When Israel Does This, Part 1

Rev. Raymond M. Jackson


We are using the same chart we used on the windows message; but we have added the words on top, “WHEN ISRAEL DOES THIS;” because I want us to focus on some things that are about to take place very soon. We are looking at a generation that Jesus said would live to see the climax of all we have been talking about; therefore we have 1939 over here on our chart as the year to measure that generation from. Over here on the Christian side we can put 1933; because that is when God spoke to His messenger to this Laodicean Church Age. When we think of the scripture that Jesus spoke in Matthew 24, giving us all the signs of the endtime, leading up to just before His coming, He spoke of the fig tree, meaning the rebirth of Israel. He links the generation that sees these things with the end time and declared that this generation will not have passed away, meaning death will not have taken all of them off the face of this earth until all these things that He has mentioned, be fulfilled. Well if what Jesus mentioned in Matthew 24 is related to a generation of time, then how do we look upon these prophecies written in the Old Testament that are relative to the rebirth of that fig tree as a nation? Therefore I look at the two lines of thought and I have to connect them together. It is the only way we can look at ourselves in the time factor we now live. When the U.N. in 1948 did give their approval for Israel to become a state, or a nation, we have to realize all these scriptures we are reading about here are tied to that. Some of those scriptures are collective. What I mean by collective is they carry a total picture from beginning, straight to the end, in the Millennium. That is what I mean by a collective picture. It does not necessarily set a time factor. That is why we drew these windows like this on the chart. A window gives you a field that is limited. It is different than standing outside, and out of the corner of your eye you see this way. On the other hand, a window gives you a limited field. Well, as we see these various prophecies as they are related to each other we realize time has passed very slowly; and preachers have preached about it without knowing very much about the collective picture. We realize of course, that something happened in 1967 that started a progression of events that are all scripturally tied together. Judah had been brought back. That is the tribe that God had been dealing with. They were the tribe that suffered so much in the holocaust. The purpose was to bring them back, to get them ready, because they were going to be the beginning of this total process of the rebirth of this nation, and the reconstruction of everything. When they fought the war in 1967, Zephaniah 2:3-7 covers that war precisely. That was a prophecy that speaks of the Gaza Strip, which Israel took. Once she took it, that gave them this land of the Philistines for the first time in history, the land that they had never been able to conquer in the ancient B.C. time during the kings. That is the area where you hear about so much disturbance today, the little strip of land called the Gaza Strip. Thousands of the Palestinian Arabs live there. At the same time, Israel took the old area of what they call the West Bank, meaning they pushed the borders of Judah to the Jordan River, which legally, scripturally, and geographically belongs to her. They call it Jericho, or the Jericho territory. A lot of people do not think seriously about why they call it the Jericho territory. To me this was typed when Joshua, with the children of Israel, did cross the Red Sea and later came on into this area. As you read about it under Joshua’s leadership, God told the children of Israel they should go around that city one time each day for six days; but on the seventh day they should go seven times around and at the end of it, they were to turn and look straight at the city and shout with a shout, and God would destroy it by His miraculous power. Let us ask ourselves the question, To what purpose was that done? What miraculous power was in that? To me, that was God’s way of setting a type that after centuries of time Israel would again be faced with an ultimatum of what they would have to do in relationship to that same stretch of land. Arafat was going to move his headquarters to Jericho. Jericho is not a big city. It is not any larger than Sellersburg Indiana. In fact the ancient city that fell was of old adobe brick, just a mound of clay now. You have to dig down many feet, before you begin to find the enormous buildings of adobe brick that were there in the days of Joshua. The city of Jericho today, is out in the foothills of this. When we look at all these things that were set in type, it is very obvious now as Israel is faced with an issue, or an ultimatum about the Gaza strip and Jericho that this brings time, and prophecy to the very end of this age: when all these loose ends will be tied together. Let us look at it in this light, If we are not close to the fulfilling of what these prophecies are about, then it means that all of this which I have used is inapplicable at this time and I have used it out of season. Nevertheless I have to realize this, Hosea 6:2, which covers this, says, After two days He will revive us. That was a promise spoken by Hosea even before Daniel had spoken about the seventy weeks of Daniel. The reason I look at this like I do, when God sets a time factor that covers a framework of time, God’s time is precise. God knows, that man in his keeping of records is subject to error; but God Himself is not subject to error. If the prophecy was, “After two days He will revive us,” then we have to read it like that: It does not mean six years later, or maybe six years beforehand. This old Gentile philosophy of give a little, or take a little is one thing; but you do not deal with God like that. In these things, we have to be just as precise as He is, or we miss the boat. Therefore we have to realize, as I pointed out in counting the scriptures earlier, we have already seen eight of these prophecies go into effect: starting with the war of 1967. Well that brings us to this point in time: where these other prophecies will start being fulfilled: to bring all of this to a completed picture. I know the big question now is, because of Middle East developements lately, Well just how close are we to the end? Just how soon will these scriptures be fulfilled? That is where we are right now: at the point of trying to answer this very question. Let me give you a little view of something that just came into my hands; and you will see more clearly what we are facing in this hour of time.


