Salvation Is By Faith, Part 1

Rev. Raymond M. Jackson


We are gathered here from many places, and the Branham followers, if there were to be one come into our midst and would hear us talking like we do before service has started, they would say, Oh, this is terrible, all these people talking like this in the church house. I have a reason for saying this. I can take a thousand people, if they have all come together for one purpose, that they themselves may learn, and they are not sitting out there arguing with one another, fussing about who is right and who is not right, I will respect every one of them. What is really hard to deal with, is having thirty people sitting out there, and ten of them cannot agree with the others. For two thousand years there has been a warfare going on like that. I have a collection of various things that tells exactly what has been going on, down through two thousand years of this Grace Age. I brought it all with me, just in case you think I do not know what I am talking about. We will wind up in the main part of our convention, talking about the Law and what men have done with it, and how people are so confused as to what the Sabbath day is, and ask, Are we right to keep the first day of the week and observe it as the day of rest as we do? I will say this, knowing that it is going around the world today. I do not care how educated you may think you are: there are still some things you can learn. Everything I ever wanted to know, the information was supplied to me, and I never had to buy it nor go looking for it. It just came to me one way or another. In fact, I am going to be saying some things this morning on the basis of a letter I received this week. In the previous message, I talked about coming out of the prehistoric age, that those creative days mentioned in Genesis were not days of twenty four hours. Some resist that, but I still maintain, They were not; they were each a period of one thousand years. You cannot take the Bible and prove that to be wrong. I realize we have a society today, that a lot of Christendom has just winked at these things and said, Well we don’t all have to agree, we just need to love the Lord and love one another. Well I ask you, How can perfect love abide when our minds are not in agreement? The Bible was not written to give you and me ten different ideas of what the one subject is.

Chart used by Bro. Jackson with this message. Click to enlarge.


Back here behind me, is our chart for today, and I want to give you a little background on it. From here through here, as you look at the red line, this represents a lunar month. (A lunar month is approximately 29 ½ days.) A lot of people will say, Well I am not interested in all that Bro. Jackson. Just hold still while I show you something. God had a reason for giving the children of Israel a type in this way. I will show you from the scriptures where it was used. We know this, that they came out on the beginning of a new moon. That is the lunar month of that season. That lunar month goes until it is half gone and you have a half moon. You are looking at it strictly from the standpoint of days. Then when you go to the 15th day the moon is full. This is exactly why we turn right around and use the same line, looking down here, the children of Israel were brought out of Egypt fourteen hundred and ninety one years before the advent of Christ. Therefore for fourteen hundred and ninety one years this same cycle has been repeated every year when the Passover time came. The full moon definitely had to have a basic meaning from the scriptural standpoint. Therefore in fourteen hundred and ninety one years they celebrated this Passover month at least fourteen hundred and ninety one times. How many catch the point? Naturally you have a lot more new moons in fourteen hundred and ninety one years than just that, but in every one of those years there was that month that dealt with the Passover. So we can say this, For fourteen hundred and ninety one years there was definitely fourteen hundred and ninety one months in that period of time that the Passover was observed. That month starts with a new moon and on the fourteenth day of the month at the evening time, that lamb was to be slain. In the evening as it is starting to get dark, going into the fifteenth day (because the night season is first), the moon is full. Why would God use such types? Because, for fourteen hundred and ninety one years God gave the children of Israel, the only nation on earth, a Law. The word Sabbath never occurs in the Bible until the children of Israel are called out of Egypt. All in the period before the call of Abraham and through there, there was never a Sabbath observed. With these things in mind, God had a distinct reason, that when that one month of the year, in the spring of the year would come, they would observe this Passover season. All of it, to them, was a memorial looking back to when God brought them out of Egypt. We can just say they did not even know or understand the type that God had given them. That is how Christianity is yet today: a lot of Gentile Christians do not even know the types in the Bible, because they have never been used. Preachers have gone to Bible schools, and they have studied John 3:16, John 5:24 and such like that, just played around with the milk of the word of God, but I have to say this morning, There was a lot more contained in the scriptures than just these little milk bottle things. Those creative days back in the 1st chapter of Genesis were not days of twenty four hours each, as is an assumption from the standpoint of ignorant, denominational Christian people. To prove it, turn back to Genesis 2. It plainly tells you in the 1st chapter He has completed His work in six days and on the seventh day He rested. Then chapter 2 goes into much detail. I will show you what I mean: Right here is one thing I want you to notice, “Thus the heavens and the earth were finished, (It puts heavens in the plural: Notice that.) and all the host of them. And on the seventh day God ended His work which He had made; and He rested on the seventh day from all His work which He had made. And God blessed the seventh day, and sanctified it: because that in it He had rested from all His work which God created and made. (Verse 4, gives you an assurance.) These are the generations (You cannot take twenty four hours in your mind and try to figure that in, because, how are you going to make it read generations? That is foolishness, but that is the way the religious world is. We really must realize that generations here, is dealing with thousands of years. Keep in mind, the human life span back then was a thousand years. Had man never disobeyed God and eaten, or partook of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, he would have lived on without the sentence of death hanging over him. God warned Adam about the tree of Knowledge, and He did not mention hours: He said, The day thou eatest thereof, thou shall surely die. “And the Lord God commanded the man, saying, Of every tree of the garden thou mayest freely eat: But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die.” We know he did not die in a matter of twenty four hours, did he? He begat many sons and daughters after Abel was brought forth, but the point is, The religious world is so mixed up about how they want to read something like this, that their ideas are totally ridiculous. We need to get our mind set for what we are heading for, because it depends on our mind set, as to how we begin to look ahead. Ask yourselves, What we are expecting God to accomplish in our lives by bringing us into a state of unity? If we cannot look back and see some of the traditional stuff we have played with, how foolish some of it was, then it is mighty easy for people to just say, Well I am not interested in the prehistoric world. Brother, whoever you are that would say such as that, do not let any such words come out of your mouth, unless you do not mind being made to feel like a fool. Well Bro. Jackson, how can that be? Why would Isaiah say, Oh Lucifer, son of the morning, how thou has exalted thyself. Where did he get those words? Do you know what Isaiah was talking about in the 14th chapter. He saw Lucifer’s fall. Then think of what Jeremiah wrote, chapter 4, 23-25, “I beheld the earth, and, lo, it was without form, and void; and the heavens, and they had no light. I beheld the mountains, and, lo, they trembled, and all the hills moved lightly. I beheld, and, lo, there was no man, and all the birds of the heavens were fled.” Jeremiah saw the earth without form and void, darkness was upon the deep and the sounds of the birds were heard no more. They have taken their flight and the voice of man was nowhere to be heard. I am sure Ezekiel was not running around looking for traces of the archaeological past, but when he came to that 28th chapter, God let him prophesy about certain kings in that area that were causing all the trouble, then He took him way back in the past to the spirit that had caused all that, and he describes to you that cherubim, that fallen angel. Ezekiel said, Thou was perfect, the most anointed cherub, in the days that thou was created. What do you think these men were talking about? They were not talking about something that exists in your hour of time. They were talking about the prehistoric era, are they not? I have to say there is a reason, but let us not stop there: Let us come to Jesus. What about Him, in the 8th chapter of John, the 44th verse. He looked at that bunch of Pharisees that day and said, “Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.” He was the father of lies because he abode not in the truth. What is Jesus actually telling them? That the spirit that caused them in their hour to be like that, is that same spirit that existed a long time ago. Not the day that God created him, necessarily, because he (Lucifer) was a perfect angel when he was first created. Then somewhere along the line he saw fit not to abide in the truth. He went astray. Well let us come on down to the epistle of Peter, where he writes concerning the angels that fell. Why would he say such a thing? How did he know this? It was because God inspired him to write that. Then you go to Jude, and find that he says almost the same thing, how that the angels that left their first estate, how they fell. That is enough to let you know how we should not just sit here and say, Well I am not interested in the prehistoric world. There was a lot more that took place right there, that is the very basis of what you and I one of these days are going to wind up being. That is the truth.


