The Last 100 Years-Plus, Part 5

Rev. Raymond M. Jackson



I pray the Lord will enable me to answer these questions to your satisfaction: I have read them, and I have them in my pocket. First, I want you to know, that if I have not said anything that helps you understand your own particular question, rest assured that we are not going to end this subject until we have covered the entire contents of the book of Revelation. Try to understand, The book of Revelation is not just an anonymous prophecy to be interpreted any old way each person feels it should be. It was given exclusively for the Bride; and all the bride will understand every point the same way, before the Lord takes us out of here. The more I look at how different men have written, the more convinced I become that each one wrote of that which captured his own interest, except for the apostle Paul, which appeared to have the care of the various churches on his mind constantly. As I said earlier, The apostle Paul wrote half of the epistles in the New Testament, or wrote fourteen of them. Very little of the prophetic picture of the end time did he mention. However he did touch on the rapture and a few other things; and he was the one that really put the rapture in the proper perspective, so that we have more insight of when to expect it. When Jesus spoke what He did to His disciples just before He was crucified, He gave us a true prophetic picture of the end time. I say that, because, When you put the 24th and 25th chapters of Matthew together, you see everything as it falls right in place, and nothing is concerning the Dark Ages. It was for the disciples of that era of time that would go right up to the destruction of Jerusalem, and then it jumps a great span of time and comes right down here to the end time. We must keep in mind, that we see a lot of things going on right now that point specifically to the hour we are living in, and that which fulfills the words of Jesus has all been in the last one hundred years. As we look at this, we cannot forget the 12th chapter of Daniel, as pertaining to the end time. Notice what the prophet said, (1) “And at that time shall Michael stand up, the great prince which standeth for the children of thy people: (Israel) and there shall be a time of trouble, such as never was since there was a nation even to that same time: and at that time thy people shall be delivered, every one that shall be found written in the book. (2) And many of them that sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake, some to everlasting life, and some to shame and everlasting contempt. (3) And they that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament; and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars for ever and ever. (4) But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased.” Notice also, (Dan 12:10) “Many shall be purified, and made white, and tried; but the wicked shall do wickedly: and none of the wicked shall understand; but the wise shall understand.” Of course we realize, that what was said concerning the Jews, could not be understood in other centuries, because, at the beginning of the 100 years the Jews were not back in the land. The important thing is, the prophecy said Michael would stand up and every one whose names were found written in the book would be delivered. Where does that take place? Right in here. (pointing to chart, in the time of the 70th week of Daniel’s prophecy) We must notice also, that it speaks of how, in that time of the end, wickedness would prevail and that the wise would understand. In chapter 8, verse17, Daniel is told that this vision is for the time of the end. “So he came near where I stood: and when he came, I was afraid, and fell upon my face: but he said unto me, Understand, O son of man: for at the time of the end shall be the vision.” All of this is applicable to what you and I are seeing right now. Did it not say, and knowledge shall be increased, many will travel to and fro. That was not fulfilled until we came into this last century of time. You know that. So I have to say, The prophecies in the scriptures are right on schedule, and not one is out of line with the picture that God portrays to you and me in the various scriptures we have studied. Look at one more verse before we move on. (Dan 10:14) “Now I am come to make thee understand what shall befall thy people (The Jews) in the latter days: for yet the vision is for many days.” Of the questions turned in, there were different things asked, like, What is the difference between the foolish virgin that has no oil, and the wise that do have oil? As I said this morning, We must try to understand, that there is only one form of life in mankind; and that is the Holy Ghost. When you go to the gospel of St. John, Jesus spoke this, That He would pray and the Father would send another comforter in His name. Is that not what He said? (John 14:16) “And I will pray the Father, and He shall give you another Comforter, that He may abide with you for ever.” The Comforted is the Holy Spirit, which is the Spirit of God. He told us what He would do when He comes: He would first reprove the world of sin and of judgment and of righteousness. What was it that got hold of you and started you feeling sorry for your sins and selfishness? That was not the baptism of the Holy Ghost. That was the Holy Ghost in His convicting power. That is the first and foremost thing that has got to take place in your life. There is no such thing as you walking down the road of life, and one day you decide to join the church and become a Christian. That is nonsense. A lot people have been put on church books like that, but the true Christian experience does not come like that. On the other hand, when the Holy Spirit begins to work on your life and bring you to a time when you feel so sorry that you are such a miserable creature, that is when you are ready to accept God’s grace and surrender to Him. That is the first work of the Holy Spirit in our lives. He causes conviction to start working on you and bring you to repentance. As you accept that much, the Holy Spirit works with you, because He is going to bring you right through the knowledge of the Word, to clean you up of all the things of your fleshly nature, such as smoking, drunkenness, cheating, stealing and things like that. That is how He brings you through the blood to sanctify you.( To sanctify, is to set apart for sacredness, or consecrate.) He is there to give you that measure of faith and confidence in what the Lord has started in your life. In the first apostolic Church, the believer was not just left to stand in that experience: They were taught by the ministry of that hour, that they should go on and seek for the infilling of the Spirit, which not only takes over the vessel that has been cleaned up, but also takes over the vessel to abide inside and manifest things of supernatural proportion at times. Therefore there is no difference between what the Holy Spirit in you is, and what the Spirit of Christ in you is, because in that respect it is all one and the selfsame Spirit: the Spirit of God, which first convicts and leads us to repentance and forgiveness, and it is all by the cleansing that is brought about through the blood of Jesus Christ. As we come through two thousand years of Christendom, Christians were losing the basic principals of the teachings of the gospel, which is what happened through one thousand years of the Dark Ages, when the conscience of man became so drained and compromising. That is why it is said that the world has passed through a period referred to as Satan’s Millennium, which was one thousand years with a false church in control of the soul’s of humanity. All people were ever taught, was just tradition, tradition, tradition and rituals, which were all in the ceremonies of the so-called Church. That is exactly why, in some areas of the world where Catholicism has ruled, you can easily see what ignorance those poor people were subjected to. Wherever that ignorance has ruled, the people remain in poverty, because the Catholic Church has not been a religious system that has taught anything that really enlightens the particular citizen, to inspire them and make them productive. As I continue here, I hope all of you understand, that there is no difference between the Spirit the bride of Christ receives and the Spirit the foolish virgins receive: It is all the same Spirit, but the difference is in the measure each one receives of that same Spirit. Everything is regulated by the amount of that Spirit you have received to start you on your walk of life.


