The Dragon Speaks, Part 2

Rev. Raymond M. Jackson






Notice in verse 15, not only does this image have the ability to speak, it is already speaking. We can see this from how it is speaking in church systems, and how it is working in political movements. Keep in mind, the end purpose is yet in the future. There is where you will see how diabolical the World Council of Churches really is, because that comes in the dark tribulation hour, when Catholicism and the World Council of churches speak as a unified system. That is when, that he should both speak and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed, comes in the picture. Now that hasn’t come yet. That is in the dark tribulation hour. In certain areas of the world where the World Council of Churches is more predominant than the Catholic Church, they will be just as diabolical to enforce the political tendencies than to bring about the world governmental beastly application of things, the way the antichrist will want it in that hour. Now we come to this last part, and this is what we want to spend a little time on clarifying it. In the 16th verse it says, (speaking now of this lamb beast) “And he, (the lamb beast,) causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads.” Through the centuries, no one could really picture how this scripture would be applied in its literal meaning, but now since WW2, and in the past number of years we have had a fat growing economical tendency, in the economical sector of what we call the credit card. The credit card thing began to be a common means of carrying cash, which it actually wasn’t currency, but the ability to expend cash in various places of the world, by honoring this card and what it could produce. I remember years ago, individuals said, Oh, that is a number, that is the mark of the beast. A lot of people wouldn’t even have one because that is what they thought it was. What we are saying this morning is, all of these little minor things were mere economical stepping stones to an eventuality, and none of these things has been brought about by the United States president saying, I think we ought to adopt a credit card system. You know that it is not the way it was brought about. Neither has any congressman done it. Who did it? The economists, the banks, financial institutions. It used to be, 100 years ago, if you traveled, and went very far, you had to carry a mass of cash with you. This made you an automatic target, if it was known; you could regain that which you were robbed of, but then when economists began to realize that a credit card was a unique means, whereby people could travel and have access to expend their cash wealth by this, we find out it isn’t long until crooks began to educate themselves on how they could get hold of these, steal them, and duplicate them. It runs into millions of dollars every year. This has gone on for many years, and still the end picture has not yet arrived. But we can say, out of America has come the forerunning, the stepping stone to an eventual cashless society, which will be one of the most unique things one could every see. If you didn’t have to look at it from the standpoint of prophecy, and if you didn’t have to look at how Satan will use it to rule and control people, it would be one economical way to beat the Mafia, the crooks and robbers. When you have no currency, what can they rob you of? When money is no longer transported by the Brinks armored cars, what can they hold up? When they cannot steal the credit cards and duplicate them, what can they do? The point is, when America’s judicial law, her means of governing and controlling her society, begins to become so lenient, we have more fraud in the economical sector of our society than the rest of the world put together. All the crooks of the world eventually wind up here. You have heard of the eastern Mafia, they came from Sicily, Italy, but now it is known that there is an Oriental Mafia. They operate on the West Coast, all the way from Seattle down through San Francisco. Operating in such a conniving unique way, because they are smart, very intelligent. Some of the men in the controlling factor study law. They do so in order to know exactly how to beat it. They get around it, and make it look legal, and yet they operate a system of fraud that robs citizens, and businesses of millions and millions of dollars. We find that our law officials look at the whole thing with their hands tied behind their back. We make enough laws to choke an elephant, but we usually make one to undo another one, and turn right around and make another one to shut the door right in their face. We are simply unable to control the crime rate. I remember as a little boy, right here in Clark County, if you went down to the county court house, you might have found one drunk that had been arrested on Saturday night, or Sunday morning. They were going to keep him in there until he got sobered up. We did not have our jails running over back then, but now the cry today is, our penitentiaries are running over. They have added to them and they are trying to build bigger ones, yet we have created an evil, sick, uncontrolled element of criminals. All of this will eventually cause the economists, the financial men at the head of where the money flows, and what it is used for, to figure out means and ways to beat the crook at his game. There will have to be prevailing circumstances to bring these things into the everyday picture without it being done through legislation. It is brought about through economical actions and such like, that eventually brings it into existence. “And he causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads.” Well that hasn’t come yet, but what does that speak of? It speaks of a time when there will be no currency involved. As long as there is a credit card in your pocket you can lose it, but let’s just say that eventually when they perfect this, (They will perfect it, time will permit it. Prophecy demands it to be perfected, to fulfill the word of God.) the economists, the financiers, will eventually adopt the system, where there won’t even be the debit card, but just as you have a social security number on your drivers license, you are known by, there will be a mark on every person to identify them. If you go into some place and want to cash a personal check, probably the first thing they will ask for is your drivers license. Your drivers license will give them your social security number, and they can trace the social security number to the FBI headquarters. It will tell them where you were born, and they can get your whole history there in a nutshell. The point is, this system is not flawless. However, do not think that this mark will be some big black number across your hand that can be seen 300 yards away. The unique thing is, there are three things later involved in this, seen in the 17th verse. This is when it actually goes into the beast antichrist hour. “And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, (that is the No.1 thing) Or the name, (and the name here is implying to a name of something in the first beast). Or the number of his name.” That is also pointing to the number of a name in the first beast. Not the lamb beast, yet it is all because this lamb beast is able to produce such a unique way of exchange. Now there are three things, the mark, or the name, or the number of the name. Even now we can see a little preview in some stores, how that certain items are stenciled. You look at all that bunch of lines, you don’t know how to read them, but they can wave that little infrared light over it, and it comes up on the computer screen what the value is, but when we are talking about a debit number, so that thieves can’t steal it, we know they will eventually work this thing out to a complete foolproof cashless society, when no doubt there will be a number given to you, and that is indelibly put in your skin, (which does not mar your beautiful feminine image, or your masculine forehead) or in the palm of your muscular hands. It will be indelible. It will be there, but no crook can read it, no outsider can read it. What a foolproof way! Here you are carrying an identity number around with you, or the mark that definitely sets it off, and nobody can know it but you, but the minute you go to buy something, they lay that red light over it, it speaks it right out. I remember, back in 1978 when some of these things began to be introduced and people started talking about the cashless society, it wasn’t long until evangelist after evangelist was getting hold of all this and beginning to say, 1982, watch out! This is going to be in operation. Well, 1982 has come and gone. `83, `84, `85, `86 and “87 and still it is not in the picture. But, we have in America and Canada, in certain areas, segments of this forerunning cashless society already in operation. Some of it is set up by banks working in conjunction with new department stores, big chain grocery stores, with new computer oriented cash registers. Right now they are worked by a card with this card, you can go and buy groceries, you can go in a certain store that has this, and you don’t have to have a dime of currency on you. Even the place where you work, they don’t even pay you with a check, just a slip which shows that whatever your week’s wages were, has already been channeled into your account. Your debit card shows all this, and they are also fixing it so that on the back of that debit card there is a strip, and they can put enough information on that strip, about you, they can even put your autobiography, and your health statistics, all on that card. You can go in and buy your groceries, just hand them that, they stick it in a little slot, the computer cash register computes that right back to the bank identified on the card. It is automatically cleared, as to whether it is accepted or rejected. Therefore, if your account is substantial, the cash register accepts it, the groceries are paid for, and you haven’t handled one bit of money. Now what better system could you ask for, looking at it from logic. What a system to beat the crooks. Think of it. You can walk down the street, and when thugs know that you no longer carry currency, what good is it going to do him to knock you in the head? No money is involved. Well, if that is all the picture contains, what a benefit. You can leave home with just a good card, and never have to worry about anyone snatching your purse, robbing you, or anything, but always remember, all good things eventually are monopolized by the devil. Did you know there was a time in the economical sector of America, in the early days, when there was no such thing as you writing a check on a bank? But after awhile banks became the incorporation of certain men who entrust themselves to a means of law, and they set up banking systems. Well, if you wanted to put your money in safe keeping, then put it in a bank. The bank would then issue little slips, and if you wanted to go buy a cow somewhere, you did not have to take 150 dollars of gold coins or silver coins. No. You could pay 150 dollars for a cow and just write that little slip, it tells what bank that man has entrusted his money to. Also, there was a time when a man’s name was as good as his word. That is why gamblers used to write an IOU on just a plain piece of paper. That could be honored, because a man was a good as his word, but do you know what? It isn’t long until a good thing begins to be monopolized. After awhile somebody writes a cold check. You could have been put in jail years ago, for writing a cold check, but you can write a cold one now, and they might just come around and slap you on the wrist or something like that, fine you, but you are not going to be dealt with like it was many years ago when writing a check first started. It is the same way with this cashless system. It is a good thing, if you just look at it from the logic of it, but we know this, sooner or later a good thing has to be monopolized by the devil. Therefore we can see, America didn’t do this by precise planning to fulfill scripture. It came about because of the fraud, the crime that is all built around the financial structure, especially here in America. This has caused banks and financial institutions to devise such a means, so now let us look at ourselves.


