Rev. Raymond M Jackson
Rev. Raymond M Jackson


Turn to Revelation 13 where we will study the final drastic results of the last system of numbers on this earth. Those numbers are three digits, 666. While it is true 666 is definitely the number of a man who heads the old resurrected Roman beast system of the final days, it also embraces and climaxes all that man in this lifetime ever hoped to attain through his social, political and religious structure. In other words, it is as far as mankind can go. 666 not only is the number of a man, it is also the completeness of everything mankind has ever been able to progressively achieve from the Garden of Eden up unto the hour that 666 appears on the scene.


Bear in mind, 666 could never occur at any hour in human history other than at the close of the age! Are you aware that at various times in history other men’s names were also equivalent in number to 666 when broken down into Roman Numerals, however, those men could not possibly have been 666 because mankind had not progressed to the hour when all his achievements would be culminated or climaxed into the digit numbers of 666 because 666 is the climax of all things and is absolutely as far as mankind can go. In other words after 666 comes on the scene something else will have to take over.


In this article it is not our intentions to begin our study with the number 666. No, because 666, the number of the man, does not appear until the close of the age. Our intention, first of all, is to study all that 666 embraces and we do that by thoroughly examining Revelation 13. Revelation 12:6 shows what happens to Israel during the last half of Daniel’s 70th prophetic week and Revelation 13 runs in true parallel with what is shown in Revelation 12:6-17. Revelation 13 carries no prior fulfillment but portrays man’s final segment of time being fulfilled within that final prophetic 70th week of Daniel. Somewhere before us lies a seven year period and each year we move progressively toward that hour! All worldly systems and human developments are rapidly preparing or setting the stage for Daniel’s 70th Week. Although Revelation 13 will not occur during any time period other than the end of the age, it is interesting to note in studying Daniel 7 you have precisely those same events yet the things Daniel saw concerning this beast system transpired strictly during the Dark Ages (900-1500). Bear in mind what was seen in Daniel 7 sets the stage for what will appear in the last days, known prophetic wise as Daniel’s 70th week.



The symbolic picture shows John in Revelation 13 as follows- Verse 1–and I (John) stood upon the sand of the sea and saw a beast rise up out of the sea. Remember beloved, this sea is precisely the same body of water Daniel dreamed about and is recorded in Daniel 7. While asleep Daniel dreamed of the four winds of heaven as it strove upon this sea. God used the sea to symbolize the Mediterranean because all four of the world empires as they arose in their respective world, all four affected Israel. Each one of these world empires, Babylon, Media-Persia, Grecian as well as the Roman, all sailed the Mediterranean Sea during their great earthly conquest. All four crossed the Mediterranean to invade, capture, rule and suppress the Holy Land.


It was under the rule of these four world empires conquering Israel that Joel the prophet (Joel 1:4) summarized what had happened to Israel through their suppression when he said, that which the palmerworm hath left the locust ate, that which the locust left the cankerworm ate and that which the cankerworm left the caterpillar stripped and ate……Joel spake of how these four empires had barked the fig tree. Remember Israel is and always will be God’s fig tree! These four insects which symbolize the four world empires had gnawed away at the fig tree and stripped it of its leaves, etc.


The Middle East has always been plagued with locusts. Some botanists declare Joel’s language concerning the work of these four insects upon God’s fig tree is actually the work of only one insect which changes into four different stages. Not being a botanist I could not verify this statement, however this I do know, whether it was four different insects or it be only one; insect changing itself into four different stages, it all symbolizes what began to happen to Israel around the 6th Century B.C. once God allowed the forces of these empires to begin their gnawing away at the nation of Israel, Joel spoke of what the insects had eaten away. We know one thing taken away from Israel was her last king, Zedekiah. Babylon plucked out his eyes before his death. Another thing taken away was the destruction of their beautiful city as well as Solomon’s temple. These insects, one after the other as portrayed in Joel’s prophecy, gnawed away at the very existence of Israel for over 400 years! Israel lingered on only as a race, not as a separate independent nation that she had once been. Yes, these four world empires continually gnawed away at Israel’s national existence. It was all done to fulfill God’s word. The Spirit speaking through Joel unto the nation also declared, (Joel 2:25-32) I will restore the years the cankerworm, caterpillar, palmerworm and locust hath eaten. My fig tree which they barked will again put forth leaves.


Evangelists through the years have continually used that setting as a type declaring what God intended to do for the church. Beloved, that does not apply to the church! That statement applies strictly to Israel! The only portion of Joel’s prophecy having any connection to the church whatsoever was where Joel stated that during the same process of time that God would be prophetically restoring to the nation her geographical territory national identity, etc., during that time period he would pour out the Holy Ghost. It is that part of the Holy Ghost that can be applied to the church! True, the church did go through a similar setting as this; seeing it, too, was stripped of her original revelatory teaching, her power, authority in the word, etc., and she will be restored. Nevertheless, I repeat, in true actuality of what these insects typified and characterized as having done, applied strictly to the work of what these four world empires did in stripping Israel, “God’s fig tree”.


Note, these four world empires shown in Daniel’s dream (Dan. 7) were all the process of these four winds striving upon one sea and that one sea the Mediterranean. Recall in Daniel’s hour the new world had not yet been discovered and the Far East or Orient was practically unknown. Therefore all four of these world empires existed around the Mediterranean Sea. The setting of the sea not only speaks of the Mediterranean body of water, it also symbolizes and represents the masses of people there in the old world, basically in Europe and the Middle East. Therefore, let’s keep our prophetic setting even in Revelation 13 concerning this beast coming out of the sea as basically affecting the territories of Europe and the Middle East.


With that prophetic setting in mind, we are ready to examine what John the Revelator some 600 years after Daniel’s dream, had revealed, although in Revelation 13 John did not see those four winds blowing on the sea to form those four world empires as had Daniel. No, because it wasn’t necessary for John to see the four winds blowing. In John’s hour they had already blown upon the sea and formed the four empires. However, John did see the same beast once again rising up out of that very same body of water because this beast would rise up out of the very same territory from which it had previously risen. It represents also the same realm of people, therefore note, the same sea used in Daniel’s vision is also used in John’s vision. It is the same beast Daniel watched in his dream coming up and going off out through time into the Dark Ages, because in that Dark Age setting was where all those things such as the ten horns as well as the little horn appeared on this beast. See beloved it is the same beast John., in 96 A.D. while in the spirit, saw coming up for its final appearance (in our day) as Daniel’s 70th Week somewhere out in front of us is being ready to be initiated in. From here on nations won’t have any rest. National problems such as Israel and the Arabs will go unsettled. Economies will only tend to worsen therefore when the hour arrives in mankind’s history for that final prophetic week to be ushered in, it will be none other than a period of time of man’s final achievement wherein he hopes and trusts that finally he has reached his oasis. However, that which at first looks so good soon climaxes into disaster for man (Matt. 24:21-22).

