The Day of the Lord: What Is It?, Part 3

Rev. Raymond M. Jackson


All of those centuries of spiritual darkness had left the poor Catholic people in almost total ignorance concerning the reality of a sovereign God, and they were left with image worship and rituals of all sorts as the way they were to worship, or acknowledge the Creator. I will just remind our modern preachers of prophecy once again, that the reason those poor souls did it, was because they had been held in darkness. The hierarchy of that old system refused to even allow them to study and learn anything for themselves, so it took a supernatural act of God to begin to set them free from all of that. When God spoke by an audible voice to this man, (Martin Luther) who was seeking to do penance, here is what he heard: MARTIN LUTHER, THE JUST SHALL LIVE BY FAITH. He knew what the scriptures say, and he knew what he had been taught, so he went a hid himself for a few days, just cut himself off from society while he meditated upon this strange situation. When he finally analyzed the whole thing and came to a decision on what he must do, we find that he had written out his complaint concerning 95 things the Catholic Church had been teaching that he could no longer endeavor to support because of what he was seeing in the scriptures. On that one morning as he walked out into the street, a crowd of people were waiting to see what he would do or say. They followed him to the church in Wittenberg Germany, to the cathedral doors, where he tacked his 95 items upon the door and then turned around and said to the audience, Look, this is what I have against Catholicism. Look what I have done; and here I stand. What did he do then? He drew back the sword of the Spirit, the gospel of Jesus Christ and went to babble. Is not the Bible the sword of the Spirit? Is it not portrayed that the word of God is like a sharp two edged sword, which is quick and powerful, and sharper than any two edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart? He drew that sword and began to attack the Catholic Church, because he could see thousands of people in Germany and Europe held in its clutches. The crowds began to throng around him, to see a man bold enough to stand up for what he believed, knowing that one day he could be executed by that evil spirit. When they began to call him in question, it was another king Henry of Germany that rallied to his cause, one that did not go over the mountains in the snowy winter and stand outside the papal palace and recant. This was another Henry of Germany. He saw in Martin Luther something that needed to be protected. Therefore the King Henry of that hour promised Martin Luther, They will not touch one of your bones, you go on. As the months went by, the spirit of the Reformation, and the boldness of Martin Luther began to reach into other areas. Here was John Calvin, Then Knox, each man rising up in his own order, taking courage from their predecessor, each one knowing what the word of God would be, because each one of these men had been in the Catholic Church. They knew its power, and they knew how its clutches held the souls of the people of Europe in bondage, and they were well acquainted with the evilness of that old system. They were each one men who felt like they knew how to combat the spirit of it. Therefore with the sword of the Spirit they launched out and the Reformation was on. As it passed through 1500 and on into 1600, it had reached the British Isles. It brought a separation between the church of England and the Vatican. As it does, we come into the 17th century. Napoleon was on the throne in France. The Reformation had greatly affected his country. Across Europe there were throngs of people that had rallied to this Reformation. There were extremists that rose in the hour of Calvin, as well as Knox, and also Luther, to take advantage of the public influence and begin to exploit and do things they should not have done. That did not mean that what those men were teaching in order to bring about this Reformation, was wrong. It just shows how carnal people will always be ready to take advantage of people in those situations in order to promote and put forth their own, many times unscriptural and far out ideas. It still goes on today. People will take opportunities in an hour of the moving of the spirit, to put forth and project some revelation of their own, because they are hoping to create a situation that will call attention to themselves. By the time the Reformation had spread throughout all Europe, it had faced much opposition. The various courts of Rome had tried different individuals, and yet somehow or other the grace of God had intervened in such a way that the Reformation was not stifled. Finally when we reach the hour of 1787 or 1789, Napoleon was on the throne. As he observed the effect of Catholicism, and how it had become so entrenched in France, he brought in his advisers. Then seeing that the power of the pope must be stopped, with General Bethier, he sends his army to Rome to bring an end to the old pope that was then on the throne, and a younger man was set in his place, a man who would become just a figurehead on the throne of the pope from then on. Just before the dawning of 1800, the power of the papacy had received a military punch that gave even more strength to the Reformation. This is what brought the final wounding to that head on the beast, which in reality was the power of the pope over Europe. The people that were coming to the new world were the product of the Reformation, and they came to this new world where they knew they could escape the political forces of the old European, territorial system, and out of a wilderness, put together a society where God would be supreme. That is why we say this country was founded by men who knew God. They might have at various times, had points of difference, but they all had that general concept that Jesus Christ is the only Savior that can save a man from his ungodly way of life and give him the true hope of eternal life. THE BIBLE WAS A BOOK RESPECTED IN OUR EARLY SCHOOLS OF LEARNING, AS WELL AS IN THE POLITICAL AFFAIRS OF THIS COUNTRY. The Bible was the guideline for all major decisions in the early days of this country. That is what the Reformation produced a people that had respect for the word of God.


