From Adams’s Side He Took Eve

Rev. Raymond M. Jackson


Odd as it may appear, I would like to speak upon the subject FROM HIS SIDE HE TOOK EVE. What does such a subject teach us? Furthermore, what can we hope to learn from such a topic? To get our setting we should turn first into the letter to the Ephesians. Actually if Ephesians Chapter 1 is looked at correctly it could easily be the Genesis of the New Testament. I only make this remark from the viewpoint of seeing it from a redemptive standpoint. Naturally, the book of Genesis records the historical beginning of creation; however, long before that creation could ever take place becoming a reality, it first had to be

formed in the mind of God as a blueprint of operation. And it is because of this which took place in the creator’s mind before the foundation of the world we desire to begin our study, not from Genesis 1, rather from Ephesians 1 because it is from Ephesians 1 we see Paul’s revelation as to how all the thoughts of God began to form in his mind long before they ever took shape in Gen. 1 and 2.


Paul begins in Eph. 1:3 by saying, “blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ who hath blessed us with all spiritual blessing in heavenly places in Christ; according as he hath chosen us in him before the foundation of the world.” Did you catch that statement which Paul by revelation makes! Paul says we (the true believers) were chosen in Christ not 30 minutes before we accepted Jesus Christ, but before the foundation of the world. That verse declares plainly that God did something which affected us long before the world ever saw a beginning. Yes, even long before the recording of the first verse in the Book of Genesis which declares in the beginning God (prepared, formed, fashioned) and created the heavens and the earth, (Amp. Gen. 1). That verse tells us what God did in the beginning, however note, Eph. 1 reaches far back into a period before the beginning of anything, because it was from this period we are told of the things which God thought within himself before he ever laid the foundation of the earth; before laying out his plans for the various planets to travel in their orbits within this great universe and especially the one in particular which is to be his workshop called earth. What was this important something which the Eternal Spirit did before any of this came into being?


Paul says before man was ever placed on this earth, God had already chosen certain ones of mankind to be in Christ. This should not be frightening because later we shall explain what it means to be chosen in Christ before the foundation of the world, before the earth or any planetary bodies ever floated in space. Yes, before any of this ever began, we (the true believers) had already been chosen in Christ that we should be holy and without blame before him in love. How could such a thing be possible, that before anything was ever made that was made, a certain percentage of the human race through a grace dispensation had already been chosen in Christ to be a part of him?


Beloved, it was only through God’s foreknowledge in knowing what each individual would do having once been confronted with the ultimatum of accepting or rejecting Christ the second Adam, the Lord of Glory, that he made his choice. It was only through the Eternal Spirit’s foreknowledge he was able to predestinate anyone to be in Christ before the foundation of the world. As Eph. 1 so clearly defines the time when and if anyone was ever to be in Christ and a part of his bride through the grace dispensation. It all had to take place before the foundation of the world was ever laid. Certainly this doesn’t mean God was creating one person to be saved and another to be lost. That is not the meaning of predestination at all. Predestination is compiled from two words. It is not something to frighten anyone as so many become upon hearing the word. It simply shows before the beginning of time God, through his foreknowledge, looking down through time as each period and generation of mankind would present itself on the face of the earth, already knew what the decision of each individual would be one having come to the knowledge of needing a Savior and Redeemer. Predestination simply means God knew how everything would end, as well as what route every man would take long before the Eternal in reality had put any of his living thoughts into a creative motion of operation. Therefore, the Eternal Spirit by knowing what all men would do was able to govern his own plan in meeting the needs of lost mankind, only because he saw each man’s choice long before ever coming to this earth. Therefore, knowing each man’s choice, the Eternal Spirit had no problem in knowing what each man would do; therefore, it was simple for him in his foreknowledge to place every true believer in Christ long before the beginning of the foundation of the world. It is all an act of his foreknowledge in operation from beginning to end which makes this choice of placing believers in Christ before the foundation of the world. Man has only a past and present knowledge whereby he bases his decisions, but only the Eternal God possesses a foreknowledge of all that will transpire in any part of the future. This choosing was based strictly upon man choosing or rejecting God himself. Therefore, because of this great foreknowledge God does not literally wait until you do something, he knows beforehand what your choice will be and we see God from the very beginning placing certain individual’s names in his Lamb’s Book of Life. It must be recognized that as his thoughts were in operation long before the foundation of the world, he did not only see who would accept or reject his revelation of truth as it was going to be presented to each age and he did not only see mankind weeping with bitter tears in repentance. Oh no, the Eternal God in his mind saw man as a completely finished product in the far-flung ages to come as his plan of redemption and salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ (the 2nd Adam) want into operation long before various individuals were born into this world through the physical birth. God saw it all, therefore since seeing it all from beginning to end he knew how to regulate and lay out his own plan whereby he could meet man’s need. Paul, writing to the Ephesian Church, shows we were predestined according to the foreknowledge of God unto the adoption of children by and through the second Adam long before we were ever lost, helpless sinners.


Adoption means taking us who were poor, dirty, wretched hell bound sinners and placing us (who would accept him) in such a beautiful position and relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ who also, according to Paul’s revelation to the church, declared Christ to have been a second Adam. Later we shall study why it was necessary for God to lay out a plan for a second Adam to come on the earth, long after he had created a first Adam in Genesis 1 and 2. According to Paul, we receive this adoption in order that we might be called sons and daughters of God and have this beautiful relationship in Christ, the second Adam, because it is according to the good pleasure of his will to do this. Note, Paul says it was something pleasing within God’s own thoughts or his own will to do this for us who were helplessly lost and undone.


It should be noted throughout the 1st chapter of Ephesians as well as throughout the entire letter how God is continually placed in the singularity position. The scripture stated in verse 5; he predestinated us unto the adoption of children by Jesus Christ unto himself according to the good pleasure of his (own) will. This pronoun, his, which takes on a masculine term is also a singular term indicating how only one will and mind was involved and that was his own will. Therefore, certainly there could be no trinitarianism involved here in Paul’s teaching as to what happened before the foundation when God counseled with his own will. Paul nowhere indicates this counseling came about from the good will of three separate persons or three separate Gods, it was all done for the good pleasure of only one Eternal God’s will. That is to say, no one compelled, persuaded, nor in any way influenced one thought of this one God as he counseled with his own will before the foundation of the world. By all means, he and he alone did all that was decided to be done because all that was done was to satisfy the good pleasure of his own will.


This statement plainly shows us there was only one singular mind involved in this plan or blueprint for creation. Only one mind did all the choosing; it was only one will that was involved; it was only one singular mind through which all these thoughts ran before ever a world, star, moon or anything came into being. No sir, you could never make a trinity of persons out of what took place here in Paul’s teaching before the foundation of the world. Everything spoken of here which happened before the foundation of the world according to Paul’s revelation is always spoken of using singular pronouns such as his and never in a plurality such as their own wills. If a plurality of persons were involved in what took place while these thoughts were going through the mind of God, it would have to read according to the pleasure of their wills, they did such and such; instead it says his and he, never they or theirs. Again I repeat, if God were 3 separate persons having even the slightest possibility of having 3 separate wills within each person, Paul could never use a singular term to express how we were adopted to the pleasure of his own good will. This alone lets me know that God, being one, had only one will involved in what took place before the foundation of the world and furthermore, it’s to the praise and glory of his grace (not their) because no one else was involved in it. The Eternal One was alone when he thought about all of this, wherein he made us accepted in the beloved. Imagine, as some believe, 3 separate persons seated on 3 separate thrones somewhere out there before time ever began and you try to identify the 3 separate persons by using a singular pronoun his or he when more than one will would have been involved. No sir, the scripture declares he did it all through the counsel of his own will for his own good pleasure. It might could be said they were all referred to as he in the masculine. However, he can never be referred to in the plurality. Furthermore, it says to the praise and honor of his grace wherein he hath made us (us indicates more than one, but never he) accepted in the beloved.


Approaching verse 7 we come upon a new word which was firmly placed in the Creator’s mind. A word which would greatly affect much of this thinking as he counseled with himself; a word which would come only through Jesus Christ, the second Adam. THAT WORD IS REDEMPTION! Paul declares in verse 7, our redemption comes through his blood. This verse alone shows redemption had to have been much within the mind and foreknowledge of the one Eternal God while thoughts traveled through his mind before the foundation. Furthermore, it tells us a redemption for something had to already be prepared in God’s plan before the foundation of the earth was laid. God already knew he would have to redeem something long before Adam and Eve ever fell in the garden of Eden. A plan for redemption was already 4 worked out before the foundation of the world for fallen mankind. Redemption would have to come through the blood of another person within the human family. Within God’s mind, redemption was already a finished product long before any angel, any creation or ever a man was brought into a reality. Furthermore, known unto him was every name of every individual soul who would be redeemed through that precious blood of Christ, the second Adam. It is plainly revealed in Ephesians how before the foundation of the world God already knew his first Adam would fail and it would be of a necessity to bring about a second Adam into the world to redeem the fallen creation who fell under the leadership or direction of the first Adam. Paul continues in verse 7 by saying, there would also be forgiveness of sins through this redemption by blood according to the riches of his grace, which again shows unto us God knew sin would enter into the picture else how could he produce this second Adam who was none other than the Lord of Glory himself, I Cor. 15:47, for redemption! And that the forgiveness of sins would also be granted unto mankind. The granting of this forgiveness of sins would come about according to the riches of his grace; wherein, he hath abound unto us in all wisdom and prudence.