Let’s examine closer this beast John saw rising up out of the sea. Bear in mind, the territory setting involved is none other than Europe and the Middle East. Recall, when John saw the beast 600 years after Daniel, it had grown seven heads but still carried its ten horns, whereas when Daniel saw the beast rise up out of the sea it had only one gigantic head. Watching it go off out in time into the Dark Ages, Daniel saw ten horns developed on the head of the beast. Daniel mainly saw the Roman Empire or this 4th beast in its B.C. setting when the beast consisted of only one gigantic head, having great iron teeth and claws with which it devoured the whole prophetic earth. The one head seen on the body of the beast symbolized Rome’s first form of political government under the rule of the great caesars basically within your B.C. period. Nevertheless, as Daniel continued to watch this beast’s head, he saw it go off through time until out of the one gigantic head began to grow ten horns which symbolized the hour the Roman Empire would collapse or break up and form ten separate European nations. Yes, the ten horns appearing on the head of the beast was historically fulfilled during the break up of the Roman imperial system, a system established and first ruled by men from Rome, Italy who called themselves caesars. When the fourth empire finally reached the hour its various forms of government, illustrated by the six smaller heads later formed on the beast which John saw, could no longer rule that vast territory because of such rebellion and insurrection among its people, it collapsed and the vast territory under Roman rule now divided or separated itself into ten separate European countries and begins carrying their own personal national identity as was illustrated by the ten horns growing out on the beast’s head. As a new European country would be formed out of the old territory, out would pop another little horn on the head of the beast until finally ten horns were perfectly formed on the beast’s head. Even though the old imperial system of the vast Roman Empire had steadily been declining and weakening throughout the centuries, nevertheless, the city or seat of government where this gigantic empire was governed or ruled from remains always to be in Rome, Italy. Therefore beloved, it will be of necessity we always keep the setting of the ruling power of government for this fourth beast always stationed in Rome, Italy!

According to Daniel we realize the Roman Empire will be the last beast system to ever literally rule the world and Rome will be its seat of government. Don’t let anyone ever tell you the world will someday be ruled from Wall Street or Moscow or some other place. No, Rome, Italy, the city set on seven hills is always the setting for the seat of government surrounding the fourth beast or world empire.


Although the beast John saw (Rev. 13) had grown seven heads since Daniel saw it, nevertheless, it still carried its original ten horns seen in Daniel’s vision. The ten horns were acquired during the Dark Ages. 600 years later John sees the same identical beast coming back up out of that same sea carrying its same original ten horns. No, it had not lost a single one! Recall, in Daniel’s vision along with the ten horns appeared (Daniel 7:8) another little horn! Numerically it would appear the beast had now developed eleven horns. That is not the picture at all! Literally there was never eleven horns on the beast, only ten. Then how do we account for Daniel seeing this other little horn arise? Very simple, Remember the ten horns which grew from the head of the beast or fourth empire are all characterized, fulfilled and functions today as ten separate independent European nations which once were a part of this one gigantic empire ruled over from the city of Rome, Italy. If you will note, on a map the area of land called Italy is shaped like a boot! Rome walked all over the world and trampled everything under her feet.


But what about this other mysterious little horn which Daniel saw appearing among the ten horns, yet only ten horns actually appear on the beast’s head. Since there can’t be eleven horns on the beast, how was it Daniel saw this little horn come up and magnify itself far above its fellow horns? It is simply this,……. if the city of Rome was to continue to maintain its function and superiority over these ten horns or ten nations, even though they had already broken away from Rome causing the collapse of this great Roman Empire and formed their own individual governments, nevertheless if Rome (the city) is to still maintain superiority over these ten nations, it can no longer be accomplished through that present imperial political rule as Satan desired be done. Therefore, the ruling system of government must come through, still another system or source, but that system must still be in the city of Rome. A system that would turn out to be more powerful, more deceptive, and last even longer in its initial effect over these ten nations than had previous forms of government. This is where Daniel saw the little horn rise up out of the ten! That power of the little horn was none other than the ecclesiastical power which was also in Rome, Italy, the Roman Catholic Church. Remember, a horn not only symbolizes a nation, it also symbolizes a power!


Through the process of time, especially after 325 A.D. when what was called Christianity was accepted without conversion by the pagan Roman political state under Emperor Constantine, Christianity became legally recognized and accepted throughout the Roman Empire as their main religion. Hence, in 325 A.D. the two church and state were married and from that period on until around the 8th or 9th Century A.D. Satan, ruling master of Rome, seeing his present old imperial form of Roman political government rapidly decaying, slipping and losing control over this vast territory, becoming now so weakened that the political emperor with headquarters in Rome could no longer successfully rule, suppress and sovereignly control this vast territory, recognizing his present form of Roman rule was becoming short lived and in order to keep all authority still with the city of Rome, does somewhat of a sleight-of-hand trick.


Yes, as that ruling Satanic spirit began to lose out through the ancient political throne of the caesars, to maintain all authority in Rome we now see him doing something else still within that very same city of Rome. History says a continual squabble for power had gone on for sometime between the imperial Roman political throne within the city of Rome and that of the ecclesiastical bishop’s office also in Rome. The ecclesiastical office of the Roman church in Rome we note was first called “bishop”, then around the 6th century began to be referred to as pope or “papa”. Even as early as the 5th century the bishop of Rome (Daniels little horn) seeing this great imperial, political power of Rome rapidly diminishing and decaying, slowly begins to insert his own authority over the European nations in both their political as well as their spiritual matters.


Thus within the 5th Century Christianity had already become widespread throughout the vast territories of the Roman Empire and even as early as the 3rd Century had already penetrated Russia and the British Isles. Thus all the vast territories within the Roman Empire had been christianized but with what kind of Christianity had the empire been christianized! Bear in mind, this is around the 5th and 6th century and the previous generations of all those early apostolic Christians are now asleep in Christ. Those minds, hearts and lives of the earlier century Christians who had been so fervently set on fire through the initial revelation of truth preached back there in the early age were now all dead. This leaves the so- called watered down gospel or new breed of Christianity (seeing that is about all it was by the 4th century)in the hands of the younger lukewarm generations who, even generations earlier had permitted Satan to make steady inroads into the church and was clever enough to conceal his major purpose in what he was doing deceiving the whole world. Now by the 5th century he slowly begins a program wherein he will change or shift the position of power in Rome but in so doing will continue to maintain all his authority over the people and keep his ruling voice coming from Rome as he previously had.


Recall, we are examining how a little horn appears among ten horns in Daniel’s vision, as Daniel declared the little horn rose up among the ten horns in far greater power. Satan’s objective, even though he knows the old Roman imperial power being ruled from Rome is rapidly losing its grip upon the people must in order, to keep that authority and power within the city of Rome do something quickly! Therefore, like a puppeteer who pulls the strings on wooden dolls to make them active, leaves the old imperial caesar throne which is crumbling there in Rome and goes over to still another spot in Rome where he now begins to influence the ecclesiastical bishop’s chair or throne. As this happens the ecclesiastical bishop of Rome, now called the pope begins to feel very important and from his throne starts pulling political strings as he becomes inspired with a revelation of church earthly rule, church power and religious domination and authority!


Recall, the Roman bishop’s earthly subjects of so-called Christianity are now all over the Roman Empire. Yes, even those territories which broke away from the old imperial political power there in Rome were still tied to Rome, not through the political imperial systems, oh, no, but tied to Rome strictly through the power of the church itself. Moreover, from the 5th century on, the power of the church steadily grew and by the time you reach the 8th and 9th century, history proves the power and authority of the ecclesiastical bishop’s throne there in Rome far outstripped and outweighed through power, pressure and influence that of the emperors authority who still tried to rule the empire from the city of Rome. Following the hour of decay of this Roman Empire we see the rise of the Roman bishop in Rome becoming the little horn or ecclesiastical power which grew and grew over all the other horns. (Dan. 7:8). No, the little horn seen in Daniel’s vision did not add another European nation to the overall European structure. It was simply the power of the Roman Catholic Church which took over and ruled the empire, both politically and spiritual wise! Thus you see the eleventh horn was strictly a spiritual horn while the other ten horns were temporal, political, national powers.


