Getting the Bride Ready, Part 5

Rev. Raymond M. Jackson


As I speak to Jewish people, I want them to know this, I am not going to try to convert them to Christianity: At least that is not my reason for speaking to them. They have their God-given rights to live and worship as they choose, but we do want to share with them, something that we know for sure by divine revelation. 

We are not all crazy, and we are not all foolish enough to think we are something great; and that all others should recognize it. However some of us do know exactly who we are and why we are saying we are what we are. Therefore as we continue on with this message “Getting The Bride Ready,” I want to sub title this part of my subject, “The End is in Sight.” The Bible is absolutely a unique book; and I will say to the Jewish people, We call this book, “The Bible,” and to us it is, because it is a book containing not only the writings of Moses known to you as , “The Torah,” but many other writings of prophets God has used down through time, as well as those various writers among the New Covenant believers. Therefore what we call, “The Bible,” opens up with the first five books known to Jewish people as, “The Torah.” That is why I say, We Gentiles are not ignorant of what the Torah says: We are very familiar with it. It lays the foundation for all that has taken place down through time, as God has continued to deal with the families of the earth concerning their standing in His plan of redemption. God already knows how all of it is going to turn out, but His predetermined plan is to give all humanity a choice as to whether they will seek to please Him with their life or rebel against Him. 


My purpose in presenting this message to you, is to try to show you that God is working far beyond what the Torah covers of His plan for mankind. With this in mind I say to anyone who may hear my words, I pray that you will allow enough time to listen to what I will say from here on through the rest of this message. To any Jewish person that will take time to listen to this, I would like to further subtitle this particular portion of the message, “The Stepping Stones of Prophecy.” Why would I say that? Because the prophecies of the scriptures are stepping stones: They are not all fulfilled at the same time. The Bible, when you really examine it, is like a huge ocean of words. There are words in there that every religion on the face of this earth has gotten certain meanings from, things from which they have established their beliefs. In one sense, the words they choose do have a definite meaning when used in the proper setting, but often they disassociated that which they choose from the rest of the full context of the Bible. That is why there is a lot of Protestantism today, that major on certain things they have read in the Bible, but they have missed the boat concerning the reason they were written, and they treat other just as important scriptures as if they do not even exist. Folks like that, can never obtain a true revelation from the scriptures they do accept. I must say, God has been good to us Gentiles, especially to those who love truth. He has been gracious through time, but as we see the end in sight, and because we see world conditions all merging together, somewhere there is going to be a climax to all of this, and He has allowed us to know what is coming. Prophecies of the Bible are scattered all through this book, and that is why you cannot take just one and make it a theory or opinion to plant your spiritual feet upon. God has designed these things in such a way that you have to be led by His Spirit in order to put one prophecy with another one or more, to arrive at a finished picture. In other words, all of them are pointing to something, so that you cannot just ignore any one of them. 


As I said, The reason why I have also sub-titled this particular portion “The Stepping Stones of Prophecy,” is because one prophecy standing alone, with nothing to relate it to, will not allow you to see all that God intends for the Bride Church to see. In order for us to understand prophecy in its rightful time and place, there are four things that we must take into consideration: Time is number one. If we do not know what time we are living in scripturally, then we just as well not even attempt to understand these prophecies. Number two, If we can recognize time by prophetic things in the scriptures, and understand that there has to be a purpose for each one, then that begins to burn in our heart’s and God gives us revelation. Purpose is what we begin to think about, and that is what eventually develops into a motive. If we can begin to have a purpose, then we have to upon a means by how to attain unto the last and the fourth thing, which is the ultimate objective, the climax. Without an objective, when you do not even know where you are going, why even start? That is why I say to you, When we can see these four things, and can see them all lined out through the scriptures, and how some are related to time, and others give you a purpose, then we are on the right trail. Number three, gives you a means. Without a means, you do not know how to reach or obtain your objective. Number four, is the objective itself. I want to say as we continue on here, There are two things to look at when you consider the objective. Number one, is the building of the Jewish temple, and number two is the end result, the time when the Jewish Messiah will come and sit in that temple as King of all Kings. I will say this also, Many Jews feel that maybe when the temple is built, the Shekinah glory of God is going to come back and fill that former place in it. I will say, (realizing that I am a Gentile, but knowing that I am saying from a scriptural basis) Yes, you will build a temple, and the time is not far off, but the Shekinah glory that filled it at one time, under Solomon’s rule and reign, will never return to that temple! Why? Because the type that tabernacle in the wilderness pointed to, and which eventually became the temple that Solomon built, and the Shekinah glory of God filled it, has fulfilled its purpose. If the Jewish people will go to the prophet Ezekiel and read, they will find first of all that Ezekiel was a young man of the priestly line, when he was carried off into Babylonian captivity with the others, but God took him in a vision and brought him back to Jerusalem to show him what had taken place there, what had brought this desolation to the city, and the temple. God showed him how that just shortly before the siege, the glory of God left the temple. As it lifted up from the temple, it went right across the Kidron Valley over to the Mt. of Olives and ascended into heaven. That was five hundred and some years before the advent of Christ. Ezekiel saw this in a vision God gave him. Then you see the hour come when God released the Babylonian captives and they came back and built another temple, which was not as large, nor as magnificent as the first. 


Worship Service at the Holy Temple. Click to enlarge.

Under the supervision of Haggai and Zechariah, who were both prophets, the second temple was built. It seems that there are always prophets involved in any kind of constructive work. Before the next temple is built, there is also going to be two Jewish prophets come on the scene in Israel to finish up what God has been doing to reconcile His lost children back to Himself. My point in speaking of the temple is to call attention to a couple of things concerning the next one to be built. When you read in Haggai, you see that when that temple was dedicated, there were some old Jewish men standing by which had been young boys when carried off to Babylon, but they remembered Solomon’s temple. They remembered how beautiful it was and how large it was. When they saw this little temple that Haggai and Zechariah had supervised the building of, some of them stood there with tears in their eyes, feeling in their hearts, What a shame that it is so small: why could it not have been larger? Right then, God caused Haggai the prophet to speak to them: You find that in the 2nd chapter of Haggai’s writing. He told the Jews of that day, that the glory of this latter house shall be greater than the former. He also said, The silver and the gold is mine. That let those Jews know, God was going to honor it, but that was not His house to dwell in: it was only a type. To my Jewish friends that hear this, If you do not realize God had a purpose for coming to us Gentiles two thousand years ago, you are missing something you need to know. You, as a people, need to realize it was your people that were driven out of there and scattered to the four winds of heaven; and it has been Gentile believers that have carried the Gospel of Jesus Christ all these years since then. It was not kept pure, but is was preserved sufficiently for God to call a human vessel in this age of time to be used in restoring the framework of its pureness. God caused that temple Herod built strictly for political purposes to be destroyed. God did not dwell in it, and never would have. It was a type. The very man the Jews of that hour crucified, when he was on the outside one day, standing near, some of the disciples said, Look at the beauty of it. What Jesus said in answering that, just goes to show that He was in no way fascinated by that Herod temple. What did He say? Tear it down and I will raise it up in three days. What did He mean? He spoke of the temple of His body in which the Spirit of God would continue to dwell, because God did not dwell in that building. He will dwell in His true children from then onward. We are the House of God. 


I want to make it clear to the Jewish people, that when God brought forth His only begotten Son, He truly was born of virgin birth, because God had created that cell of life in the womb of that virgin girl. Therefore the flesh that He lived in was the flesh of man, because the makeup of the body of flesh came from His mother Mary, but there were no genetic attributes of sin in Him because His genes did not come from any human male or female. We can say that, because, as is written in the Gospel of St. Matthew,1:18, His mother’s impregnation was by the SPIRIT of GOD. That is why the life in Jesus did not have any sinful attributes in it: That is why He was a sinless human being: He had no inherited nature to sin; like all the rest of humanity has had since the fall of Adam and Eve. He was a perfect human being, born of virgin birth; and at thirty years of age, when He had grown into full manhood, He went to the Jordan River to be baptized by John to fulfill all the scriptures pertaining to Him. When John baptized Him, it tells in Mat 3:16, what happened. “And Jesus, when He was baptized, went up straightway out of the water: and, lo, the heavens were opened unto Him, and He saw the Spirit of God descending like a dove, and lighting upon him: And lo a voice from heaven, saying, This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.” That plainly tells you that the Shekinah glory of God came down in the form of a dove and dwelt in this human vessel from then on. Right there, was the beginning of the Shekinah glory of God coming back to dwell in a temple on earth, but that temple was a human being, the Son of God, a man without any guilt, without any sinful, inherited nature. He knew no sin nor guile, yet He was willing to take upon Himself the guilt, the blame, the sins, and the responsibilities of the whole human race, as He surrendered to be crucified and all our sins were heaped upon Him. When He was crucified and rose on the third day, He was seen of many brethren over the space of forty days. Look how He left the scene. He left Jerusalem with His disciples, He crossed the valley of Kidron, went over on the Mt. of Olives and ascended into heaven just exactly where the Shekinah glory left almost six hundred years before the advent of Christ. Therefore in the scriptures, we see those two objectives, in the Old Testament, first the tabernacle in the wilderness, then later came the temple of Solomon, an in both instances they were types that showed God coming down to dwell among His people, the Jewish people, but He never did dwell inside their hearts because sin was still present. That is why they were given the laws of the Old Testament, (the Torah) Thou shalt not do this, thou shalt not do that, thou shall do this and that. They were means set forth to show man what sin was, his attitude, his nature, and his rebelliousness. The law said, Thou shalt not, and it was mandatory. Then there were the statutes, and then the ordinances, all of which taken together helped to discipline and mold a society that was to be a light to the heathen, pagan nations around them. It caused the Jewish people to look upon the Gentiles around about them as heathens. They were all heathen people, devil worshipers who did not know anything about the true Creator. They had a right, in one sense of the word, to look upon us as nothing more than that; and all of that carried over into the New Testament period of time. As I say these things, I am fully aware of what is going on today, and I want the Jewish people to know I am not ignorant of the history of what has befallen the Jewish people over the world in various societies throughout time. I have various histories that I have studied. I do not have time to quote which page, chapter, or verse, but it is in my thinking and I want to use it wisely as I try to present this message in an acceptable way. What is the number one thing, if we are going to study prophecy, and we see an objective to obtain? We have to realize, that in the mind of God there is a time factor for each prophecy. In the mind of God, all four things I mentioned, He has a prophecy for each one. I will never forget, back in October 1966, sitting in Gastonia North Carolina, where I was talking to a Jewish rabbi that was a very nice man. At that time the Six Day War had not been fought. Jordan still controlled the West Bank and the old city. I asked the Jewish rabbi, Sir, do you believe your people will one day gain possession of the old city and the land? He said, Well there are some of our people that do believe that, but it will be a miracle if, and when that time comes. That was in October 1966. Eight months later, in June 1967, look what happened. In a Six Day War, Israel took it back, because it was forced upon her to do so when Nasser of Egypt had made the brag, We will push them into the sea. Tel Aviv will be their Dunkirk, just like the Allies in WW2. Neither will I ever forget my first trip to Israel: One morning after we finished breakfast, I told the gentlemen I went there with, that I would like to talk with a Jewish rabbi while we were there in the city of Jerusalem. The trouble was, we did know how to go about it. Well we went out to the street and saw a taxi driver sitting close by. We asked him, Sir: Do you know of a Jewish rabbi living in the vicinity, that you might take us to meet? We would like to talk with him about a few things. He said, Yes, I do know one. We got into his taxi and he drove us to the place. When we stopped at an apartment type building, he got out and went to the door and knocked. A very nice gentleman came to the door. He was a rabbi. The taxi driver said, These gentlemen would like to talk with you about some Biblical things. I said, We are not here to try to convert anyone or anything like that, but there are some historical things we would like to confirm concerning scriptures. The rabbi invited us into his home. He introduced himself and his wife to us. We sat down and I said to him, We are not here to debate or argue, so we hope you will relax and allow us to ask you some questions, because there are some things we want to get our minds acquainted with. After a few minutes of just talking, he made this statement, Gentlemen: Do not forget, Jesus was a Jew. I said, Yes, we accept that. He continued talking to us and after a while asked his wife to bring us some refreshments. She came back with a plate of cookies and a big pot of tea. One question I asked was, Sir, we as Gentiles are aware that God is dealing with the Jewish people from all areas of the world, because we see what has developed since the close of WW2, how that slowly they are beginning to come back here in different ways. I then asked, Is there any particular scripture or prophecy that causes the Jews to look at themselves and at time, that gives them the feeling that it is now time to begin to make their way back to the land of promise? That rabbi said, Gentlemen, are you familiar with the prophet Hosea? We said yes. He said, In the writings of the prophet Hosea, there is a scripture that goes something like this, In that day and, after having been scattered, after having been persecuted, after having been mistreated to the ends of the earth, something will begin to happen among the Jewish people and they will begin to say, Brethren, it is time for us to return to the Lord. He had his own way of dramatizing this prophecy. Then he said, Gentlemen, you are not familiar with a lot of things that went on among us, but just before the turn of the twentieth century, all over the world Jewish rabbis began to feel, as they read the scriptures, that the time was right, so they began to tell their brethren, It is time for us to get ready, because we must prepare to go home. In so doing, we must return to the Lord. He said, Those rabbis began to communicate and pass information one to another. Some of them began to travel around and converse with groups of Jews in different settlements of the earth, and tell them what this prophecy says and what it means. He said, Those early rabbis of this movement ran into a lot of opposition from their own people. As they would stand before the groups of Jewish people, many times they would get to a certain point in what they were going to say, and all of a sudden the crowds would start to boo them. They ran into a lot of opposition and criticism; and many times they walked away from the crowd in disgust, but they did not give up. He used that as a stepping stone. Then he said, Gentlemen that was a beginning, but as time went on, different individual people, as well as groups of people, began to cooperate, because they wanted to do something about the situation. As time went on, and we came into the beginning of the twentieth century, this gave way to the birth of the Zionist movement. He said, There began to be politicians rise up in the midst of it. It brought about a lot of confusion and disloyalty among a lot of the Jewish people from the areas of those that believed it and wanted to obey it, but the end result was, they began to accept the time factor and therefore began to realize they must begin to prepare to go back home. 


