Record Of Genesis, Part 1

Rev. Raymond M. Jackson


We are not going to take the time to go back to the garden of Eden, back to the time Eve had an intimate relationship with the serpent and gave birth to Cain. I believe we have that fact sufficiently covered in other messages. Therefore it should be sufficient to say, Cain’s father was the serpent: the highest species of the animal kingdom. He stood next to Adam in appearance and intelligence. He was Adam’s servant: given to him to do all the necessary labor. Only after the curse, did Adam have to earn his bread by the sweat of his face, and the serpent have to crawl on his belly, eating dust. Before the curse, the serpent had arms and legs and looked more like Adam than he did the other animals. The curse placed upon him for his disobedience, is what stripped him of his arms and legs and made him a crawling reptile. His crawling offspring are still out there; but man has no way of knowing them from the others; and Isaiah lets us know that the serpent will never be restored to his original form. That makes no difference in this message though; for it is his upright offspring that we want to deal with in the first part of our message: those born to Cain and his descendants. (6:1) “And it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them, (men, in this verse, has to apply to those of Cain’s genetic line.) (6:2) That the sons of God (Adam’s genetic line) saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose.” There are some people here and there throughout the world that believe the serpent seed came to this side of the flood only through the wife of Noah; and that Noah was a pure seed. Well let me say right now, Noah was not a pure seed of Adam! It says in the 6th chapter, verse 8, “But Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord.” We have to realize, Noah finding grace in the eyes of the Lord, has nothing to do with him being a pure genetic descendant of Adam, because there are certain things that are very evident in the structure of this whole thing, things I think you will understand as we go on. I had this chart drawn up mainly for the purpose of showing that somewhere over in time, as the two lines began to intermarry, (if we can use that terminology) it eventually caused the pure seed line of Adam to run out. In other words, There came the time that every child born had genetic attributes from the serpent in his or her makeup; and it is still like that today. That is where all the trouble in the world comes from. Adam the son of God, did not have the attribute to commit murder in his makeup. Neither were there any characteristics of hate, jealousy, dishonesty, nor any of those unchristlike attitudes and manifestations we see in the world today: in Adam’s pure genetic line. I cannot tell you exactly where in time the two lines began to mix. Nor can I tell you exactly where in time the pure seed ran out. I just know from the scriptures: that it did. There were no pure seed of Adam on the Ark that brought Noah and his family across the flood. This red line on the chart represents the descent of Cain. The blue line represents the descent of Adam through Seth coming on down through time. The merger, represented by the red and blue lines running together, causes us to realize what it is talking about in chapter 6. As the two lines begin to overshadow, we reach a point in time, that the blue line is completely out of the picture. We can be safe in saying, That the red becomes the dominant picture. There is no way you can illustrate this and bring it down to the mere individual human person that lived in that time. We have no census in the Bible, of the world before the flood. We do not know what the population was. It is recorded, that after the birth of Seth Adam begat other sons and daughters; but it gives no names: nor does it say how long they lived. We realize also, that every one of them, as long as they took a brother or sister for a mate, also brought forth true sons or daughters of Adam, which were sons and daughters of God. We know how long Adam lived, we know how long Seth lived, and we know how long all the other first born sons lived, of the first ten generations. All of those first born sons begat other sons and daughters except Noah. He begat three sons, but no daughters. For the benefit of you who see the chart behind me on a video tape, the numbers by each first born son represent the number of years that man lived before he begat a son. One thing we do notice, from Adam down through Mahalaleel there was a gradual descent in the number of years each one waited before begetting a son. Down through Mahalaleel they chose companions younger and younger; but the son of Mahalaleel waited 162 before he took a wife and begat a son. Then he begat Enoch: which was the seventh from Adam. It tells in the Epistle of Jude, that Enoch the seventh from Adam, prophesied in his day concerning the judgment of God, “Behold, the Lord cometh with ten thousands of His saints, To execute judgment upon all, and to convince all that are ungodly among them of all their ungodly deeds which they have ungodly committed, and of all their hard speeches which ungodly sinners have spoken against Him.” This prophecy lets us know that something was going on in the days of Enoch, that caused him to give such a prophecy. He could see what was happening; and he no doubt became very concerned about the end results of such a mix up. That caused him to walk close to God; and the time came that God just took him on out of the world: like He did Elijah later. Please do not misunderstand me: Not all of those sons and daughters up ahead of Enoch were becoming mixed; but there were enough of them to cause Enoch to be very concerned about the end results of such a mixture. Then later on, as other took wives from that Cain line, finally the pure seed line faded completely out of the picture: showing that by the time we come to the hour when Noah began to stand out, all flesh was corrupt before God, and violence was the order of the day. In Gen. 6:11-12, you see why God had determined to call a halt to the whole thing. “The earth also was corrupt before God, and the earth was filled with violence. And God looked upon the earth, and, behold, it was corrupt; for all flesh had corrupted his way upon the earth.” Noah is the tenth generation from the beginning. It says in the scriptures Noah was 500 years old and he begat Shem, Ham and Japheth; but there is no record of him fathering any daughters. Neither were the three boys born at the same time. While in the record it is written Shem, Ham, and Japheth, yet if you analyze the scriptures that follow, where it deals with each one, Japheth is the elder, Ham is the younger, and Shem is the one born in between. Then we might ask ourselves, Why is Shem in the forefront, why is he mentioned like that? It is because after the flood, we can see that the birthright, the heritage of the revelation of God is instilled in Shem’s line. Through the line and descent of Shem came Abraham, who God chose of that Shemite descent to be the guardian of certain truths, and the one through which God would keep the revelation of His existence, His deity, and His oneness alive, down through time. We need to take note of that for reference later on.


We are entitling this message, “The Record of Genesis,” because a lot of people pick up the Bible and think that is just a name, not even realizing what the word Genesis pertains to. It has different meanings; but when you look at Webster’s dictionary, it first refers to it as the first book of the Bible; and then you find that Genesis in another meaning, refers to the history of the genes, or hereditary traits. When you take that word and break it down in actual word, gene or genetics, you get the whole picture. I will read what the dictionary reveals. It is the branch of biology study that deals with heredity and all its characteristics. The gene is that part of cell life in which chromosomes are incorporated. In these chromosomes are all the characteristics, representative of the predecessor. No saints, it was no accident that the first book of the Bible was named GENESIS; because it is actually a history of the genes, or genetics of mortal mankind upon the face of the earth. The Creator instilled this law of reproduction in such a way that whatever the nature, characteristics and such like of every species was to be in time, the flow of the genes through the reproductive factors down through time would bring out all these things that make one different from another. We can say when God created Adam, he was the son of God and he had a perfect nature. God instilled in him everything He wanted to see manifested in the lives of His human family in the generations to come. Remember when man was first created as a spirit being, God said to him, Be fruitful and multiply, and replenish the earth. That was the man’s foremost commission on this planet; and even though he failed to conduct himself according to God’s instructions and had a curse to deal with, he still had that commission to fulfill. Therefore we are going to take the book of Genesis and deal with it; and try to help some people who have trouble seeing the picture as it is. I have a few things written down and we will go through them real fast; but I want to be sure to get them in. The first chapter of Genesis gives you a record of how God dealt with the earth in restoring it back to a state of usefulness from its void state. Genesis 1:1 says, “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.” I believe that with all my heart. I have no problem with anything the scientific world discovers. None of what they discover changes the fact that God created the heaven and the earth. Well verse 2, says, “And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.” From that point He began to speak the word for various manifestations that brought the earth out of its void condition and restored it back to a habitable condition. In the conclusion then, God made man, a spirit being, in His own image and likeness. Chapter two shows how God dealt with that man He had created; and how God planted a garden, which was actually paradise, that little bit of heaven placed geographically in the Middle East where the geographical descriptions are already mentioned in the book. An animal kingdom was brought into existence. The third chapter is the record of what took place in that garden of paradise. The man was faced with a choice and he made the wrong choice. Because of that, he was driven from that beautiful realm of paradise. Chapters four and five deal with the genealogical flow of both the Cainite line as well as the Adam line through Seth. It plainly tells you in chapter 4, that after Cain and Abel, the two sons born to Eve outside the realm of paradise reached a certain age, they were both given the opportunity to express their devotion or recognition back to their Creator. To do that, there had to be a sacrifice offered up to God on the part of each individual; and they both did that. From that point on, events began to take on a drastic change. God accepted Abel’s offering; but rejected Cain’s; and that caused animosity, hostility on the part of Cain. That animal nature from his father’s side (The serpent was his father.) began to be manifested. We call it the serpent seed nature; but through this message, I am going to refer to it from time to time as the animal characteristics; because that is what the serpent was, an animal. He never was called a man. He is called the serpent. He was the highest form of the animal kingdom that God had made. He was the most subtle. The most intelligent is what it really means. When God created the original serpent, He created him to be a help mate for the man He put here on earth. If we look at it right, man could have said to the serpent, whatever name he might have given to him to distinguish him from others, We will do such and such today; and it would have been the serpent’s role to supply the labor. Think about it, If that was the serpent’s role, we have to realize that God created that creature with certain mental capabilities to understand the environment of earth, and to know what he was going to be able to do. He was not to be an animal trained to do something against his own nature: if you can catch my thought. Man can train a chimpanzee to ride a bicycle; but in his natural habitat, a chimpanzee is not looking for a bicycle to ride through the jungle. I have seen how man has trained these chimpanzees and also baboons to smoke a pipe; but you do not find them in their natural habitat looking for a cigar to smoke. That is just simply not something his natural instincts call for. I illustrate this in this way, to say to you, The serpent was not a creature that had to be told what carrying a bucket of water meant: if there had been any need for such a thing. He has all the capabilities to know exactly how to carry out the role God created him for. If we can see that, then we can understand why the devil, behind the scene, watching God’s program being put in motion, would want to do something to try to wreck God’s plan, turn it off course, and bring it to naught. The devil could not do what he wanted done; so he enlisted the help of Adam’s servant the serpent: to seduce Eve and cause her to bear a son that was half animal. No saints, you will not find this spelled out in detail anywhere in the Bible; but all the pieces to this picture are certainly in there: for the Holy Spirit to reveal to whomsoever He finds ready to receive them. However let us continue with the ground work for our message. Chapters 4 and 5 give you the genealogical flow of both the Cainite line after the death of Abel, and the Seth line, which is Adam’s next son that we find recorded in the ending of chapter 4. Chapter 5 gives you the genealogical descent of Seth, right on up to Noah. Of course we want to get to Noah to deal with our thought; but we need to get a couple more facts established before going on. Going back to the time Cain slew Abel and God has confronted him, you could say that God has judged Cain in a certain sense; for chapter 4, verse 16 says, “And Cain went out from the presence of the Lord, and dwelt in the land of Nod, on the east of Eden.” Just think about it, Adam and Eve had already been driven from the paradise realm. This proves that the little bit of heaven God had placed in a certain geographical area of the earth had been lifted. In other words, Right in the very geographical area of the earth where Adam and Eve had walked in the very presence of their Creator, they now had to go about their every day activities knowing the presence of God would no longer be there as before. They were not driven out of Eden; they were just simply denied the privilege of access into the spirit world. They became earth bound creatures dependent upon their five senses. Furthermore no one has ever been able to press into that heavenly realm by his or her own will since then. Anyhow the two sons Cain and Abel, were born in the same geographical area where Adam and Eve had been all along. They knew all the natural habitat of that area; but the fact that Adam and Eve were driven from this beautiful realm, lets us know that man can only relate to the natural realm, the earth itself. Then we find that Cain, after he slew Abel and God dealt with him, went out from the presence of the Lord. What does that mean, since God’s abiding presence had already been lifted from the Garden? It simply means Cain wanted to get completely away from everything that even reminded him of the days when he and Abel were growing up together as young boys. People are like that: once they mess up their lives by some