The Restitution Of All Things, Part 1

Rev. Raymond M. Jackson


In the Jerusalem Post yesterday, there was an article which stated something like this, (These are not the exact words, but just the thought). The PLO’s are declaring. No matter what comes or goes, there will be a Palestinian state, and Jerusalem shall be the capital of that state. There is another article by Benjamin Netanyahu. He says this, Israel will not be put under pressure by President Clinton or any other western leader. His thought is this: They do not have to live where we live, and they do not have to put up with what we put up with. Therefore it is our decision as to what to do and when to do it, and also what we will not do. We can begin to see that this long drawn out process of aggravation and agitation is actually whetting away the time. It is cultivating spirits to eventually react so that the word of God will be fulfilled. I am going to read from the 3rd chapter of Acts. This is about the second time Peter was preaching. We are starting in the 19th verse. He was preaching then to a present tense element of Jews, but it is the 20th and 21st verses where we get our text. However to that generation he says, “Repent ye therefore, and be converted, that your sins may be blotted out, when the times of refreshing shall come from the presence of the Lord.” Notice, the times of refreshing is pointing to what will take place in the first part of that week of Daniel. It is actually the outpouring of the Spirit of God, but there is something else we must catch here. It is in the 20th and 21st verses. “And he shall send Jesus Christ, which before was preached unto you: Whom the heaven must receive until the times of restitution (meaning to give back or restore to the state of the original) of all things, which God hath spoken by the mouth of all His holy prophets since the world began.” That means everything written in the Old Testament that was not applicable to the event of His first coming, will be fulfilled here in the end time, and every scripture will fall right in place. It will form a perfect picture of how the end time will climax, and how God will deal in the earth with the children of Israel. With that said, I want to deal basically with this latter era of time from 1963 on. Throughout this series we will bring back in some other portions of the old map. But I want to take this right now and go toward the seventieth week of Daniel. There are many people in the religious world today, that have the idea, “Well we don’t know when Jesus is coming, and I have my doubt that anybody can actually say they know when He is coming, because the Bible says no man knoweth the day or hour.” Actually that is being used today as an alibi for being completely blind, ignorant of Bible truth, and sound sleep. If everyone on the face of this earth was actually in that state, there would be no way whatsoever that the Bride could actually know that she has made herself ready, or even that she is making herself ready. When the Bride makes herself ready, that is not just an assumption. She is being inspired by something greater than all of man’s speculation. She cannot help but see that the end time is fast approaching, because of the conditions that are developing at large in the world of politics, and the social order, and the breakdown of the social beings of humanity, because the Spirit of God is revealing all of this to her from His written word, by the mouth of His anointed ministry. This nation of America, of all nations, that at one time could follow the words of their founding fathers, has departed from the very principles this nation was founded upon. It was founded as a nation, on Christian, biblical principles, but through the years of time since then, unregenerate mankind from different walks of life, have been allowed through he process of time, as they have given themselves over to the enemy, to cultivate ideas and enact laws through their various fields of influence, until society at large no longer sees this nation as a society that should even be concerned about how our founding fathers projected themselves and prayed to God, asking Him to help them guide this nation into its beginning and mold it into a nation of people that would always respect the laws of God that are declared in the Bible. That is why when Paul wrote in 2nd Thessalonians 2:3, “Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition,” it gave believers something to watch for as time draws to an end. We have been seeing that falling away for the last thirty five to forty years, but in the past few years it has really intensified. We see the whole social order of America fast decaying away. We can see it in the religious world as well as in politics. People professing to be Christians have fallen way from many of the old convictions that at one time kept them separate and apart from the unbelieving society in general. This is why there has been a breakdown in the whole structure of spirituality and morality in the church world. I received a telephone call from a brother that had been watching a TV program where a large mass of Jews had gathered together and many of them were accepting Jesus Christ as being their Messiah. Across the road from where this meeting was being held, there was another encampment of Jews and they were saying, We are Jews for Judaism. One Jew, the spokesman of this group came out with a little speech, The reason we have not accepted your Jesus of Christianity is because you have taken the Bible and the Jesus of that Bible, and have changed the godhead into a trinity: (which is something no Jew should ever accept) He said, It is not that at all: It is a unity. You would have to understand what he meant by that. It is how God, a sovereign Spirit, and the Son of God are of a complete united purpose. Then there was a debate between that one and the spokesman for the Jews for Jesus. Well with this in mind, this certainly begins to let us know there is something going on in various areas of this planet. It is not that there is a loud speaker from heaven saying, Now is the time for all of you to get right, but there is something dealing with a certain element of mankind, that the end is near, and that it is time to search and find out for yourself what side of truth you stand on. The time is at hand for this decision to be made. Let us therefore open out Bibles to Micah. In the light of that dream I had several months back now, (which is in print) when those scriptures began to come to me, and as I read them I could see that we cannot set the time for any of this to start, because that is God’s business. We cannot set the pace as to how fast it is developed, but watching these scriptures and seeing the picture they portray, once the time has come about that they are to start, we Gentile Christians can begin to realize that our remaining days here on this planet are shortening down to a very few. Therefore we certainly need to begin a self examination, search ourselves, and begin to put things together in a way that is meaningful to each of us, and realize that God does not give us a picture like this just so we will have something to play with. The bride of Jesus Christ is responsible to God to apply all of what He reveals to her, and to make her life, purpose and motives conformable to that which fulfills the ultimate purpose of the Creator. Neither do I accept any suggestion that He gives us anything that we should commercialize on radio and TV for others to trample under their feet. Your religious systems are not going to believe anything that comes out from a people such as we are, but God has a few chosen ones scattered around this globe that are hungering for that which He is revealing to the bride Church in this hour to time and they are not questioning God’s anointed vessels as to whether they have had proper theological training. Where did the apostle Peter receive his training to fulfill the office of an apostle? He received it at the feet of Jesus, the same place every called out minister of the word of God receives his training. I cannot help but feel there is a day coming when these people out here that have pushed all their ideas and private interpretations of Bible prophecy, begin to realize that time is running out and that the plans they have made and the things they have preached and pictured to a gullible society of humanity are all beginning to wilt and diminish, just like tender plants that are suddenly hit by the hot sun, they are going to realize something has gone wrong, but it will be too late for them to do anything to correct their error. Theology never gives a true picture of prophecy. The most it can do is just skim the surface, because true revelation only comes by the Spirit of God in a time when true saints are prepared to receive it. Theology is only a theory that is usually put together by what their realm of association consider to be great mind’s. Theology through the centuries, has had its place in a limited way. God has allowed it to be projected. However when ti comes time for the end of all that God has purposed, God takes the veil of theology and tradition away from His written word and causes that written word to begin to speak directly to His chosen vessels. Therefore knowing that in the plan of God there is a time factor involved, we need to be sensitive to the time we are living in. This is why for the last few weeks I have felt like, If this is truth, we have got to put it together in a manner that makes it simple for the average person over the face of this earth to understand it. I realize this, Not everyone that is to benefit by it are capable of having videos or even audio tape players, but it they can read something in a simple, illustrated manner, and begin to see that we really are living in the end time, it will enable them to prepare themselves just like anyone else. Then when these things begin to come about, and the last part of that dream I had, where I saw that huge meeting, and people coming from all over the world, and they were coming with joy in their heart’s knowing the same thing that I knew, it will be because they were all given the same opportunity to know what to look for. I have to believe it is our responsibility to put it out there for them to have the same opportunity to know what God is revealing to the bride Church. No one that is predestined to be of that number can be ignored. We just need to be assured that God has His ways of doing what needs to be done.


