Judgement of God, Part 2

Rev. Raymond M. Jackson

Text: Matt. 25: 32-46 


Last issue we saw how our sin of the old Adamic nature was judged at Calvary through the death of the Lord Jesus. Furthermore we saw the believer’s works and faithfulness (not his salvation) was judged at the judgment seat of Christ after the bride had been taken to glory to determine her bride position in the millennium reign. 


For the examination of the second judgment held by Christ and to see it will also be a judgment of works turn first to Matthew 19:27-28. Speaking to Christ Peter says, we (the true believer) have forsaken all to follow thee, what shall we have therefore? Jesus answered, Verily, I say unto you, that ye which have followed me, (in this life)– note that comma—in the regeneration. Regeneration is the key word meaning the beginning of an era or period of time. Exactly as the kingdom of heaven would have a beginning and would also consist of a time period. Likewise the age of regeneration will also have a beginning and is also a dispensation of time. Regeneration used here has no application to the believer’s new birth seen in the grace age, yet in the grace age we do receive the spirit of regeneration, Titus 3:5. However. regeneration as used in Matt. 19:28 does not carry that meaning whatsoever! Used here it speaks strictly of an era or dispensation of time, a time period here on this earth in which God will be regenerating or renewing a social order. Mankind’s present social structure has steadily declined ever since Adam’s fall. Even the earth itself has suffered greatly because of man’s depraved and degenerate state. Population-wise the earth is at its highest peak ever, nevertheless, this planet has not glorified God as God has ordained one day it will.


In that dispensation or age of regeneration when God begins working through an earthly people to do something within the earth, Christ promised his Jewish disciples when the Son of Man shall sit on the throne of his glory, they too shall sit on twelve thrones judging Israel. Note, shall sit indicates future tense showing Christ at present is not on his throne of glory. No, scripture declares throughout the grace age Christ is positioned on the Father’s (great eternal Spirit) throne and at present is not seated on the throne of his own glory. Throne signifies position of authority. That is why speaking to overcomers of the Laodicean Age (7th church age), Christ declares, to him that overcomes will I grant to sit with me in my throne, even as I also overcame and am sit down with my father in his throne, Rev. 3:21. Christ’s throne is yet a future tense position. It is the old ancient throne position of David to be located in Jerusalem. God’s promise to David was, out of his loins he would raise up a seed of David on which he would establish his theocracy government and of his kingdom there shall be no end. Matt. 1:1 declares who that son would be. According to the fleshly lineage Christ is the son of David! No end to his kingdom shows it is from everlasting to everlasting. That fulfillment will be in Christ who is the Son of man (son of David) mentioned in Matthew 19, as he, in the age of regeneration, sits on the throne of his glory. In that hour the Jewish disciples were instructed they too will sit on twelve thrones judging the twelve tribes of Israel. This shows Jesus was speaking of a judgment yet to come, a judgment still future that would be held on earth. 


At that judgment it wouldn’t be believers being judged as we earlier saw being judged at the judgment seat of Christ before returning to earth. Instead, this will be believers themselves now judging something! Did not Paul declare saints would judge the world! The believers called out of this grace dispensation will one day be wed to Christ. Remember, the judgment seat of Christ where the bride saints were judged according to their works, faithfulness, etc., was already held and was to determine the believer’s earthly position in the millennium reign once they had returned to earth. The bride and all the saints of old, having returned to earth from glory, will participate now on earth in a judgment. What kind of judgment? It is a judgment of earthly gentile nations in respect to how the King, the Lord Jesus, will choose his earthly subjects as to who will or will not reign with him in his kingdom during the thousand years duration of time, the seventh dispensational day or what is known as the earth’s sabbath. At this judgment of earthly nations, Christ will be seated on the throne of his glory which is none other than the ancient seat of David. No king since Zedekiah who was dethroned by the Babylonian kingdom has ever sat in this throne position! 

Israel was never to have another king until he (Christ) came whose right it Was to rule and reign in that throne position it is to the promised seed of David. This is the earthly throne position of his glory. 


Remember, the bride saints were judged in glory following the rapture to determine their earthly positions they would hold in this kingdom once returning to earth. Back on earth Christ, through that immortal body of bride believers. will summon all nations of people to be Judged to determine who Is worthy to pass into the thousand year reign of Christ. Recall Matt. 19:27 spoke of the hour of regeneration when the son of man sits on the earthly throne of his glory in Jerusalem. Throughout the grace age he has been positioned on the father’s heavenly throne of authority and not his earthly throne position. That is why as Son of man, Jesus declared after his resurrection that all power and authority in heaven and in earth is given or invested in me. 

Therefore having ascended into glory, Acts 1:9-11, all that the father, the great eternal spirit was in authority of judgeship or in the attribute of actually interceding was all invested in him. And throughout the grace age Christ acts as mediator or power of attorney in pleading the believer’s cause pointing us to the great Eternal Spirit through the offering of himself at Calvary. 


Having returned to earth from the wedding supper and the judgment seat of Christ, the bride who was wed to him in glory is now to share with Christ in that glorious earthly reign. Rev. 20:4 – The bride serves in the position on earth in the millennium reign as kings and priests throughout the duration of the thousand years as he judges his earthly subjects who live under his reign, a reign on earth during the age of regeneration, Matt. 19:27, in that time when Peter and those disciples sit on their thrones judging Israel during the time also when earth society and morals are restored back to the original. In other words, the millennium is a time when God lifts this earth back up out of her polluted state into righteousness. In order to accomplish this goal we find in Matthew 25 – Jesus speaking in parable form concerning this hour, shows how he receives his millennium earthly subjects as we see them selected and pass into the kingdom prepared for them before the foundation of the world, right on out under the lordship of the reign of King Jesus. His bride, the Queen, along with all the Old Testament saints will rule with him in this earthly reign. 


Speaking in parable form; Christ declares when the Son of man comes in his glory. Matt. 25:31-46, and all his holy angels with him, then shall he sit upon the throne of his glory. Strange how people want to disassociate Matt. 25:31 from Matt. 19:28 when both passages speak collectively of the same throne of his glory! Note what happens once he returns to sit upon the throne of his glory and before him shall be gathered all nations and he shall separate them one from another as a shepherd divided his sheep from the goats. Oh, but doesn’t this take place at the end of the millennium some one may asK? No, according to scripture it takes place at the beginning of the millennium. Later we will see what happened to the nations at the close of the millennium. However for now we are examining his method of choosing his subjects to enter the thousand years reign on earth. 


Gathering all nations before him, verse 32-33 declares, he separates them, one from another, placing the sheep on his right hand and the goats on the left. Such a separation as this does not mean he is separating one nation from another. Watch the language! On the throne of his glory he gathers all nations of mortal people who were not destroyed by his wrath and judgment against this earth following the tribulation period. Some picture the setting of the millennium irregardless to what the Bible teaches, that when Christ comes to earth in Revelation 19 from glory with his gentile bride, Old Testament saints and the 144,000 of Israel, that no one else is in the millennium because they believe all earthly people were annihilated at Christ’s coming. This is far from the truth! But some will say, how is it possible that the earth can undergo such a bombardment of judgment from Almighty God following the tribulation period and anybody be able to survive? Friend, that is not our worry, that is God’s business! If he protected a people of 2 1/2 million in the desert for forty years, is he not God enough though he rains judgments, earthquakes and chaos of every description against this earth, to fulfill his own word of Matt. 25! 


The prophet Isaiah said in Isa. 24:6 that out of all this chaotic judgment which hits the earth following the tribulation period, a few men are spared. Why don’t we leave it right there? Why do we have to know how he did it? How he spared the few people is his own business! For us to think that only the bride and 144,000 are all that is to be in that thousand years reign of Christ on earth is a blurred picture to what the truth of the matter is, because scripture teaches, and he gathered all nations before him and separated these people, one from another as a shepherd divided the sheep from the goats. In actuality Christ is dying, out of all these earthly nations of mortal people who managed to survive to fulfill (Isa. 24:6) as well as Zech. 19 the wrath of God when he returns, there will be some people who, to Almighty God, will standout much like sheep would while others will be like goats. Please notice, in this judgment unlike the great white throne judgment, there will be no books opened, Christ simply tells these what they have done or what they have not done which determines whether or not they enter the thousand years reign with him. Yes, you as a true believer (bride of Christ) will be there. 


Rev. 20:4 must be temporarily brought into the picture at this point, though later we intend to discuss it in greater detail because we need to see Rev. 20:1.6 is the opening setting of the thousand year reign of Christ corresponding perfectly with Matthew 25 as well as Matthew 19, I repeat, at this judgment, no books are opened as you find opened in Rev. 20:11-15, Dan. 7:9-10 because that is the great white throne judgment, the final judge position Christ will ever sit in as there he is universal judge of the earth. 


Matt. 25:31-46 declares Christ separates the earthly people as a shepherd would separate his sheep from the goats, placing the sheep on the right hand and the goats on the left. This illustrative language points to still a future judgment of earthly people. Christ and his bride who you recall was judged at the judgment seat of Christ to determine her position in this thousand years reign, has already returned to earth. His throne is located in Jerusalem while the bride, under her husband, executes judgment over these subject people. For centuries, because of the gentile religious structure of thinking, Christians have interpreted the scripture to indicate no one but those who were born again could possibly live in the millennium! Beloved, if you have ever been born again in the age of grace you will be immortal in the millennium, but there shall also be a subject people referred to as sheep who God declares are righteous yet they are not born again! This may be deep water for some yet let us study on to learn the truth, Remember, being born again refers strictly to the grace age wherein God came among the gentiles and for a period of time sought out a people for his name sake who definitely would be born again and be in the Bride of Christ ruling and reigning with him in the Millennium. No one was born again through a new birth until after Christ died on the cross. It requires the spirit of God in your life in order to be born again. Nicodemus in John 3, a great ruler of all Israel and well versed in Old Testament scriptures which I remind you was the only Bible of that hour, did not know what Christ meant when he said you must be born again! New birth, converted, saved, are all terms applying strictly to grace age saints. However, we are not discussing grace saints, we are discussing the next dispensation in God’s program called the thousand years reign, wherein his purpose for that age is totally different from the grace age dispensation! 


