America – Look At Yourself, Part 1

Rev. Raymond M. Jackson


For the last few months there has been so much material come into my possession, I feel that I would like to bring some of it into this message as we deal with the scripture that it goes with. I am giving the message this title, “America, Look at Yourself,” because I want to challenge our Young people to really pay attention, realizing that it is hard for them to see themselves living in a nation that really stand out in prophecy. In the religious world there are many preachers that look at this lamb beast and wind up saying it is a man, simply because it says he does great miracles. He calls fire down out of heaven. It is because of this, that men like Pat Robertson and many others say there is going to be two men: one is the antichrist and the other is the false prophet. I believe with all my heart that we are a people that make up the real Bride of Christ, speaking from a universal standpoint. If Pat Robertson and his type were to hear me say that, they would say, Oh you are a bunch of narrow minded fanatics. Well, time will tell the story. I know they have all gone to school, and maybe they have read more history than I have, but I do not read history just to find out where certain battles were fought, and on what date. I read history to find out where certain events developed, what was the cause of those developments, what was accomplished, and then take it from that point. In 96 A.D. when John, the last patriarch of the Christian faith, was an old man, he had witnessed a lot of the saints as they were given to the wild beasts in the arenas of Rome. If you could have met him in person, he could have told you a lot of blood curdling stories, because he was still a young man when John the Baptist appeared on the scene. It was not long until here came Jesus. He met Him, and followed Him. He stood that day when His Savior hung on the cross. That picture would stay in his mind as long as he lived. Little did he realize in his old age, for some reason God would not let them crucify him or feed him to the animals like others. They just put him on an island, about seven miles off shore, and there, let him keep company with the centipedes and whatever other wild creatures lived among the rocks, and the loneliness of such a place. They did not realize that this man was not worried about being lonely, because it was not long after they put him out there until he was in the spirit. I have to believe God let this man live long enough to get off of that island and have the opportunity to put into writing the things God had showed him in this experience. I do not believe they gave John a pad and pencil and told him, You can work all the crossword puzzles you want to but that is all. Even if they did, it would not have made any difference because God had other plans for him. They put him over there to get rid of him, but I do not believe he died on that island. He had to be left alive, and for some reason be brought back and put back into circulation long enough that he was able to sit down and put everything he had seen and heard into written form. It is interesting to notice, that the Roman Empire, which we have talked much about, was still young, in its beginning. It did not have those seven heads at that time, just one giant imperial head of Rome, as she ruled and dominated the world. John knew all of that. In 96 A.D., the temple, and his beloved city has already been in ruins for twenty some years. As John moves into the spirit, from setting to setting, from scene to scene, all of what he sees is visionary, yet there is communication going on all the time. Finally we come to the 13th chapter. I want to remind the readers, the listeners, and those on the video, that in 96 A.D. the Roman Empire was young in its role of being in such a position of rulership. Therefore John did not know any of the history of this thing. There is no doubt he knew what Daniel said in the 7th chapter of his writings; and he could relate to that, but the seven heads had not yet appeared. So the things we read in the 13th chapter are strictly future, not even related to John’s hour. They were so far in the future that hundreds of years would come and go before they would manifest. This is why I want the listeners, and the viewers of the video to know that the 13th chapter of Revelation does not take you three hundred years back. It picks up at the close of WW2. Some of these educated preachers could question me on that, but I will say this, When this Roman beast begins to appear again, there are two things that stand out vividly. First, it has a wounded head. That wounded head is not something to be taking place in the next four years of time. That wounded head appeared at the starting of the Reformation in 1520. It is amazing to realize that just a few years before the Reformation broke in Europe, Columbus, who was a Catholic man, had made an appeal to the royalty of Europe. Finally he got consent from the queen of Spain to let him explore his dream that the world was round. However when Columbus left there he was not desiring to prove the world was round, he was seeking a shorter route to the Dutch East Indies. He felt like there was a shorter way. It so happened when his trip was over, he not only proved the world is round, he also found another continent, a continent not known to humanity in the old world. I want to put these words in here for the sake of the Jewish man who believes he has a revelation; and hast put it out, that this fourth beast, the Roman Empire, will eventually confederate with the entire earth, you are forgetting certain things to use as a guideline. I do not challenge this man because he is a Jew, but I challenge the idea that you can take the book of Revelation and prove that this beast is going to be an earthly, universal beast. It is only the old prophetic earth which relates to this prophecy. This beast of the Romans already had its head wounded. This proves that somewhere, a long time prior to WW2, something had taken place during the evolutionary process; and the fall and decay of the old imperial system of Roman government, so it eventually became a form of government that lasted long enough it had to be wounded at a precise time. In 96 A.D., when John is on the Isle and his experience starts, right at that time was the beginning of what history calls the reign of the five good emperors. Only the history writer says that. I did not say that. However after reading of it, the reason they refer to them as the five good emperors, was because each one in his own right tried to restore another caesar family like the original one, with him being the progenitor. Nero was the last of the old line of caesars. Those five were all individuals, each one different from the others. It was during their reign that Rome was lifted to the height of her glory. It was a city empire just like Babylon was. It was not a national empire like the Medes and Persians and the Greek. When you read the history of those five emperors, they built roads and amphitheaters all over the old world. They build schools for education. You could go to Rome today, and there are still memorials to those five emperors because of what they did for the betterment of Rome. It was in the second century, because these five covered the period from 96 to 180 A.D. It was in this period that many Christians were taken to the great Roman coliseums and fed to the animals. Those five men, under their rule and reign, built the Roman games to the peak of that hour with gladiator fights. However I have a book that gives the rest of the picture. It tells of the torture, the horror, and of how a society had gone mad. Rome had been little by little turned into a welfare state. Rome passed out free bread in the morning, then they sat all evening, and into the night, at the games, watching people die, and enjoying their blood shed. They entertained a crowd of people that had lost their sense of reality. America today has done that very thing. We have become a society that is all caught up in games, whether it is wrestling, boxing, ball games, hockey, you name it and we have it. This society has gone crazy after all sorts of competition. They will spend more to build an arena for ball games than they ever would for the betterment of this society of people. Papa John’s in Louisville has donated so much to give them a coliseum for a ball team. America is no longer a nation that wants anything to show them about the saving grace of God. It is the expertise that we have in our world of competition, games, excitement, pleasure, luxury, refinery, and you name it. The new world was discovered in 1492. Twenty eight years later the Reformation broke in Europe. Many people would hear about it through the means of the printing press that had been developed in 1450, which allowed News to travel much faster. It was just like the computer of today. You can even make a telephone call by computer now. Today, it is one of the fastest means of communication the world has ever had. As for Rome, in 180 years she had gone through five evolutionary changes in her political government. It marked a precise point in history. That is why this stands out so vividly here in the 17th chapter of Revelation. The 17th chapter gives you an insight on how to interpret the whole picture, whether anyone wants to believe it or not. As we see this Roman beast coming up, it is slowly coming up out of the same body of water that Daniel saw in its beginning. Just try to imagine why it is coming up again. It had to, because something happened to it that wounded it. If it had not been wounded in the past, then the vision would not be true that there would be a reviving and restoration of something that had originally been before. This is the way we need to read it. What we see is what once was an imperial power that eventually passed from the old imperial caesar government on down the line to become a papal government. The papal government was the last form of old Roman imperial government. It covered a very active period of five hundreds. In that period of time, the time of papal government, again the coliseums and arenas, as well as the streets in villages and towns, were filled with the blood of the martyrs killed by the Catholic hierarchy. Just read the Foxe’s Book of Martyrs. This bunch of religionists today have shook their heads and blindly ignored it. All during the Reformation, God was raising up man after man to use the sword of the Spirit to hack away at that European society.


