The Dragon Speaks, Part 1

Rev. Raymond M. Jackson



Now I have some things here in which I will refer to, taken from Newsweek Magazine. In this article written by Henry Kissinger, the former secretary of State, he writes describing NATO and the European Common Market nations. I will also refer to another book describing the World Council of Churches, its origin, and who really gave it life to live. Enough of data is here that anyone would have to realize, if you belong to an organizational church, you had better run for your life. You don’t have time to play around with religion. It is late, and every organizational system is doomed for destruction. If you want to support it, that is your business, but if you miss out in the end, you don’t have anybody to blame but yourself. You will have nothing to hide behind. Now I am going to read for our text in Revelation Chapter 13, beginning at the 11th verse. “And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon.” Now this word “beheld” is a word that describes something that has caught your attention. You don’t merely gaze at it, it holds your attention. When you say, you beheld, it means your attention was drawn to it, and you could not take your attention from it. “And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb. And he spake as a dragon. And he exerciseth all the power of the first beast before him and causeth the earth and them which dwell therein to worship the first beast.” I didn’t read the scriptures here that describe the first beast. You can read it yourself in the first 10 verses of this chapter. Now this lamb beast has got to be understood. It does not demand worship to it. It is rather what it causes the world, or how it affects the world to worship and go after the first beast. “And he exerciseth all the power of the first beast before him, and causeth the earth and them which dwell therein to worship the first beast, whose deadly wound was healed. And he, this lamb beast, doeth great wonders, so that he maketh fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men. And deceiveth them that dwell on the earth by the means of those miracles which he had power to do in the sight of the beast, (the first beast) saying to them that dwell on the earth, that they should make an image to the beast (the first beast) which had the wound by a sword, and did live.” I am going to stop right there and ask you to turn with me, so we can get a description of what the word “image” means. Turn with me to Romans 8. We want to see what the word image is related to. Romans 8, verses 28 and 29. The usage of the word image here, has a spiritual application. “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose. For whom he did foreknow, he also did predestinate to be conformed (molded, fashioned,) to the image of his Son, that he might be firstborn among many brethren.” This tells me the true church is made up of born again children of God. God’s design is that in redeeming us and bringing us back into fellowship with him, his ultimate purpose is to reshape us, redesign us, create within us a likeness that expresses or reflects the same in character, motivation, and purpose, as you would recognize in the person of the Son. No, it doesn’t change your physical appearance, but it changes your character, it changes your thinking, it changes your motive and your style of living. Modern religion is not the image of Jesus Christ. It has a false face on. It looks like the devil. That is why it has no revelation. It is content to sit in it’s own apostate misery. So this is how we look at the word image, and what it pertains to. It is to be made in the likeness of something. Now let’s look at another example in Colossians. If God’s aim is to make you and me reflect the likeness of Jesus, to act like him, to think like him, and to live like him, then let’s see what this scripture brings out. Colossians, Chapter 1, 15th verse. It is God’s aim to make you and me reflect the likeness of Jesus, to act like him to think like him, and live like him. Let’s see what this scripture brings out. Here it is speaking of Jesus, and who he was. “Who is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn of every creature.” Who is the image of the invisible God, the substance of spirit you can’t see with the natural eye. Jesus became the outer expressed form of that invisible substance of God. Not that God is an object, but the spiritual reflection that Jesus lived, that was how God chose to reflect his own character and attributes, in and through the physical form of his Son. Now that gives us two descriptions of what image is in reference to. It is the likeness of something.


Now we will go back to our text in Revelation. “That they should make an image to the beast, (the first beast) which had the wound by a sword, and did live. And he, (the lamb beast) had power to give life unto the image of the beast, (Now notice) that the image of the beast should both speak and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast (not the lamb, it is the image) should be killed.” Now we have to realize at what time or place this is executed. It is in the dark tribulation hour. But the image has to be formed before that hour arrives. For the eventual purpose and aim of Satan is to use it for such a diabolical plot. Now in the 16th verse, it goes back to the lamb beast. “And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name, (the first beast) Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is six hundred threescore and six.” Now I can tell you this, this lamb beast is none other than the United States, and you bring Canada right in with it. You might say, Well that is just your idea. Do you know how doctors of divinity in modern religion interpret this? They interpret this “he” here, as some diabolical Satanic man, coming on the scene here in the end time. He is so possessed of the devil, he is a wizard, and his miraculous powers to stand out in the open and say, Come here people. He can call fire out of heaven like Elijah did; And they think that when that type of satanic man has revealed himself to society, he will put together some kind of idol, made of wood or concrete, or ceramics, and he will speak like to that thing and it will live. That is the way they interpret this right here. That is what modern religion is looking for. And that is why they are going to miss it, because the thing is already going on right before your very eyes. It is later than you think. The modern world of religion will never interpret this. Only the bride of Jesus Christ will have the right picture. To build a picture in your mind, I have to take you back a few hundred years. I am going to take you back to 1492. How many know why that year stands out in history? That was the year Columbus discovered America, the new world. Columbus was a Catholic. He left Spain sailing under a Spanish flag. It is said that many of his sailors were men out of prison that had volunteered for such an adventure. Columbus left Europe with the hope of finding a new route to the Dutch East Indies. The great transcontinental route of Marco Polo, a few hundred years prior to that, had opened up a way to the east. But they did not have fast means of land travel. It was a long way for boats leaving western Europe to go all the way down around Africa, and over the ocean to what is called the Dutch East Indies. Columbus had the idea that the globe was round, not flat, as some believed in those days. Did you know the Catholic Church had so dominated the intellectual picture in Europe, that ocean explorers and such men who would even dare to express their feelings that the earth was round, were looked upon by the Catholic Church hierarchy, as crazy. They were put in jail. The Catholic Church was literally a curse to the advancement of culture and science that was beneficial to man’s progress and existence here.


1492 was also the dawning of the time which we call the Reformation. The time had come, that God was going to force conditions within Europe to begin to change the order of events. Already for 200 years, many of these horn nations were getting restless. They were wanting larger territories. England had already had the great conflict with France. Read history and study about Joan of Arc. Spain had already had a conflict with England. Do you remember how Spain tried to slip in and destroy and burn the British fleet. Things were restless in the political and social realm of Europe. Something was astir. Already there were men who were the forerunners of the Reformation, trying to spark a fire, in the spiritual sense. Those men had been killed. 1492 was the very year that Jews in Spain were ousted. 1492 was also the year the Spanish succeeded in driving the Moors from the country of Spain, after several centuries of their existence there in the old capital of Spain, called Madrid. Columbus left Europe, not realizing what he was really going to be used for. Several months had passed before he finally succeeded in going back to Europe. When the news began to spread throughout Europe that a new continent had been discovered, it created a generation of adventure seekers. The Reformation struck at the same time.


In 1520, Martin Luther came forth and God honored this man’s efforts. This is what we see here described in the first ten verses of Revelation 13. God, taking His word, the sword of the spirit, began to wound and strike at that papal head. The Catholic Church had rode triumphant for a thousand years. No wonder history calls it the Dark Age. It was Satan’s Millennium. The Catholic Church sat in power to execute socialism, according to her own interpretation. The popes, the priests, the cardinals, were not spiritual men at all. You could almost call them a spiritual Mafia. They were cutthroats, crooks, under world, demon possessed, and greedy for power. They used their subjects for every penny, peso, and franc that they could get from them. But as Martin Luther began to speak, the king of Germany backed him. Time had come that God would change the order of events. God was going to wound that head, which was the last form of old Roman government that the Catholic Church had taken over. It was church over state, instead of state over church. As the Reformation dawned, explorers also began to come on the scene. Many Spanish explorers went toward the Caribbean. France sent some explorers into Canada. There were also Dutch and German explorers. They were all looking for resources that the old world desperately needed. Many came to hunt furs. In North American, much wildlife was killed, their furs stripped and shipped back to Europe by the boat loads. Remember this, for several thousand years, Europe had been a very populated area and their wildlife was almost destroyed. The explorers continued to come to the new world. Gold was also found in southern regions of the new world. After the Spanish explorers and settlers came, the Catholic priests soon followed. I am not speaking this to pinpoint races. That is not the picture. So to all who read this, I am not talking about your individual race of people. I am talking about what each nationality of people in Europe contributed to the new world, and what they came here after. We read little of the Germans at first. It was mostly the Spanish, British and Dutch. Gold was discovered, and also silver. The Spanish had already settled in southern California during the mid 1500’s while the Reformation was going strong in Europe. Then came the period from 1600 to 1700, when the Spanish galleons hauled gold and silver from the new world, carrying it back to Spain. At this same time, the ecclesiastical power of the Pope over the ten horns of Europe is being weakened. Now that the new world has been discovered, this causes the major nations in Europe to turn their attention to the new world. Each nation wants to come here and invest in the resources this new world has to offer. They all wanted something to make them a little more profitable. The Catholic Church had ruled over them for so long, dictating their terms. Then began the era of political freedom for the ten horns. Each nation sent her ships around the world, looking for new riches. Magellan was killed in the Philippines, along with many of his sailors. Spain had not only hit the new world, but crossed the Pacific and also left her influence in the Philippines. That is why up until the Spanish American War, the Spanish language was the predominant language in the Philippine Islands. At the same time the French came to settle in New Orleans. They also settled in the province of Quebec in Canada. The point I am trying to make is that Colonialism was the order of that day. How many understand what Colonialism means? There was no territory left in old Europe where the ten horns could advance their possessions; so they turned toward the new world. They also began to colonize in Africa, and in India. Up until WW2, it was said that the sun never sets on a British flag. From the time it rose in the east, until it set in the west, the sun was always shining on a British flag somewhere. Britain was the maritime power in Europe because she was an island country. All around her were huge seaports. She build a vast fleet of merchant ships during the 1700’s. After the trade routes began to be established to the new world, England began to build the fastest sailboats, called clippers. China also built some. They traveled the trade routes to the new world and also to the Orients for tea and spices. The point I want you to see is this, is how Europe was to be eventually restored, and the Catholic papal power given back that position and recognition here in the end time, as time runs out, and God completes His picture, at the coming of Jesus Christ. In the vision, as John’s attention is turned, and he beheld this beast, the first one came up out of the sea, which is symbolic of humanity of the old world. That includes Europe, where all the head identity and horns are, but it includes also the body of areas of Greece, Iran, which is Persia, and old Iraq, including Israel. Because Israel is the hub around which all this prophetic picture turns and culminates. As John’s attention was focused upon this area of earth, he had to be looking at a picture of a continent, which at that time was uninhabited, as far as masses of people, who were not even related or associated with the beastly mass of Europe, or the Middle East. As he saw this, and beheld, (watched it) it is true something was going on, but it was undistinguishable. It takes time for it to evolve into an object that he can distinguish. Once he can distinguish it, and what it is to do, he sees it has two horns like a lamb, and it spake as a dragon. That is why we have illustrated it on our chart, with a forked tongue. Go find your charts of dragons. What kind of tongue do they have? It is a tongue of flaming fire, or a split tongue. Now that is just the way the devil does, he says one thing and does another.


