The Testing and Fall of Satan (2000), Part 1

Rev. Raymond M. Jackson


I woke up Thursday morning (9/16/99) with the thought, Evolution is a myth, just a theory. It is hypothetical. I was in the artillery in WW2, in the days when we had what we call, cia runs. They had a hypothetical target. They put up two survey instruments; one to the right and one to the left. They might have been half a mile apart. They would take a reading from straight north. Of course the captain would give the two readings on their survey instruments. We had another instrument that converted this reading into range, hypothetical target, thirty thousand yards. When the guns fire, those shots should fall within the cross of these two instruments. That is what you call a dry run. Well I am going to read something later, to get it in your mind’s what a pitiful thing that our young people have to go to school in the midst of in this day and hour, and what they have to put up with, as they are taught all this imaginary garbage. I am going to read the name of one of the teachers, that plainly says that at one time he was an evolutionist. I am going to read what he has to say about it. Well anyhow, Thursday morning when I went to pray, I just simply could not get these myths off my mind; how they are all just hypothetical. Just a little bit later I picked up my pencil and wrote these words that I am going to read to you. You know saints, That is about all evolution is, just a great big myth. However it is really projected as a solid fact anymore. I am going to ask Bro. Bud to read what I wrote. This is just something that came to me as I meditated upon all this. In the ages of long ago, three great myths lived all alone, each unknown to the other. Neither one was the other’s brother. Up to that moment no word had been spoken, nothing seen, nothing heard, and no law had been broken. But it was at that moment that nothing said, I feel as though I were dead. When out of the darkness something replied, I too thought that I had died. Suddenly the third replied with glee, and cried with the rest, If only I could see. But then the hour came that God said, Let there be light, and together these three myths took their flight. That last myth is time itself. Until there is matter, something that is an object to be related to, there is no such thing as time. It is eternity. Now before we start our actual message, I want to read to you from a man who used to be an evolutionist. His name is Henry Morse, and being a former evolutionist, here is what he says in the introduction.
“Evolutionists often have come forth and admitted their own and their colleagues’ extreme degree of bias in this matter. Some have admitted that their approach has not been scientific or objective at all. Many admit to the severe lack of evidence for evolution, and that they have accepted their conclusions only because they are unwilling to accept that evolution never occurred. Many believe in evolution for the simple reason: they think science has proven it to be a fact, therefore it must be accepted.” He breaks it all down here, so I am going to give to you some of his evidence. “There are no transitional links and intermediate forms in either the fossil record or the modern world, therefore there is no actual evidence that evolution has occurred, either in the past or at the present. There is no evidence in the fossil records of one kind of creature becoming another kind, no transitional links or intermediate forms between various kinds of creatures have ever been found. For example, the evolutionists claim that it took perhaps fifty million years for a fish to evolve into an amphibian, but again there is no transitional forms. For example, not a single fossil with a part fin, part feet, has been found. This is true between every major plant and animal kind. Nowhere do we see animals with partly evolved legs, eyes, brains, various other tissues, organs, and biological structures. If continuous evolution is a universal law of nature, as the evolutionists claim, then there should be an abundance of evidence, of continuity, and transition between all the kinds of organisms involved in the process, both in the present world and in the fossil records. Instead, we find great gaps between all the basic kinds and essentially the same gaps in the fossil record that exists in the modern world. All the present orders and classes appeared quite suddenly in the fossil record, without indications of the evolving lines from which they developed. There are literally an innumerable host of missing links in the record of evolution. There is simply no evidence of partially evolved animals or plants in the fossil record to indicate that evolution has occurred in the past, and certainly no evidence of partially evolved animals and plants existing today, to indicate that evolution is occurring at the present. The outstanding characteristics of the fossil record is the absence of evidence for evolution. If there were links, then they would have been found since the fossil record is quite ample to represent the true state of the ancient world. Most individual species of fossil plants and animals have been collected in considerable numbers, but the hypothetical intermediate species have never been represented at all. Further over in this, he gives two examples. These evolutionists took the jaw bone of an ape and put it with it the skull of a human. They tried to use that, and they have used that for fifty years, trying to prove that we humans evolved through the ape family and so forth. Only when almost fifty years later, they finally said it had been hypothetically put together. In another instance, they took one lone tooth from an ape and put that with the skull of a human and taught the same thing, that from the ape we evolved. Then they later had to admit that this was a lie. That goes to show, our so called intellectual world of evolution is all a great big myth, all because we have had these kinds of men, and women that believe such foolishness as that. Let us go back to our garden of Eden for a moment: Who was it that caused the serpent to say to Eve, Has God said thus and so? It was not a WHO, but an evil spirit, and we have come to refer to him as Satan. He was the spirit behind the serpents question to Eve. That serpent was not a son of man. He was not a son of God. He was the most intelligent species to be found in the animal kingdom that God created out of the dust of the earth and brought to the man for him to name. God called them man’s helpmates. If this serpent creature could have vocally communicated that he was not an ape, neither did he come from a gorilla or a monkey, nor a chimpanzee, but that he was a species of his own origin, then what? Well we can safely say, He was without a doubt a replica of something that was in the ancient, prehistoric world, but he did not get in our garden of Eden through a process of evolution. I will say this morning, before I read my text, Much of what we have in our animal kingdom today, are replicas of that prehistoric population that the angels ruled over; and that has nothing whatsoever to do with evolution. All you have to do is look at it carefully and you will know what I mean: You will find scattered all over this earth various little creatures, that if you would photograph them and blow them up in size, they would look like certain dinosaurs. Some of the dinosaurs walked like birds. Some walked on all four. Some were so huge they would stand eighty feet in the air. It is an utter impossibility that those types of creatures could have been in Noah’s ark. That makes you want to question the so called Christian scientists who want to doubt that the planet earth has been here a lot longer than they suppose that it has. They insist that the creation story record of Genesis 1, is definitely covering a period of six days of twenty four hours each, and they would never want to believe that it existed millions of years before the time recorded in Genesis when God spoke it free from its state of darkness. One of the young sisters gave me some copied sheets from a text book, plus I also have some sheets from one of the Web sites of what some of those we call creation scientists believe about the creation. They say their evidence has to back up the fact that the planet earth was made in six days of twenty four hours each, and the earth was made perfect. Well we will see about that, as that brings us to our text. I am going to title this the same as the one brought in 1969. It has been thirty years since we printed our first article titled, “The Testing and Fall of Satan,” and we do not intend to change what we believed back then: we just want to get it out to a lot more people, and maybe fill in a little more of some of the details. Naturally we will start out in the 1″ chapter of Genesis, and in verse 1, because what is recorded in that verse took place millions of years before the actual events recorded in the rest of that chapter. We as Christian people, living in this day and time, after there has been a lot of things unearthed from the surface of the earth, ought to begin to put two and two together and come up with a logical conclusion. Everything is recorded in the Bible that we need for a yardstick, for the investigation of some kind of thought, so if we will read the Bible carefully and study it, we can get a basis for everything to disprove a thought or to prove it, which ever the case may be. Keep in mind, Genesis is the first book that was written by Moses, coming through the wilderness journey, some thirty five hundred years ago. “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.” That is concerning the beginning, we will say, when time started. You will notice though, it does not say how long it took God to do it: It just says God created the heaven and the earth. Let us just stop and think for a moment and ask ourselves, What is God? First off, He is not a man that lives in a form like you and me. He is a sovereign, invisible Spirit. He is not limited to one particular spot in space. He is not that small. He fills the entire universe. He had no beginning: He always was. Scientists look at that and think, That is an impossibility. When the scientists of our era of existence come up with a mental thought like that, it lets me know exactly, why the devil used the serpent in our garden. It was because He wanted that kind of creature. If every child that has ever been born would have been conceived from Adam, you would not have that kind of creature on this earth today. Nevertheless the longer those mixed marriages went on, the more those kinds of attributes were poured into the Genetic stream of humanity. When God made Adam and Eve, He had the man He made after His own image. He also made the serpent, but he was not made in the image of God. He was in the image of the animal kingdom that had the most intelligence. He had the intelligence to be able to communicate with his master. The devil knew what he could do. If the devil knew what he could use him for, then keep in mind also, that even though he knew it would be a long process he knew it would eventually bring his plan to fruition. The truth is, you and I are looking at a world today that has exploded. They do not want God in anything anymore. They do not even want to hear anything said about Him. This kind of minds, the ones that are so intelligent, are so earthly minded, so scientifically oriented, as the old saying says, They are of no earthly good to mankind. They hypothetically tell you this and that, but the sad part is, They fail to stop and ask the question, Is there a future to all of this knowledge? If we did not have the Bible telling us that there is going to be a future, we could look at the future very hopelessly, because the future is the end. The Bible speaks of a world that has no end: That is where my confidence is. The Bible speaks of a new heaven and new earth wherein dwelleth righteousness. If you cannot take that and look backward, then I have to say, You are in bad shape. Scientists, by examining the structures of the planet, will say that the planet earth could be four and a half to five billion years old. If you would read after another writer of evolution, you will find a different date, so do not go to seed on the numbers I have mentioned, because I just picked them from the writing of one particular fellow. First. off, it would be an impossibility for you or I to even figure out how four and a half billion or five billion years could figure into this great creation. That is a long time. When we read about the new heaven and new earth in Revelation 21 and 22, and then when you have been there five billion years, you have only been there one day. You have just started living, because it speaks of it as world without end, meaning endless ages. As we go through this message, I want to try to establish the fact that this planet earth is not something that was put out here by accident. These scientists, who at one time believed in evolution, said there is no such a thing as matter being derived out of nothing, because matter goes back to the basic element, the atom, the proton, the neutron, and electron. I never went to college, so do not bother to ask me where I read that. I read it in Webster’s Dictionary, but ever since the atomic bomb was first used those three words have been published hundreds of times over, in various magazines. When 1 was a little boy we did not know what those words were. They are the basic elements of the atom. That should tell you something, if you have followed God through His word. God is a God that works in three areas. He does things in three ways. I have to describe it that way to show you what I mean. For Him to complete an object, He has three ways He approaches it. Salvation is referred to by theologians as justification, sanctification, and glorification by the baptism of the Holy Ghost. Yet it is one salvation. All through any kind of reading, there are three basic elements of creation, which is matter, carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. When you start breaking creation down, you will see these multiples of three’s. That would have to tell you there has to be a master mind behind the whole thing. As this scientist said, When you start talking about the beginning of life, which is in a cell structure, he said there are so many parts to the beginning of a i cell, it makes a spacecraft look obsolete. I did not choose that expression, he did. If you could see a space craft from the standpoint of all the wires and the gadgets and such like, that is what he compared this to, because, as he said, to study the beginning of a cell that is life, there are so many component parts, it makes a space craft look obsolete. I believe that should tell people there has got to be somewhere behind all this matter that is life, a source of intelligence that designed it all. That intelligence has to be an intelligence that knew what He was doing, and has a plan that He is manifesting from the beginning to the end. In doing it, He is not doing it to find out if this or that will work: He knows it will. Even the apostle Paul, when he wrote the introduction in the book of Ephesians, which we can call the Genesis of the New Testament, because of the way it makes the i plan of God so clear, spoke in that way. Before time as we know it, ever began, we were predestinated according to the His own will. It plainly tells you there in the first chapter, that God counseled with Himself. There certainly was not three persons up in heaven arguing the issue, how to go about creating all that was to be created. The apostle Paul made it very clear that God Himself meditated and did according to His own will. God is not an old man that you might hear talking to Himself. I am sure you all understand that expression. That is the expression that Paul chose to use, and to me, it makes the entire thing crystal clear. When God counseled with Himself, He definitely devised in His thinking a plan to follow throughout all time. He had an objective. He thought out the way to obtain this objective. Therefore when you begin to look at all the minute parts that His creation is made up of, He had to be the Scientist of all scientists. He also had to be an architect. He had to be everything all wrapped up in one. That is why we speak of Him as omniscient. He knows all things. He is everywhere, so He is Omnipresent. Omnipotent, means unlimited in His power. Being omnipresent, He does not live in yesteryears. He is always living in the present, yet He remembers everything the yesteryears were made up of. That is why we can say, Somewhere in the eons of eternity, God was all alone meditating, because there had not been anything created yet. There had to be a time for the beginning– of God creating the heaven and the earth. However long it took Him to bring all this matter that He has created out of nothing all together is none of my business. I accept the fact that it is all made up of matter of His choosing, and that He is the architect behind it all. You can be sure of one thing; He was not designing something that was going to go amiss. Therefore if the scientists say that somewhere back there all those gases were just floating, I am not going to argue with them. I am sure of this, God had a definite plan in His mind when He brought everything together and it went off with a bang. I do not argue the point of whether there was a big bang that put everything where it is or not, but if there was a bang that blew these particles to where they are, I challenge any scientist that is an evolutionist as well, to create another bang, even on a small scale, and see what he gets. I say, Go out in space somewhere, but before you go, get all the chemicals, the particles, the elements that you want to use to create your beginning, then go out in space and make sure you have a platform to walk around on, and enough oxygen to breathe until you get through playing around with what you are going to do. Then you set off your bang and lets us see what comes out of it. You will know no more when the bang has gone off, than you did before it went off. With God, it was a different story: He knew exactly what would come of whatever action He took. Think of it. All of a sudden, planets as large as Jupiter or Mars, or earth, traveling at the speed of light, going in different directions in space, and here is one little particle of that great explosion we call earth. It comes hurling through space and begins to slow down. By the time everything had come to a stop, or to its position, much time had elapsed. How many years it took to do all of that I do not know. I just have to partakers of His great plan. God had this began to settle into its planet, this little ball, right where He wanted it. I will say to you though, Everything was so hot there was no way life could exist on the planet until it cooled off; and that cooling involved another span of time. It is a known fact, that scientists who have played with time have made their clocks and watches and all, because they have been working on it from the sundial. In China, they made a big four faced clock years ago. I saw a picture of it. Man has always been trying to break this eternal space thing up where he can regulate it, relegate it through some kind of instrument of his own. To show you that God is precise, Any kind of electronic clock measurement you have today, you can set it because it will tell you where the moon will be, and where the earth will be, and also where Saturn will be a hundred to a thousand years from now. I have to say, Since space is eternity, then out there, is God’s clock. He put everything so precise. He does not have to oil His clock; and He never needs to wind it up like man does his. Every so often we have to wind up the clocks we build. That is the majestic beauty of an intelligent God that knows all things. Yet He made you and me a little miniature of what He is. He wanted that to be delegated in us as sons of God. It is a shame to think that man wanted to play around, and try to disprove God’s existence, and how much man knows. Therefore with this in mind, let us notice the 2nd verse which says, “And the earth was without form, and void: and darkness was upon the face of the deep.” That tells me that after the earth, in its initial beginning, came through all the stages and came to the last stage that brought it to that time of judgment, a time which we will refer to as the last ice age, it remained in that state for a long time. I do not know if scientists will even tell you how long it lasted, or whether they even know. It was at that time in the ice age, as the planet froze up, and all the elements and vapors and such are surrounding the planet, that actually caused darkness to cover everything. That is the state it was in at the time Moses introduces God in his writing and says, In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. It is all recorded in our Bible’s: We just have to let the Spirit of God lead us to a right understanding of it.