The United States of America – the horned lamb beast of Revelation

Out of a wilderness nation and continent, God also had some men hacking out the beginning of a nation that would be established upon true Christian principles, at least as they knew them. In its initial birth it would be looked upon as a lamb nation, gentle, kind, and not hostile, a nation that would not be trying to conquer the world and tell everyone else what to do. The Reformation, the sword that wounded that head on the beast, started in 1520, and one hundred years later in 1620, some of the first European Christians, which was an entire boat load on the Mayflower, landed at Plymouth Rock. That marked a precise beginning in this land that was once a wilderness. I want to take time to read the text at this time. “And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth.” This lets us know this beast did not come up out of the Mediterranean Sea that the other four beasts came out of. This shows that this beast is not geographically attached by any land mass or anything else, to the old European prophetic area. It is a new continent, separated by a vast expanse of water. This is proof to me, that you cannot interpret this fourth beast that we see being revived, to be a universal scope, meaning global wise. This lamb beast is not swallowed up in a confederated universal system. I know exactly how these preachers and politicians today are harping about a New World Order and I say, Sure, it is the order of the day, but it will wind up to be a decoy. Mark my word, it is a decoy designed by the devil. It will pull carnal minds away from the real thing and draw a great multitude right into the great tribulation. When WW2 closed, all you could hear preachers talking about was that Stalin was the antichrist. It is Russia, it is Communism. Why do they not harp about that any more? God took it away from them. Through the years since, NATO was talked about, a political and military alliance of all the horns of Europe, working together to restore and rebuild, and all we could hear from the political sector was, We must build for defense. We sat up a radar system in northern Canada, and yes, we were threatened by Russia. This made them talk about Russia being the beast, the antichrist system, simply because she threatened the world. I will never forget when Kruschev stood in a cornfield in Iowa and said, We will bury you! He meant it. He did not say that as a blind threat: He meant it. That was Russia’s Communistic motivation at that hour. It served its purpose because it made the ten horns come together. You just have to look at some of these decoys. God is a master at it. It is not that He does it Himself, it is just that He tells the old boy, Satan, God ahead and do thus and so. He is still God’s tool, an instrument always ready to put people to the test. God is not the promoter of evil Himself, but on the other hand, that dirty devil cannot do one thing without God giving him permission. He sure stays busy though, always trying to thwart the plan of God. He is referred to in Ephesians as the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that now worketh in the children of disobedience. Well looking back to what John saw, he said, “And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon.” This beast was different than the one he saw coming up out fo the sea in verse one. It is important that we analyze it though, and see it in its proper scope of time. First we notice that it was coming up out of the earth. This shows that it is separated from the ancient body of water, the Mediterranean sea, which the other four beasts were associated with. Next we notice this description of it, “And he had two horns like a lamb.” The fact that these two horns were there caused this beast to be identified as like a lamb, but let me say, When a male lamb is born, he does not have horns. Eventually, as he grows to maturity, horns grow upon the head. Next notice this, “And he spake as a dragon.” We have to understand that in the initial birth of this nation, it did not speak as a dragon, it talked much like the lamb it was. There was a precise point in time when this dragon spirit really began to take this creature over. I want to say, that in a brief period from 1620, on through 1776, America was more or less getting her birth. She fought a revolutionary war. The motive of her political leadership was to be Christian in character and to eventually have a society that is ruled and dominated by Christian principles. In our religions sector of society we had all kinds of religious people that had left the old world because of the Reformation, after that head over there was wounded. Here came the Amish. Here came the Mennonites as well as many others. Through the early decades of our infancy as a nation, it was not long until our societies were influenced by the teachings of this vast stream of Christian immigrants that were coming out of Europe because of the wounding of the head of that beast, which at that time was represented by the Catholic Church. That is why they came. They came to this new territory to become part of a new nation founded under the leadership and principles of a righteous God. I have to say God guided the boats Columbus came over on, right to the Caribbean where He wanted them to land. If we study the political side of America in its infancy, it is very true there were a lot of people that came from Europe with the others, which were not Christians themselves. They did not come as Christians, and they had no intentions of being Christians: They were adventure seekers. They were bent on finding out how big this wilderness was. They loved to study the mountains and prairies, for they had never seen a continent like it. They came to study the natives, which were the Indians. Some took Indian women as their wives. This was the beginning of the mixing of cultures. With this, the years of infancy and growth produced something that the world in later years looked up to. Just as the nation grew to a certain point, here came the Civil War. Most people do not know that the Civil War was much influenced by a Catholic spirit out of Europe. You would have to go back into the archives in the Library of Congress and dig up some of those records to really find out the whole truth of it. Certain portions of the royal family of France were involved in it as well as Catholic spirits from England. All that fed into the picture while the society of America was ignorant of what was going on. Nevertheless when the war closed, ranks were closed, and the nation was reunited. The nation grew and flourished out of the Civil War to project to the world in general, this is a nation that upholds the Bible as its principal book. In our schools and colleges of the early decades of this nation, the Bible was not considered to be a book of ignorance in every college. In fact, along with Foxe’s book of Martyrs and Pilgrims Progress, the Bible was a book of literature. They knew the Psalms were written in poetry form. With this in mind, I am trying to show you the background of America, how she was at one time, when she was an infant lamb. We had no ambition to roam all over the world with vast armies, conquering this territory and that one, and subduing the people of those lands. There had to be a reason, as well as a certain point in time, when this lamb was suddenly taken over by a spirit that changed its characteristics. I will say at this time, When you look back at the years that closed out WW2, we were electing new politicians as leaders of this nation; and some of those men were men that would no longer uphold the standards of the founding fathers. They could see that this nation had been blessed by God through this great universal conflict, both in Europe and in Asia. They assumed that the nation from that point was to be a leader. God gave this nation victory, not because it was to be a leader of all nations, but because up until that time it had served its purpose well and had portrayed itself as having Christian characteristics and principles in its affiliation with other nations. When we were in WW1, did they talk about aid to Europe? No. They came home and from the closing of WW1; and the country soon slumped into one of the worst depressions it would ever want to see. It survived though; and out of that period it began to pull things back together and get our economic balance. Then we had major involvement in WW2, and the question could be asked, Why were we involved in it? Simply because another man raised up in Germany, right where Kaiser Wilhelm raised up in 1915 to begin the building of a force to conquer Europe. Right on the same battlefields of France, where WW1 ended, again, in less than 25 years, American and Canadian men had to fight the same people again, which were now under another tyrant by the name of Hitler. When this