Satan’s Last Strike, Part 2

Rev. Raymond M. Jackson


I ask that you open your Bible’s to the 4th chapter of Hosea. These first five verses of scripture are words that were spoken to Israel in a very important time, a time when the Israelite people had began to just drift along, and started to dabble around with anything they came in contact with. Their lives soon became occupied with doing most anything the pagans were doing. As I read this, I am going to change the word from Israel to America. The scriptures go along with the subject we have already been on. I love people, but I see people many times take certain things for granted, then they want to carry out their own ideas about everything. Do not ever say that you come here and I put you under my thumb. You know better than that. I will say though, Some of you need to be put under somebody’s thumb. I am speaking to a lot of the young people. I have watched you for the past five years. Do not think I am blind, and that I cannot hear. I love every one of you and I want to help you. Let us read the scripture. “Hear the word of the Lord, ye children of America: for the Lord hath a controversy with the inhabitants of the land, because there is no truth, nor mercy, nor knowledge of God in the land. By swearing, and lying, and killing, and stealing, and committing adultery, they break out , and blood toucheth blood. Therefore shall the land mourn, and every one that dwelleth therein shall languish, with the beasts of the field, and with the fowls of heaven; yea, the fishes of the sea also shall be taken away. Yet let no man strive, nor reprove another: for thy people are as they that strive with the priest. Therefore shalt thou fall in the day, and the prophet also shall fall with thee in the night, and I will destroy thy mother.” Now I want to build you a little background, speaking of some things that have taken place in Faith Assembly through the years of time. I appreciate the new people that have been coming. Do not get scared when I am dealing with things that I know need to be dealt with. If they are not dealt with, some are definitely headed down the road just the way I have seen people go in the past. Some people may say, Why does that old man not shut up? He needs a larger scope of vision. How can we listen and pay attention to all that garbage he puts out? you may say. Well, God kept me alive for some reason, because people bigger than any of you have tried to destroy me. Young people, I am not saying this to be abusive: I have stood in this pulpit for thirty some years trying my best to stand for something I know is right. I was a personal, eye witness of the deeds and words of the little man so many talk about, Bro. William Branham. I not only heard what he said, but I spent much time examining what he said. I began to learn by listening. It let me know, I myself would learn, if I would just listen to what he had to say. I really believe God honored that. That is why He built a congregation right here, to be recipients of not only the truth he brought, but other things that God has revealed as we have traveled on down the pathway of life, not stopping, looking back, trying to rehearse everything that took place thirty some years ago. It is a shame that there are many people, spiritually speaking, that are still as far from present truth as they were in 1965. They cannot even talk about what they believe God is doing today, simply because they are just sitting in the sun, ripening. That can be bad, just like in the natural. I happen to know something about things like that, because I have been a farmer myself in former times. You can wait too long before harvesting that which is ripe. When you do, you lose most of it in the field. That is just common sense. I do not know how much longer God will let me live: I never worry about that, because my life, and my purpose in the plan of God is in His hands. Therefore if you think for one minute that you are going to out smart me, go ahead, I will not get in your way. I will give you enough rope to hang yourself. For instance, Back in 1959, when we were still down on State Street, we experienced a moving of the Spirit of God, (I am just going to remind you of what I saw take place with some people, just because they had felt the moving of the spirit in their lives.) and where are they today? There was an evangelist that came into the area. We felt for some reason or other that God would use the man, so we opened up for a week’s meeting. Well the first week wasn’t enough. We had several people there at that time from the Georgetown area. They were really hungry for the power of God in their lives. This meeting lasted for three weeks. This was in the last part of March and on into April. When the Holy Spirit began to move, almost every night the floor was covered with people slain in the Spirit. Some spoke in tongues. Some prophesied. I have to say, It was after that meeting we realized we had to leave that place, because the Lord had added people to the congregation to the point we had no place to park cars. (I just want to remind you young people of the last four and one half years, and how you are witnesses of what God did by His grace for you, right here in this building.) One particular couple, the man and wife were out of the Methodist Church. After having seen them slain on the floor, rejoicing in the Spirit of God, and in less than three months they were drawn back into their old setting. For some reason or other they felt it was not their time to leave the Methodist Church. They were going to take this anointing and go back and wait a while before leaving for good. In less than three years they were divorced. In ten years time their sons had grown up. One of them was in jail for dealing in dope. God will not let you taste of something so precious and then just play around with it. Don’t do that! You can change your mind all you want to, and you can pray all you want to, but do not ever forget the first time you felt the power of God in your life and some of the promises you made to Him during that time. God’s eyes are forever upon you. Well this one young man, as well as several others dedicated certain amounts of money toward the purchasing of a piece of ground to build on, but we never could find any suitable ground available. That is when we moved into the building behind the Roberts & Strack Veneer Company. They have since torn that place down, but it served our purpose for a while. The man that owned the lot that church house was built on, had called and wanted to talk with me. I took some of the Brethren with me and we went to talk with him. He said, Bro. Jackson, I hear you are looking for a piece of ground and not able to find any. I said, “That is true.” He said, “I have this building here, if you will take care of the upkeep on it, I will only charge you thirty dollars a month in rent.” We decided we would take it. I had learned in earlier years as I became acquainted with Bro. William Branham and others at the Branham Tabernacle, that this man used to go to the Tabernacle. Of course that was long before I ever knew anything about Bro. William Branham. Somehow or other Bro. William Branham had made the statement, as his call to the evangelistic field was growing, that he felt like he needed to set someone in charge as associate pastor. There were two fellows there, the man that owned this building, whose name was C. J. Ward, and another young man. When the time came, Bro. William Branham chose the other young man. When he was not chosen by Bro. William Branham this Bro. Ward was offended. Let me say this right here, When God gets through putting His Bride together, there is not going to be any glory seekers in it. He is going to stick you right where you are supposed to be and you are either going to like it or you will spend some time getting used to liking it. He knows exactly how to do it. Well, he set about to build his own building. A lot of the people at the tabernacle were good enough to go help. In fact, when we took the building over, it still had the old pews that used to be in the Branham Tabernacle years ago. One day Bro. William Branham told him, “C.J. you will build a church just west of here, but it will never stand.” Well those words were in my mind. I said, Lord, we will not take this building to go contrary to what has been said, give us grace to use the building for whatever time you want to leave us here. May we establish an image of ourselves. So we rented the building. We gave that which had been donated back to the people that had dedicated it to this purpose. This young man, I will not mention his name, just dropped out of the picture. In a few short years someone saw him one day crossing the Second Street Bridge, as they were going to Louisville: Here was this young man walking along the sidewalk on the bridge, his hair was grown out and he was dressed like a hippy. You can say, Well how can that happen to a man that has been slain by the power of God and God has manifested Himself through him in different ways? Saints, listen to me, That is exactly where Pentecost went astray. They thought everyone who spoke in tongues had the real thing. If you get hold of these books about Bro. William Branham‘s life story, there is a beautiful story in there about him going on a fishing trip. This was in the early years of his calling. He had not been around Pentecostal people at that time but God had been dealing with him. He went north on a fishing trip. Coming back, he passed this certain place and saw all those people, so he thought he would just stop in and take a look. He casually went in. There were cars from all over the United States parked outside. It was a big convention of Pentecostal people. He went in the first night, the service started, and before long the people were rejoicing and dancing in the spirit. There were messages in tongues and interpretations. He asked the question, Lord, what am I doing here? He noticed two particular men in these meetings. One would speak a message in tongues and the other would interpret. He was drawn to these men. He met those fellows and introduced himself to them. He started talking to them. He wanted to find out something about their spirit. After a while God gave him a vision. One of the men was living in adultery, yet the other man was as true as could be. At that time he could not understand how that could be possible. That remained to be a question in his mind for a long time. At the next service the host speaker asked, Is that fellow by the name of Branham here? Does anybody know where he is? There was a man sitting next to him, and he asked him, Do you know this man? Bro. William Branham said, Yes. Where is he? I am Billy Branham. So this fellow said to the host pastor, Here he is. They wanted him to preach. This was the beginning of him becoming known to the evangelistic field. Finally he got up and preached, not knowing what God had laid out there. No sooner did he finish, preacher after preacher came to him, Can you give us a meeting? Some from Texas, Missouri, Kansas, just to mention a few. That was the beginning of his association with Pentecostal people, but when he went home and told his mother-in-law about this bunch of people he had met, she called them trash. Now people, I want you to know that no human being has the right to call anyone trash. You can get yourself in trouble with God real quick like that. Nevertheless his mother-in-law gave him orders, Indeed, you will not take my daughter around that bunch of people. For the sake of his wife and their marriage, and his relationship in that family structure he felt like, I will just obey that. However, as most of you know, in the months that followed, his wife gave birth to a baby girl. She herself took pneumonia. The baby girl did too. Then it went into tuberculosis. Then here came the 1937 flood. Bro. William Branham was working the rescue detail during all of that. He was game warden at the time. During this period he was operating a motor boat, and finally, the lower part of Jeffersonville flooded. The home where they lived was flooded. He heard that his wife and baby had been taken, along with others, and put on a train going to Charlestown. Later, when he did get a chance to go to Charlestown himself, he found out there was no place there for them, so they sent the train on to Columbus. In the meantime the flood waters covered all the low areas around. The highways were closed. The man that went with him up there, said, Billy, I know a back road that is on high ground, but it is just a country road. This man took him up there. When they finally got to Columbus, they found the place where his wife and baby were taken to. To hurry the story along, it was there, that Bro. William Branham realized why this whole thing had happened. God was going to teach him a lesson. In her dying moments, his wife said, Billy, go back to those people and pay no attention to what mom said. Promise me you will. When I read that, I thought, It pays to know what the voice of God is. In a short time his wife passed away. Shortly after that the little girl also passed away. It tore him all to pieces. He felt like a man in a world all alone and that God had frowned upon him. He wrestled with the situation for months. Then he finally came out of it. The point in telling that is this, Seeing those two men, one would give a message in tongues and the other would interpret, and it was right on the line. He could not understand why this one man could be used and was living in adultery. The Lord showed him in a vision, a field of grain. He showed him how the weeds came up. Not all weeds are cockle burrs. There are hog weeds, smart weeds, wild lettuce, and they are all weeds. They all have to have water. The Lord showed Bro. William Branham, Here is the wheat, and he could see it needed a shower of rain. He heard the thunder and here came the rain. All the wheat threw their little heads up and was drinking it in. But there were the tares, the weeds, just jumping for joy also, drinking it in and rejoicing. I am saying this, not for the purpose of scaring you, but to let you know it does not matter whether God has stood you on your head, spun you around like a top and let you speak in tongues or whatever, you can expect to be tested. Sure, right at that time you think you know everything. You only know this, that God has put something inside of you and it is up to you to accept it, recognize it as something precious and yield to it. But when you get to thinking that just because you have received this anointing you are not going to listen to anyone I say to you, Yes, you will listen to someone for a while, or you will never hear God speaking to you. That independent attitude will cause you to head for a wreck. That is the law of God. The Bible says that God loves His children. The Bible says every son of God is chastened in those moments of time when he needs it. (Hebrews 12:8) “But if ye be without chastisement, whereof all are partakers, then are ye bastards, and not sons.” That simply means God does not have to chastise a tare. You know the second parable in Matthew says, Let both grow together, (Matthew 13:30) “Let both grow together until the harvest: and in the time of harvest I will say to the reapers, Gather ye together first the tares, and bind them in bundles to burn them: but gather the wheat into my barn.” Young people, Listen to me, You are living in the end time right now. You can be sitting right next to a tare and never know it. It depends on how that person next to you is going to obey God. I will get back to my subject now. After we moved, in August of 1959, God kept adding people to the congregation. I have absolutely seen people receive this anointing, speak in a beautiful language, lay on the floor, and at times dance all over the place, and a few months later something has attracted their attention and away they go. I am not saying these things to scare anyone. I am saying these things to be realistic. I want all of you to know that true Christianity is being serious with God seven days a week for the rest of your life. When God filled me with His spirit, I never had a desire to look back. I never wanted to go back to the old ways of living. I felt like God had put something in me that was too precious for me to do anything but try my best to live for Him. I felt, Lord, I will walk alone if necessary, to cherish this experience in my life.


