Looking At The End

Rev. Raymond M. Jackson


We do know for sure, that time is absolutely slipping away very fast. There are a lot of things being said today in a prophetic way, that by God’s grace I want to endeavor to show you how to look at as we approach the end. We need to see, and begin to understand that it really is approaching. It is all in the scriptures, so it is just a matter of how we look at it. Before I touch this subject though, I have a little something I want to refer to. A couple weeks ago I made a statement, that the time was coming fast about in this nation, when we as American Christians should not take things for granted. Just because we have lived in a land of plenty, and in a generation that has never seen the horrors of war on our shores, and especially not modern warfare like there is today, and the American public has grown up thinking that nothing of a disastrous nature can ever take place, does not mean that we should go on thinking like that. I made a statement, not because I was prophesying, but because of common sense perception, that we should never let our cupboards have only enough for just the day, and then spend everything else for material things, when material things themselves will be valueless if for any reason there was to be some kind of disaster take place, whether it is brought on by nature, or by some sort of terrorist activities. Anyone with Common sense ought to realize that we are subject to something like that, and do whatever they can to prepare themselves for such a time. Well this was handed to me Thursday. Here is what the CIA, the intelligence department of the American government says, so I am going to read it to you. 

“The United States intelligence officials said today that Islamic edicts had been published advocating attacks on American civilians and allied interests worldwide. The purported decrees by unnamed clerics were tied to United States Mideast policy overall, not possible strikes on Iraq. A text published on Monday in the Arabic language newspaper in London said, guerilla attacks should continue until American forces retreat from Saudi Arabia and (Notice) Jerusalem. The ruling to kill the Americans and their allies, civilians and military, is an individual duty of every Moslem who can do it in any country in which it is possible to do it, in order to liberate the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the holy mosque in Mecca from their grip. The edict was published in the name of a group headed by Osama bin Laden: A Saudi national, branded by the state department as a guerilla financier and well known terrorist. Mr. Bin Laden is reported to be living in Afghanistan. A translation of the text published in Mr. Bin Laden’s name was made available by the Senate judiciary committee on terrorism which released it in conjunction with the hearing today on guerilla operations.” 

I am not trying to frighten anyone, but we have many of his kind, living right here in this country and they will be just as hazardous to your nation as the moles in your front yard are to the yard, when they get the command to move. Some of you despise a mole that gets in your front yard. If you get two or three moles in your yard, after awhile that sort goes, and you have nothing but messed up, soft dirt. Therefore do not sit here and say, Bro. Jackson, surely this threat is not that critical, because it is a well known fact that those guys are here, and trained to know what to go after. They are intending to cripple your now of livelihood, so just be sure you do not ignore what I am saying. It can happen. It has happened just about everywhere else. This is just a word to those who care enough to be wise about what is ahead. We are going to deal with the subject, “LOOKING AT THE END.” In our last message, we did our best to look at time from a prophetic standpoint. I just want to remind some of you, Right here, starts the beginning of the seventy weeks of Daniel. (Pointing to TIME CHART) – Ask yourselves this question: Why did God tell Daniel that seventy weeks are determined upon thy people and upon thy holy city? Why? Was this some statement God has made, that was never to be taken seriously? As I said last Sunday night, If the children of Israel, back in the days of their forefathers that lived just before the first advent of Christ, would have been interested in that prophecy of Daniel, that nation should have known, we will say, within a decade of when their Messiah should have come on the scene. That is why God gave that prophecy to them. This blue line up here, covers Hosea 6:2, which says, After two days He will revive us. That was spoken in the 8th century before Christ, even before this was given to Daniel for the Jews of the immediate time. Of course we realize these two days are two thousand years of prophetic time, not calendar time. It is the same way with this right here: the seventy weeks covers a period of 490 prophetic years, but keep in mind, that the last week is over here, so there are sixty nine weeks that terminate right here, and then the GRACE AGE BEGINS. That sixty nine weeks adds up to 483 years of prophetic time. Each year is 360 days, according to the Jewish calendar. Now it tells us where the revival for Israel will take place. It is in Revelation 11. That is the only biblical place that we can see there is to be a revival to the household of Israel and the Jews are to be restored and revived spiritually. That takes place in the first half of the seventieth week of Daniel’s seventy weeks, so we then have to figure out logically, where would that two thousand years of prophetic time, which is referred to as two days begin. The most important place would be at the crucifixion of Christ, because that is when the 483 years or the sixty nine weeks came to an end. Not one day short, not one day over. It starts right here where this one leaves off. So when you look at this, from the time the decree was made until we come to the last week of time, that points you to the 11th chapter of Revelation, and that is a total yardstick of time that God has put in His word. Let me show you something, I have read lately, how a lot of prophetic teachers are saying somebody will bomb the Mosque of Omar and that will give the Jews an opportunity to build the temple. That is as wrong as me saying there is a lettuce bed on the moon. It sounds logical to people’s minds that think that way, but you are not going to get that idea out of the Bible. I want to say this, I am not the smartest man there is in this world, but there are a few things I do understand. Right here is a little book that may not look very important, but it is very important. This is an old Jewish history book they used in London, England to teach Jewish children. It covers the era of time from the time exiled Jews started coming back from Babylon, and comes right on through the advent of Christ, and on up to the destruction of the temple in 69 A.D. You might wonder why I chose 33 A.D. Other histories that were written a long time back, actually fix the crucifixion of Christ at 32 A.D. Even some will say 31 A.D. Historians never seem to be able to get their heads together. I want to show you what this Jewish book says about the crucifixion of Christ. This was written in 1673. The writer of this was a Jew, so listen to what it says. 

“It was under the rule of Pilot that the events narrated in the New Testament occurred. Yahshua, called Jesus, son of Joseph of Nazareth, became noted as a preacher of Asene doctrines. He was accused of blasphemy before Pilot and was condemned and put to death by the Romans in the Jewish year 3801 or by the Christian records 33 C.E.” 

I am not the one that wrote that. Jews were saying that Jesus was crucified in 33 back in 1873. That is what the Jewish history book says. Back in 1982 we took a trip to California. Coming back, we stopped in Tulsa, Oklahoma. There was a News-stand just outside the motel. I went there and got a paper. I was just looking through it to get the important news. There was an article on this subject, I am not going to read it all, just enough to let you know it agrees with this Jewish history. “Scientists pinpoint date of crucifixion as April 3, 33 A.D. The exact date of Jesus’ crucifixion has been debated for centuries, but two British scientists say they have concluded, with reasonable certainty, that Christ died on Friday April 3 in the year 33.” It gives comparisons of different eras, but they looked at this from a scientific standpoint, as well as trying to correlate the Jewish histories of their festivities. They came to this conclusion, as they began to analyze it from 26 through 36 A.D., a ten year period. When they studied the equinox and so on and so forth, knowing that Christ was crucified on a Passover season, they came to the conclusion, there are certain celestial signs that go with what they see in the scriptures, so that it had to fall in the year of 33 A.D., April 3rd on a Friday evening. Brothers and sisters, I am not just taking someone else’s word for it. I am trying to take from two reputable sources that agree. How many times have I read other histories, histories that have been written over a considerable number of years. It is confusing when you begin to see 4 B.C., 6 B.C., 7 B.C. with nothing to base the conclusion on, as the time Jesus was born. They go on and on and on like that. That is so confusing. But I do know one thing, If we can look at what is written in the Bible, it is not so confusing, because God is the one that watches over the sun rise and sunset. God never forgets what time it is in the solar system. When we look at the whole solar body, how everything functions and turns, that sets a time factor. That is why scientists today, with their new instruments, can tell you to the exact second when there is going to be an eclipse. They hit it this past week. They know that years ahead of time. Saints, I just say that to establish that there are reliable records, and that I did not just read some old history book somewhere and fall on to something. I have a copy of it here. I figure this book is so old, someday someone will want to borrow it and I never will get it back so I want to be sure I have it.