war ended, we did not just come home and tend to our own affairs. By this time we had leaders that were saying, We must show our brotherly compassion and help rebuild this land that has been blown to pieces. The old dragon spirit was coming up out of the bottomless pit; and he could see the decaying of our American political leadership. He could see that our American society was fast drifting away from its former ways of doing business, so this evil spirit, the dragon, began to impress leaders of both sides, to get involved in this rebuilding process. All the way from North Africa to the North Sea, battlefields, cities lay in ruins, and countless thousands of civilians and soldiers of both elements had been buried in the soil of Europe, taking their place in the same soil where many armies of knights fought their skirmishes and battles through the Dark Ages. I want you to know, that in every country in Europe, somewhere, there is a battlefield, ancient or modern, where men have died to liberate that continent from hostility, which in most cases had been brought on by a single man who wanted to dominate the whole area. The Bible says in the 17th chapter, that when those ten horns do begin to stand out specifically, not one of them has yet received a kingdom. This means no one nation in Europe, whether German, French, Italian, Belgium, Ireland, England, or any of them has ever been allowed by God to be the sole dominating factor of the European continent. When I hear Europeans that come over here, mostly the younger generation, that see America now in its perverted, diabolical, filthy state, they like to find fault, but they still like to buy our candies and partake of whatever is at their disposal. When you watch this video, or read it in print, or hear it on cassette, you need to watch the landing at Normandy when Allied forces braved the weather, the storms and rough waters to try to get off of a ship and get into landing barges, to climb the cliffs, to get a foot hold on the Normandy beach. For what purpose? To free you Europeans from aggression. I say to this younger generation, You are not even alive yet. You were not yet any kind of a statistic. As I watched that, many of those boys slipped from the cargo nets into the rough waters of that coastal area to be crushed by landing barges that could not hold tight enough to the ship until they all got in. No they did not die with a bullet in their head. They d8ied trying to get off a ship, hoping to get to land, yet they never got there. They died with their head’s crushed. Others died because their landing barge capsized in the huge waves that hit them as they were trying to get to the beach. Others were on vessels that were hit by shells, turned upside down, and they all drowned. This is the picture of the casualties of American and Canadian troops as they were trying to get to shore to free Europe of that tyrant that plunged it into such chaos and ruin in that hour. It was our blood that helped free this younger generation. This rebellious generation of youth who want to terrorize Malls at night and cause old people to have heart attacks, would never want to have any part in doing what some have had to do in order for them to have this freedom they use with such leverage today. Hell will be filled with that kind. God has their number; and I hope you young people sitting here are listening to this. You can either listen to me, take offense at me and say that I am an old fogey, or you can take heed to what you are hearing and save yourselves some trouble in life. I am an old fogey according to your modern day standards, but I can help you if you will let me. When God wraps you around a tree somewhere, or a drunk runs into you and splits your head wide open, and you wake up in a hospital realizing you are alive by the grace of God, it will make you take some time to think. With your head all wrapped up, the doctor tells you that you might not have an eye, it makes you think about life. It makes you think how precious life is. Yes saints, I remember when America was basically Christian in character. We had our John Dillinger, we had our Bonnie & Clydes, but they did not run our political machinery. They did not control our police forces and our politicians like we hear of today. Ma Barker and her bunch were bank robbers, which were families gone berserk. They were looking for an easy dollar of course, but their kind were in the minority back then. The same law enforcement systems they defied, eventually, one by one met them with the same kind of bullets, only this time they were on the receiving end. I saw the police picture of all them. If the law enforcement agencies of today went about things like they did back then, we would not have a drug scourge like we do today. When police officers went out to get an outlaw, he might be killed, but if he was not shot to death, they did not have to humor him and give him more privileges than the law abiding citizens have. I have to dramatize this modern way of doing things. You are living in a sick society, sick because it is demon possessed.


The society of America went to sleep and the dragon just simply took over. America survived those wars, and we came to the close of WW2 with little change. Slowly this spirit began to rise out of the bottomless pit, because the hour had come that old Europe, the wounded head, which was the Roman Empire, must come back to preeminence. It lay in ruins for almost five hundred years, but the time had come that this Roman Empire had to be restored; and who was going to restore it? Just watch this spirit as it begins to come up. I want you to know saints, the devil is one of the most sympathetic, and at times the most compassionate spirit you could ever imagine. He finds compassion for the most evil things, and he gains followers. That spirit is on multitudes today. There are people that hear me say they ought to do this bunch the way they did John Dillinger and his bunch and they say, You are a Christian! How can you talk like that? Why do you not read the Bible before you pass judgment on me? In Romans 1:32, Paul wrote, “Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them.” Does that say we should put them in a fine room, give them a television, a swimming pool, a computer and all sorts of exercise equipment? No! It say they are worthy of death. Law breakers should be punished, not rewarded. Some of them live better in prison than they ever did out of prison. They pay them for being in jail? I know some will say, You talk like a devil. Maybe so, but your sympathetic, compassionate attitude toward those who practice lawlessness will never help them. If you are not careful, you will be choked to death with your own words. That is why I say, “America, look at yourself today! You have shut the mouth of every Christian that might be able to make some sense out of certain things. There is not a politician in the White House, the Congress or the Senate, that can stand in defense for the Bible and the principles and moral conduct it upholds. The devil has taken over the institutions of human learning; and in the last so many years, taken over many homes also. When this lamb beast first began to talk, it did not speak as a dragon. I want to emphasize this: THE DRAGON is heard later, Because THE DRAGON is reincarnated in the reviving of the old system in Europe. That is where the dragon comes back into the picture, when the devil causes this nation to begin to assume the role it did after WW2. The reviving of that old beast is his great accomplishment. That is his modern achievement right there. With this man (pointing to the pope on the chart) sitting on top of it, that head of the papal government is once again in place. Wait and see. Young people, if you do not have heart trouble, tuberculosis, or cancer working on you, you will live to see all of this come to pass, because it is rising right before your very eyes. This lamb beast is not the beast that will make war with the saints and overcome them. We need to get that straight. Even though the devil has taken over many institutions of it, this is still a land where its citizens live much above that of people in most other areas of the world. Why did the devil want so much control over this country? To do just exactly what the scripture says. When this lamb-like beast began to talk like a dragon, he actually exercised all the power of the first beast. That means he exercised great authority. He began to visualize everything that the first beast was. For almost two hundred years he shunned that old papal power. Abraham Lincoln was a man who looked upon how the black people in America were treated; and it became a vision of his to do everything he could to free them from their adverse circumstances in that hour. However he also observed the Catholic spirit in America and made a very serious statement about it. He