The Seals, Part 8

Rev. Raymond M. Jackson

Last verses of October issue below.

We both saw our parents on both sides give their hearts to the Lord in the light of the revelation we stand for. Well Bro. Jackson, are they in the Bride? No, I am not telling you they are going to be in the Bride, because they did not live long enough to receive the Holy Spirit and get a complete and clear revelation of the truth we have, but they do have eternal life. I pray that you everyone understand what I have said; and that you will understand what will yet be said in this message? I do know this, All of those such as our parents are going to be in that great multitude of Revelation 7:9, and be partakers of eternal life. Let me say this to clear up some things we are covering. My wife had an aunt, that had cancer; and right after we were married she was in the Corydon hospital. On a particular day she literally stopped breathing, her heart stopped beating: The doctors gave her up for dead, but before they could call the undertaker, a nurse went in and there she was, coming to herself. After she came to consciousness, she later said to me, Junior, I saw my mother. Her mother had died when she was a young girl. She saw her mother and talked to her. She said, What a beautiful place heaven is. She said, as she talked with her mother she said to her, I don’t want to go back, I want to go with you. But her mother said to her, No daughter, you have to go back, because your husband needs you. Therefore I have to say, whether you want to put her in the foolish virgins type or what, she knew exactly where she was going when the day came that she did die. That was before she ever knew about a shout or anything. How many understand that? Alright, my point is, when the shout did come, it did eventually wake up an element of wise and foolish Christians that were living back then. I thank God for what He has shown us, but think of the people that have been born since then. There are young people sitting in here today; and I hope you understand what I am talking about when I say to you, Young people, I say to all of you, Do not just take for granted, that because you were brought here by your parents or you followed your uncle here, or this or that, that you have it made as far as your personal salvation. Please do not allow the devil to cause you to look at it that way , because much is going to be required of you, in how you dedicate your personal self to the things of God here in these last days. We are living in an hour of time when there are many professed-to-be Christians that are following the flesh of someone they love or respect. If they get angry at me because of something I teach, they just leave here and go somewhere else. Some have already done that, simply because they are following flesh, instead of being led by the Spirit of God. For that reason, I want to remind you of something the apostle Paul wrote to the Roman assembly, (Rom 8:14) “For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God.” I am not preaching like this just to hurt people, I am preaching like this to let people know, that there is truth in this Bible that I understand; and it will guide the course of all who will let it. As for myself, I am not going to sell out to the devil, even if they all leave here and go some place else. I love my brothers and sisters, and especially the young people I am privileged to know and fellowship with, but I do know this, If the young people do not realize the importance of them having a personal relationship with God and being led by Him; and unless they know how to pray and talk to God, when dad and mom leave here, most of them will leave with dad and mom. What is the reason for that? There is not a revelation in them, to cause them to follow God’s word instead of human flesh. I have to say to all young people, For goodness sakes, know what you have in the Lord, know what you see, and know why you believe what you believe; and know for sure, that you are being led by the Spirit of God because you believe truth. You should not just sit down somewhere and keep asking everyone else, How do you see this and how do you see that? You have got to understand something that becomes a revelation to you, or you will be subject to those who would lead you astray for their own gain. That is why I have to say, When I woke up Monday morning, it was like my mind had been programmed with a thought and a picture. I do not want to hurt anyone, but I see an hour of time in front of us, when some will get their feelings hurt and say, He is preaching at me. Let me assure you, I am not preaching at any individual among you. I am trying to present to you a picture of something that has been made very clear to me; and I pray that you will absorb and draw from the picture, something you can apply to your individual life; and that it will cause you to want to draw closer to God and to the revealed truth of this hour of time. That is the only thing that will keep us stable in this hour of time just ahead.


If we are always looking for something to get hurt about, the devil will be there to tell you, He is preaching at you; and you do not have to listen to anything like that: you ought to just get up and leave. I will say also, We are living in a day when women like to take over. I am not talking about all women everywhere, because I have a wonderful wife and four daughters that are not like that, but wherever you go today, you are likely to find women running the show. If you go into a bank, they are running it. Regardless of where you go, at least in this nation, that is what you find. We just had an election in this country; and just look how many woman are in the Senate and Congress now. The IRS is about fifty percent women. America is telling the world, This is democracy. Well I say, It is more like demon-ocracy. Churches are being run by women, which is against Bible teaching, but who is going to put a stop to that? It becomes a spirit that drives them. I believe that women can be spiritual, but I have to say also, Women are not in a position in a church to have dictatorial powers to dominate and influence others as to what they should or should not do. I do not want to see any woman come in here telling other women, Now if you don’t like what your husband believes, you know what you can do: you can leave him. That is nonsense. That is a spirit of the devil talking like that. No woman is going to have a revelation from the Spirit of God to influence another woman to leave her husband and go here or go there doing the work of God. The scriptures are not written that way. The Bible makes these things very clear, so only a demon spirit would cause a person to preach otherwise. How many know what I have said? Do I have to spell it out step by step for you? We are living in a day and hour of liberation, according to the laws of our society, but if God is going to direct a man to have a truth from His word to declare to others, He is going to expect that little woman to have an ear to hear what is being said, and also to understand. God does not call men just to have them operate in confusion and discord. I am thankful to God, that my wife never said, I am not going with you: I am going to stay here. She was the first one to say, You know we are going to have to get out of that Methodist Church. We both realized it and did exactly that; and we did not allow what our parents might think, to influence us. I am saying this for a purpose. We cannot allow our relatives to keep us from following God in truth. Therefore I say, Young sister, young son, if God has laid on your heart a truth that is to separate you from something, from your in-laws, your brother-in-laws, or mother-in-laws, or anything, then you must be willing to pay the price of separation. If it is truth you want, and it is truth you are going to live; and if you have determined to stand for that truth, you must determine also, not to let anything or anyone keep you from it. Your brother-in-law may say you are crazy, so when he takes that attitude toward you, it is time for you to say goodbye to him. I want to assure you, that this is a day and hour that what you believe, if it is revealed truth, is sooner or later going manifest openly and cause you to shine. I will feed this next question in, along with what we are saying. (The question) I believe what you have taught on this, but still I have heard some people say that the non-Bride saints of the great multitude (That is the ones right here- chart.) and the foolish virgins (and that is the ones that will give their life in the tribulation period, here they are standing on the sea of glass- chart) don’t have the Holy Ghost. Please explain. That is why I said awhile ago, I am going to drop a basket in your lap. The gospel, when it started here, nobody received the Holy Ghost other than those who would live to the potential they were enabled to. I said, Nobody received the Holy Ghost that did not live up to the potential the experience brought to them. God just did not give it to every little old pig and cat that came passing by. Are you listening to me? He allowed the gospel to pass through many conditions and man-made changes through the ages of time, but when we come through all this and we are in the era of restoration, the time when He is restoring back the true revelation of His word, do not forget, that over here, is where the harvest of it all takes place. The living people of this era right in here (chart-in this present hour of time) are the ones with whom it is all to be finished, and this element will see the fulfillment of what Jesus said in Matthew 13:41-43. “The Son of man shall send forth his angels, and they shall gather out of his kingdom all things that offend, and them which do iniquity; (How are they going to work? They will work through preachers that are called of God.) (42) And shall cast them into a furnace of fire: there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth. (43) Then shall the righteous shine forth as the sun in the kingdom of their Father. Who hath ears to hear, let him hear.” This Bible reveals everything that is going to take place and admonishes us to follow truth, yet according to the words of Jesus, there will be those who will come along with an excuse. Did not Jesus say that some will come to Him in that day and say, Have we not cast out devils in thy name? Isn’t that the truth? Have we not prophesied in thy name? Isn’t that the truth? Have we not done many wonderful works in thy name? I have to say brothers and sisters, This is the day when all of that is taking place. You have preachers out here that have cast devils out of people, they have prophesied; and yes, done many wonderful things according to the natural way of looking at things. Is that not true? You everyone know it is. Well I want all of you to listen carefully to me, and do not look at me and say, Oh but they have a devil enabling them to do those things. If you think like that, you have the Bible going backward, because they will absolutely do those things by the anointing of the Spirit of God. Did not some say of Jesus one day, He casts out devils by the power of Beelzebub? How did Jesus reply to that remark? He said, If Satan cast out Satan, his kingdom is divided. Therefore I want to assure you that these things are not being done by the power of the devil. It is how God has anointed certain individuals to enable them to do these things, knowing they are not going to walk in the light of truth, so He uses them to bring about separation at harvest time. Do you understand what I have said? That is why you have men like Benny Hinn and so many more of them like him out there. I saw one of them the other morning, on TV. Why do you say that, Bro. Jackson? Look at the crowd that follows those ministries and judge for yourselves. I saw one woman sitting there crying and looking so holy, but she was wearing a sleeveless blouse; and you could see that she had a big tattoo on her shoulder. She had her hands in the air, worshiping God. The reason I am saying this, is because those preachers preach no standard of righteousness or anything that would lay a dividing line between right and wrong. They preach no revelation of truth, so those who follow them make their own judgment about what is right and wrong; and it is all done from a carnal mind. Those preachers preach a mediocre message to get folks interested in God and give them a religious thought or feeling. That is why Jesus said He would send forth his angels and gather out of His kingdom all things that offend; and them which do iniquity and burn them. That will be the tares of course. That is why I do not hesitate to say, There are hundreds, even thousands sitting in congregations this morning, that have no consciousness or knowledge of what a holy life is. They do not know how to present their bodies to the Lord as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to Him. Nothing like that is even preached to them. Well Bro. Jackson, you are mighty bold, to say that they are all tares. The kind I have described I say again without hesitation, They are tares, I said, they are tares, because they are not the drunks from the beer joint. It is people that can be touched by a religious spirit, but are never led to truth. That is why that gray horse rider is riding: to lead those who have no love for the truth right on in the road to destruction. He is rounding them up: that is his job. He is giving people false sensations. He puts a thought in their mind, You don’t have to be concerned about that, you just love your neighbor, just love everybody, love the Lord and everything will be alright. There are hundreds and thousands sitting in congregations today going along with this kind of gospel. He did not say He would send forth His angels and separate the beer drinkers, the John Dillinger types and the Al Capone types, did He? He separates the tares from the true seed. Brothers and sisters, you are living in a religious world, the cockleburs are growing head high today. How many know what I mean by cockleburs? If you get close to a horse that has been through a cocklebur field, and let him swat you in the face with his tail, you will soon know what they are: you will feel sure pain. That is our religious world today and I do not say that to belittle any individual.


