The Seals, Part 9

Rev. Raymond M. Jackson

Last verses of November 2005 issue below.

As I stand here today and make remarks like this, please, I want you to know I am not going to walk back and say, Hey you, get out of here, you are not this and you are not that. God never called me to do that. He called me to preach and stand for the truth of His Word.

I do know this, there are pretenders today, that will mimic and imitate anything and everything true saints, the wise ones do. It has got to be that way, to be able to set the record straight. I want to say this morning, Brothers and sisters, please, do not ever think, that in our present hour of time that there has not been a lot of things put together by people professing to believe the same thing, when it is obvious they do not. That has become very obvious. Having said that, let me go to 96 A.D., because that was sixty three years after the birth of the Church. That is when God gave John the inspiration to write the book of Revelation. Think of it, in 96 A.D. he writes the record of seven churches. According to the 19th and 20th chapter of the book of Acts, it was the apostle Paul whose ministry established those seven churches in Asia. Think of it though, In only sixty some years, what those churches had become, and how that white horse rider had run rampant sowing discord and false revelations. It produced a category of people that we see the spirit of Christ dealing with as He speaks to John about what to write to each one. To the church of Ephesus. He commended them for the fact that they had tried those that say they are apostles and found them to be liars. You have done this and that, but you have left your first love. He then comes to the second and commended them, knowing they were headed for a lot of martyrdom. When he came to the third church, Pergamos, the spirit of antichrist had already produced teachers that were teaching the teachings of the Nicolatanes. Anything that spirit could get in and feed to the people, to bring division and chaos within the congregation was in full swing, and all this took place within sixty some years of time. When we come to the Thyatira church, look what they had done in that same time. I read that and thought, In sixty three years, here is a congregation that already had a woman leading them. When I read that I said, I am not going to point my finger at women, but sisters, please listen to me, this is not a day for sisters to be thinking like that. Do not ever think that God is going to use any one woman or any group of women to spearhead a spiritual movement within a congregation of people in this day and hour. Already, here in America we have gone into chaos. Our political leadership has tried to establish a democracy in the Middle East, and because of that, some of those people are now hating America because of what we are allowing women to do to the image of themselves here in America. When I saw the demonstration in the streets this morning, the flag burning and how they are hating America, all because of what women have rose up to become in America, it really made me think. I went into a certain bank lately, and there were five women and one man working there. I went to pay my taxes at the court house, one man, and five women. Practically anywhere you go today, women in America have risen up and taken over, simply because they are propagating the fact that they have their liberty. God never gave it to you that way. It is the devil in America that has done this. That is exactly why we have a society like we now have.Getting back to the church in Thyatira, look at it and read about it. Jesus said, (Revelation 2:20) “I have a few things against thee, because thou sufferest that woman Jezebel, which calleth herself a prophetess, to teach and to seduce my servants to commit fornication, and to eat things sacrificed unto idols.”Yes Saints she had seduced the ministry to commit fornication with her. Think of that: In just sixty some years they had already taken the original truth and perverted it. Well I have to say, We are living forty some years after the death of a prophet God sent to turn us back to the word and we have those characters today, (some are women) that think they know it all. I am not pointing my finger at my sisters in Christ: they are godly women and they will wind up being instruments in the hand of God. Furthermore I can tell you for sure, Faith Assembly is not going to wind up with a category of women running the show. Forget it, if you are thinking like that. If you hate me for making that statement, then you will just have to hate me. I will commend any godly woman that knows her place and stays in it, but when I see them ganging up and wanting to be a special click to try to persuade and influence those in places of leadership, that is where I draw the line. They may say, Well we have it. Well you may think you have, but God is not going to put His church together that way. If you think you have, then go on out here and join some denomination where you can get by with such stuff as that. When I read of that Thyatira age, just think of it, that woman had brought children into the world by her acts of fornication with the ministers. When you read the condemnation and the judgment, you are seeing a model of Catholicism in the Dark Ages. I just say these things to remind you, that the white horse rider in that first age went out with one definite aim and objective and that was to conquer the human soul and to take out of their mind the true revelation of God’s word and to plant a substitute that would begin to lead the church off course. That is why John could say in 90 A.D., Dearly beloved, believe not every spirit for many false prophets have gone out into the world. Today, in 2004, (and we will soon be entering into 2005) there is every kind of spirit in the world, just set to take true Christianity and absolutely pervert it, lead it astray and make a mockery out of anything that pertains to God. When God gets through uniting His church, He will have a congregation of people around this world that know who they are, what they are, and why they are what they are. There will be men, women, and young people alike, all believing the same thing. On the other hand, out here in this world of religion where God is binding the tares and everything together, you will have anything and everything going on because they like it. It caters to a lot of flesh, a lot of entertainment and excitement. It allows for a lot of fleshly manifestations, but not to the glory of God. I have nothing against anything the Spirit of God leads His true children to do, because it is done out of true love and respect for the true Spirit of God. What I simply cannot tolerate, is when these manifestations are used as leverage and to determine whether a person has anything or not. Like I have heard, You don’t have anything until you are doing what I am doing. That is just plain nonsense. I am going to have to say to anyone like that from now on, Get your carcase out of here! God is not building His Church upon the reputation of any flesh. Not mine nor that of anyone else. It is going to be built upon the that which is solid, unchangeable and unmovable. Who we are and what we are in the Lord Jesus Christ is what makes the difference. I have to say this morning, I am thankful to God for the things He has let me see through the years of my Christian life. He could have just let me sit in darkness somewhere, but He didn’t; and because He didn’t, I realize He has a job for me to do. Therefore I want to show you a little lineup. When we read in the book of Revelation, when Jesus was speaking to John about the churches, that put time on earth and it went right straight through the last church of Laodicea. Then John heard the voice from heaven that said, Come up hither and I will show you things that shall be hereafter. I have said many times, It is true, John physically lived in 96 A.D., but when he was taken up to be shown things which would be hereafter, he was no longer seeing things as they were related to 96 A.D. He was actually projected into the future tense and somewhere he was brought within our period of time, which I believe was the last one hundred years.