Having separated the sheep on the right hand and the goats on his left, which I am sure everyone realizes could not possibly be a natural setting though it is the way Christ portrays it, calls his sheep people righteous. On what basis does Christ call the sheep people righteous? It is strictly because of their works or the things they did through the tribulation hour of the last 3 1/2 years in that grace dispensation that merited these on his right hand that category of righteous. And to the sheep people after having made the separation, Christ declares, come ye blessed of my father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world. Allow me to illustrate the role of the father in this manner. Come ye blessed of the great eternal Spirit because that great eternal Spirit Is the Father, it is that creative spirit who created all things, for in him we move and have our being. Moreover, it was this great eternal Spirit (Father) who planned this entire program in the beginning. Thus he knows exactly when to close out one dispensation in order to open another. 


Recall shortly before Christ ascended into glory, Acts 1, those Jewish disciples who had been raised up to believe and expect the kingdom of God, which according to their previous understanding would be a kingdom expressed in a natural materialistic realm were heard to ask Christ would he at this time restore or turn over the kingdom to Israel that she might fulfill all the Old Testament promises of that age. Looking for a material kingdom, the disciples felt surely Christ having raised from the dead would now fulfill all those scriptures. However, to these faithful disciples Christ says, it is not for you to know the times nor the seasons that the father hath kept in his own authority. You forget that for now because soon you will receive power after that the Holy Ghost has come upon you which, reading between the lines, shows Christ saying, for now there are other things far more important than that material kingdom materializing. First there must be established in the hearts of believers that spiritual kingdom, nevertheless, one day out there in front of us, that material kingdom that all Jews have been led to believe in will materialize, but not until after the grace dispensation has run its full course and then will appear the kingdom age. That is what this Judgment in Matthew 25 of sheep and goat nations is pointing to! 


 Come, Jesus said to the sheep nations, inherit the kingdom the Father has prepared for you from the foundation of the world. Yet some believers will say, but I thought that kingdom was mine! It is, it just so happened you had to be redeemed unto the Lord out of the gentile nations somewhere within this grace dispensation in order to become a part of his bride and be there! You will have the highest position of all in that kingdom to come. Yet don’t forget, in order to fulfill other scriptures there will have to be those lesser subjects than the bride present in that kingdom. 


Rev. 19:11-16 informs us heaven opened and Jesus was seen returning from glory to earth. For what purpose? To get things set up for the millennium of course. And to do so would bring in this judgment of nations in Matthew 25 before he establishes his theocracy government that is to be expressed throughout the earth for a thousand years. In Matthew 25 he Is choosing his earthly subjects to reign with him. Rev. 19 portrayed him coming to earth with his great army following him on white horses. (Power of the word.) And out of his mouth goes first a sharp two-edged sword (that is judgment) wherein he smites the nations and slays the wicked with the breath of his lips to fulfill all Paul says in 2 Thes. 1:7-10. It is during this period of returning to earth that Christ with the breath of his mouth slays the antichrist and all ungodliness as he is revealed from heaven in flaming fire taking vengeance on them that know not God and them who have pleasure in unrighteous living. Yes, with the brightness of his coming he destroys those who are living ungodly in their depraved, perverted nature of the old man.


May I remind you that the sword going out of his mouth in Rev. 19, wherein he slays the wicked is not that gospel sword used to convert the gentile heathens during the grace dispensation! Yet, bear in mind, through all this chaotic judgment hitting the earth at the coming of Christ to rule and reign on earth and though untold millions upon millions will be slain and their bodies strewn from one end of the earth to the other, the prophet Isaiah, looking into that period of time, saw through all this judgment bombarding the earth, a few out of the realm of mankind would definitely be spared and God’s purpose of sparing them was for the same purpose he spared Noah, his sons and their wives when he destroyed the world with water. That purpose was to repopulate the earth! Therefore never think that although this earth following the tribulation period of the antichrist’s reign when God does bombard the earth with Indescribable judgment that the Bible teaches the total annihilation of mankind. IT DOES NOT!! For somewhere out of this mortal realm of the last generation according to Isaiah as well as Matthew 25 comes a mortal, fleshly realm of humanity who must pass under a rod of judgment of Christ in order to pass from this age over into the millennium.


Won’t these people, in order to get into the millennium have to repent and be converted, someone may ask? NO! Remember, once the grace age Is closed God will never again call for a bride out of the gentile nations. The mistake people make is trying to make scripture produce everything in that millennium to be a bride! The forming of a bride ceases with the grace age therefore the Bible does not picture everything as being a bride in the millennium, the Bible pictures a natural fleshly subject realm of people whom the king and his queen rules over. Else how can you tie Revelation 19 into the setting where he smites the nation with that sword proceeding from his mouth and rules them with a rod of iron during the millennium! Of a surety, Christ won’t rule over his beloved wife in any such manner, he doesn’t use the rod to beat her every morning before breakfast before going to the throne! It is hard to picture Jesus who was God himself in the form of man setting on an earthly throne of his glory tied to such a disobedient wife! Therefore, there will be those fleshly subject people who, as his subjects, will feel that rod. Later we will explain the purpose of that rod but for now let us continue on in Matthew 25 observing Christ’s method of choosing his earthly subjects who will live with him in that thousand years reign. 


Come ye blessed of my father, inherit the kingdom (thousand years reign) prepared for you from the foundation of the world. Note that, prepared for you from the foundation. There is your predestination! Just as that grace age bride was already predestined in Christ, likewise are these mortal people who now pass under this rod of judgment, been predestined for this hour! This realm of mortal flesh, irregardless to how small they may be in number, are truly a people chosen to regenerate and multiply in that age called the age of regeneration. The word regeneration means to repopulate and renew a social order. God does all that through these people. In the beginning Adam was commissioned to replenish and multiply although every offspring of Adam perverted his ways and by the time of the flood God is totally disgusted with mankind seeing he not only has corrupted his way but corrupted the earth also. Eight people are saved out of that world and again given the same commission Adam received. 


From Noah and his three sons and their wives we pass through another 4000 years to the close of the sixth dispensational day and once again we see it brought to the same low state. Six dispensational days mankind labored to fulfill that commission, only with each passing dispensation he seemingly sank lower and lower in his depravity, nevertheless, when the second Adam appears from glory with his redeemed wife and all the other saints, through still another realm of mortal people who Christ allowed to enter the millennium by passing under his rod of judgment, Matt. 25, he will begin to lift this earth as well as the people of a social realm back into a divine relationship to fulfill Isa. 11:9 and the knowledge and the glory of God shall cover the earth as the waters cover the sea. And from Zion shall go forth the word of the Lord and from Jerusalem-the law. No, there won’t be any grace gospel preached in the millennium although a realm of mortal flesh will be given a divine law, a theocracy government and a word that increases making known the divine will of God to all the mortal subjects of that hour. Christ will rule and reign for a thousand years. And those people found worthy in Matthew 25 to be allowed to live will live in a day of such beauty, glory, splendor, and peace because if lsa. 11:5-6 pictures the animal kingdom at perfect peace wherein they can all lie down together, not being agitated by Satan then truly mankind will also have a wonderful place to live.


You make it sound as though a man is being given a second chance to be saved. But I say unto you, you are not listening! We think this way simply because we have had so much denominational theology crammed into us! Beloved, that is exactly the way Israel was when Christ came to earth! She had so much Jewish theology crammed into her, she had no room for the true revelation for God to move in. Thus what happened? They failed to recognize the Messiah in this hour. Little did Israel realize that with this visitation of the Jews, God was closing the door to the law dispensation and getting ready to open an entirely new door for the gentiles! The Bible declares Christ is the end of the law to everyone who believeth. Try preaching that to the Jew who believes Moses’ law given to them by Almighty God is still very much alive. Yet Christ is the end of that law to all who believe. Why don’t they see it! After all was not the law and prophets given to the children of Israel? That is true. And for that very reason they had developed a self-esteemed ego and because of their own interpretation of scripture which permitted no one else to receive any portion of the word, God was compelled to blind them with their own revelation whereby they could not see the scriptures which declared how God would bring in the unclean gentiles, yet irregardless to what they believed concerning the scripture and the fact they felt they were the only ones to receive any benefits from the Old Testament scriptures, God went directly contrary to their particular thinking and brought in the gentiles leaving the Jewish nation as a whole to fulfill Paul’s revelation in Rom. 11:25 God has in part blinded Israel. To do what? To show mercy to the gentile nations. Thus, because of Israel’s own private interpretation of the scripture she was blinded to Christ’s first advent as well as God granting forgiveness to the gentiles. Moreover, when the gentiles awakened to the fact of what the God of Israel had done for them seeing they were taught by revelation of the Holy Ghost that they did not have to keep the law or observe days, moons, eating of meats and such but it was strictly by grace through faith through repentance and accepting God through Christ was his plan of redemption for them, naturally this made the gentiles feel elevated because as far as the flesh was concerned they did not have to keep all these things. The gentile merely repented and believed on the Lord Jesus Christ. Such a simple plan agitated the ego or hurt the ego of the Jew and for centuries the Jew has not understood why gentiles would accept Jesus as a true Jewish Messiah as their saviour and redeemer when they were the ones who crucified him saying away with him. See, all this happened to them because of their private, carnal interpretation of scripture! 


Israel, the one who received the oracles and promises of God. Israel who was schooled through types and shadows should have been standing ready with eyes wide open and deaf ears unstopped during the first advent of Christ declaring, there he is, the fulfillment of our prophets! Instead their mouths were filled with nothing but blasphemies and cursings, crying, away with such a man, crucify him, while standing in his very presence quoting Moses’ law. Likewise do the gentiles who, for over 1900 years. have had the gospel which they have run through every denominational school of idea and thought and brainwashed themselves with every kind of image and picture other than the correct one of the millennium. People refuse to shed their concepts and ideas. Nevertheless, if you have the Holy Ghost and truth means more to you than anything else then beloved, allow the Holy Ghost to enter your spiritual minds and sweep out the cobwebs! Your Bible is the only book upon which Christians can base any belief whatsoever. However, we have listened to our by-laws and articles of faith on what we believe and don’t believe for so long we have about believed ourself completely out of the scripture! According to some beliefs, we should have already been raptured yet here we are, still grumbling, fussing, and stewing. Someday a people will leave and all those who do will be believing the same thing! 