Let us turn to Zechariah 12. Last Sunday as we studied this period of time and how it terminates at the crucifixion of Christ, and how it fulfills exactly the first 69 weeks of the seventy weeks, and how Jesus was not cut off in the middle of the 70th week but at the end of the sixty ninth, we tried to lay special emphasis upon that point. There are only 483 years of that 490 years that have expired already. I mean exactly 483, no more and no less, and it is right here, that Jesus Christ was crucified. When He was crucified, think of how many doctors of divinity in His day, who were referred to as scribes, the Pharisees, the elders who kept the records of every time the scrolls of old were recorded, were with the gang that cried, Let Him be crucified. Well we know this very act set in motion the era of grace and the Church has been traveling through time ever since, made up of many generations, starting out with the Jews and finally coming to the Gentiles. We know these two days cannot last forever. They have to apply to a specific length of time in the mind of the Creator. The way the word is written in Hosea 6:2, it is going to terminate when it is time for that revival to take place, and it means there has to be Jews back home to hear what those two prophets will say. As I read this morning, and I want to say again, When we read certain parts of Zechariah 12, be mindful that any time you read a scripture of prophecy, and the center picture is mentioned twice, and there are certain things that are to be affected or accomplished within that same picture, that is also mentioned twice, it certainly is not a prophecy that you can throw just anywhere and expect God to fulfill it your way. That makes it a key prophecy, so it is the center prophecy around which other prophecies must fit. When you put a crossword puzzle together, sometimes you can start with the outer frame of it, but in this, you have got to start with a centerpiece. It is only when you see the centerpiece, what it involves, what it consists of, that you can begin to fit the outer dimensions together. Let me show you, here in the scriptures, how this is to be read. I will say this, In the last year, as we have been hearing the news from different parts of the Middle East, much is said about Jerusalem. You hear Yassir Arafat say much about what must be done. In fact, in the Jerusalem Post about five weeks ago, there was an article, a statement that he had made somewhere on a TV broadcast. He said these words, Next year, (and this was in the year 1998 when he made it) we will declare a Palestinian state and Jerusalem as our capital. That means that in the Palestinian Arab structure that exists in the land of Israel today, and the city of Jerusalem, many Palestinians are building thoughts in their mind’s like, We are going to have a state, and we are going to be supreme, and Jerusalem will be our capital. That is the way the Palestinian Arabs look at it. They say, We have been here a long time. Nobody will doubt that at all, but they must not forget that the Jews were there two thousand years ago, before they were taken out of there. The same book that prophesied what would happen, is also the book that says, And I will cause you to return from the land where you have been driven. I will bring you from the east, the west, the north and south, and I will establish you according to your former estate; In other words, I will give this land back to you. The world today does not want to recognize it and believe the prophecy. This is why I believe it is important that we look at the end and try to understand just exactly how the end does come about? What can we look for? What is the first thing on the agenda? You get the prophecy teachers on TV today, and they are saying the New World Order is going to be the beast. That is as far from being a fact as anything could be: The Bible shows you a picture. Therefore until this centerpiece comes into focus, men are going to preach what they think it is going to be, but when this centerpiece does come into focus, God is going to bring about some conditions in the domestic, the political circles, and otherwise, that is going to shock world leadership. Why? Because what little I have read about the New World Order, there is no place in the agenda laid down by New World Order advocates where this Bible is ever going to be allowed to be fulfilled. Not unless God does something to override the issue. I have to say, That is exactly what God has in mind. Now let us listen carefully. We are talking about Jerusalem. There is a reason why God had this city mentioned twice here. He says in the 2nd verse of chapter 12, “Behold, I will make Jerusalem a cup of trembling.” I have illustrated this before. A cup of trembling is like a situation that conics up between parties of people. There are grievances, and there are hurt feelings, but somebody says, Well I tell you what we will do, Let’s drink to this, and let’s all decide here and now that we are not going to get involved in this and split our fellowship. Let’s drink to that. That is a picture of how the Jews and the Arab, Palestinian Islamic people are existing, trying to exist in the same spot of ground. The Jews say, It is ours and we will never give up Jerusalem. The Palestinians say, It is ours, and we are going to have a state, and Jerusalem will be our capital. You and I know they both cannot be right. Therefore there is no such thing as prophecy being fulfilled, if we are going to leave it up to the world dictators or politicians to dictate the terms of fulfillment. God has an agenda. He has a remedy. God says here He will make Jerusalem a cup of trembling. Just imagine all the participants that have to pass this cup, trying to establish a co-existing agreement, but God says He will make it a cup of trembling. Just imagine a glass full of water or some kind of liquid, and every person that reaches out and picks it up, to identify his part of something, he cannot pick it up without shaking, simply because he is going to be so nervous. There is no way we can hide it. Notice, who this pertains to. It is not directed to everyone. “I will make Jerusalem a cup of trembling unto all the people roundabout.” That is looking right at the Islamic Arab. When I say Arab, I mean the true Arab, because the Arabs are descendants of Abraham also. They are the foremost, they are the ones that stand out front, they are the ones that say, We are going to have a state and Jerusalem will be our capital. Notice, “when they shall be in the siege (This is not a military siege, it is a political, a one world attitude.) both against Judah and against Jerusalem. (That is because Judah is the primary tribe that God has dealt with in the past fifty years to start the process of this nation gradually being restored back to the original statehood and the territories that God had promised to Abraham and his seed, through Isaac. That is how this holy spot is going to look to the Arabs that get involved. It is not talking about the Iranians, or any of those other Islamic people. They are not Arabs. They are Islamics, but they are not Arabs, descended from Abraham’s seed. When we come on down to the 3rd verse it says, “And in that day will I make Jerusalem (the same centerpiece) a burdensome stone for all people: all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces, (That is the international picture. The Jews and Arabs can fuss about it now, but the time is at hand, when all of the fussing will end. Just as this situation in Iraq developed and they constantly left it up to the U.N. in the final analysis, what will we do? The head of the U.N. goes over there and he is supposed to have worked out a deal, but it is hard to say yet if this will work or not. My main point is, When it gets to the U.N. body, this is the people that become occupied with it. This is how the U.N., and the New World Order systems are going to stick their two cents worth in. They are going to say, Now you Arabs do this, and you Jews do this. When they do that, let us just see what happens. All that burden themselves with it, Notice now, this is not the people from roundabout, like the other verse says: This is the U.N. body trying to negotiate and suggest, and advise what ought to be done. All that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces.) though all the people of the earth be gathered together against it. (That is not a military conflict. That is a U.N. negotiating process, so let us notice what else happens.) In that day, saith the Lord, I will smite every horse with astonishment.” Now this begins to take on a different picture, because once He breaks up this U.N. consistency, He will do it in a way that the U.N. will never become a living network of a governmental body of people. It means, Now Israel is going to be faced with war against the Arab people. In that day saith the Lord, I will smite every horse with astonishment. This prophecy was written hundreds of years ago. Therefore keep in mind, it was written as though it were horses that the militaries of different nations would be bringing against Israel, but it is not horse flesh today, it is horsepower. This lets you know, when God is able to make the city ofJerusalem both a cup of trembling to one element of people and a burdensome stone to a world widebody of people, He then looks at the military side of those who want to try to force Israel. Here is when He will smite all the horse power with nothing but confusion. He will smite the horse with astonishment. May I say this, If you were to depend on horseflesh to be a means of Sinai, through the mountain passes, the Israeli aircraft that had gone out over the Mediterranean and came from the west, bombing the Egyptian airports, as they passed back up the mountain passes, for sonic reason or other sonic of the Egyptian soldiers told them that those brand new trucks acted up, just as though something had magnetized the whole ignition system. Those brand new trucks were sitting there in the passes, and in the trails, and those Israeli airplanes came over and sprayed the daylights out of them. My point is this, God can absolutely destroy the ignition system of any mechanized motor vehicle. Do not ever think there is anything that God cannot do. If He can cause an east wind to blow and make the Red Sea part for the children of Israel to cross on dry ground, then why would anyone think He could not do whatever it takes to make the Israeli army victorious when the time comes? When God says this here, you can go right over to Micah, and it plainly tells you right there, that in the days that thy walls are to be built and so forth. That is when we will see the hand of God at work in a miraculous way. Now let me remind you, that this is not necessarily speaking about building the temple. The temple will be built, but this speaks of the time when they are starting to rehabilitate and reconstruct the city of Jerusalem. The prophecy is pertaining to both: because it will take a complete renovation to get rid of all the mess those Arabs have left in the area. With that in mind, then let us look at this other promise God made to Abraham’s seed through Isaac in the same chapter. Starting in verse 15, notice what it says, 15: “According to the days of thy coming out of the land of Egypt will I show unto him marvelous things.” 16: “The nations shall see and be confounded at all their might: they shall lay their hand upon their mouth, their ears shall be deaf.” 17: “They shall lick the dust like a serpent, they shall move out of their holes like worms of the earth: they shall be afraid of the LORD our God, and shall fear because of thee.” As He was with Israel when they came out of Egypt, so again will I show unto him great and marvelous things. That lets me know that whenever it is time that God wants Jerusalem to no longer be an object to be fussed about, He is going to break up somebody’s playhouse and from then on Israel will be faced with the ultimatum, to fight that war of Numbers 24, and not before and not after. Once she starts that war, she has got four fronts she will fight on. Egypt, Syria, Iraq, and Jordan. That is why it says in Numbers 24, And they will do valiantly; Where? Not in the colleges, but on the field of battle. That is why it also says in Isaiah 19, In that day the tribe of Judah will be like a terror unto Egypt. I noticed when we were massing our supplies in the middle east, they showed over in Cairo, Moslems, demonstrating against our participation, going to attack Iraq. Look what Saudi Arabia did. They would not even allow us to launch air strikes from their airstrips against Iraq. I thought, Seven years ago when that same madman Hussein, an Islamic man, had come into Kuwait, then posed a threat to come right on into Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia was ready for our help; but now that everything has turned the other way, you can see what America will get in return for their help. Therefore we have to realize that the entire Islamic society is against us. Looking at the end, coming down through these scriptures we are looking at, in the 6th verse of Zechariah 12, it says that the governors or politicians that are leaders of Israel, or Judah in that day, when this all begins to come to a head, will be like an hearth of fire in the wood and a torch of fire in the sheaf. It literally means this, Judah will be so anointed of God that their thrust, and their warfare that they will engage these enemies with, will have the same effect, so that nothing can stand against the military strike of Israel. When it comes time that Israel must move out, that is when she definitely will take all the land that God has allotted to their future, just as He promised it to Abraham. You can find that in the book of Genesis, chapter 15, verse 18. “In the same day the LORD made a covenant with Abram, saying, Unto thy seed have I given this land, from the river of Egypt unto the great river, the river Euphrates.” When that time starts, there is no way that you or anyone else should say, Well, but somebody is going to bomb the Mosque of Omar. Why say it like that? Why not say it according to the way the picture is laid out? When God uses Israel to put these Arabs all at ease, He is going to cause the Arab world in return to have a different idea about the Jews. When the conflict is over, all the Arab world is suddenly going to change their mind insomuch that they are going to change their religion. When that happens, it is going to cause the Arab world to see that Allah is no longer their god. (We are only talking about Arabs, not all Moslems.) It is a known fact that Mohammad, as he rose up in 600 and something A.D., and began to teach the things he was supposed to have had experiences in, it brought about a great change. What those Moslems have is not a true religion at all: It is a counterfeit. I have said it like this, It is a counterfeit of Judaism, just like Catholicism is a counterfeit of early Christianity. The two cannot co-exist. Nevertheless the Arab world would like for everyone to think that Muhammadism is a true religion, but believe me, it is not. It is a very derogatory type of religion. Wherever you observe that Islamic spirit, you see nothing but hatred and bloodshed. All of those nations that are gathered around Israel today, like the tribes of Edom, Moab, and the Ammonites, are all Islamic, also Saudi Arabia. Egypt is not Arabian, they are a race of their own, but they are absolutely taken over by this Islamic spirit. That is the primary purpose of what is ahead: This Islamic spirit has got to be dealt with by the hand of God, and God will do it by using the armed forces of Israel to execute an era of vengeance. The world is going to be shocked when they see Israel cut loose with it. When we come on down to the 9th verse, God speaks twice of what He will do to the nations that try to stand up against Israel and what is rightfully theirs. I have a reason for choosing Zechariah 12. When we read exactly how it is written we will know. When it is all fulfilled, we conic to the beginning of the seventieth week of Daniel’s seventy weeks, and right there (pointing to chart, in the first half of the week) is where the revival for Israel takes place, right there is where God pours out His Spirit of Grace. Let us look at the 9th verse. “And it shall come to pass in that day, that I will seek to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem.” What did it say back here in the closing of the 3rd verse, that He would cut them to pieces? Now He says, I will seek to destroy. That literally means there will be no one group of nations under any kind of formal government, that will be able to stand and work opposite to the word of God. This prophecy is the centerpiece that we can look at as we are facing the end. Yes, it is going to be in effect somewhere as we are approaching the end. It will not take place inside the week of Daniel: It starts before the week, because, by the time the week is ready to begin, and the two prophets come on the scene, Jerusalem has already been fought over and the Jews have total possession, and they are ready to rebuild the city and the temple. This is why I say, This is the centerpiece around which all other prophecies can collect to begin to build the total picture. Notice what it says here, “And it shall come to pass in that day, that I will seek to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem.” This is not Armageddon. Notice what the next verse says. “And I will pour upon the house of David, and upon the inhabitants of Jerusalem, the Spirit of grace and of supplications.” Where is Armageddon? Notice what the next verse says. “And I will pour upon the house of David, and upon the inhabitants of Jerusalem, the Spirit of grace and of supplications.” Where is it that the two prophets are to prophesy? In Jerusalem, not in Tel Aviv. That goes to show, these events cover a short interval of time, long enough for Israel to fight that war, and long enough for God to show His miraculous power on behalf of Israel. When it is over, Israel has complete occupancy of all her borders, all her ancient land. The Jews will then know beyond any shadow of doubt that Jerusalem, as a territory, and as a city, rightfully belongs to them. They will have the right at that time to do anything they want to do. God will have shed new light upon the whole picture. They will no longer have to think about some character coining along to tell them what they can or cannot do, and no one will be looking for someone to put a bomb inside that Mosque of Omar. No. Why? Because first they have destroyed, on the field of battle, the Islamic spirit. Once that is destroyed and they have destroyed the perpetrator of it, they have the opportunity to do with the city and the Mosque of Omar whatever they choose to do. 