With what I have already said in mind, the letter I mentioned receiving was from the same man that has written me many letters through the years, always trying to convince me that I am wrong on my teaching against the Law like I do, especially these Advent people that want to bring out the keeping of the Law. When this message is all finished, I want you to understand I am not pointing the finger at any person that has a different belief. That is not my purpose at all. I just mean to show, there comes a time we have to wake up our minds and shake our minds and realize this Bible does not speak with just one particular thought. We have had men through the ages, that would take scriptures out of context and build a picture out of it, but leave others that they will have nothing to do with. They say, Well the Bible says this, Well sure it says that, but there are other things you have left out of it. That is the point: keep it all in continuity. My subject and title is, “Salvation Is By Faith.” When I wind this message up at the end of this convention, I want us all to know it is not because we have kept a certain day or because we have eaten a certain diet, or we did not wear a certain type of clothes: it is strictly by grace, to those who believe. All these other things will have their place when we receive the revelation as to where they belong. We have got people today, that will observe Saturday as a Sabbath, a day of worship. When it comes to other things in the New Testament, they are as far away from it as Mars is from Saturn. That is just the way I have to look at it. Somebody through the years back, put it out that way and that is the way they believe it. They could not take a Bible and prove what they believe by the scriptures, because to this point the scriptures have only been used to put them in the frame of thinking they are in. The letter I read this week, went something like this, I am not interested too much in the six days of twenty four hours each, as they are irrelevant to what we are looking at in this day and time. I just thought, Yes, he has those days of twenty four hours each and he cannot see the past at all. Therefore I will say this, It is by looking back and seeing how those scriptures are actually to be read, that gives you an idea or revelation, that something really did go on. I will say this also, Those six creative days were not days of twenty four hours, they were long dispensational days, each one a thousand years. I did not lay this out to preach the prehistoric world, but when Moses was inspired in the wilderness, to write the first book of the Bible, how did he start it? “In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth.” You can turn to that verse and read it if you want to. It is not heavens, it is heaven. And the earth, period. And it says, “And darkness was upon the face of the deep,” Is that not what it says? Your scientists today will tell you the last Ice Age we had ended around twelve thousand years ago. I have no problem with that at all, because it all feeds into that period of time those creative days God was bringing out. God was not making another planet as some believe, He was actually redeeming something that had been in existence for millions of years. He was redeeming it out of a judged, chaotic state and it had been in that condition for thousands of years. I could talk with a scientific minded person on the basis of what we know for sure, because, wherever scientists are today, in their archaeological discoveries, they find fossils in the Antarctic. This lets me know, that at one time this planet earth was not as we see it today: all the land masses were connected. It was not at all like it is today, with two thirds covered with water, isolating masses of land from other masses of land. When I can see the facts, as they are in places like the Antarctic, where there are fossils of the dinosaur period, also in northern Norway in the glacier area, where they have also found bison and ferns, It opens up something to me. I have to tell you this, At one time, when there were ferns that grew in that part of Norway, Norway did not have the climate then, that it has now. How many of you realize that this is the truth? When I add this all together, do you know what it tells me? At one time, this planet did have a perfect climate on it from one end to the other. How many millions of years it stayed that way, only God knows. But in that period of time, that was when God had created all His angels and He put them here on a loyalty test. It was in that period of time, that they proved themselves to either be loyal or disloyal to their Creator. When the end of it came and God had seen that Lucifer and all those that chose to go wrong, had chosen to disbelieve, disobey, and do the things they did by perverting nature and the animal nature, God was compelled to call it to an end. When He did, it did not take God five hundred years to call it to an end. Somewhere a catastrophic act of judgment began to be set forth in nature and over a period of weeks and months, this planet was completely dislocated from its perfect harmony with the sun that gave it a perfect climate. I have to say this morning, If we believe in the Bible, believe what is written, God has the course already set for the earth to come and be restored right back to that same state when His ultimate purpose requires it. That is why Revelation 21 and 22 reads like that. I am simply saying this morning, When God did judge that animal kingdom, I am not saying that every animal died instantly, but keep this in mind, over a period of days or hours or a few weeks, eventually all life became extinct. I have said it before and I will repeat it again, In many places, they find animal skeletons, where they have died in a cluster. I have to say, Something catastrophic had caused that. We will just leave that as it is and let God reveal it further, in His time and purpose. Come with me now and let us look at these six days that God was not creating another planet, but was actually redeeming the planet to renew it back to a new state. Those days were a thousand years each. Keep in mind also, the means we count and determine time by, hours, days, weeks, months, years, is only as we relate ourselves to the sun and our rotation through the universe. I ask you, How many of you have really thought about that? The means to calculate all this, did not come about until the fourth creative day in the scriptures. It is absolutely alright for us to say, Those creative days were redeeming days. God was realigning, reshaping, and bringing the planet back to a certain rotation. All that ice had to slowly begin to melt and disappear. Even when the Lord had a Sabbath, in His mind He had already seen His work as a finished thing. He was pleased when He looked at it. But if you read your Bible, at the end of God’s Sabbath, there was not one animal on this planet earth. Read it correctly and it plainly tells you, in the 2nd chapter starting about the 5th verse, that God had not caused it to rain at that time. Verse 4, “These are the generations of the heavens and of the earth when they were created, in the day that the LORD God made the earth and the heavens, verse 5, And every plant of the field before it was in the earth, and every herb of the field before it grew: for the LORD God had not caused it to rain upon the earth, and there was not a man to till the ground.” I have to say, That was one thousand years of a Sabbath: it was God’s way of resting, because, as far as His work, it was a finished thing. But there is no life here, animals or anything. The planet definitely had to warm up and be restored back to an inhabitable environment that would accommodate life. Then it tells you the first thing God did, He placed a garden eastward in Eden. Then He made man. In the 1st chapter, He made man after He made the animal kingdom, but when He began to take this life He had already spoken into existence, to put it on the planet earth, He puts the man on earth in physical body as the first thing. That ought to tell people something. Then He manifested the animal kingdom He had spoken into existence in spirit form before He rested. One by one He manifested the physical bodies of that animal kingdom; and Adam named each one. I have to feed this into your minds so as to give you a framework of accuracy. The day that God put man here was the first day of the cycle of time that you and I have been living in for six thousand years. We are now living at the end of six thousand years, man has toiled and labored, some honoring the Creator and others denying Him. The sin burden hits them in the face and the death penalty has been hanging right over mankind ever since. Then, two thousand years ago God sent a Redeemer to all who would receive Him. That Redeemer paid the way for you and me, that we could be made part of a new creation.


