Satan’s Last Strike, Part 1

Rev. Raymond M. Jackson


We have a map of the world up here behind me. I am going to ask that they put the video on it and bring it in so it can be seen clearly, I will try to explain it to you before we begin the message. It shows the continents of the world. All the dark areas are those the U.N. says will have to curtail their use of energy. All of the areas in white are excluded from having to fall under U.N. obligation to curtail their use of such. The writer of the particular magazine I got this out of says this, and I will read it now.


135 countries, China, India, Mexico, among others, are exempt from the U.N. Climate treaty. The U.N. claims the treaty will reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but these countries emissions are growing five times faster than the rest of the world and under this treaty they will not have to cut back. Instead, the U.S. and a few others will be faced with new costs that could limit how and when we use our cars, heat our homes and use electricity, and could raise the price of foods, clothes, and most things we buy. This treaty would dictate how we live our lives, while leaving most U.N. countries out of the picture.

That is what some of your politicians do by going to these environmental meetings. I have some other things to read a little later, but now, as you see up here, the title of our subject is Satan’s Last Strike. All school teachers, listen carefully. You are living in the last go around. What the devil intends for this modern man to become is so obvious, you cannot help but see Satan is striking his final blow in this Age. We get this from looking back in Genesis chapter 4. In chapter 4 we have the genealogy of Cain. I am going to preach this and I hope some modern preachers get hold of it. Remember, Jesus said in Luke 17 and Matthew 24, As it was, so shall it be. That does not mean just one or two things either. When these modern preachers deny the fact that the creature that was in the animal kingdom, and that was at the head of the animal kingdom in the garden of Eden, before the fall came, had a mentality, a vocal means of communication, and that he was a creature the devil himself could inspire and use as a trap for Adam and Eve. They are denying the only thing that can explain the condition that has been present in the world ever since. He was used to pervert the very beginning of what God had purposed to bring about on this planet through Adam and Eve in multiplying and replenishing the earth. Had there never been such a subject as the serpent coming to Eve and striking up a conversation, or if you could have erased that out of the writings of the Bible, then you would never see where God cursed anything, and you would have no answers for the course mankind has followed through time. You will have to admit that if such a thing had not taken place, every little baby that would have ever been born on this planet would have been a direct son or daughter of God. You never would have had scientists as we have in the world today. I do not want young people thinking that Adam and Eve were ignorant of the planet they were living on. They were not ignorant by any means. Whatever knowledge they had, they would have passed on down through the reproduction of their kind, and do not think for one minute you would have ever had scientists in the world, that would have gone off on these wild space exploration ideas like we are seeing today. We just have to realize the serpent was used by the devil to pervert God’s plan for His created son and daughter, and God cursed him for allowing himself to be used like that. Young people, Listen to me. Regardless of whether modern teachers want to accept the fact that the serpent was more like man is immaterial. We know he was, and because he was he was able to carry on a conversation with Eve and eventually seduce her. He was not a son of God, but he was more in the image of Adam physically than he was any of the other animals. He was intelligent. He had vocal means of communication, and the Bible says he was more subtle than any beast of the field which the LORD God had made. And he said unto the woman, Yea, hath God said, Ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden? Let me read to you part of the definition of the word SUBTLE, from Webster’s Dictionary. (sub-tle) “So slight as to be difficult to detect or analyze; elusive. b. Not immediately obvious; abstruse: 2. Able to make fine distinctions: a subtle mind. 3. Characterized by skill or ingenuity; clever.” That is why he was able to strike up a conversation with Eve. I have said this before, many times, but it is true. Modern man wants to think we evolved off of some prehistoric person. Adam and Eve did not evolve. Adam was created. Eve was taken out of his side, but she is still a part of that creation. All of this set a beautiful picture. The serpent himself was a replica of the last form of prehistoric man that had existed on this planet in a prehistoric era. I believe modern man today, says the last of that era was the Neanderthal man. I won’t argue with them about that, but let me say this: You did not evolve from the Neanderthal man. That Neanderthal man, whether you believe he was a product of evolution from the different stages of the earthly animal that they were or not, that Neanderthal man was not a son of God. There is no doubt he did evolve to a very high state of mentality. I believe discoveries of our time have documented that as fact. According to the archaeological findings, it is very evident he had a means of communication, like from one tribe to another. I will not argue with those things. However, when God brought an end to the prehistoric world, He did not leave one man alive to suddenly pop up somewhere in the future to use to start another line of man. Adam was created out of the dust of the earth. The spirit life in that body of clay came from God Himself, because God is the Father of all living beings. The purpose of it was, God said, “Let us make man,” and that man He was talking about was to be a SON of God. He had attributes that are god-like. He knew what it was to think clean, holy, just and honest thoughts. All these things that man is losing today were the only thoughts Adam had. That serpent creature was a different story. He was very intelligent. He could vocally communicate with the man of that hour, like Adam and Eve did with each other. God did not leave Adam to learn some kind of sign language to communicate with that beast. He was very intelligent. Now when I say that, you might want to laugh at me, but in our colleges and universities and in our government and scientific laboratories today, we have Satan’s product- produced through the Serpent- two legged creatures, blue eyes, curly hair, slick talking, able to charm. They have degrees in science, so I ask you, What is science? It is the study of the world we live in, but it is all from the material side, based on, How did it get here? We know how it got here: The Bible tells us plainly that God CREATED it. As for the garden in Eden, most people who accept the Bible story of creation still have a tendency to think of the garden as a geographical spot in the earth. That geographical area, or part, was already here. It is still here today. You young people that go to school and study geography, it is referred to in the geography books as the Fertile Crescent, which is directing attention to a spot of ground that lays between the Euphrates and Tigress Rivers and the Nile River in Egypt. Remember, before the flood came, it was not like it is today. We do not know what the area of the Mediterranean Sea looked like before the flood, but somewhere in the regions of the Mediterranean Sea, there was a geographical boundary to the north. To the south, there is a dry desert with a dry river bed called the Havilah. It is not a river today. It is called the land of Havilah. That is the south portions of the geographical Eden. When the Bible says God planted a garden, Where was it? It says, Eastward in Eden. What did He actually do? In your mind, do you see a man with a bag of seeds of various kinds walking along dropping them, as some still do today? No saints, that is not what God did. He simply placed a little bit of heaven, which is the spirit world, on earth for Adam and Eve to have access to. That is the part you and I have no access to today, except by faith. We can only relate to it by faith. That is the part that the scientists want to deny and reject the very thought of such. That was Satan’s aim as well.