Daniel declared he watched until the little horn grew far above its fellow horns and magnified and exalted itself, which simply means the little horn received far greater recognition and attention than the others. Why? Because all the people were subject religiously to the little horn in so much that scripture declares, the little horn (within the Dark Age period) uprooted three of the other horns to prove to everyone who was boss! Keep in mind, the uprooting of the three horns does not erase from the European pictures or beast’s head three horns of his original ten—-that is not the picture at all. The beast still maintained its original ten horns, even when John saw it 600 years later. What then does the uprooting or three horns signify? It simply means, somewhere during that period of history while these ten horns were coming into their geographical identity and territorial positions on that old Roman beastly head system in Europe that this 11th horn or spiritual horn was also coming up seeking supremacy over all the other ten horns and somewhere in history would establish such a power that three of these temporal, political national horns or powers would somewhere attempt to refuse to submit to the authority of the 11th horn which, remember represents a spiritual power.

History shows exactly what happened. If ever one of these ten European nations tried to resist the power of the church as three horns did, the papal office simply uttered a few words and that national kind of the country had to bow quickly before the little horn. For a horn to be plucked up did not mean the king lost his national identity, no, he was still king over his people, it only showed he had rebelled against the authority of the little horn and had been made to submit.

King Henry of Germany, once having rebelled against the pope, in order to have an audience with the pope was forced to stand three days, barefoot in the cold snow as a man doing penance before the little horn would forgive him. Another such example of a horn being plucked up was when a King of France refused to bow. The pope simply ordered a strike in France, the dead wasn’t buried, stores were closed and nothing operated. France’s entire economy in a matter of weeks would have crumbled. Therefore that national horn was made to submit to the little horn. And so the story goes until three such kings were made to submit. There always remained ten horns on the beast. What Daniel was seeing was a picture of what continually happened throughout the Dark Ages as the little horn made all the ten horns submit to his power and authority.


Thus what we see in Revelation 13 is nothing but a resurrection of that old dark age system being resurrected in a modern era of time. Resurrected through that seventh head on the beast which will be completely healed and restored as the ecclesiastical power of the church once again takes over, it will be an embracing or a climax of all that Satan through this Roman system ever hoped to acquire in that of obtaining worship unto himself and it is also to this Roman system that Israel will once again be politically tied. Israel will again, as before, be affected by this fourth beast system in its final stage, as prophecy in its entirety will be fulfilled. As John saw that beast now having those seven heads, not simply one as Daniel saw, we might ask ourselves what formed these other six heads on the creature. They are nothing more than six other forms of Roman government yet always ruling her subjects from the city of Rome. However, the seventh head on the creature carries a compound or two-fold meaning.


Let’s examine more closely that seventh head which carries that compound meaning and is spoken of as the eighth which actually is of the seventh (head) which was, and is not, and yet is, is of (or belongs to) the 8th head. Here again we must clarify that there is only seven heads to begin with! Again you have a paradox, much like what you saw in Daniel 11 concerning the 11th horn when actually there were only ten horns on the beast. Just as that 11th horn was something totally spiritual but truly was a power, likewise is it with the seven heads which recall are all tied to Rome, however the seventh head carries a compound meaning.


What is this mysterious eighth head (of the 7th) John discusses? The prophet to the age declared this beast as it rises up once again. The deadly wound on the head is healed , the restoration of the imperial system of Rome. Let’s illustrate it this way, Satan who once influenced the caesar’s chair there in Rome, saw to it that whenever the caesars were riding through the streets of Rome, his subjects always bowed and worshiped him as caesar or emperor. No caesar (first head on the beast)of Rome ever referred to himself as a king. Instead always used the term emperor which means imperial, sovereign ruler, Beloved only God is an emperor, only God is imperial ruler. Recall when Satan seeing how the old imperial, political system in Rome (1sthead)began to fade or decay, in order to still maintain his authority in the city of Rome simply moved over and influenced the bishop’s chair and by the time the 7th-9th century had appeared Satan was having his crowning heyday in the dark ages. Study history from the 7th-9th century and you will see how those popes began declaring that the office of the pope in Rome was the vicar of Christ and that it was he and he alone (not the Roman Emperor who was sovereign, universal ruler of both, man’s temporal as well as his spiritual matters of ruling his soul. That is why it is said the same devil who once spoke through Nero, the last emperor to be represented on that first head, now spoke through the pope, the eighth head which was of the seventh head. His is that office in Rome which is portrayed as the beast who was (here in power) and is not, yet is (for a little while during the tribulation period, Rev. 17:11-12).


The seventh head carries a dual meaning because it embraces also the eighth head or church government which ruled over spiritual and temporal matters of the people in the crumbling Roman Empire. Thus the eighth head represented by church government was embraced within the decay of the old seventh head which was none other than the seventh form of political government ruling the old imperial political power of Rome. Bear in mind, the Roman empire went through seven major breakups of governmental rule before it finally reached its slowest ebb and collapsed there in the seventh head when the emperor of Rome carried no power or authority whatsoever. Therefore when that same spirit which had once rested on that imperial throne there in Rome is now sent to rest on the bishop’s throne there in Rome, watch him now, he begins to take over both political state and church affairs. This the eighth head is none other than a spiritual head or church government taking over the remains of the old Roman imperial government, blending together both church and state government into one, whereas before it was state government and church government, now it is just the opposite! Having a system ruling like that under Satan you can’t expect to have anything but apostasy and deception. This, I trust, shows how the seventh head on the beast carried a dual meaning. Revelation 13 did not speak of the seventh head in a compound term, although Revelation 17 does. Moreover, we see in Revelation 17 the destruction of the thing while Revelation 13 reveals to us only the rise of the thing. Remember, once this beast system shown in Revelation 13 rises up and shakes itself you only have seven years before its fall! Revelation 17 gives a full account of its fall.


Continuing on with Rev. 13:1, John said the beast had seven heads and ten horns and upon his ten horns, ten crowns. Ten crowns speak of ten European kingly governments which formed themselves once the breakup came within the old Roman imperial system. All ten of these crowns establish a kingly royal line of people and for centuries Germany, France, Italy, etc. all had their separate royal lines who fell heir to the throne. Yes, these ten horns had their own separate royal lineage which was definitely a fulfillment of Daniel’s prophecy who said their seed will mingle one with the other (intermarry)showing how these royal families would continually try to unite Europe or unite all that territory once ruled over by the Roman Empire. They would continually try to unite Europe back into one powerful political system as before although they would be unable to do so. Mingling seed for this accomplishment showed they would try to unite the countries through intermarriage, marrying a royal daughter to another national king’s royal son. But Daniel, when interpreting his dream, said they would not cleave one to another because they would be partly strong and partly weak. Beloved, hear me, it will only be under the one rule of the antichrist who is of the eighth head but is of the seventh head on the beast, only his office alone will be able in a sense to glue those ten European nations together and that is only going to be for a brief period of time because Daniel declared the stone hewed out of the mountain will come tearing down and smash the entire beast system, striking the beast at his feet, crumbling his ten toes!


