Be Led By His Spirit, Part 1

Rev. Raymond M. Jackson


I stand before you today as a Christian brother and a servant of God. I am not going to speak pretentiously, but factually. I look at every one of you as my brother and my sister. However there is an element of people that have come to an hour in time, when each one, no matter how old or young, are going to learn what it is to be led by the Spirit of God. Brothers and sisters, I beg you, please listen carefully to what I will say. I am not here to hurt you, but we are going to learn something from this. What does the word of God say? That is what my interest is in. I can stand here and talk about unity all I want to, but until there comes something into my heart and your heart, that causes us to want to be in unity with each other on what God shows us, (and that has got to be from God’s word) we are just wasting precious time. It means we have got to bring ourselves in line with God’s word. I do not ask you to follow me as a person, but I do pray that you will follow me as I present to you the precious truth of God’s revealed word for this hour of time. If God is going to perfect the Bride of Christ, we are going to wind up learning how to be a people led by God. We cannot follow one another. We have got to know for sure, that we are following God. Check up on yourselves and ask, Am I following God, or am I following flesh? We have had those days in our denominational circles when these things were not even talked about. We talked about the grace of God that is able to save us, and how He has saved us from our sins, but now we need to ask, What is next? Learning the basics of our new found life with Christ is one aspect of that new life, but there comes a time, if we are here to really serve God, we have to be sure we are a person that can be trusted by God to do what He wants us to do. Otherwise we may be out here trying to manipulate something to create a lot of attention to our fleshly person. You are everyone going to have an opportunity to judge carefully what I say. I look at every one of you as my brothers and sisters. There will be a people brought together in unity. Don’t forget it. He will wash us clean through His word, and He will take out of us every wrinkle, every blemish that pertains to our person, everything that might stand in the way of you and me being able to recognize other parts of the body of Christ. Perfection brings about elimination, as we will see. It either means the elimination of a condition that has brought about such things, or it also means the elimination of people that would perpetrate things that cause problems. My text this morning is found in Romans 8. I am just going to read two verses. “There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.” Now let’s go to the 14th verse. “For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God.” If we believe what the Bible says, He will present this Church to Himself, a perfect Church, without a spot, without a blemish, and without a wrinkle, which really means each one of us will learn our particular place, and how to live for Him and how to live amongst ourselves in that place. Do not forget what it says in the book of Acts, back when the early Church first started: there had been made a pledge among the people as they began to sell their properties and things, and pledged to support the needs among them within the congregation. That worked just fine as long as everyone had a true motive, but we will look at a situation where not everyone was like minded. Let us go to Acts, chapter 5, where we will read of such an event. 


The beginning of sharing what some had in excess in the early Church, brought about a situation that caused a lot of fear when God had to deal with deception. Just one lone man by the name of Ananias and his wife Sapphira, sold their property and lied about how much they received for it. Starting out, they meant well, but after they saw that much money in their hands they thought, Do we really want to give all that to the Church? Well they decided they would keep a certain amount back, just in case something came along that they might have a need some day, never thinking that God was looking upon the thing they decided to do. In this 5th chapter of Acts, starting in verse 1, we read these words, “But a certain man named Ananias, with Sapphira his wife, sold a possession, And kept back part of the price, his wife also being privy to it, and brought a certain part, and laid it, at the apostles’ feet. But Peter said, Ananias, why hath Satan filled thine heart to lie to the Holy Ghost, and to keep back part of the price of the land? Whiles it remained, was it not thine own? and after it was sold, was it not in thine own power? why hast thou conceived this thing in thine heart? thou hast not lied unto men, but unto God. And Ananias hearing these words fell down, and gave up the ghost: and great fear came on all them that heard these things. (God will not allow deception among the true bride.) And the young men arose, wound him up, and carried him out, and buried him. And it was about the space of three hours after, when his wife, not knowing what was done, came in. And Peter answered unto her, Tell me whether ye sold the land for so much? And she said, Yea, for so much. Then Peter said unto her, How is it that ye have agreed together to tempt the Spirit of the Lord? behold, the feet of them which have buried thy husband are at the door, and shall carry thee out. Then fell she down straightway at his feet, and yielded up the ghost: and the young men came in, and found her dead, and, carrying her forth, buried her by her husband. (11) And great fear came upon all the Church, and upon as many as heard these things.” I am not reading this to scare anybody, but to allow you to see how God looks at a spirit of deception. Many of us have lived a long time here on this earth. As for myself, I have been privileged by the grace of God to live for the Lord in the light of this message of truth. During that time, I have met a lot of wonderful people. There have been a lot of wonderful people pass through this church. I have never endeavored to try to use people, or exploit them for their money or anything. I want to do my best to be honest and sincere. When Ananias fell dead, the Bible says fear came upon the multitude. That was because they saw how God dealt with pretenders and deception. I do not believe that was the last thing the Holy Spirit corrected. I believe that was the beginning of a lot of minor things that followed along, not that anybody died, but it shook a lot of people into reality, like, You are not here to play around like you are a Christian and to pretend you are one when in reality you are not. We come into this experience, and yes, our flesh, or our human makeup is still the same as before, but we have got to begin to realize the old man has to be crucified to self, to selfish ambitions, personal wants and aims. If we do not begin this process we must ask, Am I trying to protect just myself? Am I trying to hide behind Christ? We cannot do as true Christians, what we see some doing. A lot of things go on in the denominational realm, but God is not going to allow it to go on among His true Church. We are either going to learn to live right, talk right, think right and know something that is right, or the Spirit of God will expose our selfish motive that prevents us. We have a lot of people in this world today that just live with a lot of psychological talk. Many times it will sound like this, God showed me, God told me, God led me, God inspired me; and they say these things for one main purpose: They want everyone to believe that whatever they are going to say is straight from the Lord; and everyone needs to listen to them. That goes on all the time, especially in the Pentecostal realm. That is why you have heard them say things like, The greatest revival the world has ever had is just ahead. They have been saying it for the last thirty some years; and that revival they are looking for is just not in God’s plan. Weak minded people will fall for that and support it, but those who have a revelation of the word of God know where that spirit is coming from. I have seen some of those programs on television, and seen how people sit there with tears in their eyes just really taken in by what they are hearing. I just have to say, It all sounds good, but God is not building His kingdom around such things as they are promoting. I believe we are living in a time when the Church that is made up of true, God loving people who have a revelation, will learn how to be led by the Spirit of God. When they speak for the Lord they will not just be speaking from their own viewpoint, but rather that which God has inspired them to speak. This is a day when you cannot get by with making people assume that what you have said is right. That is why I am saying this morning, I want you to judge in your heart what I am going to say to you today as my brothers and sisters. We cannot come together in unity as long as we drag along personal, human feelings, like, Well I don’t like this; and I don’t like that: I see things different than they do. Brothers and sisters, that is very carnal: It has no place in the true body of believers that will make up the bride of Christ. 