As the 4th chapter starts John sees Christ sitting on the throne. I just bring this in to touch a little bit of what he saw. He saw Jesus holding a little scroll in His hand. Then coming to the 5th chapter, (you can read it.) John is talking about who is worthy to take the little scroll and break the seals. We can read a few verses of it. 5:1 “And I saw in the right hand of Him that sat on the throne a book (or scroll) written within and on the backside, sealed with seven seals. And I saw a strong angel proclaiming with a loud voice, Who is worthy to open the book, and to loose the seals thereof? (3) And no man in heaven, nor in earth, neither under the earth, was able to open the book, neither to look thereon. (4) And I wept much, because no man was found worthy to open and to read the book, neither to look thereon. (5) And one of the elders saith unto me, Weep not: behold, the Lion of the tribe of Juda, the Root of David, hath prevailed to open the book, and to loose the seven seals thereof. (6) And I beheld, and, lo, in the midst of the throne and of the four beasts, and in the midst of the elders, stood a Lamb as it had been slain, having seven horns and seven eyes, which are the seven Spirits of God sent forth into all the earth. (7) And He came and took the book out of the right hand of Him that sat upon the throne.” Hearing that you would think a lion was going to break the seals, but then he saw coming out of the throne a Lamb. These animal-like characteristics are all pointing to the redemptive work of Christ Jesus, who will one day be King on earth, but He breaks the seals on the basis; and on the merits that He had been the Lamb of God on earth. That is why the Lamb came out from the midst of the throne. The Lamb that took the scroll was in reality the same that was holding it, because all of this portrays the transition of authority and power invested in Christ by the eternal Spirit, the Father Himself. Therefore it is actually Jesus breaking the seals on the scroll, but He is going to break the seals, loosen the scroll, on the merit-ship that He had been the Lamb of God on earth, and not because He is soon going to be the King of kings and Lord of lords on earth. Do you everyone understand that? When we see the 6th chapter open up, Jesus is breaking the first seal and John heard that voice like a thunder. Bro. William Branham kept repeating that as he preached on the seals. What does a thunder symbolize? In these cases a thunder represents the voice of God, or God speaking, Back in 1963, God did speak. He spoke so clearly, so plainly and simply, giving us the revelation and understanding of six of those seven seals. It was all so precise as time itself brought it forth. I am talking about the revelation of the seals, not the fulfillment; and I also want to say, We only have the revelation, the understanding of the first six. Bro. William Branham was not given the revelation of the seventh. Notice now, when we come down to the end of the sixth seal, we find certain conditions described; and these conditions described there are those that will become reality when Jesus comes back to earth at the end of the week of Daniels. (Pointing to the chart) We got the revelation of those six seals back here, but as I just said, These events are not actually applied until over here (at the end of the seventieth week of Daniel). Why? Because Christ comes back to earth under the sixth seal, under the seventh trumpet and under the seventh vial. Everything we read in those places are dealing with events of His second coming. Now when we can see that, then we have to realize, if we were to read the prophecy of the book of Revelation in the order of its fulfillment, here is how we would read it. When we have got through reading the fifth seal, (Listen carefully to how I say this.) we would immediately go to the 7th chapter. Because there is a broken sequence. How many realize that? As pertaining to the sixth seal, you have the revelation, but it is not fulfilled yet. That lets me know it is one thing to have the revelation back here, but it is another thing to know it is not fulfilled until way on over here. It may not be so long now, but when the revelation of it came, back in 1963, it was quite a way off. If I had a chalk board here this morning, I would like to show you something. God let John write this whole prophecy, but between certain things in it, there is a broken sequence. If this whole thing had been written according to the line of thought, keep in mind, if the sixth seal is fulfilled over here, then it lets me know that between it and the fulfillment of the fifth seal, there has to be a continuity of the fulfillment of something, so let us just say we would take the 7th chapter next. What did the 7th chapter open up? John saw an angel flying from the east. Did he not? Notice what it says, Revelation 7:1 “And after these things I saw four angels standing on the four corners of the earth, holding the four winds of the earth, that the wind should not blow on the earth, nor on the sea, nor on any tree. (2) And I saw another angel ascending from the east, having the seal of the living God: and he cried with a loud voice to the four angels, to whom it was given to hurt the earth and the sea, (3) Saying, Hurt not the earth, neither the sea, nor the trees, till we have sealed the servants of our God in their foreheads.” There are four angels which are bound in the river Euphrates, but it says the four corners of the earth. Some people think one angel is on the north pole and one on the south, one on the eastern hemisphere and so forth. No. They are all in that Euphrates valley. With that in mind, listen carefully to how I want to bring this in. I am trying to bring it in according to the revelation God has given us, not the way it is written, because you have a broken sequence to consider. You start the 7th chapter as we have, but then notice, when you get to verse 9, you have an altogether different setting. It goes to something entirely different than sealing 144,000 servants of God. Then if we were to read all the way through the 7th chapter, and come to the 8th chapter, look what you have there, the opening of the seventh seal, but it is not yet time for the seventh seal to be opened, so by revelation we know the gospel has to finish calling out and the word of God has to finish perfecting the Gentiles before the 1st verse of chapter 8 comes into fulfillment. All of those of that great multitude of chapter 7 verse 9 will be in place before verses 1-8 are activated, because the 144,000 servants of God are sealed by the ministry of the two prophets with the Moses and Elijah spirits upon them; and that takes place after that last week of Daniel’s seventy weeks opens up, and there will be no more salvation by faith in Jesus Christ after the week opens. Well how do we look at all of this then? First of all we have to realize that the great multitude represents people of all ages that have eternal life, Then as time draws toward a closing interval, verse 1, of chapter 8 comes into fulfillment, the seventh seal is open and that brings us to chapter 10, verse 1, where we see a mighty angel standing with one foot on the land and the other on the sea, with the little scroll of redemption open in His hand. That brings the seven thunders upon the scene to give the living element of the bride of Christ their last words of instruction and confirmation. You also see that those men with that special anointing will speak to kings and potentates as time runs out. The week of Daniel opens and that brings the two prophets upon the scene in Israel; and that is when verses 1-8 of chapter 7 come into the picture in fulfillment, which also means that chapter 11 is being activated, because it tells of the Moses and Elijah prophets prophesying in the streets of Jerusalem for 3 ½ years until the old antichrist comes upon the scene and kills them. During their prophesying, all those things of chapter 8, verses 2 and onward are describing the effects of their ministry as they call for these various plagues you read of there. Angels are working with them as you plainly see in the verses leading up to the plagues. You just have to realize that this book has to be studied in its order of fulfillment in order for it to make any sense. What do we have in the 8th chapter? What is the first verse? That is the seventh seal. Right? That is why you have to take that seventh seal back here and attach it right here somewhere in the beginning of that seventh chapter, because those angels could only do what they are supposed to do. They prepare the Middle East, but that cannot begin until that seventh seal is fulfilled. How many understand so far? So when you break that seventh seal in the first verse, you take that verse and bring it right over here and place it before the first part of chapter 10. Let me read it like this, and when He had opened the seventh seal there was silence in heaven about the space of half an hour. What does it mean? Christ has broken the seventh seal. Hasn’t He? And I saw another mighty angel come down from heaven clothed with a cloud and a rainbow was upon his head and his face was as it were the sun and his feet as pillars of fire. Who is this angel? It is none other than Christ being manifested in angelic form. He becomes the voice of the arch angel as Paul spoke about in 1st Thessalonians. Chapter 4. Do you see what I did and why I did it? You take that first verse of chapter 8 and put it over here at the beginning of the 10th chapter, and then we will say this, When you take the 10th chapter with that 1st verse of chapter 8 at the beginning, you apply it strictly to the Church. It applies to no one else. Before there can be the loosening of the angels in chapter 7 and the word of God going forth in the Middle East, the Church will be raptured. How many realize that? What I am doing, is trying to show you these sequences. You know, that is why the theological world today, look at the book of Revelation and say, It is like a mud hole: the more you study it, (stir in it) the muddier it gets. No saints, that is not right: When it is studied right it is a beautiful picture. The only people that are ever going to understand it though, is the true Bride of Jesus Christ. When the Bride Church becomes knowledgeable of the seventh seal, the thunders are going to be revealed to her. The thunders are just for the end time Bride. That is why I have to say, When those thunders are revealed, the true body of Jesus Christ will not be a conglomeration of this or that, still arguing about the scriptures. They are going to be a people separated and set apart from the masses all with one mind, in perfect unity. They are all going to be looking at the same thing. Just as soon as that seal is broken, somewhere on this earth among that Bride that exists then, those thunders are going to be brought down and be revealed through the ministry to the Bride. They of the bride are going to know exactly what those thunders have uttered. When John was taken up and shown all of this, he heard everything those thunders uttered. He had been commanded to write everything up to that time, and he was about to write that also, but then the Lord said, Seal up those things and write them not. So that lets me know we are living right now in a world that is filled with nothing but unbelief. I have to say, God is preparing the stage, and the mind of some people, that when the hour of those thunders come, we are going to be spiritually in shape and in condition to receive what those thunders speak. Let me say this though, It has got to be something informative to the Bride, something pertaining to the soon coming of Christ. But remember brothers and sisters, as I have said before, He is not going to tell you what day or hour He is coming for any of this. We have explained that before and I believe all of you understand it. The good thing is, you do not have to know the day or hour when you are walking in harmony and unity with the true body of Christ according to what the word of God says.


The first thing of the entire process of the coming of Christ is the shout. Well the shout has already come forth. We all understand that Brother Branham brought the shout, or the midnight cry of Matthew 25. The next event is the voice of the arch angel. What is that? That is when He is going to make those thunders known to us and they sound forth to the bride. Then what do we look for next? The trump of God. Now when the trump of God sounds, those who are still alive will not hear it, because that is what raises the dead that must precede our catching away. The dead in Christ are all that hear the trump of God. Well what does the Bible say about the dead coming forth? When Jesus arose, many of the other dead that arose were seen of many other people. That is a pattern. When the trump of God sounds and the dead in Christ come forth, do not be surprised if one of them taps you on the shoulder saying, It is time to go. When the dead in Christ rise, they will make their appearance, not in the beer joints, not in the White House, but they will make their appearance to the living element of the body of Christ. For example, take an old farmer: he is going out to plow for corn. He already knows what the thunders have said. He is sitting on a tractor going across the field when all of a sudden someone appears, standing on the draw bar. Hello Bro. John. (My example) You look up, and it is that saintly brother that had passed away so many years before, and here he is riding there with you. I use that as an illustration. Do not tell me you will stand there and say, Now who are you? You are going to be hit with a shock, yes, but praise the Lord! The dead in Christ will rise first, then we which are alive and remain will be caught up together with them to meet the Lord in the air. It is the same way with the sisters. The dead will appear among those that are still living at that time. To me, that is the sign that the change is taking place, in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, this whole thing will be climaxed. Now let us come back to the way the book of Revelation is written. We see the Church set over here at the end, in that part of the 6th chapter, then when the Church is gone, you have the continuation of chapter 7, linking up with the following of chapters 8 and chapter 11. You put them all together. Keep in mind the angels fly, to more or less prepare the stage and setting. But you have got to have the two prophets on the ground because they are the ones that will declare the word of God to those Jewish people. They are the ones that are going to accomplish the sealing away of that 144,000 servants of God. I use that to try and show you, that this is when you would line all those chapters up, after that seventh seal has been broken to the Bride. You would not have the broken sequence in the fulfillment: it is just written that way to throw the educated theologians off course and make us realize, God let it be this way so that it would lay right here until we come to the time of the end when He would reveal it all to His chosen. I believe with all my heart, we are approaching the time of the end, as I look at this world around us. I look at the shape America is in today, after being known as a Christian oriented nation. America today, is becoming a nation that is sold out to the devil. When I was a boy growing up, nobody ever came to us and said anything about Muslimism, Hinduism, or Buddhism, but in the last number of years America has opened the door and here we have become a nation harboring the Muslims, the Hindus, and the Buddhists; and many of them hate us. It is making America look like she is no longer a Christian oriented society. God help America in this dark and troubled hour we live in. We had thousands of men die in France and the Pacific to keep America free, only to come home and find that from within, an element of teachers and philosophers and supposed-to-be educators, and politicians had begun to rise up and sell America down the drain. I saw an article the other day, stating that it is a known fact that we could have at least eight million illegal immigrants in America. How did they get here? This was not just done overnight. Back in the 1930’s when they wanted to get rid of illegal bootlegging and moonshine, they sent out federal men. They put up roadblocks. They did not accomplish it in a year’s time, but in a few short years they had brought illegal moonshine making to an end. I remember back about 1951, my wife and I were married and living in Harrison County. In the backwoods of Crawford County, they had made the last raid on that kind of operation. It showed a picture of an old barn where they found the still along with thirty some barrels. They put it out of business. I thought, It just goes to show, that when they were bound and determined to rid America of illegal liquor they found a way to do it. Therefore do not tell me they can do nothing to stop this influx of illegal immigrants in this country. If they were able to rid America of illegal liquor, then we do not have to be a country that allows all these illegal immigrants to get in here. Somewhere neglect, and or turning our head’s the other way, has allowed politicians who slowly and gradually have been working to change the social structure of America from being a Christian background nation, to become a mixed culture of people and therefore make the people of America into a society that will compromise and sell out has been accomplished. The politicians wanted to use leverage to get votes, regardless of the consequences. America is no longer that Christian loving nation that we were sixty years ago. We have become a mixed culture that cannot even think right anymore. If we would have kept our borders shut and had border patrols trained as they were in the past, we would not have illegal dope creeping into this nation like we now have. They have so many ways of doing those things anymore. Illegal dope as well as illegal immigrants have been brought in by boat and airplane and many other ways; and it seems as though our leaders have their hands tied concerning all such. When a society turns away from God and tries to rid themselves of any mention of Jesus Christ and of any mention of what is right and wrong in the eyes of God, they are just inviting the devil to come in and take over. We should have guards at every entrance into this country, that would be watching for all this stuff that is polluting our society, but what has happened? America has sold out to the devil and opened up to everything he has, dope, pornography, child abuse and a multitude of other things, but letting from eight million and upward of illegal immigrants enter in, has made it an almost impossible situation to deal with in this hour of time. We have become, a mixed society of dissatisfied people. When we had this last election and it didn’t go the way some wanted, immediately there were demonstrators in the streets because the election didn’t go the way they thought it should. That lets me know America is on the road of decay, going down hill fast.


