Jerusalem the Centerpiece, Part 3

Rev. Raymond M. Jackson


It is good to be able to come back together again. I do not want you to think there is nothing else I can preach, but I am going to try to finish this message today. You might say, well I have heard that before, I don’t need to hear it again. I will say this, When this thing does break, there will be some things taking place in the world, especially in the secular world around you, that you are never going to think could possibly be a fact, unless you understand what this Bible lays out for us. I heard it said yesterday morning, There has been a lot of anti-Semitism in France and Europe. Sharon has made the plea to all the Jews in Europe, especially France, Get ready and come home, we have plenty of room for you. Knowing the condition that now exists, the ruler of France rebuked him for saying that. He also rebuked him for this fence they have put up. Let me explain this fence. This fence has nothing to do with the Gaza Strip. It is strictly in dealing with the West Bank problem. Actually that which right now is referred to as Israel, is a U.N. proposition. In the Six Day War, Israel practically ran over all of it, but through time she came back to a certain line. That was all through diplomacy. We know what the prophetic picture states. The reason I am saying these things this morning, and repeating these scriptures, is to try to help you understand what is ahead. I cannot make this come about, but I tell you one thing, when it does start, you will never see the world that you live in, the same as it was yesterday or today. If we can look at the scriptures that deal with the events and things that happened, you will know that God is getting tired of putting up with this arrogant attitude they have. I heard our own president say something the other day; and I thought, Mr. Bush, people refer to you as a great man of faith. You are not a great man of faith because you refer to Muslimism as one of the worlds fastest growing religions, and you keep referring to these terrorists as though they are nothing but a bunch of fanatics that create all the chaos. I would say to any politician, Your being in a political position does not make you a wise man when it comes to things of God. In the first advent of Christ, the politicians in that hour knew nothing about what was really taking place. In fact they were not looking for, or even wanting it to come about. Herod proved it when he had all the little boys killed in Bethlehem. The political world today is not going to want it, but the way certain things are worded, it lets us know God has to hit this world hard enough to wake up some people, not everyone, but there are some people in all the nations God is going to speak to by bringing about conditions that are going to affect their lives. The world leaders do not know what to look for, because they have no respect for these prophecies; and therefore do not think God is capable of fulfilling any of them. That is why I read the article Thursday night, showing that most all the scholars of history in Europe today where Christianity at one time did prevail, really have doubts that the Bible is even a book of history that we can rely on any more. I have to believe it is the only book in this world that I have any confidence in whatsoever. The Bible is so written, that the politicians, not even those with a college degree, is ever going to understand anything of what is prophecy to be fulfilled. That is why the apostle Paul, as he wrote the Corinthian letter, said, God has hid these things from the wise and prudent, but has revealed them unto babes. That does not mean He will reveal His word to an infant, but it means He will reveal His word to simple people that really consider themselves just a part of the society of believers, knowing that God has created us and put us here to fulfill His will and purpose.


When the leader of France made that remark, I thought, Yes, you along with the U.N. are sounding off just exactly like the Bible says you will. Where the Bible says, Though all the nations of the world be gathered together against thee, that has no military meaning. That has a diplomatic and political application. That is exactly the situation we have going on today. They think they are going to force this issue, and sooner or later they can force Israel back into a little pocket somewhere, and let the Palestinians go wherever they choose. All the trouble you have heard of in the past two years has been about the Gaza Strip. That is exactly where all this will start, once it does break loose. Sharon has agreed politically, We are going to give up the Gaza Strip and we are going to get the Jewish settlements out of there and we are going to pull back this and that. He may do it for a while, but it has already been written by other historians that have studied the situation, they know the minute they do, it opens up something for the Palestinians, but it is not going to bring peace in the Middle East. It is only going to whet the appetite of the Palestinians and they, the Palestinians are really going to come on strong. I say these things this morning because I do not intend to preach this anymore. Seeing the world in the state it is in right now and the unconcerned attitude people have, I see how these prophecies are worded and know God intends to shake this world and the total human society until He has changed a lot of peoples’ attitude. I saw on the News this morning, the terrorists are now in every major nation on the face of this earth. They have threatened Australia and Italy, that if they do not get their troops out of Iraq, they are going to hit them with everything they have: it is a threat. If we did not have prophecies like this to look at, we might look at these things the way they are going about it today with a little skepticism and say, Well, it is possible they can do that, because it has been proven since 9/11, that these rascals are all over this world. Our political system has let them in by the thousands. Every time we hear some kind of threat trying to be carried out in our nation, I just have to say to myself, This could not have been like this a hundred years ago. I heard on the News last night, something that caused me to think, America was founded by men two hundred years ago, who established our government and our society on belief in God, the God that is the Creator of all things, and on the belief that Jesus Christ is the one and only means of salvation there is for the human race. I believe God gave this nation its birth or existence, to be populated by people who believe in the one and only true God there is in the universe. He gave them the freedom to believe, to search, to seek out the things that are right. Now, two hundred and some years later our nation has done exactly what Israel did. God founded Israel a little over three thousand years ago, on His existence, His revelation, His word of promise and so forth. Well I ask you, What caused God to drive them out and scatter them through the nations of the world? It was because they went back on their God. I have to say today, When our politicians say so bluntly and arrogantly, You can believe in any religion you want to, and still have your freedom in this nation, that is sad but very true. Our government has given way to all these other cults with ideas and beliefs, and the Christians no longer have a free voice to express their beliefs. One hundred years ago you could preach on the street corners, you could sing on the street corners; and I can remember when I was a little boy, you could sing in any little town and preach on the street corner. You certainly cannot do that today. With a society like we now have the world over, and with politicians like we now have, whose mind’s are all framed a certain way and tuned in just like they are going to make this a better world, but we know that will be true, only from a political viewpoint. Saints: I have to say, This end time windup cannot come about too quick for me: I am getting very tired hearing these characters stick their chests out and brag about what they are going to do. You cannot open any history book, nor any geography book or literature book, and find out anything about what is going to happen in our near future. The Bible, is the only book you can find anywhere, that tells you the outcome of all that is taking place in the world today. That is why I say, Let us be diligent to listen to what is being revealed from it in this hour of time. When you hear these arrogant terrorists brag, We are going to do this, we are going to hit you here or hit you there, they mean what they are saying. That kind of picture hangs over the entire world today. It just lets you know, that if they were allowed to succeed in their efforts, it would not be long, only a few short years; and the Muslim religion would be the one and only religion on this planet. Behind the scenes, that is the secret aim, because they believe they have the only religion of the one true God, which they call Allah, and that everybody else is an infidel. Therefore as we continue on with this message and see what the scriptures say, I have to say to everyone of you, This is not going to be a war that is comparable to any other war we have ever been involved in. We have our declared objective, so it is just a matter of doing what is right in the sight of God as we press forward.


You that remember the Six Day War Israel fought in 1967, already know that it was a miraculous war. It was a war, that once it started, mortal mankind did not know what the outcome would be, but God gave that little Israeli nation the wisdom and technique to fight in a way they had never dreamed they would. It was not that they had more guns, more planes, more ships or anything like that: It was the fact that God gave them the wisdom and knowledge to know what to do and how to do it. Then God was there on the battlefield to carry it out just as the scriptures has declared. Zechariah 12 is the key to this whole thing. Once that thing started up three years ago, you can rest assured that Jerusalem is the center or key to the whole thing. The outcome of the territory around it is going to be Judah, because you cannot have the one unless you have the other to go with it. That is the way the prophecy brings it out. I believe we brought out last Sunday what is written in Zephaniah 2, which shows what the outcome will be when the time comes that something compels the governors of Judah to go forth as it is written. I want to say this morning, that they will not necessarily be orthodox Jewish men that will carry out all of this. As the time has come, that God will allow these men to think a thought and that thought is something that God imputes down from above, because it plainly says something in Zechariah 12, which we should take note of. When He (God) opens His eyes, (Let me say this),When God opens His eyes on something, it means He is looking at it. Have you ever looked at something just at a glance? You were not looking directly at it, but you knew what was there. You knew it was there, you could see it from a side vision, but you were not looking directly at it. Well it will not be like that in the day God’s word is referring to, when it says He would open His eyes upon the governors of Judah. (I know we have read these scriptures many times before, but I want to refresh your memory by reading them again. Open your Bibles to Zechariah, chapter 12.) Verse 4 “In that day, saith the LORD, I will smite every horse with astonishment, and his rider with madness: and I will open mine eyes upon the house of Judah, and will smite every horse of the people with blindness. 