Showdown At Sundown

Rev. Raymond M. Jackson


Our subject today, is “Showdown at Sundown.” It takes place at the end of the week of Daniel. We are going to be dealing mainly with the short interval of time right in here, in the time leading up to the last week of Daniel, whatever length of time this is, and with what must take place, according to the Bible, in, and at the end of that last week of Daniel. For the past two years, we have heard preachers, spokesmen, all over this nation, and throughout the world, as they were pointing their finger at the United Nations, the one world government, this and that. Preachers are saying the New World Order is the beast of Daniel 7 and Revelation 13. That is not that beast. It never was and never will be. What the New World Order people think, and their motivations for thinking it, is a product of the same old spirit of the beast that leads the nations to make war against the coming of Christ. Christ Himself has the showdown between modern man and his philosophy, and His literal coming. The reason I gave this title to my message, is mainly because Bro. William Branham preached a message one time entitled, “A Thinking Man’s Filter.” Do you know where he was when he got that thought? He was in the woods squirrel hunting. Out there, he came across an empty cigarette pack, and the advertising at the end of the cigarette, shows a filter. When I was about fifteen years old, I read a lot of Zane Grey novels as well as others, concerning the old western heroes. A lot of it is fiction of course, but some of it was true. The one I will tell you about was true. The year was about 1876. A little town in western Texas called Abilene, was as far as the railroad went back then. It was known as a big railroad depot where herdsmen from New Mexico and Arizona brought their cattle to be shipped east. There, they bedded them down and contained them, scattered out over the prairie until the buyers would come. It was the month of October when this big roundup took place, and the herds began to arrive there. After many days and weeks on the old trail, the old saying is, There were herds bedded down all around this little town because of the railroad depot. It was the shipping point. Ever once in awhile the herd owners would let some of the cowhands go into town and celebrate. The idea was, Go get drunk. That town had two brothers by the name of Bill and Ben Johnson, which was typical of the old western story, and they ran everything, and scared everybody. They would commit murder and get by with it. On one particular evening, it was estimated that there were close to five hundred cattlemen in that town, all drinking heavily. It was in the afternoon hours, and one old man was the lone sheriff. He was sitting in a chair, leaning back against the front of an old mercantile store. Next door was a saloon. All of a sudden one of the drunk Johnson brothers came running out of the saloon and shot the old man sitting there asleep. That set everything in motion, and men were running through the street shooting at anybody that would stick his head around the corner of the building. Well as the story goes, there was a lone man that had come riding into town. He stayed in the only hotel. Nobody knew him. He went in and asked for a room. He went upstairs and for hours he looked out the window at this display of lawlessness, drunkenness and rowdiness. The town citizens were all scared half to death, and the store keepers were scared because there was no law officer they could look to. Really, in the light of our modern age right now, it is not the drunks in the streets causing our problems: it is this power drunk bunch sitting in high places of our government. They are having a big day because they envision that the world tomorrow is going to be in their clutches. They envision the day when they are going to own it all, and they are planning to control everything, even your very life. They are going to tell you when to get up, when to go to bed, where to live, how to live; and you will have no say in it. They are going to tell you what you can believe and what you cannot believe. No they are not pointing a six shooter at you, they are pointing everything that is modern in technology from laser beams to what have you. They are running the show.


Wyatt Erp

The situation in Abilene Texas was out of hand. The racket with gunfire in the street went on all night long. The next morning the man that came to town the night before, got up and came downstairs. The mayor of the town had slipped into the lobby of the hotel. He was talking with the proprietor of the hotel and saying, What are we going to do, since no one seems to be brave enough to go out and face that mob? This lone man that came down the steps was wearing a white shirt. Nobody knew his name. He listened to the mayor and hotel proprietor talk. Finally he walked up and asked them, Why doesn’t somebody go out and arrest that devil, (which was Ben Johnson) that seems to be the leader of the pack? Ben stood in the street with a double barrel shotgun in his hands. All the others were behind him. You know how it is. Dogs are the same way: they follow a leader. Drunks do the same thing. The mayor of the town looked around at him and asked, Who are you anyway? He answered, I am Wyatt Earp. The expression on the mayor’s face changed. He asked the man, What would you do if you were sheriff? He said, I would go and arrest him, or kill him, one of the two. In Wyatt’s eyes it was, kill the leader and you have all the rest at your disposal. The mayor said, Will you let me deputize you? He said, I have no gun. The mayor replied, Follow me. They went out the back way and into the mayor’s office. The mayor put a badge on him and took him out another way and went through the back door of the mercantile store. He said to the owner, Let him have a gun, any gun he wants. He went to the showcase and picked up a holster and handled a few of the guns and said, I will take this one. He put it on and went back to the hotel. He stood looking out a window. He looked at everybody’s position, but Ben Johnson was the one he was watching.

That was early in the morning, the sun had just come up, but the event of our interest is going to take place at sundown: like when the last words of the last paragraph of human history has been written. Wyatt Earp looked out the window to see Ben’s stance. As he watched him and saw how he was standing, he stepped into the doorway: the sun was bright. The sun hit that white shirt and the badge shined bright, a perfect target in a doorway. However Earp’s voice rang out, Ben Johnson, I am coming out to arrest you: throw down your shotgun. Ben Johnson looked hard at the lone man that was talking to him. By now, Wyatt Earp was in the center of the street, walking toward that man. Ben Johnson’s reply was, Wyatt, I don’t want any problem with you. Wyatt kept walking and said, Then throw down the shotgun. The story goes like this, nervously he held on to it as long as he could. Then he dropped it. Wyatt Earp walked up to him and took him by the hand and led him into the mayor’s office. The mayor said, Weren’t you scared? Wyatt said, Yes. Why did you go out there then if you were scared? Weren’t you afraid he would shoot you? Wyatt Earp’s reply was, He was standing in the wrong position to shoot the shotgun. First off, he would have had to turn from standing on his left foot, to his right foot and he would have had to change the hold on his wrist, that would have give me enough time to put a bullet through him. Saints I will just say this, The whole scene we are going to talk about was already seen by God long before it ever even developed. I hear some of these professors of modern education, and politicians, and they are talking like what we need to do today, is better educate our young generations. Yes, and I know exactly what their aim is, to brain wash them and take out of them, everything that makes them God conscious, turn them into nothing but political, educational robots that don’t believe anything of a spiritual nature. God will not let the planet be run by such as they teach in our schools today. It would have been better, just to let the prehistoric cave man live here and corrupt and pollute it. Man has progressed for six thousand years; and look what we have come to. It is a fact, that in sixty years a generation can undo the entire thing, if allowed to. Modern mankind is well on the way in accomplishing that.


Well Saints: we are going to talk about the beast, the beast man, and what is coming down the road. We are going to talk about the New World Order that so many speak of. Where does it fit into the picture? We are also going to talk about the antichrist, that king of Daniel 11, and what he will do. Some of these words seem to be so hard for modern Christians to understand, so I am going to ask you to turn with me in your Bibles to Revelation, chapter 13. This was written in 96 A.D. We will begin reading in the first verse of chapter 13. Think of it, In 96 A.D., John sees this beast coming up out of the sea. He is looking at the same water situation that Daniel spoke of in chapter 7, of his writing, but this picture is not a picture of a New World Order. This is a picture of the old Roman Empire, as it has evolved politically, socially and geographically, right on through time, until we come to the later part of the Dark Ages. Then there is what we call in history, The Reformation. As the Reformation began to strike in Europe, the word of God itself is what the reformers used, and that eventually killed the power of that old Roman beast in its last day living structure. That was because it brought an end to the old papal reign and the terrorism it created throughout the dark European world. The Guttenberg press was invented in 1450. In 1492 Columbus set sail to discover the new world. In 1520 the Reformation hit. The printing presses by then were going day and night, publishing the news throughout Europe, A new world has been found and so forth. By 1620 the Reformation was well on its way, enlightening, exposing and getting its roots. Eventually the true believers of the Reformation began to want to come to this new land they had heard about. Therefore in 1620, a boatload of them landed at Plymouth Rock. Even earlier than that though, there were Christians leaving the old world. This country was what they longed for, so we are looking at this nation. Why did this North American continent fit in so dramatically with what was going on in Europe, and why does it fit in today? We must keep in mind, that America has been used in two dramatic wars, WW1 and WW2. We have here, a history of WW1, written by a college professor. They all believed in God back then. It surprised me when I found this book in my own bookcase. I learned that this move started in Serbia. Germany and Austria went together, because Germany was in competition with the British Empire that had the largest maritime fleet of any nation in the world. She had spread her shipping ability throughout the whole world. There was not a port anywhere that her ships did not drop anchor. Germany was basically landlocked compared to Britain. Britain controlled the Strait of Gibraltar. At that time the Red Sea had a canal built. Britain was reaching out and taking possession in the Middle East, therefore she controlled what came up the Red Sea as well as what entered the Mediterranean by the Strait of Gibraltar. Germany fell on a scheme. She made a pact with Turkey and Greece to build a railroad starting on the north side of Turkey, right across the strait that separates Turkey and Greece. Her idea was, she had also made this plan with the government of Iraq, Baghdad. It was going to be called the Baghdad railroad. A big railroad system leaving the Dardanelles, and going south through Syria, then right to Baghdad, and on through Iraq to the Persian Gulf, to the city of Basra. Here, Germany would have access to an eastern outlet that she did not have to the Atlantic. To do that, she would have to go all the way around Africa, or deal with England coming through the Mediterranean to take the short cut. WW1 was on, so the railroad was never built. WW2 started right in the same spot. A lot of the world has never heard of what they call the Catholic holocaust. It started even before Hitler went on the move. Mussolini and the Catholic church was behind it. It tells you the Croatians were Catholics, the Serbs were Greek Orthodox. The Catholic church sent her men in and there are some ugly pictures in here, showing some of that. They sawed their heads off and cut their stomachs open. They even led the Serbs out on top of high cliffs and tied a number of them together. Then they made a number of them stand on the edge and shoved them over; and their falling weight would pull the rest over. That started it. By that time Hitler entered Austria; and Austria fell under the march of Hitler’s troops WW2 was on. Then, NATO, which is the army of the beast, (Do not forget it.) was in the picture. No sooner was WW2 over and we hear this said, We must rebuild Europe. We are going to work together to bring these nations of Europe into a unity. One of the things was to form a European army, a combined army which was under the jurisdiction of Europe. We put our own military in there; and for fifty years, the nations of Europe have done just the opposite of what they were doing back in the Middle Ages. Think of the days of Joan of Arc, when England was invading France. The political leaders of France were scared. It took a woman that had a backbone, a woman that prayed contrary to the Catholic Church and God showed her visions of how to help the French overcome the British. Whether the world liked it or not, God used that woman. It was the hour for it. If you read the histories from back then, every one of those ten horns were at each other’s throats. One time Spain is against England, the next time it is something else. When WW2 ended, that was the coming together of those ten horns of Europe. It has been getting closer and closer as the months and years have come and gone. This is why, as we read here in the 13th chapter of Revelation, it says, “And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns.” This is the picture of the Roman Empire in its later era, as geographically it has evolved into these ten major horns, having these seven heads which is typical of the many political, evolutionary forms that the old imperial government went through, to finally reach the certain stage of papal power. Rome, Europe, and the ten horns was under the control of that, when the Reformation struck. It was the power of the papacy that the word of God smote, that caused that head to be wounded. It did not really die, it just says it was wounded to death, and the deadly wound was healed. It was sort of like an opossum, if you know what I mean. You have heard the old expression, Playing possum. If an opossum is ever attacked by a dog, hardly ever will they react by fighting back. They will act like they are dead. That is what this old beast spirit did. We are going to read, as we study this, where that spirit actually went. This is why I say, All these preachers who preach the New World Order to be the beast, are totally wrong. That is a distraction. We can say scripturally, The beast is right over there in Europe, right where it was before. It is equipped with the same military technology that the United States is. However, we realize this, the head itself, that really makes that thing function, needs just a few more weeks for it to finally be back in place. That is time for the pope of Rome to be legally, socially and politically recognized as the supreme mediator of a modern, revived, Roman Empire. That is why the popes in the last sixty years have talked like they have. The last one has traveled more than all the rest put together. I have to say this though, He is a sick man, so no doubt his life span will be just a few more months. This pope himself, has already said the next one will be a devil. I know, if he said that, he did not say it in vain, but we will just leave that as it is for now. “And upon his horns ten crowns.” In ancient times when these territories of the old Roman Empire, geographically, began to break up to form the ten horns, sooner or later they had to fall under a political headship of their own, separate and apart from Rome itself. Otherwise they were ruled collectively by the emperor of Rome. Then when each nation began to get its own sovereignty, it formed its own royal king family. That is why, on each horn is a crown. “And upon his heads the name of blasphemy.” The heads keep it tied to Rome, because it is the brain of the whole thing. Why is that word blasphemy on the heads and not on the horns? Because it started with the ancient caesar or emperor. The word emperor means sovereign universal ruler. That is blasphemy in the eyes of God. Only God Himself is sovereign universal ruler. Therefore until the power of the papacy eventually succeeded in receiving the last stage of political decay of this old imperial system, it still remained to be blasphemy. Just look where it went from there, when the pope finally did become the official mouthpiece for Europe. Then the pope began to say that he alone, is the vicar of Christ, and that he alone, is the one that God would speak to, and that he alone, can change times and laws. He can bring all laws to an end and initiate his own. That is what that amounts to. You can take it from there. Any of that is blasphemy in the eyes of God. With this in mind, we know the Roman Empire had not yet evolved, back in 96 A.D., to what we see here, that John is seeing in a vision. John was looking down through time and saw the Roman Empire restored back into a living, active, functional beast. For how long? Just a short period of time. The point of this is, whatever its shape looked like before it momentarily played dead, that is exactly what it will be when it raises back up again. I have to say to any preacher, That alone, defies any idea of a New World Order that controls all the governments under one governmental head. Anybody knowing China as she is today, even though she belongs to the U.N., do not think China is ever going to open up its doors and become like the rest of the world? She has enough people, she could afford to fight a hundred year war and break the rest of the world. I heard this as a young boy growing up. Taking statistics back then, it was said that the birth rate among the Chinese population was so multiplied, that, if you lined the Chinese up three abreast and faced them with guns; and start shooting them, you could never kill them all. Their birth rate would be faster than you could destroy them by death. I give you that for whatever it is worth. Let us finish reading this scripture. (Verse 2) “And the beast which I saw was like unto a leopard.” Historically that takes you back to the Grecian hour of Alexander the Great and the Grecian Empire. Look at it geographically. Did it cover the whole world? No. It covered the old world in the Middle East and Asia. That is the leopard. That goes to show the revising of this thing will reach out geographically and eventually claim all this ancient territory, but the mouthpiece and the brains of it is still going to be in Rome. “And his feet were as the feet of a bear.” Where do we go to in order to understand that? We go back to the Persian Empire: it was the bear. We incorporate the geographical part that was Persia. “And his mouth as the mouth of a lion.” This goes to show it will embrace the old geographical territory of ancient Babylon, because there is where the spirit of Satan started this monster in the beginning. He started with Babylon and completed the makeup of that beast in Rome, he made a temporary exit, but he has a chance to strike one more time before he is chained up for one thousand years. That gives you a geographical picture of what this thing looks like, because all four of those old world empires are represented in that horrible beast. That is still a long way from controlling India, Burma, Pakistan, China, and all that vast Asiatic Oriental continent. It does not cover Africa nor the new world. It is just the old world. That does not mean the spirit of a lot of things has not filtrated in on out there. If you had a New World Order, as the politicians propagate, I would have to say you could have a beast looking something like an octopus. Yes, you would, because an octopus presents the best description I am able to come up with of that thing. Do not forget nor become unconcerned concerning the spirit of the old beast. It is the same devil that causes every one of us trouble at times. I am just denouncing the idea that the beast of Daniel and Revelation could be a new world order. Now let us take a good look at this. “And I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death.” For the life of myself, I cannot see how these modern day, charismatic preachers can look at the New World Order and say, Well that is the beast. It never was that. There has never been a New World Order. However fifty years ago, at the close of WW2, certain politicians, for the sake of national leaders being able to get together to work out strategy on how to play certain things, they did formulate the body of the United Nations. Each decade since then, it has just gotten bigger, because of new politicians coming along and enlarging the thing. The leaders of the United Nations have done with their position and their vision, just like the power of the papacy did, coming from 500 to 1200AD. That office just kept magnifying itself, taking more authority, wanting to be in control of everything, until it received a deadly wound. John said,

