Identifying the Antichrist, Part 3

Rev. Raymond M. Jackson

As we ended our April issue we were stating that Jesus Christ was not God in the flesh before He was baptized by John, but He was the perfect Son of God, and before His virgin birth He had no physical existence. Before His birth, He only existed in the mind of the Father, the great eternal Spirit, the Creator of heaven and earth and all things therein. The first age church knew that and so did a lot of those old saints over in the second age. But by the year 325 A.D., Satan had sown so many tares among the true saints, a Roman emperor by the name of Constantine was able to call the Christian bishops together for a council meeting at Nicaea, (commonly referred to as the Nicaea Council) where a trinity formula of the Godhead was voted on and accepted. From that time on, Jesus Christ has been called “The second PERSON of the blessed holy trinity.” The Catholic Church teaches it like that and so does her Protestant daughters, but I am here to proclaim that Jesus Christ is the ONLY PERSON in the Godhead, for the Father is Spirit, and always has been, and what these Trinitarians call “The THIRD PERSON of the blessed holy trinity” (the Holy Ghost) is none other than the combined Spirits of both the Father and the Son, for when the Father incarnated the Son, they became one Spirit. Two intellects (minds) can be detected as you read the gospels; that of the Father and also of the Son, but they are one Spirit. Therefore, the Holy Ghost that consummates your new birth experience, is the blended Spirits of both the Father and the Son. Any teaching that proclaims the Holy Ghost to be the third person of a triune godhead is Antichrist. It is that mystery of iniquity working.


Before Satan could lead the church off into darkness, there were three main doctrines he had to get away from them, the one God revelation, water baptism in the name of Jesus Christ, and the Lord’s supper. All of those saints in the first age had a true revelation of these great doctrines of the New Testament church, and that is why it took Satan so many centuries to pervert them and get his counterfeits accepted in place of them. For ONE GOD who is spirit, and cannot be seen with the natural eye, he substituted a three persons god. For water baptism by immersion, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, he substituted sprinkling, using the titles, Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Then for the Lord’s supper which the true church observed as a memorial of what Jesus had done for them, Satan, through the Catholic Church, has turned it into a monetary gimmick, and through a great long drawn out process, they claim to change the bread and wine into the literal body and blood of Jesus Christ. They refer to the whole counterfeit process as transubstantiation. But regardless of what they call it, it is still Antichrist doctrine and has no spiritual benefit attached to it in the least. As we said earlier, Catholicism says, the blessed holy trinity is such a great mystery no man on earth can understand nor explain it. But I say, one God, in three office works is so simple to understand and explain, that even many little children who have been taught the truth could explain it.


God who is Spirit and not a person, spoke the word and created in the womb of a Jewish virgin an embryo which gained substance from her natural body, and was birthed into the world as any other little baby would be. The thing that made the difference though, was that he did not have in him the fallen attributes of Adam’s race, for he was not begotten by natural man; he was the Son of God. Naturally, without those fallen attributes, he did not rebel against the parental authority of Joseph and Mary, nor get into trouble as other boys do, but in most ways he was like any other child. There was nothing about him in those childhood years that should cause anyone to believe he had any supernatural ability. He was exactly like every child would have been, if Adam and Eve had never disobeyed the word of God. He grew into manhood without anything much being written about him. But at the age of 30 years, he came to the river to be baptized by John the Baptist and when John raised him up out of the water, the Spirit of the Father descended from heaven and incarnated him; from that time on He was God in the flesh. He was still the Son of God from the standpoint of His humanity, but from the standpoint of the Spirit, he was God, for the supernatural Spirit of the Father had blended with the spirit of His Son and now they are ONE SPIRIT, in ONE BODY, and this one person is the only person of the Godhead. The Holy Ghost is not a person; it is Spirit, the same spirit that was in Jesus Christ from the day He was baptized by John. That is why you will read in some places in the scriptures, that we have the Spirit of Jesus Christ in us, and in other places, that we have the Spirit of God in us. It is all one and the selfsame Spirit.


As for Christian baptism, it is supposed to symbolize death and burial to the sinful flesh, so who ever heard of sprinkling a little dirt on a corpse and considering it buried. Immersion is the only thing that can picture burial and that is to be done in the NAME of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost, and the redemption NAME of God is JESUS. FATHER, SON and HOLY GHOST are titles and not a name. These speak of what, not who. In this age of grace, if someone asks, what is the name of the Father, the answer has to be, JESUS. That is the redemption name of God. You can read it in Matthew 1:18-23, where the account of the angel of the Lord appearing to Joseph is given. Mary was to conceive a son, not by Joseph, but by the Spirit of God, (Luke 1:35 also) and his name was to be called JESUS, (Why? Because that name means Savior) because He shall save His people. Isaiah prophesied, “Behold, a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and shall call his name IMMANUEL, (or EMMANUEL) which when it is interpreted means, God with us.” (Not when the child was born, but when the Father incarnated him.) Prophecy speaks of the finished work many times, without filling in the details. That is why it is necessary for the Holy Spirit to open up our minds and give us a revelation. Otherwise, we have the prophecies of the scriptures but no understanding of what they pertain to. That is why the Jews rejected Jesus and would not accept Him as their Messiah; they had the prophetic words memorized and He came to them exactly according to the prophecies, but they did not recognize Him because they were blinded by their traditions. They were so busy doing church work, (we might say) they could not receive a revelation of their cherished prophecies and it is the same way in the Gentile church world today. Without revelation, they try to obey the words of the scriptures without knowing what those words mean. You will not find any place in the book of Acts where those apostles of Christ baptized any one using the titles of Matthew 28:19. Jesus said, Baptize them in the NAME of the FATHER, and of the SON, and of the Holy Ghost, and those apostles knew what NAME those titles belonged to. They obeyed the commandment of Jesus, according to the revelation of that commandment, and not just by the literal word of it. In other words, they baptized in the name of JESUS CHRIST.


When Jesus blessed the bread and wine and gave it to His disciples saying, Take, eat; this is my body, and Drink ye all of it; for this my blood of the new testament, which is shed for many for the remission of sins, it was not His literal body and blood that He gave them, so why would anyone think that these elements should have to be changed into the literal body and blood of Jesus in order to observe this ordinance of remembering His death in our day? Furthermore, the Bible does not even specify how often this ordinance is to be observed. It only says, “For as often as ye eat this bread, and drink this cup, ye do show the Lord’s death till He come.” (1 Cor. 11:26) When Jesus said in John 6:53, “Except ye eat the flesh of the Son of man, and drink His blood, ye have no life in you,” he was using the same symbolic terminology that God used in Genesis 2:17, when he told Adam that to eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil would bring death upon them. The tree of the knowledge of good and evil was not a plant-life tree, and the word eat did not pertain to eating something with the mouth; it pertained to partaking of an act for pleasure that should have been used only for reproduction, as the animal kingdom does. Therefore, to eat the body and drink blood of the Son of man is to partake of the benefits purchased at Calvary by the offering of His body and blood. To partake (or eat) is to believe on Him with a revelated faith. Those words did not even pertain to the Lord’s supper, as we call it. You can eat and drink of the elements of the Lord’s supper every time it is served and still die and go straight to hell, for eternal life is not found just in partaking of that ordinance. He took bread, and used it merely as a token or symbol along with the wine and said, “This do in remembrance of me.” He did not say, Do this and you will have eternal life. Just simply, Do this in remembrance of me and that is exactly what the church did before the Catholic Church took the ordinance and made a mass of it. They made it a monetary gimmick that the priests could sell to the poor spiritually blind souls that looked to them for their salvation. They have perverted every true doctrine of the New Testament likewise, so it is no wonder that their people know nothing whatsoever of the truth and reality of God’s word. Let me say this also, if those Catholic priests really did have the power to turn the bread and wine of the Lord’s supper into the literal body and blood of Jesus Christ, those who would partake of it would be no different than the cannibals of the darkest regions of the world. Think about that.


Another perverted teaching of the Catholic Church is this thing called, The immaculate conception, canonized by them Dec. 8, 1854. This teaching is that Mary herself had to be free from inherited sin in order to conceive and give birth to the sinless Son of God. They refer to Mary as the mother of God, but I hope all of you know that God does not have a mother. He was before everything else. Furthermore, sin is not imputed through the flesh; it is a genetic inheritance. Jesus could not have received anything from the elements of Mary’s flesh that would have marred His perfection. Therefore, being begotten by the great eternal Spirit Himself, and Mary being only the instrument chosen of God the Father to carry His son through a normal time of pregnancy, genetically, Mary was not even the mother of this Son of God. Another thing you need to remember is that Mary was right there in that upper room waiting to receive the Holy Ghost, just like all those other disciples, so forget that mother of God business and just allow Mary to have her rightful place according to the scriptures. The Catholic Church even has a teaching called “The Assumption,” whereby they teach that the body of Mary never did decay, but rather went straight to heaven. To me, that teaching is exactly what they call it; an assumption. They assume that if Mary was sinless (which she definitely was not) she could not be allowed to lie in the ground and decay, so she must have been taken up; therefore, they made it a Catholic law in the year 1951 and the sad part is, there are millions of Catholic people around this world that believe such foolishness. In using Mary as a medium of prayer, they justify it with the scriptures that speak of Moses interceding before God on behalf of Israel. Brothers and Sisters, it is not the same thing. When you do that, you deny Jesus His rightful place, for He is the only heavenly intercessor that any grace age Christian has. Jesus Himself said, I will pray the Father that He send you another Comforter. But He never did say anything about anyone praying to His mother. This is all a lot of traditional nonsense, for there is not one scripture anywhere in the Bible that you can tie it to. How many Catholics would know that though? For they are not even taught to study their Bible; they are taught to live by what the priest tells them.