This year marks the 40th year, the birthday of the birth of the World Council of Churches, the birth of the nation of Israel, the beginning of the de-colonializing of the world by European powers. The beginning of the healing of the head of church government over the old geographical territories, of western Europe as foretold here in the scriptures. Then number 5, it is the 40th birthday of the advance of Communism out of China. When WW2 came to a close, we have kept a military potential in Japan that has cost this country millions of dollars every year. Then about 1948, we were involved in another war, in Korea. Since that war ceased, we have kept a military potential in Korea that has cost us another sum of millions and millions of dollars every year. That is what we have done for the past 40 years, in the Orients, but yet right here at our own doorstep, we stood back and let the Russians come in and hoodwink us, and they established a base in Cuba. Then 20 some years later, we have let them send their insurgents into Latin America, out of Cuba, purposely planning to eventually cause a complete overthrow of the link between the North American continent and the South American continent, by establishing a bridgework of complete Communistic ruled areas. Then we still haven’t done one thing. I got an article the day before yesterday, from one of our Senators, I do not know the man, but he is sending out this material. He has told what the Russians have done in the country of Afghanistan since they went in. He said, we have evidence, pictures, information brought out by individuals, of what is going on behind the scene in Afghanistan. Russian troops will go into a village, but they will first bomb the village, terrorize the subjects, get the people on the run, then fly over the people at low altitude with their helicopter gunships and machine gun them out in the open. Then they come along and bomb the villages with napalm bombs, burning them completely, leaving nothing for the people to return to, to take up dwelling. Then they send the ground troops to round up those they have not slaughtered. They terrorize them with this purpose, to create a fear among the Afghanistan citizens in order to stop the rebelliousness against the communistic controlled puppet government they have sent there. They will fly over in airplanes and drop out cheaply made toys that are enticing to small children. Once the child picks it up, it explodes and blows a hand off. It just blows up in their face. What mother wouldn’t immediately go into hysterics? Then if Mommy and Daddy have still not broken down, they take the women and shut them up in a little room and throw a hand grenade in it. That is the way they get rid of them. They take the men out and make them lay on the ground, then run army tanks over them, in the sight of others that they want to terrorize, and you hear our news media say nothing, but if we were to do anything to retaliate, look what would happen. No wonder the bible says our nation is talking as a dragon. There is definitely a spirit that has taken over the psychological attitude of millions of American People, proving that they are not American at all. They just live there, but their sight is fastened altogether on other things. For 40 years this has been a picture of what has been growing, advancing, producing, and at the end of 40 years, as it stands right now, America has literally done everything that is written right here. We have caused the world to rebuild Europe, and we pumped millions and millions of dollars out of here to reconstruct it, after the close of WW2. At the close of WW2 the machinery was set in motion to reunite these ten horns, and one by one, it is done. Oh they were reluctant at first. See, they have fought for hundreds of years since the Reformation broke out, and even long before that, they fought among themselves. Each one wanting a greater portion of Europe. Well they had been doing that for so long, they distrusted each other. So after WW2 came to a close, from Africa, to England, to Norway and all up and down the region, it is in an economical shamble, it is a materialistic shamble. The United States was definitely a world power system that had the economic potential that could be used, and also the psychological leadership and ability that the whole world began to look to for the reconstruction of Europe. Look at her cities, now rebuilt. Our money was used to stabilize practically all of the currencies of Europe, but today our country is broke. I will have to say, 40 years is just about the duration of the trend of things, before something else sets in. We are a lot closer to the end than a lot of people realize. I am convinced, as we see that Jesus said in Luke and Matthew, that the spirit of Sodom and Gomorrah is now in America. When our nation, somehow or other allowed it’s leadership to fall into this apostate spirit, the religious influence just began to take a back seat. Our nation today is a nation that far exceeds the perverted picture, more than any other nation in the world. Look what has happened to our youth. Out of Latin America, South America, and the Orients, has been pumped billions and billions of dollars worth of dope, of every kind, into this nation which at one time, our immigration officials would not have allowed it, but somewhere from within, we had crooked individuals who would let some things slip through because of the dollar, but other things were rejected. Therefore, our youthful society has been contaminated and stained, and we have millions of youth today with their mentality ruined, destroyed for life, all because this nation sold out to the cause of the devil. We are further up the line than we think.

I want to refresh your memory on what we’re looking at, and then go back and deal with the part on how that one head on the first beast was wounded. We can see the seven heads, and one of these heads has to be looked upon as what was really healed. Right here is a book that is very startling, it is called “The Vatican Holocaust.” Actual pictures of atrocities and things being done by Catholic priests, in the presence of Fascists troops, Nazi troops, as a Catholic Church, even as far back as 1926, when they began to lay their strategy. You see, Communism has posed ever since the turn of the 20th century, as a common enemy to Catholicism. It tried to make a takeover in Spain, that brought about the Franco War. Franco too was a Fascist. When Mussolini came to power, he too fought the element of that Communistic spirit. While in some of the eastern nations, which they call Eastern Europe, the Catholic Church began to realize the ingrowing threat of Communism, and the Catholic Church began to set about some political machinery to formulate a group of Gestapo-like agents, working in collaboration with political individuals, and it began to bring about political assassinations. You and I never heard of it, but what a bloody episode it was. You may wonder how this 7th head ever became healed, but we see the pope running all over the world, they have shed bushels of tears, and they think Jesus Christ has actually stepped into their midst, simply because they don’t realize he is the leader of a system that is as diabolical, and as crooked as can be. All I have said, is not to speak evil of a Catholic individual. They are blinded by the spirit of that system, because the spirit of that system is diabolical and is a treacherous thing.






I have done some reading here in history. History always was an exciting subject for me. It was just like I was sitting down and reading a novel. I realize, to a lot of people that isn’t so. It is boring to them. They could not care less about what dates mean, but when it comes to bible prophecy, there are certain things in history that should have a little basic logical relationship for us. Especially that part that really helps put the picture together. I want us to go back now, and read the first ten verses of this chapter 13, and notice the terminology used. Try to keep in mind, at the time John lived, the last great patriarch of the Christian faith, in 96 A.D., the roman Empire was in its prime state, you might say. The imperial system of the Roman emperors has evolved to it’s greatest effect in leadership that the Roman world had ever experienced. As we read this, I want you to keep in mind, that this beast still just had one head in 96 A.D. when John was taken up in the spirit and shown these things. This would be the first head as the Roman Empire comes up, just as Daniel saw it in Daniel, chapter 7. These other smaller heads are picturing the political breakdown of the old imperial system, that it went through, but when you go to the 17th chapter where the angel interprets to John, the meaning of these seven heads, it says the seven heads are seven mountains on which the woman sitteth, so you have to keep that where Rome is, geographically. It then says that there are seven kings, which literally means seven kingdoms within that city that stand out, in it’s historical time. So when we put the 17th chapter together with this, John is being shown the Roman Empire in it’s reconstructed condition for our day and hour. Just keep in mind, in the day he lived, the Roman Empire only existed in it’s one singular imperial head of rulership. It had not yet evolved through the other stages. When you look at the 17th chapter, where it speaks of the beast that was, and is not, and shall ascend out of the bottomless pit, it says he is the eighth and yet is of the seven, then you must know that the eighth head, if it comes out of the bottomless pit, there is no corporal bodied thing that comes out of the pit of hell, it is a spirit. So this should let us know that if it is a spirit that comes out, and is the eighth and yet is of the seven then that spirit that comes out for the last day has to be a spirit that was in that system in the beginning. So it shows that it was Satan’s spirit that once incorporated itself in the great imperial rulership of the caesars, then when that system began to weaken in order to evolve and go through these major changes, the old Roman imperial system passed out of existence for awhile. Historically, man could say, it wasn’t Rome that was ruling the world, but yet somehow or other, mysteriously, Rome was still in the background of time while all that breakup went on, right on through the dark ages and so forth, and while the horns were getting their growth. Then here in the end time as it comes back, here is Satan’s final aim, that again he could embody himself in a system that has passed through a period when it really wasn’t. Yet it comes back, and takes over in such a disguised way, and it is none other than church over state. The Catholic Church taking over the last form of old imperial government, and therefore for a short period, it is permitted to rule and dominate that prophetic, geographical portion of the world that stands out in biblical prophecy. Therefore, John was being given a description of the Roman Empire as somehow or other time has brought about it’s destruction, and yet it still exists and we are seeing in the first verse of the 13th chapter. “And I stood upon the sand of the sea, (that is the same setting Daniel saw in his night visions of the 7th chapter of Daniel. He too saw himself standing upon the sand of the sea, as he saw the four beasts, one right after another, come right up. Here John again is standing upon the sand of the sea, and this is relative, geographically related to the Middle East and Europe, where this prophetic picture is to culminate.) And saw a beast rise up, out of the sea, (Now as he sees it rising up for our day and time, we notice something interesting,) having seven heads, (It goes to show that it has already evolved through all it’s changes and he sees it for it’s last day setting.) And ten horns, (when he lived, it did not have the seven heads and ten horns.) And upon his horns, ten crowns.” These horns and crowns point to those royal families of the ancient monarchy kingdoms of government, that was established over these nations, once they broke from the imperial control of Rome, and got their national independence. At the head of each of these ten horns, eventually became an imperial family. You can read in secular history about all the major kings and queens of these nations in their historical time. “And upon his heads the name of blasphemy.” Not blasphemy on the horns, blasphemy was on the heads, and the heads are all related to Rome and some form of government. Some form of diabolical worship. Because blasphemy is always related in a sense in the religious term. Why would it be blasphemy? The word king is not a blasphemous word, but when the word emperor is applied to an earthly ruler, which means sovereign universal ruler, that is blasphemy. Because only God holds that position over the earth. No earthly man can, by right, claim that title. Nevertheless, the rulers of Rome did. They referred to themselves as the emperors, or the imperial sovereign rulers of the world. Therefore, it established a title of blasphemy, and it was Satan’s way to establish a seat of government, which was blasphemous in it’s identity. Then as we read further and begin to realize what that 8th had was, and yet was of the 7th, this should begin to let us read and see in history, how that as the emperors decreased in their quality of leadership, in their being accepted by the population, and declined in their rulership, the papacy was a slower growing position of authority, eventually taking over the control of that same form of government, claiming the same title. That is why you can read in history of the popes, what they claim to be, the vicar of Christ. He alone is rightly sovereign, universal ruler. Given to him by the God of heaven. If that isn’t blasphemy, I don’t know what is. Peter never claimed to be that. Neither did Paul, but the pope of Rome does not hesitate to claim such a title. Therefore, we are looking at it’s geographical, territorial domain, which is the body. “And the beast which I saw was like unto a leopard, and his feet were as the feet of a bear, and his mouth as the mouth of a lion: and the dragon gave him his power.” Now the word dragon points to Satan, the Devil. Now if the devil stands out here, and he is the one who gave his power and seat and great authority to this beast system, then we can understand why it was necessary for time to last long enough that the lamb beast eventually also spoke as a dragon. Meaning it was under the control and influence of Satan. Yet the things he has used America for, were not necessarily always an act of, nor the choice of a president, or a legislative act. It was just the way he moved upon the masses of American population, to submit their agreement, their cooperation to accomplish his diabolical plans and purpose in reconstructing, restoring and bringing Europe back for it’s last day picture. Now, verse 3 says, “And I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death.” Now I am going to read it like it literally in it’s interpretation means and I saw one of it’s forms of government, as it had been affected, destroyed, weakened, wounded unto death, and his deadly political wound was healed and all the world wondered after the beast system. Now you realize, when you are able to look at a mass of people that make up nations, and governments, politics, economics, and military, it is mighty easy to deceive people by the means of those three systems. Peoples lives here on earth are affected by either military, politics, or economics, and religion goes right along with it. Notice verse 4. And they, (meaning the people of the world,) “And they worshiped the dragon.” The word worshiped, here, has nothing to do with portraying a physical position before an idol. It literally is a word that describes their giving their whole hearted agreement and cooperation to this beastly system that is coming up, as it is being healed. Because it is coming about in such a gradual reconstructed way, it becomes normal to the process of social conduct. Will you agree with me? If you didn’t know the Lord yourselves, you would be in agreement with anything that would give you a false sense of security, both in economics, and in the realm of warfare. Simply because you would only measure things as you were able to visualize them from the standpoint of the natural. Therefore as the whole world wondered after the beast, (Not the whole global world, we are only reading about the prophetic world.) Eventually the middle east and central Europe and western Europe, the geographical area that covers this beast territorial system fulfills the word of God, as we see it written here. It says the whole world wondered after it. They will give their cooperation and agreement to the whole process. They become excited over the progress and purpose and aim that is set forth by such a unified world system that guarantees security, no war, and no poverty. Eventually they will say, “Who is like unto the beast? Who is able to make war with him?” As I read from Dr. Kissinger’s article earlier, I want you to keep in mind, that for 40 years now America has been used, and she has submitted herself gullible with her technology, to protect that reconstruction, and very few people even realized what was going on, because of the way it was gradually applied. Now that she has been used in this diabolical scheme, if America has come to the time that she is to fade into the background, where she is no longer a crutch, and Europe has to go it alone, just as he plainly stated, then no doubt England and France will have to take the objective and go on in experimentation, developing their own nuclear capabilities, but keep in mind, we gave them every modern means of delivery that can be thought of and devised in the military category. If our time has come to fade into the background, don’t think that these ten horns won’t be faced with an ultimatum, now we have got to go alone, and because Communism still poses as their common enemy, they will still go ahead and put together whatever it takes to make this scripture a reality. You can be sure that it won’t take them another 40 years to fulfill it right to the letter.