Let us now go back to Ezekiel 38 and 39. We are reading from the end of the 39th chapter, verse 28. This is to show you that this is another conflict, but notice all the reading from the very start to the finish of the two chapters. Israel is being plotted against by this Gog of the land of Magog, and those that are aligned with her. God again displays Himself in a miraculous way. You know what it says, chapter 38, 21: “And I will call for a sword against him throughout all my mountains, saith the Lord GOD: every man’s sword shall be against his brother.” 22: “And I will plead against him with pestilence and with blood; and I will rain upon hint, and upon his bands, and upon the many people that are with hint, an overflowing rain, and great hailstones, fire, and brimstone.” 23: “Thus will I magnify myself, and sanctify myself; and I will be known in the eyes of many nations, and they shall know that I am the LORD.” He will rain from heaven an overflowing rain and great hailstones, fire and brimstone. Yes saints, what we need to understand, is that God has all of nature at His fingertips, so to speak. There is no need for you and Ito think that God cannot do something by the forces of nature that literally brings all our modernistic way of human thinking to an end. That is why God will do it that way: To show this unbelieving society of smart people that He is still in control. Let them try to calculate the severity of this great rain from heaven with their modern devices. This Ezekiel 38 event follows the major war that Israel will be involved in, in bringing things back toward this point, because it says right here, starting with the 21st verse, of chapter 29, that when this battle is over, God has poured out His wrath upon this great host of people lined up with Russia and everything, “Then shall they know that I am the Lord their God, (He is speaking of Israel now.) which caused them to be led into captivity among the heathen: but I have gathered them unto their own land, and have left none of them any more there.” (Scattered) That is what the final purpose is. When God begins to do this in a miraculous way, many Jews that are still out here in these other Gentile countries, when they begin to see How God is miraculously working on behalf of the Jews, for the restoration of the nation of Israelite people, they are going to want to get back there in order to be there when the Messiah comes. They will be there in time to see the two prophets come on the scene. In all of that, this prophecy speaks of a finished setting. I have gathered them unto their own land, and have left none of them any more there. (In dispersion) Neither will I hide my face any more from them: for I have poured out my Spirit (Do you see where that leads you to? It leads you right to the 11th chapter of Revelation.) upon the house of Israel, saith the Lord God.” Zechariah 12, and Ezekiel 38 & 39 are two prophecies that cannot be changed, or placed around here and there, like many people try to do with prophecy. They have an end time setting, and Ezekiel 38 and 39 is the last one of them, because that miracle of what God will do to destroy Israel’s invaders, ends the era of the miraculous. The world is then brought to the beginning of the week of Daniel. That lets us know how we need to look at the end. It leaves no room for speculation and guessing. 


Now go with me to Isaiah 60. I have thought much about this in the past few years as I have read several articles put out by different people and sent to me. I have so much of this stuff sent to me, it is as if they are saying, without actually saying it, Jackson, you are wrong: Why don’t you change your mind? I cannot change my mind: The only picture I see is what I have expressed many times over. I see no other picture, so how could I change? I see a finished picture here, and it is the only way the picture is going to go together. Just for the sake of discussion, let us just say that the Ncw World Order, this one world government so many are looking forward to is the beast, rather than the revived, old Roman Order. We will just suppose this New World Order just comes right on up the line to its fullness. How are you going to explain, what would make the leaders of a Ncw World system ever consent to Israel rebuilding her temple, when they already know the Arabs have the Mosque of Omar there? Do you think there is any way possible that world leaders are going to consent to such an agreement, allowing the Jewish people to demand to be able to tear down that Mosque of Omar and then build their temple on that spot? Keep in mind, the Arab world also belongs to the U.N. Something has to tear that whole thing to pieces, to separate the body of Arab people from the spirit that is now controlling them, so they can again think as a race of people, instead of thinking as members of the United Nations with their present frame of mind. There is no way you are going to get a modern bunch of politicians to agree to let one race have their temple torn down, and another race build his on the same spot. Such a thing as that is too ridiculous to even consider. When we look at Isaiah 60, it is a finished picture. Once Israel has fought her war, it is a complete, miraculous war. She knows beyond any shadow of doubt, by the way God displayed Himself in the Middle East on her behalf, that He has again Placed His presence among them, and they are going to know from that day onward, that God is on their side. Let us just see what happens, and what conclusions we absolutely must come to. I cannot tell you how many times I have read this chapter, and how the true meaning stands out so clearly to me; but let us try to take a look at it and imagine the U.N. behind all of it. I will be quick to tell you, The U.N. is not behind this prophecy, because, when the fulfillment of this prophecy stands right before your eyes, and you read it in the daily newspaper, you are going to know for sure that God has already split that body of foolish politicians all to pieces. I am going to start reading in the 5th verse. We can say that at the time this verse and chapter become applicable, the great war in the Middle East, fought by Israel against her Arabencmies, is over. Israel is in the process of getting ready to start reconstruction, rebuilding, why? Because she no longer has potential enemies in the land. The Arabs will have all changed their religion. You may say, I don’t believe that, Bro. Jackson. I will just say this, Stick around! When this all begins to unfold, you will see things taking place that you never would have dreamed of unless you just happened to know what the scriptures say about it. Just remember this, Down through the years leading up to this point, you could not even imagine any Saudi Arabian ever agreeing to contribute one shiny dime to any project the Jews would ever undertake. Saudi Arabia is the richest oil nation in the entire Middle East, so they have had no lack of funds. Neither could you have gotten anyone from Jordan to contribute anything, because they had no interest in anything concerning the religion of the Jews. Those Edomites, Moabites, and Ammonites will all come to a knowledge of the true and living God, but right now, they do not have it. I am going to read a chapter here that gives you a different picture than what you see in the Middle East today. This will certainly let you know that God has done something with this Arab spirit. That is the spirit that the old Islamic spirit came from. “Then thou shalt see, and flow together, and thine heart shall fear, and be enlarged; because the abundance of the sea shall be convened unto thee, the forces of the Gentiles shall come unto thee.” That is not talking about spiritual conversion: That is talking about nations that have potential, material wealth, and for some reason or other they have been able to see God display Himself in the Middle East, in a way that causes them to want to have a part in what the Jews are doing. When the miraculous is all over with, and Israel is going along taking care of business, there will be Gentile nations that will say, I want to have a part in this. Why? Because God has torn that one world government all to pieces. Until He does it, they will still preach it, but when He does rip it to pieces, I want to hear what they have to say then. Do not forget, it plainly tells you in Haggai, 2:6-7, “For thus saith the LORD of hosts; Yet once, it is a little while, and I will shake the heavens, and the earth, and the sea, and the dry land; And I will shake all nations, and the desire of all nations shall come: and I will fill this house with glory, saith the LORD of hosts.” The end result of the shaking is, All will come to Zion to worship the Lord of hosts. On top of that He says, The gold and silver is mine. When He said that. it lets me know God knows where every bar of gold is, for He says, “The glory of this latter house shall be greater than of the former, saith the LORD of hosts: and in this place will I give peace, saith the LORD of hosts.” You are not going to get that kind of decision from the U.N. body. More of them are Hindu and Buddhist than there are Christians. There is just no way you can get the prophecies of the Bible to fit within the dictates of the U.N. or New World government. Therefore God made no place for them, but He knows exactly how to get the wealth He needs for the rebuilding project Israel will enter into. That is why I have to put confidence in how this picture is coming about. Notice this, Isaiah 60: 6-7, “The multitude of camels shall cover thee, the dromedaries of Midian and Ephah; all they from Sheba shall come: they shall bring gold and incense; and they shall show forth the praises of the LORD. All the flocks of Kedar shall be gathered together unto thee, the rants of Nebaioth shall minister unto thee: they shall come up with acceptance on mine altar, and I will glorify the house of my glory.” This scripture says camels. “The multitude of camels.” Now I do not necessarily mean to say this means it is all going to be camels. Keep in mind, in ancient times, if this was a conflict fought, carried out to execute the plan of God according to ancient means, yes, I can see the gathering of a lot of camels, but we are living in a modern society today. so we just have to transpose these references. When this thing we are reading about is accomplished, from these countries which right now you could not get one dime from, they are going to want to willingly contribute to the building of the temple. Why? “The multitude of camels shall cover thee.” I can see trucks, convoys, semi trailers of every description, coming from different places in the Middle East. Those same people that were hostile Arabs , concerning Israel, at one time, will be coming along to do their part in Israel’s restoration project. “The dromedaries (The literally means camel caravans. Suppose you had seen a big truck convoy leaving Saudi Arabia, crossing the border into Kuwait, then turn westward heading for Israel. You could see what it is talking about. Why? Let us read on) of Midian (This is the area Mohammad came from) and Ephah, all they from Sheba (These are ancient cities of old Saudi Arabia.) shall come: they shall bring gold and incense.” I have to emphasize this: There are none of those Arab nations right now, that would contribute one dime to anything Israel has anything to do with. In fact, they would rather contribute a bomb, a rocket, or plan a terrorist attack. Therefore you can see that something has to happen to those people to change them so drastically. That is why we need to understand that when God turns Israel loose in the Middle East, it Is going to be brought about by what starts right here over this issue of who has the right to have Jerusalem as their Capital city. Who is going to get it? God says, It is mine. Who is going to get in trouble with it? The Arabs, when they try to hold on to it. When Israel absolutely licks the daylights out of them, I want to remind you of something: We have a lot of sympathetic Americans, out demonstrating, trying to tell us, We don’t need to be bombing men, women and children. They do not want us to take any kind of measures to head off any of these terrorists attacks, but I will say this, If God ever does allow a bunch of Islamic terrorists to be turned loose in this country, (I do not want to sec anyone blown to pieces if it can be sensibly avoided.) I hope some of those poor blinded people who talk like they do, have to stand somewhere and witness what those heartless killers will do, as they needlessly shed the blood of innocent little children, and mistreat all they do not kill. That is exactly what that madman Sadam Hussein would have done, if he had been allowed to use some of that biological warfare junk over there. I do not wish to see a war any more than anyone else does, but let me say this, American people have absolutely sold their birthright away and our politicians have let this nation become invaded by every kind of religious, sympathetic attitude, of people that will burn our flag anywhere. Well then, get them out of here. Some of these characters came from the richest oil country in the