Naturally we are not endeavoring to pin the coming of the Lord down to an exact day and hour; but after I read this book that came to me, this book of economics, the writer broke the time factor down like this, and I am going to repeat some things I have found to be very interesting. The first five hundred years began with the birth of Christ. The Roman Empire was at its peak. Five hundred years later the Roman Empire had crumbled and fell. In what way had it crumbled and fell? When you read the history, and also the articles we have printed, the fall of Rome from the old imperial position over the vast territory of Europe was to give way to the rise of Catholicism. This man places 500 A.D. as the beginning of the Dark Ages; and that is exactly why it was the beginning of the Dark Ages; Catholicism came into prominence. Nothing was said about Dark Ages in 100 A.D., 200 A.D., 300 A.D. It was only when we come to about 500 A.D., that the Dark Ages started. Therefore I ask you What made that certain span of time the Dark Ages? It was not a case where there was no earthly emperor that had any ambitions and ideas like the previous emperors had: It was simply a case where as Rome weakened, in the imperial sense, and the Catholic Church became more influential in society, the ideas and ambitions of those Roman emperors had to take a back seat. It was the Roman church and her influence in all the affairs of man, that began to look upon education as evil; and little by little plunged mankind into darkness. I have read that. This is exactly why, when the Dark Ages started, new inventions, and progress in general, came to a halt. Whatever architectural designs you find on those ancient Roman columns and arches and so forth at the beginning of the Dark Ages, that is exactly what they still had right straight on through. There was no progress made. Then the man brings it to 1000, and gives that a distinctive mark in time. In that, here came the FEUDAL system. When you read of the feudal system in history, you see how the vast area of Europe was no longer ruled by an emperor, but through this Dark Age period the land was owned by very rich lords. They held the wealth, and stood between society and the known kings. Those lords owned everything. They were the ones that would see after the wars that were to be fought. Society during that time, came to a standstill. Thousands of people lived under the control of those lords who owned vast holdings of farm land. Because of those conditions, the next 500 years of the Dark Ages, mankind in general just existed. There was no progress of any kind, as far as benefiting the average person. When you read that in darkest hour of the Dark Ages, the pope was busy elevating himself to become supreme, sovereign, universal ruler, so that by the time 1000 A.D. came around the Catholic Church was everywhere. Her influence was embedded in every facet of society, from the highest form of government right on down the lowest of the poor peasant people. In this book, the man brings all of this out to show how the world drastically changes on the verge of every 500 years. Coming from 1000 A.D. on through the Dark Ages the Roman popes rose to supremacy. We published an article showing how the papacy rose to its position of supremacy. That all goes with Daniel 7: that tells of the little horn that came up in the midst of the ten horns. He also brings out from the monetary and the social side, the change that is coming. In 1450, a man by the name of Johann Gutenberg invented a printing press. You would say, not knowing what he saw, Why is that so important to talk about? He said this, the world had been in a Dark Age feudal system so long, society was limited in how much information was given to them. But when he made this printing press, it was not just to print the first Bible for the Germans, which was the Gutenberg Bible: It became a means of putting everything in print and getting it out to the people, practically as soon as it happened: In 1450, just 50 years short of a 500 year cycle. Then look what happened in 1492, just right before the cycle closed: A man by the name of Columbus, so sure that the world is round, set out to find a new trade route to the Dutch East Indies. That was none other than God’s way of preparing him to find this new world. Well this man that wrote the book puts all of this together: that as the Gutenberg press had been invented, and every major city of Europe having access to that benefit, when news did reach back months later, that a new world had been found, the press picked it up and in a short order of time all Europe knew there was a new world discovered. Peoples heart’s began to burst with enthusiasm and excitement: They wanted to get ready and go there to see for themselves. Well, 1520 A.D. put it into the next cycle of five hundred years and God raised up a man by the name of Martin Luther, a German, to do a work. He come out with his 95 thesis against the Roman Church; and if the printing press had not already been invented, all Europe would not have heard about this man as quick as they did. However, no sooner did he write his thesis and tack them on the church house door at Whittenberg Germany, the printing presses all over Europe began to spread the news everywhere as fast as they could. With news about the new world just a few years in the past, and now the Reformation on starting, Europe began a continent on fire with the freedom of information: At least as they knew it in that hour. As people were hearing about this, that is why God raised up not only Martin Luther, but there came John Knox and John Calvin, right on the heels of each other, and the sword of the Spirit, the word of God soon had the whole continent of Europe in the process of a great change. Not suddenly, but eventually, change began to come about. The light of truth began to shine upon them; and it eventually brought mankind out of the darkness of the Dark Ages. The light that God gave back then brought spiritual light to many souls, as well as material light and understanding that enabled natural man to find a way of progress that set the trend for the next 500 years; and saints: We are coming to the close of it. When I read that book I said, That just makes these things written in the