The Seed of the Woman

Rev. Raymond M. Jackson

Gen. 3:15 





 Turn with me to Genesis 3 where we will be discussing a subject concerning what all was accomplished once Christ was manifested upon earth. It is a touchy subject involving the seed of the Serpent.

 Some try to write off what actually did transpire within the garden, yet are you aware the whole world walks under the effects of what DID happen there to the garden! Eve never ate an apple! Apple trees and all other bees of vegetative life present In that garden are still with us today, however, no where In the world can you find a tree called either the tree of life or the tree of knowledge. Therefore, this lets me know you are going to have to begin reading by revelation between the written lines, because whether you believe it or not, here in the garden of Eden is where sin began. Going into Romans, Hebrews, as well as 1st John, we will deal with sin as we see God dealing with sin down through the ages. Modern man has tried to rule out the very fact, such a thing as sin existed. 

In Genesis 3 we are told what the garden has within it, and all about the trees, etc. The language of Genesis 3 confuses many people – Therefore they argue declaring that what did actually happen simply couldn’t be right. You have to have a revelation of it. 

Gen. 3:1. Now the serpent was more subtil than any beast of the field, No, he wasn’t a writhing reptile here, he was in a sense the form of man, but he was not a man in the sense as being the son of God (as was Adam) He was a physical creature possessing intellect. He could talk and carry on an intelligent conversation, which showed he had vocal facilities. Scientists have proven no human being evolved from the monkey because he does not possess a vocal box like that of a human being, therefore this leads them back to some missing link. May I say, it was never meant for man to find the missing link in a test tube. It was only to come through the word of God by revelation unto his true and chosen ones. 

 Continuing on in verse 1, he was more subtil than any beast of the field which the Lord God had made. And he said unto the woman, “yea, hath God said, Ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden? Verse 2, And the woman said unto the serpent, “we may eat of the fruit of the trees of the garden.” Now isn’t that strange, a woman and a snake carrying on a conversation.. Oh,  but it is not a serpent as we know today! This serpent that approached Eve was not the devil. No, Lucifer, that angelic spirit which fell from God’s presence to become the devil, fell somewhere prior to this hour seen in the garden. As Lucifer fell, he drew out a third part of the stars, which actually is a third part of those heavenly spirits with him which make up his imps and cohorts. Each one of these fallen spirits is a devil, yet in respect and relation to Lucifer they are very minor. According to Isaiah 14, Lucifer was called the son of the morning, and in Ezekiel 28 was called the most anointed cherub who at one time had been perfect In all his ways until iniquity had been found in him. Jesus declared in St. John 8 when speaking to that religious bunch of Pharisees, Ye are of your father the devil. No, in their physical makeup the devil had certainly not conceived a one of them. Each of them entered the world through the natural physical route, but what Jesus had reference to in saying this was concerning their spirit which motivated them, making them think they were right; Jesus said, Ye are of your father the devil, and the lust of your father ye will do. For he (satan) was a murderer from the beginning. 


 Listen beloved, Cain killing Abel was by no means the first murder, No. Satan himself was the first murderer. He had to commit a murder somewhere in order to be condemned out of the category of the Lord’s righteous angels because notice, when Satan enters the Garden of Eden he is already a fallen angel. Therefore the serpent talking to Eve is by no means the devil. The serpent before his fall, as a physical creature was much in physical identity or likeness unto man. Yet standing somewhere in the background was that spirit (the devil) waiting to take a slap at God. Satan moves upon this serpent creature and by controlling his Intellect, his impulses, and emotions, begins to inspire the serpent for this terrible thing which is about to take place. And it is all the devil’s way at getting back at God by ruining his picture. 

Atter the serpent stated what he does, the woman answered, “we may eat of all the trees of the garden”, meaning the peach trees, apples, pears, oranges, etc; But concerning verse 3, may I say to any human mind who desires to say the trees mentioned here are of the same nature and relationship to those natural tree shown in verse 2, YOU ARE WRONG! 

 Under the inspiration of God, Moses wrote the first five books of the Bible. By inspiration he received the law and was instructed how to build the tabernacle, build it according to the pattern shown in the heavenlies. If Mows saw the heavenly pattern in order to know how to build the tabernacle, then I am persuaded in writing the first five books, much of it was history of their hour, recording the events that Israel had just passed through. Yet Genesis goes back and brings up to date the time of Israel’s departure from Egypt – Therefore God inspired him to write the record of history. 


 Verse 3. . But of the fruit of the trees which is in the midst of the garden. God hath said, Ye shall not eat of it, neither shall ye touch it, lest ye die. Verse 3 shows the woman has already stated what would happen if they ate of the tree of knowledge. Verse 4, And the serpent said unto the woman ye shall not surely die: For God doth know in the day ye eat thereof your eyes shall be opened and ye shall be as gods knowing good and evil. In a sense he is telling her the truth, but he is telling her this to benefit a wrong motive! Now God (not gods) does know the difference between good and evil. Remember there is only one God, not a plurality of gods! Satan, inspiring the serpent creature, would certainly like to get this thing into a trinity, wouldn’t he? Yes the serpent told the truth, but it is truth presented to deceive by, because we know for them to know the difference between good and evil, it certainly won’t be to their good, will it? 


Verse 6 . . . And when the woman saw that the tree was good for food … Critics will ask why is all this worded in this manner? The answer is simple. God allowed It to be worded that way to cloak the whole story until the end of time. And when the woman saw that the tree was good for food, and that it was pleasant to the eyes, and a tree to be desired to make one wise, she took of the fruit thereof. and did eat, and gave also unto her husband with her; and he did eat. 

 The question can be asked, what did she eat or partake of? The serpent, this manlike creature, introduced to her the use of sex, strictly on the pleasure relation basis. The serpent, since he could talk, was influenced to approach Eve and discuss this thing – And I want to say, this subject in its original plan of God was one of the most virtuous. holy, and sacred things in the whole universe! It was God’s divine route and means to propagate and bring his family into existence. Adam was not born like that because there was no man. He was the son of God! Yes, within Eve’s body there was a perfect law of conception to set up and take motion In Genesis. Moses said the serpent beguiled her! Did not the Apostle Paul writing in Corinthians tell also that Eve was beguiled? When writing to Timothy, Paul stated how the woman was not to teach nor usurp authority, but was to be under subjection, because Adam was not in the transgression, BUT IT WAS WOMAN! Transgression means to have gone beyond the limits or stepped across the line. It was God who drew a line and said, don’t step across it for the day you do, YE SHALL SURELY DIE! 

 Notice, the serpent never approached Adam, the headship of creation. No, he approached Adam’s helpmate because it would be through her a law would operate, as to when a sacred relationship between Adam and her would be performed, for the sole purpose of God bringing the two together for conception of producing children.

 The devil comes along and through his serpent creature stands on the other side of the line, tempting her In cross over the line.The woman, having not crossed the line as yet said, this is what God said, But the serpent standing on the other side of the line says, now wait a minute, That is not so for God knows that the day you eat thereof you shall become as gods. In other words, woman don’t you want to be wise? Finally this serpent caused her to cross the line as he Introduced sex to her for pleasure. To her she knew the tree of life in its original makeup was only to be partaken of at certain times and that would only be when God said so, and then it was strictly for the production of children. 

 This serpent was a creature who looked like man, having an intellect much like that of man, yet was not man in the sense of being the son of God, as was Adam. Nevertheless, he had a capacity to talk and communicate with her, and he introduced this act strictly for pleasure. In actuality, the woman committed fornication with the serpent, becoming a transgressor to the perfect original law of God. She stepped across the line! Certain people like to hammer the woman down saying, Adam did no wrong. 