I especially like this next verse, verse 9, having made known unto us the mystery of his will. This verse alone destroys the theory and idea of which many are guilty of holding. That God himself is just a great big mystery and all he has done or planned out and brought into being is still only another added mystery which we are never to understand. THIS IS UNTRUE! Paul says, for he hath made known unto us (the true revelated believer) the mystery of his will. Oh sure, it is a mystery alright until Christ (the Word) reveals it. The carnal mind will never understand it being at enmity against God (Rom. 8:7). That is to say the mystery of his will is absolutely nothing that can be figured out in itself; however, it can be made known unto us by his spirit and thank God only a few will ever see it. There are certain things he has placed within his word whereby if you’ll be a spiritual child of God, one who is willing to grow in the knowledge and grace of our God, sooner or later it will be God’s good pleasure to show unto you or make known unto you the deep and mysterious things concerning (1) his will (2) concerning his plan and purpose in all that is transpiring or for that matter has ever transpired. God is a God of majestic power, a God of all wisdom and knowledge, one who not only reigns supremely and superbly in space, he is also a God of love that can reach down to such a low degree of lost mankind to lift us up out of sin and to think that all of this was already in God’s great foreknowledge according to the apostle Paul long before the first man ever arrived on earth. Yes, long before mankind ever fell, redemption for mankind was already a finished work in God’s mind. Therefore, we may say we have certainly been dealt with by the marvelous grace of God through his plan of salvation which he thought of by himself long before the foundation of the world. Not only did God think of all of these things by himself, the beauty of it is God’s good pleasure to make this mystery of his will known unto his children. In other words, God will not always remain behind a curtain of time playing peek-a-boo- with us. Instead, it delights him through the revelation of his word to pull back that curtain of time and allow his beloved children whom he has redeemed through Christ the 2nd Adam to take a good look at what he has been doing throughout the ages of time and furthermore to give you the understanding as to how you were one of those chosen to be heir and joint heir with Christ (the 2nd Adam the Lord of Glory) before the foundation and give you a little insight into what he has been doing, or as Paul phrased it in this manner, making known unto us the mystery of his will which he has accomplished through his own good pleasure. True, without asking anyone if he may, God does what he wants too whensoever it pleases him. However, it is not his will that it would always remain a secret as to what he has thought or done causing you to guess at it. No sir, he literally enjoys showing by revelation the mystery of his own will to his chosen children, Paul shows 5 therefore the Eternal didn’t have to say to the 2nd or 3rd person of this so-called trinity which was developed through the Romanism spirit, can I do it this way or should I do it that way? Oh no, Paul teaches no other’s will was consulted because there was no other will (or person) to be consulted. It was all done his way according to his own good pleasure which he hath purposed within himself (verse 9). Regardless how you twist Paul’s statements, you could never make a Trinitarian out of the Apostle Paul. Paul could see only one spirit God, one will and one good pleasure involved in everything that happened before the foundation of the world. That is why you will never find Paul teaching God was three separate persons as they did at the Council of Nicea in 325 A.D. Instead, Paul always referred to this God as the one Eternal Spirit and spoke of him in the singular term: him, he, his, etc. HIS WILL, NOT THEIR WILL Verse 10: That in His Own Will the dispensation of the fullness of time he might gather together in one all things in Christ, both which are in heaven and which are on earth; even in him in whom also we have obtained an inheritance being predestined according to the purpose of him who worketh all things after the council of his own will. Note, it is all accomplished after the counsel of whose will; NOT THEIR WILL BUT HIS OWN WILL! If three separate persons had been involved in all this before the foundation you would have more than one will involved. Separate wills makes separate persons. However, these were only thoughts originating from one will going through that ONE ETERNAL MIND of God. These were only his thoughts as to what should and should not be done long before a moon, star or anything found its place. If more than one individual was in on this, there would certainly have had to be more than one will involved in this counseling; therefore, Paul could never have said it was done through the counsel of his own will. Instead, verse 11 would have to close by saying it was all done through the counsel of their own will, not his own will. His can never show a plurality, instead it is always singular.


These are the things we learn by the revelation of the Holy Spirit as we see the counsel of his own will in operation. Sure, it is a mystery until it is revealed; however, Paul said it was God’s good pleasure to reveal the mystery of his will. I must emphasize this because later we will touch on some passages which feed the Trinitarian mind, especially over in Genesis once God prepares to create man. Therefore, let us get certain thoughts well planted in our minds as to how things actually stood before the foundation of the world, back at the time when God was counseling with himself or his own will as to what he and he alone would do and accomplish through his own thoughts in satisfying his own will whereas all of this was done, Paul says, for his own good pleasure. Nowhere, in Paul’s writings could one believe when that counseling of God’s program actually went into effect, before the foundation of the world, there could possibly have been any second or third person involved in this great plan of his as he counseled with his own will about what to do and what steps to make. Sure, there was counseling going on, however, it was not with some other person, only his own will was involved. Never through the stretch of the wildest imagination could you make the first person say to the second and third person, just how do you think we should do all this; don’t you think it should be done this way? The second person remarks to the third person, what do you think about it; does it meet with your approval; do you have any suggestions; are you in full agreement it should be done in this fashion? Comical, isn’t it? Paul declared there was only ONE WILL AND ONE MIND involved throughout in all these transactions of thought when God counseled with his own will.


What does it mean to counsel with one’s own will? God, counseling with himself, was no more than you, being one individual having only one mind, deciding to build a house; therefore, you 6 counsel with yourself as to the best procedure to follow in obtaining a loan, selecting a builder, etc. However, if you counsel with your mate in deciding the various steps to take, you could not say you as one person with one will had counseled with your own will, NO SIR! Even though you might be in perfect agreement on what should be done, you did not counsel with your own will, you counseled with another’s will. Therefore, I say counseling with another individual who has their own separate will which every person must possess in order to be a person, you are not counseling with your own will as Paul declares God did before the foundation of the world (Eph. 1:11). Therefore, in this particular scriptural sense God is only one person and note, there is only one will involved, not two other wills as there would have to be before it could be another separate individual. God’s own will which was in his own mind produced these meditations and thoughts of what he would do and it was from his own foreknowledge or from what he knew about time, matter, substance and most of all, man himself, although none of this would be in existence for a considerable length of time. The Eternal, knowing how mankind would have to make certain choices which would bring redemption into the picture knew exactly what he had to do in linking all of this plan together and then by counseling with himself or with his own foreknowledge he must then choose and ordain certain things in certain ways to work out and unfold itself within his own gracious and glorious plan for all things. We can see before the foundation of the world was ever laid, through this vast foreknowledge the Eternal Spirit, who at this period was not even called Father or God because he was only an Eternal Spirit being, abiding alone finished and completed this plan in his mind long before anything in reality ever took shape or was produced from the thoughts in his mind.


What was this eternal spiritual being doing in Eph. 1 as he counseled with himself? In his mind he was drawing up a blueprint how he would lay out all of this. Now this Holy Spirit didn’t need an indelible pencil or such objects as men use who draw up blueprints. No, because the plan he alone thought of was simply well placed there in his vast unlimited mind. Every minute detail had already been thought out and settled upon as he counseled with himself long before he began anything. Nothing could, by any means, later slip up on God which he had not expected causing him to change or alter his plan once he had decided exactly which course he was going to follow as he counseled, not with other persons involving other wills, but with his own will-in his own mind the work in every detail was already finished before anything ever began. Once he did blow a star into space or hang a planet on nothing (Job 26-7) placing it in it’s own orbit, he was merely acting out what he had already previously chosen to do from all the counseling he did with himself, out of his own predestinated will. From all of this counseling God knows what and what not to do or expect in governing the entire plan to assure that nothing will ever go amiss or astray. Nothing could possibly by some unforseen chance throw this perfect plan off course causing God to be forced into making new decisions, thus forcing him to counsel with himself again at some later time. No sir, once that period of Ephesians 1 had passed, ever how long it may have taken from that hour on, nothing would ever catch the Almighty by surprise causing him to be forced to alter any original plan that might have been intended to be used had it not been for something that had gone wrong he had not seen or counted upon once the counseling with his own will was completed. Therefore, everything dovetails into this overall plan of God whereby when it is all summed up and we see it projected from an overall picture we better understand why Paul began his Ephesian letter primarily unto the Ephesian church starting it out by revelation saying in verse 3; we are already elected and already chosen in him (Christ the 2nd Adam to serve him as his bride companion or wife in the millennium age to come) before the foundation of the world had ever been spoken into existence. And furthermore, through that great plan of redemption we might be reconciled back to the great Eternal Spirit who long before 7 the beginning of anything had already counseled with himself (and not with others) as he alone knew all things. Therefore, it is clear everything done was not done on the advice of someone else, instead was done through the counsel and pleasure of his own will.


Being alone as well as being all powerful and full of all knowledge and capable of making his own decisions was not enough, he was not satisfied with just this. He was not a spiritual being who desired to always be alone, instead he was willing to share himself with something else and it is through that desire of his to share himself with something which brought about all this counseling with himself as what steps he should take in order to share himself or his life with something else which must also possess a will all of its own. Naturally, as we witness time progress, the very things later to be created which would have separate wills from his own, although they would have a part of his life, would later cause rebellion; nevertheless, it must be remembered none of this rebellion or what it would eventually lead to went unnoticed by him while counseling with his own will primarily deciding what steps to take and what advantage it would be to share himself with others who also must be given wills of their own. Although Eph. 1 does not begin to tell us even a small portion of that which went through his great eternal mind as he counseled with himself, we are able to see that which was his good pleasure to reveal unto us the mysteries of his will (especially his decisions concerning redemption and what those decisions produced). Once we have firmly established in our minds it was God’s good pleasure to share himself with something else we are ready to move on and discover what that something else was with which the Eternal first decided to share himself. Therefore, we can plainly see Eph. 1 revealed to us the overall picture of the operation of that one great Eternal Spirit’s predestinated mind and how it was his own good pleasure to reveal unto us the mystery of his own will and desire to share himself with others.


Having this thought of what happened before the beginning of creation firmly planted in our minds, we are now prepared to approach Genesis, that book of the beginning, which shows all that God began to THINK and CREATE sometime after he had carefully thought it all out and knew where every step would lead. It is here in Gen. 1 we begin to observe God as he carefully carries out his magnificent plan, thought of by himself, and brought about to satisfy the pleasure of his own good will while counseling with himself as those meditations of his own thoughts were being fully expressed and exercised and his own decisions had reached as to what steps he should take in this plan. It is in that very first chapter of Genesis we begin to witness the results of God’s thoughts and decisions as they all take form through his spoken word, once he begins to speak things into existence. Therefore in Gen. 1 and 2 we are seeing that blueprint which was earlier formed in his own mind begin to unfold and take shape. The structure of those holy thoughts shown in Eph. 1 began to come together as they take on a certain tangible form once matter, atoms and such substance have been spoken into existence.


Now we are ready to watch this great plan of his begin to unfold. We can determine from Eph. 1 by the fact the word redemption as well as the blood of Christ is used before the foundation of the world that God’s mind had to be dwelling upon the two Adams, otherwise he would never have stated what he did concerning redemption for the human race. Therefore, it is from Paul’s statement found in Romans 5 as well as I Cor. 15:21-22 where he declared all (the human race) was in this one man Adam. We realize the word Adam, whether it be spelled a-t-o-m (referring to the minute indivisible particles of which the universe is composed), or whether it be spelled A-d-a-m (meaning the first man on earth). Adam means the beginning of something. And if our natural man Adam who was first composed of dirt which is nothing more than a combination of atoms and structural substances became a living soul (I Cor. 15:45) and is the beginning of something, this lets me know Christ who is referred to as the second Adam who was made a quickening spirit, the Lord of Glory Himself, is also the beginning of something. The scripture declares the second Adam, the Lord of Glory, I Cor. 15:45 was also the beginning of something, does it not, and strictly from the standpoint of redemption, we were all in him (I Cor. 15:20-22). However, from the creation standpoint we were all in the First Adam and we want to watch closely to see how all this will follow true to pattern once we touch on the Second Adam the Lord of Glory Himself.


