Birth Pains, Part 3

Rev. Raymond M. Jackson


I have a volume of Collier’s Magazine, which is a chronological, pictorial form of WW2. Wherever it was fought, it is all over the world. We are going to have the camera to focus on these two pages as I hold them up here. We are going to use what is in here, as we continue on with the message. It is not by coincidence that our troops are in that part of the world today, along with NATO troops. (This was preached 4/18/99, EDITOR.) It all started right where WW1 started. This is about WW2, where it picked right up again. Isn’t it strange, that this many years later we are right back there looking at the same picture? Look how terrible it is. This picture shows dead bodies laying in the streets of Belgrade. That is where the Serbs are located. This is the German troops heading on down through Yugoslavia. I am not sure which year this is. It also shows some more German troops, and this is Yugoslavian refugees of that hour. This is wreckage of German planes that have been shot down. It just goes to show, what the Catholic Church started, along with Mussolini. I remember, they made a movie a few years ago and I saw it on TV one night. Mussolini, along about 1939, went into Ethiopia. He conquered it, but little did he realize that the Allies were going to come back and free all of North Africa some time later. After he took that, he became elated over the idea that God was going to restore the Roman empire back to Rome. That is when he went into that part of Europe, right in through Yugoslavia, an area that they wanted to cut off and make a complete Catholic state. His troops got bogged down along the way. It tells here how the German troops helped relieve the Italian troops and the Italians from then on fought along side the Germans in Yugoslavia. Right here, is the Balkan guerilla warfare. It shows some of the guerillas. This covers all the way through Greece, right on up through Yugoslavia. It tells there, that Yugoslavia patriots waged the most successful guerilla resistance in Europe against the German forces. This warfare was carried on by rival leaders. When Italy collapsed, some of the Italian troops that had been doing garrison duty in Yugoslavia, joined the partisans and large quantities of equipment and munitions fell into their hands. By the end of 1943, the partisan army was comprised of three hundred thousand men and women, fighting along a three hundred fifty mile front. I just wanted to show this, for the sake of the video tape.


Brothers and Sisters, we are on this message because I feel that there are some things that need to be brought to our attention, and I pray that I can present certain things in it without people thinking, Bro. Jackson. Don’t you think you are jumping the gun a bit? No saints, you are going to wake up one of these mornings and realize, it is later than you think. It is true, a lot of people do not want to look reality in the face. They want to look somewhere else and say, but it simply cannot be that way! Well I have to tell you, It is. I want to remind you also, not necessarily that I will tell it right now, but back in December 1997, I had this dream, and I will never forget what I saw looking right at me, that angel dressed in that certain armor. I could tell he was a man of authority. All those angels coming together, forming companies, like there was the need for haste, because they did not have a lot of time to put off doing what they had to do. In the first scene, I saw two men walking out of a beautiful white cloud, from left to right. Their image was not just anonymous. Their image’s were so profound, and one man seemed to be a shade taller than the other. One had gray hair, the other had color in his hair. Keep in mind, Elijah was not an old man when he was translated. It was Moses, that was an old man when he died while still in the wilderness journey and was buried at a certain place. I want us to open our Bibles to Daniel 12, to get our setting. We want to see what takes place in this time of trouble that is mentioned. “And at that time shall Michael stand up, the great prince which standeth for the children of thy people: (the Jews) and there shall be a time of trouble.” Let us look at this time of trouble. It is not a particular time within the week of Daniel, which is the dark tribulation period. It is definitely a period of time, that once it sets in, it sets in by conditions in the world at large. If we look at it right, it takes this time of trouble to usher in and to shape politics, the overall political systems, to align nations with whatever is going to come about in the end time. We have said for a good while, leaders of the U.N. think they are going to be the means of putting into effect a New World Order in the whole world systems of government, and that eventually, all the nations of the world are going to cooperate and give over to this. Well, if you believe such stuff, then I have to say, you really do not believe your Bible. I see a different picture in my Bible. Yes, I grant you, the way the political side of things looks right now, all of this looks very convincing. Let me say this to you, First off, that thing is only about fifty years old. They have squandered a lot of money without doing very much good. They have slowly hatched out this idea, and they feel that it is for the twenty first century. If, and when such a plan would go into effect, (This is just for the sake of showing you something.) All nations would lose their independent sovereignty that they now have. Each nation would be no more than one state in the United States of the world. That is the way they have that thing designed, but that is not the way the Bible pictures it. We have to go the Bible, if we want to see the true picture of the future. What did it mean where it says, Come here and I will show unto thee the beast that was, and is not, and yet is? Where does the Bible say such a beast would come from? Out of the bottomless pit, The end of it is perdition, destruction, the lake of fire. Well you and I know, a living human being does not come out of the bottomless pit, only a spirit comes out of there. Therefore we have to look at the spirit of this Roman Empire first, before we start looking at any kind of political machinery or such like. The Roman Empire was the last beast system to rule the world. We know it came in by the caesars, but when the city of Rome began to fall, as far as being the old imperial city of the Roman Empire, and the caesars began to lose control, we can study history and see where the papacy, the bishop of the holy Roman church, slowly began to exalt himself, and magnify himself above all the predecessors. You do not have to take Webster’s dictionary to look for what that means. That is plain and simple. We can say, from about 500 A.D. and onward, the bishops, one after another, began to rise more and more in preeminence of power and influence throughout the whole Roman territory of Europe. By the time we come to the 12th century, the papacy was in full power. All the way up until the Reformation struck, the papacy was in supreme control of all the old territorial part of the Roman Empire. There had been a split between the Greek Orthodox and that area where Serbia is, because that was all apart of the old Greek empire. When the Roman church and the Greek Orthodox church split, naturally the Vatican did not like that, because they wanted to be completely supreme over all that area. When the Reformation struck, it began to wound the power of the papacy even more. That is why, when you read Revelation 13, the beast had a wound by the sword (The sword of the Spirit) and did live, so I want to say this today. The United Nations is not a political, world system that ha had a wound inflicted on it. It is a new thing. It is designed by world politicians who could not care less about the Bible. We have got to understand, that if the Bible is true, then God is obligated to create conditions in the world at large to make nations and people fulfill all of what is written, instead of letting the politicians apply their own political ideas to everything and everyone. That is why I have said for a long time, the United Nations and the New World Order, are nothing more than a decoy. It is a shame that we have preachers on TV today, spending thousands of dollars, trying to convince the world that they should watch this and watch that, when they have no revelation whatsoever of the things they are warning people about. Yes, watch it, but know why you are watching it. We have now come to a place when all of a sudden a problem begins to arise in Yugoslavia, right in that ancient territory where wars have been started before. They have debated, they have used all kinds of diplomacy, until finally, all of a sudden our own president, who is trying his best to make himself look like an important world leader, has finally suggested to NATO, that it is their responsibility to intervene. What is NATO, and why should they become involved? NATO is not the army of the United Nations. The United Nations was represented in the Gulf War, but this war is absolutely represented by all the nations of Europe. If you are old enough, you ought to know when NATO was formed; and what it was formed for. It was a means politically, to unite the military might of the European nations. Why? Because for so many years Russia was a mighty power looking right at them. They united and kept pulling together to combat the inroads of communism. Finally the iron curtain fell and NATO began to relax. It stayed together, ready for action. Why is it like that? All because that is going to be the beast’s army in the week of Daniel. That will be the army that will enter the city of Jerusalem and take over the affairs of what the prophets have done. That is the system that will kill the two prophets and they will lay in the streets of Jerusalem for three days and a half. I have certain things written down here, but I am going to read this verse again. “And at that time shall Michael stand up, the great prince which standeth for the children of thy people: and there shall be a time of trouble, such as never was since there was a nation even to that same time: and at that time thy people shall be delivered, every one that shall be found written in the book.” When are they delivered? They are delivered in the first half of that week. Also the woman of Revelation 12 is sealed away; ready to flee from there when the anti-Christ starts cracking the whip in the middle of that week. The time of trouble has got to be something that is to occur right in here, before the week starts. All of this over here, is the consummation of what starts in this time of trouble. This time of trouble, is what you are going to see as this episode in Europe goes on, and I cannot help but believe God has allowed this foolish man we have as our president, to think he is going to maneuver some big thing out of it. Remember saints, Israel has elections this coming May. The Palestinians are pushing for Israel to let them form a state; with Jerusalem being the capital. If Clinton did not have his hands tied, and was not obligated to any other commitment, he might be all mouth and want to dictate terms as to what Israel could do, should do, and should not do. However let us just say this, if this is to align things, and make it go according to the scriptures, our country, politically, could absolutely be so bogged down in a military conflict that it would absolutely be eating our treasury up, because all these refugees that are having to flee this part of Kosova, the western world especially, Europe and the United States will feel the effects the most. It is going to cost them millions of dollars every day, to rush aid to wherever they finally locate them, until they presume they have all of this settled.


