America – Look At Yourself, Part 2

Rev. Raymond M. Jackson


I want every young lady within the sound of my voice to know that I care about your future as well as your well being today. That is why I am stressing the importance of trusting God to find you a good Christian husband: One that will not take advantage of you and end up breaking your heart. How many of you are listening to me? If you cannot read between the lines on what I am saying to you, I have to have pity on you. You do not need a college education to listen to what I am saying. America has become a society that is being overrun by the devil. He has come up in our schools in the past few years with the idea of abolishing all recognition of a Creator from your mind’s. Teachers in the 1940’s and 1950’s that was still holding on to the Biblical story of creation were forced by the high command to make a place for the study of evolution. When the new text books began to be rolled out, putting them in various levels of school, some of these teachers began to contest the idea. It was not very long until the same kind of rats higher up passed a law, Any teacher that refuses to teach evolution can be fired. You can see from the top to the bottom, the dragon is fast at work in America. Not only is that spirit working in every avenue of life. Out of the home goes the bread winner, out of the home goes the wife, taxation gets higher each year. We are pumping more and more into Foreign Aide, and to do what? I say this so if young men in Europe hear my voice, I am saying to them, You did not live in WW2. Talk to some of the older ones who knew what Hitler and his regime did when he took over your country. He confiscated everything of value. From the hard working class of American citizens, for the past fifty years, has been sent untold billions of dollars of Foreign Aide into Europe to rebuild the economies of all those European nations, for the eventuality that one day all ten of those horns would willingly give their whole authority to the cooperation of a confederation of European nations, and eventually this would reach back and encircle the Middle East nations, the same geographical territories of the first three beasts. All because by the time that arrives, Europe will be the world’s number one industrial complex. By that time it will be necessary for all these, Greece and the Persian areas of the Middle East, to give themselves into this for the sake of prosperity. America at the same time is heading for judgment. You hear them talking, balance the budget, balance the budget: I seriously doubt that it will ever be balanced. I doubt if God in heaven even cares, seeing that the nation has become so blinded politically; and so morally corrupt. I talk about both sides of the isle when I talk like that. If I wanted to prove to this nation that I was a fit man for a job in our government, I would say to all gays, No, we are not going to line you up and shoot you, but we are going to put you in an area where you will not be able to pervert anyone else. You can live with each other as long as you want to, but you make your own beds and you will sleep in them until the day there is no more left for you. I would put all the lesbian women in one place and all the gay men in another place and just let them destroy themselves. Common sense will tell you they cannot live forever; and they are certainly not going to reproduce themselves. Therefore why leave them here to pervert the rest of our offspring? It simply proves that the generation that produces that element is the generation that is going to see a catastrophic judgment strike them. God is keeping His own ledge on all of this corruption and filth we are forced to live in the midst of; and He is the One that will speak the word of judgment when the time is right: I am just venting my own feelings about it when I talk like this. Actually the final analysis is, that after fifty years since WW2 ended, America, under the influence of that dragon spirit that is in control, has done exactly what it was supposed to do to fulfill the scriptures. Europe has thriving economies and America is broke. We have had a decent, thriving economy for much of the past fifty years, but the easy ride is coming to an end. The devil has maneuvered the whole thing to suit his purpose, but the truth is, he has just been fulfilling the word of God. Naturally we do not like to see our beloved nation going down the tube like it is, but knowing that all of this must come to pass before we get out of here to be with the Lord, what can we say? We can only mourn for that which we have lost and live for God in the midst of all of the filth we see around us; and wait until God draws the curtain on this grace Age. When we reach the place where God has ordained that His bride Church should be, everything else will be where it is supposed to be; and it will be time for us to depart this old world to be with the Lord Jesus at the marriage supper. 


One might ask, What would have made a difference in the way things are today? Well if we had followed WW2 with a depression like the one that followed WW1, there would not have been enough tax dollars to build a dog house, let alone reconstruct Europe. Half of Berlin would still be a shambles. Europe has been cleaned up though, and this nation has been mainly responsible for it. It is a geographical area that has been revived and rebuilt. Think of it, the lamb beast was the means militarily, economically, and politically, that helped to restore the old Roman Empire and put it in its prophetic lime light. Let me go on to verse 13. “And he doeth great wonders, so that he maketh fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men.” At this time it is very obvious that this lamb beast, which was hewed out of a wilderness, and made up of immigrant people from the old world which fled from there after the Reformation got under way, has a role to play in preparing the world for the end time wrap up. During the years of WW2, because we were tied up in Europe in the battles and conflict there, as well as in Asia and the Orient, we were forced to build the largest navy the world has ever seen, a navy that equaled the rest of the world all put together. I can say that because I was witness to parts of it in task forces across the Pacific. I have stood on troop carriers, and as far as I could see, it was nothing but ships. They say, that on the ocean, on a clear, calm day, the horizon is fifteen miles away. It is like sitting in a bowl. You can look, and all you can see is ships, ships, ships. That is a lot of ships, but that is a small drop in the bucket compared to what we had in Europe and other areas of the world at that time. I am speaking these things to you very slowly, because I want them to sink in. I want this lamb beast to become so vivid and realistic to every one of you, that you can clearly see the role this nation has played in fulfilling prophecies of the scriptures. When across the Pacific American boys had waded ashore into the face of Japanese machine gun fire, and many of them lost their lives on the shores of Iwo Jima, Tarawa, the Marshall Islands, Guam, Saipan, on and on, in the Philippines and Okinawa, General MacArthur asked the War Department to give him something else to fight with. I want some kind of a weapon I can bring this war to a quick end with. He knew that in order to destroy the Japanese hold, Japan would have to be invaded. Our scientists were working on what was called the atomic bomb at that time. He said, I want something to bring this war to an end, otherwise we are going to lose thousand upon thousands of men, trying to land in Tokyo. I was in a little tent hospital. I had taken a terrible cold and was on the verge of pneumonia. They put me in the field hospital. On this particular night we were watching a movie outside the tens on a bank, when all of a sudden anti aircraft machine guns began to clatter and we were ready to run for shelter. Then, just as suddenly, the speakers came on and we heard, This is not an air raid: Word has just come through that the Allied forces have dropped the atomic bomb on Nagasaki. That was the end of the movie. We went back to the tents and talked the rest of the night, all of us saying, The war won’t last long now, but at that time we did not know what the atomic bomb was like. WE had not seen pictures of it, so we did not know what it looked like. In a few days we began to hear of the devastation of it. It had laid the city in waste. Again about three nights later we were sitting on the same bank looking at another movie. This time the lights came on, the loud speaker came on, and you talk about rejoicing, There was every kind of gun fire being fired just to celebrate the victory. Over the loud speaker we heard, Give us your attention, This is to inform you that another atomic bomb has been dropped on Hiroshima. At the same time the War Department sent word to Tokyo and proposed an unconditional surrender, and that they should meet our Allied commanders in Okinawa. There they would be flown to the Philippines to meet General MacArthur and sign the official document of surrender. There was no movie that night. They let me go back to the outfit the next day. Three days later it happened: Japan accepted the terms of the unconditional surrender. They were told to paint an airplane, they were given the description, the type plane, the model and all, paint it white with green crosses on each wing. Bring your field representatives to Okinawa. Just a short distance from where our outfit was camped there was an intelligence outfit. A young man in there, had the job of developing the camera shots taken by planes as they would go over the areas and taken pictures of the devastation. Since that was his job, he was called on to be the photographer for the military men as they met the Japanese. He also had a small camera that was fastened in a button hole. AS he took the regular military pictures, he took a few shots with this little outfit also. What he did with them was against regulations, but I am glad he did it. He made them in sets of six and sole them for ten dollars, even though it was against regulations of the military. I have a set of them at home. It shows these Japanese officers getting off the airplane. You could see they had painted that plane so fast you could see every brush stroke. It was not a spray job. They must have been in a hurry to get this plane ready. They must have been shaking. It shows our tall military commanders, and their little short Japanese getting off the airplane. Another picture shows them out in a field, which was the ceremonial side. A table out in the field with the American forces, the general sitting on one side and the Japanese on the another side. They were signing the official document of surrender. Then they were taken by the American commanders to the Philippines. I am just bringing all that in to show you, The war was over, but troops stayed in Japan. We rebuilt Japan. We rebuilt the places on Okinawa, and also in the Philippines. Years later, the same societies that had been freed by us, began to condemn us: Go home, you are not welcome here anymore. In the Philippines, at the Clark Air Force base, which we had leased from the Philippines, it was being said, Go home, we want our field back. When they began to press the issue so hard, look what God did: He let a volcano belch. Many of those people had worked as civilians in the military headquarters. That was their livelihood. However because the government did not want us there, it was as though God said, If that is all you can say for what these people have done in freeing you from the Japanese, then I will just take your jobs away. On those hanger fields and buildings, the ashes fell until it broke every hanger in. The field was two feet deep in ash. Let me say, God knows how to pay the bills that come due. A lot of Filipinos were out of jobs because of that. As I say this, I know the video and printing and cassettes will go to my beloved Christian brothers in the Philippines, so I want them to listen to me. You are a different generation of Filipino than when I was there. I saw a little Filipino boy, that at first I thought was hair lipped, but when we talked to him, his mouth was so out of shape he could hardly talk, all because a Japanese had hit him in the face with the butt of his rifle and bursted his lips. That is what caused him to be that way. When a people become unthankful for what the people from another nation has done for them, God settles the score His way. That is why I said what I did about Europe. Young people in Europe dare not look back in history to fifty years ago. Why? Because there were many Canadian and American boys that died there, never having the opportunity to see an hour when they could return home. Their dying there, is what gave you your opportunity for a future. I am telling you the truth. “And he doeth great wonders, so that he maketh fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men.” After the dropping of those two bombs, the world suddenly became aware of the fact that we had ben allowed by God, scientifically, to come into a miracle of science by splitting the atom and taking certain parts, placing it in a construction that I would have to call upon a scientist to explain it. From that hour, through the years of the 1950’s and the 1960’s, as the bear in Europe rose, she stole every kind of secret she could get her hands on. Then we began to enter the space race, putting rockets in space, trying to put a man on the moon. The first rocket man was Russian. We spent billions of dollars on this race in science, but Russian never did put a man on the moon. We put a man on the moon twice. We gave to the world fast communication. We gave the world the computer that they are enjoying today. We gave the world television. We were the first nation that put satellites in space that you could bounce the signals of television from and see it half way around the world. That is instant communication. The world became admirers of what this nation had done. The whole world had seen the miracles this country was able to do. Did we keep all of that knowledge away from them? No. We shared them with Europe. It was not long until Japan, our defeated enemy of WW2, was competing with us in the software department. Do not forget, computers did not come first from Japan. Neither did the modern motorcycles. When we made the Harley Davidson and the Indian motorcycle, they were the two western motorcycles, and they were the pride of the west. I know what the Japanese had during the war. What they had sounded like an old washing machine. When the war was over and we wanted to help restore and rebuild them economically, we set up assembly lines over there for them, and those little minds began to draw out plans for this and that and go down town five blocks away and set up a shop of their own. It wasn’t long until they were duplicating what we were sending over there. From the tape recorders to the motorcycles, they entered the industrial race with us. You name it, they made it. They became competitors in the radio and electronics, but do not forget, we gave that to the world. The lamb beast has done its job. It has caused the whole world, prophetic wise, to look at this one. I am looking at it right now. If you all live long enough before the rapture, you are going to see this come together one of these days. Suddenly some day in the communication world, and in the political sector, you are going to begin to see the breakdown of a lot of things take place, in order for this other thing to really go forth. By then, it has been completely healed because of this. The purpose of this beast was to heal this one, revive it, and bring it back into the place for its prophetic role in the plan of God. We are standing right at the threshold of the whole thing. 