Don’t fool yourself! Remember, the Bible never said Adam had to eat It! And when the woman saw that the tree was good for food, and that It was pleasant to the eyes. and a tree to be desired to make one wise, she took the fruit thereof and did eat. 

(Here carnal minds always say, see, she had to eat of plant life. Just hold your seat and we will test your revelation to see whether it be of God or not. Just for the sake of argument we will say she did eat plant life. What then did she eat? Every tree of plant life that was in the garden is on earth today.) And did eat, and gave also with her husband with her and he did eat. Now if you say sex is to be the order then where did she do wrong in going to her husband? It was all because the act had been introduced for pleasure. Remember, it was only for God to bring the two together for the Sole purpose for then, to express their love to the other, yet it is also the heavenly creator’s way of perfect conception. 


When Eve approached Adam, do you think she said, hon, let’s make a baby. That was not in the question, yet I want you to know there is going to be two babies born. No sir, she approached him, let’s make love, let’s have a little fun! Adam probably asked, woman what have you done? NO! Adam did not give into her on the first approach. Because, in Paul’s writing to Timothy he stated, Adam was not in the transgression, meaning he was not enticed to step across the border. Adam was certainly not beguiled! Being the headship of this earthly creation he was too smart for that. Romans declares the first man was of this earth earthy, Before Eve was ever taken from Adam’s side, Adam knew exactly what it meant to be fruitful, multiply, and replenish the earth. Therefore it wasn’t the serpent coming to him, it was his own wife, but remember, he was not beguiled by his wife. Not at all! Romans 5 plainly tells it through the disobedience of one, many were made sinners. In what way were many made sinners? Adam disobeyed God. Disobedience means to refuse to obey! 

Yes, you could say Adam stepped across the line, but when he did it wasn’t because he figured everything would come out alright – Oh no, he knew it wouldn’t! Adam stepped across the line and on his part. It was strictly an act of disobedience. 


 Let’s go back to the garden but remember the Bible is not specific in every word and all of its approaches, nevertheless, Eve was beguiled. Oh yes, the serpent told her the truth, but it was only to seduce her, to deceive her in order to defile her and commit this pleasure relationship which was fornication and that began the first act of fornication in the whole human race! When she obtained this knowledge she had already been beguiled and everything had become so turned upside down for her, she hardly knew anything. She could not help but come to her husband with this knowledge. They are the only two creatures in the garden. We do not know the entire conversation that transpired between Eve and her husband, but he probably said honey, you realise what you have done, I can’t do that, You know the Lord said we would die and as he talks to her, she knowing there is no way she can possibly step back out from under the penalty of this probably said, but honey I don’t want to die by myself. Here were two people confronted with the greatest test any two people has ever endured! There lay the decision of what would be the destiny for the entire human race. On and on, she probably begged him. Picking up Paul’s revelation in Ephesians 1 we note how God had predestined us in Himself before the foundation of the world, therefore we can begin to see how Paul could write in Romans 8 saying that the creature was made subject to vanities not willingly, but by reason of him who subjected the same in hope In other words, as Adam listened and looked toward the future, he couldn’t see any further than the end of his nose, yet remember he wasn’t beguiled nor misled. He looked at the whole scope about him. Me, living by myself, NO! If she is going to die, I will die with her!

 Beloved, it had to be somewhat like this in order for Paul to declare in Romans 5 how Christ had to take upon himself the same. Adam set the type of Christ, who is the seed of the woman and came into this world born of woman, yet perfect in the essence of flesh. However, he was made in the likeness of sinful flesh in order that in his fleshly body he might bear the sin of the entire human race. Why had God done this? Because as God looked down upon his fallen creation he didn’t want to be alone. He still desired a family of children. Therefore clothing himself in human flesh he came down in the likeness of man, come In the Likeness of sinful flesh and took upon himself the same that he might die with us in order to redeem us (his bride) back to himself. See, even in Ephesians 1 all this was in the mind of God. Before ever there was a star; moon; or anything, this was all in the plan of God! No, it was not a question of whether Adam was deceived or beguiled, it was a decision he had to make, SHALL I DIE WITH HER? God, who created Adam. could have created him another helpmeet, couldn’t he? But had he done so, God’s beautiful plan of salvation could never have been portrayed in the manner it was. That is why you must read between the lines. Therefore, as Adam partook of this, we must remember he did not do so because he was beguiled. OH NO, he knew the very moment he committed this. He wasn’t saying to Eve, let’s have a child – That wasn’t in his mind at all. Let’s make love for pleasure, So they did. When it was all over, not only Eve is guilty, but Adam, also Adam is the head of creation, therefore everything that goes on in the garden, he is going to be held responsible for. The minute their little love act is over they realize they are naked. 

In Genesis 2:21-24 we find Adam’s first statement after he awakens  from his operation and see that beautiful woman taken from his side to be his helpmeet (which according to some teachers would mean helping Adam call children from the ground) was a prophecy concerning the role of woman, this is bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh. She shall be called woman because she was taken out of man (watch closely, this is before the fall.) Therefore shall a man leave his father and mother and shall cleave unto his wife and they shall be one flesh! In what manner does any young couple become one flesh other than through their offspring produced from their bodies through an intimate relationship – there the two has become one flesh. Simply being a husband and wife does not make one a mother or father… an offspring from their union must be produced first! How can a man refer to other creatures of the same species as father and mother except he be their offspring? Paul, picking up this same line of thought in Galatians 5:22.23 admonished the wife to submit herself unto her own husband as unto the Lord seeing she represents the church. He instructed the men to love their wives as their own bodies saying, he who haveth his wife loveth himself for no man ever hated his own flesh but nourisheth and cherisheth it even as the Lord the church, as we are members of his body, of his flesh and his bone. Then Paul refers directly to Genesis picking up that statement of Adam’s prophecy concerning the role of womanhood and repeats it!

 Now beloved, it is impossible to take a separate man and woman making them become one flesh without somewhere first a sexual relation has been Involved!! Paul continues by saying, this is a mystery but (actually)  I speak concerning Christ and the church, nevertheless let everyone of you In particular so love his wife even as himself and the wife see that she reverence her husband. Having recorded this, may we analyze it. Paul referred to Adam’s statement which was his first recorded conversation and dealt strictly with a prophecy concerning the role of woman… how she would become a mother! Is it not strange that Adam and Paul both spoke of husband and wife becoming one flesh? Paul was using this to type Christ and the church nevertheless the question still remains, how could two separate persons become one flesh (before the fall) without a sexual act being involved, it simply cannot be done! Recall, Adam speaking before the fall indicates his line of prophecy concerning woman and her role in producing children had to be in line with God’s divine program, seeing they knew only good as evil had not yet been introduced by the serpent. On the contrary it was concerning that original plan to fulfill Gen 1:28 – Be fruitful and multiply How did God originally intend to fulfill Gen. 1:28 If it was not through the sex act? Their temptation came around the very calling and purpose for which they were placed in the garden – BE FRUITFUL AND MULTIPLY AND REPLENISH THE EARTH.


 The becoming one flesh indicates since Adam knew no evil In the very beginning it was God’s original intention or plan for man to leave father and mother who had brought him Into the world through this relation and now choose a woman for wife whereby he might reproduce himself, only with the original act, that sexual relation inspired and led of God would have produced a child full of eternal life instead of death as all are new plagued with since the original act had been tampered with in the Garden. Imputed death travels only through the bloodstream, thus the sperm of life makes contact with the egg and life instantaneously springs from that conception. Today we find that germ or Gene of life to be filled with death. imputed only by the transgression or fall In the Garden.