Gentiles, through their various schools of thought, have looked upon the millennium, Israel’s kingdom age, interpreting the millennium requirements as if there are requirements based on all the grace requirements God chose for the grace age feeling everyone present in the millennium age must be born again through the grace age teaching! However, when you begin to add up all the scriptures pertaining to the millennium you reach one conclusion, that the grace age given to the gentiles was to accomplish one precise purpose while the millennium produces another! God, through the offering of his grace to the gentiles, was not only fulfilling Amos 9, along with other Old Testament scriptures showing how he would take out of the gentiles a people to bear his name, but after that grace period of time for gentiles passed by he would once again return to Israel, first to give them this truth as the dispensation of grace closed out with the sealing in of that 144.000 according to Rev. 7 and would therefore be ready to introduce the second earthly advent of Christ which is to be his glorious appearing from glory in flaming fire taking vengeance on them that know not God. (2 Thes. 1:7-10). Now, up to that point (the second coming of Christ) does that fulfill all the scriptures? It does not! That has not begun to touch the scriptures pertaining to the millennium nor for the purpose in which God brings the millennium into being, When Christ comes to sit on the throne of his glory there in Jerusalem his immortal gentile bride taken out from among the gentile nations of the world, according to Rev. 20:4 will be seated on thrones, given power to judge, as they will be scattered out over all the gentile nations. 


Bear in mind, one nationality within the bride won’t be ruling over a different nationality of mortal flesh. In other words, the English withili the bride realm would not rule over the natural Turks or vice versa. Christ came unto the gentiles to take out from among the gentile nations a people, a remnant to make up his bride. Therefore when Christ returns in that bride realm of people (2 Thes. 1:7) who at that hour will be immortal having their glorified bodies in order to fulfill Paul’s beautiful revelation in Rom. 8:18-24 showing how the whole creation groaneth in travail and in pain together until now, waiting for that day when the manifestation of the sons of God comes. Yes, the earth is desperately waiting to see those manifested sons of God walk out upon this earth having glorified bodies! And to think of all kinds of teachings there are today concerning the manifested sons, teaching how while still in this mortal lifetime they will become so super duper with power they will walk up to cities who refuse the truth and say. God curse you and a bolt of lightning strikes the city and rips it apart. Beloved, don’t expect that kind of stuff to happen In this lifetime! That is not revelation, that is revelation in reverse! The bride isn’t going to get this earth prepared for the return of Jesus! No, when Jesus returns to earth the bride comes with him and the Bible teaches the first thing he does is destroy ungodly men. It is only after the bride returns with Christ that you will show your power as manifested sons. That is provided you receive any power in that capacity to execute judgment at the judgment seat of Christ before returning.


Back to Matthew 25 and those who were predestined to enter the kingdom age called the righteous, this sheep people. Come ye blessed of my father, inherit the millennium or thousand year kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world. Long before the earth, planets, stars or anything else was created, this very thing that is being fulfilled in Matthew 25 was already planned out in the mind of God–one day there would be a millennium on earth and these mortal subjects would live In it. Timewise it would take a lengthy time to bring all this into being, nevertheless, it all lay right there in the mind of God because Jesus said this kingdom age was prepared for you (long) before the foundation of the world! 


Notice when the judgment of nations takes place, it is in those moments of time here upon earth following the tribulation period when Christ prepares the earth and calls for these nations to begin this thousand years reign. It is at this time we hear him bring out the moral qualities, characteristics or social principles etc., of these sheep people placed on his right hand, as he, without any books opened such as will be opened at the great white throne judgment Rev 20:11-15, Dan. 7:9-10, begins simply to Inform these people what they have and have not done as we hear him declare, I was hungry and you gave me meat, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, in prison and you visited me and so forth. Remember the Son of man, Christ, for 2000 years hasn’t been present on earth in a fleshly body, instead has been in glory serving as the believer’s mediator and high priest. The gentiles had never had the privilege of knowing Christ after the flesh, only by the spirit of revelation. Christ in fleshly body ascended to glory in Acts 1 and does not return in flesh until Rev. 19, nevertheless, Christ states to these sheep people who had endured the tribulation without receiving the mark of the beast, Rev. 14:9-10, I was hungry and you fed me, thirsty and you gave me drink, a stranger and you took me in. Note, with no books opened to inform him what they had or had not done Christ simply stares them in the face saying, you did such and such! Remember Christ isn’t speaking to one gentile nation as a whole. NO, this is what he is declaring unto various individuals throughout the gentile nations of the world because it isn’t everyone within a nation who has done the same thing. You have some people in a nation who does good while in that same nation others will do Just the opposite! Finishing his statement in verse 36, declaring I was naked and you clothed me etc., note the astonished answer of the sheep people. Then shall the righteous recall, it is the Lord who calls them righteous and remember they are not righteous because they have been born again. NO, he isn’t judging them on that basis. That period of the new birth belongs strictly unto the grace age wherein Christ was calling forth a bride to be likened unto himself, to assist him in the millennium reign over the nations. Those entering the kingdom age declared righteous by the king (without the new birth) shows he imputes righteousness unto these strictly on the basis of their good works unto others in such a dark hour as the tribulation. 


Note what this astonished righteous group who are totally taken by surprise answered him. But Lord, when did we ever see you hungry. when did we ever see thee naked, sick, or in prison, when did we ever show any kind-ness unto thee, we don’t understand? Yes, what they have done unto him in befriending him merits them entrance into the kingdom which was prepared for them even before the foundation of the world. No, this doesn’t sound like a group of terrified sinners pleading their case. Here is the key! To those the king refers to as righteous, to those who are totally taken by surprise, the king answers and says, verily I say unto you; insomuch as you have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, you have done it unto me! That statement clearly indicates there is another element of people standing silently nearby! 


Yes, there is another silent element of people at this judgment who Christ does not refer to either as sheep or goat people. He simply calls them, my brethren! My brethren, according to Revelation 20:4-6, could either be classified in one or two groups of people or both. It could either be the slain Jewish tribulation brethren or the slain gentile foolish virgins seeing both groups will be persecuted and slaughtered by the antichrist during the last 3 1/2 years on earth known as the tribulation period. A time when he seeks to liquidate the Jewish race and the gentile foolish virgins of Matt. 25:1-13 merely gets caught up in the slaughter. 


Rev. 12:11-17 portrays once the antichrist becomes like a murderous, wild beast during the last 3 1/2 years. Israel is pictured as a woman fleeing into the wilderness where once again that great eternal Spirit who knows all things knows the hearts of all mankind and knows certain people in that dark hour will definitely open up their hearts unto these persecuted Jews defending them as did the little nation Denmark during World War II. Germany captured Denmark and knowing thousands of Jews had fled unto Denmark and being aware many homes were sheltering these Jews, hiding them in attics, basements, etc.. The German high command issued an order that beginning on a certain day all Jews in Denmark must wear the Star of David. The purpose being to make the Jew identify himself whereby he could be killed. But did you know that day every person in Denmark wore the star of David! It was Denmark’s way of saying, Germany, you tell us who is a Jew and who isn’t!


Such a similar picture of hiding and befriending the persecuted Jew during that Dark tribulation hour will once again repeat itself, especially in those final months of tribulation closing out the antichrist’s period before Christ slays him with the brightness of his coming at Armageddon. Mankind will have lived under the worst trying hour ever experienced. Satan, through the antichrist during that last 3 1/2 years of time before the return of Christ will attempt to spoil the millennium plans of Christ by literally seeking to annihilate the Jewish race. God gives that scattered or dispersed Jewish people (seeing all 15 million or so will never return to their homeland) a friend among the gentiles. God will cause certain Gentile people in that dark hour to open their hearts unto this persecuted race. Some will be cast into prison but it will be gentile people who became their friend and took them food etc. 


The judgment of nations following that great tribulation I period declared in Matthew 25 is a judgment based strictly upon what those gentile people did and did not do during the great tribulation period, don’t think this judgment requires 500 years, it can’t! God already knows who out of those living mortal gentile people who somehow survive his judgment and wrath upon returning will be in the millennium and who won’t. Remember, the judgment showed who merited the right to live as a o mortal human subject in the millennium and God doesn’t have to raise the dead, righteous or unrighteous to fulfill any part of this judgment either! Christ remarks unto the righteous, you did such and such shown in Matthew 25 fulfills the prophecy of Isa. 11:1-5 where Isaiah prophesied Jesus would not set at judgment and judge from sight nor would he reprove after the hearing of his ears but instead would judge the poor with righteousness and reprove with equality but would judge after the intent (discernment) of his own heart. Isa. 11:1-5 shows Christ’s judging authority. He merely says you did such and such and as you did it unto the least of these my brethren you did it unto me! As stated, the brethren could be both Jews and gentile foolish virgins killed during the tribulation and their bodies resurrected when Christ returned to open the millennium, according to Rev. 20:4-6, seeing at this point there was definitely a group resurrected right there in the opening of the millennium who also lived and reigned with Christ for a thousand years. (But the rest of the dead did not live again until the thousand years was fulfilled). They are that silent group called the brethren, Matt. 25:40. These sheep people the king called righteous are judged strictly on their moral, social and principle way of living in their conduct and treatment toward their fellowman!


What physical state will these sheep people remain in once having made their entry into the millennium? They remain physically mortal of course. Their entry into the millennium also fulfills Zech. 14:16-21 — And it shall come to pass that everyone that is left (remnant) of all the nations which came up against Jerusalem shall go yearly to worship the king and keep the feast of tabernacles. God says to those who do not come up he will withhold rain, giving the example if the family of Egypt did not go up to observe the feast of tabernacles they receive no rain. 