After becoming acquainted with the people at the Branham Tabernacle, and after we started going there, about that same time there was a young man that had an experience with God. He was married and had children, but he had been a drunk. (I will not mention his name.) It is strange, how some people react to the things of God, because, as long as he was a drunkard he would come in drunk, get mad at his wife, curse her and tell her to shut up. He would get so mad he would go to the kitchen, pull dishes out and throw them against the wall. She would just sit back and take it all. Then when God got hold of him, really saved him and delivered him from the alcoholism, what does his wife do? She sued for a divorce. That just goes to show, some people were born to be a glutton for punishment. She was afraid of him when he was a drunk, but the minute God delivered him from all of that, she no longer cared for him. We became friends with him while we were still on State Street in New Albany. A lot of the families would let him stay a night or two in their home. Then he would go somewhere else for a while. He had nobody to wash his clothes. He came to our house many times with his dirty clothes, what few he had, and my wife had enough clothes to wash without his, with our little children, but she would wash and iron his shirts, so he would have something to wear to church. Then, as time went on, this same individual finally went to California and got work. Later he came back to this area, but he had become a man just tossed from place to place. Today, that man would not even speak to me if he saw me. He would try his best to do me harm in some way or other instead. He is another one of those that believes we should just say what the prophet said and no more. It has not been easy for us. Do not ever think we have just coasted along enjoying the things of God without being tested. I am telling you these things to let you know one thing, I am not talking just to hear myself talk. I appreciate each young person, and I am thankful for what God has done for some of you. Many of you have grown up right here in this church. I am proud of you who have dedicated your lives to live for God. I do want to speak to some of the young boys though. I have seen one or two come in here for a wrong reason and that troubles me. They will start coming to church here to get acquainted with a girl. Sure, they come and sit here because they are after that certain girl. Young boys, if that is all you are here for, be careful, God is watching you. One man took a young girl out of here, married her, brought a child into the world, and was never back in this church but twice after they were married. Young girls, not every good looking, handsome boy that can look you in the eye and cause you to swoon, means what he says. You take what he says with a grain of salt and sprinkle it accordingly. Young men, When the moving of the Spirit started, I have seen you pray. You were eager for that blessing you knew He would give. You wanted it, so you prayed so earnestly. I just have to say, Praise the Lord for all that He does. However it makes me very sad to see them take whatever they got, and a little bit later just sit it aside for the natural things in life, the old car, this or that, as they are gradually drawn back into their old ways. Those that came here just to be with one of the young girls that come here, you are here every time the doors are opened until she marries you. You are here every time just to be with her, but you are not married six months until I look over the congregation and no longer see you. You can tell me, Oh, but I’ve been doing this or that. Yes, I know exactly what is behind it. You got what you wanted, then you lost interest in the place where you got it, and in the God we serve. You thought you could sit at home and use all kinds of excuses. Oh, I have to work at night. There have been older men than you that have come here to this church regularly, whether they worked a night job or day job, they kept up their job and came to church also, because they loved the Lord. I am not trying to belittle any of you. I am urgently trying to wake you up to reality. When that job means more to you, and that car you drive around, you are more proud of that than what you got while you were in here, you are going to pay for that one of these days, and sad to say, You will pay for it with a broken heart. Why do I say that? Because you lied to God. We have a lot of people lying to God by their very actions. You should love Him just as much today, or even more than you did the night you were shaking under the power of God, speaking in tongues and shouting for joy. You should love Him as much six months later as you did that night. Your mouth should be filled with just as much praise and thanksgiving. Jesus Christ is coming for a bride that has made herself ready, and that is only done when people give first place to the things of God. I hope you are in that number, but you had better be sure your heart is dedicated to the things of God, or I am afraid you will not be. You are not going to lie to God always, pretending this or that, always finding time for everything but the things of God. You are going to get earnest and sincere with Him before it is too late, if that is what you truly desire. Coming to the house of God where the family of God is gathered is just as important as that paycheck you like to get hold of. In fact, there are older men that will out work you because they have an attitude to want to faithfully serve the Lord. They want their lives to be right with the Lord. There is nothing in this world that should mean any more to you than getting everything in line with God. Some of these things become spirits. They hover around us. You do not notice anything bad. You just begin to think, There is nothing wrong with this or that. I just need a little extra rest, or This is something I just have to do. When you begin to entertain those spirits, it is not long until someone sees you somewhere else when you should be in church. You are sure not getting rest there. The excuses that some people have developed in life are downright ridiculous. There are people who get married and not much later they begin to have arguments. If they are not careful, they get angry. Then they begin to use abusive expressions. The same lips that used to say, Honey, I love you, are now saying, You have always been that way, why don’t you shut your mouth. The more you say, the worse you get. Sometimes girls are guilty of jumping into the bed and saying, I am sick. Young girls, the only sickness that should put you in bed, is not just hurt feelings that come out of an argument. I hope all of you understand why I am talking like this. This kind of behavior can bring on one of the worst mental sicknesses that ever struck a home. I had an aunt like that. As far as I know, she lived all her life like that. I have been there when it hit her. I will say this, You can go to church, wear long hair, wear a dress with long sleeves and all that portrays godliness, but if for some reason you and your husband do get into it, then you want to put off on him by saying, You make me sick, and off to the bed you go, you will not speak, and you refuse to talk about it, I say, You can lie to God like that, but the day will come that you might really be sick and want God to make you well, and you have asked at the wrong time. I have seen it happen. It has been that way in homes, even to the point it has affected the children. So young boys, as you are growing up, regardless of what they teach you in school, I am telling you what this book talks about. Here is where we get our human, moral mentality lined up with the word of God. It always makes me feel bad, when two young people come in here and after a while they want me to marry them, if I have any reason to question it in my own mind. I think the ones we marry ought to respect the purpose for which they are standing up here. Some will, and some will not. I can say this, One young man, a year ago was sitting in here. It was not long until he locked his eyes on a girl. He was very nice until he got her. All I have to do is watch you when you walk in the door. If I begin to see that smile fade away, and there you sit, all I have to do is look at that little girl, if she is looking very solemn, it all adds up. I am not finding fault, but it hurts me to see how some people will pretend, how they will act. God has a record of every bit of it. We are to have a meeting next week and I pray that everybody that comes will get a blessing, but young people listen to me, I can look back four and a half years ago, to the old barn meetings and see what God can do for people, even in an old barn? We ought not be surprised though, seeing that He let The Messiah be born in a manger, in a cave. A lot can be born in a barn, even though a lot of our modern churches today do not think so.


I will never forget the first night I had an opportunity to be there, and how I saw young people laying on the barn floor under the power of God and others dancing around them. It was the beginning of something wonderful in the lives of some of our young people. As it began to spread over others, it began to flow through the church. Young girls, I want to say this to you, A lot of you young people were here. You came into the picture at different times, but you were here, and you had an opportunity to taste the power of God. I saw some that looked like they were so out of it, and they were so happy inside that it would have been hard for the devil to play a trick on them at that time. However, I wonder how many of you remember what I said at that time? I said, It will not always be like this. You may want it to be, but it will not always be like it was when you first received that initial experience. He will leave you on Cloud 9 for just so long, and then He will gradually let you face the every day trials and experiences of every day life, to see if you really want to walk in this world, and at the same time walk in the Spirit. Some people have the idea, If I cannot live on Cloud 9, I would be just as well off living out in the world. Some have proved that they feel exactly like that, for that is exactly what they have done. When I begin to think of the faces I saw here four years ago, and how they simply would not miss anything going on: they just had to be here, I cannot help but wonder, What has happened? When I think of the experience some received, and how after a year and a half you began to see them fade from the picture, their faces are no longer present, you might see them once every four or five weeks. That is not the way you live for God, and that is not the way you function and operate in the body of Christ. When you see a church like that, it lets you know that the thing has a cancer in it. If it is made up of that kind of people, so you only see them in church now and then, yet you see them running around everywhere else, that is a bad sign. There are people today born with a very bad disease, a case of whim whams. Do you know what that is? A bad case of run-around, or can’t-be-stills. It has many words to describe it. Some call it the heebie-jeebies. You are making fun, Bro. Jackson. No, I am not making fun: I am just trying to get you to look at yourselves. One young girl at that time, and I am not mentioning names, but I want her to know, when God began to anoint that girl I watched other young girls, how they wanted to be where she was. The Holy Ghost is very luring, so to speak. When you see someone else receive it, and it really begins to change their life, just watch how others want to be around that person. It is catching. It is supposed to be that way. After a while though, when you realize you cannot live on Cloud 9, you feel really let down. Naturally I understand the feeling, but we do still have to live in this world until God’s purpose for our lives has been completed. We have to carry out our earthly life in some way, but when God has blessed us with His very indwelling presence, it is our enablement to live the rest of our life for Him, for His glory and honor regardless of what we have to face in this life. I am not a person that likes to pick on anyone ever, but when I see a person that all of a sudden the expression on their face completely changes, all I have to do is watch them at a distance and their actions tell me something. Did you ever hear the old saying, Your actions speak louder than your words? The look you carry into church will let me know how things are going inside of you.


Young girls, you do not know it, but somebody is going to be looking at you wherever you go. I will never forget when the Spirit began to move in here back then. Someone that had not been coming, all of a sudden, here they come. The Spirit hits them and they are here at the altar with all the young people standing around praying. Naturally they had a burden for this person and it was a beautiful sight. Time has passed, and now some begin to think other thoughts. Certain things of the world began to pull on you. You will not listen to anyone who might be able to help you. You say, God is going to talk to me. No, He is not going to talk to you while you have that attitude. Only after you learn to listen to somebody that knows what they are talking about, will God speak to you. I felt obligated to talk like I have this morning, because to think that the same anointing that could cause other young people to want to be around you, will enable you to walk with God in victory, yet many of you are determined to go your own way, whether it is God’s way or not. That kind of behavior starts with a thought. The thought becomes the seed. Inside of you, you think, Well can’t I do some things myself? If you do the right things, Sure. That is the sad part of it. God gives you that experience, and as soon as He begins to let you back down a little, to walk on this earth in everyday affairs, you begin to realize you are a mortal human being just like everyone else, and when you meet the devil head on, you seem to forget that you are not the same as you were before. You have the enablement to overcome, but you have to make up your mind to do so. You have to be willing to communicate with others who have walked with God for a while. They can help you. Many of you just do not want to. You want to go your own way. You want to carry out your own ideas. The devil gets on your shoulders and tells you to do that.