Notice carefully something else which was upon these seven heads. John said upon his (seven) heads was the name of blasphemy. What is the meaning of this? Recall how in its initial hour of power under that old imperial caesar system or first head, first form of Roman government when Rome stood at her zenith or height in power and glory and Julius Caesar proclaimed himself Imperial Sovereign Ruler, that was blasphemy! Even though that system began to decay going through seven forms of government each head or system of Roman government continually weakened, nevertheless, each ruler who sat in that emperor’s throne still proclaimed himself to be emperor or imperial ruler, though each head continued to weaken giving way to still other forms of government, as a new head would be formed on the beast, to continually declare one self supreme, universal ruler was blasphemy! Had the man declared himself a king, nothing would have been said because the term king was characterized by these ten crowns on these ten horns.

Note, none of these ten crowns ever retained the title of emperor, it was always king. But the Emperor of Rome considered himself imperial, sovereign, universal ruler and that was definitely blasphemy! On and on that blasphemous title was passed and continued to rest upon all seven forms of Roman government until finally the blasphemous title rested upon the Roman ecclesiastical bishop’s chair and once it had reached here, he too reached over and took the same position when he did believe it or not, the same blasphemous title was attached to his own office, also. He, too, begins declaring himself sovereign, universal, bishop ruler of man’s soul–that was blasphemy. No matter what you tie that blasphemous title unto, it will always strictly belong to Rome. It matters not who sets in the chair, it is still blasphemy. Therefore John declared, upon (all) the seven heads was written the name blasphemy. You can see in its restored state when the seventh head is healed it too will also be the title the antichrist will naturally attribute to himself!


In verse 2 John describes the body of the beast, as being like unto a leopard. What could a leopard characterize within this resurrected Roman beast system? The fourth beast wasn’t a leopard in Daniel’s vision, why liken it unto a leopard now? It simply means when the future hour arrives for this dreaded thing to arise and become completely formed there in Europe it will certainly engulf all the territory the Grecian Empire acquired characterized by the leopard in Daniel’s vision. That is why it had feet like a bear. To typify and show it would engulf all the territory of the old Media-Persia Empire. The mouth of a lion signified it will take in all the territory of the Babylonian Empire. Remember, when that thing walks out of the water upon the sands getting ready to shake itself, Daniel’s final 70th week will be upon the world!


Daniel (Daniel 7) saw and described those first four beasts coming up which was none other than the four world empires, the first was a lion (Babylon Empire), second a bear (Media-Persia) third a leopard (Grecian) and fourth Daniel described was more terrible to gaze upon with those huge shiny iron teeth ready to devour the whole prophetic earth! It was the last beast empire which would be the only one to exist through time until the coming of Christ (both advents). Recall the angel interpreting the vision to Daniel concerning those four beasts declared how the first three beasts would have their dominion taken away yet their lives would be prolonged for a season and a time, Daniel 7:12. See, the life of the three empires were not taken away but held in reserve for a later hour. They had their dominion and worldly empire taken from them but their lives, that is the spirits of these countries, peoples and territories were prolonged for a season and a time. Why? Because it would every bit be tied politically and economically to Rome in the last days!


Most of that part of the world from where those three empires sprang is either apostate religion such as Greek Orthodox or Moslem in their belief. That is why when the antichrist had fully come on the scene, being identified and introduced to the world those Middle East countries, though apostate in religion as far as Christianity is concerned seeing they are Moslem in their belief, can never be identified or aligned with a communistic power as they still believe in a God! Their belief in a god prohibits them from ever being identified with a communistic ideology.


The beast John saw having a body likened unto a leopard shows that system will engulf the spirit of the Old Grecian Empire. Though Greece today is having her internal political troubles, she is nevertheless still aligned in a military commitment to NATO which is represented in these ten nations of Europe. NATO acts as a military bulwark against Communist Russia. Over the past 30 years as this vast area of Europe and the Middle East has built their atomic rocketry, America has pumped billions of military equipment into them building their radar systems, launching rocket systems, etc. Why? To protect Europe, which includes Greece and the Middle East from Russia and her communistic influence. The fear and belief is that one day Russia’s influence will over run Europe and the Middle East to rule the world. All this was accomplished to fulfill Bible prophecy.

Russia, that vast territory of the cold north country, some 75 years ago stood completely represented as an illiterate people ruled from the Middle Ages by the power of the Greek Orthodox Church which had infiltrated its influence into the royal czar family of Russia, and had robbed and stripped the Russian people blind of their wealth. Such a setting was perfect for the doctrinal breeding ground of communism as taught by Karl Marx and Nicolai Lenin, who much earlier, had written their communistic thesis while studying in France. Marx and Lenin, both aware even from an early hour what the power of an apostate church system ruling over government could do, wrote their thesis with the intentions of showing Europe, especially Catholic France, how an application of their teaching would destroy such a system as the church. France refused their teaching and after trying it in Germany and being kicked out of there, turns to that cold barren wasteland of Russia where they could work upon the illiterate minds ruled over by the Greek Orthodox Church. Secretly they taught their beliefs to the people and within one generation of time had caused a revolution and an overthrow of the Russian government, overthrowing the czar rulership and destroying the power of the Russian Greek Orthodox Church and killing perhaps as many as 20 million people. Thus we can see why communistic Russia was raised up in this last day, not to rule the world but only to serve as an incubator to educate agents, to spread that system which would one day come right in under the nose of all of this other apostate religious stuff, especially in Europe, and simply gnaw it to pieces.


According to John, the east not only had a body resembling a leopard but had feet like a bear. Can’t you see the spirit of the bear or the old Medes and Persians there in the Middle East being engulfed into this last day system. The creature had a mouth like a lion. That doesn’t mean the beast speaks from this area in which the old Babylonian Empire came from. No, remember to keep the setting in Rome but the fact the mouth was likened unto that of a lion shows it also carries or embraces within its structure all that the Babylonian Empire characterized as well as the spirit of the old Babylonian Empire. See, that completes the cycle of territory around the Middle East and by that hour what comes out of the mouth of that beast will not only be blasphemy, he will rule the prophetic world exactly as did that old Babylonian system! The spirit of the lion characterizes the Babylonian system.

John continues by saying in verse 2, and the dragon (note this is the same red dragon which is the power of Satan symbolized in that great celestial vision shown in Rev. 12), gave him (the beast which is that earthly system seen embracing countries, peoples, races, etc.) His power and his seat (meaning power and authority). Note, Satan did it and the world embraced it! We know nothing good can come from it, because it is of the devil!


Satan’s purpose is shown in verse 3. And, I saw one of his (seven) heads as it were wounded. Note it was not one of the horns which had been wounded but one of its heads that had somewhere in the past been wounded unto death but had now recovered. Recall the beast only had seven heads and over each head was written the name blasphemy. Which head had been wounded? The seventh head of course! It was the last form of government to ever be formed on the beast. Recall the last form of old imperial Roman government was so weak it was taken over by the Catholic Church who ruled supremely from the 9th-15th Century. This is what was wounded but in Revelation 13 it had recovered from its deadly wound. A study of European history during that period shows it was none other than church government ruling Europe in the final stages of the Dark Ages, Jews have a much better history of themselves than do the poor gentiles. It is all because of what the power of that church system had done.