Bible stand out even more clearly. People are crazy: not to believe this Bible. As he brought in the economic system and how it fluctuates, how it goes through the various cycles of depression, He showed that within the sixty years of depression, there is nine minor depressions. He said we have already come through those. He said the year 2000, there about, we are moving to the climax. He brought in one outstanding thing, and said, Once again man has made something that is going to set this thing into a trend the world will never be able to go back from. That is the computer. I realize, as I bring the material side of this in, I have to do it because it is what the world is going to face when they get over here in the week of Daniel. Computers are everywhere today: Telephone systems are already being controlled by them. Banking systems are being controlled by them; and just about everything else you can think of. Now we have passed the bill, freedom of information; so just think what that means, The very minute something happens, that information can be instantly available anywhere else in the world. At least anywhere that is hooked up to the right computer link. The man climaxed his remarks in this way, Man, in his financial progress has set a trend that will one day lead to an hour when computers will control the flow of earth’s finances. Therefore I say, If the printing press, 500 years ago fanned the flames that set Europe on fire and changed the trend and progress of mankind, bringing him out of the darkness of spiritual and material matters into spiritual light and progress, then I have to say the computer is a monster looking us right in the face. Do you know why? Because we are fast approaching an hour when supposed-to-be smart people will decide that coins and currency is no longer a proper way to negotiate the exchange of monetary values. Then you will see for sure the instrument the antichrist forces will have at their disposal. Then when you read Revelation 13, you will see that it was the United States of America that gave the world this monster. It crept out of the military laboratories, out into educational institutions, then into the financial institutions, then into the scientific area of space exploration and everything; and now it is a toy to play with in teenagers’ bedrooms. You see where the world is in this hour; so when it says in Revelation 13, that the time would come when they could neither buy nor sell, except they wear a mark or a number either in their hand or in their forehead, that will be the final stage of this whole thing. A laser beam will pick up the number and the transaction will be consummated through the use of a computer system that shows every person’s purchasing capabilities. It will probably be every person’s choice whether they want the mark put their hand or in their forehead. With the natural eye it will never be seen. It is put in there with some invisible substance, and only this bar line light will see it. Saints I want you to know, it is already being used in other areas of society. It is being used in the animal realm, thoroughbreds are being given invisible tattoos of numbers. Cattle, dogs, and all such like are being identified in this way; and we can see by this that these are trial things. It lets me know we are just a few years short of the time when it is going to be something humanity will have to face. What causes this? It is the fact that as we get closer to that final hour of time and God has finally been excluded from all of man’s dealings, so that honesty, morality, integrity, and common decency are no longer values to be cherished, man will have to have some more sure way of preventing thefts and counterfeiting. Therefore these characters that are presently using every dishonest way they can think of to steal, counterfeit, rob and abuse, using all kinds of modern gadgets to beat the law, and to beat the system, will be cut off from their methods. Now some will say, What good is all of that to me? Let us look at this Middle East situation for a minute. It is no doubt becoming like a time bomb. I am convinced when this thing was signed in September, it was really like bringing two components of a bomb together; because when I look at it in the light of the Bible, it is an impossibility for their peace plan to work. First and foremost, it is anti prophecy. It is against everything these following verses we are going to read has in store for all concerned parties. However I can see why God has permitted it: because having permitted it to go this far, it is giving one element of the world an opportunity to use their natural, carnal way of thinking to negotiate, to bring about and stabilize some kind of peace condition in the Middle East. He has offered it to them by letting them have this opportunity. At the same time God knows it is not going to work, because every verse of prophecy has to go into place and be fulfilled exactly. The 1967 war fulfilled some of them; but outside of the 1967 war there has been very little manifestation of miraculous power. The war itself, that took the Gaza Strip and the Jericho territory, made it obvious for the first time since the beginning of the state, that there is a God that is fighting on behalf of the Jewish people. As we have said before, different statesmen from Europe and England, the United States and Canada, have all agreed that it was the hand of God seen in that war. Yet for a long time now you have not heard them say anything about it. To me, this goes to show God has His way of making the man of the world say Yes to what He does. For a while he will say it was right for such and such to be done; but after awhile his heart is hardened again just like Pharaoh’s. His former confession little by little slips away from him, or her as the case may be. Anyhow for twenty some years now, Israel has been struggling, negotiating, constantly talking, working internationally with different world leaders, trying to keep this thing settled; but it is not going to be settled like that. It is going to reach an explosive point somewhere in the near future; and we already know how it is going to turn out; but let us look at some more of these prophecies to see a clearer picture of how God will go about dealing with it.