However, had there been no sin, no transgression, no tampering with the divine law of God pertaining to bringing human life Into the world at appointed times which would be regulated by the divine law set up in the woman’s body. God would have brought the young couple together, the art would have been performed for no other purpose than that original ordained divine purpose and plan of God to fulfill Gen. 1:28 in producing himself another son or daughter and since there would have been no death flowing in the bloodstream because of disobedience at the time the act was performed that seed from the father would have been holy and would have been one full of eternal life, not life which would remain for only a period of time and then be cut off! Neither would there have been any remorse or guilt in any fashion over the act. Childbirth would have been most simple, bringing forth no pain, no depressed feeling—and Certainly no death. The point is under the original plan each child conceived whether boy or girl would have been filled with life eternal seeing death would not have entered into the picture.

 Thus from Adam’s prophecy concerning the role of womanhood we see Adam knew God’s original plan and purpose (or woman when he stated man would leave his father and mother who had produced him into the world for it is now time that he should take unto himself a wife and fulfill the obligations for which purpose they were brought Into the world becoming one flesh and producing God another son or daughter thus fulfilling God’s great commission, Gen. 1:28 given to this first couple long before the fall • BE FRUITFUL, MULTIPLY, AND REPLENISH THE EARTH. The shameful part is that this original, holy Plan never came into effect because before Adam could come unto his wife to perform this she was already defiled! This replenishing the earth would only have been accomplished under the original plan as man without condemnation or guilt would know his wife and she without any pain and suffering would bear a child and in that child would have been attributes of both father and mother in their perfect original state as God had created Adam and Eve in the beginning. 

 However we are aware today as has been seen throughout the ages that man does not have to cleave to a wife in order to use that original divine sexual plan for some purpose other than how God proposed it in the beginning. He may use it strictly for a pleasure act with no thought of bringing forth life. Such was the basis upon which the serpent introduced the act into Eve • strictly for pleasure. As was true In the Garden at certain periods of time that divine law placed In woman’s body placed in her physical makeup and placed there long before the fall once that law has been tampered with during these seasons of life conception takes place and life springs forth. Therefore I repeat, the major differences between the original plan of God for fulfilling his commission through the young couple’s life in I Gen. 1:28 (be fruitful and multiply) and how It was actually fulfilled or accomplished was for altogether another purpose PLEASURE! Since the fall woman according to the scriptures has become In more susceptible to conception than before seeing God increased her periods of life. Gen. 3: 16. Cursing the woman for her part in the original act of sin. God told her he would greatly multiply her sorrow and conception, didn’t he? Indicating to multiply her periods of conception meant she already had something there to multiply • Eve was able to conceive before the fall In sorrow thou shall bring forth children and thy desire shall be to thy husband and he shall rule over thee. Note, before the fall children would have been born minus the pain, discomfort or suffering • pain and suffering death came with the curse!

 Shame on the critics who say she ate an apple! Apples are eaten with the teeth and nothing went into their mouth! You know this is not the true story. For the sake of the critic, let’s say she did eat an apple. We realize the eating of the apple is merely a substitute of mankind to evade the real issue, But had they ate fruit from plant life, let’s see where it got them. Some fig trees were close by with good size leaves and realising they were naked Adam took a bunch of fig leaves from the tree, which is plant life, and made them both a covering. Notice where both plated those fig leaves — AROUND THEIR LOINS! Had they eaten some fruit of plant life which is taken in through the mouth, why then did they not cover the mouths instead of the part of the body they did cover? The very thing they did was what got them into trouble. Note where they hid, going deeper Into the garden they hid behind the trees of plant life. Placing fig leaves about their loins they hid themselves behind trees of plant life!

 When time had arrived that God would visit them in the cool of the day, they heard the voice of the Lord God walking to the garden coming to fellowship, And may I say, God is also walking in the evening time, talking to certain people telling them exactly what happened there in the Garden. It is his way of communicating. Thanks be to God because he sent that seed of the woman (Christ) to make it possible that we could be reconciled from the course of sin and death and be given the promise of eternal life and the resurrection from the dead. If that Spirit of God is in you here In the evening time of church history, it shows he Is again walking among mankind seeking hearts who will fellowship with him. 

Hearing the voice of the Lord God walking in the Garden, they hid themselves behind trees. Suddenly this omnipotent, omnipresent God who knows all things knowing what his children had done calls out to Adam. Sure he is fully aware of what has been going on but he calls out to Adam because he placed him at the head of creation – Perhaps the serpent Is off somewhere now since the devil has gotten off him, wondering why he did such a thing. God never spoke first to the serpent who was to blame. He never called Eve first even though she had been beguiled but he spoke first to Adam the son of God who was hiding. Normally Adam would have been waiting for him. Oh, I don’t want to be hiding when Jesus comes. I want to be waiting for him, I want to be ready and listening for him. God said, Adam where art thou? Hands shaking and voice trembling Adam knows he cannot hide any longer. He said, we are over here. Why are you over there, you used to meet me over here? We found we were naked and hid ourselves. Note the whole conversation is to Adam. He did not have to do it, but he did, anyhow Adam disobeyed God; Adam went contrary to God’s law, willingly and with all knowledge of knowing what It would cost him. 


God said, Adam hast thou eaten of the tree of the forbidden fruit? Adam began to pass the buck. Man simply will not face up to the fact of his own responsibility! Looking at his little helpmeet, Adam said, this woman you gave me, she gave me to eat. Nobody made Adam do that, he made the choice! Eve looked at the serpent and said, he deceived or beguiled me. He made it sound so good. She wasn’t pointing to a snake, she was pointing to an upright creature. Notice, the Lord God looked at him and did not say what have you done, he said CURSED ARE YOU! He cursed him placing him on the end of the line of animal creation. He put the serpent out there where the snakes are! Remember, it is not every snake out there that is the serpent. There are many species of snakes yet no two species will cross. But out there somewhere is one of those little fellows who is that serpent who crawled off on his belly. The question can be asked, did the serpent have a mate? Sure he did. Recall when God made the animal kingdom he made them male and female. What happened to his mate? She went with him You say, I don’t believe that — when Korah and  the others withstood Moses in the wilderness Moses said, separate me these fellows, and recall, their families stood there also and were slain.


Several confusing things have been in people’s minds concerning this creature Adam called the SERPENT. (1). The SERPENT was not the Devil nor (2). Was It the Devil who spoke through his vocal chords enticing the woman. The serpent speaking in Gen 3, carrying on that intelligent conversation with the woman. informing her that much knowledge could be gained from partaking of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil and that God had simply been holding out on her in keeping this good thing from her … was not the devil as some have believed! No Sir! Neither was the devil: who is a fallen arch angel and now captain of all evil forces speaking through this creature’s mouth called the serpent in Gen 3. Rev. 12 12:14 does refer to the devil at the closing of the Gentile age as the serpent. However Satan is not the serpent spoken of here who carried on such an intelligent crafts conversation and had the Intimate relation with the woman. instead this is none other than a fleshly creature in many ways resembling man? Who like all the other creatures had a knowledge of sex seeing he also had received a mate to reproduce himself and according to Gen. 1:21-23 had been commanded along with the others to be fruitful and multiply! In creational rank this creature stood next to Adam possessing greater ability than the other creatures God had made and no doubt had he behaved himself, not permitting himself to become inspired of Satan to look upon his boss’ wife in a manner unbecoming and not ending up in the terrible curse, losing his first position, he would no doubt have contributed much to a society filled with godliness and righteousness.