I have given you a description of how that seventh head, in its final analysis, was church over state. It was no longer a matter of what the emperors had to say: It was what the popes said that made the difference. However when General Bethier did what he did Europe went through a total change. With that seventh head wounded as unto death, the horns of Europe began to spread their wings. They went around the world. Look what they brought about. The world experienced an era called colonialism. The pope could no longer tell any of them where they could go, nor when, nor how. They were free to take their ships, and their soldiers any place they chose. Some came to the new world; and some went to Asia and to the Orients. Look what Britain did, an island country. When I was a boy going to school people would say, the sun never sets on the British flag. That was because they were so spread around, that somewhere the sun was always shining upon a flag of theirs. In the Caribbean, there was British territory. In the Far East, there was British territory. In South America, there was British territory. All around the world it was like that. Germany went to Africa. Spain went to Africa. France went here and there. These major horns of Europe went to different areas of the world and put their influence and stamped their authority on territories. They called that colonialism. For two hundred years that is how the rest of the world looked upon the powers of Europe. WHILE THE POWER OF THE POPE WAS IN THAT WOUNDED CONDITION THE HORNS SPREAD OUT. This does not mean that the pope had lost all of his power: He had simply been stripped of his governmental power over state. He could no longer dictate to world leaders. Therefore those popes for the past centuries since the Reformation got into full swing, have just had to sit back and wait until their hour arrives again. Not that they knew all about what was destined to come: they just had no other choice. There is a sovereign God keeping track of all of this, and HE is also the time keeper. He is the ONE that ordains conditions that brings the next phase of prophecy into fulfillment. That is why we said earlier, that what appeared to b ea wound unto death, was not unto death at all. Give it enough time, leave it alone and it will heal itself. It is just like the dream Bro. William Branham had about the snake he shot. He saw it crawl off among the reeds, out into the water. He thought it would die because he saw a lot of blood, but as soon as Bro. William Branham died that spirit began to revive and it is more powerful today than ever before, because that snake has grown through the years since then, until today it is like a python that has wrapped itself around the throats of multitudes of people throughout practically the whole earth. Now when we see what happened in the Reformation, and what Napoleon did to put the finishing touches on the picture, you have a description of how the church could no longer dictate to the temporal, secular powers of the world, in political matters. Still played politics. It played a very important role at times, but it was no longer church over state. There is a vast difference between persuading influence and dictatorial rulership. When we come to the hour that the head first began its healing process, to fulfill the 13th chapter of Revelation, this brings us into the years of the 1950’s. WW2 is over; and something is telling mankind, especially world leaders, Revive the old beast. (That is my words.) It is very strange, that the thing looked so dead, but in reality it was just lying there awaiting an hour for that head to be healed. Let us read some of the 13th chapter. This chapter is not a picture of a universal world being molded by politics into some gigantic world beast, and it being divided into ten different territories. No. It is the reviving of the same old beast that ruled Europe in the Dark Ages. You just have to go back to what John saw and wrote in 96 A.D. That is the real picture.


