Jerusalem the Centerpiece, Part 2

Rev. Raymond M. Jackson

As we continue on with this message, I want to explain the two drawings we have up here. This one is as we see Israel today, established by the U.N. years ago. I have to say, Little did the world, and little did preachers, even I, realize how the word of God runs so true and parallel to world conditions, as we come toward the end time. Every time I read these scriptures, another little word stands out ever so vividly to me. Over here, is the Gaza Strip, which is what they call the West Bank. We know that Jerusalem was the capital of the whole nation up until the division of the ten tribes. Jerusalem was also the center of the Judaean people. You can see Judaea right here. Old Judaea, according to the twelve tribes, runs from the Mediterranean to the Dead Sea. That took up the whole thing of what is Judah. Today, as we look at it, we can say, Yes, the Israeli people that have come back there since 1948, were given a certain amount of this land, based according to some of the settlements. However after the Six Day War of 1967, they have built settlements out into this area and all over the country. We know there has been a lot of problems about the Gaza Strip. We hear of them in the News. Therefore I say to you, Keep the Gaza Strip on your mind, because it is very important, and we are going to see how it fits into the prophecy. Here, (pointing to map) shows Judah in ancient times. Now we want to realize this, That as God fulfills all these prophetic scriptures, Judah will eventually have all of this area to the Dead Sea. All of this West Bank goes to Judah. President Bush, as well as all of our political men, when they decided to give Israel a certain place, I would like to ask every last one of them, On what basis of what information did you decide that you wanted to give the Jews a portion of land in here? I ask it again, What information did you have to go on, as you made this determination? Did you use the Bible as a determining factor? I have to say that they had to have a vague idea that right there, is the Biblical land where they came from. When the Six Day War was fought, Israel did take all of that land, so why do they want to restrict the Jews from having all of what is commonly known as the West Bank? Why would our own president want to give Jerusalem to a Palestinian state? What is the purpose? Can they not take the Bible for that too? Saints you may think I am preaching some of these things over again. Well I am, but I want to show you how important it is that we look at these scriptures as they really are describing things, but when all of this absolutely does become a fulfilled reality, you are not going to be living in the world you are living in right now. As I read the scriptures, There are certain words that stand out to me, especially since I have been reading them in the last few weeks. When God does take this issue into His hands and begins to fulfill everything according to the way it is written in the scriptures, this world, this planet, is going to shake. Yes I said, It is going to shake. We have a lot of people today, who are critical of anything in the Bible beyond John 3:16; and some are aslo critical of that. They have said, We don’t know whether the Bible is just a myth or what. Well I just have to say, Based on the way the Bible is written, God never allowed it to be written for you smart – alecks and agnostics to be able to understand even one thing. What did the apostle Paul say about that? He said God has hidden these spiritual things from the wise and prudent, the educated, the smart people, the elite of the world, but has revealed them unto babes, such as will learn. I believe all of you sitting here before me understand what my point is, which is that certain scriptures are written in a way that they can only be understood as the Holy Ghost within you gives the understanding, which is why the smart people of the world, the intellectual that depend completely upon their intelligence for understanding, even though they can be very religious, they will never really understand what they read. All those who are supposed to understand, will only understand when the time comes for the people that are to benefit by them, have them opened up to them. God has an appointed time for every development, so true believers can only receive revelation in due season.


I know we have looked at this scripture many times before, but let us turn back to Zechariah 12, at this time. One thing I want to say for sure today, is that something started in the year 2001, early in the year, that is setting the stage for what we will see transpire in the very near future. That of course, was when the Palestinians began to raise up and carry out those terrorist activities against the Jewish people. That was the beginning of a conflict that is going to grow right into what we are reading right now. In the 2nd verse of this 12th chapter, God speaks specifically. “Behold, I (Who is I? It is none other than the Lord.) will make Jerusalem a cup of trembling unto all the people round about, (That is the Arab people. Do not allow anyone to confuse you: that is God speaking specifically to the Arab people.) when they (the Arabs) shall be in the siege (This is a word that describes both military and political alignment against what is supposed to be.) both (Notice the word both, because there are two things to keep in mind as you read this, so you cannot deal with just one thing, because God Himself is dealing with two things.) against Judah (That is the territory.) and against Jerusalem.” That is a city. Here, our own politicians are willing to deny that, not allowing the Jews to have their total territory, which is the West Bank, they want to give that away and make the Jews give back more of it, as well as the city of Jerusalem itself. I have to say, This verse of scripture actually became effective back in 2001. Jerusalem and the territory of the West Bank has become a political and religious issue. The way it has been carried on, a lot of church people do not even realize that: They look at it as another situation. It is not. It is the beginning of what is eventually going to grow right into the end time. When we come to (verse 3) we find this, “And in that day (That means the same period of time.) will I make Jerusalem (This is the centerpiece.) a burdensome stone for all people: (This is not necessarily talking just about the Arabs: it is talking about the international body of people, which are politicians.) all that burden themselves with it (Jerusalem being the burdensome stone. All the burden themselves, wanting to take responsibility, wanting to speak their piece, wanting to hold authority and say what should be done) shall be cut in pieces.” That is the end. Now let me say this, Do not sit here in these pews and say, Well we could have a little momentary settlement politically and things could go on and on another five or six years. Don’t kid yourselves. That is not the way these words read; and that is not what they point to. There are three episodes in this chapter. The last one takes you to the seventieth week of Daniel’s seventy weeks prophecy, to the time when the revival is going on. That takes you to Revelation 7 and also chapter 11. That lets me know the time period that starts this, and the end of it is when it will culminate in the week. How many realize that? That is because it is all wrapped up in the same chapter. You cannot get it in one chapter, wind it up somewhere else in two or three other chapters. It just simply does not work that way. There are three episodes in this. One stage is how Jerusalem becomes a trouble spot, but what is the issue really about? It is about the land that is Judah as well as Jerusalem. It involves all the Arabs, but it also involves all the nations of the world that want to take responsibility by speaking their piece concerning the conflict. That is why we said last Sunday, Now the United Nations is coming out more bluntly, more arrogantly on what Israel needs to do. This week, they definitely said, along with the World Court, that the wall Israel built, that petition fence, must come down, because it is illegal. I will have to ask, Who is it illegal to of for? It is only illegal in the eyes of the U.N. as they make their decision between the Palestinians and the Jews. It goes to show, that ever last decision that the U.N. makes is strictly against the word of God. I want to show you today by the grace of God, that there are two words, both are pronounced the same, but they do not have the same meaning to the both elements of people. Let us just watch these verses, concerning these two points of the issue, Jerusalem and Judah, because we can now see, having come through this far, how the Palestinian Arabs have absolutely, with their complaining, managed to have all the Arab states voting on their side. We can also see how all this has affected our nation, even though we say we want to make decisions based on what is right when it affects the Jews, and we know what the Bible believing Christians are saying. The Christian people in America and throughout the world, are saying, Give it all back to the Jews, but that is not what the politicians are saying. The political minded participants all think they are going to have the last word on the conflict and that their word is going to settle the conditions of this world. You hear how they talk today, and we hear our own president say, We are going to fight terrorism wherever we find it. However I am going to say, Yes you are, but you are not going to win that war. Brother Jackson: How do you know that? I will answer like this, Just stick around and see. I have to say this morning, The outcome of all that is taking place right now in Iraq, goes to show that even though we spend billions of dollars trying to curb this whole thing in that country, my personal belief is this, Five years from now we will be no further up the road to victory over terrorism than we were when we started. It is true that they fought and captured one bull head, only to turn right around and opened the door for another dozen bull heads just like him, that want to come in and take over where he left off, and that still leaves the nation in chaos. My point is this, We are just moving from one stage to another, not able to declare a true victory anywhere. Do you know why? Once we have entered the era of this end time wrap up, this era is never going to come to any kind of peaceful climax until it brings us to the very end time itself, which God’s word makes so clear. When I speak about eras or events, it is because the 4th verse begins to change things. “In that day.” The same period of time we have been dealing with, and I must say, If it is the same period of time, how can we have a peaceful settlement and have things quiet down for four or five years? Do you everyone understand my thought? In that same day, or period of time. You do not take that day and break it into two different periods. It is all in the same time frame, and just evolves from one stage to another. God has promised that, by saying what He says here, that no matter what the Arabs and the enemy may have in the form of military weaponry, God has already promised He will bring it to nought. That is true prophecy, so it is a sure promise. Therefore I am saying, The world is waiting right now for a little peace agreement so they can sit back and rock their chairs and spend more money, thinking it is just another episode. No, we are living in the fulfillment of this scripture, so we cannot always count on having every little episode settled down. I will just say this, We are coming close now to the latter part of that time frame when it is definitely going to bring a change. Something has got to physically and dramatically oppose all of this, for it to enter into the change we are looking for. As God looks upon the situation, we can say this, Ever since 2001, as we listen to the political Jew in the government of Israel, we find that he just wants to compromise, he wants to give in, he wants to sell out. You never hear one of them speak like, But the Bible says so and so, or the Torah says thus and so. In no way, do we find that they hold to the Torah. That is why I have told different ones, that the political side of this is led by the Zionist movement that started back at the close of 1800.


