The Great Mystery, Part 4

Rev. Raymond M. Jackson


There is going to be gifts of the Spirit in the true Church of the living God; dreams, visions and all the rest of the gifts we read about in the New Testament. It is true right now, that God is working by His Spirit to get us separated from all the confusion of past traditions we have carried with us from denominational assemblies. I say this with love for you, but there will not be an evangelist coming down the road to tell you what is what and what is not, concerning your revelation of the word of God. If you have a revelation, it will separate and dispose of all that does not belong in your category of beliefs; If you do not have a revelation, you are very vulnerable around those who would teach something that is not quite right. You may think I am talking about someone in particular, but I am not, because no evangelist in that first age of Christianity was ever anointed to set the Bible doctrines straight. The evangelists only contributed their allotted portion in spreading the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ: That was their calling. If any who claim to be an evangelist are truly called of God to that office, they will allow the Holy Spirit lead them to do the right things, but they are not going to get a select few just following them, thinking that the sun rises and sets in them. When you start that, you are starting down a road of no return. Regardless of how good your flesh looks, how you comb your hair and what kind of cologne you wear, it is the revelation and truth you stand for, and whether you are willing to work in cooperation and unity with others that counts with God. Is that where you stand, or do you just want a little clique following you? As for myself, I did not start out thirty some years ago to produce a clique. I said, Lord, if you have called me to say something, then Lord, you help me and raise up a people that can embrace the truth of your word. He has done that very thing; so I am doing what He gives me to do. It has not always been easy. I am a human being that likes friendship as well as anybody else, but if in the final analysis I have to give up my friendship with people, or give up truth, I will hold to the truth and let someone else take the friendship side. I say that with respect for all that will walk uprightly, but God comes first with me in every situation. There will never be a church worth a dime unless it is made up of people that know exactly what they are following, what they are listening to, and what helped put them together. I hope you understand what I mean. There are preachers all over the world that will say Amen to every word I am saying, because they have seen it in the Contenders. Never have we published the Contender to exalt Raymond Jackson above anyone else. We have done it to give people an opportunity to read and understand what truth is. I have said this, Everything the prophet messenger to this age taught when he was here among us, was spoken for the purpose of pointing us back to the Bible, back to the faith of our apostolic fathers. I know all about his sermon books, and I know all the quotes that are being pushed upon people, but I am not going to let anyone poke those quotes down my throat when I cannot see where they are leading me back into the Bible. Unity will come about, because every pastor, every preacher, every evangelist, every prophet of the New Testament will do his part to see that the body of Christ is unified. Over this world in the past thirty some years, from Germany to Singapore, to Mexico, there have been men who went their own way, telling people the prophet said this, the prophet said that, but that is the extent of their ministry. Many of them have run their course, but when you bring them together, you could not get them to consistently believe and agree on the same thing, no matter how hard you try. Each man has his own slant. You may say, Well Bro. Jackson, you are just as human as they are. Sure I am, but I have said this many times, I will keep my mouth shut until I know what I am looking at and where it is going to lead people. That is why I said, I will never preach on the serpent seed until I know what the tree of life was. I meant it. When God dealt with me in a dream during the night in October 1968, no sooner did I wake up from that dream, I went right over to the Bible and turned to Genesis 3:16. When I read that verse of scripture, everything came alive and I could see the picture clearly. I said, Now I have a revelation, regardless of what the rest may say. To me, it was a revelation that God gave to me, to know what to say and how to treat that tree of life. Tonight I can say, Thank you Lord. Thinking of the godhead, we have done that the same way. Practically every major message Bro. William Branham ever brought, predestination, eternal security and others, we have done the same way. Thirty some years later, I can look back and say, We have lived through a long period of time, that the third pull has just been pushing us all along. Not because we are smart, not because we are trying to out run somebody else, but because God pressed us right into the necessity. He did it in a way that no human flesh could be glorified. The other element will say, Oh, but it has to be a prophet with all these manifestations. Well I appreciate what Bro. William Branham experienced and his faithfulness to his calling; and it is sad to see what it did to so many of those who followed him and hung on to every word he spoke: It made fools out of some of them, because they cannot see the man and accept him on the basis of what he really did fulfill in the plan of God. Well regardless of what some may say, those who truly are of the bride of Christ are going to be unified in every Bible belief and doctrine. When we go out of here, we are all going to be talking the same thing. No matter what I say though, there are always some who will say, Well I don’t believe in that: That is not the way my grandpa believed. I just have to say. You had better believe what God is giving you a chance to believe, or you will be left here when true believers are taken out. They believed these things in the book of Acts. In (Acts 2:42) it says, “And they continued stedfastly in the apostles’ doctrine and fellowship, and in breaking of bread, and in prayers.” Those believers were in total unity, all believing the same thing the same way. That is what God is bringing His true Church back to. They all continued in the apostles’ doctrine, going from house to house breaking bread. Thank God for the written word that His prophet messenger pointed us back to. I cannot begin to tell you how many times he would raise his hands and pound the Bible stand, saying, Get back to the word! That was his way of saying, Get back to the Bible. The Catholic Church tried to take the Church completely away from God’s written word, but God, through these almost forty years since Bro. William Branham was taken from us, has dealt with true believers to get them restored back to the importance of what this books says. The little Bride of Jesus Christ is alive tonight, scattered over the face of this earth, but coming into unity of belief and purpose. The biggest percentage of them know what the truth is. God has done this in such a humble way, without ringing bells and flashing of lights; and He receives honor and glory through it all. I can say without hesitation, There are thousands scattered over the face of this earth that are coming into the unity of the faith. I have said many times before, If God was to give me a million dollars, (I only use this as an illustration.) I will bring more people from the ends of the earth into this area that are in unity, than all the rest of the quoting bunch put together. If we are standing for the right thing, and if we are a people that are going to be brought into unity, God is going to restore all the things of the early Church, right back within our midst as an evidence, and as a sign that the Church will absolutely be restored to the original likeness of the Church in the book of Acts. The hour will come, that people will come here from the ends of the earth, because God has raised up this church to become a testimony and a lighthouse standing for the truth of His word.


When we started preaching this message, “The Great Mystery,” it was for the purpose of showing how the Church started out, shortly after the crucifixion of Christ and His ascension into glory. When the Holy Spirit fell on the 120 believers on the day of Pentecost and filled them with something more precious than gold and silver, which started something that scripture writers referred to as THE CHURCH. That speaks only of believers who see eye to eye, without arguing about doctrines of the Bible. That is the Church Jesus Christ is coming for one day soon. It will be without spot, wrinkle or blemish, as is stated in (Ephesians 5:27) “That He (Jesus) might present it to Himself a glorious Church, not having spot, or wrinkle, or any such thing; but that it should be holy and without blemish.” The apostle Paul also wrote in the Ephesian letter, of “a mystery which in other ages was not made known unto the sons of men, as it is now revealed unto his holy apostles and prophets by the Spirit; (Eph 3:6) That the Gentiles should be fellowheirs, and of the same body, and partakers of His promise in Christ by the gospel: It was written in the Old Testament, in so many different ways, pointing to how God would come among the Gentiles and take out of the Gentiles, during a period of time, a people that would bear His name. This has been going on for two thousand years. In Revelation 10:7, we read, “But in the days of the voice (It doesn’t necessarily mean the vocal sound as it was when He was alive, but it means the message that He brought.) of the seventh angel, (which was William Branham) when he shall begin to sound, the mystery (of the dispensation, called the kingdom of heaven) of God should be finished, (The word should means it is progressive, that it does not happen instantaneously, but over a period of time.) as He hath declared to His servants the prophets.” In this respect, it speaks of the Old Testament prophets. They all, here and there, spoke about it, but it was never understood by the Jewish teachers, rabbis, or priests. It was just a mystery throughout that era. Then, here comes the apostle Paul, who used to sit on the Jewish Sanhedrein as Saul of Tarsus, who at that time hated the Christian people which were Jewish in the beginning. He did everything He could to destroy them, treating them as a bunch of heretics that were not worthy to be left alive. We see in the Bible, how God dealt with him on the road to Damascus, when he was going there to arrest Christians, and changed his heart and attitude. God called this man Saul of Tarsus, whose name was changed to Paul, and gave him the revelation of this dispensation of time, how it started out; and what it would produce for the kingdom of God through time. Since I have been dealing with this subject, I have said some things that seem to be bringing certain Spoken Word type people out of the woodwork, to begin to write e-mails, sending this or that to try and disprove what I have taught. I have done this on purpose; and I want to say this as humbly as I know how to the Spoken Word people. I am not against what you are doing. God forbid that I should try to stop you. However as I said at the beginning of this message, You fell heir to the material side of Bro. William Branham’s ministry, but you sure did not fall heir to the anointing, nor to the revelation he stood for. Only God can administer that. He does it as He pleases, to fulfill His plan and purpose; and He chooses whom He will to fulfill the true ministry. Going on thirty nine years now, men around this world, in various nations, of different races, different languages and dialects, have gotten hold of the message of the prophet messenger. They have come along with different interpretations and their own personal agenda. I hear from different areas of the world real often. My files are full of the things that have been preached, published and sent to me. Many times I look at it and just shake my head, because the entire thing is so preposterous. I have actually said to myself, If Bro. William Branham could only know what men are doing to the things he taught us, what a heartbreak it would be. If he did come back, as so many of them expect, there is one thing he surely would do: he would probably pound the Bible stand so loud, they would hear it around the world, as he denounced what so many of them are doing with his messages, and to his image. Many of those so-called message preachers see nothing wrong with just using only quotes from sermons of Bro. William Branham as their sermon. I just read one the other day, that was exactly that. He did not see it as wrong to preach out of the sermon books, because what Bro. William Branham said in his sermon books (ACCORDING TO HIM) was the same as in the Bible. On and on he went. After I read some of that, the thought came to me, Men the world over, have done the teachings of Bro. William Branham just like men through two thousand years of the Grace Age have done, when they just try to interpret the Bible without any revelation. They stand in pulpits around the world with nothing more than, Brother Branham said Thus and so, because they have no revelation on those things they take out of context in an effort to prove a point. The Reformation was started by Luther, then came Calvin, Knox, and Wesley, then here came the different men of Pentecost. We have people all around us that are just following a religious concept, like the Christian Science and Seventh Day Adventists, Jehovah Witness and ever so many that I will not try to name. If you go back to the 14th century, there would be the Amish and Mennonites, you could come through Wesley’s teachings, Methodists, Pilgrim Holiness and Nazarene. Men have absolutely went into the Bible and lifted a certain setting of scriptures out of context, and that is what they build their faith on. That is what they call (The Church), but none of that comes anywhere close to believing like the Church of the book of Acts . When we look at it the world over, it became necessary at the close of WW2 for God to send somebody to awaken an element of people and turn them back to the faith that caused our apostolic fathers to teach as they did. What they believed and taught was a pure revelation, unadulterated by human instrumentality. There was no such thing in the early Church, that anyone ever said, Well I am a Methodist, I am a Baptist, I am a Presbyterian, this and that. They were all Christians and of the same body and belief. It says they all continued steadfastly in the apostles doctrine, going from house to house, breaking bread and having fellowship. Now, almost forty years after the death of Bro. William Branham, the servant of God that brought a message to get believers back to the Bible, back to the true revelation of the word of God, there is more confusion within this message than there ever was in denominations concerning the truth of God’s word. Why is it that way? It is because so many are just following the flesh of the servant of God, without ever getting a revelation of what he stood for. Now all of them want a place of special recognition, just because they are able to quote so much of what the prophet said during his ministry. God will not settle for that: His servants in this hour of time are dealing with the true revelation of the word of God, giving true believers something to anchor their faith to, as they prepare to meet their Lord. I have a booklet at home, that some denominational doctors of divinity have put together. They went back through time and picked out different things, labeling those who follow such, as cults. They say the followers of Bro. William Branham are a cult. Well I could not care less what they call me, because I know who I am, what I am, what I believe and where I got it; so I know it is the truth of God’s word. It is a shame, that we are living in the greatest educated age that has ever been, yet the education of the human mind is of little benefit when it comes to the word of God. If you do not have the Holy Spirit leading and guiding you as you read the word of God, you may read it one way and get one thought. Then someone else with a different frame of mind will get another thought, and here we go with nothing but confusion. I am going to read a text this morning, so if you have your Bible, turn with me into the book of Colossians.