“And I stood upon the sand of the sea, (The same body of water Daniel saw, John was standing on it, looking at basically the same thing. This connects both men’s prophecies together. It has to deal precisely with the same geographical area of the earth that it started out to be.) and saw a beast rise up out of the sea.” That is the only logical place for it to come from. When that head was struck by the Reformation, you can see how that beast would wither and submerge back into the waters, back where it originated. John sees that it has seven heads. Those seven heads John saw come up for the end time, were the same heads the beast had in its original state before the wounding. You just have to understand that they had their origin, and their identity in previous history, and not in the 20th century history. I do not mean to sound like a mad man, but I feel that I need to emphasize to some of the educated preachers of our day, that their educational degrees do not give them God ordained authority to interpret something in the Bible, to give it a modern day application apart from its origin. Only masses of scripturally ignorant people will listen to you, just like it was in the days of Jesus Christ. There were a lot of doctors of divinity in the days of Christ, but they did not get the picture in its proper setting, so they crucified the very One they claimed to be waiting for. That is the sad part of it. Most of the Judaistic society had become disgusted with them. I tell you saints, when that common looking John the Baptist came along, with honey dripping from his beard, and he could grab a locust out of the air, pull its wings off and eat it right before your eyes, and then stand and quote scripture to you by divine revelation, it made you tremble. Then Jesus Christ came along doing just the opposite in a lot of things, not eating wild honey and locust, but dressed in a robe of purple, a seamless garment, eating meals in the people’s houses. This refined looking man would pick up the scriptures and repudiate the doctors of divinity in his hour. At twelve years of age, even the elders in the temple marveled at his wisdom. The point is, we too, after facing two thousand years of advent time, have a religious world that has reached the same state of condition. We see here, as John sees these seven heads, it shows that time has put them on there. “Having seven heads and ten horns, (History has put those heads on there. The ten horns are basically this part of Europe, like this: (using the map) That points to the west in Europe, not to central Asia or the Orients.) And upon his horns ten crowns.” That is referring to the old ten royal family crowns that established those nations in historical time. While it is true those nations, those leaders do not wear crowns today, they are still to be looked upon as the modern product of what those horns became, once they got their political independence from the old territorial leadership of Rome. If I could take you to Madrid Spain, to the third largest church in all Europe, and acquaint you with some of the history of it, you would be amazed. It is a hundred and some feet to the center of the dome. All around this great cathedral, during years gone by, the Middle Ages and on, as you read in secular history of the royal families of those nations in Europe, Spain’s royal family was so dedicated to the Catholic Church, they loved these edifices that had been built with such splendor. High above the reach of man is a shelf, and in stone enclosures are the remains of individual family members of royalty. They were buried in the cathedrals of their time. Besides being buried in those mausoleums, big stone slabs put together, down in the floor, you see marble slabs as you walk along, and there on one slab is a name. It is in brass. Buried there, is a certain prince or princess of a royal family. This was repeated throughout many of the countries of Europe, not the Middle East. All of this goes to show how the state became so married and so loyal to the Catholic Church, they were as one. They wanted to be buried within the edifices where Catholicism lived and flourished. When the Reformation wounded it, it wounded something in a way that it set people free. Let us continue reading here, “and upon his horns ten crowns, (notice this) and upon his head the name of blasphemy.” I ask modern prophetic preachers, Come on, tell me where are you getting your seven heads for today? Explain to me what these names of blasphemy are. I will tell you what it is from history. It all goes to show that the seven heads are not what the Seventh Day Adventists teach that they are: They teach that there are seven territorial heads that represent the evolutionary breakup of the old imperial powers of the caesars. You have heard me say repeatedly, time and time again, the ancient caesars took the title emperor, never king. IT meant sovereign, imperial, universal ruler. They held complete power to rule the soul’s of their subjects as well as their bodies. That is blasphemy. Even though it came from pagan caesars, it is still blasphemy. When that title leaves the caesars and eventually is upheld by the bishops of Rome, then you can see blasphemy becomes a word, a title that is mixed up in the evolution of politics. Every time there was a stable period of government reached, that the Roman Empire enjoyed something in the political sphere, there was still that imperial, sovereign rule. When we come to where it rested on the pope’s chair, I read right in here the other day, what the popes claimed, and I will read