I will never forget the time when the Lord began to deal in my life: I did not know one thing of what I know now. He had just brought me to a place where I felt so miserable; and I knew I needed something from God. You have heard me say many times, I could be out plowing corn, combining, or anything on the farm, and the convicting power of God would come upon me so strong I would be crying, out there in the field. At times I thought, What if someone would come up behind me and find me crying like this, they would think I am crazy. I was just weeping because I felt so miserable. I would go home and go to bed after my evening meal, and just lye there in bed until one or two o’clock thinking, and finally get up and go outside in the moonlight, look up and say, Lord, take this miserable feeling away from me! I was truly under conviction. Finally, in the month of April, 1950, I determined that the time had come for me to get my life straightened out. I went to a meeting at a Methodist Church; and I honestly cannot say that I even remember one word the preacher said, but I had gone there with the determination to surrender my life to the Lord at the first opportunity. I had been taught like the Methodist, that you have to go to the altar to pray through. I knew absolutely nothing about how to pray through, but I went down there with that determination and said, Lord, here I am, give me a know so salvation, something that will cause me to know my sins are forgiven; and Lord, if you will do this for me, and take away this craving for cigarettes, (I thought I would throw in for good measure, pressed down, heaped up and running over, like I had heard so many times.) Lord, I will do my best to teach your Word. I grew up, more or less, in a denominational religious home. I thought, Every home ought to have a Bible, because it is God’s word, but that one should not get too close to it, because I had heard how some people would do strange things after reading something in the Bible. Nevertheless the next day happened to be a rainy day and I could not work outside, so I spent the day reading the Bible. That was April, 1950. I sat down in a living room chair that morning and sat there all day reading the Bible, which was something you never would have found me doing at any other time before then. That day, I had a different attitude about this book. From then on, there were things that began to speak to me as I would read, things that were essential in building my faith toward the saving grace of God. That is why I can say, Do not tell me the Holy Spirit was not working in my life. If you would have told me He was back then, I would have said, Get out of here with that kind of talk. You just have to come to a place where you have a right understanding of what He is and what He is not. I trust you understand that now. It is all the same Holy Spirit, but one office work is to save you, cleanse you and get you cleaned up, ready to dwell in. Then, when He is in full control over your life, He begins to manifest certain things in a supernatural way, which is another quality. He is a teacher, that is going to teach you all things as you remain subject to His leading. He and He only can give you a revelation and an understanding of things that you never would have understood prior to that. That is what makes you clothed in fine linen. It is not just a salvation experience: It is total deliverance from the bondage of Satan’s devices. I hope you can understand my point. When we come to the parable of the wise and foolish virgins, that is actually dealing with the overall picture starting at the dawn of the century. This is a picture of when the Holy Spirit came on the scene at the Azusa Street meetings, bringing us to a time factor where God begins to deal with the individual persons that are destined to make up the true Bride of Christ out of this century of time. Up until that time, He had been restoring this revelation, that revelation and the various truths of His word that had gotten lost during the Dark Age period of time. I have here, a book titled, “Men Who Changed the World.” I just read a little portion the other night. It speaks of men like George Whitfield, John Wesley, and Charles Wesley, who was a songwriter, and also led the singing in John Wesley’s meetings. In that seventeenth century, John Wesley, (a man who came out of the Church of England) all stiff and starchy, had an experience of the supernatural. No, he did not speak in tongues, but he felt that invigorating Spirit get inside his being. This is what started him preaching. When he went back to the old church that his father had preached in, they had heard about him, and thought he was a fanatic because he preached so boldly. He rode horseback from coal mine to coal mine, to areas of ruffians, that many times would come out in front of him, accusing him of being a fanatic and so forth. Usually though, somewhere in the crowd God would lay a hand upon someone that did not feel the same as those critics, and that person would intervene for him. That was how God worked. The more they poked the finger at John Wesley to try to break up the meetings, the sooner some man would stand up, go over and contest that bully to his face. Others then, would rally behind him. It would not be long until he would have a crowd that was for him and the bullies would have to leave. Then John Wesley would start preaching. Soon afterwards, sinners would fall under the power of God and cry out for mercy. Nobody stood there shaking their head and screaming, Satan, come out of him. You cannot possibly shake a man hard enough to shake the devil out of him. There has to be an anointing at work to get the job done. God knows how to get to lost sinners. He can even do it without anyone preaching to them, and at times He does. Many a man went there to try and pick a fight, fuss and carry on, only to fall on his face and cry out for forgiveness. Instead of fighting, he would crawl to the front and ask for prayer. Saints: Do you understand my point? In the 1700’s, when John Wesley had no sooner gone off the scene, then another man picked up the torch light and continued right on into the 1800’s. Then came Dwight L. Moody, having the same power, the same Spirit, with emphasis upon salvation, but looking to the power of God to bring it about. When the new world was discovered, those revivals that started in England, eventually came to the new world. In the new world, they continued on in much the same way. Many of the reformers that came out of Europe in the 1600’s, and early 1700’s, had descendants that were in America, and wherever the preachers went to preach that message, God honored the effort with manifestations of the Spirit. I have one book that tells about Eastern Kentucky, parts of Eastern Tennessee, and on into Virginia and Maryland, how at one time there was a certain area of people that were having a community meeting. Then the Holy Ghost began to fall upon them, and people falling under the power of God, laying there quivering and shaking; and some even began to speak in another language. Emphasis at that time, was not upon speaking in tongues. That was in 1800’s. My point is this, We must ask, Why were they called foolish after they came in here? Because Christendom, coming out of this, where there had been enough truth preached with the demonstration of the power of God, that none of the virgins should have remained ignorant of what truth and reality are. They are out of Catholicism, with their hail Mary and all of this and that; as well as the various denominations apart from Catholicism, and they witnessed truth and reality, yet held to their traditions instead of following the leading of the Spirit of God. God has displayed His power in their midst, enough, that they should have been looking ahead with expectation and hunger for truth, yet they chose excitement over the gifts of the Spirit, above the truth that has been preached in their midst. Therefore coming to the beginning of this century, the time had come, that God was going to put emphasis upon the manifestation of bringing the Church back to its original likeness, which includes the gifts of the Spirit, divine healing and all that we read about in the book of Acts, but the first and foremost of all, is the apostolic doctrine those apostles stood for. In every one of the men that I have referred to here, none of them preached divine healing, but wherever they ministered, it tells right in here, that in the ministry in the days of John Wesley, there was over two hundred healings recorded in the chronology of his writings. The Methodists say today, Well it is not for our day. I say to them, If it was for John Wesley, the man that started your movement, it belongs in your midst. No wonder you are a system that is sound asleep. You did not stay in the light that man was moved by, or you would have experienced what your founder did. I am saying these things to show why and how some people go to sleep. First, they stop praying, thinking they have enough of everything God has to offer, but what they have is all in their head. That is why I have said this of late, There are a lot of people that have religion, but it is all in the head. Very little is down in the heart, because in here is where it starts setting off sparks. It is like a spark plug in a piston hole in a car engine: If you do not have something to make a spark, you can have all the gas you want in the gas tank, but it will not be propelled into power for anything.


I just have to say, When you read the words Jesus used, to illustrate this period we are living in, you have to realize the shout, or cry that was made in the midnight hour, “Behold the Bridegroom cometh,” was never actually spoken in audible words, but even though those actual words were never spoken audibly before anyone, what was spoken is heard and accepted by those who love truth, to be the midnight cry. It is what the words imply, that there would come a period of time in that period, when that parable in the overall picture is in motion, that there would be something happen that would be like unto the cry. That is why, when the apostle Paul said that the Lord would descend from heaven, first with a shout, the denominational world is expecting one day to see a beautiful white cloud come floating through the sky, Jesus standing on it, crying, Everybody down there, get ready, I am coming soon. According to their interpretation of God’s word, Holy Ghost filled pilots that are flying commercial airliners, all of a sudden they will just take off, and along with him maybe about eighty other Holy Ghost filled passengers, and when that beautiful white cloud comes flying by and Jesus says, All of you who are ready, come here! The pilot goes, and the eighty go and the rest go to hell. That is a very perverted picture, to say the least. I have read tracts that were written just like that. I know many of you have also. That is a carnal way they look at it, because we know that is not the way it is going to be. That shout started back here in 1963, when God anointed the prophet messenger to this age and he began to step out of the crowds of mass healing and be used of God to stand for something greater than healing, (a true revelation of the scriptures). When he began to bring forth his message, it was to start exactly what is written in Revelation 10:7, which says, “But in the days of the voice of the seventh angel, when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God (the grace age) should be finished, as He hath declared to His servants the prophets.” That applies to a period of time. I pray you everyone understand that. Look at the denominational realm today, how they are so blinded to the reality God has made so plain to us. They carry the same Bible you and I do. You know that, so I ask you a simple question: Why do they not see Matthew 25, in its true application? I have not yet heard any of their TV preachers speak on the application of it. I ask also, Why do they not at least say something about the seals that have been written in the book of Revelation all the centuries ago? They say nothing about them, because they know nothing about them. They could have known, if they had not rejected God’s prophet messenger to this age. Still you cannot help but wonder what is wrong with all of them? They are still preaching only on salvation of the soul, with no provision whatsoever to enable their followers to gain stature in our Lord Jesus the Christ. They still preach the coming of Jesus to be very soon, but they give no picture that portrays to an element of people, that anything is different than it was in the days of their founding fathers, of whatever system they are in. That is why, somewhere within that era, when that parable is lying right here before the mass of humanity, a cry was brought forth, and though it was an element of the old Pentecostal people that first responded to that man’s message, we have to realize it was not to be just a one day or one year thing. You have to understand, that once the awakening starts, it is not just to create a temporary condition: It becomes an awakening for every wise person that will ever be raised up to hear the true revelation of God’s word and get