Let us continue, reading verse 5, “And there was given unto him a mouth speaking great things.” Now we are not looking at territory; we are not looking at masses of people, we are looking at a human instrument. “And there was given unto him a mouth, speaking great things.” This mouth in verse 5, speaking great things, is the same mouth that Daniel saw portrayed in that horn in the 7th chapter of Daniel. Then in the 8th chapter, as the angel interpreted those 4 beast systems, the angel told Daniel how this 11th horn, (which did not put a geographical nation there, but goes to show it was a power to be reckoned with among the ten monarchy powers.) Would have a mouth given to it, and how he would speak great things, insomuch that he would blaspheme the God of heaven and so forth. Read it in Daniel. Then read it here and see how these two chapters go together. When you see the horn, and you see this mouth, you are not looking at a nation, you are looking at a system, a powerful system that comes right out of old Rome. So mystical, and yet so literal in it’s fulfillment. History only records one other kind of power that has ever been issued from Rome, other than the old imperial power of the caesars, and that is the power of the pope. None other. Therefore the office of the pope, represented by their many agents, popes, developed a powerful ecclesiastical force right on the framework and groundwork of the old imperial Roman Government. Then when Satan, through this system, succeeded in perverting the gospel to fit it into a Roman perverted society, to bring about mass conversion to a so-called church, he brought it down on human levels, and turned it into political means, and that little horn became established. This was that office of the papal power through the Dark Ages, which eventually became the head that was wounded by the Reformation, which covers a period from the time it started, up until just a few years ago. When it was existing in Europe, that is when it had it’s main wounding affect, because it was Europe that had been so held under the sway of the papal power and the Catholic Church. When the Reformation struck, about 1500, that power of that papacy had been holding control over Europe, and we will say, central Europe. We will get into that directly, and I will describe what is meant by central Europe, but when this power became wounded, it was the Reformation, hacking at the power of the pope to free people’s conscience, so that they would no longer be afraid of it. As long as you have people believing they have got to belong to something, it is pretty hard to get them to get out of it. For they will say, Well you have got to belong to something, and I want to make heaven my home. If you can just convince them that having their name on a church book down here, does not mean a bit more than if they had applied for it from a Sears and Roebuck catalog, but until you convince people that that is the way it is, it is hard to get them to leave anything. However, the Reformation was when the word of God, the sword of the spirit, in the hands of reformer after reformer, as they hacked away at the traditions and dogmas of the power of the pope. Through a process of 200 and some years, it succeeded in freeing the consciences of people, national subjects, and they broke away from that old church system. Then in 1787, the tie had come when the kings of these monarchy royal families began to take the offensive, and began to show their disfavor and displeasure toward the pope. When the king of France commanded the French general, General Betheir, in 1787, and he marched to Rome, dethroned the pope, and from that time forth, the pope became a figurehead, it produced a deeper wound. Sure the popes kept coming on, but we realize that up until around the turn of the 20th century, the popes, for a short period of time there, not only had been wounded as to how they could control the conscience of people, it had also been wounded by a military sword that had showed the pope, Keep you hands off, we kings of these horns will do what we please. Our subjects, our citizens, can worship wherever and however they choose to. Now then let’s continue on. “And he opened his mouth in blasphemy against God.” When? This is in the tribulation hour when it again shows itself. “To blaspheme his name, and his tabernacle, and them that dwell in heaven.” I’m sorry I jumped a verse here, verse 5. “And there was given unto him a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies, and power was given unto him to continue forty and two months.” That is the last half of Daniel’s 70th week, a thousand two hundred threescore days. It is equivalent to time, times and a half a time, spoken by the angel to Daniel, in Daniel, chapter 12. Therefore, verse 6 is how it is applied and verse 7 shows us what he will do. “And it was given unto him to make war with the saints,” this mouth, this papal office this antichrist, this false prophet, this prince of peace, these are the various titles spoken of. The son of perdition, and all of these other titles are all one and the self same diabolical leader, when he comes on the scene. “It was given unto him to make war with the saints.” Now the word saints here, is applicable to the Jewish people of that hour, as well as Gentile foolish virgins of that hour. “And to overcome them.” That is why there will be a bloodbath such as there never has been before. “And power was given him over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations.” That does not mean global, that means geographical, territorial, wherever and however this beast is to incorporate according to the prophetic picture. Remember, the world beast systems did reach as far as India, but the Roman Empire did not rule India, nor Burma, nor China, nor Tibet, nor Thailand. I hope you understand that. “And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him.” Sure it says earth here, but we have to realize how prophetic language uses this word earth. “Shall worship him, whose names are not written in the book of life.” This shows that predestination is still the picture that determines the plan and mind of God. “Whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world. If any man have an ear, let him hear. He that leadeth into captivity shall go into captivity, (meaning those that are destined to go, they are going to go, because that is what this evil character will do.) And he that killeth with the sword must be killed with the sword. Here is the patience and faith of the saints.” That will be the Jewish saints and the foolish virgins of that tribulation hour.


I just pray that God will help me to be able to condense what I have here, enough of this to let you see the horror of what has gone on in recent years. Let me say this though, we read here in the 13th chapter, that John saw his deadly wound healed. Then once his deadly wound in healed, the whole world (prophetic world) goes after it. Now we need to have some historical facts, as to how this healing process comes about. If we don’t, then suppose I say, It is already healed, and you are sitting here blinder than a bat. You are looking at it already healed, but how did it come about? It comes about in such a way, the average national citizen never knows that is going on behind the scene. When you do come out in the open with certain things, some of it sounds so drastic, so brutal and so barbaric, people say, “That just can not be so.” They turn their head, “Oh, now wait a minute, that is a bunch of lies.” Many times people are just like ostriches. They are unwilling to accept facts. This wounded state, as it existed in Europe, when the Reformation had accomplished it’s major purpose, France was the nation that reached out with the military sword and struck at the pope’s hold, for better than a hundred and some years. Sure there was one pope right after another, but through a short period of time, the popes became only figureheads. That figurehead period was the period of time the world thought the death of the papacy had come, and as I read in one other history, which we have put in print already, that many of the Catholic leaders in Europe, said no man even lifted a finger to defend it. They thought this wounded state was going to last forever. It didn’t. Satan saw to it that it didn’t. Always remember, if this Catholic Church system is of Satan, keep in mind, it was wounded for a short period, while the world thought it had died completely. That reminds me of how Bro. William Branham, the day he preached the Bruised Serpent message, told about the vision he had of shooting the snake, wounding it, and it crawling off into the weeds, and he thought it would die. But look what has happened with it since his departure. It has come alive, and has entwined itself in the hearts of people. You can’t touch them, you can’t budge them, they are under the spell of that. They are right, and you have to be wrong, so is it with this other Catholic spirit. During that period of time, those horns of Europe sensed a political freedom. They began to look at one another, each one wanting a slice of Europe, but just as it says in Revelation 17, speaking of the horns in their last day role under the antichrist, it says they have received no kingdom as yet. That means those ten national horns of Europe never can, as a nation, rule the major part of Europe. Yet historically, if you read history at all, you know Spain tried it, and France tried it. Look at the wars of Napoleon, and what happened to him. Look at the wars of England. What was going on between England and France in the hour of Joan of Arc? I know at least some of you have read about Joan of Arc. A lot of you couldn’t tell me what she did, but some of you probably could. History didn’t mean that much to a lot of people. I am not going to go into it. When that papal power became wounded, those ten horns, knowing they could not have a big territory of Europe, went in various directions. That started the great colonial conquest. They couldn’t have an empire in Europe, but they were capable of building an empire in other areas of the globe. Now while they were gone, apparently everything was sort of dead. Then all of a sudden, WW1 comes, at the dawn of the century. An “ism” had risen up. An ism destined to be a political ideology that God would allow Satan to use at the end of the age, as a judgment force to bring final ruin to the very religious system that he has been embodied in. Always remember, Satan just changes his disguise. He never changes his tactics very much, nor his purpose, for it is always to fulfill his own selfish cravings. WW1 broke out, and we read of it and learned that a political leader, the last of the old German kaisers make his attempt to gain more power. Kaiser Wilhelm, being what was left of the old royal monarchy families of Germany and Prussia, that militant type people that always wanted to suppress, and look upon everyone else as nothing, rose up with a political aim to take a slice of Europe. When the war was over, it was known that thousands of men on every side had lost their lives. But within all the conflict, there was a spiritual force working politically, seeking to entwine itself in a diabolical way, and you could watch it being to rise to the surface, the power of the Catholic Church, using world conditions, world political forces, and harnessing them eventually, to foster her own diabolical aim. Russia had fallen to the Communist spirit. Russia has sown her seed of Communism in Poland. As WW1 ended, the seed also spread on into Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, and into Hungary. Now those areas of the geographical part of eastern Europe, are areas that before the Reformation, covered Poland, Austria, Czechoslovakia, Hungary and Yugoslavia, that is from the