Alright, now I want to take you into some more history. Out of Europe, as the Reformation grew, by 1600 the Reformation has established its foothold in certain nations of Europe: Germany, England, Ireland, the Netherlands, Belgium, certain areas of France. This is where the roots of the Protestant Reformation became embedded. If you study the history of the early Pilgrims that came across on the Mayflower, many of them had spent time in Holland. On the mainland of Europe, especially in Holland, they had embraced Protestantism. England, though not yet fully affected by the Reformation, had also broken from the papacy of Rome during the 1600’s. Yet still many of those who were accepting protestantism in England and those areas, eventually had to leave and go to Holland where there was much more freedom from persecution. There, many of the families brought forth new children, later pilgrims were added to the group, and from that setting was launched the first spiritual pilgrims who came to the new world and landed on the east coast. Prior to that you had explorers, fur traders, timber cutters, gold seekers, adventure seekers, but you had nothing coming here to establish a spiritual purpose. But when the Pilgrims came and landed, a spiritual hold, a beachhead was established. From that time on, up and down the New England coastline, colony after colony began to grow, coming out of the old world of Protestant Reformation. It is true a lot of cutthroats came with them. You always have a group of people that like to follow the excitement. But as the spiritual seekers, the Pilgrims, came and started new colonies, they also suffered much. Some of the little towns and villages that sprang up, were almost destroyed by plagues of diseases. They came here with a motive to be free from the dictates of the old horn governments, which would not give the people the complete political, social freedom that was needed. So they came to the new world seeking this freedom. And out of this new wilderness, that is why this beast is pictured coming up out of the earth, not even associated with the old continent, 4000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean. There is no other way you can interpret this scripture, coming out of the earth. It means it has to be something that comes out of another continent, not Europe and the Middle East. A nation began to take form. At first its primary motive was Christian in principal. For a hundred and some odd years, those towns and villages, as they grew up and down along the New England coastline, these towns were oriented and built upon the principles of Christianity found in the Bible. Little was thought about what was going on in Europe. Once they had left the old world, they were glad to be free from it. By the time we come to the 1700’s, the old colonial dictators of Europe were beginning to want to put pressure and establish a hold upon the New England colonies. They wanted to tax these new colonies. The colonies decided the distance across the Atlantic and time itself would enable them to go to war against the main colonial power, which was England. During the 1700’s, these colonies on the eastern seaboard of this country, which were Christian in principle, went to war to fight for their freedom. This brought about the birth of a new nation called the United States. That is why in 1776, when that war was over, they wrote a Declaration of Independence. The horns of Europe realized they could not dominate or control this new territory. Yet within its social and racial background, was the English, German, Dutch, French and much more. The parentage of America came right out of Europe. But they came here embracing the basis of what the Reformation had caused in Europe. They came to establish a system of government, a way of life that each one could seek after God, according to the dictates of his own ear. It was Christian in principle. That is why it became a lamb being born. If you know anything about war, going out to challenge an adversary. When a lamb is bon, it doesn’t have horns. Horns come on later, as it grows and matures in body size. Now as we look further into the history of this new nation called the United States, the Declaration of Independence was only a declaration that we would be free form any dictatorial powers. That is why a few years later, it was necessary for the political leaders to decide by what means this new society would be governed. Will it be a king? They had the option. But they took the option of a democracy, a government of the people, where the people would choose and rule. Therefore the Constitution was built upon that; and this nation lived for 100 and some years, always with that. They weren’t concerned with what Europe did. From 1700 through 1800 and on up until WWI, those horns were constantly roaming this planet, seeking new territory. They wanted wealth. They wanted possessions. The Dutch went here, the Germans there. The Portugese went here, the Spanish there. And England also sought her share. If you know anything about history, it was called the Colonial Era. A lot of people today are hollering what a curse the colonial era was. Well I’ll tell you, there are a lot of areas today, that if it wasn’t for what the colonial powers brought to them, they would still be eating one another. The first time I went to India, I realized what the English influence had done for those people. The Hindus, the Moslems, the Buddhists, were all fighting their holy wars. But the English brought in the railroads. Those Indian people aren’t riding railroads because their tribal chiefs told them how to build them. It was the English that accomplished this. It is very strange how some people would rather be cutting each other’s throats, than let somebody else come in and tell them how to sit down and be quiet, and make progress in their lives. But no sooner did these nations begin to want their independence after WW2, then along came communism. Sure, as the colonial powers gave up, communism came right in and took over. Have they brought rest? No. Bloodshed goes on just the same. Don’t blame the colonial powers. It is true they took a lot of the resources. But they didn’t show people how to fight and kill one another. That is why, then you go to India and see the big buildings of magnificent description, remember, they weren’t built and designed by the former tribal chiefs of India. They were designed by the architects and engineers of a country that had power over them. But let’s move on now.


For over 200 years, colonial powers established a foothold throughout the world. The horns of Europe were the ones that did this. It wasn’t Iran, it wasn’t Israel. Israel was in dispersion. Egypt didn’t do it. Let’s take a look at England. Up until WWI, England was in Jamaica and also India, and Africa. When the war in the middle east started in WWI, England moved right into Egypt and right on up the Sinai peninsula. She marched into Israel and took Israel back from the Turks. The French went into Lebanon. France and England were the colonial powers holding certain biblical areas of land, and they did so until WW2. WW2 was a war that pit east against west. It was a war that brought nations to the brink of financial disaster and became a determining point of how things would progress or deteriorate from there on. It was the beginning of the end for colonial dictatorial holdings. Immediately as the war ended, a voice from the social elements of the world sounded, we want our freedom. I remember when England pulled out of India. I remember when the United States pulled out of the Philippines, and gave them back their own right to rule themselves. Look what has happened since. The Dutch left the East Indies. Portugal had a little foothold on the western coast of India. Just a few years back she left there and went home. Belgium was in the Congo. She went home. England left her colonies in Africa. They gave up. Why? What was the cause? Remember the words of Jesus in Luke 21 abut the fig tree and the other trees, which he gave as a sign? 1948 was the birth of the fig tree nation, which is Israel. From that moment on she began to grow. WW2 had been used to affect the Jews and the land of Israel. It also brought an end to the colonial powers that held sway over it. Out went the French, and out went the British, all the way from the Nile, straight on up. Britain eventually withdrew home to the shores of the British Isles. At the same time, Israel was growing, expanding, expressing its right and determination to be a nation, sitting in the midst of a hotbox of Arabs. The western world, Europe and the United States, was beginning to reconstruct the ruins and disasters of what the war had brought. As Jews were going home, communism took over in China. Nation after nation began to be given up. That is why Jesus gave the sign, behold the fig trees and all the trees. The fig tree, Israel, would come alive when all other trees, (nations) were getting their independence and right to live and express their own freedom. We knew that the Russians were in North Korea, and that eventually the Orients would be affected by this Marxist overspreading of their philosophy. For about 3 years, the United States was in the process of economically reconstructing the shattered ruins of Europe, all the way from Italy to the British Isles. Now I want to read a verse of scripture to build this point and show you how America fits in here. As John sees this beast as it comes up out of the earth, he no doubt had to watch it a long time before it became distinguishable. At this point, you have to figure, what you read in American history, covers that period of time. This is also that period of time in which this nation acted as a Christian nation. It lived like one. For instance, take the Revolutionary Wary, from 1776 until about 1860. We came throughout a period of growth and advancement. The 13 colonies on the eastern seacoast had gained the victory over that colonial power, England. At that time, this area that we live in was not even a part of the United States. It was still a wilderness. Here in Vincennes, the British had a foothold in this area. France still had her foothold in New Orleans. Let’s look at the Indiana Territory. George Rogers Clark, the man this area is named for, came from Virginia, along with his troops. They came here to move the British out of this Midwest area. They had already licked them in the New England colonies. But in 1790, those colonial powers of Europe still had a foothold in the Midwest, and in the Caribbean. That is why George Rogers Clark and his troops came here, to drive the British out. After the British were driven from Vincennes and surrendered, then just a few short years later General Andrew Jackson led the battle of New Orleans and defeated them there. Keep in mind also that the Caribbean area was a stronghold of colonial holdings. The Dominican Republic, Haiti, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Jamaica; these were areas held by the colonial powers of Europe. At one time it would be English, at another time it would be French. There was always a conflict. The colonial powers were trying to keep their foothold in the new world. But slowly they were being driven from them. What was it all about? The colonial powers of Europe were being driven from this continent. After George Rogers Clark came here and drove the British from Vincennes, this new territory was opened up. Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Illinois were all a part of this territory. Settlers began to come in. My wife’s people came here along with that first settlement.

