The Testing And Fall Of Satan (1997), Part 2

Rev. Raymond M. Jackson

Let us open our Bible’s to Ezekiel, chapter 28: I want to bring these parallels along as we go through this. Ezekiel was a prophet who lived in a time when God was bringing certain conditions of judgment on outlying communities and cities in and around the environment of Israel. Off the main coast line of south Lebanon is an island area. There used to be an ancient city there by the name of Tyrus. This city in its day was a metropolitan city of commerce and sea trade. The king of this city had built it to a metropolis, a place of lust and carnal attraction. People were drawn to it just like they would be to New York City or other places like that today. As God, through the prophet Ezekiel, is speaking of things yet to come upon these places, He reverts to something that was of the past. He can be talking and speaking through the prophet, bringing out a natural picture of things. All of a sudden the spirit of that prophecy goes beyond the present tense and goes into the past tense, but usually it is speaking of the spirit that has motivated the whole thing. Now he is speaking about the spirit of Satan that has caused the king of Tyrus to elevate that place and elevate himself to such a way of thinking. We come down to the 13th verse and find the spirit of the prophet is not talking about the king of Tyrus. The prophecy is talking to the devil, and says, “Thou hast been in Eden.” This Eden here, does not refer to our Eden where Genesis 1 & 2 is dealing with this present creation, if you understand what I am saying. It is speaking of Satan’s Eden, the place where Lucifer was tested. Eden is not necessarily the geographical spot, but it is where God puts His beginning, and then it becomes that, for that particular purpose. “Thou hast been in Eden the garden of God; every precious stone was thy covering, (Notice the reference to stones.) the sardius, topaz, and the diamond, the beryl, the onyx, and the jasper, the sapphire, the emerald, and the carbuncle, and gold: the workmanship of thy tabrets and of thy pipes was prepared in thee in the day that thou wast created.” Now saints, let us settle it in our minds, God did create the angelic family. When we come into the record of Genesis, to our beginning, starting in this era, we do not read a thing about Lucifer and his angels that went with him being created. They were already in the picture when the time came for them to move in. They were already fallen angels, and are referred to as devils, or more accurately, as demons. Do not try to picture their beginning as though it was here in our beginning. It was not. They had already been created by God, tested, and become fallen angels, as a result of failing their test of faithfulness to the Creator. It is very evident by the way the Bible lays it out, that this is why that period of time lasted so long. Right there, is where the angelic family was being tested. Naturally when God brought it to its final state of judgment, a category of the angelic family had been deceived by this mastermind Lucifer. That was his original archangel name, Lucifer. Here, he is referred to as that spirit. In the 14th verse, notice how the prophet reminds him, “Thou art the anointed cherub (so he is not just an ordinary angel) that covereth; and I have set thee so: thou was upon the holy mountain of God; thou hast walked up and down in the midst of the stones of fire. Thou wast perfect in thy ways from the day that thou wast created, till iniquity (which means rebellion or lawlessness) was found in thee.” I want you Christians to know, as well as religious people who may hear or read this, it was not in our era that this took place, and neither was it in our garden that Lucifer had his beginning that brought about his fall. That was not when he was found full of iniquity. It was coming through here (pointing to charts representing prehistoric era) that all that was brought out. Isaiah, who was also a prophet, had something to say about this, so turn with me, and we will look at his utterance concerning this same thing. These are prophets of the Jewish people. It is from the Jewish people we get our Bible, so our record of all that has been recorded of times past. We are going to read Isaiah 14:12. It is very strange how God let each one of those prophets speak out something about this angel. Isaiah the prophet, as he was speaking, says, “How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning!” Now that absolutely has to have a certain meaning, son of the morning. Well angels are known to be sons of God also. That is why as we read about Job, we find the same terminology used. One day when the sons of God were being brought forth and God was having inspection, here came Satan among them. It is recorded in the 1st chapter of the book of Job. Verse 6, “Now there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before the Lord, and Satan came also among them. And the Lord said unto Satan, Whence comest thou? (Watch this.) Then Satan answered the Lord, and said, From going to and fro in the earth, and from walking up and down in it.” (That lets us know where Satan spends his time and what he is doing, and I think we all know why: One of the Epistle’s says he is going about like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour. That all goes to show, that at that time, he was already a fallen angel. He was there watching God, as He was taking a look at the other righteous angels. The point is, Lucifer had already fallen from his original position in the plan of the Creator. Lucifer was also a son of God, but now in the perverted sense, because he had already fallen at this time. When you read, Son of the morning, concerning him, it speaks like that because he was created in the dawning of time. The word dawning, means, when time had its beginning. If you notice, in these regenerative days here in the Bible, the way it is laid out, it says, “And the evening and the morning.” That period starts with an evening, the sunset, and the rising in the morning. The evening and the morning were the first day. The evening and the morning were the second day. Morning is speaking of dawning. Evening is speaking of the night closing in. Son of the morning, therefore, refers to an angel, and he had great power, or potential, invested in him. What a great position God had delegated to him, when he brought him into existence in the beginning of time. That takes us back to right here (pointing to chart in prehistoric era). Notice what it says, “For thou hast said in thine heart.” Ezekiel said, until iniquity was found in thee. Well something caused iniquity to be found in him, and Isaiah exposes it. “For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north: I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High.” Can you now see why the devil is spoken of by the apostle Paul as being the god of this present world system, and the prince of the powers of the air? To a certain degree he is just exactly that. It is so, because when he took that power and authority that God had invested in him and perverted it and used it for a wrong purpose, using it as a means to deceive other angels which eventually took sides with him against the Creator, God never took that power away from him, but He will only let him use it for the purposes through which God can get glory. The point is, Lucifer had a beginning back here, not here. I hope all of you can see that. What he did in our garden was only because God allowed it for Adam’s testing. As for Satan’s reason for doing what he did, that was one way he could take a slap at God. That is what we have to look at, and what we must see, in order to understand what took place in our Garden of Eden. Sure the evolutionists and atheists want to squawk about it, but this Bible is going to bear record all along. It will let you and I know that this era is not a myth, that it really existed. It is a shame that religionists today want to say they believe this was all created right here and God did it in six days of twenty four hours each, and that all the animal kingdom they find, that they were in our garden, and in Noah’s boat. The only thing is, when the flood came they were of smaller dimension. Therefore I have to say, That is what you call total ignorance. It is a shame, that preachers who claim to be called of God to preach His Word, are in total ignorance concerning what took place with Adam and Eve and the serpent, in our Garden of Eden. “Yet thou shalt be brought down to hell, to the sides of the pit.” This is the end of it. These two scriptures let us know that Lucifer, the great anointed angel, did have a beginning, and that somewhere in time he had used this power wrongly. Let us see how Jesus speaks of this. To me, these are spiritual fossils. They are just as important to us as what the atheists, the scientists, and the evolutionists find, when they go out and crawl all over the face of the earth with a teaspoon and toothpick, looking for every trace of his past. Their question is, How did I get here? One thing is sure, now that God wants the picture to be seen from China, to Russia, to Siberia, to Africa and all over, they are hauling bones from here to there by the truck loads. God says, Take a look at it. I watched a documentary recently, where a bunch of scientists and archaeologists went to China, in the high plateau country. Here they are unearthing bones of dinosaurs that existed millions of years ago, hauling them away in trucks. I could not help but say, God, you are taking the wraps off of everything. You are showing this religious, ignorant element of people who have studied theologies and theories for so long that they have become totally blinded by their own mentality, that there is more to it than what they are willing to admit. They cannot see these passages of the scriptures that we have been looking at, but if we can accept the fact that Satan had a beginning somewhere on this planet, long before God put Adam in the Garden of Eden, we can understand what these prophets were speaking of. Turn with me to St. John 8. Jesus is speaking to the Pharisees, the most religious element of people in the Jewish society of that hour. They were like many of our religionists of today, the most devoted, the most holy and so forth. They wanted to be known by their loyalty to the prophets, to Abraham and to God, but they missed the mark, just like those of our day are missing it. Jesus has been speaking here and all of a sudden he could read the minds and thoughts of anger and hostility in many of those who were listening to Him speak. The things He was saying, they were rejecting. Their minds were moving toward a position of getting ready to say something like, Away with this kind of talk, you devil! All of a sudden Jesus says to them, in the 44th verse of the 8th chapter, “Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. (Jesus is saying this.) He was a murderer from the beginning.” Where was his beginning? Not over here where Adam had his beginning: Lucifer’s beginning was way back here somewhere. That does not mean his fall came instantly after he was created: He had his chance to obey God and chose to go his own way. Back here somewhere, is where it all had a beginning, then somewhere in this process of time he did fall. Just as God gave us a beginning, and we fell soon afterwards, so did he. Let us finish reading here in John. Jesus says, referring to Lucifer, or Satan, “He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.” In other words he is the master mind: He is the one that designed every lie that has ever been spoken. We are not going to go into explanations and try to find out just how this came about. We more or less want to get a picture of things here. If we can see that there was a time when the angelic family was created and put in charge here, then it helps us when we go back and begin to look at the evolutionary side of things as we come on through time, and the scriptures . All these writers are giving us clues. That is why I say, that to us, they are like these fossils and bones they are finding in various places. These are scriptures that have been laying there in the structure of God’s word, but now they just seem to loom out at us. Turn with me into the epistle of 2nd Peter. As Peter, in his 2nd epistle, is writing, telling how people rise up, change the truth, not content to stay within the revelation, and then he transposes it over like this. In the 5th verse, is what Peter brings it down to. “And spared not the old world, but saved Noah.” He is talking about what happened, but before that he says, “For if God spared not the angels that sinned.” Now the point is this, Peter, where did you get that information from? What are you talking about? Are you talking about back in our garden? No. Peter knew at that time, “but cast them down to hell, and delivered them into chains of darkness, to be reserved unto judgment.” That is telling you and I, that somehow Peter knew that angels had done something so evil, so bad, that when God cast them down to hell, He put chains around them and they have been there ever since, and no way can they get loose to reenact what they did before. That does not mean all angels were immediately chained down. No. But Peter is saying there are some that God cast into hell, where He put them in locks and stocks and they will stay there until the final judgment of all things. Notice also, how another Jewish apostle speaks. Where did he get this? It lets me feel, here is the Jewish race and God causes this Jewish race to be a small nation of people in which He will give the revelation of Himself and they will start the process of writing the word that is to become recorded, to be useful, informative as a means by how people might learn, as He drops these insights of the past into their category. Just like fossils, they remain there. People have read them and overlooked them, but now it is very evident that these apostles were talking about the angels that sinned way back in that prehistoric time. Here is Jude. He did not write much, but when he wrote he too was talking about how people were conducting themselves, how they were treating the revelation, how they were rising up in self will, to do away with certain things. “And the angels which kept not their first estate, but left their own habitation, He hath reserved in everlasting chains under darkness unto the judgment of the great day.” The apostle Paul tells us that we shall judge angels. In that great day, when the great white throne judgment is in process of judging all, we shall judge angels. Well saints, I believe that establishes a fact and gives us an insight that angels were created and therefore had a beginning, but it was long before Adam’s time. If they had a beginning, where would that be? It absolutely points way back here. When God gave this earth over to angelic beings, for them to have a position of authority and power over it, I want to show you what happened. It is not speaking out of turn. I think it is in the book of Hebrews, and this is our millennium age, right here. Then when we go beyond our millennium into the eternal age, I believe it is in Hebrews that Paul speaks of how God has set angels to again be in a position right here in the eternal age, which is the world to come. Now that lets us know, God made angels and they are spirit beings, ministers of God that are definitely set forth in the spirit world in and around this planet. When we think they are some ornament hung in space on a wire, and we read about them, but cannot imagine they have any job to do, I have to say, Christians, wake up! Get the cobwebs out of your thinking. Angels have things to do that you and I cannot now imagine. Everything that functions around you and me is directed and guided by them. That is why in the book of Hebrews, Paul says, “What is man that thou art mindful of him?” He takes that from the 8th Psalm, because in that Psalm it says, “What is man that thou art mindful of him? And the Son of man, that thou visitest Him? For thou hast made Him a little lower than the angels, and hast crowned Him with glory and honor?” Angels have their place. It is on this planet that you and I are tested. If we can see that, then that is why we want to look at the evolutionary side of things. I hope I can make this as clear to you as I see it, but I had to establish first, that devils, or demons were not created as devils in the beginning, but that they were righteous angels that went astray when they were tested for their faithfulness. Their fall came about when they turned from the purpose of their Creator. Where did they fall? They fell somewhere in that prehistoric time when Lucifer was in control of God’s creation in a prehistoric hour.


