Who are you? Are you the Messiah, are you Elias, etc.”? John’s answer was always, “I am just the voice of one crying in the wilderness, prepare ye the way of the Lord and make his paths straight … etc.” John was none other than that first phase fulfillment of Mal. 4:5-6, A-Part. After John’s imprisonment in Matt. 11, he sent disciples to ask Jesus, “Are you the one we look for or do we look for another?” Jesus told his disciples, you go tell John the things you have seen. After their departure Jesus questioned the multitude who had overheard the discussion, “Who did you go out to see, a reed shaken with the wind?” In other words, some old weed standing along a creek bank blown by every wind that came along, teaching one thing one day and something else another? NO, you saw an oak tree, the harder the wind blew the taller it stood. You say he was a prophet, yet say John was more than a prophet…etc. (Matt. 11:9-13). Jesus continued on saying none had been born greater than John, nevertheless, he that is least in the kingdom of heaven shall be considered greater than John. Watch now and if you can receive it, this is the Elias that was to come. Christ said, if you can receive it (if you have spiritual eyes to see and ears that hear) here is your revelation of Mal. 4:5-6, A part – for the first advent. Therefore, this shows the fathers to children relationship was of a religious setting and not a genetic nature. No, it was not some kind of juvenile rehabilitation program. If that be true in the first phase, what about the second phase where we note this second phase, not reconciliation of father to children, but now it is children back to fathers. According to scriptures, the children relationship to the fathers in the first fulfillment was the fathers of old Judaism who were stirred and shaken by how they saw their congregation (children of Judaism) being baptized by John to become the followers of Jesus Christ. We note each time disciples such as Stephen an Paul were brought into the Sanhedrin Court they addressed the Council by saying, “Men, brethren and father,” Acts 7:1, 21:1. The term fathers was always a respect attributed to the rank of priestly genetic reverence. Moreover, those children linked with their fathers later became the fathers or the spiritual pregenerators of the grace age believers wherein we became the spiritual descendants of their teachings – men who once held the rank of children before they later became the fathers spoken in the second phase who are none other than Peter, James, John, Matthew, Luke and men of that caliber. However, recall through the Dark Ages the church got completely off its course and that is where the Reformation comes in, it is God’s way of slowly returning mankind back to the Bible as being the infallible Word of God which contains the entire revelation of God’s divine plan of reconciliation back to himself; therefore, at the endtime, before the second advent, that spirit of Elijah must again reappear when the children had reached an hour they were off in a religious chaos of darkness. (Note, where ecumenicalism is taking them today – right back into her former darkness). Approximately 60 years ago when Pentecost first began, people believed in holy, Godly and clean living. Godly men and women alike, believed in absolutely lining up with the Bible, whereas today look how the average Pentecostal church has sold out to the world, no longer caring if women’s dresses are above their knees, or how many wigs are worn or how much paint is on their face. Women, you don’t need that stuff! God made you beautiful enough. This false makeup is as phony and fickle as a 10 cent horn which resembles gold, but is nothing more than fiberglass with some gold plastic sprayed on making it shine. However, once scratched, that paint flecks off and it isn’t long until some child discards it, throwing it in the yard where all the paint peels off. That is exactly the spirit of this age. Notice these Pentecostal television programs where women are supposed to be holy Ghost filled. Women who once stood a clean, dedicated, separated life now look like all other world people. All they are after are the benefits of God without suffering the persecution; therefore, they dress like the world. There is no compromising to the Word of God and if we live true and faithful enough to God to appear at the Wedding Supper, there will be no false eye brows or painted faces up there. Nothing could be more hideous than to see a 60 year old woman with a dress above her knees and her eyes and brows all painted green trying to make herself look pretty. Barnum and Bailey circus has better looking clowns in their sideshows than what we have walking the streets today. That is exactly the way that stuff appears in the eyes of God. If you think Bro. William Branham preached rough on the way women dressed and looked 7 years ago, how do you suppose he would preach if these mini-skirts would come into full fashion during his lifetime? One thing is sure, Christ comes for a people who have made themselves pure and clean in the Word of God. Yes, there had to come that spirit of Elijah to this end time gentile age and restore the Bride people (Children) back to the fathers teaching in the Word. Some 22 years ago while I was still in the Methodist church, God permitted me to study the scriptures concerning his second advent or coming and within my heart was placed the conviction that if Jesus was coming soon, he would again send that spirit of Elijah. I’m thankful that the Holy Ghost is still able to teach. My wife’s cousin informed me about this ministry of Bro. William Branham‘s (Ohio river commission in 34 and so forth) and without ever seeing him I said, if those words be true then this is that spirit, this is that man who is to come. No, I never saw him as the immortal Elijah nor as God as some try to make him. To me, he was absolutely a prophet, a man sent from God to fulfill scripture. He was no more God than you are. God is God, he never dies, he’s everywhere, yet he can become small enough to enter into a worthless vessel of clay like you or I, provided we submit ourselves to his will.


If he was commissioned to turn us (children) back to the faith of our fathers who wrote this Bible (N.T.) then let us begin first by having respect for the Bible. Once we have respect to the book, we can begin to open it up and find out what was taught in this endtime and what is contained within its pages. The Bible (N.T.) contains all of the first century early church fathers’ teachings (However, not those of the second century church fathers). How could this prophet come and do something in turning us back to those first century fathers’ teachings unless first we have respect and recognize this Bible is where those anointed fathers teachings are located? This must be settled because if you place their teachings within any other realm other than the Word of God written in the holy scriptures, then our thought concerning their teachings can be split between the Bible and that of another source of teachings which can never be. Furthermore, if the message of Malachi 4:5-6 (B part) was to absolutely restore a people to the apostolic teachings in the Bible it includes (1) who you were being reconciled unto (God). Paul writing to Timothy (I Tim. 3:16) says, without controversy great is the mystery of Godliness. In other words, you can’t even get into the subject of this one God without it bringing up controversy. Again, in II Cor. 5:19, he stated that God (that Great Holy Spirit) was in Christ Jesus reconciling the world to himself. From there, you can go to many other scriptures, and with the revelation of the Holy Spirit, it would take in all scriptures of what Jesus along with Peter and Paul as well as all the apostles taught and wrote analyzing and placing that all together the sum of the answer is God is one (spirit) God, (Eph. 4:4) and the one eternal God we are being reconciled back unto is not Mal. 4:5-6 but unto a Holy Spirit who is omnipotent, all power; omnipresent, everywhere and omniscient who knows all things (2) If this Bible contains the apostolic fathers teachings then there is only one name given among men whereby we must be saved, (not William Branham) but the name of the Lord Jesus Christ (I use the full phrase Lord Jesus Christ although the apostles never had to do so. Usually, they said I now baptize you in the name of Jesus Christ, you see they weren’t faced with all this gentile religious fanatics who today try to differentiate something between a title of Christ and the title of Lord, the name Jesus, etc. Only once that revelation was restored do we see the extreme come in such as I baptize you in the name of Jesus only or (name of Jesus etc.) Therefore, only because some do make it Jesus only, just for the sake of dogmatism (not technicality) it is wiser to keep the adversary from stirring up further controversy over his name, we baptize converts in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. At least we definitely let it be known that we do recognize Jesus is truly none other than the Lord and the Christ. Peter declared no other name had been given among men whereby we must be saved than that of Jesus Christ and Paul stated no other foundation could be laid than that of Jesus Christ. (1 Cor. 3:11) Therefore, all who declare it so recognize the name of Jesus, the Lord who is the Christ – recognize it as God’s redemptive name which he gave to the human race, wherein we as lost creatures could be reconciled back to God. (3) If this Bible contains the apostolic teaching then we must recognize that every born again believer must be filled with the Holy Ghost and oh my, that’s one experience Satan wants to divert believers away from because without that Spirit he can succeed in leading believers astray. Nevertheless, according to John 14-17 the Comforter, the Holy Spirit which was to come in the name of Jesus was to be the inner man’s guide, to illuminate, inspire, and give us unction and most of all teach us all things (about Jesus). It’s the gift of life, the promise of the father, our comforter when the storms rage inside our souls, the pilot who knows exactly how to steer the course and master of the ship and to think it’s all done inside. Don’t forget according to Eph. 4:30 the Holy Ghost is the seal of God whereby we are sealed unto the day of redemption (not just until the next revival). Therefore, once we begin to realize this book contains not only the plan of salvation but the writings of the early church fathers as well we can better understand how the endtime messenger to this age, who being the last messenger to ever come to the gentile era of grace and the fact God knowing how carnal minds would be setting there hearing that message and know what they would also do once that prophet left the scene, God willed certain things to be worded in certain ways and believe me, I have no animosity toward anyone when I say this, nevertheless, we must examine the present conditions strictly by the Word of God and not judge this book by what people are out doing. No, Sir! Judge the condition by what this book says about it. Too many people are treating this Bible as though it is secondary and if you follow this crowd, you will sure miss it. This Bible is the guide or yard stick.


