Can You See the Picture?, Part 2

Rev. Raymond M. Jackson


When it looked like Polycarp was not going to die, one man picked up a sword and pierced his side: blood came rushing out and almost put the fire out. That is what history declares about this occasion. Therefore my point is, do not ever think, that just because the gospel was preached to produce white linen robed saints, that none of them were ever martyred. Some of the very first ones were martyred. How many realize that? I can see that saint, Stephen, as he was stoned; and I can see James in that group. There were some in that group that died a natural death, but many of those of that group, died by martyrdom, because Polycarp brings you into the second century. Whether they died a natural death or by martyrdom, depended mostly upon where they were. There were many others which we cannot name, that died by martyrdom. Of course the question is, Where did all these John saw in chapter 7, come from? We have covered that pretty thoroughly up to this point, but we must understand, is that God has a set day when He is going to cause the gospel to come your way. Young boys and girls, listen to me: When you are young, you have a lot of ideas about what you want to do with your life: You want to be this and you want to be that, you want to do this or do that, and God allows some of us to get started in those ways, but with some others, He just keeps hounding you until He gets your attention. There have been many, that He has just allowed to go on and do whatever they chose. We have to understand, There is a precise day, that God is going to cause you to hear something that is destined to change your entire outlook on life. 


As we have already stated, Some people, even though the Spirit of God dealt with them and they accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior, prevailing circumstances around them in that era of time did not allow them to live long enough to grow into a fruitful, obedient and revelated life that resulted in investing talents. I hope this helps you understand how we have to look at all of the various conditions that affected the lives of believers through the ages of time. When those pagan, Romans rounded up people just because they were Christians, and put them to death, the emperor did not know whether their spiritual attire was of fine linen, or just white robes: He was only interested in one thing, putting them to death in a way that would entertain that blood thirsty crowd that was always on hand to watch. Their aim, was to get rid of Christians. It is God, that knows what category each believer falls into. Whether Jew or Gentile, if they confessed to be a Christian, into the arenas they went. Try to keep in mind, there were people of both categories that died in the same century, in the same arenas, and by the same means of death. Let us not get to the place that we feel we have to know as much as God knows about everything, because He is the One that knows who was and is what, concerning their spiritual standing. It is important, that we understand this. It should be sufficient, that He allows us to know that there is a difference, and that circumstances in each age has played a big part in what faith in Christ Jesus has cost various ones through time. Saints in the centuries past, did not just drift along like a lot of believers do today: they knew their faith had a price attached; not in dollars, because Jesus Christ paid our sin debt with His own blood at Calvary, but in abuse at the hands of the society they lived in. Even though being reconciled to the Creator filled their heart’s with joy, the Church has endured almost unimaginable hardship and suffering through the time of its existence. Satan’s ministers have been on the scene from the very beginning, trying to deceive and mislead, or bring about the death of believers who could not be deceived. The apostle Paul was constantly having to deal with them. Finally time reached the year 325AD, and up to that time the Roman empire had not let the Christians rest for a moment. They had died by the hundreds and the thousands. Some will come up arrayed in fine linen and others will come up arrayed in white robes, but regardless of which group they are in, they will all have eternal life: that is what we need to get settled in our mind’s; and please, do not ask a million questions, like, Well who was in white robes? Who has the fine white linen? We have this chart up here for all to see, but you do not need to ask when this one or that one was born. We have no reason to need to know that. When we think we have to know as much as God knows, we are only building ourselves a trap. (I am not yelling because I am angry, I am trying to make a point.) God gives us enough of His word to take a look at, and if we look at it the right way, it will make us wise Christians, but we will never be given every detail of everything God is doing. 


A few months ago I preached a message, showing that the foolish virgins that are seen going into this period, (great tribulation in the last half of the seventieth week of Daniel) and being killed, along with those Jewish believers that will be killed, have something from the grace of God that makes them virgins. I made the statement that those foolish virgins, were virgins because the grace of God has made them that. They are not bride saints, or they would not still be here at that time, but they have something that makes them spiritual virgins. Well, I received a letter from an educated person, asking, Bro. Jackson, what did they have, if they had something? Be specific! Did they really have the baptism of the Holy Ghost? I am always hearing that question, so I want to say for the sake of the message, John the baptizer is the only one that ever referred to receiving the Holy Ghost in that terminology. It is all in the book of Acts, from the time the Holy Ghost came upon those on the day of Pentecost, and onward, it just says they were filled with the Holy Ghost. In another place, the Holy Ghost fell on them. In another place, the Holy Ghost came on them, but never in the Acts of the apostles, is it written that they received the baptism of the Holy Ghost. The word baptism, if you do not understand what it means, just simply means immersed. If we forget the words filled with, or came on them, or fell on them, we do not even know how to use this word baptized. Are you saying they had the baptism of the Holy Ghost? I am saying, Stop using that term! If you look at the entire scope the right way, you will realize the foolish virgins received a measure of the Spirit of God, or they could not be referred to as foolish virgins. God can give to people in this time of the end, whatever measure of His Spirit He sees fit to give. It is only by His grace, that any of us receive anything from Him: we did not merit what we received. He will never give you more than you need nor less than you need. He gives some a great abundance of something, yet they have no more revelation than a hound dog. That is the point I am making. In the apostolic beginning, they had a revelation and they had every quality of the Holy Spirit in them, because they were to demonstrate Jesus Christ. However, by the time of the third century, when the revelation held by the apostles of Christ had been so perverted by antichrist teaching, and the church of Christendom was no longer demonstrating those virtues held by those of the first age, God began to withdraw a measure of His Spirit, as it pleased Him. Not that He took back something He had given individuals: He just gave according to what each individual situation warranted. In that long period of the Dark Ages, the true light was very scarce, spiritually speaking. Then, as time moved on and the Reformation began, God was in the process of restoring to the Church what had been lost. How many really stop the think, What is the Holy Ghost? Well It is God Himself, giving you a measure of Himself. He can give you a measure of Himself, as it pleases Him. His only begotten Son Jesus, is the only person that ever received the fullness of His Spirit, with every attribute. You can find that in (John 3:34) “For He whom God hath sent speaketh the words of God: for God giveth not the Spirit by measure unto Him. As He is in the process of restoring to His Church what had been lost, do not ask Him, Lord, how much did you give me? He gives you just as much as you have the ability to live up to; no more, and no less. With that in mind, there is no wonder, that as we come down to the end, out in the Pentecostal circles today, you still have those that say, Well if you have not received the baptism of the Holy Ghost, with speaking in tongues as the initial evidence, you do not have anything. I say to all such, Come here! You have nothing either! All you have is a big mouth! I will prove it to you! Let us go to Jerusalem on the day of Pentecost, when the Holy Ghost fell on 120 disciples of Jesus in an upper room. There in that upper room, they were all first filled with the Holy Ghost. They saw it sitting on them. Did they not? They heard a sound. Then they were filled. Yes, but it does not say they were baptized. They were filled, and then began to speak in other tongues as the Spirit gave them utterance. Now we have to see how we are going to use this experience biblically. Out in the streets, as they were led out of the upper room, they went reeling and staggering, talking in other languages, and as that 120 came into the streets like that, there were gathered in Jerusalem, devout Jews out of every nation under heaven, about sixteen different dialects. They all began to hear the wonderful things of God spoken to them in a language where they had been born, Rome Italy, Syria. They heard a completely explicit language. You say, Bro. Jackson, that was the initial evidence. Where do you get Bible authority to call it that? It was a sign: because when Peter picked it up, Listen to me now, and then show me where Peter, when he said, (Acts 2:16-18) “But this is that which was spoken by the prophet Joel; And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams: (18) And on my servants and on my handmaidens I will pour out in those days of my Spirit; and they shall prophesy,” ever said there was anything in the prophecy of Joel, that they speak in tongues. Well where did Peter get it? He got it out of Isaiah 28:11, “For with stammering lips and another tongue will He speak to this people.” It was a sign, yet for all this they will not believe it. God is going to restore the gifts, and He has done it, but there are still a lot of Gentiles that do not have sense enough to know how to use them. They think they can run down the road of life and put on a big show. That is not scriptural. If we do not have a revelation of how to take this word and use it and put together a picture for the edification of people, then it is no wonder, that the apostle Paul would write in 1st Corinthians 14, I would that you all speak in tongues, but rather, now if anybody here went to school and studied the English language, see what the word rather means. It means preferably: does it not? It was not given unto us Gentiles, that through the manifestation of this gift, it would be a sign to any other part of the world: it was for the Jews. Therefore I have to say it is a sign, because Paul said it was. Do not come to me hollering, the initial evidence, because you just as well come to me saying that it is a smoking gun. How many know what I mean by that? The hour has come, that out of this era of time, God has gathered together a Gentile people unto which He has restored every gift, every fruit, every true revelation and they are robed in divine, fine linen, and when Jesus takes that little Bride to Himself, it is going to leave tongue talking, dancing, shaking, shouting people still here on earth. No wonder Jesus said they will come to Him in that day and say, Lord: have we not prophesied in thy name? Have we not cast out devils in thy name? Have we not done many mighty and wonderful works in thy name? You everyone know what He said, Depart from me ye workers of iniquity. Therefore I say, Let us stop hollering evidence, because to me, the evidence is the whole nine yards. You will not find nine yards in the Bible, but it is my human way of illustrating something to you. 