Now Saints, I am sure that some of you are wondering why we are taking the time to mention these various beliefs of the Catholic Church, but I feel that it is important that we do, because of her worldwide recognition as the oldest church in existence. Kings and potentates look up to her as a great spiritual organization unequaled by anything else upon the face of the earth, and Protestant denominations are seeking her favor and blessings more and more all the time, so I feel that every stable minded person ought to have an opportunity to know what that old Antichrist system is composed of. Sure they believe that mankind is born into this world with inherited sin, but they have no teaching that gives anyone any hope of being delivered from that fallen state. Instead, they preach and sell indulgences. I suppose we have a number of ex-Catholics sitting in this assembly that could tell you more about their teaching on indulgences than I can, but I will present to you the general picture of the thing. This teaching was not injected into their dogmas all at once; for if they had tried to introduce the whole thing in one generation, a lot of their people would have rebelled against it. But little by little, as the Bible was kept away from the average Catholic person more and more, these carnal seeds were sown in their minds. I believe you all know what happens when a person’s mind is constantly bombarded with certain ideas over and over again and again. There comes a time when they begin to be accepted. I have had people say to me, Well, Bro. Jackson, doesn’t the Bible say that the time will come when we cannot even tell the seasons, except by the budding of the trees? No. The Bible says no such thing. That is just an old carnal proverb that has been repeated so many times that a lot of people accept it as scriptural. That is exactly how all of this tradition came to be accepted as the word of God; just little by little, it was presented to the people until the day came when a generation of people could not remember what the Bible actually had to say on these things, so they accept what their priests tell them. As for this question about the seasons, some of you may think it is a quote from the Bible, so I will just say this, Go hunt for it. Conditions in certain areas of the world may make that old proverb stand out as truth, but you will not find it written in the Bible. It is the same way with Roman Catholic indulgences. Those poor souls realize that they are sinners and that they need something to lighten the load on their conscience, so they gladly pay out hard earned dollars for these indulgences. They do not know that the Spirit of God can get into a person and set that person free from the desire to sin, so they are at the mercy of their money-grabbing priest. They are taught to come to the confession booth and confess their sins to the priest, (This is just a general idea of how this thing is maneuvered.) and then the priest will tell them what to do to be forgiven. Pray so many Hail Mary’s and pay so much money and so forth. But that is only good for today, for tomorrow such a person will have other sins to confess, and the whole thing has to be done over again. I will give you an example of something I was reading from history the other day. Just say, for instance, a fellow back in the middle ages got drunk. He was programmed to go to confession and confess it to the priest. He goes, feeling so miserable, and confesses his heart out. The priest listens, then gives the man a penalty. For 100 days he must wear his boots with a pea in one of them. You see, they start out with a penalty. But this poor fellow did not have a fine automobile to drive to work. He did not even have a horse and buggy; he had to walk. An you just imagine walking five miles to work with a pea in your boot? The day comes when the water blister will burst and blood will ooze out of the sore on the man’s foot. Then he goes back to the priest, Father: my foot is killing me; I just simply cannot keep this pea in my boot another day. Now in essence, here is what happens. The priest says, you pray so many Hail Mary’s and give so many pesos to father So and So, and I will shorten your penalty. Of course, there are a lot of details that could be filled in, but in essence, that is what this thing of indulgences comes down to. It is sad to say, but the average Catholic person in America does not even know the workings of the system they belong to. But the idea behind the whole thing is, from the time you are born, until the day you die, you are a tool to be used by the Roman Catholic Church. They will control your whole life both spiritual and natural. One writer I was reading after, said, A Catholic priest was cornered and asked to explain this subject of indulgences, where did it come from and when did it begin and he could not give the answers. No ne has been able to pinpoint its origin; it is just one of those traditions that have been mastered by the Roman Catholic priests, without really knowing where it all got started. You would think people in this 20th century would be smart enough to see through something like that.


Infant baptism is another Catholic tradition that has absolutely no scriptural foundation. They will tell how little children were brought to Jesus and Jesus blessed them, and said, Suffer the little children to come unto me, for of such is the kingdom of heaven. That is true, but at no time did anyone in that first age ever baptize infants. Baptism was reserved for repentant sinners. This Roman Catholic system through which he (Satan) could rule the lives of all who belong to it. From the time a little child is born into this world until the day it is laid in a grave, that life has been ruled by Satan, through the Catholic church system of religion, regardless of how many years they live. One writer that had spent many years working in Catholic dominated countries, gave this example of the kind of control that system has over its people when the society as a whole is basically Catholic. Say for instance, a young couple wants to get married, but the priest’s charge such an enormous amount for the wedding mass, they just simply cannot pay it, so they just go off and live together and bring little children into the world, so here is the example this writer uses. A little child from such a home gets sick and is taken to the hospital nigh unto death. Usual procedure is to call for a priest to administer the last rights to anyone in such a condition, but they do not always get there before the person dies, so in a case such as we are using to make this point, if that little child should die before the priest gets a chance to pray for it and baptize it for its salvation, he may even refuse to preach its funeral simply because he does not know where it is going. Is that not scriptural ignorance? You may not hear of much of this in America, but there is a reason why you do not. America was founded by Protestant people and the functions of our governmental process were established around their Protestant belief of the scriptures; therefore, Catholicism, even to this day, has never gained the hold on the lives of people of America that it has on those of Latin America, South America and other countries. That Antichrist system cannot flourish where people have a personal knowledge of the scriptures. Why? Because it is a religion of darkness rather than light. That darkness even causes them to pray to the dead. They would deny any accusation of them praying or communicating with the dead, but the very fact that they have all those little images of dead “saints” that they look to as intercessors on behalf of certain requests proves differently. Actually, when you examine all of their religious beliefs, you will find them just as abominable to God as outright witchcraft.


There is a chapter in one of these books that tells all about relics and how important these relics are to the Catholic Church. They even have them graded as first class, second class, and third class relics. A first class rating indicates that a church has somewhere in its structure a part of the body of one of the ancient saints. It takes something like that in order for the building to have its “hallowed” standing. Such spiritual ignorance would almost be laughable if it were not for the realization that millions of souls are held captive by it. The writer of this book was raised in Texas, right on the Mexican border, where going back and forth, he grew up in the midst of a Catholic dominated society. He was also in WW2, and traveled throughout Italy, studying and visiting their museums and shrines. In all of it, he became interested in delving into the background of the relics used by the Catholic Church to dedicate their buildings. I will not endeavor to read it to you; it would take too much time, so I will just mention some of it. One church has the head of a certain saint and another one something else and so on. One church in Europe is supposed to have the sword that was used to behead John the Baptist. Another one is supposed to have the nails that fastened Jesus to the cross at Calvary. Another one supposedly has the shawl that the baby Jesus was wrapped in and another one has a bottle of milk that was supposed to have been drawn from the breast of the virgin Mary at the time she was still nursing the baby Jesus. In other words, they place so much spiritual importance on the presence of these relics in their churches, it is no wonder that many dedicated Catholic people, especially in the realms of royalty, had their bodies entombed in these places during the Dark Ages. We have toured the 3rd largest Catholic Church in all of Europe, there in Toledo, Spain, and can personally testify to the fact that a lot of kings and queens of the middle ages were enshrined in that church. As you walk along, you will notice some sort of emblem in the floor, and if you will read the inscription, you will find that some certain dignitary was buried beneath the emblem. You will also notice, usually hanging from a large dome, a chain with a light hanging down over that spot. That light is supposed to burn perpetually. Also high along the walls are tombs such as you might see in any mausoleum, where other dignitaries were entombed. The Catholic Church has used this sort of thing to portray herself as the great respected church, that kings and queens and potentates would want their dead bodies laid to rest in (as if it mattered). When the spirit of life is gone out of a body of clay, it makes little difference where that body is laid. Certainly, there is no spiritual benefit derived from being buried in any certain place. Any spiritual benefit has to be secured while we are still alive. Our eternal destiny is sealed before we die and nothing can alter it.


One chapter in this book tells of a time when a certain nation of Europe they were going to bring the head of one of the old saints, St. Mark, or one of them. But as the story goes, two beggars were sitting by the wayside. One was blind and the other could not walk. They were lazy; all they ever did was sit somewhere begging. On this certain day, when the head of this old saint was to be moved to the Catholic Cathedral in this village, these two beggars were told to get out of the way as the procession neared them. But they were too lazy to move, the story goes, so they just sat there until finally the crowd was pressing in upon them to the point where they were going to be forced to move. So the blind man said to the man who could not walk, Get on my shoulders and tell me where to go and we will get away from here. But by the time they got themselves ready to move with the crippled man on the shoulders of the blind man, they were already caught up in the great crowd of people. Little by little they were jostled closer and closer to the box that held this sacred relic and the story goes that there was so much power radiating from that box that it healed both of them. They teach that to be the truth and poor captive souls believe it.


Another case related was of a certain king that became jealous of his wife because she (the queen) was always going to the confession booth. Finally, he fell upon the idea of offering the priest so much money if he would relate to him what the queen was forever confessing to him. But that priest was supposed to have responded, You do not have enough money to pay me to confide in you what the queen is confessing. The king threatened to have him killed if he did not tell him and that is how it eventually turned out. The king had him killed and he was buried. But for some unknown reason, three hundred years later, he was dug up. When they opened the casket, they observed that all of his body had completely decomposed except for his tongue. It was still lying right there in that casket giving glory to God. They claim that this tongue has certain miracle working powers attributed to it. Brother! You would think sane people would know better than that, but it seems that a lot fo people would rather believe this sort of thing than to believe the truth. God has sent a prophet to this age to expose the working of Satan behind these systems of religion and people of this age have had their chance to come out of spiritual Babylon and renounce all ties with those works of darkness and it seems that those who failed to come out and follow revealed truth are little by little giving themselves over to this very sort of foolishness, which to me is proof in itself, that the Spirit of God is leaving the Gentiles.