I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death, so let us ask ourselves the question, What did that pertain to? It lets me know one of those heads, at one time in the past tense, had been very much alive, but it received a deadly wound of some kind. You will have to agree with me, that somewhere in the course of time it had administered a certain affect on society, which was not a good thing. That is the reason that head was struck. History of the Reformation tells you what happened, that administered the deadly wound. It was a wound, but the thing did not die.“And his deadly wound was healed.” When? Not when it was struck, because there was a period of time when it looked like it was dead. According to my old history, the blow came in 1787. Napoleon ordered his troops, when the pope was sick, Go to Rome and dethrone the pope. At that time, France, in Europe, was working hard on trying to destroy the power of the Catholic Church. It wanted complete freedom from that rule. You would have to study the French Revolution to see what all it involved. They dethroned the pope and brought him into France, where he died in prison. They put a young pope on the throne; and from then on he became just a figurehead. No pope resisted what the politicians did. All through the 1800’s the power of the papacy was null. The Catholic Church, yes, the pope was this and the pope was that, but to the politicians, even though some honored him in the religious sense, he was still just a figurehead, because others politicians did not. The power of the papacy was dormant for a number of years, until God’s time for it to be revived.


Saints: Just look what has happened in the world since WW2 ended. Practically every national government in the western hemisphere of this world has begun to repect the power of the papacy. Why did our President Johnson pick the first woman ambassador to the Vatican? We have had a Vatican ambassador ever since. That goes to show, that as WW2 has come to a close, in the eyes of God it was time for this beast to gradually begin to be healed. As the Reformation, over a period of time wounded it, so that it looked like it died, a process of time in reverse, began to restore the power of the pope; and today we have a united Europe looking to the pope. The war they had in Bosnia was that European beast’s war, not the U.N. war. The U.N. war was Gulf War of 1990 or 1991. In this paper, I read an article, “The Beginning and Restoration of Kosova,” and of course that area. Europe is to repair her own territory. With these things in mind, we must realize the beast is out there, and we are just looking to see that head completely healed. That is when the pope steps up; and I have to believe the world is just a few short months away from that. I pray you everyone understand what I am saying. When that pope is finally put in his office, I believe the political side of Europe by world conditions, will be ready to initiate that man as the mediator of that new thing, which will be for a short period of time. With this in mind, we will take a look at something else. Right here, after the week of Daniel has come to its end, we can read Revelation 19:11-20, and see what happens. This is also in Revelation 12, where it speaks of a thousand, two hundred and three score days. After that, it speaks twice of another period of time which adds up to seventy five extra days. Let us turn to this 19th chapter now. I want to remind you when we read this, that time has already gone through here, and we are right here (pointing to chart.) Let’s read verse 17, “And I saw an angel standing in the sun; and he cried with a loud voice, saying to all the fowls that fly in the midst of heaven, Come and gather yourselves together unto the supper of the great God; That ye may eat the flesh of kings, and the flesh of captains, and the flesh of mighty men, and the flesh of horses, and of them that sit on them, and the flesh of all men, both free and bond, both small and great.” The reason I am reading this at this time, is because we have already gone through the week of Daniel before the beast has ever gained the power has, so we want to see the finished picture. You are not looking at a United Nations now, you are looking at the spirit that was on the United Nations though, and it is totally atheistic, and materialistic. Tomorrow we will deal with why it becomes that. Did you know, in America alone, forty years ago, a lot was being said in a religious structure, that is not allowed anymore. It was not embarrassing forty years ago in America, for politicians to say the name of Jesus, or mention anything about God, but today that is different. That woman of Revelation 17, is a picture of the modern, twentieth century religion of Catholicism, coupled with all her daughters, which is called Protestantism. Forty years ago there was a lot of activity going on in the religious sense. In 1964, Rome, (the Vatican) had her great conference. Since that time that gray horse rider has ridden all over this planet. Catholicism and Protestantism has already come together, they have hugged and kissed and all are flowing together. They have drank wine together, they washed feet together, and many other things. To them, they just want to get ready. All of a sudden though, they are out there somewhere, in the activities of society, but the politicians do not say a thing about the Catholic church, nor about the Charismatic’s, and certainly nothing about God. In fact, if you get on some the talk shows and even mention God, they will shut you up. It goes to show, there is an atheistic spirit now, that is settling in on society. When I say that, I mean everything from the west to the east. There is no such thing that the United Nations will tolerate even an antichrist spirit. You do not even mention it. I have their material on it. They may say in the initial administrating, We will tolerate this and tolerate that, but they have already taken free speech away from you. They are going to use the I.R.S. to penalize you. Therefore ten years of that will bring Christianity and religions of various sorts under a New World Order government, designed to turn this planet over to the dictates of Satan. That is your New World order. When you see Bill Clinton strutting across the stage, just remember, he used to be a Baptist, but now he is really an atheist. He is a Communistic, Socialist type of character. He has every intention of seeing that his dreams are carried out. I am sorry to say, Bill Clinton, Hitler acted just like you from 1935 on, because he had a dream too. He took the laboring side of Germany, at the close of WW1. Germany went through a lot of labor problems. Out of the chaotic monetary decay of the German society, he took the labor side. He had a dream. It was not long until he was making his speeches and the people began to rally around him. When he began to get all the people rallying around him, he began to slowly educate them concerning his new dream. He envisioned a new Europe, all under the control of Germany. He envisioned a super race of people with blonde hair and blue eyes. He was well on his way to having it. He formulated his SS troops; and by the time we come to around 1937, he confiscated every weapon from the German people. Everywhere Hitler made a speech, it was “Hiel Hitler.” Now it is Hooray for Bill Clinton, we have never had it so good, We have more money now than we have ever had. He took America’s clothes off and held it up one by one, and raped our military. He himself, hates the military. He would not fight for it in Vietnam, but he is not ashamed to turn right around and use it to carry out his own diabolical plot. He is a miniature devil, politically speaking. If God lets him get by with it, that is the kind of spirit that is going to lead the nations to want to fight against Him. I heard it said two years ago, when it was told that China was going to open up to preaching and the practice of Christianity in China, but don’t preach anything about the apocalypse. Bill Clinton made the same statement, Churches, don’t preach the apocalypse. I have it in his words. He has made a lot of statements in front of certain diplomatic politicians, that most people do not know about. That is why he has slipped behind our governmental representatives and did a lot of this adverse stuff. “And I saw the beast.” Let’s just say Bill Clinton was somewhere in the crowd in governmental position and he along with other nations of that hour are going to lead the world, you would hear, Hey, we don’t want this man called Jesus coming up. I saw the beast, that is the spirit of that European monster that has just been healed and restored back for a small period of time. “And the kings of the earth, (from the east to the west, from the north to the south) and their armies, gathered together (to do what?) to make war against Him that sat on the horse, and against His army.” Do you think it is going to work? No. In the 17th chapter, it says, and He that sits on the white horse, along with His army that are coming with Him, they who are called and chosen and faithful, will overcome them. To me, this spirit of modern human education that embraces materialism, humanism, science and star wars, is against God. Well God is going to give them a war in the stars some day soon. When suddenly heaven is opened, it will not be green eyed aliens descending: This is that majestic king we have worshiped all these years, sitting on a white horse, and all the saints clothed in white coming with Him. Out of His mouth goes a sharp two edged sword. Not a laser beam: It will be the Word of God. With it, He shall smite them and kill them and their dead bodies shall lie from one end of this earth to the other. Clinton, if you do not want to lay there with them, then try to hide yourself, but that will be a vain effort. “And the beast was taken, (the spirit of it) and with him the false prophet.” He is still called the false prophet, but I want you to know, he will be seen as a lot more than that. That same man who was allowed to sit on that beast in Revelation 13, to be in that head, will have power given to him to continue forty two months, picking right up where the pope left off, and go right on for forty two months. That is the last half of this week of years. Before that, he will be a religious leader, but by the time he comes to the end of that week, God is going to strip him of everything. According to Daniel 11, he is a devil by then, and not a man that represents Jesus Christ in any way. That is why it is worded in the structure it is. That is where Paul, in 2nd Thessalonians, got the basis of his revelation, how that he will set himself up in the temple of God, showing the world that he is God. It also says he will speak great swelling words against the most High God; and he will be allowed to do that for three and a half years. In other words, I will show the world who is boss, who is ruler. Suddenly though, heaven is opened and the scene changes. That is why I say, The spirit that is on this bunch of politicians, and that has been on them for many years now, is really to bring this thing of nations together into a governmental culture. I call it decayed politics, demon oriented, designed to strip the world of the knowledge of God, and proclaim, We do not need salvation! Yes, that kind of unity is only a temporary thing that God permits for a while, because He will use it to bring all this unregenerate mass of society that refuses to take heed to His call, together; and He will get rid of it right there. That is why I say, Bride of Christ, look at that white robed army. It says in the 3rd chapter of Revelation, To him that overcometh, will I grant to sit with me in my throne. (speaking to the Thyatira church age) To him that overcometh will I give power over the nations, and he, the overcomer, the believer, shall rule them with a rod of iron. Now while you are on the horse, you are going to have a sword because that is what helps one be the victor. Stick around saints: it is going to be worth it all. I believe, by the time we get through with this, we will have seen a picture of exactly how things really are going to fulfill. Actually every spirit, every event that is to transpire, is already among mankind. It is just like being on a huge airplane and you look at all the controls and dials and gadgets, and those pilots that watch the needles know when everything is ready to go. Time is not going to last much longer. Keep in mind, this week of Daniel will last seven years, no less and no more. According to Matthew 24, Jesus plainly said, (29) “Immediately after the tribulation of those days, shall the sun be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens shall be shaken: And then shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven: and then shall all the tribes of the earth mourn, and they shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory.” That is the end of rebellious mankind following after his own will. You see kids today, that have gone wild after star wars. Well they are going to see something in the sky one day, that will cause them to really get excited, but they will not be in control of it. For a few hours and days that heavenly scene is going to hang there and I have to believe, that from the mouth of Jesus will come forth words that will cause the planet earth to go into convulsions, volcanoes will begin to erupt, tidal waves will begin to cross the Atlantic and Pacific. They showed a few months back, what a giant tidal wave does, and it tells the different years across the Pacific, that tidal waves have appeared, and what they have done. It is usually set off by an underground earthquake in the middle of the ocean. The sun can be shining so beautifully on the islands, but all of a sudden this monster wave can be a hundred to three hundred feet high. It can go inland and tear down buildings and destroy villages and trees. Then when it does go back out to sea, it is like the flush of a commode. When God flushes His, He will not have to say, Bring me more water.


