The Restitution Of All Things, Part 2

Rev. Raymond M. Jackson


Someone gave me a newspaper article this morning; and I am going to read certain sections of it to you. I want to show you what this writer thinks about some of our higher education in this hour of time. A lot of colleges that are well known in this nation, were established way back before the Revolution. I have read how all those colleges were established by Christian minded people who purposely wanted to use these places of higher education to give young men who felt the call into the ministry, an opportunity to get an education, and to prepare themselves with the historical background they would need in teaching and preaching the gospel to a new nation that was growing with immigrants coming in by great numbers. Listen carefully to what it says. (I do not have this article, so I am not sure of the spelling of some of these names. THE EDITOR.) This is the great tragedy of American higher education. All the colleges and universities founded before the Revolution were established for the training and education of Christian ministers and for the evangelization of the nation. Harvard, Yale, Princeton, even the Anglican college of William and Mary were essentially religious institutions. This pattern remained true through most of the 19th century. As late as 1945, President Welock (the president of one of the colleges) felt the need to define Dartmouth as a Christian college. The radical secularization of American higher education began with a broadening of the school’s missions and purposes. Eventually this led to a denial of Christianity as normality for the institutions. Now a President Freidman’s comments show clearly, the very Christian roots of the schools are cause for head hanging, and shame inside the ivy coated walls of the elite academy. The end results of the radical, secular transformation of American colleges and universities is the virtual banishment of the authentic Christianity. Anything else, indeed everything else, is welcome and has a place on the campus. In the curriculum and culture, all that is left is what historian George Marston calls unbelief. As he explains today, nonsectarianism has come to mean the exclusion of all religions. Only purely naturalistic viewpoints are allowed a serious academic hearing. Historian Sydney Alstrom once remarked that Dartmouth, more than any other institution, provided missionaries and ministers for the great awakening on the frontier. Modern, secular Dartmouth, stripped of its Christianity, is still producing missionaries, but these are missionaries of a very different gospel. These evangelists are bent on removing even the memory of Christianity. That is why our nation has hell in the streets every day and night, because they opened the door to the devil and the institutions have become incubators for the seed of the evil to be hatched out in, to produce minds given to demonic insinuations. Respect and morality have left the scene. Morality is laughed at. Decency is made fun of. You have to follow the crowd. If you do not follow the worldly crowd, you do not fit in, and that causes a lot of people a lot of trouble. This proves even that much more, the necessity that God clean house. I have to say, when He does it, He will do a good job. But until then, we who believe the word of God, will need to be diligent to stand for what we believe. The devil will rob you, if you will allow it.


I realize that some people, when they see the video, will question. How did you arrive at this fact concerning the calculation of time? Because Hosea 6:2 says, after two days He will revive us. From this point to this point, is three and one half years. That is the first half of the seventieth week of Daniel, which is the last week of this total picture right here. Between the closing out of the 69th week, which is over here, and the beginning of the 70th week over here, we have the Grace Age. This two days, which is two thousand years of prophetic time, is the time God allotted for dealing with Gentiles and all who are to be partakers of the gospel of Jesus Christ; but you cannot take that, and just stand back and throw it at a map and say, Right there, is when it will take place. Here is why, the book of Revelation tells us, that in the first part of that week, which is three and one half years of time, two prophets will come on the scene. The Bible tells you where they will prophesy. Not in New York, not in Paris, but in Jerusalem. Many of those Jews will be sealed with the baptism of the Holy Ghost. That is what it is, and that will be with a revelation of who Jesus Christ is. This will also affect another element of the Jewish society of the nation, the woman element of Revelation 12. We do know this is the end, where this two thousand years of prophetic time will terminate. If that is the end, and that is when Revelation 11 will be fulfilled, then we are left with, where and how it begins. Looking at the whole scope, it has got to begin with some outstanding event that causes them eventually to be scattered to the ends of the earth, because they were out of the land when that prayer began to be echoed like that. Therefore seeing that Jesus was crucified, and knowing when it took place, and that the nation as a whole has rejected Him, that is the basis upon which God has determined to scatter that nation of people to the ends of the earth. He left the nation in the land for a little short period after the crucifixion, before their judgment came. Actually it figures up to about 36 years. That generation of Judaism that saw the living person of their Messiah, and yet crucified Him, God left it there long enough for His grace to overshadow some, and He got a remnant out of that nation before they were scattered. We find a few years after the ascension of Christ, God knew that the nation was going to reject the gospel as a whole, therefore He determined that this prophecy would be terminated from the time they crucified the Christ, their Messiah, until the day would come, that He would bring them back and manifest their Messiah again and again. He would extend to them a short period of grace. Three and one half years to be exact, that He will extend grace to them, and then the great tribulation sets in. They had grace in the ministry of Christ, which ran about three and one half years, then when the church as a whole was responsible for the gospel, He left the gospel to be accessible for about thirty some years more. That is, as the church was to recognize it. By the time we come to 69 A.D., God picks the nation up and throw them into dispersion. There, they remained, to be tossed, driven to and fro, scattered, sold, mistreated and made fun of. It says in one of the scriptures of Ezekiel, that as the Jews would recognize their condition and their dilemma, the word of God sais the day would come when your name will become an infamy, a by-word, a nickname. How many ever heard the expression, how much would you Jew on that? That has become a by-word, also a nickname. They have used it in derogatory terms, in ways to belittle the Jewish people. There is a scripture that says, And thou will say when the morning comes, I would to God it were night, because the day would be so bad, but when night comes, I would to God that the morning were here. Through the centuries, God gave them no rest. As we come into the later part of 1700, coming on into 1800, the new world has been discovered, and slowly in central Asia, many of the Jews began to contemplate making a journey. As they heard the stories about this new nation, they began to spread the word. Let us see about going there. By the time we come to the middle of the 1800’s, thee began to be plans among the Jewish people, the people that had been made fun of, and criticized, and their living standards lowered, and they had been ostracized from the businesses of Gentile people, to try to come here. Life was hard for them. However by the time the twentieth century rolled around, thousands of Jews were leaving central Asia, making their way to the new world. I will cut it short. Today, there are more Jews in the United States and Canada , than in all the rest of the world put together. The Jew I heard on this video, said, in the six day war, there were only three million of us Jews, now we are five million. He said that in this way. We licked our enemies in the six day war, and we will lick them again, because there are more of us. You have to read between the lines as he spoke like that. We all know they were successful in that war because of the hand of God helping them.


As we again get back to calculating expired time, when we take the calendar time, which had 365 and 1/4 days to the year, and we know this starts right there, (the time when Christ was crucified). Then, when we break this down and we figure the total advent of Christ, he was 33 and 1/3 years of age when He was crucified, but why is that half year not on here? Because it was back here, in B.C. time. He was born in the fall of the year, not in the spring. I had a man from India, write me a letter, trying to make it appear that God had showed him when Christ was born. He said Bro. Jackson, the way God has showed me, Jesus was born in the spring of the year. Well I will just say this, if he was, then he was not 33 and ½ years of age when he was crucified. He could not have been born in Passover season, live to be 33 years of age and be crucified in the Passover season, and be 33 ½ years of age. My arithmetic will not work like that. Now let me give you something to think about? What time was it when the children of Israel left Egypt? It was the beginning of a new month, Abib, which corresponds to March and April. The middle of that month was the Passover season. They were to take a male lamb of the mother ewe. This lamb had to be big enough to slaughter, and it had to be in its first year of age. The Passover was in the spring of the year. I want to say to all those who want to squawk about Jesus being born in December. How can you take a lamb born in the spring of the year, and turn right around and kill it to be eaten for the Passover. When the law says, Thou shall not seethe an animal while it is still in its mothers milk? Think of all these things that have to be considered. I want you to know, the children of Israel had no sooner eaten that Passover lamb, and when the next morning came, they made their departure from Egypt. Any sheep herder will tell you, don’t leave on a long journey, with a flock of sheep that is heavy in lambing. You will have a problem before you get very far. You will lose more than you end up with. That is just common sense. It does not matter when lambing season is, here in North America. Lambing season in Egypt, is in another part of the year, because it is in another part of the world. That is what you have to look at. Therefore do not interpret the scriptures of the Bible, by what the lambing season is, here in America. The reason I say that, is because the breeding seasons are carried on by the livestock industry to fit the marketing age of all livestock. That goes to show, that the Passover lamb the children of Israel sacrificed that night, was a lamb that had been born at least six or seven months in advance of the occasion. Do you get the picture? You have to be realistic with these things. That goes to show, that when the Passover season came, this flock of sheep that has give birth to the Passover lambs, six or seven months back, by this time, their milk has dried up and they are a flock of sheep that is ready for the road. They can travel without any detriment. Does that not make more sense to you who are search for truth? I do not know how to make it any simpler to understand. With this in mind then, when we have to have a beginning for this two days, (which is two thousand years of prophetic time) then that all calculates down to a point where it will terminate in and around the year 2004 ½ of calendar time. That means we have approximately six and ½ years left between now and then. (Preached in 1997) With this thought in mind then, let us move this marker on over to the date of the next event that this time could have possibly started from, and you would be in 69 A.D., when the city fell to the Roman Army. That is when the Jews were actually scattered, but look what you come out with. You then, have to add thirty some years on to this, and that would stretch the two thousand years on over to this point, and when you do that, you take it completely out of this generation. Jesus plainly tells you in Matthew 24, when He gave all the signs of the times that indicate and point to His soon return, This generation that sees these things shall not all pass away until all these things shall be fulfilled. We many times interpret that as meaning us Christians, but do not forget this, we have to think of the six million Jews in Europe, that died at the hands of Hitler, which was basically a condition that God allowed Hitler to rise up and begin to persecute the