We are living in a day when education has given everyone a mental opportunity to learn something, but if they do not have a hunger and thirst for the things that are important, they are not going to learn anything worthwhile. The devil can just pick them up and throw them into any kind of congregation and they will be satisfied, because it gives them the satisfaction of saying, I have religion, I love Jesus, so everything is alright. The sad fact is, That kind of attitude does not gain you anything beyond carnal recognition. That is exactly how and why many of those congregations today are being subjected to situations where some supposed-to-be preachers might say, The Holy Spirit tells me there is a person out there that has a terrible pain in your back and someone jumps up and says, Praise God! I am the one. In a congregation the size of many of those denominational churches, you could do that every service and it would get that response from someone. There are people in every service throughout the land, that have a pain in their back. I do not say that to make fun, but I say that to let you see that when we say the foolish do not have the Holy Ghost, we are only saying that they have not been filled with the Holy Ghost, as we find in the book of Acts: They have only an anointing of the Spirit, which in reality enables them to do many mighty works, but they do not have the full measure of that Spirit dwelling within them, or He would be teaching them all things, just like Jesus said He would; and they would not be foolish virgins or tares. (John 14:26) “But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, He shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you.” When you are comparing wise virgins with foolish virgins, you have to be aware of the fact that the foolish have not been FILLED with the Holy Ghost like the wise have. When you are filled with the Holy Ghost, you are taught by Him, so that you do not have to depend upon what you can memorize. Anyone can sit under someone that is teaching according to revelation, and memorize what they hear, but if what you hear, does not become a personal revelation to you, the devil can take it away from you. On the other hand, when someone has a true revelation given by the Spirit of God, regardless of who it might have come through, the devil cannot touch it. He cannot take from you, a revelation that has become a part of you. That is our assurance. Therefore I want to stress the fact that all wise virgins have been FILLED WITH THE HOLY GHOST; and not just anointed as the multitudes are. Notice, as we read a few verses, that those first age, original Christians were all FILLED with the Holy Ghost. (Acts 2:4) “And they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and began to speak with other tongues, as the Spirit gave them utterance. (The reason I have always maintained that speaking in tongues is not evidence that those speaking are filled with the Holy Ghost, is because an anointing of the Spirit of God also enables one to speak in tongues and prophesy. Even the devil can enable his instruments to do likewise. Look how he was able to duplicate the signs God gave Moses and Aaron when they were sent to deliver the Hebrew people from the bondage of Pharoah. You must be FILLED with the Holy Ghost.) Acts 4:31 And when they had prayed, the place was shaken where they were assembled together; and they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and they spake the word of God with boldness. (Acts 9:17) And Ananias went his way, and entered into the house; and putting his hands on him said, Brother Saul, the Lord, even Jesus, that appeared unto thee in the way as thou camest, hath sent me, that thou mightest receive thy sight, and be filled with the Holy Ghost.”I am trying to clarify this thing to help those who are truly concerned about understanding what is taught. One man wrote me and said, What do you mean by saying the foolish virgins only have a measure of the Spirit of God? I will use an illustration; and you must remember that God can do whatever suits His purpose; and we have no control over it. He knows who to fill; and He knows who to anoint without filling. Let us just say for illustration, that I go into a restaurant and say to the waitress, Don’t fill the cup up full, just give me a half cup of coffee. What did I actually say? I just asked for a measure of a full cup of coffee. That is how to describe a measure. How many believe what I have said? When God gives an anointing to those people who run here, there and everywhere, it is to produce the necessary separation, because we are in God’s harvest time. He just gives them a touch and that is all they need. Away they go. It is not that they have received His Spirit in the way wise virgins receive it: He has just placed an anointing upon them, and away they go, thinking that is all they need. When I look back to the years 1994 through 1996, which was when we had the moving of the Spirit here; and in some of the other churches we are in fellowship with; and then I think of the various ones that lay on the floor under the power of God; and how they would get up speaking in tongues, dancing and enjoying themselves, it gives me great concern now. Every time they came back to service, they were in the same shape, but saints I ask you, Where are many of them now? I know where some of them are: they are out in the world, living like the world. I just have to say, They did not receive the Holy Ghost like those did in the book of Acts, but there was an anointing that fell upon them at the same time the wise ones were being filled. Therefore both groups manifested the same way; and it was all by the Spirit of God. At a time like that, even tares get the chance to put on a show. How many know what I mean? That is exactly what has gone on in this world of religion for years now: God has allowed an anointing to fall upon a lot of people and they are looked upon as brothers and sisters of the faith of Jesus Christ, especially by the multitude they enjoy fellowship with, because it looks like they have the Holy Spirit. All their outward manifestations look that way, simply because God has just touched them here and there and allowed them to go on down the road of life believing they have all they need. God has used this means as a way to separate. He has been bundling tares for many years now, but we are at the end of the age, so there has to be a total separation taking place before the seven thunders begin to sound for the true bride Church. I do not mean to present false pictures, but we are living in a day when there is going to be a true separation, whether we like it or not. The true separation has got to be complete, because the wise virgins not only have the Holy Spirit dwelling in them, but they have a revelation and understanding of Bible truth, because they have allowed the Bible to speak to them. You cannot preach revelation out there in those big congregations, because they do not want it. They will not have it. To the people in the world that are hearing this today, I am not angry: I am just glad for the truth itself; and I am preaching it for all who will receive it. If I had to repeat it over again today, I would still say Goodbye dad, Goodby mom, I have to follow the Lord. Young people, you are living in an hour when others of the younger generation has risen up, some to be wise and some to be foolish. It is not because you heard the shout yourself, but you are now responding under the affects of what the shout was for. You have to make the choice yourselves, because no one is going to get a free ride on the faith of mom and dad. That is why I say, Young people, please, make sure you know what you believe and why you believe it. You do not have to yell and scream it, nor yell and scream because of the truth you stand for, but for goodness sakes, know what you believe and conduct yourselves accordingly. Do not let anybody talk you out of it. Be willing to say goodbye to dad, to mom, brother, sister, and all the rest that might try to hold you back from following truth. Now wait a minute Bro. Jackson, you can’t do that. Why can I not do that? Surely you would not say that I cannot repeat the words of Jesus at a time like this. What did Jesus say? I will read it to you. Turn to (Matthew 10:34) “Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword. (35) For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter in law against her mother in law. (36) And a man’s foes shall be they of his own household. (37) He that loveth father or mother more than me is not worthy of me: and he that loveth son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me. (38) And he that taketh not his cross, and followeth after me, is not worthy of me.” That is about as clear as it could be made: God must have first place in our life. He did not come to bring peace in His first advent, but to bring a sword. A man’s foes, or enemies shall be those of his own household. Dad and mom, watch how you speak to your children. If you dictate too much to them, those kids have a right to say, Mom, dad, I don’t want to listen to you anymore, because every time I get around you, you are preaching to me. That is the last thing on earth you should do. You are the last people your children are going to listen to concerning the things of God, if you have made a habit of preaching to them all the time. Teaching them right from wrong as they grow up is our responsibility as God loving parents, but when they grow up, if they are straying from those principles, do not just nag and preach to them every chance you get. Pray for them and trust God to work with them in conviction. That is the only way anyone is ever going to genuinely surrender to God, because it takes that conviction to cause them to acknowledge their need for God in their life. You may think that just because you raised your children up like, Don’t eat that green tomato, or cover your mouth when you cough, that when you are saying something to them out of the gospel it is the same. It is not the same. One concerns something going into their stomach, but when you preach the gospel, that is something that is going to affect their soul. That is why I say, When it comes to spiritual things, be careful how you talk to your children; you may only upset the apple cart. Young people I say to you, When you sit in a congregation, know why you are sitting there. Is it just an element of flesh that has drawn you there? If it is an element of flesh that has drawn you there, sooner or later God will take that person out of the picture and you may wind up following wherever he or she goes. I hope you understand what I mean. I do not want anyone to get hurt because of what I am saying, because I am not preaching it for that purpose: I am preaching it to let you know we are living in a day when we are all going to be touched by something. I had to look at this thing more than one way before speaking: Would I preach it or will I just shake it off and say, No Lord? If I don’t preach it, I will pay for it, but if I do, then I am not going to have tears flowing and someone else’s soul upon my shoulders. I hope you understand what I am saying. We are living in a day when separation is in the picture. I love my brothers and sisters, including all you young people. I would not do anything in this world to deliberately hurt any of you. I want to do everything I know to do, to explain these scriptures to you in a way that you can be sure you see them the right way. I will say though, that the most important thing is how God looks at you. He is the only one that already knows your destiny.