Having said what I have, I would like to get back to this thing of trying to keep the Law of commandments. We know that within a year of time there has always been many months. But in each of those years of time, there was only one month, (and that was in the spring of the year) when this Passover season was going to be observed. There is a reason why God chose that the month begins on a new moon. At the middle of that month the moon is bright and full. That tells me one thing, that after fourteen hundred and ninety one years, the children of Israel have observed the same thing, repeated and repeated it every year. One of these days, one of those years, that month will come into a cycle, not every year does the Passover occur on the same day of the week as it did the year before. How many realize that? But the year that Christ was to die as the passover Lamb, that new moon fell and the passover season fit right in where it was precisely what God wanted it to be. Jesus ate the passover supper on Thursday afternoon just as sundown was starting a new day. Friday morning, He was on the cross. A little past the noon hour, He gave up the ghost. There was a terrible earthquake that rent the veil of the temple. They laid Him in a tomb to go from Friday night all through Saturday, but then just according to the scriptures, somewhere between sundown and sunup the next morning, Jesus came forth from the dead. Of course I know what the Adventists are trying to tell you. They have all kinds of dates, that are supposed to establish their belief. They have that passover season jumping from here to there just to justify themselves. That is why I have all this literature with me today. That is why I said, How can there be unity with men like this that have been galloping up and down the road of life, brainwashing people who trust them? It sounds good to some people that are void of true revelation, but I have said this, You are not going to sell me that unscriptural bunch of ideas, even if you have a car load of writings to try to establish your point of view. I have to analyze everything very carefully, by the scriptures. I have enough proof right here, to establish what I have said. When that moon was full, every Jew was sitting somewhere eating his Passover supper, not even knowing there would be a man on the cross the next morning, that would be giving His life as a fulfillment of the very thing they have been feasting for, for fourteen hundred and some years. He was giving His life to pay the sin debt for all mankind, but those Jews did not realize what was going on. That is why there are thousands of Gentile Christians today that still do not even know what really did take place at that time. With that said, I want to try to get to the basis of this just as simply as I know how. First let us go back to Leviticus. In the book of Leviticus, (Moses wrote this book also.) In the 23rd chapter, we are going to start reading in the 4th verse. “These are the feasts of the Lord, even holy convocations, which ye shall proclaim in their seasons. In the fourteenth day of the first month at even is the Lord’s passover. (In other words, it is the first month of the spring of the year. It is after the sun has crossed the equinox line coming north.) And on the fifteenth day of the same month is the feast of unleavened bread unto the Lord: seven days ye must eat unleavened bread. (That means the first day, then six days after that.) In the first day ye shall have an holy convocation: ye shall do no servile work therein. But ye shall offer an offering made by fire unto the Lord seven days: in the seventh day is an holy convocation: ye shall do no servile work therein. (Now here is where our type comes in. Let us move on down to the 10th verse.) Speak unto the children of Israel, and say unto them, When ye be come into the land (This was to start after they came into the land.) which I give unto you, and shall reap the harvest thereof, (The harvest is reaped in the spring of the year.) then ye shall bring a sheaf (Now look, a sheaf is a little bundle of standing stalk and grain heads all together. How many realize that? You shall bring this.) of the firstfruits of your harvest unto the priest.” Little did they realize, to them it is just a bundle of barley, wheat, or oats, but I ask you, Why did God demand that it be presented to the priest? Notice verse 11. “And he shall wave the sheaf before the Lord, to be accepted for you: (There was a certain day this had to be done.) on the morrow after the Sabbath the priest shall wave it.” That means the next day that follows the Jewish Sabbath, that priest will offer that sheaf offering. What is it speaking of? It is the firstfruits. Well how many know Paul spoke of Christ as being the firstfruits from among the dead? Did he not? You find that in 1st Corinthians the 15th chapter. Just think of it: For fifteen hundred years, those Jews, after they came into the land, every spring they were to take this bundle, this sheaf, and tie it together and take it to the temple to the priest. There it lay in a bundle, in a big pile. But then on the next day, which would be the first day of the Greek week, the next day after the Jewish Sabbath that comes in the Passover season, and at no other time could that priest take and touch them. But at this time, he was to go out there and get that bundle and wave it like that. He is just waving a bundle of grain, is he not? For fifteen hundred years they probably thought, Well what good is this, but they were demanded to do it. The point is God had a type set therein. Because one of these days those priests are going to wave that for the last time that is going to be mandatory because the real firstfruits is going to be on earth and He is going to rise from the dead and they are not going to know a thing about it. When you come on down to the 15th verse, and when you count seven times that, it is seven Sabbaths, it all adds up to fifty days. Here is another offering. This is when the Church was to be born in the upper room, fifty days later on the feast of Pentecost. A beautiful type of what the Lord did two thousand years ago for you and me, that we could be a part of His kingdom. I have to say, There are those that talk like, Oh they want to do the everlasting work of God, they have TV stations, satellite stations and everything, but you never hear them say a thing about the prophetic pictures and things that really should begin to come alive. They are just so wrapped up in other things, they cannot receive a true revelation. As we get back to the point of this message, to the Jews, yes, they kept the Passover days. There was the firstfruits, they saved that, but they just waved grain. Little did they realize they were waving a type of something yet to come. That type was not on the Sabbath: it was the next day. That is exactly why Paul could speak of Christ being the firstfruits, from where? The dead. In Romans 8, He is spoken of as being the firstborn among many brethren. That was the beginning. Then, when He took our place at Calvary, and then rose from the dead, He literally fulfilled this observance of the natural thing. He was the firstfruits from among the dead, to begin putting together a new kingdom, a Church. The Church that was born fifty days later, was not born on the Sabbath day: it was born on the next day. What does that tell us? It tells us we are the part of a new creation. That is the part of it we must appreciate. No sooner do we get started in time, the devil wants to take us back to something that was in the Law. I have to say, We are not going back to the Law. We are being set free from the Law. The Jewish people think the Law was to go on forever. Here in the book of Leviticus, I am going to read it, starting in the 14th verse. They like to come to you and tell you this, “And ye shall eat neither bread, nor parched corn, nor green ears, until the selfsame day that ye have brought an offering unto your God: it shall be a statute (Notice) for ever.” Then you go over in the 21st verse and it talks about the same thing. “It shall be a statute for ever.” I want every one of you look at me. Some say, Bro. Jackson: if it is supposed to be forever, how do you get around it? Do you not realize, forever in the Bible does not mean eternal. I am going to prove it to you. Turn with me to the prophet Jeremiah. He lived under the Law age. He prophesied to the children of Israel during that Law period. Jeremiah had already seen the children of Israel, how after they came from the wilderness into the land, they went astray, and they left the word of God. Jeremiah was a prophet that prophesied at one of the darkest hours of Israel’s history. I am going to pick up here in the 31st verse in the 31st chapter of Jeremiah. The Law was still in effect. Paul speaks of this in the writings of Hebrews. “Behold, the days come, saith the Lord, (Notice what the word says.) that I will make a new covenant (a new one) with the house of Israel, and with the house of Judah: Not according to the covenant that I made with their fathers in the day that I took them by the hand to bring them out of the land of Egypt; which my covenant they brake, although I was an husband unto them, saith the Lord: (This begins to tell me something, that in the future, is going to take place.) But this shall be the covenant that I will make with the house of Israel; After those days, saith the Lord, (What is, those days? He means after the Law has fulfilled its purpose. Always remember the word forever does not mean eternal, because in the Psalms and Paul uses it in Hebrews. In the Psalms it was prophesied how that Christ was to receive a priesthood forever after the order of Melchizedek. Does that tell me that Jesus is going to be a High Priest for eternity? You know very well that is not right. He is going to be a High Priest for approximately two thousand years, then He is going to change and He is coming to be King of kings and Lord of lords, to rule on earth with his bride. That alone, should prove to you that forever is not eternity. It means it is a period of time that only God will watch over. Here in Jeremiah, it says, And this shall be the covenant, a new covenant that I will make with the house of Israel, after those days, after the old one has fulfilled its course.) I will put my law in their inward parts, and write it in their hearts; (I like this) and will be their God, and they shall be my people. And they shall teach no more every man his neighbour, and every man his brother, saying, Know the Lord: for they shall all know me, from the least of them unto the greatest of them, saith the Lord: for I will forgive their iniquity, and I will remember their sin no more.” That is telling me that somewhere Jeremiah has prophesied that in the days to come, God will change the order of events. He is going to bring about the introduction of a new covenant. How will this new covenant come into play. That is when something that has been typed, every time there has been a Passover lamb killed, for fifteen hundred years that kept pointing ahead. Did it not? We know as Paul wrote in the Hebrews writings, that the blood of bulls and goats that they had offered for fifteen hundred years, only pushed their sin debt ahead. We do know this though, that when the time came for it to be accomplished, there was a perfect sacrifice that came forth, and then God did away with the old, that He might establish the new. That is what it all adds up to. Now we are going to see why this observing of His resurrection was to be on the next day after the sabbath? Because that set a type, a new beginning for something. I hope you understand it this far. It set a type, a new beginning. After two thousand years now, as God gets ready to finish up and clothe His Church, she is going to be that new family that has been redeemed through two thousand years of Grace. Not by Law, but by Grace. Because it is through His death, burial, and resurrection we have forgiveness of our sins and He has