Yes, God willed, note I said God willed certain things to be said knowing exactly what man would do with certain things after the prophet was gone. God declares he has never given his glory to another, however, when God greatly anointed this vessel of clay, it was God within the vessel of clay peering out through those eyes of the prophet into the hearts of people telling them their diseases, troubles and sorrows and though God will never give his glory to any human flesh, he does expect us to recognize and respect the human flesh only for what it is being used for in a scriptural manner. Remember, only one human vessel was ever allowed to be adored and worshiped and that was mainly after he arose from the dead (Matt. 28:16-17). Those early disciples bowed at his feet and worshiped him because he was the Godman, Jesus, the perfect sinless one. Therefore, we must say God absolutely willed for certain statements to be expressed in such a manner they would serve as a means of creating a condition that would separate people from his Word. You say God would not do that. Have you forgotten Jude’s teaching, Verse 5, where God led over two million Jews out of Egypt knowing he would have to destroy them because of their statements of unbelief (in the Word). God absolutely tried these chosen people under some severe conditions because he wasn’t simply going to allow them to go skipping into Canaan and settle down in his promised land until those people first recognized the land or blessings wherein they were headed was not something they could consume upon their own lust of carnality. When you go in that land to enjoy it, you are going being thankful that I am the Lord God who brought you forth that you might live for me, serve and glorify my name and each day lift your hands in respect and appreciation for the things I have done for you. However, what happened? Every time they faced some trial, complaining and murmuring they wanted to go back to Egypt. We see God is God who will try people. (These statements are one way he is trying the endtime people) Did not he allow Hitler to kill six million helpless Jews which caused many of those remaining to flee to Israel the first chance they received?


Because it is the end of the Gentile age, we now see God using certain statements brought along and placed within the endtime message as a means to separate people or possibly knock off all the straggling tares who, for some reason or other, have not already left this God sent truth. As the days drift on into months, beloved, more and more we shall recognize it and the hour will come your heart will ache as you see your close friends with whom you have fellowshipped and walked, suddenly becoming influenced by one of these spirits as it takes hold of their thinking, leading them anywhere but toward the Word of truth and they take on a different expression on their face as the joy begins to fade from their lives and you hear them begin to say, Well, I just don’t know — etc. I have lived to see what I would have considered close followers of this message become influenced and head in another direction from the Word. People who once believed in seeking God for some kind of manifestation of the Holy Ghost are today as far from that as daylight is from dark. Now it has become a spirit whereby you simply ride along, no longer needing a prayer life. Let me tell you, that same Holy Ghost which was in that early church must be in us and the hour is coming when we shall know who has the genuine Holy Ghost. Today, we hear this expression too often — sure, I have the Holy Ghost because I believe the message. It is true you would have to have the genuine Holy Ghost in order to truly believe this revelated message and be lined up with the Bible, but to simply say I believe the message (your interpretation of what the message is) doesn’t mean you have the Holy Ghost. To say, I believe Bro. William Branham was the prophet when that was not the message does not mean you have the Holy Ghost. It has to be more than a mental belief, it has to be an experience down deep in your soul. Once that revelation of the revealed Word is dropped in your life, all about you could be black as night; nevertheless, there is sunlight, there is joy and peace in your soul and mind because you are standing on the revelated Word of God where God wanted you. That early church who became separate from Judaism, daring to believe on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ had no idea what tomorrow held for them as they saw loved ones and families separated and divided over this truth. Yet, their hearts were dedicated to God. Therefore, with all due respect to our brother I say, God willed certain statements to be uttered from his lips in behalf of certain people, knowing down the road it would lead certain ones into a great amount of confusion and would serve the purpose to separate people from the Word of God. GOD WILLED IT SO. Why? Because in Ephesians 5:17, when Christ presents his church unto himself, it will be a glorious church having neither spot, wrinkle nor blemish and God will clean her up here on this earth (now he is using statements to separate) that he might present it to himself up there. Therefore, ALL TRUE BRIDE PEOPLE WILL BE STANDING SOLID ON THE TRUE REVELATED WORD OF GOD when the rapture comes.


Note, this Bible will always mean much to the true saint of God as it is the only book Christians throughout the ages have ever been asked to trust in. Satan tried to take it away from the believers in the Dark Ages. This world is full of religious men’s teachings (men who in their hour walked with God) but they are only the records of the words of men as they were inspired of God in their respective hour to warn people to GET BACK TO THE WORD OF GOD. The world, until 1700, had no idea what sanctification was, although they had their faith in God’s revelation taught by Luther, they still chewed and smoked their tobacco and drank their homebrew. Then John Wesley came on the scene with his revelation of sanctification, fulfilling Matt. 13:45-46. He had found a pearl of great truth and said, come on church it is time to clean up our lives for without holiness no man shall see the Lord (Heb. 12:14). Do away with that ill temper, stop getting mad and blowing up; get rid of that tobacco; put away your drink, it is time to live clean, it is time to present our bodies a living sacrifice holy and clean to the Lord. Where do you think John Wesley got that? Not out of any books. He got it by revelation out of this Bible. Therefore, when you read John Wesley’s journals, in so many words that is what he is saying. However, it would be foolish to mention that to the Methodists today who have about voted out everything John Wesley’s revelation brought to the true child of God. Have not all these old carnal systems gone completely away from the revelation they were founded upon? Nevertheless, all true bride people of all ages will be standing solid on the revelation and not on simply verbal statements delivered for their hour as they face God. So shall it be in the endtime, it is the only sturdy, unshakeable thing upon which they can stand. But not those make-believers of whom the religious world is full and even this message has its share. They won’t be standing on a revelation. No, Sir. HEAR ME WELL! NO HOLY GHOST FILLED DEDICATED SPIRIT FILLED PERSON WHO KNOWS ONE THING ABOUT THE GRACE OF GOD WILL EVER DEIFY THE FLESH OF ANY MAN. That is not what the Holy Ghost came to do. The Holy Ghost comes to indwell, to be a comforter, to lead us into truth. It sure doesn’t come to do anything detrimental like that, THAT IS ALL THE WORKING OF ANOTHER SPIRIT. There are many people in this movement who came out of some Pentecostal systems who once believed the initial evidence of receiving the Holy Ghost was speaking in tongues. However, note when they came to this message and changed their idea they swung about and went completely to the other extreme. Now, it is going to be proven more and more as we continue on that the genuine Holy Spirit is more than manifestation of just some gift. Beloved, the Holy ghost does not take you from one extreme to another. Those very same people who one time in Pentecost would say this comes into this message and just turns right around and deny the proper usage of gifts in the church. That lets me know it wasn’t the true Holy Spirit they had in the first place. I declare unto you the true church of the living God will still maintain God’s true spiritual gifts in herself. It may be a fight for survival to hold on to it; nevertheless, if the fight is faithful, the hour will come when conditions will prevail about this bride and you will see the proper use of those things. God presents conditions for these things to manifest themselves to cope with the situation at hand and God never leaves his people unequipped to cope with a situation. No, Sir. When the world nor the movement any longer wants it, an hour will come when there will be a people who does. I am not referring to the gifts as some kind of vending machine where you drop a coin in and say, now give me a message of prophecy or something, not at all. Nevertheless, the Holy Spirit will still keep those things.