12:5 And the governors of Judah shall say in their heart, The inhabitants of Jerusalem shall be my strength in the LORD of hosts their God. 12:6 In that day will I make the governors of Judah like an hearth of fire among the wood, and like a torch of fire in a sheaf; and they shall devour all the people round about, on the right hand and on the left: and Jerusalem shall be inhabited again in her own place, even in Jerusalem.” To me, that just about sums up the entire thing. However I do not believe Ariel Sharon will have much to do with that. After being such a great military man as he has been in prior years, I believe he has come to the place that he has given in, to so many political ideas, it would just about ruin his reputation. (This message was preached July 25, 2004, while Sharon was still the PM of Israel.) Nevertheless I do believe that somewhere up the road in front of us, the terrorists will stage something that is going to be such a devastating surprise, that the leadership of the Jews will be suddenly aware of the fact that there is no way they can compromise and agree or sign anything else. My point is, It starts in the Gaza Strip; and it will not take Israel two or three days to get things going, because when Israel turns her military loose, God is going to be with them. I have to say something else this morning, as I endeavor to help you see what a war like this is for. It is to show that God is alive. It is to show that politicians no longer run the show. It is to show that airplanes alone, without God, are not enough. In Micah 7, it tells the type of warfare this is going to be from start to finish. In Micah it plainly states, that when the time arrives that the walls are to be built, (Micah 7:11) In the day that thy walls are to be built, in that day shall the decree be far removed. You see two things in that verse: first the walls that are to be built. What does that mean, “thy walls,” Well the word here is walls, plural. Do not just think that this is the walls of the temple. This is absolutely including the rebuilding of the old city, renovating and cleaning it up. For what reason would they do that, Bro. Jackson? It is to get it ready for a future time, because it is going to be the earth’s headquarters and the capital city for the King of kings and the Lord of lords to sit and rule in. The temple is the major part, but the city as a whole is going to be the worlds capital. That is exactly why this war, when it starts, I say to you morning, will go from one episode to another episode to another episode, and to another, until the total prophetic picture is complete. It goes right on into the week of Daniel, and you know exactly what goes on in the week of Daniel. So my point is, God has been merciful in these past number of years. He has let the military men, the politicians and the economic groups plan, plot, sit together and figure out this and that until they have gotten the world in the mess it is in. They put God completely out of the picture altogether. It says here in Micah 7, the 11th verse, In the day that thy walls are to be built, so I want to say, That is not referring to the Wall Street Stock Market: that is the walls of Jerusalem including the temple. That is to get the city ready for Revelation, chapter 11 and also chapter 7. When the hour of time does come, God is going to express His anger through that little Israeli element of people, and the military capacity they have, but God is going to turn angelic beings loose in the Middle East, that will guarantee Israel’s victory in a short war. I will say this, God has got to do it: He has got to hit that entire thing with such a ferocious outcome, it is going to make the terrorists look like something that melted on a hot stove. They are now very arrogant, they are cruel, they are bloodthirsty and they like to kill. That is their aim. For hundreds of years, that is how the Muslim religion has been able to creep into this nation and all those others, and they grew and grew until today we have hundreds of thousands of them sitting here in position where they can inflict terrible harm when they determine to do so. Oh, but they are nice, peaceful people. You may think that, but remember this, If our nation was suddenly invaded by a bunch of those Muslim terrorists, do not tell me all those other Muslims would be running to our side. Do you everyone understand what I have said? They will not be running to our side. That is the way Muslims have fought through the centuries, and gained their foothold in nations around the world. As mankind sat back ignorant of their devices, and arrogantly refusing to even care what was going on, God knew the day would come when great numbers would forget all about Him and endeavor to solve all their problems by diplomatically discussing and compromising. God has allowed this situation to develop, because He is going to teach mankind, the world over, a lesson. When that moment of time comes, God is absolutely going to unfold His wrath through that Israeli military. Whether those military people are already endowed with divine revelation or not, when He shines upon them and opens His eyes upon them, He is going to put into them, revelation and inspiration of exactly how to go about this which they are facing. God has the major objective in all of that: From one end of this planet to the other end, there is an element of people today, young people, that are unbelieving about God, and not just Buddhists, Hindus and Muslims, but an awful lot of others. However when God gets through with it all, He intends to get their attention, regardless of where they are. I will just say this morning, When the Millennium does come, which will be after Christ has come with His Bride, He will not be getting rid of any Muslims or others like them. The only thing He will get getting rid of is people that morally, do not meet the standard to be allowed to live, if you understand what I mean. God will be shaking the society of this world and letting them know, I am still God, I still reign in the heavens and I am getting ready to set up a kingdom here on earth, whether you believe it or not.


As I have already said, When that little Israeli army hits the Gaza Strip, she is not going to stop until God’s total objective is accomplished. The Jordanian people on the other side of the river, which covers all the West Bank and crosses over the Jordan River, is going to see that little Jewish army cross that river also. I have to say, She is going to make prophecy come alive. What do the scriptures tell you? Maybe I should ask, What did Balaam say to Balak in Numbers 24, after Balak had hired Balaam to come and curse the children of Israel? God would not let it come about. Finally Balaam had a vision and he said to Balak, Come here, I want to show you something, I want to show you what these people are going to do to your people in the latter days. That was fourteen hundred years before the first advent of Christ. Balaam told Balak that God was going to use that little handful of people down there at the foot of that mountain, (their future offspring) to conquer the Edomites. We have Gentile preachers today that have said, Oh those prophecies have already been fulfilled, they are not even in the picture any more. Shame on any so-called preacher who talks like that! Here is where I have to say, I am not against a decent education, but I am against an education that takes faith and your confidence in the Bible out of your soul. I say that because, if you wind up not being able to believe in a divine God and Creator, then do not look at me and tell me all your education is worth a dime. It absolutely is not worth anything. I believe that is exactly why God has let things go the way they have. He has taken His hands off, not showing Himself in a miraculous way, and left everybody in their chosen place. They have their mind’s all set and do not want to hear anything about a supernatural God. Now that they are set like that, what a tragedy, or what an hour that is going to be when God turns this thing loose in the Middle East. When that little Israeli army crosses the Jordan River, she has already taken care of the Gaza Strip. I believe, that as the army moves on out, the people will begin to move in. As she moves across the Jordan River, she heads down through Moab as it says in Zephaniah, she will move through the Ammonites, down through the Moabites, but she is heading toward Edom. Edom is where Jacob’s brother was, and therefore where his descendants are. Let us now go to Ezekiel 25. Here in America, football season is about to start and you know what that means: Young and old will be watching football games. If you want to watch football, that is your business, but if that is all that excites you in this life, the day will come when you will hang your head and cry. When I look at this scripture, and realize the world does not even know these scriptures were ever written, it lets me know preachers have been avoiding them. How many preachers since WW2, have I heard preach about the last days, the coming of the Lord and the signs of His coming, I cannot tell you. What I can tell you though, is that I have not heard one of them refer to these scriptures that are so informative to us. Never have I heard one of them refer to any kind of miraculous war that God will enable Israel to be victorious in, in these last days. All I have ever heard is that there will be some political situation between the antichrist and the Israeli people, and the antichrist is going to allow Israel to build their temple. According to their idea, that is why the antichrist makes a covenant with Israel. Well saints I am saying to you this morning, That covenant has nothing whatsoever to do with permitting Israel to building a temple. That covenant is strictly an agreement that introduces commerce, trade, which will help the economy, because this miracle war is going to rip and tear the economics of this world all to pieces. Just think of what we have done in Iraq in the last two years, and then try to tell me it did not affect the economics of the world: I know it did. With this in mind, let us follow this Israeli army across the Jordan River when this miraculous war is ongoing. As she crosses the Jordan River, I will have to say, she is going to bomb every major installation of the Jordanian military capacity all to pieces. When she does, then she is going to turn those tanks south. As she tears down through the desert parts of the people of the Moabites and Ammonites, and then as she enters the area called Edom, which is in the southern part. (Chart) right in here is where Israel is, and there is another area down here like this, which is Jordan, so that southern area is where the Edomites are. That army is going to hit that Edomite area head on. You might say, Bro. Jackson, what is the purpose of that? All because of their attitude toward the children of Israel in the days when they were being taken captive. Did you ever read the book of Obadiah? Some may say, Well that is one of those minor prophets, isn’t it? I never did think they were very important. You didn’t? Well I assure you, this one is. Do you know, this Bible has not been read by a lot of people who claim to be Christians. I am saying these things this morning, because we of this western world, have somehow been brought up and made to believe so much of the Old Testament has been fulfilled already, so we have no need for it. That is what the Church of Christ will say, We speak where the Bible speaks and keep silent where the Bible is silent. That is a shame. The only part of the Old Testament part of this Bible that has already been fulfilled, is the part concerning living under the Law of Moses. The Law dispensation was in effect until Christ came. Since then, the Law is no longer applicable for salvation. How many understand that? In that period of time we had the writing prophets, but since that time the kingdom of heaven is preached. Well that means you go back and get the revelation out of what the prophets of old have written, and that enables you to have a better understanding of what it all pointed to. The Church of Christ however, has just closed it as a closed era, but we go back into the Old Testament and pick out those scriptures that have an inspirational affect and a truth for our day. As far as the Law, God fulfilled that through the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is by Grace now, that we are saved and led by the Spirit of God. As we return our thinking to what God is going to do through that little Israeli military, let us remember that much of what we know about what is going to take place over there, here at the end of Gentile time, has been revealed to us from the writings of the minor prophets. Do not be fooled by the size of that little Israeli military, because, even though it is small compared to that of many of their enemies, God will make up the difference where she is short of strength. She is not made up of millions of men and women. She is more like a few hundred thousand strong, but one thing is sure. God has let her develop some weapons of warfare in the time since the Six Day War, and those weapons are capable of being used in desert warfare. God has given her the technology on how to build it and equip it for the future purpose that it is going to be used for. Well she is heading south for Edom, so let us see what the prophecy says about it all, more than six hundred years before Christ, and we can go to Ezekiel 25:12,for our first scripture. “Thus saith the Lord God; Because that Edom hath dealt against the house of Judah by taking vengeance, and hath greatly offended, and revenged himself upon them.” How do we know that is a fact? Because we go to the prophet Obadiah, eight hundred and some years before the advent of Christ. It is only one chapter, but think, Obadiah, that little prophet, was serving God, and God let him pick up the binoculars to see far into the future. He could already see what these Edomites were going to do about six hundred years before the coming of Christ. He could see how the Edomites, which lived in the southern regions, with Jerusalem over here, (chart) would one day rejoice at hearing what was happening to the children of Israel.