I believe I have said this before, but in 1968, in the month of October, when we had an opportunity to talk to a Jewish rabbi, we asked him what prophecy stood out that encouraged many of the Jews to want to come back to the land in Israel? That is when he reminded me of the scripture in Hosea. Of course they do not read from a certain chapter: he just referred to the verses where it says, After two days will He not revive us. That means two thousand years. He said, Just a little bit before the end of 1800, rabbis all over the world in the strong Judaistic settlements, as they began to study the scrolls and the prophets, they began to see that this was God’s way of looking ahead on behalf of the dispersed Jews, how that many Jews would begin to get the picture as they prayed to God. They began to see the revelation of time, that time would be getting close. Upon the basis of that, these rabbis, at least many of them began to travel and go to different nations and settlements of the Jews, making speeches. These are the words he told us, That they were not always accepted. Many times they would get up, only to be booed down by the people, Oh we don’t have time to listen to that, or they would say, That don’t mean that at all, and on and on. However, he said those rabbis just kept going. Eventually they had a small element of people that gave heed to them. This small element of people over the months that followed, began to have a picture in their mind’s, but said, What shall we do? How shall we go about this? Some of them began to get the idea, Many of our fellow brethren in other nations have wealth, so we will adopt this philosophy, We will contribute the money to those of poor elements who live in countries where they hardly have anything, and see if they want to volunteer to go back to Israel. If they want to be the volunteers to spearhead this thing, we will furnish the money and send them back. They would go back and begin to buy up the land, acre by acre. That is exactly what they did. That is how the Jews finally got a foothold back in the land of their heritage. Let me just say brothers and sisters, When you hear the words, Jewish kibbutz, that is speaking of some of the first settlements of Jews that began to go back and buy up the land. They built fences around the land and farmed it, and some turned the land into vineyards. The different types of agriculture depended on the locality. After several of these kibbutz settlements were established, then it was the Arabs that began to say, We cannot allow this. I will cut the story short by saying this, The political side of this thing that has been going on ever since 1948, has been mostly the Zionist political movement. They are not deeply devoted, religious Jews. How many realize that? They look at things more or less from the politicians standpoint. Then when they do have a rabbi that wants to say anything and oppose, then they are quick to shut his mouth. The reason I took time to tell that, is that you and I may know, that for this prophecy to work according to the way it is worded, God has a way that He will work it. That is why he first gives a promise, That no matter what the enemy may throw against them, God said He would bring it to naught, meaning there is nothing that the enemy can bring against Israel in this hour that is going to be a success. That was the first thing, so those Jews can take courage in the fact that God is with them, no matter what the enemy may throw up to try to defeat them. Therefore as we look at this 5th verse, God speaks specifically of the governors of Judah. As we read this, notice how it is worded. “And the governors of Judah.” God speaks specifically of a certain element of men. Why would He not say the leaders of Benjamin or Manasseh, or Simeon? Because there are many of those people back in the land, but keep in mind that according to the 10th chapter of Zechariah, the beginning of the rebuilding of the state of Israel in the end time, was to be done by the tribe of Judah. That is why it says in this 10th chapter, verse 3, that Judah shall be as the goodly horse in battle, because she is the war tribe. With this in mind, we can see that Judah stands out all the way from the time it starts until it ends. Judah is going to be the war tribe that takes the leadership and God has promised His guidance and leadership with them straight through, to get the whole picture finished. “And the governors of Judah shall say in their heart,” This lets me know as we hear of Sharon and Arafat bickering about the political settlement, all of this is eventually, within a few weeks or months, going to lead to a political breakdown of the structure of how Israel has wanted to do things. In so doing, I cannot help but believe that God is going to begin to put in the hearts of the Jewish people a voice of resentment. They are going to begin to demonstrate against leadership that has no vision, if you understand what I mean. When they do that, then there is going to be men, and I don’t say that they will always have to be religious men, but they can at least be men that are considerate, putting the people first, rather than politics, and this gives God the opportunity to furnish leadership. The governors of Judah shall say in their heart, (in other words) when they look at the issue they are faced with, then they are going to begin to say, (I want to put it in my words.) Brethren, all we have done to this point is bicker, and bicker, and bicker for years now. Where has it brought us to? We have given in to the ideas of outsiders, we have consented to them taking Jerusalem, doing this and that, but I believe it is when they begin to look in the scriptures, that they are going to begin to say to one another, You know brethren, I believe with all my heart, that when we decide to put our people first, and our heritage, we are going to see that Jerusalem becomes inhabited by Jews, not Arabs. That has got to be an objective. It is not Sharon’s objective. He can say, We want Jerusalem, but if he is ready the next moment for the roadmap to be put into effect, and ready to sign up for peace by allowing a Palestinian state, with the greatest part of Jerusalem being their capitol, then that certainly does not sound like a man that can hear God speaking. It is just a politician compromising.


When God does begin to change the political leadership in Israel, then He is going to start dealing with the heart of those that will take the lead, and they are going to begin to get a revelation and say to the people, Brethren, when we begin to look at ourselves and realize Jerusalem belongs to us, and if Jerusalem belongs to us, then we are going to see to it, that it is peopled by Jews and not Palestinians. That will bring the stated plan of God into the picture. Therefore, “the governors of Judah shall say in their heart, The inhabitants of Jerusalem shall be my strength.” In other words, they will then begin to say, Brethren, when we do this, we will begin to have God on our side. As long as the leaders are only playing politics, God is just going to let them go ahead and have their headaches and delusions. On the other hand, when the leadership itself begins to say, We prefer to put our people first, and when we begin to let Jerusalem be the center piece and see that it is peopled by Jews, then our strength will come from God because of the fact that we have chosen to do that. God will put it in them to speak like that. Those individuals will begin to realize, The inhabitants of Jerusalem shall be my strength in the Lord of hosts. You and I know you could put five thousand people in Jerusalem, but if you had no other divine guidance to know what else to do, what would be your strength? You would just have a lot of people with carnal ideas. However when something is done to please God, because God has His eye upon it, then God is going to put His presence there, and He is going to see to it, that the enemy that wants to oppose this is going to meet Him head on. That is why I can say, Just up ahead, we are gradually going to move into that kind of political climate, where things are moving to bring about a drastic change in the political settlement. When that is accomplished, then let us see what happens. “In that day will I make the governors of Judah like an hearth of fire among the wood, (That is like I said last Sunday, a flame of fire in a pile of dry wood. So that lets us know, when the Jewish people of that hour decide that Jerusalem is going to be their interest, and they see that it is populated by Jews rather than given over to the Palestinians, then they are going to have God’s strength working with them. Then God is absolutely going to cause the political leaders to begin to think seriously what to do and plan. God will anoint them, and God will use them.) and like a torch of fire in a sheaf; (God has not yet done that, has He? However I have to believe that when the right moment has come, and the political trend breaks down, it is going to give God a chance to speak to some Jews and put in their mind to do accordingly. When that happens, let us just see what begins to take place.) and they shall devour all the people round about, (I like this. You and I know, that even if they had half a dozen governors, you would have to wonder, How can they devour a bunch of people? You can see, that it is when the leadership all have one mind and one objective and begin to see it is God’s way. Then God anoints them, He gives them wisdom, He gives them the insight on how to go about this. When that takes place, they devour all the people round about, and that is the Arabs.) on the right hand and on the left: (The end result is this.) and Jerusalem shall be inhabited again in her own place, even in Jerusalem.” Take that and read it along with Isaiah 49. What did it say? In that day that Jerusalem is to be inhabited by Jews, even though they are still scattered out there in dispersion, God said I will speak to them and they will come from the north, they will come from the south, they will come from the east and the west. They will come back into this place. Then the land, Mt. Zion, geographically it speaks of where they have been, seeing that I have been without? See, the land is speaking. Where have they been all the time that this land, Jerusalem, has been run over by the Palestinian Arabs? Where have they been? As we read that, let us come on down to the 7th verse. “The Lord also shall save the tents of Judah first.” As I said awhile ago, There are two things, and both of them involve Judah and Jerusalem, but it starts with Jerusalem being the centerpiece, because of how the decisions are made. Once that happens, as Jerusalem is to be given its inhabitants, the Lord shall also save the tents of Judah. When He says that, He is not talking about a little piece of ground that the U.N. wants them to have, He is going to let them take all of this. We know, that according to the roadmap peace plan, there is already Jewish settlements in that area right there (chart.) The peace plan calls for them to be given up, given back over to the Palestinians. It goes to show, if the roadmap plan works, a part of the land that really belongs to Israel, to the tribe of Judah, will never be given back, but if the prophecy is right, then once Jerusalem is settled in the minds of the governors, then they cannot settle without