The Testing and Fall of Satan (1990)

Rev. Raymond M. Jackson


We are going to do something different beginning with this issue; and I believe it will be of help to many people who have not received all of our previous articles on what we believe to be major subjects. we will use one title, from the beginning, to the end; and run a series of messages beginning with the testing and fall of Satan, on the prehistoric earth, before Genesis 1:2; and end up in the new city; all the way over in revelation, chapters 21 and 22. It may take us a year to finish all of it; but when we do get it finished, we will have a pretty good picture of god’s dealings with this planet; from the time he placed angels on it to rule over a prehistoric” animal kingdom, right on through to the eternal age; if we may call it that. We will make it a continuous story from Genesis 1:1, through revelation 22:21; using the individual sermon titles as sub titles. Then later on, as we get on over into it, we will endeavor to print a little index; to help you find any particular subject, without having to search through many volumes to do so. we have been using some little charts to call attention to our main points; and we will endeavor to include them in the printed editions. therefore you may wonder, what are they doing with worms and bugs on a chart dealing with a subject like this first one we are printing? just give me time; and i will endeavor to clear it up for you. while we were in mexico, I felt we were dealing with a group of people, many of whom have been taught various things in the past 20 some years concerning the ministry of Bro. William Branham; and they have gone nowhere with what they have heard. The man brought a message for a people that have an ear to hear; but there were a lot of eyes and ears present to see and hear, that did not hear one thing the right way. they made a fleshly, confused picture out of the whole thing; and the religious people of the world laugh at it. I do not blame them for laughing; When i think about the picture they have had to look at, as a lot of people who claim to be followers of his message, have presented him to them. that is basically why we who do believe he was god’s prophet messenger to this Laodicean age, are looked upon by denominational people as a cult. why would they not think so, having no revelation them-selves, and believing only what is taught by the leaders of their various systems of religion? That same spirit that condemned Jesus, and persecuted his disciples, is still in the world today; and hates truth just as much; so you must expect to be looked down upon; if you have purposed in your heart to follow the true message of the word of God. There is a reason for all of this difference of opinion; as natural minded people endeavor to interpret the bible; so we want to begin this particular message by taking you back beyond Genesis 1:2; and allowing you to see a little of what took place between Genesis 1:1, and Genesis 1:2 which says, and the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep and the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.” To understand why the earth was like that, we must allow the Spirit of God to reveal to us what happened in another era of time on this planet. Naturally I cannot go every place I am invited; but if there is yet a little time left for proclaiming the truth, maybe we can put some video tapes, and contenders, in places we could never go; that will help those who are desiring to follow god in truth, find their way through this religious jungle. I am not trying to make money selling video tapes; nor in any way trying to commercialize. The gospel I respect the grace of God in my own life too much for a thing like that. However there are certain people who have desired to have some of the major messages of the bible on video tapes; feeling that they themselves could allow the spirit of god to use them to reach people my ministry could never personally reach. I do not believe in commercializing the gospel; but if god chooses to use such a means as a video tape, I should not be too blind myself to allow it. not every place in the world can play these tapes as of now; because of differences in the frequencies of TV systems; but if god sees fit to use these efforts, time may change all of that. they are definitely coming along with new systems of communication, that can change the whole picture. Therefore we will just do what we can; and leave the rest up to god. he is the one we desire to please; in whatever we do.


We are not preaching this message in the light of the message as it is presented by others; we are preaching it strictly in the light of the Bible and time. This was one of the first messages God ever dealt with me to understand and preach. Back in 1966, I had the dream that Bra Branham came to me. I was walking in a field. He walked up to me and said, Bro. Jackson: I want you to go speak for me. I said, No. He said, Why? I said, They will not listen to me. He said, Bro. Jack-son: I want you to go speak for me. Again I said, No. Again he said, Why? I said, They will not listen to me. The third time he said, Bra Jackson: I want you to go speak for me. When he said it in a firm way like that, I saw myself take a note pad and pen out of my pocket I wrote the title of seven sermons. I handed it to him and said, If I can speak on these things, then I will go; but if not, then I will not go. He looked at the pad and said, Perfect. With that he handed it back to me and walked away. I was wide awake. At that time I did not know what any of this pertained to; but as I walked for a few days, studying and meditating upon it, I had to accept the fact that somewhere in the scriptures, there are those messages. All I have to do is wait on the Lord and study the scriptures; and they will all come out right; I said to myself. I did that; and what you are going to hear is what has come forth through the years. Therefore I am going to say some things in this message, that I really do hope some educated people, especially in some of the college areas, get hold of. Never before has the general society of people in our nation been as sick as they are today. We are spending millions to educate our young people; and they do not know as much today, as underprivileged young people did 80 years ago. Why? Satan is out to destroy the mind’s of our young people; if God would allow it Our present day, liberal teachers would rather try to get the young people to believe that this whole planet we live on, and the fact that we are a part of the human society, is all the process of an age old trend of evolution. More time is spent trying to dis-prove what our American society believed for many decades, than there is teaching anything worthwhile. They no longer major in mathematics, arithmetic, spelling or writing, and all those basic things. It is the things that literally destroy values and principles of the past, that they seem to spend the most time on. When a society takes God completely out of the picture, and refuse to allow any mention of Him, why should that society escape the onslaught on Satan? The liberals of this world do not believe in Satan. They say he is a myth; and that God also is a myth. Nevertheless there will come the day, when they will have to face the stark reality that them has been a sovereign God in control all along; allowing Satan and his gang to go only so far, but that revelation will come too late to help anyone. Judgment will be staring them in the face. There is one thing sure, three minutes after the heart beats its final beat, they will know whether there is a devil or not. The only thing is, they will have no opportunity to come back and tell you the truth; so you would do well to take heed now; while there is time to repent and turn to God; if you are one who has been deceived by that spirit. The Bible proves beyond any shadow of a doubt, that the planet earth has been here a lot longer than what most church-going people are prepared to believe. We have approximately six thou-sand years of time that we can ac-count for since Genesis 1:1; but science can prove to anyone who is not too stubborn to acknowledge their proof, that the earth it-self has been in existence for mil-lions of years. What therefore, has so many people missed, when they try to take what we call The creation account of the Bible, and debate, or argue with people who do acknowledge these scientific findings? They have failed to consider what took place between verses 1 & 2, in the first chapter of our Bible. God did not create this planet in a void, desolate, formless state of total darkness. It was like that because of some-thing that had taken place long before what the account beginning in Genesis 1:2., relates to us; and that is what we want to pres-em to you in this message. We have Bible proof for what we will say; it is just not written so plainly that any carnal minded person can pick up the Bible, read it and understand it. No, it has to be revealed to you by the Holy Spirit; as you study the various fragments scattered through the Bible. There has come nothing out of the Christian community, through the centuries of time, to verify the Bible, to prove the Bible as an authentic account of creation. You would think there should have been someone, somewhere; but where has the teacher of the truth been? God has kept certain things hidden; until the end time. God knew that atheistic spirit would hit this world just before the coming of Christ; so He has kept back this true revelation until such time as it was needed.