Let’s take another look at the eastern seacoast in the southern part of the United States, that we call Florida. The Spanish built St. Augustine, Florida. Following the coastal areas of the Gulf of Mexico, you see old Spanish forts of Spanish settlements. The French had also built settlements around New Orleans, and on into the great southwestern area. Spanish towns in New Mexico and across into California began to grow. Keep in mind, these are all Catholic in nature. The great midwestern area was taken over from the Indians, and the Indians were laced on reservations. I want to give your ears a little bit of historical background on the growth of this new nation, how it became what it is today. When the railroads were being built, we needed labor. During that time history, came many Irish Catholic labormen, by the hundreds, to work on the railroads going to the west. Then from the Orients, came the Chinese that helped dig the bedrock through the mountains of the Sierra Nevadas. From that point on, America has been a melting pot of all nationalities.


When the pope came to America a while back, where did he go? He followed the very route that the early Catholic priests and explorers came through. The Catholic Church, up until the Civil War period, was not in the original 13 states in a predominantly powerful position. They had began to make their immigration slowly. In New York City you had a lot of Italian Catholics, and also Irish Catholics. There was a strong settling of Catholics there, but they were not in governmental positions to affect things. Father Chiniquy became a personal advisor to Abraham Lincoln. He told him not to give the Catholic Church a place to put her foot. Abraham Lincoln said at one time, that the Catholic Church system was like a black plague; And that it should be driven from the shores of North America. It is known that the Catholic Church played a very important role to certain southern government leaders who wanted to secede from the Union during the Civil War, and their approach was to use it and seeking opinion of southern leaders to work with them. In so doing, it would split the nation, and the Catholic Church would gain a position. It was hoping to split the Union and causing the south to secede, placing themselves under the protection of England, or some other European power. Not that the Catholic Church was going to rule it, but it was going to use this opportunity as a greater springboard to get into the nation in a more rapid way. There is always that secret element who work and manipulate to apply the cause of that system. I will tell you of an incident that shows just how the Catholic church was sticking her hand into the cause of the Civil War. About the time the war was starting, there was a priest that wanted to call a strike against a certain function in New York City. Father Chiniquy, as I mentioned earlier, the advisor to Abraham Lincoln, told President Lincoln not to give them an inch. It was because of this advice, Abraham Lincoln sent word to his troops to tell the Bishop, Call off your strike or I’ll bring in the troops. He realized the nation was at a point, and the south was under an influence, and it if wasn’t handled right, this new nation would wind up a split society, no longer to progress. So he called in the troops and put the bishop and his cause in place. Those things are written in history, but they are looked upon by our modern politicians as radical. He did what he had to do at a time when it was necessary. The Catholic Church was not necessarily the cause of the Civil War, but they were observing conditions that helped to bring it about, and they took advantage of those conditions. That is what you have to look at. The Catholic system, somehow or other, knew that it was time to strike at the leadership of America. The Catholic system was also involved in the assassination of President Lincoln. The government agency that investigated this assassination traced it right back through the Catholic areas of Montreal Canada and right on back to Rome. It is a known fact that the people who hid Lincoln’s assassin, were Catholics. You might say, How do you know that the assassination of President Lincoln was brought about by a conspiracy of the Catholic system? All of this information was recorded in an investigative report. For a long time the outside world did not know the reason for President Lincoln’s assassination. We know the man that shot him was supposed to have broken his leg in making his escape from the theater. After his escape he reached a certain doctor. This doctor, not knowing how his leg had been broken, ministered to him. Later when the authorities heard about this doctor having treated the broken leg, they investigated the incident and arrested the doctor. They thought he had collaborated with the different agents behind the conspiracy. That doctor eventually spent many years in a prison off the shore of Florida. That prison stands there today as a museum of that period. It is also a known fact in the state of Wisconsin, in a remote area of predominantly Catholic people, there was a telegraph agent that ran a general store. A message came through one day stating that President Lincoln had been shot. The Catholic community seemed to be overjoyed. But then when the newspapers came out the next day, it told exactly the hour he had been shot, and when they compared the time in the newspaper with the time the little store got the message, the officials began to realize there had been a discrepancy. The telegram was well in advance of the time he was actually shot. It was from that finding that secret agents began to investigate. They found a certain Catholic home in which three specific men had collaborated with this man, John Wilkes Booth, that had done the shooting. When Booth had been caught, one by one these men began to make their departure. One of them, John Harrison Surratt, succeeded in getting into Canada. He went to Montreal. They traced him there, and through their sources of information, traced him on to Halifax, Nova Scotia where he had taken a boat. Months later they found him in Italy at the Vatican, using the name John Watson. All of this is recorded in an investigative report. The question was asked years later, Why was there not an immediate exposure of this and certain Catholic officials brought into question? The nation was in a desperate state, the war had taken many lives, much livestock had been lost and progress was at a standstill. They felt it was better to heal the wounds of the nation than to create a religious confrontation between Protestantism and Catholicism, like there is in Ireland today. So the records were closed and remained that way for a long time. But little by little, men working in government, who were definitely Protestant leaders, began to have access to the Congressional files. Decades later it was available information.


Now as time passed the lamb beast kept coming forth in size and growth, we have had this to develop in the new world. I want to show you the Catholic spirit. As the Revolutionary War ended between the eastern colonies and the British crown, you had approximately 30,000 Romanists and 25 priests living in the colonies. The Catholic spirit saw to it that eventually they would see this new nation changed from a Protestant influenced society, to a nation of dual recognition. That is why you have to see two horns. When a beast begins to show aggression, it uses those horns. How many understand that? Alright, this brings us up to WW2. Israel is born in 1948. The war in Europe had lasted for a period of 5 years. It had broken the European economies. Ruins lay all the way from North Africa to the British Isles. In 1945 the war ended in Europe. Europe was faced with the dilemma how it would reconstruct its society. War also ended in the Orients. Now I want to refer to another verse of scripture. Notice verse 12 of Revelation, chapter 13. The lamb beast that is seen coming up out of the earth did not just pop up. No, don’t picture it that way. But as time progressed, eventually it comes forth in a complete, mature form, to fulfill its prophetic picture. This lamb beast, this national North American power, which can trace all its descendants back to Europe, exercises all the power of the first beast. That means it acts just like it. It has the same aim, the same influence. There is something about it that influences the earth and them that dwell therein. This literally means the area of the prophetic earth, because we are dealing with prophecy. We are not dealing with a global sphere. It causes the earth and them that dwell therein to worship the first beast. When you look at this first beast you have to see Europe restored, the ten horns rebuilt, reconstructed, each one fully identified within its European confines. It is no longer spread out over the world in its colonial territorial power image. It is back home. WW2 brought it to that point. Now he causes the whole world to worship the first beast. You have to see it in its territorial existence, then you have to see what makes it think and act like it does. When you do that, you have to look at what kind of government in the final stages, in is command, and what causes that beast to function as it is expressed here in the 13th chapter. It says here the deadly wound was healed. Whose deadly wound was healed? The only thing you can study in history that has any age of time to it at all, that has literally been wounded to death, has been sought to destroy, is the Roman Catholic Church. The existing forms of government today in Europe are not like they were in the original breaking away of the old imperialship of Rome. Those earlier governments of France, Italy, Germany, Spain and those countries, were not social, nor democratic governments. They were dictatorial forms of government. Each one was ruled by a king and from him descended a royal family. In Madrid Spain you can go into a Catholic cathedral and learn the history of some of her great kings and queens. When you walk through the cathedral the guide will show you where each king was buried. Those kings thought so much of their church, that when they died, they chose a place to be buried inside that church. They were not social leaders, nor democratic leaders. They were dictators. But they ruled over the auspices dictated by the pope. That is why they loved their church. They loved that system. Many of the members of those royal families chose to be buried under the floors of their churches. Now we have to see how this deadly wound was healed. We have to understand the founding of Catholicism that was brought about by the Reformation. From the Reformation on until just about the beginning of WWI, all popes were on figureheads. No pope would try to lift a finger. But when we also read how many times they would play politics with political leaders. Now let me bring out this point, because I want to deal with the United States and her role. It says here, he causes the whole world to worship the first beast. It must have great influence to accomplish this. “And he doeth great wonders, so that he maketh fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men.” This is not a diabolical, demon possessed man coming on the scene. This is a picture of a nation, having grown through time, and having achieved scientific technology. The United States had discovered the use of the atom bomb. In the final hours of WW2 we used the bomb. First at Nagasaki, and a few days later at Hiroshima. We sent the ultimatum to Japan to surrender. I’ll never forget those days. I was stationed in an artillery outfit in the Pacific. After those bombs had been dropped and Japan given an ultimatum to surrender, their officials asked: where shall we meet and discuss our surrender terms? They were told to paint one of their bomber planes white with a green cross on the top and underneath side, and fly their officials to Okinawa. There they would meet with the commander of our Army and sign their terms of surrender. The Japanese were so in haste to accomplish this that they painted that plane with a brush. You could see the paint brush marks on it. Now the point I want you to see is how this lamb beast caused fire to drop out of heaven. It caused the war to be brought to a quick end. No, it wasn’t some man standing out there with Satanic powers. No. The dropping of that bomb startled the whole world. And the whole world felt the impact. This lamb nation had woke up. Even the Japanese leaders on their way to attach Pearl Harbor, remarked. If we wake up a sleeping giant, we will pay the consequences. Well, they did wake her up. They woke up that lamb, and she went to work. WW2 was the last war that we will ever be able to say that we won, and won it like a war should be won. Because the spirit that rules within it now, won’t let a nation of 230 million people act like it used to. It doesn’t think that way anymore. Our politicians don’t think like that; and neither do they want our nation to be like that. We are a pacifying, compromising, sell-out nation now. We speak with a forked tongue. No wonder we have lost our image that we had before WW2. To the world we are hypocrites. All they want is the wealth we have, and they have just about got it. Now this beast had the power to bring fire out of heaven. You have to understand that this is scientific technology that has advanced above and beyond the other powers of the world. When WW2 ended we left our military representative in Japan and eventually later in Korea. For what purpose? To stem the tide, and hold off the advance of communism. Now we will turn our attention to Europe for a few minutes. As we dropped this bomb and showed the world our military power, we also a few short years later, exploded a hydrogen bomb. As men stood on the deck of a battleship to witness the testing of this hydrogen bomb, one of them exclaimed, My God, what have we done? It looked as if they had set off an explosion in the universe that would literally explode the oxygen in space. But it finally died away. They had literally destroyed an island, blown it almost completely out of the water. That let Russia and the world know that this nation had technological power to stop any kind of military force that would face us. With that threat, we began to advance our systems of delivery, as well as improve the quality of our nuclear heads. This was always held over the world as a threat. While we did what? “And deceiveth them that dwell on the earth by the means of those miracles which we had power to do in the sight of the beast, saying to them that dwelled on the earth, that they should make an image to the beast, which had a wound by a sword and did live.” It is easy to look back and see how this lamb beast became powerful, and fulfilled scripture.