In the beginning, whenever that was, God created all of what we see and know about, but then what? That is not when He created Adam and Eve and placed them in the garden of Eden. There is much to be filled in between those two events, and it is not recorded so just anyone (without the leading of the Spirit of God) can read it and know what took place. Verse 2, tells us how the earth was at the time the Spirit of God moved to start the process of our beginning. I have read from the different religious literature that was given to me, and I appreciate what the religious scientists have said about creation, but it is a sad thing to think that they are so narrow minded, that they want to divide everything into a six day period of twenty four hours each, when you have all these other scriptures that must be taken into the overall understanding of how things came about. Take Jude for instance. He did not write those words just to kill time and take up space in the recorded record of the works of God. He was writing about the common salvation and speaking of how some had abused the grace of God, and after mentioning some of what had taken place he said, “I will therefore put you in remembrance, though ye once knew this, how that the Lord, having saved the people out of the land of Egypt, afterward destroyed them that believed not. ‘And the angels which kept not their first estate, but left their own habitation, He hath reserved in everlasting chains under darkness unto the lodgment of the great day.” Think about these words and what they tell us. “And the angels which kept not their first estate.” My Christian friends, I ask you this, regardless of what denomination you are associated with, Where were these angels? What had they done that caused God to render such a judgment upon them? The angels which kept not their first estate. What was their first estate? Imagine a man like this, Jude, a Jew indeed, but nevertheless an earthly creature, and yet he has a knowledge of something that caused him to write something like this. Where did he get that knowledge? Think about this,”But left their own habitation.” He said it very plainly, and it was not because the angels were admitting it_ This tells me that man, as far back as that, knew something that most religious people do not know yet today. I believe it had been handed down through the generations, from one to another, just like we do certain things even today, and that the man knew what he was talking about. Before we go on though, let us back up a little, to 2″ Peter, and notice in chapter 2, what he wrote. He was another Jew, another mortal man that believed the word of God and wrote his record as he was inspired of God to write. Notice in the e verse, the authority he writes with. “For if God spared not the angels that sinned, (Now where did he get that knowledge? How did he know they had sinned? If he knew they had sinned, then where were they when they sinned?) but cast them down to hell, and delivered them into chains of darkness, to be reserved unto judgment.” Did not the apostle Paul say that the saints would judge the world and that they would also judge angels? Well here is two mortal men that had the knowledge that angels existed somewhere in time, and that they left a perfect, righteous state, by having sinned. They knew that God had judged them and cast them down. All of this had to apply somewhere back before we were here on earth, you and me and all that have been born since Adam was created. They were not alone in what they believed and reported, because we have a record of the very words of our Lord Jesus, as He responded to a bunch of self-righteous Jews one day. Let us go back to St. John, and go to the 44th verse of the 8th chapter, where we find Jesus speaking. He has been speaking in the presence of a lot of Pharisees. They began to get thoughts in their mind and start criticizing and condemning Him for what He had said. When He began to see that this was very evident, He said these words, which we can read in the 43’d verse, “Why do ye not understand my speech? even because ye cannot hear my word.” Who is He talking to? Jews, who were of God’s chosen people, and had been for 1500 years. They had the writings of the Old Testament, the Torah, but they did not have the revelation of what God was after. Then, here stands a man that is telling them the truth, and they just shake their heads and condemn Him because they do not understand anything He is presenting to them. Well that is just about like the religious world is today: they do not understand, and most do not want to understand, but they are ready to condemn those who do, and relegate them to a fanatical cult. They just want to be left alone, to coast along with their own concept, their own ideas about the scriptures. No matter how many questions they are faced with in the Bible, things that stare them right in the face, they will not back off and change their preconceived ideas for anything in the world. That is how these Jews were; and Jesus really hit them in the face with reality. “YE ARE OF YOUR FATHER THE DEVIL.” What a declaration! “Ye are of your father the devil, (What a slap in the face!) and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning.” Do you know what that tells me? That tells me that somewhere back here before Genesis 1:2, as this planet began to move into its cycle for life to be put here, God put angels there, in this era of time, in charge of some Jiving beings. That is the only place the events we have been reading of could have occurred. If he was the father of lies, and he was a murderer from the beginning, that would have to be in a prehistoric era, in his beginning, not in our beginning. When we see him appear in our garden, manifested in the serpent to tempt Eve, you see his tactics put into action right there. Therefore he had to be the originator of killing, lying, and whatever attributes pertained to him, because he learned it all back there. This was his end, from this point where he is judged, cast down, and where he begins his perverted work to test and try and oppose you and me. He was a murderer from the beginning. That tells me the end of that era of time must have ended with cannibalism in the animal kingdom. The era did not begin with such stuff as that. If cannibalism had been the nature and trait of all the living organisms of the prehistoric animals, the planet earth would have probably never gone beyond that. “He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: (his own ideas) for he is a liar, and the father (or the originator) of it.” Jesus did not hold back from identifying where those Jews inherited their attitudes and opinions from. We can see then why people today can be born in homes that do their best to bring a child up in the way that is right and respectable, to grow up as adults knowing how to conduct themselves, but for some reason or other it is just in them to carouse around and wind up killing, stealing, cheating and making life miserable for others. Then bring them into a court room and they demonstrate to all, that they have become professional liars. Well, here, Jesus is telling this group where their attributes came from, talking about the devil himself, the prince of all of them. When we back that up a little more and go into Ezekiel’s writing we learn a little more. I am reading these text scriptures and I challenge the Christian type of believing people, those that can only believe in a six, twenty four days when relating to what is commonly called creation, as recorded in the first chapters of Genesis, to tell me where in the name of common sense do you place these scriptures we have just read? A lot of them will say, Well that was all fulfilled back then: It is all history. As far as the devil still being a righteous angel, he is not. He has been cast down ; and will never be restored to his former state of being. Right here in Ezekiel’s writings, we receive further insight as to the chain of events between Genesis 1:1 and Genesis 1:2. Ezekiel was a prophet of a human era of time, and God gave him the insight to look back to a prior time, so as we read this and come to the 13″ verse of the 28th chapter, notice “Thou hast been in Eden, (Let me say to the Christian reader, That is not talking about Eden of our time: This is referring to Lucifer’s {the devil’s} Eden.) the garden of God; every precious stone was thy covering, (There is nothing in our Eden that tells about stones being our covering.) the sardius, topaz, and the diamond, the beryl, the onyx, and the jasper, the sapphire, the emerald, and the carbuncle, and gold: the workmanship of thy tabrets and of thy pipes was prepared in thee in the day that thou west created.” That is speaking very specifically, that when Lucifer, the archangel, that anointed cherub. (which is now referred to as the devil) was first created, he was righteous, and he was perfect. “Thou art the anointed cherub that covereth; and I have set thee so: thou was upon the holy mountain of God: (What a position to have been cast down from!) thou hast walked up and down in the midst of the stones of fire.” This is why I have to say, If there was a beginning, and an Eden for this creature called Lucifer, which was a righteous angel, and stones of fire that he walked in the midst of, that is why I pick out central Africa as a continent for that, because the scientists that take to evolution have crawled all over Africa for the last hundred years digging and examining what they dig up. They have uncovered every kind of fossil, skull, tooth, this and that imaginable. They will everyone insist that somewhere back there in the eons past, the beginning of man started right there in that region. Well 1 have to say, Whatever bones they do find, all pertain to that ancient, prehistoric era of time that we definitely find scripture for. That is where the devil’s beginning had to be, according to what we can see in God’s word: God set those angels on this planet, in a beginning place geographically, and that is where all of what we are talking about started. Because of all the stones for jewelry and that type of things that come from that part of the world, we have to place it with this scripture we have just read in Ezekiel. Just listen to this! “Thou vast perfect, in thy ways from the day thou wast created, till iniquity was found in thee.” My, my, until iniquity was found in thee. That lets us know it did not happen on this planet after our beginning. Christians, whatever your affiliations might be, that should let you know where the archangel Lucifer was, and why and when he fell from that position. He was on this planet in a time prior to Genesis 1:2, when he fell from God’s favor. Well how do you know? Where was he when he tested Adm and Eve? On this planet. Why is he referred to as the god of this present world system? Because he is on this planet. That is why he wanted to get at the first man, get the authority away from him, and get the authority for himself. That makes him the god of this world, to a certain point, the world systems. For a further explanation of the world’s dilemma, we go to Isaiah 14. To me, these scriptures are what I call scriptural fossils, because they relegate various things to time in its beginning. In the 12th verse of the 1416 chapter in Isaiah, the prophet looked out in the Spirit and saw Lucifer and wrote this, “How art thou fallen from heaven, 0 Lucifer, (He called him by name.) son of the morning! (That title right there, lets me know he had been created in the beginning, or in the dawning of time. What other conclusion would make any sense?) how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations! For thou hast said in thine heart, (Yes, this was the day iniquity is found in him.) I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God.” That is what some of the scientists of our day are saying. A brother gave me an article from the Courier Journal. It gave a description of the races that have immigrated and come to this country. The author of it claims this nation is fast becoming a nation peopled of multiple identity, and is no longer just Anglo Saxons. They are emphasizing the fact, that by the year 2025, all the races in this new world will have been assimilated into a multicultural society, or will be in the process of it. I want to scream as loud as I can, It will never reach that! because God will blow it all to pieces before then. When you start messing around with God’s creation and think that God does not care, shame on you. The day will come that God will see you on your knees, begging for mercy. Before there was a flood, which the people of great wisdom still deny, the devil tried to do that very thing. He brought that bunch of females from the Cainite line over here and got those sons of God interested in marrying them, and their children had all those attributes of both lines in them. That is why the world was in such a pitiful shape morally, that God had to destroy the entire bunch, except Noah and his family, but He waited until the last one of the true sons of God line had passed off the scene before He destroyed the rest. Satan had to attack the sons of God line, in order to get the entire society in a shape like that, murdering and living like hell itself.