The text I am going to read may be small in this scope, but it was the apostle Paul writing it for a very important reason; and we must remember that the apostle Paul had a revelation of God’s word and His purpose. I am going to start with the 12th verse of the 1st chapter of this Colossian letter. “Giving thanks unto the Father, which hath made us meet to be partakers of the inheritance of the saints in light: (Well light, in that sense, is truth.) Who hath delivered us from the power of darkness, (spiritual darkness) and hath translated us (not from earth to heaven, but has translated us from one domain to another domain) unto the kingdom of His dear Son: (Notice, Paul says giving thanks unto the Father, then he comes on down here about how we have been translated from one kingdom to another, and that is the kingdom of His Son. I have a reason for saying it this way, Father, and the Son.) In whom we have redemption through His blood, even the forgiveness of sins: (Now Paul is talking about the person of Christ.) Who is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn of every creature: (I am reading from the King James version. The reason I am reading it, I want you to notice how it is worded; and I want you to pay attention to what I am going to show you.) For by Him (He is talking about the Son) were all things created.” (That is not right!) If we look at the scriptures right, and allow the Spirit of God to give us a revelation, we know that Jesus the Son of God, did not ever create anything. We must keep in mind, that the King James version of the Bible was translated by Trinitarians. In quite a few places, they added words that fit their belief, but are not consistent with original text or a true revelation. I brought the Hebrew and the Aramaic versions with me, so I can show you what I am looking at. I am just going to tell you what they say, because it does not read like that in these versions. Who did the writing? The apostle Paul. He had a revelation of truth. He knew how to lay it down. The reason I am reading this and bringing it out this way, is because the Church here in the end time, if it is ever to reach that point of unity, each person will have to have a deep revelation of God’s Word, knowing what the scripture does say and what it does not say; and especially where the translators have added to it. You will not take one statement of Paul out of one Epistle, and pit it against another statement of Paul in another Epistle. He did not talk like that. “For by Him were all things created, (so they say) that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers: all things were created by Him, (so they say) and for Him: And He is before all things, and by Him all things consist.” I read that word for word the way those Trinitarians worded it. The 18th verse is one I want to dwell on right now. And He, (meaning Christ) is the head of the body, (Well what is the body? It is His Church. So we can say as we look at the religious world, that they are not His body, because they certainly do not allow Him to be their head. That is the effect of the Spirit of God through using the Reformation to restore individual people back to an essence of truth. God knew that here in the end time, He would send a prophet messenger to the age to awaken, alarm, and return true believers back to what the faith of the fathers really was. The Bible does not tell you that he would perfect the Church. He would only cause them to turn attention to the truth. Like I said last Sunday, the stages that the early Church started with, first came by John the Baptist: then here came Jesus to finish out what they needed to know and believe. He first chose and anointed twelve men that were called apostles. A little while later on, after the Church was in operation, the Holy Ghost called another man by the name of Saul, whose name was changed to Paul; and he also was an apostle. What I want you to see, is that the early Church started first with the ministry of apostles, who picked up where the first two (John and Jesus) left off. That does not take away from John, and it does not take away from Christ, it is just the way God ordained it to be. If God was going to send a prophet again, we have to understand He would do it in reverse of what was started in the beginning. If we will go back into the sermons and see how he taught the doctrines of the early Church which he laid down so emphatically, you will see how he drew our attention back to what the apostles said and what the apostles did not say. He did not complete the picture, but as he would get to a certain place, right there, is where the revelatory side would come in. Therefore I have to say, Right there is where Bro. William Branham’s ministry would take on and characterize the life and ministry of Christ. That is what makes him stand out as the seventh church age messenger. Look at the gift of God in his life. I have been privileged to see, from meeting to meeting, how he could stand on the platform, look out over a big crowd and pull out individuals, tell them their name and house number, street, what city they were from and describe their clothes, when they were sitting so far back, it would be impossible for a man looking from where he was to do so. I have said this before, When it came to that, he characterized the person of Christ exactly. That did not make him Jesus the Christ, he characterized Christ because of the gift that was not in John the Baptist of old, which was in Christ, and then right there in Bro. William Branham fulfilling everything precisely the way God wanted it to be. He did a beautiful job of laying down the truth. If we each one had the Holy Spirit and was willing for God to lead us, we would sooner or later catch the meaning of what he preached and taught. Let me finish up this scripture now. It was the apostle Paul making this statement; and he was referring to Christ. “And He is the head of the body, the Church: who is the beginning, the firstborn from the dead; that in all things He might have the preeminence. For it pleased the Father that in Him should all fulness dwell.” When the Church reaches its final stage of perfection and completeness, it is not going to have a one man ministry of a prophet leading it. I hope you understand what I mean. It is going to have a ministry of apostles, which is a New Testament ministry, and New testament prophets, not Old Testament prophets. Coming on down the line with evangelists, pastors, and teachers. That five fold ministry that Paul wrote about in Ephesians, is absolutely the headship that stands at the place of leadership of the body of Christ. Christ is the head of the Church; and that headship was absolutely demonstrated through the ministry that He (Christ) entrusted to chosen men. At no time do you see any of those men trying to show you the person of Christ, because He is on the throne, He is mediator. He sat as mediator, while every one of that early ministry was taught and divinely led by the Holy Spirit. Through the years that I was privileged to hear this man, William Branham, there were different times he made statements concerning the same subject. Let us just take the godhead for instance. He was against the Trinitarians; and many times he would say things like, There is only one God, and would say, Jesus was God. Then he would use a statement like, Jehovah of Old, was Jesus of the New. Now Saints: If you did not know how to take that and put it together in the scriptures you could end up on a cold trail, because there is no scripture in the Bible that even says anything like that. I have a reason for saying this, so just bear with me. I just received a letter from someone who is elaborating on why we should teach out of those sermon books, because, (he says) It is the message of the hour, and is the same as the Bible. Well I have to say, That is not the same as the Bible. He never preached any of it with the thought that it become the same as the Bible. I cannot tell you how many statements, on ever so many subjects of the Bible he would be on, and say things two different ways. One time he would make a statement pertaining to the original text, and later he would make another statement just the opposite. Over the years as I began to notice these dual statements, at first it confused me, but later on I began to realize, that the God of heaven was allowing him to make these dual statements on the same subject, because He knew that down the road somewhere, there would be carnal minded people that would try to take these things and put them together to get a revelation. One day Bro. William Branham invited me and my family out for dinner. I asked Bro. William Branham that day, about this subject. I said, Bro. William Branham: what is the difference between the oneness people and the trinity? We were walking down the sidewalk back to our cars. He said, Bro. Junie: there is no such thing as a trinity. He said, The oneness people have the essence of the greatest truth that there has ever been, but some of them have taken it and pushed it to an extreme. Later he said it like this, It is one thing to make Jesus God, but it is another thing to make Him Jesus only. If you don’t know what that statement means, For years there have been oneness people that have said God left heaven, came down and was born from a virgin womb, and became man in flesh. Then when He died on the cross, He went back into that great Spirit that He was. Then when the Holy Ghost came on the day of Pentecost, that was the second coming of Christ. Therefore we do not need to look for the physical body of Christ to return any more. I ran into a group of those people in Florida, years ago. I knew they were oneness, and that they baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus, but I did not know that they were like that. They asked me to preach for them, so I did. I preached on the second coming of Christ. When I ended the sermon, they gave me the quote of that scripture that says, Henceforth the world will see me no more, but you shall see me, because lo, I will be with you, even in you, until the end of the world. Well I thank God for that, but my Bible also speaks about a second physical return of Jesus Christ that has risen from the dead. Bro. William Branham said to me, Bro. Jackson, Jesus was the Son of God, yet God was in Him. It was quite common back in those days for oneness people to say Jesus is God, and just say Jehovah of the Old is Jesus of the New. That is not right! I know, around the world today, in all probability there are some Spoken Word people hooked on. I hope you stay hooked on, because I want to talk to you a moment. There are no scriptures in the New Testament you can read to me, that will say Jesus is God. It does not say that, regardless of what traditional type oneness may say. You can assume that, but the Bible says in the New Testament, that God was in Christ Jesus. Doing what? Reconciling the world to Himself. It was not the Son doing the reconciling: It was the Father in Him. The Son paid our sin debt. He bore our sins, and all our iniquities, so we ourselves would not have to do so. God accepted His sacrifice for all of us, but every individual is required to acknowledge that he or she accepts that payment in order for it to be imputed. It was the blood of Jesus the Christ that God accepted as payment for all of us; and His life that was willingly offered, Him being totally committed to fulfilling the will of His Father, not only paid the redemptive price for you and me, but He also took that horrible beating to purchase our healing as well.(Isa 53:5) “But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed.” It was God that had come into Him and anointed Him, that was actually demonstrating His attributes through the person of Christ, drawing attention of the human beings. It was God doing the saving, and it was God doing the choosing. Just to throw a statement out there, that Jesus was God, is very irresponsible. I have said many times, and I say it again today, When you go so far as to do that, then you make God the Creator of all things being born; and we all know He is throughout all eternity a sovereign Spirit without beginning or end. God the Jehovah of the Old Testament was not born, He did not have to be born because everything that is anything exists in Him. He always was, He will never die, but he will send judgment and death upon all ungodliness. It was only the Son of God that died. That is why I say, All those who are so wrapped up in the idea, Oh, we have to say it just like the prophet said it, can be in an awful lot of trouble with God. If you just go by the literal words that dropped from his human mouth, and you do not know what he really did believe deep down in his heart, you would have been better off if you just left what he said alone. You who go around quoting what he said without having understanding of what was taking place, have only made a bad situation worse. Those dual statements made by him, are in reality a fan in the hand of God, fanning away anything that cannot fall upon revelation truth. You can go all through those Spoken Word books, as you want to call them, and you can read every statement about how he taught the Godhead, but the essence of it all was, he was teaching that there is only ONE GOD, not two persons, not three persons, but ONE SOVEREIGN SPIRIT. At times he would say, Do you believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of the living God? Another time he would refer to the water baptism at Jordan and say, There is where the entire incarnation took place. You can go back and search all those statements and quotes as much as you please, but if you do not know how to put them together in reference to a complete picture of revelation, when you use those statements all you do is cause confusion; and there is no way you can ever be an instrument to bring about unity. That man came on the scene at his God-appointed time, to point us back to the faith of the apostle Paul, Peter, James, John, and all the rest of those apostolic fathers. I assure you, every one of them were consistent in what they said about the godhead. I want to say this morning, when I read that letter, the way that man was going on, how he could do this or do that, it made me very concerned. I went to bed last night about nine thirty, and at three o’clock this morning I was still wide awake. All the scriptures of the New Testament were just dropping into my mind. Therefore I want to say to everyone in the sound of my voice, Let us not take this thing of the godhead lightly: Your eternal destiny hangs upon your understanding and acceptance of a true revelation of the word of God. Some people say, Well I have heard that before. I just have to say, Well you are going to hear it again! Time is running out! Well, I get tired of hearing that. Don’t think like that. Jesus said in (Matthew 24:14 ) “And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come.” Where do you want to be spiritually, when the end comes? Are you satisfied just to quote something that was said by someone else more than thirty eight years ago, instead of preparing your own soul to meet Jesus when He comes for His prepared bride? I just have to say to the Spoken Word people, You have printed Bro. William Branham’s messages and sent them around the world, but as people get hold of them and read them, out comes confusion, chaos, and some of the most miserable supposed-to-be revelations you ever heard of. Such a picture as that, never came out of the ministry of Paul, Peter, James, John, Matthew, or any of those men. They all spoke consistently and drew one beautiful picture. Not too long ago, I made reference to Revelation 3:14 where Jesus had appeared to John and said these words, “These things saith the Amen, the faithful and true witness, the beginning of the creation of God.” There are people that want to take that and say, See there, He was in the beginning of the creation of everything. He was not. He is the beginning of the new creation. How many realize that? The reason I say that, when we can begin to push all the carnal things aside, and begin to ask God to give us a true picture of what did take place, right there in the Hebrew, if I went to that and got Ephesians chapter 3, I will read it out of the King James, then out of the Hebrew. Paul wrote this. I am going to read it just how the Trinitarians wrote it. Verse 9, “And to make all men see what is the fellowship of the mystery, which from the beginning of the world hath been hid in God, who created all things by Jesus Christ.” See? That makes Paul saying God created all things by the person of Jesus Christ. That is the Trinitarian version. Jesus never created anything, because He did not even exist as a man back then. Oh but Bro. Jackson, what did John talk about, in the beginning was the Word, the same that was in the beginning with God, and the same was God. That was not talking about a man, that was talking about the thought of God. We need to get it all lined out and analyzed how Paul so beautifully portrayed it. But now, I want to read this in Ephesians as it is recorded in the Aramaic and Hebrew, because Paul wrote it so beautifully. “And to make all men see what is the fellowship of this mystery, which from the beginning of the world hath been hid in God, (In other words, God kept it a secret.) who created all things.” Period. That is what the Hebrew says. So it tells you right there, that in the beginning God created all things. Now if God is the one that created all things, we have got to keep Him that way all through the scriptures. We cannot jump in and then jump out with different thoughts bugging our mind. If God created all things, we have to remember that whenever we read a verse somewhere that sounds like something was created by another.


