Can You See the End?, Part 3

Rev. Raymond M. Jackson


America never has had the desire to conquer the people of other nations and seize their land to enlarge ours. On the contrary, she has always stood ready to help other nations when it seemed right to do so. She has been a leader in bringing the people of other nations together in a healing process. With this in mind, this healing process is how you have to see what world leaders, after WW2 did, especially from the economic standpoint, as well as from the military standpoint, as they worked together with the leaders in Europe. The theme was, Unite, come together: Let us stop this thing of warring among ourselves. Let us prepare for the future, an era where we will no longer be enemies of one another. Let us strive for an era when we will not be spending vast sums of money to gather armies together to fight one another. Lets forget our past differences and unite our scientific abilities for a common purpose. Let us be willing to trade these things and share our accomplishments for a common cause. That was the stated goal; but progress in uniting was a slow process. There was always those reserved ideas, that someone else was going to get too much attention or more benefit by what was done. However, slowly but surely, as the ten political governments of Western Europe and their territories in which they are represented were being brought to a point in time when they could begin to look at things the right way, unity began to prevail. Cooperation one with the other began to put together what we see today. The time came when they began to realize, There is a means for us to heal the hurt that is within our societies. This began to cause the various ones to go to the Vatican for counsel. The Vatican has her agents, (priests) in every nation on the face of this earth. There are priests that know more about what is going on in the United States government than they know about what is going on in the Vatican. That is their role of responsibility. World leaders everywhere are recognizing this. They no longer look to the Protestant churches of America for any advice whatsoever. They know about the Reformation; but they do not recognize the Protestant churches as being instruments that could guide them in the use of the political spectrum. Instead, they begin to more and more look to the office of the Vatican for their advice. Little by little, political and social communication was restored. As we watch this, that giant beast of Revelation 13, just keeps walking further out of the water. As that head is healed, it is bringing Europe and the masses of people it represents, (Three hundred and twenty some million people are represented in this monster) back together for their end time role in the plan of God. All the while, over here, we are sending more and more aid, pumping it into their economy by the billions. Do you wonder why we are in a deficit today? It is because our resources have been sent to all the world. That did not happen in WW1: It has only been like this since WW2. So with these things in mind, I hope you can understand that the beast, the head of it, the brains of it, is western Europe, as you see it today. I will never forget when George Bush was elected president, he went Europe strictly for NATO, which was a military setup that united the military powers of Europe, along with that of the United States. It has been there since WW2. In his speech, he made a statement how he envisioned a greater Europe. When that came out in one of the nation’s leading magazines, I said, That man is prophesying, in an indirect way, that Europe is on the road to being healed in the economic sector, as well as the social sector, and we know that eventually, it will take that position in the realm of world leadership. When the head is completely healed, that puts the western side of the picture in perfect relationship to its prophetic role. As we watch that healing process take place, it tells us here in the 3rd verse, that all the world wondered after that beast. “And I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death; and his deadly wound was healed: and all the world wondered after the beast.” That is looking at how the power of the Reformation that showed itself in Germany, France, Belgium, those regions of Europe, affected the power of the ecclesiastical church over the European society. The pope just more or less became a figurehead for over a hundred and some odd years as far as the power of the Catholic Church was concerned. The Catholic Church was at a standstill through all those years, until this healing process began to take place. We need not be surprised about any of this, because we already knew from reading the scriptures, that this beast power has a definite role to play in fulfilling prophecy of the scriptures; and it was therefore necessary for this healing to take place. It is healed, to eventually project itself to the forefront of world leadership for just a short period of time. When you read, “And his deadly wound was healed: and all the world wondered after the beast,” you are looking at Europe, not in 1850, but Europe as she stands right now, in 1995. If you can see that, then this will help you understand how we look at the time we are presently living in, and also help you understand the 11th verse when we read it. Naturally the rest of the verses down to verse 11 are applicable to Europe and what is going to happen as she is projected into this time factor that brings on this week. It tells you how she is going to act. In California, George Bush made a speech in which he declared there would be a new world order: I have a copy of it. We have a lot of so called Christians in the world today that are all shook up over that statement; and they are saying, Did you hear that? The antichrist, the beast is going to be a new world order. You can forget that: It is just a scare crow. Keep in mind, any politician that does not know God, can throw out all his own ideas, and since he is a politician, and in a position of world leadership, he can say what he pleases: But that does not make it so. The God we serve, the God that watches over His word will say, So you say, and so you may think; but this whole picture is going to go my way, the way that is already recorded in the Bible. The United Nations and the new world order is not a thing that has ever been wounded as unto death and then healed. I want you to understand that. The hour will come, that those things will probably pass out of existence, as we get closer to the hour for this healed beast to exalt itself. That time may be closer than a lot of people think. Prophecies yet left to be fulfilled, can all wrap up in a very short space of time: they do not need to be stretched out over decades of time like some of the others were. We need to keep our eyes on the Middle East: That is where we will get our clues. 


Let us go down to the 11th verse of this 13th chapter of Revelation and continue on. Keep in mind, 96 A.D., when John actually lived, Rome was still under the imperial caesars. The pope, and the Catholic Church did not even exist. True Christianity was the one thing that existed in John’s hour of time. There was no such thing as denominational divisions among those who professed faith in Jesus Christ. When John saw that vision of the first beast being healed and restored, and made ready to fulfill its last day role, his attention was also drawn to something else. He was still standing over in the 20th century, where he had been projected to in the vision, looking at something in its fulfilled role. He did not stand watching America come up, and watch it grow and go off in time, like Daniel saw the beast: He was standing over here in our time, watching what America once was, as she gained maturity, and then saw her begin to speak. When this lamb beast began to speak as a dragon, it was after she had lost her original vision, the vision which was based upon Bible principles. Through her political leadership, she began to see the necessity of helping rebuild Europe. That is why it reads like it does. No other time in history did America even look toward Europe, saying, Do you need any money? Do you need any help? The only help America contributed was in WW1. It was very strange, how those horns could fuss and fight and get themselves into a serious problem, then look across the water and say, Will you come help us? They knew we were every one, part of their offspring. Do all of you recognize this to be a fact? We are the offspring of the old world. “And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth.” Not out of the sea, like the beast of verse 1, which points toward the old Mediterranean, which was the center of all the old world activity. Coming up out of the earth, was terminology designed in a way that coming down through time, for many it would not even know what it was pointing to. We read about Columbus, how he felt about it. The God of heaven that he loved and served, did truly lay on his heart to do what he was determined to do. God impressed him, that somewhere out there, you will find another way to the East Indies. He felt like he was the one compelled to find that route. His mind would not be still until he had his chance to do so. History gives 1492 as the date he discovered this land, right at the closing of that century. Another interesting thing took place just 42 years prior to that, when a man named Johann Gutenberg introduced an invention that made a tremendous impact on the known world. He had invented a printing press. Men such as Huss and Swingley had already been shut up: which lets us know that the spirit of the Reformation was already lying there in society. By the time we come to 1450 when that printing press was made, God had plans for it: For in 1942, when Columbus made his discovery, it was obvious that God had timed those achievements to come forth at a time when they would eventually serve His purpose. We were privileged to go to Spain back around 1974. I always wanted to see Spain: I had wondered, Why did the Spanish go to the southwest? What was there? But when you leave Madrid, the capital, and go down to Toledo, which was the ancient capital, you begin to drop down into arid land. It looked like traveling across portions of the Arizona desert country. When you begin to reach the region of old Toledo, you find that it sits on an elevated mountain plateau, with wall around it. In ancient times, Jews of the dispersion lived there. In the 15th chapter of Romans, you find that when Paul was at Corinth, he wrote that Epistle to the Roman believers and said, I purpose to come unto thee as I pass into Spain. He had communication with them: He wanted to go there and preach the gospel just as he had in Asia. Little did he realize he would never set foot in Spain. When he went to Jerusalem, determined to go there one more time, that is when he got in trouble, was arrested, spent two years in jail, and finally pleads to go to Rome to appeal to Caesar. There, is where he finally came to his end. I just brought that in to show you, that in ancient Toledo, there was a sector of Jews. Between 1200 and 1300 there was a massive execution of Jews who refused to leave Judaism and become Catholics in faith toward God. I have a book that describes the tortures and evil things the Catholic Church used on those poor Jews there. Across the Strait of Gibraltar, in the 8th century A.D. out of Saudi Arabia, an Arab brought a massive army of Islamic believers of old Mohammad. This man was called Mohammad the Great. He took the name the second time he came out of Saudi Arabia and the regions of Mecca. He came into Egypt and all North Africa, where, in the second century A.D. Christian churches were established from Egypt to Morocco. I have