I cannot help but feel like somewhere up ahead there will be some kind of strike God is going to bring against America. We have to realize, If America is the place that this woman of Revelation 12 is going to flee to, as she flees from the antichrist forces in the middle of the seventieth week of Daniel (and I cannot see anywhere else in the world that she could flee to as I observe the geographical positioning of this nation) then God will have to do something to prepare the nation for that. We are certainly not ready for that at this time. I have to believe, because America houses the biggest part of Jewish society there is in the world, that it is all in the plan of God. Therefore I have to believe America is doomed for some kind of judgment stroke not too far on up ahead. When God does hit it, America is going to be brought to her knees. She is going to be brought out of world leadership for one thing. Talking about world leadership, before WW2 we had not yet pulled up into the position of leadership. We were over here minding our own business and didn’t claim to be anything, but when WW2 came about as it did, it was not long until we were brought into the conflict, and then into the Pacific and the rest is history. Out of mercy God laid His hand on our society and our leadership and allowed a great change to come about. Almost over night, He let this nation begin to rise from the sleeping condition she had been in and develop into a place of world leadership. It was not long until we had entered the coasts of Europe, and to do what? To free England and France from the tyranny of Hitler. Also to free the Orient of the tyranny of Hirohito. Then after that our nation assumed that we are now the leader of the world. Now we are trying to show the world how to be a democracy. It is not going to work though. We have become sold out to a demon-ocracy. We are destined to go down. God is dealing with us in a strategic hour of time. Let us not take things for granted anymore. It is time for us to wake up, realize what potential we have been called to attain, and get busy getting our garments spotless and white. Jesus is coming very soon. His coming will be sooner than the world is ready for. With these things in mind I just want to say, I am thankful to God that He allows us to see some things in the book of Revelation that shows us what steps to take to get ourselves ready for His coming. I am so thankful to know that I am a son of God. When I look back to the fact that God had a prophet here, and how He allowed me to sit under his ministry before He took him off the scene in 1965, which was forty one years ago, I just have to say, Thank you Lord. That gray horse rider has been riding all these years since then, so I am ever so thankful I heard that little man say what that gray horse rider would do. It has guided my own life all these years, being able to recognize what is really going on out here in the ranks of supposed-to-be Christianity.

Bro. Bud has an article here that confirms what was said last Sunday, so let us listen to this now. “The pope urges stronger ties among Christians. Despite progress, many stumbling stones still stand in the way to greater harmony among the branches of Christianity, Pope John Paul II said yesterday. The pope presided over a vesper service to mark the fortieth anniversary of a decree by the second Vatican Council in a 1962-1965 meeting that modernized the Roman Catholic Church. The decree put greater emphasis on ecumenicalism reaching out to other faiths. Thanks to God, many differences and misunderstandings have been overcome, but many stumbling stones are still strewn along the path, he said in remarks read by a bishop after the pontiff became fatigued.” Yes, forty one years have gone by since Bro. William Branham spoke that and here it is confirmed. That ecumenical move started with the Catholic Church: Pope John, the one before this one, was the one that prayed that we all might be one. Immediately, that ecumenical thing started. David Duplessis, the big Pentecostal man, went to Rome and introduced the experience of speaking in tongues to the Catholic Church. From that time on, there were Catholic nuns and priests that began to speak in tongues and try to teach others to do likewise. How did that sound to the Pentecostal people? Oh they have the same experience we have, they thought. When I began to see this taking place it let me know that all this was leading eager church-going people into a big trap for the last days. A lot of people will say, Well do they have the Holy Spirit? God can anoint anyone, any time He sees fit to do so; and in these last days He is using this to bring about a separation. How many understand that? I do not rejoice in seeing people get their feelings hurt and leave here, but I do rejoice in seeing God fulfill His holy word. That is why we are seeing things in our day, that the early Church did not see two thousand years ago. He did not have to separate tares from believers back then, but rather allowed all to grow together until this very day and hour of time. God will do in this last age, in the last days, things He had no reason to do at any other time, because the end time Church will be returned to the word of God exactly as it was taught by Jesus and His apostles. In other words, we have got to get back to the scriptures and be returned to the faith of our fathers, the faith the early Church was established upon. Many of those who disagree with us have a philosophy that just as long as they profess to be Christians, they can believe just about anything they want to, as long as it pleases them and they believe in unity. Being in unity is a wonderful and necessary thing, if that unity is founded upon a genuine revelation of the word of God and a desire to live a holy and righteous life, being led by the Spirit of God. Satan has bait out there for just about any attitude that can be found; and the multitudes are grabbing it right and left. The bride saints, which are the wise Christians and the foolish virgins are a minority among the ranks of all who call themselves Christians in the world today. You may not enjoy hearing this, but the greater majority of those going to some kind of religious services every week are nothing but tares (make-believers). They are not led by the Spirit of God, because the Spirit of God is not in them. In John 8:44, it is recorded that Jesus looked at some of those make-believers and said to them, “Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it. If he is a liar and the father of all lies, what does that make those who cannot seem to tell the truth? It makes them servants of the father of all lies, the devil. I know this is hard, but these are not my words: Jesus spoke them; and I read them to you from the Bible.


I have a few more questions that I want to feed into this message as we try to bring it to a close. This one asks this, From the time of the shout, until the beginning of the week, will there be foolish virgins? There will be foolish virgins, but remember, they become a product after the shout that set in motion the separation of the wise and the foolish virgins. As I said last Sunday, Wise Christians can have children that will follow right in their footsteps and become wise virgins also. How many remember that? But at the same time, you can have foolish virgins living in the time when the shout came and their children can grow up and become wise virgins or foolish virgins. Oh Bro. Jackson, don’t confuse me. I am not confusing you, just get your eyes and ears open and listen to what I am telling you. This thing of being a genuine Christian is all because of a personal experience of salvation when that person believes and obeys the gospel of Jesus Christ that was first preached by the original apostles of Christ. When I look at myself, if you remember what I said last Sunday, It was not my dad or my mother that pointed me to Bro. William Branham; and it was not my wife’s dad and mother that pointed her to Bro. William Branham. We were both brought up in the Methodist Church. Where does that put us? We are of the group of sleeping people that were awakened by the shout that was sounded by that little man. Are we not? It was by the grace of God, that He let the testimony of a brother be given to us. When we began to step out and endeavor to see and hear that man of God for ourselves, we could not help but realize we were seeing and hearing something we had not seen in the system of religion we were in. When we began to realize what we were hearing was right, we knew we wanted it, so we both agreed we were going to leave the Methodist system. However we both agreed that we would not try to preach to our parents, but that we were just going to step out and walk with God. We did exactly that and we kept our mouth’s shut as we purposed in our heart’s to get what we needed in the right way. Then as I related to you last Sunday, God later on in time, began to open the heart’s. of our parents; and we were blessed to see them give their heart’s to Him just before they all passed off the scene. Did that put them in the category of the wise virgins? No, but they were awakened to the reality of a personal experience with the Lord Jesus according to a true understanding and they gave their heart’s to Him before death took them out of here, so we have the comfort of knowing they received eternal life. They will be in that great multitude of Revelation 7:9. How many understand me? We realize also, that when we come through this period here in our study,(chart) there can be people of that period that will wind up in the same group. Don’t just look at America, because out of the mountains of China in 1948, came Mao Tse-tung and Chou En-lai, the leaders of China, that brought about a great change. Missionaries in prior years had been in China and established Christendom. Out of the mountains they came and began to take over the government and control of China. By the time we came into the 1950’s China was no longer a free nation. She began to be locked up under communism. Soon afterward there began to be a blood bath. Thousands and thousands of those Chinese professing Christians were killed. Right after WW2, a Church of Christ missionary had just come back from China. He told us what had been going on under the new rule. Certain Chinese Christians that had purposed in their heart’s never to change or deny their faith in God, knowing how they were being tortured to make them recant, some of them cut their tongues off, so they could never be forced to deny their faith in Christ. They were so determined not to be forced that way, they chose never to be able to speak again, rather than to be compelled to deny their faith in God. They had to have something genuine in order to go that far. Will you agree? That put many of them right in there (chart-The great multitude). Also within that category, if God would see some as wise virgins, then it is going to put them in the Bride of Christ. With that in mind I have to say, Since that period of time all over this earth, there have been many people brought into this group. Listening to the News, you never really hear what is going on in other countries, you only see and hear things like this as they are related to America, but as you everyone know, you cannot apply everything as it should be applied, only seeing it as is shown in America. That is because God is looking at the whole world. His Bride is not just coming out of America. I grant you there are very few nations today that have Bride people in them, or even Christian people apart from the bride, but wherever Christianity has been observed or respected in the past, there is going to be a few that will be recognized in the Bride. Many, or we could say, most of them have died and gone on. Since this period, in Africa, I have listened to the News and gathered information. In the Sudan, between the Muslims and the Christians, they have been slaughtered and butchered by great numbers. Here our nation is, trying to fight a war and propagate the Muslims to be peace loving and good people. I find it hard to believe they are good people. I have to say rather, the poor people are ignorant of reality and I have to say also, Mohammad was a false prophet. Then as I look at Protestantism, all united and back under the shelter of mama, look what came out last week in the News. The Presbyterians that have moved their headquarters to Louisville have taken a stand concerning the Middle East. All because the Presbyterian system has not been speaking in favor of what the Jews are going through, but feeling sorry for the Islamics, they became the target of criticism by Jewish people. They think it is terrible. Well I have to ask, How can they be professing to be Christian people, and so completely overlook the prophecies of the scriptures? They are showing their favoritism that ought to be shown toward the Jews and not the Palestinians, as they speak of feeling sorry for the Palestinians. Therefore I say we have a lot of confusion going on in the world, but it is going to stay this way until the end and it behooves us to make up our minds, what has God has done for me, and what has He done for you; and conduct ourselves likewise. Let’s get in, stay faithful, and realize God knows exactly what He is doing and why He is doing it.