I heard on the News the other day, where down in the Antarctic; they have just found two prehistoric dinosaur skeletons. That goes to show, that in that ancient time, millions of years back, this whole planet was populated by an animal kingdom. Was Jesus Christ in that? No! He absolutely was not. Well, where was He, Bro. Jackson? He only existed in the mind of God back then. He was there as a thought that would be manifested in due time. But I just don’t get the point? You should, if you will just seriously think on it. When the word became flesh, what does that actually mean? God the Creator, was able to beget before there was anything. Did you know, that before there was anything, anywhere, you and I had already been chosen in the mind of God before the foundation of the world. Do not tell me you existed somewhere other than there: You did not. You only existed in the mind of God, like everything else did. Anything that has ever been, and anything that will ever be, was all in the mind of God before He ever even started creating anything. That is why Paul could say here in Ephesians 1, Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who has blessed us with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ. Then it goes on, having chosen us, predestined us, in Him, from the foundation of the world. God did not do this two thousand years ago. He chose you and I millions of years ago. He already had determined, that one day He would bring forth into this era of time, His only begotten Son. And that He would then become the firstborn from the dead, the first from the resurrection of life, and He would become the head of the redeemed family of God. That has nothing to do with the prehistoric world at all. Jesus the Christ child was born into this world two thousand years ago, begotten of the great Creator (which is a sovereign Spirit)and conceived by a young virgin girl. That was His beginning among mankind, but before then, He was only in the mind of God as a thought. (The Bible says He counseled with Himself. He thought everything through before He ever created anything.)The English word, (w-o-r-d), when you take it back, before it is ever expressed on paper or materialized in any way, (w-o-r-d), where is it? It is in someone’s mind, isn’t it? You can say, And the word was God, because it was God that originated the thought. As long as it stays there, it is still God in that sense of the word. Is it not? Once God projects that thought and sends it forth to become manifested, and demonstrated, in the case of His only begotten Son, the word becomes flesh, or makes flesh. Terminology is tricky at times. God projected that thought into the virgin as a cell of life and nine months later she brought forth into the world the only begotten Son of God. He was the only one ever brought into this world like that. By the spoken WORD of the Creator, Mary became impregnated. God Himself, was the ONE that beget the child. God did not leave the universe and become born as a human, as some would have you believe: God just simply took of Himself and imparted life, and from that life, came forth the physical form of Jesus. The life that made that little baby start breathing, was not God Himself, but it was from God; and He therefore was the Son of God. I have had men write to me and say, Bro. Jackson, you do harm to the deity, the way you teach. I absolutely do not! Those who have a revelation of the godhead, know that I do not. I just simply endeavor to put everything in its proper place. What is wrong about that? Let me use this illustration, I am going to use a black man, he has his wife, she becomes pregnant by him. I am expecting them to have a child. I am expecting that child will bear the physical likeness of its father and mother. How many understand that? I just use that as an example. If God beget a son, then what else would you want to call Him? Jesus was God’s only begotten Son, so if God’s nature is divine, then what in the world is the Son going to be? He is going to be divine also. That is why Jesus was a perfect man, sinless, no fallen attributes in Him. The origin of that life that He was composed of did not come from the sinful side; it came from God the Creator, a sovereign Spirit, being free from anything except deity. I remember many times, when Bro. William Branham would say, There is only one God and Jesus was God. Yes, when we begin to analyze this, I have to say, to make it scripturally sound, God was in Jesus, so when you looked at Jesus you were looking at God, but that human flesh was not God: The eternal God (SPIRIT) was one with the spirit of Jesus. They became one Spirit at the river of Jordan that day when John baptized Jesus. That still did not make the man Jesus, God, but the Father in Him, (Jesus) used His (Jesus’) physical members to communicate with people. We know that, because Jesus Himself said, I do only what the Father shows me. The apostle Paul expressed it like this, God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself. Why did they not just say, And Jesus Christ was God, reconciling the world? Simply because everything they taught had to have a precise revelation and understanding of the true picture. It cannot mean one thing here in the Romans, and then another thing over in Ephesians and so forth. It all had to be consistent, meaning the same thing. That is why I say, God is not sending Bro. William Branham back to straighten up these statements. He did a good job of what God called him to do and be, and you just have to face the reality that God willed him to make those dual statements like I have mentioned, for the purpose of making those who seek truth, get down on their knees in prayer, and seek God for that truth. This thing of carrying books around, marked with quotes on this, and quotes on that, if they do not have the Holy Spirit leading them, they are not going to know how to take those statements and put them together. Through the early years, I would hear those dual statements and think, Well that will just get people confused, but then one day I came across that place where the Pharisees sent men down to speak to John the Baptist and inquire of him as to who he was and what he was doing; and his answer caused me to understand why God allowed Bro. William Branham to make those dual statements. John answered them saying, (Mat 3:11) “I indeed baptize you with water unto repentance: but He that cometh after me is mightier than I, whose shoes I am not worthy to bear: He shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost, and with fire: (Notice.) Whose fan is in His hand, and He will thoroughly purge His floor, and gather His wheat into the garner; but He will burn up the chaff with unquenchable fire.” That helped me understand, that those dual statements were th same as the fan in the hand of Jesus. Those who are fanned by them, unless they are able to fall upon the revelation of God’s word, will just be blown away, because as John said, He will thoroughly purge his floor. What is left will be those who have a love for the truth of God’s word. No quoters will ever make it into the kingdom of God, unless something turns their attention to a revelation of what is written in the Bible, in place of just quoting what another man has said. We hear John answer those men very plainly: He knew what his calling consisted of; and he sought to be nothing more, so he answered, I am not the Christ, I am not that prophet, I am just the voice of one (Isaiah 40:3) crying in the wilderness, prepare the way of the Lord, make His paths straight. Then he came to this, (John 1:26) “John answered them, saying, I baptize with water: but there standeth one among you, whom ye know not; He it is, who coming after me is preferred before me, whose shoe’s latchet I am not worthy to unloose.” People have read that scripture over and over and never did see a thing, but it meant something to me for sure. You do not hear me going around saying Brother Branham made a mistake there. No. I settled that long ago, God allowed all of that for the purpose stated. Naturally I point out the dual statements; and when I read them, I may say at times, That is not right, pointing to the one that does not line up with the scriptures, but I always want to refrain from saying, God’s prophet made a mistake. I just have to say instead, God willed it to be that way, to fan off those who follow human flesh. As we look back to it, John the Baptist was right there testifying to the fact he had come to be a forerunner, a voice to announce His coming. He plainly told them, that He will indeed baptize you with the Holy Ghost and fire. How will He do that? Will He be here on earth? No sir. He will not do that until first He has given Himself as an offering for sin, and then He will ascend into heaven and be seated on the right hand of the Father in power. That is when He will start the High Priestly work. (That was two thousand years ago.) That is when believers began to receive the Holy Spirit. Jesus was not here in person though, was He? No. God did it by a supernatural manifestation of His own Spirit. What we want to notice though, is when John finished his statement about Jesus, whose fan is in His hand. What did John mean by saying that? John was speaking by inspiration, but knew good and well, that somewhere in time, when this thing of receiving the Holy Spirit is just about to climax, God would let something be brought into the world to fulfill that. Things would be said by a man of God, and those words that were dual statements will become a fan, because they will be turned into a wind that will blow pretenders off course. We can use the word pretenders, because of all those who just follow flesh, without the Spirit of revelation to guide them into all truth. That is why we printed the Contender several years ago, “The Fan in Christ’s Hand,” illustrating a procedure which I have used to explain God’s purpose in allowing His servant to speak in a way that we refer to as dual statements.