As we look at this time of trouble, we know the consummation of all of it is at the end of the tribulation period, which is the last half of the seventieth week of Daniel’s seventy week prophecy, but brothers and sisters, let us look at it in reality. There is not a war fought in the first part of that week either. Then where is it to be fought? It has got to be fought right in here. This period fo time from now until the week actually starts, is this period of trouble we are reading about, with disturbance in various places and world politics falling to pieces. This is what creates the necessity for the world leaders, as they get closer to this time, to finally negotiate with each other and set in motion that period fo time that lasts seven years. They will decree that it is a seven year covenant of peace, but we understand from the scriptures, that the seven years brings the world face to face with Armageddon. Out of this time of trouble, comes something that just goes to show how feeble man’s political, carnal minded way of trying to negotiate and put together a peace plan, really is. God is not going to let them do it by the power of the United Nations. It is going to be done according to the way the Bible shows it. We everyone know, that history never proves that world leaders wind up right, and God’s word wrong. History proves that when a certain time comes, and you can see that when that time came, it is the Bible that is fulfilled. There is no worldly politician, regardless of how educated he may be, that has ever had the answer to any of that which is done to fulfill the scriptures. One thing is sure, our getting involved in Bosnia, Yugoslavia and all of that is not going to hinder Israel one bit, as far as fulfilling her role I the near future. She is going to have a miracle war, regardless of what world politicians may do and say. That is the shocker for a lot today. It just goes to show, that miracle war that God will let Israel have between them and the Muslim Arab states around her, is not just for the purpose of Israel reclaiming her rightful land allotment, but also for the glory of God, as His word is fulfilled to the letter. Europe is tied up, bogged down, therefore I have to believe time is as it tells us here. “And many of them that sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake, (That is the Bride. That is your next phase of the first resurrection, in and around about the time the week starts) some to everlasting life, and some to shame and everlasting contempt.” That last part does not take place until the end of the Millennium. “And they that be wise shall shine as the brightness.” Of course we understand that the Ezekiel 38 war will still have to be fought after Israel takes her land back; after she is dwelling safely in unwalled cities, without any further fear of being attacked by Arab Terrorists. When the world has to watch a war with Israel as the number one showpiece, and everything comes out just the way the scriptures say it will, do you not think that will create an eye opener for much os the world? That is why I say, Everything that begins to transpire from now on will have some significance, so people will be very foolish if they just go to sleep and pay no attention to what is taking place around them. It should make them wise, if they are true children of God. It should make them walk with their eyes wide open. You are not going to hear any world leader come down the line and tell you they have the answer to anything for sure. They could not possibly have the answer, because they are not planning on the coming of the Lord. I have to say, people that are foolish virgins, destined to be among those that are to be left here when the rapture of the bride takes place, seeing a war in the Middle East, of the magnitude that the bible speaks of, certainly should be an eye opener for them, simply because none of those evangelists they are listening to are even talking about that. You never hear them mention scriptures that deal with it. It is going to take that type of war, for Israel to be able to acquire the land that the Bible says God will restore to them, and then for Israel to build the temple according to Isaiah 60. Nobody can tell me that the world is just going to fold their arms and go to the Movies, while Israel goes and does her thing. I would have to say you are a first class fool to close your eyes to reality; and let that transpire before your eyes, and then wink at it as if it is just another day, and just another war. Yes, it is going to be a war, but a war that God is definitely in, and one hundred percent for the Jews. That is why it reads like that in Micah 7, that the heathen will come crawling out of their holes. That is going to go on in the overall time of trouble. That only creates more unrest, in the instability of the political structure of the nations. They can say one thing one day, and God will tear it to pieces to next day, because the end results will be, that out of all this trouble, it creates instability, unrest, it tears up political ideas, and it is God’s way of forcing them into the week of Daniel. Do you think world leaders are reading the Bible and saying to one another, Gentlemen, you must not forget that there is one more week left according to the prophet Daniel, so don’t you think we ought to do our part to fulfill it? They do not read anything that would cause them to think that way. They read only what they want to read to pacify their conscience. God has let them play with their pet ideas for fifty years, and just look at the money they have wasted, trying to make that One World Government thing exist. They may make part of the western world believe it, but when you think that the United Nations is going to make China come under its dictatorial control and forget it sown sovereignty, you had better rethink the entire situation. That is not going to happen. This time of trouble, and I am not telling you how long this war in Bosnia is going to last, but it is the beginning of that trouble. I am saying this also, somewhere in the next few months, war can break out in the Middle East; and when it does, God and God alone will be the sovereign designer of the entire outcome. There is another war that follows that one, and that will be the one described in Ezekiel 38. It is not Armageddon, it is what we commonly refer to as the Ezekiel 38 war. It is a miracle war also, but Israel will not have to take up arms and fight it to the finish like they have other wars. God will fight this one for them. That will transpire just prior to the time the seventieth week is to start, and it will be the last war fought this side of the end of Daniel’s seventieth week. Do not get the idea that all of this is going to take another fifty years. No. It will not take long for the whole thing to wrap up. One episode can start before the other one gets finished, except for the Ezekiel 38 war. With this in mind, the foolish virgins that are going to be left here to see the dark tribulation hour, plus a lot of other mortal people living right now, some of these things that will develop, God is going to cause mortal people to see that He is working on the scene. You know yourselves, that the 144,000 Jews that are to be sealed away in the first part of the week, when the antichrist breaks the covenant, they will flee to the nations preaching the everlasting gospel to the nations at large. Do not tell me that they are not going to open the eyes of a few people. When that time comes, that is why it says, and they that be wise; they that be wise are those that are going to be left here. It is not the ones that are taken in the rapture. Until the rapture has taken place, sure, you can look at them and know they are wise, but when the Bride is gone, you have got to realize this, this word wise, will apply to those virgins who are left and they will understand. You have to see what God is going to do within that period of time to keep the wise enlightened. “And they that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament; and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars forever and ever.” I have broken this down and put some things in here, what this time of trouble will mean to a lot of people. The time of trouble eventually leads right into the week of Daniel. Somewhere around the beginning of the seventieth week is when the rapture of the prepared bride will take place. The Jewish people will be delivered in the first half of Daniel’s week, and that pertains to the 144,000 men you see sealed in Revelation, chapter 7 and the woman element of Revelation 12. People that have a desire to understand will be increased with spiritual knowledge. This is brought about with the 144,000 preaching the everlasting gospel after the bride is gone, as well as seeing the miraculous things God will be doing. The wicked shall not understand. God help them. Professors, presidents of colleges, and all who have thought they did not need God, will suddenly have a chance to see that God they have rejected, in action. Here, is a book written in 1918. It was compiled by presidents of Columbia college, and Yale, individual men, who wrote books, and it gives their names. As those different writers from different parts of the world, wrote how they viewed things. The one man that compiled this one, write it in 1918. When I picked this one up, written by this other man in 1987, that is roughly sixty nine years. Yet the events, the records are so accurate, it would have been utterly impossible for two different men, living in two different periods fo time, to write events as they transpired in his hour, to link up so accurate as they did with WW1 and WW2. That is why I said Thursday night, this is not a coincidence. I have to believe God is a God that lets nothing happen just by chance. He always has a motive, a purpose and a reason for everything He allows. It just goes to show, that this time of trouble begins right where WW2 stopped. Europe was the focal point of the starting of the war, but by the time it had ended, it had reached completely around the globe. I have to say, as it picks up again, it will eventually influence every system of human government and in every nation, as to how they perceive certain issues to be. I have to say also, that whatever takes place between now and the week of Daniel, will be that which God Himself will supervise, to make everything go the way His scriptures say they will. Then, the consummation of all that does take place will be Armageddon. Armageddon is not a miracle war by any stretch of the imagination, but it will absolutely come about according to Revelation 16. It is God’s own way of bringing east and west forces together. When God brings east and west together, the war will probably not last very long. However there will be an unleashing of such modern technology and military kill power, that the blood shall flow to the bridle of the horse. They will pour into that valley of Megiddo like flies after honey, because God will bring them there. Then, when God sees that it has served its purpose, He is the ONE that can cause it to stop, because it is not going to be the war itself that creates such desolation on the planet. The coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, is actually going to be the thing that causes that. When He sets in to pour out the wrath of God on wicked mankind, as we see in Revelation 19. Think of it, after God has given multitudes of people an opportunity to see the reality of what is written in His word, and yet they turn their head the other way, to go their own selfish, stubborn way, never changing their lifestyle, never thinking anything is wrong with the way they are living. He will smite them with the sword of His mouth. It is just like what we were reading in an article in a certain paper. Somebody is contesting the TV entertainment system, and also the pornography on the Internet. The ACLU is complaining, if you don’t like it, turn it off. When society gets to the place that to some nothing is wrong, then I have to say, that element that thinks like that is the element that will cause the destruction of others. History proves that when a nation’s society became so headstrong that they want certain perversions to be their life style, that brought that empire down, and brought that society to its death. History records it vividly. We have got to accept the fact that we are living in the last days, and that the wicked will not understand. They don’t want to. They don’t want to believe anything about God. We also find here in the 4th verse of Daniel 12, “But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end; many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased.” That is a general picture of the word at large. Science, technology, and fast means of travel, and they are traveling by the thousands every day. In a years time, millions have went from one end of this planet to another, so to speak. Science is all people want to study, just before the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. I have to say, Yes, there is a place for science. I will accept science and greatly acknowledge anywhere that it has a place in our society, but I have to say, just don’t tell me I have to learn all about science in order to split wood. I will say also, I have no need to know anything about the rocks on the moon. I could not care less about them. That is my way of saying it. You and I know, God never made everybody on this planet to be able to do the same things. Everybody that the Creator has caused to be born on this planet has certain capabilities. If that man is allowed to be exposed to the opportunity to develop and cultivate those talents, or capabilities, that is the right way it should be done. Our society requires us to send them to colleges by the hundreds, so they can force a whole bunch of junk into their mind’s and try to convince them that God does not exist. Maybe some fo what they learn is beneficial to them, but again, maybe it is not. It depends upon what a person’s goal in life is, whether a college degree will make very much difference or not. A college degree can be thought of as being like the bone structure of a colt born into a line of race horses. Did you ever wonder why all the thoroughbred, race horse men, when a thoroughbred colt is born, they watch its growth and how it begins to mature, but before that colt is taken to the track, if they have any doubt about its bone structure, and how its muscles are developing, they x-ray them and check everything about them. They x-ray the legs and knees to see if there is anything abnormal developing anywhere. If they see anything like that, that colt don’t go to the track. If they put him on the track, he will break down. They will usually sell that little fellow to someone who likes to hunt foxes. They have another outlet for them. Everything has its place and that is where it will realize its potential. I hope my examples are understood the way I mean for them to be understood. With all of these things in mind, just know that the end will come so fast, it will slip up on most of our society at large. I have to believe we are living in a very limited time, so it behooves us to watch and pray.