The scriptures say the sons of God line took wives, plural, of all which they chose. How many years God allowed that to go on like that we do not know: The Bible does not tell us that. It does give us enough details to let us put it all together into a picture of understanding, so that we are made to know what these mixed marriages produce. First of all, you have to remember that the Cainite element were brought into this world through a man that left the presence of God, left Eden and went over into the land of Nod which is east of Eden, to get away from the presence of God. You can read the entire account of it in Genesis, chapter 4, and as you go on through the rest of what is written you get Cain’s genealogy, and find that they were the inventors of evil things. The great musicians (in the eyes of the world) like Elvis Presley and his kind, and everything of a modern, carefree society was inbred over there in the land of Nod. Then when the devil took a strike at the sons of God line by bringing those Caninite women where they could display their worldly beauty before the sons of God, which were the men of Adam’s line, they eventually enticed them to the point where they not only began to take them for their wives, they also began to take more than one wife and in process of time, they had produced the society described in chapter 6, the wicked society that caused God to destroy the whole, perverted and ungodly bunch of them, but only after He had given them another 120 years for their evil ways to reach the height of ungodliness when they failed to repent, and were ripe for destruction. After God had told Noah what He was going to do, and numbered the remaining time to 120 years, He instructed Noah to build a boat for himself and all that he would be instructed to take with him into it. Noah is referred to as a preacher of righteousness by one of the writers of the Epistles of the New Testament, so he must have preached to them, giving them an opportunity to repent and turn to the Lord, but that kind never repent, because they have already sold out to the devil by denying that there is a sovereign God in the picture. Notice these four verses from chapter 6, and you will see what our very society is heading toward. 4 “There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown. 5 “And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually. 6 And it repented the LORD that He had made man on the earth, and it grieved Him at His heart. ‘And the LORD said, I will destroy man whom I have created from the face of the earth; both man, and beast, and the creeping thing, and the fowls of the air; for it repenteth me that I have made them.” When you read all of chapter 6, you can see in your mind’s eye huge, muscular men, stalking down the road of life, picking up little fellows and breaking their bones, just for the fun of it. You have them today. Every time you turn on the TV and see one of those wrestling characters, I have to say, Hell is really going to be a hell hole when they all get there. God will give them something they can really wrestle with. Go to Singapore, and look how the Chinese depict hell. They have a wax museum that would astonish you. They portray every earthly creature that has ever walked, and that is supposed to show how you are going to be treated in hell, if you reject God’s great plan of redemption and go there. They have some chained to stakes, and they have women pulling their tongue out and cutting it from their throat. That tells you, that in that your your tongue. Others show the eyeballs being gouged out. Whatever part of your physical being, while you were in this life, you used to make life miserable for others, that is what they are going after. Now just imagine heaven being a place where angels are throwing each other over their shoulder, breaking their necks and all such as that. Think of it; and then think of these men of renown that are mentioned. I wonder why their names were never written? Do you know what that tells me? They were mental wizards. That is the beginning of what you have all around you today, in our evolutionary society. They are wizards that hold a certain element of our society captive by the display of their great wisdom pertaining to earthly things. Just listen, how they are introduced. Now I want to introduce to you Dr. Fosdick of the society of evolution. He will explain some things that will put your mind’s at ease. Saints: I am not trying to be ridiculous, just realistic. Every time I hear one of these names mentioned on TV, I have to say within myself, Sir: Your days of this kind of recognition are going to be short. You can speak great things now, but the God that you deny, and His word that you refuse to accept, will one day judge you. Then He is going to cast you into a place you do not even believe exists. With these things in mind, I just have to say, We are now faced with one of the greatest conflicts of the mind. It is a conflict between what you harbor in your being, what you cherish in your heart, and what you believe from the word of God. I will say this, That conflict is going to stay right here until the day He comes and takes us out of here, so that is why we are admonished, “Let this mind be in you, which was in Christ Jesus.” (Phil. 2:5) When I read all of that in that paper, I thought, Yes, let modern man take the reins of the government of this entire world and deny God a right to affect anything, and they will force God to come quickly on the scene and prove Himself. That is why He will slay the wicked with the sword that goes out of His mouth. The wicked man is not necessarily to be thought of as the John Dillinger type of person. (A gangster) He is not necessarily the Jesse James type, or even a rapist. I think of these characters that want to deny the existence of the true Creator that has provided a way of salvation for all that will believe His word and submit themselves to His way, and it makes me shutter, to think what is ahead for them. God has provided all mankind a way to enlighten their pathway, a way that will stabilize them through their earthly journey, so when they deny and reject it what else can God do. other than destroy them? God did not create this earth for the devil’s evil gang: He created it for His children. I have to ask, What is going to happen when the day that Isaiah 13 and Isaiah 24 speaks of, is upon this society? It tells you that in that day the Lord will rise up terribly, and the planet earth will shake and be completely moved, as a cottage. He will shake man off. I have to believe there is going to be an element of youth that are alive right now, that are going to pass right out of this era of time, right into that which is just ahead, before this carnal minded being that man has become, gets a chance to twist and distort and warp their thinking, and try to make everyone believe in a myth. I call it that, because their ideas of evolution have never been scientifically proven; and cannot be, because there is no way to prove such a theory. In speaking of God, I have heard scientists say, Well He has not been scientifically proved. No, they have that much right; and they will never scientifically prove the existence of a Creator, nor the nonexistence of Him. Why? Because He is not matter. He is not even an atom. He is life, but a life those fellows will never be able to examine with any of their gadgets. He can only be proved one way, by submitting ourselves to the experience He gives to those who believe His word and determine to live for Him. Happy are those who have proven Him in that way.