wrong deed, they like to get as far away from everything connected with their former days as they possibly can. They cannot stand to be reminded of their failures. Where did Cain go? He went and dwelt in the land of Nod. Where would Nod be? On the east of Eden. All you have to do is look at a map because the Tigress and Euphrates rivers set the boundaries of the eastern portion of the garden of Eden. It means he went off into that part of the world which today is referred to as old Persia, Afghanistan and so that area. There, in that realm he felt like he was away from God. He did not have to live daily with convictions that tormented him. He went to a place where he felt he could do as he pleased, when he pleased, and not have to be concerned about the outcome of his actions. Actually he did not care very much about right or wrong; because his spirit makeup, at least much of it, was animal like in characteristics. No I am not saying Cain was an animal; but he did have that animal, serpent seed characteristics in his makeup which were given to the serpent by the Creator to make him completely adaptable to the earth. He was created to be a servant to the sons of God. Some may ask, Did the serpent resent that? Let me answer this way, None of God’s creatures knew anything about resentment and jealousy until after Satan began to work with them. The serpent was a tool in the hands of the devil. Well what was the devil after? He wanted more than anything else to defeat the plan of God. That is still his avowed purpose. When you read Isaiah 14:14, you find that he said, “I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High.” That is why God cast him down from his former estate in the first place: because of exalting himself; so he knew he could never have any success in fulfilling his plans, unless he could devise some kind of a plan to pervert and bring to naught the plan of God for His human family. Satan wants to be worshipped; and we are living in a day and hour when an awful lot of people are worshipping him in one way or another; but God’s little bride Church never will. Nevertheless what we see going on out in the world around us, the killings, rapes, child abuse, hatred and hostility are all a result of what the devil used the serpent to start six thousand years ago. Through the centuries of time violence of various sorts has had its high points in certain places; but we are getting close to the end of this age; so the overall conditions of society in general are destined to deteriorate steadily until the words of Jesus are fulfilled. “And as it was in the days of Noe, (Noah) so shall it be also in the days of the Son of man.” When we hear the news every morning, someone has been shot, molested, abused, terrorized, all over the world crime is on the increase; and behind it all is that same old instigator, Satan. Naturally one could say, What could have been going on in the days before the flood that is not going on right now? Well when you look at the acts of crime and violence in the world today you have to say, Nothing could have been worse. The only thing that makes it different is the overall scope of what is taking place. When society at large takes on the same attitude as those in Noah’s day, God will see that their cup of ungodliness is full; and that His word is fulfilled; and He will judge it. Notice two verses from the 6th chapter of Genesis: how God viewed those before the flood. (5) “And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually. (6) The earth also was corrupt before God, and the earth was filled with violence.” Every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually. That is how God saw that wicked society before the flood. Yet He was long-suffering. He waited all that time while Noah built the ark: before He judged them.


There are various things we are going to feed into this message as we go along; because I want to answer as many questions as I possibly can for those who have written or called to ask about certain things they did not understand. We can ask ourselves the question, Why did Satan choose to attack the plan of God the way he did? When the devil brought the serpent into the garden and inspired the serpent to approach Eve like he did, I want to remind all of you that he, being a spirit being also, knew the laws of reproduction. He knew all about the genetic flow; so he knew what move to make in order to inject something into humanity that could eventually become a tool in his hand: for the purpose of polluting the whole thing. That is why he approached Eve through the serpent. He considered it a master plan. The serpent was not the devil: as some have been guilty of saying. The serpent was the most intelligent and the highest form of the animal kingdom. Physically, as we have already stated, he had a makeup that greatly resembled the body of Adam. I would never go so far as to say he was as handsome as Adam; but from a distance they no doubt would have looked very much alike. We can actually say he was more a creature of strength and endurance, created to fulfill the earthly tasks for his master Adam. The intelligence the Creator had placed within the serpent was something Satan knew he could use: if he could just get him to deviate a little from his usual duties. Satan himself could not approach Eve: he needed a vessel to work through: so he went to work on the serpent, giving him the thought to seduce Eve. You have to remember, The serpent in his original form had vocal chords; and was very capable of carrying on a conversation such as is recorded in Genesis 3:1-7. You do not have to think of that conversation being between Eve and a snake hanging down from the limb of a beautiful apple tree: as most of traditional church going people picture it. That is so pathetic. It is no wonder the atheistic, scientific elements of the world make such laughingstocks of them: they do not have a clear picture of what they try to stand for. Those educated evolutionists come on so strong with their denial of the creation story in the Bible: simply because they find so much evidence of habitation on this planet millions of years ago. That is why they claim we are the gradual descendants of a long process of evolution: simply because they can go way back millions of years with what they base their beliefs upon; but we do not have to: because we know the truth about those things they are finding. We are fully persuaded, by the Bible account of what is commonly referred to as the creation story, that our genealogical beginning only dates back somewhere in the proximity of six thousand years. That in no way disproves what they are finding in the crust of the earth: it just reaffirms the fact that what is referred to as creation, pertaining to the earth itself, is in reality restoration of something that was created in the eons of ages past. Science is always looking for the missing link between man and the highest form of the animal kingdom; and the very fact that they will not believe the Bible record keeps them from finding it; because the serpent, in his original form was that link they are looking for. God stripped him of his arms and legs and put him out there in the reptile family to crawl on his belly. Let me remind you also, The serpent was not a carry over from the Ice Age. No. He was not some smart cave man that ran into a cave when it started getting cold, and went in so deep and had enough food in there that he kept himself in existence for how ever many thousands of years the Ice Age lasted. Neither was he something that was frozen instantly, like our scientists are wanting to freeze humans today, and keep them for a thousand or two thousand years until they get the discovery of how to cure the particular disease they are dying with; and then inject them with their discovery and let them live forever. No saints, when God judged that ancient, prehistoric world, everything that looked like man perished with everything else. That is why they find their bones in caves, in all kinds of graves and scattered to the ends of the earth. That was the end of it. When God made Adam, and his animal kingdom, many of those animals were miniature replicas of those that were destroyed. I hope you know what I mean, replica? Many lizards that are small today, are literally replicas of something that was a huge monster in the prehistoric hour of time. My point is, When God created Adam, and gave him an animal kingdom, He gave him an animal kingdom that he could relate to, one that he could be in control of. If we still had the dinosaurs today, I seriously doubt that this modern man could control them. On the other hand, the elephant, even being as huge as he is, man is able to control him. God willed it to be that way. Mankind today controls the animal kingdom: they just have to do much of it by force. As for the serpent, we just have to accept the fact he was the highest form of intelligence among the animal kingdom given to Adam to rule over. If the devil had left him alone, he never would have approached Eve the way he did. Naturally though, the devil knew God told Adam and Eve to be fruitful and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over every other moving creature; and he knew the process of reproduction; so that is what caused him to devise the plan whereby he would use the serpent to upset the whole process. That line of mankind that was half animal and motivated by the devil, was not about to walk with the Creator. God placed enmity between the seed of the woman and the seed of the serpent. The dictionary definition of enmity is deep-seated hatred or hostility; and that enmity remains even today. Eve never had any pleasant thoughts about that serpent, knowing what he had done. The question is asked me many times, Bro. Jackson, did the serpent have a wife. He absolutely did. He had the same responsibility to multiply that Adam did. Therefore God had to give him a mate also. People also ask, Where did Cain get his wife? She had to be his half sister: a daughter of Adam and Eve. Well, Bro. Jackson, I just cannot understand why God would do that. Why would He even allow Cain to reproduce, knowing the kind of fellow he was? There are a lot of things you and I will never understand as long as we allow our mind’s to run in that kind of channel. Keep in mind, God had a plan; and all of what you see going on is part of His plan. The devil did not catch the Creator off guard and put something over on Him. God knew what he would do; so He just incorporated the whole process into His overall plan. That is why the Bible says Jesus was as a Lamb slain before the foundation of the world. It is the responsibility of every child of God to try to understand His plan and do their utmost to flow with His plan. If there is something you do not understand, do not question God. He will reveal it to you in due time. Let God be the boss. If we give Him first place, everything will come out all right. All of the plan of God is right on schedule. To us, it looks like everything is out of control; but God knows every move any of us will ever make. Over in the land of Nod, where Cain went, there was no restraint. There was no written laws. When you read in the 4th chapter what began to develop as Cain’s line began to multiply, it was not very long until there was a man of that line, a man with the same name as Noah’s father, that had two wives. It even gives the names of his two wives. In this land of Nod, he was forced to kill a man in self defense. Cain slew a man out of jealousy; but this man slew a man in self defense. In reading the Bible account of both lines you begin to notice certain things that stand out. Cain’s begat a son, named him Enoch, built a city and named the city after his son. We find also that Cain’s line produced inventors and craftsmen of many sorts. They knew exactly how to go about the melting and shaping of brass. Where did that knowledge come from, you say? It came from the serpent. As I said, the serpent had in him all the earthly knowledge by which to carry out his earthly job he was created to perform. He was not a creature to be found walking around saying, I don’t understand this: What am I supposed to do here? If he was the most intelligent, the most subtle, you have to realize the Creator had created him and given him a an intellectual capability to fulfill everything Adam, who was to be the ruler, would ever tell him to do; so that intelligence in earthly matters came on down through Cain’s line: because the serpent was Cain’s father. It is just that simple. Not only were there craftsmen and inventors in that line: some of them became skilled musicians also. It says nothing about any of Seth’s line being musicians; but I want to remind you of something you need to keep in mind. Music is very much in the program of God. How do I know that? Because when you read the Bible you find it to be so. In the book of revelation, you read of golden harps in heaven. If there are golden harps seen in heaven, then I know music has a place on earth within the lives of God’s family. That is confirmed when you read the Psalms. As for why the scriptures speak of those Cainite creatures being skilled in the harp and the organ, you just have to realize Satan has always had a parallel for everything God has: only his version is always perverted. You are living in a world today, that really rocks and rolls. The thing about it is this, The Spirit of God in true believers just simply cannot tolerate that satanic beat in much of the music of this present age. You just have to know, If God has a music and a way He wants to be worshipped with it, the devil has a counterpart and it is always a perversion. Since Satan’s real aim is to have the majority on his side to crowd out what God is doing, we can see why there began to be the very roots of what music, in some secular realms has actually been down through the centuries of time. I noticed on a little tabloid magazine the other day as I was going through the check out line of a store, A woman claims she has been healed of throat cancer because of licking one of those Elvis Presley postage stamps. She licked it to put it on a letter; and now she claims to have been healed. Brothers and Sisters, we are living in an hour when the devil is coming on the scene in all his power. If there is not already, there will no doubt be an Elvis Presley religion very soon. All of this just serves to show us how Satan has influenced the mind and spirit of modern mankind. The devil can wrap people around his finger and lead them off into any kind of cultish allegiance, just by exposing them to some kind of excitement, something that appears to be a miracle. All of that sort of things can be traced all the way back to the 4th chapter of Genesis: where it records that which was taking place among Cain’s descendants over there in the land of Nod. As time moved on and all those characteristics begin to be manifested among the Cainites, polygamy, killing in self defense, the inventions, the various works in brass and things of that nature, as well as the music, not one bit of it was done in any fashion or form to please or glorify God. Why? Because Cain left Eden to dwell in the land of Nod, to get away from God. They did not want to be convicted or reminded in any way of anything that was wrong. Since there is no book written, there they are left to reproduce, multiply, grow, invent, do anything and everything they choose to do without any interference. Then when Satan had, through the genetic flow of Cain’s line, brought about certain characteristics which flow and manifest through the flesh realm, he began to bring on another creature. With this other creature he was going to take another stab at God.