I know we are saying a lot of things that some of you already know, but we always have to be conscious of those who do not know as much as you do. Therefore when we talk about the lamb beast, we want to be sure you understand that we are talking about America, and not just some man. I realize also, that as we deal with this 13th chapter of Revelation, there are a lot of other things people do not understand, like certain symbols, the way things are spoken in the setting of the scriptures and so forth. I have some information here from different areas of the country that people have sent me. Some of it is alarming. Right here, is an article from the American Criminal Justice center. I will be reading some of it in your hearing. Now I have already read the text we are using for this message, and you can read it yourself. Anyhow, John saw this lamb beast. It is not a man. Your Charismatic leaders refer to this as the false prophet. They will say there is going to be two men. One the Antichrist, the other a false prophet. They are totally wrong. They get the setting here from about three verses of scripture. I want you to understand, all you older ones that remember WW2, and especially you that had anything to do with the military. This is a symbol of Europe right here, (the beast of verse one) not the body part, just the head. The body represents the mid East countries. This is Europe, the ten horned area. Rome is set at the center of power. If that Roman Empire is to be restored, you have got to deal with the territory first. If the territory that is made up of nations, has not in them a willingness on each individual part, to become part of some central system of authority, it would be impossible to revive Rome and restore her back as the chief center piece. When we look back fifty years to Europe, everything from North Africa to the North Sea was laying in shambles. I want to say to Pat Robertson, Jack VanImke, and all of those educated preachers who think they know so much, You are trying to evangelize the world, and in your mind you think you are doing it, but I ask you, What are you really doing for people? You have various ideas about this picture, but I want to show you what we read here from verse 11, to prove that this is not about a mere man. One man cannot rebuild Europe. As long as Europe lay in shambles, it was not ready yet to be a beast revived and restored, with Rome as its central headquarters. What we are looking at here is another element of the earth, and an element of humanity. It is not dealing with a man, it is dealing with a country large enough, and with sufficient resources, that it is able to accomplish something. Verse 11 picks up after this lamb beast, which is America and Canada, has become a means of accomplishing a finished picture. Ever since WW2 was over, the U.S. and Canada kept troops on the foreign soil of Europe. As I said in the beginning of this message, America, Look at Yourself! If America at that time was still the Christian nation she was before, she would have come home after WW2 and done like she did after WW1. There would not have been one dollar ever gone across the Atlantic Ocean to lay one brick to rebuild anything. Nevertheless notice this verse 11, as I read it again. “And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon.” It says, and this lamb represents the Christian symbol, that it spake as A dragon, not as THE dragon. This goes to show, this is not the primary object of worship. However this beast over here is the primary object of worship. This is the devil’s means to restore this (the first beast) back to preeminence and back into the prophetic spotlight. You hear much said by preachers today, concerning the New World Order that they see coming down the line. You cannot help but wonder what makes some of these preachers switch around so much concerning the identity of the beast and the antichrist. Forty years ago when we were just barely out of WW2, a lot of preachers were preaching Russia, Russia, Russia, Stalin, Stalin, Kruschev, Kruschev. How come all of a sudden they dropped all of that? They switched from one to another and then just dropped all of it, even while Russia was still powerful enough that she posed a threat to the unity and rebuilding of Europe. God let that monster lay there, that bear, with all those threatening words, building, spending, trying to outrun the west in every avenue of scientific achievement possible. It looked for a while like she was about to succeed with some of her threats. It took that to make the real thing go to work. Had there not been that bear there as a threat, the ten countries of Europe would never have cooperated in anything, but with that threat laying there, that was enough to make the ten nations of Europe get together. Alone they could not rebuild themselves, but with the help that was given them, it was eventually achieved. It was not until this lamb country began to have a devil entwine itself within our society, to come up in the various phases of our society, and to eventually change our society, our way of thinking, our way of living, and our future, that this rebuilding took place. It affected the politicians as well as our educators. All of this has changed the nation’s entire nature. Our nation used to be loved. I saw an article in a magazine, in Latin America, in Guatemala, every since they ousted Noriega, we have kept all kinds of troops, helicopters, gun ships, and things down there. It said in the article that Guatemala welcomed our troops at first, but to show you that even a lot of our young men that go into the military have lost the American hospitality image, Now they take their helicopters and fly over towns and villages harassing the people. Now the people as a whole do not want to respect them on the streets, and are saying, Get out! Yankee go home! All of that tells you America is losing its grip on self respect. With that in mind, I would have to say we are blind if we cannot see how the devil has perverted our nation. Let us look at this lamb and study it from every angle. This is not some supernatural, demon possessed man that was born of some prostitute in the Middle East or Europe, and anointed of the devil. This is a powerful source of something that has the ability to rebuild It is true in this course of time there have been many presidents, but a lot of things we have seen accomplished have not been accomplished by an act of Congress, nor by the president signing a law. It is how the devil, the dragon, has come up through society and caused the people to begin to think in an adverse way. Politicians make suggestions and multitudes fall right in with them, with no knowledge whatsoever of how they are fulfilling scriptures. I am going to read the last part of verse 11, “He spake as a dragon.” That means from a certain time factor, from then on until God does something with him, this lamb is going to talk, act, live, and do just like the devil. I have to say, You must be blind, if you cannot see the American society under that kind of control. Look what just happened in Louisville: A little child in a stroller, being pushed along by it’s mother, was shot. At the time they announced it, they did not know which way the bullet came from. That is a tragedy, and it gets worse every day. In Canada, they are now having drive by shootings. Hoodlums are shooting at random just for the fun of it. That is like a mad house. I would like to remind our politicians, that this is not taking place because of the Christians. Do not point your finger at the Christian population and blame them. The Christian influence in America kept society as a whole reasonably clean from that type of conduct for many decades. That is why I say John Dillinger was an angel compared to this bunch of long haired hoodlums on our streets today. You older folks never did hear of John Dillinger, nor any of his kind, shooting young people on the street just for the fun of shooting someone. When this country began to talk like a dragon, a devil, then, is when HE exerciseth all the power of the first beast. That word exerciseth, is a word that describes physical activity, action. “He exerciseth all the power of the first beast before him, and causeth the earth and them which dwell therein to worship the first beast.” That is not talking about a rich man that is worth enough that he can enter into a project like the rebuilding of Europe. Rome cannot be revived back into the same power system it was up until 1500, until this territory is for some reason reconstructed and made into a unified state. That is exactly what America has been busy doing in the past fifty years. Last year, was the fifty year celebration in Europe of the ending of WW2. This Lamb beast does not cause the earth to worship the first beast just through verbal influence. When you get a devil in one thing, using it to draw attention to the other one, you have to understand that the devil’s primary purpose is not to draw attention to the Lamb beast, but to draw all focus to this European beast. Since this nation has sold out to the devil, he can use any part of it he wants to, to get the main objective out in the forefront. It is the first beast that had a wound by a sword. When you are talking about a New World Order, you are talking about something put together in 1948, something that started out as the United Nations, but in the 1990s, has begun to take on another title, New World Order, but there is not one thing about it that shows it has ever been wounded. Why? First of all it is only fifty years old. It is something new, put together by politicians. While it is true, it has a lot of modern day ideas, and politicians and high caliber economists and philosophers the world over, envision a world in which they are the key players. God has just let this whole thing go that way as a decoy, while this other is putting the picture together. With this in mind, the end results of what the lamb beast is doing, is to get the whole earth to worship the first beast. At no time has the President of the United States or the Prime Minister of Canada made any speech that would sound like they see the objective in all of this designed to fulfill scriptures of the Bible. All you see is these countries working, both with resources and manpower, to accomplish something they feel will benefit the earth’s population. From their standpoint, they call it compassionate, humanitarian aide. That is why I said, The devil can be compassionate when he wants to. When he wants to get the wrong thing done, he can throw something out here and cause you to cry crocodile tears and open your pocket book to him by saying, Don’t you think it is for a good cause? It is all going to settle down to this one thing, The devil has taken America to the cleaners. He did not care how much your society would decay. He does not care how many little children are shot, nor how many hoodlums run the highways and terrorize our law abiding citizens. He does not care, as long as the end results are that he gets what he wants. That is what he has been good at. We can see this is not some supernatural man, using supernatural powers, doing supernatural feats that will get the world to pay attention to him. We just have to remember that, even though there are certain wordings that make people think in that light. Verse 13 says, “And he doeth great wonders.” Notice how many times “he” appears. Every time something new is added to the picture, it is he did this and he did that. You either look at the fact that you see this lamb in the male sense of the species, or you have to realize it is the devil cloaked in that description. He is the one spirit behind the whole thing. “And he (America) doeth great wonders, so that he maketh fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men.” That is what the charismatic preachers are saying, That this is some demon possessed man that is going to have these supernatural powers to call fire down out of heaven. Little do they realize the fire and things that follow here are not something designed by a quack, a witch doctor, or from that source. It is how a nation has been blessed by God in so many ways from the scientific standpoint, that she soon forgets who has lifted her up out of illiteracy, and from being this backwoods, frontier nation she started out as, and cast her in a role of world leadership. 