world, but they come here to go to our colleges. Then they want to settle over here, because they do not want to go back and live in that godless society they came from. Because of that, I say to American Christians, The morning is going to come, and it may be closer than you think, when you are going to wake up and find that there is nothing else on the News except, Israel is on the move! Her air force is on the move. Her tanks are on the move. It is going to be God bathing the Middle East with their own blood. Every prophet in the Old Testament prophesied about this day. We have a lot of modern preachers today that will say, That has already been fulfilled. Please tell me, When? Where? It has not been fulfilled, because God said the days of my vengeance is at hand and I will execute my sword in such and such a place by my people Israel. God remembers every time the Edomites sold them down the drain, the Moabites, how they mistreated them when they wanted to pass through the land. No, you cannot pass through here. If you try to, you pass through here, we will come out and fight you. God remembers all of this. Now getting back to the scriptures, it lets me know the Arab countries in and around Jerusalem, covers everything from Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia. Think of it. When she has knocked out every air strip, she has bombed her runways, she has blown up planes sitting on the runways, and God, by miraculous means has caused her armored columns to meet the Egyptians, the Syrians, wherever they are, and has caused the military ability of Israel to achieve such outstanding victories, both far and wide, some will know something is going on. When the conflict is over, those Arabs will be seeing Israel in a new light, and no, it will not be a three year war. It will last just long enough that those motors will probably never be shut off until the whole thing is finished. I want you to know, From Egypt, to Syria, to Iraq, to Saudi Arabia, and down through Jordan, every Arab that is left alive will be proclaiming, Elohim will be our God. You can read what it says in the 10th chapter, even Egypt, which is basically 90% Islamic now, in that day will build an altar in the middle of the land. This is a token of their saying, It is too far to Jerusalem to go there and offer animal sacrifice, but we will build another one just like it here. It only goes to show that they are going to turn to Elohim rather than Allah, and they are going to show by their token that Elohim is the God they want to serve. This is why the world politicians will be so dumbfounded they will not know what to do next. This is part of the shaking. He said, I will shake the heavens and the earth and the sea and dry land. I will shake all nations. I am so thankful to know that God has a way of letting some people see the end of all that will take place, and how it is going to come about. Let us go a little further here. What are these camels coming with? “They shall bring gold (In the days of King Solomon, we have heard about the gold of Ophir, which is the land of Saudi Arabia.) and incense; and they shall show forth the praises of the Lord.” Think of it, and just ask yourself a question, Why can these modern preachers on TV not see what we see? What is wrong there? Where do they think all of that takes place? Not in the Millennium: That is a sure thing. What actually happens, is that God shows Israel such favor, it actually kills that old Islamic spirit in all of those Arabs. Islam is brought to an end among them. All of that has to be judged, because only God knows the blood that has been shed in the Middle East by that Islamic spirit. I read years ago in one history book, how in Baghdad alone, which was a contemporary, metropolitan city in the 12th century, there was so much bloodshed. When the Crusaders out of Europe, did try to go into the Middle East to free Jerusalem from the power of the Islamic nations, at one time there was a bloodbath like few you have ever heard of. The Islamic armies beheaded people and stacked their heads just outside of Baghdad. That is warfare in its most cruel terms. Imagine today, something comes along and kills that spirit, and I have to say, It has got to be of such a devastating nature that every Islamic Arab that is left alive, when he sees how Israel has been helped by Elohim, is not going to want to call upon Allah any more. That is the purpose of it. God is going to let that Islamic Arab realize, I AM GOD, I AM THE ELOHIM. The god you have been praying to is nowhere to be found.. That is why it says in Zephaniah 2:11, “The LORD will be terrible unto them: for He will famish all the gods of the earth; and men shall worship Him, everyone from his place, even all the isles of the heathen.” When God said, I will destroy, or famish, all the gods of the earth in that day, that means any religion that gets in the way of His word being fulfilled, He will bring it to nothing. Yes, there will be gold and incense coming from the regions of Saudi Arabia, a place you could not get one knapsack full of anything for Israel from today. When the Gulf War was ready to start, that mad man Hussein bragged about what they would do with anyone that tried to interfere with what they were doing. It is true, in a certain place in Saudi Arabia, they were preparing to make a cemetery for at least five thousand casualties. Old Hussein bragged, You bunch of infidels, I will cause you to wallow in your own blood. When the statistics were given, our nation only had 130 some casualties. Some of them had already lost their lives just in maneuvers. Another bomb hit some living quarters where some were killed. We have a lot of people who always record all of that, but any time you mass four hundred thousand troops, both of men and women, with the kill power that is present in these modern times, and let them stand off facing each other in a country like that, where there is very little obstruction in the line of fire, and a nation can be brought to its knees like we saw there, you have to know that the hand of God was in it somewhere. When those Iraqi troops were leaving Kuwait, they literally raped that society of Kuwaiti people. They took every refrigerator, automatic washer and car, but as they were leaving Kuwait, little did they realize that a French column coming from the west would cut them off. They went in there with planes and bombed them. They turned that outside area, before they got to the border, into a graveyard. It is good that some American troops gained a little prestigelrom that war, because there were many that died in the fields of Korea, and in the jungles of Vietnam, and many of those who returned home were treated like stray dogs. People booed them, like they had done something wrong. Thank God, it was a different story when our service people went to war in the Gulf. God knows all about everything that has taken place; and I have to believe He has a debt to settle with many in this country. It is true we have not been a nation that went after war, but when our politicians put troops over there in Vietnam, not even intending to let them win the war, anyone knows it would have been better if they had just stayed at home. Well as we look back here at our scriptures, here comes those from the land of Jordan. Could you get one sheep to be volunteered from the land of Jordan today, to be offered as the jungles of Vietnam, and many of those who returned home were treated like stray dogs. People booed them, like they had done something wrong. Thank God, it was a different story when our service people went to war in the Gulf. God knows all about everything that has taken place; and I have to believe He has a debt to settle with many in this country. It is true we have not been a nation that went after war, but when our politicians put troops over there in Vietnam, not even intending to let them win the war, anyone knows it would have been better if they had just stayed at home. Well as we look back here at our scriptures, here comes those from the land of Jordan. Could you get one sheep to be volunteered from the land of Jordan today, to be offered as a sacrifice in Israel? No. When our forces began to gather in the Gulf, Jordan said, No, we will not agree with it. Do you think right now, you could get one thing on a voluntary basis from Jordan? Not at all. Well notice here, how it is after God puts Israel on display with miraculous works. “All the flocks of Kedar shall be gathered together unto thee, (unto Jerusalem) the rams of Nebaioth shall minister unto thee: they shall come up with acceptance on mine altar, (I have said this, Israel today has no animal breeding program. Yet I understand they already have a college going, training young priests to offer sacrifice, when as yet they do not even have an animal breeding program to breed sheep and such like for that purpose. This just lets me know, when the time comes for the temple to be built, and for animal sacrifice to start, something will have touched the hearts of those Jordanian Arabs. Here comes sheep, rains, things like that, for Israel to sacrifice.) and I will glorify the house of my glory.” That is His temple. That is why it says in Haggai 2, that the glory of the latter house shall be greater than the former, for the gold and silver is mine, saith the Lord. He knows where all of it is. Now when we come on down to the 12th verse, notice it says basically the same thing. In the 12th and 13th verses, we find this, “The glory of Lebanon shall come unto thee, the fir tree, the pine tree, and the box together, to beautify the place of my sanctuary; and I will make the place of my feet glorious.” This is not some picture the United Nations has put together. This is not something thrown together by a united body of nations. This is something that has been brought together because God has allowed the Arabs to fuss and stew and threat and play the pan of a terrorist. Then when this situation many does come about, Israel is going to be anointed by God to wipe the slate clean in the Middle East. It is not going to come about by a bunch of American TV preachers trying to tell you how the picture goes together. God is going to put in Israel, the way He wants it done, and when it is over you and I are going to know that from then on, we are standing at the threshold of the 70th week of Daniel. The Bride of Jesus Christ is standing at the threshold of the rapture. However the rapture is not going to take place until you see a war in the Middle East. I have to believe it could start almost any time now. When it does, I would like to hear what some of these TV preachers will preach on then, when they have preached on then, when they have suddenly seen their text torn to pieces and their finished picture terribly distorted, and they suddenly realize it is not that way at all. I have not heard one of them yet, say that Israel has to fight a war, and that it is going to be a miracle war. I heard it said by one preacher, as he was talking to another, Oh that war has already been fought. That war of Numbers 24, has not been fought, but it soon will be. That is why Isaiah 19:17 says, “And the land of Judah shall be a terror unto Egypt, every one that maketh mention thereof shall be afraid in himself, because of the counsel of the LORD of hosts, which He hath determined against it.” That lets you know God has an hour of vengeance to execute on those Arabs in the Middle East. That is why Ezekiel 38 follows right on the heels of that. Then Gog can say, Now we will go down to the land of unwalled villages, to them that have been gathered out of every nation and them that are at ease. Yes, when Israel has put the Arab people to rest and they have wiped that slate clean, they are no longer Islam. They are being changed to believe in the God of the Jews, it Elohini. That is when Russia can say that. I think you can see that the one has to precede the other. One is the beginning process, the other is the closing process, because in each one the spirit of grace follows. It is in the 70th Week of Daniel. I just want to say once again, The world is in for a big surprise. Young people, you have a lot of professors in schools Say, that would like to see something happen to make this whole picture look like we are all wrong, but you wait until this happens and see what they have to say about it. I have to believe there are going to be some professors, and some other teachers as well, that will hang their head in total embarrassment. That is the purpose of it. God wants one short hour of time to show His miraculous power. It is basically to show Israel, I am the Lord your God, and I am in your midst forevermore. We are just a short time away from it. Let me show you something else. This is out of the daily newspaper. This is from Brussels, Belgium. Germany, France, and Italy said they had met the criteria for the January launch of a single European currency, by yesterday’s deadline, bringing the total qualified nations to eleven. That is not the one world government. That is old Europe being united by every political, material, and economic means. Just keep your eyes on the News from the Middle East, namely Israel. 