One of the other messages, which we will get to later, answers the question, Why is there going to be, in the last three and a half years of the seventieth week of Daniel, a preaching of the gospel that Gentile Christendom has ignored? It is called the everlasting gospel. Any time you mention gospel to nominal Christian people, they think you are talking about something pertaining to soul salvation. It just goes to show that their mind’s have been so fixed, they have been unable to see anything else. Otherwise they should have at least given some thought as to why this was writ-ten in the Bible. The truth is, when you look through one set of glasses so long, with the focus set on one thing, you eventually get to the place where you can sec nothing else. Was that not the case with the Jewish Rabbis, the priests, scribes, and elders, at the time of Christ? They too had been looking.through their glasses of traditional interpretation; seeing only what their forefathers saw. Then something happened right before their very eyes, and they could not recognize it even though it was written in their scrolls as surely as anything else. Only those whose eyes were opened by the Spirit of God, were able to see Jesus of Nazareth, as the Messiah Israel had longed to see. That revelation did not come into the ranks of the elite society and the political factions of that day. Spiritual reality usually com-es first to the simple, the people the world looks upon as being ignorant, worthless, and unproductive to the progress of human enlightenment. It has always been that way. When this teaching of evolution began to invade our schools after WW2, our school systems until that time had been influenced by the religious persuasions and attitudes of the communities of America from bygone days. Naturally I am talking about the days when America, as a nation, received its national birth. I am pointing back to 1776; when the Revolutionary War was fought by the 13 colonies along the eastern seaboard, and the Catholic population of that area was approximately 30 some thou-sand. The rest were Protestant in belief. When these men got together and wrote the constitution, and all its laws and such, I want you to know, there was not one Catholic priest in that group. There was not one Jewish rabbi in that group. I am not talking about the Jewish person. If a Jewish person should hear this, please listen carefully to what I am saying. This is not to put you down in any way; but just to remind you, that you owe your Creator, Jehovah, for the fact that you even live in America. You did not make America what it is today. You came here to find refuge and hope; after the American nation had been established by a Protestant, Gentile, God fearing people. When you did come, you set up your own synagogues and your own schools. You did not want your children contaminated with this Protestant religious belief. As time passed, it was much the same way with the Catholics community. They set up their parochial schools. They did not want their Catholic dogmas messed with; that they had put in the minds of the young Catholic students. In our public school systems, in a general sense, our teachers, and those that wrote our text books, recognized the Genesis record of creation, in that they believed a sovereign God created all things. There was just that traditional assumption that it all took place in six days; and that each of those days could have been as much as a thousand years each; but they saw nothing back beyond the time when the earth was without form and void. They then jumped right off into the be-ginning of our origin; as described in the Genesis Record. Our schools were influenced with that type of picture. It was not until the last 80 or 90 years, when there began to be an element of our society come on the scene, that took a stand against this belief. By the time we came to the end of WW2, it was as if God just turned it all over to that decent. America had become a mixed up society of people; with every kind of human thinking person wanting to get a law passed against this, that, and something else; until we have come to the place where it is almost impossible for anyone to determine from our written laws, just exactly what our rights are; under the American Constitution. Many of those who came here to enjoy the freedom and opportunity our Constitutional rights provided; were not here very long before they set about the task of getting many of our laws rewritten; to allow for a more liberal way of life. Many came to America to get rich; and were very successful in doing so. No other nation on the face of this earth has been blessed like the United States of America. What caused this blessing? Was it because she had more natural
resources? Not at all. One of the largest gold fields is in South Africa; even though gold was found in the new world. Sure there is coal here; but there is coal in other nations also. Sure there is oil here; but look what is in the Arab world. I am saying all of this, to bring your thinking to a focal point. When the time came, within American society, that the devil wanted to set about the task of altering the thinking of America, so he could use America as an example, something began to settle within the minds of people. Up came teachers of evolution. Sex education became the order of the day. That is why you have all this population explosion. It is a curse. We had no such condition 100 years ago. Do not try to tell me the Bible is wrong. You are going to have to admit it is right. You cannot be liberal in your beliefs and lifestyle; and still escape the side affects that go along with being liberal. A lot of people want to live liberal, so their flesh can enjoy everything life has to offer; and they do not want any-thing to come along and hurt them; or disturb them; or make life miserable for them. It all goes together though; just like the Bible says. (Galatians 6:7-8) “Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. For he that soweth to his flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption; but he that soweth to the Spirit shall of the Spirit reap life everlasting.” For everything the flesh lusts after, there is a price to be paid for it. A lot of people seem to think they are a law unto themselves, and that whatever they want to do, no one else should have anything to say in it; but the Bible lets me know that God does not see it that way; and that He is going to have the last word in it all; after Satan has been allowed to run his course. Any way you look at it though, it is obvious that Satan has determined to rid the human race of the true knowledge of God; and he is using America as a pattern for all the rest to copy after; the very nation that used to be a pattern for Christian principles. When the evolution theory began to be taught more and more in the public schools, and atheism began to be something various ones would brag about, parents who tried to oppose the use of text books promoting these anti God, anti creation theories were abused in the courts of law. Liberal minded judges and lawyers across this land, pounced upon them with all the fury a satanic spirit could muster up; and not one Catholic priest nor Jewish Rabbi, made a single effort to help them defend what the Bible says about these things. To the Jewish religious leaders I say this, i It is your book they are trampling under their feet. Not one word of it was ever written by a Gentile; yet the Gentiles who believe it to be the inspired word of your Jehovah God, have had to stand alone to defend it. You ought to be ashamed of yourselves. You love to boast that the Old Testament is a Jewish book; so why do you not defend what is written therein? The time will come, when you will wish you had; but by then it will be too late. The wrath of almighty God will be knocking at your door’s; and all the money in the world will not do you one bit of good. As for you Catholic Church leaders, you were so glad to see the Protestant beliefs about God cast down, thinking no doubt, that you could again one day have things your own way, you just sat back and watched atheism sweep the land. One result of such a liberal society, is all the illegal pregnancies in our nation each year. As we face the 90’s, there is every reason to believe it will be even worse; while the masses demonstrate, and scream for abortion rights. You want support for your fight against abortion; because abortion rights step on your traditional dogmas; but you are willing to let every other anti God idea go unprotested. Bra Jackson: Do you believe in abortion? Only in the case of saving a true mother’s life. Please remember how I answered that question. That is how it used to be, in this nation; but the 90’s are destined to turn America into a nation of manslaughter. AIDS now being a disease medical science is working hard to find a cure, has this other dilemma coming fast on its heels. Officials everywhere are saying, We have got to do some-thing. It is a run away situation; and that is true; but I say, Do not blame the Christians in America for the shape she is in. You be liberal minded teachers and politicians will eventually have to blame i yourselves. You brought it to the place where it is today with your permissiveness; and your failure to defend anything that could have kept moral trends on a stable course. The minute God was left completely out of the picture, He just simply said, I will give you what you want until it runs out your ears. I have not said any of these things to belittle any certain ones. In speaking of the Catholic Church, it is the system of religion; not any individual person. It is the system that is to blame. However you do owe it to your-selves to be interested enough in your own life, to examine that system; and sec if the system is truly according to the word of God. Neither have I said any of this to belittle a Jewish person; but rather to make any Jewish person aware of reality. In his mind he can say the Old Testament is his book; and that is true from the standpoint he is looking at it. My question to such a per-son is this, When the creation ac-count in your book came under attack, and there was an opportunity where you could have defended it, you did nothing. You stood by with your hands folded; as if it was something very uninteresting to you. Now our world at large is being invaded by a spirit to take everything Judaism, Catholicism, and Protestantism has believed in for centuries; and literally thrown it in the trash can. I am convinced there is going to be a people walking on God’s green earth in this last generation; as multitudes of this decade in front of us become so evil, so possessed by the spirit of the devil, that are going to be taught some things by the Spirit of God, that will make every sacrifice they have made standing for truth worthwhile. Even after the Gentile age has ended, God uses the 144,000 seen in the 14th chapter of Revelation, and the three angels that appeared in heaven, flying and crying, to preach a gospel to mortal mankind. It is not a gospel of soul salvation; as we have known from that first age of Christianity; but a gospel of good news, the last good news mortal man on the face of this earth is ever going to hear, before God wraps up the whole thing and throws the ungodly multitude into hell. It is one way God will preserve an element of mortal humanity; by let-ting them know what is going on. As those servants of God filter back into the nations under the direction of those angels, notice the messages they will be carrying. One will be, (Rev. 14:7) “Fear God, and give glory to Him; for the hour of His judgment is come: and worship Him that made heaven, and earth, and the sea, and the fountains of waters.” What does that tell you? That is a message to prove to mankind that will have an ear to hear, in that hour, that there is a God after all. Gentiles today, will not hear the Bride of Christ; as she proclaims the gospel of Jesus Christ; but does that keep the Bride from knowing the truth? Not at all. We have young people in school today, that know more about God than to agree with what those teachers try to cram down their throat’s. They know God created this planet and everything therein; regardless of what scientists may try to prove about evolution. Bra Jackson: Is the Bible a book we can put dependence in. Yes. The scientists will tell you, No; because to them the book cannot be scientifically proven. Well the book tells us that God has not revealed these things to the wise and prudent, men, or people of earthly wisdom; but that He reveals them unto babes, (people of simple faith) such as will learn. God has a way of hiding things from man’s earthly intellectual wisdom. While His wisdom is a wisdom that helps stabilize the mind of a person that wants to live for Him, walk with Him, and serve Him with a knowledge of how to appreciate things that He does for them in life. Remember the Bible was not written in the days when Adam and Eve were in the garden of Eden. Yet the Bible tells us about the garden of Eden. The Bible tells us about a great flood; even though it was an unwritten book back then. It is not known whether there was anything in writing, back then, or not. The first five books in the Old Testament was written by Moses; coming from Egyptian bondage; while they traveled through the wilderness, about the 14th century before Christ. The flood was way in the background by then. The tower of Babel was way in the background. The ark was somewhere at rest on Mt. Ararat. How do I know? The Bible says so. Your agnostics today, say there is no such thing; but I say, Stick around long enough; and you will see. One of these days I believe God is going to let the ice and snow melt long enough, when the time is just right, and there will be certain men with the right kind of equipment go up there and bring enough of it back down to dis-prove their unbelief. They will have to acknowledge that it was not taken up there on a bunch of burrows. What is a boat doing way up there, if it did not get there the way the Bible says it got there? It is thousands of miles from water. The Bible is going to have the last record; and the only accurate record there is; even though it is evil spoken of by so many today.


We want to take a good look at what the Bible has to say about the very existence of this planet we live on; and at what got it in the shape it is in. God did not create anything already in a messed up condition. Therefore something had to go wrong some-where along the line to get the world in the shape it is in today. We read quite a lot about the devil; and about devil worship; (Satan worship) but little, if any-thing about how such a thing ever got started. That is why we want to go into the Bible itself, the Book these God haters despise; and show you where all of these evil practices originated. It all started as a result of one of God’s archangel’s overstepping his delegated authority; at a time when God was testing His angelic helpers right here on this planet called Earth. We call it The Test-ing and Fall of Satan; but there were other angels cast out of heaven with this one called Lucifer; (the devil, Satan) that serve him in his evil work against the plan and purpose of God. The liberals, the agnostics, the critics of Christianity, the evolutionist’s and all such like, say, There is no such thing as a sovereign God. To them, there is no such thing as God; because they are spiritually blind. They say God is merely a myth, an idea in your mind. Did you ever stop to think, it is more foolish to believe what they believe, than to believe there is an omnipotent God in control of the universe? If you look at it in the right way, you have to realize, there has to be a cause, a reason for everything you can think of. If everything got here the way agnostics say, What caused it? You do not just simply make some-thing out of nothing. ‘There has to be a beginning of something; otherwise nothing stays nothing, just like a vacuum. Nothing as ever been produced in a vacuum, unless there has been something put within that vacuum environment, for the sole purpose of seeing what would come forth from it. If a vacuum is made with nothing in there, that vacuum will remain a vacuum, empty space for as long as time would last. As I said earlier, We are using charts to help illustrate the main points; as we go through this message. One of them represents an explosion. Scientists begin their theory by saying they believe creation, the universe as we see it, with the stars, the sun, and the planet earth, somehow or other in the eons past, came into existence as a result of a giant explosion. I will have to say to nominal Christians, and especially to doctors of divinity, Jewish Rabbis, whoever they may be, The Bible is not going to go contradictory to that. You do not find the Bible going contradictory to that; but you have to have a mind that can look at the Bible, and accept the ac-curacy of it; in order to get a true picture of what happened. In other words, you look at this explosion through the Bible record of what happened. We will go to Genesis 1:1; to begin our study. When Moses wrote this Genesis account, he was not writing it from a long line of oral, traditional, handed down stories. The Bible is not put together like that. God told him how to build the tabernacle, when He gave the Law, which you read in Numbers and Leviticus, and God stipulated precisely, all the dimensions of everything, right down to the smallest detail. The complete ac-curacy of everything that was to function in relationship to that Tabernacle was designed by God Himself. Therefore if God was that precise in every little detail pertaining to the construction and use of the Tabernacle, do you not think He is precise enough ro watch over the account Moses was ordained to write, concerning creation? God is not a fool. You atheist, or evolutionist: You can believe in your chemistry analy-.sis, you can believe in all your scientific findings; and there is nothing wrong with that. I have no quarrel with what you are able to prove scientifically. However, the point is this, Behind all that you are able to establish through your scientific processes, there is a chemist who is the master mind of everything you ever discover scientifically. God is the originator of all of it. He is the super mind. He is the mind that planned and designed it. When Moses wrote the first verse, (“In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.”) there was no doubt in his mind of the ac-curacy of it. He knew he was writing what God told him to write; and there was not one reason to doubt; especially after what they had seen this great Creator do since the day he first saw the burning bush and stopped to investigate. If we knew what God knows about it, the libraries would not hold all the books that would have to be written. There is absolutely no way for any mortal being to know exactly how much time elapsed between verses 1 and 2; unless God has a reason to make it known, the same way He made known to Moses the rest of what he wrote. “In the beginning,” is a timeless statement, as far as we are concerned. We associate years in our time measurement, by the earth’s rotation to the sun; but until there was something in the universe set in motion, to measure time by, millions of what we call years of time, could have passed; and without a doubt did; because of all the documented evidence we now have available to us. Time has to be broken down into measurements; in order for us to relate to it; so before time ever started, we have to believe God was. He is that sovereign Spirit that has no beginning nor end: Paul wrote about Melchizedek; which was merely a manifestation of God, to Abraham; which we read about in Genesis; and Paul wrote about in his Epistle to the Hebrews. He was talking about Jesus being our high priest, when he likened Him to Melchizedek. That name is spelled differently in Hebrews; but here is what Paul said, (Heb.6:20) “Jesus, made an high priest for ever after the order of Melchisedec. For this Melchisedec, king of Salem, priest of the most high God, who met Abraham returning from the slaughter of the kings, and blessed him; To whom also Abraham gave a tenth part of all; first being by interpretation King of righteousness, and after that also King of Salem, which is, King of peace; Without father, without mother, without descent, having neither beginning of days, nor end of life; but made like unto the Son of God; abideth a priest continually.” Paul was talking about Jehovah. He did not come into existence by having a father or mother. Therefore He always was. Before time ever started, God was already that sovereign Spirit. Regardless of what you may imagine about the great explosion that no doubt brought about the manifestation of this universe, God was at the head of it all. He created all those gases Himself. Within this world we live in, there are three basic elements, carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. When you put the three together, you see the creation you are living on;. and living within. These gases had to be made by the greatest scientist, and chemist that ever was. He knew what He was doing. The universe was His laboratory. He did not have some-one else standing there, reading out of a book; telling Him how to do it. This was devised in His own mind. He created these gasses. How many millions of years that giant glob of gases and matter existed in that state, only He knows. He is the only One who could know. Anything you and I would do, trying to pin it down, would be merely assuming. We do know this, He was not going to stop with a big ball of burning gases; or molten matter. Sooner or later He was to move with a purpose; so there was an explosion. That explosion of that whole mass of matter, was no doubt much like what takes place down in the bowels of this planet. Every once in awhile, it gets so hot it just has to let off some pres-sure. In some places it comes blowing out a mountain top. It blows ash for miles and miles in every direction. The one in Alaska, pitched ash for 8 miles into the air, when it erupted. When that ash settles, it is not sand as some believe. In a short while, when it cools, it integrates itself with the earth’s surface. It literally, is God’s fertilizer factory at work. I think you have heard it said, The state of Idaho, where a lot of potatoes are grown, is mainly volcanic ash. That is the type of soil found there. Other places, as that pressure builds up and has to express itself, it simply causes cracks to form in the structure of the earth; especially in other continents.

