As I Saw And Heard, Part 1

Rev. Raymond M. Jackson



Since we are all fully aware God has accomplished something within this generation on behalf of his church and that something is a message — was brought by a man, which is now circling the earth, mainly by the mouth of many people who are busy testifying that God sent a prophet. This message is also being spread through the publication of books and tapes distributed throughout the earth concerning what this man taught. However the pitiful part is once the testimony travels forth by mouth unto the gentiles there is such a varied misinterpretation (through conflicting statements) I feel on the part of the mouths of men who presented this, that at the end of this age many people are going to wind up missing God’s main objective and purpose in doing what he has done!

Part 1 

Accuracy Of Testimonies In 1st Age 

To better understand what it means, picture yourself for a moment as having lived back 1900 years ago (or 45-50 years after Pentecost) and you are hearing accounts for the first time coming orally from the mouth of people, ministers. etc., who are supposed to have seen something or know something which has happened in your hour of which you are totally unaware! Something that was purposed to be of God. and all these events they mention are to bring you up to the very present hour 45 years after Pentecost, in which you live. Take for instance, those gospel writers Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John who actually wrote their gospel stories long after the apostolic church in Jerusalem had begun. Up until that hour of writing, the story of what had happened traveled from mouth to mouth over the earth. But thank God what was told was not distorted was it a contradicting story in the least–even though many people had shared a part in it as it was going from mouth to mouth before reaching the heathen’s ear! It was told and kept in an accurate true account of what actually happened, by that I mean one disciple did not go forth into the world saying—now he said this and another one saying no, he said that! It seems their story of what actually happened in their hour and what was taught was not the least distorted as it is today here at the end time as men run over the earth trying to inform people of what was happened in our day!


Why can’t it be in our day as it was in the days of the early church when they too had a great story to tell? Only they all could seem to’ tell it the same! Did it ever occur to you as you read the four gospels, along with the Book of Acts, you are actually reading history which is definitely going to affect the lives of real people, although the events of which they are speaking happened previously before their writings? Nevertheless the beautiful point is you are reading or hearing a true, accurate account or report of what happened! No, it is not a distorted message, it is not a conflicting message even though it did come down, being transferred from the mouth of many disciples! It is a history that today you can believe in as you read the accounts of what happened. Each event transpired long before they were written down. The writing of what happened did not take place until 35-40 years after the death of Christ. Therefore, up until Matthew, the first writer of the New Testament, followed much later by the other three gospel writers, the story had gone from mouth to mouth –but thank God it was kept accurate! 


Did you ever stop to think that on the basis of what those men wrote–you base your salvation? Because if you did not have these accurate historical facts recorded by these gospel writers you would have nothing accurate upon which to base your salvation! Why, it would be similar to believing In a myth or something of which you didn’t actually know existed but you have faith in that New Testament report or account of what actually happened. Therefore you have faith in what they say because those writers didn’t contradict one another concerning the events of that day! And isn’t it strange that every generation since that hour has had to view what happened and was taught by their report of what happened-as it comes through the pen of these men? Again I must say, thank God For a true accurate and undistorted report by those honest hearted believers of that hour! Can you possibly imagine the mess we would be in if one writer had said-he said this while another writer remarked. Don’t pay attention to what Matthew says because after all he isn’t in the message and vice versa!


 Therefore for our Contender readers we are going into a two part story concerning a man’s ministry as well as the purpose of that ministry and Iike the gospel writers who wrote for the benefit of those who were not present in that hour of events, we too want to declare certain events of a true accurate story that you may know what has gone on in this hour. Yes, sad to say many men are criss-crossing this old world telling foreign gentile nations that God sent a prophet; Nevertheless, look in upon those same people 18 months after they accepted the fact, by someone’s mouth, that God did send a prophet and you will find many of those poor people seeing nothing other than the flesh of that prophet! I regret I must say this, nevertheless, these poor people after they heard God sent a prophet are left destitute and ignorant to what this prophet actually taught revelatory wise in relationship to the gospel of Christ as reported to us by our apostolic fathers—Peter; James; John; Matthew; Paul, etc.! I repeat, the poor gentile people are left ignorant to what this prophet taught in relationship to the scripture, yet they will testify (as well as will those who brought them this word by mouth). OH, WE BELIEVE THE WORD OF THE PROPHET and have no idea truth wise what the prophet even said relating to the scriptures! 

Beloved, don’t tell me God sent a man and leave me out there hanging without doing something else! Tell me what the man said that can put me hack in line with what the early church fathers taught! I remind you again, the early church told it by mouth until the”Gospels”were written, but they told it alike! Yes, tell me what the prophet said and when you do be sure you don’t limit it to only a few choice statements that somehow manages to please the human fancy or ideology of someone! 


 We must agree, human beings are so guilty of taking what God has done and trying to bring it down on a human level whereby they may twist or play with it. They feel if they can play with it, that is, making the message say only what they want it to say, then they can build something out of it in a human realm. Beloved, if you are going to treat the revelated Word of truth (which God sent to us) in that manner, don’t criticize the Roman Catholic Church for what she did! Is not this what that church is built around–their own interpretation of a message that was delivered? No, don’t condemn that church for what she is produced of-if generations later having been given an opportunity through a revelatory message delivered by an endtime prophet to cause it to know and do better, we become guilty of doing the same thing! Why condemn that church for putting Mary in the place of Jesus if a Laodicean people who were supposed to be restored to something in the scripture are going to place a prophet in the position of Jesus at the end of the age! My statements are not directed to belittle the image of that man who since 1952, I have personally known and hold the highest regards for his ministry. My firm conviction is there will never be another human being who was a sinner, saved by grace to I ever walk before the Lord anymore than he did. Nor will there ever be another individual who will fulfill the scriptures of which this man was ordained to fulfill. Many shall try only to stumble and make a terrible mess at what they were trying to do; However I warn every reader in saying you cannot take the virtue of this man and build a human following upon that, for after all is done and said, they will never see beyond the flesh of the man! 


Song writers have written beautiful and interesting songs attributed to this prophet, many of which I thoroughly enjoy, yet again, I must say when men pervert the words of the meanings even in a song to place more emphasis upon a prophet causing people to look more so for the return of this prophet for them rather than the return of the Lord Jesus Christ for them. When Christ emphatically declared in John 14 it would be him (not someone else) who would return for them. When anyone reaches the point they feel someone else other than Jesus Christ the Lord is coming for us, something has gone drastically wrong in that person’s thinking! Because Jesus himself declared in John 14, I go away and prepare a place for you and if I go away, I will come again and receive you unto myself that where I am there you may be also. Later those same sadhearted disciples stood on the Mt. of Olives watching Christ as he ascended into heaven only to find two angels standing by them declaring, Ye men of Galilee why stand ye gazing into heaven: this same Jesus (the one with the nail prints in his hands) you see going away will return again in like manner. Closing out this thought I want you to notice Peter’s second sermon preached after the ascension of Christ (Acts :1:30-21) where Peter declared how the heavens must receive Christ until the time of the restitution of all things when Christ would come again and set up a kingdom. I am so happy this prophet informed us more than once-you look for Jesus Christ for HE WILL COME AGAIN! 


William Branham, age 17

 Nevertheless, I say even though you had denominational, conservative theologians of this 20th Century already declaring that Jesus was coming, it took the office of a prophet sent from God to this age to inform you what time it was–in respect to his coming. Yes, the one thing this special messenger of the Laodicean Age declared through his preaching was, Jesus Christ is soon coining. The fact that God set a prophet on the scene during this time he did-clothed in the spirit and power of Elijah is a sign to all true believers, warning them Jesus Christ is soon coming. No, the coming of this prophet did not announce the day, the month, or the year that Jesus would return for his bride church, only that the bride church should GET BACK TO THE WORD and be fully clothed in the pure undefiled revelation of truth and be ready for his coming is soon. Why was it a sign unto the true revelated Word believer? Because beloved God would not send that prophet until first there was a generation here on earth who would face the ultimate return of the Lord Jesus.