Jewish population, so that those remaining alive would start thinking about going back to their forefathers’ homeland. Basically, there in Europe, is where the tribe of Judah was, and God wanted that tribe out of there, and back into their homeland, because they are the first tribe God is going to start dealing with, back there. That is why it says here in Zechariah, And He will open His eyes upon Judah, because she is the war tribe. She is the tribe God is going to use, to re-establish the nation, fight the wars, and get the land ready for the final ingathering of the rest of the nation, that is to be back there for what is to take place in the beginning of the week of Daniel. I want to establish this thought in your mind’s. Since all this is based on the calculation of what our Roman calendar stipulates today, do not figure everything down to the year, or the year and one half, because historians are still in doubt as to the accuracy of our Roman calendar. I just read an article from Newsweek, recently, which just goes to show, if you listen to all the historians of our day, it makes you want to climb a tree, so to speak. The very fact that none of them can really agree on this matter, does show that there is an inaccuracy in the calendar, but the time we are looking at cannot be very far off. I have to say, 2004 ½ is going to bring you so close to the beginning or ending of something, we would be foolish, not to believe we are approaching the threshold of a great change. We can certainly see how all these scriptures begin to fit together to formulate a very definite picture. This whole era of prophecy is hinged around how God begins to deal with the city of Jerusalem. That is why I have to say, brothers and sisters, we need to watch Jerusalem, and what happens, and what starts it. That is why God put these two things in here. First, to the Arabs he makes it a cup of trembling. Then to the Gentile world universal, He makes it a burdensome stone. Listen to what God’s word says about this. In the 3rd verse, “And in that day, will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people; all that burden themselves with it (Here is the end results, and this is where I have to say, You who listen to this on audio tape, and you that view it on video tape, read this verse carefully, “all that burden themselves with it.”) shall be cut in pieces, though all the people of the earth be gathered together against it.” That means diplomatic negotiating processes are going to fail. The Arabs are left without a picture; and the world at large is left without a picture. Yet we can say this, God is not going to send somebody out on the balcony of heaven, and shout down here to the earthly creatures, Now I think all of you have played long enough, I want you to give me your attention. No saints, He will not do it that way. He will just let carnal mankind go right along his blinded way. That is why Judaism, the religious people of the hour when Jesus came upon the scene, those to whom God had given the prophecies so clearly, the prophecies that pointed to the first advent of their Messiah, almost all missed it completely. They had become blinded by their traditional schools of their learning. That is a picture of the Gentile, religious church world today. That is why I said earlier. Some of them do not even care. One thing is sure, when God starts executing the fulfillment of His word recorded here, you just watch open your ears to hear the number of church going people that will say. Well I can’t think the Jews are doing right. What they are doing is inhumane. I am going to read a verse of scripture to you in a minute, to let you know how terrifying this thing is going to be when it really gets going full force. There are many church people today, scholars of prophecy, that have forgotten what Numbers 24 says. That was prophesied 1300 years before Christ ever made His appearance. It plainly tells you in Numbers 24:17-20, what is ahead. (That is when Balak sent word for Balaam to come and curse his enemies, which were the children of Israel that were coming through the wilderness, journeying toward the promised land.) 17 “I shall see Him, but not now: I shall behold Him, but not nigh: there shall come a Star out of Jacob, and a Sceptre shall rise out of Israel, and shall smite the corners of Moab, and destroy all the children of Sheth. 18 And Edom shall be a possession, Seir also shall be a possession for his enemies; and Israel shall do valiantly. 19 Out of Jacob shall come he that shall have dominion, and shall destroy him that remaineth of the city. 20 And when he looked on Amalek, he took up his parable, and said, Amalek was the first of the nations, but his latter end shall be that he perish for ever.” Yes, Balaam offered his sacrifices, but every time he opened his mouth to prophesy, God would not let him say one word against the Israelis. He could only speak of a blessing on those people in the valley below him. When each time he did this, (three times) and it all failed, and he pronounced a blessing upon Israel, Balak went into a furor. I sent word for you to come here and curse my enemies, and look, you have only blessed them. Balaam answered and said, I told you I could only say what the Lord told me to say. Now come here, I want to show you what these people are going to do to your people. When? Not in 1296, but in the latter days. Biblical scholars, you are living in the latter days of the latter times. Balaam took up his proverb and prophesied 1300 years before the advent of Christ, what Israel was going to do after so many centuries, to the Edomites, to the Moabites and the area of the Ammonites. There is no way your scholars can excuse it saying, Well that has already been fulfilled. No, it has not been fulfilled yet! You will not find anything in the Bible, where that prophecy was ever fulfilled. It says in the 3rd verse, here in Zechariah 12, Though all the people of the word be gathered together against it, they shall be cut in pieces. (That is not speaking of all the world’s armies. It is not yet Armageddon. This is a diplomatic attack, an outburst of world opinion. The world in general, is down on the Jews. First, the Jew, to the world, is the only nation of people that represents a religious picture of how the end time is to be. The dirty devil would like to destroy that picture. That is why higher education is pushed like it is. The devil can work through that. As I have said many times, I am not against education. It is very necessary for many occupations. A godly education, one that can give you a mind to do things right in the sight of God and man, is a good thing. It is a fact though, the day of common sense is gone. They had to destroy common sense first, so all this other junk they cram down your throat can find uninterrupted space in your mind. They can set a price on it that way. God has so designed us, that if we grow up with good health, and if we use our eyes, and our ears for our betterment, we will learn quite a lot just by watching and listening, as we go through life. You will learn by actual experience in the things of life. That is what gives you natural, common sense. The other side of the picture is, our law makers and educators of this day and hour, make laws that are as silly as anything can possibly be. If you try to live by them, you feel like you are going crazy, and if you do not, you are considered a law breaker.


I want to emphasize a fact to you. Any time you read a prophecy, and the Spirit of that prophecy speaks the end effect, and speaks of it twice in that prophecy, there is not way any man on the face of this earth can alter that prophecy. It will become precisely fulfilled, exactly as it is prophesied. All these critics who want to say, Well how do we know this prophecy really has a literal meaning? I have to say to them, You are the last bunch on the face of this earth that have a right to talk like that. God will have some men on this earth, men whom you deny, men whom you reject, simply because they do not come under your umbrella, that will get the picture right. They will see the true picture, and the day will come that God will make you bend your knees, bend your head and confess that you have missed it. God is a sovereign Spirit, and not a God you can control with your ideas and programs. You cannot maneuver Him, to do things a certain way that suits you. It tells you in these verses I have read, that in that day, He will open His eyes upon Judah. She is there already, even as we speak. She has been back there fifty years now. She has fought her battles, just holding on to what rightfully belongs to her. She has young soldiers today, that have fought in most all of those conflicts. Most of them have become commanding officers. Her new immigrants have all joined the army, and she is equipped today, with some of the best aircraft, armor, and armament that can be manufactured in assembly plants of this hour. When you read in Exodus, Numbers, and Leviticus, how God protected the children of Israel through their march, they were not a learned people in military tactics. You all know that. Nevertheless when they were forced to fight and defend their rights, God always saw to it that they came out the winner. I have to say today, God has reserved the best until the last, but the best is not going to be the way the world wants it. It will be just as He promises right here. “And Jerusalem shall be inhabited again,” by whom? Jews of course. Well if it is going to be inhabited by Jews, what about all those Arabs that live there? It tells you in the 49th chapter, of Isaiah, verse 17, They that made thee waste, shall go forth of thee. God is speaking to the land. The world is not ready to see that take place, but when God gets ready, it will happen. Twice it speaks that in Isaiah 49. Twice God said, they that made thee desolate, waste, run down, polluted, so that it turned the noses of others, they shall be far removed. Where to? Back across the Jordan River where their ancestors came from. Of course the world will say, You cannot do that; but God will say. Stick around a little longer and I will show you that I can. Saints I use expressions like this because I know God is right, God is true, His words cannot fail, but President Clinton’s words on this matter are not worth the paper they are written on. Neither is there any among those politicians, that can speak anything God will accept, unless they accept His word first. When they do that, they will not be fighting against His word. All they have is money; and God will bankrupt all of them, before He will allow their money to change the outcome of the prophecies we have been looking at. Look what it says in the 9th verse, where God tells what He will do. “And it shall come to pass in that day, that I will seek to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem.” In that diplomatic, negotiating process of the United Nations, God will strike. The 10th verse tells you, “And I will pour upon the house of David, and upon the inhabitants of Jerusalem,” so that is why I say, In order for the seventieth week of Daniel to come into existence, the Jews have to have Jerusalem back under their complete control, somewhere during this process of time. It has to reach a point where it is no longer a city to fuss over. It becomes a city that the battles have been fought for, and decision has been made, and the Jews have proved to the Arabs, it is ours, so you have to get out of here. Then, and then only, will God pour out His Spirit as it says here. It is in the old city of Jerusalem that those two prophets, according to Revelation 11, will walk the streets in sack cloth, prophesying for three and one half years, which is forty two months. During that period of time, those prophets are going to prophesy and say things that will startle the Jewish nation. Does that make every Jew become converted? Absolutely not. A lot of those Jews are going to look at those two prophets just like the older bunch did Jesus. Get them our of here! Get rid of them! They have got a devil! You know, there are educated people today, that would say I have a devil, just because I talk like I do. That is good enough for me. I have never sought their approval. I do not say that bragging. I just know that God’s way is never the popular way. Many of those who find fault, have a foul mouth and ornery mind. They see no good in anything that does not come down their own avenue. I like the words of this prophecy, Though all the nations of the earth be gathered together against Jerusalem, God said, I will break them to pieces. He is not talking about Armageddon. You have got to see this in a different perspective. Once it becomes a settled issue in the Middle East, between the Arabs and the Jews, whose right it is to own and possess the city, then there has to be a means for that to be initiated. Let us turn back to Numbers 24. The children of Israel are on the east side of the Jordan River, and they are a little south, close to the area of Moab. When