the whole area of Judah, because it starts with the two. Both against Jerusalem and against Judah. “The Lord also shall save the tents of Judah first, that the glory of the house of David and the glory of the inhabitants of Jerusalem do not magnify themselves against Judah. (That means, once the day comes that the Jews come by the thousands to dwell in Jerusalem, God is looking far ahead, knowing how carnal, people can become. Once this issue is settled and the political leaders say, Alright, you in dispersion, you that want to live in Jerusalem, it will not be just any Jew that might want to dwell there. Let me explain: It is not just any Jew that is of the tribe of Judah: it has got to be a certain lineage of the tribe of Judah. When you read in the book of Kings, when King David took the ancient city of the Jebusites, not just any Jew could come there. It was the descendants of King David and his household. How many understand that? That is why, for a long time it was called the city of David. Keep in mind, King David was of the tribe of Judah, but not just anyone from the tribe of Judah could live there. In other words, if he is not of the household of King David, of that family structure, he cannot live there. That is why it is worded that way; and that is why this is worded that way. He shall save the tents of Judah first, that the glory of the house of David, notice), and the glory of the inhabitants of Jerusalem do not magnify themselves against Judah.” Just think brothers and sisters, at a time when both are being occupied, fulfilled according to the prophecy, that territory will be the first to receive its inhabitants before the final giving over to the Jews of Jerusalem. How many times have you heard it said, that people who lived in big metropolitan cities, years ago, had all the modern bathrooms, this and that? They looked at the old country fellow and thought, You live in a log house, you don’t even have a bathroom. I am just trying to break it down and tell you how it used to be years ago. I can remember when not too many farms had bathrooms. Since WW2, that picture has changed. Most people have access to them anymore. My point is, When it is worded like this, and since it takes Judah, the whole tribe, to fight the war, to gain this promise, then those that do eventually have the heritage and right to live in Jerusalem, God does not want them lifting their heads up, You little nincompoop out there in the country, so and so, I live in Jerusalem. See? He doesn’t want that kind of talk going on. How many understand what I mean by that? He don’t want anybody in Jerusalem magnifying themselves against the Jews out in the countryside. God looks ahead and He is going to see that it is settled precisely the right way. As we watch this thing unfold, keep in mind that all of this unfolding does not come about in a day’s time, in a week’s time nor in a month’s time. How many realize that? It will definitely change from one phase to the next. When we go to (verse 8) we find this, “In that day (in that same period of time, so this lets me know that once this day starts, Jerusalem is to be a cup of trembling, but that day or that period of time just goes from stage to stage. It does not go from two or three years of a lot of trouble, then a political settlement and we go on and coast for five or six years. No. It just goes from stage to stage. In that day, or in that period of time…) shall the Lord defend the inhabitants of Jerusalem; (Verse 8, shows that the governors of Judah have done the right thing, because up here in verse 5, they got the idea, Now we will have strength from God when we allow Jerusalem to be settled and we will not give it over to the Palestinians. So that settles that. Once Jerusalem is settled, now the Jewish people can say, Iin that day shall the Lord defend the inhabitants of Jerusalem…) and he that is feeble among them at that day shall be as David.” In other words, He likened it as it was in the days of King David when he took this ancient city. When King David moved in there with all his royal family, then God chose the place where He would place His name and the temple was built. God was watching over that city to defend and care for it. That is what God wants the people to see. Once this is established then Jerusalem again will become that city where God’s presence will be there to protect the people and He will be the strength of the people and everything will begin to function according to the way it is supposed to. All of this has got to come about because when you go to verse 10, this takes you right into the week of Daniel, to the two prophets. So as we look at this, you can have these events that gradually change from one situation into another, but these events do not change with two, three, four, or five years year of compromise, peace negotiations and such like. It keeps on going. The reason I am talking like this, is because I am looking at something as I look at all these prophecies, and no other scriptures in the Bible line up like these. Every time I hear somebody say they have heard this, I think of all the preachers that say Ezekiel 38 is the battle of Armageddon. I cannot tell you how many times I have heard preachers say it is this or it is that. They don’t know. They never will know because they have taken God out of divine revelation. They don’t want God to give them a revelation of truth with the salvational way. Then why should God let them see anything that is going to be true in the end time picture, the time when the Bride of Christ are the only ones that are going to see the true picture? I do not say those things to be boastful, but I do have to say that we are a people that can be grateful. God did not have to do what He did for us, but when He looked and saw the sincerity of our motives, and that we want the precious things of truth above everything else in the world, what He did, lets me know that the God we serve will not withhold any good thing from those that walk uprightly.


When we see in Daniel 12, how the Lord showed Daniel all those things, explaining the last three and one half years of the tribulation period, and how the Lord plainly said the wicked shall do wickedly, but the wise shall understand, it reassures us. To those around the world that hear my voice, I am not telling you that I know everything, but by the grace of God, He has let me have an understanding concerning some scriptures of prophecy that are fitting together, and will fit closer together as we get closer to the end of time. When we move into it, you will see how the world begins to be shaped. When we leave verse 8, Jerusalem is where God puts His presence, and there is where God puts His favor, His importance and His authority. Then by that time, that city will be populated by Jewish people. That takes you to the beginning of Daniel’s seventieth week. All other prophecies that it takes to fulfill this will have ushered in and brought these things to that hour of time. Now you and I know God has spoken three different scriptures here, of how He would put the enemy to flight, how that when Jerusalem is settled, then the people could look toward Jerusalem and know that God is their strength. When we say all this, what is that going to lead to? Does it merely lead to a political settlement? That is only part of it. It is going to open up into a warfare, because once God said He would make the governors of Judah like a flame, why did He talk like that? That literally means, I will give them the wisdom to be able to take their military capacity and I will anoint it, and they will drive the enemy back and will defeat everything that has come against them. With this in mind, I want to say to you this morning, Please go with me to Zephaniah. In the writings of Zephaniah, the 2rd chapter, God, through this prophet, has written about the conflict and the war that He (God) is going to use to set these verses of Zechariah in fulfillment. As I was looking at these verses all through the week, there was something about the 1st and 2nd verses, that were worded specifically a certain way. Notice, “Gather yourselves together, (That is a plural word. Will you agree with me? Is God just talking about some individuals within one nation? No. Not when it comes to something that is going to affect the whole Middle East. First this verse is a warning God has sent well in advance. It was written in 600 and something B.C. So the warning was written in advance of the hour of time that God is going to fulfill it. Gather yourselves together, I wrote it out last Sunday, United Nations, that is the plural side. Because when the issue about what will we do with the Jews came up, it was not settled by a few politicians. It was settled in New York City by the United Nations. There, is where it was decided that they would give them some land based on where most of the Jewish settlements were, at that time. With that in mind, please notice how this is worded, God, in advance, before it even comes about, is saying, Ye nations that are appointed and destined for this to be fulfilled by, get yourselves together.) yes, gather together, O nation not desired.” The real translation means this, Oh nations without shame. Ever last nation that volunteered to become a part of this United Nations has agreed that they would leave God or their religion, out of the picture. How many understand that? That is why in 1945, when a lot of the leaders were getting together out in California for another meeting, and one of our diplomats said, How about this practice of our opening with prayer like we do? Oh no, we don’t want to offend anybody. Saints I ask you, How does that sound in the face of God? What are you forming this stinking conglomeration for? I would have to ask that. You who are so high and mighty may feel that you do not need His help anymore, but that is just what you think. This is a warning, written years before it even comes about. Get together, form your body of nations without shame. Here are the words from this prophecy, “Before the decree bring forth, (I looked that up in the dictionary. Do you know what it means? The decree is also written in Deuteronomy. God looking ahead, when He saw Israel and what she was going to do, He made a promise, The day you turn your back on me, and you no longer keep my word, my statutes and so forth, God said, Just as I took pleasure in blessing you, I will take pleasure in cursing you. The day will come, that I will scatter you among the nations from one end of the earth to the other. Amos, the 9th chapter, plainly says, speaking for God, I will sift the house of Israel through all nations as corn is sifted through a sieve. All the sinners will fall by the sword, but not one grain, that means elected of God , will perish, speaking of a true Jew. That was the decree and God has fulfilled it precisely to the letter. Just think about it: before it has even been fulfilled, He said, Get together. We can see now, that it is the United Nations this refers to. Before the decree bring forth, in other words, before my judgment or my punishment passes upon you.”Before the day pass as the chaff, before the fierce anger of the Lord come upon you, before the day of the Lord’s anger come upon you, seek ye the Lord.” In other words, right here is a decree, a promise which God intends to fulfill by taking these nations and wringing the blood