The story of events I am going to later relate to you are true and accurate; Nevertheless you must look upon them as a story of past historical events (which they are) Events which have already occured and even passed off the scene, much like the manner in which the gospel story that was written by the four gospel writers was written and passed down to us. Understand beloved, these four writers. Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John were not writing day by day events as things occurred as though they were keeping a diary. God forbid we think any such thing!! Luke and Mark were not even in the picture when any of these events occurred, while it is true–John the beloved and Matthew were, yet it is in the 90’s before John ever wrote his gospel. Nevertheless the marvelous writing of these four men from four different localities is a masterpiece of accuracy in so much that we are not afraid to believe their accounts of what happened and declare it to others. Because each writer as well as each speaker was relating those events exactly the same. Oh, I can’t lay heavy enough emphasis upon this all important fact! Even though they were allowed to use whatever words they so chose to express the thought, the thought of what each one is saying is accurate and in line with the other writer’s thought! It gets to be that way when you are led by the Holy Ghost! 

Yes, although the historical events were written many years later, nonetheless the accounts do not vary though they have been told by others over and over before any of the gospel writers penned their letters for the world to know what actually transpired during that period of at least 38-39 years of the world’s history.

 Our story seeks to glorify no man’s flesh, not even my own which stinks in the nostrils of God as much as anyone’s. We seek only to glorify God in the fact it was his divine will and purpose to send to this revelated end time people a message as well as a gift in a man’s life of knowing the very secrets of the heart, a gift of such magnitude, I seriously doubt any gentile believer (who according to the Bible had never seen Christ after the flesh instead only knew him (Christ) after the Spirit) ever saw on this earth anywhere that particular gift in operation-seeing that gift had not been on earth since the day Christ walked her in person! No, the gift did not make him Christ! But God did permit the endtime gentile believer to see that gift which was in Christ work in the endtime prophet to the gentile age.


Branham Tabernacle 1954

Our story covers a period of approximately 13 years. As we purpose to show why God sent the spirit of Elijah upon this man’s life. I want to truly say I glorify God in the fact that he permitted this miserable wretched sinful soul. of mine to have come in contact with a voice which cried out to this age and showed me, through his teachings, the proper was out of my dilemma in order that I might be placed back in fellowship with God on the basis of his revelated word! Yet I realize many of my statements, though they be accurate and true concerning this man’s ministry, will bring fire from my critics and the opposition who carelessly go through the earth telling the gentiles that God sent a prophet only to never accurately inform the poor people of the real major purpose and objective why God had done this! Naturally, when those Gentiles only hear of such a marvelous ministry that visited this earth through this man’s life, it merely leaves the listener (who never had the privilege of seeing this ministry in operation) to remain ignorant to the major purpose of God in relationship to what this man taught in the light of the holy scriptures and beloved, if what you have heard about this man’s ministry never placed you hack (or restored you) to the revealed scriptures causing you more than ever to fall in love with the written word of God, then there is something seriously wrong somewhere! Somewhere something has entered in which has diluted or sidetracked the individual’s mind from God’s true revelation in his word! 


 For a scriptural basis that you may better understand the purpose and objective of this article, turn to the Gospel of Luke, which covers a period of approximately 39 years and it could have been over 35 years after all these events transpired before Luke ever picked up a pen and began to write the first line of what transpired in those 39 years. The four gospel writers recorded those accounts as they themselves heard them from the mouth of others or had personally witnessed the events. Recall, not even Matthew or John were personally present at every event about which they wrote, therefore there were on many occasions others who had witnessed various events about which these writers tell us. However, in each instance the accounts have been related to the writer in such exact accuracy it links in with the same recorded event by another writer in the early church period! No, these men were not writing to be impressive or to show off what they knew, nor were they running a race of competition with another brother by trying to show they had more wisdom on the truth than another writer, as we see people so guilty of doing today! Each writer wrote as he saw or heard what was told to him by others, therefore, his writing was for one purpose only-and that was strictly to glorify the Lord God. Each writer wrote his gospel letter recording those certain events, he personally heard or saw that to him stood out more so than other things which other writers heard or saw and wrote about. But I repeat, I am so thankful of one thing–none of the four gospel writers Contradict one another. That alone should stand out mightily in the mind of any person who desires to tell something-in order to help people—TELL IT THE SAME! By no means is it necessary to use the same verbal wording to express your message of thought as perhaps would the other fellow—but the important thing is that you transfer the same scriptural revelation of truth in what was said in order that no matter who tells it or how many times it is repeated. it will always be told with the same meaning as it was first spoken–as beautifully illustrated by the gospel writers who show forth the same unity in thought and purpose in what was being manifested.


 No, these men who wrote in different hours were not present together when writing, however notice, isn’t it marvelous how lunch in unity they showed in writing their four gospels–NOT ONE CONTRADICTS THE OTHER NOR DISTORTS THE MEANING OF WHAT ANOTHER HAD TO SAY CONCERNING THE HAPPENINGS IN THAT CERTAIN HOUR! God help us!! Where in this hour can you find four men who will tell the same story in unity of purpose (as they did) about what they saw or heard without somewhere getting sidetracked from the main purpose and objective of God only to wind up seeking to deify the human flesh of the man God did send! Shame on man who treats God’s Word and purpose of what he did for a bride church in such a blasphemous manner! Shame on man who treats the word of God with such disrespect (as some have) becoming guilty in thinking this great Eternal Spirit called God who fills all space, is at the end of this age going to reconcile us back to himself, and then permit us to wind up making him (God) to he a mere human man and deify that flesh! No beloved, God is not that small that you may treat him that way! 


 Luke was a gospel writer recording the events of what happened; however he was not present at any of those events. Then where did he receive his information which was so accurate that it made him feel it was trustworthy to write a letter such as this–FROM THE MOUTH OF OTHERS! Think of it, Luke was not one of the original apostles nor even was he one of the first converts by an apostle. On the contrary, Luke much like Paul, came along a number of years after the first church began. The church had gotten well under way in years before Luke ever heard Paul preach the gospel. Luke’s letter which transpires somewhere between 63-68 A.D. carries a most interesting introduction which informs us how accurately many people, eye-witnesses, etc., had instructed Luke—all that was told to him gave him perfect understanding of all the things which had transpired a number of years before his conversion. Isn’t it beautiful that although Luke was not present when Jesus walked the shore of Galilee to find Peter, James and John and declare he would make them fishers of men. Luke was able to tell you (through the mouth of others) exactly how it I happened that day! Although he wasn’t present on the boat when Jesus fell asleep and his frightened disciples awakened him. It was correctly recorded in perfect alignment and unity with all the others! Although he was not present when Christ spoke to the maniac of Gadara nor was he present when Christ from the slope facing the Sea of Galilee fed the 5,000, yet all those who informed him by mouth concerning what happened, told it in such sincerity and accuracy that he could record it exactly as it had happened many, many years prior and what he wrote was in harmony with all the other writers. Luke wasn’t there on Palm Sunday when Jesus, only a few days before his crucifixion rode into Jerusalem upon a little donkey never before ridden. No, he wasn’t there on that Palm Sunday which the prophet in this age declared emphatically to have been the final day which completed Daniel’s 69th prophetic week for Israel leaving her with only one more full prophetic week. No, Luke wasn’t there yet everyone who informed him of what happened spoke the same thing!

 Luke was a man of Antioch, a Jew who like Saul of Tarsus had been brought up in gentile territory and came in contact with the christian faith. Luke was a physician, showing he was an intelligently trained man of his hour hence knowing how to write in such a manner that he could keep all of these events about what he had been told by many-in their proper perspective and bringing out everything into full view: perfectly in line and harmony with the other writers!