Notice how the prophecy of Obadiah speaks. He saw exactly what these Edomites one day were going to do. They live here, but one day when they hear that the Babylonians have come, which was a little over six hundred years before Christ, I will just roughly say 602 or 604, the first invasion. Listen to this little prophet. Obadiah 1:10 “For thy violence against thy brother Jacob shame shall cover thee, and thou shalt be cut off for ever. (That has not happened yet, but it will.) (11) In the day that thou stoodest on the other side, in the day that the strangers carried away captive his forces, and foreigners entered into his gates, and cast lots upon Jerusalem, even thou wast as one of them. (12) But thou shouldest not have looked on the day of thy brother in the day that he became a stranger; neither shouldest thou have rejoiced over the children of Judah in the day of their destruction; neither shouldest thou have spoken proudly in the day of distress. (Obadiah was seeing it all; and it is right here in the Bible for anyone to read. I am just reading a few verses, from which you can see that God does not forget when abusers abuse His people.) (13) Thou shouldest not have entered into the gate of my people in the day of their calamity; yea, thou shouldest not have looked on their affliction in the day of their calamity, nor have laid hands on their substance in the day of their calamity; (14) Neither shouldest thou have stood in the crossway, to cut off those of his that did escape; neither shouldest thou have delivered up those of his that did remain in the day of distress.” Obadiah prophesied the actions and the fate of the Edomites, There was really no way the Edomites could have seen what the Babylonians were doing, but from this point, they travel through the mountain regions and carry the news. This does not mean that every Edomite did it, but it means there is a bunch so concerned, they can be politically minded, selfish, greedy for possession. They are going to travel. They are going to come up here in this high land. We were told one time while we were in Jordan, that on a clear day you could see the walls of old Jerusalem from there. That is because there is no humidity in the air. Those walls would shine in the sun. Think of it, Obadiah is looking almost two hundred years in advance and seeing the days that this greedy bunch of Edomites would come up here just to see what the Babylonians were doing to the Israelites. According to Obadiah, those edomites jumped for joy and yelled Hallelujah! Tear it to the ground! Well, the actual words in Obadiah was raze it, which means tear it up, tear it to the ground, for that which is theirs is going to be ours. That is what Obadiah was saying. Two hundred years later, when that actually happened, and the Babylonians came in and tore the city down and tore up the temple, by that time the Edomites that saw what was coming, actually came up and mingled with this invading army. They stole and ransacked to their pleasing. They took every valuable asset they could get their hands on, out of this city and took it back home with them. As you can see, Obadiah’s prophecy spoke well in advance of what they were going to do. A lot of people have the idea, we ought to learn to forgive and forget. Why do they not tell God that? That is my point as I bring this out this morning. God saw that, and inspired Obadiah to record it, and naturally Obadiah was gone from the scene when it was actually fulfilled, because the Babylonians came into Israel at approximately 602 or 604, BC: I do not remember the exact time. I do know there were three great invasions scattered over a period of time; and the last one was what left the city laying in a completely demolished state. The temple was demolished and the looters, Edomites, had infiltrated among the invading force and looted the city. Through time they began to migrate into this land and claim parts of it for themselves. These people that are called Palestinians today, are not descendants of the ancient Philistines, regardless of what some believe. The ancient Philistines gradually became assimilated through other types of warfare and things, but these that are called Palestinians today, they claim that they were already in this land. Some of their ancestors were, we will say, starting with 600, but from there on, because in 600 B.C. they fulfilled the prophecy of Obadiah by coming and looting, then began to gloat, Now this that was theirs is going to be ours. I want to show you how accurate the Bible is. You know, in that great Babylonian invasion when the Babylonian army took their first prisoners back, (there were about three episodes of this.) how they treated them. We pick up the 137th Psalm for this. To think this Psalm was written, portraying what would be later. There it says we have hung our harps on the willow trees. The Babylonians have taken the Jews and put them in work details. How many understand that? If you don’t, it is evident you have never been in the army, so I will tell you. A work detail means, you, and you, come here, we are going out and cut brush. That is what a work detail is. That is what the Babylonians had done to the Jews, you, you, you, and you, I want you, we are going down by the river to work. We are going to clean up the place. There, is where the Psalm is written, upon the willow trees on the banks of the river, we hung our harps. They that were master over them taunted them, Come on and sing us another song of Zion. Entertain us, come on and sing. The reply is, How can we sing the songs of Zion in a strange land? This is not our homeland. Think how accurate the word of God is, that God would even let the words of those that would cry out as they are taunted, be written. When they would hear these words, Come on and sing us another song, they would express these words in defense, then lift up their eyes into heaven, Oh Lord, remember Jerusalem. Yes, they can remember it is torn down, but they weren’t looking at it, how it would be repaired in another hundred years. They were looking way down through time what these Edomites have grown to become and how they claim to own this land. That is why these words were uttered. (Psalms 137:7) Remember, O LORD, the children of Edom in the day of Jerusalem; who said, Raze it, raze it, even to the foundation thereof. I say to those around the world, Let the Palestinians wake up. You that live in that land and you Muslims that believe that one day you will rule this planet, well the God I serve and the Christ that purchased me, lets me know your day of doom is nigh at hand, and it will not be brought about by some military adventure of the United States. It is going to be brought about by the devastating hand of God as He uses that little Israeli nation. Yes, you Edomites, you gloated and bragged, you jumped up and down and rejoiced. You have bragged for better than two thousand years. Yes, you can claim your predecessors were already in the land, but I am saying to all who hear me, All of those Palestinians there today are descendants from the ancient Edomites, Moabites, and Ammonites. Do you everyone understand that? No it was not a big invasion all at once, but they used these different episodes at times when different world empires were controlling this land, to take the opportunity every time they could, for a few of them to come in and settle there. They felt like, One day all this land is going to be ours to keep forever. Little did they realize this prophecy is hanging over their heads, just waiting for the time God would look down and fulfill it. Those Palestinians over there today, think that land belongs to them, because they have been there so long. Actually though, they are just squatters, if you know what I mean. They are there without a legal deed or right. The Jews, no matter if they are in dispersion, are the only people that have a legal right to come right back to that land and claim it as theirs. Many people who claim to be Christians have such a hard time understanding that, so I have to ask, Do they not read their Bible? When we look at this prophecy here, hid in Ezekiel, how God spoke so dramatically, so exactly, how can anyone miss it? Thus saith the Lord God! Yes, they bragged, boasted, took advantage by taking vengeance and hath greatly offended, and revenged, but God has been watching it all. He will do as His prophets have prophesied; and the Edomites will finally reap what they have sown.


For those who have no confidence in the prophecies of the minor prophets, I will go back to Ezekiel 25:12 and read a few verses. I know there are a lot of people who do not agree that Israel will fight a miraculous war one day soon; and that they will take back all the land God gave Abraham, so I just say to that what I have said about some other things people did not agree with, Just stick around and you will see. We read this 12th verse already, but I want to read three verses together, Ezekiel 25:12-14, so you can see how God expresses His anger. “Thus saith the Lord GOD; Because that Edom hath dealt against the house of Judah by taking vengeance, and hath greatly offended, and revenged himself upon them;(13) Therefore thus saith the Lord GOD; I will also stretch out mine hand upon Edom, and will cut off man and beast from it; and I will make it desolate from Teman; and they of Dedan shall fall by the sword. (14) And I will lay my vengeance upon Edom by the hand of my people Israel: and they shall do in Edom according to mine anger and according to my fury; and they shall know my vengeance, saith the Lord GOD.” (This fulfills exactly what Balaam said in Numbers 24, which was prophesied fourteen hundred years before Christ, what Israel would do, not at that time, but in these last days.) I will also stretch out mine hand upon Edom, and will cut off man and beast from it.”Yes, I have to say, When God does turn that Israeli army loose and they cross into that area of Edom, I have no doubt we are going to hear a lot of people around the world saying, Oh this is needless. I don’t see the need for this. That is cruel, taking all that life, and causing all that destruction. I heard yesterday, that our total loss now has been nine hundred and seven of our fighting force since the Iraq war started. If we would have gone in there and fought it like we fought the Japanese in WW2, it would be over by now, but no, we took this modern, philosophical attitude and it is costing us dearly. Those dirty terrorists know every bit of it. Oh yes, while we were raining bombs, they kept hid. We fought the major military and won, but the minute the military was defeated, out comes the terrorists, and they have been shooting at us and planting bombs ever since. They are the ones that follow you, taunt you, aggravate the daylights out of you. If we would have gone over there and bombed half of Baghdad it would be different now, but no, we had to do it the way certain high up characters thought would be best. We have a lot of people today, Oh but Bro. Jackson, there you go again. What are you going to do when the Lord comes and by His sword that goes out of His mouth, He is going to slay the wicked and their dead bodies are going to lie from one end of this earth to the other? You who are so smart, what are you going to say then? You better straighten up or you are liable to be one of them. How many realize that? What is said in this book is not just put there for nothing: it lets us know the mind of God on these debated matters. I will have to say this morning, From the time they go through the Gaza Strip until they reach all the way over here, (pointing to chart) it is not going to take weeks. It will be just a few days, because she is going to move fast. As it goes, God is going to put enough fear in the enemy, that when Israel passes through, what is left alive is going to quiver and shake and beg for mercy. God is doing this to make them turn from their ways and look to Him. When it is all over God is not going to send preachers around, Now I ask you, How many want to believe in what I have said? No. He has already made believers of them. Go with me now, and we will go down to Edom. I have to say the Israeli army is going to devastate this land, rip those villages to pieces and leave just a few individuals here and there to be a testimony of the great anger of God. The further they go, the more those Jewish leaders are going to have in their minds a vision to fulfill. Because they are going to hear how Egypt has plotted. Well that means they have to fall in line also, so let us go to the 19th chapter of Isaiah. We will notice that these prophecies are all hidden in the writings of other prophecies that were related to a past tense of time. But they jump that and go to the future. That is why the word of God is written like this, God has hid these things from the wise and prudent, the smart people of the world, but revealed them unto babes such as will learn. Here in the 19th chapter of Isaiah, starting in the 16th verse, “In that day shall Egypt be like unto women: and it shall be afraid and fear because of the shaking of the hand of the LORD of hosts, which he shaketh over it. (17) And the land of Judah shall be a terror unto Egypt, every one that maketh mention thereof shall be afraid in himself, because of the counsel of the LORD of hosts, which he hath determined against it.” The emphasis is on THAT DAY. In that day (that is what all these prophecies have been talking about, in that day, that is a period of time. In that day, it is a specific day