In our consideration of Micah 7, I want my brothers and sisters, wherever they hear or read this, to understand that every prophecy in the Old Testament was written for a specific time; and that is the only time they will fit into the plan and purpose of God. God let that man who was the instrument anointed to write these prophecies, which ever one we are looking at, see something, and say something that points to a precise time. That is why I said earlier, You just simply cannot draw one out of a hat and apply it just any old time you please. It is true, they are all talking about God restoring Israel; but God has a pattern, a certain way He is doing it, and a certain purpose in doing it the way He has chosen to bring it about. That is the purpose of this message: to help you better understand how to look at these various prophecies. I have used this title “When Israel does this,” to point to something God is going to use to start talking to an element of society: just like He did the Six Day War of 1967. You do not hear much about the miraculous power God displayed in that war any more. When things began to calm down people stopped talking about the miraculous power of God in the military of Israel at that time. Now we hear about atheism, evolution, dope, and perversions of every sort in the streets of Jerusalem: instead of how God helped them win that war in such a short time. Israel is writing about all of those conditions in the Jerusalem Post. Evil is on the incline everywhere. I cannot help but believe that all scriptures relative to the great hour of evil at the end time are all already in place. Here is the key, so from this time on, here is how we read it. (Micah 7:11) “In the day that thy walls are to be built, in that day shall the decree be far removed.” What decree is He talking about? Well we look back in the Old Testament prophets where God spoke, and promised Israel, The day you turn your back on me, and stop keeping my word, observing my ordinances, and all these things that are established in the law, then I will take great pleasure in cursing you and I will scatter thee to the ends of the earth, however in the last days, I will restore and bring you back. Well I believe we will all agree that through the last forty some years, and by a slow process He has been doing that very thing. We have been talking about it with anticipation. How soon? How close? But now this prophecy that has been linked to a time frame is very much in focus. He said, “In the day that thy walls are to be built,” so what does that add up to? That brings you right over to Isaiah 49 and Isaiah 60, which we have already read. You read that and then look at this, because here it tells us that God is going to bring back an element of immigrant Jews that are definitely going to take up their habitation and live in the old city of Jerusalem. Remember the 49th chapter of Isaiah, how the Spirit of the Lord is causing the city and the land which it is built on, to speak, saying, “Who hath begotten me these, seeing I have lost my children, and am desolate, a captive, and removing to and fro? and who hath brought up these? behold, I was left alone; these, where had they been?” In other words, Where did these come from, seeing that I have lost the first. Where have they been? Right there in that 49th chapter it plainly tells what is in store for the Arabs that live in that city now. Twice it says, “Thy destroyers and they that made thee waste (those that make old Jerusalem look like a run down shambles, or a shanty town) shall go forth of thee.” There is not one bit of it made out of wood: It is all stone; but the area stinks like a hog pen. It is in a run down, dilapidated condition. Much of it is made from old stones that had been torn in previous generations through earthquakes and wars and such. The streets are the same way. But here, for the first time, we see, “In the day that thy walls are to be built,” which is speaking specifically to Jerusalem and speaking relative to the temple. This is why in the Six Day War Israel took the old city. They fulfilled the prophecy of Jesus, how Jerusalem would be trodden down of the Gentiles until the times of the Gentiles be fulfilled. The Jews took it and they have governed and watched over it, but they did not drive out the inhabitants and they did not touch the temple spot. So you can see the sequence what happened in 1967 and what is in front of us now. There is definitely to be a drastic change of developments in the Middle East very soon. Once God turns Israel loose, it will never be the same from that moment on. It will not drag out over a 10 to 20 year span of time either: it will all come about very quickly now. As one brother from Montreal always said, God has saved the best for last, or The best is yet to come. He has a treat for some and a heartache for others. I have to say, Praise God! I am glad I am a child of God today. I would not want to miss the show that is about to take place. I can hardly wait to hear the News come on and run 24 hours around the clock: showing first hand what is taking place in Israel. Newsmen from all around the world will be getting on planes, wanting to go