Brothers and sisters, if God is going to wash us, there is going to come a means and there will be times that He is going to be washing us. If in the process I am to get hurt, it is only for my benefit. As I say these things, please, sit still and listen. I had a dream three weeks ago that made me look at an object. In the last two years, I have dealt with a subject that has been questioned by a lot of people. I tried my best to use as kind a words as I could use to project a picture of something that is going on. That was because it is not my desire to hurt my brothers and sisters. I had no dream about it, but different ones from around the body of Christ, came to me with a dream they had; and that began to let me know I am looking at something that must be dealt with. To this point I have not told any of these dreams. I will say this though, Bro. Bud was the first one, but after that I began to get them from various other places, from Colorado to Virginia, and different places. As I listened to them, I could see the character involved and what it would lead to. I have tried my best to say some things to get people to open their eyes, but did they? Brothers and sisters, it is alright for you to have your little group prayer meetings, but you and your group of prayer meetings is not going to amount to a dime’s worth of anything if you intend to come out of them as some kind of super person that is going to outshine everybody else. Do you know where you are headed? You are headed down a one way road to nowhere. That is not the way the early Church lived and existed and I believe you everyone know it. I believe we all ought to seek God for whatever He wants us to be and do, but I am not here to tell you what, when, where and how, nor would I if I could. I will say this though, The year 1994, was the beginning of an anointing that came through this congregation as well as other churches associated with us; and I never laid my hand on any one person to say, Don’t do this and don’t do that. I did comment and say that when certain things are in excess, it is a shame for the people involved to say, I have the Holy Ghost. You who do that, really just prove that you only got enough to cause you to make a fool of yourself, which always happens with those who do not know what to do with what they received. It is the same way in a lot of other things of life, because there are some people, who, if you give them a thousand dollars today, they will blow it on excesses in six weeks time. Then there are others, if you give them a hundred dollars, a year later they will still have half of it left. I say these things to illustrate something to you, so please listen to me now, When we receive the Holy Spirit, we have not received all the mind of Christ, so we cannot step out here and start doing miracles. We only get the mind of Christ as we allow that mind to be cultivated in us, and that comes to us through the revelation of the word of God and our obedience to what we receive; and it will affect our soul and our spirit. Then and then alone can we really speak for the Lord, so when we do otherwise we are just talking for ourselves. There are a lot of people going to church in this day and hour of time that just want attention focused upon themselves. Brothers and Sisters: I say to you, You are my brothers, and you are my sisters;and I do not consider your age in spiritual things, because it does not matter how old or young you are, God can still use you, but it is according to His purpose, so we must wait upon that anointing. That is why I want to say to you, that never in the history of the Church of the Bible was there an era of time where young people rose up and became the instruments, the super-dupers, that led the Church anywhere. You everyone know that. God will not allow it. All through the Bible, He exhorts the younger ones to respect the elder ones, and listen to them, letting them be examples for you to pattern your Christian walk by. This is an hour of time when youth are running the roads and highways, spinning their wheels, yelling their heads off and having little thought about eternity. They pull up beside you with the drums beating in the car, their heads jerking and you have to wonder how they ever get where they are supposed to be. In hell they will jerk, but it will not be to a tune that will make them happy. I say these things because God has a channel, or a way that He wants us to live and walk in. You are not going to find it in a school text book. The president, and neither the senators or congressmen are going to be able to tell you. They do not listen to God anymore. That is why they have a problem in the Middle East right now. I heard on the News this morning, that they have formulated a new government that is supposed to go into effect in a few days. For some reason our country brought one of their men over here for some instruction or something, but when they sent him back home, some of the Iraqi police were escorting him and they got caught in the midst of a bunch of militia madmen. That man was killed, along with about twelve Iraqi policemen. I will say this, When political men of the world get to the place they cannot stop and kneel down and ask God to help us, and they want to perpetrate their own ideas of politics to make it appear they are going to do something, we are not going to do one earthly thing, only what the Bible says. If God permits it, you will do it, but if not, you will fail. I say these things only as examples. It is time for us to take a look at ourselves and ask, Why are we sitting here? What do we come here for? Is it just to go through a little formality of worship, and then go our way and say, Wasn’t it good to be there today? A few years ago there was a problem started. For several years I published an article in the Contender. I have got letter after letter thanking me for it. It was in circulation for a long time before I ever began to get a positive thank you: I appreciate the church for what they have done. I say these things, and it does not matter what you think about my person, but I know what I am saying and why. I have lost sleep over it, and I am not going to let somebody sit here and try to tell me what to do and what not to do. I have told a lot of things to the world: my name has been broadcast as nothing. I am not out here to hurt anyone, but if I can put something out to make you stop and think, I need to stop playing around, it is all worthwhile. If any of you think I am not telling the truth, then I ask, Why are you sitting here? It is time to stop playing church and begin to function as any part of the Church should function for the glory of God. I love people, but I get sick of hearing people whining all the time and saying, You are preaching about me. If any of you think that, Then get your life in line with God’s word. Going to church is not the same as going to a lodge. Years ago when I was in Methodism I preached at the church in Elizabeth. Well about five years ago they began to get the idea they wanted to do something for the young people, so what did they do? They first built a building out behind the church house. Now they are planning to have a dance about once a month to draw the young people their way. They have built up their congregation, but to what end? I thought, Yes, they come for one thing, carnal pleasure. They use the name of Jesus Christ to perpetrate their own carnal pleasure seeking, to entertain their human spirit. I have never offered a soup supper or anything to get a bunch of young people to come here, and I never will. You come here to hear truth and by the enablement of the Spirit of God, that is what you will get. Then it is up to you how to live it. When people are told something like, God showed me this, and God led me to do so and so, and God told me, or God inspired me, you will develop various opinions, so I ask you. Do you want to be a part of a body of people that is purposely giving themselves over to a lot of talk like that? Is that really what the Bible is speaking of when it speaks of being led by the Spirit of God? You know it is not. We are all here, every last one of us, to learn something about how to get this entire process of living for God in line with the written Word of God. 


Through the last so many years of Bro. William Branham’s ministry, I had these various dreams that have been published, but I assure you, I never told those things to build myself up: I felt like there was a purpose of God in all of that. As for Brother Branham, I will always defend that man, his name, his character, his faithfulness in fulfilling the job he was called of God to do in this last Church Age, and I have no reason to worry about whose face it is in. That man was an example for me in more ways than I can express to you. I realize some people can be sitting somewhere chewing the bit because of some of the things I say, but I say to all who are like that, Listen to the entire thing: If you do not, you will go down a one way road and there will be no turning back. I got those two days of Hosea 6:2, from the Rabbi you have heard me speak of, and they opened the way into much light of things we had not understood before. In Hosea 6:2, this is what we find written and it is for the Jewish people. “After two days will He revive us: in the third day He will raise us up, and we shall live in His sight.” We know when the two days end, do we not? They end with the week of Daniel which opens at the end of this Gentile age of grace. You have all of that in the 11th chapter of Revelation, but where does it start. Well the prophecy says, After two days, so that is where we let it rest. The week of Daniel is a prophetic picture, so it has to start somewhere with a historical beginning. It is just not an anonymous guess-what period. How many realize that? Yes, I look for 2004 and a half to get here and we are still here. Then you are going to say, Oh, Bro. Jackson was wrong. Wrong about what? I am now going to give you some Bible. Did not the apostle Paul say in the 7th chapter of 1st Corinthians, to the young women, that he would, that they remain as virgins, single. Did he not say that? Why did he say that? Because of the shortness of time as he saw it then. Then years later in jail, when he wrote to Timothy, what did he say? He would, that the younger women marry and bare children, be keepers of the house. Did he go back and apologize? He was allowed to be a man. What about James? He plainly said the coming of the Lord draweth nigh. Did he not? Well I said what I said and I am not going to change it, because that is going to bring you into a proximity of something that is going to set up in this world. I am not about to change my speech. I have seen TV programs and heard evangelists say, God showed me this, God has told me this, God has led me to do this, and whatever. Well that sounds good to a carnal crowd, but where is God in all of that? There is an element of people out there that swallow that kind of talk and cry and weep and say, Oh I have been sitting in the presence of God. The truth is, You have been sitting in the presence of a bunch of human flesh that has a lot of psychological speech ability. I am not going to use psychological speech on you. If what I am saying in an illustrative way is not truth, then I will have to say, Please, for the sake of your soul, don’t darken these doors by coming here. 


The other night I had a phone call from a brother in Ghana Africa. He said, I have a testimony, and then said, Some time back I was in a car accident. He had been in Seattle Washington, (that is where he called from.) but he is originally from Tema Ghana, Africa. He said, I was in a terrible car accident and was knocked unconscious and almost bled to death. For twenty two days I was in a coma. When I did come to myself, I began to ask myself, Why did God even leave me alive? The doctors had told him about the condition in his body, and whether he would ever be able to manipulate and do anything again. He said, as I look back, little by little my body began to gain strength and I eventually recovered. He said, I am calling you tonight just to give you this testimony. Then he said, Bro. Jackson, God bless you and the work you have done. You cannot know what it has done to help stabilize some of us. Am I going to jump up and down and say Hallelujah? I just say thank you Lord, for giving me sense and guiding me through your word. That is all I have asked for. Brothers and Sisters: I did not come here this morning to be made a fool of. You are going to hear for yourselves, in the testimonies, how these things were perpetrated, how they came into possession of peoples lives and through the years what it has led up to. Faith Assembly: If God is going to have a Bride, some of us are going to be part of it. I certainly want to be part of it. I want this vessel of clay to be crucified with Christ. I want truth to go out of these lips. I will not point my finger at you and condemn you, but if you leave here today and doubt that what I have said is the truth, and feel you have to go your own way and figure out where your own little ideas fit into the picture, and what you are going to do and what you are not going to do, I am just going to say, God have mercy on your soul. After forty nine years as pastor this church, many have come and gone; and most of them left because they had their own ideas about the word of God. Some of them that left never amounted to a dime’s worth of anything. I have not followed them, trying to get them back. I have let them go and do their thing and say whatever was in their mind to say; and I know where many of them ended up. Therefore I am saying today, God, take us and perfect us by whatever means it takes. How old we are, or how young we are, has nothing to do with it. I am not going to lean on my family and try to force them to follow me: they have to trust the Lord themselves and let Him lead them. If I cannot be an example to them, then I pray they will find someone they can look to as a proper example. When God is through with all of us, we are each one going to learn to know how to live, how to talk, how to respect one another and pray for one another. As for all of you who are hearing me today, Please, do not leave here complaining and saying, He was preaching about me. What is wrong with you, if you think like that? Yes, I am going to preach about you, if your life falls into the category of what I am preaching about, but I never intend to just target some individual, except in situations that affect the body of Christ. This church was started some years ago with one thing in my mind: I felt that the Lord had led me to do it. The number of people through time that have been led by God to come here, have vindicated my conviction, so I just say, Thank you Lord. I will never forget when Bro. & Sis. Lau came from Wisconsin. They told me of the dreams they had been led by, and how they prepared themselves by going other places. Their prayer was, Lord lead us to where your Bride is going to be. I never put that in their mind’s. That was the desire in their heart. Some time later their daughter and son-in-law began to look to the future and they were led here also. They had a wonderful testimony. It makes me feel bad for some, when I hear the testimonies of how people were led here, while at the same time there are others who have sat here, almost born and raised here, and they can say very little without grumbling. There is something wrong. Somewhere out there, all of you who are looking for something other than what we have here will find what you are looking for, but it is going to be an element of flesh that will cater to your flesh, and it is not going to be thus saith the Lord either. It will just be, Thus saith he who is after you. I will just say to all who hear this, Do not forget the fact that perfection brings about elimination. Elimination is always the removing of particles that will not blend with the product. We had the moving of the Spirit of God here for a few years, and as I look back to 1994, 1995 and 1996, how the young people would come in and it looked like they could come in and all of a sudden the anointing would hit them. They were either lying on the floor, running, jumping, dancing and so forth, and it makes me very sad to realize that some of them are not here anymore. You cannot help but wonder why? I have not followed them to condemn them. When God offers Himself to you and me, it really matters what we do with the experience. You may think, Well that is my business, but I say to you, It is God’s business. He does not give Himself to you for no reason whatsoever. He is going to try you with what He commits to you. Will you take this and let it be a means to lead you? If you do not, do you know where you will end up? You will end up on skid-row somewhere, because God will not allow you to take a portion of Himself and go out here and just make believe. It does not matter if you are a man or a woman, if you are using presumptuous statements, accusations and these things just to make it look good on your part to a certain element of people that you want to influence, sooner or later you will wind up in a junk yard. Show me anywhere in the Pentecost move, where anything ever went wild and it is still in existence today. 