At this time, I want to take us on into the Church Ages. In 325 the godhead became the debated question; and was brought to the Nicean council. Going from the revelation of God in His oneness, which was the revelation the early apostles had, at this council in Nicea, is where the trinity doctrine was sanctioned and they started baptizing in the supposed-to-be name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. None of those titles are names. Father is a title, not a name; and likewise concerning the Son and Holy Ghost. The only name that scripturally represents those titles is Jesus, God’s only begotten Son. Does the scripture not say, (Col 3:17) “And whatsoever ye do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God and the Father by Him.” This is the word of God also, which causes me to ask, Why do your theologians not search to find out exactly what that means? They knit pick everything else. Because of that carnal interpretation at Nicea, Christendom became a scattered element as time moved on. Coming out of that part at Nicea, on toward the fourth century, the Christian Church by that time was so deceived they began to teach that education is evil, art is evil, the study of ancient places is evil and on and on. I have the history on all of that. The pyramids in Egypt used to be one of the wonders of the world. They were always open even up until 400 A.D.; and People came from far and near to see the beauty, how they were put together and so forth, especially the great pyramid Cheops. Alexander the Great, three hundred years before Christ, as he took the old world, he built a city in his name at the mouth of the Nile River, called Alexandria Egypt. That became an educational city of the ancient world. Kings and royal people sent their sons and daughters there to study at the feet of their talented teachers. It tells in this history about the pyramids, that for a long time people had come from far and near to explore the wonders of the pyramids, to walk into these hallways and so forth. Christendom then decided to close them, so in the fourth century A.D. there was one known Greek teacher, who also had a beautiful daughter that assisted him in his teaching. Christendom knew that he and his daughter were very talented and very sought after, but what did they do? The officials of Christendom at that time, went and arrested him; then they took his daughter and dragged her down the street naked. They kept dragging her until they pulled the skin off her body, because teaching was an evil thing to them. From then, on through 600, 700, 800, 900, Christendom did began to go into total apostasy. I have the book at home, that tells about Mohammad the Great, that was born in the later part of 600 A.D. By some time in the 700’s, in Saudi Arabia, the Christians in that area that were then in apostasy and existed only by name, began to be slaughtered by him and his followers, all the then known Christians and also the Jews. Regardless of what the politicians and educators say today, (I hope they are listening.) They cannot un-write history. For a hundred and some years, the pyramid Cheops was closed to humanity. At the same time, that Greek teacher and his daughter were killed, and every library in Alexandria Egypt, all the literature, the stories, the records of history, were taken out and burned in the streets. The knowledge that had been recorded about the pyramids, where the entrances were and everything about them was all destroyed. Over a hundred years later, in the eighth century, in Saudi Arabia, which is a bedrock of nothing but blood thirsty Muslim religion, another man at the head of that by the name of Mohammad the Great, came riding out at the head of a great army. He crossed the channel into Egypt and threatened to kill every Christian they could find. He set about to slaughter them, but there were a few Christians in Egypt, that managed to escape. He tore down all the church houses. It was Mohammad the Great and some of his men, that went to the big pyramids and kept digging until they finally located the entrance. Since that time, the pyramid Cheops has been open to tourists. I tell that to say this, All across north Africa, that Islamic army marched through Libya, killed and stamped out Christendom, in Algiers and Morocco. In Morocco, the Muslims built a stronghold. Then, coming into a time between 800 and 900, you read in history about the Moors that crossed into Spain. They were the Moroccan troops marching under Islam. In the city of Madrid Spain today, there is a small pyramid that is reminescent of the knowledge those Islamic Moors brought with them. I say these things only to show you, that coming on through those Church Ages of time, that Islamic religion was never a gentle, peaceful thing. Everywhere Christendom was found, they stamped it out. I have to say, There, is where many of these in white robes came from, because they did not get to live long enough to produce, or manifest a revelated Christian life. Do you understand the point I am making? I do not know any better way to illustrate to you, what some of those Christians through that long period of time had to face. I just have to say, God is the ONE that knows where each soul belongs in His provision for believers. Yes saints, they washed their robes and made them white in the blood of the Lamb in the hour they lived, regardless of when it was. There have been various times of great tribulation through the centuries of Christendom and God has made provision for every believing soul. Many of them were so abused they did not want to live any longer, but they died confessing and believing in the Lord Jesus Christ; and therefore washed their robes and made them white: not because they were foolish virgins, but because they never had a chance to live long enough to manifest any fruit of the Spirit. Saints in America, you ought to thank God every day, that you have lived in a nation, and in a time, when you have had behind you, many years of life and for being able to walk with God in truth. The government has not been after us. Aren’t you glad? While in other places, Somalia, Zimbabwe, and other places in Africa since WW2, the communists have come in and created guerilla warfare, and genocide has ravaged those places, but the politicians of the world pay no attention. In Sudan, over a million Christians have been pierced by the sword. Why did we not send an army over there to blow that place off the map and stop such nonsense? Politicians can be very selfish, and one sided. While they are killing them like flies in one place, they are ready to save a goat over here some place. Maybe I shouldn’t use that kind of language, but that is what I think of some of this Islamic penetration in the society at large. My point is this, All through the ages of Grace, every century in the old world, thousands have been slaughtered that you knew nothing about. Some of them lived long enough to be in this group, (the bride) but many others did not live long enough, and they are in that group, there in chapter 7. There is no need of you and I trying to figure out who did what, how long certain ones lived, where were they, and all of that. Shame on you that do that. God knows, and that is all that is necessary. We live in a highly educated nation, but sometimes I wonder, What good has the education done us? Far too many do not know how to allow the Holy Spirit to guide them and give an understanding of His word. I will say to you, That is how those people got there. That is right at the middle of the week, because remember, John saw this. He saw these sealed. Who was it that sealed them? They were sealed by the ministry of the two prophets. The two prophets that prophesied for three and one half years, caused them to be sealed, The Lord showed John all of this, and those that John saw, came from all the ages. That group has come out of all these past years of time up to that point. We should all realize they did not all come out at the same time, but that they represent different eras of time. From here on, (the middle of the week) is when this other group, the foolish virgins that all come out of this age, face martyrdom to wash their robes: both the Gentile foolish virgins as well as the Jewish saints still living. They live here on earth during the time the antichrist is ruling. Those that are martyred, are then seen there, on a sea of glass. 


At this time, I want to start positioning things of the book of Revelation for you. Through the centuries past, people have tried to understand the book of Revelation by just reading the chapters in their numerical order of printing. You do not get a true picture reading this book like that. Numerically, three follows two, eight follows seven and so forth, and that is the way we read, but the book of Revelation is not understood by reading in that fashion. Each chapter contains a picture related to time. In that picture, it is usually pointing to an event that is composed of people or something that affects people. Therefore I will just remind you that the first three chapters are Church history, from the beginning, and that brings us right straight on through time until we come to the Laodicean age; and that covers the last one hundred years right straight on through. When we see that, we can ask ourselves, What chapter will we go to next? We have to go to the chapter by what the picture in it is pointing to. Therefore I am going to take you to the 13th chapter. Oh Bro. Jackson, why jump so far? Because of the picture it portrays. The 13th chapter shows you the old Roman beast rising up; so we ask, When? For the time of the end. I am going to prove to you, that at the dawning of the century, when the Colonial era was breaking up, and the European horns that for over a hundred years had colonized areas of the world, begin to withdraw and go home because of conditions that began to slowly develop. It was God’s way of bringing those horns home, and getting them ready to assume their positions on the beast, geographically, right where they are supposed to be. As they one by one, slowly began to go home, the Bolshevik Revolution was in motion. By the time we come to 1915, Russia was in a bloodbath; and millions of Christians had been slain. Some of them are in that group of chapter 7; some others are in the white linen group. That was the devil’s way of beginning to create a situation where nation would be against nation, kingdom against kingdom, which scripturally brings about the beginnings of sorrows. I have something I want to read from history in a few minutes, but let us take that 13th chapter, and examine it. We began to see the Roman beast coming up out of the sea. That geographically, pertains to Europe. When you begin to study the histories, the horns, the political systems of Europe, all began to shuffle. God was really positioning them for future events. By the time we come to 1916, Europe is in a war. Kaiser Wilhelm is on the move. America comes into the picture in the 13th chapter. First you see the ten horned beast coming up, with seven heads and ten horns, but one of its heads were wounded, and we will talk about that later, but from the 11th verse on, what do you see? You see a lamb beast coming up. What did that represent? The lamb beast represents the United States of America, because she is the nation that came up out of the earth, out of the wilderness. There was a time when Europe looked at America as a great wilderness, thinking, She will never amount to anything. They needed us in WW1 though; and when we sent our troops, many of them were Christians. I have read the story of Sargent York, a boy that had been raised to believe in the Lord; and was taught not to kill. He argued with his officers, and most of the time he won the debate, but he decided to go, and when he finally reached France and they put his outfit on the front lines, most of his outfit was liquidated. It left him with only about three other men. Nevertheless they were credited with rounding up about a hundred and some Germans. He sat in a bomb crater and gobbled like a turkey; and when a German would stick his head up to investigate, he shot him. The Germans could not figure out where their trouble was coming from. That was not warfare of high technology, like we see today, but it got the job done. It was just warfare according to backwoods learning, but it greatly contributed to what they were trying to accomplish. How many understand my point? Every event he was in, he came through victorious. By the time the war was over in 1918, we can safely say, Europe was in position to fulfill scripture, because twenty years later, the conflict brought Europe into the last day setting where we are right now, so when you read about that lamb beast in chapter 13, it is pointing to America, the nation that furnished the money, rebuilt, reconstructed, and put Europe back on its feet. You also read in that chapter, that the beast that came up out of the earth had power to cause those who dwell on earth to worship the first beast. (Rev 13:11 “And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth; (AMERICA) and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon. And he exerciseth all the power of the first beast before him, and causeth the earth and them which dwell therein to worship the first beast, whose deadly wound was healed. And he (AMERICA) doeth great wonders, so that he maketh fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men.” It said it caused the earth dwellers to worship the first beast that had the wound by the sword, yet it did live, but that does not apply to every individual person. Because of that restoration in Europe, they were positioned for the end time: The papacy in Rome began to get more recognition. Let it be clearly understood, that when there is such a thing as we find described in the scriptures, this world is going to be ruled by a super means of government, and he is going to do it, because he has his position at the head of it. That is why I say, You have to put chapter 13 in there, and it has slowly been in operation while this beast has slowly been resurrected, reconstructed and moved back into its place. 