I said I would read certain sections of what I have here, so let me get back to it. I realize some people get bored with hearing you read, but I just have to say, that is why a lot of them never see anything of importance. They go to the mall and pass by all the department store windows, and do not miss a thing. There is a time for that, I know; I am not a fool. The time is at hand, that bride saints need to be aware of what is going on. I am going to read certain sections. I want to read enough to give you the picture of how WW1 did start. You can see what was going on in the world, when the United States did not even want to go to war. Neither did they want to go to war when they were forced into WW2. The publishers that printed this were Review and Herald Publishing Association. They had places in Washington, D.C., South Bend, Indiana, and New York City. The title of this book is “A World in Perplexity.”

“Nineteen centuries ago the Prophet of Nazareth foretold a time when there would be distress of nations, with perplexity, when men’s hearts would fail them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth. Today (in 1918) we see His words signally and strikingly fulfilled.

The greatest war ever known to mankind has gripped the nations. Kings, statesmen, and whole peoples, seeing its horrors and confronted by its unsolved problems, are perplexed beyond measure.

And not only so, but seeing no certain hope for the future of the world, no pilot to deliver them from the angry cross currents of national ambitions, no way out of the dark and hopeless labyrinth in which they wander, the hearts of sober, thinking men everywhere are failing them for fear. From thousands of trembling lips fall the questions: What is the meaning of this breakdown of modern civilization? Must the world live on forever either deluged in blood or under the dark shadow of impending war? Is there no deliverance, no hope?

To a candid consideration of this terrible situation, and to a faithful answer to the supreme question of the hour, these pages are devoted. The author is neither an alarmist nor a political propagandist, but a sober, serious thinker, who in this little volume offers to his fellow men the only possible solution of the great problem that confronts the whole world. That men everywhere may find the guiding thread of divine truth to which they are directed in this book, is the earnest prayer and hope of the publishers.

Some of the quotes in this book are taken from other men’s writings as they analyzed the era of WW1. One of the first men that the author refers to is Nicholas Murray Butler, President of Columbia University. The title of the book was “A Nation in Ferment.” Just ask yourself, what does that mean? You Know how you make wine; you pick the fruit and put it in a container. You usually crush the fruit, get the juice out. Then there is a bacteria that begins to settle in. After a while there is a foam that begins to collect on top. This foam has a way of causing the bacteria to work its way down through all the juice. It breaks down the solids, so that they become absorbed in the liquid. The hulls and unsoluble particles float to the top. Fermentation lifts to the top anything that is to be skimmed off. I don’t have that book, but this man quotes from it. To think right here is a conflict with the very same people. I have to say. It is not a coincidence. Why would three conflicts, years apart, start in the same area, with the same people, and the issues are always different than what the previous ones fought about? Here is a quotation from President Wilson at that time.

“The gravity of the present world situation was recognized by President Wilson in his message to the Congress, December 4, 1917. His closing words were:

“A supreme moment of history has come. The eyes of the people have been opened, and they see. The hand of God is laid upon the nations. He will show them favor, I devoutly believe, only if they rise to the clear heights of His won justice and mercy.” (The United Nations does not even want to hear talk like that. That is why I have to say, What a death blow God will strike them with one day!)

These statements are pregnant with meaning. Declaring that we face a supreme crisis, our chief magistrate directs our minds to man’s relationship and responsibility to God, the great Sovereign of the universe.”

Here is another one:

“Russia, with a territory comprising one seventh of all the land in the world and a population close to one eighth of all the inhabitants of the earth, is in utter chaos. Tumult and revolution have swept that great empire as with the besom of destruction. The editor of the Washington Herald, in the issue of January 26, 1918, says:

“A war crazed world may be a convert to chaos before it finishes its madness. Why not? The unbelievable has ceased to be merely possible. The Bolshevist germ is abroad in the world. It is contagious. Russia has become the political insane asylum of the world. It is the maddest thing in a mad, mad universe.”

The writer would know more about that back then, than we would now. Here is another statement I want you to hear.

“Soon after these graphic statements were made, the explosion came, and now peace, freedom, and representative government; constructive world and wealth; education, science, and art; fraternity, charity, and missions; spiritual religion, civilization, life itself, are all in the world’s maelstrom. Yes, all that appeared to be great, and good, and abiding, and of real worth in the world, collapsed like a house of cards with the first blast of the war-storm. The whole world order was changed in a night. It is this alarming violence, says one writer, this remorseless haste, as of a tornado tearing its way with resistless force across peaceful lands, which takes awy our breath and paralyzes our thoughts. Before we have had time to guess whither events are leading us, we find ourselves in the center of the storm. Human imagination is stunned by so sudden, so tremendous, and so unexpected a catastrophe.

When men of long and clear vision take a sober look at the situation as it exists today, they are forced to pronounce this a distempered world, and to say that if ever the world saw a day of need, this is the day. We stand by in the presence of world tragedy. The editor of the New York Evening Sun in the Aug. 8th, 1914 copy, asks, “Did such strange cross currents ever before flow across a page of history?”

Listen to this one.

“It is not easy, perhaps it is impossible, to find someone who will give us a guiding thread

through this labyrinth of change. Presuppositions that have long sustained the solid fabric of personal and of national conduct have been destroyed. Assumptions that have seemed to be made certain by the easier progress of man have disappeared under the pressure of the latest manifestations of trained human capacity for evil.

In dealing with the question of peace we must go back to the causes of the conflict. The paramount issues that precipitated the mighty war now rocking the world must be reckoned with in any attempt to reach safe conclusions regarding the outcome. It is not reasonable, from a human point of view, to suppose that the war can be terminated and an enduring peace be established, without a settlement of the great issues involved.

Here is another one, with more details.

“Regarding the real cause of the war, Maynard Owen Williams, writing from the Near East, where he had gone to give the question careful study, says: “The war is being fought, not for a European capital, but for a world highway.” He then shows how Russia began fighting to secure control of the Bosporus and the Dardanelles in order that she might have an open orad to the Mediterranean and the oceans, and thus to the world’s markets. England, he shows, is fighting to maintain her control of the Strait of Gibraltar, the Mediterranean, and the Suez Canal, that she may have an open, safe highway to the Far East. Germany, he makes clear, is fighting to establish a permanent overland highway from the North Sea to the Persian Gulf, and thence to the markets of the world.