Yes, beloved, these statements had to be placed in this message to lead every make-believer away, take away every impersonator and carnal mind who has no revelation of God’s divine will as to where God wants to lead them and lead them away seven ways for Sunday (Remember Jude 5). As I have often explained, these various statements which go into the makeup of this message serve as that fan of which John the Baptist declared was in the hand of the Lord and he would use to thoroughly purge his wheat floor and gather his wheat into the garner, but will burn up the chaff with unquenchable fire, Matt. 3:12. This can only be manifested in the endtime on the wheat floor when all chaff is being separated. The purpose in the fan built into the message at the endtime is to fan away make-believers from the Word of God, who for some reason have not already moved away from the Word; however, you may say, but Jesus was not there in flesh holding a fan in his hand. That is true and neither was he present in flesh when he baptized with the Holy Ghost and fire according to verse 11. The fan is built into the message. Yes, it becomes more and more evident daily that with many, the Bible is becoming a secondary book as it gives way especially to two of Bro. William Branham‘s greatest books: THE SEVEN SEALS which contains the message of revelation of the seals as taught in March 1963, also the SEVEN CHURCH AGES, preached December 1960. Many followers are now taking these two books, realizing he was the prophet to which the word of the Lord comes and compiling them together along with many other quotes from sermons which have been published. Their minds are given over more and more unto a spirit which pushes the Bible completely into the background. In all due respect to God, his servant and his Word, may I say these books are not the Bible and can never become the Bible because once you begin doing that, you are falling into grave danger of the judgment found in Rev. 22:18-19 where it states: if any man add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues written in this book and if any man shall take away from the words of the books of this prophecy, God shall take his part out of the Book of Life and out of the Holy City, etc. To do what is trying to be done by some is to change or alter the course of the Bible’s revelatory thought which alone contains the absolute mind of God. However, I would say, since the Book of Acts is a recorded history of the early church and was never closed with any men or period and once having finished the 28th Chapter of Acts, one can read from the ten volumes of the Anti-Nicean fathers which still allows you to see the route the church in her early journey was pursuing, especially up to about the Nicea Council before it became completely off course. To me this SEVEN SEAL BOOK, along with the CHURCH AGE BOOK is another way of God permitting man to write history as we close out the final chapter of our time to be connected with the history which started out in the Book of Acts. No, that doesn’t add to the Bible, it only shows the Holy Ghost using man who was under the influence of the Spirit of God in actually closing out the final chapter of the history of the church as the Bride makes her complete return back to the Word through that promised spirit of Elijah as she was in the beginning which is recorded in Acts.


So often we hear the statement “I can’t accept that because the prophet didn’t say it”. Beloved, because the prophet didn’t say a certain thing when another prophet in the Word plainly said a thing would be. Why then would the prophet of this age be required to speak to vouch for what another prophet in the scriptures had plainly stated before a person of this movement would be ready to accept it? Have we forgotten the prophet said one prophet cannot make a statement which annuls what another true prophet has said (SEAL BOOK, Pg. 149). One prophetic office can never go contrary to the Word of God which had absolutely been written under the same type of inspiration. Therefore, how could anyone take issue with me when I made a statement according to Isaiah’s prophecy there would be babies born in the millennium. Yet many have, simply because Bro. William Branham never said where there would be or not. Friend, Bro. William Branham didn’t have to say it. Isaiah already had and one true prophet can’t go against the inspiration of another prophet. My, what a dangerous ground we stand on when we fear to take what another prophet has said simply because our prophet didn’t mention it. Bro. William Branham was reestablishing us in the revelation of truth and if we haven’t made some progress in getting back to that foundation, it is doubtful, after six years, whether some will ever make it , but shall instead probably run from pillar to post seeking something to tickle the ears or go after whatever fantasy which sounds good whether it has a scriptural foundation or not and if we are not careful we will be standing so far out in left or right field we could never find the rout to take simply because we lost sight of the basis of all scriptural revelation, THE BIBLE.


Beloved, whenever you read one of Bro. William Branham‘s books, read it prayerfully, asking God to lead you into the thought of revelation it carries. Say God, I am reading your servant’s message, please help me to receive your thought placed here. However, what usually happens is we become so involved or wrapped up in verbal words only, we can’t receive God’s thought because if you receive God’s thought every time it will place you right back in this Bible and somewhere that statement will line up with every scripture in your Bible. If and when you run into a statement which appears contradictory and you can’t get a thought which will place you back in this book where you belong, never treat that statement as a mistake by no means. Yet, as I have stated, Bro. William Branham‘s message was heard by groups of people: UNBELIEVERS, MAKE BELIEVERS AND TRUE BELIEVERS. From time to time, there would be something dropped in for each group. As I have stated before, these are statements placed here according to God’s will which are placed in God’s message to form as a fan to fan away everything which has held on up to this point because above all we must realize, although this man was a prophet, he was not God, but he was the prophet to whom the Word of the Lord came. Yet, it is being vindicated more each day, rather than making him a prophet to whom the Word of the Lord came. Many are going off on the deep end making him the word of God, period. There has never been but one man who was the Word and that was Jesus the Christ (John 1:14). There are many things which appear to be contrary and it would be wisdom on our part to study these different statements to try and show their importance, taking each statement you see within some particular line of sermon and by all means catch that thought. However, if the statement brings you up, spiritually speaking, to a brick wall and you find it impossible to link that statement with scripture, don’t throw away the statement, simply place it upon a shelf and continue praying and seeking God. Remember, every statement was not for the Bride. Her statements link up with the Word and for you to read a book or listen to a tape and come across one of these statements, remember to say, Lord show me where in the scripture this goes; show me how to link this up somewhere. If that statement within the message takes you right back into the scriptures, then it will begin to unfold from scripture to scripture and begin to line up. Therefore, once you begin to realize this, you have found the thought which has begun to place you back in the Bible. However, if you cannot find a place for the other statement to go, merely place it on the shelf for a time, then during that time you still cannot find a place after you have honestly and sincerely sought God to show you where in the structure of the written Word it fits and you honestly cannot, then treat it as something God himself has willed for his own purpose to lay right there within the overall structure of the message for certain people to feed upon and then you watch. That is why many go to the CHURCH AGE BOOK OR SEAL BOOK or some of these other books and take from them these certain statements and quotes, compiling them with other statements, linking that statement to another statement and still other statements, etc., never once trying to first link the statement with the Bible. This book which I say, beloved, is the key to revelation.