1:1 It is here in Genesis we first see all of these perfect creative laws of God begin to go into operation to bring about all these things of which he had thought while counseling with himself. Gen. 1:2 speaks of a time period after THE BEGINNING wherein God had already created the heavens and earth. However, in verse 2, he looked upon what the scripture called the deep which is space itself being held together by atoms which God had before created, but something has happened! Here, in Gen. 1:1 this eternal spiritual being is called God. God means an object of worship and here in verse 1 was something to worship him. However, in that period of time before the beginning, spoken of by revelation in Eph. 1, there was nothing back there to worship him. At a much later time referred to as the beginning where God did Begin certain things (Gen. 1:1) he has already begun to share himself with others. Before Gen. 1:1 he has already created himself a great host of angelic beings (Heb. 1:6) who also are immortal spirit beings (Heb. 1:7) like unto himself, even possessing separate wills of their own, separate from the will of the Eternal One. One scripture should be sufficient to substantiate this thought. Recall when God asked Job the question, “Where were you when the sons of God shouted for joy as I laid out the foundation of the earth, Job 38:4-7. However, in Gen 1:1 in the beginning of time he, the Eternal One, as God makes heaven and earth. Before that time, God had already created his angelic host to fellowship and assist him with his creation.


Earth for some reason seems to be the one planet in the universe God used for his workshop where he tests that which he purposes to use in ages to come for obedience unto his great will and purpose. We are not interested in this article about what this earth was used for before God cleared it away prior to man’s coming to be tested and tried, in Gen. 3. We have an article entitled


showing how Satan became a murderer in another previous age. One thing is sure, when time came for man’s testing toward his desire to obey his Eternal Creator, Lucifer, one of the arch angels, had already become the devil having led a rebellion against Almighty God and he, along with a great host of angelic beings, had already fallen from the good grace of God. This testing and fall had to be at some previous time prior to man’s testing. Therefore, the book of Genesis is primarily interested in teaching us about that period of time which revolves strictly around the creation of man and not the creation of angelic beings who were first tested, although 14 books of the Old Testament and 17 of the New Testament mention those who undoubtedly were the first form of life God ever created with which to have fellowship. Henceforth, when we read in Genesis how God brought forth light and that light became day, it is not speaking of some hour or period of time in which God was testing his angelic family whom he had first created.



Newspaper Article

The earth measures nearly 25,000 miles in circumference at the equator. It is said to weigh about 6,600,000,000,000,000,000,000 (6.6 sextillion) tons. Yet, it is dwarfed by other planets and stars. For instance, about one million earths could fit into the sun. And some suns, or stars, are so big that a trillion (a million times a million) earths could fit into them.



Oh no, after verse 1 all this scripture deals strictly with the new area of time surrounding the preparation of bringing a new rulership upon the earth, that rulership is called man. We are told the light divided from the darkness became day while the darkness he referred to as night. This was the beginning of his first creative day. Preparing the planet earth for his new program affecting mankind is illustrated further by the fact God chose to use seven creative days to illustrate how this plan for mankind would require a period of time composed of no less than 6,000 years in which man would be dealt with and the one day in which God rested being the seventh day, represents 1,000 years of reign by God’s new creation which he called his second Adam, the Lord of Glory and his bride. The first 6,000 years, days would be composed of heartaches brought about by the disobedience of the first Adam. By no means are these creative days, (which represents God’s dealing with man as God was preparing the earth for his new rulership called man who like the angels had also been created in the image of God) to be associated with Gen. 1:1 which plainly states in the beginning God had already perfectly prepared (formed, fashioned, created) the heavens and the earth. These following verses in Chap. 1 do not give description as to how the heavens and earth were first formed in verse 1. We won’t go into that, but God had already accomplished his purpose fully by his angelic family somewhere in verse 1. That purpose we believe the earth was first used for, as we feel the scriptures bears out, was a place to test the obedience of his angelic family. However, in verse 2 etc., it then begins speaking of reshaping this old planet earth into a different atmosphere for its new ownership to begin to rule and reign. We note this new ruler called man was first created a spiritual being possessing both the attributes of male and female and their name already called Adam, Gen. 1:27, 5:1. Adam, as they are called, is commissioned to multiply and replenish the earth long before they are placed in the earth. Replenish or refill definitely shows before mankind was brought into being, this earth had already been used for something else, or else why would Adam be commissioned in the spirit world in the day they were created to multiply and REFILL AND REPLENISH the earth. The same commission was handed also unto Noah and his three sons after the flood when all mankind had drowned. God commissioned them to be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth (Gen. 9:1). Although every detail may not be available, this aged earth seems to serve as a testing ground for whatever headship to be in God’s program. Earth is the place used for whatever form of life God may be testing, whether it be the angelic host or mankind who was tested through the first Adam or whether it serve as the testing ground for the second Adam, Christ, who is also the beginning of a new creation (Matt. 4:1-11). 7


Therefore, in preparing things for the coming of this new ruler, man, the First Adam, God uses his first creative day to divide light from darkness; the second creative day used in this plan to divide the firmaments from the waters to allow the firmament (expansion fo sky, etc.) to separate the waters from below from the waters above (verse 6). For the third day’s work preparing everything for man we are told beginning with verse 10 that dry land called earth was commanded to appear and the accumulated waters on the earth to be called seas. Furthermore, God said let the earth put forth tender vegetation, plants yielding seed and the fruit trees yielding fruit each according to its own kind, whose seed is in itself, upon the earth and it was so. And as always God saw it was good and as with each day’s work he approved it. Later, in studying 10 Chapter 2, we find although God had spoken these things in the six creative days, it will be some time before these things actually begin appearing on the earth. For his fourth day’s work, God begins to bring in seasons, time, days, years, etc. For the new environment of earth, he says let there be lights within the expanse of the sky to furnish light upon the earth. Therefore, on the fourth creative day he made the two lights, the greater light he made to rule the day he called the sun and the lesser light to rule the night he called the moon. On this creative day was also made the stars and verse 17 says, and God sent them in the expanse of the heavens to give light upon the earth. This finished the fourth day. 5


The fifth day was composed of creating living creatures to be brought forth in the waters. Furthermore, the spoken word said let birds fly over the earth in the open expansion of heaven. Also he created great sea monsters and every living creature that moves, every winged bird according to its kind. And God blessed them saying be fruitful, multiply and fill the waters of the sea. Let the fowls multiply in the earth. (Note, every command to replenish through multiplying was given in the spirit world before one thing was ever placed here on earth.) And with the evening and the morning the fifth day was finished.


Now I would like to stop right here with the completion of the fifth creative day to reestablish something. It appears from all we have read in Chapter 1 (and will read) concerning plant life, living creature, man, etc., that as God was speaking all of this into existence through his Word and seeing it was good, it appears or sounds as if immediately he spoke it all into existence right here upon the earth and the earth became filled immediately with all of these things as their being commissioned to be fruitful and multiply, etc. However, THAT IS NOT TRUE! It must be noted and will clearly be seen once God creates man in his own image and likeness on the sixth creative day according to Gen. 1:26-27, that he will create him male and female and call their name Adam. Where? Not here upon this earth. ALL OF THIS INCLUDING SPIRIT MAN WAS SPOKEN INTO EXISTENCE SOMEWHERE IN THAT SPIRIT WORLD AS ANGELS STOOD BY LONG BEFORE ANYTHING WAS EVER PLACED UPON THE EARTH. To bear this out, we note in Moses’ writing, Gen. 2:4 it says, this is the generation (or history) of the heavens and the earth when they were created in the day that the Lord God made the heavens and the earth. Now get this statement! Verse 5 clarifies it by saying: And every plant of the field before it was in the earth and every herb of the field before it grew (yet in Chap. 1 he had already created all this) (see also Gen. 2:1) and the Lord God had not (yet) caused it to rain upon the earth and there was no man to till the ground. Dropping back into Chap. 1 we see in six creative days all plant and animal life and even male and female life had already been created and CREATION IS COMPLETED. God has even rested one day! However, AT THIS POINT NOTING HAD BEEN PLACED IN THE EARTH AND WILL NOT BE UNTIL SOMETIME AFTER GOD RESTS ON HIS SEVENTH DAY! Therefore, it should be noted that Gen. Chap. 1 is revealing what the Almighty’s thoughts were which now are being spoken and which he thought before time began when he was counseling with himself as recorded in Eph. 1. Here in Gen. 1 we are simply beginning to hear those thoughts begin to be spoken. All these things were first spoken into existence to be later placed upon the earth sometime after the six creative days are over. This brings us to how man has divided the recording of Gen. 2, for it is in Gen. 2 we see God acting upon that which was spoken in Chap. 1 and placing it upon this earth all his living thoughts in Gen. 1 as well as Eph. 1 had created or produced.


In Psalms 33:4-9 we are told the Word of the Lord is right and all of his work is done in 11 faithfulness, and the planet earth is full of the loving kindness of the Lord. By the (spoken) Word of the Lord. (Naturally before the word became spoken in Gen. 1, God’s words were merely his thoughts and attributes during that unusual period of time making up Eph. 1). By the Word of the Lord were the heavens made and all their hosts by the breath of his mouth; he gathers the waters of the sea as in a bottle and puts the deeps in storage places. Let all the earth fear the Lord, reverence and worship; let all the inhabitants of the world stand and awe at him for he spoke (in Gen. 1 what his thoughts had decided upon recorded in Eph. 1) and it was done, he commanded and it stood fast. Therefore, out of Psalms 33 no honest hearted person could see the working of three persons in creation, for it was through the thoughts of that One Eternal Spirit in Eph. 1 we see his thoughts becoming expressed into words of creative life once God spoke and created everything from the breath of his (one) mouth. Therefore, if any others assisted in the creation of anything we must take knowledge that not only did they have to work through his thoughts, but also they had to borrow his mouth to speak whatever had been thought. Continuing on in line with our thought how all this in Gen. 1 had been created including man, although none of it yet was placed in the earth to begin their functions according to their reproductive laws of God which governs the growth of flesh species (let everything bear after its own kind) until sometime after those six creative days. According to Gen. 2:4 God said, these are the generations (or period of time) of the heavens and the earth when they were created, in the day the Lord God made the earth and the heavens and every plant of the field before it was in the earth, and every herb of the field before it grew. For God had not caused it to rain on the earth. Furthermore, Gen. 2:5 declares as yet there was no man to till the ground although spirit man, male as well as female, had been created in God’s image during the sixth creative day when God decided to make mankind in his own image and after his own likeness. Verse 27 says, let them have dominion and authority over the fish, birds and the beasts (all of which were tame) as well as everything that creeps upon the earth.