themselves in the picture that is only for the Bride of Jesus Christ. Just look around you; and think of all the young people in this message of truth that have been born since that man’s personal ministry was cut off by that terrible auto accident. His personal ministry was cut off, but the revelation of truth he delivered to this age will remain forever; and all these who have come in since then have the same access to it as those who sat in his meetings. Furthermore God continues to build upon what that little man started and stood steadfastly in defense of. As for that which we see in Matthew 25, when the application started, it was to carry on through to the end. That is how you have to understand the parable. It had a starting point with an older element of saints that became the ones to carry it, but that was absolutely not ended in two or three years time: They were the recipients and carriers of the starting of this parable; and it lays right here until this time frame is completed. How many can understand that? I do not know how to express it any differently. I grant you this, When we look and see these numbers standing on the sea of glass, in Revelation 15:2-3, many will ask When is that applicable? That is as the tribulation period just ahead, is coming to a close. They have been killed in this last half of the week. I was asked the question also, What is the difference between them and these of chapter 7? Brothers and sisters: They all have white robes, but there is definitely a reason why they stand out in a separate group. Notice that sea of glass, and I ask you, Do you know what glass is made of? Glass is made of sand. It is not of water, but of sand. That glass was mingled with fire, was it not? Those fires are symbolizing what took place through this terrible dark hour of tribulation to try their faith. That is why they were standing on that sea of glass, or they were standing on the faith they held, when they move out of this period into this period. Those that sang the song of Moses, (Jews) it is over here that they hear the revelation that causes them to become a part of that number. How many realize that? Then there were those that sang the song of the Lamb, (Gentile saints) that got their salvation back here, (chart, before Jesus was off the mercy seat) while salvation was still available for Gentiles. When the rapture takes the bride out of here, they are left behind, to face the hour of the rule of the antichrist when they will have to submit to martyrdom. They were saved under the last portion of the fourth seal, and when Jesus left the mercy seat at the breaking of the seventh seal,(Revelation 8:1 which is just ahead) that ends Grace to the Gentiles. Those that are ready (the Bride) will be taken out of here, but those that are not in the Bride, (referred to as foolish virgins, will be left behind. The reason they are called foolish virgins, which sets them apart from any other element of the white robed people, is because of the potential they had to understand the truth the bride understood, which makes the difference between just white robes(life) and the fine linen, clean and white that the bride is arrayed is because when they had a chance to understand, they did not do anything about it. The bride people go on to hunger and thirst after righteousness and receive a true revelation of the word of God, which is referred to as making her self ready, because the fine linen is the righteousness of saints. The other white robed saints (chapter 7) never had the opportunity to receive this end time revelation that has been available to saints only in these last days. That is the difference between the white robed foolish virgins of this hour of time, and the white robed saints of other ages.


If you could just read what is written about “Men Who Changed the World,” there were not long intervals of time for something to get cold. After the Quaker movement in England, when early settlers came to the new world, out of that came a movement known as “The Shakers.” There was a settlement here in Kentucky, and the place is called “Shakertown.” If you could read the little history book they sell from down there, you would see that the power of God was present on those people that gathered there, because it was a continuation of what had been started earlier, in England. Let me use the hour we live in, because there is actually, physically and socially, no reason why they could not be teaching the same thing we are teaching today. Truly, they should know exactly what you and I know. Should they not? Yet they still sit in those systems sound asleep. Do not forget, that not all of them are foolish virgins. A very large number of them are tares, plain and simple. It is in this seventh parable age, that the scribe starts this process, but I want to emphasize the fact that it will not be continued by any one particular scribe. Do you understand me? Let every man that will be a true scribe, take heed how he carries out his calling. Paul had his, Peter had his, James had his, and John had his, all back in the first age. Neither one of them were a repetition of the others. By the same token, none of them taught anything that was contradictory to the others. I wish we could all be that way. When you look at this world of religion all around you, here goes this man, he has one idea, here goes this one, he has another, so you see a gang that follows this one, and a gang that follows that one, and there is no unity among them. I am so thankful to God for the little man He anointed with a gift of the supernatural, and for the things he taught from God’s word, to get us back into the apostolic gospel that was preached by the early apostles, the same things we find Paul preaching, was preached also by Peter and all the rest of them. He did not give us another Bible. Yet we have a movement of them that run the roads of life with books and pamphlets of what Bro. William Branham preached, saying, The prophet said this, and the prophet said that, but they themselves have no revelation of what the prophet really taught. I know what he said, and I challenge that bunch of quoters to tell me what was meant by what he said; and if you cannot put me back in the Bible with your answers, then you should get out of the way and shut up: You are just perverting what he was sent to this Laodicean Age with. Since his death, man after man has done his little part in translating and reprinting his messages; and right now, in that movement, there are an element of men standing right at the brink of lawsuits, simply because each one wants to hold the copyright to the whole kit and caboodle. I say this to the entire family structure, May God help you. It is a good thing there were none that took Jesus’ words and put a copyright on them. He had a brother, if you could call him a brother, which is referred to as James, the brother of the Lord, so just suppose he had taken all that Jesus spoke and put a copyright on it: The gospel never would have gotten out of the first age. This is the age of money, popularity, leverage and favoritism.


Let me say to you saints of Faith Assembly, You are the ones that initially helped us put this truth in the Contender and send it throughout the world. We did not start the publication just to copyright something for personal gain: Our purpose was to get the message out to as many people as we could and we are in the 35th year of doing exactly that. I have received letters from many people that would ask me, Bro. Jackson, are we allowed to print this in copy machines and distribute it. I have always said, Yes, just as long as you do not change the wording of it: that is all I am earnestly concerned about. I have no right to copyright God’s revelation, and neither do any of you. When the reformers went forth, did anyone follow them around, copyrighting their messages? They absolutely did not. Histories are written, of what each one said. I have a whole volume of Christendom from beginning to end, what each man said. That is why I say these things, because I know God wants His revealed word to go forth without restrictions, but at the same time, it is that revelation He watches over. Anyone can read the Bible, but only certain chosen vessels are anointed to proclaim the revelation of that which is written; and that is only for the time the revelation belongs in. Saints that lived in the Dark Ages, had no need to know what the Bride Church of this hour of time is privileged to know. That is because we happen to be the element of people that are referred to as wise virgins, in the parable of Matthew 25. Some of you were not yet born in 1963, so how can anyone believe the parable should end back there? You cannot end it as long as the convicting power of the Holy Ghost is still bringing hungry souls in to be fed. Only God Himself brings the Age to an end. Keep in mind, that this only conveys to you a picture of how to look at the whole age of time. Once that shout was made and God sent down the revelation of the first six seals, which we have a clear understanding of tonight, our understanding began to be opened up to many things that had been hidden through centuries of time. Take that fifth seal for instance, that told us who those souls were, that are under the altar crying, “How long, O Lord, holy and true, dost thou not judge and avenge our blood on them that dwell on the earth?” It was easy to read it right in with all of that, but we find out it was not the same as we find in other places. When Bro. William Branham brought forth the revelation, who was that revelation given to? It could have been given to the whole denominational church world, but did they want it? They absolutely did not! It is only those destined or predestined to be in the Bride of Christ, that laid hold on the true revelation and what follows. I will never forget when he preached the Church Ages, how over and over he would emphasize, as he picked the man to be the messenger of each age, that it was because of the way the Holy Spirit worked in the supernatural way through that man’s life and ministry. He really emphasized the part, that the Church had to be that body of people that were restored back to where the supernatural is the primary thing that leads and brings them to the climax. I cannot tell you how many times I have heard certain ones of those fellows that followed Bro. William Branham, say, Oh, I will be so glad when God anoints me and puts me in my calling, or I will be so glad when He uses me in the gifts of the Spirit. They were hungering and thirsting for those things like you had never heard before, but the very moment church order was made to correct a disorder, to get everything back on a true course, they took it as a revelation and immediately began to say, Oh, we no longer need the gifts of the Spirit. God knew that bunch of tares would grab hold of that and feed on it. I was in one church in 1963, before church order was put in at the Branham Tabernacle, where they used the banjo, the tambourines, as well as different other instruments in the church; and they believed in the gifts of the Spirit also, because throughout the meetings, there were times when different ones would speak in tongues and I was permitted to interpret. Yet by the end of the year 1963, when church order had been made, they were the first ones to jump on that thing as a revelation. The next time I was called to come out there and preach, the banjo was out of the picture. It was quiet, very orderly, and they meant to keep it that way. They did not want anyone to get up and go anywhere. How many know what I mean by that? Well time passed; and in 1965, Bro. William Branham was on his way back to Jeffersonville, to preach that message, “The Trail of the Serpent,” intending to get that church order thing out of the picture, because he could see how it had been used, and how it had created such a mis-use in all those places, but God called him home while on the road back here; and he never had that opportunity. Therefore from that day until this very hour, that has been left hanging in the air. You have to have a revelation out of God’s word to know what is going on. That is why, for the first three years after his death, my name was mud. That is why it got to the place that I was so discouraged, even disgusted, and many times I would say, I will not go anywhere to preach, or if I do, I will just preach what he said and leave it at that. However by God’s divine grace and mercy He caused me to see all of that in a different light. Since then, I have said many times, I am so thankful that God has let me see in His word, that the wise have to go on and do what is right, and that the carcase Jesus spoke of was not for just one day. How many can see that? That is a pictorial statement, that once that scribe that would come on the scene begins to fulfill his calling, and would bring out of his storehouse, out of his treasure, things new, which serpent seed was one of, Oh brother! Did that ever hit them between the eyes! They could not take that. Then when it came to the hour that God, through that little vessel of clay, brought down six revelations from those seals of Revelation, chapter 6, oh how precious. Everything was so precise. Hallelujah!