was not speaking against individual Catholic people, but he did say that everyone ought to rise up and drive that spirit of Catholicism from our shores. He meant that Catholic, or papal influence. A certain converted Catholic priest, had become a personal friend of his. Remember this, presidents appoint certain men to be their advisers, to study society and keep them informed on trends of things. As we look back at America, when WW2 came to an end, this devilish spirit began to rise up in all sectors of American society. It came on so cunning though, that people did not recognize how he was doing this. As it comes up through different politicians, men on both sides of the aisle, men who were really men of influence, they were the one’s the devil could use. He began to give them a dream. He wants to achieve certain things. Eventually this diabolical dragon, began to get his clutches into those men and cause them to think, to speak, to act, and to influence society and the nation as a whole toward certain trends in world political developments that would fit into his purpose. This is no better characterized than when America began to say, We must send aid to Europe. Since all the currencies of Europe are broke, we must underwrite them, we must financially give their economies aid, to boost to help restore them, to rebuild and reconstruct. This is why it says here, “And he (America, the lamb beast) exerciseth all the power of the first beast before him.” Meaning this one acts, talks, and begins to think sympathetically, compassionately, socially, politically, militarily, and economically in support of that one. Do you honestly think for one minute that President Truman (He was president as the war came to an end.) Was going to sit down and read the Bible to see if it had anything to say about what to expect? Oh, I see something here! Do you think that is the way he looked at things? No saints; and none of the rest of them did either. There never has been a president who said, I want to sell America out. The point is, Who is this HE? How do you read this, “He exerciseth all the power of the first beast before him?” It is basically that dragon spirit working through the American system, politically, intellectually, economically and militarily. All four facets of the nation began to be taken over by this devil that makes this nation speak like that. When you go back to the records, not one politician or leader has ever said within the confines of influence, Now gentlemen, you know the Bible says we must rebuild this, we must reconstruct that, because after all he is to be restored to give him back his life. None of them ever said that, did they? However when the dirty devil sees the time is right, and here is his utopia, his dream of prophetic world domination. Then he knows exactly what time to move on the scene here, because after all this nation is made up of people that have come out of all of this. When they had a vision to be different from other nations, to be Christian in character, they did not want to get involved in Europe’s problems. Their thinking was, Let them figure it out themselves! But when the hour came that the devil saw America getting into a state of weakness, the leaders over here in the brain work of this thing no longer think and speak like their founding fathers did. They began to have a modern concept of how to do things. They began to get a vision that was more of their worldwide role. Therefore the devil knew he could use that attitude. That is why it says, And he exerciseth, or he sets in motion, or begins to cater to, or put forth initiatives that were like the power of the first beast before him. Only the devil knew at the close of WW2, what time it really was. It was time to revive Rome’s universal, papal power. Did any president every say that? No. It is how the devil uses this weak, liberal way of thinking. When you become liberal in your attitude, you have opened up your mind for the devil to play with it. Yes, you can become so narrow minded and naive in your attitude the devil will take over your mind and you will wither away. Notice the rest of that verse we read part of. “And causeth the earth and them which dwell therein to worship the first beast, whose deadly wound was healed.” Through this beast, the dragon spirit taking over everything from head to tail, he causeth the earth to do thus and so, to respond at his will. I want to say this, When it says, the earth, that does not mean that it is a universal, or global thing. It has been fifty years since the close of WW2; and nobody cane say that because of the economic, political and military leadership of this nation the whole world did anything. That is especially true of the Communist world. The Communist world did not help restore and revive the nations of western Europe. Can you see it? It is referring only to that prophetic part of the earth. Whatever part of the earth is designated eventually to be recognized in this whole thing, somewhere there was a dream, a vision from a political, economic standpoint, that has caused some area of this to be influenced for the eventual restoration, reconstructing and reviving of this old beast. You know there was not one yen that came out of the Oriental world to help rebuild this. That is why it says, “And causeth the earth and them that dwell therein to worship the first beast, whose deadly wound was healed.” This word worship is not to be interpreted that this is societies of nations getting down on their knees, We worship you, we adore you. That is not the picture at all. It is when the devil has stripped from people’s mind’s God consciousness and spirituality. When all people from a nation only want economic security, job security, eternal success, and if this is what it takes, then so be it. When people no longer look to God, and all they look at is politics and economics, you will have a society that when the dollars get to flowing good, and job security is so wonderful, they think, Now we have peace, now we have prosperity, this is the way it ought to be. When you begin to look at things like that, your mind begins to be sidetracked from God. It is God who lifts up; and it is God who puts down, but a lot of people will never see that. You have to understand that this worship is from the motivations of people, what comes from the heart as they think, Now we have economic and political success. We have achieved our goals. Now we will have a chicken in every pot and a car in every garage. Woodrow Wilson promised that, but it was not long until there were hardly any cars on the road, simply because they could not afford to buy gasoline at seven cents a gallon. Out in the country, fried chicken was the only meat we had. Being a boy raised in the country, it was the job of my sister and me, every spring of the year, when the old hens began to set, to keep them in line. How many know what it means, when the old hens begin to set? It means she stops laying eggs and begins to get real fussy. She will growl when you go by her nest, and her feathers will ruffle up. You just leave her alone. She would usually have from a dozen to eighteen eggs under her. If she is left alone and allowed to sit on those eggs, in about three weeks or so, you will see those little beaks begin to break through those shells. You might have four or five hens, each one with a little flock. Our job was to put them on a long string and tie it to the garden fence. That way the old hen could only go so far. The little fellows could go further out into the grass. After a while you could tell which was a rooster and which were females. We did not need that many roosters, so at supper time in July and August, oh my, that fried chicken sure was good. That reminds me of a little joke I will pass on to you. During the depression days, country churches could not pay a pastor, but every once in awhile the community would get together and have a preacher come in and hold revival services for them. Once preacher came into this certain community and was very successful. During that first week, he got a lot of sinners converted. The services continued on for two weeks and more sinners were converted, so they continued on for three weeks. During that time the preacher had stayed at two different farm houses. They had chickens in the barn lot, so the kids were chasing down the young roosters and catching them to fry for supper. (In other words, steak and pork chops were out of the question. It was fried chicken and more fried chicken) When the revival closed at the end of three weeks, two old hens out in the barn lot were overheard discussing the effects of the revival and asking, How many sons do you have in the ministry? (This is a joke, but I tell it to you because back in the 1930’s, money did not flow freely like it does today.) One old hen said, I have two sons in the ministry. The other hen