In all the process of reconstruction of the first beast, the lamb beast has power to call fire out of heaven. I know how these religionists want to explain it, that it is going to be some demon possessed man, born in the middle east, standing out somewhere and saying, Come here, I will show you God. There never has been a man walking on earth like that, that any politician ever went to see, but we do know that there has been a lot of demon possessed men that have influenced a lot of people, but no politician ever went out to pay any attention to them. How many understand me? America, the wilderness nation, had the atomic bomb, we had the hydrogen bomb, we made the cobalt bomb; and we were constantly developing high technology weapons to threaten the world, while the first beast was being healed, reconstructed, and lifted up and put back on her feet for the last day role. That is the way we have to see all of this. During this last one hundred years we had a messenger on the scene, a man that fulfilled the second part of Malachi 4:6, turning the heart of the children back to the faith of their apostolic fathers. Back in the 1930’s, a ministry began, that the denominational world did not expect. They all had, and still have their ideas, but I have to say, This man came on the scene with a unique message, so simple, yet ultimately so powerful. We came into the year 1963, and God dealt with that man in an unusual way, because He knew it was time. Therefore you can put chapters 4, 5, and 6 right in here (pointing to chart, right after the events explained in chapter 13). A lot of people have asked me, Bro. Jackson: why do you put that right there? Well it is sure, that chapters 4, 5, and 6 have been in there all these years, but did you know what they meant? No. None of you knew. However when this time came, there was a meaning that came down from the God of heaven that dealt with this man that brought us the revelation of these chapters. (Read his testimony.) He came back to Jeffersonville, in March and April of 1963, and with such a simple way, he began to open up chapter 6. Notice, it plainly states there in that first verse, in chapter 6, that there was a thunder, just one thunder. I remember him repeating that. One thunder brought the revelation of six seals in the 6th chapter of the book of Revelation. The sixth one points ahead to what comes at the end, and the revelation of it, the sixth one, is confirmed in Matthew 24, Isaiah 13, and also in the prophecy of Joel, that the day of the Lord is at hand. The heavens shall be shaken and the sun shall withdraw its light, the stars will fall. What is it? God is letting the elements of nature talk to this educated bunch of ignorant people of our day. They have laughed, they have made fun, they do not want God in their lives, but what are thay going to do? He can say, I am looking you right in the face. No wonder they will flee to the rocks and the mountains and cry, “Fall on us, and hide us from the face of Him that sitteth on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb: For the great day of His wrath is come; and who shall be able to stand?” Yes saints, in 1963 a revelation came forth through that little man God had chosen for that hour. Did Billy Graham accept it? No. Did Oral Roberts accept it? No. Tommy Osborn? No. Velmar Gardner? No. W. V. Grant? No. I knew all those men and the type of ministry each one had. The point is, I sat there and heard that little man preach all those major messages. When the revelation of that first seal came, I could look back and see exactly what Paul was talking about, concerning error produced by that white horse rider. (Paul did not refer to that: He just dealt with the results.) Here came those preachers down the road with their great revelation. Then, as soon as Paul heard about it, he would write that assembly a letter to straighten up the error. When he wrote the letter to the Galatians, you hear him saying, You did run well, who did hinder you? (Some know-it-all preacher of course.) Paul went so far as to say in one chapter, I would to God that such a one were cut off. He did not think much of those false teachers in his day and neither do I, but today, if you say anything you hear, Oh but you have to love them, Bro. Jackson. Well I say, You can go on and love them if you choose to: That is what President Bush and Tony Blair want to do, but I certainly know how to treat a man that I know is teaching false doctrine; and unless he repents, I do not intend to have fellowship with him, if you know what I mean. God is going to give this world something to chew on real soon, but for now, let us get these chapters in the book of Revelation placed right where they are supposed to be. From here, as we move toward this week that is just ahead, knowing that we have been living under the revelation of chapter 6, of those six seals, so we are able to know where we are in time. We are the only ones that want this revelation. We are the only ones that appreciate what was revealed to us concerning those six seals. To me, those who speak from this revelation are the only ones that make any sense, but it leaves the seventh seal still to be opened. Knowing that it is still to be opened, let us look at the broken sequence. You everyone know that when you are dealing with numbers, seven follows six, but in this case, the events of chapter 7 have to take place ahead of what we find described in chapter 6, because chapter 7, deals with the 144,000 servants of God that are to be sealed with the Spirit of God; and we know that takes place in the first 3 ½ years of the week of Daniel, under the ministry of the two prophets that prophesy in the streets of Jerusalem for that entire time. John saw the 144,000 sealed, but I ask you, How can you seal the 144,000, if you do not have the prophets there first? Think about it. That is why, before chapter 6 can be fulfilled, you have to reach over to chapter 11, where John describes the ministry of those two prophets, and bring them back here to prophesy and seal the 144,000 servants of God, so we jump chapter 6, go to chapter 11, and then come back to chapter 7, to get the picture right. You just have to reach in the book and take the chapter that has the picture right, in order to understand what you are reading. When that angel was seen at the beginning of this 7th chapter, he was saying, Hold back the winds until we have sealed the servants of our God in their foreheads. (We who? It is only one angel speaking.) He is collectively talking about the two agents on earth and the angels that work with them: That is why the term we, is used. That is why I said, Let us go to chapter 11 first. All of this has to take place before verses 12-17 of chapter 6 are fulfilled. Oh Bro. Jackson, don’t confuse me. I am not going to confuse you. Let us go to chapter 11, at this time, because you have to get the prophets on the scene before you have the sealing of the 144,000. Do you agree with me? When you go to chapter 11, the first thing you see, is that the temple is already built. Hallelujah! I’m glad. There is something on the way! That is why, some of these days that middle east is going to go, Bang; and when it does just get your eyes open, because when it is over, Israel is going to be ready to start building their temple. The temple is built, because, when John was brought into the picture, he was given a reed like a rod and told, Now go measure the temple, and the altar, and them that worship therein, but the court leave without, leave it out. That lets me know, that before the 144,000 are actually sealed, before the woman is even revelated, you have got to bring chapter 11 up there, because the temple is going to be built, and the prophets will be there. Now when the prophets start their ministry, then you put chapter 7, right there, then chapter 8, comes back in, because starting with verse 2, it describes what the prophets are doing to get the attention of the people. It is not the way you read it that counts: it has got to be the way you see the picture. This prophecy presents a picture to the Bride of Christ, because those of the bride are the only ones that see the picture clearly. 