In the Old Testament, in the book of Joshua, as the children of Israel charged around the walls of Jericho, we could ask the question, Why were they to go around just one time each day until the seventh day? The first day, they went around and returned to their camp. The second day, they did the same thing, the third day, the fourth day, the fifth day, the sixth day, each day the same procedure. The natural minded man would look at it as ridiculous. What in the world are they doing that for? Are they trying to scare us? Well we do know this, When the seventh day came, they were not only to go around one time, they were to go around seven times. What does the numerical value in this add up to? Actually it means this, Because following the seventh time around, when they all gave that great shout, then God made a noise by the walls. He sent an earthquake under that city to bring down the wall. The wall began to fall after the priests blew the trumpets and the people shouted. All of that set a beautiful type, that through the centuries of time when Israel would be dispersed and scattered to the ends of the earth, God again would give Israel another miracle, this time not in going around a city to watch it fall, but Israel would be used and God would give her a great military victory over all that God has ever promised her, and this will take place at the end of the seventh church age, after seven church ages have fulfilled the time factor. It is absolutely God that sets these things in motion. For Israel, that was a miraculous military victory. For Israel to march around that wall six times without any evidence that anything was going to happen required faith in God’s word, because it was God, that told them to do that. Then, when they completed the seventh trip around on the seventh day and the priests blew those horns and the people shouted with a great shout, they did not have to go look for God. Immediately, the wall began to tremble and then to crumble. The Bible says, it fell down flat. When the wall fell down, every man was instructed to go straight forward. That was because the army of Israel completely encircled the entire city, God gave them the greatest victory they had ever witnessed, because that was the greatest strong hold of all the Canaanite people. In this light of our modern age and hour of military might, technology and superior fire power, when you look at all that the world has available to them, and you think of the nations that have modern weapons to fight with, there is enough atomic type weapons to blow this planet to pieces many times over, killing every living thing on it. When you look at the little nation of Israel, all the big nations are trying to dictate to it, Israel, you can do this, Israel you can’t do that, Israel, you can only do this and that, Israel you must compromise. Israel, you must give up, you must withdraw, you have not right to control such and such. This has been the language pushed at Israel for the last fifty years. How long will it last like this? Is the next question. I just read in the Jerusalem Post, the number of Jews that have been killed since their leader shook hands with Yasser Arafat and President Clinton, and they signed the peace accord that had been designed and laid out at the Oslo meetings. I believe the number now, since four years ago in September has reached 259 Jews killed, with over a thousand wounded. This is more than the same period before that, that reached back a number of years. It said, this shows that the Oslo Accord will not work, it will not bring the peace we need. So we can see why this thing is hanging like it is. World leaders, working together, some through environment, some through energy, some through over population, all spokesmen are working on certain agendas with the thought that eventually we are going to build this world into a super state. That is what they think; but those that think like that have not known God in a way that He can talk to them. You just have to face up to a certain reality, Either natural minded mankind is right and God is a myth, or God is right and that element of mankind has missed it. I have to say for myself, my faith and confidence is in God because I believe His word. Everything I read in the scriptures lets me know there is a God somewhere, and one of these days He is going to pull a surprise on unbelieving mankind. Once He starts the surprise, it will never deviate from what is written in His Word, as recorded by His prophets of old. God has a specific purpose in doing all that the Bible declares He will do. God knows the mass of humanity is fast being brainwashed against the knowledge of a true and Living God, and if He allows it to go on unrestrained, then there will come a time when God will be forced to destroy the whole element of the human race and start over again. He knew from before the foundation of the world what unrestrained man would do and what He would have to do from time to time in order to perfect His purpose for all of His creation. God knows every mortal creature that is alive on this planet. He also knows their thoughts and motives. Therefore He knows exactly when to call the time for certain events to take place. This is why when we look at Micah, I cannot help but see there is a time factor in the mind of God. From the Catholic prophecies that individuals the world over, from way back years ago, they have seen from Nostradamus and all those, yes there have been those that have hit right on the nose. Remember this though only up to a certain point will God allow some of those things to fit into man’s ideas, and when He does, man will put more confidence in that than he will in the Bible. When the day does come that God says, Now it is my hour, then you can rest assured, that once He starts wrapping it up, it is going to be God’s hour from then until it is all over. I have to say, Even then there will only be a small percentage of the human race on this planet that will wake up to present reality, and be willing to accept the fact that God is a sovereign God. Therefore when we read the text, I like to read it in this manner, and to those around the world who might read this in printed form, there is a time in the mind of God that this whole thing will start, no matter what preachers have preached about a New World Order. Leaders right now are doing their best to lay the ground word for a New World Order era of time, simply because they do not know what God has planned for the very near future. In Rio de Janeiro, three and one half or four years ago, that was an environmental thing. Then in Kyoto, Japan a few weeks back, one hundred and some odd diplomats from throughout the world, were again worki9ng on this thing of planetary warming, trying to change the environment. If God somehow or other does not show Himself, yes, they have a plan, they have an agenda to set in motion. They have a mark they want to attain unto. Nevertheless as I look at my Bible, I can see that all of that is going to have an end. You cannot have a New World Order going this way, because there is no where in the provision of a New World Order that they will ever allow Israel to be a sovereign nation. She is destined, according to their plans, to be a puppet of a New World Order regime. She is to be compelled to take orders from the U.N. And the New World Order. I have to believe, that if the Bible is true, and I know it is, God just allows all of this, up to a point in time, to mislead people who are not interested in the truth. There are people ordained to be deceivers of others, and there are those who are ordained to be deceived. It is all because they have nothing in them that hungers for the truth. This is why it says in Jude, that there are men who were before of old foreordained to this condemnation, to take the truth of God’s word and twist it into a lie and so forth. They are ordained to be that way because God knows that after all the merciful things He has done to show them His presence and sovereignty, they still insist that their authority and modern mentality is far more important than anything they read in the Bible. When we look at Micah the prophet, that prophesied back here more than 700 years. B.C., in chapter 7, you could ask. How could a man this smart, in the light of modern education, know so much about what is going to happen 2700 years later? How could he look down through the span of centuries and say something that is going to be so dramatic when it comes to pass? I must say to you, He did not learn it in a school somewhere, the sovereign God of heaven, the Creator that made everything, has showed it by His Spirit. Let us start in te 11th verse, where he picks up and goes on with his prophecy. It has been lying right here in the Bible for centuries. It has been read by Bible scholars as though it is such a small prophecy, and so unrelated to our time, it is irrelevant to the natural process of things, but let us notice what it says and see if we do not get a different picture. “In the day that thy walls are to be built,” what is he talking about? God is not only talking about the walls of a temple, it includes much more. As long as the PLO’s are insisting there will be a Palestinian state and Old Jerusalem shall be its capital, as they said in the Jerusalem Post yesterday, the Palestinian people are the original inhibitors, the rightful owners, and it belongs to the Palestinian people and the Christians throughout the world. That is their way of looking at it, but that is not the way God’s book calls it. Now this lets us know, and I want to say, When God said thy walls are to be built, He is not only talking about the walls of the temple, He is talking about the walls of the old city. I know what is says in Revelation, how that when the two prophets are killed in the streets of Jerusalem, where they prophesy for a thousand two hundred and threescore days, clothed in sackcloth, it says when they are killed God will let their bodies lay in the streets of Jerusalem for three days and a half. Then when He speaks from heaven and says, Rise, come up hither, it tells in that passage of scripture there is an earthquake, and one tenth, notice one tenth, of the city fell. That is not necessarily talking about the old walled city. Outside the old wall city is the perimeter of modern Jerusalem. Listen carefully to what I am saying, this modern Jerusalem, as it covers many square miles now, is the Millennium city of Ezekiel 40, 41, 42, and 43. Look how large it is when you read that. Ezekiel was seen to measure it. That is the city that is being built in its modern structure for the Millennium to come, and it has all been built since the beginning of the twentieth century. It is not an old run down devastated city. Everything is of modern stone structure. So that is not the city God intends to build. It is the old prophetic city, which was the ancient capital. It is related to the temple. It is related to the spot where God said HE would put his name and there be honored. You have to look at this modern city, that is the millennium city, including the old of course. Do not allow yourself to think this one tenth is to make very much difference: That is a very small margin of an area that is going to show the evidence. We can say this, we are not saying that all the old city is going to reach completeness before the middle of the week of Daniel comes, because it reads in Revelation, how that when John was told, Take the reed and measure the temple and the altar and them that worship therein. You have got to go inside the walls of the old city and get to where this temple area is. The angel said, but the outer court, that is the outer wall of the compound, of the court, that was outside the temple area, here is where all the congregation stood to worship the Lord: That was to be left out. The Jewish people did not go inside the temple building. It was only a small thing. Only the priests went in there; but outside, in front of that building was an altar that could be seen by everyone. The angel told John, Measure it not, for it is given to the Gentiles, meaning the beast, and they shall take the city, the old walled city part, and that outer court area, and trample it under their feet for the last half of the week of Daniel. That does not change the prophecy concerning the process of rebuilding the whole thing. I hope you understand that. It does not change nor annul the writings of the scriptures. All that God has purposed to do will be done exactly according to His plan and purpose which was a finished work on His part before the foundation of the world itself.


