The Day of the Lord: What Is It?, Part 1

Rev. Raymond M. Jackson


The true bride saints along with King Jesus, truly will rule the whole world, but some of these scriptures that speak of the whole world are in reality speaking only of the old prophetic world. I realize that many times when the word whole is used in scriptures, it sounds like we take it to a complete end, but when we begin to read these prophetic scriptures, we are not dealing with the whole planet earth. We are dealing with the prophetic earth because there has never been a world empire rise out of the east that has ever affected the world in the major extent that these four beasts that Daniel saw, did. There are a lot of things I could say in advance before going into the setting here, but I am going to ask you to turn to Isaiah 13, so we can get started. Right here in this scripture, is where we get the title for our subject, “The Day of the Lord, What is it?” There are three things that can be seen. It is when God brings an end to the man of sin, the false prophet, the antichrist, the son of perdition, and the wicked king of Daniel 11. He is referred to as all these things. Many modern prophetic teachers have come up now with the idea that there is one man to be the antichrist and another one called the false prophet. Then again that is where minds split over certain scriptures, or over a special word. The truth is, This man of sin, the son of perdition, carries all of these titles. What we have here on this chart is actually two drawings. This is a rough description of the Roman beast as we see it coming up in Revelation 13. It has a body like a leopard, feet like a bear and a mouth like a lion. Over here we see the dream Nebuchadnezzar had in the 2nd chapter of Daniel, 32nd and 33rd verses where it is interpreted, we see here the Babylonian empire was the head of gold. The Medes and Persians are represented in the two arms, as they combine together by a marriage between children of the royal families. This is what made it one empire, the Medes and Persians. Then we come to Alexander the great and the belly of brass. As we move out of that we come to the two legs which are symbolized in iron, coming on down into the foot, which is part iron and part clay. Now saints it is important to understand this, for this is not a description of the four beasts in their actual geographical domain. This is an hour glass. It represents time, from the time the first beast came into existence, and began to deal with the lives of people, until it is finally culminated at the coming of Christ. When Daniel interpreted the dream to Nebuchadnezzar, he told him, in the days of these kings, when he had seen the stone coming out of the mountain, rolling down to the feet and hit this and tore it all to pieces, Daniel told him, in the days of these kings shall the God of heaven set up a kingdom that shall fill the whole earth. This is a time measurement thing. Actually the centerpiece that it evolves around is Israel. The minute Babylon took over complete prophetic domination in the Middle East, starting with the conquering of Israel, it does not end until the stone, which the prophets of Israel prophesied about, has come down and brought it to an end. Therefore we can see that the centerpiece is Israel. The whole thing starts around Israel and culminates with the establishment of the Messianic kingdom through the Lord Jesus Christ. Now I would like for you to open your Bible’s to the 13th chapter of Isaiah. There is no less than five outstanding scriptures that describe this day of the Lord. I will not read them all at this time, but I will read this one because it is the beginning of the setting for this message. In the latter part of the eighth century before the advent of Christ, Isaiah wrote this. We will start in the 6th verse of the 13th chapter. “Howl ye; for the day of the Lord is at hand; it shall come as a destruction from the Almighty. Therefore shall all hands be faint, and every man’s heart shall melt: And they shall be afraid; pangs and sorrows shall take hold of them; they shall be in pain as a woman that travaileth: they shall be amazed one at another; their faces shall be as flames. Behold, the day of the Lord cometh, cruel both with wrath and fierce anger, to lay the land desolate: and He shall destroy the sinners thereof out of it. For the stars of heaven and the constellations thereof shall not give their light: the sun shall be darkened in his going forth, and the moon shall not cause her light to shine. And I will punish the world for their evil, and the wicked for their iniquity; and I will cause the arrogance of the proud to cease, and will lay low the haughtiness of the terrible. I will make a man more precious than fine gold; even a man than the golden wedge of Ophir. Therefore I will shake the heavens, and the earth shall remove out of her place, in the wrath of the Lord of hosts, and in the day of His fierce anger. And it shall be as the chased roe, and as a sheep that no man taketh up: they shall every man turn to his own people, and flee every one into his own land. Every one that is found shall be thrust through; and every one that is joined unto them shall fall by the sword. Their children also shall be dashed to pieces before their eyes; their houses shall be spoiled, and their wives ravished.” That is just one prophetic description of the day of the Lord. The next would fall in line with Isaiah 24. It tells how the earth shall be burned and few men left. You could come on down into the second chapter of Joel. It says there, to prepare war, wake up the mighty, for the day of the Lord is at hand. Again it speaks of how the constellations and the starts of heaven shall be affected by that particular day. Take that and bring it over to Matthew 24, where Jesus says the same thing. Then bring it into the sixth seal in Revelation, where you actually find the consummation of it, because Jesus Christ comes under the revelation and fulfillment of the sixth seal. It affects the celestial elements, the planets, the starts, everything. That day will bring an end to everything the man of sin has been allowed to do. It will bring an end to the world beast system, and it will bring and end to sinful mankind on the earth. What a tragedy awaits them. Right now every politician and all the educators of the world are working hard to try to make this earth a better place for their type of people to live. They become so ignorant and hateful toward the existence of God, they would not want you and I to say anything in a public place where it might begin to have an effect. We have to realize a lot of the things we see going on today is allowed by God simply because there are certain things that have to be fulfilled in that manner. As I read that Jewish man’s article, I could not help but notice that he does not touch on these things that God is going to use Israel for somewhere just in front of where we are now in time. He stressed what God is going to do in Ezekiel 38, but I would like for people to realize, God is going to use Israel for something in a short interval of time just before Ezekiel 38 sets in. When we begin to read Micah 7 and Zechariah 12, and begin to see what God has in store for certain countries, especially the Arab countries in the Middle East, those prophecies show you what God will do to those Arab countries of Islam in a short interval of time before Ezekiel 38 is ever fulfilled. That is what God will use His people for, but when it goes on a little bit further, then we see in Ezekiel what God will do by His own sovereign miraculous power in bringing devastation and ruin and havoc to Russia and her allies. That is all going to be by a sovereign act on His own part. With that in mind then, there are things in front of us yet to be fulfilled. Yet this man says the rapture can take place just any time now. I have to say, Yes, that sounds good to a lot of people, but it is not going to take place until you see these other things fulfilled. I do believe it will be in your lifetime, and before you are very much older, but the rapture has to be yet a little distance in the future. There are yet a few scriptures that have to be fulfilled before Jesus can come for His bride Church. Everything has to come about in proper order. If you live until the rapture, that is, if you do not go by the way of the grave, one of these days before very long, you will turn on the TV News and see some of the most extraordinary displays of military feats as well as a supernatural display of God’s wrath, as He uses the military forces of Israel. That is why it says in Micah 7, what it does. Now I am not going to deal with the first three beasts at this time: It is not necessary, because most of you already know about them. However there is a verse of scripture