Years ago I was asked to preach a Memorial Day service up at the Daisy Hill Church, which is in the area where I grew up. A lot of WW1 soldiers were there. I do not remember what my text was, but I said, America has been blessed by God; She has come through two World Wars without having to have our country blown all to pieces. Neither time was America ready for a war, but because America chose to put God first, have prayer in schools and make the Bible our number one book, it did not matter whether we were prepared or not, God was our shield and protector and we were going to look to Him for whatever assistance was needed. I said also, Out of the hills, the desert and the cities, were brought the untrained rookies that fought for this country. I said, Many of those men did not know A from Z. They had obsolete rifles, but they were trained with what they had, and God honored them on the field of battle and we came through victorious. It was the same in WW2, Keep in mind, in the 1930’s, Hitler had been masquerading unchecked, building as well as inventing weapons of warfare. When it comes to inventions, the Germans are top notch. When they put something together, they put it together to last. When we were brought into that conflict, their boats were sinking our freighters right and left on the Atlantic. It was not just one or two, it was dozens. Through the whole course of the war, they did that. But I have to say, God blessed America anyhow. It was not long until we had an outfit out in California that said, Let us build it our way, and we will build a ship a day. That is what they did. If we could not out shoot them with a certain weapon, then we would out build them. We could put them together faster than they could sink them and we could put tanks on the field of battle faster than they could tear them up. We were blessed to put together an assembly line system they could not catch up with. It was not long until we put together airplanes that were shooting their Luftwaffes out of the sky faster than they could put them up. I remember when they brought in the B-38, the Germans called it the twin tailed devil. It sounded like a thousand sirens when it was running wide open. I saw one chase a Jap zero right into the ocean, simply because he could not get him off his tail. With that, it was not long until we were the master of the sky, both in Europe and Asia. God blessed us, because we put Him first. Then in 1945, in the early days, General MacArthur, as he looked forward to the hour of landing troops in Japan, contacted our war department and said, Can you give me a weapon to end this war? It was not long after that until here came the atomic bomb. When you read this, that this lamb beast had power to call fire out of heaven, think of this, From the airplane, it was just an object falling to earth, but when that thing went off there was a fire ball that reached into the elements. It literally devastated, burned, disintegrated many things. It knocked out one whole city. It killed thousands of people. That was shock wave number one to Japan. A few days later they dropped another one on Hiroshima, a larger city, one of pride for Japan. When that went off, Japan was devastated, shocked to the soles of their feet. They did not know what to do next. Do you think, when John on the Isle of Patmos, saw in the vision what this lamb beast had the capability of doing, that God told him, That is the atomic bomb? No. He saw something take place. He saw what this lamb beast was capable of doing and that he could bring fire down out of heaven. Did he know what an airplane was? No. Did he know what a bomb was? No. You have to understand, this was not your witch doctor, fortune teller type of miracles: This is scientific miracles. Things that people two thousand years ago would have said were impossible, this nation did them Look what they were saying in France almost one hundred years ago. One notable man was saying, The time will come when man will be able to travel fifty miles an hour. The French began to say, That is crazy, you could not keep him on the ground if he went that fast. At the Indianapolis 500 races, they go almost two hundred miles an hour and they don’t leave the earth, except when they crash against the wall, then their spirit leaves the earth. Let us look at it in that light. “He doeth great wonders, scientific wonders, so that he maketh fire come down from heaven on earth in the sight of men.” God timed it all just exactly right, because as that brought WW2 to an end, God wanted this lamb nation to have that potential, that they could point the finger at Russia and say, Don’t start anything or we will devastate you. During all that time, we allowed Russia’s U.N. people to come here. We gave them political immunity. They connived by many means to steal our inventions. Everything we were working on to stay ahead of them, they were stealing, buying, doing everything they could to get it away from us. That bear was after what we had. She got some of our secrets, but little good did it do them. She had certain potential, but something kept her at bay. “And he doeth great wonders, so that he maketh fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men.” This was the beginning of the miracles of science that the U.S. eventually obtained. Watch what followed, and the end results. “And deceiveth them that dwell on the earth.” I want you to understand, this word deceive, or deceiveth. It has to be a social way of looking at the end effect, because all over the world America was looked upon as some kind of power that could obliterate any nation. Basically this was in the prophetic part of the world, the middle east. “And deceiveth them that dwell on the earth by the means of those miracles (plural) which he had power to do in the sight of the beast.” So what he was doing, basically, was to get all people to pay attention to this, to eventually give themselves over to it. Worshiping this thing, is not that you see thousands of people on their knees worshiping some kind of image. It is how people begin to think. We are living in the day when people think they just don’t need God: We just need a world that is prosperous, so let us get God out of the picture. Let every man do his own thing, but let us have a world where we can all live in prosperity, peace, and have all the material things in life we want, without any obligation or duty on our part. When you leave God out of your life, He will put you out of His blessings and before very long evil will be knocking on your door, taunting you and aggravating you. God will let you go to bed crying, why Lord? Because you left Him, you did not want Him, you thought you did not need Him. At least you thought that. As we go on down through this 14th verse, we see the effect the miracles began to have, and it had this deceiving effect, the word deceiving can also be understood as a convincing effect. “And deceiveth them that dwell on the earth by the means of those miracles which he had power to do in the sight of the beast; saying to them that dwell on the earth, that they should make an image to the beast, which had the wound by a sword, and did live.” In other words there is a background, or a pattern. I have heard some of you preachers stand and preach that this false prophet is going to be a man, devil possessed, with satanic powers, calling fire out of the heaven and so forth. That sounds good to a carnal mind, but that is not the kind of man this picture is bringing into focus. Here is what we are looking at. When this atomic bomb began to be the threat we could use to hold Russia at bay, it caused the prophetic world to begin to go to work. We kept right on with our achievements in the scientific realm. That is what the western world is enjoying the benefits of today. I have them written down here, but before I read anything let me say, Growing up in the hills around here, back in 1938, we subscribed to a magazine called Successful Farming. In 1938, there was an article in the Successful Farming magazine telling what the U.S. and Canada were producing. The U.S. and Canada at that time produced 75 percent of all automobiles in the world. Does that tell you something? It should. We were spending our material things for the betterment of mankind. We were not worried so much about tanks, but we could produce an automobile and sell it for 695 dollars. Today it is hard to stay in the automobile race, mostly because we gave it to the world. Let us just see what she really has given to the world. From the atomic bomb, here is the TV, with on sight communication. With a TV camera at the scene, anything can be transmitted and seen in the American home instantly. On sight television, communication is an every day expectation anymore. Then we were in the rocket launching race with Russia. They launched the first rocket into the sky and brought it back down in the Atlantic. We were right behind them and came with a second one. After a while our nation passed them. Once we passed them, the world watched this whole scene. Russia would not let the world see what they were doing, but our TV News made sure the whole world saw what we were doing. That is why you read in this scripture, it deceived the whole world” because as they watched this lamb nation do these things in the sight of the beast in Europe, it set a picture in the mind. It was not a man out here with demon power, it was a nation that has the material resources and scientific technology to baffle the world. The world is moving fast toward the end of time and the coming of the Lord, but they just laugh at you when you say so. They think all this scientific accomplishment is putting them into an atmosphere of total security. That type of thinking is futile. In October 1969 we successfully put a man on the moon. By that time the whole world could sit at home, whether in Israel, Europe, Asia or wherever, and because the TV has now become a means of on sight observation, they could watch our man walk around on the moon. The miracles he had power to do in the sight of the beast, is what we are looking at. The ability to do what we were doing, was not because we were in the sight of the old European beast, it is just the fact that they were allowed to watch our exploits. IT is just common sense to look at it in that light. Next came the fast means of communication. I remember when AT&T and Bell Telephone had transmitting towers, a whole chain of them across the country, on high hills. That is how you made long distance telephone calls. It went through transmitting towers until it got to California. Overseas, it was the underwater cable. All of a sudden though, because of our scientific know how, we put what they call a communication satellite in space, and now we bounce the telephone wave lengths off of that right to Europe. When that got to working, it absolutely made the under water cable obsolete. I have called home from Israel, and I have called from Norway through that old system, and I assure you of this, there is no comparison. You would say something over there and it seemed like it took a minute to get an answer back. It is not so with