and it does not mean a day of twenty four hours, it is a period of time. In that day…) shall Egypt be like unto women: (Well what has happened? They heard about what Israel has done to the Gaza Strip. They have heard about what Israel has done to Jordan, how she crossed the river, how she laid these villages waste coming down through the Jordan country. As they hear this army is heading toward them, the whole country begins to get nervous. They are frightened, they are afraid. They began to act just like Rahab did in Jericho, fourteen hundred years before Christ, when the spies came in and she hid them. They got to talking with her, wanting to know what had been the conversations among the Jericho people. She said, When we first heard about you and what happened at the river, when you first crossed the Red Sea, that miraculous event, Rahab said, our hearts did melt within us. Fear gripped us. I want to say to you this morning, there is something about the spirit of God, that when He gets in the heart of an enemy, that enemy is not going to think straight, nor talk straight. They are not even going to look at things straight. They are going to get scared. In that day shall Egypt be like unto women.) and it shall be afraid (Why?) and fear because of the shaking of the hand of the Lord of hosts, which He shaketh over it.” I have to say this, Long before any tank crosses the Red Sea, the Israeli air force will have already hit them just like they did back in 1967. They knocked out every air strip and tore up every plane on the runways. Egypt did not have an airplane to put up in defense of themselves. It takes a Master Mind to give the Jews this intelligence. I remember when that did start, it was written later how their plans were. They knew that the Egyptians had an air force, and to meet it head on would be hard for them to face, so they loaded their bombers and headed out for those air bases. They knew they had the radar set, but she left the home base and flying at low altitude, she flew out over the Mediterranean, low enough that the radar could not pick them up. When she got beyond the Cairo direction, she raised up and came back over Egypt. Certain planes were designated to hit certain runways. When they had hit all the major airstrips in Egypt, there set the planes torn to pieces. I saw the pictures. Israeli bombs hit them and ripped them to pieces, made pot holes in the runways that kept planes from taking off, if they did have any left that could fly. This way the Israeli air force did not have any enemy to counterattack in the air. As we look a this I say, When this day does come, May God have mercy, because there is going to be a fear travel around the earth. By the time these Israelis have arrived there, they have already put their air force on the ground, ripped it and torn it to pieces. Now the army has a clean sweep for whatever God’s purpose is. I have to say, What a clean sweep it is going to be! No, they are not going to be six months shelling and bombing. Remember this scripture, “And the land of Judah shall be a terror unto Egypt.” What did it say in Zechariah. In that day He will open His eyes upon the governors of Judah. Did He make it clear? I believe He did. And they will be a terror unto the people round about. That is the Arabs, wherever they are, still alive. Well this next verse speaks of this operation having its affect on Egypt. “Every one that maketh mention thereof shall be afraid in himself, because of the counsel of the Lord of hosts, which He hath determined against it.” Think of it, this was written seven hundred years before Christ, yet it is pointing to the day and hour that you and I are living in. “In that day (that means that period of time) shall five cities in the land of Egypt speak the language of Canaan.” Does that mean they will be forced to speak the language of the Jews? No. Here is how we have to look at this. That does not mean the Jewish army will go down there and get up on platforms and say, Now if you Egyptians will learn to speak the Canaanite language, (which means the Jewish tongue) we will not hurt you anymore. That is a very silly way of looking at it. Do you know how to look at it? When that army hits Egypt, for some reason there is one city they know that stands out as being a stronghold. I have to say, when that Israeli air force hits that, she is going to devastate it, rip it apart in every direction, just literally tear it to pieces. God believes in devastation. If you do not believe it, go back and read about Joshua going into Jericho. He took thirty three cities and never saved a one of them, except Rahab and her household. They were the only ones out of the entire bunch that Joshua saved alive when he invaded. That is why it says in Micah, As it was in the days when He brought them out of Egypt, so again will I repeat the same manifestations. In that day, that period of time, shall five cities in the land of Egypt, speak the language of Canaan. In other words, to see this Jewish army coming and to see the devastation that they have poured out upon this land, don’t tell me those people are going to sit there and do nothing, saying, We will get even with you. They will not. Israel is going to hit them so hard, those people are going to be left quivering, shaking and trembling when they see the destruction and death around them everywhere they look. This devastation causes people throughout the land to realize it is no more Allah: It is Elohim of the Jews. This is why God actually does it this way. There are some people that have sense enough to listen and realize when God is talking. There will be a lot of others that do not have sense enough to know what is good for them. They would rather listen to a goat bleat than listen to God say anything or bring about any condition like this. Therefore when this thing is over, a lot of the Egyptian people are going to want to speak the Hebrew tongue because they have been converted, not by preachers but by the devastating hand of God’s judgment. When God does this, He is going to do it in a way that He gets their attention. “And (they) will swear to the Lord of hosts; (not to Allah, but to the Lord of hosts of the Israelites) one shall be called, The city of destruction.” In other words, it is going to be known from then onward, that Israel just about devastated her. What did it do? It woke up the remaining Egyptians, got their attention and allowed them to recognize the only true God.


In the 19th verse, of this 19th chapter of Isaiah, we find something I want to explain. Please keep in mind, you have to realize this thing of the Egyptians wanting to speak the language of Canaan, will not be an instantaneous decision the minute this thing hits, that one day they are talking the Egyptian tongue, and the next day a bomb drops, and now they are talking in the Canaanite tongue. That is not the way you interpret these words. It means that after the Egyptians that are left alive and see the devastation and begin to realize what all of this was brought about by, it is going to make them want to learn to speak the language of the children of Israel, which is the Hebrew tongue. Not only that, but it is going to later cause them to want to build an altar of worship to the God they have finally acknowledged. (19) “In that day shall there be an altar to the Lord in the midst of the land of Egypt.” Now you and I know, there is no way that the Egyptians today have ever said, Well we would like to build an altar to the same God of the Jews, but you see, this, this, and that keeps us from it. Well I say to you by the authority of the word of God, The day will come when those Egyptians are going to be changed, not necessarily over night, but over a period of time, and will see the devastation and the result of God’s anger expressed. They are going to realize what was behind it and will turn their hearts to Elohim of the Jews. Since from there to Israel, it is too far for the individual people to travel for worship, they are going to want to choose, Well then let us have an altar just like theirs, that we can offer the same kind of sacrifice on. That is exactly what they will do. This shows us that when God does this thing, He does not give them six years to make up their minds, Do you want to worship Me or not? They are going to know it. That is why it has to be a miraculous event. When God is behind it, it does not take Him forever to get the job done. That is why it says this, “And a pillar at the border thereof to the Lord.” In other words, as you come in and you go out, they want everybody to know we worship the God of Israel. This is a reminder, and that is what it is for. “And it shall be for a sign and for a witness unto the Lord of hosts in the land of Egypt: for they shall cry unto the Lord because of the oppressors, and He shall send them a Saviour, and a great one, and He shall deliver them.” From there on down, it tells you the effect that the outcome of this is going to have on Syria, Egypt, and Israel. You can read it. You have to realize, this is how all time develops going into the Millennium. That is because, in the beginning of the Millennium there will be total friendship between Israel, Egypt, and Syria. With this in mind, I want to say also, and I pray that I can say it right. This war has got to have a fearful effect on the Mideast society, because it is basically to wake up the whole Muslim world. We are talking about the Arab part, so I ask you, How many realize that? Arabs are descendants of Abraham. It is these descendants of Abraham that form all this Muslim stuff that trouble Israel all the time. That is why they are so bitter against Judah, because they know he came from Isaac. I just have to say, It is God that corrects this whole issue, and when He does, it is going to be such a devastating jolt, that the whole Middle East world which will be Muslims one day, and about two weeks later they are crying and weeping, I wish to God I had known this years ago. Now I could go on and fight this war, but you would get tired listening, so I will have to say, When you read everything that speaks of it, this war could not have happened a hundred years ago, because nobody throughout the whole world would have seen it. Listen to me. They did not have TV a hundred years ago. How many realize that? When you read in Zephaniah, when this war is fought, God said, In that day He will famish all the gods of the earth. Well if that was a hundred years ago when the communication and news travel was slow, how long do you think it would take for it to get to Thailand, to Hong Kong, Burma, India. It would have taken months. By that time it was old news. Well old news many times does not create the jolt. When around this globe, people from one end of the planet to the other, can go to the News on TV and sit and watch this thing as it unfolds in the Middle East, and from all parts of the world, whether they are Hindu, Muslim or Buddhist. When they begin to see how the God of heaven has exalted the name of the Jewish people and has used that little army to devastate her enemies, and when they see the devastation and the number of people they are conquering, I have to believe, a young man or a young woman from some other race or belief, when they begin to see this and hear it talked about, how the God of the Jews is moving in a miraculous way for them, He is doing it so the whole world will recognize Him. Don’t tell me those young people will not sit there thinking, I have been a Buddhist all my life because I did not know anything else, but now I have to change my mind. How many understand that? They will change. Bull headed Muslims that want to cut the throat of every Jew, when they turn the TV on and look at the pictures being displayed, showing the hand of God in action for the Jews, do not tell me he will not hang his head and say, I thought Allah was the all mighty one, but we have been deceived. God has a dramatic way He intends to do this thing, so that in the end time wrap up there will be young people He can spare to repopulate the earth in the Millennium. He is doing this so the human race will have at least one more opportunity to turn to Him. I have said this many times before, Seeing what has happened in America ever since WW2, If God does not do something to wake up a bunch of young people out there, He would be compelled to destroy every last one of them. The way they are going, there will not be any of them healthy enough to bring life into this world in the Millennium. If you think He is going to take any of these brain fried dope addicts into the Millennium, you are mistaken. I do believe, that He has a few young people out there, whose eyes He is going to open, and let them see Him in action. How many understand my point? It is going to be a war, and every person is going to have to make a decision about believing in God. That is why it says, He will famish, meaning dry up all the gods various people serve. Zephaniah 2:11 “The LORD will be terrible unto them: for He will famish all the gods of the earth; and men shall worship Him, every one from his place, even all the isles of the heathen.” Notice that it says, Every man will worship Him from his own place. He is a Hindu today, but when he looks at the TV and sees the devastating hand of God in action, he will say, I have been wrong. I now recognize the true God. That is God’s purpose in all that He will do. That young person is going to say, As for me, I am going to worship Him. I did not read the rest of Ezekiel 25. Let us return to it.