To get the whole picture fixed in our mind’s of the route Satan took trying to out-do the Creator, we have to look at chapter 6 and pay close attention to how it is worded. Chapters 4 and 5 give the genealogy of both sides multiplying on earth, and chapter 6 goes back and picks up the story at a point in time when Satan was allowed to make another move trying to thwart the plan of God. I can truthfully say this, If the events recorded in chapter 6 had never happened, and the two lines would have always remained separate, then there would be two different kinds of human beings here on earth today; and no one would have any trouble telling them apart. One would automatically live pleasing to God from birth: with imputed death being the only thing to think about. Satan was not content to let the picture rest like that though: he was out to do something far worse than just breeding up a line of humanity that had no thought about ever pleasing the Creator. This lets us know why Paul would write like he did in Ephesians 1 concerning the foreknowledge of God. Before the foundation of the world God fore knew all about Eden, all about Satan, and all about what would take place in the garden. He knew every creature that would be born on the face of this earth, and His actions were all based on His foreknowledge. When we look at this thing, the flow of the genes, what Satan was doing in the land of Nod, he was absolutely interjecting into the spirit of this human like creature, which was Cain’s line of men, attributes that were evil and therefore displeasing to God. I think of it in this fashion, As that line began to multiply over in the land of Nod, a place without any restraint or conviction, those men were no doubt just like a lot of what we see in the world today: a woman to them was just for one thing, sexual pleasure. Aside from that, they were ready to knock their head’s off, curse them and terrorize them. In my childhood, I never remember hearing of a man ever hitting his wife. I have heard the older ones say something like, Mr. and Mrs. So and So don’t seem to be getting along very well; but I never heard of any man hitting his wife. Even though a lot of people never did darken the door of a church building, our society in former days had been molded after an early Christian principle. When our forefathers began to land on the eastern shores of this new world, they set up that kind of standards for society to be guided by. It is true, there were cut throats that came here too. There were adventure seekers, some as mean as snakes; but they did not have a part in establishing principles. I have read about the puritan influence among those forefathers that left the old world to get out from under the control of the old religious state system. It was absolutely a shame for a man to be guilty of hitting a woman. There was a time when those early settlers would take it upon themselves to investigate, if they even heard that there was a family where the wife or a child was abused by the father. If they found it to be so, they went and cut some switches and tied them in a bundle and laid them on the man’s door step. Did you ever read of this in history? I have. What was the purpose of that? They laid the switches on the man’s door step with no note attached. When he saw those switches, that was a message to him that the community knew all about him. If he did not straighten up and do right, sooner or later the community would take matters into their own hands. There were cases recorded, where they would come and use those switches on a man. Of course our modern society would say, Oh that is so primitive, and it may very well be; but it kept a lot of things out of the court room. If we were permitted to have a little bit of community discipline in our day and time, and it could be administered with wisdom and the right principle and motive, we would not have all of this lawlessness you see in the world today. Just remember my comments, and let us read a few verses of chapter 6. “And it came to pass, (after a period of time which would have been many years) when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them, (The word men used here, has to pertain to those of Cain’s lineage. I want to say for the sake of denominational critics, It matters not how much Hebrew or Greek you know, this word men used here does not imply that these were sons of God. They were men, yes, but that is all you could call them. Certainly they did not descend from Adam. They were descendants of Cain. You distort the whole thing, if you try to make them anything else.) That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose.” I am going to ask you this question, Will you agree with me that in order for daughters to be born from this line of men, there had to be females already reproduced in that realm? Why does this stand out in this verse? What about it, that stands out like this? It just goes to show that when a certain point in time came, Satan began to use that younger generation of Cainite female creatures. Naturally you would not be able to go to a library and get a picture or book that would describe them; but if you want to see first hand what they were like, all you have to do is go to just about any of the larger cities, and when the sun goes down and darkness takes over the City, there are certain streets that are known for all sorts of evil deeds. You find one of them and from nightfall to daybreak, the streets are lined with half naked prostitutes, queers, and perverts of every description. They will not sew, they will not cook, they want no part of being a mother: They are out for just one purpose. They are out there to use their bodies any way they need to: to get what they want momentarily. You can drive through certain streets of Louisville, Kentucky at certain times of the night, and you will see some of those daughters of men parading themselves around. It matters not what race, color or creed they are of, they are all led and motivated by the same spirit. I want to make another point also. When it says in Genesis 6:1, “And daughter were born unto them,” talking about the men of Cain’s line, it really points to a time when there was an explosion in the genetic flow of that reproduction; and there were a lot more girl babies born to them than boy babies. Of course there are people who will say, That is merely an assumption. Well to you it may appear that way; but you have to realize, If everything had been kept in balance between boy and girl babies born, those women would have had no reason to put themselves on display before the sons of God, (Seth’s line). This was all the work of the devil; but God allowed it. Some people have such a hard time understanding why God would allow Satan to do all the things he does: if God knew ahead of time how it would be; but that is the perfectness of the plan of God. He has it designed in such a way that when it is all over, those that are His will shine as the brightness of the sun; because they will have been tempted and tested by all of Satan’s evil devices and chosen to be true to God. That way, Satan will never have any reason to accuse any of them to their Creator like he did Job; because He allowed Satan to test every one of them with all he had. That is why when you read the 20th chapter of Revelation, you see the devil being allowed to test all of those born in the Millennium era while he was chained up. God will allow no one to enter into that eternal age that has not overcome the devil’s temptations. God knows what He is doing and what He is after, it is just that we mortals do not fully understand His long-suffering grace. He is in no hurry. He is not going any place. Therefore when He finally has His foreknown family gathered into eternity, all dwelling in immortality, all will be clean and pure. That is what God is willing to wait seven thousand years for; because He does not dwell in time. Time is in Him. I hope this little explanation will help you see why God is willing to let the devil have as much room to operate as you see him have. He is really an instrument in the hands of God; because he can only do what God allows him to; but what he is allowed to do puts every living soul to the test: so they have to decide where their allegiance is. One thing is sure, The things we see every day sure makes us realize we live in a world full of hate. We live in an environment of hate, lust and greed; and every sort of perversion the mind of mortal mankind can possibly think of; so what would make anyone even dare to think the serpent seed no longer exists? Surely no one in their right mind would think the sons of God are the ones responsible for the condition the world is in. No. The devil really thinks he has everything going his way though; because so few people really do know the truth about how all this evil got started in the first place. I just have to remind you, When those daughters of man (from Cain’s line) began to parade themselves before the sons of God, I assure you they did not come from the land of Nod dressed like saintly, godly women. They came from the land of Nod looking like what you see parading the streets of America in the heat of summer. They will have on just as little clothing as they can possibly get by with. Each one is out to show their legs and as much of the rest of their body as they can. You hear them boast: I am proud of my body. That is how most of them feel about showing their nakedness. I saw on TV where they were interviewing this certain woman; and I could hardly believe some of the things I heard her say. She is a model; and was testifying of how much she loved God, and how she felt like she was glorifying God by being that kind of sex model. I thought to myself, How blind, dumb, and spiritually ignorant can human beings be, to sit and listen to such a testimony and then publicize it on TV? A person like that is just another tool in the hands of Satan; but there are always those who will fall for something like that. If you ask me, a lot of people give God credit for things I can assure you He wants no part of. The only way anyone can glorify God is by doing things that please Him; and I have yet to find anything in the Bible to promote a lot of the things people are doing in the name of the Lord. Saints, we are at the end. If you want to see how it was in the days of Noah and Lot, there is no need to search books in the Library: just pay attention to what is going on in our day. You have almost totally naked people in public places, as well as perversion and wickedness in every walk of life. Furthermore the trend is toward wearing even less than they already are, without feeling condemned. People like that do not want to feel guilt. Now do not misunderstand me, I am not placing all the blame for our low state of morality on bad women. For every bad woman that remains to be bad, there has to be a man in the picture somewhere: Maybe more than one, that is chasing after her. Some of the men roaming the streets of our cities today are worse than animals. As for those sons of God that began to take wives from the Cain line, No one made them do that. Opportunity was presented and those sons of God willingly took those Cainite women for their wives. What went wrong? It just goes to show, when man is confronted with the opportunity or possibility for a test, right then is when he must of necessity rely strictly upon his heart’s dedication to his master. Those who think of themselves first are prone to do wrong. When Eve was made to think of her own pleasure instead of the commandment of her Creator, look what she did. If she had not done what she did, there would be no necessity for a message such as this. Let us just read those first two verses of chapter 6 again, and notice the wording. “And it came to pass, when men (Cain’s line) began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them, That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose.” The sons of God had to be the Adamic or Sethite line that was propagated. The sons of God are certainly not angels: as some would like for you to believe. They saw the daughters of men that they were fair. First let me ask you a question. Does it not say that daughters were born to those sons of God? Of course it does. It does not say how many. Therefore there is no way to know whether there were enough daughters born to the sons of God for every man to take a wife from among them or not. I believe there were until the sons of God began to go to the other side for their wives; but judging by the number of years men like Jared, Methuselah and Lamech waited before taking a wife, I am prone to believe God began to restrict the flow of daughters born to the sons of God line: after the transgression started. They saw that the daughters of men were fair. The Dictionary defines that word fair, as beautiful or lovely; but I believe we have to read between the lines and see that those women were actually presenting themselves to those sons of God in a provocative way and they yielded to the temptation that was placed before them. Another thing I notice in verse 2, is that they took them wives of all which they chose. In other words there was plenty to go around. That meant they could take two or three or as many as they wanted; because there were no restrictions. There is no reason to think that each son of God just took one of those daughters of men; because polygamy had already been in practice over there among that other line. Once those sons of God gave in to that spirit that caused those women to present themselves to them, it just simply turned into a wholesale flow of transgressions. That spirit first worked on Eve, in the garden of Eden. She was the first to give in to the temptation to disobey God. That is how that other line got started; so do not think Satan would pass up the chance to use Cain’s seed to further his plan of interrupting the purpose of God. Furthermore there is no reason to believe every son of God begotten by those firstborns did what we are reading about in chapter 6; but a sizable number of them did; and eventually the genetic flow was all mixed up. That was Satan’s tool; and he has used it to full advantage. He has been able to