Here is Germany. Here is Austria. That is the one that went into Serbia. Here as I bring my pointer right down through here is Yugoslavia, with all those little states. These made up Yugoslavia, even years back. Come right on down into Greece. From Greece, you cross the Dardanelles Straits right into Turkey. As you come into Turkey, you come down through Syria. As you come down through Syria, you come to Baghdad, then to Basra, which is the head of the Persian Gulf. In this history, it ws Germany’s ambition, that with her and Austria they could establish a railroad line down through Yugoslavia. They had already made an agreement with Greece; and Turkey was going to allow this railroad to be built. It was called the Baghdad Railway. Bagdad is the capital and the largest city of Iraq. From there to Bagdad, and from there to basra, that is the city at the head of the Persian Gulf. Here is where all the ships of the east could come and Germany would have an overland route. That was the ancient trade route before the world went to the oceans. How many understand that? World nations did not always have navies and did not always have maritime fleets. England was one of the biggest maritime empires, because she had ports in every colonial territory all over the world. A lot of European nations, if they were a coast, they only had a limited amount of coastal ports. Some of these were not suitable for a lot of shipping. It shows here, that it was what they called the Bagdad Railway that Germany had planned on building. They already had the preliminaries worked out. For them to do this, they had to fully take control of Serbia, Yugoslavia, and all the way to Greece. By doing that, they would have established on that side, the land route, for this railroad. It was to be two thousand miles long. Can you not see the trains that would have been running, if such an event would ever have materialized? From the head of the Persian Gulf, coming up through these countries, crossing the Dardanelles Straits, and heading right on up through central Europe, right into Germany. It says that the major cause of all that, was the Bagdad Railway. Germany and Austria moved into this country, and they started, so the conflict went on. I am not going to read any more, but I have to read some of this, because when we put it in print, I do not want anyone calling up and saying, Bro. Jackson, could you tell me what book that was? I have my doubts you will find this book in the libraries anyhow. It is very strange, usually historians that are writing history, what is major in one era, another historian may not deem that as important as some other event that has happened in the same era of time. I do not mean to say their reports are always conflicting, but what one will major on, the other will just sort of push it in the background. Why do you say that, Bro. Jackson? Simply because, a few years ago we printed an article and when we did, we were talking about the three beasts that preceded the Roman Empire. It talked about the Grecian Empire, when it broke up into four heads, when Alexander the Great died, and how it fell to his four generals. I have the names of these men. I got a call from a woman saying, Bro. Jackson, I have looked in this certain encyclopedia, but it does not mention anything about those men. She said, are you sure you are right? I said, Sister, I have the book in front of me. I am going to say this for your own benefit. Do you think that Webster’s dictionary was written to purposely make anything compatible with the Bible? No. It is only dealing with the meaning of words. So is all these other Bible Dictionaries. They pick up history, as they see it is relative to the particular thing they are trying to get across, but there is another that is bigger than that. Therefore I said, Sister, none of these encyclopedias are put together trying to correlate time, facts and events with the Bible. They absolutely are not compiled with that in mind. They are dealing with world dates, wars, events, situations and circumstances. Now I have read this history to you, because the writer of this history also wrote as he gives the places, he gives the events, and he says compare this with Isaiah, such and such. I said, we are printing something to give you a Bible centered study of time and world conditions. We are not trying to please Walls, or anybody else. If they do not want to agree with the Bible, that is their business, but I have to make it fit the bible when I present it to you, because the history I have, was not written in 1933. The history I have, that covers this, was written in 1800 and something. I trust those men back then, that wrote things like they did, because they were closer to the event, when it was still fresh and had not been perverted so much. Now after reading what I have, let me say this, I did not red how WW1 came to a close, did I? No. Two books written many years apart, one pick up right where the other left off. The writer of this one is Avro Manhattan, copyrighted in 1986, published by Ozark Books, Springfield, Missouri. Here is what he says as he picks up the story about WW2. I realize we have already read this part, but to keep the chain of thought I will read some of it again.

“When in 1917, during the first world war, the Papal Nuncio in Munch, E. Pacelli, secretly negotiated with the Central Powers to accomplish the pope’s peace without victory, in order to save both Germany and Austria Hungary from defeat, he had already made his first attempt to strangle a nation as yet unborn; Yugoslavia.

If the Vatican’s attempt was directed at preserving its most useful Hapsburg lay partner, it simultaneously had another no less important goal; to prevent a motley of nations from springing out of the Empire’s ruins as a sovereign states in their own right. In such states, Poland excepted, Catholicism would have sunk to the level of a minority. Worse, it would have been dominated by heretical churches and their political allies; for example, by the Protestant and Liberal in Czechoslovakia, by the Orthodox in Yugoslavia. With its last attempt to save the Austria Hungarian Empire, the Vatican therefore struck a final blow against the yet unborn Hussite Czechs and the Catholic Croats and Slovenes on the other, the fulfillment of their dreams lying as it did in the disintegration of the Austria Hungarian colossus.

The Emperor Charles was advised to transform the Empire into a Federation. The idea, which originated at the Vatican, (Listen to this, we do not hear much in our political side, how much the Catholic Church has been pulling strings in our government, but over there, this is the country where Catholicism was one time in full power) was repellent to both., as it meant, besides the loosening of Imperial control, the loosening of Catholic control over the various races of the tottering Empire. But in the circumstances the alternative was total collapse. In October Charles announced the transformation of the Hapsburg Monarchy into a Federal State. The offer, which significantly was made only at the last moment, although accompanied by secret papal moves, left the Allies determined to end for good the rule of the double headed Austrian eagle. President Wilson’s reply to Charles, and thus to the pope, was firmly hostile. The USA, said Wilson, admitted the justice of the national aspirations of the Southern Slavs. It was for these people, he added, to decide what they would accept. As far as the USA was concerned, he concluded, it had already recognized Czechoslovakia as a belligerent independent state. The American reply had sealed the fate of Austria Hungary.

On October 28, 1918, the Czechoslovaks, declared their independence. On the 29th the Yugoslavs proclaimed theirs. On December 1 the Yugoslav Council invited the Regent, Alexander, in Belgrade, to proclaim the Union. The new independent kingdom of the Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes- Yugoslavia- had come into being.

The birth was welcomed in certain quarters by the Allies, and was unwelcomed in others, the Vatican, to which the new nations, besides being the unnatural creature of the Allies political blindness, was a religious aberration not to be tolerated. Othodoxy, swept away in Russia, where it had seemed unassailable, with the birth of Yugoslavia had now become paramount in a country the population of which was more than one third Catholic. Worse still, in addition to permitting Orthodoxy to rule Catholics, Yugoslavia was preventing the latter from setting up a wholly independent Catholic community.

When to the above was added the fact that Yugoslavia, by her mere existence, represented the greatest obstacle to the long range Catholic strategy, the Vatican’s feeling, more than one of the hostility, become one of the implacable hatred, a wind which boded no good to the young nation.”

It goes on and tells what started. There was a movement, I am going to call it the Catholic militia. They went into Serbia. Since the Croatians were Catholics, the Serbians were of the Greek Orthodox Church, the skirmish came about between them. I am just telling it as I read it, in order for the Catholics to have an independent state over that part of the world, that they could control, they sent this militia in there. It shows picture after picture where they started beheading, and they assassinated world leaders. This one here, is an Austrian. WW2 started with Germany and Austria going into this part of the world. It All began to come about, the Vatican wanted to be in the front and they did. They sent their agents. The people here in the states, you could read about some of these things, but you never saw it happen, so you listen with misgivings, but in Europe there have ben assassinations behind the political scenes. The Catholic Church has her agents in every European nation there is on the continent of Europe. They have seen to it that leaders of independent governments that did not please them, those governments that would not work with them, their leaders have been assassinated. I am going to digest this for you, so I do not have to do a lot of reading. It is simply too important just to shove it aside. If I say something, people say, Well do you have that authenticated? Yes. Well where did you get it? I got it from a book. What kind of a book? Right here, it was given to me. It tells here on page 18, something I want you to hear.

The Yugoslavs were stunned, But not for long. Two days later, on March 27, 1941, an anti-Nazi coup, carried out by General Mirkovic, unsaddled the pro-Nazi Yugoslav government. While the rest of Yugoslavia celebrated the event in Zagreb, circulars, full of threats, were found on the doors Serbs. Pavelic, who only a few days before had been relegated to the background, suddenly found himself the center of feverish activities.”

It goes down through here with much more. From here on, the Catholic militia entered the country of the Serbs, because they are Greek Orthodox. They refused to come along with the part of Croatia and become Catholics. It shows here, they beheaded them, and they hung them. It shows officers of Mussolini’s army participating. Here is Pope Pius XII. It shows how he worked for the position. That is why I say, it all started right back in the same place where WW1 ended. That is the part that is so amazing. It shows the Catholic Church sitting in the saddle. In fact, she is the first one to make a move. It was then, that Mussolini entered the picture, and then the German army. Here are more pictures of them being butchered. There, are their bodies all piled up. In the beginning of this book, the man gives the number, during this great purge, this ethnic cleansing by the Catholic Church, which finally would end up in the days of Hitler and Mussolini, seven hundred thousand Serbs and other ethnics were destroyed. I remember back in the 1950’s, a Look Magazine had been given to me, and the writer of the article showed some of the graphic pictures, some just like these, what went on in Serbia and Croatia, back in WW2. They showed where they hung them, tied them to poles and cut their throats. There is one picture here, they are getting ready to cut this man’s throat. He is a Serb. Here they have a man, they are cutting his head off. Here, are dead bodies of Serbs who will not recant and become Catholic. Here, is German officers in the area, watching all this go on. Here, is Hitler and one of the cardinals, having a business talk. Do not think WW2 did not have the Catholic Church involved in it. There are some awful pictures in here. They are too gruesome for a lot of people to look at. One place tells about troops coming into a village. They gave the society a chance to recant, but they all agreed they would not. They took them out to a high cliff, lined them up, and tied them all together on a long rope. I do not remember how many were in this lineup. The first ones they moved up close to the edge and shot. The weight of the first ones they shot, pulled the others over the edge. It was some of the most cruel, brutal ways, they would use to destroy human life. It was designed to put fear in the people. Back then it was the Croatians against the Serbs. Now, it is the Serbs, the other way, because they are wanting to cleanse the area. With that in mind, I have to believe this war we have going on over there right now, (April 18, 1999) is just the beginning of an era of time that will produce end time results, and I have no idea how long it will last. When you look at it from the practical standpoint, what can they accomplish? It creates a lot of trouble in the world, gets a lot of things misplaced and nothing settled. However it is not by chance or coincidence. It is by design.