Therefore looking back to the beginning of this planet, we just have to realize, that as that explosion occurred, we will say, A little speck of it came swirling through the great expanse of space; and that little speck, the Creator Himself had is eye on; for it was ordained to become the planet we call earth. This planet earth is where He was going to further His creating plan; doing the things He wanted to do. As this little speck we call the earth, came swirling through time, God brought it exactly to the spot in the universe where He wanted it. There He halted it and positioned it to function as it does. All these other pieces went in various directions, Pluto, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and so on. You name it, it is there. Look at the Milky Way, the North Star,, the Big Dipper, the Little Dipper, the Southern Cross. All of these were positioned by the Creator. He put every little star and planet in its preplanned place; and it was all done for a reason. As for this one little speck He had in mind to deal with in this special way, it might have taken a hundred mil-. lion years for this planet to cool down enough to have life existing on the surface of it. Not in the bowels of it, on the surface of it. We will just say this, If that is the method God used, (and I have no problem relating to such a concept; just as long as room s left for the Designer of the whole thing) it sure gives place for a lot of things that have been dis-covered throughout the scope of the planet. That is where the trouble starts though; when they rule Him out of the picture, and make it all an accidental occurrence. When I see the islands in the oceans, and practically every one of them is an island formed by volcanoes, then I know part of that is His creative process. Those islands are not accidents. They did not just accidentally get where they are; without Him designing that they be there. Every mountain range you see, is there by design. That is not a tragedy He knew nothing about. He knew exactly where He wanted every mountain range. When you look at the Rocky Mountains: for miles and miles you see those giant mountain peaks reaching into the sky. Some of them, as you look down upon them while flying over them, you can see the layers of rock formations. They are not flat. It gives you the feeling, that at one time, where there were no mountains, the earth could well have been a plane; but something deep inside, pushed it up like it is. (like a mole working in your yard: one day the yard has no scars in it, and the next day you go out and a mole has. pushed up a mound across the entire God did not use moles. He used that pressure. That old earth began to jerk, go into convulsions. He bursted the layers of hardened crust, and pushed it up. For centuries upon centuries of time, God used various means to create land surfaces; as well as to form water basins for ‘another purpose. You might look at my charts and say, Well why do you have all of that up there? Most of the time we are not interested in biology; or any-thing like that. I never was; until about 4 or 5 years ago, when a National Geographic magazine came out; with a lot of this illustrated in it. That issue carried an article about the importance of the various minute forms of life present in the soil. You cannot see it but it is there. We need it. Without it we could not exist on this planet. That life is constantly helping to restructure a certain layer of the earth’s surface, which we call soil; to make it habitable; so you and I can exist. Do not forget, the plant life you have out there, which we call vegetation, or plant life, gives off oxygen. When you inhale, you have to have oxygen. God has no oxygen machine out here anywhere. He made plants to manufacture it. We just breathe it without even thinking a thing about the importance of it or how it happens to be available for us to breath. Most of the time we are unthankful; just simply taking everything for granted. When we breathe in the oxygen, do you know what else we are doing? Exhaling carbon monoxide, and the plant life breathes that in. That is why the Creator created everything in a balance. What a perfect God we have watching over us. Do not ever try to tell me evolution designed such a complex entity; that could balance out like that. There had to be a master mind, an architect of the highest caliber, to design anything so perfect.


As we endeavor to focus our thoughts on some other species of God’s creation, we have to use a microscope to see some of them. As this planet began to cool down, the Creator had a point at which certain living species were put to work, preparing it for a future purpose, an objective He had purposed to accomplish. He knew that in the end of it all, there would be major living beings on the planet; but before that could come to pass, there had to be preparation made for them. Therefore the planet had to pass through other stages of development; with certain things being accomplished. As water and matter began to be associated together, (I am not here to tell you how long this thing jostled back and forth like that, getting everything ready for mankind to inhabit the planet. However long it took though, I want you to understand completely, that it was all by design; and none of it was left to chance.) the water had a purpose. Matter also had a purpose. It takes the two together; but after awhile, this represents a small microscopic type of life. We can call it bacteria. Most of that type of bacteria is good bacteria. There is another type of bacteria that causes diseases; but this is a type of bacteria we have to have. Without it, sooner or later, we be-gin to pay the bill. Our earth is doing that today. This bacteria is small. You do not see it; but He did. Do not tell me, that if this planet came about from an explosion as hot as that, the living matter upon it today survived all of that heat I will simply ask you, How did it survive? Why do the scientists not try to explode something real hot, and see if life comes out of it? We all know the answer to that. It is impossible. Creation is the only sensible ans-wer. Why do they have the nerve to teach their theories, when they know for a fact that they do not have the answers to these very real questions their theories gen-erate? God knew exactly when to create that, and if He created this, He also created everything else upon the planet. That microscopic life that you do not see, went to work on rock surface. Again we are not dealing within a ten year period; we are talking about thou-sands. of years. As this type of life began to generate a nucleus of a soil like substance, that made way for other types of life; worms and so forth, of every description.

They are not your enemies. They are part of creation. Without them, this planet would have been filled up by landfills a long time ago. Think seriously about it It took this first kind of life to begin to break down things, to create a place for this other type. Right in that National Geographic magazine, was exactly what I needed to see. It showed a block of one cubic foot of the earth’s soil blown up. In that one cubic foot of earth, the accompanying article told how many thousands of various types of microscopic life, worms and bugs, we pay little or no attention to, it contained. They work in a cycle. One bug looked like it had a thousand legs. The article said that bug secretes an -acid from its body; and as it crawls on rock surfaces, that acid breaks the rock down into another substance. It turns right around and eats that substance it has broken down, from the rock; and that becomes part of its body. That bug only lives so long. It lays its eggs; and then dies. It does not turn back into rock. It becomes decayed matter that is compatible with the building of the nutrients in soil. There is no way to know how long this process took; but however long it took, the God that designed it all, was in no hurry. Time meant nothing to Him then; and it still means nothing to Him; for He does not age. Am I denying that there is a process of evolution at work in the planet earth? No I am not. Evolution is a fact; but there is a sovereign Creator that authored the whole process. God is the author of it; because common sense declares that anything which could work so perfectly, would have to be designed by a being of super intelligence; and that being would have to have the authority to put it into action; so how can the scientific version of evolution find a leg to stand upon? Yes, there is a law of evolution; but you want to give the eternal God the recognition and honor for it.