a map that shows this. He said, I will destroy Christendom in the 8th century. As he come into Egypt, he beheaded Christians by the thousands and tore down their church buildings. Those he did not tear down, he turned into Islam prayer towers. This massive army, through the oncoming decade, made its way across North Africa, tearing up and destroying Christianity, putting Islam in its place. Then when we come through time to around 900 and something, across the Strait of Gibraltar, here came that Islamic army of Morocco. They invaded south Spain and almost completely over ran Spain. Secular history called them the Moors, but they were Islam, Moslem in their belief. They remained in Spain. In the northern part of Spain, with the aid of France, the Spanish were able to keep them confined to the south sector. When you go to Toledo, you see a city where portions of the gate that comes through the wall have arches that are built like a horse shoe. That was a symbol of Islam culture. There was a Moslem quarter. In another sector, you had arches that represent the European style, how arches were made over the gates. On up until 1400 A.D., you had the Catholics, the Moslems, and the Jews, seeking to coexist in the ancient capital of Spain. They tried to kill the Jews. They could not get them to leave their faith. I now bring your attention back to the year 1492. Columbus was on the ocean, on the verge of fulfilling his great desire: But the very year he was on his way to the new world, the Spanish gained power and drove the Moors out, back across the Strait of Gibraltar; and they also drove the Jews out. I have another magazine that tells the story, how the Jews were treated as they were having to make their way to the ports, to board some of those old run down ships, to make their exit from Spain. I just put that in there to give you a little background of what was going on in the old world. During all that time, God was looking at something else. When Columbus went back to Spain with the information of what he has discovered, the printing presses were ready to roll with it. In every city, this news of the new world swept across Europe like a forest fire. There was a second trip; and then a third trip. It was not very long until here comes Portugal, and then France. I am talking about between 1492 and up until about 1530. The doors of colonization were coming from Europe. But in 1520, here comes Martin Luther. We then had another issue of good news. He was the star of the Reformation. When he began to stand in Wittenberg Germany and withstand the power of the papacy, actually he was taking the sword of the Spirit, which was the word of God declaring the gospel of Jesus Christ; and for the first time, God, through the king of Germany, honored his efforts. From then on, it was hack, hack, and hack at that old system of religion. Calvin, Knox, and all those men followed in succession, hacking at the power of the papacy. This was the wounding of the power of the papacy and the influence of the Catholic Church. When this was accomplished, this Reformation message was reaching England. Many English people were embracing the teachings of Calvin and Knox. However, at that time, the Episcopal Church was still much like the Catholic Church. She did not want much of anything to do with this. It is true, in 1600 and something that King of England broke his alliance with the pope, making the English people completely separate. However the people that began to embrace Christianity apart from the Catholic Church in the English sector, eventually had to flee to Holland, in the Netherlands, to really find rest, and be able to worship God as they chose to. That is written in early history. Following this, there were Spanish and French, and Portuguese, coming into the Caribbean, and spreading out. Keep in mind though, not all who came were coming to the new world with that same honest and sincere thought and purpose that Columbus had. Just like from Europe, not all people that came from Europe to the areas of North America, came with the Christian feeling that the early Pilgrims came with. Here came the adventure seekers along with them; and they ran first, those looking for wealth and whatever. Out of Europe, came also fur traders. They roamed all the way from the north part, to the south part. Some of them came in here and lived with the Indians for awhile, and traded with them. They brought their wares from Europe and traded with the Indians, for animal hides and so forth. Europe’s wild animal kingdom was gone. They needed our furs. That is why you see in some of those old mountaineer movies that have been made, old long haired men, wearing buckskin boots, with musket loading rifles. They came over here looking like wild men. They got into encounters with the Indians, but sometimes they made friends with the Indians and traded with them. Nevertheless that was their means of existing here in this newly discovered land. Then there came the time in 1620 when the Pilgrims began to come. Here was God’s real objective being realized. Keep in mind though, God always uses the unbelieving man for something. In this case, He just sent them out there to do the dirty work, to get the way cleared so He could bring His main objective along later. When those Christians began to come, boat load by boat load, right there is where the thirteen colonies in the east had their beginning. The first ones were the embracers of the Reformation, as it had existed in the early 1500’s. They had to go to Holland. There is where they stayed and worshiped until this new world was discovered and opened up. Then we find that when they decided to come, in England there was another move among believers. The Quakers were making their presence felt. How many know who the Quakers were? They do not quake like that anymore, but they used to. The Congregationalists, the Presbyterians and all of this, is a product out of the old world of people that were finally free of the old system of religion; and they were coming here to worship God according to their own leadings. I am going to bypass a lot of this Colonial history; but I wanted to give you some of it. As they grew from colony to colony, all over this vast area of what is called the United States, you had all kinds of ideas among those greedy, selfish frontiersmen. In certain sectors there were dark periods of history, but God watched over the whole thing, to bring it to a place of fulfilling His purpose for it all. Regardless of what kind of modern historians we have in the world today, trying to tell you that America was nothing but a hypocritical nation, you just have to ignore them and research some early history for yourself in order to know the truth. It just goes to prove, if you have a bunch of liberal minded people that want to live a liberal way, then they have to destroy any picture in the background that might influence some of them otherwise. We can see how God slowly worked, as He brought this nation that was made up of different races, from various areas to stand for something that would serve His purpose. After we pass the Revolutionary War, the Louisiana Purchase, the Indiana Territory, the purchase of California, all these things, if you can recognize in history and see God’s purpose, you begin to see something meaningful emerge. He wanted to put a nation together that would move forward in a progressive way. No sooner was California recognized in the picture, the nation wanted to establish a railroad that would link the east with the west. However we did not have the necessary labor for such a task, so what did they do? They asked for laborers to come here from different regions of the world. Here came the Irish: That is when the Kennedy group came. Then here came Chinese from the Orient. They were brought into San Francisco. From the west to the east, here was the Union Pacific. When that job was finished, the Irish did not go back to their native land: they stayed right here. When the last spike was drove, a great sigh of relief was heard across the land; but a lot of the Chinese stayed in this country also. What they had by that time, was no doubt better than anything they could go back to. My main point in saying that is this, Regardless of what race of people they were, or what part of the world they came from, those who stayed here all became Americans. That did not mean they were all Christian individuals. You have to be born again by the Spirit of God for that; but God did see to it, that from the standpoint of government leadership, there were things said and done that established in the government leadership of this nation, the principles taught by Jesus Christ our Lord. This was the image you saw as this nation was growing into what she eventually became before deterioration set in. She comes up through the years right on through WW2, and she was truly a lamb like nation. She has no ambition of conquering the world. As long as she is speaking like a Christian nation, the whole world knew her as such. Our society conducted themselves different than people in other parts of the world did. I can remember hearing men talk, that were in WW1, in Europe. Already in France, there was a terrible decay of their society: YET IT WAS NAPOLEON, WHO BY THE POWER OF THE SWORD, MILITARILY, REALLY WOUNDED THE PAPACY. HE IS THE ONE THAT DETHRONED THE POPE, 1787, I BELIEVE IT WAS. HE GAVE IT THE LAST WHACK. BUT BY THE TIME WE COME TO THE BEGINNING OF THE 20TH CENTURY, FRANCE WAS SO IMMORAL, OLD SOLDIERS OF WW1, SAID, PARIS IS THE CESSPOOL OF THE WORLD. But from WW1 until now, the devil has moved his cesspool: None of those others can keep up with the American society on her road to degradation, if you understand what I am saying. Let me read a few more verses here, then I am going to try to connect the point, but we have a lot more things to put in here as we try to finish the message. (Rev. 13:11 “And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb, (In other words, it was already there. John was seeing it for the same period of time that he sees this one coming up out of the sea for.) And he spake as a dragon. (He was not talking about the lamb during the time when it spoke like a Christian. He was only talking about it as it speaks like a dragon, showing it in its later state.) And he exerciseth all the power of the first beast (meaning every kind of political idea, objective, aim, or such, he falls right in line. That is why I say, Until WW2 very few of our political leaders wanted to have anything to do with the Vatican. Abraham Lincoln said that spirit ought to be driven from the shores. You see in this verse, that this is a time when this Lamb beast is exercising all the power of the first beast.) Before him and causeth the earth and them which dwell therein to worship the first beast, whose deadly wound was healed.” That will cover the last forty some years of the reconstruction and rebuilding of Europe. We have furnished the military power and monetary means for Europe to be restored; and to project her to where she stands today. I will say this to you, The body like a leopard and feet like a bear, is symbolic of the areas of old Persian, which is Iran, and which is hostile to the west today. Just wait until God gets through with Israel in the end time shake up: The whole Middle East is going to be right at the threshold of ushering in the last week of Daniel’s prophecy. I am not talking about a time in the far flung future either. There will be no other area of the earth for them to align themselves to for economic trade, other than to join right in with Europe. It is in the scriptures; so we are not just guessing. Israel will sign a trade agreement with them and the pope will be projected to the forefront to oversee the whole thing. That starts the week of Daniel. 