it to you. Listen to this and you will see how superior those old popes claimed to be. “As the moon receives its light from the sun, and is inferior to the sun, so do kings receive all their glory and dignity from the Holy See.” It also goes further, that the pope gets his authority from the Lord, therefore he is supreme, powerful over any and all kings and potentates of the world, whether politicians or whatever, claiming that he has the right to dethrone kings, magistrates and all such like. When that hour came that the popes could talk like that, I have to say, That is blasphemy. You know it is. He is talking like the ancient caesars did, but the popes of that hour went even further than the old caesars. They carried it all out in such extremes: That is what made it worse. That is why the inquisition was set up. What an hour of bloodshed! You can see why, in Daniel 7, when Daniel saw that little horn come up amidst the ten, he saw that horn symbolizing a mysterious power. HE SAW THE EYES OF A MAN WITH A MOUTH SPEAKING GREAT THINGS. THIS WAS THE MAN THAT SOUGHT TO CHANGE TIMES AND LAWS AND SEASONS. Modern church goers, and you modern prophetic preachers, you do not need to be ignorant about this: There is plenty of proof to back up what I am stating in this message. The calendar you date all your letters and correspondence by, is a modern, updated Roman Catholic calendar. The whole western world dates their documents by it. Who would have thought Christianity would have become such an apostate thing in such a short time? You can see how that little horn had a mouth that spoke blasphemous things against the God of heaven. He sought to wear out the saints of the most high. Through that last few hundred years of the Dark Ages, that is where the pages of the Foxe’s book of Martyrs shows you the blood that was shed in the streets of European cities. People were struggling, reaching out of that darkness for hope and reality that they might find an avenue of escape. Here came the inquisitors. You ought to read the fourth degree that the Knights of Columbus uphold. Pat Robertson, you and your kind will never point people to that era of darkness. You want to allow the Catholic Church to have an hour of repentance. God has already given her the chance to repent and she rejected it. I pray that my brothers and sisters understand this, and how on these seven heads blasphemy was written. It goes to show, The word blasphemy, which used to apply to the caesars, now applies to the pope, simply because he claims the same authority over mankind, claiming that the is the sovereign one. That title has gone through stages of evolution and now it rests upon the pope, but to claim such authority is blasphemy, because God Himself is the only sovereign, imperial, universal ruler. Let me read this 2nd verse now. “And the beast which I saw was like unto a leopard, and his feet were as the feet of a bear, and his mouth as the mouth of a lion: and the dragon gave him his power, and his seat, and great authority.” Now saints, here comes an interesting point. After hundreds of years of territorial separation, the eastern world of Islam and the Greek Orthodox Church, which has been separate from the power of Rome in the west, this scripture shows that as this beast, after it has gone through these years of being wounded, being semi dead, as God permits the devil to gradually bring it back and restore it back to supremacy, even though it comes back with its power still in Europe, its influence reaches all the way back into the same old territories that it once held when the caesars were not the old imperial throne. Her armies rode from east to west, and the slogans were, All roads lead to Rome. Come and go with me to Israel. The guides can show you ancient road beds built by the Romans. Cross over to the island of Cyprus or the island of Rhodes, and any guide will show you the road beds of ancient Rome. From Greece, all through that part of the old world, any guide can show you the ancient road beds the Romans built. Why do I say that? All because Rome had a unique system of fast communication. It did not take them six years to send a message from Rome to Constantinople. Just like our pony express riders in our earlier years, they had their pony express riders of that day. When it came to mountain territories too rough for horse back, they had professional runners. These communications were carried by couriers, which we would call mail carriers. Rome had a very unique system, even though it was ancient. Therefore, all things considered, all roads did lead to Rome. Try to think though, in the past fifty years since the close of WW2, we have been looking at the continent of Europe rebuild itself. Out of the rubbish, turmoil and chaos of a devastating war that laid cities waste from North Africa to northern Europe, we have seen a complete rebuilding. Never had a war ravished Europe like that. There are still stains and various scars to remind people of that war, but they have left them like that for memorial purposes. Out of all of that, in the past fifty years, we have seen come forth a new Europe, with a totally different outlook. At first it was called the European Common Market, influenced much by the United States, which was an instrument in helping to bring that terrible war to a close. That is why when you read about this lamb beast, you are reading about the power of the United States as a nation, along with Canada. Wherever our troops went ashore somewhere, Canadian troops were right there with them, to die and wallow in their own