I have a National Geographic Magazine here, and I want to show you something in it. There is an article in it about the prehistoric hour. We have these descriptions here, and we have blown them up to enable you to see them. This is what they call the modern man from that cave man era. This is actually the last three in their evolutionary progression. In this National Geographic Magazine, it takes you back and gives you about five or six stages of this prehistoric man. As I read this, and read about where many of his traces have been found, millions of years have come and gone from the various stages, but If you have a revelation, none of this is unexplainable. I want to read some of this to you. This is the scientist of evolution from the National Geographic magazine. I want to read to you what it says about this so-called modern man. Does he not look exactly like Professor Fosdick? I have my reason for saying that. By the time I finish this message, you are going to see why we have Professor Fosdicks around. They are just exactly what they are. Anyhow your evolutionists say this, the things we are about to read.


“In the 1980’s, scientists unearthed the remains of modern humans who had lived in the region at least 90 thousand years ago. Recent dating of the bones of a Neanderthal woman suggest that the Neanderthal may have lived there as far back as 170 thousand years ago. Perhaps the two peoples lived side by side for tens of thousands of years, yet during that time the modern human showed no signs that they had superior technology. Both peoples were living in the same way, hunting the same prey, burying their dead in the same manner. Then around 50 thousand years ago something profound happened.”

New technologies associated with modern humans was this, they found that finer blades and projectile weapons began to appear, which is their way of saying that as this modern man began to evolve into a state of more intelligence, he began to look at things he used to kill his meat and such like and the things he worked with, and looked for improvements. He began to get the knowledge of how to build them, make them, or refine them into a more refined state. His weapons were not just crude instruments anymore: They became refined. On and on it goes about this modern man. They could see that his brain began to grow larger. This is why they want to bring us right off of that line, without any broken link in the chain. I will say yes to this, There was a modern man of what they call man. We do not know what his name was, or what he was actually like, but whatever you or the scientists want to say this modern man was, whatever his name was, by the time the devil and his angelic helpers had succeeded in perverting the whole thing, and bringing all that had evolved up until this time, into a state where God had to deal with it, it is evident that they had desecrated the whole planet. They had turned the animal kingdom into chaos. God let that go on long enough until the traces of this perversion was evident on every area on the face of this planet. God saw what those angels had done. He saw what the animal kingdom He had given them power to rule over and subdue, had been turned into. They had succeeded in turning animal against animal. Animals became meat eaters. Those “people” became people that eat other “people.” I noticed as I read here, they have even studied the skulls of some of the later findings and have found how their enemy, whichever the case might be, used sharp knives, which would be flint blades, to cut the meat from the skull when eating them. That tells me this bunch of scientists that are looking for something, need to look up. They can try to find out what kind of knife was used, but they still search in vain, because they are denying the existence of the only ONE that knows every detail. They have found where ribs on certain skeletons have been broken, and because they were not properly set back, they grew back in a deformed state, so they surmised from that, that this man died from lung trouble. It just makes sense, that whatever kind of blow that would cause that rib to be injured that way, would certainly have punctured a lung. That is just the way those educated know-it-all kind of people read these things. Well if they could just see God in it they would have a chance to learn something, but no, that is all they can see. Do you think it is going to bring them a reward? No. It is going to bring nothing but a headache in hell. They do not think such a place exists, but the time will come that they will see first hand. While I am on this line of thought, I want to take some time to show why Lucifer had to be judged. If we can get him judged, then we can build the picture around that. When Lucifer began to realize the powers he actually had, somewhere in the millions of years past, and I do not care how many million because that in itself is immaterial to what we are bringing out, he just simply pushed his authority to the limit. Somewhere way back there, as this animal kingdom that was evolving, just kept getting larger and filling the earth, it no doubt got to a point in time that Lucifer began to think, Oh, what I could do with this power. No doubt he began to think, I can turn the nature of these animals against one another. In order to do that though, he first had to get the other angels to work with him. I believe he had to work a long time to get so many of the other angels to use their power to cooperate, and work with him. Keep in mind, That whole era was the time God used in testing angels. Somewhere in the process of time though, those other angels finally made their decision to cast their lot and go with Lucifer. He was the head of the whole plot. They then began to turn on the animals, the animals that were propagating, living peacefully in giant forests and such like. All of a sudden there was anger, hostility, just like you see among the human society today. Keep in mind, the things you see and hear about, that are taking place in the earth today, is just the devil reenacting his age old game he played in the prehistoric era. I am sure everyone realizes that our lives are motivated by some spirit. That does not mean that everything we do is necessarily done because of the influence of some spirit being. If you are chopping weeds out of the corn, that does not require an angel standing there telling you how to do it. No. But he is definitely there to guide your course in life. Therefore when those angels did begin to pervert and change the nature of the animals they were ruling over, I can see animals begin to kill and devour other animals. The longer this went on, with blood being spilled, eventually there were blood spots all over the face of this globe. Why do you say that, Bro. Jackson? Well, it is one thing to imagine, but when you see remains that prove it, that is another story. In Washington D.C., in the Museum of Natural Science and History, in a glass cage, there is the petrified remains of the body of a prehistoric animal. The animal looked something like our hog, one of average size. The mouth though, was like that of a small crocodile. That animal was is in the process of killing another one of the same species. When an animal kills other animals to eat, that is bad. Bears have been known to do that. This creature has a smaller creature on the ground, with his foot holding it down, while with his mouth he is pulling the flesh from its shoulder, to eat. Whatever the judgment stroke of God was, that is the position this creature was in when life went out of it. Do not tell me God did not know how to strike a blow of judgment when the time came. That thing was struck dead instantly, and whatever followed that, followed quick enough God wanted that thing to remain, to become petrified and become evidence here in the last days, of something that had transpired way back then. That is why all over the face of this globe, you not only find things in a petrified state, but you find it fossilized as well. There are skeletons in various places on this planet that tell a story. Down in Mexico, there is a museum that covers many blocks. They have cases and cases of fossilized bones. Behind the cases of glass there are wall mural paintings that portray the vegetation, the swamp, how it might have looked where this animal finally died and lay there in that swamp until finally its carcase sunk, and after sinking, over the period of the centuries it became preserved. God knew all of this evidence would be needful here in these last days. Do not think it is strange that the angelic family would bring this thing to such a state of chaos: All you have to do is look what Satan and his fallen host of angels has done to society in our day and hour. They announced in the News yesterday, that another truck driver for Ford Motor Co. was found shot to death. Someone just simply came up and shot him. Think of it, What if time was to last another hundred years with the devil doing things like that at his present pace? Would the living generation not live in a time of total fear? It is all because our modern philosophers, who, some years ago thought that living under Christian influence was not right, because people were being subjected to something that was not of their personal choosing. Well regardless of what that kind may say, people could walk downtown, or almost anywhere else at night, without having to be in constant fear of being attacked. Today, people are scared, no matter where they are. Rapists, murderers, child abusers and gangsters of every sort are everywhere, and it is not going to be any better until the Lord Jesus sets up His Millennial reign with Satan bound up in chains. Rev. 20:1-3, says, “And I saw an angel come down from heaven, having the key of the bottomless pit and a great chain in his hand. And he laid hold on the dragon, that old serpent, which is the devil, and Satan, and bound him a thousand years, And cast him into the bottomless pit, and shut him up, and set a seal upon him, that he should deceive the nations no more, till the thousand years should be fulfilled: and after that he must be loosed a little season.” From there, you go right on into the Millennium. Well, this is the kind of society modern man wanted, a society void of any Christian influence, but I ask you, Is he evolving in the right direction? No. He is evolving backwards, going very rapidly toward the kind of society God will have to judge. I can just picture how God said, Lucifer, come here! What have you been doing? Nothing. As God called the angelic family into question, What have you been doing? Nothing. Is this not what we are seeing in the modern court rooms of today, “Nothing?” Law breakers are always pleading innocent. Not guilty. You do not have to be real smart to see that there is a devil running loose in our society, disrupting, confusing and throwing everything into chaos. Well I can say on the authority of the word of God, Those who do not wake up to what is taking place and turn to God in repentance, are all going to go somewhere one of these days and they will not like it, but it will be too late for them to do anything about it. Then they will say, Who did this? You have heard many times, The devil made me do it: Well he certainly played his part in it, but that took place in the Garden of Eden. Ever since that episode, mankind has been born into the world with a nature to sin and rebel against God. Then when you realize there are two spiritual forces vying for your attention every day of your natural life, it comes down to this, Which are you giving the most attention to, the Spirit of God, or that spirit of evil?