When we were still over behind the Roberts & Strack Veneer Company, I always liked to do farming. Farming was in my blood. I realize as I look back, that for years God slowly brought about conditions for me, designed by Him to get me completely away from it, so I would not be tied to it. I have said I would never want to raise my family in a city, because I hated the thought of it. That does not mean that I point the finger at anyone that does live in a city. I would never do that. For me though, I like the hoot owls and other sounds and ways of farm life, so I raised my family in the countryside. Nevertheless though, as I looked back I realized how God had slowly began to provide the means for me to get away from being totally occupied with agriculture. In the spring of this particular year, one of the neighbors came over to our house and said, Raymond, I am going to stop tending my ground: You are here close, so I would like to rent the ground to you. You can take half of everything. The things he said to me sounded very tempting to a man that likes to farm, so I thought about it, but a couple of nights later, in a dream, I saw myself out west traveling in my car. I was coming down a mountain highway. If any of you have ever driven in the mountains of the west, you would be coming down a long incline, looking straight ahead of you, there is a sharp curve that cuts back almost under you. As I come over the top of this hill and started down this long grade, it looked like a long distance down there. As I got closer I could see that the road suddenly banked and made a hairpin turn, right back. When I put my foot on the brake petal to apply the brakes, I had none. I said, Oh Lord, help me! Right where that road banked to make the turn, there was a rock wall, before it broke open over the cliff. It was either hit the rock wall, or over the cliff. I just braced myself and headed right for the rock wall. That is when all of a sudden as the front of my car made contact with that rock wall, it felt like it became sponge and absorbed the shock and brought my car to a stop. It never even hurt the car, but when I got out, shaking, I broke out in sweat. I walked over to cliff. Then is when I could say, Thank you Lord. When I woke up, I didn’t have to ask what that meant. I knew if I took that job I would become so occupied I would wreck up, if you know what I mean. God has many ways He deals with us, but we have to be willing for Him to change our plans, if we are ever going to grow in spiritual stature. We have to learn to take advice when people can look at us and see something is wrong. (I am saying this for the benefit of you young people.) Do not allow yourself to think that everyone else is out of touch with reality. I say to you young people, If you want God to lead your life, and want Him to bless you, then it is about time you get your eyes on somebody you can trust and allow them to help you. I guarantee one thing, We are too close to the end to just keep playing around with what God has so mercifully given to us. I am not standing here just to talk and make you get scared: I want to help you: I like to see you come here happy. When I see some young person just running helter skelter, not willing to listen to anyone about anything I just have to say, May God help you.


There is no joy in taking a whipping from God, but the way I felt this morning, I said, Lord, help me speak with soft words, but I want to let those young people know that if they get off on the right foot life can be a joy. Also if they get started off on the wrong foot and never accept any help from anyone, they will be out of step the rest of their life. I pray that what I have said, especially to the young people, will be allowed to save some of them a lot of heartache. I am not going to stand in the pulpit and tell any of you who to marry and who not to marry. However when I begin to observe certain actions, regardless of how handsome the young man is, or how pretty the young lady is, I know trouble is ahead. Their good looks has nothing at all to do with the Holy Ghost. You can tie yourself down in a trap, and then when you do wake up, your mind can be in such a state of turmoil you will be headed for a nervous breakdown. Young people, it is not a time to throw your gifts away and run off on some wild turkey chase. It is time to cherish those things God has blessed you with. You cannot have something that precious and be involved with everything else the world has to offer your flesh. Life does not work that way. God requires us to put the spiritual things first. Did not Jesus say, Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness? That is His leadership for your life. He wants you to be happy. Then all these other things will be added. I want to say though, He is not going to bring any of it to you in bushel baskets and pile it in front of you. He will bring it as you need it. If you can learn to be contented with what He gives you, and the way He does it, you will be happy and always walk with a smile. The day you begin to feel it is not fast enough, thinking, I want it now, you can get yourself into a lot of trouble. I hope our nation does not have to go into a recession like back in the 1930’s. I can remember, as a little boy not yet old enough to know the responsibility a family faced, hearing men talk about depression times. When you stand as a child and hear your dad talking to other men, you hear things that put a lot of questions in your head. I remember hearing one of Dad’s cousins say there was a bank at Borden, back in WW1 days, and he had taken out so many savings bonds, and when the depression hit at its worst, the bank went broke. I heard my Dad’s cousin say to him, that he only got back a small portion of what he had in those savings bonds. I am using this incident for a purpose, saying to you, If suddenly this nation was to find itself in an unemployment slide and you go looking for a job, and there is no job to be found, where is your spending money going to come from? Start thinking about that now and then, when you feel that everything ought to just be handed to you. The young people of this nation have had it easy. I just got word the other evening from some friends (They do not live in this area.) that raised a couple boys that would not listen to their dad and mom, just like an awful lot are today, and the report was not good. That is why I read this text. There is no truth in the land. They don’t want it. One of the boys left home and started living with a girl. She gave birth to a little child. Dad and mom had moved to another state, thinking that they were going to get ready and retire. Here comes that lazy boy with the live-in woman and little baby. What a picture! You would not have been faced with this fifty years ago. That does not mean that fifty years ago all fathers were mean. It just means they would have taught you long before you ever got into such a mess, Son, before you ever start messing around with a girl, get yourself a job and be sure you are able to afford what you plan to do. It is still a law today, in the eyes of God. The animal kingdom, that has not been perverted by man’s ways live better than this human race does. I have respect for dads that teach their children right. I have respect for young people that know how to respect mothers and fathers. If you fail to heed the good advice given to you and you go your merry way and get into trouble you cannot handle, then come to Mom and Dad whining, God is liable to stick you out somewhere where you will have to beg. I am not talking this way just to take up time. I love my brothers and sisters. There is not a mistake we can make, that God will not forgive us, as far as our salvation is concerned, but your flesh will have to reap according to the seed you sow. That is what the apostle Paul wrote to the Galatians. (6:8) “For he that soweth to his flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption; but he that soweth to the Spirit shall of the Spirit reap life everlasting.” Therefore I say to all of you, The fact that God will forgive you for your mistakes, does not mean He will also prevent your careless acts of the flesh from manifesting the appropriate results. Do not allow the drive of your fleshly desires to get you into something you will have to reap from for the rest of your life. God has different ways of speaking to his people, so let us all learn to recognize His voice. It just might come through the lips of another brother or sister. We are not here in this life just to take up time and cause a lot of commotion. We are here to fulfill a purpose of God. Young people, please listen to me, It is time for us to learn how to be a family. The first ingredient is to learn to respect one another. There is no such thing as a big I and little you. You can be as big as a mountain and still break a leg, or smash your automobile into a concrete wall and do even worse. If stubbornness in you continues, it would not surprise me if God put a rock in some people’s shoes. If He ever does, it will not have to be a big rock to eat a hole in your sock. It will be embedded in the threads of that sock, and suddenly you will have an infected spot on your foot, right where it hurts when you walk. I am speaking spiritually. God knows how to get your attention. That applies to young and old, but I say to you young people, You are here to learn something that can help you in your walk with God, as well as in your natural life. Let us begin to learn what life is all about, and why God gave us the blessing we have enjoyed so much at first. Let us not cast Him aside for some temporal display of our flesh. What He gave you was the best gift He has to give, the Spirit of His very self to dwell inside of you, to enable you to overcome in every situation of life. If you trade His leadership off for something to please your flesh I promise you this, It is a terrible thing, to go to bed at night and not be able to sleep, knowing you missed God’s will and purpose because of selfishness. I want every one of you to know, I have not missed God in what I have spoken to you today: It was a burden He put on my mind. I Sincerely pray that I have not said anything that has hurt any of you as a person. I would never want to do that. We started this work in 1955, with just a few people, and the Lord has added to our number until we are close to needing more room. We have said many times, that if all the people that have passed through the doors of this building through the years we have been here, were still here, we would have to have a place five times as big as this to hold everyone. I have noticed this, every person, whether it is a single man or single women, or a family, if they ever came in and stayed long enough to really see what we stand for, nine times out of ten they wound up staying with us. Some came and stayed maybe a year or two, but after watching them, you could tell, deep down inside they had an ego. They wanted to fit in somewhere, in an important spot to be recognized. When you go down the road of life always looking that way, yes, you might find a place once in awhile where you fit in to your satisfaction, but nine times out of ten it will just be a show place. By the time you wear out there, many times the place itself is worn out. You will not go any further. When we started out, back in 1955, I never really expected at that time, that the work would go as it has: I just thought the Lord wanted to deal with me to get me to know what it was like to pastor an element of people.