says, Well I have six sons in the ministry. During all the chasing of the roosters, it even scared the guineas. They would run to the woods. Finally when the word was passed along that the revival was over, one rooster jumped up on a wagon bed and crowed, PRAISE THE LORD, THE PREACHER IS GONE. Out of the woods, here came a guinea. (You know how they go) that-a-fact, that-a-fact, (In other words, is that a fact? Is that a fact the preacher is gone?) Well saints, so much for that. We can see America through the past fifty years, how in each decade things began more and more to break down. Notice again, “And causeth the earth and them which dwell therein (to do what?) to worship the first beast, whose deadly wound was healed.” I challenge this religious world today, those who believe all of this is still in the future, Make it fit the scriptures! It has been going on for the last fifty years; and anyone who studies the scriptures in the light of world history, would have to be spiritually blind to put all of this somewhere out in the future and apply the wounded head to something other than Rome. Out of this which the world says is the richest nation on earth, comes many varied opinions. I have to say, Yes, it is rich: It was even richer. What made it that way? Well when this head was wounded in Europe at the beginning of the Reformation, and the boat loads of Christian immigrants began to flow from there to this new country, they came to a wilderness nation that had no hands opened with welfare handouts for them. The Indians did not meet them with prepared tables of food. They came with a little, but out fo the wilderness, because they put God first, they eventually carved out a great country for people to live in. I want to say at this time, Did not the Lord Jesus Christ say, Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness, and all these other things shall be added unto you? Yes, what Europe had not achieved in the long Dark Ages when night settled on the European society, the time when the Catholic Church said education is evil and people began to come here with a few old text books, they eventually achieved. As they were allowed to study out of some of the old secular books, they gathered together what arithmetic was alla bout, they gathered what literature is about, but they never forsook the practice of studying the Bible, the best book of them all. Because they sought God first, His kingdom, and His righteousness, God, in this little nation, let that society rise to greatness. It was not long until men began to appear on the scene with ideas for betterment. As time passed, here came the telephone, the electric lights, the steam engine, and then here came the automobile. I do not even need to remind you of the modern advancement this nation has experienced in the past 40 or 50 years: All of you are aware of the plateau we have reached in modern technology. Now we have leaders that depend completely upon education and modern technology, and give no place to the Creator.


We are printing this message right behind the Day of the Lord message, because it really goes right with what we were dealing with in it. Also, I am going to say some things that may make me sound like a mad man as we go along. That is partly true, because I am mad at the devil. Just to think how a nation that has been blessed of God through the centuries of time, has all of a sudden become such a diabolical God-hating, Christ-rejecting mass of humanity, makes me real mad at the devil that has caused it to be this way. Before I go any further I want to show you from various headlines in newspapers, how this lamb beast began to speak like a dragon. It is not THE DRAGON: it just speaks like A DRAGON. The dragon spirit is embodied in this. (Pointing to the nations of Europe that make up the Roman Empire Beast on the chart.) It is the same devil that gave that old beast its power and authority, that is causing this lamb beast to speak like a dragon. Remember saints, the devil’s aim in this, if you look at it right, was not to get you to worship the lamb beast. The end result is to get you to give all obedience to that first beast that has been restored. I defy the preacher that even thinks this lamb beast incorporates one particular man that has been born from some Satanic birth and has the power to call some supernatural fire out of heaven. That is not the picture at all. All of that just goes to show you how the devil can even blind well meaning preachers who have not given themselves to seeking truth. If he can blind them so they cannot see the truth and reality of the Godhead, and have them so spiritually blind that they cannot possibly see that God would send the spirit of Elijah on a man, to do a specific work in turning an element of people back to the faith fo the fathers, why should God allow the depths of this prophecy to be revealed to those preachers? Those who just want to get on TV programs and boast of their doctrine, and of divinity degrees in Hebrew and Greek, are not in a place with God to receive a true revelation. Keep in mind, those doctors of divinity in the days of Jesus, were condemned by Christ because they held on to their traditions and refused what God was ready to do for all that would receive the message of John and Jesus. (Matthew 23:13-15) “But woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For ye shut up the kingdom of heaven against men: for ye neither go in yourselves, neither suffer ye them that are entering to go in. (14) Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For ye devour widows’ houses, and for a pretense make long prayer: therefore ye shall receive the greater damnation. (15) Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For ye compass sea and land to make one proselyte, and when he is made, ye make him twofold more the child of hell than yourselves.” There comes a time, as I said earlier, that the devil can become a very compassionate spirit. He would have you lose all sense of reality to show compassion in one way, but he will have you shelling out everything you can, to show compassion to something the devil want to exalt. That is my aim, to show you how the devil began to work among the American element of leadership. I want to show you how America began to talk like a dragon. Our newspapers are full of it every day. Here is a man by the name Delgaudio. He is fighting all the gay systems that have been given sanctions by our government to have a voice and to be allowed to express themselves and show themselves in our institutions. I will read a small part of what I have here.

“When President Bill Clinton announced plans to sign the Gay Bill of Rights into law, Public Advocate of the U.S. Eugene A. Delgaudio launched into action. “I knew that we had to act quickly,” said Dalgaudio, the nations most vocal opponent of special rights for homosexuals. “I have spent my entire adult life in this struggle, and I have never seen the homosexuals so powerful.” Petitions in hand, Delgaudio went to the White House to try to persuade Clinton to back off. When Clinton refused, Delgaudio launched what Washington insiders are calling the largest grass roots campaign in the history of the country. “I didn’t think there was any way the homosexuals could be stopped once they got Clinton in the White House,” commented one Senate leader, “but Eugene has ignited a firestorm of protest across America, and he just might win.” Delgaudio has appeared on dozens of national talk shows and has become a fixture on the news reports in Washington. The pro-family leader began printing banners, posters, and petitions, and has staged several massive media events. Enlisting the help of military leaders, many of whom had worked with Delgaudio0 to stop President Clinton’s gays in the military program, and Delgaudio’s nationwide grassroots organization, the Public Advocate, has collected 100,000 petitions against the Gay Bill of Rights. In a bizarre twist, over 600,000 additional petitions are missing. These documents were last in the possession fo the former Speaker of the House, Tom Foley.”

They just simply came up missing. This man is a man in government who wants to stand for the principal of what American family life, in its origin, was all about. Here is the opposite to it. This is an article put out by the main speaker of the gay rights. He has sent word to Eugene Delgaudio, who is the director of this movement, Don’t go out of the house alone. Keep a body guard at all times. Never in the history of America, have American citizens that have spoken against an evil, that people know is evil, ever had to worry about his life, because it has been twisted around that he is speaking evil against some governmental law. I do not have to read it to you, you can read it yourself. But I will read the heading, what his little girl said to him when he was leaving the house one morning.