 Open your Bibles to Daniel, the chapter. We are going to read the first verse. I want to make a little breakdown of this time structure that has been going on ever since the B.C. era. The decree that was mentioned by the angel to Daniel, when he said, Seventy weeks are determined upon thy people, but it also said and upon thy beloved city. Now that I state that, we Gentiles, through the years since WWII. have had certain fundamental ideas of how the prophetic picture goes together. I did myself. It seems like it comes natural to look at 2nd Thessalonians, how that day will come upon us unaware and that man of sin, the son of perdition, how he will creep in so subtil and form certain ideas. Right now you can see it is one of the most subtil times in the religious world that you have ever lived in. Things that old time preachers used to say about the pope, the Vatican, and all that, preachers of today will not even attempt to touch on. Their attitude is, We know much more today. Well I say, It is just the opposite. What they should have retained, they threw away, to come along with a new philosophy. It is true, the religious world is not planning to initiate a man of sin; yet we know it is through the apostasy the religious world is caught up in, that the devil, a spirit, can bring this thing about, and multitudes of religious people throughout the western world an literally deceived by the fact this going on. How many times have you heard 2nd Thessalonians and Daniel 9:27 preached on? These are the scriptures that have been pet scriptures down through the last hundred years, preachers tried to teach about end time, how to look for the time, There is going to be a falling away. Well we know that is true. We can see, since WWII, there has gradually been a decline of spirituality, morality, and all the other things that is considered to be important to the Christian family. Nevertheless, that does not mean the Bride of Jesus Christ is going to wind up over here, stripped of every aspect of truth. They are going to be the only people on the face of this earth that God is dealing with to give them an end time picture of truth, so they know how to look at the end. What I am saying, I realize it will never mean much to a lot of people, because first off, it does not come from an educated mind. I will never forget, when Bro. Branham preached the six seals, how he labored and toiled there in the months of March and April 1963, to lay down a picture of how these four horsemen had already been riding through the ages of Grace. They each one portrayed how Satan disguises himself in a masquerade, by showing this spirit in these colors of horses. Bro. Branham no sooner had preached this, about the time he is ready to leave the scene, Billy Graham came out with his book, The Four Horsemen. According to him the four horsemen ride in the tribulation period. If I had to take that, having never heard what Bro. Branham really said, and I know we are always guilty of wanting to take something that comes from a man with a certain caliber of education and expertise, because we figure he knows what he is talking about, yet I would always have to wonder how it would really fit into the picture. I have never heard of any priest, any Baptist, Presbyterian, Episcopalian preachers, or any of the others ever taking Bro. Branham’s statements on the four horsemen, and using them to teach from. On the other hand, all the others will go after Billy Graham’s version. Little do they realize, that the white horse rider that came out at the closing of the first age, was representative of a spirit of antichrist. What was so significant about it, is that it looked like he was riding to conquer, but he was conquering through a bluff, because he has no arrows in his quiver. What good is a bow without arrows? The spirit of antichrist is still a bluff to people who are ignorant to the word of God. When people are ignorant of the provisions set forth in the Bible, the devil can back them into a corner and make them go along and play his game. Oh praise God for a little man, a man the world looks upon as a false prophet, that got us back in the word of God and helped us understand that we do not have to remain under bondage to the devil all of our life. These educated doctors of divinity, are even putting their accusations on the Internet, accusing him of blasphemy because he was not a Trinitarian. They refer to him as being Jesus only. He was not Jesus only: It just blew their mind’s because he had a revelation that JESUS WAS, AND IS THE ONLY PERSON IN THE GODHEAD. The Father is a sovereign Spirit, and has never been a person. Furthermore, He will never be a person. He has delegated all power concerning the Church, both in heaven and on earth to His only begotten Son Jesus. The sad part of it is, These educated men have listened to a lot of tales told by others, but they did not know the man personally, so they are just slaves to hearsay. They are just as guilty as a lot of other people, because they will gather all the information they can gather, just to paint a bad picture, and all they have really done is display their ignorance. Does not one of the ten commandments say, Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor? If you talk about a man you know nothing about, and if you destroy his image which you know nothing about, using a bunch of loud words of accusation, I would not want to be in your shoes when the final day of judgment comes. Some people think it is necessary to completely destroy everything they do not agree with. Well anyway, we just need to be very thankful that God chose us to be recipients of this wonderful revelation of truth. Now, in the last year and half we have used these scriptures we are looking at repeatedly, just over and over, but the reason I felt led to deal with this like this, is to try to show you just how things are creeping up on the world. We are moving rapidly toward the end. It is coming just like you watch the second hand on a big clock. These conditions are developing into that last day picture, and I am glad the Bible draws a picture of how the Bride should look at the coming of the Lord, not to His visible return, which is at the end of the tribulation period, but His mystical return, the time when He is coming to catch a people away from here. The world will know nothing about it until it is already too late for them. I am thankful to be a part of that body of people in the world, that knows how to look at the word of God. I know we will not be a part of that people unless we have some kind of a picture of how the end comes about. With all these other educated fellows, the way they try to put the prophetic picture together, the biggest percentage of them never use a scripture like those I have been using. Here it tells us in Daniel 12, because the angel of the Lord is already explaining to Daniel in the 11th chapter about this great prince that is to come, who is to fulfill the role of being the false prophet, the man of sin, the son of perdition. That is in the 11th chapter about this great prince that is to come, who is to fulfill the role of being the false prophet, the man of sin, the son of perdition. That is in the 11th chapter. The angel is actually telling Daniel that at the time that spirit begins to arise and manifest itself to the world at large, it is going to initiate and bring in a time of trouble. Bro. Jackson, I am not interested in this time of trouble, I just want to get out of here. That kind of an attitude may cause you to sit right here, while the day will come and go and you will never realize what has went on. If you are going to be in the Bride of Christ you have got to have a fervent spirit of wanting to see this thing over, not because you do not have compassion for lost mankind, but because something begins to instill in you a picture that the end is before us and we have got to be prepared for the end. It has got to be done, not through some make believe picture of developments, but it has got to be because there are things God is letting us see so vividly there is no mistake about it. It is going on in the world and we cannot help but open our eyes wide and our ears and begin to look at the scriptures, because God has put them in there for our learning. That is why it says in the 19th chapter of Revelation, (which is a picture of the Bride already in heaven) that the bride hath made herself ready. How did she get there? Jesus has not yet appeared to this earth in physical form. He has already come and got His Bride though. He has come and got her because she made herself ready. I have to say, She knew when to get ready, because certain indicators began to point to the time that the Bride of Christ began to wake up and realize Jesus is coming very soon. I have to say, God help us. The filth of this world is catching up with us. We had a nation at one time that had a name of being a nation of justice, but what have we now? On Friday I heard the News, and saw them interview an FBI agent. He had worked in the crime lab. He saw so much corruption in the crime lab as the Federal Bureau of Investigation tried to close out certain cases, he said that they fabricate evidence that there is no reality to, simply because they just want to close the issue. They do not want to leave it on the books as unsolved, so men that work in the crime lab that takes the evidence they have, they are told, Fill it full of just anything to close the picture. He squealed on them. He said, If you squeal on the FBI you have a hard day ahead of you. How many saw that man being interviewed? I thought to myself, A nation that at one time had a reputation of being a nation of justice has come to this. I remember, as a little boy growing up, there used to be on the side of Post cereal boxes, about an FBI man by the name of Melvin Pervis. He made his name great because he was one of the FBI men that helped to plan the capture of John Dillinger and some of his gang. With so many box tops, you could scud and get a badge with the name Melvin Pervis on it. Of course, me being just a little boy, there was something about the name of that man that had a reputation and image to it. It stood for everything that is decent. Not so any more, this underworld, hell bound element of perverted society that we have tilling our streets today, terrorizing old people and all such like, they even get by with committing murder, just like this guy they turned loose the other night over here in Louisville, Kentucky. He lied, through all the jury trial, said he didn’t kill that girl, but later, after he had been set free, he admitted that he did kill her, and now he just faces a perjury charge. I say, He needs to get what John Dillinger got. Let me say to all our young people, Most all those characters back in the 1930’s, who made a name for themselves because of their meanness, were not guilty of killing women and babies. They were mostly after the almighty dollar, and were not out on the streets to shoot innocent children and such. The FBI that went out after them, did not carry those weapons, not knowing how to use them. However, today, any law official that does try to live up to the image of what he is supposed to represent, shame on our judicial system that has made it so hard on him that he has to come begging the criminal or the law breaker, Please give me your hands, let me put a set of handcuffs on you, because you know if you look at me wrong, I have permission to pull my pistol. You hear of all this silly stuff today, but the time is drawing nigh, when there is a just judge coming, and He is going to set a court and every last one of these characters that has lived such terrible lives, is one day going to stand at that great white throne to be judged. They will not be able to hire a slick tongued lawyer to defend them at that judgment. They are going to be judged, and the penalty is the lake of fire. It is a shame that a Christian nation that was founded years ago upon principles found in the Bible, has come to such a junction in this hour of time. We did have men who were leaders of our society, that upheld principles of common decency, morality and fairness; but from the highest office of leadership, right on down through the judicial systems, right off into the law bodies, it is obvious that Satan has infested this nation from top to bottom with filth and rottenness. That is why we have our jails so full, we have to turn out some, to make room for the new ones. If they went after them like the FBI did back in the 1930’s, and if they were dealt with like they were back then, you would not have jails crammed full. All I can say is, The only cure for all of it now, is the coming of Jesus Christ. No wonder the Bible tells us in the book of Daniel, and the wicked shall do wickedly. This is his day. The devil has put his O.K. stamp on it. This is his day. Everything goes. The wicked shall do wickedly, but the wicked will not understand. It says the wise shall  understand and the wise will shine as the stars of heaven. Do you think the News Media will say, You must be a Christian, because your light is shining? No. That is just God’s way of looking at us. There may be a few in this world, that God will make bend their necks and acknowledge that you are something to be proud of, but regardless of what they do or say, I am grateful to be a child of God. What little I have been able, by the grace of God, to open up before you. I am thankful for God taking charge of my mind, a mind that was so stubborn at one time that I was not even interested in what was inside the covers of the Bible. I never did want to get too close to this book, because I had the idea it would make you do funny things. There is a way of getting close to it though, and it will talk to you, even change you. It can comfort your mind, comfort your soul, and give you something logical, sensible and reasonable to look at. 


