Seducing Spirits And Doctrines Of Devils

Rev. Raymond M. Jackson


I want everyone to realize, that by the grace of God, I have had to stand for something for thirty seven years, but this is only a small token of some of the things I get from different ministers throughout the world. I have a whole filing cabinet full, but I just brought these certain ones with me today. When we first started our church in 1955 with very few, it grew and we finally moved here in 1967. My human nature was always to be peaceful and loving, letting the other guy have his way. My nature was to get along with everybody. That is why, for the first two or three years we suffered a lot of flak, because every kind of preacher that was supposed to have been following Bro. William Branham was coming along with their revelation, trying to cram it into us. I tried my best to entertain them and be good to them and accept them as brothers, but the more I tried that the worse it got, so by taking that position it just got worse and worse. I finally realized I was not getting anywhere; and that something had to be done. I just have to say, It has been the grace of God that has pushed me beyond my human feelings and caused me do some things, and teach some things, and also to go other places. To those that will hear my voice this morning, if it is in Canada, this faith that you have up there, it was by the grace of God that He led me there in 1969 in the month of August. One of the sisters from Moncton came across Canada into Chicago, then she rode a bus to this area. She was here in our convention. On the last day of our convention she said to me, I was coming here hoping to have a chance to talk with you. I said, Sister, we will come to your hotel room after service. My wife and I went to her hotel room. She said, Bro. Jackson, I represent a lot of people in Canada. Some of us are out of the Assemblies of God, Baptists, this and that. We have heard about Bro. William Branham’s message, we have heard your name mentioned several times. They have all agreed that I should come down here and ask if you would come and preach to us. I said, Sister, go back and tell them I will pray and try to get the leading of the Lord on when to come. In the month of August 1969, which has been quite some time ago, we went to Moncton. While we were there we had about ten days of meetings. A lot of people accepted the truth of what we were standing for and were baptized. At that time I preached serpent seed and explained some things to them. From that time on for the next three years the group began to grow. However after awhile a guy from the states, which was supposed to be preaching Bro. William Branham’s message, showed up and began to find out about the groups in Canada, and here they go. It was not long until there was a battle that began to set up. Out of the entire ordeal, there are only two assemblies today in New Brunswick Canada, one in Moncton and one in St. John. There are others of the same faith scattered over that New Brunswick area though. In 1972 I was led to go to Norway. That opened the door to preach the truth there. I went back again in 1973, and had the privilege of baptizing 17 Norwegians in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. At that time I met a brother and his wife, Bro. Rolf Strommen from Verdal Norway. Through the years from 1973 until now, I have grown to know that brother. I will say this, Not only in Norway, but we have been instrumental in establishing a church in the Philippines, in India, Mexico, and in Africa, Ghana and Nigeria and also South Africa. I am not saying these things to brag, but God has used us to establish the foundation of these groups and they have had to stand in the midst of a lot of controversy, which was to be expected. Followers of Bro. William Branham have also gone there with all kinds of adverse teachings. Well now, a short time ago, the brother in Norway, for some reason or other, took it upon himself to look at things a different way. The way he looked at things, was that there had to be another moving of the Spirit to really reach out and fulfill a five fold ministry. I will say to that brother, As I mention your name, Bro. Rolf Strommen, remember that when I first met you, you could hardly go from north Norway to south Norway and have hardly enough money to buy gasoline and a sandwich. Then in 1977, after being around you and hearing you preach, I felt that you had a ministry that could be very beneficial to a lot of saints around the world. Therefore Faith Assembly started bringing you and your whole family here that year. The people took a liking to you, and your simple way of teaching the scriptures. In those years, you had a very unique way of lifting up certain scriptures in the New Testament that were very up lifting. I had told different people since Bro. William Branham’s death, that I have refused to be what some would call a one man show. However I did began to realize, that one man that knew Bro. William Branham, knew his message, and how to teach it, was going to have to be strong enough, and lift up the truth long enough to give other men a chance to come and fill the ranks with the kind of ministry that God wants the Bride of Christ to have. I will say this to the brother, For a long time you have actually fulfilled that scripture to me. I realize as the years came and went, I was getting older, then when my wife had her sickness, that began to bring a stop to me traveling the world over. Yes, it looked to some people like my ministry was finished. I would no longer get to go and minister to the various groups as before, but little do people realize what is going on right now. Five years ago I did not know that a computer could be used like it is today. My son-in-law began to experiment with the computer, to see what could be done with it. Now it has grown into a universal setting. There are people logging on to this network from all over the world. It has been said from my pulpit that a computer can never be used like a live ministry. I want to say in return to that, The last six letters written by the apostle Paul, was while he was in jail. Are you going to say that they were not anointed? Are you going to deny the reality and fact of it? In fact, my text this morning comes from one he wrote while in jail. I am asking you to turn with me. I am not looking forward to delivering this message with a feeling of joy, but feel that I must. In 2nd Timothy, the 4th chapter, is something Paul wrote while in jail. This is the last epistle he wrote. As far as we know, In this chapter, when he says, For my time of departure is nigh, he must have known he was ready to leave the scene.


Paul writes to a young man that was actually a spiritual convert of his. He looked upon Timothy like a son. In the 1st verse of this 4th chapter he said, “I charge thee therefore before God, and the Lord Jesus Christ, who shall judge the quick and the dead at His appearing and His kingdom; Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, (He may have thought, I don’t want to do that.) exhort with all longsuffering and doctrine. For the time will come (Brothers and sisters, you are living in it.) when they (of that hour) will not endure sound doctrine; (What is sound doctrine?) but after their own lusts (That does not apply to their beer drinking, smoking, and cursing. It means their religious inclination, something to hide behind and say, I am a Christian.) shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears.” Some people say, Bro. Jackson, I have heard this same thing over and over, I am getting tired of it. I will say right now, Do you really believe in the first place? Do you know what has been said? Do you know what it means? Do you know the purpose of God in it? You just do not memorize certain things and go on down the road of life and live haphazardly, thinking, I have got it made. You do not have it made. Every day the devil is going to stalk you with something to try to prove you, so I ask you, Are you living for the Lord, or are you living for my flesh? Don’t look to this vessel of clay. I am thankful to the Lord for His grace, but I did not want to do this thing, and I don’t enjoy it today. I would rather be in Harrison County raising cows. This is not a self appointment. I didn’t pursue this because of some great revelation I had. God had to more or less drive me into it. “And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.” You are living in that hour. I am going to touch a lot of things today. There are individuals around the world, in Canada and the States, as well as Norway that will say, Bro. Jackson, you are not supposed to do it that way. I am going to remind you, Paul did a lot of things openly. I ask you, Why did he do it? Who was he talking about when he said, They are teaching that the resurrection is past already? They did not do it in a closet, they did it openly, purposely, hoping to draw disciples aside. In the 20th chapter of the book of Acts, the apostle Paul wrote, (This was before his imprisonment, when he was passing back through to Ephesus.) at a certain place he mentioned for all the elders of the Ephesian Church which was the model Church of the apostolic hour, to meet him at a certain place, when they gathered there, he spake these words to them, You know that by the space of three years, I have not held back anything, but I have fully preached to you the whole gospel. I have labored with tears night and day. I know that after my departure grievous wolves will come in, (Do not ever think grievous wolves are some drunks walking in. It is some fellow with nice slick words, Oh I am a servant of God, I am this or that.) Then he said this, Some men of their own selves will seek to draw away disciples, teaching perverse things. We have some people today, that will listen to anything and believe anything, if it sounds good. If it sounds good to their mentality, Well I don’t see anything wrong with it. It tickles their inwards. My point is, you are not following Raymond Jackson, you are either here because of truth or I guarantee you the time will come shortly, when you will hear something or find something that appeals to you far more than I will ever be able to appeal to you.