from them. Saints I ask you, Please do not think I am a cruel, harsh person, but I am going to tell you something today. I can see why God is letting politicians stick their nose in where it does not belong, with their tongue wagging. God has allowed them to speak their mind and put forth their two cents worth of opinions, so as they keep plotting and planning, blaspheming God and condemning His aim and purpose with the Jew, God is going to take pleasure in wringing the blood out of every last educated fool who sits boastfully in his conceited place, conducting himself as if he does not need God. I tell you, all such are they who need God now more than anything else. However it looks like God has just folded His hands, (so to speak) and completely taken His hands off the entire situation for a period of time. I have to say, For a period of time, because once He does this, and once He starts showing Himself in anger to the world, and especially to the Arabs, we can see what He is doing it for. You and I know for sure, that Israel at this present time, could not set about to build that temple for anything in the world. Why? Because not one Arab would allow it. When we look at the Arab world, completely taken over by that Muslim spirit, and see how they claim Allah has instructed them to do what they do, we know it will take a miraculous move of the hand of God to change them. A lot of people in the United States do not realize it, but terrorist tactics have been taught to all those people for the last number of years, and told that one day they will force their way into the nations, terrorize the citizens and bring this western element of civilization to an end. Their aim is to turn it all over to the Muslim religion. When our politicians and educators say, But it is a peaceful religion, I say, No, it is not a peaceful religion. It is a religion filled with cruelty. The histories I have read, all the way from Saudi Arabia, through Egypt, all across North Africa, they have killed, they have slaughtered, they have mutilated thousands and thousands of people to establish and/or create fear and respect for their Allah. That is the way they rule. Right on up past Jerusalem, on into Turkey and the lower part of the Mediterranean, is all under Islam. Slowly they went into Iran, Iraq, and right on into India. Now that Muslim spirit and the agents of it are in every nation on the face of this earth. You and I know, that for God to fulfill and do for Israel, that one little nation, in the face of this whole world that is against them, then you just as well get ready to accept the fact that when God does move to fulfill this, He is going to shake this planet like it has never been shaken before. When I say shake it, I do not necessarily mean He is going to shake the mountains: It means God is going to do something to let some people know, I sit in the heavens and I rule things. This earth is the work of His hands. So God has already written the curse, Oh you nations that think you are not guilty, you have no shame, but you have no God, Before the decree even comes about, get yourselves together. They have already done that. Before the fierce anger of the Lord comes upon them. Then He speaks to the individuals throughout the world, “Seek ye the Lord, all ye meek of the earth, which have wrought His judgment; (You have seen His judgment before, you recognize His hand.) seek righteousness, seek meekness: it may be ye shall be hid in the day of the Lord’s anger.” Remember that and listen, I do not want to make this sound to you like some magnified picture that I cannot even describe, but when this thing does break, I want you to know, God is going to see to it that the Arab world pays dearly with their own blood. Why do I say that? All because God is not going to have to send the Jerusalem army all the way around this planet to get rid of those Muslims. Regardless of where there are Muslim terrorists, when this thing starts, they see through television, so wherever they are scattered, when they begin to see the hand of God’s anger and judgment, they are going to have to bow their head and acknowledge the fact that the God of the Jews is fighting for them. When they ask, Is it Allah or Elohim? The answer will be very clear. God is going to do this in a way that not even the educated atheist, not even the smartest and most educated of the world, will be able to boldly look and say, There is nothing to it. When they have to open their eyes and see how God is using a little handful of people to terrorize and frighten the living daylights out of the world, believe me, They will have to take note of something they never dreamed of. God intends to do exactly what is written. You hear the News Media, and know that some of them have good intentions, but they know they cannot always speak the truth. They have to speak what society in general wants to hear.


There is a day coming, mark my word, when you are going to wake up some morning and God has spoken to those Jewish leaders, whoever they are by then, and when they get in the right place, you are going to see a war start in the Middle East that will top everything you have ever seen or heard of. You are going to see the hand of God demonstrating His omnipotent power on the behalf of that Israeli military. By the time God gets through crossing the Jordan River and taking them through the land of Jordan, fulfilling all the scriptures that are written about what the Jewish army would do, I want to see what Dan Rather would say by then, Tom Brokaw, and all the rest of them. When nobody talks about God, it is mighty easy to get into the habit of talking like, We are going to do this and we are going to do that. God will allow that for a while yet, but when He draws the line and something begins to backfire, He will not be doing it in a corner: the entire world will see it. I remember when the Six Day War took place, back in 1967. A lot of people might say, oh but Bro. Jackson, it is going to take Israel a long time to do all that is written. I just have to say to them, Where have you been? They knocked the socks off Egypt, they knocked the socks off Syria, and the Jordanian army; and I ask you, How long did it take them to do it? Six days, and it was all over. It is not going to take much longer than that to drive their tanks at high speed and go into Iraq. They have to go to the Euphrates River, because that is where the prophecy said they would go to. The beauty of it is, it is going to be a war that God puts Himself in. When He does, there is not going to be a peace plan negotiated, Well we don’t want to bomb, because we don’t want to rebuild it. Some of this silly stuff you hear today is ridiculous. I heard it said last night, We cannot even rebuild a new school house here at home, but we go into Iraq and rebuild fire houses, school houses and you name it. If this war had been fought a hundred years ago, whatever nation God would have used, to go into Iraq and knock the socks off of them, they would not come out of there rebuilding their schools, rebuilding their fire houses, rebuilding their police stations. They would have left it up to them to rebuild it themselves. America, ever since she has been in Korea and Vietnam, has been rebuilding everything for them. We did it in Europe. We have done it at the tax payers expense. That is not right. Right now, there is the war starting, and here is the Gaza Strip, (chart) right about there. Israel went in there in the Six Day War and took it. There are Jewish settlements in there now. However as we look at the roadmap peace plan, we find that it says they have to get out of there and discontinue any kind of Jewish settlements in that area. What we need to notice, it that ever since this terrorist warfare has been going on, especially since 2001, where has all the trouble come from? The Gaza Strip. Is that not right? Let us see who God was looking at, when in these first three verses He definitely was talking to the United Nations, because He knew that all the nations that think they have no shame, no guilt, not responsible, would get themselves together to perpetrate and fulfill this big plan. God said, Get yourselves together, before His anger is executed, because He is going to do it all according to His written word. Verse 4, tells what God is going to do with the Jews.”For Gaza (that means the Gaza Strip) shall be forsaken.” Now I will read this quickly, Ashkelon, Ashdod, Ekron, these are all ancient cities, territories of the Gaza Strip, where the Philistines in ancient times lived. “Woe unto the inhabitants of the sea coast, the nation of the Cherethites! The word of the Lord is against you; O Canaan, the land of the Philistines, I will even destroy thee, that there shall be no inhabitant.” Now I want to say, This is not going to be a small war: this is going to be a war that God Himself is the General. God is going to give the orders. God is going to magnify, or multiply the weaponry. It is all written in this book, but the wise of this world pay no attention to it. You are going to see a war that might cause you to hang your head and say, Does it have to be that bad? My point is, God is going to see this thing wrapped up in a short order of time. He is not going to give any educated smart aleck the opportunity to argue or fuss about it. When He executes His anger, no it is not the wrath of God that we know will come at the end of the tribulation period. That is when the planet shakes, but this is the time when His anger will be demonstrated to the world. This is when He is going to make nations change their philosophy; and He is going to do it by destroying a lot of the things that have been perpetrated by the high and mighty and built up to magnified and glorify man himself. You and I everyone know, that when you have millions of people all over the Middle East and around the world, that have that Muslim spirit on them, even in the United States, something has got to hit this planet to change that picture. Something has got to hit this nation also, to prepare her for what is ahead. What I really want to stress is this, Something has got to hit this world, that makes people get scared and seek help. God is going to put millions and millions of people on their knees, even if they do not already know God. When they look at their TV, and see the destruction and the mighty things He does with His hand outstretched, don’t tell me there will not be some people weeping and crying out for help when they realize what is happening. If they are not slain, they are going to be trembling, crying and praying, God have mercy on me. It is not going to send a revival, but it is going to cause a lot of mortal people to change their minds and cause them to reconsider their ideas about life here on this planet. There are a lot of people that are supposed to be educated atheists running around out here right now, that are going to suddenly wake up and say, Well I have been taught that the Bible is not true. Well this is when He is going to be seen fulfilling it. We have lived to see a time when God has put up with a lot of this foolish nonsense, but there is another day just ahead, when He will bring all of it to an end. I have to believe we are approaching a tremendous change. When it comes, it is going to start some devastating things that the average person of the world has never even thought of.