When I used the story of what happened years ago in the old west, I did not relate that to you to be carnal. You can read a lot of legendary things of that era, but that was supposed to have been one that actually happened. It just goes to show, as long as the devil is allowed to rule within the realm of unsaved, unregenerate mankind, there are always going to be those demons that will use carnal man to make life miserable for people who desire and try to be decent, respectful neighbors and such. However it seems like God always uses some man, just as He did David of old. David was a man that was not well liked by a lot of the Israeli people. Even the royal family of Saul was among them, when it proved out that David was a man of bravery, Saul became jealous and set about to do away with him. It forced David to go to the wilderness and run around with the underworld characters. Then out of that, God lifted him up and used him to lead Israel to one of her greatest eras of victory. In fact, he established their borders and his son, King Solomon, picked up his reign and ruled for forty years. There were no wars. Israel enjoyed the best of prosperity. That is why I used that story to get the setting of where we are now. We are close to the end of time. We are not here to set particular dates or anything, but we realize this, God has put a yardstick in His word, and that yardstick is not there just to take up space. I have said many times, If the children of Israel of old, those that had spent time in Babylon, would have been watching Daniel’s prophecy of seventy weeks, they should have known, at least within a ten year period, when their Messiah would have come upon the scene. Is it not strange though, that the entire nation was completely ignorant of that, except for a few down to earth kind of people that were not esteemed to be very important? It is the same way today. The religious big shots, the rabbis, the scholars, the elders, and whoever, have probably read the book of Daniel in their meeting places time and time again, but I ask you, Did that help them? No. Because they were without a revelation. As we Gentile Christians are facing toward the end, I use that title, Showdown at Sundown, as a type of what will climax six thousand years of human government, most of it under the leadership of Satan. Look at the bloodshed and wars, the many people that have been butchered and tortured, as they were used to build carnal man’s empires. A showdown is just ahead. As the sun goes down on six thousand years, which is six dispensational days, Jesus Christ is coming. He is the great Hero. I am thankful He has included you and me in the number that will be with Him. If we can see ourselves with Him, and see ourselves taking His side as He took our place at Calvary, that is what we need to do. Therefore we are going to approach this setting from that standpoint. I tried to divide the thing, the beast of Revelation 13, and the beastly geographical, political, social system that is already in place. It has been restored. In fact, the army of that system has just had its first exercise. All they need now is just a little more time and the man of sin will be introduced. Some necessity in world affairs will force that to the front. Then we brought out what will happen at the end of the week of Daniel when Christ returns with His heavenly army. This is when all the kings of the forces of the beast, led by every spirit that has massed them together and caused them to arrogantly boast, We defy this thing of the coming of Jesus Christ, we will not allow it, prepares to meet Him as He descends from heaven. I was listening to a man on TV, when someone called him and began to tell him what was wrong, and that he believed in the soon coming of Jesus Christ. The host immediately cut him off and said, I don’t want any part of that fanaticism! That is the way the modern, educated News media looks at you and me today, as fanatics. Oh you are that bunch of crazy fanatics that believe in the second coming of Christ. I just say, Yes we do: That is our hope, that is our goal, that is our final aim. If His first coming was a reality that set this thing in motion, that causes us to be today what we are, then this is the objective we have been living for, singing about, preaching about and waiting for. It is the hope of the ages. I have to believe the sun is getting ready to go down. It is casting its evening shadow across the horizon of time. Now over here, at the end of the week, is where that spirit of atheism in those who hate God, will arrogantly defy Him. Can you picture in your mind, this scene where modern day man with all his military technology of today, the jets, the laser weapons, atomic weapons, biological weapons, you name it and they have it, all gather together to stand against the return of Jesus Christ? They think they are so powerful that they can defy and prevent the coming of Christ when heaven is opened for that scene. What a scene! Jet airplanes will be sitting on the runways ready for action, but the Bible tells us, that out of His mouth goes a sharp two edged sword. That is not preaching, but it is the word of judgment. I have to say, He is going to be equipped with all the power of heaven to bring an end to this monster of materialism, humanism ands demonism that opposes all that is holy. Talk about a star wars program, this will beat them all. That is why those seventy five extra days, that a lot of people can have different ideas about, are there. We are not very far away from it. We are closer than a lot of people would like to think. There is one thing sure, That seventy five days is nothing for you and me to worry about, if we are on the winning side. However it is going to be a terrible scene for a lot of people out in the world who have just played around and never thought those things were very interesting.


Holocaust death toll by country

We will now go into this subject to see another picture we have to bring up to date according to the time factor. We know this, Some years ago there was a war in Europe. The whole world was disturbed and shaken by it. Six million Jews were slaughtered, even agnostics defy that as fact. There are villages throughout Europe today, and I have heard them say you can go to the cemeteries and see proof that those particular families lived in that area long before the war. Today though, in those villages, there are none of the names of those Jewish families. They were exterminated and their known existence brought to an end. I have heard preachers through the years, that would preach on Daniel 9:27 and say, Well that is part of it. Paul’s revelation in 2nd Thessalonians, concerning the coming of the Lord and our gathering together unto Him. Paul got a revelation that there is a certain time factor for that thing to be manifested, but these seem to be the scriptures those preachers want to use to preach on the antichrist. There are also other things that concern Israel. I have heard preachers actually say the antichrist will allow Israel, through the covenant that is made, to build their temple. That is not a fact at all. That is a mere assumption by those who are without a revelation. We are going to go into that era of time today. It was 1997, when we made the Count Down chart. Now, we are moving closer to the point where that week of Daniel will begin. We know this, once the week begins, it necessitates that the man of sin has already been projected to the forefront. Israel, as a nation, will absolutely be compelled to do something in the Middle East that the world is not even aware of. A lot of people think Israel is just going to coast along, submit her head to be chopped off without ever doing anything to prevent it. No. Spiritually, right now, Israel is not even ready for the two prophets, even though the time factor is very close to that era. God is getting ready to do something through Israel to set the stage for the two prophets. It is necessary, that you and I have a little understanding of how these scriptures all fit in here so uniquely. They are all written over there on the chart, but I am not dealing with all of them at this time. I am just taking this much, to bring Israel up to the time factor, and then take it on into the week, bringing it through the tribulation; and tomorrow morning we will take all of it and blend it together; and then follow through the tribulation period and watch the judgment of God strike and bring wicked mankind to an end. It will help us understand the picture better, if I do it this way. Right now, the human headship of Israel is not spiritually oriented. I read the articles of the Zionist movement. They do not want a leader today, that is really a deep spiritually oriented man. They have certain politicians that believe certain things of the Torah, but you can read the Torah (the first five books of the Bible) until you are gray headed, and that is not going to help you very much in these last days. If you have no interest in the prophets that spoke of the things that are going to take place in these latter days, then you will be walking down the road of life blindfolded. This is why there has got to be a time in the program of God for all these things to fall into place. I want to begin this morning by saying, We Gentile Christians have worried and pawed the dirt like a spirited horse, because we want to hurry this thing up, but we cannot do that. I remember back years ago, when Bro. William Branham was still alive, especially the night he preached about the seventh seal, even though it was not opened. It really made you feel like somewhere within the next three, four, or five years, that angel of Revelation 10 would literally be on earth with the scroll in His hand and the seals all broken. We just felt that the rapture must take place real soon. People felt then, like, We are at the threshold of the coming of Christ. Now I look back, It has been thirty four years since his death; and that seventh seal has not been broken yet, therefore the thunders have not sounded. Actually, we know no more now in respect to that, than we did back then. This goes to show, God has a time factor for everything and no mortal can change it one bit. I have to say, Just look at all these young people sitting here: they were not even born yet, when Bro. William Branham was taken from us. Who wants to deny them an opportunity to be part of the kingdom of God and the Bride of Christ? God is still the architect and master of the whole thing. He will bring everything about in His time.


Let us open our Bibles to the book of Micah. I am going to start reading here in verse 11. Regardless of how much we desire to see the temple built, if anyone were to step foot on that spot of ground for such a purpose while the Palestinian Arabs are so hostile in their Islamic belief against the Jewish people, you would not get very far with it. On the other hand, when we look at this scripture, it gives us as solid fact, that there is coming a time in the mind of God, that the building of it will be set in motion. It says in the 11th verse of the 7th chapter, “In the day that thy walls are to be built.” I want to express it in this manner, When the time comes for the walls of the temple to be built and the old walled city to be renovated, God is going to have it rebuilt, to get it ready for the reign of the Messiah in His Millennial reign. It would be utterly impossible for you to go over there and try to influence a lot of people by saying, It ought to be built right now. You would wind up with a lot of problems. When the time comes in the mind of God, He will move back every opposition, to make way for that to be a fact. “In that day shall the decree be far removed.” That decree is what you read about in Deuteronomy 28, given while they were still on the other side of the Jordan, God spoke one of the last warnings they ever got. After I have brought you into the land, if you walk in my laws and my statutes, my commandments, I will take great pleasure in blessing you, but if you turn back from following my ways, I will turn the blessings into curses. That is basically what the decree was. You can read the exact words for yourselves. He continued by saying, I will scatter you to the ends of the earth and the day will come when you will say, Would to God it was evening, and when evening comes, you would say, Would to God it was morning. That actually came about when the Babylonians, in their first invasion, began this decree. For two thousand years, Israel has lived under fear, servitude, denied and rejected. But this decree has its limitations. You can take it to Jeremiah, chapter 30. It speaks there, of the day when the yoke will be broken, which means from that day on, no nation will ever be allowed by God to oppress Israel any more. Because thou art my heritage. You are the apple of my eye. Thy walls are continually before me. Though a man may forget his child, yet God will not forget His people. Therefore in the mind of God, I have to believe we are moving rapidly toward that decree being removed. As I go on into this do not forget, that in the days of Joshua, when they crossed the Jordan, God gave them their first opportunity to face the largest Canaanite camp of heathen there was. That ancient city of Jericho that made the most difficult walls to tear down, giants were walking the walls, defying that bunch of fanatics that had been out there wandering all over the desert for forty long years. God did not take them to some little village of Canaanites. He took them right to the Canaanite inhabited, military stronghold. That was because God was going to show them a miracle. This set a precise type. That is why, for six days they marched one time around each day and waited. That was confusing to that bunch of soldiers walking along the wall. What are they up to? The second day they did the same thing as the first. After awhile they began to say, They are not going to do anything, they are just trying to scare us. But when morning came on the seventh day, everything was going to be different, but the Canaanites did not know it. Neither does the world know what is about to take place one day soon. All this set a type, that when seven Gentile church ages has been completed and God has His last Gentile soul in the fold, time wise He points His finger back to Israel. She is going to do something in the face of this Gentile world that has massed the greatest potential kill power of military technology that has ever been. Israel is going to do just exactly in that hour, in the Middle East, what she did when the end of that seventh trip around Jericho came. Directed and enabled by the miraculous power of God, she is going to take her enemies by a storm. That is the only thing that typed what Israel would be in and out of the land during the time of seven Gentile Church ages. As that seventh age comes to a close, God time-wise is getting ready to turn from the Gentiles back to the Jews, and Israel will absolutely be looking at all this Gentile, political humanism and demonology, even military-ism, right in the face. How is Israel going to defeat all of that? Just like she did at Jericho, by following God’s directions. There is going to come a shaking throughout this political world that is going to make intelligent and educated professors of ignorance shudder, get nervous, have a heard attack and more, when they see what is happening.