the satellite, it travels faster than the speed of sound. It makes you voice sound completely natural. In this, we have given the world this know how and now they all have it. I remember talking to one fellow, in this period of time of recovery, the oil companies of the Middle East, the oil countries of Iran, Saudi Arabia, they wanted to update everything. They sent technicians over there to lay new oil lines, new pumping systems, new telephone technology, all that has been shared with the world. As communication satellites were put in place, it was not long until the overseas cable was totally obsolete. Then here is something else, which is one of the most up to date discoveries, the most modern that has caused man to climb the tree of knowledge until he is out on the end of the limb, and now the limb is shaking, it is the computer. Reading a magazine not too long ago, a naval man said he could remember when the computer was the size of a piano. That was the size of those it took to fire their naval guns. That is basically what it was made for. However as time went on, they modified it, and they were able to bring it down in size. As the navy began to do this, they began to release some of the older, obsolete ones. Eventually, banks began to get interested in them. At first, what it was for, was to put all this information on disks that could be stored in a very small compartment. Up until this time corporate industries, banks, all kinds of systems that needed to have records kept, they were buying up old warehouses filled with filing cabinets, keeping all this information. The computer put all that practice out of date. On a very small computer disk, vast amounts of information can be stored, and it can be retrieved in just a matter of seconds. Today the computer is used the world over, but I want you to take note of where it all started. Keep in mind, None of this was ever accomplished because the President of the United States proposed, Let us make a computer, but we will have to get it approved by Congress first. You did not hear of anything like that. Neither was it designed by the pope. That is not the picture. There is nothing wrong with the computer, but when you have a society of people that is not living for God, but for money, materialism, pleasure, all of this, then the devil will sooner or later squeeze the computer in there, and it is going to be the devil’s play toy. Now the computer has been so modified, and software made for so many different operations, they run huge ships, and fly these large airplanes. It take someone who knows how to feed the proper information into the computer, but once that is done, the computer takes control. They even run large factories with computers, and I ask you, Who first gave the world this modern technology This Lamb Beast has taken the lead in all of it. Look what banks do with computers now: they transfer tremendous sums of money from bank to bank. We have to consider all of this because the Bible plainly tells us that this lamb beast is going to be the cause of people receiving a mark in their hand or in their forehead. In verse 16 and 17, notice what it says. “And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: (17) And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.” Many years ago when we first read that, it sounded like some diabolical man is going to come on the scene with so much power of Satan in him he is going to deceive the nations and make the nations carry out his diabolical plan. This thing is coming on in such a unique, scientific manner, people just simply do not realize what is taking place. The devil is looking right over your shoulder, watching you think, watching as you conduct your daily affairs and so forth. One of his end time goals is a cashless system. Well before I make an explanation, what would be wrong with a cashless society if the devil was not at the head of it? There would be nothing wrong with it. First, you would not have to carry a pocket book and worry about losing it. You would not have to have large sums of currency on you and worry about getting robbed. Currency would not be around to be counterfeited. Watch the devil work through his decoys though. This is why I say, look at our society, the devil has thrown out all kinds of decoys. He has people looking at all of them. His aim is, get them confused and frustrated, and get them talking, and saying, I don’t know what we are going to do. The computer opened the door of high tech intelligence, how we can use it and how it can be programmed to transact all monetary exchanges and you do not have to have one dime in your pocket. As this thing has been made and shared with the nations of the world, the devil who is our enemy, knows exactly how to push inventors. He has a bunch of forgers our here, that no matter how you print a hundred dollar bill, sooner or later there will be some Mafia type out there who will make a set of counterfeit plates and reprint it. As long as the devil has the capability to do that, it is hard to stay one step ahead of him. Yesterday we got a letter from the bank, one was to me personally, the other to my wife. It said, Mr. Jackson, wouldn’t it be nice where you write checks to purchase things, if you carry just one card that would do it all. It would not be a credit card, it would be a cash card. Just run that through the scanner and it automatically goes to the bank where you deposit, and will automatically deduct the amount you authorize without you doing anything else. Now if that is as far as this system would go, there would be nothing wrong with it, but such a card can be lost and that means someone else can use it. Do you get the point? If it can be lost, it can be forged. The point is, as long as the devil can stay just one step behind or equal with all this technological stuff that is being accumulated and made for legal purposes, it is still in the thinking, but it is how the devil will use it, that will necessitate something more. You would always have too many gamblers taking advantage, too many counterfeiters forging them, too many people losing them, too many people forgetting them and leaving them at home, so what is the answer? Oh I have to go home and get my card before I can buy my groceries. It is the same as leaving your pocket book at home with all your currency in it. The point is, and just let me read it to you from verse 16. It is a verse we have already read, but now our attention is focused on why this will come about. “AND HE CAUSETH ALL, BOTH SMALL AND GREAT, RICH AND POOR, FREE AND BOND, TO RECEIVE A MARK IN THEIR RIGHT HAND, OR IN THEIR FOREHEADS.” Here is what this adds up to. We used to think fifty years ago that they would use a hot iron and brand you. That seemed like the logical way to read it, a mark branded in your hand or on your forehead in that way. That is the way it looked back then, but that was before this computer and laser age. Now that we know what the computer can do, we know it is not that at all. It is the inserting of a computer chip under your skin. You do not see it. IT will not make a knot on your forehead and you cannot see it if it is stuck in the palm of your hand. However in that computer chip is your name, your age, all your medical records, everything anyone needs to know about you is right there. Whether it is in your forehead or in your hand, you will not see it, you sleep with it, you work with it, but only a laser beam will reveal it. No matter what you do, it cannot be stolen, it cannot be counterfeited, nor can it be lost. It just goes to show, that right there the devil’s utopia is represented. When he gets you to that point, he has a noose around your neck. Did you know, here in a new magazine, and there is going to be a lot of these coming out now, because they have become aware that our present day news media have been sold out to politicians and crooks that run the government. In this, it tells you where, (what state) in the east, they are experimenting with prisoners that have violent criminal backgrounds. They are experimenting with people in hospitals that are over active, mentally disturbed so they cannot sleep. They are now putting computer chips in them, and by some kind of electronic pulses they can control the emotional, psychological reactions of the person. They have inserted them in hardened criminals who have volunteered for this test. It said most of them spend most of their time sleeping. People in hospitals that have had to have some kind of dope to calm them, can now be calmed with this. They sit around motionless for a while, then in a few hours it seems they come to themselves and go out and become active again. It is all printed right here in this paper. All this tells me we are just one step away from the devil using such things in his master plan, especially when things are turned over to this system in Europe. All of this is going to be at our political leaders’ fingertips. The pope, in that day, will be the administrator of all of it. He is the only neutral agent in a modern system like this that can actually have power through the social makeup of the continent, to make such a thing work. The devil is coming up through the educative system, the military system, the economic system and wherever he can, to get everything lined up to eventually go toward that hour of time. That is his ultimate goal, to get control over humanity through a system his man will be in charge of. I have said a lot about education over the years, so much that a lot of people may think I am against all sources of higher education, but I assure you, I am not. I just do not have patience with those who think their education authorizes them to interpret the Bible for everyone else. Their education usually causes them to reject the only ONE that can interpret the scriptures in a true meaning and application. Well, now that I have said a lot about education, I want to read some alarming facts in your hearing. I know there are people here that have been to college. I have nothing to say against the college, but do not try to convince me that everyone needs a college education to fulfill life in the proper way. I am going to show you what you are going to face when you begin to think like that. I may have read this already, but it was from another magazine, so listen to it. 


“For example, in an infamous episode reported in the Newspapers, government school authorities forced about sixty 11 and 12 year old girls in Pennsylvania, to undergo an unclothed physical examination at school. Many objected. Many cried. One said, “We tried to climb out the windows, but they pulled us back.” Another example, because the parents of an eighth grade girl, (approximately 14 or 15 years old) in the state of Washington, grounded her to keep her from smoking marijuana and sleeping with her boyfriend, the girl asked the local child welfare agency to take her out of her home and place her somewhere else. This government agency agreed. The state supreme court backed them up and the girl was removed from her home against the wishes of her parents, even though her parents were not accused of any wrong doing.” 