What happens? They now come out with a revelation all of their own. Presto! They are now able to make Bro. William Branham say anything they want him to say. They can even make him say he was God when he wasn’t. Yet, remember beloved, it is them doing that and not the prophet. Bro. William Branham was never guilty of such heresy of idolatry. It matters not if he did preach THE MYSTERY OF GOD REVEALED (which seems to be a favorite with so many holding this idea) wherein Bro. William Branham was showing how from the Old Testament, God had veiled himself inside a robe of flesh which was none other than Elohim appearing unto Abraham in a theophany body and with his back turned revealing the secrets of Sarah’s heart and then next how God made himself a different body, this time a body of sinless flesh from his Word through which mankind would be redeemed. For the second time, this sign of revealing the secrets of the heart portrayed at the end of the Law Age in Jesus Christ before the Jews was in a different body, a sinless one. However, in the New Testament, beginning at Pentecost, God again in a certain measure veils himself through the third form of flesh, this time in sinful, redeemed flesh of mankind and for God to do this meant the Holy Ghost came inside the true believers to dwell in their bodies as a temple. While it is true God did choose this little man, a prophet, William Branham, whom he might mightily use to exemplify a ministry and a manifestation of himself in a far greater magnitude than in any other redeemed person by grace throughout the entire grace age in allowing the gentiles who had never seen that manifested sign of which God used on Sarah, Abraham’s wife, with his back turned to her and which also appeared to the Jews in that sinless body of Christ in his ministry, now permits that same sign to appear for the third time in the body of a redeemed sinner, saved by grace, the seventh church age messenger’s ministry. But this sign did not make or show that he was God, it was only the first time God had ever used this sign among the gentiles in that manner which was at the closing of the gentile age. Nevertheless, that does not make the human flesh of William Branham who was a sinner saved by grace and filled with the Holy Ghost any more God than it does you, a true believer. For the Spirit which was in this prophet, which is the Spirit of God, simply possessed him in a far greater measure because of that office he filled in the gentile church and if you cannot differentiate between that and the physical flesh of man which was born through a conception like everyone else and according to his own testimony (BEYOND THE CURTAIN OF TIME) declared, as a sinner shortly before he was saved, his intentions had been to kill a policeman who poisoned his dog. With his rifle in his hand and already headed down the road according to his testimony to kill this policeman, his daddy overtook him, slapped him across the head and made him get into the car. While later, he swore on the grave of his dog he would still kill that policeman. However, shortly after this, God saved him taking that hate out of his heart. I ask you, does that sound like God to you? How strange some people want to get off on a deep end of no return. Remember, the prophet is gone and cannot return to clarify for you any of those statements or in your behalf remove those statements. Why, because God doesn’t want them removed. They lay purposely in the message. Nevertheless, if you have the Holy Ghost and truthfully seek after God concerning this message, don’t sit down and take for granted as so many are doing – well, I know they are there, but I can’t understand it and since it takes a prophet to do it, I don’t have any right to interpret it, neither do you, therefore, confusing as it is, I will just believe it all. Then you are in worse shape than if God had never sent Him. What little I did know in Babylon, I understood although whatever they were teaching, even if it was wrong, I at least understood their line of thought. Then to think we have to wind up in that same spirit of thinking of confusion, God forbid. If that was true, we would be no better off because absolutely now with dual statements in certain places, our understanding has been blocked and we don’t know how to piece it together and get us back in the Word.


What is God to do? God must use a ministry. God must do the very thing they say can’t be done. This ministry, however many there may be, who walk true and loyal to this message seeking and digging after the truth to get back in the book will be ridiculed while their image and character as a person shall absolutely be butchered. Why? Because anything that gives birth to something whenever God wants, it has always been ridiculed. Since the true believers make up that body of Christ, let us approach this subject and study certain statements concerning the church, the bride or the body of Christ. Because within this Bible there is no less than five statements which I believe has been used as a setting for the true revelated word Church or Bride.



I recall preaching a message once using scripture showing how the Church would be caught away and married to Christ. No sooner was the message finished when a brother approached me saying, Bro. William Branham said the church would go through the tribulation and the Bride would go to be with the Lord. Since this Bible no longer means much to certain people, you are wasting your time in trying to explain anything to them. Now let me say the verbal statement the brother quoted was correct, however, he completely ignored the 20-1 statements also made by Bro. William Branham when he would refer to the Church (true word Church of course) being called out and married to Christ and never going through the tribulations.