to Israel to see what is going on over there that has the world so startled. If you can see this in Micah 7, you can also see in Isa. 60, how it is going to be done. Notice verse 10 first “And the sons of strangers shall build up thy walls, and their kings shall minister unto thee: for in my wrath I smote thee, but in my favour have I had mercy on thee.” You can learn a lot from that one verse alone; but the verses just before that, speaking in relationship to the temple, you see how out of Saudi Arabia will come camels carrying this wealth, and incense to be offered upon the altar. Out of Jordan, the Bedouin Arabs, which are from the offspring of Abraham by Keturah and her six sons, here comes the goats and the sheep. God says, They will be accepted upon my altar. Israel, right at the present time, does not even have a breeding program to start this thing, because the politicians they have had through the years have not even looked ahead, allowing prophecy to be a guiding factor in their decisions. Most of Israel’s politicians has went about these things always wanting to play up to the western leaders, negotiate, negotiate, and make concessions. That is what these two are doing right now; and that is why I cannot help but believe that God is going to intervene in the process before it goes too far. Once God changes the procedure, from then on these prophecies are going to start dropping in place one right after the other. Every one of them involve the miraculous workings of the Creator. Of course as we read these various verses we realize that in the past number of years there has been a great number of Jews come from various places already; but we have to realize when the time arrives for the 49th chapter of Isaiah to be fulfilled God is going to be instrumental in bringing back an element of Jews to inhabit the old city; and I want to explain something to you about that. That group of Jews that will eventually inhabit the old city and be there for the Millennium will not be just Judaean Jews, they will also be of the lineage of the house of David. Where do you get that, Bro. Jackson? Go right back and read in Kings; and you will see for yourself. That was the ancient city of the Jebusites, a pagan city; but when King David decided to take it, he took that ancient city of the Jebusites and selected one place where he had a palace built. There is where he set up his dwelling; and over the centuries the house of David grew into a great number. We can see from the scriptures that Jesus Himself is of the tribe of Judah, but He is also out of the lineage of David. Therefore when the hour has come for Jerusalem to be inhabited, and it passes into that period when God is going to cause it to be renovated and rebuilt, modified and beautified to get it ready for the Millennium, the people God will really be concerned about living there are the present twentieth century descendants of the house of David. That is how we have to see this picture, if it is to make any sense. Let us continue reading in Micah 7. (12) “In that day also he (meaning the Jews) shall come even to thee from Assyria, and from the fortified cities, and from the fortress even to the river, and from sea to sea, and from mountain to mountain.” Verse 13 speaks again of the Arabs; so notice it. “Notwithstanding the land shall be desolate because of them that dwell therein, for the fruit of their doings. That verse lets us know that those which made that land, that city waste, are going to be brought out of there by the Jewish military and removed so far away that it leaves that area completely desolate. Here is what we have to look at, and this is the key prophecy that sets all others in motion. That is why this could not have happened back in the 1967 war, because in the eyes of God it was not time to build the temple. It was not time for God to deal with the old city of Jerusalem for Jewish habitation. That is why twenty years has come and gone and they have done nothing but argue and slap at each other. That kind of thing has just about ran its course by now though; so we have every reason to expect a very drastic change in the Middle East very soon now; and there is no doubt some terrible ordeals of a very devastating nature are going to occur on both sides. God has His way of stirring the issue and causing the thing to get so hot something will have to give. This is what will frustrate world leaders that have worked so hard trying to get those leaders to negotiate and get the thing settled. The more they stick their nose in, the more God lets it become a confused picture to them. This is the key. When the hour has come, then we can say this, Once God turns Israel loose, then is when the miraculous hand of God starts showing itself on their behalf. Now let us watch this next verse. “Feed thy people with thy rod, the flock of thine heritage, which dwell solitarily in the wood, in the midst of Carmel: let them feed in Bashan and Gilead, as in the days of old.” They are not there yet, but when this hour has arrived, they will be there. I take that right back to Zechariah 10. It tells how they will come into Lebanon and into Gilead, and room is not found for