Saints, we have all been born since the time the Zionist movement came into being. We were born since the beginning of the twentieth century, but we have history to look at. The Zionist movement is nothing new; and it is overrun with politicians, so there has been much disarray within the framework of their philosophy. I am not standing here to condemn or point the finger at anyone or anything, but having watched the leadership of Israel the last fifty years, I realize God used the condition brought on by WW2, to cause a man in the United States government by the name of Harry Truman, to push the U.N. for the land of Palestine to be petitioned for Israel to have a state. It was not a total solution, but it was a beginning. As the thing started, Jews from different areas of the world started feeling the urge to get back to the homeland, so they were the nucleus God used to get them on their way to where they are now. Like I said, It was a beginning, not the complete answer for everything. It started a population growth which soon awakened the Arab side; and there began to be opposition from them. From that time until now, all the Arab world has little by little developed the attitude, We cannot sit by and let all these Jews come back here: We don’t want them here, laying claim to our land. Naturally we know it is not their land, but much of the present day world population is sympathetic to their argument, not being familiar with the fact that God gave all that land to Abraham and his seed through Isaac. This Islam religion that sprang up about 700 A.D., out of Saudi Arabia, by a man named Mohammad, has a philosophy that cannot coexist with Jews. He introduced the philosophy found in the Koran, as a result of many visions and dreams he was supposed to have had. I just have to say to the Jewish people, I do not believe for one minute, any of that. I personally think the Islam religion, taught by Mohammad, is just a false style of Judaism. It is to Judaism, what Catholicism is to true Christianity. The Christian Church today, speaking of a worldwide scope, is what came out of the Reformation, as those various reformers were trying to find their way back into the scriptures. We have to realize then, that the God we serve is not a God that does anything in one day’s time. From the turn of the twentieth century until now, we have seen one hundred years come and go; and we have seen God work in many miraculous ways, but as Gentile time runs out, I just want to say, We have not seen anything yet! Many Jews have come back into their ancient homeland, which have died and gone on to their reward, but those who are still alive are on the verge of seeing the God of Abraham favor the Jewish people in a miraculous way that none of them will even think is possible, until it actually happens. Many Jews have been killed by Arabs through the years of time, but none of that is without the knowledge of God. Some of them were no doubt believers in God, but as in every race of people on the face of the earth, many of them were not spiritual minded: They just lived for the present, not even taking thought of anything pertaining to life beyond the grave. The Jewish people as a whole are very prone to read the Torah, but much of the plan of God for the ages is revealed in the writings of the other prophets of what we refer to as Old Testament times, and they do not accept them, so they are without a finished picture to look toward. Just last week we read in the Jerusalem Post, that there were hundreds of Jews gathered together to celebrate the Torah and put emphasis upon the Torah. I am not belittling or in any way speaking against the Torah, because I know what is written in it; and I know it is the word of God, but I will continue to say to the Jewish people, The Torah does not give you the final answer to all your problems. It contains stepping stones to get you as a nation started in the right direction, but it does not give you the complete picture. Deuteronomy told what was going to happen to your ancestors which were brought into the land. Time eventually came about when they began to stray away from the word of God and no longer observed His statutes and ordinances and therefore came under judgment so to speak. What did God say in the writings of Deuteronomy? He said He would scatter you to the four ends of the earth: He did that. I do not bring up that scripture to accuse anyone: I just say it because whatever God has said, is true; and what has not yet come to pass, will come to pass. I rest my entire Christian experience upon the faithfulness of a sovereign God that always keeps His word. Furthermore I know we are living in the time now, when all that He has done in the past, and all that His prophets have written about concerning future time, is all coming to a head. Therefore I ask that you go with me now, as we look at some scriptures pertaining to our day and hour of time, because we are going to use this time factor that gives us a time by which we are going to start walking on these stepping stones I mentioned. In Hosea 6, we find a good place to start. I will say to the Jewish people, You can use this scripture to look back to what many of your spiritual leaders of times past have done, but I use it to acquaint us Gentiles with reality, because we are a generation of Gentile Christians that also have to see this situation for what it is, because what is contained here in this time frame, dovetails, or merges with the climax, with an objective and purpose that we are all familiar with. Everything begins to be set in motion in its proper time. We Gentiles can see an end because of various prophecies in the scriptures. When we open our Bibles to Hosea 6, we see how the Spirit of prophecy upon the prophet Hosea, 780 years back in the B.C. period, caused him to speak clearly of what is coming to pass in the end time. His prophecy was given almost eight hundred years before the advent of Christ. He wrote, “Come, (It is the Spirit of God speaking through him in advance, to all the people that will be involved in this time frame.) and let us return unto the Lord: (One way you look upon it, it is like a prayer, but it is the Jewish people in the proper time frame, a particular generation, that begin to get the same urge, or the same feeling, Come, let us return unto the Lord:) for He hath torn, (Why should they not say that? Look how they have been scattered to the ends of the earth.) And He will heal us; He hath smitten, (In other words, He has disciplined us. He has chastised us.) He will bind us up. (Bring us back together again, is really what this refers to.) After two days (Do you think the prophet was speaking of two days of twenty four hours each? Absolutely not! These two days are figurative speech, representing two days of one thousand years each. We are sure of that, because, when you relate it to other figurative speech in the scriptures that pertain to a time factor we find it vindicated. Even in the 2nd Epistle of Peter, we find that very thing expressed, so would you say, Oh that is just a manner of speaking? You ought not, because that is how the Spirit of God has hidden these precious truths from the wise and prudent of this world. Here, is the scripture I just mentioned. It goes right along with the creative days of Genesis, chapters 1 and 2. (2 Pet 3:8) “But, beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day. (When you find this apostle speaking of one day being as a thousand years, and a thousand years being as one day with the Lord, let that register in your mind: It will help you later on as you study the word of God. What we have to realize here, in order for this prophecy to make any sense to us, is that these two days the prophet speaks of, are prophetic days of a thousand years each. This was God’s way of speaking through him of a time frame, so that the spiritually wise can know when God is through chastising the nation and ready to start healing it. After two days have been accomplished, from the time of the dispersion until this first verse goes into action, the entire picture changes. This two days, or two thousand prophetic years of this setting, are two thousand prophetic years of time which are all figured by years of 360 days each; and not by the 365 and 1/4 day calendar we Gentiles use. It is 360 days, according to correct biblical time. We speak of them as dispensational days, because that is what it amounts to. After two days,) will He revive us.”