As we start this message which we have titled “Satan’s Last Strike,” I want to be sure all of you realize that when we had our beginning in the garden of Eden, this was just the beginning of what we call another era of time. God had brought the planet back out of a state of judgment, a judgment on a prehistoric creation. I will agree with anyone that there definitely was a prehistoric creation inhabiting this world eons before Adam ever came into the picture. Before we get this message finished, I want every young person to realize, I will not argue with your scientists and teachers about this, simply because they will not admit to anything I might show them. They know I am looking at it from the standpoint of the word of God. One other thing I am definitely sure about is this, Whenever that prehistoric world had its beginning, there were no dinosaurs on it the first day God hung it out there in space. This planet hung here for eons, (when I say eons of ages, that is just my way of expressing an unmeasurable period of what we call time) cooling off before God ever put anything on it. God knew what He was doing. Nothing was just accidental. He is the architect of every scientific mind that thinks today, but the sad thing is, they think only on those things that Satan is pleased to have them think on. I am not saying all scientists are evil. It is just a matter of Satan using them to further his cause. Satan knows God created all of this, but he uses scientists and archaeologists and an enumerable host of others to deny that fact. His dedicated purpose is to disrupt and distort the picture the Creator has given us to be guided by, because he knows that whatever man learns by the inspiration of the spirit of God about this creation, just diminishes from the grip he has on this society that is living to see the end of this Age. I denounce the idea that when life did begin to materialize on this planet it was in the form of dinosaurs. Common sense would tell you that certain kinds of life can only exist when there is a certain temperature and environment to accommodate it. Not even plant life can grow before the environment is prepared for it. God is life. Everything that has life in it, whether it is plant life, marine life, or animal life, God is the Father of it all. You do not make God a tree because of that, but the tree is part of His creation, so the life in it came from Him. He is the greatest scientist, the greatest archaeologist, the greatest chemist that has ever been. He knew exactly how and which way forms of life should come. Keep in mind, There was no such thing as any of this, when this planet was blasted off with a great explosion and came hurling through space, stopping out here right where God wanted it. Do not try to tell me this earth was tillable, or that it had clay dirt that could be plowed. Most all of this was a hard substance of some nature at first. When God did create life in some form, we are going to find out that it was some kind of bacterial life. From bacterial life, however long that would have been, God began to form on this planet, those things that were going to be necessary to make the planet ready for other forms of life. As time passed, if it was thousands, or millions of years, so what. God is eternal. Do not try to hurry Him. It is only man that is always in a hurry. As the different forms of this planet’s surface began to be broken down and actually dissolve, it then became tillable soil. God, the designer, made sure there were certain kinds of plant life, as well as bacterial life, begin to form in that. Then as plant life became more and more numerous, it could accommodate larger species of life. Keep in mind though, God always does everything in balance. He does not create anything out of balance. It is the devil working through man that always manages to make a mess of everything. These educated brains are always working to change everything. I despise their attitude. There is a God in charge though, so all of His plan will materialize in due time. The Bible says there will come a day when every knee will bend, and every head will bow and confess that He is God. Outside of Him there is no other means of creation. In Him, we live, we move, and have our being, our very existence. When God did see fit to start bringing animal life into the picture it came in small stages. He did not just plop every form of animal life here all at once. Naturally we are talking about the prehistoric era, way back before the declaration we see in Genesis 1:1. On over here, in our era of time, every time a farmer plows over a square foot of soil, in that soil is ever so many hundred forms of life, bacteria, or little bugs and worms of every description. These are little creatures that help break down the plant life that has fallen and died. It has got to be recycled into the production of soil. Looking back now to the prehistoric era, as time passed, greater plant life, foliage of every description began to be added, and as that part progressed God added some other kinds of animals. No one had to stand around looking over his shoulder, (so to speak) in order for Him to continue the process He had designed. We were not here then, but we can see the traces of the whole process. He also made angels. At that time, all of the angels were righteous angels. The Bible says so. Finally there came a day when God had filled the earth with creatures of every description. You can find their bones, some petrified and some buried under many feet of dirt that has been left there by some catastrophic event. Why did God let those animals be buried like that? He knew the day would come that it would be necessary for a more intelligent form of life to discover those remains and begin to relate to what caused them to be where they are. There are doctors of divinity in many of the denominational church systems today that outrightly deny the fact that God created, and actually had a prehistoric era in this world. They believe God just created everything in six days of twenty four hours, about six thousand years ago, and that what they believe is all there is to this story. “That is what the Bible says,” they say. They say, If there really were dinosaurs, they would have been in Eden, and if they were in Eden they would have been in Noah’s ark. Can you see how irresponsible that kind of attitude is? We know there were dinasours on this earth at one time, and any responsible believer of the scriptures knows they have not been alive here this side of Genesis 1:1; so what is the conclusion? That is what I am trying to help you see. The fact has already been established that there were animals walking the face of this earth at one time that could eat the leaves off a tree eighty feet in the air, so you were looking at huge creatures. Angels were set in charge of them. Everything moved about the earth in a righteous, harmonious manner in the beginning of that creation. I detest the idea that those animals started right out cannibalistic in nature. If they had, the earth never would have been filled with them. For the more aggressive would have eaten the lesser. Man did not start off in this era, cannibalistic, full of hate and contempt for each other; but we are seeing it like that today. This is a condition that started developing after the fall. That is why the Bible is written like this. It is sad to say, our origin and beginning did not hardly get started until Satan had devised a method of striking the plan of God again in that hour. He inspired the serpent, which looked much like the Neanderthal man from the prior era, to go after Eve until he was able to seduce her and plant his seed in her. I am saying these things to give you a picture to look at. You will have to agree that he was intelligent, because the Bible says he was the most subtil of all the creatures of the earth. That meant he was way up here above the apes, the baboons, the gorillas. Here was an intelligent being that had vocal communication with Adam and Eve. This creature knew the difference between a watermelon and a pumpkin, because it was his job to do the work for Adam. If Adam would have said, We need so many pumpkins, do you think he would have planted squash? He was not just a dumb animal. He was designed to be that kind of helper to Adam. God made him to be a help mate to Adam, but He had to go a step further to design a suitable wife for him. It was the serpent’s job to carry out certain things when Adam would say, Let us do such and such. I have to say, In that serpent’s intelligent makeup, he knew all about the earth in its makeup. He was supposed to because that was his job. That is why he was a creature that the devil, which is Satan, could use to get at Adam’s wife. He had close communication with them. Some people misrepresent what we teach about this creature, and say that we believe Satan seduced Eve, simply because Satan and Serpent is used interchangeably in certain other scriptures. That is not correct. Satan, that at one time was called Lucifer, (before he rebelled against the Creator) is referred to in the scriptures as son of the morning in his created state. You can read that in Isaiah 14:12-14. “How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations! 13 For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north: 14 I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High.” When the devil began to inspire the serpent, which we know was Satan inspiring the serpent, he put an idea in the serpent’s mind and he (the serpent) carried through with it. As he did, he was actually introducing to Eve the fact that the intimate relationship, sexual intercourse, which God ordained to be a means for Adam and Eve to repopulate the earth with their kind, could be used for pleasure also; and not just for the purpose of producing another of their kind. All of this was the devil’s way of trying to wreck the plan of God. If he could get Eve to carry this out, and he did, he thought that would eventually give him a way to take charge. I realize we have so called preachers around today that say all of this teaching is of the devil, but let me ask you this, Why do you think there were two trees symbolized in the midst of the garden? One symbolized eternal life that would have been in every child born into this world, if Adam and Eve had remained true to God’s instructions. The other one symbolized death, which would be imputed to all because of disobedience. The devil, which is Satan, was inspiring the serpent, which was an animal creature made in the likeness of the man, to introduce this relationship to Eve from the tree of knowledge. I have to say today, Our institutions of learning are leading this world straight to hell. Only those who accept God’s plan of redemption purchased by His only begotten Son at Calvary, will escape the fire of hell. The outlook does not get brighter every day. It gets darker every day. That is why Satan’s helpers wanted to get prayer out of the schools, thinking, If we take this holy book out of the schools, we can warp these minds, we can twist them to accept our teaching. We can turn them into twentieth century demons just like us. When Eve finally gave in and carried out this relationship with the Serpent, (I am not talking about this in a derogatory manner.) she was made to realize the act could be very pleasureable. It is all written in symbolic language, and it says it is good for food: so let us put it in modern day terms and say, It is good for thought, derogatory thoughts that degenerate creatures feed upon. That is why TV celebrities, half dressed, half clothed, perverted minds, will carry on like they do today, on the TV programs. Then, if anyone tries to get the government leaders to change the filth, the pornography on TV, then another bunch of devils will rise up and say that is censorship. It goes to show, the devil does not want anything his crowd does, censored. The ornerier, the better. That is exactly why this whole world over, we have a generation of youthful minds that find nothing too dirty to speak in public. It is all just common place entertainment for people with filthy mind’s. We have this modern man: give him a degree, a diploma in science, biology and so forth, and chances are, he will go contrary to the plan of God with what he learns. If he is not careful, his great learning will lead him straight to hell, where he will meet that devil face to face. Oh what a sorrowful attitude he will have then. When Eve carried out that relationship with the serpent, just imagine, the very handmaiden of God out there violating a commandment the Creator had instilled in their memory from their very beginning. When God put Adam to sleep and took from his side a rib, do you think he just made a clump of meat? No. He shaped and designed every molecule. When he separated that feminine life from this male body and put it over here beside Adam, He also split the intelligence, the ability to retain memory and knowledge. Then when He has finished molding her, He had designed her to be a mother. Every particle of that female body from the breast throughout the whole body, was designed to be a wife and mother. Those members of her body were not designed to be sex toys. That is why all female animals walk around so proudly with their offspring, they do not have to be ashamed to have those little ones nurse from their breast whenever they get hungry. I remember years ago in the old country churches, when I was just a little boy growing up: You could pull into the church parking lot and there would be as many buggies and wagons as there were cars. The old country churches did not have nurseries back then; so women with little babies that had to nurse would usually take a back pew with their husband’s. Then, when it was time for the baby to nurse, those mothers had a dress designed for nursing babies, so they fed the little one right where they were and there was no shame to it. I am saying this today, hoping all of you will understand how the Creator meant for His family of sons and daughters to conduct themselves in this life. Some have grown up thinking it is almost a sin for a mother to nurse her baby in the church. Go to the Philippines, or India, or South Africa and you will face reality. They have not gone crazy there in those countries, like so many have in our society. The women of those places would turn sideways, facing their husband, and that baby would nurse on her breast with no one feeling shame. That is how it should be. People years ago had respect. They were not like this bunch of youth you see out here today that will say, What are you doing? It is like they are brainless, void, destitute of sensibility. That little female lying there on the ground when God finished his work was designed to bring forth life by God’s means and standards. That is why God made a wife for Adam. She was not supposed to learn about the intimate relationship from the serpent, but after she did, what does the Bible say? The Bible says Adam harkened unto her. Study the word harkened. I believe you will have to agree that Eve approached Adam several times before he finally gave in to her.