Therefore the wounded head which is now completely healed in verse 3 is none other than church government blended into the old political Roman system of government, and the pope setting in the city of seven hills called Rome was holding the reins of the last form of the old imperial Roman government. It was he who now drove the chariot through the streets during the 9th-15th Century and embraced that blasphemous title! Let any king rise up during that period against him and he simply would call a strike and paralyze that country until the king submitted to his authority.

Now get this picture in Revelation 13. There comes a day when God says, Satan I am going to allow you to get back in your own driver’s seat of authority for a while. Since I am going to restore my own church back unto her original position, I will permit your wounded head on the beast to be healed. What was the wound unto death seen on one of the heads of this beast? The wound unto death carries a two- fold meaning. It was both spiritual and natural.


First, let’s examine the wound from the spiritual aspect. From within the very college of Catholic monks within the 16th Century came a man named Martin Luther who was well versed in all Catholicism stood for. Feeling so wretched Luther searched deeply for reality that could satisfy his soul and give him a peace of mind, God spoke to him—–Martin Luther, turning to the scriptures, settled this truth in his heart, wrote his 95 thesis and nailed them onto the church door at Wittenberg, Germany, turned and boldly faced the multitude standing nearby saying, this is what I have against this ruling church system! Therefore with the sword of the spirit Luther began whacking and preaching his new revelation–the just shall live by faith. Throughout Germany people rallied to his cause. The king of Germany rallied to his rescue, defying the pope to do to him what he had done to John Huss and other reformers who had earlier tried to pick up the sword of the spirit and contest his authority. With the preaching of Luther, God gave Catholicism a terrible whack with that spiritual sword. Luther’s preaching put a spirit of boldness in people. His teachings had no sooner began burning in people’s hearts when along came John Calvin and again with the sword of the spirit he, too, drove deep into that system.

Next with the sword of the spirit came Zwingli and Knox and still others. By the time you reach the 18th Century Catholicism had already received a considerable lick or wound in the seventh head by the sword of the gospel. This deadly wound in the head simply indicates the papal power was losing its grip over European life!


In 1787 God dealt this system a blow she will never forget! Napoleon Bonaparte who sought to establish a French empire could never rule the world as he had hoped. Nevertheless, because the power of the Catholic Church was detested, despised and contested by practically every loyal king in Europe by 1787 France, under Napoleon, being the powerful nation that she was, sent Gen. Berthier to Rome to arrest the aging pope. From the hour of 1787 no pope would be allowed to sit in the same position of authority their predecessors had! The old man arrested was brought to France and placed in prison where later he died. A younger man was placed upon the papal throne and from that hour up unto around Word War I, although they still retained ecclesiastical supervision over the universal church and wherever possible pulled political strings nevertheless, the power of the church was in no position to tell any nation what they could or could not do. European nations at least for now were free of this dictatorship and now with this new found freedom they enter into what is known throughout Europe as the period of great colonization within many parts of the world. But one thing was for sure, the seventh head on the beast now wounded unto death did not remain in charge. Each nation was free to do as it chose.


However note, shocking as it may sound John saw in Revelation 13, when that beast rose up out of the sea and came upon dry land, its head wounded unto death had now been restored and healed! When was this healing on this head to take place? It is healed in the latter days of the reformation as God closes out the gentile dispensation. During this time God had restored back his end time people to the revelation of truth as it was taught in the early apostolic days wherein they could be a part of the true bride of Christ. During this same period of time he had also restored Israel to her homeland and at the same time was resurrecting this old Roman beastly system! Slowly restoring back to this system that same governmental rule, restoring back that same chair of authority seen in the dark ages restoring back to that same city the recognition of prestige it once commanded wherein it will once again speak as it did in the final stages of the Dark Ages with Satanic influence.


Since the turn of the century and especially after World War I, more and more nations began sending their representatives or ambassadors to the Vatican to represent their nation until today most nations of the free world has one there. For years very few ambassadors were present however since World War 2 even the U.S. has placed one there. Now all Western Europe has one. I want you to know the papal office could not heal itself, God allowed Satan through time to do it. While the gentile world struggles for peace and many new pressure points are constantly arising, economic pressures are everywhere and at the same time God is restoring Israel. All this together has rocked the gentile world. Slowly it has caused nations under the guiding influence of that Satanic spirit described as that which was and is not but shall come up out of the bottomless pit to once again characterize itself back within that same old seventh head system of Rome. The day will come when kings, potentates and politicians will not just go to the Vatican for a blessing, NO, the hot-lines in that day won’t be between Washington and Moscow, but between Washington and Rome.


What is the magnetic drawing power that draws such men as Dr. Henry Kissinger and world dignitaries of foreign nations to constantly pay visits to Rome in their world travels? Caesar Augustus or Nero is no longer in Rome but there is a man there called the Pope who these dignitaries know has his agents all over the world and should they find favor with him he could be of great assistance in their peace missions. Throughout Protestantism today men write tracts warning the world that Dr. Henry Kissinger is the antichrist. They feel it is proved by taking his name and breaking it down into the Roman Numeral system and see it comes out to 666, yet Kissinger IS NOT THE ANTICHRIST! He may have sold Israel down the drain but HE IS NOT THE ANTICHRIST! Soon he will fade into the background, yet the antichrist is soon to appear.


Thus by the hour Rev. 13:4 has reached complete fulfillment, this European beastly system once again headed up under the Vatican for authority and leadership will be come up out of the sea and come into its full identity. It will again be headed up under that last form of government seen ruling the old Roman Empire (seventh head carrying that compound meaning.) Thus all those previous territories Rome once ruled will once again through certain political world conditions and other maneuvering be again placed back into the hands of Rome wherein that spirit of Satan will execute his purpose. Remember verse 4 declared they worshiped the dragon or the devil who gave power unto the beast system. And they worshiped the beast saying, who is like unto the beast. Who is able to make war with him? The beast in that hour will be a mighty combination of European and Middle East countries ruled from Rome. Yes, that is what the prophetic world will be saying concerning the beast because the prophetic world has looked and longed for an hour of utopia, a haven of peace and tranquility. Those without revelation, those who have never been born again can’t help in that hour but worship the devil seeing they will be totally unaware of what they are doing. Little do they realize Satan has funneled them into his great trap as that apostate religion will be in control of the reins of the government. None of this trap applies to the bride of Christ seeing she won’t be here in that hour of the last 42 months on earth when he is given a mouth speaking great and blasphemous remarks.

Verse 5, There was given unto him a mouth speaking great things. (Daniel also saw this and recorded it in Daniel 7), And blasphemy and power, John said, was given to him to continue 42 months. Which is none other then the last half of Daniel’s prophetic week. Recall the beginning of the prophetic week itself was introduced to the world strictly as an hour of cooperation and according to Daniel 9:27 will be a period lasting seven years.



For a few moments let us examine that period of time in connection with the day we live, seeing mankind is rapidly approaching that hour of the initial opening of that final prophetic week in Daniel’s prophecy. No, we are not to understand it in the light that when the world has finally reached such an earth shaking hour, they all hurriedly come to a conference table and decide to set up some kind of trial program which will last for seven years to see how well it works. That’s not the picture. God alone will be the timekeeper during those years involving this peace treaty. Moreover, it is God who permits certain world shaking events to transpire in order to bring the frightened world to the opening of that prophetic week. God alone caused mankind to reach an hour. These world shaking events soon to transpire all causes mankind to realize if he is to survive, something must be done.