As I get back to another point of concern, some people will say, Well could there be some in that great multitude that have the Holy Spirit? We know this, the Bride seen in Revelation 19, not only have the Holy Ghost, they have a revelation also. That revelation is what separates them from everyone else; and that is why they are called wise. Where does wisdom spring from? This wisdom does not just come from your physical mind: there is a spiritual mind incorporated also. The fine linen apparel worn by the bride speaks of the revelation that is woven within the structure of the Holy Spirit they each received. That is why there are wise Christians, but as for all these others, no, you do not call them foolish virgins. This is where the foolish are, after the shout has come. This is a great multitude that has come out of every nation, kindred, tongue, not all at the same time, but as the gospel moves through time to get the Bride, so did it affect others that fall within this category. I will say this, Some of them received an anointing, which was God’s way of beginning to deal in their lives. But if that person never lived long enough to really get a revelation of what was going on in his or her life, they can have eternal life, but without any manifestation of spiritual gifts in a life, there can be no rewards beyond that. What I mean by that, you would have to read some of the anti-Nicene fathers’ writing to see how many times all Christians in certain towns were arrested and brought before the magistrates, some being new converts, while others had been living for the Lord quite awhile. They were all put in the arenas at the same time. The animals were turned loose and they were all killed, or in some cases burned at the stake. Therefore I say to all of you, Do not try to figure out whether this one or that one had the Holy Ghost. When we start doing that, we are wanting to know too much. It is God that looks on the scene, because it is God that put them in that group, not me. I pray you everyone realize that. That is why I say, If in this life, as we move toward this week of time, God can anoint certain individuals just with an anointing; and they can go out here and sway untold multitudes of people by praying for the sick, casting out demons, prophesying and all such, so that it touches the heart of multitudes, I have to say, He is like a man that goes into a restaurant and just gets half a cup of coffee. How many know what I have said? How many know what I meant by that? He thinks he has it all and convinces others that he does, but in reality he is just being used for this end time separation that had to come. He does not have a revelation: He just got an anointing that he ran the road with. That is why I said, There could be those that have a measure, but that measure does not bring a full revelation. The full revelation is something that only comes as God is allowed to teach and instruct His called out ministry. That is why I say this morning, To the living Bride people right now, this book is going to come alive, and it is going to talk to you for your individual edification and enlightenment. As it does, you are going to become more and more convinced that God is showing you something for your spiritual uplifting and growth. The more you feel uplifted, the more hungry you are going to become for it. It is just the opposite of that with the foolish virgins. They are just as content with a little something that can pacify the mind. I never realized I would be dealing with this at this time, but when I pulled this out of my library and saw that newspaper, I said, I remember, that in 1963 Bro. William Branham began to talk about this spirit, what that gray horse rider would do. Now forty two years later, look what it has done. I have to say, Thank God for truth that the Holy Spirit can take off the pages and put in your spiritual mind and heart. It gives you a feeling inside, of knowing God has done something inside you that man cannot change or take from you . It is to make you and me more and more into the image and likeness of Jesus Christ.


I want to say something to all of you in a true, godly, Christian way. I am thankful that God made it possible that Faith Assembly could be represented to the world in different places by the internet, through the means of a computer. I know there are many sitting in their homes tonight because they live in isolated areas where they do not have a place where they can go to church. I have received e-mails from them, telling how much they appreciate what they hear. I just pray that God will always help us present something out there that is true and uplifting. Allow me now, to say to the Faith Assembly people, I pray that we here in Faith Assembly do not go to sleep and find ourselves sitting at home, watching the service on the internet rather than assembling with your brothers and sisters. If you are sick, may God bless you in being able to watch it that way. I have a reason for saying this, because there is a scripture hanging before us, I believe it is found in Hebrews. Forsake not the assembling of yourselves together, as the manner of some is, seeing that day approaching. God called us as His children, into a fellowship. You and I know, if you are sitting miles and miles away in an isolated area and you cannot be in the fellowship of a body of people anywhere in this faith, but you have an opportunity to listen to it on the internet, may God bless you every one, wherever you live. However I have to say to those in the immediate area, Please, let us not go to sleep. When I look back twenty years ago, to a time when we had not even thought of an internet, and remember some of the old saints that started out with us, they had to be awful sick to stay at home instead of assembling with us. Usually, when they were not here, you knew they were most likely at home sick. I know it is mighty easy many times just to say, Well, I have to work tomorrow, so I think I will sit at home tonight and watch the service on the internet. I have to say to you, When I first started the church fifty years ago, I worked a lot harder in the field than any of you do in your office work today, or in a hospital or wherever you work. What I was doing, I was either out there combining soybeans or wheat, baling hay or picking corn. Many times I worked real late, came home right quick to get ready for church, and my wife would already have the cows milked, so I would clean up as fast as I could, jump in the car and come to church. I wanted to be in the assembly with my brothers and sisters, even if it was only a dozen. That meant more to me than anything else I could be doing. For me to stand here and look you in the face means a lot more to me, than being able to preach to you while you are sitting at home with your shoes off and your feet propped up on a footrest. You may relax and think, This is wonderful, to be able to listen to a church service like this. Well physically that might be the way you feel, but spiritually I will ask you, Were you able to shake anybody’s hand and say, Hello brother? It is easy to take for granted the opportunities we have through the internet, but let us not become lazy and neglectful. I thank God for it as I think of what it does for people who cannot attend meetings. If you become sick, may God bless you as you are able to sit at home and listen to the service. But please saints, we also need to understand that we have an admonition, Forsake not the assembling of ourselves together. I have to say, That is our first and foremost duty and privilege. We, as children of God ought to show interest, love and affection toward our brothers and sisters. The Bible is going to look right at us one day if we fail to. You would not like it if I said to Bro. Allen and Bro. Bud, From now on we are going to put a camera in our home and just preach from home and transmit it and let everyone get it however they want to. It is a two way street we live on you know, so let us treat church attendance in a way that shows we appreciate that privilege.