I promised earlier that I would take time to show what the Dark Ages was and why it was called that, so with the help of the Spirit of God, I will endeavor to do that at this time. I have said many times that there was no progress whatsoever on the behalf of mankind during that long period of approximately one thousand years from around 500 A.D. until around 1500 A.D. Industrialization was at a complete standstill during that time. Mankind went into the Dark Ages riding horses, oxcarts and walking on foot and they came out of the Dark Ages one thousand years later the same way with no change in his material progress whatsoever. They went in carrying candles for their light and carrying their water from wells, brooks, and springs and they came out the same way. It took the Reformation to get things moving forward again. Only then did men begin to follow their natural God given instincts and exercise their freedom of choice and fulfill their purpose on earth that they were created for. Naturally, we are going to trace it all right back to the Roman Catholic Church, for that is what this message is all about. We are exposing the spirit behind that old mother system of religion and showing you why the Antichrist will have to come out of it, to fulfill the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation. If we had just come to you and said, The literal Antichrist whose number is 666 will be whichever Roman Catholic pope is in that office when God turns His attention back to the nation of Israel for the fulfillment of Daniel’s seventieth week, you would have no particular reason to believe that any more than all the other statements that various preachers are making on this subject. But if we present to you secular history that backs up what we teach from the word of God, you will have something that you can tie together into a true revelation. In order to do this though, we have to cover various phases that the church has gone through over a period of almost two thousand years, for the devil did not maneuver his troops into position suddenly. Everything he has done to harass the church of the living God has been done over a lengthy period of time and with very careful and subtil planning. He could not lead the church into darkness until he first perverted the true apostolic gospel and he could not do that until after all those old soldiers of the cross of the first age had passed off the scene. Even then he had to go slow and wait until some of those second and third age saints passed on who still stood for true revelation of God’s word. He started sowing tares (make believers) among the true saints in the second age, according to the parable of Matt. 13:25, but it was after 500 A.D. before he was able to plunge the church into almost total darkness so there are quite a few years to account for between the great revival Paul had at Ephesus for three years and 500 A.D. As we have already stated, Satan’s first great success was in 325 A.D., when he managed to get a trinity concept of the Godhead accepted by the Christian bishops at the Nicaea Council, under the direction of the Roman Emperor Constantine, which was supposed to have been converted to the Christian faith prior to that. His supposed to be conversion was just another trick of Satan, but it was a trick that worked for him, for Constantine decreed that the Christian religion was to be accepted by Rome. In other words, it was just added to the already long list of religious beliefs existing in that pagan society.


I believe it is obvious to most of us that we are living in the endtime; therefore, I am fully persuaded that there is a people on earth today that will allow the Spirit of God to open their eyes, unstop their ears, and get the cobwebs out of their spiritual minds so they can begin to realize that the prophecies of this book (the Bible) are being fulfilled right before their eyes. They will not have to wait until the day the old Antichrist steps up on some worldly platform and introduce himself, in order to know who he is. The little bride of Jesus Christ will be able to put the finger on him long before he ever makes his move to fulfill his endtime role in the scriptures. Why do I believe that? Simply because the Bible identifies his office and tells us what to watch for; that is why. Jesus actually foretold the destiny of the church in the seven parables of the 13th chapter of Matthew, even to the point of what would lead her into the Dark Ages. The fourth parable of that chapter, verse 33, says, “Another parable spake He unto them; The kingdom of heaven is like unto leaven which a woman took, and his in three measures of meal, till the whole was leavened.” I think we will all agree that leaven (yeast) is something that changes the consistency of something. In bread dough it is yeast, but in its spiritual application, it is false doctrine At various times, Jesus likened the gospel unto bread, the bread of life, so it is no wonder that he used such terminology to describe what would happen to the apostolic gospel once it had false doctrine mixed into it. You will notice also that it was a woman that initiated the change. Not a little child nor a little girl, but a woman. In Bible terminology, woman speaks of a church. Not necessarily THE CHURCH, but a church that was going to come into existence through a process of time to fulfill many prophecies of the scriptures. Naturally, that was none other than the Roman Catholic Church, the great whore of Revelation 17:1. In the natural, meal is an ingredient that points to man’s staple food of life, bread. But its spiritual application pointing to man’s spiritual body, the break of life would have to pertain to that which gives and sustains spiritual life. Is that not right? That could be nothing other than the pure, unadulterated, revealed word of God. But when you mix something in that changes it from its original, it is no longer the bread of spiritual life, but the bread of spiritual death, for there is no in-between. If what you are feeding into your spirit does not give you spiritual life, it is just like drinking poison in the natural. I hope you get the picture. That is why we can say assuredly that there is no spiritual life of God in the Catholic Church, for almost everything they teach as the word of God has been changed from its original apostolic application. The first Christians were all Jews and not one of them believed in a trinity. They all knew that God is ONE, manifested in three offices. Yet the Catholic Church teaches that God is three and they persecuted those old saints that tried to stand for a one God revelation, calling them heretics and calling their one God belief heresy. Naturally, when they were able to leaven the one God revelation, it was easy to leaven every other doctrine taught by the apostles of Christ, for all true revelation pivots on that one. They have added to and taken from the gospel until it would not even be recognized by the apostle Paul if he were allowed to come back in our day and hear it preached by some of these modern day evangelists. Yes, that is exactly right. What you are hearing most of the time is a Catholic version of the gospel of Jesus Christ. They may call themselves Protestants, but most of what they preach is what their old mama preaches. Anyhow, what I was about to say was this teaching the Catholic Church has on purgatory is worse than having some robber stick a gun in their back and take everything they have, for it keeps the soul in bondage. There is nothing at all in the New Testament that would even suggest such a thing as purgatory, but they have millions of poor souls deceived into believing that their dead loved ones are in such a place, just waiting to be prayed out of there and into glory. The sad fact is, they never seem to get anyone prayed out of there and that keeps their living relatives forever paying the priest to keep on praying for them. I was reading the historical analysis of one man’s writings on this subject lately and it tells of a precious woman who was very poor, having only one milk cow and a little pig for livelihood. Her husband, an invalid, had passed away and shortly after the funeral, here comes the priest knocking on her door. He wanted to talk to her about her poor deceased husband. He is in purgatory and you have got to start paying for the prayers to get him out, she was told. How much will it cost? She asked. A certain price was quoted and she replied, Father, I am very poor. All I have between me and my children and starvation is one milk cow and a little pig we are fattening for our meat. He says, Well, you think about what I have told you and he left. But a few days later he came back. Your husband is in great torment. He definitely needs our prayers to get him out of that terrible place. The poor woman broke down and began to weep. She could just see her poor husband there in purgatory, the flames leaping all around him in great pain and torment, so she agrees to let the priest take her cow to sell and pay for the prayers. But a short time later, here he was back again. That money is all gone and your husband still needs our prayers. Well, Brothers and Sisters, to cut this story short, he ended up taking the poor woman’s pig also, leaving her with nothing. That old system of religion which professes to be the true church founded in the book of Acts, has no more true compassion for its people than a hungry lion would have for another little animal. Through their moneymaking gimmicks, they have literally robbed their people for centuries and built their system into the wealthiest and most beautiful thing upon the face of the earth. The carnal person cannot help but admire her for her splendor.


I was reading after one man that fought for the American army when it came into Italy, and he told of taking a tour through that great Cathedral there in Milan and how the guide told them that the gold trimmings and tapestry of the place was at that time valued at 20 million dollars. Now that was in the days of the second World War, so what do you suppose the value would be today, with the price of gold at its present level? Yet they claim to be broke. I mentioned earlier about touring the 3rd largest Cathedral in all of Europe when we were in Toledo, Spain a few years ago. Our guide showed us a huge thing made of solid gold and silver that looked like a huge crown of some sort on top, but it was not like a crown on the bottom. It was more like something you have seen on wedding cakes. I do not remember what they called it, but we were told that it weighed 600 pounds and that so many days of the year, the priest would have that thing put on a platform and paraded up and down the streets on display and then they claim to be broke. They have even forced some locations here in America to take over the financial burden of their schools, claiming that they could no longer afford to keep them open. Brother, you can believe that they are broke, if you want to, but if you could know just how much stock they control on Wall Street, it would set your head in a spin. Yet the average man and woman of the world will shudder when someone says something in an effort to expose the corruptness of that old harlot system. Let me assure you of one thing. What we are presenting to you is not something new. This sort of thing has been going on for centuries. (Let me say also to any Catholic person that might hear this tape or read this paper and get offended at us, the Bible tells me that the ten horns of Europe are going to eat your flesh and burn you with fire and make you desolate.) The guide told us that this 600 pound chunk of gold and silver was brought back from the New World by the Spanish Conquistadors, but when you looked at it you had to wonder, What is it supposed to represent? Wealth and beauty though is their primary religion, so thinking spiritually, you could rightly say that she is bankrupt. Naturally speaking, she has great wealth, but spiritually speaking, she is completely bankrupt.


I am trying to get to what caused the Dark Ages, but all of this enters into it, so you bear with me. The Roman empire ruled the world when Jesus was born and she still ruled the world when the church was born. The Roman empire did not like Christianity at first because its religion was pagan and those pagans did not want another religion injected into the picture. But as time moved forward, Christianity was emptying those pagan temples, whether anyone liked it or not. Satan finally came to realize that he could not destroy Christianity and neither could he defeat it, nor outrun it, so he decided to just get inside of it and work at getting control of it from within. That brings us to the 3rd century. This is when Constantine, the Roman emperor who fought for the survival of the then existing territories of the Roman empire was supposed to have been converted to the Christian faith. Naturally, we know it was all a trick of the devil, designed to get Christianity lowered to the level of those pagan religions, but God allowed it to be that way so it was all for a purpose. Constantine made a place for the Christian religion right alongside all those others. The spirit of iniquity was already gnawing away at the foundational structure of the apostolic teaching, trying to weaken and confuse those who believed, so that had Christianity in somewhat of an upheaval when Constantine entered the picture. The church was not yet entered into the Dark Ages, but events designed by Satan are leading in that direction. We have already covered the part where Constantine called the Christian bishops together at Nicaea in 325 A.D., to try and get some of their doctrinal differences reconciled, so we will not go through that again at this time. Instead, I want to go directly to some other teachings that enter into the picture, and try to show you what led up to the time when Rome shut off the light and plunged the world into darkness. We say it like that, but actually it got darker and darker as time went by. But now, for a little while, let me call your attention to some things I have been reading from history. One was on the subject of Pyramidology. It is the study of the pyramids of Egypt and especially of the mystery of the great Keops pyramid. (Some of you have been with us on tours that allowed us to go inside of that huge pile of rocks.) The present day entrance into it is not the ancient entrance that was designated as such, though. Today you have to enter through a hole that has been blasted in the side of it in order to reach the passageway that ascends to the burial tomb where that pharaoh was to have been buried. But according to history, an ancient explorer by the name of Stravo, in the year 24 B.C., journeyed through Egypt, writing much history, (This was just a few years prior to the advent of Christ.) and of the pyramid Keops, he writes that the outer layer of it was of beautiful white limestone. (Actually, the outer layer of it was prefabricated of white limestone and the core stones were just rough hewn stones that appeared much like any other stones.) This white limestone shined and glittered in the sunlight and this man Stravo writes that about it in his description of its beauty. He tells of entering it through an opening where a great stone was hinged and balanced to open at a touch, if you knew where to push. In other words, if you knew which stone to push on. This man wrote 47 volumes of history on his trip and various discoveries that were made. I am just mentioning these things to show you more or less what society was like before entering into the Dark Ages.