Young people: Four years ago when you started laying on the floor under the power of God, you were experiencing a new thing in your lives. Just look back to that hour, a time when you fell under the power of God, or you walked around like you were drunk, and for some, it was both. That life which has always been, that is what was responsible for your actions. That goes to show, He is power over matter, because this physical body you are living inside of is 87% water. To think, that Spirit can come upon a human body and just simply render it powerless. Even though you are a spirit yourself, your spirit cannot resist that power. It cannot overcome that power. This lets me know, before there ever was anything that is matter, God was, and He is the author of all of it. That brings us to this point, the white planet over here, (the white ball on the chart) represents the planet, however many years of time that it would represent. God had to let it hang here long enough for it to cool down. Common sense would tell anyone, no plant life could live in the midst of all that heat. If there was going to eventually be animal life brought forth here, you would certainly have to have plant life growing first, because animal life lives off of the fruit and seed of plant life. Right? Plant life does not live off of animal life. We know which one had to come first. I pray you everyone understand that. God had to prepare this planet first, for the eventual growth of plant life, before there could ever be any animal life brought forth to inhabit it. They are getting ready to blacktop the road that goes past our house very soon, and I was talking to the supervisor, standing out by his big truck. We were talking about hurricane Floyd going up the east coast, and how bad it was. I told him I was in a typhoon on the island of Okinawa in 1945. I said, It carried an oil tanker right out of the ocean, brought it right in and laid it on the beach. Those big waves carried it in and laid it on the beach and left it. He is a younger man than I am, and he said, Well I was in the army during the 1960’s and stationed in the state of Oregon. He was there during the explosion of Mt. St. Helen. When that went off, he said it felt like, for a few moments of time, that the end of the world had come. That is the thought that comes into your mind at a time like that. He said it shook everything around. Everything got very dark, black. You could not see anything. Then, as things settled, that volcano erupted. In all that time, it blew out ash. There was basically three types of ash that came out of that volcano. I listened. He said, It was different colors. He got little cans of the different colors of ash, because he wanted a keepsake. However, when they came to the plane and they looked in his suitcase, they thought he had some bomb contraption. He never did get home with it. I remember reading an article about how the wind, for days, blew that ash far and near. It had been blown so high into the atmosphere, it carried it into Montana and scattered it over the wheat fields there. The Montana wheat growers got a good coat of fertilizer that year. Common sense would tell you, that if this stage right here is the particle that is our planet, and out of the explosion it is hurled over here, there is not a blade of grass • growing on it. There is not a tree, nor anything growing on it. It is too hot. We can say this though, If the planet itself is from 4 ‘A to 5 billion years old, then for the first million years it could have hung here in a cooling down process. God knew what was going on: He did not have to wait and see how long it would take. I will have to say this, Since He is the architectural designer of this thing, He is letting volcanos and different things erupt and blow dust here and there and everything He does is for a purpose. You and I weren’t there, but I will remind young people in school, You have read in your history books about Pompeii, An ancient city of southern Italy southeast of Naples. (Pompeii was destroyed by an eruption of Mount Vesuvius in A.D. 79. The incredibly well-preserved ruins were rediscovered in 1748 and have been extensively excavated.) (copied) They still grow plant life on top of that thing. What comes out of those volcanos is not an unproductive, non usable element. It is the beginning of the basis of soil or what was once the beginning of soil. In the Philippines, where Clark Air Force Base was, so many miles off in the mountains, ten or twelve years ago, another volcano blew. It belched smoke and ash all over everything around. It covered the hangers on Clark Air Force Base until the roofs caved in. Yet they can grow stuff right on top of it. They showed a documentary on that kind of thing the other night. They had a camera set up when Mt. St. Helen blew. It showed how that blast, for several thousand acres, knocked down every tree and just laid them flat. It scorched and eliminated every blade of grass, and everything else that was green. It covered the mountainsides with several feet of ash, but today, little saplings are coming up everywhere as thick as hair. Does that tell you anything? They showed pictures of people that perished in the initial blast. I believe there were 54 people. One was an old hermit. He had said, I have been here most of my life and I will die here. He did. The ash covered him up. I am using that as a little insight on how this planet had to be dealt with in those initial years, millions of years in the initial stage of preparing it for life to eventually be put upon it. That is why I can say, Volcanos show us something. Some were spewing water and mud. Others were spewing ash. A couple years ago, on TV one night, was another documentary I watched. A man living in Nebraska, owns a ranch. It told how many years before that, one Sunday afternoon, he went out to take a walk. He came to a ravine where water had started the erosion process. He started walking along this thing and just kept going. Finally his head was below the surface level. He looked into the bank of the ravine and saw a large white tooth. He thought, What in the world is this? I don’t remember any animal being buried here. He then began to dig further into the bank and when he did, he came into some bones of some very large animal. He notified the universities. They sent their archaeological students to check it out. When they began digging, eleven feet down they found what had once been a huge marsh lake. They found there had been over one hundred hippopotamus that had taken refuge in this lake. They came to the conclusion that somewhere there was a volcano that was spewing ash. It covered that whole particular country. They found the skeletons on top of each other. They came to the conclusion as they examined the dust, that this ash was being spewed into the atmosphere, and these animals began to breathe the fumes from it and it set up a reaction that caused the muscles of the lungs to go into spasms. They were running to the water, trying to get in, thinking this would help them. There is where they all suffocated. God buried them there, to be uncovered years and years later, as a testimony of the ancient past. Christian young people, this planet you live on was absolutely not created in six twenty four hour days, the way it sounds as you read the account in Genesis. God was hundreds of thousands of years in getting the planet conditioned for what He had purposed to do on it. He was bringing it to a point where He could begin to express Himself in His creation. I want to say this, Do not call God a ragweed. And do not call God a maple tree either, but if God is life, then He is the life of that maple tree, and of every other thing that has life. It is just His way of expressing His being. I have to say this, He designed every blade of grass to function in a certain way. It embodies enzymes, proteins, this and that. He knew exactly what He was creating each thing to be, how it is to function, and it will never mix or cross without man messing around with it. God designed everything to be so beautiful, but look around you today and what do you see? Everything has been perverted by man. He sees this earth, He sees these places where soil begins. Then high on a mountainside something happens. Something blows and after awhile there is a little juniper bush. I call it that, because it looks like that. If you have traveled through the western mountains, hundreds of feet above earth’s level, there on the side of the mountain, in a small crack you see the thing and something put him up there. All over the mountains life begins. and life is expressed. All those things are expressing the Creator, because all life comes from Him.


Down in the level country, soil is slowly being prepared for whatever will be growing in it, and please do not call God a microbe, but we can say this, Microorganisms are part of God’s creation. They have a job to do. When I read in a National Geographic magazine some time ago, this man took one cubic foot of earth’s soil and showed it in a drawing, the different kinds of species in it. We could call them insects, little hard shelled bugs. They can bore a tiny hole twenty feet into the ground. If there were not that kind of creatures, this earth’s soil would become so compacted, it would be like concrete. That is why the Creator made them. They were there back then, and they are still here today, doing the job they were created for. That is the beautiful part about it: the Creator designed it all before He ever manifested anything of His creation. I looked at that on TV and thought, If there was or is any such thing as evolution, God could create some of this microorganism stuff and when they have created within the realm of ash and stuff sufficient for the eventual breaking down of the nutrients that will be converted to plant life, God can also delegate in the life of that microorganism, that when it reaches a certain stage, and it has produced a certain environment, then it can change and go to another stage. That does not mean we are dealing with horses, cows, or anything like that yet. We are dealing with microorganisms used in the breaking down of earth’s surface structure, for the eventual putting in it plant life. God is not going to put any animal life here, walking around on the planet with nothing to chew on. I hope you everyone understand that.? He did everything in a way to keep perfect balance. This small microorganism stuff He first put here is still here today. As I have read, here is a fertile piece of soil: The grass and everything is growing in it. It is so lush and high, but at the end of the season it dies and falls over. If in that soil you did not have these microorganisms to begin to devour and break that down, it would not be long until you would have a thickness of dead mass of weeds and grass, so that nothing could penetrate through it. God is the author of recycling. He is the One that designed the very idea of it. The only thing is, He does not ask you to save aluminum and plastic. It is just that everything He made in the elements of raw material, He has a way of recycling it. He does it so beautifully you have to know the very idea of recycling is a necessary part of His perfect design for the planet. I realize some could say, Bro. Jackson: you haven’t said a whole lot this morning, but I am convinced that I have said enough to get you to see that God was busy for eons of time, getting this planet ready for habitation of plant and animal life. What if it was fifty million years in the process of being made ready where it could receive plant life, who was standing around impatiently waiting for that time? He knew exactly how to do it and when He wanted it to be done. Following plant life, He began to bring animal life into the picture. Let me say this, I have different magazines with various articles, so when they try to say evolution is a fact; and that we evolved off of a fish, the fish losing fins and sprouting toes and so forth, like a tadpole, who in their right frame of thinking could accept such an idea? How many ever saw tadpoles? I don’t know why it was like that, but when I was a little boy, most all country roads were seldom if ever, graded; and they all had little potholes all along, so every time you got a hard rain there would be a puddle of water left standing in the middle of the road all along ever so far apart; and the next day those potholes of water would be full of tadpoles. You watch them, and in a few days they lose that tail and start sprouting two back legs. It is not long until they are out of the water and into the weeds and grass. What are they? Little bitty hop toads hopping through the grass. My point in saying this, is that there really is no such thing as evolution, the way some of your scientists teach it. God has His way of doing things, that natural minded scientists cannot accept as something designed by a Creator.


