Political Policies vs. Bible Prophecy, Part 1

Rev. Raymond M. Jackson


I told you that my friend in Carolina sent a tape, about two hours long, that I have listened to. He is an ex-military man that had been an officer, and spent twenty some years in the military, and has also been in the Pacific, in the European Atlantic areas, in the Intelligence Dept. He has worked with different departments of the military. He spoke some very interesting things that I want to call your attention to. As I present my thought to you today, I understand now why these men project a New World Order as being the beast. I want to say this, These people that do this, do not see that God was to send a prophet messenger to this age: That is the key. If you cannot see that, there are other things in the Bible you cannot see either: because they are hidden from you. You are left to your own human intellect. After listening to this tape, everything the man said has a dramatic impression upon your mind. I would say this, if you could hear what the man said, and if all of this every really does eventually go into place, you would feel so sad that you live in a country where its leaders have sold it out to a Satanic spirit. After listening to this man, it became more and more clear to me that political policies in the world are working overtime to put in operation a New World Order system. I want to remind you of something, and that is this, Think where the headquarters of the U.N. is located: In New York City. There is no way the United States can have a city that is going to be the head of the beast Daniel and John wrote about. Think about it! Yet political policies and the general trend of world events make such a thing look very possible. When you let politics influence your reasoning, you cannot help but see things in the light they project. I want to read the text for this message from Revelation 17. To me this is an outstanding prophecy: because it is the angel’s way of showing John the reviving of the old Roman beast system that is coming back up right here for the end time, as time moves into the seventieth week of Daniel’s prophesied seventy weeks. John has already been asked a question by the angel, as he is escorted into a place in the wilderness where he saw this scarlet colored beast. He described it as having seven heads and ten horns. Seated upon this beast is a woman dressed in scarlet. It describes her as a great whore, the mother of harlots, which is none other than the religious systems begotten of her. The time of course is right at the end, when the Lord is getting ready to judge the whole thing. I am going to start reading in the 7th verse. “And the angel said unto me, Wherefore didst thou marvel? I will tell thee the mystery of the woman, and of the beast that carrieth her, which hath the seven heads and ten horns. (Now he gets specific.) The beast that thou sawest was, (It says the beast was. How many of you know what that means? It points to past tense. The most educated man in the world cannot change the meaning of that word. This angel is telling John that this is something that has already been: it was) and is not; (What does that mean? That means there was a time in history that it was not present as a beast system.) and shall ascend out of the bottomless pit, (What does that mean? That in the period of time that it was not looked upon by the world as being the beast, the actual spirit which is the life of it, has gone back down into hell for a season. That is where it was forced to retreat to, but it tells us here, that it is going to come back again, and shall ascend out of the bottomless pit. No man comes out of the bottomless pit: only a spirit does that. That of course is the spirit of Satan. That is what we have got to understand, if these scriptures are to mean anything to us. The end of it is, that this spirit goes into perdition: meaning destruction, or the lake of fire, to be very specific.) And go into perdition: and they that dwell on the earth shall wonder, (meaning as this thing comes into activity again, it is going to startle them. They that dwell upon the earth will wonder. They will be completely amazed. Who? Those) whose names were not written in the book of life from the foundation of the world.” As I see3 this, and after hearing that man, I said, Now I understand much better why it was so important for God to send a prophet messenger to this Age. By the sending of a messenger, which will fulfill prophecy on His part, that becomes a key in the mind of the people that are really ordained to make up the Bride. As time moves on, it causes the people of the Bride to have a different perspective of the scriptures they read: especially when they see how the world, in the natural, reads them. We have got to realize that this generation is standing exactly where Judaism stood in the days of the first advent of Christ. They had the same scriptures the apostles of Christ had. The scriptures that spoke of the Messiah to come, they had them in their schools of learning, in their synagogues and so forth, but for some reason their school of thought blinded them to the reality of what was going on right in the very hour they lived. It kept them from seeing and recognizing the Messiah when He came upon the scene. This lets me know that if the Spirit of God does not deal in the church world to enlighten them, there is only one picture left. They have to look at everything as they perceive it in their natural thinking. On the other hand, the Bride of Christ sees the same scriptures, but they see a different picture. Everything we put on that chart becomes a clear picture to us, because the Spirit of God has opened up our understanding to those key scriptures. I can better understand now, why I had that dream a few years back. If I had not had that dream, those minor scriptures of prophecy that seemed to be so insignificant would have remained so, just like with a man I head: He does not make mention of them. He uses the key passages of scripture like Revelation 13. So the angel is explaining a means of how to understand this beast thing. We will finish the 8th verse. “And they that dwell on the earth shall wonder, whose names were not written in the book of life from the foundation of the world, when they (That is this present generation) behold the beast that was, and is not, and yet is.” You have to be blind in order not to see that. Why do they take something that was and try to make something else out of it? That is the point. You cannot do it, when you are dealing with the word of God. It is hidden from those natural minded teachers. “And here is the mind which hath wisdom. (That is the mind of Christ which is only going to be given to the Bride people.) The seven heads are seven mountains, on which the woman sitteth.” I have read, through the years from various prophetic writings, Seventh Day Adventists and all of them, and some will say, Yes, it is Rome, but you have a lot of modern day know-it-alls that say it could be any city. If it could be any city, then be assured that it is not the same beast that was, because we all kno9w the fourth beast that was to rule the world was a city empire, and anyone who has ever gone to school, knows it was Rome. This Satanic system of government that started in the Babylonian period was a city empire. The other two beast systems that were in between the Babylonian and the Roman were people empires. The Medes and Persians were a combination with no city mentioned. The Grecian was a people empire with no capital city mentioned, but when we wind it up, the fourth beast that was to rule until the end of time, was the Roman. So when we read the verse that says, “And here is the mind which hath wisdom. The seven heads are seven mountains, on which the woman sitteth,” that is Rome. That makes Rome the seat of this woman’s empire. That is where the saddle is, and it is Roman Catholicism. “And there are seven kings,” so it has a two fold meaning, which geographically makes it Rome, but then it mentions here, seven kings, meaning seven distinct political kingdoms evolved out of that same thing. That is why the angel describes it that five are fallen, one is, and the other is not yet come. We have printed articles in which we described the whole thing historically, as well as geographically, in the Contenders; therefore I do not need to explain that right now. I realize there are many doctors of divinity and so fourth today, that even though you explain these things and draw a complete picture, if God does not give them the picture they only look at it in the light of politics. I will say this, Yes there is within the United States political systems today, many people who have determined that the New World Order will be the world government of tomorrow. How many have heard of this fellow Turner, that pledged to the U.N. body a pledge of one billion dollars to be allocated over the next ten years, to be disbursed to the world’s poor? The world looks upon that man as a great humanitarian. He is asking other wealthy men to feed that miserable thing also. Remember though, if this thing succeeds, (this present system called “The United Nations”) then there are a lot of scriptures in the Bible that cannot be fulfilled. As we go along in this message I will show you what cannot be fulfilled with that as it is. First, every scripture that portrays an era in front of us when there is going to be a miraculous changing of beliefs and attitudes, (as is marked on the chart) a short era of the complete miraculous of God. I have not heard one of these carnal minded teachers say that they recognize anything like that at all. There has got to be an ear of the miraculous, for it is these miraculous things that God uses to open the eyes of a lot of mortal people throughout the nations of the world. That is what really alarms them, and mentally as well as spiritually separates them from the mass of society that secludes them from the main line. As all of this moves time into the week of Daniel which closes out with the great wrath of God poured out upon wicked mankind, this is one of the things that helps preserve an element of mortal flesh, not of just one nation, but of many nations to repopulate the earth in the Millennium. Because we understand what the seven kings or kingdoms are, we can apply other scriptures that open up our understanding even more. We will read a little more here, that will clarify the thought completely. “And there are seven kings: (or kingdoms) five are fallen, and one is, and the other is not yet come; and when he cometh, he must continue a short space. And the beast (We come to the beast again, and it is speaking specifically of the spirit of the thing.) that was, and is not, (In that period of time when it was not looked upon by the world as the Roman Empire any longer, where do you think the spirit of it went? It went into hell: That is exactly where it went.) even he is the eighth.” We have explained from history how all of that happened, because when church government took over the last form of the evolutionary, political government of Rome, it became church over state. Satan waited until the breakdown of this old political, imperial system had gone through all of these stages. He knew then, that he had the opportunity to pull off his great plan, because he had gotten the church in such an apostate condition that the bishops no longer had a true vision of the gospel, but rather, a vision for world power. The eighth, then, is the picture you see here of how the Catholic Church and the power of the papacy ruled over Europe, triumphantly, in the last three or four hundred years of the Dark Ages. Then when the Reformation came, it was the wounding of that head that caused that spirit to leave and go back into the bottomless pit.