When God dealt with His created beings because of their disobedience, He cursed the serpent, He cursed Eve’s reproduction organs, and when He came to Adam, He just cursed the ground that he was going to have to make his living from. He would have to do the work himself, now that his servant the serpent, had been turned into a crawling creature. I have to say to liberal minded preachers, Where were they when all of this took place? They were still in the garden. They were in a natural geographical spot of the earth, but there was a little bit of heaven there, which was referred to as the garden. What a beautiful place it was, for them to bring up children in, if they would have only obeyed the voice of God. Because of their disobedience, there was never one baby born in that original garden. When they got started off wrong God said, (to His angelic helpers) (Gen 3:22-24) “Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil: and now, lest he put forth his hand, and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live for ever: 23 Therefore the LORD God sent him forth from the garden of Eden, to till the ground from whence he was taken. 24 So He drove out the man; and He placed at the east of the garden of Eden Cherubims, and a flaming sword which turned every way, to keep the way of the tree of life.” They were not guarding a gate. It says they were guarding the way to the tree of life. They were making sure Adam no longer had access to the spirit world. Part of his sentence was that he would be earth bound for the rest of his days on earth. Before he sinned, he had access to both realms, the natural and the spirit realm. When God drove Adam and Eve from that beautiful garden, He did not drive him out of the Middle East, which is the Fertile Crescent. He drove them out of the spirit realm, or to be more specific, He just lifted that from them, and left them right there where they were, on the same geographical spot of ground they were already living on. That little bit of heaven that God had put there, all of a sudden, it is just like you are in a vision or dream, it is so real, so beautiful, so peaceful, but then you wake up and it is gone. You never want to leave such a place, but when you wake up, you see it no more. Suddenly, it all begins to fade, just like a vapor. In just a matter of seconds they could no longer see it. This is why outside of that beautiful place, somewhere still in Eden, Eve gave birth to her firstborn. What did she say? She said, “I have gotten a man from the LORD.” Well, we know that first son whom they named Cain was begotten of the serpent, but regardless of who or what the daddy was, the breath of life still had to come from the Creator, so her statement was correct in that way: but then she gave birth to a second son whom they named Abel, and it appeared that they were twins. They were twins in the sense that they were both born of the same pregnancy, but they did not have the same daddy. Many who have heard this before have so bitterly rejected the idea they have been fit to climb a wall, but the scriptures will bear it out. If Cain was Adam’s son, why was he not mentioned in Adam’s genealogy, in chapter 5? Listen how it reads, Verses (3-4). “And Adam lived an hundred and thirty years, and begat a son in his own likeness, after his image; and called his name Seth: (This was the next son in Adam’s line after Cain slew Abbel, so notice how Eve Proclaimed, God has appointed me another seed instead of Able.) 4 And the days of Adam after he had begotten Seth were eight hundred years: and he begat sons and daughters.” Why was Cain left out? Notice what Eve said when Seth was born. (4:25) “And Adam knew his wife again; and she bare a son, and called his name Seth: For God, said she, hath appointed me another seed instead of Abel, whom Cain slew.” Yes, God gave Eve another seed in place of Abel, and all of Adams line stems from Him. (We have gone into great detail explaining all of this in other messages, so if you have any questions, you can get them answered from the teaching dealing with that subject.) Now I say to you, Any girl can go out and commit fornication, and if she does it at a precise time in her cycle of life, she is going to become pregnant. The point is, If this is done out of the wedlock relationship, you can say it is a bastard child, but remember, it was the creative law of God that brought it into existence. I want you to notice how the Bible states this, concerning the birth of those first two boys. (Genesis4:1-2) “And Adam knew Eve his wife; (after she had been with the serpent) and she conceived, and bare Cain, and said, I have gotten a man from the LORD. 2 And she again bare his brother Abel. And Abel was a keeper of sheep, but Cain was a tiller of the ground.” In other words, Eve had twins. The 4th chapter of Genesis starts the genealogy, and you can read the whole thing yourselves. Cain and Abel grew up in the same family, knowing who Adam and Eve were. Cain is not even mentioned anywhere in the Bible as being in the genealogy of Adam, or of Jesus the Christ. When you go to the 3rd chapter of Luke, you see the genealogy of Jesus, going all the way back through Seth to Adam, but Cain has his own line and they are not sons of God. If Cain had been Adam’s son, you could find some traces of it somewhere in the scriptures, but what do we find in 1st John 3:11-12? Notice, “For this is the message that ye heard from the beginning, that we should love one another. 12 Not as Cain, who was of that wicked one, and slew his brother. And wherefore slew he him? Because his own works were evil, and his brother’s righteous.” As those two boys grew up, Cain had the mentality of his father, the serpent. How do you know that Bro. Jackson? When the time came that both boys should begin to take on the responsibility of coming up with some kind of knowledge or understanding and responding to the Creator, because of the death penalty attributed to them, as well as the sin penalty, the Bible tells us Cain brought the fruits of the land as an offering to God for sin. That ought to speak to people who have any knowledge of what God requires as an offering for sin. Why did he bring the fruit from the soil? It is the only thing he had any knowledge of, yet he grew up in the same family atmosphere with Abel. On the other hand, Abel, being the son of Adam, who was the son of God, had an understanding of the offering God required. His thinking was, We have got to atone for our sinful condition with a bloody sacrifice. Therefore he brought a lamb, something that had life, and was capable of bleeding, something that would feel the suffering of death when it struck. Its blood would be a means of atonement. I have used this illustration, It was impossible for Cain to have an understanding like that, because he did not have those inherited characteristics, to understand anything about God, simply because his inherited traits did not come from Adam the son of God. He inherited his father’s attributes, that of technology and of working with his hands. You can breed a horse to a jack. He looks like a mule. He is not a mule, he is a jack. That horse mare will conceive from that jack. When she has that little baby, he is not a jack, he is a half breed mule. I want you to know, to a great extent he will carry the characteristics of his daddy. I have been to the state fair and observed this. You have mules, horses, jennies, all these kinds of animals, and they all have certain characteristics. We were going down through there one time and here stood a little mule. He tried to nicker like his mother, but when it started out he went to heaving just like a mule. He inherited it from his daddy. It was impossible for him to nicker like mommy. (You have to listen to my illustration for using this.) Therefore Cain brought the fruit of the land. You name it, he brought it. That is just like religion today, their works, their programs, their parties, all done in the name of their particular brand of religion. They will take things out of the Bible and turn it into some kind of fun game and think they are doing God a great service. They are not serving God at all with any of those gimmicks. God does not need any of that: He is well able to support anything he wants done in His service. They are taking something that did have a spiritual meaning to the children of Israel, and then twisting it and making it into some kind of entertaining opportunity, just something to entertain carnal flesh. Do not bother to tell me people don’t like to be entertained in the church house. They do. Abel was not interested in anything except bringing an offering God would accept, so his revelation caused him to bring a bloody lamb. Even Cain could see that God accepted Abel’s offering and rejected his, so he ended up getting very angry. (Genesis 4:3-5) “And in process of time it came to pass, that Cain brought of the fruit of the ground an offering unto the LORD. 4 And Abel, he also brought of the firstlings of his flock and of the fat thereof. And the LORD had respect unto Abel and to his offering: 5 But unto Cain and to his offering he had not respect. And Cain was very wroth, and his countenance fell.” There was a presence of God that caused each to know whether their offering was accepted or not. He let Cain know, I will accept Abel’s sacrifice, but yours I cannot accept. That is what made Cain become jealous; so much so that he looked for the opportunity to murder Abel. Read the entire account and see whether you can believe that Cain was a son of Adam, and a son of God or not. He not only murdered Abel, he lied to God, saying, I don’t know where he is. Am I my brother’s keeper? That old jealous spirit that caused Cain to murder did not come from Adam. It came from his father, that serpent that submitted his will to Satan the one that the Bible says was a murderer from the beginning. After God finished dealing with Cain, he could no longer stand to live there in the presence of Adam and Eve, so he departed from them. We will go to the 16th verse of Genesis 4, to follow this a little further. And Cain went out from the presence of the Lord. That is why you get modern church people today, once in awhile they will say, I believe I will go over to the little church on the end of Potter’s Lane and just see what they do over there. The Holy Ghost will get to moving, people will get to rejoicing and praising God, and before long, if they are not being led by the Spirit of God and hungry for the things of God, they will usually get offended at everything they see and hear. Most of the time they are actually afraid something about them might be exposed. Therefore they want to get as far away from this as possible, just like Cain did. Cain left the land of Eden. Why? He did not want his convictions to be constantly reminding him. And dwelt in the land of Nod, on the east of Eden. That means he crossed the Tigress and Euphrates valley area and went over into the area which is Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, going eastward. That is where he took up his abode. And Cain knew his wife.