Brothers and Sisters, I do not want you to think I am trying to wear you out with the same message Sunday in and Sunday out, but I see something that is getting ready to take place in this world and I want to let you know about it. In the News tonight, the Presbyterian church has announced they are no longer for Israel: they are for the Palestinians. Brothers and sisters I ask you, What would you be thinking if you were a Presbyterian tonight? What do you think it would be like, to be shut up in that system and never know anything else? Many of us could still be in places like that if it were not for the grace of God. People in those systems of religion have their mind made up: they know what they believe, and nobody else can tell them anything, because they do not care anything about the truth of God’s word. Look where they are tonight; sitting somewhere as blind to spiritual reality as blind can be. It is the same way with all the systems of religion, because God is no longer allowed in their places of gathering together. I know I have said these words before, but there is an importance and a reason for me saying them again. I want to emphasize in your mind, the coming results of this thing that started in 2001. On the News awhile ago, they spoke of a demonstration now going on in the Gaza Strip. There is trouble, unrest, and instability there. That Gaza Strip is like a time bomb, just ready to go off. Keep in mind, that this is the territory where Arafat ruled from. It is from that area that Sharon has agreed, We will withdraw and turn it all over to the Palestinians. I see other writings going on today in different News items. Different commentators have said there is no way this peace plan can work, because, behind the scene all the Palestinians in that area have agreed that there cannot be a Jewish state alongside a Palestinian state. If you think for one minute, that what the politicians are doing in the world tonight is not going to affect you, you had better get to thinking a different thought. I have been in war; and I know that many of you younger people have not. You would not know what it is like to be bombed. You don’t know what it is like to hear the sound of a bomb coming through the area and you don’t know where it is going to hit: you just hope it don’t hit your fox hole. There are people facing those same situations in various places of the world today. All kinds of threats are coming forth now in the United States from these terrorists. Our politicians and educators have become so stiff necked they can no longer think straight. I saw an article the other night, which was also in the 9/11 plan, that there was a plot to hit one of the Jewish community areas in the new world area. They put the United States and the Jews all in the same boat. My point is, I thank God, that through the days gone by I was privileged to hear something that put me on the right track. There are a lot of things in the world of religion you can run after, but when you do, you are heading for a spiritual wreck. A sister told me tonight, her son wanted her to go with him to some salvation and healing ministry meeting. She testified to him, that she could not go, and gave him the reason. I have to say, There are thousands of church going people, that think as long as they are going to some kind of meeting somewhere, everything is going to wind up alright. They have no insight whatsoever of what is coming upon this world we live in. They have no vision of what is apt to happen overnight just any time. I am saying tonight, When the Bride of Jesus Christ is finally put together by the grace of God, there is no world event going to slip up on them, that they do not know about in advance. It is not that we have to know everything, but it is the fact that God loves us enough to let us know, because these different things that are coming upon this world, soon or later, they are going to affect your pocketbook and you way of life. When you read of the week of Daniel, that the antichrist makes a covenant with many, I have heard Protestant preachers say over and over, that this is the covenant with the Jews, to build their temple. There is no such scripture for that. I will say this though, When that antichrist comes on the scene, he is going to come exactly at a time when the world is heading for an economic crash. Look at America, the minute we went to war in Iraq, our economy began to go downhill. Did it not? The American people complained. We have got millions of people in America tonight, that all they care about is something to stick in their belly and a game to entertain themselves with. They have no revelation, they have no insight, they are prepared for nothing of an adverse nature. I use this as an illustration, There could be an attack planned for tomorrow, even with a bomb of mass destruction: would they know anything about it? No. on the other hand though, if there is something coming, that is definitely going to be detrimental to your future, do you think God is going to let you be blinded by something else? That is what the Holy Ghost in us is for, to guide you through the trials and tests that you encounter between now and your departure from here. This morning, when we went to the book of Zephaniah and explained that word decree, a lot of people do not even know what that word means. That goes to show you, that this far in advance before it even happens, God knew there would be a United Nations in this end time that would fulfill this very category.


This map up here behind me sis a product of the United Nations. They do not want it altered, but God has allowed us to know this, The entire message starts with the fact that God is concerned about Jerusalem and the whole tribe of Judah. The two go together: you cannot separate them. If Jerusalem is to be inhabited by Jews, then so is all of Judaea to be inhabited likewise. It takes that to fulfill the prophecy, but for it to be fulfilled in reality, somewhere political pow-wows have to wear out and God is then going to show His mighty hand in favor of Israel. His sovereign intervention will be displayed, and it will be recognized by all, because He is going to fight for the Jewish people. I have been thinking all evening, We do not know what morning we might wake up and hear that the whole Middle East has become nothing but a powder keg, because all this bickering between the politicians is going to break down one day soon. When it does, it is going to change the entire stage. God is going to let some new men, new leadership get into Israel’s government; and they are not going to think like Sharon and the rest have been thinking. They are going to be men that God has definitely designated to put in the right places, and then God will open their eyes. It literally means, when He starts looking at leaders, it means He is going to watch them, He is going to look at them and start telling them something. They do not have to be rabbis, but they do have to be men that have sense enough to know that there is a God that rules above them. That is why God said, In that day the governors of Judah will begin to say, We will see to it that Jerusalem is inhabited by Jews, then we will have strength and favor from God. This is because that is the way He works. That is what the fuss has been about for months and months. It is a shame, that we have various ones that write about President Bush, that he is a great man of faith. He is not a great man of faith. How can you claim to believe in Jesus Christ, and believe in the true God of the Bible, yet you go contrary to the prophecies contained in that Bible. Men of God do not operate that way. When we look at Zephaniah 2, and see that as God addresses the nations, He gives them a warning, Gather yourselves together before the decree is fulfilled. I have to say, United Nations, you have been warned by the word of God, yet you do not pay a bit of attention to it. You fulfill the very identity that is spoken of right there in the first chapter, Gather yourselves together Oh nations without shame. I looked at that a long time when I first began to read the prophecy, but when I looked over in the marginal reference, the real translation means you who think you have no guilt, you who think you have nothing to be ashamed of. God knows every nation that has joined this thing since WW2, has much to be held responsible for. They fulfill it exactly, their opinion is running right along with the worldly minded, but they have no divine guidance whatsoever. The end results of this is, God said in two places what He would do to them. In one place He said He would break them to pieces, and again He said He would cut them to pieces, but it all adds up to the same result. Therefore I am saying to you tonight, I have heard preachers in the past, in recent years, that are teaching their followers that the U.N. is the beast of Daniel and Revelation. The U.N. is no more the beast of those prophecies, than a stray dog downtown somewhere might be. The United Nations did not come out of Europe. It came from the brainwork of American politics. The Paris Peace Pact and the League of Nations all was fostered and put together by politicians of Europe, but we (the U.S.) would not join the League of Nations because at that time the League of Nations would not acknowledge the God that we seek to serve. Just look though, years later, after our nation has become the number one nation that stood out during the conflict of WW2, and even though we did not come up with the Paris Peace Pact, we did not come up with the League of Nations, we came up with something that God will certainly destroy, the United Nations. All you have to do is get hold of the right literature, and it will plainly give you word for word what the plan was. Look what has happened to America since then. They have sold out to the atheists, to the advocates of materialism, the socialistic, communistic, and everything else but God. They take their place right in their ranks with all who have no regard for the word of God. That is why I say, Somewhere up the road there is going to be a blow of judgment, destruction that will come to this nation. It has to be. Let me say tonight, If we all are the Bride of Christ, and if God thinks enough of us to let us know a few things in advance, do you not believe it would concern God enough to let one of you have a dream about something getting ready to strike this nation? It will not be the end of the world, but it could be a warning for you to help spread throughout the ranks of those that would believe, Get ready, because this wonderful country you have enjoyed living in, is set for judgment. God will have His designated way for true believers to be alerted to get ready to face trouble. We have lived better materially, than any other people in the world, but our politicians have spent our money until we are financially in debt and they keep wanting to borrow more and put our future generations deeper in debt. This cannot go on forever. If America is the nation that the woman of Revelation 12, is going to flee to in the middle of the seventieth week of Daniel, then I believe it is because God is going to let something strike this nation that is going to knock her out of the role of leadership in this world. When you look at all scriptures that need to fall in place, let something happen in America that she can no longer defend Taiwan, that she can no longer put a threat out to North Korea, I believe you can see what I am talking about? There are a few, I will say, negative spots in the Orient; and God knows who they are. Do you think it would take a war of five years to put them in place? No. Just let something happen over there that threw America completely out of the balance with them, and we were no longer to stay there and defend Taiwan, that whole Oriental world would fold up over night and will go under the hammer and sickle. That would put the whole Oriental world right in place exactly where it says in Revelation, And the Euphrates River was dried up. For what reason? That the way of the kings of the east might be prepared. Well who are these kings of the east? That is the Oriental world. We have been the lifeline, we have been that link that has kept it from folding up and going under communism a long time ago. I have to say though, One of these days, we can no longer defend it and keep it from being taken over by communism. Somewhere up the road we are going to meet something head on. God is going to draw the line and say, America, you have had your day. God’s word is going to be fulfilled precisely to the letter. I believe that Taiwan will eventually fold up and have to go under the hammer and sickle along with China, just like South Korea will eventually have to go along with North Korea. That is because the whole Oriental world will come to Armageddon flying one flag, or at least a flag of unity. How many understand that? God has ways of turning political issues around to make His word in prophecy come about.