I want to read from an article that was written by Henry Kissinger now. Henry Kissinger was born in Europe but later came to the United States. “I was born in Europe, and became Secretary of State of the country that gave me refuge, and inconceivable elevation anywhere else in the world. I have known both sides of the Atlantic intimately. And maintaining close ties between them has always been a priority, especially close to my heart. For a long period it was my good fortune to observe an American policy, based on that same commitment. Americans have every reason to take pride in what their leaders have built in 40 years, bipartisan effort on Atlantic relations. America, the daughter of Europe, repaid it’s heritage by contributing idealism, and resources to the old continent in it’s darkest hour. It added to the values of human dignity and freedom that it inherited from Europe, an innocence, (There was a time in our youth as a nation, we were a nation innocent of political corruption of military bigotry, we sought after none of that.) And idealism that has made it a beacon to oppressed people everywhere. To be sure, like many Americans, I have often been exasperated by short sighted European actions, and by the tendencies among some of our allies to shift the burden of difficult decisions onto the United States. With the passage of time, it has been increasingly evident that the alliance, (meaning NATO, which was the military, uniting the leftover powers of Europe, combining them together under a central leadership, for what purpose? To pose a threat against Russia and Communism. The western world was faced with communism coming one way, the Orient was faced with communism coming another way. The United States held the scientific technology to reign havoc on anybody that tried to break it or destroy it. It tells here how the Marshall Aid and the taxing began to increase upon the American public and in 40 years we have literally spent our American wealth to it’s breaking point because every economical system in Europe has been supported and reconstructed because of the American dollar.) cannot live forever on the capital accumulated in the great decade of creativity that produced the Greed Turkish Aid Program, the Marshall Plan, and the Atlantic Alliance. Brothers and Sisters, I remember the Marshall Aid Plan and what it did. For several years we kept three hundred thousand troops in Germany. Why? Because at the close of WW2 Europe was so weak financially. They literally depended on this nation that helped them fight their way, pay their bills, help them rebuild their military complex. With three hundred thousand of our men stationed on a foreign continent, you can realize the payroll that goes to those men. That money does not all come back home. Much of it is spent there. But the point we want to emphasize here is how this lamb beast was able to influence the world to worship this first beast. Now keep in mind the first beast represents the old Roman territorial system, eventually to be taken back under control by the power of the Pope. From 1948 until now, you have literally seen that grow. NATO was sponsored and supported by the American tax payers dollars. Our own troops were also stationed in their countries to reassure them that we would not leave them alone. Not only that, but we also improved our own nuclear technology, and ways of delivery of different type weapons. Slowly our troops have been brought back home because we are depending more and more on our nuclear retaliatory capability, which is the fire out of heaven. The reason we can call it, fire out of heaven, as is mentioned here in this scripture is because when a long range rocket is launched, it doesn’t fly just 60 feet above ground. It is launched into outer space and when it re-enters the earth’s atmosphere, it is as if it comes out of heaven. There is one other point I want to make right here. It is what the United States had done in these past few years that has caused Europe to be regrouped. The Marshall Aid and NATO have helped to restore the European Common Market. We all know that no president has in his mind to fulfill prophetic scripture. It is how Stan would use men that causes these scriptures to be fulfilled. Let’s read some more from this article written by Henry Kissinger. “From the beginning NATO has faced a fundamental dilemma. It confronts a threat from a single country, Russia. While the alliance is composed of many, lately 16 sovereign states, (You have to keep in mind, that includes the United States and Canada, who is in the common alliance, as well as the ten nations of Europe. It includes Norway and Sweden. That is why it says 16 here. Don’t think that contradicts the prophecy of ten horns.) The strongest of which is separated from most of the other by some 4000 miles. (The United States) A coalition, no matter how close, can never be or appear to be, as cohesive as a single state. (He is expressing here that this NATO alliance, for all these years, has always in their individual national identities, been a little shaky, without our presence. In other words, The British couldn’t trust the Germans. The Germans couldn’t trust the French. Look at the history of the past 300 years, and how they have acted, but when the United States came in, she became the arbitrator, the mediator. She was the thing that helped hold them together. That is why you have to read it in the scripture. She causes the whole world to go after the first beast, and eventually worship the devil in that system.) America has acted as if a legal commitment could make NATO a single unit, but Europeans, with their experience of frail alliances, have always sought more tangible guarantees, even in the early days of NATO, when the United States possessed clear nuclear superiority. (That is why you have to see her, the lamb beast, wit that nuclear superiority, as a threat. It is not that she was just constantly pulling fire down, and saying, Hey, look at this! It was that she had the capability to do so, and the nations of the world knew it. They have been trying to prepare to fight that type of war.) American military presence on the continent made little sense in terms of the prevailing military doctrine of massive nuclear retaliation, but it provided reassurance, because it was believed at least subconsciously that the United States would have no choice except to defend it’s own forces.” That refers to the troops that we keep there on foreign soil; and since they are there, we would be forced to fight along with Europe. Now there is another part of this that I will read later on in the message, but as I read this article, I thought to myself, Henry Kissinger, you are writing exactly about prophecy , about current world events, world developments. The point is, she had power to bring fire out of heaven. That is her scientific technology. Now watch what happens. “And he had power to do these things in the sight of the beast, saying to them that dwell on the earth, that they should make an image.” Now let’s look at this image. Keep in mind, the United States government at no time has ever said publicly, Let’s make an image. That is not the way you read it. You have got to see the “he” mentioned here, as how Satan uses the position of this nation.