Some will ask, Who was Cain’s wife? Where did she come from? He took his sister to wife. Well, that don’t seem quite right. Brothers and Sisters, there are a lot of things about this that do not look right to our carnal way of looking at it. Things that may not look right to you can still be alright with God. Remember this, There were no babies born in the ark, and Noah’s children were only boy babies. Noah is one of the pre-flood fathers that never fathered a daughter. Shem, Ham, and Japheth, all male children, with no babies born in the ark.. I want to give you a little picture of how things went between the time Cain went out from the area where he was born, and the time of the flood, so notice, “And Cain knew his wife; and she conceived, and bare Enoch: (his firstborn) and he builded a city, and called the name of the city after the name of his son, Enoch.” When you turn to the genealogy of Adam in the 5th chapter, you carry this straight through to the flood. You do not see any of the firstborn of Adam’s line building cities. You do not see them building factories to melt iron. Let us watch this genealogy run its course. Enoch was born to Cain and his wife. “And unto Enoch was born Irad: and Irad begat Mehujael: and Mehujael begat Methusael: and Methusael begat Lamech.” Starting with Cain that came into this area, down to Lamech, you have the number six. This is the number of man. Yet when you go to the 5th chapter, to the genealogy of Adam, you do not find a son named Lamech until about the ninth or tenth son. It goes to show, Enoch, in that line, was the seventh from Adam. My point is this, Everything that comes out of this land of Nod, pertains to man and man alone. Let us take a moment and get the meanings of these things. Lamech on Cain’s side, was the first one to take up polygamy. “And Lamech took unto him two wives: the name of the one was Adah, (Notice, what her attributes were. I have it written here. Adah stands for adornment. Just imagine, here is a little female baby born, given a name, and that name means adornment. I see coming from that little woman, every night club celebrity. Do you follow my thought? I will repeat it. Adah stands for adornment, and that is followed with pleasure. Is that not the politicians wives, a lot of them, today? They are the kind that put on split dresses, almost topless. They see nothing wrong with stepping into a public place with their breasts showing and a split in the dress that almost goes all the way up to the crotch. Then here comes every politician, every professor of modern ideas. They will drink their toasts, but say nothing at all about God. This woman, being a polygamist wife, bare her son Jabal.) “And Adah bare Jabal: he was the father of such as dwell in tents, and of such as have cattle.” That part of the world eventually became given over to nomadic type of life, that lasted for hundreds and hundreds of years. It is an arid country. Then we find Zillah, the other wife, “And Zillah, she also bare Tubal-cain, who was an instructor of every artificer (profession) in brass and iron.” My point is this, Look what is going on in this society. Why are there not some of these children being given names meaning, He loved God? Here is another one in this polygamy setup. He is the father of all that handle the harp and organ. Do you mean, way back then? Yes. Let us bring that right on over to the twentieth century. Elvis Presley, the Beatles and all such, had attributes that carried over from those fellows. I am taking the modern ones and going backwards. The young generation today does not want to hear Bach, Beethoven, and all the others. Yet I say to you, they were all of the world in our era of time. I am not saying these things to create an offense, but to make a point. Why does someone, somewhere along the line, not give birth to a child that is a natural born musician only for God and God alone? It is usually always the world that grabs it first. They had those great orchestras with a hundred violinists, over there in old Europe, and when that classical music was played, all the way from Italy to Russia, in those theaters at night, the societies of those nations would come from miles around to sit in the theaters and listen to the orchestras hit the first note. They would repeat that note for about fifteen minutes. Then they finally change the note and go a little higher. The orchestra leader gets up there with his hair hanging down over his eyes, a stick in his hand, and he has that crowd trained so precise. Every bow comes down when it is supposed to come down. Every bow goes back when it is supposed to go back. Every bow will stop instantaneously when called for. It was never saints of God being entertained though. Yet I will say this, There have been words those men have said that would make this bunch today ashamed of themselves. Even Beethoven made reference to God. It is a shame they always entertained the worldly crowds. You never hear of them gathering in the great cathedrals of Europe to display their talent to the glory of God. My point is, Over there in the land of Nod, their lifestyle was the beginning of the foundation for all of the different patterns of life that the world was eventually going to be exposed to. The name Lamech means conqueror, or a wild man. One day when this man came home, he was all worked up. He said, Wives of Lamech, come here. I just had to kill a man today because he hurt me. Can you imagine any such? Let us cross back over the Tigress and Euphrates back into Eden, where Adam’s line is procreating. They have death imputed to them, but they do not have any of those evil attributes in them. You do not yet find polygamy being practiced among them. You have no killing taking place over there. You do not even find jealousy among that line. Neither did they have women trying to adorn themselves to draw attention, half naked and walking in that enticing way. Not until the devil has been allowed to breed this bunch of Cainites up the way he planned it, and they started mixing with Adam’s line, did they have anything like that taking place among Adam’s descendants. God just let them alone until polygamy, killing, manufacturing weapons and everything that pertains to the modern world today, was taking place over there. All of that which is strictly materialistic was designed right here in the land of Nod. I want to say this, God did not have to keep the reproduction of the species in balance in that bunch. First off, this is the devil’s product. Then as time passed, over there in the land of Nod, there began to be more girls born than boys. That led to the devil’s next strike. No. It was not a case of the devil striking at the sons of Cain: The devil was ready to use all of that to strike at the sons of Adam, over there in Eden. It was no accident, that the apostle Paul referred to the devil as the prince of the power of the air, when you stop to realize how he maneuvers things to work out his purpose. (Ephesians 2:2) “Wherein in time past ye walked according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that now worketh in the children of disobedience.” We will see how that all began to form a picture, as we go on into this thought.


I am going to take you to the 6th chapter of Genesis where we see a Satanic plot being put into action. If you can just understand, and get a picture of what was going on in the land of Nod, it will help you understand what is taking place out here in the world around you. Life was progressing over there in Nod, but it was all earthly life, materialistic, all for the flesh, with no concern for the Creator. Some of what was taking place might have been good for the flesh, as far as the flesh is concerned, but it sure did not bring any kind of eternal life or revelation toward God. It all stayed right there in the land of Nod until a certain time, a time when the devil was ready to take another stab at the plan of the Creator. Not until we come to the time recorded in Genesis 6, and from that time on, Satan’s plan was really being worked out. Let us first ask ourselves, What would you call this bunch of Cainites there in the land of Nod? They are not to be thought of as just animals, because Eve was Cain’s mother, so regardless of what some may say, they are men. I said men, yes, but they are not sons of God. That was the purpose the Devil bred them up for, to be just carnal mankind, because they did not retain God in their mind’s. They retained only materialistic, earthly ideas. I am not going to give any of those professors a pat on the back and say, You are a smart cookie, because I see what their intelligence has led them to. They are educated strictly for the earth. When you take them out of that environment, they can hardly talk. Let us watch the scene here as this picture unfolds. “And it came to pass, when men (Cain’s bunch) began to multiply on the face of the earth, (Where? In the land of Nod,) and daughters were born unto them, (daughters, Why is this going to pose such a problem? Are there daughters being born among the sons of God line? Sure there are.) That the sons of God saw the daughters of men (This lets me know there was no iron fence between those two areas of habitation, any more than the Mississippi River lay between the early pilgrims in the east and the Apache Indians in the southwest. Where did the sons of God dwell? In Eden. They saw the daughters of men.) that they were fair; (The word fair as used here, does not mean bleached white. That is a beguiling word. They were sexually attractive. Since they did not have a heavenly mind and were strictly living in an earthly, worldly, materialistic environment, they had every reason to project themselves however they wanted, and especially since there was a shortage of men there, and there was no shortage of men across the border. All of that fit right into the devil’s plan.) and they (the sons of God) took them wives of all which they chose.” This is the first instance of polygamy entering the picture on the sons of God side. I have to say, Looking at the two pictures, with just an imaginary border, which is only a geographical area, but for some reason the devil is striking at this whole thing, because he is not out to do these girls from Nod any wrong. He is out to get at the sons of God, to lay a trap for them. Therefore when the sons of God saw these beautiful, sexy, pleasure-adorned women from Nod, they could not resist the temptation. They took for themselves wives of all which those chose. That is what the Bible says. Raymond Jackson did not invent that idea: It came right out of the Bible. “And the Lord said, My spirit shall not always strive with man, (In other words, when that happened, that is when God said, My Spirit shall not always strive with man) for that he also is flesh: yet his days shall be an hundred and twenty years.” Mankind lived many hundreds of years after those two lines began to mix, but there did come the time that Noah was commissioned to build the ark, and that is when time lingered one hundred and twenty years, while the ark was being built. My point is this, Somewhere along the line, this breakdown reached the point that the picture we see here, fits right in with the description we see in Jude, where he described those who corrupt themselves and all whom they can influence. Jude goes ahead and picks it up on the other side of the border in the land of Eden, where Enoch, the seventh from Adam, saw all of this perversion and ungodliness taking place and prophesied concerning God’s judgment upon all such. Enoch’s prophecy was, “Behold the Lord cometh with ten thousands of his saints to execute judgment.” He spoke judgment and destruction to that whole thing, seeing that God would eventually judge it. It just so happened, that the whole thing was judged the first time by the flood God brought upon the earth in the days of Noah, when all flesh except that which was in the ark was destroyed from the face of the earth. The spirit of that kind of behavior was not destroyed, and the attributes of it were in those six souls that were commissioned to repopulate the earth, so it did not take long for the same condition to began to be manifested again. God dealt with the same condition of perversion and outright ungodliness when He rained fire upon Sodom and Gomorrah and sank all of them in a hot bed of Lava. That still did not rid the earth of any possibility for such, because those evil attributes were already lying dormant in those souls that were left alive after such a judgment. Therefore, it was just a matter of time until the spirit of that kind of lifestyle began to bring out those attributes in future generations, and God’s judgment is surely hanging over this old world again today, as conditions are fast becoming just like they were in the days of Noah, and of Lot.