Those left out of the nations entering the millennium in Zech. 14 shows even as does Isaiah that a few did survive and was not physically destroyed by God’s wrath and judgment as was those seen in Zech. 14:12. The remnant of the physical fleshly gentile are spared for the purpose of repopulating the earth. These make up the nations for the duration of the millennium and because they remain mortal. having that old inherited Adamic nature still within their flesh, as do all mortals, it is easy to see why they must be ruled with a rod of iron. Because remember, if that old nature is ever given opportunity to transgress, it will transgress. Yet because the second Adam, the Lord of glory, has come to earth to begin the millennium, he first takes Satan, that old agitator, who agitates the old Adamic nature within us and casts him in the bottomless pit for a thousand years Rev. 20:3. Now that Satan is bound for that Duration of a thousand years, the law shall go forth from Zion and the word from Jerusalem. The judgment of nations in Matthew 25 determines who is worthy to live in the millennium and who is not! Notice a second class of people pictured at the same judgment called goat people out of all nations. By no means is this one pitiful little nation of people. This again is people of all nations who had not done certain things during the tribulation to benefit the brethren and are cast into this category of goats being placed on the left in the parable. Why did Jesus say to these goat people on his left hand, depart from me you cursed into everlasting fire. The everlasting fire is their eternal Judgment although they do not immediately enter the everlasting fire. Potentially the everlasting fire is their end of destruction. Physically they are destroyed right there (see Zech. 14:12). Yes, their eternal destruction is everlasting fire, yet none of those goat people at that moment go into everlasting fire but do so at the great white throne judgment held after the millennium, Rev. 20:11-15. 


At this moment of the judgment of nations according to scripture only two things have actually been placed in the lake of fire which definitely was prepared for the devil and his angels. Rev. 19:20 depicts Christ having returned to earth with the bride, slaying the wicked with the brightness of his coming and takes hold of the spirit of the beast and the spirit of the false prophet and casts both into the lake of fire! However, it is not until Rev. 20:10 that the devil who deceived the nations at the end of the millennium is finally cast into the lake of fire and brimstone where the beast and false prophet at that time already are. The beast and false prophet cast into the lake of fire before the millennium began–what are they? Remember, no flesh went into the lake of fire until after the great white throne judgment. Once the sea had given up its dead and death and hell had delivered up its dead and every man was judged according to their works, then those who were not found written in the book of life were cast into the lake of fire. Did you notice Rev. 20:14 declared both death and hell were taken up and cast into the lake of fire which was the second death? 


The spirit of the beast and the false prophet are the only two things in the lake of fire a thousand years before Satan himself is placed there and then following the great white throne judgement all the dead are placed there. The spirit of the false prophet is none other than the spirit of the devil which has been permitted through the centuries of time to come up out of the pit and manifest itself in this antichrist manifestation. It is none other than the spirit of false prophecy! It is that spirit of false prophecy which is of the devil that was cast into the lake of fire along with the beast. 

Well, what is the beast spirit? People always picture the pope as being this particular beast. We need to learn to read our Bibles! Nebuchadnezzar was not the beast; Alexander the Great, Nero of Rome, Cyrus the Great, Darius the Mede-none of these men were the beast themselves! Nevertheless all of these men were definitely leaders of world empires which were referred to in Daniel 7:1-7 as the four world beast powers. Each of these empires made Israel a subject nation under their rule. Each beast’s power is characterized in prophecy, however, remember the man himself is only a piece of clay through which the spirit of Satan is allowed to work and characterize itself and continue on for a period of time. Although the man himself dies, the life of the beast system itself belonging to Satan continues right on living, being allowed to still characterize itself in other beast empires until it reaches its final stage within the old resurrected Roman Empire territory in the last days there in Europe. 

After Armageddon in Rev. 19, these two spirits of Satan which are cast into the lake of fire a thousand years before Satan himself are none other than those two spirits of Satan showing themselves in the last days having been manifested through that certain world beast system consisting primarily of ten nations of Europe with Its headquarters always having been In Rome, Italy. Though for the last 3 1/2 years will be relocated in the temple of Jerusalem! These spirits are none other than the unifying of all these earthly kingdoms into that one earthly kingdom or beast system for the last day and it is a false church sitting astride this beast which is anti-everything. Rev. 17:! 


Naturally at the head of this great world beast system Is a mortal man whose number will be 666, who one day will die, being destroyed by the brightness of Christ’s coming according to Paul in 2 Thes. 2:8. It won’t be the antichrist’s flesh which goes immediately into the lake of fire. No his flesh, like all mortal flesh, returns to the dust of the earth but his soul goes to hell however that spirit which motivated him, controlling him, went to the lake of fire, never to be allowed to trouble any other people ever again. Therefore I hope you see it is only that spirit of false prophecy and that spirit controlling the world systems, two spirits of the devil which goes into the lake of fire. Scripture declares at the close of the millennium Satan is loosed out of the bottomless pit for a short season, however these two spirits of Satan forever remain in the lake of fire seeing Satan is never again allowed to bring these two things up to trouble nations. It is the climax of their role! 


Back to Matthew 25 and the goat people on his left hand who hear those frightening words from the king—depart from me into everlasting fire prepared for the devil and his angels. And now we note him also telling these goat people without any books opened what they have done! I was hungry, you gave me nothing to eat, I was thirsty, you gave me no drink. I was naked, you would not clothe me! I was a stranger, you took me not in! I was in prison, you visited me not! Observe, he never once called these righteous. He simply looks at them and says, I was such and such and you did not pay any attention to me! Standing guilty and trembling before the king they asked him, Lord, when did we ever see you in such a shape as this and didn’t pay any attention to you, Matt. 25:44! Remember, there is that silent element of people standing here just resurrected from the dead who will reign with Christ a thousand years who certainly can not be the bride, Rev. 20:4. Christ says, insomuch as you did not do it unto the least one of these (standing here) and he certainly is not referring to the mortal sheep people who were on his right hand who passed the judgment rod and will be allowed into the millennium!) What you did not do unto these, Christ says, you did not do unto me. These go away into everlasting punishment, their bodies physically destroyed as their spirits go straight to hell until the moment they are sent to the lake of fire. 


Revelation 20 also shows this Judgment although not in as much detail because John shows the millennium is getting ready to begin. Revelation 19 showed the bride in glory married to Christ, dressed in radiant, fine linen-the righteousness of the saints. The next setting John shows Jesus the Word of God, robed in a vesture dipped in blood, having on his head many crowns, stepping astride a white horse as does all his army of heaven and heads for earth. The marriage feast is over, there is work on earth to be done. Back they come to earth for what purpose? To execute wrath and judgment, then establish a kingdom in the earth to fulfill all the prophecies spoken of by prophets of old how that one day this earth would be ruled in righteousness. How the animals, the cow, bear would lie down and feed together. The lion – whose very nature and eating system will be changed seeing it would then eat straw like a bullock. Little weaned and suckling children in the millennium will play over the holes of the cockatrice den. The prophet Isaiah pictured little weaned and suckling babies in the millennium. Remember, Christ doesn’t resurrect anything from the dead to fulfill any of those scriptures because in the resurrection, as Jesus taught the Jews, there is no marrying or giving in marriage seeing those who come through the resurrection are as the angels of heaven in that respect. (MK. 12:23-25). But these mortal sheep people made up from all nations are not dead and have never been resurrected – they were mortal and remain mortal throughout the millennium. They have children and their children fulfill the scriptures of Isaiah. 


Yes, the bride with her husband and all the saints of God descended to earth in Revelation 19 to take over the gentile governments. To do so certain wicked things were standing in the way of this take over which must be destroyed. Therefore before the millennium began Christ strikes the planet with judgment. Cities fall by earthquakes, volcanos, tidal waves, wars and havocs of every sort. God uses such means to bring a quick end to the entire existence of man’s sinful way of living (II Thes. 1:7-9). And many other scriptures declare the heavens will be on fire, the earth will melt with fervent heat according to Peter’s revelation. Isaiah declared the earth would be burned and a few men left! Difficult as it may appear, out of such chaos and wrath executed against this earth when Christ and his bride ascend with all Old Testament saints nevertheless there will stand an element of mortal humanity which did survive. How they survived is strictly God’s business. It is his responsibility and not ours to see that a few are left! 


Rev. 20:4 is a most unusual scripture and its impact has apparently been overlooked by many. Let us analyze this verse in relation to the opening setting of the millennium reign. Rev. 20:1-3 shows Christ and his bride on earth and Satan is bound for the duration of a thousand years, however, in Rev. 20:4 John sees the immortal bride saints scattered over all the earth seated on thrones and here another group of people are resurrected who have endured the most severe judgment during the tribulation, having been beheaded because they wouldn’t worship the beast nor his image. May I remind you, the only time period the beast and his image ever appears in is in the 3 1/2 years tribulation period that the world has just undergone! 


These are certainly not the bride seeing she came immortal from glory with Christ, neither are they the Old Testament saints because they also had been resurrected and also came along with Christ but these are resurrected at the opening of the millennium and they also reign with Christ the scripture says for a thousand years! See, Rev. 20:4 makes a distinction between the bride and the Old Testament saints and this other group seeing those resurrected at the opening of the millennium had been killed during the tribulation hour because they would not submit to the mark of the beast that is the image of the beast. The World Council of Churches was trying to force upon the world in that hour! I repeat, no where in all history can you possibly place the image of the beast other than in the dark tribulation hour! 


Revelation 19 pictured those immortal bride saints descending from glory, riding white horses with the king. Why are they pictured with the king as an army? They are going forth to conquer something. However notice, when the king and his army has conquered their objective, the next step is to establish a throne position over the subjects because it is from the throne position he executes his kingly authority over the new conquered subject people ruling them with a rod of iron. Christ, having conquered his subjects, now takes up that ancient throne position of David where, according to Ezek. 43 he reigns in the millennium not from the palace in Jerusalem but from the temple in Jerusalem where according to Zechariah 14 the remnant or those left of all nations among the gentiles who are ruled with a rod of iron must once each year visit Jerusalem and celebrate the feast of tabernacles. Every scripture written by various prophets, though these men lived centuries apart, all had received something from God pertaining to this par-ticular period of time and every written scripture dovetails with the other. 