Let us read (Verse 12), of this prophecy of Micah. “In that day also he (the Israelite) shall come even to thee from Assyria, and from the fortified cities, and from the fortress even to the river, and from sea to sea, and from mountain to mountain.” This is talking about that last phase of immigration with Jews coming back to the land of their heritage. (Verse 13) “Notwithstanding the land shall be desolate because of them that dwell therein.” Think of it, seven hundred years before Christ, God spoke what the Palestinians would do. “Feed thy people with thy rod, the flock of thine heritage, which dwell solitarily in the wood, in the midst of Carmel: let them feed in Bashan and Gilead, as in the days of old.” He is bringing them back; and this verse 15, brings you to the end time itself. “According to the days of thy coming out of the land of Egypt will I show unto him (meaning Israel) marvellous things.” We were building this building in the first part of 1967, in the month of June. We had a brother here with a radio. He left it on all the time. Every once in awhile the news announcers would break into the program to bring us news updates from the Middle East. When that war started in the Middle East, nobody knew how long this thing was going to last. But within six days time that war was over. I remember, while we were putting on ceiling tile, I heard military men, lords of England, stating, It had to be the hand of God, it was a miracle, no way would Israel have done this otherwise, because the Palestinians had them outnumbered man to man, plane to plane, tank to tank. The kill power of the Palestinians was many times over what Israel had. What did God do? He magnified everything Israel was fortified with. If He did that back then, He will do it again. That was just an eye opener for the nation of Israel, because , for a little while, even her politicians looked back to that era and talked about it like that. They soon forgot it though, just like the Gentiles have done in this day and hour. They saw a miracle so many years ago, as they looked at a man with a gift from God. Oh yes, as long as they saw that, tears could come down out of their eyes and they would sit and say, Oh it has to be God. Fifteen years later, they seem to have forgotten: they no longer talk about it. That has been the state of Israel from 1967 to 1997 which was thirty years. Two more added on makes that thirty two years since that miracle war. Now Israel no longer talks about it. Furthermore, just look at the land she took. The U.N. has persuaded her to give up the land in a peace compromise. It looks like prophecy is going in reverse because she keeps submitting to that dictatorial spirit, in the hope of living in peace, but that is not God’s way of giving her peace. Of the immigrant Jews that moved in, many are ready to say, Let us just give up, so we can have peace. That is just the opposite of what they should have done. Nevertheless you have got to look at the political leadership of Israel, which is not a spiritual leadership. They may have certain legalistic views, but she feels like she has to listen to the U.N. dictatorial opinion. That era is just about over, because, as the time comes for Israel to accomplish what the Bible says she will, the U.N. says we are going to see an altogether different picture developing in the Middle East. Well I expect it to be as God’s word says it will be. Notice as we read verse 15, “According to the days of thy coming out of the land of Egypt will I show unto him (Israel) marvellous things. The nations shall see and be confounded.” You young people have never seen a war. Maybe some of you can remember the Gulf War, but this one we are reading about, will be an altogether different setting. That was about the first time we had actually seen on the spot scenes from the battlefield projected right into our homes. Maybe to a young child that is not interesting, but if you are interested in serving the Lord and you want to live for Him, you are living in an hour now, when you cannot help but be interested, because the potential outcome is going to be important as to how you and I allow our faith to be strengthened. Just think for a moment, of the wording of this verse, “The nations shall see and be confounded.” God knew there would be television in our homes when that takes place. If this miracle war had taken place a hundred years ago, it would be two or three years before you could have read anything much about it. Visually, you would not have seen one thing from the battlefield. A few pictures were taken and printed in newspapers of prior wars. However when God says, The nations shall see and be confounded, how in the name of common sense are nations going to see, if there is not some kind of modern technology that brings it from the battlefield right into your home? Some will say, Oh but we have this, we have that, and Israel has only so and so. Yes, but God is able to multiply everything Israel has, ten times over what the others have. That is why it adds this, “They shall lay their hand upon their mouth.” That is how people express a surprise: They lay their hand over their mouth and say, Oh my God, I didn’t know it was going to be like this! Bill Clinton, our last president, was power crazed. This Bosnia war, makes him feel his agenda is right on schedule. He can be thinking, I have proved to the world that we are not going to stand back and watch minorities oppressed by other nations. So he is probably saying to Israel in an indirect way, You are next: you mind what we say, you move where we tell you to, give up what we ask you to, or we are coming after you. I will just say this, If your TV is on the blink, get it repaired. I say that from a humorous standpoint, but I would want mine working when Israel makes her move. I say to the college professors today, If the first session of college has just opened up, be sure you have a big monitor somewhere, because when this thing does blow, God is going to do it in such a way He is going to force the world to take a look at His power. We only have a written record of what happened when the children of Israel came out of Egypt, through the divided waters, and on through the wilderness. Nevertheless when we read how those spies made that crossing late in the evening and came to the city of Jericho, and crept into the city, and we hear them talking to Rahab. What was the word already there in Jericho? Rahab said, We heard what your God did for you at the Red Sea. They are going to be able to say, We read from the Bible what He did for you thirty five hundred years ago, but now God is going to let them look at it and see for themselves, and they will not have to travel to the battlefield to watch what He does for Israel. They are going to see it for themselves wherever they are. Rahab said, When we heard it, our hearts did melt within us. If God could do that back then, I believe He is going to do it again. What is He doing that for? He is doing it to open the eyes of a few blind Israeli’s who can say, I am a Jew. Well, so what? I am Abraham’s seed. So what? If you do not believe a thing written in this Bible, that the God you are supposed to serve is able to fulfill every word of it, then what are you doing in that land? You are trying to be legalistic, but not realistic, because God did not call you to be a race of people, just to sit around and play with your money and play the stock market, and say, This is our land. God could have given that land to the Mojave Indians, but no, it belongs to Abraham’s seed through Isaac. When they all come back, they are going to finish up what all the nation of Israel, both the ten tribes and the two southern tribes consists of. The U.N. will have nothing to do with it. That is why I choose this as “The Centerpiece.” We are approaching that time. “The nations shall see and be confounded at all their might: they shall lay their hand upon their mouth, their ears shall be deaf. They shall lick the dust like a serpent.” I would like to see Bill Clinton have to get on his knees and say, Lord, I am sorry about Lewinsky, God please help me. “They shall move out of their holes like worms.” Why did the prophet say holes? What put them there? Something made them do something to hide themselves. That is not their living quarters. That means something is going to scare them so bad, they are going to look for a place to hide. Their fancy cars are not going to save them. Those new fighter jets are not going to deliver them when God is on the scene, showing Himself to be real. This is to prepare the heart of an element of Jews, as well as a few Gentile people. God is going to do a good job of it. No. It is not going to convert the world. He knows every human being that exists. Out of a population of over three billion people, I have to believe there are a few mortal people living on this planet, that God is going to use this means to get their attention. In all probability, this is one of the only things that will help keep them away from accepting the beast system and going on to destruction. The everlasting gospel which will be proclaimed in that dark tribulation hour is a warning to those prepared to take heed. With these two things in mind, number one and foremost, God, is opening Israel’s eyes. Not all Jews will eventually give in. They will be politically, scientifically, naturally humanistic. They are the ones that will sign a covenant with the political element of the world after the Ezekiel war. Israel will not be fighting any war in the week of Daniel. The miraculous war to take back their land has to be fought somewhere right here in front of us, as we move toward the era of time for these other things. That is why I say, We are moving fast toward the closing hours of the seventh Church Age. Somewhere on this earth, God can be speaking to His last Gentile soul. That person that is to be part of His living Bride, He will be dealing with as we have proclaimed. He is not taking a fundamental bunch of people that are divided into denominations. We all know all the fundamental doctrines of the Bible, and know that knowing that does not make us spiritual. We can say this, The charismatic people are recognized by the world. They amount to thousands upon thousands of people, but the true bride people are a very small number, not really recognized by the world. The day will come though, when God is going to let some things be done with us, among us, and it is not going to be for a meaningless show in this world’s society. Certain things are going to be done, that you could not hide if you tried. God is going to do it in a way to cause this to be an eye opener to communities, societies and systems. It is His way of beginning to take the veil off and saying, This is my people. On top of that, within that element of people, there might be some that will have something to say, maybe to a friend, maybe to a community, or to some official. That official will have to say, Where did you get that? Only God could have told you that. I say that as a point of illustration. The Church is headed for recognition of some nature. No, you are not going to be on TV, competing for something, but if God builds a stage for you, He is doing it for a purpose. With this miracle war in mind, Numbers 24 drops right in here; and Zephaniah 2 drops right in here, and is not something the U.N. will run. All these chapter of prophecy stack right on top of each other to give believers a picture of coming events. Together, they paint a picture. The world is literally going to be shaken. God is going to make some elements of the world acknowledge that there is a God. Right now we have in our possession, in the state of Kansas, a year ago their legislative body was going to open a program one morning with prayer. The prayer was worded, but six of their officials got up and walked out and said, I don’t want anything to do with it. That is not an antichrist spirit, that is an anti-God spirit, atheism. That is why that spirit takes its place right here, at the coming of Christ and the coming of the Bride.


Some have asked, Will the U.N. rule the world? No. Because just in front of us, this U.N. governmental side is going to be ripped and torn to pieces. God will not allow some demonic system like this to rule this planet. I have seen their agenda. If the U.N. were to go in power today and was to be allowed to be in power for six years, they will close every church house and put preachers off TV. Not only have they taken the Bible and prayer out of the schools, but there will be no place in public that religion, or God, will be allowed. Their main aim is, We are humanists. I know what they are saying because I have their literature. Clinton has already told the IRS, that in case of certain things they could close the door of every church. They will only allow luke warm churches that want to preach a worldly program, to co-exist and go along with them. With these things in mind, we see why it will be necessary for Israel to be used for a short interval of time to start this miraculous era. That is why, when you take the 11th chapter of Isaiah, you take the 19th chapter of Isaiah and you see what God says there about the Moabites, the Edomites, the Ammonites, and you see what He says about the Egyptians, in the 19th chapter, that Judah shall be a terror unto Egypt in that day. Not in the Millennium, not in the tribulation period, but right here before the week starts. Notice what you read there, the outcome of that type of war creates a shaking in the Arab, Islamic ranks. Keep in mind also, that the Arabs are first cousins to the Jewish people. The Islamic religion started in 600 and something. Since then every Arab has been under that spell of Mohammad. Their religion is hostile, militaristic. They have slaughtered thousands of people through time. God is going to do this, number one, to open the eyes of a lot of people of the world. Not to convert them so He can use them. Number two, He is going to destroy that Islamic religion in that Arab world. Why do you say that Bro. Jackson? Because it tells me in Ezekiel 38, what will happen. Preachers today, on TV, doctors of divinity, want to tell you Ezekiel 38 is Armageddon. How blind are they? Listen to me, When Armageddon is fought, it is right here, that is what this black line is. The spiritual Jews that haves been awakened by the two prophets in the first part of the week, have fled that land. Where did they go to? They are supposed to be there if Ezekiel 38 is Armageddon. Ezekiel 38 is not over here. Ezekiel 38 is a miracle war also, but unlike the one before it. It is one of the last miraculous things that takes place in this short era of time. When Israel starts, it is just like God opens a bunch of mechanical doors. Once the miraculous era starts, it is just going to be one miracle after another, fulfilling scriptures. When you read that 19th chapter of Isaiah and look at it carefully, it is going to be such a destructive war. It says five cities in the land of Egypt will want to speak the language of Canaan. Egypt will build a memorial on their border to the God of the Jew, and in the midst of the land they will build an altar to the God of the Jew. Ninety percent of Egypt today is Islamic. So once God turns Israel loose, you can read this all through other scriptures. They will cross that Jordan River, they will hit the Ammonites, the Moabites and the Edomites. All major prophets spoke of the day of judgment upon those nations. You can read in Obadiah also, God says this, He will thrust His sword into Edom and it will be thrust into Dedan. That is in Saudi Arabia. They will know that I the Lord have executed my vengeance by and through my people Israel. That is not a long war. Probably no more than a few days. From that era of time, the Egyptians and the Syrians will be compelled to make a covenant between them. Read the 19th chapter. It is a covenant that they will want to make with Israel. When that miraculous thing is over, what has God done with the Arab world? They are right back believing in Jehovah Elohim, or Yahweh, just like their forefathers did in the days of Abraham. Not all Islamic persons are Arab. You have Iranians, Ethiopians, Libyans and many other nationalities that are not Arabs. Try to get the picture right. It is the Arabs, that will turn to the God of the Jews. The Palestinians, instead of being a resistant people, they become a cooperating people. God has torn down their Islam and has now restored Yahweh to them. This is God’s way of using them. Read the 60th chapter of Isaiah. That is not a picture over here in the Millennium. The final affects of it, yes, but the initial beginning of Isaiah 60 is how this building program starts. Right at the threshold of the week of Daniel, is when the building of the temple gets started. There will be no antichrist involved in it. Isaiah 60 says this, Out of Arabia, it calls it by another name, will caravans, bearing gold, incense, be brought to decorate the house of His glory. Then it switches to some of the Bedouin people. They will furnish lambs to be sacrificed upon my altar and I will accept them. Israel today, does not have an animal breeding program. The prophecies of God already have that covered. That is out of the land of Neboath, one of Ishmael’s sons. They are gladly going to say, Here, we have plenty of sheep you can have. From there on, it says the glory of Lebanon shall be brought unto thee. What is going on? Israel is not going to have to send out a universal plea for anything. God has His way of touching people. By having their eyes opened by God’s miraculous power, many Israeli’s will say, Now we are going to serve Yahweh. Now we will build our temple. The Islamic Arab people, will not be Islam any more, so they will be ready to contribute their part. Here will come brass for iron. Here will come gold for silver. God is going to update every material object that Solomon’s temple was composed of, and the glory of this latter house shall be greater than the former. When you read on through that chapter, the isles of the sea shall be converted unto thee. That is not spiritual conversion, but the converting of material substance that Israel needs. God said, I will bring it. He also said, I will milk the breasts of kings. What does that mean? When they see this miraculous power of God, they cannot help but say, He has touched me. I want a part in building that temple. I think of Ted Turner, Bill Gates, all the billionaires. When this thing is over, Ted Turner, what do you say? He just donated a billion dollars to the U.N. organization to be paid over a ten year period. I hope he never gets it all paid. I hope God cuts that thing short. No wonder it said in Haggai, chapter 2, The gold and silver is mine saith the Lord. That is when He said the glory of this latter house shall be greater than the former. He will not take up donations for it: If He needs anything, He can touch the heart of someone who can supply it.