I have said through the years, When God finally pushed me out to do this, I said then, that by the grace of God I will do it, even if I never have a person sitting in front of me again. So now, I will deal with an issue that started in Norway. When I began to hear about this Jehu ministry, I remember when I first heard him preach this, at that time I never thought that he would really try to apply this in the manner that he eventually did. When I sent the video to him, in a short time he replied. (I am going to use his own words.) Bro. Strommen, through the years that I have traveled to Norway, I have never preached one thing one year, then something different on the same subject the next year, and leave people confused. In your personal letter to me, you say these words, on this video you mentioned about the Jehu ministry and said, I never have stood for any Jehu ministry. Bro. Strommen, I have always ministered on the five fold ministry. It is true that I have taken the pattern of the ministry of Elijah and called it a three stage three fold purpose of that ministry. I ministered that, as you mentioned, in Mexico and also in Manila. That topic is mainly an effort to try to help the believer see that everything was not over when Bro. William Branham died and I said that myself. He said here in the last paragraph of the first page, It seems that you are taking the names Elijah, Elisha, and Jehu as the three persons. Bro. Strommen, I say that because that is exactly what you have given others the impression that you are looking at. Bro. Strommen, you say here on the second page, If the young men here in Norway have mentioned that they are Jehu men, then it has never come to my ears or I would deal with it. It just seems like some people are only out to find fault. That sounds very convincing Bro. Strommen, that is your own words. However on the video I sent to you, you have some people in Norway very disturbed over this Jehu thing that is being taught. My brother, I was sent the translation of one of the sermons one of the young men preached on the platform when you were sitting there. His name is Brother Amund (spelling ?) The translation of it is in twenty four pages. Jehu is mentioned twenty five times as this young man stood and preached Jehu, Jehu, Jehu with Bro. Strommen sitting there. It could be said, Bro. Strommen, that everywhere you went you said, I stand with Bro. Jackson. Well I don’t stand for that kind of revelation. Ever since Bro. William Branham’s death and departure from this scene, and the dream I had, that morning when I went there on August 1, 1965, I related the dream to him. He said, Bro. Junie, something is getting ready to happen, when it does, there is a work for you to do. He never did say what, he just said, There is a work for you to do. He picked up his Bible and said, Stand with this! Now Bro. Strommen, in this message this young brother preached, he mentions some dream I have had and told through the years, but there is one he refers to, that I had in 1966, when Bro. William Branham came to me in a dream while I was out building a fence. Bro. William Branham walked up to me, I looked at him and greeted him. He said, Bro. Junie, I want you to go preach for me. I said, I won’t do it. He never did say why. He said again, I want you to go preach for me. I said, I won’t do it. The third time he said, Bro. Junie, I want you to go preach for me. I will say to the young brother that referred to that, It was not him that told me what to preach, I took a pencil and piece of paper out of my pocket and wrote down seven things. I handed him the paper and said, If I can preach that I will go, if I can’t, I won’t. He looked at it and said, Perfect. Now young man, quote what I said, do not quote what you think you want me to say. Bro. Strommen, I will come right back to what you said in your letter, dreams, experiences, have been done in Norway to confirm your ministry. By these you have pursued your ministry. Bro. Strommen, if you think I came to this platform blind, you are wrong. When I preached the first message back a few weeks ago, Judgment Begins at the House of God, immediately I began to get replies from different areas. I have a dream here from the Philippines that pertains to you, Bro. Strommen. I have another one that pertains to you from Georgia. There is another one in here that pertains to you from right here in Faith Assembly. I have a testimony of a young sister in Canada, when she heard my message that morning, she wrote and said, I was compelled to write a testimony, how God led me to see your ministry. She could remember when I was publicly opposed and stood against by a lot of people in Canada. She was only thirteen or fourteen then. That morning she sat down and wrote her testimony. I have several dreams here, and one is from Australia, these have come in from different parts of the world. It shows the body of Christ, as we get closer to the end, are going to function and operate precisely, according to the Bible. If I go out here and step out of line and do something wrong, it will be known the world over. But if I try to stand for the truth, for the will of God and His people, I am not responsible for what people think about me. I used to lose sleep over that. I have lost sleep over having to preach this. I don’t like to stand here and mention names and things that have been done. I am not going around the corner and excuse it and make it sound soft. Bro. Strommen, I have never said you are not my brother. You are my brother, but I am going to talk to you as your spiritual daddy. If that has lost its meaning to you, then you go ahead and follow that bunch of young men that you have educated that way. I will say this to the young men that are all wound up, If you are not careful and if you don’t ditch this Jehu idea and stop trying to use Bro. Strommen’s influence to justify yourself, you are going to destroy what little testimony you may already have. One of these days, and very soon, you will become so discouraged you will hang your head and walk away. You might reach a place where you will not want to come back among the old saints. Because you have gone wild over something you thought was a revelation. It is not. It is just an idea. The devil has a lot of ideas today, that he likes to pump into people. Young people like to listen to soft voices and soft words, Oh it is so appealing. The devil will hit you between the eyes one day with something, then you are going to wake up crying, What went wrong? I am not attacking anyone’s person or his character. It is the truth that you must try to lift up, that which will exemplify Jesus Christ. The body of Christ around the world is supposed to believe that. That is the sad part of it. That is why the denominational world today is dead. Get out of it! You might say, But I love grandma too much to do that. I can appreciate your love for grandma, but Jesus said, Matthew 10:34-37 “Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword. For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter in law against her mother in law. And a man’s foes shall be they of his own household. He that loveth father or mother more than me is not worthy of me: and he that loveth son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me.” The gospel has separated a lot of households. You have to have a backbone to stand up for Jesus Christ in a true revelation. This idea, Well, I don’t care what you believe as long as you stand for Jesus is antichrist. You make Jesus a hypocrite, when you talk like that. If Jesus was alive and walking in your midst today, He would rebuke you openly. He rebuked the disciples for mumbling among themselves. Some will say, Bro. Jackson, you ought to take these things into the closet. Paul never did. Let me explain this to you, if there is a problem that comes up in the local church, then we will deal with it, not necessarily before the whole assembly. But if somebody comes here and teaches something that eventually is going out here to the whole world, that is not in secret. That was taught to make it possible that everybody could believe it and see it. You can rest assured of this, the prophecy of Isaiah 52:8 is hanging right over your head. In that day, the watchmen shall lift up their voice together, together shall they sing. The real Hebrew translation is, when the Lord is returning to Zion, what is going on in the Middle East today, is He not doing that? You can say, Well it is not happening. Governments can even crack because they have lived so carnally for the last number of years and had so many slick deals. As I say these things this morning, Paul never wrote his letters to be read in a corner. You everyone know that. He wrote them, that eventually they would find their way to the true saints and help them in their daily life. When Paul was on the road to Damascus and he was finally led into the city, Ananias the priest was told to go to a certain man’s house and enter in and pray for Paul. His name was Saul then. God raised him up to be a light and a means of salvation to the ends of the earth. I have to say, It is still a means of salvation, but let us be careful how we preach it. If we try to give it some little quick quirk of sound or meaning, then it may very well be that those who do so may have the wrong kind of spirit in them.