After the first four years, there were times that I became very discouraged, simply because I saw the same few faces all the time, the same twelve adults and same group of children. It just looked like that was destined to be the number. Many times I said, Lord, if by a certain date you do not show me something that lets me know you are in this place, and let more people begin to come in, then I am going to close the doors. Well that date would come and God had not said one word, but it was like two big hands were there in a way to say, Go on! I am glad now that I did. I am now seventy four years old. I am not bragging about my age: I am just grateful to God that He has let me live my threescore and ten plus years with very good health. I thank the Lord for it. I have had colds as well as other minor problems now and then, but He has kept me in health and I have to say, Lord, I thank you. I see people in their 50’s today, so terribly sick with different ailments. I say, Lord, give me enough grace and strength to do whatever I am supposed to do. After Bro. William Branham‘s death, I had not the slightest idea of what in the world would take place. I saw the various preachers from Missouri to the West Coast, that used to come to the various meetings. After his death it seemed like bedlam broke out. It was almost like a bunch of quail, you shoot into them, and all you hear is a fluttering noise and off they go in every direction. That is exactly the way it was in the dream I had, that I told Bro. William Branham, where I saw him take the top off the rock. That part he never did tell in the open services. After he laid that rod upon that rock and said, Stand by this, he began to back away from the crowd and move out. Something within me said, Watch him. At the same time it seemed like I turned sideways, and I saw a few other brothers that also had turned sideways and just began to watch him. Little by little he began to disappear, going west. Evening shadows were falling across the landscape. After a while I saw his silhouette disappear over the last horizon. Those that were watching that, knew we would never see him again. Then when everybody had stopped looking at the rock and looked up, they began to say, Where is Bro. William Branham? Where did Bro. William Branham go? Oh Bro. William Branham! Bedlam broke out. In an instant of time, that throng that had stood there just broke into every direction calling for Bro. William Branham. You could hear them screaming as they went over the horizon, screaming, Oh Bro. William Branham, Oh Bro. William Branham! That night, as I sat in his station wagon and told that to him, he had laid his Bible on the dash, so he picked up the Bible and said, Bro. Junie, that is getting ready to take place. They were planning then, to make their move to Arizona. When he picked the Bible up he said, Bro. Junie, when this has all fulfilled, you stick with this. He said, They will go in every direction, and they will preach everything. That is what has been going on in the last thirty some years. Some of you young people were not even born then. One of the men that was the editor of the Church Age book for him, shortly after that, stood there in the Branham pulpit and said, Nobody can be saved anymore. God will not speak by visions or dreams because Jesus is off the mercy seat. Brothers and sisters, in my own eyes I felt like a little bitty nothing, but something inside me said, Don’t listen to these people. When you begin to see people compare you to this man, a man who was known all over the world for how greatly God had used him, it is not easy to hold your head up, when your image is compared like that. I want you to know that something inside of me just kept pushing, like Pay no attention to the people. I just have to say, Since God called him home in 1965, right at the end of the year, I have lived to see preachers go in every direction. Today they are preaching everything, but not one of them goes any further in the Bible. They just say, The prophet said this, and the prophet said that. I am thankful to God that He gave me a body of people here that does not run after quotes. I admire you. I appreciate you, young and old. I am nothing, yet in one sense of the word, God put me in this place and I have no intention of changing my approach. Please listen to me for a few minutes. This might sound like I am bragging, but that is up to you. After we started the Contender paper, I never figured that it would become very much known in the world. I figured maybe five or six years would be all we would continue with it. However in two years time it began to penetrate the major continents of the world. I had nothing to do with it, because I did not know of any outside influence we could look to. Every once in awhile a letter would come in from a different place, giving certain names. By the time three years had passed, our mailing list pretty much encircled the globe. It had not yet gone into Russia, but it was all through Africa. I had to say, Lord, you know what you are using it for. We have never printed it to try to create an image of greatness. Lord, whatever is in it, let it be truth. Let it speak to the people that do not have an opportunity to come to church for whatever reason. If they live in remote regions of Africa or the desert countries, or wherever it might be, let truth find them. I have to say, Lord, thank you, because He has let us see that come to pass. After a while, I began to see that God could be going to repeat the same cycle, and that is what causes me to say what I am going to say. If it offends anyone, then please forgive me. I have said this, There are better preachers, as far as their education and their ability to say things using words I do not even know the meaning of, but regardless of their unlimited vocabulary, their revelation could never do much for a hungry soul seeking truth. I do not say that with any derogatory intent, but just as an expression of reality. When you hear them one time, if you then hear them again two years later you hear the same thing repeated all over again, because they cannot go any further than the prophet took them. To them, that is what he said for them to do. I look back in the Bible to an old man on the Isle of Patmos, in 96 A.D. They put him there to get him out of their way, but God was not finished with him. He was the last old patriarch of the original 12 disciples. Somehow the officials had a little bit of respect for him, so rather than trying to crucify him on a cross or something, they thought they would just stick him on that island and let him waste away. They thought that would shut him up and put him out of circulation. He had a greater revelation from God after that, than he ever had before. In fact, at that time, Paul the apostle, who was the star of the age, had already been beheaded thirty years earlier. He was beheaded in 66 A.D.. Here was John, in 96 A.D., still alive and hearing from God. He was old, but His God was still alive and well and able to communicate with him. He had the last word. That is why when you read the book of Revelation, you are reading the last up to date word of God for that hour. That is why we have the last book in the Bible, the book of Revelation, it was the last time God ever spoke to the Church in that manner, until after we came into this twentieth century, when He again sent a prophet messenger. That changed our total course of thinking. I just have to say, According to the things God has used us for, it is up to the Lord what it all amounts to, but if He has left me alive to stick around and be an aggravation to some of these characters, after them having thirty some years to try to shoot us down, again I have to say, Lord, just give us strength to stand. Give us a mentality that can look through all the confusion and all the glory seeking, so we are able to see down the road a little distance and prepare ourselves for what is ahead. I am thankful for the things God has shown me. I want to share them with every brother and sister that will listen. I do not need stars, nor do I need banners flying or anything else. All I want is the grace of God in my own life and wisdom to be able to say things in the right way. Remember, there are preachers in this message that really deem it necessary to try to destroy everyone that will not say things just the way the prophet, Bro. William Branham said them, because they feel it is their job to correct the entire picture. It will always be that way. That being the case, then I say to you young people, You are going to have to put up with me a while longer, because I am not about to sit down and dry up just because some people would like for me to. Do not ever get the feeling that because you are young, very energetic, and have a strong ego, that two or three of you can get an idea and go out here and set the world on fire. About the time you try it, you will have a wreck, and what a wreck it can be. It is not wrong to want to do something for God, but it sure can be wrong to try to outrun what the leadership of God is all about. Let us now turn to the 13th chapter of Hebrews where we will find a very up to date message. When the Church of the living God, after the first century of Christendom, began to drift off in time, another generation came upon the scene. The older ones had died and taken their place in the ground, to await the day of resurrection. That brought on a case where responsibility and leadership began to fall into the hands of another type of people. The further away we got from that first age, Christendom just little by little changed its entire image. Therefore by the time we come to 500 A.D. we can see that the framework of what we now call Roman Catholicism, was sticking its head up throughout the Roman world. For a thousand years, that system of religion grew to be a powerful religious institution, but one that really did not have the souls of people at heart. It was an organization of religious minded bishops that had worked themselves into certain positions from the different nations of the old world. New generations came and filled the ranks of so called Christendom. The world groped its way through one of the darkest ages ever, because the Catholic Church cracked the whip and dominated society. Even royalty was completely submissive to the power of the Catholic Church. God allowed that to go on long enough that it looked like every seed, every element of what the early Church originally was, had been lost, in the minds of people. That is when the hour of time came that we call the Reformation. Others in history may call it the Renaissance. They look only at architecture, painting, literature, and things like that, but we look at the Bible and the history of the Church. A lot of people today do not even know what you are talking about when you say something about the Reformation. That just goes to show that denominations have lost the knowledge of where they came from. It is not how much education you have; it is how much you have of Him who is life in your heart, and how much of you that you can let Him lead and control, to be used for His glory. The Lord has led this congregation. When we came to the year 1967, and built our building here, all the time God kept causing the congregation to grow. As a result of that, the Contender has gone around the world. I have said this many times,( not to be bragging, because I do not like that type of thing from a Christian, nor from anyone else for that matter) If I had a million dollars, and God would say, Spend it however you choose, I could put together a larger body of people from the ends of the earth that will be in unity, than all the rest of Christendom put together. You would have to read the letters that come in, thanking us for what we stand for and what we are doing, in order to understand the entire scope of what is before us. They thank the church, because if it was not for you supporting our efforts it would not be possible to continue this ministry. Therefore I am thankful to each of you for your support.


I am now going to try to get to my basic thought, that you may better understand the reason for this which I have been saying to you. In the writings of Hebrews, as Paul closes his letter to that assembly, there are three statements found in the 13th chapter that I will call to your attention. You will find the first one in the 7th verse. “Remember them which have the rule over you, who have spoken unto you the word of God: whose faith follow, considering the end of their conversation.” The word conversation is not referring to what they are saying with their lips, but rather to their manner of life, how they have lived. It says, Remember them. Then we come on down to the second statement. This is in the 17th verse. Here, he says, “Obey them that have the rule over you, and submit yourselves: for they watch for your souls, as they that must give account, that they may do it with joy, and not with grief: for that is unprofitable for you.” What is he saying in these two statements? First, Remember, do not forget them. Is that important? We have come through a denominational era, the Church of Christ, the Jehovah Witnesses, Church of God, Presbyterian, Baptist, Methodist, and many, many others . They are fragments of a message of the gospel story. It only goes to show that man in his mortal, mental makeup cannot seem to grasp the entire Bible picture. He limits himself. This is why the Reformation was not the restoration of all the truth in one period of time, because it took many decades for mankind to lose the original truth. The third time Paul refers to this, he says in the 24th verse, “Salute all them that have the rule over you, and all the saints. They of Italy salute you.” When you put all of these together you get, Remember, (Do not forget it.) Obey, (Be sure you do.) And Salute, which means to show recognition. Let us now look at it in a true Biblical sense. First of all, he is not talking about paying homage to the pope. The pope is not supposed to have that type of rule over us. Look at mankind the world over today, from South America, Africa, Asia, and all over the world where Catholicism has planted its roots, and you have holy father this, hail Mary that, and every Catholic is taught to reverence and obey what the cardinals and pope says. The Catholic Church says they are the original Church. That is their biggest lie of all. In the first place, from the pope, down to the cardinals, and then on down to the priests, you will find that none of them baptize like the apostles did. Furthermore, you cannot show me anywhere in the Bible, where they ever carried Peter in a chair mounted on golden poles, then set him down and everyone would bow down to him. You do see where the Lord led Peter to Caesarea to Cornelius’ household, and the minute he stepped in the door Cornelius was on his face ready to worship him. What did Peter say? Did he say, Kiss the ring on my finger? Or, Kiss my foot? No. He said, Get up, we are men just like you are. He was against such idolatry. We can see, if we want to, that there was quiet a difference between what the apostolic Church was and what the world sees today as Roman Catholicism. A lot of people have lost the true concept of what Christianity was at its inception. First Age Christianity was not selfish in motives and deeds. People of today, get the Holy Spirit in a small mission somewhere, and then it is, Praise God, He has put His Spirit in me, He showed me this and showed me that. Now they are on a glory ride. It is not long until they are sitting around putting together ideas all of their own will and desires, how they are going to live, raise their family, and serve the Lord. Sometimes some of it is practical, and sensible enough. Then again, some of it is just pure nonsense, because it is an idea of carnal ambition. I have said to myself many times, I did not ask for this job, and I had no idea it would ever develop as it has, but since God has caused it to come about, I say to young and old alike, I am going to keep my mouth shut until I know what I am looking at, from then on I will say what I say because I know it is right. I say to some of the young men in here, Some of you have gone out into the world, and you think you know all about the world, but please remember this, You have not learned anything out there in the world that gives you an ounce of wisdom concerning the things of God. God’s wisdom does not come by that route. You can