I am going to read this article to you. Right here is the year 2000, calendar time. We are just about two years off from it, (when this was preached) and many people are looking at the year 2000 as a finished number. There are many things going on in the world at large right now, that somehow or other caused people to begin to sense that the year 2000 is going to bring a profound manifestation of something pertaining to the end of human history. No, not the scientists, but a lot of evangelical, fundamental, so-called Christians, think there is nothing to this thing of what it says in the book of Revelation or anything else. They say, That is just the way people want to fanatically put a picture together. Well saints, the Bible does not say the Bride of Christ will be fanatics. I have to believe the Bride of Christ will be the only wise people on the face of this earth. They are the only people that are going to know anything about what is taking place, why it is taking place, and what allows it to be manifested and what the end of it is going to be. That is why it says, But the wise shall understand.  That doesn’t mean they will understand all about the biological things that take place in this world, but it means there is going to be some wise people that know how to look at the end of time. When I look at this thing and see how these scriptures begin to paint a vivid picture, how the little pieces begin to fit together to show you what the centerpiece is, it lets me know we are getting very dose to the end. I believe, as we go through this year of 1998, we are going to hear of more and more trouble developing in the Middle East between the Palestinian Arab and the Jewish nation. (This was preached 3/1/98.) From Norway, to the U.N. to the United States and Canada, all our political men have tried to put together an agenda of some sort, because they are not concerned about the coming of Jesus Christ. If they would hear me or anyone else talk about it, they are thinking we are literally a bunch of fanatics, and that we are just trying to excite people. No, I am not trying to excite anyone. I am not trying to build them into any kind of a fanatical frenzy, but if by the grace of God, I can draw a picture showing that time is running out, that is another thing. I like to illustrate it like talking about a huge airplane: She is flying 65,000 feet in the air, higher than the average commercial airliner can fly. Flying that high, it has to have a pressurized system on board that can make every facet of the engine run precisely as it is designed to run. Up in the cockpit there are all kinds of devices, from needles, to lights that give a reading on the condition of everything. If all of a sudden these things begin to flash, and the numbers begin to change, it is a signal that something is not as it should be. From the pilot to the co-pilot, to the engineer, they begin to look at all these indicators: We have a problem. You know those indicators are put on there just for the aid of those that control that airplane. I have to say, The Bible is full of indicators also. It gives you a vivid picture of what this world is going to be like, as mankind, in his journey, heads toward the end. The foolish were never to under, but the wise are. I have to say to you, That is why the Bride Church hath made herself ready. She knew, because of what is written in the scriptures, when it was time to start putting on the wedding garment and arming herself with an understanding of God’s word, with a picture of how to relate to the end. Anyone would be ignorant to not follow the line of time. That is why I said what I did last Sunday; because the Jewish nation of people even today, still refuse to believe that their Messiah has already conic. Why do they hold to this so insistently? Simply because they never really read the writings of their prophets. Now if their failure to read and heed those prophecies, caused them to say, Away with Jesus, crucify him, What do you suppose our Gentile picture is going to be, when we are looking at a prophecy that causes us to see how the Jews are going to begin to react as they come into the twentieth century? When they begin to pray and say, The Lord will revive us after two days, just remember, this prophecy was written almost two hundred years in advance of this other one. Of course I realize a lot of young people in here may think there are a lot of numbers to look at, and maybe you do not understand all of it: I am not even saying you have to understand every little crook and turn, but it has got to form a picture of something in your mind. If it doesn’t, the devil is destined to play a trick on your mind. The Bride of Jesus Christ will not be a bunch of ignorant people, sitting around idly passing time away, just coasting, becoming indifferent, and looking at these things as commonplace, to the point of never even caring what comes or goes. You may think, I am a Christian: What do I need to know all of that for? I have to say to you, I am a Christian, and I may have had a similar attitude years ago, but God has been merciful to me, certainly not because I deserve to be a Christian, but because He saw fit to deal with me in a manner to make me feel the desire, and the need to be a Christian. I did not ask to have this job: It is just that He saw that if He put in me a measure of understanding, I would seek more understanding, because of a hunger that was created in me. I know that what we have stood for through the years is right; and I have no intention of allowing anyone to change my mind. There have been a lot of people, as far as the image structure of our society goes, that think they are far better off than we are, but you just have to have eyes to see, in order to know where they are heading. They know much more, as far as being able to quote the exact words of the prophet, but what good is that, if they do not know what he meant? I myself know what he said: I was there when he said it. I believe my understanding of what he said has caused me to seek the will and purpose of Him who is the author of the book Bro. Branham preached out of, but what have they done with what they heard, other than memorize the exact words he spoke? There are people in the world that have memorized the entire Bible, but are void of understanding anything about the will and purpose of the great Creator, the author of the Bible. Many of them will burn in hell, simply because they have gloried in their own personal achievements, rather than in the grace and mercy of the God that gave them the breadth of life. I take no pleasure in talking like this: It is just a matter of speaking the truth, always hoping it will cause someone to re-examine their own motives. There are many people claiming to be in this message of truth, but when you examine their fruit you have to question their motive for doing the things they do. I received a letter from Africa this week: A man wrote, after a man from the states came to Africa and traveled from group to group giving his own interpretation of what Bro. Branham taught, and this letter of rebuttal mentions his name, but I am not here to quote the man’s name. However there is a movement within the followers of Bro. Branham, that is in as bad a shape today, as the Jews were in this era that led up to the birth of Jesus and then His to His crucifixion, simply because they do not understand the time. They say, But the prophet said So and so. That is why I can say, I know what he said, and I know what he meant, but do you know what he meant? If you do not know what he meant, then you may as well forget it. You are walking around in confusion. I say all this, knowing that the end is right in front of us, so time is not going to last forever. The critics of all this can say, Oh, but they have been calculating the end ever since way back in the Middle Ages. Yes, we can search the libraries and find books written by different characters on that subject, but if you will notice, when you do analyze those books, very few prophetic scriptures that we are talking about were even included in the picture they used. They used other things to trying to calculate time, but their methods produced false readings. On the other hand, this vindicated method we calculated time by lets me know we are not using something that produces a false picture. When you begin to calculate time, you must use something that has been tested and proven to be reliable, to measure it by. It is only by the grace of God, that you and I have a little understanding of these things, and God has given this understanding to us to allow us to be able to see the end, as well as those things that lead up to the end. I just have to say, Thank you Lord! You did not have to do this for us, but we are very thankful that you did. It is very obvious that we are moving very rapidly toward a climax. That is why Daniel said, concerning the time when the Jewish nation is entering the end time, the end time being an event, or a period that involves a few short years and months, even days and weeks, “At that time shall Michael stand up.” You have to begin to understand how to relate to it. That is why Daniel said, “At that time shall Michael stand up.” (Who is Michael? This is one of the great arch angels. He ranks right along with Gabriel. He is the angel that led the children of Israel from their Egyptian bondage through their wilderness journey. He is the one that stood out in front, as the children of Israel had crossed the Jordan River, and were standing in the plains looking toward Jericho, when all of a sudden Joshua looked and saw this man standing there with his sword drawn. Joshua looked at the man and said, Are you for us or against us? The man answered back, I am the captain of the Lord God of hosts. He told him what he needed to do. This lets us know we are shortly entering an era when this angel is going to stand up again for the same purpose, to deliver the children of Israel.) stand up, the great prince which standeth for the children of thy people: (the Jews) and there shall be a time of trouble, (a short period of time is what it really means, but oh the trouble that is going to be involved.) such as never was since there was a nation even to that same time: and at that time thy people shall be delivered, every one that shall be found written in the hook.” Where do you think that time is destined to be? Right here in the first part of Daniel’s week. Does it not say in the 7th chapter of Revelation, that there will be 144,000 Jews, 12,000 out of every tribe of Israel sealed away? When? Right in that same period of time. Where? In the city of Jerusalem. Does not the Bible say that the two prophets will prophesy a thousand two hundred and threescore days in the city of Jerusalem? Do you think the New World Order that so many politicians are pushing for would allow such a thing as that, if it were in power at that time? No. My point is this, We are going to see a lot of things begin to change, both politically and in every other way. The God that caused this book to be written, is the same ONE that is going to make sure it is fulfilled to the letter. God does not have to have a hundred years more to make all of these prophecies come to pass. All He needs is a very little bit of time, the time that He has allotted for that. He will take an entire nation and change it (you might say) overnight. If a lot of people would read that 49th chapter of Isaiah, and read it right along with the 60th chapter, you would get a picture of what God is doing when that time is nearing. This great angel will stand up, prepared to bring to pass all of what is prophesied. As we begin to enter this period of time, in other words passing the year 2000, I have to believe Michael will already be on the scene. There will begin to be things develop in the Middle East that will let you and I know, God is going to be in the forefront of what you will see from then on. He is going to cause Israel to start doing things that will let us know our days of being here are getting to be few in number. With this in mind, I want to show you something that will interest every one of you. When I said earlier, that Jerusalem becomes the centerpiece, and