I will say this morning, I hold here in my hand three books. This is only a sample of what is out there. When Bro. William Branham preached the seals in 1963, there was one seal not broken. We all should know that. The seventh one is still to be broken. Nevertheless through the years, and that has been thirty some years now, (just think of it), preachers are now saying, But all seven have been opened. Right here is one, I will not say who wrote it, but he specifically speaks that the seventh seal is none other than the revelation of how Jesus Christ was manifested in and through the life of William Branham while he was here. That would mean it is open. Well someone please tell me where the seven thunders sounded. That idea must be coming out of the same crowd that has been making all that other noise. You can read it here. I also have another message. This guy, when I had wrote a message about Marriage and Divorce, what does he do. He reads it, then he refers to me, how wrong I was. This is his personal letter sent to me, hoping to get me back into what he calls “the faith.” I am going to tell you what his faith became. He tells how the Lord appeared to him, then when it came to his own marital condition, he puts it right in his own writing. When he was first married he had married a girl that he found out later, was not a virgin, so what did he do? He divorced her and married a virgin, then justifies his message. Do you want to stand with or against something like that? We have a lot of people today, as long as they do not have to stand up and be made accountable for anything, you can beat them in the head with any book and they will hang right on. I also have here another one. He quotes Bro. William Branham by using this statement, (I remember when Bro. William Branham made the statement.) He said in 1963, the Almighty God speaketh through the mouth of William Branham, saying there are only seven hundred living saints who will be taken up in the rapture. Then when he was asked the question, he said, see there, I made a mistake, because he was referring back to Kings, how the Lord had said, I still have seven thousand that have not bowed the knee to the image of Baal. So I have to say, This comes to the point of the first resurrection, and he tries to tell what we put out in the first resurrection paper, by saying the first resurrection only includes the living saints, the Bride. The rest of these saints are not raised. He used Matthew 25, the judgment of nations and the judgment of the great white throne, all simultaneously at the end of the Millennium. Brothers and sisters, Matthew 25 does not occur then. Matthew 25 takes place right here at the end of the week of Daniel. I do not have time to go into and elaborate on details at this time. I get this kind of mail all the time. My filing cabinet is full of it. I will just say, If God singles you out to stand for something, you cannot just go on entertaining your flesh and being a sweet, loving person for a show, and get the job done. Let me say this, Brothers and sisters, I believe there is a time when a man can be gentle with the flock. I do not ever mean to stand here and be harsh. However I do know that there has to be times of correction. How many understand me? There is a time when you have to look the devil in the face and tell him, Go sit down: I don’t have time to listen to your foolishness. That is why Paul could say to Timothy, Rebuke, exhort, with all longsuffering and sound doctrine. Some will say, Well I don’t want to rebuke: I don’t want to expose anything: I want everybody to like me. When you get that way, it might be that the Lord don’t like you very much. You are just a soft pushover, that could not effectively stand for anything. I have to say that when my brother went to the Philippines last year and preached what he did about the foolish virgins, that they did not have any life at all, unless they were martyred in the tribulation period, he was leaving the revelation. He came right back through here, stood here and preached the same thing. It was later, that I heard he had preached the Jehu ministry over there, then went on down into Australia and preached it. It was not until he had gotten back home to Norway, that the Jehu thing really began to come out and I was informed of the hurt of it. Some of these Jehu young men over there were beating, hammering the other people and making them feel like they were nothing unless they submitted to this kind of teaching. Nobody has to submit to anything if it is not truth itself. I have listened to this, and Bro. Strommen, I will say this lovingly to you, I listened to this, but I did not want to commit myself because I wanted to yet esteem you as a brother, praying that somewhere up the road the Lord would speak to you by some means, to let you know that this Jehu thing is not a biblical pattern at all. As I have said in another message, when God sent His prophet messenger to the earth in our day, He did not say that the denominational world was going to accept him. Malachi 4:5-6 plainly says He would send that spirit of Elijah again in the later days to turn the heart of the children, that means the end time generation of Gentile believers back to the faith of the fathers, which was Peter, James, John, and all of them. Only God knows the extent that I had my trip through the denominational world. I have listened to the Jehovah Witness people, I have attended the Church of Christ and sit in many others. The first time I was baptized was in the Church of Christ, at about fourteen years of age. Later we moved and started going to the Methodist Church, because both my parents were raised up as Methodists. We went there until I went off to the war. I will say this as humbly as I know how, That man, William Marrion Branham, who lived in this area, was a man with very little education. I have heard the remarks of some of these doctors of divinity, that said he did not even know how to talk. I would like to look them in the face and say, You do not know how to listen to him. He talked like a hillbilly of course, because he was. The first time God gave a man, in the religious world, a lingo that sounds like a hillbilly, and they sit there finding fault. Those who had a revelation and understanding of what he was talking about, did not sit listening for all the adjectives and verbs, They got the thought, and thereby understood. As time passed, I could see that this man was bringing something out of the Bible, that to me, made Jesus of the Bible stand taller than any doctor of divinity ever could. I have heard my share of doctors of divinity. I have listened to them on the radio, but none of them compared to him. He could take a type in the Old Testament and make Jesus stand out. The first time I saw him, I said, That man has something I need, and I am not going to let the devil bring daylight between me and him. No, I was not going to follow his flesh, but I sure was going to do my best to listen to what he had to say. Over the period of months I would hear things that sounded confusing. I can say today though, that God ordained it to be that way. We have an element of church going people today, that know every adjective, every verb and every noun, but have no more scriptural revelation than a dog chasing a rabbit. It is how they want to live, just having a concept and very little revelation. That is why we keep saying, Some people just have religion, but if you have salvation in the heart, that begins to give you a thought, or an understanding, and even a picture of how the word of God wants you to live and allow your life to be measured up to it. That is why I say this morning, I am thankful for the grace of God in my life. The more I went to different places searching for something my soul longed for, the more I could see how certain men were coming along with this quote and that quote, and always, The prophet said this, but none of them were able to straighten up anything to present a revelation. I am thankful today, that after thirty seven years since Bro. William Branham’s death, I have a deep respect for what I received from his ministry. The world over, I can see some followers that just want to bring a little something to exalt their own flesh. There are some people, that a fresh revelation makes them feel elated. Well that is wonderful to have a new revelation, because it is stimulating, but if we are going to use it just to exalt our flesh, be careful, we will get off course. God does not give a true revelation to anyone just to exalt their flesh. I believe with all my heart, we are living in a time when we are going to see certain scriptures fulfilled before our very eyes.


Bro. Strommen, as I hold this up, I see Jehu mentioned and referred to by this young man ever so many times, and you were sitting there hearing it preached. That is why, when you say in the personal letter, that had you been aware that Jehu had been preached by these, you would have dealt with it, I have to wonder how? Here it is. I think you owe it to your people to deal with it, so I advise you to deal with it. There is no need talking to me and saying Bro. Jackson, you don’t understand. I do understand. I know exactly what is going on. I know there are a lot of men, if and when they do make a mistake, it hurts like everything to admit it. Therefore I will not attack your person, I have slept in your home, you and your wife and children have always treated us well, but that is not in consideration right now. The point is not your character nor your person. This Jehu thing, if you begin to tolerate it and use it as a type, that out of this Jehu movement is going to appear the real apostles and prophets, I have to say, Bro. Strommen, you are behind schedule. I have to say, that for the last thirty some years since Bro. William Branham’s death, I have told men in different places, it is not going to be a one man show, I am not going to wind up to be the star, but by God’s grace He has given me grace to stand in the midst of all the criticism and false teaching and hold to what God has given me. I told you while in Norway that God has to raise up some men to fulfill the real ministry. I will say, that through the years I have seen them raise up, the little works and fellowships, whether it is in South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria, Philippines, India, or Norway or Canada, they are all a product of my ministry. I am not boasting: I am just stating a fact. Bro. Strommen, you can deny this thing, but I came there for over twenty some years, and I do not regret any of it: I enjoyed every trip we made. However when I see people suffering from something that is a wrong teaching, then I have to say, Bro. Strommen, you owe your own congregation an explanation of all of this. If I stand here before my congregation and say something unknowingly that is wrong, when it is really right, then it has to be explained, I am not going to run off from here to Michigan and look for some other avenue. I am going to be compelled by the grace of God to admit what I did, and where I got off course. I have to say to you, If you allow these young men to keep this up, not only are they going to destroy themselves, but Bro. Strommen, you are on the verge of seeing your own ministry begin to dwindle away. You cannot preach that in Norway, then come to America or somewhere else, and preach just what we stand for. You have got to be a man that can stand for the same thing in Norway that you do in other places. If something gets out of hand, don’t just say God will take care of it: He will not. If you are an instrument that God has laid the hand of responsibility upon, then you must be the one to do the correcting. Sometimes people get the idea that I want to be a one man show. That is not so. I have never given anyone a reason to think I believe like that. I have always stood for a five fold ministry in this end time.