Notice what this next verse says about the head that received the wound that appeared to be unto death, “And the beast that was, and is not, even he is the eighth, and is of the seven.” You never literally add eight heads on to this beast though, simply because the last one has a two fold meaning. The seven heads on the old Roman beast were political heads, emperors, and the head that was wounded, was an ecclesiastical head, which was none other than the pope of the Roman Catholic system of religion. You just have to realize that the political heads (emperors) became so weak and ineffective that the pope of Rome because the predominant ruler of the old Roman Empire: He did not form a new kind of government that would qualify as an eighth head: He just took over the last form of political rulership, which was the seventh, and that continued right on through various other popes until the Reformation struck. That is when the head first began to be wounded and eventually was wounded as unto death. Verses 3, 8, and 18 are key verses in this setting, so keep them in mind as you read the full context of the chapter. The woman is the Roman Catholic Church, the beast is the Roman Imperial system of government, and the heads are the rulers that established those various forms of imperial rulership, seven, to be exact, and the Roman Catholic Pope ended up sitting in the seat of imperial rulership, but he was an ecclesiastical ruler, so the seventh form of political rule remained in effect, therefore you do not see an eighth head on the political beast, even though the head that was wounded would appear to be an eighth head. I hope this is clear to all of you. One thing I will tell you for sure, It is becoming more and more evident why we had men in our nation thirty five years ago, that began to play their part in the role of our educational system. This nation was destined for the hour it is headed for. The end of this is where the spirit of that beast is headed for. “and goeth into perdition.” Take that right on over to the 19th chapter, and there you see the beast and the false prophet, as the week of Daniel is closing out: Everything has run its course. The clock is pointing to the hour when the kings of the earth are assembled, where? Yes, somewhere in the Middle East. To do what? The battle of Armageddon has already been fought and hundreds of thousands of men have been butchered in the valley of Megiddo; and now the social, political world of that hour does not want to face the reality of the coming of Jesus Christ, so they are assembled together with all of their weapons of warfare of that hour, ready to fight against THE KING OF KINGS AND HIS ARMY FROM HEAVEN. When you add another ten years of advancement in modern day weaponry on to what they have now, there is no telling what they will come up with by then. They will have laser beams of various descriptions, as well as whatever else they have in their arsenal, all assembled together to make war against HIM that comes form heaven riding a white horse, and here is what verse 14 says, “And the armies which were in the heaven followed him upon white horses, clothed in fine linen, white and clean.” What they are wearing identifies them as the Bride of Christ. I am so glad this is one war they (the enemies of God) are not going to win. God tolerates or allows them to mass themselves together in a certain place with the idea of fighting against King Jesus and His army of blood washed saints, but when you read it you wills ee that as the Lord is beginning to make His descent to earth, the first thing He does is takes the spirit of that beast and the spirit of that false prophet, (the antichrist) and notice what He does with them. “These both were cast alive into a lake of fire burning with brimstone.” That is the beginning of God’s process of eliminating these powerful spirits of Satan that have been cultivated, manipulated and propagated throughout the time that God’s redemptive plan has been working among mankind. After those two spirits have been cast into the lake of fire, out of His mouth goes a sharp two edged sword that smites that great host that has gathered together to fight against Him. If you and I are in that army, we are gong to have that same delegated power: that with that sword of judgment we shall smite those armies with death. No this is not a battle that lasts hours and hours, days and weeks: It is instant death and destruction for them, because you cannot meet the supernatural with scientific modernism. The power of God has the final effect on all of them.


I want to take you back in time now, for a little look at something. I imagine all of you have read George Washington’s Vision. For years now, as it has been read by people through the decades, that third conflict that took place here in the confines of America itself has caused people to speculate or wonder, How is this going to come about? What is going to bring this revolutionary thing into play? Politicians would say, That is never going to be a reality because we are not going to allow such a thing. They do not realize they are laying the eggs for such an event to hatch from every day, as they selfishly go about their daily routine. As I listened to this man I spoke of, I thought to myself, How ignorant the American society of this hour has become! He reminded every listener, that the present U.S. media, whether it is CBS, NBC, or what, never really tells the real truth about many things. They play along with the political picture because they want to be recognized and be popular. He said, If you want to hear the truth, you have to get with someone that has been there, or be behind closed doors where politicians sit and collaborate and work out their agendas. From the political process there is this plan, Somewhere near or around about the year 2000, the United States, the power of the chief commander, which is the president of our military forces, will be turned over to the Attorney General of the U.N. When you hear this you wonder what our politicians are thinking about. That lets me know that all the fighting men that died from North Africa, to Normandy, Guadalcanal, or Okinawa, died in vain. They did not want Hitler to rule then, and in the Pacific they did not want Hirohito to rule, but when the modern politicians of our nations get together, they concoct a system and ideology that is going to take a lot of freedom away from the American people. I learned something from this man myself. A few weeks back on one of our TV stations they had an airing on what was supposed to be a militia movement. IT is a fact that the government is out to brainwash you, claiming that the militia movement is none other than a bunch of crackpots and rattled brained fanatics. That is the way they portray everything, but that is just psychology. He says the largest militia movement is in the state of Ohio. The commander of that militia is a black man. He has a famous statement, If our forefathers could have had weapons, we would never have become slaves, and the day America no longer has weapons in law abiding homes, they will become slaves to a New World Order system. The environmentalists are really coming on strong. From the United Nations, every river that flows through the United States will be under environmentalists control. All agricultural areas around it will be under U.N. supervision. If you have farm land lying against the Mississippi or the Missouri, or any other of those rivers, whatever they zone that area to be, that is what you will have to comply with. That is what it boils down to. He also said this, If you have noticed, Clinton has down sized our military, and by doing that, we have less men in the armed forces, in the field, to protect this nation. We have some military officers that are loyal to the oath they take. The oath that they take is that they will do their utmost to uphold and protect and support the Constitution of the United States, but a lot of them today, as they are sword in, and will be then, they will be required to uphold the orders of the United Nations. This is why we had a young private stationed in Europe by the name of Michael —. (I do not remember his last name.) When the officer came around who was commander of the outfit he was a part of, at the time they were getting ready for them to take off their id’s of their division and put on the U.N. badge, he refused. He said, I took an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States. I did not take an oath to defend the orders of the United Nations. His court trial is still pending. They cannot try him on the basis that he refuses to support the Constitution. They are trying him on the basis that he refuses to accept an order from a commanding officer. The government is doing everything they can to black ball him. It is the first time in military history that a man has stood up to his American rights. I am saying these things to say to you, Let us think seriously, concerning the things we give our approval on. There is in America today, three basic and very important factors that can throw this nation into a revolution. This man says, I do not believe in overthrowing the government, but I am an American, and I believe in protecting my rights. That is why I believe in having weapons in my home. He said, I teach every one in my family, even the girls, how to shoot a rifle, from age fourteen years on up. He said, The time is coming, that they will need to know that. The way this man talks, I thought to myself, I am so glad the Bible has a picture for us, that lets us know what is really coming upon the world. I have no doubt we are going to see some conflict in this nation before we leave here, but if I look at my Bible and these scriptures the right way, certain things are to progress only to a certain point, and there, is where God begins to step in and cause His word to be fulfilled. Otherwise political policies will over ride social feelings. Think of it, This same man told many things on that tape as he reminded us that the Gulf War was a war everyone was afraid of. He told of the political setting in the background. The anti-war demonstrators were in Washington D.C., down the street, making all kinds of noise, demonstrating against it. We were sending troops into the Gulf area, hundreds by the hour. He told how a lot of men were seen praying, as they were being positioned or being prepared to engage in battle with the enemy. What time they were not training and maneuvering, they were somewhere praying. He said that within twenty four hours before the command came through to move to the front Hussein had boasted, we will let you wallow in your blood in the desert. They had dug huge ditches out there in the desert. The first time I heard of this was at a Gideon meeting. A letter had been written by a young boy from eastern Kentucky. He wrote back home and said, You have heard it told how that many times men are seen praying in a fox hole: Well when our outfit was to leave Ft. Knox Kentucky, the plane was held up for half an hour, waiting for the Gideon men to get there and pass out Bibles. Saudi Arabia, a Moslem country, had issued an order, There will be no Bibles or anything from the Christian world allowed to be brought in, but they would not take them away from the boys that came in with them. This military man said, After our outfits were over there and were getting ready to make the thrust, and mixed in some of these outfits were Arabian officers, as technicians and interpreters, orders came through that our men were not allowed to wear a cross hanging on the outside. He said, Do you know what? I would have plainly told King (whatever his name is) You will accept us as we are, or your country can go to the dogs. The night before they were to move out the next morning, at that time of year the winds blow from northwest to southeast. That is the pattern, with no rain. He said however, that all of a sudden in the early part of the night, the wind began to turn. It was blowing from the southeast to the northwest, completely opposite from what it usually does. We were all afraid that the Iraqis would use chemical warfare on our troops, but God knew in advance how to handle that. Not only did the wind turn the opposite way, but it also brought up a rainstorm which normally would not have occurred like that. It rained and the wind blew all night, so that when they moved out early the next morning, the land mines were sitting out there visible to everyone. That whole war cost us hardly two hundred casualties. He said, God was in that war in a miraculous way. I want to tell you about a miracle he spoke of.