By the help of God, I will show you that our origin only goes back six thousand years; so if you are one of those who still believe the earth was created after Genesis 1:2, you had better rethink your revelation; because archaeologist are finding things that date back for millions of years; and you have no explanation for it_ However the process of evolution is still at work in the earth today. I will say to you young people, Travel the high-ways today. Go from here to Indianapolis; and count the many different breeds of cattle you can
see along the roadway. You will pass a herd of Black Angus. You will pass a herd of Holstein, Brown Swiss, Red Durham, Jerseys, Guernseys, Brahmas, and so forth. They are all cattle; and Noah did not have all of them on the Ark; so where did they come from? They came from that original pair of cows that God created and brought to Adam in our garden. God did not create them Holstein, Jerseys and so forth. He created a male and fe-male, and all the rest have evolved from them. He put in them every genetic characteristic that He, the Creator, wanted to eventually materialize on this earth, for man’s benefit. He created the genetic characteristics. Then He left it up to man to obtain the knowledge of this; and use it in a wise way. You have heard me say this, (I say it for the sake of what we call evolution.) The big draft horse, the Clydesdales, the Belgians, the Persians, they did not exist in the time of Christ. They were bred by the European armies; when they fell upon the idea that a man on a horse, covered with armor, had superiority over a man on foot. They began to cross breed certain horses; and eventually came up with these giant horses. We have a tendency to think God created them as they are; and put them here to plow with; but the truth is, They were the horses that earned the knights; when knighthood was flourishing. You have heard that story over and over, but the time came, that the man on the horseback, covered with cumbersome armor, was in obsolete fighting gear. Mankind has advanced to a mechanized age. He is off the horse now; and inside a tin box; but the horse is still here. That is evolution in its true makeup; in either case. Anyhow after a long while, maybe millions of years, as we measure time, after His microscopic creation had done their work, God was ready to bring forth vegetative life, plant life, grass and so forth. The planet then had something for plant life to grow on. As plant life began to be added to the structure, God, in process of time, was going to add to that, animal life and so forth. He kept the whole thing in perfect balance. As plant life began to be added, there was an atmosphere of oxygen; because other life that He had ordained to follow, would require oxygen. There is not one thing wrong; in looking at God’s creation in this way. As I read that ankle in the National Geographic magazine I realized, Those little things are still out there in the ground; working their little heads off, so to speak. They are doing exactly what God created them to do. These little hard shelled bugs you think are as worthless as can be, are a necessary factor in our ability to cope with life on this planet. The article told how they bore a hole deep down into the ground, 10, 12, 15 feet deep. Why? It told how if we did not have them, when you get a flash flood, water would have no way to penetrate the ground; but as it is, when the water hits the earth, a lot of it fol-lows these little tunnels right down into the ground, into the subterranean area where God wants to store it. I find no fault in looking at the simplicity of creation in that manner. It is just the fact that we have floated along through time with just a traditional picture fixed in our mind, maybe thinking, What difference does it make? Well maybe there was a time it did not make any difference, because we did not care. However when the time comes, and the devil challenges you: why do you even believe this book you call a Bible? Then you have to have an answer, and your traditional answer is not good enough. You are not going to a library and find what I am presenting to you in this message; wrapped up in a neat little package, just waiting for you. No. It is not there. You are going to find all about Darwin and his theory of evolution, and all about Lenin and Marx atheism; but you will not find anything to put the two in a sensible balance. That is why I am using this; I want to eventually get the whole story on a video. I pray that if any child of God is faced with some kind of Satanic onslaught, they will have found something here, that can help them. Therefore when plant life was present; then animal life was added to the picture. God added marine life to the waters. I used to think, as a child growing up, when every once in awhile, in our own fields here in southern Indiana, a stone or rock would be plowed up; and you could hit that thing with a sledge hammer and bust it open, and there would be a seashell in it. Well, I just thought, Somehow the flood of Noah’s day was responsible for that No. The flood absolutely did not put that seashell in there. We have assumed a lot of things in the past, that we do not have to assume any more. God has given us light on many things here at the end; that saints of other ages had no need to know. It took hundreds of thousands, or millions of years of preparation; before God ever put any living thing on this planet What did God have in mind, as He designed and shaped this planet? Have you ever wondered about that? Eventually it was going to be a workshop, where He would test life in its major
makeup. It would lead to the time when Satan and all of His other angelic beings would be put here for testing; as He gave ‘them authority to rule over something else that would be here. Once they were given charge over something, that lasted for a period of time; and somewhere in that time Satan, or Lucifer as he was called back then, failed to abide by God’s rules and carry out exactly what the Creator willed him to do. He became a perverter of the very things the Creator gave him charge over. The Bible is full of bits and pieces of it we just have to have the Holy Spirit put them together properly before we can catch the revelation of it. Nevertheless God did not leave anything to chance; He had it all worked out from beginning to end, before He ever created any-thing at all. I do want to say one thing loud and clear though; This did not evolve from that. (Pointing to creatures on charts) When the time came for that, God created it When the time came for that, God did not make it out of this; He created it too. The worm will not cross with the bug; and the bug will not cross with a worm. Neither did man evolve from the scum of a pond in Africa, or anything else; God created him. A lot of people in this world, honestly believe man evolved from the monkey; but somehow they never seem to wonder why we still have so many monkeys around; that live and die without evolving into anything else. Man will not cross breed with a monkey. God set a genetic law into effect; decreeing that every creature was to bring forth of its own kind; and except for mankind meddling with that law, everything reproduces of its own kind; just like the Creator meant for them to. We see that in Genesis, that when plant life began to take its place, God knew certain types of plant life would flourish in certain types of soil and environment That is why, when you read a lot of these articles about ancient prehistoric life, almost everywhere, there was a tropical climate evident. In Siberia they have found palm leaves frozen in ice caps. In Norway, they did likewise. Therefore the evidence we have, makes us realize, that for millions of years God was slowly forming a planet; and He put life upon it to begin to fulfill His great and glorious plan. When He created the oak tree, will not cross with the hickory tree. He created the beech, it would not cross with the pine. He, designed every tree to be a species of its own kind. He left none of them depending upon evolution. It is a shame; scientists and atheism in general have to look at it like they do. Naturally we do not know how much time elapsed while Creator was getting this planet ready for habitation in the beginning; nor do we know how much time elapsed between Gene 1:1, and Genesis 1:2; but I believe certain evidence shows that it was constantly being heaved and tossed with upheavals for a long period of time. It is a known fact, that out in the Rocky Mountains, in regions high above sea level, scientists have found traces of some prehistoric marine life embedded in limestone sediment Limestone is the process of other types of rock decomposed and turned in, and it takes a marine type of life to do that. You do not have limestone every-where. You find limestone, where, at one time or another, there has been an ancient type of ocean floor. That is why you can see, in southern Indiana, Bloomington for instance: every once in awhile here comes a piece of limestone; and there in seashells, is little skeletons of fish and things. Why is that in there? It goes to show, at one time or other, it was covered by water; and marine life was there. It was just doing its job, it flourished, existed, and accomplished its job, God elevated it, and brought it up, to serve another purpose and another era.


Mammoth skeleton from Mauckport, Indiana that is on display at the Falls of the Ohio state park in.

As we go a step further, we will see how God kept on adding forms of life to this planed; and then we will see how He began w test the higher forms of His creation. We will see why angels were brought on the scene; and what happened among them, that caused so many of them to be-come fallen angels. In order to see this, we have to look back beyond Genesis 1:2; where it simply says, “And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.” What we have to find out, is why the earth was without form, and in total darkness. Five years ago when we were in Mexico, we spent about an hour and half going through a large museum. It is a huge place. The country of Mexico has found untold amounts of the prehistoric animal life; carcasses, skeletons, bones, fragments, and petrified dinosaur tracks. When we went through that part, in a large area were a lot of tusks of these giant Mastodon elephants. You go along, and look at the fragments of that tusk lying there in a glass cage at your feet, and on the wall behind that cage, artists have painted a wall mural. That picture is painted so it comes right down and blends into the floor of that cage. They showed us one giant Mastodon elephant. (There were parts of its skeleton displayed.) They found it embedded in an ancient lake bed, like a swamp. They created that type of setting for its skeleton to lay in. They showed how prehistoric man, in his quest for meat, had gotten behind it, en-circled it, and driven it into this pond; more like a marsh; and its feet are stuck in the mud. They are slinging arrows and spears into him. This giant elephant is sinking; and fighting for its life. It shows it had already killed two or three of its enemies, prehistoric man; but the rest were on the fringes of this swamp; throwing their spears. We moved on around through that large muse-um; and I thought to myself, There is no way Christianity can look at this; and continue to ignore the facts. We have a book called the Bible; and all of this has to fit there somehow; and I am here to tell you, It does fit; and it contradicts nothing else that is written. When God inspired Moses to write in Genesis, about the man He created, God created this man in His own image and after His likeness; and He created both male and female. Then He said to them, (while they were still only spirit beings, be-fore flesh and bones were added to the picture) “Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth.” That one word REPLENISH, ought to unlock a lot of mysteries in a Christian’s mind. To replenish, means, to refill, or restore, or restock; so that one word lets us know some-thing inhabited the earth before Adam and Eve; and that is what we want to look at for a little while. At that time (when Adam and Eve were created) there were no living creatures on this planet. Neither was there any animals walking on this planet. We can see all of that from the scriptures. What did God do then? He put that commission in their intellect; so that once He put their spirit beings in a bodily form on earth, He did not have to tell them any more; what they were here for. They already knew that. They knew the role they were to play. They knew what they were here to do; and I am persuaded they needed no sex education classes to teach them how to fulfill their commission. They were here to again fill the earth with a cycle of life; and it was to be through a reproduction process, putting the earth back into a progressive state of habitation. That is why God said, Dress it and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth. In other words, Conquer everything that is contrary to a proper habitable environment. That is what man was put here for; to refill, subdue, and rule everything else.