experience a lot of things out there pertaining to the flesh, but if you are going to live a Christian life, you are going to have to learn all over again what God requires of you. It matter not, how much education you have, you do not just sit down and read certain passages of scriptures, put a few ideas together and say, This is the way I believe the Christian life ought to be lived. That might be the way you want it to be, but that is not what God will accept. I say also to every person hearing my voice, I have respect for every one of my brothers and sisters, for every home and so forth, therefore I want you to know, You have no right to sit in here at any time, look around and make notes on who you think this person is, what you think that person has, and what another person does or does not have. I never stand up here looking at you out there and put a difference between you and my ideas. You have no right to do it either. A lot of us have come through the gutters of sin, the muck and mire of the world, but regardless of any of that, if any of us have anything worth two cents in us, it is because of the grace and mercy of God. You have no right to say, I don’t want to get around that kind of people. You need to remember what the apostle Paul said, writing to the Corinthian Assembly, when he reminded them that certain people would not enter the kingdom of God, no idolater, no drunkard, no railer, no effeminate, no abusers of themselves with mankind shall enter the kingdom of God, but such were some of you. God saved me fifty years ago. I did not know what a homosexual was back then, as they are referred to today. Now it is like we are living on Broadway, in Sodom and Gomorrah. It is shocking to think what our government, right now, is planning to do. Those perverts want their place in everything that is going on and our government is on their side. Then we have extremist in the other direction, like those boys that beat that pervert out in Wyoming and he later died. You might ask, Bro. Jackson, was that right for them to do that? No, it was not right. Do you believe in that lifestyle? No. Absolutely not, but to chase them down and beat them until they die, that is not our job. That is God’s job. It is your job to live right yourself, uphold the principles of truth in your life, and leave the ungodly for God Himself to deal with. Do not be guilty of walking down the street trying to see if you can determine who is and who is not a pervert. You do not look good as a Christian, being that nosy. What if one came into the store where you were, would you walk out? Absolutely not. Why would I want to walk out? If I went into the next store, there might be two in there. What if you go to the bank and you know there is one standing in line, would you leave and go somewhere else? No. There could be half a dozen in line over there. This world is rotten and you will not change it. You will know them sooner or later, because right now the government is making plans to pass a bill, that in the American society the lesbians, the homosexuals and pervert of every sort you can imagine, will have free access to all job opportunities, with no discrimination. Suppose you are in a car wreck and they take you to the hospital, your legs are broken and you can hardly talk, and here comes an intern into your room. If you find out later that he or she is homosexual, you had better be careful how you conduct yourself, because you will lay there on the losing end. It is not your business to aggravate such a person. They are in all walks of our society. If one ever comes up to me and says, Sir, do you know I am homosexual? I will say, No. If he asks, What do you think about it? I am going to say, Answer my question first and then I will answer yours. What do you think about a dope addict? Do you think it is right for a man to use dope? I doubt that very many of them really approve of dope. If he says, Well, I don’t want to commit myself, I will say, Neither do I. I would say also, We all know that dope will eventually cause a person to go insane, but am I responsible for that? By the same token, you people are following a pattern of life that is just as destructive. World histories prove that this fashion of life never goes beyond a generation. It has built within it a means of self destruction. Every one of you perverts can demonstrate, yell, holler and drown out the voices of Christians, but if time itself permitted, Christianity would still be in existence when you people are in hell, screaming, without anyone to rescue you. First off, you cannot propagate yourselves. That is why you are just one generation. I say to my brothers and sisters in the Lord, Christendom is in the last stage of its existence here on earth: It is about time we begin to shake ourselves and realize why the devil is harnessing the social realm in America. He thinks he is absolutely going to destroy the entire Christian image in America. He would, if God would let him, but he cannot. To the young people I say, I realize you are living in a social world now and you are rubbing elbows with hell and the devil himself. That is why you need to be sure you do have the genuine baptism of the Holy Spirit in your life. That is the only thing that is going to guide your footsteps and enable you to avoid the dangerous traps the devil has set for you. Now I realize I have preached a lot of things, but I can promise you this, I have to say these things in this way. Based on the authority of what this book says, the hour is going to be, whether it is two years from now or five, that we who are true children of God will all be sitting here looking at the picture the same way. You will be carrying no reserved ideas of your own. You will have discarded them somewhere between now and then. God is going to bring situations into your life that will cause that to be so. You will be ever so willing to say, Lord, let me be part of that family. As long as you sit looking everybody else over, thinking, He has this, he does this, she is this or that, but I am this, you are not walking with God. Brothers and sisters, no one can walk with God while cultivating an attitude like that. When Paul said, Such were some of you, he was trying to help them see that God picked up a few men along the way: He did not go to religious headquarters to get the best educated men for the body of Christ. Those men that were in the churches Paul wrote to were not the kind of men you could think of as being cardinals or bishops or anything like that. They were men of the everyday walk of life, but God had saved them. They had something inside of them that God placed the knowledge within, enabling them to be examples for others to be influenced by. You will find that the apostle Paul admonished those believers to be examples in word and deed. I ask many times, Lord, help me to be the right kind of example. Sometimes when you see individuals take off down the road, doing their own little thing, going their own direction and acting like they could not care less what anyone thinks, you are made to wonder, What do they see in me? Any time God calls a person to stand for something, sooner or later someone will be asked to take a good look at that person’s life. I assure you, if you ever get into Uncle Sam’s army, you will learn what leadership is, and I speak that from the standpoint of a natural illustration. If you get in the army and think you know as much about it as General MacArthur did, I guarantee you that within 48 hours you will learn your first lesson. I am saying these things hoping I can leave a thought with you that will cause you to examine yourselves. Young people, Please, for the sake of the God that has saved you and given His Spirit to lead you, be willing to listen to someone who can help you. You only learn by listening, and you listen for the purpose of being able to take what you hear and applying it to your every day life.


When God allowed us to go hear Bro. William Branham, I did not sit there looking him over to find out what mistakes he might make. Nor did I have to listen very long before I knew he was speaking in plain old hillbilly language that I was used to hearing. That is the part these denomination big shots despise. They get hold of one of his books and spend their time tearing it to pieces, asking each other, What is the man talking about? Well, this is why I always say, If you had known the man, you would have known what he said and what he meant. When I learned that he was just a plain old hillbilly, fulfilling a calling of God, not out trying to make a name for himself, my ears really tuned in on what he had to say. It sounded good to me. This ecclesiastical, theological image of what we see out here today, only serves those who are looking for a show. I say of that little man, If there ever was a prophet this side of the Dark Ages, he was one. I have seen platforms full of preachers, and you could tell by the way they were dressed that they were men of high rank in denominations, yet that little man standing there in front of them only had a sixth grade education, but he had THUS SAITH THE LORD. That is what made the difference. With those doctors of divinity, historians and all like that sitting there, I have seen that anointing come upon him and him look way back in the auditorium and say, Lady, you sitting back there with a polka dot dress on, you are not from this state; you are from such and such a state and you live on such and such a street. You have been diagnosed by a certain doctor and you are scheduled for an operation of the gallbladder. When that would happen, I have seen many of those big shots preachers pull a handkerchief out of their pocket and start wiping tears. They had seen something they did not learn about in their seminaries and it touched their hearts. After listening to him just one time, the way he presented Jesus Christ to his listeners, I came away saying, He lifted Jesus up and made Him stand head and shoulders taller than any other man that has ever walked this earth. I said, That is the man I am going to listen to. I am glad I listened to him. Young people, it is up to you: If you have a desire to be led and used of God, then learn something from those who have traveled this road of life in the plan of God. It is a wonderful experience, to lay on the floor under the power of God, and it is a wonderful experience to speak in another language. That is part of what God has for every true believer, but if that is all you are looking for, that may be as far as you ever get. Many others have reached that point and stopped, and a lot of them have ended up running the road of life following a worldly crowd and perished in wrecks of all sorts as well as other catastrophes. On the other hand, if you build upon those other experiences something that will stabilize your thoughts and give you a mind that you know beyond any shadow of doubt what the truth of this Bible is, you can meet the world head on and still live for God. You can have personal friends in the Church of God, if you are able to do so without compromising on your revelation of truth. If on the other hand, you get to the place where you and that friend are the only two people that amount to a dime you are not walking with God. If you allow yourself to take that route, you may set your values in life on the wrong thing and end up like a little example I am going to use. You will be like the watch maker that moved to an old country town, set up a shop and went about his business. He had rented a building, brought in clocks and watches of every description and opened for business. In the back of the shop he had a big clock that stood on the floor and reached to the ceiling, with a big pendulum swinging back and forth. It struck precisely on every hour. One morning he noticed a man coming down the sidewalk, stopping in front of the shop, reaching into his pocket and pulling out a watch. The man looked in the window and then wound the watch. The manager thought, What is he doing? The man put his watch back in his pocket and moved on. This went on for several weeks, this same routine, (I am using this illustration to make a very important point.) so curiosity finally got to him and he said to himself, I am going to ask that man why he does that same thing every morning. As the man approached his shop the next time he stepped outside, the man looked past him, pulled his watch out, wound it, and put it back in his pocket. The proprietor then spoke, May I ask you a question? I have noticed that every morning you come by the shop and go through the same routine. Why are you doing that? Well sir, there is a factory on the edge of town: I am the one that blows the whistle when the men are to go to work. I have to have the time right on the dot, lest I be fired, so I make sure my watch is set exactly with your clock. The proprietor said, That is very strange. I have been setting that clock by the same whistle you blow every day. Do you see the problem? Can you transfer that situation to a pattern in your life? If so, you may be in trouble. No matter how much you may like someone, do not set your clock by theirs, or to be very specific, Do not try to pattern your life after anyone else, unless you know for sure that they themselves are walking with God according to His leading. You have to set your clock, or your walk of life by your own experience with the Lord. The reason is, All the others you are looking at may be out of time: You might be the only one with the right time. I am trying to get you to see that we are going to find ourselves being led and dealt with specifically by the Lord, but we have to know how to be led by the Spirit of God and that is where older saints can be of help to you, as they endeavor to teach you how to recognize God’s leading. You may have problems come up, everyone does, but we must deal with them in a proper way. Some of those problems may be big problems, but God always enables us to work through them. If your problems are a result of your careless way of going about things, there is still no reason just to throw up your hands and stop serving God: He still loves you, and He will help you, but you must be willing to go His way. You can create problems in life that may seem insurmountable, but that is usually because you have been unwilling to learn patience. When you are not willing to learn certain things God wants you to learn, and you would rather do something just because somebody else is doing it, God has His way of teaching us how to be responsive to His will and purpose for us, and how to know when He is speaking to us. It can be very hard on our flesh, but it will always be good for our inner self, simply because of God’s word, (Romans8:28), “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.” You are not angels. I am not either, but we are children of God and I am thankful to Him for what He has done among us and through us. I am glad that in the year of 1966, when that preacher stood down there in Bro. William Branham‘s Tabernacle and said that God would not speak any more by dreams or visions, and that there would not be anyone else saved, I was able to say, That is not true. I am glad I did not fall for that silly junk. Look what we have here. Look what God has done for us. If Jesus was off the mercy seat, you young people would never have known what it was like to feel the power of God in your life. I just have to say, Thank God for His Spirit. He is still in the healing business. He is still in the saving business. I will not say for how much longer, but today, He still is. I am certain that time is growing short, but for whatever time there is left, let us be wide awake, and be studying the scriptures and praying, God help me walk each day with a desire in my heart to follow the footsteps of Jesus. Let me see where He walked and help me Lord to walk in that way. I pray that I have not said anything today that has confused your mind. Young men, Listen to me: Do not show a young girl your best side only when you are courting, and then a year after you are married, you are wearing another face. I want you to understand, That young lady is worth more than that. That is being hypocritical. Let us not lie to God. Furthermore, Let us not try to deceive anyone along the way. It is usually very easy to deceive certain people by your deeds and actions, but your heavenly Father knows all about you. Let us follow truth and be realistic in our expectations and God will fight our battles for us.