I would have to say, Now I can see why there has got to be a short era just before the week of Daniel opens up, when God shows Himself in a miraculous way. That is the very thing that puts it in a biblical setting just the way it is supposed to be. The man I have been speaking of, said, People do not realize how God shows Himself to our troops in the Gulf War. When you look back to Korea and how our government and politicians sold out to the North Koreans and relieved General MacArthur of command, when he asked, Let me have the atomic bomb and I will only drop it on Chinese installations close to the border, but he was refused. Our troops, as they came close to the Yellow River were suddenly faced with hundreds of thousands of Chinese. In this Gulf War, he said, There was a miracle. General Schwarzkopf called in all heads of command and laid out the strategy. He said, We are going to pull a surprise, we are going to outflank them. We are going to send a hundred thousand men through the desert and around. He said, To do that, it is going to take a hundred thousand gallons of water a day. Now I am going to tell the miracle he told about, exactly what happened. This is what makes the hair stand straight up on your head and causes you to say, I can hardly believe that. Well remember, God let a rock rise up in the desert of Sinai, and wherever the children of Israel camped, that rock was always there. We are passed that era and we only look back on it from a historical viewpoint. General Schwarzkopf chose certain officers and said to them, I want you to fly over the desert and study the terrain. They asked the Arabian officers, Are there any oasis, any source of water supply out there at all? All Arab officials said, No. What are our possibilities of us succeeding.? None. Camel caravans have tried their best to cross this and some never returned. A helicopter loaded with officers were to study all the terrain. As they flew over this area, they saw nothing but hot burning sand. Then they flew over some mountains of sand dunes, and suddenly, between the peaks of two sand dunes, there stood a diesel engine mounted to a fresh drilled well. They looked at the Arabian officer and said, I thought you said there was nothing out here! He said, There is not supposed to be anything out here. They flew back to the main command headquarters and said, There is a fresh drilled well out there! Then they took some of the other officers that were skeptical about it and flew back out there. This time they landed. Then they wondered if it would start. They didn’t even look for a key: They just went up and touched the starter button and that thing fired right up. In a short order of time it was pumping water. I know that sounds fantastic: Such a thing just simply cannot be. Well remember this, Do not try to believe in the miracles that happened in the Sinai with Moses if you cannot believe the miracles that God will do in the twentieth century. He will not repeat what He did in the Sinai. He will do miracles today, equivalent to the modern society we live in, the way things are done. As this diesel engine began pumping, they left certain officers there to test the water for purity, and also the pumping rate. Then they went back to the main base. In a few yours time they got a radio message from the men at the pump that said, It is putting out the equivalent of a hundred thousand gallons every twenty four hours and the water is pure. It can be consumed without any other process. When I heard that I thought, Now I can see why Micah 7, plays an important part in our hour of time. Micah 7, completely throws all of man’s theology in a ditch. Verse 15, “According to the days of thy coming out of the land of Egypt will I show unto him (speaking of Israel) marvelous things. 16 The nations shall see and be confounded at all their might: they shall lay their hand upon their mouth, their ears shall be deaf. 17 They shall lick the dust like a serpent, they shall move out of their holes like worms of the earth: they shall be afraid of the LORD our God, and shall fear because of thee.” God still sees Gentiles as a bunch of heathen, those who have no love for His truth. Mankind of our society knows how to walk on the moon, and they know how to build all kinds of things and put them out into space, but very few know anything about the power of God. Again will I show unto him great and marvelous things, insomuch that the heathen will come crawling out of their holes. What put them in there? The fear of God of course. I have to believe as we get closer to the time for the total picture of this prophecy to really fall into place, God is literally going to crumble the concepts and the dreams of world politicians. Now concerning what we are talking about, there is no doubt things going on right now in America, that can turn into a revolution not too far in the future. Some of those things are gang related uprisings in major cities, that we hear a lot about today. Crime is out of control just about everywhere you go. This officer I have been speaking of is no longer in the military, but he is still looked upon as a retired officer. It is very strange the government officials from the judicial department do not speak as much of the street gangs and dope peddlers as they do about other things that are much less threatening to our way of life. He said they are more interested in things like Waco. Keep in mind though, Waco was a religious cult. Waco was a people that had a religious concept, but they were also a people that somehow knew our government is planning some kind of complete political takeover that will eventually amount to changing the structure of how America is to live from there on out. That is why they began to gather up weapons, to defend their freedom. That is why you hear of Ruby Ridge. Sure, they will paint that picture to the general public, Look what fanatics those people were, but they are only people fearing what the American government, eventually one day wants to do. With this in mind, we know that is why we have agents beginning to harass law abiding citizens. It would be good for everyone of you to see the film of these five cases. Two of them were policemen. IT tells the police force they were on, how many years they had served and so fourth. They went out and bought semi automatic rifles. No sooner had they bought them, and here came the agents to confiscate the guns, even though they went through all the legal channels to obtain them. They said, You bought machine guns. Well they knew what a machine gun was, and they knew what was not a machine gun, so they stood up to those agents and said, Only through our attorney, will you see anything. The whole case was eventually thrown out, because the agents did not have a leg to stand on. In the other cases they approached gun dealers. Of the five mentioned, one man was a small time gun collector that collected them as a hobby. When they came to his home and accused him of purchasing a certain gun he didn’t even have, it scared him. He went out that night and shot himself. His wife was testifying and said, Those agents literally put fear in my husband’s mind, to the point he could not see himself standing up to them, because he knew he did not have the money to do it. One of the gun collectors spent over a hundred thousand dollars protecting his rights. This officer reminds people, It is time that every one of you, as law abiding citizens, stand up for your rights. You have a right to defend your home against intruders. He was not telling people to join an army of any kind, but he was definitely letting people know, Your nation is heading for an hour, if you love the country you have been a part of, you need to be aware of what is going on in high places. The things they will try to do as they bring in this New World Order system, is all supposed to come together somewhere around the year 2000. I have to believe that somewhere around the year 2000 something is going to settle in on this world. The man I have been speaking of said that in certain parts of the world they will usher in physical sterilization of a lot of the masses of people that are of child bearing age. That amounts to nothing less that the devil ruling. Environmentalists look on the planet from the standpoint that it is getting too many people on it, and we have got to do this to prepare for the future. The point is, Man today, is under the influence of satanic thinking. He is looking at the planet, its resources and population, and thinks that this is what we have to do, to begin to prepare the societies of the nations of the world for a new era, and that is just from the standpoint of survival. This is why NAFTA, the free trade agreement, has opened our nation up to products being brought in, that are much inferior to products being made in America. That is because our producers, our factories are looking for a cheaper place to have their products produced. It is so they can more effectively compete with foreign imports that will be coming in. Therefore what we are facing, if all of these plans go into effect, is that the day will come when America will be a third rate nation. We will no longer be a nation of people that support ourselves, consuming our own products, and manufacturing the best. The idea behind it is, the wealthy nations of the world have got to begin to share the wealth with the poor nations of the world, which simply means the richer nations will be taxed excessively in order for the U.N. to have this extra money to distribute to other nations. Well we all know that crooks rule the foreign nations. They always have and they always will. When we look at this whole process of things going on right now, all we have to do is look at the last fifty years, how it has brought about a gradual breakdown. Every system of politicians that gets in office, their vision is no longer like the older generation. Somewhere behind them there is something influencing them, that is causing them to begin to play the part a certain way. The man we have as president right now, has become a man pushing for the New World Order. It would not surprise me one bit, seeing that he has a wife whose image fits Bro. William Branham’s vision, to begin to see some drastic changes very soon. I cannot help but believe that this man, behind closed doors, has got things planned that can throw this nation into turmoil. If that does begin to occur around the year 2000, you will have to realize one thing, You have lived in America when it was great. You have lived in America when it had the most potential for a wealthy lifestyle, which gave you access to the best standard of living on the face of this earth. That, along with other things, is going to bring about some kind of catastrophic revolution. Why do I say that? Simply because you cannot have a complete domination of New World Order while Israel is part of the U.N., as it is right now. How many realize that? Through the years up until now, the government of Israel has sooner or later always had to try to comply with what the negotiators within the U.N. body required of her, but when we begin to read what Israel is to do in the last days, (not in the 70th week of Daniel) we know she will have to take a stand on her own, simply because, when we read everything in the scriptures that pertains to the week, when the week sets in, (which is a seven year period of time) Israel is no longer fighting or doing anything like that. She has already finished what the Bible says she will do. That is what brings the week into effect, when the world, (out of hysterics, because of what they have witnessed Israel doing) projects this MAN OF SIN to fulfill his hour. Something in the world necessitates Satan to bring on this type of man. This is why there must be a short era of time before the week sets in, that Israel has become completely independent of all others, in order to fulfill Numbers 24. When Numbers 24 is fulfilled in the Middle East, and overshadowing that, is the power of God that begins to show the miraculous in His favor toward that little nation, the other nations in the Middle East become afraid of the governors of Israel, do not think you can sit and watch this on TV, without it causing talk. It is going to bring fear to the heart’s of many. I am saying that to make it as simple as can be said.