that is going to be the picture that all the trouble starts over, some may have thought, Bro. Jackson, how do you calculate that? I do not have to calculate it by anything except the way the word is read, and the picture it draws for us. When I read from the 12th chapter of Zechariah this morning, it tells me here in the 6th verse, “In that day will I make the governors of Judah like an hearth of fire among the wood, and like a torch of fire in a sheaf; and they shall devour all the people roundabout, on the right hand and on the left: and Jerusalem shall he inhabited again in her own place. even in Jerusalem.” What about that day? That is going to be leading up to the time of trouble. Yes, the Jewish nation, from a political standpoint, is facing many problems, as the world tries to pressure them to fulfill their political agenda. That is exactly why Michael has to stand up, to begin to impart inspiration and leadership to the governors, the political men of Israel. Every time you see something that really looks important for the prophetic picture, it looks like some of these Jewish men are absolutely playing with time and the issue, just like kids. We want to look upon them as the holy people. We want to look upon them like that because it was from them that we got our Bible. You would think, them being the people that has been brought back, out of the nations, coming back home to inhabit their own land, that there would be a burning desire in every heart to long for the day when they would see their Messiah come, but that is not the picture we see in the average politician in Israel. That is the way it is now, but that kind of picture is not always going to dominate the scene. God knows exactly how to strike the whole thing in the right place and bring it to its prophesied end, even if it means many Jews have to suffer the consequences for that ignorance. I have said, It would not surprise me one bit, if somewhere in the near future, as Israel tries to negotiate and play with the Palestinian Arabs over these land issues, knowing in their heart it is going to be an utter impossibility to give up the whole of Jerusalem, to see God do something to force the issue. They know that land belongs to them: Yet because they are being looked upon by the world at large, they do not want to portray themselves as being the hostile people they are accused of being. They want to be able to stand between two issues and hope that time itself will solve it. Well somewhere along the line, something is going to have to happen to change the politicians’ attitudes. Having read enough history of how it has been in the past, and seen how many times the children of Israel have suffered the worst consequences under their own leadership, it lets me know, God will do whatever it takes to get their leadership thinking in the right way. I cannot help but believe somewhere up in front of us we are going to see something happen, that once it does, the Israeli leadership is suddenly going to begin to realize, There is no way we can negotiate with our enemies and keep on putting this off. We are faced with an issue, and we just as well solve it. It tells us here in this 6th verse, which we have read, what is going to lake place, but there is something that the leadership has got to do. I will try to show you why this picture has to change. “In that day will I make the governors of Judah like an hearth of fire among the wood, and like a torch of fire in a sheaf.” We know what that means. They are going to become so dynamically inspired and determined to carry out the plan of God, that nothing will be able to stop them. They are going to be able to break down, tear down, every other issue that comes against them. Just look what the end results lead to. They shall devour all the people roundabout, (That is the Arabs, because it is the Arabs that are against Israel being there, and they want that land to be a state of their own, with Jerusalem as their capital.) on the right hand and on the left: (Now that is the finished picture.) and Jerusalem shall be inhabited again in her (An place, even in Jerusalem.” That has one and only one particular meaning. There are four sections to the old city of Jerusalem right now. The Armenians, the Christians, the Jews, and the Orthodox. There is no way this ancient city can be fussed over and divided. I know exactly what the Vatican is saying. The Vatican is against Jerusalem becoming the capital of the state of Israel. That is why the pope is planning to go to Jerusalem in the year 2000, to negotiate and try to work out a political agenda to influence the turning over of the old city to an international body. I will have to say this, It will never be turned over to an international body. Some may think, because in Revelation 11, it speaks about the man of sin, the false prophet, the antichrist entering Jerusalem and treading Jerusalem under the feet of the Gentiles for forty two months. Do not think that is a United Nations body doing that. No. That is nothing but the Vatican and the police force of modern Europe. Chinese troops, and all troops from the Orient are out of the picture. When I read that clipping from the paper this morning, how there are eleven nations that have joined the club, I want to ask you a simple question, Do you think the Chinese are ever going to give us their yen for a one work currency? You better go prim Your flower bed if you think so. I say that, not to be funny, but because I know it will never happen. Some of these educated preachers with their New World Order ideas, may think so, but they have not studied the book correctly. I know how old the U.N. is; and I know it has never done one dime’s worth of anything worthwhile in the fifty years of its existence. The world would have been better off if that thing had never been started. Just as the Paris peace pact went down the drain, and just as the league of nations went down the drain, so will the United Nations order go down God’s drain, when it is time for Him to flush the commode. I know some people would not like that kind of language, but when I say that, you know exactly what I mean. It is just like I heard it said one time, A new preacher took over a charge: He preached the first Sunday and he did pretty good, so it was noised around, Come listen to this new preacher: He is on trial. Well the second Sunday comes around, so this preacher came to an example, and in the example be said, You split your britches with me. Two sophisticated ladies sitting there with their hats cocked over on the side of their head did not like his expression. When the sermon was over, he made his way to the back to shake hands with everyone as they went out. Well here came these two ladies: The one looked at him and said, Reverend, I don’t think you used good ethics and language in your sermon this morning. He said, In other words you didn’t like it. She said, absolutely not. Well, what did I say that you didn’t like? She replied, When you said, you split your britches with me. He looked at her and asked, Can you tell me what I said in front of that? No. Can you tell me what I said just after that? No. Then you don’t even know what I meant: That is why I said that. God is going to flush this world’s political commode one day. These world leaders and all their filth, their nonsense and idiotic plans of human government are going to go down the drain and into oblivion. God is rising on the scene to establish a system of government of His own. God is going to prove He is still the master of this whole thing. Here at the end time, yes, we all know there will be an antichrist come upon the scene for a certain period of time. That does not indicate that God knows nothing about it: It is just because God has allotted the devil to have a short period of time wherein He can execute and carry out certain plans of His own. It would not have to be that way, but that is the way God is going to allow it to close out. Here is the part I like. “And Jerusalem shall be inhabited again in her own place.” By who? Still out there, scattered over this globe, is an element of Jews still yet. They are of the tribe of Judah, but there is another profound identity about them. They belong to the ancient part of the family of King David. When King David, in ancient times, took the city of the Jebusites, you can read in Kings and through other related scriptures, how he was successful in conquering this city. After he conquered it, all of King David’s relation inhabited the city. We must keep in mind that the lineage of David involved a large household. King David was looked upon almost like a god. There is a reason for a verse to be read like that. It was the victory 

he attained in fighting his enemy the way he went at it. Therefore the Jewish people as a whole looked upon King David almost like a god. When he established his palace in that former Jebusite city, there began to be a following and it was The city of David, the city of David, the city of David. Through the centuries this city grew in size. When King David made an order for there to be a census taken, which was something God had forbade them to do, no sooner had King David set that in motion, Jews started dying like flies. When they started dying like flies, he realized what he had done wrong. King David was in his palace, looking out a window, praying. That is when he looked out the window and saw the angel of the Lord with His sword drawn. The angel of the Lord told David he would give him the option to make the choice as to how he should be punished for his disobedience. You can read all of that in 1st Chronicles 21. Once all of that was all over with, that is exactly where King David purposed to build God a house. He knew from that day on, that this is where God had put His name to be reverenced, to be respected by all the tribes. You can see it as you read further on in the story. That city of Jerusalem became known as the city of King David. Jerusalem shall be inhabited again by who? Orthodox? Armenians? No. By Jews who belong to the household of David. They are waiting out there somewhere. They do not want to get back there and be caught in a squeeze, to be fussed about. That is why I say this, You are still going to be here, if God lets each one of you live until the rapture, and the day comes that Jesus comes after us, you are going to still be here to see this thing unfold in the Middle East. You will see it, so you just as well get out of that picture of complacency, saying, Oh but God has promised: He is going to take care of us. What kind of picture do you have? Is He going to come, serving you ice cream and cake? Is that the picture you have of God taking care of you? I hardly think that is the way He wants it to be. I think as long as we have that kind of attitude, we are cheapening ourselves. I am not telling you that you may be forced to lay your head over a chopping block. There is quite a difference in the two issues. The point is, We have to begin to change some of our lazy, commonplace attitudes, like, I live in America, how can that apply to me. Saints, most of you do not realize just how insecure America is in this day and hour. What if you wake up in the morning and turn on the TV, and half of St. Louis is in smoke. What would you do? Oh Bro. Jackson, I don’t think we will ever see anything like that. Just stick around, and you will eventually find out that other nations know more about the dangers in this nation than you do yourself. We have an element of the media today, that would not write the facts if they were looking right at a clear picture: at least not until our metropolitan cities are half torn to pieces, and not by an invading army, but by a bunch of terrorists who know how to go to this hardware store, that hardware store, this place or that and get fertilizer and whatever is needed to build their bombs. They put all of that in an old rattletrap car, park it somewhere near a place where there is a lot of people, and Bang! the whole thing is blown to pieces. America has a devastating blow coming to her from the hand of God, simply because our politicians have sold this nation and the image it once had, down the drain. They have sold it to the devil. 