in the Bible, that this Jewish man interprets the whole picture in the light of, because he brings it out that the Roman Empire has been existing on the two legs. Only when it gets down here, he brings it out that these ten toes are no longer symbols of the ten horns, but these ten toes represent how the entire planet earth will be divided under ten different, (In the scriptures it is called kings, but they use it like it applies to new world order dictators, and it is allotted out that way). He brings in the scripture where it says the fourth beast shall devour the whole earth. I want all of you to relax your thinking, because I want to talk to you like a teacher. I know a lot of you went further in school than I did, but I do doubt that any of you have read as much history as I have; therefore I know what I am speaking of. I have some history here that I would not send you to any library to try to find one like it, because you would not, it is not in print any longer. It was printed in 1835. It is very strange to me, why these modern day preachers want to deny the things these other men, that far back, wrote, about the papacy, about the Catholic Church, and about the office of the pope. The men of today, and I am speaking of Pat Robertson and all the rest of that type of preachers, want to look upon the men that wrote the truth way back then as a bunch of fanatics, naive, narrow minded men that really did not have a revelation, like they just wanted to fight the Catholic Church. What we need to realize though, is that those men lived closer to the hour of what Europe had been living through for hundreds of years, when the power of the papacy ruled with an iron fist, and how Europe was held as a spiritual prisoner under the dictates of the power of the papacy. As for myself, I will take the word of men who lived back then, who wrote their writings as they saw things, and what they wrote was believed and handed on over to other men of their hour, 1835. We are living in a day that modern history writers are trying to rewrite history and they have the idea that by rewriting, and leaving certain things out, they can give certain things a more modern interpretation that can be better understood by people who live now, simply because they think we of this day and hour have more insight. The truth is, they are changing the total picture. We mortals do not have the privilege of changing a picture like Old Europe painted in her day and hour of power. It is just like what they are doing concerning American history. The modern history writers of America are trying to discredit the moral and spiritual image of our forefathers. They will try to debase them, and run them down by saying they were this or that, whatever suits their purpose, all the time denying their moral and spiritual values. Well when modern history writers and our modern day educators and that type of leadership of this country, have as much desire to serve God as those men did, then I will listen to them, but right now, they have nothing that I am interested in hearing. They just simply do not fit the picture our founding Fathers portrayed.


Let us now open our Bibles to Daniel 7. I am skipping the first three beasts because we do not have time to put it in this message. However the first one was the Babylonian Empire. The second one was the Medo-Persian Empire. The third was the Grecian Empire, and the one we want to concentrate on was the Roman Empire. I will read the first three verses of Daniel 7. Daniel was a prophet that was taken off to Babylon captive as a young man. It says, “In the first year of Belshazzar king of Babylon Daniel had a dream and visions of his head upon his bed: then he wrote the dream, and told the sum of the matters. Daniel spake and said, I saw in my vision by night, and behold, the four winds of the heaven strove upon the great sea.” The great sea is the Mediterranean. We have a map up here, and when we look at the Mediterranean Sea, it is referred to in other writings of the Bible as the great sea, especially in ancient Biblical times. This great sea represents the mass of humanity that began to develop and accumulate out of the Fertile Crescent, which is the Middle East, right where Israel and that part of the world is. Out of there came the progenitors of what eventually began to settle in the central part of Europe and the Middle East. All of that is right around the Mediterranean Sea. This was the place for traffic. This was the place, the area of communication between every kind of culture, nation, tribe and people, whatever it was. It all evolved around the great sea. From whatever direction these empires or tribes of people began to develop, sooner or later they looked to something beyond that, because it is a fact when you look at the geographical area of ancient Babylon, most of it is an arid type desert country, therefore it is limited in agricultural potential. Therefore sooner or later, any empire existing in an environment, geographically like that, when it begins to get too heavily populated, it has to begin to look for an outlet to gain something of resources. The Medo-Persians were the same way. Much of their geographical terrain covered semi arid desert country, which limited its agricultural potential. With Greece, it was different, when time began to move westward toward Greece, they were in a different type geographical country. That was an area where agriculture could be predominant. Even as time moved on into the Roman area and the peninsula of Italy, these are not semi arid desert places. This is very much a fertile, agricultural area, at least with that potential. Daniel says he saw the four winds of heaven strove upon this great sea. When we begin to look at history, what are these winds? What do they represent? Number 1, politics, then economics. Economics can be looked at in this light, Economics is that system and means of trade by how people trade for the things they definitely need. The one important thing is food. While in some territories or areas of the nation, they use their potential output of whatever they have produced as a means of barter, to trade for other commodities they have less of. Military is the means by how these nations and tribes and cultures are able to demand or take over areas they need, to supply the necessities of their own short comings. The next is religion. A lot of people do not think religion played an important part, but it did. Therefore we can say that politics, military, economics, and religion are the winds that affected mankind. While it may not be all of one particular nation, but sooner or later they all become involved in there. It is just like when the Jews were taken into Babylonian captivity. We realize God let this first power take over Jerusalem and the Jewish people because He was going to use them as the beginning of His disciplining the Israelites. As Daniel saw these four winds, he then saw four beasts, one right after another. The first was like a lion. This gives you a characteristic of how this Babylonian Empire would set about to accomplish its end results. It was very ferocious, but we can watch and wee that from the beginning to the end it changed, because in its latter days he saw it stand up on its feet like a man and a man’s heart was given to it. That goes to show from the ferocious beast, something came along and changed the leadership and that is the picture we have in Belshazzar. We read where Belshazzar staged a great feast. He had all his princes and military people, and all the rich and aristocratic people present. They had the utensils of the Jewish temple there. They were celebrating this great feast. Belshazzar was a man that stands for a man’s heart because a man likes to have a good time and entertain. Therefore that old lion like nature is beginning to disappear and that was the condition the night the handwriting was being interpreted by Daniel to Belshazzar, the Medes and Persians were on the outside of the walls digging a detour to reroute the water, to lower the water level just enough that when it went down, that vast army could come under the archway down the river bed and inside the city. History says Belshazzar was found that night with a knife stuck in him. That brings the story over to the Medes and Persians. It is described as a bear. It gives the description from beginning to end. Then we come to the next one, a leopard. It gives its description from beginning to end and we can say this, All three of these beasts arose, ran their course, and fulfilled their part in the picture in less time because all that came about from roughly 600 B.C. to about 80 B.C. when the Romans came into power. We just have to realize these first three beasts had a short interval of time, and it passed on to the fourth beast. The