Because of the way our society is today, with all criminals pleading innocent and ignorant of everything they are accused of, I can just see God approaching Lucifer and saying, Lucifer, what have you been doing? And hear his reply, Nothing. Why are those animals dead? I don’t know. Did not Jesus say he is a liar, and a murderer, and that he is the father of all such? That can be found in John 8:44, where Jesus was confronted by a bunch of religious Pharisees. We will read that one verse. “Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.” All of those angels that joined forces with him are liars also. Why is that blood on the ground down there? Don’t ask me: I know nothing about it. After Cain had killed Abel, the LORD said to him, (Gen 4:9) “Where is Abel thy brother? And he (Cain) said, I know not: am I my brother’s keeper?” You can just hear that satanic, sentimental, feel sorry, why blame me when I know nothing about it, stream of lies and excuses. That is the devil’s work, and it has been all along, no matter whether it is sixty million or sixty days ago, or when. It is the devil all along, that lies like that. That is why Jesus said he was a murderer from the beginning. What most people do not realize is, his beginning was back here in this era of time long before Adam had a beginning. And he abode not in the truth. Therefore he is the father of the first lie. Whatever he did, him and all of his cohorts, he is the originator of murder and lie telling. You see it today, running rampant on this planet, all because in the last forty or fifty years of this twentieth century, modern man has declared, I want more freedom, I want to express myself. Now we have killing, and all kinds of torture. Some say, How are we going to eliminate this? It will not be eliminated through greater endeavors of education. Man’s fixation for greater education and more freedom is what opened the door wide open to Satan and all his demons. Yes, those fallen angels are now known as demons. Satan has commissioned them to make your lives miserable, and to lead you as far from the knowledge of God as it is possible to do. Therefore knowing that, we need to realize that this is exactly how the planet became void, as is found in Genesis 1:1. God had to judge those angels for what they did to the creation they were put in charge of, and they are judged to the point that they are angels of darkness, and no more can they live in His realm and have peace. I can see, as He took them for a period of time, He snatched them off this planet. Then He took this planet. I can see a terrible earthquake begin to develop and it began to go into convulsions and this planet shook and vibrated enough it rocked itself out of relationship to the sun. THAT CAUSED THE ICE AGE TO SET IN. I have explained it like this, Suddenly, cold temperatures began to take over. This tells me this animal kingdom that had lived and flourished in an environment where palm leaves could grow, even in Siberia, now animals, suddenly, in a few minutes time, are shaken and dead. In Siberia, Russian scientists found a bison, something like our buffalo, frozen with meat still on its bones. It had belched up the cud. You know how the bison family is, they are like the cow, in that they chew a cud. It was ready to chew that cud again, but something happened that killed it instantly. You have to understand, if it was not something that caused an instant death, natural death would cause that animal to fall over, and it would bloat, rot, and decay away. In this case something happened that instantly froze it in that state. With that in mind, I will remind you of something else. In Lordsburg, New Mexico, a few miles from there, back in the 1950’s, when they were surveying and getting ready to build a highway, a man driving some heavy equipment, scooping up dirt, all of a sudden sees clumps of stuff rolling up into his scoop. He got off his equipment and went to check on it, and as he digs the sand and stuff away from it, huge pieces of bone are discovered. He told the foreman about it, and he said, Well, we better get the authorities. Pretty soon, they had people from universities and everywhere, there checking it out. As they excavated in the earth where they were going to build this highway, they found three giant mastodon elephants that had been walking in single file, when something suddenly took the life from them and they all fell over dead. There is where they were buried, to remain a fact that one time there were giant elephants, or elephant-like creatures that walked the plains of America. Does this mean everything froze instantly? Not at all, but it does mean this, In some places there was instant death, freezing up everything instantly. God put some of those things in a deep freeze for us to discover here at the end of Gentile time. In other places, the temperature just dropped until life began to extinguish. In a few short months, or years all remaining life on this planet had perished. That is the planet earth that Moses wrote about. In the beginning, GOD created the heaven and the earth, and the evolutionists and atheists want to say it just happened. Nothing happens by chance. Common sense tells me there was a Creator involved in all this precision of rotation and so forth: That does not come about by chance. I will agree with them, that this thing started some sixty million or billion years ago: It matters not to me how long ago God first created the planet, and I am not overly concerned about the big bang they talk about. Just say, Yes there was a big bang that set all this in motion, but who was the author of the bang? There is no such thing, that out of chaos, something comes into perfection. God was the architect, the Great designer of all of it. He is the greatest scientist there ever was. Common sense tells me also, that anything this big that would be brought about through the process of a big bang somewhere, would have so much heat and stuff generating from it that for thousands upon thousands of years, it would be utterly impossible that any kind of life could exist here. However long it took for God to see that it had cooled down, and that this planet had reached a state where life could exist on it, since God Himself was the only life in the universe at that time, He began to express certain forms of life on it. I want to show you how He did it. I never realized until the other day, all you have to do, if you remember how a certain thing was said, and you remember what has happened in time past, is look to that. How many remember from history, how Pompeii was destroyed by a volcano? It was totally buried by a volcano. We want to go into that to clarify some of this.


It was hard for me to know how to approach this message, what parts to bring out first. However if we do not see God in it, and we do not see that there was a devil somewhere, that in the process of time appeared on the scene and perverted God’s creation, we cannot come anywhere close to the truth in trying to deal with CREATION V/S EVOLUTION. We know that some of the angels chose not to stay in their original, ordained calling. This is what threw the whole thing into a negative picture. As I have said, There are many religionists, people who have studied the Bible from a theology standpoint, who will try by their way of saying things, to convince us that all of this creation took place in a time of six days of twenty four hours each. That is just the way they look at it: They fail to read between the lines. There are others that will agree that the planet earth has been here a lot longer than six thousand years, but for some reason they do not seem to have any insight that there might have been the period of time wherein God gave angels a chance, or an opportunity to make a choice as to whether they would cooperate with Him to fulfill His purpose on the planet or go their own way. It is up to you and I to see the reality of all of this. If we fail to see it, then we have a book here, with many passages of scriptures and we cannot possibly know what they mean. Who was the prophet Isaiah talking about when he said, “How thou art fallen from heaven, O Lucifer?” If such an event took place, where did it take place? It sure did not take place any time after our beginning in Adam. Ezekiel also said, speaking to that same anointed cherub, that same spirit being that Isaiah spoke of, (Ezekiel 28:13) “Thou hast been in Eden, the garden of God; every precious stone was thy covering, the sardius, topaz, and the diamond, the Beryl, the onyx, and the jasper, the sapphire, the emerald, and the carbuncle, and gold: the workmanship of thy tabrets and of thy pipes was prepared in thee in the day that thou wast created. (14) Thou art the anointed cherub that covereth: and I have set thee so: thou wast upon the holy mountain of God; thou hast walked up and down in the midst of the stones of fire. (15) Thou wast perfect in thy ways from the day that thou wast created, till iniquity was found in thee.” Why do people want to believe all of that took place in our Garden of Eden where God placed Adam and Eve? You cannot possibly make that description there in Ezekiel, fit into any setting since Genesis 1:2, where God began to restore His creation to a productive state. I want to show you how science and that scripture link up. Many years ago when archaeologists began to find prehistoric fossils, where do we hear of them finding them? In central Africa. Out of the region of Africa they began to write their analysis, because they believed creation started there. In Ezekiel 28, it says, “Thou hast been in Eden the garden of God, thou hast walked up and down in the midst of the stones of fire.” It begins to name these stones, topaz, sardius, all those. Did you know that is the region where all those diamonds and jewelry that the world has commercialized, came from, all the way to South Africa, where great mines of gold were discovered? Please remember, those stones have been made into jewelry because somewhere in ancient times they were types of rock that passed through a great extremity of fire. “Thou hast walked up and down in the midst of the stones of fire.” That should let us know that was where Satan had his beginning, where God gave him the beginning of his animal kingdom to rule over. That however, is not where God gave you and me our beginning. Right in here (pointing to circle on chart which represents the beginning of our six thousand years) is our beginning. This is called the Fertile Crescent today. This is the center of what is recorded in the Bible records. Here is where God raised up a people and chose that people to carry the revelation of a Creator, and to be the means by which God’s word would be declared to the world. Now if that be true, then somewhere there was an era of time that all these angelic beings were tested and proved. Then we have scientists who want to believe that because they have found the traces of this modern man, as they refer to him, and have found him in different caves throughout Europe and on into the Middle East, even as far as Israel, there was no broken interval between that man and you and I. The Bible does not agree with that idea. The Bible agrees that there was a broken interval. That is why I read the text from Genesis 1:1-2. As Moses wrote about it, he saw the earth, how that in the beginning God created it, so on and so forth, and then the earth was without form and void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep. That goes to show that as God gets ready to deal with the planet again, to fulfill a certain purpose, the planet is hanging there in space where it has been for the millions of years that we believe it has been in existence, so let us see what the prophet Jeremiah said about this. He came along years later, after Moses, and wrote his prophecy. Turn to Jeremiah 4. Jeremiah, as he is prophesying about the condition of his people, their doings, naturally he was prophesying of things that God was going to do against them. All of a sudden the eyes of that prophet go beyond the present tense of his hour and he said in the 23rd verse, “I beheld the earth, and, lo, it was without form, and void, (This is not some future tense picture that he sees. God is giving him an opportunity to see what the earth had been at one time. It has got to be understood in that manner.) and the heavens, and they had no light. (That is why it said darkness was upon it.) I beheld the mountains, and, lo, they trembled, and all the hills moved lightly. I beheld, and, lo, there was no man, (When was that? That was right here. (Pointing to chart, before our beginning.) Why did he speak in respect of a man if there had never been such a creature that looked like that prior to our hour. How many see the point?) and all the birds of the heavens were fled.” This prophet, hundreds of years after Moses wrote about it, sees it like that and knows it was definitely for a purpose of judgment. Now I have to emphasize the fact, that when God executed that judgment against that angelic family, it was His business entirely, as to what time it started. The actual event and execution of judgment, yes I have to say, was something catastrophic, and all it needed to bring it about was a terrible earthquake to hit the planet, one that literally threw the planet into convulsions, and the tidal waves would begin to throw the earth completely out of balance, and that would change its orbit. That is enough to cause the planet to drift out of orbit, from its natural course, just enough to start that cold, cold temperature. How long that Ice Age lasted is none of my business. I will leave that up to the scientists who do not want to admit there is a God directing everything they are able to write about. I will say this for sure, Whatever happened, it lasted long enough it brought an end to life as it had existed at that time. I will say also, Whatever the animal kingdom that had been given to the angelic family to rule over had evolved to, and whatever state it had evolved from somewhere back in here, through to the end when their bodies went into the earth, when God did bring the earth out of that judged state of darkness to start his next go around, this time, he is not letting angels rule: He created man, a little lower than the angels, Psalms 8, to rule over His other created creatures. In Hebrews, the apostle Paul picked up from the 8th Psalm, where the Psalmist wrote, (verses 3-6) “When I consider thy heavens, the work of thy fingers, the moon and the stars, which thou hast ordained; What is man, that thou art mindful of him? For thou hast made him a little lower than the angels, and hast crowned him with glory and honor. Thou madest him to have dominion over the works of thy hands; thou hast put all things under his feet.” Paul says also, concerning man, Thou has made him a little lower (notice) than the angels. What did he do? He crowned him with glory and honor, and set him to have dominion over the works of his hands. That is this right here. That is why when He spoke to Adam and Eve, after He had created them in spirit form, he plainly told them, (Gen. 1:28) “Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth.” Now to you theologians who cannot read the Bible properly, and you think all of God’s creating was this side of Genesis 1:1, Why did God tell Adam, AND REPLENISH THE EARTH? If there was not something here in a prehistoric time, then that was the wrong word for God to use. God is the author of every language, so I am convinced He said exactly what He meant, and the word REPLENISH, as I looked it up in the Dictionary, means, TO MAKE FULL OR COMPLETE AGAIN, as with a new supply, to supply or stock it up again. What a simple word for religionists to stumble over. Though it is a simple little word, it contains such a tremendous picture. If God would turn that word into a telescope, you could see from here, right straight back through millions of years of time. That word, instilled in the consciousness of Adam and Eve, while they were yet in spirit form, became a part of their conscience when they were put in a body, and they did not have to ask questions. If Adam had been walking around one day and had run across one of those fossilized bones, do you think he would have stopped, scratched his head and said, Now Lord, where did that come from? No. He would have known that it was a part of the past, a time which he had no part of, but the fact that he has been given a commission to fill this earth up again, to take dominion over this earth and subdue it, take dominion over every fish and things of the sea, over everything that flies in the heavens, and over all the cattle and its kind in the fields, he knew those words, Be fruitful and multiply and replenish, meant, again, fill this earth up. What a picture for religionists to look at, and not be able to see anything beyond what is written there in Genesis. I want you to be assured, when we entered into this Bible picture, we were just starting over again. We were not the first creation God had on this planet. However we are dealing with a form of life that is different than the angels. Now as we have said that, if we can see that somewhere there had to be a stroke of judgement come from God, that brought that era to an end, because angels had made their choice and joined Lucifer against their Creator, we can understand things in the Bible that otherwise would make no sense at all to us. Those angels fell into two camps, those that were faithful to the Creator’s purpose, and those who joined Lucifer to defy the Creator’s purpose. How long that time span was, is none of my business. That is God’s business. I am just thankful to be given the privilege of understanding why God used certain terminology, terms that the world in general can never understand.