The World Council of Churches is definitely an image that reflects the dictatorial, subversive hypocrisy power of the old Catholic Church. I have a book here that tells how the World Council of Churches originated. I didn’t know it but the seed that started the World Council of Churches originated in the area where the old Reformation started. It goes as far back as 1910, but the world knew little about it as it lay in a seed concept, but by the time WW2 had come, the church world had been affected by this terrible onslaught of destruction and denominationalism began to recognize her need to project herself into the political involvement of society. The World Council of Churches was born as a system. In 1948, in the month of August, it had it’s first conference in Amsterdam Holland. I am going to read from this book some facts on the World Council of Churches. “The World Council of Churches was born a creature of the west. The great majority of it’s founders were from Protestant churches in Western Europe, and North America. Now as Asia and Africa were decolonialized, areas were added later, which began to enlarge the function. Latin America as well entered the World Council of Churches. The complexion of the organization and it’s outlook changed. It paid more attention to the third world and became more responsive to demands made by church and secular spokesmen from the developing states and by western representatives, who spoke up for the third world causes. This development is not unlike that which took place in the General Assembly of the United Nations. Within the World Council, each delegate has one vote. In the U.N. General Assembly, it also has one vote.” There is a point I want to bring in here, before we read any further. The lamb nation had power to give life to it. We have to realize, if this is a religious system, somewhere it must have money to function. Doesn’t it? The seed of it began in Europe. That is where it was conceived in August 1948, but what gives it life to really begin to execute it’s purpose? I will read some more from this article that will help us to understand. A second assembly of the World Council of churches was held in Evanston, Illinois in 1954. That is where we will begin reading. “In 1954, the assembly of Evanston showed a growing concern for the underdeveloped countries and acknowledge the revolutionary upheaval in Asia, Africa and Latin America. The principal focus however, continued to be on the east/west conflict. Evanston went far beyond Amsterdam in condemning colonialism and racism, two issues of considerable interest to the third world. By 1954 India, Pakistan, Ceylon, Burma, and Indonesia had been granted independence. (The European powers were given up and going home.) Especially in Nigeria, Ghana, Somalia and other parts of Africa, Evanston called on the colonial powers to remove the yoke which now prevents other nations and people from freely determining their own national affairs. (This is the first time Protestantism would act like this. Imagine the apostle Paul telling the Emperor Nero, Hey, you can’t do this, or that.) The Evanston report and resolutions on racial and authentic tension, fueled a continuing campaign to wipe out racial discrimination. The report said racial and authentic fears, hates and prejudices are more than social problems. They are sins against God and his commandments. (See how they use the bible? They twist it for material purposes.) A more immediate incentive was the growing civil rights movement in the United States. Evanston authorized a special secretary to implement the report on racial tension, but the mandate lay dormant for six years. In 1960, after several studies on how to help churches, troubles with racism, the central committee invited an American Episcopal priest to head a secretariat on racial and authentic relations. It was not given a budget until the 1960 New Helhi Assembly, which also adopted a set of operating principles. Lacking authority, the secretariat merged into the program to combat racism after the 1968 Upsili Assembly. (Now let’s see where it gets it’s life.) In 1954 in the Evanston Assembly, The world Council of Churches department of Church and Society began a study on the common Christian responsibility toward areas of rapid social change. Initial funding of one hundred thousand dollars from the John D. Rockefeller fund, and twenty five thousand from the Phelps Stokes fund was augmented by contributions from member churches, clearly focused on the third world. The study called for action in several areas including political independence and nationalism. The churches and countries of the west were assigned their major task in the response to rapid change in Asia, Africa, Latin America. It was the churches of America that paid four fifths of the financial cost of the operation of the World Council of churches.” That is all that I will read from this article right now, but that is enough to let us realize where the greater part of funding came from for the World Council of Churches. The united States also had the power to call fire out of heaven. It is not Satanic fire. It was used as a threat over the world, while we were also rebuilding the first beast and the world was told to worship the first beast. While we held that military superiority over the world, we were also the nation that was preparing to give life to that image. As American Protestantism went apostate, they only had a secular vision of materialism and such like. Therefore, out of their coffers would come thousands of dollars which would support such an apostate system. That system kept growing and growing, as it incorporated Protestant churches from all over the world. Finally the time came that as the ecumenical spirit really comes in, the Catholic church, the Greek Orthodox Church, along with the World Council of Churches, they all became a united religious front, to press onward and go forth, but the economic life came from America and it was American tax dollars that helped rebuild Europe. This has gone on for the past 40 years now, and we are at the point that it looks like this lamb beast is broke.


Now I want to touch on a few points to clarify the relationship of this lamb beast to the first beast, that is referred to in the first ten verses of the 13th chapter of Revelation. The first beast in it’s bodily formation makeup, the head area is represented in the old territorial Roman Empire. Out of it came the ten major nations of Western Europe. In the final end, when this prophecy culminates and Jesus returns, the ten horns will be unified in agreement to some type of government. That is why there is a head on it that was wounded and was healed. Now the body of it is to show that as time progresses and this thing grows, it will reach back through the old areas of Greece, right on back through old Iran, which is Persia, and also into Iraq, which is ancient Babylon. There will be a common economic agreement which will be signed by all, but you have to have the head, Europe, restores to it’s prophetic image. Now, leaving that, let’s go to the lamb beast as John saw it coming up out of the earth. Here he is literally seeing another national power, separated from the European masses, and it can’t be anything other than a national power coming up in the new world. Let’s look at the 12th verse. And he, “he” is not the president. You have to see it as a nation, as it exists today. We know that within it there is some kind of government through which it’s leadership functions, but since this national power is not ruled by a kingly family, you cannot interpret the word “he” as being any particular man. In Europe, those horns were ruled by royal families, but not so in this nation. We have a president that is elected every four years. So please understand, you don’t interpret the word “he” as any particular president. You have to look at the total function of the nation. When this “he”, this lamb beast nation, exercised all the power of the first beast, you have to see the United States, along with Canada, and how they function in world relationships in the end time, as this lamb beast is used by Satanic powers. This is why we are not looking at a demon possessed man, as some modern interpreters of the religious world interpret it. We are looking at a national power, and how Satan eventually succeeds in deceiving it’s leadership, and it is done through time. After it has served it’s major purpose in it’s early lifespan, as a true Christian nation; it then begins to react and think like the first beast, the Roman Empire, and exercises all the power of the first beast. Why would it do so? Because it has lost the old Christian Protestant image it once had, and the Catholic spirit influence, with it’s leadership bracket has taken over. A lot of people in religion today would say this is all hocus pocus, but you are living while it is taking place, and it is coming about in such a way that they don’t even recognize it. The sad part is, it is going to be all over, and then they are going to wonder where they missed it. Now as he exercises all the power of the first beast before him, then you are looking at Rome, reconstructed with the territorial areas of Europe, for it’s last day role and he causes the earth and them that dwell therein to worship the first beast. Now this word “Worship” has nothing to do with anything such as praying. It is a word that describes cooperation, working together for a common cause. Actually the world in Europe, after WW2 ended, they were pressured by circumstances into a common goal, that was to reconstruct Europe. This had to be for the eventual taking over by the man of sin, and the finishing of time as God would allow it to be. It is brought about by the leadership and influence of Satan. Man is doing this, but yet he is not desiring to worship the devil as a spirit. He is worshiping the devil and giving himself to his influence ignorantly. It goes to show he doesn’t know God. To know God, you have to know him in his new birth relationship, otherwise you see only carnally, selfishly, greedily, as we were born on this earth to be. You can only think carnally in a natural sense. There is only two forces in this universe that you can serve. Either God, or the devil. So when he begins to exercise as the same power, it is a Satanic, social, economic, materialistic influence. The devil loves it. If he can’t keep your country in poverty, then he drives you in the opposite direction, you want everything. Satan is the author of confusion. In the year of 1948, what did that mark? It marked the beginning of God creating conditions in the world at large, to set different things in motion. Israel was born. The World Council of Churches was born, China was taken over by the Communists, the ending of the colonial period came about and it was the beginning of the final healing of the wound, in the head that was wounded. Eventually this wound will be fully healed. All of these things take time to be completely fulfilled. The first thing that causes this lamb beast to be recognized is it’s super scientific discoveries. It had capability of calling fire down out of heaven.


That is why in 1945 our nation unleashed two atomic bombs that startled the world. We later exploded the hydrogen bomb. It shook the scientists to their toenails. They said, What have we done? From 1948 on through the 50’s, we held the superiority in nuclear weapons, and this lamb nation had every capability of using those to defend itself. They used it against Japan, against the communist onslaught going on in China, as well as to hold it as a threat to the Russian Marxist power in Europe. Isn’t it strange, after WW2 was over, they were immediately faced with a common enemy, Russia? No wonder General Patton wanted to go right on in and give Russia a licking, but no. Sooner or later we find the breakdown of loyalty within our own society. It began to cause traitors to arise and because of the greed for the dollar, they began to slowly sell information. If it hadn’t been for that, Russia would never have known how to make the bomb, but in this we can see how the American lamb beast nation was used by Satan to hold a threat over the world for 40 some years, while Europe was being reconstructed. Now I have thought for a long time, that if the whole world is eventually to worship the first beast, then we get into Revelation 19 where we see the beast and it’s armies and the false prophet assemble to make war against him that sits on the throne. That is the coming of Jesus. You don’t see the lamb beast in the picture. Somewhere it goes to show that this lamb beast, after it serves it’s diabolical purpose, somewhere something will happen to it that it will begin to fade out of the picture of leadership. Now I want to read some more of the article written by Henry Kissinger, the former Secretary of State. He has analyzed these last 40 years and says the meeting of Reagan and Gorbachev in Iceland, marked a definite time that European leaders must realize they must begin to go along. Let’s read more from that article now. “For over a generation they have accepted as an article of faith that American nuclear weapons were needed to counterbalance Soviet conventional superiority, and that deployment of American missiles on the continent was an essential component of that strategy. (That fits exactly with the verse that says he had the power to call fire out of heaven. It doesn’t mean he was constantly pulling this trick, but he had the capability to do so, if needed. For what purpose? To protect that European beast system that was being reconstructed, so that once it was reconstructed, it would again come into the forefront and prophecy would start to be applied once again.) It looks like they will succeed in removing long range nuclear weapons from Europe. The United States should encourage a greater European sense of identity in defense matters. In the wake of Reykjavik and the tentative INF agreement, the Europeans are sure to seek greater self reliance. (Meaning to work co-operatively together as a combined military force.) The only open question is whether those efforts take the form of neutralism, or of common European defense.