What does that mean, “After two days?” That is the question people ask, and it means exactly that, but it is two dispensational days of one thousand years each, so it means that as the two days begin to reach their conclusion, God will have the Jewish people back in the land and in a position, ready to be awakened; and at the appointed time He will pour out upon them His spirit of grace, which is spoken of in other prophecies. They are stepping stones of understanding, as well as of fulfillment. We first have to recognize the time frame, and the reason is, we have to see it first, in order for all the other scriptures to fit into the picture God intends for His true people to have in their mind as Gentile time closes out. We just simply do not throw a stone out there somewhere and try to jump on it, thinking that is going to get us an understanding of these prophecies. It absolutely will not work, because when we get into God’s time frame, we are led by His Spirit from stone to stone, from stone to stone, until finally we see the end picture. Finally, after we have earnestly stepped from stone to stone, we are lead to an objective. Therefore after two thousand years of dispensational, or prophetic time God’s prophecy is saying to us, that He is going to revive Israel. That is something a lot of people do not want to face, but when His word says that, it does not mean it is going to take Him six years to make up His mind to do it after that period of time has arrived. He will not do as our politicians do, He does exactly what He says He is going to do. That is why, when we read the book of Revelation, if we read it according to its order of fulfillment, we will know exactly how this age is going to end up. I realize many Jewish people will see this chart behind me, so I want to explain, that from this point right here, to that point right there, there a seven year time factor represented. This middle line up and down represents the middle of that week. That is the seven years that end the seventy weeks of years of Daniel’s prophecy. We call it the seventieth week of Daniel. I want everyone to know I am not ignorant of what many Jewish philosophers are saying. They say, Oh but all seventy weeks are fulfilled already. I have to say, No, they were not all fulfilled as they believe. Jesus was crucified exactly at the end of the 69th week. It all figures out precisely. I say this to Gentile philosophers, doctors of divinity and so forth, all of whom have said the same thing, namely, that all seventy weeks were fulfilled at the advent of Christ. That is just not so: When you read it, it plainly tells you in the writings of Daniel 9, that this total time was broken up into three intervals of fulfillment. There was a forty nine year period, then a four hundred thirty four year period, then another seven year period. The seven year period covers the span of time in which the antichrist, at the end time, was to oversee as the nations along with Israel sign a covenant of peace. That is why you cannot convince me it was all fulfilled by the first advent of Christ. We have a lot of intelligent men that will take the Bible and say this or that, but they are just as wrong as wrong can be. This prophecy over here, that gives us this time factor of when He (God) will revive us, was written in respect of Jews. The Jews are asking, Will He revive us? Yes, because in the third day you find that He will raise you up. (Hosea 6:2) “After two days will He revive us: in the third day He will raise us up, and we shall live in His sight.” You may ask, What does the third day refer to? That was spoken almost eight hundred years before Christ, and all through the Old Testament writings, not one prophecy tells you how long what we refer to as the Millennium is supposed to last. It speaks of it as a kingdom, but not one of them tell you how long it will last. You have to come to the New Testament writings, which are gospels or epistles written to the Gentile Church, to get the answer to that. The last one, which is the writings in the book of Revelation, is a prophecy written to the Gentile Church, but to be understood only at the end time. It is, to the end time believers, what the writings of Daniel in the Old Testament was to those who could have taken heed two thousand years ago. Many of the same events correlate together. From this week of Daniel and on, we can see the Millennium start. It tells us in the book of Revelation, that the saints of God will reign with Christ a thousand years, which is one day consisting of one thousand years. That is the third day; and that is why we can call it “The Millennium.” That is the end results of all that the Spirit of God has been doing in redemption. The end of two days has set something in motion, for the objective to be obtained. Then we begin to look and ask, What is the purpose? We are looking at a time frame. We know it is going to lead to a spiritual awakening, but beyond that, what is the purpose? If there is not a purpose, we can say, Well, I believe God is going to pour out His Spirit one of these days, but after that, I don’t know what He is going to do. The reason I am preaching this, we as Gentiles are living right at the closing of time. We are right in here, say four, or five years just before this week starts. They can say, Well how do you know it is going to start? Because we are looking at this time factor. It is a yardstick. If you do not have at least one fixed end, how can you find the other end. Hosea plainly tells you what is going to be at the end of two days, an awakening: Is that not right? And the third day. What does that tell you? If you did not have the book of Revelation, you would not know; and neither would anyone else, but thank God, we do have it; and it tells us in the 7th chapter, the 11th chapter, and the 8th chapter, what is coming; and they all correlate. You should have no doubt, that they all go together. The 8th chapter, is talking about the trumpets blowing, which are related to the ministry of the two prophets which you read about in Revelation 11. That will be two Jewish men anointed with the same Spirit that Moses and Elijah of old was anointed with. It was typed in the Old Testament, but it speaks specifically here in the book of Revelation. This is why I am saying to the Jewish people, The Torah is the beginning, but it does not give you the ending. We have got to see, what these other prophets wrote when Moses was no longer on the scene. I cannot tell you how many times I have read the four gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John in years past and had questions in my mind about things Jesus spoke, but now I see all of it so clearly. You see how Jesus, in His ministry on earth, would look at the Pharisees who were so traditional minded and say certain things that really put them in their place. There were doctors of divinity among them, but they were all of the same lot. He called them all kinds of names saying at times, You like to sit in Moses’ seat. What did He mean by that? Was Jesus actually saying that Moses left a beautiful chair that he had carried all the way from Egypt through the wilderness? No, it is a figure of speech, meaning, You like to quote Moses. Well to quote Moses is to go back to the Torah. There is nothing wrong with the Torah. It is part of the overall collection of what we refer to as “The word of God,” but it was how they used it over other things that they ought to have allowed for, that He was rebuking them for. If you always give priority to the Torah over other things that the Torah was actually pointing you forward to, then God anointing all the other men to prophesy things further on down the road, as far as you are concerned, was of no benefit. Those other men who labored and toiled and were abused by the people of their particular hour, went through all of that in vain, if what they spoke was of no consequence. What a struggle, if it was not of great importance in the plan of God. When you read after each one of these men, you can see how they were treated by the hierarchy, by the governmental figures of that hour, but they each one fulfilled their part on the overall plan of redemption designed by the Creator Himself. Every time you hear the News about how the world leaders of today are speaking, they all have their heads together, designing what they consider to be a utopia for the 21st century. Naturally the Jews, from one standpoint, are reaching out to the world leaders, What are we supposed to do? Well I will say as humble as I can, to any Jewish person that may hear this, You are living in an hour of great hostility, partly because your own political leaders do not know where they are in time. They can come to America and keep the Sabbath, and on the Sabbath they will not even talk about politics, but where are you, in the reality of the hour you are living in? There is nothing wrong with the Sabbath in its rightful place of observance, but if we think we can just observe the day and escape all other things the law speaks of, and refuse to acknowledge that God moved on to include other things after He gave Moses the Torah, we are kidding ourselves, because we have to realize and face up to why Jesus said, (Mark 7:7) “Howbeit in vain do they worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men. (8 ) For laying aside the commandment of God, ye hold the tradition of men, as the washing of pots and cups: and many other such like things ye do. (9) And He said unto them, Full well ye reject the commandment of God, that ye may keep your own tradition.” In vain do you worship. That is why He said, You like to sit in Moses’ seat, which means every time you get to talking about the Lord, it is Moses, Moses, Moses, never even considering that there is anything else. What would Jesus do? He would quote something from the Psalms, but Moses did not write the Psalms. Then He would come to Isaiah or Jeremiah. When He got finished, He had pretty well sealed the picture. Then that same bunch of leaders in that hour said, He has a devil! I have to say then, Even the demons themselves know exactly what the written scriptures say, because that is why the devil came tempting Jesus in the wilderness, saying If you be thus and so do this, but it was how Jesus interpreted it and used the right meaning. He would always tell the devil, Yes, but it is also written Thus and so. What you need to see, is that you cannot just go to seed on one particular thing. When we look at this time factor, it lets us know we have got to have in our minds that this time frame is going to lead us to something. It is going to lead us to the finished object, because it is going to lead to the eventual building of the temple, and to the Messiah taking His place. Why do you say that, Bro. Jackson? Because of what I read in Daniel, chapter 9. 


Let us open our Bibles to the 9th chapter of Daniel. When the angel came to Daniel, who was yet in Babylon, the seventy years they were supposed to be there in captivity were beginning to come to a close. This was along about 538 that Daniel was inspired by the angel Gabriel. In the 24th verse of the 9th chapter, Gabriel comes and tells him he is a man well beloved. He said, “Seventy weeks are determined (This word weeks does not pertain to seven Greek days of twenty four hours, but rather a period of seven years each, seventy periods of seven years each are determined upon thy people, he was told.) upon thy people (the Jews) and upon the holy city, (Jerusalem) to finish the transgression, and to make an end of sins, and to make reconciliation for iniquity, and to bring in everlasting righteousness, and to seal up the vision and prophecy, and to anoint the most Holy.” Now I ask you, If there is a temple to be built, where is it to be built? It is to be built in Jerusalem. You say, That temple will come through this period and absolutely nothing will be in it, only when Jesus comes. Oh yes, during that period the antichrist will sit in it to fulfill his lot, but may I say this, That does not annul the scriptures. Over here, (at the end of that week) is where everything is going to finish up. That one week of time is still remaining, because when this one week of time that remains is fulfilled, Jesus will come at the end of the great tribulation part of it. The end result is, He will sit in that temple. All nations that are left in that hour, will make their way to Zion to worship the Lord of hosts. The end result is a temple with Jesus eventually sitting in it, but between now and the beginning and that, there are these other things we have to take into consideration. Let us go to Micah. Micah gives us a purpose. Among us Gentiles, through the years, we have used just the gospels much of the time, because from them, God dealt with us from the standpoint of salvation and such. We looked upon these Old Testament prophets almost like they were irrelevant to our purpose. However as we come on down real close to the end, God was not going to close out the Gentile period without giving us a little insight that would let us know where we are time wise. As we face, somewhere just in front of us, the beginning of this week, we are already beginning to see other things in the world merging toward the end of time. For instance, It tells you in the 13th chapter of Revelation, about a beast that rises up out of the sea. We need to understand what that beast is. 


Beast with Seven Heads

Can you see this dotted line running at an angle (chart) up through here? That dotted line started at the close of WW2. Revelation 13:1-18, reveals it, so what does it say? And he saw a beast rising up out of the sea. I want to take a few minutes to acquaint you with that beast, so let us read some of that. Rev 13:1 “And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy. Rev 13:2 And the beast which I saw was like unto a leopard, and his feet were as the feet of a bear, and his mouth as the mouth of a lion: and the dragon gave him his power, and his seat, and great authority. And I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death; and his deadly wound was healed: and all the world wondered after the beast. And they worshipped the dragon which gave power unto the beast: and they worshipped the beast, saying, Who is like unto the beast? who is able to make war with him? And there was given unto him a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies; and power was given unto him to continue forty and two months. And he opened his mouth in blasphemy against God, to blaspheme His name, and His tabernacle, and them that dwell in heaven. And it was given unto him to make war with the saints, and to overcome them: and power was given him over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations. And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him, whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world.” Now I challenge all these preachers that are saying that the New World Order is that beast. But Bro. Jackson, you don’t know how powerful that thing is. Yes, I do! They are the ones bickering now, trying to stick their two cents worth in, trying to tell Israel, If the Arabs throw a rock, you cannot throw any more than a rock back at them. If they shoot you with an arrow, you cannot use a bazooka. How foolish! That is just a lot of compromising nonsense. How many understand what I mean by that? The reason the U.N. politicians are doing this is because they have a global plan they are trying to work out: They want to create a beautiful society on earth, without having God in it; and their environmentalists are going to help restore this planet to divine order, the way they want it of course. I have to say, If God was to let that devilish beast rule and have its way, in another fifty years, nothing would be like it is today. There is a generation living right now that is going to see this thing close out though, so we do not have to worry about that. In this same chapter, it speaks of a second beast. That beast did not come up out of the waters: it came up out of the earth. That beast is America; a nation that arose from a wilderness. Eventually, that America beast becomes influential in causing the whole world to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads. That is not to be administered until time advances to this period, which will be in the last half of that week of Daniel. That is when the beast (the antichrist and his forces) will take it over. Let me explain this part to you. I have an article by a man who goes so far as to say, Is it a coincidence, a miracle or what, that what we read in Revelation 13, our society right now has all the means to make it a reality? He goes into detail, exactly how this can be accomplished. We have had all kinds of credit cards; and we have now come to the debit card. With the debit card, you do not even need any money in your pocket: you can take the debit card to a grocery store and buy your groceries; and when they tabulate it on the cash register, they put the card in and that automatically takes from your bank account the twenty dollars or whatever the amount is. If the debit card was as far as this type of system was to ever go, then the evil thing would not be here, but we have a bunch of very intellectual people within the world society, that can counterfeit everything that has ever been put into use to this point in time. If they get hold of your debit card, they can counterfeit it and away they go. Therefore with all the counterfeiting, all the robberies and stuff, it seems that the economic advisors cannot stay ahead of all that the crooks are able to do, except for one thing: They now have a means of eliminating the possibility of any of that: They can take a little computer chip, a very small item that has your name and your number on it, and it can identify you with a certain cash or economic system of exchange. They are already using it on dogs, to find them when they are lost. They also use it on race horses, so they can find them if they are stolen. Are you beginning to get the picture? The end picture is, and they all know it already, that the time will come when they can insert a computer chip in your hand or in your forehead, and then when you walk up to a cash register, that little gadget they run over your forehead or hand, will pull everything that is needed out of your bank account. When you know these things are in existence and accessible, how long do you think time is going to last? It cannot last another twenty five years. The devil is pushing and inspiring intellectual minds all the time, on how to beat the progress of everything. It is forcing the world into an hour of time that spiritual people, religious people can see coming. It is a fact, that New World Order politicians are all alike. They want nothing to do with God. The Jewish politicians know that. I was reading where one political man of Israel, said that in their negotiations, one thing is sure, We cannot mention the Bible. A Jewish man realizes as he negotiates with our president or the New World Order people, and especially the European leaders, that the Bible is a No, no in their midst. They are all alike. They want to rule the world; and be allowed to frame it into an era of their liking. Then to think that a Jewish man would sell his own people down the drain, to collaborate and condone what the New World Order organizers want to accomplish. When we read the prophecy of Micah, we learn something that those world leaders do not know. I read this many years ago, but when I read it back then, it never dawned on me what I was reading, because we had not yet come into a time frame that this really meant anything. That is why a lot of Gentile doctors of divinity think the temple will not be built until way over here, or even after the Millennium starts. Do not kid yourselves: That temple is the objective we are looking at. The objective is going to be the beginning of a time when things really change. When we see the time frame for all that is ahead, we know that somewhere in the near future, as the clock of time hits the end of two thousand years, that reviving is going to start taking place among the Jewish people, and the temple is going to have its place in it all. 