Let us look into God’s word; at the scriptures that give us the first glimpse of what we are dealing with. We will read the first verse. As I said earlier, Science today, is coming up with a lot of things they have discovered; and I have no reason to denounce their claims; for I find enough in the Bible to make room for all of it. I just happen not to agree with their interpretation of all that they have discovered. The reason I say that, is due to this fact; they have put God completely out of the picture; and they want to make the whole thing of what we know beyond any shadow of doubt was creation, a process of evolution. All the progress that has come about, they are scientifically trying to prove it all came about through evolution. You know what it says in the first chapter of Romans. It says words like this, (Rom.1:20) “For the invisible things of Him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead; so that they (Who? These wise men of the world, that deny the things of God) are without excuse.” The knowledge of God’s creation, tells us this is not an accident; or a theory, left up to man to devise. The reason we have men like this today is because of something that started a long time ago. Satan wanted to bring mankind to this low level of thinking; knowing that men of this son would speak for him instead of God. That is why, when you read the 6th chapter of Genesis, you find some-thing going on; a deterioration in the structure of the human race that you and I are a part of today. The wisdom these intellectual wizards have today, did not come from God. It came from Satan. Yet within that wisdom, and all the things they discover, is the long suffering grace of God; that has allowed them to see His handiwork. Therefore they are without excuse. Every last one of those bones they have discovered, and try to convince mankind we evolved from, are one day going to testify against them in judgment. There is a lot in this one verse which we have covered a little of already; “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.” Is God obligated to explain every little detail to carnal mankind? I say, No. Only the true children of God have any right to know the truth about His works. Why should He care whether the world at large know any more than what they can prove scientifically? That is where we have it on them. God reveals, by His Spirit, things the natural minded man can never know; be-cause they do not believe His word. When the scientists say everything started with a bang, we have no argument with that; because we know the CREATOR loaded it; and then it went, Bang! There is no such thing as accidents with God; nor with the true children of God; for He controls everything. Does not the Bible say, “The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord: and He delighteth in his way. Though he fall, he shall not be utterly cast down: for the Lord upholdeth him with his hand.” (Psa. 37:23-24) Then in Proverbs 15:19, we find these words, “The way of the slothful man is as an hedge of thorns: but the way of the righteous is made plain.” Scientists do have accidents. They do not like to tell you the outcome of their accidents; but many of them are made known anyhow. As for the big bang they claim the earth got its start from, we do not have to worry about how many billion years it was from the explosion until the earth began to reach a point in time that life began to be present. The Creator Himself began to put life on it when the time was right; just as we have portrayed in this little chart behind me. As you look at the chart, this is not grass growing. (Pointing to small markings on chart) That is to represent microscopic, bacterial types of life. That was not even in the original explosion; because no life could have existed in such a hot inferno. It is very strange, how such intelligent characters can overlook such important clues; as they present their theories of the beginning of this planet. Some of those gases that created all of that great bang, are still at work down in the bowels of this earth today; and all of these volcanoes that have erupted through the centuries of time, and all that ash it blows out, and all the lava that runs down the mountain sides, proves it; but there has never been one cell of life ever come crawling out of it. That should let you know, if it started with a bang, it was a hot one; and no cell of life could have survived it. There had to be the greatest scientist the world has ever known; (yet in reality they do NOT know Him) place the life on this planet; after it cooled down, and became inhabitable; and that was none other than God Him-self. He was not playing. He had a plan. Sure it was worms and bugs He put here first; but that is why you will still see them working in the soil today; they are necessary. Did it ever occur to you, that every leaf that falls, and every blade of grass that dies, if you did not have that bacterial life constantly at work, breaking that fiber down, so it will go back to the elements of the earth which it grew out of, it would not be long until this planet would be so full of refuse, life could not exist on it? The Creator knew exactly what He was doing; and He had a reason in doing everything exactly the way He did it. When He created certain things of this nature, they were to feed on certain elements of creation; to break down its composition matter, to eventually produce what we call soil. That was the essential process; before plant life could grow. Then, as we have already said, plant life produces oxygen. Why did God need oxygen? Because He was going to bring other types of life into being; that would need oxygen. It is a beautiful picture; and not the least bit complicated if you can believe the record; but that is where the trouble enters the picture. Since most of our scientific world does not even believe in God, nor devils, you can-not even talk to them on those terms; so this subject is not to straighten them out; it is to help believers. God will straighten them out later; and what a drastic, hard way they are going to learn, before it is all over. The Bible says, (Romans 14:11) “For it is written, As I live, saith the Lord, every knee shall bow to me, and every tongue shall confess to God.” (Philippians 2:10-11) “That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth; And that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.”


When we can accept the fact the Bible is not a story, we can find the plan and purpose of God written therein; but it is not written so the true picture can be seen apart from the leadership of the Holy Spirit. From Genesis, throughout the Old Testament, angels are in the picture. You cannot read the Bible without seeing angels in the background. However we need to realize, if there are angels in the background of man, (which we are) it is because they were here before we got here. The Bible proves that angels, at one time, were all perfect; when they were first created. Angels were not created at the same time Adam and Eve were created. When you read the account, Satan, which is now a name given to that angel which at one time was called Lucifer, a name only mentioned one time, but a name that had a beautiful meaning; (son of the morning) the anointed cherub. Isaiah was the prophet that mentioned his name; (14:12) but only one time. “How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations!” Then Ezekiel cleared up the picture a little more; (28:14-15) when he said, “Thou art the anointed cherub that covereth; and I have set thee so: thou wast upon the holy mountain of God; thou hast walked up and down in the midst of the stones of fire. Thou wast perfect in thy ways from the day that thou wast created, till iniquity was found in thee.” Now he is called Satan; meaning, he is a deceiver, a perverter of some-thing that only God could create. We are not trying to establish time when angels were first brought into the picture; but we do know they were here long be-fore Adam and Eve were created. We will not go so far as to say angels were here before the BIG BANG; but we do know they were not tested in that explosion. They were going to be tested; when there was a higher form of life on the planet; a form of life over which they were set in charge. Have you ever asked yourself, Why was Satan present in our Garden of Eden? As soon as God put Adam and Eve there, Satan was on the scene. Was he in the process of being a fallen angel? No. He was already a fallen angel. He already has those characteristics you see him ex-pressing through sinful mankind today. What we see going on in this present world society, is merely a repetition of something that took place in the prehistoric time on this planet; when he, (Lucifer) was in charge. of the angels God had set to rule over that prehistoric animal creation. That is when angels were tested for faithfulness in their service of their Creator. As far as how God created angels, That is something immaterial to what we are dealing with; but we do know He did create them. He merely took of Himself; (He is Spirit) and ex-pressed that measure of Himself in those angelic helpers He created. The life you are, came from Him likewise. He is the only source of life there is. He did not create Adam and Eve with a sinful nature; but being created in His image and likeness, they were free to exercise their will; and when Satan tempted them, through his instrument the SERPENT, we all know what happened. Eve first yielded to his seducing tactics; and Adam later joined right in; knowing assuredly that he was disobeying the command of His Creator. That was their test; and they failed it; just like Satan failed when he was tested. Because of what took place there in the Garden of Eden, causing the Creator to have to impute the death penalty to His first son and daughter, we are born into this world with a sinful nature; and have that sentence of death hanging over us. When Adam and Eve became sinners by disobeying the instructions given to them by their Creator, sin and death was imputed to them; there-fore it has been passed down to every little baby born of woman, ever since that time. It is in the genes; that very nature to sin. That is why we do not have to be taught to sin; we are born into this world with those sinful at-tributes in our human makeup. Jesus Christ Himself was the only human ever born into this world from the womb of a woman; without those sinful attributes in His makeup; and the reason that is so, is because that little cell of life in Mary, His mother, was created in her womb by the Spirit of God; free of inherited attributes of natural mankind. That is why He was The perfect Son of God. He remained to be that perfect Son; because when He was tested by Satan, He did not yield to the temptation; like Adam and Eve did. In our natural human makeup, we are void and destitute of the eternal presence of the Creator. The only way we can again have communion with Him, is through what is rightly called, THE BORN AGAIN EXPERIENCE; when we experience a spiritual birth, like Jesus talked to Nicodemus about, in the 3rd chapter of John’s gospel. That true experience seals us forever in the family of God; never to be completely estranged from our Creator any more. We are sealed for eternity. Hallelujah! That is something to shout about!


When it came time for God to create these various forms of life, we can say emphatically, It was not a process of evolution. There had to be an actual beginning of all of these different types of creatures. How long God was in creating all those various numbers of creatures, we do not have to worry about. The point is, When God had reached a point in time, He was going to put a high-er form of intelligent life here on this planet; and in that same hour there was a particular creature made; which is commonly referred to as the prehistoric man. If we could just put this prehistoric man right in there; he would be the highest form of intelligence among all other forms of animal life present God put His created angelic beings in charge of the whole thing; and Lucifer was the chief among
them. Why is this earth so important to God? It is His workshop. It is where He is perfecting His off-spring. He is not perfecting the animal kingdom. It is mankind He is perfecting; because man, being born the way he was, is a sinner. Angels, at first, were sin-less. They were created sinless; and had done nothing wrong; prior to the time they were set in charge of this planet, given a great position of authority in the various levels of God’s creation; and a commission whereby they would either choose to fulfill, or choose not to. All of the angelic beings had a job to do. Lucifer, as we have already mentioned, and read were Isaiah spoke of him, was put in charge of all the rest. Isaiah spoke about him; calling him Lucifer, son of the morning; meaning, one created at the dawning of time. The word morning, in this instance, is not a word that is speaking of the time when the sun came up. It simply means, When time began to have a dawning, wherein God is putting forth His plan. Just as God created an animal kingdom on this earth, He also had created these angelic beings; millions of them. They are spirits; and because they are, they have authority to control the spirit’s of animals. Once that be-came a beginning, a step in time, we can say this, God’s plan is, He wants a family of obedient angelic beings. They are off-spring of God; but He had to put them on His proving ground for their test of obedience. Like man, they were not forced to obey the perfect will of their Creator. They were given a choice; and the ones that chose to obey Him, were the ones He would allow to work in conjunction with the plan He had for mankind upon the earth. The test they were going to be faced with, was not associated with what was coming out of the vol-canoes. He Himself controls that. The test was, What will they do with all of these? (the creatures they were given to rule over) I realize there are a lot of critics in the world today that will say, That every bit sounds like so much hocus pocus. Where does he get such ideas from? Well, Let us start reading from the Bible. Turn back to Isaiah 14:12, and let us look a little closer at what this verse actually encompasses. Why would God choose, way back then when Isaiah lived, over 700 years before the advent of Jesus Christ, to have him express what was going on? Let us first get the background; before we continue. Israel was caught between the conflict of her neighboring nations. Isaiah, being God’s mouth-piece to instruct Israel, rebuke her, and show her how to present herself as a people that knew how to walk with their God, could see the nations, how they were being motivated. You can read that in •the previous verses. As the prophet is inspired, he knows ex-actly what is causing all of that disturbance. In other words, all of the political and social unrest in the nations. He knows exactly what is causing the society of Is-rael to be affected like they are; so under the anointing of the Spirit of God, he begins to speak and write. Under that anointing, Isaiah really was not talking to the people of the nations; he was speaking of a spirit that was the motivator of all the mass of con-fusion, trouble, and unrest. What is the cause of all the unrest in the world today? Is it because we have too many science laboratories? No. It is a design of the devil. He is behind it all. The only thing is, man is too ignorant, being a sinner subject to his evil influence, to recognize what is causing him to feel as he does. He is not willing to accept the fact that his life is motivated by a spirit other than the spirit of God; and face the fact that unless he turns his heart over to the Holy Spirit for direction, he is doomed to face God in judgment; as a result of following the leading of this evil spirit. As Isaiah’s prophecy builds up to its peak, he begins to speak of the very spirit of Satan, (Lucifer) saying, “How art thou fallen from heaven, 0 Lucifer, (This is the only place in the Bible; where his original name is mentioned.) son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations!” He was brought into being at the dawning of time. That is why he was referred to as son of the morning. Isaiah is describing how God had judged him; and brought him down from his original position of glory. We pay particular atten-tion to these words, “which didst weaken the nations!” Notice now, as God exposes what caused him to be brought down so low. “For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: (Is that not like some politicians today? If you put me in office, “I” will do this. Vote for me and “I” will do this. Nine times out of ten, it never gets fulfilled. But “I” is always going to do everything. It is always a devil that talks like that.) I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north: (In other words, Isaiah is literally describ-ing Lucifer before he fell, that he had unlimited authority; but somehow or other he had the wrong motive and idea about what to do with it. He wanted to elevate himself with it. He wanted to go beyond God. He wanted to be seen as God.) I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will lac like the most High.” Sure angels are spirit beings. We all know that. When we read in the scriptures related to man’s era of time, we see how powerful angels are. We see what they have at their disposal to ad-minister, both from the evil stand-point, as well as from the righteous standpoint. They are sources of power; ministering within the realm of the spirit. God created them for that. Paul writes of them in Hebrews; speaking of course of the righteous angels, how that they are ministering spirits sent forth by God, to minister unto them that shall be heirs of salvation. However do not get the idea that angels are merely ministering spirits to man in soul’s salvation only. They are ministering spirits; in the spirit realm, influencing man concerning the whole plan of God. There-fore, as Isaiah exposes this idea that Lucifer had at one time, he also exposes his penalty. “Yet thou shalt be brought down to hell, to the sides of the pit.” That is why the apostle Paul could say that hell was created for Satan and his angels.