We all have our thoughts about various things we are faced with, but none of our thoughts or actions will ever change what God’s word has to say about the things that are yet to come upon this earth as time runs out. I look out there at these children, how small they are and how innocent they are concerning the evil that is all around us. If the present world structure was to last another fifteen or twenty years, I am going to show you what this generation is headed for. I have it in black and white. I am glad we are represented here as a body of people made up of different races. When we look at ourselves today, we know we are the product of what was represented in the genetic reproduction of Noah. If God would have wanted it to have been any different, He would have let it continue on until it reached some other proportion. Nevertheless the law that produces our races today, were in the loins of Noah. That is why Paul could preach on Mars’ Hill like he did, to the agnostics and skeptics of those Greeks he was speaking to. (Acts 17:26-28) “And hath made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth, and hath determined the times before appointed, and the bounds of their habitation; 27 That they should seek the Lord, if haply they might feel after him, and find him, though he be not far from every one of us: 28 For in him we live, and move, and have our being; as certain also of your own poets have said, For we are also his offspring.” I want to take you back into Genesis 6, and rehearse some of the things that account for our lives, the way they are. We are moving fast toward the year 2004 ½, the approximate time when two thousand years of prophetic time will climax according to what is written. I want everyone to realize though, that this has all been calculated on the fact that the Roman calendar we are now using is correct. I had nothing to do with putting that calendar together, but I did use it, along with Hosea 6:2, because this prophecy is a yardstick. God would not put a yardstick in the Bible, had He not meant for it to have a specific purpose for true believers. The first part of this would have been the seventy weeks of Daniel. Why would God have told Daniel those things in that prophetic language, and have it given to those Jews, if it had not been for a purpose? Those Jews that were in Babylon in the time of Daniel, if they would have taken that prophecy, went back to Jerusalem and done what they were supposed to do in the light of the objective they were to attain, they should have known within a ten year period, when the Messiah would have come. Hosea 6:2 was written two hundred years before that. It has hung there right on through time to this very hour. We, as Christian Gentiles, can either throw it away, or use it to inform us. If we know the termination of those two days, which is two prophetic days of a thousand years each, we should not be uninformed concerning His return. This is pointing to dispensational days, not days of twenty four hours each. They showed on the news a few days ago, a certain cult. It showed how some had gone to Jerusalem. They have some twisted belief that the rapture was coming, or something like that. They were a cult, just like the David Kresh bunch was a cult. The devil always runs first. That is his aim, to confuse the picture and muddy the water. Then when the real thing comes along the world is scared. You are just another bunch of that kind of people. No. We are not another bunch like that. The devil has run first. He wants to mess up the water, but he can only do what God allows. Bear with me, I want to give you all the details of this, because I do not want to preach it anymore, not unless more material comes along. Let us take a look at what the world was like just before the flood hit. What the world was like at the hour of the flood, actually had its beginning in Genesis 4, way before that hour. A lot of people read Genesis 4, the genealogy of Cain, and see nothing, but there is a lot wrapped up in that 4th chapter, so follow me as we look at it. From Cain to Lamech, you had six men. Six is the number of man. Lamech is the last one there, but that does not mean there were not more brought on the scene. God let Moses write the genealogy down to that, because that is when something began to take place. He killed a man in self defense. He took two wives, so polygamy began there. We see two sons born by one woman. If you notice what each one was contributing to, one was a musician. Follow that. That is the first civilization based on the carnal side of mankind. From that musician, that spirit in the commercial world has come right down through time, and it does not matter what era, decade, or century, each one has produced their share of musicians. Have you ever heard of a man that became a famous musician and attributed the whole thing to God? Never. You come on through the Middle Ages, and we pick up the classical music of Europe, from Austria to Russia, whether it is Beethoven, Bach, or any of the others. I will say, Some of those men had a far greater concept of God, and more respect than anything we have out here today. When time passed into the twentieth century what do we see? All of a sudden, we slid off the pedestal of classical music, and went to Elvis Presley. No sooner had he hit the scene, then here came the Beatles, the moles, the worms, the grasshoppers, the bloodsuckers, you name it, we had them all. They were beating their way down Broadway, right into hell. There is nothing classical about any of that. It stinks to the high heaven, and wounds like hell on the move. Pull up to a stoplight at an intersection and what do you have behind or beside you, whether it be a sports car or an old raddle trap, you hear, Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! That is what our modern day music has turned into. It is a beat straight out of hell itself. They who ride with it are heading for where it came from. The devil sure knew what to do, to get a beat out there that would penetrate the ears of teenagers. They turn the volume all the way up. Then if you say something to them, What did you say? Tell me again. I can’t hear you. All of that started in the 4th chapter of Genesis, long before the flood. The other son had the technique to turn ore into iron and brass. Watch it. It comes right on through the flood also. Finally, when the time came that it began to leave preeminence in the Middle East, we get into the Anglo Saxon type of people, and it became modern industry. Look at our giant steel plants today, whether they are in France, Canada, the United States or Japan, it all started in the 4th chapter of Genesis. I am not just presenting something to you to show just the evil side. Try to understand though, when you come to the end of Genesis 4, and go to Genesis 6, you see the sons of God from the land of Eden, the place Cain left to get away from his past. He did not want anything to do with God. It says he left the land of Eden to get away from the presence of God. He took up abode over in the land of Nod and began to multiply over there. It is apparent, as you read the scriptures that his side produced more feminine babies than masculine babies. Those poor souls were not going to sit at home in the land of Nod and crochet sweaters: They headed for the border between Nod and Eden looking for a mate. The devil knew exactly how to move the mass. He was allowed to create an imbalance, to use it for a further objective of his. When the sons of God, which was Seth’s line, direct descendants from Adam, began to reach out and take them for their wives polygamy crossed the border also. The first thing they knew, it was wholesale polygamy. This taking of wives, plural, began to produce giants. The world, at that time, needed giants about as bad as I need grasshoppers for my breakfast, if you know what I mean. If you know anything about the breeding technique of livestock, you know how they select the traits they want to breed up. The devil knew all about it and he was after the very thing those mixed up marriages produced. Whenever those women failed to bring forth a giant baby, they gave birth to a wizard, an Einstein, an intellectual mind. That is when hell was really on the move, corrupting the creation of God in an attempt to defeat God’s purpose.


We will skip down to Genesis 6:5, and read that next. This is how God saw the end results of all those mixed marriages, many, many years later. “And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually. (This was a condition where corrupted mankind could not think of anything decent, practical, or sensible. Is that not the picture of modern mankind the world over in our day and hour? Evil minds are everywhere you go.) And it repented the Lord that He had made man on the earth, and it grieved Him at His heart. And the Lord said, I will destroy man whom I have created from the face of the earth; both man, and beast, and the creeping thing, and the fowls of the air; for it repenteth me that I have made them. But Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord. (Let us go on down to verse 12.) And God looked upon the earth, and, behold, it was corrupt; for all flesh had corrupted his way upon the earth. (They have done it again in a wholesale way. From Bosnia to Croatia, to Rwanda, massacres, wholesale slaughter is seen on every hand; not to mention what is seen on the streets of every city.) And God said unto Noah, The end of all flesh is come before me; for the earth is filled with violence through them; and, behold, I will destroy them with the earth.” That lets me know this, By the time the sons of God and the daughters of men reached out and embraced each other, the genetic flow was becoming so tainted that the divine attributes that were originally invested in the one man, to be passed on through the genetic law of reproduction, have been mingled with every attribute of the devil. The devil on one side, produces the attributes of his own liking. Every time you watch the evening news, and every time you pick up a daily paper and see some story of what has happened in the earth, you can say, The devil is on the move again. We are a generation that is going to witness the closing of this whole thing. We are going to be the people that will come back with the Lord and rule a thousand years right here on Earth. There will be no Bill Clinton’s left here in that hour, to tell us how it is to be done. There will be no political programs propagated because every person in the bride of Christ will be invested with the divine knowledge of God Himself. As it says in the 3rd chapter of Revelation, to the Thyatira overcomer, To him that overcometh will I give a rod and power over the nations. The Millennium is going to be controlled, ruled, not out of tyranny, but out of love, righteousness, and it is going to restore to the earth tranquility, peace as it should be. That is why it says in Revelation 5:10, For He has made us unto our God kings and priests and we shall rule and reign on the earth. Saints, I am going to say to you, We are going to see this twentieth century close out, and as time goes into the twenty first century just remember this, The twenty first century belongs to God. We are going to see some things take place that the modern, intellectual man of today does not believe to be possible. They somehow have been made to believe that this book is a myth and we are a bunch of nincompoops that need better education. You will never know God from an educational standpoint. It is a revelation in your inner being and a personal experience with the Savior that makes the difference. I grant you, there have been a lot of crazy crackpots that have explored the Bible and came our with some weird supposed-to-be revelations, but none of that changes God’s predetermined purpose one bit. All of that is the devil’s objective. Coming down the road though, is a people that are not looking for glory and honor from mortal mankind, they are looking for no station of recognition, but God is instilling in them something that will be eternal. As you sit here today, just be thankful to God for being whatever race you are. We have people here from Mexico, Norway, Canada and wherever, and God is making us ONE IN HIM. We may speak different languages, but we have a common bond. We belong to a family that one day will be lifted out of here like Noah was in that old boat. We are going to be preserved and glorified in immortal bodies. We are not running for office. We are living for a God that is going to set a place and establish a kingdom in which He has taken people and invested them with power and authority to rule in righteousness. That is what I am looking for, a time when all of these present trials are past.