incorporate heredity characteristics into the genetic flow that are completely alien to what God is after. By this means, he has bred up evil and perversion. By this very means, he plans to pollute the entire planet. You say, Bro. Jackson, that sounds almost preposterous. Well I do not see why it should. When I read in the book of Acts how a few people in the upper room on the day of Pentecost were so sold out to God, how dedicated and consecrated they were; and how the Church at Ephesus was so on fire for God that six other Churches sprang from it: Then forty years later, look at the shape the Church at Thyatira was in. They all (all seven of those congregations) had walked in truth and had been loyal to it; but along came that antichrist spirit planting little thoughts of self indulgence; and by the time forty years had passed the Church at Thyatira even had a woman in the congregation calling herself a prophetess; and teaching the servants of God to commit fornication, and to eat things sacrificed unto idols. You can read these types in the 2nd and 3rd chapters of the book of Revelation and it should show you exactly how the devil works. No matter how clean something may start out, in a short order of time Satan can mess it all up. That is why no one should think it so strange that Satan was behind those mixed marriages we read about in Genesis, chapter 6. Through those mixed marriages, he was able to introduce evil characteristics into the Sethite blood line. When that happened, and the Lord saw what the whole human race was caught up in He said, (Genesis 6:3) “My Spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also is flesh: yet his days shall be an hundred and twenty years.” Again I say, You can see why the Bible speaks of God being long-suffering. Seeing all of that evil, and knowing that the thoughts of mankind were continually evil, God still waited all that time before He brought judgment upon them. Little by little, after the flood, God saw to it that the longevity of life which had been so outstanding before the flood, would taper down to less than a hundred years. Noah lived 950 years; but now the average life span is 70 years. As the population increased, man’s life span decreased. God has the whole thing balanced out.


We see something in verse 4, that begins to reveal what those mixed marriages were producing. (Gen 6:4) “There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.” That was the category of people the devil was after, giants. Both physically and mentally. Not only were they huge in physical size: they were intellectual giants also. I can see them today, Professor Fosdick, Professor Greenleaf, Professor This, Professor That, Doctor This, Doctor That. None of them ever say a thing about having any hope in God: yet society in general looks upon them as marvelous, wonderful men. They would say, We need more like them. Watch some of these talk show hosts: if they have someone they really want to interview and present them to the world as something important, it is never really a dedicated Christian person they look to. No. They would rather have a politician, or a scientist that is working on some new discovery. The world in its degenerate, unsaved state looks upon these men of great renown as though they are the only ones that should partake of honor and prestige. There goes that poor little Holy Ghost child of God living in this wicked world, doing their best to mind their business, doing their best to work and make an honest living without making themselves liable to anything, and the world never recognizes them as being anything. I have to say, One of these days this world is going to belong to those people society in general looks upon as something they would rather do without. There used to be a time in our nation when ministers in every community, would be called upon to come in and speak to a class now and then. Why do they not do that any more? They do not want God in their schools. Where did they get that idea to shut God out of the picture? From Cain. He went out from the presence of God. He went to the land of Nod trying to get completely away from god. That is what the Bible says. I remember years ago when I was in the 6th and 7th grades at the Borden Indiana School. There was an old soldier, that had been a chaplain in WW1. Every year at a certain time, around Armistice Day, in the fall of the year, he would come through the area. He would notify the school that he would be passing through; and they would give him one period to speak to the students. He would stand and speak of various experiences he had encountered; and there were no parents calling the school the next day to protest. I have heard that man tell how conditions were in WW1, how he lived in the trenches in France, in the mud and everything; and how one time when he was cut off from those he was supposed to be with, he found an old horse wandering and that old horse was what he needed to get where he was supposed to be. Being cut off from his outfit and hungry, he was in quite a predicament; but that old Army horse enabled him to get back in contact with his outfit. To a young person that was all a story; but he told it in a such a way that it let you know he believed it was God’s way of looking after him in the predicament he was found in. When that man would make his speech, he would always tell the young students, Don’t forget, There is a Creator that put you here. As you grow up in life, and one day go out on your own, don’t forget to trust in Him. Now tell me, Did that hurt anyone, to hear that? You know it did not. Yet I ask you, How many institutions do you know of today, that will reach out and allow a speaker like that to speak to their people? They just simply do not want to hear what a true man of God would have to say. No. Elvis Presley, or some other rock star, or some pervert that would not give God two minutes of his time is what the world in general is reaching out to today. Yes saints, you have to admit, This is what the devil was after way back there in the Garden of Eden, when He inspired the serpent to seduce Eve. His aim was to eventually pollute the whole genetic flow of man’s capability to reproduce himself in his original likeness, that likeness we find written in the scriptures. In Genesis 1:27, we find these words, “So God created man in HIS own image, in the image of God created He him; male and female created He them.” How much of the image and likeness of God do you see in the average person out here in the world today? Oh yes, they have a mental capacity to think and make decisions; but upon close examination you find that their thoughts are for the most part upon everything but God. If you are one of those who just simply cannot possibly see how the picture we are presenting could possibly be, then I ask you, How do you account for all of the evil attributes in the world’s society today? God did not create Adam and Eve to genetically reproduce themselves with children who would automatically have the nature to hate, murder, lie, cheat, steal and pervert the natural use of their physical makeup: so you explain to me how this nature got into the genes of mortal mankind, if not the way we are presenting to you. Frankly there is nothing anyone could say that would change the picture I see in this blessed old Book we are reading these scriptures from. Satan has been allowed to insert into the genetic flow of mankind all of his own attributes: so that every little baby born into the world today has within its inherited makeup the attributes of both good and evil. That had already happened back before the flood of Noah’s day. That is why we see written in Genesis 6:5-7, the words I am going to read to you. “And God saw that the wickedness of man [was] great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart [was] only evil continually. (That shows how wickedness with its hard sell multiplies so much faster than righteousness: because it is all designed for instant pleasure to the physical makeup of man.) And it repented the Lord that He had made man on the earth, and it grieved Him at His heart. And the Lord said, (the great Creator) I will destroy man whom I have created from the face of the earth; both man, and beast, and the creeping thing, and the fowls of the air; for it repenteth me that I have made them.” That is how God saw that great multitude of mortal humanity dwelling upon the earth: after those pure seed sons of God had left the scene in death. They had death in them: because of Adam’s disobedience to his Creator; but there were no attributes of evil and wickedness in them. Their children could have had those satanic attributes in them, if they were the fruit of mixed marriages: after the sons of God began to take Cainite women for their wives; but no pure bred son of God had anything adverse in his genetic makeup except death. The Creator imputed death to Adam; and that death sentence passed down to every baby born of woman since then. Now, because of our inherited nature, every last one of us needed to be reconciled to God: when we reached the time in life that we knew the difference between right and wrong. As I said earlier, Every one of us have a little or a lot of the serpent seed nature in us: because of those mixed marriages back before the flood. The flood got rid of that great multitude of wicked people; but it did not rid mankind of those inherited attributes: because Noah (though he found grace in the sight of God; and was spared because he chose to serve God) still had that fallen nature in his genes: simply because he himself was not a pure seed of the sons of God line. He and his family were spared from destruction and given the responsibility of replenishing the earth with their offspring; but they every one had those serpent seed traits in them. Therefore the death sentence hanging over mankind is two fold: both physical and spiritual; and the reconciliation to God only cancels out the spiritual death sentence: the natural death sentence still hangs over every living person whose number of days are spent upon earth before the rapture of the bride Church takes place. Have no fear though, if your heart is right with God when you go into that old grave, you will come forth in an immortal body one of these days: never to be subject to death any more. Furthermore let me make it clear that I have nothing against education, nor against scientific discoveries, nor against people being recognized for outstanding lives and service. I just simply feel that all of that is vain: if God is left out of the picture. Now I have some things written down, that I will read to you: to be sure they are included in the message. In the land of Nod, Satan had manifested certain attributes that would affect the genetic flow of Cain’s line of reproduction. Among them are murder, polygamy, skill as craftsmen, such as workers in brass and so forth. Are you against manufacturing? No. That is not the point. The point is, it is earthly, and Cain’s line is capable of doing only that which is earthly. They do nothing seeking to glorify their maker. Music was also among those things mentioned in Cain’s line; and I am not against music. I love the right kind of music. God uses music; so it is not music itself that is evil: it is what evil people use it for, that we have to disapprove of. After the mixing of the two lines started, then came homosexuality, incest, greed, lust and all those attributes that are contrary to the nature God created His son Adam with. Let me take you to the 1st chapter of Romans, where the apostle Paul dealt with the same thing we are looking at in this message. You would have to read a few verses before verse 28, to get the build up to what Paul spoke of in these verses; but I am only reading the verses that list so many of those evil attributes. Notice, (verses 28-32) “And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient; (or fit) Being filled with all unrighteousness, fornication, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder, debate, deceit, malignity; whisperers, Backbiters, haters of God, spiteful, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents, Without understanding, covenant breakers, without natural affection, implacable, unmerciful: Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them.” That is the way evil people are: they not only enjoy doing those things that are contrary to the will of the Creator, they take great pleasure in getting others to do likewise. Those who take dope are not satisfied just to ruin their own lives: they are always looking for others they can take down that road to destruction with them. This sort thrive on anything and everything that is contrary to the righteous principles of the Creator. Every day, when we hear the News Broadcast’s, we hear of just about everything the apostle Paul mentioned in those few verses; and the devil is glorified in every bit of it. Look at the violence going on in our present society, the crime, the molestations, the brutality, the inconsistency; and tell me we are not living very close to the time God will again judge the whole thing. They did not stop for one minute to recognize God and give Him credit for anything; and we have a society just like it. That is what the devil was after from the very beginning: when he sent the serpent to beguile Eve. Actually the devil is worshipped and glorified in what you see out there today. You might say, Oh Bro. Jackson I think the world is getting better; but if you do, I will say, Show me how and where. It is not getting better. Regardless of what man may discover, and regardless of who makes peace with whom, if we do not have the Spirit of God in our heart’s the world is not getting better. Having a few conveniences does not make the world better. These conveniences we have in America today have not made American people thankful to God for anything. It has only made them discontent, ungrateful and unthankful to God, because they do not like to glorify God as being the God that has allowed man to invent certain things for the betterment of life. The same spirit that denies creation, also denies that God had anything to do with enabling man to invent things to make life easier for us.