Baltics, all the way down to the Mediterranean. Communism in one form or another was beginning to affect the government, but yet entwined in there was a territory of nations and races of people, that at one time in the Dark Ages, was loyal to and a part of the Catholic Church. Keep in mind, what kind of Christendom was in Russia before the czars fell. It was called the Russian Orthodox Church, which is a half sister to Roman Catholicism. As WW1 ended, these areas that lay closer to Russia became the seed beds of the oncoming generations of political unrest, so please allow me to read just a little sketch of history to give you some background. I will try to read it so it will be interesting to you. “When in 1917, during the First World War, the Papal Nuncio in Munich, E. Pacelli, secretly negotiated with the Central Powers to accomplish the Pope’s `Peace without Victory,’ in order to save both Germany and Austria-Hungary from defeat, he had already made his first attempt to strangle a nation as yet unborn; Yugoslavia. (All of this is a picture of the area that at one time was called the Austrian Empire, when it was all under Catholic influence. This is the area that World War 1 seemed to be affected for the rise of this.) If the Vatican’s attempt was directed at preserving it’s most useful Hapsburg lay partner, it simultaneously had another no less important goal: to prevent a motley of nationalities from springing out of the Empire’s ruins as sovereign States in their own right. In such States, Poland excepted, Catholicism would have sunk to the level of a minority. Worse, it would have been dominated by heretical churches and their political Allies, for example: by the Protestant and Liberal in Czechoslovakia, by the Orthodox, (that is the Greek,) in Yugoslavia. (And you know Yugoslavia is one little nation under Marshall Tito, that adopted a form of Communism, but stayed independent from Russia.) With it’s last attempt to save the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the Vatican therefore struck the final blow against the yet unborn “Hussite” Czechs and the Catholic Slovaks on ne side, and the Orthodox Serbs and the Catholic Croats and Solvenes on the other, (This is speaking of segments of mountain type people.) The fulfillment of their dreams lying as it did in the disintegration of the Austro-Hungarian colossus. The Emperor Charles was advised to transform the Empire into a Federation. The idea, which originated at the Vatican, was repellent to both, as it meant, besides the loosening of Imperial control, the loosening of Catholic control over the various races of the tottering Empire. But in the circumstances, the alternative was total collapse. In October, Charles announced the transformation of the Hapsburg Monarchy into a Federal State. The offer which, significantly, was made only at the last moment, although accompanied by secret papal moves, left the Allies (that had fought in the war,) determined to end for good the rule of the double headed Austrian eagle. President Wilson’s reply to Charles, and thus to the Pope, was firmly hostile. (No wonder, he was a Protestant president. We had not yet sold out to such a diabolical dragon spirit.) The USA, said Wilson, admitted “The justice of the national aspiration of the southern Slavs.” It was for these people, he added, to decide what they would accept. (In other words, these people weren’t going to be sold down the drain by blackmail or anything, just to please the Vatican.) As far as the USA was concerned, he concluded, it had already recognized Czechoslovakia as a belligerent independent state. (free to choose their own way.) The American reply had sealed the fate of Austria-Hungary. On October 28, 1918, the Czechoslovaks declared their independence. On the 29th the Yugoslavs proclaimed theirs. On December 1, the Yugoslav council invited the Regent, Alexander, in Belgrade, to proclaim the Union. The new independent kingdom of the Serbs, the Croats, and Solvenes-Yugoslavia-had come into being.” Now I realize I have read a lot there that went on before I was born. But they have compiled this from the war records, and it plainly states that this historian spent several years in research, going from village to village, and place to place, interviewing living citizens that had told him this story. The title of this book is called “The Vatican’s Holocaust.” All you and I hear out of WW2 is that 6 million Jews were killed by the Germans. But here, going on even before the war started, as the Vatican was desperately trying to work underhandedly, getting the areas of these nations, which used to be called central Europe, or eastern Europe, before you go into Asia, this was actually a Vatican strong hold before the Reformation. Yet now after WW1, there are territories of people that are being influenced to become independent, which the Vatican fears will eventually go for Communism. Look where they are today. The point is, We have to find out how this deadly wound was healed. If the last thing that she was wounded by was the military sword, then somehow or other that will be the way Satan will have to work to heal her, only in reverse. It has got to come about by some type of military action that will eventually affect territories. So you are dealing with Poland, Hungary, Austria, Czechoslovakia and Bulgaria and such like. Now then, as this independence has been accepted, the war years are over, there was in the year 1928 then, a man by the name of Radich. He was assassinated. But he rose up as a leader of these nations. Let’s read some more from this book, what it says about him. “This alarmed several honest Catholic Croats, notably Radich, leader of the powerful Croat Peasant Party, aware of the danger that such tactics were creating both for Yugoslavia and for the Croats. I don’t know what the particular Croat people are. To me, that is not material. We know that they lived in that area.) Defying the Hierarchy (of Rome) and thus indirectly the Vatican, he began to combat the Catholic Trojan horse tactics, warning Croatia that by permitting their politicians to be led by the Hierarchy in political matters, they were bound, sooner or later, to lead all Croats to disaster. But in 1928, Radich was assassinated. The assassination coincided with the general overhaul of Vatican European strategy towards Communism. (See, from 1918 to 1928, this has developed. They get this man European strategy now is being developed toward Communism.) In that same year the Curia finally broke off it’s negotiations with Soviet Russia. The Papal Nuncio in Germany, E. Pacelli, led the powerful Catholic Centre Party sharply to the extreme Right, thus allying it with the forces which were to skyrocket Hitler to Power. In Italy the Vatican strengthened Fascism by signing a pact with Mussolini in 1929. (I remember when Mussolini came to power. I was just a little boy. I remember when Mussolini went into Ethiopia. Hollywood produced a film about Mussolini some years back. I realize parts of it were dramatized, you know how Hollywood does. But as for as the political message of the film, it portrayed Mussolini’s rise to power, his war years in Ethiopia, and his defeat and death by his own people. He was an administrator of a political ism called Fascism. I do not know it’s political methods, but it states right here, that Mussolini rose to power in Italy. In Spain you had another man that rose to power, General Franco. He too was an advocate of Fascism. It will tell us right here, as I continue to read.) Fascist Catholic movements rose everywhere. An era of Catholic policy had ended and a new one had begun. The policy of penetration had been replaced by one of active agitation, and the swift mobilization of all the religious and political forces of Europe against Bolshevik Russia. Thus, while in the west the Vatican had launched upon a global hate campaign against Communism, in the Balkans, after Radich’s death, it embarked upon a policy directed at the disintegration of Yugoslavia.” No wonder as they sought to try to overthrow it, they didn’t succeed, because out of it came Marshall Tito with his own brand of Communism. I am not going to read any more here for just a little bit. We know here in America, during the very years of what I am reading, from 1918 to 1928 and 1929, we had a spiritual movement called Pentecost. Our nation, as far as it’s citizens, since radio was not yet really common news medium, the average American citizen did not know very much politically about what was going on in Europe. You had a lot of unrest going on in the peasant realm of Europe. You had labor conflicts, just like we have had racial conflicts here in the states, but in Europe you had labor wars. It was back in the 20’s and early 30’s during those labor uprisings in Germany, no doubt fostered by some of the things we are reading here. Hitler rose from a corporal in WW1 to a big military man later. Finally he entered the political picture and went straight to the top. I am going to read here in a minute, where it plainly states how the Vatican helped Hitler rise to power. It tells us a little further here that in the country of Austria, a certain leader by the name of Alexander, who had already been going contrary to the Vatican, had come to Paris France to negotiate certain political things in communication. The Vatican in their penetration of these governments that was resisting Vatican influence, had formed a group of what they would call soldiers, but they are called the Ustashi, not Gestapo, but Ustashi. They are agents, spies, terrorists, and they set about to assassinate. They assassinated this King Alexander in Paris, France. It gives the date and everything here. It shows a picture of him in the back seat of a car, when this Ustashi man, this Catholic agent had shot him. The French police in return, shot him. It is a known fact that many times even Catholic agents are liquidated under certain conditions, all because they are controlled and manipulated by a higher voice of authority behind the scene. Then by the time that is channeled down to the lower echelon, they have the whole thing planned just the way they want it. Now allow me to read another little sketch here of this period, as we begin to come into the war years of WW2. In WW2, Hitler rose to power, and here it shows a group of pictures of these terrorists. They were in a folder of the Yugoslavia secret police, during the period of this assassination. As I turn over here to begin reading in another place, it shows this King Alexander in the back seat of the car where he was shot. Here it shows him in the funeral home. It was known why and everything, that he was assassinated. You say, Why are you reading this? All because it shows why Satan, by political and military aggressive actions, working through the Vatican force, began to re-exert his influence in the territories he was hoping he would be able to bring back into the camp of the Vatican church. We see it was destined never to succeed. For as Hitler rose up and went to war, what country did he enter first? Austria. I’ll never forget the time when we had a little old Sears and Roebuck radio and caught the news, “Hitler invades Austria.” I was just a young boy then, but I’ll tell you, all of that was a political means to bring Austria back into the camp. It is true, as long as Hitler was alive, and as long as the Germans were winning the war, Austria was within the camp, but look in the closing years, where did it put Austria? We find today that within Austria, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Yugoslavia and Poland, outside of Austria, which is a small area now, all the rest of it is completely in the Communistic camp. Then look at Kurt Waldheim, he was supposed to have collaborated with the German Nazis, in helping to execute Jews in WW2.