given us the Holy Spirit as the seal and the assurance of eternal life within. I realize, through the years of time the true revelation was lost as the generations came and went, but He is bringing us back to that revelation where we not only see what we have been redeemed from, but we can also see what we have been redeemed unto, that we can get ready to be a part of that new kingdom. That is why I said last Sunday night, The Millennium that lies just ahead of us is not yet the new beginning. How many realize that? It is only the Sabbath to this period we are living in. During that one thousand years Satan is bound, death is bound, but death is yet present as a disciplinary means. You can read that in Isaiah. Isaiah 65:20,“There shall be no more thence an infant of days, nor an old man that hath not filled his days: for the child shall die an hundred years old; but the sinner being an hundred years old shall be accursed” This is not the perfect day, but it is the Sabbath day to what has been going on for six thousand years. That is why it lasts a thousand years. It is a day, a dispensational day. Wickedness has been done away with. Christ will sit on a throne in Jerusalem and rule the earth with a rod of iron. You know what it says in Revelation 15, He has made us unto our God kings and priests. See, we have read about it, but we did not see that far ahead. I will have to say, The Millennium is now just ahead of us. God is getting us washed up and cleaned up from all this rotten mess we have been dragged through in our religious traditions, getting our mind’s cleared out. Yes saints all these types pointed to something yet greater and more glorious to come. When Christ hung on the cross that day, that brought an end to the Law as far as any salvation. Let us now see what Jesus said about this. Turn with me to the book of Matthew. Let me say this before we read this scripture, God never asked any prophet to say one thing that is going to do away with one thing here, unless there is a reason for that to be done away with. Somewhere it is written, as to why that would be. That is why I had to read Jeremiah 31 first, After those days He would make a new covenant. That means after the old Law covenant has run its course, and that meant everything within it. Now in the 5th chapter of Matthew, we will read the words of Jesus. Verse 17, “Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfil.” When Jesus said fulfill, what did He mean? I have to say everything that had been typed and had been offered as a sacrifice, was all fulfilled in Jesus Christ, not another animal, not another offering can ever annul or change it and go back. He is the sacrifice that is to bring the old one to an end. That is why everything else will be under the new covenant. Yet we have these others who say, But Bro. Jackson, what about this or that? Let us look at the 18th verse. “For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled. Whosoever therefore shall break one of these least commandments, and shall teach men so, he shall be called the least in the kingdom of heaven: but whosoever shall do and teach them, the same shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven.” Brothers and sisters, He is not talking about salvation here. Let us look at the Law in the natural aspect. Up until God called the children of Israel out, no human race on earth had any guidelines, any written word, or anything on what to go by. How many realize that? That is why I said the word Sabbath does not even occur until we come to the period of the Law. All these others, if you look at them, are showing you how God wants a human being to live socially. He should not be a murderer. He should not be a man stealer. He should not be a fornicator. Do you know what all these other laws say? They are pointing to the human nature you have born in you, that if something does not come along and eradicate that, you are sooner or later going to express yourself one way or the other. Look at the world today, how it is out there. They took the law away from them and now they have gone to the devil. That is why I have to say, God is displeased with this nation having taken the Ten Commandments off the stones and put them in a closet. Now the young boys and girls going to school have nothing to morally or socially point them to how they should conduct themselves. They think man can make his own laws. That is why every time he turns around he has to come up with a new law. But years ago when we did have the Ten Commandments still visible in public, they pointed our natural minded people to the fact, Do not break these natural laws because it only shows the nature you are. Why did Jesus say He fulfilled the Law? Because He is the sacrifice, He died for your sins and my sins. Then if I accept Jesus Christ as my Saviour, God is going to come inside of me and do something in me that I will not need it hanging over my door. Something tells me I do not want to steal. I do not want to steal from my neighbor, I do not want to covet anything he has. I want to do what God is pleased for me to do. I do not have to see a law written on something somewhere. Something is inside me, that is what He said He would do, He would write them in our inward parts. That is why I say, If you are truly a born again Christian, there is something that comes into you, that you do not want to be like your old self anymore. You used to curse, get upset and put on a big display. It was not long until your mouth would fly open and out would come words you wish you had never said. Well I wish I had not said that, but God knows how much I love Him. I had a cousin years ago, that chewed tobacco and smoked a pipe. He drove a pair of mules with a log wagon. He could quote the Bible verse after verse: he was a Jehovah Witness. The Lord knows I love him, he would say. But let him get mad and a string of vocabulary would come out of his mouth worse than a machine gun. Well, God knows I didn’t mean it, he would say. Now there is the nature of a man that has not got a thing inside of him that can control him. Brothers and sisters, let me say this to you, If a person is a born again Christian, something has come down and come inside him, something that is helping him overcome the persuasions of the old nature. It helps you reconcile yourself to His death, so then you crucify your flesh by submitting yourself to the Lord. The night I gave my heart to the Lord, I had come to the end of my road. I had done everything in my mind trying to figure out what I could do to get everything running right. In all my efforts, all I could see was, Give your heart to me. It was not what I could do, it was what I could submit to Him that would make the difference. I said in my heart, Lord, take this craving of cigarettes away from me, and I will do my best to serve you. I had tried to quit those things, only the Lord knows how many times. I would go buy a pack of cigarettes because I was in a position to get one, I would smoke one and throw the rest away because I did not want to take them home with me. The night I surrendered my heart to the Lord, it was different. I had been going with a neighbor boy to a GI agricultural school. (I have told you about this before.) I no sooner got in the car with my buddy, he took out his cigarettes and put one in his mouth and turned the pack over to me and I took one. This was the next day. I handed the pack back to him as I put that one in my mouth, and something said, What did you tell me? What did you tell me? I rolled the window down without inhaling it, and flipped the cigarette out the window. My buddy never did see it. To this day he does not know I did not smoke that cigarette. I have said to myself a thousand times, Only God could have done that. That is why I have to say, There is a difference in the natural law, how it is to control you, but when you really give your heart to the Lord, God wants a people He can live inside of. He does not want to have to beat them over the head with a law, like, Don’t do this, don’t do this and don’t do that. He wants a people He can get inside of and change their appetites and change what they want to look at. He can change how they want to talk, when before they used to curse and use all kinds of language, He changes all of that. When God gets inside of us He cleans up the vocabulary. The devil could throw everything at you, but instead of you getting angry and putting on a display, something inside you just causes you to hang your head and say, Lord, you know all about it. When that new covenant came, He took us out from under the bondage of the old covenant which would say, Don’t do this, don’t do that, do this and do that. That is because He intended to come within and really write the spiritual affect of what it was all about in our hearts. How many realize that? Then God’s Spirit gets in there to work with your spirit. With this in mind, I would like us to realize, and I would like to say this to every Adventist person on the face of this earth, This Sabbath keeping never did come about down through the Dark Ages. It only come about in the middle of the 1800’s. Here is where I have to say, Listen carefully to what I am saying, because there was a lot of people back in the 1800’s, that began to get disturbed because they felt they were getting close to the second coming of Christ and none of the churches were preaching about it. A man by the name of Williams began to preach about it, and that is why they are called Adventists, talking about the second coming of Christ. A little later on then, there was a woman that had an unusual experience. She was out of the Methodist Church. I do not say these things to condemn the woman, but if you listen carefully you will realize I have a reason for saying it at this time, The woman was supposed to have had a vision and saw the fourth commandment, which is, to remember to keep the Sabbath day holy. None of the rest of the commandments were in it, just that one. I studied this thing for the last two years to get it the way I felt like I would deal with it. That is why I have said many times, There are a lot of religionists in the world today, but the Jehovah Witness are the product of the International Bible Students. They too started out in the 1800’s. They started preaching the second coming of Christ. Look where they fell short though: they do not see Israel being re-gathered back into their land. They have the idea, if you believe in the Millennium, that is it. You cannot talk to them about salvation, gifts of the spirit, or anything like that. Everything to them, you believe in the soon coming of Jesus Christ, and that settles it. They have no belief that Israel is to be re-gathered. It is the same way with the Adventist movement: there is no such thing as the Jews being re-gathered. At the same time, these different elements, the Church of Christ are the same way, certain branches of them, we will say. Here they can have their disbelief toward the re-gathering of Israel, yet here is a bunch of people over here just before the end, that say, I can hardly wait for the coming of Christ. Well I will say this, I can hardly wait to see what God is getting ready to use Israel for. Not only did they knock one of those Hamas leaders in the head about a month ago, but they got another one yesterday. They said they were determined, if they are going to get out of the West Bank and give up certain territories, and vacate certain military positions that they hold over there, they are not going to come out and let Hamas come back in, in full force, to rise up against them. They got another one yesterday, and this morning they are really at it. We are just about to bring this to an end, but when I thought about this moon and everything, as I said when I first started this message, for fifteen hundred years, that one month in the year that was the Passover month, that was constantly observed. If it was back like it was back then, they would still be going through the same process.