We are living in an era of time when many things are at large. Many people can say, Oh it will be numbers of years before this or that happens. Listen to me. Do you know what it says in the 13th chapter of Revelation? It talks about that beast that came up out of the earth, that had horns like a lamb, but later spoke like a dragon. Do you know who that is? It is America. Is that not Right? What has America given to the world? It has given them the computer, it has given the world all the modern conveniences and knowledge of modern technology of the hour. We received an advertisement in the mail from a health insurance company. If you will take out health insurance with us, and will sign on this line, we can save you so much money a year for you not having to send us a monthly check. Just sign your name on this line and we will take it out of your bank account. Do you know what that is? It is the cashless society we have talked so much about. It is breathing right down your neck. That is exactly what the old antichrist will use, when it is time for the mark of the beast to be enacted. Don’t tell me it is fifteen or twenty years off. It is not that America is going to force the world: it is just that she has given the world the means for the devil, through the world system, to put it in motion. Yet men will get on platforms and say, Well that can go into affect tonight. No Saints, It cannot go into affect until the proper time. Why do you say that Bro. Jackson? Because it only goes into affect when the antichrist is actually ruling and reigning. He is not reigning tonight, and will not be until the middle of the week of Daniel. He does not rule and reign until the last three and one half years of that time. Do you agree with that? If not, tell me where you have been? All the equipment is here, the knowledge is here, the means is here, so all that is not here already, is the time for it to go into affect. God is not going to let anyone take it and run it any old time that pleases his ideas. As for circumstances in the meantime, I just have to say, There is a plan in the works, and only God knows exactly when and how it will be put in force. You can be sure of this one thing, When this situation gets at just the right place, God have mercy. Like I said, Most of you in here, have never seen a war: I have, and they are not nice. There is one thing sure about it, You do not stand in a fox hole and jump up and down saying, Praise the Lord. When this does break loose in the Middle East, you can rest assured that there is going to be some people crying. You talk about Wall Street and get excited when it changes suddenly. Well she is going to crash over night and never regain her equilibrium. It is going to create an economic shortage in the world. Why? Because America cannot always be the monetary force that supports the economics of the entire world. England used to be that. Do you know what the English pound used to be worth in U.S. dollars before WW2? Four dollars and one quarter, then it went to three seventy five, then on down the line, it just kept falling. America’s dollar began to rise; and America’s dollar has been the stabilizing monetary means ever since the closing days of WW2. If it wasn’t for the American dollar, look at Japan’s economy. Where would Europe’s economy be? Well America’s dollar is going to fold up one of these days. When it happens, I want you to know, that man of sin will be on the scene. We have known for a long time, that the elderly pope would not be the antichrist. All he has to do is die of a heart attack or whatever, and they will elect a new one, and he will be the devil’s instrument. He is going to be a Satanist. He is not going to be that baby kissing pope of former days. The last one will be a materialistic man. He is going to take the material issues on how to put this world together for a future time of prosperity. The world is going to go for that hook, line, and sinker. One of these days right there in the Middle East between Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip, it hangs before you, God is going to allow the right element of Jews to get in office. Then God is going to say, Now my hour has come. When the Bible says that God opens His eyes upon the governors of Judah, how many in here would like for God to open His eyes upon you? I would certainly appreciate it if it was for the good of my soul. Wouldn’t you? I would not want it to be for something bad. God will make the governors of Judah like a flame of fire. I say it is like a flame of fire in a stack of dry wood. That is exactly what it is going to be like. When He anoints them, they are not going to say, Watch out world. You have been warned enough, you have been told enough. Now God is going to speak. From then on until the end, the world economy is never going to be the same. You are going to see politicians, educators, and everybody else in America begin to grumble and growl. The stock market will go down. I am not going to tell you that everybody is going to go broke, but everybody is going to begin to think, What is about to take place? It has got to be that way because the hour of time we are living, all we want is money and material prosperity. If you don’t believe that, read the 11th chapter of Daniel. That man of sin will no longer regard the God of his fathers. He will not regard women. He will regard the god of materialism, gold, silver and so forth. It all relates to materialism. That is why the devil is going to anoint him. Since everybody else, all they are looking for is a dollar, then he will make a covenant with many. The question is, Many who? Not the man on the street, but it is the man in the white house, it is the man in a position of leadership in politics. He is going to design and give the world the hope for the future, all in the outlook of materialism. The world will fall for it. How many times have I heard preachers say, Oh the antichrist is going to give Israel the right to build their temple. That just shows how little they know about what is ahead, which is very little. What I am reading to you is going to be God’s route and means. With everything in the Gaza Strip falling apart, how much do we know about what the politicians in Israel are really thinking? God is just about ready to pull the curtain and change the necessary leadership. When this happens, then saints, the world you now live in is not going to be the same six months from then, because it is headed for the end and there is no way you can turn it back. When that happens, the Bible speaks so specifically that this conflict which started in the Gaza Strip, which has been at the top of the News since 2001, will have far reaching effects. Sure they have had episodes throughout the years prior to that, but along about April 2001, out of the Gaza Strip here came Hamas and different terrorist organizations, sending their agents to blow up buses, schools, restaurants, and just to kill Jews in general. It has been going on every month since then. During that time, hundreds of Jews have died: their lives have been sacrificed by their own politicians. That is why I have said the politicians of today are absolutely like universal gamblers. Their constituents are nothing more than poker chips on the international gamblers table. As long as there are politicians in that position, that think only of their enrichment in the political realm, they will continue offering more people, and now, just look at the number of Jews that have died. That leads me to say this, When I read in Zephaniah 2, about the decree that God appointed to these nations, that means there is a day I will pay you back and you will pay dearly because I am going to destroy you for your rotten ways. That is a promise He made way before it even comes, so He warns them about that. Turn with me to the writings of the prophet Micah. These scriptures God has showed me, are the only scriptures in the Bible that line up word for word and draw a perfect picture of how the end is to close out. No, it does not come about in one day’s time like some may think. Micah 7:11, is a prophecy written seven hundred and some years before the advent of Christ. That man, looking down through time, as he picks up the binoculars and looks to the future, God let this man see the ending of time. He could see exactly how God was going to deal with nations, as well as Israel in the end time, and how He was going to close this thing out. Notice, as I said this morning, There are verses in every one of these prophecies that has a lone word that speaks specifically, you do not change it in any way. “In the day (Is this just any old day?) that thy walls are to be built, (What walls? It is walls pertaining to the rebuilding of the temple and the rebuilding of the city of Jerusalem, the capital of the world in the advent and kingdom of Christ. This does not come about just any old day, any old time, any place. It means there is a set time, and in the day God has already got settled.) in that day shall the decree be far removed.” The decree. What decree are we talking about? You will find it Deuteronomy 28, I quoted part of it this morning. When Moses went up on the mount and then came back down, he prophesied and told all the people, As long as you hear my word, (God’s word) you observe my statutes, you pay obedience and keep yourself in line with me, I will take great pleasure in blessing you. But the day you turn your back on me, you turn away from my word and will no longer observe my statutes, material things come first, the dollar comes first, Sabbath keeping does not pay, so you cannot wait until the sun goes down so you can start making another dollar. When that day comes, God said, I will take great pleasure is cursing you. Read those last verses of that 28th chapter. In that day I will take you and scatter you to the ends of the earth. There you will serve other gods, other people will make you do so. They will kill you, they will slaughter you, butcher you in various ways, they will make your life miserable. Amos 9, is where Peter got his revelation when he saw the Gentiles receive the Holy Ghost, fulfilling Peter’s vision, Amos 9 plainly says, I will sift the house of Israel through all nations, as corn is sifted through a sieve. All the sinners will fall by the sword, but not one grain shall perish. What does He mean by that? That means that one true spiritual Jew, no matter where he is, God is going to watch over him and preserve his soul for a future time. That decree was written way back then, but just look how true it has been, how the children of Israel have been persecuted down through time.