When any movement departs from the word of God to satisfy fleshly motives, There is a junk yard waiting for it and that is where it eventually winds up. Those individuals many times, just end up going back to the world, back to their former life, or God just simply takes them off the scene. He is not going to cater to an element of people that are counterfeiters, pretenders, hindering spiritual growth in others by creating statements that affect people’s lives. Sooner or later, if your outlook is all negative, Watch out, you will wind up in a trash heap somewhere. God will not let that kind of interference stand in the roadway of life forever. At times, there is more involved than just separation. I have said these things, and I feel that I have said enough for most all of you to know what I am talking about. I am talking this way, hoping and praying that some of you will get hold of yourselves. I will not follow you around and condemn you, just to put you down, but do not try to tell me that somewhere out there, somebody has got it over on me. I could not care less what these fault-finders say, but you are not going to use me to make some ridiculous statement, trying to prove that God said this or God said that, when God did not say anything like you may think He did. When any person is allowed to get by with suppositional statements, that person begins to feel good about himself; and pretty soon people begin to say, Oh that Bro. So and So is really spiritual: God really talks through him. I heard many in the days of Bro. William Branham’s ministry say the same thing about men who tried to duplicate what the true man of God did. Not a one ever amounted to a dime’s worth of anything. Among the testimonies that you are going to hear, I do not know who these things were first told to, but Bro. Bud is going to read a testimony that comes from my daughter Arlene and her husband Jackie Marshall. They kept this to themselves until just a little over two years ago when it was first told to me. Then when I told them I had just heard it, they had known it for a long time. This is a church, not a dance hall, not a playhouse, and it is certainly not a lodge. It is a church where God’s Word is respected. He is either going to perfect you and me, or He is going to eliminate us, one way or another. How many understand? I say this with respect for truth. I look upon the weakest among us with respect because I realize we are not all going to be of the same magnitude as far as talents are concerned, but regardless of that, the main thing is to be true to God. I have to say to the thirty fold, you can be honest, you can be sincere and you can have a perfect aim, just as the hundred fold. God is looking beyond your abilities, at how faithful you are with what He has committed to you. 


As the reading begins, (Bro. Bud is reading). There are actually two letters to read. The first one I am going to read is the one he referred to by Jackie and Arlene. Before I read this I will say, I had heard this same statement myself several years ago, but I did not know who the person was, that was to take Bro. Jackson’s place. However I had heard that the statement was made by this certain sister, that she felt Bro. Jackson was going to die and that someone would take his place. After I read these, I have another comment I do want to make. “Some years ago (Sister Arlene speaking) Jackie was interested in taking piano lessons from Larry Glass. Larry and Corrina were living in an apartment behind the Green Tree Mall at the time. Corrina invited us to their house on Sunday afternoon for lunch. Lunch was almost ready and Corrina told us to go ahead and be seated at the table. Jackie and I both remember her standing at the sink finishing up the lunch, she was talking about something that had to do with church in some aspect. I remember by what she was saying that she and I had different opinions on the subject and it would be best if I just did not voice my opinion at all. Then as she continued talking she said, and that is why your dad has to be taken off the scene, he has to die and Bro. Bud will take his place. She said this with no hesitation and as calmly as if she were in total agreement with it. I instantly became so ill that the rest of the conversation is a blur to me. I don’t remember anything else she said after that. All I could think of was, How could you say that to my face, that my dad is going to die, and you show no emotion over it at all. How could you be so disrespectful of my feelings. I remember when your father was killed and the affect it had on you and your family. Approximately three years ago during a convention Corrina was called on to sing. She sang the song, For Such a Time as This. If I remember correctly, she began singing the song and after a verse or two she stopped and began to testify. In the testimony she talked about the hour we are living in and how grateful she was for dad and his ministry and the stand he was taking in this day. I remember thinking at that time, after all these years, I wonder if she still thinks God is going to take him off the scene?” 


This letter is from Sis. Debbie Hutchinson. “I am writing this letter concerning a statement that was made by Sis. Corrina Glass while my family and I were visiting in her home in the early 1990’s. While Corrina was preparing supper that evening, she started a conversation concerning church. During the course of the conversation she made a comment that really troubled me. She said, do you know that Bro. Jackson has to be taken from the scene? I was very much taken by surprise at the statement and didn’t really understand where she was going with it or what she meant by it. I couldn’t remember anything that I had ever read or heard preached that would back up this statement. Sis. Corrina gave an explanation as to why she thought this would take place, but due to the length of time that has passed since this conversation took place, I cannot recall every detail in its entirety. The explanation that she gave made little sense to me and I was wondering while she was speaking, why I had never heard anything of this nature preached from the pulpit, if indeed Bro. Jackson was to be taken from the scene. The comment Sis. Corrina made about Bro. Jackson has remained very vivid in my mind through the years. It troubled me so much that I recall discussing it with some of my family members soon after it was made. During the course of the evening, after supper, Sis. Corrina also stated in the presence of my husband and myself that the Lord had shown her that her husband, Bro. Larry Glass was going to pass away. I believe she said the Lord had shown her this in a dream. Bro. Larry Glass was there and heard the conversation. Needless to say, my husband and I left that evening troubled in our spirits and very disturbed by those comments.” 


Back some years ago, (Bro. Bud speaking) it was long after I had heard the statement she had made that Bro. Jackson was going to die, Corrina stopped my wife in the aisle and said to her, I need to talk to Bro. Bud. I have made some comments that I need to apologize for. My wife told her, You can call him or however you feel you need to go about it. I afterward received a call from Corrina one evening; and she said to me, Bro. Bud, I have been together with some other sisters; and she told me who they were. She then said, We have had some meetings together and we have talked and said things about you and your ministry. She said, We have made the statement that you are a false prophet. She said, I would like for you to forgive me for that. I said, Sister, let me say this, You may feel that my ministry is false, and that is your privilege, but as far as being a false prophet, I have never made the comment that I was a prophet in any way whatsoever. I have never believed that was my calling of God. You have always heard me say that I felt my calling was that of an evangelist. So, since I am not a prophet, I could not scripturally be a false prophet. However your apology is accepted and we will just let it go at that. She thanked me. One of the other sisters also approached me, and I will not mention her name, simply because I do not feel it is necessary at this time. This other sister had also been in the meetings referred to, so she too called me and made much the same statement. We have been together, we have talked and said some things about your ministry and we have called you a false prophet. I told her the very same words I had told Corrina. I am not a prophet, so I cannot be a false prophet. If you feel my ministry is false, that is your privilege. She too apologized and I accepted her apology. What I am saying about this, is something I know to be a fact. The statement about Bro. Jackson passing off the scene, I was told that years ago. Last year when we were in Mexico, Bro. Steve Yahrus and his wife, my wife and I were there together, and also Bro. Russell Davis and his wife were there. We shared in the ministry on that trip. One day we were sitting in the restaurant at the motel; and Bro. Russell began to relate some things to Bro. Steve and myself, and I think our wives were there at this time. He began to relate some things to us that Corrina had said. He spent about forty five minutes or a little longer telling us some of the things that had transpired that he knew to be factual, that he himself had witnessed. I am not going to go into the details of that because Bro. Steve has some things written down that Bro. Russell said, which he will bring forth himself. Bro. Russell also came here, I believe it was last year and sat here on the front row. Bro. Allen, Bro. Jackson and myself, as well as Bro. Steve were there, and Bro. Russell related the events to Bro. Jackson and the others that were there. I will say this, The reason Bro. Russell did relate it, as he told Bro. Steve and I the story there in Mexico, I asked him myself, Have you told this to Bro. Jackson? He said, No, I just really did not know what to do about it, but it has laid ever so heavy upon my mind ever since. He said, I just did not know what to do at that time. I take the responsibility for him relating these things (Bro. Bud speaking) and I have no regrets, because I encouraged Bro. Russell to contact Bro. Jackson and let him know what he knew to be factual. Bro. Russell did that; and. I take full responsibility for advising my brother to do that. Not that I feel that he needed my advice, but I am responsible for that much. I did not do it to bring hurt or harm to anyone, but when things are being said of that nature and they are things that are bringing reproach and troubling thoughts to the body of Christ, then I feel it is necessary for things to be known and to be dealt with. Now having said that, I will turn the service back to Bro. Jackson, but I do take full responsibility for the things I have said and have no regrets. I will say this, I stand in full support of Bro. Jackson and his ministry. 