Take that one statement, lay it over the Word and see if you can make it fit. First off, where does the word church first appear in the scripture, Matt. 16:18? Jesus said he would build his Church upon a revelation. What kind of church did Christ speak of one exclusively made up of a called out body of believers who had been reconciled to God through his atoning work? Therefore, we note the Church will be built upon a spiritual revelation. To Nicodemus, Jesus said, except a man be born of the water and of the Spirit, he can in no wise see the kingdom of God (let alone enter into it). It is a spiritual realm and without revelation to bring a person into that kind of relationship with God, he can never see what the Kingdom of God is; therefore, he knows not how to enter the door into it because the entrance is also spiritual through the new birth – a spiritual birth brought about by God’s revealing and imparting grace which is faith to be able to believe God. Therefore, we see the 120 on the day of Pentecost being baptized in the Holy Ghost and the Church becomes active as it is launched and according to the Book of Acts, wherever the apostles went they left behind a little nucleus of believers, converted to Christ through the preaching of the gospel which begin to form local assemblies referred to as the Church at Antioch, Church at Jerusalem and Church at Thessalonica, etc. Now, recall we are entering into this because there is a statement within the overall message of Bro. William Branham‘s declaring the church goes through the tribulation while the Bride goes to meet the Lord. What did he mean? These churches spoken of in the scripture meant bodies of believers who had been filled with the Holy Ghost, sanctified and set apart for this indwelling God to inhabit and in every place it is referred to as the church. From the Apostle Paul’s teaching, Eph. 5:23-33, Paul speaks of the church no less than five times how first of all the church is subject unto Christ; how that by washing of water by the word he will clean it up and present it unto himself (at the end) a glorious church, not having spot, wrinkle or any such thing, but should be holy and without blemish. Please note, the body of people Christ comes for according to verse 27 is called a glorious church (See also Heb. 12:22-24). Always in Jesus’ and each apostles’ terminology of church it meant only one thing – the true revelated, born again Word believers. However, once the church entered into the Babylonian category, during the Dark Ages and coming out of Protestantism, it took on entirely another characteristic altogether. Because now everything in religion is called church; however, it was not so in the beginning (Matt. 16:18). According to Paul, Christ loved the church and gave himself for it, verse 25. Therefore, if he gave himself for the church, he has never changed its identity from his original meaning of the end. Paul showed in Col. 1:18 the true church was his body, but now having come through the Reformation period and down into the end of the gentile age much has been made over the collective terminology of the phrase THE CHURCH. Today you see the Baptist church, Methodist church, Presbyterian and Catholic Church and so on. They are as plentiful as the A & P and Kroger stores. If you don’t like the commodities (or doctrines) in one you simply go to another to see what they have to offer. It is competitive bargaining. Therefore, from the world’s standpoint, the word church has left its original scriptural terminology and taken on a far broader view which includes everything within the vast religious structure. Consequently, the natural religious individual cannot separate that religious stuff called church from its original position which was made up strictly of born again word believers and were we to only look upon the Bride of Christ in that capacity, we would never be able to identify her in her true scriptural setting as the only true church. Realizing that God sent a messenger to call out a people from this religious church world who would make up the Bride or his only true church as she gets back into her original Word setting, we are better able to understand what Bro. William Branham meant when using this one statement which threw so many — AFTER THE BRIDE HAS BEEN CALLED OUT, THE CHURCH GOES THROUGH THE TRIBULATION PERIOD (Seal Book Page 152). Simply note what he had in mind when he used the term church. It is used in the world’s terminology of church because the Bible church does not go through the TRIBULATION as we shall see from many of his other statements. Bride church and Bible church are one and the same because it is the body of believers which Christ purchased to himself and shall present to himself as a glorious church. It will be the called out church until she is actually married, when she will then be referred to as Bride; however, not until then. Until that hour she is his bride-to-be. Note that is the first time the word church appears being used in that particular setting because all the other statements we shall read indicate just the opposite. (I do hope you are interested in these things we shall discuss because the day will come, perhaps sooner than you think, your faith will severely be tested). His next reference is found on page 170 where he again speaks of the tribulation, concerning the 144,000, mark of the beast in Rev. 13, etc. Bro. William Branham says, referring to the time of the mark of the beast when no man can buy or sell. Thank God the church will be enjoying a great 3 ½ years in glory. Yet on page 152 his phrase was (THE CHURCH GOES THROUGH THE TRIBULATION). We must realize it is only the terminology of the word church as the world uses it, but oh, how it throws people. See what happens when you use the Seal Book (without the guidance of the Bible) as the holy revealed scriptures. Your Bible can never become secondary to anything. Page 184 will be the third place again he says referring to the foolish virgins when they find out something has happened as the TRIBULATION has set in “remember, he says, that will take place immediately after the going home of the church”, (referring here to church in biblical terms). Fourth place is on page 204 – approaching the end of the ages, etc. now in the age after the church goes home he (anti-christ) becomes a beast” (another place we see church in biblical setting.) All these other places we note he comes right on target using church in its scriptural setting. On page 210, we note the statement where he says “there was one came to the church spiritual” (referring to the day of Abraham). Here he defines church and we must realize that is what it is, the church spiritual. Still there hangs that statement (placed there deliberately) which throws many, page 152, Seal Book, the Bride would go in the rapture and the church would go in to the tribulation. Nevertheless, does such a statement give anyone a right to build a revelation without first taking that statement back to the Bible to get its scriptural setting, then thoroughly searching the message to see if we cannot get all the statements which run in continuity with the Bible. It does not. Yet, if that is the way people want to look at things, they are bound to run afoul and be led astray. How often did Bro. William Branham say, we have no creed but Christ, no law but love, and no book but the Bible? Furthermore, Bro. William Branham often said if a revelation is contrary to the Word then it isn’t a true revelation. Someone once said to Bro. William Branham, if you say the angel of the Lord told you something, then I will believe it, to this he replied, if the angel told me anything contrary to the Word, he would not be an angel of the Lord. (Gal. 1:8) However, what do we see today, the followers coming out with a box full of statements saying this is the Word of the Lord for this hour, the Bible was the Word of the Lord for Paul’s day. I have good news for you, Bro. William Branham more than once stated the Bible was the book we were supposed to return to furthermore, I find all he said, though it might require many volumes, it still adds up to one thing, GET BACK TO THE BIBLE. (Pg. 25 of SPOKEN WORD – ORIGINAL SEED) “You can’t be a seed and disagree with the Word because the Word is the seed”.


Isn’t it strange how the followers of Bro. William Branham are not divided over basic principles of salvation recorded in the Word, such as faith in God, water baptism, Godhead, holy life and the second coming of Christ. No, not even his teaching on the baptism of the Holy Ghost (whether tongues be an initial evidence or not). Instead, it always seems to be over some unusual statement much like the one we have just examined which lead people to build some kind of wild unscriptural thought where in the complete plot in the end will lead you into one thing: TO PLACE DEIFICATION ON THE FLESH OF A MAN WHO DECLARED HE WAS ONLY A BROTHER, A SINNER SAVED BY GRACE (Seal Bk, Pg. 570). SPOKEN WORD – ORIGINAL SEED, Pg. 32- “I am a Branham, because I was born of Charlie and Ella Branham. That makes me a Branham because I am of their seed. Their two agreements with their sperm together made a seed and that made me!” Irregardless to what he would say, that deity spirit runs rampant over the world today. To some, it may sound like Jackson doesn’t have one bit of use for the followers of Bro. William Branham. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Good, sincere, honest-hearted people have been brought into the line of this truth; nevertheless, I say to any spirit which seeks to deify and exalt the flesh of man as God, you would have been better off to have remained in Babylon because my Bible teaches idolaters, fornicators, drunkards, railers, false accusers or any such thing shall not inherit the kingdom of God, I Cor. 6:9-10. An idolater is one who carnally places deity on that which cannot possibly hold such a position. Only one can be deity and that is the Eternal God himself.


History records how converted pagans coming out of the second century after the apostolic age built themselves a great church upon traditions surrounded by relics and possessions of those (dead) early church fathers. That is why in Europe today in certain churches you can find one supposedly to have possession of a nail used to nail Christ to the cross, while another church supposedly has the sword used to behead John the Baptist. Another the glass an apostle drank from or the bones of Andrew, etc. Their foundational structure is built strictly upon the worship of the dead, of relics and bones of holy men of old which carry no more virtue that does an old dead, dry cornstalk lying in the field. Virtue lies strictly in God and his Word. Nevertheless, the spirit of paganism which made all this possible has now moved into the endtime, because the Holy Spirit which suppressed this spirit while coming out through Protestantism into this very hour, as he moves mightily through the earth taking out his own number now permits this spirit of paganism to bounce back, bringing in all this carnality. Therefore, it is time we get back to the Bible and become a praying people before the Lord and his divine Word, showing we are thankful he sent us a prophet, who though little in stature could make the Christ of the Bible so big as he was leading us back to the Word.