Man, first of all, was created on that sixth creative day as a spirit being and there in the spirit world was placed over all creation and received his own commission to be fruitful and multiply and have dominion over all that God had spoken in verse 26, long before it was spoken in Gen. 2:5, there was not a man (on earth) to till the ground. Furthermore, according to verse 29 man also knew what he could and could not eat. Sometimes these two chapters become confusing as most people want to think that a few verses in Chap. 2 only clarifies Chap. 1, NOT SO! The confusion stems mainly because of where and how these chapter divisions are placed by men. Man himself placed those divisions for Chapters as Chap. 1 and Chap. 2, etc. Remember when Moses, as well as any writer in scripture, wrote under the inspiration. They never once wrote in chapter form. NO! Instead they wrote in a continual flow of thought. Chapter headings, divisions, breaks, etc., in the scripture was placed by man as late as the 12th and 15th Century by Cardinal Caro and Roberts Stephens.


Notice if you will as Moses wrote the Book of Genesis, for instance the creation story, it is all written as a continued story. The scripture as marked off by man for Chap. 2 has broken the line of thought. When you break into Chap. 2 where these men did, they cut off Chap. 1 with the completion of the sixth day, leaving out the 7th day to begin Chap. 2. Had they permitted their break to come in between what is verse 3-4, allowing verses 1, 2 and 3 to be placed with Chap. 1, you would then have had the completion of the work in the six creative days as well as the rest day of God in one chapter. After all, the seventh day makes up the completion of that one week of creation. Therefore, Chap. 2 would have begun as Moses’ thought had taken on a new angle. Had he been the one dividing the chapters, he probably would have started Chap. 2 where verse 12 4 is and Chap. 2 would have produced a somewhat different slant in our thinking. Moses’ no doubt would have started Chap. 2 by saying, these are the generations of the heavens and the earth when they were created and in the day the Lord God made the earth and the heavens. Generations in verse 4 does not refer to generations as we think of them today, between 28-40 years, on the contrary, generations simply means whatever period of time God used in (six) creative days. Note verse 5 places emphasis on everything being made long before it was placed in earth and every plant of the field before it was in the earth, every herb of the field before it grew. God says in verse 4, these are the generations he made these thing before they were placed in the earth. Therefore, all of the creation in Gen. 1 was first spoken into being there in the spirit world in their various generations before ever being placed on the earth. On the earth (after the seven creative days) there had been no rain nor was there any man to till the ground, a mist came up from the earth to water the whole face of the ground. That is true, the earth was being watered, but there was no human being called man as yet to till the ground, although long ago on the sixth creative day there had been a spirit man created according to Gen. 1:26-27. Furthermore, that spirit man had already received his commission when he was placed in the earth he was to multiply and replenish the earth. In that generation or period of time before anything was actually placed upon this previously created earth, God had already made spirit man in his own image and, LISTEN TO THIS, had created him male and female. Gen. 5:1 states that in the day God created man in his likeness, God made he him, male and female created he them and blessed them and called their name Adam in the day they were created. This cannot be applied to Gen. 2:7 where it had previously been stated there was no man on earth to till the earth. Now watch, after this then the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground. When? Sometime after seven creative days passed, and breathed into his nostrils the breath or spirit of life (which long ago had been created as male and female somewhere in the spirit world).


Now for the first time man becomes a living soul (I Cor. 15:45-49). Yet recall, he was still male and female in one body. However, as long as the two remain in one body, called man, they cannot fulfill their commission to multiply and replenish the earth, can they! I realize most people have been taught that Chap. 2 of Genesis is a repeat of Chap. 1, simply bringing out more in detail what actually happened in Chap. 1, yet scripture will not bear this out. These are entirely two different chapters, one following the other in thought and as Moses wrote it, he was simply writing a continuation of thought down into the second chapter. Therefore, in Gen. 1 as well as Eph. 1, we have seen him counsel with his thoughts first. Those thoughts now become positive, and in that spirit world he begins to create things, while in Gen. 2 we see God acting upon all that which he spoke into existence in the spirit world. Chap. 2 reveals how that which had been created in the spirit world, God will now act upon bringing it into the position in which he had originally created it when using six creative days. Gen. 2:7 as it is recorded since man has broken up Moses’ thought, shows sometime after those seven creative days are finished, God now formed human man out of the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life or breathed into him that which he had previously created on the sixth day consisting of both male and female attributes, called spirit man, Gen. 1:26-27. Although man became living soul it is still going to be much later before we will see God divide man, taking out of him all the feminine attributes which had long ago been placed in him. Naturally, the commission to multiply and replenish the earth could not take place until after the separation of the feminine attribute which was placed in spirit man and would be given a separate body then we shall see why OUT OF HIS SIDE HE TOOK EVE! The day she was separated from him and given a beautiful human body in which to live was not the beginning of her existence.


For a moment let us turn back to the sixth creative day when God made spirit man, male and female, because it is here people get off track thinking because God stated in Gen. 1:26, let us make man in our image after our likeness, that God was actually speaking unto two other separate persons within the Godhead, namely the Son and Holy Ghost (which are actually two offices of this one Eternal God) and that he is saying unto the two other persons of the Godhead, let us make man in our image and after our own likeness. However, we recognize in Eph. 1 long before this time could ever elapse, Paul had always spoken of God in the masculine and singular term declaring he had counseled with his own will. One thing is certain, God cannot contradict himself and Paul had clearly stated he had not counseled with anyone other than his own will, yet in Genesis we discover Moses saying, when God was ready to make man on the sixth creative day, let us make man in our image. Who is this us he refers to? Remember, it is not possible for one true prophet to contradict that which another true prophet has spoken. What Moses wrote did by no means cause him to become a Trinitarian nor did it cause anyone else until long after the birth of Christ to ever try and use this phrase to clinch the fact of God being three separate persons. By no means is the trinity of persons as recorded by the Council of Nicaea a Jewish teaching, instead it is a gentile teaching. Some even mistakenly think it is a Bible teaching, IT IS NOT! It is strictly an unscriptural gentile explanation of what he, not the Jew, believes God to be. Yet, we can’t ignore the fact God was talking to someone other than himself on that sixth creative day. Who was Moses referring to when he made the statement, let us make man in our image and after our likeness? Is Moses, who is a Jew, contradicting Paul who is also a Jew? Absolutely not! Let’s explore this further to see if we can find out who God is actually addressing, using a plurality phrase. Since no word of a true prophet of God can contradict another, we must catch the thought in which this particular thought is being used to convey a certain meaning unto the natural mind found in Gen. 1:26 which is in this plurality. You will have to agree with me on down the line from Moses, Paul the gentile apostle, writing in Eph. 1 is reaching farther back into a period than anything recorded in Gen. 1. Because in Gen. 1:1 it says, in the beginning God, however Eph. 1 reached much farther into the past than any mere beginning. It reaches back farther than even before the foundation of the world; long before God ever began to speak anything into existence in the spirit world. Eph. 1 reaches back into the era of time when he would not even rightly have been called God, because as stated, God means an object of worship and Eph. 1 is so far back before time there was not anything present to worship and adore him as God. There he was only the Eternal Spirit turning thoughts over in his mind, counseling with himself as to what he would do, how he would perform it and bring what is recorded in Gen. 1 into existence. God did everything according to his own will and his own good pleasure and never once did Paul to the Ephesian church express God in any plurality sense. And only sometime after all this counseling went on in his mind and it was settled in his mind through his own counseling what he would do, do we ever begin to see Gen. 1 even begin to come into focus as God will now begin to speak his great plan which he and he alone thought of recorded in Gen. 1, placing it into motion. Yet Moses, writing his books, chose to use the phrase US AND OUR to convey his thought in Gen. 1:26. What is this plurality phrasing all about?


Who is God speaking unto saying they should make man in their image? He was not speaking unto two or three others. NO, ABSOLUTELY NOT, but perhaps a great innumerable host of other spirits (Heb. 12:22) called angels which he had previously created to assist him in carrying out all of his thoughts with which he had counseled. Angels are powerful (Psalms 103:20) intelligent (I Pet. 1:12) and active (Matt. 26:63). They are ministering spirits (Heb. 1:7). Their titles indicate they are different ranks, thrones, dominion and power. They wait upon God in 14 praise, worship and service both in heaven and on earth (Heb. 1:14). Some of this host were sent to announce and welcome the Redeemer (Luke 2:13, Heb. 1:6). Rev. 5:11-12 alone speaks of one hundred million of these worshipping in one place. Angels assigned to watch over mankind (Psalms 91:11) excel in strength (Psalms 103:20) and can fly swiftly (Dan. 11:21) and even wait to do the command and bidding of the Almighty God. And since they were spirit beings, it was a spirit being God was creating in Gen. 1:26-27, giving him charge over the earth. These beings are seen in scripture accompanying God in every task he performs. Why would we think it strange for him to be discussing anything with them? Whenever we see God ready to do anything that affects mankind, angels are always present. They, along with man, are created spirit beings.