When I see something like that, it makes my blood begin to get hot. When the government becomes so powerful they can take a child away from the parent’s supervision, especially parents who are trying their best to raise the child right and teach the child the principals of right living, things have absolutely gone too far. I have to say, Lord, come quickly. The state does not have the mind of God: They could not possibly know what would be best for a child in a situation like the one above. Most local, community authorities do not know either. They may think, But you are hindering your child’s success. The question is, Success in what? Do you want her out on the street smoking marijuana? Is being a drug addict acceptable? Would they rather see a young girl become a prostitute than to see her submit to parental authority? That is what America has become filled with, thousands, and even millions of that type of persons today. On and on these stories go. I will not read any more of this right now, I just brought enough to show you that we have already passed the hour when America began to talk like a dragon. It is how the devil has been allowed to influence society that is so disturbing. Society today, is fact giving itself over to him. It had to first get into our schools and especially into our higher educative institutions. Right here in this magazine, they are publishing things that let us know what this nation has stooped to. You might say, Bro. Jackson, how do you know this is true? All because it is evident the government is no longer going to tell you the truth. School boards are not going to tell you the truth. In this, it tells you that in certain schools teenage children have been shown how to participate in illicit sex, how to be a homosexual or a lesbian. Is that proper education? Does that kind of knowledge put food on your table? Will that pay your bills? Is that what constitutes being able to sign your name? I assure you, it only serves to pervert a society. It has become a means of the devil deranging peoples psychological makeup. I realize that when I talk like this some would say, You are one of those naive, narrow minded individuals that cannot see things in the light of this day and hour of time. When you have lived in a time that things were not this way, and you know people had more God consciousness back then, you have a right to say something. I am going to read something here that is very shocking. Also, we will talk about this image that was made. I heard one of those preachers on TV saying that this false prophet will have so much satanic power that one day he will make an image to the beast. He said, We do not know what type material he will use, it could be iron, wood, concrete, but he will make an image to the beast, because the Bible says so. Then to show the world the power he has, he has power to give it life. It breathes, its heart beats, it walks, it is alive. Because of that, the world will fall prostrate. Does that not sound fantastic? We will deal with that a little later on. What I have here is from the American Criminal Justice Center. America has been done in by five known lawyers from the state of Arkansas. 


“Five lawyers, all from Arkansas, all of whom worked in the White House, have corrupted and are continuing to corrupt our values, our institutions, and our nation. (I am not talking about Democrats. It has passed the Democrats, it has passed the Republicans, it is strange, not even the Republicans will point the finger at them. That lets me know something is drastically wrong. They are always talking about the budget, no more taxes, and such. That is the realm they talk in. But all this other stuff, they do not touch. I was telling my wife last night, When that government man from the state of Washington was ousted because of his womanizing tactics in the capital, just look what the President has done. I cannot understand that. How come the government can ethically bring a certain man before a committee and suggest to him it would be better for him to resign, get out and go home, yet here is the President that has done worse and they do nothing at alla bout it? Why do they not tell him to do the same thing, Get out and go home? We have a powerful, and very evil force at the head of our government. This evil force is making the lamb beast speak like the dragon more than ever before. I have to believe he is the man that will go down with the ship.) Webster Hubble was Hillary Clinton’s law partner and the assistant attorney general, the second highest law enforcement official in the land. He is now in jail for mail fraud and tax evasion. Vince Foster was Hillary Rodham Clinton’s law partner and a White House counsel. He died a violent death with a bullet through his head. (It is very strange that all the Republicans know this, and all the Democrats know this, but not one from the smallest to the greatest ever say anything about it. Yes saints, this lamb nation talks very much like a dragon anymore. It goes to show that the devil is in power, and he is saying what he wants to say He does what he wants to do, and there are not enough sober minded folks left to do anything about it.) William Kennedy III was Hillary Rodham Clinton’s law partner and also an important White House counsel. He was forced to resign under a cloud of suspicion. It was recently discovered that he brought in the political operative who illegally obtained the FBI files on over four hundred patriotic Americans. Bruce Lindsey was an Arkansas Lawyer, friend of Bill and Hillary, and was named as a White House aide. He was named as a co-conspirator in the looting of a bank to obtain money for Bill Clinton’s campaign in Arkansas. At the center of all these lawyers is another lawyer from Arkansas and the same law firm. That of course is Hillary Rodham Clinton, the first and only first lady ever hauled before a Grand Jury. In her response to Congressional investigators in the Travelgate scandal, she said, “I don’t recall, I don’t know, I don’t believe,” or other such dense statements about 67 times.” 

This is just the tip of the iceberg. There is more yet to come. As you say these things, people sit in their seats thinking, How do you know that is true? You will know it is true when the roof caves in and it slaps you in the face. That is what is coming. America is getting ready for a big blow of judgment. Remember this, you do not see it in the 17th, 18th, and 19th chapters of Revelation. All you see there, is the beast and the false prophet, which is the Antichrist, and the kings of the earth and their armies, gathered together to make war against Him that sits on the white horse. 


Multiplied thousands are still suffering the lack of basic things in life. You would think that after man has reached an age and time of materialism and he has the know how, the technology and all these wonderful things for the betterment of a society, that somewhere it would begin to help eliminate some of the suffering and oppression in the world. It should, but unfortunately it is not doing it. World conditions just keep on getting worse. It all goes to show that behind it all there is a devil that seeks to control all of humanity. I see nothing better coming until we are in the Millennium with King Jesus reigning over the whole earth. Open your Bible’s back to the 13th chapter of Revelation as we continue on here. A brother here in Faith Assembly handed me a copy of the Reader’s Digest. I glanced through it, and found in it an article on the Millennium we are all looking forward to. Of course the writer of this article is bringing in the fact that many of the apocalypse preachers are preaching doomsday, the end of the world, and all these things. I can see from their standpoint why they would want to write an article condemning some of the things the religionists are putting out today, but there is still more to it than what they see. It is a fact when you try your best to look at the Bible in a simple way, to analyze things that really show a prophetic picture of developments of things, there are always the negative attitudes which will say, Well that is just his idea. Some of those people may seem to get by with an attitude like that, but it will not help them. On the other hand, there are some people scattered around the world that are being helped by what the Spirit of God is revealing from His written word in this hour of time. We are down to the lamb beast here in this 13th chapter of Revelation; and we have some more to look at as we go through the rest of the chapter, so let us notice as we review and continue. We have a drawing up here behind me that may help draw attention to what we are endeavoring to point out to you. John saw this lamb beast coming up out of the earth, having two horns like a lamb, but it spake as a dragon. We must say this, In it’s initial birth and early existence, America did not speak like a dragon. It was more of a Christian nation. I am thankful to God for the birth of America, because it made it a nation where people could flee to and have children born and raised to believe in God according to the revelation God gave to this dispensation of true Christianity. In former times in this country, people were led to know God, to serve God, and to worship God in a personal relationship rather than through a Catholic priest. We had a society of people that grew up here in a land that was far away from the continent of Europe and the Middle East. While in some sense they looked upon this wilderness part of the world as though we were a backwoods people; and for quite a while we were. I am thankful to God that we were a backwoods people. We did not need all the things Europe had, the corruption, the crooked politics, and all that. Thousands and thousands, even millions of men had died on the fields of warfare in Europe through the ages, all because of some dictator or monarch, or something like that was always trying to wrestle power away from someone and regain a hold on the whole continent of Europe. Here in this far away wilderness land, John saw a lamb beast come up out of the EARTH, and its very description goes to show it is not even associated with the prophetic picture that John saw in the first ten verses of chapter 13, because he saw that first beast coming up out of the SEA, which was symbolic of the old world in and around the Mediterranean Sea. As I have said before, A lot of modernists today who are trying to tell you that the New World Order is going to be the beast, and somewhere from within that the antichrist is going to appear, That is not the Bible picture at all. They are trying to tell you the fourth beast of Daniel 7, which was Rome in its initial beginning over 2000 years ago, is going to be something other than Rome in the end time wrap up. That is utter nonsense. I hope I can show you something from this Bible, that will convince you that this modern day belief concerning a New World Order, which is none other than an update of the United Nations, is just plain foolishness. Let us go to verse 14. We were in it already, but we must first pick up a point there. First we proved this is not a mere man, having power to call fire out of heaven, but rather a nation. It is another beast. And deceiveth them that dwell on the earth by the means of those miracles.” I have to say they are scientific miracles that have been accomplished in the new world, beginning with WW2. As we brought out earlier, the world today is enjoying all the modern, scientific inventions that have been invented in America. When I say that, I realize when this tape gets overseas, they will say, well he is bragging. No, I am not bragging, it just goes to show that God has blessed this land with the ability to achieve the realm of success in certain scientific ways. First, Europe, through the long Dark Ages, did not achieve one thing. Why does secular history call it the Dark Ages? There was no learning. Education was out. The Catholic Church taught that education brings problems for mankind and trouble for the church. The main point was, They did not want you to learn to read the Bible and see for yourself what the will of God is, for those who believe His word. They were ruling the masses of people by fear of tradition. They had already interpreted certain things in the Bible completely out of context. When I say this, I am not pointing to the person who is Catholic. It is a system of religion that Satan has ruled through its history. Common sense tells us, when religion loses its way through the word of God and only becomes a system of ritual, ceremony and tradition, it then holds its people in bondage. Otherwise, why was Jesus, in the four gospels, and in all His sermons, constantly pointing His finger to the Pharisees, the scribes, and to those who were elders and leaders in that day of