I am pointing to the chart, because I would like to remind each one of you, that from this point right here, over to the end, where we see the coming of the Lord, that represents the last one hundred years. Actually that corresponds to the Laodicean church age. When I speak of the last one hundred years, we have to learn to have a little biblical history of what has taken place in this last one hundred years. Through these lessons, we are taking from what Jesus said in Matthew 24, where He said, (Verse 6) “And ye shall hear of wars and rumors of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet. That verse 6, covers all through the history of time: But then He comes precisely to the next statements, Verses 7-8, “ For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places. All these are the beginning of sorrows,” which brings our thinking back to the last one hundred years. We want to illustrate to you the best we can, that the events of verses 7-8, have absolutely taken place in the last one hundred years. I am going to give you the statistics on earthquakes. This should interest most of you. The increase of earthquakes was to be a sign that we are approaching the end time. In the 15th century, there were 150 earthquakes recorded. Remember, each century is one hundred years. In the 16th century there were 153 recorded earthquakes. When we come to the 17th century, we had 378 recorded earthquakes. The 18th century almost doubled, 640 recorded earthquakes. But in the 19th century, which we just passed through, there were 2,119 recorded earthquakes. It gives the numbers of deaths in different places. It amounts to over a million. Always remember, There are many places throughout the earth, that because they have been looked upon as third rate areas, at times the devastation is almost left unrecorded. Nevertheless it is what comes out of the disaster that enlarges this picture, because in many cases it has caused mountains to slide in, causing upheavals, entire villages to disappear and so forth. Therefore we cannot say we are not living in the times Jesus was pointing to as the beginnings of sorrows. Will you agree with that? We have endeavored to approached the book of Revelation and break it down into its order of fulfillment, and show you each chapter, where it fits, in the time frame. As I have said, We cannot look at the book of Revelation, like seven follows six, and twelve follows eleven and get a true picture of what is recorded. You have to apply the personal revelation you already have to the situation you are approaching; and allow the Spirit of God to direct you in sorting out what John wrote. First of all, you have to realize that John was caught up in the Spirit and shown all the various things he recorded. Now think about this, The week of Daniel opens up, the two prophets are on the scene in Israel, 144,000 servants of God are sealed with the Spirit of God under their ministry. There is also another element of Jewish people sealed with the Spirit of God during the first half of that week and they are referred to as “The Woman:” You see also, that this woman has brought forth a man child that was to rule all nations with a rod of iron; and at a precise time, her child was caught up to God; and the woman that had brought forth the man child fled into THE WILDERNESS, where she is to be fed and nourished for three and a half years, so tell me how you would go about writing this entire chain of events in their order of fulfillment, if you were given the job to do it? John wrote what he saw, and by the inspiration of the Spirit of God, it was written in a way that makes it a total mystery to any natural minded person who reads it. That is why we have heard all the various negative remarks about this book: The natural mind cannot put the picture together. We therefore ought to thank God every day of our lives, that He has allowed us the privilege of being able to understand the chain of events that are portrayed in the writings of this book. You look at the picture. You see where each event fits into the allotted time. There is where many times you are surprised. I just want to say, When you take a look at the entire writing, it is a revelation of Jesus Christ, not in fleshly form, but it is a revelation of Jesus Christ through His word to a certain element of people, and that is the end time Bride of Christ. Keep in mind also, that no matter how clear the picture is to you, the denominational church world would still say, You are crazy, to believe all of that and call yourself a part of the bride of Christ. I just have to say back to them: You are scripturally ignorant, not knowing what the book actually says to true bride believers. Some of the last words you read, in the last chapter of Revelation, is, “I Jesus have sent mine angel to testify unto you these things in the churches. I am the root and the offspring of David, and the bright and morning star. (Notice now.) And the Spirit and the bride say, Come. And let him that heareth say, Come. And let him that is athirst come. And whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely.” The Spirit and the Bride say Come. When you come into the book of Revelation it also says, that in that day the testimony of Jesus Christ is the spirit of prophecy. Well, we have come to find out, that the church world today does not care much about what it contains. They will say it is irrelevant, does not matter whether they know what it pertains to. Well then, Please tell me why God had it written? If it is a revelation of Jesus Christ, then I have to believe there is an element of people on earth today, that He is going to reveal Himself to, not in a physical form, but in His word. You will see Him taking the word and beginning to talk to you, as the end draws nigh, if you are one of His bride saints. That is because you have an honest heart and a hunger to learn all you can from His word: This makes you want to be receptive to whatever He reveals to you. I do pray that you everyone understand, that as we look at the last one hundred years, we have to begin to realize we are fast approaching the beginning of Daniel’s seventieth week. No. It has not started yet, but with all the signs and sure indicators in the middle east, we know we are rapidly approaching the time when situations and circumstances that are ordained by God to be brought into existence, will lead right into the end time windup. Of course we first look for Israel to take their land back, then for the Ezekiel 38 war, if you can call it that, before the week starts, but that will not take forever, once it starts. 


Let us now continue to take a look at the 13th chapter of Revelation, which we know follows chapter 12 in the Bible. Look at the picture John saw, a terrible beast rising up out of the sea. Notice, as he watched the scene, he saw a beast with seven heads and ten horns. This has to be associated with time, because time began to bring that beast back into circulation. Slowly it begins to rise out of the water. It is not until it is out and exposed that he can describe it, but he saw it coming up. I want to say, concerning that 13th chapter, I can prove by history, when that Roman beast began to slowly come up. You have to study church history to see what the pope began to do, just prior to the break of WW1. The Vatican began to realize they had to do something, so they began to work through their circles. All these things are not written in secular history: much of it has to be found where religious minded people began to investigate and record their findings. Then, as I said, This is the era that began to bring an end to the colonial era. Who brought an end to the Spanish in the Philippines? It was the Spanish and American war: was it not? What about Puerto Rico? The Americans had to fight the Spanish down there. This was a slow beginning of the breakup of the colonial clutches that the power of the world had held. Then we come into WW1. I want to say this, I am not lifting up America, but please remember, America was founded by an immigrant people. Those people that first came here were glad to be a part of this continent. It did not matter whether they were Russian, Japanese, Spanish, or what: They became blended together, and they all thought alike. It took that caliber of people to build this nation into what it has become. When Europe began to go through all their political breakups, then you had Kaiser Wilhelm, a man that was hungry for power and territory. Already in Russia the Bolshevik revolution was on the move. The world was entering that era, so this was the beginning of many sorrows. WW1 was fought to a conclusion. I will say, If it had not been for the fighting forces of the American nation going over there and dying on the battlefields with others, WW1 would not have ended like it did, but it eventually came to an end. That is when they formed the League of Nations. The world leaders thought that was the answer, but that still did not stop the thrust. Twenty years later, in 1933, another dictator by the name Hitler, came to power. Six years later, he too went on the march. Yesterday I read to you, that when that began, the nations that became involved eventually made it a global conflict, nation against nation, kingdom against kingdom. When WW2 came to an end in 1945, Europe was lying in ruins. As we continue on, keep your mind on that 13th chapter. It is overshadowing this whole era. That beast was becoming more and more visible. That lamb beast that follows right after it, did not come out of the islands somewhere. It is out of a part of the earth that was not even known in the days of John the revelator. It was not known until 1492. Then it was two hundred years before it began to be recognized as a place that people wanted to immigrate to. By the time we do begin to come to the later part of the 1800’s, all eyes began to look toward this part of the world. When WW2 was brought into existence, if it had not been for America intervening, going into it with their technology, even though thousands of men died, shed their blood on a foreign land, I would have to say today, Europe would not be in the fine shape it is in. There would be an evil, tyrant, a dictator of some sort in power over there. When you read the later part of the 13th chapter, this lamb beast was never a nation that wanted to conquer and possess other lands. Just lately, the question was put before Colin Powell, something about what are we doing in Iraq, and have we gone in there to claim some land? He answer was, America never has wanted any other land, only enough to bury their dead that died to pay for the freedom and liberty of other peoples. It really might do us well, to think seriously about some of these things. I have seen the traces of WW2, like in Norway, where you see barbed wire, gun emplacements that the Germans walked over, a submarine place in Trondheim and such. They took Russian prisoners and worked them to death. When they got too weak to work, they pushed them off into a wet concrete pit. Their bones are there in the concrete of Trondheim today. From there to Italy are the scars of the war that men have bled and died fighting, that guns and bombardment have caused, and where planes have flown over factories, laying them in ruins. When that war came to an end, I have seen the statistics, where this nation and that nation stood at the gates of the White House wanting so many million, both from of the enemy as well as our friends. That means you and I have been paying tax dollars, that those nations came here to borrow. Virtually none of it has ever been repaid. Nevertheless that is the story of the lamb beast. 


With all that we have looked at in our mind, let us now drop back to that same period of time we were looking at and follow up. Coming into the 1960’s, we had a messenger already on the scene; and it sure was not a Dr. Doolittle type from some school of religion. It was a humble little man by the name of William Branham, a man with a sixth grade education, but highly educated by the Spirit of God. A very special anointing was upon him. He taught things that would stupify a doctor of divinity. I have seen Catholic priests on the platform when God would start using that man with the gifts, and out of their pockets would come a handkerchief to wipe the tears from their eyes as they sat there witnessing the power of God at work in that little man and crying. Never had they seen anything like it. They thought that was all the man was supposed to do though; and God was merciful to let them see him (Bro. Branham) display His (God’s) power like that. Nevertheless when he began to go into the Bible and bring out certain things that would touch on their doctrines and creeds, they immediately thought that was out of the pit of hell and they forsook him. Well if you want to be honest, hell is where their creeds came from: They certainly did not originate by the leadership of the Holy Spirit. Most of what they had was interpreted and traditionalized by the mind’s of natural men; and they did not want anyone to come along and tear it apart. Well regardless of opposition, that little man began to go back and pick up where Luther began, then Calvin, Knox, Wesley, and finally the Pentecostals. He touched all the eras of the great men on the evangelistic field and brought everything up to date. When he began to preach a lot of things they did not like, the denominational crowds began to thin out, but when they left, a bunch of little folk like you and me that had begun to feel like that little man had something we needed squeezed in where we could hear him. We sure did not want to lose contact with that. God led him supernaturally to Arizona in 1963. I want you to know those seals that we read about in the 6th chapter, natural minded people had been reading it in symbols for all the past years, but then Jesus Christ, who was going to come off the pages and start revealing Himself to an element of people, took that man out there and gave him an experience. When he came back here, there were people that came from everywhere to hear him. When he stood there in the pulpit that first night, he read the introduction, how John was taken up into heaven and saw the one sitting on the throne, which was none other than Jesus Christ, and Him in immortal flesh. The time had come, not in the Dark Ages, not in 1913 nor 1940, nor 1950, but in 1963, that the revelation of Jesus Christ began to come off the written pages and lodge in the hearts of mortals. That little prophet messenger took those seals one by one and God gave him the revelation of each one. When he got to the 6th chapter, verse 1, the first thing he heard when the Lamb had taken and opened the first seal, was a sound of thunder, which meant God was going to speak, and somebody on earth was going to hear it. God did not come out on the balconies of heaven, and yell, Hey, you down there! No. He had a little vessel that a lot of people thought had gone off the deep end, that was ready to convey what was shown him to the rest of us hungry vessels that were sitting there anxiously waiting. There was one thunder in the spirit world, but that little man knew how to acquaint himself to that. He took that revelation and brought it down through that first seal, which was the white horse rider, then the second horse rider, the red. Then the third horse rider, that black horse. Then he brought you to the gray horse. The revelation showed you how the riders of those horses was representing the spirit of antichrist through four different spans of Church History. The white horse rider represented the spirit of deception that hit the Church first, then the red that represented the blood bath of martyrdom that followed later; and the black represented the Dark Age period when the true spiritual light had been turned into darkness; and finally the pale, (gray horse) rider that has been riding, and is still riding, pointing to this ecumenical deception of the church world in general; and it will ride right on to the end of the age. Billy Graham and others, all expect that to be something that will manifest in the seventieth week of Daniel, which shows the scriptural ignorance of those who have no love for the truth. Hearing that these riders have been riding right on through the centuries, just literally ripped tradition all to pieces. 