I will now get back into the line of the message we are dealing with. A sister told me tonight about an article in the paper, that made mention of these things we have mentioned, the dates and everything, and how that the pope was saying they were going to do everything in their power to extend the hand of fellowship to the denominational daughters, so they can come and fellowship. That is what it says right here in this article. This article was printed in 1962, but that council did not actually materialize itself, until about 1963 or 1964. Just think, that gray horse rider has been riding every day since then. In the line of some of the questions we were dealing with this morning, I have a question here and want to answer it as wisely as I know how. The question is, Can you be sitting here today in the Bride’s message, and be a foolish virgin, or are they all out in the denominations now? I am going to explain that by going to the chart. I myself represent that living generation that was alive and heard the man that brought a message, that became the message that drew the line for the fulfillment of Matthew 25, concerning the wise and foolish virgins. What we have to understand, is that many of those people that were back there at that time, would fall under the foolish and the wise categories, and they brought children into the world since then. How many know what I mean? That is why I said this morning, The foolish virgins were not all living on one side of the railroad track, and the wise on the other side. We were individual families, individual people, scattered throughout the world of religion. When that man came with that message, something began to deal with our inner being. Some that heard it, after a while soon forgot all about it. I met some of them later on. When my wife and I heard it, it was different with us. I look back at the condition we were in, going to an old sleepy denominational system of Methodism. Where we were going to church, there at Rogers Campground, according to the Methodist records of the state of Indiana, that is one of the oldest churches in the southern part of the state. It was named Rogers Campground for a reason. When that land was homesteaded way back there in the early days, a man that came there to homestead, owned many acres of land. There was no church then, so over a period of time, he being a Methodist, let it become known through the countryside that at a certain time in the summer season, he would make a way that people could come and make camp there. They would have a camp meeting; and some said it used to last two and three weeks. There is a creek nearby, where they were all baptized. In the years that followed, this man donated the land to be used for church grounds. The original building was a log building. It was not long until the log building was not big enough to accommodate those who went there, so they built a frame building in its place. Over a period of time, that building burned; and it was replaced by the building that is there on that site yet today. It still had a congregation when my wife and I were going there. When God touched our hearts and we saw the light of this truth and left the system, I remember saying to my wife, Honey, watch, we have left, but there will never be another Methodist pastor take this church over. It was not long until the young student pastor that ministered to the total charge of five churches, left. Finally they made a rule that the people that did still go there should go to the Elizabeth church. There have been other individuals that have opened it for services like a mission work, but not the Methodist Church. Today, the building sits there as a memorial to what Methodism used to be. I am thankful to God for bringing us out of the Methodist system. He awakened us spiritually and we saw the light of truth. Because of that, I am thankful to God He allowed us to begin to meet people from all different walks of life, as they came to gather around the ministry of Bro. William Branham. What we must remember, is that the original shout came to only one generation of people, but it has echoed down through time allowing other people that have been born into those same families to come face to face with the same choice the original generation had to face when they heard the shout. That is why I have to say, Yes, it is alright to believe that there can yet be a young person sitting among us that is not in the bride’s message, and I do not say this to be picking on anyone. However we are everyone responsible to God for what we have heard, and for what we have done with it. You are responsible for how it has affected your inner being. This is a personal thing with each believer. No one else can decide for you. Remember, the objective of the gospel is to call out a people that will bear the name of Jesus the Christ, and be prepared and made acceptable as a part of the body and Bride of Christ. We are literally to exemplify Christ in our everyday Christian walk. As we look back to the old systems of religion we came out of, it is obvious that those systems are dead. Yes, I said they are dead. They are sitting full of people that are going through the rituals of some kind of worship service, but many of them sit there just enduring the rituals of it, not having any hunger and desire whatsoever to know truth. The biggest percentage are content with what little program they are entertained by. I want to say this again, There are not as many foolish virgins at large today, as you think there are. You see all that in that denominational structure and think that is all foolish virgins. They are not all foolish virgins. There can be a few individuals out there still yet, scattered in that, but the biggest percentage of that structure out there is nothing but tares. You say, Bro. Jackson, I know good people out there. Well I knew good people forty years ago too, but you could not tell them anything they would accept, and I dare say, You cannot find any out there today that will accept the truth. Try it. They will let you know real quick, I don’t want anything to do with that. They think you are a fanatic. That is why it behooves us to be very wise as to who we are talking to and what kind of religious conversation we are having with them. Some people have the idea, Well the Bible admonishes us to be a witness. Some people wind up being blabbermouths instead of a true witness of the mercy and grace of God. They think they know so much and that everybody has to listen to them. That is not being a witness. Being a witness many times is going down the road keeping your mouth shut and waiting for God to give you an opportunity to say something worthwhile. If God is in it, He will give you the exact opportunity to say something. If you say it wisely, God might use it to affect somebody for good. Too many times we take it upon ourselves to do something for God and we are out trying to preach to everybody we meet; and far too many times, telling them things we ought not be telling.


Back in the 1950’s and into the 1960’s, there was a fellow that had been converted from the street gangs, the Switchblade Knife and such. His name was Nicky Cruz. Those people like that were caught up in a kind of religion that has everyone out somewhere beating their gums together, preaching to everyone who will listen to them. I remember back then, the testimonies that were written about this fellow and how the denominational churches would pay the way to fly him from place to place, so he could preach to them about how God had delivered him from the dope gangs and such. Well over a period of time, that served its purpose and then the man dropped out of sight. On the other hand, when God brought Bro. William Branham upon the scene, he brought us a shout, something that truly served a prophesied purpose of God. His message has lived on through the years and awakened a people who are being made ready to meet their Lord. I am thankful that God woke me up, and I am thankful for every person that was awakened by his message to this age. Young people, be thankful for what you know you have, and be thankful for what you have learned in being faithful to God. You will soon realize what is taking place, as this spirit of separation continues to work among all who profess to be believers. That separation is going on right now and has been for quite a while. You do not just suddenly look up and see it, but it is affecting people everywhere. There are some people that are going to follow the flesh of some loved one, or someone else whom they have confidence in, regardless of what they hear. Wherever their leader goes, they follow right along. When my wife and I heard Bro. William Branham, we had sat under Oral Roberts, Gordon Lindsey, W. V. Grant, Velmar Gardner, and many others. We were hungry for something from God that we did not have. When they were in Louisville at different times, after we had listened to them and watched the affect of their ministry, we came to a conclusion, that there was just one little man ordained of God to bring a message that we needed to hear. He delivered that message and we received it. He left a message in my heart, that eventually caused me to check off all those we had ran everywhere to hear. I said in my heart, This man brought a message that pointed me back to the Bible. Those others would just preach about Jesus, and they had a little program that to some people was very exciting, but when that was over, what you had heard was not sufficient to direct your spiritual life in a way that would lead you into real growth in the stature of Jesus Christ. I am thankful tonight, that since the death of Bro. William Branham and many of the older element of believers that heard the shout, there is left a younger generation that has grown up and came into the knowledge of what the shout was all about. I am also thankful to God, that I have been privileged to meet many of them. I pray that God will keep on blessing them, helping them to see where the path of faithfulness to the revelation of His word is taking them. That is why I said this morning, Young people, be sure you know what you believe; and above all, be sure you know why you are sitting here instead of just following excitement. If you are just sitting in here because of an uncle, aunt, dad, or mother, you followed here at some time, you are very likely to follow them out if they decide to leave. If that is why you are here, I have my doubt that you have much to go on. I do not say that to belittle you, but you must be born again and follow the Spirit of God. The new birth does not always let you follow dad or mother. How many realize that? The new birth is an individual relationship you have between yourself and God. You are thankful for what He has given you, and you are thankful for the knowledge He has given you concerning true discipleship. If you are one of those that He has called to be a wise virgin, you are not going to be content with a little sermonette and a lot of man-made excitement. As you pray and study God’s word you find that what Jesus said in John 14, is really working in your life. (John 14:26) “But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, He shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you.” No. It will not all happen in one day’s time, but it is the Holy Spirit’s business to let you come each day into the knowledge and accessibility of some truth in the word of God. That is why it is written in (Rom 8:14) “For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God. These are they that are going to be the wise virgins. That does not rule out the foolish one, so that we say they are not God’s children. They are God’s children, but there had to be a reason why they have been referred to as foolish virgins. It goes to show that their attitude is not the same as the wise virgins. They are not hungry for revealed truth. They go by sight, by feelings, by fleshly attachments, emotions and urges. You cannot follow somebody’s flesh and wind up a victor over the devil. The Bible goes against that altogether; and you everyone know it. We are to follow the Lord Jesus Christ in the light of what He reveals to each of us. I am saying these things tonight as humbly as I know how, trying to show people we are living in the season when God’s harvest is taking place. I can look back over these forty two years and I have to say, That gray horse rider has really been riding hard. It has galloped into every denominational realm on the face of this earth. Some of those congregations are very large, but notice when you watch them on TV, how the sermons they have on Sunday morning are very mediocre, just enough to pacify religious people who have no real hunger for the things of God. What those preachers preach, has no depth whatsoever. The people that sit there are actually sitting there being entertained mentally, with a very mild form of the gospel. If in those congregations, there happens to be a wise virgin that came in there as a young person, over a period of time such a one will begin to hunger and begin to seek something that is spiritually fulfilling. The same old diet, the same old menu, nothing new week after week, really whets a hunger eventually. Every time a wise virgin reads the Bible, they see that there is something going on scripturally, that they are not partaking of out there in those places. That is why I have to say tonight, We are in the final stages of separation, time is running out, so it behooves us to have our eyes open, our ears unstopped and ready to recognize what God is doing. I do not say these things to make anyone feel ashamed or little. I want you to feel lifted up and edified, because, when it is all said and done, the wise are going to shine like the stars of heaven. That is what the scriptures say. How many agree with that? Some people might say, He is telling me I have to go off and leave my dad and my mother in order to be in the bride of Christ. I did not say that at all, but I did say you have to have a personal relationship with God yourself; and it may eventually require you to go another way than what your relatives are going: You cannot get a free ride to glory, just by hanging on to someone else. It might have been through your dad or mother’s influence that you were led here, but there is no such thing as you falling heir to salvation and the plan of God, just because you are the son or daughter of Bro. and Sister So and So. It has got to be an individual thing, or you are not in the bride at all. If your attachment to your parents, or to anyone else would keep you from following the leading of the Spirit of truth, it may require you to separate from them. That is why many have had to break away from various attachments, because God requires first place in your life. I will go so far as to say, If there would be a foolish virgin sitting among us, I am not going to walk down the aisle and point my finger at you and say, What in the world are you doing in here? Why don’t you get up and get out of here? I am going to view you from the very best, the most positive side of everything until the Lord Himself puts you where you belong. I know that over a period of time as God allows truth to be preached by me, Bro. Allen or Bro. Bud, that truth sooner or later, is going to have a meaning to you, if you are a wise virgin, regardless of your age. However, if for some reason you begin to feel in your heart, Well there is just a lot I do not understand, brother, sister, I do not want to hear that, because I have heard many others say, God led me here; and the first thing you know, they have gone somewhere else. Are we supposed to go around pumping them and asking, What are you doing here? I have to say, If you are called of God as a wise virgin, somewhere down the line as you travel the pathway of life, something happens and God puts a hunger in your heart and there begins to be a question in your life, Lord, where do I belong? Lead me to where truth is. You do not come down the road yelling, Somebody take me to where the truth is. You just keep on praying and seeking God, and sooner or later God will lead you right in the door where you will find what your soul is hungering for.