In this nation that was founded by God, under the leadership and direction of God, when those of our society that do believe in God, and wants to continue having the freedom to believe in God, and hold on to God, if the U.N. does try to put into effect all that they are working toward, do not think for one minute there is not an element of American people that will rise up and say, If Israel can defend herself in the midst of a desert full of snakes, do we have to sit here and allow this junk that is being dumped upon us to continue? Right now, under Louis Farakkan, there is an indirect suggestion among many of his followers, that the black people are to band themselves together and get ready to fight the white man. They have already put the government on notice that five southern states are to be separated and given strictly to the black man’s cause. Please do not think for one minute that there are not things in this nation that can throw it into turmoil on short notice. Back in the 1950’s, after the closing of the WW2 era, we had a society called the John Birch society: They had chapters in every community. They too advocated the minute men philosophy because they believed that one day there could be an attempt to take over America by some kind of insurrection. In the 1950’s the FBI invaded many of the chapters of the John Birch society and confiscated many of the guns they had cached away and the John Birch society began to dwindle. It lost preeminence among our society. They still advertise today, on signs. There is one down on Hwy 131 in Clarksville which says, Let’s get the United States out of the U.N. These things should let us know we are not fifty years away from the rapture. We are not fifty years away from the week of Daniel. We are right at the threshold of it. Satan is putting everything out here to begin to bring things about the way he has designed it. The only thing that makes a difference is, God has a design also. He has a plan that must be perfected. I cannot help but believe that the plan of God is regulated by a time factor (which is just in front of us) when God is absolutely going to give the signal for it to climax. By His spirit, He is going to create something to cause all things to begin to change. That is why I want to try to show you the importance of the miraculous will look like, but it will definitely be something that will show God on the side of Israel. I have to believe it is not going to be a repetition of some kind of miracle that will be equal to things He did 1500 years before Christ. It will be miracles that are related to how modernism tries to look at things. IT has got to be something that makes the heathen gasp in awe. We must realize, that when the Bible speaks of heathen it is not referring to all the street cleaners of the world: it is referring to educated, sophisticated know-it-alls that sit in high places, more than anyone else. I can see politicians and most all world leaders having to hide their face from HIM whom they have denied for so long. When it says the heathen will come crawling out of their holes, I have to believe God is going to do some things that will be totally contrary to anything they could ever hope to see. Naturally He has a reason for doing such things, Just like the former service man said, I do not advocate overthrowing the government of our nation, but by the same token, I am interested in maintaining the areas of freedom that our forefathers designed the Constitution to protect. That is why I cannot help but believe the third part of George Washington’s vision is hanging right over America today. We have many factors in place that can start triggering the whole thing. I will bring in other things that man said as we go on with this message. As I was made aware of some things I did not already know, I thought to myself, I could never again trust a man in our government, regardless of whether they were Democrat or Republican, because it is becoming very obvious that they are all liars, when lying suits their own purpose. They are power crazy, and that leads to insanity. The devil has so thoroughly blinded them, that they do not even want to be like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and those men. This is why you see the end picture being projected as it is, because the whole world of modern society has been brainwashed. Think of it, Even after an era of the miraculous of God, they are still wanting to fight Him, somehow believing they still have a chance of pushing their plans forward. It just goes to show, that the general, mental state of modern man is terribly warped, and that is because they have totally ignored and rejected the only book that could let them know the outcome of man’s foolishness. I just have to say, That is what the devil, through the serpent, was after, right from Adam’s beginning: to bring forth a planet full of human beings that had no spirituality about the. They are demons in disguise. Satan’s instruments, bred up to corrupt, pollute, demoralize and betray their fellow man, and deny the very Creator that gives them the breath of life. They are out to destroy everything that even looks godly. That is why in the face of the miraculous their eyes are still blinded to reality. That is why they will still want to fight Him. We know this, God and His people are going to win; and Satan and his people (which are great multitudes) are going to be cast into the lake of fire. That is what their efforts amo9unt to in the end: They burn in torment while the true people of God enter into their blissful reward. Hallelujah! I am glad to be on God’s side.


When we look back to the book of Acts, we see the Spirit of God intervening in the things that were taking place, when this GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST WAS FIRST BEING PREACHED BY THE APOSTLES CHOSEN BY CHRIST. After what happened to Ananias, with Sapphira, as recorded in 5th chapter of Acts, the unbelievers did not want to join the Church, because they knew to join without the right heart change might cause them to be smitten to death: The hypocrites did not want to join because they did not want to be martyred like those that had already been martyred. This was a picture to the individual, but when the year 69 set in, those disciples in Jerusalem that were alive at that time far outnumbered the disciples in Jerusalem on the day of Pentecost. They have had thirty years to grow and progress by that time. When Vespasian’s army began to march southward and the Christians in Jerusalem heard what had happened to the cities and villages north of there, the Christians knew what to do: They remembered the words Jesus had spoken to them. When the Roman army arrived at the gate and set the siege against the city, you would have to read the report of Josephus to know how many months it lasted, and to learn the final outcome. When the worst end of it came, all the gates were barred and a moat set around the whole thing, no one was able to escape: Yet when the city fell to the Romans and those that were left alive were made accountable, there were no Christians among them. They were gone. They had fled to the hills. Let me say to you, There is no doubt in my mind that some of us are going to see some conflict somewhere before we are raptured to be with the Lord. That startles some of you because you have lived in America where you have never heard the sound of gunfire, and never heard a plane flying over your head and bombs whistling in the air. You have never heard planes in a dog fight. I have seen all of that and it is not an enjoyable event. It is not a beautiful picture. When you have to look at some of it and you know why it is going on, you begin to be thankful to the God that has somehow let you see this in advance. There is no doubt in my mind though, that we are going to have to witness some of these things if we are left to witness the coming of the Lord. Please try to understand what I am saying to you and why I am saying it; because when it comes, you want to be on speaking terms with the only ONE that you can depend on to help you and keep you safe. There are enough things in place already in this nation, that could turn it into a battleground in a matter of hours. There are enough Moslem terrorists in America today, if you only knew who they are, and where they are, that they could paralyze this nation by the time daylight comes again. Do not ever think they have not been trained to do their job. Our FBI is very fortunate to have caught some of them, but this nation is destined to swallow a bitter pill. The reason I am saying these things is this, If the American nation, the continent, is destined in the end of all this, to wind up being a place in the wilderness where the woman of Revelation 12, does flee to, then you have to realize that whatever God does see fit to do with this nation and this continent in judging it and its society, it is all going to take place between now and the time when the woman is to flee into the wilderness to escape the butchering armies of the antichrist. The nation will have to have time to recover somewhat before the middle of the week of Daniel when the woman element of Israel flees into the place where they will be fed and protected for 3 ½ years. All the judgments and wrath and all catastrophes that we read of in the Bible will have to come, but do not think God just holds them back, and then turns all of them loose at once, universally. Why bring the woman of Revelation 12, of the number of people it might represent in that hour, from that geographical spot on the planet, to escape complete annihilation by the beast, and bring her to another spot on the planet with earthquakes and upheavals of every description that could take half of them out? I hope you have the picture straight in your minds. You and I kno9w all of this, how in that final tribulation period which is the last three and one half years of the last week of Daniel’s seventy weeks, when the devil will bathe part of the earth with a blood bath, getting rid of anything and all things that stand in his way, that the Bible tells us he will only have power over one fourth part of the earth, to smite with a sword, with wild beast and starvation and such like. That tells me we have got too many educated preachers that are spiritually blind, having such limited understanding of the scriptures that they will jump on every little event that comes up and try to make that what the Bible prophecies speak of, when the event is not even related to what they are connecting it to. That all takes place under the fourth seal, and it is not a universal picture at all. I will never forget when Bro. William Branham read that, how clear it became. You cannot take the fourth seal and make it a complete universal picture, when it plainly stipulates that it is only one fourth of the earth that is to be affected. We realize this, That fourth horse rider is still riding even right now, but it is only in the tribulation period, in that week of time, that it really has the authority to execute that portion of that seal. I cannot help but believe that whenever it does strike, the early stages of whatever comes is going to bring so much confusion you will not even know what is going on in the sense of what is right or wrong. We have a society of such mixed cultures and races that have come here, trying to force this nation to be such a multiple cultured society, that nothing is like it used to be. Every place I have read in history, whether it was a city or what, when you had nothing but a social, multi cultured society, it became a hell hole. God, after the flood, did something that most people take very lightly. Does the Bible not say, in Genesis 11, that God separated the people and confused their languages for a very good reason? Then in Acts we find that God appointed the bounds of their habitation. Surely you must realize all of this was done by the creator because He knew what happens when a society of people set their sights on things that turn their attention completely away from their Creator. Let us read those scriptures. Genesis 11:5 “And the LORD came down to see the city and the tower, which the children of men builded. 