Alexandria, Egypt was a city built at the mouth of the Nile River by Alexander the Great, about 321 B.C. A huge library was built in Alexandria, somewhere around 300 B.C. and manuscripts were gathered from all parts of the Hellenistic world for it. Many Greek and Jewish scholars were encouraged to settle there and contribute to the professions and commerce. Therefore, it eventually became a great educational center. People from all over the world would come there to study mathematics and other subjects relative to the secular world. Christianity became established in Egypt in due time, but the apostolic Christians did not interfere with their institutions of learning. It was only after the apostatizing of the original church and Satan was allowed to take over the framework of what was left of it, that all of this began to change. What you have to keep in mind is that a different generation of people is on the scene when Satan finally gets control of what is still referred to as the church. Therefore, he could change his tactics to fit the occasion and no one noticed much difference. So in the 4th century, around 389 A.D., sixty some years after the Nicene Council ordered by Constantine, a so called Christian emperor of Rome by the name of Theodosius, fell upon the idea that all ancient institutions of secular learning were evil, because they carried the history of the ancient temples. Therefore, Theodosius issued a decree, that all such institutions should be destroyed. Then a bunch of monks of Alexandria, Egypt infuriated a mob of “Christians”, (You must understand that these are no longer apostolic, Bible believing Christians. They are Christians in name only.) and worked them up into a fit of rage and they ransacked the museum of Alexandra and destroyed much of the literature and books of history and so forth. That is when much of Stravo’s writings were destroyed. Then a decree was issued that all temples, all pyramids, and all such as these were evil. They were of Satanic origin and it would be sin for any Christian to be seen around them. Therefore, from the 4th century until around the 8th century, the great pyramids were literally forsaken. People were not even permitted to investigate to learn anything about them. But like I said earlier, Satan did not suddenly accomplish his great goals of perverting the truth and taking control of the church. It took him many, many centuries. It was a slow process of adding to and taking from the original gospel of Jesus Christ. But one thing is sure, that Roman Catholic spirit of Satan did eventually get complete control of both the secular and ecclesiastical affairs of mankind. Somewhere after 400 B.C., (I cannot tell you exactly) in the city of Alexandria, lived a noted professor, a teacher of science and mathematics. His name was Theon. Now they evidently did not have public schools in those days, like we do today, so parents had to seek out these private instructors to teach their children that were fairly capable of learning. Anyhow, this was such a man as they would seek to teach them. He had a daughter himself, whom he had taught and she became a well disciplined woman of that city. The history I was reading, said she was known for her character, modesty and beauty. She was also well known because of her great gift for learning. So she took her father’s mathematical works and his studies of astronomy and edited it all and would have followed her father’s footsteps, but by this time so called Christianity had the final word on everything and as they began to clamp down on all secular learning, (which they considered to be evil) she became a target for them. There was a bishop of Alexandria by the name of Cyril, and taking note of this woman’s great gift for learning, and her great skill and beauty, he had her marked as an evil influence, and incited a bunch of people that went and captured her, dragged her into the church of Alexandria, stripped her completely naked and scraped her body with oyster shells, and cut her until she died. That was all done to let the world know just what they would do to anyone they caught studying or learning anything outside the jurisdiction of the church. Whatever they taught was supposed to be holy, just and pure and accepted without question. I think you can all see where such a spirit came from. It was a Satanic spirit being exercised through what was known at that time as the Christian church.


Now Brothers and Sisters, not trying to fill in every detail, but trying to give you a little outline of how Satan worked this thing, we are approaching 500 A.D., which is generally accepted as the beginning of the Dark Ages. Satan’s aim through his instrument, the Roman Catholic Church, was to bring all of Christiandom under one central head and naturally that was to be the bishop of Rome. Why, you may ask, was it so important that it be the bishop of Rome? We all know that Christianity started out in Jerusalem and that the second outpost was Antioch, in northern Syria, and the next was Ephesus, in Asia Minor, so why was Satan so set on making Rome the headquarters of the Christian church? Saints, this should be enough to let anyone know that it was to fulfill the prophecy of Daniel, chapter 7, because Daniel plainly states that Rome would be the place where this little horn, the Antichrist, would have his seat of authority. No, it doesn’t name Rome, but we all know Rome was to be the last beast that would ever rule the world, so that pinpoints that much. Sure the Roman empire evolved through different stages, but that seat of authority always remained the same. Satan, that once ruled the world through the old imperial caesars of Rome, only had to move from the imperial chair to the papal chair in order to continue his rule of world affairs. You may hear a lot of apostate Protestant preachers say, The pope cannot possibly be the Antichrist because he believes in Jesus Christ, but I hope every one of you under the sound of my voice right now knows better than that. You should, we have proved it to you from the scriptures enough times. This message now is primarily for dear souls that receive our publication in remote areas of the world where the information we are presenting here is not readily available to them. As I said earlier, that is why we are providing so much historical data with our remarks; we want you to have something more than just our words that we would speak on this subject. But one thing is sure, when the Bible says that that little horn shall arise in the midst of the ten horns on the fourth beast and the fourth beast is the fourth kingdom upon the earth that identity and seat of authority is never going to change. If time should stand another two thousand years, that which has already been established would never change. Rome would still be the seat of authority of the Antichrist.


Now Satan’s tactics have remained the same for centuries; he rules people by putting fear in their minds. In other words, too much secular learning is evil because it causes men to think as individuals instead of as a group. But saints, do you know what happens when individuals lose their ability to think and make decisions? They become a tool of the state. You see that in Communism how that through just plain ignorance, those poor souls are kept under bondage to the state. Communism does not necessarily use superstition to rule their people, like Rome does, they just keep them in ignorance and the state programs their minds. But when you are dealing with the Roman Catholic Church and that period of time commonly referred to as the Dark Ages, those poor souls were not only kept in ignorance, they were constantly programmed to be superstitious. Why? Because they were ruled by that same old spirit that cause the ancient Romans to go out every morning and look for either good omens or bad omens. They gauged their whole day by the omens of the early morning and Roman Catholicism is patterned off of that same sort of superstition. They just give it a different name. When you look at indulgences, relics, images, and that sort of thing what else can you call it, but superstition? I mentioned earlier that the Catholic Church had or has three classes of relics, so let me read a little of what this writer says about them. “To deprive the Roman Catholic Church of its relics, saints and superstition would be to strike much of the substance from its foundation. Relics are vital to Catholicism. No altar may be consecrated without having sealed into it a relic of at least one martyr. With more than twenty thousand Catholic churches in the United States, not to mention the tens of thousands in other countries; it can be seen that it takes many bones and many garments of the dead to make possible true worship in those churches; that is, if one is to consider the situation from the Catholic view. What is a relic? The Baltimore Catechism Number 3, written by the priest, Francis J. Connell, defines the word and lists the classes of relics used in churches over the world. “First class relics are the bodies, or portions of the bodies of the saints. Second class relics consist of articles of clothing or other personal items used by the saints and third class relics are objects that have touched a first or second class relic. There can be no limit to third class relics. One may take a hundred buttons or handkerchiefs or slips of paper and touch each item to a first or second class relic and he has that many new relics, each one bearing considerable power to help the Catholic in his worship and assist him in meeting the problems of life. In this matter the Catholic Church assures itself that it will never run short of these holy objects.” Listen to this next paragraph now.


Since before the time of Constantine, the attention of the Catholic Church has been directed to relics. By the time Constantine came into prominence in the history of Catholicism, the popes (or bishops) had already approved the veneration of relics by the people. The practice became so popular that the bodies of dead saints were cut into small pieces and sold for their powers to heal. Civil authorities passed stringent laws in order to preserve the dubious dignity of the dead. The popes themselves placed great emphasis on relics. Pope Ambrose once refused to dedicate a building because there were no relics there. At the consecration of another place of worship twenty eight cartloads of bones of saints were hauled into it. The Seventh Ecumenical Council of Nicaea in 787 forbade a bishop to consecrate a building if no relics were present. The penalty for violation of this decree was excommunication. Traffic in relics became a regular business. St. Augustine severely reproved his followers for selling false relics and calling them the real thing. In a few centuries every community in Europe had relics in its churches. There was an endless variety of these objects, and remarkable claims were made for them. Some could heal diseases, others could ward off danger and still others could be used to punish one’s enemies. The people were taught that it was a sin to doubt the powers of these somber items of worship. Relics were the treasures of the churches and happy were the priests and congregations that could lay claim to a sacred object of unusual charm and merit. When a church announced that it had come into possession of a relic, the people were required to believe it and to ask to see the thing for oneself was a grave sin. (Let me read just a little more right here and I will stop for a while.) Gradually relics became objects of fear and awe. Profane hands that touched them had been known to wither and men who had attempted to move them had been struck dead. At least, such was the declaration of Pope Gregory himself when an individual petitioned him for the head of St. Paul. It was a dangerous thing even to approach one of these objects for the purpose of worship. Men who had touched the bones of St. Peter, St. Paul or St. Lawrence, merely for the purpose of arranging them, had fallen dead on the spot. On one occasion ten men fell dead at one time when they touched some holy bones. On one occasion a profane person attempted to steal a golden nail which contained filings from the chains of St. Peter. He tried to cut the nail from its holder with a knife and the knife sprang from the knave’s hand and cut his throat. The Lombard king, Autharis, was a witness to this miracle. He and his attendants stood by, awestruck, not daring to lift the nail from the floor. At last a pious Catholic was found by whom the nail permitted itself to be lifted back to its honored place in the shrine. Pope Gregory later gave this matchless gift to a distinguished public official. It is astonishing to read of the types of relics claimed by some churches in Europe. Everywhere there were bones, hair and rotted garments of dead saints. In the Cathedral of Aachen there were the swaddling clothes of Jesus. Other cathedrals claimed to have feathers from the wings of angel Gabriel, even though there is no evidence anywhere that angels have wings. In some churches there were tiny bottles that held the tears of Jesus, while other churches had bottles that contained milk from the virgin breasts of Mary. Saints, I could go on and on reading, for there are ever so many pages of this, but I believe we have read enough for now. I just wanted you to hear some of this and be convinced that this Catholic Church system is a system of superstition and fear. People cannot belong to it and still live their own lives, for they are ruled by fear.