Russia and the rest of the Islamic nations will try to do what the rest of them did not do. That is what brings Ezekiel 38 into fulfillment. It tells you when this will take place, in the latter days when my people Israel dwell safely. I have a video dealing with Israel’s fifty year war. But when Russia is forced by the cry of all her cohorts, sixty five percent of southern Russia is Islam. Russia is compelled to sympathize with them. When you read Ezekiel 38, it is not a war over here at the end of the week. It is a war in here, just before the week starts. It is God allowing Russia and the rest of that Islamic world a chance to try to do what they have been wanting to do. Necessity compels it. Russia will lay the strategy. That is not going to be all Russian troops, but she will furnish the technology and the military equipment. It is not a land based, programed army coming by convoys. Common sense would tell you, that with satellite communication, every move they would make would be watched. Russia could never move a convoy of troops through Turkey into Syria. Every satellite would pick it up. The Israeli military would be monitoring it. They would never get within sight of the borders of Israel, with convoys coming to carry out a plan like that. Israeli fighters and bombers would be on them instantly. They would butcher them. This is why Ezekiel 38 is a miracle war. This thing was planned secretly with one of Russia’s final last day innovations, being able to jam the systems of communication. She will fly these soldiers into the area in a matter of a few short hours. That is when God says, I am going to get mad. Fury comes up in His face. If He were a man His face would be red. When God gets mad, oh my. I have to believe it happens at a precise time when Israel is least expecting such a thing. This necessitates God to show Himself. I can see these giant cargo troop carriers coming in mass waves to drop hundreds and thousands of troops. May I say this, When you make an air drop, you drop enough crated materials to supply those troops so many hours of fighting before you begin to establish supply lines earthwise. No wonder it says in Ezekiel 39, that they will be seven years cleaning up the rubbish; and seven months burying the dead. What an airdrop! They will never get a chance to fire one shot. There will be a shaking in the land of Israel, insomuch that the fish of the sea will feel it. That endeavor will only last a few short hours, but what a devastation it brings. It shocks the world once again, because it has been miracle after miracle after miracle. It is God’s way of showing His power to a scientific, educated world of humanists that have been under the control of the devil. When the noise subsides, only one sixth of all the troops are left alive to testify of the horror they experienced; and the destructive force they faced. I can hear one little soldier say, Mom, I never thought I would see my way through this, I have never seen anything like it before. Soldiers and equipment are scattered everywhere on the battlefield. Saints, that is God’s judgment. The world does not believe in such things as this, but they are going to see it one day soon. I say, God just let me live long enough to see it. When that thing is over, the western world still in its political unbelief, will say, Now we have to do something, or we are going to annihilate ourselves. That in itself is what will say to the western beast, Now go on. The U.N. is out of the picture. God has already torn its government to pieces, but not the spirit of it. Its spirit does not believe in anything: it is under the control of the devil. When that Ezekiel 38 thing is over, Israel is going to be in the process of burying the dead strewn everywhere. Seven long years they will spend gathering up the rubbish. When that week of Daniel is just about over, there will still be tanks and other mechanized things scattered around that have never had their motor started. In no particular place will they find the dead. When wars are fought on certain battlegrounds, and when it is all over, usually the authorities know where to go and gather up the dead, but this is an opposite picture. When they have gathered them out of the fields, then they start looking for them in strange places. The covenant of peace that introduces the seventieth week of Daniel will follow close behind the Ezekiel 38 event. Therefore Israel is well on her way of going into the week of Daniel. The temple is in the making, the old city is being rebuilt. Jews begin to wake up. Suddenly, there are two prophets on the scene. They are going to begin to put a picture together for that nation, that most have not seen since the days of Moses. The Gentile world is going to step back and watch. Those that do believe, God has touched some of their hearts, but the politicians and atheists, no. They go right on just the same. As that week begins to fulfill its purpose, you and I will be standing at the brink of a rapture. Just before that rapture takes place, we look for a revelation that will follow the breaking of that seventh seal. No, I do not think we are going to see any particular picture, but I believe somehow there is a means of communication that God is going to let some men here on this earth know that something took place. When that happens, you and I are going to know what to say and how to say it, and it is going to prepare us for our departure. You cannot just go on believing fundamental Methodist or Baptist, Presbyterian or any other denominational teachings and be prepared to go in the rapture. We are going to go out of here a supernatural, enlightened people. We are going to know it to be a fact because God has let us see it by a divine revelation. I hope you everyone understand, Zechariah 12, which plainly tells us, In that day I will make Jerusalem a cup of trembling. Read it and we will deal with that scripture some more as we continue on.


It is truly a privilege to be a part of a people that embrace a true revelation of the Word of God. I want you to know I appreciate each and every one of you. May the Spirit of God have our attention as we continue on. As I seek to complete this message, I will go into it in a manner I have never approached a message before. Let us turn to Isaiah 63. We ended yesterday by reminding you to read Zechariah 12. That mentions the city of Jerusalem. It is the object of controversy. You have heard much in the last two and half years. The Palestinians want it, but the Jews are going to have it. God is going to see that they have it. Two things are mentioned. Number one is, He will make it a cup of trembling to those round about. That is the Arab world. He makes it a burdensome stone to all that become occupied with it. That will be the U.N. body, that think they have the answer to everything. Well for the purpose of setting a scene, I am going to say the time has come, the U.N. has been in an assembly for a week. They know the Middle East is absolutely like a powder keg, ready to blow at any time. Diplomats from different nations are giving their suggestions. Some are negative, some are positive. By the time a week has come and gone, the U.N. still has not come to any definite conclusion as to what to do. When we move across to the land of Israel, Friday evening has come, the Jewish Sabbath is getting ready to open. During the night the Prime Minister, whoever he might be, has had a dream. You might wonder why I use this. I take a biblical setting. In the night he sees the angel Gabriel come to him and touched him on his head and say, Mr. Prime Minister, you will not understand this, but in a few short days you will know, prepare to do a work and make a decision you were elected to do. He was not able to sleep the rest of the night. The daylight hours of the Sabbath have arrived. The chief commander of the army has also been troubled. He had a dream also, a very strange dream. The minister of defense has also had a strange dream. I have a Bible setting for all of this. None of them right now know why they are acting the way they are. Through the Sabbath Day the Prime Minister calls his commander in chief and the minister of defense. As he sits secretly with them, telling them his dream, the commander in chief says I too had a strange dream last night, I have been troubled all day. The minister of defense says, I feel the same way, we are going to be compelled to do something. As the Sabbath goes on through the daylight hours, there begins to be an uprising among the Palestinians. They become very belligerent. By nightfall things are very tense in Jerusalem. At sundown, the first day of the week starts. The Prime Minister, chief commander, and minister of defense, are looking at this problem they are faced with. Daybreak comes, which is the first day of the week, and a few hours of thinking and wondering what to do, the night hours have come again. They are beginning to say, I feel we have got to do something about this problem, but if we touch these Palestinians, we are going to wake up the entire Arab world. If ever we have to deal with them, we must deal with them on the element of surprise. Across the lower mountain regions of Judaea, and on into the hill country of southern Jordan, there was a strange phenomena beginning to appear on the horizon. A glow began to appear in the sky, people began to look across the region and say, Look at that! What could that mean? The Prime Minister does not know, and none of the military officials know, but they all feel so strange they know there is something going on. The military council has been called. The commander in chief has finally decided, as he has counseled with the chief commander and minister of defense, If we ever strike, let us strike with the ultimate of surprise. The world will not like it, but we cannot stand here like this forever, giving in, negotiating, because we have spent too many years giving up, moving back, surrendering this and that since the 1967 war when we took it. All the heads of the military are in counsel all night. Through the night, if you lived in Jerusalem, you could hear cars on the streets, going this way and that way. Military buses begin to move. The people begin to realize, Something is taking shape. We could go out to the fighter strips, pilots are called in on an emergency. Planes are being filled with gas and ammunition. Nobody knows yet what this phenomena is about. However as the daylight hours approach, the military has come to the conclusion, We will strike in such a fashion as this, and that halo, that glow on the horizon is a phenomena they cannot understand, but they realize it has to be something that God has put there, so it makes them react.