Do you know what? Little Saudi Arabia sitting down there in that oil country with her riches, rolling in millions of dollars, funneling her money to these terrorists groups, and smiling while she says, Oh we are peaceful, is in for a shaking. God knows exactly what Saudi Arabia is up to. It plainly tells you there, At the same time Israel is going down through Jordan hitting the Edomites and Moabites, you can start reading at the 13th verse, and know what is next. Keep in mind, where this Muslim spirit came from: Saudi Arabia, that is where it started. They are the mother ground of the whole thing. In the 13th verse, “Therefore thus saith the Lord God; I will also stretch out mine hand upon Edom, and will cut off man and beast from it; and I will make it desolate from Teman; (That is an ancient city of this area. Now notice the prophecy.) and they of Dedan shall fall by the sword.” Dedan is an ancient city of Saudi Arabia. That is what the land was known by in biblical times, the land of Dedan. It was not called Saudi Arabia then. That is a modern name. “And I will lay my vengeance upon Edom by the hand of my people Israel: (So it is God’s war, it is God’s vengeance, God is angry and God wants to settle up with certain ones.) and they shall do in Edom according to mine anger and according to my fury; and they shall know my vengeance saith the Lord God.” Oh that was written so long ago, we ought to forget about it Bro. Jackson, because God may have forgotten all about this entire thing. Do you really think so? My God does not go to sleep. He is looking at you when you are sound asleep. When Israel strikes out down through there, she is going to hit Saudi Arabia with a few rockets and a few of those bombers; and Saudi Arabia is going to know the God of the Israelites when all is said and done, and she will no longer be the headquarters of Muslims. I like to look at it this way, because this has got to shake the planet earth. It has to shake nations and societies. Otherwise six months after it is all over you would hear, Well, I tell you, it was bad, but I have seen worse. That is the way our modern philosophical people are today. When that war is over, Israel will have penetrated everything right on into Baghdad. She will let that land know what is what. Why do you say that Bro. Jackson? Because that Muslim spirit is encamped in those Arabs and they are the ones that say, This land is ours. I say, It is not theirs. God has brought the original owners back, and He is going to re-establish them there. He gives their land back to them and the revelation of Himself, and they are going to build a temple where they will worship Him. The reason this war has got to have such a shaking affect, is to wake up the human race on this planet. When the war part is over, what will a large number of people be talking about? Let us help Israel. I believe in the God of the Israelites. This does not mean there will be a world wide revival. God is not using it for that. He is using it to wake up a number of that moral element of the society out there, because some of them are going to serve Him in His purpose, as He gets the stage set for the rebuilding of the temple and the city, and gets society ready for the coming of the Lord. Then when you do turn to Isaiah 60, the last shot has been fired, the tanks are on their way home, but everybody is talking about, We are going to build the temple; and also, We are going to rebuild the city. Yes, Arabs will begin to come to the Jews saying, We want to help you. There will not be any low down politician that says, Well now, let us not get in a hurry about this. Everybody is going to be in a hurry, because it talks like that. There is one verse of scripture I want to bring into this, so turn to Isaiah 60, with me. No sooner is the war over when we hear, Now we are going to build a temple; and this is not happening in the Millennium. Let us get the picture straight. As we read this verse, This is God saying “Arise, shine; (Who is He talking to? Israel. Come on, rise, shine.) for thy light is come, and the glory of the Lord is risen upon thee. (They have seen it for several days and/or weeks in this majestic war.) For, behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, (Yes, that is America, that is Europe, that is Africa, India, all of them, the same old darkness. That lets us know the war did not open up every heart on the face of the earth. You can easily see, this is not in the Millennium.) and gross darkness the people: but the Lord shall arise upon thee, and His glory shall be seen upon thee.” Now you can read the next two verses because this wonderful war has had its effect and the reconstruction starts. It says in the 6th verse, “The multitude of camels shall cover thee, the dromedaries of Midian and Ephah.” That is speaking of Saudi Arabia. There is no way you get that kind of response right now, could you? Here is the way I like to look at this. It talks about camels, does it not? Do you really think that means there will be long camel trains coming out of Saudi Arabia, hauling gold and incense? Is that what you really believe? Do not interpret these verses in the language they were written in. If it had been fulfilled back in those days, yes it would be hauled by camels, but we must put it in our modern day terminology. You will see long convoys of semi trucks, loaded with raw material from Saudi Arabia which is a wealthy country, all headed for Israel. Saudi Arabia is going to send gold, silver, incense, everything, because she is right in there, and she wants to help Israel beautify the place of God’s house. Think of it saints! That prophet saw all of that, so very long ago; and some of us are going to live to see all of it fulfilled. There is another prophecy I would like to read, verse 8, “Who are these that fly as a cloud, and as the doves to their windows?” I can visualize giant runways, with cargo planes loaded with raw materials, getting ready to fly to Israel. Why? Because the prophecy said He would cause the riches of the Gentiles to be converted to them. Let us read verse 5: It gives us a clear picture. “Then thou shalt see, and flow together, and thine heart shall fear, and be enlarged; because the abundance of the sea shall be converted unto thee, the forces of the Gentiles shall come unto thee.” Ships loaded with needed materials will come from afar. For a few months it is going to be busy, busy, busy. Jesus is coming, but He is not coming before all this takes place. I had a person write me, Bro. Jackson, do you mean to tell me I am going to live to see all that? I never wrote back, because I have no idea how long that person is going to live. Furthermore I felt, If that person heard me say it, they will hear me say it again, if they live long enough. If the person lives to see the rapture, they are going to see all of that on the TV News; and they will know without the shadow of a doubt, the word of God is true. God will use all of this to speak to the hearts of many people. I just cannot hardly wait. I know this, Those giant cargo planes are not going to be hauling tin cans and scrap stuff, they are going to be hauling something that is needful in the building of the temple and in beautifying it and the city. Do not sit there and think, Well Bro. Jackson, that will take five or six years. You must think the temple is as big as the Empire State Building. It will not be huge. Do you not know that the temple will not be much bigger than this building? We built this building in less than a year, and even though the temple is going to be built out of stone, it will not take long to build it. When I was reading the other day, about the dromedaries, and considered that it is referring to camel caravans coming through the desert on the way to the land of Israel, naturally I do not think Saudi Arabia does shipping by camels anymore. Therefore we must read that and know that out of Saudi Arabia there will be giant semis, one right after another, heading for Jerusalem. They are carrying material to be used in building the temple, because people are in a hurry to get the temple built. If God lets us all live and breathe and have our senses, we are going to see it. I cannot even express to you, what a joyful time that will be. From the ends of the earth, people are going to respond to Israel’s needs. Your sons and your daughters shall be nursed at their sides: talking about how people of other nations will minister to the needs of the people of Israel. (Isa 60:16) “Thou shalt also suck the milk of the Gentiles, and shalt suck the breast of kings: and thou shalt know that I the LORD am thy Savior and thy Redeemer, the mighty One of Jacob.” Saints I beg you, Do not interpret that scripture carnally. It literally means those people of other nations will be at their service for a period of time. God is going to let their approach have a very penetrating affect to their heart’s. All attention will be focused on Israel; and all worship will be to the God of Israel. Did not God say, I will famish all the gods of the earth? We have read this scripture many times, but notice, (Zep 2:11) “ The LORD will be terrible unto them: for he will famish all the gods of the earth; and men shall worship Him, every one from his place, even all the isles of the heathen.” We are heading for a day that the people of this world have never imagined, but to those who do follow truth it will be glorious.