Another thing we mentioned earlier was celibacy. You will not find where the first century Christians ever mentioned anything at all about celibacy. It is true of course, that some Jewish people did practice a life of celibacy, but they went right on otherwise and lived a normal life in their community. They did not allow such a thing to rule their lives. Nevertheless, Satan got this idea introduced into the Catholic Church for the priests and nuns and when it became dogma, that presented the priests and nuns in an altogether different light to the laity. They began to be looked upon as being so holy and virtuous, that it set a certain example for others to look up to. Sure it was a trap, but they did not know it. All those poor souls could think of was, “I just simply cannot make it to heaven unless I follow their holy example.” Saints, do you want to hear what happened when that old spirit became a predominate one? I will read from a book written by Howard W. Haggard, called Devils, Drugs and Doctors, page 285. “One of the strangest manifestations of express sexual instincts among Christians appeared in the saints of the desert. (That would be Egypt, Persia, Iran and those other areas like them that had been Christianized in the first and second and third centuries.) Men and women left their homes, deserted their wives and husbands and parents, to adopt the useless life of Anchorites.” This was a result of that celibacy image portrayed by the priests and nuns. There was nothing wrong with living a life of celibacy if a person so chose to do so as long as they continued to do their share in the community as some of the early Christians did, but these did not do that. They became a reproach to society because of their extremes. “These saints of the desert, under sway of ascetic frenzy, tortured by an instinct they sought to repress, renounced the world and undertook a solitary existence. In hiding they fought the battle with their instinct. They inflicted silly tortures upon themselves in an effort to assuage (lessen) the lascivious visions which their minds called up. These visions throne (or thrived) on idleness, the anchorites called them temptations. These poor creatures, victims of an instinct that mocked their efforts, carried their renouncement of worldly things to an extent which precluded bathing and shaving. Cleanliness of the body was regarded as pollution of the soul. The attitude was expressed by Jerome in the words, ‘Does your skin roughen without bath? Who is once washed in the blood of Christ need not wash again.’ St. Anthony was never guilty of washing his feet. These hideous, sordid, and emaciated egotists, without knowledge, without natural affection, passing their lives in a long routine of useless and atrocious self-torture, became saints of the Christian religion. They were examples of a false conception of chastity and a perversion of the sex instinct. These men and women, covered with hideous masses of clotted filth, driven into a corner of desperation by an instinct that mastered their lives, were held up as examples to be followed by men and women. This chastity was represented as preferable to marriage. Out of their dreams of some compensation came their hopes of salvation and reward in another world.” I suppose then, that when this type of people finally die, having of necessity to just submit to any kind of burial, and under any kind of condition, this just helps to enlarge the great heap of bones the Catholic Church uses as holy relics to dedicate some of their shrines centuries later. I realize some of you may feel that a lot of this is an exaggeration of the true facts, but you believe me, please! These are things that came into being during that period of Darkness when superstition and fear were the main doctrines of the Catholic Church. The sad truth of it all is, we are more than four hundred years this side of the Dark Ages, and far too much of this sort of thing is still present in our society.


I was reading in one book written about the Crusader period in Europe, how that whole families volunteered and thousands of them left Europe to make their way to Jerusalem in an attempt to free the holy land from the Arab Moslems. They were promised many benefits both spiritually and naturally if they would volunteer for these crusades. The idea of the whole thing was to defeat the Moslems that controlled Jerusalem and get it into the hands of the Christians. (Naturally the term Christian here refers to the Catholic Church.) Many attempts were made over a period of more than two hundred years, but the whole endeavor was ultimately a lost cause. At one time they had what was called the Children’s Crusade. Thousands of little children volunteered through much encouragement and promises of both heavenly and temporal rewards. It was thought that the faith of these little children could accomplish what military swords had failed to accomplish. But rather than finding favor with the various barbarous tribes they were exposed to, they were pounced upon, mistreated, slaughtered and many of them sold on the slave markets. But do you know what that old harlot church did later on? They started hauling those bones back to Europe and selling them as relics. Churches throughout all of Europe began to feel. Oh, if we can just get the body of one of those gallant martyrs that have laid their lives down for the cause of the Crusade, it will really make our church important. So that is a general outline of what was going on in the world, after Satan managed to pervert the true gospel of Jesus Christ, and fill the lives of people with superstition and fear. Through the Dark Ages, the Catholic Church dictated everything in the realm of secular learning. No one was allowed to learn anything that might cause them to be a free thinker, for fear of that person being able to influence people to the point where it would pose a threat to the holy, virtuous Catholic Church. She knew as long as she could keep her people in darkness she could control them. But you know what happens sooner or later, when people are kept under that king of suppression. The day comes when some of them get the urge to reach out beyond what their fathers and forefathers were allowed to and that is what happened in Europe after 1200 A.D. In the 13th century various ones began to want to explore their imaginations and thereby, they began to come up with ideas that were just a little different, a little contrary to orthodox patterns and no sooner did this begin to be a spirit that moved upon people, that did the hierarchy fall upon the idea of the Inquisition. The Spanish Inquisition as it is so commonly referred to, lasted right on up until after 1800 A.D. when Napoleon finally took the necessary steps to bring it to an end. So you must realize that for over 600 years poor helpless souls were tried in mock trials as heretics and subjected to some of the most cruel torture the human mind is capable of thinking of. Even in Catholic histories, it is estimated that between 50 and 68 million heretics were put to death during those years. It was mass murder of innocent individuals that dared to believe something different than what that old Roman Catholic system allowed. It was not confined just to Spain, but Spain is where the Inquisition was most intensified. Naturally, we cannot go into lengthy details on it, so we will just sort of confine just to Spain, but Spain is where the Inquisition was most intensified. Naturally, we cannot go into lengthy details on it, so we will just sort of confine our remarks to what finally brought it to an end.


In the 13th chapter of Revelation, we read of a beast John saw in the Spirit, which had seven heads and ten horns, and he saw one of those heads wounded as unto death, but then the deadly wound was healed, and all the world wondered after the beast. This is the same beast Daniel saw, but Daniel was not shown the seven heads; he only saw the ten horns. But those horns are what gives the beast its sure identity right on through the centuries and that is why I saw it is just plain spiritual ignorance for anyone to try to bring the Antichrist out of any other system other than Roman Catholicism. He has got to come out of something that has already been established through centuries of time and confirmed by many historians. The 14th verse of Revelation, chapter 13, lets us know that this seven headed beast received that deadly wound by a sword, so let us just see if we can connect this up with history. Hebrews 4:12, and Ephesians 6:17 tell us that the word of God is the sword of the Spirit, so I am sure we would have trouble establishing the fact that Roman Catholicism was wounded by an ecclesiastical sword when the Reformation struck the world shortly after 1500 A.D. Is that not right? Tell me then, what part of that old beast was wounded by that ecclesiastical sword of the Reformers? Was it not the head? Have we not shown you over and over, how that papal head just moved right in and took over the seventh form of Roman imperial rulership that little horn (power) that Daniel saw come up in the midst of the other ten? Alright then, that head was wounded by the Reformers, but in 1787 France was still so crushed by the constant oppression of the papacy, Napoleon commanded General Bethier, the head of his army, to march to Rome, dethrone the pope, and set a young man in his place. That dethroned pope died in prison, but the Inquisition still continued on in Spain, and this was of great concern to Napoleon. In 1808, he decreed that the Inquisition be discontinued, but the decree was not carried out immediately. So a Col. Lemonowski was intrusted with the duty of enforcing the decree and breaking up the Inquisition dungeon at Madrid, Spain. We will just read his account of it right from the same book I read some of the other history from.


Co. Lemonowski says, “One night about 10 or 11 o’clock I was walking one of the streets of Madrid. Two armed men sprang upon me from the alley and made a furious attack.” French soldiers came to his rescue and it was found that those making the attack were guards from the Inquisition. The Colonel then went to Marshall Soult, who was the governor of Madrid at the time and reminded him of Napoleon’s decree for the suppression of the Inquisition. The governor bade him proceed to put the decree in force. He tells us that he found the dungeon to be five miles from the city and that it was surrounded by a great wall. On his arrival, together with his troop of soldiers, he approached a sentinel and demanded that the priests who conducted the Inquisition open the gate. The sentinel fell into conversation with some official and presently turned and shot one of the soldiers. Immediately the wall of the Inquisition was covered with soldiers who were there to do the bidding of the Inquisition General. A lively battle ensued, in which the French soldiers were victors. They at once captured the place and proceeded with their duty. The author of this book makes a notation right here and says that he will let Col. Lemonowski tell the rest of the story in his own words, so from here on we will be reading his own account of what took place there and what they found.