When God leads you to a place of worship, you will not go there very long before you are saying, God led me here and I am enjoying what I am hearing. You might hear a few little things that are hard on the flesh, but please do not take offense at it. Wherever the word of the Lord is preached, there will always be times when what you hear is a little hard on our traditional ideas, but the truth will set you free from Satan’s bondage. I can take you back to when Bro. William Branham lived and preached for an example. Many times, in the deep messages he brought, he would not say a half dozen words until he was talking about women’s hair. Some people took offense at that and said, Every time he opens his mouth, he is talking about women with short hair. Your attitude is important to spiritual growth. If you will sit and listen with an open mind, what is said will lead to a lot deeper things than that. However if something to get sore about was all you were listening for, it is always there. That is why I say today, I want to say everything I know to say, to give every person a chance to say we are here because God has separated us from the religious world out there, to be wise virgins. It is true, that we do not all learn at the same pace, but if we will be patient and wait on the Lord, sooner or later we will learn. When we first started going to the Tabernacle we heard many things that were strange to us, especially the serpent seed thing. When I began to hear Bro. William Branham say those things, I thought, My! What is this? That was in the 1950’s, before they were teaching sex education in schools like they are doing today. I thought, Wow, this is really something. On the other hand I thought, Well it makes more sense than anything else I have ever heard along that line. It sure makes more sense than the serpent throwing Eve an apple to eat. Over a period of time we settled right in. If I had got sore at that, I would probably never have stayed for what I needed in my soul. I just put that in the back of my mind like a filing cabinet and said, Lord, there are things I do not understand, but one of these days, Lord, I ask you to help me understand this in the light of the scriptures. I thank God there came that day. It was just like the Lord said to me, Go get that which you have filed away. When I began to look at that in the light of the scriptures, there it was, the vindication I needed. That is the same way it is today, if you hear something you think is a little bit harsh or hard for you to swallow, don’t gag and spit it up. Put it in a filing cabinet in your mind and go on down the road of life. If it is truth you have heard, I guarantee you, one of these days when you think you have forgotten all about it, the Lord will say, Remember that? Now go get it. That is a promise of Jesus, that the Holy Spirit will teach every true believer whatever they should know of the things of God’s word. He will come into your life because Jesus said, Howbeit after the Spirit of truth is come He will teach you all things, and He will bring to your remembrance all things whatsoever I have told you, and He will show you things to come, past, present and future. That is the truth and we can depend on it. There are a lot of people sitting in congregations today, that are not hungry for past, present and future things in the Bible. There are some, when they have heard it once, they do not ever want to hear it any more, whether they understand it or not. I will say this, Don’t take an attitude like that, lest you wind up wanting to know something and it will not come the way you want it. People like that, could never explain the entire picture to somebody else who is a stranger to it no matter how hard they try. I am very thankful to be living in the hour of time I know we are living in, and to know we do not have fifteen years left, not even ten years. Have you been listening to the News? The devil is turning every kind of spirit loose in this world. Over here in Louisville, is the Presbyterian Church headquarters of America. They have been publishing articles and talking about how the Palestinians have been mistreated by the Jews. All of a sudden they receive some threatening words because of it. Evidently it is some Jews somewhere retaliating with some sort of remarks of criticism. It is coming in a way the Presbyterians do not like. I would just have to say to those Presbyterians, What in the world were you thinking and talking about in the first place? You do not even know the Bible, or you would not make such remarks concerning what is going on over there. The fact that you don’t even know the Bible, and therefore talk negative about the Jews, lets me know you are nothing but a bunch of tares. You are talking about something you do not know anything about; and you are inviting trouble for yourselves. I am thinking of another example of Satan’s maneuvering: How many have heard on the News, of the man in Holland who made this certain film on how the Muslims had been mistreating the Jews. When he developed this film, they then captured him and cut his throat. I am saying this to let you know we are living in a day when God is dealing with His people in different ways, to get them separated and grouped right where they need to be. That is because He is going to cause those who truly are wise virgins to shine like the scriptures say they will. When He gets all the tares out of our midst, we are going to know that it was God that did it, and not Raymond Jackson. Do you understand what I mean? I am not here to separate you: I am only standing here to give you truth as it comes out of this book. I was asked the question this morning, if the foolish virgins of this period of time did not have the oil, which is the Holy Spirit, then none in here would have the Holy Spirit. (Chart) But remember this, I have lived to see a lot of people out here in the denominational realm, so that is why I said this morning, I am not standing here to tell you they have the genuine baptism of the Spirit as John referred to it, but they have received an anointing, and God can do with His Spirit whatever serves His purpose. It did not start that way, but over here where He says He is going to separate the tares from the wheat, He has every right to use any means that is pleasing to Him, to do what must be done. That is why He said He would send first His angels (Angels always work through earthly vessels.) and gather out of His kingdom all things that offend. (Mat 13:40) “As therefore the tares are gathered and burned in the fire; so shall it be in the end of this world. (41) The Son of man shall send forth his angels, and they shall gather out of his kingdom all things that offend, and them which do iniquity; (42) And shall cast them into a furnace of fire: there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth.” In another place it says, and gather the tares and bind them in bundles. ( Mat 13:30) “Let both grow together until the harvest: and in the time of harvest I will say to the reapers, Gather ye together first the tares, and bind them in bundles to burn them: but gather the wheat into my barn.” I believe it is very clear that separation is a work of God in the time of the end. I know it is hurtful to see it taking place, but that is out of our hands: It is not our decision to make. Yes, He uses men whom He anoints to preach truth; and it is the unadulterated truth of His word that make-believers cannot stand to sit in the midst of. Tares are found in more places than we can imagine. We are not commissioned to go out searching for tares: God knows where they are; and He knows how to get them bundled together.


Brothers and Sisters: I want to remind you that there is a vast difference between Christianity and religion. The devil has religious people scattered over the face of this earth. When you look at all those denominations out there in the world today, that have thousands of people sitting there in their services, do you think they are hungering for the truth of God’s word? Do not try to paint a picture to me, that a whole lot of them are foolish virgins. I know better than that. In most of those places, You are looking at great big bundles of tares that have already been gathered together. I know it is hard for some people to see that, because they look at the flesh and say, But Bro. Jackson, I know certain people out there, and they are good people. Shame on you. You do not even know what good people are. I should not have to remind you, that back in the days of the ministry of Jesus on earth, there were some good Jews in every crowd, but when that same crowd was exposed to the things Jesus taught, and they reacted as they did, what was His remark to them? You can read it in John 8:44. “Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it. In the next verses He went right to the source of their problem: They could not stand to hear truth (45) “And because I tell you the truth, ye believe me not. (47) .”He that is of God heareth God’s words: ye therefore hear them not, because ye are not of God. Jesus did not hesitate to say to those who opposed Him, Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father you will do. That is why we are witnessing some of those same manifestations in our day, tares cannot stand to sit and listen to the true revelation of God’s word. That bunch did not want to hear or believe one word Jesus was saying, let alone witness the things He was doing. That is why they accused him, Oh He casteth out devils by the name or power of Beelzebub. That is why I say, In this religious world out there today, all that some of those preachers can preach is a little touch of divine healing and Jesus loves you, and He wants you to prosper, so you bring me a thousand dollars and I promise you, God will keep His promise to you and He will bless you with a big pay check next week. Does that sound like anything you have heard out there? I have heard plenty of it, when I was going everywhere searching for what my soul hungered for. How many know what I have said? That is about the extent of their revelation. It is not even in the scriptures like that. Therefore I say to you, We just as well accept the fact, we are not only in a harvest season, but it behooves us to search our own hearts. When I get on my knees to pray I say, Lord, help me above everything, not to have a selfish, greedy motive in my heart, that I would want to exalt myself above any other brother. Actually I am no better than the least of you, but when I look at the things God has allowed me see, even after the time when I used to say, The Bible ought to be in everybody’s home, but don’t get too close to it, He caused my eyes to be opened when His word was preached to me. I have had to get close to it, because something drew me to it. It was not me running after it just to see what I could find out: it was the Spirit of God that drew me to it. He has let me see things in here, that I want to use to help people see the right picture, as we all journey down this road toward the end.