Watch this enlightening introduction by a man who was not there when any of this happened, yet declares by what he has been told by the mouth of many to be so accurate that he can proclaim he has perfect understanding of all things which happened! Beloved, by what you have heard from the mouth of others concerning what has happened in the closing hours could you honestly tell the world you now have a perfect clear understanding of what transpired in your hour or would you be forced to say, please God help me. I am so confused. I never heard so many conflicting opinions and ideas of what this man was supposed to have said! 

Luke in his Christian journey met many eye-witnesses who informed him, ministers who we thank God had their stories in such perfect alignment with each other that Luke was not afraid to take what was related to him and write the account of a beautiful story which continues on even after the death of Christ as the Spirit that was in Christ empties itself into the church and continues on with his Holy Ghost Work. Yes, according to verse 3, Luke met men who were actual eye-witnesses to the life of this prophet (and Saviour) of Nazareth and from such an accurate report given by those people unto Luke, it left such a profound impression upon him that when he finally reached the hour he felt impressed to write down all those things he had heard and send them to one in Luke 1:3 whom he called Most Excellent Theophilus as an accurate record of the things Theophilus had already heard for himself. 

Watch Luke’s opening remarks. Luke 1:1-3. “For as much as many have taken in hand to set forth in order a declaration of those things which are most assuredly believed among us. even as they delivered them unto us who from the beginning were eye-witnesses and ministers of the word. It seemed good to me also having had a perfect understanding of all things from the first to write etc.- See, this proves that far more than one person told Luke the story about which he wrote. We are sure Paul did—nevertheless, Luke tells of the many who were eye-witnesses and ministers etc.. who had talked to him. Could you just imagine, had Luke lived in our day and it was going to fall on his lot to have to listen to many eye-witnesses and ministers who would he telling him of the great event which happened in our day, why, that man would he so confused he wouldn’t dare write anything! But not so in that early church, those men were so dedicated In Christ whatever they told or whatever event they related to anyone it didn’t leave anyone confused in the least and were it told to a writer like Luke, why he could take every event and place it in chronological order, in no way distorting the story to he presented. 


 Read carefully Luke 1:1-4. We note Luke is showing us that picture. Verse 1 mentions a declaration of those things I believed among us. Verse 2 declares—even as they delivered them unto us—they-indicated FAR MORE THAN ONE PERSON Luke heard and all the stories were accurate and identical. Therefore you will see why Luke felt safe in saying–I now have a perfect understanding of it all. Many others brought into the christian faith through the testimony of other men’s ministry were also responsible for the material gathered for the letter written by Luke eye-witnesses were ministers or true apostles such as James. Peter. etc. Not only was there no conflict in the accurate account of their testimony; But also note, not until almost all of those eye-witnesses are dead does Luke even write. 

Furthermore Luke feels confident that which he has heard has furnished him with perfect understanding! No, Luke is not confused nor befuddled as people are today who listen to a half dozen eye-witnesses’ interpretations of exactly what did happen and what he did say on various occasions. 

Luke, like all the true believers of his hour, is a man seeking nothing personal in writing this letter, therefore he is not enlarging, stretching or blowing up any part of the report he has heard dealing with what happened over that 39 year period about which he will write. Luke is careful to arrange and set in order his story of events given to him by mouth in order that we may be able to read that most wonderful heartfelt account of Luke’s gospel concerning the life and ministry as well as the surrounding events in the life of Jesus. Therefore Luke opens his letter by giving credit to those men who furnished him with the accurate events he will record in his story. He wasn’t present, yet feels confident, though it has come through the mouth of many, and he has actually been given a perfect understanding of all things from the beginning.


 Isn’t it strange how Luke, as well as all the other gospel writers began their account with the very beginning of christianity. the beginning of the faith in which you believe, each one went back far enough to pick up the ministrY of the spirit of Elijah resting upon John the Baptist (Luke 1:17) in that hour. Not one of the four gospel writers omitted the working of that spirit of Elijah upon John the Baptist fulfilling (Mal. 4:5-6 A-Part).

 I call your attention to the fact the man who stated he had received perfect understanding from what everyone had told him was not confused and is the very writer who in Luke 1:17 enlarged upon the ministry of John the Baptist as being clothed in that spirit and power of Elijah! It was this ministry of John which is the beginning point with each gospel writer who declared the beginning of the kingdom of heaven by showing how this man John fulfilled his role as forerunner to Christ’s ministry; However, none go into detail as much as did Luke who must have heard a great deal about John’s background in that period. Each writer recognized John’s ministry. its purpose and objective of God as to exactly what it fulfilled in relation to the scriptures. John the Baptist, you recall, fulfilled scriptures the same as did Christ the Messiah. These writers were all familiar enough with the Spirit of God and with the present revelation of their hour to know not to bypass John’s ministry to begin their letters.


 Therefore John’s ministry was definitely the beginning point with each writer and no matter what each writer wrote concerning John, he was never given any higher position than what the scripture allowed and no where did the early church ever lift out of proportion that ministry of the spirit of Elijah resting on John the Baptist to fulfill especially Mal. 4: 5-6. A-Part. Paul the Apostle to the Gentiles indicated in Acts 19: 1-6, he, by revelation of the Spirit, knew also about John’s ministry.


Therefore, the question faces us scripturally, who was John the Baptist? Isa. 4:3 declared him as one crying in the wilderness: Mal. 3:1 identifies John as the messenger who would forerun the messenger of the covenant, himself who was none other than the Christ, the messenger to bring a covenant of grace. However note, that messenger, who was Christ would first be forerun by a messenger who would herald the announcement pertaining to Christ’s first Coming. Then again, in Malachi 4:5-6 and Luke 1:17, we see it was John’s office fulfilling the first part or A-Part of the work of that spirit of Elijah in that of restoring something. See, Luke gives the account of that spirit by showing upon whom it came– JOHN THE BAPTIST! Not a Jewish theologian nor even one of the disciples of Christ anywhere recognized that John fulfilled that first part of the Elijah spirit ministry. Then why would anyone be expected to know who the spirit would rest upon for the remainder of the fulfillment—IT HAS TO COME BY REVELATION! 


Luke declares to Theophilus that Israel had a priest named Zacharias who was ministering in his order or course in the temple while the people were outside the temple around the altar of sacrifice in prayer when an angel appeared and told Zacharias barren wife Elizabeth would bear a son whose name would be John, and he would go forth in the power and spirit of Elijah. Note, in telling what John would do the angel is careful to quote only the first hall of Mal. I: 5-6 and there he abruptly stops the prophecy. Why did he not repeat the remainder of the prophecy of Malachi? Simply because John would not fulfill the role of the spirit of Elijah in restoring the children back to the fathers which must come at a later hour–at the end of the gentile dispensation when the church would have to be brought back to the true gospel of Christ by a message. No, John fulfilled only that first part of the working of the spirit of Elijah when at that time he would turn the Father’s hearts to the children and praise God. Luke placed it just exactly where it was supposed to go! 


Mark began his letter in this wise–the beginning of the gospel of Jesus Christ: as it is written in the prophets, behold I send my messenger before thy face which shall prepare the way before thee (Mal. 3:1) and verse 3 is a direct quote from Isa. 40:3. See how Mark also began immediately with John as a fixed point to begin his story and isn’t it wonderful that throughout all these 1900 years no christian ever horn into the family of God failed to see the role John the Baptist who was clothed in the spirit of Elijah played in the first advent of Christ! Therefore I say just as the religious world knows who fulfilled that first part, although in that particular hour they were all ignorant to it – likewise before the coming of Christ that role played once again by the spirit of Elijah resting upon another man shortly before the second coming of Christ will also herald a message that restores the hearts of the endtime children back to the teachings of their (apostolic) fathers. Does that make John or Bro. William Branham your salvation? It does not! Does that deify their flesh? Absolutely not!! Your salvation is in Jesus Christ but as a gentile don’t tell me you believe in Jesus Christ but don’t believe in John the HOGWASH! If the Bible declares in the beginning of the gospel of Jesus Christ that it began on this wise with John the Baptist in the Jordan River baptizing and preaching to Israel—repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand— then for someone to say well I accept Jesus Christ, but WHO IS THAT FELLOW JOHN? AWAY WITH HIM! No beloved, it is simply not done in that fashion. John was definitely a fixed point or beginning in the relation to Christ’s first advent when he came to give himself according to Paul ( Eph. 4:20-26) for the church. No, John could never fulfill the role of Jesus Christ nor any other position in scripture other than his own, yet everyone in that early church knew there had been a man sent from God, clothed in the spirit of Elijah, whose name was John. (Luke . 1:17).