The current governments in Britain and France will almost certainly accelerate their nuclear buildups, gaining that priority over continental reinforcement. The defense minded element in the rest of Europe will strive to foster a specific European conception of security. The United States should encourage these trends, for the alternative is neutralism. Allowing Europe to assume greater responsibility for it’s own defense, will in the long run strengthen Atlantic ties, and help Germany overcome it’s sense of isolation. (Why does he say that? Because out of WW2, Germany was the only country cut in two. It was done by the allied powers, consenting to the requests of Stalin, because they were the nation that started the whole episode in Europe. Therefore, lest there be another war by the same nation, they submit half of Germany to Russian rule. It immediately went under the Communist flag. This split the great powerful nation of Europe all to pieces. Now the ten horns that exist in the confederated European alliance, is none other than the same territories of the ancient Roman empire. Because where Berlin sits over on one side, isolated from the western part of Germany, that is right straight through where the old Roman Empire went centuries back. This goes to show, God created conditions to bring about the break away of that eastern area, so it would be in this rebuilding and restoring of the Roman Empire for it’s last day role.) Washington, for a generation (he is referring to the 40 years of time) has supported the Common Market. (That is the economical unity among the ten horns.) Which inherently involves competition with America. It should therefore abandon it’s historic reserve and welcome a European identity in defense, which in the end is bound to spur Atlantic cooperation. There is no foreseeable east west conflict in which Europe will not be better off without American support.” If Kissinger sees this, because of Reykjavik, then it lets me know the time is coming. God is creating conditions where America, sooner or later, will be pressured by economic conditions and other pressures, and lose that responsibility to defend Europe. Why? Because now she has been restored and must stand alone to fulfill her end time prophecy. We have seen here in America, especially in the last 15 years, how industry after industry has closed. We have lost steel plants, car factories, appliance factories. Many of our clothing factories have moved to the Orients. Why? Because our leadership operated under a misconceived idea that we were responsible to help the world reconstruct itself. We didn’t have enough sense to see we were digging our own grave. Do you think the devil cared? No. While our money was being used to reconstruct, stabilize and refortify Europe, we built assembly plants in Japan. They began to produce and assemble automobiles, motorcycles, radios and televisions. They learned our techniques and over a period of time they have developed their own designs and today they are beating us at our own game. We are at their mercy. At the same time we also began to import textiles from Europe. Do you know we are now buying steel from France? We are buying shoes and leather materials from Italy. America and England used to have the best leather materials on the market, but today you can go into a shoe store, and look how many shoes are made in Taiwan or South America. You hardly find a pair of shoes made in the states anymore. Why? This has been going on over a decade now. Why am I saying all of this? To show you how this nation has been used economically, militarily, to protect the world’s interest against communism, which definitely looked as if it would engulf the world. That would be it’s aim, but rest assured, it will never engulf the whole world, but it has to pose that kind of threat. That is what makes America react to it. Isn’t it strange, we have it here at our own back door, in Cuba and Latin America. Why do we keep troops in Korea, but don’t do one thing about ridding it from our back door? I have no confidence in our leadership. This lamb nation spoke as a dragon, with a forked tongue. It has no vision. It has lost it’s vision. I am not talking about the nation itself, I am talking about the spirit of leadership. It has been 40 years since China became a Communist power, Israel became a nation, and the World Council of Churches was born; and colonialism was on it’s way to an end. It was also the beginning of the final stages of the healing of the wound of the papal power. That gives us five things to look at. America paid the bill for almost all of it. I hope you can all see this. You are not looking at a man with diabolical power. You are looking at a national power. That is why modern religion is blind to it.


Now let’s look at the 14th verse where it says, and he had power to do in the sight of the beast those miracles. Let’s look at this a little while. Think what we have done. Not only did we have the atomic power to hold off a threat, while these other things were being reconstructed, the race for putting a man in space also began. It is true, Russia did succeed in putting the first man in space, but that made our scientists realize we had better wake up. It wasn’t long until we passed them up. While Russia was doing all her scientific exploits secretly, and wouldn’t let the world look on, we let the world view it. We transmitted it for the whole world to see. It wasn’t long until we had men walking on the moon and the night that we were sitting and watching TV here in America, seeing men walking on the moon; France, England, Europe and the Middle East was also seeing it. It was not a secret. The old telephone lines that used to go by cable across Europe are now replaced by satellites in space. In 1968 while I was abroad, I made a phone call home. It seemed when you spoke a word over there, you almost had to wait a minute before you would get an answer back, but it wasn’t long until the satellites were in space sending beams north, east, south and west. Now today we have given the world the most perfect means of universal communication. That is modern technology. Russia didn’t give the world any of that. While Europe was still smoldering from the results of WW2, American technicians were beginning to produce the television. It wasn’t long until we were viewing our own home television sets. What a phenomena. Soon the whole world was getting it. What was once transmitted by tape soon was being bounced off of satellites. This brought the world so much closer together. When the Pope was shot, it was only a matter of minutes until the whole world knew it. People the world over were able to watch what the camera crew picked up. Practically every modern technology the world is enjoying today was given to them by American know-how. It wasn’t Catholic technology that brought it to them. That is not to say that some of those scientists weren’t Catholics, but there is one thing sure if the Catholics in America had had to have stayed in Europe and got their education there when the Catholic Church was in control before the Reformation, we would still all be riding in ox carts and on horseback. When the Catholic Church ruled Europe in the Dark Ages, there was no material advancement made at all. They went into the Dark Ages riding horseback, in ox carts and walking on foot. They came out of the Dark Ages doing the same thing. It was not until after the Reformation struck, that education began to invade the minds of the public. People began to get their eyes open. The new world was discovered and people came here to settle. They had the freedom here that was necessary to promote this material advancement. That is why we need to recognize this lamb beast as a nation, a powerful source, coming out of the earth, a continent, separated from the main land of Europe. As it says in the scripture here, he had power to do these miracles in the sight of the beast, the first beast, saying to them that dwell on the earth, that they should make an image. This image is a word that means in likeness. This image was like unto the first beast that had the wound by a sword and did live. During the tribulation period the World Council of Churches will be just as diabolical as the Catholic Church ever thought of being.


Now I want to read some things from an older history book that I have. It talks about a little body of people in the country of England in the year 1581. England, at that time, was going through a great conflict. They were on the verge of making their break with the Roman Catholic church. The king of England eventually made himself the head of the English Church, but an element of English society had embraced the Reformation, which was in Europe. I will begin reading some of this now. “Robert Brown, called a Brownist, took refuge in Holland. This man not only denied the Church of England as a true church, but he rejected Presbyterianism and pleaded for independence. He considered every church as independent of all other churches, and pastors only as brethren, privileged for a limited time to preach, and not in a superior order. (Like an organization) He renounced communion, not only with the Episcopalians, but with the Presbyterians. The first church of Brownists was formed in London in 1592. (Notice the Year, the time.) The Brownists were much oppressed as intolerable bigots, and fanatics. Brown was confined in 32 prisons, but before he died he conformed to the establishment. His adherents were numerous. I am afraid, said Sir Walter Raleigh, there are nearly 20,000 of these men, and when they are driven out of our kingdom, who shall support their wives and children? Their order was improved by a Mr. John Robinson, pastor of a church of Brownists, in the north of England, a man of much learning and piety. From his establishment, all who followed him were called Independents, though they did not differ materially from the Brownists. Both these churches, (meaning their followings,) were driven by oppression into Holland, where they established themselves at Amsterdam.” This was the same area that later became the springboard for the World Council of Churches. Remember the article I read earlier, how the early seed of the World Council of Churches came from church leaders in the areas of Sweden and Holland and West Germany? As early as 1910 those Protestants began to see how divided they were and their thoughts were to plan the future, bind ourselves together into an order of fellowship for the sole purpose of working out our traditional teachings and differences that divide us. That was their idea of biblical order, but by WW2, a new generation of church leaders were in existence. The old ones were dead, but whatever they had said was still a motivating thought. When they saw Europe in disillusionment and ruins at the close of the war, this new generation of leaders began saying, We must get involved. We must play a bigger role in affecting the social and religious betterment of mankind. That is what caused the slow gathering together of this type of men, and the organization to function was born in August 1948, in Amsterdam Holland. Remember the Calvinists, the Lutherans and the Knox’ were all reformer men of the European continent. The areas of Belgium, the Netherlands, and Holland were areas that embraced those early reformers teachings and had applied it to their society. It finally came on over into England. There was also that element which was still under control of the state church that was headed by the king of England. This sits up a divided society in England. For a long time this was the religious picture. As the new world was discovered, God brought many of those early people, along with the Pilgrims to settle here. I could have read more from this history book, but in the 1600’s all of those people that had went to Amsterdam, to flee the pressures in England, finally left there and came to the new world. When that period started from 1620 and on, wave after wave of Christian Pilgrims were coming from the old world, landing on the eastern seacoast. They were Protestants. Keep in mind, as I said earlier, some of those first people that came here were also explorers, trappers, men looking for wealth. Some were coming for wildlife furs, taking them by wagon loads and shipping them back to Europe. Those earliest explorers were looking for resources and wealth, but there were also those coming here looking for religious freedom. They had been introduced to the Reformation and Protestantism in the old world, but they came to the new world seeking the freedom to live it. Wave after wave of Pilgrims came. This new nation was eventually to get it’s birth. There is no way these modern theologians and philosophers of our atheistic society today can interpret the constitution and tell you it embraces everything. It doesn’t. They wrote that specifically as a charter and means to protect this nation from the dictates and influence of that old spirit of Rome, those old dictatorial powers of Europe. So that a nation, under God, might be born with a political independence and freedom to allow each man to explore his own capabilities. Each man could worship God according to the dictates of his own heart. Because of that, you can look at the words of Jesus, seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these other things will be added unto you. That is what made America great. The nation put the bible, the word of God, as one of the first text books in the American schools. The Fox Book of Martyrs was another one, along with Pilgrim’s Progress. Their idea was that we didn’t need a lot of other books. We didn’t need to know how many rocks there were on the moon. So a little nation was born, innocent, having no aim for world domination, but yet on the other hand, press her too far and somehow or other, God would cause those people to defend their rights. That kind of pressure eventually caused her to stand up and become a power to be reckoned with.