last beast, which is Rome, as it began to come into preeminence about 80 B.C., it was to be the last beast ever to rule the world, so its image was to continue on through to the end of time. We can see that it has been going on two thousand years now, so with all of this in mind, I want us to read the 7th verse. “After this I saw in the night visions, and behold a fourth beast, dreadful and terrible, (Yes, he could tell by the head coming up out of the water, because that is actually what Daniel saw. He saw the head of this monster coming up.) and strong exceedingly; and it had great iron teeth: it devoured and brake in pieces, and stamped the residue with the feet of it: and it was diverse from all the beasts that were before it; and it had ten horns.” I noticed that this Jewish writer I have been referring to, said this beast is nondescript, meaning it is not fully described, its body is not even in the picture. Therefore when he gets to Revelation 13 he overlooks something important. I want to show you something here. As I have said before, I am not an educated man, but I have always loved history and that definitely does make a great difference. He says these two legs were to represent how this fourth beast was to continue through the ages. I want to say this, That is only an hour glass. Sooner or later we have to come to where the feet are. When we come on over in time, and I will say, We are living in that day right now, those feet are not a universal, global picture at all. Those feet represent the ten horns of Europe. During the dark ages when the papal power sat in supremacy and ruled Europe for a thousand years, neither one of those ten horns (or kings) ever gained complete supremacy and recognition above the papacy. Keep in mind the ten horns did not grow there in a day’s time. They gradually came up out of the old Roman imperial system of government. Those horns grew slowly. Therefore there was no hour through time that either one of them stood out as supreme authority. We know this, when Catholicism came on the scene, and began to rule, about 800 A.D. there was a split between the eastern church, the Greek Orthodox and the Romans. When that split came, all power, all preeminence, all attention prophetic wise, turned to the pope in Rome. Nothing went to Constantinople. With this in mind, all because he fails to recognize something here, which I will read to you in a minute, when we stop using this and bring preeminence into this, because this period of time is when the Middle East, that part was cut completely off from the western world, it was in that period of time that Islam starting in Saudi Arabia, and gradually, by the 9th and 10th centuries had come up into Syria, into Turkey and all the vast area that these empires represented over here, therefore they dropped out of sight, and was not even considered in the picture of the beast of Rome as we see it over here in the west. Notice, when the angel interpreted this thing in the ending to Daniel, he said as far as the first three beasts, they have their dominion taken away. That means never again will the Babylonian people be allowed to rise to world supremacy. Neither will the Medes and Persians again rise to supremacy. Neither will the Greeks rise to world supremacy. However the angel said, But their lives, which means the spirit of those people, is prolonged, meaning they are kept in existence for a season and a time. So here is where we are when in Daniel 7, Daniel did not see the body of the thing any more. That is why this Jewish man says it is nondescript. He could interpret this body as a universal thing, but he would have to overlook other scriptures to do so. I want to show you here, that when the Middle East and those areas of these first three beasts dropped out of time and we look at Catholicism and the pope and the ten horns, which were exclusively in the west, it is then when we come here to Revelation 13, the time when this thing is to be restored, there is where the spirit and lives of those people and those countries are brought back into the picture and that is why the body is described in Revelation 13, and not in Daniel 7. The body of the beast was not described in Daniel 7, because it would take time to bring it into that place of fulfillment. Therefore as time moves into the feet, when we come to this day, the days of these kings, and the seventieth week of Daniel is set up, Europe will become the world’s industrial complex. Does that mean anything to anyone? God will allow Europe to become the world’s No. 1, modern industrial complex. Yes it is true the Orients are rising rapidly, but because the shortness of time, there is no doubt the Orients will never last long enough to attain unto that place of recognition. Time will not last long enough to allow the Orients to reach a point like that. They have millions of people but they do not have the industrial potential, simply because they are either stealing or buying some kind of patent rights from the west. Europe, in order to fulfill this, has undergone many changes through the years. That is why these ten horns of Europe have moved since WW2, rapidly into the fore front of industrial production, with modern machinery, high technology, and so forth, which puts her at the tope of the ladder. When the hour of the antichrist is in full force, the area where the Babylonians, the Medes, the Persians, and the Greeks were, by that time, will become an isolated area of people, and they are going to need the opportunity to trade with an area of the world that is high tech. That is why those same areas are aligned like that in this end time picture. That is why Daniel 9:27 says, “And he shall confirm a covenant with many for one week.” A lot of people think that is a religious covenant. To Israel it is, but to the many, who is that many? It does not mean many Jews, but it does mean many nations in and around the old Roman territory. Yes, what was nondescript in Daniel 7, here it is, because what this leg represents was cut off in process of time, and over here it is all represented, because it is the spirit, the cultures and the geographical areas of those people that are represented. Rome itself, in its heyday, never did go to its full potential. I noticed in this Jewish writing of history that I use, that Rome in its original rise to power, never did actually push its borders to the extremities that some of these other powers had. That is what caused this man I have been referring to, to think, Well the ten horns are no longer Europe, they represent the breaking up of the whole world into ten territories. Keeping all of this in mind, I want us to go over to verse 8. “I considered the horns,” It is important to watch these horns as Daniel saw that head. As we take a look at this, let us try to imagine we were in Daniel’s dream, and we were seeing exactly what he saw. He was looking at this giant body of water after night. After night, whatever the winds are doing, it makes it look more furious, more scary, spooky. As he saw these winds, how it tossed the waves, it was a symbol of the masses of people in Europe and the Middle East and the Fertile Crescent where time started, how they are beginning to jostle for preeminence of recognition. They need this, they need that, but as those winds did that, we notice as that head would rise further out of the water and is going off into time, it gets larger. That represents the old imperial government of Rome. If you have ever read in history of the rise of the Romans, all those emperors, remember, Roman rulers were never called kings. They took the title emperor, which means sovereign, imperial universal ruler. When Rome came into power that began to be the political philosophy, because she was an imperial system. As this Jewish man brought out, when the other empires did conquer, they did not set up an imperial form of government. They took people from the people they captured and would choose a leader to represent them in their form of government. But when we come to Rome, No. Rome would not use a political Jew to rule over his own people: They sent Pilot for that. Do you see the picture? Pilot was not a Jew: he was a Roman. It goes to show, the Romans would not trust their form of government to be represented by a man of the race or culture of the people. They put their own men in. He would either be a political man appointed or a military man appointed by Rome. Remember, that head moves off through time. As it does it gets higher out of the water, and little by little Daniel is watching these horns gradually grow. That is a picture of how once Rome rose to its greatest hour of preeminence, then something began to happen. The spirit and authority by how the ancient emperors ruled underwent a change: Something began to take place: It began