Let us look a little further here in Genesis 6. We are in verse 4. “There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.” Does that not begin to give us a clear picture of the results of mixing the seed of Adam with the seed of Cain, as those marriages produced future generations? “There were giants in the earth in those days.” Where does this word giant come from? As long as the Cainite people were populating, no they were not extraordinary in physical statue. As long as the sons of God stayed on their side of the border, there was no giants raised up by any of them, but once this polygamy picture sets up, and the sons of God began to take multiple wives of the Cainites, this is when God the Creator put a curse on the affect and purpose of all of it. “There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.” Now let us see what we get into as time passes. No, Satan is not repeating the same picture, but I want you to know this, The devil’s very purpose back then was to mix the genes. I want to say this very carefully, because this is what he was doing. He wanted to mix the genes of Adam, the son of God line, when the only adverse thing they had in them back then was imputed death, with that other bunch in Nod. Every son of God from Adam has death imputed unto him, and the only thing that could ever change that was the death, burial, and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. That is how we have to look at it before those two lines were crossed. Naturally the devil was going to try his best to fix it so the line will eventually have a lot more than that in their genes, and we all know he succeeded. Therefore when this polygamy from the Cainite side began to be carried over to the sons of God side, God added his displeasure by cursing the whole thing. Here came a giant child. Maybe when the child was born, just a little extraordinary in size, but by the time that child is partly grown, it is a known fact that he is going to be a giant of a man. I am not going to speculate and say how tall they got, or how much they may have weighed, but I am going to say this, They were going to be men that have a brutish nature. They are not going to be peaceful, gentle loving men. When these giants begins to come into the picture, that is when there also began to be those who were men of renown. Physically they may not have been any larger than the ordinary person, but they had a brain of super intelligence. They had a brain that far exceeded the average, so smart in earthly things, that this was all they could talk about, just like today, when all you can hear from that kind is, We have to have more education. We need more education to do thus and so. That is what we have going today, but we hear nothing from any of them that would ever cause anyone to be more God conscious. I have heard this ever since I was a little boy, what we need is better education. In Harrison County, they cannot let a school building stand fifty years: They have to tear it down, go in debt, tax everybody, to build a bigger one. I told one, Go to Europe and learn something. They use buildings over there that are two hundred years old. They do not have ground area to waste. The same thing will happen in America one of these days. When my wife and I were married, the only school building they had was at Elizabeth, a brick building. A few years later, they built the South Central. Finally they had to build a bigger one, and then a high school. Now the old buildings are too old. I have said enough about that, but my purpose in saying it is this, When you have a generation of people born with this mentality, you do not have the kind of people that will talk about God, except in some minor mention. They are earthly oriented, materialistic minded, and only want to know, How did this earth get here? I have it written down, Science is the study of creation from all its various theories, and the study on how it functions. Then they try to prove by using this, that there is no God. When they have gone through all of that, they then try to prove beyond the shadow of any doubt, that they are a god, because cloning is the next step. In Australia they cloned a cow. In the British Isles they cloned a sheep. They called her Dolly. It says in this article, Clinton had decreed that for the next five years no scientist is to touch this subject. They are afraid they will bring on some form of life and will not know what to do with it. Is it a man? Let me read to you what some are saying.


“In August a wealthy Texan reportedly donated 2.3 million to researchers at Texas University to clone his pet dog. Dr. Lee Silver, a Princeton molecular biologist, and the author of “Remaking Eden” (That makes me want to stomp my foot and say, Remaking Eden? I suppose you think you are going to prove that God is a myth.) told the Washington Post, In six years you will be calling me to ask me what I think about the human clone.”

They fought like cats and dogs to be able to abort little babies already conceived in their mother’s womb. They eventually got that law passed. They do not care if they kill them by the thousands in that manner. In other portions of medical science, they will take little babies bodies and run them through all kinds of experimental tests to study diseases, and to see if there are certain physical substances in these aborted embryos that they can use to make medicine, scientific medicine for the betterment of this present man. Let me read another one.

“Another anti-cloning principle articulated by Gaylon, (That is a scientist.) had to do with liberalism’s core belief in the value of life and the right to life. Any attempt to clone human beings, he warned, would produce failures along the way, and what will we do with the discarded messes along the line. What will we do with those pieces and parts, near successes, and almost persons? What will we call the debris? At what arbitrary point will the damaged goods become damaged children, requiring nurture, rather than disposal? The more successful one became at this kind of experimentation, the more horrifying, close to human, would be the failures. The whole thing seems beyond the contemplation of ethical ethics as well as scientific reason.”

I want to say to all you young people, It all started in the land of Nod. There is where men first learned how to melt ore. They would call it the iron age. Do you know what that types? Bring the thought on over hundreds and hundreds of years and look at it. There was a time when men did not know how to temper this iron. However by the time modern man in that era did learn what he could do with it, this iron industry changed, the whole thing is mixed. This is what brings on industry. You can see it evolve. Today we are living on a planet where modern, industrialized nations are pumping out all kinds of acids into space. What are they actually doing? They are not building stairways to heaven. They are building toy gadgets to play with, while man lives on this earth. Our institutions of learning seem to feel, If we can get off of God, we get rid of guilt. If we can stop this nonsense of praying and dedicating our lives to live strictly for God, then we can pursue pleasure seeking without any guilt feelings. It is all going to come to an end one of these days, even if it may seem right now, almost like God has taken His hands off the whole thing. I can say this for sure, In my lifetime I have seen what modern man has reached out and took over, even though from the advent of Christ right on through to the latter part of the 1800’s, mankind in general made very little progress. There was a time our rivers and streams ran clear and clean. Then, all of a sudden here came the automobile, and then modern machinery. Warfare necessitated that piles of iron be moving toward the opponent. We are now living in a time when modern mankind has climbed to the peak in everything except true God consciousness. Not only that, but he wants to explore space, build platforms out there for people to live on. He will walk all over the place if God does not stop him. We have so many things going on in our modern world today, that if it is allowed to continue on for the next fifty years, we will reach an hour when to even mention the name of God in a public place would be looked upon by modern mankind as serious as we now look at blasphemy. That is the direction the scientific mind is heading in. I look at the purpose behind some of this stuff they call education and see what those modern day educators are really after. If you will study the purpose behind it, the end result is to bring every mind to a point in time and way of thinking, that the individual does not have time to devote his thinking toward any way of communicating with his Creator. I said earlier, that a lot of people do not read Genesis 4, which is the genealogy of the Cainite side, which was the beginning of men, as used in chapter 6. They just skip genealogys, thinking they are of no benefit, but I can say this, Had the side of Cain, over in the land of Nod, just stayed over there and never dared to look back toward Eden where Adam’s genealogical line resided, you would not see an earth filled with crime and violence today, with men studying how to get to the moon and Mars. You might say, What is wrong with that? There will never be a head of cabbage harvested from the moon, nor from Mars, so what is so important about exploring them? I know Al Gore would put every cow on the back side of the moon, if he had his way, to clear up the environment down here, but then there would be no more milk to feed the babies born down here. Our modern man today is eventually heading down a road of no return. They will say, We do not need God, or there is no God, and there is no devil. Yet it is obvious that there is an unseen spirit driving them down the road to hell as fast as they can possibly travel. That is why I say, When you take out of accessibility to people, in their natural, mortal state, the opportunity to learn about God, you destroy the means in their young life to get started on the right road. When Cain left the land of Eden, after killing his brother Abel, what motivated him to do it? Jealousy was at the root of all his actions. Jealousy was not an attribute in Abel’s line. Abel did not hate Cain, but Cain hated Abel, because he saw God accept Abel’s sacrifice and reject his. You can see what God said to Cain after watching him for a while. When Cain began to realize he was being looked at, watched, every move, every thought, he got to the place he had to make a decision to get out of that place. That is why it says here, that he left Eden, where the presence of God was. He went and dwelt in the land of Nod, east of the Euphrates and Tigress rivers. From there, his line began to multiply. It is very evident there was nothing produced or born on that side of the border, that really carried an understanding of how to get acquainted with God. I think that is a sad picture. When we come to that last son called Lamech, right there is a reason. Who wrote this record? It is not some handed down, mythological story. Moses wrote this as God instructed him while they were coming through the wilderness, as he was leading the children of Israel to the promised land. He wrote the first five books we have in our Bible’s. Those five books are what is called the Jewish Torah. The book of Genesis, the very word itself means, the history of the genes. We know this, that in the genetic law of reproduction, whether it is talking about animal life or human life, these genes, if you divide them into chromosomes, there is a filing cabinet. These chromosomes carry the characteristics of the parents and grandparent and on back. This is why the devil knew exactly what he was after when he inspired the serpent to seduce Eve and cause her to bring forth a son that he, the devil could control. Most of you do not know what is going on. You do not hear it on TV News. You do not know what is behind the thinking of the governmental leaders of our nation, who are trying to reshape our society for the twenty first century. They are hard at work, trying their best to design a future for a modern man that has no concept of God whatsoever. That is why I say, Fifty years from now, if time lingered, it would be forbidden for you to practice any kind of belief in a religious manner. You may say, I just find that hard to believe, but I say, Just stick around. The day will come that the devil will make you eat your unbelief in things that are going on in the governing affairs of our nation. You hear so much said about how are we going to get pornography off the Internet. They have to come along and invent some kind of gadget to cut down the circulation of this type of information, but what good will that do? A dedicated life to the God of all gods, will control that kind of thing, but that is the only way it will ever be controlled. A human mind that is devoid of God’s righteousness will always find plenty of avenues to explore pornography. It all goes to show, that in the leadership of our day, there is not a human mind that perceives there to be anything in the realm of pornography wrong or evil. Thousands of young children sitting in classrooms, know how to press a certain button, and here comes flashing in front of them, while the teacher’s back is turned, scenes only the devil himself should look at. A nation that at one time was known to the world as a Christian nation, is now giving the world an opportunity to look at the evils of its society. How fast a nation can slip and slide.