6 And the LORD said, Behold, the people is one, and they have all one language; and this they begin to do; and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do. 7 Go to, let us go down, and there confound their language, that they may not understand one another’s speech. 8 So the LORD scattered them abroad from thence upon the face of all the earth: and they left off to build the city. 9 Therefore is the name of it called Babel; because the LORD did there confound the language of all the earth: and from thence did the LORD scatter them abroad upon the face of all the earth.” God divided to the races and established the bounds of their habitation, just like it says in Acts 17:26, “And hath made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth, and hath determined the times before appointed, and the bounds of their habitation.” It is when man begins to mix it up again, that unnecessary problems arise. You do not have to be a racist to face up to truth. I have used this illustration, If you have ever been to the State Fair and seen the beautiful Clydesdales, what a beautiful draft horse they are, and then gone to the area where there is all kinds of horses, and look at the Thoroughbred, the Morgan and so on, you can see this picture more clearly. Each horse is a horse is a horse in his own right. You cross a Clydesdale with a Thoroughbred, you do not have a race horse and you do not have a good work horse. He has enough of that Thoroughbred spirit that he will go in a prance, but he could never run in a Thoroughbred race if he had to. His feet are too big and he is too heavy, but he has it in his head to do it. That is why God, in His law of genetics, knowing that through process of time man would need certain types of beasts to fulfill the need of his hour, designed it to be as it is. With this in mind, I will remind you of what I read in the Jerusalem Post almost a month ago. Two statements made by Moslem leaders, one from Iran and one from Saudi Arabia, as they celebrated some kind of religious festivity at Mecca, went like this, (It was broadcast over the loud speakers.) Down with Israel, and down with America: Let us destroy these devils. We know God, when the time is right, will turn Israel loose to put all of them in their place, but right now it is just a matter of waiting for God’s time. When He does turn them loose, it will not be done by some legislation of the U.N. Assembly. The U.N., until that time, is going to be working hard to get everything in place, and they will not be working to favor the Israeli’s. That is why I say, Looking at it from the natural, yes, if God did not disrupt it, there would be a U.N. government of some nature established, that they will try to put in effect over the world. Well just let them try to bring China in on it and see how far they get. Let them try in China what they intend to do in America and many will be slaughtered. You may not be aware of it, but I have literature I can show you, how under the Clinton administration we have deactivated several military bases as we cut down on our military forces, Navy, Air Force, and Army. In southern California, one of those naval bases has been turned over to the Chinese. What are they using it for? A Chinese trading firm is in there, which gives them a first hand base in America to operate their commercial shipping out of. They can bring their exports that they would export from China, and bring them on their ships to this base, and then send them out to other places without having to pay any tax That is how your government sells your country down the drain. They tax you for everything they can get from you, but play politics with foreign nations that will never be loyal to our government. When Jimmy Carter was president he gave the Panama Canal back to the Panamanians. Now this administration has leased two ports to the Chinese, one at the mouth on the east side, and one at the mouth on the west side. Now they can bring their own navy and gun ships into these ports, having them here in our part of the world. I have always said, As long as the United States has a key role to play in the Pacific theater in the Asiatic areas, we will succeed in having our naval bases somewhere over there, plus an air base. When that volcano ruined the Clark Air Force Base in the Philippines, we moved to Singapore, but I tell you, When China, as big as she is, can begin to lease these ports, then she can do with these ports as she sees fit, because after all, when we built the canal, we had a lease on that land for so many years. While that lease was in effect we did with it as we pleased, but we never shut it to any kind of foreign trade that wanted to go through. However, if China sees fit, since she is at both mouths, just look what she can do. WHAT A SELL OUT! What a blind leader! I have said this, A man who did not want to go to Vietnam, just think of such a man being president of the United States, and being the Commander in Chief of all our armed forces, and how he has the audacity to send our American forces to Bosnia with a promise he could never keep, when all the time the European nations only want to stand back and shake their head’s. Something is wrong. That is why this Private, as long as he could wear his own division insignia and be under an American commander said nothing, but there is a limit on some things. As I listened to this officer I have been referring to he said, Remember, the Gulf War was fought with all American forces under American officers The coalition forces only worked in collaboration with our advisors, but those in Bosnia are under a commander who is an Iraqi. What a sell out! What a betrayal to this nation! I realize if they heard what I am saying, there could be a day coming when they would say, You are inciting an uprising: We are going to have to do something about you. No, I am not doing any such thing; I am just speaking the truth. It makes me shudder to think that from the time of WW2, all of the hundreds of thousands of men lost and wounded, and then followed by Korea, then by Vietnam, then by the other expeditions and things they have been involved in, whether Somalia or what, because I realize this nation always pays the greatest price. It is always America they all call to, Come and help us! We go, but at the same time, the leadership of this country is selling your country down the drain to some kind of government that is anti American. Then when they elect Secretary Generals to be in command of the U.N. body, most of them will always be men from other nations, not America. They have very little regard and respect for America. In fact, I read one article about the present U.N. leader, how he cursed America saying, We will do what we are supposed to do. This is why we have some U.S. senators and congressmen, sending out literature, Help me to warn our government to get out of this U.N. body, while at the same time the president and some of the old diehards are called on world governors. They work hand in hand with this kind of spirit. If you oppose that, then in the eyes of the government you are a traitor, when all you are trying to do is defend the country you love, the country from which so much blood has been shed in years gone by, to keep it a nation where freedom rings out. Well we have just about departed from that reality. Criminals have more rights granted to them than law abiding citizens that try their best to hold on to what we have gained in years past. I have to believe that somewhere not too far in front of us, around about the time the government wants to try to set their New World Order in motion, there is going to be trouble in the Middle East that will change the whole picture. By then, things will have developed to the point so Israel will know assuredly she must go it alone, because God has got to do something to change the present political insight in Israel, for the simple reason they are continually giving in, compromising, trying to trade for peace in a situation where peace cannot be obtained that way. There has got to be, all of a sudden, a new group of leadership. This is exactly why the scripture says, In that day the governors of Judah will be like a terror. These present day prophetic teachers, never speak anything about that. You never hear them say there is an era of the miraculous coming. You might hear one say something about the rebuilding of the Jewish Temple, but they never tell you a thing about how, or by what means the temple is going to be built: That is, by what means it will be accomplished. ✡ The day is coming when this Star of David on a flag will put instant fear in the hearts of many people, and respect in others. When I read in Isaiah 60, what is going to take place, it thrills my soul. Isaiah 60 shows you that at the beginning of that last week of Daniel’s prophecy, when it is time for the rebuilding of the temple and the city of Jerusalem, strange things are going to take place. At least right now it sounds strange to people who are not familiar with certain prophecies of the scriptures, people who do not have a clue as to what God will enable Israel to do before then. Let me ask you a question. If the world is under the effects of this New, One World order at that time, I know people are not going to have access to free choice like they do right now. You are not going to have the freedom to leave the United States to go help Israel build a temple. Think it over. Because within the confines of this One World order system, they are going to clamp down on society. Their aim is, RID THIS WORLD OF FANATIC RELIGIONS. ✞ The cross of Christ will be abominable to them because their leaders will basically be atheist. They will tolerate certain types of religion, as long as it does not conflict with their overall plans for the world picture they envision. This retired officer, as well as the chaplain, said, Behind the scenes, the U.N. philosophy is, as they move in to establish their agenda, any kind of disagreement, any kind of demonstration, any kind of response from people that refuse to go along with this, they are immediately arrested, and to take all of the ideas out of them, they will separate husbands from wives and separate parents from children. They put you in prison. This is a way of breaking your spirit. How many are listening to what I am saying? It would have been hard to believe a hundred years ago, that a thing like that could come to America, but if the Lord did not have a plan of His own that will prevent such a thing, it is knocking right at our door. This is why I have to say, It will no doubt take a revolution to clear this land of such a spirit. This is why I believe God is allowing this New World Order plan to be promoted, because it has been in existence since 1948, which is almost fifty years now, and it has become a decoy. The beast you read about in Revelation 13, which basically has been rebuilt by America the lamb beast nation, is already in place. The U.N. One World Government headquarters is in New York City; but it is not destined to become the beast headquarters. Does the picture make any sense to you? I hope you can see that it is a decoy. Do not think it has not done a good job detracting from reality: It will play its part until everything else is in place ready to wrap up the end time picture.