Has the gray horse rider some of the same spirit as the black horse rider? Absolutely. We have to keep in mind, that the white horse rider represents the spirit of antichrist (Satan) projecting himself in a manner to deceive people and pervert the true revelation of God’s word. How many realize that? Did not the apostle Paul say, It is no marvel that Satan goes out and transforms himself into an angel of light. Regardless of the color of the horse, the rider represents the spirit of the devil all along. From the white horse, he comes to a red horse, because as we enter that second century of true Christendom, there is where the blood of believers began to flow. All you have to do is read some of the history of that second age and you will see it yourself. That red horse period lasted right on through until time advanced to the hour of the emperor Constantine. When Constantine thought he had that revelation, that by this thou shall conquer and overcome, that was actually the devil showing him what he saw, which was, if he would accept this faith he would conquer his enemies. The devil was deceiving him, so he could use him later on when the godhead controversy had to be dealt with. By what he did, Constantine was bringing an end to martyrdom as it had been right on through until then. He introduced what was supposed to be Christianity to the world for courtship. From then on a spirit of the dirty devil becomes the black horse rider. With his leverage, he begins to change very slowly, not all of a sudden, the total understanding of the word of God. He begins to change this, this, this, this and this. The further you go into the Dark Ages, the more the word was being changed. That is why for a thousand year period from 500 A.D. to 1500 A.D., Europe lived in utter spiritual darkness. There was no progress in anything. They went into that period riding horse back and ox carts; and they came out doing the same thing. Why? Because the Catholic Church was against education and progress and against any kind of art that did not agree or go along with their teaching. Well that black horse rider continued to do his dirty work until the Reformation started; and then it switched to a gray horse. The rider of the gray horse was just as devious as the rider of the red horse: he just used a different method to deceive people. The rider of the gray horse, is Satan showing himself in a different way. We see his maneuvering in places like the article we read, where those people were ready to make changes within their own structure in order to bring the daughters back into fellowship, so we must keep in mind that this is the devil showing himself in this manner. No, he did not come riding on an all white horse, but his horse had just enough white and enough black that it appears gray. Why is a mixture like that important to us? Because the objective is, this spirit is causing a mixing of all supposed-to-be believers, so they can be seen as one. What is wrong with that Bro. Jackson? We thought we were all supposed to be as one. Yes, all true believers are supposed to be of one mind and of one spirit, but this ecumenical move does not accomplish that: They everyone are still holding to their basic doctrines taught by their own particular organization. They are not in the unity of the Spirit of God, with everyone believing the same thing. That is what scriptural unity has to become. As long as different ones still have their own ideas about the scriptures, there can never be true unity. What we read this morning, shows how Protestantism is being courted. We have one tonight that will give you a description of some of the different Protestant denominations that have signed up, Pentecostal Holiness. Think of that, tongue talking people agree to go back into fellowship with Rome. I have to say brothers and sisters, We are living in the closing hours of time. It behooves us to realize what is going on.


We have time for one more question, so we will take it now. Can you explain more about Matthew 13:30, when the wheat are separated from the tares? Brothers and sisters, I think it is simple. I do not feel that this should be hard for anyone to understand. When you know the wheat refers to children of God and tares are children of the wicked one, there is only one thing to be done; and that is a process of separation. Tares cannot receive revelation that is only understood by the Holy Ghost revealing it, so when truth is preached, those who cannot receive it will sooner or later depart from the midst of God’s true children. All I ask you is, What do you consider yourself to be, wheat or tares? I am glad to be here and I consider myself to be wheat. How many consider yourself to be wheat? Then I want to ask you a question, Why do you not go out there where the Methodists are gathering and fellowship with them? Go on out there, if you want to see what tares are like. Are you saying they are all tares, Bro. Jackson? I did not say that, but I will say this, There are more tares than anything else out there in those denominational systems of religion. I have an answer for some of that in my message tonight. There are a lot of people that have been born and raised up in religion, but it has never really affected them in a social structure. I have to say, When the time comes that the beast rises on the scene, and that will be in the middle of the week of Daniel that starts right here. That is going to be a seven year period and there are going to be things set in motion in that period of time that is going to speak to a lot of people in the world structure. I will say, If God sees in their heart, something that you and I do not see, then God has His way, when the time is just right, to deal with them. I will say also, When that miracle war, or conflict takes place in the Middle East, and then a little later Ezekiel 38, is fulfilled, do not tell me those displays of the power of God is not going to speak to some of those people out there in the world. What is God going to use it for? Not to make Christians out of them, but it is to warn them to stay away from that spirit that is in the world desiring to make us all become one. It is God’s way, that when that week does start, and the middle of the week does come and that antichrist kills the two prophets, which we know are the fellow servants of those Jews under the fifth seal, and then starts killing their brethren, as it says in the scriptures, that is when the everlasting gospel goes forth for the benefit of those who will take heed. What happens over here when Israel takes her land back, and when that everlasting gospel goes forth, does not make Christians out of anyone, but there are people whose eyes will have been opened and that is God’s way of separating them so that they will not join the system nor receive the mark of the beast. I have received a question on this very thing, a letter from Mexico. Down there, the government was requiring all people to get some kind of piece of paper that had a government stamp on it. People began to interpret that as the mark of the beast. This brother took the letter that was written in Spanish and copied these articles with the stamp on it and translated it to English and sent it to me, asking, Bro. Jackson, what is this? So I told him, It is not the mark of the beast. I remember back in 1933, when President Roosevelt presented the social security act, which was finally approved by Congress. I believe it was in 1934, they started withholding social security tax from peoples’ paychecks. Immediately people began to say, This is the mark of the beast. No, it was just the beginning of a change where people were going to be given an opportunity to choose a number. Ever since that time there have been many scares of that kind, the credit cards, this and that, which has been called the mark of the beast. Remember this though, There is no such thing as the mark of the beast, here, here or here (chart-before the last half of the week of Daniel). How many are listening to me? In the middle of the week, is when the beast will have the power to enact such a thing. They have already got the thing that will be that tool used, a little old chip in the palm of the hand or in the forehead. They can put your name, all your medical information, when you were born, everything about you, with an identity number. When you have to wear that in the skin of your hand or forehead, that means when you walk into a store to buy groceries, you will not be using money. You will have a completely cashless society at that time. The bride of Christ will not be on earth at that time, but there will be those who have to face such a thing. How many understand that? They can hold that thing up over the palm of your hand or forehead, and right there is all the information they need. For three and one half years there will be some people of this world that will refuse to bow down and accept it. There were people in WW2, Jews that hid and existed through that terrible evil structure. Therefore I say to you, If they were able to do that, then do not tell me there cannot be people warned back here, that will react the same way they did. When that hour comes, those who have been warned through the preaching of the everlasting gospel will realize what it is; and there will be some who will do as those Jews did. Others will submit themselves to martyrdom rather than take that mark of damnation. It will be a total cashless society, so those who do not have that identifying mark will not be able to buy or sell, but there will be a way that some will be able to survive the ordeal. But Bro. Jackson, I don’t understand that. You have lived in metropolitan Louisville too long. I do not say that to be a smart aleck, nor to make fun of anyone, but rather to make a point. If I wanted to survive such an hour as that, do you know what I would do? I would get off Broadway or Wall Street first of all. I would get out in the country where I could grow and dig a few potatoes and grow a few beans and other things that could be kept for survival. Always remember, God has a way of putting in the hearts of some people to do something that will turn out right. He gives them wisdom, boldness, and He gives them strength and courage to do what needs to be done. That is why, if there were Jews during WW2 that survived, then don’t tell me there cannot be an element of mortal people during that time, that will survive. It is all in the hands of God, because He has His way of doing things. The miracle side back here, is what starts the change of what the belief religious-wise will be in a lot of the world, among the Hindus, the Buddhists and others. That is why Isaiah 60 plainly tell us, that when the temple is starting to be built, the sons of strangers will come and help build up thy walls. Do not tell me there will be some Buddhist that will show up over there and say, I am a Buddhist, but I want to help you. No saints, He is not going to be a Buddhist when he comes there for that purpose. Because of what he has seen on TV, and because of how the power of God changes things in the middle east, he is going to plainly say to his parents or loved one, I am no longer a Buddhist: I am now a believer in the God of Israel. God is going to conquer that spirit of Muslimism and it will not take very long for Him to do it. He will do it in a very short time, a matter of a few days. I will answer the rest of these questions tonight. I do not want to be in a hurry with any of this: it is too important. Do not think I am angry when I yell at you: I just have to get loud enough for everyone to hear me and so nobody goes to sleep.


We are going to do our best to finish this message tonight. As I said this morning we have another article we will read, certain parts of it, to show you the confirmation of the article I referred to last Sunday that was printed in 1962 by Pope John, the older one, whose prayer was, that we all may be one. He was the one that set the ecumenical council in motion from 1962-1965. That was when this gray horse rider began to ride. I ask that you everyone listen carefully as Bro. Bud comes to read the article.