Judaism, and calling them hypocrites? Judaism was the primary religion the Jewish people upheld. But within the realm of that, there were many schools of thought, and they were all wrong. They had traditionalized and ceremonialized so many things that the Spirit of revelation and understanding was gone from the book. They still held the letter of it, but when there came the Messiah, which the book talks about, they did not recognize Him. It is the same out here in the realm of traditional religion. One of these days when the religious world is not aware, Jesus Christ is coming back to take a Bride people out of this world, out of this modern, scientific, educated society. Modern science people in the world today, laugh and scoff at the idea that there will be a resurrection of all the saints, and of the belief that there is going to be a literal translation from the face of this earth, somewhere into glory, and people are suddenly going to leave this world. To them it is all a myth, just pure hocus pocus. Keep in mind, God is still the author and finisher of all of this. We are living in the hour we can expect to receive God, as well as recognize God dealing with people in a very simple way. Therefore when we look at this prophecy and begin to analyze it, we have stressed all through this message, this beast here in the west, in the New World, after it had existed for a period of almost two hundred years, it was still not aggressive, and it did not seek a position of world leadership. It sought only to supply its people. It produced and sold, and people of America bought it. As I said earlier, In 1938, in the New world we produced 75% of all the cars in the world. For years, royalty, no matter who they were or where they were, drove American made cars. I remember the time when you could walk into a parking lot and see Studebakers, Hudsons and so forth, all of which were manufactured in the new world. Our three main car manufacturers became selfish. They ran competition against the smaller ones. It was not long until the three main ones bought out, or pushed out the smaller car manufacturers to get rid of competition. By the time we come to WW2 our automobile industry had to convert to making war time equipment. The famous American Jeep that became known all over the world, that little four wheel drive, became the envy of armies the world over. The Dodge and Ford people built it. There was hardly a place you could put it, that it would not do its job. When the war was over, as our auto industry began to reshape the lines of manufacturing, we were at a threshold of entering an era that we did not realize what we were doing. America hd so long held the image of holding the car market fo the world, but things began to change. WE had put assembly plants in Japan. We were also helping Europe to reconstruct; and it was not long until the Germans were sending their cars over here. Then here came the French. Then here came the Italian cars. They were small, but they were cheap in comparison to our gas guzzlers. American manufacturers always had the idea, we are big, we will build it big, and we will build it to go fast. They did not care how many gallons of gas it took to go from here to St. Louis. They just built them big and consumers had to worry about the rest. We had many race tracks that became the background of the image of the auto industry. We built big engines for the Daytona 500 in Daytona Beach. All of a sudden we were shipping parts to Japan, not even realizing this time, it would not be like before WW2 when we had assembly lines over there. There was nothing pre-cast in Japan. There was nothing pre-stamped in Japan. We sent the motors. We sent the frames. We sent the bodies. Chrysler had an assembly line. General Motors had an assembly line, and so did the Ford Motor Co. When the war did break out, Japanese military never did have a four wheel drive truck. They never did have a six wheel drive truck. That is why in most cases when we hit an island somewhere, we would wait for the monsoon season when it was pouring rain and the ground was soft. The Americans knew when the Japanese supply lines, whenever they start to reach their front, it would not be long until they would be sitting in the mud. Our planes would find those roads and blast them all to pieces. I have seen those trucks made of parts that were the left over supplies from before the war. You would see a truck from with a Ford motor and a Chevrolet cab. On another truck you might see a Chevrolet frame with a Dodge motor. On and on it was like that. You might ask, Why would they do it that way? All because it depended on the length of the frame, and the type of vehicle it was going to be, they did not have enough parts of that specific item to complete it as a whole unit of one source. Therefore everything was modified. That is what the Japanese had. When it became our lot to rebuild Japan, which we did, again we set up assembly lines and put people to work. This time those little brains were looking at these parts, at the designs and learning everything they could about them. From the manufacturer of tape recorders, and auto parts, to the manufacturer of TV parts, they went to work. It was not long until they were making the Toyota. They were making designs from certain things we had. All they did was go down the block, set up a shop, pre-cast this and that and they were in business. This happened with the Caterpillar. Caterpillar had always had the monopoly on big industrial engines. All over the world, wherever Caterpillar had sold the engine for industrial and construction work, they depended on American parts to supply it. It was not long until the Japanese industry began to counterfeit those parts. Naturally they could sell them on the parts market a lot cheaper than we sold ours. There was nothing we could do about it. From there on, that was the story. My point in saying this is, The world has been blessed and benefitted greatly by the technology America gave to them, whether they stole it or bought it, or however they obtained their knowledge. Very soon then, Japan came on the market with their own various makes and models of automobiles. Before very long we had the Datsun car and the Honda motorcycles on our own streets. Though we at one time were the elite motorcycle manufacturing nation, it was not long until the Japanese had the monopoly on them. They built a cheaper machine enabling more people to have access to one, but those who enjoyed those nice big Harley Davidson motorcycles, still chose them over the Hondas. There used to be the Indian motorcycle, along with the Harley Davidson. These two were the main ones in America. I remember the WW2, Japanese motorcycles, what they sounded like: They sounded like a Maytag washing machine running, pop, pop, pop. Now when you hear them they go brummm, brummm: It is much different than back then, and they learned the technology from America. I am not ashamed to talk like that. The point I am trying to stress to you is, This is not just some man that is doing these things. I grant you there are men involved in it, but it is not one single man standing out here with supernatural power invested in him by the devil, calling fire out of heaven and doing all kinds of things, and the world stand with their mouth gaped open saying, Oh, isn’t that wonderful? It is this lamb beast though, that causes the whole world to worship, adore and sanction the first beast that had the deadly wound by the sword and did live. That is not the United Nations, and it is not a New World Order, it is America. As we read in the 14th verse, where it says, “And deceiveth them that dwell on the earth by the means of those miracles which he had power to do in the sight of the beast; saying to them that dwell on the earth, that they should make an image to the beast, which had the wound by a sword, and did live,” we can say that the fact that this was all going on, it eventually deceives or persuades them that dwell on the earth by the means of those scientific miracles, which he, not a man, but the lamb beast, had the power, or the capability, or technology, to do in the sight of the beast, all except the true bride saints are captured by it. It is all done in the sight of the European beast, John saw coming up out of the sea. (Rev. 13:1) “And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy.” This one was the predecessor. It stands out in the forefront. The first beast is what the devil eventually wants to get the whole world incorporated into. As we read here, this lamb beast is saying to them that dwell on the earth, which is actually the devil working through this American system, because the American people as a whole, when they began to lose sight of God, and when God is no longer the object to live for, and He is no longer the object of reverence, He begins to be pushed into the background. Then from every angle the devil closes in, from the political, the economical, the intellectual, even the religious angle to deceive the people who are void of a true revelation of God’s word, “That they should make an image to the beast, which had the wound by a sword, and did live,” and that is what we have out here today. Denominational religion began to go into apostasy, just having a form of godliness without the reality of a personal walk with Jesus Christ. Every decade it has gotten worse. Yet for some reason the devil, through this American system, is seen saying to them that dwell on the earth, and it is not necessarily the devil standing on a high mountain saying to the people of the world that they should make an image to the beast: He somehow has been able to impress it upon the minds of those that had the power to bring it about, and that has been the end result of it. 


Listen to this word image. What does that word mean? It pertains to the exact likeness of something. There are certain things that strike your sense of sight. You cannot help but see an outline of features, actions, behaviors and character that is exactly like something or someone else. You have heard the saying, Look at this little fellow coming down the street: He is the very image of his daddy. What do they mean? Well, you can see things about him that you see in his dad. You cannot help but see the likeness. Sometimes you see a little girl and you will hear somebody say, She looks just like her mother. That is because they see the same features. That is what an image is. Therefore let us analyze this further. It is the lamb beast (America) that has suddenly come to a point in time, that even though it is not making political speeches to the world saying, It is time for us to make an image to the beast, the end result is the same as if she had. I just have to say to some of you preachers, You have preached the United Nations, the New World Order and all of that, and what has the United Nations got that makes you think it looks like anything else that has ever been before? There is not one thing about it that looks like anything that has ever been before. The concept of it all started at the close of WW2. The world leaders of the nations that began to get themselves together, basically and foremost felt the world had come to a crucial hour, and that we must do something to begin to lay the groundwork for an era of peace and cooperation whereby we would be willing to negotiate rather than go to war. You have heard me say before, That in the month of October 1945, sitting on a grassy knoll in Okinawa, a second Lieutenant stood in front of us with a sheet of paper in his hand and said, Gentlemen, because that is what we would soon be when we were discharged, I have some articles from the State Department, stating that the nations of the free world are in the process of formulating a body called the United Nations. The purpose of this is that by uniting themselves in a body of nations, it is sort of like the United States, this would be a means to eliminate wars, hoping that WW2, which was over at that time, would have been the war to end all wars. There have been more wars fought universally over the face of this earth since then, and that have involved more bloodshed than I even dare to mention. It makes no difference whether it is Korea, Vietnam, the revolutions in South Africa, or the wars in the Middle East, there is always something going on somewhere. Look what went on in Afghanistan when Russia came in there. Look what is going on in Afghanistan now: Another Islamic controlled power has taken over. Ever since WW2 closed, it has been fighting, fighting, fighting, so our negotiators have not yet found the secret formula for keeping peace in the world. Therefore I say, The United Nations was not the beginning of anything worthwhile. It has just brought more problems and more confusion. Yet somehow they pump billions of dollars into it