Back in ancient times, they did not have the mechanical fans like we have on threshing machines and combines today, so they had to devise a method of sorting the grain from the waste material. They went out and harvested their grain and put it in bundles; they then brought them into a place known as a threshing floor. There they had a time of feast and festivity. All the neighbors would come in, the women would fix a meal for everyone. Then they would take an ox or something and hook it to some kind of sled and get on this device and drag it over the grain, straw and all. That pressure, going around and around, would eventually rub all the grain out of the heads. The grain would sift down into the bottom of the pile. Then the men would come along and take it a step further. (They did not have metal pitchforks like today.) They would use wooden sticks and pick up the straw and throw it into a pile, to be burned later. Then would be the refining process. They would have music; and if there was not a natural wind blowing, they would make a makeshift fan. Men would stand and wave it back and forth to create an artificial wind. The young maidens would take big flat pans and scoop the grain up, and while dancing around and passing in front of the wind device, they would flip the pans up in a way that would thrust the grain into the air, and the artificially created wind would blow the chaff off of the grain. They kept dancing, and there was a certain place they would move the grain into. The point is, In ancient times it took wind, usually manufactured by man with mechanical means, to separate the good grain from the chaff, if there was not a natural wind blowing. This world is so full of winds blowing today, (spiritually speaking) that it keeps moving unstable souls from one opinion to another, and only God Himself knows how it will all turn out. Like I have said many times, My files are filled with printed material from men all over the world. I have one book from a man that claims to have the revelation of the seventh seal. He said the seventh seal starts in the book of Genesis. Well it no more starts in the book of Genesis, than it does on Mars. However, that is the way some of these carnal minds have treated the word of God. Therefore I am saying this to everyone once again; God knew what He was doing when He let the prophet to this age break these things down into such terms as he did. Many times people have taken it and tried to put it together according to their own ideas, saying, But the prophet said it. Well sure he said it, but for what purpose and under what circumstances? It is just like I have said over and over, concerning the seventy weeks of Daniel, I remember back several years ago, when he said there is only three and a half years left of the seventy weeks. The reason I am saying this, is because most of these individuals that just pick up the statements of Bro. William Branham and try to put them together as being a true revelation, do not even know how to go into ancient history and put together the chronology of time, of dates, as well as other things, and come up with the right picture. I have said this, God allowed that man to put that out there like that, because it will fulfill a purpose in these last days. If you are interested in a true revelation, I point you back to 1962, to look at what Bro. William Branham did for a whole week. He drew a chart; and then preached a whole week on the seventy weeks of Daniel. He made the remark later, (This was on a Sunday morning.) when the service was over and he went out and got into the car, going back to the house for dinner, ( Sis Mede said, Bill, that is too deep, they can’t get it.) And his answer was, They have got to get it, because it is too close in time. When he was preaching it and explaining it, and breaking it down for understanding, he closed it out showing there is truly seven full years of the seventy weeks of Daniel left to be fulfilled. Then lo and behold, when it came to the seals, and he only referred to the seventy weeks, he said once again, There are only three and one half years left to the Jew, so some immediately said, Well that is the revelation. I have said this, because I am taking the history of it and breaking it down, to remove all reasonable doubt as to what is left to the Jews; and we have put it in written form, “I will challenge any Spoken Word preacher, to take his Bible and secular history and prove by whatever he may want to use, that there is just three and one half years left to be fulfilled of Daniel’s seventy weeks prophecy. In Daniel 9:27, it plainly tells you there, that the antichrist will confirm a covenant with many. That was not fulfilled when Christ was cut off. Why do I say that? Because Christ was not cut off in the middle of the seventieth week: It is not here yet. There was no such covenant as they may imagine, whatsoever. It will be the antichrist that makes the covenant; and he will break it in the middle of that week, which is all still ahead of us. How many of you who are listening to me right now, realize that I am telling you the truth? What is the covenant anyhow? We have preachers today, that are saying, Well he makes a covenant with Israel to build the temple. That is like child’s play to say that, because, when the temple is to be rebuilt, I want you to know for sure, that organized religion and denominational preachers will have nothing to do with the design at all. When you read Isaiah 49, then Isaiah 60, then Micah 7 along with Zechariah 12, and see how God is going to do certain things, He is absolutely going to see that the Jewish people build their temple, but if we try to say the antichrist himself makes a covenant to that affect, I will say this to you, The covenant the antichrist confirms with many for one week, has nothing whatsoever to do with the Jews building their temple. The covenant the antichrist will make, is with many nations, trying to restore an economy, when the world’s economic system is in a shambles. He will make a covenant with many, and that does not mean many individuals: it pertains to many nations, because the antichrist is definitely going to try to re-stabilize the world economy. I read an article just this week, that made me feel so sorry for America. They talk about making this world a better place to live. This man had made a thorough study of what has been going on in the last number of years in the Far East. We have let our industries ship out of here to Mexico, China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and so forth; and we are going to have to suffer the consequences. This man brought out how America has reached the point where she is on her way down, and there is no way for her to redeem herself. When I listened to the News this week and put some of these things together, all of what is going on, the breakdown of everything, is God’s way of causing the world systems to begin to break down and crumble as time eventually pushes the world into the week of Daniel. World economy is going to be restored by Europe, not America. The American dollar is gradually losing its power. It is the European monetary means that is going to come back and stabilize everything. Here we are educating people, insisting that they go to college; and to get what kind of work later on? Ninety percent of everything is by computer, but you know, everybody cannot make their living running a computer. They can ship International Harvester (one of our great sources of employment) to Germany; and many, many others to somewhere, so you can easily see what is destined to happen. In this article, Levi Strauss, the oldest jeans manufacturing company in the United States, has suffered a seven year loss. Now they are operating their manufacturing of the Levi Jeans in China. No more Levi Jeans are being manufactured in the United States. Why? Simply because they cannot manufacture them here, paying the price that American labor demands. They just simply cannot compete with foreign jeans made over seas and brought here to sell. There is no way they could undersell them. Think of it saints, That kind of stuff has been going on for years and years now. This is just a little off the course of what my message is about, but I can see something drastic is going on in America. A lot of the people do not even realize it, so they will be taken by surprise one of these days when our economy suffers a final blow. Well coming back to the godhead question, William Branham coming back from the dead is not going to straighten up the godhead for anyone. It is going to take some men that God has raised up, anointed, taught, showed them things that can only be understood by those who have the Spirit of God guiding them; and the understanding they receive, they can convey to others by the leadership of the same Spirit that taught them. It is all around the world, that God has raised them up. Are they here already, Bro. Jackson? Yes sir, they are already on the scene in their particular place of God’s choosing. I have to say, That is why little has been said through the thirty some years, as all of this has been going on, about what time and where this unity will take place. We have been looking forward to it, but I have to say, The time is coming upon us now, that the voice of those men have got to begin to sound off. When I read in an e-mail, Oh we need this man, just look how God has worked through him. They took the image of a man that did not desire to be deified, did not want to be called the Messiah, but they did it anyway. I will never forget the day he preached on the bruised serpent, how he stood there crying, just weeping over how certain ones he had trusted, had abused his trust. I tell you, he looked like a man that was very sick. He said, I would rather go down as a quitter, than as an antichrist. The reason I bring this in right now, is because I know that kind of ministry is not going to complete the Church and put it in a final state of unity. All of that is going to be brought about by God using certain dedicated men who are truly the apostles of the hour; and it is going to be brought about by God displaying Himself through certain gifts, because the Church has got to have all nine gifts restored. Those gifts are not just to operate through one man. Those gifts are going to operate throughout the entire ministry. In the Spoken Word crowd, some have made the statement, We don’t need the gifts, we don’t need tongues, we don’t need interpretations, we don’t need dreams and visions: we have the word. Well I say, you do not know how to handle the word you have had access to, or you would know you do need all the nine gifts of the Spirit operating in the called out Church here at the end time. You will never go anywhere until you become part of something that does have all of that, because God is not going to repeat Himself and bring the prophet of this age back, just to please all of you. That man pointed you to the finished picture; and it is all in the Bible. You are responsible for your own soul, so if you do not see it yourselves, how can you be in the true Church of the living God? When the Church has reached its final stage of preparation, Christ is in reality going to be the head of it. No one in that group will ever have to quote what the prophet said so long ago, because what he said back then, was for the purpose of pointing true believers back to the Bible. From here on out, the headship of Christ is going to be expressed through a five fold ministry, and they will not be men walking down the streets with halos hanging over their head and things like that. That is not belittling the man God used to get His Church back into the Bible. God had a reason for everything He allowed in that man’s ministry. I thank God for it all, but I have to say, I can look back and see what it did for some people: It made literal fools out of them. That is why I have said many times, Gentiles are crazy people. If God anoints a man to show a little demonstration of His Spirit, they either deify him or they want to crucify him. They do not know how to analyze what they see and hear. When I look back through the years, little did I realize that God was going to use my life for anything like He has. I was willing to stay right here and mind my own business, do what I felt to do and let everyone else do likewise. However as I look back through the years, I can see how God, shortly after Bro. William Branham’s death, just kept nudging me along, even shoving me at times. He never made some big demonstration to the world about it: He did it in a way that let me realize, I have got to follow the Lord. I have got to let Him push me out there for whatever reason He has in mind for me. He laid things on my heart to begin to teach and so forth. That is why I said last Sunday, In the month of August 1969, was my first trip outside the continental limits of the United States to preach. That was going into Canada. Through the years that followed, God raised up a people in New Brunswick, that today has put an element of people together, and they are a part of our ministry. They see what we see, and I am thankful to God for it. Around the world, in the thirty some years we have traveled, God has raised up a people in Africa and different nations that love truth. I am thankful to God for every one of them. The gifts of the Spirit are actually going to become the number one thing in the Bride of Christ. Every last one of you young people are going to see it, even though some of you may say, Well I don’t know whether God is going to use me or not. If you have the Holy Spirit abiding in you, just ask God to put you in unity and harmony with the right people, and I promise you, one of these days you will be surprised at how God can use you. It is like I said last Sunday, Faith Assembly, through the years, has never been without gifted people. Many were old timers and have since died. I have a reason for saying this, because some characters say that we do not need tongues and interpretation in the Church. If you do not need tongues, then you do not need a prophet to come back and re-preach to you as he did, because the prophet I heard, exhorted, admonished and proclaimed that these things are for the believer. He was against fanaticism, as I also am; and he was also against people throwing everything out the door, then just sitting down and folding their hands. I will never forget, when he started preaching the Church Ages, in December 1960, this one thing he did say, “I picked the men to be the messenger to their particular age of time, because of how the Holy Ghost used them and worked through them. Therefore I say to you, If the Holy Ghost working through a man back then, was that important, how much more is it also important for the true Bride of Christ to have a body of men in her ranks that God can work through. These gifts will absolutely be a part of what we see in the Church as time moves toward the end. True believers will have to get to the place that they are willing to be a part of that and seek God for it. As I say this, please do not ever think we are going to become a select few, who are the number one in any church. You are only what God’s divine grace has allotted you to be. Whatever gift He places in your life, that is absolutely His business. How often God wants to use you, is also His business, Just be sure you do not ever think, just because God has done something unusual for you, that you are to be the number one attraction, running the aisle, screaming, pointing your finger and saying, Yea I say unto thee, and Yea I say unto thee, Except you do as I do, you do not have anything. Some have done that, trying to make fools out of everyone else, and saying that they do not have anything. God does not want that kind of people running His Church. I say that with respect for every believer, because I know we all have different personalities. I say also, Every gift of the Spirit is going to be back among the Bride of Christ. There is not going to be anyone prophesying judgment, chaos, damnation, or anything else on anyone. These gifts are to confirm, to comfort, and to be a means of instruction and advice.