to weaken. When Nero passed off the scene, which occurred around 69 A.D. while the Jews were being attacked by the Roman army, he was the last of the long line of imperial caesars. From that time on men were appointed by the Roman senate to fulfill the office of emperor, but there was never another imperial family started. It goes to show, the big head, the imperial sovereignty of Roman rule through the line of the caesars, was brought to an end. Time would now take it into other dimensions. This Jewish man does not see these seven heads, as he reads in Revelation 17, as well as Revelation 13, staying with Rome all the way through time like we see it. He sees it, that as we are living right in here, there is going to be seven different stages of time in which this Roman beast will go; but when he brings it to the end, Rome itself is completely out of the picture. As he sees it, it starts with Rome but winds up in a universal picture. If we will look at the scriptures right, that is not the setting at all. I want to take us on over little by little. Here grows a horn, then another. All of this began to start after the fall of Rome. Keep in mind the fall of Rome was not something that happened in one days time. It was a period of time when Rome had reached its supremacy in its form of government. Then when something began to cause a decay and deterioration within that form of government, it just seemed as though the oncoming emperors who would try to do the same as the previous caesars, were goo weak to gain respect where it counted. They just simply did not have the power and authority nor recognition that was needed. This is what first began to be noticed. If we had a map of the world we could better illustrate what I want you to see. Keep in mind, in the original beginning of the Roman Empire, vast areas of Europe was populated with barbarians, uneducated, undisciplined hordes of savage horsemen. There are histories of them. They were undisciplined, and they were ruthless and cruel. It was only in the later centuries that these barbarian people begin to settle down. Nevertheless they were the one using the hour of Rome’s weakness that brought the fall of Rome from its imperial authority. Here came the hordes out of Gaul, Europe. Hordes of horsemen, barbarians, brutal, constantly attacking the walls of Rome, to seek to bring this imperial city to ashes. There were many conflicts, and many betrayals. I use that mainly to signify that time moves westward. Therefore it was destined one day that all of Europe become the geographical area where these ten horns are, and they will hold supremacy to the end of time. Let me continue in this verse. “I considered the horns, (meaning it was important to watch those horns)  and, behold, there came up among them another little horn, before whom there were three of the first horns plucked up by the roots: and, behold, in this horn were eyes like the eyes of man, and a mouth speaking great things.” Now I want to say this with respect to this Jewish man, as well as to some of the Charismatic men who write their articles about the New World Order. When they think this little horn that subdued three horns is something that is yet in the future, there is where they miss terribly what has already come to pass. I will explain how they interpret this. They know that this horn is to be the antichrist, but by not having the revelation that the antichrist has had an office established right on through the centuries leading up to this hour when there will be this little horn that exalts itself, then here is what they do. They are saying this, When the world is broken up into ten confederated areas, geographically, then will come the antichrist on the scene, which they describe as some man born somewhere, could be in the Middle East, possibly born of a prostitute, but he is absolutely anointed of the devil. He is a man invested with supernatural, but Satanic powers and he has the ability to make speeches, politically, socially, and otherwise, as he swamps world leaders to listen to him. They bring out in this version, that three of these horns, which will be these areas geographically, will rise against him and he will destroy three of them, leaving only seven. THE BIBLE DOES NOT PORTRAY THIS BEAST GOING OFF IN TIME, LIMPING ALONG, HAVING THREE HORNS KNOCKED OFF OF ITS HEAD. I hope you will all understand that. These horns have already been dealt with, by God allowing Satan to establish the antichrist office through time. That is why that little horn was slow in appearing. It does not just appear here at the end time. It appeared way back here in time, rising up during the Dark Ages. It is right here in history what happened when he did subdue those three horns. When the little horn did subdue three horns, which were political, secular heads of kingdoms, or territories of Europe, it did not destroy their identity. IT destroyed their authority and ability to rise against the pope, but that is all there is to it. There seems to be in this day, a vast number of preachers that have never read enough history to be knowledgeable of what they are dealing with. Therefore they will read someone’s writings of what they think, and then just say, Well that has to be the way it is. Saints, that is a lazy way to approach the word of God. I have here a book that has been priceless to me. It is an old history book. Some people do not like to hear history from the pulpit, but if you are ever going to get a true revelation of some of these scriptures, it is necessary to include some history. This is called “Early European History.” I am going to read to you about this little horn. It is important that we find out when in time this little horn did appear. Certainly not just here in the end time? No. He appeared back in the Middle Ages. Actually the Catholic Church started about 500 A.D., but while Rome was still being politically shaken and disturbed by the conditions of Gaul and the eastern areas, Rome was losing control over that because it was no longer militarily strong enough to hold on to what it had, therefore we can say that from 500, on into 800 A.D., the power of the papacy gradually rose up to a point that this scripture was fulfilled. At first there was still emperors and kings within the area of Europe. There was a lot of conflict, but we know this, that behind it all there was a devil. The same spirit of Satan that at one time set in the seat of the caesars. Therefore using the imperial throne of the caesars, he was always pulling a trick on the European society by gradually using the chair of the pope to begin to exalt his position. AS various kings and emperors seemed to be losing control over the masses of people, and there was nothing but internal squabbling, yet for some reason history tells you some of these kings would come to the pope and say, Your honor, your majesty, because you have believers in our societies, will you do something to help us curb this unrest? Popes began to realize their importance, and how they could use this unstable condition wherein kings and emperors were finding it hard to control their subjects, to upgrade their own recognition. They began to think, I can use this to my advantage. That is why when we come from 600, 700, and on into 800 A.D., we come into an hour when men such as Charlemagne, made their move. Charlemagne had so much attraction toward the pope that Charlemagne, when the pope had crowned him as an emperor, (He was a young man of the German people) then Charlemagne, with the point of the sword and spear, began to move through Europe among these restless barbaric people, using the believers that were in there and forcing people at the point of the spear to become Christians and accept baptism in the church, or he took them and executed them. What a blood bath. What a mass conversion to Christianity, if you could call it that. I want to express this in a way that if any Charismatic preacher gets hold of it I can say to him, You know yourself you cannot deny the pages of old history. You cannot deny what Charlemagne did, because what Charlemagne did in his act, was because he wanted everybody in Europe that he could control, to become a believer in the Roman Catholic Church. Death followed any resistance. I say this to you, If you cannot see that the power of the papacy can be the office of the antichrist, which the Bible pictures to be in the end time, and see what a cruel man he is going to be, you will mislead many innocent people who respect you. Again, blood will be spilled on the earth. Again, there will be a people forced into mass execution. I have to say to any preacher, Shame on you, when you close your eyes to reality. Do not think the Catholic Church is a sanctified Holy Ghost filled institution. It is not. It never has been. In all