We are going to read the scriptures pertaining to the whole scope of angelic beings; what happened that put some in a negative, unrighteous state? The Bible, in the Old and New Testaments, bring it out. Ezekiel, who prophesied about 600 B.C., about 100 years after Isaiah, gives us a little more insight in the matter. Ezekiel saw how a king in a city, a Phoenician city, laying off the coast of Lebanon, the city of Tyre, a city of commerce, a maritime city, was motivated by that evil spirit. The king of Tyre had built this city into a great commercial trade center. In the days of its glory, which was in Ezekiel’s hour that it became evi-dent; this king made his boast, Look what I have done. I want to give you a little illustration. The dictator Noriega, was making his boast, “Look what I have done. I defy the United States to do any-thing about it.” Well just look where he is today. Only devils talk like that. These people do not realize there is a greater power behind their motivations, than just their own thoughts. Ezekiel was no doubt attracted by how this king towered above others; yet in his heart, Ezekiel could see that king was destined to come to a bad end. Ezekiel was aware that the Babylonian nation was being raised up of God; to bring the judgment of God upon the nations that rebelled against His righteous ways; and especially the children of Israel. As Ezekiel was prophesying about that king, and that city, and its evil influence, all of a sudden his prophecy goes beyond the material and social aspect; to the spirit that originated it. Let us just y watch it. The name Lucifer, is not mentioned here; but he is without a doubt, the one that is being spoken to. He is identified by the position he held. Verse 13, of the 28th chapter of Ezekiel, is where we will begin. His prophecy goes from the king of Tyre; right to the spirit that motivated that king. “Thou hast been in Eden the gar-den of God; (Keep in mind, Eden here, is not our Eden. Eden here, means, the beginning, where angels had their garden. We had garden in our beginning. So did angels have a garden in their be-ginning. That is what we have to realize; because the word Eden simply means, beginning of God, or paradise of God. Therefore as He made an animal world for angels to rule over, He created an environment of Himself about it; just like He did in our Garden of Eden; so that angels within that environment could relate them-selves in their glory.) every precious stone was thy covering, (meaning thy decoration) the sardius, topaz, and the diamond, the beryl, the onyx, and the jasper, the sapphire, the emerald, and the carbuncle, and gold: the workmanship of thy tabrets and of thy pipes was prepared in thee in the day that thou wast created.” (Where was that garden? It was on this planet.) Lucifer was not created at the same time our Eden came into existence; he was al-ready a fallen angel then. This is talking about another Eden altogether. It is the Eden of angelic beings. It is a beginning of God, where He set something in motion; and the purpose was, He was going to test something there;sooner or later. He created that Eden environment and put the animal kingdom in it; and put the angelic family over it. There was everything in there, from the prehistoric man, right on down to the smallest type of animal or reptile creature that crept on the face of this earth, at that time. The angels God placed there were guiltless; even Lucifer, but notice what is written here, as we continue on. (28:14) “Thou art the anointed cherub that covereth; (meaning set in charge.) and I have set thee so: thou wast upon the holy mountain of God; thou hast walked up and down in the midst of the stones of fire. Thou wast perfect in thy ways from—The flay that thou vast created, till iniquity was found in thee.” That lets us know that when Lucifer (as Isaiah called him, and here, he is called the anointed cherub) was created, he was perfect; and God Himself set him in charge. What a place that must have been, and what a relationship he must have had with God, and with all the other angels! What that Eden looked like, we will never know; i but it must have been a very beautifulplace; where angels i walked in the presence of Jehovah the Creator, in the manner that God had placed His presence there among them. We not have to realize though, that in that period of time, God was just testing one angel. He was testing the whole angelic family. We will go to the New Testament; and see what the New Testament writers we wrote about this. We will say, for the sake of clarifying our study, Since when they were created, cabout here was like, it was to eventually cover this entire planet; as the angelic beings would see that the animal kingdom would eventually reproduce themselves, and populate the planet. However somewhere in time, maybe it was a million years later; as the planet had existed so peacefully while life had been multiplied, and all those giant animals living in peace and harmony were kept in perfect order, just the way the Creator wanted it, until a certain event took place. Keep in mind, there had to be something in all of that, God was going to use to test those creatures. It had to be related to something they had been set in charge over.


From all our prehistoric, scientific, archaeological findings, that you see in museums, it is a fact that this PREHISTORIC animal kingdom was completely perverted; before the judgment of God struck it. Something caused every creature to be against the others. It was kill, kill, cat and destroy. Just the opposite of the way it started out. When you read in history, how man was in his barbaric hour in times past, like the Roman gladiators, for instance, something got away from its original created state; long before our Garden of Eden; because Satan was already a murderer, back then. That is why we can understand how Cain so easily committed the lust murder, this side of our garden. I have read a little about the days of the Roman gladiators; and how great crowds of people would gather to enjoy such an event. There are some of the most horrifying stories you could ever read, associated with that era. The Roman army would go out and gather up thousands of prisoners; from the armies they had subdued. They would take some of the best soldiers of the enemy forces they had captured; and give them a choice. If they would agree to fight their gladiators in the arenas, they would then be given (if they succeeded in killing or wounding their opponent) certain liberties within the Roman kingdom. In other words, It was do that; or die for refusing. What a horror! What caused man to be like that? It is because there is a spirit out here that you and I do not see; inspiring natural mankind. It perverts the nature of man, which was originally created to live peace-fully; and causes him to take great delight in violence. Imputed sin did not automatically make mankind violent. In the Spanish world, for centuries, man showed his bravery by getting out in a large arena with a mad bull; then taunting and teasing him until he charges toward him. They will wave that little old red cape in front of him until he comes charging toward him with fury in his eyes; then the matador sticks a dagger in the charging beast; and that is supposed to prove his bravery. Do not try to tell me God made man to do things like that. No. When thousands of people will set in the bleachers and watch such entertainment, there is certainly not a righteous angel sit-ting in the midst of it. Think of it. Only devils would rejoice over any such scene as that. Remember, There is coming a day, when all of the spirits that have made carnal. mankind do things like that, is going to be bound; unable to tempt man to do anything wrong; but it will be too late for u y people who have lived their lives taking pleasure in such things. Let us get on over to the scriptures that shed light upon this sort of conduct. We will first go to John 8:44; where we find a bunch of Pharisees arguing with Jesus. These words have been laying here for centuries of time; and men of every age have read them; but very few ever really knew what revelation was locked up in these few words. They are like little spiritual fossils. They reveal the past; and only here at the end time, are we able to separate them from the other things they arc embedded in. The words we are most interested in, are the words of Jesus. Remember who He is speaking to. He is speaking to a bunch of Pharisees; that have followed Him around constantly finding fault with Him and His disciples. They are arguing with Him; really desiring to get rid of Him forever; but their argument reached a point where Jesus is going to cut them down; so He said to them, “Ye are of your father the devil, (He did not call him Lucifer. He did not call him the great anointed cherub. He plainly called him the devil.) and the lusts of your father ye will do. (What does the word lust mean? It speaks of the excesses of every-thing that is displeasing to God. Anger, anything displeasing to God, those who have this kind of lust will do it; and think they are doing right.) He was a murderer from the beginning, (Not from his own beginning, from man’s be-ginning. When man had his be-ginning, the devil was already a murderer. He manifested those at-tributes way back in the prehistoric era; when he became lifted up with pride, and determined to exalt himself to a greater position than that which the Creator had delegated to him.) and abode not in the truth, be-cause there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.” There is a lot in that one verse also; but the natural man, without the guidance of the Holy Spirit, will never see the true revelation contained therein; nor will he agree with you when you point it out to him; but the truth is, The devil was al-ready a murderer, before he caused Cain to slay Abel. If his murderous presence had not been there, Cain would not have killed Abel. Cain was inspired to do what he did; but his inspiration came from the same spirit that in-spires a lot of religious people to do things contrary to a true revelation of the word of God today. Jesus said, “When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.” That means, He is the originator of these evil attributes. Every lie that has ever been told, there is a devil behind it. Why does man tell a lie? It is because he is motivated by something to tell a lie. If he is not motivated, he is not going to tell a lie. It is not there. He is not going to kill anyone; unless there is a motivator behind it causing him to be led to do so. That is why Jesus spoke this the way He did. Actually, Jesus is telling you a lot more than Christianity has ever given Him credit for telling people. He is actually addressing Satan from his beginning; when he became Satan the devil; in-stead of Lucifer the anointed cherub. He just did not spell it out for them; He left that for the Comforter to do later