I am going to mention something, and let me say, I do not tell this because I want attention, but for the sake of establishing something I know from personal experience. That Spoken Word bunch go about things in such a way as to totally rule out what God may have done for others who love truth. I look back to the year about 1962. It was the spring of the year, and Bro. William Branham was coming back here for services. (We knew that he was coming back to be here for a certain weekend.) I went to prayer one night; and while I was in prayer, all of a sudden I started speaking in tongues, just a short message. At the end of it, God spoke directly to me. The reason I am saying this, is because there are people across the land that believe God does not speak to a man personally, like that. Well if you have never been there and experienced it, you might not know that He would. The words came out, My Son, prepare thyself, for in a moment of time when thou art not aware, thou will be called upon to give an account of that which I have laid upon thy heart. That was about three days before Bro. William Branham was to be back here on a Sunday morning to speak. We got ready that morning, our whole family, and went. We sat about five rows back from the front. Everybody had come early because we were all expecting Bro. William Branham to be there. The preliminaries of the service went along and finally Bro. Neville said, We are just waiting for Bro. William Branham to show up. He asked someone else to sing a special song. When that was finished, someone came to Bro. Neville and said something to him. Bro. Neville got up, and here are the words he spoke. He said, Brothers and sisters, I don’t want to disappoint you, since we have all gathered here, waiting for Bro. William Branham to come, but we just got word that he got home last night and this morning he is sick. He does not feel like coming here to preach this morning. Nevertheless, we do know this, that God is with us. Then he looked at me and said, I feel led to call on Bro. Jackson this morning, to come and bring God’s word to us. Well as I said, God had just spoken to me three days before that, “Prepare thyself, for in a moment of time, when thou art not aware, thou will be called upon to give an account of that which I have put in thy heart.” Well saints, I am glad I had something in my heart, because that made me feel nervous, being called upon like that. That was just one time: I have had it happen at other times also. I never intend to go around bragging about anything like that, but I do it to glorify God in it all, because I realize God is that Spirit that is able to lead, guide, direct and inform us, if there is something that we need to be aware of. That takes me back to another occasion. At the end of 1963 when Bro. William Branham had made church order, little did I realize why God had spoken this to me. This is going around the world; and I am glad, because I want everyone to know that God is going to speak to some people through these gifts, to fulfill precisely what He intends to do. It is not going to bring a bunch of glorification to any human flesh, but through that which is truly by His anointing, the Lord will be glorified and His people are going to be edified and instructed. It is going to help bring them together into unity; and will also be God’s way of confirming His presence among His people. Well I went into my bedroom on this particular night to pray. I had prayed for quite some time, when all of a sudden I started prophesying. Here are the words that came out of my mouth. “Yea, I say unto thee my son, as I speak unto you by my Spirit, that I shall be with thee, to guide thee, and to protect thee in all the ways wherein I would have thee to walk. I will be with thee when thou art looked down upon by men, and when thou art rejected by many.” No sooner was church order made, when that very thing started. I am not going to repeat all of that: I am only going to say, Some of you in here, (Please listen to what I am saying and the way I am saying it.) as this little Bride scattered all around the world, begins to get her eyes open and begins to see the truth in the right perspective, and learn how to allow hearts to come together in unity, you are going to see those gifts begin to be manifested in a way you have not seen before. All of this is going to put people together, and it is going to seal them. God knows how to speak, to encourage someone who needs it. He knows how to speak to warn them also, Don’t do that! In all of this, we must understand that it is His way of perfecting the body of Christ. I never want anyone to hang halos on my flesh, but as I look back through the past thirty some years, I will have to say, I thank God that He allowed me to see something and recognize it to be truth. If I have to stand for it all alone, I will do so, because I know somewhere out there, God has some people that are going to accept it and embrace it. God is going to have a perfected body of people when this Gentile age ends, regardless of what it may look like right now. Jesus Christ Himself, is the head of that body, but that headship is going to be manifested through a chosen ministry; not doctors of divinity, but men who have a revelation, and that walk among the people of God with love and humility in their heart. They will know exactly how to let God lead and direct them.