 Having cursed the serpent, God now approaches Eve who is next in line. An article I read recently stated the tree of knowledge was Eve having a sex relationship with the serpent, therefore that made him the tree of knowledge. How ridiculous! He was not the tree of knowledge, Because were he the tree of knowledge then who, I ask you, was the tree of life? Both trees stood side by side in the midst of the garden and God said you can partake of the tree of life, but the day you eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt surely die. If the serpent was the tree of knowledge then the tree of life would also have had to be a man. They arrive at this theory because in many cases in scripture men are referred to as trees. No, the serpent was not the tree of knowledge, the tree of knowledge was to use this sex act for pleasure. It brought knowledge of the difference between good and evil. The tree of eternal life side was that it was to be used strictly for the purpose of bringing children into the world. The animal kingdom doesn’t even live like man does, they live together strictly for the purpose of having offspring. That Is God’s perfect law. They never sinned therefore they have no condemnation, but I say the relationship between man (son of God) and woman (Daughter of God) was a higher nature, therefore it was more holy and sacred because that origInal act was to produce a true son or daughter of God in the likeness and knowledge of God and his image. 


  A word to you who still think these two trees were some fruit-bearing trees – recall, back in Gen. 1 God had mentioned nothing about the Tree of Knowledge or the Tree of life or that they should reproduce themselves, when he said let the earth bring forth of every herb bearing seed after its kind. If they were natural fruit trees they would also have to reproduce themselves after their kind! ln other words, somewhere there would have continued to be a tree of knowledge of Good and Evil; Nevertheless, as he does begin to express, act or bring forth all this, man is already well situated to begin his habitation within that Edenic environment. Now it is here we begin to hear God say to Adam, every tree that is pleasant to the sight and good for food, you may eat of it -his physical existence or his survival would depend upon the fruit of the trees. This didn’t mean, however, man had to eat to live or he would starve. It simply reveals God in designing man had so designed him to be able to eat or consume food. I’m glad God made man to do something as well as be something. Although he did make us to eat, he never made us to become gluttons, did he? The beauty of it Is God made man to be and do something, not merely to exist as a myth or to float around. ln other words, it is not mind over matter (some Christian Science Theory) What an unscriptural theory! lf it were like that we would all be made up of mind. That theory is, I don’t actually exist. I only think I do. WHAT NONSENSE! Perhaps that is the way many of those people think, but I believe I exist and I believe part of me is also matter.

 So, the serpent was not the tree of knowledge, he simply introduced a wrong act. Isn’t that what the world is running on today? They are not teaching in the colleges how to have a baby, they are trying to brainwash out of them the moral concept of morality and dignity, purity and the sacredness of this thing. In actuality they want to laugh at God; they want to spit at God; they want to defile marriage and tear it to pieces, they want to turn man and woman free to live like the most debased degenerate masses of humanity. The animal kingdom would turn their noses away from that. At one time colleges would not allow young men to get within 300 yards of a woman’s dormitory, but today they let them sleep together! Don’t tell me the devil isn’t wanting to slap this whole human race to pieces and bring it down to a total physical and moral ruin before he has to leave this world! He is taking his last stab. He defiled Eve, but he wants to disgrace them today. 


Verse 15 … And I will put enmity between thee (the serpent) and the woman. Now that actually existed as the two were still in the garden. Even though the serpent was cursed and stripped of his hands and feet and went upon his belly, that woman, Eve, knew him wherever she saw him, because she saw him go in the form that he was. Why do people shudder today when they see a snake? It Is because somewhere there is instilled in man that disgusting attitude that somewhere out there in that reptile family is That serpent, But The enmity goes much deeper than that. I will put enmity between thee and the woman and between thy seed, (we are talking now about seed) I will put enmity between thy seed and the woman’s seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel. Now if this seed of the woman is going to be an offspring, why then would some want to declare that the seed of the serpent is not also going to be offspring too! How could you say the seed of a woman would be her child and yet the seed of the serpent would be something completely unrelated to life in like manner. Seed here in this case is closely related. I, (the Lord) will put enmity (difference) between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed, it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel. The words head and heel are two outstanding words in the final climax. We know this deals with the blow Christ received at Calvary. Also at Calvary Christ gave a death blow- to the devil who was the instrument behind the serpent. 

Watch! How does a person kill a snake when he does not have a weapon? He will raise his heel and strike the snake a crushing blow on his head. Many times his heel will be bruised for days, he will be limping. That snake will die, but the heel will get well. Do you catch the expression in it? The seed of the woman shall bruise thy head. No, it won’t die right then but the blow has been struck and time will bring death. The blow it took to crush its head will also bruise the heel of the one who administered it. He would suffer a bruised heel. This was the death that came against Christ at Calvary which sure separated life from the flesh. But I want you to know, three days later he walked again! 

Looking at the enmity that was here, the difference, this would not all come out until the perfect seed of a woman would come, because as we go into the ath chapter a Genesis where outside the garden it states — Then Adam knew his wife Eve and she brought forth this son who they named Cain and she said. I have gotten a man from the lord. Why is it worded in the Bible like this? That child who was called Cain was not even related to Adam. This seed was conceived in the womb of Eve while she was still within the garden and it came from the serpent who committed a pleasure relationship You say sou don’t believe it When she went to her husband and begged turn to eat of the same, he did and the conceived of his seed. That was the gene that brought forth Abel her womb. 

Why is this book of Genesis called the history of the genes? Why doesn’t it say, the history of the apples? Genesis is the origin or start of progress.

 Outside of the garden was where she gave birth, she had twins. You may not believe it is possible for this to be done, but it is! Such cases are recorded in medical history today! God is allowing this degenerate generation today proves exactly what took place in the Garden 6000 years ago. He intends to let his children know exactly what this thing is all about. 


 It has become a medical fact throughout different parts of the world that women have committed such acts and each story involves an immoral relation. Each medical case I have studied over the past 10-15 years was where some woman yielded herself to an immoral relationship. One case was in Sweden, another France, still another in Arizona. From all over the world these reports are coming. Every case was where some woman gave herself in a close relationship of time to two different men and these men had separate physical characteristics. In most cases the fathers of the children did not belong to the same race. These cases have a medical term called SUPERFETATION AND ARE FAR MORE RARE THAN QUADRUPLET BIRTHS. This is what happened here. There was a wrong act committed and here the penalty that comes OUT of it. Abel was the keeper of the sheep and Cain was a tiller of the ground. He had the nature of his daddy. 


Concerning the first child that came forth from outside the garden she said, I have gotten a man from the Lord. Well, that is exactly the route he came. The law of God created that baby, didn’t it? So she did not tell a lie, But note, she never said it was her seed. Adam never claimed him as his own. Cain is not even in the genealogy or descent of Adam when Abel came forth he was the son of God but because Adam committed the act for pleasure even though Abel started from a gene from the loin of Adam became of that disobedient act of Adam. God imputed death and sin into the very gene of Abel the day you eat thereof you shall surely die! Death was imputed into Abel the very moment he came forth from his mother’s womb. It would not have been so had not this thing started out in the light it did. Had the serpent kept out of the picture and the two waited for God’s law in Eve’s body to work, when the time came for them to eat of this same act – only of the tree of life or tree of eternal life – she would have presented herself to Adam saying, it is time for us to make love and God would have smiled upon this. From that conception which would have followed, a little child would have been conceived in her womb and the little child to be born would have been perfect, having eternal life, having no death, no imputed sin! But it did not begin that way, it all started out on a pleasure basis. 