“Catholic Bishops Join Christian Alliance. The nations Roman Catholic bishops voted Wednesday to join a new alliance that would be the broadest Christian group ever formed in the United States, linking American evangelicals and Catholics in a ecumenical organization for the first time. The alliance called the Christian churches together in the United States and is said to kick off next year. It would include main line Protestants, orthodox Christians, and black and other minority churches with about 67 million U.S. members. The Catholic Church would be the largest denomination. It is not to create some kind of mega-body or mega-church said Bishop Steven Blair, chairman of the ecumenical committee for the U.S. conference of Catholic bishops. It is a forum for participation so that we can pray together, grow in our understanding together, and witness together our faith. It is considered a biblical imperative for Christians to find ways to build unity among their different denominations. Pope John Paul II has made such efforts as a priority of his pontificate. The Catholic church has ongoing ecumenical dialogues with many denominations, however some evangelical Protestant churches have resisted participation. Blair said that among the evangelicals who have agreed to participate are the Salvation Army and the International Pentecostal Holiness Church.” That goes to show you what that gray horse rider has been doing in the last forty years. I have to say tonight in the light of this, It was the other man before this pope that had more or less introduced that period of the council that they were going to set in motion. The present pope is getting very sick. It is evident when the time is just right he will leave the scene. Even this pope himself said, the man that takes his place will be a rascal. Why would he say that? I have to say he probably said it from the standpoint of another idea, not a prophecy being fulfilled, but it is very evident everything is pointing now to the fact the end of everything is coming up before us. I pray that we can truly prepare ourselves for what is ahead. Along with that, how big that system was going to be, has also been mentioned, up in the Boston area, eighty some churches of Catholic faith are actually being shut down all because of this sex scandal. Those dioceses’ are facing bankruptcy. You have listened to this in the News over the past two years, from Texas to the west coast to the east coast, even here in the Louisville area. It is very strange how this has been kept hidden from most of society through the previous years, but now it is coming to the surface. This element of lawyers we have today, do not believe in God or anything of a spiritual nature, so what do they care who they go after. It is the money they are after. Therefore I have to believe, as I look at this case right here in America, that diocese after diocese is heading for bankruptcy. That is just a little of what is ahead for that old system. Wait until the middle of that week of time arises in Europe, the time when that everlasting gospel is preached by the 144,000 servants of God. They are the final ones to give the judgment stroke to that old system. That Roman system is absolutely going to perish because the ten horns will hate the whore and they will go after her when the time is just right. All these things are indicators that the end of it all is coming stage by stage and step by step. It behooves us as Christians to prepare ourselves for this final go around. This is not a time for true Christians to become lax, because that spirit of Satan is still trying to destroy anything that points toward a holy God leading His children.


I want to try to finish answering these questions that were given to me to go along with this message, so I will now read this next one. It is a fact we are living in the end. The last question I was dealing with this morning about Matthew 13:30, where the wheat are separated from the tares, it is asked here in a bigger question. When the tares are first gathered together and bound in bundles to be burned, what does this separation consist of? Does this mean that the tares are literally going to be separated from the wheat and actually leave the church? Yes. That is exactly what it means. Well how can you prove that? Go to the second parable of Matthew 13. Does it not say how the kingdom of heaven is liken unto such and such, but while men slept, which means when the first age of ministry and early church people began to die off, when the next generation came along, what did they find? They find there are tares among the true believers. They are the ones that in the parable it says they asked the householder, which is the Lord, Did you not sow good seed? The answer was, Yes. Then whence came the tares? He said, My enemy has done this. Then can we go pluck them up? I am going to go right to the chart at this time. I just want to point to our chart and say, We are moving into the second parable as we study this, which is the second age, represented by the red horse rider, but keep in mind that it was said to those who inquired, Let them all grow together until the time of the harvest. That just goes to show, that in every generation as there are true believers, there is always that element of tares, because they exist and live in the same atmosphere that the real believers do. Many times as the true Christian is going along, especially coming from the first age into the second, and then by the time we get well over into the second or third age, it has been hard for the true believer to even know the difference between the tare and a true believer. They have just been allowed to grow together and do the same things. This condition has existed for hundreds of years, but God is bringing it to an end. Keep in mind though, There was the beginning of the original sowing of that tare spirit, so it has produced its kind, the counterfeit Christian, the pretenders, the make believers right on through time. That being true, then the separation has got to be a literal separation. The tares will absolutely be separated by the hand of almighty God in this last hour of time. What is the reason? So that the real believer, those that are genuine believers, will be able to shine. The Bible plainly says they will shine as the stars of heaven. God is not going to let tares get the glory that the real believer is to receive when the Lord really moves and puts His church together. I was asked, Is the separation going on right now? Yes it is. Have we entered into the harvest time? Yes we definitely have. I will go so far as to say, This separation started three years ago. I am not going into detail at this time: I don’t have to. Let him that hath an ear to hear, hear. Let those who have eyes to see, let them look. There has slowly been a separating process taking place; and it has been by the Spirit of God . God is not going to play tiddly winks with us. He is going to present opportunities, obstacles, and everything else to cause the tare, or the foolish, to take another thought and leave the midst of the genuine believers, the true Church. I am not going to do the separating. God is going to do it as He sees fit. I have to say, If that separation has already started, it will keep on going until it is complete. As we get more and more into this separating process, you will see other things begin to affect the spirit of those that really take part in the negative side. Why? Because if you are a tare, you cannot sit here, if I am preaching, or if Bro. Bud is preaching, or if Bro. Allen is preaching the truth of God’s word by the inspiration of the Spirit of God. You cannot sit here month in and month out, hearing what we have to say, and still keep up your front. You cannot keep sitting there saying, Well now, I just don’t understand this and I don’t understand that. Shame on you, if that is what you are doing. I look back forty some years ago, almost fifty years ago now, when the Lord led my wife and me into Bro. William Branham’s ministry. It is true there were some things I heard that at first I did not understand, but I knew enough to say in my heart, Here is a man that has light to enlighten my pathway, I am not letting the devil come between me and that man. May I say this also, I had already heard Oral Roberts, I had heard Velmar Gardner, Gordon Lindsey, W. V. Grant and many others. I heard all those fellows and still looked for something I had not yet heard. After I had heard them all, I came to the conclusion that they have a ministry of salvation, or of divine healing, but they don’t have a message out of the Bible that will ever unite the Church of the living God. It got to the place where I said, I will not spend one dime for a gallon of gas to go and hear these others any more, because here is a man I know; and I know he has what I need. Therefore in the final months of his life I was privileged to hear what he had to say; and I had to say Amen to it all. There were hundreds and hundreds of people that followed all those other men. I think I have told it before, but when Bro. William Branham brought forth those seals messages I thought, They have been written there all along, and oh how mysterious it all seemed to be, but when this little man took those things and the revelation came, it absolutely took all the obscurity off. He made each one of those seals stand out so vividly and everything so clear. A man that was the same age as I am, Tommy Osborne, had a wonderful ministry of divine healing and preached divine healing in many parts of the world. He always had big crowds that followed him, but some friends of his that heard these seals messages, took them and asked him to listen. He took those seals and went away and fasted for a week and listened to them. When he came back, he handed the tapes back and said, I do not want anything to do with this. I have to say, If men back then could have a ministry like that, then do not tell me there is not some today that can sit in the same ranks of fellowship, and I am talking about the ministry. They say, Well I believe the same thing. Time will prove whether they do or do not, because if they do not, somewhere along the line they are going to trip up. I know we have already entered into the harvest season, so I say, let everybody that has an ear to hear, hear what the Spirit of God is bringing forth. It is about time we start understanding those things that are for the bride Church. I say that as humbly as I know how. I do not want to purposely hurt anyone or run anyone off, but if that happens as I preach, I just have to say, I am not the one that does the saving in the first place. I am not the one that gives you the Holy Spirit. Only God can do that. It is not my revelation that is being preached: it is God’s revelation. He is going to confirm to each and every one of his true children what is the truth and what is not truth. We are approaching the end of it all, and God is going to separate the chaff, the tares from the main body of wheat. That is what you see going on out in the religious world, God bundling tares, but it does not stop there. Tares have to be taken out from among the true children of God anywhere they are found. A few nights ago I saw a station on TV where one of these ecumenical meetings was going on. It looked like hundreds and hundreds of people, but there stood right close to where the camera was, a young woman in blue jeans. She had on a short sleeved blouse, and on her arm was a big tattoo. You might say, Well can God not save her? He sure can, but when He saves her, He is going to have her cover up that tattoo. Whether you realize it or not, we are living in a day when young women of the world are just as prone to get a tattoo as young men were during WW2. Tattoos on women were not hardly heard of back then, but now just look at them. It is a shame. May God have mercy on us as time runs out.