The last time we were in Africa where Bro. Govender is, there were a lot of people that went with us to the airport. There was a man and his wife from Bro. Govender’s congregation that came over and sat down by me. They said Bro. Jackson, we have waited for an opportunity to speak a few words to you. You will never know how grateful to God we are for the things you have printed and stood for though the years. They were talking about the name of Jesus Christ in baptism and the godhead. They were reminded of what Contender they had read this in. They said, up to a certain point we were so confused by hearing this and that, but when we got that Contender and read it, that answered our questions. They said, Bro. Jackson, God bless you, we will not exalt your flesh, but it is what you put in there that set us free. I just said, Thank you. Since Bro. William Branham’s death, there has been a lot of the Branham followers that has taken my name and spit on it, while dragging it under their feet. I have been to Mexico a number of times, and one of those characters would always come just to see what I would say. Hardly ever have I gone into Mexico without one of them coming to me and saying, Bro. Jackson, I have been a follower of Bro. William Branham’s teaching for many years. I made a lot of mistakes, and I have said a lot of negative things about you that were not true. Will you forgive me? I said, Brother, you are already forgiven. I am not going to go to heaven carrying a bunch of junk in my mind: I want to leave here with a clean slate. The other day a man called me and said, Is this Bro. Raymond Jackson, I said yes. Then he said, is this Bro. Junie Jackson? I said yes. He said, Bro. Jackson, I was reading the other night in a book, he told when it was printed, what subject it was, and what year it was preached. He said, as I read that, Bro. William Branham had referred to your name, he called you Bro. Junie. He said, the more I read that book, conviction got hold of me, I have made a lot of bad statements about you, I have to get this off my heart and make it right. God has condemned me for it, will you forgive me? I said, Brother, you don’t have to go a bit further, you are forgiven, I don’t want to hold a grudge against anyone. Neither do I want to leave here, leaving people hurt because I have taught something that is not truth. When something is preached that is just an idea, it can cause somebody else to take it and beat people with it. If I am responsible for it, I am the one that is responsible to make a change in it. I have to say today, God is going to lay these things right at some peoples door steps. You will straighten it up, you will make it right, you will get people looking in the right direction through the scriptures or somewhere along the line we will find ourselves like an old dried up corn shuck laying by the wayside. Now Bro. Strommen, I am going to defend you in this way, I know you have had a lot of opposition in years gone by, concerning your calling of God. I want to set the record straight both in Faith Assembly and around the world wherever it goes. A few years back, some kind of controversy came up and I said, Bro. Rolf Strommen is an apostle. Now I want every one of you in Norway to listen to me, from the south to the north, I don’t care what your name is. Every one here in Faith Assembly, when this truth was laid before the world society to be a message, a voice, to be a means by how God would draw you and me together, in that, is every potential for not only every person that makes up the body of Christ, but for every preacher that is out there that will eventually hear his call and come to this message. I say this message, because, if you are a preacher, that is one thing, but in this truth, God does not just call you a preacher: He calls you according to the potential you have in you. It is in this that He will judge you and determine, if you lived up to it. Keep in mind, this is the end time harvest, from the sowing era. How many realize that? Many are called but few are chosen. But whatever potential you have, do not tell me one day you are an evangelist, the next day you graduate to be a teacher. That is carnality. Your ability to handle the word of God speaks for itself. But then it is also a matter of how you handled it, and what is the motive you handle it with, which determines what comes out of it. Do you stay on course, or do you let the devil throw a stumbling block at you. Every preacher that has ever come to this message, somewhere in the early beginning, or later, he is going to be faced with something that he has to make a decision of how he will handle certain things and how he will teach it. You are not one thing one day, and graduate to something else the next. When He calls you, He has already seen your ability. That is why I say, Bro. Strommen, I have heard you teach so many beautiful things that made people feel good. But I have to say Bro. Strommen, Please be sensitive to your calling. Not every apostle is called of God to teach, necessarily, the same revelation. Paul wrote most of the revelation concerning the church. There are things he wrote that John never saw. There are things John saw that Paul never saw, and things that Jesus said in advance that neither one of them had understood, and they have been laying there in the scriptures for years. I have, and others have more or less treated them as insignificant. Little statements, little parables, Hallelujah!. When the time comes, you see exactly where they fit in. Then it makes the whole picture become more clear. Sometimes, it throws us for a loop. I hope you understand what I mean. It is up to each man how he looks at it, what he does with it, and his attitude. If he does make a mistake, he should say, Brothers, forgive me, I made a mistake. I will never let the devil do that again. A lot of people today, will listen to you because they try to judge you by what you say now, compared to what you said ten years ago. So I have to say this morning, I don’t like to keep talking on things like this, but I don’t like to have people cry on my shoulder, Bro. Jackson, what are we going to do? Bro. Strommen I have never told anybody to leave the congregation, but I will say this, with all my heart, Brother please, get this thing straightened out in Norway. If you leave them crying in Norway, hurt, that is going to follow you everywhere you go. Young people, I mean every word I am saying. It is easy some times to create a situation by just wanting to look at it and look over it, and not deal with it. Sometimes God is going to let a condition develop right in front of you just to see how you will look at it. I have to say, God is not going to send angels down, walking the aisles of Faith Assembly, to tap you on the shoulder, Go sit down somewhere else. If there is something that begins to come to surface that is wrong, sooner or later, we are going to be faced with the responsibility to deal with it, not hide it. If it is like that, no, we will not publicize it to the world, because it belongs here in Faith Assembly. But if it is something that somebody has preached publicly as though what was said needs to go out publicly to who? The Bride of Christ. Then you pull it out of the closet, you rebuke them openly, that others may fear. Paul never took anything to the closet. You know it. Last fall I preached a message. I was asked to come to Bloomington and preached it. I went up on Saturday night and Sunday morning. I had another brother sitting there. Bro. Tim McKay. Several weeks ago when I preached that first message and referred to his name, I tried to keep from making certain things public, but some people just have to ask, What do you mean, what do you mean? I want to be just as nice in front of you as possible. My brother used the things I preached as an excuse that everything I was supposed to have been told was gossip. It was not gossip. I just did not make publicly known what was done. I had reference from the Moncton church, several months back, my brother went up there, it was nothing he preached, keep that in mind, it was nothing he preached. It was what he did. You don’t know it, Friday night I had a telephone call from one of the brothers up there, he was sitting there in that meeting and watched what Tim McKay did. I didn’t ask him one question. He said, Bro. Jackson, I sat in that meeting and watched what went on, it was nothing he preached, it was what he did. When he got to taking some young people by the hand, and got to leading them around the building, then the second time they began to run, after awhile the crowd goes wild. Then he would get another one. This went on until it spread to older ones. When he went to my son, my son just looked at him. Service started at 5:30 Sunday afternoon and it wasn’t over until 1:30 in the morning. It wasn’t what he said. Please listen to me this morning, I believe that every Holy Ghost filled person needs to have freedom to express their joy to the Lord, but they don’t need me leading them around the church building, giving them the idea to run, and the Holy Ghost will get on you. You have no Bible for that conduct. It is not always what he preached, it is what he did. When he came home, he said to his own pastor, Bro. Gary Stewart, I was in the greatest meeting I was ever in, in my life. For a few days following that, those certain people that were all carried away, would communicate with