I have not preached the godhead to you except to say to you, Jesus Christ is not God! He is the Son of God. What has confused a lot of people through time, is what took place at the Jordan River, when John the Baptist baptized Him and heaven opened up, and a visible manifestation of the great eternal Spirit descended upon Him in bodily shape as a dove, and thereby became incarnate in the flesh of His only begotten Son. Naturally, from then on, as all the attributes of the great Creator Himself began to be displayed through the body in which He dwelt, (the body of Jesus) those who witnessed it back then referred to Him as the Son of God, but as generations passed, it became common for certain ones to proclaim that Jesus Himself is God. That is because they did not and do not have a true revelation of the godhead. They look at John 1:1 and John 1:14, and it looks to them like God just willed Himself to be born into the world from the womb of a young virgin, but that is not a true picture of what took place. When the Father came down and incarnated the person of His Son, He ministered to people through that vessel of flesh, putting on display all the fullness of all His divine attributes for three and a half years, while His only begotten Son was totally submitted to the will of Him that dwelt within Him. That is why He spoke to the people the way He did in John 8:26-29. “I have many things to say and to judge of you: but He that sent me is true; and I speak to the world those things which I have heard of Him. They understood not that He spake to them of the Father. Then said Jesus unto them, When ye have lifted up the Son of man, then shall ye know that I am He, and that I do nothing of myself; but as my Father hath taught me, I speak these things. And He that sent me is with me: the Father hath not left me alone; for “I do always those things that please Him.” It was God in Christ Jesus His Son, so it definitely takes a revelation to get the picture right. Wherever Jesus went, He was led by the Father ( Spirit) in Him. The things He taught, He would say, The words that I speak to you, they are not mine, they are His that sent me. Over and over He repeated that. When He said, “He that hath seen me hath seen the Father,” there are two ways to look at that. One, to hear what He said, and see the works He did, and know that God was in Him. Others could hear the same words and just walk away saying, He is a blasphemer. How come one wants to praise Him, the other wants to blaspheme Him? One saw something by the Spirit, and the other did not see a thing. God is going to have a people here in the last days that He can reveal spiritual things to. He will lead them, instruct them, and when He teaches them, they will gladly accept what they hear. How will He do that? By a chosen ministry made up of men who all speak as one. That is why I said a few nights back, The last prophecy in the Bible that vindicates what God is doing, is found in Isaiah 52:8. “Thy watchmen shall lift up the voice; with the voice together shall they sing: for they shall see eye to eye, when the LORD shall bring again Zion.” Please notice that the prophet put a time frame to the prophecy, When the Lord is rebuilding, restoring Zion. To a lot of people, it might not look like that is what He is doing over there. I have to say, we are seeing the preliminary work in progress.


I want to go back to the text I am using, in the epistle to the Colossians and make a few more remarks. The other day as I was reading this, I thought, God sent a man years ago, and the religious world did not recognize his calling of God. Some enjoyed the gifted part of his ministry, but did not want anything beyond that. It took the Spirit of God dealing with the hearts of some people, to cause them to begin to recognize that the man was sent with a message designed to point us back to the true revelation of the scriptures. The religious world has gone into chaos for lack of revelation, but it will not be so with the true bride Church. Those who just have religion, have a program, a certain thing they go by and it seems that most of it is materially motivated. Regardless of what you call it, what most of them have gone for has led them to a pitfall, an unexpected source of trouble. Those who once seemed to have had a great potential, have let the devil rob them of the most essential ingredient of all: a true revelation of the godhead and of God’s word; and those who know it, do not even seem to care. Well we just leave that in the hands of God and endeavor to be faithful ourselves, as we press toward the goal the apostle Paul wrote about in (Phil. 3:14) “I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.” As I was relating about the dual statements Bro. William Branham would make at various times, it was not in any way meant to find fault with God’s faithful servant: it is just to help you understand why God allowed it to be so. It is true, you will not find that anywhere, as you read letters and writings of the reformers, because they had a job to do that required them not only to be educated men, but also men who could stand up among the political structure and the pressures cast against them and fight against the way the Church, through those years of time, had been embedded in the political and social structure of the nations. As I look at it, God sent a man who did not have a religious education, a man who was not going to use a lot of “doctor of divinity” words, but just his own humble words to fulfill his calling. God was just going to speak through him in a simple way that could be understood by anyone anywhere, if they were diligently seeking to walk with Him in the light of truth. I thank God that he allowed me, a mortal creature, to hear what that man said through those years that I was privileged to sit under his ministry. Many times, when I first began to hear those dual statements, I would say, How can this be? However over a period of time I began to realize, God has allowed this, even ordained it, because in the ending of it all, He would let these dual statements serve a purpose in His separating process in the end time. God knew there would be an element of people that would take every word that man would ever utter and make it appear as though it was “Thus saith the Lord.” I will say this to any of the Spoken Word people, Do not ever think for one minute, that I intend to do anything to harm the image of that precious man. Never, would I do such a thing. In fact, I have defended the man’s name, image, and his calling, in the face of a lot of opposition. Years ago, when two of the men from the oneness movement came out with a book titled, “Branhamism, Fact or Fiction,” it disgusted me to no end, to think that educated men would do such a self serving thing. They could accuse the man, because they did not have a clue as to the purpose of God that was fulfilled through his ministry. They did not even bother to be sure of what they put out as facts. They even wrote that he lay in state, here at Faith Assembly Church. He actually lay in state at Coots Funeral Home in Jeffersonville, not Faith Assembly Church. Some people will say or print anything, if it goes to serve their own purpose, whether it is true or not. They have condemned the teaching of predestination when he preached it; and they condemned the fact that he was believed to be the Elijah of Malachi 4:5-6. I thought, For goodness sakes, where is Perry Green? Where is Dr. Lee Vale? Where are those educated men that could use all the quotes so eloquently? Why are they not defending the reputation of that faithful servant of God? It seemed that when something was thrown at them, they just stuck their head in the sand and tried to pretend it never happened. Because of that, I put together a message and had it put in print. I sent it right to the UPC headquarters in Missouri, and also to the man that was involved in writing the book. I never did get any response from either source. I am not bragging, but I believe when the time comes to defend something or someone God has used, He will inspire and cause the effort to make the guilty ones hang their head, simply because they cannot come back in rebuttal. Having said that I will continue with what I was on. I said some things this morning about the godhead, because I believe with all my heart, that in all that Bro. William Branham has said through the years of His ministry, his main objective was that we get back to the biblical teachings of the oneness of God, so that believers would understand the godhead by a revelation, because God is not a trinity of persons like so many believe He is. In fact, God the Creator is not a person at all. I want all the critics to hear this so I say again, God is not a person! He is an invisible Spirit: He does not have a form that can be seen by the naked eye. If you take the word “person,” and look it up in the dictionary, what does it describe? It pertains to a living human being. No one has ever seen God. He cannot be seen. However He has at times allowed certain ones to see a manifestation of His presence for some specific reason, but in reality, a spirit cannot be seen with the natural eye; and the scriptures declare that God is a SPIRIT, so it is unscriptural to refer to Him as a person, regardless of how you have been taught by denominational churches. God is that Spirit that fills the universe. That is why anyone, at any time, can reach Him in prayer: He is not confined to any one place. As pertaining to Jesus, the begotten Son of God, which was born of virgin birth, by a sovereign imputation of a cell of life in that virgin womb, He walked upon this earth totally human; and the last 3 ½ years of His time on earth, the eternal Spirit, the Creator of all things, the ONE that beget Him, became incarnate in Him. The Spirit of the Father joined with the spirit of His only begotten Son and they became one Spirit, so God was in Jesus manifesting His glorious attributes in the midst of and upon those that came to Him. The apostle Paul wrote, (2 Cor 5:19) “That God was in Christ, reconciling the world unto Himself, not imputing their trespasses unto them; and hath committed unto us the word of reconciliation.” The life of the Son, came out of the bosom of God Himself. We must realize though, that even though the life of the Son came out of God which is the Father of all creation, that still did not make the Son God. It was life that God imputed to the flesh, to give His Son an existence totally free of any genes of mortal mankind. Therefore that which was the word in the mind of the Creator before the foundation of the world, became manifested in flesh when Mary gave birth to the baby they named JESUS. Then it was no longer just a thought in the mind of the Creator, when He caused that thought to be manifested. That is how the WORD which John 1:1, says was with God and was God, became flesh that lived and walked upon earth with other people. It was not that God Himself became flesh, but by imputing that cell of life into the virgin womb and allowing everything else to follow the natural course of carrying and giving birth, that (WORD) thought in the mind of God eventually became human flesh that dwelt among mankind. (John 1:14) “And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, (and we beheld His glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father,) full of grace and truth.” Saints, I have to be thankful to God, for allowing me to be able to see the scriptures with an eye of revelation and put a picture together that helps others gain a revelation also. When we can get to the place that we can agree with what Paul said, and with what Peter said, not just here and there, but in all the scriptures, then it lets me know we heard the man of God the right way, and have allowed what we heard to put us back in the Bible, right where believers are supposed to be. The true Bride of Christ will not be in confusion, as she winds up her earthly journey. There will be no more confusion about what is, and what is not, concerning the godhead. We will all see it as it is. The Church did not start out in confusion; and it will not end up in confusion. When the head is allowed to manifest His presence in our lives, He will see that we all believe the scriptures the same: We will not be disagreeing on what this or that means, because revelation from the Spirit of God is always the same. Remember, God was in Christ reconciling the world unto Himself. The blood that Jesus shed at Calvary was sufficient to pay the sin debt of every human creature that would exercise faith to accept the provision. These are the ones God is reconciling to Himself. All others are allowed to go their own way, making fun of believers and abusing things that are holy until their cup of abomination is full; then they fall into the hands of He who gave them the breath of life and allowed them the same opportunity of everyone else. Even serpent seed got the breath of life from God, because He is the only source of life, but they will not inherit eternal life, because they cannot believe unto eternal life according to the scriptural provision for receiving it. Well we who are believers, know that Jesus Christ is the head of the body of believers, (the Church) just like Paul wrote in Colossians 1:18, “And He is the head of the body, the Church: who is the beginning, the firstborn from the dead; that in all things He might have the preeminence. For it pleased the Father that in Him should all fulness dwell.” That is speaking of Jesus the Son of God.