I had a call from a man who had traveled all over Europe and everywhere else. He evidently had read some issue of the Contender. We went to talk with him and he said, Bro. Jackson, I see where you believe the temple will be rebuilt. I said, Yes. He said, How can that be, when the Bible says there is going to be a great earthquake and one tenth of the city will fall? I said, I have been in the Holy Land a few times, and there are places in the old city area that have never been upside down, no matter how many earthquakes they have had. Here is the western wall, the wailing wall, that goes back to Herod’s temple and the time of Christ. There have been many earthquakes. If God is going to have that temple built, rest assured of one thing, there will be an earthquake to bring one tenth down somewhere, but that temple and all the area He had built, will never be disturbed because God is a God that can do it. I have no idea what he thought about my answer, because I never heard from him anymore. That is the way this modern bunch of educated preachers are. They know so much themselves, and look at you as though you are such a little know-nothing, you just as well hold your peace and say nothing. Well it tells me here, that there is going to be a time that God will make sure all of these prophecies are fulfilled, and I ask you, Who is the author of this time? God Himself is the only ONE that knows exactly when, as far as the day and hour of each occurrence. We are only able to see a profile of the order of events and the seasons they will occur in. What is He concerned about? That city, because that is where He put His name, back in the days of King David. King David, in his mind, wanted to have a temple built, but God would not let him build it because he had shed so much blood. He chose that his son Solomon would be the one that would fulfill the dreams of his father. It was King David that established the system of theocracy in that kingdom. He was the first king to carry out that principal, ruling and reigning from Jerusalem. This is why the scripture says in a couple of places (Isaiah 2:3) “And many people shall go and say, Come ye, and let us go up to the mountain of the LORD, to the house of the God of Jacob; and he will teach us of his ways, and we will walk in his paths: for out of Zion shall go forth the law, and the word of the LORD from Jerusalem.” That is also found in Micah 4:2, “And many nations shall come, and say, Come, and let us go up to the mountain of the LORD, and to the house of the God of Jacob; and he will teach us of his ways, and we will walk in his paths: for the law shall go forth of Zion, and the word of the LORD from Jerusalem.” That is how it will be when Jesus literally sits upon the throne of His Father David. With this in mind then, we can settle the fact that we are approaching the end of the seventh church age. Time is running out. The seventh church age messenger was a duplication an a repeating of all the other messages that the prophets and men of the Reformation have preached. That is why seven times around and the last time came the victory was so significant. That is why Israel had to do that, because it typed something coming up at a future time. The trumpets that were blown is none other than the trumpet of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. It set it in type. The Jews did not know what the type was for, or even that it was done to set forth a type. They just obeyed the word of God spoken by His prophet. It was not necessary at the time, for anyone to know why it was done exactly that way. Nevertheless that seventh day, that seventh time around, pointed to a day and hour when there would come a message that would point the end time people back to the message of the Ephesus church and right on down the line through the Laodicean, which is the seventh. When we come to the end of that seventh age, we come to the end of Gentile time as far as them having preeminence with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. That is when God will return in preeminence to start dealing with the Jewish people. “In the day that they walls are to be built, in that day shall the decree be far removed.” This decree mentioned, you can find it in Deuteronomy 28. In the dictionary, a decree is an official order, a decree of fate, and that is what was mentioned, before they had ever crossed into the Promised Land, in Deuteronomy, God warned Israel. When the day comes you turn your back on me, I will take great pleasure in cursing you. He said, I will drive you out of this land, I will scatter you to the ends of the earth. You can read it in Deuteronomy 28. Yes saints, all of the word of God will be fulfilled in due time. We just have to believe it and be ready to walk with God in every situation that He brings to pass. He is not against those who believe His word and walk with Him: He is against those who pervert His word and walk according to their own will and selfish purpose. This let us know, when this hour of time has arrived, God will actually say, There will be no more persecution of the Jewish people from now on, that is over. “In that day also he shall come even to thee from Assyria.” This verse is telling how the dispersed Jew, even down to the minute person, shall come to thee from Assyria. “And from the fortified cities, and from the fortress even to the river, and from sea to sea, and from mountain to mountain.” That is the language from ancient times. Keep in mind, not all the continents of the earth, at that time this prophecy was given, had been broken up into countries. Therefore the prophet is speaking on behalf of those that are to come then, whatever the future condition may be, from these places they did know, and from mountain to mountain, from river to river, from sea to sea, wherever the place is that they have been driven to, God says, I will bring them home. Now the 13th verse says, “Notwithstanding (or however) the land (the land of Israel) shall be desolate (It will have a run down appearance, because villages that at one time were beautiful, with children playing in the streets, families building houses, planting gardens as they would in ancient times, with fruit trees, people living in harmony, doing what they felt the God of heaven wanted them to do, these villages became torn to pieces by centuries of wars and being ravaged by invasions. God said the land would remain desolate while His people were scattered. The land shall be desolate) because of them that dwell therein.” This is how God looked, at that time, on the future ones that were going to take over. This is none other than a picture of the Palestinians who live there today. You cannot lay the blame on anyone else. “For the fruit of their doings.” In 1968, when I had my first opportunity to go there, Jerusalem had just been taken over by the Israeli army in 1967. Not much time had passed, but when our guides took us through the old city, keep in mind those buildings, those houses, were all erected out of the ancient stone that for centuries the city had been composed of, as they beat them to the ground by their invasions and such. The same stones had been salvaged, cleaned up and re-erected on the same ruins, over and over this picture is repeated. The sanitation of the city is very poor. Goats, sheep, camels, all kinds of animals could be seen. For centuries, those Arabs have had this city, but that has nothing at all to do with who it rightfully belongs to. It smelled much like a stable because of all those animals. You could not get away from it. Then we noticed, that after the Jewish army took it over, because we had a rabbi tell us the Jewish government had told the Arab people, Clean up the city, or we will close your businesses. They meant it. They were not going to let tourists come in there and trade in those Arab shops, and let them make a fortune unless they were willing to spend some of that money cleaning up the premises. They required them to clean up the streets and make the place smell like a city human beings live in. That is why the prophecy is written like this, that the land would be desolate, because of their doings, speaking of the prior time before the Israeli’s began to crack down on those who would remain there. Up until the Six Day War, the ancient land of the valley of Jezreel, (That is the same as the plains of Megiddo) (and that is the place where the battle of Armageddon is supposed to be fought) remained as it had been for centuries. After the ten tribes had been taken out of there, in 728 B.C., God said the land would remain desolate for centuries, because the ten tribes are the original possessors and inhibitors of it. The Arabs, that had through the centuries, come in and occupied this land, never did put it to any noticeable use. They occupied vast acreages, but for some reason God would never let them till the land. They brought in goats and sheep, but this same bread basket area of ancient times, the area where Israel grew the grain that made their bread, just became like a wilderness, desolate looking. It had no resemblance of its former days because of the way it had been allowed to just grow wild things. It became a swamp, because much of this was where an ancient river had flowed. I do not remember the name of it, but it is mentioned in Kings, when Elijah had the prophets killed. The headwaters of it came back into this area; therefore it finally became a swamp. Crocodiles infested the area. After the Jews regained control over this land in the 1967 war, certain people then that began to realize, God had given this land back to them for them in return to allow the prophecies concerning it to be fulfilled, because concerning this land, the Bible says this, Isaiah 35:1 “The wilderness and the solitary place shall be glad for them; and the desert shall rejoice, and blossom as the rose.” When they took over this desolate valley of Jezreel, Jews that had come from the areas of Australia, began to suggest that trees like they have growing in Australia called the eucalyptus be planted there. When it grows, it puts a tap root straight down, and of course that would break up the crust and allow the water to seep out.


As Israel went about to reclaim this Jezreel Valley for crop land, they sent an order to Australia and got eucalyptus seedlings which they planted in certain places. They surveyed the swamp and designed a means of planting those trees along the areas which showed the drainage channels. It was not long until those trees began to flourish, and those tap roots that had gone straight down had broken that crust and the swamp water began to sink. They rounded up crocodiles. I have no idea what they did with them, whether they ate them, put them in zoo’s or shipped them off to some other swamp. I will never forget one of the last times we were there, and they took us up on the ancient fortress of Megiddo and we looked out over those same plains. With bulldozers they had channeled the drainage. The major part had dried up and they were growing cotton in places that had been swamp land. Our guide told us, as we looked at giant bales of cotton stacked there, that they also grow barley, wheat, and oats. A certain man from Texas, that was there with a group of tourists, took interest in that area of land. This man reached down, pick up some of the soil and looked at it, and then said to the guide, This earth would grow excellent cotton. There never had been cotton grown in Israel. Through the guide, they approached the agricultural department with that idea. They allowed the Texan to take a sample of the dirt home with him for testing. This Texas rancher planted cotton in this sample. Later he called back and told them. This soil will grow and produce some of the best cotton there is anywhere. From that day on, through the agricultural department of Israel and those that were set in charge of helping to rehabilitate this land, they started planting cotton. Now when you go to Israel, in the ancient valley of Jezreel, which at one time was a swamp infested with crocodiles, you will find that they are producing one of the most competitive cotton products there is in the whole Middle East. Egypt has been producing cotton and really had the Middle East market more or less to themselves, but now Israel has a better grade of cotton growing in the land of Palestine. These are things we have to look at, as we look at this prophecy. It is more or less a progress thing, certain details of it, so let us read on. In the 14th verse of Micah 7, it gives us a picture of how things will begin to develop as the dispersed Jews come home. Everything is moving along right on time. God is still in control. Sure, things look bad, but God’s word declares that world conditions will come to a state that will be as it was in the days of Noah, before He calls a halt to man’s schemes and fulfills His word to Israel.


Let us look as this scripture in (Micah 7:14-17). “Feed thy people with thy rod, the flock of thine heritage, which dwell solitarily in the wood, in the midst of Carmel: let them feed in Bashan and Gilead, (Please notice that Gilead is across the river in northern Jordan, that belonged to certain of the ancient ten tribes part of Israel, but this is the prophecy of the beginning of the dispersed Jew. As he comes back, he begins to want to live where his ancient forefathers lived. That is why this prophecy speaks out like this, let them feed in Bashan. That is on this side of the river, Gilead is on the other side) as in the days of old.” So it is on its way and there is not a thing the world can do to stop it. Now God becomes more specific, because in this time factor God sees to it that He has His eye on Israel. “According to the days of thy coming out of the land of Egypt will I show unto him marvelous things.” Meaning this, Read the Old Testament, in the book of Exodus, read the book of Numbers, read Deuteronomy and Leviticus, and you will see there, the things God did as He led Israel from bondage, what He did at the Red Sea, what was accomplished at the Red Sea, how He fed them through the wilderness journey, and how He caused them to subdue and bring the Amorites under control. God was with them. A lot of people of our day look back and say, That was a wonderful, miraculous thing God did back then, yet it is all history. As long as we read about things already fulfilled, it is hard to imagine, Can he really do it again? Right here, He tells you exactly what He is going to do. We can say this for sure, No matter how wise this educated generation may get, nor how super intelligent they may become, God has something within His plan that He is going to show this world before very much longer. It is not how much you know, that makes the difference, it is whether you know Him that holds your destiny in His own hands, and whether you are willing to submit your will to Him to fulfill His purpose in you. When God promises something, He will do exactly that. That is the part that stupefies mortal man. Think of those tribes, the Bedouin people in that desert country when the children of Israel were being brought through. They did not have super swords and spears to fight a war like the other nations of people did, that they were going to come in contact with. The came out of Egypt with the bare necessities. They were not a people that had studied warfare, and had not even experienced warfare. God took them and brought them through some of the most trying hardships anyone could ever imagine to preserve their existence. I have to believe that is exactly why God has let the world move into its cultivated state, the way it is right now, with high technology and weapons capable of blowing everything to pieces. Know this though, Just when man begins to think God cannot compete with all of this, that is when He is going to show man, Compared to what I am able to use, what you have is nothing but playthings. God is going to wreck the whole setup when He starts this end time windup. He says right here, According to the days. That gives us something to look back at. “According to the days of thy coming out of the land of Egypt, (Read what happened back then) will I (meaning the Lord) show unto him (meaning Israel) marvelous things.” Brothers and Sisters: I am so convinced that this is just a few months down the road from where the world is right now, that is makes me real anxious to see the power of God at work. God is going to do something that will tear man’s plans all to pieces. Once it starts it is never going to cease until the world is facing the beginning of the last week of Daniel’s seventy weeks. I said to my wife last night, Once the week of Daniel starts, the miraculous experiences of Israel are over. The only miracles that are done after that, are what is done by the two prophets, as they prophesy in the streets of Jerusalem. The Israelis army is no longer on the prowl because she has already conquered the Arabs, which