Let me show you how many things are in place already, just waiting for the time to be activated, to wrap up this Gentile era of time. Does not it say in Zechariah 12 “In that day I will make Jerusalem a cup of trembling for all them round about?” You would have to be blind and deaf not to know that for the last year, as this Oslo accord thing has been pushed, that they have tried to get it in force and effective regardless of all that has been going on. The Palestinians have pushed and pushed, proclaiming, Jerusalem our capital! Jerusalem our capital! The governors of Judah have said, No, that cannot be: Never again will it be a divided city. I have to say, Jerusalem as a city, is becoming a focal point in this hour of time. It has not reached that nervous state yet, but I say it is moving fast toward it. When we pick up Micah 7, it starts out by saying this, and it tells us the time we can watch for, “In the days that thy wall are to be built,” so that is when God begins to show Himself. AS long as the Palestinians have anything to do with it or to say about it, it is not time to build them, but one of these days God is going to clear the slate, and then the time will no longer be in favor of the Palestinians. Little do they realize that the 49th chapter of Isaiah tells us what Israel is going to do with them. World leaders today do not want Jesus Christ to come. It is abomination to see them parade themselves to a church house somewhere, to sit with their wives and look so sanctimonious, like they believe in God. Like the devil does, they do. They believe in God or about God, but they do not want God to be involved in their affairs. They know much of what is written in the Bible, but they only use that when it is needed to further their cause. This is a political, hypocritical act on their part. To me, this makes it that much more necessary for God to really show Himself in a dramatic way, here in the closing days of Gentile time, just for a short period before the week of Daniel starts. It is God’s way of showing to mankind, I still rule in the heavens, and I still maintain control of the earth: If it were not for me you could not live. Yes saints, we can rest assured, that somewhere around about the time Israel is finally to be given that nudge from God, there will be things begin to develop in the Middle East, from the political structure of these Arab nations that really want to shut this thing down, that will trigger the next events. By that time God will see to it that someway or other the Israeli leadership will suddenly be changed. I have felt for a long time, that as long as you have an element of Jews that are willing to pacify their opposition, go along with the plans of others, be a part of the world system, everything will hang in limbo. However, if all of a sudden these Palestinians, out of their fanatical way of doing things, pull some kind of terrible massacre, insomuch that it makes every Jew cry, weep and wail, and history has declared this has happened, then God can turn the heart of every Jew in one night’s time from being a pacifist, to literally hating the thought of any kind of dealings with the PLO’s. From then on, in the Middle East, everything is going to go opposite to what President Clinton or anyone else has planned or hoped for. Personally, I will be ever so glad to see it. I just want to sit back and watch the plan of God unfold. You could say, WE told you so and you wouldn’t listen, but that would not accomplish anything. Keep in mind though, the word of God will come to pass just exactly the way those prophecies say it will. If God wants to do this so that He is recognized, then I have to say, There must be a few hard heads and stiff necks somewhere, that are going to recognize God in what takes place. You might get to hear them say, I’m sorry, I believe there is a God in control after all. Yet there will be many that never will make such a confession. What takes place will only harden them that much more. It will be like Pharaoh and the Egyptians: One minute they are crying, Take them away! The next minute Pharaoh is angry, and has changed his mind completely. When Israel is turned loose, it will accomplish all that we have read in the 19th chapter of Isaiah, the 2nd chapter of Zephaniah, and the one chapter of Obadiah, all of which tell you exactly what Israel will do from Egypt all through the country of Jordan, as well as what the end results will be. The News Media in that day, will have to tell how they saw it take place. God will make them report it without bias. Otherwise they will have to go where these things have occurred with no camera. You know this could not have happened two hundred years ago because the world would have been a long time hearing about it. They did not have telephones two hundred year ago. There were no airplanes two hundred years ago. Therefore the news of events in foreign lands took many, many weeks to reach our forefather’s. IT was old news by the time they got it. Then tell me saints, Is not God’s word true when it says in Micah 7, “Again will I show unto him great and marvelous things?” He is doing it basically for Israel’s sake, but as He does it for Israel’s sake, look at the TV cameras that will be present. Our News Media will have it covered from start to finish. Every nation will have their journalists there. Think of it. The miracles and things God will do to display His power will cause the heathen to hunt a hole to hide in. It was very strange, how in the six day war Israel fought in 1967, (which was the year we built this building) we heard reports as they would break into other programs to give the latest News. Bro. Mayfield kept his little radio sitting right there on the platform; and kept it on all the time. From day to day as we listened, just about every program was interrupted. We break into this program to announce News from the Middle East. Each time they were telling what Israel had done in a matter of hours. Following the closing of that war, statesmen of different nations was heard to say, This had to be an act of God. The military leaders of the western world knew Israel, at that time, was out numbered in their military equipment and manpower. They were out numbered in every way. By natural concept it was utterly impossible for Israel to obtain the victory they had obtained. But think of it, In just six days they had destroyed the Egyptian air force, they had paralyzed Syria, they had broken over the Golan heights and pushed the Jordanian army back across the Jordan River. That was all done in six days, with a few men on their side and thousands of Arabs on the other side. Following that, SOLDIERS BEGAN TO TELL HOW THEY SAW ANGELS ON THE BATTLEFIELD. That has been thirty years now, and they do not talk about it like that anymore. That shows how a generation of people can get hard hearted. That shows how America has become like she is in so short a time. When our troops came home from the Gulf War, knowing that our casualties had been not quite two hundred, (we have more than that killed on our highways in a year’s time.) That was a miracle in itself. You would have thought George Bush and all our leaders would have thanked God; but God is no longer in their mind. We want a one world government so we can show modern man how we can establish a government that will have the answer to every situation. Sad to say though, The end result is, God will have no place in it, simply because they do not want God in it. Well we don’t want to offend other people that don’t believe in the same God we do. Do you think George Washington cared about that? It is just like this military man said, when he was still in the military as a chaplain, he was asked to pray at a large gathering of troops. The thing today is, Pray, but don’t mention Jesus. He says, well I have to get around this some way. So he went and got one of George Washington’s prayers that he prayed when he made one of his speeches. He just read the prayer and closed with these words, and this we pray in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ who is our blessed Lord and Savior. He said, I announced that this is the prayer I have chose today, made by our great leader George Washington. So he said there was no argument. He said, You have to be smart in this day and time, when you have all these technicalities out here to deal with, and all of this GIVE ME MY RIGHTS stuff going on. America, politically, pacifies all of this. I have to say, God, shake all of it up. It was not like this a hundred years ago. Somebody caused it to be like this, and I cannot help but believe that those who caused it are going to pay the bill for it, and not the way they want to, but the bill is going to be paid. It is going to be paid in some form of judgment. I believe if we will walk with God, it is His intention to lead the Bride people right on through all of this. The church world at large will go on down the road in their blinded way, but the bride of Christ will not be going with them. In the state of Texas, one air field has been turned over to the German Luftwaffe. They say it is for training pilots, but it is also believed they are here just in case there is some kind of uprising in the American society. They fear the American military, that there can be a breakdown in command, because some officers will want to absolutely defend America, while others will want definitely to carry out government plans. It is already known in certain military camps where Marines and American soldiers have been camped, that there has been questions asked certain soldiers, If you had the order given to you to shoot certain American citizens, would you do it? We were not asked such questions in 1943. That was not in our mind. Why are they asking that now? It lets me know the government is fearing there can be an element of Americans that in the end will refuse to do what they ask of them. It is now known, that there are many foreign troops on American soil, both in Texas and Louisiana, and various places scattered throughout the nation. One commander of one of these places was asked the question, What are they doing here? This was his reply, To help us in case we have another L.A. event. How many know what I meant by saying that? In George Washington’s vision, he saw people from the ends of the earth coming here under that black spirit. That does not mean they were black people: It means they come under a devilish influence, motivated by the devil, to do America in. I am glad George Washington’s vision had the end like it did. If, and whenever this does take place, I cannot help but believe it will be something like guerilla warfare. It will not be a case where troops meet on a battlefield somewhere, but rather a situation where in our metropolitan cities, the places where commerce, communication, and trade of every description is taking place, guerilla warfare, which is the most mean, devastating kind of warfare there is, will be wrecking our way of living. However if America has to be cleansed, then I have to believe the God we serve knows exactly when and how to bring it all about. I am not standing here trying to tell you to get ready to see a lot of dead bodies lying around, but do not go to bed at night thinking we are absolutely secure, and that we do not have to be concerned about any of this, thinking all of it is on the other side of the waters. God might just say, You need to look some of this right in the face. Do not become complacent in your thinking, nor indifferent to some of the things you hear. I am thankful to God for saving my wretched soul, and I am also thankful that God can guide His true people through the pages of His book, and show them pages of His book, and show them a route they can take. I would hate to live somewhere in certain metropolitan cities, when this kind of trouble starts. If I did I would be saying, Get out of here, get as far away from this place as you can. I believe that if God took care of the bride people when Jerusalem was falling, so that not a one was there when the Roman army swept in, He will still take care of them when other circumstances warrant our taking heed to certain warnings. Jesus’ words were heeded, and that is what saved those Christians in that hour. Because HE said, When you see these things, flee from this place, they fled before the Roman Army had the chance to take them. He did not tell them that some of them would die, that their heads would be bashed in and things like that: He just told them what to watch for. Even though many Christians were slaughtered in that first Age, it did not destroy the Church. The church kept right on growing, and when 69 A.D. came, and the Romans were marching in, they remembered Jesus’ words and left there. Then when the walls finally fell and the city caved in, and the Romans had entered to burn the temple, the question was, Where are those people called Christians? Not a one was there. I have to believe if we can follow the Lord int his hour, He has a way of preserving us for whatever period of time He sees fit to leave us here. HE will guide us and protect us. That is why He shows us in advance where this New World Order will meet its end. Keep in mind, as long as Israel is a member of the U.N. body and she listens to it and tries to comply with some of her orders, you will not see what we have been talking about. The Arab world right now is becoming very nervous. They want statehood, and a capital at Jerusalem; and I say, That does not fit into the picture we see in the scriptures. Therefore we are getting close to that era when Jerusalem will be made a cup of trembling to all those round about. The very next verse says this, In that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone. That is found in Zechariah 12:2-3. “Behold, I will make Jerusalem a cup of trembling unto all the people round about, when they shall be in the siege both against Judah and against Jerusalem. And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people: all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces, though all the people of the earth be gathered together against it.” Now U.N., it looks very much like you have a problem. When you stick your nose in this, you are taking hold of something that is going to be too hot to handle. God says, (4) “In that day, saith the LORD, I will smite every horse with astonishment, and his rider with madness: and I will open mine eyes upon the house of Judah, and will smite every horse of the people with blindness.” I just say to all who are promoting various things, Don’t preach U.N. to me: God can desecrate that thing over night. When He turns Israel loose, He is going to smite that Moslem world and kill that Moslem spirit, and however many Moslems there are in this country, trying to help the Moslem world over there, I have no doubt they will try to bring as much devastation in this country as they can. We have many things here that could trigger a war and set everything in motion. That is why I say, The starting of it could bring so much confusion, so that you would not even know which way to look, but sooner or later certain things within it will begin to straighten out and the objective that God wants to accomplish will begin to show itself. I believe He will take His true people and guide them. Naturally I am speaking of those who have the Holy Spirit, because they are the Bride of Christ. HE can speak to them in dreams, telling them how to go to a certain place, to get away from the danger that is coming. When some smart aleck decides he wants to pull some kind of attack, a massacre or something, you can be miles away somewhere, far from your home, but God knows where you are and how to save you from what is coming. I have to look at it that way. I cannot see God showing you what steps to take, how to look at certain scriptures up to a point, and then leave you hanging out there some place to be overtaken. I hope you understand what I mean.