I want to go into the Bible now and get my scripture setting from beginning to end, so let us turn to Revelation 17. I want to read to you what the Bible says the beast is going to be in the end time, when the antichrist will complete everything in this period of time I am pointing to right here on our chart. That is in the seventieth week of Daniel, when this takes place. We see three and one half, and then another three and one half years of time. The second three and one half years completes the great tribulation, so from there on throughout the Millennium, Christ, with His Bride will rule and reign on this earth. All of the Old Testament saints will be resurrected and they too will reign in that righteous kingdom. There will be a small remnant of people from the nations that now exist on this earth, that the grace of God will somehow preserve through that terrible time of trouble, that they may pass on into the Millennium right from this Era of time. They will make up the nations of mortal people God will use to repopulate the planet. When God gets through with this planet and the day of His wrath, I want you to know, He is going to have the slate clean. When God does it, He does it right. He shows no partiality to any race. After all, He created all of us. He can do with us whatever He wants to. The 8th verse of the 17th chapter tells us this, (This was written in 96 A.D., not 1998.) “The beast that thou sawest (John is in the future tense, He could have been standing right in our era of time) was, (That lets me know there was a time when it existed in reality. All you have to do is indulge in some of the old histories of the world to learn when. There it is, the Roman Empire. Watch it in its heyday, how it flourished, how it conquered people. I have a book called “The Glories of Rome.” This book was copied from the archives of Rome, the records of the games she played when she took her conquered captives back home, like pitting race against race and on like that. It tells how, for seven long years they built a giant lake, in order to carry out mock sea battles, pitting captive against captive. Those Romans loved to spill blood. Those captives were assigned to a ship, then when the command came, they were to engage in combat, not in mockery, but in reality. Only the victors received a prize, that being only to live until the next game. That comes from Roman history. Some of the most diabolical, filthy things went on in those coliseums. I would not dare tell it all before a mixed crowd. Rome and the people that lived back then will answer to God one day for all the atrocities and human lives that were fed to the lions and leopards and all like such. They loved to watch the animals that had not been fed for three or four days, how they would tear into Christian or Jewish families, when they were turned loose. Little children clung to the legs of their parents screaming. A hungry lion would catch that infant, carry it off to the corner and devour it. Well, so much for that. Let us take a look at that old beast through the writings we have in the Bible. It is rising. It has been for several years now. The profile of it is standing almost in full focus.) Verse 8, “The beast that thou sawest was, And is not; and shall ascend out of the bottomless pit, and go into perdition: (That is another event yet to come, because perdition means destruction.) and they that dwell on the earth shall wonder, whose names were not written in the book of life from the foundation of the world, when they behold the best that was, and is not, (meaning there was a period of time when the world did not see it in its former state) and yet is. (Because God has kept it back.) And here is the mind which hath wisdom. The seven heads are seven mountains, (We have already put that in print long ago.) on which the woman sitteth. (Think of it, in 96 A.D. this woman did not even exist, but God showed her to His apostle John. However in 1998 she does exist. This is why I say, If we are going to preach the beast, let us not preach it as a New World Order thing, with its headquarters in New York City. That thing is only the propagation of mankind for these last days, and I have to say, It is a decoy Satan is using.) And there are seven kings: five are fallen, and one is, and the other is not yet come; and when he cometh, he must continue a short space. And the beast that was, and is not, even he is the eighth, and is of the seven, and goeth into perdition.” With this in mind, I want to say, When we look at modern man, ( I do not look at any particular race.) it is very apparent the Anglo Saxon race with her institutions, from Russia to America, has established a mental concept of education, of science, of biology, psychology, that supercedes what mankind has learned in the last five hundred years. This concept is not good. It is evil. Just this week, on one of the News programs I saw, the News crew was in a city, I believe it was in Maryland. They were paying respect to a certain university in that city, so they took the crew to the university grounds, to a coed dormitory. You know what a coed dormitory is? Some of you have gone to college. Maybe you did not go where they had a coed setup, but you have an idea what college is becoming. They showed this one, in which they had every kind of student and every type of race and sex. When they went into the dormitory where they live, boys and girls all live and sleep in the same area. When the camera man walked in there, it looked like where you would have raised a bunch of hogs. Not necessarily because of dirt, but clothes were thrown everywhere, piled on the beds and on top of the computers and desks. One boy was sitting there with no shoes or shirt on, naked as a jaybird, working on a computer. Hanging over the doorway was a sign, sex and all its related, you read the rest. Then they showed this doorway, and I do not know whether it was a closet or what, but condoms decorated the wall above the doorway. Don’t talk to me about education! It stinks like the devil. Out of that setting, students will emerge with diplomas and degrees, but degrees in what? Not in religion. In this literature that is breaking down the standards of what education used to be, what it was composed of. I want to say this, We have thought God created us all equal. Well, in a sense He did, but let us not take that equality and push it over a cliff. I am going to show you where you are going to go with it. I never could understand math, when it said x over y times c, I just simply could not see anything, but if you give me figures I will stay ahead of you. I realize there is a formula to it, but my brain just simply would not grasp that formula, so that lets me know, I was not created equal with everyone that does understand c over y and all of that. I hope you understand what I am trying to project. Nevertheless in this day and hour they are breaking down the standard, and the point is, we don’t want to discriminate between the poor country boy and the wise Einstein brain, so we break the whole standard structure down and pass both of us through the same college door with an IQ that is the same. Then they are going to put me out here in the airport somewhere to learn aeronautics. My point is this, When we get in a crisis, and naturally they do, are you going to trust me to figure the way to rescue that airplane and all its passengers? How idiotic can we be? We have them in the medical profession also: They are killing hundreds and hundreds of people because of it. They take a bunch of chemicals, test them on animals and think they have all the kinks worked out, and as soon as it is approved by the F. D.A. they start injecting it. Up to a point, things may go well, but after a while some poor person they have injected will go into some sort of spell and die. The American Medical Association has experimented with thousands of people across the land. I have sense enough to respect the American medical doctor, because I remember the doctors of by gone days, when sickness had not come to the chronic state it has today. Most of those old doctors, if you went to one of them, he would ask you, How do you feel? You tell him how you feel. He would lay you on the table and punch around and ask you, Do you hurt here, there? After a while he would hit a spot, Oh that hurt! You have a bad gallbladder problem. Nine times out of ten he was more right than these today that have all the sophisticated instruments for diagnostics. You run them through the colleges today and give them all these instruments to play with, but if that person does not have a screen to look at, they are like a lost ball in high weeds. You go in there with a severe pain and the first thing they do is draw blood. Listen to me and understand what I say. I am not a fanatic. It is a shame that the medical profession cannot take the knowledge that was recorded in the old books of practical learning and use some of that as the basis to set together with the technology of today. The next sad story is that we have come to the era of time when some liberal brain has said, We need sex education in the schools, so that is what we have. I want you to know, that by 1950 the world had already passed the point of safe practical population. Science began to figure out what the earth can produce in the way of agriculture. I have literature that shows the percentage rate, how many thousands of people over the planet today are living on the verge of starvation. I am bringing all this in to feed into the picture we are looking at, Man’s thoughts are continually evil. It does not matter what department, what area of education you look at, it is only evil. There is no talk about God. They leave God out of the picture. They do not have time to mess with that old fad. God will come knocking on their door’s one day soon, but it will be for judgment. I believe, that when God saw that this modern man would go the way he has, He removed His Spirit of conviction from them and stopped dealing with them completely. He has let them go to their universities and study, who knows what? He has let man go into space, but as far as I am concerned, I have not benefitted one bit by what they have learned out there in space. It is very sad, that a few years back, some that wanted to take the ride out into space were blown to pieces. Man’s thoughts are continually evil. Our modern man has corrupted his very existence. In colleges, young girls are getting pregnant simply because the innocence that used to be perceived in mankind has been completely discarded. This intimate relationship is no longer something sacred. God knows it is the only thing He ordained for the propagation of life to replenished the earth, but that is no longer respected by modern mankind. A few weeks ago, at the place that prints our Contender, a man on their staff wrote an article favoring the gays. There were all kinds of letters written in rebuttal to it. My wife wrote one, but it will never be printed. She addressed the man who wrote the article and said, If Adam had been a gay, and God told Adam to be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth, you and I would not be here, because the only thing gays produce is sinfulness. Adam’s commission was to produce little babies. Modern man and woman could not care less about what God wants. They are only interested in personal pleasure. Perversion is in every nation, because man has corrupted his ways. The earth is filled with violence, and only the coming of the Lord will change that picture. When we hear of these atrocities the world over, the killings and so forth, and it doesn’t matter whether it is one race against another race, a tribe against another tribe or what, in every continent the spirit of the Age is the same. Why is it like that? Man in his present state is a sinner. His nature is not to serve God. His nature is to go the opposite way. That is why they want to stick us in these institutions today. That is why thirty some years ago they wanted to do away with prayer in our schools. They wanted to take Bible reading out of our schools, and they did, and what do we have instead? We have an element of people upon earth whose every thought is only evil continually, just like in the days of Noah before the flood.


There are two nations on this earth that God has dealt with particularly. One is in the Middle East, Israel: The other is the U.S.A.. Somewhere around 1500 years before Christ, God established the nation of Israel. He gave her a law that was to affect her people, her society, her government and all. If you study Leviticus and Numbers, you would absolutely see that had those children of Israel followed it to the letter, they would never have had a massive wave of crime. God would never have deported them out of there. He would have blessed them agriculturally, He would have blessed them with good health, because that was part of His promise. It wasn’t long though, until they began to follow another spirit. Israel then began on her long journey of travel through time. She became a people humiliated, talked about and mistreated. They became the off scouring of the earth. To my black brothers and sisters, if you could read Josephus, the Jewish historian, you would see that when Titus besieged Jerusalem in 69 A. D., how on August 10 the city fell to the conquering Romans, and that back in the city of Rome, there is an arch that portrays the triumphal entry of Titus bringing back to Rome the conquered from Jerusalem. When the city of Jerusalem fell, close to a quarter million Jews were taken by the Roman army. They were split into three groups. One group was taken to Cairo Egypt and put on the auction block. Another was taken to Constantinople, which is in Turkey. The others went to Rome. This is why Titus was given an archway of decoration. It is a memorial to his triumphal entry. That set in motion that long period of time that the two tribes of southern Israel were sold and scattered through time, to the ends of the earth. Let me say this, It was not until the Christian era affected Europe, and the Christian church began to influence the Roman society, that the Jewish people, as well as other slave people, began to be freed from slavery. Do you know why? There was a saint by the name of Justin, when they were having a gladiator fight in the Roman arena, that looked upon this cruel debauchery to take human life to entertain a bunch of radicals, and rushed into the arena and offered himself as a sacrifice. That is why he is known as Justin the martyr. The gladiators killed him because he was intruding in their game, but that was the beginning of a change. Some of them, when they saw this sacrifice, began to say, This is not right. Justin went in there with no weapon and was willing to give his life’s blood for the sake of future generations. That is why I say, Two thousand years ago, when America had not even been discovered, the history they like to portray in Hollywood was not even thought of; (God will burn that Hollywood spirit in the lake of fire one day.) how they publicize an era of dark history of America. I can take you down the hallway of history, archives, and paint some pictures that will make the hair stand up on your neck. National Geographic, several years back, in the Orient, unearthed a burial ground where the Chinese sacrificed three thousand victims to their gods. That is one reason I have said, Life on this earth has not always been joyful to a lot of people, but as I look back to that dreadful day, after Jesus had eaten the Passover supper with His disciples, and how later on in the night the burden began to come upon Him, of what He was facing, I myself face reality. He went to Gethsemane where the rest of that night He prayed. It was not long until here came some Jewish people. They were there to take this man prisoner. By the time daylight had come, He was in the presence of Pilot. He had not had anything to eat since the Passover supper. From then on, for the next few hours, He is humiliated, He is degraded and called a devil. Even His own disciples, when they began to face this type of attack, could not take it. They scattered, which fulfilled the scripture, Smite the Shepherd and the sheep will be scattered. Nevertheless He gave them a hope, When I raise from the dead, I will meet you in Galilee. After the authorities had condemned Him to death and turned Him over to the Romans, they whipped Him unmercifully. He was not a Charles Atlas type man, and He had not been studying muscle building, so the beating took its toll. Finally, they laid this heavy piece of wood across the back of Jesus. His back is dripping with blood. He was weak as they started down that street to go outside the walls, to eventually climb that hill of Golgotha. Now to my black brothers and sisters I say, Walking alongside, was a Cyrenian man. He was not an Anglo Saxon. He was a dark skinned man. I believe he was a good sized fellow. He was not a small man, because he was up where that Roman centurion saw him. Therefore when Jesus fainted and fell, I can see that Roman centurion reach over and grab that Cyrenian man and