The second point that seemingly appears contradictory disturbing many today is, does the Bible teach one prophetic week which is a period of seven years left for Israel on God’s time clock or does it teach only 3 ½ years left? First, you should read carefully Dan. 9:24-27 where the angel clearly instructs Daniel there were yet 70 prophetic weeks for his people. Then you must decide as I have from the scriptures and from the profound teachings on the SEVENTY WEEKS OF DANIEL by the prophet whether Christ’s triumphal entry into Jerusalem (Pg. 105 Para. 78-81 & 84) was Palm Sunday, April 2nd, either 30 A.D. or 33 A.D. (depending on where you place the 4-6 floating years which was discovered to be missing several hundred years after Christ’s birth) thus ending the 69 prophetic weeks leaving yet one prophetic week. Furthermore, you must decide as he taught all of this under the anointing of the Holy Spirit whether you will accept his teaching as he taught Daniel 9:27, how the prince, who was none other than the anti-christ, out of Rome made a covenant for one week and in the middle of that covenant broke it, killing the two prophets who had called out 144,000 Jews, Pg. 106, Para. 83; Pg. 108, Para. 95-98; Pg. 124, Para. 165 thru Pg.127 also see Seal Bk., Pgs. 166-167. In this great masterful lesson where seemingly Bro. William Branham exerted every effort for the believers to understand his revelation saying (Pg. 97, Para. 41-42) “I want you to get this if we have to stay here all day, we want to know that it’s truth if you can just see it!” He encouraged the followers to trace the chart he had used as a diagram. He said he had proven from the bible, history Jewish calendar and diagramed it out. This was the true understanding of seventy weeks of Daniel. Through every human effort possible he tried to make every word sink deep into the heart of those who heard, constantly stopping throughout the message saying, Do you understand? Are you getting this? Furthermore, on various occasions throughout this study he repeated this statement: THE MOMENT HE (THE LORD) STARTS THAT SEVENTIETH WEEK OR SEVEN YEARS THE CHURCH IS GONE! Then on Pg. 130, Para. 192 this anointed prophet said something which every believer should take into consideration, it was something he did not want us to ever forget, something which he declared the Holy Ghost put on his pen while he was writing. This is the statement: THE MOMENT HE STARTS THE SEVENTIETH WEEK OR SEVEN YEARS THE CHURCH IS GONE, NOW LISTEN, I AM QUOTING AGAIN, REQUOTING AGAIN WHERE YOU WON’T FORGET IT, THIS IS WHAT THE HOLY GHOST PUT UPON MY PEN WHILE I WAS WRITING. Now, beloved how can you ignore such a statement when all of this lines up so perfectly with the Word of God? Then later while teaching in the Seals in Questions and Answers, it appears he stated there was only 3 ½ years left for Israel. We are fully aware there is only 3 ½ years left for the Messianic gospel to be preached in Israel where the 144,000 are sealed away yet according to the prophet’s original (Dan. 9:17) message Israel has one more prophetic week left to her. However, I want you to notice something. Bro. William Branham stated in (70 WEEKS OF DAN. Pg. 139, para. 227) don’t misunderstand and say Bro. William Branham said Jesus will come in 1977. I never said no such thing. Jesus may come today, but I have predicted that between ’33 and ’77 something would take place (concerning the visions). Certain ones have grabbed up these loose statements of 3 ½ years being left and applied it with another statement concerning a remark he made about believing his seven visions would be fulfilled and the millennium would be ushered in by 1977 (Ch. Age Book. Pg. 322). In many places he had predicted (not prophesied) he felt according to the way things were progressing his seven visions would be completed by 1977. However, this one place where he added AND THE MILLENNIUM BE USHERED IN has caused many followers to take the year 1977 as everything being completed, connected with the statements of 3 ½ years, knowing 1977 completes 70 Jubilees since the beginning of Jubilees and realizing the church does not go through the great tribulation period, has set the departure date for the church to be no later than the middle of 1973. He naturally had to make these statements dealing with 3 ½ years whereby individuals would connect it with 1977 giving them this unscriptural revelation which undoubtedly will fall through and then the Lord only knows which trail they will go up next. It seems the original teaching of the SEVENTY WEEKS OF DANIEL has practically been discarded by many of the followers and yet it was put in book form and published. Anyone knowing how Bro. William Branham hated error and realizing how when he preached on the first seal and had discovered by the Holy Spirit his old carnal idea of what the revelation of the first seal was, realizes how a number of different occasions he referred to his mistake concerning the seal as to what he had previously thought it to be and because he made the statement that in the room that day the Lord had revealed things to him which were completely contrary to what he had always believed concerning the first seal, many have now taken this one statement where he spoke precisely of the first seal in Revelation 6 and try to make it apply to any statement they might want to accept when ever dual statements are involved in the message. But I ask you an honest and sincere question, can we make that apply to all things, when he only spoke of it as applying to his previous understanding of the first seal? However, one brief statement before leaving Daniel’s Seventy Weeks, one of Bro. William Branham‘s statements which confuses many, refers to Dan. 9:27, and implies prince (spelled with a little “p”) to be Christ. And that Christ made a 7 year covenant with Israel and in the middle of that prophetic week broke his covenant. I WANT SOMEONE TO SHOW ME FROM THE SCRIPTURES WHERE CHRIST EVER MADE A 7 YEAR COVENANT WITH ISRAEL AND BROKE IT AFTER 3 ½ YEARS. IT’S SIMPLY NOT THERE. Therefore, prince in Dan. 9:27 does not apply to Christ (as does Ver. 25) but to the anti-Christ, that false prince as he originally taught.


The third point to be studied had nothing to do with salvation, but has to do with God’s plan of reproduction, that is, was it originally God’s plan to reproduce mankind before the fall through the sex act or through just the spoken word (calling them out of the earth). Throughout all of Bro. William Branham‘s teachings, especially SPOKEN WORD IS ORIGINAL SEED, Pgs. 25, 71, 73, 81, 83 and especially 119 where he wrote the following words with a pen under the inspiration in Para. 5, the first son was spoken seed word of God, he was given a Bride…a bride product to produce himself another son of God, but she fell by hybreeding. Also from Seal Book, Pg. 198-199, 241-242. However, as always, there is another statement although I cannot give you its exact location, where Bro. William Branham referred to the fact the original plan of God was to call children from the dust of the earth making it appear sex was not in the original plan of God for reproducing all other life. Wouldn’t you know it, certain individuals bypass every clear cut statement which falls in continuity with the Bible to accept this one statement thus building themselves a revelation and causing confusion through it. Before passing to the next statement which also confuses many, examine Gen. 2:23-25. Adam prophesies concerning the original roll of womanhood before the fall, how man would leave father and mother to cleave unto himself a wife. How, beloved, could it be that a man leaves his parents (father and mother) if he was originally to be called from the dust of the earth and not brought forth through the sex act? The sex act is the only act that gives an individual a genuine father and mother.


Now concerning the next point which has also brought confusion. It deals with whether people walked out upon the ashes of the wicked before or after the millennium. First, you should read Mal. 4:1-3 then in the Seal Book, Pg. 100 and also 148 speaking of the office of Mal. 4:5-6 B Part, Bro. William Branham shows how this office restores the faith of the children back to the fathers and then the world judgment would strike and the earth would be burned and then the righteous would walk out upon the ashes of the wicked in the millennium. However, over on Pg. 150, he states the bride goes in with the groom. Then after the millennium walks out upon the ashes of the wicked and as you might know these odd statements are always out of continuity with his regular revelation of thought; nevertheless, they do take their toll leading people away from the Word of God.


The last thing of confusion we choose to discuss is those unrevealed mysterious seven unknown thunders which the Holy Ghost placed within the seventh seal giving not the slightest evidence or hint as to what any of the seventh seal was because Rev. 8:1 says, when the seventh seal was opened there was one half hour of silence in heaven. We have no less than 75-90 references scattered throughout different messages of Bro. William Branham‘s most of which was preached before the time for the Seventh Seal to be broken (March 24, 1963) where undoubtedly up until that time because of the office of Mal. 4:5-6 B Part and Rev. 10:7 where the mystery of God should be finished, it was Bro. William Branham‘s personal opinion this Seventh Seal would be completely broken as were the six seals before it and revealed by this prophet office. However, beginning on pg. 555-579 Seven Seals where he actually begins to deal with the Seventh Seal, we are told the seventh seal is a three-fold mystery of which the third-fold, meaning the seven thunders which undoubtedly holds the rapturing faith and the new name of Jesus which shall be revealed just before Christ returns for the church as indicated on pg. 128, 142, 155 and 158 of this book while he was still dealing with the First Seal thinking all of this would be open by the time he arrived at the Seventh Seal. Two-folds of the Seventh Seal was discussed, however, the third-fold which passed before him was in an unknown language and he was unable to understand it (Pg. 564-567). Now, remember this one thing, had the fulness of the seventh seal or the revelation which lies hidden in that seal been revealed in March 1963, it is very doubtful the church would be here today; however, the mystery of the seven thunders according to Bro. William Branham (Pg. 564, 567, 568, 575 through 578) which appeared to him in an unknown language could not be interpreted; therefore, he could not reveal it and said this part would have to come at a later date. However, it should be remembered almost two years before this he had preached the Seven Church Ages (Church Age Book) it is indicated that the office of the spirit of Elijah would do two things naturally basing it on Mal. 4:5-6 and Rev. 10:7 and that was: turn the hearts of the children to the fathers and (2) reveal the mysteries of the seven thunders in Rev. 10 which is the revelation concealed in the seven seals, however, it must be noted when he actually got into the seals he was unable to reveal to the audience what those seven mysterious thunders were. I repeat, had all the entire three-fold mystery of that seventh seal been opened, Christ would be off his mercy seat as some are teaching today and the grace age would be finished as some teach it is already because they firmly believe Bro. William Branham completely opened all three-fold mystery of the seventh seal which included the seven mysterious thunders which have not been sounded.