Balak had tried, but God would not let him, to curse Israel, Balak complained. After he got through complaining, we are going to look here in the 14th verse, what Balaam says to Balak, “And now, behold, I go unto my people: (I am going to leave you Balak) come therefore, and I will advertise thee (or show thee) what this people shall do to thy people in the latter days.” Thy people, because he was a Midianite. That is from out of Saudi Arabia. It goes to show, the Midianites were descendants of Abraham by Keturah. How many get that picture. He was a descendant of Abraham. Keep in mind, after Sarah’s death, Abraham took another woman to wife, Keturah. You find this in the 25th chapter of Genesis, along in that area. There were either six or seven other sons, Zimran, and Jokshan, and Medan, and Midian, and Ishbak, and Shuah, and Dedan was the son of one of them. Those were their names. They were sent into the east countries, into Saudi Arabia. The Saudi Arabians are the descendants of Abraham, after the flesh. Just like the Edomites. They are the descendants of Esau, Jacob’s brother, which are both the descendants of Isaac, Sarah’s promised son. This whole conflict in the Middle East has been a conflict, or a fight, and a chapter in history was started, that has not been closed. It is going to be very interesting to watch it close. As Balak keeps on talking, so does Balaam. “And he took up his parable, and said, Balaam the son of Beor hath said, and the man whose eyes are open hath said: He hath said, which heard the words of God, and knew the knowledge of the most High, which saw the vision of the Almighty, falling into a trance, but having his eyes open: (Balaam says this,) I shall see Him, but not now: I shall behold Him, but not nigh: there shall come a Star out of Jacob, and a Sceptre shall rise out of Israel, and shall smite the corners of Moab, (They were just a few short miles away from the border of that area of people.) And destroy all the children of Sheth. And Edom shall be a possession, (That is the descendants of Esau.) Seir (This is a mountain region.) Also shall be a possession for his enemies; and Israel shall do valiantly.” When? At the political table? No. That word only belongs to the field of battle. When? In the latter days. When is it going to be? When they have to fight for the rights of Jerusalem, because when the time is approaching that the walls of the city of Jerusalem is to be rebuilt and the temple built, God will cause Israel to fight a war like she has never fought before. That becomes the means by how God then, is going to set all these other prophetic pictures into motion. When you take that to the 19th chapter of Isaiah, it picks it up at the end time, right when Israel is in the very beginning of being sued by God to start her occupation. It says Egypt shall become like women. They will become afraid of th shaking of the hand of God, when He shakes it over Egypt. As I listened to the Jewish man on video tape, he said, We know by our intelligence resources, that the next war we fight, we will fight the whole Arab world, or Islamic world. And he said, We will win. I like to hear that. It is not going to be done by politics. Let us just back up a little bit. In the light of the United Nations, the New World Order, and all this yak, yak, yak they put out to the world, Environmentalists are going to ration this, they are going to allocate that, and take all the control over people that they can. Some of the things I read, are right out of the pit of hell. These environmentalists we have in our government today, I have to say, They are not a legal elected body of people. You never voted for a one of them. They are appointed by politicians, to look into this, that, and just about everything anymore. They take more power to themselves than they really have any right to. They are like the IRS. They are as arrogant as arrogant can be. You cannot do this, you cannot do that. They are the ones who want to save this planet. Well, if you cannot save yourself, you are not going to save anything else. They have a twisted idea, of how they are going to stop the earth warming. Environmentalists, listen to me, God is going to build a fire under you one of these days, and you are going to cry and wail and say, But you can’t do that. Stick around, and you will see what He can do. God is going to set things on fire and you are going to bed, Don’t do this. Do you know what the next century would be like, the way they want to control it? You may think I’m crazy, but some of the junk I have read, I say, that has to be out of the pit of hell. Young people, you won’t be allowed to marry, except when they give you permission to marry. They are going to clamp down on everything they can, to stop over population of the planet. They will tell you when you can get married. They will tell you how many children you can have. You will not be able to build a house just anywhere you want to. They are going to save the planet and the spotted owl, but forget about you. I just simply have no patience with some of the things I read, because it sounds worse than what Hitler did 60 years ago. It is worse! Only a devil can think like that and connive such ideas. To think that the God of heaven, the great Creator, is going to allow such stupidity as that to go on forever, is just as silly. That is why He allows them to go on that headlong way and mount their program until it becomes so universally evident, then God says to His children, Watch me! I am going to break up their playhouse! When He turns that nation of Israel loose, you are going to see something. As I listened to this Jew, say, We will have to fight the entire Islamic and Arab world, I thought to myself, He did not refer to any passage of scripture when he made that speech. He did say, But we will win. As I read through the scriptures, it says, They shall do valiantly, where? On the battlefield. The prophecy in Numbers, tells you exactly what the Israelites are going to do in the latter days. We are approaching those latter days right now. The prophet Isaiah, the prophet Jeremiah, and the prophet Ezekiel, all three spoke of things that God is going to execute in a very vengeful way against these three elements of people. When? In the latter days. When you read the book of Kings, Chronicles, and through there, back in the B.C. period, Israel was camped. Her dwellings were mainly on this side of the Jordan River. There were certain tribes on the other side of course. From the Midianites in Arabia, and from the Moabites and the Ammonites, every time Israel slumped to a low state, here would rise up an army of some of those people, and here they would come, to harass them. You can read it in the book of Judges. They were wrestlers, kidnappers, everything else. They constantly harassed the children of Israel. Well God remembered every bit of that. When we come down through time, to the time when God was going to start this seventy weeks, first by causing Israel to be carried away into captivity into Babylon. He determined, that for seventy years they would stay there as exiles. From the beginning of the release, for some of them to go back to start the process of the 69 weeks, or the 483 prophetic years, to where that ends, has to be in 33 A.D., and this other dispensation of two days (2000 years) was to begin there, and terminate precisely at the beginning of the 70th week, when God activates it. Then, when that ends, it is time for the prophecy that is in Hosea 6:3, to come into fulfillment, And in the third day, which is the Millennium dispensation, He will lift us up. They will be a nation that has been redeemed, all their land restored back to them, and they will possess all their borders. God will cause that nation to shine and it will be a glorious light, because the Messiah, the King of the earth will live and reign in Jerusalem. God never has forgotten those Edomites and some of their tricks, and the Moabites and the Ammonites, how they treated the Israeli’s. I want you to turn with me to the 137th Psalm. This is a psalm written by the Jewish people, while they were in the Babylonian captivity, the 137th Psalm. I am going to begin with the 1st verse. These exiles Jews in Babylonian captivity are telling us a story. “By the rivers of Babylon, there we sat down, yea, we wept, when we remembered Zion. (the city they had been carried away from) We hanged our harps upon the willows in the midst thereof. (Where? Babylon) For there they that carried us away captive required of us a song: (meaning they teased them, come on, sing us a song of Zion. That bunch of Babylonians did not understand the words of that song any more than a jack rabbit would. But it was their way of aggravating them, teasing them, taunting them.) And they that wasted us required of us mirth, (make us happy) saying, Sing us one of the songs of Zion. (Come on you bunch of pigs, sing for us, entertain us. The answer back is,) How shall we sing the Lord’s song in a strange land? If I forget thee, Oh Jerusalem, let my right hand forget her cunning. If I do not remember thee, let my tongue cleave to the roof of my mouth; if I prefer not Jerusalem above my chief joy. (Hallelujah! They could say, we will be glad when we can go home. Here they lift up their voice.) Remember, O Lord, the children of Edom in the day of Jerusalem; (You are a generation of people living just right before that. Think of it. Remember O Lord, Jerusalem, or the children of Israel in the day when Jerusalem becomes an object of international controversy. Do not every think God will not remember it. That was a prayer offered out of sincerity, because that bunch of Jews in Babylon remembered the words, the conversations the critics brought. That bunch of Edomites were over on the hillside watching what those Babylonians were doing to the Jews. Those Edomites are jumping up and down with glee. Think of it, cousins to the Jews acting like that. Those Edomites would say, Tear it to the ground, tear it to the ground, Hallelujah, tear her down to the ground. Maybe I sound crazy to you, but I am happy because of what I see. I see a picture here, where the world is going to bow their heads one day. We do not have a professor in any of the best colleges, that will be able to answer God, when he sees this thing fulfilled before his very eyes. Those Jews in Babylon, tell you in this verse, Remember, O Lord, the children of Edom in the day of Jerusalem.) Who said, Rase it, (Look up the word it means tear it down, tear it down,) rase it, even to the foundation thereof.” Now I want to take you to a prophecy that is going to tell you the extent, just how inhumane this is going to look to a lot of the world at large. Turn to Ezekiel 25. In this chapter of Ezekiel, He has a judgment against Moab, He has a judgement against Edom, He has a judgement against he Philistines of our day. He tells you in all this, what He is going to do to each one of them. Listen carefully to the 12th verse, for when God gets angry, someone somewhere knows He is angry. “Thus saith the Lord God; Because that Edom hath dealt against the house of Judah (when? Hundreds of years ago when the Babylonians were there knocking at the gates, tearing the walls down, invading the city, desecrating the place, tearing the temple all to pieces, stripping those Jews of their clothing and all such like. They all had to walk, tied together with chains of rope, back to Babylon. Edom had dealt against the house of Judah.) By taking vengeance, and hath greatly offended, and revenged himself upon them; Therefore thus saith the Lord God; I will also stretch out mine hand upon Edom, (It is yet to be) and will cut off man and beast from it; and I will make it desolate from Teman; (I suppose that must have been the capital of Edom in ancient times) and they of Dedan (O Saudi Arabia, God’s finger is pointing to you. You are the richest oil nation in the Middle East. When Saddam Hussein was threatening your borders, you needed America to come to your rescue. You did not have enough army to defend you even against a BB gun. They of Dedan are in for it) shall fall by the sword. (That is yet to be) And I will lay my vengeance upon Edom by the hand of my people Israel.” You cannot change it. Now the New World Order can say, We will not allow anything like that. Phooey! You will have no say so in it when God starts this. When God totally rejects your plan for world betterment, you will be paralyzed. You will do just like it says in Micah, you will run into every ground hog hole there is in the country. You will not come out until it is all over. God intends to absolutely scare the living daylights out of this educated bunch of heathen of our society all over the face of this earth. I know if I was speaking in a college, I would probably not get by with talking like this, but I mean what I say, because it is a literal fact. This is not some hypothetical language God put in there just to take up space. God has been carrying this vengeance in his heart for hundreds and hundreds of years.