When we come to the fifth seal, you have heard what I said about it before. That night, when I sat there close to the platform, and heard him say, That is those Jews that have been slaughtered back through there in the holocaust. I got to thinking, I am a fool, when I had told a woman from Chicago that very morning, that it is impossible for a Jew to be saved unless he has accepted the Lord Jesus Christ. I had just always accepted traditional teaching on that, but as soon as I heard him say that, I began to realize that when you go back and look at the records of the many Jews that were sent to the gas chambers, to the firing squads and so forth, you have to rethink your traditional thoughts about the mercy and grace of God. Yes, in some places there were Jews that went to the firing squad, cursing. We know where they are, but there were others that went, leading their little children, and children holding on to mom and dad, asking, What is going on? Suddenly the rattle of machine guns and they are falling like flies. It is not all that six million that were slaughtered, that are among those souls under the altar in the fifth seal. Through all of that holocaust period, just think of those spiritual Jews that were slaughtered. They loved and respected God’s word, they loved the knowledge of Him that they held, the Elohim that had given them the Law. They loved Him for that. They died for that. They refused to recant. They went to their graves wondering, My God, why does all this have to be? There they are, under the altar, crying out to God. That is not back in the middle ages: that was back there in the 1940’s. There they are, crying, How long, O Lord, holy and true, dost thou not judge and avenge our blood on them that dwell on the earth? Here came angelic beings, clothing them with white robes. Then it was said to each one of them, Be still a little season until your fellow brethren and servants should be killed as you were should be fulfilled. I tell you saints, that opened up my mind to a deeper understanding. They will not be in the Bride, but they are in that element that is going to have white robes. That is eternal life, which shows that God separated them. Do not ever think that provision is just for the Jews of the holocaust. I can go back to the Spanish Inquisition that lasted over a hundred years; and show you some more that have suffered the same fate. I have read of the torture, the anguish that that Catholic system brought them into. Yes, while heretic Christians were martyred, butchered, and slaughtered in every imaginable way, there were also Jews being treated the same way. You can trace that back down through the centuries of time. God is a merciful God, is He not? That is why, when we do come to the beginning of the week of Daniel, there is the rapture of the Bride that starts in the beginning of it and consummates right there, leaving no bride saints to go through the tribulation of the second half of the week. Right there, is where God stops dealing with Gentiles for the purpose of soul’s salvation, when Jesus leaves the mercy seat, recorded in 8:1, and the mighty angel appears on earth with the little book open, in His hand, recorded in chapter 10. He then goes to the Jewish nation; and grace for Gentiles is no more. In the almost two thousand years since Calvary, there have been Gentiles in both groups in every era of time, both white linen and white robes. In that same period of time, God has showed mercy to Jewish believers; and not just in the holocaust of the 1940’s. When John saw the 144,000 servants of God sealed by the two prophets, he also saw that great multitude of Revelation, chapter 7, and traditionalists have always said that is pointing to the great tribulation in the week of Daniel. That is far from the truth. We have already proved it, because first of all, when John saw that multitude, he could not count them. What does it say? A multitude which no man could number, of all nations, and kindreds, and people, and tongues. Just plain common sense would tell you, that such a number are not the product of just one century of time. They have come out of many generations and many nations, and we know the gospel has not predominated over the whole world at the same time. You everyone know that. It started out in the middle east and slowly moved westward. By the time we come to the opening up of the new world, the Reformation had had its impact in Europe, and out of Europe came the early Christians, because they wanted a place where they could be free from the political state of Europe. When the new world opened up, the Pilgrim Christians came here. The old world began to die and go into apostasy. In the western world, the gospel has remained predominant through all those years. Out of America alone, there has been more gospel printed in the last one hundred and some years, than there has been by the whole rest of the world put together. It is because of the technology we have; and because of having a society that was interested. There have always been people in this nation, that wanted the gospel message to be spread in foreign lands.


As we continue putting the events recorded in the book of Revelation in their order of fulfillment, you take the 13th chapter and move it in closer to this period of time. Then when we come to 1963, we have to take chapters 4, 5, and 6, which were dropped in place then, giving us the knowledge of what they pertain to, but the seventh seal was left out. It is recorded in chapter 8, verse 1, because it is not to be opened until grace for Gentiles is concluded. We have the knowledge of chapters 4, 5, and 6, and we are carrying it in our minds, not necessarily just in written form, but as we come closer to the opening of that week, we are waiting for a revelation on something wonderful, are we not? We have to realize though, that something is going to take place in the middle east first. I will say this, They are putting a lot of hope in this roadmap to peace in the middle east, and they are hoping that by 2005, they will have a guaranteed Palestinian state. What a delusion! They do not know it, but they are playing with God’s time. We are anxiously looking forward to something also, knowing we are living in the very last of the later days of the Grace Age. We are waiting for that seventh seal to be opened. Right? Now take chapter 10 and put it right under that first verse of chapter 8, but going to the right on our chart, because the moment that seventh seal is broke, that means time is over for the Gentiles, as far as the gospel is concerned. When Jesus is off the mercy seat, He is seen standing on earth in angelic form, on this side of the week, before it starts. Do you understand me? We are looking at the pictures, not the numbers necessarily, so when that first verse of chapter 8 is opened, then you push the rest of the chapter across the line into the week, because all of that pertains to what the two prophets of chapter 11, are doing in the first half of the week. Then you bring chapter 10 right in under verse 1, of chapter 8, because Jesus is on earth in angelic form. As soon as His feet touch the earth, He cries with a loud voice. He is not weeping because He is sorry for anything: He yells something like, Now! Then seven thunders begin to utter their voices. We have a bunch of scripturally ignorant people today, that do not know a thunder from a bolt of lightning. In verse 1, of chapter 6, there was one thunder, and seven angels accompanied that man, but he is only one voice. Chapter 10, verse 7, he is a voice, not voices, but angels were with him. You must remember, there is only one thunder, and out of that came the revelation of six seals. I did not hear the thunder, but I sure heard what the man brought forth after that, because I knew he had heard it, and I was not going to ask, How loud was that thunder? That was nobody’s business. I heard what he said back then, and now we are getting close to the time when God is getting ready to do another thing you sophisticated preachers are not expecting, so we are watching Israel, but while we are watching Israel, let us look at ourselves as He talks to us out of His Book, and make sure we are getting the picture right. Knowing that chapter 10, is right under that 1st verse of chapter 8, we know, as soon as He cries, that means He is on earth to reveal Himself to His Bride people, those who are not running here and there to every kind of meeting, because they know there is a carcase prepared where the scribes are giving the sheep, (the eagles) something fresh to feed upon. In the different areas of Christendom, wherever it is, there is going to come men, not doctors of divinity, not professors from denominational religious schools, but men called of God, who have a mind that is sold out to God; and they will minister to the bride. First of all, they are going to be in total unity. It will not matter whether they are black, yellow, white or what, they are all going to be in agreement concerning the things of God that are for bride saints only. When the Spirit of God deals with them, they are going to get a revelation the natural mind cannot comprehend. What is it, Bro. Jackson? Something pertaining to the imminent coming of the Bridegroom for His church. Some are so wrapped up in the angelic side, they cannot even see the human side. I am not worried about the angels that were talking with Bro. William Branham. I am talking about the ones that are going to be responsive to those seven men, because it says seven thunders (7 men) that utter their voices, not just one voice; and what they utter will be straight from the God of all creation. Seven thunders uttered their voices, plural. That is why I emphasize the fact that in chapter 6, it was only one thunder, and then the voice of the seventh angel mentioned in chapter 10, verse 7, began to speak, because it is his voice, and his message, that we have been living under the affects of, right through to this day. That is his voice that is going to bring an end to this whole thing. It is not what I say, it is what he has said. We are only the ones that are adding a little into it, to lift it up and keep furthering it on for the proper meaning. I hope you understand that. We will see chapter 10 in its place, because it is going to give us an understanding about the imminent coming of Christ. On down at the end of that 10th chapter, we come to verses 9, 10, and 11, then the voice that spoke to him from above, go to that angel. The angel did not have a book: He had a scroll. In his hand, it was open. Therefore when John went to the angel and said, Give me the little book, it was really a scroll, and the angel said to him, Take it, eat it up, for it shall be in thou mouth sweet as honey, but in thy belly bitter. A bad case of heartburn is what it is. Then the angel said, For thou must prophesy again before many nations, kings, and so forth. Now saints, John is dead. He is not coming back again to do that. Just like Elijah, who was supposed to be sent to prophesy again, but it was not the Elijah of old: it was just the same anointing that was on Elijah, resting on another servant of God. How many see the point? I am saying to you, Let’s get it right. That anointing that gave John this revelation and the enablement to write it, once it is written, John’s part is over: Others will be anointed at the precise moment this is to begin to be fulfilled; and they will do what it sounds like John is supposed to do. Remember this, and remember it well: God does not resurrect His servants from the dead, to fulfill that which is yet to be fulfilled, He just endows living servants with the anointing and purpose, to step up and do what is yet to be done. These words simply mean that these words shall be literally taken and eaten and digested, and when the revelation is finally sent forth, is is going to acquaint us with something here in the end time, something that pertains to His imminent return. When those thunders are sounded, they will give to the living Bride, something that is so simple the denominational church world will not even know it is anything worth listening to. They will say, You people are crazy. Even so, that anointing that fell on John, is going to come on a ministry of men, and wherever they are in this earth, they will go about their Father’s business. We are living in a day when this world society in general despises the name of Jesus Christ and true Christendom. Nevertheless out of the little Church, will come men these kings and potentates, and celebrities of the world, along with doctors of this and that and educators of all kinds will hear, Straighten up! God is sending you a warning. They will listen then, because there will be authority in what those men say. Yes, Thou must prophesy again before many peoples, and nations, and tongues, and kings. You are not going before the president and say, I have a message, I have taken four years in such and such a seminary. You are going to have a revelation to say, Mr. President, either turn away from your plans or you will regret it, because if you do not, you are sending thousands of your forces to their death. You will weep over it, but your weeping will be too late. That is just an illustration. I will say though, Local politicians and critics, that right now want to criticize you, are liable to come along and say, Pray for me. Listen to me: you that want a miracle done. At that time God can touch someone the doctors have given up, the community has given up, and suddenly he is healed. His whole physical being is changed. The daily papers will cover it, because, from out of nowhere, here comes some little element of people, not supposed to have anything worthwhile, and looked upon as ignorant, but God uses them to leave a testimony of His power, His grace and mercy. It will not be the Ecumenical council of churches: it will just be some humble servants of God. How many understand? Well how many of you understand the 10th chapter, now? Think about it.