Let us go to the 2nd chapter of 2nd Peter, where we find this Jewish apostle speaking of fallen angels. He is writing to Christian Jews. He is giving them a back-ground; something that can help them understand why things were so contrary to the way God wants His people to live. Verse 4, is where we will start. “For if God spared not the angels that sinned, (Where do you think peter was looking to in time? Was it our Garden of Eden? Absolutely not. We do not read in Genesis; that angels sinned at the same time Adam and Eve did. They had already sinned, a long time before that. Peter was simply using that for a comparison; showing how God deals with His creation that rebels against Him) but cast them (the angels that sinned) down to hell, and delivered them into chains of darkness, (meaning, He has them bound up in chains, in hell) to be reserved unto judgment.” That lets us know, Deep down in the bowels of hell, there is an element of these fallen angelic beings that are still chained there. Not with log chains, but with spiritual chains that hold them completely bound, even still today. Somewhere back there in that time when they were all tested, this particular element of angels did something so evil; God has made sure they never would have a chance to repeat what they did back then; ever again. They are not even allowed to work with the devil tempting mankind; like the other fallen angels do. The other fallen angels became demons; which are forever harassing the children of God; but not these; they are still bound; waiting the judgment of God. That is why Peter could talk like this; he had the revelation that this element were chained down forever, just awaiting the hour of judgment. That is why, over in Revelation 20, at the great white throne judgment, you com-pare that with what Paul said in the Corinthian letter, and you see where not only sinful man from our era will meet his final judgment; but also all these fallen spirits will be judged then. That is why the apostle Paul said, Know ye not that saints shall judge the world, even angels. Yes saints, there is one judgment coming up, that is going to judge every ungodly spirit that has ever manifested itself in any way, at any time, against the plan and purpose of the Creator, even those that sinned way back there in the prehistoric era. It is called the great white throne judgment, and you can read about it in the book of Revelation; chapter 20, verses 11, and following. We will just read the one verse for now. “And I saw a great white throne, and Him that sat on it., from whose face the earth and the heaven fled away; and there was found no place for them.” All those angels that sinned, and God chained down, will stay there until that hour, then they will be judged and cast into the lake of fire; with every other thing God declares to be abominable in His sight. Jude was another, that seemed to have a good revelation of what we have been looking at. The Epistle of Jude is very short; but oh what an insight those few words give those who are able to receive them. Verse 6, is what we want right now. “And the angels which kept not their first estate, but left their own habitation, He (God) hath reserved in everlasting chains under darkness unto the judgment of the great day.” Notice how this is worded. It is worded so unique. Christianity has read this verse for centuries and did not get a picture of its true meaning at all. It is only right here at the end time; that God is causing His word to become a living book for us. While the atheists and the world in general think it is a book of myths, true Christians will find out that it is our road map for the journey ahead. It is our stabilizer. It is our compass. When the world says one thing, you can look in here and realize it is going to be some-thing else. “And the angels which kept not their first estate, but left their own habitation, (That means, that state and quality of life and relationship they had with the Creator when they were first created, before they strayed from it.) He hath reserved in everlasting chains under darkness unto the judgment of the great day.” We do not have to tell the world how long that prehistoric, peaceful environment lasted. However we ourselves have to realize; it did not last forever. The time came, that Lucifer was faced with the ultimate test concerning his choice. When he began to look at the power and glory he was partaker of, he began to get ideas. That is why the prophet Isaiah spoke of it like he did. I am just going to say for now, When he got an idea, and began to say in his heart, I am going to exalt myself above the stars, I am going to show God who really is boss; he seemed to forget, he never created anything; and he would never be a Creator. All he can ever be, is a perverter of that which the true Creator has created. I am going to give you my version of what must have gone through his mind; to cause him to begin to pervert something that was peacefully fulfilling the purpose of God. There was no such thing as an animal killing and eating another animal. It could have been like that for centuries; according to the way we measure time; but one day, I believe Lucifer said to himself, I wonder how it would look; if two of these huge creatures would just get into a fight? Just as there was a thought that struck Cain, out of jealousy, so was there a thought from him, that began to be projected into that prehistoric animal kingdom. Remember though, we are not talking about just mere animals. There was that prehistoric man also; but do not think for one minute; that he was the son of God. He was not a son of God. He was the highest form of animal life on the planet; but he was not an offspring of God. When Lucifer began to project those thoughts into that animal kingdom, it was not long until this same thing began to hit the whole animal domain. In Spring-field Illinois, several years ago when we were out there visiting a relative, we stopped at this certain museum; and as it turned out, we were there quite a while. I saw in a glass case, the huge tusks of one of those giant Mastodon elephants. They roamed this North American continent at one time. As we came on through there, we saw various footprints of dinosaurs they had found in certain lowlands of Illinois. Then we came into a wax museum. In this wax museum they had reconstructed life as it seemed reasonable to assume it existed in the prehistoric hour. They had a wax dummy of prehistoric men. There was one scene portrayed like this; here was this cave man, with a big club in his hand. He has gone out and knocked another cave man in the head; and he was dragging him by the hair of the head, back to his cave; where the wife is standing in the cave entrance, and has a little fire burning, waiting for him to get there with his prey. They were going to have breakfast. As I stood there looking at that, I thought, Yes sir; that is quite an imagination; but now I realize, If God allowed this present human race to go another hundred years without Him intervening, it would be doing worse than that. Yes it would. It is a fact, If man is left alone, he does not better him-self; he goes backward instead. You say, Why? Because he is a sinner. As I looked at that, I said to myself, There has got to be an answer for all this. Right there, are the bones lying on display for all to see. God never resurrected any of that creation. He had no need to. The obvious question though, is, Why are they being found in so many places in these last days? Why is man so interested in them, right here at the end of time? Who are they? Where did they come from? There has to be an answer. Somewhere in that era of time, it could have lasted millions of years; that animal kingdom which we have only presented very minute glimpse of, was made up of many and various species. However this is just to illustrate in a small way; the age of the dinosaurs. There were large ones and small ones; but they were definitely a kingdom of monsters. Only angelic spirits could have ruled over that type of thing; be-cause God knew that once Lucifer would do what he would do, it would take a spirit being to control them. Are you not glad your animal kingdom is not so large? You could go to bed at night, and here comes a dinosaur stepping right through the roof of your house. You do not have to worry about that do you? It is not because they have become extinct; as a result of them being killed since Genesis 1:2; it is be-cause God destroyed all of them. That destruction is what left this planet without form, and void, and in total darkness.


You have to read between the lines to see this; but to me it stands out very clearly. When the time came, that the great angelic family began to follow Lucifer, at least many of them. They began to lose all consciousness of the fact that they were doing any-thing wrong. That hunger and thirst to see this killing and bloodshed, became an obsession with them. However the Creator let it go on long enough; until the entire earth was stained with the effects of it; and every angelic being had been tested; then He judged the whole ungodly mess. Not all of those angels yielded to Lucifer though; because we have angels by the name of Michael and Gabriel; as well as a great host of others, that stayed faithful to their Creator. Were they all there? Sure they were. Were they counted in the number? Sure they were. God let that era of time last until that whole angelic family had been tested; from the greatest to the least. When God, the Creator, who had created the angels, saw that the test had served its purpose, He confronted Lucifer with the whole thing. This is where I see Lucifer telling his first lie. He had no need to tell lies to those dinosaurs; so who did he tell the first lie to? The God that created him, of course. God called a halt to the confusion and said, Lucifer, Come here! Just as He came walking through our garden one day and said, Adam, where art thou? (He knew where Adam was; and what he had done; but He wanted Adam to show himself.) He approached Lucifer saying, Come here! Lucifer had to obey that command; but what next? God asked him, What have you been doing? Lucifer was in God’s court room; but he was definitely not going to tell the truth about what he had been doing; so what was left? He had to tell the first lie that was ever told. His answer was probably, Nothing! That is the first thing you hear from your little children; when you ask them the same question. Where did they learn to answer like that? A spirit motivated them; just like that same spirit motivated Cain; when God asked him, (Gen.4:9) “Where is Abel thy brother? And he (Cain) said, I know not: am I my brother’s keeper?” That was the first lie ever told; this side of Genesis 1:2. Let us bring that lie right down to our very hour; and see if you recognize it. When Cain slew Abel, he did not think to bury him. He went home without saying one word to Adam or Eve about anything that had happened. Out in the field the next day, God said to Cain, Where is your brother? Did God not know where Abel was? Sure He did. He got Cain’s attention like that He wanted Cain to give Him an answer. What did Cain say? How should I know? Am I my brother’s keeper? That answer came from the same old devil that gives our children a similar reply; when we confront them with a demand to account for their behavior. It repeats itself in every court room in the world today. Just let a person break the law, bring him into court; then see what his reply will be, when asked, Guilty, or not guilty? He may lay his hand upon a Bible first; but 9 out of 10 times, his answer will be, Not guilty. An officer of the law could catch him climbing in a window to rob some place; and his answer would be the same when asked, What are you doing? Nothing. Why? Because there is a spirit be-hind the whole thing; that gives motivation. That is the way we must look at it. Therefore for Satan to have been a father of lies, because he originated the first one, it means he had to be doing something, somewhere in time, that caused God to have to call him to account for his actions; and instead of admitting what he had been doing, he lied. That is where he became the father of lies. In other words, When God called him in check, he lied about it. There is no doubt in my mind; that Lucifer (now called Satan the devil) had been killing by the thousands; or at least instigating it and that many of the other angels were right there with him; doing their little part They were all enjoying the game; whatever it was, that God looked upon as murder. The reason I say that, is because when God called Lucifer in check, and Lucifer told his first lie, he had already been doing the killing. He had the whole prehistoric creation in such a mess God had to judge it; and that is what left the entire planet in its void, formless, chaotic state of darkness.