I want to read some from another book now that gives us a further description of the World Council of Churches and how it began to function after it’s birth. Let’s begin reading. “During the 7 years between the New Delhi Assembly in 1961, and the Sweden Assembly in 1968, the World Council of Churches virtually moved from a theology of order and peaceful change to a theology of revolution. (Why? Because it was started by churches mainly from Western Europe and America, but by this time there were churches from Latin America, Africa, the Greek world, as well as Russian churches. Do you realize what this did? It brought in priests and clergy from communist nations who saw an opportunity to use their voting power, as a leverage in whatever money this system would have to carry on. They will use psychological pressure and persuasion to create a greater interest in their own areas. When the colonial spirit was pressured into giving up it’s territories, did that leave those nations void? No. In came the Marxists. Look what it has done. Let us continue reading now.) From Amsterdam in 1948, through New Delhi, the World Council of Churches asserted that the disordered world was to be transformed into a responsible society, by accepting God’s design. (They were the designers of whatever it was to be.) At Upsili, the disorder and design was melted together, as the familiar foundations were shaken by the hand of God. Christians celebrated the tremors from which a new humanity would be born. The radical and rapid change in the Council’s world wide view was the product of both external and internal forces. In part, the World Council of Churches was caught up in the revolutionary ferment in western intellectual circles, and in this is both reflected and stimulated a similar outlook among it’s representatives from the third world. This shift of focus was thus not simply the result of increasing representation in the world system, from Asia, Africa and Latin America. The third world outlook and constituency as noted in chapter 1, had been developed largely in the United States and Europe; then it was exported to be applied in the third world nations.” Let me make a few comments here. I read earlier how that the churches of the United States were supplying four fifths of the monetary finance for the World Council of Churches. As the colonial powers of Europe begin to withdraw from countries like Africa and such, in came the marxist regimes. When the Council first started allotting money to some of these countries, they wound up giving 80 thousand dollars to the guerrilla Marxist organization in Nigeria. They gave the money as a means for food, medicine and education, but it wound up in the hands of guerillas. The guerillas wound up killing missionaries and several thousand innocent men and women. In South Africa, they gave another grant of 125,000 dollars to a popular front organization there, again a communist front. When these reports got back to the western world, it caused certain forces in the United States church world to begin to withdraw money. They didn’t withdraw their alignment, just their money and it states here now that the United States funds amount to about two thirds of the total of their operating costs. That is still enough for a diabolical function. Let me read some more here, how the World Council of Churches affected our nation in the Vietnam War. “At a regional follow up to the Geneva Conference, the World Council of churches in Oct. of 1967 sponsored a U.S. conference on church and society, held in Detroit. The mood and stance of the two meetings were similar if anything. Church officials condemned U.S. policies in Vietnam and elsewhere, even stronger than at Geneva. The speeches and resolutions revealed a profound confusion between lawful cohesion and lawless violence that encourages civil disobedience. The mood of western guilt noted above was further deepened by growing criticism of the American military effort to protect the territorial integrity of South Vietnam against Moscow and Peking, supported aggression of North Vietnam. The political and moral ambiguities attending U.S. involvement in a protracted guerilla war, from 1964 on, the U.S. role in Indochina did more than anything else to radicalize American students, familiarize them with third world revolutionary forces and turn them against the western military industrial complex.” That is why we had college after college, students demonstrating, ready to tear everything up because we were involved in a war in Vietnam. We began to have church leaders leave and go to Hanoi. We had Hollywood stars lining themselves up with the same spirit, going to Hanoi, condemning America for being there. As it states here, little is said about the


Communists and what they planned to do there. There were literally thousands of people there in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, that did not want to become a part of that Communist way of life. What happened to them after we pulled out of those areas. They perished. They were destroyed. The point is this, it would have been better off to have left those old Colonial powers there, England, France, and the Dutch. They weren’t butchering them. They may have taken a lot of their natural resources, but at least they could live a decent life, but that is what has been going on since WW2. For the past few years, there has been a tendency in America to project women preachers into the pulpits of different churches. That is also a part of the articles of faith of the World Council of Churches. They will see to it that women have a greater role in the church. They are projectors of what you see womanhood becoming today. The existence of the World Council of Churches was not brought about by the president suggesting such a thing. How many understand what I mean by that? Neither was it an act of Congress. It was Satan inspiring church leaders. As church leaders begin to lose their revelation of God and his word, their minds don’t stay a vacuum. Satan comes in to fill the void. He begins to cause them to see only the secular, materialistic world. That is the dilemma man is in. So he turns his resources to that. The seed was sown in Europe, but now America and it’s leadership is the influencing factor. It is not like it was many years ago. America has lost her respect for the word of God. Time has come that this LAMB MUST SPEAK AS A DRAGON. The devil planned it that way. New leaders came into power that no longer saw the Catholic Church system as a threat. President Johnson’s daughter married a Catholic, while he was in office. The world wondered what would happen. In actuality, John F. Kennedy, who was a Catholic was more loyal to the cause of America than Lyndon Johnson was. How many realize that? John Kennedy almost got himself in trouble with the bishop of New York, when he was asked the question, Would he be more loyal to the church or to the state? I forget his exact words, but you understand my point. Now keep in mind, this lamb beast gave life to this image, this World Council of Churches. The life is the monetary wealth that the American apostate Protestants had to give to support it’s cause so that it could begin to go forth. How many see that? What else does it cause here? In the last part of the 15th verse it says, “and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed.” When does that take place. In the last half of Daniel’s week, in that time that the Antichrist rules. All religion will be so perverted and sold out to Satan, that they will speak the same hate that the old Roman Catholic Church did in the Dark Ages. That is why it says in the 16th verse that he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, bond and free, to receive a mark in their right hand or in their forehead. When will that be? In the dark tribulation hour. There is no way at the present that this nation can speak as an instrument for God. For the last 40 years this nation has been used by the deceptive powers of Satan. The economical wealth of our nation has been used to rebuild other nations. As the world nears that great prophetic hour, this nation is destined to suffer a great setback. We are now a trillion dollars in debt. The Common Market has been supported by the United States. We have allowed them to send their products over here and subsidized theirs, while our products have to meet with a lot of competition. We have schooled and taught the third world nations how to produce and grow. Europe is now beginning to turn to those third world nations for meat imports. They have set certain stipulations on how meat has to be processed for export, and are now trying to make it appear as if our meat doesn’t qualify, but the third world’s does. We have three plants of meat processing in Indiana. Senator Lugar has sent out letters telling the farmers he wants them to know he will do everything he can to help correct this situation. This is all because the time has come, if we are to withdraw our military and Europe will be pressured to go alone, then they will cooperate with us less and less. They won’t care whether we starve, sink, float, or what. They will turn to other sources.