When God looked down upon the Jews, He allowed those Babylonians to come, because He was going to use them to whip His people, but He did not need that ornery bunch of Edomites standing over there, humping up and down with glee, and acting like that. Then when the Babylonians took the last Jew off, here came those Edomites, ransacking, looting every home. God hates that kind of thing. We have people just like that today. They wait until a storm comes through the community, blows the roof off, knocks the house down, scares people half to death, and kills people. Then they rush in and help themselves to everything they see. There is always that low down bunch that have to hang around and loot. I have a book that tells about the Jamestown flood. When that city lay in mud and they had lost several people, the militia ordered that there was to be no looting. They meant it. They found one man that had found the body of a woman that had on her finger a valuable ring. He had to cut the finger off to get that valuable ring. When the authorities found the man, they shot him on the spot. I say they ought to continue that type of instant justice in such cases. That is justice which fits the crime. That is why God talks like this in these prophecies. His day of vengeance is coming. He has kept it all back until the end time. Now He is getting Israel back in shape, back in her place, getting ready to even up the score. When He does turn her loose again, you will see an Israel you have not seen before. That is why it tells you in Micah 7, As it was when I brought you out of Egypt thus and so. When He supernaturally sustained them, and when Joshua prayed that the sun would stand still, God heard his prayer. I believe that, but we have a modern, educated bunch in our society today that do not believe it. Stick around a little longer, and you will see. God says again, I will show you great and marvelous things, insomuch that the heathen, (That is not the poor black man on some south sea island. That is this bunch of professors that come from these colleges. They have taught you nothing but unbelief. Now God is going to give them a chance to find out for sure, that they have been wrong, but it will not give them salvation. Their time is well past by then.) The heathen will come crawling out of their holes. They are going to need a hole to get into when Israel is turned loose and God works these miraculous things on their behalf, because, when God scares the life half out of them, that is exactly where it is going to put them, in a hiding place. I cannot even say this and express it with the meaning I really would like to. When God’s word says they will come crawling out of their holes, that tells me God intends to scare them half to death. They will leave their tanks. They will forget about their jet fighter planes. Why? Because, when they see what Israel is doing, and how God is with them, and how God smites the horse power of their equipment, (not literal horse flesh, as some would believe) but their tanks, trucks and whatever else they have, all of a sudden, it will strike fear in their heart’s. Every weapon of the enemies of Israel, from Egypt to Syria, from Saudi Arabis to wherever else it might be, will be affected. Only the armament of Israel will stand the strain. I just have to say, Praise God! God is still right. Now our modern society will say, but you see Bro. Jackson, there is so many square miles, thus and so. It matters not if it is half way around the world. God will see to it. They will always want to calculate, by using their computers, see, Israel will take care of this, and on and on. You go in the hold, that is what it will all amount to. Once again God will say, And one shall put thousand to flight, and ten shall put ten thousand to flight. It does not matter what era of the military you look at this picture through. God’s word remains the same. He will open His eyes upon the house of Judah and He will cause her military capacity to far exceed, beyond all reason of doubt, beyond all expectations. That is what this is all about. When the armed forces of Israel starts those diesel motors up on those tanks, and heads them across the Jordan River, I can just visualize the terror, and wherever the air force and her armament goes, people are going to flee, screaming for mercy. I have to say, for every shell that explodes in the air, there will no doubt be a manifestation of God’s power that will magnify the ballistics, the concussion of it, then times over. It will be so terrifying they will want a hold to crawl into. They will want something to stop their ears with. Why? Because God intends to scare them out of that rebellious attitude. They will want something to stop their ears with. Why? Because God intends to scare them, and let that bunch of rebellious seed of Abraham, those of the other line, know that He is for the seed of Isaac. To them, He will say. You boast of Abraham being your father, but you deny me, so I will bring you back to the days that you will believe in me, just like your forefather’s did. That is exactly why it says in the 19th chapter of Isaiah, And Egypt will offer sacrifice on an altar that they construct in the midst of Egypt. Why? They are no longer a bunch of Ishmaelites, saying, Away with Israel. They are a nation that will return to the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, the God of Jacob, that was there hundreds of years ago, and his seed were there until it took the miracle power of God to lead them out of there. He killed their firstborn in the process of doing so. Right now, they are trying to find the tomb of the young Ramses, which was supposed to be the pharaoh at the time of the exodus. They are trying to discover where all of his children were buried. They are trying to see if they can find which one was the firstborn, and try to calculate how that firstborn really did die. We know what the Bible says, and we are confident that it is right. They will probably still be digging when God fulfills all of this that we are talking about. What good will it do them to find out how he died? They will never believe the Bible report of it anyhow. My point is, when people read about the New World Order, Oh it is absolutely preposterous. Yes, but the more I look at this, I just have to jump up and down with glee. I can see this monstrosity of a thing that would tax the world for millions and billions, to carry out their godless program, and I can see God just reach out and strike that thing, and totally wreck it. When God wrecks something, do not bother to worry about how it looks. God has an agenda, He has an event He wants to fulfill, and there is no power that can prevent it. There are a few people in every nation, that God wants to speak to. While it is going to scare the living daylights out of many millions of people, it is going to cause the hearts of some young people, Chinese, and Orientals of every description from the regions of Asia, from the lands of Hinduism, and all of this, to be lifted up. When they see God working on Israel’s behalf, they cannot help but say, there really is a God, that is a God of Israel. This is exactly why, when that war is over, and the tanks come home, and the planes land, every Arab from the tip of Saudi Arabia to the land of Jordan, those that are left alive, every Arab that is left to talk is going to want to make his way back and tell his brethren, which are Jews, we want to return to your God. It will no longer be Allah. They will want to be with Israel, worshiping Elohim. When God puts the Arabian Islam to sleep and takes that haughty spirit, that proud spirit out of them, He does it for a purpose. He will not destroy every Arab, but His objective is to destroy enough of them, in order to put enough fear in the rest, that they will be glad to give up that hatred for the Jews, stop their killing, and give up that Islamic spirit they have had for the last six or seven hundred years. That Islamic religion has butchered, beheaded and caused more blood to be spilled on the face of this earth, than any other race of people. They are of a blood thirsty religion, but God is going to put it to sleep once and for all time. When He does, He will do a good job. He will not waste time with politics. He has a method, a way of accomplishing His purpose. That is why from Egypt, when you read the 19th chapter of Isaiah, you read it with this in mind, the beginning of that victory causes Egypt to turn its whole social, domestic attention to be in favor with Israel. From the tip of Saudi Arabia, all the land of Jordan, that is where the Arabs that are in the land of Palestine today, most of them will go to, back across the Jordan. That is exactly what causes you, when you read Ezekiel 38, that talks about the land of God, Magog, Togarmah, and all those races of people coming in unity with the Persians, the Ethiopians, the Libyans, to realize it, it is that religion that bonds them together. That is where Islam will remain. After Israel is so victorious in this next war, do not tell me that will not cause the head of Russia to be antagonized, simply because most of those Arabs are equipped with Russian military equipment. Yes, when Israel has devastated that whole bunch of Arabs, all of those other neighboring Islam believers will set up a complaint and say, RUSSIA, help us to get rid of this devil down here. That is why, when you read it, you should read it carefully. When will this be? When my people Israel dwell safely. That is the whole key to the whole picture. That is not Armageddon Though. You have to realize that, if you want to see the whole picture correctly. Why will the people of Israel be dwelling safely, after all the years of fighting for their very existence? Because God has used them to fight a war that put their enemies to sleep, so to speak. The Arabs that are left alive after that war, will want to worship the God of Israel, simply because their eyes have been opened to the reality of what they have been living under. That is why when you go to the 60th chapter of Isaiah, you see such a wonderful picture, with people from all parts of the world pitching in to help build up Jerusalem. You see the world, suddenly interested in helping Israel, somewhere just before the seventieth week becomes effective, that 60th chapter of Isaiah will become effective. It has got to start the rehabilitation, the restoration and the reconstruction to get everything ready for that week to become effective. That still does not mean that the whole city is going to be completely rebuilt by the time the week starts. It does not mean that at all. It just means they will have started rebuilding the temple, because when we get over here where the week does start, the Jews are already offering sacrifices on the restored altar. By the time the first part of that week does come to an end, (the first three and one half years) the temple is completely rebuilt. The Jews are using the temple. That is why we can say this, In the middle of the week, when we come to that point, the antichrist, which is not the prime minister, nor the secretary general of the United Nations, but is none other than the pope of Rome, will kick the Jews out of the temple and seat himself therein. All these compromising religionists of our day and hour hate to hear that, because they have already joined the ranks of those who shook hands with the pope of Rome, and have already bowed down and kissed his feet. They have said, Papa, we want to come home. That is why, when God tears up the United Nations and the world realizes that it is not the beast, it turns all attention back to Europe, back to the ten horns. The 17th chapter of Revelation is laying there open before you. It plainly tells you in there, that those ten horns are the ten nations of Europe. They are the remnant of our modern, twentieth century, fragments of the breakup version of the old Roman, territorial empire. We can see, since WW2, how it has collectively, politically, militarily, and economically, been blended back together. It says these ten horns are ten kings, or kingdoms, that shall give their power, their national authority to the beast power. That is Europe, not the United Nations. They will give it there, until the words of God are fulfilled. I have to say, God is a big God. He is going to cause His word to be fulfilled precisely. In the middle of that week, that antichrist sitting over there in the Vatican, is going to get jealous, after having watched those two prophets of Revelation 11, for three and a half years, throughout the entire first half of that week, while they expose him and his beastly system. It is going to make him so disgusted and jealous, he will feel that he has to do something about them. God is going to allow him to say, I am going over there and show them who really does have power. What does the Bible say? He will enter the streets of Jerusalem with his forces. His forces will trample the city of Jerusalem under their feet, for forty two months. He will seat himself in the temple of the Hews and demand to be worshiped as god, showing the whole world just how much power he has, like, I will show you who really is god. God has allowed him to have enough power to be able to kill the two prophets and do these other things, but his power is of a short duration from that point. It plainly tells you no man can hurt those two prophets as long as they were suppose to prophesy, but when the days of their prophecy has ended, then the antichrist would enter the city, break his covenant of agreement with the children of Israel, kill the prophets and sit himself up in the temple showing himself to be god. Can you not just imagine what the unbelieving part of the world will say, when they suddenly see on the TV tubes, those two prophets that have stood there and prophesied, and condemned this and condemned that, and smote the earth with different types of curses, killed, and left lying in the street for all to behold? Can you not see what the unbelieving world will say when the antichrist goes over there and kills them and takes charge. They will say, Hurrah! Now we have a man on the scene that knows what he is doing. Away with those two devils that tormented us with their judgments. For one thing, they shut the heavens and it did not rain. That tears agriculture all to pieces. On and on this goes. The whole world will rejoice. They will send gifts one to another. How could such a prophecy be spoken so accurately two thousand years ago, when at that time they had no mechanical means whatsoever to transmit sight of events that fast? A baby could be born in Europe, and you would not know about it until it was a good size child, but in this day and hour, a woman can give birth to a baby in the hospital, they bring the cameras in, the nurses no sooner wash it and clean it up, and they are already showing to the world. That is why I have to say. We are living right in the days of prophecy. We are looking it right in the face. I am thankful the Bible has a way of talking to us, so that we can understand what God is doing, and what He is allowing to be done, and why. Every time I look at these scriptures, I get happy. I see such a beautiful picture developing right before my eyes it makes me glad to be a child of God. The outcome is what I am looking at. It is the state it leaves a certain element of people in, that really get your attention.