Open your Bible and let us read in Micah, starting in chapter 7, verse 11. Where we find a nugget of reality. “In the day that thy walls are to be built, (I want to ask a question. The word walls is plural. What is this essentially speaking of, “In the day that thy walls are to be built?”) in that day shall the decree be far removed.” The decree that is mentioned here, is found in Deuteronomy. That is where God, through Moses, told Israel, The day that you shun my word, you break your vows with me and so forth, I will scatter you to the four winds of the earth. Then He gives them the promise, Afterward I will re-gather you. For the last fifty years the Jews have fought, struggled to exist and to survive in their efforts to gain a footing in this land of promise. They know it was promised to Abraham, but there is also an element of Jews that lean more toward the political side, Well, we hope so, but we could be wrong. You know how people are, because they do not know the time factors, they do not know how to put a picture together. As for me, right here in this scripture that says, “In the day that thy walls are to be built,” that lets me know that God is not just saying that for it to be applied to just any anonymous day. God does not do things that way. He has a precise time for every bit of it. That Jewish nation over there is reaching out, struggling, crying, because there is nothing but hostility all around them. They are going through an hour of struggle, a time of great turmoil. It goes right back to Daniel 12, where it says there shall be a time of trouble such as there never was, but it also tells us in the 12th chapter, that in that day Michael will stand up. I have to say, Michael already has his army ready. There is a precise hour of time when God is going to, we might say, drop the flag and say, Now! When He does, something is going to come from God, that will make a great difference. Don’t ask me what it is, but something is going to come down from God that is going to cause Jewish leadership, once and for all to say, We backed off, we have given in, we have tried to please the world, but the hour has come for us to take a stand, so we will go no further than this. They are going to have to look up and say, God, if you are still the God of the Jews, then take charge of this situation, otherwise we would rather die than to live as a second rate society, slaves, to be persecuted, ridiculed, dragged from one end of the earth to the other. I am not saying what kind of man has to rise up over there, but it has to be a leader that has enough backbone to look ahead. Right now, European politicians are pointing the finger at Sharon, Look what you did: you caused the Lebanese to be massacred and you did this and you did that. I have to say, Whether it is Sharon or some other Jewish leader, whoever it is, it plainly tells me, that in the day God starts this, He will make the governors of Judah like a flame. When a flame is so hot you cannot handle it, does that mean you can bottle it up and turn it up the way you want to? It lets you know it is a flame you cannot handle. It is a flame that is out of control, as far as you are concerned. That is why, when the time factor has reached its terminating point, then there is going to be a purpose that will hinge around the Jewish people. As for the walls here, first, it is pointing to the building of the temple. There has been a lot of Gentile Christians, and also Jewish people, that are called the temple faithful. They have been praying ever since the Six Day War, concerning all of this. They have been purchasing all kinds of reserve materials to build the temple, but they are not going to be the initial ones putting it forth. They are going to have to fall right in with everything else that God brings on the scene to get the job done. What we are saying, is, when the time comes for all of this, there is going to be a purpose of God in it. Let us read this again. In the day that thy walls, the word walls, is first speaking of the temple, but then collectively it goes to the old city Jerusalem. Why do you say that, Bro. Jackson? Because the old city, according to the 49th chapter of Isaiah, is going to be reclaimed, renewed, to get it ready for the coming of the Messiah. They are going to tear down all the old ruins that Arabs have lived in and desecrated for hundreds of years. They are going to demolish these things and there will be a coming together of people, and as the temple goes up, then so does the old city likewise get renewed. Why? Let me ask you a question. If that starts somewhere around about here (chart) just before the week begins, we know this, once we come into this period and the week starts, in the middle of the week the antichrist is going to come into Jerusalem with his international police force, and take control of everything. It tells you that in the book of Revelation. That means there will be no building going on while he is in power. Therefore it has to be done before then, so that when we get over here and Jesus takes control, the Jewish Messiah will not be sitting in a beautiful temple palace, looking out over an old desecrated city of ancient origin. I pray that you understand my point. That city is going to be the capital of the world during the Millennium. That is why walls here, is plural, or two fold, but it first starts with the temple. Therefore in the day and hour of time when thy walls are to be built, the decree shall be far removed, meaning that which Deuteronomy speaks of, is all going to be over and behind them. No more will they ever be driven out, no more will they be persecuted. Verse 12, says, “In that day also he shall come even to thee from Assyria, and from the fortified cities, and from the fortress even to the river, and from sea to sea, and from mountain to mountain.” In other words, there is still an element of Jewish people in dispersion at that time. In the past number of years there have been many Jews come back to the home land, and they have taken up residence in some of the settlement areas that the Jews conquered in the Six Day War, but as this Entafada (spelling ?) takes place, people are living constantly in fear, and many of them have been getting on airplanes and leaving, going back to areas of the world where they came from. They do not want to live there under such conditions. As long as you have that kind of atmosphere hanging over the picture, you cannot expect everything to reach a proper climax. What I mean by that statement is, somewhere in front of us God is going to call a halt to all of this. This chapter gives you the means. Very shortly, there is going to be a war break out in the Middle East just as sure as two and two are four. There is not a thing the United Nations or anybody else can do about it. Notice the 13th verse, written seven hundred and ten years before the advent of Jesus Christ. “Notwithstanding (however) the land shall be desolate because of them that dwell therein, for the fruit of their doings.” (That is talking about how the Arabs have been living there for hundreds of years, and still control a big part of Old Jerusalem. Has that not been Arafat’s cry all along, We want Jerusalem to be our capital? Of course it has, but that land has to be turned back over to the rightful owners, which we know is the Jewish people. That land has to be reclaimed.) “The fruit of their doings,” really tells the story. Now when we come to the 15th verse, here comes the miraculous. This is the means. I have to say, The means is going to be wonderful, because it is going to startle the world. No one expects Israel to ever be able to do what she will do, when the Spirit of God makes the way. 


I am approaching the rest of this from an altogether different standpoint. I am preaching this basically from the standpoint of the Gentile Church, because we are all moving toward the end of time. The Bible proves, that as God finishes everything here with the Gentiles, which started here as indicated by this line, (chart) the Bride of Christ that started in 33 A.D. will be looking toward the rapture. We will begin with that and come right straight on through to the end. Right here, is where the Bride saints go up in the rapture, just about the time the week is getting started. That is where we will pick it up next, because that is where God will start fulfilling things for the nation of Israel. I ask you to bear with me, because I purpose to say some things as I end this message, that I probably never have said before. I want the Jewish people to realize we are not going to force something on them. As I said, The Jews in the natural, look for the rebuilding of the temple, which will be built, but I would like to say to them, the rebuilding of the temple, which will definitely start very soon, as the conflict will arise in the Middle East, has a far greater purpose than a lot of you see. As the Israeli forces take back their land and look ahead, First there has to be a temple built in order that at the ending of that tribulation period, Jesus, the Jewish Messiah, the Bridegroom of the Gentile Bride, will come and rule the world from that very temple. As I said this morning, The Shekinah glory that filled that house that Solomon built, that Ezekiel saw depart from it somewhere between the 5th and 6th centuries B.C., never returned back in the days of Haggai when they built the little temple. Neither did it return when Herod beautified it and made it something that the Jews were mystified by. I am reminded of the words Jesus spoke, when the Jews that were with Him as He left the temple one day, and looking at this beautiful edifice, said to Him, (Mark 13:1-2) “Master, see what manner of stones and what buildings are here! And Jesus answering said unto him, Seest thou these great buildings? there shall not be left one stone upon another, that shall not be thrown down.” We pick up another part of this in John, when the Jews asked Him what sign He could give them. In John 2:19 Jesus answered and said unto them, Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up. What a magnificent building it was. Herod built it just for political reasons. When they said to Jesus, look at this, Isn’t it beautiful? The Son of God said, Tear it down and I will rise it up in three days. The biggest percentage of those Jews did not know what He meant. They thought He was desecrating it. Instead, He spake of the temple of His body, in which that great Spirit of God would continue to dwell. We have to understand that the natural temple, as it stood there in the beginning, in the Holy of Holies place, which was a very sacred place, the Ark of the Covenant which had been built of wood and overlaid with gold, and resting there within it were the two tables of stones with the ten commandments engraved on them. All of that was a type. The Ark of the Covenant that was placed in the Holy of Holies was pointing to Jesus Christ, because, as the natural Law was engraved on two stones and placed in that box, and the box placed in the Holy of Holies, the Shekinah glory dwelt there over it, but that pointed to the Ark of the Covenant which we know is Jesus Christ, for He was the vessel John spoke of, and it was translated that He was the WORD made flesh. (John 1:14) “And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, (and we beheld His glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father,) full of grace and truth.” Well we all know that the eternal Spirit, the Creator, was, and IS the WORD, and the truth is, HE made flesh to dwell in, when He created that cell of life in the virgin Mary; and she brought forth the only begotten Son of God, and at age 30, when He was baptized by John the Baptizer, the great Creator, that sovereign SPIRIT descended to take up abode in His SON. That is when the Shekinah Glory returned to the Temple. He (that sovereign, eternal Spirit, which is the Shekinah Glory) will never dwell in a building made by the hands of mortal man again. It is important, that we realize, that the Word was not actually made flesh, or we would have to say that Jesus the Christ is God, and we know by revelation, that He is the SON of GOD, and that the WORD (which is the Creator) made the flesh, because He had to have that sinless human temple to dwell in. That is how He chose to reveal Himself to fallen mankind. The gold that was represented around that Ark of the Covenant spoke of the deity of God himself that was invested in the person of His Son. God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself. Therefore when the Word made flesh to dwell in, that was the beginning of a new tabernacle ,or a new temple. In that old period God did not come down and fill the people: He dwelt among the people. Please keep in mind though, that Jeremiah the prophet said, in the 31st chapter, the 31st verse, A new covenant will I make: Let us read it. “Behold, the days come, saith the LORD, that I will make a new covenant with the house of Israel, and with the house of Judah: Not according to the covenant that I made with their fathers in the day that I took them by the hand to bring them out of the land of Egypt; which my covenant they brake, although I was an husband unto them, saith the LORD: But this shall be the covenant that I will make with the house of Israel; After those days, saith the LORD, I will put my law in their inward parts, and write it in their hearts; and will be their God, and they shall be my people.” He makes this covenant with the house of Israel after those days, meaning after the Law period has come to its fruition. All that it spoke of, and all that it typed, was fulfilled in Jesus Christ. That does not mean the temple will not be built again, but it will be built for one specific reason this time, so that the Jewish Messiah, that the nation as a whole in the first advent rejected and crucified, can come back and set up His rule in it as King of all Kings; and the descendants of those who crucified Him, can come there and worship Him in this new temple. Let us look at this Gentile Church some more. Where did it start? As I said already, God was not wasting time when He rejected the Jewish nation after a period of time, because the leaders crucified His only begotten Son, which in reality was the Jewish Messiah. They said, Away with Him! God knew He would linger among them for a certain period of time though, because there were those who would accept the testimony of the disciples that walked with Him for 3 ½ years. That added up to a great number, before God actually caused the Gospel of Christ to be pointed to the Gentiles. 