When that seventieth week of Daniel starts, it will bring the 11th chapter of Revelation into focus. When the week is introduced, TWO JEWISH PROPHETS WILL APPEAR UPON THE SCENE IN ISRAEL. Through their ministry, there will be a great host of Jewish men (144,000) sealed with the Holy Ghost and set apart to preach the everlasting gospel over in the last half of that week of time. That is the last good news any human being of the natural world is going to hear: because, when that hour hits, there will be no more preaching of the Gospel we were saved under. It is also in that period of time, (the last half of that week) that the woman element of the nation of Israel is in the wilderness where she will hide from the antichrist forces for three and a half years. RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THAT WEEK SHE FLEES, BECAUSE SHE HAS BEEN GIVEN THE TWO WINGS OF AN EAGLE FOR HER FLIGHT INTO THE WILDERNESS. The word wilderness, as well as the two wings, is a camouflaged way of concealing certain meanings until the hour arrives for them to be understood. She receives information during the period of time the two prophets are ministering in Israel, that lets her know when to flee, how to flee, and where to go, that she may be fed and protected during the time of the great tribulation. Those two prophets are going to tell her, when that antichrist comes forth and has us killed, it is your signal to get out of here. They will still be in the land of Israel when they hear what those two prophets have to say; but when those prophets are killed, the element of Jewish people that make up that woman, will know that it is time for them to go. Of course there are people who will say I am crazy to talk like this; but I say to them, stick around for a while and we will see whether I am crazy or not. That was put in here for a purpose. The bride of Christ is not supposed to be kept in ignorance concerning what God is going to do here at the end time. On the basis of the way things in this world are shaping up, I have to believe God is just about ready to announce the wrap up of this age. Since America is the lamb beast, (because John saw it come up out of the earth) you have to see it in an altogether different setting than the first beast that came up out of the sea (out of that great multitude of people of Europe) As we read some of chapter 12, you will see a picture come together. When the woman flees, she flees to a place somewhere in the world where the European powers that have caused all the problems cannot get to her. No high flying jet can reach her; and neither can an atomic powered battleship reach her. I have heard the Assemblies of God say, Oh, God is going to open up a way for them (the woman element of Jews) to flee into Jordan, into the valley of Petra. Well saints, I have been in Petra twice. It is only a hundred and some miles away, the way the crow flies. Therefore since the antichrist is going to be in Jerusalem, with his army, treading Jerusalem underfoot for forty two months, do you not think he will have some helicopters and gun ships that he could reach them with, if that was as far as they were to go? I believe you will agree with me on that. He would send them in there and blow them right out of that narrow valley. However, Where God is going to take them, he cannot reach them with his military might, though it is going to be a powerful thing. Just remember, it says right here in the 13th verse, that when this thing is fully restored, they will say, WHO IS ABLE TO MAKE WAR AGAINST THAT BEAST? Yes, that beast is Europe, as you are seeing it now. She now has some of the same inventions we have. This thing draws a picture. We are in a short interval of time, wherever that place in the wilderness is, it is not going to be made ready during this period of time. It has got to be made ready some time and somewhere, just before that week of time starts. It is very evident by the wording of the scriptures, that the place is already prepared when the week starts. Turn back to the 12th chapter, 13th verse through the 17th. “And when the dragon (the devil) saw that he was cast unto the earth, he persecuted the woman which brought forth the man child.” As the world is entering this period of time, there is spiritual warfare taking place in heaven, Satan against the angels that are watching over Israel. Michael and his angels are fighting against him. As they are fighting that conflict and this week of time approaches, the dragon, the devil, loses that great battle in the spirit world. Then, according to the scriptures, he is pressed down to earth. Imagine he is pressed down to earth, and as he is pressed down, everything on earth is ready to receive the embodiment of his objective. That puts the devil in the European system. He has a name. “And to the woman were given two wings of a great eagle, (She already has what those wings signify, when the middle of that week arrives. This speaks of her knowledge of where this wilderness hiding place is, and when she should flee to it. Who told her this is where this place was? Those two prophets) that she might fly into the wilderness, into her place, where she is nourished.” Now I want to tear something out of the minds of a lot of people who have a perverted idea of this whole thing. The objective in this is to keep the devil from destroying the Jewish race. It is open genocide he is after. Why? Because he knows that if that nation survives, she is going to be the nation that the Messiah, the king, will come from, and the world will be ruled for a thousand years, with the Jewish Messiah sitting in the Jerusalem temple. The devil is going to do his best to destroy that picture before it comes to reality. The last half of that week is designed to accomplish wholesale genocide among the Jews; but thanks to God, somewhere there is a place large enough to receive those who are predestinated to be spared alive. Not just two or three hundred, but thousands of them. They are going to come forth in a mass exodus and flee to the place the two prophets will tell them about. I realize a lot of people will question the two wings of a great eagle terminology and say, How can you attach that terminology to the message of the two prophets of Rev. 11:1-7? Well I think we can satisfy your mind on that: Open your Bible’s to Exodus 19:4, and notice what it pertains to. “Ye have seen what I did unto the Egyptians, and how I bare you on eagles’ wings, and brought you unto myself.” How did God deliver the Israeli people from bondage in Egypt? Through the ministry of Moses and Aaron that gave direction to them. Some will say, Bro. Jackson, could it not be somewhere in the Orient? The Orient by that time is going to be so anti religion, there is not going to be anything there in the way of a society that would even allow any Jew to hide among them. It has got to be a place somewhere, in whose society there is a knowledge of what the God of heaven is doing; and a people that has compassion for those people. So she fled, “where she is nourished for a time, and times, and half a time, from the face of the serpent.  (That adds up to 3 ½ years. You will notice also, that this gives the devil another name, or title, serpent; but it is still the same old devil.) And the serpent cast out of his mouth water as a flood after the woman, that he might cause her to be carried away of the flood.” This is absolutely uncontrolled execution, persecution, rounding up Jews just like Hitler did during WW2. That is why under the 5th seal, (when Bro. William Branham interpreted that 5th seal and saw those souls under the altar, they were crying like they were, they were crying out) (Rev. 6:10) “How long, O Lord, holy and true, dost thou not judge and avenge our blood on them that dwell on the earth?” Before anything was said, white robes were given them. They were clothed. Keep in mind, just white robes. They were not given fine linen: just white robes. (Rev. 6:11) “And white robes were given unto every one of them; and it was said unto them, that they should rest yet for a little season, until their fellow servants also and their brethren, that should be killed as they were, should be fulfilled.” Therefore we can see here, he is casting out a flood of persecution. Yes, everywhere he can turn it loose, he will. Everywhere his power is allowed to be expressed, he is going to do just that. He cast out this flood after the woman: Why? “That he might cause her to be carried away of the flood. (Watch this.) And the earth helped the woman, and the earth opened her mouth, and swallowed up the flood which the dragon cast out of his mouth.” The earth, I am going to say it again, is not just a spot of ground somewhere doing that. You have to realize, They word earth, is symbolic of something, somewhere. Right? It is more than just a piece of ground. There will be in the earth, certain things taking place through which God will work. Where was this lamb beast seen coming up? Not out of the sea. That would show it to be somewhere in the old world, would it not? It came up out of the earth. This lets us see that there is a gigantic ocean between the two areas. “And the earth opened her mouth, (In other words, Come on over, we will take care of you.) And swallowed up the flood which the dragon cast out of his mouth.” Some will say, Jackson, you must be crazy. Well saints, I am risking my name on this, because I can see something as plain as the nose on your face. When that woman element of Jews flee to that wilderness God has prepared for them, they will be in a place where that old system of Europe, that old beast, cannot get to them. When the time comes, they get out of there very quickly, before the armies of the antichrist can get to them. That is what will make him wroth. “And the dragon was wroth with the woman, (mad at her) and went to make was with the remnant of her seed, (That will be Jews scattered in areas of the earth that he can get to: That is the remnant of her seed. As he does this, the Gentile foolish virgins will taste of his wrath also: because he will be determined to destroy anything that professes faith in God. Just notice, as we read.) Which keep the commandments of God (That points to the Jews.) And have the testimony of Jesus Christ.” That has to be the foolish virgins that are left here on earth after the rapture. You are not going to get any politician in the United States to read this. I wish they would. It is not their job though: THIS IS FOR TRUE CHILDREN OF GOD TO UNDERSTAND. There is an element of Christian people that is going to read this and get a picture of something. The Catholic Church is not going to interpret it. Neither are the denominations, the daughters of that old system. Well who is? Who is it for? It is for the Bride of Christ. Of course some of these Branham people would say, oh Bro. Jackson, that is for the Jews. Listen saints, The book of Revelation was not written for the Jews: It is for the Gentile Bride to understand. The Jews have not even accepted the gospel yet, much less this book of Revelation. God means for the bride of Christ to be an informed people. He has no reason to keep His plan and purpose a secret from them forever: They are to be a real part of what He does in the earth. 