“Please be careful, Daddy.” Those four simple, beautiful words were spoken to me by my 7 year old daughter as I left for the long drive back to Washington. My daughter had no idea how her words affected me, and she could never imagine what had happened. Last night I received another series of death threats. This was no prank or joke. This was a deadly serious, viciously cruel, and sadistic attempt to silence me and end our work. The radical homosexuals have always despised me because I dared to defend children and families from them. They have done their best to harass and frighten my family with their obscene curses and lewd acts. Now they have taken their campaign of hate to a new level. They want me dead, because I am protecting the families of America. As one leading radical homosexual proclaimed; (Listen to this saints: We know the traditional American family is the gay community’s enemy, but notice what this man says.) Parents have no right to keep their children from experimenting sexually with anyone, including adults.”

Do you see how the dirty devil has come up out of the bottomless pit and is conducting his evil business? He has become embodied in, not just local community leaders, but high governmental leaders, who dare to stand for the lowest degraded form of life that has ever been mentioned in the Bible, but become so recognized by governmental officials and laws, that innocent people become threatened. That is why I said when President Clinton signed that gay Bill of Rights, providing that the military should be opened to the gays, “That puts the gays on the nation’s doorstep.” That is just the same as it was the night when the two angels went to Sodom. When the sun went down that night and the two angels had been invited into Lot’s house, they suggested that they remain in the streets. Lot did not know the difference: He thought they were just two visitors from a distant area. He begged them to come into his house. Finally they consented to come into Lot’s house. Then that bunch of gays, that bunch of filthy perverts, that bunch of sadistic Sodomites, knew exactly which house they went into. When night came they were knocking on Lot’s door, and ended up threatening them. Let me read this to you. I want you to pay attention to the way those perverts conducted themselves and then tell me what spirit they had in them. (Genesis 19:4-11) “But before they lay down, the men of the city, even the men of Sodom, compassed the house round, both old and young, all the people from every quarter; (5) And they called unto Lot and said unto him, Where are the men which came in to thee this night? Bring them out unto us, that we may know them. (I think you every one know what they meant by that.) (6) And Lot went out at the door unto them, and shut the door after him, (7) And said, I pray you, brethren, do not so wickedly. (He knew what those perverts were up to) (8) Behold now, I have two daughters which have not known man; let me, I pray you, bring them out unto you, and do ye to them as is good in your eyes: only unto these men do nothing; for therefore came they under the shadow of my roof. (9) And they said, Stand back. And they said again, This one fellow came in to sojourn, and he will needs be a judge: now will we deal worse with thee, than with them. And they pressed sore upon the man, even Lot, and came near to break the door. (10) But the men (the angels) put forth their hand, and pulled Lot into the house to them, and shut to the door. (11) And they (the angels) smote the men that were at the door of the house with blindness, both small and great: so that they wearied themselves to find the door.” When they started threatening everybody within that they would do them harm, the angels took over and struck them with blindness. The way that gang conducted themselves is exactly the picture we have in America today. They are on every school board, even in police departments. They have worked to put themselves in every strategic place of judicial control. It used to be the Catholic person that spirit wanted to put in high places of government. Now this low down bunch has passed up the Catholics, (except for the gay ones) and now the Catholics are squawking. It just goes to show, when you put two ends against the middle, it will always come home to you. This article goes ahead and tells of the threat, the telephone calls, letters and all such things that they do. It is not just the one man: it happens in other places also. I read that to give you an idea of what it all boils down to, when America as a whole begins to talk like a dragon, meaning from leadership, all the way down through the chain of command, and it comes right on down to the local level. Here is the testimony of a nurse. This was printed in various newspapers. This nurse Brenda Shafer, was a registered nurse.

“In September 1993, Brenda Pratt Shafer, a registered nurse with thirteen years of experience, was assigned by her nursing agency to an abortion clinic. Since nurse Shafer considered herself pro choice she did not think this assignment would be a problem. She was wrong. This is what nurse Shafer saw. “I stood at the doctor’s side and watched him perform a partial-birth abortion on a woman who was six months pregnant. The baby’s heartbeat was clearly visible on the ultrasound screen. The doctor delivered the baby’s body and arms, everything but his little head. The baby’s body was moving. His little fingers were clasping together. He was kicking his feet. The doctor took a pair of scissors and inserted them into the back of the baby’s head, and the baby’s arms jerked out into a flinch, a startled reaction, like a baby does when he thinks he might fall. Then the doctor opened the scissors up. Then he stuck the high-powered suction tube into the hole and sucked the baby’s brains out. Now the baby was completely limp.”

What else could you call this, other than wholesale murder in the first degree, signed and sealed by the president of the United States of America? All of this goes to show President Bill Clinton is a man destined by God to lead this nation to its hour of judgment. That night in Sodom when those two angels stood inside, and Lot begged those devils outside, Don’t do this brethren, don’t do this, he was willing to sacrifice the virtue of his own daughters to that bunch of ornery rats in order to keep them from raping the young men he had as guests in his house. When those rats began to beat the door down, those two angels raised their hands and the power of God came out through the doors and smote that bunch of ungodly perverts with blindness and left them feeling their way. They wandered around the streets that night, but could not see where they were going. When daylight arrived and the sun was dawning. Lot had realized his visitors were not just ordinary men. These angels said to him, Take your wife and family and get out of here. All night long Lot had gone from house to house to his married children, begging them to come w2ith him. You can read the story. Though he begged them, pleaded with them, they were like a lot of youth you see today: Leave me alone Dad! I have heard that kind of talk all my life; and I am sick of it. He left there with two daughters and his wife, but not without the angels urging them along. They took them by the hand and pulled them forth. Lot’s wife was like a lot of people today: she just could not stand leaving the splendor of her house that had been built. Jesus said one time, Remember Lot’s wife. It was not because she was turned to a pillar of salt for looking back: it was because she had been warned not to look back and she did it anyhow. Have you ever stopped to think, What made her look back? She knew everything those angels had said to them that night, yet she looked back anyhow. She could not help but understand that the things going on in Sodom deserved to be judged: yet she looked back longingly, probably thinking, Why do I have to leave my beautiful home? God could only tolerate such perversion and lawlessness for so long; and then He had to judge it. I have to believe today, that there are debased politicians, unregenerate people doing all sorts of ungodly deeds, that God is soon going to judge. They may say God this and God that, but it means nothing because God is not a practical experience in their lives. God is a subject for conversation with them, for political objectives and certain leverage it gives them, but they could not care less about revelation of His Word. As we continue on through this message, there will be times I will read other articles to you, but I will not read any more at this time.