I want to take you back, and give you a little insight as to what might have happened. I have read a little of what scientists and archaeologists say, how this came about and how that came about, how this was and how that was, but I never hear them say a thing about angels. Well there is not a thing that goes on in heaven or on the face of this earth, that there is not a spirit behind it: either a righteous spirit, or an evil spirit. I think it is in Ecclesiastes that it says, There is nothing new under the sun. That simply means that somewhere, that same ornery deed has been acted out before. What is behind it? A spirit of course. When these people today that are so highly educated in the realm of modern man, keep saying he is a branch off of that prehistoric creature, we can be very thankful to our heavenly Father, that we know better than that. We will get into all of that as we go along, but right now, let me ask you a question, After God put Adam here, and brought forth an animal kingdom for him to have as help mates, think seriously, Do you really think God created a new family of animals? What has evolution been doing all this time? What was the purpose of evolution? It is not an evil word. It is a word that has the law of God in it. I will show it to you. Why would God have allowed time to have lasted so long, to eventually let creatures that start out small, but through eons of time, grew into different types of species and creature, all be looked upon as unprofitable to His purpose? We can name some of those animals. That is why God let it get to the place where that animal kingdom had genetically, by evolution reached a finished state of what He was after. If He was the architect of this, He let it go on until it reached a finished state, whereby they would eventually be able to fulfill a further use in His ultimate plan. That is why He resurrected and gave to Adam that part of that animal kingdom that is necessary to fulfill what He has purposed. You must always be aware of the fact that the Creator knew all about every detail of the whole creation, their purpose, their conduct, their choices and everything from start to finish, before He ever created that first thing. As I said, Evolution is not a bad word. Evolution plays a vital part in the whole thing. The difference between what we believe about evolution, and what the unbelieving world believes about it, is that they leave the Creator out of the picture completely; and we know THE CREATOR IS THE FATHER OF EVOLUTION ALSO. I got this definition out of a dictionary, which says, Evolution is the gradual change that takes place as something develops into its final form, such as a frog from a tadpole. As a little boy growing up in the country, I did not have to go to the creek to see what a tadpole looked like, because, practically every time it rained, if there was a puddle along the road, not too far from the creek, it would not be long until you would see that puddle full of black tadpoles. As long as there was water in the puddle, you would see tadpoles, just like a little black pea with a tail on it, but as you watched them over a period of days, after a while that tail began to get shorter. As time passed, on the back side of its body there would be two little nodules begin to form. After a while there would be two legs, while the tail would be getting shorter and shorter. The next thing, there would be two front legs. Watch out, when the two front legs are on there you would not see him tomorrow. Do you know why? He is heading for the creek. He has lost the tail and evolved into a frog, and now you hear him at night, croaking. With this in mind, remember, evolution works in the plant life, as well as animal life. While I was reading in a text book this afternoon, my attention was drawn to this: As the scientists are saying this and that, this showed a tree with a fish on one limb, a horse on another, and a cow on another, and on like that, which was actually supposed to mean that somewhere in eons past, all life started with one little cell. Now brother, that is not the point. I am going to say it like this, All life did start with one cell, but that one cell was God, if you will pardon my terminology, because, from Himself, He filled the whole universe. God Himself has no form, but He has given a certain form to everything He has created. Then, over a period of time, those forms evolved into various other appearances. Do you understand my point? He is all intelligence, He is all wisdom. Being God, He existed at one time when there was nothing through which He could relate Himself to or through. There was nothing that could even know Him as being God. He could never be known as what He had the potential to be, yet He is life, and that life fills the universe. He is omnipresent, He is everywhere. He is not just a mere cell. He fills everything. He is all wisdom, so the word omniscient applies to that attribute. He is all powerful, so that is why the word omnipotent is attributed to Him. His power is unlimited. In Ephesians, chapter 1, we find the apostle Paul expressing a revelation that many of the people you talk to will bitterly defy. In verse 5, he says, Having predestinated us unto the adoption of children by Jesus Christ to Himself, according to the good pleasure of His will. As Paul would write about him like this, it simply means God began to meditate, or counsel with Himself, and in doing so He decided He would have Himself a universe in which there would be many planets. To Him it would be like little particles of dust or rocks floating in space. But my point is, it was He who created the elements, or brought the gases and matter or whatever scientists want to call it into being. It was He Himself who is the greatest chemist there ever was, that out of nothing, He made something come into existence. Then He very well could have caused it to go off with a big bang when the time was right. We have no reason to reject that theory: It is not important to our purpose. Keep in mind, if it did start that way, there was a tremendous amount of heat present when that bang went off. Will you not agree with me? I am convinced that whatever that heat degree was, that it was entirely too hot for any kind of life to exist in it. It would have been too many thousands of times centigrade or Fahrenheit for anything to even exist in. Since God Himself is not anything that is matter, it therefore had no affect on Him. He is a spirit. How long this planet spun, we have no way of knowing, but He watched over it and brought it right to the very spot in space where He wanted it. I will say this, if this explosion was an accident, there would be no way all these particles could eventually spin and float, and drift into a perfect orbit with anything else. You would have nothing but a constant collision, booming and banging, everything floating in chaos. That is not the picture we see: We see predictable patterns of everything in the universe. There was a bang, but after awhile God the Creator, who is a Spirit, reached out and stopped everything exactly where He wanted it. Yes, He left this thing hang in space for eons of time, hundreds of thousands of years, as it cooled. How long that might have been, we just have to let rest in God. Since He is life, He knew exactly when He could begin to deal with the planet to bring forth life. First, everybody knows if there is going to be animal life, there has to be a certain amount of oxygen present. If there is going to be vegetative life, there has to be a certain amount of carbon dioxide and monoxides for that to flourish. When the two that are opposite in that which they take in, the one takes in carbon dioxide an gives off oxygen. One is the manufacturer to produce for the other, and it in turn manufactures and gives back. This is the way God keeps everything in balance. Any way you look at it though, it took a super intelligent Creator to design it all. When the time came for this planet to be used for some purpose of the Creator it did not look like a beautiful garden. It was a mass of hard matter. Some places were jagged, looked like pieces of granite stuck up into the sky. We can say also, There was every kind of description you could imagine. Where was the beautiful black loam soil? Where was the beautiful prairie with the waving grass? You have to have soil for grass to grow in. You do not see beautiful grass growing on top of a big rock. Just remember, God was the beginning of everything. It is His design. It is His program. He just began to bring into existence, prehistoric life, I will say, because He takes of Himself and delegates and expresses Himself into microscopic life. You scientists who want to deal with a little cell, God, the Creator made every one of them. He did not make any one of them to live for all eternity. That little microscopic life will do certain works in the breakdown of the surface of this planet earth, and then it will be followed by another to take its place. If you can bear with me, I am going to read how we can take a look at evolution as it is going on right now in our very hour of time. It is just the fact that we have been so taken up with dollars and cents, we have not really realized what God has given us to enjoy. I remember when the average grass that the farmers related to in this part of the country was Timothy, Red Top and Bluegrass for the lawn. There are other wild grasses, but these are grasses man had domesticated for the purpose of supporting his livestock structure. Back around the late 1940’s, down in the mountains of Kentucky, there was a patch of unusual green grass growing. When this spot was found, they studied the blades and structure of it, there was nothing around for miles and miles, so they called it Kentucky Fescue. How many ever heard that of it? It came from the hills of Kentucky. My point is this, There were no scientists, and there was no Johnny Appleseed’s going over the mountains of Kentucky, sowing seed. The great Creator knows how to reach down into the fields of vegetation and cause certain things to throw off a gene, and then cause that gene to evolve into something that is completely different than that which it came from. It works both in the vegetative line, as well as in animal life. Every grass there is on the face of this earth today, at one time before man domesticated it, was in its wild form. Once man began to take it and do the right things, then God the Creator, who set certain genetic laws within the structure of this vegetation, caused it to evolve into something different. I am going to say this to this bunch of scientists who want to say everything started with just one cell and everything that materialized came from it, Tell me, if one cell creates one form of some kind of plant life, and this thing keeps evolving, what is there in here that motivates this to reach a point and take a right hand turn and materialize into some other kind of plant, while the main line will go on further down the road and take another turn and produce another plant? Your thinking is just plain idiotic. That is hypothetical, has no reality, and makes no sense whatsoever. I get aggravated at these educated men who will rob and take every dollar out of your pocket to cause you to come to their institution and pay a high tuition fee to learn their nonsense. They have never taught you anything that would glorify God. Well you are not going to be charged for what I am showing you: I promise you that. That is why I say there are some things God does not let them run through their school of learning, because He knows what they will make out of it. If that is the process of evolution, let me ask you this, How come, when it takes a right hand turn here and evolves, and brings off another plant life that is completely opposite, then goes on down the road and shoots off another plant life, how come this one and that one will never cross? What keeps it on its course once it has branched off? There is something that keeps it going in consistency, so that it will not reach over. This is why I can say, You will never find the Redbird and the Blue Jay mating. You will never see a Redbird on the nest of a Blue Jay, hatching her eggs. I have to say this, because this is where angelic beings come into the picture. You do not see them, and because you do not see them, it is hard to recognize what they are doing out here. God’s word says, in Hebrews, that they are ministering spirits, but do not allow yourself to think they are just ministering spirits in the realm of salvation. They were here before we got here. What were they doing then? They were keeping everything on its proper course. Everything, no matter what it is, once it goes into motion, God has established a law in it. It is a genetic law designed to control its behavior, and God has set angels in charge of watching over that law. Look at plant life out in a forest, the oak, the hickory, the maple, the ash, how they all grow together in the same woods, but will they cross with one another? Not at all, because there is a genetic law that keeps kind in its kind. That is why God said, Let the earth bring forth its kind. That is the kind He resurrected and gave to Adam. In the mind of God, they have already established their identity and existence.