“Here we met with an incident which nothing but Jesuitical effrontery is equal to. The Inquisitor-general, followed by the father confessors in their priestly robes, all came out of their rooms as we were making our way into the interior of the Inquisition, and with long faces, their arms crossed over their breasts, their fingers resting on their shoulders, as though they had been deaf to all the noise of the attack and defense, and had just learned what was going on. They addressed themselves in the language of rebuke to their own soldiers, saying: Why do you fight our friends, the French? (Notice the flatteries. They always use them to their advantage.) The intention was no doubt to make us think that this defense was unauthorized by them; hoping if they could make us believe that they were friendly, they should have a better opportunity in the confusion of the moment to escape. Their artifice did not succeed. I placed them under guard, and all their soldiers were secured as prisoners. We then proceeded to examine all the rooms of the edifice. We passed through room after room and found all in perfect order, richly furnished, with altars and crucifixes , and wax candles in abundance; but could find no evidence of cruelty – nothing of the peculiar features which we expected to find in the Inquisition. We found splendid paintings, and a rich and expensive library. Here were beauty and splendor, and the most perfect order on which my eyes ever rested. The architecture, the proportions, were perfect. The ceilings and floors of wood were scoured and lightly polished. The marble floors were arranged with a strict regard to order. There was everything to please the eye and gratify a cultivated taste; but where were those horrid instruments of torture of which we have been told, and where were those dungeons in which human beings were said to be buried alive? We searched in vain. The holy fathers’ assured us that they had been belied; that we had seen all and I was prepared to give up the search, convinced that this Inquisition was different from others of which I had heard. But Col. DeLile was not so ready as I to give up the search. He suggested that we let this marble floor be examined. Let water be brought and poured upon it and we will see if there is any place through which it passes more freely than others. Accordingly the water was brought. The slabs of marble were large and beautifully polished. When the water was poured over the floor, much to the dissatisfaction of the Inquisitors, a careful examination was made of every seam in the floor to see if the water passed through. Presently Col. DeLile exclaimed that he had found it. By the side of these marble slabs the water passed through fast, as though there was an opening beneath. All hands were now at work for further discover; the officers with their swords and the soldiers with their bayonets seeking to clean out the seam and pry up the slab; others with the butts of their muskets strike the slab with all their might to break it; while the priests remonstrated against desecrating their holy and beautiful house. While thus engaged a soldier, who was striking with the butt of his musket, struck a spring and the marble slab flew up. Then the faces of the Inquisitors grew as pale as Belshazzar’s at the handwriting on the wall; they trembled all over. Beneath the marble slab was a staircase. I stepped to the altar and took fro the candlestick one of the candles, four feet in length, which was burning, that I might explore the room below. I was arrested by one of the Inquisitors, who laid his hand gently on my arm and with a demure and holy look said, ‘My son, you must not take those lights with your bloody hands; they are holy.’ Well, said I, I will take a holy thing to shed light on iniquity; I will bear the responsibility. I took the candle and proceeded down the staircase. As we reached the foot of the stairs we entered a large square room, which was called the hall of judgment. In the center was a large block and a chain fastened to it. On this they had placed the accused, chained to his seat. On one side of the room was an elevation called the ‘Throne of Judgment.” This the Inquisitor-General occupied; and on either side were seats, less elevated for the ‘holy fathers’ when engaged in the solemn business of the ‘Holy Inquisition.’ Thence we proceeded to the right and obtained access to the small cells, extending the entire length of the edifice. Here such sights were presented as we hope never to see again. These cells were for solitary confinement, where the wretched victims of Inquisitorial hate were confined, year after year, till death released them of their sufferings, and their bodies were left until they were entirely decayed, and the rooms were then used for others. To prevent their being offensive to those who occupied the Inquisition, there were flues, or tubes, extending to the open air sufficiently capacious to carry off the odor. In these cells we found the remains of some who had been dead apparently but a short time, while of others nothing remained but their bones still chained to the floors of their dungeons. In other cells we found living sufferers of both sexes, and of every age, from three score and ten down to fourteen and fifteen years – all naked, as when born into this world, and all in chairs! There were old men and aged women who had been shut up for many years. Here, too, were the middle-aged, and the young man and the maiden of fourteen years. The soldiers immediately released these captives from their chains and took their overcoats and other clothing which they gave to cover their nakedness. They were exceedingly anxious to bring them out to the light of day, but I, being aware of the danger had food given them and then brought them gradually to the light as they were able to bear it. We then proceeded to explore another room on the left. Here we found the instruments of torture of every kind which the ingenuity of man or devils could invent. The first was a machine by which the victim was confined and then, beginning with the fingers, every joint in the hands, arms and body were broken or drawn, one after another until the victim died. The second was a box in which the head of the victim was so closely confined by a screw that he could not move it in any way. Over the box was a vessel from which a drop of water a second fell upon the head of the victim, every successive drop falling upon precisely the same place on the head suspended the circulation in a few minutes and put the sufferer in the most excruciating agony. The third was an infernal machine, laid horizontally, to which the victim was bound, the machine being then placed between two beams in which were a score of knives so fixed that by turning the machine with a crank the flesh of the sufferer was torn from his limbs, all in small pieces. The fourth surpassed the others in ingenuity. Its interior was a beautiful woman, or large doll, richly dressed, with arms extended, ready to embrace. The sight of these engines of infernal cruelty kindled the rage of the soldiers to fury. They declared that every Inquisitor and soldier ought to be put to the torture. Their rage was ungovernable. They began with the ‘holy fathers’. They first put to death in the machine for joints. The torture of the Inquisitor, who was put to death by the dropping of water on his head, was most excruciating. The poor man cried out in agony to be taken from the fatal machine. The Inquisitor-General was brought before the infernal machine called ‘The Virgin’. He begged to be excused. ‘No’, said they, ‘you have caused others to kiss her, and now you must do it.’ They interlocked bayonets so as to form large forks and with these pushed him over the circle. The beautiful image instantly prepared for the embrace, clasped him in its arms and he was cut into innumerable pieces. In the meantime, it was reported through Madrid that the prison of the Inquisition was broken open and multitudes hastened to the fatal spot. And oh, what a meeting was there! It was like a resurrection. About 100 who had been buried alive in these dungeons for many years were now restored to life. There were fathers who found their long lost daughters, wives were restored to their husbands, sisters to their brothers, and parents to their children and some could recognize no friends among the multitude. The scene was such as no tongue can describe.” That is all of Col. Lemonowski’s report that was recorded here, but the writer of the book has these remarks following. “This is Romanism pure and simple. This is the cruel, hell spawned iniquity that demands recognition in the holy name of Christianity. And some Protestants are afraid their ‘Catholic brethren’ will not get justice in this country!”


Now, Saints, I hope not one of you will think I have presented these things to take a personal slap at some particular individual Catholic person. I would not do that. No individual Catholic person is responsible for what that system stands for. Like I have said already, it took centuries for that system of religion to take on that image and she will carry it to the end. Now of course there is ONE individual in that system that I want to point to, but presently, I do not know his name. I only know what office he will come from. I think you all know who I am referring to. The very one that we are presenting this message to expose, the pope of the Roman Catholic Church. The dreaded Antichrist can come from no other office. Of course, we realize that most Catholic people in this country are not even aware of the viciousness and cruelty of that old system they belong to, but I can assure you, if you go into some of these countries where Catholicism has been the predominant religion for three or four hundred years, those poor souls could tell you plenty. I had meant to read to you concerning the power of the Catholic Church in the Latin American countries. When you hear of what is taking place in some of those countries now, you have to know that it is the judgments of God, for God has raised up Communism to tear down those old Catholic strongholds that have held souls captive for hundreds of years. Just for the sake of record, let me read just a few lines from another chapter here, concerning something in Nicaragua over one hundred years ago. “In 1870 Cardinal Antonelli, in behalf of Pius 9th, writing to the Bishop of Nicaragua, says, ‘We have lately been informed here that an attempt has been made to change the order of things in that Republic (of Nicaragua;) to be publishing programs in which are enunciated freedom of education and worship. (Now listen to this) Both of these principles are contrary to the laws of God and the Church.” Naturally that would be the Roman Catholic Church. It just lets you see that all education and worship practices were completely controlled by the church. Furthermore, it goes on to tell of the number of buildings owned by the Catholic Church in various countries, while they are claiming to be almost bankrupt. In the city of Lima, Peru, she owned more than 1700 of the major buildings in that city alone. In Mexico City around the turn of the century, she owned more than 3,000 of the major buildings as well as vast land holdings. The land is farmed by peasants, the money is channeled right through the church, and into some type of industrial investment and that in turn is fed right into stocks and bonds. No wonder she is able to control whatever she chose to in those countries. She owns banks, factories, office buildings, apartment complexes and you name it. There is no match for her material wealth. The wealth of all other religions combined would seem minute compared to the wealth of the Catholic Church. What difference does that make? It makes all the difference in the world! Here is a system of religion whose head claims to be the Vicar of Jesus Christ and whose priests and nuns claim to be holy and history books are full of records of their unholy deeds, their fornication, their perversion, their murders and every other sort of filthiness and the destiny of human souls is being shaped by those unholy imitators of true righteousness.


I promised when we started this message that we would identify the Antichrist that the world talks a lot about, but actually knows very little about and that is exactly what I intend to do by the help of the Spirit of God. If the Bible calls the Catholic Church a whore, and her Protestant daughters harlots, why can I not repeat it without someone getting upset? Would have to believe that too much of that same old spirit if still controlling your life if you cannot hear truth without getting all up in the air about it. Well, where in the Bible does it say that? Revelation, chapter 17 is a plain as the nose on your face if you have the Holy Ghost to guide your thinking on the subject. Let us just open our Bibles to that chapter and look at it for a little while. Now some of you will say, we have heard all of that before. I know you have, but have you allowed the reality of it to strike the depths of your soul? God did not have this chapter written just to fill up space in the Bible; it has to be there to let some chosen people of His know where they are in time, and what to expect next. No, it does not stand alone to do that, but it sure fills in the blank spaces left by other prophecies of the scriptures. Daniel saw a ten horned beast and a little horn in the midst of the ten, but it was John that saw seven heads on that beast. Daniel saw that beast ruling the world, but it was John that saw a sophisticated drunken whore riding that beast, and it was John that saw her harlot daughters and her abominations. Daniel saw the false prince of peace make a peace covenant for one week, and then break that covenant after only 3½ years, but it was John that filled in the details of both the first and the second half of that week. So let us just open our Bibles to Revelation, chapter 17, and take our time, and see just exactly what it has to say to the bride of Christ for these last days.