I have another question here, and I think most of it was answered this morning, but I will read it and see. From the time of the shout to the beginning of the week, will there be foolish virgins as well as white robed saints come out of this period, or will it just be foolish virgins? I have to say this, If there are foolish virgins coming out of this period that has reached into another generation, it has to be the younger generation of the older ones that lived back here when the shout was made. Do you understand that? If you lived in the days when the shout came, and the days of the man that brought it, you would be an old man or woman now. Look at Bro. Glenn. Look at me: I am now 80 years old. I did not ask God to let me live until I was 90 years old. I never had any idea how old I would live to be. However as I look at how God has led me during these years since I began to hunger after His word, I have to believe God did it for a specific reason. I will say with all humbleness, God allowed me to be a witness of the man that was the vehicle He used to bring a shout to this age of Christianity. By His grace, He let me hear it in a way that kept me from getting my mind all tangled up about the shout, about the quotes, and about saying it exactly like the prophet said it. There are men out here today that can only say, The prophet said this and the prophet said that, but they know nothing beyond that. I am very thankful for the fact that God let me get beyond that satanic trap. I can say this also, If there are foolish virgins to come out of this period of time, it has got to be in the younger generation that has followed in the foot steps of the generation that actually heard the shout. How many understand what I mean? They that are foolish will be left here when the bride leaves. Once that week of time opens, there will be no more foolish virgins or any type of believing Gentile people produced. The people that are in this category were all produced before this week of time opens. Everything that is in this group as time runs out for Gentiles, will be foolish virgins and wise virgins: The wise virgins are going to be in the Bride and will be raptured. Right? Have you got that? When that week opens, all those in the category of the foolish are going to be in that group that goes through this period of tribulation and they are going to be martyred unless they die from something else first. Those that are martyred are going to be seen standing on the sea of glass when they are raised up. That is the difference between the foolish in the multitude and these on the sea of glass: Those on the sea of glass are martyred in the last half of the week of Daniel. They will all come out having the same kind of white robes. Why does God separate these from the others? There is a simple explanation. In one scripture, (Mat 19:30) we find these words, “But many that are first shall be last; and the last shall be first.” I used to read it like that and thought, That is confusing: what does that mean? It makes it sound like He is saying He loves the last ones better than He did the first ones back there. Well I now know that is not it at all. It is because these that are seen standing on the sea of glass, are those that are killed in the last half of that week and that is their spirits seen on the sea of glass. Some of them are Jews and the rest are foolish virgins that have come out of this era and come into here where they are killed. I want to say, There is not going to be as many foolish virgins as you think there are. Please, do not make the Bride a few hundred and the foolish virgins a few thousand. You confuse the picture if you do. I am going to say something later on, but to help you see this religious world out here, I will say this much, An awful lot of what you see out there in the religious world, may not be tares or foolish virgins: they may just be mortal people that by circumstances have been influenced and brought into this realm. They would rather be in there, than out there in the world. God will create a miracle war right here, (just before the week is introduced, and before Ezekiek 38 and 39 are fulfilled) and many will be awakened to reality. In the first half of the week when it does open, God seals 144,000 servants of the 12 tribes of Israel, that will fan out into all nations preaching the everlasting gospel when the antichrist breaks the peace covenant in the middle of that week. Therefore as that is preached, in all probability, some of those people that were not tares, nor foolish virgins, can hear the everlasting gospel preached, and that is God’s way of separating them and reserving them to become part of the mortal realm of the human race to be carried over and through all that is going on, and they become the individuals that Christ will come and rule and reign over. Also these martyred ones that are seen on the sea of glass, are resurrected first because God will use them to testify for or against the mortals that are separated as a shepherd separates his sheep from the goats, as we see in Matthew 25:32, when Christ is upon His throne of glory preparing for His Millennial rule on earth. All those who were martyred in that period of tribulation, were witnesses and able to give testimony concerning how they were treated by those mortals that are being judged and separated.


As Jesus gathers the mortals of the nations before Him, (Matthew 25) He will separate them as a shepherd separates his sheep from the goats. Then He will say to the sheep, Come, enter thou into the kingdom that was prepared for thee from the foundation of the world. Oh what basis did they find they were chosen? Because here stands these that were martyred in the tribulation hour, and Jesus will say to the sheep people, I was hungry and you fed me, I was in prison and you visited me, I was naked and you clothed me and so forth. The mortal ones that fall on the sheep side will say, When did we see you this way? Then Jesus points to those spirits seen on the sea of glass and says, “Inasmuch as you have done it to one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.” Are you getting the picture? He judges the living element of mortals of the nations to select those who will pass over into His Millennial reign for the purpose of repopulating the earth; and He judges them by their works and their social behavior, as is testified to of the martyred saints of the time just before that time when these mortals had to make a choice as to whether they would minister to those the antichrist had condemned to death, or whether they would refuse to help them. These sheep-like people had made their best effort to help those who were eventually martyred; and those of the goat-like nature had refused to minister to their need in the time of distress. That is why I say, Let us not try to get this entire picture all explained and settled to our own understanding, when after all, I am not God; and only He, knows for sure how all of this will turn out. God is the final judge and I am thankful He knew from before the foundation of the world who to include in this group; and I am also thankful that He saw fit to give us a profile of how the end time wrap up will be. How many believe He has done that? He knew who to include in this group from there through this period of time. He had every right to put each one in the group they are placed in. He knew exactly the ones that would go through here and be on the sea of glass, but He also knew who these Jews were, that were under the altar. Therefore I can say to you, All of them has their names written in that little scroll. Furthermore do not give attention to these who would argue that the mighty angel of Revelation 10:2 is holding a little book in His hand: It is a little scroll in His hand. That is why we show a scroll on our chart. I know the King James version of the Bible expresses it as a little book, but in the original manuscripts it was a scroll.When that angel came down, as it shows in Revelation 10:1, and cried with a loud voice, it was a scroll open in His hand, because that last seal had been broken, revealing all the names written therein. I trust that you everyone understand that by now. It has only been changed from a scroll to a book, after books came into accessibility, and that was after the introduction of the printing press. It was only after that, when this verse began to be read as a book instead of a scroll. I will say this, All that are truly foolish virgins, by the time we reach the hour where the rapture does take place, from here to here, that ends the producing of foolish virgins. How many realize that? Now from here on, we have to realize it is what they face, it is what they see, it is what they hear, and how they are dealt with through this first part of that week, that really has a meaning over here. (Matthew 25) Let me say this tonight, Some people have it all confused, but how are the foolish virgins going to die if they live here in America? This is all in response to a question that has been asked. In this fourth seal we read, And when He had opened the fourth seal I heard the voice. This is the only beast that John actually mentioned hearing the voice of, when the seal was opened. All the others, he just heard the beast say, Come and see, but attention was drawn to the voice, of that fourth beast, which let me know that with the introduction of this beast, which was represented by the head of an eagle, there was the voice of a messenger on earth; and he was that voice that was expressed through that prophetic office he held. John then said, And I looked and behold, a pale horse and his name that set on him was Death, and hell followed with him. Keep in mind, that Death and Hell is what follows as this horse comes upon the scene. At first, this is just a deceiving, a misleading spirit, working in the religious realm to bring everybody together. Nothing is being said about Death and Hell following at first, but the end results, as he successfully unites and binds them all in the bundles in those religious systems, then over here in this period of time is where He is going to carry out the rest, because that is when the antichrist is going to rise up to slay, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth, anyone that claims to have faith in God. The uninformed, people without true revelation of the word of God used to say years ago, that the antichrist will rule the world over. No, he will not rule the world over. You are not going to get all those millions of Chinese to come under the authority of the papacy of the Roman Catholic Church. How many know what I have said? The name of the pale (grey) horse rider is Death, and Hell followed with him; and power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, so that tells you geographically, where this horse, in that final dark hour of tribulation, really executes and accomplishes the end purpose. That will be in Europe, and the Middle East where Israel is. How many heard me? It does not include America in any way at all. I know there are many, sitting somewhere thinking there are about ten thousand foolish virgins here in America to be killed. Well that is not right. First of all we must be aware that there will not be any more foolish virgins than there are bride saints by the time the rapture is taking place; and the ones that are foolish, will go through this part here, (the tribulation) ,but I will say this. Some of them are going to die by natural causes. Do you think everybody has to die by a sword or a bullet? I do not believe all of these back here, (chart- those in the great multitude) were burned to death. I do not believe everybody in the Bride was killed with a sword. However as I study the history, I find that many of them were. Many died a natural death. Let me also take you to Europe, in the fourteenth century, when the black plague hit like it did. One third of the European population died by that epidemic. Think of it. You may not like to hear this, but I am not so sure that America will not be doomed to suffer with some plagues between now and then. How many understand what I am saying? America, the greatest nation on earth, has sold out to this European system, this beastly system, the world system. America has now sold out to the devil and the world system. You who were wondering how everyone is going to be killed during the tribulation period, if you are in the Bride, you are going to be in heaven during that time, so do you mean to tell me you will be up there on the balcony of heaven, walking around and looking to see how many are killed down here, and how they meet their death? If you are thinking, Now I just don’t think that is right: here I am up here enjoying myself, but why are they all being shot down there? That kind of attitude is what causes me to say, Let’s stop trying to find out every little detail of what will happen to this group and that group. We must learn to let the God of our destiny do as He alone has determined to do.