I want to read to you some things that go with what we have been talking about. As I said, You will hear me read about horses, because I have loved horses all my life. As I read this, if you like cats I want you to think about cats. This applies to them also. Does God need a cat to keep mice out of heaven? No. But he knew man needed a help mate, a lap pet, and we do depend upon them to keep mice out of certain places. That is one of the things cats do. Watch now, as I read here. This book deals with horses in the wild. It goes back to the old world, in the old countries. Here is a picture of some of the wild animals. This is a picture of what no doubt the horse looked like when he was resurrected and given to Adam. He was just a wild creature. Remember though, man was supposed to bring him under subjection and see that he fills the earth with his kind. Now I want to show you something else. It is true, from what I have read, when the flood came, there were only two of each species in the boat. We do not know what size they were; and we do not know what color they were. However after the flood was over and man began to multiply on the face of the earth, it is a historical fact, that in the Middle East, in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iran and those places, the horse that is known throughout the world as the Arabian, was the first wild creature that began to be domesticated. He was tamed and man began to use him as a means of travel; and also an instrument of warfare. In fact, ancient armies that moved solely on foot were scared to death when they heard their enemy had a large cavalry of horsemen. They knew there was no way they could stand there and face the onslaught of that charging cavalry with swords and spears. In the old world, through the hundreds of years they domesticated the horse, they had developed it mainly to a more mature horse in body size, but as that horse began to be brought to the new world they branched out from there. I never realized this until I began to read these books. I want to show you the beauty. There has been no less than five outstanding breeds of beautiful horses that have been brought into this country. Here is a picture of one of the first true evolution horses. He is called the Morgan horse. I believe it was a school teacher in Pennsylvania, by the name of Justin Morgan, that owned him. He was born of Thoroughbred and Arabian background. That is his parent material, but I want to show you that the God of heaven, when He established certain genetic laws to follow the genetic flow through every animal, through every creature, even mankind, it was for a specific reason. That is why the first book of the Bible is referred to as the book of Genesis. It means the history of the genes. While it is not giving you the genetic history of the animal kingdom, it is giving you and I the genetic history of mankind; and as we see that, then we can look back and see that evolution is still at work. It tells me right here in this book that this colt was born with that parental background, Arabian and Thoroughbred, which is a race horse. However when he was born, the owner could see that it was an unusual colt. He waited to see what this colt would actually develop into in body size. As he developed to maturity in a full size horse, it became known that he had no characteristics of his mother nor his father. He was a colt of his kind. In breeders terminology he was a mutant. I looked that word up in the dictionary, an animal or plant with inheritable characteristics that differ from those of the parents. That is God. If God can cause an animal to drop a gene in the reproduction line, of reproducing its offspring, it is God who made the gene in the first place. It was God that put the characteristics in there, because the Creator Himself is wanting this animal to materialize into something by which He is glorified. As this horse materialized, it came to pass that he lived twenty eight years. Every colt he fathered produced another just like himself. He would out pull everything in his same caliber of weight. He would out run every horse ever pitted against him. The owner would work him in the woods at log pulling and also plowing in the field, then they drove him with a buggy when they needed to. He was a light weight horse, between a thousand and eleven hundred pounds. He became so well known, that because of his outstanding characteristics, men from far and near brought outstanding mares because they wanted a colt from him. That is why there are three Morgan offsprings standing. They have certain characteristics about them, but it would bore you if I told you all about it. If you love horses it is different. I just have to say, Thank you Lord: You gave mankind a horse he needed, in a country where he would need it most. He could have dropped that in Europe, but no, He wanted to give it to this new country that was in the process of being established. This line of horses carried the U.S. Cavalry. Today this breed of horses is known as some of the most beautiful park horses there are in the world. If you ever see a movie with small type horses pulling coaches, and they lift the front feet like this, it is because they have that Morgan instinct in them. The breeders call him a mutant, which simply means God dropped the gene and saw to it that it came out where He wanted it. Man had nothing to do with it: It was a sovereign act of God. That is the beauty of the whole thing. It was a gene strong enough to produce many more of its kind. How many of you have been in Amish country and seen the buggies going down the road? That is a trotting horse. That is known as the American Standard bred. Here he is. (In the book) It tells here what his background was. He came out of the Thoroughbred brought over from England. It tells the horses name. The breeder noticed this particular horse had a capacity to trot, which as many of you know, the average Thoroughbred is not a good trotter. He is a rough trotter. However that horse, through this colt, was the beginning of a type of horse that could trot as easy as they could walk. That is why when you go into the Amish country, they wanted that horse for their purposes. If you get behind their buggies, their horse is not walking, he is always in a trot. It could be ten miles to town, but from the time he leaves the barn lot until he gets to town, he will be trotting all the way. That is his nature. Over here is another horse. This is the Tennessee Walking horse. He too has three parental backgrounds, but the reason he is called this is because he has a certain gait, a gait that is called the running walk. The great plantation owners of the south, many years ago, out of the Standard bred, which was this one, along with another Thoroughbred, was able to catch this gait. They began to specialize in the breeding program, and this is what they call mutate, not mutant, but simply mutating. They know how to bring the genes together that are characteristic in the same type of animal, and their purpose is to breed it up, to better the quality. Out of that came one of the easiest saddle horses there is in the world, the Tennessee Walker. I have said all that to acquaint you with a form of evolution that we do not have to be afraid of, and really, all of this has taken place in just two hundred years of time. Now I ask you, Should we look at evolution as something to get up and run from? No. When you know what is behind evolution it is a beautiful thing. The world wants to put some scientist behind it and he is trying to tell you it all blew in out of nothing. No saints, God was the architect of all evolution. That is why I say, somewhere in eons of time past, as life started on this, and this planet earth began to cool down, moving into its different stages, life was very slow coming into existence, because as the earth became more climatized, and conditions became evident that it could support this and that, let us stop and try to visualize this, and ask ourselves the question, How did soil get here? First let me say, When you go to Illinois, and travel through that black loam country, do not think that soil was there when this planet was red hot, crackling and sizzling. It was not. Then go on into the plains and see the sandy soil there, or whatever they have wherever you go in this world, and know for sure, it has not always been like that. Here is how we have to look at it: While this earth was hot, moving from time to time, cooling down, volcanoes were belching. I would say the earth was almost like a big pot of cheese boiling. (I use that as a point of illustration.) DID YOU KNOW THAT MUCH OF THE SOIL WE HAVE TODAY, AT ONE TIME, CAME OUT OF THE BOWELS OF A VOLCANO? That was the origin of it. That is why I mentioned Pompeii. That was a metropolitan city years ago, but when that volcano, miles away on that mountain peak, began to belch, and that molten lava came rolling down, it blew dust as it settled into the valleys below. It filled those valleys and covered the towns and villages under a brand new layer of earth. No man ever tried to dig them out until the 19th or 20th centuries. It tells how deep they had to go to get down to the ground level of the old city Pompeii. Look what happened in South America, in Honduras. Look what happened in the Philippines five years ago. Clark Air Force base, a military base we had there since the Spanish American War, was covered with that ash. When that volcano erupted, out came ash that not only covered Clark Air Force base with two feet, and crushed every hanger roof, it covered towns and villages and drove thousands of people out of their homes. It left them a brand new layer of soil. Not the way you look at soil, but it was a brand new substance. That substance is not to be laughed at. Here about twelve years ago, our attention was turned to Mt. St. Helen. When that blew, people miles away thought the end of the world had come. The heavens got black. As that blast flattened that giant forest, broke it up and flattened everything, it buried the mountain sides in ash, I have forgotten how deep it was. Today, the seed of those trees are growing in the midst of that ash. When Mt. St. Helen blew that dust and carried it eastward, the people that were east of there that had wheat fields, God give them a new coat of fertilizer. They said their wheat that year turned off many fold more than they had any reason to expect. Well what we are saying is this, Along with the microscopic life God was bringing into existence, the earth was still going through different types of situations whereby soil was being built, so that one day, He (the Creator) could begin to bring forth plant life. God being the architect, He kept everything in perfect balance. I have to say though, God was not working by Himself. As He has created these angelic beings, He said Lucifer, you are in charge. You are the master ruler over all of this. He said to all the other angels, Listen to what he says: You are all invested with a certain amount of authority and power to perform certain functions, but Lucifer is in charge. Here is what I want, and this is the way is has to be. I realize if an atheist was to read this, he would say, That man is a crackpot. That is the way they prefer to think about people like me. That is because we do not have a degree a mile long like they do. To them, without that degree, you are nothing worth listening to. Well saints, we are among those that will judge that gang; and it will be done at the great white throne judgment. They have had their day and missed it. To my Brothers and Sisters I would say, This planet went through long years of time (if time were measured then) in slow progression. There is no doubt in my mind, that as God brought the water into the picture it served a very strategic purpose in the overall plan God was working out. With this in mind, there were times He had certain types of marine life growing where the water was. Maybe that would stay that way and water would stay in those regions for eons of time, then all of a sudden a terrible earthquake would hit the planet and up would come a mountain range. The water would flow into a new area, leaving where it had been. Back and forth through eons of time, this process continued. That is exactly why today, high in the Rocky Mountains, in certain ledges, you can chisel and dig, and find the remains of fossilized sea shells, even fish carcases. I know there never was an ocean that high up. I do not want any religionists telling me that was all left there from the flood of Noah’s day. It was not from the flood. It was from that prehistoric era as God was slowly making the planet into a fruitful place where life that He was going to bring forth would have everything it needed. With the angelic family overseeing it, everything would progressively grow and evolve to reach His ultimate projection. As conditions throughout the planet began to become more adapted they left certain evidences. As you travel through the western country you notice on rock ledges, there is a little bush hanging up there, many times all alone. Did you ever wonder how it got there? I am not as much interested in how it got there, as I am interested in how it stays there and grows, right through the hot dry weather. It just wraps its roots around that rock and hangs there. Birds will come along and light in it. It is a resting place for little birds. Every once in awhile it gives off a seed and the little bird will take that and go drop it somewhere else. Then you see more bushes clinging to the sides of rocks, high up. All these could be indicators that this is how God began to formulate plant life in the various stages of what it was eventually to evolve into. We notice most of that type of bush has a characteristic of the pine, like the evergreen. With this in mind, somewhere in the process of time, this creature (the man-like creature) began to evolve, and I can say this, You can go any way you like trying to illustrate how we sprang from it, that so-called man was not related to us, or we are not related to him: He was just another creature, a part of the animal kingdom God put here to test His angelic family with. I believe as we look at this, that this planet earth knew nothing but harmony among these angelic beings as they moved to assist the Creator in executing and fulfilling His great plan.