As we read some more from this book I have here, it gives us a description of Pope Pius the 12th. Let’s see what it says about him, things I had never heard of. “Catholic providence, which has always provided the Vatican with an uninterrupted shower of Peter’s pence, or to be more up-to-date, with an ever increasing power of Peter’s dollars, again provided that her cornucopia could still supply a mankind confused by all the errors of republicanism with that increasingly rare commodity: kings. Now kings have become very rare and, in fact, exceptional. Hence the need for an exceptional man to carry out an exceptional commission. The man: Pope Pius XII. Pius the 12th had been the recipient of portents, that is, of phenomena with which only saints, it is said, are privileged. This even though such a phenomena as a rule occur after death, (Now it is going to tell some things about him, while he was alive.) And always when a rational scrutiny of the miracles has become impossible. During the Conclave of 1939, convened to elect a new pope, Cardinal Pacelli was visited by Pius 10th in person. (Listen to this. Pius the 10th was already dead.) Pius 10th announced that the new pontiff would be him, Pacelli. It was a miracle. It must have been, for Pius 10th had died almost three decades earlier. Pacelli was indeed elected Pope. The fact that he cast his own vote for himself did not really affect the issue. Pacelli became Pope Pius 12th, choosing the name of Pius in honor of Pius 10th, (who came to him in a phenomena saying he would get it.) Ten years later in 1950, Pius 12th, after patient years of self-canonization, saw the sun zig-zag in the sky of Rome. Not once, it must be noted, but on three successive days. As if that were not enough, the very mother of God appeared to him within he convulsed sphere, “in a spectacle of celestial movements in transmission of mute but eloquent messages to the Vicar of Christ.” It was not difficult for so extra-holy a successor of St. Peter, therefore to find a worthy king. The fact that Pius 12th had to conduct down to earth secret, hard bargaining with Mussolini was discreetly hushed up. The chosen one, Victor Emmanuel, King of Italy, whom Pius 12th not long before had blessed as “the August and wise emperor of Ethiopia,” following Fascist Italy’s ruthless conquest of Coptic Abyssinia, where Fascism and Catholicism were jointly to implant Catholic-Fascist civilization.” I don’t want to read too much here. Just let me read one more portion, then I will quit. This is just excerpts along, coming to more years. I am going to read here some of the most brutal things that went on, and this is not what happened to Jews. This is what the Catholic Church did in the years of 39, 40 and 41, before we got into the war. “To compliment the wholesale manhandling, torturing, and legalized killing of the Ustashi, (that is a word that describes these Catholic agents,) another terrible instrument, perhaps the most execrable of all, struck with fears, an already terrorized population: the “punitive expeditions” carried out by Pavelic’s own special militia, the Ustashi, who in no time acquired such an infamous notoriety as to equal the most abominable human monsters of the past. These expeditions destroyed houses and villages, arrested, tortured and often massacred their inhabitants, usually without even bothering about any excuse or appearance of legality.” Villages that they knew were strictly unfavorable of compliance with the Catholic cause, they were either Protestant or of the Orthodox type of people. Now I understand why the Orthodox type people would fall in this category, keep in mind, as late as the 8th century A.D., the Greek Orthodox church broke from Rome. They would not accept the infallibility of the pope, nor the universal domination of the pope, and they would not accept the Passover season the same time as the pope did; therefore the Greek Orthodox church in the East, kept themselves completely separated. You have to look at how the Catholic Church deals with this type of people. Now here are some villages it names and what happens and some of these words are in the area of Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, these are words hard to pronounce, so I am not going to read the, but if any of you want to see the names of these villages, come and look, but you know that type wording is so hard to pronounce. “Small town, such and such, and so on and so forth, wholesale massacres took place at a number of places, at the last named place, victims were wired together in groups of 20, taken to the edge of a 1000 foot cliff, where the Ustashi killed the first persons only, so that they dragged the others down alive with them. Pavelic participated personally, even against Croat villages. On December 1, 1941, where a certain village was ransacked, on which occasion 7 women, 4 children and 9 old men were killed and thrown into a burning house. In 1945 the village of Jakovlje was razed, after most of it’s inhabitants had been murdered. In April 1941, in the village of Gudovac, 200 Serb peasants were killed by Ustashi men, followed by larger groups in the villages in Stari Petrovac and Glina. Then in May 1941 the Ustashi again gathered together all males over the age of 15, drove them in trucks outside the town, and executed them. Often the executions were committed in the homes of the victims, with the most primitive weapons. Some Ustashi specialized in disposing of their charges by crushing their skulls with hatchets, or even with hammers. Incredible but authenticated atrocities were committed wherever the Ustashi appeared. For instance, Italian soldiers took pictures of the Ustashi wearing two necklaces, one was a string of cut out eyes, the other of the tongues of murdered Serbs. (That is a picture of human beings in the 20th century.) Mass deportations, mass executions, mainly in isolated small towns and villages, were well planned operations. (Which probably the outside world never heard of, but it acted as a means to terrorize people just like the Russians are doing in Afghanistan. The Catholic Church has been doing it for ages. That is their method.) Once rounded up, they were surrounded by detachments of armed Ustashi, taken outside the village, executed in the mountain regions of Dalmatia, like Bosnia and Herzegovina, women and children were taken to remote spots and massacred. At the beginning of May 1941, the Ustashi besieged Glina, and having gathered all Orthodox males over 15 years of age, from Carlovac, Sisak, and Petrinja, drove them outside the town and killed all six hundred of them with guns, knives and sledge hammers. The following day all the other Serbs were also murdered. The center of the massacre was in the village of Bosanski Grabovac. On August 3, 1941 over 3000 Serbs were likewise massacred in Vrgin-Most. On July 29 Bozidar Cerovski, chief of the Ustashi police in Zagreb, arrived in the locality of Vohnic; having rounded up more than 3000 Serbs in other villages, he led them to Pavkovitch, where he had them all massacred near a village mill. In the villages of Baska, Perna, Podgomolje, Bosanska Krupa district in the summer fo 1941, 540 women and children were locked in houses which were then set on fire. In the village of Crevarevack, about 600 people were burned in their houses. In the district of Cazin more than 600 women and children were burned t death. 500 people were massacred at Bugojno. At Slavonska Pozega, 500 peasants brought from Bosnia were killed.” Now here are actual photographs in this book of how they did it, taken at the time it was being done. That is not Germans killing Jews. That is the Catholic Ustashi killing Serbs and those in these nations. They were trying to bring them back under their control. If anybody cares to look at the book, it has some horrible pictures. This, right here, shows a picture of one of the Ustashi men with a long knife, getting ready to cut the throat of this Serb. Let me finish this part in this way. WW1 indirectly, to the outside world, was a war fought to set in motion the eventual healing, giving slowly back to papal recognition, while it is true, we realize today they don’t hold it in Poland, yet the Catholic Church is recognized, but it is kept under political suppression. Isn’t it strange, our country, to show you just exactly how it has drifted, if a Catholic from Poland wants to defect and come to the United States, they will do everything in our nation under the sun to get that Catholic out of there, but if that was a Protestant that wanted to come here from some other anonymous place in the world, I have my doubts they would get that much attention. I have nothing against Polish people, that is not the picture. The picture is, this nation no longer sees and thinks as it did in former times. Therefore it will show favoritism to defectors from that Communist part of the world. Yet now they are howling if Catholics want to flee the same thing in Latin America. Somehow or other we have an adverse picture going on in this country. Alright, this healing process you have got to understand, has been a political process fostered by the Catholic Church, directly and indirectly within the territories of central Europe, but we realize since WW2, in order that the ten horns of western Europe, where those ten horns actually have their identity, that is the only place that the Vatican still has complete full recognition. When WW2 was over, we can see he Catholic Church did not succeed in what her aims were in warding off Communism in those Slovak states. One by one they all toppled the other way. That common enemy that there had to be, to bring about this healing process, was the thing that stood right there, and for 40 years, our nation has been used to rebuild, to reconstruct western Europe. Then the 10 horns were restored economically, restored militarily, and restored politically. Now none of those horn nations have their old royal families as leaders. They have all adopted some type of democracy. Yet behind it you many times read, it is called the Christian Democratic Party, it is none other than an old perverted political party holding Catholic influence. That is why it is called the Christian Democratic Party. Therefore since WW2, you have seen the ecumenical spirit. We have read about it, and what it is for. Since WW2 there has also been the healing of the spiritual side. Here we have a pope today, that has been around this globe three times. He has been in America twice. He has been in South America twice. He has been in India, the Philippines, and all over this globe. Then we went right back to Poland where he came from. He knows the ins and outs of Communism. Don’t tell me that man doesn’t have his eyes on something. I will have to say this at this point, Communism is an ism and an ideaology that is destined to be a Satanic means that God will allow to destroy the Catholic Church, once she has rode in that last week of Daniel. Communism will be a political force to rise up in those 10 horns, as it says in the 17th chapter of Revelation. Just as she has brought an end to Catholic control in Russia, and just as we see she has stifled it in Poland, Hungary, Yugoslavia, and Czechoslovakia, the Catholic Church is as a standstill. She is at bay. The only place we see her functioning is in the ten horns. Yet we get wind of a political force coming up, that is definitely going to be an offbeat form of some kind of Communism, that will come right up in the political structure of those horns, as that week runs its duration. That ideaology will overthrow that system of Catholicism and bring it to an end. That is why it says in the 17th chapter of Revelation, the ten horns will make war against him that sits on the white horse, but He will overcome them, because they that are with him, (the raptured bride church) are called and chosen, and are faithful. I pray that what has been said is not thought to be exaggerating facts. There is so much in that book, things that I could never imagine, but when they show you pictures of men and political scenes, behind the scenes, who they were, what office they held, and what part they played, it is not about Jews, it is about the Catholic militia, and her political drive to regain complete control over the souls of all that she can deceive and conquer.