Saints: I want you to think on something. God will have to show Himself in the Middle East in such a magnificent and powerful way that it literally destroys that fanatic, Moslem, militant spirit. When He is finished, every Arab is licked. That is why when you read in Isaiah 19, the affect of all this on Egypt when it is over, that in that day five cities in the land of Egypt, the inhabitants will want to speak the language of Canaan. Naturally that is the carry over from the affect, how it then goes on into the Millennium. It is how the God of the Jews has so licked them and destroyed their Allah, that they want to be on His side from then on. Keep in mind, Mideast people are not like people here in the western world. They are a people prone to be religiously motivated, because that is where the Bible came from. It tells you in the Old Testament, more or less how the actions of these, whether it is Bedouins, Egyptians, Syrians, or what, how they have acted with Israel through the centuries of time. One day they are hating them, and then something changes their mind. What we must remember though, in this end time wrap up, it is God’s objective to tear that Moslem spirit out of there, because from then on His main objective is to have those people ready to help Israel build the city and the temple. I ask these preachers who preach the New World Order, What do you suppose is going to change the Arabians as well as all those others to fulfill Isaiah 60? It tells how the camel caravans will come out of Arabia carrying gold and incense. For what purpose? The gold is to decorate the house of His sanctuary. That is His temple. But the incense is to be offered on my altar (saith God) and I will accept it. They are not coming by U.N. command. They are coming because of their own free will, after witnessing what such a God can do. They are choosing out of their free will to do something for the Jew, because they have been changed by a fear, after seeing how God moved in the Middle East on behalf of the Jews and took their Allah away from them. Now they choose to serve Jehovah, the Elohim of Israel. No wonder following that, they will build a memorial on the border and an altar in the midst of Egypt, and will offer up sacrifice to the God of Israel. It goes to show their thinking: Our border is here, yours is there, but we are going to offer sacrifice to the same God you do. They have not done that since the Moslems took over Egypt in the seventh century. When they went in, they took apostate Christendom that had been there since the second century A.D., they beheaded them and tore their church buildings down. IT is true they left some alive, but only a very small percentage of the Egyptian society today is called Christians. They are mainly called Coptic Christians. No9w with that in mind, let me remind you that these same men who preach on prophecy without a revelation of what God is doing, take Ezekiel 38, completely out of its true setting and put it over in the battle of Armageddon. There is no way you can make Ezekiel 38, have its fulfillment in the battle of Armageddon. Ezekiel 38, is the last war this side of the beginning of the week of Daniel. Ezekiel 38, does not in any way belong to the battle of Armageddon. If you can look at it right, as that little era of miraculous opens up, it will not be over until Ezekiel 38, has become a fulfilled reality. Ezekiel 38, and its affect will not last for weeks and weeks: I twill just cover a few days, and then it will all be over, except for the clean up. In the Middle East, those wars never lasted months and years. Whatever was to be obtained, whatever objective was sought, it was usually over in a few hours, or a few days of time. I want us to think seriously, Right now our world is under an anti God spirit. That anti God spirit is going to stay there until God Himself does something to get the attention of some that right now could not care less about what the Bible says. This makes it necessary, that somewhere between now and the time the week of Daniel starts, for there to be an era of the miraculous of God. When it starts there is not a man on earth that can do anything to stop it. It will be just exactly the way God wants it. I do not know exactly what the world at large will be allowed to see, but the God we serve sure has a box full of something to scare the living daylights out of politicians, scientists and military generals who think only they run the show. What makes them go into their holes of humiliation and hide is fear? Read Micah 7, closely. Who is a God like Him? There is none. People in high places are trying to tell the world there is no God like that, but we who are believers know there definitely is. They say that god is only a myth. I say, Just stick around for a little while longer and you will see whether He is a myth or not. We are going to see a show one of these days when God pulls back the curtain and turns the lights out, that will surely change the minds of some who have scoffed at true believers in the past. I wonder where Tom Brokaw will be then, and what he will say? Peter Jennings, Diane Sawyer and a lot more of those who report the News, will witness things they have never witnessed while investigating some hypocrite preachers somewhere. They are going to have to face the reality of an all powerful God, a God that can completely change the plans of a whole society of mortals. It will be interesting to hear what all those Newscasters will have to say in that hour. I want to see how they present the News when God does what we are talking about. I have to believe God will show Himself in a way that will literally bend the head of every News Commentator. Then when Ezekiel 38, closes that era, you are right at the beginning of the week of Daniel. The world will be forced by political circumstances, to bring on the man of sin. IT WILL BE THE POPE OF THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH that they turn to help in stabilizing the shaken world society, but to their dismay, he will turn out to be a dictator. By the time those two prophets in Israel have revealed his true identity, he will be ready to call in his International Army to rid the earth of any and everything that speaks of faith in a powerful God. He who is supposed to be the Vicar of Christ, will actually go to Jerusalem and set himself up as God, and begin to take vengeance upon anyone professing faith in the true God.


At this time, I want to show you something: In that magazine that I have referred to a couple of times, there is a picture of Benyamin Netanyahu, in the Vatican, talking with the pope. The Jewish government knows, that for a long time the Vatican has wanted to establish another seat of the Catholic Church, in Jerusalem. Netanyahu was begging the pope, Please come, we need you. Do you know what that tells me? It tells me that it is not the U.N., that Israel will make a covenant of peace with for one week: It is the antichrist, who is none other than the pope of Rome at that time. It may not be the man that presently holds that office, but the man that steps into his shoes will surely be the man that fulfills all those prophecies we have spoken of, those prophecies dealing with the end time antichrist. He will no doubt be a much younger man. Then watch how the devil will anoint that man. He will come on the political scene with speeches and ideas that will rock society to sleep. By the time that week of Daniel is in motion, he will have a vision of what to do and how to do it, that will fulfill everything in the scriptures. You can read Daniel 11 and see exactly what his motivations are. By that time the Arab world has collaborated with Israel, and there is peace between the Jews and the Arabs. That is why Ezekiel 38, reads like this, that Russia will fulfill her place in this prophecy. In the days when my people Israel dwell safely, which means Arabs are no longer fussing and pushing for the things they are right now. Yasser Arafat is out of the picture. I have never understood why the Arabs ever even thought of having that man as their leader. What a leader! A two faced hypocrite, that will talk peace with Israel on one hand, and turn right around and kiss the Hamas on the other, and let them do his dirty work. It is going to be very interesting to watch the scenes that lie ahead. We have Palestinians in this land we live in , that are trained as top notch terrorists. I cannot help but believe that when the time does come that God wills for this to take place in this country, it will not be just a little stick of dynamite thrown through a window somewhere: They will hit this country much like what happened in Oklahoma, the bombing of the Federal Building. I cannot help but believe they will plan it in such a way that it will be a succession of explosions that will hit major cities, to literally terrorize and absolutely paralyze communications, police forces, even the National Guard. They will not know from one minute to the next, when the next blow is coming. Regardless of what happens, we still serve a true and living God. I believe with all my heart, as I see in the scriptures, seven thunders coming upon the scene, that the bride of Christ will have her opportunity to leave a testimony. I see in the scriptures concerning that Spirit that was on John the revelator, that Spirit that caused him to write those things, after the thunders had sounded, then a voice said to John, Go to the angel and ask for the scroll. Take and eat it. You know the contents, for thou shall prophesy again. John is dead. John is not coming back, but I believe that same anointing that was on John, that anointing that gave this prophecy we have here, which is so beautiful, is going to fall again, for a little short period, to finish out the picture. What do we read there in Revelation 10:8-11? Let us read it, especially verse 11. “And the voice which I heard from heaven spake unto me again, and said, Go and take the little book which is open in the hand of the angel which standeth upon the sea and upon the earth. 9 And I went unto the angel, and said unto him, Give me the little book. And he said unto me, Take it, and eat it up; and it shall make thy belly bitter, but it shall be in thy mouth sweet as honey. 10 And I took the little book out of the angel’s hand, and ate it up; and it was in my mouth sweet as honey: and as soon as I had eaten it, my belly was bitter. 11 and he said unto me, Thou must prophesy again before many peoples, and nations, and tongues, and kings.” That is God’s way: Through His ministry giving testimony, He will speak to all of those mentioned. It will not bring a revival, but it is going to be the voice of the Bride telling society exactly how it is. This time they are going to be pointing the finger at political leaders. Clinton, the handwriting is on the wall, mene, mene, tekel, upharsin. You are weighed in the balances, and you are found wanting. This night, your soul will be required of you. I believe that is just in front of us.