Thank you Bro. Bud. Now I have Bro. Brumley here from East Chicago. He was sitting here that morning when Bro. Davis and different ones were discussing some of these things. The affects it has had in the various groups where Corrina has gone, and also where Bro. Tim has gone. Bro. Brumley is a witness to how these things have been perpetrated, and the affect it has had on some people, so he will relate to you what he has witnessed. What I am saying is, God cannot have a perfect Church if we are going to listen to comments made by people like this. That is not what builds a Church. You have to build it on truth, nothing but facts and reality, or it is no better than any denomination out here today. Come on now Bro. Brumley and speak to those listening, that all may know. First I would like to say, (Bro. Brumley speaking.) This is a little nerve wracking for me, but I am not afraid of the truth. I have always stood in awe of this church, this pulpit, and what it stands for. However we met Sis. Corrina here, my wife and I, many years ago. I have been coming here since 1977. I gave my heart to the Lord in 1979. I knew when she moved to Fairhope Alabama. We had heard some stories, but I could not verify them, because I was not privy to them myself, so we just let things go, and just treated her as a sister. In 1994, when the move of the Spirit began, we went to the Bloomington church for the first time. That is when Bro. Tim McKay began to come to East Chicago. For several years everything seemed to be going very well, the Lord moved in marvelous ways. Then after we came back from Norway in 2000, my wife and I began to notice the affect that Sis. Corrina was having on some of the sisters in East Chicago, two in particular. To this day, she is still calling and talking for hours, and that everything Bro. Jackson has said is a lie. So we began to talk to these sisters and told them to be very careful of how they reacted and what they accepted as gospel. I think it was 2001, I cannot remember exactly because this happened over a period of years and we did not want to be judgmental and did not want to condemn anyone. We just wanted to worship the Lord and let everyone worship with us. We began to hear things from these sisters about what her ministry was, in connection with Bro. Tim McKay’s ministry. She came to our house one afternoon, I believe she was on her way back from the meetings in Minnesota, her and her son. She sat on our sofa and began to tell how for awhile she could not follow Bro. Tim because people did not understand the level of spirituality she had, and what her part in his ministry was, but that God had definitely dealt with her and spoke to her, that no man could tell her that she could not follow Bro. Tim. I have come through a family situation personally that was like that, and it split my family down the middle. The hairs on the back of my head stood up. My wife sat there and witnessed it. She has a very easy ability to make some people think they are nothing. She told one sister in East Chicago that she had a dream that a dark headed woman was trying to destroy Bro. Tim’s ministry and that this woman was anointed by the spirit of Satan and she had this woman convinced that it was her. She was afraid to get near her, she was afraid that God was going to expose her. She did not want to come to Jeffersonville at one point. She was afraid that she was going to be exposed as having a spirit on her. I told this sister, Now you just be calm. That is when I called Bro. Tim and began to explain these things that I had heard personally and told him in detail how she had said her gift of tongues and interpretation, and prophecy was for his ministry, for his edification, for his uplifting, to boost him for morale. Then after the problem came with Bro. Tim, when the first internet was sent out, a phone call came from a prayer meeting. A sisters in East Chicago was told, we do not care what Raymond Jackson says, no one will tell us we cannot follow Tim McKay. This was right after the first internet. That is when I called Bro. Tim and told him this sister is saying that she titles your sermons, that she tells you of spiritual conditions in the body of Christ that need to be dealt with, that she draws all your charts, and of the close spiritual relationship that the two of you have. He denied it and wanted to use my name to go to this sister. He told me, this is not true. I said, brother, I did not believe it was true, but if she is telling this to the little group in East Chicago, she is following you everywhere you go and she is telling it to everyone. I said, if I have heard it, I am sure Bro. Jackson has heard it. Because at this time Bro. Tim had said, I have no idea of what was going on, concerning what Bro. Jackson had said. So the sister called East Chicago and said, That is it, no matter what, our sister has since talked to her and God has graciously helped her, but her influence, it seemed to have a pull because of the spirituality she portrayed herself with, convinced me I am so little and I am so nothing, and this woman must be because she has Bro. Tim McKay’s ear, he trusts her, he depends on her, he leans upon her, and this is what caused our sisters in East Chicago, especially one, to feel in awe of her. That is why I talked to Bro. Tim on several occasions and told of things being said from Montgomery Illinois, to East Chicago, to Fairhope Alabama. We had heard them. We knew of them and talked to Bro. Mike Hefner at the church in Montgomery, and that we knew what was going on and being said. As far as the dream, I had heard it years ago. I do not know who told me about it, that she had had a dream that Bro. Jackson was going to die, but I did hear this many years ago. As soon as he brought this subject up, I knew immediately who it was. Like I say, we love each and every one and there has never been a desire to be a rock of offense or a stumbling stone to anyone, but at the same time, there comes a time you have to stand for truth. There are times it rubs the wrong way. But truth will never rub anyone who is following truth, the wrong way. I am thankful to be here. I believe that is what I had heard, but like I say, it was not that we had heard the dream from her, but we had heard what her gifts were, and what her ministry was to be to Bro. Tim McKay. I warned that brother several times, I said, You better be careful. So we all know what has happened since then. 


Thank you Bro. Brumley. I will save Bro. Steve’s remarks until tonight, because there might be other things to be brought in. A year and half ago when we were in a convention here, Bro. Davis was here and there were some of the sisters from his assembly up here as well. I did not go out to the kitchen to ask anybody anything. I wanted to talk to the ones doing the cooking, and there was a certain sister from Bro. Davis’ church, that was helping in the kitchen. She motioned for me to come over to her. She then said, Bro. Jackson, I would like to have a few words with you. She began to relate how that when Sis. Corrina had moved down there, her and another sister or two got pretty close. She said, Over a period of time, I began to hear some things, I just felt like this is not right. Somehow or other, Bro. Davis began to hear of what was being communicated. He got them together and said, Look, this has got to stop. I didn’t ask any questions or anything. She just told me this. She said, In a short time after that, Corrina said she was led to move back up here. Now I have to say this, then I am going to close. Brothers and Sisters, I am not trying to destroy the sister. The sister is destroying herself, and you will have to agree. Everybody she has influence on, I have to say to them, Are you really following Christ? If you are, you cannot follow that kind of influence, because Christ does not work in that kind of situation. He only works through the people that have a true life, a true testimony and if God has showed them something that is to be helpful, then we can listen to that. On the other hand, if we become the kind of person out here, just running here and there telling a lot of things and trying to create an influence for some personal attention, so that people will see us as something special, when most of what is said is not truthful at all, it just amounts to propagation of carnality and has no spiritual benefit whatsoever. That is why I have said, There are a lot of people that like to study psychology. They want to know how to play with the human mind, so they can say, God showed me this, God showed me that. Well when you start talking like that, people are afraid to question you because they figure, I don’t want to be contrary with God. However when you allow yourself to keep saying that, most of what you say winds up as human trash. I just have to ask, Is this kind of behavior glorifying Jesus Christ our blessed Lord, or is it just momentarily glorifying you? Naturally there is a lot of this kind of behavior out here in the world of religion today, but God is not in it. It goes on all the time. It has been that way in the Pentecostal realm right on through the years, but in this message of truth, God is going to weed out every bit of it. He is either going to get hold of the sister and make her begin to realize she is bringing reproach upon herself, and that she is bringing reproach upon her own mother and her own sister and her own relatives; and worst of all, she is bringing reproach upon the name of Jesus Christ. I am not here this morning to shame anyone or anything like that, but facts are facts and truth is truth. We have got to build our lives around the image of Jesus Christ, which is recreated in every one of us who are true children of God. I have more things to say tonight, but this is all I am going to say this morning. I have asked the Lord to help me say what I have to say and say it with love and respect for each and every individual. Therefore if any of you go out of here and say I am talking about you, I am not talking about you to do you harm. However if you keep on insisting that I am talking about you, then I will have to say, Yes I am preaching right at you. Either get on the right side, or declare where you do stand. You cannot just run here and run there all the time and say you are in the body of Christ. You who are in the body of Christ, know I am telling you the truth. You cannot sit on the fence and say this over here, then say something different somewhere else. You are either going to wind up with truth and find yourself a body of people somewhere that stands for truth, that lives for truth and knows what truth is, or you will just drift here and there without any spiritual gain. Truth will remold your life and make your days brighter. I say therefore to my sister, knowing she will hear these words, I am not trying to destroy you: you are doing it yourself. I will say this to Tim, If you want to keep on being affected by her testimony, then Tim, you are on a one way road and what you are doing will not last much longer. I have not seen a church in the Pentecostal realm that ever lasted any more than about three years at the most, because after awhile it starts going to pieces for lack of truth.