This next question asks, Can a bride saint burn all their rewards and just have eternal life and still be in the rapture? That is sort of a lop sided question because the Bible does not even portray anything like that. I am going to read something in a minute, but first let me say, There is no such thing as you being a believer, doing things to destroy all your rewards, because there is only one basic reward that the Bride person is going to receive. That is a position with Christ to rule and reign. That is the reward of being in the Bride. Then the question is, I don’t understand when the Bible says we will all stand before the judgment seat of Christ and give an account for every word, thought, deed done in this body. The Bible also says that as far as the east is from the west, our sins have been removed. What are we giving an account for? The Bible cannot contradict itself. There is only one answer. That is true, but now the question is sort of presented in a misunderstood way. Let me say this, I am going to show you scripture. If you will go with me to what Paul is writing in 1st Corinthians 3, we will try to clear up something. Let us first get the subject of thought. Paul has been approached by something that causes him to say concerning Apollos and those men, for we are labourers together. He is speaking more or less concerning the ministry. How many realize that? Ye are God’s husbandry, he says here, so in that, he was looking at the body of believers, the laity, because ye are God’s building. In verse 10 he writes this, “According to the grace of God which is given unto me, as a wise masterbuilder, I have laid the foundation, (truly he had) and another buildeth thereon. (So whether it was Apollos or Mark, or someone else) But let every man take heed how he buildeth thereupon.” He is basically talking about the ministry, but remember, the ministry is not building hog pens. The ministry is supposed to be building Christian character in the lives of people who are believers. “For other foundation can no man lay than that is laid, which is Jesus Christ.” So here we come back to the main thought. No matter whether it was Paul, Apollos, Mark, or whoever it was, he has got to be building something in the lives of believers as the finished product that is Christlike. Notice how Paul says this. “Now if any man build upon this foundation (he is talking basically about the ministry) gold, silver, precious stones, wood, hay, stubble.” He is using these elements as an example. You and I know gold, silver, precious stones is only a comparison of the motive the man has as he is hoping to build in the lives of people, something that is valuable, something that is spiritual. It is actually Christlike. But wood, hay or stubble applies to someone that comes along and teaches a watered down message that gives the believer leeway to a lot of flesh pleasing. That has to be the outcome. It cannot be anything else. That is why he says this: “Every man’s work shall be made manifest: for the day shall declare it, (He is talking about a day of reckoning.) because it shall be revealed by fire; (It is all by the Holy Spirit, as it takes every word of truth and brings that believer into accountability, how he or she has heard it, how they have believed it, and how they have allowed Him to cultivate in them the virtues of Christ.) and the fire shall try every man’s work of what sort it is. If any man’s work abide which he hath built thereupon, he shall receive a reward. If any man’s work shall be burned, (In other words his motive, his objective, what he was seeking to accomplish, if he is seeking something for self interest, self recognition, he is actually saying that is going to be destroyed, because he did every bit of it to receive personal gain. The supposedly good things he has done is going to be destroyed. If any man’s work shall be burned…) he shall suffer loss.” Loss of what? Of that reward. It is not eternal life that he loses: it is the reward of being kings and priests, and ruling and reigning with Jesus Christ. How many understand that? That has nothing to do with his past sins when he was in unbelief. Before you ever accepted the Lord, everything you ever did, whether it was smoking, drinking, cursing, stealing, using God’s name in vain, you did all that when you were in an unbelieving state of living. That is why, when you did accept Jesus Christ as your Savior, you accepted Him for the purpose that He would reach out and forgive you for all of that, believing that His blood cleanses you from all that past sin you committed in unbelief. That is why the scriptures says God casts it away as far as the east is from the west, to remember those things no more. The things we begin to do as we seek to cultivate the Christlike life, are what begins to create a different atmosphere. That is exactly what Paul is talking about. “If any man’s work shall be burned, he shall suffer loss: but he himself shall be saved; yet so as by fire.” Now there are two other scriptures that will bring this all into accountability. Go with me to the 5th chapter of 1st Corinthians. We notice in the beginning of this chapter, Paul had heard about a man of the Corinthian Church that was guilty of committing fornication with his father’s wife. This was the young man’s stepmother; and he as a believer was guilty of doing this. When we look at this, it is not the ministry being brought before the fiery judgment, it is the believer. In the 3rd verse he is admonishing the Corinthian Church as to how to deal with this situation. Notice, “For I verily, as absent in body, but present in spirit, have judged already, as though I were present, concerning him that hath so done this deed, (Notice what he tells them to do.) In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, when ye are gathered together, and my spirit, with the power of our Lord Jesus Christ, (meaning the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ) To deliver such an one unto Satan (turn him over to the devil) for the destruction of the flesh, (meaning death) that the spirit may be saved in the day of the Lord Jesus.” There goes his works, but his soul is saved. Are you going to come up with millions living like that? No. Paul was not writing this to millions. How many realize that? It was for just one. Don’t forget he is writing to the Corinthian Church and if you knew anything about the Corinthian society back then, it was just exactly like the society in America today. Our society has gone to the dogs. I have to say, It is a shame, but it is evidence of the last days. There is another scripture that can go along with this. Go with me to Romans 14. He is writing this letter to the Romans because it had come to his attention that some of the Roman people were more or less casting judgment about everybody. They are just throwing it around like school kids. Well I don’t like that guy over there, and I don’t like this. That is carnal conduct. It has no attribute of Christ whatsoever. This is why Paul says what I will start reading in the (7th verse). “For none of us liveth to himself, and no man dieth to himself. For whether we live, we live unto the Lord; (If we are a believer, we have got to live every day unto the Lord. We can’t get up each day and say I will do as I please today. Oh no. Lord help me today that when the sun goes down, I have lived every moment seeking to glorify you.) And whether we die, we die unto the Lord: whether we live therefore, or die, we are the Lord’s. For to this end Christ both died, and rose, and revived, that He might be Lord both of the dead and living.” Whether you are dead already as a believer, or whether you are alive as a believer, He is your Lord. Paul now gets personal with his remarks to the Romans. “But why dost thou judge thy brother? Or why dost thou set at nought thy brother? For we shall all stand before the judgment seat of Christ.” We must realize that this takes us right back to what Paul said, If the ministry is going to be judged by how he has built, he is looking at and applying this to the believer of the body, how they have lived. I want to say this tonight, From the time we surrender our lives to God, it behooves us to set ourselves apart and learn to guard our tongue. I am thinking of tale bearers: I have seen some church going people, that just get so occupied in wanting to tell somebody something new they have just heard. Once you have heard it, you realize it did not amount to anything. However to some people it is a big thing. I only use that as a comparison because if we spend our time blabbing about something that doesn’t amount to anything, God looks upon that with displeasure. That is an error in our way of living for Christ. How many realize that? We are going to be brought to a reckoning upon that. We cannot accept Christ as our Savior and just go on down the road of life in the same old way. Somehow we have got to learn that everything we say or do, should be for the glory of God. If you do hear a rumor, before you let that become a means to tattle, it is better to say, Well I have heard it, but I am not going to repeat it. It is a fact, too many people become occupied by telling these stories and tales and it does not glorify God in any way; and it certainly does not help you as a Christian. It is one thing to hear something, but unless it is something that could really be detrimental to your faith, or to someone else, it is better not to repeat it. That is why we are admonished by the apostle Paul, Have no fellowship with them that walk unruly. How many heard what I said, those who walk unruly? They are those who do not live their life by the principals of Bible teaching. They live according to their own carnal ideas. They go down the road of life thinking everything they desire to do is justified. If we let ourselves imitate that kind of life, we will come before the judgment seat of Christ to give an account and learn why we lose our reward for faithfulness. Those faults of the fleshly nature are not the sins we were forgiven of when God first saved us. Those sins of unbelief, He has cast as far away from us as the east is from the west. He will never remember them against us any more. What we have to be concerned about are all these other things we accumulate along the road of life that are unbecoming in a Christ centered life. That is why the Bible brings in, For we shall all stand before the judgment seat of Christ. That is not to be judged for what I did while I was in unbelief, but to be judged for what I have used the ministry for. Have I used it to deceive people, mislead people, try to build myself some kind of halo. God knows exactly whether I have or have not. That is why I say I am not going to say anything until I know for sure what I am saying and I have examined it thoroughly. Then if I open my mouth and say something, I mean exactly that, That is why I say separation started three years ago. I know it was misunderstood. It sounded like I was wanting to tear somebody all to pieces. That is because you do not know what I know, and I am not going to tell everything I know: at least not now. I know God set something in motion and I want to be on the right side of it, leaving it up to you who are concerned. I am not in this to destroy anyone, but neither am I going to play a little game with anyone either. This is the day when separation starts, He deals with the ministry first. How come, Bro. Jackson? Because the body cannot be made perfect if the ministry is not right themselves. The laity is not going to correct the ministry. That is one thing we need to get straight. It is not the laity coming along and saying God showed me this and God showed me that. Be mighty sure God did show you something before you speak, because, if God does show you something that will be right, so He will also show you who is preaching the truth and who is not preaching the truth. Anything beyond that could be people playing a game. God knows there are preachers today, that will preach the same thing I do, but what is the motive in their heart’s? The heart is where everything comes from. Whatever is in there will eventually come to the surface. I hope that answers the question that was asked.