I am going to say something that may sound a little strange to some. All who are of the bride, are going to understand everything about these seals, from the time way back here when the white horse rider rode, (him being a spirit sent out to deceive many and cause them change the meaning of that which is written in God’s word) all the way through the last one. That white horse rider sure succeeded in his mission. By the time we come to 90 A.D., when the apostle John was writing his little epistles, the Christians were already faced with a trinity, which was a perversion of the revelation of the godhead, that was understood by every first age Christian. Having come through our period of spiritual blindness, we are thankful to God, because He has restored to us the knowledge of truth, and allowed us to have a pure revelation of His word as time closes out for Gentiles. I am so thankful to God tonight, that I know what that treasured truth is. I also know there is something getting ready to take place in this world; and when it does, there are going to be thousands of people crying and begging for mercy. When I watch the News and see what is going on in the world right now, I just have to say, The Jews were a nation established by God in the Old Testament, to carry the revelation of the existence of the truth of God. Look what they did, and look what happened. Here in the Christian era, coming out of the Dark Ages, in 1520 the Reformation started, and back in 1492, the new world was discovered. By the time we came to 1700, God had established the birth of a nation here in this wilderness country, founded on the principles of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Now, right here just before the end, look what is going on in the Middle East. The Jews are struggling, trying to hold on to every little square foot of land, and they are fighting an enemy, the Palestinians, that believe that land belongs to them. Here we are, a nation founded under the leadership of the Spirit of God, according to the principles found in the gospel of Jesus Christ, a nation that became the greatest nation on the face of God’s green earth: Yet we have witnessed in the last fifty years, our nation doing exactly what Israel did hundreds and hundreds of years ago. We have sold out to the devil; and now we are both (Israel and the U.S.) involved in the Middle East conflict where the pot is boiling hot. Is this a coincidence? I have to say, No, absolutely not! Where our leadership is saying, Oh, we are going to get rid of world terrorism, I say, No, you are not going to get rid of terrorism. God is going to get rid of it, but it will be in His time; and to fulfill His purpose. He has a way to do it. His formula is a sure thing, and when the time comes that God is going to strike this thing, there will be people out there in the world society, even in the religious realm, that are going to cry and wail, because they did not see or understand how God could do this thing. When that Mideast situation is turned around, it will be God that turns it around; and no body of politicians will be able to take credit for it. I say to believers around this world, Do not loose faith in God’s ability to take control: Remember what He has been revealing to us in these last number of years. We know what events to look for next; and we already know how the entire situation is going to turn out. May God be praised! Hallelujah!


I know we have been on these seals a long time, but there is so much related to each one of them, that I feel it is necessary for us to have a picture of what has been going on through the ages of time. Remember also, that it is when we get here to the end of the age, that John was told to take the little scroll that was open in the angel’s hand and eat it. Ezekiel was told the same thing one time; and he said the same thing John said, that in his mouth it was sweet like honey. Then it was said to him, that he would prophesy to the house of Israel. I have to say to you, this world is getting in a very wicked shape. I saw a News report this morning, of a lot of people in the streets burning flags, an anti-American demonstrations going on. It was also said last night, China, in the light of America the way it is today, would gradually begin to turn to the South American nations for trade and forget about America. The American dollar is going down. It is losing its value. I have always felt, at least since WW2 when the American dollar came up, that the time would come when it would be devalued. It has been the world’s stabilizing monetary means for sixty years, but if America is to go down and out as a big leading power, her dollar will go too. Let us not take too much for granted, because things can change. We have had it good for a long time, but we may not always have it this way. Now turn back with me to the seals, found in the 6th chapter of Revelation. I want to read the fifth seal again. There is something in here, I want us to look at very closely. “And when He had opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the souls of them that were slain for the word of God, and for the testimony which they held: And they cried with a loud voice, saying, How long, O Lord, holy and true, dost thou not judge and avenge our blood on them that dwell on the earth? And white robes were given unto every one of them, and it was said unto them, that they should rest yet for a little season, (Here is the part that stood out to me this week, They have cried, How long, O Lord, before you judge those that slew us? (That is my words.) Before anything else was said, angels came and put white robes on every one of them. Then there was a reply to their question. It was said unto them that they should rest for a little season.) until their fellow-servants (notice the word fellow-servants) also and their brethren, (there is a distinction between the two words) that should be killed as they were, should be fulfilled.” When I looked at that, keep in mind, it is true that in 1963, we were given the revelation of this, as God, through His faithful servant, brought it out for our understanding, that this was the Jews crying out to the Lord, that had perished in the holocaust. Well that group actually represents all the Jews back through time that have perished under similar conditions. It was said to those that perished in WW2, that they should rest a little season until their fellow servants also, and their brethren that should be killed as they were, should be fulfilled. Let us understand that these fellow servants are not just any Jews: That is pointing to the two prophets (Revelation 11: 7) that will be killed in the middle of the seventieth week of Daniel. The revelation did come to us in 1963, which was roughly nineteen years after WW2 had closed. Nevertheless keep in mind though, that these souls under the altar that are crying out, were martyred during the years from 1939 to 1945. That is when the WW2 period ran its course. From that period until the end, is the little season, because that matches up exactly with Matthew 24:34, where Jesus had told all the signs that will lead up to the end time; and then, What did He say? He said, This generation shall not pass away until all these things be fulfilled. When you take Matthew 24:34, and this right in here, it all pertains to the same span of time. Why do I say that? Because the conditions that Jesus spoke of in Matthew 24, all started in the WW2 period and have really accumulated since that time. So here are two prophecies that are pointing precisely to that little season, and the one ties it to a generation, which lets me know the world is moving rapidly toward the climax of all these things. There is no need of us thinking it is going to be another fifty years. That would go against the word and the word will not fail, if you understand what I mean. It has all got to come about in continuity with what is written. With this in mind, let us come back to this gray horse rider and the end result of his ride.