Christ is the head of the mystical body, the Church, so when we are subject to the head, we get the picture right. The word church, means called out. The scripture in Colossians also speaks of Jesus being the firstborn from the dead, and that in all things He might (or must) have the preeminence. When you check that word preeminence, in the Dictionary it says this, “Superior to or notable above all others.” Not that I think we have to go to the dictionary for that definition, but it is specific and we need to reconcile ourselves to the fact that He (Jesus Christ) is to be preeminent in our lives and our activities. Let me say this, We see in the scriptures, the apostle Paul talking about the Church, that Christ is the head of it, so that reminds me of another statement Bro. William Branham made along about the time he was preaching the seals. He made a statement something like this, The Bride will be raptured, but the church will go through tribulation. That is not even scriptural. Well what was he implying then? Keep in mind, the Bride is the called out Church, but he was using that terminology because that is the way the world looks at things. Therefore as he would refer to the church going through tribulation, that would be none other than the foolish virgins. In the windup, they are not the Church: they are a byproduct of what is supposed to be the Church. Remember, every gospel record written by the apostles is written specifically to deal with and lay the foundation of what the Church, the called out people, is to be founded upon, and in every instance Christ is the head of that body. Bro. William Branham knew exactly what was written about the Church and knew how to apply it, but in this case, his terminology was according to the way the world looks upon organized religion as the Church. I realize that I sometimes get to talking and I may aim to say one thing, and will say something else. Therefore if you ever hear something that sounds like I have made a double statement, please remember this, A person can have so much on their mind at one time, that even though you do not mean to, you can say something other than what you meant to say. That is why I want to say to all of you, When you know what I have stood for through the years, if I miss speak something, you just straighten it out in your own mind, because you who have been here for many years will know what I meant. I am sure God will help every person who is seeking the true understanding of His word; and enable them to hear it right. How many understand what I am saying? It is one thing to miss state something now and then, and quite another when someone just plain preaches something that is wrong. In my files at home, I have some of the most hideous statements from preachers, things that have come to me from the ends of this earth, so to speak, preached by men that have taken the messages of Bro. William Branham and put them together with a carnal understanding. They will not preach out of anything else other than those books. I have said many times, When I want to refer to something he has said, I will go to a certain book, but I do not preach out of those sermon books. I usually have it marked, what I want to refer to; and I know how to read what is in those sermon books, because I know what was meant. I do not have to listen to those men saying this and that, because they do not know how to understand what they are reading. I use certain things for the purpose of stressing a point. For instance, I am going to deal with something tonight, and I am going to read to you some facts, simply because I do not want people to say I am talking out of the top of my head.


When you read or hear preachers talking about the capstone ministry, I want you everyone to know, there is no such thing as a capstone ministry. How many realize that? I grant you, Bro. William Branham, at two or three different times, talked about the Church being brought together and finished much like the capstone that was supposed to be on the great pyramid. He would say things like this, The pyramid was never completed, it never had the cap put on it. For years I believed that and went right along with it. Many times I have heard him refer to a dollar bill: it shows the pyramid with the top on it, here is the capstone above with the all seeing eye of the Lord right underneath that. He had a book that he let me look at: The book was published by a name I was familiar with, the name Clarence Larkin, Dispensational Truths. He put in there all about the pyramid. He used to believe years ago, as different scientists from all over the world had studied the pyramids, that practically every arithmetic figure is represented in the angles of this pyramid, geometry, trigonometry, whatever you want to call it. As I listened to this I believed it, because he let me have the book to read. I want those that are Spoken Word people to know, I read the book, how Clarence Larkin brought it all out, that the Bible was supposed to have been embedded in the pyramid. However over a period of time, time itself proved that to be wrong, but it took years to do it. As I thought about it, it just never dawned on me, when he would say the pyramid was never capped. Therefore I am saying this today, because I want to get it on tape; and I want it to go around the world to all those that listen to me. I have been in Egypt twice; and I have been in those pyramids. Some of you were there with me. The last time we were there, they took us through the pyramid we are talking about today, the Cheops, which is the largest one of all. I asked the guide when I had a chance to talk with him, Was the pyramid Cheops, ever really finished centuries ago? He said, Oh yes. I said, Was it actually capped? He said, Oh yes. I never asked him why it is like it is now; I just let it go at that. In my travels, I met a brother one time that had spent time in England. He got this book that I have here with me. As I look back now I just have to say, Thank God, the man knew what I needed, because in here is the complete breakdown of the history of all ancient historians about the pyramids. When I got that, I looked at it and thought, All those huge pyramids, I just wonder what was going on in the mind of those men when they made such huge things? The world has written all kinds of theories, but that is all they are. This book will tell you archaeologists, mathematicians, geologists from different nations have gone there and studied the angles and everything, trying to come to some kind of conclusion about what the original masters that designed this pyramid, and the builders of it had in mind. What did they embody in them? Actually as far as I know, no one today really knows what was behind it all. It is a known fact, there was a knowledge of geometry science, that those people possessed back then, that really is not possessed today. I grant you, with our mathematical computers and everything, they can figure out exactly where a certain star is going to be so many years from now, what position in the universe and everything, but they have also found out in this pyramid, that there are angles and things embedded in the measurement of it that startles the historians and archaeologists and all today. No one can say who the mastermind of those things was, because they do not know who to give credit to. As I read this book I said, Thank God He allowed me to get hold of a book that opens up the knowledge of what is known about those things. In the light of what is in this book, I will say, If Bro. William Branham was still alive today and was allowed to have access to this book and read it, you can rest assured he would lay that old Clarence Larkin Dispensational Truth book aside, because that was a book of assumptions, based upon calculations. Truth, in the end will always ride triumphant over theories. I am not trying to counteract William Branham, because I understand where he was coming from. I am just using this to get to some of these characters that cannot say anything except what he said, whether it was right or wrong, whether they know the facts or circumstances or not. When a man is going to preach something that he cannot himself prove, whether it is fact, fiction, or what, I have to say, He would do well just to shut his mouth and keep quite, because God does not anoint you to display ignorance. He never has. It would be better for us, if we everyone keep our mouth shut until we know what we are talking about.


I remember the many sermons Bro. William Branham preached on the tree of knowledge of good and evil, and what happened in the garden of Eden, but after God took him off the scene, I said I would never preach on the serpent seed until I knew what that tree of life was and is. I meant it. I am not going to get up and assume something and preach on it as though I know what I am talking about, when in fact I do not know. I will just treat it as though I do not know until I am sure of it. I am thankful that God saw the sincerity of my heart; and that He let me have that dream when He did, that opened up the revelation to me. He came to me at a time when He knew I needed it. He gave it in such a clear picture, that I had no doubt about it. I have had a young doctor and nurses tell me, Bro. Jackson: this makes more sense than anything I have ever heard. I do not say that to brag: I say it because I am thankful to God, knowing that if there is a truth out there somewhere that needs to be revealed, somewhere, sometime He is going to let people know what the truth of it is. I thank God for that. It gives great peace of mind. Before the Bride leaves this earth, she is going to be exactly a Bible taught bride, just as is described by the apostle Paul. Christ is going to be the mystical head of it, because He will be in the five fold ministry doing the teaching. Every gift of the Spirit will be in the entire body. These gifts of the Spirit were in the Church in the days of the apostle Paul. We read the epistles of Timothy, how Paul talked to Timothy saying, Quench not the Spirit, stir up the gift that is in thee. Then it tells in the book of Acts, how God would use different people in different churches. As Paul was making his way back to Jerusalem, did he not say these words, I go back to Jerusalem knowing what awaits me, because in every city the Spirit speaketh that bonds and afflictions await me? It tells you, when he got to a certain place, Philip’s house, he had three virgin daughters that prophesied. We have a bunch of Spoken Word people today that say, We don’t need those things anymore. I say to you, Yes we do need them; and God is going to have a people that will have them in operation. When you get so ignorant of the reality of why they were in the early Church in the beginning, then do not look at me and say, We live in a better educated age. That has nothing whatsoever to do with how God will work in His true Church here at the end. We live in a day when the heart of human beings is spiritually ignorant. They think, because they know more about mathematics and science, they do not need the gifts of the Spirit of God working among them any more. I just have to say, when it comes to the workings of the Holy Spirit, The Holy Spirit has never hid those things from true believers, that are to be revealed in their day. He intends to manifest those gifts right back in the true body of believers here at the end of Gentile time, that was in the believers of the first age. I have said all those things to bring us to this point, because I want to read what this writer has said about the pyramid that was completed, and what happened, that it is not like that today, and why it does not have a cap on it. I can tell you exactly what the discoverers have said. I am going to put it right in the message; and I am doing this to let you know, It is about time some people get out of this thing of assuming that just because Bro. William Branham said this and said that concerning man made things, that they can broadcast it to the world as Thus saith the Lord, when they themselves have no history, facts or even clues of the reality of it. If he would have said ground hogs live on the moon, there is an element of that following that would believe it. Of course that is just a figure of speech on my part, trying to call attention to the pitfalls of presenting anything as fact, that you do not know for sure yourself. God despises spiritual ignorance, when truth is available and people just choose to remain in that ignorant state, never even willing to change their attitude toward certain things. I am going to read this right from the book, so that when I am finished, whoever hears it all around the world, if they challenge it I have recorded facts here in this book. I did not write it: It was not written by preachers: it is written by historians, and some of them were before the advent of Christ, some after that. The main writer researched all of this and compiled it into one book. I am going to try to read it so it will not be a dull subject.


Herodotus, (a Greek historian who lived in the 5th century B.C.) who saw the Pyramid about 440 B.C., by which time it was as ancient to him as his period is to us, says that each of the structures four perfectly triangular faces were still covered with a mantle of highly polished limestone.” That was in the 5th century B.C. They get this out of his writings; he saw it. In here are quotations from different historians who had been in it. It was a known fact in ancient times, as people of the mideast world would come as tourists, that this pyramid was an open item. They would explore the interior, writing their initials on certain things. You know how tourists will do that, write their initials on the walls or wherever they can.