 Now if there lays in scripture that portion of Malachi’s prophecy which was not fulfilled by John, who is discussed thoroughly by Luke as having fulfilled only the first part of it, then somewhere in another hour, in a similar circumstance will not the remainder of this prophecy come into focus where again the spirit of Elijah will turn the hearts of the children (not back-to himself), but to the teachings of the apostolic fathers, therefore that spirit must reappear in order to fulfill the remainder of the prophecy shortly before Christ would return to receive something unto himself which he purchased at the end of his first advent by the shedding of his own blood (Eph. 5:77. Acts 20:28 ) Therefore that spirit of Elijah is to again rest upon another man before that hour appears as did that spirit rest on John, the forerunner of Christ, before the first advent when he turned the hearts of the fathers to the children. Here I will not go into detail to explain either the turning of the hearts of the fathers to the children before the first advent of Christ or the children’s hearts being turned to the fathers at the end of the age as the endtime children return to the teachings of their apostolic fathers. We have a full length article: THE MYSTERY OF ELIJAH) explaining this and is yours for the asking.


 The scripture informs us much about John and we are thankful, yet remember absolutely no one in that hour accepted John the Baptist to be the fulfillment of the first part of Mal. 4:5-6 any more than the gentile people of this hour accepted the fact that the spirit of Elijah rested upon a little man who completed no more than the 7th grade and who seemingly couldn’t fall in line with the position of any one particular movement who was trying to promote Christ. You accept John in that role only because you read it and not by revelation of the Spirit! If you had lived back in that hour and saw John perform his ministry you Would not have accepted him anymore than did the others. It must come by the Spirit! 


Therefore I want to approach If this a step further by saying before n the coming of Christ this religious world will not only know who fulfilled the second part of the prophecy in restoring the hearts of e the children back to the fathers, but will also know he brought a revealed message of God’s Word that would restore us back in line with revealed scripture! Up until this hour the religious world has only heard conflicting testimonies by the mouth of some—yet all claiming to have definitely seen something in this day. 


  Nevertheless, somehow it seems in their telling the gentile world God did send a prophet. The testimony left leaves the poor people with such a faulty understanding or impression of what actually did take PLACE! The spotlight of their testimony in telling the world God sent a prophet should fall directly upon the revelated word message itself delivered by the prophet in order to fulfill his role in the prophecy of Mal. 4:5-6 (B-part) whereby he must restore the hearts of the children back to the fathers. This is the one part of their testimony which somehow manages to cloud the true picture and purpose of God, making the emphasis to fall, not on the revelated Word of God but instead 71, to fall directly upon the flesh of this prophet deifying him as the Word of God or God. Lamb or something other than what he actually is–not telling the world his office restored the endtime children back to the apostolic father’s leaching. As I have often stated, beloved if you don’t get back to that true Bible message of revelation which those apostolic fathers actually taught, care not how much you believe God sent a prophet–you have missed by a million miles the entire picture of what God was doing! When I said the religious world would know that God sent a prophet and what he taught, I can not speak of Russia, Red China etc., that is not in my hands to say what God will do there, however, the known religious world shall know God sent a prophet and furthermore, they will have an opportunity to know what this prophet taught by revelation to bring us back into perfect alignment with the word of the revealed scriptures, as that is the only way possible this prophet could possibly have fulfilled B-part of Mal. 4:5-6! 

Could you imagine God sending a prophet to the religious world in that spirit of Elijah and then keeping it a secret from everyone! No sir! Beloved. God will hold off that second advent of Christ until his full objective has been accomplished in this man’s ministry and broadcast throughout the religious world in divine truth as to his ordained purpose. 

By no means am I against those brethren out telling the world God sent a prophet, because that is true! However, I only wish those individuals testifying to this truth would go deep enough into the subject to inform the gentiles that since they have learned about this man (and even though perhaps having never seen him yet are certainly greatly impressed with his gift ministry) the one thing above all that needs to be impressed upon the hearer is the fact this man’s ministry (what he taught) is suppose to place them back in line with the teaching of the holy scriptures, not take them front the scriptures into something else! No one should become so emotionally involved in merely informing the world God sent a prophet that they fail to show what this prophet taught by revelation which is linked up with the holy scriptures. Take your Bible and show the gentiles the many biblical doctrines this prophet taught which through the revelation of the Word links us back into what the early church taught! Nonetheless, some become so involved in merely presenting this miraculous ministry which dwelt within this man they fail to instruct the converts how this prophet taught water baptism in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ to he the scriptural route. Secondly–that there wasn’t three persons in the God-head as Trinitarians believe. Thirdly–that you must have the baptism of the Holy Ghost to guide you into all truth. Fourth–that eternal security as well as predestination is absolutely a biblical doctrine which when placed in their proper perspective fits beautifully into the framework of the christian faith! 


Beloved when God sent a prophet my way he showed me how I needed to get out of the Methodist Church and he baptized with the Holy Ghost whereby God could teach me. Without the Holy Ghost or teacher in your heart it is impossible to be led by revelation into the truth of the Word of God! Yes, you may follow a man’s flesh around but that won’t place in your heart the needed revelation to be in the bride of Christ! It takes the Holy Ghost to guide you into all truth (John 14:15) This prophet told me I needed to get baptized correctly. That Acts 2:38 definitely was no contradiction to Matt. 28:19 as most people believe. Why? Because God never contradicts himself! When I saw the revelation of the One God and his redemptive name to be Jesus was baptized according to Matt. 28:19 because Peter on the day of Pentecost showed that name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost to be none other than Jesus Christ (Acts 2:38). 


Already a firm believer in the second coming of Jesus Christ, yet I didn’t realize the scripture revealed as the prophet declared that I should depart from spiritual Babylon. That I was not clothed in the necessary wedding garment for the marriage to the Lamb. because the necessary wedding garment didn’t consist of my Babylonian rags; material which had been made from hand-me-down traditional ideas of carnal men. Furthermore, it would be of a necessity that I shed this Babylon garment and be washed in the Word of God, (to wash away those caked ideologies of man which defile the spirit of man) before becoming clothed in the beautiful pure revelation of God’s Word, the only sufficient dress for the wedding soon to take place! Therefore, beloved I hope you can see there is far more involved than simply informing the world God sent a prophet. Tell them what this prophet taught in light of revelation of the Holy scriptures! God showed mercy on me by sending a man like this who not only showed me how to get out of that Babylonian cloak or garment but further showed how to put on the Lord Jesus Christ (Rom. 13:14)! Therefore, as I was shown how to get out of something, I was also shown how to put on something once I had taken a bath in the word of God and washed away all denominational filth of Babylon ( Eph. 5:25-27 ). No beloved, God will never leave you empty-handed. If he leads you out of one thing, it is only to place you in another! 