Turn with me to Isaiah 63. For many years I have read this chapter. It always sounded so strange in its setting, but notice, Verse 1, “Who is this that cometh from Edom, with dyed garments from Bozrah? This that is glorious in his apparel, travelling in the greatness of his strength? I that speak in righteousness, mighty to save. Wherefore art thou red in thine apparel, and thy garments like him that treadeth in the winevat? (He replies) I have trodden the winepress alone; and of the people there was none with me: for I will tread them in mine anger, and trample them in my fury; and their blood shall be sprinkled upon my garments, and I will stain all my raiment. For the day of vengeance is in mine heart, and the year of my redeemed is come. And I looked, and there was none to help; and I wondered that there was none to uphold: therefore mine own arm brought salvation unto me; and my fury, it upheld me. And I will tread down the people in mine anger, and make them drunk in my fury, and I will bring down their strength to the earth.” This is a scene we can see take place within the next few months. When you turn to the 25th chapter of Ezekiel, you will know why all the major prophets of old spoke about this day that is coming. They are contained in little prophecies that have seemed so insignificant, preachers have overlooked them. Little did they realize what is in the mind of God. I am reminded when I read Numbers 24, the children of Israel were moving through the desert country, the wilderness. Old Balak of the Moabites said, Come here Balaam, and curse these people. On three occasions he tried to do it. God shut everything in front of him. Balaam became aggravated and frustrated; and so did Balak. Balak said, I paid you, I asked you to do me a favor. Balaam said, Balak, come here, I want to show you something. He took him up on a high spot. He said, Right here I lay, mine eyes were not closed, I fell in a trance. That people you see down there, have a star that hangs over them. Out of that, there is a scepter coming that shall one day rule through this people. I am going to tell you, Balak, what this people is going to do to your people in the latter days. He said, They will do valiantly on the field of battle. That is a word that means bravery, gallantry, superiority. It does not belong in the workplace, nor in the business room or the banks. The world is not looking for such an occasion to occur in the Middle East. The U.N. thinks they are going to keep aggravating this little nation and they will just keep on giving in to them. Do not forget what it says in Zechariah 12, “I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people: all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces, though all the people of the earth be gathered together against it. To the U.N. God says, I will destroy you. In Verse 6, you see this, “The governors of Judah shall devour all the people round about, on the right hand and on the left.” In verse 9, you see this, “And it shall come to pass in that day, that I will seek to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem.” That is why I have said for several months, The U.N. has an agenda. They have a time schedule. They think they are moving right on into the year 2000, when they manipulate some of this governmental nonsense. They know they will have to deal with Israel in order to settle that situation between them and the Palestinians. That is what sets the time factor. When we can look at the city of Jerusalem, it is going to be the Messiah’s capital. It is going to be the capital to the whole world, from the Orient to the western hemisphere. Let us go back and look. I see big armored columns of tanks being assembled. The commanders are in their positions. It isn’t daylight yet. That glow keeps hanging there. Columns of trucks with Israeli soldiers are lining up. They have been called out. They don’t know what is in the making. Two hours before the sun rises, that glow still hangs over the lower hills of Jordan. All of a sudden the command comes, and wave after wave of F16’s, F17’s hit the air, heading for Jordan. As they do, down the road and across the Jordan River columns of tanks and trucks begin to move. The people in town are awakened by this huge movement going east. Over in Amman Jordan, they don’t know anything is in the making. All of a sudden the first waves of these fighter bombers begin to hit every road leading into town. Within a matter of minutes they have torn up every road into Amman, until a car cannot get in nor get out. Then this column swings south. They start heading for Moab and Edom. When I read here in Ezekiel 25, it tells you in the 8th verse down through the 11th, what He is going to do to Moab. The main focus is in Edom. Why? Because the prophet Obadiah, eight hundred years before the advent of Christ, looked down through the span of time and saw how God was going to bring judgment by King Nebuchadnezzar of the Babylonian army to the Jews at Jerusalem. As that prophet looked down through there and saw that thing in motion, he became startled, because he saw the aftermath of this invasion, and the carrying away of the Jews into captivity. He saw the Edomites, standing and watching this thing, jumping up and down and yelling, Tear it to the ground, raze it to pieces. Then when the Jews were gone and Nebuchadnezzar’s army had disappeared they said, Now all this shall be ours. They became worse than vandals. They pillaged, they raffled, they stole, they took everything they could get their hands on. Every house they went into that had wine, they stood and guzzled until they were drunk. Obadiah saw them drinking upon his holy mountain. What did Obadiah say, The day of vengeance will come when I will repay saith the Lord. As you have done in Jerusalem, so will I do to you. The world does not read it like that. No, you can’t do this, but He is going to do it. Now let us read what He says He is going to do. Keep in mind, that the entire Arab world is under the Islamic spell. They have threatened the west, with what they can do. Iran is threatening, but God has another thing in mind. As this military move is on the way, little does the people in Edom know, but God says in, Ezekiel 25:12, “Thus saith the Lord God; Because that Edom hath dealt against the house of Judah by taking vengeance, and hath greatly offended, and revenged himself upon them; Therefore thus saith the Lord God; I will also stretch out mine hand upon Edom, and will cut off man and beast from it; and I will make it desolate from Teman; (Now let us look down into Saudi Arabia.) and they of Dedan shall fall by the sword. And I will lay my vengeance upon Edom by the hand of my people Israel: and they shall do in Edom according to mine anger and according to my fury; and they shall know my vengeance, saith the Lord God.” The miracle war is on. As these columns of tanks are moving toward the regions of Edom, the people begin to awaken, startled. Quick phone calls, short wave radio messages, all down through the wilderness country, as this great armada of tanks and trucks are moving. Wave after wave of F15’s and F16’s are in the air, preceding this. Suddenly in Egypt, they begin to hear that something is on the move. Brothers and sisters, I awakened as though I had seen a movie. That is how I feel, and I have preached this picture ever since then. In front of the Israeli army, go these waves of planes, Egypt hears about it and prepares a column to face it head on. They no sooner get started, when in the desert in front of them is a wall of fire burning. It looked like the desert was on fire. As they approach this fire, they begin to feel the extreme heat and begin to back off and say, We cannot penetrate that. All of a sudden in the sky above it, here comes wave after wave of planes. While this military is being held at bay by a wall of fire, the planes just keep bombing every major installation. It literally paralyzes the Egyptian military forces. This in return fulfills exactly what Isaiah 19 says, And Judah shall be a terror, and the men of Egypt will become like women, weaklings, I am scared, I am nervous. Don’t forget what Rahab said when the spies asked her, Did you hear about what took place at the Red Sea? She said, Yes, and our heart did melt within us. That same God can scare the liver out of you, cause you to have a heart attack while in good health. I see that Egyptian military held at bay. They cannot go anywhere. Then after awhile, here comes another wave of these things. They pick these tanks out and devastate them. The Egyptian military is stalled. It has become paralyzed. In a matter of hours Israel has moved through Edom, through Moab, and laid waste every village, setting on fire with the people laying here and there. Bro. Jackson, do you mean they are going to literally annihilate these people? No. But you know what this type of victory does? It scares people so bad, they beg, Please, don’t do that anymore. The Arab world has been so loud mouthed and boisterous for the last fifty years, God has to slap them hard enough to make them realize He is in control. In a short time, the News Media begins to wake up all over the world, realizing something is going on in the Middle East. They begin to make radio contact. About then, Iraq hears about it. They hear that Israel is in Jordan, devastating everything. I can see Saddam Hussein call in his military generals, Get the army ready, just like he did back in the 1970’s when there was a revolution going on in Jordan. Iraq was going to invade. Immediately at the border, stood Israeli tanks, If you enter, so do we. Again he has a big armored column heading for the desert border, saying, Jordan took our side during the Gulf War, so it is our time to go to their defense. His military moves out but they don’t get fifteen miles out of Baghdad: it is all desert country. Only one highway, with long columns of tanks and armored trucks. All of a sudden a wall of fire halts them. What is it burning on? It is not burning on anything, neither is it consuming anything. As they get closer, they begin to get out of their tanks to investigate. The commanders get within a short distance and say, The heat is intense, there is no way we can penetrate this: we will suffocate if we try. There, the entire armored column is brought to a halt. They radio back to Baghdad. They relate to Saddam Hussein what they are faced with. He replies, I don’t believe that. Then you must come and see for yourself. As Saddam seriously thinks it over, Well there could be something to this. Bear with me saints. By this time the daylight hours have approached, it is the first day of the week, the sun is up, people are beginning to wake up all over the world. TV’s go on; and it isn’t long until there are a few cameras following the Israeli military. Some are in the air force, some are on the ground. Out there in front of Baghdad’s armored columns, this wall of fire just sits there. They can see it burning. It is flickering. Giant waves are shooting into the air. It looks so real. Yet they can do nothing. Two and a half days they sit there, while Israel reaches Egypt. When she hits Egypt, it so devastates and terrifies the Egyptians, that they will stand in the streets and beg the Israeli soldiers. We know God is on your side: don’t do us any more harm. I can see Egyptian women go into the houses and bring out sweet treats. Here, take these. Something has to touch the heart of that Muslim world and God is going to do it. I realize this sounds fantastic. I cannot make it sound as fantastic as it is going to be. There is no way I can really express it. I am just relating to you how I woke up, like I had seen a movie, and now I am trying to tell what I saw. That wall of fire is not consuming anything: it is just hanging there. That is the mystery of the thing. It has everything blocked. It is at a standstill. These giant fighter bombers, wave after wave come overhead. Finally the enemy begins to ask, How many planes did you say there was? I couldn’t even count them. Well now, Israel has no place to park that many planes. Yet you say there could have been two hundred? God said He could multiply. In this armada of planes, maybe there is twenty five real planes, but the rest are supernatural mirages, which is enough to scare the living daylights out of the military, because they cannot tell which ones are the real ones. They do not even know at that time, what is really happening. Israel begins to mop up down through the whole peninsula area from Ammon through Moab to Edom, and finally in Egypt. We will give her about five days. Sitting back here in the desert out of Baghdad, is that wall of fire holding all of them at bay. All of a sudden, here come a wave of cobra helicopters, gun ships, over that wall of fire. As those things began to buzz around and maneuver like bumble bees, hitting every one of those tanks. Iraqi soldiers are heading across the desert on foot, scared half to death. They cannot understand what is happening Across in Rome, the pope of that hour is watching on his TV. Everybody is going to have a TV turned in on this. College Professor Fosdick will even have his TV on. He has disbelieved the existence of a supernatural God. Now he is going to have a chance to look at some of His power at work. If Einstein was alive, he would not have an answer to all this phenomena. After a week in that direction, Israel in her main thrust, heads through Syria and on her way to Baghdad. She throws everything there is into action. In a matter of hours she has gone through Baghdad like a storm. She hits every major installation. By nightfall, Saddam Hussain lays dead in the carnage of his own capitol. They will not stop until they have reached the river Euphrates. That is the extremity of their eastern border. King David went there one time. Read it in the book of Kings. Now the pope, knowing that things will never be the same, knows that something has happened to the U.N., because, as they realize this was a miraculous victory, they are going to say, I am going home. They realize they cannot change the picture. We cannot resist this, they will say, so one by one they begin to break up. When God said He would cut them to pieces or break them to pieces, how do you think He is going to do it? It literally means, Let me out of this. It is too big a rock: it is too cumbersome. I don’t know what to do with it. God knows exactly how to confuse the whole picture. The Jewish Military Commanders can say to the Prime Minister, We have carried out what we were ordered to do and God has done it for us. We have lost very few. It is truly a victory. I take this way of explaining, because, as I mentioned yesterday, when the children of Israel, under the leadership of Joshua, did cross the Jordan River, they did not cross in front of a little village of Canaanites, they came right face to face with the largest encampment of Canaanite people there was, Jericho. They had soldiers walking the wall every day, looking toward the Jordan River. Those soldiers saw that bunch of fanatics cross the water. God had made that water stand on edge, just like for the old ones at the Red Sea. A few days later these people began to approach Jericho. For six days, one time each day, they went around the wall, never said a word, blowed their trumpet and went to rest. The first day might have been a questionable thing by the troops on top, I wonder what they are up to. The second day was the same way, and the third day the same thing. After awhile when you see this type of process, it gets to be so monotonous you pay little attention. God had told them, on the seventh day you will go around seven times, (one time for each church age, repeating the message). That is what has been going on. The first church age, the second church age, and all the time Israel has been in dispersion, but she is coming home. Victory is going to be obtained as God causes the sun to sit on the closing of this seventh church age. On that seventh day when they had completed that encirclement, they did not head back to camp: Suddenly those priests lifted those trumpets and began to blow and everybody began to jump, leap, and shout Hallelujah! All of a sudden there was a shaking that occurred in that city and the walls fell completely. God said, Go forward, utterly slay young and old, every living person. Only Rahab and her household were saved. To me, that types, that at the end of seven church ages, when the message that has been preached in each age to the Gentiles, and has been rehearsed until the Bride has reached completeness, Israel is going to be turned loose to face the world of scientific military might, which looks utterly impossible today. Yes, in the eyes of humanity it would be impossible, but God is not depending just on F15’s and F16’s and F17’s because His power is going to get in the forefront of all that. That is why it says in Micah 7, As it was when I brought you out of Egypt, so again will I show unto Israel great and marvellous things, (miracles that He did not display in the wilderness) because it was not necessary. It is literally going to paralyze the world, shock them. Here they sit with enough atomic weapons to blow the planet to pieces, yet they are going to be so scared they can do nothing. He makes them see Him. When they do, Israel is going to know that God was on their side. As these long lines of troops have established their victory and have let these nations know, from Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Edom, Moab, and the Ammonites, You never again will allow that diabolical religion of Islam to rule or dominate you. Those Arabs, one by one, are going to say to the Israeli people, We know God is with you. In 1968, I went to Israel the first time. There was a Israeli military officer on that same El Al flight we went over on, and he got to talking with us. He was also a civilian and president of a bank at Safed, in norther Israel. He said, When the Six Day War was over, there was a wealthy Syrian man from Damascus that came to their bank and said, (He had a briefcase.) I want to talk to the president of the bank. They introduced him to the president. The man laid the briefcase on the desk. This is what he said, We know your God is with you. I have brought my money from my Damascus bank, and I want to put it in your bank, because I want it to be in safe hands. When your God leads you, it is in the right place. That is one little incident, but it is enough to let you know what God can do. He is not going to put people in a police lockup and give them the third degree. God has a way of scaring the daylights out of them. That is what He will do.


The world will be watching when Israel makes her move; and will see God in action. By the time three weeks has come and gone, the victory has been obtained, the main bulk of troops are back home, and from Saudi Arabia, they begin to strike up communication. They want to talk to the political leaders of Israel. We were wrong, we have been wrong for so long, we cannot help but realize your God delivered you. From Egypt, Syria and Arabia, the telephone lines and radio communications are positive, all saying, We want to do something to restore our relationship. Then when you begin to read Isaiah 60, we are looking at Israel. We are looking at Jerusalem. God said, Arise and shine for thy light has come. God has broken the yoke. He has destroyed that degree of judgment that hung over the Israelites. Now He is looking at the Gentile nations. That whirlwind is already growing in the Gentile world. It isn’t long until the Israeli leaders become enthused. Timewise we are standing right here, (between the miracle war for their land; and the Ezekiel 38 war) still looking ahead toward what is next. You are still here, if you are in the Bride of Christ. You and I are going to have something to talk about. I have to believe, that by then, we are going to see the Spirit of God begin to develop something among us, that is not going to take place in vain. What God does among us will begin to take the wraps off and let the Gentile world know, There is a people down here, that are my people. I have a plan for them. Our colleges for the last number of years, have been nothing but institutions and incubators for the devil. Do not forget though, young people, Some of our oldest colleges were started as Bible schools and seminaries for early immigrant preachers to go and learn to preach. The devil has turned them into satanic incubators. Don’t tell me God has not got something ready to hit America with. Well as we continue on, by the time the Israelis’ finish what I have been speaking of, the pope is beginning to put things together. It makes him nervous. He has a plan, I want to make Jerusalem an internationally controlled city. This is just as Israel is made aware, God is on our side. However, as I talk like this, do not think every Jew will be converted all of a sudden. A lot of the Jews have suddenly been awakened to the reality, Our God does live, He exists. Then from the Jewish cabinet, they are going to begin to say, (because that spirit of Islam no longer exists there) That mosque need not be there anymore. The Arabs will not care what the Jews do with it. In fact, they will probably come and say, I will help you tear it down. It is no longer Allah with us: it is Elohim. Then when they begin to announce that, I can see from one end of this planet to the other, in India, Pakistan, Burma and all through there, which has been the old stronghold of Buddhism and Hinduism, people sitting in their little rooms, watching TV, watching that miraculous display take place in the Middle East, Buddhists and Hindus cry out, I have never seen anything like that! Our god cannot compete with that. They are going to begin to say, I have to believe in the God of the Jews. As the days come and go, there is more talk, I wish I could do something. Then from Saudi Arabia, those of that old Islamic spirit that would not allow anyone to come into their land unless they were Islamic, and certainly would not allow any Christians, will be almost instantly changed. (I want to relate something to you at this time.) Back in the latter part of 1994, after the moving of the Spirit started, when young people began to be filled with the Holy Spirit, there were five young girls, four were Filipinos and one was a young Muslim girl from India, all lodging in one apartment complex. They went there to be nurses in an Arab hospital. They were receiving the Contender, and began to read about the moving of the Spirit among young people. It was not long until we received a letter, which we read to the congregation here. There in a land that forbids literature that is not Islamic, in an apartment room, a Filipino girl is slain in the Spirit, laying across the bed. After awhile she began to talk in another language. There were no evangelist present, no preacher to take any credit, only the Spirit of God. One by one as the other would come, it only created a curiosity. Over a matter of a month all those girls received this same anointing. The Indian girl had so many months under contract to stay there and work. Then she was faced with going home. She was afraid, What am I going to do? I have to go back to my parents who are Islamic. I will say, Saudi Arabia has been so shut up for six or seven hundred years, their people could not even blow their nose unless they did it in a Muslim manner. That is a figure of speech. God is going to take that veil completely off of them. When you read the 60th chapter of Isaiah, when the glory of God begins to settle on Israel and the people of Israel begin to look up and rejoice and magnify their God, from the isles of the sea there shall be conversion, not people, but material substance converted for use in Israel. It shall be brought to the rising of Israel as she goes through this miraculous restoration process. We are still right in here, (before Ezekiel 38) just waiting for events to take place that will lead right into the week of Daniel. That will be a time of a lot of activity. In Europe there will be a lot of activity among the population as they recognize something miraculous is taking place. That does not change the overall society. Politics will remain to be just as crooked as it ever was. From the pope’s position, he will just get worse. He will begin to plan and plot, how he can do this and that. God is going to keep him at bay for a while yet. God has an agenda yet to fulfill. While the Arabs from Saudi Arabia are beginning to contribute part of their substance for Israel to start this restoration, rebuilding process, looking across into old Iran, which is Persia, I see the Libyans, and the Ethiopia looking up. I can see Russia with sixty five percent of her southern perimeter, all Muslim. That Muslim spirit is going to begin to cry, Russia, give us a chance, back us, we will show them who is boss. They did not learn anything in what they just witnessed. This is not Armageddon, as some think. Why? Because Ezekiel 38 plainly says this will be in the latter days when my people Israel dwell safely. It means God has brought about a change in the atmosphere, domestically and religious wise. He has taken that Muslim spirit off the Arabs, those that have been called Palestinians, that lived in Jerusalem and defied the existence of Israel, are still alive are totally different.It says in the 49th chapter of Isaiah, They that made thee waste shall be far removed. Twice it says that. Where are they going to be removed to? Back to Arabia, where their forefathers came from. I do not say that of myself. I say that because I read the article printed by a historian. With all this going on, Russia finally becomes forced to take the rest of the Islamic world and make their move. When you see Russia’s position and all the southern part coming right down through Turkey, keep in mind the biggest part of Turkey today is Muslim. They do not know what they are in for. When it comes time for the rest of that Islamic world to make their show, this begins to show another miracle. Russia will have to come to their defense. As they begin to negotiate and make their plans, naturally Russia has the technology, they have the equipment, but it is these other little cohort nations from Iran, Libya, Ethiopia, and these other regions, that will furnish troops. You may ask the question, Why do you say it is going to be the largest massive air drop of military might that has ever been known in the annals of history? Get a map of the world. Look where Libya is situated, on the other side of Egypt, from a land route to Israel. Look where the Ethiopians are, on the other side of the Red Sea, the major body of it. Look where Iran is, on the other side of the river Euphrates. Then Russia, if this invasion is to take place by a land route, common sense would tell you, spy satellites of today would pick it up. Imagine long convoys of trucks from Russia, making their way down through Turkey, then through Syria, eventually to wind up at the borders of Israel. Libya, at that time, would not be allowed to come across Egypt because Egypt is now on Israel’s side. Ethiopia is on the other side of the Red Sea. She would have to make an amphibious landing somewhere in the gulf of Aqaba. The Libyan army would have to likewise do that, to bypass Egypt. The point is, somewhere there is a uniting, brining together certain men of the best fighting troops of these cohort nations. Somewhere they will be trained for this great event. As they plan and make their strategy, in Israel the old mosque is torn down, and they are clearing away the remains, to start building the temple. Let me say this, This building is not going to be put together by huge stones four foot thick, eight feet long, and so on, like the old one was. It tells you in Isaiah 60, for wood, you will bring iron. Look at big iron beams being brought in, stood upright, then the pile drivers driving the framework down into the ground. Your stones will be thin blocks. After the framework is iron, then the stone come. It is not a big building, but it is going to be a beautiful building. Where there was brass before, He is going to bring silver. Where there was silver before, He is going to bring gold. He is going to update that thing until when it is completed, it is the most beautiful building the world has ever seen. While that is going on, let us take a look at the old walled city. You that have been there know it is desolate, run down, and stinks. Is God going to let His Messiah sit in this temple as His palace, with that old city like that? No. That city is going to take on a face lift. When you read in Isaiah 60, you bring it back here, I can see in India, young men that used to be Hindu or Buddhist, that went to their higher schools of learning to be constructive engineers. The reason I say this is because, Jewish men are not professional builders of these buildings. They are professional handlers of money. God is in charge of it all.