Let us go back to the 13th chapter of Revelation. As we read this 11th and 12th verses, want you to think in your mind how you visualize the nations of the United States an Canada. The reason I fix it that way is because Canada, along with the United States, though it is a different country, yet somehow or other the two have grown side by side. It’s society, it’s overall governmental outlook has been the same, when it comes to how it observes the world. When the United States became involved in WW1, so was Canada. When the United States became involved in WW2, so did Canada. We notice also that whatever changes, politically or militarily, affects the states, Canada is blending right long in there. It is not so with Mexico. Mexico is truly a part of North America, but it is more or less an element of a predominantly Catholic environment. I am no meaning to speak wrong about Spanish Mexican people, but it is the type of government that it is involved in. Through the centuries it has been a weak nation, suffering many kinds of internal uprisings and political type revolution. That was going on while American and Canada kept growing, to finally reach a position in the world, for a short period of world leadership. Now I will read here, “And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth, and he had two horns like a lamb.” That is what the nation of the two states eventually became, but its overall shape, you can’t just say it has two horns come up out of the earth. No. There is a body involved. It’s shape like a lamb, we described that already. “And he spake as a dragon, (which means that somewhere timewise, this lamb nation has to speak by the same spirit, to accomplish the same objective as the dragon that did speak in and through the first beast; So watch this.) And he exerciseth all the power of the first best before him. (Now here is the important part.) and causeth,” That word causeth, as you would take it to the dictionary, can mean influenced, or was the means by how certain things was persuaded or brought into some kind of understanding. So look at America, having somewhere in time reached a position that it caused or influenced, or persuades, or leads, you can’t say that was during the Revolutionary War. That is not a picture of America during the Civil War. The rest of the world could not have cared less what the north and south did. Even in WW1 was not that way, but by the time WW2 has come, this two horned beast has reached a position in time, technological, and industrial-wise, where it now stands at the brink, ready to launch into it’s role as we read here. This lamb beast, once it reaches a place in time, causeth the earth, and them that dwell therein to worship the first beast. That don’t mean the whole geographical sphere of the planet will be affected like that. This is not just talking about the people inside the borders of America, but it is talking about people of other nations, and we are going to realize, it is basically the societies of Europe. He causes them which dwell therein to worship. The word worship here, is not a word that we need to describe in a religious nature. It is a word that describes what this lamb beast was eventually used by the devil to do in getting other elements of people to contribute, or go along with, and give their cooperation to what that first best was after. People will be led to worship the first beast, not the second beast. That is why everything in this chapter has got to hinge around the first best. Why do I say that? Because it is in the first beast that we see the antichrist. Not in the second beast. Yet the same devil which is embodied and speaks through the first beast, once it is restored back to it’s preeminence, and that man of sin, the antichrist is setting in leadership, you will have Satan’s crowning point in time, but the fact this lamb beast speaks as a dragon, not as THE dragon, but as A dragon. It lets us know, it is not the primary thing. It is secondary. It is influenced by Satan. It is used by Satan to create, to influence, to lead or deceive, whatever is necessary, so that eventually Satan is fully recognized and embodied in the first beast once again. That is the point we have got to look at. Now I want to take us back in time. What was the shape of this first beast? What was it’s identity? What did it have on? We said earlier, it did not yet have the seven heads, it did not have the ten horns, when John, in 96 A.D. saw it coming up, but as we go from John’s hour into the second and third century, we notice, as we said earlier, that Rome began to go through these political upheavals. All of this was God’s way of permitting Satan and conditions to develop, that eventually in time would bring it all to it’s climaxing point. When we reach the middle of the Dark Ages, the ten horns are now geographically all represented in the territorial domain of Europe. They all have their separate break away from the political control of Rome, they all have their particular royal kingdoms, yet they are still geographically tied by some kind of fiber. Do you know what it was? It was the power of the Catholic Church. As the pope is the little horn of Daniel, when you read in Daniel 7, you know Daniel saw the Roman Empire, the fourth beast rising up, going off through time. He saw that eventually it had ten horns. He didn’t see the heads. He just saw the one gigantic head, but he did see the little horn. So Daniel sees it going off through time, but as John the Revelator in 96 A.D., sees it coming up in Revelation 13, it has 7 heads and I will say this, some people will say, That Jackson has gone crazy. I will show you by practical illustration, why I said this seven headed, ten horned beast, the way it is portrayed by John was coming up out of the dilemma of WW2. Why do I say that? Let’s go back. Something definitely happened in time. If in time prior to the Reformation, there was ten horns on it, and if in time prior to the Reformation, the power of Rome has evolved through 7 major political upheavals, so that eventually the pope is in complete control, he sits in the same city the caesars sat it. He is not looked upon as a political dictator though, he is looked upon as a religious monarch, the religious source of power that all other kings and potentates are subject to. That is represented in the ten horns. As we move into the Dark Ages, that is the picture you must keep in mind of this first beat the Roman Empire, has evolved into, from the days of the caesars until the Dark Ages, when the little horn has come up, and has taken complete control. There he sits, ruling, because keep in mind, Daniel 7, the little horn had a mouth speaking great thing and it had the eyes of a man. That means that mouthpiece instrument would be some type of man given powers by Satan. His power would be so dynamic, he would be able to succeed in controlling what was the caesar’s great empire. Therefore history proves that whatever this wound was, it was not the wounding of a king of France. That didn’t affect it at all. It was definitely the Reformation which had come, closing out the Dark Ages. Why was it called the Dark Ages? Because no scientific or cultural advancement had been enjoyed. The Catholic Church, once it is the means by how societies, and kings and kingdoms are controlled, she stifles and cuts off learning. Because the Catholic Church taught, when people know to much, you have problems keeping them under control. Therefore they did not want the people to be educated. They wanted them to be ignorant. They could keep them, work them, rob them, deceive them, mislead them, and treat them any way they wanted to. That is why for a thousand years, there was no progress, and yet the Roma Empire has went through all these territorial changes, and just as time reached the beginning of the Reformation, you have got ten horns on the territory, and the power of Rome has evolved into the 7 heads. The 8th head described in the 17th chapter, is the form of church ecclesiastical government, signified in the little horn by the pope. He has established it, church government has taken over, and there he sits, ruling. He subdued the kings that dared to speak against him. Now the wound was the sword of the spirit in the Reformation that struck at the power of the church and the voice of the pope. It all came from within the societies that it had formerly controlled. It didn’t come from any outside source. It came from within the societies that it had ruled for centuries, and God raised it up by the Holy Ghost. As he raised up Luther, He raised up the king of Germany, which in other eras was completely subject to the pope, but now for some reason, this king succeeds in being able to defend Luther. Try to see the picture of what the Roman Empire was, what shape it was in, when that head was wounded. When the Reformation struck, let’s watch these horns. Did they sink? No. Because as the Reformation hit, the new world was discovered, they found out the planet is round instead of flat. Now all these horns are enjoying certain benefits of the Reformation, as from within certain elements of it’s society, embraces the religious spiritual benefit, but what about the political structure? Now kings, for the first time, are slowly beginning to realize, we don’t have to bow to that pope every time he says, Jump! Then we begin to read about the colonialization period that starts. It was not the Congo going to India. It was not India going to South America. What was the colonialization of the world? It was those European horns leaving that geographical territory. Because for centuries they had been squabbling among themselves. I read in history where there was a 100 year war. No wonder the population of Europe didn’t grow very fast. When you have wars that last 100 years, it makes a slow progress of population. Now these horns realized that there was no need for them to fight any longer, among themselves. England wants to conquer France. Spain wants to conquer England. They have their conflicts, but once the new world is discovered, they all had the freedom to go. Therefore as the Reformation kept on hacking with the sword of the spirit, at the power of the pope, that lessens and lessens the political control of the pope. He then had his own problems, he was being wounded. The succeeding popes that followed in this Reformation period, their right to dominate became less and less. Then when we come to Napoleon’s hour, he gives it a military thrust, that just about finishes the power of the pope. He was not completely killed, but he was wounded to the point where the kings of Europe knew they did not have to pay one bit of attention to that pope down there in Rome, anymore. Brothers and sisters, I’ll just use a particular proximity of time just show you something, why I say this first beast, as it is portrayed coming up here, has these horns eventually. Spain comes to the new world, France comes to the new world and England comes to the new world. Did Spain stop in the new world? No. She went on around the world, she went to the east Indies, she settled in the Philippines. The Dutch went to the Indies, England wen to India and France went to Asia. Not only did they come to this continent, they just kept on going. Then by the time we come to 1850, those horns in Europe are reaching out. They have gone to Africa, and look where Portugal went to, to the coast of India. Spain settled in Morocco, Germany in Africa, Belgium in Africa, and Britain in Africa. If they are not in Africa, they are in India. Now these horns were doing this, for what reason? They were reaching out into other parts of the world for resources, wealth that they needed in their own home territories. At the same time, this new nation is in it’s infant stage. It has not even reached the hour where it fulfills it’s scriptural role. Now we are going to bring these horns through all the colonialization, and if we studied the wars these horns have fought against each other, in the territories they took, we would see something. Study what went on in the Carribean. One time France is in Jamaica, another time Britain is in Jamaica. The reason I illustrate these things, is to try to show you what shape that first beast was in. What was it’s identity, when it was seen coming up here? I have to say, it was coming up out of the ruins of WW2. As we get closer to the time this portion of biblical prophecy must come into focus, God knows. Therefore, God sets in motion, trends, both politically and militarily, and economically, throughout the earth, in the societies and races of people, that will begin to create proper conditions. Look what was going on in Europe as we came into the 20th century. To show you how the rising of this first beast really was, you can’t even associate it to WW1. Kaiser Wilhelm, one of the horns, was a power crazed German, (nothing against the German people. They are the most brilliant people I believe, of all Europe, but that old Prussian background, they were the ones that liked to do the goose step all over Europe. They liked to click their heels together, the military.) And he marshals his forces, and comes right into France. WW1 goes to show, these horns are shuffling, they are fussing. The pope does not have a thing to do with it. His little boys are fighting. England is in the Orients, in Africa. Germany is too, but she is fighting at home. For some reason or other, Germany wanted a larger slice of Europe, but keep in mind, what the bible says in Revelation 17, when it pictures this beast in the hour when God is going to judge it. It describes the ten horns as being the kingdoms which have received no geographical kingdom in Europe. That is as a whole. God wouldn’t let one nation in Europe rise up to dominate the whole area, but it says they receive a kingdom for one hour. Now that don’t mean a sixty minute hour. That means a prophetic hour, an appointed time. Then they will contribute their power, and their authority to the beast. Therefore, we have to realize, that will come about through a process of time. But let’s go back to kaiser. He rises. He hits France. Here comes England, here comes Canada, here comes the United States, and every territory that England has under it’s royal domain, whether it is in India, Jamaica, or wherever, out of Africa, that crown of England rested there in those colonial dominated territories. They mustered troops, and brought them to Europe to fight against the German forces in WW1. You say, How do you know that? I talked to one in Jamaica. He fought for the British Crown in WW1. Likewise in India. When the war was over, did that mean they were going to get along any better? Not one bit. The colonial powers still held their domains throughout the vast earth, and the new world kept growing, enlarging, getting closer to it’s hour when it would speak, and take the position that is described here. That brings us to the beginning of WW2. Right out of the same horned nation, Germany, rose another man so demon possessed, which had the same idea that Kaiser Wilhelm had, only much bigger. He not only wanted to establish a complete dominion control over Europe, he wanted to be all the way from the Arctic Circle to North Africa. As he sets about to work his strategy, this eventually involves practically every horn within the European geographical area. No sooner does it get under way, then the United States comes in, and again here goes Canada, side by side, but by now, the United States is no longer building horse drawn plows like she did in WW1. She is a nation that has built an industrial complex for mass production. It is true, she didn’t have a stock pile of military equipment, but once she fixed her mind upon the type of weapon she would build, she could produce that weapon in mass production, quicker than all the other nations put together. Between WW1 and WW2, Britain was the nation, the horn of Europe, that had the largest maritime fleet upon the face of this planet. It was said, The sun never sits on a British flag. No matter where you went, in every seaport, there sat a British maritime ship. Why? Because all of her produce had to come from the far ends of the earth, back to her home ports. Now, as America came entering into this conflict, which was designed by God to bring a blow to colonialism, that era of horns taking control of other geographical areas of the earth was coming to an end. Got was going to end it. He cut it off, because the time had come that Europe must be restored and returned back to that same revived Roman picture, as it was just before she was wounded, in the closing out of the Dark Ages. Those horns went to war, and what a war it became. When it looked like the Japanese sunk the most of our fleet in Pearl harbor, it caught us with our back against the wall. But in four and one half years, this nation, because of it’s technology in mass production, and it’s knowledge of welding, bypassing the old system of riveting ships together, they rebuilt battleships, cruisers and destroyers, and when the war was ver 4 and ½ years, we had built a navy as large as the rest of the Allied navies combined. How did that come about? Simply because this lamb beast now had two religious elements of society embedded or embodied within it, and is approaching the hour when it will go under the influence of Satan.