every year, thinking they are going to make it a living organization. True, from the natural concept, politically, men of all the nations hoping one day they can achieve the unity they once sought, have taken part in it, but I have to say, The whole thing is a decoy. It will come to an end just like Russia did, when Russia was a decoy to get Europe and the United States to build and build. Where is Russia today? That does not put Russia out of the picture, but she is certainly not a threat to anyone today. She will show up in Ezekiel 38; and right there is where god is going to hit Russia with something she will long remember. They will long remember what God is going to do when He intervenes on behalf of Israel. The reason I am going through this, is to show you that when this lamb beast influentially reaches a certain point in time, the devil spirit within its society, within its religion will cause it to take on a different attitude. Keep in mind, America basically, as a whole, and I am not talking about Mexico and on south, was a Protestant type society. The reason for that, was because of what the Reformation did. Those immigrants from Europe, knowing that they would be able to worship God according to the dictates of their conscience, came from different areas of Europe. As they came here with that feeling of worshiping God, you have heard me say before, The reason God prospered America is all summed up in what Jesus said in Matthew 6:33, “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” That means this, Always put God first and He will take care of you. When you put Him first, and you ask Him to help you, whether it is buying a home, helping you in your work, helping you on your farm, let Him be your co-worker and I promise you, He will make you one of the happiest person’s that ever attempted to do anything. God likes to be a co-worker with you. When you put Him first you will soon find yourself succeeding in your endeavors. That is why I said earlier, Look what happened back in the 1930’s when we had just came through a depression, one of the worst the world has had, yet there were the statistics in a farm magazine in 1938, showing that 75% of all cars in the world were produced in America. Why was that? Does Europe not have iron? Yes she has iron, but she has been in the backwoods of ignorance, slow to think, slow to react, slow to put first things first in the right way. It was not long until our dirt roads were filled with Model T Fords that were scaring horses half to death. Some of you young people might laugh at this, but I remember one incident out on Daisy Hill, in a certain curve. Dad had a Model T Ford; and that little country road was narrow. We were coming around that curve, but here came someone else from the other direction in a buggy. That horse was really trotting up the road. When he came around that curve, Dad cut to the right as fast as he could, but the back end slid between the front wheel and back wheel of that buggy. It is a good thing the horse stopped, or there would have been a buggy wheel torn to pieces. I was just a small child riding in the back seat, but I thought to myself, We have had a wreck. I will have to say though, That is better than running into another car and finding yourself laying underneath the thing torn all to pieces. Nevertheless more than one car caused a horse to shy off the road and wreck the wagon or buggy, turning everything upside down. I just put that in for the humorous side of it. America led the world in the field of material conveniences. Here is a simple illustration. Back when WW1 was going on, our troops were in England, ready to go to Europe somewhere. In the old Yank Magazine they used to publish, I will never forget reading a certain article in it. An American G.I. got acquainted with a British girl. He got a pass one day and went to her home. When he went in, she was on the floor with a bucket of water and a rag, washing the floor. He said to her, Honey, when I get you back to America you will never have to do that anymore: I am going to get you a mop. Well of course that sounds humorous to you in this modern hour of time, but just think, back then, mops were an advancement over a rag you had to get down on your knees to use. At least you do not have to bend over and wear your knees out, when you use a mop. I am just saying these things to show you where America has stood compared to other nations in years past. When the second World War was over we were putting refrigerators in our homes when Europe did not yet have them. Then, before very long, we had washing machines and other conveniences for our American homes. In rural America, where there was no electricity, you could not sell them electric washing machines, so the Maytag people got the idea to put a gasoline engine on them so they could sell them out there also. Every Monday morning you could hear, pop, pop, pop, it was wash time all across the country. The Maytag salesman came by, Could I sell you a washing machine? By the time he had demonstrated it to the housewife, she talks to her husband, Can we sell one of those cows and buy a washing machine? In those days, those Maytag salesmen would take a cow for a trade on one of them. My point is, America had a society and background that the total thing wanted to help the lifestyle of its people and we gained much. Everything kept changing and we kept on inventing and achieving, and here is what happened. When this he, which is in reality the devil working through a certain element of the American social structure, began to say, Let us make an image to the beast that had the wound by the sword, yet it lived, I have to say, The U.N. has no wound on it. The New World Order is not yet complete, according to their concept, and neither does it have a wound. No sooner is WW2 over in 1945, by 1948, throughout the Protestant world, Protestant leaders began to get their heads together, because actually they are drifting into apostasy. They refused to go on with God. They refused to open up their systems and accept any more truth in them. They are organized and they are going to stay that way. They seek to monopolize the Bible and say, This is what the book says, and this is what we believe. Well that is right where they took their stand. A little later on, in Amsterdam Holland, right where the pioneers left on a ship to sail to the new world, a charter was drawn up that started fulfilling some more prophecy. This was actually the beginning of the World Council of Churches. The charter was drawn up in Amsterdam Holland. How do you know that, Bro. Jackson? I have the book, the history of it. The book has this title, “From Amsterdam to Nairobi.” Keep in mind, in all other third rate countries, the Protestant church has sent missionaries, from India, to Africa, everywhere. This makes millions of people members of these particular Protestant organized systems. As this charter was established, notice what it says here, “saying to them that dwell on the earth, that they should make an image to the beast, which had the wound by the sword, and did live.” I want to emphasize one thing so I ask, What was that wound? And where was that wound? What was it, on the old beast, that was wounded? It was none other than the power of the Roman Church, which ruled Europe for the last thousand years of time. Keep in mind, Catholicism in Europe outlived all other monarchies. Catholicism rode through the feudal system. It rode when all those European horns had royal families. In Madrid Spain, is the third largest church. The royal families of those nations were so loyal to Catholicism, thinking it was the only church, that many of the royal families are buried inside those cathedrals. Close to the dome is a big shelf that runs completely around it. Up there are some mausoleums, which are little stone coffins. The body of some member of royalty lies in there. Those that are not up there, as you walk through the corridor, under marble slabs, is some member of the royal family of Spain. There is a brass plate to identify that person. Because the royalty of Spain loved the church so much, they felt that to be buried in this building was like being one step closer to heaven. It all goes to show these nations of Europe were in total bondage, held in the clutches of that beast system of religion. When the hour came, (1520) Martin Luther, whom we have already talked about, wrote the 95 thesis, which was actually 95 things he disagreed with the Catholic Church on, he nailed that document to the door. At the cathedral in Wittenberg Germany, people wondered, What is he up to? As he tacked those thesis on the church house door. Then he turned and looked at the people and said, Come, look what I have done. Here, is where I stand. The world did not realize what it was in for. He began to preach things condemning the Catholic spirit and system, its hold on human souls, the way it held people in bondage in Europe. Before long, here came Calvin, and then Knox, joining in the protest. As it traveled across the British Channel, here came John Wesley out of the Church of England, a sister to Catholicism. The sword of the Spirit which is the gospel of Jesus Christ was the means by how the power of the ecclesiastical papal church began to be hit. By the time we come to 1700 the power of the pope and the Catholic Church has been eliminated over the horns of Europe. Then comes the colonial system. Here they came to the new world. As the Reformation was beginning to fill the new world with Christian immigrants, there came also adventure seekers by boat loads. Nevertheless God used them along with the rest. Do not ever thing He is not able to use anyone, for any thing, any time He chooses. You have heard about men of the old west, for every ornery one you had on one side of the law, you had another one, not much better, on the other side. Listen to my remarks now, Kind gets kind. The west needed to be tamed. When it began to settle and be tamed somewhat of the rough and burly, the men who were not afraid to die by beating another crook to pieces or out shooting him, when it became evident that kind of lifestyle could not go on forever, slowly the legal law began to have an affect and here came a people whose lives had been affected by the Christian way of doing things. That is when America began to settle down. Some of you may not realize, but I want to remind you, up until the days that a man in the old west could not carry a gun, the world had existed for hundreds, even thousands of years, when a man was always allowed to defend himself. If you read the right histories, you find that in the old world, before America was discovered, if a man did you wrong, you could challenge him to a public sword fight. That is what they called a duel. When it went from the sword to the dueling pistols, you could still challenge a man to settle your differences by that means. There was no such thing as being stuck in a society where there was one element of devil minded people that could prey on you, cheat you, take everything you had, leaving you totally victimized. There was no such thing. If you had nerve, you could challenge him to a sword fight. Finally it went to duels with pistols. Even in the early days after the discovery of America, that practice was observed. In some New England towns and cities today, there are historical spots where the last two men fought with dueling pistols. Then, there was a law passed in that vicinity that would not allow it anymore. As our nation grew and time moved westward, the need for a man to defend himself and his family allowed him the right to carry a gun. I have to say, Because of this ornery bunch of politicians running the country today, there is a modern society of demon infested youths driving by in cars and shooting at random, hitting innocent bystanders, just because they get a thrill out of hearing that someone got shot. That is worse than the wild west days. At least back then you had a right to defend yourself; and now you just have to hope the Law will see that justice is done, but far too many times that is not the case. This is a day when, Yes we have a law, but it is a devil possessed law that gives criminals and outright hoodlums more benefit than it gives the law abiding citizens. I don’t know why I keep bringing in this kind of stuff, but it just seems to go along with what we are looking at. As I look at these young people sitting here, I want you to know this, I am thankful to God, for having been born in America. Even with all of its corruption, it is still a choice land compared to much of the rest of the world. When I did go to school, I read my books and appreciated what I read, and I appreciate what has been accomplished in America. Let me now get back to my thought, and show you what this image to the old beast really is.