In this subject, “Be Led By God’s Spirit,” we want to learn how a Christian body works together in building strength and character into the entire body. We just as well make up our minds, if I am a child of God and you are a child of God, we will sooner or later lay down our ideas as to who is and who is not, who will and who will not. We will begin to let God do some leading in our lives and lead us into growth in spiritual stature. As this body of believers comes together in true unity, they will not be following human flesh and yielding to petty grievances. We will then be following the Lord Jesus Christ as He is revealed through and in the body of believers. As that body of believers begins to become more and more into a state of maturity and perfection, the Bible says each member is supplying. We have said much about the five fold ministry through the years; and we have used the scripture in Ephesians, chapter 4, many times, but the apostle Paul plainly tells what that ministry is for, so let us start in verse 12, and read some of it. It is “For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ: (For how long?) (13) Till we all come in the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fulness of Christ: (Why?) (14) That we henceforth be no more children, tossed to and fro, and carried about with every wind of doctrine, by the sleight of men, and cunning craftiness, whereby they lie in wait to deceive; (15) But speaking the truth in love, may grow up into Him in all things, which is the head, even Christ: (16) From whom the whole body fitly joined together and compacted by that which every joint supplieth, according to the effectual working in the measure of every part, maketh increase of the body unto the edifying of itself in love.” Right there, is the end result of all we are talking about. There is a lot in that scripture, because each member of the body is supplying, to what? Not self, but to the overall body. Through our days of denominationalism we have had a lot of this self glorification. God has tolerated a lot of it and has let it go by. People have perpetrated things that ought to have been thrown in a trash can, so you would have thought God would have blown it to pieces, but He did not. It was not the hour for that, but now we do not have another ten years to play around. Those who reject unity, eventually reveal that they are make believers; and by God’s separating process they are taken out. You do not hear Spirit led Christians saying, I want to do this and I want to do that, because they are waiting on the Spirit to lead them. We are going to learn to do just exactly what God wants us to do. I am not following my son or my daughters and neither should you. When my wife and I were married, we both agreed we would never let our parents influence us when it came to religion. I also purposed never to dictate to our children. For many years, as we were around our parents on both sides, I kept my mouth shut about religion, so we just felt our way through; and when the time was right, eventually I asked both sides, How would they like to see this man we had been hearing? We took them to Bro. William Branham’s meetings, but we never pushed them and said anything: we left it to their own choice. I am so thankful though, that before they left this world, we had the joy of hearing them say they could see why we stood for something. We saw them leave this life, knowing that one day we would see them again, because they everyone accepted the truth of God’s word. Therefore I say to all who love truth, You are my brothers and sisters. You are a part of that great family of God. I am not standing here to play church or perpetrate anything, and neither will I try to scare anybody. I will say this though, Do not try to scare me. I have been standing in this place too long for that. I have seen a lot of pretenders come through this church in the years gone by, and I have let a lot of them get by with things when they should have been run out the door. I have always said, Give him a chance, and sooner or later he will have to come right back where he started from. I am thankful for the testimonies that were told this morning, all of which I know to be true. Bro. Berta came to the platform after the service was over and said Bro. Jackson, we had been here only about two months and somebody came up and said just what that spirit was saying, God is going to take you from our midst. I thought, We just got here. How do you think that would sound, if you have just made a sacrifice to leave a state, leave your property, leave your jobs, all because you wanted to go some place where the Lord would have a Bride Church, then get there and somebody has got to pump their ears full of such as that. I have to say, That kind of carnality is a shame. 


I am going to give you an example of self interest. This really happened years ago, right here in this area. It happened in the days of Bro. William Branham’s ministry. When Bro. William Branham was preaching in his church, there was a certain man and his family which were good singers and musicians coming there to church. From time to time they were called on to sing, but as the months came and went, the man somehow or other began to get the idea that his family was not getting enough recognition. They thought the service ought to have more singing and music in it. He got to telling the people, We don’t have enough singing, we don’t have enough rejoicing, we don’t have enough of this or that. This man was C.J. Ward. He got to filling people’s ears full of that. There were a few of them that believed him. He got to telling the people, I am going to build a church where we can really have freedom. Sure enough, behind the Roberts & Strack Veneer Company, he built a church on his own property. It was not until 1952 when the Lord led my wife and I into contact with Bro. William Branham. I knew nothing about the building, I knew nothing about the people. This event had all happened prior to our going there. The reason I am saying this tonight, is because when people get into their mind that we do not have enough of this or enough of that, it is usually because there is a desire for self glory. One day Bro. William Branham said to C..J. Ward, You are going to build a church due west of here, but it will never stand. There were people in the Tabernacle, that out of generosity contributed to their effort. The Tabernacle had some old wooden benches stored from years before, so they gave them to him to use. Some of the Tabernacle people would go there to worship with them as an encouragement. After a while, that man and his family played their talents out and the playing and singing became old. The family began to get tired. He lost out on anything to preach, so he started asking outside preachers to come and preach. They would come and they would go. For months this went on. Nobody said anything. After awhile the man’s family became discouraged. They all began to drop out and lose interest in even going to church, and even lost interest in going anywhere to sing and play, the very thing they thought they were not getting enough of before. By the time we came into the years that I came into the picture and started going to the Tabernacle, he was no longer a part of that. The building passed from hand to hand after that for rental purposes. I became acquainted with some of the preachers that came and went. They heard about it, they would rent it and have services for awhile, but after awhile it would fold up. It went on until 1959, in the months of March and April. We had a meeting in New Albany, in that little building we started out in. God truly gave us a moving of the Spirit in those meetings. A lot of the people at that time came from Georgetown Indiana. There were old ones and young ones. I have seen some of them slain in the Spirit, lying on the floor, prophesying. This meeting lasted for three solid weeks. It grew in number, so I began to wonder how long we could stay in such a small building, partly because we were lacking parking space. We all agreed, if we could find a lot somewhere, we would buy and build on it. We looked all over New Albany and could not find anything. By the time we came to August 1959, C.J. Ward sent word he would like to see me. We went to his house; and he said, Bro, Jackson, I heard you were looking for a place to rent. He did not know I had heard what had been said about him, so I told my brothers, If we wind up taking this building, remember this, we are not taking it to be indifferent to Bro. William Branham’s vision, but we will use it as a stop over. We prayed about it, and decided to rent it. We would rent with this in mind, God, when you are done with us here, then we will move on. I was not going to go against something Bro. William Branham had said would never stand. It lasted from the last of 1959 thru 1962 and into 1963. The congregation grew considerably during that time. God blessed us in many ways. During those times, we were privileged to have Bro. William Branham come and minister to us, right in the building he had told this man, It will never stand. It was in the fall of 1962 when I told him about the dream where I had seen him in this valley with the rock. He came down and preached for us on a Thursday night. When he was finished preaching and praying for those that came for prayer, a car pulled into the parking lot. There was a sick person in the car. Somebody came to the door and wanted to know if Bro. William Branham was there. Bro. William Branham said, Bro. Junie, let’s go pray for this person. We went out and prayed for the person and they went their way. Bro. William Branham was ready to go to his car when I said to him, Bro. William Branham, I had a dream about you some time ago. I would like to tell it to you. He asked me to get into his car with him and I told him the dream. I will never forget this, His Bible was lying on the dash of the car; and Bro. Billy Paul was sitting in the back seat. Bro. William Branham said these words to me, Bro. Junie, that is getting ready to happen, isn’t it Billy Paul? Billy Paul said yes. He said, When it does, Bro. Jackson, don’t forget, Stand with the Word. I said, I will do my best. That was in October 1962. We went on into the spring of 1963. On another Sunday Bro. William Branham came down and spent the whole day at our church, both the morning service and the night service. In September 1963, C.J. Ward, who never came to the church once while we were there, because he had stopped going to church anywhere, stopped by to talk to me. Every Sunday morning, while we were having service, he would have his lawn mower out cutting the grass right by the church house windows. I thought, Some people can be all mouth one day, and an aggravation the next day. In September he came to me and said, Bro. Jackson, I will give you to the end of the year, and by then I would like for you to vacate the building. He said, I am going to have to send a child to college and I might have to sell my property and I have found out I cannot get a clear abstract with this church building on it. So we got our notice to get out by the beginning of 1964. We went to New Albany Indiana, and bought a building. Three days after we vacated the Ward building there behind the Roberts & Strack Veneer Co., a bulldozer came in and tore it down. We all said, Just as Bro. William Branham said, It will never stand. I am telling this for a reason, because when you begin to think you know something, and you are just burning inside , be careful, or you will burn up. If you cannot be controlled, God has a way of controlling you. 