When we speak of “The Restitution of All Things,” it is because of the apostle Peter’s second sermon, in the 3rd chapter of the book of Acts, in verses 20 and 21. He preached this, after the day of Pentecost had taken place that year. He reminded them at that time, that all scriptures pertaining to the first advent of Christ, God had fulfilled. We are not dealing with the first advent of Christ, we are dealing with His second advent. If we are going to be prepared for Him when He comes again, we have to have more than just an idea about what the Bible says. We have to have something from God Himself, that gives us inside our hearts, an insight of how to look at things that are written in the scriptures. The religious world today is like Judaism of old. It had its various schools of thought, but the biggest percentage of Judaism was blind to the real meaning of the things they held on to, because they did not understand what was going on in the hour they were living in. We are not going to say anything to deliberately discredit anyone’s religious upbringing, but just try to bring out the revelation of various things that we speak of. It does not matter, that we may have been a Catholic, a Baptist, Lutheran, or whatever, it is what we become as we submit our lives to the Spirit of God to teach and mold us into acceptable vessels, that really counts. All these branches of religious systems, in their beginning, were founded upon a revelation and understanding from the word of God, but mortal mankind is the type of creatures that are weak and easily led astray. He thinks because he lived in an hour when God revealed something, that is sufficient for the rest of all time. Christianity did not lose its way in none night of time. It lost its way passing through a period of time, after the early apostles had passed off the scene, and it is the purpose of God to restore the bride Church back to that original apostolic doctrine taught by Peter, Paul, James and John, and all those others of that first age of Christendom. When you try to declare something to people, how that God is going to have a people in the end time that live just like the earlier church lived, they say, Well I just simply do not see it that way. Well it is because you do not see restitution. Restitution, is a word that means to give back, to restore something. The type was set in the Old Testament, the way God dealt with Israel. God promised right here that He would restore Israel back to all that she ever possessed. Jesus Christ cannot come until everything has been restored back to Israel, that God had promised. The last thing she will have is her King, and her King will be none other than the Lord Jesus Christ, who is King of kings and Lord of lords. As you look at the chart we are using, you see a breakdown of the first 69 weeks of Daniels 70 weeks, as you find it in the 9th chapter of Daniel. Of course B.C. refers to time in history which was recorded in the Old Testament period of time up until the death of King Herod. We know, according to the gospels, that Jesus, which was to be the Christ, was born some time shortly before the death of King Herod. Herod was in power when the wise men came looking for Him that was born to be King of the Jews, and asking Herod, where is He that is born King of the Jews, because we have seen His star in the east? That interested Herod, so he called in the scribes and asked, Where is He supposed to be born? They said, In Bethlehem of Judaea. King Herod said to the wise men, Go seek the young child, and when you have found Him, come and tell me, that I might go and worship Him also. That was just as hypocritical as what you see out of our politicians today. They do not want to hear of anything that has taken place in the earth, in a supernatural way. They want you to play ball with them in this New World Order game. This New World Order thing, that they think is so powerful, because it has money behind it, has the power of nations behind it, that it is going to be thing that ends this all out. Well you are going to see the entire thing torn to pieces one of these days. The Bible says so. The fourth beast of the world was the Roman Empire. If Rome was the best back then, it has to end up with Rome again being the beast that the apostle John wrote about in the book of Revelation. You don’t take something that was literal back then, and spiritualize it over here in the end time, and say it can mean something else. Babylon was the first beast. It remained Babylon. The Medo-Persian Empire was the second one, and it remained the Medo-Persians. The Grecian Empire was the third one, and it remained that until it was destroyed, so why would Rome, the fourth beast, turn out to be called something else, when it is not even promised that there would be any other beast of that sort, but rather that this last one was to go into a sort of semi-dormant stage, and right at the end time, the very spirit that made Rome what it was before, will come right out of hell and embody itself right back in the old Roman ecclesiastical system that ruled Rome in the Dark Ages. Christ was born here, (pointing to chart) a little less than two years before the death of King Herod. We know this, all because Christianity, basically that which was Romanism, in later centuries A.D., began to calculate time and say, Our New Testament time should be written in relationship to the death, burial, and resurrection of the greatest man that ever lived, and that is the King of kings and Lord of lords. Therefore they began to calculate from the writings of history, and going backward, they figure the birth of Christ took place somewhere right in here. (Chart) When we get this 69 weeks all figured down and know that Christ was actually crucified in 33 A.D., and knowing He was 33 ½ years of age, it give you something to figure from. When people say He was born in the spring of the year, they are void of understanding about the requirements for a Passover Lamb. He was not born in the spring of the year. He was crucified in the spring of the year, so if He was 33 ½ years of age then, and you count 33 ½ years back, you come back to the full year, and then the half year, which puts you in the Fall of the year, a year and a half before the death of King Herod, which is used to separate B.C. time from A.D. time He had to be born in the fall of the year, in order for His time of birth to be in the lambing season. I do not have time to take the history and prove it to you, so you are just going to have to believe me, or go search it out for yourself, because all the chronology points to the fact that Christ was born in the fall of the year. Now we can say this. We are living in 1998 A.D. Here is 2000 coming up, right here, that is calendar time. We have a prophecy in Hosea 6:2, and the Spirit of that prophecy says, After two days He will revive us. That is the Spirit of prophecy talking about the revival that is to take place in the first part of the week of Daniel, the seventieth week, which is right here. These two parts divide the week. This is the seventieth week right here. (Pointing to chart) When it says, “After two days will He revive us: in the third day He will raise us up, and we shall live in His sight.” That third day is the Millennium that goes on after the seventieth week has been fulfilled. We must understand. If this time (two thousand years) terminates here at the beginning of this, (the seventieth week of Daniel) then it had to have a beginning. The only event we have recorded in history then, that could possibly be the beginning point, is when Christ was cut off, which was 33 A.D. He was crucified, buried, and rose again. That fulfills 69 weeks of prophetic time. So we begin it right here and carry it through. These two days are two thousand prophetic years, broken down, it terminates in the year 2004 ½. That is approximately when this week should start. We should begin to see things in the earth as indicators that the world is moving toward that week of time. Now we have all kinds of politics today in our New World setup. If I was to quote some of this stuff, it would make you very angry. They brought a bill out, or a law, they call it bill 21. You do not know what it is. You never heard them talk about it in the news. It is designed by the U.N., which state this, All states existing, touching borderland, all outside immigrants should be allowed to cross the border and immigrate to that country without any obligations, without any laws attached. They have got the nations of the earth divided into categories, nations designed as they call G-7. Don’t ask me what that means, but it means that all nations classified under the G-7 code should have open borders to all outside immigrants. When outside politicians who come from other countries get into such an institution so powerful like the U.N. is, and they suggest such stuff, you can rest assured that it will not be for our benefit. Why? Because they come from nations that have been ruled by political systems of the devil, that never had an ounce of godliness in them. They had kept those people in poverty and ignorance. Only God knows the thousands of people that have lived and died and been butchered int hose godless countries through centuries of time. Then when there is a nation like this one, that was founded by God, in that our founding fathers relied on God for the wisdom to do the best they could, these godless creatures are always looking for ways to bring us down to their level. That does not in any stretch of imagination, make every one of those men a saint, but it does mean this. This nation was founded at a strategic time in world development, when Europe was going through a drastic change. God had given Europe the Reformation, starting with Martin Luther. God raised up this nation as a haven and refuge for those early Christians from Europe that wanted a place of freedom. God brought them here. He caused this nation to have a political existence and birth that was centered around our devotion and worship unto God. It is sad, that in the last fifty years we have had politicians who have sold this nation out to evil and started it down a road of no return, simply because they want to be leaders of the super state. You are going to see this super state blown all to pieces right before your eyes. It is going to come about in such a surprising way to a lot of people. After WW2, for the first fifteen to twenty years, Russia was building up, arming itself to one day destroy the west. She bragged and said so. What did Kruschev say, standing in the cornfields of Iowa? We will bury you! When that thing was ready to be destroyed, from being the bear beast that it was, how long did it take? In less than three years it was gone, Russia is politically, and economically broke today. They just got through printing new money, just like Mexico did. Their money was so inflated, they decided to take some of the zeros off. All of that only goes to show that their aim is wrong. How come, they cannot control inflation? They could, if they would, but they will not. I do not have time to tell you how they could control it, but all of this goes to show, the world is moving toward an era of time, wherein the political leaders, under the direction of Satan himself, will do their utmost to wrap this whole world up in a super state bundle. There is no way in their agenda, that will they allow Israel to build the temple and rebuild Jerusalem, to get it ready for the Millennium. Forget it. In none of their agenda have they written anything about it. In fact, they are the system that would stand in the way of such a thing. The aim of the New World Order, is to take away all the freedom of choice of religion and there will be one universal religion that everyone will have to be submissive to. That will be the god of nature. If you are going to worship the god of nature, and you do not know who he is, that makes you a pagan. I am glad there is a sovereign God, and that He is more than just th god of nature. He is a God of every human, every living beast and suchlike on the face of the earth. We are coming close tot he year 2000. In the Jerusalem Post I received Friday, Yasser Arafat made a speech that was recorded and put in here. Yasser Arafat stated this, by the month of May 1999, the Palestinians will have a state of their own, with old Jerusalem as its capital. He stated in that, how Jerusalem belongs to the Palestinian people. He may think so, but any one who will seriously study the Bible, knows that Jerusalem does not belong to the Palestinian people. It belongs to the Jewish people that God is seeking to bring back and restore into this land that was given by the God of all creation, to their father Abraham. Sure, they have been out of there for almost 2000 years, but it was not by their choice. That is what this period of time represents. But fifty years ago, after WW2, he slowly started bringing them back, to fulfill the various prophecies of the Bible, how that the nation would have a new birth. The entire world has fought against it, but nothing can prevent it from happening. The United States is the only nation on the face of the earth, that has even tried to help defend Jerusalem, but with the political system as it is in the states right now, it does not envision a fulfillment of prophecy. It only envisions a super state, where all