 In presenting this story, even as Luke presented his story through that of personal testimonies of others who saw and heard. I trust I may present this story of what I saw and heard in such a sufficient manner that even though my own personal testimony as a minister appears in the story (as an eye witness) it only appears here to show you one thing—that is. how his ministry and teachings affected my own personal ministry once I came in contact with what he taught. No beloved, you simply can’t have six men discussing the same subject and telling it in six or seven different ways and possibly expect to present to the hearer a clear picture of what it is all about. What a predicament poor Luke would have faced had he had a dozen men telling him the same event. only telling the story a dozen different ways before he wrote his letter! No beloved, God doesn’t do things in that manner. How could you ever know from such a mixed up testimony what God expected out of you in relationship to the ministry of this prophet?! Any man who informs another that the life or human flesh of this prophet was the main objective of God’s message to the age. I fear even though he was an eye-witness to various meetings, undoubtedly, he never saw anything which could stabilize his own spiritual life in that route of knowing scriptural truth! You see, in the Bible all the testimonies told Luke laid the same spiritual emphasis upon the same story which was told. Why? Because they all saw it alike! That is the difference with what we are faced with in this hour! Men do not see and understand it alike! Therefore I pray God will assist me that I might tell the story correctly in order it won’t require interpretation on the part of others. After all beloved, a living testimony in the present tense is an authority of the things as well as the facts of that which transpired in the past tense.

 Aren’t you glad the Bible wasn’t written 500 years after christianity began? Had it been. all the stories of christianity which were passed down from mouth to mouth by Godly, sincere dedicated men long before the letters of the entire christian faith were ever written, would never have reached us as they appear today. Had it been written 500 years later the interpretations of what those godly men told would have been interpreted strictly by the Roman Catholic Church! Therefore I know you are happy it was all written in the First Century by men either personally associated with Christ’s ministry or by those who had personally been witnessed to by those who did walk with Christ. Hence the account of what was said is trustworthy because whenever the story was told, it remained to be the same unchanged story. Furthermore, You and I have based our entire hope of salvation upon the accurate unchanging report of those men found in scripture.


 Around this world more so since the death of the prophet, gentile nations are hearing perhaps for the first time that God did send a prophet to this age however. I fear many will never learn the first thing about what this man taught In light of the holy scriptures whereby the hearer may know and worship the Jesus Christ of the revealed scriptures. Is there then any wonder seeing many have only presented the man without his revelation message to take us back into the revealed scriptures that they will only wind up seeing the man himself and because of that high esteem and admiration for a prophet their devotions will unbeknowing to themselves slowly turn to idolatry of the human instrument, instead of to the Word of God he brought. The flesh of the man himself will wind up in their mind as being the object of the message and will be worshipped!


 The summers of 1972-73 offered me the opportunity of spreading the good news in Norway. It was my pleasure to be the conference speaker for many brothers and sisters from a number of surrounding countries who also had come to the knowledge that God had sent a prophet. Therefore I had the privilege to teach many of the real doctrinal truths delivered by the prophet as he taught them in the light of the scripture. We told these believers more than simply God sent a prophet to this age. We informed them of the purpose God had in sending one and it certainly wasn’t to worship his flesh as deity or to even think his flesh was God in any fashion! We let them know his purpose in being sent from God was to restore them back to the revelated Word of God (from which we as children had strayed), whereby they could fully understand this book which at first were oral reports, kept and guided in accuracy by the Holy Ghost as it came down from mouth to mouth until time arrived for men to write it down. And furthermore to show that hundreds of years after it had all been written down what people saw and heard, because people refused to walk in its teachings placing their own interpretation to it they strayed far from those apostolic teachings, developed their own carnal ideas about what was seen and heard thus falling into the long Dark Ages and though Protestantism strove trying to re-establish themselves back upon the accuracy of the testimonies or accounts of what was seen and heard, they failed miserably! Had God not sent a prophet in this closing gentile hour to restore us (the children) unto the (apostolic) fathers teaching which is the basic foundation of all New Testament christianity. we would -still be drifting on the sea of carnal ideologies and opinions of men in relationship toward what people thought about the testimonies of these eye-witnesses to Christ’s ministry. The meeting closed, the people rejoiced because revealed scripture, which does not bring confusion to the honest heart, but instead produces consistency had blessed their souls. Because revealed scripture was presented to these precious people they were able to see beyond the flesh of mortal men into the beautiful sunlight of God’s revelated word– delivered by a prophet which had established them hack in the truth of the written Word of God! Sad to say, many in this day have gone out with their own lopsided version of what the prophet said which in the manner they interpret it. results not only in a one-sided opinion of truth in their own hearts but they pass also that same conception of seed idea about the prophet down to their own converts! MARK THEM! They never refer to the scriptures as a basis for anything! Seemingly they forget what the office of Mal. 4:5-6 is supposed to be–it was to he a restoring office! 


Sometime ago we received a letter from a man who received our publication and because he thought he saw things in the publication published differently from the way he feels the prophet spoke certain things, he informed us he would discontinue the publication—seeing Bro. Branham, as a prophet was the voice of God–therefore he is going to accept nothing other than what the voice says—so he says! That is alright, but what that brother fails to recognize is actually he is going to listen to what the prophet said, not in the light of the revealed scripture, instead he will listen in a way which certain other brethren who are supposed to be eye-witnesses have advised him to listen! Here beloved is where the danger, fault and error lies—you don’t listen to this prophet’s message from some carnal angle or theory of what another brother believes, who first of all gives the Bible absolutely no place in his own life. Therefore not being aware that within this being aware that within this prophet’s message is not only a revelation to the bride of Christ which will link the true bride up to the Holy scriptures and one day lift her off the ground, but also within that prophet’s message lies certain dual statements which God allowed to be placed there to lead certain individuals astray who never intend to allow the use of the Bible to balance or stabilize their thinking! Those people who pursue such a path of disrespect for the holy scriptures will never be in the Bride of Christ! How could they, seeing they are clothed in everything but that of the revealed scriptures-the garment of truth! Mark it down, that individual will wind up only seeing the man, a deceptive spirit will have grasped his soul in such a manner that he only sees the flesh of the prophet. Therefore, he will never see the Lord Jesus Christ in his beautiful word of truth for which Bro. Branham gave his life trying to present in order that the true church might see what lies in the testimony of those men in holy scripture! Jackson, don’t you think you are stretching it? NOT IN THE LEAST!! 

Here we must begin our story in order to show the doctrinal teachings of this man and how They link Into the scriptures by a personal testimony of how God dealt with my own life once my path crossed this prophet’s in 1952. I do this only in order to show you how my life is a living testimony as to what I saw and heard this man teach. Many people feel I am a black sheep, mainly because they can’t shake a statement or two in my face and expect to shiver with fear feeling I might blasheme, as they are capable of handling others! No, I am simply too stubborn to change until you can show me somewhere in the holy scriptures (the revealed truth upon which our life is built) Where I am wrong! You say, oh, but he said such and such-That is alright but didn’t you learn anything by sitting at the feet of this prophet? You show me in the scripture where I am wrong and I will change my view immediately! Well I know someone says, but he was the prophet. I agree, he was the prophet! Furthermore he held the prophet office to restore me back to what was originally taught in the scriptures! The prophet taught us no God sent prophet could contradict nor speak in any manner against that which another God sent prophet had written or spoken! If what people say by mouth concerning this prophet has no logical scriptural basis for a platform upon which we may build our hopes, that is, what they say won’t link up with the scriptures, as far as I am concerned their testimony of what the man said won’t amount to anything other than serve as a political maneuvering scheme which somehow that individual hopes will work for his own advantage as he takes your soul and plays with it like a puppet on a string, feeding you his versions and ideas! God forbid it should come to this seeing in the beginning it was not so! Their testimony was the same!

 I am happy to have lived in the 20th Century; I don’t say I will be alive when Jesus comes to claim his own, because beloved Jesus has a program to fulfill before he can come for his bride irregardless to what anyone thinks. No, God won’t drop what he is doing and come for us. You may say he could come for me today. That is absolutely correct, he could come for you but should he, mark this down, it would be in death and a preacher will conduct your funeral and your body will be buried in a box to await the resurrection. However I do believe some of you will be alive for the translation when Jesus comes.