I want to go back and read more of this 12th chapter of Daniel, and try to bring this message to a close, so we can go ahead and print it. I believe with all my heart we are truly living at the time of the end. I want to read the 3rd verse, because it has so much in it. “And they that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament; and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars for ever and ever. But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased. (Well we see that being fulfilled every day.) Then I Daniel looked, and behold, there stood other two, the one on this side of the bank of the river, and the other on that side of the bank of the river. And one said to the man clothed in linen.” Now as we read this verse, I want you to get the setting of this picture. Notice, it says the river. It is a prophecy about Israel and the world in general, for the last days. There is an angel on one side of the river, and another angel on the other side of the river, each one is conferring with the one standing on the river, clothed in linen. If you compare that with the 10th chapter of Revelation, you have the same setting. The one in the 10th chapter who stood with one foot on the land and one on the sea, is the same angel. It is the angel of the Lord Jesus Christ in the 10th chapter of Revelation, and that portrays a universal setting. It goes to show that what is said, what transpired, is for the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ the world over. Why? Because it is there he said, and he sware by Him that liveth for ever and ever, that time shall be no more; which means everything is done for the Gentile world that will ever be done. Now that same angel is working on behalf of Israel, for the week of Daniel. He is not even speaking here in behalf of the Gentiles, because it is all over with for them. “And one said to the man clothed in linen, which was upon the waters of the river, How long shall it be to the end of these wonders? And I heard the man clothed in linen, which was upon the waters of the river, (notice) when he held up his right hand and his left hand (He has both hands raised up) unto heaven, and sware by Him that liveth for ever (Compare that with the setting in Revelation 10. There he lifts up one hand. Here he lifts up both hands) that it shall be for a time, times, and an half; and when he shall have accomplished to scatter the power of the holy people, all these things shall be finished.” That literally means, when God has sealed away the 144,000 in the first part of the week, and He has given to the woman Israel, the revelation of where to flee to in the time of the great tribulation, that constitutes where it says, and when he has accomplished to scatter the power, the recognition of the holy people. That goes to show, there will be a mass element of the Jewish people scattered out of there, because the antichrist is definitely determined to exterminate the Jewish people from that nation. I was given a piece of paper this morning, and in the past two years I have received a lot of this kind of stuff from the people that sent it to me. I will not say where it comes from, and I do not mean to say that every word in these articles is accurate, but it is a fact, the government of the United States, which is now under a condition of political control by a certain element of rich monopolists, you may not realize it, but George Washington’s vision is becoming more and more a reality every day. We have the agenda of the United Nations, that if necessary, starting in the year 2000 as they begin to set in motion the application of a one world government, they state they are ready to liquidate up to two and one half million people, that prove themselves to be religious fanatics, people that are against the government as it is. The more I read, the angrier it get, to think that America has become so brainwashed through our modern techniques, that our leaders would go along with something like that. They sit with their mouth’s gaped wide open, as long as there is the promise of a dollar for them and say, Feed me ole government. It lets me know, there has slowly been the putting together of an agenda, that at the right time certain things will be gradually set in motion toward their secret goal. America will wake up one day, never realizing what has happened, nor when it all started. That kind of thing does not start with just one president. A lot of these last day presidents have been more or less in agreement with this thing. They are all guilty. Just think, they will go behind the backs of the American people and sell them out, and at the same time promise them all kinds of future blessings. It becomes more and more evident every day, that this is why our educative institutions first had to get God out of the picture, so they could turn them into brain-washing institutions. That way, the younger generations would grow up with no knowledge of right or wrong, nor of what is really going on in this country. I do not say these things to be belligerent, nor to be a smart aleck, but I say them to be factual. The last four years have seen our best military personnel shipped out of this country and onto foreign soil. Someone please tell me why? If there is such a thing as a gradual takeover, there will not be enough of our own military left here to sympathize with the American people. They will be bogged down somewhere else in the world trying to appease someone else’s problems. That way the government can gradually begin to clamp down. It is a known fact, if you are a church assembly that believes in the second coming of Christ, you are among their number one targets. They do not want such stuff preached anywhere. The reason I said what I did earlier, was because of their idea of a one world government. That means they are not going to allow Israel to be any larger than what they are right now. If you believe the Bible, where does that leave you? I want to ask you, which will you put your confidence in, the Bible, or the political process and the educative process we have in our nation today? I am not pointing my finger just at school teachers; they are told what they can teach. I would say, You be sure you teach them two plus two equals four and do not try to convince them it is something else. Even then, when the day comes that an element of the old red blooded, strong backbone people of America rises up to contest what is going on, and they come down the highways with all kinds of guns, of whatever sort they can get their hands on, you had better get ready to run, because you will be looked upon as part of the problem. It is a fact, for the last thirty years, the American immigration authorities have stopped letting the old type people come in here, people that really might come here with Christian backgrounds. They will let the Communists, the Muslims, the Hindu, the Buddhists, and all such like come here, but very few Christian oriented people from foreign nations will they allow to come here. Tell me, Why? It is not because, for the past thirty years they have been trying their best to undo the Christian image this nation has been known by? Two things they will do gradually. These people that prove to be apocalyptic believers, they will gradually choke them to death by some means. Their aim is to confiscate the properties of all such, all their holdings, financial and otherwise, and shut them up, so there is no mention of the consequences of sin and corruption. They will also begin to establish a world wide birth control program. That means no young people can have more than one child, in some nations, and two at the most. Well, when man gets so smart and governments and dictators get so big and powerful that this is their agenda, you rest assured, God is going to throw this book right int heir face with world conditions. That is exactly why this Bible says that in this era of time, there will be a time of trouble such as there never was before. There have been dictators that have tried their best to rule the world and establish a kingdom and an empire all their own. Every last one of them has failed. Communism tried it in Russia. I have said this, Communism, in the end, kills itself, because there is a spirit within it that destroys the ability of the human being that is born under that system, to even be able to have any initiative to better themselves. God made man to rise above that kind of thinking. He is so genetically put together. He will always try to better His environment for himself. It does not matter whether you are Hindu, Buddhist, or nothing in particular, the natural instinct of man is to better his life style. However, if you have to forfeit that to be a servant to a system of men’s thinking, God will let it continue to the extent that the people that went to sleep and allowed it to happen, are the first ones to pay the debt for it. The Bolshevik revolution sure turned out that way. It cost several million Russians that had grown up under the czars, their lives. I certainly do not go along with this thing of Catholicism ruling and dictating the terms of politics in the nations. They tried it in Europe. They did in Russia. Actually when religion becomes a system of politics, that the rich control it through the clergy, it is bound to come to a drastic end somewhere. Nevertheless, God so ordained that when you do have a society, a nation of people that put Him first, then He Himself is the ONE behind whatever they do.