The things that were told here this morning, about what the sister has said, really goes far beyond just that. She has successfully pulled this influence on a minister in Bloomington and most of you here, know the man. A lot of people have said since I dealt with this about two years ago, Well I wish he would tell what was wrong. I have had respect for some people, because I do not want to deliberately hurt them, but I am getting tired of people standing in the background, saying that I do not know anything. I can look you all in the face and say, I have proper respect for you, but do not come telling me I am telling a lie. I have never practiced lying, but when I know something to be a fact and know it needs to be dealt with, then I believe it is about time to deal with it. I will be anybody’s brother, but I will not back off and take my hands off of problems and obligations, that I know I will have to deal with sooner or later. Faith Assembly has always had its problems because there is always an element that comes through here thinking they know something a little better than I do. They would like to stay and be part of it, but they want to be a shining star in it and outshine others. About two years ago when I began to see something developing among some of the people in here, especially some young sisters getting involved in some prayer meetings, I became concerned. I could see something taking place, getting hold of some of those sisters, but I first tried to say something in a nice way. I have seen prayer meetings through the years, that have literally made me sick. I saw them in the Tabernacle years ago when I was still young. That is when I learned my lesson about them. No sooner did we start going there, they were asking me, Come to my prayer meeting, come to my house meeting. They were telling me how the church ought to be run. I went to a few of them. But as I went, I began to see that something was wrong there. Not only did I go to those places, but I went to A. A. Allen’s meetings, and a lot of the Voice of Healing meetings, because I was hungry for God, and I wanted God to fill me with his Spirit, because I wanted to know more about His Word. There was one time I was going to take my family, I was so hungry to learn something from God, I decided I was going to take a trip to Arizona to Miracle Valley where A. A. Allen was ministering. I had already been in his meetings in Evansville and I was blessed there, so I thought, If I was blessed there, I would have to be blessed in Miracle Valley. That was in 1956. About the time I thought I had everything worked out to go, I got sick. I was sick for three solid weeks with the mumps, lying flat on my back. Bro. Glenn brought Bro. William Branham down to pray for me. When he prayed for me that night, he said, Bro. Junie, don’t worry, this is all for the glory of God. Many of you know what had happened. Our last child Naomi, was born in 1955. We had a sister in our congregation at that time, that gave prophecies. She had a vision the morning Naomi was born, and she had said to me at a prior time, When the baby is born, call me: if God wants to name the baby, He will have spoken to me just prior to that. This is the absolute truth. I respect and believe in spiritual women, but the ones that are led by the Spirit of God do not have a big mouth running here and there. When they speak something, you will know it is from God. When I called on the phone, she had just gotten up from the table where she had written the baby’s name. She said, Bro. Jackson, you don’t have to believe this, but I just got up from the table after writing down what the child’s name is, and I will tell you this first, for by this, you will know this is, Thus saith the Lord. She said, Have you seen the child yet? I said no. She said, When you do, you will find a birth mark on her shoulder. I said, What is the name? She said, Naomi Ruth. Then I said, but in that prophecy, it stated how I had prayed for a son, and it also said that a son will come at last. Well the year 1956 came, and I still had no boy, but my wife become pregnant, so as we came on through 1956, I felt like, Well my wife is pregnant, so this has got to be the son. In October 1956, I came down with the mumps. Needless to say, I did not go to Miracle Valley. I lay on my back for three solid weeks. That night when Bro. William Branham prayed for me he said, Bro. Junie, don’t worry, this will all be for the glory of God. Because of the mumps, the doctors had said I would be sterile from then on, (I am not ashamed to say these things before a mixed crowd, because I believe you are all Christians.) so I thought, Well my wife is pregnant so this will be my son. I was wrong again: when April came in 1957 and the baby was born, it was not a son, it was Lois. I could just imagine what people were going to say, Oh Bro. Jackson, what are you going to do now? Do you see the situation I was in? There lay that prophecy in my dresser drawer, A son will come at last, but the doctor said, Raymond, you will be sterile from now on. Somehow or other, I said, God, you know all about it. That was all I could say. Saints I want to say this tonight, If you are a child of God, and you want God to lead you, you get ready to stop listening to every Tom, Dick and Harry who has something to say to you, trying to convince you to go their way. God does not work like that. Well 1959, and on into 1960, and finally, six years went by and still no son, then seven years are gone and no son, eight years have gone and no son. Then we came to the year little Edith Wright died, and the Wright family called me about conducting her funeral. It was in December 1964, very late in the night when the call came. I went to the phone and Sister Wright said, Bro. Junie, little Edith just passed away. She wanted you to preach her funeral. That was the last thing on earth I ever wanted to do, but I said I would. That night after I went back to sleep, was when I had the dream about the white horse. We were soon going to be in the year 1965; and I still had no son; and I had a dream on my mind. I went on through the months ahead until August 1, 1965. Bro. William Branham was back here in a meeting at the Tabernacle; and I had carried that dream ever since December. I called Billy Paul and told him about the dream I had; and He said, Bro. Junie, meet me at the Tabernacle Sunday morning and I will get you a few minutes with him. I went in and told him the horse dream; and when I told it to him he said, Bro. Junie, something is getting ready to happen. I don’t know what it is, but whatever it is, you have a work to do. He picked up his Bible and said, Stick with this word. Well to cut this short let me say, I had been invited to come to North Carolina to preach. That was in the first part of August 1965. In a few days time, my wife began to have symptoms of being pregnant, after nine years. She was not supposed to, so I never said anything. It went on for some weeks and became evident that she was pregnant, so then I thought the doctor had lied to me. No, he did not lie. God had His way in it. One night while I was in North Carolina in that meeting, I saw in a dream, my wife at home giving the new baby a bath, and it was a boy. From then until April 1966, when David was born, I knew I was going to get my son. I finally did get the promised son. Why am I saying these things to you? To let you know, God has different ways He wants to lead His people, but the end result is, It will always be in a way where God Himself is glorified, God is recognized, and His word is upheld. When you become a recipient of God’s promised blessings, you can really begin to see how unfailing His promises are. That is why we need to be associated with those who can be led by the Spirit of God. You do not desire to be anything beyond what He has called you to be. All we are supposed to desire, is just to be an obedient child of God. Some have said, Well we find nothing wrong with Tim’s preaching. I never did say there was anything wrong with his preaching. Well then, Bro. Jackson, what is wrong? It is the things that he has influenced people to do, that I am looking at. It all started in Canada. 