are her outlying neighbors. She has conquered them, and they are at peace with each other. They are no longer her enemies. Israel now, does not need an international army. She is dwelling safely in un-walled villages. This beastly thing that comes out of the west, is something she is still going to have to compete with. When God starts this, the nations shall see and be confounded. Stop and think a minute. We have religionists today, I respect them up to a point. They are holiness. They would not have a TV in the house for anything. To them, it is evil. About all they have is just their brand of holiness. They do not have a TV in the house, and neither do they have any revelation of the word of God. They have no idea whether Jesus Christ is coming now or a hundred years from now. They have been so blinded by the holiness thing, they cannot even see what God is doing in this day and hour. I have to say though, TV in some homes can corrupt the whole family, because of what they choose to watch. If they have a desire and liking to watch some of this filthy stuff that is on the thing, they will sit there allowing their mind’s to be corrupted, and have no time at all for the things of God. The television itself is not evil, but if something comes flashing across the screen that a Christian should have no part of, it is your responsibility to turn it off, or switch to another channel. It is just that simple. As you think of some of these scriptures we are looking at, there has never been another era of time that they could be fulfilled, because it is going to be through watching television, that the whole world sees some of the things the Bible speaks of. God knew all about this age of communication before the foundation of the world, so why would He not allow for it in prophecy pointing to this hour? When I was a child, very few homes had radios, so we did not get international news. Back then, foreign news came by wire. Sometimes if the wire was not working well, it was so noisy you got a fouled up message. There was no visionary news. The only news you got, was by wire. Later it came by wireless radio. Still there was no visionary news. You did not see it until there came pictures that showed what that event consisted of. This prophecy could not even have been fulfilled sixty years ago, because the nations would not have had a thing to look at, that they could see what the power of God was doing on the other side of the world. They could only have read about something that had happened a month and a half ago. The pictures you might finally see were old, but look how it is now. Let something of major importance take place anywhere in the world, and instantly, it is seen around the world. You get visionary news just as quick as you get vocal news. The nations, from the Orient to the islands of the sea, will all see, as all TV’s tune in on what is taking place in Israel. That is exactly why it says, “The nations shall see and be confounded at all their might.” Yes, it was modern technology that made this thing so they could see it. What a day we live in. Even in that prophecy of 710 B.C., God caused that prophet to describe these things of this century in such explicit words. If we would have known eighty years ago that there was going to be such a thing, we would have known that it is talking about TV. Rather though, you could hear, How can a man see such things? If we had to depend on the news like it was seventy or eighty years ago, this thing would be all over before we got the first report of it. Not so though, because here it is, a day when world News is just as accessible as our local News. Yes, the nations shall see and be confounded, and that means mentally stupefied. Why will they? Because they are planning through their intellectual programs, to establish certain agendas that will promote their own ideas for world betterment. When God begins to move to fulfill these prophecies you will hear, We didn’t anticipate this, so now what are we going to do? Bill Clinton, your days are short. “They shall lay their hand upon their mouth.” There are a lot of people, that when they are suddenly surprised they stand and look and take it all in, but some people are very emotional and react completely different than that. I have to believe God has some things up His sleeve, He is going to make a few people in this world complain and howl and cry and weep, as they wonder what is going on. They will lay their hand upon their mouth and in total surprise. “their ears shall be deaf. They shall lick the dust like a serpent, (God sure knows how to bring them down to a place of humility.) they shall move out of their holes like worms of the earth: they shall be afraid of the Lord our God.” This is the Holy Spirit speaking through the prophet on behalf of how the children of Israel are going to be used of God to bring about this kind of reaction. They shall be afraid of the Lord our God. That speaks of the God of the Jews. “And shall fear because of thee.” God has a specific reason for introducing this era. I want to speak of it as we go further on into this message. There is an era of the miraculous, the display of God’s power, just right up the road from where time stands now. Once it starts there is an element of people on this earth that is going to know that God is in action. Since those eight children in Paducah were shot by that fourteen year old kid, it seems to have set a certain trend. I saw yesterday, on Tv, where there are some teenagers in different cities, that are now out witnessing for Jesus Christ. I heard on teenage girl say, I just hope it isn’t a fad. I thought to myself, Wait until God begins to show Himself in the Middle East: It is going to cause people to forget all about this fourteen year old that did the shooting. I certainly do not rejoice over the fact that this fourteen year old boy is facing what he is: Just think what he has to live with the rest of his life. Think of the fact that one of those girls is still paralyzed. She will never know the joy of being able to get around like other people, just because the devil in modern society, a society that know it all, has taken the freedom America once enjoyed, freedom of speech, and freedom of expression, and has cast the whole society into bondage. We have teenage gangs walking the streets nightly, carrying firearms, and ready to shoot anyone who gets in their way. What a day and hour we live in! Now to fit into their New World Order agenda, Japan issues a declaration. The whole world needs to be disarmed: That means every citizen of every nation should be disarmed, and only the military and law enforcement people would have arms. The writer of that article I read, spoke of how in ancient times in Japan, there was an elite class of super beings called the Samurai. They were allowed to carry those polished swords. They stalked the Japanese race. They could look down upon the poor peasant, and could make him bend and do anything they chose to have him do, because he had no weapons. Only God Himself knows exactly what we are going to see and experience before we get out of here. We are fast moving toward a great development of something the world has not yet seen the likes of. This book (the Bible) is yet going to talk to a few people on this earth. It is going to come alive to them and I am so glad. Now I will read this dream I had. I have tried to put it in as few words as possible and yet retain the whole picture that we are to see. Also, I want to say, I do not want anyone to think that I am anything more than what God has enabled me to be: I am just thankful that God let me see what I have seen. I had this dream on Tuesday morning of this past week.


Tuesday morning December 16th, 1997 at approximately 6:00 A.M. I had a dream I will never forget. My wife and I , planned a meeting with the entire family Tuesday night December 16th in our daughter Arlene Marshall’s home, because her living room is large enough to accommodate the twenty three of us. We were going to watch a video that Bro. Steve Yahraus had purchased for us about the Grand Canyon. As the dream started, I saw myself, my wife and my family coming through the front door of Arlene’s living room. After I entered the room my attention was drawn to one of the windows facing the west. I suddenly saw something on the outside taking place. I spoke out to everyone, to get away from the window, because something was about to happen. I made my way to window to watch this unusual sight. At that very moment the whole outside was in the process of changing. Everywhere I looked it was the spirit world, and not the natural world. High up, I could see two men which were dressed like prophets of old. I could see them clearly, as though they were walking out of a cloud. I said in my heart, This is Moses and Elijah. I could even see the features of their faces. Their faces showed them to be around forty years of age. Then as I looked, I could see angels dressed in armor, and each one’s facial features showed authority. As I watched, everything was moving fast, as though there was a great necessity to having everything in place at the proper time, for whatever was to happen. I was so startled at what I was seeing that all I could say was, Something is going to happen! Something is going to happen! Something is going to happen! At that moment I could see how big the spirit world was. It made me feel like we earthly creatures live in a very small world. I felt myself starting to cry and saying, Something is going to happen! I woke up at approximately 6:00 A.M.


Seeing those angels in armor, assembling like that I thought, How will I describe this to people so they will understand? We have had such a fantasy in our mind’s, of angels being winged creatures dressed in white, and all this type of picture, so that it is difficult to think that angels could appear any other way. However, I thought of Joshua 5:13-15, As the children of Israel had crossed the Jordan River, Joshua told the priests what to do, he told the last ones coming in to pick up a stone. When they all cleared the river and got on the other side, these stones were to be piled together as a memorial for future generations of children that would come along and ask questions. Now that everything was on this side of the river, they were ready to turn and head toward Jericho. Then, all of a sudden, as Joshua looked up, he saw a man in front of him and he spoke out to the man, Are you for us or against us? That is the way it looked to him at first. Then that man spoke out to him saying, (Let me read those three verses to you.) 13 “And it came to pass, when Joshua was by Jericho, that he lifted up his eyes and looked, and behold, there stood a man over against him with his sword drawn in his hand; and Joshua went unto him, and said unto him, Art thou for us, or for our adversaries? 14 And he said, Nay: but as captain of the host of the LORD am I now come. And Joshua fell on his face to the earth, and did worship, and said unto him, What saith my lord unto his servant? 15 And the captain of the LORD’S host said unto Joshua, Loose thy shoe from off thy foot; for the place whereupon thou standest is holy. And Joshua did so.” The man had a sword drawn, so he looked like a military man. That is the way we would have to look at that. Now go to 2nd Kings 6:15-17, where we find another such scene. Here is where the Syrians have been sent out to look for Elisha, because he told the children of Israel how to avoid them. Someone told the Syrian army, there is only one man that could cause this confusion, so they told the Syrians where they could find him and they went after him. The Syrian army encamped around the entire city where they were and the servant of Elisha looked out and saw them. When that young man looked out the window and saw all that host of Syrian army, he was startled. He said, Master, look out there at all of that. Elisha said, there are more for us than against us. Elisha just said, Father, open the young man’s eyes. We can read it. 15 “And when the servant of the man of God was risen early, and gone forth, behold, an host compassed the city both with horses and chariots. And his servant said unto him, Alas, my master! How shall we do? 16 And he answered, Fear not: for they that be with us are more than they that be with them. 17 And Elisha prayed, and said, LORD, I pray thee, open his eyes, that he may see, And the LORD opened the eyes of the young man; and he saw; and, behold, the mountain was full of horses and chariots of fire round about Elisha. 18 And when they came down to him, Elisha prayed unto the LORD, and said, Smite this people, I pray thee, with blindness. And he smote them with blindness according to the word of Elisha.” When that young man opened his eyes, he saw an army of angels and fiery chariots. That was not white winged creatures, that was an army that was ready to defend God’s interest and fight for whatever needed to be fought for. We will look at one more. When you read Daniel 12:1 it says, At that time shall Michael stand up, the prince of thy people. He is an angel. He is the one Joshua saw. He is the guardian angel that has always led the children of Israel through all her earthly conflicts. At that time he shall stand up and there will be a time of trouble such as there never was before and never shall be again. We have to believe it is going to take this thing of Michael standing up with that spiritual army, and they will accompany the Israeli army as they enter the field of warfare for the short period of time, when God begins to fulfill Numbers 24 that says, And they shall do valiantly. Israel, without that great host, would not accomplish the great feats that they are destined to accomplish. Picture Michael and his army of angels with the army of Israel. What a conflict! What a surprise for their enemies! Everyone whose names are found written in the book shall be delivered. That leads to the hour of the two prophets of Revelation 11. There will be a time that many that sleep in the dust of the earth shall come forth. That is the righteous. That is the resurrection that will take place for the rapture. Also it says, And many to everlasting shame and contempt. That is pointing all the way to the end of the Millennium. It took the apostle Paul to set the resurrection straight. In the Old Testament, the resurrection had always been believ3ed by the Jews as a general thing. It is broken up into intervals. That is why there had to be a man like Paul on the scene. In the 15th chapter of 1st Corinthians, he taught the Church how the resurrection will actually be expressed in its order. With this in mind, I pray that in the days to come we can all keep our eyes open and be ready to walk with God according to a true revelation.