Rev. 20:1-3 shows why the Holy Spirit bound Satan for the duration of a thousand years—it was whereby he would not deceive the nations any longer until the thousand years were fulfilled! How pathetically this book (Bible) is interpreted! If Christ had destroyed all human flesh at his coming like some believe he does, where are you going to place these gentile nations who for a period of time Satan can’t deceive? He is bound whereby he can’t deceive nations any more until the thousand years are expired and then he is loosed for a little season to come up and deceive the nations! Surely you don’t think these nations deceived in Revelation 20 represent dead, resurrected saints who had already overcome Satan and are now changed from mortal to immortality! Surely you don’t think Satan is bound in the bottomless pit for a thousand years whereby he is unable to deceive an immortal bride! It is very strange that while going through this lifetime you repented and believed the gospel of grace, became an overcomer and overcame the old rascal while he was loose, yet once you become glorified and immortal like Christ himself, some feel he has to now be chained to be kept from deceiving the bride or the immortal saints who have already overcome him! HOGWASH!! Satan was bound at the beginning of the thousand years reign wherein he could not deceive the fleshly mortal nations anymore until that time was expired when he would!! 


Rev. 20:9 portrays a beautiful picture corresponding perfectly with Matthew, chapters 19 and 25. John says I saw thrones. Note that word is plural as well as they who sat on these thrones are plural also. The Bible doesn’t say how many thrones there are scattered over the earth among the gentile nations but you may be sure there will be as many thrones as necessary. There will be as many thrones as there are positions in Christ to fulfill his kingdom reign through the bride on earth. John saw those who sat on these thrones as judgment was given unto them. Remember, there is only one people who could set on these thrones and that is the immortal bride of Christ. Paul taught that the saints shall judge the world. He further taught saints would also judge angels yet in this particular judgment of nations, Matthew 25 shown also in Rev. 20:4, here it isn’t angels being judged, it is human beings from all nations. Yes, saints will judge the world (1 Cor. 6:2-3) and in the last judgment saints will judge angels to fulfill Paul’s revelation. To the overcomers of the Thyatira Church Age, that particular bride element, Christ promised he would give the Christ overcomers power over the gentile nations and they would rule the nations (in the millennium) with a rod of iron. Rev. 19 shows Christ being the one who does the actual smiting of the nations with the sword proceeding from his mouth and he is the one who rules all nations with the rod of iron. Then what does he mean by telling the Thyatira Church Age of overcomers he would give them power over the nations? Look at it this way, Christ is king and all gentile governments in the millennium will be subject unto him yet his wife, the bride, who is seated on thrones among the various nations of gentile people, the very people from whom earlier she had been lifted, hear Christ say I give you power over the nations. That is why I have often stated one race of people in the bride won’t be ruling over another race in the millennium. The beauty of the scriptural picture of the millennium, along with the harmony of the revelation is this — it will take all nations, all races and all languages to fulfill the millennium scriptures in serving him who is Lord of Lords and King of Kings through being obedient and subject to the king’s wife. 


The wife of Christ being the redeemed people out of all nations are shown in Rev. 5:9-10 and Rev. 11:15 as singing a new song around I the throne, in glory expressing how they have all been redeemed back unto God and made to be kings and priests to reign (with him) on the earth. The bride people shown in Rev. 20:4, having already returned to earth, no longer seen riding white horses as would an army come to conquer but have now taken up their throne positions and It is seen sitting on these thrones made to be kings and priests. Made it to be kings shows rulership while made to be priests shows they will offer sacrifices. Yet, remember they are not offering sacrifices for salvation, oh no, not in the millennium. Nevertheless, if you study Ezekiel 43 there you will discover to your surprise that there will be priests in Jerusalem — millennium offering up animal sacrifices on a restored altar at the temple. Not for salvational purposes but for still another purpose. Some will say, I thought Jesus was the perfect sacrifice—He is! Then why should there be animal sacrifice in the millennium? Remember it is not for salvation, it simply serves as a reminder. Salvation is already completed and finished in Jesus Christ yet through the duration of the millennium there will be those daily animal sacrifices on the altar in Jerusalem in order to point every millennium subject, especially every child born during the millennium who never heard the gospel message preached showing the death of Christ, his burial, resurrection etc., showing how he was the Lamb of God to take away the sin of the world as you and I have heard. These subjects born during the millennium never heard the story of the suffering of Jesus Christ and his crucifixion. However, recall in order to fulfill Zech. 14:16 all nations must go up to Zion yearly to worship the Lord of hosts and keep the feasts of tabernacles. 


Where will they go to see the King and worship him? To the throne room in the Jerusalem temple of course. Ezekiel 43:7 declared the king’s feet would rest and dwell in the house of Israel forever. Therefore, entering through the eastern gate which today is sealed shut but will be opened never to shut again during the millennium, the first thing the visitor will see as he comes through that Eastern Gate will be that daily sacrifice representing Christ and the price he paid for the sin of mankind. He will see that before going into the temple to visit and worship the King in his glory. Each day on that erected altar will lay a quivering, dying, bloody sacrifice and as it lays there on the altar in front of the temple, the throne room of the King it reminds all the earthly subjects of Calvary. Each subject who grew up in the millennium visiting Jerusalem to worship the King must pass by that altar where the priests will be going about their daily duties. Passing by that altar, seeing that animal sacrifice lying there will serve as a memorial to remind the millennium subject the one who is now to stand before who is now King, in all his beauty and majesty, thousands of years ago at a place called Calvary just outside Jerusalem. This very king once took their place, judged their nature and sin of unbelief on that cruel cross. See, I repeat this particular sacrifice will have nothing whatsoever to do with their salvation, it serves only as a memorial reminder of what the King one day endured for them. Beloved, you can’t destroy page after page in the Bible. They definitely carry a meaning! 


Yes, not only did the Thyatira overcomers (Rev. 2:26-27) have the promise they would receive power over the nations and with that power rule them with a rod of iron. The Laodicean Church overcomes that part of the gentile bride had this promise–that they would sit with him in his throne position even as he overcame and sat down in his father’s throne. What a beautiful setting in Rev. 20:4 referring to that bride as it says, and judgment was given unto them. Exactly as Christ had earlier promised the overcomers. One translation reads, given the right to execute or pass sentence was invested in them—those seated on the thrones. Remember, those seated on the thrones was the immortal bride, the called out people from all nations through that period of the dispensation of grace. Although, that dispensation of grace ended, it doesn’t mean God’s plan and purpose for all things came to an end. By no means—time continues on, passing from one period into another. God’s revelation has no end. 


Seeing how John brings out the bride shown in her marvelous position for the millennium as judgment or the power to judge nations was given unto them, John continues on by saying, now – and now is a conjunction bringing into the millennium picture still another beautiful object of thought which enlarges the picture—and I saw the souls of them that were beheaded. Note the phrase beheaded– I remind you seated on those thrones in A part of verse 4 will also be many saints who were beheaded back under the Dark Ages when Rome martyred 68 million. They are now on thrones scattered among the gentile world ready to execute judgment and authority in the earth. But what about this other object of thought concerning these beheaded souls who have just been resurrected who had refused to receive the mark that the image of the beast during the tribulation period had forced upon the world? Who are these that are not seen sitting on thrones, yet will definitely have a relationship with Christ in some other position for the millennium because these also it says ruled and reigned with Christ for a thousand years. I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus. Who are these beheaded ones who lost their lives because of their testimony, who gave witness of Jesus during the tribulation? They are none other than the gentile foolish virgins of Matthew 25 who were last seen standing, knocking on the door (of a message) begging entry when the bridegroom from within declared I don’t know you. Some will say these were lost but they are not! They too were purchased by the blood of Jesus however, because they did not have the Holy Ghost (oil). Because they had spent so much time running around in search of oil as the parable indicates, no doubt trying to buy it from the charismatic merchants who were the main sellers of that hour, the wise virgins with their oil had already gone into something. They went on into a message where later the foolish virgins returned knocking. Some people feel the knocking on the door represents the foolish ones crying out, O Lord, rapture me too! But that is not the picture! Some feel because Christ would not open the door (of the message) unto them they would have to be lost. But don’t forget John saw beheaded souls who were beheaded in the great tribulation because they witness of Jesus! See, somebody was witnessing for Jesus. It is none other than those Gentile foolish virgins left behind after the Lord has taken his gentile bride church out of the earth. Thus we see them identified in Revelation, Chapters 12, 13, & 15 and are identified as tribulation saints who, according to Rev. 7 — had to wash their robes and make them white in the blood of the Lamb. 


Rev. 7:13-14 shows that entire crowd which no man could number had been slaughtered in the great tribulation. Don’t forget at the hour of Rev. 7:13-14 the bride has already been resurrected and raptured, translated, taken to glory and seen wearing fine linen which was also white, yet are you aware there is a vast difference between the material of the fine linen as worn by the bride of Revelation 19 from Just the plain white material of robes worn by those coming up out of great tribulation! Those white robes of Revelations 7 in a scriptural sense is not the fine linen material worn by the bride! The bride wears this material of fine linen because she reached the height and fulness of revelation of perfection in Christ. She certainly did not have to wash her beautiful linen garment in the blood of martyrdom during the dark tribulation! The bride is not those who died being beheaded for the witness of Jesus seen in Rev. 20:4. These are definitely a separate people from the bride who is already seated on thrones. But note, not only do you have that group slaughtered for the witness of Jesus who refused the mark pressured upon the world by the image of the beast but also seen in that millennium picture of resurrection are those people beheaded for the word of God. That is none other than your Jewish people still left out there in dispersion scattered among the gentiles of the earth, where only around three million returned to Israel, as of today, leaving some 12-13 million still scattered out there among the gentiles. Those beheaded for the word of God comes from the Jewish ranks and are slaughtered during the dark hours of tribulation when the antichrist will rise up and seek to bring everything under his rule during that last 3 1/2 years of time. Those Jewish people by the thousands once again as seen in World War II under Germany, will be mistreated and imprisoned. No doubt again placed in gas chambers and executed by firing squads, dying in the tribulation hour for their faith in their God through the revelation of the scriptures according to their past upbringing. That they too stood in that beautiful setting of this great judgment wherein John saw the bride setting on thrones ( plural) and judgment was given to them. That is the right to execute sentence etc. 