Individuals of this movement have split themselves through the help of Satan in every possible way and divided their own hearts over what the prophet did and did not teach when only a little truth and confidence in the revealed scriptures found in the bible could so easily straighten out their thinking. If they could only realize that by no means the true line of thought in the message could possibly contradict in the slightest that which is written by holy men of old found only in the Bible, that precious book Satan has sought desperately to destroy wherein man would have no true foundation to build to his faith until it reached the full stature of Christ and becoming the full dwelling place for God for the Millennium. Refusing to seek the advice of the holy revealed scriptures and continuing to lean upon their own understanding as to what the true line of thought in the message actually is whenever confronted by two seemingly opposing statements, if they could only realize these two conflicting statements were placed in the message to force them to turn to the holy scripture to find which one of the statements bears perfectly in line with that of revelation in the revealed word and which statement does not, they would automatically know the statement which lines up with the revelation of the Word perfectly is that which links back into the scriptures and that is the statement carrying the revelation which should be linked into the revelation of the message. However you see, without the holy scriptures as a guideline to our thinking, the old idea remains which seem to serve as the guideline for some – well, he was a prophet and a divine interpreter of the Word; therefore, every statement is divinely inspired of God for the Bride and should be believed. This is absolutely untrue! Only one statement is for the Bride, while the other is for those who blindly and foolishly ignore the written Word of God, refusing to allow it to serve as their guideline of thought. God so designed this endtime message whereby only the true people could find their way through this message back into the revealed scripture where they belong, while the others will simply lodge on some statement designed by the Holy Spirit in their behalf and here they shall remain. It is God’s final way of separation of the wheat from the staggering tares. It is God’s way of allowing the prophet’s restoring message of revelation to lead the Bride (alone) over into the full revelation of the Word, while at the same time giving those a way out who never intended to go on with the revealed Word. Furthermore, you will note it is only those who refuse to accept the scriptures as a guideline to their thinking throughout this prophet’s message who become lodged and unmoveable on one or more of these statements placed there in their behalf as a snare and always causes such confusion over them among the weak and frightened followers of the message. It is from these statements they eventually build themselves a new foundation of unscriptural doctrines and ideas wherein all of this could have been avoided had they, when running into something or a statement they did not fully perceive search the scriptures. The scriptures could have easily furnished the answer. Thus, Satan has succeeded in pushing them further and further from the original foundation. It is from these statements that dozens and dozens of ideas have come forth which are totally unscriptural and will never cause anyone to grow up into the fullness of the stature of Christ, instead it causes them to prance off proudly on their own with their own revelation which was neither of the prophet nor the Bible but something strictly of their own. For instance, the other day a friend told me of attending a certain tent meeting where the evangelist pretended to represent this message and in the process of his message he told the people they could have only one wife, but as many concubines as they pleased. How preposterous! Neither Christ, his apostles, nor Bro. William Branham ever taught such heresy. Another man who felt most strongly Bro. William Branham to be none other than God, his heavenly Father, left his wife declaring they were never soul mates; therefore, he is free to marry another. Another ridiculous lie, but the point I want you to see is how Satan, once has pulled people away from the revelation of this message, they are free to be attacked by any kind of spirit that desires to invade them.



Therefore, my advice to any follower of this message is to not allow yourself to be swayed from the actual flow of revelation which exalts Jesus Christ and the holy scriptures thus wrecking your chances to be placed back upon the solid foundation whereby in time you may reach the stature or growth of the perfect man, wherein the Holy Ghost himself shall enter into his fullness, rapture the church and live in it during the Millennium, because when the bride church reached this point, once having been fully restored back upon the revealed foundation which is the revelation of the Word and has added all these necessary seven attributes which is none other than the divine nature of Christ himself placed into his body, 2 Pet. 1:5-10. As Peter taught the true church, which had been established upon the foundation, which is revealed faith in the revealed Word of God, how that these following seven things should now be added to their faith which would assure them of having attained the stature of the perfect man. And remember, Bro. William Branham said never try to add one of these divine natures or attributes of Christ unto your stature of growth until you could add them exactly like that of the examples found in the scripture and these attributes which are to be added to your foundation of faith are (1) Bible virtue (2) Bible knowledge (3) Bible temperance (4) Bible patience (5) Bible godliness (5) scriptural brotherly kindness and (7) Bible charity. Here I cannot go into detail concerning what these attributes of Christ really mean; however, I will point you to Bro. William Branham‘s message entitled THE STATURE OF A PERFECT MAN wherein he shows each time you take a step, once having been born again by the true revealed faith each step is nothing more than growth in the revealed Word. Once you have been founded upon the revealed Word, you are adding more and more of the Spirit of this Word unto your spiritual growth and once these seven attributes of the divine nature which is none other than the fullness of Christ in his church, you will have completed the growth in stature of the perfect man (in Christ). And recall this accomplishment will be made together by the Bride.


The adding of these seven attributes of Christ furnishes the bride the fullness of Christ (fullness of the Spirit of the Word) which naturally is none other than the fullness of the Holy Ghost who at this time moves into his body in fullness. However, don’t think for a moment you can possibly obtain revealed faith, which is the foundation, nor any of these attributes Peter speaks of without having a measure of the Holy Ghost already in you for as you recall, Christ was the only person who ever had the Holy Ghost without measure. Now as the fullness of these attributes of Christ come into the church and is ready for rapture, she also obtains the fullness of the Holy Ghost which translates her.


Some have been led to believe that since the Holy Ghost moves into the bride in his fullness, just before she leaves the world, no one today has the Holy Ghost or can have the Holy Ghost before the Holy Ghost moves into the church at the completion of the attributes, shortly before she is taken to the wedding supper. This is not true. Be not deceived. How do you think anyone obtains revelation, (the faith or foundation) or any of these other divine attributes of Christ which goes into his church without having first somewhere received the Holy Ghost to add these things unto the growth of our stature. (Rom. 8:9) Why, it is the Holy Ghost all the way and it is the Holy Ghost who comes in fullness at the very closing of the church age to indwell the tabernacle or body which has been built for him by the redeemed. This indwelling fullness comes as that last attribute of divine love is given to the body of Christ. The scripture says God is love. Remember, beloved, you are led out of Babylon ideas because no material from Babylon can be used in this spiritual building of the perfect man. Nor can any part of the faith foundation be mixed with unbelief from Babylon over the Word. Nevertheless, the very fact there remains still so much unbelief and uncertainty within the movement proves beyond any doubt at this point if we were building a spiritual man upon such a foundation both man and foundation would crumble and we would no doubt end up still a part of Babylonian foundation, being rejected at the end and burned as tares.