Actually it would be utterly impossible to draw any kind of diagram to even portray to you in exact details what really went on as the sons of God began to look upon the daughters of men, (which was Cain’s line) and they began to take unto themselves wives of their own choosing. We have just used these three colors on the chart up here behind me, not to try and pinpoint the exact generation the mixed marriages began to take place in, but just to illustrate the fact that somewhere prior to the time Methuselah was born this was going on: because Enoch gave his first born son a name that spoke of impending judgment. The name Methuselah means, When he is gone it (judgment) will come. The flood came the very year Methuselah died. As I have said before, It was no accident that the first book of the Bible is called Genesis. It is actually a history of the genetic flow of mankind upon the earth. have you ever looked up the word genesis, in the dictionary? Do you know what is says? The beginning; or origin. That is exactly what the Book of Genesis gives us: not just the origin of the sons of God; but also the origin of the seed of the serpent which walk around in human flesh. I am sure this sounds pretty plain spoken to a lot of you; but what would it accomplish just to give it that conjecture treatment your denominational theologians use? If you are led by God to deal with something: get your facts together and put it out so people who want to know the truth can understand it. We all know the word gene, or genes pertains to the genetic flow of a species. Therefore be assured that the word Genesis not only gives us a name to call the first book of the Bible by, it also gives us an explanation to a certain degree of the contents of that book. Just remember, when we speak of the genes of man we are speaking of a law that governs the hereditary characteristics that is to be manifested in every human being that is to be born. Now I said all of that for the benefit of those who want to say, (when we come to Noah’s hour, and the scripture says Noah was 500 years old and begat Shem, Ham, and Japheth) Were they triplets? No. Because two other passages of scriptures refer to Japheth as the elder and Ham as the younger. You do not find a scripture that tells when Japheth, Noah’s first born was born. From Adam it tells you the age of each father when his first son was born, right on down the line, when the firstborn was born, all the way to the birth of Noah. I am looking at all these numbers showing how old each one was. Those who want to presumptuously say Noah was a pure seed in that genetic flow from Adam, fail to look at all the evidence that speaks otherwise. He found favor with God. I am going to read the 8th & 9th verses of the 6th chapter; and we will talk about what that means. “But Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord. These are the generations of Noah: Noah was a just man and perfect in his generations, and Noah walked with God.” Being perfect in his generation has nothing at all to do with his genetic circumstances. It does not tell you whether he was or was not a pure seed. We have to look at what the scriptures DO tell us; and allow the Holy Ghost to put the picture together for us. What we do know is that God found Noah to be the only one left at a certain juncture of time that had a desire to walk with Him. Enoch walked with God and God took him. Noah walked with God and God spared him and his family from destruction. That is two facts we find clearly written. As for whether Noah was a pure seed or not, I challenge those who claim he was, to explain to me why he never had a daughter born to him: since that was the way the pure seed was kept pure. Think of that. You would have to realize it is the father that determines the sex gender of every child. Is there any that would disagree? I am glad God allowed me to be a farmer. Through the years of time, as you study the various genetic traits and things that go on in the animal kingdom, you learn a few things. It is a fact, every man who specializes in dairy cattle, is always busy building up a herd for peak milk production. (Of course you realize I am standing before a mixed audience, but there are some facts that need to be presented). Every dairy man knows it is the male cow that determines the sex of the offspring. Therefore no dairy man wants a male cow to mate to his herd, if he is known for always producing male calves. If he is careless about that, he is going to lose out. He is not going to be able to raise replacement female cows, heifers, to replace the older ones when they reach a time they need to be culled out. He makes it his business to purchase that male cow that is known to father a higher percentage of female calves. In the breeding industry, where they are always dealing with the registered realm, they determine what cows they will breed into, because they are going to breed him to heavy milk producers. It is their way of pulling the characteristics of what the mother in her milk production can pass off into her offspring, and at the same time they are depending on the male to pass off, by his capabilities, that of the female gender. Now by saying that, you have to realize the Creator that created you and me, when He made the first man Adam, then later took from his side a help mate, God set in motion a law that is going to overshadow these two creatures and the genetic flow through time, how human life was going to be affected by this law of reproduction. The devil knew that. That is why he wanted something as a tool that he could begin to inject something to dilute that which was created flawless. That is why I read those first three verses earlier. I have said this in other messages, I do not know at what time there began to be the overall mixing of the two lines. It is not necessary to know that, in order to have a true revelation of WHAT happened. Certainly we would agree that it was not a complete merging all at once. It was a gradual process. However in the early days of Enoch’s life, (who was the seventh from Adam) He was aware of something terrible going on in the world. No doubt he spent much time in prayer because of it; so God just lifted him up out of the mixed up mess. Let us notice the age of his father when he took a wife and fathered him. From Adam to Jared, just look at the ages of those first born’s, when their first born sons came upon the scene. 130, 105, 90, 70, 65; but then it jumped from 65 to 162 years. That tells me something began to take place, that made it more difficult for those sons of God to find a proper wife. Keep in mind, he was the first born. It was the same from Enoch on. Remember, All of those mentioned by name were first born sons of their father. In God’s perfect plan of reproduction of sons and daughters, there never would have been a point in time when there would have been an imbalance of male and female. God is perfect. That is why we have to say, When Seth was born, how could he have ever produced another of his own kind, if there had not been a daughter born of the same parents, with the same genetic qualities he carried? That is why it says after the birth of Seth, Adam begat sons and daughters. We do not know how many. There is no record of that. However knowing that God Himself does not mess up, I am convinced there was a perfect balance of male and females born to those first few generations. It was only after the devil was permitted to begin to bring those daughters of men (the Cainite women) to display their bodies in a way that caused the sons of God to yield to the temptation, and begin to take them for wives, that God began to control the birth of daughters on the sons of God side. When the Bible says, “And it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them, That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose,” do you think that means they were so white in complexion that their skin tone exceeded in fairness any other complexion? Not at all. The word fair, to me, is a camouflage word. Keep in mind, Moses wrote this record 1400 B.C., while leading the children of Israel out of Egyptian bondage. This is not a story handed down from mouth to ear. This is a revelation. This is something God had communicated to him and he wrote it exactly the way God communicated it to him. There is no need to say God could not do that, if you believe the Bible; for it is written that God told Moses exactly how to construct the Tabernacle in the wilderness, what to put in it, and how to use it. Yes, God gave Moses the record of man’s existence on this planet and all about the flood, and why the flood was sent upon that element of people. If Moses had been recording this by traditional handed down stories, then there might be some room for error; but it was not that way. No doubt there may have come through the flood, through the family of Noah, and on into Abraham’s hour, legends. The world is full of legends today; but we need to realize the book of Genesis is not a legendary book. It is a record of genetic, biological qualities and characteristics that human beings, mankind in general has reflected down through time as they multiplied on the earth. It does not matter what generation the first mixing of the two seed lines first began to take place. I do not know; and neither does anyone else; but it did happen; and God was ready for it because He looked ahead. He is never caught napping. You must realize, if Satan makes a move, God knows exactly how to move centuries ahead, and block his approach, lest he get the upper hand. When God permits him to make a move, God always knows what his objective is. Then in return, He knows exactly how to block it, and allow it to only reach a certain point. When all of this began to take place God knew exactly what Satan was after: yet He allowed it to happen; because out of it all He (God) would eventually have a family that had come through every adverse condition the devil could devise, and be completely pure. To Satan I can hear God say, You intend to pollute every gene, mix it up until the hour will be when man is nothing but an animal. Well go ahead; but your plan has its limitations. I have tried to illustrate something to you through the use of this chart. The blue line represents that element of the sons of God line that did not necessarily become victimized by what Satan, through the Cainite line was doing, when those daughters of men began to come on strong to those sons of God. There was longevity of life in this sons of God line; and I have to believe that since God knew what Satan was doing, He also knew exactly how to block it and only allow certain things to be done, that in the end God would still perfect His own plan. Therefore without any proof other than the fact Noah did not father any daughters, I have to believe God allowed the daughters of Cain’s line to multiply in such greater proportion to the males of that line, that they were forced by circumstances to look to the sons of God for male companionship. At the same time, the birth rate of daughters on the sons of God side became very low in comparison to the males. Of course there are those who will say, If that be true, then God helped the devil with his plan. Saints: You must realize that God could have prevented the whole thing; but if He had, then Satan would have had occasion to do exactly as he did in the case of the man Job, later on. He said to God, “Doth Job fear God for nought? Hast not thou made an hedge about him, and about his house, and about all that he hath on every side? thou hast blessed the work of his hands, and his substance is increased in the land. But put forth thine hand now, and touch all that he hath, and he will curse thee to thy face.” Most of you are familiar with this story. It just proves that the children of God must overcome all the power and temptations of the devil. They cannot shun them and glorify God in doing so. God did not force the devil to do as he has done; but at the same time He has not built a permanent hedge around His children to prevent them from being tempted by Satan’s evil schemes. By allowing Satan to go this route, God ends up with sons and daughters that have been tested and tried, and have come forth as pure gold. Human reasoning has no place in any of this. What we are looking at, only makes sense when it is seen through spiritual eye sight. I see a picture where God has a family that loves and worships Him without having to be forced to do so. It is a family that has had much of the world’s pleasures and possessions offered to them if they would just simply step over into Satan’s playground for a little while; and they have chosen to walk with God instead. That is exactly what Enoch and Noah did: chose to walk with God, when their friends and loved ones were selling out to worldly pleasures. That is still a choice that every true child of God is faced with in this life; but the eternal reward makes up for anything we deny ourselves of for the sake of righteousness in this life.