Between WW1 and WW2, there was no way this nation would do then, what it has been doing for the past 40 years. Keep in mind young people, and you older ones too, when WW1 was over, and they stacked their smoking rifles, and decorated their foreign cemeteries, and American troops came home, you never heard a thing about Marshall Aid, Foreign Aid, and reconstructing Europe. They started it, let them rebuild it. How many understand what I mean by that? They started the war, so they are to blame for the consequences. We just helped our friends win it. Now we are home, and we will mind our own business. We were still a nation that was basically protestant oriented. No way between WW1 and WW2 would you get the two religions in America to sit down and take communion together. You all know that. Each one sitting in their local communities, looked upon the other with antagonism. That is why the “he” is not a president. It is Satan watching for his hour. For as the generation of WW2 dies, and another generation comes on, they come on with a lesser vision, with less loyalty to what the nation was and how it functioned. They came along with more liberal tendencies. This liberal spirit is what Satan introduces into a society to get ready to take it into oblivion. When you begin to get liberalism, Catholics will cloak themselves in it. I am talking about Catholic politicians, which will cloak themselves in this framework. I want to show you what I mean by that. It has been known down through the Carolinas, through Georgia and Tennessee, and that area which is called the Bible belt. In some of those towns and villages, children from families that are Protestant dominated environments, when all of a sudden this liberal, atheistic, tendency began to creep into the school, you have Protestant parents rising up against that liberal spirit that reached atheism, evolution in the schools, that for centuries had accepted the fact everything was created by God. No argument, but the minute that becomes a social issue within that community, you had Catholics living right there in the same community, going to the same school, and not a one of their leaders opened their mouth to defend the Protestant. Every time they will take the liberal side. Why? That is always their way of maneuvering, using conditions, knowing how to play the issue, because in the end, the liberal will conquer the Protestant, and the Catholic will come out on top. Now I am not talking about the Catholic individual. I am talking about the spirit of the thing. That is why we said earlier, the Catholics hated Abraham Lincoln for freeing the black man, but by the time we come to the 60’s, the Catholic now wants to give him social freedom, the right to vote, equal opportunity. We see how they turn right around and change their whole approach. The reason I have said this, is to show you, that once America reached a place, in the time of WW2, when God was going to strike those horns, it was time to bring an end to colonialism. They had to withdraw their hold and go home. For what reason? To be reunited, or regrouped, so they can come up as a unified body of nations, and a society of people that will fulfill the prophetic picture described here in the book of Revelation. That is exactly the picture you see, the Roman Beast system, whose ecclesiastical head was wounded in the closing of the Dark Age period, and the horns that want everywhere are all reunited, ready for the end time. Now then WW2 involved all those horns, involved their territories, and at the close of it, there wasn’t battle fields just in France, there were battlefields in North Africa, in Italy, France, Belgium, and all up and down the Atlantic coast. Therefore, as the war came to a close, it was time for this beast, this first beast to begin to rise; because as it rises, it is a picture of Europe being redesigned, reconstructed, not to continue on as colonial horn powers of the world, but now to be restores back to function, to exist, to cooperate with the beast and the Roman image, as the time comes for the antichrist to eventually take over. For 40 years, it you will look back, and if your eyes can see anything, just read your histories. Where are your colonial powers now? They don’t exist. When the 60’s hit, France, Belgium, and England left Africa. Belgium was in the Congo. France was in equatorial Africa. England was in South Africa, Spain was in Morocco. Portugal was in India. Britain was in India. That was timed with the rebirth of Israel, the fig tree, and all the other nations getting national independence, so the horns went home. That is why verse 12 refers to this lamb, the United States, this north American beat here, that had reached the materialistic point of world leadership for a short period of time. It’s capacity to be recognized for it’s role of importance, is what speaks to society to cooperate, and give themselves in agreement. No, not to worship the lamb beast, but to worship the first beast. Worship means to cooperate, rebuild, reconstruct it. So as their territories were being lost, they went home to be revived. Now in 1988, 40 years after 1948, which was the year of the starting of this reconstruction, you should be able to see how this lamb nation, because of it’s leadership role, in industrial, technological and so forth, as well as it’s scientific technology in the usage of the atomic bomb, and putting satellite communications into space fits into the picture. It has been given to the world. May I say this, for those that will read, and those that will hear, at no time did any one president ever stand up and make a universal speech, hey, you people out there: It is time for us to fulfill our part in the scriptures. It is time that you should all contribute, and worship and adore the first beast. Can anybody ever give you that kind of information? No. It is how Satan uses leaders, unbeknown to them. He puts thoughts in their minds. Their thoughts run in natural political economic channels. Why? Because they have lost their vision of how to please God. They are going to please some other spirit. Therefore as the dragon in Europe is going to revive that system and bring it back, to be it’s final crowning point, the lamb beast has a role to play. Now this two horned lamb-like Christian nation was on the verge of apostasy. That is exactly why we can say that the years of the 50’s, going into the 60’s, brought the greatest display of the convicting power of God, by the Holy Ghost, in the American society, that America ever seen. We had the spirit of God in conviction, dealing with many, many people in that period of time. Why? Because God knew that this nation would soon shut it’s doors to the gospel, and the total society would be turned over to a reprobate mind. Church leaders were soon to sit down with apostate blinded men, because when the hour came, as we have read in the 14th verse, this beast has been able to succeed in deceiving the world, and them that dwell on the earth, by the means of those miracles, which it had power to do in the sight of the beast I hope you understand what this word, deceive, means. It is not that the United States necessarily had a policy designed to deceive the world. No. It is the way Satan used this technology, and was able to conceal himself in American’s advantage, while he used it’s power and influential leadership to reconstruct that old thing in Europe, eventually to put the pope right back where he was destined to be. Oh how blind religion is today. By the time we come to the 60’s, look at the ecumenical spirit that has come along and hit the American society. Catholics that used to be in strong predominant communities, and had their own parochial schools, started to mix with Protestants. No it wasn’t sponsored by the American treasury, but then, all of a sudden there was a squabble, and at the same time, here comes this ecumenical spirit, and Protestants began to break down as they see the hand of the pope extended, and saying, Let us all be brethren. I’ll tell you, for the last 20 some years, Catholics and Protestants are going to come out victorious? Not in the end. They are going to come out yielding themselves to the leadership of that devil, through that old pagan Roman system, but by the time Protestantism, as a whole, comes to that hour, they are just as blind as Catholics. They have no spiritual insight at all. Just remember though, that for a period of time, it wasn’t a picture of our presidents trying to deceive the world in his main objective. Here he raises up a scarecrow, Communism, and gets every one scared to death, and all the time he is coming in the back door. I hope all of you understand. He makes political leaders think such and such, and they do not even suspect that they are being led by the devil. We know that period of time when he deceives the world, and the world cooperates and goes right along in the construction of the first beast, the “he” is not our president, it is the nation, influenced by the devil. Then eventually the “he” reaches another point and agin it is not a president, it is not congress. It is Satan. He says in the 14th verse, we hear this “he” saying to them that dwell on the earth, that they should make an image to the first beast. However, those that dwell on the earth does not mean just those that live on the inside of the continental borders of the United States. This is a universal picture, wherever you find or see apostate Protestantism. It does not matter whether it is in Africa, or south America, or wherever, it all comes out the same. Let’s look how this is brought about. The “he,” is Satan, saying to the that dwell on the earth, that they should make an image. Now I want to paraphrase it like this, so notice how it is worded here. An image to the beast. What beast? Not the lamb beast, but the beast that had the wound by the word, and did live. That is why I say, Look at these two pictures, at the close of WW2. The first beast rises right out of the sea from among people, for it’s last day role. Here comes this lamb beast, and Satan embodied within it, because it now has political leaders, liberal thinkers, that do not think like the old ones did. You now have a society of Protestantism and Catholicism, blending their cooperation, pledging that they are not going to fuss any more. Eventually when prayer is taken out of the schools, Catholics didn’t lift a voice. Do you know why? Because they were going to play the political string, and eventually get the United States treasury to pay to keep their own schools open. Now brothers and sisters, you can see what has happened in America. Protestantism was caught going to sleep. It has just left a few individual people that are wise enough to see what the devil has been doing. None of this has been an act of any president. The “he”, is Satan, once he is allowed to use this American society, and this American government, and our American funds. As the time came then, that this image to the first beast that had the wound, was to be made, nobody can deny the fact that it has to be the World Council of Churches. It is not Communism, or Fascism. It is the World Council of Churches. As read from the book when I was preaching the earlier parts of this message, that man who has followed the different councils, stated that, in it’s initial birth it became written on paper what it’s purpose was, so you would have to be blind, not to see it as that. It was born in Amsterdam Holland, right where the Pilgrims launched, loaded their boats to come to the new world. But where did it get it’s life to live and function, to activate itself? In 1954, when it had it’s second world conference, in Evanston Illinois. That was the first time the world Council of Churches began to function as a voice that will eventually affect world affairs, related to conditions going on in South America, Africa, India, Asia, or wherever it might be. Evanston Illinois was where money was taken from two sources of funds, not out of the U.S. treasury, the president and Congress had nothing to do with it. Religious leaders did it, but there were two funds set aside by certain industries, for certain things. That was actually their beginning. From that hour, out of Africa, Protestant mission churches composed of thousands, and into millions of people, South America, Asia, all over the world, they began to link up, and join this image. Why? Because out of this two horned national beast system was the economic life blood flowing, that made that thing begin to be a voice recognized and respected. Did you know, while you had Protestants in the Methodist Church and the Baptist church and the Lutheran Church that still believed that the pope was the Antichrist, you wouldn’t have seen such a thing take place in America, but when that old generation is all dead and the oncoming preachers fill their heads full of modern theology, they think those old preachers were fanatics. They say, Oh, this new spirit of brotherhood, what a love it is. They can all go to bed together, sleep in the same mess, and see no further. That is a picture today, of the religious image, Protestantism and Catholicism, in America. It plainly states in that book that from the churches of America, as well as Western Europe, which is a small segment of the total of Protestantism throughout the world, comes four fifths of the