I want to show you it is utterly impossible for a New World Order or any other thing to bring about an era of time wherein Israel is allowed to do the things it says in the scriptures they will do. Here is a copy of the Oslo Accord. This was more or less negotiated in certain processes at Madrid Spain, then in Oslo Norway. It was finally signed in the month of September of 1993, I believe that is right. As for this Oslo Accord, there is not one thing in it that lets you see Israel ever having any opportunity to build a temple, renovate the old city and do what prophecies in the Bible say she must do. Here is a map that goes with it. This map draws out, according to the Oslo Accord, all the populated areas that are basically Arab, that the Jewish people and military forces are to get out of. All this is stipulated in the writing. The year this was signed, my wife and I were at Topeka, Indiana. WE went there to an Amish farm machinery sale. That night in the motel, I turned the TV on and Jack Van Impe was preaching. He was using the fact that this Accord had just been signed and said, “See there, the Bible says he will confirm a covenant with many for one week, Folks, I want to tell you we are close to the end and the rapture could take place at any time, there has been a covenant signed, think of it.” I said to my wife right then, That poor man is jumping at everything that comes along. Four years have come and gone and the peace process is further back now than it was four years ago. It is all in there, what Israel is supposed to do, and what the Palestinians are to do. When you read it in the light of the Bible, there is no way this thing will ever work. Therefore this was not a covenant, it was just an agreement, and it has nothing at all to do with Bible prophecy. Here is a run down on the United Nations Assembly. It gives the number of nations of this 185 member nations organization. Israel is the only one that is never allowed to sit in the General Assembly role. She is a member but she has no voting rights. Israel is a product of this body to start with, as of May 1948, and she has representation in the U.N., but very little benefit does she get out of it. Now let us go into this message a little further and see how hard it is going to be to make these prophecies fit into some man’s political idea. Somewhere up the road, and only God knows when, this United Nations is going to be split all to pieces. I realize there are a lot of people that might say, Jackson, you are stepping out on thin ice. No. I am just stating it like the Bible pictures it. If we did not have written what is written, maybe I could look at what politicians are trying to set forth and say it looks doubtful that anything else could be done, other than that, but we are not limited to what the politicians see: We see a lot more. Let us begin to take some of these prophecies, certain verses in them, and ask ourselves, How does that stack up in the light of these prophecies? The prophecies are written in the unfailing word of God, no matter what our negotiators have written in their agreements. This Oslo Accord, is not going to nullify the written word of God. Sooner or later it is going to run its course and play out, and it will never accomplish one worthwhile thing. I have my doubts, as long as it is the Jews and Palestinians fussing over Jerusalem itself, whether the Palestinians will ever be able to have part of Old Jerusalem as their capital city, for this is an unending battle. Even if God would let this thing be pushed that far, it could not be for long. That city can never serve a dual purpose, and be the capital for the statehood of Israel, and also a capital for the Palestinians. The Bible itself proves these two lines people have never been able to live and co-exist together. They never did in ancient times, and they will not any other time until God allows Israel to do what these prophecies say they will do. There is just simply no need for the United Nations to try to solve this dilemma, no matter how strong they seem to be. Even if they are 185 strong in member nations, it is absolute folly for them to think they can force by any means, these two elements of people to co-exist on the same spot of ground. The Bible gives us no such picture, and that is what believers have to look at. You cannot make the Bible say something, or mean something different than what it was written to mean. We have a chart here, a chart you have all seen before, but we can use it to identify where we are in time. Here is the year 1963: That is when God brought to us, through His prophet messenger, the revelation of the first six seals. We are somewhere right in here in 1997, just a few years away from the rapture of the bride of Christ, but between now and the rapture, the seven thunders will sound their voices and the seventh seal will have been broken. What little I have been able to read about this New World Order, if such a thing ever does go into effect, there will not any longer be freedom for people to travel this globe doing any kind of evangelism, or any kind of thing such as is pictured in the book of Revelation, where the 144,000 are to go forth and preach the everlasting gospel, in the last half of Daniel’s week. A New World Order the way they will put it in, will not allow any of that. I want to say these things just in case some of you get hold of the video, or the tapes, and hear those preachers that are pushing the New World Order thing to the limit. Sure, the politicians are for it, but I have to ask, Why are they? It is because they are not looking at the Bible. If they do look at it, they just ignore it. Most of them do not want anything of the prophetic line in the Bible to even be mentioned. Rabin, the Israeli leader that was assassinated, was not looking for the coming of the Messiah. He was for peace at any cost. He is the one who signed that agreement at Oslo. When you look at things like this you have to begin to realize, God has let certain things hang like they have, simply because carnal minded man, in his normal way of reasoning, is prone to jump to all kinds of conclusions, not having any true revelation of the scriptures. Keep in mind saints, when the time comes for every prophecy of the scriptures to be fulfilled, God will turn certain things completely around. He can do it in a week’s time, and even in a few hours if need be. When I read in the book of Acts, I believe it was Peter’s second sermon, as he spoke to that multitude of Jews, and starts out by saying this, All the scriptures concerning the Messiah, His crucifixion, His raising from the dead and so forth, he included His advent, His birth and everything, and said, ALL THOSE SCRIPTURES HAVE BEEN FULFILLED. We find this There was not a thing the Roman Empire could do about it, to prevent those scriptures from being fulfilled. That being true, we will now look at Zechariah 12. This is an important scripture to remember. In the 2nd verse it says, “Behold, I will make Jerusalem a cup of trembling unto all the people round about.” Let me ask this, Who are the people round about? It is the Palestinian Arabs as well as all the Arab people of the middle east nations. He will make Jerusalem a cup of trembling to all of them. This lets us see, that no matter what the outside world is trying to accomplish by a negotiation process, as long as God leaves it up to the Jew and the Arab to settle the dispute about the city of Jerusalem, who gets it, who don’t get it, what this one can do and cannot do, no matter how it looks, God is going to make it a hard thing to deal with. It is going to get hotter and hotter, and more politically unstable, as long as it is the Palestinians and the Jewish people in a quarrel over it. That period of time can go on for months, and I cannot help but believe we are passing through that period of time right now, and that it will soon be over, but this is for sure, it all started over this Oslo Accord thing. The Jews say they will never give it up. The Palestinians turn right around and say, but it will be our capital. They cannot both have it, we know that. For the next few months they are going to fuss over it, and only the Lord knows how many lives will be destroyed by the time it is over, but when it does come time for Jerusalem itself to change its negotiating position, this scripture will apply, “And in that day (that same period of time) will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people.” All people is not talking about Arabs now, this is talking about all the diplomats of a United Nations order. For all people, all that burden themselves, or in other words, as the old saying goes, all who stick their nose into the mess. “All that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces.” I wish to say to those who preach a New World Order, You are putting more confidence in what Bill Clinton and the leaders of our modern nations in the U.N. body are saying, than you are in the Bible itself. In fact, there are so many verses in these prophecies we are going to be dealing with, it shows it is going to literally repudiate everything these politicians try to put forth. God has already promised that this thing called the United Nations is going to come to an end, and any New World Order agenda they try to put forth will go with them. First, they are going against the plan of God. We know this, we are living in the last days. That is as plain as the nose on our face. You do not have to have a college degree to see that. God has already promised that those who become burdened with this situation, occupied with the outcome, get into the melee, wanting to sit at the conference table and have their say about who should and who should not, God says, Though all the people on the earth, so if there are any other nations or races out here on this globe that are not yet a member of the United Nations body, God has already included them in His decree, if they become involved. “Though all the people of the earth be gathered together against it.” That is not talking about a military gathering, it is pointing to a political process. God has already said, I will cut them to pieces. How could He do that? Well, twenty years ago everybody was looking for Russia to have a big episode. They were building bombs, and they were building an air force to bomb and tear the world to pieces, to literally terrorize the world. You can see how much of Europe they had. Let me say this, Ronald Reagan and the pope of Rome did not do what was done to Russia, or the Soviet Union. They were instruments of course, but God was controlling the whole thing. Russia had sat over there and threatened and threatened and threatened for many years, and Kruschev stood in the corn fields of Iowa saying, We will bury you! But did they? Can they do that? In that nation today, many of their people are suffering hardship because they have not been paid for months. It goes to show, when God saw fit to bring that thing to an end, it had served its decoy purpose. It was like HE began to hit one chunk of rock after another. The whole perimeter of that thing just began to crumble. That is why God is not through with Russia yet. These preachers who preach New World Order, and that Ezekiel 38 is for Armageddon, have a few things to learn. Ezekiel 38, has nothing at all to do with Armageddon. That will be history by the time the battle of Armageddon is fought. God has a special way He will deal with Russia and all her cohorts. What a mighty judgment it will be. There are two things here in Zechariah 12, that stand out: Verses 6 and 9 both speak of what will take place in that day, the day when the world spotlight is on Jerusalem. Notice, (6) “In that day will I make the governors of Judah like an hearth of fire among the wood, and like a torch of fire in a sheaf; and they shall devour all the people round about, on the right hand and on the left: and Jerusalem shall be inhabited again in her own place, even in Jerusalem.” Does that not tell you who will be calling the shots when the time is right? Now verse 9, “And it shall come to pass in that day, that I will seek to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem.” That literally means when Jerusalem becomes a focal point of prophecy, when the world, whatever organization, whatever body of nations there is, all begin to dictate, negotiate, and try to influence, convince, and attempt to compel Israel to give up, give up, give up, God said, I will destroy them. He is going to destroy their ability to work together as a united body. Well Bro. Jackson, where does the beast come in? We will go into all of that in our next issue.