When God called the nation of Israel to be a light to the Gentile nations, He intended for them to put Him at the head of everything. As long as they did, Israel shined like a star, but when the clergy and political side of the royal families became so politically corrupt, that is why they had to pay the debt they have paid for the last 2500 years. It is a fact, the United States and Israel are the only two nations on God’s green earth, that were ever established having a root beginning almost parallel to each other. When the early Pilgrims came to America, think of the different races of people that began to hear about this wilderness land and set their mind on coming here. Some came from Europe, right out of the midst of old Catholicism. They did not come here to be good Catholics. They came here to be frontiersmen, hunters and trappers. Some of them lived in the mountains. They hunted game because Europe was low in furs and such. God only knows the tons of hides and furs that were shipped from this wilderness country to the continent of Europe. When America finally did become settled enough, that it was time for it to begin to become something with a particular recognition, the early American people were not just one particular race. When you look back, there were people that came here from Russia, Italy and all over Europe. People from all the races of Europe became interested in settling in this fair land. Something had happened in the old world that caused many of them to look this way. I have read from the histories how Ireland happened to be known for a certain potato. When those early pioneers came here and found Indians growing the potato, they took them back home to Ireland. Whether you know it or not, that is why they call it the Irish potato today. It helped same them, in times of disaster. It is the only thing the Irish people had to go on, the potato. I am not ignorant of history. That is where I get my education. I have never had to buy one of those history books yet. People always bring them to me saying, We thought you might like to have this. I have to say, Thank you Lord, because much scripture is only understood when you have a knowledge of certain things that have transpired in the world, and that knowledge many times, comes from these little history books. With these things in mind, we face a fact, that if this 12th chapter of Daniel says there will be a time of trouble such as there never was, that literally means, if you doubt it search the histories of time and find out what has gone on. Pick out those bad eras when people were slaughtered so mercilessly. It literally means, that there will be that kind of thing going on too. You are seeing it there in Bosnia. The time has come, that the lives of some people in the world, mean absolutely nothing to another element of the world’s society, because they feel that they are the cause of a problem. Those attitudes are what helped to bring on this miserable political ideology that says, We are going to make the world a better place to live in. So say the rich, power hungry creatures that instigate these great conflicts in the world. There have been immigrants come into America in the last thirty years, that came here to get away from that kind of thing where they came from, and many of them really have no intention of ever becoming American citizens to the extent that they love America and are willing to fight for our way of life, to keep us the land of the free. Some of them that have fled from tyranny, came here with no vision whatsoever as to what they want to do, or become, nor of what they can contribute to society. When I think of the Vietnamese boat people, and please, I do not mean to speak ignorantly about this, but many of them came here just because life in the Vietnamese region became unbearable for them. I have read about that dictator, and I say, He should have been turned over to the people and let them execute him. That is the part I have to express my feelings about. The way world leaders today are willing to waste American blood and life, to go off somewhere to settle some of these problems, when they never are really allowed to do what needs to be done, is not right. They ought to take those evil minded crooks that have dealt with the people there in such ways and got them into their problems, and turn them over to those people to deal with them the way they deserve to be dealt with. Instead, they try to pacify and rehabilitate that kind of merciless, power crazed killers. You do not rehabilitate evil workers and evil doers that treat people the way they do. God has a remedy for every bit of that. That is why I have to say, America, wake up and face the facts! Do not go to sleep in the pews and think America is eternally secure; and that the Lord is going to take you in the rapture, so why be concerned? We would be much better off if we went by the way of the grave first, than to end p in the terrible mess this country is heading for, if we are too unconcerned to take a stand for what is right. I cannot help but wonder what it is going to take, to wake up the American people that ought to be able to see what is happening. America has sat back for the last fifty years since WW2, and has slowly, one election after another election, allowed almost all of their precious freedom to be taken away from them. It is now a known fact, that many of the people behind this one world government idea, are the rich people the world over. In some nations, a certain class of people hold the bulk of the wealth, along with another class in another nation. They do not care what your race or color is, they just want to use their wealth to control everything, and bring about a new world era, an era where it is not the military that does the controlling, but the wealth the important people hold. God is obligated by His own word, after letting this kind of attitude run its course, to bring all of that to judgement. God Himself allowed America to have her birth by an element of people that came here, leaving the old world, looking for a better way of life, whether they came from the Orient, or Europe, or Asia or wherever. They came here to a new land, into a wilderness, to start life anew. They wanted to play their part in developing a better society, by becoming a new type of people. That is exactly why the English language became the official language. They did not stand around and argue. Well I’m German, I’m Russian or this and that. They all came here for one reason; to enjoy a better way of life. The English language is a universal language the world over today. I am not trying to sell it to you, just stating facts. Yet we have those coming here today arguing. We want bilingual education. Why should we be forced to learn English? To that I say, then go back where you came from and leave us alone. Why do you say that Bro. Jackson? Because, if you do that, it just breeds a bad situation. Those who do not want to be American’s, usually turn out to be trouble makers. I have Bible for what I am saying, so do not tell me I am unjust. There is a time coming when there will be people living here on this planet all speaking the same language. God’s word says, that in that day He will return unto the people a pure language. What do you think it is going to be, in the Millennium? You will not have to go to some college to learn to speak English, or whatever that language is, that becomes the universal language. He accomplished that over night, with those who were building the Tower of Babel, did He not? He can do it over night again, when the time comes. How wonderful! When everyone speaks the same language without politics getting into ti. Everything you do today, whatever your life is taken up with, politics is at the head of it. I have to say, there is soon coming a time when you are going to see how the Lord and His Bride will rule this earth. Politicians who have unjustly dictated, our rights are going to be in hell, along with the spirit that has promoted their kind fo behavior. This earth is going to be ruled by righteous people. One article I have here, states that the world over, big politicians are saying today. We don’t need religious fanatics. They look upon you as a religious fanatic if you believe in the second coming of Christ. I am saying this, because I am pointing you to the Bible. It is a shame there are passages of scriptures in there that nobody cares to look at, thinking the content it is unimportant. It says here in Daniel 12, And they that shall be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament. None of the wicked will ever understand anything from God’s word, but they will be judged by it just the same. That goes to show, time is going to wind up with these two types of people on earth. There will be some that God will look upon as wise people, an you might say, Where did they get that wisdom? The God that created them, has kept them informed by revealing His word to them. He has preserved them through all the corruption they have had to live among. He has kept them from being brainwashed by Satan’s advocates, while the wicked have sold their souls out to the devil, and paraded themselves on God’s green earth just like they are the ones who ought to rule this thing. The Bible tells us that at the second coming of Christ, out of His mouth will go a sharp two edged sword, that with it He should smite the nations, and He shall slay the wicked. Meanwhile though, the wicked will become more wicked. They do not want to get rid of crime, because too many of them are getting rich by allowing it. These politicians who may scream the loudest about crime, really have no interest in getting rid of it. First of all, they themselves build the incubator for it to grow and materialize in. It is a very common disease in our day. The government is supposed to give medical science so many millions of dollars to go on and investigate, to scientifically test this and that, to explore the possibility of finding something to cure AIDS and cancer. Politics has their nose stuck in it. If they are that much interested in curing cancer, why do they not in return try to build an environment that will help educate the people and eradicate this thing called crime, which is just like cancer? The philosophy of modern crime, is Let’s get rid of the death penalty. Bro. Jackson, why do you talk like that? Because it is time we start looking at this kind of spirit the way God looks at it. I say, A man that deliberately sheds the blood of a man, his blood should be shed likewise. That is what the law says. Bro. Jackson, how can you say that as a Christian? I say it because of what the Bible says. That is the only place we can go, to get the answers we need in this hour.


When we want to talk about what is right and what is wrong, we need to go to the scriptures first, before we start speaking. The apostle Paul said, in Romans 1:21-32, that certain ones of humanity are worthy of death. Why? “Because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened. 22 Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools, 23 And changed the glory of the uncorruptible God into an image like to corruptible man, and to birds, and fourfooted beasts, and creeping things. 24 Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonour their own bodies between themselves: 25 Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen 26 For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature: 27 And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, (or ungodly) and receiving in themselves that recompense of their error which was meet (or fitting) 28 And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient (or proper); 29 Being filled with all unrighteousness, fornication, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder, debate, deceit, malignity; whisperers, 30 Backbiters, haters of God, despiteful, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents, 31 Without understanding, covenant breakers, without natural affection, implacable unmerciful; 32 Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them.” You will notice that he also talked about he effeminate, the abusers of themselves with mankind, those kind that always pervert everything. What did Paul say? Rehabilitate them? No, he said. They that do such things are worthy of death. Do you believe this is the inspired word of God? Of course all of you believe it, but a vast number of our society at large will have no part of it. If you want to see a civilization go to hell, then let the present trend continue on the way it is going, hatching out in the incubators of modern learning, demon inspired perpetrators of evil and perversion that scream loud and clear, Get away from those old antiquated ways! I am not a man against progress, if progress is used the right way. I know this. Some, or most would hate to go back to horse and buggy days. I would. Therefore I am not against progress, providing progress is esteemed and valued and used in the right way. I have to believe this. Those who are allowed to be in the Millennial reign of Christ Jesus, are going to see what modern progress really is all about. You are not going to have syndicated crime, with politicians controlling the success and survival of this or that. It is a fact, that the sun up there in the heavens has more energy in it than man has ever been able to generate out of coal, crude oil, or anything here on earth. That thing has been burning for millions and millions of years. If they could send a satellite up there and generate its batteries off of the sunlight, all it would cost is what it takes to make the contraption that goes up there. Just think, if science can make a little reflector and go out in the middle of the Arizona desert and set it up on a sand hill, hook that up to an electric skillet and fry ham and eggs early in the morning out there, from the energy of the sun, all it takes is to harness the thing up the right way. I’ll have to say once again, Let the Millennium come, and you will see what real science is. We are going to see what progress is all about, in a clean godly way. Right now, we have little appreciation for what God is able to instill in man, because progress in this hour is attributed to everything but God.