I was reading an article recently that was written quite some time ago by an evangelist. His interpretation of this lamb beast described in the 11th through the 18th verses, is that he is actually a false prophet to the first beast. He says no doubt he is a demon possessed man, and this image is something that is constructed by the molding of some kind of sculpture and in order for him to show his diabolical powers, he has the ability to speak life to such a thing, and this is what would cause the whole world to take knowledge of his powers. I thought, What a carnal way to look at it. If you run the history of all the beasts mentioned in Daniel, the only way you can see a man stand out, is to see that man as a mouthpiece for that particular system, during it’s life span of world domination, but sooner or later, that particular beast comes to an end. In Daniel 7, where it described that last beast, which was the Roman Empire, it is pictured being in existence right on up until the coming of Jesus Christ, but that stone hewn out of the mountain, which portrays Christ in his second coming, was not to be until the fourth beast has come to it’s culminating point, which is represented in the feet and ten toes of the image, which is the last period of time of the Roman Empire. In the first ten verses of Revelation 13, we see that the first beast had a head which had been wounded unto death, but the wound has healed. Then we notice this lamb beast, not out of the sea where the first one originated, but out of the earth, showing it has to be some other continent that is not even associated with the masses of people in the old world order. Therefore it can be none other than something in the new world. This lamb beast is not symbolized as a man. We have got to visualize that as having been America in it’s original onset. America became a growing nation during the later part of the Reformation. Even though societies began to accept the Reformation, those old royal governments still would not allow a total freedom the Christians desired. Therefore they came to America. American was a slow growing young nation, growing out of Christian influence, holding the Bible, the world of God, as being the basis by how they would rule and govern this nation. Yet we find, somewhere in time, this lamb beast, after it has two horns, spoke as a dragon. WW2 was the last war this nation would ever fight, that would be fought as a war should be fought. When I say that, I don’t mean to give anybody the idea that I believe in war. No, but if there is going to be a war, something that is created by an evil force and war cannot be avoided, the God of heaven himself will not tolerate a nation playing around with politics, sacrificing human lives on a battle field, while they sit around a conference table playing politics and showing no regard for human life. After all, that is what they put their soldiers out their for. When the Korean and Vietnam Wars were fought, those two wars stained the image of the American nation as a great world leader. We proved ourselves right there, that we were becoming hypocritical, and beginning to speak with a forked tongue. You cannot put any confidence in what the United States governmental leadership is. It is hypocritical. I’ll never forget that article I read, that this man is going to be some demon possessed character. A few short years back I also saw a TV program about some unusual child that was born somewhere that could well be the Antichrist, born no doubt of a prostitute. Somehow or other there was a phenomenal condition that developed at it’s birth. You read so many articles about conditions like that, especially in places like India, Tibet and Thailand. They are always coming up with some kind of phenomena of a child being born. It doesn’t mean one thing. It doesn’t change the word of God. World leaders never go after things like that. They are not fooled by such stuff. This had to be something that world leaders are literally taken up with. World leaders measure things in the trend of dollars, political leverage and military force. We have to begin to realize, we are late in this game. Time is running out. When this lamb beast really begins to speak as a dragon, it is because it has developed a scientific know-how of military potentials, that she can obliterate man. That is why in 1945 she dropped two atomic bombs and shocked the world. What has man done. Japan didn’t like us, and the rest of the world didn’t like us, but it was alright for Japan to strike Pearl Harbor in a sneak attack. It is very strange today, all the guerillas of the Communistic regimes, the insurgents of every nation can kill, slaughter, butcher men, women and children and our news media never says a thing, but just let one of our leaders send an airplane over there to bomb Khadafy and our own celebrities will ask, Well is that right? It killed one of his little boys, but look what his forces have been doing to some of our people. He can put his terrorists on our airplanes, shoot our navy men in cold blood right on the plane. Our news media never complained about a thing, never shed a tear. You can see the spirit in American that is causing the nation as a whole to talk like this. That is why you can see this picture, when she spoke as a dragon. Just picture this forked tongue. There was never anything that spoke with a forked tongue, that could speak the truth. It speaks out of both sides of the mouth, one thing goes one way, and the other goes the other way. Notice how this fire has none other identity than the American capability over the last 40 years, to hold the scientific military know-how to deliver atomic weaponry. When it explodes, what a fire, what an inferno. This nation, this lamb nation, held a threat over the world. For what purpose? This lamb beast nation was causing the whole world to go after the first beast that had been wounded. The first beast had been wounded somewhere in centuries back, but the time had come that this first beast had to be restored into a living functional system. During it’s healing process, we also begin to see a common enemy begin to arise on the scene, Communism. Communism became a threat in Spain. You have heard of the revolution of General Franco. He was a Fascist. I’ll read some later on how Fascism in Italy was a common political functioning of powers, political powers and dictatorial powers, in collaboration with the Catholic church. The Catholic Church fed on it. The Catholic Church blessed it. When time came that Communism began to pose a threat to the Catholic church, it let us know that time was running out. Communism in the end, is going to be the “ism” by how God will judge that great whore system, (Catholicism) and bring it to naught. Not that the world will be ruled by Communism, but that it is the threat that the world is faced with and that Communistic threat itself, overriding everything, became the common enemy to all other blinded forces, who have gone and sold out to apostasy, all those who no longer will live and serve the living God according to truth. So as WW2 came to an end, Nazism had been defeated. Fascism had been destroyed, leaving nothing else but the world to be shaped. In one part of the world, Communism went on the surge, while the western world sought to reconstruct under a so called democratic type of leadership. This type of democracy they have today is none other than a bureaucracy, a demonology. It is crooked. We find in this 14th verse that this lamb beast system, a nation of power, causes the whole world to make an image to the first beast who had the wound. Keep in mind, as we said earlier, this was not brought about by some president suggesting that the World Council of churches be formed. Neither was it an act of Congress or Senate. You have to begin to realize the importance of how the world has looked upon America and what she has attained materially. By the time WW2 had come to a close, America was looked upon by the rest of the world, both east and west, as the most wealthy nation upon the face of the earth. What made it that way? Was it because we had Catholicism in politics. Not one bit. What caused America to be rich was because in her original birth, she was a nation dedicated to God. It gave it’s citizens the freedom to worship God according to the dictates of their own conscience. It goes back to the verse in Matthew where it said, Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these other things shall be added unto you. In her original birth, America had leaders that put that verse into focus and because of that, we begin to see how God allowed America, out of wilderness, to begin to grow and attain her technology of learning. It was because it gave freedom to it’s subjects. Europe had not had this freedom for centuries upon centuries. This freedom of education and learning, caused some men to go into the realm of science and come up with all the kinds of modern technology that the world has today. The lamb beast gave to the world practically every convenience of modern living that it is enjoying today. It is not because this nation is rich in resources. Look at the oil Venezuela is pumping. Look at the oil Mexico is pumping. They have as much oil as North America has. What makes Venezuela and Mexico third world countries? It is all because the Catholic system has ruled and dominated those people for hundreds of years. They didn’t care whether the poor peasants had a dime, just as long as the church and it’s priest could walk around ruling the masses. Now that this nation has become so apostate and Satan now speaks through it, the world in return is looking upon this nation and hating it. They want it’s wealth. They want it’s dollars. They want to eat the icing off the cake, but they don’t want to contribute one thing to the betterment of it’s society. They want to bring their cultures here. I have said one thing, If your culture that you believed in, in your old country, didn’t benefit you materially, it isn’t worth the time to talk about it. Culture is nothing but habits and traditions that blind people. For example, look at India, many of them there believe the cow is a sacred animal. Cows are allowed to roam wherever they please. They can sleep in the doorway of a business shop. It can stand on the sidewalk and defecate, and nobody says a word. That is their culture, but what good is it. Poor people starve to death and many walk around with their fingers, feet and toes eaten off by leprosy. The gospel of Jesus Christ is the only thing that has ever done this world any good. There were portions of Africa that didn’t know one thing about modern man until Protestant missionaries were sent into those jungles. They went into these remote regions and established medical facilities. They began to teach those natives how to read and write. If there was any kind of material betterment that those people received, it was because Christian missionaries took it to them. The only time political leadership ever did anything for them was perhaps after an earthquake or some sort of disaster, but Christian missionaries, for many years since the Reformation, have gone there and showed these people how to do things to better themselves. But now what does Communism do? It takes guns, knives, hand grenades and shows them how to kill and butcher one another. This Communist threat is the common enemy that is backing the world into a corner, causing the world to react. For 40 years they have been shaping and massing their arms, doing the things that Joel plainly said to do. To prepare war, wake up the Gentiles and let the weak say I am strong. Cause thy mighty ones to come down.


The word image means a likeness, a replica, a duplicate of something that it is made from. This image is none other than the World council of Churches, and organization of apostate Protestantism. As the Reformation period comes to a close, Satan takes over, it is sold out to the devil and apostasy sets in. Somewhere in time the spirit of that thing begins to speak just like the old Roman Catholic Church. In 1948 the World Council of Churches was born, and it began to function. It began to speak. What gave it the ability to speak? The wealth, the money of protestant organized religion in America began to feed the economical life flow of that World Council of Churches. I am going to read from an article now that will tell you some of her articles of faith, what she believes and what her purpose is. Let’s see what we can learn from this article. “At Amsterdam, 1948, it was stated that the church as a body of Christ, consists of men and women, created as responsible persons to glorify God and do God’s will. (This system can really twist the scriptures to create a carnal image of how they want to apply their purpose.) Dr. W. A Vicerhoft has added that this truth accepted in theory, is too often ignored in practice. Despite efforts of the World Council in the past, the position of women in both the church and the world has not changed significantly. As long as women are largely excluded from the decision making process, they will be unable to realize a full partnership with men and therefore the church will be unable to realize it’s full unity. (Now when they talk like that, it goes to show how they walk right over what Paul said. We will turn to another page and read from their bylaws of sexism.) A thorough examination needs to be made of the biblical and theological assumptions concerning the community of women and men in the church. It is recommended that the World Council of churches shall commend the study document, The Community of Women and Men in the Church – 1975, to it’s member churches and invite their active participation in a three year study in which priority be given to a theological study of sexuality, taking into account the culture of the member churches. Women theologians and scholars should be invited to participate fully in the study. Care should be taken in translation of the word of God, which always comes in human language so that they reflect the gender used in the original language and to consider developing principals for the elimination of the sexist terminology, if any in our language. (In the Bible where God is spoken of in the masculine, they would no longer speak using the masculine, or the feminine. I am glad that I know that God is not an “it.”) Whereas there is ample evidence that the expertise and gifts of women are not being fully used by any church, it is recommended that the World Council shall urge member churches to consider making available funds for a theological education of women, especially advanced study. Member churches are to insure full participation of women in all decision bodies. Those churches that ordain women to give them the same opportunity and pay as men, according to the measure of their gifts. (See how they want to twist 1st Corinthians 12.) Those member churches which have agreed in principal to the ordination of women to the priesthood ministry, to take immediate action to admit women to all their ordained ministries, taking into serious consideration that there are other churches of our World Council fellowship that are not in agreement with this practice. Those member churches which do ordain women and those which do not continue dialogue with each other and with nonmember churches, about the full participation of women in the full life of the church including ordained ministries, according to the measure of their gifts.” Now brothers and sisters, when we read this we can see how modern denominational Protestantism today has such a spirit that wants to get involved and mixed in political procedures. The Equal Rights amendment and certain things like that, have all taken shelter behind the Civil Rights, and such teachings of the World Council of Churches. The Civil Rights started out years ago to free the black man from his racial oppression in this nation. No doubt it was long overdue, but look what else lined up right behind it and used it as a front. Every diabolical devilism in America went into shelter behind it. That is what begins to destroy the overall Christian picture that America once had. You can’t change that picture now. It is too late. The nation has done sold itself down the drain.