 Others will contend – but God will forgive. Yes, He will forgive but that act carries a penalty and to show you there is a penalty look what your poor father and mother did in the garden and even today you are still bearing the Stain of it! Notice how David in Psalms 51:5 shows we bear the stains of that act – in a statement involving himself and his own mother, David said I was shapen in iniquity and In sin did my mother conceive. This has been most confusing to many people • just what did David mean, was he saying he was conceived in fornicauon? What did he mean by, “in sin did my mother conceive me?” Was David’s mother and father not legally joined together as man and wife? Certainly they were! However since Adam and Eve used this act for the purpose of pleasure instead of God’s divine purpose in bringing forth another person full of eternal life into the earth and using this act before God’s time. What did it cause? It brought imputed sin and death into man’s blood stream. Think of it that which could have been eternal life flowing through the veins of man, now has to be death, And it is through this act that life which is in the blood is transferred from one generation to another because the seed of man and egg of woman is full of death. Therefore seeing the rune has ban placed upon the human races bloodstream it now becomes impossible during this life to be able to fulfill any part of the Original law of life or tree of life although this act still remains to be the act of relationship, It cannot produce anything now but death!

 Nowhere within one human being lies a pure gene of life or pure egg, therefore in order for Christ himself to be born full of Eternal Life God had to create both, a perfect gene and egg! Hence Psalms 51:5 could in no way apply to Christ, for he was not born in sin for had he been in his blood there would have been death there Instead of Eternal life. Although Hebrews 13:4 declares marriage is honourable in all & the bed undefileded, nevertheless because at that Imputed sin penalty of death, it still remains impossible for any woman to conceive by her legal husband and bring forth eternal life because eternal life is forever blocked by the presence of sin and death in the bloodstream, thus every child including David was shapen in iniquity meaning the very moment that little fetus begins forming within the womb of its mother because of that heredity law sin was immediately transported Into his life and the very act itself carries with it the death penalty for every conceived individual! Therefore when David said I was shapen in iniquity and in sin did my mother conceive me, he had no actual reference to the act itself, only to that sin and death which was present when the act was committed which conceived him. It Is the act Itself which brings forth life but it is a life brought forth that is condemned to die, and its only hopes eternal life lies within the atonement work of Jesus Christ who was brought forth under the law of the tree of life. He being the only righteous branch that tree or law has ever produced and to produce this perfect son from a perfect gene and perfect egg, God chose a virgin womb, and we are truly grateful for that one perfect man who was born of woman, but born under that perfect law or tree of life showing it was God’s original purpose to use the sex route to produce eternal life. God permitting him to be born of woman without sin making him eligible to be able to do something for all of us who without our content came into life, through conception, shapened in iniquity and born in sin waiting only one alternative and that was once sin had finished its course it would bring forth death! This new born of woman, same as all the rest of us, came and walked on our level, tested in every way which pertained to his calling and purpose. Yet knew no sin, tasted death for each of us who were so full of death • that we might be made the righteousness of God, reinstated with God for eternal life! Nevertheless. as far as our fleshly body is concerned the work of its redemption must wait until the resurrection, however that does not mean we are not already sons of God. As John the Beloved stated in I John 3:1-2, “Beloved, what manner of love hath the Father bestowed upon us that we should be called the sons of God, therefore the world knoweth us not because it knew him not. Beloved, now are we the sons of God and it doth not yet appear what we shall be but we know that when he shall appear we shall be like him for we shall see him as he is. And every man that hath this hope in him purifieth himself even as he is pure.” (See our message on MANIFESTED SONS OF GOD) 


 Did not God say I will put enmity between thy seed and the woman’s seed? Time continued on until they came to an age when each one begins to give an account to their creator. One day Abel realized sin was present. Romans 5 declares, through the disobedience of one man, Adam. sin passed upon the whole human race, for all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. Therefore sin and death reigned from Adam right on down to Moses. But even then when Moses’ hour came and God gave the law, sin and death still reigned on because the law of Moses made man know where sin lay. Actually the law was what made sin alive because the law brought out the holiness of God and showed the evilness of man. Therefore the day arrived when Abel knew he must offer sacrifice because he was in the image of his daddy, Adam, the son of God. He has an imputed death penalty and sin attrIbuted to that. therefore if he is to worship God he knows he must offer sacrifice for his sin wherein God will accept his attitude and worship through that sacrifice. 

Remember it wasn’t plant life that brought sin! Abel had a revelation from God that it would require blood, something from animal life. There wasn’t anything closer to man. No where did God ever accept plant life sacrifice! If plant life is in the question, why wouldn’t God accept plant life sacrifices? From his flock Abel took a lamb, built an altar and slew It. It lay there dying like Adam should have, yet God allowed him to live long enough to pre-generate a family.

 Cain watched Abel, his half brother, who was engulfed and lost in this new experience as he offered by revelation, by faith, a better sacrifice and God accepted it. Why did not Cain the firstborn have access to the promise? He was not from the loins of Adam! 

Cain feels religious, he wants to worship also. Therefore he went into the field and brought in plant life. He sat there with his offering which God refused to accept and as time went by he became madder and madder at Abel. Finally God spoke unto him – Cain, knowest thou not it you do good you will be accepted. But to do good meant go bring the right kind of sacrifice and approach and worship me through that. Do you think he could bring the right kind of sacrifice? NO! He could only do what his daddy had. His daddy (the serpent) had been made and designed by his creator to work and till the field. The original man, Adam, would never have sweated from his face. The serpent God gave them would have done the physical labor and work in the field. Therefore since that was the capacity of the serpent and the role of life he would have played, he could not help but pass that on to his offspring, his seed who is Cain. So Cain brought his plant life to sacrifice, but God would not accept it. This all begins to prove plant life was not the question and it was not the cause of sin, because all down through the centuries God has never accepted plant life in any fashion or form as a substitute or means of sacrifice. 


As the days went by do you think Cain ever got over this? NO! He became jealous. One day in the field he rose up and slew Abel. That was the first murder committed this side of our garden. AND BEHIND IT WAS A DEVIL! Cain was the seed of the serpent, yet he came from the same womb as Abel. It made them half brothers but Abel was the seed of the woman and was the son of Adam, who was the son of God. 

Take that Into Genesis 4 and you will see Eve didn’t have any more seed until much later and when Adam again knew her and she conceived bringing forth a son, calling him Seth. Then she said, God hath appointed me another seed. No, he was by no means the perfect seed because as we shall see this perfect seed was none other than Christ, who Paul in Romans 1 declares is the seed of David, and in Hebrews 2 declares him the seed of Abraham, the one ordained to undo all that was done in the Garden of Eden.

 Before examining that in the New Testament, there is still two things I want to bring out in Genesis 1. Bear in mind, had the serpent not been cursed and placed out there in the reptile family where he today crawls having lost all of his original identity, that serpent would be tillling the ground as God originally intended he would! I am fully aware rnan religious people will say. the Siete doorsill read like that This goes to prove often times a truth has to be • revelation If you are looking for the Bible to say that the serpent was made to till the earth, NO, you won’t find that. Neither will you find any place where the Bible condemns smoking cigarettes, But the Bible did say, what, know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost! If any man defiles the temple of God, you know what the Bible says. What does that have to do with cigarettes? When you meet with the facts, you know cigarettes are harmful to the health, aren’t they? I wonder what religious people said in the day of Paul when he says in Thessalonians for this we say unto you by the word of the Lord, that at the last trump of God, the dead in Christ shall rise first. etc. But the Lord himself shalt descend from heaven with a shout and the voice of the archangel and the trump of God and the dead in Christ shall rise first. I wonder where Paul got that? Religious people could say, well the Bible doesn’t say that! Recall, their Bible back then was the Old Testament and you won’t find anywhere in the Old Testament where that was said! But Paul knew the Old Testament and he sought the face of God in respects to the age of grace. God gave him a revelation that at the coming of Christ, the Lord himself would descend from heaven, for that is why he could say, this we say unto you by the word of the Lord, inspiration!