When we look over in Genesis 6:4, it says there were giants in the earth in those days. When did this take place? Only after the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men. Let me say this, It does not matter whether you are Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, or what, for too long now, modern, educated man has tried to read his Bible and ignore certain facts that stand out ever so clearly. The men that it speaks of here were not Adam’s descendants. They were the regenerated element from Cain’s line, over in the land of Nod. Cain was not a son of God. He was a product of God, naturally, because all life comes from God. The devil orchestrated the whole thing so a law of reproduction God had established, could be used to foster his own selfish and evil objective. May I say this, He is still doing it today. Let me explain to you why those giants were being born. Having grown up on a farm, and after reading and studying about the genetic laws of breeding of animals, I acquired a book of my own. It is a fact that genetics can be manipulated to produce certain species. Let me use horses for an example. It is easier for me to explain it this way. You and I know that in the original male and female horse that God created in the garden of Eden and brought to Adam for him to name them, there lay in the bodies of those two animal creatures a genetic law of reproduction. The Bible does not tell you what particular breed that original horse was characteristic of, but we know this, After the record of the history of time and man, as man became acquainted with the different characteristics and how the breeding process could be manipulated to change, to alter, to bring about an increase in size, and also change the characteristics of the animal. As we come on over into the Dark Age period, which most all school children can read about in their geography or history books, especially when knighthood stood out, they were not necessarily big men, but in their hour, they were the biggest they had. It is said that the average soldier of WW1 was one inch taller than the average knight when knighthood was in its period of time. In WW2, the average G.I. soldier was two inches taller than the average knight back then. What made the difference in the size of men, you may ask? First we can say this, it is whatever his body has been exposed to in the way of environment and what he has been able to take in for his existence, keeping his body supplied with nutrients. As man became smart enough to build himself a different environment, making it easier to live and exist, this also passes on through his genetic law of reproduction, the ability for his offspring to carry these advantages. Now reverse it. Put man in an environment where his survival is hanging by a thread and you will find a different result. I have a book, all about horse breeding, about horse breeders of the Dark Ages and after that. Before that, there were no such things as Clydesdales, Belgians, or any of the big horses we know of. Men were selected to be the breeders. As they choose to have certain traits, it tells who the people were that bred and developed this size animal. That let me know that if man knows how to cross the genes of certain species, so that he can be the designer of a creature that fits his choice, I also know the devil was behind every misuse of such knowledge. Let me say this also, When the devil began to impress those Cainite women to appear on the border line between Nod and Eden, and to expose themselves for the sons of God to take a look at, there was a breakdown in the Cainite society. It tells you that Lamech was a conqueror and a wild man. He had a temper. He killed a man for hurting him. Do you know where that attribute came from? It is of the devil. That did not exist in Adam’s line. We have smart preachers today that deny the devil was behind it. That was the very beginning of man’s downfall. I will say this, That is why we have titled this message, “Satan’s Last Strike.” Satan knew that by crossing those Cainite women with the sons of God, the very law of reproduction that God set in motion in the beginning, when He said, Be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth, would eventually bring forth what he (the devil) was looking for. God wanted future generations to understand one thing, when you start messing with my laws and genetic attributes, I will give you something that shows my displeasure in it. That is exactly what He did. Giants were born as a result of that cross breeding. Why in the world would giants need to be in this environment? Not all were born giants, some were born intellectual wizards. Do not take offense at what I say, but be realistic and listen to the outcome, that which the devil has been after for all the centuries of time since that mixing of the two lines began. Every one of those men, where it refers to them as men of renown you must ask, What did they reach recognition in? They had a mental outlook and an understanding about certain things that was beneficial only to an earthly minded creature. Not one of them were of the sort that could point man toward righteousness and show him how to live for God. The reason for this was obvious: It served the devil’s purpose. If he could get this gene that has developed these attributes brought together with those of the other side, he will eventually succeed in crossing these negative genes into the other line. In other words, There was a line of pure sons of God up to a point where the only thing lacking was eternal life, because death had been imputed as a result of Adam and Eve’s disobedience. Death was imputed, but that did not stop the devil. He wanted those sons of God to be just exactly like the Cainite line of people. I have a reason for saying this, I am coming right down the corridors of our colleges. Some of you might not like what you will hear, but I have to say it. We have all these intellectual geniuses in our colleges today, all of which are behind our politicians as they design this nation for a New World era and the twenty first century. They aim to cross every race of people in America until eventually there will no longer be a white man, nor a black man. We will become a multi-cultured element of people. Is that bad? Yes it is, because god did not design it like that. You are going to wonder then, Who did design it this way? The evil one, the devil, the enemy of all that is righteous and holy. We have a lot of professors who might hear this and be offended, but I have to say, Stick around and see where it all leads. You are putting something together that God is displeased in. My Bible tells me what was going on at the time of the flood, and why God sent the flood. God cursed that element of people. He only saved eight people alive to repopulate the earth: Actually only six to repopulate, because the whole earth has been repopulated by those three sons and their wives. Is was through the loins of the three sons of Noah and their wives, that these characteristics and genetics have been mingled throughout the whole earth. If you study the names of those sons, you will find they are the Progenitors of every race on the face of this earth today. It seems that we have a generation of leadership with a super minded philosophy which says, Let’s mix them. I say, When you do, you will have a devil. I have read history on this very thing. Every city and every nation that has ever tried to mix the races and create a compatible society, that original element of society perished. Go on and do it, and see what you get. When you start messing with the law of God that brings mankind into existence you are asking for trouble: God wants that to still be according to His design, not yours. When the devil got something going after the flood, and the people entered into a program to build a tower to heaven, what does the Bible say? God separated them. Then He set the bounds of their habitation. They developed their own cultures. Every man on the face of this planet is guilty of the environment he has contributed to. When you try to change it, sometimes they do not want to be changed. There are some people you can educate. Then there are some you cannot; you only aggravate them. I can say this, If you live long enough, you will live to see the day people in America will scream and cry, My God, what are we going to do? You have contributed to your own environment, because you let some silly philosopher tell you there is no God. You only live in a material world of substance. That is what you think. That thing is going to be your curse, your very downfall. You will have to suffer the consequences of what you allow. Let us just notice what came out of that mixture back there in Genesis 6. First the giants, then these men of renown. Is it not strange, Cain’s name is recorded. Look what he did. Here is a son of his, Lamech. Look what he did. He is the first one to introduce polygamy to that Cainite line. Look what came out of those two wives, musicians, manufacturers of brass and iron. In another line, the nomadic people. It goes to show, the Bible record of history is right. In that whole part of the world, the nomadic way of life for some people was found all the way from India to Egypt. Does that say every one was a nomad? No. The nomadic way of life was how a man would take a wife and some servants, and he would collect herds of sheep or cattle. He never owned a spot of ground in any particular place. He would travel hundreds of miles through the arid countryside. They were nomads because they had that nature. Many of them still live in the Middle East today. I was in Israel in 1968, a year after the Six Day War. The nomadic people staying in the land of Jordan and regions there about, were quite familiar with the Israeli people, yet they loved the nomadic way of life. Many of the nomadic men joined the Israeli army, because they had not liked life under the Jordanian regime. After the war was over, (Our guide showed us some of the houses that were built for them.) the Israeli government communicated with those nomadic men and promised them, We will give you a new home. You will not have to live alone in the desert anymore. We will see that you get jobs. They showed us some of the new houses that were built for those nomadic families. Three years later when we were back there, another guide showed us, as we passed through that area and said, Do you see those houses? They were built for the nomads, but they left them and went back to the desert. It just goes to show, people have created their culture. While you would like to change it, give them what you have, nine times out of ten, if they have freedom of choice, they will go back to their original habitat. I said that for a purpose. It all comes down to this fact, When those Cainite women were born in plurality, it was because God was not obligated to keep the males and females balanced. He wanted people to eventually wake up and realize that the devil had taken that Cain line called men, multiplied them, and used them to foster his purpose. When those women began to appear along the borders of Eden and the sons of God began to take them as their wives, however many they chose to take, this was the first time the sons of God line had even known what polygamy was all about. It was from this type of mixture that the devil worked out a plan. Listen to me, you who make these strange projections! I don’t care how much education you have in theology or whatever, if you are saying that this teaching about the seed of the serpent is of the devil, your education has failed you. You are saying that what took place here in Genesis 6, was that fallen angels called the sons of God. were having sex relations with Adam’s daughters. I tell you, They absolutely were not fallen angels. When you say that these sons of God, which are fallen angels, came down and pushed themselves into flesh and had relationship with Adam’s daughters, you have no respect for the scriptures whatsoever. Jesus ruled out such an idea when He was asked, Whose wife shall she be in the resurrection, that has had more than one husband? He said, (Matthew 22:30) “For in the resurrection they neither marry, nor are given in marriage, but are as the angels of God in heaven.” Angels have no such relationships. I ask you, What did Jesus say in Matthew 24 and Luke 17? He said, As it was, so shall it be. Then you have the next example in Sodom and Gomorrah. That was not angels down there having relationships with some of the females in Sodom and Gomorrah. That was young men of the Sodom and Gomorrah society that came knocking at Lot’s door as soon as they saw the two young men come in, saying, (Genesis 19:5) “Where are the men which came in to thee this night? bring them out unto us, that we may know them.” Is that such a strain to understand what they meant? It seems pretty obvious to me. The two young men were angels of God that came down and visited Abraham before they went on to Sodom. They had an errand to carry out, when they went into Sodom that evening, and as soon as they went into Lot’s house all that bunch of gay devils came looking for them. When the sun was sinking, those young men were invited into Lot’s house. Isn’t it strange, when the sun sinks and the evening shadows are swallowed up in darkness, every bug, whether he has been under a rock or a building, he is out crawling. It wasn’t long until that bunch of gays were on Lot’s front porch, knocking on the door. I want to say this right now, America, the land of the free and home of the brave, you have gays knocking at the White House door, at the Congressional Cabinet, demanding a law to be passed that no more will the gays or lesbians be separated from the society of America. The day will be that every hospital will have to throw their doors wide open to gays and perverts. Every government office building will have to open their doors to hire gays. They are demanding that attention, insomuch that if you run a place of business and always try to keep moral people, the devil will see that laws are passed, so that one day you will have to lay off clean, innocent, hard working human beings, just to give that ornery bunch the devil has manufactured, a right to work in your workplace. When you make laws to do that, you automatically create an environment that is self destructive. No society that has ever given themselves over to this type of lifestyle has survived one hundred years. I do not care whether you get mad or not: I speak the truth. It is self destructive. I do not care how you lean in your philosophy, or how you are thinking, the day will come it will gnaw the foundation right out from under your life. No, I do not say we should kill them. God Himself will do that when He has allowed them all the time He has allotted to them. Meanwhile, I will treat them like a human being, but that is all. I will say this to them, You have accepted a spirit into your life and as far as I am concerned, you have as much right to eat as I do, but you keep your hands off of things that belong to me, and I will keep my hands off of things that belong to you. We will go on down this road of life, you on your road and me on mine. You are responsible for how you make your bread of life. I will certainly not give it to you. I know this, There is no way two gay men can ever bring offspring into the world, and likewise, two lesbian women living together will never bear offspring without some help from somewhere else, so why would not such a lifestyle self-destruct? I say, Make your living the best you know how, but when the day comes that you are old and lonely with no children to care for you, it will be too late to sit around and weep. Just know that you are reaping from what you have sown, because you chose your way of life. You did not want to be a mother, and that gay man that did not want to be a daddy, to know what it is to look into the face of the son you have begotten. No. You wanted to take some child out of an orphanage somewhere and say you are the father. How hypocritical!