As I said earlier, All you have to do is look at this modern world of today; and you can get a pretty accurate picture of what it was like in the days before the flood: when Noah found grace in the eyes of God. You can travel to the far extremities of the earth; and you will find that Satan’s influence has already been there. I tell you, it is a pitiful shame, to see how some females will appear in public places and how they will conduct themselves. Last fall when we went to Russia, we flew to St. Louis, Missouri and got on the American Airlines to fly to Paris France. When we got to Paris, we made our way into the upper area of the terminal and found that the whole place was packed with people of every description. We have always heard how women in Paris portray themselves; and how they conduct themselves character wise. Well saints, My remarks are not meant to belittle any French person that may at some time hear what I am about to say: I am only telling what we saw. When we finally decided we wanted a little refreshment, we had to wait for a table. We found one that had just been vacated; and my wife took the table while I went over to the counter line and waited for my opportunity to place an order. I was literally shocked: when all of a sudden there stood a man and woman, the woman I thought, had to be some French girl, possibly 23 or 24 years of age. That girl did not have on enough clothes to hardly even say she was clothed. She was standing there with a long haired character that was supposed to be a man. I readily say, I am what I am only by the grace of God; and I know it; but both of them were a disgrace to the human race. I turned my head away: I did not even want to look at them. I was raised up in a time when girls did not want to look anything like that girl did. In that Paris airport, I could hardly believe what I was seeing. You would be shocked to, if you had not been there before: to see those males, some of them middle aged men, running around there with what looked like 19 and 20 year old girls: with barely enough clothes on to even say they were clothed. If you are wondering why I would even bother to tell something like that, I will tell you. I will do it with a question. What do you think those daughters of men looked like when the sons of God began to look upon them and see that they were fair, or desirable? It was not the complexion of their skin: that made them fair; it was the way they presented themselves: with such a come on attitude. They could not have cared less, what anyone thought about them. They had one motive in mind: They were advertising themselves to those sons of God. That is the way the devil wanted it back then; and that is the way he wants it today: in the hour of time we live in. If you say anything about it, immediately you are looked upon as a fanatic. This is the way it is going to be from now until the end, only much worse. It would be no surprise to me if it gets so this modern, teen aged society of women are so debased, and their conscious state of thinking so far from God, they will not even blush when told that they are naked. Their attitude is, I do not have to wear what you think I ought to wear. This is the attitude that is breaking down those poor souls out here in denominational religion that at one time had some moral convictions about such things. It will never get any better until Jesus comes; but it is hard to think about the world we live in going that way. When that began to take place back before the flood God knowing what the law of genetics would produce said, Satan, I will beat you to the gate. It is true that all of those first born sons of Seth fathered sons and daughters; but as you read the genealogy of those sons you get to a point where much time elapses before some of them take a wife and father a son. Look how old Jared was before he fathered Enoch. Why did he wait so long? Of course Enoch was only 65 when Methuselah was born; but then Methuselah was 187 before he begat Lamech; and Lamech was 182 when he begat Noah. The Bible tells us Enoch walked with God; but the very fact that he gave his son a prophetic name proves that there was something going on in society that was not right at the time of Methuselah’s birth. Then Methuselah waiting 187 years before he begat Lamech gives us another clue. Why the big gap? The point is, If the pure seed had existed all the way down to here, (to Lamech) in order for Noah to be a pure seed, (as some want to believe) it plainly tells us Lamech begat sons and daughters after the birth of Noah. Is that not what the record says? Well why did Noah, another man who walked with God, have to take a wife of mixed seed? If his father had been a pure seed, and he begat daughters, why did Noah not take one of his sisters for a wife? You have to ask also, If Lamech begat pure seed sons and daughters after Noah was born, why was there none of them in the boat with Noah? Are we to believe longevity of life ceased in that span of time between Noah’s birth and the flood, except for Noah who lived to be 950 years old? No saints, I am persuaded that those who want to argue that Noah was a pure seed, have to ignore all the obvious clues that proclaim he was not. You would not find that kind of a breach in the continuity of the numerical relationship that has already been established. Furthermore you have to ignore verses 5, 11, and 12 of chapter 6, when you insist upon pushing the pure seed all the way to Noah’s birth. Just pay attention to what God Himself said about the whole conglomeration of mankind upon earth, even before Noah was 500 years old; and remember that Enoch gave his son a name that spoke of Judgment; and then ask yourself, If the whole society of earth had become a corrupt mess: so that Noah was actually the only one that found grace in the eyes of the lord, could it have gotten in that shape by then if pure seed had been born all the way down through Noah and his brothers and sisters? That kind of thinking does not fit the picture we are looking at. Notice, (6:5) “And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually. (6:11) The earth also was corrupt before God, and the earth was filled with violence. (6:12) And God looked upon the earth, and, behold, it was corrupt; for all flesh had corrupted his way upon the earth.” I say, Yes there were daughters born to those sons of God; but how many daughters? It does not say. That is why I said earlier, There are no statistics or census of the Genesis story; but we need to realize there is a revelation that will run true in the numerical sense, and by a genetic sense. Therefore let us back up and take another look. Somewhere as Enoch saw all of this kind of goings on already; and knowing that his father had waited more than twice as long to father him as he did to father Methuselah, he became very concerned about it all. He walked so close to God: God just took him on up out of it. This lets me know that this spirit of wickedness and perversion had already began to make its way into the structure of the sons of God. I do not mean to say that every other son and daughter born into those families on down the line were, or were not pure seed. The Bible does not say that absolutely every family became contaminated immediately by what Satan was doing. It is not even important to the revelation: to know exactly where total contamination finally became a fact, Just as long as we realize Noah was not a pure seed. Keep in mind, longevity of life was prevalent and carried right straight on through. However Satan was after the main stream, the first born’s; because he knew they were the one’s God was working through. That takes you back to the time right after Adam and Eve were denied further access to the garden; back to Cain. Cain was born first, being the first of the two boys born to Eve; and God absolutely offered him the opportunity to be accepted, if he would do right, meaning if he would bring the right sacrifice. He plainly told him he would rule over his brother Abel, which in reality was his half brother, if he would only do right. Therefore we have to realize it was this first born son of each one that the devil was after. He was out to block God by completely perverting the genetic flow of sons of God and bring chaos to the whole human race. God knew that, so He just moved ahead of time to cut it off; but not before giving the devil his chance. Therefore while there was a plurality of the females coming from that line, somewhere in here, (pointing to a place on the chart) and I do not have to know where, God says, Satan, if that is what you are after, I will shut off the flow of daughters born to Seth’s line. After all, He is the one that controls the genes. He is the one that created this law of reproduction it in the first place. He is the one that incorporated it into a genetic string running from generation to generation. Since He knew the devil was out to pervert every gene, and bring the whole thing to his (Satan’s) perverted image, God just moved ahead. While those sons of God continued to bring sons and daughters, sons and daughters, the point is, How many daughters? By the time we get to Noah, whatever God did to move ahead of the devil and block him at the gate, (which was going to be the flood) Noah was the witness: that in his loins there was not that genetic capability for him to father a daughter. I will have to challenge every critic, whether in Africa, India, or wherever: Tell me why Noah never had a daughter, when his father did have daughters. His father did have daughters; but I ask the question, How many? I repeat my former question, If Lamech was a pure genetic offspring of the Sethite line, then it would mean that Noah being the oldest son, the first born, all the other sons and daughters that Lamech fathered had to be born after him and would have been pure seed also, so why did Noah not take a sister to wife in order for this word grace and perfect to be applicable to his genetic state of existence? I have to say in the face of every critic, While the scriptures do say Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord, It was not because he was a pure genetic seed. It was because there was a quality in him that Satan had not been able to completely pervert. He had something in him that reached out to his Creator. That is why God moved ahead and began to curtail the genetic flow of the daughters that was going to be born into this Sethite line: simply because He saw what Satan’s end results was going to be. Therefore in the Sethite line, all God had to do was reach over and begin to shut down the ability of those sons of Seth to father as many daughters as they had been in earlier generations. How many understand my illustration? Keep in mind, it is not the woman that determines whether there be girls in the family or not. It is the man. Adam lived 930 years: all the way past the birth of Noah’s father Lamech. Seth lived 168 years after the birth of Lamech; so what I want you to see, is that longevity of life continued right on: even though Satan had been allowed to do his dirty work. Methuselah lived to be 969 years old; and by the name given him we know he was born as a physical witness that this whole thing was getting out of control. That is why God gave Enoch this first born son and He named him in a prophetical manner, which meant, when he is gone then it will come. So you can figure when you see the judgment of God that came, measure 969 years back and that is where you are going to bring Methuselah. As for the years we have by the names of those first born sons of God, they are just there to show you their age when they brought forth their first born. Also notice that Lamech was 777 years old when he died. That is three 7’s. If there is any quality in numerical values, it meant that in Lamech was now completed and manifested everything that had been set in motion on both sides: even though he died five years before the flood.