Cedar forest in Lebanon

When I read in the book of Kings, how King Solomon was getting ready to build his temple and he communicated with the king of Lebanon concerning the builders. Will you lend us some of your professional men, and it named one man in particular, who was a professional sculptor in the building profession. High on the Lebanese mountain range are still standing giant cedars that were there in the days of King Solomon. A few years ago there were over five hundred of these cedar trees still standing. They say they are five thousand years old. God wanted a few for this last day temple. When you read the whole setting, wherever there was marble stone that had to be used in the temple, out of those localities came the professional tradesmen who cut them, polished and finished them. The cedar was brought to Jaffa, then somewhere was brought to a workshop where those logs were cut, the timbers were finished and sculpted precisely. Every stone was numbered so that when they all began to bring this material to Jerusalem, there was not a wood pile here and a chip pile there, and a lot of junk lying around. It was brought piece by piece and the temple went together without the sound of a saw or a hammer. Nations had contributed their own professional technology. If it was like that in Solomon’s day, can you not see why Isaiah 60 says, “And the sons of strangers shall build up thy walls?” This is not a welfare scheme, this is something God is going to be glorified by. The temple is going up. Then suddenly, from out in the background, two men make their appearance. They begin to strike up conversations. They begin to relate how they too have been talked to by God. Then they begin to mingle with the other people on the streets. They begin to ask questions. Well as you may have realized, We are getting closer to the beginning of the week. Nobody knows yet what the two strangers are up to. As time passes, Russia has set the time that she will make her strike. When will this take place? When Israel dwells safely, which means the Arabs are not her enemies any more. They took down their fences, tore down their gates, their bars are gone. The children of Israel are enjoying friendship with the Arabs. The altar has been built and from out of the Bedouin country, the land of Neboath, here comes these bedouins driving herds of goats and sheep for the offerings. Did God not say, I will accept it upon mine altar? Everything is in harmony. In the 36th chapter of Ezekiel, as it begins to talk about the regathering of Israel in the latter days, it says first they will come and dwell in fenced cities. Some of you have been there, I have too. Every new building out there on the ruins of the ancient villages of old, had a chain link fence around it to keep the guerillas, the Arabs, the terrorists. The hour is soon coming, when the Arab no longer has that animosity. They can tear down the fences. Israel is dwelling safely. Look what is going on in Egypt and Syria by then.



Suddenly, as Israel is dwelling safely, Ezekiel 38 becomes a reality. It comes like a flash in the night. It is known that Russia has been trying for years, to invent a jamming device that will literally paralyze the communication channels of radar. I have to believe, that somewhere on certain airfields, giant planes will be setting. The troops will have been programmed. They know the strategy and the drop zone has already been selected. In the early morning hours, when probably half the nation is still asleep, the first waves of these cargo planes begin to make their appearance. It is then that God says, Fury will come up in my face, and there will be a shaking in the land of Israel, such as there never was before, insomuch that the fish of the sea will know something is going on. When we look to our west, to the tornado that ravaged Oklahoma City and all that area during the early spring, they measured the velocity and speed of that wind, over 300 miles an hour. What a devastating thing. When they actually got in the air with their cameras and looked out over the vast terrain, it looked like an atomic bomb had been dropped. Nature is a tool in the hand of God. When you read Ezekiel 38, you try to read between the lines. No sooner do these planes take off in intervals, so that as the first wave passes over, it gives the men a chance to be in the air, and some on the ground when the next wave is there. God has the whole thing timed. There is going to be a disruption in the atmosphere that is literally going to completely change the whole outcome of this secret plan. Israel will not have to put one plane in the air. Israel will not have to have even one man with an anti aircraft gun. I can see nature suddenly come alive. I can see tornado winds, hurricane winds bringing torrential rain, that suddenly starts turning into big chunks of ice. Nature breaks loose. Russian planes are over the drop zone, it is too late to turn back now. They cannot get out of the storm. The doors open and men begin to tumble. Cargo begins to fall. Some chutes open and some do not. For a few hours there is nothing but carnage all over the ground below. It is strewn from woods to hills, to valleys, to river streams. In a matter of a few hours it is all over. Israel is shocked, yes, but God has shown His power. I saw a few years ago on the News, a torrential rain falling in a certain mountain region of Colorado. It told how many inches of rain fell within a certain amount of hours. It fell so hard, it washed a big tree off the mountainside and brought it right down through the streets of the town. The TV showed it. The water was so deep, floating all sorts of junk right down the streets. I looked at that and said to myself, Somebody please tell me, What is a soldier going to do out there in the land of Israel with a rifle, when it is raining like that? You cannot see anything. Then here comes chunks of ice. (Read it.) You can hear a lot of denominational preachers saying today, Oh but Russia is coming to Armageddon. Forget that! Just read Ezekiel 38:21-39:5, and see what God says about Russia. What He does with them will wake up the nations of Europe. That should tell you something. There is something about that nation that God does not like. Everybody in Russia has to go to college, but very few want to learn anything about God. When it is over, western Europe is going to be shocked. Europe has had to use her military punch of rocketry to put Russia in her place. Time wise as I describe this, we are right in here, at the threshold of the seventieth week of Daniel. Out of necessity, after that Ezekiel 38 event, world leaders of that hour are going to be compelled to do something. The leaders will say, If we do not do something, we are going to destroy ourselves. That forces the European beast of Revelation 13, into the picture. The pope, on his throne, is the mediator of the world, and leaders of Europe are going to begin to say, We must do something, we are bringing ourselves to the brink of annihilation. Europe is ready to go to work. I can see the pope watching, as progress and building is going on big in Israel. I see the two prophets stepping forth on the scene. Back here among the Gentile nations I see a little Bride. God has been dealing with her, He has been speaking to her. He has shown her this, He has shown her that. She sees the picture before it is even complete. She can almost count the days when they can expect the Lord to come and call for her to rise and meet Him in the air. How long will it take the Bride to get ready, some may say? Let me take you back two thousand years ago. There was a man by the name of Jesus of Nazareth. From the time He came to the river of Jordan and was baptized, and started His ministry, just three and a half years later there was a body of Jewish people that had followed Him and heard what He said. They had no tape recorder, no telephone, no typewriter. They stood and watched Him crucified, but He rose from the dead. He appeared to some of them in a period of a few days. He told them to go to the Upper Room and wait. When the day of Pentecost had fully come, a promise came from God in heaven. That little nucleus of people came out of that room with great excitement,led and inspired by the Spirit of God. They were not questioning what He had said, nor how He said it. They were ready. Therefore I say, Give yourselves three to three and one half years, and if you are not ready, you probably never will be. When I see the Church here in the western world, or wherever it is, I can see some things taking place in miraculous ways. Therefore I have to say, When the Bride is finished and we are leaving here, there will not be any feeble ones in the number. God is going to let this agnostic and hypocritical world see a few things, not to convert them, but to cause them to open that mouth and say something to acknowledge that God has been at work. Across the waters, I see the two prophets. They are now in the streets of Jerusalem. They are beginning to lay things out. Israel, after this miracle, will be listening as the prophets begin to warn. At the same time, the pope of Rome is wanting to work his way in, to make some kind of league with the Israeli government.