blood, doing the very same thing our troops were doing. I am doing my best to give you a picture of how this beast comes walking up out of the water. As you see its horns, you see how they get their existence. You see how it all happened in history. You can see how the head is healing and being restored back to continue on a short space of time. That is papal, or church government. You say, Bro. Jackson, I just do not see the world stooping to something like that. You just wait: You have not lived long enough yet. You do not yet know that much about your God. If it says in the 17th chapter of Revelation, concerning the ten horns, which are the ten major nations of Europe, that they have not yet received a kingdom, but will receive power as kings one hour with the beast, there has to be a meaning to it. (17:12-13) “And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten kings, which have received no kingdom as yet; but receive power as kings one hour with the beast. (13) These have one mind, and shall give power and strength unto the beast.” What does that mean? That means this, when the power of the ecclesiastical government was wounded, at no tome has any one of these nations even been allowed by God to establish a kingdom in Europe wherein they were the great ruling power of Europe. Though England has fought the French, the French and English have fought the Germans, back and forth, none of them have ever been allowed to establish a European empire of their own. Let us go back a few hundred years to the hour of Joan of Arc. I wonder how many of you have read about her? The Catholic church called her a witch. Britain was caught up in a spirit wherein for some reason she wanted to invade and control France. There had been a lot of military engagements going back and forth, as well as a lot of bloodshed. France was at a very low ebb, politically. This goes to show, when man, in manhood, reaches a low ebb in leadership, watch out. God will raise up a woman to make him ashamed of himself. I have read about Joan of Arc; and of the part she played in the hour of time she lived in.


When it became obvious that England was ready to invade France again, this was the hour knighthood was in operation. French leadership was at a stalemate. God took this woman, Joan of Arc, a young woman, and began to give her visions. She had a hard time getting men of importance to listen to her. As she began to approach these leading men, telling the visions she saw, the visions as given to her by God, of battles, how they were set, how the enemy would come and so forth, the men in charge responded in a way that might be surprising to a lot of people today. She could see in the visions, what the French should do to win. As she would explain these things, in every case the military men in France asked her, Will you come and stand among us? That sounds just exactly like when Deborah was raised up in Israel. She sent word to Barak, the head of the Israeli army, Knowest thou not that this day the king of Syria shall be delivered unto your hands. Go out to meet him Barak, with his knees knocking, sends word back to her, If you will go with me I will go, but if you do not, neither will I go. She said, Because of that, God will deliver his army into your hands, but the king will be delivered into the hands of a woman. Read it for yourselves. As I read of Joan of Arc, I saw a woman who in the hour when Catholicism was nothing but a pagan, witchcraft institution, stood in the gap for her countrymen. She was one little woman who had something in her spirit and makeup, that enabled her to believe it when she would see those visions. France became victorious. This woman, Joan of Arc, was arrested and finally executed by the power of the Roman Catholic Church. What debauchery! That is just the way that old system operated back then, and the way she will again do her evil deeds.


I will now come back to the main part of my text and try to finish it. When we see these seven heads, with a body like a leopard, that takes you right back to the same ancient territories of the old Medo-Persian Empire. Then the mouth of a lion. Some people would say the mouth of a lion, looks like it would be signified much different. But keep in mind, the mouth of a lion is talking about the ancient territory of the Babylonian Empire. There, is where this spirit got started. That is why I said earlier, that this hour glass starts with Babylon; and winds up in the ten toes of Europe, but there is one central picture, Israel, because in all of these stages of time God has been dealing exclusively with the people of Israel, chastening them, and getting them ready for the end. We see, that when Daniel interpreted that hour glass thing to Nebuchadnezzar, he said, You saw a stone cut out of a mountain without hands, when time was running out. You saw that stone come rolling off the mountains, rolling out into the plains, and it hit this image at the feet. How many here ever traveled through the western part of this country, out into the mountains? You can be following a chain of mountains and then see a huge rock laying there ten or fifteen miles from the base of the mountains, out in the level prairie. That rock was not there a million years ago. It was somewhere in that mountain chain. It was a rock that time and conditions kept hewing away at its foundation. When everything was washed out from under it, it got to rolling, the further it went the faster it went until finally the momentum carried it out into the level country. They have all kinds of names for them. Anyhow we are