Being of the Same Mind, Tape 4

Dream of the demons clawing at the doors

Read by Bro Jackson 1996-8-1, Being of the same mind, part 3. 

First dream Monday June 24, 1996 

There people in the dream from Georgia, Canada, Norway, Alabama, and many churches in fellowship with Faith Assembly.

I wake up at 5am in the morning, someone stood by my bedside. I was not sure whom it was. But he took my hand and started leading me towards a dark spooky mystaical forest. He asked me if I would like to see something very special. I was afraid but said yes. We went into a cave and I felt like I went back to sleep again. 

Then I came into a dream. I was in the church fellowship hall in a room at the second floor. My attention was brought to ugly faces outside the window from my bedroom. It looked like people covering their face with Halloween masks. They were trying to get into the window. It scared me and I ran out of the room. I saw they were also trying to get in the windows there. I looked and saw the church and the fellowship hall were all merged into one big building. 

I went to one of the windows and looked out, from the outside I could see thousands of these evil spirits. That is what they appeared to be to me. There were enormous multitudes of them around the building. They had setup ladders at all the windows and were trying to get inside. One had lifted a window up enough to get an arm and hand inside. Inside came a hand with fingers like claws and began to scratch around the window. One sitting by the window was able to force the arm out and shut the window. Many people were scared and cried and said call the police. One person said call the police. Paul Elliss said it is not use, there is nothing the police can do against these evil spirits. People became more scared. The evil spirits being began to tear the wooden paneling of the building. But when they had tore down everything, then a dark wall appeared around the building and it was impossible for the being to get inside. It looked like a brick wall. Then I heard Bro Rolf Strommen say stay inside this wall, stay inside this wall. Gather your children in the midst of the building as far away from the windows as possible. Shelter them as much as possible. In one of the rooms, I heard someone start to sing, soft and low and the beginning. Then the song got louder and louder, and we all started praising the Lord. I looked and the windows were still covered, but none of them were able to get inside. Then I woke up. 

Second dream of the woman, one week later. 

In my dream we were in the church at Bloomington Indiana. Bro. Rolf stood behind the platform, but it was the same platform as the one in Jeffersonville. Ariel, Bro Strommen’s son, was recording the sermon. But it was the same sound board and recording equipment as was at the church in Verdal. Then I heard terrible noises. Someone was screaming and making terrible noises outside the building. Then I saw long necks and long tongues and long wide open tongues crawling around the building and speaking horrible things. Outside the building they were screaming like wild animals and sounded like they were demon  possessed. I have never heard such a horrible sound before. I saw how these long tongued demons entered into the mouths of the people on the outside. I understood that these people became possessed. Bro. Rolf was ordered to keep still, shut up, and not to speak anymore. His voice got lower but he never left the pulpit. Ariel was commanded to turn off the recorder. We got scared. We covered ourselves with blankets and tried to get under the carpets.  Only our eyes and ears were visible, Some laid down on the floor and the terrible noise from the spirits would not cease or stop.  

Then a woman stood up and prophesied, and looked just like me. She had on my white blouse and dark blue skirt. Her hair was gathered up behind, but I was there behind a blanket looking at her. So it was not me. In the dream I was thinking she looked just like me. She said, a week ago I showed you what these evil spirits looked like. I had this dream exactly a week ago. Now I have shown you the sound of their voices. You have seen what they can do with their voices. Now I will show you what they can do with their deeds. You will now see things that they can do and cause on other peoples lives. Then I became a witness to many accidents and disasters, from both USA and Norway. I give no names. They were involved in great accidents. They survived, but the ones around them not involved in the truth, they looked dead. I saw many people that had to be torn lose from their cars. They were jammed in them. I also saw other people I know who are standing outside only witness to the accidents. 

I cannot say all the dead were the ones outside. But the thoughts in my dream sounded like that. 

I said to myself, thank God that everything went well with him and her (the ones not harmed). 

Then I heard a warning, I don’t know for real where it came from. I do not know who uttered it. But the voice spoke clear and distinct: use wisdom never cross the border line of what is good and acceptable in the spirit. Don’t think you can do whatever you want to do and still have God with you. If you cross over that border line, be careful, walk softly before the lord, and watch the warnings that are coming.