I want to ask you to turn with me into Galatians. The apostle Paul had to have a reason when he wrote here in the Galatian letter, in the 4th chapter, starting with the 4th verse, because some were looking back to the Law. “But when the fulness of the time was come, God sent forth His Son, made of a woman, (or born of a woman) made (or created) under the law.” Now let us ask ourselves the question, What is Paul saying when he says this? When Christ was cut off here (pointing to crucifixion on chart) in that final month of that season, two thousand years ago, the Jewish nation even yet today, does not realize that ended the Law for righteousness. The Jewish nation has observed the law in the natural, and they just keep on in the natural, without even realizing it is doing them no good whatsoever. It is just bringing more heartache. Look at the frustration on the part of those who hold to the ancient ways, because really, that is why Paul said blindness has happened to Israel in part, until the fullness of the Gentiles be brought in. Why did Paul say, until the fullness of time? Meaning, when all these types that have been going on for fourteen hundred and ninety one years, actually fifteen hundred years, what that type pointed to, Christ was the fulfillment of it. Therefore Paul could say, In the fullness of time, Christ was made of a woman, meaning He was born of a woman, born under the Law. Yes, she lived back here. Christ was born back here under the Law. But when He grew to the age that God was pleased for His Son to reach, then I have to say Jesus Christ did not have to wait for somebody to tell Him what was going on. He knew exactly, the day that He was to go to the river to be baptized by John, and the time He would go to the cross. When Paul studied this through, that is where Paul got this, In the fullness of time, meaning when all the Law is fulfilled, it is not even around anymore to be fulfilled, Christ was born of woman, born under the Law. To do what? “To redeem them that were under the law, (Well if it was back then, to redeem Peter, James, and John and them back then, what about since then? It is still the same. To redeem them that were under the law…) that we might receive the adoption of sons.” We become part of that new family when we come to God by His provided means. What do we read in the 4th chapter of acts, where Peter was speaking to a bunch of trouble making, Jewish leaders? Notice, as we begin in verse 10. “Be it known unto you all, and to all the people of Israel, that by the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, whom ye crucified, whom God raised from the dead, even by Him doth this man stand here before you whole. This is the stone which was set at nought of you builders, which is become the head of the corner. Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.” The Millennium age is where this new family is going to really shine because you are going to have a glorified body. How many realize that? How many in here believe in the rapture? Do you believe your body is going to be changed when the rapture takes place? How many do? I hope I am not just beating my gums together for no reason. I am not trying to scare you: I am endeavoring to encourage you. I believe we are waiting for that day when we will hear Him speak from heaven, and this old vile body, if it is still alive, is going to be changed, in a moment in twinkling of an eye, from mortal to immortality. Those that are dead are going to come up first. Together we are going to see this event. Now we are looking at the Church in this time and God is getting ready to lift us up into glory to the great wedding supper. Then Jesus is going to get ready and come back with you and me and we are going to set up a new kingdom on this earth. That is going to be the Sabbath to this era of time we are living in right now. How many realize that? That Sabbath, the Millennium, is not the end. There is another period beyond that, and that is what you read about in Revelation 21 and 22. I would not want to miss it for anything in the world. I do want to say this to all of you, Do not let people talk to you like some try, saying, But the Sabbath has got to come in right here. They have Sabbath keeping on their mind and will not be persuaded differently. In their writings, which I have from three different sources, they try their best to prove to you that we everyone should be observing the Sabbath that they hold on to, which would be Saturday. Sunday is not even in the picture, as far as they are concerned. Those people have no interest in any further revelation from the scriptures: they are very contented by just holding on to their traditions. They dishonor those who would stand for the truth of God’s word. Now to continue on with the thought we were dealing with let me say this, As for the Passover, this line right here on our chart, represents the first fifteen days of that month that the Passover is to occur in. I have all kinds of writings here, that have been taught down through the centuries of time. These writings did not come from a bunch of backwoods people somewhere: They were from educated historians, that many times were indulging in the things that related to time, months, and so forth. It is a sad thing though, to think that people within this dispensation of Grace, when God has been in the process of redeeming out of us Gentiles a people to make up the beginning of a new family altogether, would try to hold on to something that is no longer in effect. It goes to show that the devil has done his very best, trying to disrupt us and get us divided. Look at the church world today, how divided it is. God is not the author of any of it. They all claim they believe the word, but when you trace it down, there are certain things in it that they believe. The rest they treat as irrelevant. People without a true revelation of the things of God can never dwell in unity. The chronology of God’s word was not written to be treated that way.


I want to say at this time, I have here in my possession, many different dates that various ones have as the date of the crucifixion of Christ Jesus. They have had Christ crucified April 1, 30 A.D., others April 1, 31 A.D. But I have the latest, that He was crucified April 3, 33 A.D. and that is backed up also by a Jewish history that states that Jesus, they believe was an insurrectionist, and that He was crucified in the year 33 C.E., which speaks of the Common Era. Now the time comes in the mind of all true believers, that you have to get your mind to the place you have confidence in something; and that something must have a scriptural basis, and not just some man’s traditions. Anything that I might say about the Adventist belief or anything like that, I do not do that to belittle anyone, but rather to stress a truth that God has revealed. I thank God He brought me out of the Methodist church system. They do not even believe in the Millennium, the earthly reign of Christ and His Bride at all. They have taught all through their time that the earth is going to burn up one of these days and the righteous saints are going to be taken to heaven and there we will live with Christ forever. They end it all right there. Anybody that knows the structure of the scriptures, knows that is not true. Nevertheless systems have existed on the fringe of things like this down through time. The time comes though, when every individual believer must make a stand for truth; and I can see God has waited until right here at the end time, when He has definitely proved by His own word, He is going to perfect the end time Church by giving them an assurance and positive belief in what they do believe from His word. Perfection consists of the fact that we all come into the knowledge, not only of the Son of God, but that also which leads to other things. There has got to be a common knowledge among all of us, so that we understand the whole thing that has been declared by the scriptures. Tonight, I want to say it is actually the first fifteen days of that month that points to the month of the Passover, because those first fifteen days are what overshadowed fifteen hundred years of the Law of Moses, because this started out in 1491 B.C. Every year in that period of time they repeated this same cycle, so that overshadowed that fifteen hundred years. It is actually fourteen hundred and ninety one years but you can say fifteen hundred years. Now why did God set the type like that? Because, when that fifteenth century came to a close and the Passover month was precisely right in line, the Passover offering was here on earth: it was Christ Jesus. The Jewish nation that this was given to by a Law, by commandments, here they are going through the ritual of it again, knowing nothing about what was actually being accomplished. They did not realize, that at that same time there was a man in their society, that their high priest was putting on trial that night, getting ready to condemn Him and crucify Him the next morning. The entire nation had been blinded by the fact that they were the ones that received the Law. It is an utter shame, that out of that same generation of Jews, there was only a small nucleus that got the revelation of why John the Baptist came on the scene to introduce something, and then Jesus followed, picking right up on what john was preaching and brought out even more. Yet the high priest and those that condemned Him and crucified Him, failed to recognize He arose the third day afterward, fulfilling every part of that Passover season that was celebrated by natural animal sacrifice. This is exactly why many Adventists make Paul a liar because of what all he says in the New Testament. It seemed as though every time we have ever published anything on this, it isn’t long until I will get a letter from some of those characters, trying to tell me that this Sunday worship is a pagan practice. I just have to say in return, You would not know a pagan day from any other day, because you are so blinded by one little stipulation, Law, Law, and keeping the Sabbath. You who major on Sabbath keeping, seem to forget that the commandment to observe the Sabbath, was the fourth one in the order. Why would it be necessary to pick out one and hinge eternal life on that one, then mix it with a little grace and say that is what makes up the gospel and condemn all the rest who are walking in a true revelation? When we look at all the types, when Christ did hang on the cross, He also prayed, and this is recorded in the 17th chapter of St. John, three things He said, Father, I have given to them thy word. Father, I have finished the works. That is the miracles and ministry He did. And I have revealed unto them thy name. They hung Him on the cross. In the final hour He cried out, It is finished! The Passover sacrifice has now been offered and the very same people that have had the type for fifteen hundred years were the ones that were pointing the finger, condemning Him to die.