that I have said, if Catholic priests hear this, I am not pointing my finger at any particular Catholic person. I am pointing my finger at the corrupt system of Catholicism, because of how it is run ecclesiastically, and how it has entwined itself in the political structures of the kingdoms of the world. Because of that, she is the only institution that has outlived the old imperial kingship of the emperors. It has outlived every form of government there has been on the face of this earth. When the ancient emperors ruled, Christians died. When we come to Constantine’s hour which was in the third century, Christians were given a break. He introduced the Christian faith to the Roman church for courtship. That is exactly what it involved. He was supposed to have had a vision and seen words, By this thou shalt conquer and overcome. It was the Christian cross he saw, but it was all a trick played on him by the devil, actually using him to set up a decoy. That was the starting point of the courtship between the emperors of Rome and the Catholic Church, which eventually made a way for the old pope to slip right over onto the emperors throne. I just have to say at this time, All these preachers today, that are saying the New World Order is the beast and that the antichrist is going to be some supernatural young man somewhere, born into the world by some ill famed birth, to fulfill this end time picture of the scriptures, you have really missed it: The New World Order never had an ancient beginning; and some of you will find out much too late, that the office of the antichrist and the beast of Revelation 13, did. The New World Order does not have a wounded head that is being healed, but that beast did. The New World Order is not the beast that once was, and is not, and yet is. The New World Order was born fifty years ago. In the month of October 1945, I sat on a grassy knoll in Okinawa, when a second lieutenant came out and asked us to assemble on that knoll, we sat down on the ground. Then standing there with various papers in his hand he said, These articles have just come through from the state department. They are now forming a body of nations called the United Nations. Our government leaders are doing this, and all the allies of Europe and so forth, to establish a unity, a working together, and conforming to certain ideas to end all wars. I was not a Christian, but I had heard enough read from the Bible to think, End all wars? It cannot be. All wars will not be ended until Jesus Christ comes back to rule the world. Therefore knowing al of this, I do not hesitate to say, The New World Order is only a decoy to blind a bunch of modern preachers that do not know their ABC’s in history. I want to show you something from history that you young people will never read in modern school books. From this particular European history, I am going to read certain paragraphs that are really meaningful to a proper revelation of some of these scriptures, so please try not to be bored by it. We want to show you how that little horn exalted itself. This picks up in the years when there had been a lot of conflict going on between the emperors and the popes.


I am reading from history now, so try to pay attention.

“The pope was the supreme law giver of the church. His decrees might not be set aside by any other person. (If he had said that to Caesar Augustus, he would have had his head cut off.) He made new laws in the forms called bulls. By his own authority could a particular case set aside old laws. (Did it not say in Daniel 7 that as Daniel saw this little horn come up, he saw in that horn the eyes of a man, right? And a mouth speaking great things. In that it says he shall seek to change times, laws, and seasons. Seasons is related to your own calendar. We have been going by the Roman calendar, which started way before the advent of Christ, called the Julian calendar. But that calendar has been updated, modified, and changed by the monks of the Roman Catholic Church on different occasions. So the calendar we have today is a Roman Catholic calendar. You modern preachers go by it. The apostle Paul did not use it, and neither did the apostle Peter. Anyhow I am going to move on over to this part right here. By the time we come to the years 962 to 1122, here is where the popes and caesars really began to seesaw concerning which had certain authority.) One might suppose there could be no interference between pope and emperor since they seem to have separate spheres of action and authority. It was said that God had made the pope as the successor of Peter, (That is a lie of the devil himself) supreme in spiritual matters, and the emperor as heir of the Roman caesars, supreme in temporal matters. The former ruled mens’ souls, the latter ruled mens’ bodies. The two sovereigns thus divided on equal terms the government of the world. (That would be the old Roman geographical kingdom, but by this time she had already lost her supremacy over here in the eastern areas.) The difficulty of this theory was that it did not work. (Greed and authority goes to some people’s head.) No one could decide in advance where the authority of the pope ended and where that of the emperor began. When the pope claimed certain powers which were also claimed by the emperor, a conflict began between the two rulers and the outcome was inevitable. OTTO THE GREAT in 962 restored imperial rule in the west, thus founding what in later centuries became known as the Holy Roman Empire. Otto made the city of Rome the imperial capital, deposed the pope who proved disobedient to his wishes and on his own authority appointed another. At the same time Otto exacted from the people of Rome an oath that they would never recognize any pope to whose election the emperor had not consented. Otto’s successors repeatedly interfered in elections to the papacy. One strong ruler, HENRY III has been called the pope maker. Early in his reign he set aside three rival claimants to the papacy, creating a German bishop pope, and on three subsequent occasions filled the papal throne by fresh appointments. It was clear that if this situation continued much longer the papacy would become simply an imperial office, it would be merged into the empire. The death of Henry III which left the empire in weak hands gave the papacy a chance to escape the control fo the secular power of human government. In 1059 A.D. a church council held at Laturn Palace decreed that henceforth the right of choosing the supreme pontiff should belong exclusively to the cardinals who represented the clergy of Rome. This arrangement tended to prevent any interference with the election of popes, either by the Roman people or by foreign sovereigns. The papacy now began to deal with the grave problem which affected the church at large.” (It says here that he had rivalry among the friars, the bishops, the abbots and so forth. They instituted what they called the investiture, the sale of sacred things and such like. I will not read that because it would be lengthy and boring to a lot of people.) Through a period of time the pope has used political conditions to gradually elevate his office. I want to show you something, and just think of it, In the same city, is an old throne. On that throne, Julius Caesar sat. On that same throne, sat various other caesars of old and ruled Rome and the Roman world. But when I began to read here, just a little short distance from where that chair sat, is another throne. It is in the Vatican, in the papal palace. Now the man that sits on this throne is being moved by the same ancient spirit that moved that man on the other throne. When he went out to address his subjects, his people, he would be in a gold covered chariot, and people and children would run along and throw garlands of flowers and things in front of him, worshiping him. When that passed off the scene, now it is the man that sits on this other throne doing the same thing. When he comes out to make his appearance, he is carried on a chair on men’s shoulders. People come from far and near bringing garlands of flowers and things to pay some kind of spiritual recognition to this man. Let us notice how this man began to talk. Notice, as the ten horns begin to get their position on the head, they get weak in their individual makeup. But the pope is getting stronger. Why? Because throughout all this vast domain represented in these ten horns, the people, the subjects, were Catholic believers, or they went to jail and got their head’s cut off. So you can see how this man, the head of the church, can become exalted. That is why it said, In this horn was eyes like a man, he was not a god, he was a man. But he had a mouth speaking great things. Let us see what this little horn did, not done by one pope, but it shows the power of that little horn.