I am thankful to the Lord, that He has allowed me through these recent months, to come in contact with some things that pertain to the New World Order. If I was not a Christian, and if the Lord had not, by His grace, shown me certain things out of His word, I would have to go along with some of these educated preachers of our day, that are preaching on television. The things they are saying goes around the world, but as I read some of this material, it is utterly impossible, if the Bible is true, and I know it is, for these things to be allowed to materialize. The politicians have not place in their agendas to allow anyone to even make an effort to fulfill any part of these prophecies. All you have to do is read some of it. That is one reason why these politicians put this together, they do not want any religious fanatic raising up, trying to say things to create fear or such like in the minds of people. Therefore when we look at the Bible, and we know that what is in it is true, then we can plainly see how God will allow fallen mankind, political leaders and educators of every sort, to put together a picture to their own destruction. That is what it will amount to: It will ed to their own destruction. There are so many people so sold out to this thing, to try to convince them today that it will not be that way is hopeless: You may as well go out and talk to a tree. They cannot see anything else but the power of political opinions and what the education institutions today are instilling in the minds of people. It is my prayer to God, that He will enable me to draw a picture for you, of what you, as a believer, can begin to expect as we rapidly approach the end. What is written in this book (the Bible) is going to be fulfilled to the very letter. As for what is going on right now, God will let it go until it reaches a certain point in time. Then, when God does begin to intervene in man’s affairs to bring about a fulfillment of His word, you are going to see some things that will make your heart rejoice, and at the same time you will see some things that are going to make worldly people weep, cry, beg and plead that things not be allowed to go that way. When you read some of the articles of today, that are written by educated philosophers, just like we talked about a couple weeks ago, they talk about fanatics that have appointed time through the centuries, that the end of the world is coming, you know they are hardened against such talk. The end of the world is a term only used by carnal minded people, because the Bible itself does not point toward the end of the world. It speaks of the coming of Jesus Christ, but none of that brings about an end to man’s carnal governmental system. I personally, will be glad when it is all over. I will be glad when mankind is free from this present bondage. God will tolerate until the time is right, man’s domination, his dictatorial ways, his abuse of the rights of people, the way they are robbed through taxation and laws that make no sense, but we are looking for a day when the world will be ruled by a RIGHTEOUS KING. The present American political system is putting more people out on the streets every year because they want to turn this into a New World system. They will take the nations that have already been living as third rate nations for hundreds of years, give the wealth out of this nation to them, and in so doing, turn this nation into a third rate nation. That is why people have come from the ends of the earth for the last hundred years, to be able to share in a nation and its prosperity and freedom. It simply lets you know, Many of our politicians are nothing but crooks, blinded, and do not know what they are doing. If they had any idea at all of setting an example for the third rate nations, they ought to have at least left America a Christian oriented nation. It was only when America was governed by laws that were a result of Christian principles, that it was really great. We no longer have that attribute to our credit. Keep in mind, if God was to let America go another fifty years as it has gone for the last fifty, the day will come when you will (if you were still here) see the streets of America worse than the streets in Bangladesh, Haiti, and all the rest of such countries. It is a curse of Satan to leave a society stupefied, to live in such poverty. The devil will promise many people wealth, and allow some of them to have it up to a point in time, and after that, he is the devil that likes to see people wallow in mud holes of poverty, disease, filth and hopelessness. He glories in that, because he does not like cleanness. He hates honesty. That is why the biggest percentage of the world today is in ignorance, as far as how to better themselves. That is why I say, If America was left to let the politicians lead it the way it is going, we would end up in a pitiful shape, because we already have areas in our big cities, that are fast becoming slums, inhabited by poverty ridden people sleeping in the streets with no hope for tomorrow. Never in your lifetime have you seen the amount of literature in the mail boxes, asking, Please help us support this, help us support that, and all such stuff. I do not remember anything like that going on when I was a child. I heard of poor people, and I heard of help being given by various one’s, but they have this thing today where you have to help poor people the government’s way. I did not come here to preach this, but saints, there are a lot of people ignorant of what is going on in this country today. God is the only answer to this dilemma and He has already been rejected. He has a cure for what ails this nation, but He also has His own time to activate His plan. When He does set about to clean up America, He will clean it from the top to the bottom. Well so much for that: Let me now call your attention to the chart we have over there on the wall. On that chart, you will find listed all the scriptures that fit into God’s end time picture when He is finishing up with Gentiles and turning His attention back to the Jews. There are only a very few preachers on TV, that ever even attempt to deal with things like this, and the one’s that do, just pick around with it and miss the true picture. I want to try to show you something today, and what I am going to show you, I want you to be spiritual enough to judge what I am saying, how I describe it to you, and allow your mind to put the picture together the way it is going to unfold. It is so pathetic, that through the centuries of time, men, some individuals have risen on the scene with a suppositional revelation that Jesus is coming just any time, or else at a time they announce, and they declare what they have to do in order to escape the wrath to follow. Some will go into hiding, believing that is the answer. When their predictions fail to come to pass, some end up killing themselves. That again is a trick of the devil. No amount of truth is going to cause believers of the word of God to go insane. Truth itself sets peoples’ soul’s free. It gives them liberty, because it gets them free from Satan’s bondage so they can claim the victory that belongs to them. Truth enables them to see a clear pathway in which to follow. They no longer have to grope in the dark, filled with doubt and disillusionment. When we looked at the scripture in Micah, it plainly tells you in that verse we started with, that when the day has come, or the time has come that thy walls are to be built, and God is not talking about the walls of New York City, Chicago, St. Louis, London England, or Paris France. There is only one city on earth, mentioned in prophecy, that God is really concerned about. That is Jerusalem. He has been looking at that city for centuries. That is why in Zechariah 2:8, it is referred to as the apple of His eye. I have been asked, Bro. Jackson: when do you think the temple will be built? Before the tribulation period, or in the Millennium? Jerusalem is going to be built in your day, if you live until the rapture takes place. Well how can you prove that? By the rest of the scriptures that go with the picture we are looking at. In Zechariah 12, starting in the 2nd verse, we find, I will make Jerusalem a cup of trembling. When? In the Millennium? Absolutely not! You would have to be spiritually blind and totally ignorant of the whole picture to believe anything like that. How could anyone think Jesus Christ will come back to earth and stand over there on the Mount of Olives, waiting, while some construction outfit builds the temple He is to rule the world from? That is absurd. That is total blindness. Why would God want to make Jerusalem a cup of trembling merely to the people that are going to live in the Millennium with Jesus? It plainly tells you, in the 12th chapter, He will make it a cup of trembling to all them round about. I know I have read this scripture to you many times before, but some still miss the point, so let us read it again. Verse 2-3, “Behold, I will make Jerusalem a cup of trembling unto all the people round about, when they shall be in the siege both against Judah and against Jerusalem. 3 And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people; all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces, though all the people in the earth be gathered together against it.” Verse 2, is not a universal picture: It is a local picture. That speaks of the Arabs, the Islamist that are causing all the fuss today, and that secretly have an agenda whereby they plan to wipe the Israeli people off the map. No way can there be two competitors in the same area of land that God gave to the seed of Isaac, the Jews, the rightful owners claiming it, and the Palestinians, the trespassers on the land, standing right there claiming it also. God has the answer. All we have to do is read the record properly. Looking at that scripture in Micah that says, “In the day,” that means somewhere in time, there is an appointed time, appointed by God, not by Raymond Jackson, nor any other mortal, but by God Himself, for certain things to be fulfilled. There is an appointed number of days somewhere in the plan of God, for Jerusalem to be rebuilt. God wants the whole world to take notice. Do not think God is going to start all of these things in motion without putting the world on notice. Yes, concerning the Arabs, they are going to think they have a hot potato in their hands. That is why Jerusalem shall become a cup of trembling. That is illustrative language, that the Arabs are all going to be involved in a very nervous, and tense point of decision making. The 3rd verse says, He will make Jerusalem a burdensome stone, not to them round about, but to all them that become burdened, or occupied with it. That is the international body of the United Nations as it exists today. Look at that body of nations. It has accomplished nothing worthwhile, in the fifty years since its beginning. They put that thing together, and have taken the American taxpayers money to support it, giving people the idea that they are in an organization that will work out agendas that will establish world peace. Well just stop and think of all the wars and bloodshed in the world in the last fifty years. Have they accomplished anything like that? You can rest assured it was not those representatives they voted in there, that ever did much about anything. Somehow it fell America’s lot to look at the issues, the conflicts going on from Korea, Vietnam, and now, Bosnia, and take the necessary steps to try to resolve the problem. Had the American leadership not looked at Bosnia and seen the bloodshed, and been willing to take leadership in trying to bring an end to it, all the rest would have just sat back, and hang their heads and say, we can’t do anything about it. Well let me tell you, God will tear up their playhouse before very much longer. I am one that will jump up an down with glee when it takes place, because that thing is as useless as a turnip patch on Mars. I cannot help feeling that way. First, they sit back until a half million people have been slaughtered before they can make up their mind’s what they are going to do. That is insanity. There is one thing I want to establish in the mind’s of those that will receive the video, and those who will read this message in the Contender when it is printed. God has a yardstick lying here in His Bible and ti seems there are ever so many people today, many of them educated preachers, that just simply do not see it there, and most of those who see it, do not know how to read it correctly. It is a pitiful shame, to have so many preachers influencing innocent souls to be so careless with the word of God. They think carnal man has more power than God’s word. Well the truth is, man can only do what God allows him to do. That is why He will allow Satan to do everything he does through the United Nations. He knows He can bring all of it to a halt anytime it comes in conflict with His own plan. When it comes time for God to fulfill His word, there is not a devil in hell, nor a leader of any nation on this earth that can prevent His word from being fulfilled. There is absolutely no existing power in heaven or earth that can change what is written in the word of God. That is because every living thing got its life from Him.