 Therefore I say, the serpent being placed at the head of the animal kingdom and being the most subtil of all animal creatures was made for no other purpose than to do the physical toil and work on the earth. Adam would never have had to do any hard work, because he was a God man. Nevertheless because the serpent did what he did and Adam did what he did, God cursed the serpent and put him hack there on the tail end or the animal kingdom, and today he has no arms or legs whereby to do that work. 

What did God do when he cursed Adam? God said to Adam, because you have done this, cursed is the ground for thy sake, Thorns and thistles shall it multiply and in the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread till thou return unto the ground. For out or the ground thou wast taken, dust thou art, and to that thou shall return. That is when death shall have its effect in the physical body of Adam. Yes, that serpent was definitely a creature originally made to do the servant type work. That is why God gave him a vocal cord; But again if you are looking for those exact words you won’t find them.

 Now, let us bring that over into mankind today. Did you know ever since man was driven from the garden 6000 years ago he has been trying to find a servant? For thousands of years since the garden, mankind has made other men to be their slaves. This shows within that carnal nature man received he still looks for some to do his physical labor. But I am so glad it is prophesied that through the seed of the woman all of This will be erased. One more comment on Cain – Recall when he brought his sacrifice, because he was the actual seed of the serpent, he could have no better revelation than what the serpent was made for. The fact that Cain being the seed of the serpent though Eve was his mother. Cain knew just enough that he knew he should worship God and he must bring a sacrifice, But because he did not have Adam’s nature In him, it was impossible for him to know what to bring. He could only act on the impulse that he inherited from his daddy the serpent because he is going to fulfill his daddy’s nature. If that is what the son brings, then It lets me know his daddy would have known all about those things.


 Most important, we have seen what it produced spiritually by weakening the Sons of God line – it destroyed their ability by revealed faith to contact God. Gen. 6 4, “There were giants in the earth in those days (also after that) Notice you find no mention of giants in the earth until after the Sons of God came In unto the daughters of men and began producing offspring from these unions. This alone should prove Cain and Abel could not possibly have been full blood brothers. That production of giants proved beloved a great genetic lines became greatly disturbed. Over a period of generations prior to the flood giants came forth! Through this process the devil’s purpose was to wreck God’s entire motion by multiplying a new breed of man upon the earth and harnessing it for himself. These giants were born after the sons of God came to the daughters of men. Gen. 6, “And they bore children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.” Renown means they had attained to a great world famed name, yet none of those men’s name appear in scripture-

Scientific geniuses existed in that day the same at in our day, such as the scientist who became famous recently for creating artificial gene in a test tube. Were God ever to permit these educated scientist giants of today to continue this pace, the day will come they will be able to compile out of these chromosomes a being made in their test tubes or from some artificial incubator compiling stuff here and there, coming up with some kind of ungodly looking creature called man.” WHAT IS SATAN’S GAME? Realizing he must soon leave the scene Satan seeks desperately to brainwash this younger generation into believing there is no Creator– even Science can produce life- SEE, WE CAN EVEN CREATE A GENE. Today through a perversion Satan tampers with the very beginning of life itself. What was Satan tampering with in the Garden and in Gen. 6, but with the living hereditary gene to weaken that line who had faith in God. 

 Concerning this experiment of science with the gene one states-man in Washington was quoted as saying, then this is the beginning of the end! That beginning actually began several years ago as science realized the rapid over crowded population of the earth and began urging strong birth control laws for the presentation of the human race. It is impossible to feed the people we now have, they say. I repeat, how strange and astonishing that our story began in Genesis with the tampering of the gene. The flood was produced from the results of it and here at the close of the age we again see Satan tampering with the gene of hereditary life making this time an artificial line, one that actually works! What kind of creature called man could it produce when the gene is the very means of transferring the hereditary traits and characteristics from one generation into the next. You see, something produced in a test tube could base no hereditary traits to pass on!

 People will say it is impossible for one gene to cross with the life cycle of another. Yet I say, God permitted this. Remember, man and woman did not eat meat before the flood yet in Genesis 2, after the flood, God said man could eat meat. This shows something had happened within the stomach of mankind. Slowly through time God has been changing certain things, therefore that shows me he permitted certain things. Cain couldn’t help but react spintual-wise like his daddy would have acted. To prove that, today we have two earthly creatures that can cross, yet it is impossible for their offspring to reproduce themselves — because God did not want an original mule in the garden. God allowed the law of reproduction to operate through a donkey to a horse and bring forth an offspring called a mule. having ears like the donkey and kicking like the donkey, but no matter how it tries It can not kick like its mother. Cain could only do what his daddy did since he was the seed of the serpent. And the fact Cain later became jealous of his half brother Abel shows the devil who started this thing causing Cain to be the seed or the serpent through what his daddy did, now has taken Cain over for this purpose.

 Recall, God had said he would set enmity between the seed of the woman and that of the serpent, and naturally in the beginning that enmity was between Cain and Abel. It was portrayed in only a few short years after their birth. The Bible says in I John, not as Cain who was of that wicked one. Adam was not Cain’s daddy, Cain was the son of the serpent! Yes, his Mother was Eve, but Satan had engineered this whole trick to introduce sin to the human parents to get them to transgress God’s original law and to cause God to pronounce sin and death through that disobedience of Adam upon every offspring they would ever have after that. Cain would be used as a means to breed up a line of men who would be that Species in Genesis 6 called, men. 


Note, the two Times prior to Chapter 6 have remained separate. Genesis 6 plainly states through Cain’s line the first murderer of genetic Origin was Introduced. From Cain’s side also came the next murder, a man slays a man in self defense. Some man from Cain’s line got the idea he could have more than one wife. You won’t read that in Seth’s line, the one appointed to be Eve’s next seed, until you come to Chapter 6. Here Satan decides this thing cannot remain like this. As long as the two lines go their separate ways and never cross, it still won’t be the way he wants it.

 So he goes over to Cain’s line. I want you to know it was not the daughters of Adam’s line who began to portray themselves In a seductive manner. NO, it was that bunch of females from Cain’s side because the bible says, and it came to pass, in those days that the daughters of men were looked upon by the sons of God. Actually, church theologians have declared these sons of God to be angels who came down and put themselves in a physical form. What an excuse to evade the issue! 

 It was prophesied before they were driven from the Garden there would be a seed of a woman who would bruise the serpent’s head and in the bruising process the effect of It would also bruise the heel of the seed of the woman. Some people ask why does it say when God drove them from the Garden of Eden he placed an angel at the gate. Remember, it was not a gate made of brick, stone, or wrought iron. God did drive them from the garden and place an angel there with a flaming sword to guard the way, lest at any time Adam and Eve return to the garden and eat of the tree of life and live forever in their sin.


 Now that God has given man and woman this relationship strictly for pleasure and it was an act to be committed now only between a man and his wife. They partook of this intimate relationship and God then drove them from the garden, In other words, they are not going to partake of it in pleasure, and remain In his presence or in his garden and still continue to do the same thing on the basis of eating it off the tree of life and living eternally and bringing children into the world to live eternally, doing the very thing which is contrary to his plan. When God drove them from the garden and an angel stood there with a flaming sword, those original parents lost the knowledge of when and how that perfect law was to have worked. No woman since that day knows exactly when she will conceive.. To further confuse it, that is why he cursed woman’s reproductive organs, not her teeth. He took these periods which she would have had only one period for the purpose of true conception to being life. He took that and multiplied it. In multiplying it he took the knowledge away from her to know when it was to be committed just for the purpose of conception. But I say, you won’t find it such within the animal kingdom. The female deer knows exactly when to accept the male deer, etc. As they walked away from the garden. Eve lost that knowledge because God said, And thy desire shall be to thy husband, meaning from now on you will live in pleasure because you retained the knowledge of it. You can not live in pleasure and live under the benefits of my perfect law at the same time. Therefore, he placed the flaming sword there. 