I am going to illustrate to you, just exactly what went on in Canada that I am looking at. The Bible does not say you will take the young by the hand and run them around the building, then they will receive the Holy Ghost. In the scriptures, They laid hands on them. Or again, they just prayed for them and the Holy Ghost fell on them. Bro. Connally came all the way from Canada to tell me what happened in those meetings. Some young people from here, were there in the meetings. It was not what he preached that I question: It was what followed. Everything up until about 9:30 was alright. However about the time the service should have ended, he stepped down and gets a young girl by the hand and starts running the aisle with her. After awhile the young girl is screaming and she goes faster. Then everybody starts shouting. Then he gets another one. From 9:30 to 1:30, it was not what he preached, it is what he led the people to do and become, fanatics, jumping, screaming and prophesying. There are two families up there, that became so excited, every time they would return to that same church through the week, they had to get up and run the aisle and prophesy, Yea, I say unto you, if you are not like we are, you don’t have anything, and you are not going in the rapture. On and on it went. It went on like that until the pastor finally became very upset over it. One of these days God is going to take it all out of you, because that kind of shouting is not going to take you anywhere: It is just going to make fools of you, regardless of who you are. When the preacher left there, he brought the tape back to Bloomington and said he had been in the greatest revival he had ever been in. Tim McKay, you have seen the best that has ever been, but your eyes must have been shut to it, because when you left up there, you left two families so excited that three weeks later, they were shouting and prophesying, pointing their fingers at everybody else as though they had nothing. Finally the pastor had to get out. When they left the church, they would go home, and those young boys in their bedrooms are on their knees praying, angels are coming to them and talking to them. I will say, When you start fanaticism, the devil has a bushel basket full for you. I am not angry, but for the sake of God’s righteous ways, do not look at me like I do not know what I am talking about. God called me to be a help to people; and God’s children are what I am going to stand for. I hope and pray that every one of them are a child of God; and that they will all take heed to sound advice. Well when those two families left that church, they became like vagabonds and gadabouts. They were going to Norway and straighten them out. Then they were going to go to Alabama and straighten them out. Then they were going to come here and straighten us out. I told Bro. Bud and Bro. Allen, I dare them to get up in here and say something. They sat right over there one service, and not one time did they ever open their mouths. I do not want to hear a testimony from some character like that. You don’t either. It would be a waste of time. Where are they today? After awhile they got the revelation that there are not supposed to be any flowers on the kitchen wall. The daughter-in-law had just had her kitchen decorated. Once you cross that line of fanaticism, the devil will fill your mind and your eyes so full of things, you will never know when to shut up. The woman told how they took the doors off the cabinets. When she got back to her house, they said the Lord had told them to throw all of it in the river. Where are those Holy Ghost filled people today? I do not want that kind of spirit coming into Faith Assembly. I want the Spirit of God in here, but not that kind of junk. Usually when the devil gets hold of something, then someone does have to get after it and correct it, and then they are too proud to come back. When Tim McKay came home from Canada, Oh he had been in the best meeting of his life. When things began to develop to a point where I began to see that there was something that had to be stopped, it became very sensative. I realize, sometimes it sounds like I am pointing my finger at a bunch of Christian sisters, but there were some young sisters being asked, Come here, come here. I want people to feel free, if they want to have a house meeting once in awhile and really pray, but if you do, please do not come out with a revelation that you are ready to tell the whole world what to do and when it is going to be done. I will not stand for it. Too many of those things have been done through the years. You who may feel that way are no better than the least one in here. No matter how much you prophesy, you will never be any more than God wants you to be. If that is thirty fold, then that is what it will be. If a true thirty fold, and a true sixty fold, and a true hundred fold are going to sit together in the same camp because they are one body, then they are going to have the same mind and Jesus is going to be in control. There is no self glorification in it at all. All you see is Jesus. When they are finished they will shut their mouth. It is so sad, that almost every assembly has a bunch of glory seekers lurking around. I hope that what I am saying is going to wake up some people, because I will not tolerate that kind of conduct. If you do not think I know what I am talking about, then I have to say, just get in your car and hit the road. I say that with respect for every sincere Christian. I do know one thing, As the true body of Christ comes together, we are not going to sit here with different ideas. We are going to sit here with the same picture in our hearts. I love you, young and old, but do not leave here whining, He was preaching at me. If I am bringing out something that is touching your heart, I pray God will melt it and allow it to get right. Either wake up and realize there is a truth to come to, or God will not allow you to sit in the back of the church grumbling. If you are a sinner and need God, I hope He convicts you of it. If you pretend to be a believer that is filled with the Holy Ghost, you will one day find yourself in a situation where you will find that you do not know very much at all. As I look back, I have had to come through a lot of things, before I began to realize I did not know everything. My true desire is, I want God to guide me for the sake of His people. I want to see each one of you as my real brother and sister, and I do not want to say things to hurt you, so if it has to be, God will have to put it upon me to do it. That is why, when I had the dream three weeks ago, I knew it was my turn. Tim McKay: let me say to you, You are going to be known from one end of this earth to the other because you are putting yourself in a position to be there. When I started dealing with this about two years ago, over a period of time there was no less than five dreams given to me from different parts of the body of Christ. The first one was Bro. Bud. Then one by one they came to me. One brother told me, Bro. Jackson, I dreamed I was here in a convention and the crowd was large. The preachers were all on the platform. The service was starting. Then he noticed from behind my head somewhere, there was cigarette smoke coming up around my head. In the dream he said, Bro. Jackson doesn’t smoke, where is that coming from? He raised up and looked to the side, and there was Bro. Tim McKay smoking a cigarette and blowing the smoke right at my head. Well Bro. Jackson, what does that mean? If you read Bro. William Branham’s life story, you will find out. Remember, I have said this, I will never touch his salvation, that is between him and God, but this thing of him being a servant of God, I have seriously questioned it. Now I really question it. When Bro. William Branham went to Africa years ago, it became evident that some preachers can get you in trouble, so do not ever think they cannot. Bro. William Branham wanted to go, because God has given him some visions. He wanted to be able to direct some of these things by the leading of God, but these preachers all had a program worked up for him to follow. Before he hardly had time to get started, they came to him one day and told him the program, the entire itinerary. Bro. William Branham sat in his motel room and agonized, praying, Lord what am I going to do? Finally he gave in. A fellow by the name of Bro. Sydney Jackson from Capetown South Africa, was coming up to meet him. Sydney Jackson told me this personally. He said, The night before I got there to pick him up, I had a dream. I saw Bro. William Branham smoking a cigarette as I walked into his presence. Now listen carefully, this is in his books. Bro. William Branham asked Sydney Jackson, Did the Lord show you a dream about me? Sydney Jackson said, I was a little scared, I felt nervous. He did not want to say anything. Bro. William Branham said, The Lord gave you a dream about me, didn’t He? I want to know what it was. Sydney Jackson said, I was reluctant, I thought, This is God’s man. Nevertheless Bro. William Branham said, tell me the dream. When he told Bro. William Branham the dream, that he saw him smoking, then Bro. William Branham said to him, Do you know what that is? I am out of the will of God, because I have let these preachers influence everything I am to do. Bro. William Branham told me himself, I was sick every day from then on until I was home. Bro. Glenn can tell you the same story. I am saying tonight, Do not sit in here conceited, and hide yourself. God is looking right at every one of us, and we are not going to build our faith on lies, perpetrated stories, and suppositional ideas that somebody wants to project, just because they look great to them. I will say to Sis. Corrina, If you do not stop this nonsense, God is going to set you down somewhere one day and you will wonder what happened. Brothers and sisters, it went on last September when we had the fall meetings: I had sent word I didn’t want Tim to come back because I didn’t want him on the platform. If he wanted to come and sit with the congregation as a Christian and work out his salvation, I would say nothing, but him coming in here and making believe before everybody that he is a man of God, I have to say, I will have nothing to do with anything like that. The very day on Sunday morning, the last day of the meeting, a sister came here from another state, and she had recognized exactly what had happened in that state. She said, Bro. Jackson, I had a dream a few nights ago. You take it: you know what to do with it. I took the dream and read it. I made reference to it on the last part of the Sunday morning message. She saw all the ministry sitting here well dressed, their hair combed, the service had started. Everybody was standing, worshiping the Lord. All of a sudden she looked to the back of the building, and there stood Tim McKay. He had the same kind of suit everybody else had on, but his tie was ill kempt, his shirt tail was sticking out on one side, and his hair was ill kempt. She said he was standing there clapping his hands like everybody else. In the dream, as I stood up, I looked over to a certain brother and got his attention and motioned. In the dream that man looked back and saw him, I motioned to him, no, he is not in the picture. The point is, If God has not called you and anointed you, you can try your best to be something you think you ought to be, but you will miss the picture every time, because you will not blend in with God’s true people. I am saying these things tonight, and regardless of what some of you may think, I am telling you the truth. This dream came tonight by one of the sisters of this assembly. “Sunday morning June 13th, I dreamed this morning, that Tim McKay was at Faith Assembly alone, standing before the platform, not up on the platform. Bro. Jackson said, Tim McKay’s ministry was not going to last much longer. This is what I heard and received, That platform was his judgment from God. He is standing in front of it, the judgment seat of God.” Brothers and sisters, I am compelled to say these things and I take no pleasure in saying them. I am not God, and I don’t think I am, but you are not using Faith Assembly to play around and play with people. Faith Assembly, Please, Either you are a part of this assembly or you are not. You are not going to sit in here with your mind thinking one way and ours thinking another forever. How many understand that? I will say as kind as I know how, I love all of you, I love all the little children, but I will give no place for a lot of foolishness from here on out. I pray that God will cause these little children to see in all of us as they grow up, a real commitment of adults that are all looking in the same direction, working together, worshiping God together, and most important of all, believing the same thing. May God help us to stop having these selfish, independent revelations that depart from revealed truth. I will never be any more than what God has called me to be. Neither will any of you. I will say to the Bloomington people; and especially to Tim McKay and Corrina, If you don’t get hold of yourselves, you will not last much longer. One way or the other, God is going to blow that thing to pieces. I have to say to some of the young people that sit there under your influence, It is a shame, that you would let someone persuade you, that you are super, because you certainly are not. Somewhere up the road you will run into an adverse situation, and when you come through it you are going to look like new corn with frostbite. If you do not know what I mean by that, then ask some farmer what it is like. I want to say this, I love my brothers and sisters, but please, I am working for unity. Therefore no true son or daughter of God is going to run up and down the road with independent ideas of their own: It is time to sit together and learn: not run around and divide. Bro. Steve, You come on up now.


I will begin by saying, As Bro. Bud said this morning, This is not very pleasant, but it has to be done. I was asked to relate a few things that Bro. Russell had told some of us. I had heard it in Mexico. He came here and told a few people here in a little meeting, and there was no tape or video, so it is just by memory. I did not want to mis-speak anything, so I called Bro. Russell last night and talked to him. He explained things to me and said if anybody doubted, he would come here in person with witnesses that had heard the same things and talk to Sis. Corrina face to face. He was not ashamed. I have about four items to mention. One of the things that happened was right after the Spirit was moving, so that everybody was getting blessed and many things were happening, and people were giving testimonies, how the Lord had blessed them, so she stood up and testified that before she was saved she used the expression, I kind of dabbled in the occult, seances and things of this nature. Since she was saved she did not do that anymore, but she always kind of missed the excitement and things that the spirit of that world gave. She went ahead and testified, that since the Lord had blessed and the Spirit of God had moved upon them, and they were all happy and shouting, she now feels that she had that same excitement back, that she used to have with the occult. Of course everybody took that as awful odd, to compare those two together. Also she was asked after the Spirit kind of slacked off, and she seemed kind of solemn during the worship service, like she was kind of in her own world most of the time, especially during the first part of the service of worship. She was asked, Why are you so solemn, what is going on? She said, She and Larry and another sister that visited down there from time to time, would sit in her living room, having a big burden on them, and they would go into a trace. In this trance the Lord would show them visions of mass destruction and sorrowful things to come, things that were to happen to people, different things of this nature. They always had this on their minds, therefore they could not really get into the worship service any more when they knew such terrible things were going to happen. When they talked to people about these things, it really made people feel sad for them, wondering what was going on. In about 1996 they were getting ready to come up this way to convention, her and Larry approached Bro. Russell twice, saying that the Lord had somehow showed them that Larry was going to die, and that they had peace about it. Larry said, yes, I understand, I have peace, if it is my time to go, I am ready to go. She had peace about it, but they were worried about Jesse, because at the time he was twelve years or, somewhere in that area. They wanted prayer for him, that he could survive without his father. They went so far as to tell a few of the people when she left, because Larry did not come up to convention, to be sure and check on Larry every day because they didn’t expect him to be alive when she came back from convention two or three weeks later. She went as far as to say what suit he was to be buried in, as that was what the Lord had showed them. Another time there was a situation in the church down there, where they had some meetings and Tim McKay was also there, and some others. Tim and a certain sister was talking before service as people do. I guess Corrina thought they were getting too close and they went to a restaurant after service one night and they ended up sitting at the same table. Corrina got mad and went outside and sat in the car. She then approached Bro. Russell Davis one night and talked about that and said, God has sent me here to be Bro. Tim McKay’s protector, and this is not the first woman I have had to run off, and she was not going to allow a woman to destroy his ministry in these things. There was a lot more that was said, but these are things that he knew. He also said as he talked to Bro. Bud and me down there, that when Tim came down, he felt like Corrina was getting awful close to Tim and he was wanting to warn Tim of some of these problems. He talked to Tim about the situation of her saying that Larry was going to die. Tim just looked at him and said, Well you must have misunderstood her because we have never heard that. Bro. Russell thought, Well she said it three times here, you are not here, so if you think it was misunderstood, whatever. As he got to thinking about it more, he thought maybe I should speak to Tim about these other things and let him hold a distance here, to be careful of what you get entangled with. The Lord gave him a dream one night where he was trying to do this, he was talking to Tim and trying to explain things that happened with Corrina. Corrina all of a sudden came into the room, I believe is how the dream went, and was crying and saying, It is not true, it is not true, these are all lies. We believe it was Bro. Dean in the dream, went to Sis Corrina and started patting her on the back, oh that is O.K., they are just lies, don’t worry about it, we will take care of you. While they were doing that, she kind of turned around and looked back at Russell and grinned, like, See, they are not going to believe you anyway. Bro. Russell said this was one of the reasons, when I woke up I said, Well there is no use: apparently it is not going to do any good to tell Tim or the others from Bloomington, so he just kept quiet. But as things progressed and other things happened, Bud and I were in Mexico together and he decided he had to tell us. That is when Bro. Bud advised him to tell Bro. Jackson these things. There was much more than this, but that was four of the things clear in his mind to this day. I would like to remind you of a dream that was given here at Faith Assembly several years ago by a Norwegian sister during convention. 