the world has to cooperate collectively, casting their lot into this super state. The Bible does not picture a super state. The Bible pictures a beast with visions of ruling the world; and it is none other than restored Romanism. That Roman beast of the book of Revelation is not the whole universal planet under the control of Rome. The Roman world in its ancient time, or the Roman beast in prophetic time, was only that part of western Europe that reached into the Middle East. The Roman world never did rule the Orients. With this in mind, that revival to take place according to Revelation 11, right in this first part of that seventieth week right here, will be witnessed worldwide. Somewhere near the year of 2004 ½, something should begin to indicate we are approaching world developments, recorded by minor prophecies, that people do not even look at, simply because they think they are irrelevant. They are just as important as stepping stones across a creek. If you do not want to get your feet wet, step on those stones. They are put there for a purpose. That is why I chose this text to read from. Let us turn to the 2nd chapter of Haggai. I am going to start reading in the 5th verse. The prophet is speaking in the future tense of time, reminding the believer that will be dealt with, when this is all to be fulfilled, that it is a sure thing. “According to the word that I covenanted with you when ye came out of Egypt.” We see this prophecy is pointing the believer on this day back to the time when God led the children of Israel according to the Exodus story, out of Egypt. How did He do it? He did it in a miraculous way. He brought them across the Red Sea miraculously. He brought them through the wilderness journey for forty years miraculously. He fed them miraculously. He sustained them in many miraculous ways, and He helped them defeat those that came out against them to oppose them. They had their back-sets, and they had their misleadings, but after the forty years that they had been sustained by the miracle hand of God, He brought them across the Jordan. When He brought them across the Jordan to face their opposition at Jericho, that was also a miraculous war. God did that to show them, I am with you. Go in and possess it. So He is reminding the endtime believer, again I will do the same thing. That is why Micah 7, says, according to those days, He will do that again. “So my spirit remaineth among you; fear ye not. For thus saith the Lord of hosts; Yet once, it is a little while, and I will shake the heavens, and the earth, and the sea, and the dry land.” There is not a politician that lives on the face of this earth that knows what that is talking about. They have become so power crazed, they could not care less what is written in the Bible. Sure they have vast means of military destruction at their fingertips. So what! Egypt at that time was the most powerful society there was, but God judged Egypt at the Red Sea. When God shakes the heavens, you can rest assured it is not only the atmosphere being affected. It is the spirit world being incorporated into His plan, and the earth, there can be two ways that can be applicable. Nature begins to feel the pangs of birth. It tells us in Romans, that the whole creations groaneth and travaileth until now, longing and waiting for that day, for the time when the adopted sons of God shall be manifested. ON the other hands, when you begin to see God get into the affairs of politics, rest assured, it does not matter how much money they have in the treasury. He can liquidate it in nothing flat. He can bring that nation to ruin at the blink of an eye. We have had this educated, monetary minded bunch of politicians for the last fifty years, since WW2. They have taken our money system and shot it full of all kinds of remedies from the minds of the politicians. The last thirty years our standard of living has gone from the level it was before WW2, until now, it is at an all time high. I have to say, how can you control the production of food with one law and try to establish a fixed end to how high the monetary system goes with another? I have always thought the supply and demand was what regulated prices. Right now though, it is a common picture that has been so inflated, pumped up in a disguising way, there is no need, and no reason whatsoever that you should have to pay for a gallon of milk today, ten times what they paid thirty years ago. It is ridiculous. That is just common sens, when a loaf of bread used to cost a quarter, why should it cost a dollar and eighty nine cents now? What good has it done? It has done no good at all. That is why I have to say. Can man cure the ills of the world today? NO. Only the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ can do that. It says in the prophecies, In that day, His elect will build houses, they will inhabit them. The others, which are the wicked, shall not. They shall plant vineyards and eat the fruit thereof. The wicked shall not. I have to say, Creation is screaming, groaning for a day of release, when the Lord Jesus Christ will come to this earth with His resurrected Bride, to set up a government system that will be from one end of this earth to the other. There will be no paupers. There will be no poor people. There will be no more Ted Turners and that type. God does not object to a person getting wealth, if that person will use it in a wise way. Wealth was made to be used by some to help others, if you understand what I mean in the right way. That does not mean a wealthy person has to walk down Main Street and pass it out to everyone he meets. It means if he has the sense to know how to make money, then God will give him sense to know how to use it to help mankind. Maybe I have said things you have misunderstood, but there is a common sense way to look at everything. I do not care if you drive Lincoln’s. That is your business. God will let one man drive a Lincoln and let another man ride a bicycle. Why is that Bro. Jackson? All because, if you give one man a Cadillac, it would not be long until it looked like a tin can. There are some people born with little ability to learn how to take hold of material things and use them properly. Do you understand me? People think God gave everybody the same ability. No. God does give some people ability to be an asset and help to the human race. All these who want to be so stingy, just tightwads, the more they get the more they want, God has no patience with that kind of attitude. The more they have, the crankier they get, and more selfish. After a while, they are so cantankerous they cannot get along with themselves nor anyone else. There are a lot of politicians just like that. Let me emphasize this text right here. “I will shake the heavens, and the earth, and the sea, and the dry land.” That means there is nothing that is going to escape it. “And I will shake all nations.” Notice the end effect to this. And I will shake all nations, and when He does that, He gets into the political systems. Do not kid yourself. When God wants to tear something up, He gets into the politics side of it, because they are not aware of how He does it. I will shake all nations. When? In the Middle Ages? No. When? Right here at the end time. That sets the stage for the coming of Jesus Christ. “And the desire of all nations shall come: and I will fill this house with glory, saith the Lord of hosts.” He spoke that in the future tense of time, when the temple is to be rebuilt according to Isaiah 60, and the city of Jerusalem, and Revelation 11. There is not going to be any building of a temple, nor of the city of Jerusalem again, to restore it, as long as the U.N. has its way. You just as well forget it. You might as well close up the book, because it is not in their agenda. They have no interest whatsoever concerning the coming of Christ. In fact, if they had their way, as they get closer to the full application of their agenda, the hour will be that they will close us up, simply because we refuse to abide by their dictates and how they want to rule in the super state. God says right here though, that He will not only shake the heavens, He will shake the earth, the sea, the dry land, and all nations. The end results of this shaking is to bring an end to man’s present fixed systems, so that He can put in their heats to fulfill His word. What does it tell you in the 17th chapter of Revelation, concerning the ten horns of Europe? This is not ten divisions of the global world, it is still the ten horns of Europe. It tells you these ten horns have received no kingdom as yet, meaning a world kingdom. But they receive a kingdom one hour with the beast. That means collectively, they submit their sovereign, national authority to a European unity. For what reason? To fulfill the word of God. Before WW2, all the nations of Europe were at each others throats all the time. No sooner did WW2 come to an end, there was a spirit that began to settle on them. We must unite, come together. In 1948, they established NATO, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. This was a military beginning of the nations of Europe, for once, looking at the situations that lay in front of them, to unite, to begin to work together for existence and cooperation. For forty some years they worked, they fussed, but at least they never shot at each other. Today you have an organization called NATO. After the perimeter of Russia, the gigantic Communist bear that threatened the world, we will bury you, now to think that Russia has to join the same system, and all the nations of that perimeter that she had, little by little. Some people do not realize why that is like that. It is because, from western Europe, there are certain geographical lands that must be tied to the European beast, that which goes back and leads into the Middle East, to get it ready for the end time. Now we will finish this prophecy. I want to read the 7th verse again. “I will shake all nations (Uncle Sam you are going to be shaken) and the desire of all nations (That is the end of the shaking) shall come: and I will fill this house with glory, saith the Lord of hosts.” He is talking about the temple that has not even been built yet. Now He says this, “The silver is mine, and the gold is mine, saith the Lord of hosts.” All nations, economically, really are living on the brink of bankruptcy. You everyone know that. There is no way this nation can pay its way out of the indebtedness it has stacked up. If you cannot see why the economists, the financiers, and the politicians have sat by and let the cost of everything rise, rise, rise, and rise, you may not understand how it all fits right into what our leaders are pushing for. It has made the debt even larger continuously. When milk goes up, the debt goes up. When the bread goes up, the debt goes up. Yes, it does. The super state has this in mind, when the time is ready for the super state to take over control of the world, you can have thirty thousand dollars in a savings account; and then wake up one morning and see flashing on the news, AS OF SUCH AND SUCH A DATE, AND SUCH AND SUCH AN HOUR, AL CURRENCIES WILL BE CHANGED. You will be given new currency equivalent to twenty percent of your total savings. Do yo think I am kidding you? This bunch of politicians in the world today, I would not trust as far as I would have trusted John Dillinger. That is a fact. If they could cook up some of these bills through U.N. and hold them there, awaiting a certain time to drop them down and put them in force, then do not tell me you can trust them. They do not intend to trust you. You are the mass of human society they intend to rule by super state government. Yes, one other time Russia did the same thing. They printed new money. I heard something about that the other day. Old people who had a few rubbles hidden in the mattress, when the time came that money was no longer acceptable on the market, by the time they went into their mattresses and brought it out, no bank would accept it. They lost all of it. I have to say these things because we are living in a day when the devil, through political minds, has got a super picture of world government ready to drop down over you like a fisherman net in the sea. That is why I have to preach on this prophecy. It will keep some, from being deceived by the spirit of this age. I do praise the Lord though because I know He will one day tear their systems of government all to pieces and set up a righteous rule. I know also, that in the midst of all of our politicians big plans there is going to be a lot of economic hardships for people to deal with. Remember though, if we are children of God, God will keep you here long enough to serve His purpose and provide for you. He never promised the politicians would always have it easy. He never promised that the politicians would always be in control. He will put it into their hearts to fulfill His word, whatever that requires of them. You can rest on that. That is why, in the end effect of all the shaking God speaks of here in the end time, somewhere in the earth, and I am talking about from one end of the earth to the other, there will be an element of society that God intends to speak to, people of a simple mind. This prophecy will be a fact. If you live until the rapture, you will see it in effect. You will read about it in the papers, and you will see it on your TV sets.