say, Pick it up! That is probably why God had the man there in the first place. He reached down and picked up that piece of wood and put it on his shoulders. Probably tears came into his eyes as he thought, I will gladly carry this cross for this man. I do not know what it is all about, but one day, somewhere I will be represented in the outcome of what this comes to. That Cyrenian man picked up that old cross and carried it up that hill like a soldier. Then he laid it down and stood back as the soldiers took over. I can see them take Jesus, in His weakened state, and lay Him down on that piece of wood, stretched His arms out, pull his legs down and tie them on the base and begin driving the nails in His hands and feet before erecting it into the air. His disciples, out of fear, stood back watching. The mother stood in the distance. What in the world is all of this about? Their world was being torn to pieces. We have a lot of people in our modern world today that say, Well we thought the Bible was true, but we see how God has let this anti God element of mankind come in and take over, corrupt every system of human existence, and now they are ready to build a super state, so we do not know what to believe anymore. Without a revelation of the word of God, who would? We have a bunch of henchman up there that belong to the Republican Party, but they are nothing but puppets. We have no political system that is worth a dime anymore. They have all sold out one way or another. The present state of man in his scientific search is trying to increase his life span and rid himself of diseases through genetic research and cloning. Man is on the verge, in science, if he is allowed, to start cloning man, to work along in medical scientific research, simply because, if they have a smart man, they want to keep his brain alive, so if he has a bad heart, they want to clone another from him, then when he has grown to a certain size they can take the heart from the clone and put it in him. Then they will take other vital organs and put them in refrigeration in case another wise man gets in a wreck and loses his own. Cloning will be the utopia of the medical and scientific world. Without the true God, but with science, modern man wants to be a god to himself. He wants to be able to stick his chest out and show the world, Look what we have done. Regardless of their efforts, in the ordinary man hate still lingers. Dope is on the rise, killings in schools likewise, so justice is no longer justice. Good is evil and evil has become good to a great host of our society. Let me just quickly read to you some statistics. I will try to hurry through it. In this article, it exposes eight federal judges scattered over the United States from Texas, Tennessee, and so forth. It names them and tells where they went completely contrary to state rules. One of the names is Russell Clark, and it tells what he did in the year 1970. Another name is Terry McDonald, whose office was in San Antonio Texas. He turned a killer loose, pardoned him, and that man went right out and killed again. Then he was asked, Why did you do that? He goes by his gut feelings. A federal judge, John Nixon, in Nashville Tennessee, and another by the name of Ronald George, appointed by Governor Pete Wilson in California, got involved in a medical case, going over certain normal laws. Another in New York, by the name of Harold Behr, pardoned some men when they were arrested by police and they had eighty pounds of dope, and they over ruled the verdict. He said those police had no business watching them transfer it into the trunk of the car. (How stupid can anyone be? Evil is on every hand. Justice, where is it? It does not exist anymore. I will try to hurry through this, but I do want to read it to you.) Crime today in South Africa where apartheid was lifted, especially rape is the highest of any nation in the world. Christian brothers, listen to this, the United States is next. Russia is next. How come all of this? The Bible says the wicked shall do wickedly, but the wise shall understand. Here is an article, taken from police departments all the way from New York to Atlanta Georgia, and over the nation. All because crime has become such a predominant thing of normalcy, in order to make it look good, if a house was broken into and vandalized, they do not record it in detail. They only say a certain house at a certain address, lost certain items. I have to say, It is a shame. Here is an article taken from a newspaper, where a fellow named Robert Kaplan remarked that the democratic South Africa has become one of the most violent places on earth that are not war zones. The murder rate is six times that of the United States and five times that of Russia. Here is a whole category of crime here and there. I remember when it was not like that in the United States. It says in this one, that South Africa’s crime and rape has become so predominant, the police are so out numbered, people have gone to having personal body guards, and security guards. There are fifteen security guards to one policeman. When it gets that bad I say, God get us out of here. There is another article here. In America there is a move to confiscate the guns of the law abiding citizens. The article deals with a case in the west, a certain man and his wife and child, a fifteen year old boy. A man had been stalking the woman for days. He hid outside the house until her husband left for work. Then he went into the house, attacked the woman and started beating her. The fifteen year old boy knew where his father kept the pistol, so he got it and shot the villain three times. I can see the anti gun believers, Oh, that is terrible. America has been turned into a hell hole, just because of attitudes like that. The sheriff backed up what was done saying, Where would the woman be if that boy had not known how to use that gun? The man had broke her jaw, put a terrible scar on her face, and did other damage to her body. I can remember when America was normally a peaceful society, but today we have a generation that has learned this violence because the TV entertaining world is full of it. It does not matter to them that they are educating young people that grow up watching that filthy stuff. The ACLU wants to say that is censorship, if anyone tries to do anything about it. I wonder who voted that bunch into their office? We are living in a country where a bunch of organized people can go out here and charter themselves for some cause and back the government against the wall. Listen to this one. They do not want the church that is a church to say anything about it. Clinton has passed a law and our 104th congress has sanctioned it, turning all churches over to the IRS, that any time they see fit to do so, if you begin to preach against pornography, homosexuality, lesbianism, or any of these perverted elements that are going in today’s society, they watch you, and any time they want to close you down, they have the records to do so. In one sweep the IRS is now in control of every church and parent church organization in the U.S. A., that qualifies under a certain bill. This includes all day schools, colleges and seminaries. It also includes all evangelistic organizations and missionary boards. You can see how close we are to the end. The IRS will demand that churches support IRS approved charities. Missions and evangelizing will not be considered charitable. In time, the IRS will demand that churches use unoccupied space for the homeless and other charitable work. President Clinton has confirmed this in several speeches recently, so listen to this, “that churches must pick up a larger share of the welfare needs. Also in time the IRS will totally control the content of all sermons, especially those they consider apocalyptic.” That means, if you believe in the second coming of Christ, which is prophetic, they have you. What a monster. There is an article here about one college, it tells the name of the college. A study is being made and is being set in motion. Teenagers of all races are being schooled. They are doing their best to create and project a philosophy for modern man to get rid of hate and to be able to utilize and equalize, so that according to modern man we all are equal. We will create a society and conditions of assimilation. How many know what assimilation is? We mix the races up. We create conditions that eventually we will no longer have white, and plain black. We will destroy the previous identities of what we were with the future generations, of being a modern multi cultural man. That is to be true in the New World Order. There is an article in here, that tells how up until a certain time our population of the Muslim people was around two million. Now it has passed the six million mark. Here, a few weeks ago, there was a big march held in New York, mainly black students. They said that by the year 2000, there will be black power. If not, the rivers will run red with blood. I have articles here, and I say this to the Hispanic people, You do not know what is going on in certain places of the southwest. Across the border in Mexico, you have insurrectionists, guerillas in training for the eventual invading of the southwest. They want five states in the southwest to be turned back to the Aztec Indians. They will have to raise them from the dead. Try to poke that stuff down my throat, I will plainly tell you, There are no Aztec Indians today. They do not know what happened to the Aztec. They do not know whether some plague killed them all or what. They already have the design for that, and Bill Clinton is in on it, so eventually, when they get the New World Order in motion, by the year 2000, the Mexican border will be the beginning point, sixty miles this side and sixty miles that side, they will set that up as a pattern or example. They will not have to have passports or anything. Then when that takes place, every gang of dope smugglers and every crook will absolutely have a heyday. There was a time when the only organized crime we had was like John Dillinger and Al Capone’s gangs. However when we got the Sicilian and Italian Mafia to cooperate with us, to give us military information in WW2 about the Germans, we agreed to let them come into this country. When we let the Italian and Sicilian Mafia come to this country, then when we let the Korean and Vietnamese boat people come in to California, following them, came the Oriental Mafia. Now we will have the South American crime syndicate. This is not published in the daily newspapers. The media works right along with the leaders. That is what happens most of the time when you see any government fall, the media is right in middle of the mess with them. I will relate what this article says. In 1997, in this country, President Clinton met with three hundred world dignitaries, and they laid the strategy on how they could bring all this about. They under handedly established all kinds, like NATO, all kinds of trade agreements, the world bank is part of it. Their strategy is, they can create these things, pass them as laws and then when they set the other machinery in motion, you have the beginning of the New World Order government. It tells here, that one after another international treaties or agreements help build that up, NAFTA, GATT, the World Trade Organization, the Chemical Weapons treaty, the Law of the Sea, the Global Warming treaty. In another article, our environmentalists, it is kind of funny, they are saying they have found out now that our nation has too many cows. Cows, when they defecate, release a gas, and this goes up and helps put a hole in the ozone layer. I have to say, If they want to remove the cows, let them be the first ones to do without steak and hamburgers and milk for their babies. What does it all add up to? It lets you know the planet has come suddenly to a point where it is crying for help. They know something has to be done, but they want to do it the carnal man’s way. I have to say, God help us all. All of this is going on now simply because, if the globalists are allowed to have their way, there will never be this period, (the supernatural of God on behalf of Israel) nor an antichrist, according to their way of looking at it. There will be no beast. This is why a lot of preachers today, say the New World Order is the beast. Look at that thing. Sure, look at it. They have harnessed this thing with everything diabolical. This is why, if you read Zechariah 12, you see how God will make Jerusalem a cup of trembling, and then He says, “And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people: all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces, though all the people of the earth be gathered together against it.” Why would that prophet know there would be a time when the whole world would be against that city? Here is it. God knew it. One prophet said He would cut them to pieces, and the next one said He would break them. So God is compelled by His own word to destroy this monster, somewhere in and around the era they plan to start it in full swing. I have to believe that is when God will strike it, in order to fulfill Revelation 17. We live in America, and I am glad I was born here, but I also know this judgment, this house cleaning that is coming to this country, is going to be the fulfillment of George Washington’s vision. All the component parts are now in place. Why has Clinton sent our fighting force to Bosnia? Why do we have a big part of our naval fighting force in the Persian Gulf area? Why did he cut the military budget? I read in an article the other day, we have very few fully equipped divisions. We have a fighting force, yes, both in the Persian Gulf and in Bosnia. He knows good and well why. He in return has put in this country, thousands of U.N. troops. In this article it says that in Fort Polk, Louisiana there are 25,000 Russian troops. There is another 19,000 U.N. troops consisting of French and Pakistanis. In Barstow there are 50,000 U.N. troops. In San Diego California there are 40,000 U.N. troops. El Dorado California has 50,000 U.N. troops. In Nevada, there are 1,000 U.N., Russian troops and trained to go from house to house to take your guns away from you. The Texas panhandle has 43,000 U.N. battle group. Anchorage Alaska, 14,000 U.N. troops. Here is what the U.N. looked like in 1945. In the beginning in 1945, was 1500 people, with a budget of less than twenty million. Today it is 54,000 with a budget of more than ten billion. One fourth of that is U.S. tax money. Every time they take so much federal tax out of your pay check, think of it, you are contributing to this setup. This is one reason why every one of us should be very careful to walk with God. This is why I said these little children that would have to go to our public schools, under our present system of politics, would have no future whatsoever. However, if the Bible is right, and I know it is, These politicians are building the very thing that is going to bring their destruction. They are trying to build a political machine to fit the whole world. You and I know, when mankind, after the flood, began to multiply in the plains of Shinar, they did not ask the common person what they wanted, the big shot, the man who wants to be a leader, says, Let us build a tower to heaven. They started the work. They incorporated everybody. Bill Clinton would have been in on that. He might have been the engineer with the scope, but when that thing got so high, God said, Look, there is nothing impossible for him to do, if he just imagines to do it. Let us go down and take a look. That is not a trinity coming down. That is God with the angels. I believe He told one angel, You do this part, and another, you do that part. They waited until night set in and the work crews had all returned home. John and Mary had supper with their family. They went to bed. But along in the night an angel came walking through every house, touching those people. When John got up the next morning, he could say Good Morning honey. She knew exactly what he had said. Likewise in all the other homes, but when Bill and John and Jack and the rest began to gather in the streets, going toward the tower, something was terribly wrong. Good morning Bill. What? Good morning. What is wrong with you John? Have you gone mad? John could not understand him either. They made their way on down to the tower. They all took their position. The man on the top layer said, Pass me a brick. The next guy thought he said, Pass me a stick, or whatever. The point is, none of them could understand anything anyone else was saying. It was total confusion. God determined that the tower building would stop. I have to say, This U.N. thing is going to stop one of these days also, and what a fall they will take. They have not a clue, that there is an element of people on this earth that is going to make up the Bride of Christ. When it is all over, and everything is said and done, God is going to have the last word. There is going to be some people in this world that are going to say, How come you people knew all this? It is none of their business then. May God Bless All of You. Amen.