Let me take you to a scripture in 1st Peter 3, the 18th verse. Here is a passage of scripture a lot of people have never understood in the light of what we are going to bring out at this time. The apostle Peter says, “For Christ also hath once suffered for sins, the just for the unjust, that He might bring us to God, being put to death in the flesh, but quickened by the Spirit. By which also He went and preached unto the spirits in prison; Which sometime were disobedient, when once the longsuffering of God waited in the days of Noah, while the ark was a-preparing, wherein few, that is, eight souls were saved by water.” Now I ask you, What does that all add up to? As we try to illustrate this on our chart, we just have to say that from here on (where we have a total red line) that everything is perverted. The main thing is, for over a hundred years Noah was in the process of building the ark. Therefore those sons and daughters born of those individuals in the last 8-9 hundred years before the flood would have been so. The Bible shows that they lived 8 to 9 hundred years of age and more; so when we speak of a generation back then, we have to be thinking in those terms. The flood came in the year 1656: (from Adam’s beginning) so if you subtract just 900 years from that, it puts you back somewhere between the birth of Methuselah and the birth of Lamech. These are just stepping stones to help us arrive at a conclusion. I am simply showing you that one generation could have run from way back there to the flood. We know Methuselah lived 969 years; and things were already in a state to warrant judgment when he was born. As we have already shown, his very name lets that be known. Do you see the point I am making? God looked at that generation and said, “I will destroy man whom I have created from the face of the earth; both man, and beast, and the creeping thing, and the fowls of the air; for it repenteth me that I have made them.” Why did God make such a proclamation? Chapter 6, verse 11 tells us why. “The earth also was corrupt before God, and the earth was filled with violence. (12) And God looked upon the earth, and, behold, it was corrupt; for all flesh had corrupted his way upon the earth.” Remember saints, that was over a hundred years before the flood came. That is why the apostle Peter could speak of the long suffering of God waiting while Noah prepared the ark. You do not say every person alive then was born of mixed marriages: you just have to say that the whole society was in a very bad state of corruption and violence. Those that were wicked and vile outnumbered those who were not. God, for that very reason, was ready to send judgment. We are not saying that every one of those other sons of the elder brothers or the first born fell in the same trap: just that as they watched all this perversion and overall wickedness, it began to affect all of society to the point that those who would have walked with God were distracted from doing so. That is what God was looking at. (I will explain that in a minute.) As God speaks to Noah, it is because He sees in Noah a quality He can use. In a genetic sense, he was not a pure seed son of God; but there was something in him that reached out to God. Verse 9, of chapter 6 says this, “These are the generations of Noah: Noah was a just man (The dictionary defines the word just, as honest and impartial in one’s dealings and actions: so he would not have had to be a pure seed to be a just man. That would even exclude all of us. None of us can rest our soul’s salvation on anything other than the grace and mercy of God; and that is exactly what it says about Noah: He found grace in the eyes of the Lord.) and perfect in his generations, (Well what about him being perfect? There is a key there also. It says he was perfect in his generation. The Dictionary lists other definitions of the word perfect; but the one that fits Noah, is the one that says, lacking nothing essential: which is exactly fitting; because of these next words.) and Noah walked with God.” Though Noah’s life might not have been what our modern day version of a perfect man might be: when you consider what the whole society was taken up with in his day and hour, the very desire to walk with God, and to please Him, would certainly be what God was looking at when He proclaimed that Noah was a just and perfect man in his generation. You just have to realize there was something about his spirit makeup that was of a higher quality than that of the others of the days prior to the flood. He was able to walk with God even in the midst of all that was taking place around him. By the way, some of you will be faced with the very same thing: according to the words of Jesus in Matthew 24:38-39, which says, “For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noe entered into the ark, (That just simply speaks of a self-serving society of people that had no time for God; and that is exactly what we are seeing in our own generation, the generation that shall not pass away until Gentile time is completely fulfilled: according to another statement Jesus made.) And knew not until the flood came, and took them all away; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.” Great multitudes of those born in the last few hundred years before the flood were completely diabolic, just simply satanic in their overall makeup, just like we are seeing in our day. Therefore try to understand that in the last hundred and some years before the flood, as Noah and his sons were in the process of preparing the ark, many of those sons and daughters of the various Sethite line of descendants whose longevity of life carried them right on through to the time just before the flood, those whose behavior was affected by their surroundings, died before the flood came. That is why their spirits went into hell. Those that Peter wrote about actually died before the flood even hit. Since there was no written law, those who did manage to keep from being completely contaminated by Satan’s tactics were somehow restrained by the Spirit of God: even though they did not understand many of their inner feelings. Therefore it is written in 1st Peter 3:18-20, that when Christ did die on the cross He then went into hell and preached to those imprisoned spirits. Actually it was the spirit’s of those that somehow or other were restrained by some means from becoming so completely contaminated and possessed by the spirit of Satan, even though they did not understand why they were being restrained, or held back from doing what almost everyone else was doing. It was the Spirit of God that was doing it, preserving them, so they would not be completely lost in the day when the resurrection occurs. That is exactly why Jesus went into hell. He was not preaching to the wicked, doomed, satanic mob of lawless souls that had lived their days in rebellion against God’s righteousness; to give them another chance. No. He was preaching to those that somehow or other God saw would fit into His plan. That is why they were witnessed to: so they would know what restrained them, and why, and how man’s sin debt was paid. Every last one of them died before the flood. That is the only way you can read 1st Peter and make it fit into the picture; because it specifically covers that last period of years while Noah was building the ark.


Methuselah lived right on up to the end: because his very name, in its prophetic meaning, meant, When he is gone, then it will come. What will come? Judgment upon that world of wickedness. If you will take all these numbers, add them up and pick the time Methuselah was born, and then you carry that right straight on through, the year Methuselah died is the year the flood came. We have all these figures arranged on a little chart: that we will try to put in with the printed message. Maybe that will help some of you to see the picture more clearly. As for the terminology I use, I have to say things the way I do to show you, God was going to head Satan off at the gate, because the fact that Noah did not have a daughter to give to his sons, proves to me beyond the shadow of a doubt, that he himself was not a pure seed. The capability to beget daughters ended right there in Noah’s father Lamech. I would have to look at my critics and say, Do not tell me Lamech could have fathered sixteen sons, and sixteen daughters, (for an example) and Noah, a man that walked with God, had to wait 500 years to take a wife, when he could have taken a sister. You say, Well he was the first born: he could have taken a sister anyhow; but the fact that he did not, speaks even louder to me. He was waiting for something other than what was immediately available to him. Let us just suppose for a moment, that Lamech was a pure seed. That would mean that Noah could have been a pure seed, of Lamech chose a proper wife; but it would also mean that his sisters would have been pure seed also, how ever many there were; and that Noah would have been a fool not to have taken one of them for his wife, since that was God’s ordained way for reproduction to come about from the very beginning, and Noah being a man sensitive to God’s will and purpose. Do you see what I am looking at? My point is, somewhere back in here, Satan was moving very fast. That caused God to begin to touch that Adamic line of genetics and cut off the flow. If those sons of Seth were going to choose wives from Cain’s daughters, then God would just see to it, that Seth’s sons would not have a lot of daughters standing around without husbands. If you think I am taking a lot for granted, then I ask of you, Please give me a better explanation of the facts that are clearly written for all to read. I say, There came a time when God took control of Adam’s genetic offspring from the female side; and He stayed in control until the flood. God was going to have to judge the whole thing; therefore He controlled it in such a way that there were no pure seed Sethites left standing there when the door to the ark was closed and the rain began to fall. Do you see how perfectly it all fits together, if you will just allow these pieces of the puzzle that we do have, to be put in the right place? To me, the fact that Methuselah waited 187 years to take a wife and beget children, and Lamech waited 182 years, and Noah waited 500 years, is genetic evidence that God had closed the gate. No pure seed were destroyed in the flood; and neither were there any pure seed in the ark. Represented in Noah and his wife and their three sons and their wives, was all the characteristics that had been produced on earth up until that time. The question can be asked, and has been asked, Did the three sons of Noah have serpent seed in them? They absolutely did. You might sit there and say, I just simply do not understand that Bro. Jackson. Why would God choose to have the earth repopulated with people who had serpent seed attributes in them? I am not asking you to understand every detail of this great big picture; but I feel that I am giving you enough of the details of the flow of the revelation of it: that I should be able to ask you to just simply believe it; because very soon now you will have it confirmed as fact. You might say, Why do we have to know all this to be a Christian? That is not the point. We are down here at the end of Gentile time; and God is going to have some Christian people, I am talking about some godly people in this world, that will truly know why their Saviour had to be born of virgin birth, a scriptural fact which many of today’s doctors of divinity are denying. Not only do they deny His virgin birth, they are even denying the whole nativity story. I have an article Bro. Allen brought me out of the Courier Journal: that is about this very thing. Some religious doctor of divinity has concocted a diabolical thing in which he accuses the Bible of being, we could say, just a book of myths. It is designed to make the man called Jesus look like nothing more than a great hoax. It lets me know, Again the human race, the spirit of mortal mankind has become so genetically diluted and polluted with carnality, actually with the attributes of Satan, which is unbelief, they would rather know how many rocks are on the moon than to know how to become a child of God. When I hear all these doctors of science, professors of this and professors of that, and how they get such recognition in world affairs, it lets me know what spirit is behind most of what is being done in our day. They parade themselves across the stage of time in such a way as to make one think this world could not exist without them. They will wake up one of these days: when God shakes this planet; but it will be too late for it to help them escape the Judgment they have invited. They will realize there is something going on; and they will certainly know it is not just another stage of evolution. It will be God fulfilling exactly what His word has declared He would do: while they laughed and called His word a book of myths. At the same time, it is going to cause some people to realize He has this whole world in His hand. I have to say, When that spirit of unbelief and carnality began to knock on the doors of our national government, and on the doors of our national institutions, and all these other areas wherein our human lives are affected, it looked like God had just stepped back, folded His arms, and let the devil take over. It appears to some like God does not even exist; because He has let every one of these devils come forth and manifest themselves in our day: just like He allowed them to before the flood; but I declare unto you, The day is soon coming, that He will again manifest to the whole world that He has been in control all along. It looked like the devil was in full control before the flood; but one little man and his family was all God needed to change that picture. It was not a case of Noah being a pure genetic seed. It was the fact that there was the spiritual quality in him that measured way above the average of the others in his day. I am very thankful for the fact that no matter how many two legged devils are walking the streets of our cities today, there are still a few that even though their general appearance is not much different than the rest, deep inside them there is something that reaches out and declares, There has got to be a holy God in the picture somewhere. They are able to look at the