Dealing with the first seal of chapter 6, pertaining to salvation, Bro. William Branham showed how the spirit of the antichrist ran parallel to what God was doing. We came to the second seal, which was the red horse rider, and how that beast in heaven worked to counteract that. Then coming to the third seal, salvation is still going on, but we see how the devil ran ahead, trying to defeat God’s purpose, and faced the same opposition from that beast. Then the fourth seal, and there goes that gray horse rider. It is still galloping over the religious world even tonight, because it is a spirit of deception, part black and part white which gives the appearance of gray, and is called a pale horse. The various denominations of supposed-to-be Christianity have a message of unity that is preached among them, but there is no doctrine, no revelation and no life for those who totally sell out to that spirit of deception. Some of them are anointed, they are shaking and speaking in tongues, but they have no love for the truth. Bro. Jackson, I don’t understand that: How can they do that and not have the Holy Ghost? Well it is an anointing, but it is not the full measure of the Spirit that gives a new birth experience and leads on into all truth. Furthermore some of them are tares: just like some of those that have gone out from among us. Many of them lay here on the floor and shook, and it all seemed so genuine, but tell me where they are tonight? The same Spirit that made them do that, also gives a new birth experience to those who are ready to go all the way with God, but if that Spirit does not get down into your innermost being because you are crying out to God, you just enjoy the anointing for a period of time and then go on your merry way. If those who received such anointings had received the fullness of that Spirit in the new birth portion they would still be here: You would not be able to keep them out of here. Have you ever asked, Why am I still here? Think it over. Out there, in that very religious world tonight, are thousands of people professing to be Christians; and they are not all foolish virgins: Many of them are nothing but tares. God’s anointing can fall upon anyone. Think of Saul of old, when he was looking for David to kill him, he came among the prophets of God and that anointing fell upon him and he prophesied. You cannot tell them anything: they know it all. Others that really think they are of the Bride of Christ, just go about their usual routine every week, not even hungering for more and more of the things of God, so I ask you, If they really are bride saints, why are they not learning, teaching and living according to what we have motivating us in this hour of time? Why do they not see what we see? Please open your Bible to Revelation 19, and we will take a look at the bride. Right here, (pointing to chart, shortly after the starting of the last week of Daniel’s prophecy) is when the true Bride of Christ goes up. That means this, When that hour comes, every soul, all the way from the first age of Christendom, if they are in the category of those specified in the blue line on our chart, will go up in that glorious catching away. It does not matter whether they died a natural death or suffered martyrdom, depending on where they were in their walk with God, if they lived long enough to bear fruit investing talents, when the rapture takes place it takes out of the ground all that are in that category. They rise to meet the Lord. Right there, is their position, (at the marriage supper in heaven) while the week of Daniel goes on to its climax. Then, when the week has run its course, they are seen coming back to earth with Jesus riding white horses.


Let us now go to the 19th chapter of Revelation, verse 7, and realizing it is the end time generation of wise virgins that this is referring to, notice what it says. “Let us be glad and rejoice, and give honour to Him: for the marriage of the Lamb is come, and His wife hath (past tense) made herself ready.” Where was she? She was down here eating on that carcase of Matthew 24:28, which says, “For wheresoever the carcase is, there will the eagles be gathered together.” Some of us are in the elderly category, but a lot of you are much younger, yet we are all feasting on the same carcase. How many catch the point? We all see that it is time to get ready, dress up, throw out all the traditions of our past, so we are acceptable as bride saints. “And to her (not the entire religious element of the world, but the chosen bride) was granted that she should be arrayed (clothed) in fine linen.” That fine linen is all the same, regardless of our age: It is white, but it is of a different quality than the white robes that the others are given, because it speaks of a revelatory quality. Keep that in mind, as you think about this. That is because you and I see something in the word of God that those others do not see. That is the best way I can express it. We see something they do not see; and it regulates our daily walk with the Lord. I will ask a very simple question, Why can they not see what we see? They read the same words on the written pages of the Bible, but it does not stand out as anything in particular to them. Why is the bride arrayed in fine linen? Because she is that element that make up the true, living tabernacle, or temple of God. You are lively stones, built upon a holy foundation of all the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ being the chief cornerstone. Under the Law, back in the Old Testament part referred to as The Torah, none of those Jews had the Holy Ghost. How many realize that? He did not dwell in the believers back then: He dwelt among them, in the temple. You can read all about this in Exodus, chapters 25-26. It gives you the description of the tabernacle and all its trimmings. Inside that tabernacle, there was a Holy of Holies place, that was separated from the rest by curtains of fine linen. What was behind the curtains? The ark of the covenant, representing the very presence of God. That was a symbol, or type of Jesus Christ. It was made of wood, overlaid with gold. Jesus the Christ was the Son of God as far as the flesh, but there was a divine nature about Him that made Him different from any other man, because He was the divine Son of God. Some people will say, Was He just a normal man? He was not a normal man in the sense of His human makeup, because He was a perfect man, without the fallen attributes that passed to all the rest of us from Adam. What do you mean, Bro. Jackson? He did not have the possibility of tuberculosis running through His blood stream. He did not have cancer running through His blood stream. He did not have physical death running through His blood stream. He was a perfect man, totally subject to His Father, (God the Creator) born to never die from any effects of the natural side. He willingly tasted death for every one of us, but death did not have any place in His human makeup, like all of us have in ours. The reason He could die as He did, was because of the fact that He was a perfect, sinless man. No physical means could have ever inflicted death upon Him. The devil, through carnal men, took His life, but only because He was willing to submit to death for all of us. That is why He said, I lay it down that I might take it up again. In three days He did exactly that. That is why Jesus told His disciples, when they pointed to the temple and said, Oh what a beautiful place, (John 2:19) “Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up.” Yes. Inside the tabernacle, there was a Holy of Holies place, but that was partitioned off by fine linen curtains. Here, we have not only a revelation of who He was, but we have His very presence dwelling in our hearts, which makes us the tabernacle of God. Therefore He is not just dwelling among us: He is dwelling in us. That is the picture we have to understand. Let me continue, It was granted that she, or we should be arrayed in fine linen. He gave to you and me an understanding of the word of God and a revelation we cannot be robbed of. That is exactly why we are feasting on the carcase Jesus spoke of. We are feasting on the carcase, but it is not something lying there in the aisle, nor is it lying on a table: That is a figurative expression, because that word has been made alive to us: It is fresh meat. Why is it not made alive to those out there? You have to realize, out there, is where all the foolish virgins are running here and there playing church: and even though they do have a measure of the Spirit of God, they are not allowing Him to teach them anything. That brings us right back to (St. John, 6:44, 6:65) “No man can come to me, except the Father which hath sent me draw him: and I will raise him up at the last day. (John 6:65) And He said, Therefore said I unto you, that no man can come unto me, except it were given unto him of my Father.” Why did Jesus say that? Potentially, if God the Father, that sovereign Spirit, sees that those out there are not those who will see what you and I see, He has the right to close the door to them, no matter whether the time would come that they would say, Oh, let us in. The voice says from inside, Depart from me, I know you not. Those words are never literally spoken by the Lord: This is only to illustrate to us, that the Holy Ghost down here, will definitely work in ways that no matter how hard they cry, no matter how hard they pray, Lord, I want to see the same thing they see, It will not happen: The time for that has passed. It is just words, but they to whom they are spoken do not see a thing beyond what they have played around with for years on end. Yet you and I can see it and can say, Thank you Lord, because what we are allowed to see, gives us an understanding of God’s plan and purpose. While we are giving thanks to God for what He has allowed us to partake of, they keep right on going in their own formalistic ways. Listen to this. This is the part I