For the last thirty some years, God has blessed the United States with many scientific achievements. With her military power, she has stretched from Europe to Asia in WW2. When that war was over, God blessed her with these scientific achievements that have changed the way the world looks at things. Actually our industrial engineers went to Europe and showed them how to reconstruct and set up fast assembly lines, such as we did in Japan. You can read all that in the rest of the 13th chapter. Since that time our political leadership, more and more, has been compromising. This is why she begins to talk like a dragon rather than a Christian nation that should have said, Well we did our part, now we will come home and mind our own business. She just went the other way. This lets me know there has been a spirit in America for the last thirty some years, a spirit our founding fathers knew nothing of. First it began to bring division in the political leadership. Our leadership in the political spectrum has become nothing but power hungry, money grabbing politicians. They have given way to all these other liberal trends we see today; and now we can see our nation in the image structure, is crumbling. Writers, modern, liberal minded writers have set about to destroy the old image of a Christian nation we once held. No, they do not want that image any longer: They want to be this and that and whatever is contrary to a godly image. When I read Bro. William Branham’s vision the other night, of a prominent woman standing out, if that is not right in place, I do not know what else it would take to put it there. That woman in the White House, (the wife of our President)_according to the writing of this man, is more than just the wife of our President. Bill Clinton is not his own head. He carries out what she dictates. He is a mouthpiece. When he stood, wanting to put gays in the military, let me show you something. When Abraham Lincoln, in the middle 18th century, looked upon the black people, he wanted to free them from slavery; and that brought this nation to a dark hour. Blood was shed. When the initial event was over, it was the beginning of a slow process. One hundred years later, another white leader, John Kennedy, took up the issue of civil rights. When Lincoln did what he did, he was shot in the head. John Kennedy, when he pursued the civil rights issue, was shot in the head. Nevertheless he had succeeded in achieving that goal. That was in the 1960’s. In a video, which I will talk about later, Bill Clinton, when he was a boy around 16 or 17, met John F. Kennedy. He shook his hand. He saw in Kennedy, a model of something he wanted to be like. He worked his way through politics, but when he comes on the scene, it is an hour when all these other liberal trends are taking place. He wants to free other people from being ostracized. I’ll free the gays, I’ll free the lesbians. I will give America a new society. He seemed determined to follow that trend. He wants to use these men as another example. Out of Arkansas he comes, with such a perverted idea of politics, you have to wonder, Is this guy real? He steps in that White House, under the rulership of a woman that is cruel to the bottom of her feet. He reaches out here in society and pulls every kind of demon possessed instrument he felt he needed to accomplish his goal, white and black, because he was going to free America from this oppression of religion. That is how a great number of those people look at any kind of spiritual guidance. I am going to set people free from all of that; but the opposite of spiritual guidance, is to turn it over to the devil: That is what he is going to do. America is at a crossroad right now. THE NEXT THING BRO. BRANHAM SAW WAS DEVASTATION. Devastation does not mean humanity as a whole is destroyed. It means devastation has brought America to a place where the world can no longer look to her for what they need. She is not a beast that can dictate terms or say what the rest of the world is to do any longer. I have no doubt that what happened in Oklahoma, is just the beginning of lunatics running wild. God will let the devil use any kind of instrument though, to set certain things in motion. Only God knows how many devils we have walking around in the streets of America right now, ready to lay America in ruins, all because they want to change the way our nation is operated. They no doubt see many things that are wrong; but they do not have the vision of what God wants it to be. I just have to believe, according to George Washington’s vision, there is a terrible dilemma ahead, that America is getting ready to move into. If this is the place that woman is to flee to, you can rest assured, before that week starts, God is going to clean house. Mark my word, God is going to clean house. When it is over, we are not going to be a society that is divided. When it is over, the society that is going to be here, are all going to be working in harmony. We are Americans, and glad of it, whether we are black, white, red headed, freckle faced, or what. They are going to be glad they are Americans. Why? Because God has picked out a spot on earth that He might exemplify Himself. Here is where the message has went forth to the world from; and the world has heard it. I get letters from various regions of the earth, and it is so pitiful to hear the world cry, Can you help me? A letter came last week from a man in Ghana. He is in a refugee camp. He fled one of those countries where there had been open rebellion. He saw his own family shot, massacred, tortured. He fled to Ghana, to a refugee camp. Look what is going on in Africa right now: Jesus has to come soon. This is a picture of Matthew 24, nation shall rise against nation, kingdom against kingdom. People in distress. The seas and waves are roaring. But in all this turmoil, God will clean house somewhere, because that woman will have to have a place to go to; and right now, I see no other place she could go; but I do know that God has a plan that will prepare a place for her to flee to. I hope you understand. I will bring in more history as we go along. I have not slept much this week, as I have spent time studying for this message. I will sleep a few hours, then when I am awake, quotations from history just come rolling through my mind; and my mind stays on them. I finally say to my wife, Honey, if I am not talking, it is because something is just going through my mind that I cannot get away from. I cannot let me mind dwell on anything else. I see things in history. I see things coming, that lets me know something is going on; and I just have to get it all out of my system. 


I am pointing to a certain place on our chart: This marks the beginning of the seventieth week of Daniel. That marks the last seven years of time before the Millennium. This green line represents the Rapture of the bride Church, that will take place somewhere about the time that week is getting started. That is when Jesus is going to come and take His bride people to glory, where they will stay until that week of years has run its course. We are living in 1995, (when the message was preached) we do not know how many years are left in here. That is the great question we all have today. We can make predictions about the approximate time of the return of our Lord, based upon the various signs He mentioned and the prophecies that are to be fulfilled; but God reserves the exact day and hour for Himself. Only He knows that. We have all these things in the Bible, Jesus gave us as sign posts along the way. Jerusalem is no longer ruled by the Gentile world. The Jews and Arabs are fussing about that right now, about Jerusalem. That could be pointing right to Zechariah 12. We have used that scripture a lot lately, but why not? It could be a present reality just any day now. Then, when that becomes God’s focal point, all these other prophecies that are related to that time, Numbers 24 and such like, that tell what Israel is to do, how they will do gallantly, valiantly and so forth in that day, will all be in effect. Micah 7, God will show His tremendous power, that the nations of the earth, the heathen will come crawling out of their holes. All that is to take place somewhere between now and that period of time we call the seventieth week of Daniel. You would think that when God would display His power in such ways, that would cause people of the world to stop being foolish. It will open the eyes of many; but it will not make Christians out of them. However it will cause many to change their attitude about what is going on. That is God’s way of using one means to begin to push back away from this great tide of humanity decaying away, and God preserving an element of mortal flesh that will eventually pass into the Millennium. Between now and then, we can expect there to be tremendous developments in world affairs. There is not going to be spans of years like it has been since WW2, ten or fifteen years between events. We are getting right now where they are going to come from every direction. I cannot help but believe that world leaders are going to become so confused by all that will take place in such a short time, they will make strange decisions. It is God’s way of forcing them to hurry the agenda that sets prophecy in the final phase of fulfillment. There will be many things taking place one right after the other. Let me take you back to the 12th chapter of Revelation now. I want to show you how we must understand certain things. This prophecy was written in 96 A.D.; but the pictorial fulfillment of it is pointing right now to this present era of time. Notice as I read again the 13th verse, “And when the dragon saw that he was cast unto the earth, (That is when he is pressed down to the earth, getting ready to cause the embodiment of Satan to be expressed in all human world affairs, in that week of Daniel.) he persecuted the woman which brought forth the man child. (That points back to the first advent and how Israel was the woman portrayed there in the beginning parts of this chapter.) And to the woman were given two wings of a great eagle, (That shows two wings, not one. There has got to be two messages by two outstanding prophets. We showed you over in Exodus, when God brought Israel out of Egyptian bondage, He says He brought them out on the wings of eagles. It was through the guidance and inspiration of Moses and that which took place, that brought them through that wilderness journey.) that she might fly into the wilderness.” (I have said all along, The word wilderness, is a camouflage word that was written then, to keep the true revelation shut up until the proper time; and now it is no longer a camouflage word. I will show you why. The new world was unknown in the old world when John had this vision. No one knew there was such a thing as a vast continent laying some 1700 to 2000 miles across the Atlantic. In relationship to the old world which was the center of world civilization, this was a wilderness. I want to emphasize the fact that this was a vast wilderness when John was given this prophecy. It was not an industrialized area of the world at all, that would have been known by anyone. All the inhabitants were nomadic type Indians. They would live a little while here, then a little while somewhere else. The main point is, This was a wilderness, untouched by the old world. I hope you understand that. However in the wilderness, according to Revelation 12, there was a place prepared by God, that the woman element of Jews could flee to. “Into her place, where she is nourished for a time, a times, and half a time, from the face of the serpent. And the serpent cast out of his mouth water as a flood after the woman, that he might cause her to be carried away of the flood.” In other words, he wants to literally destroy the existence of the Israelite people. Now this next word gets more specific. To me the word wilderness was pointing to a hemisphere unknown to the old world back then. Nevertheless somewhere in time that which was a wilderness, God would set about conditions which would develop it into something else. It was not developed in one hundred years, it was a gradual development, projecting, bringing a certain objective of God to a climactic point. That is why, when we see in the 13th chapter, that out of the earth came this lamb beast, we connect it with the earth that opens up its mouth and swallows up the flood the dragon cast out of his mouth. Because, wherever the wilderness was, that is the part of the earth that prophecy is looking at, though unknown at that time. Yet since it is in the love letter to the Gentile bride, it is utterly impossible for politicians to interpret it. It is not for them. It is not for the Catholic church. It is a closed book to her. It is only for the bride of Christ. It is one of those things which is to help her, because at the time which she understands it, she is still mortal, living in an evil world that is headed for the destruction and wrath of God. Yet seeing how some of these things are being brought about in her time, is one of the encouraging things to let her know how to get ready for the rapture. If we can see that, then we