Once the time had come that plant life was flourishing everywhere throughout the planet, God could then bring forth animal life, allowing it to progressively materialize throughout the planet. That was the main purpose. It started in Africa, but it is evident that most all land continents back then had a connection. The planet did not have areas back then, that were enveloped with these large bodies of water like we have today that prevent land travel, therefore animal life could migrate from place to place at will. However the Creator, which is God Himself, had ordained it to be that way, and in the closing era of the last million or two million years of time, there was animal life on every continent on this planet. Down in Antarctica they have found fossils of prehistoric animals. That baffled them. How could it be, that they could be there? I have to say, If this world has been here sixty five million years, or whatever, I do not believe it was always as cold there as it is now. If you can understand what I mean by that, I believe God had this planet positioned so there was a mild climate from pole to pole, from hemisphere to hemisphere, without any disruption. Remember, He is God: He created all of this. He can bring it to a certain relationship to the sun, and have it turning a certain way, and He can pull a lot of this water up there and put a vapor barrier out there, and you will never have to wipe the sweat from your brow ever again, and never have to build a fire to keep warm. That is a perfect climate. If there was animal life eating grass, and a cud found in the mouth of one, frozen, in Siberia, and if palm leaves were found in a glacier in Norway, what does that tell you? It tells me that at one time on this planet, there was a climate that was so suitable for everything, that plant life flourished everywhere. Let us turn our eyes westward, to the North American continent. In the western states where we have so much arid desert country, Arizona, the Painted Desert, the Petrified Forest and so forth, I would have to say, A man would be a fool to go there and stand looking at all those rocks, which are giant logs, that at one time were tall towering trees, their tops reaching toward the heavens, and not realize that something drastic took place to cause it to be like that. Whenever it did, there was a climatic condition that caused those trees not to decay. God turned every bit of it into rock. Then through processes of time, those trees of giant rock fell and they are still lying there for us to look at and wonder. As thy fell, some broke into pieces. It looks like someone has been there with a power saw, sawing blocks of wood. Three years ago we had the privilege of taking Bro. & Sis. Strommen out through there. I had always wanted to see it myself, so that was a good opportunity. I just had to say, Yes, at one time, these were living trees; and at one time, there was a prehistoric animal kingdom moving among this forest, eating leaves from them, but it is obvious that something drastic took place to change all of that. When God brought it to an end, He never intended for those areas to flourish ever again like they did back then. Now in saying that, I do not want to be responsible for anyone moving out of those areas because I said that. It is obvious that they will never flourish again in this age, like they did back then. The point is, I believe all those places where Lucifer, (now Satan) did the worst perversion, are scarred, ancient battlefields. Every continent has a giant desert. Does that tell you anything? Every continent has a desert today, from Africa, to China, to our southwest. Everywhere you go it is like that, even India. If you could study them, and we had some way to actually look that far into the past, we would find there had been gigantic battlefields of evil forces that turned the animal kingdom upside down, and into such hatred for each other, just like the devil has done with living creatures since our beginning in our Garden of Eden. Mankind in the earth today, is being populated to its peak, making it difficult to support an existing population like this. Here, the dirty devil is doing his utmost to turn man against man and he is having an alarming rate of success doing it. I heard a program sometime back, dealing with various aspects of life as we know it, that really provoked my thinking. Back when we had the strategic air command in full swing, when we had giant planes flying twenty four hours around the clock, loaded with atomic bombs, ready to blow Russia to pieces if necessary, it was said at that time, that the government had also allocated, in case of an atomic catastrophe, because there would be a need for fresh sperm, in order to start a new supply of human beings when so many people would be killed. When I heard that said, because I know what kind of man they want, I could not help but shudder. They want that man right there. (Pointing to prehistoric man on chart.). That is the guy the devil has been interested in all along. That is the guy that runs this world. How many understand my point? That is the guy they call the modern man because they think that is the one we evolved from. I want to say this, In our garden, when God did give Adam an animal kingdom, that creature was there, because that is the last one of the whole evolutionary strain. He was the most intelligent. He had evolved to this point. He had a brain to be able to calculate, to figure this and that. He knew everything there was to know about the earth. He had begun to design weapons and different things. They began to bury their dead different than the others had. In our day, they have found all these traces. Any way you look at this though, this creature was not a son of God: He was of that animal kingdom. When God took Adam and says, It is not good that man should be alone, what does the Bible say then? Out of the ground the Lord formed every creature after its kind. God already knew what they looked like. Let us go to the second chapter of Genesis and read that. You need that Bible terminology fresh in your mind’s, as we continue on with this. 18 “And the LORD God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him. 19 And out of the ground the LORD God formed every beast of the field, and every fowl of the air; and brought them unto Adam to see what he would call them: and whatsoever Adam called every living creature, that was the name thereof.” Now go back to chapter one, and find the rest of the revelation. 21 “And God created great whales, and every living creature that moveth, which the waters brought forth abundantly, after their kind, and every winged fowl after his kind: and God saw that it was good. 22 And God blessed them, saying, Be fruitful, and multiply, and fill the waters in the seas, and let fowl multiply in the earth. 23 And the evening and the morning were the fifth day. 24 And God said, Let the earth bring forth the living creature after his kind, cattle, and creeping thing, and beast of the earth after his kind: and it was so. 25 And God made the beast of the earth after his kind, and cattle after their kind, and every thing that creepeth upon the earth after his kind: and God saw that it was good.” God resurrected that portion of that animal kingdom that had evolved to the state of intelligence and maturity that He willed to exist and go on, and that is what He brought to Adam. There stood this fellow. (Pointing to chart) He looked like man, but he was not a son of God. That is the character that yielded his influence, his psychological side of himself to the devil, Satan, to seduce Eve. He had the capacity to vocally communicate. He was not a snake walking on two feet. He was the most upright, modern looking creature there was. I want all of us to fully realize, if we lose sight of the fact that there are spirits out there, in the spirit realm around this planet, we lose sight of the basic foundation around which this Bible story functions and reveals. Just as sure as there is a God that fills the universe, the next thing God does in the spiritual sense, He wants offspring, He wants beings He can relate to and through, to help carry out His objective. That is why He said in Genesis 1:26-27, “Let us make man in our image and after our likeness.” God was not talking about three persons of a trinity. If the trinity minded person says this, then let them show me where the Bible shows us three distinct persons of a trinity, and I will shut up. The Father (the Creator) has never been seen as a person, only as a temporary manifestation in the form of man. Only the Son of God has been seen as the one and only person of the Godhead. God, the Creator, dwelt in His begotten Son, after His baptism by John, in the Jordan River. The apostle Paul wrote, that God was in Christ, reconciling His lost family of children back to Himself, so that He could begat more sons and daughters to Himself by and through the Lord Jesus Christ, making Jesus the begotten Son of God, our Redeemer, the firstborn within the family of God. We should see it only in that light. Remember though, angels definitely assisted God in everything He did with and through His creation. After sex education went into force back during the early 1950’s, a breakdown in the morals of society has taken place. Just look at the sadness, the heartbreak, the broken homes, and the perversion of our environment that is so widespread since then. That is all because the dirty devil is a fallen angel. He knew exactly how to strike out at God. That is what He did in the garden, when he inspired the serpent to seduce Eve. He is now taking his last hack at God, just before he goes off the scene. I am saying that for this reason, If this is what Satan can do to try to mess up the whole plan of God, then please let your mind imagine what in the world he was doing back here. Angels know every law of God, and it was imputed unto them to have authority within these laws, how they are to be executed and as to what they are to produce; and it is their duty to watch over and keep every creature pure in its origin. When the devil took a slap at God by having that serpent creature come around behind Adam’s back talking to Eve, it threw everything off course and brought about a need for a Savior, one that could offer Himself as a sacrifice to the Creator for the sins of all mankind. Of course I realize traditional religious people will say that is a lie out of the pit of hell and cannot possibly be so, but I just have to say to them, No. It is a revelation given by the Spirit of God, and those who are filled with His Spirit do not resist that which He reveals. Do you not realize, that if Jesus Christ Himself would stand here and say exactly the same thing I have said, you would say the very same thing about Him? In His days upon earth, those religious Jews of that day said the very same things about the SON OF GOD, that you who are void of revelation say about those who dare preach the truth in this day and hour. I will tell you this for sure, When that serpent came to Eve there in the garden, she was not looking at a snake, she was not looking at some hunch back, bow legged, snaggle- toothed thing with a club in his hand. That creature was not abominable to look at. He no doubt looked just like what we have up here on our chart. The Bible says he was more subtle than any of the other animals (Genesis 3:1) “Now the serpent was more subtle than any beast of the field which the LORD God had made. And he said unto the woman, Yea, hath God said, Ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden?” The word subtle is used to describe the serpent, and when you look it up in the Dictionary, it means Skillful, clever and crafty. It means he was cunning, having the mental capacity to think and reason. His brain capacity had enlarged. Not only that, he came to Eve speaking very distinctly what was on his mind. This is why that creature, (if things never had gotten out of line) would have been hoeing your garden for you. Yes, “Yea, hath God said?” he would have been hoeing your garden, driving your tractor and doing all the rest of your work, simply because he was made for that purpose. That is why God resurrected him. He already had an earthly intellect. He already knew how to think earth wise. He knew all about plant life and natural things. That is why he had evolved to that state: God had a job for him to do. However when the devil got behind him and used him to entice Eve to go against the instructions the Creator had given them, he became a tool in the hands of the devil instead of a servant for Adam. Satan had a plan for that creature. It was the way he took this creature, and took Eve and caused her to conceive by intercourse with him. Now I want to say to the atheists and scientists who want to think life all started whenever they say, with just one little cell, and that there was not a designer behind it all. Is it not strange how something so small would evolve to produce living creatures of different species and identity, yet all of them, as they come into existence, are able only to reproduce themselves by being sexually mated male and female? How can your evolution produce that? It just proves that your evolution theory is pure nonsense. If we can take this little cell of life and say that it is God Himself, then if He wants to bring this about like this, and that ever so often He will project something else into motion, it did not start from one cell: It started from ONE GOD that can break Himself up into many different species of things and establish certain genetic laws pertaining to them. As time passes, it is the business of God’s angelic family to watch over all of this, because they are responsible for making sure each creature definitely does become a fixed species of its kind. That is why tree life stays to itself. That is why bird life stays to itself. Even marine life stays to itself. Now I want to get back to something at this time. Let us go back to Genesis. We will start with the 26th verse of Genesis 1. “And God said, Let us (He is speaking to His angelic beings) make man in our image, after