like, “For the fine linen is the righteousness of saints. And he saith unto me, Write, Blessed are they which are called unto the marriage supper of the Lamb.” In the parable, when the shout went forth and the wise go in to the marriage, that marriage is not the marriage supper, or the wedding supper she eventually finds herself attending. We have to understand, that this is dealing with the preparatory stage, where we are refined, informed, enlightened, and made ready, because this is the hour of courtship. This is where we make ready for the event of the supper, because the supper takes place in heaven. It is going to be a formalistic event. Keep in mind, that no one is ever going to be thrown out of there. There is not going to be anyone go there, except those who are chosen and prepared to meet the Bridegroom. “And he saith unto me, These are the true sayings of God. (Listen now, here is a verse I really like.) And I fell at his feet to worship him. And he said unto me, See thou do it not: I am thy fellow-servant, (It is like I said the other night, He was an angel, not an earthly man. John, seeing who he was, wanted to worship him, but this angel would not receive his worship. He said, I am thy fellow servant.) and of thy brethren (That is why I said the other night, An angel is never used just once, then put on a shelf somewhere. They are ministering spirits. If there is an angelic being sent to each of us as a ministering spirit, to guide us through life, and eventually bring us to the place where we fine ourselves totally bonded to Christ our Lord, desiring nothing except that which pleases our heavenly Father; and protects us from falling into traps of Satan, then do not tell me there are not certain angels sent forth to ministers who are called for a primary purpose. Therefore when this one said, ‘I am thy fellow servant,’ he meant what he said and did not want worship. Here is the part I like.) that have the testimony of Jesus: ( You might say, well all of them do. Notice how this is worded, that have the testimony of Jesus,) worship God: for the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.” That means this, The people that are the wise virgins, are not just preaching Jesus Savior, Jesus Savior, Jesus Savior, because the hour has come that He is now become a Revelator to and through the bride, because we are living in the days of the fulfillment of prophecy. That is what the book of Revelation is all about. You have an understanding of it; and those who find fault with us, and believe they are the Bride, are unable to preach anything out of that book. We can say we are the Bride, because He is talking to us out of this formerly hidden Revelation. We see ourselves in it, because He has called us for a purpose and brought us to the hour of time when we are soon going to be dealt with in an even greater way. It is one thing to say I believe in Jesus Christ, but really, our testimony is this, He is fulfilling prophecy in our very lives. In reality we are the only people on earth that have an understanding of the plan of God. There are those who say we are fanatics, but let them talk: What does that matter, when God is revealing scriptures to us that have been hidden to mankind through all these centuries of the past? Society did so back in the days of the men who wrote these prophecies. They can say we are fanatics if they want to, but we are the only ones Jesus can really talk to in a way that makes His word alive to us. I hope that is clear to all of you. We are privileged, to be feasting on the carcase He spoke of. It separates us more and more from that conglomeration of so-called-Christians that despise the very ground we walk on. I am thankful to God, that He one day saw fit to get me out of all of that. I can never say I was worthy, but He saw something in me that I did not know was there, and I am glad He did. I am not standing here because I know all there is to know: I know only what He has revealed to me to this point. It was not until this problem began to rise up, that I began to study about how to approach it in the right way, and that is when Matthew 24 and 25, began to really open up to me. The entire picture began to line right up. Actually Jesus, in the parables of Matthew 24 and 25, using those illustration, covered this last one hundred years of time. When you look at the last part of the 25th chapter, dealing with when the Son of Man comes to sit on the throne of His glory, that is at this point right there (on chart, at the end of the week of Daniel).All other things were applicable up to this hour. That is when certain scriptures just leap out at you, you see it, you take hold of it, and then you know exactly where it is. Let me say, in answer to this question, Bro. Jackson, what is the difference between those that have white robes in the different settings? Brothers and sisters, when the Old Testament saints were raised back there, after Jesus rose, then Paul picked it up in the 4th chapter of Ephesians, they are going to have white robes also, because that is what the red line signifies. Those acceptable to God, if they are not of the bride, (those arrayed in fine linen) they are arrayed with white robes, which means they have been granted life. Keep in mind, that those Old Testament saints did not have the Holy Ghost abiding in them; so salvation is imputed to them on the merits, that they have fulfilled the Law to the required letter, which was based upon the fact that they did not do this, they did not do that, or they did this or did that just the way the Law required. No wonder the apostle Paul, when he came along preaching Grace, said we are justified by grace through faith. Let us see how he preached the Law, knowing the Law is for the sinner, the unrighteous man, showing that the Law did not give them eternal life based upon their righteousness. They had to be obedient to the requirements of the Law, yet inside, there could be feelings of animosity. The Law says, Thou shalt not kill, but inside many, no doubt they were thinking, Oh brother, if I had my way I would see that you get what is coming to you. (I am trying to illustrate something to you.) Just as long as that person did not give in to feelings and blow his head off, according to the Law he was justified. Then Jesus came along one day and said, Whosoever looketh upon his brother with envy, hate, animosity, thinking, I would like to wring his neck, he has already committed murder in his heart. Can you now see the difference between Law and Grace? The Law said thou shalt not, so if they did not, that was all the Law required. Yet when we come to the hour of Grace, if the Lord does not change your nature, you still live just like that. Thanks to God though, when He saved us by His grace, if someone spits in your face, you are able to just wipe it off without losing control and doing something awful. They can call you a fanatic, and you just thank the Lord for His mercy and grace. Does it not say in James, “My brethren, count it all joy when ye fall into divers temptations; Knowing this, that the trying of your faith worketh patience?” It is not a matter of enduring such as that: It is a matter of living your life above emotions like that, because something inside compels you to. It motivates you, gives purpose to your life and makes the difference in the way you used to live and the way you live now. That fourth seal, when we see what it really is, the people of this age are moving into an era of time when that fourth beast in heaven is doing the guarding, the beast that had the head of an eagle, that looks everywhere, sees everything and works on behalf of God’s purpose. I have to say, That is why God had a little man down here among us, whose spirit and mental attitude was so completely submissive to God, that the spirit of that eagle led him and guided his life. Then when He brought him back here, he was the first man this side of the days of John that had been divinely dealt with to begin to read those seals and show their application. You know it as well as I do. I have never read in any of the histories, (and I have several of them) where any reformer ever touched on anything about the seals in the book of Revelation. No one out there in the denominational world has ever taught any of them the right way either. They treat it as though it is a million miles away, but I have to say, it is hanging right before their very face, if they had what it takes to recognize it. That is when that eagle began to speak: not to the world, but to those little eagles. You know a little eagle can hear the cry of an adult eagle. Do you agree? It isn’t long until they are looking for truth. They go here, they go there, they heard this, and they heard that, but still looked for truth until God worked circumstances to get them where they could hear it. They might have met a half dozen friends here and there, but in their heart they were thinking, I am looking, I am listening for something that will satisfy my hungry soul. As I said this morning, Not only is the Bride, the wise virgins, saved under the affect of that fourth seal, but those of the foolish virgin category are also granted their salvation under that same seal in the same time frame. How many can see that? That should not even be a question in anyone’s mind, because, if we go back to the first age, when many of the early Christians were martyred, there were also those that fell into the other category, which would fall into the ranks of those in the red line, even though they are not called foolish virgins, they are granted life like many of these others we have been speaking of. Let me try to illustrate this. A brother was telling me awhile ago, that back in the 1950’s, he had an uncle in the hospital, a man who was very sick. Bro. Neville, who many of the older ones know, was called in to pray for the him. Bro. Neville’s testimony was, that as he prayed with the man about his soul’s salvation, that man