As John saw these beheaded souls freshly resurrected standing present, it would be proper to ask, when were they resurrected? They had to be resurrected at the very beginning of this judgment once Christ returned to earth in order to. I have enough time to live and reign with Christ a thousand years on earth. Follow the remainder of verse 4. John says, I saw these beheaded souls which had not worshipped the beast. Recall the beast power rising in Europe in its final fulfillment is still somewhere out there in front of us. John continues saying, worship neither his image. You and I realize no where in the Dark Ages or any place else in history did that image of the beast ever appear in its prophetic picture other than in the dark tribulation hour. 3142 years before Christ appears on earth! The image today is already here and the prophet to the age declared it was none other than the World Council of Churches in their last hour of performance! 


See, today the image is already rising in preeminence, along with Catholicism in the old world. Had John not placed this image of the beast in the picture in verse 4 you might possibly place the setting of their beheading in another time period other than the great tribulation. Clergymen of the World Council of Churches today who are more interested in politics than anything else, you may rest assured are not servants of God, but servants of antichrist! No where in scripture did Jesus ever tell ministers to mingle in world affairs. Peter nor Paul ever did! Then why do preachers do such things today? They have lost their revelation therefore they fulfill their desires through other means and that is exactly what will help deceive the whole world. Remember in the last days the spirit of the antichrist is so close to the true Spirit of God it would deceive the very elect if possible. Therefore this spirit of the image of the beast is not something which showed itself during the Dark Ages. No! It only shows up right at the end as it works in cooperation with all the major religions of the world, even apostate Judaism will be incorporated into it to deceive the world. Only in the dark tribulation hour will that image of the beast speak and act like the devil! John continued to say, those of the dead he saw come up in this resurrection had not received his image nor the mark on their forehead. Beloved it has to be the tribulation hour which is just ahead, because it is only during that hour that he causes all, both small and great, free and bond, to receive a mark in their forehead or the palm of their hand, that they should neither buy nor sell save they who wore the mark of the beast. 


Already today babies born are assigned a certain number on their birth certificate which is recorded in the national record books and then computerized. With the world economy rapidly becoming computerized, everything is being funneled into an hour of computerization. Soon your name will only be known between you and your friends because as you become more and more a part of social structure religiously etc., the computers will only know you by your number, not by your name! How easy such a thing will be when this cashless society has arisen and you no longer are paid in money but only in terms of numbers as you are issued a credit card. 


 Watch this, those who lost their lives in the tribulation after the bride left for glory, is now seen in Rev. 20:4, living and reigning with Christ for a thousand years. Some may say, since scripture declares they lived and reigned with Christ for that thousand years does that not make them bride? No more than it would make the Old Testament saints bride who also reign with him. No where in scripture does it say the Old Testament saints are the bride of Christ. If that be true then the Almighty couldn’t have specified certain scriptures such as Amos 9 stating he was coming unto the gentiles (not Israel) to take out a precise people to become his bride. That bride position is the highest calling of God in Christ you can obtain! That doesn’t remove the Old Testament saints from the millennium because they aren’t bride. Somewhere in all that great earthly government they too will share in a glorious position of authority. Like our government today, we have a president, senators, representatives, etc., there are all divisions of authority in relationship to a government. Did not Christ bring out in his parable, to him who is faithful over a few things that individual would be made ruler over many (cities). Some over five, some over ten, etc. It illustrates positions of authority to be shared with Christ. Therefore don’t you see that in order to be in the millennium everyone doesn’t have to be bride! There are other elevations of positions there. Surely you believe all the Old Testament saints referred to in Hebrews 11 will be in the millennium but they certainly won’t be bride. The bride comes out of the grace age saints. No, you wouldn’t have to all be bride to be in the millennium any more than all of God’s angels of glory would have to be Michaels and Gabriels because some are seraphims and some are called angels. Nevertheless, God created them to stand before him to minister and through them he, the great eternal spirit executes certain authority in the earth. They are what they are because he made them that way. 


Verse 5– Watch this verse carefully. But the rest of the dead lived not again or did not come to life until the thousand years were finished. Who, then are the rest of the dead who did not come to life when those in verse 4 did! It is none other than the unbelievers of all the ages, beginning with Cain, coming right up to the present hour when the antichrist is slain at Christ’s glorious appearing. Now left in the ground will only be dead bodies of people who have died in unbelief and sin. See, this phase or part of the first resurrection is now completed and now removes from the ground, from the sea etc., every righteous body that God has placed his seal upon. Nothing at the beginning of the millennium is left in the ground except those who died in unbelief! When does the rest of the dead come forth? The scripture here says, the rest of the dead lived not again (nor came to life) until the thousand years were finished. That will place you at the great white throne judgment. From the Old Testament standpoint the thousand years is the kingdom of God but according to Rev. 20 it is the millennium reign. Did you notice Revelation 20 is the only passage telling how long the kingdom would last! Timewise, it would last a thousand years. It is a dispensational day that mankind will live on earth called the earth’s sabbath, God’s seventh dispensational day. It is that period when Christ will sit on the throne of his glory (the ancient seat of David) when his bride reigns on earth with him as kings and priests. Therefore I trust you see this resurrected group, resurrected at the beginning of the millennium, Rev, 20:4, are none other than those gentile foolish virgins of Matthew 25, who went out into the tribulation period, refused the mark of the beast and his image witnessed for Jesus and was beheaded. Also those slain Jewish people of the tribulation period are (also) none other than the silent class referred to as the brethren by the king in Matthew 25 when he said, insomuch as you did not do it unto the least of these my brethren, you did not do it unto me. These were slain for the Word of God.


Thus the people being referred to as sheep and goats were judged strictly on the basis of what they had or had not done for these resurrected ones in Rev. 20:4. There they stood that silent element who were none other than the king’s yardstick by which he Judged his national subjects. On and on the judgment continues until every mortal soul left on earth has passed under that rod of judgment. Naturally those goat people failed the test and were cursed and condemned to everlasting fire. Although I remind you they did not immediately go into the lake of fire. At present he only destroyed their physical existence, sending their soul to hell and their dead bodies back to the ground from whence they came. 


 Thus with this part of the first resurrection of Rev. 20:4 the ground has now yielded up every righteous body who ever lived. The mortal realm of the sheep nations who enter the millennium may be quite small at first. Remember they do not have to number into the millions, it could be only a few thousand because all the king would need would be a few from each nation left physically alive to fulfill his purpose. When it was issued the second time following the flood there was only eight souls. There we see he doesn’t have to have many. With Satan bound the length of the millennium whereby he cannot agitate the sinful nature found within the realm of the mortal ones, unable to constantly feed into them carnal thoughts open rebellion, the greater percentage entering the millennium will live for the duration of the millennium. That mortal realm, because they are still in the physical flesh possessed with a carnal nature, must be controlled with the rod of authority. 


The mortal realm will marry and produce children and repopulate the earth. Doing so fulfills Isaiah Chapters 11 and 65 Others may ask, do people die in the millennium? Death is only used during the millennium as a disciplinary means. Death resulting from heart trouble, cancer, etc., will not occur. Death is used strictly for disciplinary action against those refusing to line up with God’s program. Were a child to be born in the beginning of the millennium he could have full access to live a thousand years. That is why Satan is gotten out of the way whereby everyone will be given the opportunity of longevity of life. Before the flood Methuselah lived longer than any man, just 31 years short of one thousand years (983). 

A child born in the millennium, were they to obey the laws and principles laid down by the king and queen, will live the duration of the thousand years. Yet as Isa. 65:20 is careful to point out, that a person would be permitted to live from birth to a hundred years and if for some reason refuses to line up with God’s laws and principles his life will be taken and he is looked upon as one who died as a child in that hour (because he could have lived the duration of the millennium). God permits that soul to live to be a hundred, giving him full ample time to be taught and disciplined, however if for some reason that mortal carnal nature laying there in his flesh refuses to come under subjection to the law of God, death will be the penalty. Please note, that which still continues to go into the ground even through the millennium is still death of the disobedient! it is those who have refused to meet the requirement of having and sharing eternal life that are in the ground! 


Because of the longevity of life by the time you reach the end of the millennium you have an earth filled with people. An earth filled with people who, yet born with a depraved nature as all mankind Is, has never known what it was to be openly tested by a tempter. Thus Rev. 20:7 bears out the fact when the thousand years are expired Satan is loosed for a season from his prison showing that nothing can pass into that eternal age pictured in Rev. 21 & 22 called the new heaven and new earth wherein dwelleth righteousness that has not first been tested. The eternal age of the new heavens and new earth is the earth where there will be no more sea where also old things have passed away and all things become new. God there makes his tabernacle among men. No more testings and no more tryings for the former things have all passed away. See, nothing could pass into that eternal age from the millennium until it had first been tested. 


Once loosed after the thousand years of confinement. Satan comes out upon the earth and begins stalking it. His primary objective is to take this earth out from under the control of the righteous king by deceiving a vast element of this multitude of people born during this period. Thus proving once again he is still the god of this world. A great army is deceived whose number is referred to as the sands of the sea. Surely no one thinks that the immortal saints who already having been tested in a lifetime while living in mortal flesh and overcame the tempter would now fall under his swaying power! This is utterly ridiculous!! It is fleshly nations still subject to the old nature if ever agitated as Satan is now doing to this great host of humanity. His main objective is to create a revolt among the national subjects against their righteous king. Having somehow deceived a number as the sands of the sea, Satan has obtained his army of subjects born during the millennium. Rev. 20:8-9 tells us having collected this vast deceived element of humanity, he is now ready to compass the beloved city where the camp of the saints is –none other than Jerusalem the king’s city or bride’s headquarters. 