This certain Norwegian Sister had a dream when she was in the fellowship hall here at Faith Assembly. It is on tape somewhere. Somewhere we were all in meetings, it seemed like there was a rumbling and a screaming outside, and there were spirits trying to get into Faith Assembly. They could see like windows, the shutters were blown open and windows were trying to be opened up. But it was all on the outside coming in, it wasn’t spirits inside trying to get out, it was spirits outside trying to get in. I don’t think any drunk is going to try to break the window down or come in. I don’t think the things we look at as terrible things, are going to come in here and shake anybody’s faith. It is spirits, religious spirits, that look good, they didn’t come through the front door, they tried to come through side windows and other ways you don’t normally look for anyone to try to come through. I believe this is how Satan will try to attack us, by things that look good at first: that is how they first get in. They get a little hold because they look good. They get some friendship or whatever. But I am behind this ministry all the way and I am thankful we have people to look over us, people that can check out these things and have the backbone given by the Lord to deal with these things. It is my prayer that everybody will get everything worked out with God. I don’t wish anybody to leave or wish anybody to hate anybody. But there is only one way, it is a narrow way and we have got to follow that way. (Bro. Jackson says), Thank you brother. Brothers and sisters, we are not having these things said tonight to try to belittle anyone. However true Christianity, the body of Christ, is coming to a very definite point in time. From now on to the end, however long that takes, God is going to work in the process of perfecting you and me. We have got to get our ideas and attitudes right. We cannot run up and down the road looking for something great, something to benefit us, if we are not willing to recognize something that we can actually become part of. I want you to know I am not trying to destroy any of the individuals mentioned. You might say when I read the dream about Tim standing here, like this was the judgment seat of God, Tim McKay, if you go contrary to what I have said, then you will go no further. I will not stand in your way, but around this world there will be some men stand up, and they will put up their hands, No. You can stay up there in Bloomington and holler and yell all you want to, but your ministry will not have an affect upon the body of Christ because the body of Christ has to be world wide. How many understand what I mean? Now Sandy, you can come on. She is one that came from the group up there in Bloomington, that knows how these things started. I appreciate what she is going to say, but I don’t know for sure what all she will say. 


First of all I would like to say that I am not doing this for any malicious intent. Corrina and I have been friends for a long time. I know she counted me as a friend. There are things that I know she said about my family since we left up there and while we were still there, but I pray the Lord will take everything that comes out of my mouth and guard the doors of my mouth that nothing will be said except what He would approve. His will is what I desire in everything. I first met Corrina when I was thirteen, when Bro. Crase took all six of us young people from Bloomington to Rivervale, which was the church camp. We became friends over the years. I am not doing this to hurt her, but I have to stand for the truth. I have to let it be known, and it would not matter if she were a blood relative, I would still do it. I stayed with her at her house while she still lived at home with her mom. We were friends and Christian sisters. I know she will probably take this as an offense, but Corrina and Larry would come and stay with me and Kevin in our home from time to time on weekends and spend a lot of time with us. On a particular weekend after they had been to Alabama and lived for awhile, they came to our house and stayed. Of course they had a lot to tell us. They told us how they were not accepted down there and why they had to come home. A lot of it I don’t remember because truthfully I just laid it aside because to me it wasn’t important enough to really let it bother me. A lot of it was outrageous and I just felt that was Corrina. She told how Larry was going to die and that really shocked me because he was present, and I thought, if you know this, how can this not bother you? this is your husband. But like Bro. Steve said, They had come to terms with it I guess, and everything was going to be O.K. and she would be left to fulfill her obligation as a spiritual advisor. I know of the problems in Alabama, which they said had to do with Bro. Tim McKay after some meetings were held there. There was a conflict between her and Bro. Davis and his sister. She was very upset by Bro. Davis’ sister getting too close to Tim. She felt she had to protect him. The details of all that, is kind of vague, but that was the jest of the story she told us. I don’t remember any of the rest except she did say at the same time she talked about Larry dying, that it had been revealed to her that Bro. Jackson will be taken off the scene before we are taken in the rapture, just like Moses was taken off the scene before the children of Israel crossed over, he would be taken away before the rapture. Bro. William Branham was taken away and Bro. Jackson rose up to take his place, but there would also be a successor come after him. I don’t remember who she said it was. The way I took it, was that it would be the five fold ministry, so she was separating him from that ministry. I stand here to confirm what was said, this is my personal testimony and no one will ever convince me that she didn’t say it or that it is not true because I heard it with my own ears. (Bro. Jackson says), Thank you sister. Now I want to say this in the light of this thing of preachers taking somebody by the hand, leading them around a room, getting them to run or shout. Shortly after he came back from up there, I got a call from a brother that has been here many times from Canada. He is an older brother. He had been in Pentecost for fifty years. He said Bro. Jackson, when I saw this going on that night, I sat there, Lord, is there anything in your word that would actually back this up. He said, I thought, I looked, I tried to read and find it, not one thing. Saints I look back and thank God for the moving of the Spirit that He sent us. When Brother Govender from South Africa was here, he took some videos back. Just watching the videos, the Spirit started falling on the young people over there and they wound up doing the same thing, rejoicing the same way. When we went to Mexico, I preached on it. I will never forget, when I gave the altar call, hardly did any of them get to the front for me to reach them, they were falling on the floor in front of me. In fact, the whole floor area was so full of people, I couldn’t get back to some of the them. The reason I am saying these things, is, you do not have to manufacture the moving of God’s Spirit by trying to get somebody to run. I believe God will take an innocent person and anoint them because the person is entering it ignorant of what has happened before, and God will overshadow the ignorance of the person, but He is going to hold somebody responsible for the method by how you try to apply it. That is where it all is. Therefore I am saying tonight, as this goes out, I am not out to destroy any man. There is no man that I have ever met, whether I see him as a true servant of God or not, that I would want to destroy: I want to do everything I can to lift him up, but not to anything false. When I see somebody trying to perpetrate something new, to have a new affect on people, that creates a difference, and if they do start prophesying, and nothing comes out that is sensible, and you start prophesying something like, If you don’t have it like I do, you ain’t got nothing in here, I just have to say, Those who do that do not have anything I would want. God is not going to anoint you to do that. He is not looking for anybody in here to be a super person, not me or you. How many realize that? We are going to be a body of believers, if we are true children of God. We are going to have respect one for another. Young people, do not look for the anointing to come out of a strange area somewhere. You have had access to it right here at a time that pleased God. I have said many times, When God did give me the Holy Spirit many years ago, at a time when He heard my prayer and allowed me to speak in another language, my next prayer was, Lord, if you will put that gift of tongues in my life, I will use it for your glory, and I will never teach people that unless you speak in tongues you don’t have anything. I felt like, if God has put something in my life, then may He let it be manifested before His people in a proper way. I did not go three years expecting. It was not but just a few months and I was given my message right in the presence of Bro. William Branham. I said, If it is a true gift of God, then let him judge it, if it is not, then let him judge it, and let me stop my nonsense and know that I need to spend some time with God in prayer. As I say these things tonight, I realize this is going to be heard everywhere. I am actually saying to the Bride of Christ around the world, Sound off, let us know what you think. Let people know who you are, what you stand for. There are no super-duper’s among any of us. We are all what we are by the grace of God. May God anoint every one of His children. May He guide and direct our pathway. May we be filled with a true love to be nothing but living instruments for His glory. These self glorified ones that want to be seen, have attention paid to them, I have to say, Get out of the way, the Bride of Christ is coming down the road. God bless you every one.