Watch closely in Chap. 1 God has now spoken his thoughts of Eph. 1 into existence. Chap. 2 shows God is going to act further upon that which he had previously spoken into existence, placing it into its rightful position. Recall verse 5 stated there is not a man to till the earth; therefore, let us watch God as he begins to act upon what he has already created; spirit man who is still male and female. In Gen. 2:7 it says, “God formed man out of the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life”. WHAT IS GOD DOING? Sometime after his seventh creative day, God took some plain ordinary dirt from the crust of the earth, formed and fashioned it, then breathed into it the breath of life and it began to walk around. Flesh man or human mankind began from just plain old ordinary dirt of the earth. Scripture says there wasn’t a man to till the earth; therefore, God took some dirt (tangible matter) and began to shape himself a tabernacle or a vessel of clay. God was using something from the earth over which man was to rule, for recall, God had previously spoken spirit man into existence as male and female calling their name Adam, Gen. 1:26. Now, God, taking what he had previously made into Gen. 1:26, breathed into the nostrils of that bunch of dirt, which of course is now no longer plain dirt, but human flesh. Notice, first God took nothing and made himself some dirt or earth. Later, he used that dirt and made human flesh and called him a human being or man and because man fell bringing in the death penalty, one day God will take that same corruptible flesh body and whether it be dead or alive will make something immortal out of it. FROM NOTHING TO SOMETHING AND IT WAS ALL IN HIM (GOD). My main thought here stems from the physical or natural standpoint how we (including Eve) were all in the first Adam; therefore, if we were all in the first Adam, then the Bride of Christ was also in the second Adam LONG BEFORE HE BECAME A FLESH MAN ALSO. Yes, as far as our natural existence is concerned, we were in the first Adam. However, along the way man got out of relationship with God and man had to be redeemed. However note, God was fully aware of all this long before Adam ever arrived, long before there ever appeared a blade of grass or anything. God had already foresaw the day there must come God-man who would himself be called the second Adam, who would be the Lord of Glory himself not to be a pregenerator, as was the first Adam, but instead a regenerator, a redeemer. Therefore, if you can now begin to form a picture of the two Adams and their brides (wives), you will see it balance perfectly. If we were in the first Adam for our natural existence long before man was ever placed on this earth, then we were also in Christ the Second Adam for our spiritual existence long before we were born again. (Eph. 1:3) Reproduction was in the first Adam while regeneration is in the second Adam, Christ. However, note whether you be lost or saved, reproduction had to all be in the first Adam, but the beautiful part of it all is ONLY THOSE WHO HAVE ACCEPTED CHRIST COULD POSSIBLY HAVE BEEN IN THE SECOND ADAM, therefore, through predestination the Almighty knew who would and who wouldn’t accept him. He knows who is and since he knows 15 who is, no wonder the Apostle Paul could say we were chosen in him, predestined in him (Christ the Second Adam). WHEN? BEFORE THE FOUNDATION OF THE WORLD! AMEN! As God took this piece of clay or dirt and begin to fashion it into a vessel or tabernacle, look what he places into it. God breathes into this earthen vessel the breath of (spirit) life. GET THIS! This spirit life breathed into that dirt which he had fashioned was that spirit being man (male and female) that he had made back in Chap. 1:26-27. No longer is God saying, let there be such and such, because now we see him acting upon that which he had already spoken into existence. God looked and there was no man to till the earth. There needed to be a man to till the earth, therefore he took some dirt and began to form something and when he finished forming this object which he gave two arms, two legs, head, etc. he breathed into that which he had formed THAT SPIRIT BEING HE HAD ALREADY CREATED IN CHAP. 1:17. This creature, man, now became conscious of his earthly surroundings as his soul become active. God has acted, hasn’t he? GOD FORESHADOWS REDEMPTION Let us take a closer look at this first Adam. Recall, he is the very beginning of something, isn’t he? In Gen. 2:5-6 he is one man walking around. But where is Eve? IN HIM! This is important. WHERE IS EVE, HIS BRIDE OR WIFE TO BE? IN HIM! How many lives do we have walking around? ONLY ONE! How many hearts do we have in this one vessel of clay? ONLY ONE! Notice this, Adam doesn’t act one day like a man and the next day like a woman. In him is expressed fully all the attributes of masculinity. Always remember, God didn’t begin with one thing in mind in Gen. 1:27 as he commissioned man (them) to be fruitful and multiply only to be forced later because of certain circumstances which developed in the garden to change his mind like some believe. GOD DOESN’T WORK THAT WAY! Nothing slips upon him. Some people read the book of Genesis so childish. It would appear foolish to think God made only one person and then one day suddenly realize he couldn’t leave man there all by himself saying, I had better find someone to keep him company and console him when he feels tired and weary. OH NO! God isn’t doing any such thing. Recall where Eve has been all this time, IN ADAM! The almighty is going to do something far more than simply produce Adam a wife, God was setting something in motion, GOD WAS FORESHADOWING HIS ENTIRE PLAN OF REDEMPTION WHICH WOULD COME THROUGH THE SECOND ADAM! Oh, if people could only see this.


Therefore, Chap. 2 shows God as he acted for the first time in creating this vessel of clay and breathing into that vessel life or the spirit man Adam who, as you recall, already had within his spirit the feminine qualities which would later become fleshly woman. I remind you, Adam in every respect was masculine. Although the two are in this one body, you don’t see any femininity creeping up over the masculine character. God has now acted, yet he brought only one vessel of clay into existence. THIS VESSEL HAS ONLY ONE HEART, ONE WILL AND ONE MIND. Furthermore, it can make only one decision. Man’s thought couldn’t go in a dozen different directions, acting or talking one day like man and then the next day like woman. Yet today on this earth we do see men acting like women although physically they are men. This definitely lets me know there are evil spirits getting into the picture, disrupting, distorting and perverting the entire realm of mankind. Although there lay within Adam all this time those feminine characteristics, Adam always acted and conducted himself as a man. He looked, walked and conducted himself like a man who had been made in the image of God and placed in a human vessel of clay to have earthly dominion. Keep in mind in Gen. 1:27 Almighty God had previously addressed both of those spiritual beings (male and female) long before that spiritual 16 being was ever placed in an earthly tabernacle. When God said, “Let them (not him) have dominion over the beasts of the fields and over the cattle and over all creeping things that are thereon”. Oh yes, those feminine characteristics were lying right there in that spirit being man long before he ever took on his physical tabernacle.


The Lord God now has himself a man, but what will he do with this creature called man; where will he place him? “And the Lord God planted a garden eastward”. Now notice, the earth has begun to grow grass although in Gen. 2:4 there hasn’t a single blade of grass grown on earth. Nevertheless, I believe in that old earth lay every little seed and all it needed was for that spoken thought of God to become active and the earth would begin to sprout blades of grass, trees, etc. Notice this garden spot which God planted eastward certainly wasn’t some little garden spot in God’s backyard consisting of a stone fence and iron gate, etc. Oh no, this garden area, the scripture says, had a river running through it which contained four heads and those four rivers are all known to be in the middle east. Therefore, even if it was in God’s backyard, it is still referred to the middle east and that would be a considerable large garden, would it not? “And the Lord God now begins to plant a garden eastward and placed the man which he had formed.” So far the man bodily is only one singular creature. Now we notice out of the ground also made the Lord God to grow every tree that is pleasant to the sight good for food. However, recall back in Gen. 1: God’s spoken Word had already said for the earth to bring forth every kind of herb and tree after its kind, although it didn’t appear on earth momentarily, did it? Gen. 1 reveals the role of God’s spoken Word in creation; however, it is not until Chap. 2 do we begin to see the Spirit of God act upon what was spoken in Gen. 1. God could think and speak a thing centuries ago, however that doesn’t mean it to be accomplished momentarily. True, in the mind of God it is accomplished the moment he thought it, yet God may not act upon it until perhaps a million years later. Nevertheless, once he has spoken it, he will certainly watch over that which his word has spoken to see at whatever time he decides upon, it is performed somewhere at some time he will bring it about. Remember, God is not involved with such a thing as time. The God who lived and spoke in yesterday is exactly the same God of today. HE IS NOT INVOLVED IN TIME. Therefore, whenever the Spirit decides to act upon whatever his spoken word had declared, it would seem only as moments whenever he takes it and acts upon it. Therefore, we now see it was God’s plan for the herb to bring forth more herb, for every living creature to bear after its kind, etc, (he made them male and female). Man was also created male and female yet at this time, man was still only one creature although he has received a commission to multiply. And now while these two are still one, or in the same one body, shall we say (both male and female characteristics), it is here for the first time we hear the Lord God mention unto Adam (the two of them) anything involving the Tree of Knowledge of good and evil or the Tree of Life.


A word to you who still think these two trees were some fruit bearing trees. Recall, back in Gen. 1 God had mentioned nothing about the Tree of Knowledge or the Tree of Life or that they should reproduce themselves, when he said let the earth bring forth of every herb bearing seed after its kind. If they were natural fruit trees, they would also have to reproduce themselves after their kind. In other words, somewhere there would have continued to be a tree of knowledge of Good and Evil. Nevertheless, as he does begin to express, act or bring forth all this, man is already well situated to begin his habitation within that Edenic environment. Now it is here we begin to hear God say to Adam, every tree that is pleasant to the sight and good for food, you may eat of it. His physical existence or his survival would depend upon the fruit of the trees. This didn’t mean, however, man had to eat to live or he would starve. It simply reveals God in designing man had so designed him to be able to eat or consume food. I’m glad God made man 17 to do something as well as be something. Although he did make us to eat, he never made us to become gluttons, did he? The beauty of it is God made man to be and do something, not merely to exist as a myth or to float around. In other words, it is not mind over matter (some Christian Science theory). What an unscriptural theory. It is were like that we would all be made up of mind. That theory is, I don’t actually exist, I only think I do. WHAT NONSENSE! Perhaps that is the way many of those people think, but I believe I exist and I believe part of me is also matter.


Yes, God has stated here that man could eat of the trees which were good and pleasant to the eyes and good for food; however, now he speaks of two trees that stood in the midst of the garden, one called the tree of life and the other the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Again I ask you, where was Eve? STILL IN ADAM. Eve is in this body which has only one mind and one heart. Recall as yet Adam had not sinned. Only one person is walking around. Adam receives the commission how he is to eat of only certain vegetation and herbs, Gen. 2:15-17. Here we note that at this point man was not to become a meat eater, he doesn’t receive that commission until after the flood. After they were placed in this vessel of clay called man, God speaks to these two about the two trees, God says to Adam (recall he called THEIR name Adam). “And the Lord God took the man, and put him into the garden of Eden to till it and keep it. And the Lord God commanded the man, saying, of every tree of the garden thou mayest freely eat; But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it; for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die.” (Where is Eve, IN HIM!) I keep reminding you of this to show you it foreshadows something great, as the second Adam (Christ) hung on the cross we (his wife) the redeemed according to Eph. 1 were in him! Christ the second Adam was the very beginning of God’s plan for a new creation. Think of it! God’s commission to multiply and replenish the earth still lay right there in Adam’s spirit as he was being shown of what t eat or partake. That commission was already instilled in Adam although at the moment he is helpless to carry it out because, WHERE WAS EVE ALL THIS TIME? STILL IN HIM! Yet, we are only able to see one person, right? Oh beloved, there is something beautiful represented here. Watch as the second Adam, the Lord of Glory, hung on the cross, he too was the very beginning of something wasn’t he Christ was the very expressed mind (the Word) of God (now) made flesh (John 1:11-12) but for what purpose? Not to pregenerate through birth another race of human beings, oh no! That natural law cycle of human birth or life which Almighty God had made and instilled within the first Adam while he was both male and female was still going strong when the second Adam arrived, was it not? Yet on Calvary hung God’s Law of love for another purpose, for another birth.


Christ the second Adam who was made a quickening Spirit was to be the beginning of a new creation which must come about also through a new birth. Through this second Adam, God was reconciling his lost creation of mankind back to himself by another birth. Get this, the second Adam’s wife to be (Rev. 19) this regenerated born again believer, was laying right there in him (Christ) through the foreknowledge of God all the time. (Eph. 1:3) Same as the first Adam’s wife to be was already in him. Continuing on we read, “And the Lord God took the man and put him in the garden of Eden to till and keep it and the Lord God commanded the man saying, of every tree of the garden thou mayest eat freely..”. See, the Almighty reaffirms it to Adam. WHERE IS EVE WHILE ALL THIS IS GOING ON? STILL IN ADAM. After carefully informing Adam, the trees in the garden which he could freely eat, God now turns his attention to two other trees which he calls by name, one being the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, death was connected with this tree, “But of the tree of knowledge of good and evil thou shalt not eat of it; for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely 18 die.” RECALL, EVE IS STILL IN ADAM! How many persons are walking around in that Garden at this hour? ONLY ONE PERSON! You may eat of this and that God tells Adam, but the day that you eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil you shall surely die! This lets me know every commission, all instructions were laying right there in this first Adam, the one man with only one mind and one heart in his bosom even though these feminine attributes are in him long before there were ever two separate persons in the garden. What was Adam after he was spoken into existence in Gen. 1:26? A SPIRIT BEING! However, when God acted in Chap. 2 upon what he had already created in Chap. 1, Adam became matter, something tangible. Therefore, we have seen God act. God placed within Adam every law concerning plant life, animal life and yes, that of his own natural existence. Think of that! All this was in the first Adam, one creature, the Son of God, the authority of God, the knowledge of God and within him was already placed the commission to be something to this earth, God placed his creation in such a beautiful place, EDEN, to till and dress it.