Let me get back to what I meant awhile ago. On Trinity Broadcast, I listened as two men were discussing and explaining serpent seed and the conditions found in Genesis 6, and they agreed that this was a case where fallen angels came down and projected themselves into flesh, to carry on these relationships with daughters of Adam’s line. I just thought to myself, These people are supposed to be educated preachers of our modern time. They are the type that thousands listen to. They are saying this generation of people that are born of that kind of relationship, is what you have to look at as serpent seed. I think it is time for someone to be sensible and reasonable. That would not be serpent seed. That would be the devil’s seed. They plainly said it was angels, who are devils, or demons, that did this dirty thing. Fallen angels are not serpents. They are better characterized as demons. Do you understand me? The original serpent was cursed. That is why I said, I have the last word. These sons of God here in Genesis 6, were absolutely sons of Adam that have fallen into the temptation of the devil as they looked upon that sexy bunch of Cainite women approaching their environment every day. That is why I say today, I am not trying to be vulgar before you. I appreciate and respect all of you. Furthermore, I am the father of four daughters and one son. They know what I have taught. So listen to me, When I see some of this nonsense that is taking place today, it sure causes me to think back how it used to be. Today, you can pass a drive in restaurant like McDonald’s or Burger King, Wendy’s, or any of them and you see a car load of girls running from place to place. It used to be that the young men chased the girls. Does the Bible not say that in the last days this would be a sign, (Isaiah 4:1) “And in that day seven women shall take hold of one man, saying, We will eat our own bread, and wear our own apparel: only let us be called by thy name, to take away our reproach.” Here in the fair land of America, from the colleges to the drive in restaurants, the girls travel in groups. Some do not have good motivation I know, but where are the boys? College is only an opportunity for a lot of them to give themselves over to the lifestyle they learned while sitting in that institution. Young people, do not ever say that I have said every one of those will go to hell. I have not said that, but I am saying that your colleges are not really institutions of profitable learning anymore. The colleges of our day are not the institutions they were seventy five years ago. Do not think I am just being contrary, you every one know that is the truth. The professors do not even talk like they used to. This is why I have to say, There is a lot more learned in our institutions today that will send young people on their way to hell, than there is that will point to the pathway that leads to heaven. Why is that? Because Satan is making his last strike. When I was growing up, I never heard the kind of vulgar talk that children in Grade School are faced with today, nor were we subjected to all of this pornography. Yes, every once in awhile a little boy would have a little silly dirty joke. One teacher of sex education in our modern institutions expressed it like this, I don’t want my children learning about the facts of life behind a barn somewhere. I will say this, They would have been better off if they had. You have sent your daughters to college to learn all about the facts of life, and they were the one’s that became pregnant out of wedlock. That opened up the door for the devil to totally invade our institutions of learning. When all of that reached such proportions as to require some kind of action, they began to demand abortion rights. I can remember the time when you rarely heard of a young girl having to get married because she was already expectant with child. You can rest assured, motherhood was still in its flower age of decency and morality back then. It is understandable that a girl can do something wrong once in awhile, but when that becomes the normal pattern of life, someone is going to bear the responsibility of fostering such a thing. Today the statistics show abortions run into hundreds of thousands every year. They have been trying to fight Roe v/s Wade in the Supreme Court. When they are demanding abortion rights, where does it all stem from. Take it back to the philosophers of sex education. First they took out of the mind’s of the youth of today that it is wrong to indulge in a relationship outside of wedlock. When they did that, they opened the door for every demon in Satan’s army to present every possible opportunity for conduct God does not condone. Girl after girl followed the crowd. Boy after boy followed the crowd, and as a result, little babies are being born into this world by that crowd, to grow up as fatherless children. The other picture is, that merciless crowd says, We will abort them. When they get that issue solved and it becomes a law, they are wanting to fix it, and they have done it. Some young women in our modern society, now that they are no longer eighteen and under, have just decided against ever getting married. They do not want the responsibility of maintaining a marriage relationship. They went to college, got all the degrees they need in mathematics and business administration and so forth, so they are as independent as a hog on ice. They go out and get a good job, and it is not long until they work themselves up the ladder of material success, president of a bank or what have you. I am not saying all of this is wrong, but much too often there is a spirit going along with this lifestyle that is wrong, because there is another part of life that stems from the social realm. A lot of these women want to be able to have a relationship with a man, no strings attched. They want to be able to have a relationship outside of wedlock, and if they happen to get pregnant, they want to be able to go to a hospital and have an abortion, all paid for by the government that passed the law favorable to all of that. They want to follow that lifestyle and remain free as a bird, to do whatsoever they please. Let us take this back to the beginning: It was not like this in the original state. I do not mean to make any person feel bad, but try to follow my thought and see the picture I want to portray, and you will see where we are today, and why God will soon judge this society. You will see what has been going on for the last thirty five or forty years, that has brought the world society to such an hour. Finally, the GIVE-ME-MY-RIGHTS crowd get their abortion plans all worked out, but what they thought would be liberty turns out to be satanic bondage. We have those that are for the rights of abortion, then those of the pro life element that fight it in some extreme ways at times. Neither side has any concept of how to change this world for the better. They are just an element of people that have an idea, and they pursue it without much thought as to the consequences. It is really too late for anyone to expect the world in general to began to reform and become a better place. This present abominable condition our society has plunged itself into will not be changed for the better until Jesus Christ comes to rule and reign on earth. He is the only answer to the heartache and sorrow, and for the burden mankind has brought upon itself. I read to you from this magazine earlier, what these scientists have said about cloning, so I ask you, What does all of this boil down to? We have a bunch of philosophers in the world today that are trying to discover various things that will eventually give man control over just about everything imaginable. I heard this on TV the other day, the medical, scientific world had just about discovered the particular gene that they feel is responsible for carrying the life of cancer. If they can find it, and prove that this is it, then this opens the door for their further exploration by being able to separate this gene. It will open the door also, that not too far in the future, they can allow a woman to choose whether she will have a male or female child. In other words, they can preselect the sex of your child by this process. Oh brother! When they start doing things like that, they are taking the place of God. I want you to know, there is nothing medical science will not do. They will have some living for a thousand years if they were left alone to do as they please. That is what they are after. What is wrong with living a long time, you may ask? Up to a certain point there is nothing wrong, but it is when science takes the thing and they manipulate and fill in the gap and try to prove by their scientific achievement, that we are all a bunch of earthbound creatures, living in a materialistic world, and that disease has been here ever since the beginning of man, I say dogmatically, There was no disease in Eden. Man was not even promised that. God just told man, The day you eat of that fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt surely die. Therefore my point is this, There is no doubt in my mind that the world is standing right at the threshold of great scientific discoveries in the medical, as well as other scientific studies that are under way. They are eventually going to bring out the cloned man. It is just a matter of gaining a little more acceptance of the idea. Have you seen the picture of the cloned sheep? They named her Dolly. The question is whether she is actually a sheep or not. The point is, when they finally do clone a man, what are they cloning him for? I know that up to a point, they are not cloning him to leave him in existence too terribly long. They are cloning him for spare parts. Yes, I said, They are cloning him for spare parts. Do you think that creature has a mind of his own? It sure has. How do you think that fellow is going to feel when suddenly some day these crazy scientists come to him, bind him hand and foot, and prepare him for surgery? What is he going to do when they cart him off to a hospital room, inject him to put him to sleep for the kill? We have ten men waiting for his heart, only one can get it. My point is, modern man has opened up his mind to the devil, the devil is going to try his best to prove to this world that they should all forget God, and admire me, because I will give you all the knowledge and technology you need. Imagine, from the medical laboratories, from the scientific halls, they will clone these creatures, all to be used in this way. Yes, I can see some of them. They have curly hair, blue eyes, six feet tall, and well built. They were designed to be that way. They did not take the cloning material from a scrub of a man, or from a little five foot runt. They are after the average six footer, weighing 178 pounds, well muscled, intellectual, but just do not talk about God. They are out to get rid of that idea forever. So they clone this creature and what a cute fellow he is, but, listen to what I say, He will never know what it is to press his nose against the breast of a mother and draw his nourishment. Think about it. He is designed to lay in an incubator somewhere and take a bottle from the hand of some nurse that knows he is cloned. He is being brought into existence for spare parts. God, help this society! You say, That sounds silly. Stick around a while and then determine whether this sounds silly or not. We have a generation of intelligent fools, if you know what I mean, atheists. They are going to go down on record as the bunch that helped send this society of modern man, this society that has no morals, no principals of decency, straight to hell. Years ago when they did away with prayer in the schools, little did they realize that every God fearing parent should have rose up right then and taken a stand against it. They should have told that Supreme Court basically what Harry Truman did. Harry Truman did not use very good language at times. However he was the only president that ever told them to go to that place. I wish we had one with enough backbone to tell the Supreme Court basically the same thing today. When that Supreme Court gets to where it can rule the laws and make the laws, then the government comes along like a bunch of puppets and perpetuates this silly stuff, they are no better themselves. I have material here that says every preacher across this nation that ever puts anything in print speaking against the government for its wrong doing, the I.R.S. is being given the files. We have generated a mechanism in this country that is worse than Hitler’s Gestapo. The day will come when America will weep, I didn’t know it was coming to this. God help this nation, that somewhere there may be an element of people that will wake up. You can never say God did this. The devil is the one that did it. The devil saw America at the time when the last governmental leadership that would have the backbone to stand for the principles of that which is right and righteous, passed on. Our laws have been changed, and our Constitution has been whittled down until the things it does say, do not mean anymore, what they did when they were written. That is like a bunch of these so called theologians that say the Bible does not mean this: it means that. You see, we found out that this translation is wrong. The Constitution I studied when I was in school stood for common sense principles. I had to stand and pledge allegiance to the flag when I was drafted into the army. Every young man that went to the war, whether he went east or west, he put his life on the line, pledging that he would die fighting for this nation if need be, because he believed in the principles that our Constitution and Articles of Independence stood for. We pledged that not one of us was out to undermine the Constitution. Our nation has fallen, not because of the soldiers we have had, but because of that bunch of fallen politicians we have. I have to say, There comes a time you do not pray for leaders. Where do you get that Bro. Jackson? Romans 1. What does it say? Paul writes about the societies that give themselves over to the lesbian life style, the effeminate, and abusers of themselves with mankind. Did Paul say we should pray for them? Tell me what he said. Such are worthy of death. You may say, I can see right now which way you lean, Bro. Jackson. Yes, and I am not changing my stance either. I am American to the core, but my brain refuses to accept this modern philosophy. I can read through the whole mess. I am not angry at anyone but the devil. I might sound like it, but I am not. What I do say though, I say it firm enough to let people know where I stand. The other night, Bro. Tim said something about something he had heard. The data on the urban crime rate. Well here it is in this magazine. I will read it to you.