The great eternal spirit, ruler of all things won’t do anything until that entire element of humanity has cast their vote and encircled the beloved city. Why doesn’t the bride do something? Are they not still manifested sons of God invested with supernatural power? Yes, but they are not supposed to do anything. The devil with the intentions of showing everyone who is still boss of earth influences this vast army of humanity who, having now encircled the beloved city, has one objective — to take over: Even Christ the King seated in the temple at Jerusalem, does nothing. Everyone of this deceived element, having been allowed now to cast their lot with Satan must now pay the bill. The Bible doesn’t bring out the type weapons, if any, that were intended to be used against the city. God, the Eternal Spirit, will never permit another manmade war to be fought on this planet once Armageddon is fought which closes the tribulation. No, the earth will never become another battlefield. The millennium erases all traces of ancient battlefields; nevertheless, God does permit this element to reach a certain point before executing judgment. Scripture declares having encircled the beloved millennium city, Jerusalem, suddenly fire came out of heaven and destroyed the entire element or flesh. Where, I ask you, does this place that disobedient element of flesh? Temporarily to the ground, with their soul temporarily thrown into hell.


The millennium chapter comes to a close and the next thing John saw was the last judgment that Jesus will ever preside over. It is the Great White Throne Judgment. Let us see who attends this judgment. Notice verse 10. The devil who deceived this vast human element at the close of the millennium is not again cast into the bottomless pit as he was before the millennium began, oh, no, now he is forever cast into the lake of fire and brimstone which you recall was prepared for the devil and his angels, where two of his spirits already have been for a thousand years, that was the spirit of the beast and the false prophet who were placed there at the close of the tribulation before the opening of the millennium age. Now Satan has joined these spirits to be tormented day and night for ever and ever. That is the last you hear of him. He never appears in that glorious age following the millennium. 


Verse 11–John says, “I saw a great white throne and him who sat on it from whose face the earth and heavens fled away.” To trinitarian minds that naturally would be God the first person sitting there. And there was no place for them (the people). To see exactly what kind of judgment this is and why the face of the earth and heavens would flee away, let us examine Dan. 7:9-11. Daniel describes this great white throne judgment which includes the millennium people’s judgment also. 


Verse 9 begins by showing exactly how the great white throne judgment is to be. Study verse 9 with the eye of revelation focused on Rev. 20:12-15. I beheld till the thrones were cast down. Daniel says, and the Ancient of Days did sit whose garment was white as snow and the hair of his head like pure wool. His throne was like the fiery flame and his wheel as burning fire. Note, a white throne, white garment and white hair signifies it is none other than the great white throne judgment. The purity of all purities is invested in this great judgment. His throne was like the fiery flame. This speaks of burning with judgment while Revelation 20 declared it was the great white throne – burning out all impurities! 


Verse 10 says a fiery stream issued and came forth from him as the bride is seen ministering unto him as thousand thousands and ten thousand times ten thousand stood before him. The judgment was set and the books were opened. What judgment is this? None other than the great white throne judgment because in verse 10 the books are opened as they are also shown opened in Rev. 20:12. Who is seated on the throne? Jesus is, of course; But why is he pictured in such a manner as this? Because here he is setting as the judge of the universe. Recall how in olden days white wigs were worn by Judges to demonstrate their authority to execute the office of judge in carrying out previous laws of ancient times. Bear in mind, Jehovah God who himself is not a person in a personal form seeing he is an eternal Spirit who has never been seen as declared by John (Jn. 1:18). Col. 1:15 declares Jesus (the man Christ) to be the very image or the Invisible eternal God. Now look through the eye of faith to this spirit who can’t be observed with natural eyes. Is it not the true judging spirit? Is it not the spirit of old which has had no beginning or ending? In other words, it is ancient, isn’t it? The actual law began with it. Since it is ancient and not only the throne itself is described as white, the hair of Jesus is also pictured as white as snow showing it is so old it lost its color. It is none other than the Supreme Court of the universe. However, only one judge sits here. Jehovah alone sits in this position, nevertheless the eternal Spirit has designated through the man Jesus, the God-man, the power to execute and carry out this judgment. Every soul must stand in his flesh before this fleshly judge. Jesus portrayed in this manner shows the ancient spirit has robed him with the cloak of the judge of the universe. Rev. 19: 11-16 portrayed Jesus robed in a vesture dipped in blood. Webster dictionary declares vesture to mean ancient. Scripture declares Jehovah is king. Who then is it when King Jesus comes? Jehovah that eternal king spirit has cloaked Jesus with that cloak to be a king on earth as all national subjects beheld him as a king. 


Verse 11—Now everything he has earlier seen in visions concerning those four world beast empires is now all being judged here in this final judgment, judged for its earthly effects. Every soul or every spirit which participated in any manner in any of these earthly systems in that of an unbelieving manner was judged here. Beginning with verse 1 – Daniel describes those four world beast systems showing the last beast system was the Roman Empire and by the time the heads of various forms of government on this fourth beast had reached the seventh form it includes the role of the Catholic Church, the pope who is Daniel’s little horn (Dan. 7:8). See also Rev. 17:11. Back to Dan. 7:11, I beheld then because of the voice of the great words which the (little) horn spake. The horn mentioned here does not refer to the popes under the Dark Ages, but Instead refers to the antichrist the son of perdition, satan’s final instrument used in the closing hours of the dark tribulation period. No, this little horn himself was not judged until the great white throne judgment although his bodily presence was destroyed at the judgment of nations. Matt. 25. The great white throne judgment shows here he is eternally judged to determine his degree of punishment, once in the lake of fire. Daniel continues saying, I beheld until the beast was slain and his body destroyed and given to the burning flame (lake of fire). Watch carefully, God was showing Daniel the judgment of the Roman Empire in Its final restored state of being which appears in the last day under the antichrist—an hour still ahead of us. True, physically speaking all of this beast system was destroyed in its earthly setting with Christ coming, yet that is not Its eternal Judgment. Recall, corporeal bodies did not go into the flame at the judgment of nations; This great white throne judgment is where it all stands in its final destiny. The thought the angel is projecting to Daniel reaches back into those other previous three beast powers preceding the fourth one. Therefore concerning the rest of the beasts. The other three world powers-Babylon, Media-Persia, and Grecian-these also had their earthly existence as a world power in their hour. Yes, they had their dominion taken away although their lives were prolonged for a season and time which simply means the spirits of those empires were prolonged, being held in reserve for a certain season and time. Why was their dominion taken from them? In order they could never exist as that ancient empire they once were. Babylon, Media-Persia or the Grecian empire could never return and rule the world again, although the spirits of those territories were prolonged for a season and a time. Take that over to Revelation 13 and you will see why those spirits were prolonged to be used in another time. Those spirits or the territories of those people all incorporated and identified in that final phase of the resurrected Roman hour. That is why Revelation 13 portrays that beast in its final state rising up out of the sea, having the feet of a bear incorporates your Media-Persia territory. Having the mouth of a lion with great iron teeth incorporated the Babylonian Empire. The body of a leopard incorporates the Grecian Empire. They are all identified in this fourth beast in its final state of being. It shows time will come when all these territories will be united. incorporated with the unity of Western Europe where the ten horns appear. Then and then alone will it become the great beast that is judged at the great white throne judgment! See, that picture or thought now becomes recorded and Daniel picks up another scene in verse 11. I saw in the night visions and behold one like the son of Man came with the clouds of heaven and came to the Ancient of Days. Coming in the clouds of glory depicts Christ’s second coming as he is revealed in the clouds of heaven. Son of Man coming to the Ancient of Days causes trinitarian minds to feel he comes to God, the first person. God is not a first person, he is spirit. Jesus is the one and only person of God. What then did he come to? This is a pictorial scene showing the transition of authority invested in Jesus. Recall, at the great white throne he is invested with that ancient judgeship, however, this scene shows him being invested with his kingship. These verses do not implicate judgment in that sense because here it is the investment for kingship of his millennium reign. Why is the Son of man shown coming to the Ancient of Days in verse 13? They brought him near before him and there was given him dominion, meaning a territorial right to rule and glory and a kingdom that all people, nations and languages should serve him. His dominion is an everlasting dominion which shall not pass away and his kingdom that which shall not be destroyed. It is none other than his millennium kingdom. The same ancient spirit who invested in him or placed him in that final judgment seat as judge is also the same ancient spirit who invested in him the ancient kingly authority of Jehovah. 


Carry that thought on through the verses down into verse 20 and you are taken back into that picture of those horns once again showing how one of the horns still magnifies and exalts himself and makes war against the saints. That work is accomplished by the little horn during the dark tribulation hour and is climaxed again with the same picture in verse 25 for here he is again shown speaking great words against the most high and wearing out the (tribulation) saints of the most high (during the tribulation period). And thinks to change times and laws and they shall be given into his hands until a time and times and the dividing of times. Check this against Rev. 12:13-14 and you will see it is 3 1/2 years! None other than the last half of Daniel’s 70th Week when the antichrist breaks his covenant with Israel (Dan. 9:27). 