Part 2I Began To See And Hear

Part of the Branham Tabernacle Congregation, 1952

 Our story begins briefly after the closing of World War II. No sooner was I discharged and returned home when God began dealing with my life. Returning to the Methodist church which I had formerly attended before the war, that first ,Sunday Morning I heard the pastor preach on things we won’t do in heaven. Naturally he spoke about smoking cigarettes as there would be no ashtrays in heaven nor would there be anything to spit your tobacco and snuff into no garbage cans in which to throw your beer bottles etc. It was a simple message, but one which disturbed me greatly seeing I was still involved with the cancer weed cigarette) which was a terrible stumbling block to me. Nevertheless for the next few months I walked constantly in a fear that somewhere that cancer weed would get me in trouble with God.


 I met my wife and we were married in June 1948. Much seemed to happen in that year of 1948—Israel became a nation: the World Council of Churches met at Amsterdam to form their big movement for an ecumenical unity. Two of the common market countries had begun to trade together whereas today nine trade together and are rapidly forming an economical trade block. It was this year Communism overran China but most of all it was certainly a year God was calling out a people through a message delivered by a prophet. All the time I courted my wife, I can’t say why, but I knew if I ever married this girl I would have to give up this nasty smoking habit. Also deep inside of me I knew somewhere I was going to meet God and before I did I must give my heart and life to him. Since 1948 was the year for many events, it was also the year God chose to set certain things in motion whereby we might meet. 


 One day in October 1948 about sundown, while pulling my father in-law’s corn picker behind my new tractor down the road headed for home, I lost account of the days of my life–three days later slowly regained consciousness in the hospital with my head split open. What had happened? First I thought a horse had kicked me, then I was informed three drunks had smashed into the back of that corn picker ripping it to pieces bringing the elevator crashing down on my head. Minutes later I was dragged out from under their automobile where the battery had burst and acid was pouring all over me. In a matter of hours a new leather jacket I was wearing had been eaten away by that acid. Somehow the jacket catching the battery acid protected my unconscious face even though my scalp was peeled back. Deep inside of me was the feeling—this crash is to bring you to God! The doctors saw no chance for my survival thus without much care they quickly sewed my head back together and began to pump shots into me to keep down shock. When morning came they were amazed I was still alive. After the 3rd day when I regained consciousness the doctors said I might leave the hospital in 2-3 months. X-rays showed my skull still intact., although at first they didn’t know if I had an eye in the socket or not. Finally removing the bandages wrapped securely around my scalp they found I could see. You can thank God you have an eye, but you will never be able to close it, said the doctor. Nevertheless, three weeks passed and God allowed me to close it. I guess he knew one day I would stand before people and he didn’t want me standing there with a watery eye resembling a pirate wearing a patch. Now the folks were given another bit of news: he will live, says the doctor, but he will never be right—and I am sure there are many today who would agree with the doctor! The Lord had gotten my attention focused upon him through this accident seeing inside I was fully aware why it happened—to bring me to God.


October 1948 through the winter of 1949 1 lived a miserable life because everywhere I turned I had that feeling–it happened to bring me to God. Finally in April 1950 I reached a place I could go no further and I told the Lord I was at the end of the road. Therefore it was at the Methodist church. I decided to give my heart to God; For weeks I had thought of nothing else. The night I decided to surrender I don’t know what the preacher said because I was hoping he would hurry and give the altar call. At the altar I told the Lord take away these old cigarettes (which I had tried so hard to quit ) and give me a know-so salvation whereby I may know I am saved and my sins are forgiven and Lord I will do my best to preach your word! Why I added that I will never know because basically I just wanted to become a christian and get rid of the cigarettes. Rising from the altar, the pastor said, Bro. Junior, what do you have to say tonight! I said, I have given my heart to the Lord. I believe he has forgiven me and I promised him I would do the best I could to teach his word. At that time I knew more about the Sears Roebuck catalogue than the Bible. I was a Zane Grey western fan and read all of his books. However the next day, I opened the Bible and read all that day and although my eyes burned I continued to read for the better part of three days. No, I couldn’t understand the word in the spiritual sense, nevertheless I was doing something I had never done before. I was reading the Bible and enjoying it.


Time passed through 1950 on into 1951. I had developed a great hunger for the knowledge of the Lord and he was teaching me His Word. During that year a few opportunities opened for me to leach in the Methodist church did, yet when I went home I would always wonder why I spoke certain things the way I had. Through this time I was studying church doctrines, subjects which normally we didn’t discuss in our church. Sanctification is the doctrine of That church, if you were going to teach any, yet here I was studying predestination and eternal security and for some reason getting deeply involved and thrilled over these things. I studied other men’s writings on these subjects along with the scriptures and was led to declare openly predestination was a doctrine of the Word. 

During the summer of 1952 I had been preaching some in the absence of our student minister and of all things I taught predestination, using Rom. it: 28-29 etc.. Well, you guessed it, as soon as the preacher returned I had a visitor. Someone had informed him I taught predestination in the Methodist church – Raymond, I heard you preached on predestination. Well, I said, I messed around a little with it. Now Raymond, I know how you feel, you and I have discussed these things before. I like to study predestination, eternal security and other things. There has to be something to them but you know in the Methodist Church it creates division, therefore we don’t discuss such subjects. Perhaps it would be better if you just left them off! BUT I COULDN’T ACCEPT THAT FACT, I THOUGHT WE WERE TO PREACH THE BIBLE!


The Fall of 1952 came and I was somewhat depressed over my limitations as to what I could and could not preach. However unbeknowing to me God was about to make a new move in my life. Bro. Glen Funk, then a deacon of the Branham Tabernacle and a cousin to my wife came down to my home to hunt squirrels. After the hunt was finished, and we were standing in the yard; somehow the subject went to Bro. Branham and this unusual ministry God had given him which was showing great results in his praying for the sick. He informed me how an angel of the Lord visited Bro. Branham while he was baptizing converts in the Ohio River in 1933, telling him as John the Baptist forerun the first coming. So he would take a message to forerun the second coining etc. He further informed me about the miracles which happened in Africa and about the things which he himself had personally witnessed. Bro. Branham will be at the tabernacle this weekend. Bro. Glen said, why not come and hear him? You may not believe this, but I said in my heart (going only on the basis of his testimony ) if these words are true then This is that Elijah that is to come! FIRST IMPRESSION OF PROPHET

As Bro. Glen stood in my yard speaking these words concerning this man whom I had never seen nor heard although I had been born and raised within 20 miles of Jeffersonville, inside of me something was saying–if these words be true then this is that Elijah that is to come! I recall back in the early 30’s before the Tabernacle was ever built, visiting a cousin on Fulton St.. next to 8th and Penn where today the Tabernacle sits and we rode bicycles over that same plot of ground then all covered with weeds. There was a small trail across the lot used by kids crossing to I0th Street.

Strange as it may seem while in the Methodist Church during that period of 1951-52, I saw in the study of the scriptures if we were living in those days before the coming of the Lord. God would send that spirit of Elijah again! I remember once discussing the spirit of Elijah with our Methodist student pastor saying (concerning Luke 1:17 and Mal. 4:5-6) if we are living in those days shortly before the coming of the Lord, the remainder of this scripture must somewhere be fulfilled because notice, the angel of the Lord did not complete the prophecy of Mal. 4:5-6. In talking to Zacharias the angel showed how John would fulfill only the first part of Mal. 4:5-6! I continued, since the angel did not complete that prophecy in Mal. 4:5-6 therefore as I worded it, that spirit of Elijah must come again to balance out or end the same as it started with agree, having his own viewpoint of the subject.

On a Wednesday night of the following week I visited for the first time the Branham Tabernacle. Arriving I noticed a large crowd but an usher found me a seat. For the first time in my life my eyes fell upon this little man who came to the platform and I honestly wondered what I was about to hear. Sitting there waiting for the service to begin, I felt depressed over some of the doctrines that had been rejected and also over the fact of a new ruling that had been made in the Methodist Church–if you didn’t have two years of Bible school or two years of Seminary training you could not he a licensed minister in I his denomination. I thought—I taught Predestination that is why they don’t want me! 