In our religious, Gentile world of theology, we have become the same kind of people that has taken the gospel of grace, twisted it, and given it any kind of meaning one would want it to have. They are mixing a little bit of Law with a little bit of Grace, thinking that is going to be the gospel. Those who do so are way off the track. I want to make this message as plain as the Lord will help me to make it. However all these scriptures pertaining to this, I want to save for the convention. I want to stress also and cause you to realize there has to be a people on this earth in this end time, that God has led out of all these many systems of religion, cleansed their minds, given them an understanding of how to look at the scriptures, and led them to know just exactly what our faith consists of. We just finished a message last Sunday that we took the scripture out of Revelation 3:14 for, where Jesus is saying to John, that He was the beginning of the creation of God. Ninety percent of Christendom will plainly tell you He was absolutely in the original creation, they take it that far back. I have read all kinds of documents what theologians and historians have referred to as pertaining to Christ as having been in the beginning. They want to say He was the Majesty, He was the WORD by which God created all things. It gives you the opinion that Jesus was up there by the Father all the time and the Father decides to do something, so He says to the Son, (that they refer to as the WORD,) You go do this and you do to that. That is the way the thought is left in their writing. But none of them in all their writings tell you precisely what He actually did do, if He was up there with the Father as a living, breathing being during all the creation the Creator created. Then when we come to the New Testament and read what the apostle Paul wrote, I have to say, The apostle Paul put the capstone on it all. When I referred to what Paul said this morning, which is found in 1st Corinthians the 15th chapter, that Jesus was the firstfruits. Where did Paul get that first fruits from? He got that from the type there in Leviticus, the wave offering that those Jews had been bringing every year for fifteen hundred years. When they gathered in their harvest, they first went out and cut that little bundle of grain, stalk and all and presented it to the priest. They would tie it together and bring it to the temple. It would lay there for the days to come so that the high priest would have that to wave at the proper time. To him, it was just a bunch of grain to fulfill a ritual by waving it before the Lord on the next day after the Jewish Sabbath that occurred in the Passover season. Isn’t it something, for anyone to get blinded by something like that? It is all natural. Any preacher could get out here and wave some sheets of paper the same way, but remember, that sheaf offering pointed to something, and the other does not. I ask you though, Did the high priest see what it pointed to? No. He just knew it was something he was supposed to do. It pointed to the resurrection of Jesus Christ who would fulfill what it typed. I can say to you tonight, The morning Mary and the other women came to the tomb to see Jesus, He had already risen. The angel said, Why seek ye the living among the dead. He is risen. They were about ready to turn away, then Jesus spoke to them. Think of it, here was the firstfruits from the dead and here was some little disciples, the little backwoods fishermen, not educated much, but they had believed in this man and what He taught. When they did see Him and He spoke to them, think of it, here they were seeing the firstfruits while the high priest at the temple was busy getting into that pile of grain and waving each one of these just to fulfill the ritual. That looks just like the various forms of religion all over the world today, just repeating, never knowing what the types or anything were for. I can truthfully say this tonight, When I go back two thousand years ago and I see from the scriptures what Paul said in Roman 8, that Jesus was the only begotten Son of God, foreordained to be the first born among many brethren, so that you and I might obtain adoption through that means by the choice of God, that you and I might be made part of that family, this settles me on many questionable problems others have. This definitely, two thousand years ago, was the beginning of something that has taken place right on down through two thousand years, and oh how the dirty devil has chewed on it and hacked away on it to mess it up. It is right here at the end time that the outward picture does look dark and dismal, but God, because of the sincerity of certain people’s heart’s, is going to open our minds, and He is going to open our spirits, and let us see what potentially, we have been chosen to become. I want to say this, In the natural, a lot of people say, Well we are the first creation. No, you are not of the first creation. In the natural, we can say, We are a part of the second creation, but in the spiritual sense, you are a part of the beginning of the third creation and don’t even realize it. How many can see that? The Bible has enough in it, if believers would look at it right, it would prove itself. When I said this morning, I received a letter from this certain fellow, and he had plainly stated he was not so much interested in the six creative days of twenty four hours and a period of time prior to that, which might have been the prehistoric world. He was not interested in any of that. As I read his letter I just thought, You poor man. There is more in this Bible in those few verses those prophets of old spoke about, than all that kind of man could write about if he wrote the rest of his life and stacked it as tall as your head. A man that talks like that has no vision whatsoever. That is why I said this morning, Here is Isaiah, that lived in the seventh century before Christ. Do you think Isaiah had been going out, crawling around on the ground, looking for fossils? I don’t think Isaiah was looking at anything like that. What made him open his mouth in that 14th chapter of his writing, and call that devil exactly by the angelic name he had before his fall? Lucifer, son of the morning. That is not taking it back to our Eden, and you know it. That was taking it way back there in his early beginning, before he became self exalted and became an enemy to God’s righteousness. Can somebody tell me why Isaiah was inspired to write that? I have to say, To me, that is a little beginning of an insight God was going to let be written and recorded in the chronology of His scriptures down through time. If Isaiah would have been the only one, we might have had reason and excuse to complain about it, but then here came Jeremiah in the 4th chapter of his writing, vindicating the very thing. He said almost precisely, word for word, what is in Genesis 1:1-2. Why did God let him see that? What was the purpose behind it? It was to let you and me know God created this planet that you and I live on, and there had been a prehistoric era here on earth long before the events we read about in Genesis. Look at universal Christendom in the time when I was a little child growing up. Darwin’s theory was slowly coming on the scene. They were fighting it tooth and toenail. Just to talk about evolution revealed great anger with some, and almost everyone back then, said it was of the devil. Well I grant you, to talk about evolution and things like that in those terms, yes, it could do that. However when we began to get our eyes open, we knew the devil did not create this planet. God created everything there is. That is why we have to come to a conclusion, on this planet, however many millions and billions of years ago it might have been created, God created it, but He created angelic beings and put them here first. That era of time, God let go on long enough until this planet earth was gradually, by natural causes, coming into a fruitful state. The planet definitely had to grow into a fruitful state so that life could exist here. You cannot plant trees on the edge of a volcano. How many know what I mean?


As we start to examine what we have learned from the scriptures, we have to realize it took time for the natural elements of creation to begin to develop the breaking down of different materials and things that would eventually become soil, making it habitable for life, both plant life and animal life. God created His angelic family all righteous, then put them here, and somewhere in that era of time, He presents an opportunity when they made a choice. We have to accept the fact that they made a choice. If they did, then God saw the day when He had to call the whole thing into judgment. When He did, He had already seen every angel that had rebelled against Him, against His creative laws, and that had perverted the nature of animals by doing what they did. That caused God to judge the whole thing. Now if Jesus referred to Satan as the father of lies, what does that mean? Did he not originate the first lie? Since God knew which one the ringleader was, it had to be Lucifer. Can you not see that God called the angelic beings in for a confrontation? I can see Him as He looked at Lucifer and said, Lucifer, what have you been doing? You hear this in every court case on earth today, Nothing. Are you guilty? No I am not guilty. That is that dirty devil repeating his same old tactics and lies to make himself look good over and over again and again. On and on this went, as God passed from angel to angel to angel. Sooner or later they all had to answer to their guilt or innocence. When God had seen all those that had disobeyed Him, perverted things, and strayed from His laws and rules, that is when God administered judgment. I ask all of you, What kind of climate did this planet have during all that time? It had a perfect climate. If ferns could grow in the polar regions, why was it? It was because it had a perfect climate. This planet earth was not covered two thirds with water back then. The reason I bring this out tonight, is because I would like for you to think, and realize you are a part of God’s third creation. Well how can that be so, Bro. Jackson? When I asked the question this morning, Have you been born again, have you been filled with the Holy Ghost? What was your answer? If you could honestly answer yes, you know what that puts you into? It puts you in God’s new creation. All at the same time, this old creation that we are born in, look at it out there today, and you will have to agree, that is the old creation. I just saw on the News awhile ago, and I feel so sorry for our soldiers that are going over there to fight a war to please a bunch of politicians that don’t know a bit more about what to do than a mouse on Mars. I just said that as a figure of speech. Now the militia has been rising up against some of the Italian troops, been shooting at them. It would not surprise me, instead of this thing getting better, it is going to get worse. We will just leave all of that and look at something else now.