I want to do my best to finish this message tonight; and I pray that I can say what is on my heart in a way that will enable every true child of God to see what I see. I realize there are some people listening, that this might not sound very interesting to, but it is very important to those who are called to be in the Bride of Jesus Christ. If each of you, as a person called of God to fulfill a purpose in this life, could only see society the way I see it tonight, and realize why it is like this, I believe you would see that there has got to come something as an eye opener to mankind. You might say, Well we have the gospel, but I say, Yes, and what has America done with it? To illustrate to you what I mean, a sister was telling me just this morning, (She is a nurse in a hospital.) A young man approached her this week and said these words, “You know, one of these days those Arabs are going to mop the ground and get rid of that bunch of Jews. Don’t you believe that?” She said to him, No, it is going to be the other way: the Bible says so. Oh, you are one of them kind of people that believe that. I want the world to hear what I am going to say tonight, because the world has gone to sleep. America has gone to sleep. Our political system has gone to sleep. We have been stuck in every kind of war since WW2, because we are trying to be a leader of something that is comparable to walking up against a brick wall. What did I hear this week? Our troops are stretched so thin now, the government is reaching out, trying to get old retired soldiers to come back and commit themselves to service in Iraq. They mentioned two this week, that are in their late sixties. Never have I heard of anything like this before, and never have I heard it said that we need to do that. While our population is at the highest it has ever been, we have a mixture of society in this nation today, that are not worth the salt that goes into their bread. I do not wish to see any young person have to be drafted, but what is even worse, is when they have to go off and fight a war that is nothing more than a politicians war. It is going to be proven, that our involvement in Iraq is not to make this world a better place to live in: it is because politicians only see it their way. They do not see it God’s way. All over America tonight, in our schools, our political systems, our economic systems, they no longer look to the God that sits in heaven and rules in the affairs of men. They have their own ideas about how things are to be done, regardless of whether their way goes against God’s foreordained way. There is no doubt in my mind, that there are young people sitting among us, not just here, but wherever bride saints are gathered, that have a good understanding of what is before us. We all know what we are looking forward to; and we everyone know we are not going to hear a thunder sound until we are standing at the threshold of the rapture where we will soon see that seventieth week of Daniel introduced. Before that can happen though, you will have seen the miracle war I have been speaking of, when Israel takes back all the land God gave to their father, Abraham; and the Ezekiel 38 prophecy fulfilled, just as the Bible makes so clear. Therefore you are not going to hear a thunder, until you have seen all this fulfilled first. When those thunders sound, as we see in Revelation, chapter 10, Jesus is on earth, not in any form that we can see, but in angelic form. The scroll He has been interceding for the contents of, for two thousand years, will be open in His hand. He is off of the mercy seat, never to intercede any more; and in the process of receiving the recipients of the grace that has been given; and taking them (or I should say us, because we believe we are among that number) unto Himself. How many understand what I am saying? That will not be a reality until after both of these events I have just mentioned are fulfilled. I just have to say, Oh America, what a nation you have been. Our leaders used to talk about their belief and trust in God, even our News media did. It wasn’t anything for our journalists to write articles to back up some of the statements they made, but now the best News media on the face of this earth, never dare to even mention a man’s trust in the true and living God in any sincere way. They are scared to, for fear that millions in our society will rise up and demonstrate against them. Brothers and sisters, I want to say tonight, This world is standing at the threshold of a shaking. I will say to the element of people that are supposed to be the Bride of Christ, that by the time the thunders are ready to be sounded, that element of people over the face of this earth that is to make up the living Bride of Christ, will have come into total unity. They will no longer be those who run from dog pen to hog pen, wanting to hear something to please their carnal minds. I have a right to say what I am going to say tonight, when I look back over the number of years, thirty nine years since the death of Bro. William Branham, and look at the new converts to the message he brought to us. They sit in their conceited places tonight, ignorant of what God has been doing these last thirty nine years. They look at the past. That is exactly the way the denominations have done. They can quote, they can read, they memorize and say, But the prophet said, the messenger said, the prophet said, and they don’t know a bit more about what has happened in the last thirty nine years, than a stray dog out there in the road. I do not want to be left in that kind of shape. I just have to say, We are living in a nation tonight, from the white house down, the FBI, the CIA, the ATF and all the rest of the law officials, I respect you for what you are supposed to do, but you respect a bunch of laws written on paper that have no more revelation to them than, I will just say a jack rabbit. You have lost your respect for the deity, you would go to bed with any kind of religion. For two hundred years America was without that. Our forefathers of that day that went down in history, counseled, they discussed, and they came to the conclusion, then they began to write the Constitution. No Apache Indians were looking over their shoulders and saying, Please remember me in that. No Comanche, no Sioux. They were not important in that way. Little did they know then, that they would later become our citizens, they worked and paid taxes. Now, here we are, trying to make a bunch of people all over this world, believe in a future that is all based on what our politicians determine to do. That is the spirit of the hour. I have to say, May God wake up a bunch of sleepy people. When I describe this picture, I am not doing it because I think I know so much, but rather because I see something. I see America tonight, though educated, our young people run around with rings in their nose, in their ears, in their lips and other places, caring ever so little about their destiny. Do not tell me America does not need to be awakened to reality. Oh God, shake it! It did not look like this in the days of WW2. When those soldiers from WW2 came home, they came home with many memories of buddies they had seen shot down and hauled off. Those men went to war and died to keep America free, only to bring on another generation of leaders that sold out to every devil in hell. That is why America is like it is tonight: there are far too many whose god is whatever gives them the most pleasure out of life. We have become a nation, that just any religion is OK. Well not in my book. You might say, Well that sounds like hate. It is: I hate make believe and deceit, I hate hypocrisy and dissension. The hour has come when truth will echo down the corridors of time to the ends of the earth, but it will not be received by the masses. When I look at that 60th chapter of Isaiah, it makes my heart glad, but when I look at what we are surrounded by, it makes my heart heavy. I have to say, God, by His foreknowledge knew what we would be faced with in this day and hour, because He looked and saw our day. He saw America coming up, and knew it would be a nation that one day would have closed Him out of the schools, out of government, and out of most so-called churches. When you close Him out of all the places of learning, you then leave your society to be vulnerable to the tricks of the devil. In the last fifty years, this nation has gone faster toward hell than any other nation that has ever been privileged to have the gospel preached in it in the years gone by. I don’t like to talk like this, but I look out there tonight and see thousands and thousands of young people drifting through life without a purpose. Our law abiding citizens, and our law abiding officials have been trying to fight dope. Have they mastered it? They have not. There are places that dope seems as if it has more free way than the right to preach Jesus Christ. Just think of our colleges that have been raped by this rotten spirit. In 1969 I was privileged to go to Baltimore for a few meetings. The brother up there said, Bro. Jackson, I am going to take you down by the university. He took us down around the noon hour, past the university where our youth go today to learn how to be citizens and how to prepare for the future. He drove slow, and said, Don’t let your reactions be noticed, but just watch them. There they were, college students, sitting against a tree, some already passed out because they were under the influence of dope. The leaders of the university do not say one thing. They cannot afford to, because those spirits run rampant. Bro. Jackson, you are always talking about education: Don’t you believe in youth being educated? Yes I do, but I have my files on these things, so why should I not talk about what is going on? Think about this, We had a university on the east coast, so rotten, they were giving courses on how to commit an act of homosexuality, sodomy. I have to say, We do not need that rotten stuff taught in our places of education. Not in a nation that is one moment going to say, God help us, and the next minute, This is a democracy: we have rights. I have to say, We had a democracy a hundred years ago, but we have turned America into a hell hole. We have a young girl in the state of Utah, a pregnant wife. Don’t tell me she just woke up one morning, mentally disarranged, and went out and jumped off a cliff. In the News this morning, I heard that they now have her husband being held under suspicion. Why? Because they took out of the apartment, a knife with blood on it, and with some hair. How did that get there? This is a picture of the American society today. Do not try to tell me we have become the image of a God fearing nation. As I observe our general society, it looks like we have become a society that does not know how to differentiate between God and the devil. The minute they cut God out of the schools, the devil came in. I have to say, God help me finish this message, whether they like it or not. I pray that it will help someone somewhere.


This planet needs a shaking and God is going to send it sooner than a lot of people think. When it starts, rest assured there is going to be some people sitting, weeping, crying their eyes out; and there is going to be some Holy Ghost filled Christians knowing that this is what the Bible foretold. The Bible that America is ashamed of today, many people have put up on a shelf, but regardless of what some do, this Bible is still speaking to others and they know what is ahead. God has to do some earth-shaking things very soon. Why? Because there are young people out there, that God wants to wake up. They are not going to hear me, the gospel they will never hear, so God uses another means. While the world thinks, oh that little nation of Israel over there, how can she possibly defeat all those Arabs? Thirty four hundred years ago, after forty years of wandering in the wilderness had transpired, Joshua was the leader. On the other side of the Jordan, there were about two and a half million Israelites that had been on a journey for the last forty years, going to a land that flows with milk and honey. God had promised them the land. When you go in, you will not leave any alive. All those tribes to that element of people, is equal to all the nations today with all the armament and technology they have. I am saying this tonight, Whether the Christian world wants to listen to it or not, the types and things that followed when Joshua and those with him went around that city of Jericho seven days, the first six days one time, then they blew the trumpets on the seventh, the first church age, the second church age, the third church age. It is the gospel trumpet. It has gone around this world. As you will remember, when it came to that seventh day, Hallelujah, all the other six trips were repeated. That lets me know the gospel of the last day was taking the first, second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth, and putting it all together into one. It gives you an end time picture. When that last trip around was completed, the mission was completed, so this gospel has just about completed its final trip. When they had done as the Lord had instructed, no, they were not to turn tail and run: They destroyed everything except one household. They utterly destroyed all that was in the city, both man and woman, young and old, and ox, and sheep, and ass, with the edge of the sword. How were they able to do that? Because they followed the instructions of the great God that was going before them. Little Israel tonight, she is looking at a mechanized world of technically, economically ready to swallow her up. That is how it looks to the world, but I am going to tell you something, Out there in the spirit world are millions of angels, all armed with swords. (Thinking in terms as in olden days) One of these days God is going to say, That is all you have to give: get ready. When God looks down and opens His eyes upon those leaders of Judah, it is going to be worse than Joshua going around the walls of Jericho. If President Bush is still president, he will see how vain his attempts of peace have been. I truly hope it all happens in his next term of office. I want the FBI to hear me say these things. They do not believe anything anymore, but God will let them see how true His word is. In the days of John Dillinger, we had some men who master-minded his capture. We had some men back then whose mind’s dwelled more upon what they were commissioned to do. Criminals today, just go at large, because of clever devices. We no longer want to execute a murdering rapist. Under the Law of Moses, ever rapist got his head bashed in. Today we want to rehabilitate them. You have not rehabilitated one of them yet. They put them in for ten years and they come out and rape again. That is where the society of the world we live in today has fallen to. That is the world they want the future to look like. I may sound like I am totally mad, but I assure you, I am not mad, but when I see a society of people that do not want to hear truth; and that actually care so little about what is right, it lets me know that madness is overtaking an awful lot of people. You simply cannot depend upon being able to live at peace with a cage full of rattlesnakes. When you listen to the News, all most people want, is, leave me alone, give me a job, I want security, I want money, I want entertainment, I want to take life easy. That is not the kind of people that are being led by God’s Spirit to fulfill His word. I will just say to all the rest, The God you refuse to believe in, is going to blow your picture all to pieces very soon. He is going to make you sit and look at that little Nation of Israel walk all over those who have made their lives so miserable for so long. When you see that little army of Israel in action, and you think, How can they do it, what gives them the strength and wisdom to do what they are doing, what gives them such total victory? Just think about this, The God of this Bible we carry, promised a long time ago that it would be this way at a certain time. No, it does not give us the day and hour of anything that will be fulfilled: it just gives us signs and conditions that let us know when it is near. To every true brother and sister of this great family of God I say this, He is doing it just like His prophets have declared it, which causes our heart’s to rejoice in the fact that we have had the faith to believe it, before our eyes were privileged to see it being fulfilled. Contrary to many, we know this Bible is true. Young people, the day is going to come, you are going to look at the TV tube and learn something. All your modern math, algebra and so forth is not going to amount to a hill of beans. You are going to look and see the hand of God the Creator, do something with a little hand full of people, that will absolutely amaze you. You are going to begin to realize, God is in the process of changing things. As I said this morning, This conflict will not last very long. No. Just long enough that it leaves a picture of events tracing all the way from Egypt to Baghdad. They will clean up what Bush has wasted billions of dollars on, trying to make right and not being able to. The time is in front of us, that a bunch of politicians may want to get together in Israel and ask, Now we want to have a meeting tomorrow, and try to decide what you think our next project should be. Israel will know exactly what to do: they know it is time to rebuild the temple. They will see that in the scriptures. That is why I turn to the 60th chapter of Isaiah: I want to deal with this a for a little while.