our likeness: (We know by this, that angels are spirit beings also. It is to them, (the angels) that God says…) and let them (meaning man) have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.” Coming back to this book here, we have seen how the horse has evolved through time. After the advent of Christ, you had the Arabian horse in the Middle East being domesticated, but he is a small horse. Then as you come into the 12th century, into the Crusade period, the European Crusaders began to pull that horse out of the Middle East, bring it back to Europe, and from that little Arabian horse you now have what is known as the Thoroughbred. The British bred it up to be a fast runner. They call it a race horse. As time went on though, that little Arabian horse has been the bedrock of many species of animals that have evolved into the creatures they are today. In here, it shows the Appaloosa and the Pinto. Where did they come from? Morocco, Africa is where the spotted horse came from. How did it get to the new world. The Spaniards brought it into the southwest in 1500 and something when the conquistadors from Spain were landing on the Mexican shorelines and starting their advance inland. They brought the Grecian horse, which in reality was the Appaloosa. In ancient times that was called the sacred horse because it had unusual spots and coloration on its body. The spotted horse came from Morocco. I am saying all of this in order to show you, It was from the Middle East, the Fertile Crescent, where we got the main bloodline. As the Spaniards brought them to the new world, many times these animals got loose because of some kind of a skirmish with the Indians, and got lost, and ran wild upon the plains. By the time we come to 1800, there was an old cavalry rider riding for the U.S. cavalry, that wrote various articles we can draw from. He said when he was with the U.S. cavalry, he can remember out on the prairie skyline, that all you could see in the distance was horses, just no end to them. Well Saints, man was to have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth. What did God mean by that? I never knew when I was growing up that we had an intelligent fish called the dolphin, that man could literally play with. I never knew there was such a thing as a killer whale that man could train to do what they have done. Here in the last fifty or sixty years man has really began to find out the intelligence there is in some of these creatures, especially the dolphin. It is a fact, in that dolphin, you would not think it has a brain big enough for anything much, but there is an intelligence in it that is quit extraordinary. It is true, it cannot speak your language, but it can communicate with you by actions. As you watch it through glass, how it is trained, they have taught it to kiss you. They have a movie coming out soon about a dog and a dolphin. I have seen other movies about dolphins, but this dog is in the water and this dolphin comes up under him and brings him back to the dock. Just imagine that. You might say, What does that have to do with the gospel? Just wait until the Millennium era gets here. When you get there, you are going to see more dolphins than you can now imagine, children playing with them, and the intelligence that really is in those creatures. Wouldn’t it be wonderful today, if more people were learning how we could play with dolphins, instead of making bombs to blow the world apart? Just look at it this way, If they can train these dolphins to take land mines down and lay them beside the hull of a ship, what potential really lies within those creatures? They do not train them by any language we know of, but they have trained them to be little servants in the military. I must say, That is intelligence. Man has done it. If man knows to do that, do you not think there is a spirit behind it? Absolutely! Take my word for it. I must say this, When the Millennium comes, man will not be studying warfare then: He will beat his sword into plowshares and his spears into pruning hooks and he will study war no more. Everything that has a source of intelligence that is in the animal kingdom, the marine kingdom, as well as the fowl kingdom, will be totally different than what they are now. The knowledge of God shall cover the earth as the waters that cover the sea. What a beautiful place this planet earth will be. For a thousand years of time, with the righteous angels, and man that has been redeemed to fulfill God’s plan, this planet earth is going to know what it is to be ruled in righteousness. That is something to look forward to.


I want to do everything in a justifiable manner as we continue on in this message, and I realize I do not say things by speech or expression the way scientists or evolutionists would, but my explanations will all have God in the picture. I want you to be able to see God as the designer, the planner and promoter of everything that has been done on this planet earth. It is a fact, this planet earth was not just made six thousand years ago. This planet earth has been in existence for eons of time. Scientists will say approximately 65 million years. It may surprise some, but I can go along with that, even a hundred million or whatever, because after all, time with God, is nothing. He does not live in time: Time exists in Him because He is eternal. Anything that is, has to have its origin in Him. That cell of life these evolutionists talk about was God Himself. That is why Paul could stand on Mars’ Hill in the city of the Mediterranean’s most educated people in his day, right in the midst of the Greeks, and say, I see the sign you have attributed to the unknown god. That is the one I want to talk about to you. It is a fact, in Him we live and move and have our being. We exist in Him. I will explain it like this, When you see that fishing worm crawling on the ground after a warm shower in the spring, God gave forth the life that is in it. God has expressed Himself in all the creatures you see on this planet, and each of them had an important function in the plan of God. You do not call God a worm, but when you see that worm, its life was derived from God. I am going to use that as I talk on this subject. That little fishing worm which you look upon as being unimportant, is very vital to the health of the ground you live on. Some of these little hard shelled bugs that are no larger than a bee, you look at and think, What good are they? About four or five years ago, the National Geographic magazine published an article about certain things in the plant life structure of evolution on the planet. The drawing was a cubic foot of earth. In one cubic foot of earth there are so many thousands of known microscopic species, as well as insects, bugs, worms and such, that are vital to the health and fertility of the soil. Then it goes on and breaks down the purpose of all of them, why they are so vital. Before I go any further with this thought, I want to reemphasize something I will remind you of all through this message: The Bible speaks of two Edens. I do this to let religionists who read Genesis and want to put all of it in six days of twenty four hours, know that their ideas do not match up with the other scriptures. They think all of this animal kingdom was created then, the animals that went with Noah in the ark. It is true, there was an animal kingdom with Noah in the ark, the animal kingdom we have today, but the animal kingdom that was with Noah in his ark, was not the animal kingdom in exactness, as it was back in the prehistoric hour before Genesis 1:2. I do not doubt that somewhere from here to the region of South Africa, is where Lucifer’s Eden was, because that is why Ezekiel 28 spoke of that anointed cherub and said, “Thou hast been in Eden.” Look up the word Eden. It means paradise of God, or beginning of God. You find both meanings. Our Eden was not there. Our Eden was right in here. (Pointing to chart). That is where our Eden was. When you read about it, you find that it had one river that had four heads. It gives the names of them. Keep in mind, that was the geographical description of our Eden before the flood. There was no Mediterranean Sea before the flood. That was a long valley. The garden given to Adam was a garden of much vegetation, plant life, trees and such. That is why it says, an God planted a garden. When God plants a garden, it is a garden of spiritual things, not natural things. Eastward is a directional word, and, in Eden is a geographical title attached to a certain territory of land. That was where we had our beginning. We understand then that the Bible is balanced. The Bible is only a confused book to people who do not want to believe in God at all. When they shake their head, saying, There is no God, there is no devil, then to them the Bible is a confused book. On the other hand, those who are willing to accept the fact that everything was created by God, the Bible then becomes to them a book they can put dependence in. It has all the answers, and God leads us to them when the time is right. In that first EDEN, it was God’s plan that the whole world of that hour would be populated by an animal kingdom. It was to that era of time that angels were set in charge. I have no library book to read what God might have said to the angels when He gave them that animal kingdom to rule over, but looking at certain things that unfold in our present world environment, both good and evil, you can almost see behind the scenes of some of those events, and you cannot help but see that there are angelic beings directing mortal man in his earthly purpose. I just want to say to the doctors of divinity, It is a shame you have studied so much theology of the Bible, that you are totally ignorant concerning the reality of it. As we go along here, you will understand what I mean. I think I have already said, When this planet was eventually blown out into space from a gigantic explosion, that was not an accident. That was designed by the greatest chemist there has ever been. That chemist is God Himself. As this planet was pushed out here, and when everything got into its proper place, God stopped it. Therefore it began to function in relationship to the universe it is a part of. There was no life on the planet because the heat that would be generated from this thing would be so exceedingly hot that life could not exist. We just have to realize it hung here, turning and evolving, and went through many years of time as we count time, slowly cooling down. Volcanoes scattered throughout the globe, were constantly erupting; and as I have described already, it was like a large vat of cheese bubbling. What were these volcanoes doing? They were spuing out lava and dust. This dust was being carried by the natural winds around the planet. This dust did not look like earth’s dirt does today, in the sense that we plow and cultivate today. But it was the beginning of the substance we call soil on this planet. Some critics might say, Bro. Jackson, where do you get that? By watching some of these documentaries people show, and watching what is going on in the earth today, like what happened over in the Philippines. Did you ever stop to think, every time one of these volcanoes erupts and spills out several feet of this lava and stuff like that, and it cools down, in a few years they are plowing that stuff, raising pineapples in it, or whatever. There is also the type that becomes rock: They do not plow that. When that stuff flows out and dries up like ash, it will not be long until it becomes soil. As that ash is pushed out here on the planet, you know you cannot get plant life to grow in a hard rock, but there has to be a certain amount of substance we call soil. All over the planet this ash, this dust, is being blown out just like Mt. St. Helen. A few years ago that literally devastated that whole region for miles. It leveled giant Redwoods, just broke them like toothpicks and scattered them down over the mountain sides. Out of that volcano came gray looking dust that filled the air and drifted eastward, yet it settled around the mountain there. Today young spruce and seedlings of every description are coming up, on that mountain and flourishing. It goes to show there is plant food in that ash that is necessary. As time goes on we realize this, that these trees grow and begin to put out foliage and pine needles and all that stuff, that will fall into this new ash or dust type soil. That is what God uses to put what we call humus into the soil. It keeps the soil from settling and becoming hard. As I studied this article in the National Geographic magazine, I could see in eons past, when God was slowly preparing this planet, making it habitable, it first had to become climatized. There had to be something guiding certain plans and processes, to get everything right for life here. I have to believe angels were the instruments and servants of God that watched over the laws, knowing each angel was given a certain domain wherein the authority invested in him was to function and bring about the cultivation of certain things. As this ash and dust will come and fall, common sense tells you if there is water now added to the planet, marine life will have to live on something. Did you ever study marine life? What does it live on? It lives on decayed plant life that has rotted on the mainland, and washed by floods and rivers down into the oceans. That becomes the food marine life will feed upon. Let a flood come and fill the waters with a new run off, and fish go wild because they suddenly have plenty to eat. Now, to break this all down, we will have to accept the fact whether the atheists and evolutionists want to or not, that angels were definitely set here in charge. We cannot read these passages of scripture about Lucifer falling, what he said in his heart, how he would go up and sit on the sides of the north, he would exalt himself and be like the most high God, without asking, Well where did it happen? There had to be an allotted time that it happened. It sure did not happen since our beginning. Right here, is where we had our beginning. We have written records of that.