When we begin to look at ourselves, a lot of people have had the idea for centuries of time, Well we are going to go to heaven and live forever with Jesus. They cut the whole picture off right there. If you follow the route of the scriptures right straight into the book of Revelation, that is not the way it is going at all. If Jesus was the firstfruits from among the dead, He is the beginning of something. If He is the first born among many brethren, then He is the beginning of something. Is He not? That is when He began to do something that is recorded in the scriptures. Nothing is telling you what is supposed to have been done eons and light years before that. I have to say He did not exist back there as a being. He only existed in the mind of the eternal Spirit that waited for the time for Him to bring that Son forth. He was going to be the beginning of the Creator’s third creation. I will ask you, When God did judge this planet, what did He destroy? He destroyed the traces of His first creation. Right? Why are these skeletons out here in various places today? These fossilized bones, why did they not all fully decay? God wanted enough of it left to let you and I know, years later, that there had been another creation of life here at a former time, and God was behind it all. When God’s time for it was right, He prepared the planet for the human race to be brought into the picture, this second creation, and that is when He starts renewing the planet to make it habitable again. In those creative days of Genesis, He was not creating one molecule, one fiber of anything. He was bringing it out of that chaotic, judged state. When it reads in Genesis 1, “And darkness was upon the face of the deep,” do you know what that word, deep, means? It does not pertain to a whole in the ground, the deep it refers to was space. I have read enough about these things through the years, taking National Geographic magazine, to learn some of the terminology. Some of their philosophies, I assure you I cannot go along with, but the archaeological discoveries I have read about are proof that something did go on way back there; and we would be foolish not to accept it. I am saying this to you, Those first creative days in Genesis were the dispensations of time, each time, each period, a thousand years. God was slowly bringing this planet earth out of that chaotic, judged state. Now let’s try to look back, and think on the word darkness. If there had been a perfect climate at one time, what caused it now, since judgment has been ministered, to be in darkness? Somewhere the planet earth has gone through some kind of catastrophic upheaval that moved it over out of relationship to the sun, because in the proper relationship to the sun, and most all the water out in space, the earth had a perfect climate all the time. We just have to realize, the planet earth at that time, was not two thirds covered with water. How many will agree with me? It was more exposed soil. The biggest part of this excess water was all in space, and formed a vapor barrier. When the planet earth became rocked out of perfect relationship to the sun, that put it in a category where the heat, the ultraviolet rays of the sun, could no longer penetrate and keep the atmosphere warm. That is what kept it a perfect climate. Well things began to freeze. That Ice Age lasted for hundreds into thousands of years, so that by the time this planet, the larger part of it is covered with ice, but space where all this water is, was frost. I have seen pictures that were taken in the northern regions around the polar area, and on certain days you cannot see anything because the air is filled with that cold frost. Just picture that in your mind, all those waters that normally would be filtering for the sun, so that the sun could beam the proper radiation to the earth to warm it, when that has all been thrown out of kilter, all of this is going to become a frozen substance. Therefore all around this planet, there was nothing but a floating mass of frost. No wonder darkness was upon the face of the deep. That we can visualize, but then what does it say? “And God said, Let there be light, and there was light.” God did not light a lantern somewhere, it is how He began to show His favor toward the subject. When He did, then it tells you in the next verse, and the Spirit of the Lord moved upon the waters. What does that tell you? It is that atmosphere where all this water is frozen, a frost, just rotating around the planet. He just began to separate the waters from the waters. He said, Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters. What is He actually saying? He is going to take a lot of these waters right back where they are supposed to be, and then confine the others to the earth itself to function. Now He is clearing up the atmosphere. I have to say, You do not have to go to college to learn something like this. You can just read your Bible and be sensible and reasonable, as you allow God to give you understanding. Did you realize, this last fifty years has brought to the knowledge of man, more about the prehistoric existence of the planet than the last five hundred years all put together before that? All over this earth from nation to nation, they are digging out fossilized bones of a prehistoric creation. Common sense lets us know such a creation existed, so we can say that was an era when God tested His angels. In that, He got His righteous angels separated from the unrighteous ones, just by observing their choice, did He not? When God’s plan came into this second period, a period where He is going to use the planet again, He is using these angels to help Him in this period. That is why He said in the 26th and 27th verses of the 1st chapter of Genesis, “Let us make man in our image and after our likeness, (talking to the righteous angels which were spirit beings). Those angels were already spirit beings, so when God made man in their image and likeness, He was making a spirit being, which would not have a physical body until much later. What is he going to be made for? He is going to be made to rule and have dominion on this planet. Now you are seeing the second period come into existence. But when you go back and look at this, six thousand years, God spoke every bit of this into existence. All the angelic beings that are loyal to Him, they know exactly their position, what their purpose is, and what their function will be once God activates it all. When He had a Sabbath, think seriously now, there was not one thing crawling around on this earth yet, during all that time. Did you know, when that Sabbath was over, seven, one thousand year periods had elapsed. Now the planet earth has warmed sufficiently to support life. I can see plant life beginning to grow and God looks and says it is time to activate His plan. He then creates a garden in a certain geographical spot on earth. Then the next thing He does, seeing there is not a man to till the earth, is give the man a body. The man was the last thing God created on the sixth creative day, but he was only a spirit being. He created the man, rested for a thousand years and then created a body for that spirit to dwell and function in. What am I saying to you? On the eighth day, man was the first living thing of His creation that God gave a body of flesh and bones to. What did He actually create the man for? To subdue the earth, refurbish and replenish it. That first man in the beginning was made perfect, precisely with an ordained plan imparted into him by the mind of God, so he knew exactly what his purpose was. Had Adam and Eve never failed God in their commission, (let us be sensible.) there would never have been a reason for you and me to have a Saviour. How many realize that? There would have been no such thing as sin. There would never have been wars, killings, and diseases. There never would have been a grave yard. The second creation is now set in motion, but when was it set in motion? Not on the seventh day, it was set in motion on the beginning of the eighth day. Don’t look at me and say I am crazy. You are the beginning of the next eighth day. Listen to me. That is exactly why Jesus rose on the first day of the week. Did you know the morrow after the Sabbath, takes you to the eighth day? It is the next day after the Sabbath, but it is starting all over. Let us look at the Sabbath. Does it tell you and me that the Sabbath was the perfect thing? No. It is the end of the cycle. So, since Adam was put on the earth at the beginning of the first day, as far as the creation side is concerned, but already, what God has done, is on the eighth day. Therefore let us take it from Adam to our time, wars, killings, diseases and you name it. Every day, you turn the News on and what do you hear? Little children are being killed, college girls are kidnaped. They find their bodies mutilated, just torn to pieces. I see a nation that at one time knew God, but just to show you how natural mankind thinks. they got to the place they were not pleased with the free speech that we did have years ago. They wanted to kick that all out the back door and they did. Now we have killings somewhere every day. There is no ethics, no principals, no loyalty left in the general society. All of that lets me know, as man lives right at the ending of his six thousand years of labor and struggle, he is trying to find an answer to his dilemma, but he has missed it. That is why Jesus, as it is recorded in Revelation 3:14, is the beginning of the creation of God. Two thousand years ago, when He was born, crucified, buried and then raised from the dead and ascended into heaven, He became a Mediator and High Priest for all who believe. As He promised, He sent the Holy Ghost back, which descended first upon about one hundred and twenty of His faithful disciples, and then to others, and out of each generation of time, there has been an element of people called to be partakers of this same benefit and blessing with Him. He is making you and me potentially, already a part of the third creation. How many can see that? Why do I say we are becoming a part of the third creation? Number one, You have something in your heart that the world does not have. What is that? Salvation for your soul. You do not go to college to get salvation. Neither do you go to a bank and get money and buy it. No. It is a gift from heaven. Is that not right? Some may say, Why do I need this salvation, I’m a good person? The Bible says, All have sinned and come short of the glory of God. We are born sinners, but God’s grace is sufficient for all who will believe and accept Jesus Christ as their savior. When you accept this free gift of salvation, then it can be said of you, as it is written in the scriptures, You are in this world but yet you are not of this world, because Jesus said, My kingdom is not of this world. Right? You, as a true believer, have been appointed to be the beginning of something the lost of the world cannot even see yet. Now, as we come to the close of this sixth day of the natural process, we all know that the book of Revelation speaks of a Millennium, even though the word Millennium is not used there. The word Millennium itself, means a thousand, which in this case is a thousand years. We do not have to speculate on how long that kingdom is going to last. It is going to last a thousand years. That is one day, according to God’s timekeeping. That is the seventh day of this cycle, is it not? But did you know we have this promise, and that is why I said this morning, We have this promise, that one of these days, when this little Church here at the end time, has finally reached its state of perfection, when God has cleaned up its mind, got it out of all its tradition, it then has a picture in its heart of what is on out ahead. They know exactly who they are, they know exactly what is getting ready to take place. Jesus is coming to receive us to Himself. No, He is not taking us to live in heaven for eternity. He is just taking us up there so we will be married to Him as His legal wife, while that seventieth week of Daniel runs its course. When I say a wife, I hope you understand, you are all going to be living in a glorified body, so your mind is no longer subject to the natural, mental things that it is related to down here. You are going to be invested with an insight, a knowledge from the grace of God, that is going to enable you and me to return with Christ, as it is written in Revelation 19, where it tells how wicked mankind is slain with the sword of the Lord’s mouth. God is going to enact judgment, death