When that 10th chapter has been fully applied in its objective to the Bride, that angelic being that stood with one foot on the land, and one on the sea has delivered the message. He then turns and goes to Israel for the beginning of the week. There he is, in Daniel 12, standing on the water of the Jordan River, the same angel John saw with one foot on land and the other upon the sea. In Revelation, chapter 10, he lifted up his hand and sware that time shall be no longer: that is to the Bride, but to Israel, he lifts up both hands and says, Let it be for a time, times and dividing of time. That is the end of it. When he has gone to the Jordan river, that is when you have the rest of chapter 8, laying on this side of the starting of the week. That is because the rest of the chapter has all the trumpets, which belong to the ministry of the two prophets. Therefore you do not bring in chapter 7, next: You are going to bring in chapter 11. But Bro. Jackson, chapter 7 tells us 144,000 are going to be sealed. By who though? They are sealed by the two prophets. That is why you go to chapter 11, to get the two prophets on the scene. That is where you find them. John was given a reed and told, Go measure the temple. That shows that the temple is already in the process of being built. When time moves into the week, chapter 11 shows the two prophets. They are also referred to as the two witnesses. They are the two candlesticks, which were in the type of Zechariah’s prophecy. When they start prophesying, they are going to prophesy for a thousand, two hundred and threescore days. After verse 1, the rest of chapter 8, belongs to their ministry in Israel, so chapter 11, following verse 1 of chapter 8, keeps the continuity. For three and one half years they prophesy to Israel, so you pull the 144,000 in here, and you pull the woman which flees in the middle of the week in here also, because this is where she gets her information as to when to flee and where to go. This way we can see chapter 7, chapter 8, chapter 11, and chapter 12 are all in the week; so time moves on for three and one half more years. That woman Israel is going to receive her revelation in the first half of the week, flee in the middle of the week, and be fed and cared for throughout the last half of the week in the place she flees to. When you get the prophets on the scene, that is when the 144,000 of chapter 7, are sealed and receive the information of what to do, when the middle of the week arrives. In the middle of the week, you have the antichrist breaking the peace covenant and moving into the temple in Israel, to stay for three and a half years, showing himself as God and reeking havoc on anything pertaining to God, so in chapter 13, we see the beast rising; and in chapter 17, we see the last day manifestation of that old beast headed up by the old antichrist until his time runs out, so chapter 14, goes right in there because that is when the 144,000 servants of God flee to the nations, to preach the everlasting gospel during the last half of the week. Let us take a better look at the old devil inspired and devil driven antichrist. As I said, You take chapter 13, and you start it, because it is gradually growing through time, to eventually materialize at the end time. Remember saints, regardless of what you hear, according to Paul’s revelation, when the time comes for the Bride to be raptured, it will be at a precise time, and not just any time this Gentile church world thinks it could happen. I have heard ever since WW2, by doctors of prophecy, that the rapture can take place at any minute. I know you have heard that too. That is not so. God has a precise time fixed for that, and for returning to the Jewish people. He can come for you or me right now or tonight, but He will not come for His Bride until everything that is pertaining to it, is completed. When we see that the time has come, those chapters we have been talking about will be lined right up. I just want to clarify something: Though chapter 13 is first, before chapter 17, you cannot take the two chapters and keep them consistent. The 13th is first, but by the time that time itself brings it to where, in the 13th chapter, the beast is complete, the lamb beast drops out of the picture. Why? Because that Satanic spirit that rises out of the bottomless pit, as you see in chapter 17, is in the man of sin, and he takes over the government of that beast system that had one of its heads wounded as unto death and was then healed. The healing of that head is shown in the 13th chapter. He will be looked to as a man that can represent society in general, as a great peace covenant is implemented. I trust that everyone understands this. That is why Paul said, concerning the coming of the Lord, (the rapture) and our gathering together unto Him, that that day will not come unless there is first a falling away. We have always interpreted that as apostasy, but in the Aramic translation, it says this, There will come an open rebellion, which means there will be a spirit hit this world, and from the realm of the intellects and the political leadership, it is rebellion against the knowledge of God. Communism started it, and now socialism is carrying the ball. In America, materialism has become the slogan of the day. Do not mention God in our schools of learning, or you will be in trouble. We are getting close to the final hour, but as we get closer to this hour, the world in general does not want God, so the devil has his hour. Through the same system, he comes on the scene. Did not Paul say, For that man of sin will first appear, the son of perdition, (which points to one ordained to lead something to destruction)? Where does that spirit come from? Out of hell. He takes over the system of democracy, of governments, of kingdoms, and economics. That is when that head that was wounded, has life given back to it, and it is given unto him to continue forty two months. (That is the allotted time for him, from the middle of the week of Daniel on to the end of the week.) Through the preceding period, he succeeds in leading the world in what he thinks is prosperity, but those two prophets are on the scene in the first part of the week, and for three and a half years they demonstrate the power of God, putting this Catholic religion to shame, and also all other apostate religions. That pope of Rome cannot help but look there on the TV every day and see what is happening, so do not tell me he can watch that without being infuriated. The devil will be sitting on his shoulders, making sure he is affected in that way. When that three and one half years is just about finished for the two prophets, that old pope is no longer going to be the man that kisses little babies, blesses your little children and leads the world in peace. He is going to become a Satanist. That is Daniel 11. He will no longer worship the God of his fathers. He will only regard the god of silver and gold, materialism, because this is the hour of materialism. It is the god of this world. The world loves it, but they do not realize they are worshiping the devil. He sits behind the scene laughing, thinking, I really have them now! The politicians, with their silly, even juvenile ideas, through the United Nations, trying to make this world a better place, are only going to turn it into a deeper nest of hell. From there, you see the 17th chapter in full power, but the bride saints see it only in the scriptures, because she will be gone to glory when that part is literally fulfilled. The restored framework of the old Roman system will have her day again. This will slowly, domestically, politically, militarily, scientifically, and in every other way be manifested, but when the hour arrives, that dirty devil can come on the scene in full swing. Through the first half of the week, he still deceives, but the two prophets sound their trumpets, judgment, judgement, judgement; and brings that deception to the light. By the time 3 ½ years have expired, that old antichrist out of Rome, is no longer going to be the pope that kisses babies and talks of peace: He is going to join the political, Satanist systems of the world. He is going to go to Israel, thinking, I will show you who is God. He will take that international police force out of Europe with him, to do his dirty work. I will show the world how much power I have. Let them watch me now.