Let me remind you once again; John is caught up in the Spirit and projected into the future so that he is actually standing, looking at these various happenings as they occur. Let us read verse 1, and notice the main points of it. “And there came one of the seven angels which had the seven vials and talked with me, saying unto me, Come hither; I will show unto thee the judgment of the great whore that sitteth upon many waters.” There are three things that stand out vividly in that verse, JUDGMENT of a WHORE, and WHAT THE WHORE IS SITTING UPON. At the time John physically lived, that whore did not yet exist, so if he is going to see her judged, I would say he had to be conveyed by the Spirit of God into this 20th century, the century I believe she will be judged in. No, God does not have to follow my time table, but if you think this old world is just going to rock on in its present trend for another thirty years, you had better get your eyes and ears open to reality. If this present pope is not the Antichrist that is to appear on the world scene, the next one will be. The wind up trend has already been established by him. But the judgment of that whore is at hand. As I have already said, God Himself has raised up Communism to destroy that system of debotchery. What we see taking place in Latin America is none other than the effects of this thing, so her judgment is in the making already. Now, why is she called a whore? Because she professes to be the representative of the gospel of Jesus Christ to the world, yet she has committed political fornication, international intercourse with kings and potentates around the world. It will open up more as we continue on through the chapter. But let us jump over to verse 15 and see what this old whore is sitting upon called waters. “And he saith unto me, (the angel to John) The waters which thou sawest, where the WHORE sitteth, are PEOPLES and MULTITUDES, and NATIONS, and TONGUES.” Alright, so it is people of the earth that this great whore is sitting upon, so let us read verse 2, for it should be read with verse 1, to get the full statement. This whore that sitteth upon many waters; “With whom the kings of the earth have committed fornication, (You see, it was not I that accused her; it is the word of God.) and the INHABITANTS of the earth have been made drunk with the wine of her fornication.” There you have kings of the earth committing fornication with her, and the inhabitants of the earth have been (already) made drunk with the wine of her fornication. In other words, John was projected to a point in time when all of this whore’s evil deeds had already been committed, and she was ready to be judged, and the very fact that she had harlot daughters proves that John was seeing her at a time later than the Reformation, for every one of those Protestant daughters came from her during those years of Reformation. But let us look at the two points of verse 2. Kings have committed fornication with her, and the inhabitants of the earth have been made drunk with the wine of her fornication. In the natural, we know what fornication is; it is a sex act between unmarried persons. It is fornication on the part of the unmarried party or parties, but the same act committed by a married person with someone other than their wife or husband is adultery. But this woman here in Revelation is not just one person, it is a system of religion, “a church”. So then we have to realize that fornication here, pertains to political intercourse. Take South America, the Philippines, the Caribbean, wherever Catholicism has ruled, every king, potentate, dictator, or whatever they were called, had to carry on political intercourse with the Roman Catholic Church. The Catholic Church would sit in the saddle and dictate the terms to them. The course of politics is in the hands of the priesthood in those nations. But at the same time she (the Catholic Church) is giving the inhabitants of the earth something to drink, for they have been made drunk. Let me just use a little illustration here. This woman (this whore) is pictured as one of those international celebrities, she is an actress. She knows how to put on a show. She knows how to dress, she is a rich character, a twentieth century celebrity. This kind does not come out of cheap honky tonks, they come out of expensive night clubs. You sometimes see pictures of these sophisticated, internationally recognized women. They are political harlots. They do not need to get married; they just sleep with whosoever they choose, when the price is right. They know exactly what to say in order to get what they want. But in this kind of setting, there is always wine involved. In other words, when you see a public figure like this, a woman that sells herself to men for monetary gain or position of some kind, it seems that wine or liquor of some sort is always in the picture. Why? It serves to dull the senses of the participants that are going to indulge in this relationship. Dulling the senses seems to take away any sense of guilt. When people become intoxicated, they will do things that they would not ordinarily do. This is what we need to see here in this verse. This whore is a woman, because she calls herself a church. She claims to be the church of the living God, but in reality, she is an international harlot. She has sold herself to every kind of government upon this earth and to every dictator of those governments. Remember now, we are talking about a system of religion and what she gives out that makes people drunk. Therefore, the wine she gives out would have to be her doctrines. Would you not agree to that. Literal wine in excess will mix up and confuse the physical mind of a person, so when you are making a spiritual application, you have to look for the agent that has the same spiritual affect on those who are affected. Therefore, I ask you, what does the Catholic Church give its people to drink (spiritually speaking) that dulls their senses to their need for a personal Saviro and makes them feel that their salvation is in just simply being loyal to the church? They are not taught to repent and be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of their sins. They are taught to pay the priest to pray for them, and that soothes their conscience. They are not taught that they need the Holy Ghost experience in their lives, and that He then will guide them personally into all truth and righteousness. They are given a little wafer when they reach a certain age and told that they have the Spirit of God, but that there is no salvation outside the Church. Almost everything they are taught, outside the fact that they are born with inherited sin is anti-word, anti-revelation truth, which makes it Antichrist. Let me say this though, the fornication act itself is not the wine, and neither is the wine fornication. The wine is that which is served with the act, to render the partakers senseless. The inhabitants of Europe reeled and staggered for one thousand years, so intoxicated with the wine (doctrines, rituals and dogmas) of the Roman Catholic Church they were subdued, subjected, unable to exercise their own mind, and you may as well say, rendered senseless. No wonder they called it the Dark Ages. If anyone even dared to exercise free choice, they were taken to the Inquisition, and we have already shown you what that was like. When you went there, that was usually the end of you.


Let us read verses 3 and 4 now, the apostle John writing this, “so he carried me away in the spirit into the wilderness: and I saw a woman (the whore of verse 1) sit upon a scarlet colored beast, bull of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns. And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet color and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication.” Now we are going to see this woman from a little different angle. She is sitting upon a scarlet colored beast, bull of names of blasphemy. Remember though, the woman is riding the beast. The beast itself is not the woman and neither is the woman the beast, so we have two objects to look at. Scarlet and purple are the old Roman imperial colors and what she is riding is the beast that has 7 heads and ten horns, so that lets us know that this woman is sitting upon this ten nation political network that once had just one great head, the old Roman imperial caesars. That one head was also full of names of blasphemy, just like it says about the seven heads, for it pertains to the blasphemous titles of those old caesars. Those ancient caesars actually believed they possessed the spirit of the gods and that their subjects should bow down and worship them. They were emperors, to be worshiped as gods. Sovereign, imperial, universal rulers, that demanded worship. That is the blasphemous names of the beast the woman is sitting upon. But notice, this woman also has a golden cup in her hand, bull of abominations and filthiness of her fornication. So we have to transfer that symbolism into its actual meaning, spiritually. A golden cup, I think we will all agree, would have been designed to hold liquid in the natural and the inference here is that it is a wine cup and therefore we understand that it was the contents of this cup that the inhabitants of the earth in verse 2, had been made drunk on and God calls its contents abominations and filthiness of her fornication. Naturally, as we have already pointed out, that is her doctrinal teachings and superstitions that have kept her subjects intoxicated for centuries of time. Spiritual wine for the true bride of Jesus Christ is true revelation of the word of God, so Satan’s counterpart is false revelation of the same thing. That is why I know beyond any shadow of doubt, that the Antichrist could not possibly come out of Communism, for communists do not even believe in God. They are anti-God, not Antichrist. The Antichrist has to be a man who believes in God, but whose teachings are contrary to the teaching of Jesus Christ and His faithful apostles. So the true wine of the Spirit, true biblical revelation, brings joy to the believers heart and has sometimes about the same affect as if the person had been drinking wine in the natural. I believe that is established in Acts 2; where those local Jews accused Jesus’ disciples of being drunk on new wine, when they came down into the streets of Jerusalem, out of the upper room, where they had just received the Holy Ghost, and the scriptures were opened up to them. Alright so this woman was arrayed in scarlet color, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls. That fits the Catholic Church perfectly, but keep in mind, her colors are exactly the same as the royal colors of the old caesars, and I believe most of you know why. It is because the head of the Roman Catholic Church sits in the same seat of authority that the old royal caesars occupied. That does not mean that they always wore red though, for some of those old Romans wore white at times; but at certain times when they wanted to express their full authority, they wore those royal colors. It is the same way with the pope. We see him in white more than anything else, but the official colors of the Roman Catholic Church are not white, they are red, the same as the old royal families of the caesars. Roman Catholicism today is the twentieth century product of the old Roman imperial system of government. Papal authority just simply stepped into position to take over the last form of Roman imperial government. That is why verse 8 is written like it is. “The beast that thou sawest was and is not; and shall ascend out of the bottomless pit, and go into perdition: and they that dwell on the earth shall wonder, whose names were not written in the book of life from the foundation of the world, when they behold the beast that was and is not and yet is.” Then verse 11, says, “And the beast that was, and is not, even he is the eighth, and is of the seven, and goeth into perdition.” The reason the eighth is not really the eighth, is because the first seven were political forms of imperial rulership, and papal authority is ecclesiastical rather than political in origin, so when the pope moved into the old caesars’ chair, he did not establish an eighth form of imperial rulership, he merely took over the seventh, which explains why the beast still only had seven heads when John saw it here in the end of the age.


We have got to go back and pick up verse 5 now though, for it opens up a whole new avenue of thinking to the person that may be studying this for the first time. Notice now, talking about the same woman (the Catholic Church.) “And upon her forehead was a name written, MYSTERY BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS, AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH.” What John saw here was the materialized product and consummation of the mystery of iniquity that Paul wrote of in his 2nd letter to the Thessalonians. It was only a spirit of iniquity when Paul recognized it already at work in his day, but when John was transported into the twentieth century he saw the end result of what that spirit had produced in the earth. In 54 A.D. that spirit of Satan had not yet embodied itself in any system; it only worked through individual agents, minor Antichrists, minor false prophets, minor false apostles, as angels of light to sow seed of error and heresy, and to attack the revelation of the true church in that hour, but John was allowed to see the full embodiment of that same spirit in a religious system and the angel that spoke with John told him that she was a whore and that she had some daughters that were harlots. How much plainer could anything be spoken. That great whore gave birth to those daughters in the Reformation and they were clean at first, but by the time John’s vision speaks of, they were all harlots, drinking from the same cup their forefathers protested to get free from. Now some of them will say, We do not teach the same thing the Catholic Church does. My answer to that is, maybe not all of it, but the very fact that you built your denominational fence and stopped moving on with God, proves that you have been sidetracked by the same spirit of Satan that Catholicism is led by. If you were moving by the leadership of the Spirit of God, you would have a true revelation of the Godhead by now, but you still know God only by the titles of what He is. Apostolic truth makes you nervous, and you either want to fight that truth, or run from it. Furthermore, it was the angel speaking with John that called you a harlot; I am only repeating what I read in the scriptures. Every denominational system of religion is an abomination to God, and He will not accept any of them, but there are thousands of poor souls around this world today, that have been feeding only from Bro. William Branham’s messages preached more than 18 years ago, and only from certain quotes from those messages at that, so I say to you in all sincerity, they are worse off than a lot of the denominations they boast of being free of because they have heard the truth and refused to follow it. They have done exactly what the man they claim to follow warned them not to do. They have become an idolatrous cult. They will not like me saying that, but it is the truth just the same, and furthermore they accuse me of being out of the message anyway because I preach from the Bible instead of the Spoken Word books they use. I do not say these things to be vindictive toward anyone, I only say them because they have to be said for the benefit of those that will still flee from Satan’s traps when they get the chance and have something to flee to. I do not claim to be the only preacher in the truth, but do sincerely believe that I am presenting the truth from the word of God and I am fully persuaded that God does not have an alternate gospel as a backup for those that miss what the Bible says is the only way to salvation. You will either come to God through the gospel of the shed blood of Jesus Christ through a true revelation or you will not come to God at all. Charitable works, soup suppers, rummage sales, bingo parties and ecumenical get togethers are all works of the flesh, dead works, with no spiritual benefit to the soul whatsoever.