God is about to act again. Keep in mind, all this commission along with Eve was still in Adam. This dual nature in man does not cause him to act masculine one day and feminine the next. No sir, he had no split personality, he knows exactly how to conduct himself. God brings before Adam some pets to be named (yes pets, that is the relationship man had with the animal kingdom before the fall). At the same time, the scripture says a search is being made for Adam a companion. (Now God knows where his companion is!). Verse 18: “And the Lord God said it is not good that man should be alone, I will make him an helpmeet for him. (Being alone then cannot fulfill his commission nor could anything from the animal kingdom). And out of the ground the Lord God formed every beast of the field”. You may not approve of all their peculiar physical structure; we may even wonder why the Almighty saw fit to create such huge, ugly creatures; nevertheless, they pleased him and even though the fall of mankind came through time, man has still found certain uses for many of them and had not the fall occurred I am sure we would see man and the animal kingdom existing together in a much more friendly environment of fellowship than it is today (wait until we see the animal kingdom existing in the millennium reign age under the Second Adam and his wife). Long before the inventions of those huge automotive cranes to lift giant loads, the elephants were serving as man’s crane uprooting trees, rolling logs into rivers, etc. Elephants became man’s beast of burden. What else carried man for centuries of time other than the horse! (And really the horse never polluted the air.) Therefore, regardless how one looks at it, these creatures were placed here for man’s benefit. Time will not permit us to discuss the uses of these animals. Undoubtedly, since the fall we have lost the true knowledge and purpose for which each creature was actually created. Nevertheless, once the second Adam and his new creation (his wife) filled with Eternal life and clothed in immortality takes over the new age, called the millennium, we shall once again learn their intended position. It is before the fall we hear God saying, it is not good that man should dwell alone and so out of the ground he formed every beast, cattle, etc., the animal kingdom. Notice, he brought them all up before Adam (AND WHERE WAS EVE – IN HIM). No, Eve wasn’t sitting over on the sideline saying to Adam, why don’t you name it something other than what you did, I don’t like that name, I have another one for it. No, Sir! WHERE IS EVE WHILE ALL THIS NAMING OF THE ANIMALS AND THE SEARCH FOR ADAM A COMPANION IS BEING MADE? STILL IN ADAM!! Adam still has only one mind and one heart, doesn’t he? “And the Lord God formed every beast of the field and every fowl of the air; and brought them unto Adam to name them. Why is he called Adam? Because he is the beginning of something. Did you know A-T-O-M is the beginning of all God’s natural matter and this man A-D-A-M is also the beginning of all physical flesh matter and in that flesh lay a law, a 19 commission to multiply and replenish the earth as well as having dominion to rule over it. God brought all the animals before Adam to see what he would call them; and whatsoever Adam called every living creature, that would be its name henceforth. Adam gave names to all cattle as well as to the fowl of the air and to every beast.


Notice, if you will, how God becomes more specific. We see plant life has sprung forth (male and female life is in the same stalk) however in animal life, male and female created he them, yet as far as having a physical mate, Adam is here all alone, isn’t he? Now WHERE IS EVE? STILL IN HIM. Adam named all the animals but to find a companion for Adam from the animal kingdom was fruitless for the scripture says, not one could be found that could help him carry out his commission to multiply and replenish the earth, “but for Adam there was not found an help meet for him”. This lets me know God was speaking far more intimately concerning the first Adam and his mate because it is only God’s way of wording it for notice, once God acts again he will be acting in such a manner as to foreshow the very act of redemption through the second Adam. Finding a mate or wife for Adam among the animal kingdom would mar the beautiful picture of what took place with the second Adam. Therefore, the fact of what God did unto Adam in finding him a mate (placing Eve in him) lets me know everything was in Adam; every genetic law. God’s perfect genetic law lay right there in Adam. His commission to multiply and replenish the earth and rule over it lay there in Adam. The commission of what he should and should not eat was laying there as well as the authority to name these animals; the authority to till the earth lay right there in Adam long before he was ever put to sleep in order for his wife to be taken from him. Yes, even long before he was given a male body to live in. It was all in Adam, AND WHERE WAS ADAM – IN GOD. Beloved, you can’t go any further up the line than that. THE SLEEP OF THE FIRST ADAM Time has arrived in God’s program where he must act again. “And the Lord God caused a deep sleep to come upon Adam.” Note, God is the one who administered the first anesthesia. The Almighty himself performing the surgery on the physical piece of clay. God did it all and the cost to Adam was nothing. “And the Lord God caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam.” God put Adam into such a gentle snooze he wasn’t aware of what was going on. The first surgical operation in all the world is now being performed. It is the very first time human flesh has ever been tampered with by a surgical instrument of any description. The laser beam which is considered the most modern technique of modern surgery and is practically bloodless could not compare with this operation. Adam is being put to sleep and what did God do? He took from him one of his ribs. How often do we hear remarks concerning women – she is nothing but a rib. They may be true, but where did woman come from? A BUNCH OF DIRT. Perhaps it is alright to refer to a woman as a rib in a joking way, however when people use such things in a derogatory manner this shows they are unbalanced in the word of God. Anytime man wants to look upon a woman sarcastically in this manner I will have to say, DON’T FORGET YOU AREN’T ANYTHING BUT A BUNCH OF DIRT! You let the life go out of that body and you will see how quick you return back to what you came from. THE DUST OF THE GROUND!


Notice from where this rib came, OUT OF ADAM’S SIDE! This is important when you see what it foreshadowed. In the side is where you will find man’s ribs. Adam’s ribs were the very framework of his body. If you lost all your ribs, you would collapse. Ribs are your support, they protect your heart. Your entire respiratory system is protected by your ribs. That is why ribs were placed in the body as they are. They serve as would a steel framework to a building. Take 20 that steel framework out of the building and a puff of wind could come along and the whole structure would collapse. Therefore, God took from Adam’s framework a rib to signify being a helpmeet for man. She must come from his side, for it was by his side she should stand and be a spiritual support, of comfort, consolation in every phase and walk of life that the two of them walk together, because woman came from this very vital part of man’s flesh. How true that is when so often man reaches a place in life within his natural environment when it seems everything has gone against him, who is it so often who stand there and helps support and uplift his spirit to weather the storm. Yes, she becomes a bulwark to help hold him up and help carry him through. Only within this perverted age of woman’s lib and so forth it won’t run true 100 percent, but it should with any godly woman. We realize of all the plots and perversions Satan used today to break people to pieces, somewhere a woman is usually involved. Nevertheless, we say God chose this very beautiful thing and set it in a perfect beautiful type if it is allowed to run true to order that actually was what God was portraying by taking from Adam’s side a rib while Adam lay there so peacefully asleep. God removed a rib, which of course is a bone, and perhaps along with this bone he also removed a little meat which was connected thereon. Once this great Eternal Spirit began to work and fashion this bone with its little portion of meat attached, it soon began to change its form and once God finished fashioning this rib, he now has another which in many ways resembles the body lying there asleep. The main difference was this body bore an expression of all feminine qualities while the other body bore all resemblance of masculine qualities, yet one thing was sure, God had removed the feminine attributes from the male because the hour was nearing for God to set in motion his reproductive laws which he commanded to come forth in the spirit world within these two when he said be fruitful and multiply. This beautiful creature who once consisted of only feminine attributes now has a mind as well as a heart of its own. Yet God never disturbed Adam’s mind nor his heart in any manner, he only removed from him a rib, but oh my, there is a lot in a rib once God is through fashioning it. This body was also flesh, exactly the same kind of flesh from which she was taken to fulfill God’s word, let everything bear after its kind. Furthermore, it had the same number of ribs as the body from which she had been taken. The mind and heart in this body was no different from that of the other body only in the fact this body bore the image of feminine characteristics while Adam bore the masculine. God has now taken for the first time from man another life and brought this life through his side to foreshadow the work of the second Adam who brought life from himself to share with others. What has God accomplished by placing man to sleep and taking from his life, not another male life, but instead a female life? In doing this, God has accomplished step no. 2 in his program for man’s reproduction. In giving man his mate from the female specie of his own kind he is now setting his biological commission of reproduction in line for the human race. This I remind you has not come about because of the fall, this is taking place long before a fall has begun. Why else would the mate for male be required to be a female specie if his original plan to bring other life into the world and fulfill the commission of Gen. 1:26-27 was that of speaking them into existence rather than being brought forth from their bodies? This feminine life will now be a life separate from that of the male in that it will have its own mind, own thoughts, own separate heart and furthermore will have its own free will and choice from that of the flesh of the first Adam in which she had existed all this time. God had taken flesh and bones and made himself another flesh being. From what was accomplished here (before the fall) proves in order for God to fulfill his natural biological laws of reproduction, it had always been even from the original beginning God’s intended route that life would beget life after its own kind. Biologically, no animal could be found for Adam’s mate because not only must she come from Adam to prefigure the type of the bride of the second Adam which was already within him, but second, because his mate for reproduction must come, even before the 21 fall, from his own kind of flesh life in order to fulfill his commission to be fruitful, multiply and replenish the earth. God so designed both their bodies even before the fall whereby these biological laws were placed in the flesh of the male and female specie in order to bear flesh life after its kind. If people would only look at the scripture correctly they could not help but see how these things run so beautiful in continuity. Had it been God’s original plan to have called all human life from the crust of the earth as he had done with Adam, he would certainly have chosen this procedure to have brought Eve forth and even more so the second Adam who came by virgin birth. Already he had made one vessel of flesh for the male and female attributes to live in; now he makes another vessel of clay to place the feminine attributes into. The fact the female life came from the male life proves it was God’s ordained route, life was ordained to beget life after its own kind. Only one person came from the ground and that was Adam. However, note in the specie of other animal life God brought both the male and female separately, but at the same time from the ground, Gen. 1:24, 2:19: in other words, God did not take life from the male species to form female as he had done from Adam. The first Adam was to foreshadow the second Adam in the Christ before the foundation of the world his companion was in him. No doubt about it, it was God’s original plan to be done in this fashion to foreshadow that future event, and note the fact from life came the flesh of the first Adam it was in order to fulfill that scripture which said that all was in Adam; therefore flesh, even before the fall, was ordained to bring forth life out of its own life. It was of necessity that human flesh beget human flesh. WHY SLEEP? That is why God had to put Adam to sleep to remove the life of another because in order for Christ to give life to his bride he also had to sleep the sleep of death that out of him might come forth a new beautiful creation which will be his bride. Recall from Ephesians 1, before ever a star or moon found its place this was already settled in the mind of the Eternal One that God would put Adam to sleep in order to give life to another (foreshadowing) the sleep (of death) of the second Adam. By no means had God on the spur of the moment changed his mind and decided now to take the female life from the side of the male instead of bringing her forth from the ground as he had done with them in Gen. 2:7 when both were placed in one body. Here stands this feminine creature in all her feminine charm, beauty and virtue, designed in the manner God had always intended to fulfill his commission; be fruitful and multiply. All that God had willed this feminine creature to be, she was. However, note at this point she is neither called woman nor Eve because as yet Adam has not named her.