lying there in the hospital bed raised his hand and said, Hallelujah! I see Jesus! Now tell me what happened? God saved his soul while lying there on a hospital bed, but he did not live long enough to learn anything that would put him in the wise virgin ranks, so he falls into what we have to refer to as the secondary category. They have life, but they are not bride saints. How many can see that? I just have to say, God is merciful. Let us stop trying to run His plan; and try to spend more time learning how His plan works. When I think of a that little five year old girl in California who was kidnaped by that man, just an innocent five year old, that he raped and choked to death, I have to say to you, She had not reached an age of accountability, so she was not responsible. Therefore as she breathed her last breath, I have to believe she was escorted into the glories of heaven. Does that mean she has to be in the Bride? No. Not at all. The bride will rule with Jesus, and she will not be of that age, but that little girl is going to have eternal life. These people that just have white robes, it is true that here in this present age they are called foolish virgins, but that has to be understood that it is because we are in an age that every human being alive in this hour and knows anything at all, if they were hungry and thirsty for the truth of God’s word, they should know something, because the truth has not been kept secret. Therefore it is an age of foolishness, because there are so many that do not want more than what they are presently enjoying, which is just enough to make them feel religious. In other ages, it goes to show that somewhere, somehow or other, there was an element of society that woke up and began to learn something, so just because they are foolish, you have no right to discredit them. Keep in mind, that God looked at it a certain way, but that does not discredit their white robes, or make them different from this one or that one. These are all white robes, but they are not in the Bride. Nevertheless they will have eternal life, just as the Old Testament saints have. People will begin to ask questions, like, Well what are they going to do? Why are you so interested in what they are going to do? You are supposed to be a wise virgin, so do you know what you are going to do? Stop worrying about what they are going to do, and tell me what you are going to do. Let us go back to the apostle Peter, which you will find in Matthew’s account. Jesus was preaching one day when Peter walked up and said, Master, seeing we have forsook all to follow you, what is our reward going to be? Jesus said, In the regeneration, (the Millennium, when Jesus comes to sit on the throne of His glory) ye, Peter, James, John and the others, each one will sit on thrones judging the twelve tribes of Israel. Remember saints, the Bride is made up of all generations from the beginning of Christendom right on down to this very hour. Likewise these in the red line also came from every generation. All those who qualify as bride saints, (these in the blue line) will be taken to glory right here. (Just inside the beginning of the week of Daniel) and in each group, both those in white linen as well as those in white robes, some will have come from every race, kindred, tongue and tribe of the earth. It started out first with the Jews. Then it moved out from Jerusalem into Asia and began to include the Gentiles; and eventually spread all over the entire Middle East, to the Arab world, as well as the Asiatic world. It gradually swung westward and spread all through Europe. Very few nations had the impact of Christianity at the same time. Eventually Christianity came from Europe to the new world. Before it begins to leave the new world, it is back over in the Far East, in the Orients. That is why, when time moves on to the beginning of the week of Daniel, John saw, in the 7th chapter, those angels standing on the four corners of the earth, holding the four winds of the earth, that the wind should not blow on the earth, nor on the sea, nor on any tree. Then he saw another angel ascending from the east, having the seal of the living God; and that angel cried out with a loud voice to the four angels, Hurt not the earth, neither the sea, nor the trees, till we have sealed the servants of our God in their foreheads. Seeing this angel ascending from the east lets me know Grace for the Gentiles is over, because that sets the scene for what God is going to do in Israel.


When the events of Revelation, chapter 7, begin to take place, there will be no more salvation for Gentiles from that point on. By then, you are either a foolish virgin or a wise virgin, because God has turned His attention back to the Jews to grant salvation to as many as will receive it; and that takes place in the first half of the week. How many got that? There is no salvation granted to any Gentile after the week of Daniel starts, no matter how many there are in the world, still outside the grace and mercy of God: it is over for them. This rings a bell of reality: If you have not gone up in the rapture of the bride, then you are either left here as a foolish virgin, or you are totally without God, lost, and headed for damnation. You will not become a foolish virgin six weeks after that: Your chance for eternal life has passed you by. How many understand that point? It just simply means that out of the Gentiles, God has
taken the bride to glory and the foolish virgins are left here to face the tribulation of the last half of the
week of Daniel, all under the affects of that fourth seal. The question, Why are the two prophets
preaching to the Jewish nation that has been restored back to their land? Is very simple to understand,
because those Jews are not saved. Of course we know there is an element of Messianic Jews in Israel
at this very time; and it is reasonable to believe that some of them could see and understand enough that
God would see fit to include them in the bride. We do not dictate that, because it all rests, or depends
upon the grace of God, how He looks upon them. If they are not taken out with the bride, then you have
to realize they are going to go right off into that period of time and fall into that number of Jews that hear
the message of those prophets. Remember this, That 144,000, which is twelve thousand of every tribe,
are all saved. They are all reasonably young men: not teenagers, but men old enough to have a head
on their shoulders. They are those who are going to preach the everlasting gospel, after getting a
revelation under the ministry of the two prophets. They will know exactly where to go and what to say.
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Remember also, that there is that other element referred to as the woman. They are enlightened right
here also, (in the first half of the week, by the ministry of the two prophets.) so they also know where to
go when the antichrist breaks the covenant in the middle of the week. That is why God brings that
element back to the land, so they can hear those prophets. When they hear what they have to say, God
causes them to have an understanding in their hearts, and remember, they are mortals and will remain
so, and this 144,000 are also mortal. They will all be preserved alive. Nothing about their physical
makeup changes. The color of their hair will remain the same, the color of their eyes will not change, they
are still mortal. What does change, is the fact that they are given a perfect revelation time-wise. They will
know exactly what time they are living in. By the time this first half of the week is over, (Please try to
understand this, because this covers some of the things that your questions were about.) there will be
what crossed over into the period of that week as foolish virgins, not in any certain place, but wherever
they are. Listen carefully now, so we will just say for instance, that there is an eighty year old man that
crosses over into that period, and he is a foolish virgin, because he is a believer that was not taken with
the bride. For the sake of this illustration, let us say he lives somewhere in a part of the world where he
is not immediately affected by anything that is going on, but later on he dies of heart trouble. What group
is he going to be in? He will be in that group right there. (In the red line on the chart.) Well now Bro.
Jackson, that confuses me. I do not see why it should: When we look at this great multitude here, and
run it back through the ages, we find a great multitude, which no man could number, of all nations, and
kindreds, and people, and tongues, which means literally, from everywhere and from among all people,
every generation, every tongue and tribe and such like. That runs parallel with this entire picture,
because the gospel has been preached primarily to get this picture. First the bride, then this second
category of believers that are not of the bride. How many can see that? Because of various other
conditions, not all of the foolish virgins will be martyred, but the greater part of them will be martyred.
Those of the red line on our chart have met death in many ways down through time, but all those that
are martyred during the last half of the week are seen later, standing on a sea of glass in heaven, not
in the multitude of chapter 7. Let us read it again: (Rev 15:2-3) “And I saw as it were a sea of glass
mingled with fire: and them that had gotten the victory over the beast, and over his image, and
over his mark, and over the number of his name, (That lets us see where these came from, because
they got the victory through martyrdom, under conditions that are only found in the tribulation of the last
half of the week.) stand on the sea of glass, having the harps of God. And they sing the song of
Moses the servant of God, (Jews) and the song of the Lamb, (Gentile foolish virgins) saying, Great
and marvellous are thy works, Lord God Almighty; just and true are thy ways, thou King of saints.