How will the church ever reach that stature of the perfect man once she has been restored to the apostolic faith though the route of the prophet’s message? According to the Bible, Eph. 4:12 and also the teaching of the endtime prophet, this special job can only be accomplished by that five-fold ministry who is ordained to lead the church into her height of godliness which according to Bro. William Branham, Vol. 2, No. 14-18, Pg. 238, is being perfect and such a ministry as that can only be performed by that five-fold ministry designed for this purpose. (Perfect here does not mean what Pentecost has taught) This foundation which is revealed faith on which these seven attributes of Christ are applied to the growth of the bride church once she has been placed back on the correct foundation requires a special material, a material which is none other than the pure revelated faith of God’s Word, it is Word added to Word or faith added to faith. It is the building material which goes into the stature of a perfect man. Yes, by our own actions we prove we are not built, as yet, upon the foundation of truth because beloved, we cannot even agree as to what truth is, therefore, how can we possibly be built upon it?


Bro. Branham told the Bride followers Faith is the only foundation upon which we can build that building. The early church was more than confident that the word of revealed truth was correct. Their lives, their hopes, their dreams, desires and aspirations were built upon nothing other than what this endtime prophet was desperately trying to restore an endtime people unto at the time of his death. What is wrong with us? Don’t we realize before we can be any part of this building, our feelings also will have to be the same as those of the early church toward the revealed word found in the holy scriptures? Paul, in I Cor. 3:9-17, informed the Corinthian church God had permitted him to be a wise master builder and he had laid a foundation which others were building upon (including us). However, he warned (I Cor. 3:9-17) let every man take heed how he builds thereon for no other foundation can a man lay than that which is laid, which is some church age messenger after 1517 a thousand times no. BUT UPON JESUS CHRIST. And recall, whatever you build upon this foundation, Paul said would be tested by the fire of God, if the works burn, the man suffers loss for the fire shall try every man’s works as what sort it is.


Concerning those individuals who make up the lively stones which are going into the building which is to be built upon the foundation of faith in God or his revealed truth, Paul says that the individual is also the temple of God. Why, because the Spirit of God dwells within him; therefore, one thing is sure, if you do not allow the Holy Ghost to enter into your life now while becoming a part of this building which is none other than the perfect stature of Christ in the church you will have no part within the building once the Holy Ghost completes it and is ready to move into it and live. Paul says if any man defile the temple of God, God will destroy him for the temple of God is holy which temple ye are. Declaring further in 2 Cor. 13:5, a warning which should be sufficient for us today who are approaching this foundation. Examine ourselves and see if you be in the faith or whether ye be a reprobate. Being in the faith could mean only one thing, that is being founded on nothing and relying upon nothing other than what is in the pure revelated scriptures written by holy men of old. Now perhaps these statements will be more important to us which Bro. William Branham would make under the anointing such as GET BACK TO THE ORIGINAL; GET BACK TO THE HOLY GHOST; GET BACK TO THE LEADERSHIP OF GOD IN YOUR LIFE; GET BACK TO REVEALED FAITH. How could a people continually hear him cry out, GET BACK, GET BACK and feel there is nothing to get back to. BACK TO PENTECOST, he would cry (33 A.D.) not Pentecost of 1903-13 where so many of those people drifted off into different varieties of Pentecostal organizations, but back to the original experience wherein the Holy Ghost led the lives of individuals and Paul declared in Rom. 8:14 that as many as are led by the Spirit of God they are the sons of God. Furthermore he said, you who have received the Holy Ghost (this holds true in our day also) have not received the spirit of bondage again to fear, but you have received the spirit of adoption whereby we cry Abba Father and the spirit beareth witness with our spirit we are the children of God and if we be children then heirs of God and joint heirs with Christ, if so be that we suffer with him that we may be also glorified together.


Here I want to make an important statement concerning what the church age messenger of this hour felt that a truly born again believer who has the real true faith of God in his life would be like. I might point out the fact these statements were not made in secret, but were made to perhaps one of his largest listening audiences through a telephone hook-up as the prophet addressed the endtime believers approximately a month before his death in a message entitled THE INVISIBLE UNION OF THE BRIDE OF CHRIST. Speaking along the line of the only kind of Christian the Word of God can bring forth, he said the carnal church world produced intellectual church joining, creed going, bobbed hair, painted faces and said there is no such thing as that in the Word of God. In no less than three places in this message before this vast listening audience Bro. William Branham said here is the kind you find in the Word (Christian). You find an old fashioned, sanctified child of God, born of the Spirit of God, screaming, hollering, shouting and praising God. Taking his thought back to the carnal church, Bro. William Branham continued by saying she don’t want none of that screaming, shouting, tongue-speaking Acts 2:38 young ‘uns around her. She doesn’t want any of them whooping, crying and screaming Amen and Hallelujah. Why such a child would put her out of her denomination (that would disgrace her) so you see she is impregnated with something because she is bringing forth members all the time, but she don’t want any of them screaming, hollering, blabbering Acts 2:38 miserable creatures that she thinks they are. It would certainly embarrass her, they would throw her out at the next council. She can’t have it, so she don’t want to be impregnated with the Word because that is the only kind the word can bring forth. Furthermore, the prophet said the real true second Adam nature will be one like that of Christ. You see, if the church could bring forth a child of the second Adam, he would have the second Adam’s ways of acting like they did on the day of Pentecost. That, Bro. William Branham says, is the real true second Adam’s children. Their nature, because of a new birth, is like his. Then at the close of his message his words were: This is my message to you thousands times thousands listening. Church to you that is in a spiritual union, (married by the Word) you are dead to those old husbands; you are born anew. Don’t try to dig him up, he is dead (having reference to those dead things you were married to before the Word came into your life according to Rom. 7 if you are a born again Christian that little germ that is predestined in you is coming on Word, on Word, on Word, on Word until it comes into you – the full stature of Christ. That is right, so he can come and get his bride. You see, it was Bro. William Branham‘s commission to get the endtime word church back on a word foundation whereby she might add Word upon Word upon Word unto that foundation of revealed faith, that is being filled with those seven attributes of which Peter spoke. Christ in Matt. 16 had declared: Upon this rock (revelation of the Word) he would build his church. This is the rock or foundation, the prophet’s endtime ministry was trying to get a people back to where they themselves, through the revelation of Christ, might add these necessary ingredients or attributes to their spiritual growth which when completed becomes the tabernacle or body God dwells in for the millennium. Stephen in Acts 7:48 declared God lives in a body or tabernacle but not one made with hands. Friends, it is going to be one made out of the Word of God and for people to stand at the end of the age declaring we no longer need the Word of revealed scripture is to absolutely defeat the very purpose in which the prophet came for in their behalf. God will build this tabernacle, he shall dwell once we get back on the rock of revelation and it won’t take him as long as you might think once this five-fold ministry is accepted to lead the church on to perfection. A job the early ministry in apostolic times would have completed had they not died away to fulfill that which Jesus likened to the corn of wheat. Yes, that first round of fivefold ministry was cut off before perfection could be reached; nevertheless, they were on the foundation, building and shaping lives for this building when cut off and then we see another ministry rising to take their place which does not hold to their ideas nor lead the church on to perfection because gradually instead of a five-fold ministry leading the church, it became that of priest, etc. until finally a pope and then into total spiritual darkness, now completely in every respect away from the true foundation..