The flood came and after God took Noah over the flood he gave him the same commission he had given Adam and Eve before the fall, be fruitful and multiply, and replenish the earth. Noah did not need sex education to know what God was talking about. 


 God looked down upon the world as it was time for him to begin to show his plan of redemption. Let us see this promise God made to Abraham. Abraham and Sarah, his barren wife, lived in the land of Mesopotamia. Though barren she could still play the role of being his physical wife. This shows there are two aspects to this thing. To Abraham God said, get thee out of thy country and out of thy kindred and come down Into a land that I will show thee. 

He brought him down into Canaan’s land. (Gen 22) Knowing Abraham’s heart longed for a son, God told Abraham one night to look up into the heavens and count the stars. Your seed, said God, will become as the stars of the heavens, meaning his natural seed, the seed of his own loins. At this point Abraham did not have a son! God continued further with that promise saying he would bless him and his seed would become as the stars of the heavens. That was a promise but God gave it a far flung application. After his seed would become as the stars of heaven. God also said in thee and thy seed after thee, shall all families of the earth be blessed. You know how the story goes, Abraham being about 100 years old, one day saw God in human form walking up the road to confirm that promise, telling Abraham about this time of season next year Sarah would have a child in her tent Sarah laughed in her heart and God with his back to the tent asked Abraham, wherefore did Sarah laugh? Nevertheless, God gave them the promise of a son. That promised son to a woman whose womb had been barren all her life was to set in type the very seed line that eventually one day was to be the very root and lifeline of the seed of the woman to come into existence. Ishmael was already born when Isaac came on the scene. Isaac was actually a type of Christ. From Isaac’s line God pregenerated a line of people who one day would grow Into a great nation. If this promise found in Genesis 23 was to lay in the seed of Abraham as God declared in thee and thy seed shall all families of the earth be blessed, we must see how God intended to fulfill that. Remember, God pre-generated a nation from the loins of Isaac. Isaac begat Jacob, Jacob begat the twelve patriarchs who begat the twelve tribes. This became a genetic race of people and every one in the genetic line were all the seed of Abraham, from the call of Abraham’s seed out of Egyptian bondage under Moses until the day Christ was born who also was of the seed of Abraham, for remember, that is the lineage Mary, the mother of Jesus, was from. We could say Jesus was neither Jew nor gentile, being God in human flesh because his life is God’s life. Don’t forget, his life did not come by the natural sex route of mankind. So likewise, he was neither Jew nor gentile, but God himself. How could he be called the seed of Abraham unless somehow, somewhere there was a physical tie to it! Mary was only the incubator but Jesus the Christ, as Paul declared in Galatians 4, is going to fulfill God’s promise to Abraham when that angel Gabriel spoke to that little virgin woman named Mary, a daughter of Abraham who hadn’t known man though she was engaged to one, telling her she had found favour before God and was going to conceive and have a baby boy whose name would be called Jesus. He would be called the son of God! 

 Now the natural route is for a man and woman to be husband and wife, but because the Bible said in Romans 5 that by the disobedience of one man, Adam, sin and death became imputed to the whole human race, then It is impossible for a man who is the carrier of the gene, life which determines the sex of any child, to produce an offspring that does not have death or sin in it. 

 When this angel spoke to Mary she asked, how can this be seeing I know not man? The angel told her the Holy Ghost will overshadow thee. The Holy Ghost is the Spirit of God, who is the Father of creation. It is the Spirit of God in the earth working with fallen man, wooing and dealing with him to bring him into God’s plan of redemption. So, the Holy Spirit which is the same Spirit of God that moved upon the waters and separated light from darkness and separated the waters from the firmament, etc. .. and did all that in creation was the same Spirit of God which overshadowed that little woman. He took nothing and created a blood cell! Naturally we call it a blood cell, but it was not a cell in the sense of a little red blood cell because that is not the way life begins. That Holy Spirit created the very beginning in that little virgin womb, the very origin of a perfect life child.

 In the natural process when the gene of man and egg of woman are put together it begins to form the fetus that grows then into the stage of pregnancy and later becomes a child in birth. Whether God created a perfect gene and egg or just bypassed that and created the fetus that is immaterial to the revelation. The point of it is, that the angel told her the Holy Ghost would overshadow her and she would conceive. Mary is a daughter of Abraham, that is why her lineage is mentioned in the scriptures. Therefore, because Jesus was born of woman to become the seed of the woman, he was absolutely the Seed of Abraham by promise – But he was perfect in essence of flesh and perfect God in essence of life.

He is the kind of baby every woman would have given birth to had sin not entered the garden where we all had our beginning. God had ordained a means to bring himself another child into the world that has eternal life! That little child would not have known how to be bad. This is why Jesus did not grow up a renegade in the streets of Nazareth, because he is a perfect child! Perfect man! This is why you see him at 12 years of age at Jerusalem in the temple talking to the elders. He told Mary, a woman, know ye not that I must be about my father’s business. Mary hadn’t forgotten what that little woman Anna prophesied over her the day she came down the line while all these women stood waiting for the Rabbi to circumcise their sons. 

Anna, the prophetess, being about 80 years old, spent many days and months at the temple as the Holy Ghost had Promised her she would see the Christ child before she left this world. Here comes Anna right to the very woman and she prophesies how one day something would happen to that child and how it would pierce her heart. How could she help but act when she spoke to the child at 12 years of age and he tells her he must be about his father’s business. There he was! The seed of the woman is on the earth! What is he here for? He is going to fulfill a promise that God spoke to a serpent and a woman 4000 years prior to this! Where one day a man and a woman transgressed and disobeyed God’s law, and that transgression brought sin and death to the whole human race. insomuch Romans 5 declared sin and death passed upon the whole human race that all have sinned, that is, they were born in sin, for all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. 

 Now we see this little child grow up into life. Who is he? He is the seed of woman! What else is he? He is the seed of Abraham! Let us go to Hebrews 2. It was in Romans Paul spoke that through the disobedience of one man many were made sinners. But through the obedience of one shall many be made righteous. So now if many were made sinners by nature and received the death penalty, physical death, then for 4000 years man lived and died in fear of the very thing that he became a captive unto. Hebrews 2:14… Forasmuch then as the children (meaning us, the genetic offspring created children of God from the garden of Eden) are partaken of flesh and blood, he (Christ) also himself likewise took part of the same (that is, flesh and blood). Not that it was sinful flesh and blood. No, it was perfect flesh and blood for it has to be the perfect seed of a woman to undo the original sin that imputed sin and death to the whole human race. He took upon himself the form (the same) that through death which is the penalty added to sin, he might destroy him that had the power of death, that is, the devil! And deliver them who through fear of death were all their lifetime subject to bondage.

 There was an article in the paper recently about how many people still believe in religion. The U.S. and India are about the only two countries that still believe religion is an Important factor in life. Only 56 percent of the American people believe this. The main question is putting religion as an important factor, they believe in life after death. Some who would say they believe in life after death are still looking at it through a wrong understanding because they are not born again. This shows me the importance of times coming at the time he did, to fulfill the promise God gave to Abraham, in thee and thy seed thee shall all families of the earth be blessed. 