I am going to try and simplify what we will be looking at as much as I know how; and I am not going to preach the seventy weeks of Daniel to you, but I want to show you how that seventy weeks of Daniel has been so overlooked by so many. In the 9th chapter of Daniel, in verse 23, (I will not read it: I will just refer to it.) When the angel Gabriel came to Daniel, Daniel had been fasting and praying. (Now remember where Daniel was: He was in Babylon.) He understood by certain records and writings, Jeremiah and such, that God had determined seventy years of exile for those Jews, for them to be in Babylon. As he did his research he saw that they had already been there so many years, therefore the time was getting close for there to be a change. In his mind, was probably the question, what is in store for us? God sent Gabriel, the great arch angel to speak to him, and when he is brought on the scene, he always carries an outstanding message for earthly recipients. The angel told him, (24) “Seventy weeks are determined upon thy people and upon thy holy city, to finish the transgression, and to make an end of sins, and to make reconciliation for iniquity, and to bring in everlasting righteousness, and to seal up the vision and prophecy, and to anoint the most Holy.” Do not let that seventy weeks confuse your mind. I am going to say it the way we might have said it, and you will see exactly what was meant. The angel could have just said to Daniel, 490 years are determined upon thy people and so forth. That would have made it more simple, but we have to face reality: The angel said exactly what the Creator meant for him to say. God did not mean for it to be so simple that any smart aleck could get to the truth just by reading it. God has always reserved the privilege to Himself, to reveal the true understanding of His word to those who would allow Him to do it by the Spirit. Whatever anyone may think or say, it meant exactly what it meant; that 490 years of total time would expire while God deals with Israel because of their transgressions. If you notice the language, to deal with thy people and thy beloved city, and to make an end of sin, and bring in everlasting righteousness, and to fulfill the vision, and to anoint the most Holy, and that would mean the holy temple, not the Most Holy man. Because, when He comes, He is already anointed. That is the way we have to look at it. Now we know by the writings of Nehemiah, when the decree came, it says this, (the angel broke it down) Verse 25, “Know therefore and understand, that from the going forth of the commandment to restore and to build Jerusalem unto the Prince shall be (first) seven weeks, (That seven weeks was 49 years) and threescore and two weeks: the street shall be built again, and the wall, even in troublous times.” We do know this, when you read 445 B.C., that is calendar years, according to the Roman calendar, but when you take 445 B.C. calendar years and break it down into prophetic years, which are 360 days each, instead of 365 1/4, we come to this. The 49 prophetic years, which is the seven weeks, brings you to approximately 397 calendar time, B.C., which is right at the 400 years before Christ. In that period of time when you read in the book of Nehemiah, you find that Nehemiah was the one used of God to go back and encourage the people to hurry up and rebuild the walls. From the rebuilding of the walls, it was to be followed by a 62 week of period, which is 43 years, from this point right straight on through to the crucifixion of Christ. It tells you there in that prophecy, and the city shall be rebuilt, the streets, meaning the city shall be gradually restored back into accessibility, to be inhabited by Jewish people, to get the city ready for the first coming of the Messiah. So then 49 years, which corresponds to the first seven weeks, brings you approximately, to the time of Malachi. That was the prophet that closed that era of the great revival. Already, that element of people that had helped fulfill that era, were drifting back into apostasy. Read what Malachi, said, in the 2nd and 3rd chapter. Beginning there , it says, The city and streets and so forth shall be built in troublous times. You have to read the history of that era to really understand. Now here is what constitutes B.C, meaning before the Christian era. All the records of the histories that were written, terminate with the death of King Herod, that is B.C., before Christ. I am holding the stick right here for you to get that firmly fixed in your mind. (Pointing to chart) A.D. is not after death. It points to the advent. If you have ever searched this out in the Dictionary, you will see that A.D. is defined like this, (anno Domini, Often used as cap A.D., used to indicate that a time division falls within the Christian era.) And that is about as plain as anything could be. Histories that were recorded shortly after the crucifixion of Christ in 33 A.D., were still written in the same fashion that they were written in back in the B.C. period. You had no such thing as universal historians that compiled the history of the whole world and all the nations together. The historians then, were only concerned about one nation. Therefore each one wrote his histories in this fashion, In the thirteenth year of President So and So, in the sixth month, so and so. I am only using this as an example. It was not until they got way over here in the third and fourth century, when the spirit of Catholicism began to creep in, that the Christian Church begin to want to look at time a little more precisely, because by that time the gospel of Jesus Christ had been received in many of the nations of the Middle East, as well as Europe. Leaders within the ranks of Christendom began to say, Why do we have to keep records based on the old ancient terms, when there has been One born, that is to be King of the whole earth? As Christian nations, we ought to begin to date things from the birth of our King. (Do you see what we are looking at?) Therefore somewhere along here, this is what the scholars of Catholicism began to put together. Using recorded histories, they began to calculate time, but they had not such things as calculators or computers. They only had the records, as recorded by former historians, but they began to put together the history of the time. They worked backward from a certain point. This line goes right here against this, because we are working back according to this line (Chart) When they came to where B.C. ends, right here, then they ran into a problem, because they could see by the gospels, that Jesus The Christ, who was born to be King of the earth, actually was born before the death of King Herod. With that in mind, they began to calculate time from the approximate time of His birth. Right there, many of the historians disagreed. For a long time the Christian church world spent much time arguing, debating, Well He was born two and one half years before the death of Herod. Some said, No, He was born four years before the death of Herod. Well I am not here to explain to you the exact difference, but to show you the argument, the frustration and confusion that still exists even today. That is why, even in the King James version of the Bible, when they would carry any dates of chronology, they refer to some of these dates still in confusion. That is why we went ahead and put this chart together like this. The purpose of this prophecy, in the Old Testament, in Daniel, God gave it to Israel with this intention. You watch this, and as you observe time, you become so interested in this yardstick I am giving you, that you will know when the time is getting close, and even though you that are now in Babylon will not be alive when this terminates, your offspring that are to benefit by what you will go back and fulfill and set in motion, the coming generations of Jewish descendants should begin to calculate around about the time when Christ will come. That is why that prophecy was given. Yet when you come to the gospels, and pick up the record of the birth of Christ, the rabbis of that hour were not even aware of the time when He was to be born. I have to say it like this. We have hundreds and thousands of church goers today that will say, I am not interested in that. It is too deep for me. If I told you your house was going to be set on fire, and you only had three days to get your household items out of there, then you would be concerned, would you not? It just goes to prove that the material things you can touch and feel are the things you are concerned about. When ti comes down to something that can be valuable to your soul if you can understand it, then it gets too dep, so you just ignore it. Let someone else be concerned about that. Well, listen to me. Don’t you want to go too? Don’t you want to be a beneficiary in this blessing? I do! That is why I have to say, I wish the whole thing would start today. Therefore I hope all of you will try to get this yardstick established in your mind, how to look at time as we move toward the next advent of the King’s coming. The biggest percentage of Judaism in the time when Christ was born, were totally ignorant of the time they were living in. Anyhow, as we figured it out, Jesus was born approximately two years, not two full years, but he was born just short of two years before the death of King Herod. That is why you find it in the scriptures, concerning the wise men from the east, when they came to Jerusalem and asked King Herod, where is He that is born King of the Jews, for we have seen His star in the east? King Herod did have the slightest idea about it, because he had never been interested in the Bible enough to be familiar with that, so he looked to the Jewish scribes. Where is He to be born? They said, in Bethlehem of Judaea. Well when they came the next morning, King Herod said to the wise men, When did the star appear? They told him when the star appeared to them and he said, The scribes say He is to be born in Bethlehem, so you go look for Him; and when you find Him, come and tell me where He is, so I can go worship Him also. That dirty liar. He had no intention of worshiping him. We have politicians just like him today. He only wanted to know where he was, so he could get rid of him, because, while they were gone to look for him, Herod told his soldiers, I want you to go to Bethlehem and inquire for every male child two years old and under and get rid of them: We don’t want this promised child around here. In other words, We don’t want our program interrupted. The world is like that today. Your church world has become so stupefied they are actually afraid of revelation. I know the devil uses individuals to play around with it. That is his business, but God is going to have some genuine Christians scattered around this globe that are not just playing with it. They are going to put together a picture that makes some sense. Your intelligent big shots in institutions of high learning may set their jaw and ridicule people like us right now, but when God starts shaking the world with the fulfillment of these scriptures, they are not going to make fun. They are going to hang their head in shame, and God is going to make them bend their knees and say, Yes, there is a God after all, even though I have denied it and taught others that there is no God. Well, let me get back to what we were looking at. This 434 years here, added with this 49 years up here, which is the first seven weeks that terminated right at this point, when you add them together, make 483 years of prophetic time. It brings you right to the crucifixion of Christ. From the time that Nehemiah decree was made, right back here, until the crucifixion of Christ, 483 years, precisely to the day, had expired, and when Christ was crucified, it fulfilled all of this to the very letter. Think of it. Very few Jews even knew anything about it. Let me show you something else. It was so real when Jesus rose the third day, and then that night He came and showed Himself to the eleven, accompanied by some of the other disciples, when He walked in among them, they all were shocked. He said, Don’t be afraid, it is I. I have flesh and bones. Let me prove it to you. Have you anything I can eat? We can read it in Luke 24:42 “And they gave Him a piece of a broiled fish, and of an honeycomb. 43 And He took it, and did eat before them. 44 And He said unto them, These are the words which I spake unto you, while I was yet with you, that all things must be fulfilled, which were written in the law of Moses, and in the prophets, and in the psalms, concerning me. 45 Then opened He their understanding, that they might understand the scriptures, 46 And said unto the, Thus it is written, and thus it behoved Christ to suffer, and to rise from the dead the third day: 47 And that repentance and remission of sins should be preached in His name among all nations, and beginning at Jerusalem 48 And ye are witnesses of these things. 49 And, behold, I send the promise of my Father upon you: but tarry ye in the city of Jerusalem, until ye be endued with power from on high.” When some people see truth staring them right in the face, they get scared. Well, I didn’t know it was gong to be like that. Jesus took that piece of fish and ate it right before them. They could see His Adam’s apple go up and down, swallowing, but it took more than that for some of them. In opening up their understanding of the scriptures, He finally got through to them. You are going to see a lot of sad faces one of these days, when this church world gets suddenly shocked into reality, looking prophecy right in the face. When Jesus saw that eating before them did not lift the spirit of unbelief that was on some of those present. He then began to lead them through the prophecies concerning Himself. Now I ask you, Do you think He left Daniel 9 out of the picture? No. He explained the whole continuity of ti all, to bring everything up to date. One of the apostles named Thomas, was absent from that meeting, and when the others told him about what had taken place, he said, (John 20:25) “Except I shall see in His hands the print of the nails, and put my finger into the print of the nails, and thrust my hand into His side, I will not believe. 26 And after eight days again His disciples were within, and Thomas with them: then came Jesus, the doors being shut, and stood in the midst and said, Peace be unto you. 27 Then saith He to Thomas, Reach hither thy finger, and behold my hands; and reach hither thy hand, and thrust it into my side: and be not faithless but believing. 28 And Thomas answered and said unto him, My Lord and my God. 29 Jesus saith unto him, Thomas, because thou hast seen me, thou hast believed: blessed are they that have not see, and yet have believed. 30 And many other signs truly did Jesus in the presence of his disciples, which are not written in this book: 31 But these are written, that ye might believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God; and that believing ye might have life through his name.” Yes saints, Jesus came back a few days later just for Thomas’ sake. When Bro. William Branham was here, and preached the seventy weeks of Daniel, I sat there both times, when he preached the original seventy weeks of Daniel in 1962, an then later in 1963 when he preached the seals and made reference to the seventieth week, saying then, that there was only three and one half years left. That so confused most of the whole following that they stopped even trying to search the scriptures for themselves, and they have been confused ever since. They do not even have mind enough to know how to read the Bible for themselves. Some of them have college educations, but their education is of little use to them. It is a shame, that people like that cannot read history and put time together, and come out with the truth. I just have to be thankful to God every time I think of how He has enabled me to search out the scriptures, as well as recorded history, and put this picture together so it makes scriptural sense. It was not because of education: It was because of my hunger for truth.