“A remarkable man now became pope, (This was the monk Hildebrand) who on elevation to the papacy took the name of Gregory VII. Gregory devoted all his talents to the advancement of (In other words, he saw to it that whatever the throne, the power of the popes office was to be, he is going to execute it, he is going to bring about every change he can to elevate it to where nothing else can be above it.) a contemporary document, which may have been of his own composition, and at any rate expresses his ideas, containing the following statements. (This hits the prophecy, he shall seek to change times, laws, and season. He will speak blasphemous things against the God of heaven) the Roman pontiff alone is properly called universal. (That is a lie. The apostle Peter never claimed that kind of authority or jurisdiction, neither did Paul, so why should he?) He alone may dethrone bishops. He alone may restore them to office. He may dethrone emperors. He may be judged by no man. He may absolve from their allegiance the subjects of the wicked. The Roman church never has erred and never can err as the scriptures testify. (The Bible says she is a harlot. Revelation 13 and Revelation 17 says she is still drunk upon the blood of the martyrs of the apostles.) Gregory did not originate these doctrines, but he was the first pope who ventured to make a practical application of them. Gregory soon issued a decree against lay investiture. He declared that no emperor, king, duke, marquis, count, or any other lay person should presume to grant investiture under pain of excommunication. This decree was a general one applying to all states of western Europe, (Meaning all horns, I will just read it like that, to all horns of western Europe) but circumstance were such that it mainly affected Germany. (Because we know Germany seemed to be the most powerful of all these horns throughout time. I am going to read where he plucks up one horn, and show you he did not remove it from the head.) Henry IV, ruler of Germany at this time, did not refuse the papal challenge. He wrote a famous letter to Gregory calling him no pope, but a false monk, telling him Christ had never called him to the priesthood and bidding him come down, come down from St. Peter’s throne. Gregory in reply, sentenced him to be dethroned, excommunicated him from the church, and freed all his subjects from their alliance and obedience to him. This severe sentence made a profound impression in Germany. Henry’s followers fell away and it seemed probably that the Germany nobles would elect another ruler in his stead. (Imagine a king having less authority and less recognition than the pope.) Henry then decided on complete abject submission. He hastened across the Alps and found the pope at the castle of Canossa on the northern slopes of the Apennines. It was January and the snow lay deep on the ground. The emperor stood for three days, shivering outside the castle gate, barefoot and clad in a course woolen shirt, the garb of a penitent man.” I will stop there. Charismatic preachers, go ahead and preach your New World Order if you must, but you will never see the day that there will be a man pluck a horn off it. God is going to deal with that New World Order one of these days and what a fall it is going to have. That is why I have to say, It is a decoy designed by Satan, to set the whole world going in a crazy spin. From the time that first emperor of Germany was dethroned and his people were told to stay away from him, not to follow him, that began a period that lasted over a hundred years, a period in which the power of that papal office in Rome became ever so exalted, no king or emperor in all of Europe could go against his word. See, There, was a mouth speaking great things, just like the prophecy of Daniel says. If any of you Charismatic preachers get hold of a tape and hear this, I want you to know that Christianity is not recognized in such extremes as that. Sure you can say, Well Catholics are repenting. No. The Bible says God has already given her (the Catholic Church) space to repent and she repented not. Therefore she is destined to become a system of religion that will be judged and destroyed. What a terrible hour her judgment is going to be. You see it described in the 17th and 18th chapters of Revelation. In over a hundred years of time, from the time this first pope did this, there were two other horns plucked up. The other two horns that were plucked up made a total of three, which is exactly what the scriptures foretell. It goes to show no more would imperial leaders or kings of any of these nations be allowed to be equal with the pope, and certain not above him. He plucked them up, but that encounter did not destroy that particular kingdom or nation from its geographical identity on the old territorial beast of Rome.