Saints, I just have to say, God have mercy upon the nations that have persecuted the Jews. In Czechoslovakia two hundred and some Jews were butchered, just shot down along with Italian Jews that were captured by the Germans and taken there. They used syringes and needles to draw the blood out of their veins for themselves. After WW2 was over, I received a tract that was sent to me from somewhere. In the Battle of the Bulge, one of the last great pushes of the Allies to bring the Germans to an end, the Germans had suffered many casualties, and they were needing blood. They lined up Jewish children and drew their life’s blood from them to give to wounded German soldiers so as to keep them alive while the Jewish children died. Now brothers and sisters, here, is a picture of a cell where they were kept, (illustrative pictures used by Bro. Jackson) and here, is another one. Here, is a picture of a tunnel that leads to the place of solitary confinement, where they were shut up in a dark hole: they could not see daylight. That is the way the Jews have been treated around the world through centuries of time. Do you think God has not been keeping an account of all this? God keeps a complete record; and every evil deed will be accounted for in God’s day of reckoning. In that day shall the decree be far removed, meaning God is going to take the decree of them, (Deuteronomy 28) off of the Jews. I like this next part. Then that little Jewish soldier is going to have a spark of fire, he is going to have an angel of God guiding him. Here, is an unmarked tomb. Here, is a place where they showered them and de-liced them. Here, are the bunks where they were quartered in mass numbers. Here, is a tunnel that brought air into that darkened dungeon. When Germany took over Czechoslovakia, there were a lot of young people that got out of there, and they fled to the United States. When I was drafted into military training, they sent us to California. Three Czechoslovakian young men, that could not even speak English, had been drafted also. As soon as they arrived they were drafted and put into our army. Those young men were really nice. They were boys you could get along with very easily, even though they could not speak our language. We could read the expressions on their face and you immediately knew there was friendship in their expressions. According to historical records, two hundred and fifty Jews were lined up against this wall and shot down. I ask you, Does God keep a record? He sure does. God saw all of that abuse of human life that went on in WW2. When this thing does break loose, do you know how long it is going to take the Israeli army to take Gaza? About as long as it takes to drive a tank from one end to the other. That is the first thing they are going to take. From then on, that is a sign, no more will we play with the Palestinians. Then what does the Bible say? In Zephaniah, the promise of this invasion of the Gaza Strip, is the area that will belong to Judah, because the whole Judah tribe will run from the Mediterranean to the Dead Sea. This is what is now called the West Bank. This is what the Palestinians want Israel to back away from and give all this to the Palestinians, along with this, (Pointing to map) but I have to say, When the Jews start their march, it is not going to be a war like we fought in WW2. I want to take my time to express some important points, so bear with me. When I read these prophecies they really got my attention. Do not think for one minute that this is a kids play game. This is a war that God is going to be the master of, Himself. He is going to be the commander and chief of the whole thing. When you link this with Micah, when it starts, Then shall the decree be far removed, so no more Deuteronomy 28 will God hold over the children of Israel. It is ended. Do not let any nation think they can do it and get by with it because He going to shine on the Jews and you are going to see some miraculous things come forth. That is exactly why, when you read Micah 7, you need to realize this is all going to be fulfilled in such a way as to fulfill Israel, and glorify God. It is true, the natural man of the world today only looks at modern technological achievements that we have invented, but that is not what will make the difference here. I grant you, fighter planes, bombers, rockets, all have their place, but you and I know when you run out of those things, then what can you depend on? What do you have as a defense. I want to say tonight, and I hope I can say it in the right way, If Micah, seven hundred years before Christ, could look down through time and prophesy, Micah 7:15 “According to the days of thy coming out of the land of Egypt will I show unto him (him who? That would be Israel.) marvellous things. (16) The nations (That is not that little black man out of the jungles of Africa.) shall see and be confounded at all their might: they shall lay their hand upon their mouth, their ears shall be deaf.” It will not be the natives of the South Pacific islands, that are affected like this: this is referring to that educated character from Wall Street and all the other big shots that think they know it all. In that day they shall come crawling out of their holes. I don’t think they are going to have time to dig fox holes. It is just an expression. God is going to scare the living daylights out of them and they are going to get on their knees. It says they will put their hands over their mouths and their eyes, never have we seen it like this before. What is it? Do you mean you have never seen a bomb go off? He is not talking about that. He is talking about the miracle power of God. Israel is a very small element of people, so when you have all the Arab world and the rest of them with their modern military weaponry, how can Israel cope with such odds? God is going to be the evener-upper, if you know what I mean. Like I have said before, Showdown at Sundown. Do you know what He was actually saying? If He said, As it was when He brought them out of Egypt, was He not the pillar of fire back then? A lot of people think this pillar of fire is just about the size of a tree. I hope you are ready to re-think that. That pillar of fire was a manifestation of God’s presence in their midst and God could make that be anything He wanted it to be; and He could make it any size He chose to. When the Egyptian army came out of Cairo heading toward the Red Sea trying to overtake the Israeli people, what does the Bible say God did? When the pillar of fire came and stood between them, do you think that is all that Egyptian army saw? No. Do you mean to tell me that something the size of a tree is going to keep a whole army from getting around it? Think of it. That pillar of fire can be multiplied, because, if the Egyptian army could not get to the Israeli people, then that pillar of fire lay down and spread itself like a flame. Well we can read the exact words from the Bible. Turn to Exodus 14:23 “And the Egyptians pursued, and went in after them to the midst of the sea, even all Pharaoh’s horses, his chariots, and his horsemen. 14:24 And it came to pass, that in the morning watch the LORD looked unto the host of the Egyptians through the pillar of fire and of the cloud, and troubled the host of the Egyptians, 14:25 And took off their chariot wheels, that they drave them heavily: so that the Egyptians said, Let us flee from the face of Israel; for the LORD fighteth for them against the Egyptians. 14:26 And the LORD said unto Moses, Stretch out thine hand over the sea, that the waters may come again upon the Egyptians, upon their chariots, and upon their horsemen. 14:27 And Moses stretched forth his hand over the sea, and the sea returned to his strength when the morning appeared; and the Egyptians fled against it; and the LORD overthrew the Egyptians in the midst of the sea. 14:28 And the waters returned, and covered the chariots, and the horsemen, and all the host of Pharaoh that came into the sea after them; there remained not so much as one of them. 14:29 But the children of Israel walked upon dry land in the midst of the sea; and the waters were a wall unto them on their right hand, and on their left.” God can hold that position as long as He pleases. Furthermore He is able to make the enemies of His chosen people see things that are not literally there to oppose them. That is what I have tried to illustrate to you when we would be on this subject in other messages. He is able to allow them to see the mighty HOST OF HEAVEN standing to oppose them. You might think I am talking crazy, but I just have to say, If God’s word says that the people of the nations did as we have read, that is not the black man in Africa. It is all these white, educated and very foolish people out of America, out of England, out of Germany, out of all these other places. They are going to come crawling out of their holes. Well something put them there! Didn’t it? It was hearing and seeing what the power of God had done. My God, I have never seen it like this. No, you have not, but you are going to see it on your TV. Screen when it actually takes place. Why were the scriptures written that way? If we only had the old fashioned telephone and newspaper, how could the world suddenly say, My God, I am scared, if it happened three weeks earlier and they are just now getting word of it? God knew what the world will have advanced to in their technology by then. How many can see that? The prophet saw exactly, the day when the TV would be the means of communicating this news. That bunch of Muslims that are terrorists tonight, in Indonesia, in the Philippines, in Pakistan, in India, all over the world, ready to turn the whole western world to Muslimism, I have news for you. God is getting ready to turn you around the right way. What is the reason? Because God has said, the time has come, you have spilled blood, you have slaughtered innocent lives and have turned against my people. You say you are the seed of Abraham. Well, you are, but you sure are not the seed of Isaac. You are the seed of Abraham by the line of the flesh. That is why you hate the Jewish people which are the true seed of promise. That is why the devil hates the Jews. The reason I have to say this, is because these scriptures are God’s way of showing to the world, I am real, I am sovereign, and my hour will come, that I will show the world who is who, and what is what. He will soon do exactly that. He is just waiting for His appointed time.