have to realize it is going to take time, which is in front of us, not behind us. It is going to take time, which involved months, a short period, which only the Lord knows the duration of, when we are going to somehow see things develop that will bring this prophecy into focus. It is true this lamb that has come up has a place, a role to play. That is why I have kept reading all those quotes and things from history, to show that as this lamb beast gradually gets its birth, and growth, it is actually portraying a lamb spirit. This country never did, at any time, ever set about to conquer the world. She was not trying to gain control of any territory in the world. Yet at the close of WW2, which was the worst global conflict this planet has ever experienced, the United States of America had grown into a power to be reckoned with. I would like for you just to think for a moment, how at the close of WW2 the United States had the military capability for just about any challenge, with a great Air Force, and with the atomic bomb, and a great Navy, as well as other capable forces, she could have said to China, Mao Tse Tung, come out of the mountains now, and settle yourselves down. Then it could have said to Russia, God back home and mind your business. They could have said to Europe. Look, twice you have brought us into your problems, we are not going to let you do that anymore. We are going to take over. I want you to know, they could have absolutely been a power unequaled on the face of this earth. I have seen one portion of the Navy. I am telling you, it is so startling. When we read about Pearl Harbor, and when we read about what we lost at Midway, by the time we come to that last year and half of the Pacific War, we had two Navy’s that were equal to all the rest of the world put together. We could have controlled every high sea, every sea lane of transportation; but because we were a lamb like nation, we had no desire for global conquest. Wherever we had gone in former wars, wherever our troops had stepped ashore, they were always looked upon as liberators for a common cause. Even in the Spanish American War, that was true. Do not think that was just American soldiers fighting Spanish people. That was American troops being used to deliver oppressed people from the power of Catholicism. I have a book that tells about the Spanish American War, that was true. Do not think that was just American soldiers fighting Spanish people. That was American troops being used to deliver oppressed people from the power of Catholicism. I have a book that tells about the Spanish American War, as it started in the Philippines. It tells how the Filipino people became so oppressed by the friars. You would be surprised, how those Catholic priests have used society in many parts of the world. One chapter tells how priests controlled a complete community. In this sense, if for some reason there was a certain man that someone disliked, they could go to the priest and tell a lie on him. Then that priest, before the congregation and political leaders of the community, would bring false accusations against the man. The man was put in prison. Many times family members were arrested, and the rest of the family know nothing about it, and them be carted off to prison somewhere and the family never know where they went to. Bro. Jackson, that sounds incredible. It just went on down in Argentina. I saw their top military man the other night, acknowledge, that in the past ten years, Argentina people, one by one, somehow just came up missing. Police would grab them, take them away and torture them, then just do away with them. They are looked upon as dissidents. In other words, rebels to society. That Catholic spirit, wherever it has gone, has always put people under oppression. How many of you really do understand what I am talking about? I do not say these things to set anyone at variance with anyone else as far as individual persons are concerned; but I do want all of you to realize you are seeing a devil behind all of this, as he works through political systems of the world. Anyhow as we pass 1800, the American nation is born. As we pass the Civil War, coming to 1900, in eastern Europe, all over that vast domain, there are Jews. That part of the world has held the Jewish population at arms length, and looked upon them almost like dogs. I read that from the Jews writings in the other message I preached, A Troubled World, and how the Jews got here. They heard of this new world, this wilderness land. Those people, family by family, began to prepare for the journey. No other migration of any other people came on a scale like the Jews did, the segment of Jews coming toward the twentieth century. They came as clothing seamstresses, shoe makers and so forth: coming we might say, in the lowest form of occupational life. They set up their shops and went to work. Many times, the Anglo Saxon people that were already over here, looked upon them with a lot of misgivings. Nevertheless they were not treated as they had been in the old European sector. Those Jewish people slowly began to master their situation and take hold of opportunities that came their way. Where once they used to be peddlers of their own products on the streets, now they own the buildings and things. They own suit factories, shoe factories, and all kinds of industrial, manufacturing products. They also own numerous financial institutions. In no other part of the world, did they come to such a position as they have in this country? No, they did not. I am bringing all this in to try to show you what has transpired, and ask you, What was the reason? What was God’s reason for allowing them to prosper so greatly in this nation? Is this something that is just coming about by chance? NO. As we brought out in the other message, in the United States and Canada alone, almost half the world population of Jews abide. Think of it, On this continent, we have almost half of all the Jewish population of the whole world. You have to realize, these Jews did not bring this American nation to this horrible decayed condition we are witnessing today. They do not like what they are seeing taking place. It is true they have not always cooperated with the Christian element of the community, but neither do they agree with all this perversion we have all around us. They see it as a tragedy. They see disaster ahead. I get literature from various organizations. They publish magazines expressing their opinions about the moral decay in this nation. They have a voice in this country: That is for sure. Therefore with this in mind, we have to realize this, God has made sure that Jewish people have had opportunity to settle and prosper in the place that was once looked upon by the Creator as a wilderness. That is why the Bible says the woman of Revelation flees to the wilderness where she hath a place prepared by God, that she may be fed and protected from the wrath of that old serpent. We must accept the fact that this place that was prepared by God, can, over the long term, be looked upon as an area of geographical territory that God has somehow or other allowed Jews to migrate to through the centuries gone by, and be there, in great numbers, and with sufficient means, so that when the hour of time arrives for other Jews to be hid and fed, they are in that portion of wilderness, which as we know, is no longer a wilderness, where they can minister to their fellow kinsmen. We are not a continent of wilderness anymore; and neither are we to be looked upon as a lamb-like nation anymore. It is a new world, but it is a system, a powerful nation that has came up out of the earth. How many understand how we must look at the word wilderness? And how we must look at the terminology, (Revelation 12:16) “And the earth helped the woman, and the earth opened her mouth, and swallowed up the flood which the dragon cast out of his mouth?” The word wilderness, and the word earth, both point to the same place. That is why God has allowed this nation to become what it is: He has a plan for it, after He has finished preparing it. 


In the light of all the other things we have read from the various books, let us take a closer look at the present hour of time we are living in, 1995. We realize this, The very minute this president took office, he came on the scene with an altogether different view of how he saw America, and what America ought to have changed. Just as Abraham Lincoln wanted to change the social structure for the black people, he had an element he was determined to help. How will it turn out? Will he fulfill all of his promises to the gay people that helped put him in that office? Let us consider Abraham Lincoln’s task first. Did he succeed? Well it did free them from the slavery part, at least where they were owned; but it did not necessarily change the social picture. They were still oppressed. One hundred years later, here came John F. Kennedy, a Catholic. He saw the necessity of bringing about a social change for those people. We have witnessed the conflicts in those areas where there was this opposition; and eventually the change won out. Abraham Lincoln did what he felt he had to do; and then there was a Catholic bullet that hit him in the head. Bro. Jackson, why do you say that? I have the book, THE ASSASSINATION OF ABRAHAM LINCOLN. You read about the man Booth, the one who was supposed to have shot him, he was only the hit man for the Catholics who had planned the strategy. As soon as it was known that he was dead, those men were crossing into Canada, getting ready to board a ship and head for Europe. Our secret agents, for months, traced them to Canada, then to London England, and finally to the Vatican. That book was published years ago, but at the time it was published, government officials had begun to feel like, If we allow too much of this to circulate in society, right at a time when they are trying to heal the hurt between the north and south, it will only increase hostility between them and it will be a long time before the wound can heal. Therefore they hushed it up. No printers in the states will print it anymore. They want to forget the past. This book was printed overseas. With that in mind, we then come to the hour of President Kennedy. After he did what he did, another spirit arose in this country. I have to believe the spirit that used this man, Oswald, chose that man just because he was a man that could be used. We cannot say he really had any certain political ideas. There may have been Communistic thoughts in his mind, or he may have just been a radical that had certain personal feelings he needed to give vent to: We will never know for sure. He did not live long after he carried out that mission. Anyhow, from 1963 when that event happened, to where we are in time right now, there has still been a deterioration process in effect. In this deteriorating trend, we see politicians that want to use it to maneuver certain things. They know what they are looking at. That is why I said earlier, There is a video out now, which is called THE CLINTON CHRONICLES. This video is put out by a committee of American citizens called THE CITIZENS COMMITTEE FOR CLEAN GOVERNMENT. It is made up of officials, local and statewide, all over the United States. I have been getting literature from them for several years. They put much emphasis on the points where they bring in this information, what is really going on, and how deterioration is taking place. When this man came to the position where he wanted to run for president of the United States, there was a lawyer in the state of Arkansas that was a friend of his when they were young, growing up. He had some things to say, which I will read a little of. These things I am bringing to your attention are not my words, I am reading them from another source. While this man was governor of the state of Arkansas, it is stated that he became involved in drug smuggling, the worse case the state ever had. They declare how there was a fake corporation set up, which was not a corporation that manufactured anything; It served other purposes. Out of Columbia South America, and across the Mediterranean, there were drug connections he was connected with; and every year there was a million dollars worth of drug money brought into the United States and he knew all about everything that was taking place. This drug money was first deposited in a certain bank, then later transferred to another bank under some name, and then transferred to another bank in Florida, and eventually it worked its way back, in the name of this corporation. This man has used this money in his political climb, a climb designed for a position where he would be the highest power in the United States government. As he was carrying out all those activities, he was not like other leaders we have known. He was not trying to restore America to its old image. He has a vision; but it is of his own power and greed. He is going to use money, no matter how corruptly it is obtained, to obtain the end results. There is a former senator of his state, who at one time was also a judge. He also knew this man in former years, while he was coming up in politics. This senator testified