them. That lets me know, When the hour comes that God is strategically dealing with the issue of the city of Jerusalem, then that is going to become the major focal point of where all attention, and where these prophecies begin to zero in at. Then God is going to extend His hand in a miraculous way on behalf of the Jews; and He is going to do it in order that Jews, wherever they are out there in the world, those that are to play a role in this end time by being part of the Jews that are to come in and inhabit this area of old Jerusalem, will have their opportunity to come to the land of their forefathers. God has a miraculous way of showing His hand in the Bible land. That is the signal for those Jews to start their journey homeward. Now we are back to a verse we read earlier. (15) “According to the days of thy coming out of the land of Egypt will I shew unto him marvellous things.” Well all we have to do is read Numbers and Exodus, to see what marvelous things God did for the children of Israel back then. When I read the account of the spies that came to Jericho, that second episode, and how they came into the house of Rahab the harlot and asked her, How did your people feel about this thing? She said, The day we heard what happened when your people crossed the Red Sea, our hearts did melt within us. In other words, We were scared. That lets you know God has a way of touching peoples heart’s to make them afraid and get them all rattled so they cannot defend themselves. Saints: If that could be true in that day, then what about 1995, or 1996, or 1997, whenever He wants to do this sort of thing again? (16) “The nations shall see and be confounded at all their might: they shall lay their hand upon their mouth, their ears shall be deaf.” This will not be something hid from the eyes of the world: Not in this day when the News Media is ready to get on an airplane and go where the News is. With TV cameras tuned in, there is nothing hidden anymore. What are those satellites doing out there in space? Taking pictures and relaying them back down to earth. We are living in a day when there is not only freedom of information, it is instant information with audio and video. It no sooner happens there, you are looking at it here. When you think of the two world systems, Russia and the United States, with all their high tech weaponry, and also of the Arabs that are equipped with the Russian equipment, I have to say, When God turns Israel loose to fulfill these prophecies, once it starts, it will not stop until the whole prophetic picture is complete. It will not be all broken up. It is going to go right on straight through. “The nations shall see and be confounded at all their might: they shall lay their hand upon their mouth, their ears shall be deaf. (17) They shall lick the dust like a serpent, they shall move out of their holes like worms of the earth: they shall be afraid of the Lord our God, and shall fear because of thee. (18) Who is a God like unto thee, that pardoneth iniquity, and passeth by the transgression of the remnant of his heritage? he retaineth not his anger for ever, because he delighteth in mercy.” In the previous message which we titled “Looking Through Windows of Prophecy,” we brought in Zephaniah 2:3-7, how God caused that prophet to look down on the land of Gaza and prophesied how that Gaza Strip, the ancient land of the Philistines, was going to be given to the tribe of Judah in the last days for an eternal possession. The three major cities of this land of the Philistines all are definitely destined to be areas that Jews will inhabit. Also how the areas of the countryside will be there for herds of sheep and flocks. If God has promised that to the tribe of Judah, and she took it in the Six Day War in 1967, let us notice how it stopped where she was to cross the Jordan and hit the Edomites, the Moabites, and the Ammonites. We can see when verse 7 stops, that puts the tribe of Judah in a promised area of future habitation that they never had in their possession in ancient times. God promised it to them, that it will be for the tribe of Judah. When you go on into verse 8, that gets them over into the area of Jordan; but let us look again at the 12th chapter of Zechariah: where it is speaking about the city of Jerusalem. (2) “Behold, I will make Jerusalem a cup of trembling unto all the people round about, when they shall be in the siege both against Judah and against Jerusalem. (3) And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people: all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces, though all the people of the earth be gathered together against it. (4) In that day, saith the Lord, I will smite every horse with astonishment, and his rider with madness: and I will open mine eyes upon the house of Judah, and will smite every horse of the people with blindness.” Since the 1967 war, Israel has not been allowed to deal with anything else that is relative to prophecy. Everything has just been hanging, waiting for God’s time frame. He has a launching time for the wrap up and that is where Micah 7 opens up the door for the hand of God to show His miraculous power on behalf of His chosen people Israel.