I am going to go on into this thing in a way that those that are interested will be able to understand what we are looking at. This is the only way I know to bring out certain details that help us understand the picture of the prophetic scriptures. The head we see here in Revelation 13, does not look the same as when Daniel first saw it rising out of the sea and going off in time. As he saw it, it was one huge head. It did not even have the horns on it at that time. I have to believe the reason this Jewish man says it was a nondescript beast, is because Daniel did not see its body rise up. He only saw this giant head come up out of the water and begin a progression into future time. He kept his eyes on the horns. Then he saw another little horn growing, but I want to make sure you understand that the beast never did have eleven horns: This little horn was not a political horn: It was an ecclesiastical horn. (The word horn, speaks of power.) Here is how we have to look at the symbolism of this thing. This little horn in numerical equation would be eleven, but the first ten horns were political powers, kings of nations, and the little horn that rises up is the power of the papacy, a different kind of horn. The reason I say it that way, is because it did not put eleven horns on his head. We know these ten horns are ten temporal governmental powers that ruled over kingdoms, or territories of Europe. But we find that the eleventh horn was a mystery horn which was not a territorial horn. Therefore you cannot take a mystery horn, which is not a territorial horn, and put it on the beast and make it the eleventh. So we have to understand the ten mean one thing, but the eleventh, which is not really the eleventh, means something else. Even though the little horn does not put eleven horns on the beast, somehow or other this other horn becomes so powerful, in Daniel 7 as it is being described to him, it exalts itself above its fellows, meaning its predecessors. As it was a long time for these horns to eventually get their position established within the territories, geographically, or Europe, just as it took them a long time to finally get their positions, so did it take a long time for the gradual rising of this mystery horn that came up amidst the ten. Now if you cannot take the eleventh one and put it in there and make eleven horns on the head, then we have to understand the language of the prophecy is how that he exalted himself above the fellows insomuch that he plucked up three territorial kingdom horns. How could something that is a mystery do that? My point is this, If the mystery horn cannot be added into the number, yet there is something about this mystery horn that can destroy something and still leave ten temporal geographical horns there, we need to understand more about it. That is why we are reading this history. It goes to show once the power of the papacy did begin to reach that position that the oncoming popes could see the power that they held at their finger tips, they did not fail to use it. From around 900 and something and continuing on to 1400, no pope allowed any temporal, or political king to tell him what to do. However it is important to our revelation to realize that this mystery horn did not destroy a temporal, geographical horn, but it did dethrone a king and show to the world that for a period of time no dictator, no ruler, emperor, king, or whatever it might be, could outshine the pope. This is why this beast, while it lost certain things in the eastern sectors of the old world, in that this eastern section of the geographical territory did not honor that head, Rome’s territorial boundaries reached back into the Asiatic countries, and comes through like this, through Africa and on. Rome ruled the then known part of the world that circled the Mediterranean Sea. This is why Rome is the last beast ever to rule the world. Rome remained to be in the complete prophetic picture, when in the Far East, the Middle East, they dropped out of sight. Preeminence remained with Rome because this is not a means to interpret this, it is only an hourglass showing that when the sands of time have come into the era of the feet, which corresponds to this, it is then that Rome plays its last game. It is then that the body of this beast fully comes out of the water and is seen in the last days. The body at that time represents the whole thing. Because of the covenant the antichrist makes in that hour, when he makes a covenant with many, (which means many nations, and we ask, For what purpose? Trade and the flow of commerce, to establish an economic period of, you might say a utopia) that little horn is back in full recognition. A world of peace, a utopia, That is what the antichrist is going to promise them. Therefore many of these nations will sign up with the antichrist of the western European world. There is where the body appears. The body did not appear in Daniel 7, but it is in John’s vision of Revelation 13. It appears as the antichrist and Rome come back into preeminence for the last days. We need to catch this, so I am going to read some more things. I will try not read too much, because I do not want to bore you with more history than it takes to establish this. Some people have no ear for history, but you have got to understand we are dealing with history. What is prophecy? It is history yet unfulfilled. Once the prophecy is fulfilled, history is written, because it is prophecy that came to pass. In Daniel 7, I am going to be reading here starting in the 23rd verse. We will read a little of it. “Thus be said, The fourth beast shall be the fourth kingdom upon earth, which shall be diverse from all kingdoms, and shall devour the whole earth, (I have to say it is the prophetic earth, not the universal earth.) and shall tread it down, and break it in pieces. And the ten horns out of this kingdom are ten kings that shall arise: (They did arise, coming on into the Dark Ages, slowly beginning with the fall of Rome. Different historians and teachers want to picture the fall of Rome in different periods, but when we look at it through the prophetic scene, it started with the death of Nero. Right here is an old history book they used back at the turn of the century in our schools. They put things in history books back then, that they will not touch now because they want to brain wash the younger generation. The aim is, by using education we can prepare the present day modern man for the future, where we forget the past. I tell you though saints, God has not forgotten the past. That is why the prophetic picture stays right on its proper course.) and another shall rise after them; (He is that little mystery horn, or power. He did not put eleven horns on the beast, because he is a different type of horn. Keep in mind, the word horn itself symbolizes some kind of power and authority. So we know the ten belong to temporal, political governmental kingdoms that rule over certain territories, but this eleventh one, this mystery one, does not add anything to that: He is a different type of power. We have to look then, for what kind of power eventually came out of the gradual fall and decay of the old imperial, political headship of Rome, and what kind of system came out of that or evolved out of that, that became so powerful that eventually the man that sits in his office had as much or more power than the ancient Roman caesars? Do not bring that picture over here to 1996 or the year 2000. Satan has already established the antichrist office way back then. History, as well as the Bible, prove it. It is just a matter of the way men want to read it. If you want to think the Catholic Church is the Bride of Christ, help yourself: you are free to think as you choose, but without some foundation, your thinking is vain. AS I said earlier, I am not pointing my finger at any individual Catholic person, but the system of religion is antichrist, because it is not scriptural. It is a system, an institution that is more pagan than scripturally spiritual. It has outlived all kinds of monarchies. That is why in the end time the Roman Catholic Church is called the mother of harlots. She has feasted and drank with the political crooks of the whole world. When you say that in North America, people say you are a fanatic, a narrow minded fanatic. Well I challenge you to go to the histories of five, six, or seven hundred years ago in Europe and see what you find. I will read some of it to you in a minute. It will turn your stomach against Catholicism as it existed back then. Not too far from our own borders is a nation, South America. When North America began to be settled, South America was predominately settled by Spanish and Portuguese. The missionaries from Rome went there and took the gospel of Catholicism to the South American natives. In every one of those cities and towns all through South America, you can travel today and see big cathedrals made of massive stone construction, but you see those societies living in a state of poverty, because for hundreds of years they have been held in ignorance. The kings and rulers of those nations have been held captive to the Catholic Church and its ecclesiastical hierarchy. Shortly after WW2 when I cam home from the Army there was a blood curdling article written by a missionary that told what went on in Columbia South America. That is where a lot of this drug stuff comes from today. A missionary moved into a certain town. The Catholic Church began to rise against this missionary. They began to get quite a few converts. They used their home as a meeting place, and people from Catholic families would come to this mission place. They began to leave the Catholic Church. These people eventually were threatened by individuals from the Catholic church system of the city. It went on, and finally the time came that the Catholic Church hired a bunch of bandits who lived in the mountains to do their dirty work. One night they rode into town on horseback, setting torches to the homes of the people that had been converted to the teaching of this missionary, taking the people out, and with ropes dragging the people behind horses through the city square. Then they came to the house of the missionary. They kept him until the daylight hours and took him to the town square. The missionary not willing to recant, on his knees with his hands tied behind his back, one of these bandits, as the man is praying with tears streaming down his face, hit him across the face with a machete and cut his head open. That was Catholicism in South America up until about fifty years ago. I say these things to give a few modern church going Protestants in North America something to wake them up. Then stay awake! There is a dialogue now between ecumenicalism, apostate Protestantism, and modern Catholicism. Mamma (the Catholic Church) is asking her daughter, (Protestant churches) which are harlots, to come back home. If a Catholic person hears this, I am not talking about you, I am talking about the system you are a part of. I am not pointing my finger at any Protestant person any more than I am the system that you want to uphold. Early Christianity was not a system of religion like so much of it is today. True Christianity is still working its way free from the influences of Roman Catholicism.