on the video I got this information from, of the things he knew this man was totally responsible for. In this, he said the man is a habitual liar. Second, He is one of the worst womanizing human beings that could possibly be. There are women that testify of their personal confrontation with him, how he has done his dirty approaching way to entice them into relationships. It is testified on this video, that in a certain city in Arkansas, a fourteen year old girl which was a cheerleader on a basketball team, was one girl he was attracted to. It said she was a beautiful girl. He was attracted to her, along with some other girls. I have to say, I am thankful for the move of the Spirit of God that has moved among our young people. The world is full of people who are absolutely instruments of the devil; and there is nothing that would please them more, than to get some of you out there with them, drinking, cursing and taking dope. They make very attractive offers of worldly opportunities, various things, until they have their victim hooked, then that person is under their control. In other words, Satan would like to destroy every one of you. It was reported that this man we have been talking about, when he enticed those girls, talked them into a deceptive plan. He took them to his own doctor put them on birth control pills, then he began to give them dope. He has used those girls for his own gratification. Then when the girls began to show that they were becoming addicted to dope and they had reached the point of danger, he kicked them out. This one fourteen year old girl, which is older now, is a public prostitute walking the streets of some city in Arkansas, nothing but a dope addict, and an outcast to society. How pathetic, to think that the president we now have in office could be blamed for such a thing as that. Three police officers, one a chief of police, when certain things began to be told to him of what was going on, set out to do a personal investigation. All of a sudden he is relieved of his position on the police force. Why? Because this man was governor of the state. When he found out about something taking place in the lower echelon, he just pushed them out and nobody dared to ask any questions. Two other police officers testified personally, that they were the police officers who would take chosen ones to those houses, to elite, high class women, who sell themselves to politicians for a position of recognition and high places in society. There was one, it tells her name, and he was taken on video as he went in there. These police officers used to take him by and drop him off. There was a certain place they would park, which was at a distance, yet in sight of the house. He goes in, has his entertainment, then the front light blinks and they would come by and pick him up and taken him on his way. Another lawyer heard about the first lawyer, who was a former friend of the man, so he set about to gather information and bring about an investigation, because he realized this man, working his way up through politics, was definitely going to bring elements of people through deception, and with the power he had gained, he was going to lead a lot of people to some kind of mishap. There was another lawyer who heard what this one was doing and said, I would like to join your effort and help; so he came on board. The two lawyers are beginning to carry on their own investigation, however slowly, to find out whatever they can. They have uncovered a lot of things about the Whitewater scandal. All of a sudden this second lawyer that joined the first, was taken one night and beaten and then left for dead. They thought he was dead, but he lived. They had hit him over the head and beat in his sinus cavities. They hit him with something that opened up a gash in the front of his stomach. All over his body he was hit with hard instruments. On this video you see his body, how it looked in his state of recovery. He is still able to talk. That made this lawyer ever so much more determined to spend the rest of his life, along with the other one, going after this man. At different times the ex-senator comes in and speaks on their behalf. At different times also, the two policemen join in. Then there was a woman on the tape, that testified. She works in a certain office building where she sees certain business transactions going through, papers, and such. She began to see something was wrong. As she tells her part of what she has seen, it is not long until she is warned; but she does not take heed to the warning. Then her son, and if I remember right, the cousin to the son, were suddenly found dead, on a rail road track, leaving the appearance they just went out there, laid down and went to sleep. However upon investigation by a coroner, it was found that one of them had been stabbed in the back, and the other one had the back of his head caved in by a hard blow. Yet nobody knew for sure who did it. On and on this picture keeps going. As we got closer to the time when this man was ready to climb aboard and seek the Democratic candidacy to become president, all of a sudden, with all the news media, papers and so forth, there comes a great hush. It is very strange, how the news media can be bought off. While in other areas he was still being exalted, the finger was still pointing to him, and all of a sudden the papers in Arkansas just plain shut up. I will not say any more now, but there are other things on the video. AS WE COME TO THE END OF THAT VIDEO, THE COMMITTEE THAT PUT IT TOGETHER, DECLARE THAT EVERYTHING THEY HAVE SAID CAN BE SUBSTANTIATED BY DOCUMENTS HELD, AND BY PERSONAL TESTIMONIES. They let you know a copy of this video has been sent to every senator and congressman of the United States government. That means right now there is not a Congressman or senator up there that does not know of all the rotten things that character has done. I am just reporting to you what I have seen and heard through these mentioned sources. I am not making any personal accusations; and I am not meaning to pick on any certain individual; I am only calling your attention to what is recorded about our nation and its leaders in earlier times, and comparing that with what it is today, and with its leaders in our day. Only God knows for sure what will take place in the political spectrum before Jesus comes again, to take us out of here. 

Let us now go back to Waco. Clinton was not in office very long until this Waco incident came about. It does not make one bit of difference to me what the FBI says, they can say one thing, but I am 71 years old. I remember the 1930’s. I remember the hour of John Dillinger, Pretty Boy Floyd, all those characters. I remember the Ma Barker incident, the Bonnie and Clyde characters. I want you to know, it was said when I was a little boy, The G man always gets his man. There was one famous man that became known in the Bureau of Investigation: Melvin Purvis was his name. He was the federal agent that designed how to capture and bring John Dillinger to an end. I want you to know, that back then, they got their man, or woman one way or the other. If they had to have you shot by another henchman, they would even do that. The main thing was, If you needed it, they would bring you to an end somehow. Back in those days the FBI was after gunmen, bank robbers and that type of characters. The FBI today has their nose stuck in every kind of social, political and international situation on the face of the earth. They helped agitate and aggravate a social condition throughout our land, which has brought about the looseness that government and intellectual educators have produced through thirty some years of change, the whole thing designed to destroy the original American image whereby she was regarded as a Christian nation. They want to take all that out of the picture. That is why I read from that book these different things to give you a picture of how America’s leadership of former days were prone to see things from the standpoint of the Bible while she was coming through time to this twentieth century. Now you never hears of these bad boys being shot right on the spot. If they are ever arrested, you hear of them being brought into court, large sums of money being spent over long periods of time, bringing them through some kind of court process, and then the term innocent until proven guilty, is ever so cherished by them. All their attorneys have to do, is find one juror they can place doubt in the mind of; and our system of justice takes care of the rest. Hardly before you know it, they are back on the streets, and back at their same old game. I want you to know saints, back in the 1800’s, after the Civil War, when Jesse James became nationally famous as a bank robber, things were handled a lot differently. You know how he came to his end? He was assassinated by a man of his own gang. His own gang member was paid a certain amount of money to do it. My point is, Those with the responsibility of guarding our rights as citizens of this great nation got the law breakers one way or the other. Criminals did not have more rights than law abiding citizens back then. Most of those men were never found in court. They reaped the reward they had coming because of the kind of life they lived. They were gotten rid of. This judicial system of our modern day would rather say, O but that is brutality. We cannot allow ourselves to act like that. Well I am not an advocate of citizens taking the law into their own hands: That can certainly get out of control; but since they changed their tactics and give all these bad characters the recognition of constitutional freedom, we now have a totally reversed picture in our democracy. Think of the past number of years, the innocent people that have been brought to an end, their life taken instantly through some foolish act of this type of characters. Our law officials just sit back under a new interpretation of the constitution and say, We cannot do anything until they are caught in the act. Therefore the gangsters and law breakers of every sort, just simply educate themselves so they know exactly how to elude the politicians, the judges, the law enforcement agencies, and even those who might be prone to take matters into their own hands. I know they would not enjoy hearing this said; but it is an absolute fact. The John Dillinger gang was brought to an end, not by a long drawn out court case, but sooner or later they were caught by the police and shot. I saw one of the cars, I believe it was in 1938 or 1939, when Barnum and Bailey was in town with their circus. They put it on display. It was a beautiful 1931 Chevrolet, all that beautiful chrome on the spare tire, and suitcase carrier on the back, all of that. They had beautiful cars back then. The back end of that car was absolutely full of holes, where the po9lice had chased them at high speeds, firing at them. Five men in it of John Dillinger’s game. One man was shot, the bullet went through him, through the front seat and pushed the upholstery out, which was against John’s back. That was how close he came to getting it at that time. I am saying all this to show you how the law worked back then, to keep our nation free. At least society as a whole, did not have to go to bed at night worrying about their personal property or themselves being harmed. That is why a kid could walk the streets of Louisville, Kentucky at two o’clock in the morning without having to worry about being mugged. Today, in this very hour we are living in, it is just the opposite. In our federal government, a man is saying, We must do something to stop this arrogant, fanatical thing of people wanting to take the law into their own hands and go out and terrorize and tear up our country. Why is it like that? Simply because our system of keeping law and order has deteriorated so drastically in the past 30 years, people are beginning to feel that decent, law abiding citizens are on the short end of the stick when it comes to a show down of our rights as citizens of this country. It is evident, that in the past thirty some years, if we look at the statistics I referred to, there has been a breakdown of just about everything we placed confidence in years ago. All sorts of crime is on the increase, homes are broken up, and honesty seems to be just an empty word any more. All of that has increased and keeps climbing. They ought to realize it is changing the meaning of the Constitution, bringing in liberal tendencies this country never should have allowed. When we were looked upon as a Christian nation, the Christian environment and image of it was applicable to our society as a whole, whether Spanish, Black, White, or what, somehow our society moved along just fine under this type of influence. We were a peaceful society back then; but when our image began to change, the picture changed drastically: Turmoil began to set in everywhere. Anyone who has the ability to think and reason, can see this great breakdown that has come about in our society in the last thirty years. As we consider all of this though, somewhere that lamb beast of Revelation 13, had to have its nature changed in order to fulfill its prophesied purpose. 