We have a prophecy written by the prophet Hosea that I want to refer you to. Let us turn to the 6th chapter. Think of it, as we look at this prophecy, Hosea prophesied this in 780 B.C. This was before the ten tribes were ever taken out of the land. This was a prophecy that spoke of the yardstick that I want to show you, and the importance of it. The first verse says, “Come and let us return unto the Lord:” This was prophesied 780 years before the advent of Christ. This prophet could look down through the span of time, into a future tense of time, and see that the children of Israel were going to be scattered to the ends of the earth for some reason. That prophet did not even know why, but the spirit of God through those people, which would be a remnant for the last days, would begin to make intercession on their behalf. That is why this verse describes that prayer, and that attitude, “Come and let us return unto the Lord: for He hath torn, and He will heal us; He hath smitten, and He will bind us up.” That nation as a whole, did not see or understand what was going on during this period of time. All you have to do is read the records in the four gospels, and you see the nation did not even believe it. Every time Christ stood in the streets of Jerusalem trying to awaken them to what was taking place, they were after Him, trying to kill Him. Wherever He went through cities and the crowd followed Him, there were always those that were still after Him. They never had anything good to speak about Him. They are not going to have anything good to speak about you either, if you believe what the Bible says. You are a trouble maker to them, just inciting fanaticism, trying to instill fear in the heart’s of people who differ with you. That is what we are accused of. I am not trying to instill fear in anyone that wants to be a believer, but I wish I could scare the daylights out of some of these politicians that speak so carelessly about the things written in the Bible. I wish I could say something to them that would cause them to wake up so nervous they could not even tie their shoes, because of having to look reality in the face. They are the ones that have brought the world to the brink of chaos. Anyhow, as we look at these prophecies and compare them with History, it is easy to see that when Christ was crucified April 3, 33 A.D. 483 prophetic years were fulfilled to the exact day, from the beginning of the decree to that time. Jesus had already prophesied the next terrible event Jews should prepare for. When He came up and looked out over Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives that day, He stood there weeping, O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, how oft I would have gathered thee under my wings, but thou wouldst not. Meaning, you would not listen, you were so full of unbelief you did not even care, because you knew not he hour of your visitation when prophecies were fulfilled before your very eyes. Then He said, the day will come when they will come and encamp about thee on every hand. He could see the Roman armies coming, in 69 A.D. They were coming to meet out God’s vengeful wrath against this bunch of educated, Judaistic people who did not have time nor interest enough to believe in their Messiah. That is your church world today. They have Hollywood programs and all sort of entertainment, and if you do not go along with them, then you are some peculiar speck of something that ought to be gotten rid of. In 69 A.D., that little nation of Judaistic people, politically speaking, just sat back rocked along on their materialistic, unbelieving way. They fussed and fumed, assassinated and cheated, but they had not time for the word of God. They had everything else to do but that which they should have been doing, studying the word to see if what Jesus spoke was true. Finally the day came, that a bunch of Jews so jealous, and so filled with hate and envy, disputing over who should be high priest, started assembling at the temple. Political factions rose up to state their case. That divided the people domestically, as well as spiritually. As they gathered there, each group wanting their own man to be high priest, tension mounted. Then they brought out weapons and began to slaughter one another. There was more human blood shed on the temple mount area than there was animal blood on the altar in front of the temple. God looked down upon that scene and said, It is time for the words of Jesus to be fulfilled.


Word was sent, for the Roman Emperor Vespasian, which was encamped in Syria with a large garrison of the Roman Army, to prepare to move out. Vespasian was ordered to march to Jerusalem and put down a revolt among the Jews. I have read enough history that I can say to any young person, or any old saint, no matter what side of the earth you live on, I have read the record of your development. I have read the histories of it. When Vespasian left there with that garrison of the Roman Army, he did not go there with the intention of just going in and tearing Jerusalem all to pieces, simply laying it to the ground. He only came to Jerusalem to put down a revolt; but as he got within sight of the walls of Jerusalem, runners who were still living in the countryside beat him to the city, screaming, “He’s coming! He’s coming!. By the time he got there, the gates were shut and those Jews had their mind’s made up. They would not receive him on the basis of what he was sent there for, so he encamped about the walls and a terrible siege set in. Remember, Jesus said this, they will encamp about thee. There is not one stone that shall be left upon another, but what shall be brought down. For these be the days of vengeance, not of the politicians, but of God Himself. I have read of the terrible conflicts that went on. That Roman Army laid the city in shambles, but the few Christian people that were there, because one day Jesus told the Christians who would listen to Him, when you see Jerusalem compassed with great armies, flee from here. Which meant, when you see armies coming to do this, you must flee to the hills. You that are in the countryside, do not come to the city to buy anything to take along. Get to the mountains. YO that are in the city, do not take time to gather up all your living room furniture to take with you, just get out of the city. The records from that time show, that when Vespasian’s army, which was later commanded by his son Titus, just kept pounding, an after several months of besieging the city, all the food and water supplies within the city were almost exhausted. Jews were dying from starvation, and lack of water. At that time, another prophecy, found in Deuteronomy, was fulfilled, which stated that the day would come that a woman would take a child she had given birth to, a child that had stood at her feet, she would roast it and devour it. That very thing was recorded in the histories I have read. Women took their babies and volunteered. You roast your baby today, and I will roast mine tomorrow. It seems so terrible, that the God of a righteous, holy people, would speak such a thing, but it was fulfilled to the letter. On August 10, 69 A. D., the city of Jerusalem fell to the Roman Army. By that time, the soldiers were so tired, and so infuriated against the Jewish people, they were compelled to go beyond their original purpose. They did not come there to destroy the city, but because of the antagonism of the Jews toward them they were forced to do what they did. That is what caused God to use this Roman army to execute such a terrible scene. On that day, when night came, there was only one part of the temple walls left standing. That is the part they call the wailing wall today. When the Roman army had divided the people, they took the healthy ones with them to different part of the Roman Empire, to sell as slaves. They left some of the sickly, simply because they did not want to be bothered with them, but those Christians that had believed the words of Jesus were not anywhere to be found. They had fled the city. Many of those Jewish people came to the remnant of the temple wall to cry and pray. That is why it is called the wailing wall. Can you even imagine how those who were left there, as they looked upon the bodies of loved ones that lay there dead? Their healthy loved ones had been taken away from them, never to be seen again. So what else was there for them to do? They would stand at that wall and wail. Did you ever see someone so overcome with remorse? Oh God! Oh God! Help me! Emotionally, they are so overcome with grief they just stand there making this nodding motion as they grieve and pray. That is why you see Jews today, come there and go through that same type of movement. They are not wailing, but they go through that same motion. Do not make fun of them. That just goes to show how the memory of such a sad picture will linger. Their ancestors stood there that night, Oh God, give us back our city! They wailed, cried and prayed, but what they were praying for would be a long time coming. The first 483 years of Daniel’s prophecy had already come to a close, right on the dot. Now, about thirty six years later, in 69 A.D., Jesus’ words of prophecy were set in motion. They were carried out through the Roman Empire. Those slaves were sold in Cairo Egypt, Constantinople, which is at the edge of Greece and Turkey, and to Rome. The Jews were sold into slavery, to be left there for centuries of time. That is why this prophecy is worded like this. We came through the 17th and 18th centuries and the Jews that were in Russia and central Asia, scattered all over the domain, still praying, Lord, next year in Jerusalem. That year would go by, still they were saying, Lord, next year in Jerusalem. That was their hope. Then comes the hour of WW2, and little did the Gentile world even know about what God was going to use Hitler for. The Jews in Europe, in France, in Italy, in Germany, and in Austria, somehow or other the ties of slavery has ceased for them. Thank God for the church world that influenced that. How many of you ever heard of Justin the martyr? Justin the martyr, was a Christian man. I forget what century it was, but in the arenas of Rome, the Romans pitted the gladiators against each other. Just the martyr had to watch this, because these gladiators, many times were men that were caught by the Roman army, because of their physical build, and because of how they fought the Romans when they were taking them, and put out there for entertainment. The Romans would look on these muscular bodied men, whether they were black, white, whatever color, we will use them to entertain our blood thirsty crowds of Romans. When they would pit them together, only the wisest and strongest would survive the ordeal. Two of those gladiators were locked in a struggle one day; and Justin the martyr, being a Christian man, became so disgusted to see human beings forced to fight for their lives like that, just to entertain that blood thirsty crowd of pagans, he rushed into the arena and stood between the gladiators, only to be killed by them, which was their way of saying, Get out of our way and let us finish. The story of Justin the martyr went from city to city. Over the centuries of time, time moved into the era of Catholicism, but it established a principal of respect for human life. Slavery, as it was then, gradually began to be reduced. I read a story, this was back in WW2. This Jewish man was put in a concentration camp. He was used for a gladiator. They pitted him against other imprisoned people. This Jewish man told how many other men he had to kill to save his own life. He did not want to, but he did it to save his own life. This is a true story I am tell you. My point is, when the world entered this era of time, after the fall of Jerusalem on August 10, 69 A.D. the Jewish people began to fulfill this prophecy in Hosea. From that intercessory prayer in the 1st verse, the people began, later on, which was the people of later centuries, to get the revelation and say, Time has come, that we must be getting close to the end of this. “After two days will He revive us; in the third day He will raise us up, and we shall live in his sight.” What is that saying? It is saying this. That after two days, two thousand years of prophetic time, beginning from the death of Christ, taken through the years of dispersion, when we get here somewhere close to when the two thousand years of prophetic time will terminate, God will again reach out and draw them out of the nations that He scattered them among, bring them back and establish them in the land. They have got to be in the land first. How many understand that? They will have to be in the land first. He will not revive them while they are scattered in other countries. He will only revive them after they have first been brought back to their own land. When we come to the end of the two thousand years of prophetic time, figure this down, this is calendar time, of 365 and 1/4 days in the year. When you break that down, figure this from the crucifixion of Christ, to this point, that brings you to the year 2004 and ½. That means that two days of dispensational time will run its course by then. That brings you to the opening of the 70th week of Daniel. When that week of years