All that are martyred during the last half of the week, will be seen standing on the sea of glass. They will
be resurrected first at the end of the week, because they will stand as witnesses against those who have
mistreated them during the tribulation hours, as the King (Jesus) separates the sheep-like mortals from
the goat-like mortals that remain alive. You must keep in mind though, that once time passes the middle
of that week the 144,000 will leave there and go into all nations preaching the everlasting gospel, and
at the same time the woman will flee into her place of hiding, prepared by God, where she will be
protected and provided for. Bro. Jackson, where is she going, that she will be safe from the antichrist
forces? I am going to say for sure, She is not going to Petra, where all your denominational preachers
are saying she will go. Well why not? Just like a brother told me this morning, He was talking to a Baptist,
and they preach the same thing the Assemblies of God preach, that the woman will flee into Petra,
because to them, that is the only wilderness they can think of. I have been there; and I can tell you for
sure, that is no place to hide out for 31/2 years, in this day and hour of modern technology. In the first
place they have a very low water supply, but those who believe that will say, Oh, but I believe God will
supply. That just goes to show how much they read and understand the scriptures. When you read that
12 chapter, you should not th ice that when the woman flees into the wilderness, she hath, past tense, a
place prepared by God, that THEY, a plural noun, should feed her there a thousand two hundred and
threescore days. You have to wonder who they could be. It is not three persons of a trinity: I can
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guarantee that. That is why such strange supposed-to-be revelations come out of that element of
professing Christians, because they believe in a three person God. Well through the grape vine, you can
already hear that there are certain Jewish elements in Canada and the United States, that are making
preparations, because they know that one day an element of the Jews are going to have to leave the
Middle East and go somewhere, so they are planning to take care of them. “They” are going to feed and
take care of them; and they, are not going to be following the woman to her hiding place, because the
“they” are the ones that are already there, before the woman gets there. I like that. It tears old traditional
thoughts all to pieces. We are no longer in 1963: we are right down here just before the week starts. That
carcase is still being fed to the true eagles, and in that same time frame that seventh seal of Revelation
8:1, is opened in heaven, and it says there was silence in heaven for about the space of half an hour
when that takes place. It has not been broken open yet: We know that for sure. When that seal is
opened, we will see Revelation 10, begin to be fulfilled. The first verse of chapter 8, takes place right
here (just as God is ready to turn His attention back to the Jews). The beginning of chapter 10, takes
place right there also. The events of Chapter 10, fall right in between verses 1 and 2 of chapter 8,
because the next thing John saw, was this great angelic being, standing with one foot on the land and
the other one on the sea, Revelation 10, and He cried with a loud voice. That angelic being, which is
Christ in angelic form, cannot cry like that until that seal has been broken, because, when that seal is
broken, that allows Christ to come off the mercy seat. Grace for Gentiles will be ended, because in His
hand at that time, is the little scroll already open. Therefore, verse 1 of chapter 8, and verse 1 of
chapter 10, are applicable to this time frame. When He cries, immediately, seven thunders utter their
voices. Only God Himself knows how many characters around this world have made their hit or miss
predictions about that event. I have not heard even one of them come anywhere close to a true
revelation of that event. We do know this, when the right moment comes, the last major meal of that
carcase we have been feeding from, will come. He is going to inform the Bride people of something
relative to how she is to look for the imminent coming of her Bridegroom. It does not mean she will be
told the day or the hour, but it does mean she will be made aware of those last months. Like I have said
before, If we really knew the day and the hour, we would get as lazy as some old dogs. In fact, some
would probably go on a long vacation. Be careful about that: you might be away somewhere when you
should be here. That is why He will never tell you the exact day or hour of your catching away. There
might be one more bite off that carcase that you and I will need to take, to get us ready for the final
understanding of how we really should look for that imminent coming of Him whose coming is like
lightning from the east to the west. The world will not see that, but you and I will see it, if we have a
revelated mind that understands what He meant by those things He said. When we hear the voice of that
archangel, that is exactly what is happening: It is a living element of the bride that is going to hear that
last revelation of how to eat that last meal off the carcase. By then, we will see ourselves standing at the
threshold of the rapture we are expecting. We are not going to be running up and down the streets,
telling people, I will not see you tomorrow: I am going to leave here at midnight tonight. No Saints: That
is just how carnal people can be, but we are not going to be like that. We are just going to be grateful
to God that He has given us an understanding of His word. He is going to give us an understanding of
how to really look for that event. This is why we cannot know what day or what hour The Lord will return,
because this Bride is not coming just out of Clarksville or Jeffersonville Indiana. It is coming from
different parts of the world. You everyone know that. Think of the Orients. Think where the gospel has
been preached through the ages. It is true, the living element is living in a small part of the world, a very
small part, but when that element which is the living element of the Bride has fulfilled their portion right
up this hour, then the last trump will be heard, because 1st Thessalonians speaks of the last trump as
well as 1st Corinthians, because that is when God calls for the dead in Christ. That will bring out of that
blue line, all those that are dead, of the Bride of Christ, even from way back there when James was
martyred, and Stephen was stoned to death, coming right on down through the ages of time, to take
those that are dead from our day and hour, along with the living, all to be caught up together, to meet
The Last 100 Years – Plus, Part 5, May 2003 Page 16 of 18
the Lord in the air. Then it says, So shall we ever be with the Lord. When the time comes, that we can
say we have heard the thunders, those thunders come under the seventh seal, when it is broken. The
breaking of the seventh seal does not belong over here where salvation for Gentiles is still offered,
because, when it is broken salvation for Gentiles is finished. That seventh seal is what keeps the scroll
from being opened today, but when that last Gentile has heard the gospel and Jesus is ready to come
for His Bride, there will be no other Gentile saved, because that is when Jesus leaves the mercy seat and
there will be no more intercession for lost souls. The breaking of the seventh seal gives us the final
details and revelation of the imminent coming of Christ to receive His Bride to Himself.
The revelation of the sixth seal comes ahead of the seventh seal, but the fulfillment of the sixth seal, comes after
the fulfillment of the seventh seal. The sixth seal, six being the number of man, is what this whole period is all
about, (the week of Daniel) because it covers only two categories of people: The Jews that are to hear what the
prophets say, and also that mortal element of the nations that are allowed to hear the everlasting gospel that will
be preached by the 144,000 servants of God. Why did I say this sixth seal is just for those Jews that will hear this?
because we must keep in mind, that the foolish virgins have already been saved back here, under the fourth seal.
How many realize that? That does not tear continuity apart in any way. The seventh seal has no salvation in it.
First, the numerical equivalent, which speaks of completeness, is primarily for the Bride, to take out of the nations
a people for His name. She goes up, under the revelation of the seventh seal, right at the beginning of the week
of Daniel. The events of the week of Daniel are for the Jews. I hope I have made that clear enough to all of you.
Those foolish virgins were all saved right on up to the point where the seventh seal is opened and Jesus is off the
mercy seat: all of which is still under the affects of, or the merits of the fourth seal. The Bride part goes up right
there, but those that are foolish virgins, those that go through the tribulation and suffer martyrdom over here, will
come up over here at the end of the week, but their salvation was determined back here, before Jesus left the
mercy seat. They were not saved during this time when they were slaughtered: they were already saved, but
sealed their testimony in martyrdom. Only those Martyred Jews that believe are saved in here, and then
slaughtered over here. All those that hear the everlasting gospel preached by the 144,000, are the mortal people
still on earth in the time of the last half of that week. Those who take heed, will know not to accept the mark of the
beast and be damned.