The old pope, whoever he is at the time of Daniel’s seventieth week coming into position, will cause those prophets to be put to death, and their dead bodies to lie in the streets of Jerusalem for three days and a half, until God raises them up and takes them to Himself. Flies will bloat them, and they will stink. Then the godless systems of the world will send gifts to one another, rejoicing because those trouble makers are gone. Nevertheless they have already delivered their message, so the work of God through them is completed. The woman element that has received their revelation from the ministry of those prophets, when she begins to sense this trouble, will begin to go to airports, getting ready to take their flight into the wilderness. The Bible says she is given two wings of an eagle. That is the message of the two prophets. (Reference, Exo. 19:4) “Ye have seen what I did unto the Egyptians, and how I bare you on eagles’ wings, and brought you unto myself.” They are going to buy a one way ticket to that place that is already ordained by God, for them to be taken care of until the week is past. A one way ticket to safety, shelter and necessary provision. The Assemblies of God, the Baptists, and all of the other denominational prophets have said, Oh yes, they are going to Petra. How foolish! I have been there twice. I have seen what there is to see of Petra. I would not live there, if you gave me the whole canyon. It is only about eighty miles from Jerusalem, (the way the crow flies; and the way helicopters fly.) You traditionalists that think a million Jews could live there and be safe from the armies of the antichrist, and think that God is going to feed them there, do you never read the scripture? It does not say God will feed them: It says He has made preparations so that THEY will feed them. Is God to be referred to as THEY? Read Revelation 12:6, and maybe it will open your eyes. It says, “And the woman fled into the wilderness, where she hath a place prepared of God, that THEY should feed her there a thousand two hundred and threescore days.” Wherever God has prepared a place for them, God is not going to feed them. It plainly tells you, they fled into that place in the wilderness, where they, a plural pronoun, will feed them for three and a half years. They who? I certainly do not believe in three Gods. There is only one God, but He has a people prepared, there where those Jews are going, referred to as THEY. Their hearts have been conditioned, they are ready to receive them and care for them. While they are fleeing to that place, the 144,000 servants of God, that has been given a revelation through the ministry of the two prophets, will be going right back to the nations they are associated with, to fulfill their part in exposing the antichrist. They have friendship there. They can speak their language. They are going to preach the everlasting gospel to the world of mortal flesh. Number one: they are going to condemn that devilish spirit, atheism. The first one: fear God, worship Him. You cannot go to the White House right now and talk like that, but in that hour, they will, because God is going to cause some of them to have ears to hear. I can see them as they will go to certain colleges, God will make those students sit back and listen. They will preach the everlasting gospel to the world. What is it for? To warn an element of young, mortal people, to fear God. Number two: Get out of this Babylonian system. Listen carefully now, I want to explain that. The Bride has already gone. The foolish virgins are killed; and some will say, Well who are the 144,000 speaking to when they say, Worship God and give glory to Him? See ( Rev 14:6-7) and realize those servants of God are led and enabled by the angel of Rev. 14:6 “And I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven, having the everlasting gospel to preach unto them that dwell on the earth, and to every nation, and kindred, and tongue, and people, (7) Saying with a loud voice, Fear God, and give glory to Him; for the hour of His judgment is come: and worship Him that made heaven, and earth, and the sea, and the fountains of waters.” They are speaking to that mortal element of flesh that is still alive. It is the last warning they will ever get, to get away from those systems of religion. That is followed up with, Have no part with that cashless society. Can you see it? The whole world is pushing rapidly toward that hour. That is what they want to adopt. Crooks have counterfeited credit cards and everything else that is presently in use. Therefore if they can put a mark, a chip in a horse, that no matter where it is when stolen, they can look in that flesh and identify it. Do not think they will not design a way to do willing human flesh the same way.


What is it, that society is warned about? It is a little chip. The chip tells where the horse is, where it came from, who its owner is and everything about it, so when they put a mark on you, it is not something visible. No. It is a little computer chip, that can be inserted in the forehead, or in your hand. The number 666 is the prefix of the whole thing, because that is the number of the one who demands that it be done. Does it not say so in chapter 13? Read it, (Verses 16-18) “And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.” (That is the number of the pope of Rome, the VICARIUS FELII DEI, vicar of the son of God.) Do you understand me? The prefix introduces you to the economics of it. That is all it does. We can see in the 14th chapter, how it is materialized, and here they go. Watch now, as we look at the 15th chapter. That is the sea of glass we have talked about. There, are those people that have been slaughtered through that period of time. They are not among those of chapter 7, that are arrayed in white robes. I always wondered, Why did God separate this group from that group? Now we know those of chapter 7, are what was produced down through time to that point, but these on the sea of glass, are those that were killed right in this period of great tribulation, and there, are their spirits, right up there in heaven. They will bear testimony, when King Jesus judges mortals (Matthew 25) and selects the sheep-like people to pass into the Millennium. Now you see the 15th chapter, so let us look at the 16th chapter. God has His angels to start pouring out the vials of wrath upon those who have continued on in their carnal and sinful ways without repenting. Read them. That is why that is not the type of tribulation that the others have been involved in. It is God’s tribulation of hell on earth, that He is sending to this ungodly element of humanity. Read what it says, sores, droughts, torment with great heat. Joel says the seed will lie in clods, not able to sprout. God is going to give man literally, hell on earth. Men will seek death and death will flee from them. Does that mean nobody will die. That does not mean that at all: it simply means some of these scientists, as well as others, God has it in for them. I would not want their diplomas. He is absolutely going to turn hell loose on them. I have to say, When God gets angry at that bunch of people, He has no mercy on them, because they have already killed the spiritual Jews that would not recant, and the foolish virgins likewise. Who else is He going to turn tribulation loose on? It is the ungodly of the world. Just look at those vials. He gives them blood to drink. The fish life will die. I watched in the last three years where whales, in different areas of the earth, have come in from the deep seas into shallow sounds. People will go out and spend hours trying their best to push them back into the ocean. They come right back. You know saints, it tells me there is something out there and they are trying to tell mankind that it is bad. They cannot talk, so the creatures just come in. They do not want to die out there in that mess. They think I am crazy, but when it says that every creature in the sea, does that mean there will be no more marine life? Do not even talk like that. God knows how to save every whale, every porpoise He needs, because all He needs is two. He does not need a boat load. I hope you understand me. Neither will all the fowl of the air die. There will be some of them left. I have to say, That 16th chapter, shows vial after vial: the ungodly of the world will not know what to do. Yes, it is tribulation, but it is not the kind of tribulation they have always expected it to be. It is when God absolutely frowns on mankind that has defied Him with all their education. The 17th chapter, when you look at it, and follow it right through this whole week of time, it comes right through here, and as we begin to come to the close of this last three and one half years in our study, the later verses of the 14th chapter, which speak about an angelic being in heaven, coming forth with a sword, and another angel said to him, Go gather the clusters of the earth. What is he saying? The nations are ripe, so it is time to pluck them, the time to press them out.