I want to give you a word to think about. I have seen this word referred to by scientists. Mutate, or mutation. They say it is a mistake. That may be the way certain scientists look at it, but that is the way God brings about certain developments in a type of animal. How many have ever seen the Brahma cow? They have a hump on the shoulders like a buffalo. He is just a part of the cow species. Where did he get the hump. When you compare him beside a Jersey dairy cow, and you are looking at the two species, they both came out of the original cows that God gave Adam. Right? Yet if you could see the bone structure of these two creatures and the evolutionists did not know it, he probably could not help but see the bone structure of the Brahma is a little different, because he does not have any more bones, but it is the way they are shaped to create this mammoth hump and the huge head, in comparison to a small Jersey cow. My point in saying that is this, in your animal kingdom, God the Creator, the designer of that particular species, created a law that flows through the genes. As that particular species has reproduced its kind and has drifted and finds itself in existence on different parts of the planet, conditions, which is the environment of the area that creature is faced with living in, the type of food, the temperature and all of that over the period of many years, will affect the genetic reproduction that the animal will give off in time. There was only one pair of horses in Noah’s ark. Where did we get the miniature horses? There was not a pair of them there in the ark. How many of you understand that? This book is all about horses, from the wild stage to the domestic stage, from huge down to very small. It goes to show when God created and established that particular species, He created within the genetic flow of it so that species will reproduce its kind through the ages and time to come. He the Creator, being sovereign, no one tells Him He cannot do something He has purposed to do. He will do it anyway. He can cause a gene to flow down and somewhere a little mother horse will give birth to something different than what might be expected. Sure it is going to be a horse, but there is something about it, about its actions, its appearance and conduct that is completely different than that of the parents. There are a lot of people that like little dogs. They say it all came from the wolf. I have my doubts about that, knowing what I do about mutation. I think we had a creature something like the wild dog. When I see one of these little dogs, he has so many wrinkles you wonder if he can see between the wrinkles. I just simply cannot see that little thing coming from anything that looks like a wolf. I hope you understand. I just use that as an illustration. It is not evolution, but if you would take the bone structure of the wolf and that little old wrinkled dog and see its bone structure, how long it is in ratio to its height, you would have to say, Something mutated here. There is a mutation that no doubt went on in the prehistoric world. Here following, is what the dictionary says about mutation.

(Mutation) n. 1. The act or process of being altered or changed. 2. An alteration or change, as in nature, form, or quality. 3. Genetics a. A sudden structural change within a gene or chromosome of an organism resulting in the creation of a new character or trait not found in the parental type. b. The process by which such a sudden structural change occurs, either through an alteration in the nucleotide sequence of the DNA coding for a gene or through a change in the physical arrangement of a chromosome.”

When evolutionists find these different bone structures, from the monkey and on and on, they have their ideas to promote, but brothers and sisters, there is no such thing as evolution the way they promote it. Yet there is such a thing as true mutation which produces what they call evolution. That is why you have different breeds of the same species. They arc different sizes and so forth, because the Creator made it to be that way. He knew that you and I, somewhere in time, would have a need for it to be like that.


I have these written analysis, I want to read certain parts of, to give the viewers, readers and those who listen to this message recorded on audio tapes, wherever it may go, something to let them know that these things I am saying are not just my own ideas, originating from my own thinking: I derive my explanation from these men that are supposed to be learned. Here, is an analysis of what another scientist along this line says. “Although evolutionists state that life resulted from non fife, matter resulted from nothing, and humans resulted from animals; each of these is an impossibility of science and the natural world. Life is far too complex to have resulted from any chance happening. Even the simplest form of life consists of billions of parts working together, and needed for the basic functioning of the organism. These could not have sprung into being at the same time and inter-relating together by chance. Life coming from matter would violate the law of biogenesis and the cell principles which state that life must come only from life. Secondly we find that the first matter could not simply have come into existence from nothing. This is a logical absurdity. Finally we find that morality in humanity, as well as our mental capacity, and utter dominance of the physical world, makes humanity set apart by any reasonable means, from the rest of the living world itself. ” Now we are going to let Darwin say something. “We certainly observe that life does not derive from non life. Life is more than the sum of its parts. This may be why, at least in part, science cannot define life. It can only give the characteristics of living things.” That proves life itself cannot be determined and proved scientifically, because life is not matter, neither is it an organism. It is a spirit, it is invisible, it is a power, it is an existence that has existed forever. “Darwin wrote, The first appearance of new beings is a mystery of mysteries. All the matter we see, the sun and so forth, are said by evolutionists to have begun by a mixture of gases in the atmosphere. (But where did the gases come from, and even the space for them, where did it come from?) Science cannot account for something coming from nothing, and neither can common sense account for it. This is not to even mention the complexity of matter which adds to this absurdity, in fact as mentioned when you have nothing, you do not even have the space for the something that is to come from it. In addition there would be no gravity, therefore those supposed gases from which all things supposedly cane, would simply scatter into space and not draw together.” All through this they proved, after all the years they had dug and removed tons and tons of fossilized things, they have never found one yet that shows the same species in a transitional state, from a fish which swims in water, changed to a human on land, walking on two feet. Not one time. They further state, that never has it been proven that all living beings came from one living cell. It would have had to be a super mind of intelligence that put in here somewhere a selection. With that, he says, Nothing has been found in the fossil world that shows a horse evolving into a cow, or a dog evolving to a cat. All these theories of evolution are only just that, theories. They have found nothing yet that proves evolution is how life got here, or how organisms got here. I am going to make a statement. Please do not be offended at what I am saying. The intellectual world is as the Bible says in Daniel 12, That knowledge shall be increased. That is the big topic today, better education, more education, we have got to climb higher, got to go deeper, got to go further. Still there is within man something that is crying out. As long as they have been working on this theory, and they have not put on display anywhere how the great explosion ever came about, simply because it is all just hypothetical. What are these scientists going to do one of these days when God really shows Himself the way the Bible says He will? God shall utter His voice from the heavens, and the earth shall be clean removed. That is an expression. That does not mean the planet will disappear, but God in His day of wrath, as He will execute it in fire throughout the elements, this planet is going to reel and rock and toss to and fro. Imagine giant tidal waves, two or three hundred feet tall, coming toward land from the center of the ocean, taking everything with it as it goes, knocking it down, then pulling it back to the bottom of the ocean. 1 wonder how the scientist are going to feel when he feels himself on a ball, and it has lost, momentarily, its gravitational stability. Some scientist are suddenly going to realize they have wasted their lives teaching things that are totally impossible. Do not be offended at some of the remarks I make: I have a reason for saying the things I say: I wanted to make a point. They have laughed, scoffed and wrote their literature to condemn the people that believe in God. Yes, we have sat back and said nothing, simply because they remain to be the voices of authority in the realm of the world at large. They are the voices of the skeptics and agnostics, and that makes them the voices of the majority, but God has a remedy for that condition. God has allowed it to be this way through time, but just wait until that day comes when He rises up to shake terribly this earth. I have to say, Those poor educated but very ignorant minds are going to wish they had something to let their thoughts grab hold of, because they cannot help but feel there is something far more powerful than their ideas in control. Let me read some more here, at this time. “Pilton was discovered in 1953 to have been nothing more than an ape’s jaw placed with a human skull. It was a hoax placed on purpose. They recognized either the jaw to be an ape’s or the skull to be a human’s. They declared each part as an in between of ape and human. They dated it to be five hundred thousand years old. The discovery, when they found it was a fake, had fooled the paleontologists for forty five years. That is what our young people have to be subjected to, these brains that poke this type of stuff down their mentality, and your offspring are expected to sit and listen, as though the teachers have all the answers. I have to say for the sake of keeping out of trouble, If they say the moon is made of green cheese, just say Amen. You could never say anything that would change them. You know the truth, so nothing they teach that is contrary to what you know to be truth can ever hurt you. Just be thankful to your heavenly Father that He saw fit to reveal the truth of His word to you.