When the old pope begins to talk to them, there will still be Jews that will be just as political minded as they ever were. Therefore He will make a covenant with many for one week. That does not mean he is going to write up a charter and say, Now I set this as a seven year agenda. No. It literally means they will sign this agreement, believing it is going to work for peace for all future time. God however, is going to watch over that agreement and see that it is only for seven years. The pope is going to be as busy as he can be. It isn’t long until I see these two prophets begin to speak certain things and bring certain plagues, as they demonstrate the power of God. On and on it goes. The first year of the week goes, and so does the Bride. She is gone with Jesus, and still more plagues, more miracles are seen in Israel. Let me read two verses from Daniel 9, before continuing, verses 26 and 27. “And after threescore and two weeks shall Messiah be cut off, but not for Himself: and the people of the prince that shall come shall destroy the city and the sanctuary; and the end thereof shall be with a flood, and unto the end of the war desolations are determined. (27) And he (the prince of the people that destroyed Jerusalem and the temple, the prince of Rome) shall confirm the covenant with many for one week: and in the midst of the week he (that prince) shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease, and for the overspreading of abominations he shall make it desolate, even until the consummation, and that determined shall be poured upon the desolate. None of the miracles are to open peoples eyes necessarily. It is God’s way of showing judgment to the political Jew that sold out to this beast system. The U.N. is not in the picture anymore, but the spirit of it is still alive, because it is humanistic, atheistic and demonic. It is in the mind of people that defy or even acknowledge that there is a God. For that first three and one half years those Jews stand there in the streets of Jerusalem, they prophesy. They will not get up on a pulpit. They are just going to prophesy and reason God’s way. In that period of time they are going to tell the Jewish people, that will listen to them, The baptism of the Holy Ghost will drop on you, if you will receive it. For three years and one half, the pope will look at the TV screen and get very angry as he sees the power of God demonstrated through the two prophets. That is when that lovable, baby kissing, foot washing pope, feels that he has seen enough across the pond, so he is ready to do something about it. He has sat there and watched that, and right at the end of three and one half years, something gets hold of him; and then in anger he says, I am going to show that bunch of people who is boss. Just like Judas of old. I see that pope take that NATO army and suddenly cross the Mediterranean and into Jerusalem he goes. He enters into the old city of Jerusalem; and even while it is being renovated, beautified, getting it ready for the Messiah, he moves in. Who in the secular world knew what this guy was up to? Just exactly on the last day of their three and a half years prophecy, the two prophets are shot down in the streets of Jerusalem. I see the Jews asking, Now what has gone wrong? We saw miracles. They defied all sorts of things and nobody dared touch them. Yet this guy comes over here and puts them to sleep. Their dead bodies lay in the street for three days and a half. They start stinking, flies start buzzing around. All the news media are there. They have been there for months, broadcasting everything that was said and done. What is going on now? Right when they all think the whole thing has been dropped, the spirit of life enters into the prophets; and a voice from heaven calls out, Come up hither! They ascend to heaven and a great earthquake shakes the city; and thousands are killed. One part of the city of Jerusalem is in ruins. We are right there with our projected happenings, exactly three days and a half past the middle of the week. The 144,000 servants of God have already been told where to go when the time comes. I have not mentioned much about America, but I want to show you something. Where are the 144,000 going? They are going to the nations and preach the everlasting gospel. Right? Well there is a woman element involved. The woman flees to the wilderness, to a place where she hath, past tense, a place prepared by God, that she can be fed. In 96 A.D., nobody knew that this part of the world (America) existed. I know what the Assemblies of God and some of them teach. They teach that the Jew, the woman, is going to flee to the ancient city of Petra. If you do, they will bury you there. Having been there I know, that by air, it is only about eighty miles away. You are stuck in a hole in the ground down there. All of a sudden helicopters from above will pick you out, just like little insects. No. It has to be somewhere in the world where the forces of the beast cannot get to them. That beast, by the time this becomes present day reality, will have no sympathy for anyone that holds to religion as the important thing of their life. Why do I say that? Because, As we are approaching the end of the last part of it, in the 16th chapter of the book of Revelation, approaching the end, it is not yet over, but we are approaching the end. John saw three unclean spirits like frogs. One went out of the mouth of the dragon, (the devil). And another out of the mouth of the beast, that is a geographical, social, political makeup of the whole of Europe. And out of the mouth of the false prophet. This is to signify something is about to be broken up. They are demon spirits going forth to the kings of the world. Some thought the whole world was to be under one government. Do you see what it puts you into, when you jump on something and start riding? (Rev 16:14) “For they are the spirits of devils, working miracles, which go forth unto the kings of the earth and of the whole world, to gather them to the battle of that great day of God Almighty.” That is Armageddon.


Go with me to the 17th chapter of Revelation. An angel said to John, Come hither, and I will show unto you the judgment of the great whore. (You read it.) Then we come to another verse. It tells about the woman and the beast that carries her. It is written something like this, the beast that was, and is not. The second time it refers to that, it refers to it as the beast that was, and is not, and yet it is. That ought to tell anybody that this speaks of the reviving of the territory of the old Roman Empire, as time comes from the ancient period of the caesars and on through until it comes under the papal system of power, which is church government. That is where she was when she was wounded by the Reformation. When Catholicism was wounded to the point that it could no longer live and function like it had, the spirit of that went right back down into hell itself. It tells you in the 17th chapter, that this spirit will ascend and come right back up out of the bottomless pit. The end of it is perdition, destruction. For a little period of time though, it comes right back up, incarnates itself right back into the same old system, until it is destroyed. It tells you in the 17th chapter, that the ten horns shall hate the whore (Catholicism) and burn her with fire. That lets you know somewhere by the time we are coming to the end of this week, the last part, the European continent, the political structure of this beast and the society of Europe in general, have become so humanistic, atheistic, scientific, that the politicians are going to look at that Catholic, religious system; and come to one conclusion, We have supported, tolerated and condoned this monster for hundreds of years, but that is enough. As you have the chance, read these verses, Revelation 17:16-18:9, that relate to that system of Catholicism, the great whore of 17:1, that has been holding authority over the ten horns (nations of europe). In one hours time, not an hour of sixty minutes, but an hour as a figure of speech. Those ten horns will turn on that thing, they will confiscate all church property, all church bank accounts, all their stock holdings and so forth: It says they will burn her with fire. In other words the judgment of God finishes the process of her destruction. The pope by that time is totally materialistic. Look east into Bosnia, into Macedonia, Paul preached there. There, is where Christianity began. When you look at all this vast territory, geographically, by the time you have shut the doors of all these cathedrals and these temples and religious shrines of Catholicism, you have a total intake of billions of dollars. The Catholic church will no longer be allowed to be a functional institution. The Catholic Church is not destroyed by the coming of Jesus Christ, it is already destroyed by then. When the Catholic Church is no longer in the picture, the beast becomes totally humanistic, scientific, demonized, and materialized. The man of sin (the Roman Pope) has one conquest. Read Daniel 11. That king will do according to his own will. Satan will so anoint that man for a little period of time, that he is going to show the world that he is God, I am master now. That is his thoughts. By that time, as he has set loose a blood bath against the Jewish people, against foolish virgins in the territories of the world where he has power to reach them, he has sat himself in the Jewish temple, showing that he is God. It tells you there, he will not regard the God of his fathers. He will regard no God, but the god of force, of gold, of silver. You and I know there is no other God but the God of heaven. Any other thing that says he is a God, is a devil (a demon). That is how it will be. Then as this destruction of the Catholic church takes place in Europe, you could not do such a thing, you could not make such a political move like that without causing a social, economic squabble. It is going to bring about a social shaking in Europe. Across the vast terrain into the Orient, kings of the east are going to listen to this. They are going to say, If we ever strike, it must be when the west is at its weakest, so now is the time. By that time, you can read Revelation 16, the Euphrates river was dried up. That does not mean it has to go completely dry. It is a figure of speech, that the way of the kings of the east might be prepared. That is so they can come to the battle of Armageddon.


We are now going to look at the final picture of this. The beast (the beast nations, led by the pope) are totally materialistic now. The beast (the former Catholic nations) now hate religion. It is full of demons. Now here comes a giant horde of Orientals. The beast and the kings of the east meet head on, in the winepress of the God of heaven. It tells you, the blood shall flow to the bridles of the horse. How long does Armageddon last? It does not tell you. It does let us know this, When it is over, the beast of Europe is still on top, ready to be judged by the power of God. We have moved past the last forty two months of the week of Daniel. It is time to bring this devil to his end. The armies of the Orient haven’t even returned home yet, when the power of God is turned loose upon all the ungodly. All of a sudden, when the world was not expecting it, heaven is opened. We are looking at Revelation 19. Did not Jesus Himself say, Immediately after the tribulation of those days, the sun shall be darkened and the moon shall withdraw its light and the powers of heaven shall be shaken, then shall appear the sign of the coming of the Son of man in power and great glory? The rule of the man of sin cannot go past the forty two months that are allotted to him by the word of God. Just try to imagine the spirit on world leaders in the time ahead; and that is already on those who sit in the U.N. Imagine that ex-pope, who is no longer a hail Mary kind of character, because he is changed. Do you understand me? He has to, because that spirit forces him to. He enjoys force. He enjoys wealth, because with that he feels he can control the planet and every human being on it. Oh, but, when heaven is opened, a heavenly scene appears. A vast army of horsemen dressed in white descend. The ONE in the forefront, wears a vesture dipped in blood. He is King of kings and Lord of lords. Following Him, is that great host of heavenly angels and the Bride. It is an army. The kings of the earth and the beast, look up and become totally startled. They thought they were going to be the victors. Little did they realize they only stick their heads out for the chopping block. It tells you there in the 19th chapter, before one jet plane can take off, and before one tank can even get its motor started, out of His mouth goes a sharp two edged sword. The first thing He does, He takes that spirit of the beast, and of the false prophet, and casts them into the lake of fire. When you get that spirit out of the system, it is just like the spirit of a devil in a man. When you get that spirit out of him, he will become like a little lamb. The first thing He does, is cast them into the lake of fire. No more will there ever be allowed such a diabolical system to rise on the face of this earth. Now the beast, the kings of the earth, are standing there helpless. They are mystified, they are terrorized. But it is too late. This is not all over in sixty minutes. This will last long enough until this planet earth is going to make a few revolutions. They are going to have to look up into the heavens and see what is ahead. That is why it says in the Bible, And they fled to the rocks, and they fled to the mountains. They cried for the rocks and the mountains to fall on them and hide them from the face of Him that sitteth on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb. With that sword of judgment, He will slay the wicked, not in one spot, but the dead shall lie from one end of the earth to the other. Their bodies shall not be lamented over, neither buried, but shall become as dung. Now remember, I said the woman (spiritual Israel, adults and children) are taken somewhere in the middle of the week. Imagine God allowing her to have a hiding place, a place to escape the wrath of the antichrist, for this 42 month period. But then when this comes, when He is going to destroy all wicked men, where is she going to be? That is why I say, Somewhere this wilderness, that was not even known in John’s day, is going to be purged by some kind of God’s cleansing. I have to say, Put George Washington’s vision in there. Why take the woman out of one spot to protect her, to keep her from being destroyed, then three and a half years later, destroy her? That will not happen. My point is this, There is no way that a New World Order can be a reality. It is something God has allowed as a decoy. It has made a lot of people believe this and that. It is a decoy, a blindfold for some, while God opens His word to some others. The spirit of that will linger on. That is the spirit that is on the beast and the kings of the earth, that causes all of that human society to try to fight Jesus upon His return. They will all be totally helpless trying to resist Him. I illustrated the Iraqi army looking at that wall of fire that they cannot go through. For a few days, in that interval of time, heaven is literally going to be opened. Every time anyone looks up, they cannot help but see the spirit world. That causes me to read the dream I have read at other times. It goes with this. Then I will be finished. Back in 1997, we were privileged to go west. We had Bro. Steve Yahrus with us. While we were at the Grand Canyon, he bought a video about the Grand Canyon. We really did not get to look around the canyon that day, but we did go into one of the theaters there and saw it. Coming home, he gave us this video. I wanted the family to get together where we could all see it together. This dream was on the night of December 16th, 1997. I awakened and gone back to sleep. This happened just before daylight, just about six o’clock in the morning.


My wife and I had planned on meeting with our entire family on December 16, 1997 in our daughter, Arlene Marshall’s home, because her living room was large enough to accommodate the family. We were going to watch a video which Bro. Steve Yahrus had purchased for us about the Grand Canyon. The dream started and I saw myself, my wife, and the others of our family, coming through the front door of Arlene’s living room. As I entered the room, my attention was drawn to one of the windows facing west. I suddenly saw something on the outside taking place. I spoke out to everyone to get away from the window, because something was about to happen. I made my way to the window to watch this unusual sight. At that very moment the whole outside was in the process of changing. Everywhere I looked, it was the spirit world, and not the natural world. High up, I could see two men which were dressed like prophets of old. I could see them clearly, as though they were walking out of a cloud. I said in my heart, This is Moses and Elijah. There was something about it, I just knew that. I could even see the features of their faces, how they looked. Their faces showed them to be about forty years of age. Then I noticed, as they appeared on the scene, suddenly I was looking out that window at the face of an angelic being, clothed just like a Roman soldier of old, an officer. He was looking directly into my eyes. You could see he was a man of authority. As I looked at him, I could see his features. I could see angels dressed in armor. Each one’s facial features showed authority. As I watched, everything was moving fast, as though there was a great necessity to have everything in place at the proper time for whatever was to happen. I was so started at what I was seeing, that all I could say was, Something is about to happen, something is going to happen, something is going to happen. I started crying and woke myself up.


Brothers and sisters, I have never seen anything like what I saw in that dream. I will say, When I read the first chapter of Daniel, then read in Kings, where Elijah’s prayed for his servant and said, Open his eyes, there are more for us than against us. When he looked out the window he could see soldiers, chariots, everywhere. Then when I read in Joshua, how, after the children of Israel have crossed the Jordan River, Joshua was about ready to take command and go forward, and suddenly there was a man in front of him with a sword drawn. Joshua said, Are you for us, or against us? The man looked back at him and said, “As captain of the host of the LORD am I now come.” Joshua had to be still before him. That lets me know, when I look at Daniel 12:1, and see this, “And at that time shall Michael stand up, the great prince which standeth for the children of thy people: and there shall be a time of trouble, such as never was since there was a nation even to that same time: and at that time thy people shall be delivered, every one that shall be found written in the book,” that time is running out for Gentiles. I am closing by saying this, We are somewhere in here, with the year 2000 at the threshold. According to the chart over there, Hosea 6:2-3, should run out somewhere around the year 2004 ½ or 2005. I have to believe it is going to be a miracle if this world can hold together that much longer. The time of trouble, tells you exactly some of the things that will happen. Some of it is already in the making. That terrible storm in Oklahoma and through there, never has there been such a devastation. The man at the head of the meteorological society, made a prediction before, that this was a year that set an era, that it will supercede all other eras. He made the prediction, that we will have at least ten major hurricanes in this season. It was supposed to have already started. Out of that, there would be four of them of such an extent, that the desolation would be terrible. Therefore I have to say, as the brother brought out in his message last night, We are not only going to see storms, we are going to see social uprising, demonstrations, disturbance of nations. Each month, each year we live we are getting closer to the coming of the Lord. I have done my best to present to you a picture that God has put in my heart. It may not all go just exactly word for word like that, but if you can see a profile, I believe you will see things that let us know what is just ahead. May God bless you everyone. Amen.