Let us read verse 6 of this 17th chapter of Revelation for we need to see that this beautifully arrayed woman of verse 4, this whore of verse 1, this fornicator of verse 2 is drunk also, but not on her own wine that she gives others. “And I saw the woman drunken with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus: and when I saw her, I wondered with great admiration.” Why would that saintly old apostle admire a drunken woman like that? It was her sophisticated beauty that caught John’s attention. That would be a natural first reaction. As we said earlier, this was not some cheap little honky tonk prostitute, she was the most sophisticated international type you could expect to find anywhere. There is not a carnal politician anywhere that would not feel honored to be in her company. It makes them feel psychologically secure to be in fellowship with something that can offer them elegance, pride, pomp and glitter and never point an accusing finger at them. Every priest is trained to socialize with celebrities, regardless of their stature in life. They can talk politics, business, religion or anything the occasion calls for. There is not a priest that cannot talk to any statesman. They are rigidly trained for that. No wonder John looked with great admiration when he first beheld such splendor. There was quite a contrast between what he was looking at and the little apostolic church that was born on the day of Pentecost, in an upper room there in Jerusalem. They did not have beautiful robes and collars turned around backward, crucifixes and god and precious stones and all of that. But, hallelujah! They had a revelation. Praise God, old Peter passed a cup of the Lord’s wine and gave them all a good drink of it. That caused three thousand formerly self-righteous Jews standing there to cry out, Men and brethren: What must we do? The Catholic Church has never passed out any wine that caused sinful men to cry out, what must we do to be saved? No. She is proud to be able to boast of being the preserver of the blessed holy trinity revelation of God. Actually, that was the first sip of wine of her fornication when she changed the one God doctrine of the apostolic Church to a trinity doctrine. That was her first major abominable act in the sight of God. From there they substituted every major doctrine of the New Testament church with Antichrist doctrines of devils, and all of that together filled her cup, but it was full of filthiness, and the woman herself was worse than the most heathenistic cannibals upon earth, for she was drunken with the blood of those that had resisted her fornication practices, and refused her wine. We have read much of the history of her debotchery and filthiness and how she put to death some 68 million souls during those Dark Ages, but in spite of all the evidence we have presented, there are still some who will say, I do not believe that 17th chapter of Revelation is talking about Catholicism, for the pope is a man of peace and he loves the Lord.


I cannot force anyone to believe anything we preach and publish, but I will read you one more verse of scripture that to me clinches the thing, even if we did not have anything else to look at. Revelation 17:18, the last verse in that chapter says, “And the woman which thou sawest is that great city, which reigneth over the kings of the earth.” Of course there is much more vindication, but please tell me of another city anywhere in the world whose authority rules and reigns over the kings of the earth other than Rome, and I will be glad to know about it. Regardless of whether you want to hear it or not, all of this still has to have its identity tied to the fourth world kingdom according to Daniel 7:7-25, or else you may as well just throw your Bible in the trash can and stop claiming to believe in God. That little horn of Daniel 7:8, is not a little horn any more. The power of the papacy is enjoying world wide recognition a the great power of God on earth in the place of Jesus Christ, and that recognition will one day soon cause world leaders to call upon him to mediate their great humanitarian peace covenant, and when they do, little bride of Jesus Christ, look up, your redemption draweth nigh.


It is no wonder the younger generation of our day has trouble accepting the truth about Roman Catholicism, you seldom ever hear anyone who knows the truth about that system speak anything about it and a tremendous effort has been put forth by the Catholic Church to get much of the history of their system out of the public libraries and such like. Back 60 to 100 years ago, the preachers of North America still had fresh in their minds the stories written about Roman Catholicism through those long dark hours of international filth and deception and they did not fail to preach about it, but tell me, where are those preachers today? You just simply cannot find very many of them anymore, and the few who do endeavor to do o are so far off course themselves, they can never carry it all the way through. Naturally, it has to be like that though, to get this old world ready for the last go-round of that woman of Revelation 17. It may look like she will be allowed to ride that beast forever, but no, God will turn Communism loose on her, when her cup of abominations is completely full, for it is all written right here in the Bible. The pope of that hour (the Antichrist) will be able to co-exist with Communism to a certain extent, but chapter 18 of the book of Revelation lets us see the outcome of it all for it shows the final destruction of that old whore and how the kings of the earth who have committed fornication with her will bewail her and lament for her when they see the smoke of her burning. Kings and politicians and dignitaries of the earth could sit right there in the Catholic Church with dignity and never have to worry about hearing anything preached that would cause the spirit of conviction to come upon them. Even the Mafia, that great international network of cut-throats and gamblers could be good Roman Catholics. All they were ever told was that they were all sinners by inherited nature and that they needed religion because of that, so when the old priest comes trotting along, they just reach into a big fat pocketbook and slip him a handful of bills and just keep right on puffing away on their big cigars. Then the very next minute they may go hire a hit man to rub out someone that has had the misfortune to cross paths with them. This goes on the world over wherever Catholicism has been able to establish a stronghold. I will tell you one thing, when America was still governed by men who hd the spirit of her founding fathers, the Mafia would not have dared to set foot on her shores and try to setup their network of crime and corruption. But what few Protestants there are left in our government today are without any kind of vision of what this once great country stood for when their forefathers left Europe, and settled here. They have made a mockery out of our constitution. It has been amended so many times, no one knows who has the Constitutional right to do what. Do you know why? The inhabitants of the earth have been made drunk off of the wine of the Catholic Church’s fornication. Yes, it has had its affect here in this country also. Nothing like what it has in Europe, South America, the Philippines, and countries like that, but this country is far from free from the effects of it. Why do you suppose this country has recently appointed an ambassador to the Vatican? Would you not agree that our politicians must have been drinking out of that golden cup in the hand of that woman arrayed in purple and scarlet colors?


Brothers and Sisters, I cannot help but get a little disturbed when I see on television newscasts, this present Pope step off of his plane and kiss the ground of the country he is visiting. I get even more disturbed when I think of how poor spiritually ignorant souls fall prostrate and worship before that man. They think God is in that man and the very fact that he allows them to do that proves what spirit is in him. No Holy Ghost filled man in the Bible ever allowed anyone to do that without correcting them. You read in Revelation 13:3 & 4, how the deadly wound on that one head of the old beast was healed, and how the whole world wondered after the beast and they WORSHIPPED THE DRAGON which gave power unto the beast; and they worshipped the beast saying, Who is like unto the beast? Who is able to make war with him? Naturally that sounds very mysterious, and people will say, Who would ever worship a dragon? But, Saints: the term dragon there, applies to the devil whose spirit the Antichrist has and when someone falls down to worship the Pope, who claims to be the Vicar of Jesus Christ, they are already worshipping the devil, for the spirit of the devil is in the man who allows that. I just cannot help but remind you how a true man of God conduct himself under such circumstances. When the apostle Peter entered into the house of Cornelius, that old Roman centurion fell right down at his feet and began to worship him and the scriptures say (Acts 10:26) “But Peter TOOK HIM UP, saying Stand up; I myself also am a man.” That true man of God would not let anyone do that without correcting them, so why does the Pope of Rome allow it? You know the answer by now. It is because he is the devil’s substitute and the devil enjoys being worshipped by people who are too ignorant to know the difference between the Spirit of God and the spirit of Satan. It is sad to say, but this Gentile church world is as blind as a bat! They do not see one thing wrong with what they are doing! They would run and jump into the devil’s lap if he (the pope) told them to! Now you say, well you don’t have to get so excited about it. I am excited! God has opened my blinded eyes and given my mortal soul an understanding of this thing and I assure you, it is nothing that any true child of God can just shrug their shoulders at and walk on for this thing is coming down the road, stalking your pathway and breathing down your necks like a fiery dragon. I have watched as the Pope went through Austria. No such thing had been done in two hundred years. Oh, just to see that vast throng of people made me shudder. Don’t try to tell me that the world isn’t getting ready to acknowledge him in his last day role. That man of sin is knocking on their doors and they are ready to let him in. As I said earlier, if he is not the one, you rest assured, the next one will be. The platform is being built and it will not be built years in advance. World leaders are already looking at him as a man of peace and why not? That is the image he portrays everywhere he goes. He is not laying plans of his design to fulfill his role in the last half o the week of Daniel; Satan will anoint him for the part when the time comes and we want to go up to that time and show you what will transpire in the first half of that week to bring it about. The two witnesses fo Revelation 11:3 will play a great part in it. But I know now that we cannot get the rest of it in this issue, so we will just stop right here and hold the rest for our July issue. Then we will take Daniel 7,9,11,12, Zech. 14, Revelation 8, 11,13,17,18 and 2 Thess. 2, and tie it all together for a positive identification of the Antichrist the world is soon to receive. Like I have already said, I realize that many of you who will read this already know these things, but we must make every effort to get the truth into the hands of honest hearted souls who do not yet know what is ahead. We will not close the door of revelation until God closes it. So let us all pray that we may be found continually walking with Him and doing whatever He gives us to do.