Turn with me in our Bible’s, to Zephaniah 2. The prophecy I am going to read, describes to you the territory that we must consider that Israel will take back from the Arabs. Right now the Islamic, Arab world is planning to destroy the statehood of Israel. However, in this prophecy God speaks of what Israel is going to do. It is just the opposite of what the Arabs are planning, so which will you believe? Starting in the 4th verse, these verses are speaking of the land of the ancient Philistines, the territory the Philistines lived in, called the Gaza Strip. “For Gaza shall be forsaken, (Ashkelon is one of the old ancient cities) and Ashkelon a desolation: they shall drive out Ashdod (another Philistine city) at the noon day, and Ekron (another ancient Philistine city) shall be rooted up. Woe unto the inhabitants of the sea coast, the nation of the Cherethites! The word of the Lord is against you; O Canaan, the land of the Philistines, I will even destroy thee, that there shall be no inhabitant.” This is talking about the same territory that at one time the Philistines lied in. They were a tribe of people that constantly harassed the children of Israel. God used those people to chasten Israel for her disobedience. No where in the B.C. time was Israel ever able to conquer the Philistines. They were a warlike people. We can say this though, after almost 1900 years of such, back in the 1967 war, Israel was under a leadership then, that took this land. They took it with the thought in mind, this is what God has promised in His prophets, so He will give us this land. It was a miracle war. They took the Sinai, all the way to the Red Sea. They pushed the borders within sight of Damascus, right to the borders of Lebanon. Immediately the Arabs began to cry, you can’t do that. You have got to give it back. In six days, God gave them the victory over all this mass of territory, and they only had a population of three million back then. Thirty some years later, they have a population of five million people. I have to say, our own president, and our own government, say they want to defend Israel, but tell me, how many people do you expect to put in a quart jar. That is just a figure of speech of course, because they must have all their ancient land back. You want to be good to a race of people. Yes, Come on back ! We will let you immigrate back to your land, but all they had to fight for, and they did not start the war. The Arabs started it, by planning an attack that would destroy Israel completely. God, by His sovereign grace, gave Israel victory in six days of time. Immediately, The Arabs started complaining to the whole western world. They are supposed to give it back. The Bible does not say they have to give it back, and that is what counts. It is politicians, that have said that, because they are trying to put together a super state. In some parts of the world they want all races to live together in common borders. As long as man has that sinful nature, selfish greedy, blood thirsty, and hateful, it will not work. You cannot put snakes and babies in the same crib and expect everything to coexist in peace. Something is going to die. Common sense would tell you that. With this in mind, they took it in the Six Day War. They took it up to a certain point. That started that prophecy into fulfillment. The leaders then, had in mind, a greater Israel. Mr. Begin believed in that, that God would give back to Judah all the land He had promised. That is why there has been all the fussing. This man they have there now, Benjamin Netanyahu, is a man trying to hold on for time. I believe with all my heart, that he knows the time is coming when those Arabs are not going to live up to one word they promised. They want to get the Israelis to move out of the Gaza Strip completely, and leave all those villages there, that they have built since the Six Day War, leave it to the Arabs. That is what they want. All the new housing in and around the suburbs of old Jerusalem, give it up, let the Arabs live there. Get off the Golan Heights, let the Syrians come in and take those nice bungalows that the Jews have worked hard to build since the Six Day War. Come on back into this quart jar, where you touch each others elbows and do not have enough ground to raise a head of lettuce on. You have to import all your food. Something tells me that idea stinks. It makes no sense at all. In the meantime, the Arabs plot, they connive, they train more terrorists, they do everything to terrorize, to break the peace agreements, so they will have an excuse for what they are planning to do. They do it in a way to make it look like the Jews are the guilty one’s. If they massacre a bunch of Jews, the world says nothing against it, but if the Jews retaliate and bomb some Arabs, Oh, this is terrible!! We can’t stand by and allow this any longer. Wait until God turns Israel loose on them to fulfill His word. God is going to let this world look something in the face, while they talk about disaster. He is going to give this world a chance to look through their TV tube and see bloodshed like they have not seen before. Do you know why? Because, out of Isaiah comes a prophecy, Who is this that comes from Edom with his garments dyed in red? I alone have tread my wine press. It is God in angelic form, how He look upon the whole Arab world right now. God says, I will execute my vengeance. I want you to know, Right now, politicians from the whole world could say, Oh but Israel, we will not allow you to do that. Stick around a little while and you will see what they can do. That is why this whole thing has to come to an hour of time when God is through dealing with nations of the west and all their educated, intellectual learning and money and military might. God is going to show this world what it looks like when He gets in the scene. When God gets in the scene on the battlefield, it will be to even up a score. He has been holding this thing in his heart for centuries of time. He remembers the day when the Edomites, the Moabites, and the Ammonites humped up and down with glee, back in 600 B.C.., when the Babylonians came and tore Jerusalem to the ground. They stood on the other side, jumping up and down, screaming Rase it, tear it down to the foundation. They were saying, the land that was theirs, will be ours now. That is what it all means. That is why they say, My ancestors were born here. This is where I belong. Yes, the young one’s can say that, but if you check back far enough, you will find that their ancestors were born in the desert of Jordan. Their ancestors that were their progenitors were not born in the land of Israel. They came in here when God had caused His people Israel to be scattered. Therefore for the past thirty years Israel has been negotiating. She has had political leaders in recent years that did not have vision of the Bible in their heart’s. You would wonder, since we Gentiles look upon the Jewish people as being the people of the Bible came from, how come they cannot read their own prophets? All they ever talk about is the Torah, the first five books of the Bible. The Torah alone is not going to save anyone. It was their misreading of the Torah that caused them to be in dispersion in the first place. God said, I have hewed you out with the prophets, I have sent to you prophets, rising early and staying late, but you would not listen to a thing they said. Therefore God was forced to scatter them. Why? Because they became stiff necked, just like our western, educated world today, so proud of our scientific achievements. The day will come, when spider webs will be spun across many of those places where scientists, in all their laboratories, have studied. I am reminded of the book of Proverbs, because of the things you find even in kings houses, spider webs. You cannot keep those little rascals out, can you? It just goes to show, when life and activity is well occupied, a spider will get in somewhere, and every chance it gets, it will spin that web. Notice the next verses. This tells about the land where all this present day problem came from. Go to the 8th verse. God says, “I have heard the reproach of Moah, and the revilings of the children of Ammon, (When did He hear that? Hundreds of years ago) whereby they have reproached my people, and magnified themselves against their border.” Well I thought God is a God of mercy? He is, when people will accept Him in the hour when mercy is available, but when people get to the place they no longer are recognizing what mercy is all about, and that they do not see that they need it, that is when God forgets about it. “Therefore as I live, saith the Lord of hosts, the God of Israel, Surely Moab shall be as Sodom, (Where is Sodom today?) And the children of Ammon as Gomorrah, (Their day is coming) even the breeding of nettles, and saltpits, and a perpetual desolation: the residue of my people shall spoil them.” Do not forget, in 728 B.C., when the ten tribes of northern Israel were carried away captive by the Assyrian empire, and God prophesied through Hosea, the ten tribes, which were basically called Israel, said they would stay in dispersion until the end of time. We know this, according to the Old Testament, part of that land over in Jordan belongs to the ten tribes. Gilead and those regions. In ancient time, there was never a country called Jordan. What was not occupied by the children of Israel, certain tribes of Israel, they were called the tribe Ammon, the tribe of Moab, and Edom, which are the descendants of Esau. With this in mind then, this bulwark of Jordan and King Hussein, that whole country of Jordan was started up by the breakup of the British control of colonialism in the Middle East, after WW1. England is the one that broke the Middle East up like that, and established the country, the existence of what is called Jordan. They did it, not having the Bible in mind whatsoever. Therefore if we are getting close to the time that the week of Daniel is to start, somewhere right along in here, then it means we have only got approximately seven to seven and one half years left, so Israel will soon be taking possession of their ancient land that has been controlled by their enemies for so long. This is why I have to say, I am thankful that God saved my wretched soul, and gave me this opportunity to understand this much of His book. There was a day I was blinded to the contents of the Bible, I was blinded to anything of Biblical reality whatsoever. All I wanted to do was live my own life, have everyone else leave me alone, let me just be honest, treat my neighbors good, pay my bills, and try my best not to do anyone wrong. I thought, What more can you ask of anyone, other than that? You can do all that, and still split hell wide open. We can cultivate a sense of human pride, thinking, I am not a sinner. I have not killed anyone, I have not robbed any banks, I have not done this or that, and deceive ourselves. The Bible says all have sinned and come short of the glory of God, there is none righteous, all have a sinful nature and continuously go contrary to the way of God. It is either pride or something else. All have come short of the glory of God, therefore God asks all to repent, and let Him do the rest. We all have to come a provided way, and that is through the doorway of the grace of God that was expressed to us through the Lord Jesus Christ, and brought to a climax when He went to Calvary and paid the supreme price for our release from the clutches of Satan. With this in mind, we begin to realize, God is going to give Israel back her borders, from the Red Sea all the way to the Euphrates River. A man sent me a tape from a Jew, I will not try to say his name, because it is hard to pronounce. He is not a Messianic Jew. He is strictly a Jew of Judaism, but this man is very sympathetic with the Christian faith, especially the Christian faith America was established by. He has been over here close to a year now, giving speeches. He still belongs to the military in Israel. He is going from church to church, of those that will have him, and contact him, giving speeches as he sees the situation in his own Middle East country, and from the Islamic Arab world. I am speaking from the standpoint of the Islamic, Arab world myself. I am not talking about Persia or Libya and those others that are not Arabs. They are all of the Islamic region, but they are not all Arabs. The Arabs are Arabians. Those others are races of people of their own identity, and they are all under that Islamic spirit, but that does not make them Arabs. Islam is a religion of blood thirsty people, people that have shed blood and beheaded other people, right on through the centuries. They announced in the news last night, in the Islamic country of Algeria, they tried to establish a democratic type of government a few years ago, but the Islamic people raised up in this nation and have butchered thousands of people. They want to put fear in them and try to bring a downfall to the democratic type government. When you begin to see a race that has a religious belief and a theory of life that will allow them to take women and children, innocent in themselves, and butcher them, just hack them to pieces, because they want to put fear in the rest of the people, you either go along with us, or we will do the same thing to you. That is what it amounts to. I have to say, that is one reason God is compelled to deal the Arab world a blow through Israel one of these days, a blow that will shock the western world. What does it say in Micah 7? 