Soon we shall see the very purpose in which God has so fashioned her as he has taken her from Adam’s side. No longer can we refer to Eve being in Adam because this creature, from this moment forward, is a person all her own. And don’t forget for a moment the knowledge which had been instilled into Adam’s makeup, while he was both male and female, concerning being fruitful, multiplying and replenishing the earth, along with the knowledge of the tree of life and the tree of death or what is scripturally called the Tree of Knowledge, was also instilled in her makeup as well seeing she too was a part of that commission from the beginning. The knowledge they were to rule with all authority and have dominion of everything was in her as much as in Adam, though at this time the feminine creature was neither called WOMAN nor EVE. All that preordained knowledge lay in the mind of both of them, separating her attributes from his is by no means the beginning of this feminine character. Here she is only being granted a separate body and a separate life. By no means is their commission to multiply and replenish the earth something new to this feminine creature simply because she is transferred over into a 22 separate body with a separate life. Her knowledge of this has been active since the sixth creative day. No longer will Adam have within him any of the feminine characteristics as before, all these have been placed into another vessel of clay likened unto his and yet where did the vessel come?


As Adam awakened, he did not have to be introduced to this feminine creature. The male Adam (seeing both their name was Adam) did not need to be introduced to her. Adam did not need to inquire from where she came for he knew she was a part of him. Adam did not say to the feminine creature, who are you, how did you get here, what is this all about, where did you come from? No, every answer is already in the mind of Adam. Adam’s first words we hear uttered in scripture is a prophecy concerning this female creature standing before him as he says, this is bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh. She shall be called woman because she was taken out of man. Listen to him and learn something important. Outwardly, they have never met, although the moment we hear Adam speak after having awakened and the new creature taken from him and without any previous knowledge of what a father or mother was, because genetically they had never had either nor had they been either. God had been all in all to them. Adam was gazing upon a part of himself and he knew it.


Recall, God has made man in his spiritual image, however he created them male and female, Gen. 1:26-27, and later placed them together in one body of flesh. Notice, God nor Adam is ever referred to as she, instead it is always in the masculine. Certainly God is not a woman nor was he ever referred to as woman. Nevertheless, there are those feminine characteristics of God. Take for instance the lovely flowers of the field. A woman can usually be found tending flower gardens if she is not busy with housework. That is a woman’s nature and to the contrary man will be found with machinery, etc. If God did not have certain feminine characteristics, he probably would never have created the lily, rose and other beautiful flowers. Very few men are actually interested in flowers, are they? That doesn’t mean man hates them, by no means, it simply means man’s make up does not have that deep attraction for such things as does a woman. He may agree it is a beautiful flower, but it is not his nature to pamper it like a woman would. Furthermore, we should note one of God’s seven redemptive names was El-Shaddai, the breasted one. Certainly, God will feed his babies the sincere milk of his Word, won’t he? (I Per. 2:2) Most assuredly, these female attributes in Adam had come from God, for in creating man God had placed that part of himself also within Adam. However, now what do we see? God has now acted twice, his second act has been in creating woman. But why, for what purpose? To set his biological reproductive law of Gen. 1:27 in motion. On the sixth creative day God had instilled this law of life into their knowledge whereby once that law came into force, it would be God’s chosen route or law of reproduction and that law was in both of them, wherein he has now created two special bodies through two separate acts for his two children. Therefore, don’t forget, what is taking place here in Gen. 2 is only to further that which God spoke on the sixth creative day, Gen. 1:26-27. God knew all along later he must separate the two (taking her out of him) in order to fulfill that commission. Truly that makes all to have been in Adam. No, God didn’t have to introduce them neither did he need to recommission them. That is why when Adam awakened he didn’t have to wonder what was happening, HE KNEW, and furthermore, he prophesied; she is bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh and for this cause or reason she shall be called woman, for out of man was she taken. Note especially the balance of his prophecy continues, and may I say Adam didn’t have to read or look up instructions in some book to bring out his following statement it simply was divine prophecy coming from the prophetic nature of the son of God. Adam was the son of God, where lay all this knowledge he had previously 23 received and continues by saying – for this cause shall a man leave his father and mother (Adam nor Eve had either) and shall cleave unto his wife and the twain shall be one flesh. That beloved is how important this act of creating woman had to God’s great commission of Gen. 1:27. This prophecy shows the results would be that the two should again become one in union as their children would be born from their joint relation.


Paul picks up this same prophecy of the first Adam in Eph. 5 as he explains how husbands should love their wives even as Christ loved the church and gave himself for it. Taking this same prophecy, Paul pushed it a little further by saying, I speak a mystery about Christ (the second Adam) and his church (wife to be). Therefore, we note the first Adam slept the sleep of physical sleep while the Eternal Spirit God took from his life, life which he gave unto Eve, for what purpose? That the commission God had placed in both male and female attributes, to be fruitful, multiply and replenish the earth, could now be carried out. Remember in the day he called their name Adam she too was a part of that great commission and through these two God would set in motion his ordained biological law to multiply and replenish the earth. Just as he had separated the feminine life by causing male human life to be put to sleep to furnish life for her, let us take a look at Christ, the second Adam who hung on the cross as he was made to sleep the sleep of death that while his body slept, his eternal life could also be given to another. Through that sleep of death, Christ gave Eternal Life unto his bride church (Eph. 5:25). Therefore, the Eternal Life which we receive from him is none other than the Holy Ghost. It is the very life of our husband to be who was willing to sleep the sleep of death for us whereby a part of his Eternal Life might be taken and given unto us through a new birth wherein we could become begotten sons and daughters of God reconciled back to the great Eternal Spirit through his regenerated plan through Christ called THE NEW BIRTH. Through that eternal Life furnished by the second Adam, the Lord of Glory, who was willing to sleep the sleep of death whereby the predestinated in the mind of God might through the new birth be given this new eternal life. Recall, this eternal life was taken from him while hanging on the cross, and this eternal life is given to his bride. HIS SIDE WAS ALSO PIERCED His side was pierced also and from it came water and blood after he had given up his eternal life for us. Does this not fall perfectly in line with Peter’s statement on the day of Pentecost once he begins to call forth a people to make up a bride relationship with Christ? Repent and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost, Acts 2:38. In that statement is found the presence of water, blood and spirit. That which came from the life of Christ as he slept the sleep of death was those ingredients that made up his life which might be transferred by faith unto his bride people to give them life. The Apostle John declares in I John 5:4-9 that Jesus the second Adam came by blood and water, not by water only but by water and blood and it is the Spirit that beareth witness, because the Spirit is true, for there are three that bear record in heaven, the father, the Word and the Holy Ghost and these three are one. And there are three that bear witness in earth; the spirit, water and blood, and these three agree in one. Therefore is it not these three: the water, blood and spirit, which make up the life of both the physical as well as the spiritual? As Christ gave up the ghost or spirit did not a Roman soldier pierce his side and did not water and blood come from it? He was giving every ounce of his life for you.


Giving his eternal life for the purpose of redemption and reconciliation as Paul declares to Timothy without controversy great is the mystery of godliness. Then to the Corinthian church (in II Cor. 5:19) he declares God was in Christ reconciling the world unto himself. Therefore, as 24 the second Adam hung on the cross, he was none other than God’s redemptive law of love, sleeping the sleep of death whereby his own life might be taken and given unto his little beloved bride Eph. 4. Recall, God wasn’t reprieved to wait 1,000 years later in order to know who would or would not receive his eternal life shed on that cross. No sir! He already knew who would or would not come and drink from the water of life freely and since he knew, that is why that through the revelation of his word, the Apostle Paul declares before the foundation of the world we were chosen or predestined in him (Christ) the revealed word made flesh becoming the second Adam.


Therefore, you can now see how beautiful Christ’s work at Calvary was prefigured here once God put his first Adam to sleep and from Adam’s flesh took another flesh (his bride), who also at that hour was filled with eternal life. From Adam’s life, God purchased another life, his bride. The Eternal Spirit not only put the second Adam to sleep through the sleep of death wherein he might give eternal life, to a bride but furthermore, with that flesh of the second Adam he would bear the sins and reproaches of all mankind in which you and I had suffered and received in our flesh which came through our natural or first birth. That birth which was brought about through the first parents who chose to live under the knowledge of the tree of good and evil which supplied death, physical and spiritual, to each soul born under that tree or law. Yes, within Christ’s body, he bore the sins of all reproach suffered in our flesh, whereby our flesh also as well as our spirit man, might be reconciled back to God through the change of the new body. My sins he bore in his flesh as he gave his life as a purchase price for all to have eternal life which came from him while sleeping the sleep of death thereby rescuing us from the power of Satan. Although I must await the change of the body which he also redeemed through that which he suffered, I do not need to wait for his eternal life through the Holy ghost which we can now possess while walking in this flesh. The treasured possession (of eternal life) Paul spoke of which we have in earthen vessels of clay (while awaiting the redemption of the body or our change.) Therefore, we note how once the first Adam had awakened, he was fully aware of what had transpired and why this woman was there, because he said this is bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh, etc. Adam knew well she who had been so long with him, first as only a spiritual being, that the feminine attributes were now separated and walking in a vessel all its own to fulfill that great commission which both had received while dwelling in the spirit world. With these two separate bodies the law of God has now been set in motion to carry out his commission, be fruitful, multiply and replenish the earth and furthermore have dominion over all living creatures. The two shall share equal authority while walking together through the garden.