Verse 26-But the judgment shall sit. What judgment is this? And they shall take away his dominion. This judgment is the millennium judgment (Matt. 25). The antichrist’s dominion is taken from him to consume and destroy it unto the end. And the kingdom and dominion and the greatness of the kingdom under the whole heavens shall (then) be given to the people of the saints of the Most High whose kingdom is an everlasting kingdom and all dominions shall serve and they him. WHERE? In the millennium of course! Take that over to Revelation Chapters 19 and 20 and you will see him receiving this kingdom. Revelation 19 shows the Saints (or the bride) of the Most High wed to Christ. Here Jesus no longer resembles a prophet or looks like the one who hung on the cross. No, in the latter part of Chapter 19 – he does not even resemble the High Priest as John saw him in Revelation 1. At the wedding supper he resembles a king. Why does he appear as a king? In order to receive that kingly robe from that ancient authority that all dominions, languages and nations would serve him for one thousand years. Tie that statement into Isaiah 9 which speaks of those governments and kingdoms resting upon his shoulders. Of his kingdom there shall be no end. The beauty of it is that the saints of the Most High possess the kingdom. Therefore, Revelation 20 is the millennium judgment corresponding perfectly with Matthew 19 and Matthew 25 because the bride receives the same kingdom. Why shouldn’t she, she is his wife! Studying this scripture some might ask why does it place the great white throne before the millennium? That is simply God’s way to confuse the carnal mind. There is simply some things in the scripture, especially in the prophetic picture that you don’t read in the order it is written, you read it in the order of revelation! Moreover, at the great white throne judgement every head shall bow, every knee shall bend and every tongue will confess that Jesus is both Lord and Christ the anointed one. Rev. 19 portrayed Christ anointed for his kingly office role. His earthly subjects saw him as king robed with the ancient robe and crowned with a king’s crown. However during the millennium Christ never sat on the great white throne. Instead he sat on the throne of his glory, the ancient throne position of David there in Jerusalem. 


The millennium having now closed, Christ takes a higher throne position, this time supreme judge of the universe clothed with the cloak of the ancient judgeship, a position which has always belonged to Jehovah. On his head is placed a white wig signifying his authority for this ancient judgeship. It belongs to Jehovah but now rests upon the man Christ. The great white throne itself does not even resemble an earthly throne wherein a king would sit, no this is a heavenly position and it has been from everlasting to everlasting. It has always been a position with Jehovah. He alone is the supreme judge of the universe. However here he has lifted the man Christ up and set him in this position. It is a throne position where the judge of the highest supreme authority could possibly sit. Daniel said, about him stood ten thousand times ten thousands ministering unto him. That is the bride of course. And according to Paul’s revelation she is also going to judge some angels. No, she didn’t judge angels in the millennium judgment but she will now. 


There sits the bride in that great throne position. Immortal saints of every age will be standing there and the books were opened. A fiery stream issued forth from him. Here is the last judgment Christ will ever sit in. Rev. 20 corresponds perfectly with Dan. 7:10. Showing the books are opened declares it is the same judgment. Note, Jesus does not at this judgment resemble a king as he did in the millennium. He does not resemble a bridegroom as he did when he appeared for his bride. No, here he resembles the supreme judge of the universe and is dressed for the occasion. No wonder heaven and earth was ready to flee his presence. All the winged creatures of the universe appear here as they come from the vast regions of the universe. The great halo of light could well signify the presence of that great eternal spirit who always has been and who now anoints this setting with his presence. Saints of every age will stand there to fulfill what the angel declared to Daniel saying, shut up the book Daniel thou shalt fall asleep (rest) and thou shalt stand with thy lot at the ending of days. Meaning every soul will stand in his respective generation, either to bear witness or to be condemned according to that which he has access to in this lifetime. 


The judgment is set and the books are opened. Revelation declares the Book of Life is also opened. Recall, it is only the wicked dead bodies that are now left in the ground and all that is in hell is nothing but those wicked spirits. Rev. 20:12 says, and I saw the dead (note It is only the wicked dead brought forth) small and great. Recall in Rev. 20:4 when God raised up in that resurrection at the opening of the millennium those dead saints slaughtered in the tribulation period who refused the mark of the beast and refused to worship his Image, the scripture declares the rest of the dead lived not again until the thousand years were finished. And now here is the second resurrection which hath no power; nevertheless, the small and great stand before God and the books were opened. And another book which is the Book of Life was opened. In that Book of Life is a chapter for every age and dispensation which has ever been from Eden through time until the millennium is closed. And the dead were Judged out of these things which were written in the books according to their works. Note the wording–the dead were judged out of the things written in the books. What was written in the books? Their deeds. of course. Every man must stand and give an account somewhere for the deeds done in his body. The millennium subjects are Judged, not by books but by people. by deeds they committed in their body. Nevertheless all their deeds were recorded. 


Verse 13–And the sea gave up the dead which were in it. And death (grave holding the bodies) and hell delivered up the spirits of the dead which were in it. May I ask you what that leaves in hell–NOTHING! That is true, not one spirit of the wicked dead is left there! For the first time hell is empty. There Is no more use for hell, the prison house of spirits! And they were judged, every man, according to his works. Note, they were all dead and condemned but couldn’t go into the lake of fire until first they had been Judged according to their works or deeds committed in their bodies. All this was to determine, once they were placed in the lake of fire, what degree of suffering they must endure. Were all to suitor the same why bother to Judge them, simply throw them all in together! But no, there is definitely going to be degrees of suffering. If there is going to be degrees of suffering in the lake of fire then surely there will be degrees of rewards for the righteous who rule in the millennium.


Verse 13, and whosoever was not found written in the Book of Life was cast into the lake of fire. Why, you might ask, is the Book of Life brought into the picture? Well what about all those other millions of people born during the millennium who never fell for Satan’s temptation at the close of the millennium. Recall, they have not yet appeared at any judgment therefore they must appear here. Don’t you think there has to be a place and a record concerning their faithfulness? That is why the Book of Life is opened. The Book of Life is not opened here to see where you and I stand with God, no, that has already been settled long ago, back there at the judgment seat of Christ, before we returned for the millennium reign. The book wasn’t opened to find out who was fit to live in the millennium, that, too, has already passed. Therefore who is the Book of Life opened for? Those people born in the millennium of course. Some of them, we will say, will have been tainted however many of them will not have come under the deception of Satan. There they will stand, one by one before the judgment throne. Whosoever name was not found in the Book of Life, into the lake of fire he goes. 


If we believe Paul’s revelation concerning saints Judging angels then once all these mortal subjects have been judged, who were brought through the millennium and is now allowed to stand their test to pass on into eternity, up will come every devil who has not already been cast into the lake of fire and there the saints will Judge devils. In this lifetime it is impossible to literally see the operation of these spirits, yet we are aware our lives are definitely affected by them. There are times when that devil has done everything possible to make your life miserable. You have had trials and tests and oft-times you have felt so pressed down, yet after a while something moves in and the pressure is lifted. Things begin to change. What was that? It was the work of another spirit. Sometimes it is the Holy Ghost but many times it is an angelic spirit ministering in that capacity, coming to give aid unto you much like the angel did unto Daniel. Heb. 4 declares, who made his angels ministering spirits and his ministers a flame of fire. These angels are ministering spirits sent forth unto those who shall be heirs of salvation. 


 Before that throne is now brought every fallen demon spirit and the saints judge them. Once that last devil has been thrown into the lake of fire, are you aware what that has done to the earth? That beloved has cleansed from the earth every sign of a graveyard as well as every dead body taken from the sea. Hell has yielded up every imprisoned spirit, whether righteous or wicked. Death hell and the grave are now conquered through the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. All that was in hell now goes into the lake of fire. Can’t you see, hell has served its purpose and therefore there is no more hell after this. Now they are all in the lake of fire, but does the lake of Fire go on and on, forever and ever? No, remember the Greek Word for forever and ever means a space of time. Therefore somewhere that lake of fire, though it be billions and trillions of light years, finally somewhere it destroys all those beings who are to be there forever and ever or for a space of time. It may well last billions’ of light years. who knows? Nevertheless, somewhere it destroys all those beings and it too will have served its purpose. Being cast into the lake of fire is the second death. 


See, the Bible does not teach hell is eternal. Because as we saw, hell had an ending. There was a time when there was not a righteous soul nor an unrighteous spirit in hell, therefore hell also had a beginning. Are you aware who the first person was to ever go to hell? Abel was! No. I didn’t say Cain, I said Abel was the first spirit to ever go to hell. O but you say, didn’t he go to heaven. No, not until after Jesus died on the cross to pay for sin. He couldn’t have. Here I am again tearing up your theology. Remember there was a day when there was not one soul in hell. 


What is hell but a place to hold imprisoned spirits. Remember the minute sin was transgressed in the garden, every mortal soul by nature became a sinner. God who is holy could not allow any soul born in sin to come back into his presence with a taint of sin on him. Therefore, until Christ died and paid for sin, that individual had to be kept in hell. But remember, hell had two compartments. One part was described as a place of torment while the other, though still in hell, was described as a place of paradise. Recall Jesus brings all this out concerning the two compartments in hell in his parable of the rich man who died and went to torment while Lazarus died and was carried by the angels to Abraham’s bosom. Nevertheless he too was in hell, Luke 16: Jesus declared as Jonah was three days and three nights in the belly of the whale so will the Son of Man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth. In the spirit David declared because of this hope within him, my soul will not be left in hell neither would he suffer his Holy One (Christ) to see corruption (Acts 2:27). David,) along with all those Old Testament saints was in hell in the compartment or place called paradise when Christ came to free them. According to Paul’s revelation in Eph. 4 when Jesus ascended into glory he was the same one who first descended into the lower parts of the earth after having paid the sin debt at Calvary and had led captivity captive. In other words, he conquered that place in hell called paradise, removing from it all the righteous souls that had been waiting for him. His announcement to Satan was simply this, I have come for these. I have redeemed them. Therefore he takes them to glory with him leaving only the wicked spirits in hell whom he testified against (1 Pet. 3:18-22).


 Now on this side of Calvary in the grace age when anyone dies, provided their soul is at rest in Jesus Christ, that soul does not go to hell but goes to glory. For to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord. The body itself returns to the grave awaiting the resurrection. But still in hell are those wicked dead. Therefore hell had a beginning but one day according to Rev. 20: 13 will have an ending; however not until the great white throne judgment has called for all the dead to come forth from it. The lake of fire also has a beginning then somewhere it too will have an ending. Remember this, eternal means It has to have an eternal existence. If you and I are going to live in eternity with Jesus it is because we have the Eternal life which he gave to us.