In chapter 16, we see that there is a spirit that begins to go forth among the kings of the earth. Three unclean spirits come out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet, for these are devils speaking lies, going forth to the kings of the earth, to gather them together for that great day of His wrath. Go to that chapter. Rev 16:13 “And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon, and out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet. 16:14 For they are the spirits of devils, working miracles, which go forth unto the kings of the earth and of the whole world, to gather them to the battle of that great day of God Almighty.” That is not Ezekiel 38, that you poor doctors of divinity claim it is. The events of Ezekiel 38, take place back here before the week even starts. I want you to know, Ezekiel 38, is not going to be a three week war. The Russians, Iranians and all the others might be several months in preparing for it, but God is going to bring it to an end in a few hours of time, when he finally turns it loose. When is that Bro. Jackson? Ezekiel 38 itself, tells when it will be. (When the Jews have brought forth out of the nations, and they are dwelling safely all of them, in unwalled cities. 38:9 “Thou shalt ascend and come like a storm, thou shalt be like a cloud to cover the land, thou, and all thy bands, and many people with thee.”) No, Saudi Arabia will not be in that horde: They are busy hauling gold and incense over the desert to help the jews build their temple: They will not be a part of that band. Read it in Isaiah 60. From Jordan, here will come a bedouin tribe, they want to bring sheep for Israel to offer on the altar. God said, and I will accept it. You try that now, and see what you get. But when God gets through with this world, right along in here (pointing to chart, before week starts) He can do in one day’s time, what it would take politicians six years to do. When the miracle war that I am talking about has materialized, everything changes between Jews and Arabs. How long will it last Bro. Jackson? Not very long, because there are going to be angelic beings in that fight. Israel has high tech weaponry too, but it is not going to be a war fought just with high tech weaponry. Otherwise they would not see God magnified the way it describes. When the angelic being Michael gets involved, oh my! He has his army out there today: they are getting lined up. In those days shall Michael stand up, the prince of my people. Every one of the Jews that is in His book of life will be delivered. There is going to be a war in the middle east. There is going to be Egyptian, Jordanian pilots, Syrian pilots, all of them, they will try to get in their fighter planes and go out to meet the Israelis, when all of a sudden, they will see a mirage of planes coming right at them. There could be a few Israelis in F18’s in it all, but all the rest will be chariots of fire. They are mirages of fighter planes, and there are angelic beings in every one of them. When the enemy approaches them, they become totally confused, because of what God causes them to see. God said He would put fear in the riders of horses in that day. I do not want to be on the side of the enemy in that day. I want to be on the side of Israel. I know I sound crazy, in fact, I cannot make it sound crazy enough to really describe what is going to happen. In my mind’s eye, I see a beautiful picture here, just getting ready to unfold in front of us. I want you to know, as we are approaching toward the end of this era, that the sixth seal, the seventh trumpet and the seventh vial, will be dispensing God’s wrath. Jesus Christ comes under all of them, because all of this is taking place at the same time. That means His wrath has been poured out in that respect, and still the world has not repented. They still have not seen anything that has got through to them. While at the same time, there is an element of mortal flesh, that has their eyes opened, and they stay back. God has preserved them, that they are able to remain alive through all of this. That little woman flees: she leaves the whole area of the middle east: She flees to that place in the wilderness. There are some people there, that are friendly to them. I have a bedroom you can sleep in: you can eat at my table. There, they are going to be nurtured. There, they are going to be sheltered, and fed, and cared for. It is not a supernatural act of God. It is God dealing with an element of people that He has already judged and put in position for that. You see, it is already written, that He hath a place already prepared. I grant you right now, there is a lot of hypocrisy in America, and they do not see that, but just wait until God gets through pouring out His judgment upon them; and they will begin to see differently. Trust me, the day is coming for the president, the senators, the congressmen and many others. Some of us Christians would like to be able to send them an e-mail, What do you think about the power of God now? It is one thing for the world to watch what we have done over there, but wait until they see a miracle war take place in the middle east. I see Buddhists then, that right now, you could not change them for anything in the world: also Hindu’s and Shintu’s, but the same people that have looked through the television tubes and seen this war over there in Iraq, just wait until they look through the television tubes and see what the hand of God has done in the middle east. They are not going to be Buddhists any more. Neither anything else they have been holding on to. How can you say that, Bro. Jackson? Because it says in Zephaniah 2:11, that in that day I will famish all the gods, that is the religions of the earth, insomuch that every man will worship Him from his own place. I can see a young Hindu man, when he sees the TV tube and sees the hand of God and angelic beings fighting for Israel, he and the whole world will begin to look at things in a different way. When he sees that era begin to come to a close, he is going to get up off his knees and say, I have now seen the true God, so I am not what I used to be anymore. No wonder, when Israel says, We will not build our temple, sons of strangers, not the old, but those in the prime of life, many that have studied to be professional men of some trade, they are not coming to Israel looking for a handout: They are coming to help build the Jewish Temple. They want to contribute their expertise, their profession, and help Israel. It says, In that day, I will milk the breasts of kings. That is God’s way of touching their hearts, Give me that for a little awhile. That does not change the overall political picture. Time just goes right on. It just literally means this, The nation that will not contribute, God said, I will waste them, I will bankrupt them. Everything is getting pretty close to the end. All these things are being poured out. Armageddon has been fought. This 144,000 has condemned that Catholic system, and somewhere in that period of time, those ten horns on that beast that is alive and functioning, will turn against it. I have been privileged to travel through different areas of the European countries, from Spain to France, and see properties that belong to the Catholic Churches. They have fabulous investments in gas and oil companies. When those ten horns have come to the conclusion, We will no longer honor the God of any religion, they are now totally socialistic, materialistic, because that has got to be their destiny. They will confiscate the property of that Catholic system. That is why those mortals that are still in it, have to get out of it. When they close the stocks, do not tell me it will not create a little economic slump for awhile. I am going to say this, Those kings of the east, which have been sitting over there spewing, stewing, waiting for an opportunity to show what they have, will begin to plan. North Korea is practically telling us right now, to go jump in a creek: that she has a right to make her atomic weapons and sell them. Something has to happen to America. I have to say, There is something up the road just right in front of us, that is going to change our entire plans. We are going to come home from the various places, and will no longer have military or political, or economic influence in the far east. Those kings of the east have absolutely got to be on their own. When this world has come through what is just ahead, no doubt those kings of the east are going to look toward the western world and realize something is going on. They are going to say, Now is our time. God is going to remove the barriers and they are going to be brought to Armageddon. It plainly tells you, He brings them into the wine press, and the blood will flow to the bridle of the horse. Two hundred million men. That does not change them. The west will still be victorious as that era has passed. Let us take a look at the 19th chapter, for a moment. It is hanging right over this era. The 19th chapter, is the Bride. She will go up somewhere in the beginning of the week of Daniel, but right here, is where she is seen sitting on white horses, returning to earth with Jesus as that battle of Armageddon has been brought to an end. As you open to the 19th chapter, the first thing you see, is the Bride that has been up there at the marriage supper, feasting and celebrating. Then, when you get about half way through, you see the Lord Jesus on the white horse, and you see the Bride on white horses, all returning to earth together. Heaven is opened. That is why Jesus said in Matthew 24, “Immediately after the tribulation of those days, shall the sun be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens shall be shaken: And then shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven: and then shall all the tribes of the earth mourn, and they shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory.” Have you ever wondered why He did not elaborate on that? Traditionalists have always looked at Matthew 24:21, when He was talking about Jerusalem, and said, Then shall be great tribulation; and assigned all of it to the time of the end, which the 29th verse points to. Well we found out yesterday, that verse 21, was not pointing down here to the end, when all things that are written might be fulfilled, because that was fulfilled in 70 A.D. We can see now, that when Armageddon is over, the Lord is coming. Look at the beast; here it stood, in the 19th chapter, all with high tech weaponry, ready to defy King Jesus, because, not a one of them believe in God. You can see why the 144,000 had to warn an element of mortal flesh. It was God’s way of delivering them to fulfill His purpose. The beast is ready to make war against Jesus. Only a fool would think like that. The founders of America, would not even have thought of such a thing. Even back in WW2 our founders would not have thought of such a thing. But now, we have a bunch of politicians that follow this concept. That spirit has been on the Europeans for a long time now. By the time that hour has come, you can see why Paul said back here, For there shall come an open rebellion and the man of sin be revealed. It is not just a false Christianity, it is a rebellion against the knowledge of God. Through that period of time the devil is absolutely going to have his way. There will be no mercy, because out of the mouth of Jesus, will go a sharp two edged sword to slay them. They can sit there with all their high tech weaponry aimed, but when He speaks the word of authority, the power of God can magnetize every weapon they have. He can cause men to become so dumbfounded, they cannot even move. It says, He will slay them with the sword of His mouth. No, it is not a literal sword, but it is a stroke of death from divine authority. The slain of the Lord in that day shall be many, for they shall lie from one end of the earth to the other. Come on you educated doctors, you scientists, you professors, your hour is coming. For the past sixty years, God has let you have your way, but He is ready to reap a harvest, and you are just about fully ripe, ready for the picking. I tell you, I want to be on one of those white horses, regardless of whether it is in the front or back, or wherever, I just want to be there. Yes, there are still going to be a few animals left, because He will say to the fowl of the heavens, Come, and to the beasts of the field, Come, I am going to give you a great feast. You undertakers can go bankrupt. The cemeteries can go without being mowed. It will make no difference. I hope all of you have the picture of the book of Revelation after this.


I want to say before we close, I do not know what, those seven thunders will actually say, but I am sure of one thing, They are not going to tell you the day or the hour when Jesus is coming. Until we have actually been changed from this mortal to the immortal side, we have a tendency to become foolish. Some would say, Oh, He is coming on the third day of such and such a month, at such and such an hour, so I am not going to do another thing from now on. That is the way they look at it. You must remember the illustration He used in Matthew, Then shall be two lying in the bed and so forth. That means somewhere, it is going to be on the dark side of the planet. And again, two shall be working in the field. That lets us know it is going to be daylight somewhere else. Then there shall be two grinding at the mill. That means industry is still spinning on. Let us go to the 27th verse, “For as the lightning cometh out of the east, and shineth even unto the west; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.” Have you ever seen a dark night with a storm rolling up? You begin to feel the winds, all of a sudden you hear a rumble. A streak of lightning flashes across the sky. It lights up the whole earth. Does it not? When He appears to take away His Bride, the spirit world is going to open up to the Bride. Remember the spirit world is not beyond Mars or Jupiter: It is just right out there beyond where we are. He can open that up and let you see something that will send you shouting, Oh, I want to go now! When the spirit world is actually opened up to us, you will not have to know what day or hour: It comes as a surprise. You will not have to say, I have to get my shoes on: You will automatically rise. What does the scripture say? The dead in Christ shall rise first. You can be standing somewhere, and all of a sudden you see those dead saints appearing. Do not tell me you are not going to get excited. Together we will be changed. The spirit world, you are looking at it. The natural world does not see anything. You will see it, because you are going to be lifted up into it. Bro. Jackson, it said we would meet Him in the clouds. He is not coming in a storm: it is clouds of glory. Hallelujah! It is the power of God that is lifting you into the spirit world. Do not strain too hard. It is all in Him. If He gives us another opportunity in the fall, we will gather back here again, same place. We will see what He has for us by then. Until then, I ask you to take this, study it, and pray for me. This book of Revelation is going to become so plain to you, it is just going to be written in your mind. You will go to bed looking at it, you will get up thinking about it. Each day you live, it will become plainer and plainer, because time puts you closer to the development and fulfillment of it. I want to stress a little point. As you read where it says, They came out of great tribulation, just remember, that through two thousand years of wars, turmoil, and everything, there have been those that did not get to live long enough to really let their lives develop into anything where they could actually become the type of person they had the potential for. I think of young men, through hundreds of years, that have been forced to go off to fight in a war. When they left home, they remembered what dads and moms had taught them: Son, do not forget, that there is a God watching over you. Through the conflicts of time, the young men that have died on the fields of battle, their legs have been blown out from under them, their bodies have been half blown away. They are laying there, breathing their last breath and call upon God. There was a poem found on the body of a dead soldier which said, Father, I know that in a short time, I will be coming home. I saw the poem years ago. Remember, he did not get to live long enough here in this life. He died on the field of battle. He was like the thief on the cross. In Iwo Jima in WW2, the military had a magazine called the Yank magazine. The marines had landed and come under heavy fire. They picked out certain men to send out into the bush to try to contact the enemy and find their position. This patrol moved in. They came under a heavy mortar attack. One of these mortar shells evidently exploded in front of this certain soldier. He was alive when he went in there. There must have been something in his mind. When he returned, the whole front of his head was blown away, but here he came, back to the rear, a walking body with no eyes, no nose, no mouth. It even startled the troops that saw him returning. They thought, How can he walk? Does he know where he is going, when the whole front of his head is blown away? Saints, I see an angel guiding him. Does the Bible not say they not ministering spirits, sent to minister to the heirs of salvation? I can see an angel watching what this soldier’s mind was on when he went in there. He did not want him to fall out there, so he took him by the hand, and with no eyes, no nose, no mouth, and nothing to depend upon, the angel led him back, and he collapsed with his buddies. Politicians and educators think that is crazy, but their hour is coming. God bless you everyone who love truth. Amen.