We pick up this subject in the 2nd chapter of Acts. Here is where we get the beginning of the true Church. I remind my Jewish friends, the Church in that hour, in the second chapter of the book of Acts, was not yet Gentiles, they were Jews, many of whom had followed this man over a period of three and one half years of His ministry. He has said many things that aggravated and agitated the Pharisees, the Zealots and Herodians, but that was because they resisted Him. The whole Jewish structure was divided with different beliefs and ideas, just like the Gentile so-called church world is today. They interpret the word of God to fit their own carnal reasoning. After three and one half years, Jesus, after He has risen from the dead, the disciples had gathered around Him to enquire of many things, and He instructed them. As we pick up the story, He has told them, when they had followed Him over to the Mt. of Olives, where He made His ascension into heaven, “Tarry in Jerusalem until ye be endued with power from on high.” (Luke 24:49) This is Jesus speaking. “And, behold, I send the promise of my Father upon you: but tarry ye in the city of Jerusalem, until ye be endued with power from on high.” After His ascension they went back to the upper room where they had eaten the Last Supper with Him. It tells us That when the day of Pentecost had fully come, which was fifty days after the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ, which actually happened on the first day of the week. You ask, What took place in that upper room? A supernatural manifestation took place: which was none other than the Shekinah glory that used to fill Solomon’s beautiful temple, coming into the place where they were waiting. When that SPIRIT came into this upper room, they all heard the sound of a mighty wind blowing. It filled the whole house. Then all the one hundred and twenty Jewish disciples sitting there were filled with that Spirit. I want to remind my Jewish friends, that they had all been loyal followers of the Law up until that hour of time. Gentiles at that time, did not know a thing about what was going on in Jerusalem. They did not even know that anything could be expected. This was the God of Abraham manifesting Himself to faithful followers of the Law of Moses, which had recognized that Jesus had to be the Son of God, in order to do as He had done in their midst. Well it plainly tells us, here in the Bible, that first this Holy Spirit, this supernatural Spirit of God, which was, and is an invisible Spirit, but a power greater than any other, filled all those disciples that obeyed Jesus. He can manifest Himself in many ways. This Spirit filled the whole room where they were gathered. Then that Spirit began to fill each one of them; and the moment that happened, every one of them began to speak in another dialect. I know we have crazy Gentiles out here today, that say, I don’t want to have anything to do with any of that, but that is because they are not what they claim to be. If they were, God would reveal Himself to them in a way to abolish such an attitude. Then the point is, they just simply do not want anything to do with the sealing Spirit that actually gives eternal life. All of this started with Jews, not Gentiles. As they were all filled with this supernatural Spirit, the glory inside of them became so compelling, so compulsory, they could no longer sit there. The scriptures say they began to go out into the streets speaking in other tongues. This supernatural anointing so invigorated their being, they came out into the streets of Jerusalem, speaking as the Spirit in them gave utterance. Naturally this being the time of Pentecost, the streets were filled with Jews from many nations that had come to Jerusalem to worship. The scripture says there were devout Jews gathered there from every nation under heaven, going toward the temple to keep the feast of Pentecost. Suddenly they were startled, when this one hundred and twenty disciples of Jesus started to appear in their midst speaking in tongues, as the Spirit gave them utterance. The crowd witnessing this phenomena began to ask one another, What meaneth this? They appeared more like drunk people to a lot of them, but there were other present that heard some of them speaking the language of the nation they were from. They said, “We do hear them speak in our tongues the wonderful works of God.” It also tell that there were some mocking them and calling them drunk people. (Acts 2:13) “Others mocking said, These men are full of new wine.” The Jews might say, You have no right to say that. Well you need to read the book of Acts very carefully, because they were actually acting like drunk people. At least one of them was talking in a dialect that was understood by every stranger present. It was just the unbelieving home element of Judaean Jews that called them drunk people. When these visiting Jews from different places throughout the world at that hour, began to understand what some of them were saying, that is when the miracle was recognized and they began to say, “We do hear them speak in our tongues the wonderful works of God.” They had already asked one another, Behold, are not all these which speak, Galilaeans? They knew those Galilaean Jews were not likely to be speaking in the language or dialect of their home country unless something spectacular was taking place. They were right: That one hundred and twenty Galilaean Jews were talking in dialects unbeknown to themselves, but dialects known to the Jews from other nations. Those Jews began to say, I hear God talking to me in the language wherein I was born. The apostle Peter, who was none other than a fisherman, just an old raw Jew, that one minute he could take a sword and cut your ear off, which he did on one occasion; and Jesus had to reach down, pick it up, and put it back on the man and say to him, Put up your sword, began to speak to the crowd. When the question was asked, What meaneth this? And the local Jews answered, Oh they are just drunk on new wine, that touched Peter’s ego. He spoke up and said, “Ye men of Judaea, and all ye that dwell at Jerusalem, be this known unto you, and hearken to my words: Acts 2:15 For these are not drunken, as ye suppose, seeing it is but the third hour of the day. 16 But this is that which was spoken by the prophet Joel;17 And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams.” He began to open up the 2nd chapter of Joel the prophet, and tell them what was going on. When he was finished speaking, after he had preached a very cutting sermon, those devout Jews from every nation began to rush forward and ask, Men and brethren, what must we do? Peter was the one that answered, so listen to his reply. Acts 2:38 “Then Peter said unto them, Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. 39 For the promise is unto you, and to your children, and to all that are afar off, even as many as the Lord our God shall call.” That takes you right down through the span of time, picks up every prophecy related, which we hope to bring together as we finish this message. The important thing is, That was the birth of the New Testament Church. It was a Jewish Church at first, because all of them were Jewish people. They were people that had been loyal to the Law, but what had taken place had caused something to come inside of them; and they were completely different than before. Now God, who used to dwell among the Jewish nation, in the temple, in the Holy of Holies, overshadowing the Ark of the Covenant, has come inside of the people. This is exactly why, all through the New Testament writings, the apostle Paul who was a Jew himself, teaches the Gentile Church saying You are lively stones. Not literal stones, but lively stones, built up unto a spiritual house to become a habitation of God in the Spirit. 


You who believe the Gospel of Jesus Christ are built upon the foundation of all the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ being the chief cornerstone. That is what the apostle wrote. With these things in mind, we can look back and see that we are a spiritual temple, and it is God dwelling in a people, not among them, as in the ancient past. He is dwelling inside of true believers and He is manifesting His supernatural presence by causing them to talk in other languages. We have a bunch of Gentile doctors of divinity and historians that say the supernatural was only for the days of the apostles. I have to say to them You do not even know what you are talking about, because history proves that the Gentile Church has had its low episodes of apostasy, falling away, but it has also had its periods when the Spirit of God would stimulate it and revive and restore the accessibility of many of these gifts of the Spirit. Let us watch this Church that in the beginning was made up of only Jewish believers in Jesus Christ. Let us see what it became as time passed. Was God just throwing time away? Was He headed down the road not knowing what He was doing? I have to remind you, It was prophesied in the prophets that God would do this very thing we are calling your attention to in this message. Let me remind my Jewish friends also, and say to them, Brethren, please, since you respect only the Torah as God’s recorded word, I will quote from the Torah. When God spoke to Abraham, who was your ancestral father, what did He tell him? Come on down into a land that I will show thee. Then as Abraham had reached the border of this land God tells him, To you I will give this land, and to your seed after you. He told Abraham these words also, In thee and thy seed shall all the families of the earth be blessed. Who was He talking about? Was He just talking about a multitude of Jews? No. Eventually, through the seed of Abraham, there would come a time when God would reach out and bless a people of every race on the face of this planet. That covenant did not fall short of including you and me as Gentiles. It is true, that our ancestral fathers were pagans; and that they worshiped gods they knew nothing about, and had a long line of superstitious ideas, like sacrificing to idols and so forth. God just let the Gentiles go on like that, while He called out Abraham, your ancestral father, some nineteen hundred and forty five years before the birth of Jesus the Christ, to be the progenitor of a line of descent that He would deal with in a special way. Nineteen hundred and some years ago, the grace of God that had first been shown to Abraham’s genetic seed, also came among us Gentiles; and it has been among us ever since. We have had access to the word of God all this time. Some have been true believers: while others turned out to be make-believer’s, but whether their experience was true or false, God has been fulfilling His word among us. You either have to believe God had a purpose in doing that, or that He has just been playing around, making fools of us Gentiles. As I said this morning, I am not ignorant: I know who I am. I am a child of God, and it is so, because I have walked with Him by the same faith Abraham walked with Him with. The difference is, Abraham lived true to one covenant God gave; and we Gentiles have been privileged to walk with Him according to a new Covenant He ordained. He saved me by His grace, through faith in the shed blood of Jesus the Christ, who willingly offered Himself as a perfect sacrifice, to pay the sin debt of every man, woman, boy and girl on the face of this earth. When I came to Him in faith, believing His word and accepting His promise, He filled me with His Spirit, and now I can stand here and say, I have that same anointing in my soul that this one hundred and twenty men and women received there in that upper room in Jerusalem. That was the Spirit of God, that has come down through the route of Gentile believers from nation to nation, from tongue to tongue, and from all kinds of cultures. Many Gentiles have desecrated it through time; and many have interpreted the scriptures to mean things that were to their own ruin. The devil has been able to mislead multitudes through various false interpretations of certain scriptures. That is why today, we have an element in the Gentile church world that call themselves, The Church. They are not the Church that was birthed in the first age of Christianity: They are just a bunch of mislead Gentiles who are professing to be something, that God knows they are not. They are like the Jewish people in the natural, that have been dispersed among all the nations of the world. As long as the Jews were not there in their homeland, they were existing, and they were holding together as a race, hoping, longing for the day they could eventually return. The Gentile church has traveled down much the same route: it has been through a long period of confusion, denominationalism, and gross false teaching, and been scattered every which way, and the word of God has been cut up into little giblets. Some have treated it as nothing. Let us therefore take this birth of the Church, under the teaching of the apostles of Christ, and watch it come down through time. God has His own unique way of introducing us to this New Covenant He ordained and set in motion through the death, burial, resurrection and ascension of His only begotten Son. The next episode we will look at, was just a few years after that experience of those in the upper room, somewhere between 38 and 41 A.D., when Peter, one of the Jewish apostles, was on the Mediterranean coast in a little town called Joppa. 