 Here we see 4000 years after the garden, Paul a Jew, writing to scattered Jews of Christian belief in dispersion among the gentiles, writing this revelation portraying who Christ was – How that through death he might destroy him who had the power of death, and deliver them who through fear of death were all their life time subject to bondage. For verily he took not on him the nature of angels we will say the display of an angelic being, but he took on him the seed of Abraham. It is strange, though Paul never met Abraham, he could pick up the promise given to Abraham, for Paul knew Christ was none other than that promised seed of Abraham. He knew this Jesus, who he had never seen with his natural eyes, yet met him on the Damascus Road and was sent into Arabia for about three years to study the Old Testament, and there, given a revelation of what he had been ordained to do. Here he is proclaiming it, and sending it to the Jews as well as the gentiles scattered abroad. Paul said that he (Jesus) did not take upon himself the nature of an angel, but came down and took upon himself the seed of Abraham. To do what? So that God through the seed of Abraham, which is Jesus, could now set in motion fulfilling the promise and begin to bless all nations of the earth with eternal life and the promise of the resurrection from the dead. 

So we can see then, this one called Jesus who was born as a little baby, carried into Egypt and brought back, was truly the seed of the woman. Knowing that man is born by natural conception with inherited sin in him and because sin was inherited, death is right there present Jesus knew mankind had lived for thousands of years constantly in fear and uncertainty as to whether there was life after death. But this one, the Lord of glory came down, robed himself in human form, born of a virgin womb, just like all other children born of a womb, but this child was a sinless and perfect man. He was the seed of the woman about whom God spoke back there in Genesis! Because he is God in essence of Spirit and man in essence of flesh, he knows no sin and there is no sin in him.  He is perfect in every aspect, yet because man was born in sin was condemned under it to die, and he faced death with uncertainty, one day Jesus said, no man takes my life – I lay it down that I might take it up again. Only a God man can say things like that. He is the perfect seed of the woman; But did you know when the time came he Introduced himself as being the seed of the woman, he submitted himself into the hands of wicked men. He was willing to stand in the place of every sinful man – between the sins of mankind and a just, holy God that condemned sin to death. Though there was no sin in his flesh he took upon himself (perfect man) the sins of the whole world. We were born with inherited sin in our flesh, and with the penalty of death reigning in our flesh. He is a perfect man and sin is laid upon him.

 When he stood that long night before Calaphas and before that bunch of Levitt priests, and they brought forth all those lies, didn’t you know this was that seed of the woman (perfect man), standing before a bunch of the seed of the serpent! They were condemning him to death. There is that enmity between the two seeds there! At daylight they brought him before Pilate, who finding no fault in him, washed his hands and said he was innocent of the blood of this Just man. By 9 o’clock that spirit of the devil was on a bunch of people who now have a seed of the serpent nature in their souls, and they have no more revelation than Cain did. There they are, they have led an innocent man up Calvary’s hill, who to them was an Imposter and troublemaker, yet he was the seed of the woman? They killed him, but was ordained of God to be that way. He who was the seed of the woman began to set in motion the benefits of Abraham’s promise. He who was to become the captain of our salvation, that he might be made perfect through the things he suffered, on that third day he came out triumphant over the grave and death. That one who hung and died rose again and sent his spirit on the day of Pentecost to dwell in the hearts of people.

 For 2000 years that gospel which is the story of the seed of the woman has been preached that we gentiles might receive the benefits promised through Abraham that would come about through his seed. For he truly was the seed of the woman. He was the seed Abraham, that we might receive the promise of eternal life! 


 Let us go to Romans 1 in closing; Paul writes to the Roman gentile church, though the first converts In This church were Jews who had been at Jerusalem on the day of Pentecost and had gone back to start this whole thing. Basically, in those introduction chapters of Romans Paul is writing to those Jewish Christians at Rome. (ROM. 1:3) Concerning his son Jesus Christ our Lord, which was made of the seed of David according to the flesh. If Paul is going to call Christ the seed of Abraham in one letter, why is he calling him the seed of David in this one? Recall, when Israel returned into the land under Joshua and settled down, eventually they began to desire a king to rule over them. David became their second king and in 2 Samuel 7:12-16 we see a promise that God gave to David. And when thy days be fulfilled and thou shalt sleep with thy fathers. I will set up thy seed after thee, which shall proceed out of thy bowels, and I will establish his kingdom. He shall build a house for my name, and I will establish the throne of his kingdom forever. Naturally we know this was Solomon in the first aspect, but he was not a man who could live forever. And thine house, now this goes to David’s royal seed line and thine house and thy kingdom, (meaning the right to rule) shall he establish forever. The house here promised to David is his royal household, meaning David became the father of a royal line of Israelites. See, God gave to Abraham a promise that in thee and thy seed after thee shall all families of the earth be blessed. That is in the respects of eternal life. This promise given to David is in respect to his lineage. David’s kingdom that God through David has established. Thy throne shall be established forever.

 According to all these words, and according to all this vision, so did Nathan speak unto David David died, Solomon built a temple. Solomon, too, pre-generated children. From that, come right on down through a royal seed line of kings and the last king in that royal line was King Zedakiah who was removed from the throne by the Babylonian king, Nebuchadnezzar. His eyes were plucked out as he saw his own sons slain. He was taken to Babylon to remain as a servant or captive. Ezekiel prophesied there never would be another king sit on that throne. Zedekiah, the last king to sit there of the royal line of the seed of David, was an evil king. Ezekiel prophesied concerning that throne which Zedekiah sat on saying, God would overthrow it until he whose right it was to sit there come, meaning the seed of the woman, the seed of David (Christ) of whom God prophesied to David — he would come whose right it was to rule and reign. Then again would that seed sit on the throne. It plainly states in Micah, as well as Jeremiah along with Isaiah, In that day he shall come and take his throne which is the seed of David and the law shall go forth from Zion and the word of the Lord from Jerusalem. Why? He will sit on the throne of David as the seed of David. Doing what? Ruling the nations for all nations will go to Zion and Jerusalem to worship the Lord of hosts. As they go to see him, he is the perfect seed of the woman in which God ordained that the effects of the original sin and death should be completely atoned for and reconciliation for the human race should be accomplished through that perfect seed. We back it up by Paul’s revelation in I Cor. 15, how God has put all things under his feet, meaning Christ who Is the seed of the woman, the seed of David, the seed of Abraham, how God has put all things under his feet. 

Yet, he turns right around and says, we see not all things under his feet, but we know this, according to Paul’s revelation when he comes in the millennium he would rule and reign until that last enemy, which is death, meaning all the dead bodies of the wicked dead, etc, laying still in the crust of the earth, at the close of the millennium, that perfect seed of the woman had power to call the dead forth from the dust of the earth. When he passed from that millennium throne to that great white throne, that perfect one in which has been invested the authority to call the dead out of the ground, he will call the wicked from the bottoms of the sea, hell, and out of the dust of the earth. When everything has stood before the great white throne judgment, right there is where Paul’s revelation climaxes, for there as the dead stand before the great white throne and they are judged out of the things written in the books, the Bible says, whosoever name was not found written in the Book of Life shall be cast into the lake of fire. 


 When that great white throne judgment is all over, there are no more graves, hell is no more, Everything is in the lake of fire. Then we can see how that God through one obedient man who was the perfect seed of a woman, who was the seed of Abraham by promise and was the seed of David by promise has fulfilled all three aspects. He has brought redemption, not only to mankind but to the earth itself. When death and hell are cast into the lake of fire there are no more graveyards. Everything now that remains standing before the throne of God has eternal life. In Paul’s revelation it says, then shall the kingdom be delivered back up to God the Father, so that God again can portray himself back into creation, back among his redeemed children in the fulness of himself just the way it would have been had sin never been in the first place. Jesus then is our elder brother. He is the first begotten from among the dead, Therefore he holds a birthright. We all fall in line behind Him!

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