We have already read how the first horn was plucked up, so now I want to get the other two. This happened between 1122 to 1273.

“Thirty years after the signing of the Concordat of Worms the emperor Frederick I, called Barbarossa from his red beard, succeeded to the throne. Frederick, the second of the Hohenstaufen dynasty, was capable, imaginative, and ambitious. He took Charlemagne and Otto the Great as his models and aspired like them to rule Christian Europe and the Church. His reign is the story of many attempts, ending at length in failure, to unite all Italy into a single state under German sway. (The horns were getting their geographical position.) Frederick’s Italian policy brought him at once into conflict with the Papacy. The popes gave their support to a league of the free cities of northern Italy, which were also threatened by Frederick’s soaring ambitions. The haughty emperor, having suffered a severe defeat, sought reconciliation with the pope, Alexander III. In the presence of a vast throng assembled before St. Mark’s Cathedral in Venice, Frederick knelt before the pope and humbly kissed his feet. Just a century had passed since the humiliation of Henry IV at Canossa.”

That is enough to let you see how another political horn (king) was plucked up by the Mystery (or ecclesiastical) horn. It was not another horn bringing an army in. It was a pope sitting in a chair in Rome, yet he had so much satanic power, he could say to any king, Come off your throne. If he did not obey, the pope could tell all his people, Denounce him. Do not be obedient to him, and then order a strike and paralyze his whole domain. Just imagine the apostle Paul going into Rome and doing that. Imagine when Nero was still alive, any apostle saying, Nero, I have come to dethrone you. You would have had the opposite story written. It is a shame we have modern preachers today that turn their back on this picture. They can say that I am naive and narrow minded if they want to, but I say to them, You are blind. You have been inoculated with something from the devil and you are drunk on his dope. You would sleep with a rattle snake, spiritually speaking. That is your privilege.


“The Papacy reached the height of its power under Innocent III. The eighteen years of his pontificate were one long effort, for the most part successful, to make the pope the arbiter of Europe. Innocent announced the claims of the Papacy in the most uncompromising manner. (Listen to this, when Daniel saw the eyes of a man in that horn and a mouth speaking great things, right here is that horn speaking.) As the moon receives its light from the sun, and is inferior to the sun, so do kings receive all their glory and dignity from the Holy See. (That would be the Vatican, and that is a lie. This meant, according to Innocent, that the pope has the right to interfere in all secular matters and in the quarrels of rulers.) “God,” he continued, has set the Prince of the Apostles over kings and kingdoms, with a mission to tear up, plant, destroy, scatter, and rebuild. (Protestantism denies the reality of such a thing.) Innocent’s claims were not idle boasts. (Here comes the third horn.) When Philip Augustus, king of France, divorced his wife and made another marriage, (Of course it is wrong to do that, but who is the pope, to be telling that king it was wrong, and then do what we are going to read?) Innocent declared the divorce void and ordered him to take back his discarded queen. Philip refused, and Innocent put France under an interdict. (Which means he put it under an order that there should be no business opened, no dead buried, no bells could ring, all activity had to cease.) From that hour all religious rites ceased. The church doors were barred, the church bells were silent, the sick died unshriven, the dead lay unburied. Philip, deserted by his retainers, was compelled to submit.”

He too made his way to the pope and bowed in his presence, so now you have seen how the little horn plucked up three temporal horns without actually destroying their existence, and you have also seen that the little horn did not put eleven horns on that ten horned beast. It is a mystical horn, yet it is a horn that has so much power that there has not been any political horn that could rise above it. No other king tried it after that third one. Europe still retained ten major nations. IN 1996, that is part of the NATO alliance, part of the European Common Market. All of which gradually began to be set in motion at the close of WW2.


I am now going to read to you from the various pages of history written by various ministers back in 1800. The main author of this history is a man by the name of Reverend John Marsham. This book was compiled in the year 1835. That makes it 1611 years old. It has more truth than all the ecumenical systems on the face of the earth today, because they will not print this. Yet somehow or other the things that were handed down from the times of the Reformation, those men that had lived in Europe under the control of the papacy and the church, who had experienced how Europe had been held in bondage under darkness, had a right when the Reformation came along, to come out and breathe a sigh of relief, and give their testimony to the whole world of what the power of the papacy had done. This is just a short sketch that I will read. It describes how the power of the papacy in a corrupt state, really began to get a position.


“The bishops of Rome were, many of them, men of talents and vast ambition. Leo 1st, called the Great, who flourished in the fifth century, was a man of uncommon genius and eloquence, indefatigable in his efforts for spiritual dominion. Gregory the Great, also, in the next age, distinguished himself in a violent contest with the bishop of Constantinople, and in extending the bounds of the See of Rome. (The reason Constantinople is mentioned in the fifth century A.D., it seems now that the bishop at Rome, the bishop at Constantinople and the bishop at Antioch in Syria and the bishop at Alexander Egypt, which are all supposed to be Christian centers, there is a rivalry, a contest. Which is the greatest? Which is the most important? Which should have the most power? As the bishop at Constantinople