Leaders of various denominations who founded the world council of

Last Sunday, I brought this book on Catholicism to read from. I just made reference to the newspaper I had, that was printed in 1962, when the pope was going to put out his plea for a great ecumenical council. I have to say this morning, Forty one years have come and gone since that thing was set in motion. Now we have newspaper clippings confirming the fact that it was the Catholic Church that was putting out the plea for the Protestant daughters to come home. I have been asked the question concerning this gray horse, Does that mean it has a little of the black horse in it? It sure does. What we must keep in mind though, is that Catholicism in 1962, began to change some of their formula in order to win the daughters over and get them coming home. That has been going on for the last forty one years. I want to read this now, showing this gray horse. After forty one years, that gray horse has galloped over the face of this earth, and it has fulfilled precisely what Catholicism intended it to do. Notice, “And when He had opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth beast say, Come and see.” This fourth seal, I ask you, When was it opened and put in motion? It was not opened until we come into the 1960’s. How many realize that? The fourth seal had nothing to do with anything that took place back here: All of that was done in the time of the white, the red, and, or the black. It comes right in here, in this present generation. When Bro. William Branham brought the revelation of that out, that gray horse rider had already begun to make its appearance upon the horizon of time. In the forty one years since then, it has gone into the denominational churches of the world and it has succeeded in fulfilling what its aim was. Let me finish reading here now. Verse 8, “And I looked, and behold a pale (gray) horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, (I have been asked in a question, about the scope of its influence.) to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth.” That is pointing to what that horse rider, along with all the other unification, will do in the tribulation hour upon this earth which is just ahead. It will line up with the European system and it will have power to execute, create martyrdom over one fourth part of the earth. We have to realize that this pertains to Europe and the Middle East, right where the old Roman beast rose up in the first place. Then following that, Catholicism takes over. A lot of people will say, Bro. Jackson, how are the foolish virgins in some of these other areas of the earth going to perish? If you listen carefully to what I am saying, I think there is an answer we can look at in the right way. I want people to forget the idea that there will be thousands of foolish virgins here and there. Get that idea out of your system. You better pray that you are not here during that tribulation hour. When that tribulation hour sets in, we need to keep in mind there are three and a half years that precede the tribulation part of that week of years. There is going to be a lot of things enacted politically that are going to make a lot of weak minded people compromise; and they will join up and look for the easiest way out. Having said that, then I pray that I can give you a little thought to go by. Let us look at this gray horse again: Its rider is riding all over the earth today. You and I are inexcusable, if we fail to recognize that. We are without excuse. There is just no reason why we cannot see it like it is. I have to say as humbly as I know how, It is out to deceive as many as possible; not like the white horse rider did, which was sent out to challenge the revelation of the word of God. This gray horse rider has but one purpose; and that is to convince supposed-to-be Christians that they already have everything they need. If you are a good Methodist, that is all you need. A good Baptist, that is all you need. A good Catholic, that is all you need. These systems that started out as Protestant Reformation, as well as some that have sprang off those groups, are all referred to in Revelation 17, as harlots. Why are they called that in the word of God? Because they are all basically just like the old mother they sprang out from, which is Roman Catholicism, which is contrary to the purpose of the true Christian Church of the living God. They are all selling out, to go back and be with mommy in the great unification. We everyone need to become alerted to the fact that we do not have to look for another ten years of this thing that is going on before we recognize it and know what it is designed for. It is out there to deceive everyone that is not grounded upon the true revelation of God’s word, so this is a time to get real with what we profess to believe. Every one of these ecumenical groups and gatherings are designed by the devil, to draw as many as possible back into the fold of the old mother of harlots. That spirit is in all these religious, ecumenical things that are going on. They can talk about healing and speaking in tongues and things like that, because all of that will go right along with their overall purpose. That is why Jesus said, that in the last days He would send forth His angels and gather out of His kingdom all things that offend, and them which do iniquity; and then, (only then) shall the righteous shine. We want to remember also, that the gathering of the tares is for one purpose: They are to be bound in bundles and burned; and this ecumenical spirit of Satan is what is gathering great multitudes of them together to be bundled. Jesus Himself, said He would send forth His angels to bundle the tares and burn them. He was comparing the tare type of people to the tares that grow along side the wheat in a field and He said, (Matthew 13:40-42) “As therefore the tares are gathered and burned in the fire; so shall it be in the end of this world. (41) The Son of man shall send forth His angels, and they shall gather out of His kingdom all things that offend, and them which do iniquity; (42) And shall cast them into a furnace of fire: there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth.” He is giving anointing that enables those upon whom it falls, to be able to influence unsuspecting souls to follow after what they are promoting; and the ultimate result, is that all those who love excitement more than they love the truth of God’s word are bundled together to wait for the end. They think they are the ones that are right; and that all of us are nothing more than fanatics, people who have gone off the deep end. Well as I have always said, Just stick around and you will see who is on the right side. Those who are on the wrong side are being bound into bundles to be burned. I take no pleasure in knowing or saying that, but I stand steadfast on what God has shown me from His blessed Word; and therefore I am not going to be responsible in failing to preach what He gives me to preach. I just have to say again, This gray horse rider has been responsible for uniting these systems of religion and getting them back into fellowship one with another. In fact, they look at you and me as if we are some crazy person, if we do not run and join ranks with them. I am thankful to God this morning, that He has let us see something in His Word that warns us to stay away from those things. They may look at us and say, You are just a bunch of fanatical people, but we know we are not. We everyone ought to be thankful to God this morning; that He loved us and made a way for us to be found faithful to Him in this crucial hour of time.


I want to take you back and show you that white horse again. There are a lot of things that has come to me in the past few days, and each one causes me to have something to say. We can think of the godhead that white horse rider attacked. That was the major and most damaging attack on Christianity. During that short period of time still in the first age of Christendom, I want to show you from the scriptures, which was sixty some years, what the devil had already done to pervert the true revelation the first Christians had. If he can do that in sixty some years of Christendom back then, what do you think he has done in forty some years of Christendom in this late hour just before the Lord returns for His bride. The devil’s attack is no different, except in the methods used. Turn with me into 1st John. This was written in 90 A.D., six years before the book of Revelation was written. John, at that time, saw this spirit of antichrist, that white horse rider, how it was affecting the then living generation. I have to say as I look at our day, That gray horse rider is riding just as close to our ranks today as the white horse rider did back then, when John wrote this. (1st John 2:18-19) “Little children, it is the last time: (Now if he could say that after only sixty three years of the history of the church, think what could be said today, after almost two thousand years of Christianity.) and as ye have heard that antichrist shall come, even now are there many antichrists; (not just one, but many, because it takes the many, to lead up to the one that will be in the last days) whereby we know that it is the last time. They went out from us, but they were not of us; for if they had been of us, they would no doubt have continued with us.” Now let us go to the 4th chapter, verse 1, where John says this, “Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.” Here, he is confirming the fact he recognized something had already been running the religious world in circles. Let us now go to 2nd John, verse 7. “For many deceivers are entered into the world, who confess not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh. (This is the way they attacked the godhead revelation.) This is a deceiver and an antichrist.” All of that was said by John in 90 A.D., so let us go back and see how Paul dealt with the same situation in his epistles. He was constantly dealing with somebody that was out trying to take a lot of the Law and mix it with Grace. We still have them doing that today. I do not point my finger at any certain person, but at the spirit of the system, that makes it act like that. In the book of Galatians, chapter 1, verse 6, Paul said to the Galatians, “I marvel that ye are so soon removed from Him that called you into the grace of Christ unto another gospel.” Do you know, when I look out over the world today after God has sent a prophet forty some years ago, we still have that same kind of spirit running rampant. They go around saying, The prophet said this and that. Then another one will come right behind that one and say, The prophet said this, but when you begin to look at them all, and at what each one has said, it is nothing but confusion. That is because each carnal mind takes what he sees and gets a revelation of his own, not even attempting to line it up with the scriptures. (verse 7) “Which is not another; but there be some that trouble you, and would pervert the gospel of Christ. (Now notice what Paul said) But though we, or an angel from heaven, (Paul was so confident that the things he had taught in the different places up until that hour, were absolutely according to divine revelation, and therefore one hundred percent truth, he did not shun to denounce those who spake otherwise, saying, I will read the first part again.) But though we, or an angel from heaven , preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed.” That is what Paul thought about that kind of perversion of the word of God in his hour. When we take that and go to the epistle of Jude we find this, and as I was reading it, I could not help but realize we have a lot of the same things taking place in this very hour of time. Jude wrote here in (verse 3), “Beloved, when I gave all diligence to write unto you of the common salvation, it was needful for me to write unto you, and exhort you that ye should earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints.” It was from this verse that we got the title for our paper, The Contender. “For there are certain men crept in unawares, who were before of old ordained to this condemnation, ungodly men, turning the grace of our God into lasciviousness, and denying the only Lord God, and our Lord Jesus Christ.” Now if you read on through there, you see him explaining something, but let us go on a little further here. “Likewise also these filthy dreamers defile the flesh, (It got so bad that there was an element of people that had crept in, having nothing but carnal dreams and revelations that were upsetting the entire church.) despise dominion, and speak evil of dignities.” Now go on down to the (11th verse). “Woe unto them! For they have gone in the way of Cain, and ran greedily after the error of Balaam for reward, (He is bringing this in for a comparison.) and perished in the gainsaying of Core. (Now he comes to the present hour.) These are spots in your feasts of charity, (They had already crept into the ranks of the Church. And because they believed like that, Jude compares them like this, These are spots in your feasts.) when they feast with you, feeding themselves without fear: (They sit there believing their rotten ideas, thinking they are justified, everything is going to be alright, and that God is going to overlook it, so they are feeding themselves with the saints without fear. They sit there and smile, Praise the Lord.) clouds they are without water, carried about of winds; trees whose fruit withereth, without fruit, twice dead, plucked up by the roots; Raging waves of the sea.” He uses many illustrations of what that kind of person is like, sitting there in the ranks of the true believers, actually eating and drinking damnation to their souls. They were already in there, in only sixty some years of the existence of Christianity. Do not tell me there cannot be the same kind of spirit get on individuals among us in these last days. How many understand what I mean. Let us go to the (17th verse). “But, beloved, remember ye the words which were spoken before of the apostles of our Lord Jesus Christ; How that they told you there should be mockers (imitators, professed believers) in the last time, who should walk after their own ungodly lusts. (He is pointing to our day.) These be they who separate themselves, sensual, (or carnally) having not the Spirit. (Now that is the truth.) But ye, beloved, building up yourselves on your most holy faith, praying in the Holy Ghost, Keep yourselves in the love of God, looking for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ unto eternal life.” I have to say, If all these scriptures I have read to show you how that white horse rider had gotten in among believers back there, and then by the time we come to 96 A.D., when John had been given the revelation written in what we call The Book of Revelation, Christendom had already become infiltrated with that category of pretenders. Just think of it, what happened in sixty some years. Well we have had forty one years since Bro. William Branham brought the message of the seals. Over this world today, there is every kind of person, with every kind of supposed-to-be revelation you could imagine, and just look what that kind of idea about handling the word of God has produced. It is a pitiful shame. That is why I say this morning, As God puts His end time Church together, we are going to see how Satan will attack the flesh, and see how confusion and false pretending will drive some to great extremes. As I stand here today and make remarks like this, please, I want you to know I am not going to walk back and say, Hey you, get out of here, you are not this and you are not that. God never called me to do that. He called me to preach and stand for the truth of His Word.