living today, when the sand of this hour glass is laying right in the toes, which is Europe. As this thing rises up, it has to raise up in Europe first because that is where the head and brains are. That is why I said, As Europe is being restored back to supremacy, she is the world’s number one industrial center. It is true the Far East is gradually rising up, hoping that one day they can exceed the west. No matter what they do though, Preeminence will still lay in Europe. As the hour of the beast arrives, that is, when it is finally in the 70th week of Daniel, in full force, conditions will force the nations of the ancient areas that the Roman Empire once controlled to sign an agreement with her. Basically, economic and political reasons will force the nations there in the Middle East to sign that covenant with the world’s antichrist, a man which will be in the west, and will rise out of Europe. When we read Daniel 9:27, “And he (the world’s antichrist, the false prophet, the son of perdition, the man of sin, the king of Daniel 11) shall confirm the covenant with many for one week.” What kind of covenant? It is a peace and economic covenant. That is where it revives the body. That brings it all right back under that same leadership for trade and commerce. Now to see that in its full scope, this is exactly why in Daniel 7 it was said, when he explained the fourth beast, it is to mention its duration and its end. Then the angel told Daniel, “As concerning the rest of the beasts, they had their dominion taken away: yet their lives were prolonged for a season and time.” That meant, no more will Babylon be allowed to rise in supremacy. Neither will the Medes and Persians be allowed to rise to supremacy. Neither will the Grecians be allowed to ever again rise to supremacy, in other words, never to repeat their same dominion. Yet their lives were preserved or prolonged for a season and time, meaning their spirits, their country, their people, will be prolonged for a season and for a time. For what purpose? So it can all be incorporated back into this end time picture. That is not a universal picture of the earth. I hope all of you understand. Rome, under the caesars, did not control all of the territory of those first three kingdoms, but here in these last days, under this seventh head when it is healed, for a short period of time, she will. In the 7th chapter, the little horn he saw rising had a mouth speaking great things and eyes like a man. Right here, in Revelation 13, it says this, “and his feet were as the feet of a bear, and his mouth as the mouth fo a lion: and the dragon (That is the devil.) gave him his power, and his seat, and great authority. And I saw one of his heads (That is not talking about something future: it has already taken place) as it were wounded to death; and his deadly wound was healed: and all the world wondered after the beast. And they worshiped the dragon which gave power unto the beast: (causing the reviving of it) and they worshiped the beast, saying, Who is like unto the beast? Who is able to make war with him? And there was given unto him (the head) a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies; (This is the same kind of mouth the old popes spoke with before that head was wounded. It does not start with one kind of mouth and wind up with another. Neither does it start with one kind of horn and wind up with another. It does not start out with one kind of head and wind up with something else being called the head. Whatever gradually set in, it will eventually culminate with the fulfilment of it all.) And power was given unto him to continue forty and two months.” He will pick up where he lft off, or pick up right where that system of government was wounded and finish out the fulfillment of this prophecy. Well I think I have said enough. It certainly does not take an educated person, if that person is a child of God and has a spiritual education, to understand these things, if you are willing to read something that sheds light upon the subject. I have to say, It is all so vividly portrayed, it is easy to understand. I thank God that He allowed men back in the 1800’s and on into the 1900’s, which they call the twentieth century, to somehow or other keep looking back, so they could see vividly what had been going on in the decades preceding them, and they were not ashamed, or afraid to bring it forward and set in writings the things that had unfolded in times prior to their time. I might remind those who watch the video and listen to the tapes, This is early European history which was not written by doctors of divinity. They were secular historians who wrote it as they saw it and knew it, for our children and upcoming students through the early years of the twentieth century. Today though, modern man wants to rip this out of the libraries and try to bring our younger generation to a place where they say to them, Those things, we need to forget. However I say, Those things are things you need to remember, because this is what will enable the devil to pull the wool over your eyes if you forget them. The very fact that you do not know what has taken place in the past leaves you without anything to compare today’s conditions with. I am not telling you when the United Nations is going to fall, but one of these days somebody, somewhere is going to do the wrong thing at the wrong time and God is going to pull the plug on them. Remember, when it happens, it is just what the Bible says will happen, but mankind has failed to read it and perceive it like it really is. May God bless you. Amen