Finally the little man opened his Bible and began preaching in Genesis, picking up the story of Abraham and lo and behold he preached predestination and Eternal Security right down the line. After about 1 1/2 hours he ended up in Revelations and closed his message. I’m sitting there as thrilled as a kid with a new toy, I said, Praise the Lord! there is one man who believes in Predestination and he makes more sense than all the others put together, MY HEART WAS THRILLED! Service being over the crowd was dispersing and I was in the process of leaving the service having heard certain things for the first time in my life. Bro. Glen introduced me to Bro. Branham as a young Methodist minister. I felt sheepish standing before such a giant in the scriptures! Shaking my hand he said, I understand you live in the country, got any squirrels down that way? Sure, answered. We will be out there someday Bro. Branham said. Lo and Behold, the next morning before I got out of bed there in my yard sat his little panel station wagon with a picture of Jesus Christ painted on the side.


 It would be about a year before we began attending the Tabernacle regularly, nevertheless this was the first time for our paths to cross. That deep hunger for the Word of God penetrated us for deeper spiritual things. It is now February 1953 and we are ready to visit the Tabernacle for the second time. On this second visit I encountered my first eyewitness account of anyone ever being healed by the power of God. Bro. Glen had testified to me that day we talked, how they hauled the crutches away after Bro. Branham prayed for the sick in Africa; however this was my first experience to witness the man that God had honored as he prayed for the sick. I recall an elderly man making his way to the altar, as well as a colored sister who sat across from us–she too hobbled to the altar. As Bro. Branham finished a chorus he was singing and went over and prayed for the people who had been anointed with oil, coming directly to the colored sister. I couldn’t hear what he said however as he prayed for her, up from the altar she leaped and came skipping up the aisle, stopping directly in front of me and shouted. Praise the Lord, look what the Lord has done. I had arthritis, but I don’t have it now! I’m going home to tell the folks and out she went rejoicing. Crossing to the other side Bro. Branham was praying for another man who heard him say, you have heart trouble but the Lord snakes you well. With his hands in the air praising God the elderly man began to weep saying, Thank you Jesus. thank you Jesus! My, how my heart was stirred and thrilled—never in our life had we come in contact with anything like what we were experiencing now! That colored sister was the first one I ever saw him pray for. 


 At this time we will begin to touch on some scriptural things which can surely get next to you. We are going to have communion, Bro. Branham says, and after communion we will have foot washing! FOOT WASHING! I thought–I have never been in anything like that in my life although I had taken communion. I had heard of those foot washing Baptist, however I had never been around any. Finishing the prayer-line, he steps back to the platform and says, now this is communion and foot washing night. I realize we have many visitors, but you are welcome to have communion with us and also remain for foot washing. Opening his Bible he read St. John 13:4-15 about how supper having ended Jesus girded himself with a towel and began washing the disciples feet. Sitting there I wondered, what am I going to do. I have encountered something new—FOOT WASHING! I thought, I will take communion, but what AM I going to do about foot washing?  Suddenly remembered I HAD A HOLE IN MY SOCK! What are you going to do about that footwashing the wife asked: Can’t stay. I said, I have a hole in my sock! Back in those days old farmers like myself who didn’t have much money simply wore a pair of socks until they got all the good out of them! Nevertheless, we took communion but because of the hole in my sock I refrained from the foot washing because I didn’t want anyone to see my holey sock! Truthfully though I wanted to partake. Inside I was so hungry I was gobbling up everything he was telling us, because he showed us where it all fit in the scriptures! From that time forward when we attended the Tabernacle on the night for Communion and foot washing I was always sure to have on a good pair of socks!

 In passing, I might add that due to the fact Bro. Branham was in such demand to be on the evangelistic field he had placed in as Associate Pastor Bro. Orman Neville a former Methodist pastor and on this our second visit to the Tabernacle was the first service of his new assignment. What a surprise—I KNEW THIS MAN! Before the war, God had led Bro. Neville and myself to the same church however because of the war we lost contact with each other and now our paths cross once again at the Tabernacle! 

It doesn’t take long to realize that truly we are on the trail of something we have never before experienced. We have heard and seen things in two short visits which already have definitely affected our religious life. It is some months later before we return as we are still attending our former church. 

We again decided to visit the Tabernacle in Jeffersonville. We are aware we are not accepted too well in our church because of our doctrinal beliefs, yet we feel no urge as yet to depart the Methodist church because constantly in my mind I am praying. Lord, if we could only get this man in our church and he would preach just one sermon and pray for the sick, this Methodist church would resurrect and be on fire—like I said, that is what I thought! Sad to say, like the majority of other churches the most activity we had was at a funeral when we buried the dead, yet not so in the beginning. This great Methodist church had been on fire! Originally it had been a campground in the early Methodist days shortly after the Civil War when people traveled by covered wagon and would camp for days having open camp meetings. A large body of water nearby supplied the necessary place for baptism.


 Because of our deep hunger and in our search for more of God’s true Word. The wife and I once again visit the Tabernacle. Being the first Sunday of the month which was their time for Communion and Footwashing and remembering my embarrassment in my first encounter with Footwashing I make sure I have a good pair of socks to wear—never again will I allow a hole in my sock to stand in the way of footwashing! On this particular night’s visit my attention is drawn to something–it appears for some reason many people from all around the area seem to be drawn to this spot. Again Bro. Branham dealt with the subject of Predestination and My! Did he ever explain it! As I mentioned before I was most intrigued with this subject seeing I had already been studying it.

 How could anyone refuse to accept the fact that these early apostles did teach predestination? To think that within our religious realm today people who are supposed to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ simply can’t accept it even though they plainly read it in the scriptures. Ask them about these clear cut scriptures and they simply shun the issue. Being raised up to reject it, more than likely they never accept it, feeling it tears down rather than builds up. Beloved if you build anything on a false foundation and truth comes along exposing that error, either you will have to tear it down or-face it- simply go off and build on falsehood! When this prophet explained that subject with me that cinched it forever. Predestination was certainly a biblical doctrine which lay within the framework of the christian faith. 

Therefore if you ever see predestination you can’t help seeing eternal security as well. seeing they go together like a railroad (rack composed of 2 tracks. Take away one from the other and a train can go nowhere. However place the 2 tracks in their proper perspective, that is with the correct spacing in between, and a (rain can move down the track at top speed. 


 On this same night as we prepared to take communion and foot washing I also recall hearing him mention water haptism. Little was ever discussed in our assembly about being covered over with water in the sense of a burial due to the fact we used sprinkling (for baptism). In the course of his message we noticed hint laying ( heavy ) emphasis on Acts 2:38 and I immediately wondered where was he getting that. Truthfully I didn’t even know it existed in the Bible. I like how so many religious people was ignorant to actually what was in this Bible! While he quoted Acts 2:38 my mind was turning over with questions wondering what that man was leading up too. Following the communion, I had the privilege to sit beside him while everyone was washing feet. A curious young brother approached Bro. Branham. puzzled even as I over him mentioning water baptism in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and naturally the brother used the aged old argument-what’s the difference between Acts 2:38 and Matt. 28:19! The brother said that he had been baptized according to. Matt. 28:19 and then suddenly I remembered years ago while attending the Church of Christ they had baptized me-quoting Matt. 28:19. How totally ignorant people are to the true scriptural mode of water baptism! Brother Branham kindly explained to the brother while I listened. first by quoting Matt. 28:19 saying now notice Jesus says in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost, did he not? The word father Bro. Branham asked, is that a name? The young man says no! Well is the word Son a name? Again, he answered no. The word Holy Ghost, is that a name? After thinking for a moment the young man says no! Well, says Bro. Branham, then what is a name that is to be used here? Pondering the question a moment the young man answered well Jesus is the name! To this Bro. Branham said, let’s go to Acts. 2:38. The day of Pentecost came. Peter is in the street: an accusation comes against the Jews of being drunk on new wine, and Peter preaches the prophecy of Joel. As he finished his message 3,000 rushed up and said, “Men and brethren what must we do?” Repent everyone of you. Peter said, and he baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of your sins. As he explained it I thought. that makes more sense than anything I ever heard, but up until his hour who thought about it in this light! 