The apostle Peter was at a man’s house called Simon the tanner. Meal time came and as the meal was being prepared, we want to watch the setting. God had already spoken to a man up the coastal area, in a town called Caesarea. In that place, was a man, a Roman centurion by the name of Cornelius. Cornelius was a man that somehow had been drawn to Judaism. He liked how the Jewish people worshiped their God. He was attracted to that and God honored his faith. It says he gave many alms to the Jewish people. In other words, he reached out in compassion and helped many Jewish people. God liked that about him. One day, as Cornelius was meditating, an angel of the Lord came in and told him, Send men to Joppa: There is a man there I want you to listen to. All of this was directed by the same Spirit of God that used to be in the Jewish temple. At this time, that Spirit was on the outside, working between people. The angel had told Cornelius to do this, so he calls in three servants and said to them, Go to Joppa and inquire of a man by the name of Simon Peter. He is dwelling in a man’s house there, by the name of Simon the tanner. Go get him and ask him to come here. These three man leave and go to Joppa. On this particular day, as Peter was waiting for the meal to be prepared, (dinner time, high noon.) he went up on the housetop for a few minutes of prayer. How many realize those food aromas will float upward? Whatever they were preparing in the house below, I believe it began to penetrate Peter’s nostrils. It began to stimulate his appetite. In his mind he probably thought, My, that smells good: I’ll sure be glad when dinner is ready. At that very moment, God took the occasion to deal with him, so while he was praying, a vision dropped before him. In that vision he saw a sheet tied together at the four corners. In it were all kinds of unclean animals. The voice of the Lord said to Peter, Rise up, kill, and eat. Peter took one look and said, Lord, you know there has never been anything common or unclean pass between my lips. He had always partaken of food according to the Jewish Law. The Lord said, What I have cleansed, call not thou unclean. This was done three times. Peter had to answer it the same way. Little did he realize it, but just then, outside the gate, were the men sent. He heard them say, Do you have a man here by the name of Simon Peter? Simon the tanner replied, Yes. When Peter was considering the vision, the Lord said to him, Three men seek thee, go with them doubting nothing. This is where we begin to see this supernatural Spirit working in lively stones, to add to the Church. Peter made his way down and met the three men. Those men told him where they came from. They were invited into the house and stayed overnight. The next morning Peter went and got some of his brethren of Joppa to go with him. They had been keepers of the Law also, living like Peter expressed, but they all went with the three men and made their way to the house of Cornelius at Caesarea. Really, Peter, in his mind, did not know what he was going to do, nor what he was going to say. Though he did not know, he knew he was led by the Spirit of God, so he went willingly. When he arrived there, he found out the people assembled there were not Jews: they were Gentiles. As he made his way into the house, Cornelius began to fall prostrate before him. I will say this, This scripture tells me the pope is wrong, when he wants men to bow down and kiss his feet, because when Cornelius fell on the floor in front of Peter, which was a habit of the Roman pagans, What did this Jew, Peter, say to him? Rise up! I am a man just like you are. Cornelius rose up and stood before him. Then Peter asked, For what reason did you send for me? Cornelius began to tell his vision, how the angel of the Lord had come into the house. While he was speaking this, as Peter was listening, the conversation came to a point where Cornelius had finished and said, Now we are ready to listen to what you have to say. By that time God had anointed Peter with a thought. You can read it. He began to preach Jesus Christ. He didn’t know anything else to preach. As he did, in a few minutes time, while Peter yet spake the words concerning Jesus, the Holy Ghost, (Read the 10th chapter, 44th verse of Acts.) began to fall on those Gentiles. While Peter, who was a Jew, spake the words concerning Jesus, an element of Gentile people believed what they heard, and they of the circumcision which believed, those that came with Peter, were astonished, because they witnessed the same manifestations here, as the Holy Ghost fell on all those which heard the word, as what they themselves had experienced when they had the experience. Those Gentiles were receiving the same experience they, as Jews, had received on the day of Pentecost. What does this tell us? Is God just playing around? Not at all, He knows exactly what He is going to do. God, through His divine abundance of grace, had looked upon that household of Gentiles, as they sat there like little birds feeding and believed every word Peter was speaking to them. Peter had not yet stopped preaching, when all this began to take place. When he reached a certain point in the thought God was feeding his mind, God just took over and anointed that entire household. They heard them speak with tongues and magnify God. Then Peter said, Can any forbid water that these should not be baptized, which have received the Holy Ghost as well as we? What does that tell us? Up until this time, back in the Jerusalem area, there has been Jews being dealt with and many were being added to the Church daily, but no one ever expected such a thing as this, that God would give the same gift to Gentiles. On that day of Pentecost when Peter first spoke, there were three thousand souls that believed. A few days later when Peter spoke his second message, five thousand were added to them. It says that God added daily to the Church such as should be saved. They were being filled with the Holy Ghost, but now God has reached down for some reason and added a bunch of Gentiles. Did He make a mistake? No, He did not, because in the mind of God, He was looking at the promise given to Abraham, (Gen 22:18) “And in thy seed shall all the nations of the earth be blessed; because thou hast obeyed my voice.” That seed was not pointing just to Jews in all nations: it was God’s promise to one particular man, that through his seed, God was going to furnish redemption to the whole human race. God was still adding to the Church through Peter’s preaching, but in this instance it was Gentiles. A few years later, attention is drawn to a Jew by the name of Paul, who was formerly Saul of Tarsus. In Jerusalem, he was on the Sanhedrin court, an educated man. He knew the Law in and out. He testified in one of the epistles written to the Gentiles, concerning the Law, saying, I was blameless, I kept it to the letter, but as concerning Christ, I was a blasphemer. That was a Jew saying that. We see this man, as he hears about the Jews at Antioch, how they have accepted this Christ and started worshiping Him. He becomes dedicated to the task of rounding up the heretics and putting them to death. He had said, Just give me authority to go to Damascus and I will put a stop to this. He got a bunch of men to go with him and away they went, heading for Damascus, thinking to himself, I will show them what I can do with them. He really thought he was doing God a service. 


Saul of Tarsus, headed to Damascus Syria, to round up Christians and slaughter them; and when he came to the outskirts of Damascus, something supernatural took place in his life. It was not the wind blowing him off the horse, it was the supernatural power of God that knocked him off. There he lay, with an audible voice speaking to him supernaturally, Saul, Saul, why persecutest thou me? Lying there on the ground just about noon, he was staring at a great light that shown from heaven, and listening to that voice, so he answered, “Who art thou, Lord?” That voice said to him, “I am Jesus of Nazareth, whom thou persecutest.” Those who were with him saw the light and it scared them, but they did not hear the voice. Saul then said, “What shall I do, Lord? (Saul’s words) And the Lord said unto me, Arise, and go into Damascus; and there it shall be told thee of all things which are appointed for thee to do. Acts 22:11 And when I could not see for the glory of that light, being led by the hand of them that were with me, I came into Damascus. 12 And one Ananias, a devout man according to the law, having a good report of all the Jews which dwelt there, Came unto me, and stood, and said unto me, Brother Saul, receive thy sight. And the same hour I looked up upon him. And he said, The God of our fathers hath chosen thee, that thou shouldest know His will, and see that Just One, and shouldest hear the voice of His mouth. And now why tarriest thou? arise, and be baptized, and wash away thy sins, calling on the name of the Lord. ” That was Saul’s experience of salvation under the New Covenant. God changed his name from Saul to Paul later on and he became an outstanding apostle who wrote about 14 of the Epistles of the New testament. The point is, the supernatural Spirit of God met Saul, You have gone far enough with this bull headed attitude of yours. He knocked him down and blinded him; and after speaking to him and giving instructions, he was led by the hand into Damascus. The Spirit of God also gave a vision to Ananias, in which he was told, Go out into the street called Straight and go down and enter into a certain man’s house. It told him exactly where it was at. Behold Saul of Tarsus is there. I am going to show him how many things he must suffer. Tell him that he is to be a light to the Gentiles and even to the ends of the earth, which means to the end of time. So in the house comes Ananias. Read it in the book of Acts. Ananias told him, Bro. Saul, the Lord Jesus, whom you saw in the way, has told me to come and pray for you, that you will receive your sight and be filled with the Holy Ghost, and you will be a light to the Gentiles, and you are going to be a means of salvation to the ends of the earth. I am glad those words still ring on down through time. I am a beneficiary of that. Later on, his name was changed to Paul. We have seen how God dealt with Saul, to get him where He could really use that zeal he had toward serving God, so now I want to pick up this man’s activities as God began to deal with him and lead him to the Gentiles. If you will turn to the 19th chapter of Acts, we will begin there. “And it came to pass, that, while Apollos was at Corinth, Paul having passed through the upper coasts came to Ephesus: and finding certain disciples, He said unto them, Have ye received the Holy Ghost since ye believed? (Now the Holy Ghost is essential to the new birth experience, because really, that Shekinah glory coming to dwell inside of us, is what clinches the new birth so many talk about, but so few really understand. He comes to dwell in the temple of which we are made up of. That is why Paul could say, Ye are lively stones built up unto a spiritual house, to become a habitation of God in the Spirit. That is why he is asking these disciples there at Ephesus, Have ye received the Holy Ghost since ye believed?) And they said unto him, We have not so much as heard whether there be any Holy Ghost. And he said unto them, Unto what then were ye baptized?” To hurry this along, Paul took them out and rebaptized them all. Then in verse 6, we read this, “And when Paul had laid his hands upon them, the Holy Ghost came on them; and they spake with tongues, and prophesied.” That is exactly what they did in Cornelius’ household: They spake in tongues. That is what caused the Jews that were with Peter, to know they received the same experience the others had. When that report came back to the main Church Assembly in Jerusalem, they did not have telephones and such, but rather, it had to travel by the grapevine. Many of the Jews back in Jerusalem were kind of scratching their heads, I cannot believe this. You went into a household of Gentiles: Do you not know that this is forbidden? When you go to the book of Acts, and read where this was discussed between the elders and apostles, it was discussed openly. They said, Those Gentiles received the same Holy Spirit we all received, because we heard them speaking in tongues and magnifying God. Then the apostle James rose up and said, Men, listen to me: this is what the prophet said, and he quoted to them Amos 9:11-12. From that time on, the Church was on the move. God was among the Gentiles then, and in 69 and 70 A.D. the Roman army came into Jerusalem, tore the city to pieces, killed thousands of Jews, gathered the healthy ones that were left alive and sold them among the nations as slaves. They left just a few of the elderly to dwell among the ruins; and to mourn at the wailing wall over the plight of their beautiful city. My point is, God had cut the Jewish nation off. The two southern tribes are on their way to international dispersion. It was prophesied that they would stay out there among the nations until the last days; and then God would gather them back into the land. For a period of years, starting with the apostle Paul, the gospel was preached in many Gentile areas. He went from Macedonia to Greece. I will say this, We know there were many Jews in Jerusalem on the day of Pentecost when Peter preached his first sermon, that were from other parts of the world. They came forward asking, Men and brethren, what must we do? You can read what Peter’s answer was, when they asked that: “Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. Acts 2:39 For the promise is unto you, and to your children, and to all that are afar off, even as many as the Lord our God shall call,” just as we read awhile ago. I have said many times, Those devout Jews that were from Rome, knew the Latin language, but they were also hearing some of those Judaean Jews speak in a Latin dialect they did not know themselves. We have to realize, that over a period of time there was a church established in Rome, because that is where Paul wrote the Roman letter to. That church established in Rome, was not started by Gentile converts. It was started by those Jews that had been baptized in Jerusalem while they were there. They received the Holy Ghost and went back to Rome as New Testament Christians. I can see them going back to some of those Jews in dispersion with the fresh experience, and before long, they gained some converts. Over a period of time that began to spread among the Gentiles. Then when we see the apostle Paul writing to the Roman church, it was not because that church had been founded by his ministry or any other apostles’ ministry. It was founded by those Jews that received the Spirit of God in Jerusalem on that certain day of Pentecost. That is part of the history of the church of Rome. As time passed, it fell into the hands of the Roman emperors and they began to persecute all the believers. Then those believers began to go underground. Under the old city of Rome is what they call the catacombs. I have been there. There are miles of these underground tunnels. There, is where the early Christians began to hide out and worship. They died and were buried in the walls of these caves. They had lived in there; and by the time you come to this point of the history of that church, Christendom had been preached among many throughout the Roman world. Gentiles had received this Spirit. That is why, when we see Paul writing a letters to the Corinthians about the gifts of the Spirit, it lets us know the supernatural, vibrant and invigorating power of God, was very much in the peoples belief and attitude. I will say in order to cut my story short and get to the end, For the first two hundred and fifty years there were a lot of false teachers on the road, but Christendom among the Gentiles was well able to hold its consistency. However after the two hundred and fifty year mark, different generations came on the scene to fill the gaps; and deterioration set in. Having less responsibility, less reliability and understanding, they eventually allowed the devil the opportunity to bring on false teachers. It was not long then, until the true revelation of the godhead became lost among many, as some went off into great extremes. Then came the first council at Niacea, that was ordered by the Roman emperor Constantine. There, is where they took the revelation of one God, and translated it into a trinity. Christianity, in the major framework, accepted that perversion of truth. From then on, the Gentile church was destined to go down hill for centuries to come. 