When this nation began to speak as a dragon, that just simply points to another devil spirit working. It is a demon spirit that works harmoniously with certain objectives to bring about the restoration of that first old beast that came up out of the water. That is why it reads that way in the 13th chapter. Here is what throws American Christian people off the track, because they are not able to follow the purpose right on through to the end. Is this lamb beast that now speaks like a dragon destined to continue right on out through the rest of time from where we are now, to the very end, on past the rapture, just as it is at the present time? I hope you listen to my words. If it does, by the time this present trend of what we see right now reaches the end, this will not be a fit place for a million and half or two million Jews to suddenly leave Israel and come to. I hope all of you understand me. Presently, we are seeing a rise of antisemitism in this country. Therefore if American was to stay polluted, perverted, and filled with corruption, then according to the other prophecies that God is going to fulfill when He does come to destroy sinners, which is to be a time when the planet is shaken and men will be burned by fire, you would have to agree that this lamb beast nation that has talked like a devil, is going to undergo the same judgment and penalty as all the rest. When the end of that week comes, and Jesus comes to earth to pour out the wrath of God on all ungodliness, this nation would be no exception, unless something is done ahead of that time, to change our present trend. That is when Jesus is seen coming back to earth in the 19th chapter of Revelation. Out of His mouth goes a sharp two edged sword that with it He should smite the nations with wrath and judgment, then turn and rule them. That would literally mean those Jews that left the land of Israel when wholesale persecution started, in the middle of the week, just left one hot spot to come to another. Does that make sense to you? I hope you catch my point, because Isaiah 13 says, And the earth shall be burned by fire and few men left therein. That would mean this continent could not escape the consequences. Just keep in mind, wherever that place in the wilderness is, (I believe it is this country which was still a wilderness in 96 A.D., when John was given this prophecy.) It means there has to be something take place where she (the woman) will be fed and cared for. If evil is there, God will clean it. If antisemitism is there, He will drive it out. That is why when the earth opened up its mouth and swallowed up that flood, those Jews were safe. That is a symbolic picture, that wherever that place is, the society there already has their heart’s turned in human sentiment, toward the Jews and says, Send them over here, we will take care of them. That beast system of Europe will not be able to touch any of those of the woman element because they will be under God’s protection throughout the whole 3 ½ years of that great tribulation. Keep in mind, if that is the picture, it lets me know America will no longer be a world power when this time comes. She will only be a nation, a territory that is capable of just defending itself, but she will have leadership with an outlook that is pleasing and acceptable in the eyes of God. We have a great host of Jews here in America already; and not all of them are ever intending to go back to Israel to live. No. They have no thought of submitting themselves to all of that turmoil with those Arabs that are there; but they are ready to contribute millions of dollars for the benefit of those who do go back there to live. They are born in this land, their business is here, their children were born here, so this is home to them. They go back and forth to the land of Israel to see where their roots are; but many of them will never want to go back and live under those hardships. Try to understand, there is going to be an element of Jews left here, but I believe this excessive evil we have been subjected to for thirty some years, though it fulfills one picture of prophecy, when America does speak like a dragon, will be dealt with prior to that week of Daniel. She has sent her aid here and there. At the same time here comes all these spirits to pervert our society. The man we have up there in the White House is not just trying to free the black people; he is also wanting to destroy the old image of a Christian oriented society and give perverts every right and privilege others have. God never meant for perverts to take up places of leadership in the Church He is preparing as a bride for His only begotten Son. Through the power of the U.S. Supreme Court, which has come about through a process of years, Satan, a spirit of liberalism, has used key individuals, both in the political sector as well as the intellectual sector to accomplish his purpose. When they begin to do the Christian community of America like they did, using the Supreme Court, changing this and that, taking prayer out of school, that was a slap in the Christian’s face. God knows it. That was literally taking the church community that had stayed clean, the very people that caused the power of God to protect the nation through all her vast troubles, and putting them on the same level as those who defile themselves with mankind. The nation, and especially the Christian community has been raped publicly. All you have to do is read the arrogant statements by some of these politicians and judges that have done this evil. We have come to a time when Christians are not even allowed to speak out and point the finger at outright sin. Yet when we have teenage violence, teenage crime, teenagers killing old people, killing one another, we see law officials, civil community leaders, school teachers, and all kinds of instructors coming together saying, What can we do? Look at your own indicators. The answer is available. Why do you put heart monitors on people who have heart problems? It is done to better understand how to treat the condition. You put heart monitors on the human body. You read the charts, then you have sense enough to know how to make the necessary changes. You seem to know in the medical sense, what to do for that human heart. Why not transfer that same system into the social sector? Just like many human hearts, America is in bad shape. Something is dying, and something has to change it. It is very evident, that if something in the next two or three years does not start changing it, we are getting too close to the week of Daniel for there to be an instantaneous turn around. You just simply do not turn these trends around that suddenly without God Himself intervening. They have been 35 years bringing things to this hour. It is not going to be changed in a day’s time. So when you look at America in that light, if this is the earth that somehow or other is prepared by God for a specific purpose, it means God will create conditions whereby He will clean out and clean up the society. When it is all over, it is going to leave people here that truly are American in their motive. They are going to be people that are going to respect God as the one that supervises society. It is still going to be a nation that knows how to respect divine laws in human government, to be a nation that can go on and be something considered by God. A lot of people might say, How do you associate that with the end of time? There is no problem to that at all. It is just God’s way of preparing a little sector of the earth to be used in the ending of time, for those Jewish people, which is the woman of Revelation 12, to flee to. He is not going to change the rest of the world at all. They are going to go on and fulfill the rest of the picture the scriptures speak of. Now somewhere, if we read the scriptures right, if this is a true way to interpret what the wilderness means, let us just look at the other part of the earth. World conditions are fast pressing Europe toward the hour of time when she has got to again be able to speak, and start speaking just like she is supposed to, in order to fulfill the rest of her role in prophecy. Rome will be restored for just a little period of time. The Catholic Church is on the decline. That is a known fact. The pope is bringing out all his letters and making pleas to the Catholic community. But even in America we have a lot of Catholic people that are becoming more and more disgusted with the system of Catholicism. There is no doubt, if America is to go through some kind of terrible conflict in the coming months, in which God moves at the end of it, in a divine way, to clean it up and shape it for the coming of those people, we will soon see things we may not have expected to see. After these end time events are finished, then the world will move into the Millennium, and those mortals who are left alive, will not be Catholics, nor Baptists, nor any other of those brands: They are just going to be part of the mortal society that will move along with the rest of mortal society, to repopulate the earth. Now I noticed in the bombing incident of Oklahoma City, that those who were spared alive seemed to have a totally different attitude than some of them may have had prior to that time. It just goes to show, when tragedy comes to human beings and they see their offspring taken out of their arms, and out of their homes and out of their lives, something takes place inside. After that initial bomb blast, those people that were able to get out of it, coming out of there with bleeding faces and broken bones, you could see black and white, falling into each other’s arms, embracing each other for comfort and consolation. When people come to a junction in life that makes them feel that way, they no longer see color or worry about culture. They only see one thing, We are all of the human race. They are thrown into each other’s arms. One of the little boys, five years old, was the son of a man and wife who came from Vietnam. It shows him, in a coma. On TV it showed when he began to come to himself, he was not yet talking; but he was able to recognize mom and dad. Here are Vietnamese who came over here because they are grateful for what the American soldiers did in helping them. I just thought to myself, Those that were Chinese, those that were Vietnamese, those that were Catholics, or whatever else, that tragedy seemed to throw them into each other’s arms and they cried together. I thought, Yes, if God is getting ready for house cleaning, He sure knows how to make people lean on one another. By things coming that way, then when that era is over, you have society here that has experienced tragedy, they have experienced things that makes them forget all about, You are black, you are yellow, and all that kind of talk. Real tragedy takes all of that out of people. Then when they begin to hear something across the ocean in another land, how people are being treated, that is why you can see when that dirty devil, through the antichrist, marches into Jerusalem, takes control and kills those two prophets, just as we have sat and watched Oklahoma, so will the cameras be turned on Jerusalem. Just as you saw the rescue workers in Oklahoma, digging amid the rubbish, you will see that Antichrist’s European army getting ready to create an hour of terror. It is bound to make society somewhere, really reach out from their heart’s to them. So having said all of that, I just want to say, I believe we are standing at the threshold of a great change. I realize these government officials are all shook up. They think anything religious, especially if they are preaching anything about the second coming of Christ, are just a bunch of those dooms day people. Well I am not a dooms day person, but I firmly believe we are living just before the coming of Jesus Christ. I have to say, Bill Clinton is not the answer for the world’s problems. He is not going to change one thing for good and decency. In the first place, what he is doing, even though that may not be his intended goal, is turning America into an eternal hell hole. Someone just told me, that somewhere out west, they are wanting to pass a law, that if you have a child, and for some reason you refuse to allow that child to do something it wants to do, that child can take his parents to court and sue them, simply because you have denied that child its rights. What is the devil trying to do in America? There is another law they are talking about, that any child 17 years of age, if you cannot control it, they are going to hold you responsible. He can be a renegade, he can be a rebel or whatever; and if he wants to roam the streets all night, and he gets in trouble, stabs somebody or something, they want a law that holds dad and mom responsible. That lets me know that things are just about like I thought they might be. The federal government with all its bureaucracy, is creating a society that is sending signals: It is getting ready to destroy itself. I know one thing, When there is no dad or mother in charge any longer, this nation is really heading for trouble. It takes a man and woman to bring a child into the world, but when a powerful authority somewhere says, you cannot spank the child or we will take him away from you and put him in a foster home, they have created a monster. That is the image of the future of America. Then how can you hold the parents responsible for that rascal growing up and acting like a devil? That is not right, and I say God is not going to tolerate it very long. Other nations may not believe in Christ as this nation has in former times, but many of those nations which do not have the knowledge of God like we have, still do not have a teenage society roaming the streets and creating havoc. They do not have laws that penalize dad and mother because their son or daughter joins a gang. I have to say, Our federal government is as the old timers used to say, breeding