Ever since WW2, outside of the deliverance move we had back in the 1950’s, which I thank God for, because it had a great impact on many of us, society in general has just been drifting. In the 1950’s, we experienced a great move of God in many places. When it all began to die down though, we saw the American society little by little, go into the refrigerator, spiritually speaking. They turned cold, don’t believe anything the right way. Preachers in the same systems that used to preach the power of God, have now just settled down to a formality. When I saw those words tonight, about the Presbyterians, which are three million strong, turning against Israel, I just shuttered to think of their destiny. Do you know what I am going to call those Presbyterians? They are nothing but a bunch of bastards, spiritually speaking, and in the sight of God: they are worse than the Palestinians. When they take the side of the Palestinians in their conflict with the Jewish people, it means they are against the word of God. To say they believe Jesus Christ is their Savior and then advocate such as they have, what a shame. Brothers and sisters, I am saying tonight, When this thing breaks loose in the Middle East, God is going to rock this world with a display of His miraculous power when He turns Israel loose to do what the Bible says they will do. Oh but Bro. Jackson, that will take quite a bit of time. Who told you that? I remember the Six Day War. Do you know who all Israel conquered? They conquered the whole Egyptian nation, blew their airports to pieces and tore up their planes. They licked the Syrian army and then they licked the Jordanian army. Three nations in six days. Don’t you think they can do it again? I do! Only this time they are going to go to the Euphrates. This word of God plainly tells me, In that day, the nations will come crawling out of their holes and marvel because of astonishment, frightened at the God of Israel that has done this great thing. How do you think that is going to cause the Jews to feel? Now they know that Jehovah is fighting for them. The reason I am saying this tonight, is because, from then on this world that you and I have lived in and seen economics go up and down, and seen politicians come and go, is going to change and change a lot of attitudes. God’s power alone is going to start changing the minds of a lot of people out there. It is not going to bring a worldwide revival. No. It is not supposed to do that. It is not going to stop the beast, because the beast is going to soon come and take his position. One condition necessitates another to take its place. Everything will be on the move. When God has destroyed the United Nations, what does it say twice in Zechariah, that He will do? It says in one place, He will break them to pieces. Then in another place it says He will cut them in pieces. We have read these scriptures many times, but even so, what God says He will do with and on behalf of the Jews, especially those of Jerusalem, is shortly to come to pass. Zecariah 12:3 “And in that day (as Gentile time is closing out) will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people: all that burden themselves with it (politicians and world diplomats that think they know so much about what should be done with Israel to pacify the Palestinians) shall be cut in pieces, though all the people of the earth be gathered together against it. That speaks of representatives from around the world, not every individual person. The important thing about this, is that it shows what God is going to do when He gets angry with that entire mess of humanity. It means, when God is angry and He cuts them to pieces, they will never be put together again, by politicians, nor anyone else. Then it means the beast of Europe will soon be on stage. As I am saying these things tonight, I want you to realize that this miracle warfare I have been speaking of, is going to startle the world, it is going to shock the world. It is going to shake the intellectual people. I can see a lot of professors in colleges and universities, coming to the auditoriums where students are waiting to hear something from them; and some of them having to say, I have been watching this condition in the Middle East for three days now, and I have to admit to you, that some of the things we have taught you out of these text books have been totally wrong: I wish to God I had never indulged in this and let my brain become involved in wrong teaching. A lot of people think, when we talk like this, Oh praise God, we are going to have a revival. No, you are not going to have a revival: the Bible does not say that. It is God’s way of showing some mercy to an element of people out there that will receive it. Like I have said before, if God does not get hold of this young generation in America today, and stop their loose moral way of living, there will not be enough of them left to bear acceptable children in the Millennium. Next Sunday, I will start in Isaiah 60, where it plainly says there in the 1st verse, Arise and shine, God is speaking to Israel, notice, “Arise, shine; for thy light is come, and the glory of the LORD is risen upon thee. (2) For, behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the people: but the LORD shall arise upon thee, and His glory shall be seen upon thee. (3) And the Gentiles shall come to thy light, and kings to the brightness of thy rising. Thy light has come and the glory of the Lord is risen upon thee. Listen world! Darkness is still ahead for you, because this is not the Millennium yet, so let every word of this talk to you. The world is in darkness. The world is in gross darkness. It goes to show, that in all this display of God’s wrath, His power and His miracle power, He did not do a bit of it to change the world at large. It is only to change a few minds of the worldly people. When that conflict is over, many will realize God has laid His favor upon Israel. Then He can say to the Jew, Come on, rise and shine, for thy light has come and the glory of the Lord has risen upon thee. Brothers and sisters, you talk about tourists running to something, notice this. And the Gentiles shall come to thy light. I like this, regardless of whether you do or not. I remember what war is like, but I am looking forward to this one. I want to see that miracle power of God take that bunch of selfish people over there and make fools out of them. I want to see them cry, Oh Lord, what is going on here? Saints: We serve a mighty God. The modernists like to say it all started with a bang. Well I would like to introduce all such as believe that, to the ONE responsible for that big bang. We do not deny that there may have been a big bang out there, but if that is the way all this great wonder came into being, we are just thankful to be privileged to know the ONE that created and set in order all the elements of that big bang. Yes I said, CREATED, because this theory of evolution, apart from an omniscient and omnipotent SPIRIT that is omnipresent designing the entire process is just plain ignorant. If there was ever a scientists, He was and still is. That laboratory He worked with and in, was the entire universe. When He got all His component parts together, He just sat back and watched it go, “Bang!” For a thousand years, pieces were flying everywhere, but in His sovereign mind, He began to think about every little piece, because it was ordained, to eventually find its orbit. When it did, it has been there ever since. The earth does like this, the sun is like this. Nobody out here is trying to manipulate it, and everything is working toward God’s perfection. There is yet much to be said about all this. I hope I have not bored you tonight, but whether I have or have not, come back next Sunday and be ready to listen to more of the same; as we follow what is written in the scriptures.