Before we end this message, let us take another serious look at what is ahead. When I read here, in the book of Revelation, that these ten horns of Europe, and the kings of the earth will at that hour of the visible, bodily return of the Lord, want to make war with Him, it lets me know for sure how powerful that old beast will be by then. In Revelation 19, Jesus is seen coming back to earth with His Bride, the holy saints of all the Ages, along with the angels of heaven. What a display? To think that nations at that time, which is just a few short years from now, will be so stupid, and so evil that they want to make war with Him that sits on that supernatural horse. What is in their bosom? What is in their mentality? It has got to be demons. It goes to show, a lot of things we talked about earlier, are the things that will begin to take place now to begin to prove to some people that there is a God, and that His word is going to be fulfilled, regardless of what some may think. Israel will have her miracle war and reach out and take back all the land that is rightfully theirs, and we know the nations of the earth do not want Israel to do anything like that, but will God ask anyone if it is alright? Absolutely not! God is going to have Israel do exactly that and they will do it without the permission of any earthly beings. I have to say, This is looking at it in the simple manner God’s word lays it out for us. We hear much about the computer breakdown now, but I have to believe, if there is such a thing as a computer breakdown that takes place universally, it is because a bunch of politicians are behind every bit of it. They want to get in control of the manipulations of every facet of life. Not that it had to be , but because they have the year 2000 targeted as the time they want to activate the U.N. agenda. That should let you understand, that such an agenda, with such an attitude of political takeover of power, it would be impossible for Israel to ever be any larger than what she is right now. On the other hand, if the bible is right, and I know it is, I look at this whole picture and just have to say, Lord, I can hardly wait until it comes. These politicians have planned and plotted, but all their political maneuvering is destined to go up in smoke. Look at the money our government spends today in comparison to what they did back in WW2. Why should a loaf of bread cost a dollar and eighty nine cents today, when the farmer is not getting nearly as much as he did in WW2 for his wheat? I heard the other day; that bread will be taking another raise real soon. Who is getting the benefit from all of this? The farmer is not getting it. It is forcing more than just a few farmers into bankruptcy. Wheat farmers that used to plant 800 to 1000 acres of grain in Kansas, can hardly get their expenses back, yet the American public goes to the grocery store and pays an enormous price for the products from their efforts. I have to say, Behind all of this there is a power grab, with certain ones in high places wanting to control the strings of everything. I heard my mom and dad tell about the price of things after WW1, what went on. War, many times brings on high prices, because the government needs it, but when circumstances begin to shift back to the ordinary pattern of things, it usually isn’t long until the high prices that the war brought on, fall back to lower levels. We are living in a society now though, that every year there has to be a ten percent increase across the board. Our present trend reminds me of a thermometer. Thermometers are made to register just so much. After that, what happens? It usually goes out the top. Just look at the National debt we have today. I have to say, there comes a time when people lose sight of reality, as far as the principal of how things can function without a catastrophe. I think of America today, how we have led the world in two big conflicts. Had it not been for the American fighting forces that went to the shores of France in WW1, Europe would have been a mighty long time recovering, for she was headed for sure disaster. Our service people went over there and died in the fields of France and in the Argon forest. When the survivors came home, President Wilson did not add higher taxes to our citizenry to rebuild Europe. Those nations were left to rebuild themselves. They did survive, but when WW2 was fought, we fought on two hemispheres. Then as soon as the war was over, for some reason our government leaders began to say, we have got to help rebuild and restore those war torn cities. We have done that. Taxes started rising slowly, but they just kept adding more and more. Now you can plainly see where America is, because of that. Our combined debt is higher than a lot of other nations all put together. Is there a future for it to be paid? You know there is not. Now we are faced with another dilemma. Refugees coming here can cost a million dollars a day. As long as this conflict lasts, they can kill them like flies, but then turn right around and feed others because they become a complete obligation as a result of what has been going on. No wonder the Bible says there will be a time of trouble such as there never was before. We are educating the world more and more, that there is no God. Yet His book is looking us right in the face with reality: for those who can recognize it. The reason I look at it in this way, is because these brazen acts are forcing God to show Himself one day very soon, in a manner the world in general does not want Him to. For the last fifty years, that has been the trend. I can remember when statesmen and politicians could stand in a public place and bow their head’s and say, Let us pray. The closest they come to that today is, Let us bow our head’s for a moment of silence. Why don’t they say something? I am tired of this moment of silence business. Somebody needs to let them know something. They pretend to be so smart, so terribly intellectual, yet afraid God might actually hear them. They treat God like He don’t exist, regardless of what some of them may say. I have to look at it like this. God has kept His hands off the entire thing until everyone goes blindfolded and commits himself or herself one way of the other. Then, when everyone is standing in the position where he or she is supposed to be, that is what causes God to begin to show Himself. I want to assure all of you of one thing. If this new world order thing that is in the workings, and the year 2000 problems that are being anticipated are not the beginning of the application of what we are dealing with, then rest assured, Israel is still many years away from being able to fulfill what is written in here about her. I just say that to provoke your thinking, because, for the past forty or fifty years we have seen too many thing come together scripturally for God just to let this present trend go on forever. I believe we have scriptural authority for believing this is all working right into God’s plan for Israel being pushed to the place where she will have to break loose and take back her land that fulfills the scriptures we have been looking at. If you think God is going to let his entire world come under the influence of atheism you are wrong. He would be obligated when He does come, to destroy the whole works. That is not scriptural, so we have to expect what is written here to be fulfilled. God has a way to apply it and make it become a reality. I personally, find no fault with anything. I read int his old book. All of humanity has had their chance to walk with God and receive His blessings, so those who have chosen to ignore His word and rebel against Him must pay the ultimate cost of their rejection.