 As I look at our world today, I see Hindus from the Orient, come here and build their shrines, walk the streets with red dots between their eyes, and actually end up having more rights than those of us that were born and raised here. Our government gives them as much right in our schools of learning, while they stand and speak against your Christian children just because they want to have prayer in school like we had up until a few years ago. I wonder if some of you even realize how much things have changed in the past 40 or 50 years?. Just look what the president has done. Out in California, is a monk school I and a church of Buddhists. There has been money contributed from this bunch of Buddhists, into the Democratic cause. I am not talking politics: I am just saying, Our nation has done exactly like Israel of old. Politically we have carried out intercourse in politics, and negotiated with the devil’s institution of religion, all in an effort to try to establish in America that there are many religions. There is only one religion in all of the world, that is worth a dime, and that is the one that teaches, salvation is of the Lord Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God. As far as I am concerned, there is only one religion that ever did amount to anything worthwhile. A true salvation experience, will make a new creature out of all who receive it, and those who have such an experience will not be out here shooting people and blowing up buildings. I am talking about what God gave to Abraham, that has passed right on down through his descendants and passed right on into the ranks of Gentiles that had no hope in God before that, to make up this Christian family. God made available a new covenant, getting ready to take the old covenant off the scene, and gave to Israel this new covenant that we eventually fell heir to. To think of America as having once been considered to be a Christian nation, seems almost unreal today, simply because we have been sold out to every kind of demon spirit Satan has in his family. We have leaders that actually do not seem to know right from wrong. That is why they are so ready to take sides with the Palestinian Arabs against Israel: They have no concept of what they are actually dealing with. This lets me know for sure, that the city of Jerusalem has to become a world trouble spot. God is compelled to display His power and His leadership, enough in the events of that hour of time we are approaching, to convince those Jews, wherever they are scattered to, when they begin to see how the hand of God is dealing with the city of Jerusalem, that they are going to be able to say in their hearts, Now I want to go back there. Until then, they do not want to be there, caught up in the political squeeze of all the bickering that is going on. They know that to go back there right now, it would be like a lot of the Russian Jews that came down and then ended up being fussed over. The modern leadership of Israel, really by rights does not even know who to allow back and who to allow to be called a Jew. Like we were saying earlier, The way they look at it, If they have a Jewish mother, then they can legally immigrate back; but they talk like, if a Jewish man is married to a Gentile wife, then his children are not really looked upon as Jews at all. You and know, that is reading the books backwards. When we read the book of Ezra, when the children of Israel that had immigrated out of Babylonian captivity in that time, when they were scattered there, and when that great revival broke out under Nehemiah and Ezra in that era, what did God speak to the priests when they read the law? Those Jewish men that had married Babylonian wives and had children by them, you did not have politicians in the government of Israel back then fussing over who has the right to immigrate. Those men that were Jews. that had fathered those children, the man was forced to make a choice: Many of them had to tell that young Gentile wife, go back where you came from. Yet we have this modern bunch today, they want to reverse it. If it is a Jewish girl married to a Gentile man, then her children have a right to be called Jews. Do you see the picture? It is absolutely reading the book wrong. If you think God is going to honor it like that. That is why I have to say, This time of trouble is going to be God dealing with the nation of Israel, to put it together the way He wants it, so that it will fulfill what He has promised. That is why some of these preachers that have such an eloquent way of saying things, is going to be totally shocked when they are eye witnesses to what God actually does on behalf of Israel. It amazes me, the way they word their projections. they sound so convincing. They are like Clinton: He can look into a camera and tell a bare faced lie, and turn right around and believe it himself. Yes. It takes a professional to do that. My point is, You are going to see this little short era of time, and it is going to be a time of trouble in one way you look at it, but it will bring victory after victory after victory, for the preservation of Israel’s their ancient borders. Every Jew that is in the plan of God will have provision made for him or her. That is why the Bible says, And every one of thy people that is found written in the book shall be delivered. The deliverance takes place in the first half of the week of Daniel. That is in the 11th chapter of Revelation, and that is why the two prophets have to come on the scene. They will be dealing with a lot of political issues, even telling the rabbis where to get off, because God is going to put in them a revelation of the word itself, where they will know exactly how to speak concerning each thing those Jews are going to experience. That is why they are not going to be prophesying in Jerusalem when three fourths of the society are not even Jews. They are going to prophesy in Jerusalem when there are thousands of the house of David that have come back and settled in Jerusalem. That is their spot. It belongs to them. When you have a mixed element of people there, and all of them wanting to have what they think they are entitled to, something has to change. That is why I say, There is yet a lot to unfold, but it will not take a century for all of it to come to pass. The way God will do it, He is going to tear the playhouse of religion all to pieces. We have to be sensible enough to watch and be able to recognize what God is doing and the way He does it. I just have to say, Thank you Lord. You did not have to let us see this picture. But it is so beautiful. It is so picturesque. This is why verse 7 reads like this, “The Lord also shall save the tents of Judah first.” When I break that down into present day language, that means somewhere in the process of time God has already established the tribe of Judah in her rural areas of habitation. Look what followed the Six Day War. Judah took the Gan Strip. She began to build villages. Why? Because it says in Zephaniah that whole area will belong to Judah and the places that were the ancient city of the Philistines, will be places for sheep and herdsmen, to bed them down at night. Look what the present leadership of Israel has allowed themselves to do. They negotiated with the Palestinians up to a point. They consented to withdraw from that area. That is one of the touchy spots today. Israeli troops withdrew from certain areas where they had built these new settlements. They were fulfilling prophecy when they did that, but they are fulfilling nothing when they consent to disagree and begin to give up. That is only, we will say, just something satanic, something Satan has done to try to hold off the fulfillment of scriptures. It is not always going to be done that way. This is why Netanyahu has finally decided they will not withdraw from any more areas until they have concrete evidence that the Palestinians will stop their terrorist activities. In the old ancient city of Hebron, where many Jews lived, the Palestinians are demanding that the Israelis get out of there altogether. Actually the world looks at this whole picture and says, Why does God even allow this? Well if we could just begin to see it like God sees it, if God can let the world be able to see how Israel, in the end, is treated like the dirty dog, then one day He reaches down and unsnaps that leash from his neck and says, Now Shep, go get them, it will look a lot different. I want you to know, six months later after this era of the miraculous is finished, the time in which God is seen at the bead of Israeli leadership, this crazy, western, scientific, educated world is going to look aghast. They are going to look with their eyes bugged open. My God, what is going on? I do not like to use that word lightly. It is used lightly in this day and hour, but it is not my style. I can hear the educated minded people now, when they end up so startled, because they did not know all that was in the book, they are going to have to look it in the face. When you compare that with the 10th chapter of Zechariah, there will be Jews again coming from the ends of the earth. This is the third Exodus and the last one. They will come and settle in Lebanon, and in Gilead, which is across the river. How can the Jews, since 1967, that crossed over there and built in the Golan Heights, built those little villages, give them up, when it tells in the le chapter, there is still more coming, and they too will build villages? God is going to drive them into Lebanon. That is what it says in the 10th chapter of Zechariah, and there is no place found for them. It does not mean land. It means there will be no housing. They are coming so fast, in such numbers, building cannot keep up. This is exactly why it tells about this in the 49th chapter of Isaiah, and those that want to dwell in Jerusalem will come so fast, they will even say to the officials, Hey, don’t forget me. Move over, I want a spot too. It lets you know, God knows exactly when and how to set the picture in motion. When God has dealt with all that are in the picture, and showed Himself in the Middle East like He will, this western world is finally going to have to realize there really is a God, and that He is showing Himself to be alive and well, and doing for the Jews exactly what the Bible says He will do. That is why it tells you in the 60th chapter of Isaiah, verse 12, “For the nation and kingdom that will not serve thee shall perish; yea, those nations shall be utterly wasted.” The nation that will not contribute to the rebuilding of Israel, God will deal with them. Does that sound like a New World Order, standing out there in the middle of the road, dictating terms and compromises? No. Why else would it also say, And the kings of the Gentiles shall minister unto thee? What are they going to minister? Stick around and you will see. In this world at large there are great stockpiles of materials and substances, and God has His eye on all of it, and His hand is on it too. That is why He said what He did in Haggai, The silver and gold is mine, saith the Lord. When it comes time for God to build that beautiful temple, which will stand as the most beautiful building on the face of this earth throughout that thousand years of the reign of Christ on earth, I want you to know there is going to be material in that temple that has come from many sources, because it brings about a beautiful fulfillment of what was typed back in the days of King Solomon. Read the story, in the books of Kings and Chronicles. I read not long ago, one of the chief architects was a Lebanese man. It let me know, even in the days of King Solomon, tradesmen, professionals from the different nations roundabout, contributed their expertise. The temple that went up in that hour, set a beautiful type. We know this, what that was a type of, is going to be fulfilled in this day, which is not a type. It is the actual temple that represents the embodiment of the Spirit of God, as He sits in an earthly house. That is why the Lord Jesus Christ sits in that temple for a thousand years, and He is worshiped as King of kings and Lord of lords. We are nearing an era of time when it is going to be beautiful to watch the hand of God. I would not want to miss it for anything in the world. I am going to close this message with these words, Keep your eyes on Jerusalem, because, in an hour you think not, the picture can suddenly change. When God does change the picture of development, and things start leading in different directions, then do not stand aghast, looking at what you see Israel doing. I have to say, You are going to see Israel do some devastation in the Middle East that is going to make it look from your viewpoint, like Israel has literally turned the Middle East into a graveyard. That is the way God will have it to be. That is the only thing that can take out of that Arabian heart, that Islamic spirit of hate, that has caused beheading of many. You see black veiled women from Iran and those various Arab places and you may think, Such a holy people, yet those women would stick a knife in your back and walk around twice, and think nothing of it. God knows that spirit is as wrong as wrong can be. That is why He is going to use Israel to render a stroke of judgment, a stroke of justice, that is literally going to bleed that Islamic spirit to death. That is why those Arabs that are spared and left alive, when they see the glory of the God of Israel, they can say, It is Elohim, Allah will no longer be our god. From Egypt to Syria, from Iraq to Jordan and Saudi Arabia, Arabs are going to say to the Jewish leadership, We want to contribute our part. I have to look at it in this light, From the ends of this earth the sons of strangers shall do their part. That means nations that never did carry on any kind of political intercourse with Israel at all. Sons of strangers that never even recognized Israel, are going to be able to see to the ends of the earth, what the God of Israel has done in the Middle East. From the nations of the world, young professionals of some kind of trade, will go to some leadership and want to contribute their expertise. It says in Isaiah 60, And the sons of strangers shall come and help build up thy Hulls. I do not want to hear anyone say that is a U.N. dictate. It is not. That is what God wants after He has changed everyone else’s mind into the way He wants them to think. Does this turn every one to righteousness? No. But it is God’s way of turning the heart of a few mortal subjects to cause them to do something worthwhile. This is one way He gets the job done. He is recognized in what has been done for Israel; and that temple will go up according to His foreordained plan. That initiates the agenda for the two prophets to come on the scene. As I close, Let me say, That last dream I had, points me to Daniel 12:1. Michael is going to stand up and show himself on Israel’s side, and God help the nation that sticks their hands in LOOKING AT THE END and tries to mess it up. It is Michael that sets the agenda and prepares the condition to develop in the Middle East, so that the two prophets can come on the scene. I believe with all my heart, that this is what we are fast moving in time toward. That does not make me a big shot. Regardless of whether I have said it or some other minister of God, do not ever think the Bride of Christ is going to continue down the pathway of life ignorant as to why things are going like they are. I just say, Lord, help us have eyes to see and ears to hear. I do not do or say anything just to show off, but I can see a picture that is so vivid, so real, that I will not be one bit surprised when I see all of it literally coming into view. Amen.