starts, the first half of it will incorporate the events of Revelation 11. The last half is the great tribulation period. Then when you get to 2004 ½ , and then add the total 7 years of that week on to that, it brings you to 2011 ½, by calendar time. That is not much time left. Some of these educated preachers can say, Jackson, you have gone crazy. No. I believe that is why God let me have the dream. When I came out of that dream, I knew that whatever all those verses of prophecy were pertaining to, even though they came to me gradually, one by one, by putting them together in the right way, we would see a beautiful picture, and we would not only see the yardstick, but we would also see the time, how these scriptures are to be looked upon and interpreted. That takes us to Zechariah 12, so open your Bible’s to verse 4. Regardless of what anyone says, the coming of the Lord cannot be a reality until every prophetic scripture in the Bible is correlated into perfect harmony, one with another. That is why Jesus, when He appeared among the eleven disciples that night, after He upbraided them for their unbelief, beginning with the psalms, the prophets, and the law, He gave them a clear cut explanation of these scriptures, to prove He was right on schedule. Why would He do that? Because He knew that was a scriptural way to prove to them that He had fulfilled all of that. Did they not crucify me, and do you not see me now? Did I not say they will crucify me but I will rise again the third day? Here I stand before you. So if Jesus could upbraid them back then, by scriptures, to prove to them that the scriptures must all be fulfilled, what do you think He intends to do with you and me here at the end time? How can you read Revelation 19, “And His wife hath made herself ready,” if there was not going to be a way for her to know when and how? She is certainly not going to know to make herself ready years in advance of the time. It is when God begins to speak to her out of certain scriptures that pertain to the end time, how to look at the end time, that she begins to know within, Our time for remaining here is growing very short. What have we been hearing for the last year and a half? Over and over, there seems to be an echoing. The Palestinians saying, Jerusalem will be our capital; an the leader of Judaism saying, Never again, will Jerusalem be given over to the Palestinians. When you see the squabble broadcasted into your home, What is it about? A city. The Palestinians want a statehood out of part of the land, but secretly they are saying, We want the whole piece. If they want the whole piece, then they want all of Jerusalem. Benjamin Netanyahu said, They will never have it again! Then you hear the Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, saying, Jerusalem belongs to us. Peter Jennings showed one night, during his interviews, both from the standpoint of the Moslem Arabs, and also from the viewpoint of the Jews’s side, and I thought, Peter Jennings, are you even looking at this from the Bible standpoint, or are you just curious, or just looking for something to broadcast? The end results of Zechariah 12, verse 4, are this, so let us read it. When God lets the 2nd verse be applicable for a little period of time, this makes the Arabs become nervous. They begin to question themselves. Can we really do this? Then the 3rd verse shows the whole world, that is the United Nations body, the General Assembly, getting together and casting their votes, we have got to bring this division between these two peoples to an end; but the more they try to negotiate with it, the worse this issue becomes to them. They should read what Gods word says about them, those who stick their nose’s into Israel’s affairs here at the end time. Notice, as we read further. “In that day, saith the Lord, I will smite every horse with astonishment.” The prophet wrote all this in the language of ancient warfare, God did not let him see what modern warfare would be like in the days when this would be fulfilled, that there would be jet airplanes, tanks of tremendous size and weight, and guns with such kill power. Look at it today. The weapons of warfare are measured in horsepower. In the Jerusalem Post a few weeks ago, there was an article written about one of the government men of Israel. He came to the states and talked with the president. He was here to receive his first shipment of F-15’s. (I am just going to say, F-15’s, but there is another letter to it, I’m sorry I did not catch the significance of the letter. But this F-15 is supposed to be some of the top notch fighter planes in the world.) He came to receive his first shipment, to be given to the Israeli Air Force. Now we are getting close to that time. God said, I will smite every horse with blindness. That means whatever type of warfare Israel’s enemies use, (the Arabs, the Islamic people) God is going to smite it by some supernatural means. “And I will open mine eyes upon the house of Judah.” Wake Up U.N.! When God begins to look upon that tribe of Judah that prevailed during WW2, to the point that there was a remnant of them that God preserved, they were able to make their way back to the shores of Israel, across that Mediterranean Sea, only to be met by Arabs in hostility. “I will open mine eyes upon the house of Judah, and will smite every horse of the people with blindness.” Who are those Arabs that are living there? Where did they come from? I have read the histories of it. Yo have heard of the conflicts of the Crusaders. They were the volunteer armies out of Europe. They wanted to free Jerusalem of the Islamic people, which were Arabs that through the centuries had migrated out of the country of Jordan, which basically was desert country. They were Bedouin people. They wanted to come closer to the Mediterranean Sea, to be near the trade routes. The trade routes were no longer the camel caravans coming across the desert. No, it was by ships. They wanted to get close to the sea coast, where they could have greater access to better styles of living. They began to migrate in. The Crusaders met their descendants. For some time, after the Crusader period, the land drifted into a vacuum. Only in the last hundred and some odd years, because the lifestyle in that part of the Middle East was very poor, did they begin to come out of the Bedouin wasteland of the desert, with their goats and sheep, to get closer to betty lifestyles and products they could have access to. In one hundred and fifty or two hundred years, the land eventually became occupied by a lot of Arab people. They are Edomites, Moabites, and Ammonites, because that is what lived on the other side of the Jordan River. God allowed this, to set the stage for the fulfillment of prophecy. There they are today, screaming. We were born here. This our homeland. Sure they were, but they are squatters. A squatter, is a person that will drive a stake on a piece of ground that does not belong to him or her, and start claiming it as their own. We have a lot of Gentile Christians that are saying today, Well, I don’t see why the Jews cannot accept the Arabs. I say, they ought to ask God that question. He will give you an answer you are not wanting to hear. God gave those Arabs the desert, the east countries. That is where they belong. They are squatters, on land that belongs to the Jews. In Ezekiel 36:11-12, here is what God says to that land, “And I will multiply upon you man and beast; and they shall increase and bring fruit: and I will settle you after your old estates, and will do better unto you than at your beginnings: and ye shall know that I am the LORD. 12 Yea, I will cause men to walk upon you, even my people Israel; and they shall possess thee, and thou shalt be their inheritance, and thou shalt no more henceforth bereave them of men.” There is no Gentile preacher that can change that. God more or less says, (I am going to transpose it into modern language.) I will smite the enemies tanks with magnetic powers, the ignition systems will go blank. This happened in the Six Day War . The Jews captured Egyptian soldiers in the Sinai, and they said they had brand new Russian trucks. They left Egypt with them working just fine, but on this main mountain road, trying to bring supplies to their soldiers, all of a sudden these engines just died, never to be started again. Let me say to these scientific minded, well educated characters who think they have the answer to everything. You do not have the answer to this situation unless you got it out of God’s Bible. He is soon going to show this world what His power can do. “And the governors of Judah shall say in their heart, The inhabitants of Jerusalem shall be my strength in the Lord of hosts their God.” Let me translate that for you. They will begin to look at the issue at hand and say to one another, Brethren, I can see what God is laying before us. It is time that we begin to look to the fact, only when we are ready to clear the city of Jerusalem, and make it the city that shall be inhabited by Jewish people, will God be with us. That is when He will be with them. “In that day will I make the governors of Judah like an hearth of fire among the wood.” That should be easy to understand. When a pile of wood is dry, very ignitible, you want to keep fire away from it unless you want it burned. This is God’s way of saying, In the day when political leaders of Israel get a revelation of my plan, they are going to be just like a torch. They are going to start setting their enemies on fire. When that time comes, these two races of people can no longer quarrel about who is going to make Jerusalem their capital. In the mind of God, Jerusalem shall be the capital of the reborn state of Israel. The Arabs will have nothing to do with it. We have a lot of people today, that are so sympathetic minded. Well Bro. Jackson, does it have to be like that? Yes, it has to be that way. When yo have been sitting in the wrong place too long, you neither understand, nor care, the hour is getting close, that you will hear church people, especially preachers say, I sure did not think it was going to be like this. “And they shall devour all the people round about, (the Arabs) on the right hand and on the left; and Jerusalem shall be inhabited again in her own place.” By who? Jews. No Arabs left in it. God is not going to let Jerusalem become a cup of trembling forever. No, he only lets this go on long enough for the whole world to clearly see the true picture. Then it falls into the U.N. hands, to become a burdensome stone. When it becomes that, it goes to show the more the U.N. tries to negotiate and reach a compromise, the worse the issue becomes. God has already said Jerusalem shall be inhabited again in her own place. “The Lord also shall save the tents of Judah first.” He has already done that. How many of you have heard on the news, Israel is still building there? Well, that is Judah. She is establishing her dwellings for her people in the rural areas of Judaea. The Palestinians say, stop it, you can’t do that. Well the Jews know it does not belong to the Arabs, it belongs to them, so they build anyway. That is why He does it. He establishes their dwelling place. They fill the countryside. They build villages and get themselves established. It just goes to show, there is another wave of immigrants coming. They are Jews of the tribe of Judah, but they are the descendants of the ancient King David’s lineage. That is the ones that are to take up their abode in Jerusalem. That is why it was called the city of David. Remember, back in the book of Kings, when King David took this city from the Jebusites, it was his family, his relatives, and his in laws that slowly began to move to Jerusalem. The Jews of today, know that Jerusalem is to be a city that is to be inhabited by the ancient descendants of King David. It belongs to them. That is their hope for the future.


I received a video sent to me, of a Jewish soldier. He is an officer in the Israeli army. He is expecting to be called back into the reserves at any moment. The tape was made several months back. At that time, he made certain interesting statements. He said, this war is in the making. We know it is being planned. He said, according to our intelligence information, Israel is going to be attacked, but he left it, that Israel knowing this, might not leave it up to the Arabs to fire the first shot. She is reserving the option to make a preemptive strike. He said, we know we will have to fight the Egyptians. They know already that the Egyptian government has made an agreement with the Islamic, Arab world. We are on your side, and we are going to fight the Jews with you. He said, from the Egyptians, the Syrians, the Iranians, the Jordanians, and the Iraqis, we are facing a war. At the time he made the video, he said this war could begin any time in the summer of 1997 or on into 1998. We are just right at the brink of war. He said, we have already taken the Sinai three times since we have been back here, and we gave it up, but it is within our ancient borders, as promised to Abraham, so when we take it again, we will never give it up. The way he said the things he said, they will not stop until they are at the Euphrates River. He said, somebody has to put Saddam Hussein out of the picture.