Therefore to the conference table they come and around this table they work out their political problems, their monetary problems and their military problems. All representatives of the various nations reach one conclusion, this had to be the only solution. Let us accept and adopt it! Therefore, after drawing up a charter, all representatives including Israel place their names upon it. Seeing, Dan. 9:27 declares he makes a covenant with many (nations). When that hour arrives that the by-laws of that charter has embraced, when the last signature goes on that charter, when the antichrist has made his covenant with all the nations including Israel, it will be God alone who will be the timekeeper on all this who begins his stopwatch to ticking off the last seven years of time. Because seven years from the signing of the covenant everything will be brought to an end. Recall, it was God alone who kept the prophetic time record on all these other 69 prophetic weeks. Only the prophecies themselves spoke of it. Nowhere in human history were charters or time pieces devised whereby the Jews could regulate his hour of expectancy in looking for their Messiah. It was only concealed in the prophecies. God watching the duration of those 483 years and seeing the 69th prophetic week drawing to a close, never had any rabbi stood up in the synagogue and declared, Jews, these 69 prophetic weeks are over. Likewise, as it had only been God himself who knew when that 69th prophetic week of Daniel’s prophecy reached it’s climax, so will it be with this final period of time. A Persian King made a decree wherein the Jew should return and rebuild the city in troublesome times, however, once that decree was made, a decree which set in motion those 70 prophetic weeks there was absolutely no other record kept for the duration of those 69 prophetic weeks. God alone had kept track of that prophetic time. Likewise will it be God alone who knows when and where to start the clock of time ticking off the last seven years of time.

The devil within that final week of Daniel’s prophecy will be worshiped and mankind will never be the wiser. Rev. 13:5 declared he was given 42 months which is verified by Daniel 7:25 which declared, And there was given unto him time, times and a half of times which is actually the last half of that seven year period wherein he, the antichrist, will stand out as that beastly man, the world’s false prophet all have looked forward to.


Verse 6 declares he opened his mouth in blasphemy against God. No, he isn’t standing there cursing God, that is not the picture. He is very religious and is looked upon as the world’s religious holy man, yet the scripture declares he blasphemes God. It is simply the fact he is to obtain titles and attribute virtues of authority unto himself, such as being the vicar of Christ, etc. He blasphemes God in using God’s name for carnal, perverted purposes. That is what this religious system has always been guilty of doing, twisting the word of God, hoping to use the authority of the name, to perpetuate and execute all these things. My friend, if you have a Catholic background just remember, I am not preaching at you because I want you to know the remainder of this chapter shows the hour is coming when apostate Protestantism will be as devilish and filthy as Roman Catholicism ever was.


Yes, the scripture said to blaspheme his name, his tabernacle (his church) and them that dwell in heaven. What could that mean? The Roman Church has never cursed angels. Those in heaven simply mean those who sit together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus. No, the Roman Church doesn’t curse the dead. They spoke against (the living) every protestant reformer (when he was alive) and during those Dark Ages spoke against everyone who left the confines of the Catholic establishment to follow one of these reformers declaring they were heretics and unfit to live! No wonder in that dark hour will she once again speak exactly in that same manner. That has always been her way of existence and her way of remaining supreme as a system! She did it in Europe during the Dark Ages before being wounded! But being wounded through the power of the reformation she lost that voice. However, the hour is coming that, that powerful voice will be again restored unto her. Every soul refusing to bow to her dictates, once she takes over the reins of world government, will be ridiculed beyond measure. Because verse 7 says within that 42 months he blasphemed God, his tabernacle or church as well as those which dwell in heavenly places. Note, it was given to him during that period to make war with the saints and overcome them. And all who dwell upon the earth shall worship him whose name has not been written in the Book of Life.

Who are these saints that are refusing to worship him? Are they the bride saints? No, the bride has already left the earth when the last 3 ½ years began. It is none other than a true picture of those poor foolish gentile virgins shown in Matthew 25 who were left behind after the true bride has gone to glory. These are the gentile saints being butchered. That is why Rev. 7:9-17 and especially verse 14 pictures that great (slaughtered) multitude standing before the throne and before the Lamb having already been slain, clothed with white robes and palms in their hands. They were the great multitude who came up out of the great tribulation period (the angel told John)and had washed their robes and made them white in the blood of the Lamb. Yes, these had been left behind after the bride left and during that 42 months they would not bow to the dictates of the antichrist, therefore he made war with the saints and overcame them as power was given to him over all the prophetic nations of the world.


No, that antichrist system is not communism! It is religion propagated and executed under the name of Jesus Christ. When a religious system will publically execute through capital punishment any person refusing to bow to its dictates and do it in the name of Jesus Christ, wouldn’t you think they would be speaking blasphemy against that holy name? No apostle ever killed anyone in the name of Jesus Christ simply because they wouldn’t become converted. Yes, according to verse 7 during that 42 months he makes war with the saints has nothing to do with the bride saints. In this hour the bride has already gone to glory. To overcome them during that 42 months means to destroy or physically kill them. The power given him over all kindred, tongues and nations is that of the Western world, not the Orient or Far East.


Verse 10—-He that leadeth into captivity shall go into captivity-meaning during that period he who is ordained to go to prison and suffer ridicule for the name and for the faith to which he has been testifying, will certainly go to prison. Recall, Christ in Matthew 25 spoke of those who had been in prison during that period of antichrist rule saying unto the sheep nations, I was in prison and you visited me and to the great nations saying, depart from me ye cursed into everlasting fire, I was in prison and you visited me not! Yes, he who is predestined to go into captivity will surely go into captivity. All those rebellious people who refuse to walk in the light of that system will be gotten rid of for John continues saying, for he that killeth with the sword must be killed with the sword, showing if you try to defend yourself that is exactly what they are going to do to you. Truly it will be a terrible hour because verse 10 closes by saying, here is the patience and the faith of the (tribulation) saints.

Keep your eye on that beast John saw coming up out of the sea, because already in Europe it is now rising! For 30 years they have been trying to mold those ten horns together. NATO, the military effort of these European nations, combined with the support, manpower and military force of the U.S. is an effort to bind Europe together militarily to protect themselves against Russia and communism. Beloved, God has permitted Russia to become the scarecrow. Their fear is, one day Russia will invade Europe militarily.

Momentarily we leave this European beast rising up out of the sea and listen to John describing another beast coming up out of the earth–note, not out of the sea. This shows this beast comes from a different geographical area of the earth. The one coming out of the sea signified Europe and the Middle East and was built around the Mediterranean. Don’t move your setting for that beast away from that locality, however, the other beast came up out of the earth; came up out of a continent of land unassociated with the Mediterranean Sea. As a matter of fact, that continent had not even been discovered in 96 A.D. while John was in prison on Patmos. From 95-96 A.D. we have better than 1400 years to go before the discovery came that this planet was round. About the time God was preparing his signal for the beginning of the reformation, he allowed a little Spaniard to receive a revelation the earth was round, and he was ready to prove it. The beast coming up out of the earth, we note, had two horns like a lamb but spake like a dragon. Recall, the dragon was the spirit giving power to the first beast as well as his seat and authority.