From the Niacea Council in 325 A.D. to 500 A.D., there had been a big debate between the bishops at Constantinople, Cairo, Antioch, Rome, and Jerusalem. The Roman Christians began to say, If Rome is the ruler of the world, then Christendom ought to be ruled by the bishop of Rome. By 500 A.D. that is exactly what they decided. This began to bring further friction between the eastern element and the western element. I do not have time to go into all of it, but this kind of maneuvering is what changed Christendom from what it had originally been, to what it was from 500 to 1500 A.D., which was a long dark period of a thousand years. Gentile Christendom had been forced into what the Bible refers to as mystery Babylon, which was literally Roman Catholicism. Roman Catholicism did not hatch up all those beliefs and traditions at once, but as time came on, bishop after bishop began to change this and change that, until coming into the middle of the Dark Ages, it was a perverted mess. From that period we get the writings of what the Roman Catholic Church was really looking at. The bishop of Rome was not called pope, or papa in the beginning. That is a title they liked to take upon themselves. When you search Roman Catholic history, you find where she begins to say there is no salvation outside the holy Roman Catholic Church. That soon became her dogma. She takes the Lord’s supper, which we celebrate as a memorial, because we do it in remembrance of Him until He comes again, and turned it into a ritual they could sell. They have various masses, all of which I call a mess. Throughout Catholicism, when a baby is born, or someone dies, they have a mass they can sell. They also collect a certain amount for praying the dead out of purgatory. What a sham! Can you imagine the apostles of Christ doing anything like that? They cooked up the purgatory business to be just that, a business: Such a place does not even exist. You are either in hell or you are not. If you are, there is no amount of prayer that can ever change that. Because of that kind of mess, we fittingly refer to the period between 500 A.D. and 1500 A.D. as Satan’s millennium. Throughout that time, those that were Christians in the eyes of God, were imprisoned and enslaved in the darkness and ignorance of a false system of religion. Why? Because the true revelation of the word of God was denied them. That is what we have to understand about Catholicism: It is a perversion of genuine Christianity. God would not leave His Church in a mess like that forever though, so He began to stir the heart’s of certain men and they began to see the evils of that old system of religion. Before Martin Luther’s hour, there were men like Wycliffe, Huss and Swingley, that began to be stirred by what that old system was doing to the normal believer. Out in the streets, they began to preach against it. What was their reward? A martyr’s crown: Every one of them got their head chopped off. God was on the move though, so in 1520 A.D., He stirred the heart of a man by the name of Martin Luther. 


Martin Luther is recorded in history as being the man God used to really open up the Reformation of the Church. I realize Jewish people say, But Martin Luther hated Jews; how could God use a man like that? I must remind you, the entire system of Roman Catholicism despised Jews, so why condemn just one particular man, when the whole system was against you? We Gentiles look back on that period of time and see that God needed a man that had a backbone, a man that would not be deterred by the hierarchy of Rome, as God revealed truth from His word to him. Martin Luther had studied everything needed to be a faithful priest, prayed, fasted, and did everything he knew to do, but somewhere inside him there was still a vacuum, a longing for something more. When he reached the end of his journey, he decided to go to a place where there is a statue of the virgin Mary at the top of a series of steps. The story says Martin Luther was climbing these steps on his hands and knees, mumbling his prayers, doing penance to God, all with the intention reaching the top of those steps and kissing the statue, like many other ignorant worshipers had done before him. However as he reached the top, just a short distance from that statue, an audible voice spoke to him, “Martin Luther, the just shall live by faith.” When Martin Luther heard that, it shook him inside. He kept it to himself though, as he went back to his dwelling and shut himself away. For days he was not seen on the streets. The people who had seen him go to church, wondered what had happened to him. For many days, he did not appear. Then one day he walked out of his dwelling with a large sheet of paper in his hand. (This was in Wittenberg Germany.) He was walking toward the cathedral; and upon arriving he tacked that paper on the front door. It listed ninety five things he found wrong with the Roman Catholic Church. By that time, a crowd was gathering and starring at him. He pointed his finger, Look, see what I have done! This is where I stand! From then on, Martin Luther began to testify and bear witness of the experience he had. It also caused the king of Germany to rally to his support. The Catholic Church tried him, but they did not get anywhere, because the king of Germany had told him, They will not touch you this time. This was the beginning of what we call God’s Reformation of the Church, meaning, He began to reconstruct it, delivering it from the bondage of Roman Catholicism. Since the Church did not suddenly lose the true revelation, it would not be anything but slow recovering from that long period of darkness where dogma ruled. A little truth was restored by the preaching of Martin Luther, and then there came another man by the name of John Calvin, an Anabaptist. He condemned the Catholic Church for infant baptism. Then another man by the name of John Knox, who continually said, “What is to be will be,” and that ties right in with the doctrine of predestination. Then we find a man, John Wesley, coming out of the Church of England. God dealt with him in a supernatural way; and he was instrumental in restoring another fragment of truth to the Church. The point is, little by little, God was using certain men to restore back into accessibility the teachings of His New Testament Church. Along the way, if I had time to go back and indulge in the different movements, you could see that there was a definite manifestation of the supernatural accompanying the ministry of those men: not in a major sense, but there were small elements of people that God definitely dealt with in a supernatural way. Even in John Wesley’s hour, it was said that in certain meetings, that supernatural Spirit would come upon people while listening to John, and they would fall right out onto the floor. They would haul them home in buggies or wagons. A lot of people in Gentile denominations, think all of that is fanaticism. I say to them, If you do not want anything more from God than what you have already, and you talk like that, then hell is where you are heading, because the Bible, as well as history, proves that this Spirit of God, this supernatural Spirit, is seeking people that He can fill with His very being; and when that spirit comes into your being, you will be different than what you have been. When we leave John Wesley’s hour, the new world has been discovered by this time, and the teaching of John Wesley came to it, along with Calvin’s and Knox’s teachings. Then we come to the dawn of the twentieth century. As I said this morning, At the dawning of the twentieth century, when Zionism began to spring up and herald a message to the Jewish people, We must get ready to go home, and God began to move on many by His Spirit, to do that. About that time, He began to put a hunger in the hearts of Methodists and Baptists, that type of people, out on the west coast, and He began to manifest Himself in a small way to a nucleus of people there. Before very long, people were being slain on the floor by the power of God. They called it the Pentecostal experience. That move lasted over a period of about three years. What was the purpose? God was beginning to teach and restore back accessibility to His word, His doctrine, and then bring back into accessibility the supernatural among believers. In that period of time, there were cases of divine healing: maybe not in a major way, but there definitely was healing manifested in different ways. There were people that went there to criticize what was taking place and God would get hold of them. I read one testimony about a man who had been to a meeting. He saw how the people would be slain. He said, I am going back the next night just to see what will happen. He came in and took his seat, he was there to criticize everything he saw. Do you know what happened? When the Spirit began to move and people began to shout, when some began to shake under the power of God and fall on the floor, that Spirit got on him, and he got under conviction. He came to criticize, but he made his way out into the aisle, fell on his stomach and began to crawl, and then began to cry, Somebody help me! Nobody touched him, because he was the loud mouth that had criticized the night before. He was soon up front; then they began to gather around and pray for him. He opened his heart to God and was filled with the Holy Ghost. I am saying these things to show some of you, that God has been putting together a people that is His living Church, His temple in which He abides. When we move to the period around 1912, among those same Pentecostal people, which were basically still Trinitarians, they have definitely received an experience of the supernatural. To show you how God can work, right among some of the leaders of this movement, periodically, God began to manifest things in their homes. I have read many testimonies, of how a man could be sitting at his breakfast table, with his Bible open, and all of a sudden an audible voice would say, Will you take my name? Will you be buried in my name? This would lead those men to study. Before long, they began to see in the book of Acts, that nowhere in the entire early Christian church, were people ever baptized in the titles of Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, because none of those titles are names. When they began to see that God was speaking to them supernaturally, that began to be scattered around among the people. As some of the people that had received this supernatural experience began to testify, there was a division over whether to use the name of Jesus in water baptism. I have seen a magazine written by the early Oneness movement. It was around the year 1913, there was a Pentecostal Church that asked this evangelist to come and hold a meeting. When he did come, the meetings began to grow and really flourish. God began to pour out His Spirit. It lasted almost a month. They had a lot of new candidates to be baptized. The evangelist himself was a Trinitarian, and the pastor was a Trinitarian. On this particular Sunday they all gathered at the river for a baptismal service. The evangelist and pastor, and the first candidate for water baptism moved out into the water. The evangelist made a few remarks and all of a sudden a supernatural voice said to him, Bury them in my name. The pastor looked at him, Did you hear that? Yes. What did it say? I’ll tell you later. The evangelist did some more talking, and again that supernatural voice said, Bury them in my name. The pastor looked again, Did you hear something? Yes. What was it? I’ll tell you later. He was ready to baptize the first person and that voice said again, I said bury them in my name. The pastor asked again, what was that? The evangelist said, I will tell you later. They wind up baptizing all the candidates in the titles Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. (I read this story in an old magazine.) When the evangelist and pastor got back home, the pastor looked at the evangelist and asked, What was that at the river today? The evangelist said, You know there is a lot of controversy among this movement about the people who baptize in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. The voice said, Bury them in my name. The pastor said, Then let us search it out. Sitting at the table they opened their Bibles to the book of Acts and began to read. Everywhere Christian, water baptism was administered in the first age of Christendom, it was always done in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. When they had both decided that this was Bible, the pastor of that church said, Then we are going to re-baptize all of them. They called everybody and went back to the river. Everybody was re-baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. My point in bringing that in, is to say That is how God has been causing His people that make up the bride element of this generation, to have access to truth. The Church, which is not made up of people from just one generation, must be restored to apostolic teaching before the end. The Church got off course in its journey through time, but at the end it is to be restored back to its original apostolic foundation. That is why I have to say, Before it could do that, then God sent us Gentile people that spirit of Elijah that was prophesied by Malachi. You have a lot of Gentile church theologians that say, Oh, that is not biblical. Well I have to say, It is biblical. Let us read Malachi 4:5. “Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great (That is one event.) and dreadful (That is the end time part, or event.) day of the LORD.” That is what the world is facing now. First He caused the heart of the fathers to be turned to the children. I used to think that is when all the mean fathers and their little children would all be reconciled. That is not the affect at all. When you go back into the gospel of John, you read how John the Baptist who was that spirit of Elijah that was sent to fore run Christ in His first advent fulfilled his calling. Standing at the river of Jordan, he preached, Repent, for the kingdom of heaven, (a dispensation of time) is at hand. All Judaea and Jerusalem began to go out to hear him. Who were all those people? They were Jews. Many of them had been staunch worshipers at the temple. At that particular time, temple worship, temple sacrifice, all the ordinances had become so ceremonial they were just so much formality, with little reality. It no longer served God’s intended purpose. When John stood in the river Jordan and began to preach like he did, it stimulated something in the people: They began to go out more and more to hear him. When all Judaea began to go out and be baptized, look how it affected the ecclesiastical fathers back in Jerusalem. They would not leave their seats and get out in the crowd themselves, but they sent messengers, instructed to go ask him who he is, and what he was doing. Those characters sitting there in Jerusalem asking questions, were the ecclesiastic, Judaistic church fathers. They did not like to see their young congregation being baptized by this man. Nevertheless it was written, He will turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, because it was those children that would make up the generation of church fathers that we look back to in the New Testament. All down through time, Gentile Christendom, coming through the era of the Reformation, have done everything imaginable to this Bible. When it comes to the supernatural, there are those out here in the Gentile church world that despise the supernatural. They do not want a thing to do with it. They say it is fanaticism. Yes, there is some fanaticism here and there, but fanaticism borders on the reality of spirituality, so the two are so close together, it is like a hair’s breadth. That is why, before the dreadful day of the Lord comes, He would again send that spirit of Elijah; and this time it is to turn the end time straying children back to the faith of their fathers, which were the apostolic Church fathers that followed Jesus. That is why I talk like this, to let the Jewish friends know, we are not ignorant of what God has done in these last days, just before He turns attention back to the Jewish people. We see it in the scriptures, in the prophecies most Jews refuse to recognize as the inspired word of God. We know Gentile time is just about over; and that there is not going to be a long interval of time elapse between the cut off of Gentiles and Him starting to deal again with Jews. When He is finished with us, He will immediately pick it up again with the Jews. He has everything planned to perfection; and His plans will not fail. 