Later on, I am going to read different articles from various Newspapers, and published in magazines, just to give you a picture of what our American society is like today. The dragon is talking. Right now though I want to take you back to our text. We got over to verse 12, so let us continue on. As we have stressed, the main thing to understand in analyzing this, is that this thing is being turned into a demon possessed society to be used over a period of time to restore the first beast which had the wounded head. I challenge these preachers who fuss and argue about a New World Order, to realize that The New World Order is just a decoy. That thing will collapse in a very short order when the time is right. I still remember when some of these same preachers were talking the same way about Russia. Back in the 1950’s, the 1960’s, and even into the 1970’s, Russia, Russia, Russia, was about all you could hear from them. Back when it looked like Russia would invade us, Russia was the beast to all of them. It was supposed to look that way. God used that situation to expose a lot of those fellows that have tried to portray themselves as prophetic preachers. While God allowed the devil, through Russia, to be looked upon as a mighty bear with certain potentials of being able to devastate the planet, it was only God’s way of forcing the ten horns to become more cooperative and make them willing to give themselves later on, in the final stages, their governmental powers over to one central source of European dominance. That is exactly what it has become. Then when the decoy had served its purpose, look what happened. We had a president by the name of Ronald Reagan that was very instrumental in negotiating a drastic change. He had certain good points, but I want you to know he had other points that were not all that good. When the time was right, his mind became a tool in the devil’s hand, because it was not long until this monster bear that was so mighty, and had caused us to spend billions to build a military defense against it, and also to protect Europe for forty some years, just fell apart. It was published in Time Magazine, in Reader’s Digest, as well as in Newsweek, that Ronald Reagan had gone to talk with the pope of Rome and with certain men from our own government who were Catholic, and that they were the only men that knew the plan. Reagan went to Rome and it was not to talk to the president of Italy. He went specifically to talk to the pope of the Roman Catholic Church. Why? That is the big question. Why? Because the world one day is going to wake up and realize how powerful that office is. Because in the Dark Ages, that seventh head, which was finally taken over by the mystical head, which as we have stressed all along, did not put an eighth head on it, really made life miserable for all that opposed it. It was a situation where church government took over the last form of old imperial Roman government and ruled human lives just like the old caesars did. The spirit of that is what came up out of the bottomless pit. No human being ever comes up out of the bottomless pit: only a spirit will do that. That spirit that comes up from the bottomless pit and will be on the pope in the last half of the seventieth week of Daniel, is the same spirit that used to be on the old caesars, the same spirit that caused them to call themselves sovereign, imperial, universal rulers. That eventually became the pope’s motto also. God looks upon that as blasphemy, because He Himself is the only sovereign, imperial, universal ruler. That is why all seven heads have blasphemy written on them. Blasphemy was not on the horns: it was on the heads, which points to Rome, Rome, Rome, all the time. When Reagan and the pope finished talking, short wave radio sets and all kinds of communication instruments were brought into Europe, turned over to agents, who worked through the Catholic circles into Poland, and propaganda began to be voiced over certain radio programs. All of this was to show you the pope had been talking to the Virgin Mary and the time had come for the vision of Fatima to be fulfilled, and Russia would be returned to the fold of the church. I have to say, I do not think the whole country of Russia, or those that used to make up the Soviet Union, the rest of that Communistic would have been turned back to Catholicism. Nevertheless, before very long after those meetings, down goes the iron curtain. We have seen what happened to Czechoslovakia. Then we saw what happened in Poland. The whole thing began to fall, just like one giant stone falling from the tope of another one. In less than a year and a half, that giant bear because a wounded animal, very sick. The only thing Russia could do right now, because she is as helpless as she can be, is maybe just launch a rocket or two. All this shows God will raise up a scare crow to be a decoy, to get blinded eyes of men who will not walk with him in truth, to look at something else and call it the real thing. That is what has happened. While the restoration of Rome back to its original power may look very small in the eyes of those modern people that want to talk about a New World Order, it is taking place anyhow. Our very leaders that we are looking to, some of them were the instigators of the United Nations, but that all happened to bring this whole thing into the prophetic limelight of the Bible. No president at any time has ever stood or spoke by means of communication to the nation, I, president of the United States, have chosen to lead this nation into its prophetic fulfillment of the scriptures. You have never heard anything like that. Each one has a vision of his own political thinking. Those that wanted to give themselves into suggesting a United Nations, they thought they were doing a good thing. Fifty years later, the thinking is exactly opposite of what it was back then. Now it is an evil thing, because it goes to show we have men in political office in the United States assembly, who no longer have the vision of the old ones when the thing was formed. They look forward to the time when they can become the mouth pieces of a New World Order, a system they are deluded into thinking they can literally control the masses of people on this planet through. That is their aim. God will let that appear to succeed up to a certain point, but that is not what is going to fulfill Bible prophecy. While all these preachers get everybody scared half to death looking at that, this old beast keeps getting further and further out of the water. This Lamb beast over here, has for the past fifty years pumped billions of dollars into the reconstruction of that one over there, until the time has come that we are broke, and many do not realize it is because we have spent it rebuilding that thing over there, getting it ready for the last week of Daniel. When WW1 ended, it took those nations a long time to clear their battlefields of all the rubbish and get everything in shape to start rebuilding, but not one dollar came out of America to pay for any of it. We brought our troops home and our defense factories shut down, and this country got busy tending to its own business. We stopped the manufacturing of arms for any future purpose. It was not time yet for America to begin to speak as a dragon, but that was the first step. Only twenty some years later she would be brought into another conflict. I am going to illustrate to you how you are to think of our American leaders like President Truman, and some of our military men who led our troops on the field of battle in Europe. When the war was over, here is this diabolical devil that is coming up out of the bottomless pit, wanting to use this new nation for the reconstruction of his beautiful utopia that had been wounded almost five hundred years ago by the Reformation. Keep in mind, as a nation of people, we are a product of the Reformation. Do not forget that. It will help you have proper respect for the Reformation. As for the rebuilding of western Europe, did the president, the military, or any of the members of our Congress ever go on the radio and tell the people, We need to take a vote: How many are willing to contribute a certain amount of your money to the rebuilding of a continent that we are all responsible to see rebuilt? Did that happen? No. Our sympathetic, compassionate leaders were impressed by that devil to begin to think, It is our duty, it is our God given right to show compassion to the societies of Europe and the regions we have helped tear up. We kept more than a half million men for several years, on the continent of Europe, to protect it against the Russian bear. Back then, there was a man by the name of Marshall, that was put in command of the American side of Europe that had been turned over to the United States to govern, to supervise, and to watch after its reconstruction. George Marshall was the man, and that became known as the Marshall Aide Plan. He was the master mind that designed and made known how the plan was to work. Were any of you asked anything about it? No. It was voted on by the Congress and Senate. Immediately the tax that had been put in during the war years, which was supposed to be dropped because the war was over, became reversed. It was not dropped. The thought was, We are going to keep taking from the people of our nation, and I ask, to do