“American political elites and the corporate media are anxiously touting statistics that show a nationwide decline in crime rates. But experts are beginning to fear that some of the data may be cooked. So for this year police administrators and other managerial officials in law enforcement have been charged with reporting false crime statistics in Philadelphia, New York, Atlanta, Boca Raton, all cities with high crime rates, whose numbers could easily mess up the national FBI crime data. The New York Times reports that in Boca Raton Florida, a police captain, with knowledge of the police chief, systematically down graded serious crimes like burglaries to mere vandalism or trespassing. The result was a serious under reporting of the cities felony rate by eleven percent in 1997. The city of Philadelphia was forced to withdraw from participation in the FBI crime statistic gathering program because of widespread downgrading of serious crimes and gross under reporting of crime rates by local officials. The city, which had a high murder rate, accounts for two percent of all homicides in the U.S.”

What an ornery society we are living in. It has all gotten out of hand to such a state, if they do not begin to change how this looks, society begins to become alarmed. That is why I have to say, Go ahead philosopher, go ahead politician, mix up the races. If you want to know what crime is, stick around a while longer. God will give you a crime rate that will blow your head off. Men will become devils. They will hate you. Here is a police officer, I cannot pronounce his name, but listen.

“A former police commissioner in Buffalo New York said there is increased pressure on police administrators from politicians to make city officials look good by reporting less crime. Promotions and pay raises are becoming increasing dependent on good data, said the Times. A typical tactic by data falsifiers is to downgrade felonies like aggravated assault and burglary. They are frequently classified as misdemeanors, which are not reported to the FBI.”

Isn’t this a big joke? I can see why the devil, through modern man, would want to picture it that way. Our society is headed on a downward road. You do not hear of criminals that are eighty years old stalking our society with high powered rifles. You hear of youth running in gangs, learning about guns while they shoot up a neighborhood.

“In New York City, the head of the police department’s transportation bureau, was reclassifying subway crimes, underestimating the actual amount of crime on the underground rails by about twenty percent. Analysts say that politicians claims about the role of community policing in reducing crime have become potent weapons in political campaigns. Many national corporate news outlets and magazines have touted community policing to explain a downward dip in crime statistics since 1994.”

I have to say this, It would be better for us, if we had some of the old wild west days again. At least back then, you could carry a gun to defend yourself. Bro. Jackson, that sounds foolish for you to say such a thing. I will tell you exactly where this bunch of compromising politicians want to lead you to. They want to take your weapons away from you, the law abiding citizens, and if the day ever comes that the American citizen has nothing to defend himself with in his own house, with his doors locked, out there knocking on your door, or driving the highways, shooting at random, the crooks will have all the weapon they want. The government cannot guarantee you they will not be out there. The innocent, law abiding citizen that pays the taxes, keeps this government and all the crooked politicians alive and well fed, and furnishes them with health insurance and all the benefits they enjoy, will have his salary cut and his taxes raised, while they raise their salary every year and invent ways to avoid paying taxes. They will let the medical profession swap you from one insurance claim to another until you are bled for every penny you are worth, then use it as a political ploy to try to get re-elected. Any time a government does things like this, you are a statistic on the gambling table of their political diplomacy. They do not make life better for the citizens they represent: they make life better for themselves. They want to have it said that they are the master minds of a new race of people that will flourish in the twenty first century. It is the beginning of the end. I will say this, I was raised up in the hills of Indiana. In the corner of my dad’s living room, there was a twelve gauge shotgun. When I was born into that household and old enough to look at that thing, dad said, Come here son. He would take me over to it and say, You are never to touch that. That is the way dads used to talk. Any time he would take this gun out to go squirrel hunting, I would have liked to have gone with him, and at times he would let me go, but not every time. As I grew up in that household, my dad never abused me in any way. He never beat me, he never screamed at me nor cursed me. He explained to me what that thing was and what it could be used for. I learned that it was a dangerous thing in the hands of the wrong person, and that I should stay away from it. Dad never did have to hide it in the closet to keep me from messing around with it: I knew better. We grew up in the household, and knew there was certain things we were not to touch. It could be the same way today, if a lot of our young children were born and raised in households where dad and mother had some principles of decency and proper discipline. Last night, I saw an advertisement with two little boys coming into a home. This little boy looked like he might be four or five years of age. He opened the closet door, pulled up a chair, sets it in the closet door. You wonder what he is up to. He then gets about three big books and puts on top of that. The next thing, he is on top of the books, and it shows him reaching his hand over a shelf in the top of the closet. He pulls out a revolver. The end results is, while playing, one of these little boys was a casualty. That is why philosophers of the modern age say, You don’t need guns in your home. But to an extent, I believe I have a right to protect my home. I built that house, my wife laid the tile on the kitchen floor, and we have a right to protect it and ourselves from those who would steal and destroy. I saw a woman crying, when she saw how her son had come to his end by some child playing with a gun. The child never should have had the gun in his hand in the first place. The fault was in the fact that children are not taught right. Children can be taught to have proper respect for those things, and most are, but it is plain to see what is going on. We have a society that is out of control. Do not blame the baby, or the small child. The problem originated at the very top. Listen to me! I know what they are doing. I get political mail begging me, If you want to see a certain law passed, something you believe in, send in your contribution, and help me fight this and that and get this bill passed. I was not born in a nation where my dad had to go to Washington and lobby our congressmen for certain rights. Our founding fathers laid that down in the Constitution, plain enough for anyone to understand. I find that there has been a sell-out. Since WW2, our congress and senate has been lobbied by foreign lobbyists for every cause imaginable. They have sold their office, overriding the American citizen who paid their taxes, paid their salaries, to kept the government going. Now it is beginning to backfire on them, simply because they have opened their door to the devil, and now he stalks our streets, our institutions and everywhere we go. Any virtuous girl in America today that steps onto a college campus, as soon as they find out she is a virgin, they will belittle her, drag her name in the mud and insult her, all in an attempt to get her to lower her standards down to where they are. I read this in a religious tract a few years ago. This girl was raised by Christian parents. They sent her to this particular college to get an education. She no sooner got there, and it was just like they always do, certain girls want to gang up with certain others. It wasn’t long until she was approached and asked if she ever had an affair with a young man. No. The same girls she thought were going to be her friends, began to belittle her. Their purpose was to break her down. This went on for days. At the end of the tract it said this, When the girl had enough of this harassment, she already knew what their lives were, she told them, Look, I can change my life any time I want to and be like you, but you cannot change yours and be like me. Now I ask you, Have I said something wrong? My Bible tells me the day will come when every head will bow, every knee will bend, and every tongue will confess that He is God. Saints, I am looking for the coming of Jesus Christ. That is as soon as any of this will ever be any better.