him either by phone or e-mail. One particular lady said, God just sent you here to set us free. Tim, you sure did, but six weeks later they went into orbit and now they are in outer space and will not come back. I saw those same people a few years back when a man came from India, it was not what he did, it was what he taught. Those same people took up after him. They were so swooned by what he preached, they separated from us. Then it was through my ministry, Bro. Strommen, through the following, that they began to get back in. I felt in my heart, now they are back to stay, they have done had one ordeal. Bro. Tim, you went up there, this is not gossip, these are facts laid at your feet. I am not lying. Then when I wrote a letter to that family, warning them that they could be riding a hot air balloon, that whole element turned against me. When I publicly made an issue out of it, here you come, you did not want any part of it. You didn’t do this, you didn’t do that. Tim, you did something that was wrong. I would to God you were like Timothy of old. You can be instant in season and out of season, but you cannot rebuke. You love those sweet little words and gestures that make a few young people think the Holy Ghost is all over you. If you get hurt at me, you get hurt, because I am telling you something that is going to stand in the day of judgment. You are not going in the rapture because you have leaped, screamed, and yelled. You are either going to have the Holy Ghost, and a revelation and understanding of how to keep your feet on the ground and conduct yourself properly, being honest, being true, being faithful in all things, and stop trying to put on a show that makes you appear to have an anointing better than anyone else. Brother Tim, when I went to Canada, I never took a group of women with me that followed me. I never took musicians out of one church just to go along so I could have a little crowd. You though, in Virginia, must have been feeling good when somebody comes in and there were about three car loads. Sure you enjoy it. However I want to see the man that can go there all alone and has the real anointing on him to peach the truth that will lift you up. You say Bro. Jackson, this is rough. I know it is, but I ask you, Just look at the hour you are living in. My brother just spent several hours preaching a message in Bloomington, ten of them, all on gossip. Naturally he is trying to defend himself. He is trying to say that I just listened to gossip. Last fall when Bro. Strommen was here, there was a certain woman that had a dream and told him that God had given her a dream about me, that I believed everything anyone came and told me. She then ran to Bro. Strommen and told him that. Bro. Strommen, if you have more confidence in that woman’s dream than you do me, forget everything I said here today. That same woman has also said this, a few years back, God gave her a revelation that I am supposed to die; and that God told her to move to some other area. She moved to another area. She then said someone else was going to take my place. They were there for awhile, finally they came back, and poor old Jackson is still standing here. Sister, I do not believe in allowing lying spirits to run the Church, speaking lies in hypocrisy. You know what hypocrisy is? It is when you say things and do things to pretend that you are exemplifying something that you are not. If I were an electrician, I would not be ashamed to hang my shingle out. I might be able to go into a junction box and run one hot wire to just a single light, but if you ask me to come and wire a house, oh no. I don’t know the code. I don’t know how many outlets, how many junction boxes, how many circuits or anything. I think you get the picture. I have heard this, God told me, the Holy Ghost told me, constantly, the Holy Ghost has spoken, the Holy Ghost said this, Go here, go there, do this or do that. Brothers and Sisters: God does not speak that often to any of us. How many understand me? There are some things you are going to be confronted with and you are going to pray and pray and pray before you get the answer. When you become exhausted, then God will let you see what to do and what not to do. I am hoping that I can set some minds straight concerning what is going on in this world. Young people, I love you. A lot of your parents were married by me. Never did I think at that time that I would be alive when their offspring would come along and grow up here serving the Lord. I look upon some of you almost like my own children. I don’t want to hurt anyone, but I have to say, If I see something developing that is going to hurt somebody, it is my responsibility to deal with it. I hope you understand why that is true. I am not going to turn away and let somebody else do it, or say God will take care of it. God will not take care of what is my responsibility. He will leave it lay there until it gets so big, that you then do have a problem. We are getting too close to the end, so let us not put off until tomorrow, what we can get done today. I do not enjoy delivering this message, but I have lost sleep over it. There are some people that would not lose sleep over anything, but I do. Let me say also, I do not find joy in mentioning peoples names, and I am not attacking any person’s character, nor Christian conduct apart from what is at hand. Our conduct is very important.


When it comes to the truth of God’s word, there is a right way to exemplify it and there is a wrong way. Several weeks back when I did mentioned certain names concerning things, I tried to avoid bringing it all out in the open, and it was taken by Tim McKay as though that was just gossip. Bro. Tim: When you get this tape, just know that I am going to give the people something to listen to tonight. I did not carry gossip any more than you have. Last September when I was up in Bloomington, I had a chart something like this one, in the background. I know what I titled the message. I was condensing it down. Right here in front of me are words that you related to a certain brother, that you found fault with what I had said. Now Tim, as I read these words, I want you to understand, I know what I was talking about, and I am sorry that a lot of people did not catch the point. Right there (on the chart) is the picture you see in Revelation 19. That is the picture of the Bride of all the ages, because the Bride terminates here at the beginning of the week. You know that. In that number that make up the Bride, are the people that have come out of every nation from the beginning, to that time. We do not have to stand here, argue, and fuss about it. This picture here, in chapter 7, which begins in the 9th verse, is another picture in heaven. Notice, these are they that have come out of great tribulation, not the great tribulation. How often I have heard the great tribulation, only referred to over here in this period of time, in the last half of the week of Daniel, but I want you to know, that is not what that word in chapter 7 is referring to. Those foolish virgins and saints that are martyred in the last half of the week are on the sea of glass. Now somebody tell me, Why are they on the sea of glass? There has to be a reason that God separated them from the other white robed saints. In Matthew 25, you have a picture of it, but I am not preaching on that tonight. When I had said, that this group in chapter 7, also includes saints that have suffered martyrdom back through the ages of time, and I brought in the Inquisition to try to show people that this was a period of time which lasted one hundred and some odd years, when saints were martyred and that was great tribulation. That was a lot longer than this period of time lasts over here. We have had a lot of traditional interpretations of prophetic scriptures through the years of time, which is just a hand-me-down thing. I want you to know, that from now on, you just cannot reach back here to some hand-me-down interpretation and apply it to an overall picture and have it come out right. This is an hour that God intends to set the record straight. Tim said, as he was speaking to this brother, I thought that many people in this period right here, would have white robes. Tim, you did not hear me right. Because that period of time represents the same period as that does. How many recognize what I am talking about? That is not just pointing here, to the week: actually it is not even pointing to that, yet it says great tribulation. This is a terrible time, but it only lasts three and one half years. Since when is one person’s throat being cut, called great tribulation, but it has no record in history to anybody else. The time has come we have to read every word in that particular verse and see where it is applied. I have the history of it. I am not angry, but we have a lot of young minds that like to play with certain terms. I will not go back and backtrack myself, but I will try to make the picture straight. I want to say tonight, This is absolutely white robed saints, that when this period of time has come, the middle of the week, that includes martyred saints from the beginning of time to then. There are people in that group that were martyred along in the same period as some of these were. Do you have to stop and explain every detail? Where did it happen? How long did it last? How many were there here or there? You are getting crazy when you start talking like that. Young