It is just plain ignorance, for anyone to refuse to believe there was a prehistoric creation upon this planet; for the evidence is too clear. Scientists from many nations through the centuries of time, have found numerous traces of a prehistoric past; especially from Siberia and the glacier regions of the earth. They have found the traces of prehistoric life creatures frozen in the ice caps. I remember reading years ago; in a Reader’s Digest, about archaeologists digging in Siberia; in the glacier regions; and they found what they call a bison. It is something somewhat like our buffalo; that roam North America ranges. However you must re-member, This bison was a prehistoric creature; and whatever happened to it, happened suddenly; for it was in the process of belching its cud from its stomach; when death struck it. It was frozen there in that glacier; and its flesh was perfectly preserved. The article said that even the cud was still green. What a catastrophe it had to be; to freeze that thing so quickly! How would you go about freezing a live creature quick enough to preserve it so perfectly; for so long a time? In Washington D.C., in the muse-um of Natural Science, they have a prehistoric animal; which looks something like a hog; but it has a nose that looks more like a crocodile snout. That thing had killed a smaller one of its own kind. It was about the size of an ordinary hog. When judgment struck, it was holding one foot on the body of the smaller one; pulling the flesh off of its shoulder; and whatever suddenly happened, caught it in that act; and it is now a petrified rock. Knowing that something had to happen suddenly, to kill it in that state, What could have happened? No, it was not a volcanic eruption. Neither was it an earthquake. When God judged those angels, and pronounced their penalty, just like He did the serpent in Genesis, that penalty will never be lifted. To the serpent God said, (Gen.3:14) “Because thou hast done this, thou art cursed above all cattle, and above every beast of the field; upon thy belly shalt thou go, and dust shalt thou eat all the days of thy life.” God was not talking about just that one serpent; He was talking about every serpent that would ever live. How do I know that? Let us look at Isa. 65:25, where he is speaking concerning conditions in the Millennium. “The wolf and the Iamb shall feed together, and the lion shall eat straw like the bullock: and dust shall be the serpent’s meat. They shall not hurt nor destroy in all my holy mountain, saith the Lord.” The serpent family is still out there among the reptile family; and according to what God spoke through His prophet Isaiah, that is exactly where they will stay; even after redemption and restoration of everything else is completed. That simply means the serpent family will never walk upright like mankind again. When the rust one allowed Satan to use him to tempt God’s daughter Eve, God stripped him of his arms and legs; and made him and his descendants crawling reptiles; and they still are today. As I see it, When God cursed those angels that sinned, and stripped them of their power, I believe He just pushed this planet 3 or 4 degrees out of its perfect relationship to the sun; bringing upon it what Science calls “The Ice Age.” If there was an ice age, then it was God’s judgment. If it was God’s judgment, it was a judgment God brought about to make a clean sweep; so He could execute the next phase of His total plan for this planet. Why did He choose to do it that way? What right do we have to ask such a question? Is it not enough, that He has allowed us to know what took place, without us asking, Why did you do it like that? If you can ever allow yourself to realize what God is after, you will understand why He had to give every created being the freedom to choose the course they would follow; in order to eventually come out (on the other side of the Millennium) with a family that walks with Him, follows His righteous ways, and has sweet communion with Him, all because they have chosen by the exercise of their own will to do so. He will have no robots running around in the eternal age. As for proof of a prehistoric age, we are not finished with our proof. Out in New Mexico, back in the 1950’s, they were in the process of building an interstate highway. One of the construction caterpillar driver’s happened to notice large chunks of something being pushed up into the air; and since it was a sandy type soil, he thought he had better stop and investigate. What he found, was huge chunks of some kind of bones; so he called for the Supervisor to come and look at them. They then notified the University of what they had found; and archaeology students came to check it out. As they began to unearth a lithe more, they found the skeletons of three giant Mastodon elephants all laying in a row. It was just like they had been walking a trail, one behind the other; when something happened that killed them instantly. In Arizona you have heard of the painted desert, the Petrified Forest. All of that had to be trees at one time; tall and huge. They were just as large as any of the redwoods in Washington or Oregon. Where are they today? They are in a desert, in Arizona; lying there, rock. What caused them to be like that? How come trees, at one time, grew in what is now a desert? It has to be understood like this, At some prehistoric time that was a battleground. Those trees stood erect; and tall. They bore leaves. It. was a forest; but something happened to change the whole picture. When God judged this planet by pushed it a little distance from the sun, death began to set in. In many places it brought instant death. In other places life continued for a short period of time; then eventually dwindled away. The point however, is this, All over the face of the earth, scientists in the 20th century are finding the remains of the prehistoric life that existed completely around this globe. Also in the Museum of Natural Science, in Washington D.C., hanging on one wall is the skeleton of a prehistoric bird. Thank God there is none flying around here today. That thing had a wing span of about 12 feet; and had teeth. You have seen artists’ conception of dragon birds flying around spitting fut. Well that is about the way I would endeavor to describe that thing. Them hangs his skeleton. They found it in a rocky cliff area; I believe in the state of Oregon. Just try to imagine how it would feel, to have such creatures flying around today; that at any time, could swoop down, pick up your little child; and take it away some-where. That is why birds in the world today, do not have teeth. God knew He did not want that kind of creature here to pester you and me. The same Creator that knew what would happen, knew also that man would fail in his purpose for being here; and that redemption would be necessary, to get him back to a place where he could fellowship his Creator. That is why the writing apostles put emphasis on the fact that the Creator had every detail worked out before He ever put any of His plan in motion. There are many things we could feed into this; as we endeavor to make interesting and enlightening to you; but the main point of emphasis in it, is that this was an era of time God ordained to test His angelic family. All over this globe, anywhere you go, there are fossilized remains of a prehistoric life. Who put it there? God. What happened to h? He judged it. Why? Because many of the angels that were set in charge perverted the whole creation. They failed God. Jude said, They kept not their first estate, but left their own habitation, and God has them reserved in everlasting chains under darkness unto the judgment of the great day. Like we said earlier, Once God rocked this planet off its perfect course, and brought about the Ice Age, it could have lasted for thousands upon thousands of years of time. What does time amount to with God? Nothing. He is eternity. The Bible does not contradict science. It is science that contradicts the Bible. Scientists cannot interpret the Bible; but the Bible can interpret science. It is very strange; all that God has allowed mankind to come across, just in this century; all of those fossilized bones that have been lying in the crust of the earth for so long, unless He wants His end time Church to go out of here, knowing things other generations had no need to know. When these things first began to get widespread attention, and began to create a question in society’s mind, Where did those things come from? One of the first replies from the Christian community was, It had to be left there from the flood. That seemed to be the only explanation most people had. Well I am here to proclaim, There were no dinosaurs in the flood. Neither were there any dinosaurs in Noah’s ark. That ark had three stories; and you can get the total dimensions from the Bible; so I ask any person who would dis-agree, What story would you have put the dinosaurs in? If you put him on the top story, his head would have been sticking out somewhere. If he was on the first, his head would have still been sticking out because they grew 80 feet tall. No, brothers and sisters: Those animals all perished in another era of time. Scientists call it the prehistoric world. The Bible uses no such terminology; but it certainly does not contradict that. For every natural fossil, petrified tree, twig, leaf or anything else that scientists find, if we look carefully, (and you do not have to have an education in Greek or Hebrew to know what the Bible is talking about) there are just as many spiritual fossils in the Bible, as they will ever find out there. It takes these spiritual fossils to interpret theirs; not theirs to interpret them. This book will have the final answer to all of our sensible questions; when God is ready to pull the curtain back that far. We know scientists today have become so intelligent, they are able to clone certain types of life. Some are even wanting to go so far as to create a man. If they could clone salamanders and frogs and things of that nature, then they could also clone man.


About 4 or 5 years ago, I came home one night and turned on the television; to catch the late night news. There was a talk discussion by scientists on one station; so I just listened to that for a while. The topic was about how science has now been able to clone plant life, frogs, salamanders, and things of the lower species. They all agreed however, that it is very possible scientific man can now clone man. The narrator of the program was an older man; and he waited until they were bringing their discussion to a close; then he said, There is an old proverb spoken by scientists many years back. That proverb was, When the time comes that man can create man, God will say, That is all; and He will draw the curtain. That is exactly where we are today; just waiting for the Creator to draw the curtain. We have shot satellites into space for years now. We have sent up one; to bring another one back to earth; and no telling what they will try next. All of this is to test the possibility of putting a huge platform up there in the future; and people going up there to work, and us being able to watch it all on our TV screens. Modern man now has his eyes on the new frontier. If he can live on a plat-form, then he can live on the moon; but saints: The Bible does not say a thing about space giving up the dead; and the moon give up the dead. Here is what it does say though; and I believe it covers the whole scope of mankind. Revelation 20:13, says, “And the sea gave up the dead which were in it and death and hell delivered up the dead which were in them: and they were judged every man according to their works. And death and hell were cast into the lake of fire. This is the second death.” If there were earth people on some other planet, do you not know that God would have included them in this end time wind up? He is not going to allow anyone to escape His judgment; by going out into space somewhere. Furthermore no matter which way you look at it, we have got to be at the end. We are very close to the time when God is going to pull the curtain closed; saying, That is all. That is as far as you go. How long the planet earth hung here in space in that frozen state, there is virtually no way to know. The Bible does not tell you; and I do not believe science will ever be able to pinpoint it exactly; but the second verse in the Bible does describe what it was like. We have to use the first two verses of Genesis for a starting point; if we are going to get anywhere in studying some of the other scriptures in the Bible; and the first thing we need to realize, is that there are millions, or billions of years of elapsed time, the way we count time, between verse 1, and verse 2. Just realizing that, puts you way ahead of a lot of people who have closed their mind to any further knowledge of God’s total plan for this planet.


Verse 1, tells us God created the heaven and the earth. When? In the beginning. That could have been millions, or billions of years ago. Then verse 2, tells us the shape the earth was in when the Spirit began to move upon the face of the waters. “And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.” There are many definitions of the word void; but in this case I believe it meant, rendered useless. God did not create this planet in a formless, void state of darkness in the beginning; it was rendered useless by the judgment of God; after those disobedient angels (under the leadership of Lucifer) got the whole prehistoric creation in such a perverted mess, God Just had to wipe the slate clean; to take a new start. The word deep used here, does not speak of a hole in the ground. It speaks of space; the immediate space around the atmosphere of the earth. Neither does this terminology mean that darkness was upon the entire universe; it was speaking only of that realm of space related to the planet earth itself. It was the planet earth God was looking at. He was not looking at Mars, or Jupiter, or Venus. He was looking only at the earth; because it is His work-shop; where He test’s His created creatures. “And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.” The face of the waters speaks of the surface of this huge ice conglomeration that has accumulated on this planet. Let me try to illustrate it to you. Do not think that just because there was a crust of ice on the earth in many places, there was nothing else in the air for many miles in space. When you get into a sub frigid condition, you have a sort of fog that builds up over that ice. I have seen in the news; pictures of men in the glacier regions, like the polar regions. At times it is so foggy they cannot see the sun-light. It is the way the sun is hit-ting all of that. Do not think everything was frozen up, and clear, above the ice. It was not. The waters were no longer in a liquid state. They were frozen. That which was not in a frozen state, was a huge, deep, vapor like a fog engulfing the planet. That is what caused the darkness. The darkness was not in respect to something way out in space away from this planet; it speaks of how the planet earth looked in the eyes of God. The Spirit of God did what? He did not move upon the entire realm of space; He moved upon the face, or the surface of the waters. To do what? To move the darkness out of the way. Why? Because He wanted the earth to come out of that darkness into the light. God was not standing there like a great giant; doing these things described here. No, God does not exist in a form. He is a Spirit. His Spirit, or He which is Spirit began to move on this gigantic realm of foggy mist. However do not think He did all of that in a few minutes, seconds, or hours; it no doubt ran into years, thou-sands of years. We measure years in relationship to the rising and setting of the sun; so actually there was no measuring of time back then. God does not get up when the sun comes up; nor go to bed when the sun goes down. Such a Spirit has no need for sleep. Nevertheless when the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters they were not oceans; they were frozen ice. Everything else was a thick vapor that engulfed the planet. That is the way you would see the north or the south polar regions; be-cause of the way the sun strikes them. As God began to move upon the face of the waters, He had an objective; but He did not need to hurry. What was the first thing He did? He said, “Let there be light: and there was light.” How did the light come about? It was the way He moved upon the waters; it was not that the light appeared and moved the mist back. It was what He did with that mist, that caused the light to begin to show itself in the picture. I want to explain some things to you at this time; things that were typed in this picture we are looking at but we will have to pick it up right here; in our next issue. Amen.

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