I have a question here, that really shows the need for proper teaching. This person says, A minister in this message said that there can be a fifteen fold Christian. (There is no scripture for that. That is human manipulations, trying to project something different, because no such thing is written in the scriptures.) He said you can fall short of a thirty fold. If you do, then you will be as Paul said, you are going to lose your reward and wind up with eternal life without rewards. How many understand me now? Just be assured, There is no such thing as a fifteen fold Christian. We have a lot of carnal minded people today, that will stretch a verse of scripture until it is like an elastic band. When you stretch something to its limit, it is going to fly back and hit you in the face. When Jesus said in the parable, Some will bear a hundred, some sixty, and some thirty, He meant it. It only goes to show, He does not give you more grace than you need and He does not give you less than what you have to have. He knows your potential ability to take the grace of God in your life and use it to the glory of God. If He has seen you as a hundred fold, you will be a hundred fold. Let me say this, He does not call a man into the ministry that is only a thirty fold Christian. How many heard what I said? Why would He allow a thirty fold Christian the privilege of producing hundred fold Christians? That would be going backward. That would really be twisting the scriptures. When Jesus said, and some will bear a hundred fold, meaning God will give that person the Holy Spirit and the revelation and in the process of time that person will cultivate and apply in his or her life, the fruit of the Spirit of God which will lead to a life of holiness. The longer they live, the older they get, more and more will this fruit of the Spirit of God be manifested in their lives. It will not be a hundred fold at first, but as they walk with God and they learn, then they will grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord. Another one will only be sixty fold; and even if that person lived to be a thousand years old, they will never bear any more fruit than sixty fold. The same way with the thirty fold. He never started you out as a hundred fold and later you slip down to the thirty fold because you couldn’t live up to the hundred fold. God knows what you have the potential of being and what you do not have. He gives you what He foreknew from the foundation of the world, you would need according to your potential. If you feel that God, somehow or other, has not given you as much as somebody else, please, just be thankful to God He has let you have a little hold of true revelation. Some people will say, Pray for me, I just cannot seem to understand like others do. I will say this, Do not spend time worrying about what you do not understand. You just ask God to help you each day. If you have a mind to hear what I or Bro. Allen or Bro. Bud say yet you do not understand it, you just record that in your mind and wait until the Spirit of God opens it up to you. As long as you do not reject what you hear, you do not need to worry about not understanding everything immediately. You go on down the road and say, Lord, I didn’t understand what was said last night, but I believe it is truth, so I will just wait until you reveal it to me. Then you be honest with yourself and with God. Do not spend the next day wringing your hands, crying, Oh I just don’t know what to do. The devil will get on your shoulder and laugh at you, if you allow him. Do today what you know to do, do it with all your heart and I promise you, as you grow in the grace of God, whether it is two weeks, six weeks or two years, the day will come that God will open it up to you. This antichrist spirit in the world today, has one objective; and that is to derail the faith of as many as he can. That is why his horse is gray, because he mixes dark (false doctrine) in with the light of truth and deceives multitudes with his false unity plans. When you honor God and His servants and become happy and content that what you have heard, believe it, even though you do not understand it all, one day you may be mowing the grass, washing dishes or whatever, and all of a sudden a thought hits your mind. You remember a certain thing you did not understand; and the Lord might say, Go to such and such a scripture. He has many ways of talking to you and causing truth to be opened up to you. Now you see it clearly. The Bible says we grow by grace in the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. None of us learn everything in one day, but we grow by grace through a process of time. It is God’s imputed grace that starts this wonderful way of life in us. As we receive those things we do understand, that which we do not understand will drop into your spiritual understanding in a time when you least expect it. Once God does that, He makes it so simple that when you begin to see it, you cannot help but rejoice. Thank God, now I know that for sure! Whenever you handle the word of God like I have described to you, you are growing by His grace. Any time truth is spoken in your presence, God wants you to eventually understand it, whether it is one year, two years, or three. Well let me read the rest of this question, He (that certain preacher) said you could fall short of a thirty fold potential. Then another minister in this message said you are either thirty, sixty, or a hundred fold, nothing in between. Well I have to say, That is the truth. We have to make everything line up with the scriptures. So it asks, which statement is true? The last is true, because we are what we are by the grace of God. We can’t make ourselves be something we were not ordained to be. You cannot make yourself be a Christian. On the other hand, if you can recognize when God is dealing with your heart, He will show you exactly how to approach this salvation issue. When He does He is going to be right there to give you grace, to give you enough understanding to know how to lay everything before the Lord. When you do, He is going to help you understand everything necessary to get you started down the road of Christian living. If the devil tells you, You don’t see this and you don’t understand this, or if you hear older people testify of what God has shown them, do not say, Why can’t I see that? That testimony may come from years of Christian living. You just purpose above all things, Lord, I am going to take it one day at a time, trusting you to help me along the way. I am putting my total trust in you. That is what God requires. Saints of God we are close to the coming of the Lord, so when the tares or whatever they are, have been separated and we are nothing but true believers sitting here together, (I am not talking about fifteen from now.) I believe with all my heart when that seventh seal is broken in heaven, down here on earth the body of believers are going to begin hearing their last minute instructions from the seven thunders. The seventh seal will not be broken and the thunders sounded until the body of believers on earth are meeting all their requirements. Until the tares are all gone, there will be no thunders. God is not going to sound the thunders to the living element of the Bride while a number of tares are still sitting among them. The thunders are for the true believers. It is coming at a time when all believers are ready. As soon as that seventh seal is broken in heaven, what does that do? It allows Christ the High Priest to leave that intercessory position. Where do we see Him? He is projected on earth in angelic form. That is why we see Revelation 10 like it is. That is why I said this morning, You put that first verse of chapter 8 right over that first verse of chapter 10 because that is when the seal is broken. Christ will be projected on earth in angelic form. He has in His hand a little scroll, (The translators call it a book, but it is not a book.) In 96 A.D. there was no such thing as books. Books never came into the picture until the printing press came along. It was always scrolls until then. When Jesus went up two thousand years ago, He was given a scroll with seven seals on it. It remained to be a scroll all through the two thousand years of mediatorial work. Only the translators changed the word. When Jesus is seen projected on earth in angelic form, He is seen with one foot on the land and one on the sea. It goes to show that this is a universal picture. He has come to speak and reveal Himself to the universal Bride of Christ. It does not mean every nation. If you know anything about history, and if you know anything about Christianity right now, you know true Christianity is not practiced over this entire globe. Look at the Middle East. Look at Saudi Arabia. Look at all those Arab countries. They got rid of the Christians hundreds of years ago. As for the thunders, when they come, they are only going to come to the ministry of men that are already in their perfect position. Those thunders will sound and that ministry of men will pick that up by divine revelation. It will be a beautiful revelation to them, even as the revelation of the first six seals was to Bro. William Branham in 1963. When those thunders are sounded, the Lord does not have to tell any of us a day or hour. That is not the point. However if the Lord was to tell you, Behold, a certain condition will arise within thy country, when you see this, (just an example) developing in your country, you will know that my coming is nigh at hand. Then what do you watch for? When the Lord blows the trumpet and the dead in Christ rise. As I said this morning, Then you watch for Bro. John or Sis. Mary that passed off the scene earlier, to tap you and say, It is time to go. I only use that as a little illustration. He will absolutely bring something to you that will acquaint you with something to look forward to, that will portray and foreshadow His soon coming. The day and hour will come when He blows the trumpet and the dead rise first. Then together, neither going up first, “we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord.” What a wonderful hope we have! (1 Cor 15:52) “In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed.” That lets me know we do not have to know the day or hour. However if He should tell us of some condition or sign to watch for within the realm of society, do you think He will sound this to the world in general? No. Will He sound this to the element of tares? No. Why should He? Let me use a comparison. There were hundreds of people made themselves available in 1963, to sit there in the Tabernacle and hear Bro. William Branham as the Lord gave him the revelation of the first six seals. They have been reading that ever since, but has it pointed them to any further insight? No. They constantly look back to that, that, and that, look what God said. Yes, it was God speaking, but all of that was really given at that time to awaken the living element of the Bride, to look forward. If divine revelation for six seals could come like that, so unique, what will it be like when the seventh seal is broken? Then the thunders will be sounded. It is going to bring something so dynamic and so beautiful, you are going to know exactly that you are living in the approaching moment of time just before the coming of Christ. Will the tares hear it? No sir. Only your heart and mine will be in a shape to receive that. Here we are, forty one years beyond that revelation that came back then. I am thankful to God, that He did not let us sit down in the middle of the road and rehearse and rehearse like some are doing. He has let us read it, take it and look forward for whatever else He would reveal. By the grace of God we have been pressing forward to another period of time. I say thank God, for His grace that has made it possible for us to endure the pressure and things that have been thrown at us. Somewhere in just a short distance ahead, He is going to make all our waiting and patience bear fruit. We who have an ear to hear, are going to hear what those thunders speak. When we hear those thunders, we are going to know something about the coming of Jesus Christ, and we will not have to sit and try to figure it down to the very moment. No. We will have no need to, because we are going to rest until we see that dead brother or sister come up. You will not see them coming out of the ground, but once they are out of the ground, they are going to make their appearance to the living element of the bride Church. When they have made their appearance to the living, then the living will not have to ask, Who are you? Where did you come from? I hope you know what I mean by that. A wise virgin will know what that means. Those dead in Christ are not going to appear to every Tom, Dick, and Harry and create a lot of excitement. Those who are worldly will not know what is taking place.