May I point out in passing, as God’s prophet he knew exactly how much emphasis to place upon any one subject–not too little or too, much. It is easy when discovering a revelation to your heart out of the book to become overly excited–seeing so many revelations and nuggets of golden truth were rediscovered throughout the Protestant restoration period while God was slowly leading man back into a full knowledge of the true apostolic pattern and program. Thus it was often easy having a revelation on the Word to many times lay too heavy stress upon one subject pushing it out of proportion from the rest of Bible truth thus failing to connect it with another truth. Yet as I said, being a prophet and called especially to restore the endtime children to the teachings of the apostolic fathers in order to fulfill Mal. 4:5-6 B-part, that office knew exactly how much stress to place on each biblical truth in the scripture without giving it a lopsided view, as he was revealing to us how none of these great truths could stand alone but all of them were interwoven to fit beautifully into the framework of the faith once delivered to the saints. 

Continually from service to service he would speak along these doctrinal lines. As yet we were not attending the Tabernacle on a full time basis however we did try to attend at least one service on Sunday. During these hours the wife and I were constantly searching the scriptures concerning these things he would bring out in our presence and with the revelation now in our hearts concerning the true mode of water baptism–seeing it was for the’ remission of sins according to Acts. 2:38, Acts 8:12-16 and Acts 19:5 and seeing where Paul commissioned 12 men who had a good baptism to be rebaptized in the name of the Lord Jesus. We made our plans to be baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus. In our searching the scriptures we are unable to find a single scripture connecting trinity baptism (which we had done) to that of the Bible. No one was ever baptized in the titles of Father, Son and Holy Ghost in the days of the apostles. Therefore we began looking forward to the time we should be baptized over in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ for the remission of our sins (no, not for the forgiveness of sins as some have thought but for remission or remitting sins–deeds which had been committed in the flesh). Only the blood of Christ could do away with the big issue of sin in the heart. A few weeks later in an old wnterhole near home we were buried in the precious name of the Lord Jesus wills a new understanding of what this was all about. Since then many people have been buried there in the name of the Lord Jesus. Therefore 1 can truthfully say, the first revelation shown to me out of the scriptures. by this man restoring us to the true teachings of the apostolic fathers was WATER BAPTISM according to Acts 2:38! Christ gave the commission in Matt. 28:19 but it wasn’t carried out until 10 days later on the day of Pentecost when 3,000 souls were buried in the precious name of our Lord and continued steadfastly in the apostles’ doctrine. 


Beloved, I am going into these doctrines of the prophet’s teaching in hopes you who receive this publication will know there is far more to this thing than merely believing God sent a prophet. You must embrace the full revelation of revealed scripture which this prophet brought to line us up with the Word of God in order to be ready for the bride of Christ! Allow me to emphasize this—there is far more to this than merely believing in that supernatural manifestation of the gift in his life of knowing the secrets of the heart. a gift which worked so mightily in him, at times it caused many who claimed to he followers to declare since he knew the secrets of the heart—this made him to he Gad; thus ending up worshipping the man himself, and never being restored back to the truth of the Word! May I say also, according to his own personal testimony shown in the film THE DEEP CALLETH TO THE DEEP which has been shown around the world, Bro. Branham could not operate that gift at his own choosing–it could only he operated as the Lord God himself saw fit to operate it! When that gift of knowing the secrets of the heart was not manifesting itself, he said himself–I am helpless as any man! 


Another night we attended the Tabernacle and his subject was THE GODHEAD! Beloved that truly opened a hidden mystery to me because I, like the majority of the religious world, had been taught and sang of the blessed trinity. No doubt you have also. The idea of it was established at the Council of Nicea in 32.5 A.D. (The Doxology in song declares God in three persons–blessed Holy Trinity—strictly a Roman Catholic doctrine). However when you have been brought up to believe all these inherited hand-me-down lies as this traditional idea, they are difficult to shake from your mind. When confronted by truth as I was that night as Bro. Branham began to teach about the One God. Naturally, the thought from the adversary struck me—if there is only One God, how can he be his own Son? But you know, before Bro. Branham finished that night he had shown us by the scriptures it would have been easier for him to have done that than for Christ to have had two fathers, as the trinitarians believe! Laying down his Bible the prophet walked over and picked up three song books which he began to use for an illustration in showing how God being one spirit, was not three persons, but it was strictly One God in three offices—office of the Father, office of the Son, and office of the Holy Ghost! 

As he spoke God revealed to me this mystery and as he ended his message he quoted Luke 1:32-35 where the angel approached Mary telling her she would conceive and bear a Son and this Son was to be the Son of the Highest. Verse 35– that holy thing which shall he born to thee. said the angel. SHALL BE CALLED THE SON OF GOD! Now. Brn. Branham said. keep that in mind–HE IS THE SON OF GOD. Mary wanted to know how this could he seeing she knew no man and was informed the Holy Ghost would come upon her and the power of the Highest would overshadow her and her son, named Jesus, would be called the Son of God. Well. that was alright-but he didn’t stop there–he referred us to Matt. I :18-2.5 at the time the angel explains in a dream to Joseph of Mary’s pregnancy, seeing he is about to put her away privily. The angel says “Fear not to take unto thee Mary thy wife for that which is conceived in her is of the Holy Ghost! I will never forget Bro. Branham saying, now Luke says the child she is to bear will be the Son of God. Right! In Matthew he is the son of the Holy Ghost! But how can God be the Father of this child when this child was conceived by what many believe was a third person–THE HOLY GHOST! If the Holy Ghost conceived him as the Bible teaches and the Holy Ghost is a third person separate and distinct from the first person who is called God the Father then–WHOSE SON IS HE? He is the Son of the Holy Ghost and not the Son of God. The Father—that is, if you are dealing with three separate and distinct persons as most people believe. Biologically it is impossible to have two fathers—conceived by one and the other be the father. THAT IS RIDICULOUS! Yet if there are three separate persons that is exactly how baby Jesus came into the world—with two daddies! 

Beloved, as I saw the mystery unfold I rejoiced because the answer is – the Holy Ghost and God the Father are not two separate persons or spirits but instead is one selfsame spirit, working in the office of the Father and of the Holy Ghost as well. In other words, the Holy Ghost or Holy Spirit simply defines the kind of spirit God is—he is HOLY Spirit! For me another mystery had been unraveled by the man God sent to restore the children’s hearts back to the true teachings of the original apostolic fathers. This man was on the scene for one purpose. to straighten up the thinking of christians who were confused in church theology and Babylonian tradition. We have now seen the beautiful truth on baptism in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and the mystery of the Godhead has unfolded showing us this One Eternal Spirit called God operated in three offices. 


Different occasions in the fall of ’52 – and on into ’53 I had heard him teach messages showing us how we must have the Holy Ghost and I will never forget on one occasion, he looked straight at me and said–it is good for you Methodists too!

 During that period I had been going to the woods and praying, Lord I want the Holy Ghost! Plowing in the field while driving in my tractor I prayed. God give me the Holy Ghost. I would leave the field, go into the woods and pray. 

God give me the Holy Ghost! This continued until around April 1953 where in an auditorium in Louisville, Ky., God met me with a mighty baptism of the Holy Ghost. Where had I learned about the experience of the baptism of the Holy Ghost? No, I had not received this knowledge in my own home church, but it had been through the sermons and the constant reminder that I needed this experience from the teachings of this prophet. Next month we shall discuss events seen in those great meetings as Bro. Branham exercised this gift of knowing the secrets of the heart. I hope you have seen from Part I of this message that there is more in this endtime message than merely believing God sent a prophet and his name was William Branham!