people, I am not angry, but I can get disgusted when I hear minds that want to debate an issue like this. I am saying tonight, There are martyred saints, when we reach that point in time, but the Bride will not be here in that time. That was to give it two distinct pictures of Bride saints and tribulation saints of all the ages. That was not a merry-go-round back in those ages. Therefore I ask you, Why should we think this is all hell breaking loose, but that back there in other ages was only minor events? You are not reading history right, if you think like that. How many heard what I said? Yet his own words are right here. Tim, your ten messages you preached on gossip, to me are nothing but a carnal smoke screen trying to cover up your own failures. Brothers and sisters, let every man who claims he is an evangelists, stick to an evangelistic message, and not try to present great revelations. Brothers, I hope you understand what I am saying. There are too many men that are absolutely trying to deal with certain issues that they do not know a thing about what they are talking about. I promise you , when we are finished with the entire subject, I intend to show you how clear this really is, of white robed saints of all the ages, fine linen and so forth. All this group in chapter 7, are people that absolutely have white robes: they have washed them and made them white in the blood of the Lamb. They came out of every nation, every generation, and time, and you and I know, God does not deal with the whole world at the same time. Christendom started in Asia when it left Jerusalem. For two hundred and some years it remained there. Later it began to spread westward. Those first two centuries there was martyrdom. Do not think for one minute that everybody that went into the arena to be eaten alive or burned at the stake, died and gave his life to be bride saints. There are some that went in there and they are in this group of chapter 7. You may say, But why Bro. Jackson? Because, if you became a believer a year ago, you might not have lived long enough to develop and invest any talents or anything that establishes one as bride. That is why I take you back to Matthew 24 and 25. Those talents that God has invested in you have to have ample time to develop and show themselves, whether you are a thirty, sixty, or hundredfold, and maybe you were martyred before you had that opportunity. If you were saved three weeks, and somebody came along and cut your head off because of it, you have not invested any talents. How many heard what I said? That is just common Bible sense. Traditionally people go through life saying, I think they are all going to be in the Bride. Well I am going to give you another one to think about. I never looked at it this way until I got to thinking, about 1st Corinthians 3rd chapter, starting in the 5th verse. “Who then is Paul, and who is Apollos, but ministers by whom ye believed, even as the Lord gave to every man? (He is talking about the ministry.) I have planted, Apollos watered; but God gave the increase. (Written in 59 A.D. Notice when it is written.) So then neither is he that planteth any thing, neither he that watereth; but God that giveth the increase. Now he that planteth and he that watereth are one: (They pertain to a ministry for the body of Christ.) and every man shall receive his own reward according to his labour. (His efforts.) For we are labourers together with God: ye are God’s husbandry, ye are God’s building. According to the grace of God which is given unto me, as a wise masterbuilder, I have laid the foundation, and another buildeth thereon. (That is the way God wants to do it. I am not a one man show.) But let every man take heed how he buildeth thereupon. (What he said, and how he says it is important. What was the motive behind all those slick sweet words that sound so good to some people. They can go to sleep.) For other foundation can no man lay than that that is laid, which is Jesus Christ. Now if any man build upon this foundation (watch out) gold, silver, precious stones, wood, hay, stubble; Every man’s work shall be made manifest: for the day shall declare it, (not down here, up there) because it shall be revealed by fire; and the fire shall try every man’s work of what sort it is. If any man’s work abide which he hath built thereupon, he shall receive a reward. If any man’s work shall be burned, he shall suffer loss: but he himself shall be saved; yet so as by fire.” Give me your attention now. In another scripture the apostle Paul said, For we shall all stand before the judgment seat of Christ to give an account of the deeds we have done. Then in Corinthians where he heard about the man that was known to be in fornication, what did Paul say concerning that? He said, turn him over to Satan for the destruction of the flesh, that the spirit might be saved in the day of the Lord. Now you put that with what I have read here, where he is talking about a lay person, and here, he is talking about a ministry. I am going to ask all of you, When it says he shall suffer loss, of what? Reward. Well we always look at him, the man that is in that group, that is going to have a reward, but that reward is authority to rule and reign with Christ. How many catch that point? It is because of the revelation that is in him. The ministry is in there, and the laity also. There are only two categories of life, which are those in fine linen and these in white robes. That is the only two categories with life. You know it. The only reward these in white robes will receive is eternal life. They will not have a position of authority to rule and reign. Do you understand me? I am going to throw this question to you, Who is this man over here, that suffered loss of reward, but his spirit is saved? Is he in the Bride? No. Now I am going to give some people something to think about. He is going to waddle around like a little duck without any feathers. Please catch the meaning of that. He was saved down here on the merits, he preached down here on the merits that he was building the body of Christ, but if in his works he missed th mark, he is guilty of something he did not make right, causing him to come up short in the eyes of God, that is not going to be settled down here, it is going to be settled up there. No, he is not going to lose his life, but he sure is going to lose his reward. There is no other place where he can be put except in with those with white robes. Listen to me, these things have been laying there for centuries. We have played with them. You are not going to play with them any longer. They would not have been written if God didn’t intend for somewhere along the line, we would have an understanding of what it was. So if he left this down here, under the gospel of Jesus Christ, and he has proclaimed the gospel of Jesus Christ, and he has had the testimony of Jesus Christ, he was supposed to have the Holy Ghost, but when he got up there, he fell short of something, he lost that reward, that means a position, but his spirit is saved. Where else can his spirit go to? Be logical, be sensible. That is the only group he can go to. We are going through a short era of time that we have to look at these verses of scripture that have been laying there for so long, Paul had a meaning, he knew what he was talking about. I believe Paul knew what he was saying, and why he said it. A lot of those early saints knew what he meant, but they lost it. Time caused a lot of things to be lost. We come up carrying it in a traditional basket. We sit on it and just assume certain things. That is why I have to say there are not a dozen places in this world today that is carrying the truth. Notice how I said that. I did not say we are the only group, did I? But we are the only kind of people on this earth that has got the truth. You know it. You will not find it in any of the denominations. You know that also. They play with things. They even refuse to touch a doctrine. In 1963, for one solid week, Bro. William Branham stood in that tabernacle preaching. He fasted, he studied, he meditated until he knew those seals. For six seals, he came down the road and laid them down so simple, so truthful. It did not take an educated man to understand what he was saying. Nevertheless a number of preachers and others have ran all over the world with nothing more than, The prophet said this, the prophet said that. They have had a dozen and one meetings, and none of these seals did the denominational world touch. We are the only people this side of heaven, that know what the seals really are, as far as their true revelation. That ought to tell you something. You have been singled out of all the confusion, doctrines, and divisions of men, to know a truth from the word of God. The final stage of perfection is getting all the physical ideas out of our system, getting us washed up with the word, so it is nothing but the word that abides in us. I love to see people rejoice, but there is a right way to rejoice. When somebody comes down the road trying to get everybody leaping, jumping, and screaming until they are hoarse and can hardly talk, you need something dumped on your head. That is not even in the Bible, and this is how you will know them. Jesus said, By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, when you have love one for another. Truth will cause you to love your brothers and sisters. You everyone know it. There is no substitute for that.