Among those of the ecumenical world years ago, there was an article written about conditions when the rapture takes place. It was, When the rapture takes place, oh what a phenomena, what a day of doom. They pictured a huge airplane in the air with three hundred and fifty six passenger. All of a sudden the rapture takes place and there goes the pilot, and the airplane falls from the sky. That sounds logical to a carnal mind. Right? Well that is not the way it is going to be. If that pilot was a true believer, God would already have spoken to him that morning and put a block in his way, so he never would have gone to the airport. How many understand? This is why, when that hour of the rapture takes place, the world is not going to be foretold in advance by circumstances, that such a phenomena is about to take place. The Bride will be gone before the world knows what is happening. Yes saints, when night comes, there will probably be someone here and there that may say, Well I wonder what happened to So and So? My personal belief is that all of that will happen in a time when this world is so stirred with turmoil and chaos, that the world in general will not have time to even try to figure it all out. That is why I say to you, when those thunders are sounded, the Bride, wherever she is all over this world, and that will only be in nations where the Christian faith has been honored, will hear and understand what is said. That is where the true ministry is revealing to the bride what she needs to know in that hour. From the time the thunders are sounded until the time the rapture takes place, there will still be a little interval before the rapture is actually consummated. Why? Because in chapter 10, as soon as the thunders were sounded and John was about to write what was said, He was told, Seal up those things. Let us read it, (Rev 10:4) “And when the seven thunders had uttered their voices, I was about to write: and I heard a voice from heaven saying unto me, Seal up those things which the seven thunders uttered, and write them not.” Just think, if God would have let him write what was said, we would have been reading it just like the rest of the Bible. As Bro. William Branham said, The devil would have known exactly how to take it and give it a carnal meaning. Well he will not know a thing about this event, it is just for the Bride. She will hear words inspired by the revelation of the Holy Spirit. Now to show you that the Church will still be here for a while, notice that as John saw the angel standing with one foot on the land and one on the sea, that voice from heaven said to John, go to the angel and ask him for the scroll. Not the book. I am not changing the writing, I am going back to the original, how it was written from two thousand years ago. If you want to read it as a book, that is alright, but I am sure of one thing, When this document was placed in the hands of Jesus by the Eternal Spirit, it was a scroll, and it has remained to be a scroll. When in 1450 A.D., the first printing press was made, books became available, but the Lord did not change the picture in heaven. Jesus still held a scroll in His hand; and he has been interceding for the contents of it all through the years. When the day and time comes that the thunders are to be revealed, Jesus will come off the throne in heaven. He will have broken the last seal and the contents are visible. That is when the thunders will sound, and not before then. When told to do so, John went to the angel and said, Give me the scroll. This sets a beautiful picture, because Ezekiel was told to do the same thing; and it is found in Ezekiel 2:8-9. Naturally all of this is symbolic. When John was told by this angel, to take the scroll and eat it, It will be in thy mouth sweet as honey, but in thy belly bitter, we need to bring that into this present day understanding. Some times people eat things they like the taste of, but you have heard them say, It disagrees with my system. It upsets the gastric system and creates a bad case of heartburn. Well John ate it, and in his belly it was very bitter. When he had eaten it, what did the angel say? What He said to him applies to something beyond the thunders: Thou must prophesy again. Well John himself will not be coming back to do the prophesying before many peoples, nations and tongues and kings, so what does this tell us? The Spirit that was on John, will be on surrendered vessels of this day and hour; and they will be led by that Spirit to do exactly what the angel told John he must do. I want to say brothers and sisters, Not too terribly far ahead, that will be literally fulfilled. The society at large is drifting into unbelief, so this is just a short period of time up the road. Look what America has become in the last so many years; and look what America is projecting to the world. I was given this article just before the service. This is out of a school paper. The title is, God Must Be Fully Removed. The pledge of allegiance, all of that is taken out of America’s young society. Do you know what that tells me? America as a total society is fast approaching the hour when God, just up the road, unless she repents is definitely facing a terrible stroke of judgment. I say this because we have to realize, in the 12th chapter of Revelation, that woman flees into a certain place of protection. The woman is none other than a human society of Israel that God has selected to be preserved. It is already in His mind. When the middle of that week comes, right there (chart) is where the first thing is done: the two prophets are slain, Revelation 11. How many see that? That is the fellow servants of those that cried out to God back here, seen under that altar. That is their fellow servants, and their brethren that should be killed as they were. I just have to say, If America is that place the woman flees to in the middle of that week, somewhere up the road in front of you there is going to be something terrible happen to America. Politicians and educators have brought this rotten thing to a head in this country. It has come on with such a slick way of political maneuvering and manipulations, it has been taught in our colleges until they have brainwashed our young generation to cooperate and go along with this deception. That is why I believe God has a stroke of judgement of some terrible thing just ahead. The reason I say this, they have let hundreds and thousands of Muslims come into this country, knowing nothing of their intent. They did it because they felt like they were changing America to show the world that the whole world could learn to love one another and accept all these different cultures. Well that is not the way God sees it: He is going to prove to them, you have done the thing that I am against already, because you have taken me out of your nation. America was a nation founded by God under the Christian faith, so where did such a spirit come from? That did not mean every person born in America was Christian, but the Christian faith had been accepted respected and it had produced a lifestyle that has affected the up and coming generations of Americans for many years until this generation. When our leaders began to change things, then the social structure of America changed drastically, as well as the political structure. Dishonesty and corruption of every kind has crept in. Therefore if America is that place the woman of Revelation 12 flees to, it was chosen by God and He knows the day and hour that she will need to take her flight. When John received this revelation in 96 A.D. the new world had not even been discovered. Think though, of the hundreds of years that have come and gone since then. Please understand this, The mark of the beast will not be allowed to become the number one thing the politicians of this nation accept, as to who is and who is not such and such. Remember this also, In the Middle East, when that antichrist takes over the reins of the world government, that basically is just Europe. Remember also, that the mark of the beast only goes into effect when the antichrist breaks the peace covenant by killing those two prophets in Israel. That is when he makes his mark mandatory. Though it is commonly believed that the whole world will be required to accept the mark of the beast, the truth is, only one fourth of the world will be under his control. I hope you realize that. Therefore that place the woman flees to, cannot be in Europe because that is where that mandatory, cash-less society will be in effect. Even though it was America that made such a thing possible, because she invented the computer, she will not be bound like that. The computer was an instrument used on battleships to set in motion the firing information for the big guns. In the early 1960’s when they began to realize the computers they had were becoming obsolete, they began to pull them out and release them to the civilian world. It was the civilian world that first began to use them only to record information in banks and such. That is no longer the case, because they now fly airplanes with them and control space craft likewise. I say these things to try and show you that when the time comes for that woman to flee, God will have her flee to a part of the world where that mark of the beast is not mandatory. Why should she leave Israel and go to another place where the mark would have to be accepted? When you get the picture together right, there has to be a spot on earth somewhere that the Creator has prepared to take care of those who flee the wrath of the antichrist in Israel. Satan will not be allowed to get to them. If it is America, (as I believe it has to be) I say to you young people especially, Watch out! This beautiful country you were born and raised in, the country you have enjoyed living in, is due a strike of judgment from the hand of God, to get her ready to fulfill her part in His plan. She is not at this time, a place where the woman could flee to and be safe. American politicians are building a road God is soon going to tear up. The American dollar is already losing its value in many places, while at the same time the Euro-mark is gaining acceptance. Just the other morning I heard on FOX News, something that caused me to say, The end is very close. Chinese scientists have just said, By such and such a year, they will have put satellites in space on every area of heaven, and they will be able to watch and see exactly what is going on in every nation on the face of this earth. That lets me know the kings of the east are waking up. They are rubbing their eyes and washing their face, getting ready to play their part in this end time wind up. America is absolutely going to sleep, only to have all her wonderful things ripped and torn away from her. That is why I can say, If that is the picture up the road in front of us, America will not be the nation that is going to rid the world of Muslimism. It is going to be done by the hand of God, using Israel. Our president talks like we can do it, but I have to disagree. The reason I say what I say, is because it is better than two thousand miles from our east coast to Europe. Whatever God does to bring about as a stroke of judgment in America, He is going to do it in a way, and at a time that she will no longer be a part of the U.N. or anything else that would tie her hands. Listen carefully to what I am saying, America will absolutely say, We will go alone. That European beast system will not want to try and attack us because we will still have the potential to meet them in the middle of the ocean. What you have to realize is, if God has prepared the place for the woman element of Israel to flee to, to escape the wrath of the antichrist, He is going to do a perfect job of it. Furthermore He is going to clean house with something; and when He is done, America is not going to be that great world power that she now claims to be. He is going to knock her completely back to reality; and she is going to have to wake up and fulfill His purpose. She will have to suffer the consequences of her wrong doings, in order to get her ready for what God has ordained for her to do and be. Do not ask me what is going to happen to all the foolish virgins. When God gets through reigning judgment on this nation to get it ready to fulfill its destiny, He will have everything else in its place. Everything and everyone will have been dealt with. What we need to realize is, by the time the tribulation starts in the middle of that week, the Church (all the bride people) will be gone to glory; and God will have already prepared the nation that the woman will flee to. The reason I say that, already in the European nations, every means to bring on a cash-less society is already there, but it is not time for it yet, because the beast has to enact it. When I look in that 12th chapter of Revelation and see that the woman has fled, the question is, When does she flee to? The minute that beast comes into Jerusalem and takes over, and kills the two prophets, she will be on her way. By that time the two prophets have already told this element of Jewish people where to go when such a time comes. They are going to know exactly where to go and when to go, because those two prophets are going to tell them. America was founded by God two hundred and some years ago, on the faith and principles of belief in Jesus Christ. The Jewish nation was founded by God three thousand years ago or better, all in the name of Jehovah, the Elohim, but look what that nation did. They turned from the ways God had instructed them to live by. That is why the people have suffered so severely through the centuries. Here we are, our nation engaged in trying to bring about peace in Iraq, and our politicians that support the effort think they are going to change that whole middle east. They are not. That middle east situation is going to give our president a migraine headache. Then when the time is right, it is going to take the hand of God to really show the world He is the God that is setting in motion the things He has determined before the foundation of the world to do.


America is heading for a little short period of time, of drastic judgment, a stroke of God to clean house and to get it ready to fulfill its ordained roll. Then when that dark tribulation hour does come, there is going to be all kinds of drastic judgments hit the world. That is why the place where the woman will flee to has to be judged ahead of time. That element of Jews referred to as the woman, involves several hundred thousands of Jews, so can you imagine her coming to an area of the earth where there would be chaos going on, drought, storms, earthquakes, then the mark of the beast to face. You may ask, Well why does she flee to some other part of the world? To survive and keep alive an element of Jewish people to move into the Millennium and repopulate. The antichrist forces would not leave any of them alive otherwise. This is God’s way of preserving an element of physical Jews to return to that land to be part of that society; and God will allow them to repopulate the Jewish society, once the tribulation and everything is past. He is still definitely going to have a Jewish nation. I realize this can simulate a lot of questions in people’s mind’s. You have never seen the kind of judgment that can hit this nation, but I can visualize all kinds of catastrophic things. I believe, when it is all done, a lot of the Muslims will go back where they came from. A lot of the Hindu and Buddhists people will do likewise. You must keep in mind, that when those two prophets tell the woman where to flee to, the nation will already have been chosen and prepared by God to fulfill their role in His plan. The two prophets are going to know by divine revelation, exactly where to tell them to flee to. When John ate that scroll, he was told, Thou must prophesy again. Look at our world tonight, full of unbelief. I just have to say, God help America, God have mercy on our political system. I believe that is God’s way of letting His little bride Church fulfill what was told to John. Out of that ministry, God will anoint a number, whether by dreams or visions, and they will prophesy according to God’s purpose. No. They are not just going to get an idea one day, Well I think God wants me to talk to the president. They are going to know, in that hour, that God has spoken to them. I say to you, When that hour of time comes, God will make the way for that person that is to prophesy to our political system, to do so. He has His way of anointing the bride Church to bear witness and testimony that they really are a body of Christian people, and that the ministry is genuine. That is why thou must prophesy again before nations, peoples, multitudes. No they are not going to prophesy in China, wherever the Christian faith has been in recent years, they are going to go and prophesy to politicians and educators. It is God’s way of bearing witness that He is getting ready to hit this world with a stroke of judgment. I pray that what I have said can be understood by all who have an ear to hear, because I am bringing this subject to a close. May God bless all who recognize and honor Him. Amen.