We have reached this period of the message, and I realize I still have a lot of other questions I have not answered,
and I am trying my best to feed them into the message, but a thought came to me that I want to put in here at this
time. In Matthew 24 and 25, Jesus said some things, and I realize parts of it have been preached through the
centuries, different thoughts and ideas, but I do not think the people , as a whole, have seen why Jesus spake
these parables in the order He did. To me, there is a beautiful picture here. As I said at the very start of this
particular subject, When Jesus went out of the temple, the disciples were saying to Him, Look at all this beautiful
structure. No doubt it was a beautiful building, but He said to them, Verily I say unto you, there will not be one
stone here left upon another, that shall not be brought down. That had a certain meaning, and we are going to
look at that again. Over on the Mt. Of Olives, they came to Him and asked Him three questions, “Tell us, when
shall these things be? and what shall be the sign of thy coming, and of the end of the world? And Jesus
answered and said unto them, Take heed that no man deceive you.” Notice what He said first, before
responding to their questions. Take heed that no man deceive you. All through this 24th chapter, leading up to
the 15th verse, we find Him instructing His disciples and He has referred to this, Be not deceived, for false christs
and false prophets will appear. When you read church history, especially the anti-Nicene fathers, there has not
been a century that there has not been false teachers. They are the product of Satan, sent out to aggravate and
agitate, disrupt fellowship and lead people off of the true course. Notice though, when we come down through here
and He begins to say, And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness, (He is talking
about this period of time we are living in.) to all nations, then shall the end come. Then His thought goes back, and
He is picking up a picture for their day. I want to show you, because what we have here is a beautiful type. “When
The Last 100 Years – Plus, Part 5, May 2003 Page 17 of 18
ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy
place, whoso readeth, let him understand.” Brothers and sisters: let us look at these words very carefully. A
lot of people get the idea that when Jesus said, When you see the abomination that maketh desolate, stand in the
holy place, that He was speaking of some kind of object that is going to be moved in there. You have to realize
what the words, abomination that maketh desolate, really mean. It does not pertain to a visible object: it speaks
of a condition. The Jewish disciples back then, knew what it was implying, because that is the way it is worded
in the prophecy of Daniel. On the other hand, you and I, after all these centuries of time, having been formerly
taught traditional ideas, are really blessed to have the opportunity to know what they really implied. We notice
here, that this was concerning the desolation of Jerusalem in the days of Titus of Rome. In the 15th verse He said,
When ye therefore shall see the abomination, who was He talking to? He was talking to the present tense element
of disciples in Jerusalem. Notice the 16th verse, “Then let them which be in Judaea flee into the mountains.”
That is not talking to us. Notice how many verses He is talking to those disciples. (17th verse) Let him which is on
the housetop not come down, that is not talking to our generation. Neither let him which is in the field return back
to take his clothes. He is not talking to us, He is talking to that generation that will face the army of Titus. Woe unto
them that are with child, He is not talking to us, He is talking to them. For then shall be great tribulation, that is
what would come out of it. When we put the 15th and the 21st verses together, we get a complete picture of what
He is talking about. Remember, this is concerning a condition, and not an object. I want to go back and bring it
all into a perfect setting. In the first advent of Christ, He had given these personal disciples a warning, When you
see this abomination that maketh desolate, (He could have said existing in and around the holy place.) then
whosoever readeth, let him understand: What would He imply? You have to read Daniel, because there is where
you get the setting. In the 26th verse of the 9th chapter of Daniel, which is dealing with where the prophet is
describing the four hundred and thirty two years leading up to that time. In that period of time there would be
something come along that would bring excessive hatred against the Jewish people. Therefore He is talking to
those present tense disciples about that condition. If I can make my words clear, I believe you can understand
what I am saying, and the thought I am endeavoring to convey: He was telling those disciples how to escape this
terrible thing that was going to come upon them in their generation. What was that condition going to come upon
Jerusalem for? It was God’s judgement upon the nation of the religious structure, yet they have rejected scriptures
that have been fulfilled before their very eyes. That was God’s way of disciplining that society of religious Jews
because of their unbelief. Just hold that thought now and notice, He was telling the disciples back then, how to
watch for it and escape from it. If those words were proven to be true, and according to history and what we have
been told when in Israel, it turned out exactly like that. We were told by the guides, that in that period of time when
the Romans began to encircle the city, the disciples that were still alive remembered exactly what Jesus had said.
That is when they began to make their departure from there before the final closing of the gates. Where did they
go? They went off over into the land of Jordan, Saudi Arabia and places like that. Not one disciple that heard what
Jesus said, perished in that siege. That tells me, that if He was concerned about the living element of disciples
back then, that they should escape such a terrible hour, He is certainly concerned about His Bride Church that
will still be alive when this next hour of great tribulation is approaching. Therefore those who are truly bride saints,
are going to escape this terrible period, because they have the right revelation and the Spirit of God in them, that
causes them to listen to the Holy Spirit that is in our midst to teach us, instruct us and warn us of what is ahead
and how to be ready for our departure. That is why she is seen in heaven before that hour arrives. Therefore the
Bride at the end time, will be changed and raptured right in the beginning of the week of Daniel. She will escape
this terrible tribulation period and return with Jesus when it is over.
We need to get the two occasions the words of Jesus applied to, sorted out, how they connect together, but apply
to different times. First I am going to take you back to Daniel, where the angel is telling Daniel about the seventy
weeks. There are still individuals that are followers of Bro. William Branham, (I got a letter from one last week. He said),
I have to try and correct you Bro. Jackson, because you are wrong in saying that there is still one week left. Well
he does not know how to back up his words, simply because he is taking verbatim, what Bro. William Branham said. He
does not realize, why Jesus said to the disciples back then, whosoever readeth, let him understand. He did not
say, whosoever prayeth, but whoever reads. Well what in the world are you going to read? What book back there
in the Old Testament would give any inclination that something like this was coming? Well we see here in the 26th
The Last 100 Years – Plus, Part 5, May 2003 Page 18 of 18
verse of the 9 chapter of Daniel, “And after threescore and two weeks th shall Messiah be cut off, (That does
not mean He is cut off in the middle of the seventieth one. It is when the threescore and two have consummated
to the very day.) but not for Himself: and the people of the prince (He is speaking of the antichrist that shall
come out of Rome.) that shall come (That was the Roman army in 69 A.D. Notice,) shall destroy the city and
the sanctuary; and the end thereof shall be with a flood, (Flood of what? Annihilation, utter destruction.) and
unto the end of the war desolations are determined. (Meaning long periods of time that the land will be
constantly fought over, ravished, there will be no secure peace. But verse 27 is now speaking of the antichrist that
shall come later, meaning after it has already been fulfilled in its first advent. So the antichrist in the end time is
the one that is going to fulfill what we know is for the end of this age.) And he shall confirm the covenant with
many for one week: (Jesus was not cut off in the middle of this week. I am thankful He said, whosoever readeth
let him understand. Yes, but he was a prophet, some willsay. It makes no difference, that He was a prophet. He
said two things that really make a difference.) and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and
the oblation to cease, and for the overspreading of abominations he shall make it desolate, (That is not
erecting an object there: it is ushering in a terrible period of time.) even until the consummation, and that
determined shall be poured upon the desolate.” Now I have it written down, the dictionary description of the
word abomination. It means a time to lay waste, to destroy. The word desolation means to deprive of inhabitants,
excessive hatred. That is the two meanings; so you are not looking for something to be built there. It is true the
Mosque of Omar has been built, and it is an object we can say is an abomination, but it is not the original
abomination, because it has been there when there were no Jews there. That is what we have to look at. It is
referring to a period of time when there is such hatred against the place, because of the people that are around
there, those that the opposers, the enemy, will seek to annihilate, cut off, and utterly destroy everything and
everyone that has anything to do with a sovereign God. That had a first advent fulfillment, not in the time of Christ,
but approximately 179 to 175 B.C. It is spoken of by Daniel in the 8th chapter, I am not going to read it, but you
can read it later. It was a type of what we read here, but I have to refer to it to show you, so that you will have in
your mind what the word abomination that maketh desolate really implies. I will just have to say, In these scriptures
we are using, it applied to 69 & 70 AD first; and then applies to what is not too far ahead of where we are right
now. Amen.