economical lifeline, that the World Council of churches lives and operates on. Now I say to the readers and listeners, When you read this, don’t look at the “he,” and see the government of the United States. Don’t see a president or senator. It is not the government of the United States, it is not the American taxpayers that is keeping the World Council of Churches alive. No. It is apostate Protestantism, and Catholicism. Why? Because they all have the same common goal, to eventually use religion as a forceful means to persuade, and control, and tip the balance of the scales of political opinion. That is why in those records, once the lifeline, out of this American beast, feeds into this, and the vast territories of the third world join ranks, What have you got now? You have got millions of people, Protestants, that no longer think like the older ones did. They are liberal thinkers. No wonder they can walk with the Catholics, and the Catholics with them. Now, you have socialistic bishops out of the Communistic nations, Greek orthodox Church, you have Communist bishops out of Russia, the Russian Orthodox Church. They all belong to the World Council of Churches. You can rest assured they could not care less what happens to America, but oh they are interested in that money that keeps it alive. That is why I want to read another verse here. Out of the lamb nation came the life giving flow, that gave it the economical start, and later this image begins to act just like the first beast that had the wound by the sword. Therefore, when you see that, you have to realize, it was the Catholic power that was wounded. I hope you understand that. We just have to realize, an image could not be made to that until it was time for the healing of that first beast to come back into the picture. Then the image would rise to relate to it. When I received that book, “The Vatican’s Holocaust,” it is a book that a man spent several years between WW1 and WW2, in going into the nations, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary and through those Slovak states. After the WW1 period subsided, and just prior to the outbreak of WW2, the Vatican church, by the authority of the pope, began to launch an all out attach in those areas, and that attack was this, They knew Russia has feel under communism, and that the Communistic aim was to come right straight down through that region of central Europe, and eventually spread Communism right straight to the regions of where Roman Catholicism had been entrenched for so many, many centuries. It tells in this book how Mussolini was called in by the pope, that was Pope Pius, he was the pope all through the WW2 period. The strategy was set. Keep in mind, Mussolini did not go to North Africa first. He invaded one of those Slovak states. It tells in there, that it was a very brutal episode. In fact the western world news never heard a thing about it. That is the sad part of it. These agents were like Hitler’s Gestapo. But as they went into those mountain villages, far away from the big metropolitan cities, out into the mountain backwoods country, there they wanted to stamp their influence. As they went into many of these places, these people were more loyal to the Greek Orthodox Church than they were to the Roman Church. But because Rome wanted to be able to set up a line against Communism, that eventually was to come out of Russia, they wanted to get this under their control. It also tells in this book of the atrocities, and the thousands of people, these, I will call them Mussolini’s secret agents, would go into these villages and secretly inquire of the loyalty and faithfulness of these people. Many times whole villages were rounded up, taken out and exterminated by brutal means. I read one story how this certain village was in the mountains, and on the outskirts of town there was a huge bluff that dropped off into a mountain canyon. They took a whole bunch of these people and ties them together on a long rope. They bought them to the edge of this bluff and the soldiers shot he first ones in the front, and as they fell, their weight would pull all the others over. We have Catholics sitting here in America that would close their eyes and shake their head saying, It can’t be so. The Catholic Church wouldn’t do such a thing. Well do you know why American Catholics wouldn’t think that? It is because this nation wasn’t born by such means. It was born and brought up under Protestant influence. Keep in mind, this nation did not get it’s technological advantage because of the power of the Catholic Church within it, but because of what the Protestant picture and influence gave it spiritual-wise, and what did Jesus say in Matthew, Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these other things will be added unto you. Therefore, what the Catholic church wouldn’t allow human beings in nations dominated by them to enjoy, to benefit by, God gave it to Protestants. But once that nation loses it’s Protestant vision to know where to go, then that apostasy spirit hits it, and we see now that the nation is going backwards, but does that mean that Satan is licked? No. It just means he will take the life, the economics, everything of potential, out of this nation, to constitute the reconstruction, to eventually get the whole prophetic earth to worship the first beast.


I was asked a question on the telephone the other day, Bro. Jackson: It looks like it is America that will cause the world to receive the mark, does it not? I said, You have to keep in mind, it is true that the American beast, economic, technological, means eventually produces a system of monetary exchange and transition of trade. In former days, a man just wrote a check. He used to be as god as his word. But after awhile you get a generation of people that is not as good as their word, so a lot of people get to writing checks, and they are cold checks. The financiers begin to come along with another means to beat the cold check writings. In comes the credit card. Your credit cards in the initial onset, allowed you to travel, and you did not have to have any money with you. But after awhile, what happens? Crooks began to steal the cards, or counterfeit them, therefore they were no longer effective against crookedness. What does that do? That forces banks and financial institutions to develop a more foolproof way. All the time we are gradually getting closer to an era of time when Satan will really use something. He won’t use the checkbook. He won’t use the credit card system. But I have to say, the hour will be, because of man’s dishonesty, and because graft has become a means of people setting back, using computers, and cheating bank accounts out of millions of dollars. What does that force the technicians and economists to do? The pope is not that smart. We all know that. Therefore technicians, financiers, all through the world, in order to get by this, they will eventually come up with a fool proof system of transaction of monetary equation. The day will be when there will be no coins. The day will be when there will be no paper money. But the day will be, it will start, and it will look so simple. Now that we have computers that can control the flow of money from one account to another, a cashless society is in order. But eventually, keep in mind, what is on a credit card and what it relates to in it’s number, as that would go through a computer cash register, one day they will settle it once and for all, they will come up with a system, that will be a mark, or a number or a name embedded in the flesh of your skin. There are three things. No, that don’t mean all three are in you. But it means in the world where this beastly system functions and operated prophetic-wise, there will be in some societies, a name, it will be indelible. You won’t walk down the street looking to see who has a name in their forehead. Because it will be indelible. To some, it is a mark. To others, it is a number. Read the three thing there in that verse of scripture. But notice, it is out of this lamb that life is given to the image, once that image lives and functions and reaches out to engulf society throughout the whole world, the time has come for it to fulfill it’s role in prophecy. Right out of the same nation comes the technology that eventually will go throughout the whole world to produce such a means of identity. It would be wonderful if man, in honesty, and in true sincerity and respect for fellow man, could reach a time that he didn’t have to carry around coins and wear a hole in his pocket. I do that. It would be nice if you didn’t have to carry a lot of paper money. If we didn’t think it would go to any other extremes, it would be nice. If you could just have some kind of indelible mark in your hand, or on your forehead instead of carrying cash, it would be wonderful; if that was all there was to it. Here you stand at a cash register with the little old ray-like thing, and they do just like they do that little box with marks on it. They pass it over the laser light, and that is what a mark is. But do you know what it means? That thing does. If that will work that way, wait until it is in your skin. It goes to prove when you look at it in the logical way, man has reached the supreme preeminence of his human ability to carry on trade and not have to lead a cow to town, nor carry a hundred pounds of gold. From the time he carried his barter, whether it was leading a goat, a pig, a turkey, duck or cow, until he change it and put it into the weights of gold and silver, then he put that into coins, then into paper, then into checks, then into credit cards, and now he is at his peak. Where does he go from here? He can’t go anywhere. Man is at his end, and what an end it is. Because when the technological world has reached and hour that it has to cooperate within its economical society, trade with nations, trade in it’s local setting, you have a foolproof system of transaction, but it is a system he devil can use. Eventually the antichrist will sit in the world beast system in Rome, using this tool to control society, and the World council of Churches, the image to that, all over the world wherever it is at, will agree and go right along with it. If the World Council of Churches right now, will consent to demonstrations, terrorist tactics, and certain types of guerilla warfare, to accomplish it’s means now, what do you think the World council of Churches will be doing in Daniel’s 70th week in the last days? That is what you have to look at. So I am closing with this, it is not American telling the world, You have to do it or else. It just goes to show, out of America came the life for that image, but it is not America, the lamb beast, telling the world, it is the image telling the world. Let me read it to you and I will close. “And he had power to give life unto the image.” That is the economical side of it. “That the image of the beast should both speak, (well it is talking now, brothers and sisters. The image of the beast is talking now, and it does not pass one bit of it’s information through Senate or Congress. Because it is an operative voice all in itself.) and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed.” When? In the last half of the 70th week, when the antichrist will rule. It is not the lamb beast doing the killing, it is the image. Why? Because it functions and operates in collaboration with the power of the Catholic Church. It is Satan’s church riding out it’s last ordained purpose. And that is why God says to the Thyatira church, which set the type, with that woman Jezebel, which called herself a prophetess, a type of the Catholic Church, that he will case her and them that commit adultery with her, into a bed of tribulation, and then kill her children with death. That is coming. I hope you understand, it is not the lamb beast doing the killing. It is the World Council of Churches. It has become so diabolical in that hour, that wherever it is at, it is fulfilling the wishes of the first beast. Then I was asked, Bro. Jackson: Where does the lamb beast go to from here? Isn’t that strange, in the 19th chapter of the book of Revelation, when John saw the beast of Europe, the false prophet, which is the antichrist, gather together to make war against him that sits on the white horse, as portrayed in Revelation 19, you don’t see the lamb beast in the picture at all. That leaves a big question, doesn’t it? Time will tell what happens, but the true children of God just have to be wise, and allow their revelation of all of this to guide them through to the end.

This message may have seemed a little strange to most of you; but I believe it is time we all realized just exactly how Satan maneuvers natural mankind in this life. Naturally God allows him to do it; for it is through what he does, that all of these prophecies are fulfilled, and it is all a result of Adam’s sin in the garden of Eden. Nevertheless now that we have pointed out to you the many ways the dragon speaks, I hope you will know better how to look at the way natural man conducts his affairs. I truly believe we are living at the threshold of the coming of the Lord; but who can say what we will yet see as Gentile time closes out? We just need to walk with God everyday, and allow Him to guide our footsteps, so we can stay clear of Satan’s devices. May the Lord bless you all. Amen