Let us now return to what we were dealing with. After God began dealing with this planet in bringing about His ultimate purpose, through time it cooled down and His little microorganisms had opportunity to do their work, and then it was time to bring about the existence of plant life. Plant life has to come first. It has to come before marine life. Marine life does not only live just in water, there has to be nutrients that flow into the water, something that gives marine life an opportunity to sustain its existence. If you did not have plant life on dry land that materializes itself, and nature causes it to shed, and the rains dissolve it and bring it through the streams into the bodies of water, marine life would not have anything to sustain it, because that is how marine life exists, basically from what plant life produces through time. Again, how long did it take God to do that? Millions of years by the way we measure time. These people that want to believe the planet was made in six days of twenty four hours each, just instantly, I have to say, Why instantly? God can do anything instantly if He has a reason to, but I do not think that we Christians, many times, catch the real point. I believe God wants us to realize that we are just miniature organisms here on this planet, and that He put us here, and that it would behoove us just to open our minds to Him and let Him put some spiritual sense in there, rather than us trying to devise a way of pulling everything into our narrow concept. As life began on this planet, which is what these different colors represent, the stages, there were no polar regions. Oh Bro. Jackson, where did you get that from? I said, and I mean, There were no polar regions! The entire planet then, in its initial beginning had a perfect climate. Do you know how I know? One reason is, A few years ago in the Reader’s Digest, I read where scientists in the glaciers of Siberia found a bison. It had been destroyed or froze up in the Ice Age that brought an end to this whole thing back then. It was in the process of swallowing. It had already chewed and developed the cud, and was getting ready to swallow it, so the cud was still right there in its throat. In Norway, Bro. Strommen told me that scientists in the glacier caps, have even found ferns. Ferns do not grow in polar regions. We everyone know that. They did not float there in the flood either, as some would be quick to proclaim. Would that make any sense? No, you have to look at the whole picture and consider everything God has allowed us to know, in order to get everything in its proper place and in its right time. The planet cane out of a very hot state of being: That is the first thing to consider. A lot of people just take for granted that God instantly created everything exactly like they imagine it to have been as Adam was introduced into the picture. They just imagine six creative days of twenty four hours each, and each polar having an ice cap. What would that have been for? The ice caps are only the remnant of the last ice age, which was a destructive force. Therefore since there was no polar regions, there was a perfect climate throughout the entire earth that God eventually brought into materialization. Somewhere, as plant life began to become more lush, God began to add marine life to the picture. He did not have to add it all in one day of time either. According to the scriptures, God had every concept of the things He would create, in His mind, with the minutest details all planned out before He ever created anything. He could create these little species and project them into the streams and bodies of water. Two thirds of the planet was not covered with water during the prehistoric time. Neither was it like that before the flood of Noah’s hour. The beginning then, was first marine life, then animal life, but somewhere along in this beginning, before it ever got to this point God had created helpers for Himself: Not that He needed help, but God, just like a human father, likes to share Himself with something. What did He do? He created the angelic beings. What does the apostle Paul say the angelic beings are, over in the book of Hebrews? They are ministering spirits for one thing, sent forth to minister to the heirs of salvation. That is what they are now, but in the prehistoric world no: you could say they were ministering spirits, but for another altogether different objective: because there were no heirs of salvation back then. They even functioned in the realm of a creating capacity, when God was creating everything else. That is why we titled this message, “The Testing and Fall of Satan.” His testing and fall had to occur somewhere; and we know he was already a fallen angel when Adam and Eve were placed in the garden of Eden. Therefore when people who claim to be Christians, only hold that concept of six twenty four hour days in the entire creating process they leave no place nor reason for Lucifer to become a fallen angel, but they say, That is irrelevant: since the Bible does not say, we do not believe that is important. It is important; if you have a desire to understand the many scriptures that can only be understood by knowing those things. Furthermore the Bible does tell us those things; if we will allow the Spirit of God to lead us while we read between the lines. It would never have mentioned anything about him, his fall, nor anything, if it were not important. Jesus would never have referred to Satan as being the father of lies, if there had not been a time when he manifested such an attribute. He would never have referred to him as being a murderer from the beginning, if there had not been somewhere that the act and attribute had been expressed by him. The devil, Lucifer, had to have an objective; when he was standing somewhere in the background inspiring the serpent there in our beginning, in the garden of Eden, wanting to get back in control of this planet. Yes, that is what I said, wanting to get BACK in control. That is why he stood there watching the whole onset of things as Adam and Eve were being commissioned to REPLENISH the earth. As we look back into the prehistoric world, sometimes we see paintings depicting how foliage and trees must have looked, during the prehistoric time. They show trees towering into the sky, giant ferns and such like. You see pictures of dinosaurs walking through giant forests. You see all kinds of animals. We can say this on the authority of that which IS written, When God made the angelic beings, they were given power to control, to manipulate and to look after all of those animals as they went about their business. God’s purpose, was that this planet eventually be populated with a complete animal kingdom. I have been privileged to see different things that have enriched my understanding of these things. In Mexico City, There is one of the largest displays of prehistoric fossils and art paintings I have ever seen, because of finding fossils dating back to a time that had to be long before the time Genesis 1:2 and following, speaks of. Is tells where they were found, portraying the geography, the surroundings, how it might have looked and so forth. There is one that shows the natives of that hour, which was none other than the prehistoric creature that looked like a man, but was really just part of a prehistoric animal creation. The Mastodon elephant is a huge creature with long tusks. They had chased him into a swamp; and then just kept shooting their arrows at him until finally he falls. When they unearthed the fossils of that thing, that is exactly what they found in the ground; that it had at one time been a small lake. There was the skeleton of this Mastodon elephant lying there. That is what gave the painter the design of the picture, to portray how he had evidently been chased into the swamp and died there. Then something catastrophic happened that encased him in a tomb, and everything petrified around him. I have to say, Since during the last fifty years there have been enough fossils unearthed from the layers of the surface of this earth to well establish a prehistoric animal creation, any so called Christian that will still deny the established fact of it, just simply make themselves very foolish. Yes Saints: I just have to say, They make themselves look very foolish; to doubt the existence of a prehistoric time on this earth, just by reading the Bible through without trying to get some understanding of the spiritual fossils that are lying therein. God did not play a trick on anyone: It is just that it is time for all these things to be coming to surface so the end time believers can have an understanding of how a sovereign God has worked in the eons past, to manifest His total plan for the Ages. You and I everyone should know, that all through these thousands, even millions of years, coming along in here when we can say life became more fluent, a person would have to be very insensitive to the many scriptures that vindicate what archaeologist have presented to the world, pertaining to the past ages of time, to still deny it. Right along in here, (pointing to chart) is where life really began to be expressed and represented throughout the planet in that prehistoric time. Now, the reason we can say that something happened back then, that perverted the whole thing, is because, If for some reason life had started out with a cannibalistic trait to it, regardless of what species, from the small species to the very large species, if cannibalism had been an original trait life never would have gotten past the originals, to where it obviously did multiply to in the time that elapsed before the last Ice Age. We know this from the Bible, and I believe the chronology of it is right, that our existence goes back to about six thousand years ago, to our ancestor Adam. Well that prehistoric hour was many, many times that; therefore we have to realize there was no need for God to be in a hurry. God was in the process of bringing everything into existence for a very long time, because He was expressing Himself in His creation and He Himself is not subject to time. Time is in Hint. If we had time to indulge in everything that is material, we could try to see how many three’s God represented certain factions and functions in. Like, when He made angels, how did He do it? Did He go off somewhere into a laboratory and stir up a batch of something? No. He is a father, is He not? He is recorded as our heavenly father, but He is a father also of angelic beings, because He is the only source of life there is, in this universe. He takes of Himself: He needs no help with that. Once He separates this life from Himself, He gives it individuality of its own. That sets it apart from Him. Therefore when He gives it individuality, He gives it conscience, He puts in objectivity, He determines what this being is to function within; but He gives it authority to carry out certain things. Therefore however many angels He made, He made them all perfecta Their spirit came from Him. Then we come to our era of time, God knew when you and I pick up a Bible and read in Genesis 1 and verse 3, where God said, Let there be light, He was dealing with this planet for the purpose of eventually putting you and me here on it. Then when He said, Let us make man in our own image and after our likeness, it was not as the Trinitarians say, That this was the first time the trinity was mentioned. That has no reference whatever to a trinity. That is when God was saying to His angelic helpers, Let us make man in our image and after our likeness; because He was referring to a spirit being, like God the Creator and His angelic host are. The apostle Paul picks it up in the book of Hebrews where he wrote, What is man, that thou art mindful of him? Thou halt created him, made him a little lower than the angels, and crowned him with glory and honor and set him over the works of thine hand. That is why we are here. We are the third order; God, angels, and then man. You can see the steps of three throughout the scriptures, but that does not make God a trinity.


Now we will take a look at the angels God created long before He created Man. When God created them, He knew right then that eventually He would cause them to be brought face to face with a test that would determine their faithfulness in what they were designated to carry out in His overall plan. It does not say in the scriptures what the test might have been, but there are what I choose to call scriptural fossils scattered throughout the Bible, that allow us to gain insight if we will properly examine them. For instance, when Jesus, in St. John 8:44, Him, said, “Ye are of your father the devil, were questioning and father ye will the lusts of your speaking to the Pharisees who do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: n. there is no for he is a liar, and the father of it,” there had to be a reason for Him to make such a dramatic statement, so you have to keep your eyes open, to find the other scriptures that go along with such a statement. Naturally those to whom He was speaking did not understand: You know that by the way they responded. He was not talking to John Dillinger, Jesse James, Al Capone, nor any other of the notable gangsters we have heard of; He was talking to that bunch of religious Jews that always portrayed themselves in such a pious manner until something crossed their way of thinking, then they assumed a murderous attitude. He said their father was the devil; and that the lusts of their father they will do. That was hurtful, but the rest of His words really stung them. “He was a murderer from the beginning. He was a liar, because he abode not in the truth. That is saying he did not stay where he was supposed to. Since he was a liar, when he speaks, he speaks of his own, because he is the father, the originator of every lie that has ever been spoken in this universe. Naturally we believe that to be the truth because Jesus Himself spoke it; and a little later we will examine that statement in the light of some other scriptures. Right now though, I want you to know this, God created everything the way He wanted it to be. He had no seconds, like some of our manufacturers today do. God made every species of grass just the way He wanted them. He knew how much protein, carbohydrate and enzymes each little species of plant life would yield. This plant life has a two fold purpose: Human life will depend on it for nourishment, but the plant life will manufacture, create the oxygen that you and I have to breathe in and exist from. Even the fowl life has to depend on that. The marine life has to depend on it. Therefore let me say, When God created everything, He made it so precise that everything had to function exactly to a precise end. That is why He did not put any other living things here until the environment was right to receive them, to cause them to flourish and go on and function to fulfill their created purpose. We can say then, That as He has made the angels, plant life is pretty well established. The animal life is here and progressing on their way. It does not nutter to me what size those animals were, when I read in Christian Science, some of the articles they print, and how they say the fossils being discovered, are only remnants of the flood, to me that is totally narrow minded. Let us just picture about three years ago, on a high mountain plateau in China, some Chinese scientists all of a sudden ran into a dig of dinosaur fossilized bones. Understand what I am saying. Dinosaurs did not exist on this earth in Noah’s hour of time, or in Adam and Eve’s hour which was 1600 years before. There was an animal kingdom that perished in the flood of Noah’s hour. I do not think God had any reason to allow them to fossilize: That would establish nothing. There was just no reason for that. On the other hand, I have to believe it was a different story with those of that prehistoric hour. I have to believe as life flourished, animals increased and somewhere every major continent on this planet had a land connection. There was no need for two thirds of this planet to be covered with water back then. They have shown a lot of the Caribbean from satellite pictures lately, and when you look at a satellite picture of the coastline of Florida, Cuba, Puerto Rico, i Dominican Republic, if you notice, there is a chain of islands all the way from the outer perimeter of Florida, that goes at an angel across the Caribbean to the coast of South America to the big bulge. If you could take a lot of water off this earth and put it back where it would be if we had never had the great flood, in my opinion, you would see that all of that is just another mountain range on a lower plateau. Possibly the center of this Caribbean ocean would have just been a big inland lake, if you understand what I mean. Somewhere, just imagine the giant redwoods. Go to Arizona and the Painted Desert and the Petrified Forest, and know that you are not looking at a forest that perished in Noah’s flood: You are looking at the petrified trees from a prehistoric era, and why did God have it petrified? I have to say, He was leaving a testimony, not on written pages, but written in the structure of the earth’s surface for those who have the proper perception_ All the way from the Monument Valley in Utah, the Painted Desert, the petrified Forest, and all through that country they are now finding fossil ruins and skeletons of dinosaurs from the ancient past. Imagine this planet from the North Pole to the South Pole, growing giant ferns and everything growing so lush. Imagine the beautiful flowers. What an aroma, what a fragrance! I have to believe the planet finally reached a beautiful state. As it reached that beautiful state, with those beautiful forest, you did not have men with power saws cutting down trees and hauling them off to factories somewhere. The forests were beautiful, but there came a day when Lucifer, just as it says in the 14th chapter of Isaiah, starting with the 12th verse, must have started to think, I wonder what would happen if I began to change all of this? He looked it all over, because realizing the power the Creator had invested in him, he knew he could do whatever he pleased. He first thinks it all out. He then has a plan. I can see him, as he began to go to the various angels, whether by groups or individuals, to see how many would join him in his devious plan. Now I do not think he designed the whole plan in one day’s time. He first had a plan, but he wanted to share it with the rest of the angels, get as many involved as he could. They were everyone where they were because that was God’s way of testing them. Now it was their time to be tested, as to whether they would go along with Lucifer in his plan, or whether they would continue on as God had commissioned them. They had to make a choice, just like Adam had to make a choice in his hour. As Lucifer thought everything through, it looked like he had a beautiful plan, because he must have thought, If I just change all this love situation, I believe life would be more interesting.