The World Council of Churches is the image to the old mother church that ruled Europe for a thousand years. The end purpose of it is, She will talk like mama, and she will eventually act like mama. When it says here in the 14th verse, “And deceiveth them that dwell on the earth by the means of those miracles which he had power to do in the sight of the beast; saying to them that dwell on the earth, that they should make an image to the beast, which had the wound by a sword, and did live.” This is how the devil began to use the organized, Protestant, apostate systems as they began to look forward, because WW2 had shaken them up. They began saying, We must do something for the betterment of mankind. That is when they bring together a body of clergymen and formulate the constitution we spoke of. Then, in the 15th verse, as we have already pointed out, (speaking of this nation) (15) “And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many would not worship the image of the beast should be killed.” This nation had the power, the resources, economics, to give life unto the image of the beast. First, the image was made, which was this Council of Churches. I have heard charismatic preachers preach that this false prophet man that is coming, is going to have such supernatural powers, he will be able to call fire down out of heaven just to show world leaders how powerful he is, wherever he comes from, in order to prove his power to the world, and his ability to carry out his diabolical aims, he is going to make an image out of something. It was explained like this, We do not know whether it will be out of wood, iron, cement, or stone, but the Bible says he will make an image. Then he will speak life into that image. It is because of him being able to give life to that image, that causes world leaders to fall over backwards saying, You are the man we have been looking for: You have come to rescue us. WHAT AN INTERPRETATION OF THOSE SCRIPTURES! That sounds logical to those who do not have a revelation of the true picture, but that is not what the true bride Church sees here. Medicine men, witch doctors and all kinds of sorceries have been practiced in this country and none of that has ever had the kind of effect on our politicians that these preachers speak of. The point is, It is not that type of power that world leaders are going to give themselves over to. When we see this image here, notice, he had power to give life, which means he had the monetary means to give economic life to it. In the history, 1954, this great world organization, the world body of organization of Churches of Christ, in Wheaton Illinois, was one of the first universal get-togethers of the leaders of Protestantism. Lo and behold, Catholicism was right there. When this meeting took place, out of that, out of the Ford Foundation, it tells exactly how many thousands and thousands of dollars was given to that organization to economically help it on its road. From the Rockefeller Foundation came another big contribution. From other corporate industries, they chipped in money because they felt like they should play a part in an organized body of religion. Therefore they contributed hundreds and thousands of dollars for the beginning of an organization that brings all Protestant religions together (Not the bride saints) in a combined body, so they can begin to function as one unit. The end result is, they follow mama’s pattern, which is that of Catholicism. A few years ago, in one country in Africa, there was a revolt going on. It so happens out of this world organization of Churches of Christ, they contributed so many thousands of dollars for the waging of warfare in this particular country. When that was found out, even big shot leaders in the organization and the denominations that had helped contribute to this economic life that was spoken into that thing, said, If that is what this is going to become, I withdraw my membership. Well saints, the World Council of Churches of the Lord Jesus Christ is almost fifty years old. This is 1996. In two more years it will be fifty years old. It has not yet done what the finished picture shows that it will do. Notice, the finished picture of this is that in that week of Daniel, in the last half of the week, which is the great tribulation period, wherever that system lives, wherever it is in power, it will be just as diabolical as Roman Catholicism has ever been. That is why it says here, “And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: (We brought that out earlier, what the cashless society is coming to) And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.” All this goes back to the title that is given to the pope, who sits in the highest position in universal Christendom, Vicarius Filii Dei. That is on his crown. When you change all that into Roman numerals, it adds up to 666. When we see a modern world that is scientifically moving toward a satanic hour, it was not the pope that designed it, but when that dark hour comes, it will be the pope that cracks the whip. In that Dark Age period of Europe, it was the pope that had the power. He was the one who cracked the whip, saying You have to do this and that, and you cannot do so and so. History declared it was the Reformation and sword of the Spirit that wounded his power, which is called a head. Yes, that head was wounded as unto death, but the Bible tells us his wound will be healed and his power restored for a short period of time. That is coming up very shortly, the finished picture. Right when this western world and all these modern preachers are trying to interpret this picture, that the United Nations or the New World Order is the beast of Revelation 13 and 17, I say to you, That is a distorted picture. You who have followed our teaching through the years already know that the beast of Revelation 13:1, is Romanism, just like Daniel 7:7-8 says, and that the last form of that Roman government was taken over by the pope of the Roman Catholic Church, and that the Catholic head is what the Reformation wounded as unto death, and common sense tells anyone that when that wounded beast is restored and allowed by the Creator to continue on a short season, it has to be the same head that was wounded (the papal head): It cannot possibly be something different. It is of utmost importance that bride saints understand this and that they see the complete picture. One of these days, those who are holding out for something different than that are going to wake up, so surprised. That United Nations organization is going to disintegrate, just like the Russian empire did. Then what do they turn to? We can say this, In Europe, where the ten horns are, God is going to sever this influence that has come from this part of the world. Somewhere along the way, there is a drastic judgment coming into this part of the world. For that, I have to turn to George Washington’s vision. If I could see anything else out of George Washington’s vision than what I do see, I might be willing to listen to these characters who talk about a New World Order, but when you read Washington’s vision, and see that third and last struggle she was to be brought through, whereby the inhabitants were in battle array against each other, then he saw a bright angel come down and stick a staff in the earth with an American flag attached, between the divided nation and say, REMEMBER, YE ARE BRETHREN. When that happened, he saw the people of America rally together. This invading horde, whatever they were, which looked like armies from every part of the world, are already here. They are here today in the form of illegal immigrants. I am not talking about your race. I am not talking about your nationality. Millions have come here, never having any thoughts about becoming American citizens. They come here to strip the icing off the cake. If you say anything to them about it, you are accused of just being an American that is prejudiced against anyone different than you are. Right now, and there are documents to verify this, We have thousands of these immigrants that have come into this land, that find all kinds of fault with America and say, “I don’t know how to speak English, and I don’t think I have to.” They expect our schools and businesses to adapt to their culture, rather than them coming here and adapting to ours. That is not what their ancestors did. From Latin America, they came speaking Spanish. From Europe, just about any kind of language you could think of. From the Orients likewise, but those people knew what they had to do, if they were going to become a part of this American society. If you do not have some kind of national language, you have nothing but chaos. That is why I said to a preacher in Germany what I did. He was one that liked to make fun of the way Americans talk. He said, “You butcher the English language.” Well I wanted to stand up tot hat, so I said, Do you know why we do that? I can take you to the city of Louisville, Kentucky and show you something that might help you understand. Here is an Italian shoe store. That old man in there might have been an immigrant here one day, but he learned to speak enough English that he could sell his product. So we go there, not to make fun of the old man, but to buy a pair of shoes from him. He has learned English in a broken dialogue, but we can understand what he says, so we are not making fun of him. We go two blocks down the street and there is a Jewish man with his store. He sells suits. Yes, he too has a broken accent to his English, but we do not go there to make fun of him. We go there to buy a suit. He gives his sales pitch and we listen. We might have to ask him to repeat something he has said, but eventually we get what we went there for. The next might be a French man. The next might be a German. But we have learned that when they try to communicate with us, and are willing to learn English words, we will do our best to listen to them without making fun of the way they speak. I respect every one of them because they cared enough to become American citizens and learn our language. When I hear the News in this hour of time, I want to scream to the top of my capacity, Why should we have to learn ten or fifteen different languages to be able to communicate with the different elements of immigrants? That idea is pure insanity, and brings utter chaos. It has turned the culture of America into a hell hole. You can easily see where Christianity has gone. Those who have no fear of God have shut the Christian’s mouth. They say, Your Christian lifestyle has you bound: You have no freedom. It is not our lifestyle that takes away our freedom: It is demon possessed individuals who are able to exert their will and purpose upon our politicians, that has robbed us of our freedom. When I was a boy, growing up in a society that knew something about the gospel, old people could walk the streets of Louisville, Kentucky at night without having to worry about some demon possessed character holding a switch blade knife to their throat and robbing them. I remember also, over in Jeffersonville, Indiana, when the government depot was in operation, I used to visit my cousin who lived on Fulton Street. I have seen those policemen walk their beat with the respect of those young children and teenagers. It was not unusual to see a policeman walking up the sidewalk, going toward 10th Street, which was the main thoroughfare going past the government depot, going there to help those school children across 10th Street. They would hang on to him in a way you knew they had respect for him. They looked to him sort of like a daddy. He was a means of protection for those young people as they made their way across a busy thoroughfare, and they idolized him. No matter how nice looking a policeman might be today, nor how much good he does, we have thousands of hot heads who despise him. They have the idea that a policeman is nothing but a devil. In how many cities do you see little ones hanging on to a policeman’s coat tail in this hour? Tell me when you find one. What we have in our schools today, is small children carrying switch blade knives, 38 caliber pistols, snub nosed automatics, and hating the very sight of law enforcement people. Why? Because we live in an hour when main stream society does not want God. In the 1960’s they took prayer out of the schools, saying, We have no need for that anymore: It violates our human rights. A year or two later we took the Bible out of the school rooms. Why? A demon possessed society feels that the Bible version of creation is too narrow. (It is because they have no revelation of what the Bible really teaches. Now, all across the nation, when school opens in the fall, here they come with swastikas tattooed on their bodies, carrying guns, knives and whatever else they can use for a weapon. They must all feel that they have to belong to gangs in order to be accepted. WHAT A DEPARTURE FROM THE PRINCIPLES THIS NATION WAS FOUNDED UPON! You ought to be able to see by now, why the Scripture says, “And he spoke like a dragon.” The reason I can say that, the history of old Europe before the power of the Catholic Church was wo7unded as unto death, the European society was infested with every kind of demon you could imagine. What you hear today about the Sicilian Mafia and the Italian Mafia, is the hangover of a long line of underworld characters that ruled the European systems of economics. The Catholic Church played right along with the. 

Well I suppose I have said enough, but I could go on and on to try to show you we are living in the final hours of time God has allotted to this Grace Age. America is heading for some kind of crisis. As I said before, You do not find this beast mentioned in Revelation 19. Somewhere God is going to deal her a blow that is devastating, a blow that is going to take her completely out of the picture of world leadership. Europe then will have been revived and restored. Economically God will propel it to go on and fulfill the prophetic picture; and then He will judge the whole thing. Anyhow, for whatever good it may do, I say once more, and I feel like screaming it from the housetops, AMERICA – LOOK AT YOURSELF! Amen.