a scab. Have you ever heard that? They truly are. I am not one to propagate such a thing as joining a militia or anything like that; but I am sure there are a lot of people getting pretty fed up with the way things are going and many of them will probably determine to do something about it. As Christians, our weapons are not carnal. They are mighty through God, to the pulling down of strong holds; therefore we need to pray. If we know this nation is in the hand of God and has been prepared out of the wilderness, to eventually fulfill a certain role, then we can see two things: She had to go the route she did, that in the end she could be powerful enough, influential enough to help restore the first beast back to its original position, to finish out time. Then, somewhere God has to draw the curtain on that and bring about a house cleaning, and prepares it for that woman to flee to. I realize a lot of TV evangelists would scoff at that, but all they have to do is wait a little while and they will see it take place. Only the bride of Christ will ever see the true picture ahead of time. I have to say, If you live long enough, until the rapture, you are going to see things rock this nation, rip it to pieces; because there is no doubt that if God starts touching men who do want to be politicians, and they want to start changing and remolding the political picture, this is going to set off great tremors in the earth. It is going to bring about split decisions. It is going to cause things to be set off in certain segments of society, so that if we begin to have this Los Angeles thing repeat itself, or what happened in Oklahoma repeated, over a period of a year, it would paralyze this nation forever. I will never forget, Shortly after the Los Angeles incident was over, it was said by certain elements of sympathizers in New York, Wait until it comes here, we will show you. Well with these types of fanatics, or radicals, anything is possible: they are the product of liberal living. When we begin to have politicians and instructors, wanting to pull America away from the Christian pathway, that is the far right. They look upon the far right as bad. We want to get rid of that. They are going to reinterpret the constitution, giving it liberal interpretations. Then as we begin to pull society away from this, we begin to pull to the left; and the first thing you know, we have the far left. I am telling you saints, The things we see coming out of colleges today are too pitiful to talk about. Yet we have educators saying, We have to educate our youth for the workplace. Is that the reason so many of them end up pushing hamburgers? I heard a woman testify of how she looked at all of that. Yes, she went to college, she did as she was told; and had she not been able to get a job on the assembly line, she would be right where so many of the other college students end up, somewhere pushing hamburgers, sweeping floors, holding two jobs, just trying to make ends meet. Our leadership has created an uncertain future for our young people. There are some that want a future. There are some that want to work and establish something worthwhile for the future. Even still, they have a lot of misgivings about the future. There is another element that could not care less about which way the political winds blow: All they are interested in, is a welfare handout. Is that any kind of attitude for people to have? I am going to use Rome as an example. You read in history how Rome fell, and why. Coming into the second century A.D., Rome, that great city from which the imperial Caesars once ruled the then known world, was beginning to decline. Their governmental power was beginning to dwindle away, they began to use the trend of entertainment. I have this book, and I do not know that it is still in print, but it tells about all of that. The writer of this book went to Rome; and from the old archives, he condensed a novel of Roman records, how Rome functioned, and what Rome did to entertain her people. The Roman games they used to have were not evil games, they were just athletic, but by the time of Emperor Trojan, in the second century, the games became brutal. The title is “HAIL CAESAR, WE WHO ARE ABOUT TO DIE, SALUTE YOU.” I have been in the Roman coliseum. The seating capacity is 84,000. It is not used anymore; but try to imagine the second century, and what took place there. That is where the Roman population went to watch gladiators, and to watch animals kill and eat people. Gladiators would fight to the death, and those people were actually entertained by it. Rome eventually became a welfare state. She gathered her revenue and her food supply from the far reaches of her domain. She built her granaries, filled her store houses with food. As she set about the welfare program, free food, in and around the Italian perimeters of Rome the Italian farmers left the area of agriculture and moved to Rome, where they could live on a handout at morning and the Roman games in the evening. We now have an America just about like that. They talk about education, how we need to build more schools, but every time they build a school, they build another gymnasium to go with it so we can have more basketball, baseball, football, tennis, hockey, and all the rest of the kind of athletic entertainment this generation goes for. What did Paul say in Thessalonians about people that are lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God, and denying the power thereof? From such turn away. That is a picture of our American society today. The athletic programs in America, stink, yet the athletes of America have become idols and role models. No wonder they have problems with dope, sex, spending time in jail, and in being able to keep straight. Then, those players go on strike because they want more money. Why? Because they have Mafia ownership using society. When a man who hits a baseball can get more in one year’s time, than the president in four years time, something is badly wrong and it does not take a genius to figure out what it is. I am going to read the preface of this book to you at this time. 

“In the vast marble coliseum, greater than any American football stadium, the death struggles of the gladiators, the mangled bodies of the charioteers, whetted the peoples appetite for excitement and thrills. The empire was dying and the Roman games were ruthless, brutal, perverse. They were the emotional outlet for the discontented mob. (America is becoming just like that.) Feats of strength and skill no longer pleased. Men were pitted against wild beasts, professional swordsmen against unarmed prisoners. The Emperor Trojan gave one set of games that lasted a hundred and twenty two days, (That was four months.) During which eleven thousand people and ten thousand animals were killed. Still the thirst for sadistic and perverse novelties mounted. Death and torture were the only spectacles that could really gratify the peoples longing.” 

We have violence and sex orgies taking place on our streets every night anymore. Bro. Allen was talking about this certain kid stealing cars: There is simply no reason for this kind of behavior. If we could pull it back to the far right, then the sheriff could chase a car, blow out its tires and catch those responsible parties; but we always have those around, which will scream loud and clear, Oh that is dangerous, that is cruel, you cannot do that! Well, let them go. American Civil Liberties Union says you cannot do that, they have their rights; but saints, the American Constitution was not written with the idea of giving law breakers all the rights: It was to give all our citizens an equal opportunity of course, but certainly not to give the criminals the upper hand, like we are seeing today. I was reading in this book, that we have modernists who are trying to rewrite American history by saying that Thomas Jefferson was not a religious man. He wrote more religious books and items than a lot of people know about. When he died, he had a library of books. He studied every religion in the world, and his final analysis was, The Christian religion is the only religion that is worth anything to the human society. He defended it. That is why I say, In early America, though not all individuals were Christians, they were people whose lives had been affected by a Christian image and moral convictions that were based upon Bible principles. They realized that is the only thing that can keep society going straight down the road of life without it sooner or later terminating in ruin. I want to use one more illustration. There is a lot more I could say, but I think I have said enough. Did you know, all you have to do is watch some films that are shown by the National Geographic organization. Anywhere in the world, you go into the wild animal kingdom, whether it is Africa, or in the far west mountain regions, or wherever, you will soon find one thing to be true, Animals of prey do not coexist. Just go to Africa and check it out: the lion, the leopard, the cheetah, all those are animals of prey, yet they cannot coexist. They are afraid of each other. When the lion goes to the water hole, the others all stand back. The lion drinks and slowly walks away. Then here comes the leopard or cheetah, or that type. Animals of prey are always suspicious of one another. You will not see them laying down and sleeping in the same area. Are you following my example? They are animals of prey, and they know how to live, but we have human beings just like them, that do not know how to live and keep out of trouble. They are social creatures that are out to gratify their own human cravings at someone else’s expense. Now let us look at the other side of the animal kingdom. Go to the far west, into the state of Nevada. There, you find the wild horse, the antelope, the deer, and even elk out of the distant mountains. They can graze together in the same prairie grass. The blackbirds can walk on the ground in front of the cattle that are grazing. How come? Because none of these are animals of prey. They can coexist. If they take a notion to lay down, they can lay and chew their cud. They may not be able to talk each other’s language, but they know that they have no desire to make life miserable for one another. So it is utterly impossible for modern American leaders to think they can create a nation, a new society, by letting the devil possess some and the other that may be Christians, have to keep their mouth’s shut and stay out of the way. Christian people are not allowed to speak in public and voice their opinion that is based upon Bible teaching. No. We are going to put evil and good in the same place, and evil is only evil if you imagine it to be evil, they say to you. That which you call evil, is only evil to those who imagine it to be. That fulfills what Isaiah said, (Isaiah 5:20-24) “Who unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter (21) Woe unto them that are wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight! (22) Woe unto them that are mighty to drink wine, and men of strength to mingle strong drink: (23) Which justify the wicked for reward, and take away the righteousness of the righteous from him! (24) Therefore as the fire devoureth the stubble, and the flame consumeth the chaff, so their root shall be as rottenness, and their blossom shall go up as dust: because they have cast away the law of the Lord of hosts, and despised the word of the Holy One of Israel.” Does God see that sort of thing in a different light today, than what He did back then? The answer is, NO: God does not change his standard of morality from age to age. That is why there is no way you can get a perverted society and a good clean moral society to coexist. It cannot be done: Something has to give way to the other. Then there will eventually be an explosion. I will just make one more statement and end this message. When the gays, the lesbians, the perverts of all sorts become the accepted norm for a society, that is a sure sign that this is a generation that will see the end of Gentile time. First, No gay or lesbian reproduces himself, or herself. They leave no offspring to go on into another generation. He is the end to his own self. That is the end. When that happens, when that is in full swing and is accepted as the norm, it brings an end to the total generation, after so long. Only the Lord knows what the few months in front of us will bring, but if America is what I feel she is, there are some rough things up the road. The end of the picture, according to George Washington’s vision, the last part he saw, it looked like America was being invaded by vast armies, that are already here. They did not come wearing national uniforms and carrying weapons. They have been coming here for the last number of years, from the Orient, from Asia, all over the world, but they did not come to be Americans: They came to be a part of this modern liberal society. From the refugees of Haiti, Dominican Republic, Cuba, keep in mind I am not talking about the particular race of people: I am just talking about what has been coming here. As I said earlier, The early people that came here eighty to one hundred years ago, there was no welfare in their mind’s. There was no agency they could go to. They came to this wilderness to pick up a hoe, an axe, or whatever they needed to hue out a living in this land. Just show me a spot of ground somewhere where I can dig, was about all they would ask. They became Americans. The Orientals would usually set up a laundry shop the first chance they got. On and on they came with their capabilities; and back then, they were glad to be a part of a society that could live and grow together. On the other hand, many come here today, just like in Rome, only for a hand out. America has become a social welfare state for the entire world. Well saints, I will say no more. May God bless all of you who love his word. Amen.