I keep thinking of that verse in Daniel 12: “They that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament.” When it says shine, I have to say, The righteous will truly shine in this last hour of time, because crime is already at an all time high, entertainment is almost totally evil, and if you say anything about the spread of pornography, you have a bunch of loud mouths telling you to shut up, and accusing you of being guilty of censorship. Some of this junk is so bad it needs to be censored. They worry about the rights of the criminals, the rights of the perverts of our society, and the right of everyone except those who try to follow the Lord in paths of righteousness. Where are our rights? Why must we be considered a cult, just because we believe what is written in the book of Revelation, and believe in the rapture of the true Church of the Lord Jesus Christ? Everything that does not have the OK of organized religion is looked upon as a cult. There is a certain element of humanity that always brands everyone else, whether it is connected with religion, guns or whatever. We have a bunch of brains in the educative world today, trying to convince the entire society that it is wrong for a person to have a gun in their house. I just have to say, as long as some evil person does not get a hold of it, the gun itself is not going to hurt anyone. This disease AIDS, has killed more people than all the guns law abiding citizens could ver have in their house. They try to convince everyone, that anyone who wants a gun in their home is irresponsible, since so many accidents are traced back to bad practices, and so many shootings like we are seeing in our schools, happen because the guns are so easy to gain access to. I assure you, any warped mind that wants to get hold of a gun and shoot a bunch of people, will get what he or she wants whether they have guns in their home, or have to go to the criminal element to obtain them. Are those who scream so loud really interested in saving lives? If so, why do they want everyone to buddy up to those who permeate our society carrying the AIDS virus? I say to any decent person, you ought to run from that thing. Don’t get in that crowd, because the devil has brought that spirit of perversion that gets those people in that shape. Don’t’ run with them. Don’t take up their lifestyle. It will kill you. Nobody has to pull the trigger on anything for that to kill. There is a right way to teach children everything. There is a right way to get the thought across to them, but in this day and hour the way they are doing, they have to have so many million dollars to re-educate this and re-educate that. Nonsense. Well, I have to believe that God is going to do something jut about the time this New World Order is scheduled to become effective. I also have to believe, because fo what we see in the scriptures, that we are moving right close to it. In the natural way, they have the year 2000 set to be the beginning of the application, believing that starts the 21st century, the new millennium, they are determined to start out a new millennium with a brand new concept of human government. All of which has been designed by rotten minded politicians, power crazed and self-serving. They want to control the wealth and the life, even what kind of human life will survive and go ahead and exist on this planet, all designed to eventually get God completely out of the picture. God will not allow it. That is why I have to say, the end has got to wind up the way the Bible says it will. If that is the picture, then I have to say also, when the New World Order Big shots begin to say to Israel, Now yo behave and give the Palestinians their statehood, God is going to turn Israel loose. That is why I just pray that the elected leader of that little nation, which is no larger than the state of Delaware, will be a man that will fulfill what it says in Jeremiah, because that 30th chapter of Jeremiah says, that the governors will rely on Him. God has a way of drawing their attention. Right now, he might not believe in too much of anything that is written in the scriptures, but God has a way of bringing things around to His way, so that whatever he is destined to do, he will begin to look into the scriptures and ask God for guidance. I believe, as God turns Israel loose, we can get ready to watch a scene of more refugees fleeing from the Israeli army. Thanks be to God, they won’t have to freeze to death, it is not that cold over there. When you read Obadiah, and when you read the 25th chapter of Ezekiel, they are two prophecies that tell you exactly what God is going to do in that hour of time. It is not going to take Israel six long years of going through a stalled out diplomatic process. Obadiah plainly states hor God will treat the Edomites. He is not going to annihilate them, but He is going to hit them hard enough that it will leave an impression among them, but also the Moabites, the Ammonites, and all the others are going to begin to realize there is a God in heaven controlling things, and that God is the God of Israel. It tells us in the 25th chapter of Ezekiel, that God will stretch out His hand upon Edom, and cut off man and beast from it. Even they of Dedan shall fall by the sword. That is in Saudi Arabia. Then God says, I will do this, by my servant Israel. When the Bible speaks like that, I have to say, Lord, you are God, and I know that what you do will be the right thing. The world is getting ready to force God to show Himself in a manner that is going to make some things in this world look very foolish. No wonder it says, And the heathen will do thus and so. We used to think of heathen as either the bush people somewhere in Africa or those in New Guinea or the islands of the south Pacific. There is nothing in this world that looks more like a heathen than an educated guy wearing a tuxedo and denouncing god. Those who do not know God, are ready to sell human lives real cheap. That kind, saints, is a genuine heathen. He is an educated one, but a heathen just the same. I have to say, God has a remedy for all this. In Zephaniah 2:11, it says that He (God) will famish all the gods of the earth. A lot of religionists can say, don’t you think He can do that in the Millennium? Why would anyone think that, when these scriptures make it clear that He has already destroyed the wicked? Why does He want to destroy their gods, when the only people in the Millennium are the people He (God) wants to have there? That goes to show, it takes an era of the miraculous to bring about the things we have been reading. That is why as this time of evil starts, it is to disrupt, to throw things out of balance, and bring about an inconsistency in the plans of human thinking. Everything eventually has to wind up the way the Bible says it will. I may be one of a small minority in this evil age, but I believe what I read in this time tested old book. When it does go that way, and especially when that era of the miraculous comes, there will be an element of people in the world that will acknowledge God. Not because of education, but because they see God working in Israel’s behalf, doing some things that magnify Himself. I have to say, Every morning as the sun rises in Israel and televisions begin to go on around the world, from one extremity of this planet to the other, as the tube goes on people begin to see the live scenes of what the God of Israel is doing there, there will be no discussion then, whether there is a God that is all powerful or not. I can see Hindus looking at one another and saying, You know, I believe there is a God in Israel after all. Buddhists and Hindus that had fought and killed each other for centuries, will begin to see things in a different way. If God says He will famish all the gods, that means they will suddenly realize their religions are vain. I have to believe, that for a short period of time, that will be God’s way of opening the eyes of some of those people, and causing them to begin to leave those old systems that have held them captive in religious slavery. According to Isaiah 60, when God showed Himself in that manner, there is going to be an element of people from the various nations that will want to be a part of what is taking place in Israel. Those things will not convert everybody, but it is one way God has of opening the eyes and turning the hearts of a few people around. Israel is not going to build their temple and restore the old city because they come to Washington, D.C. and say to Bill Clinton, Can we do this, that and whatever? No. Keep in mind that the 2nd chapter of Haggai tells us that God says, The silver and gold is mine, saith the Lord. The glory of this latter house shall be greater than the former. That time is coming, saints. My point in saying these things is, if this New World Order is a thing that people have to fear, then what we have been talking about is a long way off. It could be another forty or fifty years, but take my word for it, and do not try to push the coming of the Lord too much further into the future. It is for our day. I have to believe God has His way of doing things, so after it has served its purpose, He is going to destroy this U.N. conglomeration. When He does, He will start magnifying Himself in that little nation of Israel. As He begins to lift it up, she will enlarge her borders. God said in Ezekiel, I will restore to you your borders, or I will settle you after your old estates, which means exactly that. Things like that are going to shock the world. Just think, they have planned for the last fifty years to do this, that and the other, and God has turned all their plans completely around and everything is going the other way. As I say these things, I hope I haven’t said anything that sounds foolish. I don’t mean to make it sound that way, but we are living in a time when the total society needs to be awakened and made to realize that there really is a God that is going to turn everything around and make it go the way He wants to go. I want to read this, and then I want to relate the dream I had. That dream I had is what has made me to look at this message.

The time of trouble in Daniel 12 is the beginning of many problems that shall develop in the world at large. It has to be, because the world right now has been educated and taught from the political spectrum, one thing, in order to put nations and the political picture of things that is supposed to be, so that the word of God can be fulfilled. Does it not say in Revelation 17, that God will put it in the hearts of men in those days, to do what? To fulfill His word, or His will. He has a way of doing it. This time of trouble shall affect economics in some nations. Domestic and social problems shall break out in many places. Racial tensions will arise, which will be the beginning of Matthew 24, distress of nations. Everything will be in chaos, discord and nothing wants to agree. Nature will explode into giant earthquakes. Torrential storms will bring the loss of life and much property. Thousands of people will become displaced, and will become refugees to wander from place to place. Political leaders will try to solve this great crisis but God will strip them of the wisdom that is needed. It has got to be the Word way. He will put in their hearts, some He will tell to go do this. Others, He will create such a confused block around them, they will not know what to do. Some things will just disintegrate, because of no cooperation. I did not realize the night I had that dream, and I am not telling this to get attention, but I do not believe a dream like this would be given to somebody of a hundred years in advance of when it is needed. First off, the dream, the scenes in it are basically pointing us to Israel, what happens right in this period of time when everything goes into the week of Daniel. (Preached 4/18/99)

We had planned on going to Jackie & Arlene’s house that night, because their living room is large enough for all of us to sit together and watch the video of the Grand Canyon. I could see myself as my family began to come and go into the house through her front door. As I walked in the front door, everybody was beginning to get a seat. When I looked out the west window, looking to the west, I saw something dramatic taking place out there. It drew my attention. I said, Be still, and get away from the window. I rushed to the window, and as I looked out, everything on the outside was changing. I saw everything in the natural become nothing but the spirit world. As far as the eye could see there was nothing but endless space. I could see moving objects. Suddenly I saw that beautiful white cloud from my left. It was slowly moving, just like clouds would, but out of that came these two men walking, like they were stepping up their pace to get to a certain place. No sooner did they clear that cloud, the knowledge of who they were was immediately in my mind. I said to myself, That is Moses and Elijah. What was the purpose, me being a Gentile, in having a dream like this, to see something about two prophets that are going to be to Israel? I say also, If time is still fifty, or sixty, or a hundred years away from that time, what was the purpose of me having such a dream? I have to say, We are a generation of people that mark the end. I believe some of us are going to live to see the day these things all become a reality. Whether I do or not, some of you will, because I believe that seventieth week of Daniel is moving rapidly closer. As those two prophets moved aside, then my attention was drawn straight forward. Looking right at me, was this first angel I saw. He was looking right into my eyes. He was not a man that showed anger or hostility, but a man of authority. He did not say anything. The way he looked, I knew I was looking at an angelic being who is in authority over something. I was just aghast, looking at him. Behind him, was all these angels in armor, coming, assembling. They were assembling in large companies, just like armies would. On and on the scene kept going. Finally, as I watched the scene, I broke down and began to cry. I said, something is about to happen, something is about to happen. Then I woke up.

I have to believe we are not far away from the week of Daniel. I don’t mean it is thirty years off. I don’t think it is even twenty years off. I don’t even think it is ten or twelve years off. I believe we are moving very close. This time of trouble is not going to be a long strung out period of time. It is God’s way of hastening things, putting everything together and fulfilling His word. What does it say? If those days were not shortened, no flesh would be saved. When you begin to think about some of the disastrous storms and earthquakes we have had in various parts of the world in the last five years, you have to believe we are very close to the end. I heard a meteorologist talking recently, on a News program. These are the words he said, We are entering an era of time when we can see some of the most devastating hurricane storms we have ever had. In fact, he predicted in this year alone, starting in a certain month, that we could have as many as ten major hurricanes that could sweep the Atlantic and Caribbean, plus a lot of little ones. You know what hurricanes do. The most we have ever seen has been two or three. One could be very severe. However, when they start coming in multiple groups, ten bad ones, plus a lot of little ones, then What? What about in other places? You let something like that keep repeating like it did in Honduras and Nicaragua. Whole villages were completely covered with mud. Think of the poor people it isolated. Our politicians ran down there with baskets full of aid money, giving it out like candy. How long can a nation keep doing this? You know good and well this cannot last forever. After a while these desolations, whether earthquakes, storms or what, they are going to get so numerous, there is no way you can tax the American people and keep handing out aid like free bread. It is going to bring this country into some kind of bad situation. I think we will all agree that no country can survive forever, with her politicians doing as ours are doing. Well I am finishing this message with these words. We will print this and then just leave it in the hands of God. Amen.