Through that same beast system all people worshiped the dragon (devil). Here we see that same devil speaks through this two horned lamb! Verse 12 declares this beast ecclesiastically will exercise all the power of the first beast. In what way? He causes the earth and them that dwell therein to worship the first beast whose deadly wound (on his seventh head)was healed. Remember this healing was none other than the restoring back of the papal power. The earthly lamb beast having two horns in most characteristic. The earth lamb beast represents an area of land housing many people. While it is true America was discovered about the time of the Reformation are you aware that when the Reformation within the old European countries reached a certain point bringing religious freedom to the European people nevertheless because there still remained such a power of these horns in the government of Europe over the lives of their subjects, God knowing the church could never survive in its true biblical sense as long as the people had to inhabit such an environment as that, opened up a new continent for them. To this new land came both protestant and catholic. At first America never resembled what John described here. She was full of beautiful wilderness, etc. Perhaps the religious freedom she offered was unmatched. Her statement based her federal laws upon the Bible. In its original birth the lamb was pure. Her Constitution granted mankind religious freedom. No, in her early hour America never spoke like a dragon. She wouldn’t do that until her purpose had been served. America the land of freedom has sold out to the devil! She never desired to conquer the world as certain European nations had. She was a wonderful little lamb that all nations could play with. She never desired an empire of her own but God made her into one.


Let’s watch the land beast speak. Remember as it began to sell out from its original purpose that was the hour America began to move into her final prophetic picture as shown in our hour. The lamb will begin to speak like a dragon. That is, will begin speaking with the same spirit, the same vision and with the same purpose of that which is going on in Europe. Watch this lamb at work. Verse 13, And he doeth great wonders so that he maketh fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men. This of course is scientific miracles.. The lamb beast was so powerful it could call fire down from heaven. John lived in a day when they didn’t even have muzzle loaders, let alone rockets, atomic and hydrogen bombs. He lived in an hour when all you saw was swords and spears. Had you lived in such an hour and suddenly seen in the spirit rocketry, blazing streaks of fire and such things in the heavens which you had never known before, how would you write about it? No doubt just as John did. He placed what he saw in the best language available for him to describe the scene. And this lamb beast could call fire down from out of heaven in the sight of men. That is the rat race today, who can gain military supremacy in space? Use space platforms or a moon base with rocketry? All this is the final stages of some power being able to master the universe and eventually control the earth. The U.S. is that lamb. True, Russia is also in the race but God in his own hour will take care of that!


Verse 14–And deceive them that dwell on the earth by the means of these miracles which he had power to do in the sight of the (European) beast or first beast. Why does the lamb beast do this? It is the lamb beast’s way of saying to that first beast, don’t worry we will protect you. Why did Dr. Henry Kissinger recently tell NATO officials we will stand with you at any and all cost?


We realize America doesn’t have an Army large enough to guard Europe against a Russian invasion. Military officials realize if ever there would be a confrontation over Europe with Russia, European survival would depend entirely upon America using her scientific military weaponry. America has a new missile which Russia in their arms pact negotiations has desperately tried to talk America out of producing. It is a missile that can be carried on converted conventional aircraft and is so deadly once launched, because they can streak through the air only a few feet above earth below radar detection. Its capability of carrying atomic warheads when zeroed in on a target can tear a huge city to pieces. No wonder there is detente, but it isn’t working, it’s nothing but a political sellout. Negotiations signed between Russia and America isn’t worth the paper they are printed on!


world council of churches

Watch this land beast, because somewhere in the near future, it is going to say to all them dwelling on the prophetic earth that they should make an image to the beast which had the wound by the sword and did live (seventh head completely healed). That is exactly the spirit that has come right out of America. Prior to World War 2 it identified itself as the World Council of Churches. Somewhere man began to realize that Protestantism was too divided and uncooperative while European Catholicism wasn’t divided. Therefore a spirit in America began to say, we must unify, blend our efforts, our motives, our finances and our vision together because after all see what Catholicism can do since it is not divided. If we Protestants would do the same look what we could accomplish. Therefore out of America, out of apostate Protestantism was born the National Council of Churches of Christ consisting of a membership of better than 40 million church going Americans.


Within the framework of this unity of Protestantism comes the backbone of the World Council of Churches, an effort and unity of two former councils sponsoring a drive to unite Protestantism throughout the world. The strong arm of the World Council of Churches comes right out of America. No, not all the people making up the World Council comes from America, of course not! But just as the American dollar built Europe after World War 2, so has the American church treasuries been used to sponsor every organizational effort that has been carried on within the World Council. Therefore you can’t help but see how the wealth of this one nation has rebuilt and restored that beastly system. No, it wasn’t America’s purpose or vision to restore a beastly system in Europe, certainly not! It was simply America’s way of helping Europe reconstruct herself out of those war torn years. America’s spirit was, let’s prove our loyalty and stand with them at any cost against the threat of communism from Russia. While proving our cooperation economically, politically and militarily as a nation of united states who always blended their efforts together, we longed to see Europe catch the spirit and blend themselves together as states united because that is what America is. However when such a thing happens in Europe you are going to see a beast system that has been long prophesied! We wanted them to look at us and catch the spirit of what it could mean for them to be united and working together in cooperation. Therefore, in this fashion America definitely helped unify Europe! That is exactly what this lamb beast of America has done for 30 years. Thus in that framework of thought while from the political side America is building a beastly system in Europe, from our religious structure in the country America has been building an image to that first beast, seeing the World Council of Churches is well on its way of reaching its ultimate goal in becoming that image to the beast with the wounded head.


What does scripture declare that this image (World Council of Churches) will begin to do once it is brought into full focus via the lamb beast? Verse 15-And he (America) has power to give life unto the image of the beast, meaning that through the spirit of the devil that was coming up through the U.S. as she began to sell out from her original God given purpose and turn herself over to the devil, that same devil began to come right up into the structure of the church system and deceivingly say through bishops, clergymen, etc., you must now all cooperate together! Beloved, this image is on the road and is speaking from America!


Who, during the war-torn years of Vietnam, put up the most criticism? The clergy of course! Slowly religions are working to entwine themselves in their apostate condition into the structure of political government. Read verse 15 and watch what this image does once it was furnished life by the land (lamb) beast. That the image of the beast should both speak and cause as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed. That is exactly what will happen in the hour of antichrist as the image works in complete and full cooperation with the seventh head on the beast which was wounded unto death but is healed. Do you realize when the Spirit of God leaves religion it is an open invitation for the devil to take over? Even now notice how cruel religion can be. Let a man of God receive a true revelation and begin preaching it, every organization of apostate religion will condemn it, ready to tear that man to pieces. That is minor compared to what it will do once the antichrist becomes head of it!

Verse 16-And he causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand or in their forehead. And that no man might buy or sell save he that hath the mark or the name of the beast or the number of his name. Here is wisdom let him that understandeth count the number of the beast. It is the number of a man and his number is six hundred threescore and six.