I am saying this to you Tim, Go on and preach your little messages of gossip. One of these days you are going to run right into the things you have said, because when I said this morning, what I did about Canada, that was not gossip. That was facts. That is a testimony out of people that sat there and watched this whole process. You then came home and tried to paint a picture of the greatest revival you had ever been in. Well I grant you, there were a lot of emotions, and a lot of young minds were innocently deceived and misled. When one of the sisters in the same group said, God sent you here to set us free, Tim, you set them free alright, not by what you preached, but by what you did. You are not going to be man enough to face up to the fact, because six weeks later they have gone into outer orbit. They are free, but they are so free you cannot get them back in the body of Christ at all. They will wind up seeing things, hearing things, voices and whatever. If you let that kind of thing run wild and think it is all of God, I must tell you, it is not! Let us open our Bible to 1st Timothy. The apostle Paul is writing to Timothy from a jail cell. We cannot say this letter is not anointed, can we? I say that what he has written right here, though he sat in a jail somewhere two thousand years ago, it carries just as much weight today in truth and reality, as if he had said it yesterday. Sitting in jail, he wrote to Timothy and says this, chapter 4, verse 1. “Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, (emphatically, precisely) that in the latter times (When is that? You are living in them.) some (not all, but some) shall depart from the faith, (From the Catholic Church? Or from the Methodist Church? Episcopalian? Baptist? Jehovah Witness? No, they will depart from the biblical faith that has been restored.) giving heed (listening) to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils.” What is a seducing spirit? I am going to describe it to you. Two thousand years ago there was a little woman got up one morning, her name was Eve. That devil knows exactly when to come roaming around where you are, so here he came. It was the serpent that seduced her, but he was inspired by the devil. When that serpent got up that particular morning, he was under a strange influence: his whole psychological process had been taken over by the devil, that was going to use him to disrupt the plan of God. He had put thoughts in his mind. Of course it was up to this serpent, as to how he would use those thoughts to bring forth the desired results. I can just see the serpent, he has combed his hair nice and straight. He was not a son of God, he was part of the animal kingdom. He was not crawling on his belly when he approached Eve. He was walking on two legs like Adam, and he could talk just as good as anyone you know. Eve did not bring up the subject, he did. Let us take a look at this seducing spirit. As he approached Eve he says, Good morning Eve. Tell me exactly what God really said to you. Cone on, tell me now. He was not standing there smoking, chewing tobacco, or dipping snuff. He was looking at her because inside his mind the devil has impressed him to pull a trick on her. I have to say, He did not get it all done the first day, whether he talked for an hour or fifty minutes, he did not get it all done that first day. He was not impressed to go that fast, but he was definitely impressed to use his words softly, very cunningly, because he has one objective in mind for the end of it all, as he yielded himself to Satan and become a tool to be used. Right then and there was the beginning of seducing spirits, whether you recognize it or not. Satan, through the serpent beguiled Eve. He seduced her, he broke down her resistance, and convinced her that what he was saying was more right than what she was saying. He was saying, Now you know that is not right, for God knows that the day you eat, (or partake) of this you will become as God. Oh, the way he could blow it up. Finally she has been seduced. It all took place because of how she heard it and what she did with it when it got inside her. She did not digest it properly. When that thought began to go down into the nerve center of her soul, it was not long until her entire psychology was made up, she was convinced. She had to be firmly convinced that what that fellow was saying was right. Once she has been deceived, and used by the devil, then the only thing left was, now you go tell Adam the good news. She went right to Adam. That serpent was not about to go talk to Adam. How many realize that? Adam was not deceived. He just hearkened to Eve, because he loved her. He was not like a lot of men today: he loved and respected his wife. I see pictures of this Muslim world, how they treat their wives. One time when we were in Egypt, in the lobby of the hotel we were staying in, as you enter the main lobby, the lights were just so right, but off over to the side, there was one of those sort of semi-dark belly dancing nightclub parts. All you had to do is look in that direction, there sat those Muslim men in there, smoking their cigars and cigarettes. In the background there was the belly dancer, dancing. After we left there we went on up to Israel. Then one morning when we came out of our hotel to get on the bus, there was an Arab photographer standing there: he looked at me in a way that let me know he would like to take a picture of my wife and I. Now this is a point of illustration. Bro. Allen would you come here. I put my arms around my wife like this, and he said, Oh, no, you can’t do that. I thought, you miserable belly dancing devil. There you sit, smoking your cigar, drinking your booze, and watching a belly dancer, but when I want to put my arm around my wife whom love, you act like that. I just thought, this miserable mess of Muslims: how pitiful they are. Sisters, do not ever think Abraham took Sarah to Egypt with a sack over her head. They would not have seen that she was a beautiful woman if he had. How many realize that? He appreciated her. I have to say, This Islamic world, with all their ideas, their day is coming. I just pray that it is soon. I heard a poor Iraqi woman in the News this evening, that had escaped so many years ago, from that bondage. Some of her people had been taken out and beheaded, just brutally murdered. She told how, in one massacre, a thousand and some odd were butchered. That causes me to say, When this bunch of politicians in the United States of America, want to turn that Islamic spirit loose in our colleges, then I have to say, Lord, if that element of people with their belief, are destined to do something in America, Dear Lord, don’t let them just pick on the poor householders. Turn them loose on the politicians, the educators, the characters that brought all this about. Let them suffer the consequence. But no, they stand behind wrought iron fences with security guards, while the American society has to suffer the consequences of their mistakes. There is a judgment day coming. Now let me get back to the scripture I was reading. “Speaking lies in hypocrisy.” That is what I am talking about. As I asked this morning, What is hypocrisy? It is pretending to be something in a certain profession, yet you cannot live up to it. That is why I hear preachers and also people of the laity say, God showed me this, God spoke to me here. On and on they go through life, painting that kind of picture, and you watch where they go and how many times they fumble at this and that, then you come to the conclusion, God never spoke to them at all. That is just their way of trying to make you think that you have to bend over backwards and get out of their way, so they can have a free hand. It is one thing to say God told me to do this, then be still about it and go ahead and carry it out. On the other hand, when you stand before people and say, God said this, God said that, brothers and sisters, God is not a vending machine. “Having their conscience seared (burned) with a hot iron.” Now verse 3 might not sound like anything pertaining to us, so some will say, But we have never had that Bro. Jackson. Yes we have. “Forbidding to marry.” Yes we have had this: it has followed Bro. William Branham’s ministry for several years. Some of you do not know it, but I do. Bro. Allen knows it also.