Chapter 2, we saw God acting. Chapter 3 shows Satan acting. Finally the hour of temptation has arrived and it is here from Chapter 3 we note the two trees which stood in the midst of the garden is now brought back into the picture. One of the trees was of the knowledge of good and evil, while the other was the tree of life and both trees are used to affect the choice of these two human beings toward their obedience in obeying God’s will. For recall, Eve now has a mind and will all of her own as does Adam. Even has been given a separate heart and spirit from that of Adam. Nevertheless, they still both know what God’s original commission of multiplying and replenishing the earth in Gen. 1:27 was all about. It is here in Genesis 3 we see Satan through the serpent creature acting. The temptation begins, Eve submits and the fall came. And as the fall came, we are fully aware that every child born from that day until this was born with inherited sin and disobedience in their blood stream stemming from these first two disobedient 25 ones in the garden.


How does all this link up with the purpose of the second Adam? We sum this up by using Nicodemus, who came to Jesus by night in John 3 illustrates Christ’s purpose being here and the second Adam, Jesus the second Adam having discerned why and for what reason Nicodemus had slipped out to him in the dark, said, Nicodemus except a man be borne again he can in no wise see the kingdom of God. So startled at hearing that a man must be borne again, astonishingly, Nicodemus asks Jesus; Me, an old man, how is it possible that I can be borne again? Can I enter the second time into my mother’s womb and be borne. Poor Nicodemus so fleshly minded, knew only of his natural existence as to how he came into the earth, through birth of his mother whereupon he asked; can I enter the second time into my mother’s womb and be born? Jesus trying to correct Nicodemus’ thinking said, don’t get all confused because I stated you must be born again to see the kingdom of God. Nicodemus could not understand Jesus terminology for he had never heard of the second birth ever before. Christ said, that which is born of flesh (first birth) is flesh, but that which is born of the spirit (second birth) is spirit. Then he said, except a man be born of the water and the Spirit he cannot in any wise see the kingdom of God, neither can he enter into the kingdom of God. (John 3:5, I Cor. 15:50) Flesh and blood can not enter the kingdom of God.


Beloved, this lets me know our natural, human birth was set in motion once Eve was separated from the first Adam and the two were placed before the two trees for their choice. They themselves chose to live and bring all the human family into the world or fulfill the commission, be fruitful, multiply and replenish the earth, under the tree of knowledge of good and evil, which choice led to sin, disobedience and death, causing each human born in the human family to be born with inherited sin in the bloodstream. Therefore, the second Adam was God’s way for us to be reborn to be pleasing unto him and escape that eternal death penalty (I Cor. 15:) Henceforth, if we can see this beautiful picture whereby God places the first Adam to sleep to take from his side a wife, we should be able to see how beautifully it prefigures that which Christ, the second Adam, suffered for us as he hung on the cross and from his flesh went eternal life, water and blood, those very ingredients which by faith we accept that provision which God made for us. The Spiritual life (as well as natural life) comes in those three stages: water, blood and spirit. We can be born again or experience a new birth and be brought into the family of God through the offering of Christ who gave his life that we, his beloved, might have life, the predestinated of God. If you can see genetically and biologically how all was in the first Adam for human life, then we can see those who are to be redeemed or born again through new birth were also in the second Adam and were preordained to receive of his life at Calvary. GENESIS, STORY OF GENES Each time you read the book of Genesis and notice that word G-E-N–E-S-I-S you should remember Genesis simply means the history of the human genes. Therefore, when Adam was created long before Eve was taken from his side, placed in them was that potential biological law of God which would produce every gene. However, had the two chosen to live under the tree of life, they would have continued to carry God’s eternal life through their genes and mankind would have had nothing other than eternal life flowing through his human bloodstream which would have been the only kind of life which would be going into each offspring of the human family. However, since the two chose, in the garden environment, to live under the wrong tree of law, their choice produced death within those genes instead of eternal life. I repeat, had the right choice been made, mankind would have entered the world through his first birth full of eternal life instead of death and there would have been no need for a second Adam to come, die 26 on the cross, to sleep the sleep of death and share his eternal life with us. Now, if genetically you were all in the first Adam, spiritually according to the foreknowledge of God, his bride or true believers were also in Christ, the second Adam, Eph. 1:3, before the foundation of the world. Remember, genetically you are not in Christ. It is spiritually that you are in Christ, the second Adam. Christ is the redemptive Adam. The first Adam was the creative Adam; therefore, he was the beginning of the natural creation while Christ, the second Adam, is the beginning of the new creation, that redemptive creation full of eternal life which redeemed through a process of time will restore the lost creation back to God.


What were these two mysterious trees found in the midst of the Garden, Gen. 2:9, where if one was eaten would bring forth death to mankind while the other would give life eternal? Without any revelation on the subject the religious world has looked upon the subject only to say, well, since it plainly says trees and since they know of no other trees than plan life, automatically in their thinking they accept Gen. 2:9 to simply be two fruit bearing trees of some kind of plant life, loaded with delicious fruit; one of which if eaten brings forth life, the other brings forth death. But what kind of fruit tree would bring forth death, then again, what kind of fruit tree do you now would bring forth life? Somehow in their mind, the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil has turned out to be an apple or one of some other fruit bearing nature. As I have stated in previous messages, we will have to face the fact whatever kind of trees these two trees are in the midst of the Garden, both will have to be of like structure, that is, if one is plant life, then both would have to be plant life. Therefore, if death and sin entered the human race, polluting the blood stream through the eating of some form of plant life, then redemption must also come by eating from plant life and beloved what natural fruit tree of plant life do you know can give you eternal life? There is none!!


Then again, let us ask ourselves the question, how could eating from this tree before the fall cause any one to obtain eternal life seeing that life eternal was what already flowed in the bloodstream of Adam and Eve and would have been transferred unto their offspring at birth? Naturally, the question is how this young couple who in Gen. 1:28 had already received their commission, be fruitful and multiply and seeing that Adam had already prophesied the role of woman, how man would leave father and mother, cleave unto himself a wife and they two would be one flesh, and realizing that once offspring would be brought into the world they would be full of eternal life. How would this eternal life be transferred into the bloodstream of the offspring? Some I know would want to declare it would probably come about as Adam and Eve who were commanded to be fruitful and multiply, becoming one flesh, would do all this simply to call little offspring out of the earth; however, to this I say NO! I cannot see the word of God backing up any such preposterous idea. Instead, through this union of man and woman becoming one flesh, it would produce this offspring full of the same eternal life they themselves possessed before the fall. Not only would the offspring have been filled with eternal life, but will all the blessings of God because that is what would have been transported into his blood stream from the union of his parents whereas today under the other law and under a different motive of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, life is still born yet born with a curse, lost, full of death and sin and once sine is finished in the body, it destroys the life. Therefore, the tree of life spoken of here was that law governing eternal life or how to obtain eternal life.


Try to think of this setting as one taking place in a perfect environment before any sexual act had been committed and try to think of the first young couple, not as people are today since the fall, but before the fall when eternal life dwelt in both of them. The question that is put before this 27 young couple is in this matter: which of these two laws will you use and by what motive shall you use them in producing life through this act. The important thing God desires to determine here is their motive, for it shall be determined here that motive plays a vital part. God says, now I warn you about this one tree, using it produces death. We know had they waited on God just a little longer, he would have led them unto one of these trees himself; however, it would have been the tree or law of life which governed eternal life as their union would produce their offspring and this law would have granted their offspring not only eternal life, but all those benefits of living under the tree or law of life. Note the placing of the two trees in the midst of the Garden comes as the first major test concerning their obedience toward his perfect will before there is any mention of children being conceived whatsoever. Therefore, the tree of life held the secret of how people may obtain eternal life (through birth). While on the other hand the other tree or law of good and evil showed how people could eat from this fruit and obtain death (through birth also). And we are aware today that with each sexual act committed under that tree or law bringing conception, with it also brings forth death.


Although the tree may be a mystery in your mind, dear reader, if you can but associate what that tree in the Garden represented and was trying to produce (death) and then you see the results of the sexual act itself does produce death in each child, you should then be clearly able to see how this tree with its fruit producing death could not be a tree of natural plant life but is something in someway connected with that which is bringing forth death, the sexual relation. Yes, it is identically the same relationship, only committed under an entirely different motive than God originally purposed to be produced under the tree of life. To help us understand more so the purpose of these two trees being placed in the Garden to motivate something dealing with the sexual life of this young couple let us quickly look at two things: (1) their commission to be fruitful and multiply, (2) the prophecy of Adam concerning womanhood, yet with two things already revealed God has not instructed them as yet when this is to be accomplished. The when is going to be determined from these two trees or laws which God placed in the Garden to govern their sexual relation and attitude toward his will. One tree strictly produces only for the will and purpose of God; the other tree, route or sexual act would be for an entirely different motive, pleasure basis only. It has to be their choice which route or way they will choose to accept in carrying out this great commission and fulfilling prophecy. Which of these laws will they follow? This in itself determines why there has been no purpose in God instructing the young couple as to when the commission be fulfilled seeing the choice of trees held the answer for all times and which law or tree benefit is going to govern and motivate their lives and the lives of their offspring, for it shall be impossible as God brings out within their curse, you cannot live under the law of one tree and reap the benefits of the other. You cannot live under the tree that produced the fruit of good and evil in pleasure and expect to reap the benefits of the tree of life, for it shall be from te fruit of their union that eternal life (or death as the case was ) would be transported into a bundle of flesh. Understand this clearly, either route chosen would involve sex, therefore once God had met with the young couple after it was plainly clear under which tree or law they intend to live seeing it is now evident that another motive for the act is going to be accepted by the two dealing strictly with pleasure, God must now condition their bodies to produce that which the tree or law was to produce. Recall, their bodies were not conditioned for the law of this tree for within them dwelt eternal life and God will not permit them to live under the law of pleasure at any time they choose, using his motive selfishly and then when the time arrived, whether before the fall it would have been once or perhaps twice a year that the woman’s time of life would have visited her whereby conception would have taken place and that offspring been filled with eternal life. NO! Since they have chosen the other law they must 28 be conditioned to reap the benefits and drink the bitter drugs of the cup of all this law would produce. Therefore, the tree of life which governed the perfect purpose of the relation was never allowed to be brought into existence God removed it! However, it is interesting to note the tree was permitted to produce one offspring although not as the original purpose would have been by using the normal perfect seed of man and the perfect egg of woman in producing eternal life. As God could find no perfect seed nor egg since the fall, he had to create both yet thank God he still allowed the child to be born from woman as all would have been full of eternal life before the fall had the young couple lived under the tree of life. The point I am making is whether it had been before or after the fall, eternal life which would have been produced from a perfect seed and a perfect egg still come through birth by woman. And is it not strange in order for you to come in contact with eternal life today, it is important that you also experience a new and different birth. John 3:3-4. Unto Nicodemus Christ said, ye must be born again. How? By accepting him who is referred to as the branch off the tree of life and recall he was the only one the apostles would follow because he alone had the words of eternal life. Amen.