Between now and the time Israel builds that temple, I am persuaded that you will see this wonderful country that you and I have been born in, that has been turned into nothing but a social hog pen by the devil, come under some kind of chastisement from the God it has departed from. She is not in any shape right now, to fulfill her part in prophecy. If God would chasten His people of old, (Israel) for their forgetting about the true and living God, courting every kind of deity under the sun, and living like pagans, will He not do likewise to this nation that has departed from Him? When ancient Israel went after idols, that is when God said, O.K. come on: you have a price to pay. He did not call them to be a special people, to be a God fearing people, for them to go ahead and have fellowship with all kinds of deities of the earth. How many realize how God looks at that? Look at America today, the pitiful shape she is in. America was not founded under Buddhism, or Hinduism or Moslemism. Neither did our founding fathers listen to the great white spirit of the Indians, but now we are living in a day when we have a modern, political ideology. We want to flirt with, and communicate with every kind of religion on the face of this earth, strictly for a social reason. All of them are free to build their mosques and whatever else, wherever they want to. This is what makes me know tonight, the world is moving rapidly toward a shaking like it has never seen before. To one element of people, it is God’s grace that will abound. Yes, true believers are going to be partakers of God’s grace, while society as a whole, is being chastised. What takes place in the very near future, both in this country and in the Middle East is going to be an eye opener for some, but will only turn others further away from God. Do you remember how it was for a while after the Six Day War, which occurred almost forty years ago? For a short period of time, maybe about six weeks, You could hear people from all over saying, That was nothing but the hand of God! That was all you heard, It was the hand of God, it was the hand of God, it was the hand of God. Then, all of a sudden those words just melted away. Now, you do not hear that said anymore. That is the same way this will be: It will serve God’s purpose for the hour it is intended for. It will get God’s job objective accomplished, but it will not awaken the world to turn all inhabitants to righteousness. That is why I say, When that conflict is over, the Jews will know exactly who has been on their side. That is why the 60th chapter of Isaiah goes like it does, Arise and shine, for thy light has come. That will not be the case the world over, because it is not yet time for the Millennium. Darkness still covers the earth, and gross darkness the people. That just shows that spiritually, they are still ignorant. Right? When that happens, that miracle war will have just gotten over and the whole Middle East, the Arab world, will absolutely be in tune with the Jews that are alive. I have to say, I wonder what Fox News will say then? They boast of themselves to be the most accurate News media. It will be interesting to hear them explain their decision, because God is going to do this and He is going to be seen as the power behind what is done. Walking the streets tonight, somewhere, there are young people being subjected to dope, all kinds of perverted life styles and who knows what. It is going to take that kind of shaking and that kind of scary situation to awaken them to the reality that there is a God after all, because they are going to know that no politician has done what the world has just witnessed: All will know God has done it. When it is all over, look how the nations are going to begin to turn. I am going to say this, When Israel does what we have been talking about, they are not going to get the cabinet all together, Now how much do you think we need to appropriate for this and that before we will start sending out our pleas for aid? They will not have to, because the God of heaven has ordained this very hour that He will be magnified. That temple that is going to be built is going to be the temple the King of kings and the Lord of lords is going to sit in and reign and rule for a thousand years. Jerusalem is going to be the capital city. It is written about, in that day all nations shall once each year come to Zion, Not New York or Chicago, not Berlin. All nations will come to Zion and Jerusalem to worship the Lord of hosts. It plainly says in the 14th chapter of Zechariah, That nation that will not show respect by coming and representing their nation once, there will be no rain come on that nation. Think of it saints, these scriptures are not written for the educated and learned politicians. They are written as a warning for the day and hour when the generation and society will be faced with honoring God. When the heartbeat from the Orient, from Asia, from Europe, and all over the world, thousands of people on the face of this earth, black and white, red and yellow, whatever color you want to call them, They are going to have a heart throb, because ,through this great shaking, God has opened their eyes to reality, and He alone is the God that is going to be worshiped. Then from the nations of society, all you are going to hear for weeks and months to come, people are going to want to give wealth and material to what the Jews are doing. They are going to want to send something to contribute to the building of the temple and the general restoration of the city. In that day the nation that will not contribute to the reconstruction and rebuilding of Israel for this occasion, God will just bankrupts it. It will no longer be a prosperous society. They will become a society of beggars, living on the streets. When you read the 60th chapter of Isaiah, all you can see is a willingness on the part of some people. God will not have to send out messengers, Will you do this, will you do that? No. Because, from the ends of the earth, people are going to want to volunteer. Politicians will not have to say, Well, we will see if we can appropriate this. From the abundance of the sea, the forces of the Gentiles will be converted unto thee. That is not spiritual conversion: It pertains to materials and Labor for what God wants. It is suddenly going to be changed. That is why I could not get away from those prophecies this morning. Over here, out of Saudi Arabia, the very heart throb of Muslimism in the past, now their hearts have been changed overnight and they want to worship the God of the Jews. I have described this scene by saying, Out of Saudi Arabia I can see semi trailers loaded with raw materials, strategic materials, because they want to be some of the first to send their supplies. God speaks of it, that He is going to use this material to help beautify the house of His glory. You find that in the 7th verse of the 60th chapter. I will glorify the house of my glory. He is talking about the temple. Then when we come to the 8th verse, looking at this, I thought that is the way the picture looked to the prophet, but if he lived in our day, who are these that fly as a cloud and as the doves to their windows. He is looking at something that is moving in the air, not on the ground. Then you look sitting on international runways, nations that have strategic raw materials, the best that God is going to draw from that society, these materials that God is going to use to build this beautiful place. They want to get it there fast. I can see giant cargo planes, sitting, fully loaded, waiting for clearance on the runway to take off. Where are they heading? They are heading for Israel because they have the strategic materials that God is going to use. In bringing this message to a close I want to say, Do not tell me that while this building process is in progress, that our educative system is still going to be like it is today. Something will have shaken it all to pieces. I am not going to say that America will turn around and be holy and righteous all of a sudden, but I cannot help but believe, God is going to deal a blow to this nation that is going to make her pay, and pay dearly for having done what she has in these last number of years. She has opened our borders, which are the doors to our society. We once allowed the voice of God through the gospel of Jesus Christ to be preached openly, but now it has been pushed into the background. We made a way for every kind of religion on the face of this earth, from Hinduism, Muslimism, and whatever else there is. While this war is going on, I want us to take a trip to the Orient, to the Japanese, to Tibet, Burma, India, all those places. These are ancient places that hardly knew Israel existed in biblical times, but I believe there will be young men in colleges over there, some that have gone to college to learn to be construction engineers, and builders; and after watching the News for a week or two and hearing what is going on in the Middle East, they cannot help but realize the God of Israel is speaking. When they hear that the God of Israel is moving upon nations to contribute their part in the re-construction effort they are going to want to contribute their talents along with others. This will be a world wide move. Why? Because this whole thing is going to wind up with Israel being the capital of the whole world for a thousand years. God wants the whole world to be partakes, contributors to the building. When you go down through here, you get to the 10th and 11th verses, and see, “And the sons of strangers shall build up thy walls, and their kings shall minister unto thee: for in my wrath I smote thee, but in my favor have I had mercy on thee. Therefore thy gates shall be open continually; they shall not be shut day nor night; that men may bring unto thee the forces of the Gentiles, and that their kings may be brought.” I have looked at this, having been in the Orients and knowing that for thousands of years all they have ever known is Hinduism, Buddhism, and so forth, but I see them looking to the TV tube and the God of heaven is going to let them see His miraculous hand upon that little nation of people that He gave His word to many centuries ago. They became the contributors of it to the world. Just look though, what the world in return has done with His truth: they have perverted it and treated it as something common. Well God is going to use this dramatic scene to speak to many, not to hold men in bondage, but to cause them to voluntarily respond. Just notice the scriptures, “And the sons of strangers, what has He compared it to? Nations that never had a diplomatic relationship with Israel in ancient times, (They are the strangers.) now their young generation cannot help but see this great event taking place and want to be a part of it. As they sit there before the TV tube and watch this, God is going to use this occasion to speak to them. Here will come young men that were Buddhists, but after watching this episode, one looks at his buddy and says, You know, I have believed in Buddha for years, but I see something here, that I cannot get off of my mind: I want to go there and help. I want to go over there and have some part in all of this. Israel is not going to have to put on a fund drive: God has His way of reaching out there in the modern society of the world in that day and using this pictorial scene as an invitation, Come, I want your help. I can see young men getting on airplanes and coming to Israel, volunteering their services and saying, I came to help rebuild thy walls. That is what it says here. The sons of strangers shall build up thy walls, and their kings shall minister unto thee. Their kings are ready to ship raw material, aid of any kind, whatever it takes to get the job done. For in my wrath, (God is saying) I smote thee. He is talking about Israel. But in my favor have I had mercy on thee. When that miraculous episode is over, the world is going to talk for weeks and months, about how they are going to contribute material substance. When you read on down through there, you will get the picture. That nation that will not contribute, which shows it is a free will offering, with no arm twisting. Since the Six Day War, I have read that there is an element of Jews which go by a certain name. They make themselves known as those believing in the rebuilding of the temple and they are going to stand by to rebuild the temple. Well right now, they sort of look to other people that believe in the same thing, and they look for free handouts, but when that hour of time comes, there is not going to be anybody standing somewhere for free handouts. The entire world is going to get the message, from one end to the other. People will just suddenly say, I am going to Israel. I don’t know what they will let me do, but I want to go and do whatever I can to help rebuild that temple. I am using this as a comparison, but I certainly do not believe God is going to let anyone go over there and get in the way. When it says the sons of strangers, that means generations of offspring, that in the ancient past never had diplomatic relations with this nation, but in that day when they see this episode going on, they will want to be a part of it. It will be viewed worldwide. They are going to volunteer and come by the hundreds.