Years ago, back in the 1950’s when my wife and I were first brought into this message, the one who baptized us in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ later became one of those characters. We had taken a liking for him, because he had a very unique way of bringing things out. He was one of the seven who had the dreams that Bro. William Branham referred to when he brought the seals messages. I will never forget it. When he went to Bro. William Branham and told the dream he had, I know what it was, but I am not going to put it on this tape. You know, from that era of time, he had another dream, but he did not bring it in. In that, he was supposed to have seen a church house where the lights had all been taken out of. So he got the interpretation that the glory of the Lord had departed from the house of God. From then on, he got the revelation God is no longer going to work in a church house. He began to preach that. He came out here when were in service and put his literature on our car windows. Then he would stand out there when the people were leaving and pass out his tracts. He also got a revelation, that the time has come when man and wife should no longer be together in intimacy. One man and his family who moved here from another state, I will not mention their names, but that woman took a liking to these teachings. It was not long until he split that home and divided them. The man came down and sat in my yard and cried. He said Bro. Jackson, this has torn me all to pieces. I have lost my wife, I have lost my children. That man went on from one crazy revelation to another. He finally got the revelation that he had already passed from the mortal to the immortal. Another man that used to run around with him, went somewhere to a home where he was preaching, and heard him say, I have already passed from mortal to immortality, I can go from one state to the other. When he was in New Guinea in WW2, he had lost his left hand. Somehow or other, when he had passed from mortal to immortality, he still did not have that left hand. These are some of the crazy things preachers of this message have gotten hold of, and have gone around the world with them. That man taught that mess in many homes. Nothing like that came out of Methodist, Seventh Day Adventists or any other denomination. It originated right in the midst of this message we stand for. The devil knows all about this, and he is trying his best to make this message look like a lot of trash. In one of the books I was pointing to this morning, the man stated that William Marrion Branham was none other than a false prophet and was the founder of a great cult. Talk like that does not disturb me one bit. The things I heard Bro. William Branham preach, made more sense to me in scriptural sense, than anything I ever heard before that. Do not ever think we are living in a day when everybody that is supposed to be preaching truth, are doing so. Many have their own selfish motives. This is why I have to say, Every spirit that is working against the Bride of Christ will manifest itself sooner or later. Young people, God help you to have a backbone, and enough knowledge of the scriptures, that you can discern false teaching. Whatever you hear, weigh it, analyze it and make sure it lines up with what you know already. Satan will try to wreck your lives by introducing false doctrines. Let me say also, Do not follow me just because you like me. If you cannot see what I am looking at, and let it get you back in the Bible, you have the right to go somewhere else and you should. I am here to uplift truth; and I refuse to stand here and defend those who go after something strange. When you do that, somewhere along the line you will have to deny something of truth. That is an issue. That is a sacrifice. You will have to deny truth, in order to accept the false. That is exactly why Paul could say in 2nd Timothy, Preach the word, be instant in season and out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all longsuffering and doctrine, sound teaching, something that makes sense, that will plant your feet on solid ground. The time will come when they will not take heed to sound doctrine. But after their own lusts, not pointing to sex, alcohol, or smoking, shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears, And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.” They want to hear something that makes them feel so good. I like the way he says it. Brothers and sisters: It has got to have something that makes you more in contact with Jesus. You and I know, Jesus never spake things in a soft manner to His own disciples. He makes a statement one day and Peter opened his big mouth, Bless God, they will not do this! He had a sword. Jesus turned around and looked at him and said, You dirty devil, Who has been talking to you? But Bro. Jackson, He didn’t say that. No, but He did say, Get behind me Satan, you don’t even understand the things of God. As I said this morning, Paul, in 1st Corinthians 20, reached a certain place and sent word to Ephesus for the Ephesian elders to come and meet with him. They came. He said, Now you know that by the space of three years I have labored night and day. I have not withheld from you anything. He said, I have declared unto you the whole counsel of God. But I know that after my departure, grievous wolves, not beer drinkers, but preachers, coming down the road of life, working for a following, drawing away disciples. And men of your own selves will arise, teaching perverse things. Well that is supposed to be a congregation of Christians. Perverse things is how certain biblical things are twisted, that gives it a slanted meaning. These men will draw away disciples after themselves. That is why I say tonight, It is not an easy thing to stand and defend the principle of truth. Many people just give way to soft, gentle, sweet words. If you are not careful that dirty rascal will slip through some way and sow his evil seed. He leaves an impression and implants a seed and he lays down an influence. It isn’t long until you have trouble. I have to say tonight, This is a day and a time when God has given us enough opportunity to know what the truth is. I am thankful for that tonight. I have been privileged through the years, to meet some wonderful brothers. I do not enjoy what I have needed to say, but I do have to say it anyhow. I had to defend something I have stood for many years. When I began to see three or four women here, three or four women in Bloomington, one or two in Chicago following Tim everywhere, I felt that I must look him right in the face if possible and say, Tim, you ought to be ashamed of yourself. You could not hold a candlestick with the apostle Paul. Paul mentioned certain women, but they did not walk behind him everywhere he went. They were women that furnished a bed for him, washed his clothes, cooked a meal when needed and believed truth. They had been a succorer to many. This is a day when women like to have their rights. I am not against my sisters, please understand that, but I want you to know, it takes more than just a handful of women and one man to create a revival. How many understand what I mean? It has been said by some, Jackson is too harsh. They even have said, He sounds like a racist. I have said this before, I have preached to more black people than I ever have to white people. In 1979 when we went to Johannesburg South Africa, it was a white church that we were asked to come to first. While we were there, Bro. Govender and another brother flew by plane, six hundred and some miles, to meet me. They asked, Bro. Jackson, will you please come down to Tongaat? We flew down there. Those black people came to the meeting and I only had one opportunity to preach to them, but out of that came a man by the name of Deva Govender. He grabbed hold of what we were saying and he has been propagating it in South Africa ever since. We came back from there, up to this white church, I preached one message there that last night. Because I said certain things that Bro. William Branham did not say, the pastor was the first one that spoke up, That is not what the prophet said. Well it was not long until some of his own loyal people began to say, Bro. Jackson I stand for what you preached. When I got back to the motel room, they were calling me on the telephone. Bro. Jackson, I believe exactly what you said. The next morning they were still calling. When we left there though, that white church never contacted me anymore. The black church in South Africa did. In 1974, when we went to Ghana Africa, it was all black people. My interpreter was black. When we went to the city of Takoradi, we preached to the educated ones. I was privileged to speak in a college, a university group of black students. But there was a native pastor about thirteen miles into the jungle, the bush country. He had come to hear us and he begged the interpreter, see if he will come to our village. Late in the evening we got into an old British army truck and started out, and for awhile the generator would work and you would have lights, the rest of the time it was dead, and we are driving through the dark, hitting every puddle hole in the road. Back through the jungle we went, to a village with no electric lights. They had one Coleman lantern which one of the preachers hung up from the porch of a little shack. It wasn’t long until there were about five hundred natives in the street in front of us. All you could see was the whites of their eyes and their teeth as that Coleman lantern reflected. They did not come out with night club clothes on. They just had a scant piece of clothing around their loins. We preached a message there, then the interpreter asked, How many want prayer? We started praying, every native came: they could hardly wait to get up close enough. Bro. Allen, Would you come here and let me illustrate something. You could have your hand on one native, it would not be long until somebody would come under your arm, and reach out and take your hand and put it on his head, like that. Women and men alike, wanted a white man to touch them and pray for them. Let me say, If there are any black people in America listening to this, please believe me, I am not a racist. I will say to the black people though, Please, thank God for what you have, because you will never have it any better. The only place you could look forward to something better is when Jesus comes and takes us all out of this world. If you think I haven’t seen naked women before, I have, and I did not have to pay money to see them. I did not have to go to some strip tease joint to see them. We spent two and a half months on a South Sea island when I was in the army, close to the equator. That was during WW2. They did not wear anything. For two and one half months, you looked at black nudity. It became a negative picture. Every day, here they would go across the airstrip. They were people that didn’t know any better, but they were people that liked to come and help you do things. Finally the military began to take those natives, while the Japanese abused them, the Americans treated the natives with respect. Before we left that island, they were bringing in bolts of material. They would cut off a strip and give to each woman and man. They would wrap this piece of cloth around their loins. Those people just began to sing and rejoice. I cannot tell you how many GI’s I heard say, Oh it will be so good to get home and see a woman with clothes on. I respect my sisters in the Lord, may God bless your hearts. Some of these preachers think they have been some place. No you haven’t. You might have slept in a good hotel somewhere, but you haven’t seen anything. I would rather look at a black person that needs the gospel, than a white person that wants to find fault with everything he hears and sees. I don’t know whether this will amount to anything or not, but I am not putting out a vote for popularity. I am standing for a principle of truth. We have had enough ideas in the denominations. It is time we know what we hear, and that we know what we are going to stand for. I will not trade this off for something new. It is the gospel truth that I stand for. May the Lord bless each of you. Amen.