what? It was to restore this. To restore this, was not to bring it back to its 1938-1939 level, where it was when the war started. It is that spirit out of the bottomless pit that is going to see to it that over the long run, in the eventual end of this restoration, it would produce what it had to be to enter into the 70th week of Daniel. The time involved would bring it to that very point. Every factory worker, every coal miner, every construction outfit on the surface of the United States and Canada, has had to forfeit a certain amount of his payroll to be put into a general fund of taxation by his government, and his government in return had reached into that coffer and voted to use a certain amount of that for the purpose we have been talking about and called it Foreign Aide. When the United Nations was formed, here sat heads of state of third rate countries, voting, and they have a population quota. Then it was voted that not only here would the riches, the resources, the energy of the American worker be used to rebuild this, but we were drawn into another trap. Politicians from the ends of the earth have stood before the U.N. General Assembly crying, We need more foreign aide, and they usually received it. When it came to the doing, it was usually our representatives standing where it eventually compelled us to promise more foreign aide from the American treasury. Every decade our taxes keep climbing. In the 1930’s President Roosevelt put the Social Security act in motion. Some thought that was a terrible thing, but it was not. In the light of what America was headed to be, it was a good thing. All it was, was a government insurance plan. When this lamb beast began to transform itself and start to live like a devil, talk like a devil, think like a devil, it was acting just like this one over here. The same kind of politicians they had, we now have them. Here is how this devil, this evil spirit maneuvered the whole thing: He says, Now I will infiltrate this whole nation: I will create a society that will no longer be Christian in their thinking. To attain that goal, he played it very smart. In the government, we have a department that analyzes and supervises immigration. It is called the Department of Immigration. Before WW2 it was hard for some people of different nations to get entrance into this country. We just simply did not let everything that wanted to, flow in here. However when this spirit began to take over the Immigration Office, it saw to it that you begin to get people in here who do not think in a Christian manner. They want to eventually begin to unbalance and destroy the Christian image of this nation. To do so means they have to bring in an element of society from other parts of the world who do not even think like a Christian. They have Islam, Hindu, and even Communist. They are anything and everything but what originally drafted the Constitution of this great country. This is the way this dragon begins to mastermind the gradual undermining of the social structure of America. When that kind of spirit begins to get things rearranged, we began to have Communism taught in our colleges. That was a ploy of the devil to disorient and create confusion socially. Then they started sex education. Let me say this, America did not need sex education. We used to be a nation whose education image and outlook was the highest ranking in the earth until the devil began to set the agenda. While we have spent billions to build institutions of higher education, within it, the general population has shrunk. Our intellectual, educational standards have fallen to an all time low. It is a shame to see a 27 or 28 year old man that has gone to college, yet cannot spell Elizabeth, Indiana, which is spelled just like Queen Elizabeth. Nevertheless, ever so often you hear, How do you spell that? I only went to the eighth grade, but I learned to spell Elizabeth without any trouble. That was no big problem for my brain. Many times a college education is just a farce, but if you come out of college and know what to do with it, bless your heart. It can open a lot of doors for you. On the other hand, if you come out with that degree and before long I see you at Wendy’s, pushing hamburgers, there is something wrong. I hope all of you understand what I am talking about. We have become a nation that has produced an element of youth that has lost respect for their mother, they have lost respect for their daddy, and lost respect for the laws that govern our society. That is why there are thousands tonight roaming the highways in hot red cars, burning gasoline that they borrowed money from dad to buy without any thought of ever paying it back. I need ten dollars for gasoline. What are you going to do? I am going to see my friend. They want to roam the roads without any accountability. They want the malls to stay open all night so they can band together and entertain themselves. They have no thoughts about doing anything around home to help out. They seem to think life is just for their own self satisfaction, and that they should have no responsibilities whatsoever. Young people, please listen to me. When I was growing up, my 14 year old sister knew how to cook. Now, 14 year old girls know all about sex education, but they cannot boil water. One of these days Papa John’s is going to be closed. It may be before the year 2000. Listen to me! All of this luxury and ease of thinking that is so prevalent in this hour, is exactly like the prevailing state of Babylon the night Belshazzar and all his military, along with their concubines were celebrating. Suddenly, the handwriting was on the wall and none of them knew what it meant. His wife said, There is a young Jewish prophet here that can read and interpret those words. They do not want that kind of people around until something appears that they cannot deal with, and then they are ready to use them. When they brought that little Jew into that setting, in Belshazzar’s eyes he was worthless, but when that little Jew was told, I will give you anything you want, riches and such like, Daniel looked at all of that and said, Keep your riches. (My words) Then he went ahead and interpreted the handwriting on the wall for the king. (Daniel 5:25-29) “And this is the writing that was written Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin. (26) This is the interpretation of the thing: Mene; God hath numbered thy kingdom, and finished it.) (27) Tekel; Thou art weighed in the balances, and art found wanting. (28) Peres; Thy kingdom is divided, and given to the Medes and Persians. (29) Then commanded Belshazzar, and they clothed Daniel with scarlet, and put a chain of gold about his neck, and made a proclamation concerning him, that he should be the third ruler in the kingdom.” Little did they know, that there was a big army up the river a few miles, digging a detour, to cause the water level to drop. This night thy soul shall be required of thee. What a thing to learn so suddenly. America is heading for her dark hour also. Young Christian girls, I feel for you. You have a right to want a husband, but please get a picture in your heart of what you are looking for. He had better have more than nice black hair, blue eyes and a very friendly smile. If he does not have sense enough to know how to treat a wife, and to be a head of a home, something the Bible holds the man responsible for, then please believe me, You do not need him. He will break your heart. He will get you pregnant and you are the one who is going to vomit and feel sick for hours at a time, while he is out running around, looking for excitement somewhere else. You will ask him to help you and you will hear, It is not my fault that you are like that. I am not responsible. It does not have to be like that. When I met my wife, I felt like I had found the girl I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. She was smart. She could cook; and she did not have to go to school to learn to cook. That was part of what young girls learned at home back then. When I first moved to the Elizabeth area, I had a combine. I did a lot of combining for farmers in that area that did not have their own combine. I got it to do commercial combining. Everywhere I worked, (with one exception) that farmer’s wife knew how to fry chicken, mash potatoes, make pies and set a nice meal on the table. To them it was a necessity during threshing time to put a meal on the table for the workers. It did not require a college degree to do that. What was needed was just some old fashioned basics. There was one farmer I went to though, whose wife taught home economics in the South Central School. She could not boil an egg. That is the truth. She was teaching my own daughters home economics. I am on their farm, combining their grain, and when dinner time came I went to the house. Did I get fried chicken? No. I got a fried egg. Her husband fixed it. I got a boiled potato with the jacket on. That was the kind of meals I ate while in the army. I also got boiled beets with no vinegar. I am talking about what was served to me for dinner. Then I got two pieces of fried bacon between two slices of bread. I could not say, Lord bless the woman of this house. Here she is in school, supposedly teaching young girls how to cook, getting paid a salary for it, but you could not prove by me, that she knew how to cook.