Naturally we just have to examine the related scriptures, to get some idea about how Lucifer went about leading one third of the other angels astray, so having said that, let me stop right here and explain animal love one for another. Did you know that animals can express a love for one another, even between different species? I will illustrate it to you like this, My wife subscribes to a magazine called Farm and Ranch. There was a picture in the last copy she received, about some people that had a Palomino horse. They lived in town and boarded this Palomino horse in a stable out of town. Then they went to the country and bought some acreage with a house and small barn, so they could take care of the Palomino themselves. The picture shows this horse in the pasture. A friend had given one of the children a pot bellied pig. There are a lot of people that have them for pets. Well that horse fell in love with that pot bellied pig. It says in this article, that wherever the horse goes, that pig goes. It was a love for one another situation. Bro. Jackson, I came to hear you preach from the Bible: not to hear you tell a funny story. If some of you had that thought I want you to listen to me, When you do get into the Millennium, you are liable to see a lot of this sort of thing; because the scriptures portray it like that. I say it will be just exactly like that. That horse would trot to the other end of the pasture, then turn around and nicker for that pig. Of course that pig was moving as fast as he could, but he couldn’t keep up. It showed the pig standing right beside the horse’s leg. I read another article that you may not think exists, but it does. Go out around some of the horse barns you probably have somewhere around. A lot of those race horses have a mascot. Sometimes it is a cat, sometimes a goat, and sometimes it is a dog. When that horse loses its mascot, it starts nickering. I read a story a few years ago of another case like I just mentioned. A man and his wife went to all kinds of rodeos, because they owned a roping horse. Well that horse had a cat and a red rooster as mascots. When they went to a rodeo, they had to take that cat and rooster with them. One day as they were going through town, they stopped at a certain red light: the cat and rooster were in the horse trailer with the horse; so right there at the stop light the red rooster threw his head back and crowed real loud. Naturally that surprised everyone that heard such a sound coming from a horse trailer, but it just goes to show that the animal kingdom has something about them that can relate to the different species in many cases. They cannot speak each others language, but they are part of a kingdom where there can be that kind of love relationship; and if it is allowed to be expressed, you can have harmony and tranquility among them. By the same token, if Satan would leave humanity alone, you would not have characters coming into the church house shooting and killing people. Do you understand what I am trying to get across to you? In my mind’s eye, I can see that era of time back there, with huge beasts living together without the animosity we see existing between most of our animals of this day and hour. It must have been a magnificent sight to watch them move through the foliage, eating leaves and grass and such, and not looking for a chance to devour each other. My, what a sight to behold! Then came the day when Lucifer, if he was going to be a murderer, he had to start murdering and having murdered, those animals he was set in charge of along with the other angels. He had the power to begin to work on the nature of certain animals, to cause them to kill each other. If you do not believe it, then please tell me this, When you watch those Wild Kingdom shows on television and see a lion chasing an antelope, and how it finally grabs its prey and takes it to the ground with his mouth around the throat of his captive, what causes the lion to be like that? You would have to say that the devil inspires such an attitude. Right? We know for sure, that the Creator did not put that spirit of animosity in anything. The devil makes that lion do that. However, when it says in Isaiah, that in that day, the day which we know is the beautiful Millennium, the Sabbath which is coming up very shortly, the lion again will eat straw like the bullock. The cow and bear shall feed together. Once again the animals and little children will play together without any fear or problems. What harmony! What love! What beauty! What a kingdom! That is how it was in our Garden of Eden before the fall of Adam. That is how those huge, prehistoric animals lived with each other until Lucifer began to defile their spirit’s. Then all of a sudden, because of Lucifer’s maneuvering, those animals began to get a hostile feeling toward other species and even among themselves. After a while, I can see them locked in a struggle designed to kill and destroy. When that started, it lasted long enough to give every angel a chance to make their choice as to how they felt about that situation. Once they had made their choice and became guilty of partaking of that perversion, I can just imagine the entire planet as one huge battlefield, blood stained throughout. We must remember though, that only one third of the angels were deceived by Lucifer: That is why there are still righteous angels that do follow the Creator’s commission to them. Many of them are commissioned to care for the welfare of the heirs of salvation, as is stated in the book of Hebrews. Now I am sure you have heard people say, that this crude oil that is so deep down in the earth is all that lard from those dinosaurs that killed each other, fish with feet, if you know what I mean. How did it get so deep in the ground? Why do you have to go so deep to get it? If that is the grease from dinosaurs, why can we not raise fat hogs and convert the grease to be consumed in automotive engines? Do you understand what I mean? Well, so much for that thought. Everyone has an opinion. As the blood of those animals stained this earth from continent to continent, the entire earth being a huge battlefield, it left bones lying around to be discovered by certain ones in our day and hour. God let that condition continue on until the earth was stained. The earth has been scarred by all of that. The animals made sounds of hurt and pain as they were wounded and lay dying, and all the time those effects were ascending up before God. Then there came the time that God took a look at what was going on, from the standpoint of doing something to stop it. That is when He began to say, I must judge this whole thing and bring it to a halt. Having given you this little sketch of what this earth has seen, we now want to bring it right out of that era into your and my era, because our history has been affected by what took place back there.


No sooner was Adam and Eve placed in the beautiful garden, then here came that devil inspired plot to put them to a test. It came through the serpent as he approached Eve every time he got the chance, with a proposition for pleasure he convincer her she should be enjoying, so she was finally convinced she had been missing out on something that could really enhance her life. Soon Adam had to make the choice as to whether he would partake of this newly discovered pleasure or not. As a result of the events that followed the time she finally submitted to him, after they were all outside the garden, Eve gave birth to two little boy babies. In a matter of time, the earth then began to be populated by two different elements of people. Then as time passed, killing and all kinds of perversions, as well as inventions of evil things began to enter upon the scene, first over in the land of Nod, and eventually throughout the then inhabited land. Think of what history has recorded of events that have transpired on earth just since the flood of Noah’s day. Eventually individual nations began to arise; and in process of time the earth once again became blood stained as thousands of men died on battlefields fighting for something that many of them did not understand. I am just giving a little background, getting to what we have all read about in the book of Revelation, the last book of our Bible’s, and that is the battle of Armageddon. What a conflict that is going to be! Just think of two hundred million men being gathered into the place that is called The Valley of Megiddo, where they are set to fight to the finish, until one side has claimed the victory. From the port of Haifa, there is a valley that runs inland. There is a small river stream that flows through there. Inland a few miles there is a little mountain, Mt. Megiddo. On it, there is an ancient fortress that overlooks the valley, and they call it the valley of Jezreel. That was the northern tribes’ breadbasket in ancient times. In ancient times war after war, battle after battle was fought in that valley. That is exactly where God is going to gather the nations of the earth, right there into that small valley where they will be locked together in a struggle to the finish. It says the blood shall flow to the bridle of a horse. I have to look at that and try to imagine, as they come streaming from the Orient, and as they come streaming from the west with all the kill technology they have today, just what it will be like. God is going to let them fire everything they have at each other. He will cause a spirit to possess them: You wanted war, I will give you war until it runs out your ears. Bodies on top of bodies will be heaped together in that little valley. Imagine though, when it is all over, there will never be another war allowed to be fought on this planet. That ends it all right there. You see where Satan is allowed to amass a large number to surround the camp of the saints, after the Millennium reign, but there will never be a shot fired: God Himself intervenes with fire from heaven to devour them.