We talk about the eternal age, but just how much do we know about what leads up to it? I want to put in something at this time. If we can see the planet earth as it has a beginning and comes through here, and then there is a catastrophic judgment, and much, much later God starts again, and eventually the whole thing ends up in the eternal age, we are getting close to understanding something. God does things in threes, you know. What we read in Revelation and Isaiah 65 and 66, lets us know the eternal age is the finished product of what God through eons of time, started way back over here. When we get over here, we are going to see a planet that is filled with the knowledge of God forever. There is going to be a people that is the family of God and they are going to be people that are spiritual offspring of God Himself, that have become redeemed from their fall, that has come through time, and that is why we put the cross here. Our redemption started there (chart). There is going to be an animal kingdom on the planet with man. It is very important that we see this. That eternal age is going to be worlds without end. I believe the apostle Paul speaks of it, worlds without end, meaning ages, ages, and ages of time, with no ending to it. As life began on the planet, in its microscopic form, it definitely had to work in the areas where there was going to be soil. If you were to go all over the face of this earth and inspect the types of soil and you go deep enough, you will find underneath most of the soil, a clay substance, a base. That is the original part that has come out of volcanic eruptions. Some might be gray, some might be red, some might be slightly blue in color, but all of that is of volcanic origin. It came forth out of the bowels of the earth to form on the solid surface of the earth. As God would create microscopic life to begin the work, then there is going to eventually be the beginning of certain types of small plant life. I cannot take the time to stand here and go through a long process, like, Now first He made a blade of grass. That lasted for ten thousand years and on and on. I am not going to do it that way. You have to understand there had to be the beginning of a small category of plant life. This microscopic life was going to work in cooperation with the whole plan of God. Though the beginning of this might have been very limited in various areas of the earth, keep this in mind, To the evolutionists and scientists, as life of some description begins on the planet, there was not a hostile environment. You did not have cannibalism and warfare going on with each little species. God does not dwell in that. Our Millennium tells us, that when Satan is bound up, our animal kingdom will be at peace with us, insomuch that children will play with the bear and wolf and so forth. You read that in Isaiah 65. Even the creature that was cursed, called the serpent, he is still here in the reptile family, and dust shall still be the serpent’s meat. Once God cursed him and put him down there, he was there to stay, never to be reinstated to his original form. It stripped his arms and legs, his vocal capacity, and now he is in the reptile family, crawling on his belly, and he is still there. When we see these things, just as I read in that National Geographic Magazine, as soil began to be built, it created an environment in the soil, so that as some types of plant life begin to grow there, God’s plan is not just one kind of grass or something, but that eventually the earth would be filled with many kinds of plant life, vegetation. As it is so, then the soil had to become climatized. As I read, there are multitudes of microscopic life. Everything that is of plant life that dies, this microscopic life jumps on to it. This is what sets up mold. When you see a weed laying there from two or three years back, all of a sudden you uncover it and it looks like mold growing all over it, that is microbes breaking it down, tearing the structure down, taking it back so that it becomes humus in the surface of the soil. It showed also, some of the little hard shelled bugs. To look at them you would think they are worthless, but they have followed the tunnels these hard shelled bugs dig, ten feet down through hard clay soil. They are the instruments, the servants of the Creator, that open and aerate the soil, so that when the Lord lets it rain, the water trickles down those little tunnels into the subsoil, eventually going into the subterranean regions. Therefore water sets up a cycle. Eventually it finds its way to the main underground streams and back out to the ocean. God just keeps it going like that. Here are little long, flat, thin worms, that look like they have a thousand legs, not any larger than a hair. That little worm lives on rock. As he crawls on certain types of rock, it becomes appetizing to him. He secrets an acid from his body, a little old thing not even an inch and half long. As he secretes that acid on this rock, that acid sets up a breaking down of the surface. Then that little worm eats it. That is his food. So we can say, from a rock, he has broken it down, and it becomes part of his body, then it lives so long and lays its eggs for the next crop of the same kind of worm to come along. That which became rock is now in his body, and then it decays and adds more humus into the soil. You can see how over centuries of time God might have let this planet hang here several million years, slowly building itself into a habitable environmentally climatized planet that can begin to accept life in a larger, and major manifestation than what it would have in the initial beginning. We can say this, As the planet became more and more prepared, conditioned the way God wanted it, it was definitely the angelic beings, or by their authority the laws were set in motion for the evolutionary changes of such little creatures. As the time came for it, then we have to say there was a balance of plant life, as well as a balance of marine life in the ocean waters. Then there came the time for larger animal life. It is when we begin to get to the larger animal life that we can say the planet is beginning to grow toward a fixed point in time when God is going to look specifically upon this animal kingdom. Because this animal kingdom, we read about what the scientists and archaeologists describe about finding their skeletons and stuff, it is hard for us to imagine just what the purpose was. Nevertheless, as these larger type creatures were brought into existence, there is no doubt there were other lesser type things began to pass off into nothing. In other words, they just became extinct because the planet is more and more all the time moving toward a fixed point of what God wants it to be. There is no doubt in my mind, angels worked in perfect harmony getting it that way. Just imagine, if we have to accept the fact that the atheists and scientists know it all, and since they do not know the difference between good and evil, and they want to think evil was present the minute good started out, I would have to say, It might have been billions of years before we would be to where we are right now. We have to understand, for eons of time, everything was slowly being prepared for its higher purpose. God was not going to allow life to be materialized when there was not an environment to accept it. Bring all of this into the agricultural realm and what do you see? A farmer goes out and prepares a five acre field for the seeding of alfalfa. He will seed it with the best seed he can find. He will fertilize it and give it all the necessary plant food it needs to grow on. When that seed begins to come up, it looks like it is flourishing. It is thick on the ground and growing rapidly, but out here in nature, is parasites, viruses, which are microscopic, and you cannot see them. They hang around to live on some type of plant life. They do not live on animal life. They live on plant life. They are the negative seed. It isn’t long until they find their way into the alfalfa field. After a while you see the little alfalfa plants wither away. What in the world has gone wrong? The next day you see little patches of it. The next day big blotches of it. We call in the county agents and they take the plants and send them to the state university laboratory. They will investigate and find the microscopic virus working their heads off to kill the plant and live on it. If that type of atmosphere had been in existence the minute the first type of life came forth, it would not have got to first base. You absolutely have to accept the fact that God had everything clean, and there was no hostility, no evil present, and it went on like that until everything was prepared. Now if angels were put here, and they are going to be tested, there is no doubt in my mind that as the animal kingdom, from out of its lesser size, had evolved into the larger size, and the animal kingdom begins to be functional, you have the large, what I call lizards. You can call them dinosaurs and give them their names, but I call them a big bunch of lizards. That is what they are. In 1974 we were in Accra, Ghana Africa. In the hotel where we stayed, there was a veranda off of the kitchen, and you could sit out there. There were waiters to take your order. Out of the tropical bushes that grew there in the lawn of this hotel, were these huge lizards. They were very large, and though the back legs were short, the front legs were long. Right down the back, there was a row of humps. Now if you take that lizard and blow him up, he would look exactly like one of those characters you read about in the prehistoric world, that they called dinosaurs. Here he comes out of that bush and right in on the concrete. They would not hurt you, but they would raise up on those hind feet and look around and you would wonder, what next? They would zip across that concrete and be gone. As I sat there watching them, I thought, If you knew genetically, how to make those fellows reproduce themselves in giant size, you could scare people half to death. He looked exactly like some of those dinosaurs you see pictures of. I will never forget, when Walt Disney was still in California, coming out of the 1940’s on into the 1950’s, they made a movie titled, The Fight of the Dinosaurs. I read the article in Reader’s Digest. They went to South America, into the Amazon River jungle where there are two known species of lizards. They are very hostile to each other. They captured them, brought them back to California and kept them in sort of a zoo. When they were ready to make this movie, they turned the lizards loose to meet each other in a mock environment like the prehistoric world where they were supposed to have lived. I imagine many of you have seen it.