and destruction to this present world system out here. Out of His mouth goes a sharp two edged sword. He is going to slay the wicked. Their dead bodies are going to lie from one end of the earth to the other. What is God doing? He is reigning judgment on all the wicked of this earth. It has already had one judgment by a great flood of water; and the critics do not even believe that. Well I do. That is why we have all this water here on earth today. I say to you tonight, Before there was such a thing as Noah having to build a boat, every land mass on this planet was connected to each other. Had sin not entered the picture, which caused God to say, It repents me that I have even made man, I believe by the time three thousand years of time had elapsed, all the rest of the polar regions would have been thawed and that water would have been taken back out there and we would have a perfect climate on this planet, but when that judgment came, that threw everything completely out of balance. All that water changed the balance of the earth and changed it from its perfect three hundred and sixty degree rotation, and it has remained that way ever since. That is why we have three hundred and sixty five and one forth days to our solar year. The fact that the critics do not want to accept that there was a flood does not alter the truth one bit. I would ask all such, Why is it that there are two thirds of the earth covered by water? It did not start out like that. I can accurately say that we are a part of that third creation. Have you ever stopped to think, God does things in three’s? He has a reason for doing things in three’s. When He tested that angelic family back there in the prehistoric time, that lasted long enough, and God had His reason for watching over those angels. That is why, when we read the Old Testament, we come to an understanding that within that angelic family of God there are righteous, there are three kinds of angelic beings. Some are winged creatures, others are not. But within all of it, there are definitely three categories of angelic beings. Then take a look at ourselves, what is going on with us. When Jesus comes and takes His Bride saints to Himself, keep in mind that all those Old Testament saints have already been taken up there. How many realize that? They already have a glorified body. When He comes and takes His Bride, that takes out of the crust of the earth, and those that are living, those that are really in Christ and make up His Bride, He is going to take them up. You have two categories of people right there. But when we come back, do you know what we are going to do? Out of this present realm of humanity out there, there is a small element of those people in mortal flesh, and there is going to be an element of them preserved to pass on into the Millennium. No, they are not going to be saved to be Christians, they are going to be saved alive, preserved to be the ones that inhabit and make up the nations that are saved for the repopulating of the earth. It is going to be their job to replenish the planet again. Little babies will be born and longevity of life will be restored while the immortal ones are in the capacity of ruling. Do not ask me to go into specifics. You know good and well, in every kingdom you always have different levels of authority in human beings. You had it in King Solomon’s hour. You also have it in governments today. Some of it ought not be there in the first place, because many of them are nothing but a bunch of crooks, but we all know how that is. The point is, all of those that are immortal, in that kingdom, are going to live and reign with Christ in certain realms of authority. The others, the third level. Listen carefully to me. The Millennium has started, now I ask you, who is on the earth then, in that Millennium of time? That is the beginning of His third creation, and every one of you, you, and you are going to sit there with Him ruling and reigning. Why does it say in Revelation, He has made us unto our God, kings and priests? Is that just a figure of speech? The Bride is being taken out of every race and color on this planet. When the time comes and Jesus sets up His kingdom on this earth, (Listen to what I am saying), Germans will not rule over Dutch. English will not rule over another dialect. His Bride has come out of every nation on the face of this earth. She is going to rule and reign with Him a thousand years. Doing what? Completing the rest of the third kingdom, restoring law, knowledge and discipline. When Paul wrote what he did about Christ in the 15th chapter of 1st Corinthians, he summed it up like this, He who is the firstfruits, He is made subject to something that is above Him. But He that is above Him has brought all things unto subjection to Him, meaning this, God has placed in His grasp and authority the right to rule and reign on this earth. Doing what? With His righteous, redeemed people that helps to make up this third kingdom, He is going to restore to this planet earth, divine laws, authorities and judgments. Since that seventh stage is not the perfect age yet, but it is the process of completing the third stage, try to get the picture, you will not be creating anything after you go into the eternal kingdom. How many realize that? It is all going to be done in the Millennium. I have to say when the Millennium starts, all that water is still going to be out there. This is why I have to say, Just going through John 3:16, John 5:24, and then saying, I believe the Bible, is not good enough. I say, No, you do not believe the Bible. You are just like children playing games. Many just pick out the little things they can play with, but the things that really begin to come together and formulate a picture, they will say, Well I don’t know about that. When the time comes for that to be taken off the scriptures, off the pages, God puts it in the minds of His people for it to become a reality. I say tonight, That living element of God’s Bride right now, is going to be an informed people and His plan will have been revealed to them, so that when we come back with Jesus and He takes over the kingdoms of this world, He Himself is going to rule from Jerusalem. One King and one Lord of all the earth, but His Bride, His immortal saints, are going to sit in places and in positions of authority around this planet. For a thousand years, this will be the setting with these other mortal people of the nations being governed, as they are going about to multiply. Diseases will not be running rampant, death will not be hereditary. Death then, will only be a disciplinary means that God uses to discipline that mortal realm of flesh. You may say, Well if Satan is bound during all that time, why will anyone need disciplining? That is because they will each still have that inherited nature that all mortals are born with. We will just say, That is the seventh age. It is the seventh day. It is the seventh dispensation, but it is not the perfect kingdom for the eternal age. In that process, things are being more and more restored to perfect, so that by the time the thousand years are over, do you know what has happened? You have a redeemed earth, beautified, glorified and ready for the eternal age which is without end. Nature will no longer withhold its substance. The plowmen shall overtake the reaper. They will farm and till the ground, one cycle right after another. The earth shall not withhold its increase. That is when righteousness rules, not politicians, not sin. For a thousand years, each year it is going to get better and sweeter, better and sweeter, better and sweeter. Watch the masses of oceans, the water lines along the coast. They are not going to increase, they are going to decrease. What is going on? He is ruling in righteousness. He is in the process of renewing the earth. It is all going to be a finished picture when that thousand years comes to an end. That is the earth’s Sabbath. How many understand what I mean by that? The word Sabbath, means rest. It means in that time mankind rests from his labor of the burden of sin. That is the way we have to look at it. So then since there will be many, many people born on the earth, God would be an unjust God to let all those masses pass off into the eternal age, having never been tested or tried, as people from all other preceding ages have been. That is why He allows the devil to be loosed for a little season. He will go out upon the breadth of the earth looking for disciples to follow him. Let me say this though, that devil will never be allowed to contaminate the earth with one perverted sin again. He will be allowed to sow discord in the hearts of a lot of those mortal people, those mortal people that he will be able to deceive will align themselves with him against God. He will get them to agree with him. They will make the choice to do so, but they will never be allowed to go so far as to carry it out, because God will not allow rebellion and another war to break out. When the devil thinks he has got all of these, he will say to them, Come on, let’s encircle the capital, which is Jerusalem, let’s take over this glorified kingdom. God lets them plan that so far until they are in position. I will say this, There will never be the sound of a rocket, a machine gun, nor an airplane or anything like that. Fire comes down out of heaven and devours that entire bunch of rebels. That leaves the planet at that time, void of any affect of what sin was going to lead them to do. How many see the picture? Oh yes, the wicked dead are still out there, but fire has come down and liquidated the rebellious ones, then we see Jesus, as He takes the last position. As I read different articles written by various writers, they put Jesus way up there millions of years ago, Oh He was the majestic this and the majestic that, He was an eternal being with the Father, and on down the road they go, but they are never able to tell you if you ask them, What did He do? The apostle Paul plainly tells us what He did. He had a beginning, and that was two thousand years ago. Two thousand years ago, when God opened up His bosom and brought forth the expression of that which had been there all along. He took from His mentality the word that He had planned for redemption and caused Him to be born of a virgin birth. Yes, He was born of a woman under the Law so that He could die and redeem them that were under the curse of the Law. That is what the apostle Paul said. It was not the plan of God to leave the human race under the effects of the Law for eternity. That pertains to the Sabbath and all. The Sabbath was a type. That is why, when the Levitical Law came along and spoke about that sheaf offering, there was another Sabbath right there. It is actually the eighth day. How many realize that? It is pointing to that new kingdom. Therefore when death and hell give up the dead, all the graveyards are useless. Why do I say that? Because that destroys from the face of this planet all traces of man’s sin in all ages. Then what does it say? Then shall the kingdom be delivered back up to God the Father, that God may be all in all. I ask you a simple question, Paul told you exactly what He was ordained to be, so to me, He is my elder brother. To me, He is God’s only begotten Son brought forth into existence two thousand years ago, that He might be a means of paying the way to redeem me out of this curse of sin that has been going on for six thousand years, to give me the potential hope of eternal life, eternal existence, in an age where there is no end. So when the earth’s Sabbath is over, that is the Millennium, so do you know what the next picture is, that you will see? John said I saw a new heaven. Don’t be afraid of it: It is going to be just as real as you sitting here right now. I saw a new heaven and a new earth. Do you know what that lets me know? Jesus Christ was the beginning of that, and He is the ending of that. The end does not mean it no longer exists, but the end of the purpose for which God had in it, to put it into that position, that is why He is the beginning and the end of the new creation of God. It does not tell us from there on, anything other than Christ is your elder brother, but He will always be before the throne of God, so that God might be all in all. God has his children, mankind, in three stages. He has His angels in three stages. He has his human beings in three stages. That is the third kingdom. That is the eternal kingdom, that is the eighth day in which there will be no end. World without end. Eternity begins. It is a wonderful thing to look forward to.