Now let us direct our thinking back to the prehistoric hour for a few more thoughts. I have said that no doubt these giant battlefields became marked and stained and the end results preserved, to be carried over for a further purpose, and they are still here today. On every major continent there is a desert. I ask myself the question, Why is that desert there? I know, that in the Millennium, as it says in the Psalms, there is the day the desert shall blossom as the rose, so if we could look at these deserts, and realize that every desert is not just a pile of sand, but that it can be rock or dirt, but oh how dry it is. In how many of these places do they find the fossilized bones, the skeletons of these giant animals? When people want to deny that there was such an age, and that it came to an abrupt end by some catastrophic judgment, the many evidences that are being found vindicate beyond the shadow of any doubt, that when God did judge that hour of time for the sole purpose of bringing that kingdom of animals to an end, and chastising, or judging the angelic beings that ruled over them, all God had to do was just let this earth go into convulsions, and a huge earthquake rock it out of relationship to the sun. I guarantee you, It did not take sixty years for the entire thing to freeze up. In a matter of hours, this planet earth was shaken out of relationship to the sun and in just a short time those warm blooded creatures began to feel the effects of the change in temperature. In other words, all of a sudden this terrible onslaught of freezing cold began to grip them, and the condition of the various things that have been unearthed, prove that their end came very suddenly. Something absolutely brought them to an end so quickly, but God willed it to be that way. That is why in Siberia, that bison is still frozen in the ice. In New Mexico, west of Lordsburg, in arid country, while building a highway an earthmover was working, when all of a sudden the operator saw huge bones going into the earth carrier. He stopped and went to look, to see if he could determine what it was, so he began to dig and found huge chunks of bones. He first notified the supervisor, and then they notified the university. Here came archaeologists immediately; and as they began to dig with care, they found skeletons perfectly intact, lying one behind the other, as though those three had been walking down a trail one behind the other when death struck them. Common sense tells me this, That under normal conditions, death, in any era of time, will bring about a decaying process in not too many hours. Do you follow me? If normal climate conditions still remained, why did not those normal conditions cause the whole thing to decay and dissolve, like it is supposed to? Because God, all over this planet, wanted certain things found, that would be an unwritten record of that era. From Siberia, to the desert of every nation, there are the fossilized remains that answer many questions. It doesn’t matter whether it is Nebraska, the huge hippos, or New Mexico, something happened that brought life instantaneously to an end. God wanted the bones of some of those creatures to be preserved as a testimony for those who are wise. In Washington D.C., in the Museum of Natural Science, I spent a whole day going through much of what they have there. In there, you can see a large glass case that has a petrified animal inside. It is not the result of some trick: It is the petrified carcass, meat and all, of an animal. It shows him in the act of cannibalism, because he overtook another smaller creature of his own species and has one foot on the body holding it down, while with his mouth he is pulling flesh from the neck. Something killed it while in that very position. I have to say, Whatever it was, God wanted it preserved. For decades, students from all over the world, have traveled there to see that Museum of Natural Science. That tells me something. It certainly did not die a natural death, nor die from some disease. Neither did it die because some other animal killed it. There was no one there shooting it either: It died from some catastrophic cause, and it had to be an act of God’s judgment. God wanted it to be petrified, so He brought about a condition that created petrification for some animals in certain places. Evidence makes it very certain, that from Siberia to Norway, to the western hemisphere, from north to south, the earth is yielding the evidence that there were animals here once before. Somehow or other in that era of time, the entire earth was inhabited by creatures, but conditions without a doubt became so violent The Creator had to bring it all to an abrupt end. I have no doubt whatsoever, that this very creation was what God allowed Lucifer and that host of angels to be set in charge of, for their own testing and a great host of them fell from their first estate. When I read Isaiah 14, how Lucifer said, I will go up on the sides of the north, I will exalt myself above the Most High God, it reminds me very much of what we are constantly hearing on TV. That is how the devil still talks today, in some of these scientists who want to try to stand in classrooms and dictate their unbelieving theories, to have young, innocent minds believe such junk. The devil is laughing about it all, because he is getting so much attention. That is why I said a while ago, Their day is coming, when they will cease to pester anyone. When God rises up to shake this planet, those scientists are going to wish they had honored the God that is proving He is sovereign, and that He definitely created all the things they have attributed to chance. He is going to make them realize, just as the Bible says, That every head shall bow. Right? Every tongue shall confess. We have passed through the Painted Desert and Petrified Forest a few times; and I assure you, What we saw there was not something that just happened, without the Creator designing it. He designed every bit of what you see there; and it was all done for a purpose and was definitely not an accident. Just to walk through there and see those giant slabs of stone, knowing that at one time they were giant trees. that stood there towering into the skies, you cannot help but feel, This surely had to be at one time, a playground of dinosaurs before enmity and perversion among them forced the Creator to bring judgment upon them. I believe those big creatures were just as friendly with one another as that pot bellied pig and the horse that we mentioned earlier. The sad part is when Lucifer and all his cohorts began to turn the whole creation upside down, God could not allow it to continue on. The longer it went, the worse it got. Finally it reached such an extent that God could not stand it any longer. When I think of the world we are living in right now, it assures me that we are living in the end of the extremity of what Satan started six thousand years ago.


When I think of these young characters that want to use weapons to kill, I want to scream out like this, What caused you to take on such a destructive spirit? I would like to say to some of the educators and politicians of our day, Do you really want to change the picture of things? Then come on and let us roll things backward somewhat, back like it was say, forty years ago. We do not have to do away with the car. We do not have to get rid of the telephone, nor the TV. You do not have to keep making laws. You already had enough laws on the books back then, if you would have just used some common sense and administer them in the right way. You would not have to put up with all this nonsense we have going on today. When we only had a 139 million population, we did not have this crime rate. When my wife and I were married, the jail in Corydon hardly ever had anyone in it. Maybe a town drunk once in awhile, would be locked up over the weekend. That was in the 1940’s, and 1950’s and on into the 1960’s. Then one day we think, It is like the floodgates of hell have been opened wide. Suddenly we needed more jails, more prisons and more laws. How come? I believe it is practical thinking, that if the same laws that kept 139 million in line were applied in theproperway, when you have 278 million, percentage wise, you ought to be able to get by just as easy. It lets me know, Somebody changed the rules along the way. When I was going to school, they did not teach us about sex. The little girls were not learning about sex, they were still carrying their dolls. When my sister was twelve years old, she was still playing with a doll. But then, around 1960, there was a new thought that swept over this land. We have come to the age of enlightenment in learning. Behind the scenes, the educators and school boards, unbeknown to parents, wrote a brand new set of text books explaining certain words and portraying certain thoughts. It made that generation of youth blush. That was in the early 1960’s. I have to say to the politicians now, The devil is coming through your front door’s. You put in metal detectors and all sorts of safety devices for protection from something you yourselves have invited. You brought your troubles on yourselves. You did something to the human race that God did not want done. Now, since you have done it, you kill a million and a half little babies every year. You are the cause of it, but you will not turn around, because you do not read it right. Do you foolishly think God does not hear that little cry? The blood of righteous Abel cried out from the ground, after Cain murdered him. God sees those little muscles quivering and jerking as they are pulled from the womb and ripped to pieces, then hauled off in dumpsters. How do you think God looks at all of that? I have to say, He looks at it with as much disgust as He did Lucifer, when he took the dinosaur and caused it to lock itself around another one and choke it to death. Here, is educated men killing new life. You did it because you started with a young generation of boys and girls. Then who do you want to bare the blame? Every educator that agrees with it, I say to you, You are guilty as hell itself. Every dean, every president, your hour of retribution is coming. When you can stand in the face of a young generation of people that should set there with their innocency still intact, and be able to blush when certain things are exposed, and you over ride it with your modern education, you are going to answer to God. Until He does come along and change the whole thing, He is going to see that this bunch of people responsible, suffer consequences and taste of the remorse, and of the sorrow of what they have brought upon this generation of humanity. It is not the Christian’s fault. We did not bring it about, nor did we ever approve of any of it. The leaders of this nation have left what influenced our decisions for over two hundred years in America; and have let the devil’s crowd influence whatever new laws they have enacted. We had a nation that was known from the east to the west as a Christian nation, but now all they want is our wealth. Now, our human example and influence stinks to the high heaven. We have gone further down the road to immorality in sixty years, than the rest of the world did in many centuries. We are at the end, just where Satan wanted to bring it all to. He brought a bunch of creatures into this society, that are the products of the mentality Satan has used over and over. He has influenced them, just like he did the serpent, in the garden of Eden. They have stained, tainted, perverted and changed the whole equilibrium of the human race. We have a generation of leadership that cannot even think right. When I look back to how it was when I was a child, you did not have to be searched in order to enter a place open to the public. Something tells me something went wrong. Do not try to persuade me that it is because of separation of church and state. That was a trick of the devil, just an excuse, a crutch, because the devil knew, if he could get the Bible, its influence and the people who believe it out of the way, get them separated, he could turn America into a hell hole. HE WAS RIGHT! That is exactly what has happened. I have to say to every politician that may somehow hear my voice, If you took every gun that is manufactured in the United States, stacked them in fields and gave everybody access to them, those things alone are not going to hurt anyone. They will set there and rust to the ground. You yourselves are to blame for the majority of our problems. You are the cause of young boys growing up in a society that cannot make a movie without showing such terrible atrocities, such killing, and the way to kill. I saw a few movies before I. left home and went into the army. But every show I ever saw about gangsters, the end results was, crime does not pay. Now it looks like the entertainment world has so exploded and dramatized that sort of thing, until in the eyes of our young, it looks like crime does pay, and that there is such a thrill to all of it. Behind all of that, is the same devil that always has been the author of everything filthy, evil and cruel. If they would portray the fact that crime does not pay, and that all this perversion has unfavorable consequences waiting down the road, I believe we might be seeing a much different picture. I just have to say, America has become a land scarred with hurt and disgrace. Before the sun goes down this evening, across America somewhere, human lives will come to an end, all because some crazy maniac has gone berserk. Keep in mind, he was not born in a time before all this influence from hell invaded our society, so he just follows the prevailing spirit of the age. The devil has taken his brain, and his emotions and harnessed him up for this hour of time. When the day comes that you hear of this kind walking into all kinds of businesses and shooting and killing, that is just what the devil wanted to turn America into. I have to say, That bunch of judges of the Supreme Court have done little to stop this kind of behavior. They have taken the Declaration of Independence apart, they have re-interpreted it and given it TESTING AND FALL OF SATAN meanings the founding fathers never would have thought of. They do not represent the citizenry of this nation: They represent themselves. They are afraid of losing their paycheck. They do not serve their country: They serve themselves.

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