15 “According to the days of the coming out of the land of Egypt will I show unto him marvelous things. 16 The nations shall see and be confounded at all their might. (That is not talking about that character down on the south sea islands. That is this Wall Street bunch, the London stock market bunch. That is the Singapore bunch. They know how to make money, they know how to vote for a super state. But God is going to have a state of his own. He is going to restore his nation to sovereignty, and self existence, in all of their God given land. God said I will restore all things. That is why Israel has to be restored, to set the time factor in motion that will bring on the necessity of the world beast system, which is according to Revelation 14 and so forth) they shall lay their hand upon their mouth, their ears shall be deaf. 17 They shall lick the dust like a serpent, they shall move out of their holes like worms of the earth: they shall be afraid of the LORD our God, and shall fear because of thee.” When we look at this, as long as politics has everything bottled up the way it is right now, we can just count time, count time, count time, but if this is right, I believe God has a time factor precisely picked out. Once God does start moving things by His time factor, we are going to see things in this world of modern science, economics, all that man has put together, begin to crumble. Because God is going to do some things that is going to cause leaders to realize they are looking at the results of a God that is too big for them to handle. When we read how God led the children of Israel through the wilderness we think, that was a wonderful thing. We laugh and say, it would be so wonderful, to see a God like that in action. There is one reason that God is compelled by His word to show Himself int his day and hour in a supernatural, miraculous way. The world has got to the place where they have to prove everything scientifically. Everything has to be proven scientifically, or the world in general will not accept it. God does not have to prove everything scientifically. He is the self existent one. He can leave people up to their own ideas for a long period of time, and then, when He does show Himself you hear. Well I just don’t understand. That is why it says in Micah 7, God will bestow His power and show His miraculous presence to such an extent the heathen will come crawling out of their holes, with their hands over their mouth, so surprised. He does it for a reason. When we read these prophecies to see the setting, the time factor, and what is to be accomplished, we then go to the 60th chapter of Isaiah. Let us go there for that scripture, and we will finish this message with it. Some of us older ones can remember when the governmental statehood of Israel was born, and how we began to say, way back then, back in the 1940’s and early 1950’s, prophecy is on the move. God is slowly beginning to restore Israel. After being out of the land for almost 2000 years, He is now slowly beginning to bring it back into recognition. Here is a prophecy that points right to the very hour we are living in, after God has shown Himself in the miraculous, supernatural way. In the 60th chapter of Isaiah, this is the Spirit of prophecy, the Spirit of God speaking to and for the people of Israel, pertaining to the land of Israel itself. “Arise, shine; for the light is come, (That is a promise to Israel) and the glory of the Lord is risen upon thee. (Israel has gone through a lot of hardships in the last fifty years. A lot of Israeli blood has been shed. Many tears have been shed likewise, but this thing will absolutely come about precisely as it is written, right on time and on God’s schedule) For, behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, (I have to say. It does not mean the sun is going to stop shining, clouds might be covering the sun, but darkness shall cover the earth, spiritual darkness. Do not tell me just because we have more church buildings throughout America, and we do have plenty of them, that we are a nation of light. That is not a sign that we are a light to anything. We have people sitting in church pews all over this land today, thinking, I wish that preacher would shut up. He has already preached twenty five minutes. Yes, if he preached twenty five minutes, they would probably have people in the pews with a belly ache. Not from eating green apples, but it is because they have no appetite for anything pertaining to God. They come there for all the wrong reasons, and do not really care whether it is night time or day time, just as long as they can get right out of there and go about their merry way. They only want to pacify themselves a little each week, so they go and sit in a pew somewhere for a few minutes and think they have done God a service. That is not walking with God in any stretch of your imagination. It says right here, Darkness shall cover the earth) and gross darkness the people. (Spiritually blind people) (Just walk up to some people and start talking about the coming of the Lord, and you will hear, I don’t believe that. I think all things are just like they were from the days of our grandparents. You know good and well, that fifty years ago the city of Louisville, Kentucky, was not like it is in this day and hour. We no sooner get into the new year, and three murders have already been reported. I wonder what the statistics will be when 1998 is over? There was a time you could walk the streets of Louisville at midnight, and not have to worry about somebody stepping out of an alley and shooting you, stabbing you, or doing away with you, so you are searched for over the next so many days or months. Look at it now though. We live in a nation, and in a day when evil has become the order of the day. It would not have to be this way) But the Lord shall arise upon thee, (Israel) and his glory shall be seen upon thee, (Israel) And the Gentiles shall come to thy light, and kings to the brightness of thy rising.” Praise God! You are going to hear some belly aching, complaining, planning and plotting. We can’t afford to do this, and we can’t afford to do that, but the plan of God will go forth regardless of what people of the world may think about it. There is, right in here, enough light to let you see exactly what God is getting ready to do. We as a nation are bankrupting our people. I am talking about America’s people, black, white, yellow, red, or whatever, all of its people. They are breaking them economically, because somehow or other they have the idea, we have to take from this people and give to everybody else, to lift them up to our standards. No where in God’s word was America to be the relief agency for the entire world. If you wanted to help people that are down and out, go out and cure the cause of them being that way. When I see a nation ruled by a bunch of bureaucrats, and they treat their subjects almost like they are animals, and these political bureaucrats rule with the gun or the sword and live in mansions, there is something rotten about it all. Get rid of those bureaucrats and you will be rid of many of our problems. That is why I said, when we went into Somalia. We went there to push the bureaucrats back for a short period and feed the starving. Then when we left, the bureaucrats came right back in and confiscated a lot of that food we left there. They used it as a bargaining chip. Is that the way the Lord would have done it? Do not tell me that. Do you want to correct that ill? If you have a cancer in your body and it is destroying all of life’s vitality and the ability of that body to recover, then go in with a knife and cut it out. That is what they do medically, do they not? Why feed that devil? I am using that as terminology, just to point to the problem. Before our boys got out of there, they became surrounded by a bunch of the bureaucrats and their henchmen. Tied to the end of a rope, they were dragged down the streets. I would have to say to our president, What in the name of common sense are you doing? Go get the ill first, get the cause of the thing. They should have went in there and looked at those people starving to death, laying all over the countryside, and said to them, we have come here to feed you, but not to help straighten up the mess that has put you where you are. Then go after those bureaucrats. It does not matter how you get them, just get them. Then to all those people, say, here are the birds that put your life where it is, so form your tribunal and judge accordingly. When you are dealing with men that are sinners, that do not know God, then you have to have sense enough to deal with it accordingly. If you are not, then stay at home. That is the answer to the whole thing. There is no reason for us to make fools of ourselves, and use men as fodder in a forage harvest to carry out some long range New World Order agenda. That is why I say, Israel has a day and it is not far away. “And the Gentiles shall come to thy light, and kings to the brightness of thy rising. Lift up thine eyes round about, and see: all they gather themselves together, they come to thee: thy sons shall come from far, and thy daughters shall be nursed at thy side. Then thou shalt see, and flow together, and thine heart shall fear, and be enlarged; because the abundance of the sea shall be converted unto thee.” That is not talking about spiritual conversion. This is talking about material substance from the far flung regions of this earth. God wants certain substances to rebuild His city and His temple. That is why it said in Haggai, For the gold and silver are mine saith the Lord. The glory of this latter house shall be greater than the former. Think of it, when God does let that temple start to be rebuilt, He is not going to send emissaries to this president and that prime minister and to this leader. No, He is going to bestow His power, and show it in such a way there is going to be people out of societies, right out of nations that live to see such a glorious thing exposed and done in the world. Ted Turner just gave a billion dollars to the U.N., but he is going to give it over a period of ten years. I hope it falls to pieces before he gets the rest of it to them. That is why, the gold and silver is mine, saith the Lord. He knows where all of it is. When God gets through showing His power, Ted Turner will stop being a communist and will stop being a New World Order man. I know it sounds fantastic, but just wait until it starts. That is the beautiful part of it. When it brings such a shock to the nations and societies, will it cause politicians to repent? No. Will it bring about wholesale conversion? No. But it does bring about an awakening to the mentality and social structure of masses of people, insomuch that they will say, I want to have a part in that. I am going to use this illustration, and I know you have heard me use it many times before, but listen. After the Six Day War, we were privileged to talk to this certain military man of Israel. His name was General Meir Mevair. (not sure of the spelling?) He was a commander of an armored division that went through the Sinai to the Red Sea, but in civilian life he was president of a bank in the city of Safed, that is in northern Israel. When the Six Day War was over, there was man from Damascus, a Syrian, and a wealthy man. I use this as a type. If that war could speak to a Syrian who was a wealthy man, then what will this next one do? He came all the way to Safed. He wanted to talk to the president of the bank. They notified Mr. Meir Mevair. They sent him in. Think of it. This Syrian, a wealthy man, came into the office and looked Mr. Meir Mevair in the face and said, Sir, I know that you know I am a Syrian. You, as a Jewish person, know your people licked our people. I know that God is on your side. Allah is no longer for us, because your God is on your side and fought with you, he said. I have brought the sum of so much money. I want it to be deposited in a bank, in a nation of a people that God is on their side. He said, that is why I bring it here to deposit in this bank. If God can do that on one small scale, what do you think He can do when He shows His power to an extent that from nations, other men will do the same thing, when they get through seeing in the Middle East, what God is getting ready to do? I just have to say this, that is why it tells yo in the 11th verse of the 2nd chapter of Zephaniah, that God has said, I will famish all the gods of the earth. Look it up in the dictionary and see what it means. I will famish all the gods of the earth in that day, which means, I will cause them to wither away. Put it in the economic terms, I will destroy their economics. When His power is see, I can see Buddhists that have been under that spirit. I can see Hindus from the far regions, coming to Israel. Not in mass numbers, but it is God’s way of changing a small segment of mortal society, that they can have a part in playing into the prophetic, end time picture. Amen