Another historian, “Diodorus Siculus, the Greek historian who lived soon after the time of Christ, described the Great Pyramid’s twenty two acres of polished casing stones as being complete and without the least decay. (And it was an old item then.) The Roman naturalist Pliny gives a report of natives running up and down the polished sides to the delight of Roman tourists. A man who may have had a lot to say about the pyramids in the forty seven books of his history, was Strabo, the Pontine geographer, who took a trip up the Nile in 24 B.C. His history is lost, and in the geographical appendix which survived, he does little more than describe an entrance on the north face of the Great Pyramid, made of a hinged stone which could be raised, but which was indistinguishable from the surrounding masonry when it lay flush. (Meaning when it was closed.They knew the entrance stone in all the B.C. period. The pyramid was complete, and every stone was in perfect shape. Every angle of these triangular walls was precise.) “Strabo’s report was that this small opening gave onto a narrow and low passage, less then four feet by four, which descended three hundred and seventy four feet deep into the damp vermin-infested pit dug from the live bedrock, one hundred and fifty feet below the base of the pyramid. That this pit was visited in Roman times, was deduced from the initials supposedly written with smoking torches on the rough ceilings by wealthy Greek and Roman tourists.” (So it was a well visited, ancient item.) “Sometime during the early centuries of the Christian Era, the precise location of the movable door was lost. (Here it explains why.) It was a period when information of all sorts began to grow scarce, when worldly learning came to be despised and denigrated.” (Christendom said it was evil to go visit these pagan places, and they stayed away from them. When Christianity began to influence the total society, this story goes on and tells exactly what happened. Just think, Egypt’s libraries were filled with all kinds of ancient information, written by their historians, as well as geologists and such. However the era of Christendom, when they began to flourish, they came on with this idea that these ancient places were evil, and all were to stay out of them. Now I will read to you what happened.) Christianized Egyptians were forbidden access to the ancient temples, which were either seized or razed by the Catholics. Thousands of statues and inscriptions were disfigured, the hieroglyphs, whose meanings were already lost to most, became dead letters to the world, to remain so for the next fifteen hundred years. The great library of Alexandria, (This city lays at the mouth of the Nile, and was built in memory of Alexander the Great. It became the education center in the days of the Greeks. Wealthy people would send their sons and daughters to this city, to go to private instructors and get a good education, before the time when worldly learning came to be despised and ridiculed.) accidentally damaged by Julius Caesar and restored by Mark Anthony, was intentionally destroyed by a Christian mob on orders of the Christian emperor Theodosius in A.D. 389. All that was ancient was pagan (of the devil) therefore sinful. Those interested in mathematics and astronomy were persecuted and put to death for their inquisitiveness. Even women were not spared, as with the lovely Hypatia, who was seized by an angry mob incited by the monks under the control of St. Cyril, then bishop of Alexandria, dragged into a church, stripped naked, and scraped to death with oyster shells. Her crime was to have been the daughter of the celebrated Alexandrian mathematician, Theon, to have edited her fathers works, taught mathematics, and became a leading philosopher in her own right, renowned for her beauty, modesty, and learning. As the Dark Ages continued, little or nothing more was heard of the Great Pyramid Cheops.” The knowledge of how to get into it was lost. You can see how after hundreds of years of being forced to stay away from it, you are a devil if you go near it, caused all the Egyptian libraries to be robbed of all the writings. Let us see what happened to this great pyramid. What took the cap off of it? What put it in the state it is in today? “The first dawn of a renaissance came with the Arabs. When the followers of Mohammed swept into power in the Near East in the seventh century, and captured Alexandria in A.D. 640, (Notice) they found no libraries, (They had already been destroyed.) but a city of four thousand palaces, four thousand baths, and four hundred theaters. Impressed by the opulence of the city and the size of the Christian fleet, they decided to emulate both. (The Arabs have taken over.) The Mohammedans delight in navigation engendered a need for geography, which required astronomy and mathematics. (It tells what they began to do.) Harun’s young son, Abdullah Al Mamum, who came to the throne in A.D. 813, (Notice the year.) founded universities, patronized literature and science, and turned Baghdad (right where we have troops today) known as Dar- al- Salam, or City of Peace, into a seat of academic learning. (The Arabs were out for an education, while Christendom had frowned on and forbidden it and shut the door to it.) Described by Gibbon as a prince of rare learning, who could assist with pleasure and modesty at the assemblies of disputations of the learned, young Al Mamum was responsible for the translation into Arabic of Ptolemy’s great astronomical writings. This book contained astronomical and geographical data, including the earliest star catalogue which had survived, all of which knowledge had been lost to the west for centuries, but was of great value to the Arabs in their growing empire. Claiming that Aristotle had appeared to him in a dream, Al Mamun commissioned seventy scholars to produce an image of the earth, and the first stellar map in the world of Islam.”

I am now going to read what is written about this pyramid. “Arab historians, including one with the imposing name of Abu Abd Allah Mohammed ben Abdurakin Aikaisi, have recounted the tale of Al Mamun’s attempts to enter the pyramid. In 820 the young calipf collected a vast conglomeration of engineers, architects, builders and stone masons to attack the Pyramid. For days they searched the steep polished surface for its secret entrance, but could find no trace of it. (Now notice that this is in 820, and for days they had explored the surface of polished stones, seeing if they could find that entrance stone but could not find it.) Al Mamun decided to burrow straight into the solid rock of the structure in the hope of running across a passage. (There is no need of me reading to you how they eventually got inside, but after spending much time they eventually got in, once they did find the way into a great passage that went up where the burial chamber was, then as it went back down, then they found the stone. That big stone was built to hang on a hinge. When it was closed, looking from the outside, every crevice fit so smoothly it was undistinguishable from the other outside stones. They then opened it from the inside. Notice what happened, that all this stone disappeared. It picks up here.) “In a fury of disappointment, the Arabs ripped up part of the floor and hacked at the beautiful granite walls, even burrowing a short tunnel into a corner of a room, all to no avail. Legend has it that to pacify his disappointed men, Al Mamun had a treasure of gold secreted into the pyramid at night, amounting to just the wages due his men, and palmed off the coincidence on the wisdom and prescience of Allah. For another four centuries the great pile lay undisturbed on the desert’s edge, its outer casing virtually intact, its geometric shadows lengthening and shortening with the revolution of each year. An Arab historian who saw the pyramid in the early 13th century A.D. (Notice the date.) compared it to a great female breast rising from the bosom of Egypt’s desert. He remarked that it was still perfect except for the entrance carved in it by Al Mammun.” (1300 years after Christ, it was still perfect, except where they had chiseled away to find an entrance.) Subsequently a series of earthquakes demolished large parts of northern Egypt and the descendants of Al Mamun’s workers wrecked their revenge on the treasureless pyramid by stripping it of its (Notice now, here comes the dismantling of this pyramid, after it has stood for thousands of years.) precious limestone casing to rebuild their new capital city of El Kaherah. In the course of several generations, they managed to remove the entire twenty two acres of one hundred inch thick covering of the pyramid, and even built two bridges especially to drag the heavier stones across the river on camel trains to Cairo for the construction of a series of mosques and palaces.”

That tells you why the thing is not capped today. How many heard what I read? I wanted to read it to let this bunch of critics know, that the pyramid at one time was a finished masterpiece and stood for thousands of years that way. It was way into the Christian period when these Arabs, out of disgust, began to dismantle it. Think of it, twenty two acres of polished stones on the outside of these four angles, a hundred inches thick. Those stones were huge: you were not going to move them in a wheel barrow. They did not do that in one day’s time either. When we were there the second time, ten miles across the Nile River, was a Moslem mosque, and when we were taken there to see the monstrosity of this huge thing, we were told that some of the polished stone from the pyramid Cheops, had been brought across the Nile to help build this monstrosity of a mosque. At that time, I did not have this book, so it caused me to let a lot of thoughts go through my mind. When I talked to that guide, thoughts began to come about. I began to realize somewhere in time, something had happened that all that outer stone that was polished, was one of the wonders of the world, and it was taken off and used to build other things. I thank God tonight for truth, regardless of where we have to get it. The writer of this history tells you exactly why this thing you see on our dollar bill is pictured like that.

“When the American Revolution was followed by the French, and Napoleon set out to spread his political doctrines of Free Masonry, interest was rekindled in the Pyramid. The American revolutionaries had already gone so far as to adopt the ancient Masonic symbol of the Pyramid for the reverse of the Great Seal of the United States.” It is a known fact, that many of our early American founders belonged to the order of the Masons. How many know what the order of the Masons is? That is why I referred to the book Clarence Larkin wrote, because in there he uses the same picture. He wrote it, that the pyramid had a Bible written in the angles and so forth. I have to say to you, Since all this has come out and been exposed, it is a fact you cannot build a revelation on something of the natural world. I will take some scriptures to back this up. Why did Moses not mention that pyramid, since he was raised up in Pharaoh’s house? Then when the apostle Paul wrote the letter to the Hebrews, why did he not say that Moses was learned in all the ways of the Egyptians? The writer of Acts included that in his writings, (7:22) “And Moses was learned in all the wisdom of the Egyptians, and was mighty in words and in deeds,” so my question is, If there was something about that pyramid, even in the days of Moses, that was sacred and had a spiritual meaning, why did Moses not mention it? Think of it. He was God’s man of the hour, was he not? He wrote the first five books of the Bible, and in all of it he never referred to any of those things of Egypt. It begins to make sense now, Moses did not even consider it worthwhile. Yet he was an educated man. Is it possible that Moses could have been raised in Egypt and did not know what the thing was, or what it represented? I have to say, Anywhere he looked, he saw a pyramid, because there were hundreds of them spread along the length of Egypt, on the west side of the Nile. That is why I say, When men will just take something Bro. William Branham said, and use it like some of them have, they present an image of total ignorance, spiritually speaking. Bro. William Branham had a right to read something out of a book and use it for a little illustration, but when you and I take the same thing and try to build a revelation out of it, that is where I have to say, We had better get on our knees and pray. If we cannot preach it out of the Bible, we had better leave it alone altogether.