Vicarius Filii Dei - 666 - The Mark of the Beast

For the remainder of the message I want to discuss with you somewhat concerning this number of 666. Recently I read a tract written by an ex-catholic priest who listed the title the pope attributes to himself as Vicarius Filii Dei (Vicar of Christ) as 666. Vicar meaning God’s personal representative on earth. That is blasphemy! You can’t be a representative unless the Holy Ghost is in you. When Paul declared God had chosen him to reveal his Son in him that wasn’t blasphemy. However, when the pope declares he is the representative of Christ on earth and does the things he does, it is blasphemy! Because that is not the Holy Ghost speaking, it is the devil speaking to deceive mankind. Thus when the Roman title Vicarius Filii Dei meaning the Vicar of Christ worn in his crown is broken down into Roman Numerals it adds up to 666.


Through the years different Roman generals and leaders whose name, rank or title of office has also added up to the same but remember, the world had not reached the hour that all other systems of man were to be climaxed and culminated and submitted into an hour when 666 stood out. For instance, a hundred years ago we had no such things as Social Security cards, telephone numbers or credit card numbers. Babies in hospitals were known by names, not by a number as they are today. There were no computers, yet by the time we reached the mid 20th Century various nations of the Western world began to devise methods of personal identification. No, the Social Security card number is not the beast. As years passed phones became more numerous therefore they soon devised an automatic hook-up to by-pass the local operator. This was a system operated electronically by impulse going into the switchboard. Then arrived the hour a person in one city could call a friend in a distant city, directly on the same frequency of four letters, but the area he lived in had to be identified different from this, therefore placed in front of the friend’s number were three digits to represent his area. As the system grew, in order to by-pass cities as well as long distance operators they now break the states up into identified areas, a certain segment of the state is recognized by a three digit code.

It is all a modern progress of a modern communication. I am using this to illustrate a point. Adopting the area code by-passed the long distance operator. Today as we make our call, the first three numbers (the area code) as it is called, reached the state, the next three numbers places us into the particular city of the state we are calling and after that comes the person’s own individual four numbers and the call is completed.


Take the Social Security number for instance. Once in had become more numerous, the country finally adopted a code whereby everyone born is automatically given a social security number. The first three numbers is a three number digit coming into a fast age of quicker communication, quicker identification, it is all done to simplify matters in keeping records. You can’t write a name on a card, place it into a machine and expect it to begin clicking. But you write a name and add the correct number and see what happens. We are rapidly being brought into an hour when nations of people are brought into an identification of a number system. It is the highest peak of modern technical achievement of identification. Babies in hospitals are automatically assigned numbers and the computer knows each of us by a number, not by a given name.


I did not know this until recent years but as NATO began to work in a cooperative hour with the European Common Market after WWII and the Common Market being the economic (trade)structure within the same area of NATO which is the military structure, that within those NATO nations, as they began to cooperate for a unity economically and sell their products among NATO nations which eliminates tariffs and such, during this time they began to adopt a number and did you know the number they adopted as they began to trade among European Common Market nations was a three digit number—–get this, that number was 666. It began appearing on many trade items. 666 is that three digit number of NATO and the Common Market nations! Many license plates in Europe today somewhere carry that number 666. When Egypt reopened the Suez Canal which had been closed since the six day war, the first ship to pass through was one bearing this Common Market number, 666. 666 identifies all nations working in the unification and cooperation of the European nations.


While true, 666 points toward the number of a man, yet I want you to know when that particular man comes on the scene and is introduced to the world and his numerical number is 666, are you aware he will not have to tell the world economist they will have to adopt an identifying system, Absolutely not! That identification system will already be here. In that respect he won’t have to suggest one thing, it will by that hour have been worked out. No, the pope won’t have to run for election, he is already destined! There will be many numbers within the whole numerical system, nevertheless, all the numbers that are tied into his beast system will be tied into the three digit number 666. When that crucial hour of the beastly system has arrived in full force, 666 will be linked to all other numbers. Scripture declares it is either received in the palm of the hand or forehead.


Today nations are working rapidly on a cashless society. An article appeared early this year in a leading Canadian paper which proclaimed Canada the first nation with the capacity to go cashless and told how she intended to proceed on this course. Once it was set up, the money saved yearly by this procedure was unbelievable. The credit card era will be short-lived. Already grocery stores in various parts of the country are being hooked up to the computer system of local banks. People working in industry no longer will have to receive a check. Through the computer system, places of employment computes to the bank a certain amount of money for that individual, store chains are hooked up to these banks by the same computer system. When you go to the grocery store you will note products today carry computer marks. Cash registers are becoming completely different. When your purchase is added ,whatever your computer number is for the bank to operate, that number is fed directly to the bank and okayed. The computer automatically takes the total of your purchase from the balance of your account and no money is handled.

We understand the purpose of all this is to prevent the possibility of fraud. A mark is being devised to rid the possibility of fraud. They claim this mark is placed on the flesh by a laser beam, a mark which cannot be seen by the natural eye but is registered through the computer once the individual stands before it. This allows only the person the use of the computer number to which it is registered. Beloved, I am not saying this is the beast, but I am saying we are at the end. All these numbers will eventually be funneled into this number 666, that is as far as you can go! It lets me know when the hour arrives for the beast to fully come on the scene, every monetary system will already be tied into it. Every political program will be monitored and tied into it. Even the operation of your military forces within the western world will all be channeled through a system which is all tied to the beast and headed by the antichrist.


The hour is rapidly approaching when the silver coins will vanish from the scene and you will no longer see the dollar bill. You will no longer see this modern means of business transaction. Can you not see how all this will make it more to the advantage of the antichrist in his hour to head a world monetary operation? How simple it would be to send out a decree that except a man wear a mark of a number and be identified with this certain system politically, religiously and economically, he couldn’t buy nor sell! What an advantage that would be over human beings. No, God won’t allow the world to last long under that kind of system, because when we turn to Revelation 17 and having about reached the end of that 70th week or be within the last half of the week when that evil force has killed or run off all who would resist its evil, God will turn that communistic spirit loose on her.


That is why the angel took John into the wilderness and said, Come here I will show you the judgement of the great whore who sitteth upon many waters. John saw a beautiful woman sitting on a scarlet covered beast, the same beast portrayed in Revelation 13. There she sat, decked in scarlet, the royal color of the Vatican as well as the color of the Roman cardinal body. She was decked with all kinds of precious stones, gold, etc. As he gazed with great admiration, John caught himself admiring her, but while gazing upon her as she rode this European beast, she turned toward John and he saw some writing in her forehead, the writing was MYSTERY BABYLON, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS! No, she wasn’t one of these cheap women of the streets, she worked her profession among the wealthy and social class. She flirted only with the kings and wealthy.


John was told to watch her judgment. There she sat on this beast in that hour riding all over the prophetic world and as John watched her, he saw ten horns fastened to the head of this beast suddenly reach up and begin to rip and tear her to pieces. NO, it wasn’t the nation called Russia tearing her to pieces, it was a communistic spirit within her own ten horns over which she had been riding for centuries of time that was ripping her to pieces.

Today Communism is rapidly on the rise in Europe. Italy is being greatly undermined by the communistic forces today. We are at the end! All these things are pointing to that hour.CHURCH UNITY IS ABOUT COMPLETED, ALL WE NEED IS ANOTHER WORLD SHAKING EVEN TO TRIGGER A TRANSACTION AMONG THE NATIONS AND HURRY THEM TOGETHER! WHEN THAT HAPPENS BELOVED, YOU HAVE THIS TERRIBLE THING ON THE STAGE OF TIME!