Before I end this message, I want to look back to a few experiences. I want the Jewish people to know, that the same experience that came to that upper room on the day of Pentecost and filled one hundred and twenty disciples of Jesus with the spirit of God, and later filled those of the household of Cornelius, and later filled those disciples Paul baptized in Ephesus, is still doing the same thing for believers today. All down through time, Gentiles have experienced the same thing. This man that truly was anointed with the Elijah spirit in our day, plainly said, Let’s get back to the word, knowing the end time Church had to be filled with the Holy Ghost. I am going to say to the Jewish people, and I hope they will listen to what I say, The reason we believe in the supernatural, is because it is a biblical experience. I know many of them have heard about the dream I had, that led us to make the chart you see over here on the wall, but I want to tell it again, for the benefit of those who may not have heard it. After I had that dream, some things have taken place among the young people, not only here but around the world, that has definitely changed their lives.


Back in 1993, after our convention had closed, God manifested His anointing in a most precious way. All through the last years, my heart had been very concerned about the coming of Christ, how it all lines up, and what the true Church will have revealed to her before then. I have read how these doctors of divinity that do try to teach prophecy, put things together, and that the first thing they expect, is that the antichrist is going to come on the scene and cause Israel to sign a covenant, and Israel will sign the covenant, and then they will start building the temple with his permission. That is a total misconception. Nevertheless, on this particular night, I saw myself in this beautiful dream. I was sitting in a chair, in a beautifully lit place. (I am not going to try to describe it.) I had my Bible open. It seemed as though I was turning through my Bible in search of scriptures that would give me some indication as to how I would study about something pertaining to the coming of Christ. As I was sitting there, looking at my Bible, a most brilliant light began to shine and I heard a voice say, Open your Bible, I will now show you the order of my coming. The first thing I was pointed to was the passage of scripture, Hosea 6:2. From there, it was Micah 7, then Zechariah 12, Zephaniah 2, Isaiah 11, Isaiah 19, Isaiah 49, Isaiah 60, and right on down the line. I will never forget, in the dream, when that portion was over, I was saying to my wife, Honey, this is going to lead to something concerning the coming of the Lord. Then it seemed like it went right back into another phase of it. I saw myself standing where there was a large gathering of people coming together from all over the world, and I saw that each of them were coming with a little bottle in their hand, no larger than your little finger. I knew that was a little bottle of holy anointing oil. In the dream, it was so natural. I knew for sure, that they did not buy it at a drug store. It seemed as though, in this gathering place, everyone there had to have it, because, at the doorway, even though there were no security guards, this little bottle of anointing oil was the required means for entrance. Everyone in there had it. I thought to myself, I know God has given that to everyone there. I am saying this tonight, because that particular summer, I thought much about that. I preached concerning the chart. It was the very next year, 1994, God began to pour out His Spirit. God began to slay people on the floor. That experience lasted three and one half to four years. For the Jews’ sake I will say this, The news of that went all the way around the world. Bro. Govender from South Africa took videos back home with him. When he showed that to his congregation, just watching the young people here, being slain under the Spirit of God, God honored that, and the same thing happened over there. They began to be slain, speaking in tongues and such. Then we sent the video to the Philippines. The same thing happened. As word began to go into Canada, the same thing happened there. The same thing happened in Mexico. To you Jewish people I say, I know from the history of Christendom, that the gospel of Jesus Christ was preached in Saudi Arabia; and up until the sixth century, just before Mohammad came on the scene, Christianity had been embraced by the Saudi Arabian people. The original Jews from there, that had receives the gospel at Jerusalem, six hundred years later, their offspring had gone into apostasy. This made it possible for Mohammad to rise up with his teaching. By the time 700 A.D. came, Christendom had gone out and Islam had come in, and Saudi Arabia concerning religion, has shut itself off totally from Judaism and Christianity. When the Gulf War was going on, Saudi Arabia would not even allow our fighting forces to bring extra Bibles. They would allow each person to bring their own personal New Testament, but they would not allow them to be shipped in. In the Philippines, there were three young girls that had attended church in Manila. They saw what was going on. Saudi Arabian people are lazy. They send for people to come from other countries to work in their hospitals, because they will not allow their women to work in public places. That is why three Filipino girls around eighteen years of age, had signed up for a period of time to go to Saudi Arabia and work at a hospital as aides. There in an apartment, they met a young girl from India, a Muslim. She too had signed up to work at a hospital in Saudi Arabia. The one young Filipino girl received the Contender, and this particular issue was “The Bride’s Anointing.” These Filipino girls and the Muslin girl from India began to read it. (This is a fact because they wrote us three letters telling what happened.) When they would go to work, they could hardly wait until they got back to their apartment. Many times they would fast and read that article and pray. One by one these girls would either be slain on the floor, or speak in another language, for hours on end. They would go back to work the next morning and come home in the evening and dedicate themselves afresh and the Spirit of God would move. Now to the Jews I have to say, Somewhere in the first two centuries after Christ, the Holy Ghost moved in Saudi Arabia, and whoever accepted the gospel there, were filled with the Holy Spirit, just like those Jews in Jerusalem. When Saudi Arabia went into apostasy, it affected not just Christianity, but also Judaism. I have the history of the Koran. Mohammed came on the scene with all his experiences, which I have to say were completely void of Biblical truth, but he completely hoodwinked the Arab world. That is why they stand and say, We are the chosen people, and the Jews are devils, complete heretics. That is why Saudi Arabia has been closed to everything else, because Islam came out of Saudi Arabia. Regardless of their laws, they will never be able to shut the door on the Holy Ghost. He took that Contender paper and let those four girls read it in their apartment and God gave them a Holy Ghost experience. That Muslim girl wrote her own testimony and said, Bro. Jackson, pray for me, I have found something that I thirsted for all my life. She said, I know when I go back to my country, what my parents will say. If God can take four young girls that are isolated in a remote region of the world, in a country which is anti-Christian and anti-Judaism, and they can read from a piece of paper what other people are experiencing in the free world, and He can come into their apartment and give them that experience, then who in the world are we to say, I do not believe that? They wrote it in their own personal letters. To the Jewish people that will listen to this tape, this is the kind of people we are, We believe in the supernatural, because we know it is the only thing the true Church is going to have to look to when God finishes up time with us Gentiles. That is why I subtitled this part of the message, “THE END IS IN SIGHT.” before we finish, open your Bibles to the writings of Amos. This is the prophecy James used when word came back to Jerusalem, about Peter going to Cornelius’ household. Amos 9:11 “In that day will I raise up the tabernacle of David that is fallen, and close up the breaches thereof; and I will raise up his ruins, (That means everything that is related to the temple, the priests quarters and all, it eventually goes on out into old Jerusalem.) and I will build it as in the days of old: (That is a prophecy that will be fulfilled just ahead.) That they (The Jews.) may possess the remnant of Edom, (I say to the Jewish people, Your trouble makers over there, are descendants of many generations of Edomites and all the other “ites” that have drifted across the river, and came into your land, not all at once, but as I study the history of time, I have to say, It is basically the Edomites that are there poking the finger and agitating you. Your prophet Obadiah, spoke of, (almost eight hundred years before Christ) how Edom raised up their voice, and how they treated their brethren, when the Babylonians were besieging the city, and how they cut off the routes of escape for your people. Then when your ancestors were gone they went in and robbed their households. Read Obadiah, and see what it says about that. As you have done to them, so will I do to you. Yes there is an hour coming when the Palestinians are going to open their mouths the last time, throw the last rock, and then God is going to turn the army of Israel loose on them. Amidst all those Palestinians, God knows every one of them, He knows where they came from. When the Israeli forces are pushed far enough, and they have to cross that Jordan River, they are going to drive this element of Edomites and everything else back where they belong, or else slaughter them. Everything that lays on the other side of the Jordan River, Israel is going to possess. It plainly tells you that the Ammonites and Moabites will serve Israel in the Millennium. Presently though, they are going to destroy this trouble making element of Edomites. Who are the Edomites? They are of Israel’s brother, Esau, and always jealous. That is why they are so devilish with their religion. That is why they open their mouths like they do. If you have been watching the News, some of the Muslim teachers have been saying that we need to kill the Jews, because it is our holy obligation to Allah to kill every Jew. When you see that, then look at this prophecy, That they, Who? The Jews, may possess the remnant of Edom. Now here comes the prophecy that points to you and I, the Church.) and of all the heathen, which are called by my name, saith the Lord that doeth this.” Notice, this is an end time prophecy. This prophecy is speaking of us; and if it is speaking of us, there had to be a beginning of it. That is exactly what James was looking at in the book of Acts. It all started when Peter went to Cornelius’ house. Then when Paul went to Ephesus, that was a beginning also, but we are living in the ending of it. God has restored His word to us. We have every doctrine the apostolic Church taught. We know the foundation our faith is built upon. We have the same revelation about Jesus Christ as the early apostles had. He is causing these prophecies that relate to our existence, to become a framework of our faith. He is just about ready to close the doors on us Gentiles. I am thankful to God that we know what we know, because He has allowed us to see the end. The building of the Jewish temple coincides with God closing the door to His work among Gentiles. Praise His great Name! Amen.