preciseness of this earth’s orbit, as well as that of the other planets, and know within themselves that this perfection did not just come about without some master plan being behind it all. When you stop to think about it, only a fool would deny that fact in the first place. God knows every person who will ever believe His word; and every provision has already been made for them. That is why through the loins of man and woman there flows a constant stream of that which can bring forth life. However in God’s natural process, there is only one egg that ever finds its mate and results in a child being born. That brings me to say, Do not tell me the Creator did not know exactly the right time for Noah to be born, the one man out of all those others who would walk with Him. He knew that person before the foundation of the world. With that in mind, I would like for us to realize, When Lamech reached 777 years of age he died, just five years before the flood. When you begin to look back through time, realizing that Adam lived until the year 930, which was 56 years beyond the birth of Lamech, you cannot help but wonder how Adam felt, when he began to see the sons of his offspring taking wives from among those serpent seed women and bringing mixed children into the world, children that possessed all those satanic attributes and had no time for God. Thinking about that makes one wonder also how many of Adam’s other sons and daughters began to be caught up in that overall condition that began to develop. Nothing is written to tell us exactly how far back that condition reached. Our first real clue is the name Enoch gave to his firstborn son in 687; but I cannot help but believe that Jared waiting 162 years to take a wife and beget his firstborn (which was Enoch) was due to what was already going on way back then. Now if that be true, look how long God allowed Satan to perpetrate his evil scheme before He judged it. Naturally many have a tendency to think every living soul except Noah and his family were totally evil in those years he worked building the ark; and that the whole society around him laughed him to scorn; but actually there had to be a few that said, within themselves at least, I believe what that man says. Of course they all died before the flood came. That was God’s way of preserving them from the horror of the judgment He was going to bring upon the rest. That is why God let Methuselah bear that prophetic name: he stood as a symbol of what was sure to come. Naturally no one knew when he would die; but there were some that knew what his name meant; so you would have to believe there was some purpose in the plan of God to cause at least a few to be concerned about what the name pointed to. When Methuselah died, Noah and his sons were no doubt in the final stages of applying the last of the pitch on the ark. God was ready to say to Noah, “Come thou and all thy house into the ark; for thee have I seen righteous before me in this generation.” There could be critics by the dozens rise and try their level best to disprove everything I have said in this message; but I will still say to them, If Noah (being a man that walked with God) had been a pure seed of Adam’s lineage, he would have been a complete fool to take a wife of mixed seed when he had sisters he could have chosen a wife from. That is about as plain as anything could be. He walked with God and knew how God felt about those sons of His taking wives from those families over in Nod. The very fact that the Bible says Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord, and that he was perfect in his generation, lets me know God was not comparing him genetically: but rather to his sensitivity to right and wrong in the days of his own life. Because of that, God called him righteous. God measured him by his own generation: not by the standards of Adam and Seth 900 years before his hour. That is what we have to look at. Noah’s righteousness was measured by how he conducted himself in the midst of what was going on in his generation; and that is exactly how each of us will be measured. We live in a wicked and corrupt generation; but we have had much committed to us of the revelation of God’s word; so He will not compare us to saints of a hundred years ago: to determine our measure of righteousness. How sensitive are we to right and wrong in our day according to God’s standards? That is the question every child of God should ask themselves. The fact Noah did not take a sister for his wife lets me know his father Lamech was probably not a pure seed either. If that is how it was, it was immaterial whether he took a sister or some other woman. The thing that made the difference, was how he responded to the Spirit of God that caused him to know right from wrong. God’s standard of righteousness never changes; but every generation of mankind has its own circumstances to deal with: as they determine to walk with the Creator; and He never requires more out of anyone than what they are able to produce. I am convinced Noah waited 500 years for a wife because he could not find a suitable wife before that. That is why the account says, “And Noah was five hundred years old: and Noah begat Shem, Ham, and Japheth.” That was not the order of their birth; for Japheth was the firstborn; but in the case of Noah’s sons, God did not work through the first born son: He worked through Shem, the second son. When you read in the genealogy of the descendants of Noah after the flood Japheth is referred to as the elder. Then when Noah was found naked in his tent and woke up and knew what Ham did, it plainly tells you, he knew what his younger son had done; so we know Shem was the middle son: not the first born. You get all that in the scriptures. What we need to be aware of, is that God at that time was guiding the whole genetic process. When Noah and his wife went into the boat, Noah was not a polygamist. He had one wife. He had respect for that, because he knew the plan of God in that matter. Regardless of what the others had been doing, he knew God’s plan was for a man to have just one wife. He had three sons and they each had only one wife; yet inside their physical makeup, there was a representation of all the mixture of hereditary traits of everything that had been going on prior to the flood. Yet by sovereign guidance of the genetic flow God separated the genes into those three sons and preserved them alive with Noah: that they might repopulate the earth after the flood. Noah himself had no more children; but he was the father of those three sons that soon began to fulfill their commission after the flood. That is why it is written in Acts 17:26, That God “hath made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth, and hath determined the times before appointed, and the bounds of their habitation.” You can travel the world over and see humanity of every possible description; but they every one have to trace their origin back to that ONE MAN NAMED NOAH, the one man that walked with God in those last days before judgment fell. Though Noah himself fathered no daughters, after the flood God released the genetic flow once again: so Noah’s sons could beget daughters as well as sons. While they were building the ark, Noah’s sons choose their wives, but there were no children born to any of them until after the flood. The commission to replenish the earth rested upon the shoulders of those three sons and their wives.


Many have asked, How did the serpent’s seed survive the flood? Well there is only one explanation; and that is why we are presenting this message: We are hoping to eliminate a lot of the confusion brought about by certain one’s who insist that Noah was a pure seed. I believe we have sufficiently established as fact: that Noah could not have been a pure seed son of God; so now let us look at some of what began to develop beyond the flood: simply because those serpent seed attributes were every one represented in the family of Noah as they went about to repopulate the earth. All you have to do is begin to read in the further chapters of Genesis, after the propagation of life began, and pay attention to what began to take place. Time had not gone very far until they began to build the tower of Babel. They were all of one speech and in one accord; but their thinking was wrong. God’s commission was to repopulate the earth: yet they did not want to be scattered. They all wanted to hang together. Furthermore they sought to build a city and a great tower that would reach into heaven; and to make a name for themselves. Every bit of that was contrary to what God had purposed for them to do; so he just proceeded to go down and confuse their languages: so they could no longer communicate with each other. That put an end to their community development program. People do not get much done when they do not understand each other. God Himself said, (in my words) If there is not something done to stop them, there will be nothing impossible to them which they imagine to do; so He confused their languages. After that, they had no reason to hang together; so they continued to fulfill the commission to repopulate the earth as they began to scatter to the four winds. The only thing is, they all had those serpent seed attributes in them; so without any written law to restrain them, it was not very long until things got out of control once again. We see that in the account of Lot separating himself from Abraham; and pitching his tent toward Sodom. Genesis 13:12-13 says, “Abram dwelled in the land of Canaan, and Lot dwelled in the cities of the plain, and pitched his tent toward Sodom. But the men of Sodom {were} wicked and sinners before the Lord exceedingly.” Those attributes, when allowed to go unrestrained, with no law present, soon things get very much out of hand, out of control. What does that tell you? Already, that same old spirit that had been manifested in the days before the flood was way over here, hundreds of years later, causing men to conduct themselves the same way. God judged those sinful people and sunk those two cities Sodom and Gomorrah in a bed of hot lava: never to be seen any more; yet we are living in an hour of time when those perverts feel that they have a right to places of leadership in your churches. Do they not read the scriptures? Do they not know their lives are abominable to a holy God? The sad part is, those who are letting them in are not much better in the sight of God. God has not changed His mind about sin and perversion. He is once again exercising His long-suffering grace: allowing time for others to prove themselves. Looking back to Sodom and Gomorrah, Abraham looked up one day and saw what looked like three men coming up the road. One was the Lord in theophany form; and the other two were angels. Abraham entertained them; and had Sarah prepare a meal for them; but when they departed from Abraham, their next order of business was to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah, those two perverted and wicked cities. The evil and perversion of the people of those two cities had reached such a peak the Lord could no longer tolerate it. I am sure you have all read how Abraham interceded in that situation: knowing his own nephew and his family was among those that would be destroyed. He asked the Lord, If you find ten righteous souls among them, will you spare the city from destruction; and the Lord agreed that He would; but the two angels went immediately to initiate the destruction: because they knew there were not ten righteous souls to be found. I say then, Shall the Lord repent for destroying those two cities? or will He also destroy those of this generation who live after the manner of the people of Sodom? You believe me saints, judgment is on the way. God let America be discovered to give Christians from the old world a chance to escape the old hierarchy system of the church and come to a land where they would have freedom to follow Him; but after 200 years, look what we have. I tell you, that serpent seed follows right straight through. Now in our schools they are wanting to teach your little 6, 7 and 8 years old children what homosexuality, and lesbianism is. If this isn’t Satanism, I would like for someone to tell me what it is. If we are not living in a time when immorality is as it was in the days of Noah and Lot, how much worse will it have to be? I can go out into the streets of our cities tonight and see exactly what Satan designed several thousand years ago when he managed to get those sons of God to start taking the daughters of Cain for their wives. You can walk the streets where these perverts are and try your best to preach the gospel to them; but you will find that they have no ears to hear anything like that. They have no convictions about what is right and what is wrong. There is nothing that restrains them. They refuse to exercise any self discipline whatsoever. That is why I have to believe we are seeing the results of rapid multiplication of serpent seed many times more than those who have sensitivity toward God. That is the only explanation for such a lopsided generation. When you see so much abuse and molestation in the world, it tells you we have a society in which there is very little spiritual quality to even make them conscious of or subject to God. I think of the man that has been in prison for a long time, the man that would take women into his house, chain them up, imprison them, then kill and dismember them and boil their flesh in cauldrons. I read that article several months ago. I no longer remember his name: just what he did. Then the other day they showed some more about him, how many he had killed, and it showed him sitting in a court room. He acknowledged that at one time he wanted to build an altar out of the bones of his victims. Naturally that was just to gratify that Satanic urge he had to kill human beings. When you begin to see all this going on, does that not tell us that somewhere way back in time Satan had a reason for starting to mix up the genetic flow of humanity on earth? He wanted the world populated with men and women after his murderous and perverted image: instead of after the image of God. Well the serpent seed survived the flood; and we are seeing it reach the proportions where God will again judge the whole thing and begin to restore all things to what He was after when He created man in the first place.