Saints, please keep in mind, that when you go back to Kings and read in there where Solomon had the temple built in his day, that temple was not all built just by Jews. Read it carefully. He sent to the king of Lebanon. He knew Lebanon had certain professional technicians in the building process. He made a deal with the king of Lebanon. You lend your professional men to us and we will guarantee you, we will see that so much grain and food supplies is sent to your nation. The agreement was made. High on the mountain range, ten thousand feet above sea level, above Beirut, there is a giant cedar forest. They claim it is more than five thousand years old. Through the centuries of time we have been told the choice of cedar material has been cut from that forest. But in the later years they began to see how this forest was being depleted, so a few years ago, the country turned it into a park and no more cedar could be cut. I have to believe they did that to preserve it and get it ready for this day. When you see here, the quality of the material and conditions it comes under, from Lebanon, here comes the choice of cedar. It says for wood, He will bring iron. When I look at this, I see in this new temple a different kind of construction going on. It is not a large building because it is not a place where a large number of people congregate. It is a house wherein God is represented by being there. In the days of King Solomon the walls were made of solid stone. You can see there had to be giant foundations laid first. Well in this future event it says for wood He would bring iron. What are they going to use iron for? They will use iron just like they do in our modern buildings. They are going to drive these steel pilings down until they hit bedrock. When they cannot drive them any further, then they begin to fasten them together with cross beams. Now instead of giant stones, they prefab the walls. How many know what I mean by that? It is just like a veneer, they are not that thin, but maybe a foot thick or something. That is how the walls are cased in. That iron framework is what supports this. When you read the material that is involved, it shows from the best parts of the earth, wherever the best material is, from there God gets it. For brass He will bring silver and gold, everything is upgraded. When you read that, it lets you know they are definitely at work and they are working fast. Then when you take that to the 11th chapter of Revelation, which John wrote when the city of Jerusalem was already laying in ruins, you can see that it is pointing to a future time. Even in 96 A.D. it was a miserable ruins, but God showed him Jerusalem and the temple being rebuilt for the Lord in the last days. He was given a measuring means to measure the temple and the altar, and them that worship therein, but the court without and the city itself, he was to leave out, because it is given unto the gentiles. Sitting across the Mediterranean Sea in the Vatican, it will not be the pope that is now in office: (in the year 2004) It is going to be that new character that will fit the description of the end time picture. Like we have said before, he will not be just a baby kissing pope. He is going to be a materialistic, political minded character and all he will have on his mind when those two prophets are in the streets of Jerusalem in the first half of that week, demonstrating the power of God and creating the miracles of judgment and disasters like it says, is how to put a stop to all of that. Will he try to match what they are doing by the power of God? No. What he is seeing, is going to throw him to the other side of the road where he allows the devil to take over his life; and he will become a Satanist. After watching them for three and a half years on his television, he can no longer take it. After all, he is looked upon as the Vicar of the Son of God, so he cannot allow those fellows to continue on with such a display of miracles, so jealousy consumes him; and he wants to show the world that he can defeat all of that. When he makes that decision, he heads for Jerusalem with that European army, determined to go over there and kill those two prophets. The temple is already built by that time. Much of the city has already been renovated by then. It is just that the court and some of the finishing things is not allowed to be done. Try to understand what I am saying, because when those two prophets are killed, what does the Bible say about it? The whole world will do what? If this was a hundred years back, don’t tell me the whole world would know by the next day what has happened in Jerusalem. It all goes to show that the TV, (because it is the fastest means of communication) was included in that prophecy. When he crosses over there to have those two prophets killed and let them lay in the streets of Jerusalem, not just for three days, but three days and a half, the News networks will all be covering it. In three days and a half, their bodies are starting to decompose and bloat. The whole world of unbelief is sending gifts and rejoicing about it. Do you understand? They are going to send gifts and rejoice, because their hero, the pope of Rome got rid of those two characters that have been causing them all this trouble. This Bible has been laid out so precisely, it presents a beautiful picture to all who love truth. In front of us in the near future, will be the fulfillment of a war that will not last for months on end. It will be a war that lasts a few short weeks, but the power of God is so expressed in it, that it will shake the whole world. The news media is talking about it. In Jerusalem, while spiritual darkness still covers the rest of the world, God is getting His job done. You can read the rest of the 60th chapter; and follow the entire thing. Day and night, supplies will be coming, trucks are moving, ships are docking, more Jews are coming home. That is when the great mass of Jews, universally, that have never made an effort yet to go home, will go home, because the miracle war is their invitation. This land belongs to us now, this is our nation. I believe with all my heart, it is going to be an earth shaking event. I hope you will all understand why I look at it like this. Where will the Bride be, Bro. Jackson? They will still be right here on this earth when this takes place. Well I thought we were going to be gone. I would have to ask, Who told you that? I certainly did not. That is how imagination perverts truth that is preached. You will not be gone in the rapture until after Jesus Christ is seen in Revelation 10, with one foot on the land and the other on the sea. That illustrates a universal picture, when He comes to announce the time for the seven thunders to utter their voices. That is when the Bride, universally, will hear the revelation sounded by seven men. I want to say tonight, There is not going to be any people in the Bride by then, that are going to be wishy washy, Well I don’t believe this, well God hasn’t revealed it to me yet. You! The bride element, the Church is going to be shaken, but in it all you are going to be washed in the Word, and pressed until every wrinkle, every spot, every blemish is taken out of you. If there are any still around, that do not have the true revelation, God will let you go adrift wherever you want to. You are free to follow any element of flesh that makes you feel good.


We have that element of people still around today, that want to be the center of attraction. Many of them have been associated with and around us. Well Bro. Jackson, you talk like you are the only one. No, I am not, and I have never said anything like that. I will say this, I have never told you anything but what is in the scriptures. I know there are a lot of people that don’t like me; and there were a lot of people that did not like Bro. William Branham, but I ask you, Where are they today? Most all of them are dead. There are still a lot of Branham followers around, but that is about all they are: they do not have any true revelation. An awful lot of people just follow flesh; and if that flesh ever fails, they fail also. I have never wanted people following my flesh, but I do thank God for the people He has put here in this little place with a true desire to know the truth of God’s word. You did not come here to follow a bunch of nice looking preachers in white suits, with two toned shoes, wearing a long pony tail, with hair hanging over their ears. No, you want to hear the truth of God’s word. I am losing more of my hair all the time, but I am not worried about that. I am more concerned about the truth. Jesus is real; and it is so wonderful to know that God is real, and that He has the whole world in His hands. He put this word together strictly for you and me. That miracle war that Israel will have, when it starts, it will not be something that will last forever. God intends to hit this world with it, hard enough to shake everything from the white house to the man on the street. It is going to be talked about for days. God intends for it to be an eye opener. It is His way to get His message through to many people. I pray you understand what I have been talking about. When the thunders are sounded, listen to me, this miracle war will be in the past, Ezekiel 38 will be in the past also and you will be standing at the brink of the 70th week of Daniel. Somewhere, the two prophets of Revelation 11 are already on the scene, so Christ will descend in angelic form and announce that time shall be no longer. This is the position He takes when that scroll is opened and the thunders are ready to be revealed to the living Bride. It is such a beautiful picture. I will say this, The Bride people of that hour will already be washed, perfected, and all believing one simple truth. Amen.